Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 2, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 2, 1876 Page 3
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WEEDING THEM OUT. Xlio Globe Insurance Company Driven Out of Business. An TTnpleuant Showing of Aueti and Liabilitioi. tb* Hntiml Security and Safety Deposit Ufa Companies Also Go Under. typozta of tho Condition of Some of tho Original Bankrupts. THE GLOBE. OCT or TUB BUSINESS. Oat of deference for a notice from Auditor lippincolt, tbo Globe Insurance Company of Chicago yesterday concluded to pass onward and upward among tho flitting stars that are to night in view hut gone to-morrow. Yesterday Afternoon a Trucks reporter called at tho oflloo of tho Company, No. 110 LaSallo street, and (boro from Secretary Walker gained the very aad facts which aro given below. FOLLOWING H TUB LAST STATEMENT of Ibo Company turmsliod Auditor Llppincott, tod giving Iho oßtcnalblo liabilities sod ro lotircos to Doc. SI, 1876: CAPITAL. Amount of capital Block paid up In full $300,000 Afutcre. Value of real properly owned by Company,. 49,600 Lotus on bonds ami mortgagee... lU7,lttU United States Block* and bonds £>,407 Elate of MißßtMlppl Treasury warrants n,«s7 Dank stocks,. i4,u00 Railroad bonds 33,060 Cub on baud and in bank 11,024 Intercet duo and accrued £‘>,olo premiums In course of collection and traue- mission premium notes, Total assets, LUCIUTIr.S. BroM claim* (or looses, adjusted and unpaid $21,977 Bruaa claims for losses upon which do action has boon taken B,noo Vossas rcauitod by iho Company. 7,760 Total gross amount of claims for losses (38,227 Deduct reinsurance and salvage claims thereon None Fat amount of unpaid losses (33,337 amount necessary to rclnsuro all out standing risks—oo per coot lira....' 137,482 Due for borrowed money. 25,000 Qua for commissions, brokerage, etc ot7ou0 t 7ou IKCOXI. Premiums received during the year in caah,..r. $ 420,938 Premiums received during the year in notes 31,780 (atorest received during the year 17,4i5 Total income. Lossca paid during the year. $ 311,878 Domulosicns and salaries paid during the year faxes p ild during tho ysar. All other expenses... Total expenditures UItOKLbAMKOUS. Tots! risks taken during tho year la 1111- sola t10.9C3.026 Total omniums received during tbo year lulllmola 100,700 Total losses incurred during tho year In Illinois Iota! amount of risks outstanding TUG SKCBET&UV’S STORY. This statement does not Jibe very well with that given by Mr. Walker. Tbo Company, bo sold, was started previous to tbo great fire of 1871, and In that general destruction lost tC2,000. Shortly after tbo Company reorgan ized under tbo Presidency of Mr. Clark. The Company seemed to bavo mot with reverses from tbo start. In an exchange of stocks with the Frultport Magnetic and Sulphur Springs Company, it lost (60,000. In redeeming stock issued by former officers, tbo Company lost (10,000 more. Then Whit man, Kelson b Co., the city agents, failed to pay over some SB,OOO in collections. However, these little triflea were in part corrected, and the Company was placed again fairly upon Its plus. It followed on successfully, doing a largo local and outside business, until the Are of July, 1874, came. By this conflagration tbe corporation antlered a loss of $138,000, This largo amount was paid, and all tbo Chicago looses have been adjusted up to date, with only some two or three ixcoptlons, and they are recent ones, not yet duo. All told, they bavo adjusted and paid over $250,000 in losses'ln Chicago. In a manner, after tbe groat Are In July, tbo capital, which was then badly Impaired and amounted to $300,- 000, was again paid up, the stockholders advancing the money, which was considered an Interest-bearing loan and made a preferred debt, parable out of the earnings of tbo Company, which at that lime ware very fair. The rat* of Interest was such that the Company un dertook to pay It by reducing the capital (which was done, lowering It from £IOO,OOO to $200,000), thus creating a surplus from which the debt could be paid. It amounted to $160,000, and has been extinguished by furnishing mortgages and other collaterals. The Company loat about $33,000 in gold by tbe Vlr- Snla City (Nov.) lire, only a email portion of which a been paid. Resides other reverses, the concern took ocean and marine dike, all of which proved bad. The balk of Ui business has been reinsured in the new Fireman's Insurance Company, of tide city, which has a paid-up capital of SIOO,OOO. The Globe baa over $50,000 In unsettled and unadjusted losses on band, lees (ban $3,00(1 of which is held ht this city, Secretary Walker further stated (hat tho capital la all gone, and nothing of It will bo left to tbe stock holders. Tbo Chicago and Ilhuole business has been protected in full. Tho groat Josses bad lately wero outside. Tho ocean and marlno losses alouo foot up .KIO.OOO, not yet paid. These were particularly severe Uat year on all companies doing that class of business. Tho marina risks were mainly taken through tho Uos. lon agency of Uorrimau Whitney, tho latter former ly President of the National, and both gentlemen known as marine underwrite™. All the city, Illinois, and Mississippi risk* held by the Company have been reinsured, as well as all those issued since Jan. 1,187 C. Tbo receipts from agency businoas fell oil from $53,000 In November, 1874, to $1,500 in March last. Thus from mouth to month they gradually diminished, - and tho percentage of losses be came proportionately greater. The city business has been fair, and really making money. Tho losses out ride, however, took more than the receipts. Policies wore Issued last week, but collections wore virtually Hopped then, and yesterday the Company received a request that it discontinue business. What action will be taken la not known, but there is no doubt that an Assignee will b«applied fur to-day In court by the Auditor. THE FACTS, Tho real fads In regard to tbo Company an about as fellows; This was organized as a stock company in 18C5, and from that time anil some years afterwards was known aa a wlld-cat InaUtution. Its capital was then (JuO.OtiU, but Its assets consisted of wild lauds—Kentucky iwami>—worth 10 cents per acre. Dy some means It managed to do a little business before the big fire, and Uihstimoof that cal unity hod SOO,OOO risks on Chi cago property. Tbe Company proposed to pay their losses with the swamp lauds, kindly presenting policy holders with a surplus of water wherewith to quench my future Arcs. At this critical period tbo old Fire man's Insurance Company was lu the throes of dlis •olullou, and its leading spirit,B. P. Walker. In leaving Die defunct corporation, entered Into the Globe lusur tnce Ootupouy. Under Walker’s management tho Oompany was reorganised, George K. Cltrk Was thoseu President, Walter Kimball Treasurer, and 8. P. Walker Secretary. It was represented to a confiding public that tho nominal capital of SIOO,OOO was actually Kd In by tho now organization, and that thu .000 losses by tho great tiro were assumed ind paid In full. Tho statement as to Uts Utter item is probably correct. Atlboiioso of (heir •rat year's business they showed : Whole amount of policies written, $3.845,3W; amount In force, $.*,27«,- 100; losses in 1873, fft),o'B ; premiums ns-eived in 1872, $58,0115: Income from other sources, |43,:r>o; ex panded In commission slid salaries, fIS.CJT; taxes, Mdfll 5 other expenses, (15,001; ratio of expensrs to Income, .Usl;bock value of stock. $93.30, Their Uvets consisted of loans on mortgages, (ii'i.OOO; in- Ureat due. JPi.iils.Co; stock in Fruitpurt Magnetic and sulphur Hpringa Company, s'-0,000; rash iu hank and office, $17,477,V8; promiiima m counts of collection, 1n.W5.i1; other property, fixtures, etc., (u.'ji'i.