Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 4, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 4, 1876 Page 1
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VOLUME 29. SUITS, CTX)AKB, &o. pm •BROTHERS. Are daily receiving the Latest Nov tltiee in Ladies’ t Misses’, and Ohild ren’s Suits, comprising in materials ill the newest fabrics of foreign and iomestio manufacture. Elegant Ooatumoa in plain, fancy striped, checked, and Damassee Silks, in all shades, from SSO to $175; most of them are copies from import ed Suits, and many direct from Paris. Very stylish Street Suits, in all wool and silk-and-wool materials, at SB, $lO, sl2, sls, S2O, $25, and S3O, upwards. Manufactured of the newest fabrics in. plain, plaids, stripes, and bro cades, and in the most popular com binations. LINEN SUITS. Just opened, tho choicest selection of Linen Suits, Overskirts, and Basques; French Oamhrio Suits, in navy blue, black, and seal brown. CLOAK DEPARTMENT. Drap Do Tate Saoques and Mantles, trimmed handsomely with silk, moss trimming, fringe, and lace, at SB, 810, sl2, sls, $lB, S2O, upwards, Misses' and Children's Suits, Boys’ Kilt and Qabrielle Suits, in pique and linen, plain and embroidered, for all ages, from $1 npwards. Dressmaking a specialty. Orders executed on short notice. 121 and 123 State-st. FIRM CHANGES! COPARTNERSHIP, jfr, L. J. Bom has this do/ been admitted u port* Ber to the Ann ofPerldns ft Btern, who will continue lbs California Wine Trad* under the firm name of Per kina, 6Urn ft Co. B. 0. PERKINS, CIIAB. STERN, L, J. ROSE. OfeiSfgo, May 1,1876, REMOVAL. PERKINS, STERN & OO. f TUB PIONEER 0 AUTOENIA WINE HOUSE UAH r.KMOVKD TO 111 East Randolph-st. FIBM CHANGE. We. the undersigned, have this day trans ferred our Interest and good will in the Broom Oom business to Thomas IT, Dunton, who will continue tho business at 121 ana 123 East Klnsle-st., whore be will bo pleased to seo the patrons of tho late linn, and either party will sign in liquidation of all unsettled accounts of that branch of tho business. THOMAS WIGHT, W. H. GOODNOW, Chicago, May 1,1816. T. F. DUNTON. The undersigned will continue the General Commission business under the old firm namo of Wight, Goodnow A Co., at Boom 10, No. 112 LaSalle-st, THOMAS WIGHT, _ W. H. GOODNOW. DISSOLUTION. Tba ml aetata copartnership hitherto existing nn. Am the Dune of Btom M War* ia this day (Huolrcd by mutual consent. D. W. BTOIUIS, E. 0. WAEH. Chicago, Majl, U7I. D. Tf. Btom will continue tha bualneaa at the old place, 9i Boom 18, making a specialty «f loui and appraisal*. DISSOLUTION. The copartnership heretofore existing under the Bams of Johnson it Vrocnan la dissolved by mutual consent. IU J. Johnson will continue the htulnewi, par nil debts, and collect all bills. It. J. JOIINBON, T. J. DROBNAK, Msyl. 1670. TO RENT. Dtsiiai Glees TO RENT ITT TUB TRIBUNE BUILDING. INQUIRE OP WILLIAM 0. DOW, Hoorn 10, Tribune Building. WATER CURE. KENOSHA WATER CUBE, JENOBUA, WU. Recently enlarged and improved, tine take view, and good boating. Hummer/ re markably cool, and climate delightful. Chronic Die* laaea; Diseases of Nervous Bystem. For circulars, bras, etc., addrou N. A. PENHOYER, M. D., Pbyai !j*n. or « E. I'ENNOYEIt. Proprietor. COLLECTION AGENCY ZDXC3-- Wo proaeouto War. Mercantile and Marina Claims n any But* or amount anywber* in tha United HUU* tnd Canada, by UUgatlou or otherwise, without at torneys* foes in lulls, or charge unleae collected. Ee labliahed 1813. Send for circular. FItABIEIFB Ool* action Agency, State and Monroo-sts.. Chicago. Philadelphia adveb.tibem'ts CENTENNIAL HOARDING AND LDDDING MUB. J. HAMILTON TUOMAB, Wormetly bookseller and nublieber). Terms W par day, llMi CIIKBT.NUT-BT.. PHILADELPHIA, Care to tbe Exhibition pasa tha door. MBNTKRMAL i-ODGINQ UOOMB-AOOOMMODA tJ tlen for gentlemen lodir.rv |> rsely filted-up private offii “/r m Palin FINANCIAL. FIDELITY SAVINGS BANK SATTP DEPOSITORY, Nh. 110, 116 and 147 Randolph**!. THE VAULTS of this Institution are the accepted models ot Safe Depositories throughout the United States. They are built of Boltd masonry, and are lined with steel plates several inches thick. They con stitute an absolutely IMPREGNABLE FORTRESS against the assaults of any and all Burglars living. Their utter defiance of fire Is proved by the foot that they withstood tho GREAT CONFLAGRATION 07 IB7L They afford a place of supremo security for the storage of Honor, Coin* Jewelry. Silver* Plate. Deeds, Ronds, Wills, and valuables of all kinds. Recant additions and improvements have made the FIDELITY the most complete and extensive, os it hoe always been the most bo cure, Safe Depository in the world. Single Boxes and Drawers for Bent from $6 to $76 a r "%m SAVINGS DEPARTMENT of this institution pays interest at tho rate ot Oper cent per annum on Savings Deposits and Trust Funds, This interest is added to tho principal on tho Urst day of oaoh Janua ry and July. JOHN O.ITATFEB, President; JARED GAGE, Vice President; CHAItLEd J. HAINES, Cashier; GEORGE M. GAGE, Assistant Cashier. ■ 7 PER CENT. Xargs loans at SEVEN! loans over 15,000 at 8. On band to lead at o, Sl,ooBj £2.200; |9.600; 53,000, 80UDDEB k MASON, 107-109 Doarborn-st. FURNITURE. POPULAR MIME HOUSE! SPIEGEL & CAM. 251 & 253 "WaLasli-av. We have just received a ftill lino of WAKEFIELD RATTAN SOFAS, EASY, ROCKING, and SEWING CHAIRS, WORK TABLES, etc., which wo are soiling at manufac turers’ prices. The best lino of Parlor and Cham ber Sots in the city, GREATLY RE DUCED. Sideboards, Extension Tables, Hat Troes, oto., etc., lower than tho lowest. Give us a collboforoyoupurchase. NEW PUBLICATIONS. M Xhe Handsomest Periodical in the World.” THE ART JOURNAL, CONSISTING OF THE LOHDOH AKT JOUENAL, WITH EXTENSIVE ADDITIONS BY THE AMERICAN PUB. USHERS, DEVOTED TO NATIVE ART AND HOME TOPICS. Humber for MAY, 1870, just ready. contains I.