Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, April 30, 1876, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated April 30, 1876 Page 5
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SUPREMACY. Hie Relative Circulation of "The Tribune” and Its Morning Contemporaries. The Only Paper of General Circu lation in the City of Chicago. Row It Beads the “Times” and “Inter-Ocean ” All Over Town. (Riy It Is the Greatest Advertising Medium In the Western Country. Hr. George C. Cooper, having bad occasion, in be course of bis business as a canvasser, to call at nearly every business block, warehouse, store, factory, office, shop, and saloon la the city, as rell as at a considerable number of dwellings n the residence quarters, has carefully in quired what morning caper, if any, the occu pants and residents subscribe for. The result sf Ins inquiries from Jan. 17 to April 25 he baa famished The Tribune, and it is given below to detail On comparison-of his figure* with those of The Tribune circulator, who has ffiarge and control of the subscription lisle, pving his orders by wholesale, we find Mr. Cooper’s report to bo accurate. The compari son which the figures afford of the circulation of Tub Tribune • with that of the other nty morning journals will make clear why it is jhftt Tpk Tribune retains the immense prepon derance of the advertising patronage, and why kdvertisors find it to their interest to advertise in to Tribune. Its circulation is not of the pack-alley sort, nor dependent upon occasional sensational or scandalous articles. It is read regularly by business men, manufacturers, mer chants. and reputable citizens who have suf ficient interest in the news to subscrioe regu larly for their paper, and who, to get the news in reliable shape, subscribe for The Tribune. I a the character of the constituency of a news paper that determines the quality of its circula tion and its corresponding value as an advertis ing medium. Beiders m the slums and back dleys who occasionally invest a nickel in a news paper are not the class whom advertisers desire to reach. Business men, manu facturers, merchants, and substantial, re futable citizens who can afford to take iheir paper regularly, subscribing for it an fiuuiy, are precisely the people advertisers would reach. Such precisely, as the figures dis pose, are tfao readers of The Tribune ; adver tisers know it even without having the figures before them, which is why they find it pays to tdrortise in The Tribune. THE SOUTH DIVISION. District—South Ciark street, from Jackson to twelfth : Sells made 241 tribune subscribers 51 nmea subscribers . 5'J Inter-Oreao subscribers 1G tike no morning p.psr .115 District—East side LaSalle street, from Wash ington to Adams: Calls mde. ..249 Tribune subscribers 151 Kmes subscribers 76 Inler-Oceoa subscribers 19 Take no morning paper 3 \ District—West side LaSalle street, from Mad son to Van Boren: Sails made 277 tribune subscribers 197 times subscribers C 6 tnter-Ocean subscribers..... 1C take no morning paper 6 District—West side LaSalle street, from the liver to Madison street: fclli made 259 tribune subscribers 197 times subscribers 4G Inter-Ocean subscribers..... 7 take no morning paper. 9 District—State street, from Thirty-second Itreet to the Burlington crossing ; laDs made 272 tribune subscribers 106 times subscribers 71 tnter-Ocean subscribers 3 Take no morning paper. 92 District—Cottage Grove avenue, from Twenty jecond street to Thirty-second; State street, from Twenty-secrad to Thirty-second; and loath side street, from State to Michigan avenue: Balls made 354 tribune subscribers 137 rimes subscribers 90 Inter-Ocean subscribers 7 Take no morning paper. 120 District—State street from Twelfth to Tweuty tecond,and north side Twenty-second street from State to the lake ; Tills made 3C9 Tribune subscribers 126 times subscribers 93 faiter-Ooean subscribers 7 Take so morning paper 143 District—East aide of State street from Wash bgton to Twelfth: falls made 217 Tribune mbs ccibeta 124 Tunes subscribers 33 5a ter-Ocean subscribers 2 take no morning paper 58 District—West side of State street from Waah fegton to Twelfth: tails made Tribune subscribers.... Times subscribers Inter-Ocean subscribers Take no morning paper. District—Monroe street to Harrison, from Dark west to the river: Balia made 21: Tribune subscribers 132 Times subscribers th inter-Ocean subscribers IS Take no morning paper 42 District—Between State street and the lake, from Randolph street to Van Boren Calls made Tribune subscribers Times subscribers tnter-Ocean subscribers fake no morning paper District—Monroe street, west of Clark, to river Calls made H 3 Tribune subscribers.... Times subscribers tnter-Ocean subscribers Take so morning paper. District—Between Washington. Clark, Mon- Joe, and the river: giber of calls 234 tone subscribers 242 es subscribers 34 r-Ocean subscribers.. 