Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 30, 1876, Page 14

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 30, 1876 Page 14
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14 O RENT—HOUSES. Tl mo BEST—BY WU. H. SAMPSON 4 CO.. BEAL 1 Estate and Realms Agency, 144 LaSallc-sU. Otis Block; SOUTH DIVISION. , . 592 Michlgan-av., S-slory and basement stone front, is rooms. £39 Wahaah-av,, 13 rooms. . .. Cottage southeast corner Tweaty-fifth-st. and Michi gan-av., 6 rooms. .. The 3-atory and basement atone front houses, Nos. 437, 439. 441.443, and 145 Wabash-av., 14 rooms each, only SIOO month. _ Two 2-story frame houses os Union-av., near Langley, 8 rooms, 520 month. . NewS story brick house on Michigan-av-, near Thirty- Clxxh-et, 9 rooms, only 840 month. SO Uichlgan-aT.. 9 rooms, only 850 month. Furnished house at fiyde Park. 9 rooms and bath-room. S6O month. _ , , , Michigan-av., 12 rooms, S-atory and basement 9 Woodland Park, large frame house, large yard, oppo £te Douglas University. 507 Micbigan*av., 13 rooms, etc., all in perfect order. 1343 ladlana-av., near Thirtioln-st., 2-story and base* meat stone front, 12 rooms, furnace, and gas-fixtures. 106 South Park-ar., and basemeatbrick.lo rooms, furnace, and gas-fixtures. Also bam; reasonable to good 63 Lake-av, 3-ctoxy marble-front, 14 rooms. In complete Order. 355 South Park-tv., 7 rooms, 830 month. Large frame residence, lu6 South Park-av., 12 rooms, large yard, with good bam. A first-class place in every particular, only 383.33 a month Two-story brick. 101 South Fark-av., 10 rooms, and bam. SIS twrxtoiy and basement atone front, IS rooms. 1477 Pralrle-av., 8 rooms. 825 a month. 969 Wabash-av., U rooms and bam. Second floor 825 State-st.. 6 rooms. S4O a month. . 796 Wabash-av., ihree-ctory atone front, 15 rooms, and bam. 103 Tlneenues-av.. marble front, 10 rooms. . . 174 Egao-av., 8-etory Milwaukee brick, 12 rooms and J&maee. only 837.50 a month. 1258 Wo«t Monro Mt. , 12 rooms, only $25 a month. I3l3and ISl6ShurUea-av., 6rooms, 816 month. 60 Sirieeath-st,, 3-atory stone front, 13 rooms,only 860 a month. SlLancler-iT.. 10 rooms. . „ 31 Twenty.&fth-st., S-story marble front. 14 rooms. 360 a Month. WEST DIVISION. 563 West Jaekson-st.. 3-story tad basement, 9 mans *nly 435 e month. GolU«et 36 and 32 We«tern-aT., 6 rooms. Three newS-stoty stone front bouses, northwest comer Ashland** 1 , and Adams-st., 12 room* each. Also one new S-aiory and basement atone front house •n Adaras-et., just west of Ashland-a*., 10 rooms. 618 West WashiDtrton-rt., S-storyand basement brick boose, U rooms, oniornisbed (50 a month, furnished its a month. 477 West Wasblngtoa-st., 14 rooms. _ . The new 3-«tory «tono front bouse corner Union farx mod West Wssbiogtna st ; also the new marble fronts on Ogdea-ar., corner Washlngtcn-st., facing Union Park* 14 rooms eacb. 403 West Adams-at., 10 rooms. . . . 653 West Adams-st.. S-story and basement brick, 13 rooms. 653 West Washinjrton-st.. 9 rooms and barn. ISPand 161 Sooth Panllna-st., 10 rooms. SOO West Washinctoo^t..-marble front. 10 rooms. North division. 683 Sedgwick-st, 2-etory and basement brick, 10 rooms. Two-story and basement stone front, 193 North Dear born-* L, 13 moms, and brick barn. sul North LaSalle-st., 3-stoty and basement brick, 15 rooms. 307 Ohio-sL, S-stcrr and basement brick. 10 rooms. 308 North Desrborn-st,. 10 ro-ms. 312. 3(4, and 346 North LaSaUe-ft-.S-story marble fronts. 14 rooms each, with modem improvements, only $£3.33 per month. 389 Saporier-eL, 12 rooms. 253 Indiana-st., 3-atory brick, 13 rooms. IJORENT— GO AND LOOK, THEY MUST BE RHNT -133 Portland-av., near Twcnty-elgbtfa-st., 9-room dwelling and bam.... . $ 17.90 Wallace*!!., near Thirty-lirst-st., grocery store, 1U rooms and bam.... 22.00 137 West Indiana-st.. iitatory. 4 rooms. 8.10 537 West Indiana-st,, Sd story, 4 roomie 10.00 Will allow 22 per cent for 6 month* rent in ca*h. TKUKSDKLLA BROWN. 108 Fiftb-av. TO RENT-MARBLE-FRONT HOUSE. 1C33 MXCHI gan-av., SIOO por month. Marble-front home, 1081 Michlgan-av., $93 per month. Frame honae. 1087 Michigan-av., $65 ptr month. Brick house, 1500 Prairie-av., S4O per month. Brick house, 1502 Praine-av-, $45 per month. - HENRY G. YOUNG, Room 6. Bryan Block. OX) RENT-TBRLARGE BRICK DWKLONG, WITS X barn and large lot, on southeast comer Warren-av. and Wood-ct, from May L WALTER M. HOWLAND, 90 LaSallc-st, TO KEKT-tVUHNISHEU HOUSE 10S1 WAB.SH av„ 3-story marble-front, 1$ rooms, low rent and very desirable; also, 6-ronm cottage at South Evanston. Ad dressorapplytoP.F.OHAhE. Alatteson Honso. TO RENT—MICHIGAN-AV.. NO. 845. FOR 1 YEAH from May 1. at $75 per month: in first-class repair. H. S. EVERHART. Room 1. No. bi Washington-st, TO RENT—A FIRST-CLASS HOUSE ON MIC1II ga&-av..noar£ishtoeotb-BL, baring everything, to an A 1 tenant for 1 or 3 years. JAMES Q. HILL, 94 Dcsrbom-kt-, Boom 4. • . TO KENT —3-STOBY AND BASEMENT BRICK bouse-and bom. SSO Calamot-av. Terms very low. jl. BOOTH, comer State and Lake-sta. TO RENT—THE TWO-STORY 10-ROOM HOUSE No. 90S Wabaah-ar. Apply to B. J. WALSHE, Me. Victor** Theatre Building. T> RENT—I4I CARROLL-AV. AND SHELDON-ST., new octagon stone-iront, bay-window, 14 rooms, mod em improvements, fino lawn, side lot, brick bam, hand- Mine shade uees. Also 427 Carroll-av., octagon stone front. 12 rooms, and conveniences; one of the handsomest locations in the city. Also several new 10-room brick bouses on Ada-st. and Arbor-place at $25 and_s3o per month. S. S. HAYES. 7 Metropolitan Block. TO RENT—NEAR LINCOLN PARK. AND CLOSE to ears, a brick bouse of 8 rooms, hot water, bath. closets, etc., for $25. CHAS. N. fIALE. 153 Randolph. rpO RENT-ELEGANT MARBLE-FRONT TEN- X room houses, one to three blocks from Lincoln Park; first-class neighborhood: house* contain modem conve niences, and terms will he reasonable. OHAS.N. HALE. 153 Randolph-st. TO RENT—SMALL TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT brick dwelling, 776 West Adams-sL; very reasonable. A. L. ROCKWELL. 80 lASallo-*U TO RENT-MNE HOUSE 11 ELLIS PARK; ALL improvements, water, gas, and furnace: oast front. Appßito JACKMAN A SUN, 153 and 154 Sooth Water. TO lIEKT-«S WAKKKN-AV., KICK OCTAGON stone-front, two-story and basement boose, and brick bam, $55. Inquire on the premises, or of C. A. DIB BLE, 97 Clark-it.. Room 64. TO RENT—OCTAGON-FRONT BRICK HOUSE newly papered and painted; 10 rooms, bath-room, and oU modem improvements, fomacs and gas-fixtures; S4O per month. 1023 West Mooroe-st., near Westorn-av. Ap ply to J. WEST. 677 West Moaroo-st., near Leavitt. TO RENT-A 10-BOOM BRICK HOUSE, WATER and sewerage; location good, one block from can; vent $25 per month. including ear-fare. Apply to A. C. MILLARD, lid LaSaUe-st. TO RENT-CHEAP TO A GOOD TENANT. NO. 27 EUis-park, octagon-front, 10 rooms, sub-cellar, finirb jmd in first-ciaas style. Room 3 Honor© Block. H. LOWY. TO RENT—THE 2-STORY HOUSES 15 SOUTH Desplaines-st., grooms etc., $25; TSfi, 799, and 801 West Harrison*!.. between Wood and Honore-sL, 9 and 11 rooms, etc.. In best order, and basements, for $25 each; booses arranged for one or two families. Apply at Room L IS4 West Randolph -eh, or 797 West Hanison-st. TO BENT—B-BOOM COTTAGE, $25: ONE 7, S2O: one 5-room, sl6; 8 rooms. $lO. (39 West Van Bo- TO RENT—A TEN-ROOM HOUSE. NO. 701 NORTH Franklin-st., newly calcimined, papered, and paint ed inside and out, bot and cold water, bath-room, sta tionary basins and gas, in first-class neighborhood, ono block from Clark-«L cars, with fine view of Lincoln Park; price, S4O. Apply on premises. mo RENT—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT OC- X tagon brick faonee No. 19 Honore-et., with 10 rooms '-and brick ham, half block from sladison-ct. cars. No. 179 West Madison-et... 10 rooms, newly painted and pa pored, suitable for one or two families. JOHN G. ROG ERS, City-Hall. ' TO RENT—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE, No. 1057 Micbigas-av.; hot and cold water, etc. D. O. HAMILTON. 126 Clark-st. TO RENT—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK bon bo. No. 652 West Adams-st a 10 rooms; rent mod erate to good tenant. Apply to WM. U. SAMPSON A CO- 144 LaSalle-at. ' TO RENT-FURNISHED. HOUSE NO, 28 3’HlßTY eighth-st. Inquire at Room S 3, 76 Monroe-et-.or Room 1L 109 Dcarborn-st. TO KENT—NOS. 34 AND 26ST. CLAIR-ST., S-STORY brick, modem improvements, cheap to a good tenant. HAIR. 174 LaSalle-at. TO RENT-ON ST. JOHN’S PLACE, BLOCK FROM Union Park, 3-story and basement houses, with mod. ■em improvements, at BSS per month. S. W. OSGOOD, 16 Timee Building. rpOBENT-NO. 1322 WABASH-AV.. FRAMEHOUSE X of 9rooms; only $35; scar Thirtioth-et. C. W, VENN. TO RENT-A 10-ROOM BRICK HOUSE ON MlLL ard-av. at S2O per month: water and sewer. Apply to •A. O. MILLARD, 159 LaSalie-st. , . mO KENT-TO SMALL FAMILY. TENEMENT. 6 ■ X rooms, plainly famished; terms tosnit. J. L. WEB STEB, 918 Pottage Grove-av., near Thirty-ninth-st. TO BENT-BRICK HOUSE 155 SOUTH MORGAN st., 10 roams, gas fixtures, stable; pleasant location, near cat*; low rent. Apply on the corner nett sooth. fpO RENT-ONE OF THE FINEST RESIDENCES • -L is the City of Chicago, comer of Micblgan-av. and Park-row. overlooking the nark and lake: con tains over twenty room*, with every modem improvement, and heated with steam; baa three bath-rooms, water-closets, lann . dry. and sob-cellar. The premises are largo; bam spa cions, two-story and basement. Will not be rented for a boarding-boose, and only to a first-class tenant. EL UOTT ANTHONY.3S Dcsrbom-st. mO RENT—NO. 213 NORTH STATK-ST.. CON. A talnfng 10 rooms, with all the modem improvement*; erfll be tented very cheap. fpO BENT—SSO PER MONTH. 