Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 3 Mayıs 1876, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 3 Mayıs 1876 Page 8
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8 THE CITY. GENERAL NEWS. niTty O’Brim refuse* for reasons hitherto stated, lo allow Ur. Best to occupy tbs office of Police Court Clerk, to which he was recently elected. Ur. Beit will goto lha courts for redress. Tbs temperature yesterday, as observed by Manatee, minim No. 83 Madison street (Tbiduhe Building), at•,U degrees; 10 a. 12 3p f „aa- s p, nu,45. Barometer,6a.m* 23.33; Ip. ■1*39.13. . The Young People’s Temperandlland Social Union net In the lecture-room of the Methodist Ohnrch, cor ner Washington and Clark streets. last night. Mrs. Holyoke prsslded, and Mias Dr. Odeha Blinn and Mr. David Ward Wood deltverad addressee. Shortly after $ o’clock last evening, while riding la Che vicinity of Seventeenth sod Dearborn streets, Henry Koch and hla daughter Mary, aged 11 years, were thrown from the buggy by a vicious horse, and, Che Utter had her elbow broken badly. She resides at No, 9 Bberidaa place. Tbe fire at the Bouts of’the GoodShepflerd last Monday night was caused by (he antics of an inmate named Untie Bloin. who wsa either over-anxious to complete some Unndry work assigned her, or too hasty In trying to street her escape. The damage done U estimated at $l6O. It was stated in Insurance chtlea yesterday that an effort would be made In a few days, by some of the people who Insured in tbe Globe Insurance Company, and whose risks were not reinsured in the Firemen's Insurance Company because tbey were placed by outalde agency, to throw tbe concern into bankruptcy and have a Receiver appointed by the Coart. A match game of ball waa played yeaterday after noon on tbe grounds comer of Noulh Park avenue and Thirty-fifth street between the Franklins and the nine of tbe University of Chicago. The game opened rather disastrously to the collegians, the talk Indulged in concerning the prowess of the Franklins having a dampening effect upon them. Toward the close of the gams they put in some good work and nearly balanced tbe score. The feature of the game was Gardner's home-run In the first inning. Tbe Frank lins won by a score of U to 1L Mr. Georg* Onyon, brakeman on tbe Northwestern Hallway, felt called upon to vindicate hla claims to • pedestrian endurance by a walk to this city. Ho start ed from Milwaukee at ten mluutoa to 10 o’clock Satur day night and got to hla destination at V:26 Sunday eight. He bad enjoyed a rest of two hours on tbe way, and did not appear greatly fatigued by hla Jaunt Tbe distance was M miles, and bis time 31 hours and 86 minute*. Be la positive that he would make a much better record should he attempt the feat again, and the conditions nf wind and weather be tbe asroe as those of bis nrst trip. He worked the day before he started on bis trip and also the day after. The reported difficulties of A. B. Miner k Co.’s banking-home, of Wyoming, an now most emphatic ally contradicted. At a meeting of stockholders and depositors, hold at Wyoming Friday, a committee of investigation was appointed, and Saturday tbe Com mittee reported the bank to be safe and sound, abundantly ablo to pay everything, aud in all reaped* trustworthy. Upon thin tbe depositors unanimously agreed to stand by tho bank, and Monday it waa o]>oned for business. Tbo rumor of rottenness was upon the supposition that tho bank waa In soma Way connected with the City National of Chicago. This Is not the fact. Miner A Co, were only correspondents* of tbe City, and not in anyway injured by 1U col lapse. Last evening about two score men and whmen op roied to secret societies held a meeting at No. 331 Vest Madison street lor the purpose of organizings branch of the National Christian Association. The lUv. J. P. Stoddard, the general agent and lecturer, called the meeting to order. The proceedings were began by tbe Iter. Mr. Stoddard’s reading the 07th Psalm, after which Father Cook led in prayer. B. A. Cook waa then chosen Chairman. The llev. Mr. Btoddard gave a brief history of the National Associa tion. after which the Iter. J, W. Bain offered the draft of ■ constitution, which waa adopted, and a branch of the National Christian Association was or ganized. OBiTOnt IN TUB COLLEGES OF THE NORTHWEST. Within the last few yean (be rivalry between the colleges of the Northwest as to which should aland first m the oratorical ranks has been strong. The idea of an inter-college contest originated in the student* of Knox and Monmouth Colleges of Illinois, who held their Qnt contest at Galesburg; from this it extended and broadened into a State Association, and later into what is now known as the interstate Collegiate As sociation. This Association represents the Undent* of the principal colleges of six different Staten. The craters at the present coming contest are tbe prize orator, from hie or her own State, having been suc cessful, first ever the students of their own college, then over the united college* at the State contest. A convention will be held at tbe Grand Pacific Hotel this evening by the Asso ciation. Gov. Beveridge and a number of prominent tneu will be present. The content will take place at Harwell Hall at 6 o'clock p. m. May 4. An address of welcome will be delivered by the Hon. J. B. Doolittle, of Chicago. Tha grand end to be attained by this Association la the promotion of oratory in our colleges. The con testants are J. C. Lewis from Illinois; J. Edwards from Indiana; A. H. Itltcuie from Wisconsin; O. T. No •ami, Missouri; Miss Evelyn M. Chapman, Iowa; Mias Laura A. Kent, Ohio. Gov. T. A. Hendricks, of Indiana: the Hon. J. O. Broadbcad, of Bt. Louis; and William F. I’ooie, of Chicago, will aerve as Judge*, and confer the gold and ■Uver medals on the victors. This being tbe first time that women have bad tho opportunity to contest for the prize in oratory for the Northwest, it Is looked forward to wltu much interest, and it is hoped that there will be a large turnout of the citizens of Gtai eaga. Tickets on be had at Jansen Ac McClurg's, Lyon A Heaiy's, the Chicago University, aud at the University at Evanston. The admission is 60 cents, with no extra charge for reserved seats. Kow that tbe season for rlfie-ebootlng has com menced, Ibo Executive Committee, in view of the probability of lour-range matches with the club* of other cities, have decided to form a long-range team u early u practicable, and have art apart next Thursday fur tbe first ooßijKiUtlon for places on such a team. A good many members of the Club have snot but Util* or not at all at the I,UOO-)ard target, and others have ucw guns not yet carefully sighted. To pot these as far as possible on a par with tha older shots, Ilka Shaf fer, Thompson, Blackmer. Willard, Strong, and others, who rarely fall to make good scores, a suillclent num ber of sighting shots will be allowed each mau to get on the target, alter which the acoriug pn a string of twenty shots will commence. The range will be open all day, and shooting may b* done at any time liter 9 a. m. It la hoped that all members Intending to do any long-range shooting will be present and taka part, aa It la very desirable to know the ful I strength of the Clnb in this direction. The match at 200 yards forthe Alford prize pistol, which wu postponed last Satur day. will Uke place positively next Saturday afternoon, with the addition of a second prize. COOK COUNT! NATIONAL. A number of tbe creditors of tbe Cook County Na tional Bank met at Parlor No, l of tbe Pacific yesterday. Ur. Burley, Itecelver of the bank, was present, ready to answer any and all questions. U* said ba found tbe cash on bond to be $4, WJ, and, when certain of tbo gentlemen present expressed surprise, be said there wire times previous to the explosion when tbe officers of tbe bank bsd to put tbelr bonds in tbeir pockets to make up enough currency to supply country banka. In answer to tbe question aa to the practicability of criminal proceedings against tboofikers, be said be did not believe such action would bo successful. Notwithstanding Mr. Burley's opinion, ther* were several gentlemen who expressed themselves strongly In favor of trying the operation. Tba meeting then ad journed. MECHANICS 1 institute. Tbe Mechanics 4 Institute held a