Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 1, 1876, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 1, 1876 Page 6
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6 V FINANCE AND TRADE. Business of the Banks Last Week-Country Movement Still Slow. tarco Komlttnncca to New York —Clearings of tho Week. Iho Produce Markets Steadier—Pork and Lard Again Lower. Grain Active-- Wheat and Harley Stronger ■•• Corn and Oats Easier* financial. Tho tnnneUono of lb. bonk. lul we.k worn Pol »O.TT. Th. f.Uttra .rib. Ollr N.tloniJ D.nli pro dnedpo pioro lb.n . motnonUrx Ililtlor In Bu.ncl.l elrelss, as Its course in some reapecU bad awakened tuspldons of its situation. The Board of Trade opo raters were applicant* for loans with which to meet their settlements on the Ist, but the total of thcie was not as large as waa expected. The loan market remains firm, considering tho season. The usual ease that follows tbs payment of country paper, and of city paper dependent on country collections, been experienced. A Urge proi»rUon of tV the ki.pko * iro .1111 Sold, to P*!*'; orrjlna-.wrf, ral to ‘ for „, ln | rr -K to ■» tor”' l '' tb « roads have enough to permit produce to bo for- WariW , tint this expected movement Is now post poned by tho decline in the price of grain and cattle, which tho farmers will not send to market at s loss. As soon as this stuff la sent forward for realization, a largo part of tho loans now employed In carrying them will bo released. Discounts In general arc • HtUo lower than a fortnight ago, but tho loan market la steady, and tho surplus of loanable resources not yet pressing. On tho street rates ere 7($18 per cent. Good paper In In demand. New York exchange was ic.u between banka at 2!0 50c per SI,OOO premium. Tbo clearing* of tho Chicago bonta for tho week are revolted oa follow* by Manager 1). 1L Uale, of thoi Chicago Clearing-House Clcirlnp*. n.ilanc/* *..t Z00",777.00 $ mo.ljfo ... ZC5M77.3J .... 2,233.137.07 .... y,0'.i7,r.7J.50 .... 3,21K,7r.7.t;i .... 3,m0,«72.U7 Monday.... Tuesday..., Wednesday, Thursday.., OOU), DONUB, STOCKS. ETC. Nrw Yens, April 29.—G01d opened at 113,V* and closed at li'i.Vt all aaloß of Uio day having been at .j these figures. Its lei paid for carrying 2,1#, 1, and 9 ondiu'it week last ’ I»r coil. wore >lio tnlda Dal. year 140.96 ,i. 002, j-w.ii Governments closed firm. Friday... Saturday. |18,0.’1,m77 |)&1,57«.i9 NEW MINING COMI’ANILF Tbo following now miulug compand ,iaT * l>ccn or * gatdzed lu Han Francisco: Nitnc. i/allon. Capital. Town Silver Mining Co /evada. sl".'' tW,' W Mountain View Sliver Mining t>* ov,dfl * 1 |, .WM,000 THE NATIONAL HANK OF 1W HTATK ol ’ NEW YonK * Thu Bank of tho State of N* wa « Thursday readmitted to tho Cl(«armM ou * e ut th ® reduced capi (alof $-“00,000, without gulling tbo payment of the initiation fee, as lu tli»* kßu otmmr bank. 31 takes its old number uu Ul,d wlu clcar on Mom,9Y - Duslncsa was result at ,1:o banb on 1,10 """f dl *y. end Ilia ptoapcctH«'cry cheering. Tbo Institution Lu been H bi co March 14. I‘Ulcb /' sn.veß in ban fiuncisco. Silver somewaat unsettled, ua shown by tho varl\*° quotations obtained from money deal ers to-day itfOKen wore buylug silver coin from .U 4 S per discount and selling at 2Q3 V per cent dlacoau* These rates depend upon how tho premium l s to whether In gold or silver. TUo average prlco was a trlllo umlcr 3S' per cent discount, average Belling price was uot qnlto 2'* per Tho quotable rates have varied rcccut jyfom2(<j3 to3@t jjcr cent discount lor silver cola, 'p/day trade dollars were quoted by brokers at 02c, pld, buy-log, and 05c, sliver, selling.—. 4 ita California, yinil A TOE DANK OF CALIFORNIA. The third assessment of $600,000 on tho capital of tbo Dank of California waa til paid up before tbo same became delinquent. Tho fourth aescssmcut of $lO per share was levied April 21, to become delinquent May 23. Thu stock Is now in tho hands of those who mean «o see the bank firmly established on e better basis than It has occupied for years. Already $1,500,- 000 has been contributed to restore tbo impaired capital, and tho present asscasment will swell ihu amount to $2,000,000. It Is probable that as much more will have to bo collected,—.Van I'ranritro A’uf kiln, .April 22. lively nuH Avrnr. unasa stock. One of the latest novelties among panic promoter* h a run after mining stock. Vroni tlio tana already on the market, ono would suppose there need be uo oxdtcment for more. Hut ouch la not tho case. Recently there was a merging of seven mining Incur* poratlons Into ouo. These were represented by IIJJ.OOO shares. lly the tonus of confederation, COO.OUO new shares were (o bo issued for those surrendered. The herculean tank was commenced last Monday. Under ordinary circumstances the work of transferring would have been a question of only a short time. Hut in the pro rata distribution innumerable frac tions of all norls enter Into tho calculations, On the first day tho othco was literally besieged by persons with orders for transfers, hluco then (bo orders have multiplied so fast as to coiujkJ & locking of tho doors of the ofllcc, and a peremptory refusal to take any more for the present. Tho clerks bare been laborious ly engaged for live days in clearing up tho work, and are still a loug way from tba end of their task. Tho chaugu will demonstrate whether there has been any overissue of slock in any of the incorporations now represented by Consolidated Imperial.—&in Fran *Ucv JJutUUn, Atml £h THE CLEAHINOR AND CDIUIE.VOT. The aggregate clearings of tho osaocisted banks of Hew York, for fifteen week* of 1870 ending Saturday last, were 13 per cent lesa than the clearings during tho corresponding wocka of 1875, and U per cent less than tho clearings during tho corresponding weeks of 1674. and 44 per cent lim than tho clearings during the corresponding weeks of 1873. Tho fallowing com parison of clearings during fifteen weeks of each year, and of currency in circulation at the doss of each pe riod, may perhaps strike tbs Inflationist as an uncom monly hard nut to crack: Clearings. Percent. Circulation. 1873 ti 1,763,508,731 100 17*7,079,448 1874 7,903,679,444 09 778,599,005 1876 7,579,800,843 05 771.043.398 1870 0,5041,161,503 CO 751,053,757 We have moro paper money in circulation now than we bad at the close of April, 1973, and yet clearings are only 65 per cent of the transactions of that year. If tho volume of currency was largo enough in 1873, and there was then no complaint, and no ononow pretends that there was s deficiency In April of that year, what do 11 tho wants of trsdo " actually require (or the transaction of a business which, measured by bank clearings, teems to bo only 58 per cent as largo 7 Only about $418,700,000. If thero was carronry inough after tho panic and subsequent inflation, namely, is April, 1874, wear© now doing less business, by 6 per cent, and s currency adapted to tbo wants of Inde would not exceed s7lo,ooo,ooo.—A'iw York Pub iw, April, 97. OOVEHNUCItT BONDS. Bid. Aaked. TJoUtd BUU* U of '&l Wl‘; Wiw cuitea auu* &*3M or *c) in*; ih 6-20* of *to—JumwyindJujy ilij'i 119 V 6-JOtof *o7—JtouirytadJuly 121!.' 121^ 6-21* of V&— Jtuuary tud July 122*; 122'« 10-lOa 11UV lIHJi United States ucwflscf *Bl. United States currency Ce... GOLD AND UUEENLACKB. Gold in uwamx. Greenback! were 89>j(<|n*{o on the dollar is gold. fOailQK KXCUA.NOE. 8tcrh0g...... Parte—francs, Germs ny Belgium,.,.. Holland Switzerland., Sweden, etc. las iri5....... CITY AND COUNTY BOHUH. Did. Ailed. CWc*|oCUy7flcl. bonds,... 105 6 lot. ....... Chicago Oily 7V cu Mwertge. 105 k Jut ChlcagoCUy? Vet.waUrtoaa 106 AiuU Cook County ] Vet, bond* (•bori) 104 k ini. 105 k ini Cook County T i) cl bonds (long) 105 k ini. 100 Ain WMt Park 7 V cl. bonds IT! A in Uorth Chicago 7 bonds (Lincoln i*4ik) IXCiX STOCKS. Ul<l. City lullwsy, Booth Bids Hi Chly U*Uw»y, W*»t Blda UJ Cay Eallwsy, \tut Bide, tt V cttui c»ruflc»tu# JO'JXhlaU 103 i lat. City lUtlvay, North Bidt»... . liJ 1.'3 Trtden'iQiursuwCo lit li7 ctjuuLtrui Commerce 'S 'a C'taugo Uu*Uutit k Coks Co, ... 130 KxpouUoa »loc*. afi iO CONDITION or THE NATIONAL BANKS. Tbs Cou)|)tx«U*r of tU* Currency furoiibu the fol« Isvißg *UUwt ul tbo rcporu luado ly lbs KaUowU milk. oithsCnii.a uut».J ikt'.t «nunm ia«ii id, im: , A .i.omnla ’ , ” OT ’ C ”' - • tHM.HIfI Loans and discounts * A.RM 033 Overdraft" •• • f.V,*« ******** SSs'jot't&O IT. H. bonds to secure circulation 1134/1600 IT. R. bonds to sccnre deposits m'oio ?