Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 30, 1876, Page 13

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 30, 1876 Page 13
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HORSES and carriages. •“ . DRIVING, HOAD, AND A A Miriuro homes for ssle, at No. 133 Michigan-**., pairs of carriage-horses. about 16 very stylish and thoroughly broken: not b*f?J iSViam-cars, no tricks cr Tices, ami persons in •“*r.honld not fall to examine and ride after them. Al- Sir of dark-bay or brown mares. 15?{ hands high, sonnd. and kind in aUhaT dua-bay Ethan Allen horse. ISH hands high, One bay gelding, 15J» hands high, one of horses driven In the city: long full Hn Andean speed fast. One brown mare U# tandhlgh, perfectly safe for ladies to ride or KSrSdcan best 2 JO: no humbug; will be sold at a the right person. Also one black gelding, 8 rprf kind, gentle, and thoroughly broken to all for ladies to drive; can trot in 3:46 or hotter. !£rhuck gelding, long, full tail good mane, about 15 npbeaded, stylish, and attractive; is improv ifffithi speed; wul be sold at a bargain. Also one *fc£rS*noay imdseveral light drivers. Horses all to be ffflt Prieto suit the tSaea. B. O. ANTHONY k CO. -T-GOOD SECOND-HAND COUPE, COUPE BOCK- A lW foar or dx *oat«d pirk phaeton, dog cart, ft_t, nh&ftton baggT. road wagon, or business wagon jin “the NOttrHWKSTEUN TASTER ciTIS. Ito 9 Monroo-et,, comer Mlchigan-ar. E. !>• ptTTJsV. Fropnator. , TTLvdsome platform spmno wagon. A ccdtable for business or pleasure, bolit bj the Water **_ /v v i Wagon Company. and warranted m every £«£ low atat the f.'OttTHWEoTERN TAT% gSpg*T.T.R. I to 9 Monroo-st., comer Michiran-av., by for the Compw. E. D. BAIZHY. A --Motion —"Tuesdays, Thursdays. and u athinitn*'Bones> carriages, and harness a spe jffSwSroW JiSrto and 193 East Wash- Ample time given to test all corse* sold tinder jfjjgStefT stock on hand at private sale. rrea WEST MADISO.S-ST.. FOB SALK 1 SIDE- A herMpbPngT* equarobo*; Xtop grocery w»KOn;l ni«d: 1 eeoond-haad open: Ml Seip for ctah» . i TOP BVGGV FOR SALK AT A SAOM- A fic«' Harn la rear of 633 Wert Adams-rt. Made by fig, in tom. Call Snnday or Monday. a STEOKO AND FAST L.TrTLK HORSE AND A SK« *l*-spring, tnrn-tsblo wjgon cljosp for fi, AddreuXf?. Tribune office. V'good-lookingand FAST road make TO A JxSSse for a fine gold watch, or a diamond. Ad irtuTTt, Tribana QiSce. *7 SACBIrtCU—ONE TEAM OP MARES WEIGH- A lux 1.200 poundi e&cb for sllO, 6 and S yoan oW; 8 fit for express or tGiin, cheap I the *t>ovo to ffld jarfumth-B, one block woft ot Bins laUad-av. . ntrrios- sales of houses, buggies, har- Anesa. Ac., Mondays. Wednesdays, and Friday* at 10 WBEM SCO'S.. IS3 and lit WaaUlnttonst. ifSORMAJi STALLION AND ONE ROAD A Sham horses, & work hones. 1 Pfigo* • liddloponj for sale cheap for wjh at E 5 Vlctcxia-av., B H*naop*conrt» A- H. SABBORN, stent. T BASK CHANCE TO BOY CHKAP-l TEUlur A iSSs £, (00, I U>im 1200.5 horMj I° r ejpro«> orero «r brickanddirtwagons, 1 farmer’s waeoa. 2 eet of double barneis, 1 aiaale and 1 double*»eatod boccr* the property of a decease a builder. Call at 203 Bebecca-*t.» •a* block vast of Blue Islana-ar. A FIRST-CLASS SIDE-BAR SQUARB-BOX TOP A baggy; must be sold at once, or exchange for an old bis. tSlWest Madisqn-sfc. a saisffissffli.- . iiivncnUK PAIROP BAY MARES, 5 YEARS A ©ld, IS hands high, weigh 1,800 pounds, kind in all Snow, and sound; priceSlTS. One pwrof good work horsM. sraiebt 3,200 pounds, true in all harness, price fclUf**one good mare, wagon, and harness for st>o. _ One nearly new sdnare box open and one top boggy roust be pold Monday. SlflTwenty-seqond-et. HOKSB, HARNESS, AND GROCERY WAGOJ for sale cheap, at 709# Ixike-st. ENTRAL CARRIAGE WORKS, 117 AND 119 Qoiscy-st., between LaSalle and Fifth-ay. Manufac turing, repairing, and painting done at fair ratoa. JAb. O'BRIEN* Uic of the nnn of ilaydo A O'Brien. FOE SALE—B good, reliable HORSES. AC costumed to the city; work double or single; suitable for grocers’, express-wagons, or for family use. Will bo sold at reasonable prices, as we have no further use for from. D. P. MALLORY A CO., U 4 West Randolph's!, FOR SALE—CHEAP—TOt- BUGGIES, PHAETONS, side-bars, one grocery wagon, one horse and harness. Inquire rear 60S State-aL F' OR SALE-ONE FINE NEW ROAD-WAGON AT A bargain; also, excellent saddle-horse, at 836 West Lake-st. FOB SALE-TWO VERY FINE DRIVING-HORSES with speed, and other light and heavy ones; also, one ixeellent horse, and oue trotter, at MITCH ELL’S livery stables, BS3 West Lake-st. Fob sale-very promising young horse, from “Tucky Ho” stock: kind and gentle; lady can drive him; will sell cheap, 193 West Monroo-st. FOR SALE-TWO-SEAT DEMOCEAT-WAGON. 193 West Monroe-st. Foe sale-good express wagon oheap. Inquire at 951 State-aL FOB SALK—IOO IKON BRICK WAGONS AND LIGHT rails from Excelsior Bnok Works, patent Philadel phia. cost slls each. We offer them very cheap; also all Hn<*« of machinery. Call at Clark-st. Iron Yard. LIE BERMAN NATHAN, 468 Sooth Clark-st. For sale-an a i leather-top buggy man nf&ctnred by Hall & Bartlett, Rockford, XU. Can be Been at Grand Central Hotel, Markot-sL, between Madi son and Washington. J. J. SULLIVAN. rE SALE-ONE HORSE, COUPE ROOKAWAT, second-baad. P. L. SMITH, 299 Wabaah-av. FOR SALE-MONTHLY PAYMENTS FINE young more, new leather-top square-box boggy, harness; will exchange top-buggy lor good horse. Ad dress Kl 9, Tribune cmcei • FOR SALE-CHEAP—AT 613 WEST MONROE-ST., one small bone, sound and gentle; one choice cow. and calf four weeks old; ono fine set carriage-harness; one S-spring phaeton at S6O; one set double work-harness a: £25. FOR SALE-AT A GREAT BARGAIN, A LARGE black carriage team and some very nice single horses. Carriages and harness, sin .le and doable. 1 want to trade a road wagon for a nice top phaeton, and will pay difference. Call or addresa 123 Dearborn-si., Room 2. For sale-cheap-1 good top grocery wagon. Inquire at 609 State-sU.BARDON A BRO. TOE SALE-A PROMISING TROTTER, HALF f brother to Phil Sheridan; has trotted better than S.-tO. Will b« sold at half his value. Mitchell's Stable, 88 West Lake eL For sale-horse, side-bar top buggy, harness etc., cheap. Inquire o'** M. FARRELL, rear 1334 Prairie-sv. _ FOR SALE—A NO. 1 ONE-HORSE TRUCK, NEAR- Iy new. need for Hour and feed store, cheap. Address 16 Seymoor-et. i'OR SALE-HORSE, BUGGY. AND HARNESS, cheap for cash, or will trade horse for cash and gro ceries. Address Z 46, Tribnne office. FOB SALE-GOOD LANDAU CARRIAGE, OR will exchange for harness, at 838 West Lake-st. l?OR SALE-OR WILL EXCHANGE FOR UNIN- J? cumbered lots—Three horses. M. L. SCUDDRR, JB. t Portland Block. F)r sale-a large chestnut horse that can trot In 2:40 and has no record. Will take bnggy la part pay. Call at No. SSB Sooth Desplalnes-st. For sale-dark bay horse*, fit fob bug gy or delivery wagon; 7 year* old; weight L 100; will be sold cheap. Apply in rear of 382 West Monroe-st. FOR SALE-GOOD, SOUND SORREL HORSE, new delivery wagon, and sot of harness, together or separate; cheap for cash. Apply in livery bam. 413 W eit Van Burea-st. For sale-a team of horses, weight aboutßso Ibs;c&nehow2:sotothopole. A black mare; has record of 2:30. Doable harness and road wagon. Ap ply to J. 8. A W. G. A CO.. 107 and US South Water-st- POE SALE-TOP AND OPEN BUGGIES: WOULD exchange top-buggy for a horse. 44 Padfic-av. For salk-cheap-a good family horse. tollable also for delivery or express. Inquire at 53 Lake-st. FOR SALE-LIGHT ROAD-WAGON, FIRST-CLASS maker, in good order; weighs 125 lbs.; SIOO. Stable, rear 137 Twenty-fourth -it. For salk-cheap-a handsome span of ponies; can be driven by anybody; light double har ness. nearly now, and phaeton. Inquire at 19 Johnson st. Ij>Oß SALK-CHEAP-A STRONG TOP AND SHlP ping-seat boggy, two seats, in good repair; can be seen at 87 We?t uhio-st.. near Miiwankeo-ar. Go and see it and make an offer. FUR SALE-CHEAP-ONE PAIR WORK HORSES, harness, and wagon; also one two-bone coal-box wagon and two coal carts; a good top business boggy; will trade for light driving hone: also two side-bar top boggles, cheap for cash. BURCH'S Telegraph Stable. 154 fifth-av. FOB SALE—S2OO WILL BUY GOOD STYLE TOP buggy, sound bone, and harness; rig complete and very cheap. WILKINS, Boom 14.145 LaSalle-st. IpOE SALE—PATCHRN COLT, SIX YEARS OLD, 1 good slxe, perfectly kind and safe for lady to drive. Address V 74. Tribune office. FOR SALE-THREE OMNIBUSES. COAN 4 TEN Bmeke, in good order, for $125 cash each; held for •ecorityand most be sold. W. H. HARPER, 99 Modi eou-st. Foe sale—good young mare and har nesa. Inqa're at 659 Wert indiana-st., Sunday, or any •reuing after 6 p. m. l?OR SALK-3 GOOD BUSINESS HORSES AND 1' one second-hand top-buggy. Bam rear 195 Olark-st. FOR SALB-A GOOD SPRING TRUCK. 406 south Clark-st. For salk—a good business horse and open buggy and harness. Will sell separate if de text 250 Kinxie-st. For bale—or exchange for carpets or furniture—Nice carriage. Salt property and lowa lands for city property. ±£. D. MURRAY, 921 Cottage Urore-aT. FUR SALE-VERY LOW. A GOOD HORSE AND buggy, inquire of JUL. BAUER A CO., comer of state and Monroe-sta. For sale-your choice of four chunky true work-horses, suitable for brick yard or heavy gaoling for SBS. Two express or delivery horses, yonng, V7u each. Two express rigs cheap. Call at express office, « Hannon-court, I?pRSALB— DOUBLE WAGON WITH GOOD COAL- A bex and also double harness. Address T 41. Tribune. pOR SU.E—AT TAYLOB A HEATH’S. CORNER T Thirteenth and Wabash-ar., carriage teams, road P™®*. ooop« horse*, single drivers, pole teams, saddle aonet, ud business horses. Oar stock is tho largest and ™o*t complex of any sale stable in Chicago. All stock he as represented. Parties in want of any class of too aid examine our stock, for our prices defy com ***u*cn. Call and see ns. There has been sold from this r~*f,*iace the first of last May 267 head of horses. Also saddle horse for a boy or pony phaeton. pOR^SALE-DIRT " JOE SALE—DIRT CHEAP—PHAETONS, BUG -4c., at 47 North Jeffcnon-st., corner Like. * among, trimming, And repaMng At bottom prices. p°tt SALK—TEN GOOD HORSES, DRAFT, «n*le md double, or SAddleithrao wagons: thro, ganamesi. Inquire st 146 South Vst«r.