Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 2, 1876, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 2, 1876 Page 6
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FINANCE AND TRADE. The Principal Business of tha Banka with the Board of Trade. Bow fork Exchange In Demand—The Clearings $0,500,000. The Produce Markets Very Irregular and Unsettled. Provisions Weak—Wk oat, Corn, and Oats Torn Downwards. FINANCIAL. The mild activity in tho operations ef the banks «u One to tbe temporary demand from operators on the Board of Trade, applicant* for funds with vhleti to make their eelUemeoU. There wae nothing more in this than a change of obligations from tome banks to other*, bnt It made a good deal of work, and kept the bank*ofllcors busy. There was little demand for loans outside of this. The country movement of pro* dote bee not yet opened, and the financial situation wIU not show any manually new features as long ss tills remains the case. CollecUons are but little bet* \cr, and as trade la dull the offerings of paper are small. Renewals aro frequently asked for, by country cnetomere, bnt elty paper Is paid as s rale with promptness upon maturity. Deposits bare shown an increase In the last week, and there is a sur plus at tho disposal of the banks, though not a large one. Rates of discount are 6&10 per cent at tbe banka, with concessions to flrat-clasa independent borrower!. On tbe street, the aupply of paper Is below tbe do* mand.. Bates aro 7(?18 per cent. Kew York exchange was In demand, and sold bo* tween banks at 33£S0e per SI,OOO premium. Tbo currency receipts exceed the shipments. Tbft clearing* were $<3,500,000. WESTERN NATIONAL HANKS. We published yrttcrday an attract of the reports of the National Sinks of tbs United States, showing thrjir condition March 10, 187 C. We are Indebted to the Comptroller for abstracts of the condition of the fr-anks of Chicago and other Western cities on the raame date. That for this dty Is as follows: £o«ib and discount* ...js'.lO-i.ROi Overdraft* kv-'7O United Slate* bond* to secure circulation... 2,7t2,r.00 United State* bonds on band o'd.BSO Other stocks, bonds, and mortgage* 2J0.8J1 Due from approved reserve agents 3,121,,*>79 Due from other National Banks j, 179.610 Due from State banka and bankers 3t:),4C3 Steal estate, furniture, and fixtures na.o.'O Current expense* and taxes paid ati.fiOd Premiums paid 25.632 Chocks and other c«n Items 41,931 Exchanges for Olenrlnc-llonpo 1,313,809 Bills of other National Banka 4*0,867 Fractional currency 32,779 Specie "0,207 Legal-tender notes 3,023,037 United States certificate# of deposit for legal tender notes Five per cent redemption fund...., Due from United States Treasurer. Capital atock paid 1n,.... Burplutfund Other nndtylded proQta. National Bank note* outstanding. Dividends unpaid Individual deposits Duo to other National Banka Due to Slate banks and bauken,. Notes and bills rediscounted Total Humber of backs, Iff. Tbo loans and discounts, capital, and deposits of the banka of iba other leading Western cities were as fol lows : Loan*tad Discounts. Capital. Depcails. Pittsburg 118,001,000 $10,610,000 $14,800,000 Cincinnati 10,780,000 4,328,660 10,600,000 St. Louifl 10,010,00(1 6.300,300 0,010,000 Cleveland 7,707,000 4,330,000 4,630,000 LonlstlUo 4.062,000 3,093.000 3.110,000 Detroit 3,914,000 1,000,000 4.170.000 HU Paul 3,309.CJ0 1,700,000 3,330,000 Milwaukee 3,490,000 030,000 3,700,000 r.uuona ot* a panic in mining stocks. There boVe been busy rumors in the lost two or three day* of trouble in the Ben Francisco stock mar ket. ‘ The quotations of mining stocks shows heavy decline, la the last month Consolidated Virginia and California, the two bonanza stocks, have fallen re spectively from 85Jtf to and from fiStf to77,\'. It Is Impossible to get any detailed Information from either the telegraphic reports or the California news papers of the condition of affaire In Ban Francieco. Even the mining-stock quotations are considered un reliable, There Is certainly a strong bear element at work in the Ban Francisco stock market. If the prophecies they make of the failure of the bonanza mines should come true, California would bo in es tad a stale is France after the bursting of John Law's babble, for California, like the Franca of that day. Is saturated with the spirit of speculation, and all classes and nearly all individuals are involved. PATINO THE ALABAMA INDEMNITY. ‘ The recent salo of $6,683,000 of the new lives was for the purpose of paying the Genera sward Judg ments. The Washington correspondent of the New York Daily Bullttm given this information about the process of payment: Tbe drafts ar* already nude out. They are to be addressed to a Urge number of i«ople, and will be drawn to tbe order of tbe party to whom tbe award was made by tbe Court of Commissioners of Alabama Olaimi. It ao happen* that a large number of law yarn and claim-agents In Washington, practicing be* fore the Alabama Claim* Court, have powers of stior noy for the collection of these claims, and tbe deliv eries to theau people will probably amount to about one-half the money to bo paid. About (1.0C0.000 of the draft! will be upon New York, and, of course, nearly all the currency coming from tnis trsnaaclUm will reach tbe banka in that city. The currency that la jald out la currency that was realized from tbe gold for which the bonds were sold. It wilt depend en tirely upon clrcumetsnce*, that cannot now be fore seen with any great degree of certainty, whether tbte transaction will take the currency from tbe ordinary channels or not. It Is contended at the Treasury De partment that this wnole matter has been adjusted in such a way that It will make not a particle of differ ence to the money market, THE SILVER COINAGE. We learn from a report of the Director of the Mint that it has been determined, to run the Philadelphia Mint during the coming fiscal year on subsidiary coin to Its utmost capacity, and, aa far aa possible, work the skilled employes overtime. To do thia will require an appropriation of $350,000 for wage* aud $125,1)00 for incidental expenses. As the law requires silver coins to be substituted for fractions! currency aa rap idly as possible, it will be absolutely necessary lo run all the mints lo their full capacity during the next fiscal year, and the necessary appropriations for this purpose are earnestly recommended to be made. The Director says: *• We abill have to strike at least 140,000,000 pieces of silver coin during the coming &*cal year, to say nothing of the gold and minor coin age, of which there la no doubt wa will b« called upon to strike an Increased amount.” oovßmmxMx bonus. United BUtei Ce of ‘81..., ~,,122'V 1/J»» .United Stales 6-200 cf MJ, ex-coupon. IllV 114^ )-2Uaof HW—January and July Ua** •no*. l-'JOaof ’o7—January ami July Hi j^p k-tWaof ’o*~January snd July lii'i UMoe ÜBV UK’i United States now u of *Bl, ex-conn..ll7V 1 17*2 United Slates currency Ca 138 J GOLD AND OUEtNUACKS. Gold was 113K0113;|, Omabscks wers W.#«9*fo on the dollar in cold. rOBEIQK tXOUANUE. Sixty days. Slfht. ...610V 1131/ ... vo v I'd ...BIOK 613 V ... 40V 41 ...616V 613 V Paris—frsnes, Germany Belgium.,,*., Ueuaud Switzerland., Bwedeu, otc., 1 us tr 1a,...... CITY AND COU.STV lIORCS. CblcagoCily 7ft cbbond*.... im klal. CUlucgoCityTVct.Hwtns«. lus ftlut. Chicago City 7 V«.wat«floan 105 ft lot. 1 Cook Couuty 7 $ U. bond* „ (»ho«) 10t k |at 104 k int. Cook County 7 V cC bond* (10n*).., 101 ft tot, 100 ft InL Wwt Park 7 V ct. bonli j»7 ft lot. Xortb Chicago 7 V cU bond* (Lincoln Puk} LOCAL STOCKS. Bid. City lU»w»y,Bcmth Bid*. U'i CilylUinrty, Wc*lß)do 1U ... Cuy JUllwty, Wut md«. M v feut c«rti&Atw inu ft InL IM ft tat. CUy Ballwaj, Norlhßid*... . 1U Trader* 1 lusumic* Co lu 131 Otuinborof Commerce IS 78 Chicago Oas*Llgtit * Coke Co. 130 IxyoelUoa xtoJk «0 9i STOCKS THIS ISIS. Tbe following quotations, fumUbed by Jl O. BUugb ter, ehow the lowed. btgbtd, tod doelag price* ea tbt trim list of eiocle u tbt Hew York botrd doc* J>o.l: Htoeke. Lowed. Highest. Cloelog. WMUruUolooTelegrtpb.... MK bow cij; PtdOo kltll .... 16Jg B tfi 00V New York Ctnud. 401 H in* ua Kdd... 19* MX )<H Uk» ebon 63W MS MW Vehoeh ov e, s<! St, Fiul, pr.f«myl CJ;.' •!’. {W northwestern, common a*' Northwestern, preferred W* ,KX Harlem . tSO* Ohio Ac Mississippi ,I*,. 3*;* .I?** Rock Wend IMV I*l f o o ft I. a;* "V «'» Union liclfto 7<* CJ.V A. A P. Telegraph iV4 32 *" American Express A* JJ] ™ United Stales Express AS RTOOKK, BONDS, ETC. New Tore. May 1.