Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 29, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 29, 1876 Page 3
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TUE INDIANS. Xha Red Olood and Apotted Tall Airan* clca Without Mtippllea* Ouada, Nob., April 28.—A tologr&m from lb# Cloud sod Spotted Tall Agencies, via Fort yesterday evening, elates tbat no sup* plies worth mentioning have been laanod to ibe lodiaos at thoeo points since (bo 10th Inat. Tbs Indiana are on the verge of starvation, owing to tbo failure of Congresa to vote on an appropria tion, and on tbe part of the Government to for ward the supplies needed. Tbe Indians wonld undoubtedly have left on a raid ere ibis, bid H not been for tbo moral effect of tbe Into expedition against Craey Horse's baud; but there can bo no question but that they will bo forced to raid unless tbo sup* riles are promptly forwarded. Gen. Crook bis been, aud is now. urging the necessity of keeping no tbo supplies, and bolding to tbo Agencies those Indians who are disponed to bo friendly, but bo is approheneivo tbat tbe hostile Indians will bo* largely vdnforeed from those now fit tbo agencies, on account of tbo lack of •applies. No oillclal Information has been re* eeired of any raids since tbo one in which 11. v Brown was shot, frown's body wilt arrive from the West and will bo burled to*day. EADES’ JETTIES. 6t. Louis, JIo., April 28.—C01. R. 8. Elliott, Secretary of the South-Pace Jetty Company, bss received tbe following dispatch from Capt. John B. Eadoa : The steamer Grand Republic, with an ex cursion party from Bt. Louis, wont through tbs Jetties iuto tbo Gulf and returned on Wedncndav. Tbo channel was buoyed. Careful souudibpa were made under direction of Capt. Tborwogan, of that steamer, and oth ers. Tbo leant depth through the entire chan nel was 10 feet 4 Inches at average tide, aq Increase of 10 Inchon Mines the IClb lost. Tbo report of shoaling In advance of Jetties is false. There is ft verv decided deepening them. Also inform the Merchants' Exchange 1 shall have nothing to do with the request (or tbs use of tbe Government dredge. I could secure a deep channel earlier wllh It, but my motive would be misconstrued. I can await tbo unaided but cer tain action of the joined current to secure our 0150101)18 from the Government as patiently as ie public can await a cloopchannol at the mouth 9f the MiHaiaeippi. Perhaps tlio examination of the lunatic at WosbltJiaon was for the purpose of diverting the ratncioMho Now York World man. who re cently declared Hint tbo J’rosidonl-'s case troubled him as badly as the aesaßsluattob of Lincoln did. if bo doesn’t laugh now, ho is a gonor. MISCELLANEOUS. ADVERTISERS DESIRING TO HKACII COUNTRY readeri can do aa In the cheapest and best manner by mine one or more sections of Kellogg's Great Newspaper Lltts and State Divlrioni. For Illustrated catalogue and nap addieta A. N. KELLOGG, 79 Jackson*at. A IX CASH PAID FOR CAST-OFF CLOTHING, carpels, furniture, and miscellaneous goods of any kind by sending a letter Ui JONASUKLIHUt,6S3 KoCKidiACIIES, BEDBUGS, AND MOTHS EF- U fccliitlly oxtorralnatod by*ct<warranted)nrar lleletulil. Information fros. ARTHUR OAKLET, U 9 Bait WaiblDgiou-at. HAND OPENING—K. K. OLMSTED* SON WILL open their aptendod gymnasium on thn evening of May I. situatedou iho aou bweat corner of llalstodand Wa«hlugtou-sU., over tbo bank. Tbo public aro cordial ly Invited. KENNEDY'S WONDERFUL lIAIU GROWER Dlß covery will produce hair In about nine days on Iho Laldevtboad; by the aid of rolonoa and able ehomlata wo bato the article noodod: thousands of certltlcatos re colredin ttapraise: uk your druggist for tt or remit $1 for a botUo, and will remit (roo by mall. KENNEDY A CO.. Ollloago, Is 4. T ADIES'TWO-RUTTON FINEDOO-RKINOLOVKB, ij culurod and black, all lizcst 81 a pair to close out, really worth $1.76, GUH.TZ, VlStaUi-at. T ADIES* 'AND CHILDREN'S RHOR-BUTTON ,1 1 fasteners: once on always no; a child can placo thorn; no tools required; SOodoi.. 350 two dor., 46c throe doz. Agents wanted. C, IlANtillliTT, P. o. Box 76. L” IGHT CASTINGS MADE TO OUDIjH. NICE japanned casting* a specialty, MORRIS IRON WOltKft .Morris, 111. OPIUM AND MORPHINE HABIT ABSOLUTELY and spaodily cared: painloMi no publicity. DR. UARI.ToN, 187 Washlugton-at. riMlt; GRANDEST CENTENNIAL PICTURE OF X tbo year; S6O per week to agonts. Inclose 10 eonta return postage. Home Publishing Company. Chicago. THE GRAND CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION BY Glimoro'e Band, MayfiandA should bo attended by all wearing kid gloves from the Paris Kid-Glove Store, MhUte-st., opposite Fluid, Leltor A Co.’e. ItrANTED-AN INTEREST IN A BUSINESS,CITY 17 or country, whore good real estate will be taken tn payment for same. Address N 56. Tribune office. W “ANTED -AN EXPERIENCED MINNESOTA miller wlshoa to rout a good grist mill, or would ran ms fur an Interest la tamo. Address Xl2, Tribune ifflee. WANTED—A NO 1 LOCATION FOR A FIRST* Vl olauphysldao and surgeon; slorewardgiveniflo- Ullon It accepted. Address £B6, Tribmia office. ANTED-A SE CO N DTI AND SAFE, MEDIUM site: matt be very cheap for c»»h. Addrett V 3, Tribune office. WANTED-OFFIOK PARTNER, LAW OH REAL TV estate, or desk room with such. N 99, Tribune of* MUSICAL. 17 LEG ANT NEW DK UOODP. PIANO, $2lO. ill MARTIN’S. 164 Hlate-at. Splendid now F, U. liable pianoforte, $325. MAUTIN’HriM filate-at. Very fine tone Haines Brothers piano, $250. MARTIN’S, IMSlateat. 12iot. A. Dowling A Cal now, upright plane, S3OO. MARTIN’S. 164 State-st. Rich and powerful lone Hardman pianoforte, 3250. MAUI IN’S. 151 Siato-st. 17STKY ORGANS, NEW STYLES, NEW AND KLH- Jj cant cases, just received at STORY A CAMP'S. Call and sea thorn at2ll biato-st. F" OR SALIC—6-STOP PARLOR ORGAN IN GOOD order and at one-third iU value. Call at 19.9 Jack* eon-st., if you want a llmt-class instrument cheap. JULIUS BAUER A CO., STATE AND MONROE, •la., Palmer House, have for sale: 3u( the celebratedKnsbe piano*, slightly used. 8 of the la orite Bauer pisnoa, slightly used. 1 Haines piano, 7H octavo, rich rosewood ease, new. Which they are ottering very low to make room. These are real bargains. Fangs and organs for rent and for tale on insUlluante or on easy terms, at STORY A CAMP’S. 811 State-st. PIANOS OF VARIOUS MAKES. New Pianos, S2OO, $226, $260, $376, S3OO. Second-hand pianos, $lO, SSO, $75, *IOO. $126, $176. • R. T. MARTIN, 164 SECOND-HAND PIANOS AND GROANS FOR •ala cheap at STORY A CAMP'S. Call and exam ine price* before purchasing elsewhere at 811 State-st. T" *0 RENT—A FEW OF TUB CELEBRATED KNADE pianos at reasonable rates. JULIUS BAUER A OU., Btate and Monroe-ate., Palmer House. mUNINO AND REPAIRING PROMPTLY ATTEND- X ed toat O. A. UKtIOLU'S Piano factory, 184 and 190 Olark-st., near Monroe. W~ BUKR PIANOS. REOOBIMBNDRD AH TUG best by tbo loading profession, can be obtained et maoneble tarmaatßTOllV A CAMP’S,III Statw-st. ben WILL BUY A PIANO SUITABLE FOR A SOU learner, stool and cover included. It. T. MAR TIN, IM State-st. <sl OK WILL BOY A BEAUTIFUL TONE, ROSE wood piano, with breach action, btool and cover Inolndod. R.T. MARTIN, 164 State-st. C’l'TA WILL BUY A ROSEWOOD, 7-OOTAVB OX i O pianoforte, with overstrung .bsw, agrafle, French aellon, four round oomen. oarved leea, and lyre. Made by Higgins,New York. lUT. MARTIN. 154 hUte sl tfjncn WILL BUY A NEW HAINES BROTHERS 7R-ootav« pianoforte, with agrafieand alilm prosemenU, rlohly carved logs and lyre. Manufacturer* Ust-priee gfoo. Fully warranted. It. T- MARTIN, IM BUto-at. STORAGE. CTORAOIt—THE BURLINGTON WAUUUOURK, O corner of Sixteenth ami State-ata.. la (he largest and float convenient in (be West; wltb ateam elavatcn for anlllng goodaila acooailble to all the railroad# leading to this city. Persona tiering furniture or elber good# •111 find tbla aafa and conveulant, being free Iron Unit, lata, and vermin. Ratos of atorage very low. Wooer loan ed on all kind# of property at reasonable rates cl Iniemt. 11. K. SAWYER, proprietor. _ CTORAQB-ON WASHINOTON-ST., NEAR WA. tJ baab-av.. la a large, convenient, aafe. and clean plaea; will store all kluda of bouaahold gooda and mer chandise i money advanced or loaned on gooda In atnre at very low ratea. Addreaa TUOH. A. HILL, m Dear* boro-at. CTOIUQU-PAUTIEB having furniture that W.they with stored for tba uae of a portion of It. addroaa n M. Tribune office. ; utorauk-go to the central warehouse. cor. Uuibaud Kimla-ata., In atnreyonr furniture and household gooda. You will find U a convenient, aafe,and citaoly place, where they will be properly cared (or; In dued and itorad at tba moat raaaonablea rate. 1 gtre oa beclal attention an thla claaa of gooda, and invite your Patronage. HORATIO N. RUST,Proprietor. DIVORCES. niVOKOKB LEGALLY OBTAINED FOR INCOM. D patiblllty, ale. Uaaldaaee nor pereona) preeenea not required. Affidavits sufficient proel. Fee alter decree. Addma Q, R. SIMS. M Qlark-at.. Chicago, 111. TV.VORUEB OBTAINED WITHOUT FUBUOITY, AA legal everywhere, for looompetlblUty. etc. Residence pet neoeeaary. Affidavit euttclent. Pee after decree; Uyean* aapartenca. Addreaa Boa>lß.P.Q„Cbloage,UL f\IVdROUfITLKQALLY AND QUIETLY OBTANBD M In every State of the Union for laeonpailblllty. eto. Rceldanoe unnoeeeaarr- Fee after decree. Twelve years eaperlence. Aoldreaa Poat-Offiae Bor 1037. Chicago, Hi, MACHINERY. ATT. ». $ A. J. KIRKWOOD'S. 171 LAKE-ST.. •**. afeam«anglacs. pump#, and bollara, all alaaa, iron and baiting, suppuea, Jobna Aa- |PUU SALK-A COMPLETE STEAM-POWER BN- A gtna, 18x86. Gardoßpa governor, ll.feet fly-wheel, wracght-tronahalt. two two-tlue bolfare. N) feetlouf, 43 inch## ia diameter, boiler (runt and graubara, ateam and *ater-gaugaa, all eompieU, for $&& Tba came can be aecalnoporaUoaatVarmere'UiUa. Davenport* la. Ad* toaWINN A ULAOUOVB, BO t BTEAM BOILER II FEET LONG, leal In diamaUr. with 44 fluea. la addition, ateam gaoga, water gauge, mud drum, a Ho, 6 BlAe pump, CITY REAL ESTATE. 