—STEEL PIRATES. 1. OPHELIA. From a Painting by Junes Sortr&nd. 1L TUB BONNET. From the Picture in the Sheep shanks Collection. HI. Xilß BEGGAR. From a Drawing in the possea aion of 0. W. Mansell Lewis, Esq.,' Btradey, Llanelly. IT,—ARTICLES. 1. COLORADO. 11. With Illustrations by J, D. Woodward. 2. THE HOMES OF AMERICA. IV. Illustrated. 3. BALTIMORE ART-EXHIBITION. 4. TUB WORKS OF JOHN T. PKF.I.K, Illustrated. B. CORRESPONDENCE. 0. TRADITIONS OF CHRISTIAN ART. By the Her. Edward L. Cutta, B. A, Illustrated. 7. OPHELIA. B. TUB SONNET. 0. INDIA AND ITS NATIVE PRINCES. Ulus tratod. 10. AMERICAN ART-MANUFACTURES. Illustrated. 11. AMERICAN PAINTERS —WORTHINGTON WUITTUEDOE, N. A. Illustrated. 12. THE PROPOSED REORGANIZATION AND UNION OF THE PITTI. UFFI/.1, AND OTHER GALLERIES AND MUSEUMS OF FLORENCE. By James Jackaon Jarrea. 13. FABLES ILLUSTRATED. 14. THE BEGGAR. 18. ART IN ITALY. 10. THE ROMANCE OF GREAT ARTISTS. 17. THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN. 18. NOTES. Published monthly. Price, loventy-flre cents per number, or nine dollars per annum. Sold only by nubecrlptloo, either by yearly subecnptlon. delivered through the poet, prepaid, or payable monthly on de livery by the carrier. Subscriptions received by tbe Publishers, or their Agents. AQKMOtns: 33 llawley-at,, Uoaton; 033 Chestnut*!., Phtladelphls; 33 Poet Oftlce-av., Balti more ; 100 Blate-HU, Albany; 43 Btate-sl., Rochester; 103 Htata-at., Chicago; 30 West Fourth-st., Cincinnati; 303 Locuat-et., St. Loala; 30 St. Gharlos-et., Maw Or* leans; 330 Butler-at., Ban Francisco. D. APPLETON A CO., Publishers. 640 and BSI Broadway, Now York. PROPOSALS. you iiiuokb fou tiik u. h. ous* X toin-lioua* and Fost-OfUos at Chicago, IlllooU. Office of Nuperintendont U. H. Custom-House and! Fott-Offlee, Chicago. Illinois, May J, IWfl. .£ Scaled Proposals will bo received at thli Office until 11 m. of ttae IMhday of May. 1878. lor furnishing and de livering at tbe elte of the United hla lee Unstum-llouM and Foat-Olfiee, Chicago, IlllooU, one million, more or leu, hard burned brtoka, aound and free from llmetlone. efthn beat quality taken from the heart of the kiln. No ultimo. auft. or defective bricks of any kind will be re* cekvod, and a sample of brick moat be aobmittod with each proposal. . . . . Delivery moat be made at each times, and la each quautltloa, aa may be deemed neceuary by the Super* Inteodeut. All bide nut be made on tbu printed form to be ob* laloed on application at this office. and mart be accom panied by a penal bond of two roaponalble persona la the sum of (wo tuuusand ($3,0011) duller*. that the bidder wtil accept and perform the contract ll awarded hint, or In case the Untied States should so desire will execute a contract la accordance «|lth the terms of this advertise* moot and hla proposal, and give inch security (or the faithful performance thereof as shall be deemed aatia* (aciunr to the United BlaU**, the sufficiency of the aeourl* tv In each case to be certified to br the U. B. Judge, Clerk of the U. H. Court, or tbu Uutriet Attorney of toe District In which the bidder resides. Ferments will be made monthly, deducting ten per cent until tbe final completion ol the contract. The Department reserves the right to reject any or all bide. If It us deemed la the Internet of the Uovernmantto do an. or to obtain the bricks required from more than onu bidder. . ... , . , FtoDuSAla must ba enclosed In naiad envelope*, to* doneu, "Proposals fur Itrioka for the United Slalee ?fisaS“" “ d sto.- 4 SALT. WE ABE IN BEOEIPT OP SEV EBAL OABQOES NEW SAGINAW FINE SALT, Which wo ollbr to tbo Trade by car go or oar lots. ELKINS St WHEELEE, Oflloo, 41 Laho-it. FIRE EXTINGUISHER. FIRE! GRAND AL’S FIRE EXTINGUISHER, SPRINKLER, & WASHER. The beat thing In use for putting oat inclpiont fires, sprinkling lawns and streets, washing windows and carriages, and invaluable for drenching plants and trees with Paris Qroon or other poisoned wa ter to expel insects. Very simple, works easily, and can ho used by a child or lady. Alwoys ready. CHEAPER THAN HOSE AND PAR MORE USEFUL, RETAILS IFOIR SB.OO. Canvassers apply to E. M. CEANDAL, Patentee, 73,74 and 76 Lako-st, P. STUHGES & CO., Bole Manufacturers, CARPETS. tu>. REDUCTION! E.A.LANCASTEE&CO, 233 State-st., are closing out ALLEN, MACKEY & CO.'s stock at a still further re duction from current prices. House Furnishers, Hotel Keep ers, Merchants, and others, will find hero a rare opportunity to purchase goods cheap. Carpetings, Oil Cloths, and Mat tings of all grades. SPECIAL BARGAINS in Curtains and Upholstery Goods, Plushes, Nottingham and Swiss Lace Curtains, Hilliard Cloths, &c., &c. E. A. LANCASTER &CO., 5338 STATE-ST., QBE BLOCK BOOTH OF PALMER IIOPBB. GOAL. Wiliiltoi Coal REDUCED. On and after this date, until further notice, the price of Wil mington Coal ■will he $4.50 per ton delivered. Chicago, Wilmington & Vermillion Coal Co. Wilmington Star Coal Co. Wilmington Coal Uining and HannT'g Co. Knreica Coal Co. WINDOW TRANSPARENCIES, WINDOW TRANSPARENCIES. WINDOW TRANSPARENCIES. WINDOW TRANSPARENCIES. WINDOW TRANSPARENCIES. WINDOW TRANSPARENCIES. WINDOW TRANSPARENCIES. WINDOW TRANSPARENCIES. A fashionable form of Art for the embellishment of the household. For sale by first-class dealers gener ally. The trade supplied by HENRY WOOD A CO.. Importers and Manufacturer*. 