Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 30, 1876, Page 15

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 30, 1876 Page 15
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TO BENT-ROOMS. OALUMET-AV., NEAR TWENTY- T° tnth it rery desirable rooms, furnished or anfar ils« ioiiw bouse with all modem UnproTemcuii. {SSiWMoaabto. References eaohanged. RFNT-X*AHGE unfobsished boom on aeerUnoola; choica neighborhood: prl root 45 per month. Addreii Z 8I« Tribune FRONT ROOMS, T-.Siothtea unfurnished rooms for light housekeeping, » gut Vanßarun-st, T"rt rkNT—UNFURNISHED— A LARGE FRONT .iMva room, with or without board, in private lam ltT - J?”pccapy Monday. 664 West Washington-st. Stt'Sent-to man and wife only, for I housekeeping, four rooms in nice brick house, with .‘il, tmnroTomeata; pleasant location: sl6 per month. ffiSSereqßiwd* 407 Weal Harrlson-st. _ r£NT-PLBASANT LODGING- ROOMS, FUR or not, single or en suite, modern conveniences, jLSSr 106WcgtRandolph-stT/Rooro 4o. rfwTRENT-NICS cosy ROOM, IT OBN IS HEP, FOB T°(Mnermonth. 78 North Ourtla-rt. SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY HAVING I , imrc* a3ffff&ntly-farnl»hod hoots on North Dearborn • 7 eretiesiroosof rcntinc3rooms to desirable partle*; barmen preierrod. Bexerenoei required, AddroMX Sk Tribong office. iffosEST-A. FURNISHED BOOM IN A PRIVATE T family jrfthout board, oa Wabaah-ar., sear Twentj ,, . s tabid room lor & hone if desired. Address with Tribnnaoffice. iORKST—PX*EASAKT BOOMS U* KBW 31ABBUS front* toc^n* 1 or third itory. 406 Booth Clark-at. ROOMS, SINGLE OB '°J£ : with of without board, at US 8 WTrENMHEAP to a responsible party. T tiroUree nnlamiahed front room* la a private lamUj. n Rnglll Mayal* =STSbXtIBDITB of c booms for hodse- T°l2nliu: Rood neithborhood, Indcßondeot J»rd. A-dVHhSIDtM. Sl3. 343 WealConcramt. ffSTKEST-SECOND FLOOR, Ml WINCHESTER- T° .T contiiMn* t mm. Uso oloiets, etc.; w«t«r; A, iotUm ; contfnlent to Vm Buren-rt, o»n. Apply m the premlsw^ FSTTreST-LAEGE hodse at river forest, O- P- FRARY.SO6 E«t L.k«-.t. T— H'rjpVT-LO'WEII FLOOR OF A NEW 2-STORY °»5 E b2emßnt brick bouse. swell front; first-claw _ B d .it modem Improvements. Owner will take Sprite ratlfdS&J. AKta»* K 9. iffies. _ . REST—THU UPPER FLOORS OK A NEW T »well Iront bouse on West Adami-Bt. ; N 47. Tribanooffi^. mrt RENT-810. FIRST FLOOR, 17 ARTKSIATf-AV., T* rrvimE. inter aud arerytiling complete ft bargain. moTSSr-OS AND AFTER TUESDAY VERY T plstsantly locatod furnished wma-slnslo or on snlto, irScsorthorrroit fronts, and newly fiindshod and Sshi} cslelmlnsd. S 3 West Madlsonst comet Sangamon. fHo - REST—itt3 NORTH STATB-ST-, OPPOSITE T Washington Squire, front room on parlor floor for pat; 15 "itnatoa 1 walfc Iron Madiaoa-flt. __ rpO^BENT—TWO STOBY AND i houae and bare; two famlhe*; 816 ws3s per month. US West Van Boren-at. Applj at 133 Throop-at. mf> RRyT-*! WT.gGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS T°forcentlemea. 254 Onutio-at., between Dearborn isd State. * rro RENT—4 BOOMS ON THE UPPER f LOOR OF aoiph-st, rrO'RENT-A TENEMENT ON FIRST FLOOE Ot 1. 674 Fnlton-st.. consisting of 6 rooms. Apply Monday. ftvT^KVT—FORNTSHED FRONT ROOM WITH dt&hSr. as Wan. M&dlaan-at- mo RKvr-na wabash-av.-ons front suite T olm pleasant side room with full view af Wabaih-av., for gentlemen only. TO RENT —ELEGAATLY-Fl Room 8.157 Fifth-av. T' O RENT—ROOMS—SINGLE OR EN SUITE. IN qoire at S 8 Aberdeen-* t. rrO” BENT-FOUR BOOMS, WATER, PANTRY. 1 and closetsrent sl3. Inquire on the premises, 697 West ladiaaa-st. T'O RENT-FURNISHED BOOMS IN HOWI Building, 243 State-st.. comer Jaokson. Hoorn S. rrO~RENT—UPPER FLOOR OF HOUSE 555 FUL- A ton-sU; &lsosroamsatßldano-eU. near Polk-st. and Western-sv. Inquire on premises or of W. H. PKUYN, with. J. V- Farwell A Co. r»X) BENT—I 4 BOOMS OVER STORE 255 SOUTH I. Clark-st., between Jackson and Van Boren, good for famished rooms or boarding-honse. Inquire in store, from 10 to 4. of JAMES MATHhti S. fpo BENT-409 WABASH-AV.—PLEASANT FUU- X nlahed rolfiis to gentlemen at reasonable rent; private family. TO BENT—AN UNUSUALLY PLEASANT FRONT alcove (octagon) room on Wabasb-av.. also room, if same party desire. In a family of three only: no other boarder. We want only those who are agreeable and will make themselves a part of the family. Address V 75, Tribune office. TO KENT—THE SECOND. THIRD, AND FOURTH floor* of building island 253 Clark-at., near Grand Pacific Hotel, containing 50 rooms, well arranged, whole st in part. wM. C. Duff, 10 Tribnne Building. TO RENT-GOOD TENEMENTS 5 TO7BOOMS IN fine order very cheap, $lO to fl 5 per month, Thtrtr •eveotbet. between Lake and Ellis-av. Inquire of D. D. GARLAND, 48 Tbirty-seventn-st. TO RENT - BASEMENT. FURNISHED-GOOD place to take day boarders; also bedroom up-etairs. R 6 West Washington-st. TO RENT-ON MICHIGAN-AV.. EAST FRONT, rooms furnished or not. Gallat49L r) RENT-FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS AT 233 West Washington-*!., near Sangamon. 1' lORENT—fUBNiaiIRD BOOBS DGfiIOABLT Lo cated on the northeast comer of LaSalle and Ran dolpa-au., fourth story. Inquire Wednesday and after wards. IV> RENT-FURNISHED BOOMS FOR LIGHT housekeeping or lodging. Apply 534 West Rau dolpb-rt. TO RENT-ROOMS, FURNISHED OR UNFUR ■iibsd, tanas moderate, at 317 Uiinoia-st. fl>o RENT-LARGE FRONT ROOM WITH HOT AND 1 csld water In, furnished or unfurnished, with use of kitchen, or day board close. Will rent to suit the times. B7# Wabash-av. TO KENT-TWO UNFURNISHED FRONT ROOMS, pleasantly located. Inquire at 334 Diri&ion-st., near Market. TO RENT—NICELY-FURNISHED ROOMS. EN suite or single, first Boor front, 204 Clark-st, Apply at suite 6. T” 0 RENT-TWO FURNISHED BOOMS, SINGLE or en suite, at 1166 Prairie-av. TO KENT-FIVE ROOMS IN BRICK BUILDING for housekeeping: State-st., near Fourteenth; $lB. Apply at Room 43, 97 Clark-st. TO RENT—TO A YOUNG OR NEWLY-MARRIED couple, four rooms famished complete for housekeep ing. Would board for part of rent. Cheap terms to the right party. Apply on premises. 250 Walnut-st., near Hoyne. TO BENT—THE BASEMENT OF 125 LYTLE-ST-, containing six rooms, water, gas, etc.; large yard and good location. Apply up-stairs or at Boom 25,81 Clark-st. TO RENT-FIVE ROOMS, WITH BATH-ROOM AND closet, all on Die same floor, at 83 South Groos-st., near Madison. rpo RENT-FOB ONE OR TWO GENLTEMEN.ONE 1. baodsorpely famished front room two blocks from Union Park. X’rivatofamily. 113SouthPaulina-st.,near A6stt>«- Day-board nearby. TO RENT-FIVE OB SIX ROOMS. WITH ALL modem improvements, at 353 South Park-av. Inquire at premises, rpo RENT-SUITE OF ROOMS, FURNISHED OB X unfurnished, suitable for housekeeping for small fam ily. Call at N 0.114 South Green-st. r) RENT FIRST FLUOR, six pleasant rooms. Also first floor, five splendid rooms. Rent msde to suit. Call on owner, C. £. WALKUP, 764 West Lake-st. TO RENT—TWO SOUTH-FRONT ROOMS, NICELY funusaed or partly funflahed, gas, water, etc., with nt board, in new brick block near street-cars. Address 230 West Lake-st. ___ TO RENT TWO OR THREE UNFURNISHED rooms, cheap; private family. 17 Harmon-court, be tween Wabash and Mlehigan-avs. T' ~0 RENT-'-FURnTsHKiTrOOMS FRONTING THE lake with private family. Northwest comer Indiana av. and Tbirteenth-st. TO RENT-180 NORTH CLARK-ST., POUR OR eight nice rooms, well arranged for housekeeping. TO RENT—46IMICHIGAN-AV.. DESIRABLE FUB nlshed and unfurnished rooms on second floor. TO RENT-10 ROOMS OVER STORE. 716 WEST Madison: house, 8 rooms ; and cottage and base meat, 6 rooms each* Nos. 87 and 39 Westers-av., sear lake-st. : store and dwelling, No. 1095 West Van Boren. E. B. PEASE, 97 Clark, Room 23. r RENT—4 NICELY FURNISHED BOOMS. FOR housekeeping, to respectable parties. Call Sunday, 145 South Hoisted. r RENT—BEAUTIFUL ALCOVE FRONT BOOM, with modem conveniences, at moderate rent, for one or two yonng gentlemen. SS Centre-av. Call Monday. TO RENT—A SUITE OF UNFURNISHED ROOMS near Union Park, suitable for man and wife. 20 Wal nut*. mo RENT—CHEAP ROOMS, FURNISHED, FOR X housekeeping. room tor gentleman, with or without board. R 76, Tribune office. . TO RENT—FURNISHED ROOM WITH OB WlTH out board, cheap to good parties. 712' West Wash* tagtonwt. r PO RENT, NICE ROOMS, FURNISHED OR UN- X furnished, without board two nice alcove rooms; ref weooes exchanged. 4d9 Michigaa-av. mO RENT-A VERY NICE AND NEATLY FUR- X aiihed front aleeping-room; access to without inter tsrtnca. 195 Walaut-st., corner of Robey. TX^RENT—FURNISHED* 4 ROOMS, PANTRY. X water for honsokoeping. side entrance, sl6. Apply goat door, 19 Boitoa-av. (Price-place.) ipo RENT-FURNISHED ROOM; WATER AND X clothes press. 170 East Washington-et., Room 14. TV) RENT—iLAT OF 4,5, OR 9 ROOMS IN BRICK *_ Block corner Michigau-ay. and Thirty £nt-et. New cottage, 7 rooms, gas, water, bath, and JwaonPralrie-av., near Thirty-nlnth-st., one block from F. W. SPRINGER, 163 Deaibom-et., Room *pO RENT—ROOMS. AT ItO TWENTY-SECOND- Apply to J. M. MORRIS, Boom 84. 160 Dear- Torent-with or without board, pleas sat unfurnished rooms; also one furnished, at 414 Wa- TO RENT-FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO OEN- N°. 