«t. F'iJL? 4^4 GENTLE FAMILY MARE; CAN v H? 1 iuiide ofS minnow; a lads can drice or handle docile. Inquire ol CLICKBODRKE, 82 pOESALE-OE EXCHANGE FOR NEW FURNI JSsute’- "** ht MOOt.LSM.AD- JOH SALE—CHEAP, A LIGHT DELIVEEY WaG- hone, and harness. OSCAR FIELD, 165 Michi- F^®t^£r CH ' !4P r DO pi' O R , S PHAETON AND deUrmy wag- F®BALE_ch ABAP-DR AY AND HARNESS, 823; .“SS CaUfoyS days at I*7 Watt Jaekson-st, HORSES AND CARRIAGES. TjtOß SALE-AT BOTTOM PRICKS, NEW AND X 1 second-hand carriages, one extension-top carriage, nearly new; two rockawaya, slide seats; one basket phae ton, with top; one without top, as good as now. All kinds of new and second-hand phaetons, with lamps and mad fenders; twenty top end spring piano box baggies, top side bars, open side bars. Nqw one nrst-claa* upon side bar, made by Bohanon, nearly new, side springs, with tops or without tops. Second-hand buggies, made by Coan A Ten Brook. Henry Willett, George Bradley, Brewster. Now York. Also, six top grocer* wagons: ten express wagons; one new farm wagon; all kinds of dou ble and single harness, sew and second-hand. A first class now farm harness, 825. Six horses for sale, and one week's trial given. Horses, buggies, express and gro cery wagons to let by the day or week. Money advanced on horses, baggies, and harness. Don't fail to come and mm rm> before yon buy. H* C. WALKER, 257 State-st, FOR SALE-ONE PATENT DUMP WAGON FlßST class and easily worked; 1 heavy coal wagon; 1 sin gle-spring wagon; 1 second-hand and 3 now top buggies; I pair heavy draught borees; 1 set heavy doable harness; laet heavy single basnets; cheap for cash, or will ex change for lumber or coal. Apply at SPRINGER'S iron yard. 66 and 63 Sooth Clinton-st. For s *lb-at ste blur island.av., 4 heavy work-horses, and 1 nice-driving horse spring wagon and harness; must be sold; cheap for cash. Call to-day or to-morrow. For sale -my fine driving rig: horse young and handsome; new harness ana lop-road wagon; this nobby turnout will bo sold cheap for cash; ownor leaving the city. Call lor GEORGE, 179 West Adams-st. FOR SALE-VERY CHEAP—THE PROPERTY OP a butcher: 5 good-sized sound horses; have been worked to delivery-wagon; are fit for grocery, express, baker-wagons, or for farm use: prices from S4O to SBS; also & bcaatifnl-lookiag young Logan-driving or family mare: perfectly sound and gentle; none handsomer in the city: 4 delivery-wagons, and a nice-covered phaeton and harness. The above will be sacrificed to-day or to morrow for cash at 871 West Fifteentb-st., near Blue Island-av.; take Bine Island-av. cars to Flftoonth-sL tpOH SALE-CHEAP, A PHAETON. HORSE, AND . harness. OSCAR FIELD, 165 illchigaa-av. For sale—cheap, a landau carriage and himwa. OSCAR FIELD. 165 Mlchlgan-ar. FOR SALE-THREE CHEAP HOUSES; OH WILL trade- OSCAR FIELD, 165 Miohigan-av- For sale-a first-class landau, braoley or KiUan make; also two fan roadsters. Will exchange second-hand top-buggies for a few good alnglo horses or carriage team. Apply to Trcimmt Stable. BEARDSLEY, NEWTON A CO. For sale—cheap, :or exchange for cheaper bones or buggies and .cash. 3 gentleman's driven. »U young, and can trot In from 3 H 5 to 3 minutes: just from tbo country. 116 head of fine grays, kind in single or double: one new skeleton top baggy. Call fore noons at 71 Twenty»seoom!-st- EOR SALE-ONE 2-SKATED family hooka WAY carriage at GEO. DIETRICH’S Stable, TMity-first st., between Michigan and Indiana-ava. For sale-one light and one heavy de livory wagon; also two second-hand baggies, very cb»ap, at 259b00th Canal-at. For sale-large 3-horse express wagon and 2-borso baker wagon: or what haveyon to exchange for either T Apply 234 Michigan-av., Ito3p. m. daily, C For sale-one of the finest carriage teams in town, 7 years old, 16 nanda high, and well matched; w&rrantod Bound and gentle; lady can drive them; one polo team, good roadsters, well broke. At GKO. DIETRICH'S Stable, Thirty-first-at., between Michigan and Indiana-avo. For sale-at half price, elegant clar ence made to order, French plate front, lined with brown Batin; used very little. Apply to H, TOMLYN, 8 Lake-st. For sale-cheap-a second-hand road wagon, side-bar; Eagle Painting Company. 45 and 47 Jackson-et. For sale-an open buggy, good style and make, nearly new, for S6O. ISO Sooth Halsted-st. For sale-one lkather-top carriage, and one Brett, in good order, for less than their val ue, at BASSETT'S Stablea, roar of 15 and 17 Harmon court. FOR SALE-CHEAP—ONE TOP BUGGY. USED one season; one open boggy, as good as new. 90 Twen ty-Bocond-st. GOOD PASTURE FOR FIFTY HORSES, WITH plenty of water and shade, at Willow Springs on the Alton Railroad. Call at 168 Washington-st. HUGH ALEXANDER. Great bargains in carriages and bug gies, new and second-hand, closing oat at cost at my now ware rooms, 10 and 13 Washington-st. H. B. HILL. Horse and harness wanted-horsb is bands, weighing about 1,300, 7 to 9 years, harness suitable for express. Address S 54, Tribune office. Horse, harness, and covered wagon for sale; a good bargain for some ono: suitable for light delivery. Inquire at bom on Meridian-st,, corner of Hals tod. IF YOU WANT A FIRST-CLASS JOB OF CAB riaga or boggy painting or trimming go to the Court- Place Carriage Painting Company. Court-place, rear of Times Building. I WANT TO TRADE A ROAD HORSE FOR A top-buggy and harness. Apply or address Burlington House, 680 south Canal. IWANT A GOOD HORSE FOR FARMERS’ WORK in tr&do for a lot at South Chicago; lot worth $l5O. Address L. STKL, 46 Fig-tL Largest and cheapest delivery and business buggies and wagons In town; repairing and painting in first-class stylo: all seasoned stock MAR TIN’S carriage shop, 47 Wells-sL Please call before buy ing elsewhere. Will take plastering or Inmber. MY FAMILY CARRIAGE-HORSE IS FOR SALE at a bargain, weighs 1,150. dark bay, 7 years old, kind and gentle; will call and show him; only cash want ed. Address N 21. Tribune office. OPEN CARRIAGE AND CLOSE CARRIAGE for sale cheap. Inquire at 497 Fifth-av. PASTURE —FINE PASTURE FOR HORSES AT the Tremont Garden; plenty of water, and good care taken of animals. Apply to W. CRANNE, on premises, or to 3. PETERSON, Sooth Lynno. QACRIFIECD FOR CASH—TWO OPEN BUG- O gics, S democrat wagons, and two covered buggies. Call to-day or to-morrow if yon want a bargain, at 1159 West Madison-st. Team op carriage-horses, sound ano kind: also first-class tcp baccy. Dole and shafts, now and double harness; will be sold together or separata at one-half their cost if taken at once. Call before 9a. in. or after 4 p. m. at 19S Erio-st. rpo TRADE OR SELL-ONE HORSE AND ONE J. mare; cood team: will sell single or together, or will trade for most anything. Address P SI, Tnhnoe office. This week takes the nobbiest side bar road wagon in the city at 117 North Jefforson-st, Call and see it. TEAMS WANTED—MICHIGAN-AV., NEAR TWEN ty-foorth-st. - TTERY DESIRABLE EXPRESS WAGON, HORaE, V and harness for sale very low. Call any time, 701 State-st., furnitnrestore. WANTED-A SECOND-HAND PONY PHAETON in complete order and cheap for cash. Inquire be tween 9 and 10 o'clock at Room 9,144 Dearborn-st. TTT ANTED-A LIGHT DELIVERY-WAGON IN EX TT change for a good leather-top jump-seat buggy. Call Monday at southwest comer State and Forty-third sU. D. BARNETT. TW - ANTED—TO BUY. A HORSE FOB , LIGHT V i work, reasonable, witn two days* trlaL Call rear of 634 West Adams-et.. Sunday or Monday. VirANTED—A GOOD SOUND HORSE. ABOUT 1.200 W weight, for a team. JOHN WHEELER, 487 West Indiana-su WANTED-A LIGHT HORSE AND WAGON FOR its keeping, or will pay for one in painting. Call in evening at 13a4 Wabash-av. T. WE ARV. WANTED—A SECOND-HAND PHAETON, TOP VV or open, cheap for cash. Give full description and price. Address Xe. Tribune office. ITT ANTED-A GOOD SADDLE HORSE. MUST BE V? sound, gentle and cheap. Address|Pß3, Tribnne. WANTED-A DELIVERY WAGON WITH OR TV witbont cover, and horse; mnst be good and cheap, for cash. AddrecsH. QUINN, 153 WestHanison-st. WANTED-A GOOD HORSE IN EXCHANGE FOB a good furnace. 250 and 352 Wabash-av. ITT’ANTED—TO KEEP FOB THE SUMMER, A VV hone and baggy. Best of care taken. W. A. BAILY, Hyde Park Railroad Station. ' WILL SELL ONE OFTHE BEST-STYLED HORSES in the city. Can trot in 3:10. Reason for selling, going ont of the city. Will sell cheap If taken Monday. Stable 126 Michigan-av. WANTED— A HORSE TO DO LIGHT WORK, FOB bis keeping; or will boy on easy terms. Address J. H. HARRIS, 306 East Ohio-st., city. WANTED— AT 514 NORTH OLARK-ST., MONDAY morning, a light delivery wagon in exchange for family groceries. l*T ANTED—GOOD ROAD WAGON. GOODLEATH TT ertop. square box buggy, to exchange for good horse. 56 South Cnrtls-st, TO"ANTED—A TWO-SfaATED ROCKAWAY CAR VI riage, mnst bo of good style and in good ordor and cheap for cash. Address T 36, Tribune office. TITANTED—IN EXCHANGE FOR CARRIAGE BE tv p&in, a hone of moderate speed and weight. 