Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 29, 1876, Page 12

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 29, 1876 Page 12
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12 FINANCE AND TRADE. r»i,ll msdltlon of Affairs lu FI ■•/ nanclal Circles. m/Board of Trade Demand—The Clearings 33,200,000. The Prodnco Markets Lees Excited— Provisions Firmer. k Further Decline In Grain, but the later Feeling Strong. Opening of the Straits—Summer Prospects. FINANCIAL. The condition of affairs waa dull at the banka. Tbo expected movement of country produce baa not yet begun. The Board of Trade demand for loana with which to make the settlements of (be Ist is not so large aa was expected, or would naturally follow Iha heavy transaction# of tha month, Mercantile collec tions hare Improved a little., but not enough to make a material change In the financial situation. Tho cur rency movement cannot be said (o have turned in favor of (be country, although thO roads aro nearly dry. Th 6 fall In wheat has inlcrveiied to check tbo movement of grain fcfad other produce (o this market, and the receipts of currency continue fmly as Urge as the orders, The loanable resources of the banks are increasing, though slowly. Mercantile and miscellan eous paper Is not offered freely, and sll (hat la of good quality finds resdy acceptance. Rates of discount at the banks are 8010 per cent, with concessions (o good Independent borrowers. Or the street good negotiable paper la scarce. Rales are 7019 per cent, Ndw York exchange was sold between banks at 33® 50c premium per si,ooo. The clearings wero $3,300,000. INTERNATIONAL MONET. The Ronato Finance Commute* baa reported for adoption a concurrent resolution proposing a common unit of money and accounts between the United Rules and Great Britain. The resolution provides that the American gold dollar eball he made to weigh 25 ami 1-9 grains, Troy, pure gold; that It should consist of 9 equal juirtn of pure gold, and one part of an alloy, 9-10 copper and Ml) Biker; and that’it should be equal in value to I*s of the English pound alerting. lu thla way eterllng money will be converted Into dollar money by computing tho pound sterling as equivalent to (3, the shilling to 23 cents, the sixpence to 12# cents, tho penny to 3 cents, and the farthing to # cent. Tho dollar will be the standard unit, and gold coins of ono dollar, two and a half, five, ten, and twenty dollars shall bo tagaMeuJcr to Great Britain and tbo United States. The resolution provides for a convention between the two countries to decide upon tbe adoption of this now system. BALES OF THE RAN* FRANCISCO STOCK HOARD. The sales at (ho San Francisco Block Board for the month of March amounted to $35,023,000, an increase over 100 per cent ss compared with tbs same month in previous years. The aggregate for tbe first quarter of tho year compares as follows : * PU3 $31,037,80011875 $77,736,700 J 874 01.939,C00|1870 81.831,300 There are qow three Boards in operation, against only two a year ego. GREAT GOLD MINES IK SPAIN. Tbo London Keouomui cf April 8 says : Ip tho meeting of the Pans Political Economy Bo city, last month, soma surprise and Incredulity were manifested at a statement of SI. Joseph Gamier, that ho had learned from SI. Mannequin that gold mines bad Just been discovered la Spain of such marvelous richness that they might coutribute to restore the normal relative value—l6# to I—between (bo two metals. M. Mannequin, being present at tho Society’s meeting held yesterday evening, an attempt was made to obtain from him some details of this wonderful discovery, which U. Slmonin turned lulo ridicule, slllnniug that there were no gold fields in Spain which would pay tho expeuea of working. M. Manne quin, however, refused to be drawn, stating that ho could not betray the secret, as a company was now be ing formed; but he maintained his aarertion, and do clorod that he hid by no means exaggerated tbe rich ness of this gold field. aOVCRNUEKT BONDS, United Slates 6a of ’fll ...;.,.123jV i: nu Uulleu States 6-20 s of *O6 117?1 llß*i fi-SOa of ’Cs—Jmuary and July 118J£ ilO'x 6-20 a of 'C7—January aud July ...121 121 6-Ms of ’oß—January aud July 122 i» 122 V 10-408..; ÜBJtf ' 118*5 United Slates now 68 of »81.. HB»i 11/ United States currency oa. 125j1f GOLD AND aHEENBACIS. Gold was 112^01131', Greenbacks were 80>,'@83»£c on the dollar In gold. The largest sals of gold ever made at one time by Ibo Treasury Was (list made Thursday. The $3,105,- CU1.78 of gold received from the sale of the $5,883,000 bonds of the Alabama Indemnity fund was swarded to tho highest bidder. At tills writing, It Is not known who received the gold. It waa expected that Droxel, Morgan b Co., tbo successful bidders for the bonds, would bid for tho gold, and If tho award was made to them tho settlement on account, of the bonds and gold would bo effected with tbs transfer of very little gold or certificates. Tho following la the circular of the Treasury on the subject: UKtrrD States .TriEAscnr. New Tons, April 25 1876,—Notice IS hereby girou that proposals wlUbo re ceived at this cilice on Thursday, the 27th lust., for tho tale by the Government of tho gold that may be paid in on account of the 6-por-ccnt bonds of the Funded toon of .1811 of $6,803,000 awarded on the 21th just. The gold will bo delivered to purchasers as fol lows: s2.' UO,OCO on tbs day of receiving the pro posal, If desired by the purchasers, or such a portion as they may wlah. Should no deliveries be made on that day. the (2.000,000 will be delivered on (he fol lowing day, and $1,0u0,000 ou each succeeding day tin til the entire amount is delivered. Proposals must bo handed la before 12 o'clock noon of tho 27th inat., at which hour they wUI he opened, oud cadi proposal must contain u certified check for 6 per cent of (be amount hid for. Payment to ho made, unless other wise.ordered, in United States notes on delivery. Proposals must be for snmi of not less than SIOOO and such as are adverse to the Interest of tho Govern ment,, will bo rejected, by order of eecretary of Treasury. . Thouas h. Uillhocse, Assistant United Btatca Treasurer, yOUEJQN EXCHANGE. “a*'*- ...812K B10»i ...WJ* Mk ...6i2>i ... 40 )i 41 etcrling I'arls—trancs Germany Belgium.... HoUaud BwJtierJsnd.,,,,, Uwcdeu, etc Austria CITY AND COUNTY BONDS. i . Ulil. Asked. ChlcacoClty7Ucl.bonil*.,.. 103 & Ist Chicago City 1 y ct.iowerogo, 103 t lut Chicago City 7 yet. water loan 105 t Int. Cook County 1 Vet. bond* (•Oort) 10( tint. 103 * tot. Cook County 7 y ct. bonds .Wrin'i™, 105 **“*• Wait Park 7 y ct. bond* 07 t lut. North Chicago 7 V ct. bonds (Lincoln Park) local sxockb, Hid. City Railway, South Side U‘J CHy Hallway, West Hid City Hallway, West tilde, H 'rf ccut cetlUlcatoe lOOltfitlot. 105 it lot. City HAllway, North tilde... . m jS Traders 1 Insurance Co. ex.dlr. 107 JOO Cbattaberof Commercoes. div 70 78 Chicago Claa-Llght t Coke Co. 1M iso Exposition stock Sfi 10 STOCKS, BONDS, ETC. N*w Yonx, April a*.— doM dosed at 113*;. alter selling st.U’iS'QllT;;, Carrying rates, 1(J4 ; loam were also made flat. Uorernmehle tfcro steady. Railroad bonds Were dull. BUte aecuriUea were quiet. Blocks were generally heavy, and lower under ro porta of a reduction of railroad paaaeuger farce to the West, the probability of a long telegraph war. aud that the Dundee Committee will recommend a foro* rloaure. in Eric; the. price of which had a •harp decline, ln_ Loudon, and here. Too break lu pnet-e of the bonahra eharus at Hau Francisco had a considerable effect on thv market. The btrong Hocks wore Pacific Stall/ Delaware, Lackawanna ii Western, and Now Jersey Central. Among the ssles were 10,iKJU Pacific Mgtl. 2O1&0U Western Uuicu, 0.&0U Northwestern common, u.uoo Bt. Paul. Erie. SdilnU Lake Bhore, and i.WW Michigan Central. Money active at iQS. Prime mercantile paper, tXAQ, .. . Coatqtns ricripti, J19f?,ooo. Tha Assiaunt Treasurer dabursed s£ol,ooo, Dry-goodu imports for (he week. 11,181.000. Clearings, fUJ.OOO.OU). Blerliug firm st OT^StSOV. UOVKIIHUKIir BONDS Coupons, ’SI.,} i-aa : now es listt Coupons, ’O3 US I UMOs, teg New ..119 | kmus, coupons ,ih>; Coupons, *O7 Idly {Currencies ~...12014 Coupons,’oß...;....lW>J I * __ STOOBI, Western Union;;.’;,; C 3 N.J. Central 09 Quicksilver 19 hock IsUod 10J7i Quicksilver pfd. 2U Bt Paul.... a;u- Pacino Mall 20Jf Bt. Paul pfd. gi« Marli>osa 1 Waussh a£ Mariposa pfd I* Wsbaah pfd, a Adams Express 108 Fort Wsynu 1W Welle Fargo eg Terre Usuto aw Amerhun Express... Cl Terre Haute pfd 1* D. tLExprebi TO Chicago &Aiton...., 01 New York CenlraJ...ll2Jf Chicago it Alton pfd.lW trie.;...... OhioSkiliaiiiippi.,, isU Erie pfd 90 Delaware, ft L. ft W.1O0& llsflem 139)tf A. ft P. Tot.. 18 Harlem pfd 133 Missouri Paclfle. 