17 Sooth OorUi-it. 9 BENT-CHEAP-A NEWLY-FURNISHED Jnatroom. 223 West Madison-et. Ki£*r vr r; TKRISB and four booms, with ***4 sl2. 66 West Harrison-st. New T?.™? T “ TWO PROKT BOOMS. UNFURNISHED How!!* c oa Moaro©-su belweoa Wool and Ftrat-claai reference re* V 46, Tribune office. front room. FURNISH #Wb thetmproTeaißnU, NorUiLaSaUe-st.. Gl,#nime *** «*wmoe. Addrow XOB.TH PAUUNA-ST., SEAR FUL- tenement. S rooms: cheap rent. T^fiSfSr l^ l * ols ALCOVE KOOK, FINELY ,ter - BRICK FLATS, e BOOMS. SECOND wdpMtm, bilh in onClnguira it comer ofsuta and AUuenlii-au., of TO KENT--ROOMS. TO RENT-ROOMS EN SUITE OR SINGLE IN THE Dary Block. corner Green and Madison: some splen did rooms for storage of furniture. cheap rents. iosamo baildiujr; two flats of 6 rooms each in Cole Block; flat? rooms, 137$$ South Hals ted; flat 7 rooms, 163 West Madi son; throe fiats. 6 rooms each, 966t0970 Madison; ana others, by COLE, NEWELL d MOSHER. 186 WostMad iaon-at. _ TO U E NT—E LEG ANT FURNISHED ROOMS AT 136 Madison-st., formerly Kinsley's Restaurant; also a few unfurnished. Rent vary low. riX) RENT-FIRST FLOOR OF HOUSE NO. 138 OAK- J. ley-st- Inquire of tenant on eeoond door. Price, sl3 per month. TO RENT—FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED anitea of rooms; central location, 889 Wanash-av., ootner Van Buren-st. Reference required. mo RENT—TO GENTLEMEN, NICELY FURNISH- J. od rooms, without board; also handsome unfurnished rooms; no housekeeping. Apply at 470 and 473 Wabash av. References exchanged. TO RENT—A PLEASANT FURNISHED BOOM, suitable for two persons if desired. I(H3 India na-av. rpo RENT—TO MAN AND WIFE, OB TWO LA- X dies, a part of a furnished cottage for light house keeping. 219 South Hojue-ar. A few doors to cars. TO BENT—FURNISHED BOOMS. TO GENTLE men oalr, in new brick row on Fiercest.. half block from Halsted and Van Buren-st. cars; bath, hot and cold water. 45 Plerco-st. TO BENT—AT 88 OASS-ST., CORNER OP ILLl nols, pleasant rooms, newly famished, with use of bath-room; hut and cold water; partial board If desired. TO BENT-PLEASANT FURNISHED BOOMS km and b&tb* at 347 Adams near Abcrdeen-st. Call altar Monday. r RENT—ELEGANTLY FURNISHED AND UN famished rooms at 16 Eldridge-court; boose nowljr Fainted and caloimised; all new f oral tare throughout, t is a foar-story stone front bouse, with all modern im provements. ■ TO RENT-619 WABASH*AV., VERY DESIRABLE rooms, single or on suite, furnished or not; modern conveniences. TO BENT—233 W. MADISUN-ST., FURNISHED OB nnfarnlshed rooms, single or suites; third floor. rrO RENT-JUST OPENED, NEW AND ELEGANT. X ly furnished rooms. Gents only* No. 95 Dearborn- Bt|, KoomSS. TO RENT-SIX NICE BOOMS AT NO. 220 NORTH Clark-st. TO RENT—TO MAN AND WIFE ONLY, TWO OR three unfurnished rooms! without board: or 4 large rooms partly famished if desired, all oa first floor. Terms to salt the the times. Call for one week at 133 Kllls-av. rpO RENT—ELEGANT SUITES OF ROOMS FOR L housekeeping, with closets, water, and gas in build ing, 636 West Lake-et. J. D. WEBER, 130 lUndolpb-st. TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOM IN PRIVATE FAM ily. witnout board, to gentleman, on North Dearborn* st., east of Clark, sonth of Erie. Address S 73. Tribune othoo. TO RENT—A SUITE OF HANDSOME ROOMS ON parlor floor, and alcove room on second floor, unfur nished. Also furnished room with large closet. Private family. Roferencoa required. 617 West iluaroo-st., af ter Sunday. Also a bam to rent. r RENT—A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM. 785 Wat Madl»on-«t.. comer Robey. Apply at Room 3. TO BENT—TWO FRONT ROOMS EN SUITE, OR large room alone. Nicely famished, in octagon front brick houao, with all modern Improvements. Private family; rent reasonable. Good table-board near by. References exchanged. 41 Oak-av., near Ellis Park, rI lO RENT—LARGE EAST-FRONT PARLOR. WILL X famish handsomely. S 3 Sonth May-at. 11 0 BENT-TO RESPONSIBLE PARTIES, A DE airable furnished front room, with alcovo; all modem improvements; pnvato family; Michlgaa-av., near Eigh teenth. Address T 87, Tribune office. rp O RENT-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS IN A PRI JL vate family on Mlchlgan-av.: conveniently located nearfirst-claae table board. Address Z 61. Tribune office. TO RENT-6 ROOMS AT NO. 791 WEST MADI eoa-5t,,f29; 6rooms»t No. 16 Silver-st.. $25; large bam, 10 stalls, room formore, comer Harrison and Hal eted-ata. R. KENNEDY, 133 Dearborn-aU, Room 10. rpO KENT—WELL-FURNISHED ACLOVB ROOM. A brick bouse, sonth front, hot and cold water, good board next door, on Monroe-st., near Honors. Inquire atl<9Madlson-Bt., Room 8. TO RENT-A PLEASANT FURNISHED FRONT room at 684 Michigan-av. TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS TO L&DIES AND gentlemen. 167 East Madison-su, Room 23. TO RENT—THE UPPER PART OF A COTTAGE, 6 > rooms and closets. 221 South Groon-st. TO RENT—A SUITE OF FRONT ROOMS, OR singly* nicely furnished, to gent and wife or two atnglo gents, with oso of bath-room. Private family. Day board near by, 259 West Van Boren-st. r]X) RENT-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO JL single gentlemen can get pleasant rooms, either with or without board, at 290 Calametav., near Twenty-ninth sU TO RENT-SUITES OP ROOMS FOR HOUSE keeping in Mendel Block, northeast comer Van Bu ren-at. and Facllic-av. Inquire at 156 Flfth-av., up stairs. TO RENT—SUITE OF FURNISHED FRONT rooms. 301 West Randolph-st-, third-floor. TO RENT-730 NORTH FRANKLIN-ST., BEAUTI fuIIy-furnished rooms, with or without board. Rooms facing the entrance of Lincoln Park, with a full view of th» |»lm. rpO KENT—THE ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR NO. X 1373 ladiana-av., for housekeeping or otherwise, to parties without children; water and closet; rooms very pleasant and desirable; tent, S2O; references exchanged. TO R.’.NT—THREE-ROOM BUTTE FOR LIGHT housekeeping; two-room suite (comer), unfurnished. State-st., southwest comer Jaekaou-st. rpo RENT—FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED X rooms on North Side, east of Olart.nt.; first-class lo cality and low rent; board near by. Address VB7, Trib une ones. TO RENT—TWO UNFURNISHED FRONT ROOMS and one back room at 634 West Washingtoa-at. TO RKNT-UNFURNISHED FRONT ROOM, fcl Tbroop-st. TO BENT-FIRST FLOOR OF BRICK HOUSE, with gas-fixtnres, screens* mantel, etc. No. 14 Twonty-elgoth-st. rjX) BENT-A HANDSOME FURNISHED KKONT X room with delightful view of the lake; references given and required. 273 Michigan-av. rpO RENT—SEVERAL FURNISHED ROOMS, 205 X North Clark-st.; rent cheap; third floor. rpO RENT-A LARGE FURNISHED SLEEPING- J. room for one or two gentlemen, with use of dentist's reception-room evenings and Sundays. Address Y 64, Tribune office. TO RENT—I OR 3 ROOMS. FURNISHED OR UN furoished. at 140 South Sangamon-st. TO RENT—UPPER P ART OF 931 WEST LAKE-ST. sls. See owner. 419 Warren-av. TO RENT-LOWER PART OF 416 WEST MONROE st., overlooking Jefferson Park, S2O. TO RENT—SIO TO $35 PER MONTH—FINEST FUfi nished rooms on the West Side; everything new. Apply at 237 West Madisoo-st. TO RENT. PLEASANT ROOM-UNFORNISHED except with carpet, with board for man and wife. Ad* dress Re 7, Tribune omco. fTiO RENT—THREE ROOMS IN 416 M WEST MON- Jl roe-st, $9. C. A. DIBBLE, Boom 64, 97 Clark-st. rpO RENT-804 WEST ADAMS-ST-PLKASANT JL suite of unf umisbed front rooms, on second floor of brick house with all modem improvements rpo RENT-SIX BOOMS, FIRST STORY OF HOUSE X No. 689 West* Monroo-st., comer Honoro. newly painted and caisomlned, water and gas. Apply at 687 West Mouroo-st. TO RENT—WELL-FURNISHED, WARMED ROOMS, 33.50 to $7 per week. Religlo-PWlosophical Publish* Ing House. 127Foorth-av., two blocks south Post-Office. riX) RENT-BACK PARLOR AND BED-ROOM. X pleasantly located oa the North bide. Address T 49, Tribune office. TO RENT-8 NICE ROOMS, NO. 931 LAKE-ST. Rent, sl6. TO RENT-A FLOOR OF 8 BOOMS, WITH PAN tries, closets, and water; will rent the whole or in two parts; rent sl4. No. 76 Nebraska-st. r BENT-A SINGLE ROOM ORA SUITE OF rooms famished, to two gentlemen, or lady and gen tleman. 