Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 3, 1876, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 3, 1876 Page 6
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6 FINANCE AND TRADE. Country Bank* Still Borrowing of Xhoir Chicago Correspondents. Currency Shipped to New York — „ The Clearings $8,800,000. Th# Produce Markets Again Active and Weak. Prarliloni Decline ilcnrllx— Groin v ' or at lb# r TwINCiaL. demoralised condition of the marked, of the farm-work of tbo season, lU •Jprodace la bring shipped to thl* point. Country holdera ara unabta to pay the loam Incurred to carry their atnff, and thoaa feeding cattle bare to borrow additional sums. Tbo country banka carrying them are applying to tha city banka for funds. There was a considerable country demand for accommodation* experienced yesterday. To some extent this balance* the loanable resources accruing from the payment of city paper. Large amounts of this are now maturing and art well paid. The banka have an increasing sur plus of funds, bat those bare not reached such a sum ta to depress the market materially. Bales of interest aro 6tslo per coot at the banks. Concessions are made to good outside borrowers. On tho Btrcot-ralcs aro 7(S1B per cent. Business is dull, and ths supply of good paper small. New York exchange was octree and firm, and sold betwocn banka at 603764 premium per 11,000, Tha clearings were $8,300,000. PERSONAL. At a meeting of the Directors of (he Merchants 1 Savings, Loan, and Trust Company, John Tyrrell, of BnrloyA Tyrrell, was elected Vice-President In place of tho late William £. Doggott, Esq. one oat’s decline in mining stocks. Tbs dcmorallxed condition ol Iba San Francisco stock market nuj bo seen by tba report in the finan cial column of tba JJulkfm of tba 25th ult. It Bays: Putting the best phase on tba. market, the decline from yesterday Sb unusually largo. Alpha shows a de predation of sl4, Choll&r-Potoal, sl3; Overman, $10; Opblr, $7.60; Halo h Korcroae, $8: Heat h Hotelier and Yellow Jacket, each, $0.50 : Uelcbcr, California, Mexican, and Secregated Helcner. eacb, |4 ; Ex chequer, $3.00: Bullion and Confidence, eacb, $3; Crown Point and Juatlco, eacb, $3.59: Gould it Curry, Sierra Nevada, and Union Consolidated, eacb, SJ; UUb,; Cooaobdated Imperial. Consolidated Vtr |tnla, Kentuck, and Savage, each, |l. ABB THE BONANZA MINES FAILING ? Montgomery street, and with It tho apecnlallng tommunlty of tho Pacific coast, which includes about tho whole population, are intensely agitated over the fluctuations of Consolidated Virginia and California, and tho predictions of tho bear interest that the Corn stock lode Is about exhausted. The view* of tuts clique ore summed up In the following statement by Jim Kcono, their leading operator, to a reporter of the ifi&u Francisco Chronicle: First, the mine has been falling for some time past, and the large amount of oro extracted within the last threo mouths has so Impoverished the oro body on the . {.Cud and 1,650-foot level that developments must be made below or tbo stock will certainly depreciate in value. Secondly, the ore body narrows rapidly from the 1,600 to the so-called 1,653-foot level, but which Is really only 40 feet below the 1,003-foot level. The Winzes sunk from the 1,660-foot level, both In Con solidated Virginia and California, don’t really warrant this estimate, as the oro body, after passing a certain point below the 1.650-foot level, shows Itself to bo of an Inferior quality. This was especially illustrated in running the crosscut from the bottom of the winze In tbo California Mine about 120 feel below the 1,660- foot level, where the body wae found to bo about 3S feet In width of low-grade ore. Another thing you must understand la tula: That In tbs line of Opblr, on tho 1.4115-foot level, which la of the same depth as tho 1,640-foot level of California will bo when opened, there la nothing; and, tn my opinion, this Is as deep as they will find pay ore in (he one mine California. Lastly, It has boon apparent to every close observer of the manipulations of this market that Flood baa been a persistent and steady seller of Cousolldated Vir ginia and California whenever an opportunity was af forded him without breaking the market. If Mr. Keene Is playing bluff, be does It boldly. He makes tho following offer: If I can bo allowed an expert of my own choosing, ny John A. Pauli, Hayno. Bowie, or Henry Jnulu, 1 will give to any benevolent association In this city my check for (10,000,—and I'll throw dice to eee which in stitution pockets the coin,—if I am allowed the privi lege 1 ask. If my expert makes a report which I deem favorable, I will agree to buy a million dollars’ worth of tbo stock, 0 On tho other hand, Ur, Flood avers on his word of honor that the bonanza mines are as good as ever. NEW ENGLAND UANUFACTCZHNO STOCKS STILL Tho Boston Journal of Comment, April 20, says: Manufacturing stocks «ra growing no totter rcry Fast, and It accuis very hard to toll whore tho bottom lino la. 11111, of Lewlatoi), but broken from »7V to 7S, which foreshadows tho passing of the dividend la July, the same as m January. This Cotnjuuiy was very auo ceasful during and for aomo yean after tho llebelllon. the atock ranging from 09. In 1802, to £*o In 1808, and livldonda were paid from 8 to 20 per cent semtaunttal, aggregating in four years, ending with 18C0, mnti^tix Er coat In cash and 10 per cent in stock, the Utter bo* 3at a Urge preminm, and by that much bettor than tosh. Atlantic fell from 61V to 17, and then rallied to W; Cochoco. 700 to CJ7V ! Merrimack, 1035 to IWS. and Trcmont h Suffolk 11CV to US. Bates advanced from GO to CTV : Great Falls, «5V to CS. and Manches ter lIIV to US.V* Unchanged: Appleton at (MU: kverult, 80; Bytnsu Gl, and Naumkcag Itii per share. COMJiniICUL CONFIDENCE LOST ABBOAD. The decline In British railway shares since the com* mcnccment of the year has also been very severe, and partly from the fact that the general public are weary of the Stock Excbahge, are alarmed at the rapidity of the fluctuations which take place almost week by vreek, and, owing to the diminished profits in trade, aro unable to purchase stocks freely, even If they sro considered to be cheap, there are no distinct indica tions of revival. A time will jtoseibly oome when an end to such a condition of affairs will bo reached, but there is no doubt that the existing policy of caution in nearly every department of btulneaa will be persisted In, and that any hope of a decided revival must be postponed until the autumn. The revelations of hie. both before the House of Commons’ Committee and in tho Bankruptcy Courts, and, I regret to add, before the Criminal Courts, have becu of too serious a nature to admit of merchants embarking freely in com mercial enterprise unless they are very certain of what they are about. Commercial confidence has unquestionably been lout, and, although we aro dolly hoping for its return, wo know that to regain it Isa diiHcult and alow process. Throughout the whole country, strict economies have been and continue to be practiced.—London Correspondence f-'manml C/ircni <U, no.sos. Dill. A>t«l. United Ststesfisof ’fll i United Slates 6-'ios of ’C> JH'. Ilf; b»3Usof "to—January «nil July 118’* 111) 1 , 6-aOiof ’o7—January and July 131 131*; 5-20 s of HW— January aud July J23)tf irr, 10-tOS lIHSg- llH 1 , United Statea new 6» of *Bl, ox-coup..ll 117; United Stales currency 65., 136. V ..,, OOI.D AND OREEKBACKH. Odd was 113*i<»113’ k '. Greenbacks were M gHS/fe on the dollar io gold. fOUEIOJf EXCUANOC. bistydsys. Blnht ...sinv eia.'j ... i>s ua 61. T, ... <U‘, 41 ...MCl*' MU’, Paris—francs. Clormmy Belgium Holland Bwittcrland,, Sweden, ole., Austria....... CITY AND COUNTY 110 NUS. Bid. Asked. Chicago City 7 ?>ct.bonds.... 105 4 lut Chicago City 7 y cUsowsrage. 105 4lm Chicago City 7 Vet. water loan 103 4 lut Cook County 7 V ct. bonds (short) 101 4 Int. 103 k Ini Cook County 7 V ct. Loads 103 4 lot. 100 4 Jot. (long) \Ves( I‘srk 7 bonds., ... Worth Chicago 7 V ct * bonds (Lincoln Bark) LOCAL BTOCKH, * uia. City llsilwsy, South Side IV4 City lUllway, West BUo lu City Hallway, Meat tilde, B cent certificate! 