Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 3, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 3, 1876 Page 3
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THE TWO MARTYRS. Jnigo Williams Sends tanphoro and .. Higdon to JaQ. Ono Is Given Five Days, and the Other Ton* Desperate Effort of Counsel to Seooro a Brief Delay, Jadge TTUlfama reodered a deolslos yesterday noroiugon the rule against Edwin O. Lanphore nod Charles W. Higdon, requiring them to show cause why they ehonld not be punished for diso beying an injunction issued against them at the cult of Leonard Grover !o prevent them from keeping hint out of Die management of tho Adelphl Theatre. The arguments of Mosers. 0. 2f. Hardy and Charles W. Constantino, who ap peared for Grover, wore finished tho day be fore, and the Jydge in his decision followed largely the line of their argument. Mr. Tuley, on' behalf of the defendants, made a tory elaborate argument, going into the merits of the whole caso and the disputed points of partnership. JtTPaS WILLIAMS, {d deciding tho rule, said he would not decide (ho merits of tho case, as they woto not in volved In the quisiion then In controversy. There was no oxcuso for tho violation of tho injunction. Tho legal relations of tho parties, from tho admitted facts, showed that they were partners. It was an illegal act to ex clude Grover, and both Lanphore and Higdon knew It. They know that they wore taking tho law tote their own hands. By the agreement, Grover woe entitled to have the full charge of the business of ths tbeatrs, no far os conducting tho amusoDioutpart woa concerned. The writ was not void, as tbs affixing or tha seal took effect from tho time whoa the writ itself wae Issued. All tho affidavits showed (bat the defendants knew that the writ served on thorn woe nn Injunction, and they therefore could not plead Itmorenco in exon*e of their disobedience. Tho Deputy Hhorlff who served (be writ, and who corUluly ought to have known whet wav done while ho wits there, testified that be read this writ throe or four times to iJinpticre or lUg don, or both, aud delivered a copy to each of them. Zduphcro said ho did not cars a «—n for tho Injunc tion, and could protect his own rights, and began making preparations which IndiOited that ho Intended (o uso violence. It was evident that there hid been perjury lu the coso somewhere, but whcie it wae not necessary then tossy. But tho whole facts of tho transaction Batardny night showed, oveu on the sup position that Grover was not ejected, that it was not tho Intention of tho defendants to allow him to remein lu (be theatre. More than that, (he writ would never havo been obeyed had not a court Interfered by Its strong arm. The writ was •UU disobeyed, when tho defendants came Into Oourt sod asked for farther time, and It woe decided that they must take their allcrnatlve either to obey (bo writ Immediately or submit to (ho appointment of a Bocolver. The writ required ■ more than that Ur. Grover should bo allowed to no to the theatre,—U re quired that he should bo allowed to go there and act u man agar of that theatre. Then the defendants agreed to allow a Receiver to be appointed, showing that up to that time the writ bid not been obeyed. There was Dot only a violation of ths writ once, but It was per sistent and repeated ; moro (ban that, there was con tempt thrown on tho writ in every way. Higdon was particularly violent In his domomtratlous. Tho de fondants were abundantly secured, as Grover had given a bond for fd.uoo on the issuance of tho writ, and tf that had not been sufficient It could havo been Increased on application of tha defendants. There was no doubt but that there bad been a vio lent, deliberate, and wilful violation of the Injunction. What was to bo dono 7 Tho parties could bo lined or imprisoned, or both. But if a lino was Imposed they would appeal, and It would amount to nothing. They could go on and disobey any olhor injunction Uiat might be Issued. Tho order, therefore, would be that an attachment would Issue for Ilia arrest of both Lmphers and Higdon and their cuuuoitUl to Jan, tanphore for the term of flro days aud Higdon for ten days. That discrimination was to bo made bo cause Higdon hod no excuso for acting in tho manner be did. There wan some little justification for Lan pbere, os bo had a good deal of property involved, and might baro felt that It was in danger, which would lend to make him do as ho aid. XUgdou was the guiltier patty of tho two, andhad the lesa excuse. A LIVELY CONmiSATION. Ur. Toley—WoU,«ir f I pray an appeal U«tho Su preme Court, Tho Court— Wen, sir. I shall deny it. 1 Ur. Tuloy—Very well, let the motion be entered. I wlihtoaak that twenty-four hours be allowed to set op (his record. It la an immense record, but we will bo able to got it np in twcuty-four hours. The Court—l shall not grant the motion. 'Ur. Tnley—The Court then refuaea to grant any Utna in which tho p&rtioa may appeal to tho Supremo Court? The Court—Tea, air. • Mr. Tuloy—Well, sir, If ycm choose to exercise that Ewer I do not see Low counsel can prepare what they to got to submit, ■ The Court—l do not oee any other way than for tbs parties to obey tbo law. If these men were poor men there would bo no question about their going to jail, and counsel would not press the matter upon me at aIL Mr. Tuloy—lf they were poor men? Tho Court—l do not mesa to say In regard to you, Mr, but I mean to'say that ordinarily In tho coso of men who violate Injunctions thoy are committed to Ist) without any objection no tho part of counsel, af ter they have been been fully heard, and all the facts brought out, ami ovary possible courtesy extended to get all tho facts out. Tho counsel have been heard (0 tbo very end of it; and I sty, as a general thing, nothing further is done. Ido not understand that these men h&vu any privileges hero. Mr. Tuloy—l do not propose (0 ask any privilege. I propose to ink what I thought was a matter of right, and It looks to mo so though it was a very great hard ■hip,—(he Court Js exercising tho power it has got with a great deal of harshness when it refuses to per mit ovou twenty-four hours for tho parties (0 make up this record. They oiler to giro any bond that Is nec essary. Tho Court—The record can be msdo up while they aro in Jail amt go up to the tiupreme Court, It Is no great hardship, that I know, I am not aware of any •pedal hardship in tbo coau. Mr. Tilley—l submit, sir, that the law will be Just aa well vindicated at tho cud of twenty-four hours, as far on the law is concerned and the Court, as if they were put In Jail Immediately, . The Court—l believe 1 have done all I can do about It. Mr, Elcaby—lf your Honor will allow me a auggea tlou, not for. tho purpose of asking any time or any thing of (hat kind,—but your Honor had Intimated that some person had gouo to your Honor In tho inter est of Kir, Higdon. 1 want simply to Bay that 1 bopo your Honor does not think tho counsel over sug gested anything of that kind. The Court—No, air; 1 do not. 1 do not have the Idea that they did anything of that kind. IN OBEDIENCE TO TUB OItOEB of tbe Court Messrs. Lanpbero ami Higdon readied (be County Jail In tbe fort-noon. They were kindly received by Jailer Doyle and escorted to (bo debtor’s department, which Is the neatest, cleanest, and best furnished part of the Jail. They wore accompanied by sundry friends,among whom were some of the “stars" of the Adolphl, tnnio sod female, who bestowed upon them their sympathy in lion of anything else. They were cousidersbly chagrined, of coumo. In the after noon (bey wero visited by their attorney, who cheered them with promises of what would bo done when they bad served out their sentence, and iutercuded with (be Jailor to get them whatever they might want In the my of beds and food, provided they paid therefor. LETTERS PROM THE PEOPLE. TUE WOMEN'S PAVILION. the Editor of The Chicago Tribune. Cuioaoo, 111., May 2.— Most of your readers have" doubtless road from Tuesday’s Tiuuunk the special correspondent's accouut of Contou- Rial matters, Tho article clones with a Tory pleasing account of (be slate* of tilings in the Women's Pavilion. Wo are rejoiced to iearu that other parts of our country bavo fully ap* predated tbe Irapoitauco of this work, and that oor pavilion will bo well filled without much help from Illinois. Tbe writer, however, states lor oor encouragement that tbe quality of our exhibits is not surpassed. Ho also states that be has authority from the Secretary, Mrs. Charles Caldwell, to urge the ladles of Chicago and iho West to send their articles on at once, without waiting fur their permits. In this we think ho must he mistaken for wo have direct word from headquarters that no exhibits can ho sent without the permits and proper labels which accompany those. But now we say again to all ladles who can present anything In the tine of industry, or any literary work, come to our meeting to-morrow afternoon, at 80. 