-.u; Their liabilities were : Cajiitul stock, (100,000; losses unpaid, sll J.tO ; reinsurance, 53J.35J; ■j»u. s:o,«w ; other claims, $4,000; total, $30),103.30. Tliclr Oril statement showed plainly uitougn that they aero not lua very nourishing condition, capital being unpaired. Of course they always chtimud that they commenced business with XAi.OOO out of pocket. One Kv |Uln (heir assets, stock in the Frultport Magnetic ‘ha Boliihur Hprings Company, ought never to havu passed the scrutiny of the authorities, u it wss never canslderud a good asset t>y tho best mages. This slock was disposed of to [ore the clcse of 1873. Tliey lost 'heavily ny the tiro of July, 1»74, and taking this in connection Jriln the fact that nearly SIOO,OOO of their assots at that Bote consisted of premiums in course of collection, it "HI not bo difficult to account for their suspension. fJWge K. Clark, the Drat President, wss said to own jOU.OOy to $70,003 of stock, but it is a great question ■nether he had ever paid m any cash, as bis property ■as mortgaged to the Institution for s'.3,mw. Roth Wane If and B. P. Walker were largely Interoitcd in the bnlcago Railway Construct ion Company sod tbs UR note lUvir Railroad Company, After tho lire of July, W(4, George F, Harding assumed tbe Presidency, ana ■u said to own (Kl.lX-O of the stock. As be was known • • highly rrspecUhlejiud responsible geutkmua, it kas hoped bis name would givo now life to the Com- tulthe Coiujany wus even then in* bad way, ud tt was almost liupussitts to save it. At the present lime the officers are Walter Kimball, Prvsldont, E, F. Pulsifcr, Treasurer, and 8. P. Walker, Bunetary, it ia proposed to forma new comiany, •Ho a capital of SIOO,OOO, to bo called the Fireman's insurance Company, In which H. P. Walker's name wtU ■*uto largely, M Tho Globe" has already mads at gtmaiiu to MlAwr* its rtaks writun at Uts hums office In (ho new company. All outside barbarians will have to taka care of (hemsolvM. DEFUNCT LIFE COMPANIES* THK MtnUAli ANI» THE SAFETY DEPOSIT. The Mutual Lifo-Insnranco Company of Chi cago, which tine boon dying for tho pant year, succumbed yesterday, and a Deceiver was ap pointed on (ho petition of Charles K. Lippln coll, Auditor of Public Accounts. With it also foil tho Bafoty Deposit Life-Insurance Company of this city, which Is only another mrno for tho Mutual Life Company, as the latter owned ail tile slock of tho former. Tho Auditor states that ho lms lately canned an examination to ho made of both companies, and has como to tho conclusion that thoir further continuance In busincsii would bo barnrdmis tu thueo (mured In them. Though both companies sro acting under separate charters, tho Kafely Life Insurance Company Is owned by tho Mutual Company, and the officers of both companies are the same, so (hat tho companies cannot ho advantageously separated In the llmitdsllon of their affairs. Tho Auditor therefore asked for tho appointment of altccclvcr and fur an injunction to prevent tho companies from transacting further business. Attached to tbo bill is the official REPORT OP J. 11. Kni.LOQO, who made the examination into the affairs of the com panies. The following is the showing: Mutual Rafnty Com* Lift*. Ucpoflt, lilncil. tioaoa on real MUte * 7»,ftK) |iuo.«is tiTo.iU.i C',ml) on baud . ..... 1,0 <0 fi-cmium loan# and note* ‘Jf'.OMJ Vii'/ioi) Ot'.UO llenl 60,WW C,.tot> GJ.IOO liilli rocdtv-iiilo,! MO 1,000 (1.000 Oillco furniture 1.000 . 1,008 Five-twenty U. B, bonds.. 13,000 ln,(K»o State bond l-'.UO J 16.0 W) Interest duoaud accrued. 4,000 13,600 10,6V0 judgments Il.Oiif) Agents'ledger balances.. 3,600 I’arty wall «HI Loans on mortgage.. COO Open accounts. 2,(M0 Reserve 4 tier cent actuar ial $332,000 $ 80,600 $110,600 Death claims duo and nu- paid 4,403 1,879 0,342 Death claims In process of adjustment and ad lust ed and not duo 9,117 0,074 10,702 Resisted claims 12.000 ...... 12,000 Matured endowments due 01.731 31,780 $430,080 and not paid 1,917 1,017 $349, DM $100,063 $449,683 Incumbrance on real cb- late, Total $370,«8 $100,033 $470,18S THE MUTUAL HKOOIUTT Life-Insurance Company has been co#tldereit In fail ing clrumitanccs for a year or more past, and it ilnally died a natural death, caused doubtless In part by the bard times. The insurance report of tbe Aud itor for 1874 shows that the Compauy hid expended (3,481.1)1 more than Its income, and that its surplus as regards policy-holders was then only (3,300.40. The Company was organised in February, 1653, and commenced business immediately, with a paid-up capital stock of $103,300, the authorized stock being $200,000. .$ 310.470 The Safety Deposit Life-Insurance Company was organized in March. IST.O, with an authorized capital stock of (300,000, of which only (15.'!,t00 was paid up. It did not Lagln business until May, 1870, hut its showing for 1874 was much bettor than (hat of the Mutual Life Compauy. Bluco that time both com panies have declined until their assets wore less than was authorized by law to enable them to continue business. .4 444,394 112,831 111,883 39,507 was Immediately umao yesterday morning after the bill was died, and J. Honry Truman entered bis ap pearance os solicitor for tiio defendant. No opposi tion whs made, however, and JudKe Williams appoint ed O. C. Hotlun llereircr by agreement of parties, un der a bond for $100,003. .$ 604,153 THE BANKRUPTS. THE COMMERCIAL. Tbo following is a synopsis of tbe April report of R. E. Jenkins, Assignee of tbe Commercial Inauraoco Company : Balance March HI ............,$30,168 C»ah received ainco . 1,616 30,921 13.8J1.6U Total £13.0*0 Paid costa and clerk hire $ 341 Dividend* 1,000 1,363 On band. Mark Kimball, Assignee of tbe Mutual Insurance Company, makes tbo following for April: On band April 1 $21,980 United Htulce Supremo Court coels In Ekamtnon case 298 Balance on band TUG CHICAGO FIRE. Tbe following is (ho showing of tbe Chicago Fire- Insurance Company, as given In the report of J, K. Murphy, tbe Assignee: Total cash to April 3 $107,325 Total expenditures, as by Atarch state ment $91,083 April expenses 121 Dividends paid in April. 329 Balance os bond 16,039—1107,236 TUI3 COURTS. llocord ol Business Transacted Yes terday. DIVORCES. Ira M. Cooper filotl bin bill yesterday, repro- Booting that bis wife Julia loft him in March, 1874, and has not since returned. Wherefore be desires a divorce. Judge Drummoud will to-day hoar tbo caao of Uoud vs. Hancock ; tbo arguments on tho peti tion for review of Cutler & Co. and of Thomas Footer, from orders of tho District Court. Friday will bo tho loat day of service in tbo Circuit Court for tho May term. Judge Williams was engaged yesterday morn ing iu hearing tho arguments in tho Adolphi contempt case, and ho thou took tbo matter under advisement. Tbo arguments in tbo Riverside Improvement Company cases, which wore sot for yesterday before Judge Williams, wore postponed until vacation. Tbo mottofi for injunction in tbe case of Ed Phillis vs. Hermann Llob, County Clerk, tho Bouth Town hoard, and ethers, la set for this morn ing before Judge Farwolt. To-day Is default day In chancery, and Thursday wilt bo default day In law, in tho United Utatai Courts, There will be u petit Jury iu tho Untied States Dis trict Court May 10. BANKRUPTCY MATTERS. Daniel Oahan and Frauds Y. Hutchinson, parties In business at Elgin, Died a voluntary petition yesterday In bankruptcy. Thulr secured debts foot up $4,700 and the unsecured to J7,45|.45. Tho assets comprise SI7,GUO of real estate. mortgaged far S3,COU; also, open accounts valued at $5,01X1; and other personal proper ty $<t,UC-I.UU. No Individual debts nor assets. Refer ence to Register Coon at Marengo. William L. Gibson, of Ottawa, also Died a voluntary petition showing about $.*.100 of unsecured debts and no assets beyond exemptions, Thu petition was re ferred to Register Grant at Morris. On a petition of R. M. Uootuy an injunction was Issued against Atkinson ti Lord to prevent them from seizing bis property under an uxccuUoo against him for $313,113. In the case of Terry & llro. an order was made for a composition meeting to bo held May IS before Reg ister Coon. Thu proceedings against Quiinby tt Crane wore or dered to bo dismissed yesterday on payment of sll COStH. R. E. Jenkins, of Chicago, and John A. Elchsalaub, of Erie, Pa., wore yesterday appointed Assignees of Matthew Bchlaudecker. George W, Campbell was appointed Assignee of 11, Parkur Pierce. An Assignee will be chosen thu morning for Uts es tate of Patrick T. Hhcrlock. Hurcutou aomiT in uuirf. Anna E- Hunter began an action in trespass against Einiuuel Housingcr, laying damages at $-(»,t)JJ. I'atrtck Powers began a suit for |(],UiXI against Fred erick w. Hprluger. ThellUnols IJuou Company brought suit against Roselle M. Hough. cUlmluq $15,000, William Krueger oomiueiiCed a suit In trespass against Roman tichmldi, claiming slb,txxi damages. ciucurr couut. Anthony Horan Itegan a suit in debt against James Crowley, the damagi* being laid at SIO,OOO. CUIMINAL COUUT. O. Bcbsffncr pleaded guilty to larceny, ana wss given ■lz months In the House of Correction. ChurU-H Lltchoolm pleaded guilty t« larceny.snd was ■cut to the House of Correction fur four mouths. Alfred Miller pleaded guilty to larceny, and was given eight mouths In the liou*u of Correction. Mart Mellon pleaded guilty to larceny, and was a*at for twelve mouths to the House of Correction. John Ilarxog pleaded guilty to larceny, and waa ra msuded. William Mitchell was tried for Uroeuy, found guilty, and given one year iu the Penitentiary. Adolph Welch was tried for on assault, found guilty, and fined $3 and costs. Judos Oaut—4o3, 411,413, 4J'J to 427, and 439 to 440, inclusive. «... Juuuh JaxiKsoM—47,B74, Oily vs. Hopgood, and other caass in tnulr order on thu calendar. Junmt Rooms—39l to IU i, Inclusive, Jonas Rrtoru—Set case No. CIO, and sslendsr Nos. 807 and 309 to J3‘), mclusive. Junuit MoALLtsTkB—3-9, SU to WO, inclusive, of Judge Rogers' calendar. Juduk FanwkLL—No call. No. 871 on trial. Juook Williams—Bet cases. JI’IXiUENTB. Sorsaioa Coubt—CoiD'KamoM*—W. M. Dailey et •I. tj. Henry Waller, sW,'iOy,--Charlea Polur vs. Bame, lUVitw, Joooa Qabt—Henry Webb va. The Mercantile la ■urauce Company ol Chicago, |J3.