** U. B, bonds on band. anaoa 490 Other stocks, bonds, and tnortgagse ©S’ocS'oo? Doe from stirrorcd rMerro W.OM-wj Dus from other National Banks.,,, ii’ißn'fK)3 Due from li fi-w «« Beal estate, furnlturs ami fixture H’S'S? Current expenses «d in SrSnJ Premiums paid • ••;•••• «‘fll7'4T3 Checks and other cash Item m ml'im Exchanges for Clearing-Houses 5M5J55 Dills of other National Banks vSa’S? Fractional currency nvrtM U, 8. certificate* of deposit for leg»Meml- fund 'lstJ’Sh Dus from United BUte* Treasurer. LuntniTita. *««••» a** Capital stock raid 1n..... 183|0M),f113 Surplus fund.»• ... nn. Other undivided pr0fi1e....... mtsoi'im national Dank nolea outstanding «7,43 ,1M Rials bank notes outataudlng 2iw*mS Dividends unpaid.....♦»••.•.••*•••*•••• Mn'din'M# Individual deposits ”£**394 United Stales deposits -•••••* 6,600,W* ol Onllod SUto. dtolranW;oO- , ~35,5 D'JoToca\;rNVlimVriiynki.'.'.'' Dooto«Ulob.nk;.»dlv>nko- Nolo. redlocounlod J'SJ'Jm Dills payable Total 11.831,330,533 Number of banks,9/JO. The above stalomAt Is exclusive of the First Ha (tonal Bank of Boe*>bel, Wls.. from whichiareport Las not yet been received. Tho amount of circulation oSauXff March 10,1876, as shown by the books b tho Currency Bureau, was $34,933,07(1, which amount Includes tbe«otes In circulation of banks which have failed, aro P liquidation, or hats floposUcd legal-len der notes indcr tho act of June 30, 1674. AMERICA* SILVER AND THE rADPKII SILVER Of OEItMANT. correspondent of tho London Economic MJI t i a t tho fall m tho value of stiver bss endan ger,! tbs existence of Certain silver-mines. It Is uklthat tho first of these mines, at Freiburg, has Mated to sell sliver for tho time. NEW NATIONAL BANKS. The following new tank* organized and authorized 0 commence hualnesa, arc officially reported to the Comptroller of the Currency ; 5,331. Flomlngton National Bank, New Jersey, Au* tlmriztd capital.; paid-in capital, WO.OOO. PeterU. Emory, l*npacn(: 0, 0. Onuham, Cashier. Authorized to commence holiness April 53, IS7«. V.QJJ. Farmer*’ National Bank of Genesee, Illinois. Authorized capital, s.'>o,ooo; paid-in capital, 937,875, j.evi Waterman, Presidents John P. Stewart. Caehlor. Authorized to commence bnsineea April 31,1870. Hailroad bonds dull, and without important fea tures this afternoon. State bonds quiet, and prices nominal. Stock speculation was marked by considerable depression, end largo amounts of Lake Sb#e, Michigan Central. I’adflo Mall, and Wcst«ru*Uiilou changed hands. The reported illucKA of Commodore Vanderbilt and talk about compoiltlou between trank Ulies on passenger farce helped the depression. Daring tbo hut boar trans actions were Urge, with an excited market, and the lowest prices of tho week were inado In moat cases. Michigan Central declining to 4SJ£, Western Union to oJ\'» t-ako Hhoro to 52V, trie to 13*,. Northwestern preterred Paul preferred to C2/i, and Olilua to IS. Tho market closed active, unsettled, and feverish. ,U • Ui if»U. Transactions at the Exchange aggregated 2,23,000 nhares, of which 17.0017 wore Erie, 7a,wO Lake Shore, y,l>. u Northwestern. SO.OnO Pacino Mail. 7,003 BL Pauls, d,u>o Chios. 4J.U00 Wastoro Union, and 22,000 Michi gan Central. Following Is tbs weekly bank statement: lAinns, decrease. $1,036,200; specie, decrease, $!,- 000,700; legal-tenders, luareaso, |1,i:u2,500 ; deposits, decrease, $733,300: circulation, Increase, $30,600; re serve, Increase. *473,125. Money doted ut 3(s3,>tf on call ; prime mercantile paper * CustoniK recrlctn, $187,000. Tbo Assistant Treasurer disbursed S4W,(WO. Sterling exchange, 4S7V( ? *69Vi'- Coupons, ’Bl 12234 i Now 5s Ilß7f Coupons. ’OS 116 I 10-tus, reg ...117/| New lb’ I HMO*, roupons. 1 !■*,** Coupons, VT 121/4 ; Cunancloa 120J4 Coupons, ’64 122** 1 Wrjtern Union Ci»* | N. J. Contra! 97V Quickallvcr 15H I Hock 151and,..,„«..103T4 Quicksilver pfd Vi | tit Paul 30** pacific Mall VO i Ht. Paul pfd fcljtf Mariposa 7 I WnDasb VA* Marl]>oi>!ipfd I}*' 1 Wabaeb pfd.... 8 Adams Express lost j Fort Wayne 103 Wells-Fargo MO,V , Terre Haute Stf Aiutrlcm Express... (U J Terra Haute pfd 15 V. ti, Express GO V I Chicago k Alton 97 New York Central... 112*4 I Chicago It Alton pfd.KM Erie H>, - | Ohio a Mississippi... 15* ( Erie pM 23 Dclnwore. kL. k W.109*,' Harlem...., 139# j A* & IVT«I.. v 17 /furlomiiftl 133 I Missouri Pacific l:i*< Michigan Central.... 40V I AtUntlo A Piclfic pfdlC'J**' I'annius. 26# Indians CentrsU.... i’i Union Pacific stock.. Cl • Chicago, 13. i: Q 116^4 Lake Shnro ‘63V | Hannibal As HI. Joe. US# Illinois Central I 1 !# | Canlrsl Psc. bonds..loo# Olt voland&rilUburg 01 I Union PsdHobgnda.,UH>4 Northwestern 40# ! U. Pacific land*grant.loo Northwestern nfd.. 66# U. P. sinking fond C., C., C. &I 49 1 bonds 01# Tcnnceacfifln, old 43 | Virginia Ci, new 33 I’emtiaacM»>», nuw... 401* j illaeourl6a,,.,. 104! Virginia oa, old 33 I Hak Fiukcisco. Ajiril 23.—Tho following are tbtt latent nnotatlnne at the Stock Exchange: ConnollcU'd Virginia.. W.V Crown Folnt I«J£ California Yellow Jacket as Hoim-gutod llclchor.. H 3 Aloha * iHM Opblr SS Itelrher M?* Cbuilar 07t; confldenro.. Savu«e I fllerraNeratla,....,, 17>tf imperial 4Mi Exchequer Mexican 32V Overman Cfl>* OoufclbOurry 18V Jn>tlco Heal li Ilclciier 60 V Caledonia 8V Hale ii Norcrosa 5'J COMMERCIAL. The following were the the leading articles of pr twenty-four hours emllx morning: 1676. Flour, br15..... U.thSi Wheat, nu. rs/rd'il Corn, bn. iai.«so| Dale, bu. «3.Vi«i lire 4,awi Hurley, bu 4,1001 Grass erod, Hs.| 97,135 Flax seed, 11*.. I 93,*29 Broom corn,thy] ll.ooti Curodmoats,tlsi 61,900 beef. brie I I’ork, brls 1,. Lard, Iha., 1.., Tallow, n,s | la.tha DutUr.lhH 48,401 Dreased horn*..l 97 , Idve bogs, No..| 10.U41 Cattle, No. irjvd Bheep, No 375 Hides, the 130,415 llfghwlues.hiU li4) Wool, IU iK'.frj Potatoes, bu... I,VJ4»| Coal, tons 3,731 Kay, tons 401 Lumber, No.ft. 730,WX'! Bhlogtoa, N 0... 400,000] Balt, brls Poultry, 1U.... 710 Poultry, coop*. lU| Game, pkgs.... ll Eggs, pkgs 2.357 Cbt««e. bsa.... O. apples, brls. ,11 S,*i JlO .mx XWtUe, bU, Withdrawn from store on Friday for city eon* •umptlou: 1,711 bo wheat, 1,811 bu oata, 6,7trt bu barley. The following grain vu Inspected into store on Saturday morning: 40 oars No. 1 N. W. wheat, U cars No. 3 N. W. do; SS oare No. 3 spring, 9 cars No. 3 do, 17 cars rejected do (113 wheat) 51 car yellow corn, 64 cars htgb*tuised do, lib cars and 5.900 bu No. 3 do, 14 cars new mixed do, 83 cars rejected do. 8 cars no grade do (353 corn); I car No. 1 oata, 10 cars No. 3 white do, 37 cars and 0,000 ba No. 3 oats, 13 cars re* jeeted (01 oats); 3 cars No. 9 rye, 3 care No. 9 barley, 8 car* No. 3 do. Total (434 cars), 190,000 bu. Inspected out: 39,703 bu wheat, 30,533 ba corn, 3,3X1 bu oats, 1,475 bu rye. 3,185 bu barley. The following were the receipts and shipments of breadstuff! end lire stuck at Ibis point during ths past week, tod for the corresponding weeks ending as dated: Bitty days. Sftht. ~.4M 490 ...fllflV 6131 f ... vox tic; ...615* «U>i ...<U£ 4t .610* Cl.'jtf 43tf April 20, April 22, May I, JltcaipU— islfl. 1471}. lefi. Flour, Lrla M Cf 1.648 89,317 1'.5.598 Wb«»t. tu 197.941 41'i.6«0 Coro,la .....691.»50 941,799 J.'AUJ.tOI 0»U. »U 3/I,all 151,934 UIJ.COf 09 L lot liye. bu 9,340 4.M0 3,433 11.6 >0 11,M* 17.8.0 DremJ beg*. No 810 281 7t Uv« No W.UI 47,32* 01,,74 Bblpweute— flour, brie M. 215 01,730 80,301 Wbetl, bU 673.374 869,627 101,194 Cora, bu btt.ißT 923.641 46A.859 Oi*U, bu 861.870 188,037 71,758 l(y*. bu 33,5 M 9.OJU 1,810 Harley, bu 80 836 M,IW 30.343 CilUe, NO »*,«» The following were the exports from Hew York fur the weska so ding m dsted: April», ArHl 53, May I, IfiTd. IfUfi. IBTft. Plonr. brie 0.4 W) IH.rot 4/00 Wheat, bu 602,480 61P.2R8 SM.OOO Coro, \iu 91,095 60,681 It MRS The leading produce markets vers much steadier ea Saturday, the fluctuations of prices being limited to a much smaller ranges and there was more confi dence exhibited', though a good deal of property was BRSIn offered for sals in eomo departments. The weather was doll and the sir chilly, but lhal made 111- tlo difference to the feeling In the markets, ss the crop prospects were not regarded as I cing affected by cloud at this hme.. Tho outward movement of grain was fair, and the receipts rather large in comparison with the recent record. In the dry-goods msrket the clearing* were not numerous nor Important. Prints were again weak and unsettled, and fee reduction In one or two brands was noted, but otherwise the market waa fairly steady. The demand for groceries was fully up to the expectations of the trade, end a steady and firm feel ing prevailed ail around. Of lals coffees have been receiving considerable attention, and pricee show more stability than for some time previous. Jobbers of dried fruits were fairly busy, both the local and coun- .