Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 3, 1876, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 3, 1876 Page 7
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for prim* steam ; at the first call for Kay $13.60 was bid and |13.87)f aiked; for Jana, sales of 1,000 tea it |13.73)f317.78)f J for July, 800 tea aotd at $13.63)10 13.851 for August, $13.93)4 was bid and $13.05 aakod; for September, $13.00 «u bid and 118.90 ulii WntaxT—Market without decided change; sates of Mbrts»isl>Hi*Q<lUateTinlsgtObrU at lUltfper gal. Obocxbixa— Sugar continues firm; fair loqitry ; filr to good refining quoted at 7 P-153718-180; prims it7lMoo; Nos, 10319 Havana at 7XOBJ4C. Coffee .Market firm 5 inoderats Inquiry; Bio quoted at 18)4. gisxo in gold; Maracaibo at 19)4019)40 In gold. Tallow— Rules unchanged; In moderate demand; noted at 8)40 for prime city. rp* ia« SMMfotad Fr*4t,\ New York, May 3. —Cotton—Quiet: 19),'01313-lOe; futures steady; May, 13U013 B<W9o; June, 13 01-890 lao: July, 18 8-lfloi:i7-82o; August, 13)<c; Septom ber, 19 6-10313 11-33 e; October, l»W013 8-33 c; November, 181-100 5 December, 131-10018 Mic. Flour— Beoclpls. 9.UUO brls; moderately artlre; nperfine State and Western. $4.1004.80; common to good extra, $4.9008.30} good to choice, $3.9306.70; white wheat extra, 83.7507.75; extra Ohio, $1,900 7,00 j BL Louis, $8.3009.00; Minnesota patent process, 81,50(40.60; Mo. % $3.0003,90. By* floor unchanged. Cosln-Unai»— Moderate request; Western, SJ.7*O K-o. Grain— Wheat—Receipts, 99,000 bu; moderate ex fort and home-trade business; No. 1 spring In store, 1.3701.39; fancy white Michigan, $1.60; Mo. 3 Chica go spring. 81.IH! Mo. 3 do, $1.1001.13: Mo. 9. Mil waukee, U.190U0; Mo. 8 do. $1.1101.18. Rye more acUrsj Western, 8I0; Canada In boud. 90c. Corn more actlrc: receipts, 119,000 bn { mixed, no grade, MXOD7e; do atoamer, M0flO)<o; do graded, 810 jjuo; new Western mixed, ungraded, 91063 WC. Oats —Market easier; receipts, 38, OoObuj mixed Western and Stats, 3OJ404Oo; whits Western and State, 400 Me. Hat—Firm and unchanged. Hops— Quiet; Eastern and Western, lOot€o{ Kew York State, 13018 c; California, 16018 c. Groceries—Sugar steady, with fair demand; fair to good refining steady, 711-160718-lflo; prime, 7»io Bo; refined steady. OJiCdIOXo. Coffee quiet but firm; Rio cargoee, 16)4(418)40 m gold; Jobbing. In gold. Molasses Foreign less active; firm: groceries steady; moderate Inquiry. Rlcs dull and unchanged. Petroleum— Dull and nominal; crude, 8)405 re ined, 13;<c; cases, 17X031C. Tallow— Steady J B?{c. BTiutNCD Besik—Quiet: $1.7601.80. Spirits Tubmnxise—B4o. Provisions— New mesa pork, 531.40023.00 cash; 431.'25 Juno: July: |31.60 August. Beef quiet. Out meats—Western; nuict. Pickled hams, 18 Us, 12*40; long clear middles,western, 13?,’f*13)4c5 do city, 19X0Pi)tfc. Lard—Prime steam, $13.7s cash; 113.70013.U0 Juno; $12.80013.00 July; 113.00010.00 August, , t Hotted— Unchanged, Odresb— Irregular: 6013 c. Whisky— sl.ll. rHP.ADEI.PniA. paiLAssLniu, Mar 2,—Fiona—Market dull; extra, $1.3-'>34.6U; Wisconsin and Minnesota .extra-family, Ss.n(Kft6.Bo; State, Ohio, and Indiana, $0.0030.75; high grades. $7.2539,60, uraw— Wheat In moderate demand; Pennsylvania red, 11.60; amber. $1.6331.63; wblte Michigan, good, 11.60; Western sprouted, poor, $1.05. Rye, OcIJTtOQIJo t whlts Wostcrn, 47350 c, Whisky—western iron-bound hold at $1.12. Bekds Clover, lofllTifo. Timothy, $2,803X70. Flax, |1.A6@1.61. PsntoLZDM—Crude, 10Vc; refined, Buttes—Steady; Mew York State and Bradford County, Pennnylvanlo. extras, 82332540; firsts, 303 {tlo; WiAtern extras. 27(«220: firsts, 260370; Western rolls, si Iras, 20328 c: Urals, 23336 c. Cuxxaa—Firm; Maw York HtaU, 12|f313Vc; West sm fine, 11319Q0. Boot—Weaker; Pennsylvania, New .York, and Dela ware fresh, 1554®10>40; Western, fresh, 14,*4318c. BT. LOUIS. Bt. Loom, Mo., May X—Cotton—Quiet and un changed. Fluuu—Dull and lower to sell; very little doing. Chain— Wheat Armor: No. 9 red winter, -$1.39:31 1.39J4 cash; f1.38J/bld May; No. 3 rod winter, $1.25 bid. Coru dull and lower; No, 3, 44<j44 54e cash ami May; 41tfc June; 43?4(g45J4c July. Oats—Market easlorjNo. 9,33Jhc cash; 31c bid June, Rye dull and unchanged. Ba rley dull and lower to sell; choice Min nesota, H.0D31.10. WmsKY—sl.oß. PiiovwtoNS—Pork dull and lower; $31.50. Lard doll and nominal; $19.60. Bulk moats dull, weak, sod lower 5 shoulders, 7‘fo; clear rib, 11®11*(0; clear, llJioUJa'c. Bacou dull, weak, and iowor; •boulders, h^c;-clear rib, 12c; clear, 12,V(30(125;c. Receipts—Flour, 6,600 brie; wheat, - 24,(M) bu; corn, 83,000 bu; oats, 7,OuObu; ryo, 1,000 bu; bar ley, 1.000 bu. TOLEDO. Toledo, 0., May 9.—Plods—Dull, Ooain—Wheat dull and lower; No, 9 white Wsbaah, sl.3*>j; No. 1 white Michigan, sl.'3BJ4'extra white Michigan, $1.39; amber Michigan, $1,33; July, sl.23<<; No. 9 rod, $1.30; No. 3 red. (1.11)4: do canal, $1,09. Rye—Take alioro red, 98a; ho. 2 amber Illinois, $1.40, Com dull and a shade lower ; high mixed, 01c ; .Time, 4tlo; July, 60c; low mixed. 6UO: no grads, 4fl,’(c; damaged, 43c. OaU dull and a shade lower; No. 3 •pot and June, 3to 5 Michigan, spot and May, SAc. liye. 11054 c. Receipts—Floor, none; wheat, 10,COO bu; com, 26,000 bu; 0at5,4.000 bu. SlUPUENrs—Flour, 1)00 brls; wheat, 83,000 bu; eorn, 63,0 w) bu; oats, 8.000 bu. IIALTIUOBP. Baltimode, Md., May 2,—Flood—Dull and un changed. Gnaw—Wheat dull aud heavy 1 No, 1 Western red, 11.4031.46; Pennsylvania red, sl.s*). Corn—Demand ictivu; Wnjilem mixed, fil*(o. Oats steady; moderate icmand 5 whlto Western, 460470; mixed Western, 40 g44c. Itya dull and lower; bUQDJc. Hay—Btcsdy and unchanged. PnovihioNs—Nominally unchanged. Butted—Dull and heavy; Wcatoru, 95<S80c, Petdolkuu—Uuaetlled; crude. 7)io; refined, lie. Cokkke—Hleady and unchanged. Whisky—Market dull; $1.13. CINCINNATI. OmcmtUTT, 0„ M»yi—Cotton—Dull and nominal: Ur. Flour—Quiet and steady. Grain—'Wheat dull: 31.09®1.95, Com dull; 48ft 490. Oats steady and firm; 34(3430. Bye steady; 73 fe73c, Barley dull ami nominal: acaaon closed. Provisions—Pork dull and lower; email aalaa; 131.00. Lard aettro, but lower; steam, doe. iug with the lueldo bid delivered; kcttlo quiets 13^ft I3;*c. Bulk meats unsettled and lower; shoulders, lK'38o; thin rib, 10Ho; clear, Ul»'(j4ll,Vc. Bacon loll; Do; 12c; J3Mc, Wuwav—Good demand; fall prices ; (1.07. Buttrd—Easier; uolqnoiabty lower. Milwaukee, May 2,—Ftoun—Dull; tending down ward. Grain—Wheat opened a shade lower; strong; No. 1 Milwaukee, $1.02; hard. $1.24; No. 2, fl.OO’i; Juno, 11.01 K; July $1.03;*; No. 3, 621*0. Corn dull and selected; No, 2. 45c. Oats lower; No. 2 cash and Hay, 31>;o Bye dull and lower; No. 1,65 c, Barley inlet and unchanged; No. 2,84 o; No. 3. Mo; reject id, 80c, FnciUßTe—Dnll and unchanged. llkoxut*—Flour, fl.OOu brls; wheat, 27,000 bn. tint fubhts—Flour, 12.0UU brla; wheat, 286,000 bn. BOSTON, Borrow, May 3.—Flour—Quiet; Western euper- Qno, $4.00(34.23; common axtras, $4.90ft&.00; Wla souslu and Minnesota loitra family, $7.00ft7.50; sinter wbost. Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. su.oot4 f. 2»; Illinois, 10.25ft3.23; Si.Louis,(d.tOftii.Jo; fancy Minnesota, $7.25(5u,60. Graim—Corn-Mixed and yellow, AHftOTo. Oats— Market dull; mixed and No. 2 while, rejocl »d, 42ft 45C; NO. 1 White, 52i3340, NEW OHLEANB. 'New Orleans, May 2.—Corn—Offered at 66c, Pork—Dull and lower; $21,60(422.00. Molasses—Easier; fair to strictly prims rebelled, 19ft 50c. itioE—Easier; common to prime, 4^ftG^c, Others unchanged. UUITALO. Buffalo, May2.