—Catberlue O’Brien va. BUtabetb Egan, slß.).—John B. Lyon T». Alouxo J. and Buttle* U. U*wyar, lUW3.—BUxabelh Utyea va. BlUabath Efau, P, Smith tb. Kliiibalb Campbell, executrix of llobert J. Campbell, S4CO.W. Central National Dank tb. Edward F. Dors, f'i.'Xl.'JJ. Cinonir Count—CosrKMionn—board of Ilirnctora of tbo Clilrairo Theological Seminary t*. Denis 11. and Edward K, Bwlney, sjs7.6d.—Hatno *■. same, $.161.87. LETTERS FROM THE PEOPLE. To the Hititor of The Chteam*Tnb»ne , CmoAdo, May I.—ln your isnuo of this morn ing a druggist dofonils his profession against an assertion, or accusation, of too high prices of medicines. Lot the undersigned, who Is neither n doctor nor a druggist, nor a sufToror from either, offer a few suggestions to the public. In aomo stores you pav for your medicine 50 cents oti tho average for overy prescription (everybody who uses patent medicines pays 91 on the average for overy bottle), while in some stores very probably you are charged fed. On tho other hand, somo physicians charge their patients nothing for tho consultations, but blood prices for tho medicine they dispense themselves, while in some doclor-olticea you are asked to pay 960 fur tho first consultation, but on tho average tho doctor fees are 91 or 9J for overy consultation, with every docent doctor. Now, thou, if It. W. Emerson is right about bin '‘lower compensation.” lot tbo public see to tbo compensation of such outrageous charges. 1 claim that any druggist or doc tor, or anybody olao who charges 95 for anything that ought to cost CO cents. Is not an honorable roan or not of saoo mind—either a fool or a knave, Nono of us wou'd trust tho lives of our beloved tmoff in tho bauds of a man whom wo know nut to ho honorable. Every man is entitled to a just compensation; but if ho wants too much for It, uu gols It the other way. Therefore, my suggestion to suffering human ity is, Keep your puckot-book shut and your eyes open. Don’t patronize anybody who takes advantage of your ill-health ; and. if you aro treated too flagrantly, publish every instance in detail. llomorabor the proas is mightier than the court lu suoh a case. Vorv respectfully, Conrad Xlaiitio, Attorney. ,$2*.1,5W0 $133,345 $390,035 To the Fdttor of The Chicago Tribune OrtAMD PAemo lIoTKii, Chicago, May I.—ln the issue of the Chicago Times of Saturday lat>t {a published tbo relative circulation of the Times and Us morning contemporaries, in which an error Is made lu the numbers of tho respective papers sold at the Grand Pacific Hotel. It should read— IHmes 100 TmtIUHR 10 instead of, as published— Times m Tiiibune as Jnter-Oeean 6 Very respectfully, L. Bcuaffmbb. 25,000 25.000 GiunulUve.v, Mich,, April 30,—Tho oflloorn and DiroctorH of tho Grand iiavou Trottiug -I’ork Association Lavo decided that tho races should bo hold ou tho 23th, 2Cth, and27th of July. I'rouitmna to the amount of $2,000 will bo offer ed. Wo have an excellent truck, and a good time is oipoclcd. At the ito publican city caucus. to elect dele gates to tho County Convention, no Presidential preferences wore expressed ; but there Booms a growing sentiment In tho community in favor of JJristow, or some other exceptionable man. who will bo ablo to carry, not only tho Itopnblican, but tho bulk of tho independent, votoru of tho country. About 5.00 U pounds of fish aro caught dally hero aud shipped to Chicago and interior points. JOURNALISTIC. Special Ditpalch to The Chieaao Tribune, Minneapolis, Minn., May I.—Tbo newspaper consolidations of tbia city and St. Paul took place to-day, notwithstanding tbe protestations of a large number of citizens. A now daily paper made Us unexpected appoaranro this af ternoon, it being issued from tbo otlico of tbo Weekly Mirror. It Is generally conceded that tbo now sbcct will got tbo city printing, which amounts to about S4,(JUO por annum. .$30,707 .121,638 New Alabsy, Icid., May I.—Qoorgo W. Dollz, a Western veteran, 79 yearn of ago, started this morning from this city to walk to Philadelphia, to attend tbs Centennial Exposition. Ho was escorted from tbo Court-House to tbo eastern boundary of tbo city by a largo concourse of citizens, headed by tbo silver coruot band. Ho is a young old man, full of pluck and energy, aud la contidont of success. . Ottawa, May I.—Raw silk, imported to bo used la manufactures, is transferred to the free lieu ’ Upon the quality of the blood depends, in a groat measure, tbn vigor aod health of the body. If the blood is wanting in nutritious properties, the mupclcs are euro to bo weak ami dabby, tbe llchU deficient iu -quantity, tbo akin Hallow and dry. tbo ebooks hollow, and tho ovoa iuatreloss. To improve tho quality of tbo blood, Htimuiato digestion and assimilation with lloHlettor’a Btomach Uittors. Under tbo Inilucnco of this Birengtli-cieatiug cordial tbo body is efliciontly nourished, and the llesb grows, iu consequence, moro abundant, tbo muscles become more com* pact, tbo ebeok is tinged with a boaltbful color, and tho oyo regains its brightness. Tbo Uittors also free tbo blood from impurities by stimulat ing tho kidnoys and bowels to thoroughly per form tboir duty of carrying off the refuse of tbo system, which, if not entirely got rid of, poisons tbo vital current. A GOOD FARM TO RXCIIANUK FOR STOCK OF dry good* ami notions. An Improved farm of l!iU acres with 41l acres additional in timber, with good new home, barn, water, orchard, and grovs of timber around urctiard, situated Iu La Porto County, lod.. GO mile* from Chicago oud 4 milua from railroad cros-Uur. and town, wilt T>« ozibanyod fur alook of dry good* and notions; title perfect:any reasonable difference in values would be paid In cash. Address Merchant, Drawer P, MlotilifsnCliy. Ind. C~ lAKII AND NEBRASKA LANDS TO EXCHANGE I for stock of clntblus, dry goods, pictures, furniture, A e., 177 Fast fttadtsou-et., Itooui 1, J. K RUED A CD. rroTTxotiANiJlt— a house, and lot, ei.oooV in- X eumbraiico ifduO. for a stock nf Hardware In s live town In Illinois or lowa. A. Y. HEMINGWAY, M Major lllock. MtO KXUHANGK-A LADY'S GOLD WATCH AND X chain for oarputs and furuUuro. Address A 41. Tilh uno other. rpo KXCHANOB—fSIUXO IN TOWNSHIP BONDS X issued by uno of the best count Is* of s Wssteru Slate fur dry goods, bools ami shoe*, or other personal proper (y, Address JANUARY, Tribune office. IJAUTNUII WANTBD-A YOUNG PHYSICIAN X v*lta «10U to loan can Join an experienced popular payidclao. oatablUbud practice, dovirable location near Chicago, and have thu entire practice within a year; may board on account of loan If doalrud. Ileal ruloreuoea. 7, 5, Tribune oftlco. PARTNER WANTKD—IN THU CHtOUKUY HUSI- X uesa, established several years' dulug cash trade. References given and required. Inquire at 97 blstooDth st., for 3 days. IJAIITMIU WA.VIKU-liJ.Wi-lN A HIGHLY UK- X vpeclablo and very proiualde bualnc«*: the adver tlaor baa had many yeara* eipeilenco In hi* lino; no ex. pirlmcnta to try. Addrvaa 116, Tnbunoo&ce. pAUTNKR’ WANTED—IN THU MANUPAOTUUK X of paper, by a party who baa a mil) In brat-claw order lor tino paper, with a capacity of t.UUUIb* per day and with boih water aud amam power; will «l«o parly emits cou- Irollt detlred. Addre-a Ulymyer Manufacturing Com* pany. Cincinnati, Onto. Boaud-a lady, stkanobu in tub city, withe* board wltn aema nulit I dy where there are os other botrdun. Addrot* K*, Tribune utticu. 