regular monthly meeting laat night, at the room* of the organization, Noe. 6J and C 6 Washington street. George C. Prai sing. First Vice-President, presided, sad Andrew Grtih, the Librarian, acted as Secretary. Tbe Board of Directors made a report of the work done during the mouth Just passed. The resignation of Mr. Pierce, tha drawing-teacher, had been received and accepted. Mr. Herman Uatudein had been ap pointed In bis place. Tbe inatnictor in drawing, Mr. Hanateln, sent In a report of tbs work of bis classes during tbe Cret month. It showed tbe division of tbe acbotare Into classes according to tbelr India and expected pur suits tn life. fcllx new member* were admitted and four candi dates ware proposed. The resignation of Walter L, Peek, Tresiorer of the Institute, »»• wx-epted, u Mr. i’eck intends moving from the city, end Murry Nelson «u unanimously elected to fill the vacancy. Tbe meeting thou ad* loomed till tba first Tuesday in'Juue. Tlio Meehan lea' Institute la an organisation for lie free luatructloa of Indigent mechanics aud their children, and all such con become member* by an application to tbe decretory. THE COURT-HOUSE. XNHPECTING UOriNOTON'H PLAN. Yesterday afternoon, pursuant to Invitation, tbe members of tbe County Hoard visited tbe ufilceof Architect William W. lloylugtou, In tua United Utates Express Company’s building, on Ittndolpb street, to make an examination of ltie pryj<ostd plans lor tbe new Court-House wlucji be bae prepared, and wbicb have been fully described tn these columns. All (be members of tbe Hoard looked over tbe plane except Commissioner UcCsfircy, wbu w.s absent. Mayor Colvin. Aid. Campbell, and Architect Cochrane were also present. Mr. Boymgion thoroughly explained every detail. Tbe Commissioners only made uu Informal examina tion, aud moat of them expressed no decided opinion. Mavur Colvin looked upon tbe plans rather favorably, and said be was In favor of lust plan which would cost the least money and give tbe largest equivalent to the Ui-psyers of the city aud.couuty. THE COiOIISaIONEUfI. Commissioner Lonergaa said that he was In favor ef tbe pUu wblcb suited tbe people best, but could hardly sew wtut action could betaken. He declined to give a beflulUt opinion. Commissioner Johnson looted closely into tbe plans, and was rather pleased with them. Commissioner Guenther looked favor ably upon them, as did Commissioner* Husse aud Use rung. Commissioner Uuldsu did not ears to ex prese an opinion aa to wbat could or might bo done, but thought tbe plan In general a good one. CommUsloner Cleary woe very well pleased with tbe dealga, and expressed himself os decidedly In favor of • plan wblcb would be limited as to cost, and Sima which there would be no extras to jey to contractors. . He sxptasscd himself as decidedly iu favor of a cheap ’ er building than tbe on* proposed, and thought tbe saving uf a million dollars to the people should be tak en into eerlous consideration. He also wanted it under stood that he never voted fur any extras to counselors imlese directly ordered by the Hoard, and be should continue to flgut tbuuar*loug as be remained e County Commissioner. Ooeßileabmer Carroll also looked favorably upon the plan, and wee in favor of lu adoption if a million mvA U tiled ly it to tbe Ua-psjus- Taken as a whole, the Board were rather pleated with the plane, and expneieit themselves so. but aa to what action would be taken they declined to elate. The portion of the foundation already laid by narmi tinder the Efftn plan can boated for Mr. Boy imrton’e deslgnTend would make the cott aoraewbat less. It ebould be onderatood by the publlo that the gentlemen who hare gotten up this plan propose to put up a building of the raoet solid character In two ▼ear*, using the beat material, making It thoroughly fire-proof, at a cost of 13,100,000, which will core* every expense, and they are willing to give bonda In double the amount that the work nhall be performed to the very letter of tbe contract. If any la ever made. UNDER THE PIANO ADOPTED the cost of tbe building will be $3,800,000, besides some $500,000 for probable extras, thus saving to (he county over $2,000,000. It is intimated that Harnla has been badly bled |by certain Commissioners, sod (bat in order to make up his deficiency be will bring in a MU of extras for over s<o,ooo, before his present Job is completed, in order to get even. In this connec tion, Commissioner Oleary says that if Harms thinks he’ll get any extrsahs will find bli way barred by at least two or three Commissioners, who will fight any •nen scheme to the bitter end. Harms Is now putting la the concrete, and It is of a superior quality, though the plies he has driven are, in many Instances, worth less, as has been stated In Taa Tamuna’a columns heretofore. THE NEW CUSTOM-HOUSE BTBIKE OF THE WORKMEN. Yesterday morning tbe bands employed on the now Custom-House, with tbe exception of some of the set ters, struck work. ThU was due to an order recently Issued by Mr. Burling, the Superintendent, to tho effect that after May 1 the pay of (ha stone-cutters would be reduced from $3 to $3.76 per day and that of (he riggers from $3 to $1.76.' The foremen were also to be reduced 36 cents per day. ThU cutting down waa not to apply to ina men at the simply to those em ployed st tbe building. The persons affected by this redaction havo been fighting it rigorously for Mini days, protecting that at Oils time of the year wages should go up, instead of down: that the foremen, who get tbe Largest retos of pay, were not reduced proportionately as much aa their subordinate*; and that (ho reduction waa not ordered from Washington, but waa the Individual act of Ur. BurUng. He listened to these remonstrances so far ae to revoke that part of hla order cutting down (he setter*. but declined to make any further modifications. Yesterday tbe men called on tho Hupcrintencleut, make a last and unavail ing appeal, and thou struck. There were about 200 In After tbe men left the building they drew np the fol lowing resolution: . . .. Whereas, Mr. Burling has lately acted tyrannical and arbitrary In his management la the construction of the Government buildings here, and, to aay tbe least, unprofessional in visiting the various atone yards in Chicago taking (be various employers to sign a paper staling they were not paying $3 ]>er day to stone-cutters, which tbe several employers refused to sign, as (heir doing so would be Indorsing a tying document; and WtiPJiras, On tha 351 h of November last he caused notice* to be potted in (he various shop* stating that be was ordered 07 the Department at Washington to reduce the wages of the men on and after Dee. 31, and that on a committee writing to Washington they were Informed that no such action was ordered, but that It was discretionary with Mr. Burling; and WuKßiua, On the Ist of this month he again posted similar notices stating that a reduction of 35 per cent would take place on and after this date, and from bis former representation we beliara this action arbitrary on blapart; and Wjikheab, When the stonecutters, masons, and rig gers protested against this action, Mr. Burling mode arrangements with the setters and some other em ployes to return to work at their former wages; therefore Jietolted, That aa tbe lion. J. V. LeUoyn* is in town, that wa send s delegation to visit that gentle man, and leave our case before him, asking him to take such atepa as he thinks necessary in Washington towards redressing oar grievances. There will be no dltficulty in replacing all them men, with the exception of the riggers who have charge of tbe derricks. The general opinion is that the strikers were unwise in their course, and that they would have done bolter bad they punned tbe aims course they did last year, and appealed to Washington for a revocation of tha order. The delay in the work wlUb# but slight. _ THE JAIL ESCAPE. ITH EFFECT. The recent Jetl escape, like the recent report of the Grand Jury, baa bad a wholesome effect. The farmer hoe served to improve Jail discipline, and the latter to prompt tbe county officials to a greater care in their actions. Tbia was especially apparent tn tho Jail yes terday. The halla that used to be lined with prison era were deserted, and the cell-doara that had been twinging upon tbeir*hingee at tbe