—Grain—Wheat dull; no tales; ratlrely nominal. Corn dull and lower; quoted at I3fts7c. Oats—Market bare. Itye—Market bare, Barley—Market hero. MARINE. PORT OF CHICAGO, MAY 2. Arrivals—Behr A. Frederick, Grand Haven, wood; tbr Lumberman, Black Creek, lumber; attar Corona, it. Joseph, sundries; prop Messenger, Denton Harbor, lundrlce; attar Sheboygan, Manitowoc, sundries; ghrJ. V. Jones, Muakogou, lumber; scow Trio, Bau (stuck, wood; achr North Star, Menomonee, lumber; prop Annie Laura, Green Bay, plg-lron ; achr Chris- Hans, Keuosbs, gravel; achr lUcbsrd, Oconto, lumber. CuußAßOßs—Simr Sheboygan, Two Ulvers, 209 grain bides and sundries: atnir Corona, Bt. Joe, eon dries; achr W. Dixon, Grand Haven, 11 bu seed, 19 bu barley, 3 brU bama, and sundries; achr Mary Helen, wblu Lake, 409 bu corn, 99 bu oats, 9 ton* feed, 29 brla salt, and sundries; senr Metropolis, Buffalo, 16,331 bu wheat, schr Ketchum, MaaouviUe, 19 brla beef and mndrlca; barge Alert, Pcabtlao, m*., 24 brla pork ind bams, s tes lard, and sundries: prop 0, J. Traci lell, Manitowoc, 24 brls pork, 11 brls whisky, and «un tnrs; Baclne, 100 tons vlg*lron, la tous lar-lron; pron Messenger, Benton Harbor, 6 brla pork, 30 bugs seed, 42 kegs beer, and sundries; sour Bella Wal bridge. Sturgeon Bay. 1 steam boiler; sebr Hunga rian, Little Traversa, 190 bu oata, 4 tons bay; achr Lumberman, Black Creek, 10 brls flour, I brl tallow, 1 brl lord, and sundries. LAKE FREIGHTS. CUICAOO. Thar* wm r moderate inquiry for vessels for lb* Lower Lakes. Otherwise the market was lulct, end Buffalo rates wore nominal at lo (or wheat and Bj*e for corn. The prop Hilwaakee takes corn and wheat through via 3gJen«burg; the sohrs A command Winona, com to Rlngaton on private terms; and (be achr White •loud, wheat to do at 7**c. *Xn the afternoon (be ircU* was reported for corn to Edwardaburg at 100. fetal capacity, 32,000 bu whoat and $2,000 ba com. kteiwHEnn. Oaraorr, May Freights art nnuaualiy doll, end |o grain charters reported. Wheat to Oiwtgo, Ce 5 to Buffalo, 80; and to Cleveland, free of elevator. UiLvauau, May I.—There was some demand for train veeaeU to-day, bat earrlars refused tbe rates affared—3#e on wheat to Buffalo; to was asked and huiated upon. Engagements were: To Port Colborne —l*rop Lincoln and barge Xiiger, belh 216,000 bn of wheat at 80 5 to Kingston—bear Brooklyn, wheat, 7*c. Tonne, April 39.—K0 change* to node*. Messrs, John Htevene A On, report the sebr If. W, Olfferd, ouai, Olaveland to tlilwaokee, on p. t Meaers, Andxawa k Southard report the aebr Mery bytaa, com toßuffaloonp. t.; iebr H. O. Moore, wheat to Samis on p, t. VESSELS PASSED PORT HURON. AfiHal/JIDwItMi n« CMm;« IViiMi. Pont Hobow, Mich,, May 3.—Ur—Prop Victoria ; ■ehrtO. P. Uloob, Magellan, Hattie Howard, Mystlo Star. Down—Prep Thompaoa and barges. Wiw»—Northeast, gentle | weather fine. Pobt llobon, Hloh.. Hay I—IQ p. m.—Dow*—Props Lawrlqee, Portage, Warorly, Alpena and barges, An* lolope and barges, Mary Pringle and bargee. Up—Propi Annla Voting, Thomas A. Scott: schrs M. J. Wilcox, St. Lawrence. Wind—Northeast, gentle; weather fine. PORT OF'ERIE. firuiatfihpihttto ntCMtaeit THSans, Erie, Pa., May 3.—Three Canadian arrivals and four departures to-day. Tha grain in the elevators baa all been shipped aaat. The last consignment of 89 can waa forwarded eastward to-day. Two or three propellers and one or two Balls were reported to have passed Erie this afternoon, with cargoes of grain for Buffalo. Tha htrbor at that place la effectually blocked. The prospects are that It will be at leait two weeks before navigation opens. ILLINOIS & MICHIGAN CANAL. Bbidoeport, May 9,—Abbivbd— Andrew Jackson, LaSalle, 9,300 bu 00m ; Brilliant, Morris, 3,800 bu corn, 4,900 bu oats. Cleared— Prop Montauk, Leekpori, 8,028 bu wheat, 75 m shingles, 60 m lath; Maple Leaf, Lockpori, €3,398 ft lumbar. MISCELLANEOUS. CUIOAOO. • All tho lumbar which arrived hers Sunday and Monday baa boon disposed of. Three cargoes wore at tha Inmber-docka tail atoning.... Several of the vea •ela which war* reported to have passed through tha •traits ea the 98lh of April on their way up are over dug. It is believed by many that the cold enap which prevailed during the last three night* has had the effect of causing another Ice blockade In the etrsiio. Though auch a thing I* possible, yet It la not proba ble.... Cant. Charley Holland's tug Euataphlere wont Intodry-dook yesterday to get anew rudder.... The tug Blackball No. 9* la having her shoe repelred at one ef the docks of the Chicago Dry-Dock Company.... Tue achr George Steel , waa allghlly damaged yesterday by running Into Randolph street bridge.... The Vessel-Owners' Towing Company's con tract for 7,000 tons of Urlar-Hlll coal waa yi-atarday Awarded to the Mansfield Coal and Coke Company, Jamea W. Ellsworth, General Sales Agent. STUCK IN TITB JOB. A prominent vessel ownsr In (his dly received the following Utter ycsUirdiy from Port Oolborna, from one of nfa Captains, showing that the Ice at that port la still obstructing navigation: Game here lost evening, bat no show for getting out. Three tugs started this morning, but ere stack In the Ice, and two tugs hive been at work all day trying to got e vessel In, but have cot stirred for the last six ours. Shall go m soon as there U a chance, but a northerly wind would reduce the price of towing out very soon. MILWAUKEE. The warm and pUasaut weather of tba latter part of lost week c«mo to an abrupt termination Saturday evening, when the wind ablftod to northeast, The mercury went dowu with a jump, and la a few abort boura the temperature vu at freezing point. Tba gram fleet which left here Saturday received the full force of the piping bluta, and tboaa who wero not for tunate enough to make the frleudly leo of Two River Point were compelled to put back. The Itasca, T. 11. UowUnd Craftsman, and J. O. King came Inilde yes terday afternoon, the list named with her toresaU split. .The bark Arabia and achrU. J. Webb came to auebor In the bay. Quito a fleet of lumber vessels and wtst-eboro “mosquitoes " came In during tbo blow, and the lumber market presented a lively appearance, Tbo email echr Planet, or Racine, lumber laden, sprung aleak at the commencement of the gate, but waa with great effort kept afloat till aba tnado Ibis barbor, when tba was run upon the bank on tba peninsula, near tha fish shanties, where she lice docks to. The large echr Scotia was observed by tba Captain of (he berk Crafts man below Port Washington with Jibboom broken and topsail yard gone.— livening inecomln, itajj 1. The acbr James Oouch claims tbo honor of being the first soil craft (0 leave Chicago for thle port. On Thursday thesebra Annie M.Polersou and Mulr,ladeu with grain, cleared for Buffalo, The majority of tha fleet Intend starting to-morrow. The United (Rates Company’s prop Portage took out clearance papers for Buffalo Thursday. Bhohas a cargo of 60,000 bu of oats, 1,26 A brls of flour, aud sundries,...All of the Anchor Line propellers aro being put lu excellent trim for the season's business; and it seems a pity that the freab coat of paint with which each steamer his born adorned cannot retain Its brightness throughout the season. The Japan recently loft the Union Dry-Dock, where sho had been undergoing repairs, Including a wooden bottom. This Is made of three-loch plank, bolted over tha irou plate, and has been put on more for an experiment than anything else....Tba strong wind of Saturday packed the Ice Into au unnecessary density. Largo quantities of Ice arc going dowu Ni agara Illvor. —Courier, J/o*/1. IIIIAVX SHIPMENTS OK SALT. : The Michigan Balt Association have, since navigation opened, shipped from Bsgluaw River9l,3os brls of salt, per vessel, as follows: Prop Kotchum and barge Rutter. 