13UAltD—WITH PUtAHANT KUUM, NEAR FAIR d> viavr or Oakland button*, by a single gentleman. Ad<Lu»«ll4. Tribune oltieu. Til OH BALK—BO VT MAiiLK TUKKH PIIOM I* TO S X’ lueho* thick. In large or auiall uuantlllet, ueareornor of Weetomaad MUwaukeeavt. W. H. I’OWKI.L. I,tOU BALE-UAU FIXTURES. CHEAP, AT 4U3 X 1 Btatoat. _ _ I NOR HALE—TO UK RBMOVKD OHTAK UN DOWN. ' The largo frame liou»".Nof4s W. Vaa Huron-vt. ;cheap. Apply to IIII.SUY U. HIIUPItI.DT A >)>).. 16t Adams-u. DIVOHOF.a LEGALLY OBTAINED YOU INCOM pjilbllliy, etc.’; reildence nor peiaoual pretence not reoulrud i ailidavlia eutimioul proof; fee alter decree. Ad dretiU. It. BLMB, B 6 Wa«hlnnum-»l IVO HORS f.KOALLY ANli tJHIK PI.Y OiirANKD* In every. State oi llw Umoufor iDJjinpatibUily> etc. Ueildeooo uuuce<»aary. foe after deo;ee. Twdvjyeara exuerUoue. Addret* I’oH-OrtlOJ Bex lujf. Chicago, 111. OUU WOVBN-WIIIB MATTUK-vHICH AM) leu cabinet bed* arnih* bi»i la tin market. nag for them. WiIITTLKSHY A PLTKHS, 131 iladUou-t. rrilß UNION fuhnitukk company oivr low i price* and give time on the payment*. 60 Wait Madl»on-*t. A OBNTS WANTED—FOU TUB COUNTKY-WB A. baveihebeatenloleouttomakeinouay onfurnieu who bare slut?*U cub, The ItUbariu Puking Com pany, • North Oiatk-ei.« Oblaago. mnCIUCAG'O TRIBUNE: TUESDAY, ’MAY 2. - 1876. POCTORH AND PltnonißTS. COIIIIECTION. GRAND HAVEN ITEMS. SfvWul I)i*iHitch la The Chxcaao Tribune. VIGOROUS OLD AGE. THE CANADIAN TARIFF. Tlio Quality of tlio mood. TO EXCHANGE. PARTNERS WANTED; BOARD WANTED. FOR BAl*£.~ DIVORCES. HOUSEHOLD GOODS, AGENTS WANTED. CITY REAL ESTATE. F" RX»)nAN«r.IvimY"DKRiriARi.K 8-*Uirr and ba*ement brick bout*, .übcellar, 13 inch wall*, and spine foundation'. lot. 3 - n12,1: ICT Throup-at. Can give Immediate pomsaion. Willed! cheap or taka unincumbered property In or city In part payment. M. A. ULRICH, Room B, B 5 Waihlnglonai. i/nil HAI.K-A VKUY DKSIitAHLK RKSIDKNCK. 1' 914 South fpavlltat., corner Van Huron; b»u«e 1* of brick, and contain* IS room*. bath-room, etc. large, dry collar under the whole home; large .round*, tuntlfn. beautifully laid mil. In a choice neighborhood. Will well at price (.Mint (he lime*, or will aolFhuuao and Ui (rot. Fm hale -now MUcfrwif,r.*Y<ru“oivMri ori fi-room collage and lot. &f 7 West Indlana-at 1 Worth *3,Ak>, hut atn duinrnilnetl to 101 l j no rnaaouable odor re* loac'l. AlaoVM llarrl«oa-at.,ata tacrlflce. K. 11. lIHOWN, HM Hftb-av. T?OH SALK—RP.SI DENG K AND nUSINE.SS PROP* I . crl/ in all parte of lbs clly. It. H. A W. U. McCUK- MlCk, It /, ijum'RAj.E-ciiKAr no. pack and iuhn. au I. Walnut-it.: only 4100, with fire year.* leaee of lot at 94 per month; or will root It. Ifiu Weal Monroe at. MOirHAUt-tllidiUK RESIDENCE PROPERTY. 1 1 Ehilm feet to alley, on I’ralrle-aT,, abo feet anuib of I hlrly-nlnth at., adjoining block nf bunae* now l.nlldlng s gas and water; only one block from bone-cant clear, Koou title; long time. If Improred. Owner, 31 (JaV-av. f/Ofl HALE—A ONK.fltdlW FRAMP." CH IT IDE. I and (moment of 14 menie and lot, near Union Park. f. 731 ultton-at: alvo, a two atory frame home and lot. 3l'» Park-av.. corner of Leavltt-at.; wilt glee a groat bargain. Call on ino owner,74 Dearborn**! . baeement. b’OH HALK-'kLFOANT NEW 2-SI CRY AN D bailment octagon brick home. KD Wait WaMilogton* at., flntahed in natural wood*, coal vault In front, very complete; take your wife U i aee it: no white paint to con • timidly soil; term* may. Impilrvof P. A, WHITE. 233 Park-av,, or 11. WHIPVJ.K.IoI Waahlngton-it., Hoorn 14. I/lOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN. ON EASY TERMS, ■ hue new fi room enttago and lot on Flllmore-et., near M eatorn av. Inquire at wB Weaiem-av, SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE' liUMI —Oil EXCHANGE-HOUSK AND I' ground* at Hyde Park, tcloed at iflP.Uii; will lake part payment In aubnrhan or < jt, prop Tty. I'holro biia at Hyde Park, Kcnwo' d, and Caklami; ei,. t lot, *.,i ...| Ho dlawn av.. near Ellti*acubn<l ht., nii'orcd at 91.10 u. Call and too Hat of tins Improved and milmproved anburb an and Kouth Ride property, which bo aold at a low figure or cxctiangou. 11. A. ULlllUil, Kootu 3, bi Waib- Uißton-»t, IjIDIIRAI.P.-MOKOAN PARK-HOUSP-S AND I .DIM X' on tuonibly paymonta. Only a .limit ca*h payment n:- qnirod. Homo of 6 room* and hiU)tW.; monthly payment*.>!. Himeoof tt roomaaud lot rmtnMily payment*, fllk. 17. Ilouaoof k room*and lot Txt ]*•>'. 43.4UJ: monthly tiayments, ijff.uil. il»u«ea cutting double thuie price., double the monthly payment*, Uatl* road fare. 111 cent*. Impure of UKD. U, CLARKK. Agent, No. II ChamltCT of Commerce. TjiOll SALK—CHKAT BARGAINS IN MOUSES AND X 1 tut* at Id Orange. Prices and tenfia to cull the time*. COSSITT A LAY, removed to 71 Waililngton-tt. WOR SALE—DESIRABLE home at i:k.nwooi>; I. II moms, lot fsiihJ; near dopou D. HENRY SHELDON, 128 Clark-it- PORK ALE—EXCELLENT HOUSES AT UAVENS wo'h! and Humtncrdalo on easy terms; lake water; frequent trains: low fare*. A. BENNETT, Agent, south oast corner Monrue and Market-eta. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. TJIOR HALR-A FARM OP 80 ACRES. NEAR R. R.. L' school, and churches; good land, well fenced, dwell, lag, alabln., orcbanl. etc., for 41.600, part ea*h:al*o. larger farm*: can suit everybody. J. 1). SPEAK, lit Latiallo at.. Room 85. (No exchange.) IrOH KALE—Mississippi LANDS. VERY CHEAP, J and will produce moro In ona year titan naked lor. Vi Madlsun-at., Room 10. REAL ESTATE WANTEZIi WANTED-A HOOD RESIDENCE FOR CLEAR farming land and cash, or will aasume. MANN A CONOHUN, Room 11, 1W Hoaibom-at. TO RENT—HOUSES, rpO RENT-ONE OF THE FINEST RESIDENCES X In the City of Chicago, corner cf Mlcliigsn-av. and Park-row, overlooking ibo park and Jakes contain* over twenty rooms, with every modern improvement, and heated with atcara: has throo bath-rooms, watnr-cloauta, laun dry, and aub-tcllar. The premise* are largo; bam spa clour, two-etory and basement. Will not bo rented for a buanl(ng-bou*o. and only to a flrst-claas tenant. EL LIOTT ANTHONY. 05 Dearborn -et. rpo RENT-SEVERAL VKUY FINK TWO AND X throo story and basement swelled cast front brick dwellings, with all modem Improvements, lurnicc. barn, ohandollora, Ac.. Nos. 31 and S 3 Forrost-av., south of Thlrtr-llrat-sl.: l-fcrt Pralrie-av., south of Thlrty-aecunrt at. t also two-atory and basement on West Hide, on Hub bard-at, near lloyno No. 719; rent for latlor only nor month: well adapted In two families. Apply to JOHN COVERT. 1231 lodl&na-av., or at 43 Statu-at. JOHN COVERT. rpo KENT—ON MICHIOAN-AV., JUST SOUTH OF XThlrty-flfth-st., Imuaoa with Sand lu rooms, all modem Improvement*. fur 425 per mouth. Apply to IL O. SToNe, H 6 East MadUnnst., RoomS. f pO RENT—BRICK DWjfLLINCJ-HOUSE, TWO- L story and basement, in complete* order, No. 925 In dlnna-av. Apply at Room 9 Itoipor Block. T‘' 'O RENT—THE PARKER HOUSE, SITUATED ON Ihenurihweateomer of West Madison and Halsted •fa., containing about A) room*. Apply to C. E. HOLMES, No. 0) South Cllntoft-st. qiO RENT—HOUSE, NO. 217 SOUTH BANHAMON- X at. Twnaturie*, bnacment, and ilanaard roof *, atone front. H. It. SIIUPkLDT, 221 Hangamon-at. rpo HUNT—NO.3SS NORTH DKAUBORN-ST. 1 V. C-TAYLOR, 164 Dparborn-at, TO RENr-OIIRAP TO GOOD TENANTS. THOSE beautiful 11-room house*, oomer of Hush and Oak ala., North Bide, with all convcniuuuoa. Apply on tho promises. rpO RENT-NO. 2J NORTH ARIILAND-AV.. TWO- X story frame, 8 rouma; the fourth homo south of lake, and fronting upon Union Park; $3) per month. In good repair. Wsl. I>. PALMER, No. 135 Slato-et., Palmer TO REN'l'-THK NICK RESIDENCE 2)1 CALUMET* av,, with a largo, 3-atury ham. containing 3 Ixig atHila, and Ilielrtgle stall*; and 76 lent of ground. In uulroof \VSI. At. DEE, Franklin and Adams-sta. ril'O RENT-SEVEN-ROOM COTTAGE, VERY UK. X alrably loc-vtod, near Tn, on Pralno-av.. atm JAMES.V. PORTER. la Bryan Itlock. TO RENT-TWO 7-UOOM COTTAGES AT 916 AND CIS per month. Apply at 26 Pratt-ploco, between lloyne anil I,eavUi, Jackson tml Van Buren-nt*. rro RRNT-A rUHNISUICD rioUSK. all modern X Improvement*. with a Rood brick barn. A No. 1 place for a tlrst-class boarding house, now partially tilled with boarders. Monroe-st,. noar liillla, by COLE, NEW ELL A MOSHER, 169 West Madison-st. TO RENT—OE3! OF A SMALL'BRICK IIOUSR. 