Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 29, 1876, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 29, 1876 Page 8
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8 THE CITY. GENERAL NEWS. fto Anesaor of the Town of North Chicago— AH. Dyer—has located hie office at Boom 10 HoOormlok Hall. A grand wimlllhb mulch win Uk. pltc. this •T.DlDft at ttio N.w Chicago Tlw.tto, b«tweon Beygeter aod Bauer. IS. B. Sherman, of this city, will address the philosophical Society (bis evening on " The Fu ture of Our Country." The profession will regret to bear that Billy Hanning, tho ones famous minstrel, la lying in a dying condition at hie homo, No. 217 Illinois street. The Her. Francis L. Patton will conduct the Bunday-eobool teachers’ mooting to-day noon at Farwell Hall. Subject, "The Lame Man Healed." jUbb Busan D. Anthony will lectors Sunday evening at the Third Unitarian Church. Sub ject i " United States Citizenship—Wnat is It ?’• Admission, 25 coots. The Hon. Leonard Swett lectures this after noon at 6 o’clock before tbo Colloge.of Law, 77 Clark street, on " Abraham Lincoln and tho Early Bar of Illinois." Mr. J. E. Earle, late General Western Agent of the Slate Steamship Company, will take tho management of tho Anchor Line of Steam era, at 96 Washington street, Slay 1. Thore will bo ft mooting of Christians op Dosed to secret societies for tho purpose of or ganizing an association, nt No. 221 West Madl ion meet. Tuesday, 8 o’clock p. m. Tho recent strike In tho Union office was not U.v an increase of pay, bat to collect wages duo iho printers of that concern. No violence was asod, and none threatened. Tbo Sub-Treasury received $19,000 In sliver join yesterday, and wan advised that $100,009 ire on tbo way. ’/he clerical forco was busily tngaged during tho day to flllingordora from tbo jountry. Tbs nineteenth anniversary of tho Bsilroad Chapel. State and Fourteenth streets, Bolooratod with interesting exorcises Sunday af ternoon at 3 o’clock. Thoro will bo addresses, music, singing, etc. It was slated yesterday that the house No. 13 Uuioa. where a kerosene lamp exploded, was n bouse of 111-fame. It appears that such Is not sow the case, the'present occupant being of good character. Alfred P, Burbank is said by competent critics to have uo superior In the presentation of lnsb. German, Yankee, and negro dialects. He will read before the Sunday Lecture Society to-mor row afternoon »t 3 p. m. .at .McCormick Hall. Admission Id oonts. The boy Arthur Bnrnum, who was run over Thursday by a Michigan Southern freight-train, bad oolh logs amputated yesterday, cue a little below the knee, tbo other near the smile. Dm. Keeler and Burbank performed the operation. The boy ts doing noil. A buxom Gorman maid of sweet IC, named Mary Frichko, while walking along the Pim llandlo road, near tbo Madisou-slreot crossing, was butted into a neighboring ditch by engine No. 37. Mary picked herself up as lively as ’ possible aud bled herself off to her homo, No. 1101 Madison street. It was stated yesterday on the ambority of a a mao named Scott that be bud hooa thrown out of a window by Ilamiiu, who runs a private police force, aud bis Sergeant. 3lr.' llnmlin. however, says that Scott lumped out, and thus received bis injuries, and furthermore, that bo was not behindhand in bis payments to Scoit while tbo latter was in bis employ. Thursday afternoon a vouog woman giving the same of Maggie Loss called at tbo residence of a Mr. Smith, No. 13C Loomis street, and asued permission to leave a five weeks’ old child to be taken care of for a few hours. Maggie thought lessly neglected to return ; aud. inasmuch us the Smith family is already 100 numerous, the infant was christened Henry 11. Clueit. in honor of the police ofilcer who escorted him to the Foundling's Home. Last Tuesday. Nicholas G’Horron, a JdrivorJin the emplov of the Union Rolling Mills, aud re siding at No. 47 Broad street. accidently fell from a hay napoo, aud, slighting upon his head, sustained injuries from which ha died Thursday afternoon. There whs a rumor to tlm effect that bis death was caused by a blow from a whio in on altercation, hut both the police and the Coroner’s Jury failed to And any foundation for it. The deceased leave* a wile but uo children. At the seventh Chopin Recital at Standard Hall, this afternoon, Mr. Carl Wolfsohn will play the Third Ballade—A-ilat major, op. 47, of the posthumous worse; three waltzes in O-tUt major, F minor, and P-llat major, op. 70, Nos. 1,2, and 3 : throe waltzes in A-flat major. A minor, and F major, op. 34, Nos. 1, 2. and 8; the Berceuse, op. 57 ; aod the Polo feaitm FanUslo. op. 61. Miss Ella A. White will ling four songs of Richter,— I “Soheiden,” “Liebcsaiidacht, “Liobcsboucbaft,” and “Bio Ecit Ist bin.*’ The'eighth animal Convention of the National Christian Association will be bold in Chicago en the 20th, 2isc, and 22d of June. The Asao tiation has recently come into possession of a fine building, which furnishes desirable rooms (or Association, besides yielding a rev enue from rentals. They am raising an endowment fund of $30,000, which lacks about $9,000 of completion. Saturday. June 3. has been selected by them as a day of taeting and prater for the overthrow of secret locleties, stumbling blocks m the way of Christ's tause on earth. Tuoso who observe it are ro luested to remember especially the Juno Cou motion in prayer. All clergymen who consider Freemasonry ao autl-Chmttan Society are re- I nested to preach ou the relation, as rovealed i the Bible, of secret oatb-bouod societies to Christianity. Yesterday was an unusually lively one for the passing of counterfeit bills. Two suffered the tie penalties of their wrong-doing at tfie hands »f Commissioner Iloyne, The first was a colur ri man named William Hiewart, who ras arrested by Officer Barrett lor passing lix counterfeit $6 notes of the Merchants' No local Bank of Now Bedford, at Biuimmileld's try-goods store. Btntc. near Twenty-eighth greet. Stewart bought a lot of lace curtains and wrpots. and paid for his purchaseswiththabad tills. They wore afterwards found to bo conn oifott, and Officer Barrett was put ou Stewait's rack and procured his arrest. When found ho lad two additional notes of the same donouuua ion and issue in bis possession. Ho tells a sad nlo to the elTeot that the notes wore given him fy a man named George Iloedy, whom he had as sated to his home while the former was druuk. Commissioner Iloyne listened to the testimony, md hold Stewart in SI,OOO ball, iu default of rbioh be was committed to jail. The other shovor was Matthew Prlndivillo.wbo (rives a coal-cart for his uncle, J.W. I’rinriivillo, if Barry A Frindiville, coal-dealers at the corner if Brown and Sixteenth streets. The offense in his case consisted in Matthew’s passing a doun erfeit $6 note of the Bank of Canton, 111., on Seorge Carroll, colored bar-tender at Mrs. Web iter's low dance-hall at 13‘i X’oclllo avenue. Carroll asserts that I’rindivillo came iu with lome girls and did the treating, offering in pay fient therefor the bill referred to. Catroll bad is suspicions of the note, and refused to take t, Prindlvillo kindly offered to take him to mother saloon, ana said hs knew it was {ood, and be could get it changed, he two wont to another place, and the bill was igaln refused. Then Carroll cailod OfllcerCroak md bad the ooal-oart man arrested. In his ex amination before Commissioner Iloyne, Priudi rills maintained that the bill was given him by kin oncie, J. W. PrindiviUo, and be naturally tupposed It was good.