Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 2, 1876, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 2, 1876 Page 8
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8 THE CITY. GENERAL NEWS* The Barge Club met nt tbe Tremont House last evening, and talked over the coming season Md w hat tbe Club should do. The meeting was sbiefly for preparation for active work. The Chicago Athletic Club were to have held a meeting at tbe Sherman House lasi evening i but on account ot the small attendance the dec* Mon of officers was doferrsd till Thursday even* log. The Bnb*Treaa nrer yesterday disbursed sll,- 800 to pay the wo rhmen on the new Custom- House for the month of April ; 81,700 for Store keepers and Inspectors, and 8668.85 to the Su pervisor’s Department. The temperature yesterday, ** observed by Manases, optician. No. 88 Madison street (Tntp cw* Building), was, at 8 a. ro., 45 degrees; 10 a. m., 40 1 ISm M 48: Bp. ta„ 40 ; 8 p. m., 44; barometer, Ba. m., 29.30; Bp. m., 29.25. Tbo Assessor of tbe Town of West Chicago bae opened an office at the corner of Madison and Halsted streets, and is gottlug bis boohs in readiness for work. He has appointed roost of his bolp. and so far bis selections aro unexcep tionable. Some enthusiast lit a bonfire on Division Btieot last night, and displayed a ttansparoncy with the following inscription: '* Charley bounced. Le Moyne and honesty triumphant. Tbe Third District redeemed from corruption, bribery, aod ballot-box stuffing." Silver coin to tho amount of $50,000 was re ceived Yesterday by Sub-Treasurer Bangs. Ho paid oot no specie except on Treasury ebooks and orders from tbe country. Tbe latter are now so numerous that it will take tho clerical fores of tbe office all this week to fill them. Tbe Barbers’ Association held a meeting at tbe Sherman House last evening, tho President, Mr. Holtlck, presiding, and listened to reports of two committees appointed at a previous meeting to inquire into violations of the rules of the organization by some of tbo members. The Tremont House office is undergoing Us annual cleansing, wbicbooasists of washing and rocalcimining the walls and ceiling. Tbo im provement is marked. For housekeepers It might bo interesting to know that a general bonso-eloaniog was begun there abont Jan. 1. U is not yet over. A paragraph wan published yesterday to the effect that Mark Hughes, BODg-and-dooce man. bad assaulted Mibb Annie Fox. of the Adolphi company. and boon ejected from her room therefor. It appears that the poison furnishing the information had a grudge against both psrsona, which ho sought to satisfy by securing the publication of something which was utterly destitute of truth. Iho work of canvassing for tbe petition for abolishing township organization is noaaly com pleted. Tho legal requirement is 10,COO signa tures, being a number ennal to one-fifth of tbo vole cast at the last Presidential election— £o,3oo; tbe requisite number has been obtained, but the canvassers were directed to continue their work until Wednesday. Tbo number of petitioners will be from 12,000 to 15,000. It was stated Saturday that Mary Thrichka bad been struck by Eogtns No. 37 of tbo Pan- Handle Road, at the Madison street crossing, bat escaped uninjured. It ia stated, however, by her parents that tbo young lady, who ia stud ying to be a school-teacher, waa knocked into the ditch by tbo engine, was carried home by tbs neighbors, and, according to her doctor, re ceived serious injuries of an internal nature. Ehe ia not German, aa has been stated, but an American, of Bohemian parentage. TUB LABORERS* ACADEMY. Tbe following circular has been issued by the Laborers' Academy of Chicago, established by the Ltboreis' Educational Association : This Educational Assoclatio.l was started under the general Incorporation laws of tbe State of Illinois In October, 1875, to the following persons, m.: Mips Olivia Olsen, J. C. Crooker, Dr. It. W, Piper. Mr*. Ann Duncan, W. Bodemtnn, A. Isbcrg, and Dr. E. Bert, Trustees. Tbe special purpose of tbis Association by its pro jectors, is not one to obtain pecuniary profit, but simply to furnish to tbe laboring dieses of both aexe* and all nationalities, regardless of sect, in struction, free or nearly to, in all such branches, ts will enable them to engage profitably in tbe duties and pursuits of every-day life. To the laboring classes there Is left but little time for thought or study. YU there are some hours ■very day which may be devoted to mental improve ment; and by proper guidance and systematic In struction it cannot fail that they, by tbe elevation of Ibelr faculties, must become belter citizens and more worthy representatives of tbe country than they coula by remaining In ignorance. To supply a place where those boars of leisure may be utilized, bis been sod is the object and desid eratum of tho Laborers* Educational Association. December last this Association established au Institu tion under the name ** Tbe Laborers* Academy," and from the beginning of li.fl the average number of pupils attending has been about twenty, who, highly delighted with the opportunity to improve Ihctr minds, have devoted ail tbur spare time to study, and made the most satisfactory progress. Tbe prlmsrj branches taught this winter have been the English language, in cluding reading, writing, sreliiug, grammar, also geography and arithmetic. Hence It is tbe intention of the Board of Managers to divide the school into seven! grudes, and give Its students tbe advantage of gaining a thorough knowledge, not only of the prima ry branches mentioned, but also of the history of the country, bookkeeping, singing, drawing, etc. By contribution and tuition fee there bos thus lar been collected money enough to provide the necessary famishing of one school-room; there is no fund to rely upon, thus the Institution appeal* strongly to tLo public for aid to carry out its object. Any contribu tion wtU be Uiinkfully received by tbo Treasurer, Mr. A, Isberg. at bis othce, No. 2 boutb CUrk street Tbe Academy la conducted by Mias Olsen, who has years of experience in teaching as well In this country u m Euroj e, and at her parlors, at No, 17J West ludt ana street, the school ta held every evening during tie week, elaascM < ommencing on difl erent evenings. Tui tion is free to all who are unable to pay; those who can, are expected to contribute f 1 per term of twelve weeks. Mus Ouvu Owxn, President. W. ItiDEUAHN, Secretary. A. Isbebo, Treasurer. PIOLOROPUT VINDICATED. Tbe old German philosophers claimed that tbo doer particles of blood ascending to tbe brain create a species of aura or fiame. wnicb tbe vulgar call animal spirits. Canytog their theories ntill farther, they contended toat the absence of .food etimnlates the blood, and. fol lowing their conclusions to a legitimate result, it follows that an empty stomach exalts the ner vous system and spirits of mankind, and affords incentive and activity to the brain. Tbe only known modern illustration of these theories was recently developed at the Owens boro Junction ou tbo Elizabethtown A l’a oucah Railroad. Air. William Plows, trav eler for Roelle A Junker's old house, and Capt. Jack Trigg, of Cunningham A Co., tbe Louisville whisky boose, arrived at the Junction from Owensboro, a few days ago, to find that tbef last train had cleaned out tbe hotel and left not a crust for their craving entrails. “Botry. Madame,*’ said Capt. Jack, “very sorry, but my friend is a nephew of Tom Scott, and be is laying out an air-line road from New Brunswick to tbe City of