Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 2 Mayıs 1876, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 2 Mayıs 1876 Page 5
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WASHINGTON. - I Tbe Democratic Electioneering Bureau and Us Pro- > gramme. ,411 Its Slander Mills to Be Kept Running Par Into the Summer. Trlstow Furnishes Additional Proof of Ills Accusers 1 Partisan Malice. The House Again Declines to Tam per with the Resump tion Aot. \ Proposition to Tap the Silver-Reserve Fund Effectually. Fourteen Millions of tho Shining Small Change Now in tho Mints. fho Impeachment Court Settles upon tho Order of tho Jurisdiction Arguments. Winslow Will Probably Bo Released by tbo British Authorities To-Day, ELECTIONEERING BUREAU. WHICH TUB DEMOCRATS ABB DUNNING AT THE EX- TENSE OP TOE COUNTRY. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Trlouru, Washington, D. 0., May I.—lf fair play la a Jewell, it la one which tbo House of Represent atives does not seem to prizo Tory highly. Onco having spread Us drag-nets of investigation Into ovory Department of the Government, it to-day aolomnly resolved that it would neither disclose what goes on bonoath tho surf&eo of tbo muddy waters nor draw tho nets to land and disclose their contents before tbo actual opening of the Presidential campaign. Tho success of tho groat investigations made by Congressional Committees daring tho past four or iivo years baa boon largely dno to their pub* llclty, and it wonld ho impossible for any ono to namo an instance in which tho prosooco of representatives of tho press during the progress of tho inquiry has prevented a Committee which has desired it from getting at tho truth in ovory case. Tho publica* tion of testimony from day to day has not only SNARLED TUB TUOPLB TO JUDOS POD TREII- SELVES la regard to the matter Investigated, and in more than one instance mode a whitewashing report usolous or impossible, but baa generally been tbo moans of calling out unknown wit nesses in securing testimony of tbo most vital importance. It was so in tho Preach arms investigation four. years ago, and In the Credit Mohilior and Now York Custom-Uorno inquiries of tbo succeeding sessions. The InvesUfptloa of tbo Sanborn contracts and Pacific Mail subsidy would hardly have boou as thorough as they wore bad It not been for the assistance given tb« Committees by the press, and the District Investiga tion of 187 4 and 1875 would never have boon mads but for live efforts of a few determined journalists, and would have been broken down in spite of tho un remitting nfforts of Wilson, of Indiana, bad its moot ings notlxien public. Tbo House during the present session ba» baa numerous instances of tbe aid pub licity gives, to on boneet Investigation, Tbo Commit tee on Foreign Affairs baa OBT AINED MUCH IMPORTANT TESTIMONY touching the Emms Mine acandsl, not only In this country but in England, from persons who would not have known that the information they possessed Tran wanted hud the Investigation boon conducted in se cret. The Olymer Commltteo got 1U first inkling of tbo Belknap-Manh scandal from tbo newspapers, and the dally publication of ita proceedings when It enter* cd upon the general investigation of the post-trader* ship system brought to it two-thirds of the witnesses tt has examined, and amokod out of their holes Orville Grant, SuporvtsorjUcdrick, and the rest of the blackmailers who have been bleeding honest traders. In a word, the experience of the last five years, daring which some of the most important in* veatlgaUon* In the history of Congress have taken place, has been that honest Investigations have always been PROMOTED RT PUBLICITY, and dlsboncat onen liave been made more respectable than they othorwUo would have been. The plea that In a public Invcatlgnllon Injustice may sometimes be done to boneat offio'ials by tbo testimony of persons! enemies, la not a good one. The unfairness of secret Investigations in this respect has been repeatedly illustrated during tbo fircseat sMelon. Testimony affecting the personal ntegrlty of high officials has several times boon re ceived In secret by investigating committees and con* cotied for days, only to leak out finally In an exag gerated or distorted form, and to be published to the country in a more damaging and unfair shape than that In which It was originally given. If the managers of Investigating committees cared Ices for the party capital they expect to make, and more for fair deal ing. they would throw open the doors of the investi gating committees, and atop their star-chamber In quiries. If they did this they would be spared the mortification which they moat feel at the popular re action that has followed the majority of their so-called exposures. The Democrats have made SEVERAL IMPORTANT CONFESSIONS. They decided that investigations shall be continued os ■Ur chamber inquests, and that the Investigators shall sot be obliged to make their reports prior to beginning of the political campaign. Mr. Hale presented a reso* laUon to-day directing all Investigating committees to take testimony with open doors. Mr. Holman spoke the views of a few fair-minded Democrats when be •uflgeated that there would be so little opposition that a division need not be called. The viva voce vote showed that Holman was alone in favor of the resolu tion, It was rejected almost by a party vole. There were very few Democrat* who voted with Republicans In opposition to the star chamber policy. Among the Democrat* who did themselves this honor were Ran dall, Holman, and Lamar. Cox, who by the temporary abdication of Speaker Kerr became Speaker pro tempore for ten days, op posed making these slander mills public. The Demo eraU were quick to discern tho position in which they had placed tbemselvea. Morrison accordingly, to throw dust to the eyes of the public, and to convey the impression that tha Democrats really meant to bo (air. immediately presented a resolution which em bodied the Hale resolution, with TUB VBBX IMPORTANT PROVISO that the doors should only be opened In the discretion of the respective Com mittees, and that any person against whom charges were made In Commltteo should have the right to be beard. Tho resolution, specious and pre tentious, wa* submitted to a vote and adopted. It em bodies no principle, grants no power, confers uo priv ileges not already provided for in the existing rules. It is a piece of canting demtwogery deelgned entirely to mislead tho public and to cloak tho designs of the Democrats and their detective sang. It will not avail IheDeuocmytohideiUolf behind their resolutions when charged with the star chamber policy. This resolution practically enforces absolute secrecy In the Committees. Mr. Hoskins endeavored to secure the passage of a resolution directing all Investigating committees to make their reports, unless otherwise ordered, by June to. This resolution was ALSO VOTED DOWN itao*t by » party vote, By lha votes upon Hoskins' lud Hale's resolution tho Democrats havemtdoa i>ul>- llc record that their policy ihali bo to continue the fltr-chamber Investigations, to conduct them secret* ly, and to withhold the reports until tho campaign la fully begun, Uy a recorded vote they have thus do* Üboralely committed tbamaelvea to a campaign of ftauder. Tbs vote upon tho Hoskins rcaolution also Indicates beyond a doubt the probability that the ae»* •lop will be protracted far Into the summer months. Indeed there are intimations that the House Is likely to be In continuous aeaaloa until December, taking a toceta only. BRISTOW. QXAWINU AT A IUB, Washixotox, D. 0., May I.