22 fake no morning paper... District—Randolph street, from Dearborn to the river, and cross-streets between: Number of calls tribune subscribers times subscribers tnter-Ocean subscribers.... taks no morning paper.... District—Water street, from Dearborn to La bile : K umber of calls .281 tribune subscribers 183 timet subscribers 34 Inter-Ocean subscribers 22 take no morning paper 42 District—Lake street from the Central depot Jo the nver, and Wabash avenue, State and Dear born streets. north of Lake: Number of calls tribune subscribers times subscribers Enter-Ocean subscribers Ko morning paper taken District—Fourth avenue, both aides, between Van Boren and Twelfth streets: Number of ca 115..... Tribune subscribers times subscribers Inter-Ocean subscribers taka no morning paper,.., • District—CUifc atieat from Hadison to the hv»r: Calls made Tribune subscribers..,. •Simas subscribers Inter-ocesa subscribers ■Take no morning paper,. District—Washington street from LaSalle to tne nver, and the district west of Clark • and •outn of Madison, occupied by coai-yards, etc.: Galls made,... 345 Tribune subscribers ,**.*.. .*.*.*.*.*.*' .**.*.*.*.121 Times subscribers ... 71 Outer-Ocean subscribers 16 Sake no morning jape; 37 _ District—North side Archer avenue, from State Ctrest to Halsted; Calnmet avenue from Cottage Grove aye&ae to Thirty-lint street; Cottage Grove avenue, from Douglai place to Thirty ninth street: Calls made 283 Tribune subscribers 102 Time® eubicribere 36 Inter-Oce&n subscribers 3 Take no morning paper 132 District—Wabash and Michigan avenues, from Twenty-ninth to Thirty-first streets; Thirty-first street from State to the lake; Wentworth ave nue from Twenty-second; Twenty-second street from State to Archer avenne; south side Archer avenue from Twenty-second to State: Calls made Tribune subscriber*,... Times subscribars Inter-Ocean subscribers. Take no morning paper.. District—East aid, Wabash avenne from Twelfth street to Twenty-second; State from Eighteenth to Twenty-second; Eighteenth from State to the river: Calls made .....266 Tribune subscribers. 33 Times subscribers 38 Inter-Ocean subscribers 4 Take no morning paper 141 THE WEST DIVISION. District—Dospluoea from Harrison to Ran dolph; Emzie from North Clark to the bridge; Calls mads 262 Tribunes 39 Times 66 Inter-Ocean- 3 Take no morning paper 104 District—West Lake areet, from river to San gamon ; Number of calls 266 Tnbune subscribers 92 Times subscriders Inter-Ocean subscribers 7 Take no morning paper 112 District—Twenty-second street from Blue Island avenue to Lumber street, and Lumber to Sixteenth: Number of cills ~201 Tribunes taken... 131 Time* taken 29 Inter-Oceans taken 4 Evening and foreign papers 37 District—West Bandolph street, from Hoisted to Union Park: Calls made.. 1 2SO Tnbune subscribers 103 Times subscribers 74 Inter-Ocean subscribers 7 Take no morning paper 91 District—South Hals ted street, from Madison to Twelfth; C*U« made 309' Tribune subscribers 97 Times subscribers 79 Inter-Ocean subscribers 5 Take no morning i>aper'. j , ~...123 District—West Madison street, from Ashland avenue to the railroad crossing : Calls made 253 Tribune subscribers #6 Times subscribers SI Inter-Ocean subscribers 19 Take no morning paper 97 District—South Canal street from Madison to Jackson, and from Canal to Halated, between Madison and Jackson: Calls made 235 Tribune sucscribers..... 79 Times subscribers 63 Inler-Ooean subscribers 22 Take no morning paper 71 District—Wicker and Humboldt Parks : Call* made..l. 112 Tribune subscribers,,. 17 Time* sunscribers 4 Inter-Ocean subscribers 1 No morning paper token 911 District—Chicago avenue from the river to Ashland avenue, North HaUted street from the liver to Kmzie, North Desplaines from the river to iuozfe: Colls made 264 Tribune subscribers 81 Times subscriber*,.... 74 Intor-Ocsiu subscribers 2 Take no morning paper 108 District—West Indiana street from the river to Ashland avenue: Calls made 237 Tribune subscribers 92 Time* subscribers 5 G Intcr-Oceon subscribers 12 Take no doming paper 137 District—Milwaukee avenue, from Carpenter street to Division: Calls made 384 Tribune subscribers 91 Times subscribers 48 Inter-Ocean subscribers,.... 3 Take no moraine papers 242 District—Milwaukee avenue, from Kiuzie street to Carpenter: Calls made 225 Tribune subscribers 83 Time* subscribers 37 Inter-Ocean subscribers 4 Take no morning paper 101 * District—Prom Halsted street to the river, be tween Madison and Bandolph: Colls made 214 Tribune subscribers 93 Time* subscribers 51 Inter-Ocean subscribers 5 Take no morning paper 60 District—Lake street, west of the river, to H&lsted and Canal streets, from Bandolph to Kinzie: Calls made 263 Tribune subscribers 97 Times subscribers 68 Inter-Ocean subscribers 11 Take no morning paper 97 District—Blue Island avenue from Harrison street to Twelfth : Calls made 241 Tribune subscribers 89 Times subscribers 41 Inter-Ocean subscribers 4 Tate no morning paper. 107 District—West Randolph street from the river to H&lstcd: Calls made 215 Tribune subscribers 76 Times subscribers 43 Inter-Ocean subscribers 4 Take no morning paper. 93 District—East side Halstod street from Madi son to Twelfth, and west side Harrison from Madison to Blue Island avenue : Calls made ,221 Tribune subscribers .. 92 Times subscribers 34 Inter-Ocean subscribers 11 Take no morning paper 84 District—South side Madison street west . of the river to Ashland avenue. ...302 . .113 Calls made Tribune subscribers...,. Times subscribers Inter-Ocean subscribers. Take no morning paper. District—North side of Madison street, west of the river, to Ashland avenue: Calls made 216 Tribune subscribers ...107 Times subscribers. 38 Inter-Ocean subscribers 6 Take no morning paper 66 District—Halsted street, from Twelfth to Canalnort aveuue, aud Twelfth street from Halsted to Blue Island avenue : Calls made 268 Tribune subscribers lui Times subscribers 26 Inter-Ocean subscribers... 