Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 30 Nisan 1876, Page 11

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 30 Nisan 1876 Page 11
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;tTTTATION3 WANT ED—'FEMALE 61 '— ~ HcmantoepsT*" ConcLanoA. SrrriATIOS \TANI'KD-BY A MEAT AND EXPE jiiwUd young housekeeper; willing to do all tbs work n -. wV.Mng; or will take any position whers a. comps- Call Sunday and Monday at U WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER OR QvJxeber in or near the city by a lady with small child, *~i hatband can spend Sander*. Zs as experienced jSSer and accomplished cook. Address V 87, Tribune Emelovment .agencies* Situations wantkd-faaiilies in want op l Vv»d Scandinavian and German fetnala help can be npp^iedat Mr*. DCJSKK'S office, 80 MMwaakee»av. =rfrrTATIONS WANTED'— LADIES DESIRING icrv&att of an/ natlonalit/ for clt/ or conn* based ted. Call atMis* CUNNINGHAM’S Em- Oflice, 4-0 Kut Dirisioa-st.. North Side. WANTED—PRIVATE FAMILIES. SknLls. r«sUoranU, and boarding-honies can be «uiwd ritbaelect eerrmou of any nationality at Jio. 134 Cottage B. WANG. S-ffnATION WANTED—-FOB"A SUPERIOR GKR mta firi u norte or waiting-maid in a family * Monday, between 9am. and 4p. m. MlnS office. 665 Stale-et. -mtoatToxs wanted-male.and female S V«lo forsicbed on short notice. A U order* promptly j?J?dedto- M»- HEISS, 1» Kart Vaa Baren-et. FrrnXtlONS WAX'fF.D-'wOEKIKOWOMEN TO S fill all portion*. housekeepers, **»« do *ll national! tie* will b - found by application to SicSdf*^ ,ritjm Society, 178 East lUndolph-et., Hoorn sWifATfOXS WANTED—LADIES IN WANT OF Seined sirranti can sire themMlres time and money by ffiifffonMrs. LAPRXSE. . Bfisoelloxieouß* nrrrTATIOy WAKTKD-A LADY WHO HAS FOB gjiod the position of cashier end book- J? ; belt of cityreferencet. SenSinf a.'Wbnne office. rVmTITION WAJS I'tU-BY A LADY AS 30V- issarf£ ! iSffi& gtatMt- nrfuTnbN WAKTED-WHEUK EXPERIKJCE^ 14 TYibane office. iSiIiLN-S Cook Co.. UL n'miATIOS^VASTKD—BY A. YOUNG LAXJY. AS 3 clerk in * nows depot or conTsctionerj «wre. Addrwe TribuneoCice. Situation wanted -by a young lady as 5 Ml»»woroao In a drr good* or Uncy «*ora. Five years irpericnec. Good reference*. Address Z 4, Tribune SirOATIOS WASTED—BT AN IX T KLLIGF-NT N ind eenteol tood£ I*dy who bu experience *e • SaJSlS‘tSSKtwfat and «d c^o ol&in towing*nd ton * madilne. »ud will pledge MiuifrO &oa- Addro&i M 640 We*t V*a Barea-<t. SITUATION WANTED—IN A RESPECTABLE OF- S See where there te worhfor . * ’v^Triboue. 1 sf reterencee liren U required. Addnm V ajrenu. itdatiok wanted—a lady PROFICIENT Df teaching. ml! give Iwidds m music wdSSnum, or asdft in ■ English bra Jsj M tajelumfor Addrets C. boi 90. Tnbnne ofcco. S' TTT7 i r nnV TTAHTTPri-AS CQMPAMON FOR A TSw Md wSt to the c*r®of theihoai e. by » widow i T9l. Tnbonaothce. Situation WANThii-BV a lady as S liSunt bookkeeper. CMhler, or .dMwoinantao ob iecUoosto lairingtbocitj. Addrosilort»o din 1 22, tribune office* _ _ SITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE O young lady aa copyist; reference* given and required. V 69. rribnne office. _ S' rrnvricw WANTED—bY A YOUNG LADY AS clerk In a dir goods, millioory, or confectionery store. > 6L > Tribnoej>ffice^ j|| _ MM cityr: For sai.miarblb front house, dining room and kitchen on parlor floor; comer South Park av. and Tweaty-fifth-st. S9O Prairie-ST.—Brick boose, mansard roof, lot SSxl77 house on Indlana-av., near Eighteenth-it., 50 foot lot; will take 25-foot lot on Michigan-av. in burnt *lSg; house with 37>$-foot lot on Wabash-av., pear Fourteeuth-st. , ▼ ~ . Michigan-av., near Pock court—Lot 4bxl< a feet. Thirty-liith-su, near lake—26 feet, south front. ‘ Veruon-av., near Thirty-first-su, 80 fe«t. _ A. J. GALLOWAY A SON.. Southwest comer State and Madison-ste. FOR SALE—ALDINE SQUARE-FINE MARBLE two and throe-story and basement bouses, swell, oo god plain fronts, with all the modem improve ments. Aldine Square is situated on Vinconnos-av., fn«t sooth of Thirty-Bevealb-st.; is finely laid out, hav ing shaded walks, fine shrubbery, trees, and a beautiful uC» These nooses can be bought at reasonable prices on liberal terms; plans at our office. Apply to W. D. KERPOOT A CO.. 88 East Washington-*!. For sale-grocers and saloon men at tentjon—A large grocery, 10 rooms above, large bam, with lot, on Sooth Side north of Thlrty-first-st. at less than buildings cost; price asked bat owner is determined to sell at any sacrifice so ho sells at once. One or two other pieces ofprooerty which must be sold for whit they will bring. THU END ELL A BROWN. 108 Jlftb-av. FOR SALE-AT A GREAT BARGAIN—BY JAMES H- HILT., W Doarbom-Bt., Room 4—A fine residence on Prairie-ST., having 16 rooms, a good bam, and deep lot; worth 820JXO; $18,0)0, SB,OOO cash and good property; For sale-how much will you give fob 9-room houM, barn, and lot, 233 Portiand-av.f Cost owners3,4oo. Nameyonr best offer, and amount you will pay down. TRUESDELL A BROWN. 108 tlfth-av. For sale-rrsidenck and business prop erty In all parte of the city* R. S. A W. G. MCCOR MICK, 165 LariaUe-su Foe sale-or to rent—s-room cottage with brick collar and barn, 409 Watren-av. Owner. FOE SALK-TWO HOUSES WITH LOTS AT COR ner of Sophla-st. and Shoffield-av. Terms low to suit rood parties. By HARRY MORGAN, on promises, or B. W. BRIDGE, Tribune Building. For salk-or rent-house, lot. and barn, 75 South Llnooln-eL, near Madison. House contains 9 moms water, and gas; lot 25x125: terms easy. Inquire at 45 Honore-et. • Fob sale —great bargain-new two* story and basement octagon brick house 633 West Washington-st.; modem improvements, and finished in natural woods: easy payments and low Interest. Inquire ofF. A. WHITE, 223Park-ftv., WHIPPLE, Room 14 Methodist Church Block. FOR SALK-CHEAP-A SPLENDID TWO-STORY house, with 6 rooms. 6 bed-rooms, 4 closets, and 4 pantries. Inquire in the rear, after 7 p.m., 1961 South Dearbom-st. Foe sale-or part exchange-we have several bargains in business blocks and residences, such as wiQ pay on the investment. LEVI WING A CO„ 67 Dearbom-st. FOB SALE AT A GREAT SACRIFICE. OR IN exchange, fourth block southwest corner Goethe and Astor-ste., surrounded bystreets and alleys, in front of Union Square and near lake Shore Drive. Booms 6 and?. For sale—s4.Boo, $1,500 less than cost, will boy No. £73 West Oongross-et.. near Ashland-av.; look at it. Key at 575 Oongross-st. V?OR SALE-78 FEET, EAST FRONT, ON ASH JD lmd-sv„ between Jackson and Van Buren-sts.. ad joining the Hon. Carter H. Harrison’s residence. HAR RISON A WEEKS, 179 LaSallo-st. FOR SALE-TWO GOOD FRAME HOUSES WITH largo iota on West Bide: or will exchange for Boutb Side business property and assume. Address X 37, Trib une office. TJiOR SALE-OR TO RENT-13-ROOM BRICK JL 1 dwelling, octagon front, entirely new; teems easy. No. 15 Oak-ay. FOB SALE—I 73 FEET SOUTHEAST CORNER OG den-ay. and Hanison-st. Mako and offer. HAR RISON A WEEKS, ITS LaSalle-st, For sale-several lots on prairie-av., near Thirtieth-st. Also, on Indmna-av.. in same vi cinity. at very low figures. DANIEL N. BASH, Boom 6 Otis Block. For sale-some choice lots on north Dearborn-et.; at a decided bargain. DANIEL N. BASH, Room 6 Otis Block. 'C'OR SALE—S6,BOO—FINK LARGE DWELLING, 14 J? rooms, lot 60x125, east front. No. 237 Campbell-av., between Jackson and Van Buren-sts. Small payment down, balance very easy. Good bam. Every modem Improvement. Please look ax it. It it a decided bar gain. Possession at once. T. B. BOYD, Room 14,146 madison-st. T7OR SALE-AT A SACRIFICE-FIVE LOTS, THE J} cheapest residence comer in the city, near Ellis Park and Aldlno Square. Address B S 3, Tribune office. T?OB SALE-CHEAP —6-BOOM COTTAGE AND ■J} lot; property clear; easy payments: owner must leave city. 661 West Horon-st., near Hoyne-av. TP OR BALE—STATE-ST.. SOUTH OF THIRTY ‘Jj eighth, one or two lots, east front, at a sacrifice. J. D. WEBER, UP Randolph-st., Boom 4. T?OR SALE—AT A BARGAIN. ON EAST TERMS, J} fine new 6-roam cottage and lot on Fillmore-eU, near Westerner. Inquire at 356 Western-ar. I?OB SALB-AT A BARGAIN—TO CAPITALISTS— J} A centrally-located piece of business property; etrictlr firstr-claes: well rented: at a decided bargain. Address Hl2, Tribune office. T?OB SALE—TO BE SLAUGHTERED—LOT ON X Fourth-ar., Dearborn-st. front (clear): giro offer. CaD or address M. KLEIN, 46 Exchange Building. T?OB SALE-OB WOULD EXCHANGE-CORNER J? Twentj-firet-st. and Centre-ay., 168 feet by 119 feet, with or without Improvements; want an offer: three fronts on «hi« property. Address owner. JOHN DUB* KIN, {36 Oontre-av. Fob bale-a fine s-story and basement octagon fro it brick dwelling, with large brick stable, centrally located at 238 Hnron-st- f between Clark and Doarbom; price, $7,300. Inquire on premises to-day or this week. T?OR SALE-OR EXCHANGE FOR LAND. OR J. lots, or merchandise, ten new brick bouses and lota on West Side: incumbered, $1,600 to 82.500. Address B >B, Tribune office. t?or sale-wanted-an offer torjo feet jP, on Mlchigan-av., near Jackson-st. DAVISON A WELCH. Boom 2,142 LaSalle-st. __ I?OR SALE-BARGAINS IN LOTS NEAR. CORNER A? of Ugden-av. and Taylor-st. B. KENNEDY, 123, Boom 10. -"DOE SALE—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENTBRIOK .A' house and lot. No. 161 Columet-av., offered for $3,009 .cash,, balance time. HBNBY L. RTi.IL 142 Dearbom-et. For sale-central business property; well rented; s©,ooo. 875,000, SIOO,OOO. GEO. M. qiGGINSON, 96Wa&blngtou-iu _ FOR SALE—SPECIAL BARGAINS—I 64 FEET COB ner Thirty-third-st. and Rhodes-av.j 50 feet on Sher- Jn*a-st-,oear Jackson; 5 to 40acres at South Chicago; T acres at ComeU. JOS. B. CHANDLER, 125 Dearborn g., Boom 12. POR SALE—SI,4OO CASH WILL BUY MY HOUSE, .store, furniture, and 3 years* lease of lot. For par ridmats call and tee me. or address, with stamp, W. A. MILIH, 488 North Olark-st. X’DR RALE—S-STORY AND BASEMENT HOOSB ’ i 011 Grand boulevard, just sooth of Thirtyfifth-rt., , other property in part. D. N.BASH, ; "DOR SALE _OR EXCHANGE GOOD TWO « story house and barn on Bntterfiold-st., near Thirty ' Light Incumbrance. Will sell on monthly pay ‘ w exchange for other good property. Boom 0,138 SALE— CLEAR COTTAGE AND LOT. TERMS p«sgs. propeitT - w -“- DOB SiLE-s LOTS ON LAFUN-ET.. JUST SOUTH : sood oi ‘ n ” lori CITT REAL ESTATE. For sale-by t. b. boyd, room u, hbmadi son-st. . 