will of the occu pants were donbly locked. The authorities were far more careful about admitting visitors, and the prison ers were suffering for want of tbe leuleuey which bad of late been shown them. Tho change was great, and one tancu needed. Tbe Sheriff waa found to be doing his utmost to capture hla missing boarders, but up to a late hour ail efforts bad been in vain. lie listened to story alter story of the knowing ones aa to the whereabouts of those who bad escaped, but tbe novelty soon wore off. Ode individual came to him and reported that he knew where seven of tho refugees were quartered, but Agnew's Judgment dictated that it would be fruitless to look for them in that direction. Others could lay hands upon this or that prisoner, but, strange to eay, none of them did anything of tho kind, aud up to nightfall none of them, beyond tho two already reported, bad been ronbed «f thoir liberty, . ANOTHER THEORY. No new theories u to liow the escape had been ef fected were advanced, except by the prisoner Harry Muldoou. It 1* Riven for wlint it la wprtb: Ilia alary wu that tha prisoner Tally, who led the escaping gang, bad rained a purse of t'joo, and given It to either Brennan or Connell, and that all the talk about the struggle to get bold of the heyn was a farce. Tally, ho eald, had the keys long In udvaucu of the escape, and the cells from which (beescapee bad been made bad been unlocked an hour brtore. He maintained that no real resistance bad been made to the escape, and that be knew of tbe plana several days lu ad vance, and sent note* to tbs Jailer asking an Interview that be migbt put blm on bis guard. The plotters, be nuld, were not Inclined to let blm into the job. or out of tbe Jull with them, and as n connequtnco bo wu anxious to foil their work, nut could not Iwcause hla notea were not answered, etc. He was sad, feeling as be did that be wu only a few hours away trom Joliet; and bis sad ness «u Increased u bo reflected bow be bad been Imposed upon by tbe authorities, who bad promised him immunity if ba would give up tbe property stolen at Hyde Park. He bsd not only done this, but bad caused the arrest and convic tion of bis associate*, all of whom had gotten off easier than he nsd. Ha felt downcast, too, at tbe re sult of bis burglaries, for he had entered Uoxie’a house, übe supposed, fully posted, and knowing at least Just where to put bis bands on what be wu after. Prominent citizens had misled him, he said, or he would never have undertaken the Job. Where ha gotslo6 in money he bad been led to believe that he wonld get aevera) thousands, and where be bad gotten a few thousand dollara lu bonda be expected to have gotten $30,100. He wu willing to go down for one year, and felt that he deserved it, but three years wu more than be oould bear. THE MAYORALTY. PLAN* OF THE NEW COUNCIL. Last evening a Tbibvnr commissioner called anon Aid. Bpsldlag, who was one of the leaders in the recent victory of respectability over bumrocriam, as to the probable action of (he new Council in relation to tba Mayoralty. Bald Mr. Spalding to tba newa-gatberor, after be had propounded tbe question, "Tbe members of tha new Council who are opposed to tbe bummer clement have held a eouplo of caucuses on tba subject, and have concluded that one of two things has got to bo dans in order to get rid of the Individual who now occupies the Mayoral chair." " Whit ire they 7 *' " Hbould Colvin appear nest Monday night and Uke his scat is the presiding officer of the new Coun cil, then tha Council will take up and canvass the r** cent vole for Mayor, and declare Mr. Uoyne duly elected Mayor to fill the vacancy now existing. Should Colvin decline to preside, the Council will ad journ, owing to tbe absent'd of a presiding officer, and (bis adjournment will take place from time to time until Air. Colvin makta up his mind to step down and out, Should be decline to preside on account of Ina bility, the Council will thru elect one of their own number to fill the vacancy thereby created.” 44 Has Colvin made any overtures to the new Coun cil?" . •• 1 understand that friend* of Lit bare told proml* sent member* of tbe newly-elected Council that be will aiij-olnt all tUo committees that moy may name, aud allow them to clioose tbelr own presiding oiboer. provided tbey will let bim alone to eujoy tbe term of office to wblcb ho Uya claim." “ liow dot* Ibis compromise meet tbe views of tbe new Aldermen? " “As far os I can learn. It does not suit them. Tbe people by tbelr voles deolared.tbat Colvin waa nn long, er Mayor, and the new Council bt determined to ouat bun If possible.” MB. HOIHB. A TatßOH* reporter called on tbe Hon. Thomas Hoyne yesterday for tba purpose ot ascertaining that gentleman's programme, tbe old Council having re fused Monday night to canvass bis vote. Mr. llu>ne said be was not prepared to anuounoe any programme, and would await overtures from tbe now Council. That body, bethought, would probably bold a private meeting before next Monday evening, when Ibis mat ter might coma up. He wished to do nothing which might even be charged upon him as being nsb or un dignified, and be would simply await tbe progress of events, confident that tbe right would eventually triumph, aud that tbe people of Chicago would nut submit to the Insolent usurpation of Mayor Colvin, but would try every legal and honorable means to de feat bis cherished purpose to bold on. THE BLACK HILLS CAPT. t. U. XKI.LEI. On tbe 10 o'clock train last evening, OepL John H Sellsy, a fruit-grower at Benton Harbor, accompanied by a gentleman named UoUuu, from Niles, Mich., and' another named Davis, from Kalamazoo, departed for that almost undiscovered country from whose bourne tbe traveler is but too apt to return,—tbe Block Hills, The three gentlemen ire to act aa pilots to a party of some slaty er asventy pros pectors from the Eastern Hlates, and whom they ars to loin at Omaha. At Cheyenne a delegation from Galveston, Tex., will Join bauds and fortunes with them. Capt. Kelley Is an old pioneer, end has had consid erable experience in tbs Black Mills region and other almost equally unknown countries In that vicinity. In the spring of HtdObe left bis home in Indians end turned up Antal Denver, and neat at Central City, rub CIJLIUAUU 'IKIBUi li: WISUXNIfiSUAi, IVIAY 3, IS/t). Col. With Kit Canon and Green Buteell, of Georgia, he dlacovercd tbe Ban Juan diggings In Southern Colorado, and upon hla return to Central City be found tbe authorltlce recruiting for tbe War. Ho then returned to Indiana, and enlisted for a abort time. The paaaago of tho Pacific Railroad MU secured hla appointment aa an ex f lorer on the propoaod rente by Gen. I)lx, and In tires explorations he gave the Department details of two routes. By (he Chief Engineer at Omaha be was sent to prospect a route through Virginia City and be* low the Big Item Mountains, the route now called (he Powder Hirer Valley route. On this expedition he met with Boxeman, and with bis party was tho first that went through by the Powder River route. Returning by way of Virginia City, be dis covered the Emigrant Gulch in the Yellowstone district, and followlna the line of (he river reached lbs mouth of the Big ilorn River and prospected the country there, traveling south on account of the In dian difficulties'. In IW>5 the party came down tho Yellowstone from tbs Orsnd Canon, and then return ed to Omaha. Capt. Kelley’s “pards’' on three travels were John Moore and George Hehaetlan, both of whom have alnce been killed by the Indians. So extended an acquaintance with this wonderful country gives Capt. Kelley advantages that but few other prospectors have possessed, and U ought to augur well for the sucoeas of tho expedition he la loading. Ills hopes for Its anecres are most enthusiastic. Bv his advice a majority of tbe party will take to farming at once, thus providing for their subsistence. Odd hours and days will be siwnt in prosmocling. The re gion of country from the Black Rills to tho Judith Mountains, In Montana, la wonderfully fertile, and capable of producing largo crops. Especially la this (me of the eastern slope of tbe Black Hills. The Cap tain is of the opinion that there In gold enough to pay experienced miners, but not enough to pay green horns. By a little forethought be hopes to spare his party the