170 elate street, lloport to ns; wo will procure lour penults without delay, and send all articles, assuming all the work and expense of forward* big. By order of the Ladles' Centennial Asso* •latlon of Chicago. M. 11. Burro, Secretary. HABD TIMES. ft A# Editor cf The Chicago Tribunal Ciuoauo, May I.—ln today’s Taiooni Ino ties an article beaded M Hard Times—The lies* ton Why," and slguod "George A. Bhufeldt, Ir." There are hut two things which can lead person to write thus and then have it pub* linked before 50,000 readers—lgnorance or meanness. If Mr. Bhufeldt, Jr., bet* hw remedy for the existing evil, namely, hard lifflea aud thulr conecqucucos, thou i give him the advice to etuoy for two hours every dey •ome good book on Social aud Political Econo* ny. I say it is an outroge tha working uaesee to make them—aud only them—as Mr. Bhufeldt does, responsible for the preeout state •f afiahs. Mae any mechanic spent from throe to five join? Id learning a trade for the mere purpose of airing up his trade At the bent period of hlu hfo nml turning over to farming? In there no war at all whereby production and clls trlbutlon can be regulated? I challenge Mr. George A. HhufokU. Jr., to discuss tlieae qua*- Uona with mo on tne roatrum. Jonrr StMMEif. X.EONAUD OnoVtß AMD THE ADELFBI THEATRE. Toiht Kditorof Tht Chitrujo mount. Cricaoo, May a.— Haring observed pome adverse criticism on the career of Leonard Grover, I feel that justice demands that a - few facts should be given to the public which have been ascertained io New York, where bis name id widolr known. Leonard Grovor'e host tastes and Inclinations have, Id the past, led him into the highest order of music and the drama; but his efforts in this direction havo sometimes, through unfavorable contingencies, resulted la (allure, aud iio has sought to regain his fortune in other wave more in consonance with ideas in vogue on (ho Coulinout. Towards the last of his management his deter mination to produce the higher order of dremaa was apparent. With a prolonged aud prosperous career at the Adolph! we might yet behold from the ashes of the Interior of the old Government Custom-Houne and Pout-Office Civilization, on her luminous wings, soar Miceiiix-like to Jove. It was from Leonard Grover that 0. D. Floss received that assistance which has made him, as manager for Faropa-Hosa, Van Zaudt, and Kel logg, one of the moat successful operatic direct* ore In America. W. B, INo adverse criticisms on Leouard Grover’s career havo appeared in this paper.—Eli. Ttiuo- ONE.I ARCHAEOLOGY. Call for an Iflternationnl Convention at l*hllii<lclpbln' Nept. 4* 1870* Mansfield, 0., May a.—Gen. K. ilrlnkerhoff, tbo President of the Ohio Arcbraologlcal Asso ciation, announces that, In pursuance of tho in structions given by tbs Society at Us last annual mooting, an International Convention of Arciuo oloplsla has boon called, to meet at Philadelphia on the 4th of September next. Tho most dis tinguished scientific men of tbo United States and Canadas are engaged In tho movement, and the call has been signed by such names as Prof. 8. P. Baird, tbo Hon. J. 1). Baldwin, Principal J. W. Dawson of Montreal, P. W. Putnam, Secre tary of tho American Association, and others. Invitations have boon sent to tbo prominent scientific men of Europe, and A largo attendance from at homo and abroad is expected, Tho objects of the Convention Is to bring to gether all persons interested In archeological subjects, and all such are cordially Invited to attend and assist in organizing an association which shall bring tho archeologists of the world into permanent communication with each other, jho especial reason for the Convention at this time is found lu tho groat collection of pre historic roltcrt which forms so novel a feature in the eroat Exposition.* The Bimthsonlan Institution has been gather ing a vast quantity of ethnological specimens from every part of tho country ; hut lately tha Ohio Btate Xrchmologloal Association has como into the field, and boa sent forward what is be lieved to bo tbo largest and most valuable col lection of prehistoric relics over gathered in America. Collections from other States, it is hoped, will also bo sent forward for examination by tho Convention. Tho Hov. B. D. Poet, of Asbtabnla, Ohio, tho Chairman of the Ohio Committee, has in charge tha correspondence, and all persons expecting to attend tho Convention aro re quested to so notify him. The first meeting of the Convention will he in ths ball of the Ohio Building at 2 o'clock io tbo afternoon of tiopt. 4,187 C. It is also announced that tho annual mooting of the Ohio Association will ho hold at Newark Oct. 12.13, and 14, instead of tho date formerly given. What Constitute** a Fnrcl>a*o7 Tho Now York Court of Commons Pleas has a nice litttlo suit pending to determine what con stitutes a purchase. The plaintiffs are Jewelers, and tho defendant is a gouUoman who came to their store to purchase a birth-day present for his wife, who accompanied him. The wife looked at a pair of diamond earrings worth SCI,CGO, and they were placed in her oars. Her husband, meantime, left, saying, “If you liko them, take them." Bbo took them homo, and the next nay returned them, but the jewelers refused to take them back, saying they had boon purchased. The lady claims that she only took them to try them. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. A UCTION - TUESDAYS. THURSDAYS, AND l\. Saturdays— Homos, carriages, and harness a spe ciality, at WESTON A CO.'S, Nos. 186 and 1W East Wash. Ington-st. Amule tuna given to tost all uorses sold under a warrantee. Stock on band at private sale. A FIRST-CLASS TOP BUGOY, STANDARD MAKR, cheap tor cash, nreiohanga for young, sound bnsl nesshorse. JOSEPH LAMS, 166 Mlcblgan-e»._- pOR'SALR-AT'BOTn'bM >UldnV NKW AND X' aooond-bsnd carriages, one eateniion-teu carriage, nearly new i rockawoya, aide seats; one second hand bat* kol phaeton, with top, nearly new; all kinds of new phae tons, top side ban, top end spring buggies, aide springs, with tops and open, made by Cosn A t en Brooke, Henry Willett, lUU A Kartlott; also oil klndsol new and sec ondhand harness, double farm harness; will tall on month ly payments orfeichsago; six giocory wagons, with tope: express wagons; also nones, grocery wagons, express wagons to let by the day or week. Money advanced on horses, buggies, and harness. Don't fall to come and aoo mo It you moan business, at 11. O. WALKER'S Carriage Depository, 867 htato-st. IROR SALK-KOAD HOUSE KNOWN AH HIIAK- X' spears; can trot less than 3 minutes, foars nothing, stands anywhere without bitching: 8166 cash; or will ox change for moit anything that don't oat; hnrsomon are especially Invited to look at this bone, at 183 West Moo roo-sl, Til OR SALK—CHEAP—AT 166 POLK-ST.. NEAR L 1 JalTonon, 0 good blooky hones and 8 msrst fit far city delivery wagons or for farm use; also a nice buggy horse and 6 business buggies. The above halong to a widow la dy, who has no further use of them.' For balk-an a i morocco-lkathbutop buggy, made to order by Hall A Bartlett, Rockford. 111,, Just painted and put in first-class order. Call and aeelt at toe Uraat Cential Hotel, Market-at., between Madlsou and Washington. J. J. BULUVAJf. FOR BALB-ATBM BLUE ISLAND-AV.. 4 HEAVY work-hones, 3 middle-sized horses, and one nice driv ing-horse, spring wagon and harness; must be sold; cheap for cash. Call to-day or to-morrow. ggr, good buggy hnrso and harness; must sell. WILKINS. Room It. 145 LoHallosU For halk-a very fine roadster house fur want of nse, 16 hands high, bar, wall-bred, boa trotted In 8:60 without extra training, free driver, and aafo fur a lady to drive to a locomotive. Will soil low. Addrosafornvodays, EH, Tribune office. FOR SALE—SECOND-HAND RUOaiBS'/'l’ JUMP eeat, 1 half-top park.chaeUm, 8 baif-topjcabrfolettes, leztuniloti-top, 3 shift-ten side-bars. 9 square-box shift top. 3 yacht shift-top, all m good order, at carriage facto ry, eO and 83 Twulfth-sL HENRY WItLETS A BitU. UOK SALK-8 dOOD, IIF.LIAHLU HORHKB, ACL L' enstoraed to the city: work doabla or single; .tillable forcrooon 1 , eipresrwagons, or for family use. Will bo sola at reasonable nriees. aa wo havs no further nso lor them. D. I). MALLOUY A UC>, IU WsitlUndolph-st. WOK BALK—(4OO WILL HUVa BTVLISII, YOUNG i’ hay mare, covered phaeton, harneii, blanket, covers, eto. Mare aunnd and kind, an esoallont lady’s borto; phaeton and other articles entirely non a year aao. Ad dress K 51, Tribune oUee. FUU BALK—ONR ! GOOD lIUUBK AND TRUCK ebssp. Apply to 335 East Kinsle-st., with business established. PORHALR-A GOOD SECOND-HAND PHARTON aud faarneo* la good order cheap, lounlra at aUblee of Mr. IGtKD. DAFT. 7dJMiohlgana». * GO TO MARTIN'S FOR THU DEBT DELIVERY wsguni In town: all leamned stock: a eutmlr always on hand. MARTIN'S carriage shop, <7 WulU-it. Great RAiiOAiNs in GAimiAuiiß and hug glee, new and lecond-haud, doling out at emt at my new waruroomi, 111 aud 13 Waihlngtonit._it. H. HILL. HORSE. WAGON, AND 'HAUNKSa FOE" BALE cheap. Inquire at 811 Wait IX7 ANTED—TiIR UHR OF A IIORBK FOR lIIH Vi care. Good oaru will be given. Address O iH.Trib* ane otßce. W“’ ANT KD-UORSK, HARNESS, AND WAGON for tbo grocery builneii. Muil bo mund aud In good ardor. P. WERVKKK. corner Thlriy-fint and Dearbora-iti. WONTED-FOUR GOOD WORKHORSES OF AIK. dlum iUe,_Apply at2l3 Eait to-day. W" antsu-a ohkap work horse Worth from <3O tu<Meaib. Call at 1663 Fralrlo-ir. BOOKS, DOOKB—UH A MURKS' OYOLOPKDIA, 10 VOL., <3O: XX 6 vol., <3l: Ford's History of Illlnuls. <(; Geological Surrey of Illinois. |IS: Tali'i Dentistry, <9.W: Htatnteiof lllluoli, 1b74, <3: Whitman on Patent, <3. Olark'a Commeutary. 