Mexico, and he pro poses to make this a dinner station. At least that was bn proposition, but, from tbe appear ance of things, I am afraid now, very much afraid." Whereat tbe landlady bustled in and out. The girls were ordered to dress op, and in half an hour a spread was laid out aucb as Bill Plows has not enjoyed since he was weaned. Capt. Jsck treated bis friend with marked deference, and before they left tbe Junction the solid men for miles around bad been summoned, and lone and windy were tbe speeches made upon that auspicious occa sion. And the Jonctionitee are waiting for (be "air Una," and Bill and Capt. Jack axe atill wonder* log wby it was that their modoitly proffered BL6O for that dinner waa never accepted, and wby they were not allowed to pay for tbe wine aolUed while they were waiting for tba Louis* Tills train. THZOiBDE.H CITY. Looking over tba books at tbe Recorder's of* flee yesterday, a Taiausa reporter found tbe following facts in regard to tbe Garden City Railway Company, wbtcb baa bceu brought prominently before ibe public of late by certain of our city fathers : Tbe charter was applied for March 8 by Henry T. Glover, Alonzo A. Row ley, and George Willard, tbe capital atock being fixed at 825,000, tbe number of ebares being 250. at 8100 each, and tbe duration of tbe Com pany is, according to tbe record, to be ninety-nine years. Tbe whole stock was sub scribed for by H. T. Glover, who is credited with 150 share*; Alooto A. Rowley, nioety-nioe ■bares: and Frank J. Loeacb, one share. On lbs 7tb March a meeting of tbosa gentlemen was held, at which they were elected Directors of the Company for one year. •• 250 totes being cast for each.** All tbe gentlemen named are lawyers by profession, nut only two of them figure in the Directory as having offices, and oos of those is a resident of Hyde Park. WHST POBS IT Mias ? Yesterday evening’s Journal publishes tbe following enigma, Isolations to he aent to tbs otyeditor's office: TUT UOTTBST TICSCT. It is not notable tnst the ticket that drew tbs f 100,- OuQ raUe u tbs tfsw Orusns iotUry was L«ld la CbkMto alter ail. It is and Utters wus well-known csjSlaltats, lawyers, and bankers of the East as to tbs tmak «f cuy cs nib cates. Tbs e» wnleh was given fcMMafctotttflsinflatd as Us par manant that* of ttoaa laatnmieat*. I* was an Me* given out m much for artvlee a« for any other par* po»9. A drier, Mr. lUye.iagUd (a receive from w Scarce, torn lie dow not rellrb the repudiating editor- Ul Mated that only ime-fourtb of the lucky ticket was •ent to tbe Chicago agent, Mr. Blma, and that It JH not aold by him, bat returned to tbe lottery aaiocia* lion. _ PERIOLAT* A BAMPtR Of HIS OROCEMM. Tit* Tjubchb from time to time has otUod the attention of tbe publle to the fact that the Poor-House at Jefferson is furnished with poor food,—food that is not even fit for a dog to cat, lot alone a bnraah being. Saturday last Mr. Wilbur P. Storey, foreman of the Grand Jury, presented a statement of tbo manner to which county contracts wore lot, and gsva a scathing review of a man named Clom F. Periolat, who, according to the report, as a blackmailer and perjmer, guards tho door of tbo County lloaid. and influences certain mem bers by moans only known to themselves. This C. P. I*. Is a contractor ; ho furnishes the food which unfortunate panoora and tho county sick and poor have to consume. He was award ed a contract at outrageously high prices, and according to it was to furnish good and accept* able articles. How has this man kept his word? Lot tho facts given boiow show. Previous to going into details, it might be stated that a Trio* ,vnb ronortor took occasion to look in on Coun ty Agont Dioden. several months ago, and the two wont through tho food cellar. Tbo flour was uioety and tbo ooffeo was a mingling of floor scrapings, chicory to give it a flavor, and al together, apparently, a mass ot colored dust and rubbish. BUT TO TUB PBBSEHT FACTS S A gentleman named A. J. Bell, who resides at Oak Park, aod who has an office in the Bryan Block, takes occasion on many a Sumlav to visit tbe Poor-House and do whatever bo can to alleviate tho sufferings of God’s unfortunates by ministering to the wants of the aged ond crippled. At No. 208 Wabsh avenue resides a reputable physician named Dr. K. D. Dodge, who, In com pany with Mr, Hell, visited the Poor-Houeo on Sunday Inst. They wont to the bedside of an apod lady, who served three years as a Union army nut so. From excessive labor while caring for tho wounded and suffering soldiers, she was rendered a cripple, having become afflicted with varicose veins. Tho lady was at sup per and the vistor took and brought away wiih them (bo tea and bread woicb consti tuted that meal. It should bo stated that this aatno lady iout all she possessed in tbe two groat fires which scourged Chicago, and she is now poor and friendless, except that she lias an only son in tbo navy, on board tbo man-of-war Pe nobscot. THIS FOOD was taken possosalon of by the two gentlemen, the tea being ponrod into a pop-bottle. Yester day morning a Tribune reporter and a number of Presbyterian clergymen wero Invited to look at it in the rooms ot the interior in the McCor mick Block, as a aaraolo of Christian public chanty as doled out by corrupt and rotten oill cial scoundrels. There was also shown a pioco of moat served at a pauper's dinner-table. The moat waa reeking; it stunk to that extent that it waa almost unbearable. Ttio animal from which it was taken most have starved to death, for poorer or worse moat could not be found anywhere. It waa partially corned to bide the rottenness. Libby prison, in its worst days even, famished fairer food than thin. The broad waa bad, and waa so sour that it made one sick to taste it. The tea—to call it by that name seems almost an outrage noon the plant which bears the title—wob simply damnable. The odor that waa sent forth from tho bottle was sickening. Stmk woed is wholesome smelling io com parison with tbis vile decoction. And this was the food served out to patients In the sick wards. It is hardly necessary to say that the gentlemen who brought down this food were indignant. Dr, Dodge said it would bo an outrage to offer Uto a dog, let alone a member of the human family. At the time that these two gentlemen visited the institution the Warden’s table wa* supplied with lino viands. Warden Kimberly, of the Poor-Hoose, bolds bis place because he is on good terms with the King and Perl olaL A worse phase of humanity can not be pictured than that shown in the conduct of these men Kimberlv and Ponolat. The lat ter la not only charged with roboing the pnblio and levying blackmail upon contractors sod .utters, but eNrvos the unfortunates of the County Poor-House, and tbe scanty faro which ia doled oat to tnom is rotten and reeking. Yesterday Messrs. Bell and Dodge appeared at the County Building to present the matter be fore the Grand Jury, but that body bad ad journed. They will be there again to-day and ebow tbe food. And yet, after all. PerioUt may bo criminally as well as morally indicted. THE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. TUB STONE QUESTION. A few minutoa hoforo the meeting of tbe County Board yesterday, a number of tbe Com miesiooera assembled in tbe committee-room. Tbs question under discussion was tbe selection of stone for tbo Court-House, and the propriety of so hedging tbe nature of tbo stone in as to permit one quarry to furnish all at such rates as tbe quarrymen and Commissioners might agree upon. It was hotly argued. Once or twloe