Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 4, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 4, 1876 Page 3
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2 FOREIGN. Tho British Government Will Hold Winslow n Short Time I.ongon Opponents of tho Royal Titles Threaten the ministry with a Vote of Coninro. k Dedslrn Vote In tho Spanish Cortes Favoring Bdlgtons Toleration* GREAT BRITAIN* WINSLOW. London, Kay Tbs Oorenunsnl will b* qne*- tinned in the Bonseof Common* to-night If the Untied BUtes hu protested again*! the action taken In the Wlnelow case; If 1U demands are In harmony with the ezlating treaties, and what wane lb# Attorney Oon ertl will adriflo to the premises. The application for tbs relosss of Window, made (&d*y, mu misted by tbs officers of tin Crown, and denied. Window will l>e held for ten days longer, awaiting tbs reply from Washington to tbs latest English nolo. The application for hi* release Will bo renewed on the 13th instant. tieb uiou inmiNEss. London, May 3,—The Prtae Association reports the following: “We understand that* In consequence of the dissatisfaction eansed by the proclamation giving effect to the Uoyal Tlttoa act, and wuleh does not limit the uso of Uio tltlo of Empress strictly to Indio, Sir Hen ry James will give notlco In the House to-morrow that ho will moTs a resolution oqmvslenl to a vote of ton sure. to the effect that the proclamation done not ful fil Hie pledge* given by the Government during the debote cm the Uoyal TTtlw bill, and Uiorefore the vote on the hill woe taknn under a misconception. The Marquis of UarUngtoo will ask Ulsraeli for an oppor tunity to discuss the above motion." SPAIN. DEBATE ON RELIGIOUS POLIOT. Madrid, May 3.—lu Congress to-day (be debets on s new Constitution was continued. Ssoor Alvaros opposed tho toleration dauss and de clared that the monarchy was lost If rcllgtona unity was not maintained. Prime Minister CanoTa* dot Castillo, In reply, pointed out that Spain popaciied colonies in America, Attica, and Asia, and bad relations with the whole world. It would bo Impossible for her to keep these colonies and main tain thoae relations If the Government adopted an irreconcilable ultramontane attitude. THE PUBROS TROUBLES. IlrKtuv*, May 3.—Two Gulpatcoan delegates and the Civil Governor of Ban Sebastian bar* resigned on account of their opinions concerning tho Fueros. 'RELIGIOUS TOLERATION. Madbid, May 3.—Congress to-day by a vote of 228 to 39 rejected tho amendments proj-oeed by the Mod entices against tho religious toleration clause of tho Constitution, London, May 3.— Tbs Time* Madrid dispatch says the amendment to tho Confutation rejected by Con grew yesterday by a vote of U3C to a'J was that In favor of religious unity, which was supported by Beoor ilranx FRANCE. TUB FRUa-OAO. BAHTS May S.—Tho manager of DniU it I 'Htmmt has been sontoucod to two montha’ imprisonment and a fine of fCOO for nnblishlng a speech delivered by Dr, Uoblnet at the amnesty meeting, April 31. EOUURn’a CONTEMPT FOR JEROME RONAPARTE. M. Rentier has addresvid a tutor to the electors of Ajaccio thanking them for their support. He states that the i’rinco Imperial, having already protected his rights from culpable attack by tho letter which wns published before the illnt cl-ctlou, he (Roulicr) will oot interfere In the forthcoming election, but will merely treat Prince Jermno Napoleon, should ho again icoept candidacy, with iodlfTcrvnco and forgetfulness. THE CABLES. SERIOUS INTERRUPTION, Ktvr Yonx, May 3.—The cable lines between Kora lootla and Newfoundland, connecting with the Atlan tic cabin at Heart's Content are broken, and con equently communication with Europe by tbo Anglo- American lino la temporarily iotarrnptcd. A fault #ae discovered In the Trench cable ‘i(K> Biles from Hrcat, some time ago. which ban not yet boon repaired. Tho Uulled Stales direct cablets work ing, and U now tho only Hue otieu to tho public, but measures will bo immediately taken to repair the cable between Nora Hcotls and Newfoundland, and it Is hoped that the inttirrnption of communication with Ueatife Content will not b« of long continuance. TURKEY. TBiZdßArmc ctNHonsinra. LewDOX, May 4—A a. m.—The Ttmcs' Berlin dis patch says that the Austrian Government has forbid den the transmission of telegrams concerning tbo con centration of troops In Croatia and Dalmatia. Tho Huatian telegraphic agency reports Uiss Nloslo bu been ravictualed tor only three weeks. The In surgents prevented Uoukhtar Pasha from oomploting the work. EGYPT. TOE RREDIVE’fi rnOPEBTY LI.VULE TO EXECUTION. Alkxamdou, May 3.—Tbe Bairs, property of the Kbedlve’e private estate, has been adjudged liable to elocution. Ulvers Wilson returns to England, owing to tbe ac ceptance by Egypt of the French financial schema. CANADIAN NEWS. Worms-Tlte Hev. 21cX)enuell-LBbor and CopituJ. ffpreiat I/uuatoh to Tho Chicago Tribune. Moktbbal, May 3.—intelligence la received by eablo that to-duy tho papers iu tbo Worms caso, wbloh wero sent from boro by Mr. Carter to his prsfosatonal confrere iu Loudoo, Mr. Archam bolt, wore laid before tbe authorities tbero. It remains to be soon what action wilt be taken. It is probable a correspondence will bo opouod with tho American Government, as tbo ground taken by Mr. Carter when tho caso was before Judge Ramsay, is tbo oxact interpretation given to tbo Imperial act by English Judges, SvrcuU Uuuilfh M f/u> CVtircoo J'nonne. Toronto, Mav 3.