1 Take no morning paper 130 ~..213 ~..132 District—Canal street, from Twelfth to Canal port avenue, and Twelfth street from Halsted to the river: Calls made 22S Tribune subscribers 03 Times subscribers 24 Inter-Ocean subscribers 2 Tako no morning paper. 107 THE NORTH DIVISION. District—East aide Clark street, from Kinzie to Division; west side Clark from Division to Chicago avenue; Division from Clark to Sedg wick ; and Wells from Division to Chicago ave nue : Calls made .*....304 Tribune subscribers Times subscribers 35 Inter-Ocean subscribers 22 Take no morning paper us District—Between North Clark street and Wells, from Chicago avenue to the river, and Hiozie street from Clark to Norih Pier: Calls made Tribune subscribers ... Times subscribers.*. Inter-Ocean subscribers Take so morning paper. District—North Wells street, from Chicago avenue to the river: Calls made.................. .....SO3 Tribune subscribers 143 Times subscribers 23 Inter-Ocean subscribers 7 Take no morning paper. 131 State of I 9, County of Coot, es.: George Clarke Cooper, of lawful age, being first duly sworn, deposes and saith that be personally canvassed the districts above speelfled in the City of Chicago, for the purpose of ascertaining the circulation of Thb Tmbuke, 2‘ivut, and Initr-Octan newspapers re apectively, beginning about the 17th day of January, 1870, and completing the same on the 25th day of April, 1876, and that upon full and careful Inquiry the results as by him ascertained were as above set forth, and that the same as above given are true to the beet of his knowledge and belief. Gkobqs C. Coopkb. Sworn to and subscribed before me, a Notary Public in and for said county, this 29th day of April, 1876, [».. i BaUttxotf H. Wauuth, HoUtl PabU* ~.316 ...153 ...103 THE CHICAGO TRIBUTE; SUNDAY. APHiL 33, 187^—SIXTEEN PAGES. REAL ESTATE. The lioan Market Dull—Compaq ative Exhibit of Business. Few Important Sales Last Week- Capitalists in the Market. Activity in Renting Houses and Stores-' Building Permits—Miscellaneous. THE LOAN MARKET. BUSINESS LIGHT. Business the past week shows but little im provement on the previous weeks of this dull month. Applicants for money are few, and there is hut little prospect of any immediate improvement. The rates of interest continue unchanged, and payments are being satisfac torily met. COMPARATIVE STATEMENT FOR THE WEES ENDING APRIL 29. Considers-! ; Considers- No. tion. | No. j lion. Instruments. 199. $452,245 250| :$694,498 331 64.838. 68' 233,567 Trust-deeds. Mortgages... 332 1 $517,103) 308| Aggregate. • , ! 183>, Beleases, ENT VSOU APHID 1 TO APRIL 22. COMPARATIVE BTAT Instruments. Consider*-} tion. < No. Trust-deeds. Mortgages... $1,706,7021,029 1 $4,115,868 377,983; 233| 636.629 $2.084,6901.337: $4,762,197 Aggregate Beleases, COMPARATIVE STATEMENT OP TRUST DEEDS, MORT GAGES, AND RELEASES FOR THR FIRST FOUR MONTHS OP TUB TEAR I 1876. | 2875. Mouths. Con- Be- } ) Con- He- No. siderat’n. leases; No. siderat’n, leases January. 936 $2,155,373 90»|(1,033 $3,641,3871 881 Febru’ry 966. 3.222,950 903 | 826 2.018,631 723 March.... 979 8,906,662 950 1,192 3,288,247) 1,064 April.... 8701 2,084,690- 822 <1,337 4,752,497 j 1,097 Total.. 3,801 |11,369,575 3,582 |i,3S3 13.700.812| 3,768 Tbe following loans made the past we< an indication of tbo state of the market terms on which money can be obtained c erty in tbe different sections of tbe city: Property. Amount. Time. 100 ft on Menomonee st. . $ 6,000 26x83 ft N. E. cor State and Monroe sts '. Boyne av., near Monroe at, 10 lots on Oakley it., be tween Huron and Erie sts W. X Lot 14. between Six teenth and Eighteenth sts fronting W. on Van Bu ten st. if Brown st. was continued. (This loan is made payable to the Cook Savings Bank) 33>j ft on Indiana av., be tween Twenty-sixth and Twenty-ninth sU 1 SALES OP THE WEEK. 80MB IMPORTANT TRANSFERS, The following list contains some interesting transactions, but nothing so important as the sales we bad to chronicle last week to Dr. Ayer, and a Philadelphia capitalist. There are sev eral parties in the city looking for similar in vestments, we are told, and negotiations are in progress that may result in heavy sales. Great activity is now to be seen in the rent market, and tbe energies of real estate dealers are 'mainly absorbed in that work. There will be a conbiderable number of tbe more expensive tenements left vacant after the first of May, bat the moderate priced houses have nearly all been taken, and there is a demand for more. In the business district, the prospect is that all the stores will be taken; there will be soma left vacant on outlying streets, where they have been bnilt too far in advance of trade. The principal sales of tbe week were a a fol lows : H. 8. Everhart has Bold three marble-front houses, northeast corner of Thirty-tirst street and Cottage Grove avenue, la the Higdon tract, for E. 0. Lanphere to TV. TV. Cole for $23,500: No. 845 Michigan avenue, between Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth streets, for Henry W. B. Hoyt to John S. Lester, for $12,000; No. 57 Twentieth street, for Henry TV. B. Hoyt to John T. Lester, for $9,G00; the northeast corner of Washington avenue and Fifty-seventh street, Hyde Park, 100x150, with residence, for