Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 30, 1876, Page 10

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 30, 1876 Page 10
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10 WANTED —MADE HELP. xiootkeeDers. Clerics. &o- WANTED-A DRUG CLERK. ADDRESS. STAT -Ins eiuericnc. and talar? ripened, Y 12. Tnbaflo office. —- WT ANTED—AN EXPERIENCED <£ W young man) In a wholesale tad rsUU grocsiy. Afl dress Pll. Tribane office, WANTKD-A. YOUNG MA ?.,,IS? E °pS?bi VV posted In the retail «t«eijtn»lneM. Apotr D*- tweon I and a o'clock to-daj at!62 TVTANTE!>-a GOOD G^P- W 43, Tribnpe office. cll jSSSSSSfiIfSa Monde at In. nuatSOS v««t WBITKK TO UOPT A SET W A S\SJrbosJr%pij'ntiMiAiri>’ SArt SlO and 213 WabMb-a** ttt t. Krrn * V INVOICE CLi'-UK HSFERIENCED Wl?t£*bolMAla (traoeo: bo.lnMJ. AdditM In <nm handwritingK » Tribunoofiiea. TtrAJiTKD A FtHST-OLASS ’BOOKKEEPER. W hind^UnE. nltrActt, ud wrnu (oaly LhoM bolt of city ret oreocM new! apply), b t. trttmoo office. A fIRST-C 1 DRYGOODS SALES* W man and window trimmer. Inquire this forenoon at 134 North Clark-*t. ! ITTANTED--rniST-CLAS3 BOOKKEEPER; ONE W who tboroußbljr understands the doable entry rj*- tem.and OMdlolbe iron trade, Pnlundj °° °9* jjjj drink*, smokes, or chew*, need apply. in gja hand-writing, with references, slating salary expected, Z 62. Tribune office. ttt aNTFD— Alt experienced first-class W «»a famtahmr rood, •tore.™ Addreei. with city reference, QB, JYlboneoffico. iTTANIED-A DRUG”CLERK WHO CAN SPEAI \\Gcrn£n- AddroM CAMPHOR. Tnbnn. office. Trades* TAT ANTED—A BLACKSMI fH WHO THOROUGHLY \V taming and aoulnn ttotling ud„ l S ld E^“ l |tt o “yJ o general jobbing. Apply Immediately to b. Eli.nSOW. Karlrille, LaSalle Connty, UL . T\rAXTED-6 OR 8 GOOD CALCIMLNEKS, FIRST VV class workmen only need come: steady work, and £2*75 perday. H. BRISTOW, 561 Wabash-av. VXTANI ED—SIX FIRST-CLASS CARRIAGE-TKlil- W men- Apply to STUDEBAKEK BROS. Mann factoring Company, South Bend. Ino. tvANTEU-FUtSUO PAINTERS; SHOD WORK. VY men only need apply. Address N. F. ATWOOD, Tribune office, or Geneva Lake, Wls. \I>ANTKD-WOOD WORKER TO RENT PART OF VV a shop; roust be a sober, steady .“d * f workman, capable of doing any kiodof work; raust haye «»me money; agoud chance for a good man. Corner of Blue Islaad-av. and Kinetoenth-su lirANTED-WHITK BARBER (SINGLE): STEADV Vi work. Call at Adams House, comer State and For ty *eventb-»t*. TTrXNTED—CARPENTERS AT HIGH WOOD :P ART VV c-i, part iy.le.t»U>: work »U aiunmer. Lall at Room 47. IS Clark-st-, Mondaj at s>a. m. CARLSON. V* TANTED—PAINTERS AND CALCIMINERS. AT \V 126 Fifth-av. GEARY A SCHUELER. Y Y 7ANTED—IM M EDIATELY—A NO. I STRAW \T goods Prosser at SU Joo, Mo.good wages toa good workman: no other wanted. Address nASiiLTO.i 4 SINCLAIR, St. Joseph, Mo. Y\rANIED-A FIREMAN ENGINEER FOR A VV email steamboat; mast be strictly temperate and hare good references. Address W 78. Tribune office. WANTED—A GOODPHOTOGRAPH-OPERATOR; »* one who can retouch. Address S £9, Tribune office, stating where 1 can see yon. XV ANTED—UPHOLSTERF.RS AT 237 THIRTY- V » firet-st-; also a good girl for general housework. WANTED— SIX PLASTERERS ON KEDZIE-AV. an t Walnut-at, Apply at 17 Kamas-st. U>-dM-, or at the building Monday morning. HOLDEN A HOP KINS. YirANTED—FIRST-CLASS MAN TO REPAIR FUR- W nltnre in Gault House. P.W. OATES. TV ANTED—TWO BARBERS TO GO TO ION VV Mich.; good wage*. Inquire at 54 State-rt. YYrANTED—BOY WHO HAS WORKED AT TIN- Vi ning. 367 Wes ■ YVANTED FIRST-CLASS ENGRAVERS ON VV wood to work with an experienced draughtsman; situation permanent. J. E. RICE. Dayenport, lowa. TV ANTED—CABINET MAKERS (SEWING MA VV chine makers preferred} at the Sewing Machine Case Factory, at Grand Crossing. TV ANTED—FIRST-CLASS AND W paper banger* at BRA ID WOOD A SON’S, C6O West Lake-st- ■ TV ANTED—A CARRIAGE TRIMMER AV CAR VV ri*g A 173 and 175 West Adams-sL’ Washington-st. YVANTED—CALC IMINERS - HIGHEST WAGES VV paid to good men: come to-day; a!*o bricklayer*, stone-masons, and laborer*. W. Ss. HOFFMAN, 1176 State-st. WANTED-TEN GOOD CARPENTERS CORNER VV Clinton and DeKoven-sta., and twelve comer Wells and While-els. • TVANTED—WAGONMAKER AT HIGHWOOD; W open shop. B. ASHLEY M KARS. 100 Wasbington-st. YVANTED GORDON PRESS FEED! VI FLAHERTY ± HANNA’S, 107 Lake-st. Wanted— sard wood finishers, call Monday morning at building corner Van Boren-st. and Michigan-av. WANTKD-FIVF GOOD OALCIMINKES MONDAY morning ready for work. 146 State-st., np-stair*. B. H- SPENCER. YY7 ANT ED—THREE GOOD JOBBING CARPEN IT ter*. Call at shop rear 84 Fifth-av. Monday mum ioc- O- IL CLARK. WANTED-AT THE CHICAGO TYPE FOUNDRY VV 1 competent type carters. Apply Monday morning ftU4l Monroo-st. HARDER, LUSE A CO. TXT AN TED—TINNER—A COMPETES VY workman. 2»J and 252 Wabasb-av. VV7ANTED—TWO FIRST-CLASS Cl I V W. BATES A CO.’S, 4S Adams-at. TX7 ANTED—CARRIAGE WOOOWORKMAN. IN. »? quire at 600 State st. *IX7 ANTED—TWO HARNESS-MAKERS. Apply at \ r Squires Bros. A Co.’s, IS9 Lake-st., of A. M, SHAL CHHK. W-*NTED-GOOD CABINET AND LOUNGE VV frame maker", accustomed to nice walnut work. Union W ire Mattress Co.. 17 North Clark-st. X - !tANTED—A COMPETENT! BRASS-MOULDER \» ualight work. Constant employment and good salary to cuca. Address, giving reference, age, and ex perience, BRASS, Tribune office. _ WANTED—EIGHTEEN. INCLUDING LASTERS, VV trimmers. heelers, burnishers, finisher*. W. C. VAN ALSTYNE A CO.. IKFcaaUla-sU WANTED-A GOOD CARRIAGE PAINTER, WHO V« tv also a good striper, at 1015 Stato-st. XT7ANTED—A FULL*TEAM ON WOMEN’S FINE VV ahoos. including loster, heeler, trimmer, burnish er. andfiaStor. W.C. VAN ALsYYNE & CO.. 117 Ftauklin-et. ' WANTED—TUCK-POINTEU. APPLY AT MICHI- V » gun-av. and Thirteenth-st. ' w ANTED - FOREMAN BRICKLAYER: ONE Tv thoroughly capable of running work to advantage. Address, stating experience, Y Hi. Tribune office. W ANTED-A CABINET-MAKER AT 931 WABASH VV av. on Monday morning. WANTED—THREE GOOD PAINT BOYS THAT VV have Had from one to two years’experience at car riage painting: come prepared to work. At 196 East Washington-st, AL S. MILLAR. "WANTED-A CORE-MAKER AT DYER, LAMB A VV CO.’S foundry, comer Redficld and Stein-ets,,noar North Chicago Rolling Mills. •WANTED—PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT FOR A VV No. 1 engraver to work with a good artist. Write to J. E. RICE, Box 645, Davenport, low*. WANTED— AT 255 EAST TWENTIETH-ST.. TWO men accustomed to molding doors and one first-class "WANTED—A MAN COOK AND SECOND COOK VV who understand* waiting on taole, at 60S South H jsf cd-st.. basement. iir ANTED-NO. 1 PAINTERS AND CALCDIINERS VV st STRANG’S, 545 West Randolph-st. 1 \7ANTKD—A GOOD HORSE SHOKR AlfD JOB VV her. with small capital, to rout a shop and tools, with a good trade established in a city of 15.000 inhabit-' ants: mustbo temperate and reliable. Address, for one week, P 44. Tribune office. XV ANTED—ONE CARRIAGE PAINTER AND ONE VV carriage trimmer at 944 btste-st, Call Sunday or Monday. n\rANTED—IO PAINTERS AND CALCIMINERS. V V Call to-day or Monday at 57 South Oakley-at. O. L. SAILFY. ; XXT ANTED—GOOD CARVER BOY ON LIGHT EN VY graving, also boy to shellac. Call at 153 Mlchlgan ar. KELLY A GRAHAM. "W-ANTED—MONDAY—I3 TUCKIUINTBRS . AT V f oew Conntr Hospital, corner Wood and Hamsoo ■ts. OOONKY A DOMBEY. Wanted— 6 painters and calciminkbs. Call banday between 1 and 6 o’clock at 30 Pinm-st. IV ANTED—A GOOD GENERAL BLACKSMITH AT vl Thirty-first and Hals tod-eta.; single man pre ferred. TITANTED—IO GOOD OALCIMINERS AT SHOP 220 n Thirty-first-st., corner Indiana-av., Monday mom lag. ' TIT ANTED—A GOOD. HANDY MAN, SOMEWHAT I I acquainted with iron work, who can mako himself generally useful; one who la afraid to work or requires watching need not apply. 89 North Welis-sh, in base ment. Vir ANTED—CARRIAGE BLACKSMITH FINISHER, vl DAVID EVANS. Trenton. HI. \\TANTKD—MECHANICS OUT OF EMPLOYMENT I F to canvass for ths sale of the Peerless Wringer and the Star Flitter, In this city, on installments, it pays. Call at 422 West Madison-su Tlf ANTED—CARPENTER TO WORK, .WITH WIFK Tv to run a boarding-house. in suburban town. Apply Monday forenoon at 18 South Peoria-cA, Chicago, or ad dress A. H. HYDE. Kenosha, Wis. *\I7*ANTED-A FIRST-CLASS GAS-FITTER, ONR YY that can bang gas-fixtures. M. J. WILSON, 119 Twenty-aocond-st. Call early May L WANTED—AIFIRST-RATB GEAR-MAKER ABLE V| to turn his band to bodies. 22 sod 84 East Adams-st WANTED - PAINTERS. APPLY AT 777 HUB- If bard-st- TTTANTED—CALCIHINt£RS AT 13S BAST HARRI II aonsu. Monday; $2.50 per day for goodmon;no others need apply. WANTED— A CYLINDER PRESS-FEEDER, AT WANTED-TWO OB THREE CARPENTERS MON. day morning, earner Wood and Washlngton-sts. A. ADAMS. • WANTED- CAKE BAKER WHO CAN ORNA xnent and make ioe-orsara. Apply at 330 West Indisna-st. Smplovment Asenoxe*. ■WANTED—76 MEN FOR NORTHERS PACIFIC II Railroad, leave May 1; SflO for Covington. Columbus £ Black Hills Railroad: 35 farm-hands. Northwest earner South Water and Olark-sts. G. U. MITCHELL. Tlf ANTED—IO FARM HANDS AND SO RAILROAD l» men for Illinois, to leave Monday morning; free fare. ANDREW G. BING A CO., 17 North Clark-sU TTf ANTED—3OC LABORERS FOR IOWA AND 100 VI for Illinois, 1 boarding-boss with outfit, and 1 black smith: free fare at S 3 West Randolph -el. J. H, SPUR BECK 4 CO., saooessors to C. V. Snell A Co. WANTED— TO LEAVE FOR THE N. P. R. lw Monday. 