trials of other expeditions that hare been improvident. If fall protection is given them by the authorities he has no doubt of tbeir success. THE COUNTY BUILDING* “ Back pay M will bo a prominent Idea with city em ploye* to-day, from tbe fact that the County Treasurer handed over to the city SBO,OOO yesterday. The County Treasurer yesterday received the re ceipt for $60,000 forwarded to meet the interest on county bonds due on the Ist Inst, at tho Metropolitan Bank, New York. Commissioner Cleary yesterday gars several mem bers of the press a ride to the new and old County Hospitals. The Commissioner is delighted with the prospect of occupying the new building at an oany day. " Commissioner Holden yesterday said that, in view of tbe charges of corruption being constantly made against the members of the Couuty Board, he was in favor of postponing all work on tho now Court-House for five years. y. J. Magtll was brought Into tbe Criminal Court yesterday morning to answer tho charge of contempt In not appearing to testify in tbe Dominick Davcy case. In the Phillip* case. Uat foil, tbe conduct of Magill was rather suspicious, and hla action in the Davey case waa In nowise different. The Court, view ing the situation In its true light, gave Magill tho same punishment that it did Davey, and, if alt reports be true, he ought to rejolco at his easy escape. The will of William H. Doggett waa yesterday ad mited to probate in the' County Court, and letters tes tamentary wero issued to Rato N. Doggett, under her individual bond for $500,000. The will bequeaths to the wife of the deceased the household furniture and |10,00(Hn c-aeh: to Eunice B. Doggett, Thomas Dog gelt, and Joseph D. Doggett the sum of $3,000 each; to hts wife ono-balf of the remainder of the property, in trust only, to be held until George Newell Doggett shall become of age, when the same shall be conveyed to him. The will appoints Rate N. Doggett guardian of George Newell Doggett, and, in the event of her death before he shall hare reached a majority, Joseph B. Doggett shall bo guardian. The Grand Jury was yesterday besieged with minor eases, about thirty of which were disposed of. The attraction of the day was the appearance of Madame Bcott, residing on North Welle street, who weighs be tween 300 and 7CO pounds. She waa gorgeously at tired aud accompanied by her so-called husband, a diminutive specimen of his sex, whoso weight was about lOOpouuds. Her complaint, it is understood, was that Tim Oaaey, Mike Corcoran, and Johnny Craw ford made a raid upon her mansion about a week ago, and in their gladness did damage to the amount of SIOO, or at least enough broken windows to Justify a prosecution. The same class of cases will occupy the jury to-day, after which, if It eo agrees, the continua tion of the old Jury's work will be begun. THE CITY'HALL. Tbe City Collector took in about $3,000 yesterday, mainly in license fees. Water rente yesterday were S3,CIS, and receipts from tho City Collector $1,3C1. County-Treasurer Buck sent over $60,000 yesterday to (he City Treasury, money paid on city taxee. Tbe Board of Public Works paid a visit to the North Side Pumping Works yesterday, and from there wont to lake View to aee the test of the new Water-Works at that place. The weekly report of tbe Sanitary Superintendent to the Board of Health shows that there wero UJ deaths last week, or 7 more than for the preceding one. Of these, 63 were males. The time for (he payment of taxes and receiving in tereel thereon but been continued till May 20, in clusive, by the Finance Committee and Comptroller, but the rale of interest allowed has been reduced to 3 ;>er cent. Tho reduction will still leave on opportu nity for saving. The new City Clerk, Caspar Butx, baa already ex pressed hts determination to keep tho gonial Mr, John Moody, who ban for some time been connected with that ofiice, in bis employ. It is regarded as a great compliment to Mr. Moody, and all bis friends, whose number is legion, will be plowicd that bis services aud qualifications have oeen thus recognized. Mr. J. B. Muller, the North Side Engineer, hu not been removed by tbs Board of Public works u report ed. Ho has been In the employ of the city for the past ulna years, and la regarded by all contractors u tbe most competent, energetic, and accommodating on tbe staff. During tbe War, Mr. Muller served under McClellan, tbe Uta Oen. Webster, and Grant, u En gineer. Tbo Board of Pnblle Works are not satisfied with tbe statement made by a morning paper to tbe effect that (he reduction of the expenses of their department will not amount In the aggregate to more than s3uo. The street-foremen discharged drew monthly salaries of $169 each, and others got nearly u much. The re duction cuts off at least $3,000 pur month, according to one of the Board. The Board of Health yesterday awarded tbe contract for city scavenger work work to Bosnian, Dunn A Co., whose bid was for $119.50 per day, Dr. Miller and Dr. MoVlckar protesting and voting In tbe negative. Tbs bid of Peter Downey for $40,03 per day wu the loweet, but wu not exactly conformable to (be orders of tbs Board. Tbs majority of the Board explain away tbs difference In price by saying that Downey is Incapabla of doing the work at any price aa it ought to ba done. Tbe Comptroller smiled a amllo af satisfaction on tbo receipt of a telegram yesterday from George 8, Coe, President of tbs American Bank of Now York City, elating, 4l Your proposed ordinance wu received and unanimously approved." The ordinance referred to la the one that pissed the Council Monday night, fixing a limit to tne amount for which certlficatca can bo Issued against any appropriation. Mr. Coe la one of (be financial gentlemen with whom Ur. Hayea has been In telegraphic communication, and when be sent tbe telegram ha spoke fur them all. Tbo Comptroller regards that aa tbe first step toward a release from (he present financial ambaraasment, and la more cheerful than heretofore. The employes who beard tbe news yesterday are uow looking for tbelr pay soon. Tbe qualifying of tbe newly-elected clly officers for their respective ofilces began yesterday mornlug,wlth William Aldrlcb, Alderman of (be Third Ward, lie wu on hand bright and early, u If Impatient to get a chance to have bis say In regard to tbo reconstruction of the dilapidated city affairs. Tbe other Aldermen taking tbo oath during the day were Jake Lengocher. Sixteenth Ward; 8. !■.. Thirteenth Ward; James H. Gilbert and J. W. Stewart, of tbo Fourth; Michael Hweeney, Seventeenth; A. ii. Bmlth, Tenth: Fred Loddlng and Ed Ouilerton, Hlxth; James O'Brien, Eighth, and Jimui Henry Hil dreth, of tha Hoventh. Martin Beat outlined for tbo Clerkship of tbo South Bide Police Court. Caspar Butz will not take the oath till Mon day, otjt ot courtesy to Joe Forrest, who bu consider able business to square up meanwhile, Tbe acknowl edgements were made to Henry McGurrou, of tbe city Clerk's cilice. who U a Notary. There was a question raised whether a person behind In bla tax payments coald qualify; it was understood tost La canid, but could not taka bUseatUU all dues were paid. CRIMINAL. F. WelUrasnn has sworn oat a complaint ef perjury against H. H. Clement, and a warrant la out for him from Justice Haines. Detective Blmmoiu yesterday •' ragged ” tbe notori ous Appetite lilil| while be was Insulting a Hoard of Trade gentleman in the vicinity of Chapin it (lore's saloon. Thomas Beveridge, sneak thief, woe yesterday locked up at Central Btallou by Detective Simmons, who baa a State warrant for bis arrest for stealing sev eral coat* from A. E. Woatervelt. Henry Dailey, who was arrested Monday for trying to dispose uf a stolen horse and express* wagon, will be tried to-day, the properly hsvlng since been iden tified as that ot George Krlck, No. 410 Dearborn street. Ike Abrahams, a one-eyed darkey who baa for some time been trying to get a position on tbe police de partment, woa ywterday arrested for dealing about |3O worth of Jewelry Irom Mrs. Wilkins, of No. JUT Houlb Clark street. Tbe lady hired him to bslp her clean bouse, and Ike cleaned it outln bis own peculiar manner. William Jackaon and John Hatch, two colored men. were before Justice Haines yesterday, charged with obtaining money under false Pretenses, Messrs. Hsu son aud BUppolmao say that tbs