Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 1, 1876, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 1, 1876 Page 7
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Mtry Amanda, The Utter had her tipper works badly fiitnagwl, and Inal merit stanchions.,..The tug Van miMQ lowed the icbr Cecilia Into the abutment of cute afreet bridge Baturdajr night, whereby the •ebooner I l * l hoc cathead and rath and waa oUiervlae Udi* damaged....An effort will be made to releaee <h« whrPatnlloo. which went aahora In Llltle Trav tne liar laat fall. The tug Drawn la being titled out Mfoafter her,,,.,The mammoth ateamabipa Inter n«au and Kotehnm left Saginaw Triday with Ua pone cargoee of aalt for this oily. LOWER I-AIER. . it waa generally expected tbit one or more of lb# rawer bake atcamera which paaaed through the Slralta Tbnraday would arrlva bore yesterday afternoon, but op to a Ute hour Uat avenlng none of them had made ibelr appearance. It waa, however, atated at lb# riecka that Information bad been received from Mil* Miikee that the prop* Montgomery, Champlain, and prlilgcon bad arrived there. They will probably come kere during Ibo night, vnoH VARIOUS POINTS. Ihe tng B. B. Coe waa railed a few daya ago by a •row and pumps from Day City. The machinery la f„ o nil to be greatly damaged, but the loaa will not amount to over $3.000,..,Ree1ed proposals will bo re reived at Detroit until May 0, at noon, for the pur tbaaeof the lake aumy atmr Search, and theaieam uuneb Gen. Meade. The Search la a alda-wbeel Iron* bull boat, length 143 foot, beam 01 feet, and tonnage to m.) 330, The Meade meaaurca In length 37 feet A <oebca, beam 0 feet 8 Inches. deptb 4 feet. The boats are it the Government docks, Detroit, where they may be loipectedat any time.... A dispatch from Oolllngwood •awl! Navigation may beconalderad open at thla ncint. The harbor la all clear, and (here la very tittle (ee in eight. The a team barge MrKerral will probably learafor Meafnrd tomorrow, The atmr Cumberland li filling out, and wlil be ready for Lake Superior ibout May 10. The atmra Seymour, Waubuno, and gllvti Spray are exacted to arrive here from Owen Round to-morrow. Notlawaasga laland Ughtbouae la hgbtcd to-nJgbt for liie Aral time. TUB OFHNINO AT BUFFALO. The lateness of the opening of the port of Daffalo h occasioning not a little surprise among marine men, from (be (aet that It baa never been supposed (bet there were any considerable quantities of foa in Lake Erie, let alone enough to block up the eaatern end of the lake w that it would not be ready for navigation mutch, if my, before May 1. The following figures give (he jitea of the flm arrival* at Cleveland from that dly for the four years last puU May 7 IST. April 20 IST* April 10 I May u UNIFORM DATES. The propeller line* have agreed upon uniform nice on Western-bound freights from Buffalo to Chicago, Milwaukee, and Green Daydurtng the tpriog mil summer, as follows: First elaaa,3oo; second this, IBo; third clan, 13o; fourth etaaa, Vo. To Tola- So and Detroit, 16c, 130, 10c, and 80 for the respective tlasaea. BT. LAWRENCE RIVER. The Toronto Glebe has the following reports of the londltlon of the Ice at various points on the river: Montreal, April 37.—Following aro reports of the jomllUoß of tbs Ico to-day at various points on tba Three Rivera—Lake ice moved yeaterday: water rlaiog very fait; lower part of tha town fiooded. Dertblor on haute—lce moved Uat night; water ris- samach!che—lce moved a little yaaletday; firm to fry; water very btgb. LonguauU—There la no more Ice; river clear down to Vareonee. Bouchervllle—lliver foil of broken lee going down; It wllttoe clear, probably, In a fsw hours. Yaronnea—lce boa been tbovlng mostly all night on the other aids of the river. Thia aids only movea for a few minutes in every half hour. Vercbores—lce has not moved since Wednesday Sfteruoon. Borcl—No change la the Ice; water rising. Father Point—lllver clear. ' Charlemagne—lce U Jammed here. Hunteratown Wills—Hirer net clear yet. The water has risen Q Inches since Wednesday morning. lUvlore du Loup on baa—Clear and cool; strong northeast wind. The tags Meteor and Lake art at the wharf. AT CLEVELAND. Yesterday was another quiet day In marina circles, although there was a little more Ufa apparent than for the two or three days preceding, occasioned by the an nouncement of the opening of Ibe Straits. It ia prob able now that matters will pick up, and, although it is not expected that there will bo anything extraordinary for a month or two, still it Is expected that there wilt beau Improvement over last season, and that, at the season advances, matters will continue to get bettor, and end bettor than for a couple of years }«aU Cool receipts oro Improving, and will continue to do so, especially from the Massillon dlidncta, which will probably start up in full again soon, as aid baa been promised the operators by the Bute authorities, and there are plenty of men who will work if they can be protected, even at the reduced ratca for mining. As iar a* wa < an loam there is no change in freights, they remaining the same as at the last quotations,—Lemlsr tfSaiwaajh 7RS LAY TOQPCOO BOAT. An exhibition of Lay’s moveable torpedo boat was Even Friday at the Nary Yard at Washington to a rge company, composed of members of Congress, naval commanders, oiUcern, and ladle*. The torpedo' boat Alarm, anchored of! the dock, wan used as an pbaerralory to witness the show. At 10:30 o’clock the torpedo boat, resembling a big cigar In shape,—« craft rest long and XU Inch©* In diameter.