808 Bil.B-MABDLB FRONT BOUSE, niNINO. L* room and kitchener) parlor floors corner Bonlb Park ,v. andTwsnty-flfth-et. S>o Pralrto-ar.—Brick house, tneniard roof, lotsStlTT (**l, 1 Brick bone* on Indiana-**., near Rfghleenthil., 10 fool loti will taka U-fool lot on Michigan***, In barnl district as part par, _ Lam frama house with S7M«foot lot on Wabaab-av,, near Fourteenth-et. _ Mlehlgao-av., inr Peck court—LettoilTS feet. Thirty.bfih-eU, naar lata—S3 feet, south front. Vernon-**., nearThlrtyfim-st.. Mf«-t. A. J. GALLOWAY ft BON.. Bentbweit cornet State and Madlson-el*. FOR BALE—ALDINR BQDARIt-FINR MARBI.n two and ihran-*lory and basement hornet, twall, oe logon, and plain fronta. with all the modern Improve, manta, Alamo Bqnera la iltnatad on Vincennes***., Suit tonlb of Thirty seventh-at.; U final/ laid out, bar. ng abadod walk*, On* shrubbery, tress, and a baantlfnl ako. These bouses can ba bongbt at reasonable price* on llboral term*: plana at onr effioa. Appl/ to vf. U. KBHMJUT A CO., a East WashlngUm-at. PUR HALF— GROCERS AND SALOON MEN AT tentlon—A large grocery, 10 rooma abora, large bam, with lot, on Sonin Hide north of Tblriy-firsl-ct. at lata than buildings cost; price naked fIM bat owner Is determined to sell at any sacrifice eo ba mIIi at once, One or two other piece*of propart/wtaleb mmt ba aold for what Iba/ will bring. TUUESDKLLA BROWN, ICS Flßh-ar. For balk-at a great bargain-by jameb 11. HILL, 64 Daarhorn-st., Room 4—A Ana mldenea on Pralrfo-a*., hating IS rooma, a good bam, and deep lot: worm 830.000; 111, W 0,18,000 aub and good propart/t balanet aaiume. I7OR BALE-HOW MUCH WILL YOU GIVE FOR 1' 9-room home, bam, and lot, >B3 Poriland-at.f Coat owner 83,400. Name yonr boat offer, and amonot/oa will paydown. TRUESDKLL ft BROWN. IOT i IftU-ar. For balb-hkbidenob and business prop. erty In all parta of tbe ally. R. 8. ft W. O, UcCOU -411CK,U6 LaSalle-st. tpoit BALR-OR TO RENT B-ROOM COTTAGE JD with brick cellar and bam. 409 Warreq a*. Owner. IRBALR-TWO UOUBRfI WITH IX)T8 AT COR nor of and Sbetndil a*. Terma low to ault good oartlea. By HARRY MORGAN, on preraliei, or It. W. BRIDQB, Tribnne Dolldlng. FORBALR-OR rent-house, lot. and barn. 15 Booth Llnooln-al., sear Madlion. itome contain* 9room*, water, andgaa; Iol35xl»; tormaeaty. Inquira at 45 llonore-aU TpOli RIALK-OH EXOHANGK-FINK rkaidenor l‘ on Warren-kv., with lot 90 feet (root, aurroonded by flna trees; will eiobange lor anincorobcred badnei* Apply to M. K. OLUAUUN, Room 9, IBS Tit OR HALE - GREAT BAROAIN—NEW TWO- A 1 atoryand batetnrnt octagon brick bouse 099 Weil Waahlngton-it.; tnodarn ImproremanU, and finlihad In natural wood*: e*«y parmenu and Inwintoreat. Innolro ofF. A. WHI+K, sXiPark-av,, or U. R. WHIPPLE, Room 14 Methodlat Üburob Block. ijtOß HALIt-MUHT HAVE MONEY AT ONOB; V handsome 10-room brick bonse. all improvemenia, furnace, gas-tlaturoi. etc,; trees and shrubbery: will be aold 93.6Wless than valno. Call at 535 Vemo i-av. T7HJU SALK—CENTRAL, FIRST-CLASS IMPROV- X' cd properly, paying a food rant: value. $55,000. 875,000, and St&.OU). OttO. U. HIUGINSON, No. M Bait Washing ton*at. 1“pOH RALK-OR PAUT BXOUANOB-WK HAVA 1 several bargains In builous blocks and reridencne, such a« will pay on the InTSlUnant. LEVI WING >fc GO.. 57 Dearborc-at. STJfitIRD/VN REAL ESTATE. POK HALE-.MOKUAN PARKt-HOUSER AND LOTS on monthly payments. Only a amah oaah payment ro. cjuirod. House ole rooms and lot ftislH. SLSuO: moodily payments. 114.C6. flouaeof fl roomaand lot 100il60,8l,700; monthly payments. 119.17. House of 8 rooms aud lot 76s 160, 85,410; monthly payments, $37.06. Houses coating double there prices, double tbo monthly payments. Hall* road fare, lu cents. Inquire of GEO. A. CLARKE, Agent, No. II Chamber ol Commerce. FOR SALE OR e£oHANGK-1N GLENCOE. Good 9 sb>ry house and corner tot, 89,6t0. Noaloewoottago and I-aore lot, 58,600, Large now home and 1-acro lot. 83,0 U). Klcgant 9-aiory house, now. and 1-acre lot. $9,G00. MuRTON CULVER, ILwm 4 MotropoliUn Block. LIOU BALB-AT EVANSTON - HOUSES WITH J? modem Improremonla. Lots In any part of tbo village. Blocks or acrea at North Evanston. Will build houses to suit customers. For rent, one very deslreblo house near tbo university. HENRY M. KIDDER, 46 Clsrk-st. For rale-englewood-very cheap, two alory brick basement, 19 roomis splendid IncaUon, near depot: lot 60 or lUOxITU. IIULBURD A CO., Sot) Lnßallo-et. . Foil SALK-STYLISH NEW HOUSE AT NORMAL Reboot, Englewood, with largo green lawn and trees, 926>i cash, balance monthly* Own your own homo. E. 0. WARE. W Wasblnglon-sE FOR flAl.lf-BEST ROUTII'ENGLEWOOD LOTS, Sl76eacb. parable SlOeub, and $6 per month. MAT RON HILL, 97 Waablngton-st. TPOR SALE—AT GLENCOE, CHICAGO’S BEST X 1 lako shore suburb, with 99 daily trains, beautiful grove lots, 173 feet deep. Prioo (luo; only sl6 duwn, and s6mootbly. Cheapest lota In the market, and mown freo; also abstract /too. IRA BROWN, UlLoSallo-al., Room 4. For halk-or rent-good houses, with 1 to 10 acres of land, fruit, etc.. In the plsasantVUlago of PaUtino. G. 0. WHIPPLE, ROClark-at F“'OR SALK OR BXO'IIANdB-40 ACRES WELL Lo cated fur subdivision, near Morgan Park and de pot on Danville Railroads will eichauge for a farm. Ap ply to M. K. GLEASON, Room 9, 168 MaOiscn-st. IBOR BALE—RENT, OR RXC'I’IANGE-lIOURRS X' and lota at tllnsdalo—cheap un easy terms. Houses oM, 6, 8.10, and Oronms. High, dry lota, and 10 eonta faro. O. J. STOUOH, 133 Dearbom-st. F' OR BALIS—BI.OUO WILL BUY A BIX-ROOU COT tage, good cellor and well, with 3 lota, at Oloneoo: 8300 down. 816 monthly lor halaneo; mueb bottor than ronting. IRA PRO WN. 143 Room 4. FOR* RALE—9-STORY HOUSES BUILT TO ORDER on M*foot lota, at Wmtem Springs, on 0.11. * (j. U. U.. at Irom SSOO to 81.6U0, with aldowalka eomplolo. near alatlnu, on easy payment*, at abort nntlce. Several nice now houses to ronteheap. T. O. 1111. L, 4 Lakeside Building. FOR HALB-9COO WILL BUT AN UNFINISHED cottage and two lota at Park Ridge i rood collar and well: Hluo down and sls monthly for balance; nowttop renting. IltA BROWN. 143 LaSallc-st. In OR SALE—A PARTY WITH S3OO CASH TO MAKE ' first varment can scour* oneol the rarest chance* ever offered to buj a homo in South Englewood or at Clyde. Owner bad in lake them on a debt, aud bit so nse for them, and will soil for whatorer ha can goL TRUES* DELLA BROWN, 108 Fifth ar. FOR SALE—excellent houses at RAVKNB vood and Sumraerdale on ettr terms: lake water; frequent trains; low fares. A. BENNETT, agent, south east corner Monroe and Market-ata. For bale-or to let-a desirable prop^ •rty at Rlvonldo. with brick botue, all improve monte, stable, etc.: it acres of land. Apply to T. T. WATSON, 106 Dearborn-st., for further partlenlara. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. ItOH SALE—VALUAIILB TIMBER LAND-THAT 1 valuable tract of loud, the property of the Caldwell Oil Company, situate la Wirt and Calhoun Counties, West Virginia, containing 3.000 acres, more or lets, lying on and adjacent to the Little Kanawha River, about 85 miles from Parkersburg. . This land is heavily timbered, and U worthy the especial attention of lumbermen. _ _ . „ A dally steamboat rues from Parkerabarg to Burning Springs, which latter plaoo U bat a abort distance from the laud. .The property will be sold, together with the improve, menu thereon, at the Exchange salesrooms in the City of Balilmoro, on Monday, May 16» 1874, at 1 o’clock p. m. to the highest bidder. . , . . , Terras-Oue-tuird of tbe parobate money In oath; bal ance In ono aud two years, sfltb interest et 6 per cent on the deferred peytnenU, which ore to be secured to tbe satisfaction of tba Company, or all cash at tbe option of the bayer. Mr. Richard Blaylock, Agent, resides at Burning Springe, end will show tbe properly to any one desirous of "V'S JJSfc, l?/£KNuS{ p i!lE<i’oTs°;^.