21,427 Prop ITidgeon o.soe Barge Gardner 4,976 Prop Egyptian 6,717 Behr Pelican 7,4 IB Prop Montgomery 6,170 Prop Intcr-Ocean (beside 1,900 Isdcn last fa 11).... 1,200 Prop Belle Cross .. a.hflO Prop Ohio 7,6*10 Prop CUsuDcey Uurlbnt, about e,60() Hcbr Sunnysluo, about... 6,600 Bchr Sweetheart, about 6,600 Total 81,305 Freight room for 91,500 brls more has been engaged as follows: Prop Jamas Darldaoa, Prop Jarvla Lord Barge Fannie Kai 1..... T0ta1,.,., —Detrett Pott, uuiftikob. The itcam-bsrge Fred Kelley, reported ashore near Cheboygan, (a tied up at Toledo, consequently it muit be aoma other boat that U ashore.. .The aehra Oton abee and Reindeer, which made an attempt to reach ports on the Canadian shore of Lake Huron during the present week, were compelled to return to Fort Huron on account of the heavy fields of 1ce.... Anew mauuer of applying the electric light in tho Illumine tlou of Tocaelt has been successfully used on the ocean steamer L'Amerique, Its power is equal to S(M burners, and the expense of the light, including Interest ou Investment, Is only shout 69 cents a may not be generally known that tbs ship esnsl now being built from Port Oolbnme to Port Dslhoueie, wilt have twenty.two locks. The In* tervemng space butween ouch will be 270 feet long, 40 feat wide, with on average depth of water of is feet. The canal will be completed Ifiaids of two years, it la expoctod...,A apodal dispatch from Marquette to the Detroit Fret Prttt says : “ The weather la freez ing oold, and some anow is falling, with a continuous northwest wind. Marquette Bay and harbor continue . closed. In the harbor the lc« la aofl, end would offer little rcilatanca to boats. The recent western winds seem to have started tho Ice outside, as strips of open water ore visible, but boats could not get In," A Move! Piece of mechanism, Detroit Tribune, Mr. Andrew Oeudrou le. after nearly a year of constant labor, about completing a compli cated piece of mechanism intended to represent “Tbe Resurrection of Qon. Washington,” and wbloh It bis intention to exhibit at the Centen nial Exposition. Tbo whole apparatus ib in cloned In a cabinet 0 feet high, UU foot broad, and ‘IVx feet deep. The lower half contains the machinery, end in the upper poitiou tho diorama displayed. The scene is a fao-siroile of the tomb of Washington. Upon one aide stands an Amer ican and ou tbe other a French soldier of tbo present day, while at tho side and upon the re cess beyond are pamtod allegorical figures and emblems. Tho machinery, which la quite com plicated. is operated by a spring similtar to those used In a clock. When it is set in motion a mini ature cannon is fired, a hell is tolled, and a cur tain, suspended across tbe face of the recces of the cabinet, rises slowly, bringing to view tho tomb and sentinel soldiers. The latter aland at an “ order.” In the course of a minute or so tbo tomb opens, a fac-simlla of the Father of bis Country arises therefrom. Huuultaneously. tbe soldiers face toward the tomb and present arms, and Washington performs the usual military salutation. Thou there descends from tbe clouds an American eaglo, bolding in its talons a staff, ou one end of which is an American Hag. and upon the other tbo national ensign of France, carrying in Us beak a latiral wreath with which it crowns tho resurrected Washington. Too machinery continues to rorolve, and the scene is reversed and repeated as often as it is desired, each representation requiring about three min utes. The figures are made upon a scale of about 3 inches to tbe foot; tbe beads are carved by Mr. Julius Melcbers, and the bodies are mi nutely correct and properly proportioned. Tbo guns carried by tbe soldiers are in exact imita tion of Springfield ritiee, and tbe costume of the soldiers Is patterned after tbe uniforms of the armies of this country and France, Tbe dross of Washington is tbe same in color and atyto as that worn by him at tbe battle rf Trenton. Tbe inventor was formerly employed at tbe Detroit Bafe Works and also at tbe Fuliman Car Works, but of late, baying fitted op a shop in bis owu house, be lias spent many months in perfecting this representation of tbo resurrection of Wash ington. A f'oor TVomnu’i Great ffllefortuuc* Stockton (Chi.) independent. Mrs. Mabsney, tbo mother of two young men wbo were drowned last week while crossing tbe Ban Joanuin River, baa supported her blind hus band and seven children for a long time by tak ing washing, and tbo two oldest lads Lad Just got a Job of work and started out, assuring bar tbat she need work do longer— that they would care for her In tbe future. In a short tima they were both brought home to her, dead. THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: WEDNESDAY. MAY 3,187 G. THE BLACK HILLS. Indian Hostilities on tlio Itcnto Thither, Eoturned Advonturon Who Stigmatize the Gold-Flurry a> a Gigan tic Fraud, gelling Clalma, Toirn.Loto, and Whisky, the Principal Brandies of Trade In tho Minina Districts. Speeial Corrtivondtnet t/ Tfu cams at Tribunt. Sidney, Neb., April 25. PnrUee to from tbo Hills this morning report TUB INDIANA TEST TROUBLESOME between the Agencies and the land of gold, to called. On Burtwood Creek, the other day, a party of embryo miners went into camp, and, bo fore they bad gotten thdr bacon half-fried, a par ty of forty Indians swept down on them and captured their horses,—every one of them. Tbo white men—who, fortunately for themselves, were old frontiersmen—covered themselves behind tbolr wagons, and opened a sharp fire on tbs enemy with good effect, more than one of tho Ravages being made to rido off to his own funeral, banging 00 to bis pony’s mane. A number of times, tbs Indians—after riding around the lit tle Impromtu fortress, firing, an they rode, from under tbo nocks of tbeir bones—gathered together and made deaperata dashes at (be de fenders : hut they—cool, ateady, and nervy— poured Id (heir lead at short range, aud sent them bowling back again each time. Two of the whites had been wounded; but still they fought on until, night coming on, tbo detach ment of the " nation's wards ” withdrew, leav ing tbo minora to continue tbolr way on foot, abandoning tbolr property, and carrying their weundod comrades with them. A stage on route from Ilod-Cload Agency was attacked, a day or two ago, and one man wound ed j whilst, a few days before, the mall was stopped near lied Oloud, and the vehicle m which It was contained relieved of such articles as smote the faucy of the copper-colored high waymen. A number of these examples of the peculiar manner In which the "much-injured " repays us for the provouder furnished at the ox pease of the Government might ho related, but THEY AhE ALL OP A KIND. A mining party goes into camp. Thoybarn’t seen an Indian for days, nor the sign of an In dian, although s party thirsting for their horses, with a supplementary design oo their hair, ha* been dogging them for days, waiting for tbs time when a foolish sense of soourltv induces carelessness in taking those precautions which all wise mou take In an Indian country. Every thing is auiet; the coffee simmers gently In Its pot, ana the bacon "frills" uproariously in its pan; tbo men sit around, and smoke, and wonder whether that "dura fool" at lied Cloud thought ho was " stuffin' them full" with his Indian stories. Tbo horses are quietly grazing, and everything, even to tfce