the newspapers wore alluded to as efficient detect ives upon tbo trail of tbe modern swindle, and Uoally Commissioner Lonergan climbed to his fcfrfr and defied any pater or any eoitor in tbo city Wi point out a single action of tbo Board that had been characterized by dishonest*. It was evident that the Commissioners were all ont of sorts, for when a contractor approached Schmidt upon the subject of a little bill, that functionary warned him off with objurgations, remarking that he had become tirod and sick of contractors. The Board mot at 2 o’clock. Present, all tbo Commissioners. COirSfCNIOATIONB. Tbo Coroner sent in a communication stating that he ts short, and ashing for three months’ salary overdue. Referred to tbo Committee on finance. A communication wae received from N. 8. Bouton, Mortimer Tanpan, Amos Grannie. Car ter Brothers, and William W. Boyington, inviting the Commissioners to call at the rooms over tbe United States Express office to exam ing tbo plans for a new Court-House to cost $2,100,000. Mbs invitation was accepted, and the time for tbe visit fixed at 2 p. m. to-day. The cellmate of Farmer Harms for work to datoon the Court-House foundations, $11,677.60. was referred to the joint Committee on Public Buildings and Bervtco. A number of bills were referred to appropri ate committees. Commissioner Holden asked that tbo vote on the resolution previously passed adopting gas and gas tanks for use in public buildings, be re considered, and he hoped that tome gentleman who voted for tbe resolution would move for tbe reconsideration. He said he thought the machine dangerous, either in the use of tins gas or the location of the tank, and ha urged fur ther against the expense the patent arrange ment would entail. Commissioner Herllng moved tbe reconsider ation. Commissioner Schmidt said the machine bad always worked well, and tne insurance com panies did not ask any greater rates where it was used. Tbe resolution was reconsidered, and recom mitted to tbe Committee on Jail and Jail Ac counts, with instructions to eea if the use of the machine is against the city ordinance. A communication was received from T. C. Boyd. stating tbit the Timet bid accused him of offering to do tbe plumbing for 50 per cent Im« tb&u tbe city waa paying. He admitted writing a letter offering aometbing of tbe Lind, and said be stands ready to give bonds. His letter was written ayear ago. hut perhaps was not “0. K. with tbe Committee." Commissioner McCaffrey thought tbe letter an insult, and, on bla motion, it waa placed on file. Upon report of tbe various Committees, n number of bills were ordered paid. Tbe Committee on Printing, and Stationery and Printing, reported tbe followiog bids for printing debnquent tax*Usta : Daily Courier, each town or city lot, C cents; all (raota of laud, 12 centsj Koeninq Toil ami Mail 15 cents for each description and 8 cents for each lot, or 75 per osnt of tbe fees formerly paid. Referred to tbe County Collector. Tbe Committee ou Public Buildings and Ser vice reported ou Commissioner Basse's resolu tion, banting tbe selection of stone for tbe new Court-House to tbe Counties of Will and Guos, and recommended that all action taken hereto fore relating to tbe designation of tne atone or tbe locality from which u most bo furnished be rescinded. Tbe report was unanimously concurred in. COMMISHIOSKB 110LPBW arose to a question of privilege upon a state ment in tbe Times to tbe effect that experts bad •worn that from 830.000 to 850.000 bad been •tolsn m building the two pavilions of tbe In sane Asylum. He desired to say that auy ex perts who testified to auy such turns swore to a downright he. He read tba biU of extras, amounting to only 13.755.60, showing tbe exact ■tun expended. Ailndiog to tbecharge of a steal oi from 83*000 to 86,000 on lightning-rods, he THE CHICAGO TIUBUIVE! TUESDAY, MAY 2, IH/O. stated that they had cost. altogether, bnt about $4,800. lie read other paragraphs from the Times charging the Aaylntn with being inso onre. and at the same time calling Mr. Egan an honest mao. Tbe Coiumiaeionor wondered if Egan's testimony that he bought hie way Into the County Hoard was an indication of hie boo* estv, aod then called attention to (he fact that £gao was the architect who bntlt tbe Asylum, from which bo dodneed that the Times was oot famous for consistency. A motion was made to refer the investigation of the printing perquisites of Julian o. Rumssy and 11. D. Miller, formerly County Treasurers, to the Grand Jury, aod It was adopted. Tha Board then adjourned uuttl Thursday at 3 p. m, _ RELIGIOUS. TUB PAESOTTBItr. Tho Chicago Presbytery held another ad journed session yesterday at the Ministerial As sociation Rooms, McCormick Dlook, the Rev. Mr. Burrell, Moderator, in the chair. Tbe Rev. H. H. Kellogg, lately of Council Bluffs Pres bytery, was, on motion of the Roy. Mr. Davie, received into this session. The Rev. E. L. Hurd, of Highland Park, read a communication from a number of Christians at Deerfield asking that a Presbyterian Church be organized at that place as soon as conveni ent. Referred to (bo Committee ou Home Mis sions. The report of the Committee on Home Mis sions on Churoh Aid and Assessments was then taken np. Tbe action of last meeting in regard to River Park Church was reconsidered, and S2OO was allowed to pay off a floating indebted ness. Action on Riverside and Lawndale Churches was postponed two weeks. Maywood Church was allowed $1,200 towards paving its overdue debt and interest, provided that tbo church raises SI,OOO more. The following apportionments wars made: First Churoh, $1,500; Becoud, $1,800; Third, $1,800; Fourth, $500; Fifth, $230; Sixth, $250; Eighth aud Fullerton Avenue, $200; Reunion, $75; Westminster. 950; Holland. $35; First German, $10; Riverside, $75; DuPago, SSO; Kankakee First, $100; Kankakee Sec ond. $10; Msatlno, S4O: Pootono, $50.; Will, S2O; Homewood. S2O; Hyde Park, $300; Englewood, $125; Evanston, $125; Highland Park. S3O; Lako Forest, $000; Waukegan, $100; Dnoloo, S3O; Half-Day, $lO ; Liberty, $lO ; Austin, $25 ; Draidwood, S4O ; Wilmington. SSO; Joliet Central. $125 ; Joliet First, SSO; Scotch, SSO; Forty-first Street, S2O ; Bloom, SBO ; Jefferson Park, SSO. Tbo Rev. Dr. Thompson, from tho Committee on Sunday-Schools, reported (ho following : Tbe Committee on Sunday-Schools would coll tbe attention of tbe Presbytery to tbe Importance of inter esting amt encouraging our Sabbath-echools m tbe work o( missions, both home and foreign, Ae a means of promoting such interest, and also of secur ing tbe co-operation of our Sabbath-schools lit this work, your Committee recommend the following: lUtO’tea, That all the Baboatb-ecbools connected with this Presbytery bo and are hereuy requested to observe with appropriate religious exercises tbe first Sabbath of July next in commemoration of tbe ono buudretb anniversary of our national existence. JU*3lv*d, That on that occasion all persons connect ed with our Sunday-schools as officers, teachers, and scholars, bo requested to present an otfering In money of at least a cents each, and all money so contributed ■ball uo divided between tbe treasuries of our Homo and Foreign hoard of Missions, as the contributors may choose. . . Jletolrtd, That tbe officers and teachers of each one of our Sunday-schools above referred to bo, and here by are, requested to act as a committee In their re spective schools to carry oat those suggestions. Adopted. The place ot the next quarterly meeting waa fixed to be hold in the ministerial rooms, the Oral Monday