28 India, na-av. r BENT—BEAUTIFUL BASEMENT IN NEW marble front honso, in finest location on South Side; a good place for nice washer and inner. Choap to tho right party. P 72, Tribane office. TO RENT-A NEAT SECOND FLOOR IN THE PRl rate brick dwelling centrally located at 238 Huron st., between Clark and Dearborn, to a small family, for s2o per month. Also brick stable. Inquire to-day on premises. TO RENT-PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS, witheverymodemconvenience, at 543 Wabash-av. TO RENT-TWO OR FOOR PLEASANT bora, largo closets, bath-room, etc. Board next door. No objection to light housekeeping. $8 and sl2. Socn to-day. 17 Viocennes-place. TO BENT-FURNISHED ROOM NEAR LINCOLN Park. Modem conveniences. Address Sl3, Tribune office. rjnO RENT—ROOMS—FURNISHED AND UNFUR- X nished,inall parts of the city. Call and look over oorluts. McCOx A GANSON, 199 South Clark-at., RoomS. TO RENT—IN NEW BRICK BLOCK CORNER OP Adams and Jeffer*on-sta.,a floor of six rooms, with all modern mprovementa. Apply at 100 West Adams-st. TO RENT—NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS FOR housekeeping. Sleeping-room for gentlemen,6o cents per weak. 181 North Onrtie-gt. fpO RENT-ONE-HALF STORY, SIX-ROOM COT. X. tags on Hubbard sL. near street-cars, sls per month. Apply at 126 Washlagton-et., Room 31. GEO. W. SAVAGE. TO RENT-THREE PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS; water-sink and closets; rent $10: at 628 West Lake-st. Apply to M, MAUGHAN, 21 Reaper Block. TO RENT-FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED rooms. Apply at 251 Hnron-st., near Dearborn. TO RENT—ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS. Thompson House, 263 South Olark-et.; transients taken; oflice E- TO RENT-THREE UNFURNISHED ROOMS FOR light housekeeping to gentleman and wife only: brick house with all improvements. Inquire at 636 West Waah ington-et. T (Trent-four unfurnished booms at 290 West Afadisoo-st., cheap. TO RENT-TWO NICELY. FURNISHED BOOMS, with all modern improvements; strictly private fam ily, at 414 Carroli-ar. ; TO BENT-810 WILL RENT TWO VERY DRSIRA bIe sleeping-rooms comer Fifth-av. and Waahing ton-st; gas-fixtures, curtains, etc., for sale. 108 Fifth-av.. basement. • T (Trent-furnished FRONT ROOMS FOR Tight housekeeping, 253 West Baodolph-st. rpO BENT-PLEASANT UNFURNISHED ROOMS J. with all modem conveniences. 673 Wabaah-av. TO'RENT-3 LARGE BOOMS EN SUITE ON FIRST floor, nnfumished; gaa. hot and cold water; la first class order; 3 doors from Madtson-st.; also 2 single rooms famished. 62 South Ann-st. —o RENT-FURNISHED OB UNFURNISHED. with or with out board, a handsome front room in ft prime family. Apply ftt 692 Wftbaah*«r. TO BENT—AT 47 SOUTH DESPLAINES-ST., TWO pleas sat front rooms, nicely famished. riX) RENT—IO OB 20 BOOMS, ALL WELL LIUiiT- I e fl. admirably adapted for enb-lettlng furnished rooms.’ U taken with atore would make a sou* hotel. A pply in e tore 370 Statc-st. KAS ANT ROOMS. UNFURNISHED, X e*cept carpets, at 848 Michigan-av. TO KENT— FURNISHED ROOMS OK MADISON and Throop-eta., second floor; bedding, fnmitnre, and bailding all new: single or ansdhe; a9ZU32ien pre ferred. Entrance on TUroop-st. THE CHICAGO TRJBUN TO BENT—ROOMS. r RENT-NEW AND NIOELY-FURNISHRD rooms; location central and desirable. 237 West Madison-st., near Peoria. TO RENT—WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, TWO front alcove rooms. 854 Eut Chicagoav. TO RENT—TWOFLOORS OFIBROOMS 345 SOUTH Oanal-st. r first-class for a boardinz*botuo: SSO nor month, HAIR, 174 LaSallo-st. V TO RENT-ONLY 83 TO 83 A MONTH PEE ROOM, nno suites 1 to 7 frontrooras for housekeeping, in new brick building, northwest comer Lake-au and Woetem-av TO RENT—FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED rooms.without board; boose occopied by private fam- Ur; best neighborhood on West Side. Parties wishing a pleasant location, convenient to Sooth Side cars and bosi* ness, address, with reference. P. O. Lock Drawer 609. TO RENT—FIRST FLOORS 16 AND 17 SOUTH DEB - 4 rooms each, sl6: second floors 17 South Desplalues-st., 4 rooms, sls; 793, 797, and 799 West Har rlson-at.. between Wood and Honore, 4,6. and 7 rooms, oto., in best order. $lO and sl3. Room 1.124 West Han dolpfa-et., 0r797 West Uarrison-st. JREKT-6 GOOD FURNISHED ROOMS, NO. 121 West Washington-st.. or will be sold cheap for cash. Inquire at 128 West Washington-st. TO EE.VT—A LARGE WELL-FURNISHED ROOM, su and bath, front and aido view, to one or two gen' tlemoa. Private family. Inquire at 112 Park-ar. fpcfiRENT-SOITBS OF SIX ROOMS IN THOMP- X son's Block, suitable for housekeeping; modern Im proTomonU* on first and second floors (one comer). By WM. BL. THOMPSON. 229 West Madison-st. rRKNT— NICELY-FURNISHED LARGE BOOMS, Bditftbl.o for housekeeping; cook-stoves, water, clos ets, and oonvenlenoes. Inquire at 219 West Adams-st. rpORENT-THE FIRST FLOOR OF A. TWO-STORY JL hooao; fire largo room* and four large closets, and water on tbo same floor. No. 440 Norm Paulina-st,, throe block* from Milw&akee>av. cars. TO RENT— FINELY-FURNISHED ROOM, WITH closet; best location on the West Side: nawlj cal* chained and painted. Front rooms on the first floor, un furnished, suitable for business. 191 West Madison-st., Room 11. r RENT-NO. 683 OALUMET-aV., NEW 12-ROOM stone front, with brick barn, furnace, and gas-fix turea. F. GAYLORD. IS Reaper Block. TO RENT-TWO ROOMS IN MARBLE-FRONT building. Heat low. Inquire at 2W West Madison st.. In dry-goods store. rpo RENT-SIX ROOMS FOR SMALL FAMILY. NO A children. 161 Centre-av. rpO RENT-QUIET FURNISHED ROOMS TO GEN- J. tlemen and ladies. Address V 85, Tribune office. TO RENT-FINELY-FURNISHKD ROOM. SECOND floor, best location; terms moderate. 9£l Wabash ar., between Twenty-first and Twonty-soeond-sts. TO REftT—STORES. OFFICES. &c. Stores* rpo RENT—STORES—I99,2SI.B7O.4BI SOUTH CLARK -I*t Store and basement. 446 South State-st. 62 Pa cific-av. Stares 50 and 62 Fourth-av. Store 184 East Van Burcu-st. 739 Westlake-st., a first-class comer base ment. 193 South Clark-st.. with six side windows. Offices—Elegant banking-rooms in Speed's Block, be sides offices to suit any good class of business, and some sleeping-rooms. Offices and sleeping-rooms in Kentucky Block. 117 South Clark-st.. and in various parts of the city, by J. M. MARSHALL, House-Renting Agent, 97 South Clark-st. TO RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT. 108 AND 110 Store and basement, 212 Washlugton-et. Store and basement, 102 Randolph-st. Basements 167 and 169 Madison-sL Basement 251 Clark-st. Apply to WM. O.DOW, 10 Tribnne Building. TO RENT-LARGE STORE IN BRICK BUILDING, $25; also basement cheap. Slato-at., near Fourteenth. Room 43, 97 Clark-at. rpO RENT—3 STOKES ON MILWAUKKE-AV.. ONE A with fixtures; an old grocery aland. Apply at 334 West Randolph-st. TO RENT-CHEAP-COBNER stork, van bu ron-at. and Thlrd-av., 40x100. Good office, fire-proof vault, etc. Apply at 75 Van Buren-et. . TO RENT-MAY 1-STORE AND BASEMENT, 116 Franidin-st., noar Madison. R. M. OUTHKT, 160 LaSallo-st.. after 2 p. m. dally. r RENT—NO. 109 STATE-ST. (BOOKSELLERS’ Row), store, basement, and second floor, connected by elevator, together or separate. Apply to 146 Madison su. Boom 9. H. O. STONeT TO RENT-STORE 100 MADISON ST.. FORMERLY occupied by us; location firsUdass. Inquire at US and 120 Wabaah-av. WM. A- BUTTERS <k CO., Auc tioneers. TO RENT-3 LARGE STORES ON BLUE ISLAND av.. with Allures, fronting on Twolfth-st., suitable for dry goods or boots and shoes. Inquire at 253. TO BENT—THE 4-STOBY AND BA BEMENT STORES 15 and 17 Market-sU; also lofts in Garrett Building. Apply to O. LPNT. Room 17, Ilfl Waahiogton-sU TO RENT—CHEAP-STORE AND BASEMENT ON Markot-et.. near Madison; also some good offices (on second floor) and a few lame rooms suitable for light housekeeping, inquire of DR. J. A. MORRIS, Room 10 Central Union Block. RENT-A BRICK STORE, WITH GOOD CEL lar, and complete in all its appointments, comer Klston and Waubansia-avs., near North Chicago Rolling Mills. Rent low to a good tenant. Inquire at store. TO RENT-STORE .603 STATE-ST., WITH OR without five rooms, or either separate; cheap to a good tenant. Inquire on the premises. r BENT-NEW BRICK STORE, CORNER VAN Boren and Roboy-sts., S2O per month; good location. ritQ RENT—A FINE STORE 2lxffi SUITABLE FOR X retail business, 202 Van Buren-st.; very cheap. JOHN li. AVERY. 159 LaSsUo-st. TO RENT-BRICK STORK, NO. Ell STATE-ST. Also brick store, 95 SLxteenth-st. Inquire of J. HAR RIS at office of City Hotel, comer State and Sixteenth. rpO RENT-SPLENDID STORE WITH FIXTURES, X three rooms and basement; also comer basement. In quire atl246State-at., upstairs. TO RENT—STORE 929 WEST LAKE-ST. SEE owner 419 Wairen-av. TO RENT-TO PRODUCE OR COMMISSION MEN two more of those hoe store* in new block of nine, cor* ner of Market and Washlngton-sts. Inquire on premises, or Hoorn C Methodist Church Block. TO RENT-NEW BRICK STORE, 1330 STATE-ST., near Twenty-ninth; host location for dry goods, shoe, or olotblag business. Inquire op-stairs or at 884 State-st. TO RENT-FINE STORE-ROOM. WITH BARN, AT No. 791 West Madison-st., for $35; good stand for any respectable business. Large bam comer of Hals tod ana Hanisou-sts. R. KKNNBuY. 133 Dearborn-st., Room 10. rpO RENT-FIRST FLOOR AND BASEMENT, 88 X Lake-st.; also second floor, 90 Lake-st., directly op posite Tremont House. Inquire of G. H. HALLY, 8 Lake-st. TO RENT-FINE STORE, 22*60 FEET, 334 WEST Raudolpb-st., rear adapted for rooms, $25. Inquire at66LaSslie-st., Room 31. TO RENT-BRICK STORE NO. 376 MILWAUKEE av. Bent cheap. Inquire at 379 same building, up stairs. r RENT-STORE. VERY CHEAP. SUITABLE for any business; also rooms above, atl29Fourth-av. TO RENT-STORK AND BASEMENT, 116 FRANK lin-st.; near Madison-st. cars; has elevate*. R. M. OUTHKT, 160 LaSalla-st.. basement. TO RENT-TWO STORES. NO. 326 AND 328 SOUTH Clark-st.. and dwelling No. &46 Mlohigan-av.; will rent cheap to good tenants. 