60 men- Also, railroad aodfarm hands for Ulnois. 26u Sooth Water-at. R. G. HAIGHT. WANTED—MALE HELP. Coacbzncu. Xeamsrors. dSo 'TTTANTKD—A GERMAN FOLLY ACQUAINTED V f with driving bonce and taking first-class care of car riages and horses, and knows how to feed the latter; must nsake himself generally neefnl. and not associate with neighboring bortlcrs or cpaclHßoa. Wont every_aai- Wages low. Apply to ALLAN PINKERTON, 193 Fifth* av., upstairs. . _ MlsooUnneon*. - ___ WAItTED CANVAS3EES FOR THE KEW American sawing Tn mrrMna - Liberal inducements. 2-H Wabash-av., Chicago. WANTED— A GENTS. ANY MAN WITH BRAINS can make SSOO a month soiling our loiter copying book. Anyone that has a letter to write wUi bn/it* Jo press or water used, bend 83 or stamp tor circular. EXCELSIOR CO.. 16 Tribune Building. TIT - ANTED—A SMART TODNO MAN SOMEW HAT W acquainted with tbe wholesale grocery “*J e » *4°. can oome well recommended, for office and »treot work. ■tare experience and salary expected. Address sr W, Tribune offleo. . tir a>'TEl>-young man to work in market VV earden; Englishman preferred; good nay and of work!™ Comer Serenty-sixth-it. and Stoney Is land-av. at Grand Crossing. ANTED-A MAN AND WIFE; MAN TO TAKK cars of boraca. milk cow, and »! ,6^ I f^a n Lj r Jj e to cook. wuh. and iron. Apply Toes day. May 2, to E. FEAC6OK, corner Portland-ar. and rhlrty-aerentb-at. Must both apply in person. TtrAKTED-A BRIGHT. SMART BOY IN OFFICE W to do errands: one acqualntedwith the wholeialo grocery nouses preferred. Inqaire at HandlSß ADVERTISER WHO HAS AN AR tide in universal demand wishes to meet with a trav eler who represent* either the druc, notion. toot and shoe trade on commission. To a first-class party Idwral arrangement* will to made. Apply or address UKREU liUl.iOiN *k CU.. 187 and 189 hast Kinilo-st TV ANTED-AN INTELLIGENT COLORED BOY VY for work about the honao; boots, etc. Apply niter UXB Wabash-av. WJ ANTED—ACTIVE AIF.N AND WOMEN TO SELL VY in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois. lowa, and adjoining States. Monlignaai's adjustable sponge, brush, and mop holder. It is an article required m every household, store, and office; a fast-selling article. spalLcost, gentoel buimoa?, pars well. For reference and full particulars address UaIX, WOOD A LYON. 164 South Water-st., Chicago, JIL WONTED-BOY ABOUT 15 YEARS OLD, INTEL- Ugent, writing good hand, living with parents, to enter counting-room of a wookly newspaper and work up. Address, in own hand, X 54, Tribune office. WANTED— AG ENTS TO CANVASS IN CITY AND country. Apply to P. GORMLGY, Jr., 87 Dear born-at. (to basement) Monday morning. ANIED-A SOLICITOR BY A FIRST-CLASS artist In crayon. Tbo right penon osn make it psy well. N. L. BAKLOW.I2I Lake-at.. Room?. WfANTED—CANVASSERS TO SELL THE NEW » f light-running Domestic Sowing-Machine in the city. 18J Stato-st, W A^ £ £-„ F r^ u^t^Sw¥oW: •TAIN CO., 131 Lake-st. .. WANTED— A STOUT ACTIVE YOUNG MAN TO act as porter in a wholesale hat and cap house. Ap ply with references at 239 and 341 East Madison st. ANTED-A STEADY YOUNG MAN TO ASSIST in photograph gallery: good chance to a smtable person. At Art Gallery. .129 In eat Madison»st. W ANTED-A JANITOR FOR CALEDONIA BUILD ing. Apply at Room 4, in basement, Monday at 9a. m. Z 91, Tribune office- ___ T\,''ANTED—ANY MAN OUT OF. EMPLOYMENT VV who has §125 cash can get situation in a saloon, and good security for tho money. N 54, Tribune office. WANTED—A FEW MEN*»F RESPECTABLE AD • V dross, who haro had some experience at city can vassing. Salary and commission paid. Address V 21, Tribune office. WANTED—A GOOD SALESMAN AND COLLKC- V» tor to call on grocer* and druggists In tho country. None need apply who cannot deposit 8330 cash security, and give good references. Address R 6a, Tribune office. WANTED—A MAN AND HIS WIFE TO GO INTO YV tho country; man to boa good milker and care of borwa; tho woman to do general housework. Address, with references, R 43, Tribune office. WANTED— 25 GOOD MEN, MONDAY MORNING, to canvass in this city the b«t selling thing out. Must hare Pin every house. * McCOk A OANSON, 199 South Clark-st., Room 3. YVANTED—AGENTS FOR THE FAO SIMILE OF VV tho original Declaration of Independence in tho handwriting of Thomas Jefferson. A Centennial «mn o»lty that everybody wants. Union Book Concern, 56 Me tropoliUn Block, Chicago. W ANTED-A BOY 16 ORIB YEARS OLD TO Vi OKK in greon-houso and gardon: German or Scandina vian who can speak English preferred. Call at 519 Cot tage Grove-av. WANTED—FOR THE BLACK HILLS—PARTIES VV goingcanget their photographs for $2 perdoren, or four tintype* for 60 cents, A. PAPINEAU S art-gal lery, 612 State-at. WANTED-A BOY ABOUT 16 YEARS OF AGE; W ono who boards with his parenW preferred. Address X 48, Tribane office. _____ WANTED-A SMART. ACTIVE BOY, 14 TO 19 VV year* old, to do all kinds of work. Including print ing on a hand-press, in a mill-fomUhlng and commission wages, $23 por month. Address R 20, Tribune office. TirASTED-A YODNG MAS OR LADY TO I. EARS VV the art of photography. Call at or address <23 South lialsted-st. ___ W ANTED-A LAUNDRYMAN OP GOOD AD drees, roust understand bis business; Chinaman preferred Call at ZOLINE office, 131 Lake-st.. from 9 to 10 a. Monday. YVANTED—MEN FOR THE FASTEST SELLING VV article in America. 81 samples free to men who mean business. KAY 4 CO., Chicago. TTT ANTED—AN INTF.LUGKNT AND ACTIVE BOY V» in an insurance office; most bo able to write a fair band and furnish good references. Address A 33, inn ooe office. __ ANTED-MEN TO SELL RUBBER MARKING pen?, perfume shells. Pays immensely. American Novelty Company. 113 East Maoison-st., Room 19. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS OFFICE MAN. ONE haring had experience, and come well recommend od for integrity, business capacity, etc., and loan SiMO. or take interest in a nnt-class legitimate and established business. Address 225, Tribune office. "WANTED-A FEW LIVE MEN IMMEDIATELY. VV MnMTT.T.AN BROS., 196 East Madison-st. WANTED —MAN USED TO DOING CHORES round hotel. Apply at Oxford House, Moduon-st. and Wabssh-av.. before 10 o’clock Monday. WANTED-A MAN WHO IS FAMILIAR WITH VV several languages, to represent a large manufactur ing firm in the agricultural department of the OenteumaL Address V 83, Tribune office. XX7 ANTED—AN ABLE BOOK SALESMAN TO \ * taknentiru control of a serial work, splendidly illus trated aid treating of subjects both interesting and of general utility. Address P 32, Tribune office. IVANTED-BOY; ONE THAT CAN CUT MKATI VV One that resides with bis parents preferred. Call a. 75 West Adams-st. Monday morning. ANTPD—A GOOD BOY FOR LAUNDRY: MUST VV live at home and give references. Apply Monday morning at 185 East Monroo-st. TX7ANTED—TRAVELING SALESMEN AND CAN VV raisers of experience to sell a specialty; good pay. Room 1?, 1(S Waabiagton-st. T\7ANTED - A CITY COLLECTOR; ACTIVE VV young roan with good character: references; securi ty required; salary moderate. Address 3. 26, Tnbune office. • ' TT7ANTED—MAN WITH SMALL CAPITAL TO VY act as Treasnror for first-class entertainment; call Immediately. R.BATES,Itg West Randolph-st.. Room 8. TT7ANTED—IOO MORE AGENTS. MALE AND FE VV male, to sell an article as staple as floor. Every store and housekeeper will buy it. Commissions largo. MARTIN A CO., 35S Stato-st. WANTED-A BOY TO ACT AS CASHIER, ONE VV who has bad some experience. Apply at WHEEL AX’S Tousorial and Bothing Rooms, comer Clark end Washington-sts. WANTED-IMMEDIATELY-A MAN ACCUSTOM ed to collect and deliver for laundry; one having eome preferred; good pay. Address F 51, Trib une office. ' rs> ANTED—CANVASSERS AND ENE KGETIO MEN VV to sell a valuable article, eewlng-mschlno agents oi- ING COMPANY, Room 18, 186 Dearbom-st. WANTED— RELIABLE AND COMPETENT MEN to scllState and Countv Right* for a new and valua ble invention iustpatented. C»B or address THR VARI ETY MANUFACTURING COMPANY, Room 18, 136 Dearborn-at. _ WANTED-10,000 WORKINGMEN TO ATTEND VV mass-meeting of the Socialistic Workingmen's Par ty, at3p. m.» to-day, at Arbeiter Hall, Desplalnes-st., near Msdison. McGuire will epoak. WANT£D-FE MALE HELP. Domestics- WANTED— A WOMAN TO COOK, WASH, AND VV iron in a small family: must be competent: German or American preferred. Call to-day. 243 Wabasb-av., Room 1. __ WANTKD-AT 51 ASULAND-AV.. A FIRST-CLASS \ V ftrl for general housework; German or Swede pro* forred- __ WANTED-AN INTELLIGENT SWEDE OR NOR VY weeian girl to do general housework; family email, work light. Call Toeeday at 158 Vincennoa-av. TVTANTED—A FIRST-CLASS WOMAN COOK AT TV the Nevada Hotel. 