John T. Lester to H. TV, B. Hoyt, for $12,000. D. Horton has sold to Eli A. Beach, Lot 5 in Block 4. First Addition to Chicago, for SIO,OOO. Levi Wing & Co. have sold four two-story brick houses with lot 22x125 on Burling street, near Bel den avenue, for $4,500 each, or SIB,OOO. W. D. Kerfoot & Co. havo sold two houses in Aldine Square, for SIO,OOO each. Timothy Wright sold to Marshall Field 180x198 feet on the northwest corner of Adams street and Fifth avenue, for $82,500. H. TV. B. Hoyt sold to H. B. Sbergold house aud lot on Michigan avenue, north of Twenty fourth street, for $12,000. H. A. Hurlbut purchased 147x166 feet on the northeast corner of .Wellington and Waubon streets, for $14,750. J. J. McElroy sold to H. W. Walker 524x204 feet on the northwest corner of Western avenue and N ioeteenth streets, for $97,400. William Blanks sold store and 25x95 feat on Clark, north of Polk street, also 25x107 feet on Clark street, south of Van Buren, and 50x181 foet on Michigan avenue, near Fifteenth street, for $34,000. Paul Cornell sold ninety-one lots at Cornell to the Bank of California for $30,000. H. T. Buckley sold 20 acres in the northwest quarter of Sec. 35, 38, 13, for $20,000. George A. Wheeler purchased 53 feet front on Hubbard street, east of Green street, lor $12,000. A. F. Bartow sold bouse and lot on Michigan avenue, south of Fourteenth street, for $12,000. John McAftery sold feet on Wright street, southwest corner Sacramento avenue, for $12,500. A. B. Miner’s transfers of real estate, where the consideration is expressed, foot up $202,000, —besides which ho has given a quit-claim deed, in which no consideration is expressed, trans ferring to Sarah J. Crawford the undivided % Block 16, S. J. Walker’s subdivision of the north east Sec. 25, 39, 13, bounded by Coulter and Twenty-sixth streets, and Western avenue and the track of the Great Eastern Railroad. COUNTRY AND SUBURBAN TRANSFERS. Josiah S. Wolfo to Jonah B. Taylor, $20,000, — sale of 100 lots, each lot 50x125 feet, situate in section 7, 36,14, in the Town of Thornton, about 14 miles from city limits, subject to an incum brance of $37.70 per lot. Paul Cornell to Bank of California, considera tion s3o,ooo,—conveying 92 lots at Cornell and vicinity. testebdat’s hecobd. The following instruments were filed for record Saturday, April 29: CITY PBOPEBTY. I Twenty-second at, 375 ft w of Hoyne av, n f, 25x124 ft, dated April 28..... $ 1,000 I Tomtom st, 304 4-10 ft b of West Polk Bt, ef, 25x125 4-10 ft, with building, dated April 27. Cornell st, 432 ft w of Noble st, 8 f, 24x128 ft, dated April 28 'West Washington st. 120 ft e of Leavitt st, a f, 60x124 ft, dated Nov. 22.1873 Park av, 657 ft w of FaJ I st, s 1, 30x84 ft, dated April 25 Park av, near the above, n f, 67x107 ft. dated April 25 The premises No. 531 Calumet av. dated April 15 Wentworth av, 88 ft n of Thirty-first at. e f, 25 X 125 ft, dated April 29 ,700 Leavitt st, 273 ft g of Van Buren at, wf, 20x120 ft. dated April 28 1,800 Hitch ell at, a e cor of Bobey at,w 5 acre* of the block, dated Jan. 13 15,000 West Van Barca at, 100 ft a of Paulina at, a f. 25x120 ft, dated April 23.... 11,000 Bebecca at, 24 ft e of Paulina at, s S, 24x913-10 ft, dated Apnl 25 Honor® at, 161 ft a of Monroe at, • f, m-riis ft. No. 48, dated March 20 Cedar at, 653 ft e of Bush at, n t, 69tfx73>f ft, dated April 20 Trumbull av, 341 ft a of Twenty-second at. w f, 200x124 ft, dated April 11 Park av, 179 ft w of Aahland av, a £, 20x147 ft, dated April 28 12,000 Division at, 168 ft eof North State st, at, 200 x 128 ft, dated April 21 20,000 Hubbard at, 216 ft w of Bobey at, n f, 48x100 ft, dated April 24 600 Clybourne av, 765 ft o w of Sheffield av, s w f, 25x110 ft, dated April 20 1,049 St. Louis av. 198 ft n of West Fifteenth at, w f, 50x125 ft, dated April 27 no Milwaukee av. 503>4 ft ae of Waubansia av, ■ wf, 34x100 ft, dated April 30... 1,000 KOBXH CVCrrT T.TMTri WITH2H A EAnrUS Or 7 WTT.q OP OOUBX-HOUSX. Fullerton av, 789 ft w of Lincoln at, • t, 25x156 Xt, dried April 4MO. SOUTH OP CZTX LIMITS WUHAN A RADIUS OF 7 OF COURT-HOUSE, Hyde Park ay, bet Forty-fifth and Forty ■lath ita, ef, 21 9-10x170 ft, dated April 25 $ 3,603 Wabash av. near Sixty-second st.ef.6lVz ITOj-f ft, doted April 28 Forty-first st, 219 ft e of Bissell st, &V.*26zi25 ft, dated AprU 26 Ellis av, CO ft s of Brook Bt, e f, und tJ of *4ox 105 ft, with improvements, dated April 25. Ellis av, 60 ft s of Brook st, e f, und K of 40x 105 ft, with improvements, dated April 25 4 333 BTMUARY OP TRANSFERS FOR THB WEEK. The following is tbo total amount of city and suburban transfers within a radius of 7 miles of the Conrt-Hoase filed for record daring the week ending Saturday, April 23: City—Sales.ll4; consideration, $1,152,830. North of city limits— Bales, 2; consideration, SIO,OOO. South of city limits—Bales, 19; consideration, $153,111. West of city limits—Sales, 2; consideration, $1,300. Total sales, 137. Total consideration, 81,317,811. The following plate have been filed for record the past week: 1. Subdivision of west 3 acres of Block 39 and Lots 1 and 3 Waddington’s Subdivision of east 3 scree of Block 39, Sec. 33, 40,14, situate on both sides of Lin coln avenue, between Sophia and Centre streets. 2. Subdivision of all that part north of centre-line of Illinois k Michigan Canal, E. 8. W. 35, 39,13. This la In the vicinity of the Chicago. Alton k St. Louis Bailroad. 