3. R. HAVEN, 124 Clark-st., Room 10, or F. W. SPRING ER, 153 Dearborn-st., Room rPO BENT MARBLE-FRONT STORE UNDER X Crow's Opera-Hall. Rent reasonable. Inquire at 511 West Madlsou-et. Store in good condition. N. S. GROW. TO RENT-VERY CHEAP-FINE BRICK STORE; No. 1 location for any business. Also large comer basement for barber shop, saloon, etc. Apply on the premises, northwest comer Lake-st. and Westem-av. r RENT-STORES NO. 566 AND 368 WEST LAKE st., and l-story and basement cottage, 1307 Shurt leff-av. F. H. AVERS, Boom 19, 87 Waehiagton-st. TO BENT—STORES AND BASEMENTS 877, 466, and 468 State-st.. only 840. Residences93o Wabash av. and94sLake-st. D. HARRY HAMMER, ISS.Madi son-et. rpo RENT-STORE. BASEMENT, SECOND AND X third floors, 123 East Lake-st. Stores 186 M, 201. 333, 236, and 315 South Clark, and basements 201 and 203, 2s, »*->> and 313 South Clark-st. Otficesin building 128 and 130, in Kentucky Block, and building 224 South Clark. Also, rooms en suite for families trenta low to good ten ants. Apply to office of M. McNEILL, 214 South Clark st.. Room 2. rpO BENT-BRICK STORE AND BASEMENT 2u3 X North Clark-st.* Good business location. Also, store 372 Clyboom-ar., 20x40, $lO. A. T. GALT, 95 Dear bom. TO RENT-STORK AND BASEMENT ON SOUTH Water-cU, near Clark. A. A. LATHBOP, 83 La- Salle-et., Room 24. rpO RENT-STORES IN THE NEW BLOCK ON X Markot-st., comer of Washington; a first rate locality forthe produce business. Apply to S. PAGE, 193 Wash ington-st., Room L TO RENT-FINE STORE ON SOUTH SIDE, 8 rooms above, sls. Room S 3 Reaper Block. TO RENT-CHEAP-STORE AND EIGHT ROOMS— The whole of the two-story frame house, 16x69, on northwest corner Stewart-av. and Barber-st. .opposite the machine and engine house of the P., Ft. W. AC. B. K., suitable for boarding and ealoon or other bosineas. A.M’DQNNELL, Room 34 Ewing Block. fPO RENT-STORE 376 TWELFTH-ST., SUITABLE JL for grocery; meat market next door; rent cheap. Apply on premises. fPO RENT-STORK, SUITABLE FOR GOOD BE- J tali business, with rooms in roar; good location; rent $25 a month. Apply at 382 South Morgan-st. TO RENT—A NICE HALF-STORE, 38 FEET DEEP, 368 West Madison-st. inquire of N. H. WINTER, on premises. rjpb RENT-VERY CHEAP -LARGE STORE OOR- J_ nor State and Qarrison-eU. Make your own price. P. O’NEILL. 183 State-rt. TO RENT—FIRST-CLASS STORE AND EASE meat on Uandolpb-st., near Dearborn. Apply at 33 East Randolph-sL TO RENT—STORE, 751 WEST MADISON-ST..BE twoen Lincoln and Robey. EDMUND A. CUM MINGS, 119 and 131 LaSaUe-et. TO RENT—STORE, 44 OLARK-ST., NEAR BHER man House; new building, good vault, and ail con veniences, with or without basement: rent reasonable to good party. EDMUND A. CUMMINGS, 119 and 121 LaSalle-st. TX) RENT-STORES. UO, 163, 170, 192, 211, 213, and 863 X West Madivm-et,; 77, 78, 14fl. 141. and 170 South Hal* sted-st., and others, by COLE, NEWELL A MOSHER, House Agents, ibß west Madlson-st. TO RENT—STORE AND DWELLING, ON WEST Lako-st., near Westem-ar., suitable for any purpose. Apply at 356 South Clark-at. TO RENT—CHOICE STORE AND SECOND FLOOR 109 State-st., near Washington. Apply to Wil. H. SAMPSON A Co., Real Estate and Rwntiny Agency, 144 LaSalle-st. TO KENT—STORES, LOFTS, AND BASEMENTS, with etoam power. Nos. 250 to 258 Fifth-av. Refit moderate to good tenants. Apply to WM. H. SAMPSON. A CO., 144 LaSalle-st. • ' TO RENT—STORES NOS. 215 AND 217 EAST RAN dolph*et* near Fifth2ox6o. Rent 560 per month. Apply to W.M. H. SAMPSON A CQ., 1U LaSalle-et. TO RENT-STORE AND TWO FLOORS ABOVE, No. 63 65 Lako-st., comer State. Size of store, 22x70; 10tt5,43x30. Apply to WM. H. SAMPSON A CO., 144 LaSallo-st. mo RENT—CHOICE STORE AND BASEMENT, 215 X Statc-ot. naar Adam*. Sfvj 24x137. Apply to WM. H. SAMPSON i CJ., Heal Estate and Bo aiing Agency, 144 LaSallo-st. ______ TO RENT-CHOICE STORES, 300 AND 3C3 RAN dolph-st., under A. L. Hale A Co.'s furniture boose. Size 40x165 to alley. Rent cheap- Apply to WM. H. SAMPSON A CO., Real Estate and Renting Agency, 144 LaSaUo-st. : SUNDAY, APRIL. 33. 1876-SIXTEEN PAGES. TO R.EMT—STORES. OFFICES. &o Otticoti. TO RENT—SPLENDID OFFICES IN THE HOWE Rnihilng, southeast comor of State and Jackson-sts., wlngla or eu suite, at loir rent. Inquire on premises. rpO RENT-SEVERAL DESIRABLE FRONT OF- X Scot on second and third floors of Fullerton Block. &1 Dearborn-st. Apply at Boom 4in the building. TO RENT-DESIRABLE OFFICES AND ROOMS for business purposes on the northeast corner of State and Jackson-ats., cheap to good tenants, by mark KIM. BALL. 235 State-at.. Roomß. TO RENT—LARGE OFFICE, SECOND FLOOR, 153 Randolph-st., near Sherman House. Inquire In bull ding. r RENT-OFFICES (FRESCOED) AND ROOMS in McCarthy Building, corner Dearborn and Wash* ington-sts., cheap to gooa tenants; also basement offico in same building. Inquire at Room 4. TO RENT—OFFICES, FRONT AND REAR IN suites: also sleeping-rooms, at 46 and 48 South Clark st., Boom 3. mo RENT—TWO SUITES ELEGANT OFFICES, X ' newly finished, and two single offices, os second and third floors, Bryant Block, northeast corner Dearborn and Kandolph-ats.: rates reasonable; elevator. Ac. Ap ply to Janitor. Room 85. TO BENT—OFFiCB AND DESK-ROOM VERY cheap. J. 8. JOHNSTON. Architect, Rooms 20 and 21 Hawley BoUding, comer of Dearborn and Madi son-its. TO RENT-THE DOUBLE OFFICE BASEMENT under Preston A Kean’s. 100 Waahlnirton-at.: also o(- fioe in same bnlldlng. Apply to O. LUNT, Room 17. TO RENT-OFFICES UN BUILDING NO. 3 MAR kebab; also store No. 2 Market-st., building No. 6 Markebat., and saloon corner Market and Lake-sts. Reasonable rent to good tenants. Apply to JOSEPH ULLMANN, 10 Markebst. npO RENT—A VERY FINE OFFICE, 30x50 FEET, ON X the comer of LaSallo and Adams-sta., nicely par titioned into four rooms, baa a fire-proof vamt with com bination look, and everything in nice order. Will rent the office at a very low pace to a good tenant. Callat Boom 19, 208 LaSalle-at. TO RENT-OFFICES IN FIRE-PROUP, FlßST elaaa Republic Life Bnlldlng, $lO per month and up ward, JOHN H. AVERY. 159 L^Salle-st, TO RENT-CHEAP. AT 126 SOUTH GLARK-ST., 3 large offices, 19x26. P. D. HAMILTON, Room 1. 128 ClirV-st. TO RENT-LARGE OFFICE, UP TWO FLIGHTS, with large vault; heated with steam, in Hawley Baildlng. ILL. HILL.B TO RENT-OFFICES ON SECOND FLOOR. 144 and 146 Madison-st,, suitable for law or any office busi ness; 9 rooms, with vault, chose: on a long loase.lf do aired. Apply at Room 9, 146 Madison-at, HT O. STONE. TO RENT-PART OF OUR HEAL ESTATE OFFICE or desk-room. NICHOLS, BRAGG A CO- 146 Dear bom-st. __ TO RENT-PART OF OFFICE ON FIRST FLOOR of 161 and 163 LaSalle-et, suitable for real estate of commission merchant. Inquire ofT. MAPLE, In office. rpo KENT-HALF OF A FIRST-CLASS OFFICE IS X dry goods commission centre. Terms reasonable. AddrossX 46, Tribune office. rpO RENT-PART OF PHYSICIAN’S OFFICE. CRN- X tmlly located, well famished; rent cheap. Address W 8, Tribane office. rpO BENT-DESIRABLE OFFICES ON THIRD X floor, and rooms for gentlemen on fourth floor, of Bstchelder Building, southeast corner Clark and Ran dolph. JOHN W. MARSH. 91 Washlogton-st. TO RENT—B 4 WASHINGTON'S!., DESIRABLE office with vault, closet, and water. F. B. HAMIL TON, Hoorn 9. 84 Waabington-at. - rpo RENT-OFFICES AND ROOMS IN BUILDING X corner Clark and Sooth Water-ate, Rent very low to permanent tenants. A. A. LATHROP, 83 LaSalle-st., Room 34. fpO RENT—WHOLE OR PART OF SUIT OP OF- X floes, Oriental Building, Boom 31. TO RENT—OFFICES IN SECOND STORYI93 WASH lngton-Bt., single or en suite, front or rear, with vaults and basins: very low rent, and veil adapted for com mission business. Apply to owner. Room 17, No. 132 La- Sallo-st. r RENT—TO PHYSICIAN, HOURS IN A OEN trally located and woll-fomlsbed office. Apply to Dr. BARNES, 163 South Clark-st., from 10 a. m. to 8 p. m. TO BENT—ELEGANT OFFICES IN FIRE-PROOF block, comer LaSalle and Adams-sta.; low rent for basement and upper floors. R. SCHLOESSER, 210 La- Sallo-at. TO RENT—BY HENRY C. MOREY, 95CLARK-ST.: Offices in building, northwest comer Clark and Madl aon-sts.: second floor, S9O; doable comer offices,|so; third floor, sl2; newly calcimined. TO RENT-DESK AND DESK-ROOM, IN FlßST class office and location. Apply at No. S Methodist Church Block, comer Clark and Waahington-sts. Torrent— d'eskroom on first-floor, no. 59 Dearbornat, Elegant office and oso of vault. Ap ply at 98 East Randolpb-st. Miscellaneous. TO RENT-A SPLENDID STAND FOB A BARBER shop or any other small business, on one of tbebest comen on the South bide. Rent reasonable. At 618 Cot tage Grove-av. r no RENT-A LARGE BRICK BUILDLVG AND X yard attached, suitable for storage or manufacturing, situated on West Side, adjoining Fart Wayne Railroad. Address T 25, Tribune office. TO RENT—CHE A P—T WO . TWO-STOBY BRICK stables, rear of 540 and 549 West Lake-st. Each with water, gas, stalls, harness-room, man’s room, water closet, and well sewered. Will rent singly or connect them if desired- Address L. G. FAIRBaNK, 540 West Lake-st. TO RENT-A PHOTOGRAPH! IGALLERY CES trally located, cheap. Alaoarovm 42x45 with light on two sides, for light msnufactnrinr. Call or address J. JOHNSON, 236 booth Water-st. r RENT—3 UPPER FLOORS OF 170 SOUTH Clark-st., with or without steam power. O. W. PIERCE, 143 Dearborn-et., Room 6. TO RENT—OR FOR BALK-BOCK AND YARD on Ogden's slip, comer of Batter and Twenty-fuurth sts., near Arcber-av. Inquire in office, or No. 97 Haa over-et. L. FRANZ, . TO RENT-THE 2-STORY AND BASEMENT BUILD ing No. 38 and 40 West Madisonn.. known as Great Eastern Restaurant. Xnanire oIP. AJ. CASEY, 41 and 43 Fifth-ar. rpo RENT-DOCK. OFFICE ASD SCALES, SUITA- X ble for coal men. Apply at 4 Vest Lako-at. TO RENT-LARGE BARN, MICHIGAN-AV. ■ BE tween Eighteenth and Twentleth-ats. Apply at 69 Lake-st- rpO RENT-LARGE LIGHT BASEMENT 40X50 X feet under Fanning’s billiard-hal, 112 and 114 East Kandolph-at. Good location for lager-beer or bowling ball. For partlcnlars call at Billiard-Hall. TO RENT—2-STORY BRICK BARN. CARRIAGE room and stalls for 3 horses; foot entrance from ave nue. Apply at 1009 Wabash-av. . TO RENT—THE LARGE AND VELL LIGHTED basement under brick building 148 and 150 North Hal sted-st. viaduct, suitable for business or light manufac turing, for half price. .rpO RENT—A LARGE BRICK BARN, IN FINE OR- X dor ;oan accommodate 6 horses. 