°d. b ' l |' lk ’ r “ Western National Hank, Baltimore, Ud. PUR BALE—MISSOURI DAIRY FARM-WOOD*, land dot it farm, 860 acres, to) Improved, with oxo«l --lent water, fine timber, and convenient to market, lo cated at Woodland, Mo., a elation on Hannibal A Et. Joseph K. 8., 19 miles from ellhar Quincy, 111., or Han nibal. Ate. Town of WoodUndlaidoatonfanu; ansald loM Included In sale. This opportunity Is worthy par ticular attention as a profitable investment. Address P 11. GROAT,HannlbaL Mo. T74OR BALE-MO ACRES IMPROVED FARM. «J 1’ mile* from Ohloago. A. J. GALLOWAY A SON, southwest corn or State and MadUoo. REAL ESTATE WANTED. WANTED— TO BUY A SMALL HOUSE AND LOT or lot near Hyde Park or Kenwood Stations. Ad dree* Y 6L Tribune olßoe. WANTED— A GOOD RESIDENCE FOR CLEAR farming land end cash, or will assume. MANN A CONG DON, Room 11, lODDearburn-et. FOR SALE. 1710 R SALE—THE CHOICE OF TWO SAFES. ONE X' containing burglar-proof vault, very cheap. Inquire at IM Lake-tU, up-«tatre» S'OU SALE—MARBLE SODA APPARATUS-TWO bandeome ooaa, uaod onaaeaaoa. Will be eold at about half prise. Bigelow Fountain Company, 181 Lake-at. ITtOR HALE—TWO BILLIARD TABLES,ONE POOL JJ table, and gaa fixtures. Inquire at No, I North UUrkit. rR BALE-CHEAP, ABOUT 80 VERT, T FKET $ lushes hlgb, ol walnut, veneered, glaaa partition, all Id good repair. Apply at 198 South Clinton-at. riOR BALK—A FINK POMSUKD WALNUT COUN- D tor, aleoa daak and lettei tiler. Apply to-day to MEANS A CO., ltd Waablngton-at-. basement. POR SAUL-VERY CHKAP-TIIK KLKOANT co on tor and flituree In banking office formerly occu pied by Wreon A Hrowiter. at 94 Waablngton-at. Apply atonoe. BREWSTER A UItICD. 101 Waablngton-at. TO EXCHANGE. 17011 EXCHANGE-BEAUTIFUL farm s milks 1' Tooaka. Kama*. Will (rad# (or hardware and loan gljXMJonfam. W. B. WEBB. 1W Doarborn-at mo EXCHANGE-CLEAR IOWA AND NEBRASKA i laodafora atoek, or oarU of stock#, of dry goodi, bootaand shoes. noliooi, carpeta, ole.—perleet tltiaa. Addreaa for I day# P 10. Tribune office. rpo EXCHANGE—S6O.OO(I IN TOWNSHIP BONDS X Issued by one c( the peat counties of a Western Slate for dry gooda, bootaand aboea. or other paraooal proper ty. Addreaa JANUARY. TribunaoUioa. 1 iTaNTED"-TO KXOHANOB-. UNINOUMIIKRKD W suburban lola for furniture forboceakeeplng totbe amount of SI,BOO to $3.(00. IUA BROWN. 113 La> Sellout.. Rooml. INSTRUCTION. rnilß COLLEGIATE COURSE. UNDER PROF. 1 CLARKE, at the Seminary, wl Weet, Adamaet, Chicago, wiU compare In praoUoal reeulla with any elae- BUILDING MATERIAL! TTAUDWOUD LUMBER-WILL OUT HARDWOOD li Umber or lumbar any lengtha and alfea dealrad. Ad dra» AMEBA FROST. 46South Do#pUlnw-#t- PARTNERS WANTED) PARTNER WANTED—WITH OAPITAI* TO TAKE X an Interest and introduce a valuable Invention much needed la every family, office, sod atore. In the United State*. 0«ll or aaaret#o A, b«»«moDt Ha Towaacnd-itj TO LEASE. mo LEASE-FOE LOWTERM Of YEARS AND LOW X rate, lot klilM feel_ oa Uandolpb-et,. No. 838. user Apply |o O. LUNT, Room IT. la Wuhingtoa. THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: SATURDAY. APRIL 29, 1876-TWELVE PAGES. TO RENT—“HOUSES* rpOJIENT-OO AND LOOK. THEYMUSTBE BUNT* >33 Portland-av., near Twcnty-elghth-it., fl-room dwelling and barn .-9 17-00 Wallace-*!.. near Thlrtyflr*l-*t., grocery store, 10 rooma and barn 837 Wait Jndlana-at., lit itory, 4 rooma 8.00 837 West lndlana-st,, 2d ilorr, 4 r00m*..... 10.00 WUI allow U per cent for 0 month* rent In earn. THUERDKLLft BROWN, lOlFlflh-av. TO RENT—MARLLB-FRONT HOUSE, 1083 MIOUL gan-av., *IOO par month. , Marble-front home. 1081 Michigan-**., 990 par month. Framehonia.ion Michigan-**., taper month. (irlok home, 1500 Ptalrt*.**., tJO par month. Irlek noma. IMB Pralna.a*., |»par month. ... HENRY Q. YOUNG, Room 6. Bryan Block. f|X) RENT—THE LA HUB BRIOK DWELLING, WITH JL bam and large lot. on aonthraat corner Warr«n-a*. and Wood at, from Alt/ L WALTER M. HOWLAND, WLaßalle-at. fDO RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE IMI WABASH -1 a*,, l-story marble-front, 16room*, low rant and *anr desirable: also, ftroom cottage at Kontb Evanston, Ad> dma or appl/ to D. F. PHASE. Mattoion Homo. TO RENT—M(OHIOAN-AV., NO. S4B. FOR 1 TEAR from Ma/1, at #76 par month; In flrat-elaai repair. 11. 8. EVERHART, Room 1. Wo. 84 WMblngton-at. fpo RENT—A FIRHT-OLARS HUUHB ON MIOHI. J. gao a*., near Klgbtaaolh-at., bating everything, to an A I tenant for for 9 jaara. JAMES 11. HILL, 64 Dearborn-sU, Room 4. TO KENT B-BTORV AND BASEMENT BRICK bnma and bam, 950 Oalumst-av. Tornavar/low. A. BOOTH, eornor State and Liked*. TO RBNT-THK TWO-BTORY ID-ROOM HOUSE No. 90S Wabasta-av. Apply to R. J. WALSIIB, Me- Vlcket** Theatre Building. rRBNT AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED REST* dene* on North Hide, within ten minute*' walk ol the Coort-Hoaae, cheap. Inquire atMHuron il. fpO RENT—44! OARROLI/-AV. AND RHKLDON-HT.. A new octagon ttona-fmnt, bay-wlodow, 14 rooma, rood, era Improvement*, fine lawn, fide lot, brick bam, hand aome chad* tieea. Alao <37 Carmlf-a*., octagon atooe front, 13 room*.and conronloncea; onoof thebandaomeat loeatlona in the oily. Alao aorera) new 10-room brick bonteaon Ada-at. and Arbor-plaoaat SUand #3op«rmonth. H. H. IIAYKM, 7 Metropolitan Block. TO RENT-NEAR LINCOLN PAKK."*AND CLf'Stt to cm, a brick bou*o of 8 room*, not water, bath, clo»et«, elc., for 523. CHAR. N. lIAI.K. Ifj Randolph. rpO HKNT-F.LKOANT MARBLE-FRONT TEN JL room houae*, one to three block* from Lincoln Park; fint-elaa* neighborhood; houie* contain modern conre nleoeei, and ienna will bereawnable. GIIAB.N. HALE, 153 Handolph-at. TO RENT-SMALL TWO-RTORY AND BABKMKNT brick dwelling, 776 Weil Adams-aC; very reasonable. A. L. ROCKWELL, 80 LaHalla-.t. TO RENT—FINE HOUSE 11 KLI.IR PARK; ALL Improvement*, water, ga*, and (nraace; eail front. Apply to JACKMAN ft HON, 153 and 154 Houtb Water. rjK) RENT- 044 WKST WASHINOION-aT., MAR. X blo-front, threa Stories, baaomrnt, subcellar, modem oinvenlrnce*. oto, j low to right party. Apply at 867 West Raadolph-st. 'PO UKNT-tM SOUTH BANUAMGN-ST.. 1! I room*, pantry. 4 clo'ols, ore.; pood order: large car don. Apply to owner, J. A. OWEN, lE3 Washlngum-st. mO UKNT—<I3 WARUFN-AV., NIQK~7)bPAGON X stone-front, two-story and basement bouaa, and trrlok ham. CM. lo inlre on tha premises, or of (j. A. DIB BLE, W Clark*A.. Room 64. rpO RKNT— BRICK HOOSn 1 newly papered and painted; 10 room*, bath-room, and all modem imprormnanta, farnaeo ami caa-lliturca; $lO nor month. 1031 West Monroeat.. near Western-av. Ap* ply to J. WANT. >7? Wcat Monroo-at., near Loarltt. I'O RENT—A 10-ROOM BRICK HOU.SK, WATER and sewerage; location good, one block from carat rent $24 per month. Including car-faro. Apply to A. (J. MILLARD, 161 rpO RKNT-iail INDIANA-AV.; ALL OONVK* 1 nlencea: 840 or leu: 'i'i Vincennoa-placo, corner, partly iaraiahed, 860 or leaa. B. W. SEA, 108 Fiflh-av. TO RENT-CHEAP TO A GOOD TENANT, N0*.27 Elite-park, octagon-front, 10 rooms. sub-cellar, fin wil ed In stylo. Room 3 Honors Block, 11, LOW Y. TO RENT-NEW AND - WKLI..BUILT~fjdTAOON S-itory and basement brick house on Lcarltt-»t., tint brick aouih of Pulk-at.: modem improvements; $35. In outre at 49 Compbell-paric. or of JOHN W. MAHBII, VI waahlijgtoo-at. r RENT—7I NORTH RHKLOON-ST.-S-STORY and basement marble front, calolmlned throughout, S rained, and otherwise In complete repair, louuiro of EUHUEG. NKWUUKT, Rooms Band 9 Bryan Block, lt>4 LaStllost. TO RENT—THE 9-STOUY HOUSER U SOUTH Devplalnos-it., Grooms, ete., 825; 706, 7t>9, and Ml West llarrlMia-st.. between Wood and Honoro-sL. V and II rooms, eio., In best order, anjl basements, for $25 each; houses arranged fur uno or two (snillles. Apply at Room 1, 134 West Randolph-st., or 7V7 West Harrlson-et. TO RENT-B-ROOM'COTTAGE,“ittirbNK 7, ftO; one 6-room, US; 8 rooms, $lO. 619 West Van Bu roa-at, 1»0 RKNT-NO. 90 BRYANT-AV., PARTLY FUR nishidnr unfunihiw’d: handy to steam and street ars: lirst-clMi ocicnbnrhoid; would take rent In board. |^~Rl-fNT—3 _ OCTAOIJN STONE-FRONT 3-sVoRY X and baaeinont dwellings, with atahiot. on Wabash av„ comer Thirtfolh st; one cottago, 6 rocmi, on Ver nou-av., nearThlrty-third-at.: one cottage, 7 roams, on tUsto-st., near Tblrty-elghUt. T. A. JACKSON. 589 Blatant a'lO REST—W 7 MIOIIIGAN-AV.. 3-STORY AND basement, 13 rooms; furuaco, range, and gas-fixtures, with barn. Apply on the promtsea fromßa. m. to6p, m! T~O RBNT-A TKN-ROOM HOUSE, NO. 7fli NORTH Franklln-at..newly calclroinod, papered, and paint* odlnaldo and out, hot and cold water, bath-room, sta tionary bailne and gas, In firet-elnaa nrighborbruid. one block from Clark-at. care, with fine view ol Lincoln Park; price, 840. Apply on premUoa. rpo RENT-TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT OC- X tagan briok bouoe No. 19llunore-et., with 10 rooms and brick barn, half block from Madisou-at. care. No. 679 West Madleon-al., Id rooms,* nowly painted and pa pered, suitable for ono or two families. JOHN U. 11UG kltH, City-Hall. qiO RENT-863 PARK-AV., 9 ROOMS. $25. 434 AND 1 437 Van Huron, 8 roomt etch, modern improvements, S2S. Inquire on premises. Alto 3 suites of rooms fur housekeeping; good neighborhood. M 3 West Congress. rp’o it Pint—no ns f. sem ndiana-st. call on p. X A. HOYNE, Commissioner of Deodi, SI Uopubtle Life Building. * TO RENT—NP.AT WATER and gas; handy to street and at cam cars; sl4. Applr at 114 Tblrty-lifdi-tt. TO RENT—ON TWENTY-FIFTH-ST., BETWEEN Prairie and Cottage Ureva-avt, 87, l.Hr-house, seven rooms. S3O. 97, oat(ago6 rooms. $25; ro<»l order. 149 LaEallo-etft Room uTlrtrm IS to 1. M. H. BASH, a nd basement house. No. 1057 Miohigan-av.; bat and cold water, etc.: price (40 per month. I>. O. HAMILTON. 136 CUrk-iU fpO^tiINT—HIiiCKHOUSK, iTubOAI.S, AND BARN; JL all modern Improvements, furnace, and gas liitnroa i one block east of Union Park; cheap to good tonsnt. Apply to owner. 