896 INDIANA-AV., X S-atory and brick basement house, lo rooms, with bam. Inquire of GOSS A PHILLIPS UF*O uO.. cor per of Twenty-second and Flsk-sts. TO RENT-NEW STONE FRONT’ BOUSE. LOOMIS it, one block from Jefferson Park, 9 rooms, with fur nace and gas fixtures, and all modem Improvements, inquire at 123 Loomis-st. rno RENT-TWO FINE 6-ROOM COTTAGES. AT A the north city limits, for sls. which aro really worth $25; also 8 others. Apply 125 South Clarkst., Room 11. TO RENT—A CHANCE SELDOM OFFERED—ONE of those 4-story marble-front bouses fronting Union Park, richly, and completely famished, rest free, to a emau family, for the board of fonr persons. Address one sveek. with foil name and reference, K 27 Tribune office. T* O RENT —FURNISHED S-STORY HOUSE, 10 rooms, bath and water-closet, 586 Folton-et.: calci yntn«yi and painted throughout- Owner wants board fot self and vile, or will rent without board. Apply on the mO RENT—TO FIND IMMEDIATE TENANT, WE 1 will rent the S-story and basement brick dwelling No. CM North LaSallo-st. for S9UO; has brick bam, with gas and water. Key at No. 503. For fartherparticulars, in noire of mfr'RJt.l a ENGLE, Room 6 Metropolitan Block. mo RENT-NO. 1548 (OLD NUMBER) WABASH- A av-7 comer of Thirty-tiftb-Bh, the S-storr and bwe ineot brick dwelling-bowse, either famished or unfur nished, and either with or without a bam: furoaoe, gas fixtures, and hot and cold water laid In: cheap to an ell- Bible tenant. Apply daily on the premises between 9 and io’clock. O. J. MQWAT. TTO KENT—A FEW ELEGANT RESIDENCES OX I the North Side, is desirable locations, at lowestprice. B. S. A W. Q. MoCOHMICK, 155 LaSalle-st. TO KENT 335 SOUTH HALSTED-ST. FINE brick boose, 14 rooms, large ground*. Apply to G. J. yni.l., 167 Bait Washlngton-st., Room 3a. mo KENT-A NEAT CLTTAGE, 41 WALNUT-ST.T 1 A block from Union Park. TO THCNT-3-STORY FRAME HOUSE 867 WABASH av. Apply to O. M. UPDIKE, corner Taylor-st. and Fadhc-av. ' TTO RENT— TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK X dwelling one block west of Lincoln Park; rent 8400 parknaaSr A- A. LATHROP, 8S Room 24. to r; •ENT—HOUSES. mo RENT-aT the general renting agen- L, cy Of GEORGE G. NEWBUEY. Rooms 8 and 9 Bryan Block, 164 La,Sa,Uo-«t. 738 Wabash-ar.. iwo-story dwelling &nd basement, U rooms, with ever? convenience; bam 75S Wabasb-av., two-story dwelling, 10 rooms, with •very convenience; also barn. 875 and 867J4 Michlgan-av., two-Btory and basement dwellings. 10 and 13 rooms each. 8»0 S4O Calomet-av., two-etory and basement house, 12 rooms; bath, closet, furnace, and gas fixture* - £0 S&3 Calumet*av., two-story frame. 8 r00m5..... » Bs6Calometav., new two-etory brick, with furnace etc S 1406 W&baaiuav., two-story and basement house. 10 rooms • 19 Eldndge-court, throe-story and basement frame, 10 rooms 5 71 Twenty-siztb-st., two-etorv frame, 10 r00m5........ 9i 480 North LaSalle-st., three-story, and basement brick. 14 rooms, all conveniences, furnace, etc M 71 North Sholdoa-st, three-story and basement mar ble front, grained and caloimined throughout, aa conveniences . 22 459 Fulton-st.. two-stoiy frame. 10 r00m5............. w 608 Fultoh-st., two-story frame, 13 rooms, with closets. 13 St. John's place, two*story frame. 8 r00m*......... 666. 668, and 674 West Lake-st., two-storyaod bsso rocnt marble fronts, with all mod am oonveniaaoei; barns. 119 Clark-st, sleeping rooms, . „ , 136andia< Jkladisoa-st., second,floor; large room heated by steam; elegant chandeliers, etc.; satia ble fcr tailoring parlors, or any light business 277 and 379 Sooth Clark-st. .offices on the second floor, sleeping rooms os the third floor, and large hall on the lonrlh floor, . . 1756 Indiana-ar., two-story frame: dining-room and kitchen on the first floor. 12 rooms, with all modem conveniences 1151 Wabaab-ar.. three-story and basement, marble ‘ 14 rooms, bam, etc; cheap. front. TO RENT—BY H. C. MOREY. 93 CLARK-ST. s Brick cottage. 230 West Taylor-st,; sls. Two-story frame, 34 North Aahland-av.; 845. £45 West Poll-st., first floor, 7 rooms and bath •room; 820* 461 Carroll-ar., 3-story stone front, SSO. 365 Manhtiold-ST.. 3-story frame, 50 foot lot, S3O, 636 Carroll-aT., cottage 6 rooms, $lB. 51 Seetey-av., furnished house. 1190 State-st., 2-story and basement frame; $35. ICO Wentworth-ar., nowS-etory: $25. 14 Kcan-ar., 3-story frame, 50-foot lot. $35. 254 Calumet-av., 3-story and basement brick; $55. Three-story stone-fronts, northwest comer Aahlaad-ar. and Walnut-st,: SSO. 65 Park-ar., 3-story and basement; bam; SSO. TO RENT—€B7 WEST ADAMS-ST., NEAR LlN oola, south front, two-story and basement, brick, with furnace. gas.fixtnres. hot and cold water, all in complete order, SSO per month. 730 West Madison-st., two-story frame, hot and oold water, and gas-fixtures, only S3O. 1M Honroe-sU, near Jackson, two-story frame, with barn, S3O per month. 467 West Madison-st,, suitable for two families, hot and cold water; s4opermonth: also a large list of large and small houses. A full description will bo found m the Landlord and Tenant. Copies free at oar office. COLE, NEWELL A MOSHER, 183 West Madison-st. TO RENT—SEVERAL VERY FINE TWO AND * three ston- and basement swelled east front brick dwellings, with all modern improvements, mruace, barn, chandeliers, Ac., Nos. SI and 33 Forresl-av., south pf Thirty-firsf-st.: 1456 Pralrie-ar., sooth of Thirty-second, st.; alio two-story and basement on West Side, on Hob* baid-st, near Hoyno No, 719: rent for latter only S3O per month: well adapted to two families. Apply to JOHN COVERT, 1281 indiaua-av,, or at 43 State-st. JOHN COVERT TO RENT—THE NEW 3-STORY BRICK DWELL rag-honses, containing from 6 to 9 rooms, on Fulton and Walnnt-sts., between Sacramento-av. and Oglesby st., will bo rented to good tenants at from SIS to sl3 per month; convenient to horse and steam-cars; each honae h»» city water and modem conveniences. Possession given immediately. Apply to W. D. KEKFOOT A CO., ti Washington-st. rj-vQ RENT—NO. 23 NORTH ASHLAND-AV.. TWO- X atory frame, 8 rooms; the fourth house south of Lake, and fronting npon Union Park: S3O por month, in good repair. WM. D. PALMER, No. 185 Stalest.. Palmer Honae. TO RENT-NO. 74 HONORK-ST., NEAR ADAMS; 4- story brick. IS rooms; S3O per month, and in good order. WM. D. PALMER, No. 185 State-st., Palmer House. TO RENT—II 96 PRAIRIB-AV., MARBL&FRONT. 14 rooms; cheap to good parties. Apply at 43 and So Wsbash-sr. rro RENT—THE TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT X marble-front dwelling-house, No. 1653 Pralrie-ar., between Thirty-fifth and Thiny-sUth-sts., containing about lo room* and famHhed with all modem Improve ments. A. LOKB X BROTHER, 129 and 131 LaSalle-tL qvQ RENT—THE TWO-SFORY AND BASEMENT J. octagon-fiont brick building No. 663 Sedgwiek-st., one block west from Lincoln Park. For terms, apply to C. C. HOLTON. Nos. 235 and 227 State-st. TO RENT-BEAUTIFUL COTTAGE, 400 WEST IN diana-sU; rent $lB. D. WALLER. 41 Clark-st,, Room U. TO RENT—SIS, OR FOB SALE ON MONTHLY payments of $25. two first-rate five-room cottage bouses, with largo lots, in nice neighborhood. 479 and 4«> West Hnron sL.cast of Robey; Indiana-st. con. S. T. KING. 115 East Randolph-st. rpO BENT-ELEGANT HOUSE, MODERN IM- X provemonts. 5 acres ground, fruit, etc., on C- B. A Q, R. 8.. near city: only S2O per month. Also nice 12- room house, mcderrJlmprorcmonti.and barn, near Union Park; only S3B. S.DELAMATER, 83 Washington-eL tpo RENT-TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK X dwelling 603 West Washington-et. Apply to WM. COCHRANE. 43 and 44 Randolpn-su rpo RENT-FROM MAY L HOUSE 744 WABASH- X av.. wide lot, good bam, 13 rooms, all modem im provements; cheap to agood tenant. Applyat Clifton House. r RENT—HOUSES IN ALL PARTS OF THE city. Full list and particulars in “Landlord and Tenant” at oar office. K.S.4W. G. McOORMICK. 155 LaSalle-st. 'PO RENT-A NICE FURNISHED HOUSE ON X Michigan-av., north of Sixtoenth-st, OSCAR FIELD, 165 Michigan-av. rro RENT-ON MICHIGAN-AV., JUST SOUTH OF X I’birty-fifth-eL, houses with 8 and lo rooms, all modem improvements fur $23 per month. Apply to H> O. STONE, 146 East Madison-*L, Room 9. 'PO BENT-BRICK DWELLING-HOUSE. TWO- X ' story and basement, in complete order, No. 925 la di&na-av. Apply' at Room 9 Rasper Block. TO RENT—COMPLETELY-FURNISHED HOUSE No. 1346 Prairie-av.: throe-story and basement m&r blo front. IS rooms; all modern improvements; rent low to cood tenant. Apply to WiL H. SAMPSON A 00., 144 LaSalle-st. mO RENT-NICK 10-ROOM BRICK HOUSES, NEAR X IJncoln Park: all conveniences: will pat in good or der and rent low. C. S. WALLER, 41 Clark-st., Room 11. TO RENT-HOUSE NO. 26 OAKWOOD-AV., NORTH end Drezel Boulevard; 10 rooms, large lot, near both steam and horse can. Inquire of N. C. HILLS, 237 El l U-av. fpO RENT-NO. 117 NORTH PAULINA-Sr., NINE- X room house; gas. marble mantel; s2s,—SOper cent of! for cash. Apply at No. 28 Aahland-ay., corner of West Lake-st. M. O'CaLLAGUAN. rpo RENT—2SO WEST WASHINGTON-ST., TWO- X story and basement brick dwelling, now being thor oughly renovated and repaired. Boarding-boose keepers need not apply. On the premises or 256 West Washing, lon-st. TO RENT—THE TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT brick house 144 Prairie-av., between Thirty-first and Thirty seconds te.: 9 rooms, all modem improvements, Cts-fiztnres, furnace: to a good tenant low. Apply to the owner, 253 Hast Madlson-st. mo RENT-COTTAGE, 305 COTTAGE GROVE-AV., X S2O: opncr-flnor cottage, 812; Cottage-place, sls. LEVI WING A CO.. S 7 Dearborn-st. TO RENT—NO. 839 MICUIGAN-AV., WITH OB without furniture; cheap to a good tenant. Call at bouse Monday, or onC. A. LB.LANP. 188 Dearborn-st. TO KENT-COTTAGE AND BARN, 14 NORTH Curtis-et. Apply at People's Gas Office, corner Wash ington and Halsted-eta. fPO RENT—PRAIRIE-AV., NEAR THIUTY-THIRD- X st., new bouse: ail conveniences, furnace. Ac.: very desirable for small family. N. T. Ingtoa-st. r|X) RENT-COTTAGE, 7 ROOMS, GOOD BARN, 8 X lots, good fences, walks, Ac. Sl4 West Thirteenth st-, cheap to a good tenant. Apply at 55 and 67 Sooth Canal-st. RENT-THE PARKER HOUSE, SITUATED ON . the northwest comer of West Madison and Hoisted sts.» containing about 80 rooms. Apply to C. B. UOLMKB, No. <3 South Clinton-sU TO RENT—FURNISHED—A 2-STOBY AND BASE meat brick house on Michigan-a v., near Twenty eighth-st., or will take rent In board. Address N 43, Tribune office. rpo RENT-TWO STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK X boose, 33 Dopoyster-st, 13 rooms, all modem improve ments. Inquire at 33 Dcporster-it. 