102)$ It luL U»j It In I City JUUwsy, Kurthtiido... . l‘il Traders’lnsurance C 0... lit hjh Chamber ol Commerce 1C 'm Chicago Gaa-LlgUt & Coke Co. ... HMI Klpoaitlou stock lid 4U • BTOCXtf, BONUS, ETC. New Yobk. May 3.—Gold opened end cloud at 115'i With sales in the Interim it US. (hurrying rstj Ito &| Loans were also undo Hat, Oorermncul* were tUidy, lUUrood bonds were quid sad Arm, State securities were dull. Stocks were Lrm end higher in curly dealings, but after midday them vu a |«rtUl reaction. Tuwsrds lbs close the market was heavy aud lower. All the Im (iroremcnt of the morning was lost, prices closing at a decline of if “to Ijf from the highest point. Thu decline wus materially assisted hy rumors in rogsrd to cutting westwaid 'freight and re ducing passenger fares, hut nothing positive Is known. I'ranaactluua aggregated 113,000 shares, of which 11,000 werepocl&e Mull, Western Uulnii, 4, toj North western, 6.UM lit. Paul, 16,000 Krie, iu,ooo Lake bhuru, 0.000 New York Central, 1,000 Chios, end lo.uuO Mich igan Central. Honey market easy: 3QI. iTlme mercantile piper, •>4048. Customs receipts, (331,000. CU Assistant Treasurer dUbomd (341,000. Exports ofpmtrtcf, t5.589.M0. Glutting*. »lT,OOO.n(I>. \.onjou», Jl9 I HMDs, coupon* lISK )«* i C""- 0 ' 1 -* IM * ™ “rioUi. Wrflem Colffli .9* N. J. Central.M Quicksilver 15 S? C i , Lif linrt , *** l n* v quicksilver pM...... 98 *}t n !**V; I»iif i'jrino M SI. r»1ll I'M Mirlnomi .........,.10T IVauash “4 H.lipon. pM •« W.tajh rM > M S!?«JT AlLn"". 00 Pflfpfd 10 i Dclivtre. SLB W. 10,V Harlem 157 V A. It I*. Tel 17»( lUrletffpfd 183 Mlssonri Pacific. 13V Michigan Centra Atlantic A Pacific pfdlt)9V lioima »7 Indiana Central.,... 4* Union Pacific itock.. «4V Chicago, I), k Q 117 V Lake Shore 38 Hannibal k 81. Joe.. 1«V Illinois Central W 5 Central Pac. bonds..loo*( Cleveland fc Pittsburg 04 Union Pacific bonds..K»4V Northwestern 4u,V ! U. Pacific land-granUOO.V Northwestern pfcl.. MV U. 1», sinking fund 0., 0., C, Ail 48 I bond* 01*f STATS BONDS. Tennesseeßs,old,... 43 I Virginia 39 Tennessee t>. new... 40V ! Missouri 6s ...,105 Virginia Cs, old 30 I «jnino stocks. Ban Francisco. May 9.—The following ara tha la(r«*t quotations at tha Block Exchange: CotiMlldl'd Virginia.. 71V Crown Point 17 V Oalifornla 76V VellowJacket........ 91V Hcgrated Belcher.... 71 Alpha f.V Ophlr.t 83 Belcher JJV 0h011ar.... 84 Confidence 17 Savage.... 10V BlcrraNevada. 18V Imperial 4V R«hcquer 1«V Mexican 3n*< Overman *9 Gould It Curry 17 V Justice «?< Best At Belcher 83 V Caledonia *H Hale At Norcroes M,V REAL ESTATE. The following instruments were filed far record Tuesday, May 9 : WmlLakeit. IWMOftw of Stanton at, n f, •jffxioo ft, dated April 29 t *,009 Oakley *f, ft *of Walnut at, «f, 21x116 ft, dated April 2S *.OOO I/iweav, 48 ft aof Thtrlj-elxtbat, o f, 24x123 7-10 ft, dated April 21 North Curtis at. 50# ft u of Ohio at, • f, ft, dated May 1 Loomis at. PC 7-10 ft n of Jackson st.w f, x 73 ft, dat ed Slay 1 Michigan ar.xOO ft u of Thirty-third at, vr ft, 25x143 7-10 ft,with buildings, dated April 30. The premises Noe, 670 and 670# Canal at, dated May 1 A.. Moore at, 47 ft w of Lincoln at, n f, 24x100 ft, dated May 1 800 Same u the above, dated ■March 10,1874 800 Leavitt at. 121 ft D of Taylor at. •f. 309*4X134 ft.with improvement*, dated April 22 (Ole N. Jocscn to William T. Doty) 40,000 West Adam* at, 48 ft • of Hamilton at, n f, 82x 87 ft, dated April 20 7,020 West Adam* at, 115 ft • of Wood at, n f, 33x140 ft, dated April 27 7,760 North Clark at, nv cor Oak at, ef, 105x70 ft, oated April 14 20,000 West Lake si, lUB ft w of Ashland av. 8 f, 23x 110 7-10 ft, with buildings, dated Fob. 24 ... 6,000 80UTU or cirr mirra vmm a nioioa or 7 uhju or OOCBT-ITOCBB. Drcxel boulevard, 69 ft s of Brook St, w f, 32z 103 ft, dated May 3 t 8,600 COMMERCIAL. The following were the receipts and shipments of the leading articles of produce In this city daring the twenty-four hours ending at 7 o'clock oh Tuesday morning; 1670. 1876. | I 11,664 11,630, 27,660 123.4201 1 268,430 1(13,740 67,460 48,220 ■ 3,030 081 3,3301 3,450 62,180 1M.2C0; 27,740 06,000, 217.220 320 729,125 * * * * *2,496! 38,2*0 2,010; 48,330; 36,3251 11,133! 9,679 r 3,9011 3,526) 187 1,0311 234,600 148,688] 283 801 92,124 8,843 763 6,392 2.519 1 00 I , 7,080,480 4,288,0001 4,020,0ii0 6,064,000. 9,649 2211 9,765 9,860. 2 CO] 2 4 3,234 2,0031 512 ■ 910| 142 4 1 Flour, brlii. Wheat. DU,. Corn, bu... Oats, bu. Bye. bu Barley, bu firara seed. Us. Flax seed, tbs.. Broom corn,lts Cured meats,lts Ueef,brla Pork, brls Lard, Ba Tallow, lbs Batter, tbs Dressed bogs.. Live bogs, No.. Cattle, Nb Sheep, No. Hides, lbs Hlghwlnes.brli Wool, lb Potatoes, b 0... Coal, tons Hay, tons Lumber, No.ft. Hblugles, N 0... Salt, nrls Poultry, 1b5.... Poultry, coops. Game, pkgs.... Eggs, pkgs Cheese, bn.... O. apples, brls. Beaus, bu Withdrawn from atom on Monday for city con* sumption: 7,212 ba wheat, 1,126 bu corn, bo oata, 1,010 bu barley. Tho following grain was inspected into store on Tuesday morning: 3 cars No. 3 Northwestern wheat, 31 cart No. 3 spring, 17 can No. 3 do, 7 cars rejected do, 2 can no grade (S 3 wheat); 30 can high mixed corn, 85 can and 6,300 bu No. 3 do, Scan and 3,500 bu new mixed do, 23 can rejected do (115 corn); 3 can No. 1 oats, 11 can No. 3 white do, 33 can and 5,000 ha No. 3 oats, 0 can rejected do (11 oats); 3 can No. 3 rye, 1 car rejected do; 3 car No. 3 barley, 3 can No. 9 do. Total (215 can), 110,000 bu. Inspected out: 52,526 bu wheat, 50,398 bu com, 8,780 bu oats, 1,103 ba rye, and 6,305 ba barley. Tho Dlrccton of tho Board of Trade have declared that under the rules of the Board each 1,000 bu of grain must be figured up separately, and accompanied (when delivered) by a separate memorandum for each tot. Wo understand that the difference of opinion be tween members of the Board turned on the point whether or no a separate "bill" should accompany each 6,w0 bu lot; and that point is still undecided. Our modem Mosos from the top of bis Monnt risgah taw a profit tn being long on wheat, but was not permitted to enjoy it. He had to “ lie down ” before reaching the promised land.. Freights were irregular. Lake do were dull and almost nominal at 4o for wheat and 9jfo for com'to Buffalo, and firm under a moderate Inquiry at 7c for com to Kingston. All-rail rates to Hew York were quoted at 3UO23XC per 100 Us, and to Philadelphia at 20c. Through engagements to Liverpool (railroad) were nominal at 48c per 100 lbs in specie, and do lo Glasgow were quoted at 45«7i50c. Lake and rail rales to New England points were quoted at JCe per bu. The leading produce markets wore again weak yes terday, there being a serious decline tu nearly every department, with great activity. And the cause* at work wera chiefly Western, tho decline noted from olh«r]>oiDta being little more than the echoes of our previous weakness. Ths general downward move ment was partially a consequence of continued fine weather, which promisee increased receipt* in th* near present, as well as good croji* in the farther off future. This brought out froe sellers, both on city and country account, and under tho pressure to sell price* recoded eu much that some operators feared tho drop, coming alter a recent siege of tho same sort, would occasion not a few failure*. Hence there was an extensive calling of margins, both in grain and provisions, and not a Uttio selling oat by parties who did not cars to put up more money, but only one failure of consequence was re port ad. That was lu wheat and oots; losses on the bug aide of the first making it necessary to declare off on trades in tho, latter, though thu oats deal stood nearly even. It Is worthy of remark that the looses by the decline la provisions have been chiefly boros by oulalds per • lies, each of whom only held a small number of bar rels or ticrcos. In grain the losses have fallen upon our home talent; but, a* they are leading capitalists, they are able to bear much heavier inflictions, eo that the duals are really strong, however th* markets them selves may be. There was a fairly satisfactory movement in do mestic dry goods. There was a numerous attendance of buyers, and, tn