—The Committee on Expenditures in tbe Troanury Department h>*day examined Webster Elmo, tbe Chief Clerk in tbe office of tbe Solicitor of tbe Treasury, wbo testified that be had charge of all the papers in >ho Mary Merritt ease, and wrote a letter recommending a remission of tbe forfeitures. Ue never saw Secretary Bristow in relation to •bis case, by conversation or otherwise. Joseph 11. Bobinsoo, Assistant Solicitor, tostl lod to Qen. Bristow’s appearing, in April. 1871, iaforo Solicitor Banflold, and asking that the laie be examined on its merits. Since Qen. Bristow read hit opinion, at that timo. he had £o connection whatever with the case, so far aa us witness knew. „ übistow’s btatsmext. flsertluy Bristow then aides sworn sUU< monl to tba following affect: Tie bad no con- I. Kitlon with tbo Mary Merritt case, except In 'Aie capacity of a friend of Poland ft Evans, tbo attorneys (or Tico Brothers, all of whom worn his neighbors at ilopltmavillo, ami bis personal (Mamin. Itwaslbo truth, an stated by Evans hi til* testimony, Hut that gentleman bad bad a conversation with him in Philadelphia hi relation to the case, anil that ho declined to take any compensation whatever for any service that be might perform, and that sum •equently be went to the Treasury Department, at the request of Felaml, who thought the lawyer was unac- » (tainted with tbs practice of the Department, amt icn presented the question on legal grounds alone. Being satisfied that It was a clear cate for remission on that occasion, bt expressed himself earnestly against (ha practice of informers going before lbs Secretary of th* Treasury and resisting the power conferred upon lbs Secretary by tbe act of Congress. Bs also EXPnEfIfIF.D HIMBRLF AOAINBT HAZLETON, who was Bt that lima a member of Congress,appearing there for similar purposes, After he became Secretary of the Treasury be declined to have anything whatever to do with tbe case. lie then thought that Kdward E. Johnson made a mistake In saying ihsl the Secretary Informed him that he wss going to proceed, lie was la Now York from the 16th to the 'JMh of March, under treatment for bla throat, when the re mission of bis forfeiture waa granted. He did not think tbe case came up at that time, and did not learn (hat It waa decided until sometime afterward. Mr. Consul. during bla absence, waa acting Herniary of the Treasury, and the papers In the case were brought before him. The parties bnd a right to bo heard, and hla former position should not have excluded them from presenting their case to tbe acting Hecretary. Ha never at any lima expressed to Mr. Couant, or to any , other olficor of the Treasury, what should be done with tbo caao. Although Solicitor Wilson approached him on the subject, be declined to talk about It. He did not refer tbo caae to any one. de clining to take any action whatever. Uo did not wish to bo understood aa oven implying that ANT WRONG WAR COMMITTED In the settlement of tbo case, end he wished to say explicitly that be had no knowledge that the case bad I>sen settled before this Investigation was ordered. He had never examined tbe papers In tbo cans until bs did ao here In common with members of tbo Com mittee, It waa not true, aa elated lu tbo resolution, •• that one of (be attorneys in tbo case applied to Sec retary Bristow for a remission of the forfeiture, and be replied that be would do nothing blmsolf, but bis private Hecretary could (lx it up, and said tbe attorney met bla Private Secretary and bad the' forfeiture re mitted.” Ho did not behove auy of (bo attorneys over met bla Private Secretary at all. Hla Private Secretary waa quite a ydiing mm, and acted as bis amanuensis and stenographer, and bad nothing to do with tbo transaction of public business, C. F. CONANT, Assistant Secretary of tbe Troaaury, testified (hat tbo otfenae In the Mary Merritt csee waa merely technical. Witness further testified that ho did not exchange one word with the Secretary beforo or after tbe decision of tbo case, either directly or Indirectly, until after tbo publication in tbo Commercial Vitas*. Tbero was no intervention by attorney or other party. Ho decided (be case on bis own responsibility. No money was offered or promised to auy officer of tbe Treasury. Tbe question came up simply on Ha merits. P. BABCOCK, Private Secretary of Secretary Bristow, testified that bo had never been called on by any attorney, and therefore never spoko to any one about tbla case. ITo did not know of any offer or promise of reward to any officer of the Treasury, nor did be know Ed £. John* eon, the attorney in the case. SOLICITOR WILSON narrated tho drcumstances under which the Mary Merritt oaso was brought to bis attention, and testified that Secretary Bristow said It was impossible for him to tsao any action on (bo caae for tbo reason that bo at one time presented it to Secretary Richardson, and advanced certain considerations which called for re mission. Witness was positive that tho Secretary throw out no Intimation whatever as to how ho wonld like tho case decided. On tho contrary, ho expressed himself in a positive and peremptory manner to have nothing to do with it. 110 knew of neither Johnson nor others holding out rewards or inducements to any officers of the Treasury to fsvor this case. THE FINANCE QUESTION. A STRAW IK TUS UOUSE. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Washington, D. C,, May I,—Holman forced tho Uonse Into another volo to-day on tbs re peal of that portion of tho Resump tion act of Jan. 14. 