13# Michigan Contrat.... B7»f Atlantic A Pacifta pfd 3 Panama .93 Indiana Central 4tf Union Padßeatock.. 61X Chicago, B. ft Q 117 Ltkeßhote B*H Uanninal ft Bt. Joe. 13^ Illinois Caninl HO Central Par. bonda..loo«< Cleveland ft Pittsburg 01 Union Pacific bonda„inijj Northwestern 38. V U, P’Clfln hnd-grsnt.loo Nonhweatcru pfd.. U, P. sinking fnnd 0.. C., 0. ftl BO bonds... 01# BtAT* BONO*. Tennessee6e,old ~49 | Virginia 6e,new..... 33 Tnnneoeee Ot, now... 40# Missouri 0« 104 Virginia Cs. old 39«* I MINING HTOQgfl. San Francisco. April 23.—'The following are the Ute«t fftock nncrtatlon* at the Stock Exchange Connolldt’d Virginia.. 7<i*{ Crown Point. California....... Yellow Jacket Segregated Uolcher.. 82 Alpha Ophlr COJkf Belcher.... Chollar .01 Confidence. Hava g 0... imperial. Mexican. Gould k Curry 16?/ Bert ft belcher 03 baleftNorcrota..,., 57# REAL ESTATE. The following instruments were hied for record Friday, April 33: CITT PnOPEBTtV BrOwn st, 384 ft n of Maxwell st, e f, 281-10* 100 ft. dated Feb. W 9,000 Thirty-first st, n e cor Cottage Grove av, a f, CO tt to alley, dated March 3 19,000 LaSalle st, a o cor of Madison st, w f, i:»t,x M# fi, with building, Major Block, dated April 27 (LSbati 8. Major to Samuel A. Crozcr, of Upland, I'n) 331,000 Italstcd st, lot) ft a of Maxwell at, w f, Six 11.1 9-10 ft, and buildings, dated March til... 7,800 Indiana st, 178 ft wof Market et,n f, 40x100 ft, dated April 97 5.000 Wcat Superior at, 315 1-10 ft w of Lincoln st, uf, 31x111 It, dated April 28 9,SCO West Indiana at, a e cor of Robey el, n f, 25i 91 4-10 ft, dated April 28 4,300 West Lake st, 148 ft wof Leavitt at, n f, 30t 107 ft, dated April 24 4,500 Van Bnren si, 23 ft w of California sr, s f, 23x 135 ft, also California bt, 141 ft s of Jackson st, o f. ar.x136?.( ft, dated April 28 1,500 DeKoven st, 130 it w of Canal st, a f, 23x108 ft, with buildings, dated April 28.... 2,203 Sheriduu ar, a w ror of Huron st, e f, 121x139 ft, dated April 34 3,000 Park ar, 190 ft w of Ashland av. s f, 40x146 8-10 ft, dated March 23 (Robert W. Mcacham to Jane L. Palmer) 11,000 West Thirteenth place, 96 ft e ot Lincoln st, a f, 34x133 ft, dated May 25.1875 800 Fulton st, near Francisco st, n f, 49x150 ft, Rated April 27 7,500 Elston mod, 323 ft s of Wabansla av, e f, r>o ft to alley, dated April 28... v 4,000 Orchard si, 180 ft s of North av, of, 30x70 ft, dated April 98 000 North Clark st, KS2V ft n of Bcldou av, o f, 20x140 tt, dated April 10 5,318 Frank at, 163 ft w of Waller st, n f, 21x100 ft, dated April 97 9,.*00 NORTH OFCITT LIMITS WITHIN A JUtUtTB OF 7 WILES oP cotnvr-noosrc. Sheffield av, l»t School at and Belmont av, e f. 23x113 0-10 ft, dated April 28 $ 1,509 sovmi or citt uiirra vmttN a Ramus or 7 *' Tr - ra or court-house. Cottage Grove ar, 160 ft s of Union aV, wf, 23 xlso ft, dated March 23. 3,000 Fifty-fourth st, 25 ft e of Blssell st, ■ f, 175 x 125 ft, dated April 20.i.< 4,000 Cottage Grove av, s e cor of Forty-aixth et, w f, IViS 3-10x104 3-10 ft, dated April 2(1 7,860 COMMI Tbe following were the the leading articles of pro twenty-four hours endlc morning: Flour, brla. Wheat, DU.. Coro, bu... 10.3*5] 110,315. 46.741) 2,6*0 21,900 ».», 54 (5 95,363 02.690 259.7U6 Oats, bu.. Ryo Barley, bii Grass seed, lbs. Ffox seed. lbs.. Broortj corn,lbs Cured meats,tbs Beef, brls Pork, hrls Lard, lbs Tallow, Its Butter. Tbs Dressed bogs., live bogs, No . Cattle, No Sheep, N 0...... Hides, lbs Hiehwlnea.btU Wool, lbs Potatoes, bu... Coal, tout Hay, tons Lumber, No.ft, fihluglcs, N 0,.. Salt, brls Poultry, 1b5.... Poultry, coops. Game, pkgs.... Eggs, pkgs Cheese, bxs,,,. G. apples, brls. Beans, bu M.vCO 23,300 47,C1V 30 15.303 6.010 101,120 204 459,430 1,073 1,036 1,109,000 470,000 Withdrawn from store en Thursday for cl sumption: B,Oil ho wheat, 473 bu barley. The following grain vu Inspected into store on Friday morning: 2 cars rejected winter wheat, 38 cars No. 1 N. W. wheal, 1 car No. 3 do, 25 cars No. 3 spring, in cars No 3 do, 7 cars rejected do, 3 oars no grade (83 wheat); 34 cars high-mixed com, 134 cars No. 2 do, 0 esrs now mixed do, 31 cars and C,OOO bn rejected do. 3 cars no grade do (191 corn); 1 car No. 1 oats, 10 cam white oats, 31 can and 3,000 bn No. 2 oats, U cars rejtbtod do (Ciosts); 3 cars No. 3 rye, 1* car rejected do; 1 ear No. 2 barley, •* cart No. 3 do. Total (391 ears), 14fl,0U0ba. Inspected ont: 23.8U1 bu wheat, 87,153 bu com; 3,415 bti oats, 11,077 bn rye, 7,407 bu Larlcy. John O. Lyon is shout to turn distiller. Us yester day bought the Miller establishment. Tho feeling In commercial 'circles was stronger yesterday, and unexpectedly so. Tho great majority of operators cm 'Change wont there yesterday looking for another season of weakness, bnt found that an early decline was followed by a reaction. Tho wcacber waa fine, ami tho reports from other points not encouraging to holders, but tho markets had already declined heavily, and a reaction was only natural The lower prices invited purchasers; either for shipment or to All shorts, oud so many were prepared to tako advantage of the lower rates that holders were tthlo to command better prices under'tho improved demand. Tho re ported opening of the Straits of Mackinaw caused little change in tho feeling. Ordinarily the nows would have induced increased activity In tho markets, and firmness, (0 say nothing of reviving (ha spirits of ves sel-owners. "But now there is such a brisk competi tion on the part of the railroads for carrying-favors that the outlook for lake craft is a poor cue. Ocean freights were stronger, with a reported scarcity of freight room, and (hat fact probably made through freights to tho East tame, as shippers could not oper „ ato without sumo concession to compensate ocean strength. Tho rotes now charged by roil, only 130 per bu on wheat to Now York, leave llttio to bo done in lake freights, except to call (hem dull and nominal, and ask rates which ito oue cares to pay. The vessels already loaded have gone out, but the refit are at a standstill, with no Inducement to op erate, as the prices asked by carriers scarcely pay tho current expenses of the trip, and the obtainable rates are even less. 9S k lot. Asked. The oponlngof navigation through the great chela of lakes Is usually regarded as the beginning of summer ♦rattle In grntu. it la the dividing Hue, iu point of llpie, between the lock-up ol winter and tbs activity of warmer weather. It U therefore lu order now to ask what aro the prospects for the coming antmuer. Tho outlook U certainly much better than a couple of days ago. Then all was weak, and bine. Kow the car. rylng fraternity bid fair to bo the uulyuuca who will seriously suffer, With low freights the Woatern own ore of produce ought lo bo able to obtain fslr prices for their property, though the demand In Europe be less urgent than heretofore, aud the prospects for the coming harvest are good euough to prevent high figures on what la left over from last year. The weather of the past week has been unexpectedly good, aud the work of tho farm la being proceeded with rapidly, whilotbo condition of tho country roads baa Improved ao much thht as aoon aa seeding la over we they expect larger, receipt* of produce here, with greater commercial activity In tho country. This nieatis better collections In tbo country, and better trade lu the city, so that we may look for a revival of business that will cheer tbo hearts of oqr merchants who have so long complained of.uuuaual dullness. The moist weather of the past winter and the early spring has operated aa a terrible drag on locomotion outsldo the city. It has pent uu tbo energies of the people; and now that they are able to move they will be alt the more active for the long enforcement of comparative rest. l>ry goods were lielng moved out to liberal qnantl ties, and the market had a fairly Arm toiie, except for prints, which continue