4 vol., <ll. Cash paid lor old book*, luaca clnei, and tuuilo. Bond for catalogue. MILLER, lirj Madlsou-st., basement, Blank-hooks, envelopes, note-paper. lotto .paper, legal-cap, mucllsgs, Ink*, do., do., at iirleoa abiolutoly buyuad conipotPlou. UII.UEhT, 168 riASll PAID FOR LAW, MEDIOAU AND Pill* Ij rate Hbnrloi. tuazatlou*. inuslo. Gall or addreai OHAPIN'S Original Old Hmkatore, opp. Tribune oMua. DIVORCES. Divorces legally obtained for inuom. pailbtllty. ale. t residence nor pormnal presence nut required lalhdaflie millclout prool 5 feu alter decree. Ad* dress G. It. SIMS. SaWashlngUm-it. fVVbUOES LEGAL BVIUIYWIIERIC. WITjIOUT U publicity; rieidonca unaacimry; foiilUr dicree; 16 yean* aiyirlmco. t'oil-Cflicc Ho* 81#, Lbloigu, TMVUHUEB LEGALLY AND GUIBiTiY OHI'ANELT XJ in evury Slate of tbo Union for moompitibllUy. eto. lUildeaee uuuuceuary. Foe afiar doureo. Twolro year* iiwrtonci. Arturo** Foit-Dttica Hu* 1U37. UhlcaZ'i. 111. EDUCATIONAL. WEST END INSTITUI'K. FAMILY HOHOOI. FOR yuun« ladle*. MRS. H. L. UAUV, I’rlucipil, Naw Havco, Couu. Mend fur circular. TOLEAS2. rno LKASB—VAUANT LOTS ON AUNOI.DST. AND X Woutwortb-av. fur 10 year*, between Thlny-.otumh audlblrty-alnlh-eU. UUWLEY, 168 Duaiboru-at. TUB CHICAGO TRIBUNE: WEDNESDAY. MAY 3, 1870. 01TT ItEAE ESTATE. noil BAMC-SiUCO-TfEW BTONK fUONT DWRt.U iru.v n/iim"ii'i.uv**iioTi'..u «... r.1.1^ i. 1 Inf. «II modern improvement*. l-.l 9(»i 1*o ( nn Wat>a«t). av.,between Thlrty*flr»l and Tnlriy.tecondsta. t bircaln. , #*l,ooo-Now octagon atone Iron I, II rojrai, all inod-rn, dwelling, lot aotllX. on Calumet-av., between TliUty* •eoond and Thlrty*(nlrd*ete. Sl.l’iO-NloeamaU eotiage, lod lot Sum. aonth front, oa llanrjf-at., wlihln half a lilooH of Itlua laland-av. T. H. BOY P, Itoom 14, 148 Madison-at. IPOR BALK—HOW MUOII WILL YOU 01VK FOR 1 8-rqotn cottage and lot, Kfl treat Indiana-ill Worth sa,!Wt, but am determined to toll i nn rea*on«M« offer ro* fiitad. AltofM, at a iMrlfloe. K, 11. BItUWN, luSTlflh-a . bum HALIt-LUKAF GOTTA OK AND HAHN, 1201 I. Wainut*«t. t onlr 1600, with Ate rear* 1 leaae of lot at S 4 per month ijw will ront It. IS) Wait MonrneU. IflOR fIAT.R—RLROANT NEW f-KTOUV AND 1 basement octagon brick houee. 839 Weet Washington* ■I., finished in natural woods, coal vault In fmnl, very complete; take jour wife to Mie It; no white paint to con« tlntully soil: term* pair. In'iulrvof F. A. wHITK, £3l l’ark-av., or 11. Wllll’i*Lß,lbl Waslilngtou-it ■ Itoom 11. fjlOU HAI.R-OR KXOIIANnk-FINK UOHNKH ON £? Thlrlr-fUstsl., wretof Rlate, with store ami dwoll- Intt would eiuhange f«ir Route east of UUvte-sL, worth *5,C00._,1._11. KKfil.Kß.la «lark-et L Ip Oil SAIVk-'a tWO-HfoilY FIIAMIt lIOURIt, 7 1 room*, nn Olcero-C'nirt, near llarrlaonnl. Thle place In offered very tow a* the owners are to leave tho oily. TUUNK/IA BUND, lu3 FORRAT.K-IIOUHK AND LOT 050 VAN BURF.N. *l.; make an offer; with small nut lay will par IS par cant on Investment. J. TYLKK, Rooms, 03 Washing. tonal. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. TpOR HALB-01l KXOUANGK- J* Uoitso and ground* on Gnmellst. fetesr) at Hyde Dark, fine place, for house and gi>ud alto lot on North bide, toulli nl Lincoln Park, nn>t will aiMim* l . House and 7U140 feot on Uak-tu, and barn, (or nice place on Wait bid*. Lars* brick rosldence and 100x181 (aet In Eaandata. Hyde Park, for eoro property and good Inside Improved. Alio »ood home and 60x160 foot on .leflorton ar.near Hyde Park depot, to exchange In aamo way. Übolee lota on Greenwood-ar,, water, sidewalk. and good houses on slrret; flao evergreen* on properly, at great bargain (orcaih. Floe building lota at Kenwood, on Forty-sevrnth-it., TYoodlawn-a*., Kcnwood-courl., and lAke-ar., at bar gains (or ettb. tJLTUCK * BOND, 6S Washlngton it.. Room 9. FOU HALK-AT WKHTKUN SPUIKUH, UN KAHY monthly payment* trtmiU.S-it'irr hoa*fi tndM ft. Into atSBOO, *l,Ouu. tndSliUOt ue*rschool*and duput; tido* w*(kb, *lo., ail coraplol" toady to move Into; 10 coni train morning and evening. T. O. IllLi* 4 l.tketido Building. IBOR HAI.B—AT DOWNKinTohOVk. on b.'nT A X 1 (J. It U.. lO cont train*, choice village and grove lot*, one new homo iMxiM, 8 room*; two houm, 7 room*. T, A J. »■ LYMAN, 17 Portland filook. IP OR RALK-OR KXOHANUR-tO AURKB IN BRC. X' 18, 11. It, lljrdr* Parir, on 111. O. H. It,; mcellsnt (or anbillflslon. J. TYLKIt, 93 WasblngUmst, Itoom S. WOlt BALK—MORUAN I , AITk~HmjSRBXN“DTofs X' on monthly payment*. Only a *matl c»»li payment re quired. iluu*no(6ruoiiis and lot hUI.VI. 61,3i0; monthly payment*. fH.ftl. House of 6 rooms and lot iOO*IW).4I,7nu! monthly payment*. $11*.17. Home o( 8 room* and lot 75* IN), s3,tout monthly payment*, 827.1tf. Ilousaa coating double thesO prices, double (ho monthly payment*. Rail road fare, lo cent*. Inquire n( <IKO. It. OLARKK. Agent, Wo. 11 Chamber of Commerce. POli BALK—(IUKAT IIAHUAINB IN HOUHKB AND lota at La Orange, Prleos and term* to anlt the timoa. (JOSBITT A LAV, temotod to 71 Washlngton-at. FOR SALK—CHEAP—LAROK 2-STORY, 13 room*, brick basement, lot Mnr 100*170, Wabash- LaSaUeVt “° pot ’ Kd 6 |owooJ> HULUUHD A CO,. 308 FOR RAI.R—F.XOItf.TiRNT IIOUNKS AT ItAVRNH wood and Hummerdale on easy terras: lake water; freqaenttralnclowfare*. A. liKNNUTT, agent, eouth* east comer Monroe and Market-*!*. FINANCIAL* IDVANOKS 3IADKON WATOIIRB. JKWKLRY, J\. diamond*, revolvers, oiiora.gla**o*. book*, fun, In* arrnnent*. eto.. etc.,at UOI.DSMID’rt Loan and Bullion ottice, W Kail Madiion-it. Cash paid for old gold and ill ver, gold dust, allvcr ban, precious ntooos, and valuables of every dmenpUon. Unredeemed pledgoa lorialo. Advances maul on diamonds, watoiiks, bond*, ote., at LAUNDRIIH 1 private office. ISO Rau. dolpb*»t., near Clark. Itoom* 6 and 8. KatablUued Ifc&l. MdIWK, KIMBALL iTco.. UANICKUH, 18 NEW-BT,, NKW YORK. Members Now York Block and fluid Exchange. Trans act general banking and bruheraco basincsi. MONEY TO LOAN AT 8 TO 10 PlcTl CENT, ON Improved city pro|>ertyin aumi of Sl.iW and np. wards. Applyat Uoloo Trust Co., VfONKY TO LOAN’ ON’ FURNITURE. BTOVK.S, ill and merchandise, Ac.. In stores interest 10 percent, storage extra. TIIOH. A. HILL, 123 Uearliom st. Y~TO - LOANON jk\VKLRY; wXTdmtsi 111 pianos, and chattels. P. M, WILKKUBON, Room <O,IM East Wasiilngton-at. £tl /iVw i ou sß,6do'to invest in PRODUOK uU.UUU commission or any other good business. Address, thladay, U office. »n finn TO LOAN, B TO fi YEARS. ON OITY iJmIiI/UU realestate. l/>ans made on goodcollat erals. W.OTTAWAY. 127 SouthCUrk-it.,JU>om_44. (£*o RAfk TOI/OaNONOUIO’aOORKAUKKTATK security, WILLIAM 11. KINO. IW Cltuk-sl. n/tA *IO.OOO, 62,600, AND OTHRH BUMS TO suit to loan on city real estate at current ralM. TURNKU A BONO, lttl Washln«t«m-st. aii\ nnri amounts to loan on very ■Tliu.UUu favorableU»m«. Building loan*made; security, city real estate. DRANK A PAVNK, north oaat comer Randolph and Dearborn-sts. (bank iluor). ewe rmn to loan on productive city <3WO.UUU real estate at and S par cent In amounts from 810,000 to tj 1(5,000. Principals ouly need apply. Address V SI, Tribune ofllcs. TO Good city real kstatb free op inoum brauee to exchangeßor groceries, hardware, bools and aboos.or dry goods. Address II 93, Trlbuno office. T~HAVR — JNINdUMBKRBD REAL ESTATE TO L trsdo lor parlor fumUuro. Address lor two days A U, Tribune office. mo EXCHANGE—BI6O.OOO—FOUR t-HTORY AND X basement brisk storue, with lot &lzlt6 feet (stores cover tbnnntlrn lot) on Htato-st.. one and a ball blocks from Palmer House,between ,10011100 and Van tiuron-st., with lot 60x100 opposite now Custom House cm Dearborn st. This It soruo of tho linest husknnai property in China go. Wo want good lands In any good State for our equity. To any one who can cany this properly they can make 9’>o,ixu lu live years on tuoroase In valao. Hero Is a chance to get tlrst-clase business property In heart of city for wild lands In any of tho Western nr Southern (Rates. Call at once and got a bargain. T. B. BOYD, Room 14 H 6 .Madison-at. TO KACHANDK-mwo IN TOWNSHIP BONDS ttsnod by one nf the licit counties of a Western (State for dry goods, boots and shoes, or other personal proper ty. Andress JANUARY, Tribune olHco Td~BxonANuiCnobn huru'rran property fur buggies or carriages: good second-handed will do. H Tit. Tribune ollieo. rro'KXOHA.N(Ht-A LOT. VALUE 9250, FOR A X fini-ol«»s office desk. Address 1.7. Tribune office. _ rno KXUHANOE-TWL) STORES and dwell- X lags corner Twenty-ninth and Garibaldl-sls., for livery stuck. MATbON HILL, 87 Waihtngton-at. mo EXCHANGE— A HOUSE AND I<OT, 83.U00. In- X cumbraucn 80X1, for a stock nf banlwara In a llvu lawn In Illinois or lowa. A. T. HEMINGWAY, 36 Major Block. . MUSICAL ATTHIR SEASON OF THE YEAH WK ALWAYS have a number of pianos on band returned Irom renting. Thom are thoroughly durable, la good tune and tone, and warranted to last as long as a new plana. Wo will soil those just returned fur from 9160 to each. In addition, we now have auras cheap planoa, aa follows: One 6-ocLave plain .8 60 Ono 0-octavo Gilbert 76 Une7-octave Gilbert..... 