3. Subdivision of Blocks 3 and S Burton's Subdi vision of part north of Archer road, E. X N.W. X Sec. 1, 38,13, situate at the southeast corner cf Tulriy ninlh street and Mcßnde avenue. 4. Flat showing Lots 41 to 44, Block 6, and Loti 23 to 54, Block 6, Bussell’s Subdivision, Sec. 19, 36, 15, Town of Thornton. $928,065 5. Plat showing Lots 40 to 13, Block ], Bussell's Sub division, N. W. X *». E, X Seo, 18, 36, 16, Town of Thornton. J 23ij. 6. Tiliotson’s Subdivision of east 136.3 feet of south 261 feet, part of Lot 7, west of railroad, in Sec. 16, 38, 14, situate north of Fifty-ninth street, adjoining the Chicago, Bock Island 4c Pacific Bailroad. 7. Perry’s Subdivision of Block 1 and Lota 1 to 5 of Block 6, Bmmm Grove, W. X N. E. X Sec, 21, 33,14, situate south of Sixty-fifth street, intersected by Chi cago, Bock Island k Pacific Bailroad. t Considera • tion. 8. Jungo’s Subdivision of Lot GO, Block 16, 17. X, etc.. Bee. 17, 39,14. The Superintendent of Buildings issued the following permits daring tho week ending April 28: Christ Smith, three-story and basement store and dwelling, 83x55. at 786 Cottage Grove avenue. M. Lyons, one-story basement, 20x50, on Thirty seventh street. P. Thienen, same, 20x40, at 258 Twenty-first street. M. Bousaara, one-story addition, 20xC0, at 27 Mar quart street. L. Bouski. two-story and basement store and dwell ing. 20x90, on Canalport avenue, near Seward street, D. Ward, two-story bam, 29x15. at 207 Oak street. . Mrs. E. O’Brien, fouz-etory dwelling,'2ox6o, at 210 North Dearborn street. Jane Noble, four-story store and dwelling, 25x75, ai 317 Clark street. •ek afford and the Samuel Johnston, three-story dwelling, 100x36, southeast comer of Wells and Chestnut streets. 17. Sporhog, four-story store, *40x90, at 415 and 417 State street. >Q prop- D. Caffrey, one-story ice-house, 30x30, comer of Desplaines and Ohio streets. Davison k Welch, one-story factory, 16x40, comer of Uoblo and Ohio streets. Interest. 6 yrs. H. Scotchman, one-story basement, 20x62, at 616 Carroll avenue. 7 3-10 8X syw. 5 yrs. 40.000 16.000 E. W. W. Ellbcrger. two-story and basement dwell ing, 50x32, at tbe southwest comer of Polk and Third avenue. 3yra.| 4,000 John Buss, two-story and basement store and dwell ings, 21x66, at 277 Maxwell street. Cradle k Strotz, four three-story dwellings, 90x12, on North LaSalle street. E, A. Schedd k Co., one-story ice-house. 30x73, on Sixteenth street, near the river. William Matthei, two-story dwelling, 25x63, north east comer of Wood and Rebecca. J. Mossman, one-story dwelling, 18x18, at 45 Elgin. BG. A. Severens, one-story basement, 20x40, at 1167 prairie avenue. C. Prison, one-story dwelling, 20x31, on Weller street. 16,000 3 yrs. STTB.) 8,000 j Cos Bros., two-story bam, 20x40, st 1124 Prairie avenue. Arnold Tripp, two-story and basement dwelling, 25z 45. on North Dearborn, near North avenue. Philip Matthei, cne-story dwelling, 20x40, at 56 Ds puyatar street. The avalanche of legal sales continues to de press the real estate market, and almost dis courages holders from offering anything even at low valuations. This is the more to ue restat ed os various causes are gradually combining to give an impetus to the market, and would al ready have their effect if we bad only a cessa tion of the interminable foreclosure sales. The positive announcement made in another colomn that local trains will be run on and after May 15th on the side-track of the Fourth avenue im provement; the significant measures now pending before the Legislature, as explained in our Albany correspondence ; tne increased desire to build, as noticeable from our list of projected buildings during the past two weeks, —all these causes would ere this have made themselves felt in the market if there was only a let-up in the foreclosure proceedings. As it is, the legal sales bid fair to retain posses sion of the Exchange Salesroom, the long list for next week’s sales showing no diminution of, if not an increase in, the number. Bat these sties ought to attract more the attention of in vestors. Among those announced for next week, for instance, the sale on Tuesday by Mr. Ken nelly of one-fifth interest In valuable property along One Hundred and Thirty-eighth, One Hundred and Tlrrty-nlntb, One Hundred and Fortieth, One Hundred and Forty-first, One Hundred and Forty-second streets. Fifth and Sixth avenues, offers an opportunity where, no doubt, for a small amount the buyer can secure an interest in property bound to enhance at the first revival of prosperity. It would be re freshing to see capitalists whose money is lying idle nowadays take advantage—*• just once,” as Mr. Greeley used to say—of the bargains almost daily offered at the Exchange Salesroom.”