—knew nothing to the loutrarr, and generously set out to treat the viris. iu spite of bis plea of innocence, he was held In SSOO bail, iu default o( which he was loot to JaiL TEMPEBANCE. Toe regular monthly meeting of the Woman's Temperance Union was held. Mrs. Hounds, the Treasurer, read bop report for the past mouth. The total amount of re ceipts. including the balance from last month, was <059.14. The expenditures for the. same length of time have been <140.77, leaving a bal ance Of <510.97. The following resolution was read aod adopt •di /fcselvcd, Any Udy wbo practices total abstinence may become an associate member of the Union upon Esymsat of (1 a year, and gentlemen may become onorarr members on payment of $J yearly. Asso ciate and honorary members, not having the right of voting, shall have the privilege of speaking on all subjects. Tha following Committee on Temperance Hos pital Work waa appointed for the next throe mouths: Headsmen Chaddock, Lyman, uid Bennett. The leaden of the daily temperance meetings saxt week are as follows : Monday, Mrs. Her. W. J* Kermott t Tuesday, Mrs. B. 8. Nutting ; Wadnasday, Mn. O. B. Schuyler ; Thursday, Mm. O. M. Witooa; Friday, Ur*. Olson ; Satur day, Mm. Rhea. of Lake Forrest. Among those engaged to address the Sunday lomperance aor- Tico are Mies Ives, Mrs. Lewis. Mrs. Elizabeth H. Harhert of Evanston, and Mrs. J, Ellen Fos ter of Clinton, la. tiik soldiers’ home. Yesterday afternoon at 2 o’clock the Hoard of Director* of the Holdiora* Home wore to have held a mooting 'at tho residence of Dr. Haralll, C 29 Wabash avenue. At 3 o clock there were present Dr. and Mrs. HamUl, Sirs. Bain, Secretary; Mlsa Blakie, Mrs. Ball, and Mrs. Sayre. James A. Stewart, the Super intendent, presented hie report for two months past, showing that Fob. 29 the Homo In Evans ton contained 25 inmates t received since. 10; discharged, 19; died. 1; total 40; remaining In tho institution April 29, 20. . .. . The Surgeon. I)r. O. S. Jenks, reported that he had 9 casco nmlor treatment; 5 were dis charged, 1 died, and 3 were still under care. Tho monument of tho Chicago Soldiers Homo, in Oakland Cometerv, will bo dedicated on Decoration Day, and a special meeting of the Board of Directors to make preparations for this event will bo hold at Dr. Hamili a resi dence on the 16th p/ox. at 2 p. m. MICROSCOPICAL. ANNUAL 11EETINO OP Tint STATE HOOTETr. Ths annual meeting of the State Misoroacopio Society was bold last night at the Academy of Sciences, No. 263 Wabash avenue, 11. W. Fuller in the chair and B. W. Thomas Secrotary. The first business was tho reading of tho Secretary’s report, which related chlellv to tbo expenditures for apparatus books, and,pamphlets during the year. 3Jno Treasurer’s report showed a good lluan clal standing, the cash on hand being $l6B, and the yearly assessments not yet collected. Tho Chair briefly reviewed tbo work aod ad vancement of the Society, which was sensibly injured by the great (Ire. and had just com menced to regain its loot strength. In the course of his remarks, as ho was about to retire from office, ho recommended among other things that all foes duo March 1 bo remitted; that the next business mooting be held ou the second Friday In Mav, and not in Octonor. as has heretofore been theoustom ; that Itwould bo well to change tho place of meetings, as the present quarters were vorv inconvenient to members from the North and West Divisions of tho city. Tho speaker regretted that ho was obliged to announce a change in tho Society In tho death of William E. Doggott, ono of tho charter mem bers of tho organization. He and all others de plored bis decease, lie saggosted*tbe adoption of suitable resolutions. Mr. 11. M. Thompson then offered tbo follow- mg s Retnltfd, That by the death of W. E. Dojtaolt, Esq., one of the charier members of this Society, we are left to deplore too loss of ono ready lo aid In every Rood work, and whose genial temper and unvarying kind ness endeared him to all. .... , llfun »rtt, That the Society will ever gratefully cher- Ish the memory of the deceased fellow member. Ilrrolved, That these rwohillona be placed upon the records of the Society, and that the Secretary transmit a copy to the family. The resolution was unanimously adopted. The statement of the Society m the bands of Curator Dr. W. 11. Adams, which the President, bad to transfer to bis successor, snowed tbai tbo Society possessed, among other articles, twelve volumes of microscopical works ; three copies of Reports of tbo War Department; 176 slides of objects ; several bozos of louses; uinotv oiebt photographs, and many others not yet catalogued,besides various articles of so en tirely unaciontiilo nature. After the collection of unpaid dues, without which action a member cannot vote, tbs election of ofllccrs for the coming year was bold. 11. W. Puller was clouted President. He de clined, but mom not allowed to resign the office. H. M. Thompson and B. W. Thomas wore elected as Vice-Presidents, W. 11. Scud dor was selected Secretary. At this point of tbo meeting, the hour being rattier late, the election of tbo rest of the offi cois. including a Board of Trustees, was de ferred till the second Monday in May, when another business meeting will bo bold. Thomas F. Nelson, James Coltrrove, James Otis, W. H. Somers, and William Hoskins were then proposed os members of tbo Society, after which Mr. Bullock showed, by the use of the sciopticon, some interesting and original draw ings, and tuo meeting adjourned. COMING CHURCH EVENTS. ST. VINCENT’S CUDUCH. Ths Church of St. Vincent of the Congrega tion of tba Mission, on the corner of Webster avonno and Osgood street, is one of the land marks of Catholio energy In tho West. This enterprise of the Rev. Father Smith, pastor of this church, in an llltutratioii of the zeal and devotion of tho missionary Jesuit. School, con vent. monastery, aud ohuroh seem to have grown up In this instance without resources, ami, one would think, without congrega tion. apparently by inherent vitality. All the Catholio societies are expected to attend the dedicatory services to-morrow at 10 o'clock. Bishop Lynch, of Toronto, is expected to de liver tho dedicatory sermon in tho morning; Bishop Ryan will proaon in tho evening. Those desiring to attend can take the Lincoln avenue or Lincoln Park oats, or the Chicago avenue and Larrabee street cars, or the Olybonrn avenue cars. Either will taka them to tba church, or near it. garland conobeoational orcboq. Sunday morning the B«v. Z. 8. Holbrook will assume charge of the pulpit of the Oakland Congregational Church, ou Oakwood boulevard, to which he has boon called the second time by a unanimous vote of the docietv. The gentle man is well known in this city, and there has been an acquaintance and growing interest be tween him and the church for over a year, dur ing which time ho has occasionally preachod for them. A year ago they gave him a call, urging him to omit an extra year of theological training at Yale, but, while his sympathies wore strongly excited bv the arguments of the people for his immediate entrance upon ministerial work, yet ho resisted their appeal with evident discre tion, and now comes with a year's added