120 I/uißlcy-ar., $33; newly painted and calct mtned. UKURUEJI. HESS A CO., 136 Dcarborn-aL, 1217 Hgan-av. rpo RENT—IIOIJBK 1006 INDIANA-AV. THOMAS X _FUEK3IAN, ISOJUndolpli-et., Boom 4. TO RENT-NEW MARBLE-FRONT, IDItOOM houses, very nice and convenient, one to four bleeki fmm Lincoln Parle, end noar Lincoln>av. cart. GIIAS. W. lIAI.K. IS3 UandQlph.sU _____ rpO HUNT—I3IO PRAIRIE-AV., CORNER TWENTY- X ninth-,et,, largo cottage 7 rannir, water and ga*. all on one llortr, t» f--rt dorp, S3O to a hnt-cbua party only. U. YOUNG, 135 Mloblgan-av. rflO KENT—ONE OF THOSE DESIRABLE HOUSES i. in alono-tront row, corner Ijunmls and Van fturen (No, 136); heuto hae all modern Improvement*; carpet* and furniture for >ale. Apply on tho premises. rpo RENT—ANIOK 10-ROOM HOUSE ON CALUMET- X av., (No. 1C1); parlor*, dining room, and kitchen are on tbo fame floor: all modem tm prevents. Call at the house on or alter Wedncsday.when painters and calclminers will be at work putting It in complete repair. Rent 960 a month. T‘ O RENT—COTTAGE AND BARN ON PARK-AV.. newly-painted inildo and out. paltered, etc.; S2O tier month._«L> H. OUULD, 69 East Madl»oa-»t., Room 12. fpO RENT—MICHIGAN-AV., VERY DESIRABLE X Inrnlihod boaee, No. 418, to private family. Inquire 09 premises. rpo RENT—HOUSE 14.1 WEST TWKNTY-FIBST- X et.. one door Irmn Wabash-av.; contain* all modem Improvement*; diningroom, parlor*, and kitchen, and one tloeplng-room on tint floor. Will ho rented very cheap it taken immediately. Inquire on premise*. rpO RENT—PUAIUIK-AV., NEAR TH HIT Y-THI HD- A et., new house: all convenience*. fumaeo. Ac.; very desirable for small family. N. T. WRIGHT, bd Wash* logtongl. TO IIF.NT—COTTA OR 143 PARK-AV., CORNISH OP Lincoln *!.; double loU J. E. I’AV, 160 Washing. ton-»l. T" O RENT—KMTIIIIOOP-ST., 8 KTORY AND BASE. meul brick house, with sub-coilar; lot 36x126 to alley: 940. 11. A. ULHIUII, H00rn3.86 Washington.*!. _ rpo RENT—A NEAT &ROOM COTTAGE;"WATER X and ga*; handy to ttroet and steam can; 916. Ait ply at 111 Tblrty-nfth-Bt. ’ TO* KENT--^MAItHLE-FRONT. THREE HTORIKS and basement, 344 West Waiiilnntno-st. tudo alrablo tenant for term. Apply at tf76 West Wavhlngtun. TO HKNT - HANDHOMK COTTAOR, 7 ROOMS; 1 owner would board willi the family. F. 11. WILSON, comer South Park-av, and Thirtieth tt. 'PO RKNT-2-STORY AND HAS KM KNT RRRIK X houto, lUruouia; rent low to good (oiiant, Apply at the hnuao between IU and 3 o'clock, or at Wil. 11. SAMP SON A CO.'S, 144 iAbnUe-at. rno uknt-two-story cottahr. «ie run X mouth. W.RuomCT Mctroixilinn Rlock. rpo RKNT—TWO-STORY AND RAKKMKNT RRR'K X dwelling. 2eU Wont Wathlngion-al, livery room newly painted, papnrod, and calclmlncd. Will rout (o a roapunalblo (ooani only. Not fur a boarding-buuae. In quire at 2«l Woat WMhlngUm-tt. TO RBNT-THB TWO-RTORY lil-UOOM IIODRK M 3 Wabatbav. Apply to K.J. WAUHiK, MoVick er*a Tucatre llulldlgg. 1’ n)iik.NT-NO. 74 honour sr., nkar adamsh alory brick, 13 room*; 43.) twr mmlb. and in good order. WM. D. PALMBIt, No. ISA Siat<i-*t., Palmer Hunan. _____ TORKNT-NO. 313 NORTH MI'ATB-hT.. CON -1 (alnlug lu room*, with all tbo modern luipruvemunta; will be rentedvery cheap. f|Mj"UHNT-liOU.Si:H IN ALL PARTS OF TUB 1 eily. Full list and particular* in '* landlord an ) Tenant" at our aßioa, U. 8, A W. U. McCUUMIUK, 130 l-aSallo-tt. TO URNT-RUIOK HOUSR 1« SOUTH MOROAN at., IU room*, cm tiature*. liable; pluatant location, noar oara; low rent. Apply on Die corner noit euutb. niO* UKST—TWO - FINK~B-ROOM AT X the north city limit*, for (li. which are rralljr worth (35; aUo3 olhore. Apply 133 South Clark at., Room 11, mo'UKNT-NKHno.ROOM RillCK JiOURKS, NKAIt i Unooln Park; all cotiivnlenooa: wtli put in good or dor ami rent low. C. 8. WA LI.KR. 41 CUrk-it., Room 11. TO RKNT—IIRIOK HbIISBS OP 10 ROOMS' KACIi. 1 IJ4, I'il. and 13d ITimop-at.; on* all furnUhod. aud auble. JtiHN D. M_AOI.KOO.fcM WeU Wa»tun«too-ai. C|’() RKNi'-lliM WAH ASILA Y.,3 SI OUY AND R ASH -1 unul oiflrbla./r.nt huuao. 14 riHimi, in porleol order, with liirnsoit aud c>a t)iiuri>«, «ul>' 43U uor mouth. J AS. |i. OOODMAN A CO., tie SVaahmttou at. fpO RUNT -CUKAPKU YK4’-4-STOitY AND UASB- X tnont liouttt, U to 13 reoim, bath, watar-enwot, «>au tel. pavad atroui. ii"ar tchool. eio. Kant only (33 to (Jj. Call on ptumitea 1414 Calumot-av.. near I wuoty ninth. TO Rk"Nl'--llbW,'s:« 'SHU I’M SAno"a iIOS-S I'., 1| rcvmta, 4 010. di. paiUnr, olo.; garduu, good urdar. J. A.OWKN. IU WaihliuHoii H. rno RKNT-THRLK <H)SY SIX UOOM COTTAGRB i atlll leit. Nut. la), Itf. IuJH.mU Uocxln at., near cor ner Ad ma, facing Adamtat. iltut. central and p loti uhal butiuoM m«u mi ham til. fatuity want; rent only 4V.) aud 430. cb'japu.t nut lu city for location. Apply at lifcl South Uacoln-at. ftnhnrtmn. TO RENT—FUUNISIIUU lUUBB AT UIOULAND moottii. Fomtloo ruto lutmtdUUlr s saMT.K' w? s'anii'u TO RENT— Snljnrlmn—Continued. TO RKNT-1N NORTH KVANBTON—NKAJI THE depot, ehurch, and icboot. hou»ei of from 6 to It room*, with from I to * acre* of wdlcoltlvated ground* wlthcacn, for from <7 to sl3 per month, willed fa about one-third price. Al*o one In Oleneoa. Ground to rent cheap. 0. K. HROWNK, 106 Fifth at. M’O RKNT-COTTAOK AMIS ACUF.S OF GARDEN L at Knclewood, comer Flfty-dath and Wallace-*!*. Immediate poitaeavloo. 11. (I. MURKY. 96 Clark.!, fIH) RENT—AT KENWOOD—AN ELEGANT HOUSE. I. furnlibed, with ealenalve ground*. H, S. WILL IAMS, Circuit Court Room, Citr-llall. To'lti;Nr-AfroAK PARK, RIDOELAND, AND 1- Amlin, Knot) Imutev, with Urge lota, at CIO. 91 &. AIO, *2l; also beautiful home, withß acre*, for s3*oper fear: nice furnished houaeat Marwnod fonummerat i*w rent. A. T. HKMINOWAY, Boom M. 149 l.aH*ll«. f I’D itKN r-"-WINNHTKA HOUSE, 10 BOOMS. 1 bani.oul hcniee, etc.. Bacre*of garden, evergreen*, shrubbery, native oaka, fruit tretN, grape Tinea, etc., beautiful tdnre. full view of (be lake, rent 9.11 per month. Call on WILLIAM GARLAND, Wlonetks, or at 74 Dearborn «t ..Room 21. f|HJ REST-HOUSES AT I.A ORANGE, ON TDK L CL, li. ig. ft. It.. 7 rallei from the el'y limit a, at brier* which will make it pay to lire In tne country. COSHIIT A I.AY. remuTcd toil Waih>ngU)n-et. fIH) UKNT-DKHIUAHfiK IIOUSK AT HAVIINH* J_j' r >'»d. iJJijk bouiea at Rninminlale. S2O each. A. TirNNKI r, Agont, aoutheaet corner Monroe and Mar icel-ati. " TO RENT—ROOMS. rpu nkVt — hnitfJs "op "luioMa pTm i keeping In Atcndel Bl'ick, northeaat corner Ven Hu* rtnat. and I’aclho-ar. Jmiuiru at lllth-av.. up* etalri. n’onnNT-wi:f.T.PUHNisnF.f),WAR3iPDUooMs t X *3 Wlto S7i«rweck. K'dlgl-i-Ppllevipblcal Pnbllalf log Huuio, J 37 ar., two hlocta aoutn Poat-Dlllco. rji() ItHNT-FAMII.V 7>rNI,SoTuT»oM XNDlafcil“ 1 on, fiiruhbed, W«rai Atadlion at.: lb* baiim-ut dining-room and Kl(<Jien to*oolo gu>d, competent wem ap tu loan) the pervm remaining In the aamu homo and take day-l*oardor»: all fdrnirhodr»nl low; in rood or der, aud a good chance to a competent peraon; mu»t hate nxmo nitao* (<> atari; now ready. TO ih:nt g nboMs on first i i.ddk op 1 homo £d South Park-av., with cllar, largj yanl, ami garden; only 411. A 4, '1 ribuue oilicy. fl’O * Ri;NT-r.f.l.fjXNTf*Y' X on hral and Uuor, nortnoatl corner M aba.n av. and l!ubbard*uo<i t. f|H> HP.sf-;» CASS ST., CUK.VKIt ILLINOIS ~ X l’]c«>ant ru'imi, newly furnl.imd. with nay of bath rtxjm; hoi andc iM water: partial board If <l->*lrcd. TD KP.XT-fi-RODSI FLAT. NICKI.V ARRANGED X and very light; baa water, gae, water-cbnrt, Iw.i line, of car*, ami near Lincoln I’ark. CIIAKLUS N. HAUL IM Kaudolph'Rt. f PO HKNT-178 WEST MADLSON, aDOORSFROM J. llaUtcrl, furnished room, lor lio’ii*.keeping: also •looping apartment*, aud rwimon Tint floor suitable fur a business: Uio (runt would be altered to suit the tenant*. rpo"iu:NT^To“6u^Kci(3^Ls7^Lir\v^.l7LruTiTiT]) A mart admirably Adapted for letting furnished rooms: It taken with store, would make a sung hotel, Apply in •loro, 376 buio-tt. rro iiENT—one on two gentlemen can he. J. accommodated with nice, furnished (runt room, at 157 Huron*!. rpO KENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, AT 45 SOUTH J. Clark-st., near Lake., third floor. fpO KENT—KItONT ROOMS, SUITA RLE FOR LA. X dlo* or gentlemen, at Ik Knerman at.,ltutweon Jackson and Van Uurcn. near Rock Island depot. Transiema taken, rpo RENT—IN *TI IOMPSON’S BLOCK, 4 ROOMS X (tint lloor), 235 West Madisoo-at., modern Improvo menu, aullablo fur housekeeping. light and airy. WM. 11. THOMPSON, West Madisoti-st. fpORKNT—A FLAT Wll H AI. L~jTb DK RN I if. X prnvument*, and furniture (or sale, all new and com plete for housekeeping. Call at Room C, 291 WabMh-av. fpb'RRNT-KT.KOASTiA r ItOiriTfUrv X day, week, or nnntti; two Hegani front suites. Tran* • i«mt,_7soU per day. 71 Munroe-st., Room 19. rpo’ RENT-UNFURNISHED’ ROOMS IN~SUITF.S X fur buusoknctilng from <ii to $25 per month. Apply at 133 Throopst. TpO RENT—THE BASEMENT STORY OF BRICK X house 55 South Peoria-st., 7 rooms, closets, water, and all modern Improvement*. To rent—handsomely furnished front front rooms, best location In the city and lowest rent*, at 161 South Clark-st., Hoorn 11. TO REKT-STORaS. OFFICES'. &o. Stores. TO RENT-NO. 109 RTATE-ST. (BOOKSELLERS' Row), store, basement, and second fl-xjr. ounneciod by elevator, together ur aoparato. Apply to 118 Madlaon at.. Room V. It. O. STONE. rpo RENT-STORES 2U% ‘JCJ, AND 2*4 JACKSON- X at., near Kltth av., with r-r wlthnut |Kjwer, 450 prr month. U. 11. A (J. C, WALKER, Ik Chamber of Cum- I’O RENT—STORE Kfl COTTAGE HHOVE-AV.: . narililuna. and stock (or saluohoap. as ilckn-u In family compels tho party to break up. A No. 1 place f,<r milliner, dressmaker, or dr, goods and notions. A. li. HYDE. Room 10, 126 Dearborn at. rpo UKNT-RTORE NO. 1011 MADISON-ST.. WITH X fixtures; grand opening fur dry-good* bualueis: al*u No. 236 aud 316 Campboll-av., 9 room dwelling*. only fCj per month. Apply at 963 Van Burea-aU, near Western av. CAMPBELL BROS. a tO RENT-STORE 20 BY 76 AND LARGE STABLE comer of Twelfth and Clintons)*, O-kH stand fur flouraod feed. E. MARKS, H 5 Writ Twelltti-at. Oinoofc- rpO RENT-SEVERAL DESIRABLE FRONT OF- X flee* on second aod tlilrd floors of Fullerton Block, 91 Uoarbnmat. Apply at Room 4la tint building. rpo RENT-CHEAP. AT EM SOUTH CLARK-ST., 3 X largo otficot, E)t2& P. D. HAMILTON. Room 1. Irf CUrk-at. _ rpd'RENT -ONE-UALF OF OFFICE, 9 IIAWLKV X Building, rteajn Apply rpO RENT—FISH OFFICES. AT I.VJ DEARBORN. X at. s also, two atorea; f)r*l-cla*s l»catlen for dry goods and groceriei. Apply to JOHN MORRIS, Room 24, lut) Dcarbom-sL rro KENT-HIGH BASEMENT OFFICII, 46 south X Clark st., suites of ottlcaa and sleeping rooms. 40 ami 48 Sooth Clark-st. Room 0. TO RENT—SECOND FLOOR OF 153 RANDOLPH *t.;-largo, well lighted oltlco; term* tuodorato. In. quire in building. Misooilanoon*. TO RENT-FIVE LOTS ON TUB CORNER OP Roach and Mather.sta., with side (rack, suitable tor lumber, coal, or wood-yard. U. 11. A O. C. WALKER, 13 Chamber of Uunimerco. QIO KF.NT-DUOK-160 FEET FRONT ON SOUTH . Branch, noar Pulk st. bridge. Apply to C. 1L AU. 0. WALKER, 13 Chamber of Commerce. WANTED--TO RENT WANTED— TO ÜBNT-BY A YOUNG MAN. ROOM with or without board, In a private family on the Wc»t Side, where there ar- noolbsrboardsrs; give term*. Address M BJ, Tribune oflica. WANTED— TO KENT—A CIGAR-STAND: IN A hotel preferred. Address L 77. Tribune office. BOARDING AND LODGING. Sooth Side*. 7 EAST VAN BUKEN-ST.—BOARD FOR LADIES I VJ or gentlemen <4 to 96 per week, wlttanieol plann. r.OO WAHASH-AV.-TO RENT W 1 Til UKVrTnl iJOu out board.a parlor sultnuf room*, newly and handsomely furnished;homo well located: newly tinlihed, with all modern lmprovoiueuls;relerencM given and re. qnlred. (-•OM MICIiIOAN-AV.—PLEASANT RCOItS WITH U«/W good closets. tollable for two porsnnt. Also.’ one single room: terms reasonable; relorenco*oxobanged. n 7 4 PIIAIRIK-AV.—TO RUNT—WITH BOARD. It every desirable suite of front r<K>m«: bnu*e modern, surroundings iirsi-cl**». Reference* exchanged. Went Side. T O SOUTH BANOAMON-ST.-NICBLT-FURNISH. lit etl Iron - room* with board, to gontlwmau and wilo or single gentlemen. __ O* iQ WEH T LAIC E-ST.—COM FORT A RLE HOMli JO with rooms aud b >ard, at 9» i>or week: without board only 93 |»crwo,*g. JOHN DAvIS, Proprietor. grr-T PARK-AV” CfIRNKU’Oh LEAVITT-HT.— 01-<J Furnished or unfurnished rooms, with board, in private family; price reasonable. Of | WEhT ItANDtH.I'H-ST.—PLEASAN T ROUild and good table faro: torro* very moderate. North Sitio* PARTLY-FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH BOARD. IN new octagon marble front. NurlhSble. rust of I‘Urk* *t., within 10 mlmitiV walk ol Shormau Huum. Address M to, T tilMiue uilicv. Hotoli. XTEVADA HOTEU Hi AND W WABASH-AV.. A* near Madl<ou-»t.—Fint-cla**board for fl.Nitn pur day; to t 9 ;nr w«.’k: <Uy-boxrd, per week. HDSIOdJU. » tthis season op Tin: vrar wp always j\_ have a number o( plain.* on hand rviuracd Irooi rontiu/. 1 lie u are thur..;n'lilj durable, lu good Inna nn I i<>.ie. aud wanantedlo h*t a* luug w a now piau». At it will ••'ll tlt-iwo jut retururd lor from 41k) I.* f.'J> racli. Id addition, wo now tiata town ehuap plane*. aa (In* (1 octavo plain $ M Oneti onavo iJUPert •* Oiiu7-i*oU«« Hilbert {-} One 7-octavo Cblckotlorc Ibj Uneiinn«hl7‘,-ocUv*, acarlymiw. Inbtndtomrrow mMiaM ’»:-w."iauH*ti!" ■f.M.BGAM PARLOR HIM HANDSOMh OiIAMRETTsI/I 1 S, FAR UK LOW RKHULAR PRICKS. MARTIN. 134 bTATURT. fvsiKY i,ROANS. NKW MYLBS.NBW AND Klip.. Vi want cam’i, put rwlred at STORY A CAMP'S. Call ami •»* Uium nt3ll Siale-ti. Oruans-with all.vkw impkoyrmßnis-hy X Npaog. Rlake Oraaa Compant, Smlth'a American, Ma-uo A Hamlin. Taylor A Farley, (3u, (Ue, (luU, 4LA, R. T, MARTIN'S. IMSiato-et. UKFRKUtUKNTKI) HARO AI NS, NKW PIANOS. $23. 43i0, $.*73. HKC.)NDItAND i’l.tNoS. tIU. (40, «7t. $lO6, »175. IL T. MARTIN. 1M bTATF.-HT. VRUY KLIUIANV, NKW, IS-iiCl’AMt PIANO. fone-Ruaswuod caio, richly carved leya. and lire*, hu all the laiett lmprg»am»ut», only (303. it. T. MAR TIN, I.M State-»t. SEVViNG MAOHINKb. Elko ant skwing-macihnrs, all thk ataudard make*, Singer, Wheotcr A WlUon. (irtin r A Raker Shuttle, lluwo, Weed, Victor, ueir and tier* foot, warranted In e\ery particular, with tucker and at- Irom ti3u to »u. MAUTIN.IUJ Wabaaii ar. poll SALK—SKVKRAL LATK IMPIUJVLD AIA. X 1 cblnoi, embracing all kind* In the market, (n be ti l l very aheap to pay advaucea, Alone/ loaned on maclßuea. Private LuanOmco, 135 Clark-at.. Room 3, up tulr*. __ SINOBII OFFICK OP A. J. UKI.CHKU I*. 2t)3 WKst MadUou-*t. Maoluoe* told on monthly ptjiatuta, rooted, aud etohaim-d. i )pou ill!» p. m BOOKS. CASH PAID l-'cm LAW, MUOIOAI, AM) I’Kl Tula libnriM. tnMisine*, nm*lo. (Jail o? addrvr CHAPIN'S old Uoolt blof*, oppoaiu Tnbuu< Oltltfa. _ , KiWrVOLUMBh UKUKIVKI) THisT)AY-T.ltT'.H OUU buriirri |S U: Wibiin'* UltUuur;i li; Bt«pb»ai’ l»l«4dlns t MiUlckio*. « *oU.)« «4l(, pab. WANTED—MALE HELP. tSookkooTior*. Glories. &o. \V antbd-dhoo olrrk, well RECOMMEND. •'». competent to pat op preacnpllona. »)9 W«t AUaifca-iL V\ f ANTED-FOR A SHORT TI.MK-A MAN WHO Jj, baa had eapcriaaco la addreeilog circulars. 1160. Trttion* onto*?. VVANTt-H-A STEADY YOUNG MAN WITH f3OO * ' * n m* employer can aeonroa rwnl iltnatlnn In an retail bn.tnc.a: relercocea *l»rn and ro- I*. ,r ■'!: *!'•> real name aoct appointing Inlor rtew, It 11, I rlbnne office. W ANTKIi—TWo" 0(>0|) DRY-GOODH HALES. lUlaltO-at 5 D9otbct,a<wdapp,J * L ‘ \V£ ! 5?’ K V'’ A . COMPETENT AB.SIBTANT.HOOK* _'v,5 r *{*5 r n . mveantllehome: nneteepllonabla reiswicwi refjulrrd. Addrear 1.17, Tribune office. \V AJ ? rKI, r AN K.\PFHIKNUED“aNiT"RELIADLR one wl’h knowledge of Uerinaa pre* ferrad. Addreaißtl. Irlhnna oßlce. Trade*. AND PAINTERS. AT- Thlnf ar * A ’ * l ‘ (,1 - ABoow * M Weil Indiana-it. ar W W A .;’i r < F .!ii - o r;AKUiAnir INt^IUK al 9io II o'clock. W A .iS;M’ A,iß A Vf "nr.volikm an at V rearnf too Hlainut. “• u * lu7 "- \\[ ANTED—SR VERA I. GOOD SILVER niuiTTTs moouk l *^!MdS?? J !KSil2?. m,,l,, ‘ n »- JOHN Wa‘nTKH-T\V(J good oaupentbiw at 41, South hido. Ur ANTED A RULING. MAGI I INK FEEDER. AtciJO.VAl D A JOHNSON, blauk*book maker*. im and ICO Clark-*.!. sirANTKD-EJUsr.ri.ASS PAINTERS AND CAL* • r_clmlno r J. O, McCAKTY, W Writ MadUon. WANTED— Flfi.ST-’CI.ASS - CALCIMINKfIH *A.Nfi nalntor*. Callat37aWc«t ready far work, at.eVluokaliarin W"’ANTKIJ-\ GOOD RESTAURANT COOK AT 149 South Clark «t. W'ANTKD-A FIRHT.CLASH SIGN-PAINTER, AT 4UO Cll. ARNOLD. \VANTED-A PLUMUE'r AND HELPER AT 631 if Wc«t lakHt. Emt»lovmrnt Aconnrn. W ANTF.D-HOOKKEEFERS, SALESMEN. ENTRY cl.*r<«, nuricra, drtrera, bartender*, and c.acbmon. Dali at HUMNEsS AOBNUY. 177 MadUon-aU, Kunm 11. Applicanta by null Incloto 2 aUmpi. W'ANTED-fit FAR.M.fIXNDiTaND RAILUOAI) tm ‘ Apply early to AN* [ { lL VV I_ 0 .-.!H. N< L A c - 17 >««!» _ UT ANTED-.VJ RAILROA'd HANDS: RorOUSAW. /, 40 for 200 boulh Wator-*t. E. u. iiAiuii r. 2h FOR HAW-MILL; tor L., L. A B.H. u. k. : 15 rail find hand* for Cl«k «V ftr r to js *4U'K?lil' - corDor Water and \\ ANTI'.D-M QUA UR V LABORERS IMMKDIAII% >T Jr: wage*. *ls) perdar: f’ saw-tnill hands; 10 f*rm-handi,railroad, etc. U. F. CHULSTIAN.I4I boetta Wator at., Room I. \V A .?f jK 6 "-, S ?® «OHKIiH"VV)ft IOWA. ICO FOIt »! ' ‘V.' 1 '. r P.l?.'. I ? 