153 Canal-st. ITT ILL SELL MY HORSE, CARRIAGE AND HAR TT new at large sacrifice, worth $800; bone very styl ish, handsome, sound. and kind; carriage square box. Y 3, Tribune office. TIT ANTED—FOR CASH, A GOOD TEAM WEIGH rr tag aboac £.500 pounds. Gall Quick. HAYES BROS.. 908 Carroll av. WE HAVE MANUFACTURED THE FINEST AS aortment of light carriage# and top and open buggies ever offered for spring trade. LS. TOWER A BEO,, 105 South CUntOD-tt. TXTANTED-JLOHEAP LIGHT WAOOH. ADDUES3 f T Q 89, Tribano office, TXT ANTED—THE USB OF A HORSE FOR HIS TV care; light work and good oare for one or two months. Address Q 89, Tribune office. WANTED-A 3-SPRINQ WAGON, WITH OR without cover, for grocery store. Address, stating lowestpriee, P 39. Tribono office. nr ANTED—SOUND FARM-TEAM, WAGON, AND TV harness, for 2-story frame house, with long lease, cheap rent; worth SSOO. KRUFF A CO., Room 14, 14a LaSallo-st. WANTED— A GOOD. STYLISH BUGGY-HORSE and harness. W. B. HALL. 14S South Clinton-st.; to-day 94 West Adams-st., second floor. Wanted- -good driving horse in ex change for find atom-winding gold watch. Address Q 23, Tribune office. -iirANTED-A HORSE AND SINGLE TRUCK OB W express wagon. Would like to boy of some one who coold got me the work of a store. Host be cheap for cash. Address V 65, Tribune office. AO n WILL BUY A STILISH YOUNG PONY SOU suitable for a lady to drive. Apply between 10 and 13 a. m. Monday, at ITS North Halsted-st. CASH BUTS A LARGE 6-YEAR-OLD ♦J)UO horse, kind dilrsr and worker. Call to-day *6 199 West Harrison-rt. MEDICAL. IpTS A A. BISHOP. MAGNETIC HEALER, 456 (I Wot Randolph-sL, Cbiosgo. Neuralgia and rheumatism cured without drugs. Diseases of tuo lungs, kidneys, and User treated with uniamns success. Pro iUEC perspiration oroduced by manipulations alone Im mediata relief glron in the worst cases of fema owoak noM from whateror cause or howetor long standing, and nermanent sure made where all other means hare lailsd. Comet diagnoses made of the most obscure diseases, flenanltation free. Office boors 10 toi. DnPTRRSS HODSON, THE* CELEBRATED CHl °SishStoats all diseases of the hands and feet; alio affections and internal diseases. Room 36,177 Sooth Clark-st. ifpa wil BULLS RMAN, LADIES’ PHYSICIAN. Ml© West Van Buron-a*. Patients can obtain board and treatment. M M^S T f?^e K K.n^c^ Bl^ THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: SUNDAY, APRIL 30, 1876-SIXTEEN PAGES. TO EXCHANGE. A A NOTICE—WHO WILL EXCHANGE MB • xx* some good business, merchandise), unincum bered lota, boose and lease, or lauds, for a 10-room brick residence near Chicago! Price $3,500, Incumbrance 81.5(0: will give big bargain. Address Y 25, Tribune of fice. A A EXCHANGB-WHAT HAVE YOU TO • I\» give me for gold or silver mines in Colorado 7 Address Yls. Tribnne odico. Any parties having a stock of groceries or boots and shoos to exchange for real estato please address. In confidence, Wl3, Tribune office. A N EXCHANGE—FOR FRUIT OR VEGETABLE fX farm, city and suburban improved property. Wbat have yon to offer! Address Yls. Tribnne office. A LARGE BODY OF CHOICE FARMING LANDS, xx all clear. ydjolning city limits of Muskegon, Mich., for improved city. Will aaaumo. J. J. C. GILLESPIE, SB and 101 Waaiuogton-eL. Chicago. P'XCHANGR-$60,000 WORTH OF PROPERTY 160 miles from Chicago, on Northwestern Railroad, con* suting of factories, hotels, dwelling-houses, stores, waterpower, etc., etc.; several hundred acres of land; this property will pay $20.000 a year, and is one of the best basinets points In the Northwest. Address Q3B. Trib une ofbco. T?XCHANGE-IMPROVED CITY BUSINESS AND ±J residence bouses on a good street, clear, for grass land near depot, Illinois or Indiana, worth $15,000. List of good property for exchange and sole, some below bot POR EXORANGE—BY J. H KEELERJ63 CLARK st. : Indiana-av., 1432. uearThirty-second-st.. neat cottage, 9 rooms, with brick basement, and lot 50x180; cheap lot in part pay. Jobnson-DUee. brick bouse, near Thirty-eighth-st., $5,000; lot in part pay. . Alicblcaa-av.. near Twouty-slzth-et., brick house and lob 50x180; lota for equity. Prairio-av.. near Twenty-slxth-et., marble front house, 14 rooms, ana lot; oqnlty lor vacant lot. Thirty-first-st., fine comer 415x123. with store and dwell ing, for boose oast of Stato-st. worth $5,000 or $6,000. Halstcd'St., noar Thirty-th W-st.. store with dwelling and lot; for vacant lot. Wentworth-av., fine corner, with two buildings and store and lot, 50x125; equity for clear lots. Hyde Park, near the depot, clear lots, for Inside Im proved property. 80 acres near Blue Island, clear, for Inside Improved property. • Fulton-st., near Paulina, 2-story home with brick base ment, 10 rooms, and lot, 25x125, for cheaper boose, or a stock of dry goods or groceries. Adams-st., near Campbcll-av., cottage, 8 rooms, and lot equity, f 1,500, for vacant lot. Wallaeo-st.. near Thiny-fifth-sL, two lots, clear, for cottage, and assume SI,OOO. 6 acres near' hg Park for farm lands or inside prop erty. washington-st., near Campbell-av., 24x100, clear, for cottage; will assume SBOO. Lincola-st,, near Jackson, good brick house; equity for clear lots. Langloy-av, fino hoaso, §10,000; equity for farm or clear lots. Robey-st, near Ocden-av., cottage, 7 rooms, and lot; equity for lota. Lake-st., near Ann, a-stoiyhouse and lot; eqoltyfor lota. Hnbbard-st., near Elizabeth, S-story bonso and lot; equity for lota. Llncoln-st., near Harrison, good brick house and 3 lots; equity for farm. 300 acres near Cheaoa, all cultivated, clear, for prop erty on Twenty-second-st., cast of river. Farm of JMO acres in Chickasaw County, la., clear, for good unproved city property, and assume aomo. Clear acre property for inside improved business prop erty. Cottage with 5 acres at Geneva., HI., for bouse in city. residence, cost $25,000 in a fine town in Wisconsin, with S acroe clear, will exchange for city property at half its value. Llncoln-av, near Webster, 50x160, clear, lor house and lot or store. Franklin-st., largo tenement boose, and lot 40x100; equity for clear lot. Fifth-av., nearHarrisoo-st., brick store and lot; equity for dwelling house. Fifth-ay. and Van Buren-st., three-story brick building and lot: equity for dwelling house, clear. lOOfeotonMichigan-ay., near blity-seventh-st., clear, and some cash for house and lot worth about $4,000 or $5.000. F)R EXCHANGE-3 BOUSES ON ADAMS-ST., corner of Paulina: want wild lauds for equity. House on Jackson-fit., near Ashland-av.: want farm. Houses on Folton-st., Walunt-st., Artesian-ay., and on Park-av., Adams-st., Lexingtou-ec., Loavitt-st., Jef ferson’s!. : want farms and wild lauds for equity. House, Thirty-sayeath-st.; want good lowa lauds. Farm in Kane County; want good residence inside. Three farms in Southern Minnesota; want good resi dence property, 100x195. at Ravenswood; want good farming lands. Lois, blocks, or acres at Maywood; want residence property or farming lauds. A. P. DOWNS & CO., FOR EXCHANGE—EQUITIES IN CITY KESI - for cloar lots in city and suburbs, and clear lots for equities in city residences. D. M. GRAHAM, 123 Dearborn-at. For exchange—a good house and half acre of land near the station at Jefferson, with slight Incumbrance, for clear lots or farming lands. D. M GRAHAM, 123 Dearborn-at. TTIOR EXCHANGE-100 LOTS. 60X125 DEEP. IN A X* ■ thriving subdivision south of city limits, with small incumbrance, 3 year* to run, for any kind of merchan dise orclear arm, or good trade of any kind. K 29, Trib une office. FOR EXOHANG E-53.000 EQUITY IN 60-FOOT LOT near Halstod and Harrison-sta.. for farm; and $3,000 equity In bouse and 132-foot lot in Maywood, lor city lot or farm. Address owner. It 22. Tribune office. FUR EXCHANGE-THREE BLOCKS IN HAW. thorne and ten acres this side; want clear farm. W. H. ROUNDS, 172 LaSalle-st. Fob exohange-a fine residence in ha vana. 111., cloar. for West Side residence or lota. J. R. WHEELER, 126 Olark-st. IJIOR EXCHANGE-168 FEET ON THIRTY-FOUBTU JD st. by 125 feet on southeast cprner of Lincoln, near Union Rolling-Mills, will trade for suburban or goods In part, want some cash Included; make me an offer. ALftCK, 1374 Buttortield-aL FOB EXCHANGE-VACANT LOTS FOB TWO seated carriage, with or without team. Also improv ed and unimproved property for Western lands. D. L. PERRY, Room 14.123 Dearbom-sU IHOR EXCHANGE-1.200 ACRES OF GOOD FARM -1 ins lands in LaSalle County, Tex., for cottage and lot in Chicago, clear. PERRY A HUNT, 8S Washmgtcn-st. FOR EXCHANGE-TERRITORY IN A NEWLY patented article which is needed in every house in the country. Address P So, Tribane office. ■pOR EXCHANGK-A GOOD. IMPROVED FARM, J? free and clear. Title perfect. Price, $2,500. To trade for llvery stock or other personal property. Address Q 71, Tribune office. OR EXCHANGE-1 NO. 7 NEW EMPIRE COOK store, with hot water reservoir and wanning closet and fnrnitnre, all now: want groceries, or or coal, or other merchandise. Address U 49, Tnbnno office. FOR EXCHANGE FOUB-YEAR-OLD SOUK mash for other merchandise or clear real estate; SSO, - 000 worth of olear country improved paying 10 percent for stock of goods; clear farms and country improved for Chicago property. Address Vl, Tribnne office. Have list op good exchanges, city. suburban, and country. £. L. CANFIELD, 67 LaSal ;-st. *r WILL EXCHANGE A GOOD LOT FOR PONY AND 1 phaeton. W. B. LANGLEY. 172 South Clark-at. I HAVE A LIGHT MANUFACTURING BUSINESS to exchange for anything bat real estate. Mrs. SHOOK, 156 Washington-at,. Room 38. O' WNEB3 OF CHICAGO OR SUBURBAN, WHO wish to sell or exchange for goods or conn try property, address with stamp or call on L. P. SWIFT «fc SON, 79 Dearborn-st. Parlor and bedroom set wanted for clear property. V 37, Tribnne office. EXCHANGE—NEW BRICK HOUSE, lo ROOMS. 3 acres of ground, in the suburban village of Hobart. 30 miles from Chicago, on Fort Wayne Railroad.