—was sent out ibout a quarter of a mile from the Alarm. She wu hen turued about and ran back to within CO foot of he starting point, whore a torpedo containing two pounds of powder was exploded. The exhibition woa 1 grand success, and Col. Lay deserves the credit of laving invented the most complete and terrible weapon if naval warfare in existence. TUI3 COURTS. Beoord of naelnesM Transacted Sat urday. tUB ROCKFORD, BOOK ISLAND A BT. LOUIS BAIL- Tbo following is an abstract of the February report of Jobu P. Whitehead, Auditor of the Rockford, Pock Island A St. Louis Railroad Company, which was filed late Friday evening : freveugcr earnings.... Freight earnings Express ennluge...... Mill earnings.. Ulicellaueoua earnings. Operating expenses for February, Not earnings In addition to the ordinaryexpeoses there was paid in February for several eutne for track rentals, and repairs of troche, bridges, buildings, <ic., to the amount of 814,381.01, which would leave a balance of $4,239/23. DANKRCnOT MATTEBB. Marvin M. Drown fllcd a volnntary petition in bankruptcy Saturday, showing a list of unsecured debts to tbo amount of $2,516, and no assets with which to pay thorn. Deference to Donator Uibbard. Edwin n. Wilson also wont into voluntary bankruptcy the eamo day. Ills debts all unas sured root up $4,950.61. The assets constat of tobbaco, eomo fixtures, and an account against F.J. Ayers, the whole being valued at $694.76. Tbs petition was referred to Itegistor Hibbard. It. E. Jenkins waa appointed Assignee of Fres hed D, Gardner. Assignees will bo chosen this morning for tbo estates of Mathew Sohlaudocker and U. Darker Pierce. Anthony J. Locbler filed bis bill Saturday against Elizabeth J. Lecblor, asking for adivoroe on account of ber desertion. . Magdalena Ouokel also wants a divorce be cause her husband has been guilty of habitual drunkenness and desertion. Lastly. Thomas Smith feels discontented and wants a divorce because be has discovered that his wife Mary had another husband living when she married him, whoso name was Fred rick Detrick. ITEMS, Judge Williams will deliver a docUloa this morning in the contempt case of Higdon sod Lanphoro, for disobeying so iojuootiou. In the case of Mary L. Windiate vs. William wiudiate ao order was made by Judge Williams Saturday against the defendant to pay Mrs. Win- Hate (>IO,OOO alimony within thirty days, and tlao the costa of the suit. BDPEUIOU COUUT LI BRIEF. William P. Eudlcotl began a suit against Bar naul G. Canlfleld and ucnry U. Houoro to re* (over 610,000. MarthaS. Buckminster began a suit against Ernst N. Neigolaen and John M. Bhidds, claim ing 63,000 damages for breach of covenant. oxuouiT count. 11. J. Deal A Co. commenced a suit Saturday for (0,000 against Henry It. Payson and i’erdi- Und E. Canda. Catherine Murphy began an action in trespass igaicßt John Bruce and Bridget Bruce, laying lamsKou at 610,000. Henry Pried aud Herman Laooae began a suit lor 63,000 against Charles H. Baker. I-azarus Silverman sued George W. Clark, usury Stephens, and Franklin Emory for 611,000. , TUB CALL, Jimoi Gint— 870, 874, 877, 402, 404, 405, <00, 1117, 1(18, ion, 111, 110, 119, 111, 111, 117 to Ul, inclusive. Jtuot Jamesow—Nob. 47,875, Oily ys. Hap* flood, tod 47,974, tame trs., Juooi Uoouu—Hot cm. No. 69 wtd wd.odw Noe, 881 to 400, taoltuiTO. Judob Booth—Set case No. 810, and calendar So*. 607, 808 to 820. inclusive. Jcme MoAlubcbb—Sot eases Nos. 889 wd UJO, and No*. 853. 858, 800. and 871 to 880, in uusive, 00 Judge Bogsra’ calendar. , , Jodob Fabwbll—No call j No. 678 on trial Jodob William*—Decision in tb* Adelphl contempt case, and arguments In ths Ihveriids Improvement oases. n ,®5 , ,f t *ioe Gocbt—OoHt Bssioiis—W, U. Carey vi, 0, w. Uigdon ana K. O. LanoUcrc. 1913. . , liai 00 * I Tiisodo« UcliluU ra. Jacob Uobsia, CfUar-JoDas Eoeaia—o. W. Boat «t al, n. aty of Chlcsgo, 1570.78. SUPREMACY. Th« Belatlvo Circulation of " The Tribune” and Its Morning Cantempararioi. The Only Paper of General Circu lation in the City of Chicago. How It Loads ilio “ Times” and 11 Intcr-Oconn ” All Over Town* Why It Is tho Greatest Advertising- Medium In die Western Country. It le not our habit to make a parade of the business or circulation of Tub Tribune, or to assail that of our contemporaries. Tho pub* Ushers arc satisfied with the measure of patron age which Tub Tribune enjoys. It has boon tho groat advertising medium of this city for many years, because U Is tbo business-men's newspaper. It is taken and road by all classes of people who have any property or thing to eell, lease, or loan, or any money with which to make purchases or investments, or any useful services to hlro or engage. It le patronized by all those who aro In trade and commerce, bank ing, insurance, navigation, common-carrying, producing and distributing wealth, and conse quently it has a very largo circle of readers, be longing to tho most Intelligent, enterprising, and respectable classes of the community. One of The Tribune's envious rivals pub lished on Saturday a page of booh, purporting to give tbo respective circulations of tho two papers. It takes its own Saturday Issue, which la double that of soy other day, ou account of tho Police Gazelle and Day's Doings character of that issue, and compares the same with a fragment of Ihb Tribune's circulation. In hundreds of ibo places named there are more copies of Tub Tribune mailed direct to subscribers than our envious contem porary reports as sold by newsmen. Thus 2 copies are sot down an sent to Now York City, whereas upwards of 80 are taken by merchants and dealers In that city; 1 copy is credited to Buffalo, but more thau 20 are mailed there. Itarty aro seat to Boston, but nono is credited on that bogus list. Tbore aro 25 more Tribunes cent to fit. Louis and 22 more to Cincinnati than stated by it. Whatever Tfiay ho the Saturday country circulation of that concern, Ula very far inferior to that of Tub Cqio&oo Tribune Id this city and county i and among the busi ness classes in the country the same thing is true, as a rule. Tho Business Manager of Tub Tribune has drawn off a statement of tho circulation of Toe Tribune during the past week, which shows that the whole uumbor of Daily Tribunes Is sued and Bold for the week ending April 2V1870, woe 210,817, which ia a dally average of 81,831 copies. The Sunday edition, of course, is the largest. The growth of Tub Tbidune is steady, and its patronage permanent and first-class. Mr, George 0. Cooper, having bed occasion, in \ho coarse of bis business an a canvasser, to call at nearly every business block, warehouse, store, factory, office, shop, and saloon in tbo oity, as well as at a considerable number of dwellings in tbo residence quarters, has carefully in quired .wbat morning paper, if