4 , 5C.5000, a splendid 2-etorr and basement stone front dweUng, lot 20x160, on Wabash-av., near Thlrty-first-st- ; s2.ooudown. balancefoaryean. . $:\000. $1,500 down, uow 10-room stone front dwelling, lot 22x125, on Prairie-ay., near Thirty-lift h-«t. $6,000, nice cottage, and lot 25x180, east front, on Wa bash-ar.. beiweenThlrty-firstandThirty-Becond-»U.,de cided bargain- . . .. , , . 1 want an offer on 406 Third-av.. two cottage*, and lot 23x90, fronta on Dearborn and Third-av.; this will go, if taken at onco, at a bargain.. „ . $2,500, two nice cottages of 6 rooms each, and lot 20x12a, on Peoria-at., jost nortn of Hubbard, lot and both oot tages for $2,500: decided bargain. No. 101 North Oaklcy-ar., near Pnltcn-st., a nice 6-room bay window cottage, oaat front. 1 want an offer for lot (50x180) on Vernon-ar., between Thirty-first and Tbirty-second-st*.; it will bo sold cbeap. £2,500. lot 27x133. frenta on Thirty.tiftb-«t.,on aoatbeait corner of Pralrie-ar. and Thirty-fifth; bargain. Erio-eu. between Dearborn and State; great bargain. $75 per foot, cash, lot 50x140 on Vornon-ar., between Thirty-fifth and Tbirty-slxth-st. $2,600, good 10-room dwelling, and lot 25x125. eonth front, on Moaghor-it., between Clinton and Jefferson; easy terms. $2,600, nice cottage, and lot 60x100, corner of Fall and Park-are. $25 per foot, 240x140, oast front, on corner of Drexel-ar. and Fifty-fiftb-at.; this la the greatest bargain now offered la the city. FOR SALE-READ! READ J READ! THU greatest bargains ever offered; ono-fourth and one* fifth the real yalne of the property: INSIDE PROPERTY. Lots on Taylor-st, $275; worth $750. LotsonPlounoy-sC., $275; worth $750. Lots on Lezington*tt.. $375; worth SI,OOO. Lotion Harrisoa-et., S9OO, worth SI,BOO. Lotion West Washington-st.. $1,100; worth $2,000. Lots near Thirty-first and Halsteo-ats., $375; worth 8800. INSIDE IMPROVED. Hnnseand lot on Loomis-st., near Twelfth, 8650; worth SI,BOO. Home and lot onTweoty-thlrd»st..near Went* worth-ar., sßoo;worth 11,600. GIVXNS A GILBERT, Room 7, Bryan Block. TT'OR SALK-BY J. H, KEELER, 16S CLARK-ST- J? KU Indiaaa-av., tine cottage, and lot 60x180. Own er want* to eeli immediately. Langley-av., near Oakwood-av., pood 2-ktory sod base ment brick houfe, Id room*, all modern conveniences, and lot 25x175; only $4,600; s<so cash, balance loop time. Cost oneyoar ago $7,000. South Dearborn and Eatterfield-sta., several fine cot tages, cheap. Calumot-av., soar Twentr-nlnth-it., two-story and basement brick house. Lots on ail tbe Avenues and in West Division. Campbell Park—fine brick cottage, 12 rooms, at a bar* gala. T7IOR SALK—NO. 1533 TVABASH-AV., AT A DE- X* elded bargain, 2-atory and basement octagon marble* front, II rooms, marble mantels, and all modern improve* meats; good barn and lot. 36x183 feet. Pralrie-av., an elegant doable brick bouse, with 100 feet lot. Unrebara; will sell at a sacrifice; location A I. 1284 Pralrie-av., two-story and basement with barn aod modem improvements. SB,OOO. Wo aro offering a large list of residence property, to which we Invite attention, including some decided bar gains. FRED L. FAKB A CO.. For sale-business property-south wa ter-Bt., several rery desirable blocks paying 10 per cent net rentals., block of marble front stores, near John V. Farwell A Co., will be sold on easy terms. West Lake*st., store and dwelling, near Aahland-av., now rented for s9i(o, only SB,OOO. Wo have a largo list of and am offering rant bargains In bosineea property. FRED L. FAKE A CO., & "Wash* ington-st. • C*OH SALE-LOTS AT GRAND CROSSING. VERY J? cheap; and bargainsln Hyde ParkloU, by CHACE A ABELL. 181 Dearborn-si. *C?oR SALR-CHOICE ACRE PROPERTY IN TOWN- J? ship of Cicero. n«ar city, unincumbered; or will ex change tor improved Chicago property; moat bo clear, or nearly >o. GARNETT A TUOMASSON, 125 Dearborn it-, Koom 13- For sale-a s-story and basement stone front boose on Park-av., near Union Park. .W 68. Tribune office. For salk-cheap-the fine residence no. 429 booth Park-av., contaioing 12 rooms and all mod em Improvements: furnace and gas-fixtures, all first class; lot 40x166, to alley, and brick stable, with gas, wa ter. and coachman’s room. Apply to ASA W. OLaRKE, Room C, 123 LaSalloat. For sale-or exchange-u lots in lill a Diversoy'a Subdlvison, on Dlverscy and Wolfram-eta., very cheap. E. S. DREYEK. 72 Dearborn-st. F‘ OR SALE-BEFORK BUYING A HOME. TAKE Milwankee-av. Humboldt Pa-k car to Western-av. on North-av., two-story brick bouses 31x30, and lots 26x126 to wide alley. Price of house and lot, $1,760. Easy terms; monthly payments; school, cars, sewer, city water, trees, sidewalks. Inquire at comer North and Western-avs.. or at my office. No. 1 Ogden Building, corner Clark and Lako-sts. AUGUSTUS JACOBSON. IPOK SALE-99 FEET ON VINCENNES-AV. BY 1 about 2UO on Prospect-place, opposite Ellis Park, with two frame houses. Will be sold at a bargain. One of the best comers for improvement or investment in that part of the city. Inquire of the owner, Koom 23, 3UB La- Salle-st. ___ IpOR SALB-THE BUILDINGS NO. 135 AND 135* 1 West Lake-et., with lot 30 by ISO feet, running back to Ragle-at. We want an offer on this property, a* It must be sold. GOODRIDGE A STOKES, Real Estate Agents. 269 West Msdison-st. For salk-or exchange for clear cot tags, clear city lots or clear country property and some cash, very fmo two-story and basement marble-dront house in one of the finest locations in the city. Address O 51. Tribune office. For sale-or exchange-two new brick bouses on North Clark-st., opposite Lincoln Park. Two-story and basement press-brick front, with modem improvements. Inquire of THOMAS DOWLING, bnild er. Room 61 Reaper Block. FOB SALE-3 LOTS ON TWENTY-FIFTH-ST.. corner Portland-av.: will pay to bnlld np 6 bouses, 121 feet frontage. HENRY L. HILL, 142 Dearborn-at. FOB SALE-OR EXCHANGE—2-STORY BRICK basement dwelling, west of Lincoln Park, in fine or der; light incumbrance; will sell on monthly payments, or exchange for other good property. Room C, 138 La- Salle-st. FOR SALE—TO BUILDERS AND CAPITALISTS— -578 feet on Sontb Park-ar., between Thirty-fourth and ThlHy-flfth-»t*.; will sell In bulk or separate lots: the close proximity of this valuable property to the new Bap tist Church, makes It ripo for immediate improvement. GARNETT a THOMASSON, 125 Dearborn-si., Room 13. FOR SALE—IOO FEET ON STATE, JUST NORTH of Forty-seventh-st.; 10 acres corner of Stony Island Boulevard and Soventy-fir*t-«t.; 10 acres in See. 31. 38. 15: several hundred feet on the avenues, sooth of Pitntr’s Subdivision. The above described property will bo sold very cheap, and on long time. GA&NETT <i THOMAS SON, l2sDearborn-st., Room 13. FOR SALE-COTTAGE, 6 ROOMS. STABLE, AND S 3 y«ars* lease of lot, $1,200, half ca>h. Possession immediately. 665 West Washington-et. S ALE—3-STORY BUILDING AND LOT, TWO I; stores, and two dwellings above, on Lako-sL, near Hals tod, $8,000; long time. Owner, 707 Wabash-ar. FOR SALE-AT A BARGAIN, THE FINE 9-ROOM cottage. No. 688 Monroe-aL; large lot: would take a ▼scant lot as first payment. WILSON A DAVIS, Room 3,113 Randolph-st. FOR SALE-AT PANIC PRICES ON MONTHLY payments, or exchange for lowa land, house and lot on Washington-st. J. B. WHEELER, 126 Clark-st- TTIOR SALE-BY THE OWNER ($2,700) TEN-ROOM ij house and lot, 733 West Congresa-st.; SSOO down, balance easy; best bargain In the city. Call at house. FOR SALE-HOW MUCH WILL YOU GIVE FOR 8- room cottage and lot. 837 West Indlana.sL ? Worth 33.300. but am determined to soli. No reasonable offer refused. K. H. BROWN. 108 Fifth-ay. FOR SALE-CHOICE PIECES OF PROPERTY ON West Washlngton-st. and Warren-av., corner of Cali fornia, very cheap and on easy terms; 100x125, and 87z 125: choice pieces for builders. Want an offer. J. J. C. GILLESPIE. 