slowly-rising smoko from the cook's fire, is tbo very picture of lazy indolence. Suddenly, & yell, so hellish, wild, and fierce as to almost split tha very sky,—a rattling discharge of fire arms, of tbo men falls forward on his face, with a gasp and " O God I”—and the others, un hurt, leap for tholr rifles. But already the twenty or thirty savages, with every hoof In their outfit stampeding before thorn, are far boyoud the roach of a rifled can non, to say nothing of a Wiuclieu tor rifle. If the attacking party are disposed to nnite ploanuro with business, and have plenty of ammunition to amuse themselves with, and fool a little moldy for a fight, they will return ou their pomes and make It so interesting, after a fashion, for those honest miners, that all of them that are loft after the drous la over will have unbounded faith in tbo " Injun stories" of the "durn fool" at Hod Oloud. That is the way it; is generally done. Ordinarily, Indians will give a wide berth to a party WHO A&E CONSTANTLY VIGILANT. They do not propose to run unnecessaryrisks; and, whan they Hod that tbo party they have beau dogging for days, perhaps, sre Mirers on the look-out, those savages become disgusted at the dopravitv of humanity, sod look after some oilier " outfit H who do not act up to the maxim that "Eternal vigilance Is tbo price of homo flesh," and scalps, too, for that matter, hi au Indian country. The Indians who sro working sli this deviltry along the southern border of tbo Black Hills aro, without doubt, "Agency Indians," who can loavo the vicinity of tholr respective Agencies any time they wish to, and go out into the outside world, and rob aud murder at their own sweet will. Such is the prsoticsl working of the ao-csiled Peace Policy, which is very much like the effect 'of English neutrality during tbo last war; the benefits accrue to one side ouly, whilst the other puts up with the disadvantages. I met in town to-day two worn-out, wobegono allegories of Poverty, from .10,000 , <1,300 . ri.oco TUB UtAOK mixfl. Tbeyhadstaldat Cuater trying to make enough money to pay for food, but could not, and, at last, when tbeir pocket-bqoks became like unto tho “roorbaeba” about Mr. Bristow,—absolutely nothing in them,—they started back for the “States,” with many a soaring bops daubed to earth, and many a magnificent aerial castle reduced to ml. A parly of Indians admired tbeir horses, and borrowed them, forgetting all about returning them, somehow or another, and they finished tbeir journey to Sidney on foot. Strange to say. they are not infatuated with tho wonderful region where such immense accounts of tbeir precious metals lie bidden—in (be brains of busy 11 out fitters " id the frontier towns. They decline to relate touching anecdotes of the ster eotyped "minor and bis brother** wbo struck such astounding riches, generally “00 miles from” some designated point. They, on the contrary, say the whole tbiug is a gigantic fraud, and will end in a grand stampede within sixty days. With all tho news that we bear daily from tho 11 Gold Uegions,” about men taking out 925 a day to placer mines, is it not strange that none of this gold, except a few Insignifi cant samples, baa found its way to civilization ? It may bo that the miners are bolding it for a rise, but 1 don't stake my reputation on that Idea. .21,900 THE SIDNEY DUIDOB, a legitimate offspring of tbe Black Hilts furor, is now in process of building, and may bs com pleted by tbe Ist of June. Tbe people here came down with $3,000, Omaha merchants gave it a lift, and tbe Union Pacific nut its shoulder to the wheel also. This illustrates the uses of these gold-excitements; they improve and set tle op a wild country, and give tbe Indiana a few more ranches to prey upon. Alter ell, tbe wealth of tbe Hills Is not in its minerals, hut In its fertile valleys and magnificent timber. BUeop-rancbea and eaw-mills will coin more money there in one mouth than mining will in years. But thia can only come in time. Tbe Indian question must bo brought to a con clusion,—a bloody ouo, if necessary,—and that country freed from tboir baleful presence. Then settlers wbo have seen tbe country as ex pectant millionaires in search of shining gold, will flock In and sfkrt ranches in a hundred places that might be named. Then wilt follow in duo time the railway, and the growth of the timber lauds wilt be scattered all over tbe treeless Western plains, m the shape of pine lumbar. At tbe present time no man should go to tbe Hills unless he can raise enough money to carry him there comfortably, see the country, get disgusted, and get back borne again, without being compelled to depend on charity for bis dally broad. It wonld be better, if be has this money to spare, to invest it in something, take a trip to Europe, or ■XNU IT TO TOUS COQBMJ’ONDXMT. Tbe hardest labor, at least tbs moat effective, (bat is done Id tbo mining districts, appears to be selling claims and town-lots 5 and, from ac counts I bars beard from parties from Custer, tbat young city’s commerce must be Tory like that of a sleepy country-town in I‘eoneylvanla, where (be good people keep up (be life of trade by swapping Jack-knives between nape, per haps tbo moot lucrative trade is driven by the deep ouee wbo had seen such “ roabee ” before, and carried into tbe Hills a good supply of high wmea and certain chemicals known to the craft as efficient iugredieute io tbe manufacture of eight-ysar-old Bourbon whisky and old French braudj. Sptttal Ditpalth U Tin CfiUw TViiwkd. Bioua City, la., Hay 2.—Miners just returned from tbe Black ilille country tell very conflict ing stories. One party Bays tbat the live stock in tbe Hills ars actually starving to death, and tbat wbeu they left over 400 bodies of tbe dead animals were lying in eight of Castor City un buried. A BnrnlDff flock* CharMtt (.V. C.) Oburvtr. Tbe family of Hr. J. O. Freeland, wbo Uvea 7 miles from this oily, ou tbe North Carolina Railroad, bore witness, on Friday last about midday, to a tmguiar tight. Borne member of tbe family was standing cn (be perch, when, easting bis eye forward, be saw a bright light, of an egg shape, spring tip from the ground about 300 yards from (lie bouse, on a small otnineuco close to the railroad. 11a called the attention of the other members of the family to the sight, and they watched It until it reached the size of a half-bnshftl measure. After burning this way for a while the light suddenly went out, and tboeo who had seen It ran to the spot where It bail been seen. 1 There they found a rock, which, as they conld tell from one side of it, was a wlillc flint. It was very black on one side, and was too hot to he handled at first. When It bad eoolcd it wan taken np and broken readily In two. It waa found very brittle, and could be taken in tbo hand and tnanbed np as can a piece of charcoal. The facts ars undeniable, and can be easily established. There are, we hollove. simitar instances on record, and tbo homing Is •aid to be caused by gaseous exhalations from earth which lice above gold deposits. SIIOKT-UOUNS. Naims at Springfield* Special Vvnxttrh to Tht Vhkaoo Tribunt. SrsiNoriELD, 111., May 2.—Tne first of tbe series of short*boro cattle sales, to bo held at tbs Sangamon County Fair Grounds this week, took place to*dsy. Tbe sales included tbe herds of Mrs. A. P. rioknell. deceased, aud W. k W. Picknell, Mechanicsburg j of 11. Larlmore, Calloway County, Mo.; and Israel I’iorco, Ab sumpUoo, 111. There were present a largo number of prominent aboruborn brooders and buyers. 11. 