81 it 83 Madlson-st. GENERAL. NOTICE^ 3STOTIOI3. CITY TAX DISCOUNTS. TUB SAFEST INVESTMENT FOR YOUR MONEY - IS IN YOUR OWN TAX ES, especially wbenyou oan got a HAND SOME DISCOUNT. The Oily of Chicago will, at any time before Mar 20,1870, bor row from persona owing City Real Estate Taxes for the year 1878, tbe amount of such taxes, allowing two (2) per cent discount, and will issue voucher* therefor which may bo used at once, or hold until the owner is pro pared to pay bis other taxes. By order of tbe Mayor and Finance Com mittee. Apply to B. B. HAYES. Comptroller. Room 3. City Hall. 3JTOTIOB- AH persona having claims against the Ht« firm of Oregior, Clarks k Co., are hereby requested to present the same for adjustment. Those Indebted to the eatd firm will please call and pay eatne. UAIIIIY DUVALL, Assignee, Continental Dolt Works, comer of Market audlluron-sts. ■ ASSIGNEE’S SALE OF DRYGOODS At SI and B« Btate-et., BRAY, FBKNOU k CO., by J. Irving I‘earce, Assignee. ZOLINE. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. VTe, tha undersigned, hereby agree to pay traveling expenses and Ton Dollars in Gold Coin To any pereon who will come to our Office, 131 lake, at., Chicago, and uaa Zollne according to our printed direction* and demonstrate tout that It doea not per form what we claim for It in our printed circular. STONE b CO. SPORTSMEN’S GOODS. 6UNS, FISHING TACKLE, ETC. At E. E. EATON’S, 53 Stato-st. ESTABLISHED IM3, REMOVAL. iRBitVEO’V.A.Xi. C. I JORDAN. DlisMr, UABUEMOVEO TO 114 Monroo-st., near Clark. CHICAGO, THURSDAY, MAY 4, 1876. WASHINGTON. Le Moyne Finally Succeeds in Ousting Charley FarwelL Belknap Indicted by (be District Grand Jury for. Deceiv ing Bribes. Public-Printer Clapp to Be Turned (her to tbe Tender Mercies if the .Same Body. Some of the Provisions of the Naval Appropriation Bill, Miss Sweet Summoned to Testify in the Campbell Investigation. Little Johnny Davenport Again Floors Our Barney’s Committee. Proposed Legislation to Restrict Rates on tbe Union Pacific Road. FARWELL UNSEATED. THE CLOSING DEBATE AND VOTE. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Jribtms. Washington, D. C., May 3,—Tbe Houbo to day unsealed Charles B. Farwell and declared J. V. Le Moyne entitled to the seat from the Third Illinois District. Blaokbarn. of Kentucky, closed the debate. Blackburn always scema to speak with a chip on bis shoulder. He did so to-day. There is a great deal of the flavor of Southern chivalry about Blackburn, and hie air seems to defy those who differ from him. Tho flrsttialf hour of bis speech was a bitterly partisan ar raignment of tbe Republicans for their alleged unfairncas in Congress, while Blackburn him self and tho Urge class he repre sents are standing monuments of the magnanimity of the Republicans. Tho letter of Mr. Farwcll, recently published In Tiik Ciucaoo Tribune, in which Farwall character!zee the Democratic ma jority aa EX-CONFEDERATES and unreconstructed Rebels, wsa made tbe text for Blackburn's harangue. It waa a letter which did Mr. Forwell’e cause no hurt si parties stood, but which would have been politically Indiscreet if bo had more friends In the majority. Blackburn treatod thin let ter and denounced Republican history with a planta tion swagger and declamatory bombast some times exhibited in members newly come to the ball of Congress, lilackbum, 1b tbe arro gance of his speech, again illustrated Ben Hill's famous saying that the ex-Conledoratco in com ing to Congress have come back to their father’s bouse, and come to stay. Tbe vote was first taken np on the snbetUnte of tba minority, declaring that Farwell was entitled to re tain bis nett. Upon this resolution the yeas were VH ; nays, P.'S, Whereupon tbe majority report, declaring Le Moyne entitled to tbe seat, waa adopted by a viva voce vote. The voting was almost entirely partisan, but it was noticeable thslldunar, O’Brien, and Wll shire, of the Democrats, voted against Le Moyne. Lamar waa urged to make a speech in favor of Farwell, but declined to do ao. BELKNAP. THE IMPEACHMENT TRIAL. spen«l DinwUth to The Chictnao /Wtmne. Washington, D. C., Mi «.* B.—oen. Belknap, Id conversation to-day, exp l eased lilmaelf|na per* fectly confident of acquittal aboald tbo Bonato decide that it h&a Jurisdiction. He was very bitter ou ItapreHOutativß Clymor, whose duplicity he said was unparalleled, lie aaid that Clymer was dead now, but that be waa not done with nlm, anil aa soon aa the trial waa over be would bo at tended to. [To(ht AHortaltJ I'rrtm,] CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS. Washington, D. C.. May 3.—Tbs Grand Jury of tbe District Oi Columbia barn agreed upon a presentment against W. W. Belknap, late Hecrrtary of War, for tbe Sieged acceptance of bribee In bU official station. Tbe summous sent out yesterday for Mrs. Caleb P. Marsh waa returned by tbe Marshal indorsed “non ret." A. 8. U. White. Lonsdale 0. Twitch*), late uf the Indian OOlce; Duncan Thompson, of the Interior Department; Mr. McEwing and J. B. 800, of tbo I“en slon Agency, were examined by tbe Grand Jury to day. Tbe presentment of Gen. Belknap U in the bands of the District-Attorney, who wilt prepare a formal in dictment. TUB HOUBB COMMITTER HARM UP ITS MIND. .Special DUixUeA to Tht Chuaao mount. Washington, D. C., May 3.—Tbo iloooo Com mittee on Printing baa agreed to ila rei>ort in tbe matter of its invoatigatiou of tbe Public Printer, and will proooul It to the House for ac tion aa soon aa the testimony lu printed. Tlie report covers about twenty pages of manu script, sad after a summary of the voluminous evidence, will recommend that tbe Public Printer bo presented to the District Grand Jury for indictment upon six chargee. Those charges consist of specific allegations of alleged mal feasance In office. Tbe Committee bae decided tbut it has no Jurisdiction to impeach tbe Public Printer, as bo Is an officer of tbe Seuate. TUB PRINCIPAL PROSECUTORS of Olapp have been tbe Brothers lUvca, whose fattier for so many years published the Convreuitmti GM*, and out of Its profits made an Immense fortune. The ultimate object of Investigation in the last and present Congresses was to again secure from tbeUoveroniwt tbe contract for thoprlulUigof