1875, which provides that tho redomtion of logal-toudor notes in coin on tho let of January, 1870. Tbo vote cast was not a largo ono—lls in tho affirmative and 113 Jo the negative, and was chiefly remarkable for its disclosure of the fact that several Democrats who have all along been counted as uncompromising hard-monoy men aro ready to surrender to tho Inflationists uncon ditionally, provided thoycannot make such terms with them as they desire. Among the most prominent ore Samuel J. Randall, Culberson and Reagan, of Toxao. Ron. Hill, of Georgia, and Henry 13. Payne, of Ohio. In other rospocta tbo voto to-day was not essentially different from the last ono cast on a similar resolution. The number of members who were absent was greater, and a low vrero prciont, and who are known among the advocates of hard money, DODGED TUB VOTE. This record, therefore, dooo not. ns some one has conjectured, Indicate that too House would repeal tbo Resumption act should tho Committee on Banking and Currency report a bill lor that purpose, but it does show what Tiik Tuidcns has repeatedly asserted, that it to be depended upon who Is willing under any circumstances to com- Eromlso with the Inflationists. Home of the Repnb cans Interpreted tho introduction of Holman's reeolu* tlou to-day as a notice to New York Democrats that they must not urge tbo nomination of Tlldon at 6U Louie, but (bla was not probably Holman’s purpose. The following Is tbo vote on Holman's resolution In detail: Ainsworth, Franklin, Reagan, Anderson, Fuller, Beilly, John, Atkins. Glover, Relllr, J. 13., Raker (Ind.), Goode, Rice, Hanning, Goodin, Riddle, Blackburn, Hamilton (Ind.), Robbins (I'a.), Bland, Harris (da.), Robbins (H. 0.), Blount, Harris (Vo.), Roberts, llradford, Harrison, Robinson, Drown (Ky.), Harlrldge, Savage, Ruckner, llartzall, Hayler, Burchard (Wis.), Hatcher, BoaUs, Cabell, Raymond, HUeakley, Caldwell (Ala.), Hereford, Blemons, Caldwell (Teun.), Hill, Umilh (Ua.), Cannon, Holman, Southard, Cason, Hopkins, Bparks, Oita. House, Springer, Caulfield, Hunter, Bteuger, Clark (Mo,), lluntoon, Slovenian, Olymer, Kelly, Stone, Coebrauo, Landers (Ind.), Terry, Collins, Lawrence, Tucker, Cook, McFarland, Turner, Cowan, McMahon, Vance (0.), Culberson, Mllllksu, Walker, Davis, Morgan, Wallace (Pa.), Debolt, Noil, Vsuce (N. 0.), Dlbrell, Now, Walling, Douglas, Tacksr, Walsh, Darling, Parsons, Wells (Uo.), Eden, Payne, Whltthoroo, Ellis, Pbtlps, Williams (Ind.), Evens, Phillips (Uo.), Williams (Ala.), Faulkner, Phillips (Kan.), Wilshlre, Felton, Papplston, Woodworth, Finley, Randall, Yeites, Forney, Rea, Young—llß, Fort, NATS. Adams, Henkle, Rusk, Bagley (Qi.), Hewitt (Ala,), Hampson, Ragley, J, li„ Hogo, Hetaleicber, Ranke, Hoskins, Hcbutnskcr, Barnum, Huliboll, Heelye, Beebe, Joyce, Bingleton, 8011. Kebr. Slunlcksoa, Rlalno, Ketchum, Hmall, Blair, . Kimball, Hmith (Pa,), Bradley, Lamar, Btowell, Burchard (IU.), Landers (Conn.), Tarbox, Burleigh, lene, Thompson, Candler, Leavenworth, ’lhurnburg, Chapin, Lew, Throckmorton, Chittenden, Luttrnll, Townsend (N, Y.), Conger, Lynch, Townsend (Pa.), Crapo, Marsh, Tufts, Crounse, MscDougolL Walt, Culler, McCrary, Waldron, Danford, McOlU, Wallace (S. 0.). Metcalio, Warren, Denison, Miller, Wells (Mias,), Bunnell, Monroe, Wheeler, Kames, Morrison, White, Kly. Mutchlor, Wbltohouse, FsrweQ, Norton, Whiling, Foster, O’Brien, Wlggluton. Frost, O’Neill, Wlllinl. Frye, Page, Williams (N. Y.) Garfield, Tierce, Williams, A. 8., Gibson, Titter, Williams (Wis.). Hale, Tuistsd, William* (Del.). Hamilton (H. J.), Malt, Williams. W. 13., Haralson, Totter, Wilson (la.), llardenbergb, Powell, Wood (Pa.) Hondee, Britt, Wood (N. Y.), Henderson, Rainey, Woodbarn—lll, SMALL CHANGE. TUB BILVEK SUPPLY. Special Dtepaicrt to Tht Chicago TVlduns, Wasuixotox, D. 0.. May I. —lt seems (bat only a million and b half of silver is now in circulation, only that amount having boon paid out under the Substitution act. Dr. Loader mao. tbo Director of tho Mint, eaya that there need he do apprehension so far as silver Is con cerned. There can he no scarcity of that. He has already about fourteoo millions of silver coins oo bands, and be can coin at the rate of a million and a half or two millions a month from this timo on without neglecting the gold coin age. It appears, from conversations with Treasury officials, that there is another way of relieving tho present small-change famine, but this new method must also have the sanc tion of Congress. When tho appropriation for tho Printing Bureau of the Treasury was ex hausted, and tho work stopped, thero was an Immense amount of half .finished fractional cur rency. It baa since been discovered that it amounts to mlllious of dollars. Tho cost of printing It even to Its present state baa been vary great, ana now, ualesa It is finished, it aoit go into tbo wsstfpspix bag. Mod THIS CHICAGO TiIIBUWE: TUESDAY, MAY 2, 1876 of (bis currency is printed on both sides, and wants only tbo impression of tba red seal to complete It.—a matter of small coat, A resolution of Mr, Boutwelf to-day tooka to tbe com pletion of this money, which may be put In circula tion almost Immediately. Treasurer Now left to-night for New York, Bolton, I'bilsdelphla, and other cities, on public business, and will La gone a fortnight. • TJIK FAMINE. This Treasury Department Is In receipt of letters from bankers in all parts of the country complaining of the scarcity of change. Treasurer New this morn ing received letters from various banks and bankers stating that It was difficult to get frac tional currency and silver coin, oven at a premium. Hlmllar letters are received daily both by Tresaury olficers and by Cangresamen. These letters state that tho scarcity of change lifts mule itself fell In all business enterprises. Treasurer New thinks Ihla difficulty at {sea from tbe fact that under the new law recently passed there la uo provision fop laming the fourteen millions of silver coin which la In reserve, and the present rate of issue is about equal to tbe capacity of the mints for coinage, and there la no pros pect that, without a chaugn lu tbo law. tho fourteen millions can be United. Tbo amount of silver coin already Issued la atmut tl.ftbd.oU9, much of which is no doubt boarded an a curiosity. Trotaurer New says that tbo amount of fractional currency outstanding at tbe time the sliver law went I'ito effect wan ODF.ATEU TUAN KVEB DEPONE. The public debt statement to-day shows $(0,000,000 outstMidliig, hut Treasury reports estimate that at toast SIO.OOU.COO are lost or destroyed. Representative Frost, of Iloidou, was in consultation with tho Treasurer this morning (o devise some means hy which tbe f 11,000,009 of reserve can bo Immediate ly placed in circulation. The result of this confer ence was a preparation and presentation of a resolu tion which is approved both by Trcaaurcr Nnw and by the Houio Appropriations Committee, and will bo brought up for speedy action. Too purpose of those who framed it la to relieve tbo present scarcity lu tbe money market by providing for tbe immodiato issue of |H,000,000 of sliver coin. Tbe proposition is contained In these words : /Iftolred, That tbe Secretary of (ha Treasury, under such limits and regulations as will best secures just and fair distribution of tbo same through tbo coun try, may Issue tbo silver coin now In tbe Treasury la redemption of an eaual amount of legal-lander notes, and tbe notes so redeemed shill be reissued upon tbo retirement of a like sum of fractional eurrenev; and said fractional currency, when no substituted, shall be destroyed and held aa part of tbo sinking fund, aa provided in tbo act of April IT, 1870, SIZING MIOOESH, TbeCammilteo on Expenditures in tbo Treasury proposes Investigating Hid Williams patent sizing pro cess of fractional currency. Tbo sizing is a mixture in which tbo now currency la dipped to render it itrong and more enduring. About a year ago a com mission was appointed to investigate the sizing and report upon ita usefulness. Ten montbs'elapsed and no roj>ort was received from tho Commission. Prof. Henry states that no accurate tests have been made in tbo matter, amt be believes that the only way a final conclusion can be reached is to make two Issues of tbe curreucy, one with tho sizing and tbe other without, and observe results. IMPEACHMENT. A RULE OF rUOCCEDINO AGREED UPON OT THE BRNATB, Sp«Wf Dilpateh to The Chicago Tribune . Washington, D. U m May I.