167 Randolphs!.. ondor Briggs House. TO RENT—NO. 839 MIOHIOAN-AV,, WITH OR wllhoutfiimltare: cheap to a rood tenant. Call at home Monday, or on A. LuLANU, 188 Dcarborn-st., Saturday. lIU RENT—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK bouse. No. Cl2Woal Adams sl., 10 rooms: rent mod erate to good tenant. Apply to WM. H. SAMPSON A CO., 144 i.aHal)a-at. TO RENT—FURNISHED, HOUSE N 0.28 THlßTY elcblli sl. Inquire at Room S 3, 76 Monroe-it..u> t»~._ i, im .« Room 11, 1001)oarborn-at._ rriO RENT—NOS. 24AND96ST. GLAUMsT..3-STORY i brick, modem improvements, cheap to a good tenant. HAIR, 174 LaSslle-at, TO UKNTVON ST. JOHN'S PLAGE, BLOCK FROM Union Park, 3-story and basement buuvs, with mod ern IraprovemenU, at SBS par month, b. W. OSGOOD, 18 Tiroes Building. rpo RENT—NO. 133 WABASII-AV.. FRAME HOUSE 1 oftruoms; only $35; near Thlrtieth-st, C. W. FRNN. * T“~ O KENT—II2O AND 1165. NICK MARHLR-KRUNT houses, Mlchlgao-av.s 8 a'oroa Wonlworih-av.; low price. MISAKS A CO.. 100 Wasblngton-at. TO RENT—A 16-ROOM BRICK HOUSE ON MILL onI-av. at S2O per month: water and sewer. Apply to A. O. MILI.AUD L 159 la.Sallo at. rPO"nRNT -TO - SMALL FAMILY, TENEMENT, 6 1 rooms, plainly furnlsbod; termi to suit. J. L. WEB BTKIt, 9lßCottage Grovo-av., nearThlrtynlnthst. TO RENT—MIOHIOAN-AV., HOUSE NO, 416, NEAR Thlrteealb-et., furnished nr unlurolahed, to a pri vate family- Inquire on tbe promises. r~UENT— liUIOK lIOUSUS OF 10 ROOMS EACH, 124. 126, and 130 Throop-at.; one all furtiiahhrd. ami stable. JOHN D. MACLEOD, tA Weat Wsshlngton at. TO RENT—BRICK HOUSE 185 SOUTH MORGAN at.. U) rooms, gas fixtures, atablat pleasant location near cars; law runt. Apply on the comer next south. TO RENT-ONE OF THE FINEST RESIDENCES la the City of Chicago, corner of Mlohlgaa-av. and Park-row, overlooking the park and lake; contain* over twaoty rooms, with every modern improvement, and boated with steam: nos I Free bath-room*, wator-cioaots, laun dry, and sub-cellar. Tbe premises are largo; barn ape eioua, two-atory and boaemeut. WUI not bo rented fora boaniiug-bnuse, sod only ta a first-class tenant. EL LIQPf ANTHONY. 96 Dcarborn-st. mo RENT-NO. 318 NORTH BTATK-5T.. CON -1 talcing 10 room*, wllh all tba modern Improvements; will tie rented very cheep. ■ _ TO RHNT-HlO PER MONTH, (M INDIANA.AV., jlatury am) brick basement bouts. Id rooma, with barn. Inquire of OOSS A PHILLIPS FIFO 00., cor ner of Twonty.aeeond and . rix> HKNT—COTTA Old. |6 TO sl6; NSW 11RIOKH. L S9O, *35. S3O; one near union Park, with barn. JOUN P. KllfeimAitT. IftMVaihlng un-at. TO RENT—NEW BTONR FRONTIIOUSB, LOOMIS at., one block from JeAertuo Park. 9 ramna, with fur naae and gaa fixtures. and all modern Impforementa. Inquire at uU Loomla-at. TO RENT—TWO FINE 6-ROOM COTTAQI'S. AT tba north city limlla. for sls. which are really wnrtb |U; alio 8 other*. Apply Lift South Clarkat., Uoumll. rro KENT—A CHANCE SELDOM OfcFKRKD-ONU X of tbuaa 4-alorr marble-front boueea fronting Union Park, richly and completely furnlabed, rent free, to a ere all family, for the board of tour poraone. Addreaa one week, with full name and rafarunoe, H 87 Tribune offiqe._ rnO RKNT FURNISHED 8-STOUY HOUSE, It i nioma. bath and water-ciaiet. 6k6 Fultonst.; Caleb mined and painted throughout- Owner wanla board for ■elf and wife, or will rent without board. Apply on tba premium. rro UKNT-NKW STONE FRONT HOUSES. TUIU- L ty-firat-at. and Laka-av..and (Jrorelaod av.; modern Improvemama tvary cheap. $lO, SBO, and S6O per month. K. D. LAN PH ERE. ontho premUce. fpO RENT—SBTOEY AND UAS'kMKNT BROWN -1 atone boose. with all wodarn Imntvvemaute, en Norib Dearbornat, between Ooelba and Divlalon, Carpoteand imrtof fornltuie for tale. Puaeaailoo lat of May. Call or addruia 16!) North Daarborn-at. TO RENT—TO FIND IMMEDIATE TENANT. WE will rent the 8-etory and baeamant brick dwelling No. DlNortbLaSalla-at-lor tVudi baa brick barn, with gaa and water. Key at No. (ut. For (urlUrrparticulars,ln* mitre of MERRILL A ENGLE. Room 0 MetropoliUn Block, mo RENT—NO. 164) (OLD NUMBER) WAIIABH -1 »v., corner of Tbtrty R(tb-it., Uio 3-aloryaod baau meat brick dwcUlng-bomte, either furnlabed or ua(ur> nlibod, and either wltb or without a barn: furnaou, gaa tlitnraa, and hot and cold water laid In; cheap te an all T6’BBN'T-BHVBIi-ROdM COTTAGB, VERY DH. airably located, near Twenty-fifth-at., on Prairie-ar., gt S3O. JAMES V. PORTER. 19 Bryan Block. oTHKNT—J.STOHY FRAME HOUSE OF KtOUT HOOD. Room HOrtaoUUlulldlug. 118 Lahalia-at. rpO RBNT—A FEW kLKQAKT~~BESIDBNOES ON I the North Side, tßdotlrabUlooailons.atluweatprlce. ft 8. A W. Q. MoOORMIOK. 166 LeSaile-eh nuTBENT -W5 SOUTH UALOTRD"sT. FINK 1 brleibootc, 14 rooms. Urgegrounda Apply td O. J. HULL, in East Washington .el.l Room K. TO RENT—HOUSES. TO RENT-087 WEST AD AMR AT., NEAR .LIN. coin, aontb front, two-*tory and basement, brick, with furnace, gaa-tiiture*. hot and cold water, all In complete order, $M per monlll. TJh Went Maduon-at., two-atory frame, hot and cold water, and gas-fiiturea, only 830. I<)4 llenroa at.. n*ir jackaon, two-atnry frame, with baro, S3op*rmonth. ... 487,, enlUbte fertwo famlilee, bet and cold water; S4O per month I also* larva list of large and •mall ban***. A fall do*oHpUon win be f mnd In the landlord and Tenant, dop e* free at our olßee. COLE, NEWELL ft MOHIIBR, 188 West Madlaon-at. Frio RENT—ABVERAL VERY FINE TWO AND i. three »tonr and basement swelled east front brick dwelling*, with all modem Improvement*, furoaoe. bam, elmodtiior*. Ao., Noe. 31 and 33 Forreet-av., aoutb of Tblrly-firet-et.: 1488 PralHe-av., eonth of Thlrty-eecond. at.; ata> two-etory and baaemaat on Woel Ride, on Hub* bard.iti noar Moyne No. 719: rent for latter only 93d tier month; well adapted to two famllloe. Apply to JOHN COVKtIT. utl Indiana-*?., or at 43 Buto-st. JOHN 04JVKHT. rpo RENT-NO. 23 NORTH Afilll.AND-AV.. TWO- L tlory frame, 8 rooma; the fourth home eoutb of Lake, and fronitnv noon Union Park: (A) per month. In good repair. Wif, IL PALMER, No. 185 Stalo it., Palmer lloo*a. fpO RENT-NO. 14 HONORE-BT,, NEAR ADAMS: 4- J- itory brick, 13 room*. 938 nor month, and In good order. WM, D. PALMER* No- 1M Rtate-et., Palmer Hnuso. I’O RENT—II9O PRAIRIB-AV., 41A HULK-FRONT. 14 rooma; cheap to good parties. Apply at 48 and M TO RENT—THE TWO-BTORY AND BASEMENT marble-froot dwelliog-bonae. No. 1081 Pralria-ae., between Thirty-fifth and Tblriy-alztb-il*., containing abonl to room* and furelibed with all random Improve* menU. A.I.OKU ft BROTIIEH. IQ and 131 Laballe-at. T* O RENT-THREE 8-BTORY AND BASEMENT brick and alone-front bouaee on Calnmet-av.. one half block aoolb of Twenty-nluth-at.. now. with all modem ImpruremenU; very cheap to good tenant*. BULLOCK BROS., 60and63 MaUUon-et. r RENT—ribUSEB 916 AND 919 SOUTH HANOA mon-at.; alono fnmla, two-atory baiement, and 4fan. ■ardroof; haee gaa fiituree. iuroacra. stationary tabs, and window screens; complete In every way; 916 ready for occupancy now. being newly painted and grained throng bout. 11. 11. BIIUFBLDT, 164 Adame-et HU) RENT—THE TWO-BfORY AND BASEMENT i oclag.m-froot brick building No. (VU hedgwlck-al., on* block weet from Lincoln Park. For Utma, apply to C. O. 11 0 LI ON, No*. 335 and 337 KUM-el. rPO RENT—THE 8-STORY AND BASEMENT MAR- A blo-front bonaoSl Twooty-fiftb-al.; furnace and all modem ImpmfomeaU: home In thorough repair: rent very low. (j. U. ft Q. O. WALKEIi, U Chamber of Com- rpo RENT-HOURE 670 FULTON-ST., NEAR PaU- A lina; 6room*.2closeU. pantry, and two storwrooma; very conronlontly arranged; well-lighted, tewer, water, gaa, and gaa-Silnras: 9W: a very pleasant, eheao tene ment. 11. M. HHEUWOOD, IN) Eaat 4Joaroo-it., or on pmmleea from 3 to 6 p. n». ritO RENT-BEAUTIFUL COTTAGE. 4« WEBT IN- I dlana-at.; rent 918. D. WALLER, 41 C(a>k-aL, Room 11. TO RKNT-sls, OR FOR BALK ON MONTHLY payment* of ISA. two first-rate five-room cottage honiee.wlUi Urge in aloe ntlghborhood. 479 and 4*o We*t Ilurou sl.,eaat of Robey; IndlanaaL ears. H. X. KINO, lit Knit Randolph «t. rpO BKNT-KIiROANT HOUSE, MODERN IM 1, pnvremonU, 6 acne ground, fruit, etc., nn C.. U. A Q. IV. U.. near cityt only s9l per month. Alsonlre 19- mom bouse. modernifmprovoraenta.and bam, near Union Park: only $». 8. DKLAMATKR, 86 Wuhlngton-st.^ To'rent- m *landlord AND TENANT."' out to-day. contains full Hit of all premises to rent in the city, prices, etc., corrected te date. Copies 6 cents, at 166 TO RENT-180 MICI lin AN• AV.- A PLEASANT, well-arranged house of It rooms: S4O per month. Ap ply on promises or to W. 11. SAMPSON A CO. TO RUNT-THOSE BEAUTIFUL OCTAGON 11- room bouses, with all modern convenience*, at the corucrof Rush and Oaksla, North Side. Bent S6O per month. Apply on tho premiies. * |X)~RRNT—TVVO-STORT AND BASEMENT BRICK X dwelling 6(8 West Washington-et. Apply to WM. OOOHBANK. 