in Jolv. Tbo Presbytery then adjourned for two woeka from date at 10:110 a. m. TUB JIETnODISTa, Tbe Methodist ministers met yesterday morn ing. The regular order of tbe relation of per sonal and pastoral experience waa taken up, and consumed the entire session. Tbe liev. E. W. Adams, of ML Morris, reported about 100 oon veisious. Fifty-seven had united with the church and tbo good work was still Io progress. Tbs other pastors reported encouragingly con cerning tho condition of their ro*poo:ivo oar tabes and their own personal exuerioncea. No business waa transacted, tbe meeting conilstlng of a species of class mooting, in which Messrs. Berger, Stokes, Willing, W. P. Moss of Park Ridge, Spencer, Adams, Hoover, Parkhurst, Cantiue, Gurney, Tiffany, aud Marsh, partici pated. Tbe discussion of the Sunday-school and its interests was postponed until next week, at which time an attempt wilt be made to decide whether tost institution ta a failure or noL THE GRAND JURY. ITS MEMBERS. A new Grand Jury was Impaneled in the Criminal Court yesterday morulug. The neg lect of the County Hoard to draw Jurors fortlio term loft the matter of selection with the Sher iff. and it is duo to him to say that ho has exer cised more than ordinary good judgment, as will appear from the composition of that body. In tbo matter of impaneling there was nothing out of the ordinary lino. Tbo usual number aakod to be excused, and a few of the requests wore granted where tbe excuses appeared satis factory to tbe Court. The list completed was as follows: L. B. Otis, 0. R. Corblo, Georus Buckley, W, 0. Mot timer, B. cdUghau, Nstbm Corwtlh, .Units tV. Bbe&han, C. B. Waller, K. T. Watkins, T. T. OvUtt, J. V. CUrk, >l.l>. Uoardman, George Schneider, Joseph Suerwln, Amos OrannU, William Aldrich, Uaocet Talcott, Charles Follanabee, J. W. Deane, A. W. Edwards, A. A. Hprague, Uuuro Ucath. J.IU Gunns, JUDGE MOORE scanned tbe body cloaelv after it had been se lected, and appointed Judge L. B. Otis as fore man. He then proceeded to charge the jurors as to their duties. The law, ho said, undertook to protect every citizen, and it was every citi zen’s duty to uphold tbo law. Ho cautioned tbo jury to carefully inquire Into every matter Drought before it, to the end that tuo malice uf individuals should have no weight in thoir deliberations. They should only indict whoro there was a probable chance to convict, and should not depend for conviction upon auv ad ditional evidence that might bo brought out on trial, tor such a course weakened the influence of tbo Court, Toe Court then spoke with groat earnestness of the necessity of the jury keeping Us proceedings from the outside world. It was the law that tbo secrets of tbo jury-room should be kept sacred, and here bo referred to tbe fact that tbo proceedings of tbo last jury bad boon published in Tub Tbicdne every day. No one should know, bo said, what transpired m their secret chamber, which was not only tbs law. but a doty owed to tbe witness as well as tbe parties teslitled against. Ho bod road tbe rei>ort of tbe last jury, and uuder the circumstances felt that it was proper that the work of in vestigating alleged frauds in the management of county affaire should bo continued. to the cod that if there bad been any public thievery the tnteves might be punished. He next called attention to tbe late Jail escape, sod said that, too, was a proper subject for in quiry. If some one was to blame, it should be kuowo. In concliHloD, tbe Court spoke of tbe peculiar statutes of (be Btate which excused persons from punishment by their turning Htate’s evidence, having bis mind, doubtless, on tbe re cent investigations which bad beer* retarded be cause witucases would not commit themselves, tod could not testify without doing it. If the Grand Jury found each men,tbe discovery should be made known, that they migbt be excused from prosecution, and protected in giving their evidence. At tbe conclusion of tbe charge tbe jury wended its way to tbe eky-parlor. but did noth* log during tbu day beyond organizing. THE MORAL INDICTMENT. WDAT TUB COMKIBSIONBUa TUINIX. The member* of the County Board were atill ins feverish condition yesterday, growing out of tbe recent report of the Grand Jury reject ing upon them. In tbe forenoon each as were around were reasoning and curbing among themselves as to wbat course to pursue. They felt that they bad been much abused, but uot one of them could see the way out of tbe trouble. At one moment they were consulting tbe County Attorney, whose ••opinions" have been so nu merous of late as to call their value into ques tion, and at soother they wore insulting and repelling tbe most cautious contractor in bis inquiries for tboir health. In the afternoon, and Ju«( In advance of tbe hour for tbe meeting of tbe Board, tbe »c«ne was inteusifled. Wbeio there had been one to greet a visitor with an angry scowl, there were a dozen, and the spirit of in* dtguatiou was general. The condition was mu unusual as to excite attention and cause among tbe old lobbyists MIST rBUTINXNT QDBSICS. "Wbat causes all this auger?" said ouo, tod tbe reply was, ••the Grand Jury has called these ItUows thieves“ls that ail ?" put in a third, with s smile which signified that be bad baen of tba same opinion for some time. Tbs bustle drowned tbs answer, and the tap of the Chair- man's gavel seated the Commlsilonars and eod od tbolr conversation. After the adjournment of tbe Board another scene followed, but far lessexoltiog. While the Board had been grinding money out of Ibe pub* Ho treasury, their over-faithful attorney bad been fixing up some consolation for them la the shape of AFFIDAVITS from persons more or less connected with (be report of tho late Grand Jury. Tho affidavit of ono Wilkinson was ono of the lot, in which bo had been made to go on and say that bo had never named certain Commissioner* who could bo bonght for 6100 apieoe to carry out a certain job, eto. The missing link in tbo document— It wss doubtless an oversight^was its failure to say anything about Wilkinson’s receiving a certified check for 6600. with the understanding that bo was to use it with the Board, and the further failure to say anything about McCaffrey's knowledge of the chock, ami of McCaffrey and Wilkinson subsequently forcing tho man who had given the check into a vault and demanding of him that ho should make certain retractions. Notwithstanding those omissions, tbe several members of tho Board appeared delighted at tbo work Bonntrce had accomplished, and tho re- E oners, too. felt Jovlul, for tho clerk *to tho card Committees had found onongb time to make copies of tho affidavits for all tho papers lu tho oitv. Another of the affidavits was by a man named Handley, who came before tho public some months ago in answer to au Indictment in the Criminal Court charging him with tampering with tho ballot-boxes of bis ward. Ho was made to denv a part of what the Grand Jury had re ported. and Bountroo erred lb not making him deny It all. Ho could have done it with equal facility. OTUCn AFFIDAVITS of a similar nature wore In course of prepara tion at a late hour In tbo afternoon. They will all roaou tbo public gaze in due time, doubtless, and after all the threatening oaths and bullying on the pari of certain members, tbe whole thing promises to end in this way. Ibo •* Bing " have about concluded that to procure affidavits is tbo cheapest defense that can bo mado. The draw ing of the documents will cost tho Bing men nothing, inasmuch as the county pays an attor ney to do their bidding, whether le be for or against tbo public interest, and tho; imagine that the press will bo only too glad to publish them as a matter of nows. THE FRUITS OF ADVERTISING) OS, TUB DOCBIEB CONVINCED} 0 DIUIIA IN FITS " Pshaw 1" said the old man testily, as ho imote sharply on tho aidewaik with bis gold headed stick, M suppose there Is sixty-nine col umns of advertising in Tub Thidunb and 2,035 advortlsmonts. What does it prove ? Why, Just that there is 2,085 fools in tbo city; that's all, No ono ovor roads tbo advertisements. J never do, except the * personals.’ ” “But,” said his interlocutor, timidly, 11 tbo advertisements ate road." “Pooh I nonsense, stuff and nonsense! " re torted tbo old man ; “ why, I'd put half a col umn m Tub Tbiuone and nobndy’d ovor answer the notice. Don’t toll me 1" and he smote again on tbo sidewalk. “ Well.” said bis Interlocutor, " I'll put a five line ad into Tub Sunday Tuxoune, and, if you got an answer, you'd pay for it." '* 1 will, young roan; and then you'll bo oon vlncod that nobody roads tbo advertisements." “Please insert this in Tub Sunday Tiudunb. How much will it bo ?" asked the young man, as, after waiting two boars to the long Hue of ad vertisers in the counting-room, ho at last reach ed tho advertising clerk. •• One dollar and sixty cents, sir," affably re plied tho dork. ... In Tun Sunday Tiud unb next day appeared the following : TJOU.Si-KKKrBK WANTKO—A WKALTHY, MID* Li dlo >i,jd gentleman, a chlliUeis widower. withes to ootfurs tho •'■rtlor* of a jronor American widow as btmio kouper. AUtlrcis Xiffi),Tribune oiflee, or apply to-day at 2JU Wool Adama-aU Early yesterday morning a flood tlrt- of young American widows tushed op West Madison street. There wore from live to fifteen oa each car. and tho streets wore black with them. . . . The old man who thought there was nothing In advertising was at breakfast, with tho wife of his bosom, when there came a tremendous tug at tho door-boll. Presently tbo servant girl en tered and said: "There's a lady up-stairs wanto to see you, sir." “ Didn't she give her name ?" Inquired tbo old man's wife, who has nn aquiline uoso, ovor which tbo skiu is tightly drawn, aud weats nor hair in ringlets an big—or as small— as slate-pencils. "No. m'm," replied tbo servant. "Whatis she like?" questioned tbo woman, with a sharp look over her spectacles. "A young woman, m'm, dressed in black, with red hair." "O, ono of tbo Sunday-School teach ers, I a'poso," said tho old man, carelessly. "O, I s'poEO so," replied his helpmeet, with a sniff. Tbo belt rang again. . . . The old mao in terviewed ono widow in tbo front parlor; there woro four more iu the back parlor, two in tho hall, and seven roosting on tho sloes, while down tbo street, oa fur as tho oyo, aided by tho most powerful spectacles, could roach, mote . young American widows could be soon. Whar tho vultures is, thar will tho carc&ncs bo gathered together," said tho old man. Then bo added, reflective ly, "What'n Jerusalem ray happy homo does all this mean ?" bo saying, ho stopped into tho bock parlor, whoa his oars woro saluted ;wllU a volley of cries as four young American widows pressed towards him : "I was hero llrtt,” "Hhe pushed mo down the front stops just as I whs going to ring the boll." “Her name’s Jemima Stubbs, though she calls herself Kllso Auna&olla Do Courcy." "Look whore tho bran's leaked out of her calves." "Shopaints." "Tbem’a Cads." •• That’s & sweet widow; her husband's carding with Felton for2o3dava." Thou tho four widows pitched in for a free tight, during which, while tbo air was thick with false tooth, crimps, hair-pins, slander, palpitators. bustles, bran, jute switches, and things, tho old man escaped, saving to his wife that it was all a horrid Uroam. "O. yes, a homd dream si’ll horrid droam them,” said the old man’s wife. iv. Presently a young American widow called, hat tho masior was not at homo, and tbo servant showed her into the presence of too master's wife. Tbo master’s wife was at flrsfe inclined to repel her oa an intruder, but when the young American widow showed her an extract from Tub Sunday Tuiounb sbo changed the currout of her wralb. "The old bald-headed reprobate," sbo remarked; " he’s * wealthy,' is ho ? 1 Middle aged?' Tbo bald-headed old coot 'll never seo 70 again; time he was thinking on worms, sud sextons, and golden harps, anil things. * Childless,’ eh ? With thirteen children alive and nine laid under the sods of tho valley. I’ll childless him. 'Widower,' ob? That’s what he wants, is it ? I’ll bo a lively widow. * Young American widow,' oh .*" Here there was another ring at tho boll, and. seizing a fire ebovol, the devoted wife sallied forth into the midst of a raging sea of young American widows, and laid them out right and loft. "I'll young American widow ’om,” said she reflectively, as aho returned. "O, the ecoundrel!" The old raio spent a very unpleasant day at bis office (Including a reataurant diouor), and about 10:15 returned home cautiously. "Who would have thought," bo said, thoughtful!/, “ that the old advertisement bad so much life In it ? " Quietly ho mole up'tho front steps, noiselessly he opened the door, when a white gowned figure appeared, and a broomstick do* eceuded on bis baldest spot, while a shrill femi nine voice was hoard : •• X 9011, how's that for a midie-sged widower ? 0, ain't 1 a nice dead widow ? Childless, too, ain’t you ? Young American widows, oh ? I guess this old Ameri can wife la enough for you, you gay Lutheran.” EI’ILOOOK. X 099 is requested to cell at Toe Tbibowb and get 7 bushels of letters (most of them on scoot ed paper) to his address. THE CITY.HALL Water routs yesterday wore $3,975. and re ceipts from the City Collector SCS9. City indebtedness to the extent of $50,000 was paid yesterday by the City Treasurer. The City Collector took in $1,300 yester day, S9OO of which was from the Licence De partment. The Board of Publlo Works issued an esti mate of $2,000 yesterday to the Quimard Iron Company, of New York Cuy, for the engines at the West-Bids pumpiug-wuriis. The Building ordinance has Just been printed and pat m pamphlet form fur the information and accommodation of tho-to who are not to- S' ted with its provisions. Copies can be m tbo Building Inspector’s rooms. Owners of property on Archer avenue, west o f Related street, who are deairoua of ao doing, can obtain permits to till and w&tl the street, preparatory to paving, from toe Board of Public Works, as Mr. Mackiu ho« cousemsd to do the work. The clerks in the employ of (be Board of Pub lic Works will hereafter work from B a. m. till 6 p. m., and not from 8 a.m. till i p. m., aa here tofore. Tbs change waa ordered Saturday, aa many employ*! were discharged, and U vaa neo* eesary tbit longer hour* be observed to do the work, E. D. Obandler, who has held tbe nosltlon of Superintendent of the Fire-Alarm Telegraph De partment lor some time very creditable to him ■elf, resigned ycnterday to go into other busi ness. Uis resignation was accepted by Marshal Benner, and John F. Barrett was appointed to tbe vacancy. Mr. Barrett le an old hand in the Department, and a competent mao. Marshal Qoodoll returned from tbe East yes terday morning, and took his wonted place at bis office. Tbe brevity of bis absence did not permit blm to examine very closely into tbe In side of police work In the cities that he visaed— Baltimore and Washington \ ho baa aeon nothing that be (binke might bo adopted hero to the Im provement of the Chicago Police Department. The Finance Committee and tbe Comptroller had a talk