136 One7-ocU»oChlokurliig..... It* nearly dhw, In handsome rose* w0^^a»a... , ........v.r..Ti.ivr.irrr. 300 W NS MMUVIL. 13 AUQAINrt IN I'IANOH—ONIi KI.ttOANT DKCKKU ■iJUro*., nearly naw.lor lots than ball urlco; 1 lino 7nctavo oTOfstruDjt. $110; also I forSA’i; or will real tor $6. 800 Vistna'tr. OUOANH-WiTII ALL NKW iSIPKOVCMENTtS-UY X. Hpanc, lllske Uraan Company, hnillb’s American, Ms«on A Hamlin, Taylor A Farley, gUI, $93, 8100, U. T. MAUTIN’B, JlMßlate-at. UNPUkOEDKNTKI) ItAHOAINS. NKW PUNCH, *C£S, liUW. H!-M. eio. KKC(iNILHANI) PIANOS, 940. 680. 97&. Hub, jlii. 5175. IL T. MARTIN, IM HTATK-fiT^ ■\rifHY ELEGANT, NKW, Wi-OCrAVK PIANO. > forte—Rosewood case, richly carved leas, surt lyre, has all the latest Improvements, only 9216. It. T. MAH TIN. 1M Hlalo-st. BUSINESS CHANGES* Apart interest in o.nk of thk hkst lit llo patented •nielei e?er Introduced (or sale require capital fur niinultoturlntp lavlti InrasUgallon. For par. Ucularernddreu I #7, Tribune office. /toAii yard lkase. office, hone*. wagon*. etc.. lor aale at a laorlnce, aa uwnrr I* eugagtd la oilier builnii*. Call at llarrlaoa and Ca. nal-aui. for particulars. IpIRST-CLASSS bAI/UO.N FIXTURES, HUTTI.F.H. P licenie. eta., (or tale at a bargain. Apply at UEST’B Warehouse, <6 North PATENT RIGHTS OF ANKWTmPUOVKDHAND power, combined circle and scroll t*w for aala. Ap* ply at 668 Mtlwaukee-ar. CIhVKH MINKS"IN SAN JUAN DISTRICT, UOlAl p ratio, lor ulo or exchange fur real titato: city, suburb au, Illinois or lowa lanni. K 63, Trlbaue utUoe. (pilE RIGHT PARTY WITH »1.000, HALF cash, X cau have half folircit In a builneii end management, with salary, iure to clear <IB,OOO yearly. Addrvu O 3, Tribune otilce. HALF-INTEREST IN BTOOK COST. tpcM-fV/ lac <I,OOO. aud established onh business psylng tS,ool|catlj. 164 East Rsnduljilt-sl, Room3o. SEWING MACHINES, iptKOANT SEWING MACHINES OF ALL HTAND- J'J animates. warranted Ibtoe yean, perfect lu every S articular, with tnck marker and all attachment!; price, ai each; rataU at *75. THOMAS 11. MATHER, Ibid Wabaib-ar. 1IU)E 7 HALK>HKVEKAL LATE lAiPUUVai) MA. V eiihie*, unbracing all kladi la Hie market, to bi mid very ettvap to par advaucoi. Money loaned on maobluoi. Private LoauUUlce,, Room 3, upstairs. SINGER OFFICK'oF Xi J.” MEI.OHKUT, 303 WEST Madlioa-il. Machine* mid on monthly payment*, routed, ami siohatiii-d. Open till #p. m. STORAGE. TUUAUE-ON KASt'~WASHINUTON-BT. FOR household goodiaud mcrohaodl.e; money, advanced t>a goodi II desired. Address THUS. A. HILL, IXB Deaiburn-st. 6TimAGK~PAUTIESUAVINO"FUnNITUUKTHAT p they with stored lor tbo use of e portion of It, eddrew N W, Trlbuuo olHce. nTdUAGK-FURNmm'IC. HUOaiFrs. AND MKR. pobalidli* itorod lu bio-pruol warchouie, |U> Weit Mon inß-»t l<iwe>i cliirgii. Muncy artvanco.l on aa»y temii. MACHINERY. ITT. H. * A. J. KIRKWOOD'S. ITI LAKE-ST., A itoam.ouglnei. puntp*. and boiler*, all alzoi. Iren aud wuod.wotklug luacaiuety, bultlog, aupphei. Juba* Ai> be.iu* imlorul*. INSTRUCTION.* MUSIC LV-SSONS. GUTTIiSLEUEN, UNITED State* Uutol. 41 hbormaa-it. TO RENT—HOUSES. 'no BENT-BRICK DWKUiINO.IIOUSn. TWO. J atnry and ha* mmut. In n tnvlcta onW, N'>. Pl 5 In- Apply at Uikko II nn*|mr Block. iro RKNT—HOUSE, NO, StT KOUTH KANU'aMON'. X at. Twnatorl**, batrment, and Mamard roofs atone front, 11. 11. HHUFKI.UT, gt Sangamon-it. 'PO RENT-NO. 3*B NORTH DRAIUIonN-aT. X 1\ 0. TAYI/OH, 191 Dearborn-ft.__ TO RKNT—CHEAP TO THOSK braotiral 11-room houtoi, corner of Utiih ao.l Utk at*., ,V-.r;h Bide, with all eenrcnlaiicea. Apply on Ilia preniln-*. rpo hkn r-riik nick iuchioknck jwfaV liTm/tt* i or., will) a largo, 3-atory barn. alnlrny 3 b'>t Italia, and lltlngle ataliai and 71 foot of (round. In* vV.M. M. DEIi, Franklin ami Adarna-ata, rIIRNTIA* FURNISH iUMIOUSK, AUVmODKRN linproremotite, with a good brink barn, A No. I place fnr a lint clan bearding.hout*. now pa*tlally HIM with boarder*, Monros-iU. near Lallin. by COLIC, NKW RLI.t llOrtllCU, 1« Won MAilin.;» at. rro HUNT NKW ' MARRMM'RONT,' 10 ROOM X hnuirr, »cr> uloaand convenient, one t» four block* from Lincoln Burk, and near Llncotn-a*. van. (JIIAH. N. HAUL m Randolph-at. rpo RKNT—TWO-STORY AND HASKMKNT BRICK X dwelling. 2*o Welt Wa*hlngtnn-«t. Krory mom newly pAinun), papered, and caktmlned. Will rant to a rn»ti-,!i*|t,ie imatit only. Not for a buardlng-houae. In* umre at iM Weit Washington-*!. rpo RENT—THE TWO-STORY tu-ROOM HOUSE J MW WaliMh Af. Apply WU.J. WALHHK, MoVlck ar’a Tl.uatre Building. . rpO RKNT—NO. 74 UONORB-RT., NKAU ADAMS: 4- X_ atory brick, 13 room*: 930 par month. Mid In good order. WM. D. I>ABMKit, No. 196 Btate*al., I’Umer Homo. rPO KENT—(IOUHHB IN AM, PARTS OF THK X city. Full Rat and partleular* In "lAndbird and lonant" at oar oflloo. (U.iW.U. McCOUMICK. IVi lAMftlle.d, rpo UUNT-imiCK HOUSE W. BOUTU MORGAN' X it., 10 room*, gaa fiztnro*. at able; pleatant locallod, near aerai low runt. Apply on tho corner nait toutb. rpO RRNT—TWf) - FINB 8-HOOhf’COrrAtTlfs, AT 1» Hie north city limit*, for i§R>, which aro really worth tai ; alto t otbera. Apply 126 South, Room 11. rpb‘ BRICK HOUBKB,' NKAIi J l.lncnln Park; all oonronlencea: wilt put la good or der and rontlow. O. 8. WALLER, 41 Clark-rt., Room It. rPU ÜBNT-lIW WADAfiII-AY.,B-STOUV AND llThk'. X ment marble.front honie, II room*, in perfect order, with fumaooand gaa-flztnroa, only iWper month. JaH. II.JJOODMAN A CO.. <8 Wwehlngtun au TO RIVST— PUifNISIIED HOUSK, FINK, STYLISH, with eitenalro ground*, noar <lop<il. at Wilmette. Ron! can bo paid In board. W. W. HTIIWAUT, 11, HM Waihlngton-at. HIO RKNT-IADW, 2M SOUTH RANQAUON-KT., 11 X rooms, 4elo*ota, pantry, etc,; garden, good order. J. A.OWKN, 183 Waahlngton.aU rpo RRNT-HH MICHIOAN-AV., JUST south ok X Tblrty-tl(lh-st.. agom of • bouse, 8 rooms, hot and ooM water, and is complete order, for SBS per month. Apply to li. O. STONE, I<B Madtsouit., Room 9. mb UKNT-COTTAOK, 60R 7 ROOMS. MOUTH X PenHa-»t„ to a small family, only $26 per month. J, 11. KKKLKU, lAiClark-sL qiO RENT—DWELLING HOUHR.iI ROOMS.NKWLY X papered and painted. Call at IK) Waat Adarea-et., between 8 a. m. and 6 p. m. qiO RENT-IW WEST MONHOK-ST., *SO: 678 WEST X Adami, corner Honore, $26, 11. OSUORN A SON, 12SLaSallo-st. rIIRNT— 833 WARRRN-AV.—TWO-STORY AND basement brick bonse, 10 rooma, furnished or not to ault party. Apply to J. B. HALL, 130 Dearborn-aU TO RENT—RESIDENCE ON MICIIiOAN-AV .NEAR Elghteenth-at., with rood barn and all conveniences; alio two-atory frsrou on tangley-av.. near Thirty-ninth ■L, 12 rooms, S2O. JAMES 1L HILL, 04 Dearbora-at., Room 4. rpo RENT—HOUSE 870 FULTON-HT., NEAR PAU- X Una, 6 rooma, OoloaoU, pantry, and twoatoro-rooras, eery coDTonlcntiy arranged; well lighted, sewer, water, gag, and rai fixtures, cheap. Call Wednesday. TO RENT—(OR HELL) LARGE BASEMENT GOT tago. ootnor lot, Hal Mod and Wolfram-si*., TOilM (I: tree* and abrubboryt rent 925: fell for $8,600. JOHN O. DARKER (Attorney), 188 Madlson-it. qiO RENT—THE TWO.STORY AND BASKMENT X octagon-front brick building No. 003 Sedgwick-st.. comer of Centre, one block wo»t from Lincoln Park; all modern Improrereente, Inclndlng furnace. For terms. Apply to C. O, HOLTON, Noe. £8 and 227 Statc-aU, or 7W North Wclls-et. IPO RENT-841 PER MONTH. THE NEW UK. X Ucbod 2-stury and baaoment octagon-front brick resi dence 1779 I’ark-av.; contains 10 roomi, furnace, ail mod ern ci'iivunlniioci, and fronts nou'h. C. T. HOTCHKISS, 221 Weal Wuhlngtoust., or N. DYK. JR3 I’ark-nT, ijPO RENT—AT UNION PARK—THAT VKTY DK -1 ilrablu oait-frant brick. 87 St. Jobn'a-ptaoo; contains 10 rooms, furnace, all modern convenience*, and ia rat proof. 