43and 44 Randolpb-st. fj'U RENT—FROM MAY I. HOUSE 741 WABASH* X ar., wide lot, good barn, li rootni, all modern lm proremonU; cheap to a good tenant. Appiyat Clifton House. TO RENT—II 96 WAIIAHILA V., 3-BTOUV AND BASF ment marhln-froat boose, 11 moms, in perfect order, with fn-naco sod gae-fijlares, only |tW per month. JaS. 11. GOODMAN AGO., «Washington*. ■po RENT—AT UNION PARK-THAT VERY DF- X alrabla brlok residence 37 81. John's-placo: oouUins lo room*, furnace, all modern conrenleoc-*, and Is rat iiroof. C. T. HOTCHKISS, 2JI West Waiblogtooet. M'O li ENT—H OUS K 8 IN ALL PARTS OF THE 1 city. Fall list and particulars in *' landlord and Tenant" at oor office. It. S. AW.G. McCOUMICK, 165 LaSalle-si. ______ 'PO RENT—A NICK FURNISHED HOUSE ON 1. Michieon-ar., north o( Slxloeuth-at. OSCAR FIELD, itiu Mlchlgan-av. rpi> RENT—ON MICHIOAN-AV., JUST SOUTH OF 1 Ihlrty-lifth-st,, house* with 6 and lu rooms,all modern improvement*, fur SJ6 pur nmnib. Apply to 11. U. STONK, 116 Kaat Maolaoa st., Boutuß. rPO RENT—BRICK DWELLING-HOUSE. TWO- X story and basement, In complete order, No. 036 In dlana-av. Apply at Huom B Reaper block. TO lUCNT—COMPLETKI.Y-FURNISHED HOUHR No. IBHPralhe av.; thnto-story and ha-uincat mar ble front. IS room*; all modern Iniproremouta; rent low togoodhmant. Apply to WM. 1L SAMPSON A CO., riio” RENT—NIOE 10-ROOM 11KICK HOUfiKS, NEAR X Lincoln Park: all conromenccs: will pul In good or der and rent low. O.S. WALLER, 41 Clark-at., Room 11. rUKNT-liOUSK NO. SKOAKWOOD-AV., NORTH end Dread Boulevard: 10 rooms, largo lot. near both steam and horse cara. Inquired N. C. HILLS, gB7 tl lU-st. rno RRNT-NO. 117 NORTH PAULINA ST.. NINE- X rnem house; gas, marble mautel: s2s,—per cent oIT fur ca,h. Apply at No. 23 Asbland-av., corner of West Uko-st. M. O’UALI.AQHAN. MX) RENT—VttBY OHAAP-NEW 4-BTORY MAR -1 ble front, No. 41 South Park-av. laqulro of O. W. A if. PAKDIUDOE. 114 Stalest. TO KKNT-130-fu A FIRST-CLASS PARTY ONLY, 18KI Pralrie-av., corner Twenty-ninth*!., 7 largo rooms, all on onedoor: wateraudga*. O. YOUNG, IS Mlchlgan-av., corner Madison-nt. TO ALL-HANDSOME SlX rwoui eolUgu >a Congreti-at., nnar Western-av., %I'J: 6-room cottage 213 North Haiitod-at.. All: 6 room* ltd South JoSursun-sC, 916. D. K. FIBRE, Hoorn 1 Oil* Block. a rpo RENT-TWO 7-KOOM COTTAGES AT sl6 AND 1 818 per raunlh. Apply at 89 Pratt place, between Home and l-oavitt, Jackson and Van Buron-ste. rpo UKNT-850 WJOT WAHHINGTON-ST., TWO -1 etory and Pavement brick dwelling, now being thor onghly renovated and mpalrod. Hoardlng-honse keeper! need not apply. On tbeprcndaoa or,BM West Washing. ton-»t. TO RENT-THK TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT brick boose 114 Pralrie-av.. between Thirty-first and Tbiriy-secondata.; 9 meant, all modern Improvement*, gia-haturca, furnace: to a good tenant low. Apply to the owner, 863 East .MaJUon at. rpo REN r—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE J No. lU7IM Wabaab-ar.: n«wly grained and calci mined. Ingulroat No. 1963 Wahaah-av. Tb''Rl?JTT— 2-STOUV AND baaement brick, in good orders 4-5. EDMUND A. CUMMINGS. 119 and Til LaSalloaU TO RKNT-IMI BTATK-ST, —NEAT COTTAGE, 6 mom*; will be put In good order. EDMUND A. CUMMINGS. 119 and 191 USoUoiU TO RENT—9-’d WEST I.AKK-ST.—COTTAGE, FOUR rooms. newly painted and calclmlnod ;SIS. EDMUND A. CUMMINGS. 119 and 131 IJtSallo-at. TO RENT—BI NORTH ADA-ST.-2-STORY AND basement brick dwelling; bath, wstercloeot, ole.; tSS._KDMUND A._CUMMINOS. 119 and 131 LaSalle-at. TO RENT-COTTAOETw* COTTAGE GROVE-AV., 820: upper-floor cottage, 8U; CuUage.plaoe, fllft. LEVI CO.. 67 Dearborn-*!. Subnroon. 110 RENT—THE VERY FINK HOUSES BUILT BY W. 11. and 1* S. Wrigley at Riverside. baring gaa and water, furnace*. ga*-tlituru*, and hard.wood tintsh throughout, am offotwu for rent for one mar, at 940 PER MONTH EACH. Tbue bouao* coat to build 912.900 EACH, and am In perfect order. 1 alto odor »U cottages at 910 to 930ji*r month. JAMES D. IUYNOLDR. Room 8. 91 Dcarbora-et. fPO RENT—WINNETICA HOUSE, *lO ROOMIE X baru.oat-hunsea, etc., taoreeof garden, evergreen*, •hrubhari, native oak*, fruit tree*, grano vine*, etc,, beautifulplace, lull view of the lake, rent gSi per month. Call on WILIXAM GARLAND, Wlanotka, nr at 78 Dearboro-et..Hoorn 21. rpO RF.NT-OU EXCHANGE—VTNE RESIDENCE I in Hlghwcod Sutton, IlighUnil.Park. E. B. DUKY UR, T 4 Dearbom-it. rpo' RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE ON LAKE SHORE X at Kenwood, fur tU month! ora yrar, totlr*t-cU»e tenant. M 1 111 Deartiorn-tt. rpo RENT—AT HINSDALE, 00X1110 UOTTAOE, X with or wlthoct furutturu: plenty of fruit, large ground*. Cheap to good tenant. Inquire of 8, U. HEATON. American luptote office. Muoroe-aL, or on the promt***. mo RKNT-AT HVANSTON, AN EXTRA KluK X bouse wiih furnace. luko water, gas, wlm acreon. etc.; boo grounds, well tbadnd. garuim etockod with fruit, fur 0140 per month. Stable II desired. HENRY M. KIUDF.R. 4dCJatkst. f|X) UKNT-DKHIR ABI.K HOUKK AT KAVKNfv -1 wood, 486; 8 bonsea at SucuinardaU, S3O cash. A. RRNNKTT, Agent, southeast corner Monroe and liar* kat-ata. rpO RENT-VERY DESIRABLE HOUSE AT KEN- X wood naar eteUon, two-story and baaemoat brick, now occupied by F. Norwood. Eau. Finn trawa, uaa ol larg* grounds, baautiful tiew. House haa 10 rootna and all modern Improvements. Hint low to good tenant. Ap ply U> WILLIAM 11. SAMPSON A CO., lil LaSalle it. fpO ItF.NT—FUUNISIIKD HOUSE NKAH DEPOT, X stylish. daairabla. with grove grounds, at Wilmette; rent payable In board If desired. W, w. STEWART, IW Washlogton-et, T~O~RENT-l»-KbOU SUBURBAN HOME AT PARK Ridge; 1 acres land, good barn, fruit and ahadu troei. w. Q. LODGE. tl Exchange Building. T" O RKNT-AT HINSDALE-HOUSES ON HIOH dry lute from Mto SBO per month; farolOconla. O. J. BTOUOH. lialliarboni-it. MU) RENT-AT KENWOQO-ANELEGANT HOUSE, X furnished, with extensive gruunde. E. 8. WILL IAMB, Circuit Court Room, Ciir-tlall mo RENT—BRICK HOUSE OF TEN ROOMS WITH J. all modern Impruiemeutt, and large .ot, near Hyde Parketatlon. Apply at RibLabaiic-at. in tbebssement._ fIio”RENT—TO TIKSPONbIULB FAMILIES. TWO X sew Vstorr and basement IN-room octagon front brick houses, handsomely unlthed. oonvamanlly arranged; lake water and perfect drainage, with barns; splendid neigh borhood, Kanwood.av., one block from Kenwood blallon. .IAS. 11. GOODMAN A CO.. 6b Waahlngtoa-et. ‘TORRENT—ROOMS, rno RENT—A FRONT SUITE AND OTHER NICELY X turnlihad roomi, all la good order and plaaaanlly located, witii beat ol cam, cheap. ESI West Monroe.aU MtO RENT—ELKO ANT FURNISHED ROOMS AT Ud X Madison-*!., formerly Kinsley's Restaurant; alto a fuw nnfuniUbod. Rent very low* * f'|M) RENT-FIRST FLOOR OF HOUSE NO. 1M OAK- X ley.tU Inquire nf tenant on aeoond Uoor. Price, lie par month. 1 1\) RENT—AT NO. 88 OOLD-ST., FOUR OR FIVB X mama, with elucela, water, ate., aulteble for Louse keeping. fPO RENT—FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED X aoltea of room*; central location, SBB Waba*h-av., southeast corner Van Buren eL Uwlatcnon roqulred. fno'RENT-tbII'HNTLEMen. niceLy furnish. X ed moms, without board t alto handsome uafomUhed rooms; no housekeeping. Apply at ill) and <7B .Wabash, av. Knfetnaena nanhangad. TO RENT-ROOUh. rPO RENT-FLATS FOR HOUSBfCKKPINO. ttY ••EDMUND A. OUMMINOS, H9anrt 111 UHall»*«t.t 4r» and <7 Thlrd-ar., »ultr» of 3 room* saeb, brick building, half* lighlnd, |lo(o fit. IKS I'lltrd «*.• 6n»nn», very plniMnl. 820 to tV. 331 I*Salle-at. (oppoafto Grand Pacific),! room*. 413 Bjatoft,, suite* of 8 to 4 room, each from 8* to 873. 751 Wort 7 room*, second atory. Will be (rat Ib wood order: only 83*). Ml Watt ilandolphtt,, crick. $ rootni, second itorTi 836. 3)1 Wort Randolpb-at., brick. 6 rooms, third itory. 890. ROOMS, L *3 to to 87 per week. lUliglo.Phllo*ophlcal Pnhllah* Inc Homo, 12? Fourth-**., two block* auuth Port*Uifieo. TO 'UKNT-NKW AND nTc'KI?^FIJR.V 1 SII V. D room*: location central and doilrabla, S 3? Wait Hadlwin-rt., near Peoria. f |H> RKNT—WITH OB WITHOUT HOARD, TWO A front alcorn rootaa. 8M Kart Chicago ar. rpO RKNT—TWO Fboons OF 18 ROOMS 30 SOUTH A Canal «t,- flrit-elaia fora boarding boose; 830 per month. HAIR, 174 LaSaUi-rt. rpo RKNT—FIILHT FLOOR—BIX LAKOR ROOMS, a with clout; ham If ro'juirod, and bailment to work In for the aamraer: no eleanar or nicer place. Call and •oeloryouraoll. I’liiSonlti Dearborn-*!. TO RENT-ONLyVj fo"83 A MONTH PER ROOM, flneruiloa 1 t/j? front room for booaekceplng, to new brick build Ins, northweal corner L*ks-au and We*tern*ar rpo RRNT-ON TWRNTY-BKOONDST . EAST OF I. Waba«»i ar,, 6ro»jm*BHs Brooms 81lt; Broom*8«. HENRY WOOD, u Madtaonlau, Room 9.J fpO RKNT—FURNIHJIKti” OR UNFURNISHED A room*, without board: house occupied by private fam ily : boat neighborhood on Weal Kid*. Parting wiatilng a ploaiaot location, coorenlent to booth Btdn cart and boat, with tofori-nen, P. O. Ixrck Drawer Wi. TO ItRNT-rfRST FLOOTIRISAND I? SOUTH des* plAlnea-at., 4 room a each, 816; second floor* IT South Deaplaloe* at,. 4 room*. ttt; 71*. T 97, andTKt Wort Har rlaon-at.. between wood and Honors, 4.6, andT room*, nlo., In boat order, |lOandil2. Room I, ill Wait lUa* dolph-rt., or*i<7 wen Hnttl*oii-rl. T“ O RKNT-MOKLV FURNISHED AND PI.KASAKT room* for gentlemen. (Jonrauient to butlncm. Term* from i 1 to per month, Inquire at U South Clark-at., Room C. RKNT—UPPER FLATS OF M NORTH CLARK. 