yesteiday afternoon on tbe prospect of discharging the Indebtedness of the city, and talked over eovoral plans by which It could bo accomplished. They decided that the bonded debt muet bo promptly mot. This the Comp troller will attend to when ho goes to How York, and as yet no definite conoinsfotiscan be reached. The Comptroller has communicated with East ern parties on tbo form for now city certificates, lie will not go East Wednesday as was an nounced. Yesterday's talk leads the Finance Committee to state that they oxpeot that tbe city's employes will bo paid within tan days, which the boys regard as comforting. The Board of Pnbllo Works, to reduce tho ex penses of tbo Department to as low a notch as possible, made a reduction In tbolr force Satur day of twenty-four men. Yesterday four others wore given the "grand bounce." The unlucky ones wore George Arnold, Edward Powell, and Thomas Cnllortoo, street-foremen of tho West Division, John B. Miller, Engi neer of the street department, was also discharged. Tho pay of street laborers was reduced from 91.60 to 61.25 a day; carpenters on street-repairs will receive 9t.CO in stead of 63, and bridge-carpenters wore lowered to 62 a day from 63.23. The faot that other re ductions are seriously contemplated has caused mauv employes to feel uneasy. CRIMINAL. Sidor Laserovllßoh, for boating a mao nomad Phelps, who, in company with Constable Mc- Lean, went into his place of business, was yes terday placed under 5200 bonds for further ap pearance before Justice Mooch. Bladamo Franklin, the keeper of a house of bad roputo, was before Hoyue vesterday.oharged with having passed a counterfeit S2O greenback on Mr. Afthar, a grooor on Fourth avenue. A brilliant array of demireps wore called as wit nesses, and, os it could .not bo proven that the woman bad any guilty knowledge concerning tbo bill, tho case was dismissed. Tbo ease of Mrs. Smith of No. 60 Wostßan dolph street, and Conrad Ftowort of No. 202 West Nineteenth street, charged with dealing in crooked cigars, was heard before Hoyue yester day. Voluminous testimony was introduced pro and con, and the matter was taken under advise ment until to-morrow. James Blackman, who figured as a witness against the lirst-namod do tendant, was charged ny hot with soiling cigars without having taken out a Ilosnse.’ His case was continued till to-morrow in bail of SSOO. Charles King, tho sneak thief recently arrest ed for stealing coats and wearing apparel at tho Gardner House, was yesterday identified by John Degnao, tho special patrolman at tho Tro mont House, as tho follow who stole two valu able vases from tbo parlors of that hotel in August, 1874. For this crime ho was sent to tbo Penitentiary for two years, but was pardoned out by tho magnanimous Gov. Beveridge. At tho time of bis arrest and conviction tho vases woro returned, but about March 1 they wero again stolon. The detectives were at once put to work upon tbo case, and the result was that King was Identified as tho man who had stolon them both times. The where abouts of tbo vases is not exactly known, but the officers bopo to recover them speedily. King in also accused of stealing wearing apparel from tbo four principal hotels, and is apt to be sent np for a good long term, and to servo It oat, pro viding the next Governor is tho right kind of a man. THE COUNTY BUILDING. Anew petit jury was called In the Criminal Court yesterday. Tbo Count? Treasurer will sell twenty-five more flro bonds Monday, to replenish the build ing fund. Cutting a pig's tail off an Inch at a time, ho says, appears to bo tho idea of tho Board in these matters. Tbo Tumor forpeiy case was retired yester day morning in tbo Criminal Court, and will again bo board from to-morrow, whoa It will be determined vrbat Judge shall try it, since Judge Mooro has deolinod for personal roisona. Commissioner Cleary will giro & fow of tbo representatives of tbo city prose a ride to tbo now and old County Hospital buildings this forenoon, tbo object bciug to giro them an op portunity of comparing tbo two structures, etc. The attorney for Nicholas Staadon, the fire bug, went into Court yesterday and asked for & change of venue, on tbo ground that tbo pooplo and Judges of Cook County wore prejudiced. The application was granted, and tbo Court fixed Lake County as tbo point. Tbo delinquent tax-list will bo issued in a fow days from the ofilco of tbo Evening Journal. Tbo Collector says be was never consulted by the County Board In reference to tboir meddle- Borne proposition to let tbo work to the lowest bidder, and bo lot it in accordance with law. Ab the cost of tbo printing comes oat of the de linquents, and not out of tbo public Treasury, very little b&rm baa been done, except to lival papers that wanted tbo Job, which amounts to about $30,000. Those claiming to have been elected Police Magistrates at the late election, having boon cast down a fowdave ago oyau opinion from the Attorney-General declaring that tbo olfico could not bo filled by election, have found au opinion from tbo same ollloorof tne date of Fob. 22, 1573, upon which they are inclined to base tbs charge of inconsistency on bis part. In view of this, Culbertson, of tbo North Side, whq has Leon granted a certificate of election. It is Bald, firopouos to apply for a mandamus to compel tbo ssuanco of bis commission. Tbo estate of Charles 11. Blsaell, late of tbo Sherman House, who came to bm death from a railroad accident some months ago, was brought before Judgo Wallace yesterday morning on an anplicatiou for the grant of letters of adminis tration to Mvron L. Pearce. The application was accompanied by a good and sufficient bond in tbo sum of SIOO,OOO and the renouncement of tbo widow of all claim to administer, which was made in consideration of tho applicant being among the largest creditors of the estate. Tbs bond was approved, and, after a hearing, tbo application will doubtless be gaautod. ANNOUNCEMENTS. The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Councillors of the Hospital for Women and Children, corner of Adams and Paulina streets, will bo held at tbo Hospital to-day at 2 o'clock, Tbo subject of primary meetings will be dis cussed at the meeting of the Grand Council of the Republican Central Club, which will be bold at headquarters at 2:30 p. m. to-day. Everybody is invited to submit bis plan. Mr. A. P. Burbank, who is acknowledged by press and public as one of the best readers of humorous and pathetic pieces, will give eome of bis best selections at the Fourth Unitarian Church, corner Pialrie avenue and Thirtieth street, this evening. Admission 25 cents. Kmery A. Htorra will address the Young Peo ple's Temperance and Social Union this evening In the First M. K. Church, corner of Clark and Washington streets, in addition to this, eboleo readings and excellent musio will bo furnished. Those entertainments are free to the public. Philo Carpenter, and the Rev. Messrs. Ray, Stoddard, and Uam, ami others. •• desiring to promote thn Kingdom of God and Us righteous nose, iuvite citizens of Chicago who believe Freemasonry and kindred orders to bo antago nistic to the will of God aa revealed in the Bible, to meet for the purpose of fuiroiug a Chicago Christian Association, auxiliary to the State and National Christian Associations, at No. 221 West Madison street, this evening, at H o’clock p. m.” SUBURBAN. UXX VIEW. The engines and pumps were yesterday un dergoing what la called a duty tost for tbs pur pose of ascertaining the capacity of the pumps and the amount of fuel required to pump a cur tain amount of water. Ho far the Works give entire satisfaction. To-day there will bo a fire test, when six or more streams will be thrown from the corner of Related street and Fullerton avenue. The test takes place at ap. m. Tbs Village of Raveoswood baa boon In a flut ter of azoitament for ions Urns past, growing out of a psMonaJ ooatrowiyjbeiweea a promt* neni itvman and minister. Borne week* sgo tbs tnlotater. feeling Indignant, it Is said, contem plated going before tbe Grand Jury and procur ing ao Indictment against his brotbor for libel, ato. Tula, it appear*, did not so through, whereupon tbe brother added force to b(acharge bv proposing to tbo gentloman of tbe cloth to appoint an irapanlal committee of three to ex* amine Into the chargee. This did not work, for aoma reason or another, and the war continued, until it la now reported that tba minister baa been branded by a written notice polled around tbe village ae a "liar and thief." CANADIAN NEWS. Insurance Klokera—Some Junketing —A Deaporate Suicide—Other Jtlat* tor*. Sfteial Duvateh to Tht CAteage TVftuns. Momtmul, Mar I.