'IX) RENT-LOWER STORY OP BRICK HOUSE X 718 West Superior-rt. Inquire on premises or of A. LOEB A BRO.. 133 LaSalle-st. TO RENT—TWO STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK dwelling No. 108 North Dearborn-st. Inquire at No. 144 LaSalle-st, or of the owner. JNO. RuH. No. 544 North Wells-st. TO RENT-MARBLE FRONT HOUSES ON LAKR st., fronting Union Park; 10 and 13 rooms: with bam. Apply to JOB CARPENTER, 31 St. John’s place. TO RENT-FOR *« A MONTH TO A HK'sPONSI bIe tenant, a two-story and basement boose, newly calcimined and painted, and bam. No. 1205 Micbigan-ar. Inquire No. 181 Clark-st., Room 9. TO RENT—THE S-STORY AND BASEMENT MAR blo-front house, 31 Twenty-fiitb-et. House in perfect repair; has all modern Improvements, furnace, etc.; rent S6O per month. O. U. AG. C. WALKER, 13 Chamber of Commerce. TO BENT—FURNISHED HOUSE, 70S MONROE st., 2-slory and basement brick, II rooms, all furnish ed, range, gas-furores, and furnace; cheap to good party. PUTWIN 4 CORBY. IBDantonHt. TO BENT-FURNISHED TWO-STORY AND BASB ment brick houses all modem improvements on War ren-sv., near Rober-st.. to gentleman and wife without children. Responsible parties only need apply. POTWIN A CORBY, Mi Dearborn-at. TO RENT-A COTTAGE OF SIX ROOMS AND bam in rear of 173 West Van Boren-st. Apply at‘Jl3 Sooth Morgan-st. TO RENT—2-STORY AND ENGLISH BASEMENT bouse of 10 rooms. 209 Walnnt-st; 835 per month. R. M.OUTHET, 160 LaSaiio-st., or on the premises. TO RENT—A NICK TWO-STORY AND B ASEMENT octagon front brick dwelling, with brick stable, cen trally located, at 233 Huron-st., between Clark and Dear bom, for 865 por month. Inquire to-day. T'b RENT—NEW STONE FRONT HOUSES, THTK- L ty-ftrst-st. and Lake-av.,and Crovoland-av.; modem Improvements: very cheap. S4O. SSO, and S6O per month. K. D. LANPHERB. on the premises. TO RENT-1550 INDIANA-AV„ TWO-STORY AND basement brick boose in perfect order, at low rent to a good tenant. D. S. BASH. Room 6 Otis Block. TO RENT—A BRICK HOUSE, 9 ROOMS, IN GOOD repair. Bent $25 per month. Apply 424 West Con greas-et. TO RENT—I 493 PRAIRIE-AV., NICELY FURNISH ed, all modem improvements, to gentleman and wife: owner and daughter to boam with family: refer ences exchanged. TO RENT—AT REDUCED PRICE, 435 AND 437 VAN Bnren-st., 8 rooms, modem improvements, $35; 853 Park-av., 9 rooms, $35. Inquire on premises. TORENT-A 7-BOOM COTTAGB ON OAKLEY st., tent 815. A. A. LATHROP, 83 LaSalle-sU. Room 34 TO RF-NT-TWO GOOD MARBLK-FRONT HOUSES, on tho Grand Boulevard, sear Thirty-slxth-st, Also, a good marble-front bouse. No. US Vtnceones-ar. WAR. REN. KEENEY. A CO.. I(Q Washlngton-st. TO RENT—DWELLING, €3 NORTH SANGAMON* st, (eight rooms), $22. Inquire in drug store, 56 North Sanganoowt., comer j niton. TO RENT-BRICK BASEMENT OF 6 ROONS AND bath-room, famished for hoasekeeping, Wilcox* av.; price. BSQ per month. Apply up-atairm. TO RENT—B3O—TO A FIRST-CLASS PARTY ONLY, moPrairie-av., comer •fwenty-nlnth-st., seven large rooms, all on one floor: water and gas, O, TODNQ, LtS Michlgas-av*, comer Uadison-st. THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: SUNDAY, APRIL 30, 1876-SIXTEEN PAGES. TO KENT—HORSES; ■t sraond floor: 368. 370. 372. 374. And 376. second floor 8 rooms each; 231 And 293 Sooth Ciark-st., 28 wSms. suitable fore boarding-house; these rooms can ol 6to 10 room.: »lundlß2 Fourlh-.v., with 33 rooms for the same purpose; 739 West Lake-st,, ■tore and up stair*.; 133 Fourth-*v.,throo-Btory and base, meat brick house, cheap. , , „ . __ iw Pralrie-ar., 10 rooms, with all modern unprovo- Dsarborn-st.» 7 rooms, with all modern im* realdenoo on northwest corner of Grand Boulevard and Twenty-elghth-st., with elegant yard. Two bouses on Tbirty-«lgbth-st., 2ud feet west of boule yard, south front. . . 186 Peorla-at.. 11 rooms, elegant order. Look at this. 463 West Fulton-st., 12 rooms,cheap. This is a banrala. 630 West J&ckson-st.. Brooms, very low. Newly painted. 833 West Monroe-et.. 10 rooms, cold and silver prices. 163 Weatworth-av., 10 rooms. Look at this. 234. 52454 Foorth-av., 11 rooms each, Jbrick, all in good order and cheap rents. J6S6 Wabash-av., 9 rooms. 837 Prairio-av., 11 rooms, all modern Improvements. Stores and dwellings on Thirty-fint-st., near Michigan* j. m. Marshall. Room 10, 97 South Clark-st. TO RENT—477 HURLBUT-ST., 3-STORY.IO ROOMS, $23. 164 Fourth-ar,, brick, 11 rooms, 840. 993 Michigan-av., 6 rooms, tenement frame, $lB. 14 Twonty-slxth-st., 3 rooms tenement brick, sls. Stores 692, ©4, 898. SO2 Cottage Grove-av. , . 4 Store, basement and 4 rooms In r**ar, 14 Twenty-sir th-et. A splendid dry Ifgbt basement, 423 Stafe-st. By A. D. HYDE, Room 10, 126 Dearborn-st. TO RENT—I4S7 INDIANA*AV.—COTTAGE WITH basement. Inquire or address 1455 Indiana-av. TO RENT—2-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK boose,new, streetcars one block away. 1161 Tay lor-st,. comer Wostom-av.; $25 per month, 156 East Wasutogton-st., Room 4i TO RENT—FURNISHED OCTAGON MARBLE front, 11 rooms, elegantly furnished. Rent taken In board; ailmocem conveniences, everything pleasant, 630 Calomet-aT.; TO RENT-FOR THE SUMMER. TO A SMALL family, a stone-front house, with IS rooms, on Park* av. W 68, Tribune office. TO RENT-A COTTAGE OF FIVE ROOMS. AND A barn, atUS Johnson-st. Inquire at 66 Bomou-av., in basement. TO RENT-HOUSE OF 11 ROOMS, LARGE grounds anil barn, convenient to street and steam* cars, northwest aorner Cottage Grove and Union-avs.; auo nice cottage of 7 rooms No. 9 Uuion-av.; rent low. O. CHERRY, Jr., 36 Oakwood boulevard. TO RENT-290 CALUMET-AV., A HOUSE OF 12 rooms, famished or unfurnished, with largv bam. Also house, 1900 Pralrlo-av., corner of Twonty-sixth-st., with all modem Improvements. TO RENT—AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED HOUSE on North Side, within ten minutes' walk of the Court- House. -Inquire nest door, at 309 Huroa-st. TO RENT—3-STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSES on Wabaab-av., Twenty-elgbtb-«t., Thirty-tblrd-st., and Itidiana-av., from S3O to S7O. Several cottages on South Dearborn-st, from sl3 to S2O. LORD A WALLER, 849 South Stato-st. TO RENT—WITH OR WITHOUT FURNITURE, 2- story and basement brick bouse, 121 Tnenty-fint-st., near Michigan-av. Inquire at faotuo. TO RENT—SIX-ROOM COTTAGE ON DEARBORN st.. between Twenty-ninth and Thirtietb-sts. Apply at I3lsState-st. I'O RENT-BRICK HOUSE IN A DESIRABLE LO . cation on Prairio-av,, between Twenty-ninth and Thir tiotb-ste.; dining-room end kitchen on tint floor; rent low to a good tenant. Call at 360 Sontb Park-av. TO RENT-COTTAGE. 165 SOUTH LINCOLN-ST., near Adams, 6 rooms, bath, gas, bay window; in good repair: soworace complete: rent only S3O. Cottages, 167 and 169 South Lincoln-st.; rent $25. Apply At 163 South Lin co la-at. O. S. HARVEY, TO RENT-THREE COSY SIX-ROOM COTTAGES still left. Nos. 165. 167. 169 South Lincoln-st.. near cor ner Adjins, facing Adams-st. drive, central and pleasant, just what business men with small family want; rent only $25 and $3); cheapest rent in city for location. Apply at 163 South Lincoln-st. TO RENT—S3S PER MONTH-10-ROOM, PRESSED brick, octagon front homes on Bowon-av., near Vin eonnss; hot and cold water on each floor and in the two main bedrooms; four marble mantels, bath-room, gas; a side yard to each boose; trees in front; neighborhood first-class. IL J. PEET, 103 Washington-st., Room 15. TO RENT-DWELLING 97 SOUTH GREEN-ST. Apply at food store, comer Green and Monroe-sts. TO RENT-COTTAGES ON NORTH SIDE, GOOD location: cheap to good tenants. H. WHIPPLE, 104 Washington-st., Room 14. TO RENT-189 NORTH CARPENTER-ST.. 10 rooms and barn. |3O. r BENT-317 OGDEN-AV., 5 ROOMS WITH CLOS ots; modem Improvements. rpO RENT-A NICE COTTAGE. 887 WEST MONROE- X st.. near Leavitt. Apply at 156 West Randolphs, comer union. TO RENT-$23 PER MONTH. NEW 10-ROOM brick hoa«o on Bowen-sv.. ail modem Improvements. C. J. ADAMS, 59 Doarboro-st. TO RENT-BRICK HOUSE AND BARN, 12 WlN choster-sv., botwoon Madison and Monroe-sts.. 10 rooms, all modem improvement*. WM. SIVYER, JR., 204 Msdi»on-st. r RENT—I 9 ABERDEEN-ST., 11 ROOMS. HOT and cold water, good cellar kitchen, and dining room on first floor, inquire at 188 South Jofferson-au r RENT-COT TAGS NO. 60 FLOURNOY-ST. En quire at 142 Loomu st. T~O RENT-THE THREE-STORY AND BASEMENT brick dwelling 253 West Indiana-st.: honso 54x44; con tains 14 rooms in first-class order. Inquire at KNAUER BROS., comer Kiuxio and Clark*sts. rno RENT-DWELLING-HOUSE. 11 ROOMS, NEW- X ly papered and painted. Inquire at 193 West Adams st., Monday, between 9a. m. and 5 p. m. TO RENT-NICE 6-ROOM COTTAGE, 993 FULTON *L, onlysl2por month: lake and cistern water in kitchen. Apply to owner, noxt door east. RENT—A HOUSE OF 8 ROOMS, HALL. X pantry, and china-closet, oto.. In respectable lo cality. near street-cars; rent moderate. Apply to J. CAIRNS, 950 Fulton-sL *_ TO RENT—A FIRST-CLASS COTTAGE OF 7 ROOMS near stroot-cars, church, and schools: rent cheap to a good tenant. Apply to J. CAIRNS, 850 Falton-si. TO RENT—A BEAUTIFUL 3-STORY AND BASE menthonso, comer of Warren-av. and BoTno-st.,SI4. 