— Nev> York Real Estate Record* ARTISTIC TAILOKtNG- Ximcly Advice to Gentlemen of Econ omy and Good Taste. There is a great deal of truth in the assertion that “ clothes make the man.” It must have happened in almost everybody's experience that the sheen of a new and stylish suit has brought him more favors and greater attention wherever he went than any amount of personal application was able to obtain. This may not bo very credit* able to human nature, but it is true, neverthe less, aod It is worth the while of everybody to clothe himaelf neatly and in good taste. To do this of course ho must employ the services of an experienced and skilled tailor, and while upon this subject we wish to recommend a gentleman in the profession who, both by bis experience in i bis and foreign cities, and his peculiar adaptabil ity to his • business, has gained the reputation of being one of the leading merchant tailors in this country, \Ve rater to Hr. 2?. E. Mollao, who has recently fitted up elegant parlors in Crystal Block. No. 83 Madison street, opposite McVicker’s Theatre, and who probably com mands as large a share of first-class patronage as any other merchant tailor in .Chicago. Hr. Mollan is a graduate from tho celebrated estab lishment of Pool, the famous London tailor, where he was for many years employed. Sev eral years since be united bis fortunes with a prominent Chicago borae. but some four years ago he embarked in business for himself, and immdiatoly drew about him a very large trade on account of his previous reputation for excellent taste and good work. Mr. Mollan’s establish ment claims pre-eminenco for three especial reasons. First, his stock is of the finest quality of imported goods. Second, all the work that leaves his establishment is dono in the finest possible style. Finally, bis prices are very rea sonable, being at least 10 per cent less than those of any other first-class tailor in Chicago. No. U 6 Clark street, baa been undergoing a thorough coarse of repairs duriag the past week, and will be opened at noon to-morrow redeco rated, refurnished, and vastly improved in every feature. Three billiard tables have been placed in the large hall back, and a number of tables and chairs with all the paraphernalia for checkers and chess. There are also a reading-room and private offices, and a stand for pool-selling, at which pools will be sold on all sportingevents m the United States this summer, including the Paris-Mutual. Foley’s will be more than ever the politicians’ and aportingmen’s headquarters. 7,000 1,325 6,500 3,000 2,500 6,000 at our success, certain moss-grown wall-paper concerns are crushingly dabbing ns small deal ers.” We are, thank our friends for the gratuitous advertisement. True, our stock is not as large as some, nor yet as old, bat it con tains a complete assortment of new and choice patterns, which are offered at prices fully sus taining our reputation for being the cheapest wall-paper bouse in town. The northern out post of House-Furnishing Row, 213 State street, near Adams. L. F, Stone <fc Go. 1,500 8,850 8,000 8,000 having just returned from Florida fully re cuperated in health, has resumed the practice of dentistry at his old office, No. 102 State street, corner of Washington, where be will be pleased to meet bin patrons and friends, and deal with them professionally on very liberal terms. Entrance on State street. Zone Place. Xbtfa haastUnl grounds anfl ss long MISCELLANEOUS, NEW SUBDIVISIONS. BTJILDINO PERMITS. BEAL ESTATE IN NEW TORE. Foley’s popular Resort, Nettled Dr* n. B* Cleveland, known to tbs creme do la creme of Chicago society, are now open to the public u an outside summer re sort or “ drivo-house,” situated on Grand boulevard drive, near the park. Jero. Dunn, proprietor. 3,000 The Smith Roller and Crusher, to be exhibited at Lbo Centennial, is intended to work havoc in the ranka of a once numerous and influential family, which is even yet the drat family in this country in some respects. 8,606 BUSINESS NOTICES. The Ottawa mineral Water, the best water for medicinal purposes yet discovered in this country, as shown by scientific analysis and its effects on the human system, la the best remedy yet discovered for kidney and liver complaints, dyspepsia, indigestion, and kindred diseases. For sale at Buck & Bayner’s, No. 117 Clark street, Chicago. Everybody complains off f-nll busi ness, yet Dr. McChcaney’s dental-roomi are crowded early and late. The mystery explains itself. First class denial operations to suit the hard times. The best full sets teeth $3. All work warranted ten years. millions off Bottles off Burnett’s Cocoaine have been sold daring the last twenty years, and the public have rendered the verdict that it is the best hair dressing in the world. Three medals were awarded at Vi enna. Philadelphia, and New York, to Henry Rochcr, artist photographer. No. 721 Wabash avenue, Chicago. BIRTHS. VIERLING—On Monday, April 24, wife of F. C. VierUug, of a son. Mother and boy doing nicely. MARRIAGES. MARTIN—CLOUGHAN —On Tuesday evening, April 25, by the Rev. Arthur Edwards, D. D., Mr. Thomas Martin and Hiss iMargarett Cloughan, all of this city. No cards. DAVIS—CARTER—In Worcester, Mass., April 27, by the Rev. E. H. Hall, Andrew Davis, of Chicago, Hi., and Agnes Louise, daughter of Rufus Carter, of Worcester, Mass. No cards. KEELER—CHAPMAN—In this city, April 25, 2876, by the Rev. Arthur Mitchell. Herbert E. Keeler and Cornelia D. Chapman. No cards. DEATHS. MATTCSON—At Philadelphia, April 27, Charles C. Matteson, M. D., aged 24 years. Funeral Sunday, 20th inst., at 2 o’clock p. m-, from the residence of J. Matteson, ICO Forreat-av. PERKINS—ApriI 25 and 26. Anna Matilda and Amelia Ann, twin daughters of William M. and Sarah J. Perkins, aged 5 weeks and 3 days. CP~New York Ciey and Hartford, Conn., papers please copy. BUTTERS—Saturday morning, April 39, Alfred, youngest son of William A. and Fannie F. Batters. Funeral this (Sunday) afternoon at 2 o’clock, from residence 387 West