addition to their purchases, a lib eral aistrlbutlon was accomplished through the me dium ot *• mail erdore.” Groceries were active, with prices ruling steady and firm. The butler market re mains in an unsettled state. Buysrs aro, as faraa practicable, deferring purchases, lo expectation that lower prices will prevail by-and-by. Tho dullness of trade leads to a generous shading of prices, and we teduce our quotations l(£'ic all around, Cheese also is weak, with prices irregular. The dried-fruit trade couituuus active, and price* are fully maintained, both fur foreign end domestic varieties. Fish wen quoted unchanged, lu tho coal and wood markets no price changes were noted, but both of those markets were weak with e declining tendency. Leather was dull. Begging was lu demand at former quotations. The paint and oil business showed further improvement, end the quoted prlcus were generally well sustained. The yard trade in lumber continue* moderate. Brices have been reduced, owing to the larger offer ings of‘green iuml>er, and quotations for common green are now nearly down to those of lost summer, The offerings at the ducks were again liberal sod tho market less active but steady. The hardware mer chants report only e fair trade sad e steady market for ell staple trtlclcs. Wool, broom-corn, hops, end hides yus unchanged. Heeds were rather quiet, buyers W 4 lul Asked. being on willing to pay the recant prices, which were laslatcd on by dialer*, who claim lhat lh« supply of Iho leading aoeds Is light. Potatoes were very dull. Ponllry and egg* wera alrongor, lha aupply being light and the demand good comparatively. Fruits want unchanged. oniis in stosb. The following are tha fooling* of the official report of grain in atofa la this city on (ha avaolng of Satur day last, and at corresponding dates: * April 29, April 99, May 1, Wheal- 1879. . im- I«<s. No. a red 9.31# 9,8.1 <»£• No. 3 winter J7O 3 J® 4,730 tUJanUd winter 4.1 M B.JBO I.IJI No. I strlnn 9,179 9,558 47,091 So:a.SriSS::::::::::: i,B33,tpa i.m«.bm wife* No. 3 spring 2W,M» 337,483 llftM Rejected spring ,j n,oi« 19,145 0.759 NoSTidi serins 4W 101 ....... SlT“.W.ilSfii 20,414 12.721 70,5.10 So! aN, w,.a™;™ «m» 334.113 ToUl 2,477,309 2,003,3.2 4,220,002 nf o [”7 2,731 2,7 a. 12,710 ■fjo a 973,407 332,003 1,430,917 14,949 209,931 111,. mlifJ 379,792 292,419 991,27,5 Vrllow 791 23,979 Willi. 2,990 New rejected 319 1.39-1 14.168 New No. 9 111,881 P6.7:i8 601,408 New mixed 95,018 3'9,C59 Total... Oats— No. 9 Rejected.... No grade... No. 9 whits. Total, Ryo— No. 1.... Rejected. Total 65,799 86.C09 2,631 Barley— Ho. 9... miM 187,608 44.680 No. 3 13,950 18.308 3,109 Rejected 10,803 19,109 560 Total 167,656 188.106 48,919 Tout of all kinds in store, 4,787,7b0 bu. These fig urea show an Incraaae daring the week of 196,651 bit corn, 00,801 ba oau; and a decrease of 187,891 bn wheat, 20,064 bu rye, and 40,540 bu barley. Total de crease, 61,783 bu. Included In the above-noted stocks of Northwestern wheat ara 26,689 bu No. 1 Minnesota, and 950,116 bu No. 9 do. r, 35x110 t, 20 3-10 PACKING OP TUB WEST. The lint anmul report of the packing of the entire Weit, by B, F. Howard. Esq., Secretary of the Chicago I’ork Packere' Association, la Jo«t leaned In pamphlet form. It la a very concise but full document, and got np to good etyle, Wo have already published tho prin cipal footings, and it la not necessary to repeat them; but the work itself will amply.repay perusal by the trade. FOBEION IMPORTATIONS received at Cbleago Ouetoma Slay 3. 1876 : George Ar mour, 1 carriage; The Pnblle Library, 1 caae books ! Hoot k Bona Muaic Company, 3 case* mnalcal Inatru menta. Amount of duties collected, $4,833.98. QHAIM AT THU EAST. N*w Yobk, May 3.—The recent breakage of rates H bringing corn to this market, and shows this result la round numbers: Beceipts for the week ending April is, 49,000 bu; the week ending April 32,320,000 bu; the week ending April 28. 407,000 bu. Beceipts at Bal timore and Philadelphia hare Increased more than CO per cent since the 15lh of April. The warehousekeepers doing business In the New York Produce Exchange bars adopted resolutions to the effect that the storage rales for grain bare been ruinously low for tha past ten' years, and they there fore propose the following tariff, to go into effect Im mediately: Storage, first ten days, Including the la bor and weighing, of a coni per bu. and for every succeeding ten days, or parts thereof, if of a cent per bu; screening and blowing, If required, .V of a cent per bu; and on grain delivered from store to a sailing Teasel or steamer, within ten days after its receipt, a rebate of Xof a cent per ba will be made from the storage. | 18TS. 18.893 90,164 225,156 • H.CB2 12,4771 149 752 156,0j6J 60,501' I,oßl' 1,860! 124,383 1,224 19.236 HOG PRODUCTS—Wore unusually active In (be ag gregate, and very weak. The receipts of hogs wore large for the season, and prices were quoted ife per lb tower, which mado a good many holders of product anxious to realize, and caused the selling out of con siderable quantities which wore held on country ac count, the margins being exhausted. Tbs feeling was almost panicky at one time. It was claimed that there is no real cause for the recent weakness In pork prod- 34,997 31,984 548,001 16 6SS 20.640 43.100 1,170.368 16 1,430 741,399 30,910 6,333 1,728 1,714 162.670 189 2,6(0 1,039 3,432 2,297 1P.2 165,640 383 312,980 ucU, as the outward movement from the United Bute* la larger than a year ago. Dot, u vro have al ready stated* the exports are chiefly of meats cut to order* and If the supply of hogs keeps up at the pres ent rate, the poasihihtlea of summer cutting will be so great as to seriously compete with the work of last winter. That la the real cause of Uio weakness m '•regular" stuff, • Uui Pone—Was sctlre and very irregular, declin ing 450 per brl under very Jarge oiTeiingv, and rscov erlns to within 20* of Monday's latest priced. Bales were reported of 430 brl* cash at 920.23; 2,760 hrls seller May at |20.00(«)20.30; 4,700 bila aeller June at 920.16@3n.40; 10,760 brla seller July at $20,35(420.63; 000 hrls seller August at 920.73; and 1,600 bris seller the year at 917.60. Total, 20,070 brl*. The market closed Arm at910.20(320.20 caah, according to weight; 920.30@20.22X seller May; 920.400)20.46 seller Juno; 920.634@30.6l seller July; and nominally at @'20.00 seller August. Prime meea pork was quoted at 920.00, and extra prime at916.U0. Lxhd—Was very aotlre, and declined 35c per 100 &«, closing about 260 lower than Monday evening. Liverpool was again easier, being quoted at 87s i*r 112 the. The market here was very heavy early, but steadier afterwards. Bales were reported of 1,850 ten cash at 913.10@12.26; 2,000 tea seller May at *lO,lO .a 13.33: 14,350 tea seller June at 912.20@12.40; and 0.600 tea seller July at 9ri.J6@13.67X- Total, 27,000 tea. The market closed steady at 913.30 cash or seller May: 912.30@t2.33X seller June; 913.47.4@13.60 seller July; aud nominally at |13.65@12.70 seller August. Meats— Were more active (chiefly in short ribs), and nearly Mo lower, the greatest firmness, or rather the least weakness, being in long clean, the stock of which la amah. Thu shipping demand was very small, as heretofore, though the outward nlovuuicut la mors active, the shipments of Monday being 1,170,2i>3 lbs,—which U chiefly meals out on direct order. Bales were reported of 40,000 tbs shoulders at 7,’io; 16 boxes dost 7Xc; 3,500,000 Us abort ribs st slo.4s@!o.6ocaah, 910.46@10.56 seller June, and KJ'.QIOXc seller July: and 100 boxes do on private terms. Thu market closed ' at the following range of prices: Bhoul- Long Short Short ders. clear. rib, clear. Baited, loose IX WX I"’.' Boxed 7X lOJh' !«.*• 10,'a 1,021,318 1,C1H,000 1,802 2,070,02'! 