11 rooms, marble mantels, hot and cold water, beautifully grained in black walnut, will be rented low to the right party wilhont children. Apply on tho premises. TO RENT-A TWO-STORY BRICK HOUSE OF 11 rooms, cheap. Apply at the hooso, 173 West Adams, rpo RENT—THE ELEGANT 8-ROOM X Sooth Kobey-st., near Van Buran-st. cars; has lato improvements all in first-clai* condition. Inquire at 2© South Kobey-st. TO RENT-340 WARREN-AV.. 2-STORY AND basement brick resldunoe, 12 rooms, modem im provements. Apply on premises. TO BENT-7 EIGHTRBNTH-ST. (NEAR PRAIRIE av.). 8 rooms, water, gas and futures, etc., all for $25 per month to the right party. Apply at 148 Madison st.. Room 9. H. O. STONE. TO RENT-HOUSE OF 8 ROOMS WITH 75X125- foot lot, on Floumoy-st.,westofrailrosd;alsofaouselo7 South Jeffersou-et. A. P. DOWNS A 00., 163 Wash fngton-et.. Boom 14. TO RENT-COTTAGE, 6 ROOMS. 234 SOUTH X Morgan-st., $25; cottages 765 agd 797 West Congress st-, 6 and 7 rooms, S2O ands2l; & ru>ms,7Uo West wash ingtnn-et., sl6. By WM. H. THOMPSON. 239 West Madison-* t- JTiO BENT—2,OOO HOUSES. STORES, OFFICES, I rooms, etc., with full particulars, prices, etc., cor rected to date, published in tho ** Landlord and Ton ant.” Copies 5 cents, at 155 Wnshlngton-st. TO RENT—ELEGANTLY FURNISHED OCTAGON marble-front. Indlana-av.. near Thlrty-first-st.j 15 rooms and barn, only SIUO per month. Address DORO THEA. Tribune office. rpO RENT-1123 IND/ANA-AV., 14-ROOM HOUSE X and large lot, 74x150; rent SSO per month; will be put in fint-elaas repair. M. MAUGHaN, Room 21 Reaper Block, 97 Clark-st. TO RENT-623 OALUMET-AV.. 2-STORY AND basement octagon sumo-front boose, with fnrn&co and brick barn; rent $45. 536 Carroll-av., 10-room stone-front house, marble mantels, bot and cold water, rent S4O. G 34 West Lake-st.. 2-story frame. 6 rooms and bam, rent cheap. No. 628 West Lake-st., 3 pleasant front rooms: rent SIL M. MAUGHAN, Room 21 Reaper Block, 97 Clark-et. TO RENT-NO. 520 WABASH-AV., CORNER OF Harmon-conrt, cheap. W. R. LOOMIS A CO., 86 and 90 Washington-et. TO RENT—S4I PER MONTH, THE NEW DE tacbed S-etory and basement octagon-front brick res idence 379 Park-av.: contains 10 rooms, famaco, all mod em convenience*, and front* south. C. T. HOTCHKISS. 221 West Washington st., or N. DYE. 383 Park-av. TO RBJU-AT UNION PARK, AT $55 PER month, the 2-story and basement octagon front brick 27 St. Jobn’s-plaoe; contains 10 rooms, furnace, all mod em convenience*, in perfect order and rat proof. C. T. HOTCHKISS, 221 West Washtngton-st. TO RENT—S-STORY BRICK HOUSE ON CON gress-park, near Van Buren-st. Water in boose, all complete, S2O a month. OLIVER BESLY, 157 Washing ton-at. or 41 Carpenter. TO RENT-FRAME HOUSE OF 9 ROOMS WITH bam. No. 430 Uichigan-av. Inquire at Room I, No. 137 East Madison-st. TO RENT—TWO STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK, No. 719 West Van Buren-st.; modern Improvements. $lO. No. 21 Exchange Bnildlng. TO RENT—TWO HOUSES ON THIBTY-SEVKNTH at., IS rooms each, in fine order: will rent vary cheap. Inquire of D. D. GARLAND, 48 Tbirty-aevonth-st., be tween Lake and EUIa-avs. TO RENT—NICE COTTAGE. 6 ROOMS. 745 CAR -L roll-av., near Lincoln-et.: pleasant location. Apply at the drag store comer CarroU-ar. and Ltnooln-st. T<) RENT—THB 3-STORY AND BASEMENT brick bouso No. 18 Eldridge-court; will be pnt in Rocw repair and rented cheap to good tenant. FAR RINGTON a HACKNEY. 106 Waahtngtop-st. TO RF.NT-10-ROOM BRICK HOUSE. !4X«, OAK . w «>d Boulevard, three blocks from Oakland Station; hot and cold water in every room, bath-room with window, large, bam, gas fixtures; 840. JAMES M. win. 108 Langley-av. ' T° OF 10 ROOMS, PARTLY FUR nlstaed, Fark-av; Js4s. Cottage, 7 rooms, and two with bam. Van Boren-st., between Uoyne Block°* Titt: ® l6 40 G * D * pe ASE, Room 23 Reaper TO RENT-201 WEST WASHINOTON-ST., RESl dence, 16 rooms, with modem Improvements. fpO RENT—DWELLING-HOUSE. WITH 10 ROOMS. JT * # *SJ Kl l F*f7 , » Mtuated on Brook-et.. one block south of city Jiraits. noar lake nhoro. Inquire on tho premises, or of O. GOODWIN, 63 and 65 T°s?2 rr li jAS ®i B HOUSE AND BARN, N 0157 J. Matber-st.; splendid location for heavy teams; to price low. Apply to G. W. DEXTER, 52 T°„'?„ E ml^ AI S K^, I,!AV *• T ' vo FLATS IN SOR- On South Green ne.r Washlngton-st., Nos. U and 23, two-story cottases. with jtSjJ? |W. On Lake-shVln brick blSck, if 4 * z?? 0, fiwt and second floors; NORTUN° d 3 6 lW^hlSgo r, n.t Ch °‘ P APPlltoN - r EBNT-770 WEST WASHINOTON-BT.. CI PER oiullu ordW ‘ **• Bot>BRT KAE, Rooom 13, Ln- 10-EOOM. 3-STORY A. and basement brick, with furnace and eas fixtures; ttoSx&mSlZ*- or T° RENT-A VERYDESIBABLE COTTAGE.WITH jl dining-room and kitchen on main floor; water and fine detstebed house on Wabatb-av., near Twenty-sixth ■u; moderate rent. Rouse on Mlchlgan-av., nearFour taaaib-st. J. E. BUhCHHLL, Up Dearboro-*t. mO RENT-HOTEL, WITH LEASE, IN FlßST »t*ad; 60 aleeping-rooms, lame parlors; fur nished throughput; saloon, pool and billiard tables, all ia first-class order. Apply at 86 West Water-et, TO RENT—HOTJSES, T^O^RENT —BY WM. D. KEKFOOT A CO., 88 EAST Wsshlngton-st: HOUSES. _ . Indiana-av.. between Sixteenth and Eighteenth-* ta. .t wo 3-story and basement houses; good barns. WUI bo put in first-class order and rented very low to responsible parties. Rush-st.. northwest comer Indians, block\pf 3-story and basement marble-front houses, with modem improve ments. Will rent at S6O per month each. • „ , Dearbom-et.. near Chestnut, and overlooking Wash ington square, three new 3-story and basement marble front houses, with furnaces and all modem Improvements.. Walnnt-it, just west of Asbland-av., 2-story, basement, and mansard roof home. 13 rooms. S4O per month. Burl ng-st., comfortable 2-story brick bouse, 8 rooms, near Weßster-av., $23 per month, one block from Clark st. car*. „ , , Warren-av., just west of Wood-st., 3-»tory frame bouse, 50 foot lot, aod barn. . . Fromont-at., near Sophia, g.story brick houses, 8 rooms each. $23 per mouth. , . Wabasb-av., near Seventeenth-st-, S-story and base ment brick house, s76per month. x . West Lake-st., near Robey.desirable tenements of 8 and 4 rooms in Barclay’s marble-front block at from $lO to $lB per month each. _ „ . Chestnut-st., between Wells and LaSalle-sts., 2-story and basement brick house. S3O per month. .. . , No. 232 Sooth Park-av., 2 story frame; will rent cheap to good tenant. _______ TO RENT—BY F. O. VIERLING, ROOM 18. 126 Dearbom-st., near Madison: .... Brown atone front of 14 rooms, with all improvements, on the northwest corner of Wsbash-av. and Thlrty second-st. Isonoof the finest of residences. 1492 Prairio-av., boose of 9 rooms.. 76 Twenty-sixth-st.. brick of 11 rooms. 1440 Sontb Dearborn-st,, bouse of 11 rooms. 1653 South Dearborn-st., cottage of 7 rooms. Ftno store on Stato-st., near Forty-ieveuth-it. ■227 Morgan-st., cottage of 6 rooms. 734 West Jackson-st., cottage of 9 rooms. 369 West Lake-st., 6 rooms. 392 Stato-st., 5 fine rooms. . , S3STwonty-nftb-st.. between State and Wabaah-av., fine 8-room bouse. with all improvements. 205 East Raodolph-at., store and lofts. 6io and 656, Stato-st.. stares. Furnished bouse of 14 rooms on Twentyfourth-st. F. O. VIERLING, Room 18. 126 Dearborn-st TO RENT-BY JOHN W. MARSH, 94 WASHING- Iogton-st.: New and well-boilt ostagon S-storr and basement brick bouse on Leavltt-st., first brick south of Polk-st.; modem improvements; $25. Two-story and brick basement bouse No. 72 Twenty-sec ond st,,s4i). Home and large lot near depot and school boose at Ma plewood, 9rooms, good barn; S2O. __ Good tenement in first-ohms building. No. 114 West Polk si. Inquire on premises. TO RENT—SALE—OR EXCHANGE-TWO HOUSES onTwenty-ninih-st., between State and Wabasb-av., one of 8 rooms, pantries, and closet*, and one 10 rooms, gantries, and closets. Apply at 257 Tweuty-nlnth-st. or t Waihingtoq-st., Room 10. A. D. HALL. TO RENT-1472, 1475, 1476 WABASII-AV., 3-STORY stone fronts, with mansard. BONFIELD, BWhZEY A SMITH, 163 Waabington-st. T~O REST—THE 3-STORY AND BASEMENT bouse, 122Twontieth-Bt., between Wabash and Micbi gan-avs. 18 rooms with all modem Improvements . Kent oarded out If desirable. Apply on the premises to MRS. K. O. READ. TO RENT—TWO-STOHY AND BASEMENT OOTA gon stone fronts, containing every improvement, 1466 and 1463 Pralrie-av., corner Thirty-socond-at.; S6O. The two-story, 7-room house southeast corner Twenty-slxtb-st. and Calumet av.: only S3O. M, 0. BALDWIN A CO., 150 Doarbom-st., Room 6. TO RENT-A NEARLY NEWSROOM HOUSE AND good barn, 60 foot lot, only one block from depot at South Englewood; $lO per month. A. F. NOBLE, Boom 2, No. IO State-at. TO KENT-TWO NEW 2-STORY AND BASEMENT octagon, stone-front bouses, containing each 10 rooms, with bath-rooms, closets, water, gas, and all modern improvements, on Washington av., Hyde Park, two blocks from depot. G. W. GETCHELL, 17(1 La- S*llo-»t. TO RENT-HOUSE. WITH ALL MODERN IM provemeots and barn, to smaP family who will board owner and wife for the rent. Call at 267 Warrcn-av. TO RENT-MARKED DOWN, TWO PIRST-OLAbS houses, modem convenlonoee. 1313 Indlana-av. and 103 South Fark-av. OWNER, Room 6 Methodist Chnroh Block. TO RENT-HOUSE 73 SOUTH SANGAMON-ST. Apply to owner at 75 South Saogamoa-sU r|H> RENT-A FURNISHED HOUSE ON MICHIGAN. X av., near Elgbteentb-aU Address DT H, care Halo Bros., 200 and 206 UanOolph-rt. mO RENT-CHEAP. A FIRST-CLASS HOUSE. X with barn, at 9 South May-st, TO RENT-BRICK * COTTAGES ON ARTESIAN av., near Westam-av. and l&dlana-aU; $lO per month. Apply on premises. TO KENT—TO A MAN AND WIFE WITHOUT children, a well* furnished cottage of seven rooms near street cars. For farther particulars inquire of MR. JOHNSON, 239 Sooth Park-av. tPO RENT-A TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT X bouse; pressed brick, stouo trimmings; 11 rooms, be side* basement, storeroom, bath-room, and closets, gas. and water on all the floors, hot and cold water; been oo cuolod only a part of one year; on Webster-av., 3 doors west of Dayton-et.: only $35 per month. ApolytoDH. CLEVELAND. 