—Tho result of the impeachment proceedings thus far is the docis* ion of tbo Bcnato that on Thursday next it will begin to hear arguments on the question whether W. W. Belknap is amenable to trial by impeachment for' acts done ns Secretary of War, notwithstanding his resignation of said office, and that tho managers and counsel, in their arguments, discuss tho question whether tho issues of fact and material, and whether tho matter in support of the Jurisdiction alleged by tho House of Representatives in tho pleadings subsequent to tho articles of Impeachment can bo as alleged, if tho same are not averred in paid articles. The Senate bat aluo decided (bat (bo opening and closing of (be argument shall bo given to the counsel for the respondent, and that tbo three conned and four managers may bo board In such order as tnuy bo agreed ou between themselves, and that such time bo allowed for argument as tbo managers nod counsd may desire. This arrangement is NOT SATISFACTORY TO TOE MANAGERS, who hovo claimed (bo rlgbt to open and close tbe ar guments, and they may lay their grievances before tho House. fTo the Associated /Vm.l Warrington, D. C„ May I.—The resolutions, snb milted by Mr. Hamlin, Friday Inst, to amend the rules in relation to the impeachment trial, boos to pro vide that tbo deliberation on the questions submitted filial) be la public, was discussed, but no action taken, and tiie Impeachment trial was resumed. Tho pend ing question was Uic motion of Mr. McDonald to re scind the order agreed upon In tho conference Friday, ollowing tho respondent to open and close arguments, etc,, etc. Mr. Blair, of counsel for the respondent, spoke against the motion to rescind. Mr. Hoar, of the managers, spoko In favor of ro scindlng, Ho claimed that thu managers had a right to close, and cited English precedents In support of bis views. On reluming, the presiding officer elated that tho motion to rescind the voto by which tho order of argu ment was made was overruled, sud that tho request of tbo managers that four of them be allowed to ad drove the Senate on the question of jurisdiction bad been granted. The Court of impeachment (ban adjourned until Thursday. VARIOUS INVESTIGATIONS. tULRCCRN UAS 1118 JOKE. Special DUpaUh to "4'he Chicago lYibune, Wabuington, D. C., May I.—Uallot Kll bourn presented to tbo llouso tbla attornoou a letter proffering to snnmit hie books add ac* counts in connection with tho real estate pool to tbo House (or examination. Ho had vindicated his rights as an American citizen, and was now road; to romovo any suspicion that might rest upon him by making public his hooks. Tho Houso tabled tho letter. Tho Democrats rtn 'siderod it os an Impertinence, and tho Ilepubli* cans regarded it as a Joke. It goes, however, to show tho length to which tbo star-chamber in quests have gone. There is not a thing In Hallct Kil bourn's books which Is not already public ly known, Thoio was, however, a suspicion among tho Democrats that they might catch the President in the pool, and, after imprisoning a private citizen for six weeks iu violation of tbo Constitution, and without Justifiable cause, they refused to-day to accept the proposition to examine the books. NEW ORLEANS INVESTIGATION. Speaker Kerr, shortly after resigning his chair, ap pointed a committee which is to In.estimate all (be officers In Now Orleans. The sole and evident purpose of this Committee Is to create political capital. It had been (be Intention to continue it In session during tho recces, hut the Republicans were able to prevent this, and the Committee will bo required to report at this session. The Committee consists of Gibson,of Louisians,Chair man, a scholarly man, but strong partisan: Black burn, of Kentucky, who has become notorious through his peculiar connection with tbo Clymer impeachment proceeding!; New, of Indiana ; Vance, of Ohio; Foo ter, a Republican, who was on the last Now Orleans Committee; Crapo, of Massachusetts; ami Dorr ail, of Louisiana. MISSISSIPPI. In the Mississippi investigating Committeeio-dsy, Bayard moved that the testimony be taken with open doors, but tbs Republicans opposed the motion. SOUTHERN CLAIMS. AN EMBARRASSING SUBJECT. Special DitpaUh to 't'M Chicago tribune. Washington, D. 0.. May !.—The House ad journed early to-day to avoid taking a voto ou a resolution Introduced bv Vance, of North Caro lina, tho ultimate object of which was to pro vide for the payment of mail-contractors iu the tiouth for services performed during tho lost quarter before tho hreakineout of theltobelliou. The sottlemeut of these claims in 1801 was pre vented by tbo intervention of war. They have, however, boon properly audited, and need only an appropriation to enable them to ho paid. Southern Democrats holding that these claims are just debts of the Government, which the United Stales is in equity and in honor bound to pay, have on various occasions attempted to secure tho passage of a bill or resolution making the necessary appropriation, but the Northern Demo crats. while they admit tho Justice of the claims, have never dared to give such a measure their support through fear that Ilia record may be used against them ]>olltlcaiiy. When the resolution was Introduced this afternoon IT WAS VOTED DOWN on * dlvlilon by a considerable majority. Geo. Hurl* but tbvn called for (bo ayea and noon, vrlua Vauco, tt the ■ollolUtlon of Northern Dem ocrat* who surrounded him. attempted to withdraw the resolution. Objection was made on the llepubllcao aide, and when the Northern Demo* craU saw that a voU would have to t>e taken, Clymer relieved them of their dilemma by movingau adjourn* meat, which was carried by an overwhelming majori ty. Many of the Bouthorn Democrats are very angry this evening at the defeat of this reaolutlon under the leadership of their Northern colleagues, while North* eru representatives of the asms party have no kind feeling for the men from tho Houth who, for the soke of securing a small aum of money for their constitu ents, ware willing to sacrifice their party. WHISKY AND TOBACCO. rnorosßD cuaxaca ix tub bbvkxux laws. Spteuit Dupatch to tht Chicago tribune. Wasuixotox, O. 0., May 2.