—price t&OUU, —for .planer, moulder, resaw, shafting, etc. W. U. RIFENBURG, Hobart, Ind. TO EXCHANGE—CITY AND SUBURBAN LOTS OR land for household furniture: fanning lands for Chi cago property; hotel completely famished for city or farm property: well furnished brick residence and vacant lots for farm; Cook County farms for cash. MANN A OONGDON, Boom 11, 109 Dearborn-st. TO EXCHANGE-CLEAR IOWA AND NEBRASKA lands fora stock, or parts of stocks, of dry goods, boots and shoes, notions, carpets, etc.—perfect titles. Address for 6 days P 10, Tribnne office. • TO EXCHANGE—SSO,OOO IN TOWNSHIP BONDS issued by one of the best counties of a Western State for dry goods, boots and shoos, or other personal proper ty. Address JANUARY, Tripuno office. r EXCHANGE-NEW BRICK RESIDENCE ON Adams-st. for piano, carpets, and household furni ture. Address P 93, Tribune office. TO EXCHANGE-A NICE SUBURBAN HOME. A new 7-room bouse, bay-window, and bam: also shrub bery, ground 100 by 126,5 mil as from Oourt-Hoaso. for clear or near clear city, or In some good live town. Price $3,000; incumbered $350; Address T 34, Tribune office. TO EXCHANGE-FOR VACANT LOTS IN OR near the city, fruit farm at Beaton Harbor, Mich.; equity $6,000; Income $3,00(1. Address N 4, Tribune office. THE OWNER OF A VALUABLE PATENT RIGHT fortho United States, issued July, 1375, will exchange It for desirable real estate situated in Hyde Park or En glewood. Forparticulan inquire of DTW. STORES, 94 waafalngtoa-st. TO EXCHANGE-EQUITY IN A FINE 12-ROOM house on South Side; value. 810, OUO. for good crop* erty la Aurora or Elgin, or other lire towns. Address owner, 831 Cottage Grove-av. TO EXCHANGE-FRUIT FARM OP 40 ACRES, 2 miles from largo town (Incumbered, $500). for stock goods. Inventory about $2,000. Address, In confidence. R 100. Tribune office. TO EXCHANGE-NEW HOUSE AND FOUR LOTS, with cash, for some good business or farm. Address J. L. WOOD, Briggs House. Chicago, 111. TO EXCHANGE—FOR STOCK OP CLOTHING; dry goods, hardware, or boots and shoos. Address T 1, Tribone office. TO EXCHANGE—LOTS AT IRVING PARK FOR household furniture. Inquire of GEO- G. NEW BURY, Rooms 8 and 9 Bryan Block, 161 LaSalle-st. TO EXCHANGE-A SMALL HOUSE AND LOT, well located, small incumbrances, for cheap lots sooth of city limits. • Address N 21, Tribnne office. TO EXCHANGE-TOP-BUGGYAND SINGLE HAE ness for anthracite coal. Zl4, Tribune office. TO EXCHANGE-STEAM ELEVATOR IN HEART of com region. Want farm or wild land. L. P. SWIFT A SON. 79 Dearbom-st., Room 14. TO EXCHANGE—NINE LOTS IN RACCO SUB division to Irving Park for honse and lot la Aurora, HI. Call on or address OWNER, SO West Horon-st- TO EXCHANGE-FOB UNINCUMBERED OITF or suburban property, the entire stock and fixtures of a wholesale picture business. Address W 93, Tribune office. mO EXCHANGE OBDBRS FOB PAINTING, J. dentistry, printing, trees, tor shirts, plumbing, car pets, furniture, sash frames, doors. 113 Madison-st., Room 18. TO EXCHANGE-FOB FURNITURE, A CLEAR lot on WeetTwolfth-st,, worth B*oo. K. KENNEDY, 133 Dearborn-gt., Room 10. TO FURNITURE DEALERS AND OTHER3-I want to exchaatre a lot on Fifty-sixth-sL and I Went worth-av., or on tho West Side, for furniture to fnrzxiah fire or tix rooms. Address PS 3, Tribono office. • TO FURNITURE DEALERS AND OTHERS —I want to exchange painting and calclmlnlag for fur niture to fnrnish 5 or 6 rooms. Address P 19, Tribono office. fPO EXCHANGE—A LOT IN ORIGINAL IRVING X Park (in Block 3), for brick and mason work, or will sell for cash; make me an offer. Address T 97, Tribnno office. TO EXCHANGE-REAL ESTATE AND CASH FOR stocks boots and shoes, dry roods, hats, groceries, and notions. MoKNIGHT A KELLRY, 161 La Salla st„ Room S. To EXCHANGE-10 ACRES AT WASHINGTON Heights, close to station, covered with heavy timber, streets graded, trees planted; all ready for’selling lots, for residence on Sooth Side. GILBERT A GiViNS, Bm* 7 Bma Block. TO EXCHANGE. TO EXCHAKOE-BY T. B. BOYD, ROOM 14. 146 MadUou-st. * SIO,OOO-6(oacres few mllea ox Oea,e City.Osnyo Comity, Kansas; this an elegant body of land, no better In the State (clear): want nouao and lots ia or near city. 300 acres of good timber and farm land in Jefferson County, Illinois (clear), near Ashly, for a good section of land in Arkansas Valley in Kansas, worth $5 net aero; price of oars $lO per acre: will give good trade. $3,500 A splendid 20-room S-atory and basement dwell ing, lot 42x100. on northeast corner Franklin and Huron sts. equity 812.500. roots $93 per month: want good cottage and lot or good lot; mortgage nans three yean yet.— Nice new brick dwelling and.lot 26x125 on Fro mont-st., near Sophia, for good lot; equity 81,500. 84.800—Nice Improved farm of 120 acres ono milo from Mason, on Illinois Central, in Effingham County, 111., for hardware, groceries, or any good merchandise. 80zl9o—Dock lot (clear) on the river. south front, be tween Dearborn and Clark-sts., for good lot on State or Wabasb, near Harrison, 835.000. TO EXCHANGE-120 ACRES. HANCOCK COUNTY, Iowa; also a country store building, ground. and fix tures—a good opportunity for business. For clear lots or houses. S. K. GROSS, Room 14.106 Fifth-av. rpO EXCHANGE-40 ACHES OF LAND IN WIS 1. consin or 3 lots In grove at South Englewood (clear) for horse and buggy or nonsehold furniture. A. P. HALL, No. 99 Washington-st., Room 10. TO EXCHANGE-FINE BRICK RESIDENCE, with 4#acres of land, at Marengo. 111., encumbered 83.000; price SIO,OOO. for residence in Chicago; will a*» same. OIVINS A GILBERT. Room 7 Bryan Block. TO EXCHANGE COTTAGE ON LEASED ground, well rented, for coupe, roekaway carriage, or park phaoton. Address CARRIAGE. Tribnne offico. TO EXCHANGE—UNIMPROVED SOUTH SIDE property for boose and lot worth $5,000 to $6,000; difference in cash. G. SPARKS, 151 Randolph-sL, Room 2. ♦ TO EXCHANGE-160 ACRES MISSOURI LAND, unincumbered, for carpets, furniture, or other per sonal property. Address N 63. Tribune office. T” O EXCHANGE-CASH AND 84.600 IN FIRST LIEN trnst-deeds for roorenan lise or unincumbered real estate. Address XI". Tribune office. mo EXCHANGE—3:3O HORSE AND BOAD-WAOON X (No. 1) for diamonds and jewelry. Address T 78,Trib une offico. TO EXCHANGE-A FINE STOCK-FARM IN THIS State for Chicago or other good property. Give par ticulars. Address W 9, Tribone office. TO EXOHANQF.—TWO-STORY HOUSE AND LOT, Krie-st., near Wood; equity for unincumbered lot. BOYD A WiSNER. S 3 Dcarborn-at TO EXCHANGE—2-STORY 11-ROOM HOUSE AND lot on Mather and Halsted-sts. (bouse rented for 840 ftur month) for farm in Illinois or Iowa: lean pat in other ots or some cash If farm is clear. Address OWNERor call at 105 South Halstsd-st. TO EXCHANGE-A LOT IN EVANSTON, MAY wood, or Englewood, for groceries or clothing. Ad dress W SO, Tribune office. TO EXCHANGE-CASH LOT ON WASHINGTON, st. and Board of Trade membership for stock goods. Address Zl2, Tribune office. TO EXCHANGE-CORNER LOTS ON BISSEL OR, or two brick booses with bams, for retail grocery, or hardware, or building material. Address G. GBUSSING, No. 281 Blasel-st. TO EXCHANGE—S3,WO—A STOVE AND HARD ware business, centrally located, cheap rent, Ac.; want bouse and lot, clear, alty or suburban. V 25, Trib une office. TO EXCHANGE—CHICAGO BOULEVARD ADD!- tionlotforborse,borseandboggy, or piano. Address F 64, Tribune office. • TO EXCHANGE-EQUITY OP $3,000 IN FlßST class city house and lot, for desirable city or suburban property; also lot worth $250, Leonard's Subdivision, for anything valuable. Call upon B. 206 Stato-st., second floor, from 9 to U a. to. TO EXCHANGE-HORSE AND MONEY FOR IN side cottage and lot. Horse Is young; no handsomer In the city; can trot either single or to polo In less than 2:40. Address JL, 43 Hannon court. TO EXCHANGE—CARPENTER WORK FOR horse and baggy. 122 Eightcenth-st. S. B. BRIGHT. TITeXOHANGE— WANT A GOOD HORSE, BUGGY, and harness for clear lots near Stock Yards. J. J. GILLESPIE, 99 and 101 Washington-st. TO EXCHANGB-A NEW MACNBALE A URBAN safe 53 inches high, doable doors, 24538, for top buggy: nay difference In cash, If any. J. J. O. GIL LESPIE, 99 and 101 Waabincton-st.. Chicago. TO EXCHANGE-FOB A DWELLING HOUSE, ON tario (Canada) property; free; improved and onim proved. JOEL BIGELOW. 