-dold mwned tt 112.5, and cloftJ at Carrying rales flat and 1 to 4. Governments wen steady. JUllroad bonds wera dull. BUte seearlilaa war* quiet. The week opened with renewed depression on the Stock Exchange, sad during tbs morning there was a further decline in value*. Tbs downward movement was assisted by reports tbst (be Mew York Central bad refused to accede to the dcmtnd of soma ether trunk lines for a restoration of tbs old tariff on frelgbU. and ibis was eonslrned as meaning a railroad war. and possibly lower passenger fares and freight ralas in the future. Conflicting reports about Commodore Van derbilt's bMltb also bad an influence on tho market. The greatest decline was la New York Central, which, aflnr * remain ing Arm for sums time r&st at 112 ami upwards, to-day suddenly declined to 108 on A much larger business than usual, This decline in Central exercised an unsettling Influence on the gen eral share list. I*ko Shore followed with a decline from 63V to 63V, Northwestern from 41 to 40, Michi gan Central from to 48V, and Western Union from 04V to 63>f. Towards 1 o’clock a steadier feel ing eel In, and New York Central suddenly advanced from 108 to 112 V» which eliffenod the whole market. During the last hour the market was firmer, and prices generally advanced, but in the Qua! sales there was a reaction lu some case* of Vto *i, Transitions aggregated 183,000 shares, of which 7,600 were I’adflo Mat). 61,000 Western Union, 12,000 Northwestern, 13.000 HU Pauls, 18,000 Erie, 60,000 Lake Shore, 7,000 New York Central, 6,000 Obloe, and 13,000 Michigan Central. Money market easy at 394. Prlmo mercantils pa< per. 4V{«B. Customs receipts, $271,000. The Assistant Treasurer disbursed $680,000. Clearings, $23,000,0vK). Sterling strong st UOVKRNMCNT IIONDS Coupons, *Bl 122 V I New 65....,,,,, Coupons, '66 114 V 10-40*, «g Now 119 110-40*, coupons, Coupons, ’C" 121 V Currencies Coupons, '69 122 I sroi Wcslem Union fll.V I Quicksilver 10 Quicksilver pfd...... aljtf I I’aclflo Mill j Mariposa 107 Mariposa pfd...,.... 107 Adams Express 108 Wells. Fargo WV American Express... «J U, H. Express (59 New York Central...ll2 Erie H?< Erie pfd..... 19 llarlom ,136 V Harlem pfd ~13.1 Michigan Central.... 43Jf Panama. 29 Union Paclao stock.. 04 V Lake Shore 63 v Illinois Control V4,V Cleveland AiPUlaburg 91 Northwestern 4«v Northwestern pfd.. CSV 0.,c„ aku 49 STATE Tennesseofls, 01d.,,. 43,V Teiincvseo (is, now... 4U>s Virginia Cs, old 31 MtNINO Sam Fiukcibco. May 1, latest quotatloua at the Sta ConaoliJl’d Virginia- 71V California 78* «O,COO JA4I3 6J.9.0 Ophlr.. Chollar .{41,495,190 Savage ICV Imperial 4,V Mexican 34 Oontd k Curry ItUf Beat It Belcher 68 Bale k Norcross r>7 .$ 7,400,000 . 4,650,000 . 00\394 . 2,430,680 . 6,441 . 14,450,048 . V,930,703 . 4.753,421 . 166,500 REAL ESTATE. Tha following Icilrumcat* wera &l*d far raoortl Monday, May 1: .til, CITT MOPERTT. Cottas# Ororo av, n o cor op Twenty-third at, 111 it, dated April 21 (Normal Cart to Jane Carl) $ 41,000 Wa«lmigton at, GO 3-10 ft oof Fifth ar, n f, 2D 9-luxGO ft,with Improvements, dated April 21 (Norman Carl to Jane Carl) 00,009 Fillmore st, 329 ft w of Western av, ■ ' 121 ft, dated Feb. U Thirty-fifth si, 82H ft w ot Lake av, n 124 ft, dated April 39 HaUtod at. 200 ft s of Thlrty.ftrat fel, w • 125 ft, dated April 29 Twenty-fifth it, 200 ft w of Hanover i 23x1.15 ft, dated April 33 Twenty-third st, lOUftoof Portland. 23x41 ft, dated April 37 Milwaukee at, 13S 4-10 ft a e of Lincoln at, n o f, 33x118 ft. dated April 0 3,300 Fourth ar, 75 ft n of Harrison it, a f, 39x100 ft, dated April 13 6.000 Paulina at, 307 G-10 ft aof Polk at, w f, 128 X xlifi ft, dated April 27 12,600 South Dearborn at, 213 ft n of Thirty-fifth at, w f, 31x13) ft, doted April 39 3,000 Went Indiana at, 30 ft c of Leavitt st, ef, 25x 100 ft. dated Aprll2o 1,200 ViaeenniA av, 3(>7 4*lo ft n of Thirty-ninth at, w f, 41 ftVIUUxI'JO ft. dated April 23 4,600 Went Taylor at, 108 8-10 ft e of Campbell ar, n f, 33x1J41{ ft, dated May 1.. 3,000 West Indiana at, 332J4 ft eof Noble at, n f, 26x130 ft, dated May 1 9,000 O’llrlen at. 123 3-10 ft o of Halated at, u f, 23x 173 ft, with buildings, dated May 1 2,230 West Ohio st. 4H ft a of KUxabeth at, a f, ‘it xIM ft, dated Jan. 33, 1873 i 900 Uaynea at, 401 ft a ot Archer av, • f, 48i07U ft, dated March 18. 1H73 3,200 Same oa above, dated May 7,1874 3,000 Forest av, 300 ft n of Thirty-eighth street, w f, 25x124 4-10 feet, dated April 29 2,250 North Franklin at, 103 It a of North av, w f, ft, with balldlnfl*, dated Fob. 1.... 3,800 mobtu orcixr uurrfl wituim a nonius op 7 milks OF OOURT-llOtiaß. Commercial at, 9J ft s of Wilson ar, w f, OOz DA ft, dated April 25 $ 2,5.10 south or cur limits within a nonius or 7 miles or cou&T-Hooae. Atlantic st. 175 ttnof Fifty-first st, w f,2Sx 124 ft. dated May I $ 350 Blanches?, n ocor of Tbroop at, s f, 30 8-10 xlls ft, dated April 28 175 Lota 3to 9, aud 23 to 32, block 3, Rees’ w X of a w X. 83, 13, dated April 28 8.250 WEST OF CITT LIMITS WITHIN A BASIUBOV? MILES Of COURTHOUSE. MaurtaU2oo ft a of Wabauala at, w f, 50z 100 ft, dated Hopt. 1, 1875 $ 2,000 Lota IS, le, and 17 of n 5 acres, eXnwja, Sec. 3,39,13, dated April 25 SCO COM Tbe following were the the leadiug articles of pro forty-eight, hours endin, morning: Flour, brla Wheat, du...... Corn, bu, Oats, bu........ U>«, bu Hatley, bu liras* seed, lbs. Flax seed. lbs.. Broom corn,lbs Cured meats,lbs Beef, tea 14,110 50,930 1.11,735 $4,820 3,430 3,hUO 63,820 121,311) 43,W» 111,230 Beef, brl*. Fork, hrls. Lard, Its.. 'looj 80,8151 43,7M| 4. OT, t, 7V«Vsl|**’V,M'i ►l4| 76a 8,103 IUI 810 1 |Hi 130,111); '315,880,1 100,81(1 mu m' t )H 181.0J7 W.oj-J 193,540 wu;...,;,,., mji 70 10U 8i 3.151.000 a,483,350i 1.533.100' 8.110.000 8,103,000 IVI OK) J.3M 16,Ti1l a 731 1,409 1,*3l 1,1(11 674 6H| 391 *il I ini!) si Tallow, Sutler, lUt Drcaaed hoaa.. Live notfi, No.. Cattle, ho Hheep, No Ilit{i>vrliica,brU Wool, lbs Potatoes, btt... Coal, tons Hay, tons Lumber, No.ft. Hblnalea, N 0... Balt/lrU Poultry, Poultry, cooj«. G»me,|kga.,.. *#»*• I*B Olieeae. bxa.... O. apples, brla, Lean*, bu,,..,. Withdrawn from store on Raturdsy for city con* sumption: 3,079 bu wheat, 099 hu corn, 3,301 bu oats, 196 bu rye, 1,889 bu barley. The following gruln was Inspected Into store* on Monday morning: 7 cars No. 9 Northwestern wheat, 95 ears No. 9 spring, 29 ears No. 0 do, 6 cars rejected do, 1 car no grads (C 8 wheat); 63 cars high mixed corn, 147 cars and 3,000 ha No. 9 do, 14 cam new mixed do, 41 can and 16,750 bu rejected do. 1 car no grade (901 corn); 1 car No. 1 oats, 17 cars No. 3 white do, 39 curs and 7,500 bu No. 3 oats, 8 cars rejected do (65 oats); 0 con No. 9 rye, 1 car and 9,000 bu rejected do; l r*r No. 3 barley, 3 cars No. S do, 1 car rejected do. Total (398 cars), 193,000 bu. luspected out: 69,947 bu wheat, 48,471 ba corn, 4,464 ba oats, 1,790 bu rye, 6,010 bu barley. M k int. Aikil Tb« following Übla ahowa tba dUtrlbutlon of Uu bmJtluga ihJppad from tiua city during Uai waak: bLIH-iU flour. Bjrdl.. 81,kit 398,949 404,V78 191,060 fiy 19,461 BWW ToHuffelo 1,350 178,945 403,744 WO 600 'ioErie iijoo I ToOgdeueburg g| sui To liuroo 1400 Jii77 !!!!!'*! To other P. B.porte, «5 100 - |.wo To Montreal 1,400 | | T0C01b0rn*..,.,.,. T1,807i,,,, * To Kingston 19,000‘...., *•*•••"• T01eU.... T-.V. . ».» .’lt/ Alio shipped bp rail, 33,058 bu rye, and 35,9.'