15P Wabash-av.; no other need apply. ■firANTED—AT 1M AND IS6 SOUTH STATE-ST., A W good chambermaid; none but experienced need apply. ANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework in a small private family. Call at 1233 Indlana-av. ANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE work; must bo a good cook. Call to-day at 157 West Jscksoa-st. __ YT7ANTED—AT 709 WEST ADAMS-ST., GIRL TO >V cook, wash, and iron In private family. WANTED—® NORTH DEARBORN-ST.. A FIRST \v class dining-room and chamber glrL Also, a good girl to do washing and ironing. W ANTED-A COOK-APPLY AT 23 MICHIGAN, av. Monday moming.l WANTED-GIRL TO DO LIGHT WORK FOR board and learn dressmaking at 842 Hubbard-st., near Westera-av. Call Monday. ' WANTKD-A GERMAN GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework. Must be a good washer and ironer. Apply at 138 Twantleth-st. IITANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE VV work In family of two. Apply at 1500 Desrbora-st. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL WHO CAN MAKE IT herself osefnlabouta bones. Apply at 4SI Wabash av.. corner Eldridge-conrt- W ANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE work in a private boarding-house. Apply at 131 West Crie-st. WANTED— A GIRL TO DO DINING-ROOM AND chamber work. La Fierro House, corner Washing ton and Halsted-sts. WANTEO-A FIRST-CLASS IDINING-ROOM GIRL fora boarding-honse. Apply at basoment of 238 West Washingtoa-st. WANTSD-GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, at 454 Sonth Irring-plaoe, between Folk and Taylor, and Leavitt and Oakley-sls- WANTED—SERVANTS. PLEASE CALL IN PER VY »on or by note at 583 East Kinzio-st-, comer of Pan- Una. M. A. A. WANTED—A STRONG, COMPETENT PROTEST -11 ant woman (German prelerred) to go to Nebraska, to cook, wash, and iron for a small family. Apply at 395 Snpcrior-sU WANTED— A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HODS&- vrock; mast also be a good cook. Call at 891 Indi ana-av. THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: SUNDAY. APRIL 30, 1876-SIXTEEN PAGES WANTED—jraMAIjE^HEIiP^___ Domestics—Continued. Wanted- ■■ good, steady girl for GF.y. ?i4rh-.u.ct.oikta».m»lll»mi!7: niu.tbs a good washer aud iroMr.. Swede or Norncslan preferred. Ay. ply at ISS Walaaf-aU. between Llacola and nT ANT ED—GIRL 16 YEARS OLD TO TAKE CARE \\ of a child. M Thirteenth-place. . lii WEST WASHI.NGTON.STe. A \ V first-class girl for general housework in private fam- Uyof loor. rTrANTED—FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, A W neat, tidy, and competent girl. Must understand washing, boning, aid cooking. Apply «D 0 Wabtufa-ar. TtTANTKD—GIRL ■TO DO GENERAL lIOUSE v> work. Call Monday af 237 Walnnt-at. TI7ANTKO-A SECOND GIRL. CALL BETWEEN VV 9 and 3 o’clock. 859 Wabashar. TTTANTED-A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO DO GEN* Yr oral Housework in a small family in tbe suburbs. Apply at 197 South Wood-st. WANTED—A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL tY housework; one not afraid of work; no Irish. 631 West Adams-st. • I*7 ANTED—GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK VV at 171 Uo'TB-st., North Side, between Center and Sophla-eta. No Irish. WANTED— GIRL FOR HOUSHWORK IN SMALL family; wagaa.B2.6o. 303 West Harrlson-et. WAITED— A COMPETENT WOMAN FOB GEN oral hoauwork. Apply at 691 Calamet-ar. 117 ANTED—A COLORED WOMAN TO COOK. V* wash, andiron in a private family. Must bo well recommended. Apply on and after Monday at 418 North Doarborn-st. TWANTED-A woman to cook, wash, and it iron: also a young girl for second work. Call Mon* day at 906 Michigao-av. _ WANTED-AT 6)0 WEST MONROE-ST.. A GOOD, steady girl to do general housework; must bo a good ocok, washer, and ironer; throe in family. Recommend aliens required. TIT ANTED—OOO D GIRL TO DO GENERAL IV housework at 2 iA South Greea-st.; small family. TSTANTED—A FAMILY OP FIVE. WHO KEEP VV man servant and kitchen girl, want a reliable second girl, who can sew and la kind to children. Give name, age. and nationality, and wages expected. Address n 31, Tribune office. WANTED— A YOUNG GIRL TO ASSIST IN DO ing general housework in a private family: roust un derstand washing and Ironing. Call at 357 W est Congress at. Monday. TTf ANTED—TWO GERMAN GIRLS. ONE FOR VV general housework and one to tako care of two chil dren. Apply at 235 Wait Congress-st., between Morgan and Abcnioon. WANTED-A GIRL FoR GENERAL UOUSB work, to go in the country. Apply at £8 Fulton-st. Sunday and Monday. TIfANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE VV work. Apply .Monday morning. 23S Warren-av. AVANTKD—A GOOD AMERICAN, SCOTCH, OR VV Swedish girl for general housework. Apply at5S Rhode*-av., cornerThirty-aocond-st. YT7ANTED—FIRST-CLASS GIRL FOR GENERAL V V housework in small family; referonoo required. In quire for two days at 359 South P&rk-av. \\T ANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE- W work. Apply at 1086 Indiana-av. UTANTKD-A GOOD SERVANT FOR. GENERAL VV housework; references required. V 59, Tribune office. ’ ’ ANTED—AT 429 WEST MONROR-ST.. AN AOT- Ito, tidy girl for dining-room and second work. T\7ANTED—GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK: VV must bo a good cook; Norwegian or German pro* ferred. Call in afternoon at 74 East Twelfth-sL WANTED— A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE work with good references to so in tho country in a small family. Inquire at 473 West Randolph-st. Monday. TvfANTED-A GOOD COOK AND WASHER’aTXI33 VV Indiana-av. WANTED— COMPETENT GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework; reference?required. Apply first house on Orchard-st. north of Fullerton-av. WANTED-COOK AND LAUNDRESS, 121 SOUTH Saogamon-st. Como to stay. WANTED—A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND IRON VV cr; steady placo aud good wages to a competent girl. Call at 2*3 Ohio-et. W ANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL housework. Inquire Monday at Room 2, 157 South Clark-st. W ANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL UOUSE work. 80 Micbigun-ar. W ANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO THE QEN eral housework of a/family of throe. No. 375 Mich jgan-av., basement, to-day. YTIANTkD—TWO DINING-ROOM GIRLS AND W laundress, Lakesido Hall, Evanston. Call it 103 Washington-fit., Monday, 11 o’clock a, m. W. P. JONES. Wanted— a gTrT7tolsook7vvXsh andironT also second girl: German or Scandinavian pre ferred. Apply at 303 West Randolph-st. WjINTED-A COMPETENT GIRL FOR GENERAL housework in a small family: wages $3 a week. Ap ply at 63 Throop-sL Monday forenoon. WANTED— A YOUNG GIRL ABOUT 14 OR 15 year* old. Apply at onoo. 363 Wost Fifteantb-si. •\VANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL VV housework. Apply at brick cottage between Hoyno and Lcavitt-sts., on van Boren. W ANTED-A GOOD RESTAURANT COOK WHO understands getting up orders: none bnt experi enced hands need apply. West Sid* Tivoli Gardon. Nos. 89 aud 91 South Haliled-tt. WANTED— A CAPABLE GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework in a email family: either Norwegian. German, or Swedish; references required. Apply at 1553 Indiana-av. ; . WANTED— A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE work; must ho a good washer and ironer: Gorman or Swede preferred. Apply at No. 62 Twenty-fourth-sc., comer Calumet-av. WANTED— A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work. Call Sunday or Monday at 163 Walnot-st. WANTED— GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, at Evanston. A pply at 158 Clark-et, second floor. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work. Call Monday a. ro. at 48 Slxteenth-st. WANTED-A COMPETENT ENGLISH OR v V Scotch girl. In a small family. Must be a good cook, washer, and ironer. Cal! Monday at 57 Pa fk-av. WANTED— A COMPETENT SECOND GIRL IN A private family. Swede or German preferred. Call at 470 Washington-st. Reference required. WANTED—AT 312 WEST RANDOLPH-ST-AN Yv Irish girl for general housework, in a small family. ANTED—GIRLHELP - IN - HOUSE AND AT tend to children. Apply in feather store, 1173 Stato-st. WANTED—GOOD GIRL FOB GENERAL HOUSE * V work; references required. Call Monday at 253 Cal umet-av. "WANTED—A COMPETENT OIRL TO DO GEN- V V eral housework at 1166 Prairie-av. Scandinavian or German preferred. WANTED-A STRONG GIRL FOR GENERAL YV housework, at 151 Loomls-st.; pay $3. WANTED— A GOOD SWEDE OR NORWEGIAN for general housework; references required. Inquire J;334 West Monroo-st. "WANTED—A GOOD GERMAN OR SOANDENA VV vian girl for general housework In small a family. 162 Vincenncs-vr. WANTED-A NEAT GIRL (NOT IRISH) FOR V V general housework. 613 Vornon-av., near Thirty slxth-st. \xr ANTED-COMPKTENTGIRLTO COOK. WASH, VV and iron, recommended. 128 Twemy-fonrth-st., near Indiaua-av. WANTED— A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL housework; small family; good wages. Apply for throe days at 14 Congress Park, two doors beyond West em-ar., near Van Buren-st., across railroad track; also want small glri as nurse. WANTED— GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK: one that can come ready for work; no Irish need apply. 627 llobbsrd-at., comer of Lincoln. ■WANTED-A GERMAN OR SWEDISH GIRL TO VV do kitchen work. Apply at 418 Chicago-av., op posite the Water-Works. WANTED-A KITCHEN GIRL; MUST BE GOOD cook and laundress; best reference required. Ap ply Monday between 9 and 10 a. m. 573 West Lako-st. WANTED-A GERMAN OR SWEDE GIRL TO DO goueral housework in small family. 