the Congressional proceed ings. They lure been a little more nucrMwfiil la this Congress than they were with the lost. Tiny have not only succeeded in showing that Uio Government Pnul lug-Otfioe la managed lu a slovenly manner, hut they have also induced the Printing Committee to agree to retiort a bill which, under certain specified conditions, will provide that the contract for printing Cungmtlonal proceedings shall again be given to tbe Rives Bros. Tbe entire drift of tbe lUn-s before tbo I'rlutlng Committee has b*ou to show that the Ihibtlo Printer has printed the Congressional proceedings FOR LESS THAN COST, and charged the deficit to the Department and Con gressional printing. Tbe main ground npoa which tbe Indictment of the Printer Is ceouumeuded la wastage of material. TnE NAVY. BECHET INVESTIGATION, cfprnai DUvateh to Tht CVucaoe Tribune, Washington, D. 0., May 3.—The Committee od Expenditures in the Kary Department exam* ined for three home to-day the financial agent and lobbyist Benjamin Cheover. The Committee enjoined secrecy both upon tbe witness and members of the Committee until Cboever’s testi mony is concluded. It is generally understood, however, that bis testimony haj directed to the droamstances under which the Daring Brothers were dismissed as financial agents of the Gov ernment in Europe, and Henry Clews >t Co. ap pointed in their place. Unless Cheevors told a very different story to tbe Committee from that which he recently swore to in the suit in Now York, the change was made through the in fluence of the lobby tlnu of Choevcr A Van Buren, of which Cheerur is the only known member. TUB ANNUAL UUDOLT. The Bub-CommiUoe of tfio House Committee ou Appropriations having iu charge the Naval bill, had a long conference with (Secretary Hobo son to-day with reference to tbo proposed re duction*. The figures, aa considered by the Commit tee, were referred to the Secretary, most of the re ductions receiving bts approbation. The amount esti mated by the Navy Department fur tbe nest fiical year was 117.000.1i00, which by the Uub-Commlt tee was cut down to U'ASUJ.wC. Tbe prin cipal reductions were tnado in the llurvaue of Ordnance, Straw Eustiufiiug. aud Construction rud lU'palr.RTlu-re will be very Utile money exjvnded lu the next yiur on heavy ordnance, aud it wlil bo dllUcult for the Secretary of the Navy to find muney In the present bill to squander by the hundreds of thousands In con verting smooth bores to ride ordnance through tbs sgency of Norman Wiard or any other Inventor. There will be found less money to spend ea improvements of etas is anginas, elc,, ami hi butid- lag new ships of wsr out of sfew old Umbers under the appropriation for repair*. Tb# Jblll pro posed by tbe Sob-Committee reduces the number of satiated men in the navy from 8,500 to 7.50 Q. Tbe rank aod file of tho Marine Corps ia not disturbed,bot It la provided that tbs officers, now numbering KM, •ball bs . _ (ißAPthtxxT niDtrosp by the earaalttea at tbe service, each « death, mig ration, etc., until (here shall be eevsoty-flre, which shall be the permanent establishment. When a va cancy occurs It U not to be filled, but the present of ficer* are not to be Interfered with. Tbe Committee baa considered at several meetings pa propriety of discontinuing several of tbs >e*a important navy-yards, and thus effect a considerable saving to the Government, for tbe reason that tha yards In nutation are inaccessible, and In some cues tbe work done at them costs more tb&n at mot* central yards. Tha yards it was proposed to discontinue were those at Washington, Boston, New London, sad Rlltery, It was, however, dodded that soon a coomb was inexpedient, and instead of stopping work entirely and removing tha machinery and supplies as proposed iti pre vious bills, the Committee concluded that it was beet to make small appropriations for three yards, sufficient to prevent the machinery from spoiling, and to keep tbe •applies In order. The bill will be referred to (he full Committee to morrow, and reported to the House on Friday or Hate nrday. Hew Town, Msy 3.—Tbe Bub-Commlttce of the House of Representatives' Committee on Naval Affairs took testimony to-night in connection with Brooklyn Navy-Yard affairs. Startling disclosures have been made by some witnesses. The report will contain toms astounding facta, and Ik fa rumored that several par ties ora implicated. Washington. D. 0., May 3.—'The White lloubo Committee on Civil Service Reform boa decided to investigate the stories according to which Miss Sweet, the Chicago Pension Agent, for a consid erable time it alleged to have paid Ben Camp* boll, United States Marshal of the Northern Die* triot of Illinois, and ihe father-in-law of Qen. Babcock, a considerable sum of monoy monthly. The investigation is also to cover the allegation that Miss Bweet, by the same means, was com pelled to pay and did pay some $3,000 on an account of the late Chicago Pension Agent, David Dlakeley. UiM Sweet has already been anmmoncd, and la ex pected to arrive here very toon. In connection with this story a statement is made that the knowledge of those payments was brought to the attention of the iTesideut last summer, when be forbade her paying any more money to any person for similar reasons, and assured her that she could retain her ptaro during lus administration. It Is alau aafd that the Committee will Inquire into tho reasons which led to the appointment under Mias Sweet to an alleged sinecure place of Qeorge Campbell, a relation of Ben jamin Campbell. ADDITIONAL TESTIMONY It STUBS THE FOREIGN Washington, D. 0., May 3.