99 and 101 Washington-st. 4^ Foe sale-a fine 2-stoey and brick basr mont bouse andiot near Cottage Grovo-av. and Forty* fifth-st., for $2,600, First-class piano or 8-minnte horse and buggy for first payment, and S2O per month, without interest- B. L. LYONS, 191 Sooth Clark-st. FOR SALE—OR EXGHANGE-MARBLE-FRONT on Wabash-av., near Twenty-sixth-st,, 19 rooms, all modem improvements and good bam: great bargain for cash, or will take half in property on South Side or at Hyde Park. Several places at Pydo Park and Kenwood, cheap for cash, or will take some other property in part narment. Choice building lots at Hyde Park, Kenwood, and Oakland, at bargains. B. A. ULRICH, Boom 3, 85 Washington-st. For sale-cottage no. 69 abkrdekn-st., to be moved. * 7710 R SALE-NO. 2 CAMPBELL PARK. $4,000: N 0.4 r Campbell Park. $3,500: No. 237 Campoell-av., $4,000; No. 65 Congress Park, $8,500; all 9-room brick, with all modem improvements. Also, 316 CampbeJl-av., 9-room frame boose, $3,800; will take In part payment real es tate, groceries, boots and shoes, or dry goods; small cash Ssyments and monthly payments. Apply at 963 West Van nren-sL, near Weitom-av. CAMPBELL BROS. FOR SALE-OR TO RENT—B-ROOM COTTAGE, with brick cellar and bam, 409 Warroo-av. Owner, FOR SALE-AT YOUR OWN PBICE-A FlßST clsss residence on Wabath-av.; only $2,000 down, balance to salt. Also to exchnzige, two brick bouses on Fifty-foarth-gt. W. B. LANGLEY, 173 South Clark-st. For sai.e-i can give any one desiring toonrehasea home in Englewood a great bargain. Prices ranging from $9,500 to SIO,OOO. B. iCING, Room 46 Ashland Block. FOR SALE-CHEAP COTTAGE AND BARN. 204 Walnnt-it.; only SSOO, with five years 1 lease of lot at 84 per month; or will rent it. ISO ‘West Monroe-st. FOR SALE-HOUSE AND LOT-NICE TEN-EOOM house and bam on Psrk-av. at a big sacrifice: half cash. Boom 6.64 West Randolph-st. FOB SALK—AT ENGLEWOOD—NOW IS TOUR cbanoe. Beautiful Gothic with brick basement, man* tel, and cornices, large corner lot; only $350 down: month ly payments. Don’t throw away any more money in rent. D. W. BTORRS, 94 Washlngton-st- FOR SALE-LOTS IN BLOCK 4 IRVING PARK, AT 815 per foot. Address N 2. Tribune office. For sale—lots nos. ss and 39 in block 3in Wiener’s Subdivision, at $8 per foot. Address X 67, Tribune office. Fob sale-i have cottage and lot and two vacant lota: will exchange either for whole or part interest in grocery business, or for furniture in nouso or stock. Address V 14, Tribune office. FOR SALE—B6,6OO—FINE 3-STORY OCTAGON marble front House, all conveniences, near Jefferson H.E. WEAVER 4 CO., 169 LaSalle-st. For sale-we have a large list of dk rirable bouses and cottages in all parts of the city. H. B. WEAVER A CO., 169LaSaUe-st. tTIOB SALE—II LOTS WORTH *IOO BAOH. CLEAR J» for S3OO cash, if Monday. SELDEN FISH, ■id and 4S Clark-st. FOB SALE-NEW STORE 635 four teenth-sU, near Asbland-av.. to bo removed. la qnlre at 507 West Foarieenth-at. r. B. FINEGAN. For salk—a 7-room cottage and mt, m South Green-st.: or trade or to let. inquire or ULIUK BOUHKE, 92 Wert Madlsop-at. F" OR SALE-3 new cottages and DOTS, on Swann-tt., near Forty-seventh and Wentworth-av., on monthly payment*. Secure a home easily. F. B. ■WILSON, J7l South Park-av. OR R A T.lC—Sfi-OOQ—DESIRABLE NEW RESl dence all Improvements, fine location. South Side; SI,OOO cash, balance month* d only on abo.o wnn». g. £. WEAVNR^tCOj^ SUBURBAN BEAL ESTATE. RA.LB—AORB LOTS FOR GARDENS AlfD F boistiAzl home*. #125 to #400; oott*SM and lota, S4OO «n SliSOO* ft few fine lota on Main-at.. $1U0: all on ropath- Call any day *t 8 o’clock, and to and toe SiS SpSrtj. EDMIftJD G. STILES. 89 iUrt M«lUon *t,,Room7. TOOK P*i.K —8100 WILL BDT A BKAUTIPUL ITS feet deep at Glencoe, Chicago's host &.SSSJnbnib. JrtthadiUg tains;.Sfc do"? “ddS iiStiilY- cheapest lots in market, and shown free: also SateiitilS. IBA BEOWM, lUtaSalleet., Boom A THE CHICAGO TRIBUTE; SUNDAY. APRIL 30, 187 G-SIXTEEN PAGES. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. XjIOU SALK-SPLENDID CHANCE-I WILL SELL A 1 at real bottom prices my homestead and gar den, situated on the best Street in Laltoriow, with water already laid on the street and an excellent aewsr for drainage. Will sell with or without ray residence, cottage, barns, greenhouses, etc., cbeap, as after my twenty years* bnsineas I am about to retire from an actiro part. The lot contains about 5 acres, near ly square, and Is not subdivided; title perfect, with but few transfer. Addre»s or call on owner, EDGAR SAN DERS, S 3 Madison-st. FOR SALK—MORGAN PARK-HOUSES AND LOTS on monthly payments. Only a small casta payment re quired . House of 6 rooms and lot 50x150, Sl.SuO; monthly payments, $14.66. House of 6 rooms and lot 100x150.5L.700- J? on iy*.R aymellt ?t$ 19 - 17 * House of 8 room* and lot 73x 160. $3,400; monthly payments, $27.06. Houses costing doable these prices, double the monthly payments. Rail road faro, 10 corns. Inquire of GEO. R. OLARKE, Agent, No. 11 Chamber of Commerce. FOR SALE—AT EVANSTON— HOUSES Willi modern imptoremoDta. Lota la any part ol tbo Blocks or acres at North Eraoston. Will build bouses to suit customers. For rent, ono very desirable house noartho university. UENUY M. KIDDER, 46 Cl&rk-st. FOR. SALE-OH KENT-GOOD HODSES, WITH I to 10 acres of land, fmlf, etc., in the pleasant Village ot Palatine. U. O. WUIP&.E. 133 Cltrk-.t. Ijion SALE—RENT, OR EXCHANGE-HOUSES • and lots at Hinsdale—cheapen easytonns. Houses 014, 6, 8. 10, and 12 rooms. High, dry loti, and 10 cents faro. O. J, STOUGH. 123 Dearborn-st. FOR SALE-81.000 WILL BUY A BIX-ROOM COT- Uge. good coher and well, with Blou. at Glencoe; S2OO down, sls monthly for balance; much hotter than renting. IRA BROWN, 142LaS&Ue-sU Room 4. FOR SALE—2-STORY HOUSES BUILT TO ORDER on 60-foot loti, at Western Springs, on C. B. A, Q. R.K., at from SSOO to $1,500, with sidewalks complete, near station, on easy payments, at short notice. Several nice new homes to rent cboap. T. O. HILL, 4 Lakeside Batldlng. For sale-ssoo will buy ah unfinished cottage and two lots at Park Ridge; good cellar and well; SIOO down and sls monthly for balance; now stop renting. IRA BROWN, 143 LaSallc-st. Fob sale-a party with saw cash to make first payment can secure oca of tbe rarest chance" over offered to buy a borne in South Englewood or at Glide. Owner had to take them on a debt, and has no use for them, and will sell for wtiatover ho can cot. TRUES DELLa BKOWK, lUB Fifth-ay. Foil SALK-EXCELLENT HOUSES AT RAVENS* wood and Sammerdalo on oa*/ terms; lake wafer; frequent trains; low faros. A. BENNETT, agent. Booth oast corner Monroe and Market-ate. For salk-knglgwood-house and cot tage one block from dopot; lake water:largo lots; very desirable; terms to suit customers. Also nno rest* donco In South Evanston. Call and sea us. TILLOT* SON RROS.. 93 FOR SALE—IO-room brick residence near station at Highland Park, 33,500: 3100 cash, balance 830 a month: no interest. Address V 25, Tribune office. For salb-or exchange-house and half acre of land at Clarendon Hills; also booses and lots at La Orange, very cheap. 16 Washftjgton-eL, Boom 7. I). Ht SMALL. T?OR SALE—OR EXCHANGE—CHEAP IF TAKEN JP toon, few vary fine residences, with all modem im provements. on the East Side, at South Evanston: also residences for tale, rent, or exchange, in Highland Park, Hijrhwood, Ravins, Wlnnetka. Will take fanes, mills, wild lands, or lots. If you want a bargain call at once at HENRY HJORTH A SON, 63 Sooth Clark-st., Room 8. F” OR SALK-OR KENT—NEW HOUSE. EIGHT rooms, at Downer’s Grove, at a bareain. on monthly payment*; faro, 10 cent*: call early. SUMNER A FEAR NS, 125 Clark-st., Roam 65. FOR SALE—AT AUSTIN—BARGAIN'S IN LOTS ON Lake-et. Houses and lot* cheap. C. E. CRAFTS. Room 26 Metropolitan Block. . FOR SALK—AT CHICAGO A N.]W.R. R CAR SHOPS, house* and lots for 51,000 each. Bargains in lota. C. E. CRAFTS, Room 26 Metropolitan Block. For salk-lots at Chicago lawn, near city. $200; S3O down. Railroad passes free throe years. Money loaned to build. Blocks for sale with money In them. JAMBS WEBB. 109 Uearboro-at 7710 R SALE-URKAT BARGAINS IN HOUSES AND X 1 lots at La Grange. Prices and terms to suit the times. COSSITT A LAY, removed to 71 Wsshlngton-st. For sale-two choice lots to improve, 25x140, 200 feet from dummy depot. Old Washington Heights, $176 each: $25 cash, balance $lO per month; no interest; abstract famished. Room C, l2BLaSallo-st. DOR SALE-HKNT.AND EXCHANGE-IMPROVED I? and vacant residence property at Waukegan. Lake Forest, Highland Park, Glencoe, Winnetka, Evanston. Rogers Park, Ravtmswood. Anstln. Hinsdale, Riverside, Clyde. Englewood, and other points. E. L. CANFIELD, 57 LaSalle-st. For sale-at northwestern oar shops, near Central Park, lots on monthly payments; the cheapest and best. S. B. GROSS, Koom 14, 106 Fiftb-av. T7IQR SALE-A FEW LOTS IN BUSSELL’S SUIIDI- X* vision at One Hundred and Tenth-st., South Cbica go, for cash. Address V 67. Tribune office. pOB SALE-MODERN BRICK HOUSES AND U lota, $4,000 to $10,000: terms as easy as to pay rent. EDMUND G. STILES. 99 Madison-st.. Boom 7. COUNTRY REAXi ESTATE. FOR SALE—2OO-ACRE FARM, NICE FRAME dwelling, 16 rooms; large barn,bolds 40 cattle, other outbuildings; Su acroa timber; lasting water; good or chards, eio.. ISO acres under cultivation, 2D miles from Court-House in Chicago. S miles north of Lisle Station on C., B. AQ. H. R., in DnPage County, 111. This farm, to one who wants to buy, will be sold low if taken atonco. No better farm in the State. $1,600 Nicely improved lit tle farm of 40 acres 5 miles from McHenry on Northwest ern Railroad, 2 miles from Town of Wancondo, in lake County, 111. Bargain. T. B. BOYD, Hoorn 14, 146 Mad ison-st. ■ For sale—a bearing cranberry marsh, welllocated. and having a fine prospect for fruit this year. Price, $7,500. Might take a small Improved farm or good city residence for partial payment. Address Pl 6, Tribune office. pOll SALE-OR EXCHANGE-240 OR MORE r aero* Wilmington coal lands, 3.V miles from Braid wood. Will Co., and about 67 miles from Chicago. Would make a first-class stock-farm. Will sell on easy terms, or exchange for Chicago property lightly incumbered. For particulars apply to A. P. DOWNS A CO., 163 Washing ton-sL, Room 18.. TPOR SALK-900 ACRES IMPROVED FARM, 35 r miles from Chicago. A. J. GALLOWAY A SON, southwest corner State and Madiaon. For sale-400 improved farms in Illinois, lowa. Missouri, and Kansas: can suit everybody. J. D. SPEAR, 144 LaSallo-st., Room So. For sale-a small farm in a village &o miles from Chicago, 76 or 116 acres: a bargain. O. E. CRAFTS, Room S 6 Metropolitan Block. FOR BALE—OH EXCHANGE—I2O ACRE FARM, 9 miles from city of Watoma. Waushara County, Wis.; 520 per acre. Address R 33, Tribune office. TJIOU SALE—OR EXCHANGE-GOOD TWO-STORY X 1 dwelling and 17 lots in Pueblo, Col., unincumbered. Want clear Chicago or farm lands. Y 99, Tribune office. 