study, and with enthusiasm to put Id some good and □ceded work to lubricate the Oonpol machinery, wbicn has uot rim cosily for want of a settled pastor for thtoo years. Now life will be tufusod Into the regular servlet's of Hie Church, while the very eucceeslul Sunday-school will look for extended influence witii the aid of the new minis ter. This is Mr. Holbrook's first regular engage ment, and there is good reason to believe that for many years to come he will be natt of the re ligious life of this city. Chicago hut claims her own, for ho has the emorpriso of her traditional citizen, and his motto might well bo, "Qo ahead." STOREY'S GRAND JURY WHAT IT IH UKKLI to DO TO-DAT. Mr. Ktorov's Grand Jury was not iu session yesterday, bonce thsre was a want of animation around the County Building. The Commis sioners aud contractors wore smiles of content, and a few were exceedingly happy, growing out of tbo knowledge that Mr. titoroy was going to allow them to go undisturbed. Just where they got tbeir Information is not positively known, but in explanation of their groat glee it was stated that the night before several of them hud been quartered in a certain saloon with Periolat and others. • discussing (he substance ot Mr. Htoroy's report from advanced outlines received from certain sources. Mr. Storey, of course, did not furnish them with a news in person, but the action of his confidents in the matter is the subject of serious question. The onlv change in the re port from what has already been indicated in those columns, it is learned from the bar-room discussion above referred to, will he th» inser tion of a few words calling in question tho pin priety of Mr. Birch’s presence in the jury-room during tho examinations. A few witnesnos will be examined this morning to finish up soma cases, and then come tbe report aud adjourn ment. CHASED BY A PISTOL. AN KXOITINU SOOT-BACK BETWEEN TWO MEMBEBS OF TUE BOAUD OF TUADB. There waa an exciting foot-raoo in the vicinity of the Chamber of Commerce yesterday, after the adjournment of the Hoard. It might havo ended in a tragedy had the pistol in the baud ot the pursuer boon in good working order, which it wasn’t, and fur which the pursued thanks Inca lucky stars. The cuulustauts were £d Mitchell, who baa achieved a eomowhat Jiiotorious reputation as a commercial Bombaatea Punoso, and W. C. Inchbald, a quiet, unassuming person, who will allow neither himself nor his friends to bo in* suited, lloth are members of the Board. The difficulty owed its origin to a wheat deal between Mitchell and W. W. Boynton, a well* known amateur vocalist and a member of the Apollo Club, who has a weakness for option trading. The principals had a misunderstanding about the terms of the trade. There was an acrl* monious discussion, which ended in Mitchell’s threatening to lick Boynton. The unpleasant ness gathered quite a crowd, and among them was Inchbald, wbo protested against any licking being done. “If you want to lick anybody, try it on me. THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE; SATURDAY, APRIL 2!), IB7fi-TWELVE PAGES. but you mustn’t touch Boynton, for he’s my friend," said locbbald. '• This ain’t yonr put, ami yon had better shnt up, or I’ll lick you," retorted the bold, bluster ing Mitchell. “ 1 dou’t think you will," quietly retoiood tho other, Mitchell made a pass and endeavored to strike Inchbald in the face, but the blow only knocked his bat off. Tho latter immediately went down to hialiln pocket and drew a revolver, which ho preßeolod and snapped at the former. Tho weapon failed to go off, aod Mitchell ran through tho alley like a scared door, with Inchbald In hot pursuit, snapping hla revolver with bloodthirsty onorgy, Tho crowd separated with the lame rapidity that a house burglar drops a hot cook ing-stove, and ten seconds lalor bunched on LaSalle street to witness the chase. There was a erv for police, and In a few min utes a well-dressed specimen of tho genus pooler walked leisurely up and Inquired, “What’s tho row bore ? Move on wld yo, and ehlop blockin' up tho sidewalk wld yo." An officious bystander related tbs causo of tho excitement. The policeman bad a dntv to per form. The peaco must bo preserved. All riotous conduct must bo sumraarllv repressed, oven should it require tho assistance of all the force at the Armory. Boldly and valiantly tho pohcemnn did that duty. Ho arrested Boyn ton and marched him to tho station,— Boynton, who had dono nothing except listen to a torrent of vile abuse. Towards sundown nothing had been beard of ollber pursued or pursuer, and It was generally thought that the foot-race would not end until night bad drawn her sablo mantle o'er tho scene and planea It with a star. Boynton was released after a few minutes* de tention, and subsequently received tbo congrat ulations of his numerous friends ou tho Board. ANSON B. MINER. ADDITIONAL TRANSFERS OP riIOPEIITT JIT TOE CASHIER OP TUB CITT NATIONAL HANK. Thoro have been placed on record seven quit claim deeds from Ansou B. Miner to as many different parties, transferring in tho aggregate 225 foot fronting south ou Ambrose street, by 124 feet deep, between Lincoln and Boboy streets ; total consideration, $17,275. The par ties to whom the deeds aro mado are represent ed as bona fide purchasers, and six of tbom have given trust deeds to secure part of tbo purchase-money to £. 11. Gary to tho ’amount of $11,330—a1l payable at tho City National Bank ; the remaining purchaser, J. I*. Tanner, Jr., recognises M. L. Coffees oa Trustee, ac knowledging nn indebtedness of #3.32s—paya ble within thirty mouths at tho Merchants' Bar ings. Loan, anil Trust Company. A. O. Miner has. in addition to the above, transferred about $115,000 of real estate siuco tho failure of the City National. The following aro ’the quit-claim deeds A. 15. Miner to Thomas Carton, cited Feb. 14.1978; consideration, $1,830; Lot 37, subdivision of Block 4, 8. J. Walker's Dock Addition K. If N. of river, Sec., so. :w, u. Same to James P. Tanner, Jr., dated Dec. 34, 1876; consideration. $3,835; Lots 33 and 43 same subdi vision. game to Thomas Garten, dated Jan. 19,1X76; con- sideration, $4,100; Lot 46 same subdivision. Same to X*. H. Buddy, dated March 1,1876 ; consid eration, (l. JOO; Lot 30 same subdivision. BimotoP.H. Ruddy, d;il«d March 1, 1676; consid eration, $3,000; Lot 40 same subdivision. Same to N. J. McCarthy, dated March 6.1876: con sideration. $3,700 ; Lots 31 and 34 same subdivision. Same to N. J. McCarthy, dated March 33,1876; con slderaUou, $1,1*00; Lot 33 same subdivision. Tbo following trust deeds have been given to secure part of mo puxohaco money of the above property : Thomas Garten to E.H. Gary, dated Fob. 14, 1876, forsi,t>'io; payable in tweuty-alx mouths at City Na tional Bauk. Home to C, 11. Gary, dated Jan. 15, 1876; conaidera lon, 11.700; payable in twenty-six month* at City Ma ternal Bank. James I’. Tanner, Jr., to M. L. Colleen, dated Dec. £4, 1825, for $3,323, to securo two notes, payable in eighteen and thirty month*, respectively, at the Mer chants’ Havings, Loan, and Trust Company. I*. 