793,000 1.101 OftCOlltCUll b}{ ✓... --■% -- . Long and short clown at 10’»ocaab, and 110 Belief June, boxed; green ham*, llXC|l-c; sweet pickled do, OiimberUmli. cash or sell* er April; long-cut ham*, 136413.14 c, boxed; bacon ham*, 11-jlic. Uiuuaa—Was quiet at «>£(aOe. liKEF I'RODCCr^—Wero steady and quiet at SIO.OO 010.75 fur lues*, SII.SO#U."S lor extra mesa, and |U‘J.6<K»2a.OO for ham*. Tallow—Was quoted at for city, and 7>* aac for country iole.J I’LOUU—Was more active, and nominally un changed. K few purchaiei were made by local deal ers at about former figure*, but shippers held off for lower prices. Bales weru reported of 1,700 brls apring extras at tt.0000.00. The market dosed steady at the following range of prices : Choice win ter ezvras, $7,806)7.80; common to good do, $5.80(V) 7.10; shipping extras, st.3o£i.Bo; good do, $1.85 (*5.10; diolcs do. $4.1095.01; patents do, sfi.oo®3.«); UluttesoU, $5,006)8.00; spring euperfiuti, $.1.(K)(£3.75; rye oour,st.3s</»».i»7# l Diun—Was in moderate demand, and Irregularly stronger, Bales were mado of 30 tens at SIXOO free on board cam, and $13,50 on track.* klumuxas—Solos war* 10 tone at $13.00 free oi board. COBH-MiaL—Coarae «u nominal at 91T.60Q17.70 on track. WHEAT—Wu active and Irregularly weak, declin ing IJjo from the lowest prices of Monday, with a rally of So from the bottom figures touched. The ad* vices from Europe wen conflicting. Horn* quoted Liverpool firmer, with Id per cental advance, while others repotted that market as closing •' flat" and weak. Buyers in New York wen holding off on so* count of higher ocean freights, now quoted at ttd. The deliveries here on May sales had also heuu liberal, and there was a good deal offered this mouth, ae well aa for futures, acme long holders being quite anxious to aoli. Thu weather was Una, and thu prospects for nest crop considered good, a large area being already seed ed to wheal. But then was another feature that operated to cause weakness, and which seemed to I* without foundation. Thu rumor was started Monday that some of our wheat is out of condition, tml (he umu statement waa madu yesterday, to hammer out the difference between May and June to at one Umu. None of the reaixmslble men on 'Cliange attached any Imuoruuai to the rumor, whlcn waa whispered round entirely by tho sculping class who started the same story about Milwaukee wheat a week ago. Ho far aa can be ascertained, the one story is equally baseless with the other. But tt had Ua effect, though cosh wheal was taken a little moro freely to carrylnto June. The shipping demand was quiet, and cash lota wero generally dull. Heller June oitUed at sold down to rose to UJ‘,o, receded to UH',o, advanced to l)a‘,c. and closed at US\c. Boiler the month, or regular No. 'i spring. sold at 03,%0‘07 Vc, closing at t'fle. tielU-r July sold at«|l.olVc, closing at H.OOW. Ollt-edgod rcceipia of No. fl sold early at U7c, and urop|>ud to Wo at the close. No. I wss Inactive and nominal at about ll.lotf at 1 o'clock. Ossh salts were reported of 76,0 X) bu No. flapring at b7>,o; XbOO bu rejected do at 70c fur Central receipts, and 78cIn other bouses; 400 bu no grade at Wo; and 1,000 bu by sample at CO 4(tie. Total. tW.BOO bu. MzuNtaoTa Wukst—Waa quiet and’ about lo lower. Bales were 600 bu No. 1 at |U4; 400 bu by Miopl# at THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: WEDNESDAY, MAY 3, 1876. $1.661 and 1,400 bn do at $1,06(91.10 frss on board ears, ToUl, 3,600 bu. CoftN—Was quite active, Imt weak, declining lo from the bottom prices of Monday, wllh the greatest weakness on this month, as in the case of wheat. May foil off l',c, but closed only Vo below the latest quota* tlons of the previous afternoon. Liverpool was quiet and unchanged, but New York wm active at a decline of 1(41,(40 per bu. which altoutmsde amends for ths Increase in lbs cost of ocean freights. Onr receipts were larger, and it was reported tint the present set* tied weather 1* curing out Uineora of last year's crop at a rapid rate, so that larger deliveries will be possible as soon as tbs farmers are through with tbelr planting and able lo fomka the Held for the road. This pros pect made offerings large, especially from tbs country, a great deal of corn being offered to Arrive, while local operators took their cue from this fact, sellers being more numerous and buyers few, except for the pur pose of tilling aborts. Tho shipping demand was very light, regular bring dnll, freah receipts tame, and sample lots qmet and weak. Belief May opened at 46.V0, sub) at 49',c. declined Irregularly to 43%c, and advanced to closing at 41*fe. Heller Juno sold at 41049?,e, closing at 44J4C, Heller July sold at closlug at 46Mr. Belter the mouth was dull at May price*. UUI-edged receipt* of No. 3 sold at 44»j@46o t closing *» 44140; and high* mixed was a shade stronger than No. 3. closing S.O better. Cash sales wore reported of 89,400 bu No. 3at 4titf4’o; SP.ftcO bn high-mixed at 41*1(4 49c : 1,300 bu new do at 4ki; 10,000 bu new mixed at 4LVA43o: B.COO Iffi rejected at 8,400 bn by samples! B*#44c on track; and 4,400 1m do at free 1 on board rare. Total, 1 lO.CW bu. UU 1"«IU »u.oi, 11V.1.W «... OATH—Were fairly active and weak early. In sympa thy wllh the other markets, price* for the day averag ing about He lower than on Tuesday. The announce ment of Hie failure of steading operator called out a good many parlies who wore anxious lo protect them aelvcs, am) a good deal was duo* during (hs ses sion, chiefly in settlement. The receipt* were again fair, and ths stock In atom Increased during last week over 60,(106 bu, showing that khs liberal eblpmerla of late have been exceeded by lb* receipts. Belter May opened at !W»ie. weakened lo 30c, fluctuated between JHMicSilOlfc, and dosed June sold from 30J{0 to HO'.r, and dosed at 30WC. Gash No. 3 sold at 30W «3()<ic, doping at No. 3 sold to arrive at 80c.' Rejected brought 3n?*o27e. Cash ssloi were reported of 16.600 bu No. 3 at 30.a30M0; 3,400 bu re jected at 26 •<o37c; 8,400 bu by sample at 20Ji033c for mixed and 34(4376 fur whit* 00 track; 6.400 bu while at 3i|«(4Jßo free on board. Total, 81,800 bo. RYE—Was in light request at flic for No, 3 and neglected for other grade* and futures. The receipts were small, and the stock In store Is decreasing, about 30,000 bu having been wilbdrawu during tha past week. Cash sales were reported of 1,2u0 bu No. 3at 3,437,371 1,301.820 3,985,498 59(1,000 635,810 633,141 34.434 10.573 9,019 . 305 38,783 47,113 88,088 640,318 689,020 630,061 357 sl7 Cs,fWfl 88,010 3,831 63c. I!ABLET—Was quiet and ,V0»(o tower, clo «lng easy. Tho shipping movement to the East continues, and a few lots of cash were Liken yesterday for that R*e. During the week the stock decreased 40.000 a most of which was shipped out. The receipts continue very light. Options cere usually quiet yes lerday. Early a few trades wore made In May at 03(9 (C»ur, the market closing dull at 01(001 54c. June was nominal at 6KOIV,»c, clo'ln? with sellers at the In side. July was quoted at 6'ic. Cash No. 3 sold at 03 Vo and closed at about 63c, and No. 3 at 43e, and rejected at 31c. Rejected was quoted at 33033 c, wllh 800 bid. Tho best samples were salable, but few wore on sale. Cash sales Include 10,000 bu No. 3 at CJJtfo; 400 bu No. 3 (In at 430; 400 bo rejected at :t3e: 800 bu by sample at 89c<951.16 on track. Total, 16,060 bn. The following were (ho transactions at 2:19 p. m.: Wheat—W.UWl bu at seller June. Corn— bu at 4iXo seller June and 43J|C seller July, Mess pork—2,ooo brls at 520.A9020.57V seller July. Lard—duo tea at $12.30 seller June ond $12,43X sell er July, LATEST. In the afternoon mesa pork was fairly active and easier. Bales 9,*450 brls at $20.30020.25 seller May; $20.32X020.157 ttf seller June; $20.00020.65 seller July; and |17.50 teller the year. Lard wan moderately active and easier, with sales of 6.000 tea at 11130013.32 X for June and $12.37X0 13.45 seller July, Short rlt* were active and steady. Sales 200,000 Us at SIO/i0010.G5 seller June. Wheat was active and X u hluber, closing firm. Seller May sold at Oil.Vo2ri > %'e, and cloned at June gold,at 9rtXot)9j,e, cloning at U9o, July dosed at SI.OOX> selling early at $l.00X» Corn was In fair demand, and stronger, selling at 4444*»c for May, and cloalog at 44X044X0. Juno sold at 44X044 \c, and cloned at 44X0(4,Vc. July dosed at 45**i^45 / , »c, idling to 40c. Ontn were in moderate request, cloning at 30*<c seller May, 30X° seller Jane, and Sttfc seller July. Hurley was a shade firmer, selling at 61X® for May, and June was quoted At 6«o sellers, A schooner carrying 11,000 bu cant was taken for Edwardslmrg at 10c. CALL rOAIID. Mess pork wae rather quiet, closing eMier than on ’Change, at $20.17 X for May; 520.:t0 for June; and |;O.C2X for July. Sales 3,2ft0 brls at S2O.t7X for Muy; 520.37 X for Jane; and $20.C0020.C3X for July. Lard wan quiet and lower, closing at sl2. In for May; $12,21 V 012.25 for Juno; and $12.32X013.35 for July. Sales 750 (rs seller July at $12.3-7, Short nbt were steady. Sales 100.009 Ibu at 11c seller AugueL PROVISIONS. JO,’. 