1 aid farm hands, at aj Watt Jl a P do |l'l'-Jt« *L 11. bPKKBKUti A CO., tucootton to C. V. bnell A Co. MiftcoUnnoon*. WANTED —CANVASSERS H»R TIIK NEW American aewfng machine. Liberal Inducements. 3« Wabaih ar., Chicago. "IV ANTED—MEN TO SELL ItUBBKK MARKING if ren«. perfume shells. Part immoo-ely. American Novelty Cninpany, 113 East Madisun-sl., Room IP, \K r ANTKO—V.VVHLriiXSIjIiINO~WITHIIIF{ATNS IT can maket.vw ■oiling our letter copying book. Any uno that has a letter to write will bm it. No e r ' SMI J£ , in ,t . ,ir scad tor circular. EXCELSIOR <)., H Tribune Building. W' ~ ANfl.b-IfKN"3F ABILITY. AVI’RA(SRTIUsf. note tact, aud genteel a:>pearance. intake exclu sive control of territory and introduce a house hold article through agent# and otUerwl#e; can show good tneu SAX) protnper month; (1 sample* fre-o to ou side panlirs wuu mean butlaeta. UAV 4 00.. Chicago. 61 LsSalle it.. Room 5. W * NTRfT—Ft»ljii MKN TO DRIVE TEAMS, if JUHNCONNOU.corn rThlrty-fir»t and Laurel-*!*. Ur ANTK D- A FEW FI lI>V~CLASS CANVASSERS to represent an art pub’.lcalou among bualncts mens übural lodmcmcoti. Address E 41, Tribuneo-bce, WfANTED-A BOY TO WORK~FINISHING FUU IT ol'ure: one that bat born working at rho bnslucts preferred. _ r. OoU.SWRLL, 378 Vutt alsdlson-su ANTED—MEN OF GOOD ADDRESS FROM 30 TO 11 45 year* of ago to go to Mlehk-aiHo solicit order* for our publications; mmuii of ability wbn, after a few months' experience, can t*ko entire charge of a Stare, we will pay a liberal salary: must bring nmt-cla»> reference. Ad dre«a, stating age, oxperirnee, etc., W. J. HOLLAND A CO., i 9 Laae -t., Clili ngo. 111. WANTED—FEMALE HELP, Domestic*. \trANTED—GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK IT in family of throe. AtMdCalunH't-ar. \4 f ANTED—A GIRL f6R G F. NEII AL”TiTTUS?T. IT work: must be a good washer aud lrnner:a Oennan girl proferrod. lu<iulru at Ut£ Pralrie-av., uoar Twebty bflh-st. ANTED—A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE w.irk. c mxl plain co<jk. washer, and Ironer; Danish or Swedish preferred. Apply at liA3 Wnbath-av. \v ANTED—A liOOD GIRL" TO DO HOUSEWORK y I In a small tamlly; c<K>d wages. 311 Twontv-lourib-et. \VANTKD-A YOUNO GIRL V'OU GENERAL 11 homework; no washing. Warrcn-av. WANIKb-A GIRL FOR' OK N F. ILA L 1 lOUsVT- T f work. Apply at HI West Wa«hln*um-*t. W ANTED-A DO OKS -11 oral homework tor a small family. Musi ho a good washer ard Ir-n?r, and so'Ml plain conk. To such a per a»u a pjrmanent placn Is open at good wages. Inquire { 'FiIm.IPS, COI Madlvon-st., corner Market. \\f ANIED—C iobll COOK. A LSO ~ YOUN 0 GI It I, It from Ulo 15 years of ago toaaiistln lightboius work. Apply at 17 1-ailin -t. WA.VTEDA DINING-ROOM GIRL AT 134 EAST vI Wamingtop-st. \\7ANTEU—A GIRL TOR GENERAL HOUSE* • V work in a small family: mint come Tuesday morn ing and ready to stay. I I'll south Paulina**!. ■\i r a n tV.i) — a competTcnt second girl at 4 > .Wi Alleblgan-ar., second door north of Twolfth-st. Call at oner, Ci.iod wages. \\ranted-a tidy, smart vouno girl to » help wait on tablu end to make ho *t?ll generally useful: wadi's tgl.&j a woiit. Apply at 370 West Washing ton*!. WANTHU-A GIRL IXHI HOUSEWORK; ONE M used to children; no Irish wanted. IW U abasb-av. IraUlinortt, TTT ANTED-FIRST-CLASS MILLINERS AT ONCE, it Apply to GAGE DUOS. d CO., Wabaih-av. and Madison »t. WANTKD-MRKTCLAKS TRIMMER TO DO TO IT country. Apply to WALSH d HUTCHINhO.V.S, lib Waba*li-ar. turner Monroe »t.. before 10 a. m. to-day. V\T ANTED—HANDS Pt»U DRESSMAKING: ALSO > T apprentice girl* at SJJ North Clark-si. Nnrwna- WANTED-A younu girl to take care of »f children and *ew. Call at tft> Aahlaod ar., corner of Alouroest, Uf ANTED—A NEAT VOUNO NURSE GILL TO _tako care «>f child J year old. St 3 St. Jolm'Milsre. WAKTED-VOUNO NUR«K“dTnLri3To’ia YEARS old, bright and Intelligent: I’rotcsiant preferred. Apply to At Calumet-av. Eraplonncnt Aconoioa. WANTED- GERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN vl girls tur private families, hut el*, and laundries, city and eoumry, at Mr*. DUSKK'S, K) .Mllnaukim-av. ■\tf ANTED—CAPA Hi'.tt GIRLS, WITH REFER > I cner*. can tlnd place* In good families by applying to Mrs. WHITTAKKit, ttibChlcago-av. Mispniinnenn*' WANTED -Fntsr.CI.ASS ROOK HEWERS, AT \ I the blndi-ry. 137 and ISi .Stat.vst, HORSES AND CARRIAGES. A UCTION - TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS. AND j\ Hatunle)*—llnrsf*, earmgee. and barnuea a *i>o WI.aTOA i CO.'S. No*. 1W eud IXI F*.l Wa*U niKlou-st. Amide time given to test all nurses sold under a warrantee. Muck on band at private aalo. t' ; r AllrTlo'.N-RV oitDER ADMINISTRATRIX J\. Jqb.Mootly, tour young working and one buggy b>>r«p, nag.'ii, and buggy, at usual Tnr-tdsy'e sale, I'tijmV’.-' iiois'i-iiiarkut, '1 wellth-st., near llilsted. V FANCY PLATFORM MMIIN'g'waUUN, SUIT 1\ able for ri;tn, candl-a, and notion*: nearly new, tcry cbeap._ Inpilre II 3ll_ l.a*l Madl»on-at, L'llll KAI.K-# GOOD, UELIABI.K iIOU.SKS. AO. r cn«l<>mo<l to tli« city; work d>mb)t or ainglo: »tillable lor ar.ico-.’, cipro.a wagooa, o'for family use. Will be «alo ai reasonable price-*, m wo have tin n-ribur u*o for them.!). 1). MALLORY A UO„ 114 Wu.t Handnlph-al. i.nm MAi.K-ntpo wibL huy a’hTymmj, YOUNII 1 bay roam. covered phaeton, barmvi. blanket, c*.vrre, ctn Mar* aouul and kind, an otoellant lady'abor*«: plueton and other artlclca entirely new a year ago. Ad. diuta E 61, Tribune ortico. Ij’OU KAIiK-L'llHAl' -A FEW LIGHT TOP HUG i' glea, aldn Lara, pbaetuua, I grocery wagon. HATH AWAY, rear 600 Hiato-el. i l '6rValk-a’ftu«t.class express wauon 1’ and 1 ael alnsle liariieaa will bu aold cheap lor caah. Apply at 1m Fonjucr tu ( i UKAT U \RUAINS IS CARRIAGES AND HUG \T giei. now and aecond hand, duller nut at cut at my nawwareroomt. It) aud 12 Washington •- it. li. HILI*. GO TO* MARTIN'S' FOR THE REST DELIVERY wagon* In town, all ae-mned atook; a aupply alwaye on band. MARTI VS carriage chop, 47 Well* it. 1 I'uRSK. "WAGOS,~'ANDIIARNESS FOR SALU XX cheap. limulre at 311 Wr«t Indiana-at. BUSINESS CHANCES. Apart intbrkst is onr ok tiik bust lit tie paten tod artlelee orer introduced fur eale-mjnlre capital lor manufacturing; Intßa luruaUgatlon. Fur par* tlculara addmaa 1 b 7. Tribune office. Fllisr CLASS DRUGSTORE, IS A GOOD LO oaUon, fur aalo; imali ca*b payment, balance on tune, or will taka t partner. Audruae L 67, Tribune office. a ”FKW HUMmiii) DOLLARS BUYS HALF IS /V iotereat In o»ubli*bed caab bualnca that wdlaup* port two lamlllua. 7U laSalte.iU._Uuoiu H. Blacksmith shop for salr iuhno a good e»,h bualueaa. AdJreaa M 37, Trtbnnu ottico. FOR“kAI.K. GOOD ity. Inquire at »alo<>o, euruor Adami and laSatle-eia. dj.niVn BUYS HALF-INTEREST IS*HTOUK COST. OtJv.Mf tug Al.OuO, and edablUhed cash bmloaae paring t-I.OUI yrtrly • to Kait BUILDING'MATERIAL. LOTORY LUMBER, BEING IS USE ONE YEAR. Ix 3 inch aud Dtiacaatling, at 169 Weal WASTKn-US.UPt) ' OIH BRICK-WILL* CLEAN tUoin and haul them If ooceiaary. r KO, Tribune a T T. B. A A. J. kiuKVvb'oD'S. 171 LAKE S!.. A ateatn.anglnaa.punipa.aadbaUara. ailaUea. Irjoaaa wood-working maobiaary, balling, auppbaa, Jokuu Aa taavoa materlala. SITUATIONS WAWT^n-WAi.t?, Cl«i*k*. EtOr SHPmVS? an T*d-an accountant map* ,# * r S Mporitno* with a lar*n man* :s ,l ;a‘a i ar. ! .g"" l ' <****<*- LM?., e ? n ’ p *. l * Bt •*"“>«• tbs Inulmportant S l '^«At»l^L.Y.i' , { TK * > “” Y A MAN OP KXFRRI. offic?. 1 wUU * l(>oorJ »K>«. Addroi* K tt, Trlbaas S I &i l Ti?i r .