weak end unsettled. There was an active demand for groceries at fully sustained prices, tho prevalent feeling being tlnu. Dried fruits continue to meet with a liberal Inquiry, end both for eign and domestic descriptions show decided strength. Stocks are light. The ti«h market vn without now features. There was a fair movement in oils at about Thursday's pries, though carb*n showed more strength, and lard oil urus easier, and wood were ordered sparingly. The leather trade remains dull as previously quoted. Digging is meeting with a grow ing demand and prtoea are steady. Tba hunts/ coir kit wu quiet and tmehaagsd, ■ At THE ’ CHICAGO TRIDDNE: SATURDAY. APRIL 21), 1870-TWELVE PAGES. tbe yards a moderate business waa reported at Irreg uiar prices. Hardware, metals, and n&tts were in fair enter demand and steady, Tha woo) market waa doll and weak, Broom-corn, hope, bidet, and hay wera unchanged, Timothy seed was active and stronger, and clover, Hungarian, and millet dull ami weak, the two iaat mentioned, being lower under more liberal offerings. Foreign green fruits were in fair request and steady, and applet and cranberries wera alow and weak, the aeason being late and unfavorable for hand ling auch fruit. Poultry waa salting to the'city trada at former prices. ftDFPAtd BLSTAtOM, A New York paper contains tha following telegram from Buffalo: The nr* transfer elevator new building hen will have the ability of transferrins from teasels to canal* boats, at the rate of, say, 8,000 uu per hoifr, or equal to the boat elevator# anywhere. Only light storage capacity—about 40,000 bu, enough for a cargo. It ta mainly to take care of remnants of cargoes. Ttio clo* valor will be finished alwiil the Ist of June. In re* gard to elevator charges this season, tbd present out look la that they will be low enough, aa It is doubtful about there Itelng any association. Should tfidro be an association, charges will bo about ?;c per bu to grain and '>o to Teasels. 'lf no association, charge will probably be nothing to grain. i'resrut conditions are decidedly unfavorable to the formation of such an oeaociatftm. So long at rail freights remain as low as now, buffalo elevators will receive comparatively little grain from Chicago after the arrival of the first fleet. ... ... attvf ... 4«X .. 95*/ .. Sierra Nevada. Ifi.V Exchequer lA*{ Overman. ... 93' ... ox .Tnilice... Caledonia WHEAT IN CALIFORNIA. The Han Francisco Call publishes a collection of dispatches from Uie leading wheat-growing sections of California, nearly all of which agree in staling that the crop prospects were never so good as now. Wo give tho following as a sample. It is from Stockton, in the famous Sau Joaquin (pronounced Waukccn) Valley. Tbo date ll April 19: The grain crop In this vicinity never promised better. A very large area has been sown, and the growing crop present* a flue bealtby appearance throughout, Tbo avenge yield per acre In the black land will not I>e equal to that of laal year, and trill probably fall abort 20 to M per cent aa compared with the average yield from tbo same lands per acre of 1673. The upper land, however, bids fair to excel tho large average yield of 18(18, and under favorable clr rtmiataucre—meaning that the season hold* out and that we have late showers—competent Judges think this county good for 3,002,000 to 0.000,009 bags. The horticultural interests promise well, and will undoubtedly come up to the standard of 18C8 and lfd.». Tho wool dip Is fully up to that of last spring, but more scabby, Buying is already commenced in some sections. Tho prospects at present ore very flattering for a glorious and prosperous season alike to our farmers and merchants. Received at the Chicago Customs April n, 1876: Frank Btnrgos ft Co., 126 boxes tin plalo; Downer ft llcralu Browing Company, Stfi bn barley: Burley ft Tyrol), 45 pkgs earthenware; North Chicago Rolling Mill Company, 20 tons splegel Iron; A. B. Meeker ft Co., 70 tons plg-lron. Amount of daties'coQected, $3,874.01. HOG PRODUCTS—Were In better demand and steadier, (bongh irregular. Tbe market took an up ward turn the preceding afternoon, and tho strength remained, though bogs were again easier under a full supply. Tho rt'cenl dccll no has brought out a better demand for pork for shipment, and there was some inquiry for meats, but they were generally hold above the views of spot buyers. The purchasing was cblelly dona by local operators. Mess Pork—'Was active and Irregular, advancing 10 0300 per brl. but closing only a shade higher than the preceding evening. Sales weto reported of 5,070 brl* cash (Including 2,000 Thursday afternoon) at $11.03; 6,730 brls seller May'at $20.87#(931.0f1{ 19,760 brie seller June at $21.12#(5;2t.43; and 0,000 brla seller July at Total, 34,670 brls. Tho market dosed steady at cash, according to weight; $20.03(320.97# seller May; t21.17#(<j21.20 seller June; and $21.42#a21.45 seller Jane. lERCIAL. ■ receipts and shipments of !)duce In this city during the ug st 7 o'clock on Friday I lß7g> ll.GSlj 9.31(1) 7f1,«30l 60,0171 180.850 45,0721 29,380 77,313| 1,630 S,9i'&l 84,790 160,337 I l-i:i2‘ 87,600 , 42,190 . 201,4001 763,121 73i 2.0 M 70,00)1 392,433 10,916. 67,973 , 2J,561)l 80,902 ”*ii*9oG ****«,bVi 4,5701 8,402 • 9,C29| 736 ift.OjOll 237,760 352 237 2,000|- 70,010 «,3ioi;.„ 7,752 27,991 101,69) 3,015 Prime tncas pork was quoted at $20.15(320.50, and extra prime (liO brie) sold at SIO.OO. Ladd—>Wan leea active, and averaged about the name as Thursday’* latest quotations, closing abonl Oc per mo lbs higher, though Liverpool tvs* fojwrted 3J per 111 tla lower, which made the later oiierlng* here rather more free. Hales were reported of 4,7.\0 tea seller May at CU'.SOcvll.l'O: 0,000 tea seller Juno at sl.M)s;<i 13.10: and ?,ouo Us seller July at 113,00.413,20. Total, D. 150 us. The market dosed steady, atsl3 H. W ft 13.10 for cash or seller April; SI'J.B. v®H.CO for May Juno; and |13.17&(313.2J for July. Mhats—Wore more active and >l(3higher, In sympathy with pork and lard, the trading being chief ly for future, with a very light Inquiry tor casn lots Hales wore reported of 335 boxes shoulders at 7 wft 7J*o; 20,000 Its rejected do at flipo; 20,0 X) R>s snort and 1,150.000 lbs do at SU,(>O,.-’11.1)5 for May, |11.20(5n.30 for Juno, and $1i.47jtf(3i1.50 for July; The market closed at the following range of prices t 1,218 65.0 CO 213,334 37,200 35,316 6,054 2.993 600 109,106 359 3.050 3,000 Shorn- Long Short Short dors. dear. rib. dear. Salted, 1005e......11 iff ll'j Boxed 7»i HJW 11),' U>i 1,726,6811 1,019,218 1,740,000 1,210.000 140] 1,303 8,010 2.601.806 1.150, WO 1,613 May.. Jdiio.. Jnly 8 11# lltf II?*' Bacon, cash 8 »j .... W*j 12ft l<oag oml abort clears st llftc ctab, ami 11‘jo Seller May, boxed: gteeubasis, UftQlSftc; sweet pickled do, Cusibcrtasds. li ?j(&Uftc,casbor sell* or April; (ims-cut bams, boxed; bacon bams. 11 *Mc. tty e<m* Orcsrk—Wsa quiet at flltfQDc. 11LKF l-noDUCfS— Were steady and quiet at $10.60 011.00 fur mesa, |tI.BOQI2.OU for extra mesa, and $J I.OiKayJO,&O for hams. Tallow—Was quoted at B?iQßjtfo for city, and 80 for country lots. FLOUR—Was quiet and unchanged. There was a moderate demand for family oraods for the local trade, and Utile for shipment. Soino quhicj shipping Hours weak, hut there was aojltllo offering that it la doubtful if any concessions could have boon obtained. Sales were reported of 230 brls winters atffi.uo; 650 brls spring extras, partly at $4.02j<Q9.60; and 100 brls rye flour on private terms. Total, 000 brls. The market closed steady at tho following range of prices: Choice winter extras, f7.30Q7.6d; common to good do, $5.80Q7.10; shipping extras, si,3o<> 4.80; good do, tf.86Q9.10: choice do. $9.1009.00*; pdtonts do, $6.0099.00; Mlunesots,ls.OO@o.6O; spring siiperflnw, fJ.00Q3.73; ryo flpnr, $1.35(3*.:n,v. littAK—Was less active, hot Jin fair demand at for* mor prices. Sales were ao tons at $12.00 on track and free on hoard cars. Middlings—Bale wis made of 10 tons at (13.00 on track. CoBN-UcAis—Coane was nominal at 117.50Q18.U0 on track. WHEAT—Was active and unedited, averaging lower, but was a firmer market on (ho whole. Tho feeling at the opening was very weak,- and tno market declined IliQ'Jo below tho lowest prices of ThhrtdAy, lu sympathy with fine weather In the West and dis couraging advices from