268 Park-av. \ITANTED-A GIRL fob general house- VV work, Applyat34 Harvsrd-st.. between Campbell and Western-avs. German or Norwegian preferred. WANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUsE work In a small family; good wages paid. Apply at 356 Msy-st., near Taylor. WANTED-A SERVANT GIRL FOR GENERAL VT housework. German or Swede preferred, si 313 War ren-av. WANTED-A PANTRY GIRL AT THE RESTAU VV jant, 64 Lake-st. WANTED-A GOOD COOK AND SECOND GIRL TT in a small private family: Irish not wanted. Apply at 421 West Monroo-iLon Monday morning aitordo’clock, WANTED-GOOD STOUT GIRL TO WASH, AND iron, end work around the house; no cooking. Ap ply at 255 East ladlaaa-st, -ITfANTED-A . GIRL FOB GENERAL HOUSE tt work In a email family. Apply ready to remain at 504 Fulton-sL WANTED-A GERMAN GIRL TO DO - GENERAL it housework; to a competent girl good wagea and a good homo will |be given. Apply at oneo at 739 West Monroe-et. WANTED— A GIRL FOR HOUSEWORK AT 13 Dnpaystor-st. ANTED-WOMEN WITH CHILDREN WANTING work by the week, and German, Norwegian, and Swede girl* for general housework, may apply to the office* of the Good Samaritan Society, Room 11, ITS East Ran dolph-at. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL > T housework for two in family. Call at 150 South Ulin ton-at. W ANTED-A GOOD COOK: ALSO A GIRL FOR second work. Apply at 294 Il!inois-st. WANTED— A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL housework at 10 North EUzaboth-at, TS7ANTED—A GIRL TO COOK, WASH, AND IRON Iv in a private family. Apply at 7IS Weal Harrison s~, one block west of Ashlsnd-av. WANTED— A GOOD GIRL ONR THAT IS FULLY competent to oook. 715 West Monroe-st. W* ANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL TO COOK, wash, and Iron for a small family. References from previous employers required. 903 West Jackson-st. WANTED— A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work at No. 196 Sooth Peoria-st. W ANTED-A NEAT, CAPABLE GIRL, EITHER Scandinavian or German, for general housework, at 1231 Michigan-av. W ANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE work; come prepared to commence work. 499 West Msdlson-at. W ANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL FOB GENERAL housework at I£4 Park-av. No Irish. TIT ANTED—GOOD SMART GIRL FOR SECOND IT work and general housework; also one about 14 years old. 1079 Wabash-av. TIT ANTED—GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOTSE WORK If at 157 East T M { North Side. WANTED— ONE FIRST-GLASS FEMALE COOK, one laundress, ono cleaning girl, 000 dining-room girl at Merchants* Hotel Call Monday morning. WANTED-GIKL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK Monday morning, with references. 651 Micblcan-ar. \\T ANTED—IMMEDIATELY—A CHAMBERMAID, v » one thoroughly competent, that Is a good wasoer and Irenes. Northeast comer of State and Monroo-sta., Room 16. WANTED— GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSJS werk at 539 West Tajior-st. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domoatios—ContJnnod. WANTED-A GERMAN OR„ SOANDINAVIAN girl for general housework. Call to-day and to morrow at BJ7 Fulton st- . - or anted-a good willing girl ln a pri- Vi rate family: roust bo a first-class waclior Call atol North Lcaritt-it., ncarFultou. Rofercncos re quired. - *TV*ANTED—GENERAL HODSE GIRL AT 178 WAR TT ren-av. lUfcreuoes required. TirANTED—COMPETENT GIRL TO D° GENERAL VV housework; German or Swede preferred. Apply Monday. May 1. at tS3 Wot Monroe-st. _ ; WANTED-A GERMAN GIRL TO DO PLAIN cooking, washing, and ironing In a small '.fwilj. Apply at 63 Ssager-st., nearArcher-av., Mondaymoroing. ■^TANTED—IMMEDiATEXY—GIRLTO DO GENER- I > al housework In small family. HH Indlana-ar. WANTED-A GERMAN OR SWEDE GIRL TO DO general housework for two persons. Apply at 488 Marshneld-av., West Side. • XTf ANTED—AT 3U WEST WASHTNGTON-ST., A VV girl competent to do general housework in a small private family; Swede or Norwegian preferred. Milliners. „ WANTED SIX GOOD TRIMMERS. NONE other need apply. MEYER'S, 133 State-si. Wanted- straw-sewers and alterers at STRAIN’S hat and bonnet bleachery, 1693 Ar- DOld-Bt. ANTED-EXPERIE.VCED STRAW AND FANCY braid hat sowers at TURKINGTON’b 138 and U 0 Wabash-ar. - WANTED-THREE FIRST-CLASS TRIMMERS AT jIUS. 11. KAUFMAN'S. 28S West Madl«on-»t. ANTED-A MILLINER. ONLY A GOOD HAND need apply. Inquire at SoQ or 312 Milwankeo-ar. raoamaTTOS.e.* WANTED— HANDS ON LADIES' UNDERWEAR, to take their pay In sowing-machines. IRA D. OWEN A CO.. 213 East Madtson-at. ANTED—EXPERIENCED STRAW-BRAID SEW ere, at TURNER BROS., 70State-st. WANTED—GIRLS TO RUN SEWING-MACHINES, V i Address X 48, 'Tribune office. XTTANTED—DRESSMAKER*TO SETTLE AT HIOH VV wood. B. ASHLEY AIEAIIS. ItfU ashlogton-st. XYTANTED-SEAMSTRESS WHO CAN CUT; ALSO VV run Florence mackino. 1184 Indlana-av. ANTED—A PEW APPRENTICES TO BEARN dressmaking at 58M Carpeater-at-, corner Madi eon. MISS M. L SttWAHP. WANTED—2S GIRLS WITH SEWING-MACHINES. VY to work on aprons and drosses. Apply Monday, be tween 8 and 10 a. m.. 46 South Clark-st., basement. WANTED—A FEW GOOD VV None but experienced bands. J. W. GRISWOLD A CO., S 4 and 66 East Madisoa-st. TTT ANTED-DRESSMAKKRS WITH SEWI.NOJIA- W chines; also apprentices; only good sewers. IBS North Clark-at. _ XXTANTED—IO GOOD SHIRT-MAKERS. BROWN VY A PRIOR, 163 Wabaahav. ANTED EXPERIENCED SHIRT MAKERS with the Wheeler A Wilson machine; the work can bo done at home. TOMLIftaON A CO., ISOStste-st. •\ITANTED-A NRAT.SMAKT GIRL TO WORK FOR Vr her board and learn dressmaking; also a neat dress finisher. £37 Wabaah-ay. -WANTED - FIRST-CLASS OPER ATORS AND W bntton-hole makers. “Lone Star’ bhlrt Co., 188 Dcarborn-st. YT7 - ANTED—IOO EXPERIENCED HANDS WITH V V all kinds of sewing-machines; steady work and good pay. 322 South State-sU ; TITANTED-2 GOOD SEWING Glßfis ABLE TO \V run a machine. Apply at Sal Unron-st., Monday morning, early. tl 7ANTKD -T WO FIRST-CLASS _ DRESSMAKERS. W al»o two apprentices. 119 Sonth Jofferson-st. ANTEU-FIRST-CLASS HANDS CAN- FIND work on overall*, jumpers, and shirts. Yon can purchase a micblno and have work to pay for same if yon wish. Lake Shore Maof. C0..219 West Madlson-st. NTT ANTED—A YOUNG GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF \\ a child 7 years old, and do some second work. Ap ply at 1073 Wabaah-av. WANTED-A YOUNG GIRL TO TAKE CHARGE of and amuse the children. Apply at ICOI Most Adams-st. ANTKD-A YOUNG GERMAN OR SWEDE GEL as parse-maid. Apply at 839 Wabash-av. IX7 ANTED—A GOOD COMPETENT NURSE-GIRL; W references required. Apply at 744 West Waahing ton-st- _ ■yy ANTED—A NURSE-GIRL AT 1256 INDIANA-AV. WANTED— A GOOD. SMART GIRL ABOUT 11 »f years of ace to take care of a baby. Apply to JOHN VAN* HORN, 132 South Clark-st., basement. WANTED— AN AMERICAN OR ENGLISH GIRL. 13 to In years old, to tend children and make herself arcful, at £92 West Coogrcss-st., comer Paulina. ~ASTRD=T~TniYT TO TAKE CARE OF OHlL dren and assist with sewing. Apply Monday at 425 Monroo-st. IV ANTED-A LITTLE NURSE GIRL. M NORTH Vf Curtis-at. WANTED-A COMPETENT WOMAN AS NURSE to take care of two little children. English prefer red, Inquire Monday at 121 Koah-st. X*annaresse«- WANTED— ONE GOOD LAUNDRY GIRL AT THE Douglas House. ANTED—TEN SHIKT-IRONERS AND ONE etarebar. FORD’S Laundry. 74 Tfaird-av. ANTED—A GOOD COLLAR-IRONEB AT 63 West Lake-st. None bat good need apply. WANTED ONE FIRST-CLASS WASHER AND one ironer. Bohemian or Scandinavian. 239 Fourth ar., corner Taylor-8t„ in laundry. TIT ANTED— IRONERS AND WASH- W era at WILSON’S laundry, comer of State and Thirty-fourth-sta. WANTED—FiRST-CLASS IRONERS AT 0. K. W Laundry, 420 Wabash-av. •WANTED—AN EXPERIENCED IRONER, WOMAN. Vr Steady work and good pay. 323 South State-st. , WANTED - IMMEDIATELY, A FIRST-CLASS VV shirt-polisher. Address G. A. FLAGG A CO., Peoria, 111- WANTED FIVE NEW SHIRT IRONERS. Kievan cents paid for first-class work. WOOD BROS. 4 CASK, 236 Wabash-av. Honsoseevora- WANT ED-AN AMERICAN LADY AS WORKING « V housekeeper in a widower’s family, to go to Evans ton. Apply at 450 Irving-placc to-morrow morning. \\T ANTED —AS HOUSEKEEPER FOR THREE VV gentlemen, a German or French Protestant woman of respectability, fair education, and a good cook. Good city references required. A widow with one child would have a good home. Address, with references, ago, etc., Q 15, Tribane office. Bznplovment Agencies. TTTANTKD-A capable girl to cook, wash, VV and Iron in a smaU private family in Kenwood. Hyde Park: Irish. German, or Scandinavian. Call Monday, af ter 10 a. m., at MISS BARTON’S office, 868 State-st., near Eighteenth.; WANTED GERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN girls for private families, hotels, and laundries, city and country, at Mrs. DUSKE'S. 80 Milwaukee-av. WANTED—I CAN SUPPLY FIFTY COMPETENT VV girls with first-class positions. Call early Monday. All nauonalities are welcome. lam a friend to tho ear nest working-women. NETTA G. ROOD, 51 LaSallo at., ground floor. WANTED— FIRST-CLASS GIRLS FOR GENERAL housework, of all nationalities. Ladies wanting first-class help will do well by caUing on Mrs. SANDER, 463 West Madlson-at. Miscellaneous- WANTED— A LADY FROM SO TO 85 YEARS OF age to act os cashier In a position where the keeping of the books is somewhat complicated. Most write a clear and legible hand and understand composition. None but a competent person need apply. Salary small bat sure. Apply In own handwriting to P.