any, the occu pants and residents subscribe for. Tho result of his inquiries from Jan. 17 to April 25 bo has furnished TubTuidune, and it is given below id detail. On comparison of his figures with those of Tub Tribune circulator, who has charge and control of tho subscription lists, giving bis orders by wholesale, wo find Mr. Cooper’s report to bo accurate. Tho compari son which the figures afford of the circulation of Tub Tribune with that of tho other city morning journals will make clear why It is that Tue Tribune retains the immense prepon derance of tho advertising patronage, and why advertisers find it to tbetr interest to advertise la The Tribune. Its circulation is not of tho hack-alloy sort, nor dependent upon occasional sensational or scandalous articles. *lt is road regularly by business men, manufacturers, mer chants. and reputable cltizous who have suf ficient interest in tho nows to suhscrioe regu larly for their paper, and who, to got tho nows in reliable shape, subscribe for Tub Tribune. It is tho character of tho constituency of a news paper that determines tho quality of Us circula tion and its corresponding value as an advertis ing medium. Bonders In tho slums and back alloys who occasionally invest a nickel in a news paper aro not tho class whom advertisers desiio to reach. Business men, manu facturers, merchants, and substantia), re putable citizens who can afford to tako their paper regularly, subscribing for it ar Dually, are precisely (he people advertises would reach. finch precisely, as tho figures dis close, aro tho readers of The Tribune j adver tisers kuow it ovou without having tbo flturoa before thorn, which is why they find it pbys to advertise in Toe Tribune. 9 .$14,071 . 48,101 . 1,0411 . 1,044 674 .$01,366 , 43,634 .$31,070 THE SOUTH DIVISION. District—South Clark street, from Jackson to Twelfth: Galls made..... Ml Tribune subscribers “ l Times J-} luter-Ocei ;i.subscribers ,*» Take no morning paper *lB District—East side LaSalle street, from Wash ington to Adams s Csllsmsdo ?4fl Tribune subacribere ••••!“* Times subscriber ™ Inter-Occau subscribers. ru Take no morning paper 3 District—West side LaSalle atroet, from Mad ison to Van Duron t Calls made Tribune subscribers Times subscribers Inter-Ocean subscribers i Take no morning paper. I District—Weil side LaSalle street, from the river to Madison street: Galls made JJj-J Tribune subscribers..... IUJ Times subscribers 40 Inter-Occan subscribers 7 Taka no morning paper U District—State street, from Thirty-second street to the Burlington crossing > Galls made ....373 Tribune subscribers...... 106 Tusos subscribers 71 intsr-Ocoan subscribers....... 3 Tsko no morning paper.......... 03 District—Cottage Grove avenue, from Twenty* second street to Thirty*second; State street, from Twenty-second to Thirty-second; and south aide Twenty-second street, from Utato to Michigan avenuo: Cells Dado 354 Tribune subscribers ...................131 Tiu*J subacnbere 90 Inter-Ocean subscribers 7 Take no morning paper. 120 District—State street from Twelfth to Twenty second, and north side Twenty-second street from State to the lake t Calls made ...; 369 Tribune subscribers .120 Times aubicrlbert 03 Intsr-Ocesn subscribers 7 Take no morning paper.. .149 District—East side of State street from Wash ington to Twelfth t Calls made... 317 Tribune subscriber* ........134 Times subacrlbara S 3 luter-Oceso subscribers * 3 Takenomotnlogpaper IS District—West side of State street from Wash ington to Twelfth 1 Call! mad 5....... ~.,,,.903 Tribune subscribers... .113 Times subscribers 43 Inter-Ocean subscribers 13 Take no morning p5per....... 39 District—Monroe street to Harrison, from Clark west to the river t Calls made 318 Tribune lubacrlbers., 133 Times subscribers 22 Inter-Occansubscriberi..,,. 19 Taka no morning paper 47 District—Between Btata atreet and the lake, from llandolph atrest to Van Uuren 1 Galls msds 313 Tribune subscribers 732 Times subscribers.... 31 Inter-Ocean subscribers 4 Take no morning paper... 6i) District—Monroe etreot,weat of Clark, to river Galls msde.. ........ Tribune subscribers..... ~,, 0| ■Ttmwsubscribers...., *0 THIS CHICAGO TIUBUMii;; MONDAY, MAY 1, 1870. Tnler-Oeean eobeeribera...... I Taka no morning paper AO District—Between WMhlngtoo, Clark, Mon* roe, and the rivers Ktimber of 0a11a...... ...234 Tribune ■nbscrlbnn ....149 Time* aubecribera ....,.'Bl Inter-Ocean aubaoriben......... 33 Take no morning paper...... 39 District—Randolph street, from Dearborn to the river, and eross-alroela botween : Number of 0a11a............ 316 Tribune aubecribera 144 Tlmoa subscribers 33 Inter-Ocean subscribers,,. 13 Take no morning paper.... S 3 District—Water street, from Dearborn to La* Rallo : Number of oalla ............381 Tribune eubacrlbera. .I*3 Times eubaciibera 34 Inier-Ocraneubacrlbera 33 Take no morning paper 43 District—Lake street from tho Contra! depot to the rtvor, and Wabash avenue, Htate and Dear* bom streets. north of Lake: Number of 0a11a......... 330 Tribune aubecribera lift Tlroea subscribers...... 4(1 Inter-Ocean eubacrlbera..,,. Id No morning paper taken 41 District—Fourth avenue, both sides, between Van Bursa and Twelfth streets i Nnmberof calli.. 75 Tribune eubeertbere. s Time* aubeeribere fit Inter-Ocean subscribers 7 Taka no morning paper........... U District—Clark street from Madison to the river 1 Oalla made...... SlB Tribune eubecrlbera... 163 Times eubacrlbera 10.) Inter-Ocean aubecribera 37 Take no morning paper 03 District—Washington street from LaSalle to the nvor, and the district west of Clark and south of Madison, occupied by coal-yards, eto.i Calls made 345 Tribune aubecribera ....131 Times aubecribera.., 71 Inter-Ooean eubacrlbera 10 Take no morning paper 37 District—North side Archer avenue, from State street to Delated; Calumet avenue from Cottage Grove avenue to Thirty-first streets Cottage Grove avenue, from Douglas place to Thirty ninth street: Calln made.... .....383 Tribune subscribers...... 