*1,04,030,333 try trade ordering freely. Dolh Imported and domes tic varieties showed a good degree of strength. Fish were steady as previously quoted. The coal, wood, bagging, leather, and tobacco markets presented no important new fealnres. Oils were In fair request, with prices unchanged, except for carbon, which was held ife higher. Lumber waa la moderate demand at unchanged prices. Nearly all the Lake Michigan lumber ports are now accessible by Teasels, and as more of the mills are starting up tbs receipts henceforth are likely to be liberal. Metal tinners* stock, nails, and Iron were In only fair demand and generally steady. Balt was steady at $1.40 for fine. The stock here is ranch re duce*!, but liberal receipts by water are expected now that the BtralU are open. Tho btoom-corn and bay markets were unchanged. Small orders are received dally, and prices are tolerably steady. Wool wa* alow and easy. Dealers are dosing out the stock of old, prices for some grades of which aro some times shaded. The quantity in ataro U small, and, if the new season opens late, as some parties think It will, probably little old wool will bo carried over. Good bay waa again In request and steady. Timothy and clover seed were lo good demand and higher, the offerings being small and In the hands of a few parties who refused to sell except at their own figures. Millet and Hungarian were both dull and weak. Poultry was slow, and eggs in better request at recent prices. KKMlred it Chicago Customs, April 20, 1870 : North Chicago Rolling Mill Company, 80 tom ipicgcl Iron; Greiner A Sohurle, 1,000 bu barley; A. D. Meeker & Co., 31 tons pig Iron; C. R. Osborn A Co„ 10 hhda, 10 casks, is klldks ale; Barnnm Bros., 1 case dolls. Amount of duties collected. $0,735.02. The Now York J'roduet Exchange Weekly gives the following: The visible supply of grain, comprising the stock in granary at tbo principal points of accumulation at lake and seaboard ports, In transit by rail, and frozen In on tbo New York canola and the lakes, April 23,167(1: In itorest New York. Albany.... Buffalo.... Chicago.... Milwaukee. T01ed0.,.,. Duluth. Detroit! Uawego*.. 8L Louts, Poorta..., Boston Toronto Montreal Philadelphia*. Baltimore*... I tall ahlp’nta week Lake thlp'aU week On New Vork canals Tot. Apr.23.’76 W’k Apr.l6,’lß W*k Apr. 8,16' W'k Apr. 1.14, W’kMcU.SS.IS, W’kMoh.lH.’Tfl W’kiloh. 11.161 WltMch.t.’Tß W , kMcb.24.ia: * Estimated. Blocks In Importing ports of United Kingdom, Qrs. Dec. 31, 1»75 3,500.000 Imports, Jan. 1 to March 81. Deduct estimated consumptive requirements for three months ..3,000,000 Remainder. Which la less than on Dec. SI, only SM.OOO The consumption for April of foreign wheat Is e»ti> mated at WO.OWJqrs, of which *>17.000 qrs on passage are due within four weeks, besides 60,500 qrs from Atlantic ports and 61,380 qrs on sale oft coaet.aggregat iug 739,880 qrs, of which 467,130 qrs are white wheat. Tho total amount In transit, etchwlve of steamer ship ments from American Atlantic ports, and sail and steamer snipments from the Raltlo was, April H, lH7rt, Including wheat and flour, 1,007.033 qre. There wero April 8 still S 4 ships due at ports of call, and S 3 at direct ports. The stocks of wheat at nine of tho principal Import* tug ports of the United Kingdom compare as follows ; 1876. 1875. 1875. 1874. Marshal, Kirch3l, D0c.31, D0c.31, Place*— qra. qra. qra. qra, London 450,503 43,873 657,032 .115,109 Llrcrpool 8’6,633 122,780 793,813 144,211 QUagow 307,844 107,915 280,412 218,582 Hull 156,000 .... 130 UOO 66,005 Bristol 60.419 7,218 80,438 13,170 Olotiscralor... 83,100 33.421 109,724 32,814 Wt Hartlepool 18,201 .... 17,188 10,213 IkHnal 38,760 .... 64, OH 24,569 Dahlia 330,000 .... 310,000 113,171 Totalquar’e. 3,118,.150 305.308 3,3M.3CJ 813,831 I’herow no report at hud of the atocka in Hull, Weit Hartlepool, Belfast, and Dublin, Ms roll 31, 1875, but estimating them the aama aa on March 31, IBTO, would giro an aggregatu in the uloo ports, March 31, 1879, of 777,193 rira; but (hoy wore It*« than this ca timalo; but, on the aupposUkm that tboy wore tho ■mina itockfl In (be porta not reported, tbo aggregate is but little mura than oao>tblrJ of tbo aggregated •lork March 31.1878. Tho total stock of wheat In twelve porta. Doc. 31, 1873. flour included, «u equal to 3d,313,9M bn.sgeiuat 9.414,910 bn Doc. 31, 1874, being 10,358,041 bo moro Doc. 91,1870, Uua on Dec. .11, 1b74. Tho avenge stock of wheat in the twelve to four teen pnndiil porta, Dec. 91, for last eight years, has been 1,478,310 qn. e receipts sod shipments of roduca in this dty during tba Dg at 7 o'clock on Saturday wheat rnoapEors. We publish the following extracts from a letter by a Chicago house to a How York conuapondeut, in reply to certain comments on Drlllah stocks of wheat, and the prospective supplies of that cereal: Should the liberal shipment! to tbe United King dom be continued throughout the balance of tho crop year proportioned to those they have been favored with, and that nation tbe only consumers, we should quite agree with you Uiat their atocks would become eo burdensome as to loroo such a break in prices as to pervart its use or drlvsU Into channels unuausl. llut we notice by our foreign advices of lain that a •• new feature" has arisen, to-wit: a demand from tbe Continent; and if we ore permitted to pay auy respect to the estimates made by the Agricultural Departments of (be Governments throughout f.urope, tho crop of 1878 was deficient in nearly ell of them, whilst our own country indicates a deficiency of 31 per cunt, thus giving promise of a moro general demand with diminished supplies. From this wo derive tho con clusion also that the shipments from this as well as other parts of the world will soon be materially lesson ed and a steady drain made from stocks (u store, so that the great weight of the unusually large " visible supply ll will be reduced to en ordinary averago. The causes of this eicvsalvs aggregation of stocks in ths United Kingdom we think are well understood to be the sharp and material advance in values with them in August last, calling forth supplies from tbe remote quarters of the globo; whilst thus© In our own country aru reasonably accounted for l>y tho inferior Suailty, more particularly of lowa, "Mklug it far from csirablo (u- bold, tbo moro eaimviully eo os prices were st least fair during tho fall and early winter. Tost tho movement then was moro then ordinarily froo wo cite tbo fact that from Bept. 1, 1875, to Jan. 1, 187 G, the receipts here were, 10,8j5,X6 bu, as against last year, corresponding llmu, 10,363,771 hu, end against su avurago of the past ten years, correspond ing time, 9,406,frit bu. Now, when we consider that tbe receipts here during the past season wore less, proportionately, thou at Milwaukee In former yoars, owing to the •• corner " and high pricca than rnllug In that market, and that ths crop of 1876 was ushered In upon empty granaries on account of the temptingly high pricca of July and August preceding, end to the further fact of (he dsfi eieuoyot the crop, as above noticed, we draw the fur ther conclusion that the country back of us can afford comparatively small supplies between this and another harvest. Our cstlmats would pUc© ths maximum at not over 66 per cunt of a year ago. Iksldoa we notice that ths depleting of tbo ** vlsiblo ■uuply ” at points of accumulation in this country is being wrought rapidly, indicating something moro than 3.500,u00 bu during the past fortnight. And as ths muvemsut from Uku jiorta by rail into the wiuler wheet eeclluua fur domestic wants ia larger than usual, the supplies for the seaboard will bore moot with an Important check. In our review of the situation we do not bring to beer any extraordinary demand that may arias conse quent upon (he lessened area sown throughout tho United Kingdom, or the cutting off of supplies by tea eon of political complications in Eastern Europe, but, on tbe contrary, wish to allow the full benefit of so cuslomod advantages and thst tbo returns from tbo growing crop lu our own Northwest will be toumi/ul. As to (he recent very material decline lu values wo cen account for it only In s local point of view—on the ground of s genera) demoralization of the bulla, and the bears prtaalug their advantage to a complete rout. We are disposed to look upon it lu this tight from ths fact tost tbe foreign end Eastern mar kits geverno signs of weakness or declino until the downward course began hero, but on tho con trarr the wtutcr-whsst markets of Philadelphia and Uatttmore wers strengthening. Furthermore, there has beau no Ume slues the price her* baa been $1.97 that Urns was not a fair margin to thip.tnd the move ment out was auueuaUy free, whllat our receipts sre sod went running much under tbe average of the past five yeses, and only about U> per cant of lost season, 10.433 10,694 40,838 V,586 400 4,476 66,3c3 31,0 K) 23,060 319,495 11,1071 7H.677J 95,474. 