—At the meeting of tho Committee on Foreign Affairs to-day. in tbe matter of Gon. Gehensk, bis counsel said if the Committee should be of the opinion that certain correspondence of Park, BcbencK. and •Fisher was proper to be considered, he would waive all objection, and leave tho Committee perfectly free to act. It was decided by the Committee that tho papers which have already found their way mlo pant should not be re ceived u evidence, hut if Gen. Bchsnck desired to moke a statement he waa at liberty to do eo. Gen. Sebenck said that, while it waa true he give Fisher inch Information aa he possessed, U waa UTTERLY UNTRUE he had any stock operations with him. As to Duncan, be did not know who he was. Bcbenek said he never telegraphed Chesehrough to sell 2,000 shares of Emma Mine slock, and such shares were never sold. Tbe nae of gchendc’s name by Flahor waa without author ity. The question as to tbe interlineation of two words in Ocn. Scnenck’s letter of resignation hiving been again Introduced, Mr. UewlU said he bad lieen repre sented in tho Associated Press re]>ort as saying yester day tbe interlineations were in Park's handwriting, whereas ha said they were in Schenck’s handwriting. LYON made a statement in support of portions of bis former testimony. He uld ho eaw tho original loiter of reslg nstlon of Gen. Nchcnck as Director of the Kmma Mine Company; at least it so purported to be. Thure waa no reference In It to the mine or sham, but it stated he resigned only because ho did not want to give his political enemies an opportunity to criticise his con duct. Park said to witness ; “i dftn’t like this letter, andl am going to have a bettor one from Bchenck.* Tbe Impression of witness was that Park wrote the final letter of resignation, and Scbenck copied It from Park's manuscript. There was nothing about which he was more positive than these two letters of resigna tion. U. A, Johnson gave bla testimony, and corrolxrrated what Lyon aald concerning the two letters of resigns- Uoo. AdJcurnwL Washington, D, 0.. May 3.—Caulfield’s Com alttoo hod another season with Mr. Davenport to-day. Tbo Chairman tried to make him an swer according to tbo liking of the Democrats, —that la, by yea or no,—but bla moat aunoyiug way of explaining matters at length waa again too much for tbe Committee, and they look a rest till to-morrow, when they will try him again. (fa /h* Attvehutd jy/w.l Washington, D. C., May 3,—Before tbe Commutes on Expenditures in ttU Department of Jostle*/ John Davenport testified that be could not procure any par ticular set of vouchers that would caver tbe particular Bum of $30,000, received from Whltely, but be could furnish vouchers running from tbo time when be first received any money In IHTJ, up to tbo time when bo bad expended it in 1871, covering every dollar that ho bad received, lie produced the vouchers. The Com mittee desired tbo witness to produce every oilier voucher in bla poesaoilon, so that bo might !>e able to eny to tbe Commltloo that be had produced every vouchor that be waa able to produce. Adjourned. THE PACIFIC RAILROADS. UNION PACIFIC TERMINUS. Special Ihtpaleh to J ftt Chicago TViAune. CLAPP. Washington, D. 0., May 3.—The House Com mittee on Pacific Railroads at its meeting to-day considered a bill forbidding the Union Pacific Railroad to charge any higher rate of toll for tbo transportation of freight or passengers across the Omaha bridge than for earning the same over an equal distance on any other part of tbo rood. Thu effect of this bill, should it become a law, will be to carry into effect the late decis ion of tbe Supreme Court of the United fltstca which declared the Omaha bridge to be a part of tbe Union Pacific Railroad. Tbe Committee also took up lor consideration a bill presented by Mr. Throckmorton to provide for tbo completion of the Texas I*Bolllo Railroad. The bill intends the time for the completion of the road un der existing laws eight years, provided the Company shall construct UI mllre of rosd during the first year, thus completing tho main stem of the line to Fort Worth, und the Sherman Brunch, and that during every subsequent year It shall complete st leva! 50 miles of rosd ou the eastern end and •jo miles on (be western, beginning the latter at Ban Diego, Cal. If the Company compiles with this condition the bill proposes to revive tbe land-grant already uado to the road, but does not require tbe Government to guarantee the Interest on tbo bunds of the Company or extend to it any aid not already guaranteed. The bill contains a clause to Erotuut the rlgbU uf homestead settlers on public mis which may bs covered by tbe railroad grant. At tbe request of Mr. I .amor, Chairman of tbe Com* mittoe, a vote on tbe bill was postponed until tbe next ueellug. AMERICAN AND MEXICAN CLAIMS. A NXW TUXATt. DisvaUh to Tin Chicago 7ti6utm. Wasuinoton. D. C,, May B.— The American and Mexican Joint Claims Commission, created by treaty between tbe (wo countries, made in 1871, and tbe term for the continuance of which haa three limes been extended, expired by final limitation on (ho 81st of January last. By a provision of the treaty creating the Commission, it was agreed that if, at tbe expiration of tbo life of tbo Commission, tbe .umpire should not bsvo decided ail the oases which might have been referred to him, be should be al lowed a further period of not more than six mouths for that purpose. By this provision the time within which Sir Edvard Thorn ton, whole sating as umpire, would bo required to render his final derisions, would expire on the SUt of July nest, and, as he baa found it impracticable to complete the work by that time. A NIW TUKATY between the two nations has been negotiated, allowing btm until the 30th of November heat to decide all cases referred to him. Tbe treaty aim provides that as soon after tbe Doth of November next as may be practicable the total amount swarded iu all owes already decided, whether by the Commissioners or by the umpire, which may be decided before that day in favor