Adams-et. ISHAM—On the 29th inat., George Beaver, infant son of Carlos T. and Hattie M, lahom, aged 6 months and 4 days. Rapids, la., and Denver City, CoL, paper* please copy. LEVl—Yesterday morning, at 6)£ o’clock, Oeerge O. Levi, of paralysis, aged 53 years. Funeral to-day at 2 o’clock from late residence, 635 Slichig&n-Ev. Friends invited. DF“Is T ew York and St. Louis paper* please copy. HULL—In this city, on Friday last, of consump tion, Mrs. Lucy O. Hull, aged 46 years, wife of J. A. Hull, of Coldwater, Micb. Funeral to-day at X p, m. from residence of Hr*. Clarke, 213 Vincennes-av. NAYLOR—At Oakland, CaL on Easter Sunday, the 16tb inst., Lucretia Naylor, of consumption, PARRY—ApriI 23, of heart disease, William Parry, aged G 7 years. Funeral at bis late residence, 249 Western-av., on Tuesday, May 2, at 1 o'clock p. m, Friends of family invited. WILLFORD—On April 10, 1876, at 131 Brown-et. Chicago, lit, Harriet Alice, the beloved daughter of Sarah Elizabeth and Alfred Willford, aged 7 years and 16 days. Born in Melbourne, Australia. CEr Australian papers please copy. CARBERY—At his residence. 13 Concord-place, of typhoid-pneumonia fever, Patrick Carbery, of this city, aged 36. Funeral notice in to-morrow’s (Monday’s) papers. DRY GOODS, Ac. Dry Goods NOTICE. DOWN 60BS THE PRICE 5,000 yards of Prints, good quality, only 4 cents. 15,000 yards Hamburg Embroideries, 3, 4,5, 6, S, 10,12tf, 15. 20,25,30, and 35c. 150 pieces Pique, 9, 11, 1215,20. and 25c. 85 pieces Table Damask, 25, 35, 45, 50, and 750. 150 doz. Hapldns (job lot), 75, 85c, sl, $1.25, $1.50. 75 pieces Hack Toweling, slightly damaged by water, 8c per yard, usual price 15c. 50 pieces Boys* Cassimere, 25c, worth 50. 75 pieces Men’s Cassimere, 75,85 c, SI.OO, $1.25. 85 pieces Black Gros Grain Dress Silks, 80c, sl, $1.25, $1.50, $1.75, and $2. 55 pieces Striped and Checked Silks, spring styles, 65c, worth $L 100 pieces Black Cashmeres, 60, 65, 75, 85c, sl, prime value. 75 pieces Mohair Alpacas, 23, 25, 30, 35, 40,45, and 50c. 15 pieces genuine iron-frame Grenadine, 2 yards wide, $1 yard, worth $3. 500 pieces Spring Dress Goods, new and desirable. 10,12#* 15,20, and 25c. 75 Ladies* Alpaca and Worsted Saits, spring styles, SB, SLO, sl2, and sls—actually leas than the cost of material. 500 Silk Parasols, nobby styles, sl, SL2S, $1.50, $3, $2.50, $3, up to $7. 275 pairs Children’s Shoes, 20,25,35, 50, 75c. 150 Ladies* Slippers, 25,50.75 c, sl. Ladies* French Kid Shoes, $4, worth $6. N. 6,-¥e invite everyone wish ing to purchase to call and exam ine these goods, as they are all remarkably cheap, and money can ho made hy making- selections from them. Kei M Store, 284 & 283 WEST MADISON-ST. FURNITURE. MUST BE SOLD, OUB PRESENT STOCK, AS WE HAVE SOLD OUR BUILDING, AND GIVE POSSESSION OP THE SAME JULY L NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY. Goods can remain if desired until July 1. A. L. HALE & BRO., 200, 202, 204, 206 RANDOLPH-ST. SHIRTS. COUNTY 001 I W® use exclusively COUSTT DOWKJSANI>*LOOII UNZNS in out Shirts. These linens WEAB LONQ £B tad do up smoother than say other linens made. HARRIS SC COBB, an South ourkatt* AUCTION SALE, By ELIS ON, POMEROY & 00., MONDAY, May 1, at 5 p. m. FOUR M4BBLE-FBOHT HOUSES. FIRST-CLASS IIS' EVEKI RESPECT. Finest Location on the South Side, corner of Douglas-placa and Laka-av. Eg* Terms of payment to be made on the grounds, SOUR MASH WHISKYi SOli MM Him The only complete stock of Pure Kentucky Hand-Made Copper-Distilled Sour Mash Whisky ever brought to Chi cago. We have the following incomparable brands: Mcßrayer, Mersos Count?, * ’6B. fflcßrayer, Anderson County, • 73. D. Monarcli & Bros., Daviess C0.,1. D. lonarcli & Bros.,Daviess Co./71. McAllister, Anderson Count?, - 72. Jordan, Daviess Count?, ■ -74 Kentnci? Cl, Daviess Gonnt?, 74 Also, a full line of Pine Im ported Wines, Brandies, and Liquors. FAMILY SUFFUES A SPECIALTY. Goods in any quantity, from a Bottle to a Barrel, delivered in any part of the city. “THE STORE," I. G. MDONALD & GO, Ho. 176 South Olark-st., CHICAGO. CHINA, &o. OVINGTONS OFFER PREVIOUS TO REMOVAL. GTZXJSTJL Dinner Sets. Tea Sets, Toilet Sets, Majolica, Wedgwood, and Staple Wares. G-LASS Goblets, Champagnes, Wines, Bowls, Pitchers, and Table Wares of every description. FANCY GOODS. Vases, Clocks, Cologne Sets, Par ians, Porcelains, Bisque, Bronzes, etc., etc., at ii wusttat.t.v BOW PRICES. 122 State-st. PHOTOGRAPHY. tfto Q Per Doi for tie PM and Most <1)0 Mly-FisM urn iron PHOTOGBAPHS, AT Avenue Art Gallery, 596 Wabash.-av. BOBEHT P. HUGHES. NEW PUBLICATIONS. THE AUTOMATON EAR, and other sketches by FI area co McLeodburgh. 12mo. Cloth. Price, $1.50. ** There 1b uncommoa talent exhibited In these sketches ■_* talent of such decided grasp and rigor that It li doubt ful if it might not properly be styled genius, It certainly Is a true inspiration. It is not of the ordor that can bo acquired voluntarily by resolute and persistent cultiva tion. It Is of a higher origin, proclaiming Itself as snch by Its full, and lofty, and impassioned bearing."— Tribune, . ... “The careful and systematic manner In which this work (* The Automatic £ar.