3(8 West Washing ton-st., near Ann. TO RENT BILLIARD AND SAMPLE-ROOM. St. Caroline’s Court Hotel, and about $225 worth.of fixtures for sale, comer Washington and Klirabeth-sts. TO RENT—SIS MONTH, AN UPPER ROOM AND basement 2(1x50, light and suitable lor manufacturing shop of any kind. Rear 120 Dearbom-st. TO BENT-SECOND FLOOR. 234 STATE-ST., (COR ncrl; suitable for business, and particularly desirable for a dentist or doctor. WM. R. PROSSER, 215 State-st. TO RENT-3 FLOORS. 20x90, AT 159 FIFTH-AV., for wholesale: also a twelve-room house, TO RENT—AT 697 WABASH-AV., A BARN SUlT able for 4 horses, with carriages; has all conveniences. mORENT-A BRICK BARN ON FOURTEENTH-ST. X Apply at tho comer. No. 460 Michigan-ar. T~cTR E N T-B AR N 25x£oT“R KNT FE R MONTH, sls. Would rent for shop. 399 Micfaigaa-av. TO RENT—MEAT MARKET, NO- 60 NORTH SAN gamon-Bt., near Fulton, S2O. Inquire in grocery store* 63 North Sangamon-st.. near Faltou. mo RENT—WITH POWER AND ELEVATOR, X first floor and lofts. 31 South Canal-st. r PO BENT—FOR A FIRST-CLASS BEER HALL,THE X large basement 112 and 114 Raudolph-st., with an en trance to Fanning’s large billiard-ball, with oxcluaivo right to sell beer in billiard-ball: thU is a rare chance. Apply at onco to WM. H. SAMPSON A CO., 144 Lo fi all o-fit., Qtis Block- TO RENT—BASEMENT. 40 SOUTH OLARK-ST., between Randolph and Lake. JOHN H. O’BRIEN. TO RENT-AN OLD ESTABLISHED BAKING stand with largo oven, fixtures, bam-etc.; trade estab* Ushed; location good. Address K 97, Triboue office. TO RENT-LARGE WAREHOUSE ADJOINING Alton A St, Louis Railroad, near Uarrison-et, J. E. BURCHEIiL, HO Dearbom-aU rpO RENT-GOOD BARN SUITABLE FOR 3 OR 4 X horses; carriage room. Inquire at 233 Congress-st. WANTED—TO BENT. WANTED-TO RENT-SUITE OF UNFURNISHED front rooms, with or without board. Best of refer ence.- Private family preferred. Address 0 74, Tribune offico. WANTED— TO RENT—A COTTAGE OF 608 6 rooms, convenient to street-can, pleasant location; rent must be reasonable. Address N 94. Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE BY family of three, ilost be first-class. Address Q 81, Tribune othce. WANTED-TO RENT-2 OB 3 BOOMS BY THE 15th of May for a small family without children. North Side preferred. Address Y 2. Tribune office. TTTANTED—TO RENT—SUITE OF EIGHT OR IT more rooms, South Side, East of Clark-st., north of Harrison: state root, location, and number of rooms. Ad dress EKB, Tribnno otfice. \T7ANTED—TO RENT—3 OH 4 BOOMS FOB HOUSE* VV keeping; will pay from 84 to $lO per month. Ad dress ELLIS HANSON, 10 Wabash-sv. WANTED-TO RENT-2 OR 3 ROOMS, FURNISH ed or partly tarnished, for light housekeeping for self and wife; references. Address W 33, Tribune of fice. _j WANTED— TO RENT-FOB THE SUMMER. A furnished house of 8 to 12 rooms, modem improve ments roquired^CallMaylatlSWSouthJOearborn^Bt^ WANTED-TO RENT-PLEASANT SINGLE ROOM for gent without board. JAddress Z 76, Tribune of- WANTED-TO RENT OR BUY. WITHIN 25 MILES Tv of Chicago, a small, neat cottage, with garden and bearing fruit trees; would pay one year’s rent in advance, and be very caroful of a nice place. A. WELKER, 991 Butterfield-sU, orX44, Tribune office. . WANTED-TO RENT-ON ONE OF THE AVEN ues, north of Twonty-third-st., a large, nicely-fur nished house; will take owner and family to board. Ref erence given. Address V 6, Tribune office. WANTED— TO RENT—FURNISHED ROOM. NEAR comer of Madison Paulina-sts- Call to-day or Monday at 651 Madiaon-et.. np-atalrs. A. G. A. WANTED-TO RENT-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS for light housekeeping by man, wife, and two chil dren: Norm Side preferred. Address, stating price, P 23, Tribune office. WANTED— TO RENT—THE UPPER OB LOWER part of a two-story house. In good neighborhood, on South or West Side, by small family. Will pay promptly. Bent not to exceed $lO per month. Address T 33, Trib une office. \\T AJTTED—TO UEJfT—BV A YOUNG MAKKIEO VY conple £no children), -I or 5 rooms lorboußakoopiiiK: most bo on W o«t Side, and oast of Robey-at, Addriisior two days S 2-3, Tribune oiiice. WANTKD—TO HiSST-A SMALL FDRSISBKD Vi bouse for the aonunor; Rood references: no loml* ly. Address Yl9, Tribnno office. TITANTED—TO RENT—A QUIET COUPLE WANTS Vi rooms and good bam. or small boose, pleaiaptij lo cated; most be cheap rent* Address v 93, Tribune office. WANTED—TO BENT. WANTED-TO RENT-BY A GENTEEL COUPLE. »• a nice cottage or half of bouse. where there is a small family. Location Sooth Side, out of State-st., or In any of the •aborts. Flrat-claas references given and required. Address M, 906 Wabash-av. • WANTED-TO RENT-A HOUSE WITH FROM five to eight rooms, within short distance from the centre of the city; one with a baker’s oven preferred. Address A 0,137 Bast Adams. TVTANTED—TO RENT-ELDERLY LADY AND SON r rwant a vacant or famished house for care on til used. J. K. ROWLEY, 152 Dearborn. "WANTED-TO RENT FURNISHED ROOMS, < i with or without board, on South Side, near Twenty secood-st. Address, with terms. Q 909, Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT-ANY ONE DESIROUS OP leaving a famished house In careful hands for the sammdr months, may hear of a responsible tenant without children by addressing S 35. Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT-A ROOM IN PUBLIC building on Sontb Side by a gentleman: rent sot to exceed $lO or sl2. Address S 87, Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT-ONE OR TWO FURNTSH- T v ed rooms for light housekeeping in private family lor a family of two. S 22, Tribune office. WANTED-TO BENT—BY THREE ADULTS, A suite of throe or four unfurnished rooms in private residence, with modern conveniences. State location and terms. Address T 45,Tribona office. ■WANTED-TO RENT-2 OR S BOOMS FOR it housekeeping: family of two. References. Ad dress, with price, V 98, Tribnne office. WANTED-TO RENT-BY TWO LADY PHYSI i V clans, apartmonta suitable for offices in som* prom inent locality. Address DBS. UNDERWOOD A HUGHES. 809 Wabash-av. WANTED-TO BENT-ONE OR TWO UN FUR- V V furnished rooms, with nso of bam: Sontb or North Side, near lake preferred. AUGUST JIELSTED, 113 Dearbom-st WANTED-TO RENT-BY A YOUNG MARRIED VT couple without children, a small comfortably fur nished house, on the North Side, east of Clark-sb. or on LaSalle, north of Chlcago-av. WANTED-TO RENT-BY A GENTLEMAN AND i f wife, upper floor of two-story house, five or six rooms suitable for housekeeping; prefer West Side. Address A M, 209 Madlson-sU •WANTED-TO RENT-BY MAN AND WIFE; NO Vr children; 4or 5 pleasant rooms for lighthousekeep ing: state terms and locality. Address Y 23, Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT-IN A DESIRABLE LOCAL ity, a house completely famished, suitable forkeep ing boarders. Address W 38, Tribune office. "WANTED-TO BENT-PARTIES GOING AWaY it for the summer, and wanting good tenants (no chil dren) to look after house, who will only use two rooms and take meals oat, trill address X 37, Tribune office. Best of reference. -■ TfTANTED—TO RENT-A LADY DESIRES TO V I rent two unfurnished rooms, suitable for dressmak ing and living rooms. Address, stating locality and price, T 29, Tribune office. TITANTED-TO RENT-TWO OR THREE FUR- Vr niahed rooms for two persons, for light housekeep ing, in nice location, not to exceed sl4. Address V 92, Tribune office. WANTED-TU RENT-ROOMS IN GOOD LOOA tion. unfurnished except carpets, without board; no children. References given and required. State price and accommodations. Address V 77, Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT-PART OF STORE, &IADI- aon-at-, nearlialated, cheap. K 62 Tribune office. TITANTED—TO RENT—I WISH TO RENT A FUR- V V niahed room; most be within five minutes walk of State and Madison-sts. Rent not to exceed $8 per month* Address J M, Tribune office. WANTED-TO RENT-GOOD DWELLINGS AND flats. If you leave instructions with me I will ae cvra good tenants or make no charge. EDMUND O. STILES, 99 iladison-at.. Room 7. TIT ANTED—TO RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE. 6OR VT 6 rooms treat not over $25; near street cars. Ad dress R 5, Tribane office. WANTED-TO RENT-A FLOOR. IN A PRIVATE house on Wabash-av.. between Harmoo-coort and Twenty-first-at. Address immediately S, 99 Sixteentfa-st. WANTED-TO RENT-A SALOON, A BAR IN A hotel or restaurant preferred. Address Z 38, Trib une office. . WANTED— TO RENT—PART OP HOUSE, 408 6 rooms, for light housekeeping with respectable family, between Lake and Van Bnren, Peoria and Leavitt-sta. Good references and prompt pay. Address P 7&. Tribune office. FOR SALE. l?OR SALE-A SMALL LOT OF SCHOOL FURNI- X 1 tnre. In good condition; will sell cheap for cash or ex change -for morticing-macbino, carpet, or other fural tnro; will pay cash lor morticing machine if abargain. Call at 33 Grant-place. I?OR SALE-THE CHOICE OF TWO SAFES. ONE X' containing burglar-proof vault, very cheap. Inquire at 191 Laka-aU, np-stalrs. * TjlOR SALE-TWO BILLIARD TABLES,ONE POOL X? table, and gas fixtures. Inquire at No. 3 North Clark-st. For sale-ob excuange-what have you got to exchange for a nearly now hearse that cost $1,650? Address O 87, Tribune office. For salb-a' first-class milk cow at 89 Cottage Grove-av. TVtOR SALE-20 TONS OF CLOVER AND TIMOTHY F hoy at Dutchman’s Point, at $7 per ton; would ex change for a two-horse farm harness, new or second-hand. L. HALL, at 259 Randolph-st. ■DOE SALE-CHEAP-BOARD OP TRADE MEM XI berahip. Address Q 91. Tribuneoffice. FOR SALE—ONE LAWN-MOWER, AS GOOD AS new; will sell for sl3. No. 319 East Van Boren-at. 170 R SALE—S'A FOR A HOUSE; FOUR YEARS’ X? lease of lot; lot fenced. 