0. Kent, Chicago; J. 11. Spears, TallulUt James N. Brown k Boos, Island Orovo; Jooiah Bhanon, Towanda, 111.; Keasiugor, Clarksville; 0. E. Leonard, Ocilslro; William King and Charles N. Bailey, Fulton, Mo.; Ooorgo Bates, Lexington, la.; George Chase and Eli Eliott, WeetLiberty ; F. McHardy, Emporia, Kan.; Marlott Bros., Warns County, lud.; John G. Qrlggahy. A. Hampton. Winchester. Ky.; and B. I*. Cun ningham, Lexington. Ky. The bidding was not veryspirited. The p(ckre) botd averaged $163 for cows, and for balls slOl. Lavermore y s cows averaged $875, Lalto Bridge, a red cow 8 years old. selling for $1,300, and Bod Mary, 2d, for SI,OOO. Pierce's slock brought low prices generally. Tho aggregate sale was SO,OOO for about twenty head. The sale of larger herds owned by J. 11. Pick* roll, Taylor, and Elliott, of Macon County, and Keaslnger, of Mlssonri, takes place tomorrow. About 300 head will be offered during tho entire sale. LOUISIANA. The flew Orleans Mint Property— Obnoxien* Officials Warned to LeaTCi New Ouleanb, Mat 2.—ld tbe City Council to-day, Administrator Bortall offered a resola tlon instructing the City Attorney to take etepe to recover s square of ground donated by the city to tbe Government in 1835, for the location of a United States mint. The condition of tbe bequest Was that in case tbe Government should at any time cease to keep up a branch mint, the property should revert to Uie olty. The mint has sot been re-eetabtluhed since the War. Telegrams received from West Feliciana assert that armed bodies have demanded the resigna tion of the pariah officials. Sorrow by (lie Wayside* Waec{l'tx.) Kxnmtnfr, A family from Southern Kaueas, consisting of a husband, wife, and three children, paneed tlirough this city in a covered wagon yesterday afternoon, and the following sad chanter in thotr history was related by the man: He Stated that they left Kausas on tbe Ist of March, with tbe intention of Joining a number of-fam-. iliofl. formerly from Kausas, who are now living In Brown County. Thev traveled rapidly, atm root with no miuhapa until last Sunday morning, when their little babe, aged about 18 months, was suddenly taken ill and died. The grief of the poor mother on the death of her child know no bounds ; in fact, she became temporarily in sane, and when her husband wished to bury the body of the infant sde clutched it wildly in her arm's and fled from him and bid herself in the woods, wUere*nho remained over night alone with the corpse. It was not nutil nearly noou on tbe following day that be finally found her. She was so completely exhausted by that time that ho bad but little difficulty in taking her back to the wagon. She was induced to take some nourishment, and soon after foil asleep. While she lay sleeping the little corpse was placed iu a roughly-constructed box, and the father and children buried it under a livo-oak tree by tbe roadside. The mother slept several hours, and awoke with her mind restored. Him assisted her. husband in building a fence around the lone little grave, and then, with many backward glances, tne afflicted family pur sued their weary Journey. PROFESSIONAL. ft Man Doctor, 271 SOUTH CLARK-ST. SUCCESS MAKES SUCCESS. Tbo rut experience (hat Dr. Fritz has bad In lbs treatment of Chronic Diseases, make* bleu nearly al ways Bucceaafut, aud eo familiar U ho with all their different forma, that by a mere penetration of tbo eye be deacribee all symptoms, put! hie Auger directly upon any ache or pain, and toon performs a r«rma nent cure with roots, borbs, and barks, ratleuis from a distance treated by mill. Office, 371 Houlh Clark-st. Hours for Ibe poop (grsils) from 0 to 10 a. rn.; those alls to pay, from 10 a. m. till 4 p. m., and 7:30 to 8:30 p. m. PHILADELPHIA ADVERTISEM'TS HOTEL AUBRY, W-AJLTvTCTX-SX,, From Thirty-third to Thlrty-fourth-aU., ON TUB EUROPEAN PLAN, WILL OPEN APRIL 15,1870. Distant only 1,500 foot from PENNSYLVANIA RAIL ROAD DEPOT. Passenger can for Centennial Grounds pus door every few minutes. Restaurant unexcelled la quality. Hilliard Room with nine Collender Tables. Accommodations unsurpassed. Address JAMES T. STOVER, Manager. UNITED STATES HOTEL, Porty-second-Bt..ond Columbia & Elm-uvs., OPPOSITE MAIN EXHIBITION BUILDING, CENTENNIAL OHOUNDh. TbU Elegant Fire-Proof UoUU la now open for the racgptlon of guoaU. It eontalna 9115 room* replete wiUi all modern improvement*. ViaiUint to polled*!- phta will nowhere moot wilh bettor accommodations or uor* roatonabla rates. P. B. DOOTHBY, Manager. CENTENNIAL. Boarding-House. Cbnler, Pa. Tboae •paclona buildings of Pennsylvania Military Academy, occupying an derated alto and commanding an eiteualra riew of the Delaware Hirer and aurroutid lug country, wilt b* opened daring lb# aumraer vacation commencing Juneau for the aocommodatlon of vtaltor* to the Exposition, Hourly traiua direct to the Ccntvu nlal Bolldlugu, 10 minuted ride. Circular* on appll cation. UTATT k CAltTElt. Manager*. STOCKHOLDERS* MEETINGS. Olce'CMcago, Rock Island & Me R. R. Co,, April 21. 1876. Tb* Annual Meeting of the Stockholder* of ths Chi cago. Dock island k Pacific R. U. Co. for the election of Directors, poraiunt to law, aud the transaction of aueh other bualneea aa may come before them, will be bold at the oflloe of the Company In the Oily of Chi cago, on Wednesday, the Tth day of dune next, at II o’clock a. in. JOHN F.TIIACY, President. V. U. TOWS, Secretary. CHICAGO k HOETHWESTERN RAILWAY CO, April Hill. UT4. . THU ANNUAL MEETING OF THU STOCK bolder* aud boodboldera of (bla company. for tba election of directors, pursuant to law, ana fur the Uaauo tlen of other bnslueas, will be bald at the offlro of the company, tn Chicago, oa Thareday, the Ist of June neat, at 1 p. in. Bondholder* will autbantlcat* their right to vote by presenting their voting bonds at the otbco of (lie com pany. Me. U W*U-st„ Mew York, fur registration, on or before the Ist *1 May proximo. ALBERT KEEP. President. M. L. SYKES. Jr., Wocreiary FINANCIAL. SSO, SIOO. S2OO. SSOO. SI,OOO. AX.IiX, FItpTIIJM«IIA3I iV CO., Bankers and Brukara, UWaU-al., N. Y„ make for ouslouer* desirably Investments of Urge or am ail amount* in stocks of a legitimate character, which frequently pay from Ave to twenty time* the amount Infected every thirty days Steaks bought and canted aa long aa desired ea deposit <j I pec caul. Circulars sad weekly report* mo* free. WORdESERSHIRE sauce- LEA & PERRINS’ CELEBRATED PRONOUNCED BY c=W EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS MRDIOAI.ORNTLI£ TO DK THE il MA " tahU “ONLY 600DIK&) OATTfVDn l&raSj "TeIILKA A PER* oAuubi RlNflthatlbeirSaooe 1 • HJiichlr Mtoeaed la And Applleabteto |tgjfuW?