-O. Box 337 Chicago. WANTED— IMMEDIATELY —25 EXPERIENCED book-folders and sowers. RAND, MoNALLY A CO, 77 and 79 Madlson-st. TTTANTED-GIRLS TO ASSORT RAGS AT M. VV HARRIS A BRO.’S. 216 and 218 South Jefferson st. None but experienced hands need apply. WANTED-LADY CANVASSERS TO SELL THE new light-running Domestic Sowing-Machine in the city. ISO State-st. TV ANTED—APPRENTICE TO LEARN ALL KINDS VV of hair work and hair jewelry. Tools and stock for salo on account of departure. R 62, Tribane office. TTTANTBD—ONE POWER LOOM WEAVER. A. G. VV GARFIELD AGO., 59and61 WestWaahington-st. WANTED-TWO GIRLS 16 YEARS OP AGE ON light manufacturing. A. G. GARFIELD A CO.. S9and 6fWost Wasblngton-st. VV ANTED—LADIES TO SELL PERFUME, CHRO VV mo*, shells, needle books, and polish. American Novelty Company, 113 East Madison-sL, Room 19. TTTaNTED-A neat. ORDERLY GIRL FROM 14 Tv to 16 rears of age to assht in dental office; mnstlivo nearTwenty-eecond-st. Address Z 33, Tribune office. WANTED— 3 FIRST-LASS EXPERIENCED MIL* liner? salesladies. HOTCHKIN, PALMER ± CO.. 137 and 139 State-st. WANTED-TWO GIRLS, ONE TO TEND CIGAR ■tore, the other for general housework. Apply at 1373$ West .Lake-at. TXT ANTED—RIGHT LADIES TO STUDY FOR THE VV stage: all branches taocht. Alto, ballet girts. LYNCH 1 PARSONS. Rooms 14 and 15,161 East Ran TITAN TED-A YOUNG LADY AS GOVERNESS VV to go to the country to teach young children, who can also teach music, most give good references. Ad dress W. VOORHRIS, Tribune office. SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE, Bookkeepers. Clerks. Et& SITUATION WANTED-AN ACCOUNTANT HAV ing seven years* experience with a large man ufacturing company is open to engagement. Good refer ences. Address X 66, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—IN WHOLESALE DRUG bos in ess by a young man with several years’ ex perience. References if required. Address Y 51, Tribnne office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A WELL-EDUCATED Russian young man, who speaks good German. English, Rntsisn, and Polish; understands French and writes a good band: has a willingness to tom bis band to any faon orable employment for small wages. Y 34. Tribone office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS PRE seriptionoleikof 11 yean* experience; has best of city references. Address P 66, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—AS BOOKKEEPER, COR respondent, or general manager in a jobbing house where the manufacture of baking-powder would be added to their business. Can show a clear margin of SO to 25 . per cent, and the best goods in the city. Undoubted references given. Address R 44, Tribnne office. SITUATION WANTED-DRUGGIST—AS PRE* scription clerk with ton years' experience. Can fur nish satisfactory reference. Address S 39. Tribnno office. SITUATION WANTED-AS CLOTHING SALRS xnan. by a man with long experience: speaks German and the Scandinavian languages, and who can come well recommended. Large trade can be influenced. Address Pa, Tribune office. OITUATION WANTED-AS DRUGGIST IN WHOLE- O sale or retail; hav* had an experience of over 13 years; reference given. Address S, £23 Jdaxwell-fet- OITUATION WANTED—AS BOOKKEEPER, BILL- O ing clerk, or traveling agent by an expert accountant and good salesman: ean give best references: will work cheap. and has no objection to going cat of town. Address R 65, Tribnne office. SITUATIONS WAjraS3--MAL’S^ Eoothcopors. Gloria. Co."Contmnod OITIJATION WANTED-AS CLOTHING hAU.h- O man, by a Hebrew young man. 8 >cars experience, eerera! In city. Address X 92, Tribune othca. QITUATIOK WANTED—BY A cat.VDUArE OF O the Ontario Coll-ge of Pharmacy, in ■tore; country preferred;goodreference*. Address! a, drawer 218, London, Ont» ___ . SITUATION WASTSD-BY A TRAVELING O salesman of experience. No, I reference. Address P 45, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN AS bookkeeper, assistant bookkeeper, or as clerk in a basincss house: his had good business experience. Ad» dress W 95, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-AS SALESMAN IN A prodace commlation or provision business, by a per* son of experience: would Ilka a prospect of buying into bnstneaa. Address P 71. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN 16 years of age, in an office or store; can give references from present employer. Address S 73. Trlbono office. SITUATION WANTED-AS CLERK IN A OBO cery and to drive delivery wagon, and to make himseix generally osefnl: best reference. V 61. Tribone office. OTTUATION WANTED—BY AN EXPERIENCED O bookkeeper; best of references given aa to ability and cPwracter. Address VB, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTBD-AS SALESMAN. ASSIST ant bookkeeper, shipping, or bill clerk In wholesale or retail grocery house, by a comet, rapid and compotea* JSJrtj. Addrcsa, for 3 days, V 18. Tribane office. S'~ ITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNO Mil A 3 clsrlc, either In dry mbd.or myenr; «PMk» *>th German and Enallah: can furnish beat of references. An dreis *N 67, Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED—BYAYOUNG MAN OP b experience u salesman. with the boat of reforonoea. in » clothing cr hardware store. Address V 84, Tribune office. - - SITUATION WANTED—BY AN EXPERIENCED b young man of IS as assfctant bookkeeper. bOLor entry clone in a wholesale house. Best of references given. Address N7l. Tribune office. . OITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG ATTORNEY b as clerk I n a law or real estate office. Good references. Address Z SI, Tribune office. ' OITUATION WANTED-AS BOOKKEEPER. COR* O respondent, oroption clerk, by a member of Trade; thoroughly competent. Address Z 34, Tribune office. __ SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN AS b grocery clerk; speaks both Herman and English, can furnish best of referoneea. Address PS 3, Tribune office. OITUATION WANTED—IN WHOLESALE GROCE* b XT bouse: object, knowledge of the business. Address GROCERY, 90 LaSalle-st., Room 3d. OITTATION WANTED—BY A NORWEGIAN GIRL b to do housecloanlng or washing and ironing by tho day. Call at 12 Bowery-st., np-staira, just off Van Boren, half a block west of Morgan. ; __ CITUATION wanthd-by a young man over O 21 m bookkeeper or assistant: has been a bookkeeper iu a wholesale house ia the city for *1 years and can give satisfactory reference from lato etnployera; I only ask a trial la a good bouso; am confident will (jive satisfaction; large salary not an object; willing to work to suit the Umaa. Addrese V 9, Ttibnne office. Trades: SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WATCH makerof years’experience, to complete his trade with a skillful workman. given. Inquire No. 572 WcstTaylor-st. O. PFEIFI CITUATION WANTED-BY.a COMPETENT EN- O ginoor and practical machinist to nm eagtoo does his own repairing, 20 years’ experience. Address w 60, Trib une office. . CITUATION WANTED —AS ENGINEER AND O .taam-heiitinit. Hm M 7 jear,’ o;perionc»: can give best of references. Address Z. I*. BURNS, No. 137 North Markot-st., Chicago. CITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT CAR- O riago and wagon rrakor. cltr or country. Gan fnralsh fire years’ references from last employer. Address T 34, Tribune offibe. . SITUATION WANTED—BY A PARTY WHO IS A practical planing-ralll man: also thoroughly acquaint ed with the lumber trade: would travel If desired; refer encos given. Address P4B. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN WHO haa served three yeara at job pnntlng; steady place wanted; will work cheap. Address O 30, Tribune office. SITUATION*^ WANTED—BY A NO. I fiCßOlX sawyer. Address J A,_Box 438, ConnersriHa, Ind. OITUATION WANTED—ANY CAPTAIN WISHING O a first-das'* steward or cook, call or address J HC, n o. 166 Michigan-el, Chicago. SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS bridge engineer and draughtsman; good references. Address ENG IN KER. Tribane office. CITUATION WANTED—TO ARTISTS—BY A O young boy who has talent for drawing, where he cm improve. Address J. JEFFARY, Benson Hotel, Twenty-first and State-at. CITUATION WANTED—BY A TINKER OF THIR- O teen years* experience. Will pay $25 reward. Ad dress TINNER, 2i9 Madisonst. . SITUATION WANTED—BY A THOROUGHLY competent and reliable locomotive engineer, to run a stationary engine. Reference* from competent master mechanics can be furnished. Address H. Tnbone office. Coachmen. teamsxer.t. «o- SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN (Dane) as coachman, or to drive a delivery-wagon: understands his business and can give good references ix required. Address OW. Tribune office. * SITUATION WANTED—AS FIRST-CLASS COACH man; understands the business perfectly; a good and careful driver; well acquainted in the city; *obor, in dustrious. and willing. Good city references. Fleaae ad dress Z 35. Tribone office. OITUATION WANTED —AS COACH MAN. BY A to voung man with long experience and first-class city references, not afraid to work: will make myself generally useful about a place. Address P 97. Tribune office. Situation WANTRD-BY A YOUNG MAN AS ooacbman in a private family: references if wanted. Address P 23, Tribone office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN O (Swede) as coachman in aprivalo family; good driver and well acquainted In city: can milk, etc. Fint-clase references given. Address Tl 6. Triban- office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A SWRDR AS COACH mao Jn private family: is sober and faithful; under stands the business and well posted; good reference. Ad dress R 63, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN OR TO take caro of fine bones by a middle-aged man of many yoara’ experience, with tho best of reference: anyone In want of a sober, reliable man that perfectly understands bis business address A L, P. O. Box 119. Chicago. SITUATION WANTED-BY A SOBER, INDUSTRI OUS German coachman and gardener of long experi ence ; only parties willing to pay Urine wages please an swer; West Side preferred. Address Q 26, Tribune office. CirUATTON WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS O erachman In a private family; references given. Ad dress Vl6, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—AS COACHMAN; WELL acquainted in city; can give good references. Ad dress N 33, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-TO DRIVE DELTVKRY wagon; have good references. Address NS 3. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—AS COACHMAN IN A private family, by a Dane: am not afield to work; can give good referenco. W 26, Trioune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN (DANE) as coachman in a private family; best of reference. O 59, Tribune office. ' SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS coachman in a private family; best of references. F 78, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE young man as coachman in a private family; perfectly understands tbs eare of borsclr veil acquainted with tho city; undeniable references. Address 01, Tnunno office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN (DAN lah) as coachman in a private family, used to taking caro of horses, and is willing to make himself generally useful. Recommendations from present employer. Please address COACHMAN. No. SOI West Adams-st.. city. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG SOANDl navian as coachman, or to take care of horses. In town or country; understands bis business: references given. Please call or addtesa!36X North Jefferson-aU SITUATION WANTED—BY A MARRIED MAN (Swede) as coachman, in private family; thoroughly understands tho care of horses and carriages: best of city references. Address V 9, Tribune office. * SITUATION WANTED-BY A MAN AND WIFE. AS coachman and cook; no incumbrance. Address H 61, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD RELIABLE cosebman: I have best of city references for ability, etc. Address Q 21, Tribnno office- SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OP good report to take care of horses or do work In a gar den. Address or call at 663 Paoliaa-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS coachman; is not afraid of work, and can come well recommended; no objection to the country. Address X 99, Tribune office, . SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN AS coachman or porter In a store, or wonld drive truck or dollvory-w gon. Good references. N 91. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY MAN AND WIFE IN A private family: man as coachman and wife to do gen eral housework; Swedes. Address P 43. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—AS COACHMAN BY A colored man in a private family; giro good references. Call at 56 Fourth-ar. ' SITUATION WANTED-BY A COLORED MAN A 3 coachman : can giro unexceptional references. Ad* dress N 51. Tribune office. MinceUaneona. OITUATION WANTED—IN OFFICE OR STORE O by boy 16 years old. lives with parents; soeaks English and Gorman; willing to loam trade. Address W 93, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—TO LUMBERMEN: IAM ayonogman and want to team the lumber business; will work for little or no pay. Address F, ROBERTS, 1613 Sooth Dearbora-st., City. (SITUATION WANTED-BY AN ENGLISHMAN, O married but no Incumbrance, to attend greenhouse and garden in a private family. For references, etc., ap* ply to S. MUIR, .Florist, 518 Sonth Park-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN 22 O years of ago; is willing to work and make himself use* fnl at anything; can give good reference. Address O 35, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A BOY 17 YEARS OLD to assist In store or office: can give references. Ap ply at 177 North Market-at. W. H. MYERS. SITUATION WANTED—BY AN UNMARRIED man. is temperate, capable, and will work for moder ate wages ! SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG EDUCATED man (Swede) as porter in a wholesale business or as coachman In a small tamily; willing to work. Address Rl3, Tribnne office. SITUATION WANTED-AN ACCOUNTANT OF 35 years' practice in bookkeeping wants a set of books to work op; caarges low. Addreas W 44. Tribnne office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A LAD 17 YEARS OF age to take care of horses and make himself generally useful. Good references. 2 92. Trlbnno office. SITUATION W ANTED-IN AN OFFICE OR STORE; O am 16 years old, live with my parents, am of good ad dress. rapid and correct at figures, and writ'* a fair hand; have baa some experience. Address MONTIE GIBBS, 6(1 Hnron-st. OITUATION WANTED BY A YOUNG MAN OF O good habits, who is willing to work at any kind. Can ■peak English and German, would like janltnrshlp. Can furnish good reference. Call or address 257 Sonth Clark et.. in lanndry. PRINTING MATERIALS* OR SALE—3* GORDON* PRESS. NO. i press, paper cotter, shear. Ac. 244 Hlinoia-at. \\T ANTED—GOOD SECOND-HAND PAPER-CUT VV ter; mast be cheap for each. Address Y 48, Tribune office. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMAU Uomestio** OITUATION WANTED—BV A OIRL FOR GENER IC al homework. Call at 263 West Folton-et. oTFuation wa.nted_by a u - m,u priww QITOATION WANTKD-BY A OffiJ^TO Ddo gonotol hotuowork In an American faml^. ogam Side preferred, Beforencoeif recjnlred. Call at« Kay- Bt., np-italra. . QITUATIOS WANTED—BY A l °, l S^.'^? a S xnrnS - - o ond work in private family. Inquire at 303 iwoniy flrst-et- . SITUATION WAKTED-BT A O second work in a private family. Reference* £lvon U required. Cal! at 25 Jfewborry-av. SITUATION WANTED—BY A GOOD SCOTCH girl. Call at E 3 Loomis-»t., down ftalra. on Monday. SITUATION WANTED-TO DO HOUSEWORK IN a small private family. Apply Monday and TuesuV at 71 Cottage Grove-av.. up-stairs. SITUATION WANTED—A GOOD PLACE AS SEO ondcirl la a respectable private family. Address MISS EMMA BENSLEY, Mattoon, 111. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT GIRL to do cooking or general housework in small family. Best referencoTrboso changing girls every week need not answer. Call at 37 Spruce-at., Sunday and Monfljy. Situations wantkd-ladies, have vou found it difficult to obtain reliable and competent help t Would yon like an Industrious housekeeper, cook, chambermaid, or laundress T We have the name* and addresses of a targe number of competent women able to fill responsible positions. All applicants for situations are carefully examined as to ability and honesty. Y. At. C.A. Bolldlng, 12 Arcade-court, in basement. SITUATION WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE Swede girls, with good families: one as second girl and one to do sewing and take caro of children. Inquire at 347 Calumet-av-Monday and Tuesday. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS GER man girl to do general housework; can give good ref erences. aW State-st., instorq.J Situations wanted-by two girls at no. 3t Huron-st.; good reference If required. S" ITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT GIRD, to do second work. Call at 683 Indlana-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A NORWEGIAN GIRL, who will do general housework in a small family. Call at 223 West Indiana-st., top floor. cirruATioN wanted-by a young girl to O do sooond-work, or assist in a kitchen. Call or ad drees for two days, 187 Brown-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY GOOD UIRL. To uO cooking, or do general housework; good references given. Call at 1170 State-st.. in basement Situations wanted-by two respectable girls, one as cook, and one as second girl. Best of reference given, if required. Not particular about separating. Call or address at 498 Superlor-st, near Ash land-av. . SITUATION WANTED—TO DO GENERAL BOUSE* work, by a woman with little girl 4 year* old. City or country. Is a competent cook and laundress. Address orcallatTSl Hnbbaxd-st., Monday. SITUATION WANTED-BY. A RESPECTABLE girl, to do housework in a small family. No objections to the country. Good reference. Call for two days. 124 Foarteenth-st. t S" ITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS COOK. Thoroughly understands her business ; in hotel, rostanrant. or boarding-house. City or country. Call or address 275 West Pblk-st. SITUATION WANTED—BY AN EXPERIENCED girL to cook, wash, and iron, or will do housework in a private family. Unexceptionable reference. 145 South Jefferson-st. __ SITUATION WANTED-BY A SWEDISH GIRL TO do second work In a respectable family. 