1 at., and i-tt., each ttf: over »t/>ro 371 Ciy hotmvar., 6 roots* 819. A. T. OALT, ltd Deatboru-at., Room '£3. TO RENT—RACK PARLOR (ROOM OFF), DIN- Ing-room, aud kitchen, with cookitoro and water at* taebraentas or will rent whole parlnr-Hoor to fim-claa* patties only. No Sunday call*. rrd RENT—6 GOOD FURNISHKD ROOMS. No. 121 J, Woat Waabington-at., or will be sold cheap for oaah. Inquire at IS3 Weat Waabiogtoo-at. fpO KENT—A I.ARGK WELDFURNIBHED ROOM, A Rta and bath, front and *ldn view, to one or two gen- Uemott. Private (araljy. Inquire at jIS Park-ar. IHJ RENT—SUITES 'iV'blX ROOMS IN TIIUMF- liu i ~>3U4i r<o • oi* ivtiwjnn 141 iuv^lr* son's Block, suitable for housekeeping; modern Im provements; on first and second floor* (one earner). IJy WM. H. THOMPSON. 23* Writ M«dt«* n *t. TO RENT—STOIiJLS. OrXXCXS. & 0 . Store*. rpo BENT—CHEAP—CORNER BTORK, VAN BU- X ren-it. and Tlrird-av., 40x100. Good office. Ore-proof vault, ole. Apply at 76 Van baron-at. MU) RENT—THE i'llllC K U UILDINC NO. 13 STATE -1 st., near South Water, heretofore occupied by M. M. Smith A Co., Bguordcalors. SAMUELUEIiIt, 111 Dear* Lom-it. TO RBNT-THKLARORCOMMISSION STORK NO. Ifci* South Walcr-sb, SOilU feet, between laS*!!*-*!, and tifth-av., Im* to responsible* parties. UKHIi, 111 Desrhom-et. TO’IIHNT-MAY 1-STORR AND IIABISMF.NT, 116 Frauklln-st., near Madlvon. It. M. ‘JUTUET, ICO LaSalle-st., after 5 p. m. daily. fl’O iFENT—A FIKKT-CLASS BRICK STORE, NO. X 0W Divisional., In Iront of Clybourn.av. J.SKAKK. fPO - RENT—NO. 109iTTAT E 150 OK SELLERS' X Row), store, basement, and second door, conooctod by elcrator, together or separate. Apply to 116 Madlsen it-. Room*. 1C O. SION K. TO RENT—FIRST FLOOR AND JtAHKMKNT. No. 88 Lsko-at.: also second floor. No. 9J I.*ko>et.: directly opposite Tromonl House. Inquire 61 O. 11. LALLY, 6 I-aVo-st. 'PO RENT—STORE AND HARRMP.NT. KJ WEST i MadUon-sL (Thompson's Block). opposite Corson. Flrlo A Co., liusJqm* contra of tho West Side. SSx7o. inlt ahlofor any lirsPdns business. rent moderate to good tenant. WM. 11. THOMPSON. 229 Wost_Madison«u rllKNt-STORE 10S MADISON ST., FOUMEIILY occupied by us: location flrsl-clasa. lugutre at 113 and lai Wabash-av. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., Auc tion sorr. rp6'RENT-2 LA»OE STORES ON BLUR ISLAND- L a*., with fixtures, fronting on Twelfth-*!., anttable (or dry goods or boots and shoes. Inquire at 263, L with or without tenement for Bring. Apply on pram* tics. rpO RKNT-THK 1-STORV AND HASKMRNT STORKS X 16 aud 17 Market-*!, ; alio loft* in Gam-tt Building. Apply to U. I.UNT, Boom 17,1 U Wa*hiogron-at. r'lvj nnNT-afoilU Trd'vv'HST MAhis'd.v-sr.. bf- X twoon Lincoln atxl Robey. EDMUND A. CUM MINGS. 119 and liil l*Sallo.»t. fPO RENT—CHEAP-STORE AND BASEMENT ON X Markot st., near Madison: also some good office* (on second floor) and a few large rooms suitable for light iwusekeeping. Ingnlre of lin. J. A. MOHKI.S, Room luCoutnl Union block. fltO RENT-STORK. 44 CLAUK-ST.. NEAR HHER- X . man Houae: newhuiMing, good vault, and all con venience*. wills or mibout basemeui: rent reasonable to iK^t 7 ' HUMUNU A. CUMiILNOft, 119 »3d 121 fPO RENT-FINE STORE ONTWENTF SKCOND-ST. X under Avonnn House: ohesp to good party. lIEN UVVVOUD. 63 Madiioo-st., Room 9. rrto RENT-STORK noOM NO. 150 DBAUBORN" X at- Apply to JOHN MORRIS, KoomJß in boUdlng_. fp(> KENT—KTOIIK ON COTIAOE QHOVE-AV. X First-class location fur dry good* or groceries. Prlco 326 per month. Apply to jouit MURIfiS, Room 94, IM DcarhurO'il. OtUOO»- rpo rent-splendid offices is the howe X Building, southeast corner of State and Jickaon-ita., single or on tulle, at low rent, Inquire on premuo*. rpo RENT-SEVERAL DESIRABLE FRONT OF- L flee* on avoood and third llaor* of Fullerton Block, 91 Dearborn-*!. Apply at Room 4lu the building. fp6 BENT—DESIRABLE - ' OFFICES AND ROOMS X fm bußineu purpose* on the northeast corner of .statu and Jack»o;)-sts., cheap to good tenants, by MARK KIM BALL. EfiHlato-et., Room 8. nib RENT—LARGE OFFICE, SECOND FLOOR, 1.73 X Randolph-*!., neat Sherman Uouao. Inquire in building. rpO KENT-OFFICK.S (FRESCOED) AND ROOMS X In McCarthy Building, corner Dearborn and Wash in tamo building. Inquire at Room I. rpo KENT—OFFICES, FRONT AND REAR IN X anite*: alao aloeping-rooma. at 46 and 48 South Clark, •t., Room 11. TO RRNT-nOOD OFFICER IN SUITES AND SlN glo, the lieat office* in the city for the money atkod. 800 thorn at 191 and ll<i Ctark-sU TO RENT—OFFICE AND DESK-ROOM VHHT cheap. J. H. JOHNSTON, Architect, Room* 90 and 91 Hawley Building, corner of Dearborn and Madl« avO-itij rpo RENT-FINK OFFICES-OUEAP-ONK SUITE X with largo tiro-prouf vault: ono front corner office with large double window* s one front office with two large donbln windows, very light; other single office*: good entrance; all at 191 and liU Clark-et. The ofticoa in thla building are dotlrably and respectably tenanted. Como and b»'k at thorn. Apply at Room lu. Itl) — iTirs basement . under Preston A Kean'*, 100 Washington-*!.: alto of* (Ice In tatno building. Apply to O. LU.VT, Room 17. rill) RENT—FRONT OFFICES WITH VAULT, IN I Fuller** Building 150 Dearborn-et. Apply to JOHN MORRIS, Room 94 In building. MinoeUntiAonw. TO RENT-DOCK ON SOUTH BRANCH. 160 FEET front. Also, lot* (in corner Beach and Mather-tU., with aide-track, tollable fur lumber, coal, or wood yard. C. 11, A G. U. WALKER, 18 Clumber ol Commerce. TO RENT-LARGE BASEMENT WITH WIDE roomy entrance *t lill Look at 1U Apply at lloumlo, tamo number. fpbRKNT-a''GOOU HOTEL WITH BARN. ON X good term*, in a country town; a good opening for an energetic man. STABLCK BROS., Davla, hUphotuun County. HU fltO RENT-ONE OH TWO FLOORS 40iM. WITH X steam power. THOMSON A TEMPLETON, 813 Itandolph-et. rpo UKNT-A SPLENDID STAND FOR A BARBER. X »hop or any other mall builneis on one of Hu boil corner* on the South Side. Rent reaaoaabla. AIMS Cot tage Uruve-av. riH) RENT-A LARGE BRICK BUILDING AND 1 yard attached, amiable far storage or (saautacturtog. •ituatodon Wed Hide, adjoining Furl Wayne Railroad. AddiouTlU. Tribune otheu. ri-0 RENT—CHEAP—TWO TWO.STORY BRICK I stable*, rear of MO and Ml Wc.l lAke-et. Each with water, gai, italla, liarneu room, man’* room, water ctmet. and well sownrod- Will rent *lngly; nr connoct thoin if deilrod- Address L. G. i AIUUaNK,WO Wo*t Uka-it. TOUKST-A PIIOTOOKAPIII IOALLKRY OKN trslty located, cheap. Alio a mom 43it4 with light on two mies, for l(»Ot manufacturing. Call or addtcM J. JOHNSON, 06 South rpo nl•N'l’—3 U 1 ’L‘KK FLOORS OP 170 SOUTH I LTark-st., with or wlthont ataam power. C. W. I'ltilCK, Hi Uoarborp-iL, Roumtl. rrOUKNT-THKS STOUY AND RASKM KNT BUILD -1 lag No., known aa Oiwat I'ailorn Restaurant. l&uulre of I’. A pi. UAhbx, 41 and 43 Flfth-av, WANTED—TO RENT. WANTKO-TO RENT-SUITE UP UNFUIINIBIIKD front rooms, with or without board. licit of refer ence. I'rlraU family preferred. Addroie U «4, Tnbuno ofboo. . ANTED—TO HF.NT- TWO GENTLEMEN WANT pleasant furnlahed mom with private family. Must baeuatof htateat., between Twenty-tint and Twenty, (bird. Address N Wd. Tribune oiboc. WANTED-TO RENT-A COTTAGE UP & OK 8 room a. convenient loatreat-care, pleaaaat location; rent muitboroaounablo. Addreaa N $4. Tribune oftce. W* ANTED-TO 11ENT-rV A COUPLE WITIIOUT children, a cottage of 6or < rooms. or flat; prompt par, but must be reaaonable. Add real 331 lUlnula-it. LOST AND FOUNDi HOUND-A STRAY. COW. ISIS SOUTH lUIBTED- X 1 at. Owner can ham tha aame by proving property and paring chargee. LOST— POCKET-BOOK, * FRIDAY AFTERNOON : S2O gold place and about fiikin greenbacks. A liberal reward will l»e given to duderuy returning came to Mlaa ANNIE FOX. AdolpbtTheatre. LOST— ON THE EVENING OFTUK27TH INST.. ON Waablogton-st., a email rough aaudy SouUh dog. The huder wUHjo rewarded by rnlurnlng bun to the Nevada LO3T-POCKET.UOOK, CONTAINING ABOUT Vtft. on ladlaoa-at. car, or near Randolph and biate-cta. The finder will recalve a liberal reward byleavtug the same at 160 Washington eL, Room 18. T OST-OR STOLEN—A DARK-RED COW. WITH A Xj bob-tall, ftllasedber entne evening of April tU. A ruward ot $S will bn given lor intouuaUun. Addreaa THOMAS MALONE, IMI Aroold-et. AGENTS WANTED. Agents WANTKD-iN every state in tub Union to eel I the bait known aaw gummsr \ gives eu- Urn aatlslacUun and sella aaay: every aaw.mdl ehould have one; wo have ageoU making VIM a week. Call or address BENEDICT A HALL, southwest earner Union ana Fultoa-sls. WANTED—MAIiE HELP, dooUteopm. Gierke* Ao< TyANTRD -AN EXPERIENCED DRY.GOOD3 f r man for droning window* and ornamenting ttoro gonerally; one wfto unaereienda writlnf ticket* preferred. Andre**, elating where employed, N I, Tribune office, TIT ANTED-A _ FIRST-CLASS CLOTHING SALES. J» .nun with good reference. Inquire at 94 and 96 Eaet op.aUlr*. Traaee* TUANTBD—A BLACKSMI TU WHO THOROUGHLY TT turning and aetttng trotting and road ahoee; alee general Jobbing. Apply immediately to B. ED. SNOW, KarlilJle, Leslie County, 111. \V r ANTKI>-A GOOD TAILOR AT NO. 689 COT* IT tageUrore-ai. WANTKD-TWC> IIARNEAB.MA KERB. APPLY THATOIii{ii KES * C 0" «®lal».gU A. W. WANTED-6 ORB GOOD CALCIIIINBKS, FIRST. ’ V c l“".»otktntn pnlr n«jd eoma; eteady work, and 81.71 per dar. IL BRISTOW, Ul WANTED— OARVSiU|IOYp"oNii~ THAT UNDER, ■land* eomothlng about thebnilneii. MdQreen-et.. corner Pratt. WANTHD-PQUR CARPENTERS, AT U SOUTH J T Oreen-at., thla morning. AV rA C?arKu TEN OAiIPENTKIW, AT *-» SOUTH ■urANiRD-six fiiwt.olah.scauhiage.trim. Il mere. Applr te KTUDKBAKER BROS.