prisoners represented (bemsulvee os engaged In building a church. Jock sou's ball was fixed at |3OO and Hatch's at M|6OU for further appearance. K. C. Dawson was arrested yesterday by Constable Bean tan for forgery. Dewson is e colored men, and tbe complainant, Joan McCarty, aweare that be com milled ins forgery of a deed, lie was examined before Justice Haines yesterday end held for further appear ance In 15,0ut) ball. Dawson protests bis innocence and la csrUlu of proving U. Bridget O'Neil end Hate Drennlck, Inmates of M Lung Branch," a disreputable dive on Van Huron street, last evening ran away to Webster's negro dance bouse on Pacific avenue. Officer Uadlgan attempted to reclaim them, and the cesnU vu • female cow of considerable proportions, Tho erring damsel* were Anally landed tardy In the Armory. Supt. Hickey yesterday received a telegram from* Sheriff Conner, of New York Oily. Informing him of the arrest of Prank Connies, who waa wanted for the embcaxlement of money* from F. M. Parker, a cigar dealer on Washington street. Parker has since moved to 000 Lexington avenue, New York, and hence Oon xalee will be proeecnled In that city. Mike Clark, a saloon-keeper on Chlcsgo avenue, near LaSalle street, was yesterday Aned (10 for wife beating by Justice Raufmann, and aoms lime after wards the Ane was suspended dnrlaggood behavior. Last evening Otsrk came home In a beastly elate of intoxication and tried to make nitnee-meat of hla bet tor half, and he waa again locked up in the Chicago Avenue Station. Early yesterday morning Ofr«em Noonan amt Mer er* nabbed two young men on the corner of Harrison and State streets, and on searching them at the sta tion found upon them four revolvers, savon pollce wblatlre, some pocket-knives, and other articles, tup posed to have been atolen from tome hardware atore. The boya gave the namea of Charlea Thom and George Olmsted. ANNOUNCEMENTS. An entertainment will be given by the Literary and Art Circle of the Firstllapttat Church to-morrow even ing, consisting cf addresses, music, readings, etc., the proceeds to go towards tho ladles’ fund for furnishing the new church. The Rev. O. 11. Thompson will de liver an address, and Mrs. Darrity will recite ena or (wo pieces. 7. at. c. A. The Young Men’s Christian Association will more their library and reading-rooms lu a few days from their present location on Arcade-court to No. ICO Mad ison street, occupying the Urge robin on the Aral Aoor, 35x108 feet, making it the Ancat roadlag-room In the city for young men. An entrance will be obtained by this change to the noon-day prayer-meeting room from Madison street. The Employment llureau, situated at Nq. 146 Fifth avenue, will he removed to Arcade court. A Ane gymnasium win soon be added for the use of members. Several hundred now books have been added to the library,- making over 3,000 vol umes for the nso of members only. They expect to At up their rooms la a more attractive manner than they have been heretofore, and make them a popular place of resort for yonngmen In the city., Thirty-one religious meetings are held at their own rooms every Week, which are well attended, and eome of them quite luterestlng. They are organising a band of Udics and gentlemen to conduct open-air isrvlcoe this summer lu the park, among the sailors, railway men, flretnon, policemen, and others prevented by their occupation from at tending regular pUceii of worship. SUBURBAN. LIKE VIEW. Tbo Board of Trustees mot Monday; present, tbo full Board. On motion, tbo bill of Engineer Cole for S2OO salary for tbe month of March was ordered paid. The petition of tbe North Chicago City Railway Company to tap the water-pipe on Dummy Road was referred to tbe Superintendent of Waterworks. Tbe petitions of property-owners on Paulina street and Commercial street In Ravenswood, asking tbo Board to repeal the ordinance for water-pipe on said street, was referred to the Supervisor, with power to act. The following was adopted: Hetolttd, That tbe Treasurer pay D. A. Chappell, contractor for laying water-pipe, the sum of $7,0 K) on account of hla contract, upon hla allowing the town to tap the pipes, and that be Is not to consider bis work as yet accepted. Tbe petition of Horace O. Chase, asking (he Board to conlirro tbe assessment for Improving of (be diag onal road and complete the name, waa referred to the Committee on Roads and Bridges. An ordinance was adopted providing for the ap pointment of Tapper of Water-Pipes, and fixlug his compensation as follows: For each X-lnch and *«• Inch tap and ferule Inserted, CO cents; for each ?,’• inch and 1-inch lap and ferule Inserted, 75 cents, the town to furuiah all ferules or sorvlce-cocks and covers for the same. The Captain of Police reported as follows : Num ber of arrests for month of April. 8: floes assessed, $40.60; collected, $11.60. Tbe Water Committee reported that they recom mend the appointment of Peter Wolf as Tapper of Wator-Ploet, and be was so appointed, to hold Ills posi tion during the pleasure of tuo Booru. The Supervisor was Instructed to make contract with the Crane Brothers Manufacturing -Company for ferules for tapping water-mains and cast-iron cov ers for slop-cocks. It was resolved that bids bo received at tbe next meeting of the Board for coal, to be delivered at tbs Water-Works at tbe rate of onohalf ton per dsy, or more if required. Tbe Pound ordinance was, on motion, extended over the entire limits of the Town of Lake View. On motion, adjourned to Monday, May 10. Tbe Board of Trustees of Hyde Park met yesterday afternoon, all present. - B The Special Committee of Three appointed at the last meeting to revise the duties, salaries, etc., of the ap pelated officer*, reported that they bad made progress, but needed furtnor time, which was accordingly granted. ’ The President then read hls appointments of the now regular Committees for the ensuing year, os fol lows : Finance—A. R. Powell, P. Scbltmd. Judiciary and Aaacsimenta—D. 8, Taylor, H, B, Bogue. Police and Sanitary—A. It. Powell, U. Farrell. Streets and linkways—ll. D, Hogue, P. Schlund. Licenses—P. Bohluud, M. Farrell. Drainage and Sidewalks—l). B. Taylor, It, I). Hogue. Public Grounds and Buildings and Town Plata—M. Farrell. D. 8. Taylor. Commissioner of Water-Works—ll. B. Bogus. On motion of Mr. Scblund, the Special Committee of Three was enlarged to include the whole Board, m It waa thought desirable to get the views of all the members before making any recommendation. A quantity of papers which had been referred to the new Board oy the old wore appropriately referred. The President, on motion of Mr. Hogue, was made a member of all committees ex-officio, and the Board adjourned for one week. CANADIAN NEWS. Libel Don Carlos Snow Heavy IV inde—Sumptuary. Special Dupatch to The Chicago Tribune, Momtbeil, May 2.— lt is stated on good au thority that a loading criminal lawyer ban re ceived metraotioDß to immediately commence proceedings against a greenback broker on St. Francois Xavier street for conspiracy and libel. Damages laid at $160,000. The action is brought ai. the Instance of city Jonrnalista. A dispatch received from Halifax to-day con tradicts tho story that Don Carlos and three of bis Generals arrived there two weeks ago m the steamer Hibernian. The contradiction u given on the authority of a gentleman who was a passenger of that steamer, and personally ac quainted with Don Carlos. . Special Uiepatch to ihe Chieaao Tribune, Qdf.dec, May 2.— The up mall train, which loft tbo lUvior du Loup at 10 a. m. yesterday with two engines aud a huow plow, - stuck in 7 foot of boow, near St. Thomas, and waa not extricated until to-day. This extraordinary drift extends a distance of three-quarters of a mite. Sptewt IJitpaUh t» Tht Chicago jrihune. Ottawa, May 2.—Last night's heavy wind broke tbe Ice in Descblone's Hay, on tbe Ottawa. It subsequently collected in Thompson Day, and sunk tbo boom owned by Cbaudiorre, lumber mao, allowing 20,000 logs to escape, wbicb woro carried over tbo (alia, A tologram re ceived to-day aays tbo boom on tbo lower Otta wa la m imminent danger of being carried away. Hlr John Hose and Lady Hobo arrived to-day. .Vtwcta) Duvatcn la Tht Ctneao" Trtbimt. Toiionto, May 3.