660 Warren-av. FOR SALE-OFFICE FIXTURES AND RAILING cheap. JOHN H. AVERY ± UO„ 159 LaSalle at. FOR SALK-MARBLE SODA-FOUNTAIN, F.IQHT - ayrupe; Mathews', make; cheap for cash. 346 West Indiana-* t. For sale—or exchange for lumber, large size Herring safe with vault. HOYT, 83 Wash lngtou-at- F' OR SALE-BOARD OP TRADE MEMBERSHIP. State how much I can get for it. Address Q 4. Trib une office. For sale-a pair op trained goats, har ncas, and wagon. Apply at 787 Wabash-aT. or 146 Tbirty-nlnth-at. T7IOR SALE-GAME FOWLS—WARRANTED THO R- I? oogbbrod game. Also a few eggs. W. C. WHIT TLEBEY, 721 Warren-ay. FOR SALE-YACHT LUCY—THE YACHT LUCY la well known among tho sporting men of Chicago and bas taken a prise at every race bat one last season. Is In good condition for this season’s sport. WIU be sold cheap. Inquire of HENRY SCHEFFEL, No* 210 EastCbicago-av., city. FOR SALE-ONE BILLIARD TABLE, ALSO ONE pool table, both nearly new. Can bo seen at 479 Wa bash-av. For sale-or will exchange for sew ing-machine or good watch, a No. I collection of magic lantern slides. BURGES, 441 Caaal-st. For sale-a diving apparatus in first rate order. Apply to WM. MCDONALD, northwest corner Forty-firet-at. and Langlay-av. For sale—a marsh health-lift cheap for cash. Address Sls, Tribune offico. litOß SALE-DR. JOHNSON’S PORTABLE IPAR ) lor health-lift; affords a “dead-weight lift” of from 20 to too pounds: price only S3O, cheap enough to be af forded by every family; yields all tho curative and hy gienic effects of the heavy, bulky, and high-priced ma chines. For solo at 215 Lake-st., second floor. For sale-railroad outfit, what will you give for 17 scrapers, 12 wheelbarrows, and 3 plows 1 Y 74. Tribune office. For sale-assortment of billiard and ie ball pool tables cheap for cash or on payments, at 506 State-st., comer Taylor. FOR SALE—DIRT CHEAP-A SODA APPARATUS of Puffer’s manufacture—cost SBSO cash—and tumbler washer. cost $135, all in good working order. Price for both. $275. Inquire of MCDONALD BROS. A STILL. MAN. 206 State-st. (DOR SALE-STORE FIXTURES AT 153 TWENTY* r Bocond-at. FOR SALE-GAS-FIXTURES. NEARLY NEW. will bo sold at half price. Apply at 17 Johnson-place. FOR SALK-TWO NICE 4-LIGHT CHANDELIERS: just the thing for front and back parlor. CHARLES MATTHEWS, 75 Dearborn-st. TROR SALE-CHEAP, OR EXCHANGE FOR GOOD X) equities or farm, a powerful steam canal-boat in good repair. Z 9, Trioune office. For sale—a “ bent a coward n rbprig erator: fine size; in perfect order; costs7s; will be sold cheap. J. W. WOODARD, Twenty-fifth-at., be tween Wabash and Michigan-avs. FOR SALE-NEW AND SUBSTANTIAL BOARD partition, wall, with doors, etc., very low. Call at 71>4 Stato-Bt-, furniture store. For sale-a bargain-house, to move, with short lease. 161 Ceutre-av. L'Oft SALE-STORE TRUCKS AT HALF-PRICE, i? at WINNE A CAMPBELL’S, 144 East Lake-at. F" OR SALE—OH BAP. SET OF JEWELRY, OPERA glass, dentl't duo bill, suit of clothes (not soiled): cost $75, for S4O. separately or together; saddle and bridle, bedstead, hair mattress, oil paintings, easy chair, single harness, etc. 215 State-et., second door. tfOTt SALE-A FEW CHOICE DEMIJOHNS OF I? whisky, also some bottled goods, and 2 barrels of Peper whisky (6 years old), cheap lor cash. PETER OALOWKLU 747 Forty-tblrd-st. TjIOR SALE-A COMPLETE SET OF HANDSOME J} gas fixtures for tea rooms, very cheap, at 1437 Prairie av. * DIOR SALE-VERY CHEAP, A FINE LOT OF I* shelvlogs and counters, for a first-class cigar store. Inquire 99 West Madison-st. For salb-oheap. a soda-water gas gen era tor. Gee’s make, nearly new. WILSON «t DAVIS, Boom 3, 118 Kandolpb-st. For sale—a well-rented cottage, s rooms, to be moved May 1, 1877. Q 3)1, Tribune office. ITOR SALE-GAS FIXTURES OUT OF A 15-ROOM 1? hoove; alt in good order, as good as new. 196 East Oak-st., corner Franklin. FOR SALE—CHEAP; A BLACK WALNUT isaxC room counter, shelving. ga» fixtures, our tains, etc. Inquire at 593 South Caoal-at. For sale-at half price, some babcock Fire Extinguisher Company stock and bonds. Ad dross O 65, Tribune office. FOR SALE-A BABY CARRIAGE, CHEAP; PRICE SB. 78 South Paulina-st. For salr-a billiard table, balls, ooun tors and cues, for SB3; also a Babcock Fire Extin guisher for $35, in perfect order. Address O 55, Tribnno office. FOR SALE—SECOND-HAND AND NEW 2>ctuW cases. NORTHWESTERN SHOW-CASE MANU FACTORY, 3 and 4 East Woshiagtoa-st. FOR SALE-A LOT OF LOOKS WITH NlCKEL plated faces, strikes, and keys, for ss.soper dozen. Great bargain. A. W« wHitßi'kHj 141 Laxe-st., op stairs. ■ TPOR SALB-ALOT OF SILVER-PLATED KNIVES I* at $3 per dozen. A. W. WHEELER, 141 Lake-st. up stairs. • lilOR SALE-A NEARLY NEW 6-POOKBT POOL- X table, bar counter, etc., very cheap. Address Z 11, Tribune office. For sale—to be removed or taken down. The terse frame bon**, Nn263 W.Van Haren>«t. ;cheap. Apote to HENRY 11. SELDFELPT ± CO.. 1M Attempt. FOa'SALE-A. SMALL STOCK OF BOOTS AND shoos aadf imlthia? sood*. oa threo months* time?, with secarity. WM. ii. H.AKPKU, 93 MadUon-st. FOU SALE-CHEAP-NICKBL SILVER OUTSIDE showcase, Silver platers, rear 120 Dear bom*st. ' ijfOß SALK-BOARD OP TRADE MEMBERSHIP, i? $330 ; dues paid. Address N 17, Tribune office. FOB. SALE. For sale—a new counter, walnut top, adapted for a saloon or grocery store, entirely now, and at naif what it would cost to make. STREET A CHATFIELD. FOR SALE-FINE CYLINDER DESK AND OFFICE railing at 2M Wabash-av. TTtOB SALE—*4 FEET BLACK WALNUT UPRIGHT JD show-casing. with under drawers. Apply to JOSEPH BUTLER A CO- 90 Stato-st. second floor. FOB SALB-A LOT OF HOES, RaKES. MANUKK forks, pitchforks, and shovels, cheap. A. W. WHEELER, 141 Lake*L, ap-atalra. For sale—a bar and lunch-counter, gas. fixtures, crockery, and glassware, at half price. 243 Stato-st., RclomS. TpOR SALE—SOCKET FRAME CHISEL (IS). *4 PER JP set; bead planes, 25 cents. A. W. WHtiKLEB. 141 Lake-et., np stairs. For sale-lot of shelving, counters, and gas-fixtures at PETTLDONK’S. IflALaSaUe-st. For sale-a is-foot black walnut show case, cheap. No. 328 West Madlson-st., Room 2. F)R SALE-FIVE LARGE KETTLES. 8 BLACK mitha nxes. 6 anvils, sw edges, tongs, drills, punches, shears, chain, second-hand iron, nails, wire, picks, chisels, palloys, gearin'*. springs, saw-table and boring machine, burs planer, letter-press, etc. Apply at SPRINGER’S Iron yard, 68 Sou»e Olinton-st. For sale-a lot of new grate-bars in stock or made to order at 2 cents per pound. Other castings in proportion. Apply at 68 South Clinton-st. FOR SALE—A LOT OF NEW BAR IKON IN SIZES from % to *£ round, at 2J$ cents, regardless of rates. Also, all kinds of new and scrap iron cut to order at £ rices proportionate, at SPRINGER’S iron yard. 65 and I South Cllnton-st. FOR SALE-ONE LARGE SOLITAIRE DIAMOND and one cluster ring: also two watohes and chains. Address T 61, Tribune office. For sale-two black walnut counters, cheap for cash. 833 West Erio-st. FOR SALE-DOUBLE BARREL, BREECH-LOAD ing shot-gun, No. 13, mads by William Cstor, hon don. A bargain for cash. 288 Hllnols-at. TTIQB SALE-100 SETS TOILET WARE. SLOP JAR. X' foot tub. and water carrier; splendid goods, worth $5, for $3.26 and $3. A. W. WHEELER, Ui Lake-st., up stairs. FOR SALE-MEDIUM LARGE HALL’S SAFE, nearly now. NICHOLS, BRAGG A CO.. 146 Doar horn-st. FOB SALE-40 FEET OF STORE COUNTER, with drawers and bins, suitable for hardware business, all in good order. Apply at Office I and 2, 235 Stato-st. FOR SALE—A FINE COACH-DOG. 4 MONTHS old. Can be seen 331 Erio-st. FOR SALB-A GOOD BILLIARD TABLE. |36, AS 18ft bar counter, Hue lined, and handsome bar back, S3O, at 120 South Halsted-st. FOR SALE-TWO SECOND-HAND EMPIRE FUR naces, good as new, and a lot of second-hand cook acoves. 