5i,340 19,664 ( 10,835' 73,300 183,411] 37,000 7,139 330,350 85,435 0,330 09,330 1,3<10 29,000 690,400, 54,640 l 15,510. 16,593 1,839 1,798,407 67 1.505 303,071 88,300 10,790 41,576 ' Mil 2,6031, 8,003 8,7*1 1,134 133,440 4if 3 4,170 1,990 1,019(1 143,131 840,850 313 270,450 h.«n,B3i 1,217,000 J,3f19 3.VU.C00)! 7,W0,W0 1,443,600 ¥74,000 1,617 285 THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: MONDAY. MAY 1, 1876. roitßioN mronTATioNR OTHER STATISTICS. Barley,! Rye, bn. bu. 15.896 41,7.'4) 8.4*3 IW.IW Bi,t2TJ 114,775 19.775 W.l 8.15 Wheat, Cora, I bu. bu. I 2,430,M0 ISiOT ' 1U.5C0 6.(10 103,378' 16.1107 $.663,330 I,BH',eW S. 133.051 15»,9?0 MP.OW 411,570 180.036 605.237 fta.Wl 23, y.< i 6U.526 135,5'.*? 350,477 *|s.’6pß ‘”'4W A ~1l SMt!s3i “ aS,*BM lUfijslO 378.1,4 804. m 8,(63 10. WH 844 a. 871 83, ew too 441,43 19.4 V, liS.OWI 21.5.0 U 4ft. IS®. (Oft! 2(6 66,673 753 646 las’.fioi 87. SM 138 I, ,*,.1.1, ....... I 120.0U01 10,000; 255 (' IS.BXIi 1,676 l! 196.WsS 23. W 1,149 Jj 178.949 ) 120,000 i 1 X?iT.TtI fM."275 20,051 13.717.bbi' 1*0.522 31(1,710 I 2,«3),M3 1,24A761’5)5>,444 I U, HM.WO, 1,iH4,(K50'376,2W I 3.2iW,2i0 1,4:11.157,397,758 IX3OI, !M6 ! l, ! 3,405,8.111,6A4,4(18,415,143 I X 751.553 3.1V21.231 429.421 i,3.054.M8l 357, Cm! 130. OW 809.12 l! S 3. 380,601 71*1,743 450,0001 100.000 xwfisi! 1 (.111.117 4,843, f/74 ,15,431,105 6,066,068 ,15,642,763 6,41u,7W ,16.053,0326,617,118 16,442,812 8.106,K8 11C,663,666 6.371. KU 117,108.270 6.235,766 : 10,624.0167.0a7.67t .9.615,1)00 .5,145,000 .3,146,000 thna reducing our local stock to leae then M per eent of what It then wa*. ... . ... . Ae to the future nine of thta cereal yon will of course oheerve that we loan with favor to the long ildo ami higher price#. Yet aa the case l> au Intricate one in combination, wo may Jrsve out iotuo essential features and get a wrong answer, hence are reluctant at eettlng figures. However, aa the history of tbe trade ahnwe that In tbla market Uie price baa reached at least 11.98 some time between tbta and the harvest meh and every year for fonrteen years psst, we should bo beppy to sc« reasons wby ibis year should be an exception. PROVISIONS. HOG PRODUCTS—Were quiet as compared with the two or three days preceding, toougb the aggregate of trading was rather largo for tbe season, and prices were again lower on the more speculative articles,— poikaud lard. Tbe market was, however, eteedler than on Friday. The further decline was chiefly dne to unfavorable advices from other points, hoge being firmer at the Union Stock*Yards, under smaller re ceipt*. The Cemwwretof Huiltlm of Ibis city has the follow ing In regard to summer packing t With liberal receipts in hogs, accompanied with a moderate decline In values, packers were enabled to run their houses actively daring tbe week, and tbe ag gregate packing et this point since the close of the regular season may be estimated at 9U0.00Q hogs. Dur ing the Utter part of March and tbe first half of April tbo receipts of hoge were no doubt restricted by the extremely bad condition of tho roads In the country, and the receipts now aro regarded as morellbcral than generally anticipated, owing to their uneven distribu tion. At country points, packers generally report quite liberal receipts of bogs, and tbe packing In tome cases exceeds that of last season. The quality of the hogs packed is fair—generally reported slightly better than that of last season. At Cedar Rapids tbe packing aggregates 10.070. against 19.H19 to dale last season. Tbo packing at Das Moines (Areported at P,600, Tbe Daily Commercial fitporl and Market Review gives tbe following a* tbe shipment of provisions from this city for the periods named : Pork.l Lanl.llUmi, Should’* Middles, brla. I tea. I tea. Iba. Jb». "April 97”&:£!f 8,4971 6.70 1.035 833,(64 8.7W.M7 flame week. 1675 8.017 6,139 1,771 619.393 1,130,086 Mine* Nov. I**7s 16! KO 1&5.1U a 6.«» ».70t.678 | ?00.970.»W kstae time *74-5 18.619117J.UW 45.4T0:23,681.g2;11T4.a«.88l MEB3JPOUK—Was leas active, and declined 98030 e per brl from the closing price* of Friday afternoon, under largo offerings In proportion to the aomand. Bale* were reported of 60 brls cash at $21.16 : 2,600br1s seller May at $20.75020.65; 6.000 brla seller June at $21.00021.15; and 4.800 brls seller July at $21,250 21.22 tj. Total, 12,030 brls. The market closed tamo at $.0.75021.00 cash, according to weight; $20.78 sell er May; $21.05 seller Juno; seller July ; and nominally st $21.00021.621* seller August. Primo moss pork wa* quoted at $20,00 ; and extra prime do at $16.00, _ _ L*nn —Was actlvo, and declined 17V020c per 100 Rw, being firm early, and weakening afterwards under rather heavy offerings when Liverpool wa* quoted la per 112 lbs lower. Sale* were reported of 2,250 tea sel ler May at (13.72*013.77*; 0,600 tee seller Juno at $12,821*013.97*; and 16,250 tea seller July at (19.050 13,10. Total, 24,000 tea. Tbs market closed tome at (12.70 cash or seller May: (12.82*012.65 seller June ; $19.97*013.00 seller July: >ud nominally at $13.16 seller August. , , , . . Mrats— Were rather quiet, and averaged about tho same as on Friday, though futures wore generally held a sbado higher, the bulk 'of the offerings having been previously disposed of. There waa llttla de mand fur shipment. Bales were 109,000 Iba shoulders, seller August, at $9.30; 60 boxes Cumberlamls at IP.e: lOu boxes long-cut hams (25 and 30 tbs) atll*c; 160 tes sweet-pickled hams at 12*013c; 200 hoxo* short riba at ll*0ll*c; and Aso,«Wlbs do at sll.lß for May, $11.35 for June, and $11.68 for July. Tbe market closed at tho following range of prices : Bhoui- Xxmg Short Short tiers. clear. rib. dear. Railed, 1005e..,...,..?* 11*' Jl*f IJ-‘» Boxed 7« 11* 11* 11* May 7* U U l . 11* June. 7* 11V 11* »« July., 8 11* 11* Bacon, rash 8* .... 13* 13* Loug and short clean at ll‘,c cash, and ll*c seller May, hoxod: green hams. H*ol9*c; sweet pickled d0,12*013c; Cumberiands. H*oll*c,caahor sell er April; long-cut bams, 13013*c, boxed; Ucoa heme, 14<d150. Or.EAKK —Was quiet at s*o9c. BEEF ITlODUUra—Wore steady and quiet at $10.50 010.76 for mess, $11.60011.76 for extra mess, and 12H.U0023.60 for bams. Tallow— Waa quoted at o*@9*c for city, and 80 for country lots, BREADSTUFFS. FLOUR—Was quiet and unchanged. Thera waa little demand except on local account, shippers hold ing off. Bollora quoted tho market aa strong ae for mer prices, with not much offering. Sales wen) re ported of 950 brla winters, cblafly at $6.98; and 550 brls spring extras, partly at $5.28. Total, COO brls. Tho market closed steady at the following range of prices: Choice winter extras, $7.3007.80; oommop to good do, $5.8007.10; shipping• extras, $1,300 4.80; good do, f4.U503.10; choice do. $5.1005,60; patents do, (0.0009.00; Minnesota, $8.0006.60; spring auperflncs, $3.0003.75; rye floor, $4.2504.37*. Boar-Was in moderate demand, and ruled steady at the quotations of the past two or three days. Bale* were 30 tone at $12.00 on track and free on board cars. Mxudumos—Sale* wore made of 30 tons at SIB.OO on track. Corh-Mbal/—Coarse was nominal at $17,75018.00 on track. WHEAT—Was more active, anil Irregularly strong er. Boiler Juno advanced about lo from tire highest prices of Friday, while May, ami cash lota only im proved \'o, the difference between the two widening to 9Vc, under a relative pressure to soil grain deliver able on the opening of business this weox, and mors confidence lu the deal for next mouth. The pnbllo advices from Liverpool quoted Utile change; and the private telegrams wore conflicting. Some called that market dull and Id per hundred The lower, while oth ers reported " trade strengthened by continental de mand for cargoes off coast. 1 * The latterwas evidently believed by Now York parties, as they sent here large orders to buy: tne purchase* of Friday and Saturday,on that recount, being estimated by some at fully a million bushels. This demand alone made the market strong er, and tho lead was followed by others, which made It active. Shippers took bold rather sparingly, except of the lower grades, which were In fair demand. Tho bulk or the wheat to be shipped out on rail orders had been purchased previously, and there was no disposition to engage sail room, with little additional ear-room offering. The trading was chiefly for futuro delivery, and it was stated that local capitalists wore picking up the May wheat, probably with the intention to hold it for a few days, and create an artificial scarcity. Seller June opened at SI.OO, sold at sl.