«J bu barter. It was whisper*! ea ’Change yesterday lo be ant tin* likely (bat nit freights will be apredlip adranced—a combination (e that end being apoknn of, They were firm yesterday at the recent rates 200 per 100 lbs being saksd lo Philadelphia and bid to New York, with few rare offering, and room «u quoted scarce, (he recent conlracta baring abeorbed moat of the rolling-flock available daring the present week. Late freight* wars Armor, at «o for wheat to Buffalo. Through engagement# lo Llrerpool (railroad) were made at 48a per 100 Tbs In apecle, and do to Glasgow ware quoted at iSftAOo. Lake and rat) rate# to New England point# were quoted at ]oc per bn. It ia now understood that another European die* patch will be dallr posted on ’Changn,hy the aide of Beerbohra*s, for the benefit of those who do not bo* Here that each comparison* are odious. Low rail rites mean big ahlpmenla of grain from other points as well aa from this dip, and we note that oonalderable quantities billed through Chicago era atlll credited as forming a portion of our receipts. The leading produce markets were active peeterdap, and unsettled. The most prominent fact of the dap was a widening of the premium on future deliveries, In many departments, which was chiefly due to the fact of large deliveries for Slap, either made in tho morning or expected In the afternoon. Being the first of tho month, a good deal of produce was •‘moved M around from one offloo to another, and the sequel proved that the May deals had not been provid ed for so extensively aa woa supposed at the close of last week. The prevailing tono was very Irregular. Provisions wore weak early, and strong afterwards; while gram was strong at the outset, and weaker to wards the close. The weather was fine, and tho crop conditions favorable. There was a rather heavy frost in this neighborhood tha preceding night, but that was generally understood to be a consequence of our nearness to tho lake shore, and was confined to a smsll area. The reported outward movement of grain wta largo, Including a good deal that bad been lytdg In vessels for aome time, awaiting the opening of lake navigation. In domestic dry goodathero was a free movement on local and Interior account, and, aside from prints, tbo market preserved a steady and firm lone. There waa little change In the position of ibe grocery mar ket. Fair activity was apparent la most departments, and the tenor of prices was fatrlpflrra. Butter waa quiet nt unchanged though slightly easier prices. Cheese remains dull at 0(311o for poor to best now. There was a free movement la foreign and domestic dried fruits at generally prices. Fish were quoted quiet and study. of oils were the anno as at the close of but week, except for extra lard and turpentine, both of which were lower, tho former now being quoted at 11.1001.12, and the latter at4t(<hlse. Leather, hogging, tobacco, teas, and canned goods worS without notable change. Coal and wood remain dull. N, J. Central 97 V Rook laland 101* Bt. I'aul 3S Kt. Paul pfd. (M Waoaah Vi Wabash pfd !» Fort Wayne. 103 Torre Hants 3# Terre Haute pfd 15 Chicago k A1t0n..... M Chicago ft Alton pfd.lo4 Ohio ft Alisilsilppl... 10 Delaware, kh, k W.109V A. k P. Tel 1H Missouri Pacific llttf Atlantic k Pacific pfdlC3 •* Indiana Contra! 4*J Chicago, U. k Q 117 ' Hannibal k St. Joe. 14 V 1 Ceulrat Psc. bonds,.lOC}* {Uuion Pacific handa,,li)4£ | U. Pacific land'graut.loo | U. P. sinking fund I bonds 91V 10KDS. Lumber was In moderate demand at unchanged prices. The offerings at the docks vers liberal, and the market fairly active and steady. Building male* rials were dull and weak, brick being lower and weak at the decline. Dealers think the demand this season will be light and that prices will rule as low and poeal* biy lower than they did hut year. Tho hardware mer chants report the usual inquiry at uniformly good prices for all staple goods. The woo) market con* tinues dull and weak, and some kinds of unwashed were quoted lower. Bides, broom-corn, and bay were unchanged. Timothy and clover seeds were in good demand and higher, owing to light offerings, while millet and Hungarian were slow and easy. Potatoes continue dull, tho only demand being from small re tailers, who are easily supplied from the atock lu ■tore. Eggs and poultry wero steady. Virginia 6s, new 34 Missouri Cs 10i;f .—The following ere the ck Exchange; Crown 1-olnt 17V Yellow Jacket........ 13V Alpha SI Belcher 25 Confidence 18V Rlerra Nevada.,,.,,., 17 V Exchequer 19V Overman tvs Justice 31V Ca1ed0nia........... 9V The following were the exports from the four Iced* log cities of ths Atlantic seaboard for the dates named: Week eml'g Week end'g W*k curt’g April April 15. '76. AprU 24,'76. Flour,brls 49,384 51.3C0 51,630 Wheat, bu 643,701 787,033 606,D9 Corn, bu 973,710 51:1,374 953,388 Oats, bu .... .... .... Rye, bu 33.111 Jlarlcj, bu 3,300 13,01>;> I’ork, brls 6,190 4.H53 :t,0‘.3 Lard, lbs 1.659.198 3,437,02*1 3.978.105 U*COD, tbfl 8,003,763 0.003,317 3,010,317 r, 95z 2,015 Received at Chicago Custom*, May 1, 1676: North Chicago Rolling-Mill Company, 60 ten* *pte gel; \Tm. Flakier h Sons, 7 pkga dry goods; 11. Bear* It Co., 4 cases gnu*; o. 11. Foiter A Co., 3 case* cot* tost; Field, Lelkr&Co., 33 pkg* dry goods; J. V. Farwoll It Co., 1 case dry goods; Frank Bturgoa h Co., 1 owe tin plate; Anton Kunz, 3 caaka wine; 0. nigh* wood, 3 case* pointing*; Greiner It Bcburle, COO bit barley; D. W, Irwin it Co., 9,000 bu barley. Amount of duties collected, $4,508.91. f, 20x ....... T,o*o (, 2U 8,000 it, n t, .. «0 IT, If, 760 PROVISIONS. noa PRODUCTS—Were Ic*« active la the aggre gate, tod generally week, being very unsettled during the greeter rert of the session. The receipts of hog) were again Urge, end prices week, which reacted ua product, end t rought out heavy offerings for future, with the expectation of free deliveries in the afternoon oa May sales. The stock of pork in New York is re ported at 30,811 brli, against 31,303 brie a month ago, slid CO,M3 hrls a year ago. Mrss Foil*— Was more active, and very irregular, declining about 60c per brl, and closing 33c lower than the latest prices of Saturday. The market wan dull early, then weak, under the fact of free May deliveries, and afterwards rallied. Sales were reported of 400 brln cash at fJO.SOgi2O.7O; 1,000 brls aellere May at $30.35#30.60; 6,100 brla seller June at $30.60.970.09; and 6,760 brls seller July at Total, 14,660 brls. The market cioeed steady*#! $30.43(J|30.C0 cash, according to weight; $30.42 ##20.43 seller May; $30.70®20.73jtf seller Juno; s2o,Dfr§3l.o(J seller July; and nominally at $21.2.'»#21.3D seller August. Prime mesa pork was quoted at $20.00; and extra prime sold (100 brU) at $16,00. Laud—Ws* again active, though lees so than on Sat urday, and declined 20(425c per 100 He, In sympathy with a further drop of 6dots in Liverpool. The mar ket wis very weak early, but ruled steadier at the reduction. Bales were reported of a,OOO ten seller the month 8t512.«5<31‘J,68; 0,250 tea asller Juueat sl2.<i2X (*12,77X1 and 14,000 tea seller July at sl2,72lsr<s 12.92 - Total, 22,250 tea. The market closed steady at $12,50 cash or seller May: s(2.''2X(3l'-4.b5 seller June; $13.80 seller July; and nominally at 113.U3& 12.97 X asller August, Meats—Were dull and lower, with very free offerings and little demand, Futuna were especially weak, buyers holding off in exrcoutlou of a further decline. Sales were limited to 20 boxen shoulders at 7*;c; 100,000 Its short ribs, seller July, at UXo: 250 boxen short dears on private terms; and 200 boxes long and abort clears at fll.sQ>f per lUO Its. Tbs market closed at the following range of prices: Hiiout- mug Rhort Short IERCIAU i receipts and shipments of xluoe in this city during the ig at 7 o’clock on Monday ders. clear. rib. clear. Halted, loose 7*{ ii ii-,' n>; Dosed 7>; UV 11V It*; July 7 X 11X lI.V UX Dacca, cosh 8.... 12. \'i% Long sud abort clears at 11X° cash, and 11‘Jc seller June, boxed; green bams, IIXOBIX 0 : sweet pickled do, |jx<*l3o; CuiuberUnda. HXUllXOtCasboraell er April; long-cut hams, 13(413X6, boxed; bacon hams. U. 5150, (liiEAHK—Was quiet at 6X<39c. BliliF FRODUOrs—Wens steady and qnlot at $10.50 010.75 for mess, $11.50(311.75 fur axtra mess, aud $23.00(323.50 for bams. Tallow—Was quoted at SXdBJfo for city, and 8o for country lots. 10,630, 13,619 61,300 174,408 157,4001 353,270 27,070. 