10’tf ...7 10**' n 12‘, WH' OREAOSTUFFS, nmrr call. GENERAL MARKETS ALCOHOL—"Was qulot at $2.14, BROOM-CORN—The better grades are In limited supply and firm, some of the fine samples of hurl hsv lug becu sold recently st 9010 c. Common corn la plentiful and easy. Small lots aro soiling at the an nexed prices: Choice hnrl, 809 o; Vo. 2 hnrl, 708 c; choice medium, 707Xc; good medium brush, 60f1X05 folrlnslds and coven, 606Xc; Inferior, 404x<>; crooked, 30 00. BUTTER—l’rlcea were lower. Among holders then is considerable uneasiness regarding the future of the market, and the pressure to sell la such that, the mar ket Is kept In a weak and unsettled state, At the re duced price* there are buyer* for about all tho batter arriving, tho accumulations thus far being Inconsider able. We qnote: Choice to fancy yellow, 28034 c; medium to good grades, 23026 c; Inferior to com mon, 14021 c. BAGGING—This market Is fairly firm, under a steadily improving demand, at the quotations follow ing : Btark A, 2Co; Peerless AA, 250; Lewis ten, 26c; Muutaup, 290; Ontario, 260; American A, 33X e < Amoakeag, 230; Otter Creek, 23c; burlap bags, 4 bu, 14X0 ! 8X<>: do * 9 bu * 18®13o: gunnies, single, 14X0 15o; do double, 23021 c. CHEESE—Dullness continued a feature of the cheese market. Orders are restricted tojjnsll quanti ties, just to meet current needs, aa tho quality of the goods now offering is undesirable. Bales were making uu a basis of 0011 c for poor to boat new. COAL—This market had no specially new features. A light demand existed, and tho market was weak at the following prices: Lackawmuo. range and nut, $10.00: do ogg,s'.),So; cantiel, $7.0007.50; Erie, s7,oi); Hloasburg, $7.(0)07,50; Hooking Talley, $6.00: Xudl* sun block, $5.50; Baltimore A Ohio, $6.00; Illinois, $4.0004.60. EGOS—Wore firmer at IlH@l3c. The receipts con tinue liberal, but there was a brisk demand, which kept tho street well cleared. FlSH—There was a moderate volume of business at about steady figures. Wo quote: No. 1 whltcflsh, •y'.brl. $ No. 2 do, $4.8034.80: No. 1 trout. $4.00: No.l shore mackerel, X-brl, $13.50013.00; No. 1 bay, $0.0009.25; No. 3, mackerel, v.brl, $8.0000.23; family mackerel, >j'-hrl. 10.50; No. 1 shore kits, urge, 12.00; No. I bay; largo family kits, slju; jank cud (Vs U, $1.75(35.00; George's codfish, $9,60(3 6.75; Labrador herring, spilt, brls, $1,78(38.00: do, M*brl, $4.0004.25; labrador herring, round, brls, xi.500G.79: do, »tf.br1.i53.5003.75; scaledhorriog,per mx, 40o; No, 1 herring, 33c; Columbia Hirer salmon, «4-brl,sß.oo. FIIUITB AND NoTs—There was a good degree of animation In the dried-fruit Both local and tulemr buyers wore ordering freely of domestic and foreign description*, and tho market again presented a firm tone. Trices rings as follows: Fousitut—Dates, o(sGk,o; figs, layers, ll@locj figs, drums, 1101*20; Turkish prunes, 7K07?40 ; French prunes, kegs and boxes, lt)015o ; raisins, lay ers, $3.85'a3.90; loose Muscatel, $3.0503.40; Valen cia, llW’c* 1114 c; Zante currants. 7£otoc: citron, 23(4 24c. Douubtio—Aiden apples, 1802Oo; Michigan S4>* pies, common, 9’*(alUc; cliulce, lo^01O^c; ;teaches, halves, 12<rf012)40; do, pared, 170lV)o; blackberries, l]t|*ol3c: raspberries, 3303 lo; pitted cherries, 2JO 24c. Not*—Filberts, lt(<Ui>fc; almonds, Tetragons, 19M(?.30c; Naples walnuts, 16017 c; French walnuts, now, 110T3O; Grenoble walnuts, 14<>415e; Brsrils, 00 9Vc; paeans,Texas, ll)40l3)4c; Wilmington peanuts, B..jßxc; Tsuuessoo peanuts, 606 c; African peanuts, freely at recent prices, Bananas and pine apples were in fair supply and steady. Apples continue alow and weak, and the same may bo aanl of cranberries, though tho offerings are small, particularly of choice berries: Uood to choice apples, $4.0005.00 per brl; Messina oranges, $3.0045.75 per box; lemons, $9.6006.00 per box. GUOOEUIKB—The market vu active and firm, Or. dura are coming forward freely from all sections of tha Interior, and our loading Jobber* now have all they can comfortably attend to. Prices abow bo Important change from tnose ruling at the cloae of Uat week: luce—Rangoon, ti&'ijTo; Carolina, t Lou* ielana, oJt<.*7i«c. Corrtua—O. O. Java, S0^31o; Java, No, 3, 37(3 S8o‘; choice to fancy llto, 23 .i,'i3Wo; good to prime do, 32922J*c: common to fair, rootling, lOttaiUL'o; Singapore Java, 25Q2Cc: Coata Elea, 23 (423 x; Maracaibo, 22X6*21c, Botuas—Patent cut loaf. UX®ll,*£os crushed, lltf 911);c; powdered. 11),'911>4c; granulated, 10'g<3 He; A. elandord. do No. 2, 109lt»','c; E, 9J»C4l0o; extraC, 0 No, u, «X(39Ho; yellow 0 No. I,l>M; do U No. 3, chulca brown. * kl r to prime do, SVtiBXo; oom* tiion do, 5 choice uiolaaace sugar. : commuu to good do, New Orleans, 7X9 ftniUM—California e'lgardoaf drips, «6<»70o; die* mood drips, $1.01(31.10; silver drips, extra due, &K 4 flSc ; good imtaP'bouae sirup, «K3S&o; extra do, COo; New Orleaue molaaees, choice, do prime, M(*Mc; do, common to good, 4H<4!Mio; l*orlo llico mo laaacs, 4*4M)o} common molaaeoe. ua<js4oo; black* 2.(3 30c. Hhceh— Alteplce, ITfIKXe; clovee, $2(353e ; cassia, 3CC*3rc; pepitcr, 17X(3t8i,0; nutmegs, $1.2391,25; Calcutta ginger, hoava—True blue, ej*#! German Mottled, BKO7c; While Lily, t!«6J<o ; White Hose, fi(3iXes Itoyal Ba von, 8»*(36o; bavon Imperial, 6c; Gulden Weal, *X(3 6**c. branoa—Exeelalor, laundry, 6V(J7o; do, gloea, 8X 99c ; do, corn, tK3».W®! Kiugsfurd. pure, 7X« ; do, eilver gloss, «i(9 IJ^O S do wn| i lOdlOJic. HAY—Timothy was In light request and firm, very little bolug offered, while it waa wanted to ahlp by Uk«. I‘rairlewas inquired for by the retail dealers, and a few care were aold at recent price*. The re ceipts continue amalls No. 1 timothy, $13.60«5U.00; No. 2 do, $12.00; mixed do, $10.50(411.00; upland prairie, $10,509 11.00; No, 1 do, $’5.6099.00; elough. fU.MMT.W). HltiliwiNF.S—W> >r -pili t Mid f!im at ihe ruling price of but week. H.1.-s » .ro Ui bra at $1.07 Jter gallon. 1111)118—Were la fair request and atvady. Follow ing uo the quotations; Green cily butchers', 6ssXo; groan eursd, light and heavy, 7o; damaged, Bo j part cured, 6Ko6?<oi grasn tailed kip, 7e: green country, 6V(O| imn our, lie; fllnlhideadryklpamlealf, 14a« dry sailed hldea.ltVc; deacon aklns. iVJSOc. METALS AND TINNERB' BTOOK-Trada is only fair, and price* continue uniformly steady: Tin Flatu—lo, 10x14, $0.6(1; do, IX, 10x14, $13.00: roof* Ing, 14x30,10, $9.00, Pm Tin—Large, 37e; small, 'i3oj bar, 10c. 8olor»—Ho. 1,30 e; No. 3, Iflo. Lkao— riff. 7MO} bar. BWa I lead pipe. oft. Corpßß Bottoms, Me s abeatblng copper, Me. Bnirr Zi*o —Full casks, 10Ue; slabs, 6\o. Bkkktlhok—No. 21, 4e rates; Iluanl* Iron, No. 0 (o 13, Ido; do, No. 1, stained, ine; American Russia A, 13c; U, 11c: gab vanned Iron, No. 36.140; discount. 24 per cent. Wins —Nos. 1 to 6,0 o; 6,7, to0,10a: 10 to 11. Ho; 13, liw; 13and 14,13 c; 16andIft,14o; 17, Lie: IP, Ido; 19. 19e; 30, SWe; full bundles, per com discount; fence wire, 8Mo; do. small lots, 6<jc. NAILS—Were quiet at sl.lO rales net. OILS-Onrbon wss Arm. Liml and turpentine were easy. There was a comparatively steady market for other lines. Trade continue* to Improve, and will now compare favorably with past season* at this period ; Carbon, 119 deff. test, 13o; do Illinois legal test. 166 deg., I4e; Snow White, IftO teal, 17e: do headlight, I*6 oeg., !7>4e; extra wlnUr lard oil, $1.10(91.13: No. 1, 0(W498o; No. 3, 760<0c: Unseed, rsw, COo; boiled. 