(jO‘£* receded to SI.OO, then sold up to It.OOtf, do* dined toup’io, and advanced to SI.OOM at the close. Seller May sold at OTVtiiOavc, closing at 98Vc. Seller July sold at SI.OIV«I,M‘(, closing at SI.WV. Cash No. 9 was quiet at lH\(a08o for regular, and 98VO 98 Vo (or gilt-edged receipts,closing at 98V 0 hid. Cash sales were reported of 46,400 bn No. 9 spring at 97Kfl 0fl>jo; 13,800 bu No. 3do at 89o; 1.000 bu do (Central) stWMOIo; 4,000 bu rejected float 79c4ly>tfo, and 8,000 bu by sample at 09,494 c. Total, $3,000 bu. Miksksota Wheat—Was In moderate reqnesl at tbu recent reduction In prices. Bales wore 4.000 bu No. 1 at $1.14:10.000 bn No. 9 at sl.Ol {and 1,800 bu by sample at $1,0331.16. Total, 10,300 bu. OUltN—Was tcea active and steadier, but rather weal, averaging the same as on Friday, and closing Vo lower. Liverpool was unchanged, hut New York was quoted dull and easier, sud our receipts were larger, with only fair shipments. There was only a moderate •hipping demand. It would have been larger, some orders being bore, but for the scarcity of rail-freight room, all the cars available for a few days having been already taken up; and one order for 100,000 bo was declined, for that reason. Tho demand for future de livery was fair, but scarcely equal lo tho offerings In thelatterpartof theseaslon, after the receipt of the Now York news. Bailor May opened at 40e and de clined to (Sweat the close. Heller June sold at 49*/(2l 40c, and seller July at both closing at the Inside. Seller the month, or regular No. 9. was near ly nominal at 45(*446Vc, and gilt-edged receipts of do sold at 49>i345Vc, dosing at 45V°- Cash sales were reported of 11,800 Im high mixed at 45Vf445 Vo i 1,990 bu new do at 4lc; 34,400 bu No. 9at 4M45‘(0; 4,400 bu nsw mixed at 49V0; 8,000 bu rejected at 41<atlVo; 9.000 bu by sample s 4 40<‘tt6V(o on track; and 3,000 bu do at 44V'‘** fi V 0 free on board cars. Total, 63,000 bu. OA'fß—Were fairly active, dosing V(9V° lower than on Friday lor options, which were freely traded in, oldelly in settlement. The market opened weak under liberal receipts, and lu company with other grain ruled steady during the last hour. The aborts were engaged in doalng thulr May deals, and some were changing Into June, the latter bcltg at a premium of about Vo- Car-loU of cash oats were firmer at3lC4 31 Vo. The liberal receipts of the past week were off set by the shipments, and the stock lo store Is moving out. room by rail hiving been reported aa engaged Sat urday for 150,C00 bn. Belter slay openaaaf 81*ic, aoou told at JOL'c, and closed with sellers at 30Vo- June sold «t 31J4C, down to So;£e, and dosed at 30V® 91c. July brought 839931(0. Samples were in fair request. Sales: 4,000 bu No. 9at 81(.431V0* 6.400 bu by ■smpltt at 9Y(j93a for mixed, and 96333V0 for white on track; 13,000 bu do at 3J(93J0 free on board. Total. 16.400 bu. HYK—Was alow and about lower. The offering* were fair, aud there «u UUl* Inquiry. Bala* j 1,300 tu No. 3ti ootsoavo; 400 bu by sample el Wo on traetr. Total. 1,000 bu. llAllLEY—fbe market opened doll and waak, bat the abort* toon took hold, and, (be offering* being limited, price* advanced clotting about lo above the dosing quotation* of >Ttday. There waa aom* inquiry for April, and a aala waa mada at 690 in aottleiueut. May oj«nod at fiJc, decllued to iB%o, then suddenly advanced to COo, which wsa the cloaiug price, dune aold at 60Kc, and July at fi&HWo, tba outside being the oloalng price. Cash No. 3 aold at 01 WC'ic, tba Inaldt for round lota. The lower grade* were quiet. Jiejected was quoted at 84G4350. Caah ■ales wars reported of 19,800 bu No. 3 at iil(s>l3o { 400 bu No. 3at 430; 400 bu by sample at 900 on track. To* lal 10,W0 bu. call wuud. were fairly active, and a shads firmer, lueod at iiO.lTjv for May, and $31.0 W j sales of 1,600 brls st the above prices, let 11X89 for June and 113.00 lor July, iat fIXV7 < K<JI3.OO for July, and 113.81 Provision# wi Mi-aa |>ork ck for June, with Lard closed Bales 3.600 tee i for June. rcr# active, sales balng mad* of 460,000 fur Msy, sad s7.o3Jtfa7.M for June, Bhoulders w< H* at |7.3/>4 f GENERAL MARKETS. ALCOnOL-Wss steady at $3.14. BItOOM-COllN—Waa In moderate request and •toady* 1 Choice hurl, 8($9o; No. 3 burl, 7380{ choice medium, 7(j7N<=s good medium brush, 636>fc| fair Inside and cover*, inferior, 4#4#c; crooked, 3i<»Cc, BUTTEII—The demand was modsrste. as wu also the supply, and tba prlass current earlier la the week were being realised. Aa easy feeling was apparent, however, ib* belief that lower prices most soon pre vail being pretty generally entartalnsd. We quote t Choice to fancy yellcw, 30035 c; medium to good grades, 20(3280 ;Inferior to common, 14093 c. BAGGING—Wa* la fair request it unchanged ■ml steady price*. We repeat our list an fol lows: Stark A, 20a; reerlrss AA, 9So{ Lowtiton, 98o; UoDtaap t 98o: Ontario, 950; American A.92*0; Amoekeag, 93c s Otter Creek. 930; burlap bags. 4 bn, l«*01**a; 4°’ 6 bn. 16016 c: gunnies, single, 14* Qlfio: do double, 93094 c. CHEESE—'There was not muck life in tbe cheese trade, and a weak and unsettled feeling prevailed. Bales of new were effected at 7011 c, according to qual ity. COAL-Trade wa* Inactive. Tbe few order* re ceived were promptly filled at the annexed price*: Lackawanna, range and nnt, 110.00; do egg, 19.80; cannel, 17.0007. W: Erie, tT.OO; Bioealmrg, $7,000 7.80: Hocking Valley, $0.00; Indiana block, $3.60; ; Baltimore k Ohio, (6.00; Illinois, 4.60. , EGOS—Were In fair request at 110111(0, tbo out ride being tbe average price for cases*. , . FlSH—Jobbers reported tbo market moderately active, wilts prices steady and unchanged. We still quote: No. 1 wbltefisb, *brl, $3.10(35,28; No. 9 do, $8.00(38.10; no. 1 trout, $4.00; No. 1 shore mackerel K-brl, 112.80013.00: No. 1 bay. $9.00(39.28 I No. 9 mackerel *-brl, $8.00(48.23: family raacterel,*- brl, $0.60; No. I shore kits, largo, |2.iK); No. 1 bay kits. tl.Mi; Urge famtiyklts, $1.20; bank codfish. St.*6® O.CKI: George's codflah, $5.6005.75; Labradorherrlng, •put, brie, $7.7808.00; do *-brl, $4.0004.28; Lab rador herring, round, brie, (fl.Widfl.7fl; do *-bri, $8,800X76; Boated herring, per box, 400 : No, i bar ring. 330: Columbia River arimor, *-brh SB.OO. FRUITS AND NUTS—An active market wae witnessed, and firmness again prevailed. Quota tions remain a* before: Fobrion—Dales, €0O*o; figs, layers, 14010 c; figs. drum*. Hol2e; Turk ish prune*, 7*07»,'0; French prune*, keg* and boxes, IOmISo; raisins, layers, |2.Hflo2.O<i; loose Muscatel, $3.0603,(0; Valencia, llk011*c; Zanie currents. 7,V080 ; citron. 930940. Dommno—Al dan apples, 180'iOo; Michigan apples, common, 9*o loot choice, lO><olOVjcj peaches,naive*, 12*012*o; do, pared, 17019 c; blackberries, 11*0120; raspberries, 33084 c; pitted cherries, 930240. Nuts—Filberts, II 0ll*e; almonds. Terragona, lD*02Oo; Naples wal nuts, IMI7o : French walnut*. new, 110l2n ; Greno ble walnut*, 140160; Brazil*, Oo9*e; pecan*, Texas. Il*0l2*o; Wilmington peanuts, 80fl*o; Tennessee peanuts. 808 c: African peanuts, 60OUe. QUEEN FRUITS—Lemons and oranges were In re quest and steady. Apples wore slow and easy: Good to obolce apples, $1.0C09.00 per brl; Messina orange*. $3.0008.78 per bos; Valencia do, 119.00013.00 per case; lemon*, $5-5000,00 per box. GROCERIES—There was a satisfactorily active mar ket, and tbe quoted price* wore very generally adhered to. Coffees, sugars, rice, apices, sirups, and molasses wore firm at full rate*. We repeat our quotation* of Friday, ae follow*: ittoß—Rangoon, 6*070; Carolina, 7*oß*c; Lou isiana, «h®7*c. Corntsa—O. O. lava, 8O0SIo: Java, No. 9, 970 250; choice to fancy Rio, 2Jo2j*e; good to primo do. 92022*c; common to fair, 2ot«091e; roast. Ing, 19*019*0; Singapore Java, 98026 a; Costa Rica, 22 023*0; Maracaibo, 2214094 c. Buoaus—Patent cut loaf, ll*0ll*o; crushed, 11* 011*o ; powdered. ll*0ll*o; granulated, 10* 0llc:A« standard, lO‘t01O!<c; do No. a, lO0IO*o; B, 9*0IOo; extra 0,9*09*0; 0 No. 2. 9*o9*c; yellow ONo. 1. 9*>*»*c; do No. 2, Vo9*o: choice brown. B*ofl*c; fair to prlmedo, 8*08*c; com mon do, 7*oHo:cnolce molaaae* sugar, H*0B*o; common to good do, 7*®B*o; New Orleans, 1)i 08)10. tuners—California sugar-loaf drips, C6@7oc; dia mond drip*, $1.0501.10; silver drips, extra lino, 600 Me; good etigar-bousoalrup, 6O053o; extra do, 690 60a; New Orleans molaseca, choice. 630C8o; do, prime, 88008 a; do, common to good, 48050 c: Porta Rico mo lassos. 48060 c; common molasses, 380 too; blackstrap, 39030 c. Hpjcxs—Allspice, 17017*o; cloves, 82083 a; cassia, 90032 c; pepper, 17*018*0; nutmegs, $1.2301.28; Cal cutta gtogor, 14*®18*c. Boars—True Blue, fl*o; German Mottled, 6*o7e; White Lily,6oO*e; White Rose, 506*0! Royal Ba von. s*o6c; Baron Imperial, Do; Golden West, 6*o Arisen—Excelsior, laundry. t*o7o; do, gloss, 8* 09c; do, corn, 909 l(o; Klngsford, pure, 7*o; do, sli ver gloss. 9*@9*c; do. corn, lOolo*o. HAY—Tbo good grades were again In fair request, and firm under small offerings. Tho low grade* wore neglected: No. I timothy. 