29,703 380 34,734 4,520] 11.466 6.1.184 441,121 44,2ii0| 114,202 12,000 14,183 24,001 *5,;iU 10.2:6 300 2,877 207,045 r#oiuo6 1,331,100 828,520 1,132,618 I IDO i| 651,0-26 27,M20i| 20,000 21,850 j 16,345 H0.H15 60.700 0,016 FLOUR— Wu very quiet, and irregular. Tbs local trade took bold sparingly but bad to pay full former prices, the atocka being light—they have decreased 15,444 brls durlug Uie last month. Shippers held off, sad at tbe oloae the market was nominally weak for •hipping extras. In sympathy with wheal. The stock taking abovs a total of 53,468 brls m store here, against 48,683 brls a month ago, and 111,013 brls a year ago. These figures do not, however, give a correct Idea of the flour oo sale. They Include flour alreidy sold and held for shipment, sad there Is a standing allowance of 6,000 brls made to cover Utile lots, which are apt to be smaller than usual when the current supply te light, •• recently. Rales were reported of 890 brls winters at (5,t0(<tn,50; and too brls spring •tiros at 11.80130.00. Total, 790 brls. The war* ket dosed steady at the following range of prl* cost Choice winter cures. s7dWii»7.lw; common to good do, $5.60(37.10; shipping extra*, f 1.304 4.60; good do, K.B.lftlS.lO; choice do. patents do, |0.00<fl9.00: Minnesota, Ss.oo(jt].ou; spring •uicrhuts, rye flour, (4.95«t.J1V. ItnxK—Was quiet and easy. Rales were 90 tons at $U.1'x419.00 free on hoard curs. 6,m a,mb 83J 97,220 213 8,270 1,184 '2.291,809 1,221,600 1 1,121 Mtunuuus—hales wore 10 tuna at 114.00 fro® on board. Cons-UtAL—Wu nominal at 118.00 on track fur coarse. \UIEAT—Was active and very irregular. The mar* ket advanced in average of higher on Junw, closing K°*°"«r than on Haturday, wUlle cask lots and seller May avarauod about the same as that day, closing ifo lower. The difference between the two months was 3o early, and wlaeuud to 3«<o at ouu time under Urge offenug* for Ibis tnoutli, closing at about ho, Jleurbolua quoted the Urltlib markets as Arm, and New York opened Ann, but Inactive. Huhsuoueiitly London was reported lower, and Naw York dull. kill, waukce being also weak. The early buying consutvd cbledyof filling aborts on local account, though some wheat was bought for shipment. With the UUtr news the demand foil off, and there was a decided pressure to sell, which broke down prices. The ro- Mints were only fair (excluding through shipment*), and Minnesota jiointa were reported Ui U> aluw In forwarding thslr wheat at present prices, some of the stocks at tue river towns, which are only about two thirds of Ibelr volume a year ago, being held Lack lu hope# of better prices, liul the weather lu the North west Is decidedly favorable to the next crop, and the later advice* from Great Urttain indicate that much leas will be wanted there from abroad before nest har vest than Lad been calculated upon, while for (he meeting of that diminished demand the Indian "Empire* Is pouring In large quantities, as if lu payment for us recently-conferred distinction. There was some talk ysstsrdsy about s demand in New York Wheel, 073.7741 tl.fliVj If 1)0.181 W4.8T0 'I Vi*' 9.733 THE CHICAGO TKIBUNE: TUESDAY. MAY 2, 187(5. KtlPOliTfl FllOil TUE SEABOARD. ronnimt upoktation. j'u ui'i io/i n>, .7>; 11,- u ii». BREADSTUFFS. fop wheat lo go to Urn Continent of Europe, hut(be public ndvlrvs did tint indicate activity In that nr any other direction, and little importance was attached to It. The probability la that aome of the wheat In the United Slate* la being aent to find n market on the Continent. Heller .Time opened at 11.01. anld at f 1.01 ».f, raccdcd to fI.OOJf, advanced to H.Ol'i, and declined to #l.orinsing at fl.ol’o 1.00',. Heller the month, or regular Mo. i spring, aold at fßrfM.Vh closing at the Inside, and aollcr .Inly aold atft.ol Vrfl.o3. closings! 11.02. (lllt-edged receipt* of No,9sohl at tHXQMVf'’* closing at IMS'o. Cash ■ilea were reported of 1,000 bn No, 1 aprlng at f1.19J4 5 70.000 tin No, 9do at VIS rfWWc* 9.800 bn No. 0 dont DotAfO.Vc: 7,n00 bu relief do it 8O09O'gc; and 800 bn by sample at Mo93e. Total. 81,600 bu, Minnxsota Whkat—W*b quiet, and aold lo higher, but doled unmlnally caster. Sale* were 1,000 bu No. lat $1.13; toOhu by sample at f 1.04 on track; amt 9.000 bu do at f1.0d.i1,14 free on Ixwrd rani. Total, 3,400, H*. 2 waa quoted at fl.Oiwheu No. 1 aold at | COHN—Wo* active and Irregular. The market was atrong early, advancing %e from the latent priccaof Raturday, but fell Inca nOVc aflcrwirds, In lymra tby with wheat, and closed dull. Liverpool «u quiet, bntour raceipfa are very light for Mar, the reported abipmanta wera large, and ibe facttliai big rail ship ment* have been already contracted for Incited the •horta te fill, and brought out numerous buying or* den on ontalda account. But New York waa reported dull and outer near the elo«e, buyers for shipment wero loaa free tbau ou Raturday (perhapa partially ow ing to * scarcity of railroad care), and, when wheal weakened, the demand dwindled lo a low nolot, while the condition* brought out free aellcrs. There waa no apeclal nows la from the country, but It waa under- Hood that continued fine weather U favorable to plant ing, and it waa expected that receipt* will lucraaw when that work la over. Seller May opened at 45.*{0, aold at 45*ie, advanced to 4Co, and declined to 4S.Vo ai Uiecloae. Seller Juno aold At 45,X04.Vtn» and seller July at 40<<047Xc, both cloning at iheinshlo. OlU edged receipt* of No. 9 sold nt AHOlfct cloning at Caah aalce wero reported of fi.COu bu hlgh.mtxod at 43*i«4flC! 104,AH) bU -No. 2 at 43XQ 4isc; bu new mixed at 43X0430; 0,000 bu rojeci edat4l,Xc; 7,60) bn by aample at 330:47c on track; and 16,400 bu do at 43W(d40«<0 free on board can. Total, 140,000 bu. OATS—Were again fairly active, averaging lower. The trading wn* principally in options, the Muy shorts being busily engaged In Battling their deals and changing them Into June, the difference bo tween the two options wldouiug to >,O. The de liveries were small. Liberal receipts and fair ■hlpmenls were again reported, and a moderate Inquiry for cosh oals. Seller May opened at ao declined lo 30Vc, and closed at 30June opened at 30740, sold to 30740, then down to 30‘fc, and dosed at Cash closed at 30 ','c. Dejected wna quoted at 3603014 c. Samples were la fair requeat, O-tsh sales were reported of 43,300 Im No. 3at 30X010*; 1,800 «m rejected at bu by aamplo at 30 <4350. Total, 51.800 bu. nv&~Waa dull and cosy at a decline of le. The re ceipts were considerably larger than for any day for auroral weeks, 10 cars haring been Inspected in by rail and 3,000 bu of rejected by canal. Tho reported ship ments wore also large, but proltably Included a cargo loaded somo time ago that has Just cleared for the Lower takes. Bales were limited to 4ou bu No. 9at C2e. BARLEY—Was fairly active early, anil qulel sultso queuliy, w|;h prices for the day averaging high* cr than on Baturdiy. Cash wa* Id demand for ship, meut, aud sold At O2.SjO(V)o, closing at tho lust lu. Belief May opened nt Wo and closed at flic, ruling fairly active iu tho early part of tho session. Tbs do liveries wero roj»orli>J to be small. Juuo wa* quiet at &7(4*>Bc. and July wan not mentioned, No, 3 tvu quid at 4Q.?41c, aud rejected nt 35c. Cash sale* wore reported of '.’1,100 bu No, 3 at ido3c; 400 bu No. 3 at Vis, Total, 21,890 bn. EIIIBT CALI,. Wheat was fairly active, and #o lower. Sales 225,* OX) bu at U7#c for May, and ririjifif.iDjjc for June. Provisions wore quiet, Sales 2)0 brls mess pork seller August at $21.23; 233 tc* lord seller June at slJ.ti7Jtf. LATEST. In the afternoon mess pork was about 100 lower and fairly active. Sales were reported of 4,609 brls at $j0.360.9,40 for May, $i0,63@..0.(,2# for Juno, and 1i0.73@3tj.90 for July. Inrd wan also lower under free offerings. Biles 4,259 tc* at $12.62#@13.00 for Juno, aud sl2.C2#@ 12 J 5 for July. Wheat was heavy under largo offerings, closing #o lower. Seller May sold nt 'j7@'J7>jo uud closed at 97.4 c, Juuo sold at OJVtdOOJtC, aud closed at 9J#c, July closed at $1.91)4. Corn was quiet and weak, dosing at 4'.','(*«sVc for Juue, aud 4o,4@4<!j,'c fur July; May sold at 45@l6#c, dosing at tho outside. Out* were caster, selling down to 30c for May, and storing ntSOlfc. Juu4 sold at aud closed at BOj{oJO’tC, call ROAnn. Mess pork was fairly active, cloring 10c lower than on 'Change, at (2021714 for May aud |23.57V@20.i;0 for Juno. Sales 0,199 Iris at $20.31 >4(3^o,l9cash; $20,37# for May; $29,57V0(20.60 for Juno; and s2o.B2#ci 29,87# for July. Lard was qnfot, with sales of 2,260 tc* at $12.55 for June and $12.70 lor July. Meats woroeaslor. Sales 50,000 lbs shoulders seller Juno At 7'sk : 1,990,000 lbs short ribs st 19#o seller Juno, and $10.9)@10.97>; seller July. GENERAL MARKETS. easier at (2.18@2.14. BUOOU-CORN—Dealers report a fair retail Inquiry at full prices for All tho best grades, while common corn Is more plenty and easy: Choice burl, B@9c; No. 2 hurl, 7@8o; choice medium, 7@7#o; good medium brush, fair Inside and covers, 636#0; infe rior, 4@ 4#o ; crooked, 300 c. BUTTER—No marked change wan apparent In this market yesterday. At tho recently reduced prices the market shows rather more steadiness than for some time previous, hut there la an undercurrent of weakness which, under increased supplies, would no doubt develop into a decline. Wo quote: Choice to fancy yellow, medium to good grades, 23@ 28o; inferior to common, 14ii23c. BAGGING—Trade was reported fair, with prices running along about steady. Blocks are uot oppressive, and are held with confidence. We quote: Stark A, 26c; Poorless AA, 230; Lewiston, 26c; Montaup, 26c; Ontario, 250; American A, 22#c; Amoskoog, 230; Ot ter Creek, 23c; burlap bags, 4 bn, 14#@lS#o; do, 5 bu, IS@lCc ; gunuics, single, 14#16c; do double, 380 24>*. BUILDING MATERIALS—Were dull and weak, especially lime and brick. The outlook this season is not considered very bright. The indications are that Ibe local demand will be smaller than it was last year, iho mania for buildtug haviug subsided in a measure stlessL Common bncks are quoted SI.OO per m tower, and weak at tho dochuo, owing to free ofierlnga of new bricks, which, it Is said, cun bo bought fur ts.