9 F"or sale-three excellent fruitfarms of 40 acres each, welt located. 7 miles south of St. Joseph. Mich., on the railroad, all in fine order: will pro duce largo crop this year. Address T. F. PHILLIPS, 46 Madison-st., Chicago. For sale-or acres of good lowa landSjWiUtrade for alt kinds oQmerchandise. Inquire at 149, Room 6, East Madison-st. TTIOB SALE—ORKXCUANGK—GOOD FRUIT FARM i? 135 acres, adioinlnlng Bonton Harbor Mich.; light In cumbrance. Will take other good property. Address Y 87, Tribune office. For sale—iso acres prairie iowa good land, $1.75 per acre cash. Call Monday from 9a. m. to 12 m. 87 Dearborn-et., basemoot. For sale-farm of leo acres i mile from Gardner. 111., on O A St. L. R. R., 6U miles from Chicago. Splendid soil and good coal land. Will bo sold cheap. A. K. STILES, 277 Madison-st. For sale-or exchange-over soo farms, improved, and located to suit evoryoqo. Full partlcu larsby J. G. HUSZAQH. 124 Desrborn-st.. Room 33. For sale-pleasant brick cottage, a rooms, at Kenosha, Wis., Immediately opposite Kemper Hall Female Seminary; good barn, hen-house, etc.; comer lot 230 feet square, fruit, et«.; perfect re pair; *2,000. one-half cash; very cheap, J. BOND, Loom 7, 188 East Madison-st. REAL ESTATE WANTED. Wanted-to buy a small house and lot or lot near Hyde Park or Kenwood Stations. Ad dross Ysl, Tribono office. Wanted— a good residence for clear farming land and cash, or will assume. MANN & CONGDON, Room 11, 109 Dcarborn-st WANTF.D— TO BUY A HOUSE AND LOT IN CITY or suburb; price from $2,000 to SI,OOO. P 32, Trib une office. WANTED-GOOD LOT IN CITY OR SUBURB, not over SIOO per foot. P 32, Tribune office. AAT ANTED—ACRE PROPERTY FOR SUBDIVIS- Vt ion (from owners only); give price, location, number of acres. Address, for five days, K 81, Tribono office. WANTED— TO BUY ONE OR TWO CHOICE houses and lots cheap for cash, east of State and north of Thiny-fifth-st. Give lowest price, location, etc. From owners only. Address O 60, Tribane office. T*; ANTED-STOCKS OF GOODS FOB DBSIRA. V V bio residence property in the West Division; equities from $3,000 to $4,000. H. C. I\OREY, 95 Clark-st. WANTED— A 25-FOOT LOT, OR COTTAGE AND lot, between Van Boron and Madison-sts., and oast of ’Westerner., cheap for cash. Address N 66, Tribune office. \7WANTGD.-A GOOD 9 OB 10-BOOM HOUSE, AND vv lot, well located on West Side, worth $4,000 to 86,000; will giro stock of srocorioa and assume. Address Li. W. MOULTON, 20 North Clinton-st. WANTED— THE BEST SOUTH SIDE RESIDENCE that can be had for $6,060 *** h down. J. B. WHEELER, 126 Clark-st. • WANTED - UNINCUMBERED REAL ESTATE for stock of a reliable company, which guarantees 13 per cent dividends. A. DALE, 70 Dearbom-au, Boom 5. WANTED-A HOUSE OF 8 OR 10 ROOMS. WITH barn, between Twenty-second and ThJrty-fi/th-its. and State-st. and the lake; will pat in a nice home within 6 miles of the city, and pay difference in cash, or aasume. Address M 99. Tribune office. BOOKS. A SPLENDID COPY OP FORD’S HISTORY OP Illinois, $7.50; Kent’s Commentaries, 88; Wash burn on Real Property, $7.60: Bishop on Criminal Law, t 6; Smith’s Ancient History, 3 to James. |7, cost sl4; [atton’e Recitations In Science, $3 ; Metallurgy of Iron andStqel, $5, cost $10; Sloan's Architecture, $7.50. pub lished at sls; Trodgoi&'s Carpentry, $lO, published at 818; Wilson’s American Ornlethology, plates. $4. Wo pay $5 for Webster’s Dictionary, and want good books. Blank-books at half regular prices. Noto-papor at 1(J cents a quire; 150 envelopes. 25 cents; 10 ouiroa letter paher, 81.25. GILBERT, 159 Washington-et. Big prices paid fob law, medical, and private libraries, magazines, and mnsic. Chapin’s old book store, 91 East Madlsoa-st,. opposite Tribune Building. I WILL PAY THE HIGHEST CASH PRICE FOR standard books, magazines, and music. CHAPIN’S Cheap Bookstore, 86 South Clark-st. WHY PAY sll PER VOLUME FOR THE ENG lisb edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica (the most authoritative and only comprehensive Encyclopedia pnb-» Ilsbed) when you can get the American reprint, equally good, for half the money. Those desirous of seeing tho reprint can drop a postal card to tho undersigned, whoa they will be promptly called on. JOHN CARROLL, 175 South Clark-st-, Chicago. nc nnn copies of miscellaneous books, ZO.UvU new and fresh, at 50 per cent discount. Call aad see bargains. S-fl State-gt. 9i\(\f\ VOLS. OLD AND NEW BOOKS. CHAM. • UUU bets* Cyclopedia, lOtols,. $00; the same, 5 tols $23: Geological Survey of Illinois. 5 volt., «15- Pacific Coast Surrey, 13 to Is., S2O; Taft's Dentistry. s3.£o: Harris' Dentistry. $4; Stephens on Pleading. $3; History of Rebellion. 4 vola., $6: Clarke's 22 W. Cash paid for old books, magazines, and music. MILLER'S, 103 3ladisoa-st., basement. HOARDING AND LODGING. Sido. A CAMPBELL PARK-HOARD AND D.VFDR- Tc nlahod. fron r , alcove room for two, now brick boose, fronting nice park, modern improvements; 810 per week. 9 PARK AV.-PLEASANT SUITE OP ROOMS ON second floor to rent with board, nno location, first door west of park. 9 SOOTH MAT-ST.-DESIRABLE UNFURNISHED rooms with use of barn, to families with board; all modern improvements. UCENTR&AV. (WEST SIDE)—NEWLY REFIT tod, furnished and unfurnished, rooms. with board, suitable tor families or gentlemen. House all modern im provements. U' SOUTH SHELDON-ST.—SUITE OP FURNISH ed rooms, with board, for gentleman and wife. n NORTH MAY-ST.-TO RENT. WITH BOARD, ntoaly-fnrniahed rooms in new noose with all mud ern improvements; reasonable terms if permanent. 1 O SOUTH SANGAMON-ST.—NIOELY-FURNIBH- X.£t ed front room with board for two gentlemen. M NORTH BANGAMON-BT—TO RENT. WITH board, very desirable front room; new house, all modern Improvements, to gent aud wife or gents. 1 C PARK-AV., FOUR DOORS WEST OF UNION Ad Park—parlor floor, fnrnlshod or unfurnished, with board: a|«o two doligbtfnl rooms on second floor. House new; location unsurpassed, oni walnut-stl, one block from union Park—Furnished rooms with board; table board ers accommodated; hot and cold water; terms low. OQ SOUTH PEORIA-ST.—A FRONT PARLOR aud bod-room to rent with board, cheap. Oft WALNUT-ST.-UNFURNISHKD ROOM. 13X16. with alcove and bay window, south front, hot and cold water, with board to man and wife. Inuuiro for two days. QH AND S 3 OGOKN-AV., IN THE NEW BLOCK O U fronting Union Park—Board, and rent parlor floors suites or single rooms. A A SOUTH MAY-DESIRABLE ROOMS, FIRST ii' floor,- front. Board if desired; every convenience. AZ WINOHESTBR-AV.. NR ADI SON “Z*J Good room and good board for two: also single room; private family; charges reasonable; call. AJ7 SOUTH ASHLAND-AV.. FRONTING UNION rt I Park—Board, with pleasant rooms. Modem Im provements, etc. AQ SOUTH ANN-ST.-FRONT ALCOVE ROOM. rrO handsomely furnished, with first-class board; also a back room on second floor for two gontlemon or gentleman and wife. A Q SOUTH SANOAMON-ST.—FURNISHED BOOM *xO to rent in a private family to gentlemen. jo NORTH MAY-ST., NEAR RANDOLPH-ST. TcO ears—Pleasant room, with good board and the com forts of a homo, only 85 per week. ca NORTH ASHLAND-AV.. ONE BLOCK FROM l)x Union Park—Board and lodging for three or four porsons can be bad after May 1 with private family. CA SOUTH ANNST.-A NICELY FURNISHED o*± room, suitable for two persons, with board; house has all modem improvements. /•Of WEST MONROE-ST—4 GENTLEMEN CAN BE U V accomodated with rooms and board: small family. 79 CORNER MADISON—MBS. I Zi JKNKS has newly fitted this place up, and It now ready for boarders by the day or week. Day board 34 per week. HA SOUTH SANGAMON-ST.-FURNISHED I u: rooms to rent with or without board. on room with OU; home comforta for two gentlemen; private family; and $6- QQ SOUTH MOROAN-ST.-3 DOUBLE ROOMS, GO with board; first-class accommodations; day board ers wanted. QCSEELEY-AV., NORTHWEST CORNER JACK VO son-st.—Two good-sired rooms suitable for two or more gentlemen; private family; near cars: good table: terms to suit the times. Gall at house or address 95 Soeley-ar. QQ SOUTH GHEEN-BT.. CORNER MONROE-THE VO pleasantest rooms on the West Side, cn suite or single, with or without board. Also pleasant brick base ment tor housekeeping. qq ashland-av. large room, entire t/O front of second story, unfurnished, or partly fur nished, with board; also large rear room, furnished, same floor; all conveniences; house newly renovated and fresh throughout. QQ~SOUTH CLTNTON-ST.-GOOD BOARD AND W nicely-fnrnlabod rooms can be bad cheap. Clinton* st. can pass tho door. Madison-st. and Blue Island-av. cars within half block. . 1 *1 A SOUTH GRERN-ST.-t BLOCK FROM MADI* IXU son: good board and room in private family for two gentlemen or gentleman and wife. *ll Q NORTH SHELDOK-ST.