103 State-sU, over first National Bank. /TIO~fIKNT—I94 ~ASHLANDAV., CLOSE TO”VAN X Bnren-st. cars. House m splendid order. HARHI SON A WEEKS. 179 LaSalle-st. mo RENT—DWELLINGS NO. 603 MONEOE-ST., X and 610 Van Buron-st., both near Aehland-av. HAR BISON A WEEKS, 179 LaSalle-st. rRENT HOUSE 30l SOUTH PAULINA-ST.. suitable for two families to live separately: S2O to each family. C. H. CARPENTER, 202 Lake-st. rpb lIENT—§36 A MONTH—IC29 WEST MONROK- X st., near Westom-av., 3-story frame dwelling house, 8 rooms. lot 33 feet front, yard raised and sodded, house in good condition. This is a rare chance to get a most comtortablehomeatalowreot— $25 per month. Apply on premises. TO RENT—PLEASANT COTTAGE AND BARN, X near Wcstern-av. and Lake st.. obesp to good tenant. Inquire at 713 West Washlngtou-st. rRENT MICHIGAN-AV., HOUSE NO. 418, famished or nutarnlsbed, to a private family. TO RENT—FURNISHED Hfi-STORY COTTAGE. 7 rooms. 84 South Sangamou-st.. near Madison. Bam. rpo RENT-755 WEST WASHING!ON-ST. 959 1N- X dlana-av, 80 South Stnk,amju Rt. Sst Park-ay. Large Uat of house® and cottages in all parte of the city. J. 8, GOULD, 63 East MauLoa-st. rpO RENT-CHEAP -COTTAGE CORNER VERNON JL av, and Thirtieth-at., gas and wator ( in perfect order. Apply at 170 Vomon-av. rro RENT—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK X bouse No. l3sTwemieth*sL,funusaca oruafumlshed, with all modern improvements and in excellent repair. Apply at 919 Wabash-av. rro' RENT—UNFURNISHED—26S VERNON-AV. X 1433 Wabash-av. Prusos-ion given Immediately. Apply to M. C. MCDONALD, 176 South OUrk-st. rpo RENT—WANTED—A GOOD. RELIABLE TKN- X ant for an elegant brick bouse 296 Oaiumet-ar.; for prompt pay, S3O per month. 676 West Adamant., comer, modern linorovomnDts. Houses at Lswndalo, cheap. H. M. GaELICK, 174 LaSalle-st., wain floor. TO RENT-HOUSE, NO, 217 SOUTH SANOAMON sb. Two etorles. basement, sr.d Manaard roof; stone front. H. 11. SHUFBLDT, 321 Sangamon-st. TO BENT—OR FOR SALE-AK ELEGANT THREB etnry octagon stone front bouse. 411 North Dearbom st.; has all modem improvements; low to the right par ties. Also will rent mu tnree-su>ry marble front boose, 631 Wabash-av. Inquire of C. W. HARVEY. 171 La- Ssllo-st, 'PO RENT—634 WEST LAKE-ST., 6-ROOM HOUSE X and Urge lot; rent, 8a). M. MAUGHAN, Boom 21 Reaper Block. TO RENT-COTTAGE 8:6 WEST LAKE-ST., SIX rooms and largo lot. M. MAUGHAN, Room 21 Reaper Block, 97 Clark-st. TO RENT-COTTAGE HOUSE, 223 SOUTH PEORIA 6t-, comer Congress. Icqnlro No. BO Blue Island-av. TO BENT—COTTAGE OF 6 ROOMS. CHEAP TO A good tenant, one block from Twolfih-al. bus. Ap ply 543 Thirteenth-place. rpo RENT-A VERY FINE, DESIRABLY-LO- X cated, 3-etory and basement brick house, with 3-story bam, near Lincoln Park, $35 to good tenant. J. G. HUSZAGH, 134 Dcarbom-st. rpo RENT-CHEAP—HANDSOME BRICK RESt- X deuce, with 8 acres of land, at Highwood, near High land Park, convenient to depot. F. H. WILSON, South Park-av., comer Tbirtieth-st. TO RENT-A CONVENIENT COTTAGE, 7 ROOMS, comer of Thlrtieth-st. and South Park-av.; the own er would like to board with tho family; also a cottage, 5 rooms, 566 Fulton-st., near Asnland-av. F. R. WIL SQN, comer of Thlrtierh-st. and South Park-av, TO RENT—A 4-STORY BRICK HOUSE FOR 826.50 per month, jost west of Stato-st., on Twenty-first; also fine nice rooms. Apply at South Dearborn-sU, corner Twenty-tint. TO RENT-5-STORY AND BASEMENT MARBLE front dwellings on ffabaah-av,, comer Tbirtfoth-st.; euttaeo, 827 Vomon-av.; cottage. 1737 State-st. T, A. JACKSON, 680 State-st. TO RENT—TO A RESPONSIBLE TENANT A COM pleto and Handsomely furnished bouse, or would sell furniture and rent bouse. Apply at 509 Wab»*h-*p TO RENT—BRICK BASEMENT COTTAGE, WITH all modem improvements, No. 60 Boston-av., between Halstod and Van Boron. Inquire atlSo West Van Bn ren-sU. up-stairs. TO RENT-AN EXTRAORDINARY BARGAIN TO a good-paying tonsnt: my two dwelling-booses 1329 and 1225 Wabash-av., with all the modem Improvements, 9 and 13 room houses. Inquire of C. D. MOSHER. 561 Wabash-av., Photographer. TO KENT—ONLY S3O PER MONTH, NO. 110-ROOM house, arranged for ono or two families, or hoarding' house. Apply northwest comer of Lako and Western-av. HPO RENT—DB FuRF.ST HuUSB r COItNKR fir.iptr A and Erie-sta.; splendid location; south front: newly calcimined and painted; 85 rooms: and is now doing a business that will satisfy any party wishing to rent. r KENT—THE 3-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK dwelling 247 Indiaua-at.; contains 14 rooms, with all modern improvements: In good order. Inonlra at KNAUER BROS., comer Kinsio and Clark-eta. TO RENT—FIRST FLOOR. 6 LARGE ROOMS, with closets, barn If required, and basement to cook and work in for the summer; no cleaner or nicer place: call and soo for yourself. 1625 Sooth Dearborn-at. T~ O BENT-HOUSE 609 WEST WASHINGTON-ST., 9 rooms, modern improvements, barn; rent *46. Also houses, stores, and rooms. See list in Landlord and Ten ant. Copies free at onr office. GOODRIDGB A STOKES. 259 West Madlson-st. riXJ KENT-HOUSKS 665 AND 667 WEST MONROE- J. «t, near W<»d,,lol room, each. Applj «t 667 Weft Mooroe-et. or 78 South Markot-st. WO ■ BENT-108 MICHIGAN-AV.. 10-ROOM BRICK; J- shall be lo good order: barn; rent low. 95154 Wabash TO RENT—II-ROOM, BRICK, ENGLISH BASE ment, furs cellar; modem Improvements. 1-0 Booth Wood, near Monroe. Also, second story, 4 rooms and closets, t 3 South Panllna, near Madison. TO RENT-TWO OF THE FINEST INSIDE FXN isbod two-story and basement ten-room bonsoa on Waahington-st-.weH of the park, with hot and cold wa ter, marble basins, mantel, bath-room, etc.; complete; can be used wHh or without fnrqaccs as desired. Inquire o/B. O. GOODRICH, 737 Washingten-st,, or at store, 16 and 18 Kast Adams-st, TO RENT-HOUSE 823 MICHIGAN-AV.. 10 ROOMS, large lot and bam, fronting on the park. Apply to Apply to L G. DWfcN, 11 Hubbard-court. TO BENT-ITS WEST MADISON, 3 DOORS FROM Halsted. furnished rooms for housekeeping: also sleeping apartment*, and rooms on first floor suitable for a business; the front would be altered to suit the tenants. To' RFNT-MT TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT stone-front, nearly new, au modem Improvements, grained throughout. near Union Park. Apply to OWNER. 452 West Kandolpb-st. ■ fpo RENT-PLEASANT HOUSE.WEST SIDE. WITH X furniture if desired, to small adult family. Address Y 34, Tribune office. ; r RENT-13 NORTH ODRTId-ST.j TWO-STuRyI Brooms; *36. 3M jdpooln-av., two-«tory, 13 rooms, suitable for two families; large grounds: *4O. q m. BARBER, 136 Wsshlngton-st., Roomß3. TO RENT—HO T~qWnT-lBVS? S/ i . (JT4I cCOKMI K. 155 LaSalle-tt.; ISi) Unron-st., 3-storyand basement 381 snporior-at., 2-story and basement mansard roof <S.CO 304 lodlana-st., 3-storyand basement..... 75*00 308 Indlana-st., S-storyand basement '5.00 402Soperior-*t., 2-story and basement 56*00 67 Rosh-st., 3-story and basement ,83.33 355 Dearborn-st., 8 story and basement.... 100.00 308and310Cbtoago-av., 3-story and basement 75.00 3-story and basement 75.00 Oak-st., near Kusb, 2-story and basement 45.00 339 IndUna-st.', 3-story and basement...., - 65.00 177 Rnsh-st., S-storyand basement 75.00 67 Rnab-st., 3-«tory and ba5ement................... 83.83 293 Oak-st,,s-storyand basement ....100.00 386 Oak-st., 2-story and basement.... 45.00 371 Snnerlor-st., 2-story and basement 50.00 14 Lane-place, S-story and basement 25.00 8 and la Grant-place. 3-story and basement 40.C0 889Snperior*st.. 3-story and basement 70.00 Hnron-st.. /nmlthad boose 200.00 T“F~RENT-580 WARREN.AV.. WEW BRIOK. 10 rooms, with all modern Improyementa, with barn, only $35. 631 and 526 Warren-ar., 8-room booses, only S2O. 938 Fulton-st., 10-room house, $25. 773 West Jaokson-st,. 7-room cottage, all In complete order, $23. 463 West Randolph-st., 10-room brick, SSO. 461 West Wa*hington-*t., near Park. $63. 372 West Wsshlngton-st.. 14 room*. with bars and large ground*: rent low to a good tenant. Cottages 75 and 77 Artesian*?.; 336 Sonth Morgsn-st.; 174 and 176 West Jackson-st.; and other large and small Jilaoot. Call and get a “ landlord and Tenant**; ooploa rSO . COLE, NEWELL A MOSHEK, Honso-Renting Agents. 188 West Aladuan-it. rpO RENT—TWO-STORY FRAME COTTAGE AND X basement of 8 rooms and bath-room. O. W. PARK ER, 127 LaSalle-st.. basement. fro BENT—A FIRST-CLASS HOUSE. WITH 18 X rooms and two bath-roorai. three-story and basement. Vermont marble-front:_6o9 West Adams-st., corner of iXoCu. Inquire of okiS. W. PARKER, 137 LaSullo st., basement. TO RENT-NO. £9l OALUMET-AV.. NICE HOUSE in No. 1 repair, largo lot; SI,OOO. 1029 Mlchlgan-a?.. second honse sonth of Twenty-eighth st., in good repair; S6O. ... 19 loke-a?.. two-story frame, with large lot; S6O. 13 Lake*?., two-story frame, near station and street cars : $35. 60 Twonty-elghth-stj two-story, basement and mansard roof brick, between Wabash ana Michlgaa-ars.; SSO. 633 Cottage Grove-a?., just south of Thlrty-fi/th-at., east front and largo lot; $25. 1251 and 123U£ Indlana-a?.. three-story and basement brown-stone fronts, modem conveniences, bam: only $66. FRED L. FAKE A CO, 83 Washlngton-sL TO RENT- 3-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK honse 462 West Randolph-»l., near Union Park; all Sodom inprovements. Apply to the owner at 154 West onroo-st. TO RENT-A HOUSE OF 8 BOOMS CORNER OF Jackson and Loavitt-sts.. sls per month, to an A No. 1 tenant; neighborhood first-cia9s,and dodo bat responsi ble parties need apply. Inquire of parties new in the honso- TO RENT—NICE FURNISHED HOUSE, 7 ROOMS, modern improvement*; possession immediately. £57 Mlchigan-ar. TO RENT-TWO GOOD FRAME HOUSES, BRICK basements, 11C3 and 1109 Indiana-av., near Twenty* fonrtb-at.,9 and 10 rooms, only 440 per month. EUGENE C. LONG 4 BRO.. 78 East Waahington-et. TO RENT-GOTHIC COTTAGES. HO AND 144 STAN* ton-av., near Thlrty-seventh-st.,!s2o per month. Ap* ply to Room 19. 