(io for future delivery. Quotations: Common brick, SO,OO ]ierm; pressed do, $12.U9@16.U0 per m: lime In bulk, 79u ;>cr brl; do in belt*, $1.99; Louisville cament, $-2.U0; Utica, Buffalo, and Akron cement, $1.76; Rort -1.11111 reinent, $5/HH<*o.l)o; stncco, f J.2'>,.t’J.6o; Now York do. $2.30; plastcrlng-balr, <Lbu l»lcs7sLoo. UiihKHE—There w a dull market for this staple, so that (be receipts, though Usjht, are equal to the d>- nund. Now skimmed is quoted by joubers at o@llo for common to best. COAL—Trade remains dull at nominally ctcady fig ures : L.-u'kswvDDi*. rang’) and nut, $19.00: do egg, $9.60; canoe!, S7.OO(ADO; Erie. $7.99; Blossbuig, $7.99(47.60; ilooKtng Vkllcy, $9.00; Indiana block, $3.50; Baltimore * uhlo, $(U0; Illinois, $4.uu@4.69. >XIUH—Were in lair re pitst and stronger at 110 HWc. The low priced have induced a larger domumi, aud soma are said to bo buying to carry, believing cg/s cheap below 12#c. The receipt* and shipments were liberal. ITBH—Business was qnlet at the annexed range of prices: No. I wiillenrit, M-brl, (5.90<«6.iu: No. 2 do, 11.8044.00; No. 1 trout- $4-99: No. I shore mackerel, #-brl, $12.69013.09; No. 1 bay, $9.90(49.25: No. 2 mackereL V-nrl, $8.9008.2.6; family tuackorcl, v-tirl, $0.50; No. 1 shore Ulta, Urge, $2.99: No. 1 bay kit*. st.6<); largo family kite, |l.2u; bonk codfish, $i,7)(4 6.09; George's codfish, |6.69iib6.75; labrador herring, split, brls, $7.78(48.96; do, #-brl. $4.0004.23; Labra dor herring, round, brls, $J.60.>«u.75; do, #-brl, $3.69 @3.75; scaled herring, per box, 49c; No. 1 burring, 3Jo: Columbia Itlvur salmon, #-hrl, $8.99, FUUITH ASD NUT’B— No change* were developed In the aried-fruit market. A fairly satisfactory busi ness was in progress, aud the quoted price* wore fully maintained; FomnoH—Dates, figs, laysrs, 14 C4l<io; figs, drums, 11412 c; Turkish prunes, 7 *;c ; French primes, kegs and Isixes, 10@16c; raisins, layers, S2.H-'M'J.W); loose kluscatel, Valcn ris, 11 Vfi«,ll#o; Zante currant*. citron, 23 4 240, Duubhtio—Alden sppLs, 18@29o; Michigan *p ties, eoiuinon, 9’*(<ilUu; choice, lU.-«@R)#c ; iwache*. alves. li>iC4t-'kc; do, pared, lleuloo; blackberries, U#y4i’2c; raspberries. 3.10 J to; pitted cherries, 24c. Nuts—Filberts, llickli^c; almonls, Turrogona, 19#(52Uc: Naples walnuts, ttl@l7c: French walnuts, new, 11(0,120 5 Urcnotilo walnuts, 14 <r,l6c; Brazils, 94 t»Lc', pecans,Texas, UX@i'2#c; Wilmington peanuts, 808#c; Teunesiee peanuts, 306 o; African peanut*, Offline. GREEN FRUlTS—Foreign fruits wero in fair re quest and steady. Apploi wore ruthor slow aud easy: Good to choice apples, $1.0005,00 p«r brl; Mssstua oranges. $3.00(85.76 per but; Valencia do, $12,900 13.90 per cose; lemons, $3.5000.09 per box. UllUCEHIEB—Prices of all of ths stapioline* ware steady and firm, aud most of the minor article* wer* also held at very lull figures. A good business wa* doing at the subjoined quotations: Hick—llangoou, U/p'ilc; Carolina, 1 : Lou* islaue, Corvm:*—O. O. Java, 309'J10: Java. No. 3. 379 C8o; choice to fancy Hio, «ood to prime do, 33ca33.Vc; common 10 fair, roaaiimr, l'J.VC4l«lic; Hlu«aporo Java, Costa Idea, 33 yvdtf; Maracaibo, 3‘J>f(43lo. Huuaaa—Patent cut lotf. )l>f(4>ll.'o; enuhed, 11V powdered, ll»(9ll*ic; granulated, 10/(l,* llo: A. standard. do No. a, 109101(0 : ll a WJ(t*lOo; extra 0. O No. a, W><93l(o; yellow C No. l, do c No. 'i, Ofc'Hic; choice brown, t»,V9B,’<c; (air to prime do, 8)((48Vo* com mon do, choice ioniums augur. «>((d«\,'c! common to good do, 7/;9i>{c; New Orleans. 7ju@ gfcc. btuops—California mgar.loaf drips, «8970 o; dia mond dripa, |1.0j(4l.l0; ellrer drips, extra flue, CO(9 C.ic ; wood auyar-hotise siruji, NMMo; extra do, 6x4 COo; New Orleans molasios, choice. 05(gWc; do prime, #Bi4Wo; do, common to good, tbOtoe; Porto IUOO nn>- laaeus, 4"(4tOo; common mokesu, 309100; black* •trap, 3.(4JU0. Ht'icas—Allanlce, 17917jtf0; cloves, 61933 c ; caaafa, acidic; pepper, 5 nutmegs, 11.3491.36; L’jiiutlu ginger, ltti9lS>jc. board —True lllue, fl!a»S German Mottled, OV(97c; White Idly, Mi'Jko; White Uo*e, C<4' ! '*c! U<ya. Ha ven. #k»aO<3: bavoulmperial, Co; Golden West,6*9 6J«c. brancns-Kxcelslor, laundry. 6» 4 '97e; do, glosa, B»if C4 -»e ; do, corn, V9U)<c; Klugafur.l, pure, 7/Jo 5 do, bitver gloes, J.H9U,'xc; do coin. luauijjc. HAl—Timothy was in request and urm, very UtUe being uttered. prairie was Heady, We quote: No. 1 timothy. tl3-60.4U.Ui; No. 3 do, H'J.OU; mixed do, 110.30(411.W| upland prairie, |10.6U911.00< No. 1 do, |J.OO S Hough. 14.50.9^00. UIOUWINLd—Were inactive and nominally teaier, el |l.vf aekad, end fI.OA bid. with little dementi. New York wjs held nt JI.U I*. O. Boyd A Cj., of Now York, write m (ollnw* s IIJIH, nil. 9 n, luillinn , We do not look for any Improvement In trade for sometime. Thera ha* been aome reduction lu the production, aud many distillers will doee down next month for the autnmer, which may canaa a reaction and lead to higher price*. Our annual moving time cau*ea more dullness than usual at thta time of year." lIIDKH—Were In fair requeat and atendy. Damaged hlda.4 are usually quoted at 3c, but aomo doders aiy theyaro atM buying at two.third prlc’s: Green city Imtchora', green cured, light and heavy, 7c; damaged, 8c ; part cured, green waited kip, 7c; green country. Bjtfc; green calf, l3o; flint hides, dry kip and edf, 14j; dryaaltod bide*, 11X°5 deacon ■kina. 450M)c. HOPS—Wero In light requeat and steady a113015e. According to the cenaua return*, hop-growing la in* croaalug rapidly In Oregon, where boj** have proved, thnafar, tub* thq moat profitable crop of the farm. In the fltato about 801 acre* are now given to the cul tivation of hope, the average yield of which laat spa aim wa* altout 3,0u0 tba per acre, and on one tract of 8 acrea the average waa 3,780, OlLH—tard oil w.w weak and l@3c lower. A do dine of lo In turpentine was nl*o noted. With the above exception*, (he range of prices waa the same a* at the close of last week. W# quote: Carbon, 113 deg. teal, 13c; do Illinois legal teat. 150Ucg,, 14c; Snow White, 130 teat, 17c; do headlight, I*s acg., !7>fo; ex tra winter Urd oil, f1.10Q1.19 • No. I, OToa'Jfto; No. 9, 78080 c: Unaeert, raw, BOc; boiled, 69n; whale, winter bleached, 7r®Soo; anerm, f2.1903.33j noatafoot oil, atrlctly pure, fl. 1301.30; do extra, 05c; doNo. l,P5c; bank oil, 83c; strait*, 60c; plnmbago oil, CO073O; tur pentine, 44043 c; naphtha, deodorized, CO gravity, 19>4Q14)f0: Weak Virginia olla, natural, VO deg., ;li 0,310; natural, 30 cleg., 97@J00; reduced, 38 dog., 90 @338. POTATOES—Were In light retail requeat at 350.390 porbulu sack*. The receipts wore small, but tba stock In store I* ample, and the farmers are still bring ing in a good many loads, which are usually taken by the small grocers. POULTRY—Wa* rather netreo and a shade firmer, at fI.OOQ9.CK) for eblckeiifl, and 19>4013a for turkeys. Ducks and gees* were very dull. SEEDS—Timothy and clover wore In good demand and higher, under light offerings. Timothy sold at f 3.6009.75 for fair to prime, and prime clover at fi',99. The offering* of Hungarian and millet wore larger, and both were dull and weak at 39@30c. Flax sold at f, the outside for seed flax. SALT—Wan in moderate demand amt steady. Tho first cargo by lake, consisting of nearly 10,000 brls.wa* received yesterday on the steamer John ITldgeon. Tho old Block of lino salt Is almost exhausted: Bagl* naw and Onondaga, fine, $1,40; Canada do, f 1.45; or dinary coarse, $1.70: dairy, without bags, f‘J.75; dairy, with bag*, |3.W; Ashton, dilry, per sack, fI.SO. TEAR—Domain about steady, Thero was a fair roliimo of sates at tho following range of prices • Gun rownen—Common, 30<?40o; good do, 4il(A4lc; mo dlum, 43(3300; good do, 6O05So; fine, OV-*00o; finest, 60(3690; choice, 7O073o; choicest, 1)0(4950 ; fancy, f 1.0501,15. iMPRniAt/—Common, 300:15c; good