| ladta, tad U, la By KVHRy WMSfnJra moil wbolcexoe Haaae OP DISH Worcestershire Sauce. Sold WhoUula and lor Exportation by the Propria tor*, LF.A A PERRINS, Worcester, England s and Retail by Dealers in Banco* generally throughout the world. Ask for Loa & Perrins* Sauce. At the niIRAKPAHT TABLE It Impart* the Beit exqulaita ratleh and xeit to Hot or Gold Meal, Yowl, Flib, Broiled Kidney, Ac. At tbe DINNER TABLE, lo Reap, with Pish, Rot Joint*, Can*, and la all Grariaa, it glree * dallshlful fiaror. At tha LUNCHEON AND Ht'PPER TABLES U ii deemed lodlipeniable by Uioee familiar with it* eiti* sable guallUea. (From the New York Time*.) There 1* no rellth In th* world wtiieb I* *o onltenaUy ked a* Lea A P«rrloi’famoa» WoroaaUnhirt Banco. PRONOUNCED BY CONNOISSEUR!) TO DK THE “ONLY GOOD sauce; , And Applicable to EVERY VARIETY OP DISH The eteallaoea of this SAUCE kariag aantad Burner* oa* IraiUtbD*. the NEW LABEL bum /■« of U* proprietor*' aigaaturo. as wMeb U placed opon web bottle. JOHN DUNOAN’S SONS, NEW YORK. OCEAN NAVIGATION ALLAN LINE OCEAN MAIL STEAMERS, VIA QUEIIBU and TLA lIAXTUtOUE. ' Piuigt, all classes, between principal polaU la Ea rope sud America. CABIN and HALOON ACCOM' MODATIONB UNEXCELLED. Shorleatßaa lUuite. Superior Ships. Experienced Officers. Disciplined Crews. SAFETY TUB GOV ERNING RULE. Three weekly sailings each wsy. EMIGRANT AND STEERAGE PASSAGE, Uis vsry best iu all respects, at lowest rates. Apply to ALLAN k CO* STATE LINE. NEW YORK TO GLASGOW. LIVERPOOL. DUBLIN, BELFAST. AND LONDONDERRY. Tbess tint-class foR-powered stesman will sail from Plar No 13. North River, loot ol Canal-st- New York: HTATK OF VIRGINIA Jhttradsr. Msy4 STATE OP INDIANA,.., ......Thursday, May 19 STaTK OF PENNSYLVANIA.. Thursday, June 1 Andatery alternate Thursday thereafter. Pint csbln, CM, t*o, and t»): ratora tickets, *l3O. Second cabin, SG; return ticket*, SBO. Moorage at Invest rates. Apply to JOHN K. RaKLK, No. 60 Clark st., Chicago. STAR BALL LINE. UNITED STATES k BRAZIL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, fulling monthly from Watson’s Wharf, Brooklyn, N. Y. For Pan, Pernambuco, Bahia, tod Bio Jauerio, calling at Kt, Johns. Porto Rico. JOHN BRAMALI, 3,MW tone Monday, May IT J. R. WALKER. 3,700 tons NELLIE MARTIN, 3.000 lous Saturday, July 19 Paucnger acrommodatlona flrst-claes. For freight and passage, at reduced rates, apply to J. 8. TUCKER k CO., Agents. A 4 Pine-at., New York. ONLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. mo General Transatlantic Company's Mall blaamers botwesnNew York sod Havre, eanius at Pijmiouta (G. ll.jiurtut U..Oiu*o. p**s«usert. The splendid Teasels ea this lavorits route for tbe Continent (below mors southerly than soy other), wtU sail from Pier -No. 40, North itivor. as tullowi; .. . J.AHKAUuU, hammer Tuesday, AorlJ 4 AMKHIUUR, Poutuia Tuesday, April H FUaM K. TruMi- Tu 'soar, a virile PRICK or FABBAOR IN GOLD (Inelomng wiaa). First cabin, tlluand $l3O. according to accommodation t second cabin, $72; tnlrd, S 4(), Itetorn tickets at redosed tstsi. gteeragu S2B, with superior accommodations. In cluding w.n-, i>«<iiimg. *»>d mousiis wllhoulextra charge. fcieara» f « marked thus *do not carry steers*© passengers. . UIUIH ÜbUKUI AN, Agent, li Broadway, N.Y. W. F. WHITE, No.bTClark-st., cur Handolpn, Agent for Chicago. NORTH GERMAN LLOYD, The (learners of till* Company will tall every Satur day from Hremeu I'ler, foot of Tiilrd-et., Hoboken. Rates of passage—From New York to Southampton, London, Havre, and Bremen, Ural cabin, f 100; second cabin, SW, gold; eieeraga, HO, currsucy. For freight or passage apply to OEIJUOHS k CO., 3 Bowling Green, New York. Great Western Steamship Line* From New York to UrlaUd (England) direct. ARAGON, Sytuoua Saturday, May C CORNWALL, Stamper Saturday. May SO Cabin Passage. S7O: Intermediate, $45; Steerage, S3O. Excursion ticket*. SI3U; Prepaid steerage eamticatea, fu». Apply to tVSI. r. A'ililti, l 7 Clark-at., Alioulgm (,‘ualral iutlroad. MEDICAL CARDS. DR. JAMES. Loci Hospital, cor. Was Mon & FranilMs. Ohaiiervd by the State of Illinois for tbs ezproia pur pose of airing immediate reltsf m all case* oi private, cnronlc, and urinary diseases m all tbrlr complicated forms. It ii well known mat OH. JAMKU baaaioodat the neaduf tba prultaaloo tor the paal 3uj#*r». Ace and experience are all Impurtant. Hrwlnal Weakness, uignt Miitn by dreamt, plmplus on the face,lost man* li.vhl. can poaltlrety cured. Radio* wanting tbo meet delicate attention, call or writ*. Pleasant home lor pa tient*. A book lor tbo million, Marriage Guide, wbleb (elityou all about tbosedisoaa**—wnoanoolo marry—why not—iDeonu to pay poalago. Ur. James baeSu ruoma and parlor*. You s»e tu> on* bat tbo Doctor. Ur. Jame* la tiny year* of age. Consultation »Iwst« free and Invited. Otoe# hoar*. 9b. m. to? i>. m. Sundays, 10 to Ua. ra All bunaiai atnotly caafidantiaL DR7CLARKB. Established IMI. You ere advised to consult the celebrated Ur. Clarke. ISO South Clark-st.. In auy Chronic, Private, Difficult, or Delicate Caao. Ladies cuuatlu ou all Irregularities aud Diseases, with the aa durance nf spuody relief. Celebrated Female Pills, $1.69 (extra strung |5) per box. Ptaaarte PrevenUf " tin each. prseud stamp for “ Safeguard of Health.” t9~VlctUua of Self-Abus* send two sumps for work on Nervous and Sexual Dlwaae*. I’atleuU treated successfully by letter, and Medicines scut everywhere aocurofrom observation. Home Hoard and Nurse for Patient*. Call or write. Hook ” Your Silent Friend " 95 cents, by mail, Address Uillere Dr. F. D, CLARKE, led South Clark-st,. Chicago. 171 Bast Msdlsonat., Dr. btone, lu, Sexual. ami Prirale Dlseasas, hewtnal Weakness, Debility, etc. Core* guaranteed or moosy re fund ei Orerxl.OUO cue* cured. Charge* reasonable. Medicine »#nt everywhere. Consultation free and conn dential, personally or by mall. A book (or both Mtee ill. lustra-vdi. and circular* of other thing*. **nt sealed for (Huitampi. l>r. Sumo I* lb* ouly Kpeotslist in theoily who la a regular gradual* la medicluo,—thu a boat will prove. _________ oi tb* Ketorm School of Medicine; useano mercury i longer located and haatha largest praoilc* af any ipedallat tn the Northwest, and, aa an Intelligent test will pro**, *la the ON LY real •ruufiae la Chicago. Consultation free, and sacredly eonfldsntlal. Private board when desired. QfIADDB An Uluatratod work, fJS naAnnlnuß sssrt.r'.va. issafe mB NI nP - V® diaooreriaa tn repro- SUIDE sasriiarssr &!■■%■; best Htauuua uoumlnlhaworld. Price U sent*. A book M page*, for too alampa. frea at offlee. DR. C. BIGELOW, 83 WEST UADIBON-GT., CHICAGO, ILL, Can be consulted personally, free of charge, on ail Chronic, Sexual, aud Nervous Diseases. Pamphlet. 30 pages, on above dlaeaaai sent to any address for two lie stamp*. Hoorn* separate for ladle* and gentlemen. MAUUIAOE GUIDE, OU SEXUAL PATHOLOGY, 300 |4gea, urge alio, containing all that la worth knowing, and much that la not published In .any other work. Price, 10 cents, nß°i™ Dr. Kean, 115 Sntli Ciatl-sl, comer oi Mount CUM), May be consulted, personally or by mall, freed charge, •oallehroaieornsrvonsdisease*. DU. J WEAN Is the only phyalalaa In the city who warrant* aura* or no pay. OOee hews. la.m.M Bp. an. ; Sunday* from • toll. VTKUVUUS KXUAUbTIO.N-A MhDUML ESj»AY, As comprUiog a aerlee of lecluros delivered at Kahn s klusomu of Aualomy, Mew York, on the cause and cur* of premature decline, showing Indisputably how lust health m»y be regained, affording a clear synopsis of toe Impedimenta to marriage, and the treatment of usnooa and physical dsbUlty, being Ike resell of BU| ears’ expe rience. price Meant*. Address the author, DM. 1- J. kihn, (Assasdcsatdaace UEastTaath-«W« Nat York _ AMUSEMENTS. EXPOSITION BUILDING. 