0S«; whale, winter bleached, 7)08Oc; sperm, $3.16(93.36; neatsfoot oil, atrlctly pure, $1.18(41.90; do extra, 06o; do No. 1,86 o; bank oil, 66c; straits, COo; plmnlwgooll, COo7Be| turpentine, 440 460; naphtha, deodorized, 13 gravity, 18J4014Mo; West Virginia oils, natural, 39 deg., MS 3\o; natural, 80 deg., 370’JOc { reduced, 38 deg., 30(9W0, PAINTS AND COLORS—Business Is considerably better than on the date of our last report, both the local and country orders being more numerous as well as more lllnral In the amount* called for. Prices re* main steady and unchanged: White load, strictly pure. $10.0); do, fancy brands, 18.0fd9.90; zinc, American, $11.60; do Frsnch. $13.60; Masury's rail road color*, $9.60; palace-car colors, $0.1KX410.60. POTATOES—'Wars soiling slowly on Ilia street at 36(9360 per bu in sacks. Tbs potatoes arriving aro usually shipped In socks, and left In small lota atlbo commission bouses for sale. There Is no demand for ear loads. POULTRY—'Was In light supply and steady at SI.OO 04.60 for chickens, and $6.00 for good-sized springs, which are not yet very plenty. Turkeys were eatable at 13(413c. SEEDS—Were quiet, but usually held at recent prices, which buyers refused to pay, and held off throughout tb* session. Fair to prime timothy was In modarata demand at $3.(i0A3.73>4t <uid clover sold at 19.00<99.36, the oulalde for prime. Millet sold at 43(9 470. and Hungarian at SJc. Flax was quiet at $1.30(9 1,90. BALT—Waa In moderate demand at tho following prices: Saginaw and Onondaga, fine, $1.40; Canada do, $1.46; ordinary course, $1.70; dairy, without bags, *3.76; dairy, wllh bags, $3.60; Ashton, dairy, per sack, $1.60. TOBACCO—Trade was quiet throughout ths past week,'and the quotations heretofore given were not subjected (0 any important change. Ws repeat our list: WsirrzßN Lear—Fair crop, Bjtfo7c; fair to fine, llfs,l2c; extr* fins wrappers, 20023 c. M*nur*oxUßiD—fine Cut—Choice to extra, 68(4 75c; medium to good, 63Q600; common, 43050 c. PiMp—Natural leaf, soft pressed, choice to extra, 70(4 K>o; do buorressM, 6507Oo; balMirlght, choice, 600 COa; do medium, 60056 c; standard black, good to ex tra, 48053 a; common buck, 43045 c. A'moJhno— Good to obolee, SlftTTo; medium, 31031 c; common, ao<3Hlo; California, choice, 40060 c; do extra, COco sl.w. TEA&—Business Is reported good, and the market ■bows more stability iban during the earlier weeks of tbo season. Following aro the quotations: Ouspowmtn—Common, 300400; good do, 4O0l5e; medium, 43060 c; good do, 60035 c ; tine, 6.V*6oc; fln esl, OOodsc { choice, 70075 c; choicest, 900090; fancy $1.0301.15, Imperial— Common, 3O033o; good do, 88040 c; medium, 40015 c; good do, i50OUo; fine. S»OSSe; finest, 560 Coo; choice. 65070 c; choicest, 70076 c. Jafah— Common, 30035 c; good common. 33038 c: medium, 40(342c; good medium, 45018 c; fine, ono 55c; finest, 690COo; choice, CO095o; choicest, 730 7Bc. Oolohos— Common, 80033 c; good common, 300 38c; medium, 40012 c; good medium, 43045 c; fine. 40080c;finest,50068c;choice,CO062o; choicest, 750 Me. ... WOOD—Tbs demand was light, and prices were quoted weak at $3.00 for maple, $7.00 for beech, and p.OO for alal>s—delivered, VEGETABLES—Were scarce, one of the trains from the South having been detained on the road, ilenco the early sales of fresh stuff were at a shade belter prices; Cucumber*. $1.0001,25 per dozen; green peas, $1.2501.50 per box; string beans, $1.5005.00 per box; asparagus, SI,OO per doz; lettuce, 400 per duz ; radishes. 35050 per doz; spinach, $1.6001.75 per box; Bermuda tomatoes, 75090 c per box. VKAls—Was steadier under smaller offerings, at 70 BXe for good to choice, and 108 c for fair oalvoe. WOOL—Remain* quiet. The market in unsettled, and Ula difficult to give accurate quotations. Tne stock of old wool Is small and will probably be nearly , exhausted before the arrival of new wool, especially If the coming season opens alow and lato. as Home think It will, because of the fact that the low prices which promise to rule will bo likely to cause the farm ers to bold tbetr clip until later In the season, in ex pectation of on improvement. Quotations; Tub washed, prime, OUo; do, poor to good, 41048 c; wash ed fleece, fine, good conditioned, 3d04u0: washed, medium do, 40042 c ; unwashed, fine heavy to light, 23 0360; do, medium, $5028o; pulled, 30037 c. LIVE STOCK. OUICAOO. Cattle. Uogt. Sbeep. a.ooi n.iao la? 4,870 15,008 4'JB Receipts— Monday.... Tuesday...., Total 8,813 27,107 683 flame time Unt week..,, 8,970 21,022 3,146 Week beforeUst 9,06'J 12,264 4,977 Shipments— Monday 3,297 8,431 163 The receipts ef cstUe end bogs for the four months ending with April, this year end last, compare as fol lows : f 1879. 1876. 1875. 1870. January.... 04,051 71,062 603,347 440,061 February.... 08.143 79.038 421,833 860,444 Uirch 80,140 100,073 340,707 011,330 April 03.374 07,700 250.669 220,603 T0U1....209,016 840,768 1,430,646 1.344,4)6 CATTLE—Thera was no very marked change In the cattle market, atther In the character of the demand or In the coure eof price*. The position of a (Tain at the Eait la somewhat Improved u compared with last week, bat the change la not io pronounced aa to no* Uceably incroue the ahlpping demand, or to favorably Influence value*, and we hhvo to report a quiet mar ket at weak and irregular price*. For strictly choice beovea—there wore few of that sort on sale—fully last week’s closing flguraa were obtainable, out for medium (o fair ahlpping cattle, and for butchers' stuff and aiooken. the market was about 10c “off." The day’s trading was done at $3.5003.00 lor acallawaga! at $3.29 123.75 for poor to good eowa and common to prime mils; at $3.6094.00 for atocken; and at $4.00(35.30 for fair to choice smooth, fat shipping atcen. Bales were principally at $1.10(34.70. The market closed quiet and easy. OATTLS BALKS. No. Av. Pries. George Adams & Co. io Monroe. 32 1,339 $5.00 To Monroe 32 1,301 4.85 To Eastman 15 1.434 4.75 To Eastman 34 1,301 4.C5 To Eastman . 16 1,333 4,00 To Eastman 10 1,3)3 4.83 To Hammond 15 1,395 4.70 To J, Wall (still bulla) 24 1,149 3.60 To J, Walt (stiller*) 0 872 3.75 To Spencer 12 1,200 4.60 To Bender (feeders) 12 1.172 4.25 n. Groan * Co, to Morris * W... 19 1,032 4.25 To Morris AW 18 1.341 4.9 D To Hudson 91 1,074 4.30 To Steward 20 1,086 4,40 TO Steward 15 1,907 4.40 To Steward 19 1,0 )3 4.25 Jesse Adams io Chapin .....13 053 4.16 Bcutluy, J. A Co. to Wolab 39 1,140 4.35 Wood Bros, to M0nr0e........... 132 1,286 4,75 To Gray 17 1,156 4.54 To Gray 14 1,111 4.45 Strader, Wadsworth it 11. to Al larlon 34 1,135 4.50 To AlUrton 33 1,213 4.73 To Allertou 34 1,318 4,h0 To Allertou 16 1,236 4.(4 To AUerton 17 1,345 4.70 To AUerton 17 1.235 4.60 To AUerton 16 1,266 4.70 It. Utrahoru it Co, to Crocker.... 30 1,416 6.30 To Crocker 49 1,367 4.90 To AUerton 45 1,388 6.1 U To Allertou..... 16 1,*209 4.C0 To Bender 17 1,326 4.80 To Swift It U 16 1,380 4.85 To Swift H 11 31 1,196 4.70 Alexander, O. A Co. to Bbaumberg 14 1,176 4.C0 To Swift AH CO 1,425 6.25 Gregory, Cooley A Co. to Monroe 15 1,250 4.66 ToMimroe 16 1,133 4.45 To Ulrah, M. ACo 16 1,199 4.65 To Morris A W 30 1,424 6.0 U To Bchelbcl .30 1,207 4.85 ToGUfford 12 1,000 4.30 To Delhi 16 1,262 . 4.76 To Monroe ~ 32 1,174 4.46 To Hayden (bulla) 12 1.328 3.6 J To J„ 11. AGO 17 1,176 4.41 To O’Brien (cow*) 9 1,(04 S.3S St. John A Brown to Ward 39 9V5 4.1 J* To Dobolt 13 1,127 4.30 To Morria A W 31 1,220 4.60 To Morris AW : 62 1,191 4.70 To Morris A W SO 1,563 6.43 To Morris AW S 3 1,220 4.63 IL E. Mallory A Bro. to llellitr (cows) U 1.020 3.75 Bunker A Oocbrame to Dyckm&n • (calves) 30 . 95 X 25 Martin Bros, to Monroe.... It I.IHiU 4.45 To Keefer 18 .1.102 449 To AUerton 16 1,310 4.V0 To Sweeney (mixed) l’J * tKi 3.00 Be alley, W. AB. to Green Si 1,1)14 4.2 b Hall, Patterson A Co. to O’Brien 14 1,016 4.19 To llobsrt 17 1.065 4.37 X ToOrcutt(«lockers IS 946 3,85 To Newton 18 1,053 4.10 To Merlin 32 1,4 U 6.30 Conover A Hall to Bendsr 13 1,228 4.60 To O’Brien (heifers sod steers) 18 843 4.l2ttf To O’Brien (heifers and stcen) 13 750 3.1./ To Monroe ...10 1,232 4.CJ To Hwift AII 19 1,474 602 A. W. Vaughan to Veager (calves) 11 94 3.00 Brown, Pries A Co. to Yeager.., 15 1,000 4.25 To Yeager IT 1,190 «.<VS Groves Bros, to Marlin, 13 1,3-H 6.30 To Morris 19 1,354 4.20 To Swift AII 31 1,329 4.79 ToSwiftAU 16 1,3)2 4.76 To Delhi 15 1,361 6.00 ToScheifil 34 1,151 4.60 Ingwersen Bros, to Mitchell 63 1,168 4.00 To Toofel 17 UM 4.35 ToTaylor 87 1,304 4.70 To Taylor U !»