— Representatives of in* soranoe companies doing business In (bis olty met to-day to select the companies who should contest tbe constitutionality of tbe Insurance act, and, accordingly, a ballot was taken to select one compaov for Are and onolber for life. Tho /Etna was first selected as the representative for firo companies, but an American company being aleo drawn to represent life companies, tbe New York Life and tbe Queen (of England) wore finally decided upon. These companies will Is* soe policies unstamped, and wilt contest tbe rignt to do so before tbe highest court* If neces sary, tho other companies assuming au equal abaro m tbo expenses incurred. Tbe steamer Torre Bonne arrived this morn ing from Tbreo Rivers, and threo steamers ar rived from Borol In tho afternoon. They report the river clear of ice. A dispatch from Halifax to-day says that at Qroon IJav, Newfoundland, where there was much destitution during tbo winter, $210,000 worth of seals bavo been captured slooe tbe end of March. Special Ditpateh to Tht Chicago Tribunt. Ottawa. May I.— Tho Premier baa leaned cards of invitation for a dinner to-morrow even ing to meet tbe 1100. Sir John Rose, who will arrive to-morrow. Sir John was once Finance Minister, and a loading politician in tbo Domin ion. 110 will bo tho guest of Karl Dufforin dur ing his star hero. To-day the stone-masons and bricklayers of this city have struck for higher wages. They hod been getting $2 per day, and demand $2.75. Raw silk, when Imported to be need la manu factures, In, by order of tbe Oonocll, transferred to tho free list. Two barges are loading lumber for Darling ton, Vt., the first shipment of lumber tins season. A* large milling concern commenced sawing 10-dar. Others will follow this week. Special biopateh to Tht Chieano TVtfrune. Dellyille, Ont., May I.—T. 11. Lloyd, a well known resident of tbla locality, committed aniclao Id Garol Sunday morning by immersing bla bead In a pail containing a fow Inches of water, and bolding it there with desperate reso lution until ho suffocated. When found he bad boon dead some hours. He was Insane. A challenge baa been forwarded to the Forty eighth National Guards, of Oswego, N. Y., on behalf of the Forty-ninth Hastings Rlflea to shoot a bome-and-bomo match between teams of aix or eight men each, the first match to bo shot hero the 2itb inst. _ Special DianaUH to Tht Chjeaan Tribunt. Kikobton, Ont., May I.— The 8L Lawrenoe canals having opened, there were several de partures (or Montreal to-day. BLOOMINGTON, ILL. Svtdal DitoaUh to The CSteaon TVfiun#, Bloomington, 111.. May I.— I To-night Mayor Ben Funk retired from the Mayor’s office, after five consecutive terms of good and wise govern ment. Mayor Stoere aoccooded to the Execu tive chair, aod spoke a fovr words relative to the duties of the Council for the ensuing year. He then made appointments, which were confirmed, as follows : Treasurer, Alfred Ollis ; Citv Mar shal, A. H. Cook : City Attorney, Hudson Burr; Chief of the Fire Department. M. X. Chase; Street Commissioner, 11. H. Swain j Clerk, £. 8. Perry. A Belgian Monument. It Is now seriously proposed to proceed to the erection at Brussels of the groat monument to Leopold 1., which is to commemorate his long and happy reign. On the Ist of January the amount subscribed by the public and the mem bers of the royal family was $50,000. In 1800 the Chamber had voted $200,000, which were employed in the purchase of ground near Lee ken for establishing a park of 40 hectares round the monument, which Is to occupy the place called Kauweublrg, from which a splendid view of the surrounding country Is obtained. The King bos now coded about 15 hectare# of his own property to bo employed for the park. A new credit of 8200.000 has been demanded from the Chamber, and if this sum, joined to tho existing fund, bo not sufficient for carrying oat tho project, the King will add to it from his own means what may still ho necessary. In tho Goldon Ago of Girlhood preserve the beauty of the teeth with Soiodont, tod then, when tho hair la slivered and the eye* dimmed with yean, the mouth will still reveal two glittering rows of ana allied ivory. Centennial. Excursion tickets via tbo old reliable Baltimore k Ohio Railroad at greatly reduced rates on sale. Mon* day morning, Palmer Homo, Grand Pacific, 63 Clark, and depot corner Madison and Michigan avenue. Now Designs in Lambrequins. Scarcely a lady goes Into the paper-hanglfig and bedding bouse of Illlger, Jenkins A Faxon, Nos. 220 and 331 State street, but greatly admires their lambre quins, cornices, etc. MARRiAGSS. BTEUDE OIILIOU Windsor, Ont., Edward Stonbe, MMhlldo Ulilich, and Moritz Bteudc, Clara Ulrich. McCLURE—OSBORN—On Sunday, April3o, by the Rev. A. E. Klttredgo. at the residence of the bride’s lather, Alexander W. McClure and Francs* E., daughter of William Osborn. NOBLE—BEAMAN—In Chicago, by the Rector, the Rev. Henry G. Perry, at All Saints’ Episcopal Church, on Sunday, April 00, William E. Noble, Esq. and Mias Mary E. Beaman, all of this cltr. DEATHS. MILLER—At South Chicago, April SO, William U. Miller, aged 83 years. Funeral from residence at 2p. m, this day. Friends ora invited. GRAVES—ApriI 28, of heart disease, Franklin Graves, sued 85 years, at bis residence, 131 S Butter fleld-st. POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. REPUBLICAN CENTRAL COtnUTTEE. There will be a regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cook County Control Republican Club this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at Republican Headquarters, corner of Lsko and Clark streets. WM. ALDRICH, President. SECOND WARD. The regular monthly meeting of the Second Ward Republican Club will bo held in the Bennett Medical College, No. 613 State street, Friday evening, at 8 o'clo.-k. sharp. J. W. E. Tuonan. Secretary. CO NF£C TIONER T. m «n Wfproacjup OELEIIItATED throughout MB H twi UB ttf the Union—esprcaeed to ail Q ■ |u |M Q H \W parte. I lb aud upward at nI Hi Ira B □ ll u-t, 40, COo per lb. Addreaa \UJXJjjL\i Xia A crdare GUNTHER, Uooleo- Uuuer, Chicago. AUCTION SALES, By W3l. F. lIODGKS & CO., CGJ West Lako-et, WE SHALL SELL ON TDESDAY MOKNINH, MAY 2. AT lOfrCLOOK, A general Uoe of HOUSEHOLD GOODS, emulating of Hruaaola. S-Ply, and Ingrain Carpcla, I'arlor, Dialog, WlUlug-lloora, Kllchen, aod Laundry Kurulture, the whole to bo aold wltbunt reserve. Look out fur bargain*, . WU. V, UODOKH k 00., Auctioneer*. MU Went Laku-at. By WM. F. lIOBOFS & CO. At the private realdeooe 131 South Paullna-et., near Adaua-at., the entire coatenU at auction. Tburaday morning, May 4, at 10 o’clock, conalatlng of Brunei* aud wool carpet*, marble-top chamber furniture, One Beautiful Parlor Suit, velvet puffing*, dining, eating-room, kitchen, and laundry furniture, crockery, alaaeware, platad-ware, I Leaialator cook-itove, heatlng-alove, etc. Sale poe|. the. and without raeirve. WU. V, AoDUES U CO„ Auctloneere. 