103 Times aubecribera 80 -Inter-Ocean aubaertbera A Take no morning paper 130 District—Wftb&nh and Michigan avenues, from Tweoty-oinlh toThlrly-flrat streets ; Thirty-first alroot from Btale to tbs lake; Wentworth aye tmo from Twenty-second; Twenty-second street from State to Archer avenue t south aide Archer avenue from Twenty-second to Stalo: Onlls mule ..210 Tribune subscribers M Times subscribers.... 37 Inter-Ocean suescribers 3 Take 00 morning paper. 134 District—East side Wabash arcane from Twelfth street to Twenty-socond 5 State from Eighteenth to Twenty-second j Eighteenth from State to the river: Calls made 3A4 Tribune subscribers 83 Times subscribers. 38 Inter-Ocean subscribers 4 Take no morning paper HI THE WEST DIVISION. District—Dosplatooa from Harrison to Ran dolph; Kinzio from North Clark to tho bridge t OalU made 261 Tribunes.. M Times ~M Intor-Oceau s Take no morning paper lot District—Weal Lako sroot, from rivor to San gamon ! Number of calls 2CB Tribune subscribers O'J Times aubecridors 54 Inter-Ocean subscribers 7 Take no morning paper 113 District—Twoncy-Bocond stroot from fiiuo Island avonao to Lumber stroot, and Lumber to Sixteenth: Number of oills .....201 Tribune* taken.. 13) Times taken Inler-Ocesna taken 4 Evening and foreign papers 87 District—West Randolph street, from HaUtcd to Union Park: Calls made 280 Tribune subscribers ......103 Times subscriber*.... 74 Inter-Ocean subscribers 7 Tako no morning paper 01 District—South Hoisted street, from Madison to Twelfth: Oalla made ...803 Tribune subscriber*. 07 Times eubarrtber* 10 Inter-Ocean aubvcribcrs,,,,, 6 Tako no morale# paper 138 District-West Madison street, from Aahiand avoQUO to the railroad creating i Galls mala 333 Tribuu# subscribers.,,, . W> Times subscribers 01 Inler-doean eubacrlbors 10 Takeno morning piper 07 District—South Canal street from Madison to Jiqksou, and from Canal to Hoisted, between Jladlson and Jackson: ObIU made .333 Tribune subscribers 70 Times subscribers 63 Inlcr-Ocean subscribers 2J Xsko no morning paper 71 District—'Wicker and Humboldt Parks : Galls made . 113 Tribune subscribers IT Times subscribers 4 Intcr-Ocoan subscribers 1 No morning psper taken 00 District—Chicago avenne from the river to Aablaud avenne, North Ualsled atroet from tbo river to Kinzie, North Dooplaines from tbo river to Kinzie: Oalla made 394 Tribune subscribers. Ml Times subscribers 74 lotor-Ocean subscribers 1 Take no morning paper 103 District—West Indiana atreot from the river to Ashland avenue : Calls made 307 Tribune subscribers 03 Times subscribers 60 Inter-Ocean subscribers 13 Taka no morning paper 137 District—Milwaukee avenue, from Oi.; pooler street to Division i Galls made 034 Tribune subscribers SI Tiroes subscribers 49 Inter-Ocean subscribers. 8 Tako no morning papers 243 District—Milwaukee avenue, from Kinzie street to Carpenter: Galls made 339 Tribune subscribers 83 Tiroes subscribers 37 Inter-Ocean subscribers 4 Take no morning paper lot District—From Ualsled street to the river, be tween Madison and Dandolph: Calls mauls ..........314 Tribune subscribers pu Times subscribers 61 Inter-Ocean aubacrlbers 6 Take no morning paper CO District—Lake street, wool of the river, to lUlatod sod Canal etroote, from llandolph to Kinzie: Gills midi) . 3(33 Trlbuuo subscribers Times subscribers 68 Intcr-Ocssn subscribers U Taka oo morning paper..... 91 District—Dine Island avenue from Harrison street to Twelfth 1 Calls made.. 3(1 Tribunesubacrlbere 39 Times BDbacrlbera (1 Intsr-Uceso subscribers 4 Take no morning paper,. 101 District—West llandolph street from the river to Ualatsd 1 Calls mad* ....315 Tribune subscriber* 76 Timas subscribers..... 43 Inter-Ocean subscribers...... 4 Take no morning paper 03 District— East side Halstod street from Madi son to Twelfth, aud west side Harrison* from Ulus Island avenue : Galls made .331 Tribune subscriber*., U'i Tima* subscriber*.... 34 luter-Ocsau subscribers 11 Takuuomoriilngpapsr..... Si District—tioutu side Madison street west of tho river to Ashland avenue. Calls mads 330 Trlbuns aubacribara......... ..........116 Tims*subscribers...... 31 Intsr-Ocean subscribers 3 Take no morning paper. 71 District—North aide of Madison street, vest of the river, to Ashlsnd avenue 1 Calls mad* ...916 Tribune subscribers.. lU7 Time* subscribers. 36 InUr-Ocsan subscribers...,...., ( Taksuomorniugpsper 66 District—lUleted street, from Twelfth to Oanainort avenue, aud Twelfth street from Halstod to Bins Island avonua : Calls made 168 Trlbuns subscribers KU Times subscribers 34 Inlsr-Ocesu subscriber# 1 Take no morning paper 190 District—Canal attest, from Twelfth to Canal. port aveono, and Twelfth street from foisted to the river: o*ll* made 336 Tribune aubeerthers........ 03 Time* aubaerlbere 514 Inler-Oceaneutiaenben a Take uo morning paper jot THE NORTH DIVISION. District—East aide ClarK street, from Kinzis to Division \ west side Clark from Division to Chicago avenue j Division from Clark to Hodg. wick t and Weils from Division to Chicago ave nue : Calls made..,.,.,.,,,. ...804 Trlnune aubnertber m Time* aubeertbers..... SC Intar-Oocso suLacrlberi. ii Taka no morning paper ....IIS District—Between North Clark street aud Wells, from Chicago avenue to the river, and Klnue street from Clark to Nor‘h Pier t Calla mada Trlbutiaiubaerihara Time* aubacrlbera si Inter-Ocean aubeertbers...... 13 Take no morning paper.. District—North Wells street, from Chicago Avenue to the riven Oalla made , 803 Tribune aubtcrlners.,,. Times 33 Intcr.OreaD subscribers 7 Taka no morning paper.. 131 Mali of IHinoit, County of Cook, n.; Oeorge Olarka Cooper, of lawful aga, being lint duly sworn, deposes and eallti that he paraonally canvassed (be dlitrleta above specified in the City of Chicago, for the purpose of ascertaining the circulation of The TntotiNE, and Inltr-Otean newspapers ro apecilvely, beginning about ths 17th day of January, 1876, and completing (be aame on tbo 25th day of April, 1876, and that upon full and careful inquiry tba reaulta at by blra ascertained warn as above act fertb, and that the aame aa above given are true to the beat of hie knowledge and belief. Osonaa 0. Ooopuh. Bworn to and subecrlbed before me, a Notary PubUe in and for said county, tbla 391 b day of April, 1870. (SXAL.) UAUH.TOH M. WALBATn, Notary Public. MACOMB. The Weather* and Prospect* of th Farmers—ltopubllcaa nominations for city Officer*—li. ft. Hampton* Candidate for Mtuto Amlitor. trueiat CcrrttporuUnee of'i'hiChirtuta TVibunc. iUooiDi, 111., April 28.