—TO RENT, WITH XXO board, a pleasant famished front room. "I 91 SOUTH SANGAMON-ST.-LARGE FRONT X-£X ruom, with board: modern conveniences. IQ£ SOUTH PEORIA-ST. - A FURNISHED XOG front single room, with good board. IQQ SOUTH GRREN-ST.-HANDSOME SUITE XO£7 trout rooms (alcove), with board: also back room; privato family; terms raasonable; references required. IQQ SOUTH GREENST.-PLEASANT ROOMS XOt/ nicely furnished, and first-class board at reason able ferms. irn SOUTH PEORIA-ST.—A PLEASANT FUR- Xl U nlshed chamber to rent with first-class hoard. 17 fr SOUTH" j KFFERSON-ST. - A FEW GOOD X I O boarders wanted; $4.50 to $6; day board, $3.50; single meals 20 cents. 177 WEST WASHINGTON-ST. PLEASANT X I I well furnished rooms, with good board: bouse new ly fitted and finished throughout; modem improvements, etc. 9HQ WEST LAKE-ST—COMFORTABLE HOME, Zi'JO with rooms and board, at 35 per west; without board only $3 per week. JOHN DAVIS, Proprietor. 91 Q PARK-AV. —LARGK UNFURNISHED FRONT *jXO room and alcove, with board; hot and cold water; bouso all modem improvements; private family. 999~WEST MO NRO E-ST.—TO RENT, ROOMS, with board, for gent and wife or two gents; also, large parlor, furnished or unfurnished. HO A SOUTH MORGAN-ST.-l LARGE ROOM to rent, suitable for four young moa or man and wife, furnished or nufarniahed. with board. nrt f SOUTH HALSTKD-ST.. CORNER PIERCE ZZ. —To rent, with board, nicely famished rooms la new marble block; gas and bath room, hot and cold water. i)C)Q PARK-AY.-TO BENT— WITH BOARD, A ZZO suite of anfarnlsbed rooms, with all modern Im provements, to man and wife or singls gentlemen. Please do not call on Sunday. 000 SOUTH SANGAMON-ST.—WITH PRIVATE ZOZ family, a suite of front rooms and large closet, with or without board. References. QQO WEST BfONROE-ST. PLEASANT FUR ZOZ nished moms to rent with first-class board; terms reasonable. Q«»Q SOUTH WOOD-ST.—ROOMS TO RENT, ZOO with board, for two or three persons in a private family. References exchanged. hf)Q WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—BOARD, WITH ZOO room, for gentlemen: 6 o’clock dinner. Refer ences. j _ OQX WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—WANTED. ZOO four moral young men, with or without board. t)QQ WEST MADISON-ST.-A FF.W ORNTLE ZO O men can be accommodated with table- board. OA £ WEST RANDOLPH-ST.—GOOD BOARD Z £ ± O tor $4 a week. A. MURRAY. <)7r WEST MONROE-ST. A VERY NICELY- Z I O famished front room to rent with first-class board. OQn WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-TO RENT. WITH Zo\) board, large room on second floor: also ball rooms, front. QQ A WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-PLEASANT UN ZXJjZ furnished front rooms with board; reference ox chanced; a few day boarders wanted. Address R 32, Tribune office. QAC WEST ADAMS-ST.-TO RENT. WITH Owl) board, very pleasant rooms, furnished or unfur nlshcd; good reference required. mAND 313 WEST RANDOLPH-ST.—THESE two large ronidencos have recently been thrown Into one. thoroughly repaired, land elegantly famished, as a first-cls*a boarding-house; all the modem improve ments; table unsurpassed; rooms en suite or single, fur nished and unfurnished; prices in keeping with the times, to permanent boarders very low: cars pass the house; ten minutes 1 walk from the Court-House; beautiful parlors: gentlemen's reading and smoking roors etc., etc. Call at once to secure a most desirable homo for the summer. QOQ 830. 333, AND 334 WEST WASHINGTON-ST. OZO —Famished and unfurnished room?, with board, suitable for families or single gentlemen. QQ£ WEST POLK-ST,—WOULD LIKE A RE OOU spoctablo lady os room-mate to board in a pri vate family at reasonable terms; near can; use of piano. Reference given. a QQ£ S 3?. AND34O WEST WASHIN(vTON-ST. —DE OOU, slrablo rooms, furnished and unfurnished, with first-class board. References required. OA 9 WEST WASHINGTON-ST, - HANDSOME O lAi aleovo room on second floor, front, furnished or unfurnished, with first-class board. Terms moderate to permanent parties. ■ O/lfi WESTWASHINGTON-BT.-WITHORWTTH- OtW oat board, handsomely fornlahod rooms, house has all modern improvements; references required; terms reasonable. ' QCQ WAKREN-AV.—A PLEASANT. WELL-FUR- OuO nished room, with good board, ?6, or 810 for two. Good homo, and ono of the best neighborhoods. Bath room convenient. * ■ QP/1 WEST RANDOLPH-ST.-PLEASANT FRONT OUx room and good table fare; terms very moderate. QQK WEST RANDOLPH-ST.-l LARGE HAND OOtJ aomely fomiahed aonth front room to rent, with board. QQQ WEST MADISON-ST.-A PLEASANT PUB KJrJZf nithed sooth front alcove chamber, withorwitn out board, with aide chamber adjoining; also a front par lor. Af) A WEST RANDOLPH-ST.-FDRNISHED \t\J x rooms for gentlemen: also nnfumisbod back par lor and bod-room. with hot and cold water, with board; also a good briek bam. A fIQ WEST MONROE-ST—PLEASANT SUITE TTv/O front rooms (alcove): also back room famished, with board; family private: location, etc,, first-class; terms reasonable. A no WEST MONBOE-ST., OPPOSITE JEFFKB ion Park—Famished or uafarnisbed rooms, with first-class board, for gentlemen and their wires or single gentlemen; terms reasonable. ,( A n WARREN-AV—PRIVATE FA MILT. FRONT U lu alcove; also square room, furnished or unfur nished ; terms moderate. ■■ A A A~ WEST ADAMS, OPPOSITE JEFFERSON rtXrxrPark—To rent, finely furnished alcove rooms with board. ______ AC7 FULTON-ST.. ONE BLOCK NORTH AND tXO I one and a ball east of Union Park-Large front parlor, furnished or unfurnished, with board for two; also large son are room over parlor- with board for two; terms reasonable; references exchanged; location nrst-ctaas. 'Add. WEST ADAJIS-ST.-A SUITE OF uNt'UH xU x nisbod rooms fronting Jefferson Park, with board. CENTBE-AV.-TWO BOARDERS WANTED. CQQ CARBOLL-AV., NEAR UNION PARK-A O OO suite of south front rooms, with or without board, reasonable terms. —- CQ7 CARROLL.AV., TWO BLOCKS FROM GO I Union Park-Fnmi»hed or unfurnished roomsto rent with or without board; bon*© has all modem Im provements . ’ ; non WEST ADAMS-ST-—TO RENT—WITH DOU flnt-dmboMd, > aestlr fomUhed Meow room. non WEST ADAMB3T-—BBIOK HOUSE.NEW- ly painted and oalclmined within, rooms tar* niahed or anfamlshed with board; references. BOARDING AND LODGING. West Side—Continued. C*OC* WEST MONROE-ST.-NICELY-FURNISHED OOD alcove room with modern convenience* and first class board. CrZiT WEST MONROE-ST.-3 OR 3 DESIRABLE OO I rooms unfurnished, with or without board, in private family; modern improvements. References ex changed. ff-| Q WEST MONROE-ST.—SUITES OF BEAUTr i LSi fu! rooms, adapted to families or single person", with board; modem improvements. Boleronces ex changed. 790 WEST LAKE-ST., CORNER LINCOLN I SC} ono large suite rooms to rent, with or without board. ■ ■ - ' nOC WEST LAKE-ST.-TWO STEADY, MORAL 100 yeang men can find good accommodations; rooms ■ large and airy. Price low to the right party. ij~4 A WEST LAKE-ST. PLEASANT KUOM» I jcl/ furnished, sooth front, with closet and board. rrjir ADAMS-ST.. NEAR ROBRY^TWO~VERT I I pleasant rooms with board. QAQ WEST JACKSON-ST.-WELL FURNISHED tJuO and eheorfnl back chamber: also unfurnished front chamber and alcove, with good board, for gem tin man and wife or single gents. Terms low. A SMALL FAMILY IN THE MOST DESIRA bio neighborhood on the West Side, and near Union Parlr. have an elegantly famished room, with all modem improvements, to rent, with board, to a gentleman and wifo. Fint-class references given and required. Address V S 3, Tribune office. ■ A LARGE FURNISHED FRONT ROOM. WITH board. In neighborhood of Union Park, to two la* dies or gentlemen, or man and wife. Address YII, Tri bune office. _ A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE WISHING A LARGE second-story room in fine order, with every conven ience and unexceptionable board, in one of the pleasant est residences on West Wasbington-st., address Z 51, Tribune office. _ THIRST-CLASS ROOMS AND BOARD OaN BE J.' found on Ashland-av., in private family, by address- Jng Y 7, Tribune office. Morgan, near madison-st.-4 pleasant rooms, single or on suite, nicety furnished, with board; private family. Address P 59. Tribune office. MONROE-ST., SHORT DISTANCE ABOVE A3H land-av.—Largo front rooms, bed-rooms en suite, all modem improvements, with board: references exchang cd. Address N 74, Tribune office. •VTORTHWEST CORNER OP HONORS AND VAN -LN Buren-sLs.—Largo unfurnished front room, hot and cold water, for couple S6O per month; also two single rooms famished. ON WEST SIDB-NKAR WARREN-AV. AND Robcy-st.—Largo unfurnished front rooms, with board, suitable for two gentlemen and wives: very plcas ant location. Address S 66. or inquire at 66 Washington. ONE SUITE OP ROOMS FURNISHED, ONE suite carpeted. West Side: best location and all modem conveniences. Address R 29, Tribane office. Southeast corner op adams-st. and gen-- tro-av.—Two nicely-furnished front rooms, wth first class board. References exchanged. South Side* 9 HUBBARD COURT-TO RENT. FURNISHED and nDfarnlshed rooms, en spit, with board. -■ i A ELDRIDGE-COURT-TWO COUPLES*CAN BE iU accommodated with ploasant-fomiahod rooms and board. I A ELDRIDGE-COURT-IN MARBLE-FRONT Xtt dwelling, with board, rooms single or en suite, nicely furnished : home-cleaning done : no moving. 1 TWKNTY-SECOND-ST.