of the citizens of one party ahali be de-* rin>*A.t lomi amount swarded to tbs citizens of ths THX BROOKI.TN TltlD. MARSHAL CAMPBELL. ■ 158 BWBn'B ALLEGED PAYMENTS TO SEN. bpteial DitpaUh to Tho Chteaoo Intone. SCHENCK. LITTLE J. D. UP-HILL WOIIK. Svoeiat Vitpatch to The Chteagt iTioune. TEXAS PACIFIC. othar party, and the balance fo the amount of $300,000 ■tub be paid »* the City of Meilco or at tha City of Washington . . w oor.n on its equitalcrt. J* 00 ***fore the9lst of .isnoary, 1877. to ment In favor of "hoe citizens a greater ait, may hare been awarded, without any other ded O? 1 than t *. l 9 fc J r i? fcVe bwo to pay perse* of tba Joint Conimleeion. The residue of hi alanee, !t il, all ** psI(110 annual I DtSi fcb»ta, on the 31*t of January of each year, to <*mnt not WW.OO') in my one year, v£ *be whole shall have been paid. The treaty has bV *SUI to the HonaU, * —*— ~ RESUMPTION-o 5 Brixs Bf.ronn the nocss >$ sttea h'nnal Ditvaleh to Th» o,os nftune. Washington, D. C„ May 3.-/S Committee on Banking ami Currency has >? t several days in discussion of the bill Jntro-acod by Mr. Goode repealing that part of tbo Beaumption act of Jan. 14,1875, which fliee Jan. 1, 1879, as the day for the redemption of legal-tender notes in coin. Tbe following substitute, prepared by Mr. Gibson, of Louisiana, hoe boon offered In Committee, and will probably bo voted on at tbo meeting which takes place to-morrow: lit if enacted, tit.. That (be Secretary of the Treasury be and he is hereby authorised and directed after tha Ist day of July. 1876, to set apart out of the receipts for duties on Imported goods emu sufficient to pur chase $13,000,000 of the united States notes during each fiscal year, and to purchase tbe said notes as nearly as may be practicable of tba least denomina tions In order, In equal monthly Installments, under such rules and regulations as may be proper and necessary; I'rocUted, that (he United States notes so purchased shall be canceled and dentroyed, and that the total amount thereof shall be held and considered within etch fiscal year as a part of tbe sinking fund, as is provided by the act approved Feb, 35,18di. THE GENERAL POSTAL BILL. ITS COS.HtUEBATION IN TUX 110088. -Spertal DUvaUh to The: Chieaoo Trtounu Wabui.voton. D. C.. May 3.—The debate upon the Post-Office Appropriation bill was begun in tbo House to-day, Sloan, of Mieeouri, made a eet speech upon the general features of tbo bilb He maintained that under economical manage ment the expenses of the Post-Ofilco Depart ment can bo reduced. Ho entered into to elab orate review of the postal railway system, showed its great advantage to tbo people, and declared himself opposed to any legislation that would (end to cnpplo tbe efficiency of that ser vice. Ho bolieved, however, that tbe ex penses could be greatly reduced. His plan for rcdoctag them was to distribute the amount of transportation more equitably among railroad*, giving tbe grraUst advantage to malit of (be most importance. Tim ho considered could best Iw accomplished by paying a uniform rale per lineal foot for postal car apace, the amount of space re quired to bo exhausted at tbe beginning of each quar ter upon tbe baaia of tbe business of the preceding three months. Is Indorsed by Postmaster-General Jewell, was one of the favorite theories of George 8. Bangs, late Super incucdcnt of the Hallway Service, and u approved by Ur. Vale, his successor. Tbe singular latitude allowed In general dopate upon appropriation bills was Illustrated in the remaining speeches on the bill. Mr. Hea, of Missouri, left tho I'ost-Odlce bill to take care of itself, and made a speech ou commerce and tho finance*. llarrlm of Georgia, used the Post-Office bill os a test for a s]>cocb ou the universal Buffering and depression in the indnstriM of the country,especially with reference to the production of cotton, ana Stevenson, of Illinois, delivered a set speech In •pposiliou to the admission of New Mexico. NOTES AND NEWS* OUSTER. ifvteuil DinmUA to Tht Chicago Tribune. Wahujnqton, D. C., May 3.— Qou. Custer’s conduct as a voluntary prosecutor of tbe Ad ministration boforo tbo Democratic Committees baa been each as to create a very unfavorable Impression against him with tbe authorities bore Military men severely criticise bis conduct as nnsoldicrllke, and there are intimations that Qeu. Custer’s conduct may ultimately bo inves tigated by a military court. It is certain that some of bis testimony has been flatly contra dicted by sworn evtdeucaof creditable witnesses. miles’ stout. Miles. the Vermont convict, bu sent another letter More relative to the cafe-burglary with which bo was connected. In tins letter be gives tlie names of Harrington, Geo. Bibcock, John O, Evaua, A. B. WUliama, and Ciarvoe, Chief of De tective*, m the persons with whom bo directly dealt In arranging the detail* of the conspiracy. In con clcdutg bis letter, Allies says: “The manner Is vtryrlmple. B. was the originator of the thing. He conceived it. It was gotten up to break the force of thu Investigation as to false measurement, etc,, and something of the kind Dad to be done. Thu detail* of the Job were left to Harrington, and, after the scheme so miserably failed, he wac the master spirit In the chicanery that was practiced to cover the thing up, and turn the odium of the thing upon Ur. Alex ander." There la reason to believe that RJlboorn's letter, which wae eo smart and Impudent, was written by ad vice of hi* counsel in tho hope that the House would again aummou him to tell nit story. Aa the matter stands now, tho District Courts will be compelled to try him under hla indictment, and counsel fear ho cannot escape tho penalty prescribed by tho statute. The impudent letter woa a clever trick in hu trial. THE LAKE-FRONT DILLS. The House Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds took no final action to-day on the Lake-Front bill. Tho three bills before the Committee are prac tically alike. All convey whatever right the Govern ment may have to the Lake-Front la (he City of Chicago, with the condition that the right* of all tur tles Im preserved. The only difference tu the talus is the phraseology by which the attempt ia made to pro tect those rights. Stevenson, of Illinois, based bis opposition to the admission of Xcw Mexico mainly upon the absence of the requisite population. He maintained that Us his tory during the 300 years since tho Hp&ntsh authori ties took possession of tt does not warrant its present admission. He said that with so area double that of the btato of Illinois, and almost three time* the aize of the State of hew York, the Territory, with a population of only 111,674. is applying for admission an a State. He contrasted New Mexico with the single county of Mo- Lean, Illinois, and showed that tho bill proposes to runatltutc Xew Mexico, with nue-balf the number of public schools and lees than one-twentieth of the pop ulation, exclusive of Indians and Mexicans, of thla single county, a State. RIDDLE TO PLAINS. A. O. Riddle to-day sent the following letter to Mr. Blaine t Tucanar Evening, May 3, 1876.— 1i0n j. OL Afotns —Sot: Having made the occasion and prepared the means on yesterday from your place on the flour of the House, you oesaulU-d the reputation of James Wolcott Knowltoo, then two years and a half In his grave. Had ho survived until would have remained silent, and your Joe Stewarts and McFar lands would have told no tales, lie left a widowed mother and two young sistere In Washington, and a brother in a distant city, lie wits the husband of my daughter, and as dear to me and mine as if born and reared one of family. It de volves upon mo to vindicate as I best mar his memory from your aspersions, whlrb I shall do at an early day. No one knows better than yourself that 1 am moved to this labor solely by duty to my dead. Very sincerely, (signed) A. O. ItIDDLK, BYXEft. Tbechnacee of the confirmation of Wirt Bykea aa Oonaui to Florence are said to be favorable. THE RECORD. SENATE. Washington, D. C., May 3.—Mr. Morrill (Me.) called up tho llouso bill authorizing a transfer of $16,000 to pay light-houao keepers and main tain liebt-houao service on the Mississippi, Ohio, and Missouri Rivers. Tasted. Consideration of unfinished business, the bill in relation to the Japanese indemnity fund, was resumed. The pending question was on tbs motion of Mr. Sargent to strike oat the tlrst section of the bill, which authorizes the return of the fund, loss $123,000, to bo reserved and paid to the officers and crews of the United titatoo ships Wyoming and Jamestown. The motion was rejected—yeas, 3i; nays, 39. Mr. Thurman moved to strike out the clause which provides for the return of all accumulations of luU'teit, together with the fund. Feuding discussion, adjourned. A number of bills having been reoelvsd snd re ferred, the Illinois conUsted election ease was taken up, the report of the Committee being that Harwell, the sitting member, is not entitled to the test, and that La Moyne, contestant, U. ! Alter argument, a vote vas taksu on a resolution offered by the minority of the Committee, as a substitute for the resolution of the majority, and it was rejected—yeas, ttS; nsye, 139. The question then recurred on the resolution of the majority* declaring that Harwell is nut eotltlod to the •vat, amt that Le Uuvue is. Adopted. POdT-ornCE DILL. The House went Into Committee of tbs Whole, Mr. Springer In the chair, on the Fost-Ol&oe Appropria tion lull. Ur. lloer asked Ur. Holman (who had charge of the bill) whether the Committee on Appropriations had M y action «n the wmplstiUef the aaraiepe , NUMBER 252. maker* m to lh« injory don* lo their bnstnoa hr Un OoTornment faraUWog envelope* with the ’word* If not delivered to be returned,” etc., printed on turm at rate* below thove for which they can be and at a lot* to tho Government? Mr. Holman replied that that aubjent had boon re. ferns*! to a anb-oommltlee, but that no etianat In •*- fating regulation* bad been recommended. Mr. Hoar farther Inquired whether that ****** tha* no change waa needed. Mr. Holman replied that the Connnrttee had reached no coticliwlon on the anbject, deeming It a matter that properly belonged to the Poat-OBlce Committee. without action, the Commutes rows, and the Honao tooka receaanntll 7:30, the evening aeatdontobe for jjnaral debate only on the Poat-Ofllc* Appropriation RAILROADS. A CENTRAL PACIFIC SUIT. Saw Fbakcwco, May 3.—ln Iho cut at the Central Paciflc Company against A. A. Cohen the deposition of W. K. Drotro wo* taken yester day and to-day. Holestlfled (very reluctantly, and after much cross-questioning, and with eeveral contradictory anawsre) that ho was Secretary of the Contract and Finance Company for a num ber of years 5 that the Company consisted of (J. Stanford,C.P.Hanlington, Mam Hopkins,Charles Crocker, and 13. B. Crocker; that It was organized for the purpose of obtaining a contract from iho Central Pacitlo to build tbo road ; tbat the Di rectors of the Central Pacific paid over to tba Contract and Finance Company stock of tbo Bail road Company lo tbo amount of about $54,000.- 000, sabfloqacmly dividing it among the mem bore of tbo Contract and Finance Company in conformity with permission telegraphed from Washington. LAKE SHORE A MICHIGAN SOUTHERN. Cleveland, 0., May 3.