175 LaSalle-st., or So. 15 Aldlne Square. TO RENT—A FURNISHED HOUSE AT OAKLAND, complete, very cheap to a good, responsible party. Ad dress Z 66. Tribune once. f|*o RENT—7-ROOM BRICK DWELLING IN GOOD X order. 163 West Congross-st., half block from Hal stod-st. ears. Inquire on premises. TO RENT-COTTAGE, 7 ROOMS. 148 SOUTH HAD* sted-st., $25. Apply at II North Morgan-st., in base ment- TO RENT-NO. 355 NORTH DEARBORN-ST. F. C. TAYLOR, I&4 Dearborn-rt. TO RENT-RARE CHANCE FOR A DELIGHTFUL homo or boarding-house—The bouse and beautiful grounds known as the “ Stnrgea Place.” on North Olark. st., near Diversey, at the city limits. Three acres, green booses bams, beautiful trees, drives, etc. Horse-can every twelve minutes. House partly famished. EDO, 184 Pearborn-stßoom 5. TO RENT-OHEAF-A TWO-STORY AND B’ASE ment brick bouse of nine rooms. Inquire on the premia o3 23 SUvor-sU TO RENT—NEW 3-STORY BRICK HOUSES. S2O. $25. Cottages, $6 to f 15. For sale on monthly pay monts. JOHN F. EBSRHART, 157 Washlogton-st. TO RENT—A SEVEN-ROOM COTTAGE. SC3 WEST Randolph-sU, comer Carpenter. TO RENT-748 MIOHIOAN-AV.. 3-STORY BRICK, 14 rooms, 5-room cottage. Thirty fourtb-sU, near Wa bash-av. Splendid residence at Wankegan, near depot. R. C. GARRABRANT, IS6 Dearbom-sU rpO RENT—6 ROOMS. LOWER PART OF COTTAGE X on Waluut-st.,noar Paulina. 816. Also nice house with large lot at Hyde Park, very cheap. Owner, Room 43 Reaper Block. _ rrtO RENT—COTTAGE 7; HOUSE, 9 ROOiIS. $23; X rooms famished or unfurnished. Inquire at 1067 Indi aqa-av., corner Twenty .thlrd-et. rpO REN I—CHEAP TO GOOD TENANTS. THOSE X beautiful 11-room houses, comer of Bush and Oak its., North Side, with all conveniences. Apply on the premises. TO RENT-NO. 710 CARROLL-AV., A TWO-STORY bnildiog(U rooms), water, gas, and bath-room; a largo bam in rear. Inquire at 722 CarroU-av. rpO RENT-117 ASHLAND-AV., NEAR UNION X Park, a cottage of 4 rooms, large battery, water In kitchen, and all conveniencios. Apply on the premises. 'pO RENT-HOUSES IN VARIOUS PARTS OF THE 1 city: also suites of rooms. FARRINGTON A HACK NEY, 105 Wasbington-st. TO RENT-TWO 3-STORY AND BASEMENT OO tagou front booses ou Imng-pUce, just south of van Buren-st,; $25 per month. WILSON A DAVIS, Boom 3, 118 Randolph-st. T~ O RRNT-TWO 16-ROOM HOUSES, TOGETHER or separate; modem conveniences (one is fnrnisbed). Owner would board foi rent of famished boose if desired. Home comforts more an object than stylo. Apply at 371 Tbirty-first-st, between Stato-st. and Wabash-ar. J. A. LASHAR. rpo KENT-NEW BRICK HOUSE 26 ORANT- X place, 7 rooms, no basement. M. PORTER, 14 Grant* place. TO RENT—A 3-STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE, in perfect order, on M!ckigan-av. Will taka pay in board for self and wife and nay difference in easb to agreeable parties. Address L 81. Tribane office. T' O BENT-8 GOOD BRICK HOUSES. NOS. 93 AND 94 Walnnt-st., 10 rooms each: nation, dining-room and kitchen on samo floor: cellar rml bigness of noose: modem improvements. Will be rented cheap to a good tenant. L. A. TAYLOR, 124 LaSalle-it. TO RENT-FIRST FLOOR, 6 ROOMS, 365 LIN* coln-av., brick honse; also 5 rooms 718 Fulton-st. and 4 rooms 833 Congreaa-st. GEO. J. TITUS, Intor-Ocoan office. TO RENT-TWO 3-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK hooses on Thlrty-saventh-st. and EUis-av., cheap. D. B. DEWEY A CO., 106 Fifth-av. TO RENT—ONE FURNISHED HOUSE AND ONE unfurnished; the latter has 14 rooms, eto.; 5-story and basement sumo-front: convenient location and rent de cidedly low. B. A. RICE, Agent, 95 Washington-et,, Room 9. TO RENT—NEW 8-STORY AND BASEMENT MAR ble-front house, in most desirable location on South Side, north of Tbirtletb-st. This hooso has been newly famished throughout and occupied about three mouths. Furniture and carpets for sale it desired. X3OO, Tribune office. rpo RENT-NEW HOUSES ON NORTH SIDE, AB- X solute!} the best for the price, 950 per month, three- Eand basement octagon marblo-iront, stone steps, neighborhood, within 1 mile of State-st. bridge, ice. and hot water throughout, E.S.4W. G. MC CORMICK, 155 LaSaile-st. rRENT— TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK bonseaNos. H6andllß oakloy-«v., one block south of Madison-st. cars at only 925 per month. GEO. W. REED. 146 LaSalle-st. TO RENT—A FINK BRICK COTTAGE, NO. 1836 Amold-st., near Thirty-fifth, cheap. D. B. DEWEY A CO.. 106 Fifth-av. ' rpo RENT-755 CLYBOURNE-AV., CHEAPEST 9- X room house in Chicago; good bam; 60-foot lot. In quire at 763 Clybonrne-av. rRENT— A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE OF 11 rooms, 597 ' linoolo-av., with croquet and chivalry grounds, shade trees, flower beds, eto., and bam for three hones. rpO RENT—THREE-STORY AND BASEMENT X brick and etone-front house comer of Calumet-av. and Ray-st; hot and cold water, and all modem improve ments; S4OO per yoar to an A No. 1 tenant. BULLOCK BROS.. 50 and S 3 Madison-st. fpO RENT-HOUSE. SOUTH SIDE, CORNER, X mostly fnraishod, |50;1343 Indiana-av., very desirable, 340. Some extra bargains in stores, lofts, zooms, etc. SIDNEY W. SEA, 108 Fifth-av. TO RENT—A HOUSE OF 8 ROOMS, 3 CLOSETS, and pantry, and large lot, a abort distance north of Humboldt Park, near boulevard, for 875 per year, In quire of H. L. PBET, 123 LaSalle-st., Room 25. TO RENT-633 WARREN-AV-, 3-STORY AND basement brick boose, 8 rooms; also one partly for nished. Apply to J. B. HULL, 130 Dearbom-st. TO RENT-14 VINCENNKS-PLACE. S-STORY AND basementbriok, in good order; 825. EDMUND A. CUMMINGS, 119 and 131 LaSalle-st. TO RENT—IBSI STATE-ST„ NEAT COTTAGE, 6 rooms' will bo pat in good order. EDMUND A. CUMMINGS, 113 and 131 LaSalle-st. T 5 RENT-950 WEST LAKE-BT., COTTAGE. FOUR rooms, newly painted and calclmlnedLsis. EDMUND A. CUMMINGS, 119 and 131 LaSalle-st, TO RENT-EL NORTH ADA-ST., HISTORY AND basement brick dwelling: bath, water closet, etc. 83S. EDMUND A. OUMMINGS.II9 and 121 LaSalle-st. TO RENT—3OI WEST RANDOLPH-ST., SECOND story, brick. 5 rooms, light and pleasant. EDMUND A. CUMMINGS. 119 and 131 LaSalle^t. TO RENT-THREE-STORY AND BASEMENT OC- Ugon front brick honae. No. 1460 Prairie-av.: S4O. HOLMES A CO», 72 and 74 Pearborn-st. TO RENT—A COTTAGE 301 WEST HARRISON-ST.; 6 rooms, pantry, and collar, $lB per month: also the upper flooro 1199 West Harrison-sU, & rooms and pantry, sls per month. rpo RENT—A FIRST-CLASS BRICK DWELLING X on Uneoln-av.; two stories and basement and 7-foot sub-cellar finished comulete with all modern improve ments, near Llncoln-av. bone-cars; splendid view of Lake Michigan and Lincoln Park; rent only $65. In quire at 91 Unooln-ar.. or of ARMSTRONG A EGAN, architects. No. 14 Sooth Clark-st. . TO PENT—FURNISHED HOUSE FOR THE SUM mer. Apply at 53 Twenty-sixth-at., near Pralrie-av. TO RENT-COTTAGE OF7 BOOMS, NO. 43 NORTH Curtis-et.; $25. Apply at 527 West Lake-st. TO RENT-THE BEAUTIFUL COTTAGE NO. IC9O Prairio-av. W. E. GUILD, Jr., 80 and 83 Dear bo m-st. r BENT—THE NICE RESIDENCE 291 CALUMET* ar., with a large, 3-story bam. containing 3 box stalls, and 13single stalls: and 78 feet of ground. In* qnireof W~M. M. DEE, Franklin and Ad» T n«*»ts. TO RENT-20 BRYANT-AV., TEN ROOMS, GAS. water, and bath: parlors, dining-room, and kitchen on first floor: convenient to steam and street cars; would take rent in board. rpO„ BENT-HOUSE 576 FULTON-LT., NEAR JL Paulina, 6 moms, 3 closets, pantry, and two store rooms. very conveniently arranged: well lighted, sewer, water, gas, and gas-fixtures. Call Monday. TO RENT-A NICELY-FURNISHED HNUSE, CON venlently located, for four or five months; cheap to the right party who will take good care of the premises. Address, giving references. Sl4, Tribune office. TO BENT—THE LARGEST AND BEST COTTAGE in the city* parlor, sitting, dining-room, and kitchen, three bed-rooms, with nice largo closet to each, large and small pantries, fine bath-room, hot, cold, and *oft water, stationary wash tabs in basement, beat by furnace, and every room ventilated; inside blinds to every window. 235 Orchard-st., four blocks west of Lincoln-ar., between Centre and Sophla-etA Open to-day. msEs. FLOOR OF T the marblo-front building, No. 16 Lincoln-pUco. U rooms, all modern Improvoments, close vrith (rood brick barn; $35 per month; without barn, and good bam on southwest comer Cheroot **Fl Venice*rooms, first floor of 61 Blue Island-av., S3O pec m fltore and basement good for fancy groceries, on North Olark-st.. opposite Lincoln Park, $45. No. 1 natures for 1 See rooms above said store, S2O per month. 733, 727. 729, 731 North Wells-st.: all 2-story and base ment brick-booses, each 10 rooms, opposite Lincoln Park, * Wells-st., 3-story and bwemrat brick, each 10 rooms, all modem Improvement*. $-40 oiea. I 879 Wsbaah-av., 16-rocm marble-front boose; all mod “ drbYEB. 73 Dearborn-.t- TO RENT—BY J. S. BUTLER A 00., 539HURLBUT at. 168 Fremont-at., S-atory brick, now, 244 Llncoln-av. t first-claw. ; 2 and 6 Hanunond-at., cheap. 83 Grant-place, brick cottage. , • 441 and 439 Belden-ar.; 441 furnished complete, pUm>* etc., a bargain. 169 Lincoln-av,, Urge lot. 328 Fullerton-av., very cheap, in good order. 4 jJannlng-at., cottage. 3-storjr brick with barn. Seminary-av. and Donning. , 365 Lincoln-av., brick noose and barn. acres of land with every variety of fruit under a tine stato of cultivation. 5 or 10 years, lease. 483 Hurlbut-at., cheap. (JO KENT—BY B. O. COLE <ft CO.. 144 DEARBORN -63 Rush-st-, S-story stone front, will pal it in first-class order, for $73. 