113.60013.76; No. 2 do, $12.00; mixed do, $10.00010.60; upland prairie. $10.5 011.00; No. 1 do, $3.6009.00: slough, $6.6007.00. UIOIIWINES—Were quiet and steady at tho ruling quotation of the week. Bales were reported of 100 brls at (1.07 per gallon. UIDEB— Continue In fair request and steady. Tho offerings were fair. Green dty butchers’, 606*e; green cured light and heavy, To; damaged. 805*o; part cured, 6*06*0; green salted kip, 7o; green country, 6*o 5 gveen calf. 12c; flint bides, dry kip and calf, 14o; dry salted bides, 12o; deacon skins, 45050 c. IRON AND NAlLS—Dealers report a fair trade at $2.8002.70 for common bar Iron. It la rumored that manufacturers contemplate making another change soon, nosslbly to higher rates. Nails are steady at $3.10. OlLS—Carbon was more active and stronger, being beldame higher than Friday. Lard and turpentine were again easy. Linseed, whale, and other kinds wore about steady. We quote: Carbon, 115 dog. teat, 13o; do Illinois legal tost, 180 deg., lie; Enow While. 150 test. 17o: do headlight. 178 deg., I7*c; extra winter lard oil. $1.1201.13: No. L 970U60; No. 2. 78080 c; Un reed, raw, 60c; boiled, 63c; whale, winter bleached, 78 080 c; sperm, $2.1002.28; noatsfoot oil, strictly pure, $1.1501,20; do extra, 950: do No. 1,88 o; bank oil. 650; straits. Ode: plumbago oil. 60075 c; turpentine, 48046 c; naphtha, deodorized, 63gravity, 13*0l4*o; West Virginia oils, natural. 29 deg., 310350; natural, 90 deg., 2r«30o; reduced. 28 deg., 90022 c. POTATOES—Were In modem* demand with retail era, at 25036 a per bu tn sacks. POULTRY—Was in light request, at $3.7804.50 for chickens, $4.00 for ducks, and 19012*0 for turkeys. Pigeons were alow and weak at 40050 c per doz. SEEDS—Timothy and clover wore wanted to fill or ders, and being lo limited supply ruled higher, tho slock being In few hands. Prime timothy sold at $2.07*, extra at $2.70, and fair to good at Clover sold at $9.9009.00, the outside for prime. Hun garian and mlUot were weak under larger offerings, the former at 45050 c, and the latter at 80060 c. BALT—Wa* steady and in moderate demand: Sagi naw and Onondaga, fine, $1.40 ; Canada do. $1.46; or dinary coarse, $1.70; dairy, without bags, $2.76; dairy, with bag*, $3.60; Ashton dairy, per sack, $4.80. TEAS—We quota the market moderately uoiive and steady, as follows: OtiHrowuEn—Common, 3fl04Oo; good do. 40045 c: medium. 45050 c; good do, 600850; fine, 660000; finest, 80005 c: choice, 700 750: choicest, 90095 c; fancy, $1.0301.15. Imvbhul —Common, 3O035o; good do. 38040 c; medium, 400 (So; good do, 48080 c; One, 50056 c: finest. 850flOo: choice, 65070 c; cnolceat, 70076 c. Japans— Common, 30033 c; good common, 35038 c; medium, 4O0i:c; good medium, 46048 c; flue, 60085 c; finest, 660r>00; choice, 60068 c; choicest. 73076 c. Oolonob—Common, 80033 c; good common, 38038 c; medium. 40t«420 ; good medium, 43045 c; fine, 48050 c; flnMt,6s@sao; choleo 50002 c: VEAL—Waa dull at fl*0?o for the beat offerings, ‘and 305 c for common to fair. Tbs receipts bats been quite liberal for several days past, and the trade aocma to be well supplied. VEGETABLES—Were in fair supply and request. Following are tbe quotations: Cucumbers, $1,250 180 per dot: green peas, $1.6002.00; per box; string beans, $4.5005.00 per box; asparagus, $1.28 per dox; lettuce, 880400 per dos; radishes, 35030 c per doz; spinach, $1.2801.80 per box; Bermuda tomatoo*, BUcO SI.OO per box. WOOL—Waa alow and oasy. Manufactnrera are or dering old wool, only to meet pressing wants. The stock la light, but price* are weak, a* dealers aro anxious to aloes out and get ready far tbs new olio, which will be ready to handle in a few weeks. Tub washed, prime,soc: 00, poor to good, 440l8o; washed fleece, fine, good conditioned, 38040 c; washed, medi um do, 40042 c; unwashed, line heavy to light, 980 98o; do, medium, 80033 c; palled, 30®370» LIVE STOCK, caicuao. ErccijiU— Monday..... Tueaday.,.., Weduoaday, Ttainday... Friday Saturday.,.. Total 39.601 63,790 8,069 Sam* Urns tut week ai.SM ia.MU e. 870 Week before Uit 24,223 03,189 1,453 Week ending April S 9i p 634 45,540 6,403 BBTottl four weokl .06,707 330,704 26,769 bUipmeaU— Monday.... Tueiday... Wednesday, Tburaday, Friday..., «ofc Total. Cattle, Hop*. Sheep. . 4,027 0,012 330 . 4,910 14,410 1,820 ~ 4,380 1U.W30 490 ~ 0,000 16,303 B'3 ~ 3,088 10,041 373 .. 800 4,0G0 69 .... 1.719 1,71 ft 4» 1,14 ft 4.01)3 838 .... 8,463 0,911 730 4.XW .... •Toes rpnanTs, Chicago to— Boa too New York. i’hlladoipbU, Baltimore Buffalo, SaJpeoilon Bridge, and fltuharg 29 CleTeUnJ...,,.. IB Dunkirk, Toledo and Detroit. CATTLE—In comparison with laal week or the prevloua ona the week Just cloaed showed Improve* meat, both In (be character of the demand and In prlcea. At the beginning of the waak the outlook waa gloomy enough, trade abowlog vary little animation, and price* Laving a tendency to go lowar. Subse quently * favorable metlon ael In. At the Baal lighter supplier and iligblly advanced prices were ro ported, which faot, taken In conjunction with dimin ished receipts here, called out a more active demand, under which the market developed Increased strength, prices moving op JOgklSe per 100 tbs. What effect this advance will have upon the ensuing week's enpply remains to be seen. Not a few Incline to the opinion that the M ruah" is over, and that the "turning point*' has at last been reached, but other*—perhaps a majority of the trade—look for con tinued heavy receipts throughout the month of May, and discover little to encourage (he belief that vary materially better prices are to prevail. The cattle sent forward during the week were mainly of good quality. The proportion of half.fattened droves was more prominent than It should be, but the general aversga waa not materially Inferior to thetof former yeeva at a Uk* period, the bulk of the offering* cou tisilng of well-fatted ealtle weighing from 1.160 to 1,400 !U. For these the prevailing figures war* $4,1031,60. Uutchira' stuff, which em brace* cow*, stage, bulls, oxen, cud fetr* lab steer*, aold prindpeliy el $9.0039.76. Blockers end/seders wer* in steadily good'damand ets3 4oa Ail for common to prims, Springers were aalabJa at about previous quotations, vis. t $20.00340.00. Thar* Wftt a finally Increased ripply of wait. and diet were noted at 13.500f1.00 for poor la choice, being ft decline from Iml weeks figures. There wan ft fairly active demand on Saturday, and (ho market was etoady at (ho aulijolued gtIOTATIOKM. Choice Itectca—Floe, (at, well-farmed 2 year to B year old eteera, weighing 1,96 u to 1,660 ft* W.00(33.35 Good IJeerra—Well-fattened atoera, weigh* Ingl.aooto 1,400 R* 4.80(34.65 Medium Grade#—Steen in fair fleeb, weigh* log 1,100 to 1.800 B* 4.00(34.05 Butchers’ Stock—Poor to fair atoera, and common to choice rows, for city slaughter, weighing WHi to 1,150 Iba 3.50(31.00 Block Cattle—Common rattle, weighing 800 to LOW n># 9.6004.00 Inferior—Light and thin eowe, helfora, •tags, bulls, and scalawag ateora,.... 2.60(39.60 MOOS—Uondaya aupply amounted to only about 7,000 bead, and, with a good packing and shipping do* mand. the market ruled active and lira at the doling quotations of the prevloua week. During tbo remain ing day* of tho week the receipt* comnaratlrely were large, and prices receded, tho end of the week flailing them a etrong 35QS8e lower than at the opening of the tnerkel on Mon- day. Local packers were the largest buyer*, nearly two-lbirds of the supply going into their band*. The purchases of nhlppen were only about 0,000 In etccaa of the previous week, while the receipts show an Increase of some 15,000 bead. Saturday’! supply was light, and, as there was a well-sustained demand, the market developed rather more strength. No quotable advance was gained, however, sales making at $ for common to prime light, and at $7.25587.00 for Inferior to prime heavy. The bulk of the hogs were taken by city pack ers at $7.40(37.59. Culls sold at $0.60(47.00. SHEEP—The receipts were the lightest reported for many weeks, but as there wae a corresponding dimi nution In the demand, sellers found It Impossible to do more than maintain the reduced prices of tbe pre vious week, trade ruling dull at $4.00545,00 for poor to medium grades, and at $6.95Q6.95 for good to strict ly choice, LUMBER. The offerings at the sale docks were light Saturday and but UlUebualneas was done. Piece stuff sold at SB.OO and common hoards at $9.00. Prices for com mon Inch range from 90.0u0i0.60. Lath were qnlet at $1.50, and shingles st $9.95®9.80, The following sates wore reported: Cargo scow Granger, from Baugatuek, 78 m piece stuff (dry) at $8.25. Bchr Gamecock, from Muskegon, ICS m common green boards st (9.00. By William Meglado. Cargo sobr J. Phillips, from Manistee, 180 m green Joists and scantling, at SI.OO. By J. M. Loomis h Co. At tho yards a moderate order-trade was reported at unchanged prices: First ana second c1ear......... $40.000 Third clear, 1 inch 3.1.00(3 Third clear, thick 35.00(3 Clo*r flooring, Arst and second, rough.. 