11. Roddy to E. 11. Gary, dated March I, 1876, for $1,430; payable within four years at tbs City National Bjnk. I'. IT. Ruddy t« £. U. Gary, dated March 1, 1876, for $1,600; payable at Oily National Bank two years from date. N. J. McCarthy to E. 11. Gary, dated March 23,1870, for $1.6.’,0; payable at City National Bank two yean from date. N. J. McCarthy to E. H. Gary, dated March 6.1870, for SU.kou; payable at City National Bonk two years from date. THE COUNTY BUILDING. Tbo Sheriff will start for Joliet with hla n ex batchof recruits Thursday. Work is dropping off in the County Clerk’s office, and yesterday five clerks were discharged. Judge McAllister paid a flying visit to the building yesterday. In this connection it might not bo tm proper to elate chat the Jndgo is divided in his mind whether he wants to remain on tbo Cook County Bench or not. If bis friends are willing, he would not object to taking up his residence at Springfield in the Governor’s man sion. His politics is tbo greatest thing be will b&vo to surmount. L. Y. Ferris, of Proviso, yesterday happened In at the County Clerk's and found there hla commission as Justice of the Peace. About the same time a pair of blushing youths wore lean ing in at the marriage window In quest of the necessary document to unite them as one. After getting their papers, they inquired for the nearest Justice of the Peace, and Air. Ferris was pointed out to them, and they were married without leaving the office. The Committee on Public Service and Public Buildings mot yesterday afternoon and audited the usual amount of bills. Among others was one of Joseph Hogan for several thousand dol lars, being the balance due bim on bis contract for the steam-heating of the Insane Asylum. Among the items of the bill was found one of $1(55 charged as "extras, 1 ’ which was embraced in bis contract and disallowed. He was allowed $2,891, but was not aatialiod, for he claimed to have lost about $ J,BOO on the trade before, in bu loss he has universal sympathy. THE CITY-HALL, The City Treasurer received $2,421 from the Water-Donartmuut and $3,451 from the City Collector yesterday. The City Collector took In about $250 yostor terdayiutbe License Department.' The num ber of saloon licenses being issued is wofuily small. The Finance Committee mot yesterday after noon and audited bills to the amount of ’56,000. Home of the bills wore for thoservicos of Messrs. Gaudy aud Hoot iu tho quo warranto case. The Board of Pujflio Works awarded tbo con tract for tho construction of tbo stand-pipe for tbe West Bide pumping works to L. Soulerlu, who was the lowest responsible bidder, at $2,020. Tbe Board of Public Works yesterday Issued an estimate of $0,804 toFitZßimons A Connell, contractors for tbo construction of tho Fuller ton avenue conduit. Tho total amount issued m estimates to that firm for the Job is $80,020. The Ist of May being the time when tho order of the Finance Committee allowing interest ou taxes comes to au end, tho number of people availing themselves of tbo advantage to bo gained by a payment of tbeir assessments before tbat time was unusually largo yesterday, and will be again to-day doubtless. Tbe Comptroll er’s clerks were therefore unusually busy. Tbo Farragut Boat Club, which has at present a boat-house on the lake-shore, determined to build a new one aud located it about 75 foot from shore at the foot of Twelfth street. The building was commenced aud the Building In spectors men stopped proceedings, as the house was of wood, tievoral gentlemen Interested iu heating, aud iu tho Farragut Club iu particular, called on inspector Bailey yesterday and asked an explanation. They claimed that tho ilro hmits extended only to the lake-shore, and they were riuht m building as tboy chose beyond tbat. Inspector Bailey took the ease to City- Attorney Jamieson, who decided as tbe boatmen eiHimed, and the building will most likely be finished as it was a tailed, much to tho satisfac tion of the Farraguu. CITY OEQTmCATCS. ■ WAM ,1, IwA ,4.9, Comptroller Hayes, to make the city certifi cates in accordance with the late decision on their legality, has prepared, with the aid of sev eral other legal gentlemen, a rough draft, as be terms it, of the form that will hereaftur denote a city certificate. It reads as follow* : State of Illinois, City of Chicago.—This U to certify that John Doe has advanced to the City of Chicago <I.OOO. lawful money of tho United Hiatus of America, to meet that part of the current expenses of the fiscal year for which an appropriation baa been made for aald year for the I'ollce Department, and that laid sum will bo paid to aald John Doe ot order twelve mouths alter date hereof without grace, at the olllce of the Treasurer of aald city, with intereat thereon at, the rate of S per cent per annum from the let day of Mar, 1 SIC, out of the tuxes levied for aald fiscal year, ■aid tax levy having been heretofore actually made, aud the portion of aald taxes appropriated as afore said will be held and applied to the payment of thla certificate, all of which la duly authorized by law, and by Ue ordinance* of aald city. In testimony whereof the Mayor and Comptroller •f aald city have signed, and the Clark cornier sighed, these present* and canted the corporation seat of ths laid city to bo aflltod this Ist day of May, 1878. Tho difference between the old and new forma will bo readily soon by a glance Rt the old, which Ist fltat* of Illinois, City of Chicago—This I" to certify that the City of Chicago acknowledges to owe to John Doe the enm of |l,uoo lawful money of the United BUtes of America, which sum the said city promise* to pay to *«id John Doe or order ■ ■-month* after thedato hereof (without grace) at the office of the Treasurer of the City of Chicago, with Interest tnero on nt the rate of per cent per annum, from May I, 187 ft. . . Thl* loan haring been authorized by Beo. 38 of amendment* to the city charter, approved Feb. IC, 18CS, and by flee. 7 of act of General Assembly of tho State of Illinois amending the city charter, approved April 19, im In testimony whereof the Mayor aod Comptroller of ■aid city hare algned, etc. The now form ts subject (o any change that it may bo scor\ fit to make. A copy will bo sent to Eastern advisors or correspondents ostensibly to obtain tho vtowa of capitalists in that section of tho country as to tho change. There have boon some doubts expressed as to (ho disposal of tho notes; for If they wore issued to the full extent of the appropriation by which they aro insured, and tbo whoio sum was not •olloctod, tho holder of the certificates might ho unable, or think himself so, to got the loco of tho uoto. To romodv tins,or rather to remove any sued au probonsion, tho Comptroller has stated that cer tificates will bo Issued for only n part of tho an propriatton. An ordinance will undoubtedly bo passed or an agreement mado with the pur chasers of certificates to that offoct. CRIMINAL. W. B. Brown, tho embezzling clerk of Brown son Bros. A Co., was finally tried yesterday, ami hold to tho Criminal Court in $2,500 ball by Jnstico Snmmorflold. John Alexander and Jennie McCarthy, two notorious bummers and vagrants, wore yostor dav sent by Justice Summorfield to the Bride well for thirty dare each. Sneak thieves yostordav got away with a gold watch, some Jewelry, and clothing from Simon Doihort, of No. 172 Desplaines street. Tho goods are valued at $35. Officer Largo, of tho Lake street squad, yes terday recovered a " Relianceolotlios-nringor, which a diminutive boy was trying to pawn for sl. Tho article is at tho Central Station. Special Agent Uawloy last evening arrested and looked up iu tho