7rid«7 Night, Satnrdiy Matinee. and Saturday Night, May S and ft, IB7rt. • FIRST a-RAIsTD CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION IN 33XTIC3 A , UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE FIRST REGIMENT, I. S. 6. ThleOriaaluUna will gUt TIIHPIP nitAMD OKNTRN WIAL PttOMKNADK CONCERTS with GILMORE'S FAMOUS BUD Including Fiftj Eminent Musicians. TWO PKIMA DONNAS IN TIIR FIELD, MAD. EUGENIE PAPPENHEIM, Thegrealeet Prime Donna In America, from (he Rtra* hutch Italian Opera. Her Aret appearance lu Chicago. MISS EMMA C. THUBSBY, The Favorite Atnerfean Soprano. MIL J. I.RVT, thagresteetOornet-Playcrliving. MB. at. AltlluCKLK, tba great American Garnet. Player, The whole under the direction of Mr. P. R. Oily MURE, hlalaat appearance before opening the Canton* Dial BaooetUoo at Philadelphia, on tba jltb ol May. Tba Kaglmaut will appear la a Fult-Dreea Parade. The Concert will be Inaugurated by the firing of cannon. Tba railroad* cantering la the city will all offer reduced rate*. SECURE TOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE. ADMISSION M CENTS. Tiekata far eala at Lroo A Healey's, KS BtAte-et.. Weet Ride library, W. BlKaeo. Cook* A Co., 11l Sute-at.; Julius Bauer, comer State and Mooroe-ata.l Culver. Page, lloyae k Co., Ul and IftJ Monroe-et.; Bryan A Col* Hue, comer Haro era court and Wabaib-av,; Sharp'* Drag hi ore, Twenty-eeeond-et. and Wabaab-av, *. North Ride, at Medoalfa'a Dreg Store, comer North Clark aod Michigan atreota; Janaen, MoClnrg A Co.. 114 Stata-at. Partle* attoadlng from olaor elUea daelrlng Information, should addreaa 11EA UQUAiITEItfi FLUhT RKULSAEn/' I. 8. <l.. Chicago, 111. OEATOEY. Tha Third Annua] Contact of tba Northwestern Inter* fitat* Collegiate Aaaoclatlnn will taka place at Farwell llallat I o’clock!), ra., MAT 4. 1874. 81* prize Orators from tbe united College# of their respective SUtaa will contest for tbe Championship In tha Northwest. Gov. T. A. Haadrtcka, «(Indiana, the Hoo. J. O. liroadhead, of St. Lenta. Mo., and tba Hon. Wra. F. Pool*, of Cbica- Ci. will serve aa Judges, and confer the Cold and Silver edala. The Cooteeiente are J. O. Lewie, lllfncrti: J. H.Kdwarda, Indiana; A. B. Ritchie. Wlaeoualn: C. T. Noland, MUaouri: Ml** Kvol/n M. Chapman, Iowa: Mite Uura A, Kent, Ohio. The Hue. J K. Doolittle will da liver an addreaa of welcome. Tha fact that ladlea are renteaentad, It it presumed, will add much Interritto tha cuntest, and Mean a liberal patronage from Chicago. 8 M MKKK Preeldent latev-Stata Collegiate Association. ADELPinjTHEATEE, WedntsdaT. lay 3. ill Saw ra:ts ms West The Great JOLLY JOHN NASH. EMERSON k CLARK, Grotesque Acrobatic Sour and Dance, Mlm ELLA DAVIS, the Beautiful Serio-Comie Vocallat. Ml»a HATTIE ELLIS, the Dashing Comedienne. Dn WITT COOKE, Champion Athlete. Mia* DOLLY EMERSON, Queen of Dance. Re-cngagement of the Favorite*, SHEEHAN k JONES. GEO. h CUAB. REYNOLDS, and the Adetphi Dramatic Company. The Legendary Drama, the FLYING DUTCHMAN, or the PHAN TOM SHIP. New and Magnificent Scenery, by Strong. Uatlneea Wednesday and Saturday. Ladles’ Kighu Tuesday and Thursday. The lowest prlcea in the city. Friday, Benefit of BARNEY AAEON. THE COLISEUM. Brllllaut Attraotlons. Third appearance and Immense snoceai of BLANCHE BELWYN, BEN GILFORD, FIELDS. AND HOET, The great musical Coon a. and the Monster Company. Finaet ahow In the city. Bunding room only. Coma early. ■ HOOLEY’S THEATEE, MAOUIRh A HAVKKLY Lessee*. WILL £. CHAPMAN Manager. ONE WEEK ONLY, COMMENCING Monday, May 1, Solsbury’s TROUBADOURS Who will appear la their successful Extravaganza, en titled PATCHWOUK. To commence with the petite Comedy. THAT CAITAIN’B UNIFORM. MATlNEES—Wednesday and Saturday. MeOOBMIOK'S HALT,—Vtm Billow. WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY KV'GS, May a and 6, and SATURDAY MATINEE. May 6, Fsrowell appearances'in Chicago of TTnng von BUIOW, Assisted by the Yount; American Soprano, IwIISS LIZZIE CILOIsrsnT. Admission, J 1; Secured Seats, S 3. Beata for aale on and after Friday, April 2*. at Root h Bona Mualo Store, 15fi Htste-ot., where programme* can be bad. Chlckcriog llanos used by You ilulow. NEW~DjnOAGCTTHEATREi It. SI. UOOLEY Manager. SUCCESS OP HOOLET’S MINSTRELS. The entire Company received with acclimations of delight. The Double Quintette and Slew First Pari Scene a Glorious Success. first Family Matinee Ibis (Wednesday) Afternoon at 3 o’clock, AI)ELPHI_THEATEE. FRIDAY, May 6, Grand BLACKENED GLOVE As. ■auU-at-Arms between BAENETT .A. -AJROnST AND AX. HAMMER. The Great Devonshire Wrestlers, ELLXS -A-ISTD HOWARD, Champions of the World, will appear for the occasion. MoVIOKER’S THEATRE. WEDNESDAY—Last night but three of EDWUTBOOTH, Who will appear for tha last time as RICHELIEU. Thursday—Last night of HAMLET. Friday—MUCH ADO AIiOUT NOTHING. Saturday night—Henry VIII. and Eatharlne and Petmohio. Saturday Matinee —Othello. Monday—MAOOlE MITCHELL aa FAN CHON, supported by her own Company. NEWSBOYS’ HOME. A Mnaleal and Literary Cutortalnment for tha Bene fit of the Newsboys will be held at (hair Home, lid and UHQuincy*«t., Thursday evening, May 4. Bomo of tha beat artists of tha city have given their services. Tickets for aale at Cobb’a Bookstore and at the Door. PROPOSALS. Myertlsing Fnpals Ibr Keeping Buoys. Omci o» IjonT-Uonag Ihsfkotub,} Kuivkntu DiarutcT, > DtTboiT, Mich., April It). 1976. > Separate sealed propoeale will bo roeelred at this ofßoo until 13 o'clock, oiMU, on Than Jay, Juno 1, next, (or railing, replacing, and keeping in their proper positions all the buoys now placed, or reuulrod. in the following channel*, and for marking tha following named ohtlruo. Uf>n». fls. i « e 1. South Channel of BL Clair Flats. 9. Saginaw bay and Hirer. 8. Green Bay, including tha bnoya in Rock Island faaaage. at Point Peninsula, Reosnaba. llono Shoe tael, Peuaaukoo Shoal i all buoys in Sturgeon liar: the bnoya marking tha autranoo to and la the Foi Hirer, Wit., and two buoye marking eutranco to ftnrth Hay, Lake Michigan. WU. Also, csroof and keeping la poel tlonlho pllaa marking Whale's Beck bbonland Pechiige Point. . 4. At month of Grand Hirer and la Lake Mutkegoo, Mloh, fc. On the Roof off Calnnet. 111. 6. On the Host off lUclne, Wts. 7. On the Roof off Sheboygan. Wls. 9. (Unit 8(o. Mario, from Detour on lake Huron, abort and below the Canal, to and Including the mid dle ground buoy off Round Island, lake Superior, sud ■ueu ether* Jss aulboriUK), (or him y**r from the Ist day of Julrnext to the tuccoedlng AHh day of dune, scccruing to the reaulatlune of tbo Light House Board, eoplo* of which can do had by applying at this office. All bids muet bo esrofully eealod and Indorsed “Pro poaaltfur Keeping Uuon, and than placed In another andadaroasad for dellrery In persou, or sent, prepaid,through tha mallto tha undersigned. Too right b> reject any or all bide, or to walro dofecls. If it ta deemed for the interest of the Ouromment to do iil onUr of the fight House Board. W. P. WuUANN. Commander U. B. N.. MEDICAL, and nnaoNio DKONonms. itiL , , \J 'ru« molt Vffncttul remedy will b* found JJATOBA fo[ml| tmDilßlulil iubaUtlou, by SAVOBY & MOOBE, 119 Kt-w |!oud-«l. ( Luudou, tml sold by Uiem, and til cbemiaU tad «toreke«p- tn tLrouibod Uta world. LEGAL. TREASURE DEPATRMENT, Orncs or couptbouj;* or tub Uukiikkct.! u " Wabhikutom. Feb. a. la-1 { All MtMß* biTiDi claim* tb« Fourth National B«»k ot Chicago. in.. u« luxobjr'tKllttcd U> iirMwul lb« •uua. tad W make Icbbl proof ißmraul witbta thrau inaatoi, tACh-atUa O. Knannaa. Racalm, at tb« efflca u ““ UOU.IS.CI«.ICI.I».. 6 }}I A JIT SNOt CuavUvlUr *1 U* Uoimaft NEW PUBLICATIONS* MUSIC BOOKS. Centennial Collection ol National Sojes. In board*. Met*.s in paper. 40 eta. A (roly elegant and attractive collection of the Patriotic Soon <rfail nations, arranged for 8010 or Chorna Slnclng. and ' especially fitted to the celebration* of this year. Living Waters. 