376 State-st. r EXCHANGE-SEVERAL ACRE TRACTS RIPE for subdivision, near city limits, for city improved, and will assume, if paying property. Also 476 unimproved dty lota for sale or exchange, including many booses and lots In all parts of.the city, by J. J. U. GILLESPIE, 99 and 101 Washington-at., Chicago. TO EXCHANGE-FOB HORSES AND BUGGY house on leased lot, 4 yean to ran, rented for $34 per month. Address P 73, Tribune office. WANTED-DRY GOODS OB OTHER MEROHAN dise. $5,000 to $50,000, for farming lands and cash; will sell machinery complete for a cotton-mill, at a great bargain, for city property or merchandise. Address P 94, Tribune office. WANTED— SOME ACRE-PROPERTY NEAR THE city, suitable for subdivision or a good business block, for houses and lots in South Evanston. WAR REN, KEENEY A CO., 103 Washlogton-st. WANTED— SOME GOOD CITY PROPERTY FOR a large farm of 315 acres, about mites northeast of Benton Harbor, Ulch., or farm in Illinois. WARREN, KERN CM A CO., 103 Washington-st. Wanted— a good farm in exchange for a fine brick house and 5 acres adioiqing the Glen Flora Spring at Waukegan. Would take city property. WARREN. KEENEY A CO., lu3 Washington-st. \I7HAT HAVE YOU IN EXCHANGE FOR $6,000 * V of business property cloar of Incumbrance; title perfect; in flourishing city 60 miles from Chicago. Ad dress X 93. Tribune office. WHAT HAVE YOU -TO EXCHANGE FOR A canal boat in good running order t For particulars call at the boat; she lies at Madison-at. bridge at tbo Ft. Wayne dock. , WANTED-TO EXCHANGE-GOLD WATCH FOR billiard or 25-ball pool toblo. Address, for tyro days, W S 3, Tribune office. WANTED-TO EXCHANGE-A COAST TRADING boat, new and In good working order, for a house and lot on tho Wost Side. Will pay difference In cash, if any. Address A. BLONDIN, 626 West Superior-at.. city. WANTED-TO EXCHANGE-UNINCUMBERED suburban lots for furniture for housekeeping to the amount of 31,500 to 82.500. IRA BROWN, 143 La- Sailo-et., Room 4. WANTED— A SUBSTANTIAL 10ROOM .BRICK bailaing erected, with oil necessary modern im- ErovomentsToy party desirous of a tirst-claas suburban bme In exchange. For farther particulars, address N 83, Tribune oliloo. WANTED— 50 TO 100 FEET VACANT NEAR EN glowood depot for inside city; give location and price. W 2, Tribune office. WANTED-A GOOD TOP BUGGY IN EXCHANGE for stoves, hardware, and open baggy. No. 654 Wost Madison-st. \*TANTED—SAFE, MEDIUM-SIZE, IN EXCHANGE IV for real estate. Address Q 49, Tribune office. WANTED —TO EXCHANGE DOUBLE OAR riago harness for express horse. Call at 517 Wa bash-av. • WANTED-TO EXCHANGE-PIANO OR GUITAR lessons for carpet, furniture, or dry goods. Address V 31, Tribune office. ________ WANTED-GOOD CHICAGO EQUITIES, OR clear acres, for clear improved business property in interior city, or land. Address, with foil particulars, S 66, Tribune office. r\TANTED—IN EXCHANGE-MERCHANT TAIL- Tv oringorboardforananinoamberedlot; title per feet. Z 56, Tribune office. WANTED-TO EXCHANGE-A COUPE ROOK away or good unincumbered suburban lots for a park phaeton. iRA BROWN, I43LaSaUe-«t., Room 4. WANTF.D— TO EXCHANGE-A SECOND-HAND top buggy, Brewster make, or a two-soatod spring wagon, for a second-hand parlor set and otbor furniture. 44 Pacific-av., call between 10 a. m. and 3p. m. today. J. K. ESKERSON. _____ WANTED-TO EXCHANGE-PAINTING, GRAIN ing, or catcimining, for horse, wagon, and harness, or either separate. Address V 97, Tribune office. I*7ANTED—ONE KARAT STONE, LADIES’ DIA TV mondriog. or gent’s diamond pin and other jewelry, for boots, shoes, and dry goods; can select from my store, Wost Side. Address X 56, Tribune office. WANTED-TO EXCHANGE-IMPROVED PROP orty or clear lots for furniture and oarpets, new or slightly used. Address W 5, Tribune office. ✓\\7ANTED— IN EXCHANGE FOR NEW MOWER t v and reaper, good horse for single trues. BEACiiA MORSE, 56 ana 67 South Canal-st. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS STOCK AND GRAIN farm in Illinois, sonth or west of Chicago, in ex change for first-class Chicago property. Address RBS, Tribune office. WANTED-TO EXCHANGE-AN IMPROVED, beautiful property, 100x140, with a largo, good dwelling-house, barn and stable, in Town Lake View, within two blocks of the terminus of tho North Clark-st. R.A., valued only at 810,000, for a smaller unlncombor od. inside or outsido property, with a little house; easy terms. Address P 42. Tribune office. WHAT HAVE YOU AT CHICAGO TO Ex change for fine unincumbered SIO,OOO residence in Nashville, Toon. ISAAC H. PRICE, 183 Madlson-at., Room 7. . WANT TO EXCHANGE CHAMBER SET OR ANY kind of furniture lor clothing. Address V 41, Trib une office (£*7 c nnn TO SIOO,OOO CLEAN property to O I t/.UUU exchange for Inside block. Prefer deal ing with owners. North Side and South Side property for West Sldo. 143 LaSaiio-st.. Room* 36 and 43. BUSINESS CHANCES. A A —FOR SALE, FOR CASH-A FIRST-OIaASS iXIx. sample-room; splendid location; No. I paying business: will bo disposed of at a very great bargain. Ad dreaa T. O. LAMB, 66 Exchange Bnllalos. A' PARTY THAT MEANS BUSINESS CAN BUY the stock and fixtures of a dry goods and furnishing store. 1 117 West Van Buron-st. AN INTEREST IN A SODA-WATER MANUFAO tory for sale: now process, secured by lettors-patent; machinery all ready for work; Urge profits. F. O. ED WARDS, comer Vernon-av. and Tmrty-elghth-st. A FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS BUYS HALF IN interest in established cash business that will sap* port two families. 4O LaSallo-st., Room 14. A WELL ESTABLISHED PRISMATIC LIGHT business paying good profits including contracts al ready on hand, tools, etc., for sale. Reasons for soiling other interests demanding my whole time. _WUI bear the closest investigation. Address F, H. BROWN, 106 Monroo-st. AFIUsT-CLASS SALOON, FURNITURE AND fixtures for sale, in a first-class location; business well established: terms easy. Address Q 79, Tribune office. A NO. 1 GROCERY STOCK AND FIRST-CLASS ii stand for sale; stock new and clean; will bo sold at a bargain, as owner has other business and most sell. Address Pl 3, Tribune office. AN OLD ESTABLISHED WHOLESALE AND KE tall grocery business for sale with a large local cash trade ana a country order trade, amounting together to over $20u,000 per annum. The stand is 000 of the bestm the city. The stock will inventory about SIO,OOO, consist ing of well aasorted staple groceries. rea sons given for sailing. Addnsa BUSINESS CHANCE, care of Letter Carrier No. 26. AN ESTABLISHED SHIRT MANUFACTORY FOR sale at a bargain, as other business require# owner a attention at once. Address W 73. Tribune office. A FIRST-CLASS DRUG STORE COMPLETE FOR sale, onXorthClark-Bt., Booth of Chicaco-aT., -erf cheap. Terms moderate. Good reason for soiling. Ad dress W g>. Tribune ofilce, for one week. A FIRST-CLASS MEAT MARKET FOB SALE. B 39, Tribune office. ■ A STOCK OF GEOOEEIF-3 FOR SALE AT A BAR gain for cash; also have fixtures. Address V 9s. Tribune office. . BUSINESS CHANCES. A GOOD PAYING HOTEL AND SALOON, TOTH framehouse nd lease of lot. near depot, complete outfit, for sale cheap for cash, or in trade. L. H. FREI BERGGR.II6 Washlnjton-st., Room 4.J A' NY PERSON WISHING TO BUY A FIRST-OLASS laundry will do well to address W 31, Tribune office. A LADY WHO IS A THOROUGH BUSINESS woman wishes to meet a gentleman who will inves t somi money in a good paying business; references given. Addrosa P 63. Tribune office. A FIRST-CLASS ESTABLISHED MILLINERY etere. with a fall stock of spring goods, doing a good business, on the West Side, for sale. Will bear strict investigation. Cheap rent, and convenient rooms for housekeeping. Satisfactory reasons given for soiling. Address S 33, Tribune office. A SALOON FOR SALE CHEAP; OR WILL SELL fixtures. Inquire at 10 Poik-st. PLACE OF - BUSINESS. WITH HOUSE, horses, wagons, and harness for sale: will sell at a bargain, or trade for faonso and lot or dear lota. Address Yl. Tribane office. A FIRST-CLASS CASH BUSINESS FOR SALE. OR part trade.on account of ill health; price, 93.000. Address Y 64. Tribnae office. A LODGING-HOUSE, FURNITURE AND LEASE, in the heart of the city for sale cheap for cash and time: doing a magnificent business; reason for telling obliged to lesve the city. Address W 83. Tribune office. a WHOLE OR TWO-THIRDS INTEREST IN A J\ newspaper specialty with excellent prospects, only a moderate outlay required. Address Y 46. Trinaneoffiee. AT AUCTION—BOUT AND SHOE STORE EM bracing 2-story b .tiding SH West Madison-st., with 359 ehoo boxes, all shelving, counters, carpets, show cases, etc., on May 9, at 3 o’clock. TkUGSDBLL A BROWN. Mortgagees: HIRAM BRUSH, Auctioneer. PARTY HAVING A MANUFACTURING AND mercantile business capable of almost unlimited de velopment, will divide the interest for one-third cosh and two-thirds real estate. D. M. GRAHAM, 133 Dearborn. FIRST-CLASS COUNTRY GROCERY STORE for sale, 12 miles from the city, and doing a go>d business of farmer trade; good, satisfactory reasons for selling. Addross M. H. CAbRIGAN, Summit, Cook County, HI. A RESTAURANT ON THE SOUTH SIDE FOR sale: will be sold cheap for cash: dolnggood business; cheap rent; no exchange taken. Address N 39, Tribune office. A FIRST-CLASS BILLIARD HALL. WITH THREE new Novelty tables, and elegant saloon attached, do ingagood business, tor sale. Address JK, Lock-box 3089, Springfield, 111. A Party having an established gro cery wishes a partner wltn 31, SOU. D. M. GRAHAM, 123 De&rbom-st. DUTCHER SHOP AND FIXTURES COMPLETE: X) market doing good business; will trade. 163 East Eighteenth -st. Apply at 153 Elghteenth-st. DENNIS Brewery for salk-a good change for business man. Inquire at 254 State-st. CONFECTIONERY STOCK AND FIXTURES FOR sale: store and dwelling to rent; a desirable stand. Apply at 270 Cottage Grove-ay. CORNER GROCERY AND SALOON. STOCK. FIX. taros, horse and wagon for sale cheap: house and long lease. No. 214 Aberdeen-st. CIGAR STORE FOB SALE-GOOD STAND: MUST be sold to-morrow if to be sold at all. 65 South Canal. DENTAL OFFICE FOR SALE; AN OLD ESTAB- Ilabed office; parti os going West. Address N 81, Tribune office. T\RUG STORE FOR SALE-ONE OP THE FINEST XJ in the city. Good reasons. Address N 37, Tribune office, tor 6 days. Drug-store fob sale, on west side, ad drosa V 26, Tribune office. Drug store'foii sale i.v a good western town of 4,000 Inhabitants; a rare opportunity is of. fered. Address DRUGGIST, care Tribune office. FIRST-CLASS LOCATION FOB A BOOT AND shoe store In a suburban town. To any one having a good stock an excellent opportunity is offered. Address SUBURBAN, Tribuneoftico. . For salb-thb furniture and s-year lease on the Barnes House, corner Randolph and Caoal-sta., in heart of Chicago, riolng a good business. Kent a more nothing. Want cash, time paper, balance trade. Call or address J. F. LATSHAW, Barnes House. TEXTURES AND LEASE OF A RETAIL LIQUOR r store for sale. Is now doing a email jobbing trade, G. W. BARNARD, 14 Stalest. Grocery store for sale, centrally Lo cated, on the comer ox Union and Liberty-sta.; those desirous of purchasing would do well to attend, as it will be sold at a sacrifice. DANIEL CLIFFORD. Grocery in good location and good trade cheap for cash. Call at 40 South Jefferson-at. HTlf~of store”FOß groceries” FIXTURRS complete, rent cheap. Also.two buggies, ono double seated and top. One open for sale or trade. 