Central Station, a roan named L, D. Miller, who is accused of robbing tho United States mails in tho suburbs of tho city. James Thompson and John Good, two very wicked boys, wore arrested and held by Justice Bcuilt in SSOO bonds to tho Criminal Court for | cleaning out all the Icad-pipo In a row of five houses on Leavitt otroot, and also for mali ciously damaging tho woodwork and finishings of tuo houses. Michael Hogan, employed m ft lumber-yard at South Chicago, was run over Thursday oven mg at 8:30 o’clock at the Nioeto-sccoud street crossing of (he Michigan Southern llatlroad, and from the injuries sustained ho died yester day. Deputy Coroner Mdiurr and Jury found that bis death was accidental. It. B. Jones, an old Penitentiary bird who was arrested some weeks ago for threatening to kill a saloon-keeper In the West Division, died Thursday uigiit at the Bridewell, whither ho bad been eent for vagrancy and for carrying con cealed weapons. The deceased was a veteran rough, and contemplated murder in (he assault for which be was arrested. Charles Oossman, aged 1U years, residing with bis pareuts ou Clybouroo avenue, near Division street, was accidently ran over at 2 o’clock yes terday afternoon at tho corner of Clark aud Ontario streets by one of Hagor'’i ■'ueMhoabs driven by Henry Fleischbauer, and h*4 his right ankle so badly crushed that the attending physician, Dr. Leo, thinks it wilt have to be am putated. Tho driver was exonerated from ail blame. Shortly after 0 o’clock last evening a recent impoitation from the Fatherland named Simon Zimmer, and over whose hoid 40 discontent od eummer suns had (led, ((tempted to commit suicide by Jumping <uto tbo river from the Part Wayne railroad bridge in Stewart avenue. After mauv efforts Officer August Bolho succeeded in saving the fellow, and last night ho was locked up in the West Twelfth Street Station, to await the arrival of his friends. AMUSEMENTS. M'VICKER’S THEATRE. Mr. Booth's familiar impersonation of lago was ofTorod at MoYiokor'a Theatre ’oat night for tho first time this season. Tbo part is better adapted to his capabilities than Othello. Celeri ty of movement, which in Othello was a fault, in logo becomes a Tirtue —almost, indeed, the only virtue tbo character, aa distinguished from the actor, can ho said to possess. Ur. Wardo aa Othello was qolto as good aa we had any reason to look for, yet we cannot boar to boo Othello mado a subomldato part. Such it must always bo as long as tbo actor who assumes It is obliged to adopt tho methods and tbo thoughts of another. To-night “ANow Way to Pay Old Debts" will he presented for tho first time this season, and for tho second time by Mr. Booth in this city. Ho played Sir Giles Overreach with Miss MoVicker as Margaret during their memorable Simont, several years ago, but has not un on it since in this city, As tho assump tion this evening is a novelty, and will bo one of the events of the season, the full cast is sub joined : Sir Giles Overreach Edwin Booth Wellborn F. B. Wardo Lord Lovell F. li. Bierce Marrall..... W. H. Seymour Allwortb V, O. McVickcr Justice Greedy M. lUiutord Tapwell W. J. Burley Amble M. Uorlatly Order W. A. Lavell Turnaco Alf Johusou Watchsll Taraon W111d0.... Vintner Tailor Lady Allwortb. Margaret Froth , Tabuha Abigail HOOLEY’S THEATRE. The Katie Putnam Company plavod “ The Old Curiosity Shop” lost night. Miss Putnam as tbo Marchioness was good, and as Little Jfell bod. Her sentiment is false, her pathos affected, and her love mawkish. Her grasp of comio situa tions. on the other hand, is firm ami true. She is, essentially, a burlesque actress, and ought never to have strayed out of tbo department whore she belongs into the higher regions of refinement and pathos. Tho suppurtmg parts, with tho exception of Qui/p, were fairly taken. The play will bo repeated this afternoon and evening. It flells ISrUkly. And so It ought to; that beautiful furniture at Halo's, Nos. 200, 202, 201, and 200 Randolph street. The lirm torus its building over to other parties July 1, and before that data la reached all of the varied and haudsomofurmturo now on baud is surely to bo sold. It is the chance of a lifetime fur good bargains. Oblcago Importers, The Root tt Bona Music Company, 150 Slate street, have juat received through the Chicago Cuatom-llouM four Urge cooilgnmenla of mualcal merchandise, comprliing goods from Italy, France, and Germany, and embracing everything In the lino of violins, flutes, guitars, accordeoos, banjos, baud Jnilxumeuts, airings, etc. To Investors. Our financial arrangements with Havana are the moat complete and estemive to be found anywhere. Ulgbeat yatca paid for Spanish bills, Governments, etc. PrUca cashed, orders filled, and all nocesxary Infor mation given on application. Circulars sent free by addressing Taylor A Co,, bankers. II Wall street, New York City. I*. O. Box 4118. The Empress of India. Gentile, the Italian photographer, whose studloe, 103 State street, sre the finest in Chicago, has a splendid portrait of Queen Victoria, and copies of the same can bs had. Gcutilu mains a specialty of crayons and col ored photographs. Massacres in Madagascar are no more. The Quecu has bought a piano. If our own people would do Ukewlae we would soon have a bettor slate of society. iwlkm k Pomeroy, dealers In pianos and organs, 331 Stale street. Modest Worth. HUljjlr, Jenkins it Faxon, 239 and 231 State street, have a designer of lambrequins who Is terribly afraid Tus TsinuHa will make thru conspicuous. Inquiries are numerous. Unfading Loveliness belongs only to the Immortals, but whoever uses the fragrant Boxodont can at least defy time to Injure one of the elements of beauty, e good eet of teeth. WHISKY. Five Attaches of tho Au Sablo Ulstillory at Morris, 111., Ar rested for Crookedness- They Give Bail for Their Appearance on Tuesday—Warrants Out for Four More. Tho Crooked Article Crops Ont Largely In Now York City. A Bond of Sympathy Between Chicago Distillers and Gothamlls Dealers. IN CHICAGO. THE MOtUUB CROOKEDNESS. Judgo Mdier’s crusade into tho interior of the State was not without its successful results. He baa been cultivating the soil, digging deep, and sowing the grain. lie waited until the harvest was quite ripe, and wont down to Morris on Wednesday night, armed with the necessary war* rants and the assistance of Deputy-Marshal Bird. JIo returned yesterday, bearing his sheaves with him. They are fire in number, and their names are 11. M. Conklin and Thomas Goslin, proprietors ; William Itoiloy, a Store keeper ; and Charles Woodcock and Thomas Mc- Cabe, employes. Warrants are out for the ar rest of Charles 11. Conklin, who Is now lying ill at Morris; for Peter Grant, ox-Qangor, who was employed in the ofllco of James McGrath, City Tax Commissioner t and for J. E. Ralhbono and It. B. Graves, Gaugers, Itoiloy and Goslin offered bonds yesterday afternoon in the sum of SS,OOO each, John Barr, Treasurer of Grundy County, appearing as security for tho former, and Aid. Tom Stout. MaJ. Btookway. and Clark Lipo ap pearing for Goslin. Charles Woodcock and Thomas McCabo also gave bonds in tho sum of SI,OOO each. Aid. Ooorgo E. White and Stephen Koough, of Lo mont. appearing os their securities. The distillery in question is situated in tho vicinity of Morris, Grundy County, 111., and is commonly known as tho Au Sable Distillery. It was formerly tun by John