—The Internal Revenue Bureau Is disposed to recode from tbe stringent bill submitted to Congress. Commis sioner Pratt has acceded to aereral modifica tions, of which tbs principal are t First, the striking out of Reo. 11, requiring all rectifiers to give bonds lor tbe value of (he reality of (be premises on which they do busloess; secoud, limiting tbo rectifier's capacity bond to a maxi mum of 960,000 in premises, where there is no machinery, like tbe premieoe of ordinary liquor dealers i third, tbe collection of a (ax upon tbs gallons as actually proved, instead of on approximate gallon* In case of fraction*. The principal new provision* make the Commlaalnner tru*- tee of the proparty forfaited under the Internal Rev. UDiio law, and Rite him power to either tell or lease such property, with the a*>ent of the Secretary of the Treasury, and to compel the Clerk* of United Statea Court* to Issue executions In Internal Revenue case* within ten day* after tho doee of (M term of courts. All other projHieed feature* sre adhered to. A* re* Ranis distilled spirit*, the general character of the hill I* not changed. The law regarding the exportation of (ohacc,o la to ho ehinged, so a* to allow trend* to be canceled on clearance of the vessels. The Commissioner Is to have power to direct the method* of packing tobocco, and prescribe acala and brand* loripaekages. WINSLOW. TUB LORD IS TOIS GOOD curistian’s shepherd. Special Xheuofdi to The Chicago Tribune, Washington, D. 0., May I.—Official Informa tion has boon received that, on Saturday last. Lord Derby, at a called session of the Council, submitted the last cote from the State Depart ment of tbo United Slates, slating the views of President Grant on tbo Winslow extradition case. The Connell, after a full consideration of this important question, unanimously decided to adhere to the original position taken. Derby was authorized to communicate Ibis fact to Blr Edward Thornton, British Minister hero, with instructions to inform Secretary Fish that,unless the United States indicate some change of poli cy or a desire to introduce additional facts, Winslow would bo discharged. Our Government allows no dlapotldon to modify It* posi tion, hut demands toe extradition of Wiuatow under tho Ashburton treaty. Wbon tbo final nction of the BrllUb Government Is olUrlaliy known here, the President will communicate It to Congress, accom panied by all tbo papers bearing on the caso. 17b the Aeiuriatfl I'rttl, ) THE UNPRECEDENTED INCIVILITY OF JOHN ROLL. Wariunoton, D. C„ May I.—Representative Faulk ner, Chairman pro tern, of the Committee on Foreign AlTalr*, bad an Interview with Secretary Flih tbta morning, and learned from him that there vn a meeting of tbo lirttlsb Cabinet on Saturday, at which they drtermlnrd to adhere to their former poultion, not to nduro Wldrlow to the United Statea a* re quested by our Government. The protest of tbe Secretary of State which tbe Brillah Gibfoet bad bvloro them on Saturday sbjwa that auoh an evasion of treaty stipulation was never before nnegetled by any Government, The Secretary etrengtben<i bin pro teat by citing a number of precedent*, alluding to tho fact that a parliamentary enactment item* to be con aidered by tho British Government of than a solemn treaty existing between two nations, snd which provide* fof extradition under the circum stances presented in tbs case under consideration. As our Government will not give such assurance aa Great Britain requires, and as the latter la unyielding, Winslow will be unconditionally discharged to-mor row. There la no doubt that the action of the British Government will lead to measures having In view the repeal of tho extradition clause of the Ashburton Treaty. London. May I.—Tho papers In tbs Winslow extra dition case will ho submitted to Parliament In due time, but Lord Derby believes that their presentation now would not bo lu the public interest. NOTES AND NEWS. TUB PRESIDENT ON TUE CONSULAR RILL. tivtiial Dispatch U> fht Chieiao Tnbun», Wasuinoton, D. 0., May X.—Tbe President to-day. In conversation, said that be should fool it bis duty to veto tbe Consular and Diplomatic bill If it should pass tbe Senate substantially la the form in which it came from the House. Tbo President was very earnest in bia declaration, aud intimated that bo might uot sign tbo bill oven if tbo House should accept tbo modifica tions made by tho Senate. Ho thinks tbit these modifications cripple tbo service, and has in timated that it would bo better to withdraw el 1 our diplomatic representatives, oa a consequence of tbo failure of tbo bill, than to continue anv of them under the circumstances provided by tho BUI. Secretary Fish I-t tmdors’ood to Indorse this position. morion's war accounts. Mr. Morion's friends to-day thanked Secretary Bris tow very cordially for the prompt notice ho gave the Senator of tho attempt the Coufehrate Demo.rals were making to get nt tha iuttleuieut of his War counts in tbo Treasury. Uon. llrb-cow refused abso lutely to let bptlnger look at these papers until bo had notlUed Senator Morton, aurteven then Insisted that they should wait until he, or some ouo sent by him, was present. There was no fear that tho accounts would show the least thing that was wrong, but tho Secretary wished to guard fully against any partisan garbling of the accounts. In spite of all Precaution, this wan done. Many Democrats here deplore tbe publication made, on tha ground that, oven if It were true, It la bad policy fur them to appear to be investi gating the conduct of the War. Several Committees, composed of llepuhllcncs and Democrats, have mudo their appearance in W.;thiug lou from towns whore tbo free-dellverv system wuuul bo discontinued If tho proposed bill, now before the House, cutting off free delivery In all towns with a population under 40,000. should become a law, and have caliod npou for his views. Tho roatmßß(cr.Qencral opponcs the discontinuance of tbo frce-dollvcry system iu any town where It now exists. He says the motto of the Poft-Olllco Depart ment should be uo steps backward; that with a pro gressive country llks ours wo cannot ngord to curtail tho postal facilities once given to uuv community. HOUSE JOURNAL CLERK. Harry H. Smith, of Kalamazoo, Mfrh., the veil known Journalist oud long and experienced oflicer °f the House, has been appointed Journal-Clerk. Mr. Smith ts thoroughly familiar with parliamentary pro ceedings, and U la a significant fact that, notwith standing the largo number of Bourbon sppil -ants, a Liberal-Republican was selected for this ratponslole position. The appointment of Mr. Knnth is the first important recognition thut the Liberals have received in the House. As a rule the Liberals have discovered that they were expected to furnish votes and not till cilices. I TU W« Annelatnl 7V«»». I Tin: rchuo debt. Washington, D. C., May I.