50 Hanover* •t. Booth Hide. Apply Monday. SITUATION WAN TAD—B Y COMPETENT COOK and second girl. Country preferred, and good refer ences If required. Call at cottage corner of Thlrty fourth-st. and Calomet-av. S"ITUATION WANTED-TO TAKE CARE OF A child and sew, or do second work; best of references. Address P 49, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT GIRL as cook where there is a second girl kept: or to do general housework in some nice small private family. Pl(*aso call at 133 Jackson*it.,near Desplaines, for two days. SITUATION WANTED -BY A FIRST-CLASS cook in a private family, without washing: good references, if required. Address O 100, Tribnne ofllee- SITUATIONS WANTED—CHICAGO CITY INTEL ligence offices—Girls of all nationalities in city and country. Principal office. No. 60 State-st., corner Ran dolph. in basement, and 416 Wabaah-av. Solely con ducted by Mrs. BAKER. SITUATION WANTED—Bk A SWEDISH GIRL TO do sewing and light np-ataire work, or cooking and no washing. Apply at 77 Lartabee-at. • CiTUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO GIRLS, ONE AS O cook and the other as second girl; best of reference. Call Monday at 749 Stato-st., up-itairs. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO SWEDISH GIRLS to do general housework; prefer a place together. Call for two days at 134 North Pooria-ct. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN HONEST GIRL TO O do general housework and second work; good refer ence. Apply at 57 Buperior-st., corner of Townsend. SITUATION WANTED—IN A PRIVATE FAMILY to dp second work and sewing, can famish sewing machine. Address fora few daya M D, 644 Eiston-av. SITUNTION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL TO DO second work or take care of children. Please call or address 373 South Jefferson-st., for 3 days. SITUATION WANTED-BY GOOD COOK. WASH er, and inner In private family by a competent En glish woman. Call lor two days at the rear of 149J4 Eigh toenth-st., near State. SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS COOK in a private family; city references. X 7, Tribuns of fice. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD.STEADY GIRL to do housework or second work. S6l West Polk-st., in the rear. S' ITUATION ‘WANTED—BY A GOOD GIRL TO DO second work* Please oil at 670 South State-st. SITUATION WANTED—BT A COMPETENT GIRL u cook, washer, and Ironer in a private family; good city references if required. Please call Monday and Tnosday. 158 Norm Market-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS MEAT and pastry cook, hotel or restaurant, city or country. Call at CO State-at., In basement. SITUATION WANTED-BY A NORWEGIAN GIRL tod* general hoasework in a small family. Address 2U2 North Union-at. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN GIRL to do second work or general housework In a small family. Please call at No. 1057 Amold-st., up-stairs, Monday. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT GIRL as kitchen girl in a small American family. Inquire at No. 230 Twentieth-st., nearHalsted. S' rrUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE girl to do general housework or kitchen work in a private family. Apply at 550 Sooth Morgan-st. SITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE Irish girl te do general housework, second work, and dining room work, or oook In private boarding boose. Please call at 888# State-st., rear, up-stairs, at door right hand side. SITUATION WANTED-A S COOK IN A PRIVATE family; good reference given. Please call or address 314 Third-av. SITUATION WANT KD—BY A SCANDINAVIAN woman to do washing and Ironing or house-cleaning by the day. 493 West Indlana-sU SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG SWEDISH girl 16 years of ago on the North Side, to do second work and sew or take care ol children. Gail at 130 North State-st. SITUATION WANTED-AS LAUNDRESS WITH private family; good reference given. Gall at 710 State-st. • SITUATION WANTED-BY A SWEDISH GIRL TO do chamber work and wait on the table In a respecta ble boarding-house. Please call or address No. 130 North State-st. ■ SITUATION WANTED —BY A RESPECTABLE girl as oook, or to do general housework in a small family; best of reference if required. Gall at 138 Twenty nintb-st. Monday and Tuesday. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT GIRL to cook, wash, and iron in a private family, city or country. Address 693 Indiana-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS OOOK, without washing: no objection to going in tbo coun try. Inquire at 184 West Hanisou-st. S’' ifUATION 5WED isb girl as cook, or for general housework. In private family. 276 East Division-si. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl for second work or general housework. Apply at 51 Superior-st. . SITUATIONS WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS cook: also a second cook: wonld like solace together; are just from the East; understand their business; not afraid of work. Call for two days at No. 1 West Pearson st.. North Side. SITUATION WANTED-IN A SMALLFAMILYFOR general housework by a girl: best reference given. Call st 83 Robecca-st.. between Morgan and Centre-av. SITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE Kiri with good reference to do eooUnr in * private family. Pleaae call on Monday at £s(l Stato-et. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT GIRL. Good reference. Portland-ar., corner Thtrty»«Uth-it. SITUATION WANTED —BY A COMPETENT Scotch rlrl to do the work of a email family. Apply in the rear of 270 Saperlor-at. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG GIRL TO do light housework: ono who understand* dreum&k* log, Call Monday at 209 West Cinzle-st. S SITUATION WANTED—TO DO SKCOND-WORK or sewing in a private family. Call Monday at 1440 Booth Dcarborn-at., down stairs. SITUATION' WANTED—BY COOK WITH ±iKal class reference. Call at yJ doroa-st. SITUATION WANTED—BY A COOK. GALL AT southeast corner ot Dearborn and Thirty-third-ets. SITUATION WANTED—BY A OIKL TO TAKE O care of children, or do second work. References If required. Call at 74 Fonrtoenth-st. Situations wanted-by two girls in a private family, one to do kitchen work mod the other u second eirL Inquire at 447 East Cheetnut-st. SITUATION WANTED—BY A GIRL TO DO OEN- O eral housework in a small family; best of reference. Address 373 West Adams-st. SITUATION WANTED—BY A COMPETENT GIRL as cook and laundress In a private family: first-class reference. Address 77 Nlneteenth-st. comer State. SITUATION WANTED—AS SECOND GIRL IN private family. Please call at 131 West Ohlo-st., near Sangamon. Situations wanted—bt two competent irtrl*, elite rs, both food cooks and laundresses, or will work together, city or country: S years* references from last place. Gall at 418 Wabatn*ar. Or will do second work, SITUATION wanted-for a first-class prot- O eitut girl to do general homework; West Side pre ferred. SSiState-et. SITUATION WANTED—BY A COMPETENT OANA dlan girl to do general housework la a small private family; the best of references giveo. Address 606 Stata-at, CITUATIONS WANTED—BY TWO GIRLS, ONE AS O cook, and the other as second girl; references given. Please call at 347 East ladiana-it. QITUATION WANTED BY A GOOD OERUaN O girl, to do general housework or second work. Ad dress Zi2, Trioone office. OITUATION WANTED-BY A TOUNO LADY, TO O do general housework or cooking. Can go recom mended. 284 Twelftb-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL IN a private family, can do honsework or sewing, or second work. Ad drees, for one week, X 23, Tribune olScfe TONS Domcrtlc*—Contluned- SITUATION WANTBD-BY ABE3PEOTABCE Gror to do second work or assist In housework: is wiiiiriir Please call (or two days at 951 Butterfield-et. If regal red. ’ c ° Seamscreuei* SITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTARTw Swedish girl as seometreee in -a private f*w.n T .V® derstands sowing by hand or machine. Address itaTwi-* ty-Sfth-st. SITUATION WANTED-TO DO SEWING IN ppT Tate families hr an experienced seamstress. Pi-fn* call or address Miss F.NOH, 73 West Erle-st. 10410 - SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTaRTw woman to do bonse-sowing; ean make aadrewlvT children's clothes. Will be found most useful* »I~! $2.50. 637 SUte-at. ‘ SITUATION WANTED—BY AN EXPERIENCE l; closk-cntter. Best of reference*. Addma Si i KELLY, 116 Lprtie-it. • J * SITUATION WANTED-BY A • RESPEOTABia German person, as seamstress and lady’s waitfa* maid, or to do light housework; would not objects travel: can come well recommended. Address AiL 3a West Jackson-st. **•«** SITUATION WANTED—SEWING IN PRIVATn families by hand or machine, at 81 per week. MISS FOSS, 273 North Sangamon-at.' SITUATION WANTED—AT A YOUNG GIRL. as seamstress, in a private family. Apply at ali&rath Morgan-st. - . SITUATION WANTED-AS SEAMSTRESS ETa private family. Call at 370 Soperior-st., to-morrow. . S“ ITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCES dressmaker to go out bythe day or take work horns* city references. AddressN 73, Tribune office. 