-PLEASANT front i*J room with alcove; good closet; fine view of lake; far* nishod or unfurnished, with first-class board. • on OAK-AV., CONVENIENT TO FAIBVIKW STA iU tlon—To rent, with board, two rooms, single oren suite, furnished or unfurnished. References exchanged. OC EAST HARUISON-ST.-A SINGLE ROOM TO •uO rent with board. QQ PECK-COURT-SUITE OP ROOMS TO RENT, Oy with board; also a few single rooms. 4 A EAST HARIiISO.V-ST.—PLEASANT ROQ3fS. X X furnished or unfurnished, with board. Day-board AZ PECK-COURT, BETWEEN WaBASH-AV. tx9 and btate-st.—Mcely-furnlthed rooms; also base meat well sailed to a small family. £9 TWENTY-FOURTH-ST., CORNER OF CALU \j£ met-av.—A largo, front, alcove room, with board, suitable far a monied couple or two youug men. Price, 314 per week. nr* VAN BURKN-ST., NEAR STATE-BOARD I O for ladles or gentlemen. 34 to $3 per week, with use of piano. "1 JTQ DOUGLAS-PLACE-LARGE FRONT ROOM, X«Jt/ handsomely furnished; also ono singlo room, with board; bouse with modem improvements; terms moderate. mTWENTY-TIIIRD-ST.— PLEASANT, WELL furnished rooms and good board. v C)nr MICHIOAN-AV FRONT ALCOVE ROOM, iiD'J with board, famished or unfurnished, suitable for family or three gentlemen. Table-boarders accom modated. Q/\A SOUTH STATE-ST.-ONE SINGLE FRONT Ov'W room and ono double room on second floor, with board. OH MICHIGAN-AY.-FRONTING LAKE AND OXX Park, rooms, newly furnished, with or Without board. Terms reasonable to permanent parties. or A MICHIGAN-AV .-FRONT ROOMS ON FIRST 00\J aadsecond floors to rent with board. Q 7 A STATE-ST.-UP-STAIRS-P LKAS AN T Ol T rooms with board, and use of piano, for $5 per week. QQA MICHIOAN-AV. FURNISHED FRONT OuO rooms to rent, with board. References ex changed. AT A MICHIQAN-AV.-A NICE FURNISHED Xlx room, with all modem conveniences., A 99 WABASH-AV.-PLEASANT FURNISHED ■X room with board. AA 7 MIOHIGAN-AV.—A LARGE, DESIRABLE ybTl front room, furnished, for gentleman and wife, also room for two gentlemen, with board. Tunas reason able. __ A f\o MICHIGAN-AV.-ELEGANT FURNISHED rfcUO room for gent and wife or two gentlemen; also ono single room, with board. AQI "WABASH*AY.—NICELY FURNISHED OR nnfamlshcd front rooms, with board, for families or single gentlemen; day-boarders taken. A QQ W ABASH-AV.-FURNISHED BACK ROOM, rtt/ rJ snltablo for two gentlemen: bouse and table first-class; af ew day boarders accomodated. __ ron CALUMET-AV.-PLEASANT ROOMS, NICE OZ\J and now furniture, marble-front, hot and cold water, bath, etc., for three gentlemen, or gentleman and wife; private family: terms moderate. rQQ MICHIGAN-AV TWO FRONT ROOMS, OZO breakfast and 7 o'clock dinner. Price §1.50 per week. • COO "WABASH-AY.—TO RENT WITH OR WTTH OOZ oat board, a parlor suite of rooms, newly and handsomely furnished; house well located; newly finished, with all modem improvements; references given and re quired. CQOWABASH-AV.- newly-furnished, OOZ clean and well-ventilated rooms to rent, with or without board, in a newly-finished house with all modem improvements; location convenient and desirable; day board furnished; first-class table; references given and reaulred. • r,l r WABASH-AV.-TO RENT—WITH BOARD, OrhO furnished or nnfuroisbed rooms with all modem impro rements. cn Q MICHIGAN-AV.—ONE NICELY FURNISHED «JOO sniteof rooms and one east room, with board. enrt MICHIGAN-AV.—FURNISHED OR UNFUR- Ot I nished room to rent, with board, suitable for two persona. • Ann WABASH-AV.—WITH BOARD. A FUR* DUO nlsh*-d back parlor with sleeping room, hot and cold water; also front rooms for families or gentlemen. A bam to rent. nrjQ WABASH-AV. —AN ELEGANT SECOND O I O story front room handsomely furnished, with board; also a single room; table boarders accommodat ed ; references exchanged. £7/1 WABASH-AV,-VERYDESIRABLE ROOMS O I /fc to rent with first-class board; best of references. £O7 WABASH-AV.-A SUITE OF SMALL ROOMS Ot7 I with board. Reference required. nQf\ MICHIGAN-AV.—ELEGANT ALCOVE ROOM DDU and room for two gentlemen at moderate price. Two or throe day-boarders accommodated. PQO WABASH-AV.-LARGE FRONT CHAM OOO bor, nicely furnished, for gentleman and wife or two gentlemen, with board. 7/t£ MICHIGAN-AV.—UNFURNISHED ROOM, • 3:0 with board; ren MICHIGAN-AV.—PLEASANT FURNISHED | OU or unfurnished rooms to rent with board. irpry AND7S3 WABASH-AV.—a FRONT ROOMS, I t) J. single or on suite, on second floor. Also ono double and one single room, with board. References exchanged. 7K£ MICHIGAN-AV.—ONE WHOLE 2D-FLOOR 11#0 (3 rooms), with board; nicely furnished. Refer cocos exchanged. 7QQ WABASH-AV.—CHOICE ROOMS WITH itjO board; gentleman and wife or single gentlemen. 7Q7 WABASH-AV.-TO BENT. WITH BOARD, I <7 I second-story front rooms, on suite or single; also largo room desirable for party of gentlemen; stable: references. fTQQ WABASH-AV,—SELECTION OF A NDM- ItJt) ber of choice rooms; table vary desirable; loca tion and present gaeats first-class. nn/i WABASH-AV.—TO RENT, WITH BOARD, GUO two parlors, nicely famished; also rooms en snite or single, famished or unfurnished. CAT WABASH-AV.-PLEASANT ROOM AT 810 (j\J | per week for two, with board: also day-board, non MICHIGAN-AV. - WITH BOARD, ROOMS 001 l pd suite or singly with all modem imorovemeuts; reference given and required. non MICHIGAN-AV.—TWO OR THREE NICE 004 furnished rooms to rent, with board. non WABASH-AV.-A PLEASANT BOOM, WITH, y j'i O board, for gent and wife or two young gentlemen l In private family. Parties with unexceptionable refer ences only need apply. n A O WaBASH-AT.-A VERY PLEASANT SUITE tjZCA of front rooms to rent, with board, to gent and wife or two gentlemen. /\7Q INDIANA-AV, CORNERTWENTV-FIRST-ST. tj IU Suite on parlor floor, sonth wing: snlto on second floor, famished, with board. Private family. nno wabash-at.-a nicely furnished, U tjQ third atory. front room, with board.; i nno wabash-av.-with board, nicely- XUI/y famished extension-room on second floor. Hot and cold water. Large closet. Reference. -1 n-| rr WABASH-AV—TO BENT. HANDSOME XUX t front double alcove rooms, famished or unfnr pished, with board. inQQ WABASH-AV.-3LARGE. UNFURNISHED XUoO rooms; asnito fnrnisbed; exceleottable; neat, clean boose; a fint-class place la every respect; terms reasonable. •11 ,l Q WABASH-AV.—TO RENT, A DESIRABLE XXttO room, modem convenience*, and first-class board. nn wabash-av.-rooms, single or en IXOX suite, with board, in stone front, with all im provements. in fine location, and satisfactory rates. Tin A PBAIRIE-AV—TO RENT—WITH BOARD, I I |x t very desirable snite of front rooms; house modem, surroundings first-class. References exchanged. 1 0/1 n INDIANA-AV.-TO HKNT, ONE FRONT XZirz I alcove room, with board, suitable formamed couple or two gentlemen. Also two tingle rooms. 1 OQa WABASH-AV.. BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST XOOD and Thirty-seeond-sts.—A small private family having more room than the need will rent a nice alcove room with board to a lady and gentleman. n Q;rQ WABASH-AV .—AN EAST FRONT HAND- XoOvsome unfurnished suite and two famished rooms, with first-class board: all the modern improvementa; pleasant location; references exchanged. BOARDING AND LODGING. South Sido—-Continued. A t'i-W FIRST-CLASS BOMinn»S WANTED IN r. dr-!nhia locality on Th.ftJ-fin'Hit.; room, fnr nlhrd or onforai-hcd. Addreg. Q ai, Trlbmio offleo. Koicreuces exchanged. CALUMET AVENUE.NORTH OF TWKNTY- Third-«t.—After May L dealrablo furnished or un furnished rooms, with board, can be had. Atiolv to M™ BBKWSTEJLNo. waits. T CAN ACCOMMODATE GENTLEMAN AND WIPE 1 or two gentlemen with nicely-furnished suite of front rooms and so .kI table board, with privilege of parlor. biU iard-table, etc,: house has all modem conveniences, and. is located on one of the South Side avenues near street and steam cars; terms reasonable. Address P SS, Trib une office. 0‘ N THE LAKE FRONT—A NICE ROOM TO RENT with board in a strictly Private first-class family to one or two gentlemen; no other bourdon. Address Qll, Tribane office. STATB-ST., NEAR HARIUSON-A MIDDLE-AGED gentleman, genial, and of quiet habits, can have room and board with a widow lady* Address N 41. Ttib nno office. TO LET—WITH BOARD. NICELY FURNISHED largo extension parlor, also pleasant chamber; drat class house, near togeat and wifo or gootlemeo. Address Wa 7. Tribune office. IVOULD LIKE YOUNG MARRIED COUPLR TO * f board in private family from New England; will find Cod home; terms low; room very pleasant. Call at bouse, neloy-av., corner Forty-secona-st. or address T 43, Trib une office. North Side- T A RUSH-ST.-NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS IN iu handsomo French fiat; all modem conveniences; meals in building; Americans; no moving; one flight 1 £ I NORTH BTATE-ST—WANTED—A FEW FIRST ivI class boarders. . QM RUSH-ST. FIRST-CLASS BOARD AND tJ\J nicely furnished room in strictly private family for gentleman and wife; house has all modem conveniences. /fO KUSH-ST.-BOARD AND TWO LARGE jZ~j rooms on third floor, furnish ed or unfurnished. In stone-front house. rjC HURON-ST.-GOOD BOARD AND PLEASANT i U rooms for two In a private family; North Side. QA NORTH DBARBORN-ST.-3 LARGE FRONT tj\J rooms, furnished or unfurnished; also other rooms, furnished, with choice board, gas, bath, hot and cola water; convenient to business; day boarders acoommo dated. No moving. QO WALTON-PLACE-HANDSOME ROOMS; AT.L tJ\J improvements; excellent board; family private. *1 Ak NORTH dearborn-st.