do, i)8@(Oo; medium, 40045 c; good do, 430/voo: fine, so @r»so; finest, r>s ai6oc; Choice, C'07Oo; choicest, 70Q 73e. Japan—Common, 38c; medium, 40(343a; good medium, 45048 c; flue, Cn»a9sc; Uuc-st, 07Sc. Oolonus— Common, 300530 ; good common, 3.'i0:58q ; medium, 40,M420 ; good medium, hue, 48050 c J Uucst, 65088 c, choice, tJo@C3o; choicest, 78080 c. WOOD—The market was quoted easy nt SI.OO for maple, s*,oo for bocch, aud $.">.00 for slab*—delivered. VEGETABLES—Fresh offerings wero scarce aud firmer. Quotations: Cucumbers,sl.26ol.soj«*rdor,; green pea*. $1.25 41.60 pur box; airing beans, $4.50(3 n.OD ;*cr box; asparagus, $1,0041.36 per doz; lottnce, 40operdoz; raolalics, toft.’Oc per doz; spinach, $1.50 @1.75 pot box: Bermuda tomatoes, 750@51.U0 per box. WOOL—Gimllnnca dull aud weak, aud unwashed U quoted lower. Manufacturers are ordering only to keen tbclr mills running until new wool can bo ob tained. Dealers generally are carrying light stocks, and are closing out In order to be ready to handle tho now clip, which will begin to arrive about tbo last of the month. Tub-washed, prime, fiOo; do. poor to good, 41@l8e; washed llcoco, fine, good conditioned, 3:J04Oo; washed, medium do, 4O042o; unwished, fine heavy to light, 38@2U0; do, medium, TKgldc; pulled, 30@37c. LIVE STOCK. cincAoo. The receipts and shipments of live stock during April, os reported by the Secretary bt the Union Btock- Yard Company, wero os follows: Gallic. Hogs, Sheep. Receipts t'7,790 230,1.02 29,8-4 Hhipmenls 88,717 94,020 20,491 Received April, 1873 93,374 209.309 41,933 Tho average weight of the hogs was 310# lbs. CATTED— I Tho receipt* during Sunday and Monday were about 4,000 head. Trade was exceedingly dull during tho opening hours, only a fow transfers having been effected up to 11 o'clock, but later thoro was con* aldorabfo stir, and at tho close of business hours somewhere In thq neighborhood of 8,000 bead bad changed owners. Prices wero weak, and In Instances there wero sales at a concession from last week's prices, but tho general rango of values was not no ticeably different. Bales were at $3.5003,75 for bulls; at53.0C@3.76 for butchers' and cows; at $3.3034.00 forsto.kers; and at $4.1005.30 for fair to choice ship ping steers.' Tbs market dosed easy. CATTLE BALKS. No. Ar. Price. Strader, Wadsworth * 11. to Keefer 30 1,420 $-..23 To Keefer 30 1,419 6.25 To Keefer 13 1,550 8.89 To Morris k W 17 1.309 4.85 11.1 L Henry to Monroo... .31 1,276 4.75 To Keefer 12 3,407 4.75 Itadcr k Heed to Mooro 13 1,(>,1J 4.40 To Morris k W f.L 1,051 4.25 Bentley, J. k Co. to Monroe 29 1.3H3 5.00 To Botsford 33 1,2-W 4.05 11. Green * Co. to Johnson. 1H 057 4.25 To Hess 17 1,134 4.15 Hall, Patterson k Co, to Monroo, 15 1,191 4.35 To Morris * W 02 1,994 4.39 To D. Thompson (oxen) 83 1,532 3.50 To flwift kII 18 1,331 4.70 To Swift k H 14 1,185 4.35 To Bwlft k II 35 1,220 4.55 To Swift k 1,401 3.15 To Swift *ll 17 1,319 4.75 TO Swift *ll 31 1,159 4.40 To Swift *ll 31 1,240 4.65 To Swift k H 15 1,140 4.87 V Martin Bros, to Monroo 17 1,151 4.40 fo Monroe 32 1,241 4.U5 To Monroe 19 1,013 4.35 To Baldwin 10 930 4.16 To Swift * H 17 1.225 4.60 To Swift *H 10 1,381 4.90 To Hatpin (cows) 12 019 3.C5 George Adams* Co. to Monroe (Kansas) 32 1,820 6.00 To Monroo 32 l,:m( 4.85 To D. Thompson (still bulls)... 15 1,435 3.55 ToD. Thompson (still bull*). Id 1,181 8.50 To O. Thompson (still bulls).. 8 1,192 8.90 ToDoud I'l 1,151 4.(17# To Austin IS 1,0C9 4.65 To Morns * tV. (Konsa* oxen). 15 1.471 4.09 To Morris * W 11 ],i*3 4.i To Hartwell (■tillers) 19 1.1H7 n.wi Conover * Hall to Morris * W... 31 I,:ji*» 4.75 Uotine Bros. * Co. to M0nr00.... 82 1,418 fi.l6 To Monroe 15 1.33-'* 6,00 DcnneyklLtoHorß *C’o.. 47 1,835 4.H0 James Jackson to Monroo 15 1,*279 4.90 To Kastman 41 1,371 4.85 To Pfcltzer (cows) 19 8.75 To Morris * W 15 1.2 0 4.(5 To Morris kW 19 1,187 4.f.6 To Morris * W 63 1,1 >5 4.46 Brawn. T. k Co. toDaulz. II 1.011 4,25 To Bwlft * II 21 1.309 4.70 Grove* Bros, to Doud 10 1,221 4.70 Ingworscu Bros, to Bond 35 I,l‘iß 4.C2# lUrpole * L'itt to Swift * H... .15 1,460 4.H1) Holme* t Beckett to Morris * W 15 1,344 4.99 To Morris, *W 34 l.'itM 4.60 To Morris & W 17 1.17*2 4.60 To Morris k W 9 1,202 4.15 H. K. Mallory k Co. toDantz.... 17 1,9,13 4.25 To Morris kW 57 1,979 4.49 To Morris * W 29 1,199 4.95 To Doucl I'2 l,a!»0 4.85 To Harsh, M. & Go 34 1,319 4.75 To Eastman 39 1,340 4.79 To Frye 10 1,173 4.37 V To fades 19 l.utxi 4.35 Gregory, Cooley* Co. to Cdfford 31 1,9.-9 4.59 To Herat), M. * Co 17 1.392 6.10 To Herah, M. *Co 18 1,174 4.55 Ts Baldwin 18 980 4.25 To O'Brien (cows) ,39 l.hU'J 3.76 To Bwlft *ll 20 1,433 A,CO To Morris *W 31) ' 1.424 6.00 To Morris kW 17 1,229 4.C0 To Morris * W 32 1,215 4.40 To D< Tnompsou 20 1,9(5 3.99 To Morris *W 49 1,2*2 4.(>U IL tilntboro kCo. to Monruu,.,, 18 l,W»i 4.49 To Monroo 92 1,312 6.25 To Monroo 99 1,221 4.8) To Monroo 17 I.U7C 4.99 To Use* 31 1,139 4.95 HOGB—Received, 10.500 Load. Tbsrs wa* a mod erately active bog-market at substantially Saturday’s quotations, but there wss an undertone of weakness, which, with liberal receipts to-day, will very likely de velop into a decline. Light wero salable at $7,494 $7.66 for common to prime, while poor to prime heavy were slow at t7.25C47.95. Balts of the former were principally at $7.43(47.50. and of the latter at $7,400 7.5). The market has a downward tendency. )100 BALES, No. At. Price. H, E. Mallory * Bro. to Tabor 33 Jikj $7.00 To Allerion 61 219 7.39 ToAllcrton.. 6) lifl 7.49 To McCarthy 22 R’9 0.30 Gregory, Cooloy k Co. to Bock. .. 59 171 7.59 To Beck 60 177 7,60 To Uelsurty 39 186 6,35 To Mutuatf b'J 122 O.tW To Sherman 112 152 7.26 ToAllortOU ....42 2l'J 7.45 To Allcrtou 108 I'Jl 7.39 To Alltrtou.,.., 65 1M 7.6'l To Uotxfurd 68 2)1 7.36 To Belknap 37 274 7.66 Alexander, G. k titahluuckcr.l99 2uJ 7,59 lta<ler * Reed to Botsford 29 2 V 3 7.26 TolioUford 28 2H-6 7.40 To Botsford 98 260 7.59 To Wm. Smith 22 179 7.69 To Wm. Smith 37 219 7.50 To Wm. Smith 67 219 7.80 To Wm. Smith 23 2)0 7.25 To Allerlou l;9 224 7.69 To Ailertou . 42 210 7.62 To Allertot) 35 128 7.50 To Allerlou 121 ltd 7.60 To Ailertou 63 220 7.69 Deulloy, Johnston k Co. to Fowler.lOJ 2t9 7.60 TO Fuwier 49 2 J 2 7.50 ToOrvis 49 242 1.35 Strader, Wadsworth k U. to Mor gan 56 251 T.CO ToOrvis 84 202 7.05 To Belknap C'J al'J 7.79 To Tabor SI 212 t. 60 To Orvta .V.V.’.V.V/.V. . *• aw 7.54 TeßoeetiUro U lit T.W To Rose A llro 33» 7.61 To Mir*- 23 SV'it 7.10 11. U. Henry lo Ricker (.0 228 7.61 To Allerlnn ftd p«l 7.45 J. Amlerwm to Thallun 3U 183 7.81 ToThallon 31* is:t 7.63 Wood ltro«. to Tab0r,..,.. 6J 17J 7.60 To Fowler .. 41 10'* 7.60 Totirvls r.o 270 7.35 To Armour 6* 3.1 7.40 To Armour (17 294 7.40 To Armour., 61 3.V1 7.4(1 Brown, T. A Co. to Fowler M lot 7.45 A. W. Vaughan to Schwartz 110 350 7/.fl Groves Bros. to Brown 30 wr.) 7.(10 To White C 8 318 7.60 Ingwerscn Bros, to Crane......... .13 XHI 7.60 Uarpole A l.otl toTabor 47 I** ?.6u To Tabor 49 I9J 7.60 Dickson AH. to Ricker 7! SMI 7.90 To Itlckcr... 8.1 337 7.63 ToHtahlnocker til ion • 7.60 Holmes A llctkelt to F0w1er...... B 8 1«8 7.50 To Fowler 60 379 7.60 To Rose A llro «0 303 7,f0 To liots A Dro. 6J ai3 7,60 To Mom A llro 61 3i9 7.60 Conover A Hall to crane 33 301 7,60 To Crane 46 3l:t 7.60 To Crane 66 307 7.60 To Boyd ACo 33 109 7.50 ToMastorman 36 39.1 7.63 llorlnnßros. A Co, to F0w1er..... 69 310 7.60 To Fowler 64 22(1 7,90 Dcnuoy A Redmond to Ricker.... 63 339 7.6.1 To Atlorton.... 43 203 7.90 To McCarthy 30 155 C. 76 Hall, Patterson A Co. to Lawler.. G 7 334 7.50 To Allcrlon fl'.l 103 7.43 To D0Uf0n1..........37 368 7.35 To Maeterraan..., 30 174 7.50 ToMaatertnan ..... 44 177 7.60 To lUckcr 27 11. (Jrcen A Co. to Tabor 60 IV4 7.50 To Tabor 61 2o(J 7.59 Jesse Adams to AUerton 40 InO 7.45 James Jackson to A11crt0a........ 64 130 7.'0 To Boyd ACo 43 171 7.60 To Fowler 40 ll>7 7.50 To Spring All 73 3uo 7.60 Roaeubaum AB. to Tabor 3.1 2u;l 7.90 ToTabor ...08 304 7.60 To Tabor 30 SOI 7.60 ToTabor 93 207 7.10 To Botsford 33 390 7.50 ToHackett 58 210 7.60 To Boyd A Co 25 ln3 7.60 Marlin Bros, to Marsh 40 ait 7,50 To Marsh 48 309 7,65 To Mareh 47 900 7.65 .To Tlialloa ...137 191 7.60 ToMurkham..... 27 197 7.60 To Botsford 31 3U 7.33 ToOrvls 64 304 7.33 To 78 293 7.65 To While 33 208 7.63 To White G 5 197 7.53 To Wblto 71 I*2 7.55 To Morgan 30 805 7.60 SHEEP—Received. 185 head. There was a limited business on a basin of $4.0005,00 for poor to medium, and at $3.2500.35 for good to strictly choice. NBW TOUR. Nbw York. May I.