449 West Madison-st. For sale-cheap, a large stock of aus trian and Scotch pines, at the DuPage Count; Nor aery Bale ground, 357 Booth State-at. Porsale-gas-fdctures, nearly new, for 9 rooms, some with globes, at 101 North Dearborn-st- good saloon ioe-boxTan'awnl lag, and grocery counter. Apply at 623 west Lakc-st. For sale-a lot of wire picture cord and picture nails at very low prices. A. W. WHEEL* 15R. UlLako-et., up-stain. For sale-a lot of elegant h-inch nick el-platod cheese knives at 90 cents each. A. W. WHEELER, HI Lake-at.. up-stairs. TJIOR SALE—AN IMMENSE STOCK OP TABLB- J} knives and batcher-knives at very low prices. A. W. WHEELER, UlLake-eL, up stairs. For salb-a lot op fine clothes-wbing ers, $5.50 each; common ones, $1.73 each. A. W. WHEELER, 141 Lake-st., op stairs. For salb-a large lot op pressbd-pans. dish-nans, dippers, and kettles at a sacrifice. A. W. WHEELER. HI Lake-st., upstairs. FINANCIAL A A A -MONEY TO LOAN IN SUMS OF SI,OOO • toslo,ooo, at 10, 9, and 8 per cent, ac cording to securities. ISAAC A PRICE, 188 Madison-* Bt., Room 7. A A FOR SALE-A NOTE OP $750, PAYABLE AA. SIOO per month, at 9 percent interest; secured by over $2,500 of No. 1 chattels, well insured; will dis count 9100. Call at Boom 56 Exchange building, before 13 o’clock. Advances made on watches, jewelry, diamonds, revolvers, opera-glasses, books, furs, in struments. etc., etc.,at GOLDSMID’S Loan and Bullion office. SW bast Madison-st. Cash paid lor old gold and sil ver, gold dost, silver bars, precious stones, and valuables of every description. Unredeemed pledges for sale. Amounts of SI,OOO or more to loan on Improved real estate in Chicago or on Illinois farms within laO miles. B. L. PEASE, Reaper Block. Advances made on diamonds, watches. bonds, etc., at LAUNDERS* private office. 120 Ran dolph-at-. near Clark, Rooms Sana 6. Established 163 L BONbs“AND STOCKS^BOUGHT AND~SOLD,OOM merciaI paper and mortgage loans negotiated. Texas land scrip for sale. PERRY A HUNT. 85 Wa»hlngton-*t. CASH ON HAND TO LOAN ON CHICAGO erty in sums of SSOO, SI,OOO, $1,600, $2,000, etc. Want none bat the best securities, and will make inter est and expenses correspondingly low. SAM'L GEHE, Mortgage Loans, 114 Doarfoorn-st. FOR SALE-CLAIM ON CITIZEN’S BANK, dress Z Si, Tribune office. I HAVE SOME 8 PER CENT MONEY TO LOAN on good improved city property. JOHN C. LONG. 72 East Washington-at. I WANT $1,500 FOR SIX MONTHS: WILL PAY 2 per cent per month. Will give as security four times the amount in Eastern real estate, clear. P 62, Tribune I' FYOU DESIRE MONEY ON GOOD COLLATOR ala. I will loan yon $lO to SIO,OOO at less rates than brok ers. Mrs. SHOOK, 156 Washington-st., Room 58. L“OANS ONFURNITURE. PIANOS, AND HOUSES on leased lots at low rates. Address Q 93, Tribnne office. LOANS MADE ON GOOD COLLATERALS. $2,000 to loan for 3or 5 yean. W. OTTAWAY, 127 South Clark-st., Room 44. Money to loan in sums op SI,OOO and up. ward, fromß tolo per cent, on city real estate ae cority. 8. M. MILLAJtD, 152 Doarborn-st. Money to loan in sums' to suit, from s3uo to $25,000, at 8 and 9 per cent, on Chicago real es> tote or Illinois farms. Dr. S. PLACE, lifl Dearborn-st., i, basement. M'ONEY to LOAN AT 8 AND 9 PER CENT ON Chicago property. J. H. REED. New York, JOHN H. AVERY. Chicago, lj9 LaSalle-sL Money to loan at s and 9 per cent"fors or 5 years on Chicago real estate; tne snm of SBOO and $1,200. E. 0. COLE Jt CO., 144 Dearborn-st. ■\f ONEY TO LOAN IN SUMS OP $2,000 AND UP -IVX wards at 8 and 9 per cent. THEO. F. SWAN, Room 3 Tribune Building. Money to lend on improved property at lowest current rate*. GARRETT A THOMAS. SON, 125 Dearborn, Room 13. MONEYTOLOANONGOODCITYREAL ESTATE In sums of SSOO and upwards. JOHN W. MARSH A CO.. 94 Waahmgton-flt. •VfONKY TO LOAN ON ALL KINDS OF MER -IVI chandiso. taken in store; interest and storage at very low rates. Address THOMAS A. HILL, 123 Dear bom-st. • ■\f ONEY TO LOAN ON WATCHES, DIAMONDS, J.»X jewelry, sewing machines, household furniture, and wearing apparel. S 7 West Madlson-st. - Money to loan on improved Chicago real estate and Improved Illinois farms. GEORGE G. POPE A CO., Rooms 44 sod 46 Major Block. Money to advance on all kinds of per sonal property. furmtare. watches, diamonds, jew elry, etc. 177Ea»tMadt»oo-st..Rooml. J4L.REEDA CO. Money in hand to loan on chattel or collateral security. WILSON A DAVIS, Room 3, 113 Randolph-at. MONEY TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, pianos, sewing-machines, and other collaterals. Pri vate Loan Office, 125 Clark-st., Room 2, up-stairs. MONEY TO LOAN AT 8 TO 10 PER CENT. ON improved city property in stuns of SI,OOO and up wards. Apply at union Trust Co., 135 South Clark-st. Money to loan upon city real estate, or for short time upon commercial paper. J. K. RODGERS. Room 9, 132 LaSaUe-st. TiTONEYTO LOAN IN SUMS OF«1,500. $2,000. AND 111 $5,000. H. J. PBBT, 102 Washlngton-st., Room 15. \f ONEY TO LOAN-ON FURNITURE, PIANOS. i>X diamonds, houses on leased lota, and other securi ties. K. WINN’E. No. 190 Dearborn-st. rpO LOAN—S3,OOO OR $4,000 ON FIRST-CLASS SE- X entity for 3 orsyears. Call on R. F. NICHOLAS, 182 Madisoa-st, rno LOAN-A FEW THOUSAND DOLLARS AT 9 X and 10 per cent upon improved city real estate, or un improved at low valuation. G. D. PEASE, Reaper Block. TO LOAN—MONEY ON WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS, furniture, and other good collateral*. JAS. B. STOREY, 84 LaSallo-it., Room 25. rpo LOAN-MONEY IN LARGE OR SMALL SUMS X on real estate. Will purchase some good note*. 156 Waahington-st., Boom 35. TO THOSE WHO WISH. TO INVEST THEIR their money In collateral, chattel, and real estate securities, with large interests, in preference to deposit lag in worthless banks, national and Barings, with posters on tho doors: Owing to largo overdraft* from our country customers, correspondence, etc., wo are obliged to—-, please call on or send address for investment to J. J. 0. GILLESPIE. 99 and 101 Washiogtoo-sL, Chicago. T' O LOAN—MONEY IN LARGE OR SMALL SUMS on Improved property* FARRINGTON A HACK NEY, lUS Waahiogton-st. TO LOAN-ON FIRST-CLASS CITY PROPERTY, $2,600 at 9 per cent. Principals only address, with fall description, a 11, Tribune office. r LOAN— ON IMPROVED CITY OB GOOD farms. $3,000, $3,000, and $5,000, D. M. GRAHAM, 123 Deatborn-st. • r LOAN—A FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS ON DlA mond* or any good security, at reasonable rate of In terest. Address o 89. Tribune office. TO LOAN-SMALL SUMS, SHORT TIME, COL lateral security. Address Q 25, Tribune office. TTrANTED—SSOO OR S6OO ON GOOD BEAL ESTATE VV security fori year or leas. Address R 97, Tribune offloe. . WANTED— $4,0C0, 5 YEARS. ON WABASH-AV. IM proved property, ail clear and good title. H. WHIPPLE. 104 Washlogton-at., Boom M. WANTED-A LOAN OF $40,000 ON IOWA FARMS, buildings, unimproved land, and improved town property: security perfect; will pay 10 per cent. Address ASA C. CALL, Algous, la. TTTANTED—MONEY—A PRESENT OF SSO TO THE VV owner of SI,OOO for its use 1,2, or 3 years; security first-class and good interest. Address A 28. Tribune office. WANTED-TO BORROW $1,600 FOB TWO YEARS on note with first-class indorsers. Address S 40, Tribune office. WANTED— $3uo FOR BOR 13 MONTHS AT 10 PER cent; will deposit as security an absolute warranty deed for lot* worth $900; if money Is not paid when agreed, lots to belong to person advancing tns money. Address K 38, Tribune office. WE LOAN MONEY ON SHORT TIME IN SUMS of SIOO to $10,000; long time on city real estate and farms, in sums not less than $2,000. ENOCH HOW ARD A CO., Room 4. 71 Washlngtun-st. W'ANTED-SSOO X-'OR ONE YEAR. WILL PAY 20 per cent and good real estate security. Y W,Trib une office. WANTED-TO BORROW—SLOOO OR $2,000, AT 10 per cent Interest, for one or two yean, on very do strabl* nnineombered wighUmt Psik property. Address P i. Tribune office. FINANCIAL. WANTED--TO BORROW 55.0C3 FORTWOYEARS on accood on productive prooertv where my equity is $40,000. Address ft SO, Tribuna office. ai T y ANTED—A LOAKof «,0»POR WVK YEARS, »», interest not more than 8 par cent. The best kind of real estate or other security. Wish to deal directly with tbe landor. Call at Boom w Major Block, cornurLaSalls and Madison-sts. "* \\T ANTED— BORROW—33OO TO SSOO WILL Tf give good seoarity. Call at-kHStato-aU^ \\T ANTED—34OO FOR ONE YEAR OR MORE* vV WIU pay 10 par cent interest, with, good security! Agents need not answer. Address T 54, Tribune office. TyANTED—S3,OOO FOR 6 YEARS AT 8 PER CENT vt on improved South Evanston property near depot. WUI pay small con»nii«<na. Address x 44. Tribune office. VW ANTED-$3.000 TO «10,C0U ON UNIMPROVED ’ 7°rth five times tfao loan asked; will pay going rates. 891, Tribune office. W A ?i? ED r TO BQ RRCW 9L500 FOR 6 MONTHS; .Ilnwvii ?;T,P erC *oc n rtty. seven buildings valued at SIO,OOO. Address.P 65. Tribune office. lV^™s[rnK„ac" Y nit:iT - CLASfi SECUR - 8 f?.. SSK this vicinity. W. At. WIIXNER, la LaSall»-ot., Room I, Q 1 nnri 3500, s%ooq. and larger amounts! VI»”UU, to loan on city property or farmst A 9 ami 10 per coot. PETERSON A BAY, BM Randolph**' G 1 000 TO LOAN ON CHICAGO t?X. UUU property. 