30.00(33X00 Clear siding, llratand second.... 17.50(318.00 First common siding 16.00(310.00 Flooring, Arst common, dressed 30.00(1 Flooring, second common, dressed..... 92.00t324.00 Box boards, A 35,00(3 Box boards, 8... 25.000 A stock boards, 10 and 19 in 80.00(333.00 Bstock boards 23.00035,00 Gstock beard 5............. 16,00(3..... Fencing 12.50(3 Common lumber, 18 ft and under 2 inch 10.60(311.00 Common Inch 11.60(319.00 Joists and * canning, 20 to 21 ft 12.00(410.00 Lath 1.90(3 Asbtuglcs XCC<3 9.90 tibiugleson track... X40(4 2.09* TELEGRAPH! MARKET REPORTS. FOREIGN MARKETS. sb#rfol VUpateh to Tfio Chicav* TW^nns. Liverpool, April 20—11:90 a, m.—Flour—No, 1, 31a 7d; No. 2,22 a 6d. Grain—Wheat-Winter, No. 1,9 a lOd; No. 2, Oe Cd; spring, No, 1,9 a Cd, No. 3, Ba; white, No. 1, Oa IDd; No. 2, 9*Cd; club. No. I,loa sd; No. 3, Oa lOd. Corn, No. 1,36 a 8d; N0.2,3C5. PndnjiioNS—Pork, 83a Gd. Lard, 09*. Liverpool, April 30—2:30 p. m.—PnovmoNifr-Pork, 635. Lard, C3a. Liverpool, April 29.—Evening—Breadstuffs— California white wheat, average, 9* OdigOa lOd; do club, Oa 10(19101 Sd i red Western spring, No. 2 to No. 1, 0a09» Cd; winter rod Western, No. 2to No. 1,9 aOd 90s Id. Hour—Western canal, 22s Cdft24a. Corn- New We* Urn mixed, 2GSO3O* 2d; old American, 3593 a Od. Barley—American, 3a Cd. Peas —Canadian, 37a. OLovxn-BEEi>—American. 63<009a. Provisions—Prime mesa pork, 63a; prime races beef, *B7s. Lard—American, sds. Bacon—Long clear, (13s; short clear, 65a 3d, Tallow— Flno American, 41s Sd. Spirits Petroleum—9ao9a 3d; refined petroleum, 11a 3dolla (id. Linseed Oil—23b 6d. ll&am—Common, 4a 04; polo do, 16a, Spirits Turpentine—24b. Creese—Fine American, 00s. London, April 29—Evening.—Consols—Money sod account, os 7-10. Americas ar.cunmtw—'6s*, 103 H; ’o7*. 109 V; 10- 4Ua, lU7V; now Sa, IOCJnT; New York Central, 101; Erie, 13; Erie preferred. 21. Suoab—No. 13, Dutch standard, spot, 21i od®22s; afloat, 21a 9d«235. Paris, April '39.—Rentes—lMf Be, FiiANETonr, April 29.—Usmtn States Bondi—New oa, 102. Antwerp, April 20.—Petroleum—128. NEW YORK DRY-GOODS MARKET. New Youk, April 90.—Business wta only moderate with domestic comrolaslon houses, and very quiet with Importers, Jobbing trade light. Cotton goods moved alowly, but the moat popular makes of brown and bleached cottons are steadily held, and some makos closely sold up. Prints unsettled, and Dun- Dell’s fancies reduced to Go. Woolen goods remained quiet, and spring weight casalmerca sad worsteds are Belling low, BOSTON WOOL MARKET. Boston, April 29.—'W00l dull snd prices atill settling down. Fleece wool alow and lower than at any tlmo In ten years. Ohio and Pennsylvania fleeces, 4O048o; Michigan fleeces, 35@98c; Michigan and Wisconsin fleeces cannot bo quoted at over 35037 c. Combing wools dull; unwashed, 35040 o; washed, 04c. Pulled wools quiet and dull; a largo stock of very good linos of superfine at 960490. CLEVELAND PETROLEUM MARKET. Cleveland, April 29.—Petroleum firm at lo#efor standard white, 110 teal; Xltfofor prime while, 150 teat, foe car-lota. THE PRODUCE MARKETS. NEW TOQK. New Yobb, April 29,—Flood—Slightly In buyer** favor; receipts, 7,000 brla; superfine State and West, orn, 51.10d4.60; common to good extra, $4.00(36.30; good to choice, $5.39(46.70; white wheat extra, $7.76 (37.75; extra Oblo, $4.00(47.00; St, Louie, f5.30d0.00; Minnesota patent proceee, $0.50(40.90; No. 3, $3,000 3.70. Rye flour quiet but steady at $4.7595.15. Cobm-Meal—Quiet and steady; Weetera, $1,7503.35, Guam—Wheat—Receipts, 03,000 bu; leas active: spring unmerchantable, 00c; No. I spring, $1.23(31.80; No. 3 Chicago spring, $1.1801.30; No. 3 Chicago nom inal $1.0901.13; amber Western, winter, $1.33 #; No. 3 Milwaukee, $1.1001.31#; No, 8 Milwaukee, $1,120; wnlte Western,sl.34; amber Michigan, old,ln store, $1.45. Ilyo quiet; State, «2©Wo: Western, B 3 (*87o; Canada In bond, WkgOlc. Barley quiet and Arm; K0.38ay.J1.10. Malt quiet and unchanged. Coro —Receipts. 76,000 bu; moderate business; mixed no grade, 69,^0600: do stoamor, 040 ; ungraded. CSO C6e; Western mixed, In settlement, fifio. Onto—We oelrts, 88,000 bu; mixed Western and State, 37@4C0; white Western and State, 400530. Hat—Finn and unchanged. Hove—Quiet: Eastern and Western. lO01So; New York Stale, 130180; Calafornla, 15019 c, Qxockbiks—Coffee qnlct and unchanged. Sugar quiet; fair to good refining, 7 O*I6OII 13.10 c; prime, 7?<(<*Uc; refined steady, Molasses—gngliah laUnds, 36045 c; I’oitoUko, 40055 c. IIIOE—DuII and unchanged. Petbolbou—Dull and unchanged; quiet and easier; crude, tl#o; refined, 13#014c. Tallow—Firmer at H#teß#o. Htrajnso Ruin—Steady at $1,7501.80. BviniTS Tubventihb—Dull at 85<<»M#c. Jiuoa—Heavy; Woetern. 14W016#0. Leather—Heavy; hemlock solo, Buenos Ayres and Rio Grande light, heavy, and middle weights, 31034 c; California sod common do, 31023 c. Wool—Dull snd unchanged. meee pork, $11,800.31.70; May, $31.50; July, $21.96. Beef unchanged Cut meats— Western, quiet; sweet pickled hame, 18o; long clear middles. Western, 121405 do, city, 13#o. Lard— Prime steam, 113.35, doting at $13.20; May, |13.17#@ 13.30; June,513.a2W013.42#. Btnrn—Unsettled: very new Western, 160293. Cheese—Quiet at 6013 c, Whisbt—Steady at |UI. Metals—Manufacturing copper steady; new sheet ing, Jio: Ingot, lake, etMiTy at 33035c1 pig iron quiet ami unchanged; Russia aheathlng, 13olugold. Nails—Quiet; cut, $3.1503.65; clinch, $1.6000.36; horse ehoe No. B, 300206. PUILADELPHIA. PrnLACtLriiri, April 39.—Seed*—Clover, SIO,OOO 17.50; timothy, J 1.3502.60; flax. $1.48. I'rraoLKUu—Firm; refined, 18#014o; crude. 10#c, Floub—Duh; extras, $4.3504.76; lowa, Wiscon sin, and Minnesota family, $3.6006.50; Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio, $6.0000.76 ; high grades, $7,360 Utunt—Wheat Inactive; Pennsylvania red, $1,600 1.61; amber. |1.61««1.63#{ Western, common to good. |1 0501.35. Itye, 870, Coro quiet and weak; yallow, 810680; mixed, 6l0O3o; white, 000610. Oate freely ottered but unsettled; while, 42060 c; mixed, 390400. Puovisiowe—Qulel; pork, 122.78023.00. Beef hams. J2U.00030.50; smoked, $16.00010.00; pickled, $12.25014.00. ISTd. 13K014#0, WIIIIET—II.I2 for Weeieru. w Burrn—ln good Inquiry; New York and Bradford County extras. 8i083o; firsts, 8O03lo; Western ex tra*. 27023 c; firsta. 36027 c; rolls, Western extras, 30 fci33o: firsts, 33036 c, Firm; Hew York fenoy, 13#014o; WMtera * Western, fresh, 16017 c, PALTIUOUE. Baltxmobs, Md., April 80.—'Floub—Steady end un* changed. Ojuin—Wheat dull; Pennsylvania red, $1.4801.60; others unchanged. Corn—Western mixed aclivs at 6JKO62VC. Oats dull and heavyjWsnem white. 460 48c: Weclorn mixed, 40041 a, Rye nominally; b 0 0970. Uaj—Steady and unchanged. 3,969 9100 tb>i Pnonnom—rimer and quiet. If*t> port, Bulk meat*—ahonMore, BWrffl.Ve; clear rib, 11 w looae. Ilacon—Shoulder*. o<l{9%ai clear rib, ham*, ISfllOo. Lard qolet aud weak; refined, i|J oH*p. * Uurrrn— Quiet and esalcr 1 Weelcrn prime to choice, filiAtlOc; eatra flue, fitfg'.ne* r*Tnot,to»c— Unaetlled; ertule, refined, ho, Oorm—Quiet and unchanged. Witnkr— 'Nominally tM3. TOLXDO. Tottrx), 0.. April 2th—Ftotm—Una. arum—Wheat Arm; No. 9 white Wabash, $1.39; No. 1 whit® Michigan, 11.29; No. 9 do. $1.90 offered; eitn white Michigan, (1,38; amber Michigan, spot end May 11.9.1 V: dun®. $1.23*; No. 9 red winter,; Jeeted red. OOWc. Corn dull and a shade lower: high mixed, 53*c; June, held at 50c, end 490 offered; Ka 9 mixed, OtUo; Kane*, Mo; No. 2 white, 82c; tn Srade, 470; damaged, 83a. Otis dnll | No. 9, aso: llcblgan, 35*0. Clovrr.Bbri>—so.lo. llmrifts—Flour, *1.900 brie ; wheat, 18,000 bn;com 48,000 bu; oats, 7,000 bo. MItWABKE*. Milwaukee, April 21),—Flour—Bicady, with fait demand. Grain—Wheat opened Arm and a shads higher: dosed Arm; No. 1 Milwaukee, sl.lo;hard, $1.93; No* 9 Milwaukee, $1.0172; May. sl.ol* t June, $1.03 !<• No. 3, 00*c. Corn weak end drooping: No. 2, soe. Oats easier; No, 2, May, 3!*e, live dull and lower; No. l.Cffc, Harley domornllzed and lower ; No. 9, 84 @s7o; No. 3,62 c. Freights—Quiet and steady; wheat to Buffalo, llEdcirrs—Flour, 8,900 brts; wheat, 37,000 bu. Shipments—Flour, 5,000 hrls; wheat, 87,000 bn. CINCINNATI. Cincinnati, 0,, April 20.—Flour—Steady and ua. changed. Grain—Wheat dull, weak, and lower, at $1.06(31.25. Corn dull and lower, at 49(<j50c. Gats nulct and steady at 38(3430. Hyo steady, with fair demand at 76(377e. Barley dull and nominal. Provisions—l’ork quiet at $21.60031.75. Lard la. active; steam, 19K<al3o; kettle, l3K®tß*e. Bulk meals Armer; shoulder*, 8o; clear rib, 11*0 cash; 12*o buyer July; clear, ll*(Sll*c. Bacon quiet at o‘»<fWV<s} liwawvc; us^Vivc. Whiset—in good demand at $1.07. Ddttrb—Dull and (ending downward; choice cen. tral Ohio, 23(315c; choice Western Reserve, 255427 a Boston, April 29.