—At the annual meet* tag of the stockholders of the Lake Snore <fc Michigan Sontbera Railroad Company, held in tbie city to-day, the following Directors were choeen for the onetiiug yo&r : Cornelias Vender* hilt, William H. Vanderbilt, Augoatna Scholl, Samuel F. Barger. Robert L. Crawford. John C. BurrtlL Francis V. Freeman, of Now York; Henry B. Payne, and Amaea Stone, of Clevo* land ; William L. Scott, Charles 11. Rood. Jadah C. Spenoor. of Erie. Pa, i and Albert Koep. ol Chicago. Nearly $37,000,000 of tbo Block was voted on. THE ILLINOIS CENTRAL. The estimated earnings of tbe Illinois Contra! Railroad for the month of April, IS7C. ore os fob lows: Qlnoto. lowa. Total. .su:i,:c3 $79,049 s3ai.«u . n; 784 132,111 . 76,Cb0 S,.vn 82,10* Freigh I’sxseugen Miscellaneous^. Total $403,126 SIU.VSS $546,041 ACTUAL EAUUBOe JOB lUB OOBBBSPOWDIKO UOI7U or 1875. Freight Paeaeugfrs.,.. Miscellaneous. .$371,6*3 $102,791 $Ti4.461 . 94.741 31,606 l-19,:rai . 91,344 7.J46 100,51*1 . $467,772 $1(4,666 $110,431 BT. LOUIS. KEOKUK A NORTHWESTERN. Special Dtwvateh (s The Chicago Triton*. lowa Cmr, la., May 3.—Tbo aonnal meeting of tbe Keokuk, lowa City A Minnesota Railroad Company is called to bo bold at Washington, la., next week. It is supposed that stops will then bo taken to turn over tbe road-bed ami whatever eloo tbo Company have to tbo Bt. Louis, Keokuk A Northwestern Railroad Com* pany, wbo are desirous of getting it as tbi northwestern part of tboir Uno to Minnesota. MINNESOTA ITEM, Special btipateh to The Chicago Tribune, Winoka, Minn., Mar 3.—A party of surveyor*, in charge of Engineer Danfortb, started out from Plainview ou Tuesday morning to make s complete survey and estimates for the Minne sota. Flalnnow A Znmbro Valley Railroad. Tbs result of tbo survey will bo awaited with con siderable interest. Tbo private subscription! and bonuses thus far received aggregate about $30,000. MACKINAW ft. MARQUETTE. Svtnal Dupateh to 27* CAieayo Tneim*. Lansing, Mich., May 3. —The Company repre sented by Hr. Whitmore, of Marquette, will probsly be awarded tbo contract for the con struction of tbs Mackinaw A Marquatto Railroad. SAN FRANCISCO. THE CHINESE ELEPHANT, San Fbancibco, May 3.—Tbs " Sonth-Ssi*. Francisco - anti-Coolie-Clnb-and-yoang-Men’e- Univorutl-Roform-Society" bold a meeting last night, passed rules indorsing tbo destruction of tho Chinese quarter in Antioch, and advocating • similar conrso in this city, unless tbo Federal Government should take immediate steps to abate the evil. The speeches wore highly incen diary. Letters wore rrad from a Society in tbs interior seeking co-o|H*ration. The Bergoant-at- Arms of the ‘•lloform’’ Club bad received a telegram from Now York, saying that 2,G00 stand of arms could be delivered hero at ton days’ no tice. While such talk and action was reprobated by the great mass of thinking people in tho city, there can be no doubt that it moots the approval of a large and numerous class in the community, and that, in the event of no action being taken in tho matter by the General Government, then is crave reason to fear serious disturbances at no distant day. San Francihco, Cal., May 3.—Tho Senate Com mission to investigate the Chinese question is now sitting in Sacramento. Yoetorday C, T. O’Neil, policeman, testified to having beau wit ness to a sale of a Chinceo woman fur $-150. The woman soon after suicided, not liking the mao to whom the was sold. Ho also atatsd that he had been informed by the Chinese that they attended tho mission echoola solely to learn English, and laughed at the idea of be coming Christians. Ah Han. Chinese inter preter, testified that two Chinese interpreters had been killed tn Hacramento for their services in court, procuring convictions, and that a reward wae outstanding for hia life. He had soon similar notices posted in ban Francisco, Such notices contain an agreement to employ counsel to defend tho murderer if arrested, and recompense him if imprisoned, and send money to his relatives in China if executed. His testimony concerning the Chinese companies was similar to that here tofore published. Charles T. Jones, Hisirict- Attoruoy of Sacramento, gavo his expeneuoo as to how the Chinese compromise felonies, abduct females, ole., hu testimony being in the mam a recapitulation of similar evidence given before the Commission when sitting tn ban Francisco, THE WEATHER. Washington, H. C., May 4—l a. m.—ln Che Upper Lake region and Upper Mississippi Val ley, rising and stationary barometer, cold north west to northeast winds, and clearing or partly cloudy weather. THE RANANA ZONE. Sjxrial IHspauh pi Tho CAkoys JVihtma. St. Paul, May S-—A snow-storm prevailed at Duluth last night and to-day, the fall being 1 foot. The storm extended south to Hinckley ' and west on the Northern Pacific to the Mi»* souri, but fob much lighter than at Dniuliu LOCAL OaSUVATIONBk Cmoaoo, May 9, Time. il)ar.|Tbr|Uu.| Wind. Ualn Wether fI:6J! 43i 11 8., gentle.....! clear. imsa. m. SW.SSI 51 45tt.,/roah. Cloudy. 3:uo p. W. 39.63! 53, MIS., freak. Cloudy. 3:M p. ra.i‘JV.73' 65. 60i9., fresh Cloudy. 8.-00 p. 10:16 p. rn.133.78l toi 7»|w., fresh 03 la.rala. Maximum thermometer. 6T. Minimum, 43. UEMBOAL OBSEBVATIONS. Cmcxoo, May 3—Midnight, BUUon. Wind. Halo Weather, Cheyenne 39.76 4DX. W,, gentle ..... Fair. Bismarck 33.91| 37 E., gentle flaxy. Breckinridge.. XldWi 40|.N., fresh. Cloudy. Davenport.... 33.6* 60 X., fresh. Cloudy. Denver ‘33, Wt- 40 F., light Clear. Duluth ‘/J.y* to X., gentle. Fair. Fi. Glbeon,... 30.01’ 63 B. K.. fresh Fair. Keokuk 33.76 J 84|X„ fresh. Fair. ,.>33.tU| 40 N,, fresh.....! Clear. Leavenworth..l33.73, 67|8., frvsh....| Clear, Milwaukee.... 3 3.77 40[N. W., fresh.) .11 Clear. Omaha 33.60 stilN,E. ( fresh. Cloudy, Halle 33.44 4«; L., (reab....| Cloudy, Salt Lake..... 36.631 tti'X.lL, fresh.. Clear. Ft. Bully 39.9ti| 46,K.lL,bnek..| jCiomly. THE EMPEROR OF BRAZIL. Omaha, May S,—The Xaparor of BrasU tad suite will arrive from the Week about midnight. The train la da laved ou aoeooul of the aootdawt at Promontory Pout and bad inch near pgA—

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