1270 State-st« I WILL SELL MY FULL-STOCKED GROCERY fixtures on Madison-et-, lor cottage and lot or other property, with some cash; have good cash trade. Address Vl2. Tribuno office. lAM GOLSG TO PHILADELPHIA TO INTRO duee our great discovery to Centennial visitors. I want a mao with capital to take charge of my interest in the business in Chicago. The business is tinniy estab lished, and la returning a steady heavy income. Call up on or address A. J. DEXTER, President Excelsior Man ufacturing Company, Room 16 Tribune Building, Chicago. I” will trade land fre'e^flncumbrange for a good business worth from |I.OOO to $7,000. Q 16, Tribune office. Laundry', doing good business, for sale. also meat market, shirt factory, and other business chances. L. P. SWIFT A SON. 77 Dearbora st. Laundry fobs ale-attached to st. cloud Hotel, corner Randolph and Halsted-sts.; doing a largo trade. Apply In office of hotel. “MARINE MILL," newly fitted UP FOR iU storage and grading grain, with two ran of 4-foot stones, bolts, elevators, otc.; partner wanted to taka half interest, or will lease all for two years. Call Monday at mill, 66 North Canal-st, Meat market fob sale in a good lo callty on the West Side, fixtures, etc.; house all complete. A rare chaneo to butcher with small capital; must be sold. Address Q 85, Tribune office. VfEAT MARKET. DWELLING, STABLE, IOBAND IVI smokehouse for sale or rent: |ls per month. ED MUND G. STILES. 99 Madison-st., Room 7. Meat market for sale cheap, inquire at 622 West Ohlo-st. Meat market for sale or exchange, finely located on the Wost Side, doing a good busi ness. Will sell cheap for cash, or will trade for clear real estate. Address Z 88, Tribane office. Make 350 per cent in short time by in vesting $1,500; business permanent: references. Address, where to be seen. T 4, Tribune office. ■VTICKEL-PLATING ESTABLISHMENT FOR SALE. JJN in running order: low rent: good reasons given; a decided bargain. Address NICKEL, Tribune office. ONE OF”THE BEST BAKERIES AND BREAD trade in the city for sale or trade: now doing a large and paying business; to a man with $1,500 to 32. WW a solenoid opening; must be sold or traded this week, as the owner has other business. Apply to S. W. ROMSOK’, attorney-at-law. corner of Madison and Unlon-sts. PUBLIC HOUSE ON THE CORNER OF DEAR boro and Jackson-sts., opposite the new Custom- House. for sale, la doing a good transient business. STOCK AND FIXTURES FOR SALE OF AN OLD established cigar, tobacco, and aoda fountain; all' complete, at 74 South Halsted-st. Apply to LEWIS DODGE, on the premises, Monday and Tuesday. SALOON WITH POOL-TABLE FOR SALE AT your own price if taken by Monday. 709 West Lake-st. Saloon, with fixtures, two first-class pool-tables, for sale cheap; low rent; goodlocatlon. Inquire at 537 Mllwaukee-av. SABOON FOR SALE IN GOOD LOCATION; COUN tor. bar, and fixtures, large size loolri tg-glats, ice chest, store, and gas-fixtures, a small stock of liquors. Rent S2S per month for store and dwelling, with lease. To be sold at purchaser’s own price on account of poor health. Inquire at 699 State-st- STATIONERY AND NEWS STORE FOR SALE cheap; established six years. Inquire at 160 South Halsted-st. SALOON. DOING GOOD BUSINESS, WITH HOUSE, barn, and lot, for sale cheap. A good chance. Call and see it. 1159 West Madison-st. STOCK AND FIXTURES OP CIGAR AND NEWS stand for sale. Inquire at 200 South Deaplaines-st. SALOON 974 NORTH OLaRK-ST. FOR SALE cheap for cash; one of the host stands In the city. SALOON AND RESTAURANT FOR SALE-FlßST class fixtures and doing a good business; best location on South Side. Address T 56, Tribune office. mHREB ELEGANTLY FITTED-UP SALOONS FOR J. safe,’ with stock and fixtures. Inquire of T. O. LAMB, Room 56 Exchange Building, comer Clark and Washington-sta. THE RIGHT PARTY, WITH $3,500, HALF CASH, balance secured, can have management of a manufac turing business wnore profits will net a fortune in a few years, and good salary. 03, Tribune office. THE FURNITURE AND LEASE 0F23 ROOMS, IN one of the best blocks down town, for sale. Address Q 85, Tribune office. The stock and fixtures pp a merchant tailor to be sold cheap for cash. Address V 43, Trib une office. WANTED— A MAN WITH A FEW THOUSAND dollars and some property to purchase an interest in a good established business In this State and city: it will bear the strictest investigation, is sure and profitable. Address O fit, Trtbano office. njANTRD-A LIVE PARTY WITH $2,000 TO HELP VV me manufacture and posh a valuable patent. Call or address 237 Newbcrry-av. • fXT ANTED—MAN WITH SMALL CAPITAL AO- Vv enstomed to selling goods to agents to handle a new line jnst out; goods manafactored East. Samples at Room 49 Exchange Building. H. S. DATE. No agents wanted. ____ TTTANTED-TO THE BIGHT MAN, KNOWING VV the provision trade, who can give security and wishes to travel in Great Britain, a rare chance for a fortune is offered. None bnt thorough business men need answer, giving experience and references in confi dence. Real name or no reply. Address W 65, Tribune office. WELL LOCATED BAKERY AND TEAM FOB b «la cheap. 125 Sonth Clark-st.. Room 65, E HAVE AN OPENING FOB A LIVE MAN that will pay SSOO in the next 60 days by investing about 3100. If yon mean business call early Monday ana investigate. Boom 48.135 Sonth Clark-st. TtrANTED-A RARE CHANGE TO MAKE MONEY. V V I have four new and useful articles either of which will pay S2O a day. Salable in every office and family. SIOO capital required. Any live man can make a fortune with these articles at the Centennial. Address B 35, Tribune office. ; AIAA CASH WILL BUY TRADE-MARKS AND t5iU U privileges of a first-class baking-powder. Ad dross T 44, Tribune office. eonn will secure one op the best I located photograph galleries In the city; a chance seldom offered. 108 Fifth-av., basement. £>o£/l WILL BUY. IP TAKEN THIS WEEK. coffee and lunch business (two oar* on wheels) now paying 85 to $3 per day. Call at southeast comer Randolph and LaSalle-sts. ff»onn CASH WILL BUT THE ELEGANT LITTLE ■JIOU U sample-room. 233 West Madiaoa-st,; must be sold this week. .nr AA BUYS HALF-INTEREST IN STOCK OOST -ODUU ing 81,000. and established cash business paying $5.00 I yearly. 165 East Randolpb-st, Room 30. INFORMATION WANTED. INFORMATION WANTED OP MARGARET BREEN, who removed from Methodist Church Bb'ck. Van Buren-st, recently. Her father is at the Girard House, Michlgan-av. AGENTS WANTED. A GENTS WANTED-TO TAKE AGENTS’ GUIDE, A 25 cents a year: a monthly: 3 vol.; circulation over 10.000. JAMES P. SCOTT, 69 Dearbom-st. MISCELLAHEO ds. A A A A good hoose. cheap. South Side, to move. Address HOUSE: 343 Congress-st. AGENTS— CALL AND SEE THE CELEBRATED chromos of ‘‘Beatrice." “Snow-Storm." “Gold Rah,” “Fruit and Flowers." each 34x30 in size. Given away as premium with Jhe Illustrated Weekly. We bare been informed that a concern from Philadelnhia U offer ing oar chromos for sale here, and we hereby warn agents that the chromos so offered are a lot of miserably poor pictures made for and rejected by ns, for the reason that any attempt to foist them noon onr subscribers would have been a disgrace to ns and an insult to our agents. These chromos are being used in direct violation of an agreement made with ns, and a continued supply of them Is thus necessarily uncertain. The/ can only serve, at all events, to assist onr honest agents from tbo very tact that they are vary inferior- OnAS. OLUOAS A CO,, 114 Monroe-st. A’SBESTOS PAINTS FOB ROOFS, BRICK AND frame buildings, bridges, ear*, oto. No material in the market equal to toe Asbestos paint for covering brick buildings. A subsUtnte for the ordinary staining; leaves a doe gloss;does not peel off, and no water .or moisture can penetrate it. All colors furnished bat white. For references and information call at the office of J- W. HaRBACH. sole agent, 85 Washlngtoq-st., Chicago, Hi. A PERFECT SUCCESS IS THE “LADIES* FA vorito American Plaiting Machine.'* side, knife, box, bin*, diagonal, and closter plaits of all size* and varie ties. made perfect and beantifol, in all kinds of dress Eooda, without basting or injury, at a saving of two-thirds > cloth and ttaroe-fonrtbs in time and labor. It needs bat a moment's examination to convince any one that the “AMERICAN” excels all others for rapidity aod rariety of work. Ladle# arc inrited to call aad see it. E. H. BANCROFT, General Agent, Room 11 Methodist Church Block, comer Clark and Washioitton-su. All about oatarrh-itis ju>tas easy to core as most other diseases when ono knows how. A core to be complete and permanent most be both locally and constitutionally. After suffering 24 years, and nearly dying (mm it, 1 torod mysolt 5 yean ago by my own reme dy, wuicti is jostasEoreto core catarrh as solpbor is to core the itch. There is no end to the number of cores performed both hero and elsewhere by this simple and cheap remedy. Until lorther notice I will give a trial free to all sufferers at my office, and send full information on receipt of to cents. Office hour*: 8 till 6:30; Sundays, 3 till 4. DR. 0. R. SYKES, 169 Ea*t Madison-at. ALL CAST OFF CLOTHING AND MISCELLANE nos goods of any kind bought for cash by GEORGE HITZhL, 56Q Stato-at. Orders by mall promutly attend ed to. A SURE CURE FOR BILIOUSNESS IN ITS DlF ferent forms. Call at Room 7.169 East Madison-st., and test tin “ Now England Liver Tonic and Bilious An nlhilator.