* Mena, factoring Uoropaur, South Bend. Inrt. ANTED-A BLACKSMITH AT Ml ARCUER-AV. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS BARBER AT TUB Centennial. 307 Wait Madieon-at. Emplomont Agencies. WANTED— 200 IaABORERS FOR IOWA, 100 POR JUlDoli, U quarrymcn, (tea farej at team end fcm hand!, at S 3 Weil Randolph-at. J. H. BPBERECK A CO., aucoeeaore to 0 V. Snail A Co. MieoeUanoon*. WANTED - CANVASSERS FOR THE NF-W «T American aewlng machine. Liberal Indoeemanta. 344 Wabaebar., Chicago. \\rANTkb—AGENTS. AJTY MAN WITH BRAINS » can make SM» a month aelling our letter oopjrlng book. Anrone that baa a letter to write will bur It. Wo prei* or water naed. bend 03 for temple, or a:amp fur tlrenlar. EXCKIAIIOHCO., IB Tribune Dnlldlng. W ’ANTED -MEN TO SELL PERFUME SHELLS, clawvuttora, ebromna, and Jewelry. American Norefty Company. 11l Kaet Madleon-at., Room 19. W~~ AN! ED-UKN OF OOOD ADDRESS FROM BO TO 45 years of age to go to lowa to aollclt order* for onr publication*. To men of ability who. after a few month*’ erpt-'iiencp, can take entire ebarge of e State, we will pay a liberal talary. Mail bring nr*t~cUai rwferaaee. Ad* drni, aiatlng age, experience, oto., W. J. HOLLAND A Up., 19 Laxe-tt., Chicago, 111. WITHBOMRMEANS 11, to go on large (tuck farm, to cultlrat«9U)acrnaad Apply at ooce. b. W. SKA, 109 Piftb-ar. W” r ANTED—SMAI.L BOYTO'fKKD OFFICE AND run errands: wago«. 81.60 per week. Addreaa, la own handwriting, X ti, Tribune office. WANTED-ONB OK TWO GOOD TRAVELING agents for soliciting order* la the engraving and stamp line. Call at 6 South CUrk*at., basement, from 10 to 12 a. m* WANTED-A MAN TO DELIVER GROCERIES VI aod take care of team: state where laat employed and salary eipected; mail reside on the bomb bid*. Ad* flreaa V W, Tribune office. WANTHD-MEK IXJU THE FASTEST SELLING II article In America. f) aamtilea Iroa to uoa who moan bualDeaa. KAY ACO , Chicago. W”~' ANTED-#* A DAY AND”KXI’KNRKS TO KoTi mao aa acenta. Apply at 137 East Madiaua-at*. Room 13. SAMUEL WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domeatioa* TVANTED-SERVANTB. please gall in per* • I aon or by note at its Beat KlnxlML, corner of Pan* Ilea. M. A. A. ~d-a STRONG, COMPETENT protest. • I ant woman (Carman preferred) to go to Nebraska, to cook, waab, and Inin tor a tmall family. Apply at UU6 buperlur*at* WANTED-A GIRL WHO ISA STRICTLY FIRST* claaa cook and laundress. at Mtehigan-av. lit ANTED—A GIRL COMPETENT TO DO GEN* I v oral housework. Call to-day at Room 4, IQ dolpb-at. \V'ANTED—GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK IT in tuhntban residence; three in family ino children. Inquire at (UAberdeen-tU WANTED —IMMEDIATELY —A GOOD OOOK (colored preferred). Applyat BLODGETT'S Bak* ery aod Dining Room. UJO Tweoty*aacood*et. WANTED— A GOOD GERMAN GIRL FOB OKN erai housework. hoaoat; no beaux; willing and coo* tented. Apply at 1104 Fralrte-ar. WANTKU-A GOOD SETTLED WOMAN TO COOK. 11 waab. and Iron, In a atnall tamily. Inquire at gro* eery comer Tw«nty-eooood*st. and indiana-av. U7ANTED-A GERMAN OR SCANDINAVIAN TI girl: mutt understand cooking. Reference required. Apply at WJ lndlana-ar., two daya. 117 ANTED—A GIRL TO DU GENERAL HOUSE* IT work In a tmall family: no children. Apply to 874 North LaSalle-at., between 10 and 11 o'clock. W 'ANTED—A GIRL TO COOK, WASH, AND Iron; 9SD per month to a good glrL Call atllßWa baab-av. 117 ANTED—A GIRL TO COOK, WASH, AND « T iron, or general housework. In Bryant Block, comer Dearborn and itaodolph-ata. Apply at Room S 6. UTANTKD-A GOOD SECOND-GIRL; MUST BE IV well recommended. Apply Immediately at 72 Tweo* lyfonrtb-at., near Cottage Otove-av. WANTED— A WOMAN THAT OAK COOK,WASH, and Ires firat-cla.a, for a tmall family Apply at 44 Nortb Sbcldon-at*. near comer West Lake. WANTED— A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE* work; most also be a good eook. Call at 990 Indl ana-tv. \itanted-this muknino-a girl for okn >» oral bouaewurk la a etnaD family. Apply at tO4 Ful tonat. W'anthd-a smart, young girl for din. Tl Ing-room and chamber work In a boardlng-bouae. Apply eigllblaet Jaoluoo-et. aenmitretie*. WANTED— AN EXPERIENCED WOMAN TO SEW carpet*. Addrtie <J g*. Tribune office. ft Tirana. WANTED— TWO COMPETENT KURSKSTOTAKB care of twin* a year old; German preferred. Apply at C 3 Calomobav. \VANTED A YOUNO AND HEALTHY WET If nunc, with milk from tbroo to four week* old. id Ilobta-au HORSES AND CARRIAGES. A GOOD SECOND-HAND COUPE, COUPE ROCK away, four or aU aeated park phaeton, dog cart, lady’* phaeton buggy, road wagon, or htulno* a vunn can be bought cheap u the NORTH WESTERN TATTER. SAI.Lv I to 9 Monroe-at,, corner Miehigan-ar. K. D. BAUJIV, Proprietor. A HANDSOME PLATFORM SPRING WAGON, •ulUblo for Imalneaa or plcaaurc, built by the Water* town (N. Y.) Wagon Company, ard warranted in every reapcct, for ute luw at at the NORTHWESTERN TAT. TKIISALLB, I to 9 Monroe-at., comer ftlicblgan-av., by inn local agent for the Company. E. L). BAILHV, AUCTION“-TtUKSDAYS, THURSDAYS. AND Satarday*>llnrte*, carriage*, and harneu a ape WESTON A CO.’S, Nua and 1M Kaat Waab tnglon-at. Ample time given u> ten all none* told tinder a warrantee. Stock on band at private ule. CENTRAL CARRUdK WORKS, 117 ' AXD"H9 Qulucy-at., between LaSalle and Fllth-av. Mannfao luring, repairing. and palming done at fair rate*. JAS. O'ltlußW, late of the arm of Ifayde A O’Brien. For halk-8 good, reliable horses, ao. cualomod to the city; work double or single ;*ultabla for grocer*', expreaewagona, or for family u»e. Will be oold al reasonable price*, u we have no further B*e for thcm.D. D._MALLORV A Ca.^MJ-YfHß^Jolpb-eU F" OR SALB-CIIKAP-fbfBUOGIKS, PHAETONS, aiJa har*. one grocery wagon, 000 hone and hamau. Inquire rear 6J2 For salr-a no. i road waoon. in good order, weigh* 125 pound*. Can be mod at stable roar IJ7 Twraty Joorth-at. FOR SALE-TWO LIGHT BUGGY HORSES; price SSO and <6O: found and cheap. Apply at *Ut ble lu roar of Ltl North Peorla-at. FOR SALE—IOO BRICK .WAGONS AND LIGHT rail* from Kxcclalor Brick Work*, patent Philadel phia, coat 8115 each. We offer thma very cheap; alao all Umli of machinery. Call at CUrk-*U Iron Vara. LIU BERMAN NATHAN, 469 South Clarktt. \t r ANTED—A BKCOND-J1 AND PONY PHAETON tl in couiplota order and cheap for caab. Inquire be* tween 9 and 10 o'clock at Boom 9,144 Dcarborn-at. BUSINESS CHANCES. AWO.VDF.urUL INVF.NTION—MY FERTILIZER can be aeen dally at tire Tree Nonary, 43 Eaat Ran dolph-at. ; with It 1 can fertilize Ibeparka of America at one-aiaih tbeexpeuee It now ooeUt fl rm want to make aorno money calf and ace It. K. 11. OOMMINUH. a WHOLE OH TWO-THIRDS INTEREST IN A i\ uctr*t>aper apeclalty with axeellentproapecta, only a moderate outlay requited. Addroaa Y 48. Tribuneoßica. T~AUOriON-HODT AND HHOH HTUUIT”KM" bracing 3-atory building IU Weat M*dUou-*t., with add aiioe liuxee, all aholvlnc, counter*, carpet*, ahuw cate*, ote., on May % at • o’clock. TKUnSUELL A BROWN. Murtgag*ua; HIRAM BRUSH, Auotlo«i>*r. A HF.STAURA.NT ON THE SOUTH SIDE FOR aala: will be aold cheap for caahtdolnggood bualneaa: cheap root; no asebang* taken. Addroaa N Si, Tribune office, AFIRHT-OLASB BILLIARD HALL. WITH TRUER sow Novell; (able*. and elegant lakoon attached, do- Inga Rood buetne**, lor sale. AddreieJK, Lock-box SoeJ. Springfield, 111. DUUO STORE FOR SALE LN A GOOD WESTERN town ot 4,ouotnbablianl*-, a rare opportunity U of (•rod. Addroa* DRUGGIST. cate Tribune office. Fixtures and lease of a retail liquor •lore fur aalo. 1* now doing a mail jobbing trade, O. W. BARNARD, llSiato-el. P"UULIb HO'USB ON TIIK CORNER OF DEAR burn and Jackion-eta., oppoelle the sew Cuatom- Hutue. foreala. Udoing a good traoaiaat btuloeM. S~ AivOONrWITII PIXTUUKsTtWO FIRST GLASS pool-table*, far tale cheap; low rent; guodlocatioo. Inquire at BJ7 MlUaukee ar. caToon and fixtures, one pool-table. O tlirMonuulore, fuurtablue, two etoree. a quantity of liquor*. end other lUturea, fur tale at a bargain, tall and eeetbamatl'J WotKinrie-et. BUYS HALF-INTEREST IN STOCK COST &OUI' mg 11,00). and eelablUbod ca*h builneaa paylnglA-OUlyaarly. 16< Ka*tJUnduljdvjt^JtograjQ^^. BOOKS. I EXCELLENT NOTE-PAPER. ID OKNISQUIHBiI* li anrelonaa. leenla. Blank booka at half price. lm menw««kV GILBERT, 1» Weab iagloQ-eU _________________ *l*tee'trel tineerchltecturalworkil «6 paid 'or W.F atereDictionary} tauaiowanted. GII.tiERT, IU Wean ington-it. aaa VOLUMES OLD AND NBW BOOKS IN ,UUU erory branch of literature adwaje at k lew. and generally h. than regular price. Oaih paid lor old l.uak, uiaiie. fw.l magatlaee. Send Cur catalogue. HILLER'S (/heap Book Store, ICQ Madiaon-aU, baae moot. . 'educational. WEST END INSTITUTE, FAMILY RGHOOL FOR rooivUdiM. MRS. u! L. GADV,Principal,New Uaren, Conn. Send for circular. SITUATIONS WANTED—BCAEXk Cl«rk». Et«r CtTUATION WANTED—Aff ACCOUNTANT IIAV- "MWlflnce With * Ufg* m»t>- :s , 'r/d™rxU K'b„i,“,'„K” m ”” t - Oo ” d S ,T »Hiili2 N K- w,l ‘ TrED “ IJf Wholesale drug u «nln»M by a young nun with *«T«r»j ruin* ex perience. Reference* 1/ required. Addr**aV»l, Tribune Tradest CITOATIONr WANTRD-A FIRST-CLASS OAR. p p*nter and Jojoer went* work by dar or pleee, A practical man from New York and Loudon, K flj* * d * Shop wot * Prowred. Addma o 81, Tribune Situation wanted—by a young WAtori pnakefot |Jtfjean’experience. In eotnplata hla trade Rilk • akill/pl workman. Cllr referenceglran. Inonlre Wo. tH Wert Taylont. 