«** L 75 UarpoleALoUto lUmmomi.... 48 1,365 4.19 To D. Thompson (bu11a),,...,. 30 1,438 B.M Blckoon At Dyer* to Eastman.,.. IT 1,350 8.11/rf llolmea k Beckett to Wadsworth. 13 AGO 4.90 TO Morrta * W IX 1,9)3 4,03 J. Andorano to Morrla k W 30 1,130 4.53 To Hlmpaon 13 1,133 4.00 Rosenbaum k 8, to Keefer 03 1,370 4.70 To Reefer 10 I.MI 4.37/rf To Reefer 11 I.BM 5.00 To 0ray...”..' 30 1,143 4.M llOQß—Tboeaay feeling apparent In the hog market Monday *■ took ebapo " yesterday in a sharp decline, price* dropping off a strong 80£40o per lOu !ba. The receipt* were the heaviest reported far many days, and with (ha mimlar left over from Monday placed on eiln a supply of not fewer than! 30,000 head. Buy ers aaw their opportunity, and by working In unison they found little difficulty in crowding down price* to tbo extent above noted. The forenoon's trading wae done at not more tban 15<4300 decline from Monday* quotations, or at t7.HK47. to for common to prime quail ties, but inter in the day the best possible figures ob tainable were, for common to prime light 17,00.47.10. and for poor to choice heavy 17.00: <47,40. The bulk of the receipts still lie in the pons unsold, and aboutd to day's receipts " pan out " as expected, it la more than probable that a further shrinkage wil> be suffered. Very little trading was accomplished during the after noon t therefore, the Mies given below in no way ro lled the market at the eloao: Green k Co. to Orris, [*o Bussell, '0 Talmr. 'a Orris, To Orris.. Wood Bros, to Orris, ’o Fowler. Strader, W. A H, to Ilojd k C 0.... at To Marsh 60 To Smith, To Smith, To Tballon To Sackett, Uorlno Bros, k Co. to Tabor 30 To Tabor, To Tabor; To Runsel). To Burnell. To GUielt. To Brown. To Uolsford, Geo, Adams k Co. to Orris, To Orris To Orris To Orris, To Orris To Orris To Ollloit. To Otllett To Uaeicll, To HnsseU.....», To Tabor, To Tabor. To Tabor. Ingwersen Bros, to kllnk 80 To Hoyd * Oo 34 To Armour.,.. 20 To Amour. To Kllnk. Harpoie it Lott to AUerton 44 Holmes k Beckett to tUckett 79 To Fowler, Bentley, J. At Go. to Boyd k d 0.... 87 To Orris 74 Martin Bros, to Yeager. To Orris Beiisley, W, At B. to Fowler 99 To Fowler ....81 To Fowler, To Tabor. Hall, I’altcraon At Co, toTballon... 4U To Kllnk 20 To Fowlor. To Fowlur. To Kelley...! at A. W. Vaughan t08ackett......... 04 To Botiford 18 To Orris. Brown. T. & Co. to Orris. To Tabor. Nicoles ftAddemsto Mar5h....... 48 It. Stmhorn ft Co. toThAUnn...... ‘23 ToThallon, To Nosh. To Noah. Alexander, O. ft Co. to Orris 34 To It. John ft Brown to Orris, To Orris, , H. Mallory ft Bro, to Bohwart*. 20 To Bussell. 28 To Nash. Iregory, Cooley ft Co. to Allorton. 23 To Allertou 45 To Allorton, To AUerton. To Belknap. To McLean. To Allcrton. Bunker ft Cochran to Marsh...... 70 To Bolaford, To BoUford To Boyd ft Co. 21 To Koflcy 31 n. It. lloury to Belknap 35 Uoioutmura ft 8. (o Uotsford 30 To BoUford 33 To BoUford 72 To BoUford 22 To Bond, mthwurth ft i). to Bwartx. To Fowlor. To Fowlor. To Fowlor. To Fowler 23 223 7.25 BllKEP—The scanty supply prevented active trading In this market, and not enough sales were effected to establish maikct values. Wo quote poor to medium at $4.00(36.00, and good to oholco at $6.2600.26. BUFFALO. Bopfalo. N. Y., May 2,— Cattle —Receipts, 387; total for ths week, 0,263; prices yesterday strong: best offerings tfe higher; to-day the market was dull and dragging; prices weaker at about last week’s rate; sales for the week thus far, 125 can; range, $4,400 6.37tfc, acoordlug to quality. Biiekp and Lauiio—No fresh arrivals to-day; re celpU Sunday, 400, and Monday, 6,600; total for the week, 0,000; prices tfotfo higher than last week; Ohio clipped,; Michigan, $1.0007.15; Indiana wool, s7.l3tf (a 7.00; no lambs offered. Hons—Receipts, 100; total for the week, 7,C03; market slow; Yorkers. $7.6007.75; ucavy, $7.7608,00: a faying off of 60s from lost Tuesday’s prices; all offoifibgs sold. East Lidp.rtt, Im., May 2.—Cattle—Receipts to day, 578 head, or 19 curt of through and S earn for ealo here; supply light ao far; demand fair and prices a full Uo higher than lost week; beat, f5.C00G.00; medium to good, $3.0005.60; common, $(.2304.80: alockors scarce and high; bulls, $3.25 to $4.00. Hour—Receipts to-day, 1,2C3 bead; Yorkers, J7.UO @7.00; Philadelphia, |B.OC'@V.JO. Hkkki*—Receipts 09.23. BT. LOTTIB. St. Loun. Mo,, May 2.—Woos—Lower; light ship ping, |(i.COCIO.IM); Yorkers, $0.0007.20; bacon, $7.00 (57.30; butchers’, 57.3007.C0. Oattle—Quiet and unchanged; good to choice na tive steers, $(.70(45.23; medium to fair, $4.2304.02)4; pony ateers, $4.0004.12)4 ; fair (o choice cowa, $3.73(3 1.33 ; Stockers, $3.00(44.23 ; feeders, |4,23Q UO. • Watertown, N. Y„ May 2.—Cattle—Receipts, I 737; market somewhat Improved; prices about higher. live weight; sales, choice, $8.76; extra, $8.00(3 8,30 5 llrst quality, $4.7507.75; second, $9.7509.50; third, $1.7395.50. Suksp and Lambs—Receipts, Cll; sales In amall lota at (QSjitfcpcr ID; sheared, 6)4083. CINCINNATI. Cincinnati, 0., May a.—llooa—Fair demand; lower rates; common to good, $0,3097.23; fair to good heavy, 17,1097.33; receipts, 3,000 bead; shipments, 1,000. DRY GOODS. Throughout the past week there was a reasonable degree of activity In jobbing circles, and the aggre gate distribution wo* probably the largest of any week of the season thus far. Letters received from the in terior rei>ort au Improved business in progress, and from now on to the end of the spring season there Is every reason to anticipate a continuously good de mand. Collections, (oa, have much Improved of late, and although (owing to the fierce rivalry existing be tween Chicago and the Eastern cities) the Jobbing trad* is being done on an extremely close margin, the market is in a healthy condition. Aside from prints, steadiness still characterises values. A reduction in Pacific, Richmond, Amoskeag, rreeman, and Man chester prints, and in a few "off brands” of brown cottons, is noted, with which exceptions the quota tions remain substantially as on the date of our previous report: Atlantic A, 4-4 Ufco Cabot A, 4-4... BJfo AUsutle 11, 4*4 9 Cabot W. B Atlantic D,. 4-1 7V New Hartford, AA.... 7 Atlantic P, 4-4 7 Lawrence, LL, 4-4... 7 Indian Head, 4-4 o*4 Lawrence. Y 8 Indian Head, 7-8 8)4 Agawam P. 4-4 ..7 Nashville Hjg Ag«wam. Z 0)4 Wsehusetta 9 Tromont, 0 0 7 Hlark A, 4-4 9 Empire Slate. fl*4 Augusta H Golden llldge 6 4 GardnsrA 9)4 Nonpareil 0 Macon » Oraulte, B 0 Myalie Elver B Badger State, LL 7 Broadway 7 Continental, K 7 Langley, standard... 9 Win DBOWKS Nashua B, 40-ln 10 oilndUnOrchard, NN.. 7*e NaahualLOMu 814 IndlanOrchard. HE... 7 Nashua 0,33*1n H Dwight BUr, 4-4 OU Pepperell K.40-1n.... 0* (Dwight Star, 40-1n...10 Pcpperell K, M-1a... 8)4 iConUnonlalO... 9 Peppered 0,93-1 d.... 8 ißoott, U 8)4 Peppered N, 00-1 n.... 7)4 |Newmarket A 7)4 Crescent s>4 j Massachusetts B 8... 7)4 Prescott X L 0)4 lOroat Palls U 8 IndlanOrchard.AA.. 9 (PortsmouthP,. 8 ludlsa Orchard,EE.. 8 (Mohawk 4J4 » Amoskeag. (Freeman.. lUoumlng (Shirting... Merrimao F. Pink.... 8 e Merrimac U.... 0 I Pacific 0V 1 Cooum-rt | 6# Mallory Pink fljf U Ualiory IMrpl* ,6 )i Cttf Manchealar.......... ev 81/ |W*m»ulU 6 0* Hamilton.. Ulcluuund, American.. Hnrague..., Gloucester. OiMBBIOB. ... Garner Flat oxclUaaourUle 0 o Waalilugtou Warren T# I'ri/e UmUI 6* jLonadalo e High colon, lo extra. ■LxaoBKO corroh-a. Lonadale cambric....l4 eiUIU.M..., go Mew York Ullla IJ)< ‘Mount Hope 9 Ulloa Nonpareil 13? f ißlackatone, AA 9 Waraaulta, 4-4 13 lllope gw Da>ol IJ .Cabot gw I’rlda of llio^Weat.. ~14 jbemte, AA.,,, yjJ |l)wiglitßUr 1(> IH»UoweU, Q g ilijott, E............. g IHoou, 11 jo JUmo, a f Luigdeu, OU ...ia Fruit of tb« L00m...11 n Oumoftlia tijrimlla.. IIX 1 Lon*J*la ’ ▲mlroacoggla, L lu Amoekeog lOM (faugban, XX Auburn. A 10/4.Unwood fiu White Hock 10 (Suffolk, I, | fi ft •iwaruits. * Clinton.,,, ~., 6/40|Mlddleacz....,, Lanca5ter............11/4 Joienarm 9* Date* .....11/4 tßalrda ou Amoakeai 11/4 I * oonarr «*wa. ...11/40 Amoakosg, br0wn,...10 ~.11/4 (Indian Orchard ...11 (Canoe g ...10 .Clarendon g Kanmkeag aaltsena. Eearaarge.......... Androscoggin...... Atnoakeag ■noiu, Minnehaha, 4-4,.,...2> eiConeatogaCCA, 7-8.. K Minnehaha, 7-8......23)4 (Coneatoga CT, 4-4....19 Amoakoag, AOA 31/4 'Coneatoga AA, 30-ln.,l|u Amosksag, A.........1H/4 (Methuen AA.... jr,3 Ameskeag,B ...10 Manhattan a» Amoakeag,C,. 