—Tl* mud, which has Impeded all kinds of basioiss in tbla ootorprls log little oily for tbo past four mouths, baa at last disappeared, and ourmorebaota, with tbeir heavy Blocks of spring goods 00 band, wear more hopeful countouaicos than they did a few weeks since, when all transportation nu done by bond-card and wheelbarrows. The warm days of tbo laet three weeks have bad tbodosired effect of improving the roads and sirook, so that business is again active. Farmers ictbia section bare bad a bard time during the ’lnter, and are seriously put back in their work tbo open winter having run* dored it impossibhlo do tbo required amount of work, and at tbe omo time preventing tbo suc cessful fattening of tbeir stock. Uut they are now looking forard (0 a successful season of work. Not for many years has tbo grass and trees been m early in starting as the; have this, ani already a largo proportion of stock is Ivtog on tbo pastures. This county (McDonough) embraces one of tbo Lost portions of Cor.tral Illinois for farming and graz ing. Tie faros ate not as largo as in some other parts of (bo Siato. but, os a banellciat con sequence, the laud i» mure valuable, and tbo im provements are of a 2rst-clas« order. As a tracing and busings otutio, Macomb ranks te*y high, it having a la-go tributary country ajouud it. and an abandmt supply of capital yod lirst-ciass busiacss-mou. ‘ Tbo Republican City Convention was bold last otouiug iu tbo Court-House, .ad was fully at tended by tbo voters and citizen, Mr. Vouablo, Chairman of tbo Central Commtioo, called tbo Couvention to order, when tbo pormanout or ganization was effected by electrjg Joseph M. Marlin os Chairman and W. 11. Hfrullno as Sec retary. Alexander McLean and V. p. R ay no were put m nomination for Mayor. On tbe first ballot, McLean was nominated by* majority of 10, in a vote of 1&0. Ibis nomination was flattering indeed to Mr. McLean, lu being tbo present lacambont, and this bong bis third term. Straws show wbcb way tbo current goes, and it mast bo presumodfrorntbie mat tbo llepubllcaus of Mocomi, though sot always in favor of a third term, art. in tbo prow out instance, iu favor of oven afourUu The uoxt order of business was tbo icmlnatlon of ouo Alderman from oacb of tbe wirds, with tbo follonlug result: First Ward, 13. F. Bradford 5 Second, J. 11. Cummings s Third, David Scott; and Fourth, T, Farley. W. 11. hamliuo and 13. Wells were put la nooiuatiou for Supervisors. After electing nineteen delegatus to tbo County Convention to bo bold next month, tbo Convention adjourned. Tbo candi dates are excellent mou and promimnb citizens, and tbo Convention's wisdom iu eohoting such will no doubt bo ratiflod at tbo polls next Mon day. It has boon announced by baadbills that tbe remnants of tbo "putrid reulniscouce" will bold a Convention ibis evening, for tbo purpose of making nominations. Our esteemed townsman, R. R. Hampton, is bolug pressed by bis friends throughout tbo Stato for tbo nomination of Auditor on tbo Re publican tickot. Ho is an old stager in tbo Republican ranks, having assisted In tbe organization of tbo partr, by editing and publishing tho Macomb gntcr* prife in 185 C. This paper was afterwards named tbo Macomb Journal, and, under the management and bv the untiring energy of Mr. Hampton, has become a Aral-class county-paper, and tbo principal Republican newspaper in the Tenth District. Among bis friends and acquaintances in McDonough County, Mr. Hampton is highly respected fur hla Integrity and ability,—bis political op ponents even uniting m tbeir expressions of re gard and rospeoi. Mr. Hampton was a member of tbo State Senate from this district from 1870 to la7f, and, by bis untiring diligence on some of tbo most prominent Committees and ou tbs door, ha mono a high reputation among bis colleagues in that ablo body, lu tbo campaigns bo has shown himself a good speaker and aide debater. Hero, in bis homo, bo is tbo unani mous choice as tbe candidate ou tbe Republican State tickot for Auditor, but bo bos a number of able competitors for tbo popular favor. His nomination would ho an element of strength iu ibis section of tbo State, and bo would no doubt carry tho full strength of tho party. Z. Bow a Younir Woman Saved Her Virtue by llurlliiff a Negro Into a Qulcksaml. Owensboro (Ay.) Monitor. Parties) from tbs neighborhood of tbo occur reuco havo put us lu puDuemilou of tbo following particulars of a tragedy which wait consummated near Hirk City, ou tbo Croon llivor, some l‘J mile* below us i It appears that on tbo 6th hint, Mies Mar parol i’ayoe, who resiaes a mile or two up the river from the Tillage meutiouotl above, had gone into the place to make borne purchase, and spoud tbo day with a young lady acquaint* anco. Ju tbo afternoon sue ntarted homo, and wboo about of a mile from the Tillage, and at a (mint far from any bouao or help, a burly negro man who woe out on tbe water In a stiff pulled into eboro and sprang up Into tbe road, accosting tbe young lady, and ask* lug if be could walk with bor. Thoroughly frightened, the answered “No,” end increased bor paoo. lie also hurried up, keeping by her bide, but between her and tbe river. There could bo no question of tbo black bcoundrel'a iuleutioub. Mibb i’ayne’a borne was tbe nearest bouse, and between her and it lay a heavy atrip of bruob and timber, lonesome, dark, and dense, a fitting spot for tbe perpetration of the dark villainy tbe black devil no doubt contemplated, and tbo young lady fully realized her fearful peril. At a point where an encroaching hill crowded the road to tbo very verge of the river, and where the bank was steep, sn memring thought fissbed upon tbo brain of tbo sorely distressed damsel, and mustering her strength for one single effort, when they reached that point, she gave bor tormentor a troiiu-mloos shove, hurling him over the bsnk headlong into a bed of quicksand. Then, without slopping to look after tbe fato of tbo wretch, she ran homo at tbo tup bf her