McNeills, but wan sold to Father Ferry, a Catholic priest at Otta wa, in 1873. Tho Government has discovered that some crookedness was going on uudor Mc- Neills in 1873, but, probably for tho reason that his knowledge of the subsequent management has boon of benefit to tho Government in Its In vestigations, Uls crookedness ban not boon ooumjpd. Conkrlte and Conklin noxt appear as tho proprietor of this distillery, Oonkrito being the active man, and Conklin, his father-in-law, being the power behind the throne. *TUBT HAN EXTRA MASHES and resorted to the other usual Iniquities prac ticed in crooked distilleries, paying the Store keepers and Qaugors a goodly sum to 'wink at their crookedness and not squeal on them. The books of the Itock Island & Pacific llallroad have boon investigated, and the rosnlt shows conclusively that moro goods woio shipped than the distillery reported to vho Department and on which they paid tbo tax. Most of tho goods wore shipped to Chicago and consigned to tbo general dumping-place for crook ed whisky, —Parker D. Mason’s rectifying bouse, —where the stamps wore carefully removed and returned to tbo distillery to bo used a sec ond time. Enough crookedness was discovered by tho Octouor Grand Jury to Justify that body iu returning an iudictmont against Couknto, who, viewing discretion as the bettor part of valor, took care to make good bis escape to another .community than ours. A thorough in vestigation was then begun, with the result as above stated. Tbo distillery was put up for sale consequent upon tbo condemnation pro ceedings growing out of Cookrilo'e ludictmont, bought in by tho Government. Last De cember, tho time for tbo redemption of tho property not haring oxpirod, it was leased to Thomas Gosliu. ono of the parties now in trouble, Jim McGrath and Aid. Corcoran wore for a time last winter silent partners in tho dis tillery, but no crookedness has been discovered clinging to their skirts. Tuo examination before tbo Commissioner will bo hold next Tuesday, when tho details of the crookedness will be brought to light. returned to tbo city yesterday much Improved in health by bis recent trip, and anxious to get ready for the coming trial, firmly boliovmg'io his ability to vindicate himself before an iutol licontjury. He hae not engaged counsel yet, although several of Chicago's best lawyers have offered their ecrvicos. W. B. Qolsen, lbs man whose squealing has so far amounted to more than tho prolonged howls of tho rest of his brethren, will leave for New York In a few days to bo present when tbo petit jury assembles—tho second Tuesday in May— to try the case of V. 0. Bovd & Co. and others, whom Qolfloo gave away a short time ago to tho New York Qraod Jury. Haudsomo Dan Holland will don a new necktie and plug hat for tho oc casion, and march to tbo front with bis illus trious compatriot. BALE OP TUB BLACKBAWK SISTILL7RT. Quito n crowd of distillers and whisky men, crooked and straight, assembled at tho Black hawk Distillery, corner of Blookbawk street and Elston road, yesterday, to witness tbo sale of the tortuous concern. This distillery was for merly owned by Buffalo Miller, but at tbo time of its seizure by the Government Mr. William Cooper was tho apparent owner, though It was well understood that Mr. Buffalo Miller still re tained a largo InUrost In tbo concern. Mr. Mlllor and hie son •• Billy," accompanied by their lawyer, Mr. Edmind Juosaon, appeared early on the ground, aid wore soon Joined by Mr. Cooper and others interested in tho sale. A little before 11 o'clock Deputy United States Marshal Buck and United States District Attor ney Mark Bangs made thor appearance in a car nage. They alighted, and, after shaking hands with a fowof tho promtnoU fontlomen present, Mr. Buck pulled out his papers and commenced tbo auction. Ho first pat ip tbo distillery sad fixtures and started it with 58,000. Buffalo Mil lar bid 5>8.001, and after oonuderablo dilly-dally ing it was knocked down U him (or that sum. “Who is tbo buyer!?" asked Xr. Buck. ’Mr. John 13. Lyon responded Mr. Miller. Seventeen thousand eight hundred gallons of high whies wore then put up,: and after con siderable competition on l tbo part of the Government it was knocked down to tbo same buyer at contra gallon. A lot of sram5 ram was bought by the same party for 850. his concluded tbo very unliteresting affair, and after Deputy Marshal Buck had received a deposit of 81,000, ho and Julge Bangs got into their carriage and started lumoward. The crowd of spectators collected Into small knots and discussed the situation. Tin price obtain ed for the distillery Is about the half its ap praised value. ~..C. L. Jouei D. Loam .11, J. Cbrlstli L. Marti! ....Mias Carroll ,Mlss Outnmiui .. Ml«i Marble ~..Mias lllvora Miss Let COL. MATTHEWS. Upteial DUpateh to The Vhicaat Tribune, Spiuhovielw, 111., April 23.— Secretary Brin low writes Supervisor A. O, Mattlnws regretting his resignation as a Supervisor, and desiring him to extend the time of tbo takijg effect until July 1, by which time ho thinls the ofllco of Supervisor will be abolished bv Congress, lie commends the zeal and vigorous discharge of duty by Hupervlsor Matthews, and ventures to hope that the opportunity may be afforded for the employment of the same la o;hor depart ments of the revenue service. NEW YORK. ' IMPOUTANT DIBOO VEQIEsJ Upeeial Dievoten to The Chteaoo Tribune, ' New Yonx, April ’2B.—For some time past tbo United States Grand Jury |it this city has been Investigating charges agalmt wholesale dealers in liquor who have boon atapected of fraud by dealing in crooked whisky. I'estimony was received relative to llqour hoosel by a pre vious Grand Jury, and, although it yas shown that several establishments had been lealing in tbeuotaiod article, yet the evidence wamot euffl eiont to estabUah guilty knowledge on tie part of tbo dealers, and' it waa deemed wises; to delay the proaocutioo of them until further ktowledgo could bo secured, which would avert a defective indictment. This liquor Ltd been ■hipped to Mew York dealcra from Chicago and other Western cities. It is claimed ihat the Grand Jury now sitting has obtained adlUloual proof of fraud, and will, when it makealta pre sentment, probably indict several largehousea and a number of small ones for sellim large quantities of crooked whisky in this oty and vicinity. In order to establish their connection with western firms. District-Attorney Hiss de termined to have the books sndpaperaof the latter investigated, and accordingly he sent sev eral persons to Chicago and other cities In the West to make examination. They claim to have discovered by moans of let ters and books of Western dealers that shipments of crooked whisky were made to certain Nev York firms, among them F. O. Boyd A Go., Uiiicr A Co., and other houses, and there existed a certain understand ing between them that the crocked article should bo distributed among lota of whisky that had fiatd taxes, but wan Indicated by a certain mark, n some cases'• 0,” shoflinp Its oharaotor, and suggesting dispoeal different from the rest. Tho'evidencuds an conclusive that Illegal eombl nations existed that beyond doubt the firms mentioned will be Indicted, together with many others whoso names have not been divulged. In answer to Inquiries to-day. Messrs. Boyd and Hill, of the Arm of F. 0. Boyd A 00.. said they had no Knowledge or suspicion of being indicted by the Grand Jury for Illicit practices. Thor oven expressed the strongest confidence that snob indictments would not bo fouud against them, as they bad never received any consign* monte of liquors which woro not properly stamped, and had never sold an; liquors on which they know the OoTorumeok lax bad not boon paid. Messrs. Milter A 00. node substantially the same aiatomout, and added that they bad never bad much to do with parties wbo come from Chicago to testify before the Grand Jury. Just before the disclosures of frauds smong Chicago distillers, they bad stopped soliciting consignments for goods bearing but one stamp to the package being suspicious that there was something wrong In tbo manu facture of one-stsmp goods. Subsequent events proved their suspicion to bo correct, sod when detentions of croaked whisky were made by tbo Government dodo of their goods woro detain od. “REFORM” IN WISCONSIN. Further Anatomy of I3x»Oov. Tnylor’a I'ctty Peculation* In llio Eiocutlvo Office of tho IlnUsor state. avtttat Dttvateh to The Chieaoo Trthutv, Mawson, Wia., April 23.