0. T. HOTCHKISS, ait West Washlnglon-it. tpo uENT—U33 Michigan-av., tTroomr, S4O" X will rent logetheror In ilau to rosponilble parilei. Inquire on premise*. qiO RENT—CHEAPEST RENT IN CHICAGO- TWO* X story and basement bouse, S 5 Cottftgo-pUee, between Tblrty-Urai and Tnlrty-encond-sta., one minute'* walk to herse or steam car*. Ail modem Improvement*, fur nace. grate, bathroom and water-closet and sewerage: SJ) per month. luquiro at 37 Oottage-placu, or of F. LES TER. 67 Lake-et. rpo RENT-1310 PKAIIUE-AV., CORNER TWENTY' X nlntb-Bt., large coltagn 7 rooms, water and ga«.,all on one floor, GO foot deep, S3O to ft ttrst-claaa party only. C. YOUNG, 128 Michlgan-av. 110 RENT—IIOUSK NO. 1523 INDIANA-AV., TWO story brick, basement, all modern Improvements, SBB per month. IX2UP A WALLER. M 3 Mute st. rpo RENT—MIOIIIOAN-AV., A VERY DESIRABLE X private bouse, No. 418 Mlohlgan-av., furoGUsd or un furnished. Inquire on rpo* RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE WITH ALL MOD- X orn Improvements and barn, to small family who will beard owner and wife for the rent. Inquire at tho bouse, 2G7 Warron-av, TO RUNT-OIIEAPTOOOOD TENANTS, NOS. 26 mid 27 Ellis Park, octagon stono-fronts, all modern ItnjmiMineQU, sub-cellars. Room 8 llonura Illook. 11. 'PCr RKNT-7W OLYHOUUN-AV., CHEAPEST »• L room bouse In Chicago; food barn; 60-fool lot. In* quire ai 763 Clyhourn-av. rpo RKNT-FUUNISHEU-117 MOUTH PAUK-AV,. L 10 rooms, cheap. ll* 0. MoNEILL, 129 and lIW Clark-et., Room 3. * fPO RENT—OH f? A P—COTTAGE 171 VERNON-AVI X 0 rooms. 11. C. MoNEILL, 129 and Ld Clark st. Room It. ritO RENT—NEW TWO-MTORY AND RAKEMFNT. L marble* octagon front, with sub-collar, finished la natnral wood; luruoms, 4 mantel*, hot and cold water, TU3 Monroo-sl., noar Hunore, by M. K. COLE, at (lam, moa A Doering's. corner Waahlngtan-st. and Flfth-av. rpb RENT—COTTAGE, M HONOKK-BT., THREE I pleacant room*, ohwot. pantry* water* cheap. Ap* ply at RY? Monroo-st. rpo RENT—THREE OCTAGON BTONR-FRONT X honsoa. now, twn-storyand basemout, nine ruoma, hot and cold wator, bith-rooma. furnaces. all finished In tint-cUssstvle: rent low; location, on Ailams-st., corner Loarltt. JVIINEU TAYLOR,_Roorn 3*_7« Dearborn-si. _ rp6ll ENT—HOUSE M EOAN-AV., NKAR HORSE 1 and steam oars. Furniture for sale oboap. Address J S S, 7*d Indlana-av. rro RENT—NIOK OCTAGON STONE FRONT X homo and bam. 419 Warren ar. (60, riH) RENT—CHEAP-HANDSOME HAST FRONT X brick dwelling; all Improvements; fornaeo. was fix tures, screens, Ac.; (toper month. Cali at 637 Vernon a». rro UENT—NEWTIIRHK-HTORY 11R10K HOUSES, 1 ij)2u; cuttagoa (ti to if 1 r,. For sale ou monthly pay ments. JOHN F. F.DEIUIAUT, Room II Methodist UUuroh tilnck. rro RENT—A FIRST-GLASS RESIDENCE, WITH 1 all modern improvetnenta; beautiful green yards and brick bant, at No. 9 Mouth May-st. qio ItICNT-tM WEST ADAMB-HT., TWO-STORY X and basement brick house, 10 nouns, with all modern improretuonla; will rent reasonable to a good tenant. Call at the above number from 10 a. m. until 6 p. in. KnljnrDriD, rro RENT—AT OAK PARK. RIDOKLAND, AND X Anaiin, good houaos, with largo lots, at (10, (16, ASO, (36. A.T. HBMINoIVAY, Room |j»Kalle-.i. rp6 KJ'.NT—|‘ij Ail U Nil I—AF R Aillt HOUSE OF! X rooms S blocks from Hyde Park i)<‘pjt* «u WaaliliigUm-av. Apply to F. M. RLAIN, mailing Do parluiont Chicago I’ual-ODico. fPO RENT-IN NORTH F.VaNMTON-NEAR' Tlfli J depot, church, and school, bouses of from 6 to B rooms, with from I to 0 acres of well-cultivated grounds wilbnauii, for from (7 to (19 per month, which is about oue-thinl price. Also one iu (lloncoo. Gr<>uod to rent cheap. O. li. imOWNE, U>« Fifth sv. rpb iIF.NT—AT KKN WOOD-A N KLEtI ANT HOIMkT X (uruiihod. with eilcnsirs grounds. E. B. WILL IAMS, Circuit Court Room, City-Halt rpo UKNT—UOUSKrt AT LA QUANOR. ON TIIK X 0., 11. A tf. U. J1.,7 miles from Uio ol'y Uiults, st urices which will make it pay to liro In the country. UOSsriTji RAV, removed tori WaiblPgtun-sU rpo RKNT-DK4HUAULB HOUiU'i AT RAVENS -1 wood, #'.‘6; S bouses at Hnitmierdale, (90 oarh. A. IIEN.NKTT, Agent, southeast corner Alonroe aad Mar kst-sts. TO RENT--ROOMS. fpOKKNT—WICLL. FURNISHED, WARMED ROOMS, X 83.60 to $7 tmr week. RollfltJ-ridlosuplilral PuhlUh log miu«. 137 Founti-a*., two block* aouth l'o*i-UtUf«._ »pO UKNT-4HQ041 FLAT, NIUULY ARRANGED X and very light; ha* water, gas. wator-closet. Two lluea of cars, and near Lincoln Park. CHARLES N. HALL, 143 iUadolph-at. TO RENT—FRONT ROOMS. HUITABLK HUI LA die* or gautlsmea, at 10 Sherman Sk,between Jack ton au Huron, near Rock Island depot, Transmute taken. rru 'runt-in T*u omWon'S~irr7dcuTa”rooms X (lint door), Xl4 West Aladtson-st., nmdorn Improve ments. suitable for housekeeping, light and airy. WM. 11. TIIUMFSON, JtE) Waat AlailUon at. a’O RENT—UPPER FLAT OF 103 NORTH CLARK st., si* rooms, besides bath-room, etc., aUo over sture 3.4 Clyhuttruav., Ah', sis rooms, A.T.UALT, U 4 Dcsrborn sl., Room 33. 'i'o RF.NT-14 ROOMS OVF.H STORK 354 SOUTH 1 CUrk sl., between Jackson and Van Huma, good (or furnished ructus or boardlng-liuu.e. louulro in store, flow )U to 4, of JAMRH MATUI.WH. _ rpo ukn r—large front rooms with hot X and cold water In, furnished or uoiurulshi'd. with u>« of kttohsu, or day board close. Will rant to suit the times. b 47,51 Wabasli-a*. 170~RKNT-£M WEST WAHHINHTON-HT., NEAI . Sangamon, an elegantly (uruistiod suite of roumi with bath room, and all modern conveniences. fro rent-rooms’, huitarlk for’ iiohhi: L keeping, 19 or §l3, or whole of urst floor, for 41k, at S3tlßomtai r ark a». fPO HUNT-SIX ROOMS, FIRST STORY OF CeJ X West Monroo-st,, corner of ktonuroi water, gai, uowly painted and ealclminsd; cheap to good panics. Apply at ffjJ Alouroo st. _ _ HIO RENT—PLEASANT AIA’OVK FRONT ROOM X with all oumsuloaoc*; also, smaller lurulshod rooms, aiUiOciiiio-ST. rpO RENT—NICELY FURNISH Kir FRONT ROOMS; J al-o, unfurnished rooms lor light bousekueplag. ?9 East Van Bursa st. _ _ fPO RKNT— NICKLY-VultNlHli X od rooms uu ttitrd lluor W ladies or goutluuMoatrs. tunable rates. Fi4St*te-st. Apply at Room 14. _ rpt) RENT—FURNISHED UOOUH. KN HUmc'’Oß 1 slnuls, suklahte (or famthesur single gonUemen, la HoweTiuudlng. 343 Stalo-et., RoowlD. fpO RENT—FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED X rooms, suitable for vauUswen or ladluet aiuvatur la lUe building; in Bryant Block, corner Dearborn and Ran* dulph sts. A pply Room 4e. 1“iO ifICNT-PLEAHANT AND WELLFUKNISIIUI) rooms (or gantleoieo; everything kept In UrePcUaa onlcr i terms |tu to |24 per month. Inquire bii South CUrk-it., Room 4. TO RENT—ROOMS. tO RENT-ROOMS. HUITARI.R FOR MOUSR krojtng, furnlrt. ‘J i.t anfumUbcd. Cull at 111 Homti reonat. rpo 'RRN T- K UKN J HlOfl > ROOMS-THOMPSON X llonaa, 163 South Claraat. Transient* taken. Office K. for housekeeping to reepeetable partita, at 148 South llaUlcd at. fp O R RNT—FURNISM Rl> BOOMS FRONTING THR X taka, With all conrentancra; pdtate family. No. 8* Indlana-nr., corner Thirteenth*!. 'O RENT—TWO FRONT ROOMS (TURNt.SHRD), without hoard, corner Clark and Aclama, Porter lock, Bulla 13. __________ rpo itRNT-to oilai rooms, allwklmliohtkd i and admirably adapted for lotting furnlabad rooma; it taken with atore, would maka a mo* hotel. Apply la an-r«. ilk I'toto-at. TO RENT—STORES. OFFICES. Sco7 Stnrna. rpO HUNT—SO. 1W STATK-ST. (BOOKSELLERS' X How), atom, baaement, and aocond floor, connected by elevator, together nr aeparate. Apply to 144 Aladlaon ■ (..Roomk. n. u. MONK. rro'luV’.T-sToiu-.s'i-'o. w, and a*< jaokson- X at., near FiMb ar,, witn or without power, f6O per mnnlli. O. 11. 4 (J, c. WaI.RKB, 13 Chamber of Cora nmteo. rro UKNT-A FINK BUSINESS lIOUSR IN DRfl X Moin<*• la., lutl.e centre of bueineea and nest door to the Uni ton n ale* i'nat-Oltire, now occupied by a Arm doing the lioarie*i book and aiauunery jutlnoea la the city. The building i«£Ubt> feet. embracing three floor*. A three ttory bnc« now being erected adjoining for a book and ata’b.nery raiahllrhmenl. I’oiaoialoa glren on l*t ot. Heiitenib»r ne»l furau-rmof year*. Apply to WM.UaM It. DBAS. 110 Cuurt-ar., Pea Motnet, la. n>Q ITNK HTOUK 2UY. BIIITAni.R FOR jini:/ u |!. rpo HKNT—BTOHK, UfMJMS, AND BAUN, 122 X Oorloy-at., anllable for bakery, laundry, or meat market. UOWI.RY, 163 Poarborn-at. Ofhoea. rpo RMNT-fiKVKRAI, URBIRATIT.R FRONT OF- X fleet uu aecunrl and third tlmm of Fullertou Block, Pi Dearborn-ft. Apply at Hoorn 4ln the building. rpO UKNT—CIIKAP. AT 135 SOUTH Cf.A HK-HT.. 8 X large offltai, 1 ViiQ, I’. D. HAMILTON, Room 1, IJd Clark'tt. ro RKNT—liioll BAHP.MKNT OFFICB, 4C SOUTH X Clark-at.. .auitei of edieoa and aloeuing room*. 46 md 48 Houth_Utark-at,_Koom_3. m ri>o KENT—SECOND FX.OOII OF 153 RANDOLPH' X M.; large, well lighted office; lorma moderata. In qulro In bolldiog. BflaooUanoona. TO RENT—FIVE LOTH Off TUB CORNER OF Reach and Malbertls., with aids track, suitable for lumber, coal, or wood yard. O. 11. A O. 0. WALKER, 13 Chamber of Commerce rpo'llENT— DOCK—180 FEET FRONT ON SOUTH X liraacii, near I’olkat. bridge. Apply to 0.11. 