9AI Wait Lake-at. By JAB. I*. MoW AM AKA <SI CO, 117 WibutHkT* N. W. corner Midlioa-it, 2,180 Cases Bolls ani Shoes, * AU new Spring Goode, * AT auction, TUESDAY MOE.NINO, MAY 2. at 0:30 O'clock, * JiU, ft UcHAUAIU k CO. AUCTION bales, l\v Cl I* flOliMir*A|y M »nd 70 W.bMlw. “ ATTENTION la earnestly directed to Iba now and eeuonable Uaea to be offered la oar GREAT AUCTION TRADE SALE OF DRY GOODS, On TUESDAY, MAY 9, at 9:80 e. m. Freeh a«w rival of Btandiro Print*. Including Merrimacke, p*. dQoi, Oonestogoe, eto. Very desirable Dreae Plaid* • alio Berkinire and Lancaster Ginghams, 4-4 Bleached Gotlone, and X Brown Musllne. 800 piece* Black A), pacas, 800 piece* Plalu and Plaid Baah Ribbon*. Spring etyloa Sbawle and Wrap*, 60 caace aaaorted Hoilery, Clothing—A very anpertor and well-uiorted Una of cnilom made good*, and a special feature to fine Cu aimers Pantaloons. Men's, Boy*’, and Youths’ Hals and Cape, including fall llnei Straw and Linen good*. White Goode and Unens, Gents’ and Ladlee’ Hand kerchiefs, Towels, Napkins, Table Damasks, Loom ami Fancy Cloths, Crashes, namborge, Nainsooks, Mulls, etc. Notions—Suipendon (new), Rid Qlorca, Delta, Spool Silk, Bobber Combe, Toilet, Cloth, and Shoe Brushes, Toilet Soane. Cheap Jewelry. Pearl Buttons, Shoe Laces, National Pins, Burning*, Flowers. Pen and Pocket Cutlery, Plated Ware, etc. Gents’Furnishing*. Overskirts, eto, CARPETS—Hemp, Venetian, and Cotton Goods. Abo 3 and U-ply Ingrains. GEO. P. GORE A CO., 68 A 70 Wsbseb-av. No. 462 and 464 Bandolph-st., Near Union Park, (he entire fornltara of twenty rooms, on Tuesday. May 3, at 10 o’clock prompt, rain or shine, Elegant Household Furniture. Parlor Suites. Fine Dreeulng-Oaie Chamber Seta, el* goat drop Onslre, and Lounges, Walnut Wardrobes, Empire Bedsteads, Marble and Wood-Top Bureaus, Marble and Wood-Ton Tables, elegant Rockers, Bed steads, Extension Tables, Dining-Room Chairs, Tea poys. Oak Chamber Sets, Hall Trees. Mirrors, Beils and Bedding, China, Glass, and Plated Ware, Brussels and English Three-ply aud Ingrain Carpets. Parlor and Cook-Stoves, Oil-Cloth. The parlor and chamber furniture woe made to order. An elegant. One-tons Plano (Ualnos Bros.), very elaborately carved, 7>s - O. P. QORK A CO.. Auct’re. No. 461 West WaaHngton-at„ Near comer Bheldon-^t., Chattel mortgage sale of Elegant Household Fnrallnr* and Plano, on Wednesday, May 3, at 10 o'clock prompt. Marble-Top Chamber Bets, Brocatelle and Rep Parlor Sots, elegant Marble-Top Table*, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Commodes. Extension Tables, Sideboards, Dmlng Chairs, Paintings, Refrigerators, Beds and Bedding. Parlor and Cook-Btovea, Glass. China, and PUted Ware, Velvet, Brussels, and Wool Carpet, two elegant Pier Mirrors, with Cornice to match, I*lloo, Stool, aud CoTer. O. P. GORE A CO., Aoct’re. GEO. 3?- GOKB Sc CO., 08 and 71 WABABS-AV., Will at (heir regular weekly Auction Sale on Wednes day, May a, offer an uneqnaled line of BOOTS, SHOES, AND SLIPPERS, In all styles and varieties. Including a large variety of OHILDIIEN’S COLORED GOODS. Catalogues and goods ready for inspection Monday. OEO. P. GORE k GO.. 64 and 70 Wabaeh-ar. On Thursday, May 4. at hi o'cloclc, We ahtU close oat a very l&rg* tod good aeaortment i Household Furniture. BE OH HAND FOB THIS BALE. Elegant Parlor and Obambar Bats. Sideboard*, Wol* nut Wardrobe#, Hall Trees, Easy Obaira, Extaniloa Tables, 'Whatnots, Lounges, Walnut Chairs and Rock er*, Marblo-top Table#,W*lnnt Bedateada and Boreaua, Book Cases. Parlor and 001 ea Desks, Show Cases, Mat trees##, Springs, Carpets, Oil Cloth, etc. BUTTERS & CO.’S REGULAR SALE, Wednesday Horning, lay 3. at 9:30 O’clock At U 8 and 120 W#btib-#v„ N. B. cor, M*dlaon-#t„ 300 PACKAGES ASSORTED GLASSWARE, WHITE GRANITE WARE, In Package* and Open Lot#. Yellow and Rockingham Ware, All-Wool Carpets, Fine Table Cutlery, Cigar*, 20 brla Ground Coffee, &c., tic. At 12 o’clock, PTTA-ETONS, BUGGIES, & HABNBBB, 300 LOOKING-GLASSES! 400 FRAMES! AT ■A/O'CTIOISr, WEDNESDAY MOBNINO, MAT 3, 187® At oar Salesroom*, 118 and ISO Wabaab-ay. WM. A BUTTERS A CO., Auctioneer#. BUTTERS i CO.’S REGULAR TRADE SALE. Dulrablo line# of STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS, EEGULAE MADE CLOTHING, For Men’s, Boys', and Youth's Wear, FURNISHING GOODS, Notions, Edgings, Embroideries, Hosier; Oloves, Hats, Gaps, Boots and Shoos, AMO BTBA.W GOODS. THURSDAY MOBNINO. MAY 4. »t 0:30 o'clock, • tbelr Auction Room*, 118 aod 120 W#baab-ov., north* cut corner of Madiaon-at. 155 Warren-av. .CEATTEL MORTGAGE SALE OP men household furniture, mm i BRUSSELS CARPETS, PIANO-FORTE, ic. At residence Vo. ISS Warren-av., on THURSDAY, May 4, at 10 o’clock a. m. The entire furniture—Parlor and chamber seta, Wil ton, Brusucli, and wool carpets, dining room furni ture, china, glaia, bedding, pictures, and overythln| necessary for housekeeping, all In the beat of order, and nearly new. By order of the mortgagee. WM. A. BUTTERS k CO.. Auctioneer* BUTTERS & CO.’S SATURDAY SALE, Saturday, May 0,0:30 o’clock, a. u.. at their salesroom* 118 and 120 Wabnsh-ar., Carpets, Piano*. Ilouseliolil Goode, Etc. By BIiISON, POMliltOY & CO. Auctioneers. 84 and 80 Randolpb-st, GREAT SPECIAL FUMITURE SALE AT OUR STORES, Tuesday, May 2, at 0.30 a. m. Hew and second-hand Parlor Suita. Chamber Set* Dining-room Furniture, Carpets, and General Hon** keeping Goods. EUBON, POMEROY A CO.. Auctioneers. RICHANI) elegant HouseMdFmnitme AT A.XTOTIO3NT, At Resilence No. 354 Sonlli Park-ay., NEAR TIURTIETU-BT., Wednesday Morning, May 3, at 10 o'clock Parlor, Chamber, and Dining-room a^xrra.isrimxTu.ES. Brussels Carpets, Bods, Bedding, Crockery, Glssi and China Ware, Laundry and Uitchuu Outfit. Thaeatiri Furniture purchased for present owner and aied only 3 months, ELIBO.V, POMEROY k CO.. Auctioneers.^ BANKRUPT SALE A.*crcTioasr, At our B&leiroomi, 84 &> SO Kautloipli-st., Wednesday Morning, May 3, at 10 o’clock Dj order of 11. E. Wilcox, Aaalgnee, we will eeU U* entire alock P. Itelllnger, Bankrupt, conalatlng of |<** ural alock Tinware, Hardware, Houaef urnlabing Oooca etc., Table Cutlerr, Plated Ware, Tin Pall Covert. Wp per Handle*, Patiy Pana, Scollop Pane, Plalulwi Drinking Cupa. Alao, a general atock Sbelf Hardware EDISON, POMEROY it CO,. Aucfr*-^ At No. 798 Wabash-av.i TUUUSDAY, Hoy 4. at 10 o’clock, We aell the entire Honseliold Elects of a large Prints Eesldena Brunei* and Wool Oarpeta, Mantel Mirror, Parlor Bulti Marble-top Chamber Set, Dining-room Purnitura lunge, Crocker; and Qlaaaware, titerliag SUver uit Plated Ware, Uookcaae aud Library of rare and THU*- bie hooka, »*) volume*. Sale unreaervod. By 8. N. FOW-LUIt & CO.* Auctioneers, 374 sod 376 Essk llsdisoa-st, CHATTEL MOBTQAQE BALD, a m South Clirk-It.. this morolog *t io. Fur ":“i!! Usda. Seddlßg. Carpets, sto., of 35 rooms. lru»* » j dell A UrowDi Mortgagees. Parker Hodsd Frail®!, corner Uedleon end lUUloi-ela, Entire Furniture, Eoda end Ueddlog. CerpeU, elc. To-morrow mornloj ti jo. 0. 2 f. TOWLES k CO., Auctioneer!, Hire* Snub, SelfisoMv

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