—The testimony In tbo Taylor investigation was not as rich as yesterday, bat tbero wore eomo items of In* torost, and the ox-Governor'a manner of exem plifying reform did not appear la any bettor light, but ratbor worse. Secretary' Bird was recalled, and questioned considerably moro by different members of tbo Committee, bnt 'nothing important was devel oped. J, 0. Sloan, brother of Attornoy-Qoaoral Sloan, bia assistant in name for Govoral months and do facto most of bis term of oQIco, testified that ho resigned as Assistant At torney-General in July, 1874, since which timo ho has received several sums from tho.Stato for legal services in railroad and other cases. 110 received cbo S6OO Superior-Harbor funds from Oov. Taylor, (the time, place, and manner of tho payment of which Qov. Taylor declared yesterday bo could not recollect), and said it was paid to him in bis office about March 1 or 2 lost, in Ibis city In currency. lie claimed hb had earned a much larger sum by services hero, vis its to Superior, and motions and arguments at Washington, which Taylor had declined to pay. Tho following is from bis testimony : About the let of March, 1870, Taylor called on me and said: “You bare a bill for services against tho Slate not yet paid." 1 said yes. He said: 11 1 have some funds In my bands belonging to the Su perior Harbor fund which I have not used," and ho said ho would pay tho bill If 1 would give him a re ceipt. I told him I had no oblectlona to giving him a receipt If bo dealrod to nay SSOO, and I made a blit for retainer, and for maxing a motion for leave to commence action, tor SSOO. My recollection Is I pat in two Items. He paid me, and I gave a receipt, lie did not make reference to ibtn Investigation before ho paid mo. He consulted mo afterwards in regard to tho resolution introduced to Investigate him. I don't think be said to me that the prospect of an investigation induced him to pay tho money. I don't know what bad operated on bis own mind. I can hardly say what did occur lu my mind about the payment of this sum at this time. There was nothing strange about the payment, except Just what the facts Indicate—nothing pe culiar in his manner. Hn did not attempt to account for having taken the money out of tho State Treasury tnd kept It so long. I mean not until after 1 was retained aa eoun- sol. Q.—Did it not appear strange to you that he paid It as be did? A.—l prefer not to giro my Impressions. 1 am not able to state precisely what my Impressions wore. As Mr. Bloan Is now 'retained as counsel for Taylor, the Committee did not press him fur ther, so os to violate tho confidences of hia client. The next witness who occupied part of tho forenoon and the rest of tho day was J. T. Hooker, clerk and messenger In tho Executive office since May, 1874, and now with Ludington. Ho was appointed by Taylor in place of Aicob Jenny, who had boon messenger under Wash burn, as alleged, in order to collect a debt from him, and it has boon reported, after that was secured, bo wanted to economize In bis pay. Hib memory was as surprisingly good as Taylor’s had been astonishingly poor, and, re freshed by memoranda which ho had made, bis evidence exposed potty gobblings of public property each as might have boon expected of bummer Aldermen, but unworthy of tho cham pion Reform Governor of Wisconsin, Ho testified there was enough ofllclal-headed stationery to Inst Taylor’s term when bo wont in ; that Tavlor draw a largo amount of stationery during his last month, llttlo of which was used or oven appeared in tho office, and probably was pat in the two or three largo boxes tho Governor bad carried away by several men just before going out of office; tiiat tho himself he took very liberally of tho stationery “ for keepsakes.” It is to bo supposed that be remarked to Secretary Bird, at the time, that, If It was known that so much of tho stationery used was that loft by Got. Washbarn, it woald modify tho good showing of tho Reformers about expenditures in hia office. At another timo be and Private-Secretary Bird once said tbo Governor was prostituting himself to common thievery; also that the Governor took a lot of postage-stamps just bo fpro leaving office, and told him and Bird they could have some, but they talked tho matter over between them, sad concluded It best not to take either; and indeed the testimony indi cates that they thought tho matter of taking so groat that there woald surely bo ao Investiga tion. It don’t appear that they were any way Implicated In tho crookedness of tbo office. llaokor told of several interviews Taylor hod trying to have him secretly return an atlas ho had taken, as ho claims, by mistake, ho rofuelng to do so nnloes openly. Tho evening setsioa was occupied with a con tinued examination of Mr. Hooker. Questions were asked by numbers of tho Oommittoo and Gov. Tavlor. The cross-examination by the lat ter bad little pofat, and brought out nothing Important. In tho course of It the Governor admitted taking roams of paner and some stamps, but nol unite so many as Hscker said. It appeared tbit the Governor hod drafts drawn in Hacker's name instead of bis own. and used envelopes with Hacker’s name on the outside, and had a lettei come in bis name, Several gontbmou have been in to hear tho testimony to-diy, and Qov. Washburn was pres ent part of thotlmo. At the conoUsion of Hacker’s testimony tho Committee adjourned to Monday evening. SUICIDE. Special Ufaateh to The Chteaa* Tribune. Lincoln. El.. April 28.—Mm. Harry Hogan attempted euicide at the American House. in fcliia city, last night, by taking a done of poison, but it is no* believed she will recover. Her husband and horsolt parted about a week ago, owing to some family troubles. Removing liito'a Heaviest Rurdon. To remove tbo harden of disease, the heaviest that poor humanity k compelled to boar, ie cor talnly a grand object, a glorious mission. As* snredly the discoverer of a remedy which ac complishes this result is entitled to the grati tude and rospeot of mankind. Such a remedy la Hostetler's Hitters, whoso great suc cess is attributable to the fact that its restora tive action upon the debilitated and disordered system is in accordance with the principles of common sense. It invigorates the sick, and, os (heir strength increases, the burden of disease f;rows lighter. It reforms those physical Irregu aritles which render weakness ohronio, ana thus eradicates the evil at ite very source. Liver complaints, mularioua fevers, constipation, urinary troubles, uterine weakness, and many other causes of general debility and ill health are completely removed by the combined tonio and alterative operations of the Bitters. DEATHS. . fcUALEV—In thii city. Friday, April 38, at I:JU p. in., J. Frank Whaloy, of tbo Chicago Evening Journal, aged S 3 j%are and 1 month. Funeral at tbo house, 981 Wllcox-av., at B:is a. m, Sunday. Will ho taken hy train to Genova, 111., foe interment. klcFNEUT—Daniel McEnery. Funeral will leave hla Ute residence, 874 Weet Polk at., Saturday. 