—Harms—Receipts, 4,000, mak ing B,roo for tho week, against 0,150 lost week ; quality medium to good generally; market fair at Friday's prices, which woro about ,','o higher (ban currout rates last Monday; a few best stoors retailed at 12c; a car-load of rough Texas oxen sold at Bo; somo fat bulla at $4.9004.80 per 100 lbs, live weight; mugs, ordinary to strictly prime slecra, Oifftllifo; fat steers, good weight, generally sold at 10 <4lie. Siiixr—Receipts, 4,300, making 13,630 for the week, aa.tmat 10,400 last week; market scarcely so firm as Saturday, but fair at good prices, ranging Co7o for clipped, and for unahora; sales. Including 2 car-loads choice clipped Ohio sheep, 115 tbs. at 7c; 1 car, 87 tbs, at 1 car unshorn Slate, 102 tbs,at evre: and 1 car Colorado. 00 Its, at CMC. Swine—Receipts yesterday and to-day, 8,890, mak ing 20,131) for tho week, agalnat 20.303 last week; none olloicd alive. bast lonnvnr. F.ABT LtnwiTT, Pa., May I.—Cattle—Receipts for tho four days past, 224 cars of through stock, and 48 for this market, orln alt 0,200 brad; fur tho week ending this day. 7,2t7, against 7,417 last week. The supply for yard sales Is good, but the bulk of them art) still on band, only local butchers being on hand, and buying at retail; prospects are good, however, fur an advance over lost week’s prices. Hour— I Tho receipts bavo boon 0,745 bead; total for (ho week. 13,770, against 10,010 last week; Yorkers, $7,5007,75; Philadelphian, $8.0008.26, Sheep—Receipts, 3,200 bead; total for tho week, 13,200, against 22,800 lost week; common to best soil ing at $4.2306.53.’ 6r. Louts, May I.—Hons—Fair demand, but At lower rates: light shipping, $f1.75r57.00; Yorkers, $7.0007.80; bacon, $7.1r.@7.40J butchers', $7.80(37.00. Cattle—Moderately active and higher; good to choice dbUto steers, $4.75@'.2ii medium to fair, $4.2504.02#; pony steers, $4.0004.37#; fair to choice native cows, $3.7501.25; stockors, $3.0004.25; food era, $4.2504.60. CINCINNATI. CrwcnntATi, Mayl.—lions—Dull And a shade lower; common to good light, $0.60@7.'.5; fair to good heavy, 17.3307.60; receipts, 2,600; shipments, 115. LUMBER. The cargo market wis active and steady. About 44 cargoes were offered, and of this number fully Hi wero ■old and removed before night, tho local yard-dealers being tho principal buyers. The dealers eutored tho market early and took bold with avldlty,-&na, alto* gelbor, tho day's business was very satisfactory. There was no special change in prices. Piece atuif sold at SB.OO and common Inch at $3.60(310.00, and fair do at $11.00011.50. Seven! cargoes consisted of dry lumber, as will be noticed by referring to the sales published below. Lath sold at $1.37#01.50 and shingles at $2.35. The following sales were reported: Hchr Arondal and hargo Orlppon, from Minlsteo, SOO m joist and scantling at $3,00. Hchr Kitty Grant. from Haugatuck, 80 m common boards and strips at $3.50. Cargo achr Fashion, 145 m piece staff, at $8.0:). Hchr Sailor Hoy, from Muskegon, 70 in strips and boards at $11.23. Hchr Uackicy, Muskegon, 205 m cosrso common boards, green, $3.60; 50 m lath, $1.31#; 1,500 pickets at $3.00. Cargo achr 8. Dates, from Hllver Lake, 100 m boards and strips, partly dry, at $11.00; 40 m piece stuff, partly dry, at $«.25. Hargo Apprentice lloy, Grand Haven, 250 m coarse dry boards at 10.00. Large Alary Amanda, Grand Haven, IPS m coarse dry boards at SO.OO. Hcow Coaster, Dlack Lake, 05 m common dry strips and boards, SIO.OO. Scow M. Dixon, Hpoonvllle, 40 m common dry inch boards aud strips, $10.(0; 35 m common dry 2-Inch, $3.23. Scow Mermaid, Hnoonvillo, 50 m dry short lumber, mill run, at SO.OO. Hchr Clsri, Manistee, 50 m 3x12, 20 feet ana over, at $ll.OO ; SOU m Joist and scantling at SB.OO. Hchr Atlanta, Ludlngton, 23-5 m Joist and scantling at $3.00. Hchr Live Oak, Manistee, 400 m A bhlnglea at $2.5'); 210 ra Aat $2.35 ; 73 m shaded Aat $1.35. Hchr K. Lyous, from Muskegon, 200 m boards and strips at $11.50; 15m hUi at $1.50. The yaid trade continues alow, and prices rule easy In consequence of free arrivals of green lumber ; .First ana eecond clear fdtt.OOqMO.OO Third clear, 1 Inch aj.Uo®3.|.Uo Third dear, thick 33.006*30.00 Clear {looting, drat and second, rough.. 30.00(43X00 Clear siding, first and second 17.ftu(41n.00 First common siding 16.00(410,00 Flooring, first common, dressed 30.00(4,.,.. Flooring, second common, dressed 32.1)0324.00 Box boards, A Box boards, 1J 33.003 A stock boards, 10 and 13 in... 30.U0r433.00 B stock boards... 33.00ft35.00 C stock boards 16.00(417.00 Fencing 13.00(413.00 Common lumber, 10 ft and under 3 Inch 10.QO(.411.00 Common Inch 11.60(413.00 Joists and scantling, 30 to 34 ft... 13.tKM15.U0 Lath 1.00(4 A shingles 3.0UC4 3.00 Uhiugltson track 3.40(4 TELEGRAPHIC MARKET REPORTS. FOREIGN MARKETS, tyerfal IlUvateh In Th* C'Afcutf* TViAuru. Litf.bvool, May 1—11:00 a, m.—Floou—No. X, 24a; No. 3,33 a Cd. Grain—Wheat—Winter, No. 1, Os 10d; No. 2,9 s fid; spring, eaQOaCd? white, No. 1,9* lOd; no. 3,9 s6d ; club, No. I, 10a 6d: No. 2, 9slUd. Corn, 20s®2ds 3d. Provisions— Pork, K3s Cd. Lard, SBs. Liverpool, May I—1:30p. m.—Pork, 82s (Id. Lard, 67«jS7a Cd. Liverpool, May I—La teat.—Cotton—Easier, but not quotably lower; 0 3-lC<£fl?jd. Bale* of b.UOO bales, Including 2,000 for speculation sod export, ami 0,000 American. liiiEADJTUFrß—California white wheat, average, 0a OJiaM lUd [ do club, Vs lOdtalOs 0d; red Western spring, No. U to No. I, 8s&0e Gil; winter rod Western do, |, Osod@oa 10d. Flour—Western canal, 22a 6d(4 21a. Corn—Now Western mixed, 2Ca(£3Ce 3d; old Western mixed, 295. Oats—American, 3e<33s U. Harley—American, 3a 6d. Peas—Canadian, 375. Clover-Beed—American, C3*969d. Provisions—Prime mess pork, 3rf« Cd; prltno moaa beef, 87s. Lard—American, 67i@57*fld, Haoou—Long clear, 62a Cd; abort clear, 83s, Cuttsß Fine American, Civ. Tallow—Fine American, 41s 3d. Petroleum—Spirits, bags* 3d; reflnid, lit Sd4 11s Cd. Linseed Oil—23s Cd. llEsm—Common, 4***s paledo, ICi. HI'IHITS TURPENTINE—24S. London, May I.—Consuls—Money and account, OS 7-11). Americas BicunniLt—'(l3s, 103,V; ’C7i, IMM; 10- 40*, 10714; now 6s, 10024; N.w York Central, 101; Erie, 13; Erie preferred, 21. Linseed Oil—22a 3d. Hpeuu Oil—Sts. Paris, May I,—Rentes—lOlf Mo. Fuankiort, May I.—United Statu Bono*—Now Ss, 10214. Antwerp, May L—Petroleum—37s M, HEW YORK DRY-GOODS MARKET. New Vobe, May I.—Hualnoaa was quiet with do mestic commission bouse* and Importers, and the Job bing trade was only moderate. Cotton goods were In steady, but limited, demand, and unchanged In price. Prints continued Irregular, and Pacific and Manches ter fancies declined to 0140. Pacific fancy percales are reduced to 12c. Woolen goods for men's wear were inactive. COTTON MARKETS. Qaltcston, May I.—Cotton—Holiday; net receipts, •63 bales; export* to tb* Choanal, 2,660; eoutwl**, fitVASjan, Msy 1.-Cotton—Exchsnge closed; net receipts, 230 bales; gross, 201. Monitr, May I.—Cotton nominal; middlings, Ifii 12#c; not receipts, 388 bales; exports coastwise. 3,l»l. * OnAnj.Ksrox, May I.—Cotton dull end nominal, middlings, !3#c; net receipts, 3i)S bales; exports coastwise, 109; sales, 3o0; slock, 10.918. PITTSBURG PETROLEUM MARKET. Pittsiiuro, Pa.. May I.—Petroleum (pilot but steady} crude, s},o3# at Parkor'a; rcllned, 13#013;£c, PhlU* dolphta delivery. CLEVELAND PETROLEUM MARKET. Ci.f.vrlanu, 0., May I.—Petroleum quiet; atendard white, 110 test, prime white, iso test, Iljfo, car lots. THE PRODUCE MARKETS. NEW VOtlK, Sr»r(al /K»co(cA (• Tf>* CMfato TWSuni*. KrwYouk, May I.—Gnaw—Wheat—Market quiet and arm; sales 68,000 bo at (1.0401.01 for rejected spring, $1.0001.18 for ungraded spring. $1.1001.13 for No. 3 Chicago, (1.13R1.16 for No. 3 Milwaukee, $1.1801.21 for No. 3 Chicago, f1.1901.2l fer No. 3 Northwestern, $1.2001.22 for No. 3 Mllwaukeo, $1,290 1.30 fdr No. 1 spring, $1.1001.91 for winter red West* era, $1.1801,45 for amber do, and $1.3301.48 for white Western. Rye dull at 83085 c for Western, 03098 c for Stale, and 900 for Canada in bond. Barley ecarco and Orm, Coro heavy; fully #o lower; sales of 35,000 ha at C3o for steamer mixed, 84#o for graded mixed, and C2o for ungraded new Western mixed; also 10,090 bu graded mixed for first half May at Cl#c. Oats quiet and unobangsd; Bales of 28,000 bu 87047 c for mixed Wcaiern and State, and 4Go3Jofor white Western and State. Pnovjßtnjtß—Middles heavy at 13#012#a for long clear. Lard heavy and lower; sales of 100 tos at $13.. 