other points, Liverpool wan quoted coaler, dosing very dull, oud Milwaukee was weak and unsettled, nut Now York was steadier. A groat many operators entered our market prepared to eoll, lu full confidence that nothing could stop Us downward course, and there was bo much excitement that it wan ditllcult to keep the ran of quotations. Unt there was a better demand, tho offerings all being token readily, and the tone Improved, though it was unsettled throughout. Many expressed tho belief that tho market hud done declining, at least for the pre sent, an tho lower prices hid brought out a better In quiry for shipment, several lots having birn taken for that purpose yesterday, while tho reported ship ments of this morning wore expected to bo largo, as a runult of tho liberal purchases of Thursday. Gibers, however, argued that there was nothing to prevent a further drop, and continued to sell short, though rather more sparingly, than before. There was again a considerable pressure to sell May wheat, oa there is only another business day before May deliveries will be in order, and tho great majority of those who have wheat coming to them next Monday have no use for It except to fill other sales. , Under this pressure the Juno premium again touched 2c, but it clueed only about 1 ' u ’o ul>ovo May, with tho impression that tho hulk of the May do llu-rtea had been provided fur. The lower grades were lu moderate demand. Keller Jane opened irregularly at ÜB>jc, sold Immediately at 98c, them receded to U7jtfc, advanced (0 UD.'fc, and fell back to Wc, closing. Kuilor May sold at IMS; »Wi*;c, closing at U7\'o. Roller July sold at Keller tho mouth, or regular No. 2 spring, sold ot 93W097Uc. closing at U7<VO, and gilt-edged receipts of do closed nominally st 07)4° Gash sales wore reported of TJ.UXI bu Ho. 2 spring at U.OOU hu No. Udo bj sample at OdjjDhJ- Total, 89,000,bn. The apparent decrease in (he visible supply of wheat during last week was reported as 1,240,000 bu, but that lududus sotuu wheal afloat. Minnesota Wheat—Wm quiet, with rather light offeriuga. Kales were limited to 2,800 bu No. 1 at 11.14: touim uy sample at (1.03 on track; and bOU bu do at »l.Oj<dl.lsK free on board. Total, 4.UUO bu. *S active and unsettled, but stronger, ex bnt emii f U H* f. 11 ® “ lafk ** t declined curly, . a v«-‘l V V er tl J»u the previous evening, un’- dera very good demand from shnrls aud a fair one from shipper*. Llvtrjtool and New York were to the Urst-named fact causing the early decline, widen was aided by the fine weather and fair receipts, though XUyuhu lusiienlou) was not so targe sa those of Ihuraday. The fact that consumers ar * more freely im parted more confidence to speculative huyera: tho current low r e-aof freight were quoted m proof that torn hero la cheap. There wa. urn mucl“S news from the country, bnt It is understood that com planting prospects or# very good. The more settled weathor is drying off the ground rapidly, and irnttins it in first-class com(Uiou, and there d» now thereat o? reason 10 hope for a good corn-crop (bis year. hut the feupply or merchantable corn ot tho last crop la be lieved to lie rather small, aud that belief would nu doubiodly induce a heavy speculative movement but for the fact Ihst so much money was lost last year l>« parties who expected every mouth to see the Uu end of the crop, only (o find it pouring lu to a luug hue, which. Ilka the shades caDed up by the Witchas in *• Macbeth.” bade fair to hold Out " until the crack of doom." Keller May opened st 43r, declined to 41 ‘fc, sdvauced to 40c, and closed st49?fe. Belter Juue sold st 4<;iQlOl4v. closing st 46Ue, filler July sold at 45, i * s*oi<c, cloalog st Mjfe. Belie* the mouth, or regular. No, 2,.501d it ijjddjsp, closings* ous u^“*j jriiwj tj® ,*j FOREION lit FORTATIONS PROVISIONS. .Vi U' 11 nv .ix IXJV 11V u«- DnEADVTUFFS. No. 3at 4S#O4oe: 4,400 bu new high-mixed at 44#® 44,4'c; 4,000 bu new mixed at 43#0; a.WWbu rejected st 41c; 800 bu no grade at 37c; HOO bu ears at 4>«t 44c; 10,000 bn by sample at 83(845#0 on (rack: ami .v.flOD bo tin at 44 rf46o free on board can. Total, 7H.400 bu. OATS—Were acllvou averaging *{®lo lower. The market opened weak, In sympathy with other grain, and under liberal offerings, and soon declined lo from Thursday 1 * closings, then the shorts commenced buy ing, and, under an active inquiry, price* advanced fully So. The market waa also strengthened dur ing tha last hour by the advance in other grain, and by report* that arrangements wire being nude for shipping out moet of the slock in state. The reported shipments yesterday were considerably in excess of the recelpta, which continue liberal. The loading deal was May, wnlcb opened at 31 ','c, declined to SOkfe, and closed at Sl>f<<t3lVe. June sold and closer! the same as May. Gash oat* were sparingly offered, end quiet at SOVftlle. Rejected sold st 300. Hample* were active. Cash sales wore reported of C,4UO bn No. 9 at3U?;o9lc; I.SiO bu rejected at 20a: U.CcO bu by sample at 32@b00 for mixed, ami 31(3390 for white on track; 6,6uu bu do at 3*3400 free on board. Total, 32,600 bu. RYE—Was dull and about #e lower. The recelpta wrro a little larger, and sellers found It necessary to makeforther concessions before luey could Induce tho few buyers present to take (ho offerings. Rales wrro made of 800 bu Ko, 3 at CJ.VaCIc. BARLEY—Waa in fair demand and aliout te higher, closing strong at the advance. The reported receipts wero larger, and It was understood they included about B,WH) bit of Canada, probably sold previously to arrive, and (hero wans fair Inquiry for shipment. The speculative trading was enlelly tn May, the do lined being from the abort*. The option (May) opened at 38c, sold to 89c. and closed nt the ontsldo. June was quiet at S.lo. Cash was fairly active, with sale* et 50#o for oar, and for round lot*. No. 3 sold at 3.1 c, and rejected was nominal at 31tftJ9e. Ramplcs remain quiet. Gash sales worn retorted of 30,400 bit Ko. U at CIL’SMOOWos Huo bu No. 3 at 43c. Total 31,200 bu, \ niurr call. WheatwsHadtveand lower. Hale* 120,00 ft bust 07#M97?;r for May, and swiif/tO'.'c for June. Lard was ostler. Hales 3,250 tes seller done at $13.00. LATEST. Mesa pork was quiet, with sales of I,oo9brls at $30.00 cash nuu $20.9(1 seller May. Lard was quiet. Bales .600 tea toller Jnne at $13.00. Short rloi were firmer. Hales 403,000 Its at $11.30 <311.55 seller July. Wheat was active and if®#c higher, selling at 99*; A 9 fur June, and cloving easy nt W*;c. July aold at sl.ol#. May sold at OT.Hi-iW.Uc, and closed at 08‘,c. Com was In fair demand and easier early, but stronger at tho close. Mar sold at 45> v ;i(<45?tc, and closed at tbo outside.. June sold at 43',(£43,* ( c, and closed at 4.v;c. Jnly closed at 4(l»;e. Oat* were stronger, selling nt :n>j(»3t>;o for May and closing at 81*40, Jnne sold to 3»#o and closed at 31,*f0. Me** pork was firmer, closing at 131.33# for Juno, ands3l.47# for Jnly. Bales 0,750 brls at $20.10 seller May; $21.13(1121.33# scUac Juue ; and $11.47# seller Jnly. Lard wav In fair reqncnt and firmer. Sales 3,250 tc* at sht.33#(<a 13.03 for June, and $19,17# tor July. Tho market closed at $18.03# lor June. GENERAL MARKETS. ALCOHOL—Was quiet At $3,14. BROOM-CORN—Orders for car tad smaller loft are arriving daily, and trade altogether Is fair, with prices steady for most descriptions, the exception bclhg for Some of tliu inferior grades, which are in larger stock than Other qualities. Wo quote: Choice hurl, B®9c; No. 2 hurl, 7®9c J choice medium, 7®7>sc; good medium brush, fair inside and covers, 6® s)fc; Inferior, 4ai)tfo; crooked, 3(4Cc. . BUTTER—There were buyers for ell offerings It for table use, and at tolerably full prices. The poorer sorbs were more or less neglected, and are ncou* moisting. Following are Ibo prevailing prices : Choice to fancy yellow, 30@35e J medium to good grades. 23® 23c; iofeHor to common, 14rf230. BAGGING—Met with a moderate demand at steady figures, Trade Is improving, and holders arc confi dent that present prices will bo maintained. Wo quolo: BUrk A, 2Co; Peerless AA, 23a; Lewiston, 23c; Monlaup, 230; Ontario, 23c; American A, 2J)tfo; Amoakcag, 23c; Otter Creek. 