—The May statement of tbo public dobt is as follows: Six per cent bonds t9.H4,91!',6'>6 Five per cent bonds 7i0,041,e0J Total coin bond Lawful money debt } 14.000,000 Matured debt 8,414,270 Legal tenders 870 t S.'C,«JS Certificates of deposit JU.iKiS.OOJ Fractional currency so.kVj.ujj Coin certificates 27,070,700 Total without Interest. Total debt $2,100,652,498 Total Interest 33,b17,373 Cash la Treasury: Cola. $77,005,439 Currency. 8,101,150 Special deposits held for re demption of certificates of deposit 33.063,000 Total to tbo Treasury, Debt lees cash in tbe Treimry $3,107,939,358 Decrease of debt during April 3,781,191 Docrease sines June :iO, 1870 20,700,467 Bonds Issued to tbe I’aoltlo Hallway Com* panics, Interest payable lu lawful money; Principal outstanding 04,033,513 Interest accrued and not yet paid 1,393,470 Interest paid by tbe United Htates 30,141,513 Interest repaid by transportation of ma 115.... 6.787,479 S&luica of liitereit paid by United SUtM. '^335^34 ThE RECORD. SENATE. Washington, D. 0., May I.—Mr. Ingalls call ed op tho bill authorizing the Issue of patouts to purchasers of certain Miami lands la Kansas. Passed. Sir. Boulwell Introduced ft bill authorizing tbo Bccrolary of tbs Treasury to renew tbo Isaob of fractional ourroncy, providing tbe total amount outstanding at any one lime shall not ozoood $50,000,000. Itcforrod. Under tbe call of tbe tiutei to-day, bills were Intro duced and referred relating to tbo punishment of wlv ucaiea adjudged to contempt by either Home of Con gress, and to repeal tbe law which require* tbe Npvak cr to certify tbe esso of a recusant witness Jto tbo District-Attorney for criminal prosecution. Mr. Hale moved to impend tbe rules and adopt a reiolutlon directing tbe aeveral coramltteca of tbe House charged with Investigations to conduct aucb in vestigations with open doom wnlte tbe testimony is be ing taken, llejectod—yeas, 126; nays, 103— not thirds in tbo alllrmallve. All the Republicans and tome of tbe Democrat* voted in tho affirmative, Ail tbo negaUve votes were given by Democrats, Mr. Morriaon moved to suspend the rules and adopt a resolution directing tbe several Committees of the House charged with investigations to conduct aucb Investigations with open doors, except in tbe opinion of such Committee public Interest will be prejudiced thereby, but any person accused before a committee shall have tbe right to be beard in hi* own person, or by rounsel. or both. The rules were suspended, and (bo resolution adopt d without a division. Mr. Clark (Mo.) moved to suspend ibe rules and to make It in order to offer an amendment to tbs Poal- Ottlce Appropriation bill to tope*! (be legislation of (Lu last session in rsgtrd to third-class mill matter. Agreed to. Mr. Uotkme moved to suspend tbs rules and adopt a resolution instructing tbe various committees charged with lbs investigation of alleged frauds and miscon duct to complete tba same as early as possible, and to make report thereon on or before the loth of June nest, except where otherwise expressly provided by tbe Home. Dejected—yeas, Hi; nays, 136. KILUOLUN. Tbe Speaker laid before (be House a communication from Uailst KtitMuru stating mat be now was willing to appear before the House or Committee, and answer fully all interrogatories lu regard to tbs so-called teal estate pool lu which lilibourn and Latla, or himself, are or have been in any way connected, with tbe vlw that after a full investigation tbe fact will appear as be made oath to, that tbo Government was in no wav interested there in. The communication was laid on tbe table, al though propositions wars mads to refer It to a coup oiltii. FOREIGN. The Natives of Punjnub, India, Threaten Insurrection. Sen. Cltueret, tho Communist, Desires to Return to Franco. Utaitd Debate In (he Spanish Cories on tbo e. Ifglons Claniei of tbo .Yen Gonitltnti MEXICO. THE ANARCHY MOW PREVAILING OS THE DIO GRANDE. Sr-teim IHipatch (o The Chicago Tribune. Ham Antonio. Tex., May I.—The following was received hero to-day from Eagle Pass : “ Our frontier is now under great excitement. Throe hundred revolutionists threaten I’lodras Necras, opposite this place in Mexico. Arcadia Bcndcttla, tho Custom-House officer at Fiodrns Negros, has removed his family and the Govern ment funds to this side. A number of other Federal officers, as is also Geo. Falcon of tbo revolutionists, are domiciled bore for safety. About 250 other fugitives throng our streets. It to expected that Mr. Scbubardt, United States Consular Agent, will cross bis family this evening for tbo same reason. This movement will undoubtedly turn tbo Ladronos uoon our ranchos and leave them full sweep to operate on the borsos and other stock of nur citizens, even tf they do not resort to murder. A strong cavalry force ia needed here now if ever, as we shall have squal ly times/’ The Commanding General received this morning the following telegram from Mar cust Melon*, United States Commercial Agent at Mier: “The revolutionary forces under Qcu. Nar ronjo have occupied this oiy. and are forcing American citizens to pay presumes. I would respectfully request that you would send suffi cient force to Alamo, the point in Texas nearest this citr, to assist me to enforce my protest.” The General telegraphed to Col. DeVme, at Fort Brown, that bo would comply with the request if be bad tbo troops convenient for the point indicated. TtlfiKEY. THE CZAR WILL STILL TUB TROUBLED WATERS. Paris, May I.— Tb tMessager de Hans states that before tbe end of May tbe Emperor of Russia will toko tbe opportunity of ailirmlng that tbe Dcaco of Europe must not bo placed in doubt. Tbe declaration will bo made with such solemnity as to dispel ail distrust. Tbe Siecle asserts that Moukbtar Pasba, after relieving Kicalcs, was surrounded near Fresjeka by tbe insurgents. Constantinople. May I.—Tbe Porte has re ceived an olllcial dispatch from llaguaa, stating that GOO families who took refuse in Austria have asked permission to return to their homes in Herzegovina. Tbo Porto is taking measures to help them to rouiru. London. May I.—A Vienna telegram denies that tbo Emperor of Austria Is going to Berlin. Tbo samo dispatch reports that alter tbe re lief of Nicaicd another battle took place, tbe re sult of which is not known. GERMANY. BOILER EXPLOSION. Rcdescjteim. May I.—A boiler explosion on tbo fotry-boal between here and Bingen killed thirty persons. MINISTERIAL GUANOES. Berlin Slay I.