* 1 Tbo ingredients aro given. Advertisers desiring to reach country readers can do so in the cheapest and best manner by using one or more sections of Kellogg’s Great Newspaper Lists and State Divisions, for illustrated catalogue and map address A. N. KELLOGG. 79 Jackson-st. ALL KINDS OP STOVES CAREFULLY SCORED at 704 State-st., forniture store. A“LL~CASII PAID-FOR CAST OFF CLOTHING, carpota. furniture, and miscellaneous pood* of any kind by sending a letter to JON ASGELDBiLL 0 * State-st. A" LITkINDS OF REPAIRS FOR OLOTHES wringers, stores, and children's carriages famished promptly by sending postal card to H. S. THAYER, 116 Monroe-st. ATTENTION -LADIES DESIRING DRBSSMAK log done in the latest styles, and at the most reason able prices, shall find It to their advantage to call at our rooms, 75 East Madlson-st., Room 51. Elevator entrance. N. B.— Pleating made for4o and Sopor yard. ASMARTBDSINESS WOMAN. RECENTLY FROM England, wishes to meet a gentleman with from S3OO to SSOO to join her in a good paying business. Address V 23, Tribune office. A LOT OF SECOND-HAND TOOLS, SlLVEß plstlng tubs and kettles, blacksmith forge, anvils, rices, bellows, etc., for sale at Garden City Mtchinery- House, 61 Sonth Canal-st. Second-hand tools of every description wanted. A LADY OF EXTENSIVE PRACTICE Af NURSE in the city will board, nurse, and wash for a lady in confinement, at $lO per week, daring the. warm weather, (at her own home in the country). Reference, Dr. Richardson, comer of Madison and Halstod-sta; Dr, Woodward, comer Wood-st. and Warren-ar. CALSOMINING. 500 PER SQUARE. CARPETS protected. Jointing of walls a specially Paper hanging. 15c per roll. House and sign painting at very low prices. First-class work and reference. A. 31. GLASGOW, 486 West India na-st- CARD PHOTOGRAPHS ONLY $1.50 PER DOZEN. Come to-day, at WHITNEY'S art studio, 594 West Lake-su, near union Park. CASeTpaID FOR OLD RAGS, AND metals at PETTIBON E’S, 194 LaSall«/st. Goods called for free of charge. /COCKROACHES, BEDBUGS, AND MOTHS EF \J fectnally exterminated by contract (warranted) or ar ticle sold. Information free. ARTHUR OAKLEY. la 9 East Washington-*!. CLOTHES WRINGERS OF ALL KINDS REPAIR ed, new rolls, etc., at 70 West Wa»hlngtpn-*t CARPETS TAKEN UP. CLEANED. AND RELAID, or altered for other rooms. J. R. WHITE A SON. upholsterers, 465 West Lake-st. Empire steam carpet cleaning «ompany, 59 Sonth Canal-st. Carpets taken op and relaid. OAICDIINING DONE FOR 60 CENTS PER square, or by the job, and first-class work. Send or ders to 136 East Hamson-at.. opposite Police Station. VT. AL STONE. EMERSON'S BINDER FOR MUSIC AND PERlOD icals, Emerson's clip and file for office papers: also tho library binder for circulating libraries and private in dividuals. JOHN R. BARRETT A CO., Bookbinders and solo proprietors, 150 State-st. C7RENCH FLUTING. BOX-PLEATING. AND FINE I knife-ploating (made a specialty) for 6 cents a yard. MRS. T. COLLINS, 143 West Van Boren-st., up-stairs. VIRST-CLASS CALCIMINING AND P/.INTINO AT i. 1 70 cents per square, cash, or dry-goods and groceries. Address O 62. Tribune office. Filling, sodding, and tree-planting done at the lowest rates. Any amount of sod for sale. Orders by mall promptly attended to. T. H. DONO HUE, 13& State-st. Given away—tan-bark will be given away this week at Halsted-st. Bridge Tannery. Grand oprning-k. r. olmsiedai e»o n will open their splended gymnasium on too evening of May 1. situated on the southwest corner of Halstedand Washiogton-sts., over the bank. The public are cordial* ly invited. Health lift—wanted—a reactionary.or Marsh’s, with equalising yoke, new or second-hand; state lowest cash price, and where machine can be seen. Address S 64, Tribune office. TTOTEL WANTED TO BUT IN A JIL town, value (nm $3,000 to 37,000; will pay In cash, real estate clear, mortgage notes, and stocks, all warrant ed and secured. Send particulars, for one week, to F 91. Tribuno office. T WANT SOME BLACK DIRT HAULED. IN EX- L change for a good sewing-machine. Call at Singer’s office, 203 West Madison-st. I HAVE 3 OR 4 FURNISHED ROOMS NEAR THE comer of Desplainea and Madison-sts., and would like to meet some respectable lady that would Jake a room and share expense. Address MRS. DEE, Tribune office. Knife, side, and box' plaiting done at 48 Bostoo-av., near Halsted-st. Laundry-good Samaritan— family wash ing and ironing is done for 75 cents a dozen. Ad dress orders to Room 14,173 East Randolph-»t. LADIES* TWO-BUTTON FINK DOG-S£INGLOVES, colored and black, all sizes; $1 a pair to close out, really worth 31.76. GOETZ, 94State-st. *_ Ladies wishing fine dressmaking done at tbe lowest figures will do well to call at MRS. STBLVGFIELD’S. £8 West Madison-st., Room 2. Latest styles just received from New York. Ladies* and children’s shoe-button fasteners; once on always on: a child can place them; no tools required; 20c doz., SSctwodoz., 45c three doz. Agents wanted. C. HANCHETT, P. O. Box 76. MORTGAGE FOR SALB-f375 CHATTEL MORT gsge; also 350 note against a Madison-st. dentist: will exchange note. 1 want money bad. Room 6, 64 West Randolph-st. M~ cOORMACK, THE WELL-KNOWN FLORIST, IS closing out his greenhouse and beddlog plants at very low prices Call and examine my immense stock. Greenhouses on Thlrty-eighth-st, near CottaglJ Groro-av. Q. CLBMP, soccessor. Mrs. pincott, of in blue island-av., wishes to inform tbo ladies that she can make suites cheaper than any other dressmaker m the city. Silks and cashmeres mado from 35; alapacas and plaids from 33; calicos from $1.50. Medical treatment with board and lodging in a quiot home can be obtained on reason able terms by addressing T 31, Tribune office. ■\TOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE PAHT JLN nenbip between Do Witt 0. Butts, Isaac Excell, and James N. Buchanan was dissolved on the 20th day of April. In the year 1875, so far as relates to the said James N. Buchanan. All debts due to said partners those dne by thorn, will be settled with and by the remaining partners .who will continue the badness under the firm name of Butts £ Excel), at 173 South Water-st. .Chicago. DEWITT C. BUTTS, * ISAAC EXCELL. JAMES N. BUCHANAN. TVTOTIOE—OHOTHIERS AND TAILORS—PAINT _Lv j Q g, paper-hanging, and calcicimiog ia exchange for clothes. Address O 71, Tribuno office. OFFICE FURNITURE OF THREE ROOMS, WITH carpets, atovo. etc., complete, for sale cheap. If takes at once; rent low, 177 East Madison-st., Rooms. ON INSTALLMENTS-THE CELEBRATED MONT-' poliar Manufacturing Company's Baby Carriage*, the Peerless Wringer, and Star sold on weekly payments, bj COLBY, RHORER A CO,, 432 West MsdlsoQ-st. OPIUM AND MORPHINE HABIT ABSOLUTELY and speedily enred; palolosa; no pabiiclty. DR, CARLTON, 187 Washington-it. EW STAMPING PARLORS, 349 STATE-ST., EN trance on Jackson. , Flannel skirts, all sixes end patterns 150 to 20c Blankets with corners, new styles .......... ..wo Pillow hams, wreaths and corners, per pair.,.soc Extra large letters *o® Wundkerohlet letters, per dozen t>atents-sio-our entire charge to SR Jr cure a patent is $10; caveat, $5. M. S.AP.R.A., 166 East Washington-st., Room 48. EleTator. ■DAINUNG, PAPERING. OALCIMININO-NOW IS JT your time. Above work done at lowest cash price, or will take part pay In trade. Address P 83, Trlbnne office. Passports furnished at short notice. PHIL HO YNR Commissioner of Deeds, 21 Republic Life Building. Patronize the manufacturer: have •our diamonds properly set by A. LAUDEBBACK. manufacturer of diamond jewelry. 70 Madison -ft., corner State, Booms 28 and 27. Responsible, careful person <no fam- Uy) would like care of boose wnlle family are abroad or atCentenoial. Address IONE, Tribone office. RBMOVAL-DB. J. & SWABTLEY HAS REMOVED to 755 Michigan-av. Repairs for stoves made in st. louis, Louisville, Qoincy, Peoria. Cleveland, Salem. Cin cinnati. Rcchestar.and 208 West Twelfth-at. Rats— will pay big prior to party who will clear onr bollding of rata. Address Xl, Trlb one office. CUBURBAN-SYOAMOBE-THE concert given O on Friday evening last by Mrs. Emilio L. Lord, of Chicago, assisted by her friends, was a complete success in every respect. SEND TEN CENTS FOR PRANG’S BEAUTIFUL oil chromoe, gilt frame; $lO a day to agents and those getting up clubs Centennial Chroma Co., Chicago. WANTED-TO BUY A COTTAGE. TO BE MOVED from leased ground west of Union Park, taking a good lot at Englewood as part payment, or a party who will build a cottage, taking the same lot as part payment. Address S B. 68 North Hacoln-st., Chicago. The highest price paid for oast off clothing, carpets, furniture, etc. Pants. $3 to $5; coats. s3toslo: urease*, sstos2s. Address Y.LANDS BERO, 196 South Statg-st. Ladles attended by Mrs. Landsfearg. Orders by mail promptly attended to. miscellaneous. rpHE NEW centennial knife, side, and Jim 1 p “f{5 r: i“ P l “s».<>”»)f»ra ol good. » miaato: Kf the differentkinds of tnmmm :• we msk*: the knife EUite, side plaits, box pUiu. double box, triple bex. bias ox, clusters, quilling, gophering. Prenob Uotltur with - out tbs use of bastings: also a kmfs plait one-eighth of an Inch wide. It pays alt dressmakers to eome a ad s#e the different kinds of work we do: if not convenient, w« attend to all order* tent by poet. Salesroom 99 w»«* Maduoa-st., Room 2. W. QAaLER, General *grmt_ la atrcctlon free. TO BUILDERS—I WANT TO BUILD A BRICK basement 33 feet long, and will pay one.half cash and naif real estate for the same, A. WELCH, 6U3 West Foorteeoth-st. The grand centennial celebration bf Gilmore s Band. May 5 and & should be attended Py*’”* o bid gloves from the Paris Eld-Glove Store. 