4U. 0. WALKER, U Chamber of Commerce. TO RKNT-A'ra'hKMKNT ON EAST MADIRON •t., lor a barber ahop. The owner will pm In 2v bath* tuba; rent low. Adiireaa I3J, Tribune oaice. rpO RUNT-DOCK, OFFICE AND SCALES, SUITA- X ble for coal men. Apjdy at 4 Wait Lake-st. WANTED--TO RBNI WANTED —TO RENT - FURNISHED HOUSE (must be complete) for six nnnths or a yatr, not over 1 mile from Court-House. Parties contemplating leaving the city will will and tbla a rare chance; no exor bitant rent will be paid. AddruiJ. with particular!, 12, Tribune office. WANTED— TO UKNi-HY JAMES 11. HILL. IT Real Estate and Renting Agent, bouses of 10 to 12 room* on Month bide ranging lo price from S2O to (tin per month, for customer*. Hnuseslolt with me to rent util receive prompt attention and liberal advertising. JAMES 11. HILL, 94 Wa*bingt«n-st., Room 4. anted-tcTrent-light itoumT"ckntßAL," for small, neat printing office: rent about 9100 diet year. Addrcti OUUD UEFERKNCES, Tribune office. W~ ANTED-TO RENT—COTTAGE OR FLOOR ON Weit Side not lo exceed s2h._l 92, Tribune office. WANTED— TO RENT—A FURNISHED IfOUSK OF 10 or 19 rooma In pleasant location; root mutt bo nodente. Addrwaa II HI. Tribune office. \A 7 ANTED —TO RENT—COTTAGE OH ROOMS V| from 810 to $35 per month, between Sixteenth and Twenty-slxth-sU. LOUD A WALLER. 843 Stalest. W ANTED-TO ItK.NT—A liARN ON SOUTH BI DE, north of Twelfth at,, and east of river, for private ore. Address M ICO. Tribune offire. BOARDING AND LODGING. Soath Sia«. in RLDUIDOR-COURr - LARGE, KLEOtNT XU roomi, nicely furnished, on first or eeooud floor, with board. A few table-boarder* can be accommodated. OQ PECK-COURT FURNISHED' ROOMS 10 «3«3 rent, with tKiard, auitable for couUoman and wife or ■lnsle centlouien. Tonus reasonable. r"n‘ VAN‘m)RkN-ST"NEA‘R STATE—UOARI) FOR IU ladlas or gnnUamen at $4 to 85 per week, with u«e of piano. *30O" MIdIUOAN-AV. - ELEGANTLY - FUU OOa nl»U*d front and bock rooms, with board; also back parlor and library. n wauash-av. _ nicely furnished «3J*J front rooma and bedroom* off. with good board: also two desirable for ilugls gentlemen. rbij WA R ASH-aV. - NEWLY-FURNISHED. •JOZi clean and well-ventilated rooms to rent, with or without beard. In a newly-tlnUh*d bnuse with all modern improvement!; locatiub convenient and dnilrahle; dar beard furnlibed; hral-clait table; references given and reunirod. WABASHAV.-A SUITE OF .SINGLE Ud s rooms, with board; references required. Of IA WAHASH-AV;_TO- RENT.'WITH UOAfirT, OUU rooms on first and second floors, furolabodor uu famished. Tcnns reasonable. irfi r\ ruAiniK'AV. it wkntyn inth -st7>- iO .rL) Nicely famished tlnzlo and duublo rooms, suitable f>*r single cents and cnupln*; octagon shme-fmut house, famished uloguatly throughout, and everything mule pleasant* MICHICIAN-AV.. NKAR t'wentvsegond-st.- Plessant furnished rooms. with board, in prlrsli Inman. Dost of rcferuncoa alrim. Address M K A T 101 Ulsrk-st. Woit SIA-. nROUTH BHF.LDONMT.-SUITE OF rURNLSH. cd rooms, with board, for gentleman and wife. __ 1 O MOUTH SANGAMON-ST.—NICF.LV FURNISH ±Jj ed front room*, with board* fur gentleman and wife or single gentlemen. OQ A HERDEKN-ST.—LA RGK FRONT ROOM.SUIT* mU able for two* Also single rooms, with board. nnQ WEST~LAKH-.ST.-UOMPORTABLE'HOME. £\i*j with roam*and board, at I*s per wonk: without hoard only (3 perwoek. JOHN DAVE'S Proprietor. 9(S7T WEST~WABIIiSGTt)N ST^-ro'~RENT, WITH board, one room on parlor floor, and one on mo ond and third floors; alio, one hall mom. • >/> f WEST KANDOLPII-ST.-TWO COMFORT- Ot)‘r sbly-fumished roorae and good table fare. Termi very moderate. A few day-boarder* wintud. 71 n WEST MON ROli-ST.—LARGE PLEASANT I J Jj rooms, adapted to families or single persons, with board; modern improvements* Hofereoeos ex changed. t N ELEGANT SUITE OF ROOMS. FUUNISIIKI yv or unfurnished, to gentleman and wife, with boanl, In private family; rooms southern e*j>osure; home new, and every modern convenience; boat location on the Wea SMo. Terraa rcasonahlo to potroanent parties. Addrcsi 1 K 3. Tribune othoe. North Sian nnx INDIANA-ST., CORNER STATIC -TO RENT, *iO» / with board, single rooms; alao room-mate wanted. Day .boarders accommodated. Hotels. •VTKVADA HOTEL, Hi AND UO WAIIASH-AV., i\ near Madtann-tt.—l'irtt-cisaa board for to (3 per day; (C to 69 per week; day-hoard, H.Ri |w>r weak* Counirr. TN THE HUMURUS-HOARD FOR THE HUMMER, I with two pleasant rooms, convenient U> cars, and with iu It minutes' ndo from tho city. Addroas K SI, Tribune BOARD WANTED, ■nOARn-RY A‘iWNTLKMAN AND LADY IS A D quiet family on the West Side, where tlmte are no other boanlers, conrsnient to Madison or JUndulph car*. Address fully. I tU, Trlbnuoolbce, BOARD-WITH VURMaiIED OR UNFURNISHED room, on South Side, south of 'I wvnty-aocnnd-sl. and east of Stale, by young gentleman. 6 o'clock dinners. Addrca* 1 TV, Tritiuuo oB.c;. H’OARD-Wlfir A WIDOW LADY, WHERE A gentleman can bare all the cumtorts of a bume. A ddri'ss K 2, Tirbuns oflieu. MISCELLANEOUS* i »vkhtThwTsFksii<i?«otoreach 'country J\ readers caa do »o In iherhoapr-st and host inannrr by u«log one or mom suctions of Kellogg's Great Nesspspvr lusts and State Divisions. Fur illustrated catalogue aud uiap address A. N. KELLOGG.7V Jacksun-sL “i yT)i inh jTa"n wili ~ P av~small amount j\ lo party toschlng liliu In cake baking. Pluasu ad drew to-day K W.jl'ilbnns oitico. xY.L'gOOD (JAHT-OPF OUITIIINU AND CAU- A txdawlllbe bought at lha tilgheil price by .JONAH A. DUIKLHMA, 3fT South Clark-aU Kollo* by mall promptly atljmdcdUJ. _ I'jXcaKT.ol'F UI.OI lIISU BOUGHT FOR CASH j\ byf.UOUUU HiriJEL, MOSum-at. Orders by mall promptly attended to. ALL'ca'SHPAID FOR CASTOFF CLOTHING, carnet*. furniture, and nUcellaunoas goods of any kind by sending a letter to.ION AH (iJ'UdJKIF&R State-si. i.SuTMlNfrilF A RUlLlHNO’Wtiio TO LKT~AP- I* ply at ISi West Adaiua-sU l“ WILL INVEST * 1.6C0 TO *3,00 FOR ONE-HALF L interest in a retail grocery lu good location: or will loan the money to responsible parties to the commission hailnovs who will engage my services at a fair compensa tion lor oihoe wot k. Addro** LOU WALBEY, Tribune office. I)AI‘RR HA SO! NO, CALC I MINING, AND PAINT" X log, hrst*class work dons promptly by experienced wurknmn at bottuut prices tor cash. Address A 43, Tnb nue office. IVANTKD-l’Allt OF'a~Bl7l’ TINNERS 1 TOOLsT Vi Direct ft/OCuttsge Oroveav. ■\\ r ANTKO ~I WANT TO KAHN MONKY-MKN II mlii> are of my war of thinking, oooia and see ms. UFO. DANT, Hot 113 Kuhn's llotef. \\rASTKb 'tll TAKE CHUTmurNI.V HOARD. A 11 private tandly of education wiahea to lake children from fl to It) years In board and cam. Children will hare a good home and facility b> loaru the Herman language. Resld-mce In good neighborhood near Union Park. Ad dress F 11, Tribune oluoe. \\T ANTED—TO THE 1110 UT~ 41 A N, KNO WIN ti IT the ptoiUlua trade, who can gif* security and wishes to travel m Great Britain. a rare ouatioe fora fortune Is olTered. Nuns hut lbur“itgh business men used answer, giving experience and reference* In conß deuce. Real name or no reply. Address W 04, Tribune office. \v ANTKD-A LUMBER-YARD IN A LIVE UUUN if to plaoufor t ulcsgo r«-4l .kt»t« and ■ onemonuy. Addreu lull imruoultrs lu H. 41. UAULICE, 174 luu Heilo-st. WANTEU-i’O buy a small schooner or Vl tiat-bost lhat wl'l csrtr CO t.» mi yards of gravel. Inunlro of FRI.DFKICK KAItSTLN, at lbsotbco of M. W. Powell A CO.. 174 USallo-sl. AGENTS.WANTED* Agents wanted -to ' ‘uoTout'in country with the best paying article oat, to sell at wholesale and retail; <lu m 4Ju rouuired, 4 North Clark-it. UICU AUUS PACKING CO. WANTED—MALE HELP. x)ookh«flDer*. Clerks. &n. “WANTED-A SINGLE MAN ACQUAINTED WITH VT bookkepint and not afraid to dnganerel work: moil fornUh good references and bn willing to work on •real! talary. Addroaa, In own handwriting elating aalary and reference*, 6’J, Tribone office. WANTKD-A FIRST-CLASS DRY GOODS RACKS. tt man: mm bo a nod window-trimmer: no other need apply. 718 Sooth llalsted-at., earner Eighteenth. Trattae* WANTED— A HOOD MAN TO HUN A MOLDING machine; none hat thine rally Oompstentneed apply at n and 44 North ' WANTKD-AfiOOI)(;AUUIAOB.TUIMMKR. PEN. TT HOYKR AQ().,3m and XH Wabash-av. "^y ANTED—A WOOU.TURNF.iIAT 944 WEST POLK. WANTED— THREE CARPENTERS TO OO OUT 8 mlletj wage*. gl.teperday. ILN. D. PARKER, aoenerntth, baaement la Osarhorn-st. W A 2IS H-Jl -CLASH GILDERS AT STAN TV TON’S,Hi Wabash-av. WANTED— A UOODTAILOR TO OO TO TUB eonnuy. Inquire at Noa, w and » Madlion-et. WANTBD-OOOD PAINTKRS. 00MR RKADY TV for work to BUSH'S market, corner Clark-et. and Cbleago-av., to-day. WANTED-ONE OR TWO nOOD - CARPKNTKRS. Come early to 698 Weet Mvnrue tt. N. JACOB- WANTED— SIX FIRST-CLASS PAINTERS AND caletmlnere. Apply at tel Mleblgan-av. A. WATTS. W~ ANTED—TEN FiRKT-OLABS BRUSH* HANDS and ealeimloera thle morning at lot Sliteooth-at.. j wages, jit.76 per day. WANfED— AT ONOR-FORKST CITY FUUNI lore Company—Three woodturners, two raaawycn. AddreaaOllAn. 11. KF.ITII, Secretary, Hookfonl, (11. ANTRD-BOY TO FEED PRESS. APFLY~AT Room 8, In Madlaon at. I*. L. IfANSCOM k CO. WANTF.D-TINNEHB, APPLY AT 167 SOUTH Canai-et. WANTED—A GOOD CUSTOM COAT TAILOR. YY Inquire of MORRIS A GOLDSCHMIDT, 6C3 South Caaatet. £mplormozit Aeonoinn. WANTED— 60STONE-QUATinV LABORERS; WA eee Sl.Wperday. 