0. PFEIFFER. «qwe Hlineiiaiiamia. CITOATION WANTBD-tN OFFICE OR STORE £_.! r w toi !.i, 6 »«*" R««.»Ub parent*} apeak* Engll»b and German: willing to learn trade. Aodreae w w, Tribune office, CITUTION A YOUNG. HEALTHY, ana etrong man. Would prefer bonaework. Under* S»lwankee*aT boreea; can drtta teem. Inquire et lot SITUATION WANTED—BY A BOY 17 YEARS £*< * l n . w “°bwala bout* te I earn the bualasti. Wagoa no object at pre**nt. Addreea N Trlhane office. BITOATXONS WABXED—FEMALE Don nation. CITTJATION WANTBD-BY A GIRL FOB OEREB- O el hoaeowork. Cell at VO Weil Fnlton-at. SITUATION WANTPrn-F(m~ORVERAL - HUUSE.' H work tn a prirate family. Reference* gtren. OaU at 808 Caoal-at. near Polk. CITUATION WANTED—by a girl in a private O family ae firtLcUaa cook. Inquire at 353 Cottage Crore-ar. SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPROTABLE \j t reach girl to do general bonaework in a email orirate Rtully. Adilf»u 3M Thirtieth-at. Saamitreiim. CITUATION WANTED-A DRESSMAKER WANTS O work In ahon; South Side preferred. Good refereooea. Call or adJrou a? WeatVan llnren-et. Ti nr tine* CITOATION WANTEO-BY A GOOD GERMAN O wot oor*e._Addre»* 63 Walton-place. North Side. Situation wantbd-by a nkld r rXt^wiDOwl O would take the ebarge of Infant or Inialld. or work of email fatnlly; thoroughly competent. Itefarencoa gifeo. Addreaa Z 47. Tribune oflioe. Lnnndroesos. QITUATtON WANTRD-BY A YOUNG WOSIAN U to waib and Iron two or three days a weeks ■**" flute and pollab. Addre** 1 a Bromrr*U., North Side. Mniuoßoonerw. CtTUATIONS. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE. O middle-aged widow u botukeeper; alto for two Scandinavian and two German girli. Apply at 194 Cot* tago Uroro-ar. Employment Atronoioe. QITOATIONS WANTED—FAMILIES IN WANT OB O wood Scandinavian and German female help can be •applied at Mt*. DUSKE’S office, HO Mliwaukte*«T. CITUAfIONB WANTED-LADIES WOULD DO O well to remember that good aerranta an net aniwer ad* vertUeroeotl, bat ootne direct to aa lor altuatioas. Un. LAPHIHK, a»4 We«t Madiaoa-it. Situations wanted - ladies desiring firat*elaaa aerraoU of any nationality for city or eono* try can be tailed. Call atMtas CUNNINGHAM'S Em* ploymunt Offlco, 418 Kaat Dlviaioo*at., North Side. Misoeiianeonn* CITUATION WANTED—IIY A LADY AS GOV- O emoat or companion. Acquirements: Rngllih, French, aoalo. aod drawing. Addreea KL, 166 South BUle-aU BOARDING AND LODGING. South Side* rr/» VAN nOBEN-ST., NEAR STATE-BOARD (O for ladle# or gentlemen, ®l to SS per week, wltb aao of piano. *1 CQ bbUOLAS-PLACF.-LARGE FROST ROOM. handaomely fnrolahed; alao one tingle room, with board; booae with modern ImproremeoU; torma moderate. WELL (ornlthed rooma and good board. A 4 7 MICIUGAN-AV.-A LARGE, DESIRABLE TX I frost room, fnrnlahed, for gentleman and wife, also room lor two geoUomen, with board, Term* reason* able. • ROn MIOHIOAN-AV—PLEASANT BOOMS WITH UdU goodchaote; auitable for two peraont. Also, one tingle room. Tarma reasonable. rtolerenoee ax* changed* rren MIOHIOAN-AV.-ONK WHOLE SD-FLOOR I tIU CS rooms), with board; nicely fumlabod. Refer* etxea exchanged. ITtQQ WABASH-AV.-I LARGE, UNFURNISHED Xl/OO rooms: a tulle furnished; eicolenttablo; ooat, clean bouse; a urst-claaa place In every respect; terms reaaonabte. CALUMET AVENUE, NORTH OF TWENTY Third-at-t-After May I. dwirable turtitabed or an famUhed moms, with board, can be bad. Apply to Mra BREWSTER, No. 1200 Pndrte-aT. Wait Sidn. QQA WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—TO RENT, WITH a£«yU board, large pteaaant room on aecmd floor; hot and cold water; alao ball rooma. Terms to suit the time#.. BOARD WANTED. ■HOARD—IN WEST DIVISION, NEAR JEFFERSON Jj or Union Parka, for gentleman, wife, and little girl 0 yean old. Suite of well fnrolahed rooma and good table board. Rcfercncca will be excha-*ted. State lo cation, acoomaodatloo, aod terms, cad address S Tribune office. FINANCIAL. ADVANCES MADE ON WATCHES. JEWELRY, diamond*, revulron. opera-xlaxae*. hooka, fur*. In etrumonta, etc.. etc.,ai OOIDSMID'S Loan and Bullion office, W liaat ijadiaoaal. Cub paid for old cold and all* ver, cold doit, titter ban, precloo* atone*, and valuable* of every deacrlpUno. Unredeemed plodgee loraale, A A A -875,000 TO LOAN AT#PER CENT ON vrell located city property. Apply to W.D. KKRI OOT A CO., ta Eaat WaxblagUio-at. Advances made on diamonds, watches, bond*, etc., at LAUNDERS 1 private office. 120 Ran* dolph-at., soar Clark, Room* 5 and & KatabUabod IBM. T) AU3V\INT'VALKKir±ISoT7T UAVO.W' BUI LD jj in*, corner Dearborn and Medlannate., have (and* la hand to loan on real rotate for time rear*, to soma from 81,000 to 85.W0. CASH ON HAND TO LOAN ON CHICAGO PROP erty in aams of $5iW, BUOUV SI.COO, «it*o, ole. Want none but the boat aocnrltle*, and will make Inter oat aadexponarocorreepondlnrlT low. SAM'L UEUR. Mortgage Loam, Money to loan at a and 9 per cent fobs or 4 year* on Chlearo real raiate; me aura of BWO and Sl.ftJU. B. C, COLE A CO., HI Dearborn-at. Money to loan on good city real estate Inaotniof 8500 and upward*. JOHN W. MARiU A CO., 94 Waabingtoo-at. \CONEY TO LOAN ON ALL KINDS OF MUU iU chandlre. takrn tu etorj*- Interoat and storage at very low ratna. Addroaa THOMAS A. E3 btar* born-at. MO.VF.VTO LOAN ATB. 9, AND 10 PRU - CKNT IN lere.t according to aeeurlty. WM. U. HOLDEN, fPO LOAN—MONKVON HAND TO LOAN AT LOW i rate on both city property and farm*. W. E. WEBB, 109 Dear born-at. SAND 9 PER CENT—MONEY IN SUMS OF tUno to Aln.uOO to loan on city real eatate and farm* la thl* vicinity. W. 51. WILLWBH, la LaSalle at.. Room I, *PER CENT-MONKY TO LOAN ON CHOIOR pro party In any turn over $5.000; under that amount 9 poreent. Fund* bore. A prompt aoawcr to application* and low iMinwiUtiim,. TURNER A BONO, IU) With. Ington-eU ch wantf-don short time. address, giOU atattng rate. V 61. Triban* office. SBOO. CldM<. andaumatoauiU to loan on Obi* guUU eago nr Hyde Park Improved or unimproved properly. TURNER A BOND. Uti Waahlngton-aU cii nan imuw, $«.ooo. and otuersums to •pI.GVJU. loan at 9 per eeut on Chicago raal rotate. BRYAN LATIIUOP. 94 Dearboru-et. cr nan «lo.oub #2.500. AND OTHER SUMS TO iSutUUW enlttoloan on city real route at current taloa. TURNER A BOND, Ittl Waablngton-at. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. ALL LOOK I LOOK I AT OUR sls UARDI-E-TOP Chamber Salta before buying: our $35 Chamber Suita; our 976 Marble-top Chamber Suit* aurpaea all; our 840. 4k). C 65, and 3*5 Parlor Soil* are nnoqualed. .Marble-Top table*. $7. SB, $9. $lO. SU. Halt Mat* trnaa, beat tick, sl4. French All-Wool Tarry Loungea, 91J to sls. New spring alyloaof Ingrain. Two-Ply, Three- Ply. Tapeatry, and Bruaael* Oarpeia, 40c, kW, 75c, AI, $1.95 per yard; aupenor quality, loweat price*. Ooedt htorea and llangea. warranted hrat-claaa, til. |!8, SM, £24. tSd. f P lleatlquarter* for aU good* la the bout*. famUblng line, namely i Purnllnru, MrpaU, atove*, crockery, ahade*. eortaln*. coralcoa. bedding, eta., o« iuitaUmeote, or fur oath, at tiiicea lower than the luweat. Examine our alock; It will pay you. Raay term* and auuaru dealing, liouae* luroiahed throughout. The celabralod Empire Parlor Uedatead, luaareu alylea and new dealgna for li7«. *ar*a room, aavea reoV,*ar** money. The Empreee lounge.-ao adjoatabie lounge, combining eate, comfort, luxury,-either right or left, and tae climax aa an Invalld’a rotU Seelt, andyoawlU buy no other. Send fnrlllaatrateil eatalugue. EMPIUK PAR* LOU BEDSTEAD COMPANY, »i Weat MadlaooaU AUHAMBKR SET AND HOUSEHOLD FUUNI lura wanted In exchange for lota or fanning land. UANN A COMiDUN, Room 11, ICO DMrbora-«t. nTfTLKK. CITY - AUCTIONEER, ESTAULISIIKD t> igt], owoiinana to a«U furniture at reeldeneee. Partial derirln* to nil will pleaae call at Uri Wtahlngton-et. TjLKOANT**NBW PARLOR SUITS OP WALNUT* <6O. ni. sum, tiat. it- t» martin, im suu-au [7lOll SALE-TUB ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD FUBNI* [> tureatTSOarroll er.. at prtrate aale. ttandhouk new chamber suites, three I I pieoee each. eomprUlng elegant Uedataad. Dreee log-Cate. Waabatends good qnallty,good etylee, <66,<69, <M. «11U. U. T. MARTIN, 164 KteU-eU UR WOVEN WIRE-MATTRESSER AND PKEK leaa tablnet-bed* are the bail In the market. Ala furtbam. WHITTLESEY A PETERS. UI Uadlaon-at. I C A PARLOR AND 01UMBHR SUITS, JOVJ ready for tmmediate dallrary. Prleee lower than aror known., „ . REGENT PURCHASES FOR CASH enable ua to offer bargain! In Furniture not to be bad aßawbere In Chicago, ELEGANT PARLOR SUITS. JMlWlfislSi... between Madlaon and Monree. SEWING MACHINES* Elegant sinobil «i 6: wheeler a wiuon, ■M: tlrarcr A Baker ahuttle, Howe, Weed. Victor, <34; HI brand new, with laUU t»w*emeqU, tusk-marker*, etc.} warranted I yeara. MARTIN S, ■MI Wabaah-av. • E ARM CLOSING OUT A LARUE STUCK OF imnraved Slnxer'i. and other tlcit-claaa machine*. .“lSuS.iT* Vjl utu., J anJm Wauaahav. —*e PRINTING MATERIALS' w^^sssssssrswts/^ 3 1U Daarborn-et.

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