146 Dearborn-st. M. TOBIN. Q 1 non *5.000, 36.000. AND OTHER SUMS TO Oi. UU\J» lean at 9 per cent on Chicago real estate. BRYAN LATHRQP, 94 Dearborn-si. QO znn TOLOANONCHIOAGOREAL-KSTATE ua.OUU acourity. WILLIAM H. KINO, ISO Clark-aL QO *nn TO I-OAN ON CHICAGO REAL E - pi/.yUU tate at ourronl rates. F. O. LYMAN. Room 38.107 Dearborn-st, qa nnn my own money to loan at low VT.I/Ul/ rato for five years. Only principals dealt with. Address, with particulars. S 62, Tribune office. Qk non TO LOAN ON IMPROVED CITY SK- curlty; good terms. Apply at Room 49 Metropolitan Block. <sl nnn TO LOAN at s and a pkr ctiN i*.: wUU will deal with principals only; our owa money. Address P 98, Tribune office. enno nnn-toANs negotiated, city ViUL/.UuU real estate, railroad aud other bonds, commercial paper; $500,000 worth of real estate to ex change. 13 Exchange Building. LOST ANO FOUND. A "LIBERAL REWARD WILL BE GIVEN FOR the return of a bright-yellow canary-bird with dark cap, escaped from 1083 Wabash-av. on Sunday morning lost. Found- a qenps gold ring on.westmadi son-at. Owner can (ret the same b; proving property and paying for advertisement. No. 83 South Psoria-st. Lost-on statb-st.. between twenty fint and Twonty-second-sts., Tuesday evening. the lower part of Roman gold ear-ring: the finder will please leave It at the Tribnne office and receive reward. LOST— APRIL20, LARGE, FAT. WHITE POINTER •lot, liver-colored spots on ramp. Bhouldor, and ears. Liberal reward paid for her return to 501 Beldeo-av. LOST— A BRINDLS BULL-DOG. WHITE SPOT on forehead, and two teeth out in front; finder will be liberally rewarded by A. BOOTH, 007 Mlchigaa-av. Lost— an onyx and gold kar-rino. in the neighborhood of Washington and Halsced-ais. Kinder will be liberally rewarded If returned to LaPierre Homo, corner Washington and Ilalsted-sts. Lost— near the corner of Washington and State-sts., an account book marked H. It- A Co., account with J. L. The tinder will be liberally reward ed by leaving it at Room 2, U. S. Express Building. Lost-bunch op keys—finder will be suitably rewarded by HENRY WALLACE. Room 12, Oriental Building, 122 LaSallo-st. Lost— on Friday a small gold bracelet. Inscription inside. * ‘Carrie, from Joe; Christmas, 137 L" Valued as a gift. Finder will bo rewarded by leaving It at Room 20 Merchants* Building. LOST-A BLACK NEWFOUNDLAND DOG. white spot on hfwhreavt. A liberal reward will be paid for bis return to £i North Sangamon-at. LOST-POCKET-DIARV, CONTAINLNG PAPERS only valuable to owner: also photographs.. Finder will bo rewarded by leaving atßoozn 5 Dearborn Budding, Madison-sL, corner Dearborn. • LOST-ON FRIDAY MORNING, BETWEEN THE hours of 6 and 7. one largo Newfoundland dog, threu white foot, and whito tip ou end of tail, answering to the name of Dick. Return the same to tne rear of CM West Adams-st.and receive a liberal reward and no questions asked. LOST-OR STOLEN-A DARK-RED COW. WITH a bob-tail and short* horns: misled on the 23d of April: $5 reward will be given by the owner, THOMAS MALONE, 1567 Arnold-st. T OST-FRIDAY EVENING. ON STATK-ST.. NEAR 1 1 Polk, asm&llblack-and-tandog; has large cars, tail broken, has two scars on the hack, and a leather collar on. As she is & family relic, and is treasured very highly, we wUI pay a handsome reward if returned to 238 State-at. (np-staus), between Jackson and Van Boren-sta. ■ LOST— THE NMGHTOF THE ELECTION, INTO 11 Sherman Hoosc, a diamond stud. Will give party retaming it as much reward as bo can gat elsewhere. No questions asked. D. W. MILLS, Room 3, 145 Clark-st. LOST-MONDAY MORNING LAST, iVEAR THH corner State and Harrison-st., a mink boa. Please return to 4CB Stato-at. and bo rewarded, as it was highly valued by loser. T OST-AN ONYX AND COLD LOCKET WITH I i tnnnvgram S. G. M. on it. A liberal reward will be paid if returned to 268 Madiaou-st. LOST-BLACK NEWFOUNDLAND DOG ON April 23, feet, breast, and tip of tail white, slightly lame In right hind leg. A liberal reward will be paid fos returning the samo to No. 233 South Canal-st, LOST-A STRING OF RED GARNETS, IN A RAN, dolph-st- car, from Ann sC. to State. A reward will be given to finder by returning same to 13 and 14 Doar born-st. ' STOLEN— HORSE AND BUGGY—SORREL HORSB, 12 years old, left hind-foot white, and tome white la forehead. Box buggy. without too. n-'wly p»jnfari black, harness old and worn. Stolen from Miehigan-av.. corner Van Buren-st., Friday, April 38. A reward will be paid for return of same. SCHUKEMANI HAND MANTEL COMPANY, corner Michigan-av. and Vaa Boron-Ht. STOLEN-FROM OFFICE ROOM 38, 126 WASHINO ton-st., coat containing memorandum book, papers of no ralno only to subscriber. A liberal reward and no faction* asked for return of books and papers. A. J. '. PBEVOST. of Provost A Wheeler.', __ There was left at jiy barn. Sunday, April 23. by a party that bad a runaway, -one open, one-seat California baggy; would like to hare the ownefe tako the same a way ana pay charges. OHAS. MATH» KWS, 75 Dearborn-st, Taken up-a roan pony—had on saddle and bridle- Owner can find same at No. 17a South Paulina-st. , • £» - REWARD WILL BE PAH) FOR THE RETURN of a young coach-dog with one watch eye, lost Irons 965 Prairie-ar. OC REWARD—THB PARTY WHO .BOUGHT black-and-can dog of Mr. Bnmwasser, will get th» above reward by calling there, _ QC FOR RETURNING TO 172 SOUTH SANGAMON it. a young Newfoundland dog wearing leather collar: black, with white spot on breast. REWARD FOR THE RETURN OF THOSW short-handbooks taken from our office.and no questions asked. Address X 33. Tribune office. bOC REWARD—FOR THE RETURN OF WATCH and chain taken from 16 South May-st. April 24; $lO foreoat; no Questions. MACHINERY. A LARGE STOCK OF NEW AND SECOND-HAND machinery, engines, boilers, pulleys, steam-pumps, etc., in store and to arrive, lor sale at the Garden City Machinery-House, bl South Canal-st. Second-hand ma chinery, engines, and boilers wanted. ATT. S. A A. J. KIRKWOOD’S. 171 LAKE-ST., steam-engines, pumps, and boilers, all sixes, iron and wood-working machinery, belling, supplies, Johns As-, bestos materials. Fob sale— cheap—smai-l excise sditabliT for yacht or hoisting. 103 South Canal-st. PiQR SALE -la-lIOKSB BOILER AND ENGINE used 4 months; cost $1,200; will bo sold foe $330 cash. Address Z 82. Tribune ottice. FOR SALE-DOUBLE ENGINE FOR YACHT, 6BY 6 in. cylinder, with link motion, at 47 and 43 South Jcfferson-st. JAMES MARTIN. FOR SALE—CHEAP—3-HORSR POWER ENGINK and boiler. In good order. Apply at 213 and 215 Kin zle-st. _____________ FORSALB-CHRAP-PORTABLE ENGINE AND No. 3 Parker punching press, warranted. 31 Canal-st. EOrt SALE-ONE STEAM BOILERI4 FEET LONG. 3H feet in diameter, with 44 flues.. In addition, steam gauge, water gauge, mud drum, a No. ft Blake pum % etc., and everything as good as new. Inquire of C, r. PE&IOLAT or A. G. FISCHER, 36 and 38 Adamant. For salk-a 24-inch french burr-stonb mW,complete, cheap. 259 South Halated-st. *\ FACHINISTS OR AMATEURS TO SEND FOR IVL clrcalarof emrine-lathe, foot or power; price $l5O. JOHN 11. BRYANT A CO., P. O. Bor 160. Chicago. HL WANTED-A 10 OR 12 FIORSEMPOWER ENGLNB for two weeks. A. J. LATHAM, SO Sooth Water. TIT ANTED—A TREAD HORSE-POWER MACHINE, Vv with jig-taw and cut-ofl mt. Address JB, 54 Far rell-at. WANTED— TO BUY A SECOND-HAND THRESH log machine, hone power. Address SWETT A CROUCH. Room 1.167 Clark-st. CLAIRVOYANTS. AWONDER-TBB celebrated gypsy palm* Ist. She can be consulted at 206 Milwankee-ar.; fee sl. *D ASTIAN ± TAYLOR, if ATERIALIZIN G SEANCES X> Snnday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening* at 130 East Adams-st., corner Flfth-av.. Room 27. Dr. witheford’s last seance at 133 west Madlsoo-st., to-night at 8; seat*. 60 cent*. no SEE THE SEVENTH DAUGHTER, THK IT wonder of the world la telling the past, present, and future; tells how to recover lost and stolen articles; brings separated togetherthrongh charms;make#homes happy. Satisfaction riven or no pay. Can be seen from 9 a. m. to 9 p.m. 164 North Oort U-st., near Indiana. Know thy destiny-madam London. world-renowned European clairvoyant and dootress, can be consulted on all affairs of life, at US Sooth Hal sted-et. ■ Mrs butt, natural clairvoyant, test »mi business medinm; fee $L 983 West Mad iaon-st. . MME. MILTON WILL TELL THE PAST AND future, set luck for all those la business. 813 South Clark-st., Boom 10. Madam milson. olaibvoyat fro ladies only), removed to MO, State and Twenliath-sta. Er tabliahea 1865. MBS. A. A. SHAW, CLAIRVOYANT. TEST AND business medium. Fee sl. 377 West Madlson-st. Circles this evening. Madame stakklov, gypsy fobtcne-tell. er. 366 Csatre-av. Indies only—feo SO eenta. OUEEN OF SPIRITS, BUSIN ESS MEDIUM, TELLS true past, present, and future. 526 South Btate-st._ 70 ZJ3ASE. mo LEASE-TOR LOWTKRM Of YEARS AND LOW X rate, lot 20x180 feet on Randolph-st.. No. 233. near Market. Apply to O. LUNT. Room 17. ll)2 Washington. rpo LEASE-50 FEET ON WABASU-AV., NORTIt X ol Forty-tevcnih-si., east front; long term. Address Z SB, Tribune office. TO LEASE—FRUIT FARM IN PINE ORDER, easy terms, or permanent interest would by given tQ right party. Call mNoronooa or address 171 Clark-st*, basement. ROBINnON. i 5

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