1 SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED dressfittor and trimmer; wIU go cat by the day; no£ res sonable. Address N 23, Tribnne office. SITUATION WANTED—BT A FIRST-CLASS TAT? lores*; host of reference. Address Z 9, Tribansoff^ SITUATION WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED DRESS fitter and trimmer will go out by the day. Addrealt HR, Irving-placoand JaoksoD-st. * SITUATION WANTED—AS SEAMSTRESS; #RtT vate family preferred; good reiareoce. Please call at 235 Thlrd-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPHTFNT SEAM, stres* to do plain sewing in a private family. Address V 96, Tribone office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY WITH HOWE machine; good talloresa; can do any kind of sawing al homo. Address W 6, Tribune office. Situation wanted —as dressmaker by’ an experienced hand. Apply at 7W W«st Con*' gress-st. • SITUATION WANTED-BY A DRESSMAKER TO work in families by the day: eau give good references: fitting well. Call or address 397 West Yaaßorva-st. SITUATION WANTED—AN EXPERIENCED SEW York dressmaker wishes to work for private families by the day; city references given: terms reasonable; latest' spring snd summer fashions. ICB South Desnlainss-tt, SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG GIRL FROM. New York a* seamstress and chlld’s-<nnrsa. C&s dosQ kinds of family sewing. Please call or address 1(3 B*bcr-' st, near Clinton* SITUATION WANTED —BY A COMPETENT dressmaker, immediately. CaQ or address lOJPriL rle-av. Prices to suit the time*. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FRENCH LADY TO do dressmaking In a private family; gLSO perdir Address Miss T B, 259 WestForgner-st. SITUATION WANTED —BY A COMPUTER* seamstress and dressmaker. Address, for fire % O C, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FRENCH LADf who understands catting, fitting, and all kinds of plain sewing. Also wllUng to teach French. Addre«s 27, Tribone offico. ’ ’ • SITUATION WANTKD-DRESSMAKING IN PAM* illee; terms, 8125 par day. Call or address, ffft Wa* - ba*h-*v. , SITUATION WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS DRESS. O maker, good enttcr and fitter, lately from New York,' desires a few more customers by the day; term*. $Ua; best of references. Address O 26, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—A FIRST-CLASS DRES3- maker would like a few more families to sow in; nae the Taylor system. Address W 22, Tribnne offlee. SITUATION WANTED—BY- DAY OR WEEK, BY a first-class dressmaker: can cat. fit, and make with taste and skill, in latest style, or will do family aerie*. Address ZlB, Tribune office. ■ SITUATION WANTED-TO DO FAMILY SEWS? by day or wook, or dressmaking at home: can cat sad fit and give entire satisfaction- Addres*4s4 South Inlay-, place. JinT««ai- SITUATION WANTEC-BY A GOOD GERMAN wet nurse. Address 63 W»1 ton-place. North Side. .. SITUATION WANTED—AS NURSE TO AN In valid eras honsskeeperfora widower, by an experivao. ed and enmnetent person- Apply Sunday at 1011 or Mn* day at 1035 Indiana-av. SITUATION WANTED —BY A RESPECT ABU girl to do second work or chamber work, or will can a child over I year. 627 3tate-st. SITUATION WANTED—BY A LADY WELL qualified as monthly nurso; best cif y reference gira. Gall or address Room 70 Atlantic Hotel. Monday tod Tuaiday. SITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY TO GA&3 and teach a child, and assist In housekeeping; rt&r* ence given. R 59, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY OF EIGHT Tears* experience in the London hospitals, fast sr> rived in this elrv. is onen for an engagement; baa bid great success with medical as well as surgical cates; so objections to traveling; first-olass references and testi monials. Address, for throe days, N 93, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY LADIES’ MONTHLY nnrse. or to care f>r an Invalid; terms moderate. Ad dress W 16, Tribnne offico. SITUATION WANTED-BY A MIDDLE-AGED woman as nnrse; can take ebargo of infant and assist with children; would travel. Call st 416 Wabaah-av. SITUATION WANTED -BY A MIDDLE-AGED person to tako part or entire ears of an infant, or would assist a lady in thnearoot her family. Noobjeo tipqgto conntry. C I*. 493 Hubbard-st. - SITUATION WANTED—BY A NURSE OF LONG experience. The very best of city references. Cali o n or address NURSE. 145 Sooth Clark-at.. Room aS. SITUATIO WANTED—AS WET-NURSR ISIAEE. epectable family or at homo. Apply at 169 Weft Indi ana-st. ' • •- SITUATION WANTED-AS WET NURSBBTA young lady. American, of excellent health ana aabra. Best of references given if required- Address P 55, Trib une office. - SITUATION WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN OKI, Protestant, to take care of young children: J*®' periencod.paUsnt, and fond of children: bestofeityrtf erences. Call at hor former employer’s. 1311 Indiana-av., Monday. ■ SITUATION WANTED-A LADY HAVING LOST her babe would liko to have a child to wet-nuns u her home. Address WN, 165 Twanty-seventh-st. Befew enoe, Dr. Nelson, corner Twenty-fonrtb-et. and ladh ana-av. • SITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY TO TAKSA child to nurse at her own home. No. 957 Sooth Osar* born-st. . SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABII young girl as nurse or to do light housework. Call or address 155 Uathor-st, ‘ SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE woman as nurse or housekeeper; one withexperience Address Vls, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY PRESENT EMPIDY* er, about breaklng-np housekeeping. for German pp 14 years old to take care of children. She is faftMoL willing, and has facultv to gat along with children. Csu Sunday at M North Ada-st., or. by addressing,. the fid will call. _ I/aundrosses. ' * SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE woman, plain family washing at 75 cents par dotes, or will go out oy the day reasonable; gentlemen’s Rpairi&l done free of charge. Address 04, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A SWEDISH GUILTS iron shirts in a laundry. Please call to-day or to-Bcr* row, until 8 a. m., at lU3 Oak-st. >- SITUATION :WANTED—BY A -WOMAN, GOOD washer and ironer, to go out by the day in pn™* family or house cleaning; reference if required- 141 ru* teenth-si. - SITUATION WANTED -BY A FIBST-OLJAS laundress to taka washing home; would Use » "J families’ or gentleman’s washing. Call or address 48»u* er-st. -i. SITUATION WANTED-BY A WOMAN TO DO washing or honsocleaning by the day. 53 SITUATION WANTED -BY A COMPETKjt woman at washing or hooso-cleanlng. 178 Elgaieewe* it., fronting on Butterfield. - Hontekeeuers- SITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY THOROUG®: ly capable of managing a household in every wishes a good paying position. Reference given. * Tribune office. • • '• -L. SITUATION WANTED—BY A HOLLAND JTBJOj as housekeeper for a widower. Address A. LlOtuna* BERGER, 769 West Madison-st. • -J- SITUATION WASTED-A O experience In housekeeping, would tax* eM*#» house where lady wished to spend a’few months at nial, or abroad, and leave part of family at how dress RS, Tribune office- SITUATION WANTED—AS WORKISO BOtßjf keeper for small famllj. or widower; comp* reliable elder!/ woman. Address P 71, Tribna* qiSoc- _ SITUATION WASTED- BY AS EDCCXT® O young lady, to tako fnl! charge of a hoP»g« TKI there 1b a little child preferred, and a servant of reference given andrcQUlrtd.. Addrcaa* tlcnlar*. Y 9a, Tribune office SITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEBPBB.®®? ernes*, attend an Invalid lady. or any refPOMw** »«; tion; willing to travel. Address, for three <W 7* ground floor Belief Building, 61 LaSafla-i*- • • OITOATION WANTED-AS HODSEKEEFBBtSJ O a tfinny RnylUh positionOl trOit» J »*' l 796 Wabaah-ar. " SITUATION WANTED—BY A . RESPRCTi-Bja English widow, u honaekoeoer In * town or eoontiy. Apply E» 101 Sooth CUntoo**" SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECT ABujjjj? owladj as housekeeper; widower 1 * family pr«i>»^ J Address, for five d*y*. Q H, Tribune offieo. SITUATION WANTED— 'ey A WIDOW AS keeper nr matron la a hotel or charitable la respectable, and has good references. Aoaiea*» mediately, RS4, Triboae office. SITUATION WANTKD-BY AN ENGLISH LADJi aee 28, as housekeeper for a widower of mesas* dress V 60, Tribnno office. CITUATIOS WANTED- AS HOUSEKEKPStJiS® 0_ a widower or old people: no objection* .to 00°°,. Call down-iUln at 413 Thirty-thlrH-n* 9 dart. CirUATTON WANTED—BT A BCOTOHWOMmf p hotiwkoeper. Apply Tuesday at ITS Bandolpo-*-* Room 4. Reference! If required. CITUATIO.'J WANTED—AS HOUSEKBEPsO* u ao American widow Udf: bo objcotka to ™*®** Qfl. Tribone ogco. ASHOUSEKEEPEB. OiU* orVddreM Si JON K 3, <BIMU' qmiATIOH WASTED—A 3 HODSEEKEjSO* O » respectable German Isdy. 0»U at Ko. 4033 field-et., near Fortieth. SITUATION WANTED-A YOONO MTIDOWMBj O wishes a situation as boost keeper; widower alorpraiarred.Addre«s Z 31, Tribune office. QITUATION~WANTED—BY CANADIAN Choosckeeper: no objections to children jj. references. Call or address for three dan . .. lioarbom-st. -• " —t CmiATION WAITED—AS HOnSEKBErSIBAJ O no objection to the country: understands «> ■nd butter making; can give reference*, office. . 'e: ■f: :mal: ■z mkoe-ov.

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