* etc.) hac been brought be fore the public has insured its success, years hare been spent in reviling, poliicunr. and elaborating the greater portion of the contents. Hat until pronounced by com- Keteot judges as perfectly seaworthy, has the little craft sen allowed to leave the strand. • **°w the elements may do their worst; it is ont of their mercy. I little stories shine like crystals clearly cut and skillfully polished. No more sadly beautiful prose poem have we read than * The Paths of the Sea,’ it Is the ex pression In prose of Kingsley's exquisite lyric, ’The Tores Fishers. * and goes straight to the heart.**—lnter- Ocean, *• Mlu McLandbcrgh certainly hue something more and higher than rare talent as a romancer. Her stories bear tbe unmistakable Imprint of real genius, and that of a high order.”—Cournot dost published and mailed on receipt of price by the publishers, JANS£N. McCLUKG A CO., PROFESSOR SWING. Tbe Second Series of Professor Swing’* TRUTHS FOR TO-DAY (uniform with the First). Price, 81.60. This new volume contains his latest dis courses, mostofthem preached attheTbeatre, Co his new Central Church. It Is universally conceded that these embrace his finest sObrts, and tbe general demand lor their preserva tion in permanent form has led to tbe publica tion of this volume. They are selected, ar ranged, and revised by Professor Swing him self. Just published and mailed on receipt of price ($1.50) by the publisher*. JANSEN, McOLUEG & CO., 117 and 119 Stet Mt., Chicago, REAL ESTATE. FAMILY SUPPLIES ROCKWOOD BROS., ESTABLISHES 18S6. offer from one of the largut end Amu itoe&i of TEAS In the KorUiveat: Moynne Gunpowders. Formosa Oolongs. Moyune Young Hysons. Foo Chow Ooolongs, Moyune Imperials. Finest Japans, Soucbons (English Ereaiiasti IN COFFEES, Arabian Mocha (genuine). Finest 0.6. Java, Pea Berry Mocha. Fin* 0. 6. Java, Plantation Ceylon, Pine Bios, Santos, White Bio. Boasting and Grinding only the Finest Cof fees, we Warrant them Pure. The abort goods at the LOWEST CASB PEICES. ROCKWOODBROS.. 102 & 104 North Clark-st, Cot. North Clark and Indiana. BUY YOUR Teas, Coffees, ail Groceries HEBE, getting THE BEST AT LOWEST CASH PRICEi All goods guaranteed as represented. Importers of McCann's Irish Oatmeal, Importers of Robinson's Scotch Oatmeal. Finest brands Patent Vinter Wheat and Sartor Wheat FJoux. A Sugar 10 Standard A Sugar 10* Standard Granulated Sngar 11 Yellow C Granulated Sugar 9 Procter & Gamble's German Mottled 5«ap.54.33 Kirk’s German Mottled Soap 4.20 Kirk's Plain German Soap 3.66 Kingsford's Silver Gloss Starch, 6-lb bos. .60 Duryeaa’ Satin Gloss Starch, 6-lb boi... .60 Tomatoes. 3-lb tins, per dozen 1.66 3-lb tins Baltimore Peaches, per dozen.. 2.50 Sngar Corn. Elgin, per dozen 2.00 New Dried Blackberries, per lb .12* New Dried Peaches, per lb .12* New Dried Apples, per lb .10 New Zante Currants, per li 8 New Valencia Banana, per lb 12* rrr Ann ous srr.Loms white wheat ploob f JjU Uu tot 17 delivered is superior to anything in this market for the mosey. Best St. Louis arid Patent SBJSO. Agents for Lacey's Prepared Wheat. AH who use it like it. Physicians recommend it, especially to invalids, young children, and persona of sedentary habits. It restores health. It gives strength, is sim ple, pure, unadulterated. Put spin 4-lb !****§**! and contains more real nourishment than 33ba of beef* Price ‘iSc. Office of the Quincy Mills, 3is South HaV sted-st. (late of 78 West Van Borea-et.). GROCERIES. FISH BOASTED COFFEES SLACK’S MAMMOTH GROCERY HOUSE, 109 East ffiafllson-sL Buy your Supplies here. Save from 10 to SO per cent, and get Standard Goods. The Only Grocery House in the Northwest Using Bums’lm proved Steam Boaster. We sell more Coffees than any other ten Grocery Stores in the city, which is abundant proof of superior quality and close prices. NEW SEASON TEAS. Pine drawing Moyune Gunpow der, Young Hyson, Imperial, For mosa Oolong, and Japan Teas, from 50c to 80c per pound. Colgate’s Cashmere Bouquet Soap, per cake, 20c. New Orleans Sugar - $ .0? A Sugar .10 Standard A Sugar 1W Standard Granulated Sugar 11 Proctor 4 Gamble's German Mottled Soap 4.3 a Kirk’s German Mottled Soap 4-20 Kirk’s Olive Soap. 20 bats per box 1.2 a Kirk's Plain German, 60 bars per box... 3.7 a Kirk’s XXX German, 60 bars per b0x.... 3.2 a Duiyeas’ Satin Gloss Stareb. per 6-lb box .60 New Orleans Molasses, per gal -70 * .8a 3-lb Cans Baltimore Peacifti, per doz 2.59 3-lb Cans Tomatoes, per doz —. 1.75 2-lb Cans McJfurray’s Corn, per doz—-• 2.10 Choice Minnesota Spring Floor, per brl 6.00 to 6.a0 New Process ... 7.00 Good St. Louis White Winter 7.00 to 7.a0 Carolina Eice, per lb— 7 aiad .08 Jnst received, a large invoice of Pass New Maple Sugar. Wagons leave the itore for all parte of the d tj sarf suburbs every day st 1 o'clock. ty~Bend for a copy of our Price Current. STOVES. tops Id Sims Beilin* very cheap to reduce stock. Every thin* down, down, down. Housekeeping Goods, Refrigerators, Freezers, Coolers , Gas Stoves, Oil Stoves, Laundry Stoves. Table Mats, Cutlery, Glassware, etc., very low at WATKINS’, 22 0 STATE-ST. HEALTH LEFT. HOLLOW CHESTS, ROUND SHOULDERS, SPRAINED BACKS, Are caused by faulty training on Imperfect Health- lift ttThe best and sefost is Marsh’s Improved Health-Lift, In use at the Booms of the CHICAGO HEALTH-LEFT CO.—the only Booms la tbe aty where the training is under the personal supervision of a physician—Dr. FRANK REILLY, the inventor of the Health-Lift. CHICAGO HEALTH-LLFT CO, 07 WASHUTOTOK-ST. 07 Bnncs>tSu« Tf. Bpt.t.t, m. p„ aWßl*«ttfc M th.Qnrtat] 5 -A.T

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