—The now Liconae act, passed last eoasion, camo into force throughout Ontario yesterday, and ban bad tbe ©fleet of greatly reducing tbo number of taverna. lu this city tbe number baa boou reduced about a third. Oat of SOD tavern-llccnsea held under the old law only 198 baro boou renewed. Tbo re jected are m open rebellion, aiid etiil keep tboir places open. A fund for testing tbo legality of the law Ib being raised, and Hir John Tlillyord Cameron bau boon engaged to take ebargo of tbo cue. YE APOTHECARY, UpeHal DitoaUh to The Chleaao TVtbuns, Qdinct, 111., May 2.—A convention of whole sale druggists is lu soiaiou io this city to-day. BopresenUlives of tho trado aro prosout from tit. Louis, Keokuk, I’ooria, Quincy, and one or two other cities. More are expected to-morrotr. The object of the meeting is tlio formation of a druggists* asaociatiou to be called the Central Drug Exchange. Permanent ollicora of the Ex change were elected to-day, as follows t Presi dent, Aldo Bomraer, of Sommer, Lynda A Co., Quincy; Vice-Presidents, W. P. Colburn, of Peoria; and 0. P. Squires, of Burlington, la. 5 Kticrelary and Treasurer, Robert Montgomery, of llogors k Montgomery, Quincy. Correction, To M t £>tUor of Tho Chicago JViJun », New Yeas City, April 23.—1 nodes in t circular on the beslthdllt, Uaued by Dr. Reilly, of your city, that my name Is appended to a few linos au a tcetlmouUl to the besltb-Uft, leering the pulllu to Infer that It was given u hevlag reference to him end hie lifting machine. I wish to state (hat 1 never gave Dr. Reilly any testimonial whatever, never having even hie lift ing-machine, and knowing nothing about tbe system of culture adopted la reference to Rente. Tbe low linos appearing la the circular over my name were taken from a testimonial given In reference to the groat benellla arising from the use of Uann’a Reac tionary JJf ter, of the Ucallh-Dlfl Company of New York CiTy, who. 1 understand, have an agency in Chi cago, Yours roepectfuily, O. PkCxhak Fitch, M, D. Shawls Axe Frequently Worn In a soiled condition from the belief that the colors may bo spoiled In cleaning. We warrant work. Cook k Uclain, No. SQ Dearborn a tree! and No, 361 West MadUoa alreet THE COURTS. Plsputod Title to tbo Mfttteaou liotiHO Property. Insoranoo Boporti—Record of Judg- ment. and Now Suite. THAT HATTESON UOTJHH A LOCK. The title to the Hook on tho northwest comer of Dearborn ami Randolph streets seems to be ooneidorably mixed. Only a short time ago a bill was filed to declare a lease to one Frederick A. Wicholman void, and yesterday another bill waa filed for the same purpose by Charles Fargo against F. A. Wicholman and Curtis L. Perkins. Tho complainant sots out that in (bo spring of 187 G Samuel Otis Walker and Edward S. Walker made an agreement with Wicholman to rent him (ho above-mentioned block at $7,200 a year, on condition that ho should erect fifteen stores on tho property within four mouths thereafter. The lease was executed, and placed in tbo hands of a third party in escrow until tba conditions should be performed. In nontorabor, 1870, Fargo bought tbo promises, and Imme diately gave notice to Wicbolmau to par him tbo rent. The latter has, from time to time, made pretonsoe of improving tbo property, and is building a one-story building on the northwest earner of the let fronting on the alley, but not In ac cordance with hla agreement. Fargo etatoa that ha has repeatedly bad belter offers to rent the land, but cannot do it as Wicholman pretends ho has a loose, though ha bis failed to keep hie contract, and has In fact surrendered alt hla title to complainant. Tba latter therefore auks that Wlehdman and Perkins, who also claims some Interest, may he prevented from asserting any claim to the property, or from going on to make any Improvements thereon, and that the con tract between tho Walkers and Wicheltnan may be de clared void. TUB GREAT WESTERN INSURANCE COMPART. The following la an abstract of tho last report of O. W. Upton, Assignee of (bo Great Western Insur ance Company: On hand April 1 1 $13,430 Collected since 0,768 $53,238 Disbursed on account of dividend 5............ 700 Balance 131,238 A second dividend meeting of the creditors will be lield May 21. TUB STATE. The Assignee of the State insurance Company also filed hls monthly report yesterday: Balance on hand $3,148 Collections since bid Paid taxes. Balance Mayl. DIVORCES. Sarah Konnlaon filed her blit of complaint, repre senting that her husband, Albert Keunlaou, had been guilty of adultery and desertion, and Intimating that she would llko to get rid of him. Klim both Cowan also wants a divorce because her husband, Edward Cowan, has been guilty of cruelty toward her. Emily A. Graham likewise filed her complaint •gainst James Graham because ho has given himself up to whisky, and fails to provide for her; and ahe wants to be allowed to mako her own living unmo lested. ITEMS. Judge Drummond will hear the chancery case of Foster vs. The Chicago A Northwestern Railway Com pany to-day. Judgo Blodgett will boar Riggins va. Tbe Chicago A Weatorn Railway Construction Com pany. Samuel M. Booth was yesterday admitted to prac tice In both the United States Courts, on motion of It, Biddle Roberts. BANKRUPTCY MATTERS. An Involuntary petition was filed yesterday against George A. Sutton, of Kpparda Point, by Bosley b Wlghtman, Pike Brothers, Ketcbnm b Seybolt, An drew Work, John Fmegnn. 8. H. Sutton, Joel Kicks, David Sutton, and W. F. Bnncroft, whoso claims against him amount to 11MC8.60. They charge that Sutton has made divers preferential as signments of portions of bis property to various par ties with Intent to delay hls creditors and defeat the dooratlons of tbo Bank mpt lav. A rule to show cause May 11 was issued. Lucius Frink filed a voluntary petition yesterday. Ills debts, all unsecured, foot up $1,1:12. Ills only as sets are $212.60 In open accounts, which are considered worthless. Tbs petition was referred to Register Hib bard. Jacob O. Smith, a buyer at No, 142 West Madison street, alto wont into voluntary bankruptcy. Hls un secured debts are $27,072.27. There are no asset*. The petition was referred to Register Hibbard. George N, Tlmrber, of this city, filed a voluntary petition. Hls liabilities, all unsecured, are $15,222.62 and (bo assets $2,700.90, In open accounts. Reference to Register Hibbard. George W. Campbell was yesterday appointed As signee of Patrick T. Sherlock. Assignees will bo chosen this morning for the estates of Joseph E. Voting and of Feeney A Burkhardt. A composition meeting will bo bold this morning In the case of w. W. Nutting. Fennlmore 11., Marcellos, and John Dyer, of Fol ton, Whiteside County, likewise went Into bankruptcy, hut the petition was not ready for publication yester day. Nancy P. Hall began a suit In attachment yesterday against Eliso L. Nesmith, cousorvatrix of tho estate of Thotnoa A. Nesmith, a lunatic, claiming $0,U<3.25. The Union Building Association filed a distress war rant against the Globe Insurance Company to rccoror SOOO back rent. In the estate of Patrick McGrath, a grant of adminis tration was made to John Foley, under bond for $30,000. lathe estate of James B, Dickerson, letters testa mentary were Issued to Emma it. Dickerson and Ed ward Goodman, under bond fors4,A9o. In tho estate of Uriah 11. Wheeler, the will was proven, and letters wore Ishued to Louisa O. Wheeler, under bond for $35,000. In the estate of Adolph Klrchncr the will was proven and letters were Issued to Frederica Kirohner, under bond for $4,100. OUIMIKAL COURT. Charles Brown waa tried for larceny, found guilty, and remanded. Stephen Warren pleaded guilty to two indictments far forgery, and waa remanded. Patrick Moore waa tried for larceny, found guilty, and remanded. John Hcott pleaded guilty to larceny, and was given one year in the House of Correction. Andrew Miller was tried for burglary and acquitted. On a pica to larceny be waa given sight months In the Homo of Correction. David Jouos was tried for an assault, found guilty, and remanded. TUB CALL. JooorJOabt—<oß, <ll, iiu, «l to <RO inclusive. Judge Jameson—<7,fi7<, City vs, Ilapgood. JunoK Booms—,'lßs to <oi) inclusive. Judge Hoorn—JOT, 009 to 030 Inclusive. Judge MoAluateq—Bet caso 9,135, and Nos, 371 to 390 Inclusive on Judge Begem' calendar. Judor Fab wall—Argument in the South Town Board cose. Judge Williams—No call announced. JUDGMENTS. Superior Court—Confessions—Michael Keeley at al. vs. William Keefe. |UB.B<. Judoe Oaut—B. 8. Qoudloe, Trustee, vs. City of Chicago, slo,Uoo,—Martha U. Fuller vs. Marion U, Carhart, $137.0(1.