94 btato-st., oppoaite Field- Lei tor A Co-’a. "\XT ANTED— AN INTEREST IN A BUSINESS. CITt «lL. or . e ? ,mtnr - "bere rood real estate wUI be taken is payment for same. Address NS6. Tribune office. TV^.SESS~£. KO i LOCATION FOB a FIRST- I I eLasa physician and sturgeon; $lO reward given if 1» cation u accepted. Address 2 85, Tribune office! X\T ANTED—SPLIT CEDAR POSTS AND 16-FOOT fencing m exchange for city or suburban real estate. Also sound span heavy carriage nones, *nT is go for same. T 6. Tribune office. WANTED— COPYING DONE OK ALL DBSORI? tionj. Abstract# copied and certified to hr Matarf rFobllc. LORD A WALLER, 8(9 South Slato-a? *“* T\TANTKp-A COO'D. SECOND-HAND FOUR. TT oared boat. Addma V 38, Tribune office. WANTED-A DRUG STORE, SOOTH SIDE, OR V V eligible site for same, for cash and improved prop erty. Apply to SIMON 9» Room 3, 136 Statist. VIT ANTED—PARTIES TO TAKB AN INTEREST id V; a new game apparatus for lawaand parloroo which three splendid games can be played. Address Wl, Trib bane office. WANTED— A BULL PUP-CUNOMAN, RIOIC srds, Shaw, Fitch & Winslow. WANTED— HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN SETTLE at Highwood. E. ASHLEY MBARS, lflOff»«Mr^ WANTED-A CONTRACTOR TO BUILD A TWO story and basement brick house. Inquire to-day or to-morrow at 58 Anborn-st. TIT ANTED—TO BUY A COMPLETE SET OP SA «* loon fixtures on monthly payments: must be cheap, N 64, Tribune office. \\f ANTED—FROM 35.000 TO $50,000 WORTH OF v» clothing, dry roods, or boots and shoes. All cotx> mnnleatiooa confidential. Address P 99, Tribune office. \\T ANTED—TO LEASE A LOT SOUTH OF THIRTY vv filth-et. and east of State. Address, stating terms, R 4, Tribune office. \\T ANTED—SI,OOO WORTH OF DRY GOODS: WILL vv give purchase money mortgage duo Aug. 10, 1878. Address P 21, Tribune office. WTNT E tCTf d~~BUY AN INTEREST IN A SMALL packinghouse or meat-market. Address P 74. Tribune office. WANTED-TO INVEST A FEW HUNDRED DOL lars in some paring bntiness by a machinist. Ad dress, for one week. N 77, Tnbone office. WANTED— TO PURCHASB-A NICK SECOND* hand 15-ball pool-table. Call or addresi Immediately, stating terms, at 116 North May-et.. comer Kluzio. WANTED-A MAN WITH SIO,OOO TO JOIN A practical millor to boild a mill in beat location la Illinois; all local trade. G. CRANDALL,7O LaSallo-st., Room 4. WANTED-MEN RESIDING ON THE WEST SIDE to assist in forming a cricket dob. Any such please address C. J. COYLE, 1095 West Madison-st. WANTED— A TICKET TO SAN FRANCISCO. AD dress N 86, Tribune office. WANTED-A SCOTH OR BLACK AND TAN TER rier pop, or some other small breed. Apply Mon day, Room 12, 203 Clark-st. WANT $ 10,000*STOCK GROCERIES AT LIBERAL discount; cash, or will trade inside real estate. P fiC, Tribune office. WANTED-A LADY TO TAKE AN INFANT child where it will hare good care; will pay for taking care of it. Address V 67. Tribune office. WANTED— CONTRIBUTING MEMBERSHIP TO Chicago Atbensum; most be cheap for rath. Ad dress P 64, Tribune office. WANTED - COUNTER, SHELVES. SCALES, kerosene-can, wagon, and ice-box, for grocery store. Address P 29, Tribune office. frn MEMBERS OF STOCK GROWERS’ COLONY, uu New Mexico, will leave for Colony's land. May 15. Parties wishing to join mast sead in names by May 8. 130 Dearborn-ec. SEWING MACHINES. AN IMPROVED SINGER. WITH COVER. EXTEN- Biou table, two drawer*, and all the attachments, in perfect order, tor $25. 167 Milwaukee-av. AN SBO SEWING MACHINE OF ANY STANDARD make, brand new. for Brussels carpet, cylinder desk, or merchant tailoring. X 77. Tribune offlee. A FIRST-CLASS WHEELER A WILSON SEWING machine, brand new. Coma and see it if yon want a bargain. 1838 Bnttertield-st. Branch office remington sewing-ma chine. 1448 State-*!. Machines sold, exchanged, rent ed. and repaired. Needles and attachments for all ma chine*. Elegant sewing machines at a sacei fico: all brand-new, with latest improvements, took* ma kcr ami attaenmente, and warranted three years. Singers, $45. retail at SBO Wheeler! Wilson. H cabinet, S4O, retail at SBS. Howe. $35. retail at $75. Weed or iEtna. $35, retail at $75. Singer No. 2, manufacturing, $35, retail at S9O. Howe or Wilson, manufacturing. $35, retail at S9OJ Good Singer family machine, S3O. Excellent second-hand machine*. sls to S2O. THOS. H. MARTIN. 260 Wabaib-av. SALE-SEVERAL LATE IMPROVED MA r chinos, embracing all kinds In the market, to be sold very cheap to par advances. Money loaned on machine*. Private Loan Office, 125 Clark-st., Hoornß, up-stairs. TpIRST-CLASij SEWING MACHINES FOB SALE. I? payable tn sewing done at home. IRA D.OWBN 6 C0.,213 East Madlson-st. For salg-a wheeler a wilson machine nearly new. Tory cheap. Address O 72, Tribune office. I WILL GIVE A GOOD SINGER* WHEELER * Wilson, or Domestic sowing-machine In exchange for 60 feet fencing. Call at 203 west Madison-st., Singes office. r NOW OR NEVER-I NEW DOMESTIC FOR 845{ 3 Wheeler A Wilson, improved, 440; 1 good one for 320; 1 Wilcox A Gibbs for sls. All warranted. Call at Singer office 203 West Madison-st. ONE SINGER. NEW. FAMILY SEWING MA. chloe, |ls cash. All standard machines repaired* by N. P. LARSON, 360 East Dlvision-U.. Chicago. DL SEWING WOMEN—I WILL FURNISH YOU KBAR- Iy any first-class sewing machine on monthly payments of 34 at from $lO to 325 less than the usual price. Ad dress T 9, Tribune office. SINGER OFFICE OF A. J. MELOHERT, 203 WEST Madison-st. Machines sold on monthly rented, and exchanged. Open till Bp. m. THE NEW REMINGTON SEWING MACHINE IS the most reliable. Agents wanted for the city and country, 237 State-st. TXT ANTED—FOR CASH, I GOOD SECOND-HAND Vf machine, either Domestic or Sintfer. Also want aa 100-box. R 95. Tribune office.. WE ARB CLOSING OUT A LARGE STOCK Of improved Singer’s, and other iint-olsss Terr cheap. Most M sold. GEO. P. GORE A CO., 61 and 70 Wsbash-av. AOC 1 HOWE, 346 1 SINGER, 840 I WHEELEB SOO A Wilson, improved feed. 254 West Harrisoa at,, opposite the Opera-House. INSTRUCTION. A FRENCH GENTLEMAN 46 YEARS OLD, AU thor of several literary works, woold like to give French lessons without any other remuneration than tbe translation into good English of about twenty pages of French composition. Address Y 22, Tribune office. AN EXPERT WILL GIVE PRIVATE LESSONS In clog, jig, and fancy dancing to ladies and goats; exchanges made. Address K 99, Tribune office. An artist wishes to give lessons nr drawing, oil-painting, and pastel. Also, classes ia French and drawing. Address C 61, Tribune office. TpNGLISH. GERMAN, FRENCH SEMINARY, 8 i_i Union-av., near Cottage Grove-av. and Fortleth-si. Best school to acquire a practical knowledge of German and French. Classes for adults. Send fur circular. INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANO-FORTE BY Alf English lady. 153 West Indiamut. T WILL GIVE 30 PRIVATE LESSONS IN SHORT- J. hand for 3Il). Situation guaranteed. Address X3U Tribune office. MRS. M. D. GUMMING, 879 WABASH-AV.. PRB vious to her departure, will receive several more scholars for elocution, on special plan, developing the voice strong and musical In a short time. SITUATION WANTKD-A8 GOVERNESS, BY A. lady of good education and the highest reference*. Call or address 1851 Indiana-av. * THE COLLEGIATE COURSE, UNDER PROF. CLARKE, at the Seminary. 504 West Adams at., Chicago, will compare in practical results with any else where. BUILDING MATERIAL. TSALTIMORK, PHILADELPHIA AND ALL OTHER Jj grades of pressed brick at lowest market price. J. W. K 4RBACH, agent, 85 Washiogton-st.. For sale-a immense stock op locks. knobs, and butts, at remarkably low prices. A, W. WHEELER, 141 Lske»st.,up stairs. FOR SALE—thirty builders* staging horses, cheap, at No, II Hnbbard-court. FOR SALE-OLD LUMBER. SASH, DOORS. AND blinds. Apply at block of building* Mlchigan-ar. and Thirteenth-st. FOR SALE-LOT FENCING. 3-INCH PLANK, AND scantling, 2x4. 201 West Harrisoa-st. For sale-at a sacrifice, a job lot of doors and blinds, 61 Sooth Canal-st., Boon L NEW BRICKS READY FOR DELIVERY ON Monday. MayL b/LILL A WIOKLBR, office. US Waihiagton-sL. 'ANTED—OLD BRICK FOR HALF GASS AND Half real estate. Address O 49, Tribune offlee. inn nnn CANADA red brick fob sadb iUU.UUU on dock. J. H. DUNHAM.Room 5.10 State-st. STORAGE. STORAGB-THE BURLINGTON WAREHOUSE, corner of Sixteenth and State-sts., Is the largest and most convenient in the West; with steam elevator* fo# handling goods :ls accessible to all the railroads leading to this city. Persons storing furniture or other goods will find this safe and convenient, being free from dost, rata, and vermin. Rates of storage very low. Money loan* ed on all kinds of property at reasonable rates of interest. H. E- SAWYER, proprietor. STORAGE-ON NEAR WA* basb-av.. is a large, convenient, safe, and clean place: will store all kinds of household goods and mar* chandisa; money advanced or loaned on goods In store at very kw rauwu Address THOS. A. HILL, 123 Dean bora-s t. . OTORAGE—PARTIES HAVING FURNITURE THAT O they wish stored for the me of a portion of it, address N 86. TObune offlee. STORAGE— GO TO THE CENTRAL WAREHOUSE, cor. Kush and Kinzl»-«ts., to store yemr fornitore ana household goods. Yon will hnd it a convenient, safe,and cleanly place, where they will be properly eared for; in sured and stored at the most reasonable# rate. 1 give ea oedal attention so this class of goods, and invite yoag Suonsge. HQRATIu N. RUST, Proprietor. Storage-furniture, buggies, and mer. chandtse stored in fire-proof warehouse. 160 West Monroo-st. Lowest charges. Money advanced on easy terms. • WE ARE PREPARED TO GIVE FIRST-OLABJI rtorage accommodation at ottr anctfonand corns <Sr •ion honseT S. N. FOWLER * CO.. 274 and S2s»* Madison el. 13

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