1195 Prairie-ar., 3-story stone front. 86S. 446 West Randolph-st., 2-story stone front, in first-class Order, $65. 40 Loomis-st.. facing Jefferson Park, $83.33. 636 Monroe-et, 8-story brick with barn, $75. 683 Indiaoa-st., cottage, sl3. rpu RENT-VERY CHEaP-319 MIOHIGAN-AV., X Igat fixtures and all modem improvomente. M.J. PALMER, Palmer House. TO BENT—COMFORTABLE RESIDENCE, 339 In dlana-st. See PHIL UOYNE, Commissioner of Deeds, 31 Republic life Building. TO RENT-NEW STONE DWELLING, 210 INDIANA st.. near Rush; haa hot and cold water on every floor, fire-grates, mantels, bells, speaking-tubes, bath-rooms, water-closets, furnace, laundry and drying-room, cellar, etc. Dining-room on first floor. Will not rent for board- Tng-hoase, FRED L. BAKE A CO., 88 Waahiagton-at. TO RENT-608 WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—TWO story and basement/with rear extension. Will be put in complete order. Price, S6O per month. Apply toLK. WALSH. 42 and 44 Raadolph-it- TO RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE FOR BOARD OF three persons. Situation pleasant. Parties desiring to keep a Boarding-house neod not apply. A small family can make a very desirable arrangement. 37 Park-ar., from 2 to 3. TO RENT-1129 WABASH-AV., A LARGE 3-STORY house, alt modern Improvements, gas-fixtures, etc.* SSO per month. luqoire on premises. r REST-CHEAP-122 ELLTS-AV., 2-STORY AND basement brick. Inquire of D. B. DEWEY, 106 Flfth-av. TO RENT-NEW COTTAGE, CHEAP, 6 BOOMS. 8. closets, bath-room, marble mantel, etc. First-class locality. Call at 987 West Von Bnren-st. TO RENT-142 NORTH WOOD-ST,, HOUSE OF 10 rooms, hot and cold 'water, bath-room, and closets, $23 per month: key second door north. Inquire of BL. R. BURROUGHS, 627 West Madison-st. _ rpo RENT-NO. 46 TWENTY-FOURTH-ST. (NEAR X South Park-av.), 2-itory house, brick basement, fur nace, hot and cold water, bath-room, etc., etc. Good stable. Rone low to riche parties. Apply at Reed’s Tem ple of Music, 93 Van Boron-at. TO RENT—ON VERk LOW TERMS. THK TWO story and basement brick bouse situated on the corner of Vernon Park-placo and Lytle-st, Apply on the premises. TO RENT-HOUSES FURNISHED AND UNFUB nished. North Side; rent in money or board. Address Z 45, Tribuno office. rpo RENT—ON TWENTY-FTFTH-ST., BETWEEN X Prairieand Cottage-Grovo-avs., 87, IM-story bouse, 7 rooms; 97. nice cottage. 6 rooms. 149 LaSallo-st., Room 12, from 12 to 3. M. H. BASS. TO RENT—S4S PER MONTH, A DESIRABLE marblo-front residence, 15 rooms, newly painted, grained, and catcirained; ail modem improvements; in first-class neighborhood, within S blacks of Union Park. A. B. JENKS, Rooms 6 and 6.116 East Randolph s!. TO RENT-FINE BRICK HOUSE. 2-STORY AND basement, well located; rent very low. Apply at 156 W—hington-st.. Room 43./ __ TO RENT - BOARDING-HOUSE OR SMALL hotel, 21 rooms, centrally located: good building; low rent. EDMUND G. STILES. 99 Madison-st.. Room 7. TO RENT-SMALL COTTAGE, 5 ROOMS. 357 Charch-«t, sl6: will famish tho same elegantly for S3O per month. A. L. CROCKER, 276 East Madison-st. TO RENT-24 FOBREST-AV., MODERN HOUSE, 15 rooms, and bam. S6O. Prairia-av., near Tbirly-secand-st.,modern,l3 rooms.sso. Prairio-av., near Twenty-fifth-st., modem, 13 rooms and barn, $75. Loomi«-at., near Harrison, modem, 11 rooms, 840. Adams, Jackson, and Hoyns, S2O to $35. Wcstoro-av.. near Monroe-st., marble fronts, S4O. Washington-st, near Union Park, marble fronts $73. Chicago-av., near Cass-et., modem, S7O. Wells-st., near Ohio, boarding-honso. 23 rooms, S7O. EDMUND G- STILES,99 Madison-st., Room 7. TO RENT-HOUSE 1293 INDIAN A-AV., 2-STORY and basement octagon-front; all modem improve ment* ; $55 per month. W. D. COOPER, 13 Tribune Building. TO RENT-1222 PRAIRIE-AV.. 13 ROOMS, AND all modem Improvements, with brick barn. 59 State st, op-stairs. G. L. HOODLESS. TO BENT-HOUSE OF 9 ROOMS. 1680 INDIANA* av. W. O. TELFAIR. 189 West Madisdn-at. TO RENT-863 WEST MADISON-ST., NEW 3- story brick, together or oacb floor separate. Must rcnt.SJApply at Room 13 Exchange Building. . TO RENT—ELEGANT FURNISHED RESIDENCE on West Washington-st.. near Union Park: house 3- story and basement, marble front. 18 rooms aro finished In elegant style; elegantly famished throughout, Apply to WM. H. SAMPSON A CO., Real Estate and Renting Agency, 144 LaSalle-st. rBRNT-2-STORY AND BRICK BASEMENT house. No. 1133 Michig&n-av., cornor, 12 rooms; only S4O per month. Apply to WM, H. SAMPSON £ CO., Real Estate and Renting Agoncj. 144 LaSallest. TO RENT—THE LARGE 4-STORY BRICK HOUSE 479 Waboah-av., 20 rooms, formerly occupied by the Chicago Clab; boasa famished with carpets, gas fixtures, billiard-table, dining-room furniture, etc.; suitable for r first-class family hotel. Apply to WM. H. SAMPSON A CO., Real Estate and Routing Agency, 144 LaSalle-st. TO RENT-FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, 656 North Franklin-st.; desirable house; location No. I. Also list of hoases and cottages in ail parts of the city. Rents reasonable. H. E. WEAVER A CO., 169 LaSalle-st. TO RENT-CHEAP-OR WILL SELL VERY cheap, home 655 Carroll-ar. Apply as above. SnbnrDan* r RENT—THE VERY FINE HOUSES BUILT BY W. S- and L. S. Wrigley at Riverside, having gas and water, fnrnacee, gas-fixtures, and bard-wood finish throughout, are offered for rent for one year, at S4O PER MONTH EACH. These houses cost to build $12,000 BACH, and are in perfect order. I also offer six cottages at $lO to S2O per month. JAMES D. RAYNOLDSi Room 8. 91 Dearbom-st. rpO RKNT-WINNETKA HOUSE. 10 ROOMS; X bam, oat-houses, etc., 6 acres of garden, evergreens, shrubbery, native oaks, fruit trees, grape vines, etc., beautiful blocs. full view of the lake, rent $25 per month. Call on WILLIAM GARLAND, Winnetka, or at 79 Dearbom-st.,Room SI. TO RENT-OH EXCHANGE—FINE RESIDENCE in Higbwcod Station. Higbland.Pork. 6. S. DRKY ER, 72 Doorbora-st. TO BENT-FURNISHED HOUSE ON LAKE SHORE at Kenwood, for six months or a year, to first-class tenant. M. L. PEARCE, 123 Dearbom-st. TO RENT—AT HINSDALE, GOTHIC COTTAGE, with or without furniture; plenty of fruit, largo grounds. Cheap to good tenant, inquire of a. G. BEATON, American Express office, Moaroe-st., or on the premises. rBENT— ENGLEWOOD—HOUSE AND COT tage near depot; lake water, excellent schools, and good neighborhood. TILLOTSON BROS., 93 Washing ton-si. TO RENT—SOUTH EVANSTON, AN ELEGANT residence, very low. TILLOTSON BROS., 93 Wash* iogton-st. TO BENT-DESIRABLE HOUSE AT RAVENS- X wood, $25; 2 bouses at Summerdale. S3O each. A. BENNETT, Agent, southeast comer Monroe and Mar ket-sts. TO RENT—VERY DESIRABLE HOUSE AT KEN- X wood near station, two-story and basement brick, now occupied by F. Norwood, Esq. Fine trees, use of largo grounds, beautiful view. House has 10 rooms and all modem improvements. Rent low to good tenant. An ply to WILLIAM H. SAMPSON £ CO., 144 LaSallo-«. rpo RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE NEAR DEPOT, X stylish, desirable, with grove grounds, at Wilmotto; in board if desired. W. W. STEWART, TO RENT—&-ROOM SUBURBAN HOME AT PARK 5? d RSr S £S!*?J' 00 ' 1 b * rn - frnit and • lud " trooa. W. O. DODGE. SI Exchange Building. rRRNT-AT HINSDALE—HOUSES ON HIGH dry lota from 16 to S2O por month; faro 10 cents. O. J. STOUGH. 12J IJe&rborn-st. TO RENT—AT KENWOOD—ANELEGANT HOUSE, famished, with extettfive grounds. £. S. WILD. IAMS, Clrcalt Coart Room, CUy-HalL To RENT-BRICK HOUSE OF TKS ROOMS WITH sll modom improvements, and lame iot. near Hyda Park station. Apply at 108 LaSalle-st. in the basement. r RENT—TO RESPONSIBLE FAMILIES. TWO new S>etory and basement 10-room octagon front brick bouses, handsomely finished, conveniently arranged; lake water and perfect drainage, with bams: splendid neigh borhood, Kenwood-av., one block from Kenwood Station. JAS. B. GOODMAN A CO., 68 Washlngton-st. TO RENT—RAVBNSWOOD A NEW BRICK noose, two blocks from depot, 10 rooms, 8 closets, fi marble mantels, pantry, cellars, woodshed, bard and soft water. SO minuter ride, 7 cents. $25 per month: also a good bam if deatred. J. W. HOOPER, Lake View. HI. TO RUNT—STORE IN GLENCOE. ILL. A GOOD point for a boot and shoe store; no other in town. Ap ply to EL D. KNOX. Highland Park, Lake County, HI. TO RENT-AT AUSTIN, GOOD 6 AND 10-ROOM houses st sl2 to S2O a month. C. £. CBAJTTS. Room 26 Metropolitan Block. v^ma.flwa mO RENT—A 7-ROOM COTTAGE AND S LOTS AT . JL Evanston for 37 a month. IRA BROWN. 143 LaSalle st.. Boom 4. TO RENT—HOUSES AT LA GRANGE. ON THE C-» B-4 Q- R. 8*,7 miles from the city limits, at ?JVL C wV& ic £ t W a U v »* pv. to live in the country- COS&ITT A LAY, removed to 71 WMhington-st. TO RENT-DESIRABLE HOMES—HOUSES AMD g&rdenfl at Hjnadaio, tha highest ground near tha fTOr! n m * 8 to *25 per month, u. L. PERKY, Boom 14.123 Dearboru-at. TO REST-A BCC.ROOM COTTAGE AT NORWOOD Park, south side of track, on* block from depot, for io - TO BENT—TWO OR THREE NICE NEW GOT tages at Western Springs, near station; sidewalks. ?5?»v co .* n P*®t®»_roady tomere into; tctt cheap. T. C. HILL. Room 4 Lakeside. 0 EEKT-AT KSGtEWOOD-HOUSB OP TE.V rooms, lake water, etc.. No. 233 Chß«tant-»t., first bonso west of Beck's bank. Ingnire of HOWARD, at Palmer, Fuller A Co.’s, comer West Twootr-second and UnioQ-sU. TO RENT-PLEaSAXT house of eight rooms with acres of excellent garden. Is oonrenieat to station at Lombard. Root, id ocr month. ISAAC CLAFLIN A C 0.,. Marino Building. TO RENT—CHOICfS HOUSES AND XAXV3~IS BTuutoo, verj low. D. B. DBWEV 4 CO., lU6 JTittii-Mf, iijse: —HO re: TO RENT--HOOSES. SnTiurTian--Coiitixraear" ~*~ rpo RENT-A PLEASANT BOUSE AND rnm, -L park, near graded and high school*. depots,at RaTeonwood.39 minutes’ ride from dapot, S3O. W. B. BRYAN°ttdlpoL wi W TO RENT-836 A. MONTH—I3-KOOM nmroS* -modern improvement*. In Madlaon-** P«fV ■urroaadingi, 6 mmntes* walk from KeowSi Central Road. J. H. UTOHAM. mo RENT-AT HIGHLAND PARK. Ans~ss«^ •J- *? mo d«ir»bl« S«S shade trae*. for.imnmer or year. »tyoorownnrS^ o,^ # good, familial; try High-wood if yon want pSauat U2S! for tbe itunmor. wherayoa can lira nomicahy. Corns and aaa me. B. ASHidJlr 100 Waehlugtoa-rt. PR ®fylsoTTisi Evanston, 13-room boose; good location. Highland Park, 10-room house; good location. Houses at Lake Forest, Giencoo. HoeanP»rt n.