15 for prime steam; at the first call for May, $12.78 was bid, aud $13.16 asked; for June, $13.16 wns bid, aud $13.32# asked; for July, sales of 120 tea at $13,25; for August, COO ten sold at513.42#013.45s for Septem ber, $13,40 was bid, and $13.70 asked; for the balance of the year, $11.60 was bid, and $12.30 asked. Wiiibrt—Market quiet and firm; sl.ll bid; held a* $1.12 per gallon. Onousnißs—Sugar—Market firm; moderate In quiry ; fair to good refining quoted at 7 9-1607 13-lOu; prime at 7 15-lflc; white Havana, 9#olO#o, Coffee— Market firm ; limited Inquiry; Rio quoted at 16#0 H#clngo!d; Marlcatbo at lll#olD#a In gold. Ten- Market dull and heavy, without, however, auy material change in prices. TALt.ow—Rules unchanged ; In moderate request; prime quoted at B*|oi#o fur good and choice. [T\> Iht Auoclnteii JVwt.j NcwYomr, May I,—Cotton—Market dull; 13','Q 13 HMCc; futures closed steady; May, 1211-ICO 13 33-32 c ; June, 12 20-33013 15-Mo; July, 13 8-820 M'fc; Aurtiiat. 13«-f(?.13 0-n2c; September, 13 8-lft.a ItlHo t October, 111 l->2 *l3l-UIo; November, 12 15-18 0130; December, 12 ai-3.'(dl3c. Flour—Quiet; receipts. Rj.noo brls; super Ann State sml Western, $1.H'@4.60; common to good extra, 11.W35.20; good to otioice, $5.2.v<«ft.70; wnits wheat extra, $V75®7,75; oatra Ohio, II.trUO7.UO; St. Louis, 55.200U.00; Minnesota pntcut process, $6..'K)a9.&0: Mo. 2, $.1.0033.0.6. Ryeflour steady; $».75(<j5,t5. Corm-Meal— Steady: Wsslcru, J.’.OfXga.lK,, Gbain—Wheat quiet and lower; receipts, 133,009 btt; No. 3 Chicago spring nominal at $1,13.i1.21; No. 3 do, $1.01)01.13; No. I Milwaukee, In slots, $1.20; No. 3 do. |l.2<h'il.2l; No. 8 do, $1.12@U5; No. 1 bhoboygnn. very choice, Sl.ilO; amktn Huto, very choice, $1.60. ilye dull and heavy; Htato, 00(%U6c; Western, 80-iß6c; Canada In bou& t'Oc. barley quiet and uni'bauqod. Malt quiet butsteadv, Com -Receipts, HO.OOO bu; mixed, nn, 63059^0; do steamer, fi.>3C3o; do graded, C3Mo4fli)sos new Wosl era mixed, ungraded. 020. Oats quiet; a shade firmer; receipts, 94,0iH) bn; mixed Western and State, 87018 c; whlto western and State, 4003'Jc. Hat—Firm and unchanged. Xiopfl—Quiet: Kaitorn aud Woelorn. lO&lGo; Ne« York Hlato, l£i£lAo: California, ISfftlHo. QROCKniEii—CoJTco quiet but Mcndj: Rlf» cargoes 15Kf*IMfco m (?old; Jobblnff. IS’iQllpj In gold, tjugai quiet and unchanged. MoiaPße*—BU teat, U3c. i’KTßoLEuu—Market dull; crudu, 8\o; roflnad, 18^o; cases, 17*^2QVc, Htiuineo Resin—bloody at $1.7091.80, Hviiutb Toijpkxtini;—Steady at Hoc. Kuos—Western, Provisions—Now mesa porkheaVr; sai.M(fl3l.Cß’ Juno, $31.2(> j August, $21.8.7. Reef quiet. Cut racalo- Western. quiet; middles quiet; long dear middles Wife; Western do, 1a.’.0, I.ird—Prime stoam, $13,16 (>; June-, $13,20(..m.32Jtf; JuJy,513.32!rf(A13.67*; August, si3.ta*(!ai3.47>tf. llctteii—Now Western, K>@2Cc. Cheese—C(SU\'c. Wuuut—Quiet: sl.ll till; held at $1.11^31,13. NKW OQLHANB. New Orleans, May I.—Flour—Quid and nu« changed; Western superfine, $3.75; double extra fall, $4.25; treble extra, $4.60(30.00; high grades, $0,250 7.53. Grain—Corn—Fair demand, but lower rates; white Western, 58e. Oats modcrallroly active and higher; Inferior, 320; 81, Louts. 410420; choloo Galena, 43a, Corn-Mea1—52.35(32.40. Hat—Dull and nominal; prime, $17,00, Provisions—Pork dull and nominal; mess, $22.05 023.25. Lard quiet and unchanged; tierce, $13,500 13.75; keg, 14.5U014.75. Hulk moats dull and un« changed : shoulders. Oc ; clear rib, 12c ; dear, 12#c, Bacon quiet and unchanged; shoulders, 0#o; dear rib, 13j,0; clear, ia;;c; sugsr-curcd hams dull and lower; 13014 Vo smoked. Wuiset—Dull; roctlfled, $1.1101.13. Groceries— Coffee—Demand light, but holders firm; Rio cargoes, 17#01Oo. Sugar quiet, hut firm; common, 7#07J,f0; fair and fully fslr, 7#08#o; Julmo, fl#c; choice, Oc. Molasses quiet but steady; air to choice rebelled, 40(3550. Ulco dull andnomU nal; common to prime, 4@o)^c. Cotton—Market dull: sales 2,000 bales; good ordi nary, 0#@0Vo; low middling, 10#(*Uc; middling, H,V<3120; good do, I3#ol3#c. Pocoipts, not, 3,10); gross, 3,335; exports to Great Britain, 0,400; to tht Continent, 3,019; stock, 172,929, nALTIIIOUE. Baltimore, Md., Moy I.—Flour—Dull and weak) Western auperfine, $3.2304.60; extra, $4.5009.50; family, $5.7607.50. Grain—Wheat dull and heavy ; No. 3 Western red, $1.4501.47, PonnsylvouJa red, $1.4801,50. Com— Wcatera mixed active and firm; 02#c. Oats firm: Western white, 43047 c; mlzod, 40044 c. llyo, 850 87c. Hat—Steady; Maryland and Pennsylvania, $21,000 20.00. I’noTMiotts—Pork, $32.75. Bulk meat*—Shoulders, dear nb, loose. OJ,(S5;,’c: clear rib, 13o; luuna, 15®l0c. Lard quiet J refined, UKftUJtfc. Butikh—Quiet aud steady; WcsUm prime to SSutfSc; extra fine. 32330 c. I’txnot.EO*—Dulls crude, 7?/e; refined, 14c, Coffee—Quiet and aleady; luo cargoes, 10 k ®IBVOt Jobbing, 18.*19KC. Wmsst—Dull; $1.13. HT. LOOI/l. St. Loots, Mo., May I.—Oottost—Easier, but act quotably lower; sales, 330 bales. • Fbouu—Quiet and unchanged. Odain— Wheat—No. 3 red fall, # 1,38 cash ; $1.38,<f bit May; No. 3 do, no offerings; no bids; No. 4. etMUOa Corn active, firm, and higher; No, 3 mixed, 44<.444,5( cash ; 44,'4(444j*c May; 44*J(A4So June. UaU—Man ketdull; No. 3. 33W0. Bye held higher; ÜBO asked Barley dull and unchanged. Wuisrt—Nominally unchanged; fI.UH, PnovxsioNt—fork quiet and unchanged; $21.70(1 32,00. Lard dull ami nominal; $13.75. Bulk meat! nominally unchanged; nothing doing. Bacon Bloody, with a fair demand for Job Iota; shoulders, 0J4(420; clear rib, P.yff4iajfc; clear, pitf ®l2tfo. Bkoeiits—Flour, 4,400 brla; wheat, 10,000 but coni, 13H,000 bu; oaU,47,ouohu; rye, 3,000 bu; bo* ley, 2,000 bu. IUILADELPIIIA. PiiiLADELruia, May l.—Floue—Dan nod enchant Cd. Grain—Wheat Inactive; Pennsylvania rod, $1.40(3 1.00; amber, $1.50(41.63>tf; while, olJ3u<ldWij sprout ed Western fair aud good, $1.05(41.10. Corn. BAjMi for yellow; tOfttilo for white; 01c for sail; Otto fol steamer. Oats slow; mixed, 3U(442c. Hekux—Clover. slti.oUG* Flax, $1.42Q1,4A Timothy, $3.35(42^60. Petroleum 13£<313;»0 for reflosd; 10jl*o tm crude. » Wiiisrt—sl.l3, Hotter—New York and Bradford County extra*. St 4)U30; lints, 80(4Jlo; Western extras, uTiVilio; tint* 2t>(£37o; rolls, Western extra*, iktaSrfd; tint*. 21K.4260. Ciuese—Firm; New York fancy, Vi’wUul fine, liJi^lUe. Kuos—Weak; Western, froab, ICk^lCc, TOLEDO. Toledo, 0., May I.—FLoun-rSteady. Uuain—Wlioat steady j No. 2 white Wabash, $1.39; No. 3 do, $1.27; No. 1 white Michigan, $1.22; sxtri white Michigan, fl.lUl} amber Michigan, $1.33 tf; May, $1,2314 : June, $1.3324 5 July, $1.27 ; No. 2 rod win ter. 11.31H5 July, $1.27: No. 3 red.9t.Ut. Corndull and lower; high mixed. May, flljjc; July, 60>jc{ low mixed, 60340; Kansas, filVie; no grade, Afl.tfc. Cats quiet; while. 10’;(4Uc; Michigan, 3324 c, CLOVEn-flE»;i>—lJ.3o. Hkoeipts—Flour, auobrls: wheat, 10,000 bu; corn, 70,000 bu; oata. «3,000 Lu. Shipments—Flour, 1,100 brla; wheat, 21,000 bu; corn, 69,1X0 bu; oata, none. WILWALKfR. MILWAVXEN, May I.—Flouu—Quiet and un changed. Grain—Wheat opened Ann and higher, and closed unsettled; No. 1 Milwaukee, ll.OOM; herd, J 1.21; No. 2. II.OI24; Juno, 11.02*,; July <1.04; No. 3, Ole. Corn nuict and drooping; No. 2, 600. Gala steady; fair demand; No. 2, May, 31J40; June, I{ > a s shade tinner; No. 1, Cite. Harley steady; fair de mand; No. 2, May, 660; No. 0,62 c. Provisions—Hull and easier. Mesa pork, f-U&O. Uteam lard, 1324 c. Fukiuiits— Quiet and steady 5 wheat to Hutfalo, 4c, llEOEtnw—Floor, 6,W>i LrU; wheat. 28.000 bu. Shipments—Flour, 13,000 brla; wheal,o*22,oo0bu. CINCINNATI. Cincinnati. 0.. May I.—Cotton-Dull; 12c. Flour—Quiet, but steady. Grain—Wheat dull; tending downward; ft*oS(9 1.23. Corn caster; eTfttite, Oats steady; 87i5i3a Ityo, 72,418 c. Harley dull snd nominal. , _ 1-ROVitiON*— Pork dull: f 22.60. Lordeaslir; steam, in autllemout, P2Mo: casli lute hold bigher; kettl*i 12,‘pi4lJ2ic. Hulk meats unsettled; lower; UiAUa*. Haeou dull and nominal; Uc; 12‘to; 12‘ic, WmtEX—Opened active; closed dull; $1.07. Hotter—Dull; drooping. BOSTON. Uoiton. May I—FLoun-Quiel; Western »up«> fine, $1.0091.23; common extras, It.WA-A6.WjWU' cousin extras, 10.0690.25; Minnesota, 1L6097.W). winter wheat, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan, $3,004 7.23; Illinois, $6.2348.60; BL Louie. $6.3046.00; fuaug Minnesota and Wisconsin, s?.23v<yv.W. . „ Geau—Corn quiet »t£s.joaj for mixed andysflAW*

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