speed. Tbo negro, of courre, was immediately swallowed up by tbe voracious sands, ills body bss not been recovered, though It can bo distinctly felt with a long polo, lie is supposed to bo a tramp who had bceu loitering about tbo neighborhood for a few weeks past, and who is now missing. The general belief of the neighborhood is that he had seen Mies I’sjno going to tbo vlllsge, sud laid in wsit to intercept her on her return, with the result we have serrated above. lomale i»rcroc»iy. A singular Instance of female precocity in Ju veniles came before tbe Warrington magistrates in England a few days ago. A girl only U years old was charged with aloahng fie. from (ha per* non of a woman. A lag containing X'i wan found in her poceeaoion, and whan questioned lha admitted that ehe had been eyetomaUcally engaged la picking pockets for three yearn. Proud of her skill, the child illustrated it In the presence of the police by emptying the pocket of a woman without attracting her attention. The Bench ordered the delinquent to he Impria* onod for one mouth aud detained in a reforma* lory for three years. OCEAN NAVIGATION. ONLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. inauanaral TrdoaatUMie Company'* Mall Steamers between new York and Ilavte, oaTliua at Piymmtfi ((}. tii« la .uiiigw. pa.a«oasn. The splendid tenet* on this favorite route for th* Continent (betns mora KilWilS fXS?"’- ““ «»•«• I.A tuiAl>.>U. Tu.rday, Abril 4 AMKiUUtjK, I'oiisols. Tu.»day, April It i .rilKJK’b{. , pAßßAHH‘*lW'o'6l.b'\[nVaaVnVinQß»? • lr*l cabin, (Iloatid 8120. according to accommodation! •»rond cabin, an: tnlrd. Btu, Itetnra ticket* at reduced rai«*. Hteeraae iM. with ■tiperlor aeeommooations. la* rludlnX w u , i.e iome. «»d uienenewlthuoteilr* eharte, nteaine/a marked tliti* • do not earn steerage pasiensera, w DaHKJJIAN, Airent, St Mroadway, N.Y. farCiUcag *** Ul*rk-«u, eur. Hendolpn, Agent STATE LINE. NBW YORK TOOLABUOW. I.IVBRPOOL. DUBLIN, 111-.LFAHT, AND |/>.VD(JNDBHItV. Thrae ftril-eUe. {atl.txiwered steamer* will eell from Pier No 42, North niter, loot ul Canal.itNew York: RTATK up VIRfIiNIA 7.. . .VVhnmlay. May < STATE OP INDIANA... .Thursday. M*»18 hTATK nKIT.NNBVI.vVsuV^ And eterj- alternate Thursday tfierealtar. Kim cabin. **?• » nd <m:retumtlek.u t *lij. Hecond cabin, «4Ai W.’fP.*}?■?!"• .8?h Hleeraae at loweil rate*. A only to .IfJIIN k. BAULK, No. flO(Jlark-st., Chleaco. STAR BALL LINE. UNITED fiTATES b BRAZIL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, Bailing roontoly from Watson's Wharf, Brooklyn. N.Y. For Par*. Pernambtioo, Bahia, and JUo Janerto. eaUJou al HU Joans, Porto lllco. JOHN BRAMALL, 3.500 tons Monday, Mar 15 J. 11. WALKER, 3,700 tons Thursday, June 13 NELLIE MARTIN, 8.000 t0ne..... ..Saturday, July is Passenger accommodations flraUciau. For freight and paaaage, at reduced rates, apply to J. H. TUCKER Ai CO., Agents, __ 64 pine-aU. New York, National Line of Steamships. NEW YORK TO QUKBNSTOWN AND LIVKHFOOL. K0YPT....... Slay 131 KNOLAND JuneS TUB QURKN Mar S7l SPAIN June 10 JOB LOSOOS UIUKCT. DENMARK Mar 6, atlp. in. Cabin PMMfo, tflo and S7O, currency, jtetom tlekeu at reduced ratal. Steerage ticket*. currency, Draft* for XI and upward* on Great Britain. Apply to I*. B. LA UPON, NORTH GERMAN LLOYD. Tie iteamere of tbla Comjiany will aall every Batur* tlay from Bremen Tier, foot of Tblrd-st., Hoboken. Italeß of paetage—Prom New York to Hontluroplon, London, ilarre, ami Bremen, Aral cabin, $100; aecond cabin, |CO, gold; itcerogß, |ao, currency. Fur frelgnt or paasago apply to OELUIOII9 & CO, _ 2 Dowling Green, New York. Groat Western Steamship Line. From New York to Bristol (Uoglaod) direct. ARAGON, Synwmi Saturday, Mtr6 CORNWALL, HUmptr.,,, Saturday, May SO Cabin Paaaage. S7O: Intermediate, $46; Steer a* a, S3O. Ivicurium tickut*, 8120; Prepaid bteeraae certiitcaiu*, *.*»• Apply to WM. F. WIIIi'K.ST OUrk-it., Mlemgao Central Railroad. CORSETS. (let the PENUINEI Dewars of Imitations! 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THTTRSBY, The Farorile American Soyrano. "S: 4A k bu6uk AK‘.T.‘ Crßtb. &i^:Lvs:»Ve'S , B. d ,ys , ‘Apf.tdN\£- &s»*r aJal NtDoaltloa at Philadelphia. on the llth of Mv» l J b« R«flro*nt will appear lo a Foil-Urea* Fan*;. The Concert will be Inaugurated by Uia Arina of »annoa raUu* r * Uro, ° l **oierln« la tbe city will all odor niaoad SECURE YOUR TICKETS IN ADVANTc. ADMISSION M ORNTS. Ticket* for aale at Lyoa k Healey's, H 3 ,st.t r> Ride Library. W. It. Kmh, (Jooke A Co., 113 Jollm liauer. corner State and >lomoc-au.i r ,v rage, Hoyoe k Uo., 116 and 13u Monroe-it.; t(r> »n A , Uni, cornerHamon eonrtaad Wabaahae.; bbaruV iAuit Store. Twentyeecond-el. and Waba*b«aT. I‘ariie* attending from other elite* desiring Information, •faould addrou lIBA UyUARTKUS FIIUJI lIKULMEN /' I- h. U., Chicago, 111. new o: R. M. UOOLEY.. [OAGO THEATEE, UKAN Monday, May I; mi and Saturday marine HOOLEY’I John Hart. r JO OPENING try ercnlng at 8, ami Wodnsaday ioe at "i p. m. ’S MINSTRELS. Ooropoaed of Hilly Rice, the leading Billy Hloe. Mvtnbcn of I.UUi Aim. (ho Mlnelrel K. M. Halt. Profct 1100.11'.. >l. Hall, andeomprla- Morphy and Morton. IngSS Stare,iMarpliy and Morton, i. who »U 1 ap.iPerey Aehton. . pear in now Percy Aubtoo. act*, aongi, Arthur Cook, tntcrl u d o a, Arthur Cook. • ketehea,bur .1. 