90 aaw.mlll handa: learo today. Alao farm and railroad bands. 1U F. CHRISTIAN, 141 Kootlt Water-at., Room I. WANTKD-tO FARM HANDS AND* RAILROAD YY men for Illinois; free fare. ANDREW 0. BING A CO., 17 North OUrk-tU WAN T B D—l 6 RAW.MILL HANDS. 8 FARM hands, 16 railroad for Illinois, losve to-day. North wait corner Hoatb Water and Clark aU. O. U. MirCHHLL. WANTP.D-tO BAW-MILL HANDS; OO OUT TO* »» day; M railroad "laborer* ffreo fare):ooal minors (fare advanced). E. A. ANGKLL, SM South Walor-at. T\r ANTED -R A LESM EN, ENTRY CLERKS, POIt »» ‘era. driver*, bartender*, waiter*. ooaobmen. Call atl« East Madison at., Room 14. Applicant* by mailln close 111 cent* for reply. \\7 RAILROAD LABORERS TO LEAVE TT for the Northern Pacific (tie G'b inat.; alao farm and saw.mlll bands to leave to-day. 360 Booth Water-et. K, O. HAIUUT. WANTED-SO RAILROAD LABORERS FOR lowa, 100 for Illln'ili. (0 quarry men, V> eoalmlnaro, free fare; and fann bandi, at Zi West Uandnlph-st. J. 11. fiPIaUBECK A CU.. successors to O. V. Hnell A 00. MlsceUnnonna. WANTED-MBN OP AIIILITY, AVERAGE BURI *T new uct, and genteel appearance, to take eielu ■lre aonirol of territory and introduce a universal bouse* bold article through agent* and otherwise: canahow good men f3wi profit per month; QI sample* free to outside Eartiec who mean business. BAV A CO.. Chicago. 61 iSdalle-st.. Room 6. WANTED-A BOY TO DISTRIBUTE CIRCULARS and make himself generally useful: one preferred who lives with ids parent*: most come well recommended and not be under Id yuan of age; a permanent sltuttion to the right kind of a boy. Gall at Dr. BOMKRB* office. Urand Pacific Hotel, from D to 10 a. m. W ANTED—AN ENERGETIC MAN THAT WILL TT loan 8»0 on aoeurUr. with good salary. MAJ. THOMAS, Adams Uou»o, Harrison and Ciark»st». VVANTRD-MKN'TO SELL PERFUME. BiIELLS, 11 and fast telling household artlel**. American Nov elty Company, 113 Kail UadlsoosL, Room Hi. VV'ANTKD-TWO YOUNG MEN TO**DRAW SODA 11 waters most be active and genteel. Apply with ref erence to 142, Tribune otßoo. WANTED- HOY IN OFFICE TO RUN ERRANDS. Mo.; good parentage and smart: wilt pay flu per month. Apply alter 4 p. m., Room 4. M Dearborn-su T\r ANTED-ACTIVK YoTN () 111 J SIN RSSTiX'TtO TT take charge "I a good paying bnslncsa as partner. Colson FA3I, Dearburu-st,, bsssment. WANTED - CANVASSERS FOR THE NEW it American sewing machine. Liberal inducements. 341 Wabuh av., Chicago. \\ TANTifD—ANV*IIUMAN BRING WITH IHKAINH IT can make 6,'<11 a month soiling our latter copying book. Any uue Inat has a loiter to write will hur it. No Breworwaler used. Send for circular. EXCELSIOR U., 16 Tnbuno Building- TV' a ' V 1 a'wholesale house, an’kn -11 rraotlc yaung man who can furnisli a horse and bug gy to lake order* from the country trade. Good references ropiired. Address E 31. Tribune office. iIfANTED—A SMART BOY TO LEARN OAK- It riageironiag; cue who has had some mperianje jircferrod. Apply at carriage «tiop, 73 Jack*on-»u \\r ANTF-D-TK A VF.LINO SAI.KSM AN. REPRK IT seining the ootlun or boot and shoe trad«: none lull fint-cia.s men apply. ORVIL HOLDEN A CO., P;* and 15* East Kluzle-*l. ■\\rANTED—I.INKN-UOOM BOY. APPLY. WITH II references. thH morning at Clifton House. wantkd-*:ti a wkkk fou"good rnf-uortic II mvu. Apply at 137 East Madison-*!., Room IX A'V~AN’IKD-MKN OF GOOD A DDRKbH FROM jjfli II 4S year* of age to go to Michigan to eotlclt orders for our publications; \n men of ability wuo, irftor a few months* experience, can take entire charge of a Btare. wo will pay a liberal salary; mutt bring nrst-claai rnferecce. Ad dress. stating age, experience, etc., IV. J. HOLLAND A CO.. U* Lata-st., Chicago, 111. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestic*- WAKTKD-A omr. TO no GENERAL HOUSE work. Apply at ICO Forrest-av. W r A.vrkd-a” o66d”young unit, to D(Tsec. onU work; wages, (3 par w««k. Apply In nur of 4W Wabavb-av. WANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL liUUbK wnrk, also a small girl aged about H yean. Apply atJtoom 15. ITS South Claik-st., between Uaod X to-day. \Vantki>-a boon girl to do general > I housework, at ll£) Prairfo-av. XNTBD~IMMkb!ATCLY, A COOK”FOR - A drsl-elass hoarding-boose; none but an experienced one need apply at 475 Waba’b-av. W ANTED—A GOOD GIRL TO DO HOUSEWORK \\r boob, smart oiui77cm okn f.■ V v ral housework, at 173 Sou lb Peoria-aC References required. \t wanted—a noon gibl, one who thor II ourly understands working. No Irtah. 715 Wesl Mnnreo-»t. A WANTHD-nOOn uiiurFOß GENERAL HOUSE* work. Apply at 4JP Slate-st., up-staI rt. WANTKD-GOOD GlitL FUR GENERAL HOUSE >I work. Apply at £S«3 Warron-av. WfANTED—A (JIUL FOR OKNKUAL HOUSE • ? work; but two In family. Call at 676 West Midi son-st. WANTED— A COMPETENT Glß'l. TO COOK! waah, and iron. Apply at 44 North .Shsldonst., neai corner West Lake. ■\\rANTKU—IN A SMALL FAMILY. A GERMAN vl girl to do gonoral housework; must ba able to eook. wash, and Iren. 271 West Jaoksou-at. WANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE* IT work; family of four; no children. Apply at WaJ West Adams-sU WANTED-A SECOND UIRL AT 850 WAHAMI - Call between the hmirs of 9 andjl. \\T ANTED-AT THE UNION HOUSE, A COOK AND II chambermaid. Apply tumodiately. WANTED—A GOOD GIRL” FOR GENERAL TV housework; reforanoca required. Apply at 3M ills sciil-sU \\T ANTEU-A GERMAN GIRL TO DU GENERAL IT housework. Callai "00North Franklln-st. TVANiED ~ a73oM PitTKNTOfIIL FOR GENERAL Iv nooMworki oue that can come ready to work: no IHah need apply. Call at 976 Mlcblgan-av. WANTED-A YOUNG (HHI, TO DO GKNKRAI, Vi housework, in small private family. Apply at 619 Carrell-av., near fit. John’s-place. U' — ANTKICA fIR.ST-UI.AbS OOOK, WASHER. and irener; rood wages, and a permanent piano lur a cat’able girl. Call this morning at 1311 Indiaua-av.; bring rufmeaww. \V ANTED—GOOD COOK AT 61 ASHLAND AY?; IT German or Swede; must reoummonded. \VANTKD-A OlilL; iIUST UNOKBSTANircoOK- Vl log, washing, and ironing, at6dbiiieemh »i. \trAN IKD- AT ONCE. A GUOD COOK AND A VV gitod woondgirl: both mail be fully compsteut and wullng. 1079 Wabash av. WANfi:U-GIRL TO DO GUNKBAL HOUSE workatSll West Aladlsoa-sU, up-sulra. Apply at \irANThU—A (lUOl) DINING-ROOM GIRL AT A M private boardlng-bouto. At B£l Keel IndUna-al.. Nortbjilde, ___ WANTKD-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work; Scandinavian or German preferred. 1164 Prairie-ar. WANTKU— A GOOD STRONG SECOND GIRL AT tbo llotpltsl fur Women and Onlldreo, corner Pauli na and Adami-eta. German or Swide pmlemd. I\rANTRD—FOUU GIRLS TO SUW CARPETS AT VY Fuller A Fuller*! Carpit-CleanUif Worki. 263 South Canal-tl. Apply at uace. __ WANTKU— A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER AT MT Nlohlganay. WANTED— A YOUNG GIRL TO DO PLAIN SEW in* «ud ataiat la Ugbt homework. Use block from CutUae Groro-ar. can oo Fortj-fmtal., foartb door weet from Laugloy-av. WANTED—HJCPEUIKNOKD DRESSMAKERS, AT VV CARSON, PIRIK A CO.’S, UadUun and Poo rlaaU._ urANTI'D-TWO UUUH USKD TO WORKING ON II beat cnatom pauta Immediately at 610 Weal Madk eou-eU LanudreatM. WANTED—3 PIRSV-CLASS SHIRT AND COLLAR Vl Import. at ITBClaik-at. huraaa. WANTED—A OOMPETBM' AND WRLL-UEGOM* IT mended I’rutualant u> act aa nun* and mametraea. Krina relereoMM. Call Wednesday afternoon at U 7 Pme-et. Uiioelianeoni. WASTED-AT WINONA (MINN.) SURGICAL IN |> iiiuie, an adueaUd lady a) to 46 year* of age, (a take charge of the ladUV department. A Catholic, bar lug bad puepital ••parlance, preferred. Addreaa the above loatituiu. ___ Vl r ANTED-LADY OR GENTLEMAN WITH VY toactaecaeblerln Ant-elata rvalauranl, either ae partner ur uu talarr: perfect eocurUy. Call Irom ID a. m. to li m. at W Eaet Waablngtoti et. VuVniKD - AI’PKKNtTuK TO LBAIIN ALL Vl kinde of balr-wurk andbalrJeweltr. Toole and etock fur aale, on account of departure. _47 klanorerat. TirANTED—GOOD' AT FRANK Vl UOBHR’S. bookbinder, SMBanoolpb-et., comer Uaiket. WANTED-rr.MALE HELP. „ Emplovoietit Aitonoie** TyANTr.D-RKMAni.R OKRMAN AND BWRUI |, -**o»ten 1 Hyde Park, and city, at J. A J. imoWN’ft employment office, BMOottafaOroveAT., op. poalto Douglas Hones. 'SITUATIONS WANTED--** ot^i BooUceepArs. 01*rki. Eta* qITnATIOK WANTED—AN ACCOUNTANT WAV* O lot term' yean* experience wttb a large mao olaoturtnaeompany jirmen to an* a* ament. Good refer. encc«. Addroaa XW, Tnlrano office. omjAfioN wanted -to lib a lib op tradi O men-Dee Irtraa of becoming acquainted with Iha mam net Id which the bnMneaa la conducted, am read* to retv der cratnltoue atalauneo to bookkepen after 8 p.m. Reference fnrnlahed If deetred. Addme U 88, Inbuilt CITUATION WANTRD-DY A MIDDLE-AGED q tmlnesa man t faae atperieoea la the grocery, com. mlMinn. and bote bualntaai am not afraid of work: den* I •tpeet lame pay tbeiajlmoa s no objection to leasing the «l»y. Try me. It 78, Tribune office. Trades! CirUATION WANTED—BY A FRENCHMAN, At kJ nrst-elaaa eook. In hotel or reetanrant, eltror noon, try; Hm-elats rsferenoee. Addreee M >l,Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS COLD brti?, n jV?y T ?