—J. Q, Mclleta et al, vs, Thomas Mc- Namara; verdict, $309.05, and motion for new trial.— A. M. Kline vs. ICobcrt U. McDowell and John Young, SJO7.B<.—J. P. Slay et al. vs. Charles T. Boal and F, L. Andrews, slo3.77.—George Holbrook va, Edward C, Waller; verdict, s<,Bi3.(«. Circuit Count—Margaret T. Conway vs. John, Martha, and William Uoiisch, $97.<S. Circuit Court—Conpkbiions—afargaret T. Con way vs. John, Martha, and William llenacb, $37.15. Judge Boqeus—John llcmlt vs. D. D. Hlnclalr and L.B. More; verdict, $1,310, and motion for now trial. Jud<ie Booth—Joseph Hartman va. John Burk hardt, $35. Junes MoAllisieu—Charles Hamilton vs. Henry McCabe, $51.39. Omaha, May 2,—A, cue under tb* Civil Rlirtita bIU comes up lu the United Hiatts Circuit Court la this city tomorrow, whera the phlntllf, s colored man named Wood, sues hotel.koo]>er Cloudentilng. of West I'olut, for ejectment. The csss Is exciting some la ter out. 1C A 1 LItO ADS. SOME NARROW-GAUGE FIGURES. ifyeeUii Corretpondem uf Tho Chicago Tnbunt , Dim Moines, la., Slay I.—Bald tbo Hon. J. K. Qrayos, tbu lowa Bailrood King, in the Legisla ture, last winter, Nine-tenths of all the railroad built lu lowa tbo next ten years will bo of tbo narrow gauge. As he is a broad-gauge man, there must be eotne good reason for bis opinion bo positively expressed. Practical experience is tbo best of all tests m any enterprise. Tho nar row-gauge from this city to Ames, in Story County, 88 miles, has now been io operation two years, with a success greater than anticipated. Prom J. B. liausman, civil engineer, the follow ing details aro gathered as to the practical opera tion of tho road, which will bo of Interest to other localities where railroads are being projected 1 There has been more difficulty lu relation to locomotives than any other department of the business. After various trials of different en gines, the conviction is sauted that cylinders should be 10 by 10 inches; driving wheels, 42 inches; weight, 13 to 10 tons,—ls tons pre ferred. The weight of rails should be 30 pounds nor yard. Of coaches, the weight should be 7 tons; louptli, 83 feet; width outside, 0 feet; capacity, 40 passengers; size of wheel, 20 inches. Tho average speed of passenger trains is Ity miles per hoar, although 30 miles has boon several times made. Of freight-cars, economically considered, the length should be 34 feet; width. feet; weight, 6 tons; ca pacity, 8 tons, though 32,000 lbs. has been car ried without appreciable effect. Of stock-cars, the length should be 33 feet; width, 7 feet; ca pacity, 10 Mein,; or 40 to 45 bogs. Six cars ntll carry the same number an four card of brotd-gangn. Tbo rolling stock of this road non consists of four locomotives, costing $7,800 each ; three pasfl*nger*coachon,s3,ooo; twonly-foar box-cars, Ci2o each; too stock and eighteen flat cate. Iron required, Including side-tracks for main lino, 01 tons bars, 80 foot long, per mile, at a cost of f6O per ton at prosont rates, deliv ered. The rails are as good as when laid. Ties in nso, 6 by 0 inches, and 0 foot long j roadsbod 8 feet, to protect the ends of tho ties from un equal thawing and freezing. The total cost of this or a similar road—the grading being mostly on the surfaco-eoll—may bo fixed at SO,OOO per mile, including all cost of construction and equipment, with tho road ready for business. The records of this road show that last year Its (raffle was $1,600 per mile; its operating ex penses. OS per cent of that. It is estimated that the addition of $5,000 would add (o tho capacity of the passenger rolling-stock threo-fold, and to tho freight four-fold \ and that tho whole would be sufllcioot for a road 60 miles long. It is hence doducible that a road of 60 miles, with maximum grades of 60 feot to the mile, easy corves, and a (radio of SI,BOO per mile, can bo operated with profit to its owners. Comparing the cost of operation and con struction with that of tho Chicago A Northwest ern. from or to which the narrow-gauge receives or delivers about one-half its busmens, for tho same number of miles of road, tbo tavlog, in cluding tbo cost of transfer, by tbo narrow gauge system, is $17,076 per year, estimating tbo freight btulnoat at ICO tons per day. EASTERN RATES. It was rumored yesterday that tbo Grand Trunk Hallway bad reduced its passenger rates from tbo East to tbo West. Tbo Agents of tbe road in this city, however, deny tho report, anfl state that tbo matter bad boon contemplated, but, at the request of various connecting linos, was not carried out. The freight-rates are still al bottom figures, and contracts continue to bo made on grain from Chicago to New York at 20 cents per 100 pounds. SIOUX CITY & ST. PAUL. Bvtciai Vmvatc A to Th» Chicago Tribune, Sioux City, la., Slay 2.—At tbo annual elec tion for Directors of tbe Bioux City & St Paul Railroad, bold in this city last night, tbe follow ing-named gentlemon were chosen Directors for tho ensuing year : E. P. Drake, John L. Mer riam. Horace M. Thompson, and A. H. Wilder, St. Paul s Adrian Isolln, George 1. Sonlv. and Walston H. Brown, Now York ; and George W. Simmons and Alexander n. Rico, Boston. The Firemen’s, of Chicago* $3,421 . 1,175 Chicago has a now loaaraoco company,—the Fremon's,—which began business on tbo Ist day of May, with headquarters at Mo. 02 LaSalle street. The President of tbo now Company la D. \V. Eldrod \ Treasurer, \Y. A. Barnes; Secre tary, John L. Skelton. It has SIOO,OOO stock already taken and paid Id, which amount will doubtless bo doubled boforo the closo of tbo month. One of tho first acts of the Firemen's wan to reinsure tho outstanding risks of tho old Olobo Insurance Company, of this city, which latter Company has retired from business. In this connection wo should mention that tbo policy-holders of the Olobo aro protected and nood have no auxioty. Alt losses on policies leaned in this city By tho Olobo will be piomptly paid by tho Firemen's. Those holding policies in tbo Olobo can have new policies In the Fire men's if they desire. Insurance men will bo glad to know that Mr. 8. P. Walker, tbo efficient Secretary of tho Olobe, will probably take an active part in tho uianagomout of the new Company. . $2,316 TVomon'i Conventions. Tho ladies of America are holding conventions everywhere and adopting, as a tried and eminent ly satisfactory ticket, the now theory of automa tism in machine sowing, na alone exemplified in tho new automatic sowing-machine of the WlUoox Jb Gibbs S. M. Co. Pianos, Organs, Sheet-Music, Muslo- Books, violins, guitars, braes and German-silver band instru ments, flutes, clarions!*, banjos, tauiboanncs, drums, accordeoos, concertinas, dulcimers, harmonicas, vio lin and guitar strings, etc., etc., In endless variety, at ths Root & Sons Muslo Co.’s, No. ISO State street. To tho Housekeeping Public. Wo bare sold thousands of stoves and ranges dur ing twenty-four years, and have yet to know of a ran<{o to give tbs satisfaction of either tbo Empress or Richmond’s Palace range. Dalton, 102 State street. Swiss and Nottingham Lace curtains. Probably the roost desirable lot ever seen In Chicago la for sale by IlUgor, Jenkins h Faxon, whom you all know. Nos. 339 and 331 Stale street. Ozonised Ox-Marrow for the Hair, b 7 Buck A Earner, maker* of tho “ Mara " Cologne, BIRTHS. BTRlToH—Thursday. April 38. at 840 West Twelfth si., Mrs. Samuel Btritcn, of a daughter. DEATHS. PHILLIPS—M«y 3, of scarlet fever, Robert It., youngest son of William and Jolla Phillips, aged 0 yean 0 months and i days. Funeral Thursday, May 5, at 3 p. m., from 155 North Moraan-st., by carriages to Rosenlll. Friends of the family are invited. EDERSOLE—May 1, Bertha Mary, daughter of Joseph and Mary Ebersol, aged 3 yean 11 months and 11 days. Funeral from 5155 Wcntworth-av., May 3,3 p, m. FRASGIIERB—May 1, Blanche, Infant daughter of Gabriel and Eugenio Francbero, aged 11 months. Funeral from residence. 