230; burlap bags. 4 bu, do, 6 bu, 13®l6o; gunnies, single, 14# ®l3c: do. double 23;A21c. . . CHEESE—Tho demand condones very light, buyers Iteing disinclined to "stock up” with the class of goods uow offering. I*llooß tro very itrcguhr, and quotations are nominal at 7®llo for poor to best new. COAL—Only a limited business was doing and values were not subje ted to any noticeable change, ranging na • follows ;■ Lackawanna, range and mu. (10,03; uo egg, {9.69; uanuol. $7.0J®7.50; Erie. $7.09; Blossburg, $7.00*97.50; Hocking Valley, $1,00; Indiana block $3.-U’; Baltimore A Ohio, sfl.wr: Illinois, si.o>V4.- p >9. EGGS—Were rather slow at The offer ings wero liberal, and bid fair to continue no. and re tailers, though buying, were taking only what they considered sufficient to supply their customers from day to day. FlSH—Were steady as previously quoted. Thero was a niodor*toly active local and country demand at the annexed prices: No. 1 whileUali/ Jtf-br1,5.5,1(1(36.25 j No. 2 do, $5.00®5.10; No. 1 trout, SI.OO, No. 1 shore maokertv L-brl, $12.50® 13.09} No. 1 bay. |9.00®v.25 ; No. 2 mackerel. E-brl,sioo®B.2s; familymaccorct. br),|, No. I shore kits, large, $2.00; No. I buy kits. sl.fl(>: Urge fumnyklts, $1,22 5 bank codfish, 6.« o: George s codfish, $3.50®.1.75 ; Laoradorherrlng, Split, brla, $7.7.5®a.00; do )tf-brl, $4.0U®4.25; Lab rador herring, round. brU. ta.riU.Ati.7o; do >j.brl, $:).3008.76 ; scaled herring, por box, 49c ; No. 1 her ring, 88o; Columbia Bivcr salmon, s-brl, tH.iw. FIIUII’S AND NliTd—lta.aiu* were firmer. Prunes nlno were hold with increased firmness, in response to a )/c advance at the Fast. Applet, peaches’, berries, and other fruits were held nt very full figures, Nu-u were quiet and »ome kinds wore quoted a trills lower: FottEXUK—Dales, e®C)<cj figs, layers. U®IGo: figs, drums. 110412 c; Turkish prunes, 7,V®7 : .0; French prunes, kegsaud boxes, 10.. l*>u; ratslus. layers, {.'.-vi® 9.9 ■; loose Muscatei. ; Valencia. 11 ; Zui'o.-inrants. 7it®bc:cltron ‘i3®24c. DoMkstio—Al den apples, l%fj«o; Michigan apples, eommm, lOeteuaicc, lb .m<lo»uc: |>eichcs.halves, do, pared, 17®19c; bhckbarrice,li‘^®l2c; msuhcrrlcs. 84c<»3lo; pitted chorrtos, 28<j240. Nuts— Filberts, 11 (All)ve: almonds • Tarragona, 19)«@20o; Naples wal nuts. liui7c : French wnlnub*. new, H<r«i2u ; tl.ono bio wntmits, HiailSc; Brazils, pecans, Texas, vVhmiugton peanuts, Tonneasoa plannts, s(dtlc; African peanuts, o®Gk.c. UItEEN FUUlTS—Foreign Iralta wore in fair re quest and steady., I’.no-upplo* are quoted at $4,590 s,Wi»rdor. Apples uro soiling slowly at unchanged prices: Good to choice apples, ft.OOiAS.OO per brl; Messina oranges, |S.QO®G.iS for box; Valencia do, {l2.ooail3.Mi por rose; lemons, s‘».6o(SQ.OOper box. UUOOKltlEfi—There was an active and firm mar ket. Orders wore numerous, and were liberal In the amounts called for, and tho quantity of goods moved oat was large. The following quotations were fully sustained: me*—Hangoon, O.VO'o; Carolina, 714<38X0: Lou. islaua, (l..iis7x,c. Covi’EKß—O. O. Java, 3A331c; Java, No. 3, 27(3 23c; choice to fancy lUo, 2 2421140; good to primo do, common to fair, 2di,M210 ; rout ing, I'J , Qlu?/o; Singapore Java, 23aaa«; Ooata lUca. 22 Maracaibo, 2iJ4(A2le. - Sooaiih—Patcuicutloaf t ll«2Qilj 4 'o; crushed, llv @ll?«'o ; powdemd. 11 ; granulated, ln;f Milo; A, standard. KJ'.otlO ~c; no No. 2, B, yollow ONo. 1, VU t'jid du No. 2, t»y4i»Ko: choice brown, B.Jtf(3St;o; lair to prlniedo, com mon do, 7*d(ij H ojchoice molasses, UtfMII/o; c opinion to good do, 7,V(.J3V0; Now Orleans. 7‘i CWlc. Minura—California sugar-loaf drips, CB@7oc; dia mond drips, |l.o.>(<il.lo; silver drips, extra flao, otto 05c; Rood siigar-honse sirup, &0.3350: extra do, 63m (iuc; Now Orleans molasoea. choke, fl-KACdo; do,prime. 65fd5«c; do. common to good, 48ft900; Porto Itico 1110- common molasses, blackstrap, 39(*)3i)c. 4 * Biucta—Allspice, 17tS.17tfc; cloves, 62«53e; cassia. cmugingor, ' Boars—True Blue, iilfo; German Mottled, 6Ki37c! While Idly, CMWic: White Rose, Royal Ha ven, Haven Imperial, dc; Golden West 6)40 s,'rc. * Btxiicii— Kxcelmor, laundry, CV@7c; do, gloss, 8V Olm; do. corn, hwiU\fo; Klngsford, pure, 7Vo; do sil ver gloss. i)>a(fs2*ic: do corn, BKjUDfcc. HAY—The better grades Wore salable at recent prices, and scarce on the market. A few sales were made at higher llgnros, but the hay was to bo for warded direct from the country stations Instead of from this market. Following are'the prices; No, 1 timothy, J1:i,5Uui)3.75; No. 2 do. fl2.'fl; mixed do, ♦lo.oo.ali).Cd; upland prairie, flO.SOftll.OO: No. 1 do. IV.Cr.iO.OO: slough, H60(37.W>, ■ llumwlNns—Were inactive and nominally un changed, at |I,U7 per gallon; but it la probable that no sales could have liven effected at that figure. as Now York was easier ut 11.11; ' HIDES—Worn in moderate demand and atcady. Green city butcher*', green cured light and be»vy,7o: damaged, SdOKfo; part cured, AjtfufOVc; green Halted kip, ic; green country, .*» Vo• green calf, Wot Hint hide*, dry kip and calf. Uo; dry Halted bides, lie; deacon eklnw, 4.V35(Jc. Hbeeu pelu, wool estimated as washed, a0.*320, I,HATIIHU— I The demand sbowa very little If any improvement, and |>rl> ea rein tin as before : UCULOOR. Calf, No. I 11.00 Lino ft 3*4 37 tUll, No. a *K3 03 Uuffftlo oURKh- V«al«, No. I 73(41.00 • ter sole (beat) 33(4 80 Kl|># 60(4 70 " 11. A."aota ~. aO(4 31 HH>er, No. 1.... 2U4 31 "11. A. O. D. M U|«i'er, N 0.3..,. 16(4 30 aoto llaroeai 8114 81 Inaolo, OAK, 0001.30 Harneai 000 00 H01e...., .. wu m A'KKNOII STOCK. Calf L6U<*3.oOlKlp t1.00A1.63 M£|’ALB AND TINNEItS’ BTUOK—Trtue la im proving, apd prices for everythlug lo tbo list are gen erally adhered 10. Following arothuquoUlioaa ; Tim Flats—lo, 10x11. |J.6UJ do, IX, 10x11. 113.00: roof* lug, Ui'it), 10,1'J.UO. I’iu Tim—Large, 370; atnali, •cdoj bar, 33c,. Bolokh—No. 1, ‘3oa; No. 3, jac. Lkid— rig, 7>tfo; bar,; 8tfo: lead pipe. uc. Oorrxa— Ilottoma, oio: aUuathtug copper, 93c. Bukkt Zuo —Full caeka, alaba, 4c rates; Kiunu Irou, No. 3 to 13, Iflo; do. No. 1, stained. r>o; American UuaiU A, 19o; l),Uc; n»l --vauized Irou, No.iw., lie; dlacouuk, 36 percent. Wiux —Noe. I to 0-3 o; 6,7, to V, IPo; 10 to 11. llo: li. JU$5 IJaudlt. 13o: Uuud I>, 14« i; 17,15 a; 18, 16o: 10, l'Jo: 'jo, ‘jJc; full bundle*, per cent dlacouutt fence wire, 6Jlo. do. euieU lots, flitfe. NAlLM—Were quiet et 19.10 rale*. “duted price* the mirket for carhop oilAvu* Qriu, tud holder* antldpate au early reaction, Lard oil wo* weak. Uueecd, ttirpvullae, whale, and other oil* comparatively were ate tdr. Uo utiole s Carbon, Us dog test, li>/u*Uo: Jo ?iit QO . T ***,*• WN®Uo; Know white, iw teat, lie ; do headlight. IT6 deg , llfcc; extra winter jardotl, |<),lj| Ne,LgloWo Np. X Hn. teed, raw, 60c. Lolled, (Co 5 whale, wla tar bleached. 76 oMo{ iperts,|3.l6o3.3l| caatafool oil, litlpuypur{ Kip... Upper. $1.1501.20; do extra, Pso: do No.!, 83o;baak oil, Mo; ■trait*. plumbago nit, 6O07flo; turpentine, 4ViHr<n; naphtha, deodorized. nit rarity, We«t Virginia ml*, natural. 39 deg., 3.’(<i3So: natural, 80deg.,9< .«30c; reduced. 99 deg., 9U02/C. POTATOES—nmaII lot* la sacks wore Belling slowly at 20 m 350 per bn. Tbo farmers aro attll bringing in » good many noutoe*. tod many retailers have not yet exhausted the stock Ihey stored ia the fall. Hence tbo demand on tbe street Is limited, and it would probably be a dliTloutt matter to And many castomers for car-iosds. POULTRY—Tbo offering* of chickens ware larger, and buyers were alow In taking bold. Coope of old fowl mild at 11.0001.75, and spring chicken*—mucb too small for market—wore quoted at lo.OQ per dot. Turkeys brought 12013 c, Pigeons were dull at 400 per dot. HEEDS—Timothy was in fair demand and Arm, at $9.2002.25 for common to prime, and $2,60(33,05 for vory choice nerd. clover wa* lower, selling In small lot* si $7.7505.60, prime liclng at tbe outside. Hun* gsrlsn and millet were lower under Increased offer- Inga. Tbo former sold at 490650, aud tbo latter at 65c, Flat was quiet, st $1.2001.30 for crushing. BALT—Was in moderate demand and steady: Ragl naw flue. $1.40 5 Canada do, $1.45 J ordinary coarse, |t,TO; dairy, without bag*. $1.75; dairy, with bags, $0.60; Ashton dairy, per tack, $4.60. TEAS—llomidii unchanged In value*. There waa a fair demand at the price* following: Own rownan—Common, 350400} good do, 4>H3480: rnedl nni, 450.'50c; good do, 6006,* o: flue, 63640)0; finest, fiuwoio: choice, 70fa7flc: choicest. OJo9:»cj fancy,, Inrf.niAL-Commnn, 3003 c; good do, 8“»04uc; mellmn, 400450; good do, 460iw0; line, 50 (.4S5c: fliu'st, 65(4fUic: choice, fll07Co; choicest, 700 75c. .lapaks—Common, n>ioiao; good common, Mo! medium. 