11. Sullivan, leaqnea, and J. 11. Sullivan, com etb Ingli). Itaron. and new in Min-IChoriiten. i novel fiiai-part aeene. repreientieg fonnere lu two Knee, with IKo-tlted bearing clutter* of lighted eandola taooue. piloted ezprcttlyior the pur. Itog«r», the whole forming a moil ng efleet, and oeing entirely new and ■» Mtnatrela. i eoo programmee. John Hart, little Mao. Hobby Newcomb. Hobby Newcomb. Charley Benedict. Charley Benedict. The Great Bernardo. The Groat Bernardo, ffm. M. Urnekway. Wm, }I. Brockway. .1. W. I* Moot. J. W. La Moot. A. K. Vouc, and Orehcalra. •treley. HOOLKV’e TWKNTY ONR perft figure* of the Mate* I bra In a beautiful cot i f»»» by Air. (Inward I brilliant and charmlnt original with Hovley'a Pur foil particular! i ADELP£I_THEATEE. MONDAY, May 1. ALL NEW FACES THIS WEEK. The Great JOLLY JOHN NASH. EMERSON k CLARK, Grotesque Acrobatic Song and Dance. LOG* DON BROTHERS on the Now BanJoUnn. Mlag ELLA DAVIS, the Beautiful Serio-Comic Vocalist. Mlm HATTIE ELLIS, the Daahing Comedienne. HAW* LEY h TURNER, Ethiopian Artist*. D* WITT COOKE, Champion Athlete. Mlm DOLLY EMERSON, Que«n of Dance. Re-engagement of the Favorite*. SHEEHAN k JONES. GEO. k CUAH. REYNOLDS, and the Adeipbl Dramatic Company. The Legendary Drama, the PLYING DUTCHMAN, or the PHANTOM SHIP. New and Magnificent Scenery, by Strong. Matinee* Wednesday and Saturday. La dice' Nights Tuesday and Thursday. The lowest prices In the dry. Friday. Benefit of BARNEY AARON. MoVIOKEfI'S THEATRE. LAST'WEEK OP EDWIKT BOOTH. Monday, Hay 1, hurt time of Shakffpeare'a play, THE MERCHANT OP VENICE! SHYLOCK Mr. EDWIN BOOTH. Baft*anJo....r. B. Ward© ( Launcelolte.J. H. McVickcr Tuesday—Edwin Booth an CARDINAL WOLSCY and FETUUCHIO. Wednesday—RlCHELlEU. Thursday —HAMLET. Friday—MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTH ING. Saturday Malineo—OTHELLO. Next Week—MAGGIE MITCHELL ai FANCHON, ■opported by her own Company. THE COLISEUM, HrlUlant Third appearance and lammu aacceaa of BLANCHE BELWTN. BEN GILFORD, FIELDS, AND ITOET, The greet musical Coosn. and the Monster Company. Finest show iu the city, Blau ding room only. Come early. HOOLEY’S THEATRE. MAnumEAHAVKRLY Lessees. WILL L. OUil'MAh' .Manager. ONE WEEK ONLY, COMMENCING Monday, May 1, Salsbury’s TROUBADOURS Who will appear lu their successful Extravaganza, en. titled PATCHWORK. To commence with tho tactile Comedy. THAT CAPTAIN'S UNIFORM. MATlNEES—Wednesday an] Saturday. McCQEMICK'S HALL—Yon Billow. WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY KVGh, May 3 and 5, and SATURDAY MATINEE. Hay 0, Farewell appearances in Ohivngo of Hans von Buiow, ArMistod liy the Young American Sojtano, MISS LIZZIE CHOI'TXTST. „ , Admission, f 1: Secured Seats, pi. Beata« or BB j e ou after Friday, April 9<, a Root k Boos Mn*« store, 156 Htale-st., where progntmnos can be had, FUuoa used by Von Ruow. adelphi theatre, FRIDAY, May 6, QiVid BLACKENED GLOVE Aa. eaull-at-oruia between B-AJROsrEre AND ■AJL. HAMMER. The Great Devonshire Wrestlers, BLXjXS AKD HOWARD, Champions of tbs World, will appear for the occasion. PROPOSALS, Myertisinfi Proposals flip Keeping Bnoys. Omci or Lioirr-noDaB IxarROTOB.I KUCTRKTU iIiaTUIOT. > „ . , 4 PrruoiT, Mich., April io. itjra. \ Separate sealed propoaala wi| be received at thli offloe tuill 12o’clock, noon, onTbundar, Juno 1, next, for railing, replacing. and keeping in their proper positions alltha bour* oow placed, or mmlrwl, in tbe following channels, and fur marking the fallowing named obatruo. tiona, via.: 1. fiouth Ohaooel af SU Clair Date. 9. Saginaw liar and River. 5. Green Kar. including tbs boon In Rock laland passage. at I'oml Peninsula, Ctcanaba, Horae Shoo Hoof, Poniankee flhoal; all buopa In Sturgeon liars the lm»ia marking the entrance to and In tbe Fox IlUor, WU., and two buojrs marking entrance to North liar, Lake Michigan, Wla. Alto, care of and keeping in po»p tiontbs ptlea marking Whale 1 * Hack bboni and Peabtigo Point. 4. At mouth of Grand Hirer and lo Lake Mtwkogoo, 4. On the Ueef ofl Calumet, 111. 6. On the Heat ofl Itaclue. Wla. 7. On the Hoof nfl bhabojgao, W(». 6. Bault Ste. Marie, from Ovtour on lake Huron, abate and below the Canal, to and Including the mid* die ground huor ofl Hound (aland. Lake Superior, and anon others .as authorised, for one rear from the lat day of Julv neat to tba succeeding knb dar of Jane, according to Iba raaolatlunt of tbe Light House Hoard, ooplea of which can be bad br anpljlng at Ihla office. All bid* mual beeaiefnll/ sealed and Indorsed “Fro. poaala fur Keeping Hums. aud than placed In another envelope, andaddreeaad fordetlrerr In peraon. or sent, prepaid, through tba mall to the uodutalgned. The ngbtto reject aarorall bida, er io waive defect#, If It la deemed fur tbe internet of tbe Uerernmeni to do ao, ia referred. 11/ order of tbe Light Houae Hoard. W. F, Met’ANN, Commander U. R> N., . Inipettor Eleventh LlgbPUcnse District. STOCKHOLDERS' MEETINGS. Office CWcap, Roclc Island & Pacific E. R, Co,, April 31. iffld. Tito Annual Muting of (ba Stockholders of tbo Ctil capo. Back laland A fadUc U. U. Co. for the election of Director*, poreiiani la Uw, end ibe Iraataelloa of •ucb olbur buslaee* u may come before Ibam, will be held at lb* otUce oflbe Company la lb* City of Cbl. cago, oa Wednesday, Ibe 7tb day of Juno nest, at ii o'clock a. in. JOHN F. TJUCY, President. F. U. TOWS, Secretary. _ CHICAGO k HORTHTOTEEH BAILWAY CO. April TUB ANNUAL MKETINQ OV TUB btOOK botaera aod bondholder* ol tbla company, lor Iba election oldlrootor*. panuaat ioUw, and for Uielrantao- Uou of other bnalseei. will be bold at the office ol the ouupaor. In Chicago, onYbunday. the Ut ol Jane next, **ilondbold*ra will authenticate ibtU rlabt to *o(e by preuntlug Ibelr eutlng boada at tbe oibce ol the com pany, No. 19 Wall-at., New York* fci regiatratloo, oa or C *‘“. ““ U ‘" KEEP. r~ld.,L U< 1* bYKbS, Jr., bocntary. carriages. CARRIAGES. duoMc^. 111 "* “* '»' re “«y ™ LANDAUS, LANDAULETB, OLABENOE3, OOAOHEB, _ „ , . COUPES, and OOUPEEETSL Our Patent Counterbalanced Front FIVE-LIGHT LANDAUS & FALL. INQ FRONT BERLIN COACHES nro tho loading Carriages of the day and, for beauty of design, slmplio. ity, and thoroughness of construc tion, aro unsurpassed. Tho Falling Fronts to both aro nicoly counter, balanced by a Spring (which ar. rangomont is Patented*), and can with oaoh bo lowered and raised with tho finger. 8>i ttrnn to o our work to bo FIHST-OLASS. and to please In every particular. oor I,3U '"- ” nto H. KILIAM & CO., a» Chcstuut-st., Now Haven, Conn. _.n. n. TE.T HHOHKK I. im, m CM,... MEAT EXTRACT. ■ATTENINB! MROlf VON UEBIB’S LIQ,UIID Meat Extracts .MANAGER. on 0 .l^ n p'„te« ln ii'.S. onUtrira ” n ‘°‘ Extract ready for use with lUnwAjSSj*;^“ ,ol,d wl ‘»ou, Contains .ily l‘nr» Sherry Wind and Boot Indorsee by all Prominent Physicians. Cactios—Satbat the Liquid Extract la In plat beta tle», white and gi d tobeli# * “ vn ... ~ PBICL $x per BOTTLE. All Dnnooiaii, OOCKMjO OCKMj and Hoxtbe hare It, 1 8. DEPOT: C. Si-. A.IJTS <Sc CO., 107 Walnut-st., Philadelphia, Pa. FINANCIm. SSO. SIOO. S2OO. ssot SI,OOO. loveaUnanu of large or email amounU la* < jLi.i r ! l f? legitimate character, which frequently pav£P“ °J ? to twenty timet the amount Infected miyOTj?'