-Il A, i. TR Sr? Y .a.rtradt touno tlrs «i*Kia flaltrnnan; apsaka laonaani s haa aoma money and Hrat-eUaa refer* pen.. (Mt« ma a trial. O. HENDERSON, JMlWwt Ooaolimon. Teamsters. dZo. CITUATION WANTRD-AS COACHMAN. OAR. k? denar, (o do chore*, or on a farm, bya middle-aged Kneliahman. with or wl hoot wife» OraUctaaa rofarencei. AddraaaOSl, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTKD-HY A YOUNG MAN AS V cnacbman or groom In apritata lamlly: truly under. oft? 1 * Ji i burtneaa. alto the car* of trotting bonaa. Please adilre.i K 36. Tribune office. Mlacelinneonv CITUATION WANTKD-AS TRAVELING HALES. O mao f'>r arnanafaetpHns firm. Rafartaeea siren. Addnta PHI. Trtbnoaoffice. SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALB Dora nation. CITUATION WANTKD-HY A COMPETENT GIRL O to do cooking In a email boarding home, or to waah and Iron in a prirata family. Apply at 287 North Frank. CITUATION WANTED—HY A KBSPKOTADLK p girl to do homework in a ainill family. Call at No. 88 J.raiii-it. WntHldn pralcrrod. CITUATION WANTED-RY A tJIRL TO DO OBN. ►J eraljinu.cwork In a imall rrlcato family. Uoodrof. ersnea if required. Call at 314 Mouth Park-av, CITUATION WANTKU-HY A Ciui, TO Dt» UI.N. »? oralhnu.owork or aecoml work. Call, lor twodaya, tilt ar-av. CITUATION' WANTKD-HY A GOOD GERMAN ‘•J, do kitchen work nr aeneral bmiMWork. Call at h«j Rofcrancogtren If required. CITUATION WANTED-HY A RESPECT ARI.II *I lT * work «ra«win« ami aocond work. Apply at tSen Taylor-at., down-alalru. CITUATION WANTKD-HY A COMPETENT niRL tJaa cook where «*>condelrl U kept, or todoycncral home work In imali prlrato family. Pleaae call or addma lU<4 HoiUh np-ataira. rear. CITUATRiN WANTED-HYOIRL TO DO OF.NBR. ij al bnuiowutk la orlraUi fatally. Call at © NorU Peorla-at. S i nW no . N . WASTKI)-nV A TIDY, SMART, kJ n7 llll . nß B J"' ft wMlißr, And Ironer. Flmm call for two day* at ;£*3 W est Fourteentb-it. (SITUATION WANTKD-11Y RESPECTABLE GIRL k_» to do second work. Call at 1M Oak-lt., for two days. UITIMTIONS WAN rV.I)~ li Y~T wV)" HWF.DIHH O girl*. one at laundre** In a private family or laundry, ttio otaer to do general houwwnrk; best of referenco can be furnished. Apply, for two days. at 34 Brginer-tt. CIfUATIUNS WANTED-BY TWO RFSPROTAHI.It O girls in a tlrat-claas family. Call for two dm at 1013 Memwnrth-av, SITUATION WANTED—BY A CAREFUI, SCOTCH O girl to do second work, or aa nurse to children: good reforeneea. 6*3 State-st.. corner Twelfth, accond rt-ior. SITUATION WANTED—BY A GOOD COLORED girl, who 1* a good cook and laundrota: or would go trarellug. Call at 725 State *t., third Hoar. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNO IRISH girl. Pleaio call at W 3 Went Ohlo-it., la tho roar. SITUATION WANTED—BY A RBHPKCTXIILn O girl to do Kitchen work and assist In tho washing amt Inning; can bo soon at 3C6 North Olark-tt.. lirsl floor, back room cituations wanted-cihoaoo city Intel- O ligeuce office#-Girl* of all oatiuoaUtios In city and country. Office-. No. OTStato-rt., corner Rand-ilpI), In basement, and 4b} Wabaah-av. Solely conducted by Mrs. BAKER. Snrunntrnssoia- SITUATION WANTF.D-BV A RESPECTABLE Gorman norvm, aa seamstress and lady's watting maid, or to du light homework: would not object to travel: can come wall recommended. Addreae A 11. SSJ Writ Jacksun-st. SITUATION WANTEO-BV A FIRST-CLASS TAI- InrfMi best of reference. Address I) fit,Tribune offleo. eITUATHIN I^N 7 O girl as seamstress in private fatnillca by tho day or week: wage* low and canbriug raaohlue. Pleas* call at No. foS Buttcrfield-at. Kvirs***. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY A GIRL 11 TEARS old. to takn care of children, and by a woman to work lu kitchen. Call at X 2 D.i-plalucs-u. QITUATION ’WANIKD-nV A GIRL TO TAKE O care of children and do homework. I'J Hni>o-»i. LfinnCresacs, SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT WOM- O an a* laundrc**, ha* a boy 14 years old that would Ilk* Pi work with roo; city or conn try. 191 West Adam»-»t. RonacEhflnorx. CITUATION WANTED—BY A WELL-EDUCATED ij young lady aa housekeeper in •nmn tint-class family; Is thoroughly competent P> take full chargo: references from last place; t<u objections to tho country, IMoasocall or address 416 Wabash-ar. CITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE O woman, haring a child U year* old, In a small family, either as working br>n»pk*eper «r to do second work. References unexceptionable. Call at Z-'Ct Htate-st. CITUATION WANTED-BY AWfDOW ASHOUSIC tJ knopor; Unot afraid to work. AddroisESl, Tribune oilico. EmploTPicnt Aironotea, SITUATIONS WANTED—LADIES IN WANT OP good i*r»ant* can ssvn tlternselrrs time and money by e ajfi ug_o n .Mrs. LAPR I S K. 3H West Mad Iso n-st. SITUATIONS "W ANTK O F A Mll.l ICS IN WANT OP O rood Scandinavian and German fentalu hrl|» can bf supplied at Airs. UUSKK’S utbee. M MlUvaukco-av. Misnellaneona- SITUATION WANTED— IN A COMMERCIAL ij business nr In copying by * ynnmr lady aged IS; l»a tine wrltor;can furnish unexceptionable references jonly •light compentatlon expected at first. Address D 01, Tribune olhce. S' ITUATION WANTED—IIY A YOUNO LADY IN on office. Please address AI AT. Tribono office. SIT UATIO KD-HY A YOUNO LADY IN A dry good* hours; salary not an much an object U la leam Uio business. Addroti by letter KtM. Tribune. FINANCIAL I DVANCF.S MADE ON WATCHES. JEWELRY, diamonds, revolver*. opera-glasses, books, fur*. In* • tmmenta. etc., etc.,at OOL’JSMID'HLoan and Bullion utrice. l-.ait Madison «t. Cash paid for old gold and all. *<t, gold dost, sliver barf, precious slonos, and valuable* of every description. Unredeemed pledges tor sale. Advances made ov diamonds, watches bond*, etc., at LAUNDERS’ private office, IJtl Kao dolph-st., near Clark, Rooms 6 ando. Established IBM. Money to i>»an'atT' peiTcent on cm? real estate. J. HENRY EOl F, 14 Reaper lllock, Money in hand to loan on chattel or collateral security. WIIkSON d DAVIS, Room S, 11b Randolph—!. MONKV'TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, piano*, •owing-machine*, and other collateral*. Prl vale ixiau Utllce, 133 Clark-st., Room 3, ap-*tatrs. to loan at a to 10 per cent, os iVL improved city property In smn* of and up. wardSj Applyat union Trust Co., 133 South Clark-st. Mondv io loan at s and 9 per cent on Chicago prop«rty> •I. IF. REED. New York, JOHN li. AVERY. Chleairo. U' A.NTEII-Tt) »U>UU(»W-JCO TO-DAY FOR * and 60 daya ou good collateral security. Adciroa* E 91, Tribune office. C*o Rftß To I.OANONCIIKUOO REAUF..STATH OkS.OUU soourlty, WILLIAM 11. KING, led Clark-st. *7; nnn >IO.TOI, «3.£*o. AND OTHER SUMS TO VcI«UUU. suit u* loan on city real estate at current rate*. TURNER d ROND, ItTJ \Va*hlngton-«t. MISCELLANEOUS. Advertisers desiring to reach country readers can do *■> In the ehasi<o*l and best manner by using one or mure eocllun* of Kellngg'e Great Newepaper l.iMe and Mate For lllu*tratcd catalogue*and tnap addteee A. N. KELLOGG.7V.Iackson-sL All cash paid for castoff clothing, carpel*, furniture, and miscellaneous send* of any kind by sendli g a lellerjo Jo.SASUKLUKUiiSSuujs;. ENTLKMEN Will) WISH THEIR WASHING AND V.l repairing ditno adrtre** 1 W Tribune ortlcu. TUTfoR SALK’IiY fniC'CAU-LOAD AT REASON. I aide rate*. For further Information inquire ot UOWU RROS.. 37 Fjm: Klntic-st. T AIHRSVXPEOTISO CONFINEMENT WILL KIND J j eacellent room* and caro In tnv family of an oiiierl enrod female puyaiclan by addreating A 31, Tribune oilice. rno buTldurs ani> ooNTUAoroiis-Tin; suii* X tcrlbrr would like (n umcl a brick dwHlliigdioua*) coating Irnm s3,uu to fA.uu, and pay one half oaali and tlm balance In nr«t-ch*» unimproved farming laud* in liiwa, Nebraska, and WUcoutlu. Aiidraaa TRADE, ITS Muiimoal. WANTED-I HAVE A LARGE COUNTRY AO. qnalntancoand would like la Invest SI.OOU in aame good pa)log bu»lnv»*i cumt»u»l»n aud Hour bualneaa pro. tarred; invuatmont muat be aeeured. Addruea A 61, Tribune oduo. UtANTKI)--TO HUY A SMALL SCHOONER Oil Hat-boat that will carry 6,1 to fUyarda of wrarcb Inquire nf HIEDKRICK KAItsTEN, at the office of M. W. Howell A CO., 174 USalle-al. LOST AND FOUND. t LIBERAL KKWAHI) WILL UK PAID FOR RK- A turn of (•nglliD epltz dog, whllo witb gray ipnt; had on bra*# collar aud tuck; antwere lu the name ol "Pinky." LutSunday on Stute-at. Call on Cook ol Burke'e Hotel. D—PAPERS IS SUIT OF YATES A HUNS 1’ t«. John Faulda. Owner ran hare by prating proper* ty. Call upon M. CUStJN, 4 Markat-at. I OST-A POCKBTitOOK COSTAINISG A TICKET ij to Lako rvturn U>26l Woat Hamaon. "USI’-YRSTRItOAY OS WAU ISH AV.. "SKAIt Twaniictb-al., an old awnnl, A liberal reward will be paid on return to 46 Wcet Pulk-at. ___________ iIA RKWARD—LOST OS TUESDAY, POINTER V-LO pup,about 4 tunntbi old, llror color, wltb Util* while In bread. The abate reward will b* paid by leaf, lag him at WJ lndlana-at. CjOrOl R WA UD-FOR HULL-TERRIER KLUT, weight, ft) ponnda. yellow body, while on bread and amond neck, eara loitd aharu pointed, aniwen name Boae. Return to HU Prairie-at. M. K. lIALK. RKVUKS OK TWO GOLD J chain braeelula. la*l uu Saturday, April 3S, by applying at >1 Ka«t Waditngfoo-at. STORAGE. Storage-parties having furniture that that wlib alored for lb a usa of a portion ol It, tadteae N 36. Tribune buggies. AND WEIL chaudlie atored in hie-tr ,jf warjuuntj, 1U wad Moa iua-»t l,»wa»lotiara*«. M iuey adraucad ca iiifttrai. EDUCATIONAL. WBST END INSTITUTE. KAMILT SCHOOL KCIB young ladiat, MRS. S. L OAi>Y,FrtM#aLjMS Uar*n«Coaa. Sand for circular. a*

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