—_ vood« Hinsdale, Cljrde, ** E. L. CANFIELD. mo EEST-CHEAF-QOOD HOUSE, GARDiV J. and other UnproTemenU, near denot. W««hiZir”' Heights. M. D. .FLAHERTf. IS3 TO BENT—A BEAUTIFUL OCTAGOJf hot™ front hou»o near Bjde Park dopot, IX water on averr floor; rent. S4O; fnrtished. tin V'8??» W. BINFORD. Hyda ParkT G *o* mO RENT-IN NORTH LVANS'rON-i HAY* X Mvoral nooses, of from sto9rooms, with Wi. . seres of well-caltWated ground with rent for from $6 to sl3 per month, which Is shoot price. Said boose* are near depot, schooLanddmiS. Also, ground to rent. 0. E. BROWNE, BoSnufh* Fifth-av. “• “ T'~o RENT-HOUSES AND MMf GRODWaa 75 South Evanston. $lO, sls, S2O, $2, Mn ons* S4O per month. WARREN, togton-st. _ * " 14a * rRENT— AUSTIN—I WILL RENT MY NEW twK“ story bouse for the oominz year for sls pg, - W#Ut olatarn » cellar, porch, icT- TO RENT-HOUSE ON JEFFEESON-AV HTTin Park, cheap to good tenant, by owner. 0. & rdv ANT. 103 Waahlngton-st., Boom 19. ' u * TO RENT—AT GENEVA LAKE. HOUSE OP Einjrf rooms, and bam, trait, large lot, frontiaz <m r.v and Main-sts. Apply to J. G. court. • TO RENT-AT R IDG ELAND, BETWEEN AtTSTti and Oak Park, fine two-story dwelling, lo m good party for S3O. EDMUND A. 121 LaSallo-st. u * 4aa RENT-NEW 10-ROOM HOUSE, TWO BLOOM from depot, at River Forest, 30 minutes’ride from Wells Street Depot, S. W .IFALLIS, at Baker A Co/ssa. graying office, comer Clark and Mogroe-sta. TO KENT —OAK PARK—A NIUE FBaNTimen house, with largo grounds and oat-houses, near tion: cheap to a respectable family. Address XP,TMy one office. TO RENT—ROOMS. TO RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BOOMS', south front; No. 171 Fifth-av., comer Monroe-st. 5 TO RENT—BI 7 FULTON-ST., GOOD ROOMS or without board, or for housekeeping. TO RENT-WELL FURNISHED ROOMS AT m South Halsted-st. m O RENT-TWO SUITES OF UNFURNISHED AID two furnished rooms, Bryant Block, oortheasrfeoracr- Daarbom and Kandolph-ata.; rates reasonable. Ben#*. and all conveniences. Apply to Janitor, Boom 55. TO RENT-TO GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. FOR light housekeeping. fonr nnfnrpiahftd ' rooms; location first-class, on West n Mr Carpcnter. Address T 19, Tribuno office. TO RENT-FRONT SUITS TO FOUR GENTS OK gent and wife; rent Tory cheap. At 336Staio-aL second door. - l - TO RKNT—NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS IN A' private family: pleasant locality, near Madfaiartt cars; brick house witn all modem Improvements; refer- - ences given and required. Address R 72, Tribune ofics. TO RENT-THREE UNFURNISHED ROOMS, M suite or single, third floor, with modem improve, menta. £3 West Washington-st.. Norton Block. TO RENT-FIRST FLOOR, 6 BOOMS, OP DWELL, log, 236Falton-at., near Sangamon, sl2. Inquire U drugstore, comer Fulton and Saagaman-sts. TO RENT—7SI WEST MADISON-ST., 7 ROOMS, second story, put in good order, only s2ll. EDMUND A. CUMMINGS, 119 and 121 LaSalle-st. TO RENT-SUITES OF 2 TO 4 ROOMS, IN NEW brick. 411 and 413 SUto-st .ats9 to $23. EDMUND A. CUMMINGS, 119 and 121 LaSailo-at. TO RENT-231 LASALLE-ST. (OPPOSITE GRAND Pacific).4 rooms, all conveniences. S2O. EDMUND A. CUMMINGS, 119 and 121 LaSaUe-st. RENT—IO3 THIRD-AV.. SUITES OP S BOOM oaeb, very pleasant. 823 to $35. EDMUND A CUMMINGS, 119 and 121 LaSalls-st. TO RENT—SUITES OP 3 ROOMS EACH. Df THI brick building 43 and 47 Third-ar,, $lO to sls. ,£> MUND A. CUMMINGS, 119 and 121 LaSalle-st. ' r RENT-83 WEST WASHINGTON-ST.. 8 FROM rooms, second story, new brick, sls. EDMUND A CUMMINGS, 119 and 121 LaSaUe-st. rpO RENT-ELEGANTLY FURNISHED BOONS, X finest location in the city, northeast corner Wsbuk av. and Hnbbard-ooart. Apply on the premises. TO RENT—PARLOR FLOOR OF MARBLE REST* donco floating Union Park, unfurnished; nooabst responsible parties and those who wish to be pomceri need apply at 51 Ashland-av. Other rooma to rent vita board. _ rpo RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS. CHEAP, SET. X gle or on suite, at 155 East Washington-st. Boon 19. TO RENT-307 WEST MONROE-ST.—PARLOR suite, unfurnished, use of gas and bath-room, with os without board; splendid location. . • . TO RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS at 193 East Washington-st.. Room 2L • TO RENT-123 SOUTH SANQAMON-ST-. NIOEXY. famished rooms, singleoren soite, wttislimodeni Improvements, on reasonable terms. TO RENT-A FRONTSUITE AND OTHER NlOSLT furnished rooms in good order, aod nicely eared for; cheap; location good. 551 West Monroe-st. rpo RENT—ANICELY-FURNISHED FROST SUITE; i price, S2O. Apply at 149 Eon Monroe-iU, Boom IT. TO RENT—FLATS FOR HOUSEKEEPING; ALL improvements, at 243 and 297 Woba*h-av.j nwrbusU ness; saves time and cor fare. P. A. STEVENS, 91 Ish, TO RENT-AT ux NORTH 3TATH-3T.. 1 SUITS 0* 4 rooms each. ■ TO RENT—THE BASEMENT STORY OF BRICK house So South Peoria-sb, 7 rooms, closets, sag modem Improvements: now and in good order. TO RENT —FURNISHED ROOMS AT HONORS Block, comer of Monroe and Dearbom-sta. Apply at Room 29. >. TO RENT - NICELY-FURNISHED ROOMS TO ladies and gentlemen In a very desirable location, eg a lady living alone. Address V 44. Tribune office. . - TO RRNT-A LADY LIVING ALO N£ HAS A PLUS* ant room for an attractive young Jody; a pleossri home Is offered. Address V SI, Tribune otfice. TO RENT—TWO GOOD FURNISHED FROST rooms. No. 219 Rush-st., two blocks north of Chicago rpo RENT—PLEASANT UNFURNISHED ROOM X without board; private family; Westfilde;refereacia Address P 69, Tribune office. ' TO RENT-FURNISHED BOOMS AT KEASOSA bIe rates to respectable partiss only. Inquire at XI West Madlson-»t, TO RENT—PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS, NICELY* furnished, suitable for gentleman and wife orst&ftt gentlemen. 73 East Van Baren-st. - TO RENT—6 NICE ROOMS TO RESPOX3ISII tenant with small family; sls per month; at Ml nw Loke-it. - TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, 418 WEST if ome-st.; private family; opposite Jofforeon FUa> Terms moderate. • TO RENT-ROOM, FURNISHED OR DNFUBSBB ed. 12 Aberdeen-st. , •_ fTIO RENT-FURNISHED ALCOVE AND OTHKB X rooms, without board, at 752 AUchljpm-av. Bplfflofl table near. TO RENT-3 OR 6 DESIRABLE ROOMS TO? housokeoplog, on Indiana-av., near Twentr-secooo* it. Call at 90 Tweaty-eocond-st. * i r RENT-AT 433 WEST MADISON-ST... FEOST rooms to gentlemen; front zooms to fint-clsa P**" ties for light housekeeping. . ■ _ TO RENT-FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED rooms; splendid location, near Board of Trade. G" tlemen desiring to ront, please address O 95, office. _ TO RENT—A LADY LIVING ALONE IN A VEST quiet location has a front parlor and bed-room rent to a lady and gentleman, with or without boston lady. Address P 33, Tribune office. - _l TO RENT-HANDSOMELY FURNISHED EOONJI X commanding a fins viow of lake, and light, oh* cool for tho summer, at 10 and 12 East Madison**-! TC 7 or without board. Apply at Room IS. ~ ' TO RENT-MOST DESIRABLE FURNISHED*-® unfurnished rooms for gentlemen only; location co venicat to business, in very pleasant locality. V 75. Tribune office. IDO RENT-503 WABASH-AV.-NIOELT-FUB3ISB- Xod rooms; references required. • - TO RENT-ROOMS—JDKNISHKD OR 11*5% nished, slnclo or «n suite, with or without bo*w» “ private famU7*_ Inquire at 180 West Monros-it. TO KENT—PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS EJ quiet location, to first-claw partle*, for »ayl* £ *' a * time. AddroM V 34. Tribune ofllce. TO RENT-FIRST FLOOR, IC6 BUBBAKMt; comer Halitcd-at. viaduct, fire nice roomsr I** *7 month. TO RENT—FURNISHED ROOM WTTHODTBOABD la private family, A'o other boarders. Wf * gentlemen. SB West Adams-st. • TO. RENT-FURNISHED SLEEPING. ffl? (front) comer Clark and Adaos-sts., Porter fiw®■* tiaite 12, - iO BENT-A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO REST—Oa MICHIOAN-AV.. FUESISHBD OB onfomitthed room. • - TO RENT-ROOMS IN BUILDING COlS& Statp&nd Hnrripog. p. O’NEILL. f|K) RENT—A SIDE SOUTH FROST JL single room, furnished. or unfurnished, h “ 1 too-«C, | ' " TO RENT-TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS. Wljjj or without board, at 27 Manhtield-ar., comer « *— Baron-*t. TO RENT-PIBASANT rooms, >*icblyJ®£ niahed and convenient to business- Address*® bssh-av. TO RENT-THREE KICK FRONT light housekeeping, or would furnish oqg ?_ . room* on second floor. Xuanlro at 75 East Van jjoibh An *hlw4 • _ ‘ TO REST-775 WABASH-AV.-FBONT well furnished, and one room on second floor. board next door. npO RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS. SINGLE OF X sajte, at 184 Randolph-st. Tp RENT—FOUR NICE BOOMS. SOITABIJJjJS housekeeping, with elosats, water. (Jold-at. Apply to P. McUUGH, Room fPORENT—THB UPPER PLOOR OF NO. SONOBff X -Pr&nkUn-at., in first-clns* order and 1° 53. Quire of the ownar*, STREET ± OHAXFIEU’* H_Bs«tCtiic**o-»T. e near bridge. TO RENT—NEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS, or without board. ISSand ISB East TO BENT-AT NO. 143 ABERDEB.V.STW *®JS sleeping room, with privilege of parlor; Meals if desired. 'PO KENT—FRONT ROOM WELL FOBsSSSj® J. priTAto f/uaUjr for two gantlamea. 41 near wuhlagtoa. TIO RENT-PLEASAST ROOMS, SUBIg °Pj? X folU* fornlsliedoriinlnzntsbed. iCJAorti.Uo*' 1 *"

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