—ln coueccjueuco of Ilorr Del brnck’s resignation tbo Deportments of Justice aud Administration of Affairs in Alsace-Lorraine will ho detached fiom the Imoerial Chancellory, and placed under separate Chiefs, I’rinco Bis marck retaining the responsibility. London, May 2—5 a. m.—Tbo rimes' Berlin dispatch reptrts that tbo King of Bavaria baa given permission for tbo erection of a colossal etatuo of Bismarck in Kiaaojgcu to mark tbe spot where Kullman attempted to assassinate tbo Priucu. { GREAT BRITAIN. THE COLLEGE CREWS AND TUE CENTENNIAL RACE. London, May I.— The Standard states that at a mooting cf the Captains of tbo various college boatlng-cluba at Oxford to-day, the Invitation to participate in tbo Centennial regatta at Phila delphia was discussed and referred to a commit tee. There was a feeling in favor of the hospitality of their American pro vided the Cambridge and Dublin Universities also send representatives. The Daily AVtrs states that at a meeting of Oxfoid boat Captains yesterday the invitation of the Vais University boatmen was respectfully declined. INDIA THE MAEOARV MURDERERS, London, May I.—The rumor that seventeen moti were to bo executed May sat Bbamo for complicity iu tbs murder of Mr. Margery is not confirmed. Affairs in tbs Punjaub frontier look loss favorable than last week. Tno Afrcedi clans have sent away their families to places of eafet.v and proclaimed war and made several raids. A strong force will be sect from Peshawar. Owing to the recent blockade the tribes are short of provisions, but ore apparently determined to fight, and unless strong and speedy measures ore token, the af fair may give much trouble. 473,006.777 SPAIN. THE NEW CONSTITUTION. London, May I.—A Madrid dispatch to the Times says tbo dobato in Congress on the religious question is very hcatod and bitter, and will continue through tbo week. Senor Cardenas yesterday spoke in defense of the toleration clause of the Constitution, Seoor Castolar end Bagaata and six members of tho Cabinet were present. _ .$ 110,431,615 FRANCE. Fans, Slay I.—Rolllo, Uepabllcan, It elected Deputy from Stannand. CLDSERDT. Fauis, Slay I.—Somi-ofUcial Journal* taseri that Qeo. Claeoret hot petitioned President MaoMfthon (or pardon and permission to return to Franco. THE CENTENNIAL. A War Hctweou tlie Natural itleeol Valuev Unnaturally Anticipated lly the Graeplntr Quu. More—Sumo £xamplo« of (be I*re. Tailing 1 EiiortlouuTbe XVomcu’i l*avtlloii* tivttial Vupatch to The Chuaao Tnouno, Centennial Qhounds. Piiii.auelpuu, May 1. -•llie latest Contonnial topic is tbo rumored dissension between tbo Board of Finance and tbe Centennial Commission. Tbe trouble arose out of a dispute concerning tbe management of tbe Exposition police force. Goo. Hawley wanted to make room on tbe force for a number of Yale students who were eager to see tbe show and tbe world at a small expense. Tbe Chairman of tbe Board of Finance politely told bim that Ibis was none of bia business. Tbe Chairman was sustained by tbo Board, and Qen. Hawley and tbo Centennial Commission became indignant. Tbo bitch causes some embarrass moot, and may lead to tbe resignation and break ing up of ouo of tbe bodies. Tbo farther discussion of tbe liquor question by tbe Centennial Committee baa been post poned until to-morrow. Tbo space in tbe main ball allotted to Turkey is still unoccupied. Tbe Turkish Commission ers are here with about thirty oases of goods, but they are doing nothing, on account of a lack of money. The Home Government is too busy with war and too reduced in resources to sup ply the necessary funds. Although tbe papers of this city have claimed that tbere would be bt tle if any increase in tbe price of living here during tbe exhibition visitors must expect to submit to every species of potty ex tortion and exorbitant charges. To begin with, tbere are tbo hotels j those which are rated flrst-olaea formed a combination tome weeks ago and decided to rates their prices on the let of May. Tbe uniform price is now $5 a day, where It bad previoualy been (L Eight dollars and $lO are also asked for my ordinary accom modations. To-day the Qiobs and Trausoou* tlnental Hotel* opened. They are tlie principal Exposition " hotels—that la bouses located near tbe Centennial grounds. Tbetr rates are IS. and their rooms are small. A further raise by tbe down-town hotels may be expected after tbe opening day. There la a vast number of lodaiDß-homes and rooms ad* tertieod co let. The**,'if in any respectable lo cality, are placed at nearly double the ordinary trice bv their speculative ownere. Maov land lords refuse to rent their single rooms for longer than a week, thinking to Atilt more increase their prices after tbe opening of tbe Exhibition. Even tbo newspapers are not free from tbe general cupidity. At tbe hotel news-stands 3 cent are asued for a 2-cent Philadelphia paper, aod 1(1 cents in the price of a Sew York daily. If a person goes into a barber-shop to get shaved aod bands tbe barber a quarter of a dol lar, tbe aristocratic negro will pocket tbe cur rency with indifference. If change is requested, be ecomfutly bands back a nlckoi-pleco. There are only two or tnree cigar-shops In town where an ordinary Rosa Concha cigar can be bought for less than 25 cents. These are only a few instances to Illustrate the general system of overcharge already prac ticed,—nearly two weeks before tbo beginning of the Exposition season. Amid the chaos of disorder now prevailing within tbo Exnoßition grounds, it is a relief to enter tbe women's pavilion, whore tbo prepara tions are in a comparatively advanced etago. As Mrs. Charles Caldwell, tho Secretary, assured your correspondent, there is no doubt but that tho exhibit of woman's skill to bo there dis played will astonish tbe world. While all parts of tbe country are represented, it in noticeable tbit tbo West* has a very small and dispropor tionate exhibit. From Minnesota there is noth ing. Illinois looks very foebio, though tho quality of its exhibit io not surpassed. Tbe Secretary urgently requests (through The This fHE) the ladles of Chicago aod the West who deeiro to be represented to send on their arti cles immediately, without waiting for their per mits. SPORTING. BASE BALL. HARTFORDS—BOSTOHfI. /fjneiat DitvaUh ta The Chicago TVtburW. Hartford, Conn., May I,— At tbo llartford- Ro&ton game there wero 1,200 spectators. There was a cold wind. Tho Boatoua played poorly in tho field and at the bat. In tbe sixth inning Manning took Josephs' place aa pitcher. In tbo eighth McGinley relieved Morrill aa catcher. iUBI‘A;K| DOBTOX. KUPjA ll'lT'sl WrfKlitT*- "aui 0 U, 2 4 0 1 LeoD*rd. 3 b... (I 1: 0 0i U I, 0 0 itt'Rfiurke, 1./.. 0 1 0; 3 i a 1, 3 0 ,Murn»n. ib... li ll 91 1 3! 3 4 I; Kcbkler.3 b.... 0 13 3 3, I 3 u McOiabr. c.f. 0 o| 3 2 l u 0 U iliQDlnf, r. 1. 0 0, 3 3 3 10 0 1 Morrill, e 0 0 7, 1| lj 6, 1 8 | Joieptti, p 0, 1' 0, ToUl» 1 ~6 27 liardoek. 