33th, at 10:80 a. m.« for the Jeeult Church, end ttieuce by carriage* to Calvary Cemetery. CUUIBTIAN—ApriI 38, Albert Manning, infant ton Of George V. and Nettle ChrleUau. Funeral will take place at Ur. James Arnold’e, 1M Waluul-eL, Saturday, at 11 o’clock e. m. Friend* of the family aro Invited to attend. UATTESOM—At Philadelphia, April 37, Charles 0. Uattaeon. U. D., aged 31 year*. Funeral Sunday, soth Inst., at 3 O'clock p. m., from the residence of j. Uatteeoo, 160 Forte* t-ar. SlLYKUUAlfwihunday evening,, at her residence, Mo. 89 Mrs. Clara Bllveraam. widow of George Silverman. Funeral Sunday at oa. m, Prieuda iovlUd. MOHS—Willie J., youngest boo of G. W. aadlX.lL Mom. April 97, IP7B. \ Funeral at 1 p. m. today frwra Fnlton-Streei U. B, Church. POBTLBWAIT—ApriI 98, at 8 a. m., Clara Barth, daughter of 8. 0. and Llbblo Poetlowalt, aged nearly | mmitba. Funeral from the residence, llarrtaoa and Leavitt* ls„ at 9 p. m. to-day, HAMMONS—ApriI IP, at ninmonvllle, N.T., Thon>- a Hammnnw of paralysis, aged 91 years ami 7 month*. A WNOU WOEM£ WT3. Illinois eodim, or Columbian order. A Grand Council of the Sachem* will bo held *4 the Wlnwam Tuesday. May 9, at the eocond hour of ihe Moon. T. A. lIOYNE, Grand Sachem. W. IT. AMBROSE, Sagamore. THIRD WARD REPUBLICANS. Bmlncatof Importance will come bofor# the Third Ward Republican Club at 1U regular meeting this evening at the Club-Room, 000 W»bt»h-av. THIRTEENTH WARD. The Republican Club of the Thirteenth Ward wilt hold it* regular meeting tbU evening at Beni nail. Went Laho-gt., at 8 o’clock. AUCTION SALES. By ELISON, POMEROY Afc CO, Auctioneers. 04 and 60 Itandoiph-at. POR WttsliaiMs, JEWELRY, Silver or Plated Ware, GO TO A. H. MILLER’S GREAT CLEARING AUCTION SALES, EVERT DAY THIS WEEK, at 10:30 ». m* At 61 Washington-st, ELISON, POMEROY k 00., Auctioneer*. Mr. J. IT. FRENCH will conduct, the Bale. AUCTION SALE By ELISON, POMEROY & CO., MONDAY, May 1, at 5 p. m. 4HHBIMIOH HOUSES, First-class in Every Respect, FINEST LOCATION ON THE SOUTH SIDE CORNER OP DOU&LAS-PLACE AND LAKE-AV. HTTerma of payment to be made on the grounds. At Mem 903 WateMv., • Hominy Morning, May 1, at 10 O'clock. The entire Furniture of private family declining Housekeeping. English Body Brussels, Velvet and Moquetto Carpets throughout tho house. Rich Parlor Suits, Chamber Bets, a large collection rare and valuable OIL PAINTINGS, imported by the present owner. Dining-Room, Kitchen, and Laundry Furniture. Crockery, Glass, China, and Plated Ware. Whole outfit for housekeeping purchased within a few months, all in first-class order, and to bo positive ly sold. "Wait for This Sale. ELISON, POMEROY b CO., Auctioneers. By WM. A. BUTTERS & CO., AUCTIONEERS, '11*4120 WAUASH-AV. Mirrors, Chromes, Engravings, Bibles, Picture* Cards, Show-Cases, Shelving, Desks, etc., In Store No. 221 Booth Halstod-st., AT AUCTION, Friday and Saturday evenings, April 33 and 39, at Tjj o'clock. The whole Stock and Flxtorea will be closed without reserve. WM. A. BUTTERS b 00., Auctioneers, BDTTEES & CO.'S REGULAR SATURDAY SALE. At their Spacious Salesrooms, 118 & 120 Waboah-av., cor, Madison-st. HOUSEHOLD GOODS, PARLOR ORGANS, Pianos, and. Molodoons, Saturday Morning, April 39, at 0;*J0 o’clock. By G. P. GOKU & CO.,’ 68 and 70 Wabsah-ar. On SATURDAY, APRIL 30, at 9 o’clock, 10 CRATES W. G. CROCKERY. HOUSEHOLD FDEMTTDEE at 10:30 O’CM, Elegant Parlor and Chamber Seta, Walnut Ward* robes, Marble-Top Tables, Extension aud Sreakfaat Tables, Easy Chairs, Walnut Choirs and Rockers, What-Nots, Parlor and Office Desks, Showcases, Lounges, Carpets, Floor Oil Cloth, Mirrors. Pianos, Parlor Organs, a car-load of Walnut and Aab Exten sion Tables la while. O. P. GORE k CO., Auctioneers. ATTENTION la earnestly directed to the now and seasonable lines to bo offered in our Croat Auction Trade Bale of DRY QOODB on Tuesday, May 3, at 0:30 a. m. Fresh ar rival of Standard Prints, Including - Mammocks, Pa cifies, Conestogas, etc. Very desirable Dress Plaids: also Berkshire and Lancaster Ginghams, 4-4 Bleached Cottons, and H Brown Muslins. 300 pieces Block Al pacas, COO pieces Plaluand Plaid Bash Ribbons. Spring styles Shawls and Wraps, 60 cases assorted Hosiery. Clothing—A very superior and well-assorted line of custom made goods, aud a special feature in line Css slraere Pantaloons. Men’s, Boys', and Youths' Hats and Caps, including full lines Straw and Linen goods. Wlilte Goods and Linens, Gouts' and Ladles’ Hand kerchiefs, Towels, Napkins, Tablo Damasks, Loom sod Fancy Cloths, Crashes, Uamburgs, Nainsooks, Mulls, etc. Notions—Suspenders (now), Kid Gloves, Bolts, Spool Bilk. Rubber Combs, Toilet, Clotb, and SUos Brushes, Toilet Soaps, Cheap Jewelry, Pearl Dutton*. Shoe Laces. Notional Pins, RufUlugs, Flowers, Pen ana Packet Cutlery, Plated Warn, ote. Gents’ Furnishings. Overshirts, etc. CARPETS—Hemp, Venetian, sud Cotton Goods, Also 3 and 11-ply Ingrains, GEO, P. GORE At CO., 68 & 70 Wabash-ST. TUESDAY, MAY 3-Grcat Bale of Dry Goods. WEDNESDAY, MAY B—Great Trade Bale of Boots, Shoes, and Slippers. THURSDAY, MAY 4—Household Furniture. Bales at O:3U a. m. GEO. P. GORE li CO., Auctioneers, By S. N. FOWBKR & CO., Auctioneer*, 374 and 370 East Uadlaon-et. This day at a. m., at our Urge Double Store, Urge Une of new and second-hand FURNITURE, Parlor, Library, Chamber, Dining-room and Office Furniture. A very largo line o' new and mlaflt Carpel* Crockery, Glass, and 8. P. Ware. At 13 o’clock a special sale of a nearly now soda FQxnsrrAjasr, For Bent. for advorllilng purposes, the blank ea& wall of our uulldiug, 60*100. Apply at our ©nice el our Store. _ - By HIRAM. BRUSH* Office 108 Fifth-av. WILL SELL AT HOTWSODTH OAEEY-ST, Near Harrison, SATURDAY, April 39, at 10 a. »..* choice lot of Furniture, Carpet*. Bede end Boddmg. Parlor, Dining-room, and Chamber Furniture, all ol tbo beet quality and in One order, and to be Bold to tin highest bidder for caeh. IIIUAM BItDBU. Auct'f. WATOHEB THE CENTENNIAL WATCH. The vetch for the Centennial oanaaaUybe kept at I very moderate coet hy purebaetnt one of thoee elegant LADD PATENT GOLD WATCH OASES, fitted with a fine movement to match. Try it and •#* t. ur younelf. Thee* C'»*et are made In Ladle*'. OenUemen i> and Boye' ilxc*, la Boeolue. Matuenl, and Flat »h*p«*. «* all etyloe of engraving and nniah, for lUm and key-win,®** movementc el American maaaiaoture. For tale bi aeatart everywhere. None genuine auleee etamued Q* “l Lanu'a Pat." nader the bezel. CUcalir* de*crlpUre ana hUterteal eent on application by the Uanafaeturare, J, A* BROWN & 00., o6NF£GTION£RY, mm m througbool CANDYiIaSiI " Uouw, Ohlwgo.

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