40.31 o; good medium. 45(2480; flno, 60035 c; finest, 65a<;i)o; cbolco. fiOtSCac; choicest. 7.10 75c. Ooloxob— Common, 3O0l.1o; good common, 350 U*n; medium. 40«M2« ; good medium, 4w?4Bc; fine, 4«0fiOo; finest,fiSostio; cbolco 00@(Wo: choicest, 76(4 80c. WOOD—Was nominally unchanged,—qnoled at $3.30 for tnanlo, $7.50 for beech, und $5,50 for alab*. VEAL—Was dull and lower at according (o condition. Tim offering* wore large, and there was very little Inquiry, while the weather was not favora ble for handling. WOOli— Was dnll and weak. Small orders are re ceived now and then, but manufacturers are buying ns little a* pwwihlo, There I* a good deal of talk about tbe new clip, and very low prices nr# predicted by Eastern parties. Following tro the quotations, which would probably bo shaded for some grades: Tut>- w'sahcd, primc.ftOc: no, poor to good, 44013 c: washed fleece, flno. good conditioned, jwgiuo; washed, medi um do, 4i'(342e; unwashed, flno heivy to light,23o 28c; <!o, medium, 30033 a; palled, 30087 c, LIVE STOCK. CHICAHO. lleeclpts— Cattle. Hogs. Sheep. M0nday..,........ .. ....... 4,«27 0,9*2 82U Td.'»day 4.010 14,4111 1,820 Wednesday 4,340 la.uGO 40C Thursday 5,0)0 15,51/3 873 Friday 3,000 10,000 850 Total .... .23.013 CO,Cfts 51,839 toie time last week 20,750 44,381 0.(180 Week before last 22,650 60,221 .0,143 Shipments— Monday 1,715. 1,71* 420 Tuesday 1,140 4,»;;3 KH Wednesday 4,032 4,608 030 Thursday 3,402 C,»71 730 Total 11,233 17,987 2.939 CATTLE— Increased firmness at the Kurt and a fall* ing off In the receipts of something like 2,000 head In duced a confident feeling among all dorses of opera* tors, and an active find buoyant market was tho re sult. Trado opened a llttlo slack In tho morning, hut buyers coon got down to (licit work, and from about 10 o'clock In tho morning until Late In tho day tho scales wero kept constantly employed, and at the closo (ho yards wero nesrer empty than they have previous ly been at any time within the past fortnight. In butchers’ stuff and stackers prices showed very llttlo change, but In shipping Loevos (hero was an advance of 10 <£l6c, os compared with Thursday. Riles ranged from $2.60 n 3.0 J for scalawags, to S*>/iOnC.7O for extra grade.-*. Übanuoii. Mitt 6: Co. sold 12 head at tho lat ter figure. Salon wore principally at®t.uu fur Stockers and tut.luro' stock, and at i.r,5 for fair to prluio shipping steers. Tho market closed firm. CATTLE OALC<i. No. Av. Price. Denney A Bodmond lo 80a5.... 13. 1,1 j-J 14.43 To Kahn AF f.I 1.2(3 4.00 To Kahn A V 32 1,432 6.00 To Kalin A F 32 1,345 4.76 To Schlcbol 10 1,090 4.20 Ingwcncn Bros, to Bond 12 ,I,lC* 4.--U llarpolo A Loll to Klcois (hulls). 15 1,519 O.CO . ToD.Thompson (hu115)..... 23 1,370 3.50 To Morris AW 12 .1,104 4.57 J* Dickson A Byers to Dewey 33 1,223 4.79 To Fork 17 1,001 4,40 OeMfdoTi>,W. AB. to Morris AW. 10 1,522 4.20 ToVogle fll 1,253 4.43 To Dy« kman (calves) ~... 14 103 3.00 George Adams A Co, in Green., 17 934 4.10 To Aforrl4 AW. (bulls).., 61 1,390 3.70 To Morns AW. (bu 115)...,.... 10 1,407 3.0 U To Hirsh, 51. A Co ...,,10 1,u79 4,i0 To Morris AW 10 1,397 6.1214 To Morris AW 61 1,175 4.<W To Morris AW HO 1,888 0.53 Conover A Hull to Monroo ..... 10 1,283 4.70 To Monroe 16 1,224 4.05 llorlno tiros. A Co. t0N00...... 17 I,J2J 4.40 To Wykes (feeders) 10 1,072 4.05 A. W. Vaughan to Dyckman (calves) 25 82 3.00 J. Audcnou to Kaheu A F,..... 17 1,275 4,85 It. B. Henry toUoodmnu (calves) 21 89 3.00 Uosenbatim A 9. to Bwift AU. 04 1,033 4.00 To tiwlft Aif 31 1,525 6/10 Tollartnetl 13 I.UJ 3.87)4 Bader A Reed lo ilonroo.. 18 1,100 4.40 To Denson 10 1/.37 4.65 To McDonald 12 R 43 3.::0 Wood Bros, to-MonrCo 68 1/330 4.03 To Morris A W 10 1,180 4.50 Jc»ao Adams to Crittenden 32 1,290 4.02)4 ToDoud ~47 I,:<A4 0.00 To Campbell 15 1,110 4.60 To Swift A 11. 32 1,318 4.93 H. Green A Co. to Mourod 30 1,198 4.02)4 To Shannon 17 1,170 4.35 ToOrahlo. .20 1,012 4.10 To Swift A II 81 1.2.7 4.53- To Swift AII 25 1,239 4.00 To Hawkins (feeders) 10 1,010 .4.09 ToHawklua(foederu)..... 20 1.C40 4.1 Q To Hawkins (feeders) H James Jackson tp Martin 17 1,143 4.02)4 To Bobarl (cowfl and bu 115).... 17 1,132 3.C0 ToFfcltzor....; 21 890 *.16 To Swift All 14 1,630 6.16 Hill, Patterson A Co. to Eastman 18 1,308 4,50 To Harsh,’M, ACo 16 1,366 4.95 To Hcrsh, M. ACo 32 1,308 4,70 To Hereb, M. ACo 13 1/Jl2 4.69 H. E. Mallory A Bro. to Sisson.. 30 1,238 4.40 ToOmulb.. 17 080 4,10 To Pfifer..... 18 1.256 4.(5 To Hess 84 1,292 4.55 To Mitchell... 18 1,132 4.53 To Morris AW 14 1,396 4.70 John Wullwork to Delhi 17 1,276 4.C0 To Delhi 10 1,217 4.53 To Swift AH.. 23 1,393 4.£0 Gregory, Cooley A Co. to Monroo 61 1 8)3 4.70 To Chapin 10 l|(iia 4.23 To Morris A W 16 1,234 4.46 ToAllerton 10 1,251 4.80 Alexander, 0. A Co. to Keefer... ifl 1,8:0 5,20 To Morris A W 26 1,292 4.70 To Tajlor 17 1,3*.6 4.60 St, John A Brown to Sweeney... SO 993 4.00 To Keefer ; IS 1,234 4.C0 To Roofer 84 1,111 4,45 To I'feltzor ; 87 1,917 4.10 Sontbworth AU. t0C00k........ 16 1,156 4.80 To Martin... a 1,2a7 4.80 . It. Ktrahorn A Co. to Hammond. 17 1,150 4.25 To HammOnd, 17 1,:70 4.03 JIOGS—The receipts were some 5,000 head less than for tho day before, and that fact checked any tendency to a further decline, the market ruling about steady at thb reduced prices of Thursday, or at a reduction since Monday of 89®35q in light, and poor, to good heavy, Thera was a fairly active market at $7.4i Q 7.55 for common to prime light, and at |7.23(.i«.0u for in ferior to choice ucavy. Culls sold at J0.5M7.00. The market closed steady. 1100 fI*LE«. No. A*. Price. Hall, Patterson & Go. to Ricker....ls9 ItJl 7.18 To Brown 49 IHI 7.(0 To Armour, 05 211 7,t>o ToAliortou Q( ip? 7.50 ToAllcrton Q 7 18.» 7.50 ToAliortou 41 233 7.60 ToAllcrton C 9 174 7.C0 To Marsh 63 354 7.67 Toßotsford 36 UUI 7.40 John Wullwutk to Bntlcr,... 21 2 0 7.0.1 Alexander, O. At Co. to QlUett 79 207 7.93)4 To Bose ii B 31 I!HJ 7,50 To Armour 27 328 7.40 To Armour 41 2(W 7.10 Gregory. Cooley te Co. to Amour.. 69 382 7.25 I‘oßoud 27 200 7.J0 To Bond 38 259 T.'.10 To Botafurd.... 60 3*5 7.15 To Boyd ti Go 39 134 fi.75 To Tlmlluu 33 172 7.C0 To Clink 21 203 7,121 ToAllcrton 40 Ql2 7.45 To Halstead.,.,,... 50 343 7.50 TolUUletd 61 321 7.60 To McCarthy 48 216 7.90 TuFowler 57 'Bl4 7.42 To White 69 229 7.65 To Brown... '.,...25 3:0 7.00 aV4 37 •m& as To Oraito, To Crauo, To Crane....... ..... 38 016 7.50 Intiwcrscu Uroe. to J0uc4....,. 1i ,13t 310 7.55 To Fowler ~5.......... 84 IBS 7.C0 05® 40 009 «3 To Fowler To D01e.,., 37 003 7.C0 Totfchwarlz ..... 02 918 S.OU Dlckeou A Djrere to FUut OK 0&4 7.56 To Armour ........ .....33 S9O 7.35 To Dock. 63 101 7,r.0 llar|x)ltf A Lott to White.......... 40 300 7.50 To White 31 30!) 7.56 ToJtiUC* 33 309 7.33 Martin Bros. t001H0t!.... 38 303 7.55 ToUcUverlx 40 IW3 7,b5 To Moss 00 319 7.0 U ToHiiringt Hai0............... io 308 7.50 ToWhlto CO 183 7.60 ToWhlto 01 301 7.50 To White 30 |U9 7,60 To White 35 312 7.60 To nicker .31 ioa 7,15 ToOrvts 30 370 7.60 To Authuuy 88 300 7.00 Beualvju, W. tt D„ to Armour 43 370 7.90 To Armour. 13 375 7.35 To Dicker 81 102 7.15 To Tutor 35 202 7.50 To Dale 35 382 7.80 il. D, Mallory A tiro. to Larkina... 70 171 7.55 To White &t 331 7.50 To Wbtle 9i 285 tiw To Davie k A ifi Hi 7.80 JohA Wallwork to Boyd At Oo 93 1(U 7.43 Taßackelt ru uni 7.C0 ToOrvla 45 27J 7,33 To Amour 57 791 7.23 To Armour. 91 270 7.40 H. 1U Henry to Armour 2S 204 7.10 KHctt&M, lo Armour.... 23 800 7.23 Strader, Wadsworth k >l. toOnrla. 44 236 7.00 To MeLoan 44 193 7.30 To l)oy»l k h 27 143 f 1.7.3 IteienbaumfcS. toAnnour 34 210 7.03 ToArmimr..... ~70 220 7.35 To Duller 01 239 T.4S To Butler, 67 223 7.43 Ilailer A Heed lo William Smith.... 44 438 7,30 To William Smith 50 265 7.00 To William Smith CO 283 7,60 To Dotaford 77 3TB 7.40 To Dotaford r. 4 Ml 7.45 T0D0nd..,.. 11l 270 7.00 Jctaa Adam* (o Allerlon 170 217 7.30 James Jackson to Dicker M 165 7.45 To Fowler 03 2115 7.30 To Fowler CO 183 7.50 To Fowler 43 M 2 7.30 To Fowler 69 256 7.30 To Fowler 30 211 7.45 To Armour 90 2HI 7.50 To Dicker ..... 