—Floor—Quiet; Weslern super, floe, $4.00(34.96: common extras, $4.60(36.00: Wim conaln extras, $6.25(46.23; Minnesota, $.'>.50(37.00; winter wheat Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan, $6,003 7.X5; Illinois, $0.25(38.60; 81. Louis, $6,50(39.00: fancy Minnesota and Wisconsin, $5.95(39.50. Grain—Corn quiet at C6CJCBO for mixed and yellow. Oats dull; mixed and No. 2 white, 42<3180; rejected, 42(3450; No. 1 white, 62@54c, tOßtHvnxx. Louisville, April 20.-— Flour— Quiet and an. changed. Oiuih—'Wheat quiet hut ateady and unchanged. Com firm and active »t 40043c* Oats scarce and Era at 390430, Provisions—Stronger and the tendency upward, fork, |23.‘i5; bulk shoulder*, aides, lljrfft bacon, 9)i(S2>fo; clear rib, 12*(o; clear, 12>;® 12’fe; sugar-cuml hams, 14140150, Lard—Tiorceu $14.25; keg. |15.00(21ft.35. Wuibki—firm at J. 1.07. or. Lomu. St. Loots, Vo., April 29.—F10 m—Unchanged. Grain—Wheat unsettled and lower; No. 2 fall, f 1.33 bldcaah;|!.*Jßol,3BMMay; f 1.34 Jane. Cornaebads lower; No. a mixed, 44044 Vo cash and May; 4IUO 44*40 June. Oats very dull; No. a mixed, 33obid; sates of rejected at OOJtfc. Bye lower t 6 sell, at 03e bid. Barley dull and nothing doing. WntißT—Steady at SI.US, Provisions— Very quiet; only a email Jobbing trade. ItcoßirTs—Flour, 3,250 brls; wheat, ii.ooO bu; corn, 60,000 bu; oata, 2J,0t0 bu; rye, 1,0001 m; bar. ley, 1,000 bu; hoga, COO; cattle, 200. BUFFALO. Buffalo, April 20.—Grain—Wheat unsettled and heavy. Corn dull; Weatem, COo on traok. Barley dull; Canada, Wo, Oata neglected. Bye neglected. MARINE. PORT OP CHICAGO, APRIL 29-30. Arrivals—Schr Reciprocity, Manistee, lee; schr W n. Hawkins, Block Creek, cedar posts : Stmr Corona, Bk. Joe, sundries; prop Moescngir, Benton Harbor, ■nndrlca; tchr Charles Hibbard, Olay Banka, bark; aclir Mariner, Clay Banka, wood; atmr Sheboygan, Manitowoc, sundries; acbr H. 0. Albrecht, Bailey's Harbor, wood; achr Liver Oak, White Lake, lumber; acbr ot. Lawrence, Abnapoe, railroad ties; prop New Era, Grand Haven, (owing; acbr 0.0. D., Muskegon, lumber; achr Mary Amanda, Grand Haven, lumber; acbr Golden Harvest, Grand Havon, lumber; achr gn«a Day, Wblto Lake, 'wood; achr Charles Luling, Manistee, lumber; acbr Minerva, Muske gon, lumber; prop Milwaukee, Milwaukee, light; achr Paulino, Muskegon, lumber; achr Advance, Mus kegon, lumber; achr Minnie Mueller, Muskegon, lum ber ; acbr Adriatic, White Lake, lumber; schr J. A, Holmes, Grand Havon, dock pllea; achr Ottawa, Grand Haven, lamber; prop Trader, Ludlngton. lum ber; achr Celt, Ludlngton, lumber; achr Levi Grant, Muskegon, lamber; achr Kate Lyona, Muskegon; lumber; acbr Gcorga L. Beaver, Muskegon, lumber; sebr J- B. Newland, Manistee, lumber ; echr O. H.' Hackloy, Muskegon, lumber ; achr Perry Hannah, Jickaonport, cedar posts; achr Westchester, Muske gon, lumber; scow L. Painter, Muskegon, lamber; acbr N. 11. Terry, White Lake, lumber; achr Coni, White Lake, railroad tics; acbr Kate Ollielt, Jackson port, cedar poets; achr Cecelia, Muskegon, lum ber; achr Joseph Dresden, Ludlngton, lumber; prop Charles lllotz, Manistee, lumber; acbr John Marks, Manistee, lumber; achr Melvins, Muskegon, lumber; sobr Joo Vilas, Jtckaoaport, cedar posts; seb r Madison, Grand Haven, wood; achr Clipper City, White Lake, lumber: achr A. J, Howry, Lincoln, lum ber; acbr It. J. Skidmore, Muskegon, lumber; icow Mlltan, While Lake, lumber; scow Mart Helen, white Lake, railroad ties; acbr O. J. Boeder, Manistee, lum ber; acbr Lottie Cooper (new>, Two Rivera, lumber; acbr Sardinia, Muskegon, lumber; scow Gladiator, Maulstce, lumber; scow S«* Bird, Bsugstuck, lumber; acbr . Mary Ludwig, South Haven, lumber; atmr Muskegon, Muskegon,. lumber; achr Starke, Manistee, lumber; acbr It- H. Becker, James’ Her, railroad ties; achr WStlio Loutlt, Ludlng ton. lumber; acbr Fashion, Manistee, lumber; acbr Radical, Stony Creek, railroad ties; achr Four Broth ers, Holland, wood*, prop Ira H. Owen, Eaconsbs, Iron ore; acbr Jessie Linn, Escanaba, Iron oru; achr L.'B. Coatea, Muskegon, lumber; acbr I). A. Wells, Msuk Bay, flab; achr Mazy Packard. Ludwig's Her, lumber; ■cow Silver Cloud, Clay Banka, bark; acbr Lyman M. Davis, Muskegon, lumber; achr Kitty Grant, Bauga tuck, lumber; scow M. M. Dunham, Haugatnok, wood; sebr Ida, Muskegon, lumber; acbr House Simmons, Muskegon, lumber: acbr Prank Crawford. Muskegon, lumber; acbr Four Brother*, Manistee, lum ber; acbr Two Charlies, Grand Haven, rail road ties; achr Tri-Color, Holland, lumber; scow Marion Dixon, Grand Haven, lumber; acbr AU- Unto, Ludlngton, lumber: achr Liberty, Muskegon, lumber; scow Mermaid, Grand Haven, lumber; scow Laurel, Muskegon, wood; prop William Orippen, Manistee, lumber; achr Two Brothers, Ludlngton, lumber; acbr Ironside, Traverse Bay, wood; sebr Clara, Manistee, lamber; scow Sailor Boy. Muskegon, lumbar; schr Helen Blood, Muakcgon, lumber; acbr Elbe, Grand Havon, wood; acbr Ashtabula, Lading ton, lumber; sebr 9. Bates. Silver Lake, lumber; achr John Tlbbeta, Manistee, lumber; achr Qesme, Lud lngton, wood. _ Clearances —Prop Messenger. Benton Harbor, SO brla salt and sundries; achr A. Moshar, Dotroll, 10,001 buoorn; achr Annie Sherwood, Ene, 30,000 bu corn; achr Harvest Queen, Kingston, 20,730 bu corn; achr Minnie Blawaon, Port Colbome, 33,610 bu wheat; acbr O. L. Johnston, Frankfort, sundries; acbr Mag dalena, Paul’s Pier, aaudrlea; schr U. a Al brecht, Jacksaaport, 0 brla flour, 3 tons hsy, and anodrlea; atmr Corona, SC. Joe, sundrlsi; ■ebr Uolllngwood,Sutton’s Bay, oata; achr Hig gle J: Jouoa, Buffalo, 30,000 bu wheat; acbr Amoake* ag. Muskegon, 4 brla bams; acbr Yankee Blade. Kings ton, Out., 19.075 bu wheat; achr America, Kingston, Out., 93,459 fcu corn; achr Kingfisher, Buffalo, W.3W bu corn; achr Northwest, Buffalo, 23,133 bu corn, aohr Golden Fleece, Buffalo, 90,000 bu rye; achr Uuoonla, Buffalo, 35,030 bu wheat: brig Commerce, Menonlmev, 1,600 bu oata, 3 tea lard, andaundrlea, and 0 half brla lard: schr Potomac, Little Traverse, 79 bu oata, 4 brla pork, 19 bales hay, and aundrlea; nark Parana, Buffalo, 27,195 bu com; atmr Arizona, Erie, *39,160 bo wheat, 700 Iris flour, 000 uoks oil cake, 100 brla phosphate, and sundries: achr B. P. Wilson, South Haven-100 green hide* and sun dries; acbr C. 0. Trowbridge, Sheboygan,3oo bucoru, 900 bu oats, and sundries: atmr Sheboygan, lucins, 24 bundles pelts, 13 brls oil, auu aundrlea; atmr Cora odoro, Buffalo, 13,000 bu corn, 3,D04 brls flour, 6,W1 bu seed, 17 brla liquor. LAKE FREIGHTS. CHICAGO. Freights woro Inactive and nominal At BJtfo fop corn to Buffalo. Friday evening the barge Jarvfe Lord was engaged for 33.000 ba wheat through to New York. The through rato to Now YorkbyUke andreUlaauppoaed to be about 18c. It la reported that the active moremeot by rail la likely to receive a check for • few day*. owing to the aearolty of cart, and it la thought the fact niaylnfuae aoiao Ufa inn lake freights. SLfIEWUEB*. Cleveland, April 87,—Coal freights aro dull, hot the rates are unchanged to all Upper-Lake porta. Tot supply of coal here la light, but the vessels that desire to charter at pruent figures could find cargoes. Bstboit, April 87,—13. WblUker ft Co. report the schr Jennie slathowe chartered for lumber from Alpene to Chicago et 81.80 on the nil. The prop U, j, Jlacket has been chartered for wheat from alii* waukeo to Buffalo at 4c per bu. , Toutno, April 87.—The only cherter reported ym* terday was that of the acbr Three Bells, by Andrews a Southard, wheat, to Cleveland, IJfo, MISCELLANEOUS, catoaao. A eovero, cold northeast wind wu blowing all daj yesterday, and bad tbo effect of bringing In a very Urge lumber fleat. It, however, prevented there*** 1 * ready to leave for the Lover Lakes from taking their departure.... Among the vessels vhlcb arrived with lumber yesterday were two brand n*« ones. One is the acbr Burke, of Milwaukee, and ini olher the acbr Lottie Cooper, of Two Rivers. l**n erelhree-muiere, aud make a very floe and •bp*' eppearence....Tbe tug Annie L. Bmlth weal imp commiaelon yesterday. She is commanded by C*P~ Bollera, and Johnny omllU la the engineer... As so*® as the weather permits Oapt. Cox, proprietor of ¥*■ tog Ben Brake, will make an effort to drag the *®M Falcon, sunk near the crib a day or two ago, aboal water. Aft examination of her was made )•** terday, and U was found that the Is not dam aged at all The, schr Jeaale Linn, whii* going sp the river yesterday, collided with Us sritf '.78,

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