^ p !L t .'* rs refereneea (Iren. Addroee H.P. ROBISON, 1W) I blrtoonU).place. SITUATION'WANTKb-BY A BOY TO LEARN A trade | wnnld like to lira wttb employer. Addme A it. Tribane offloe. Coachmen, lenmetere. So* CITUATION WANTED—BY A CAPITAL TOUNO O Englishman who understand* atoek and borses, aod can make himself generally useful. Apply to ROBERT COLLYF.II. ppv •itUATION WANTED—AS COAOAMAN; THOR ) ongbly understands tha cam of horsea and aarriae*. id la atrlolly temperate. Addreaa OW. 719 Weat Madl* m-at. SITUATION WANTED-UY A GERMAN AS COACH* SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG F.NOLIBIL kj man, aa eoaehmao or coachman and rardener. oi cherra around houae. Apply to JOHN JUNKS, 90 Booth Caoal-au SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS kJ coachman, Inaome respectable family: willing mij capabiei well aennalntcd in eity; baa flnt-elaea refer* cdcm. Address I si, Tribune office. ciTUATioN wanted —by a firsts lass O coachman; a No. I groom and driver, with the beat of city reference. Address 119, Tribane office. SITUATIONS WAMKD-BY MAN AND WIFK- O Man aa coachman and wife aa eook In private aml'yi nnderataod their boilneai, Aditrees KU, Trlbt na otHc^. MiiroJi"nemi». SITUATION WANTKD-BY A VKKT GOOD WORK. O ln» mao; be;!• a thorough farmer, understand* horse* and cowi, and 1* generally u«*(nt. Splendid referent'*. Country preferred. Home wanted; ii a tingle m*B. Fleas* call or addreea ft) f>ta)e«t.. l.memnnt. SITUATIONS WANTED-PEMALE BomfittOb CITUATION WANTED—BY A GOOD GERMAN O girl, city or country; Uflr*t-olss*co..k and laandrats. Kefereoeoi. No. to htate-st., in basement. S' ITUATIUN WANTEDrBV^N~EXPERIENCED band at waahing. ironing, and oooklng. Apply at 441 Caliiroet-av., down-stairs. CITUATION WANTED -BY A RESPECT AB LB O girl to do general housework in a private family. Apply 131 West Van Burenit, furtwo day*. CITUATION WANTED—UY A WOMAN~TcTc6n O waab. and Iron. City or country. Plaaau call at 414 Wahaah-ar. SITUATION WANTED—BY A SWEDISH GIRL IN a private family aaoook. Inquire at 09 Uunbut-st.. city. SITUATION WANTKD-UY A FIRST-CLASS COOK O In hotel or restaurant, either in the city or country. Please call at 66 West Washlngton-at. SITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE girl at cook, washer, and Iruoer; no objection to |b a abort distance in the country. Call at 311 lliinols at. situations' WANTED-B^TW(7om'liC“ONa O a* cook the other aa second girl, or would do house wnrk in a small family. Please call at IT6 Wentwortb-av., near Twetity-seuoodiU SITUATION WANTED—TO DU GENERAL HOUSE O or kitchen work l.y a respectable and compelentglrl. Address 439 West Klnxie-at. CITUATION WANTKD-IN A FIRST-CLASS Fa'm’- O liy a* oouk. washer, and tronor. Inquire southeast corner of Rhodes-av. and Thirty-third-st. CITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE O Scandinavian girl to do general housework In a small Krivato family; good references if required, PlosbscsU ir two days at M West Ohio,at., near MUwankeo-ar. cifuation" nnspkcrAirrK O gtri to do second or dining-room work; will give g< od reference. Plosm call at lu West Qisllngs-st., near Blue Ulandav. CITUATION WANTED-BY A RKSPKOTAIiLB vj woman to do guaeral housework in a small fatollv: American preferred. Please call on Wednesdays! 69 Worn Van linreu-st. SITUATION WANTED—BY A GOOD RKSPF.CTA bIe girl for general Uoim>.vork or second work. Pleate call on Wodui*day at 17 O'llflen-st. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A COSIPETKN T GIRL to cock, wash, and iron in a private lamlly. Ploaae call at 1040 ButU-rlicld st. CltUAfio.N'WANf ED-HY A GOOD GIHI. TO DO O genor.vl housework tn a small family. Pleaae call at llu I'omlocaUi-st. Cli UATTiI.S'WASfHU-UV A GOOD GIRL TO DO O general housework In a ai.taU private family; good ref eroncos glvto. Call at lt7U Malo ti., In Iho hasemcnl. CITUATION WANTEI)—BY A GIRL AS COOK Oil O to do general bmmwotk; will do light housework. Ap> ply at 313 Wail Ramlolph-at. . CITUATION-S CITY INTEL- O licence odices-Girts of all nationalities la city and country. No. tbhtato-sx., corner Randolph, In basement, ami 416 conducted by Mrs. BAKER, CITU ATION.S Wa NT F. I) - M Y A COO K XVDS EC ON D O alrl in a private family. Apply at 636 Thlrd-av., cornel of '1 aylor-st. Best of refcrencoif required. Snnmstrosßo*. SITUATION WANTRD-RY A YODNO GIRL; ONB wbu understands dreumakmg ud milliner work, who 1* a neat trimmer: would either h* la a family or d* second work. Apply at 'JD iVotl KiuMoit,, or addreu tno above number. SITUATION WANTKD-AS BEAMSTRSS OB hmuukccpar. Address F 51, Tribune ofliae. Nnrnna- SITUATION WANTED—BY A MIDDLE-AGED girl as child's nurse; cotnpitentlo take full charge ti ro'itilrrd: or other light work. Kefersocoa given. I’leaae call at 2CS Centro-av., forlwodayv. SITUATION WANTKD—IIYAN AMERICAN 011(1 1C yean* old a* t.ur.o for anall clilldr.a. Please oa4 or addreas 113 S:dgwlck-it.. tnlboroar, up-ilalrv. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A WELSH - GI tu7~TO O take care of children or as socund girl. Address Lttf, Tribune ottlce. SITUATION WANTED—BY A KELIAIILR PROT- O ostaut girl to assist in tbe care of children and sew, Rest of references given. Apply at ISI Klln av. SITUATION WANTED-RY A RESPECTABLE, steady, competent woman ns nurse to a young or small baby; best of city references given and required. Addme Uf C&ostnut-st-. North aide. SITUATION WANTED-UY A GOOD, OAPAIHJI Knglishwotnau as nurse to a young child; would lake the enure care. Persona wishing snub help call at 141 Twentietb-st. HnoaoßenDers- QITUATION WANTED—RV A MIDDLE-AGED O lady as huuiekooirttr or|«overnes*i would like a lirsu class place; ha* splendid references. Please call or ad drcM-tld VSabash-av. Emnlonnent Aconoiet. SITUATIONS \a.NTKD-LADIES IN WANT OP ■J good aertaols cwft save themselves lime and mousy by :alung cm Mre. LAPUISK, 3*4 West Madlson-su tvANTKD—famh.Tks~in want op 5 wcmml Scandinavian and German female* help can bi applied at Mra. DUSKK’B oliioo. wo HUw*ukee-av. CttUATiONH WANTED—LADIES IN WaN/""oP O tint-claaa help of any nation can Ixt well suited by calling at nur office, 615 Cottage liruve-av., opposite Douglaa-place. Miioollaneons- SITUATION WANTUU-HY A YOUNG LADY IN A O dry good* boovo; vsUry not so much an object aa to learn l&e business. Addreu by letter I'M, Tribune. HOUSEHOLD GOODS, ■PLEOANT PAUIXJU SUITS, i!i lIASDSOMU CHAMBER SUITS, FAR UttLOW UKGULAK PRICKS. MARTIN. 154 bTATSST. G HEATER INDUCEMENTS TO HUY THAN KVEft RKKOUK OFFERED. REDUCED PRICKS. 100 PARLOR Rl'im MARTIN’S, 154 fiUU-sU lUO PARIAJR hUI I'H. luOI'ARIAiKSUITS. MARTIN’S, IMBUU^U luOPARI-OKSUII'S. HEADY FOR IMMEDIATE DEI.IVBRYt ttJ Gil AMRKU SUITS. MARTIN’S, 154 State sL U UHAMIIKRKiII I d. 6UCIIAMKRU SUITS. MARTIN’S, lMßlato-st. CO Cl! AMBER SUITS. READY FOR IHMP.DIATK DKUVEUV; lik) COMPUuTttBUITS. sa *“• SSkJSb***- ABSOLUTE SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. It. T. MARTIN, 154 SUtest. Between Madison and Monroe. SUU WOVKN-WIHB MATTRESSES AND PBKIU let* cabinet bade or* the bet! Id (bo market. Aik Ibem. WHITTLESEY A PBTBRS.UI MadlaofceU O' 'NR BBT BLACK WALNUT FURNITURE. ONB black valuut wardrvba. (or iai« cheap, at M tPßrwn it., mound lloor. TVANTBD—A GOOD. SECOND-HAND COOK. >1 tinve. Ajldrae* Cl *4, Tribune office. FOR BAL£. I POU BALK—A NEW MILCH COW THAT GIVES ' about B quart! a day of rich mllk| will aall aheap. Ap ply at the bam in rear of M Calumet-ar. Call before lo a. ar. or after 4 p. b. F'*~OU SALK—TWO FINK BLACK WALNUT BA. loco counter* very cheap for oath. SSdWeat Bria-al. OR SALE-CHEAP—FIXTURES OP GROCERYJ candy and suUoa etoi*, f >#are running. 41 Han over-at. FOUSALB-DIBUOLDAKIKNZLBSAPB.ONLT|&i. Half o>»t i ataada la i>all Chamber ol Commerce. Ad- Ureae SAKE, Tribuneotto*. FOR HALE—TO BB'BBMOVK DOR TAKEN DOWN. The large frame houm.NoJtM W.Vaoßurea-et- ioheap. Apple to ifKXRY It- Hl/UKKLUTAOO.. IM Adamaet. LOST AND FOUND, Lost-* dark blub chinchilla overcoat. mlilaldln a CUrk-et. aaloon. Whoerer leatee It at OUEIIUAIbU'S barbar-abopt II Dearborn-el., will be liberally rewarded. f OST-WIULB SHOPPING ON RANDOLPH AND 1 1 Sute-eU., a pair of gold eje-glaaaae. on# elighUy marred. Reward at Trlbuna office, l OST—IIU N TING-OABK GOLD WATCH.'FINDER Jj will plaaae ralurn to IU Mlchlgan-ar., and recall* re» ward. fIIAICBN UP—DARK BUD OOW. ABOUT 4 YBARS, 1 white aput lu lumbead. wblUalrlpa down laob (blab. The owner can bare bar br paring lor food and adf artua moot. T. A. AIAHMO.NT, iU Main at. C-rnn U E W A K U-FOR HUL^-TBHBURSLUT. t&OUU wolgbt, 10 pound*, yellow body, white‘oacraeal and around ueoa. ware luted ebarp indniad. auaware MM Itoae. Uetotuto lU4Pnlri*-«f, M. F. Hdßk 3

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