20 11*3 7.45 Conover A Hall to Fowler 47 238 7.30 ToFowlor CO 2u3 7.50 Torrential A Co 100 225 7.60 To lloyd A Co 33 171 7.40 Graves Droa. to Allorton 117 181 7.30 To nrvln 115 230 7.30 To White K 7 217 7.50 Goo. Adams to Orvta CO 217 7.35 ToOrvla 4;l 213 7.50 ToOrvla 9'2 211 7,55 ToOrvla 21 900 7.60 To Tabor 47 22.1 7.30 To Tabor 40 ‘221 7.30 To Talwr ; 164 202 7.30 To Tabor 34 203 7.30 To Armour. 45 277 7.40 To Armour 52 207 7.10 To LurUlna 1W 161 7.50 Denney A Redmond to Thallon ... 23 Ist ToThallon...., 25 178 7.50 To Thallon: CS 188 7,30 To Sherman 46 2 ! )0 7.50 Tollolaford 11l 3U 7.45 llorlue Bros. fc Co. to Crauo, C 5 2U3 7.60 To D.ivla k A 42 2i»7 7.65 TolloydACo 24 1!U 0,75 To Tliallon 07 174 7.60 To Fowler 21 278 7.60 To Fowler 41 217 . 7,60 To Foifler..... 8.1 221 7.60 To F0w1er...,. 40 277 7.60 To Armour 62 2d I 7.60 A. W, Vaughan toOrvla 27 839 7.60 To Orvis :« 212 7.65 To Fowler 60 100 7.40 To Dotorord 31 211 7.65 Wood Bros, to Tabor ....03 IS3 7.60 • To Tabor 48 105 7.60 To Tabor... 161 lf>s 7,50 To Armour 83 2ltl 7.60 To Armour 19 233 7.60 To Armour ..... 62 a.U 7.60 TO Armour 49 235 7.40 ToAUorton C 3 210 7.60 To Orvla 44 214 7.M To Bond 69 200 7.KU To Boyd h Co 49 174 7.60 Bentley, J. & Co. to Armour Cl a?)0 7.r.0 11. Green ft Co. t00rv15........... 23 ‘/J7 7.05 To Armour ~33 u*i 7.C0 St. John A Brown to Spring & 11.. 43 221 7.6;) To Amour 62 271 7.27 To Arniuur 62 U-tf 7.40 To Tabor 67 to; 7.50 McDonald, M.& Co. to Hoisted.... 47 asi 7.50 To Ailcrtnn .... 45 207 7.40 To Armour 127 213 7.46 To Brown :,2 215 7.40 To Connor* 2'J 193 6.75 Btruborn ft Co, to Tballon. 30 184 7.65 ToTJiMlon 20 lUO 7.16 To J. B; Marsh ..... 45 300 7.C0 To Doud 10.1 275 7.7'l ToDoud 20 203 7.75 To Armatir :rj 270 7.»«) Shannon. P. It Co. to Tllden 52 2U7 7.50 Brown. T. & Co, to Tabor 61 211 7.60 To Tabor 02 200 7.50 Soulhwortb & Biown toOrvls. ..*63 217 7.45 Holmes &B, to Spring & H 47 210 7.70 To Dole ft Co 33 37rt 7.50 Kelly, O, Si On. to Btnbbiooker... .67 ‘.'lo 7.50 To Stahlueukor 27 230 7.43 To Mitstcrmnn 45 174 7.60 Bird k llamsey toTlldon 05 211 7.45 TnD. O. Browi 37 232 7'JJ BHliEl’—Woro scarce nml prices were nominal at for poor to cbnlco. EAST LIUERTV— WEEKI.T JIEI’OUT. .Sveeuil Hfvatrh In Tht C’Ate.ivn Trtbunt. East Likertt, Pa., April 29.— Gattr*.— IlocolpU for the week ending April 27, 253 cars of through and 102 of yard (.lock, or In ell 0,035 head, ngulm>t 7,140 the week before: supply tor sale hero watt fair, but mostly of common to medium; good to extra wore scarce; trade was very dull, and most y done to country liny ora and local butchers; very few sold for Philadelphia or New York; prices aeh ido off from I .st week; pens quite empty; best, 1,40*) to 1,600 tbs, J5.61i(jt:3.75; medium lo pood. 1,10 jto 1,;,00 lla, $4,y0@.i.30; com* mon to fair, 000 to I,*K»O lbs, $4.0J(<j4.73; nulls, slags, and cows. s3.Uo(; htockera In demand, and feed* era $3.23@1.6u; salon for the week wore 1,300 bead, nguinst <26 lasi week. Iloas—Receipts, 11,500 head, against 10,913 the week before; supply fair, but feeling very wo«k and prices oir ; Philadelphia, $8.25®8.4U; Yorkers, $7.76(38.00; roughs, $5.60(37.01). Sump—Receipts. 17,200 head, against 20,000* Ibo week before: supply liberal; demand fair and good; for good clipped wealed, 100 to 130, $G.76(n7.26; wooled. 80 to 00, $6.23*6.60; woolcd, 70 to 80, $4.60® 6.75; clipped, DO to lUO, $5.26(35.60; dipped, 80 to DO. 11,2505.00. . ALBANY—“WEEKLY RETORT. , Xvtttal lUtoaleh to Pie C/uc.t ;« mhune. Albany, N. Y„ April 23.—Beeves—Receipts,' 64% cars and last week 413; of n superior quality ; attend ance large, and market active at a do.-llno of 10(3 10c ou good uutcberiug eteeni; medium weights tolling at Sc, or a Irille under; a few more taken nt c*{c, weigh ing lii.l; a heavier lot were held at 6^o' fc 'c, with uo Liken; EohUtu and local dealers took largely of ttio offerings, and eight New York buyers look lUO car loads; ouly a few Texas received, and dockers sold at week; the market closing steady at tbo opening price, with a few unsold. Surer—Receipts, 66 cars, IS more tbsn last week ; market firmer but (pilot; demand moderate and trade slow; Eastern and Now York wants Umlted; local traao fair; sales of common at Co; fair to good at 6(s 7c; extra at fall lambs In fair demand at 730® «>ic;; spring anil at 10(<tl3c, Hoot—Nothing doing; New. York, April 23.—Dbeves—Receipts. 1,312, making 4,660 for lour days, against 5,330 at tbo aamu time last week; market a trillo easier; prices not ma terially changed. Sheep—liecclpls, 2,760, making 8,500 for four days, against 10,080 at the same time last week. Trade dull and limited; downward tendency; a few choice un shorn Bc, buto>i-«7Mo was the range for ordinary to prime clipped; for ordinary to goad. Bwine—Receipts, 2,780, making lO.UOfor four dAys, against 12.U4U at the same time last week; a car-load of fair Ohio com fed. per 100 tbs, John A. Merritt, of tbo firm of Merritt & Barchan], cattle brokers, died at Lis borne at West Chester Coun ty last night. Cincinnati, 0., April 38.—Hoas—Dull: fair to good Ilglit, $1.3 ®/.CO; fair to good heavy, ro ciipts, 13,301 head ; shipments, Bio. BT. LODI9. St, Lons, Mo., April 29.—Haas—Quiet and un changed. Oattl*—Slow for lack of supplies | prices un changed. The offerings st tlso docks were very light yesterday, ami business was neceasatlly rostrlcted. Two or three cargoes were sold at unchanged prices. Piece stuff was quoted St {£.oo, and loch st SJ.tKH£II.&O. Another fleet is now duo, and probably the offerings will bo liberal by Monday at least. Green Bay la now open, and vessels have been sent to Menominee and other porta, The following sales wore reported; Cargo schr J. V. Filer, from UanUtco, 40.msruall timber at $4.33; ISO m Joists and scantlings at S3,W. Bold by William Hu ger. Cargo schr Vermont, from Muakogon, 80 m boards and strips at {U.60.. Sold by William Mcglade. The yard dealers report a moderate business, Prices are Irregnlir but not quoUbly lower fur dry stuff. Green 2-Inch is selling st $10.60. Bhlugles continue alow; First anasecond clear.,,, |<0.00c4,,,.. Third clear, llnch. aumia Third clear, thick.,,,..,, hS.Ooui Oio .r flooring, and and second, rough.. ao.Ui) l ..aa.OO Clear siding, first and second 17. it@li.oo First common aiding l«.Oc@IO.OO Flooring, first common, dressed 30.00@..... Flooring, second common, dressed hi.iUM3l.oo Box boards, A !U.(NM,..,, Box boards, U,,.,, 33.0u@ A slock boards, 10 and 13 in............ ao.oo@aa.oo Bstock hoards...... SSJiUftSJ.OO 0 stock boards 1f1.00@..... Fencing. * 32.30 m..... Common lumber, 18 ft and under? inch 10.6 @ll.OO Common inch ll.Mi@ri.oo Joists and acantllug, 30 to 3i ft 1i1.00M10.00 Lath l.W)@, ... A shingles 3,00 Shingles op track !Uo(d 2.o3}tf 48 218 7.90 47 I'JB 7.00 sioo pjrxsv $1,700 during the past few mouths, undar our improved system of operating in Stocks. Risks reduced to uumlonl sums and profile increased. Book containing full information sent on application. TUMBIiIBOB k CO., Bankers and Brokers, a W«U-aL, New York. .i. 71 IS3 7,50 SSO. SIOO. S2OO. SSOO. SI,OOO. , .ALBX. IllOTlllNJlllAai Ai CO.. Bankart sod lirukor*. l!nVslt-si.,N. Y„ make fur customer* dsalrsbls tufestnieata of large or small amount* in stocks or a legirimato eharaetur. which frequently p*r Imb fl»« to twenty time* the amount Inmatcd of cry thirty days. Block* bought and carried as lung a* dotlrod on deposit of 6 pur cent. Circular* ana weekly report* *ant Ire*. SPLENDID FIT FOR HARVARD. Tho undersigned will remain at Cambridge during the college year IBIG-T and devote nearly all bis time to the preparation of caudldatea fur the Freshman and Bophowore Classes. Number of pupils positively hm« Ited to lour, in order to Insure to each s thorough preparation. Unexceptionable reference. Application should be mad* at qncte, W. Su HOUSE, Harvard VnlrirsliJ, 0, X 0.% Oaabddg* M*aX NEW YORK. CINCINNATI. LUMBER. FINANCIAL. EDUCATIONAL. _ r ___ RAILROAD TIME TABLE. ARRIVAL AND DEPAfITfIRFt OF TRAINS Rxn.iNvnonor Iterr.nßnoK mark#,—t Saturday es. eepted. • Sunday asceyted. tMenday atoeplei, |Ay. rlTattonday at6:Wa. m. t U*ilv. fER’i RAILWAY, CHICAGO A NORti’WEST TUill Otfrti, 81 Clarh-tt. (8/itrmai it., corner Ra-ltionil,, an a?aolfle Fait Lins oDnliuuuo I la y Kx. via Clinton.. aDulmque Nslit Kx. ?la Clinton. nOmalia Night Kxprati. o Freeport Dubutple Ktprnav.. a Freeport A Dubmina KtpfMt.. bMllwankeeFast Mall (dally)... 