—finely fur- XUU nishod rooms, singly or on suite, with board: lo cation first-rate; reference exchanged. A few boarders wanted. 10 7 DEARBORN-ST. -VERY DESIRABLE FDR XU I nlshed front room, with first-cl ass board, for two gentlemen. 1 Q/l A** o 136 MIOHIGaN-ST.—BOARDERS OAK ±O*X get neatly furnished rooms, good table, bath room, hot and cold water, $5 and £6 per week. 91 C NORTH STATE-ST.—FURNISHED ROOMS- XiXO doable or single—to rent with or without 999 NORTH CLARK^ST.—WANTED DAY- LtZiZi boarders. * 99r OHIO-ST.—A BOOM SUITABLE FOR ONE or two gentlemen, with board. 9QQ lIXINOIS-ST. - NICELY - FURNISHED 400 front room with good board at reasonable rates; also other rooms. 9,11 EAST INDIANA-ST.—BOARD and plras- Ai*xL ant front rooms suitable lor two; also single room. Keforences. 9J Q INDIANA-ST.—SUITE OF SOUTH FRONT rooms, very desirable, unfurnished. Also fur nished rooms, with board; only 10 minutes vralk from business centre; day boarders received. OINDIANA-ST., NEAR DEARBORN-LARGE AitlU back room, with board, for two gentlemen. T&blo-board for two or three. 9'co'ONTARIO-ST.—SECOND FLOOR, ALCOVE AitXOroom; back chamber and bath-room; bath-room and water-closet, hot and cold water. 9AQ ILLINOIS-ST., CORNER of RUSH-LARGE south front room with nice closet; table excel lent; moderate. 97 rr INDIANA-ST.. NEAR STATE—DOUBLE OR At I I single furnished south front rooms, with board. Also north room. on A EAST INDIANA-ST.—A NICELY FUR OUO nished room, .with first-class board, in a private family; terms moderate. Q 7 A CHICAGO AV.—NICELY FURNISHED OIT rooms, second floor, single or en, suite, with board. Prices moderate; modern conveniences. Refer-' encesexchanged. An 9 SUPERIOR-ST.—PLEASANT ROOM WITH jcU A board. Terms moderate. Reference required. Hotels. DROWN’S HOTEL, 276 STATE-ST NICELY FUR -13 nUbed rooms with board; single room*, 86 a week: two in a room, 85 each; day boarders, 84; lodgings. 50c. BURLINGTON HOUSE REOPENED BY L. PRITCHARD; board. $5.50, s6.ou, and SASO; day board, S4.W; tickota. 21 meals, $-LCO. ELMO It K HOTEL, 120 AND 123 SOUTH HALSTED st.—Pleasant rooms on first door. furaUhedwitb the best spring beds and hair mattresses. 60 cents per day; V to $3 per week; meal. 25 cents, 83.60 per weak. KELLY'S HOTEL, 114 AND 116 WEST MADISON st.—Rooms en suite or single. Families taken at reasonable prices. Regulars. $6 to $9 perweek. EVADA HOTEL, 148 AND 150 WABASH-AV.. near Msdisou-st.—First-class board for $1.50 to $3 per day; $6 to SB per week; day-board, |j.5Q perweek. Counrrr. An educated lady, who has pleasant suburban home, large grounds, milk, fruits, and vegetables in plenty, would receive two to five children to board and instruct. Parents could como also. Mrs. BELL. Box 110, City. AT RIVERSIDE —PLEASANT ROOMS WITH Aboard for two gentlemen and tbreo ladies at reasona ble rates. For particulars address Box 88, Riverside. 111. Board in the suburbs for the summer, with two pleasant room*, convenient to esr*,am(3nly S 3 minuto* from centre of tho city. Address P 38, Tnuona office. . Hinsdale, one block from depot-pleas* ant rooms, with board, for families and single per sons; references exchanged. Address J. G. RAFPE. QU3IMER BOARDING AT OAK PARK; FIRST- O class accommodations for married or single; terms reasonable. Address Y 25, Tribune office. . TtriTH FIRST-CLASS BOARD. THREE FUR YV niahed or nnfarnlabod rooms In first or second story of one of the cottages at Lakeside Rail, E fans ton, at lo j * than cost of housekeeping. Address W. G. JONES, Evanston. Miscellaneous TWO GENTLEMEN OR GENTLEMAN AND WIFE can be accommodated with pleasant room, modem conveniences, home comforts in private family; ploasant locality. T 63, Tribane office. WANTED— PARTY WHO WILL FURNISH A * large front room with first-class furniture and take pay in the boat of board. Address Vl7, Tribune office. BOARD WANTED. BOARD-AND ONE OR TWO FURNISHED BOOMS foreantleman and wifo in a strictly private family; West Sido preferred. Answer, stating terms and loca tion, R 60, Tribune office. Board -by a gentleman and wife? one or two famished rooms with or withont day board. Private family preferred. East of State, between Twelfth and Twcntyeecond-sts. Best of references given. Ad dress, stating terms, R 73, Tribune office. T)OARD—BY A DADY ENGAGED DURING THE 1) day. Location between Van Boren. Lake. Green, and Centro-ar. Address, with fall particulars, J. M. BURWELL. 577 West Monroe at. B" OAKD-IN WEST DIVISION, NEAR JEFFERSON or Union Parks, for gentleman, wife, and little girl 6 yean old. Salto of weir/omUbcd rooms and good table board. References will bo exchanged. State location, accommodation, and tanas, and address 8 85. Tribane office. T)OARD—IN A PRIVATE FAMILY FOR GENTLE* I) man and wife. Terms not exceeding s6oor S7O per month. Address TS 3. Tribune office. BOARD TWO PLEASANT UNFURNISHED rooms on West Side by young couple; prompt pay; permanent If suited. References given and required. Give particulars and terms. Address S 90, Tribune office. BOARD-A YOUNG LADY (PROFESSIONAL MUS ie teschor) desires board. Woold teach vooal and Instrumental lessons in family if desired. Best of refer ences. Address TII, Tribune office- Board— a german lady of education wishes to givo Instruction on piano and her own lan guage wishes a famished roam, with board, in a strictly private family. Best of references given. Address R 43, Tribune office. Board-on south side by a lady—will give real estate in the city in payment. Address P©» Tribune office. Board-with pleasant front rooms, on West Side, in the vicinity of Union or Jefferson Park, for gentleman, wife, and little girl: will famish rooms if desired. Address Zls, Tribune office. BOARD-FOR TWO GENTLEMEN IN PRIVATE family between Twelfth and Eigbteenlh-ita., east of Wabasb-sv. Address, stating terms and full particulars, Q 9, Tribune office. "HOARD—FOR GENTLEMAN. WIFE. AND CHILD D on North Side* eaat of Clark-st, Address S 97, Xrib one office. I)OABD-IN PRIVATE FAMILY BTONE OR TWO ) young men. Will pay no fane; prices. Beat reference*. AddressQ 8, Tribone office. BOA RD-BY GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. SOUTH Side, near Twonty-*eeond-«t. Andress, stating price and particulars, Tl 3. Tribune office. BOAUD-BY A MARRIED COUPLE, ROOM AND board within I# miles of Court-House in either Dins, ion. Most bo in a boots without basement and on aams floor as dining-room. Address W 29, Tribone office. Board - a gentleman and wife, want neatly furnished room or suite of room*, with board (or board near by). In private family. North Side prefer red. Permanent. Address, with location, etc-, O 80, Tribune offlee. BOARD-AND ROOM. BY A YOUNG LADY WHO is employed during tho day. Address, stating terms. Q 100. Tribune office. B" OARD-EAST OP ABRRDE EN-ST., BY A young lady; terms must be low. Address Q SB, Trib une office. BOAED-BY A YOUNG MARRIED COUPLE, ON the West Side; private family preferred. Address Q 5, Tribone office. BOARD-NORTH SIDE, IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, by three gentlemen, a suite of rooms, with or with out board; references exchanged. X 23,Tribune office. BOARD-BY A YOUNG SINGLE GENTLEMAN; quiet family with few or no other boarders preferred; can give good references. Address Z 42, Tribune office; Board— by gentleman and wife and mother, from June 1, in a private family, or where there are but few boarders; would want three rooms, or. if agreeable, the use of the family parlor and two bed rooms. and all the conveniences of a home; would tarnish the sitting-room if desired. Address stating location, terms per month, etc.. 8 80 Tribone office. "HOARD—BY-GENTLEMAN AND WIFE IN PEI. D v&te family where there are no other boarders. Two pleasant rooms on second floor front, well furnished, in good neighborhood, bath-room, ate. In answering please state what family consists of and give information la de tail. Address N S 5, Triboae office. BOARD-A LADT WISHES BOARD AT REASON abIe terms with private family on West side, where comforts of a homo can be obtained. Address V 73, Trib une office. "HOARD—FOR SELF.-WIFE, AND CHILD (3 Jj years old), within 10 minutes’ walk of Court-House; state terms. AddretsQ62. Tribone office- BOARD-A HOMS WHERE GUITAR, RUDIMENTS of piano, and plain tewing may be given In exchange for board. Address Q 93, Tribune office, BOARD WANTED. BO A UD—PLEAS ANT ROOM WITH BREAKFAST jad .opneruy stasis msa. -,0.r c»r>; .Lite term* watch mast bo rcasuaable. Y 21, Tribaaa office- B" OARD-AND ROOM BY SINGLE MAN. EAST SUtoaad aorth of Tw.lfth-.t, ; 6 o'dodc dtoiSC Address, with terms, Q J?, Tribune office. BOaRD-BY TWO YOUNG MEN. WITH OR with’ outboard, near Fairviaw or Hyde Park station Pri vate family preferred. References exchanged. Aiidre** 810, Tribune office. TDOARDAND PARTLY-FURNISHED ROOMS IN -U new octagon marble front. North Mde, east of Clark k. . within 10 minutes* walk of Sherman House. ■OOARD—GENTLEMAN AND WIPE WANTS Xr board with private family, second floor, hot and cold water, bath, good neighborhood; aasociations of the ut most importance. Address T 35. Tribune office. amsiCAie A CARD— We are offering greater inducements than ever In eiegant new pianos; having by recent purchase for cash adaod to oar large stock some exceedingly choice car makers* 8 “*** instreaents by the fallowing well-known THOMAS A. DOWLING A CO.. NEW YORK • P.C.UGHTK. NEW YORK; * - HAZ ELTON. NEW V’ORK; HAINES BROS.. NEW YORK J MaN - NEW YORK; AND OTHERS. MARIUTS SPECIAL BARGAINS. 