14/4 (York, 33-Inch hi* Amoskeag.D... 13/4 York, M-1nrb..,,,...i0 Amosketg, B 13/4 Thorndike A mu Pearl River. 10 Hwlft River 10* Conestoga extra, 4-4..10 (Ocean.. a Conestoga extra, 7-8..17 Pittsfield « Coneatoga OH, 4-4. ..17 I York Blue., York strips. Amotkeig., Columbian. Otis, AXA. Dun, im... Otis, CO Denver Creek. AA I.W Denver Creek, DU I3tf Denver Creek, C 0... .UH , 30 , 3) H id it At. Price, ana $7.00 nxßti Mlnnobsha, A-5......1U 0 . Am<Mkesf,A-3.,......t3V 1. Amoskoag, 3-3 ..13W j Uncaarllle, A 13C«li Uncasnlle, UOA. .OJtffelOJ# 1 OUETIOT Adi 0ak0ag............ IBUOI Krerott 13 ' Slater's 10)4 Krorctt, No. 1........1f1tf 11aa5abeati0.........,13 I Oresdmoor, XX......15 I ducks ani Ontario i-oa. duck,..l9 0 Ontario 10-os. duck... 33 Ontariol3-oz. duck.,.37 Ontario 15-os. duck... 33 Western ritar, UiMncb IS>4 Western Htar, tOluch 25# Greenwood, 57-Inch wagon-cover.... ...33 Stark drill 10 Amoskeog dri11,..... ,10 The cargo market was leas actlro, but atoady, ant about a dozen cargoes were ao!J, leaving only four 01 five at tbe docks at tbs close of tbo day. The yard dealers were tbe principal buyers, and they seem will, ing to take the stuff at current prices, ospecelally the green common, wbtcb they require* to complete assort* incuts. Piece stuff sold at SB.OO readily, aud inch lumbar at $9.00(310.00 for common to fair. Lath were steady at $l.&0, aud shingles at $3.30(33.33. Bales : Cargo sebr Korsargo, from Manistee, 110 m Joists and scantling at SB.OO. Cargo sebr Two Brothers, from Lndlngton, IBfl m joists and scantling at $9.00; barge Trader, from Lndlngton, 127 m do at $8.00; sebr J. Tllibets, from Manistee, 01 mdo at $9.00; ecbr Celt, from Lndlngton, 131 m do at SB.OO. y 7.38 The yard •dealers illlt report a light detnana for tbs time of year and some Irregularity in prices, vrbl.'h has led to a quotabls decline lit common stuff, lath, and shingles. At many yards tho stock la broken, and dealers are buying cargoes, especially of greenstuff, which Is about Sl.bO per m lower than dry at (he yards. Following are tho revised quoUUons, tho out side for common being for dry stuff First ana second clear. Third clear, 1 Inch 81.00031.00 Third clear, thick OJ.OO<Aj».OO Clear flooring, tint and second, rough.. 50.00ij82.00 Clear siding, first and second 17.90(418.00 First common siding 18.00010.00 Flooring, Oral common, dressed 38.000 Flooring, second common, dressed 32.D0iit2i.00 Box Itoonls, A 35.00 a Bos boards,!) 25.03(3,,... Astock boards, 10 and 12 in 30.03(333.00 n stock boards 23.00(325.00 O stock boards 18.000i7.00 Fencing 11.00012.6# Common lumber, 18 ft and undor2 Inch 10.03(311,00 Common Inch... 11.01(312.00 Joists and scantling, 20 to 24 ft. 12.00utie.00 Bath 1,76(3 1.00 A shingles 2.50(3 3.9 J Bhlngles on track 2.300*2.60 TELEGRAPHIC MARKET REPORTS. FOREIGN MARKETS. .rpaetal DUoalfh lo The Chleneo Tribune, Liverpool, Ilsy 2—ll a. in.— FLotra—No. 1, 245; No. 2,22 s fld. Okain—Wheat—Winter, No. 1,0 s 10d; No. 2,9 s 6d; spring, BscgOe Cd; white, No. I,os 10d; Wo. 2, 0 a od, club, No. 1,10 a 6d: No, 3,0 s ICd. Corn, 2Oso2Cs 3d. rnonstOMß—Pbtk, 82s Cd. Lard, 575067 s Cd. Livchpool, May 2—3 p. m.—BnExnsTDFrs- Stoady. Wheat—While, No. 1,0 s lid; No. 2, os7d. Coro, 2Cso26s Cd. Lanu—37a, Liverpool, May 3— Latest.— Cotton— Market easier', 0 3-1000’id. Bales of 10.300 balee, including 1,000 for speculation and export, and 6,000 America a, Breadstuffs—Wheat—Receipts for three days, 33,000 quarters, Including 31,000 quarters American; California white wheat, average, 0s 7do9s lld ; dub, OslOd01Os6d; rod Western spriug, No. 3to No. I, 6ssoi Cd; winter red Western, OsflJQOslOd. Flour —Western canal, 22s OdgSls. Corn—Now Western mixed, 3<Jso2Ca Cd; old Western mixed, 395. Oats —American, 3s®3« fid. Barley—American, 3s Cd. Peas—Canadian, 3Cs Cd. CLf.VEn-9r.ED—American, C3so6Oa. PnoTißioNs—Prime non pork, 62s Cd. Prime men beef, 87s. Lard, American, 675. Bacon—Long dear, C3a 6d; abort clear, 64s Cd. Homs, long cut, 60s. Creese— Fine American, 605.. Tallow —Fine American, 41s, ' Petroleum—Spirits, 6toßs 3d; refined, Us 3d(J Used. Linseed Oil—33s Cd. Besik— Common, 4s Od; polo do, ICs. Spiuits or Tobpehtine—24s. London, May 2—Consols— Money and account, 07 7-lfl. American Securities—'9ss, 101; f C7a, 109 V; 40a, 107tf 5 new 6a, 109>f: New York Central, 101, Erie, 13*{; Erie preferred, 'JI. Linseed Oil—32a 9d022s Gd. Bpebm 0i1—830945, Bruirra Turpentine—22* 3d022s Cd. Paris, May 2.—Rentes—lo4f OlJic. rnaHKroBT, May 2.—United (States Bonds—Nei 6a, 102. Antwerp, May 2.—Petroleum— 27b Od. SOUTHERN COTTON MARKETS. Mobile, May 2.—Cotton irregular; middlings, lljjc, net receipts, 483 bales; exports coutwiie, 61; sales Charleston, May 2.—Cotton quiet; middlings, 12*^0; net receipts, 2,322 bales; sale*, ISu. Savannah, May 2.—Cotton atoady; middlings, 13c; net receipts, «60 bale* ; export* coulwisp, 1,732; lale*, 600. Galveston, May 3.—Cotton dull; middlings, net receipts, 600 bales; gross, 209; exports to Oral Britain, 803; sales, 150. PHILADELPHIA WOOL MARKET. Philadelphia, May 2.—'Wool quiet and unsettled; aahadeilowoc; Pennsylvania and West Virginia, XI and above, 429430 ; extra, 430(90 ; medium extra 450(6Jtf0; ooano extra, 4U0l3o; New York, Michigan Indiana, and Western fine, 33033 c; medium fine, 430 45c; ooars* fins, 400 ( Jo; combing, washed, 650 68c; do unwashed, 4O0(2o; Canada, combing, tXi «3o; fine, unwashed, 23028 c; coarse and medium, unwashed, 29033 c. NEW YORK DRY-GOODS MARKET. New Yens, May 2.—Trade movement was slow ts all departments, Cotton goods were quiet mil ua changed. Prints moved slowly. Bouthhiidge shirt* logs were reduced to B*«c. Ginghams wore in steady demand. Colton areas goods wore less active. Hear; cashmeres and worsted coatings were taken In small lot* by clothiers, „ CLEVELAND PETROLEUM MARKET. Cleveland, May 3.—Petroleum quiet and u» changed; standard white (110 test), ,l0)4c; prim* while (190 teat), 11J4C tn car lots, cash. PITTSBURG PETROLEUM MARKET. % Pnmßono, May 3.—Petroleum unchanged; quid and steady; crude, 13,03)4 at Parker’s; refined, 131*‘ Philadelphia delivery. WILMINGTON TURPENTINE MARKET. . WiLNiBQtoH, May 3.—Hpiriis turpentine quia* m 390. THE PRODUCE MARKETS. NEW YOltE. s|i*rtal DUoaltA la fAs CAlmv* IW*us«. New Yon*, May 3. —Oraim—Wheat-—Market dull 5 tligbtly in buyers’ favor; sales of 94,000 du at $1.04(4 I.ofi for rejected spring, $1.03(31.15 for ungraded spring, $1.10(31.13 for No, 3 Chicago, $1.13(31.14 lot No. 8 Milwaukee, $1,1901.31 for No. 3 Chicago, $1,190 1.31 for No. 3 Northwestern, $1.3041.33 for Ka. 3 Mil waukee, sl.3fij*UW (or No. 1 spring, sl.lO 41.83 for winter red Western, ($1.18(31.48 for amber do, and $1.83(31.45 for whits Western; also 19,u00 bu fancy white Michigan, crop of 1974, at $1.90. Eye quhd; sties of 8,000 bu Canada, to be shipped from Oswego on opening of the canal, at 900 in bond, Earley quiet and unchanged. Corn l(*|2o lower; good business doing at a decline; sales of 90,000 bu at 60(j60)4o *^ r steamer mlxsd, 01(361)40 for graded mixed, and file for ungraded new Weetsrn mixed; also 48,000 bu graded mixed at fiOefor first half May, and 99)4®39,»*c for all May; sleanar mixed offered for Juno at 97c. Oats doll; sales of 34.000 bu at 87«48a for mixed Western and Btats, sod 40(4M0 for white Western end State. I’lnminEt Mliiiliw unchanged at 13),'(313)4® "or Emgelssk. laid heavy j lower sales; 100 tee st U* ... «V< .... »*< (Pearl River,.,.. 19 Nelson, XXL... „U Curtis.. IWarren, AXA,,..,,,,is Warren, HU... Warren.CO 13 Unetsrllle, UOA pju Jllayinakor io [Boston 9 American, 6-3 ~10 1 American, 8-3 9 i Hamilton, 0-3.... llsralltoD, 3-3 u tjOreedmoor, AA 13 •Dollyrooutit 13 Fairmoimt, H 8 It Fairmount, Pi* It I Wimbledon ..13 V lUptand.ll 10 ID DAILM. Nojiouiat duck, 10« Of„ col'd 19 Neponsot duck, 0-oz, t cold .17 Nenoneet duck, 8-os„ col’d IS Defiance, col’d,. It Stark, col’d IS Boston AA IQ Boston 05.... IS LUMBER. .139,00(340.00

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