31>... Uemsen. c. f.. lllcbam.r. i erKUlun, 3 bl. (later, a. ■ liana, p York, f Mill*, lb AlllMD, C T0ta1.... lanlnir*— Hartford.... i3in i t i i .u 0 I 1 5 2 3 I 3—15 i;oiion...\V.V.V.\\\\V.\V.\V.V,V.V.a o u o o i o e a a Huai earned—Hartford. C. FirU baas by error*—Hartford, 7; Dolton,4. Time-Two court and forty-tire toinutea. Umpire—Cbarlca Danlala, of Hartford. tUIITB HTOCKINOB—'UCCKETCfI. Stxcial iHtpaUh to the Chieapo t ribune. Colcmdub. 0., May l.—’The Wbilo Stockings played a c ftmc with the professional Buckeyes bore to-day, winning br a score of 5 to 0. The Buckeyes are a new professional organization, drawn mainly from tbo Brooklyn and Philadel phia cluba. ’Tbeyplav a sharp game, and will trouble some of tbo League clubs before tbo rcoHOu is over. All tbo necessary particulars of the gatno can bo loomed from the following ccoro: HUP AE i DCCKKTK. (! Ilarnoi, 3 b.... « 0 3 3 0 lluras, i. Atuon. 3 b .... i U 9{ 5 3 O.Nuliu, p / ndrat. 1. f...l 2 o 0 0 I'Doscher. Bb, Ilian, o. I ! 0 1, - 0 0 l-'oran, 1 b... bpaldlag, I* luoil. 3 5 Mantel, I. f.. liinlaikl. 0, l f <) U O,.Ma« d, 3b... VWto, c l! 8i C 3, O llsrniu, I'otar*. ». I 1 0 I ){ Unddi, r. f... liloan.l b |1 _l Id( lj ijhVest. c. f... JTotal. ' 5 HJTltsi til Tola! Innla**— i:3 u m " 0 3 1 0 0 0 0 3 0-5 (J U 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 MCTDAUS—NEW HAVENS. Chleißu. Uuckcyo. New Vouk, May I.— Baae-hall—Mutuals, 8 5 New ilavouu, 2. THE CROPS, NEBRASKA, Omaha, Neb.. May I.— llcports from this sec* tion of the 8t&to show that there is Ibo hues*, fruit proroiLo ever known in tbo history of Ibo State. The trees uud hushes aro covered with hlo-soms. The acreage sown thin aprinc in email {Trains is veiv large, aud though the season is come what late people are confident of lumenae ctope. ILLINOIS. SptfUtt Dikoateh M I'hr Chi conn Tribvnt. Dbcatoh. 111., Mar I.—lce covered the water in etill places this morning ouo-foarth of an inch thick. There was so much wind that but little damage was done the fruit and early vege* tables. OLDER THAN UNCLE SAM. Special intvateh (o Ttit Chieaoo Trtoum. East Saginaw, May I.—Catherine Reardon died at Bitch Run yesterday, aged ltd years aud 3 months. She came to Ibia country from Ire* land in 1325. BUSINESS NOTICES. A Valuable Dincovcrf—Dr, C. W, Hen eon, a practicing pliyaidan, at lOfi North Eutaw aireot, Dahlmore, Md. (who has paid much attention to nerv oui disease*), baa diacovered that extract of celery ami chamomile combined, In a certain proportion, in* variably cure* headache, either bilious. dyspeptic, nervous, or nick: neuralgia aud nervousness. This Ua triumph in medical chemistry, and sufferer* all over the country ate ordering by mat). He prepares it in pills at AU cents per lot. The Doctor is largely known and highly respocu-d to HalUmoro.— VDueuoat JltlhtxUsl, Bold by Van Bchaack, Stevenson 4 Held, No. V 3 Lake street, corner Dearborn, and ail druggists Tainted lllood I—.Tlany wretched mortals are this very moment down at the bottom of despair with the horrible prospect of a lingering death from consumption, who might very soon bo thoroughly cured and once morn realize the full en« joy ment of life, by using Wishart'a line Ttea Tar Cor dial. Premature l.onn «f the Hair, Whtch is so common nowadays, may be entirely prevented by the nee of Duruott’s Cocoalne. SUITS Chas. Gossage Sr Co. Solicit attention to the unusual at tractions ot their Clout and Soil Don't, The stock includes a large variety of elegant imported Silk Suits, in the latest modes, at prices far below im porting cost; all new, stylish, and of good value, Novelties in Plain, Raided, Striped, and Damasse com binations in Silk and Worsted Cos tumes. No better opportunity for a choice selection at a low price ever offered. We also offer some unusual bar gains in Silk and Cashmere Saotpies and Mantles. Stato-st.—Wnshington-st. SPRING BEDS. THE SUSPENSION SPRING BED Is the most comfortable, durable, lightest, cleanest, end best made. hUnufsotursd 701 WibeUuev* SILKS. “IT PAIS TO TRADE ON THE WEST SIDE." CARSON, PIRIE & co;s BARGAINS! The following lines of SILKS, just received from the. great New York AUCTION SALES, bought in tho present depress ed state of tho market at a ruinous loss to tho importers, are the CHEAPEST GOODS ever sold: At sl.lO, a lino of handnomo shades of 20-lnch Colored Groa Grains, worth $1.60 to $1.60. Atsl.2s,largo lotvory ohoico shades Lyons Cord Gros Grains; rich, bright lustre; novor sold under $1.75 to $1.85. At $1.35, heavy, veryriohOol’d Gro§ Grains, stylish shades; worth $2. The above 3 lots are worthy tbe immediate attention of purchasers before choicest shades are sold. Trimming Silks from 75 ots, upward* At 65 cts., lot of Fancy Bilks in good styles. 1 0 I 0 1 3 0 3 0 0 0 8 a 4 At 75 cts., now lines of Fancy Silks, great bargains; some of them for merly sold at $1.26. At 85 ots., largo assortment of Fan* cy Silks, very desirable styles, much under value. At $1.26, line of Cheney’s American Si;ks, striped;- same goods for merly sold at $2. Heavy, all-silk, Black Gros Grains, $1 and $1.26. At $1.50, Splendid Cashmere Black Silks, worth $2. At $1.76, Lyons Cashmere Gros Grains, an extraordinary bargain. At $2 wo shall oiler a very rich, heavy, and olosrant Lyons Cash mere Silk, equal to anything that can bo bought olsowhoro an $2.60. 0 1 3 ft 1 0 0 fl 3 I 00S 9 1 II 1 111 U II 0 0 9, I u 0 3-155 021 t i 0 3 0; |> 0 -l-i- -I --0! 8 3m 16i13 WEST END DRY GOODS HOUSE, Madison and Peoria-st. DK.ESS GOODS. W.A.S.&CO. HESSE BAMIS In order to reduce our largs .stock of Dress Goods, wo have made GREAT REDUCTIONS in PRICES, and cal I particular atten tion to tho following: BARGAINS: 100 pcs Gray and Brown Serges at 20c per yard. 100 pcs Diagonals in all the new Spring Colors, at 250. 75 pcs All-Wool Dehege at 30e 50 pcs All-Wool Cretonne at 37 l-2c. 25 pcs All-Wool Camel’s Hail at 50c, sold elsewhere at 75c, 25 pcs 6-4 All-Wool Camel’s Hair, 75c, worth lully $1.25. 50 pcs Plaid, In Gray and Brown Effects, reduced from 50c to 30c. Tho ahovo uro all now, deslrabld Goods, and undoubtedly tbe BEST VALUE offered iu Chicago. W. A. SIMPSON & CO.. SUCCESSORS TO SIMPSON, NORWELL & GO., AT THE OLD STAND, 79 & 81 State-st. SHIRTS. Skeptics. People tire naturally SKEPTICAL of any* thins they can't «ee proved} butlt'e oaayio Srove the truth or what we advertlie (A ■BRPEOT.FITTINCJ BHIKT,) by louring your measure with ui. ZXAPIPtXS as 0088, FINANCIAL. sioo $1,700 during the pul few mouths, under our unproved eyiteai of operating lu Blocks. 111 ike reduced to nominal eume and profits lucreaaed. Book containing full tnformiUon sent on application. TUMBHIDCIB t 00., Baukere and Broken, a Wilt-at, Naw York. HATS. Men's and Boys’ Hats for sl., Don’t fail to see them, at Btelh’s Dollar Btoro, 108 H Madison. MTS 5

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