6Mllwaukea Rxpresa bMilwaukeo I’aasonaor... (■Milwaukee l’av«enitnr (Halty)... ftlreon Day Kxnroas...; AS*. I’anl A M'nnnai oili Kzpreoa ISt. Paul A Win ma Kxpreaa,.,.. b.Marrinntte Rxnrea* ■Coneva lake Riproav.... tOenova Kxprwa. Mfl:M a. m. MOW a m. fll:(Xlp. m. Hl:oop. in. * H.USa. m. MO:onp. m. 1 7:50*. in. MOtOnn.m. * 3:i)Q p. ni. Stlioip. m. 1 0:30*. tu. Mflipna. m. t BiUp.m. •lonflp. m. * 4:(<op. m. * 4»**- •>. m. t Depot comer of Well* and Klnrte-m, Depoleornor of Oaoal and Klualo.aU, MICHIGAN CENTRAL RAILROAD. foot iif f.'iTie-il., na>| font of Titenl i', 67 Clark-’t., eeulhiatl earner if and at lUlmer Dante. Mall (via Main am! A1r1.1n0)... Day l-.xpreea Kalamaxuo Avoi.nmimlatlon.... Allantlo Kxprora(dallv) Nl*ht Kxproae niusn rapids and muhkruon. Morning Kiproee Night ivznruM • 3;tti a. tn. • 9:PO a. m. • 4:00 p. m. 15: (A p. tn. 'imp. m. * O:Cn a. n. t»:0) u. m. 1 Saturday Rx. * Bondar «r I Monday Hi CHICANO. ALTON & ST. LOUIS nnd CHICAGI IORT LINES. .vHton*»l, ii’l £1 llaiftntph CITY & DENVER SHI ITnfan Depot, IIVi/ Side, n tar Jta OJleett At Depot, and 1*» Kaniai City ami Denver Fast Hx. St. txmliaml HprlngllnM Hi Ht. Loul», Hprlnclicfd 4 Toxat... rearta Day Kipross..., I’cnrln, KootoukA liii’lfnitou,,.. Chicago 4 P.nlucah Kx. Htrnalor, Irfirnn, IVaihlnglnn Kx. .Toilet 4 Dwight Accommodating. in. • Otooa.n. 1 0:0» d. ra. l 9;«»* • P:00p. m. • Hj'»U. m. •13:30 n. ra. • R;iMp. m. LAKE BHOIE It MICHIGAN SOUTHI Mall, rla main line Special N, Y. Rxprani., Atlantia Kxpreai. dally. Accommodation Wight Bxoreix ’ a. m. 9:Wa. m. luls (1, 10. :i:4O p. m. fr inyjnp.ra. CHICAGO. MILWAUKEE ft ST. PAUL RAILROAD. Hi fan Divot, tnrmr JlaiU>nn and ft? Vet OJlei, QiSoulhClark-tl,, oppouttShtrman lleuu, and at D*poi, It an Arrivt, Milwaukee Raima* * 8:.Ba. m. * 7:30 p.m. Whe.itialnA MlnucsnUThronjli Day ICxprnai ‘10:00 a. m. *4:00 p. in. Wlsomiiin. Inwa, and Alfmmita Htpriii .... *u;osp. m. *11:00*. la. Wl-emisln A Minnesota Ttirouili Mull htprj.a t 0:l*»n. w. 17:00a.m. All train* rnn rfa Mllwaukon. Tioinfs f irHt. Paul and Minneapolis a*n Kond oltlior *ia Madl»n* »nd Prairie da Colon, or via Watertown, l.aCrono, and Winona. ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Dtpot./tolcf Lnkftt. aUd fimlnf Tietnl-j-Htanti-ii, n«t«| I i.tatf, Arrtn, Bt.LoulsltxprsM....... **:*ia.m *B:4Sp. in. Bt. Luuik Kant I .mo It s ; :'s >. nj, ■* TCUit., m. Cairo A Mow Orleans K» I* u; |i ». m. r,j. m, CanoWi* ICx It m. 7:wa. m. BprinitHeld. Pdorla.nmJ Keukuk * 8:<0 a. in. *5::oo. m. Bprnintieid Mkul Hanna 8;.B p. in J 7:70a. m. Peoria and Ku.Ruk I. torn :• p. m. * 7;3n a. m. Dubngno A Sioox Oily Ki • 9.30 a . m • :•I >n, iti. Dnbugun A Slant City Express..!* iMtin. in 1* 7.-CO a. n Ollioau Pa»semror. • r>: tf i. »n, ,• j,.j»». m. CHICAGO. QURLINOTONVUUINCY TAILTm. Dofolt,./oot o/ la/.e-tl., DiJlani-ati. and SlctinCi.rt.. and Canal and SUliinlh-tli, PfeWt Oflttt, 5> Otir'i-il * aniiutdiDQlt ___ Itnrt. irnre. Mall ami It* press HTyaTm? ' Tslo'iTm* UUawumui tunum. F.. ;n-i . »i-3oa.m. * U: u r„ i X r .f , M u . buuu,, * aloux0 * t J r Pacino Fust i,iuo. tor Ouianu... *IU:i.Ua. ru. * 4*iub „ , Kansas City, i.onroiiwortn, A ™* flmaou A Hi. Juiupn Kip...... Mi);Doa m. ' 4:00 o. in. lotas Kto.osa •liijuda.m »7:Joa. a. Aoroia Faiion.,or 4 a:lnp, m. * 7:55 a.m. Aleudota. Ottawa <sbtroaeorPaa> * t:2»u. m. • 9:.V. a. m. Aurora Pastonxer... ' itiu p. m * B:.Vj a m. Aniora 1 asiomn •(Sun lay) I sO«l |i* in. a. m. Uulmaun A ainiuUltjr Kip. ... * « ... m v^l 0 n’S* I*‘ 1 *‘i 2 * 0 ’ /orOlT >*l'A-- tO:Co|».nl ;7:13a.m! Kansas Oltw, Ijoaronwertli, At Kl «* '10:90p. m t 7:ll\a. m. OowncrsthnroAcciiunnuimiK iI:CJa. in *3:uSp. ui. oowner aOrovoAoconimorlati . '.-Pn, m 1 m, uowner at/.ore Aanomm vim. • .?-2 ... k, • # : *s a. in, •Ex. Bondi lar. tKr. Beta Mar. «Kr. Mondaj. ERIE AND CHICA9O UN3. L .VaJiton, Train, it it* train /-cttotlllon JJulliUnj, Bay Bsproia—Pullman Draw- " •—* lri«-U:min rilosptng Can. to »fl ow .. yt K fcwlt, " ,u A 8:60a. m. 8:10a. m. Atlantic Kxpress—Pullman Pal- m. "ca Drawlng-Koom M00,.1n-' Lera and Hotel Cara firtWn.m. 8:l0p. to. Only line runmne riie n >-'l cats «».Vow York. PUfSBURb, FT. AVftYfiE a CHICAGO RAILWAY. I l -«te. ,| Arne*. i JlSsj!; IB*, a*. {»» M »U ] 6:01 q. m. * 6:oip, m. •Sunday ercoptod* {Doily. t Saturday szoartedf I aionuay except nl. Ttuint Uatejrom rtar of iUfHttUion JiultJha and foot at Tutntv tecond-tl. Deval corner Jltdiian-il. onJ jiUhwanav. City oflti, 81 Olark-il., eorntr of JfaiV UIQIOh, Leave. | Arrive, Accommodation........ • 7:<o*a. m.> C:Ulp.m. Bay *8:31 a. m.!{ 8:l«a.m. baal Express j 6:uap. m.1*8.10 p. m. {Dally. •Dally, Sundays oxoeptod. CHICAGO, ROCK ISLA*N""a PACIFIC RAILROAD. Depot, earner of Pun llurenand i’A.rnian-ifi. Tieketoilee ' Grand I'acjiio Hotel, 4 , J Arrive, OmfthStLcavenw'lhAAtchlaonßi M0:!K)a. m. • 4aop. nu reraAoooujDiudatloD. 1* AMip. m. • iiK)i, b. WhihtExomx., ItlO.onp.ra. I 0:665. m. KIP GLOVES. ' KID GLOVES. Largo Stock 3-button Jouvin (Ego! Kid) at $2.00, worth H>2.06, warrant ed and littod to your hands. PARIS KID GLOVE STOEB, 04 STATE- Si SODA WATER APPARATUS^ SODA WATER APPARATUS, For tbo manufacturing of Bods Water, Ginger Ale, Wines, Mineral Wateru, Mead, -Hoot Beer, etc. Al*4 Bottling Machines, for corking and filling; Marlll Dispensing Apparatus for the Counter, on new ptlncP pics. Bond fur Cstslogue with reports of Judges os Apparatus. WILLIAM OEK, Cor. Elm and FranVllu-ats.. Now York. _ MEDICAL CARDS. DRUM loci Hospital, cor. WasMnslon & rianWMs. Cnartored by the Blateof llllnoli for-the express pur> puaa of giving immediate reliof la altcaaoaui private, unromc, ami urinary dUoaiua In all ih*lr oompheatof luruu. It is well known tuat Hit, JAM lid haaanx<dal UUi uuador (no protoaalon, tor the past So year*. AfftiauJ •spurlonooato all-bnporUnt. Meuiluu! Weakness, n.gut lattes by dreamt, pimples un Uio face, mat maa> li md. can positively ns cured. Ladlo wanting ttte ta.xat doliotle attoutlon. oat) or writ}. Pleasant home for pa* Hunts. A bo-k tor the, million. Marriage UulUO, whlcl toba you all about thuaednoaiaa—wno tnoulu many—woj not—masala to pay postage. I>r. JameibasSuruoma and parlors. You see no one but tDe Doctor. Ur. Jamei il ■l<c y year**.! to isuliaiiun Mwav free and Invited- Office hour*. ka. in. to? n. in. Sundays, 10 to 13 a. m AU buainoaa striStly oontidonual. • Dr. C. Bigelow Baa removed from 270 Booth Olsrk-st. to 82 Wwl Madlson-aL. where be will be plotted to aco Lie oU patients. Ho will continue to treat Chronic Ncrvoul and Bkln Diseases,. The poor will be treated free frots 3to4p. m. each day. Ills Marriage Uiilds. Urge 300 pages, giving all information to those who Intend to marry and those who sre In any way unfitted foi marriage. Price Wconts; scut to any address. Ofiler hours from ta. ra. to op, m. Sundays, 2to4p, m. Everything confidential. No iSrJ! Dr. Kean, - 175 South Clailt-si, eomr of Hooroe, coinie, May be OQtuullsd. personally or by mall, ftea of chart* euallobrouiuurujivuuadituaaoe. Un. J KifANlalt* only physician lu the oily wuu warrauls eurot or no pay. Gtanehours, tfa. m. to Bp. a.; tlooda/s from 9 1011. XTKUVUUb BXUAUHriO.V-A MLDIUAL n-SsAY, Xl compritinta aeries of luoluros delivered at Kaun I Museum of Auatoiuy, New York, on tliu uauae and our# of premature decline, ehowlog ludiapqiably how Iml health may ba resalnod, atfonliuc a clear aru-p/U of ms Impedimenta to marriage, and the treatment of nervoai aua physical debility, using (ha result ef 80 years' espe rluuce. Price "ii cauta. Address Uio euihur, Dll, I. J. KAHN, office and residence 81 Essl Toolh-eL. NewYtuk PItESOUIPTION FItEB For the speedy curecf Seminal Weakness, Lost Man* hood, tad ail disorders brought os by Ihdlseretloua ot sir A “ r * u t Saturday exempted! 4rrt*e* * BsW p. in. * n:4op. m. t 6:3.) a. m. i 6;;kJa. m. * 4:lft p, m. ‘TstOa.m. ( 4:iMp. m. * JtlWp. m. *10:23 a. in. I 6.0) a. m. * 7:i4p, ra. * 4:COp. in. I 7i'Oa. tn. * 8:50 a. m. *lOiisa. m. * 7:00 p. m., f Randolph, • 7;!V>p. ni. • 8:01 p, m, *M:2t) a. m. {S:«o a. ra. 1*6:30 a. m. • 7:l0 p. m. * 8 ,:ai a. ra. It. J Dally, SO. KANSAS Title*! •2:16 n.m. • 7:*o p. ra. t 7:1(1 a. m. • 7:Wp. in. • 7:44 a. in. • 7:'A p. in. • 3:40 p. ra. • 9 Iti a. m. 6:10 t>* 111. 8:C0p. m, in. llil'i a. m. ) fiiiO a. in.

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