* Htooke bought and carried ae long m declred on s.£ » pur cent- Circular* and weekly reports sent fr*y"** 4 °* RAILROAD TIME TABLE — 1 ARRIVAL AND DEPART! RXFLAJfATIOS O* HcrEngltCK J •Sunday exceau>d. 1M rire Sunday at B:00 a. a. I Daily. CHICAGO & NORTHWEST) JUel OJfe*t, O Clark-41. {Sktrwtan »(., corner Jftfciieon if,, am aPaclf.e F«t Liao ahubugua Uty Hi. rla Clinton.. aDiilitiguo Night Kz. rU Clinton. aUnitlii Night Kiprost atreoport A Dubuque Kiprvsa.. alreeport A Duhniiuo Kiproi*,. Fast Autl (dally).., AMllwauKim Kipreas t-Milwaukeo 6-Mllwaukoo Pai«cagnr (dally), lOreca Hay Kzprona AS(, Paulik MinneapolU Rxpruaa t-Nu Paul A tVln ina lizpre«i.... ft. Marquette Kzprosi •Uenera F.tpreM Mloneia Mho Kxpro«a. •—Tl*pot owner of Weltatod Klnrtut*. t~DapoteonierofCfta»iuitl Itlailo-iu, MICHIGAN CENTRAL RAILROAD. /°2‘ &**,'*■• “"‘Soot <lf TVfnly.i*t*iA~iU TtrktUofirr. «1 Work-*., nuthtmt corner or MatuLiluK. anH at Ikxlmtr //otue. r * I Imp*. | Jrrir*. • IJ*T :• 9:00 a. m. • Bsiop. m. Kalatnacno Accommodation • <rdO p. m. *10:20 a. nu Atlantic Express KUUtI. 5 6:16 a m. t 8:i)0 a. ra. M*ht hxpreas t'OOOp. m. J*BJO a,nu QIUND Bancs AND UCBUUOV. ) Moraine Kinross • 9*o a. ra. * 7:*>p. m. Night Express 19rf> n. m. * 6Ju a. nu TBatardaj Ex. •Sundar’a*. f Monday Ex. { DaltyT CHICAGO, ALTON & ST. LOUIS and CHICAGO. KANSAS CITY & DENVER SHORT LINES. * t’Hi'on Dtpfit, U«i( Sidt, near .Va'/Uon-*!. 6 ridjt, TUitt llfi'ri! At J)fpol, am I J£l tom/ofcA-tt. Kansas City and Denver Fast Ex. M9:!Dp. m. • .St. Loulsand Sprlng/lnld Hi..,.. * tenoa.m. * St, Louis. Springfield A Texas... I 9:uflu.m. t I’eorta Hay Kipro* • past a. ra. • Peoria, Keokuk A liarllngtoa.'... ', * Chicago A Paducah Railroad Ra. * 9so a. ra. * MruaUir, Laeon.Washington Ex. “.SJup. m. * Juliet A Dwight Accommodation, « saMp. ra. • LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN. Math via mala line Special N. Y. Eiprau,, Atlantia Express, dally. Accommodation Night Express. CHICAGO. MILWAUKEE AST. PAUL RAILROAD. CniotiDipol, tetnir Madiion and Comjf.iri, rietri OJIasJ 63 JxmlAC.ari-,/., eppu/iri^Aermon Utiut, m*dai Di/iH, Milwaukee Express I* BdS a. m. Wiiouiisiu A Minnesota Through Day Biprete *10:00a. du Wlicrmaln, lowa, and Minnesota) Kipre* *1:06 p. m. Wisconsin i Minnesota Through Night Express It Q:« All trains run rla Milwaukee. Tickets for Kt. Paul and Minneapolis are good eitlier via Madison and Prairie da Chlea, er via Watertown, LaOroese, and Winona. ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. DapeLSoel *f Lokrt l. anJ/00l of T\ttniy-ttus*4-st, <t||e _ oyic* ,161 Katulolp\-*l, star dark. Ltait. Amt*. ~ Bi.UoiflKspms • R;4oa. m. • tM'a, a. 1 Bt.Lthiih'Ml Lias (B£sp. in. {lath th S 4 } ro V* w OrlMta Kx *3j4*p. iw Cairo Kt. { 8:»o. m. J. t jo v «_ p#ortm,*ad Koukukl* 6:40 a. m. MiMa S hpnavDAiLNixbi Ktnmi. >< 8 J6p. m. 4 t*JOA.m. l > *orUAadleoKuk Kiprua*. |* BJSp. m. * fdOa. aa. Uubogoa 1 Moiu Olty K* .• Sdta. m. • 4«»p* aa.' Dubuqus A Sou* Oily KipraM« * 8:86 p. m. * TM A.M- GllmAO FA*wi«rer |» I tie p. in. r I at a. CHICAGO, BInUNGTOfiToUIHCr RAIHtOAtL —iA...i,..,i <l ‘ ,> *Tnlf iti. fltitl (UUst, U PLark-ii * AAtigUrpoU. fan. Jmn, Mall amiExpraia..*. i T*o A. a. • ti«n. m". Ottawa auii fluuwr i'*a»eni*r. *T‘ii an. * 1 ;40 a. m J * mo«Tfir • ttO £ ST ♦ Mo Si S' Pacific Fait Uo*. lor UmafiTT. S • AmilS KUUAA uiu. L«ATAD»urut. At cQUud A bt. Juitpa Hap...... *IQ9Oa (A. *4 48 a. am' Aurora Paunoggr. • ] ; Ub, m. • fA6 A. 2 M«mloU.onaPa.»aueaU>rl»*u 'lHu.A'ttlhK Aurora PaaMOxer,., • »Joo. m. *WjOa f Aurora Paweniar fHaad«r) l*Wp.a. IUJMA.A, XJabAOue .k BiouaOUj Kip. ... •aa p. n, *>3 T 1 aeiD* NliUl bio, (orUioaba.. S ITUOfeM. KautaaUiu. UaronwortU, At- U c -M??' , n ßu . J ? #P 0 Kxp . t t:IO a. ba. f * 4c<ommo ' Uuoo Ml 40 a. cv. • trap. m. Uownar aUrufa AOioramodatloo * l:4ip. m. • 6:25 p. m. Uowner , iUro*o Aocommodaiiou • 6dip. m. * 6;45 a.m. laaaaHipran *I0:0Qd. m. I T:4op. a. ♦Hi. flusdar, tfii. Saturday. jKi. Uoadaj. ERIE AND CHICAGO LINE. OJlerr, bJ Clark-t (7Tin» J PnH44 at Utpot. 124 Ai«AtJun-ar., l«nur MadUn tv..;-*. Uau /ram "’ iiJM. Amu. Dai Btpma-Pullmin Draw* ” 1 Inf’Hooiu rilAjplii* Cam, to ftawWk without ch&Qiro...., 8:50A. m. 8:10A. a. Atlantic Kiproo—Pullman P*l am Dragiu*.JUxirn Sleeping _Can aud Oi Inly line nmnln* t(i» a >l«| oara PiTrsßUß watneTci P*k Kipreaa PQOa. m.i*f.-03p. n. Faciflo bipreu............. ) b;l4p. w.l Oil,n. A »“ l It >;'«!>• w. 9.00 a. m. kaetU0e........... It luWpio. u£ •Bandar exoeptod. { Dally! tSaturday ua«plaj3 { ilooday aseeplml. _ BALTIMORE 4*0h70 RAILROAD. fketae Imn /root r.ur of XtpotU tea UmUing ni /#et ii. D<bol corner MaJiton-il. a*J AuAuan-ae. i'Uy ofitt, «i CUtk-il,, eerur *f ITmV. Aeeommodatlos Day Kipreu Put Kipreu..... IDally. •Dally, Suodtye except CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND* P PtMi, Mffltr %J ru Jure* mm 4 SI * gmu r**M i | Aw»e. irrlH, ' Qmaba.Leafeaw*thAAUblaaalU •loaaa. u. • iuo m. bu 1 Ftn»Auomraediting. I* i-oip, at. • 9vVa. m. NUbtKapioaa,„,„,,„„„,.„,..itW.Wp. Ub j ft £4. b| 7 IPIQORATIMi m OF TRflf Mints.—t Saturday,, loaday axeepteJ, FERN RAILWAY. td at iht J4piti, *1(1:30 t. ra. • 8 .Mo. m. *10:31 • ra. • 3:40 p, m, til rt)p. ra.l* o:3iia. ra. Mliinp. m. | 6:30*. a. *!/.li ». m. * 4:16 p. m, *IO.iMp. ra. ♦ 7:oo».m. I . :Dc. m. < 4:00 p. m. •10:00ft. m.|* 7:30p. m. * A:»ip. ra. a. nu ill:lhjp. m. £ fi.uuft. ra. • o:3oft, ra. * 7:iop. m. •10:00ft. m.i* 4ox>p. m. t ViUp. m.!t 7:"U». m, •10:u0p. m..* 6:3oft. m. • 4:uOp. ra. •1(1:15 ft. ra. * 4:Vip. in. * 7:00p. ra. 9:40 p. nu 7:60 p. m. 7:10 a. m, 7:60 p. m. 7:40 a. tn. 1 7*l p. m« 9:40 p, nu 9JU>a. m. Grid a. m. 6:10 p. nu Dana. ra. B;wip. m. 6;lip. ni. B:ma. m. 9:40 p. m. 11:10 a.m. t l } 6HO a. nu 7 :S0 p, nu •4:00p. nu *119)0 a. nu 17:00*. tn. * to New York. CrtICAfIORAILWAT. £*a»e. | Jrntt. * 1:40 a. ta.l* A;ltl u, b». | a. tn.jl J lo a. uu J 6;J* p. m.|*>.lO p. ni. ’ACIFIC RAII betel. LROAD. ™<Aet«JUe)

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