154 STATB-ST. Elegant brand-new 7>s octavo piano... ywa Very rich and powerful Cano 7>f octave piano-forte... 2ao Magnificent brand-new grand pian0......... ’ 27s FIKNT-OLAaS MAKEItN. * WA RRANTED FOR FIVE TEARS. A FEW FINE SECOND-HAND PIANOS 3175 AND 8300 BACH.' R. T. MARTIN. “ 154 STATE-ST. AT THIS SEASON OF THE TEAR WE ALWAYS have a number of piaooa on band returned froa renting. Thee are thoroughly durable, in good turn and tone, and warranted to last as long as a new piano. We will sell those just returned for from 3150 to 32* each. In addition, we now have some cheap pianos, ai follows: One 6-octsre p1ain.,....,, OneS-octavs Gilbert.,.., One 7-octare Gilbert One 7>octare Chlckering. Unonpri«ht7>i*octaTe. nearly now, ia handsome rose* wood case 3l A BARGAIN-A 3650 7*-OCTAYE PIANO, TAKKfI rt. under mortgage, used but 6 months, 4 round corners, agraffe attachment, finely carved legs and lyre, with stow and cover, S3OO if taken this week; also, & new 7-stop or gan. only BtK). 343 State-st., Room 9. AN ELEGANT DECKER BROS. PIANO. NEARLY new, for sale at half price, or will rent low. Also, s fine-toned 7-octave piano for only 3150. Also, one foi S9O, or will rent for 81; and a good toned small piano (or SBO. It will psy to look at them. 300 Warren-ar. A SEVEN-OCTAVE PIANO FOR 875 GASH; WILL trade for a gold watch. Address Pa. Tribune office. ANY PERSON HAVING A FIRST-CLASS STEIN, war Plano, and wishes to dispose of the same at a sacrifice for cash, can find a purchaser by applying at Cl LaSalle-st., Room S’. Chicago aiuszcAL college.-gowabash-av., and 296 We»t Madlson-st. New classes lor the violin will be formed Monday, May 1. T7STEY ORGANS, NEW STYLES, NEW AND ELR- Xj gant cases, just received at STORY A CAMP'S. Call and see them at 211 State-st. FOB SALE. EXCHANGE. OR RENT. WITH OR without furniture, piano, at 879 Wsbsah-sv. F)K SALE-AT a BARGAIN—a MASON 4 HAM- Ita organ for $250: cost SBSO. Address 0. C. BRED* BERG, 97 Sedgwick st. FOR* SALE!—A 7-OCTAVK PIANO FOR £75; ALSO aChickoriag, stool, and cover, for $175. 215 Sts to st., second ilocr. F OB SALE-A SHEET ari/SIC ORDER. §155.®, TG be selected st option from a leading Western cata logue; will sell entire at one-third Its value, or divide. II desirtKl; also at great bargains, the celebrated Manning organs and Imperial pianos. THEO. J. ELMORE, 2W atato-st. . For salr-at a saokificr-a first-class 7-octavo, rosewood case, carved leg piano. Inquire at 19 Granger-st., near Sedgwick. Fob sale-a t-octave rosewood upright pitTift, la good condition, price 860, atSQI West Har* rison-tU IF YOU WANT TO REN T OR BUY A PIANO OH organ for cash or on time, consult your interest by calling oaN. GOOLD A SOX, 248 State-st. TF YOU WANT TO BENT A PIANO OH ORGAN X go to PROSSER’S, bo makes tenting a specialty. 211 State-st., near Adams. -a |*ARTISTS, 154 STATE-ST. JM BARGAINS IN ELEGANT PIANOS. 8750 senate grand, richly o rved, all latest improve ments, 7>* octaves, agraffe, French action £■ Magnificent 7>* octave piano-forte, all latest improve ments , massive and elegant in finish, stria Louis XIV., rich and powerful t0ne...., 250 Very elegant Instrument, all late improvements, reg ular price 8550. with stool and cover 940 A rich and powerful tone $650 piano, entirely new, and warranted in every reaped, with stool and cover.... SO Entirely new pianos.... $210,8210. 26C We warrant every Instrument to bo precisely sa repre sented. and bold ourselves responsible (or it for the pe riod guaranteed. k. t. martin, iMSt*to-«t, ■VTEIL GRAY. TEACHER OF THE BANJO. 152 .IN South CUnton-st., corner Adams. Instructions given for the dramatic and variety stage. rtRGANS— NEW AND SECOND-HAND, MADE BY U X. Spang. Blake Organ Company, Smith’s American Company,Mason & Hamlin, Taylor A Farley, 850, $6% S9O. SIOO, sllO. $125. R. T. MARTIN, 154 State-st.- PIANOS AND ORGANS FOR BENT AND FOR sale on installments or on easy terms, at STORY A CAMP’S. 211 Slate-st. Parties si ay save paying storage on pianos by addressing A O O, Carrier 12, South Sta tion. Piano tuning and repairing—orders left at GAGE'S mnsio store, 237 West Madlson-st.. or 206 Sooth Le&vitt-it., promptly attended to. FRANK H. PIERCE. Pianos for sale and to rent, repairing and tuning, at the Chicago Piano Factory, 34S Ststa ■t.. by J. PRESTON A SONS. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EASTERN SO prano In a choir. Address W 38, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A MUSICIAN IN A cornet band; plays B flat comet or baritone. Address N 57, Tribune office. SECOND-HAND PIANOS AND ORGANS FOR sale cheap at STORY A CAMP'S. Call and exam* ine prices belore purchasing elsewhere at 211 atate-et. SECOND-HAND PIANOS. WE HAVE A NUNBER of second-hand pianos, ranging in prices from *540 to 3175, which we aro determined to close out without reference to values. R. T. MARTIN, 151 Stste-st. TO RENT—|3 PER MONTH, 3300 TKN-STOP OR gan, with privilege of purchase at half its value. Ad dross V 65, Tribune office. WANTED-A GOOD PIANO IN EXCHANGE FOR «l 40 acres land in Fayette County. lU. Address Y 64, Tribune office. WANTED—A PIANO TO STORE FOB USE; PRI »» vate family; do children. P 66, Tribune office. WEBER PIANOS, RECOMMENDED AS THB best by the leading profession, can be obtained at reasonable tenna at STORY A CAM P'S, 211 State-st. WANTED— SECOND-HAND STEINWAY PIANO, at 70 Madison-at., Boom 14. .• WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY THOROUGHLY ' competent to toaota beginners, a few music pupils; terms very moderate. Address P 33, Tribune office. WANTBD-TO BUY A GOOD SECOND-HAND Steinway piano cheap lor cash. Address 123 Vin cennes-av. £0“ A WILL BUY SUPERB CONCERT-GRAND; owner going away; must be sold immediately. Apply at 754 MicbUran-ar. PARTNERS WANTED: PARTNER WANTED-WITH CAPITAL, TO TAKE an interest and introduce a valuable invention muen needed in every family, office, and store, in the United States. Call or address SA, basement 135 Townsend-st ■DARTNEB WANTED-IN THE MANUFACTURE X of paper, by a party who has a mill in tint-class order for fine paper,with a capacity of 4.OCW lbs per day and with both water and steam power: will give party enure con trol If desired. Addre* Blymyer Manafactqnng Com pany, Cincinnati, Ohio. PARTNER WANTED-WITH Moo. TO TAKE TOLL charge of a lager beor and lunch room la first-clan* lo cation ; German preferred. Ad drew w 23, Triouno o j co. PARTNER WANTED—I WOULD LIKE A GOOD, sauaro. honest, sensible man who can apply hJnucll to general business and who does not expect to get rich in a few dan. to extend an already established legitimate busincssthat will pay him from sl.Sootos3.ooopervear with close attention and hard work; SI,OOO ready cash re quired, and 81.000 more in a few months. Address RS, Tribune office. ARTNER WANTED-WITH SOME CAPITAL. Df a produce commission home. Advertiser has trav eled all through the country and can control a good trad*. Address W P, 14 Sooth Clark-st. * Partner wanted that oak command $15,000 ready cash to take interest In a largo, well established, and well-paying floor and gram bnsineaa. None except those meaning pnsineta need answer. Ad* dteta N 76. Tribune office. _ PARTNER WANTED—WITH SOME MEANS. TO join tho patentee In the manufacture ot an article need in every family. Jnst the thing to tell in Philadel phia daring the Centennial. Address M. KLINE. 1M Aberdoen-st., city. • PARTNER WANTED—WITH $5,000 CASH OR UN* incumbered real estate, to manage offlee and join ex perienced party with like amount to boy, chip and tell ores. Doable security given for capital. Salary and large profits. M. O. KELLEY. 70 Dearborn-st.. Room 5. PARTNER WANTED-AN ACTIVE PARTNER IN the oldest laundry in this city. Address W 35, Trib une office. _ I PARTNER WANTED—WITH FROM 8 A 000 TO $10,(00 in a business established 1$ yean; investment secured. Inquire ot B. 8. DOWNER. ST, aid 219 State. PARTNER WASTED—A LADT WITH 8150 IN A good paring business; none but a basinets person need reply. Address Y 36, Tribone office. ABTNER WANTED-A RESPECTABLE ACTRESS wishes a moneyed partner xr a new. original Bchemo, la which there 1 * a fortune. Address care J. WHIXB LEY. Miisasolt House. PARTNER WANTED—S3O,OOO-TO BUY OUT THE interest of a retiringjpartnor In a wholes*is nones. Address Ql3, Tribune office. PARTNER WANTED-TO”TRAVEL WITH MB through Michigan: rare chance; small eapitaL Cali MopHay/Boom A 163 Sooth Olarkst. PARTNER WANTED WITH 83.600 IN A BUSINESS established9years; no better business is the city; will bear the strictest investigation. Address V 65. Trib une office, . __ Partner wanted—to take half ikteb est and charge of first-class sample-room; South Side- Address A 18, Tribune office. ______ DIVORCES. Divorcee legally obtained fur in com patibllity, etc. Residence nor personal presence not required. Affidavits sufficient proof. Fee after decree. Address G. R. SIMS. 61 Clark-st., Chicago, 11L • Divorces obtained without publicity, legal everywhere, for incompatibility, etc. Residence not necessary. Affidavit sufficient. Fee alter decree; U years* experience. Address Box Ma,P.O., Chicago. Hi. Divorces legally and quietly obtaned in every State of the Union for incompatibility, eta. Residence unnecessary. Fee after decree. Twelve inn wrfperience. Address Post-Office Box 1037, Chicago, SL 11 ................ 51 la W*.' W.* EUMBALL.

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