183 Blue Island-av., Wednesday morning, tar" Montreal pspon please copy. LANDIS—Very suddenly, yesterday morning, Susanna Landis, mother of Un. T. O. Wilson. Funeral at tha rcaldeuco (M 3 Fulton-st. Thursday morning st 8 o’clock. Remains will be taken to Rich mond, Hi,, for interment. KNOTT—In City of Elgin, 111, April 39, John P. Knott, aged 6T years and 3 months. BOTINGTON—May 1, Mrs Emsrett P. Boylogton, wife ol Euos O. Boyiugton, Funeral Wednesday at 3 p. m. from residence cor ner Forly-tlflh and South Doarborn-st. Carrligos to Grace land. Friends are invited. DALY—In this city, May 3, of consumption, Jessie 8. Daly, aged 31 years. Funeral will take place from her late residence, 38 Campbell Park, Thursday, 4tb Inst., by carriages to Calvary. Friends are invited, * lIEERWAOEN—May 3, Charley 0., youngest son of August F. and Barbette Userwageu, aged 10 years 5 months and 13 dyya. Funeral Thursday at 10 a. m. from 691 North Wells ■e, by earrrlage to calvary. Friends of the family are invited. UcGlN—May 2, at Mercy Hospital, Mother Mary Francis Xavier UcQln, of the Convent of Mercy, Ot tawa, in the 491 h year of her age and the 38th year of her religious profession. This eminently-gifted lady was one of the first mem bers of Uio Order of Mercy in the West, and dlallo ?ulehod for sinooro and unassuming piety, as well as or many amiable qualities of mind and heart, by which sue endeared herself to all who came within her holy influence or had the happiness of witnessing (be heroic example and sdlfylng Ufa of this fervent religious. R. 1. P. * O'lmiKN— May 1, John o’Hrlen. Funeral will take place from lilt late residence, 218 Uoyne-et, by cars to Calvary. POLITICAL ANNOUN CEMEN TS. SEVENTH WARD, The Republicans of the Seventh Ward meet this evening at No. Ml Dlua Island-av, to reorganise the Club and elect ofilcere. SIXTEENTH WARD, A meeting of the Sixteenth Ward Republican Club will be held Thursday evening at U o'clock, at JJeder krans Uall, No. 6CB North Wella-st. A prompt attend* ante la raqueated. VAI. BUll, President, AUOTIONSALESs By S. N. FOWLiilt Afc CO., Auctioneers, 271 and 276 East Madison-eU THIS DAY, AT 10 A. M. An immense and very Urge aalo of New and Boo* ond-band ptnuiriTunEi, comprising the contents of an 60-room hotel and an 11-room house, removed to our store for convenience. U. W. Bedsteads, Bureaus. Commodes, Parlor-Sets, Wardrobes, Bookcases, Crockery, Glass and 8. P. Ware. Carpets, of all kinds and grades, in large va riety. Dealers and housekeepers wIU please take no tice that this sale Is NOT LIMITED. • PARKER HOUSE FURNITURE, Corner of Madison and Hals ted-sts,, at auction this day and to-morrow, at 10 a. m. Entire Furniture, Beds, bedding. Carpets, etc., of 101 rooms, 8. N. FOWLER k CO, Auctioneers. HIRAM BRUSH, Salesman. By JAB. P. McNAMAIIA # CO., IX7 Wabasb-av., n. w. oor. Madlson-at. 600 LOTS BOOTS, SHOES, AND LEATHER AT AUCTION, Thursday Morning, May I, at 9:80 o’clock. IAS. r. MoHAMARA It CO* Auctioneer*. AUCTION SALES. BUTTERS t CO.’S REGULAR SALE, wedncsilar Horning, May 3, at 9:30 O'clock, At 118 .nd 130 dUbait,..., N. E. eor. 300 PAOKAGE3 ASSORTED GLASSWARE, WHITE QBAHITE WABE, - In Packages and Open Lois. Yellow and Rockingham Ware, All-Wool Carpets, Fine Table Cutlery. Cigars, 30 brla Ground Coffoe, Ac., Ac. At 13 o’clock. PHAETONS. BUGGIES, A HARNESS, 63 WALLACE - ST. STOCK OF Groceries, Wines and Llprs, Cigars, Crocterj, to Alto Hone, Wagon, and Barness will be Kid a Auction, Wedncaday, May 8, at 10 a. m. WM. A. BUTTERS fc CO., Auctioneer*. 300 LOOKING-GLASSES! 400 FRAMES.' AT ATTOTION, WEDNESDAY MORNING, MATS, 1870, At our Salesroom*, 118 end IJOWabtah-av, WM. A. BUTTERS A CO.. Auctioneer*. BUTTERS £ CO.’S REGULAR TEABE SALE. Desirable lines of STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS, REGULAR MADE CLOTHING, For Men’s, Boys’, and Youth’s Wear. FURNISHING GOODS, Holtons, Edgings, Embroideries, Hosiorj Gloves,■ Hats, Gaps, Boots and Shoos, ALSO STRAW GOODS. THDIISDAT MORNING, MAT 1. M o:3d o'clock, kl their Auction Room*, 118 and 130 Wabaah-av., north. east comer of Madlaon-at. 155 Warren-av. CHATTEL MORTGAGE SALE OP RICH HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, WILTON i BRUSSELS CARPETS, PIANO-FORTE, Ac. At resident* No. IBS Warran-ar., on THURSDAY, Hay 4, at 10 o’clock a. m. The entire furniture—Parlor and chamber sets, Wfl. ton, Brussels, and wool carpeta, dining room fnrnl ture, china, glass, bedding, pictures, and everything necessary for housekeeping, all In the best of order and nearly new, liy order of the mortgagee. WM. A, BUTTERS k CO.. Auctioneers. BUXTBES & CO.’S SATURDAY SALE, Saturday, Hay 0,0:30 o’clock, a. m., at their aaleirooms, 118 and 120 Wabaah-ev., FtrnKTITTfIIE, Carpels, Pianos. llotiseliolil Goods, Etc. By BLISON, POMEKOIT & CO. Auctioneers. 64 and 60 Bandolph-st FOB 1 Wiitfioift JEWELRY, Silver or Plated Ware, GO TO A. H. MILLER'S GREAT CLEARING AUCTION SALES, EVERY DAT THIS WEEK, at 10:30 a. ra* and 2:30 p. m. Also Saturday Evening at 7:30 o’clock. At 61 Washington-st ELISON, POMEROY k 00.. Auctioneers. Mr. J. 11. FRENCH will conduct the sals. BANKRUPT SALE •A.T ATJCTIOUST, At oar Salesrooms, 84 & SO llundolph-st., Wednesday Morning, May 3, at 10 o’clock, fir order of R. E. Wilcox, Assignee, we will e«U tkt entire stock P. Rotllnger, Bankrupt, consisting of gen* eral stock Tinware, llanlwaro, Uousefurnlshing Goods, etc., Table Oullexr, Plated Ware, Tin Pall Coven.Dip* per Handles, Patty Pans, Scollop Pans, Plain rani, Drinking Cups. Also, a general stock Shelf Hardware, ELISON, POMEROY 4 CO.. Auct’rs. AtNo. 798 Wabash-av., TUUKSDAY, Jlaj 4. »t 10 o'clock, We sell the entire EiraseW Efficts of a Largo Private BesUenca Brussels end Wool Carpets, Mantel Mirror, Parlor Suit, Marblo-top Chamber Set, Dining-room Furniture, lunge, Crockery and Glassware, Sterling Silver and Plated Ware, Bookcase and Library of rare end valua ble books, 300 volumes. Rale unreserved. ELISON. POMEROY 4 CO.. Auctioneer*. At No. 39 Tiiirteontli-st,, between Wabash snd Michlgan-ars., Thursday Morning, May 4, at 10 o’olotA The entire Household Furniture at auction. On( splendid Plano, Carpets. Parlor, Chamber, and Din lug-Room Furniture, Crockery and Glassware, Ac., An ELISON, POMEROY 4 CO., Auctioneers. For May Morning, May 5, al 9:30 o’clock IMMENSE DISPLAY New Parlor Suits, New Chamber Seta, A fall line BRUSSELS AND WOOL CARPETS, Lounges, Sofas, Bookcases, Secretaries, Eztenslof Tables, Marble-top Tables, Boqt, Stands. Easy ho., 4c. A large stock good Used Furniture from prk vale residence. Crockery, Glass snd China Ware, Ts* ble Cutlery, Plated Ware, General Merchandise. 4c. ELISON, POMEROY 4 CO., By G. P. GOKE CO., 68 and 70 Wabash-av. No. 461 West Washington-at., Near corner Bheldoa-el,, Chattel mortgsgesalo of Elegant Household Furnlltuf and Plano, on Wedneeday, May 3, at 10 o'clock prompt Marble-Top Chamber Sets, Brocatelle and lieu Pirloc Bets, elegant Marble-Top Tables, Bedsteads, Bureaus Commodes, Extension Tables, Sideboards, Dmlni Chairs, Paintings, Refrigerators, Beds and Bedding. Pnrlor and Cook-Stoves, Glass, China, and Plated Ware, Velvet, Brussels, and Wool Carpet, two elegant Her Mirrors, with Cornice to match. Plano, Stool, and Cover. G. P. GORE 4 CO., Auct'r*. GEO. DP. GOBS Sc CO., 08 and 71 WADABH-AV., Will at their regular weekly Auction Bale on Wedat* day, May 3, offer an unequaled line of BOOTS, SHOES, AMI SIMS, In all alylea and varieties, Including a Urge variety of •CHILDREN'S COLORED GOODS. Catalogue! and goods ready for inspection Monday. GEO. P. QOUB k CO.. Ci and 10 Wabash** On Thursday, May 4. at 9J o’clock, We shall close out a very large and good aasortmant • •Household Furniture. BE ON HAND FOE THIS BALE. Elegant Parlor and Chamber Beta, Sideboards. Wsi* nut Wardrobes, Hall Trees. Easy Chairs, EitensloS Tables, Whatnots, Lounges, Wslnut Obslrs and Rock* era, Marble-top Table*,Wslnut Bedsteads and Boresns, Book Cases. Parlor and Office Desks, Show Oases, Maß Irosses, Springs. Carpets, Oil Cloth, etc. __ By \VM. F. CO., At the private residents 101 South Panllna-st.. near Adams-st., the entire content* at auction, Thuraday morning, alay 1, at 10 o'clock, consisting of Brusius and wool carpet*, nurbto-top chamber furniture One Beautiful Parlor Suit, velvet puffings, dining, sitting-room, kllchsn, ana laundry furniture, crockery, cUasvsre, putwl-ware, a Legislator cook-slove, boaUng-ilovo. eto. Bale pom tlva, and without reserve WIL F. HOBOES k CO., Auctioneers. 682 West Lake-sU CONFECTIONERY. throughout CANDY ifetSM

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