80 rt*. By D. F. Hodge*. No belter book of (bft Rind bu tier appeared. For Confercncra, Prtfeo- Mooting*. Prayer-Meallng*. Camp-Mcctlng*. a to. Hymua and music alMn perfect taato, and ofahlsb order. _ Dictionary of Musical Information. ft.H. The only Musical Dictionary, and a noat convenient book of reference. Shining Biver. Ssctß. Tbl* charming Sabbath-School Bong-Book la reoelred with great fa?or, and U worthy of unlreraal adoption. •High School Choir. Jl. In extensive uae in Academic*, Semtnarie*. and High School*. Mtulo in two, three, and four part*. The People's Chorus Book. 11. Each glee or chorus U a gem, and a collection of glee* la nulla equal to anything of the kind (hat ba* ap]>eared. Any book aent, poat-pald, for retail price. OLIVER DITSON" & CO. t Boston* XiYOXf As HEALY, Chicago, JUST PUBLISHED: ** The Ora&toat Novel alnce Uncle Tom*» Cabin,*’ lay* lb# Boston Globe of THE NEW AMERICAN STORY ACHSAH: A New England Life-Study. By tho Bar. PETER PEXXOT. 12t00., cloth $1.54 The maoly. whole-aonled. and devoted young cler gymao la no fancy aketch; bracon Hieme, the aanctl monlona hypocrite ; tbe plain-talking old maid elater; the sneaking, apylng aunt, are Itfe-llka and real ; wbilo the heroine, Aeheah, 1* ahvely character, with whom tbe reader la to deep eympathy. Theae, with the vari ous other character* of the alory, are ao combined aa to produce a book full of Interest from beginning to and. ,*,lleady at all tba Bookstores, and sent,* postpaid, on receipt of price by tba PubUebera, ,EE & BITEPAHD, Boston, [ACHINERY. STM WARING AND | VENTILATING APPAEATDS WBOUOHT IRON PIPE Maxuraercneo bt CRANE BROS,MF6.GO. 10 N. Jofforson-st. RAILROAD TIME TABLE, ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURF. OF TRAlNS FTrtiAi*mrm o» Refkrbxcr Manta.—t Sstnrdiy repud. * Bondar ezee/ted. t Monday czeepUd. I Af> rlvsbanday atS:UOa. m. I D*tlr. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RAILWAY. XlaAaf Qflctt, 61 (.Sftvnn'in Haute). end 75 Om^U »(,, turner JiaJho naC., end at Ike Je/iiti. oPaelfle Fast Line *IO:M a. m. * 3:4(1 p, m. aDuhuque Day Kx. rUClinton., ‘inj-tla.m. * 3;40p. m, aDuhuqus Night Kx.Ua Clinton. tlliOftp. ro. 16:.1ua. m. oUtnaha Night Riprea*. t!l:UOp. m. : 6:9>a. ro. al-reepurtA Duhuqus l.ipreu.. * V.lia. m. * 4:15 p. m. aKrecportd Dubuque Kzpret*.. *IO;(X)p. m. *7:ioa.m. {•MilwaukeeFast Mall (dally)... I 7:Ain. m. 4 4:00p. tn. iMllwauko* Kzpree* *lO;oqa. ro. • 7:30 p. m. (Milwaukee PsteeDgsr * ftioip. m. *10:26*. m. (Milwaukee Pai««neer (daily)... !ll:0ip, m. } S.uua. m. (Green Bay Mirren • 9:.TO*. m. * 7:o0p. tu. (Ht, Paula Mmn»»i'oil* Kipreu *13:1111 a. m. * 4:U)p. m, (Rt, Paul A Winona Kipreu t 9:(&p. m. 7 TiiDa. m. (■Marquette Kii>re,« *lo:oOp. m.i* 6:20a. in. afUnuta I.ake Kzprvee * 4:nop. ra. i*lO:tia. m, (Genera l.ako K»i>rti<« * 4:4m>. m.i* 7:00p. ro. •—Depotcnmarol Wsllsand Klnnoat*. 6 Depot corner of Canal and ILlnile-iU, MICHIGAN CENTRAL RAILROAD. Depot, font <\f Ijiif’tt., and Jonl of Titrnt'/torontmel, TYrkri-n/ner, 67 Clark-et., luuOkrul corner of HanJolp A. anti at t\tlmer Haute. I*l *e, I Arrive. Mallfria Main and Air Lina),... • R:0O a. tu. * 7:50 p. m. Day Express * 9:M a. m. * S.-Odp. m. Kalamazoo Accommodation * 4:60 p. m. *10:20 a. m. Altanllc Express (daUr> I A:IS p. in. { B:f« a. m. Wight Kspms i'i.QJp. m. 1*639 a. m. oßawn aarioa ahoUusuook. s Moraine Express * 9:60 a. n. * f:Up. m. Night Lxpresi 19a» n. ra. * 830 a. to. t Saturday Ex. * Sunday t Monday Ki. fDaUyT CHICAGO, ALTON & ST. LOUIS and CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY & DENVER SHORT LINES. felon Vtjtol, Wetl Side, near Hadimn.ei. bridge, TleM Ofiret: At D*i>al, and lifl Leaee. Arriee, Kansas Oily and Denser Fa«t Ex. 'UdOp. m. * 9:40 p. m. Kl. liooia and Bprlngtleld Kr * V;00 a. m. * 7:SO p. m. Ku Louis. Bnringfleid A Texas... { 9:00 p.m. I 7:10 a. m. Peoria Day Express * 9:UO a.m. * 7:U p. m. Peoria, Keokuk A Burlington..., • 9.-00 p, ra. * 7:40a. to, Chicago A Paducah Railroad Hi. * 9:00 a. m. * 7:60 p. ro. Ftrpator, Lacon, Washington Hi. *19:90p. ra. * 9:40 p.ta. Joliet A Dwight Accommodation. * 9;00p. m. * 9:20a. m. LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN. Mall, via main line Special N.Y. Eipre.i.. Atlantle Kipreu. dally. Accommodation Wight Kinross 6:40 a. m. 9:UOa. m. 1:15 p. a. 1:40 p. re. t lO:'AJp.m. r. PAUL RAII fdnal-ill, I CHICAGO. MILWAUKEE & SI Cnion Jftrot, timer Uadleon and 63.SoulhClari*l„ eppaelleSherau Milwaukee Kinross I Wisconsin A Mlnaeaota Through] Day Express Wisconsin, lowa, and Minnesota! Express I Wisconsin A Minnesota Through Wight Kiprew I I* 8 it a, xn. *10:00 a. m. •SS3J p. m. If 9;<sp. w. All tralne run via Milwaukee. Tickets for Kt. Paul and Mlnneapoliiarn good either via Uadlaon end Prairie da Chios, or via Watertown, leOrcete. and Wtoona. ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. Depal.Soot af Laka-et. and fovio/ TAentyaeeon4 ,i. HeAiS quite.Hl Haw detphat. near Clark. Hull. Arrive. BCLooiaSrpm*., * 9;40g. m. * 8:45p. m. Bt, Louis Fast Lino... I fl-TSp. m. 8 7:30a. at. CalroA WawOrleans Ex k 8:40 s. m. *!fl:4Sp. m. Cairo Wig uKi t 8:15o, m. f 7:30 a. m. feprlngfteia, Peoria,sud Keokuk * 9:40a. ra. *i:3op. m. Hpmigneid Night Kinross 4 B;rj p. u. I 7:3U a. m« Peoria and Kooknk Kinross.,.,,.!* 835 p. to. • 7 38*. m. Uubaqna A BlomOlty Ki...,. ~j* 9JO a. ni. * <:'Wp. m. Duhnane A Slum Uily Express..** 9:3ip. m. MMa.a. CUmau I‘ateonier I* 6;i60. m.i* 9ris>. m. CHICAGO. BURLINGTON VUUINCY RAILROAD. Depote, Joo l «/, India*' *•«». aaj OixliulLN ' and Canal and SUieenik-ile. r»*4*4 QJleae, il Oiark-A , and at depute. . Leave, Arrive. AUU ind Ripreii, * 7:K i, ra. * TrSQ ft. tu. * mu*. in. MU:uUft. tu. (JUtnt tud btroauir I'tiiuuiror. Uoc.wr-i.UubQiju* A riioui City Pacino Ft*l uua, iurUmtbt... Ktutat Uu>, Eotitoworiu, Au cui*od A Bv. JotvpQ biti Aurora t'tuoDutr Wendot*,UUtPt*BU«*lori'a»» Aurora I'atMDcor. Aurora I'tuiacvr (Hunliy) Uubouua A blnuxOllr Utu. ... I'toitso Nltiit Kiu. (orUmtbt.. Ktntat OUT. LearouwarUi. At cquuoaHc. Jotapn E»p l>i<wimr’t Oru*« AcouiumutUiiou Uopuar'aUroia Accomotwiatlou OoaDer’aOruto AcouiumadaUo Tiim Hipina t) *>mooft id. * 8:14p, m. * 4:2Jp. m. * S:SO p. m. 1:00 p. a. * 0:24 p. m. (10:UOp. m. tlOrOOp. n. 'll ;UU ft. u. ' 1:40 p, a. * m. * lfl;O0p. iu. iBQiUr. Ttt*. H»tora»r. tKi. Blond*?. ERIE AND CHICAQQ UNE. TUktl Offleti, U Clark-*!., //„ utf , J oJ Itiilichiirun.a*., tarmr ilAjhon. Fraiiu Imm /rum i.-iyuuhon llutUmj, Day Riprtii— Pullmftn Draw luft>l(oo:B hloepnif Cara. tu flaw York without chftocft l;Mft. a. B:l0ft. ra. Atlantic i£xpn>«>—l’utlmau l*al- “ •Oft UrftirlUff.Uoout bUopIDg __U*n and Houl Can 6;01p.m. 8:10p.m. Oul/ Itaa running th« nutcl cars to NawYork. HTlSß HurweTcnicAao railway. I «»«. | 9 Wi. to. (dip. ta. 3;iOp.m. 1 letup p n. t:Oi». ui. pay Kii>rw«. a I'icilc £*pr«u l’«*(uu|jr—ran .Util. I'uiUai &au •. * Hand*/ 1 U-tlljr, I Uoadky *»s«pucl. , . BALTIMORE A OHIO RAILROAD. tV*(M Imm/nm rwr u/ JCs*mUu>* OuiUimt Mi m/ Tli4nty~tsctmi-*t. *<»rnir mnU JJkAiauttap, City tiflet, <U CUrk-tt,, *J Pfa*A. t Saturday «xoap(eU4 ) Arrin. Accommodation. 1)1} UtpiOM.... F»»t F.xpiw**.... • liia b. m. • Silgu, u. •BAJ*. u. I • a. t 6a» p. in. *8.19 p. a. {Dali/- *XJbUj ( buaflojn etcepti CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND* P Disot, torntr sJ Fan B i»r*a and 4* li'rMii fA PACIFIC RAILROAD. OBJBh*,La*naw*thAAUhlaoaKa *lOMb. a. * 8M». a. FaraAMummodaUua.... • tup. m. • ■UbIKSMm...... tIOANp. Bi. {Ij&U. 7 6:10 p. b. 8:l0p. m. m. 11:10 a. m. I 6:40 a. oi. ILROAO. rifi.i oftee,' hint Depvt, Arrive, 7 'JO p, m. *4:00 p. bu i’lliOOa. m. • 7:40 p, ip • 7:40p. ta. ' l:4u p. a. • 4*ap. a. • 4:09 D. ra. • I:s* ft. u. ••AS a. a. •er«« tu. Io:l0 ft. nu *1 :U0 ft. m. 1 1:10 ft. n. } 7:loft. m. * Jfli p. ui. * 4:2ip, tn. * * 45 ft. ra. t 7:40 P. a. 'TftJp. m. : n« ' S;C0». m. 1 B aw t. m. 1 1:06 p. in. , iIITIM,

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