— At a moating of tho Toron to jpresbytery last night, the amended statement of (Ixo Her, J. D. McDonnell failed to satisfy a majority of tho Presbytery, alto adopted a reso lution requiring him either to modify bis state ment or giro a virtually unqualified assent to tbo dcctiino of eternal puniabmont, as laid down in tbo Confession of Faith. Tbe minority, in cluding tbo Rev. Mr. McDonnell, entered their disucm, audetavod the privilege of appeal to the bynod or General Assembly, which is the highest Presbyterian court. Thu rifle associations of this city are now holding a mooting to select a team to represent Ontario at Creoduioor. bveeial UnDiUch to Tho Chieaaa Trftmw. Bt. Catharines, May 3.—The laborers ou tbo new canal at Thoroid have struck for an increase of 12K cents per day. A procession of over 401) Ktrikots marched through tho Town of Morrlttou to-day, headed by a band, flags, etc. tiptnal Dit/iatch to The Ctnenga 7Vt6uns. Hamilton, Mhv3.—Hevcral factories that have been working short time have resumed full tours with a full complement of hands. THE CHOPS, MINNESOTA. Awt'si Ditvateh to rho mbuno. Winona, Uiuu., May o.— Beetling is very near ly done ou Greenwood Prairie, tbe amount sown being about tbo same as put in last year. Conductors of the Winona <k Bt. Rotor Hoad report that the wheat-fields this aide of Now Ulm already begin to near a green tinge, beading was fully two weeks in advance of tlio opera tions along tbe eautorn end of tho road. Tlio Ollier lldbooil, .Vfie York Ucrniry. On one of tbo narrow streets thstrun through what is known as the Creole quartet iu Now Or leans stood a hUlo shop, which us proprietor delighted iu naming " Tne Too Baboons. Bare ly, a nimble fancy mast have suggested so striking a title, and, although famiiariiy with thu «boe bad made the domzsue of the quarter oblivion*! to the humor of tbo name, it was not the ooaa with a certain young Creole who passed that way. returning from a dinner party, ilo stood looking at tho sign as if lust in admiration, and then, as if seized uncontrollable impulse, bo rushed across tho street aud coumiuncvd a violent rapping ou tho closed doors. His loud demand , for admission was not so promptly an swered a a it seemed to him it should havo been, aud forthwith be belabored the dour with redoub led force until it wae opened by tbu concierge, quite overcome with fngbt. “ Where bt her" demanded tbe visitor. "But who M'sieor I” asked tbe dazed attend ant. “ Why, the proprietor, to bo sure, stupid. I wish to eoo bun at ouen,” continued tbe visitor, simulating breathless Impatience. " U'siemr Felix, it U be whom (he gentleman wishes to »ee ? He baa made hie toilet for the ■tight. He may not bo disturbed." "Hull must tea blm—very important. My welfare is at stake." “ Well, I don't know, (bU U very unusual, b~;- ■ ■ * **Cortaluly, of course, load tuo to bur,” and without further ado the stranger was conducted to the apartment of the proprietor. No sooner wai the door partly opened U reply to the sum nous, aud a h*td protruded through Uio opoolog, than (ha interloper pmheJ his way In. oaring t , M “Ah, atlant: where te he, then ? H “ Ido not nndoroUndlho gentleman. It in I whom you winh to see " nald the shopkeeper. i “Pur example, do not I know what I want?' replied the stranger i “ V/horoiehc, I repeat, I tenet see him. It l« Important." ••Ah, eal you make fun ot me. I am he, Joan Mario Baptiste." “ No, no, tho other, year partner. I must boo him." “Partner! Sapriatll I have no partner. 1 am all." “ It's an outrage, a bane Imposition, a enaro to deceive the innocent, Toll mo, how can you bo two people ? No 1 I shall not bo haikod. 1 will see him." “MonUloul but who fa it you wish to sco ? ’ ** Why, your partner, imbecile. Do you not say on your sign ‘Tho Two llaboons ?’ well, I want to see him, (ho other ouo, your part ner," Tho old fellow stood a moment, comprehended tho situation, and quietly taking tho stranger by tho arm led him gravely across tho room to a small mirror, pointed at Us rebooting surface, and said : “Eohoid him, I bad despaired of finding yon, dear brother, hut le bon Dieu is over performing miracles, and it Is nothing for Him to transfer au ass Into a baboon."* THOROUGHBREDS. Largo Sale of Ntaort-Ilorn Cattle nml Other Valuable Stock at Springfield* HI.. Yesterday. arena! Diepateh to The Chico*}* Tribune. HrniNonxLO, 111., May B.—Tho attendance on the short-hoin cattle sale to-day was much larg er than yesterday. Taylor ami Elliott sold thirty head of cowb for $4,035, average about $145. At the soou reooaa wore uokl a lot of Berkshire bow pigs at an average of S4O per bead; also twenty-four Cotewold nhooo at an average of $lB per head, and one two-yeor-old Clydesdale stal lion for $340. , From tho Bhorl-horn herds of ,T. H. Kianloger and J. 11. Plukrcll wore sold tho following : London PuchcMof Bedford, 10 months old, >3,700, to A. Kimberly, of West Liberty, la. Avalon Duchuw, >*3o, to J). Stocky, of Uarristown, Koval Duchess, >335, to 1I«, of Springfield, 111. CountesaofCoruwaU, Imported, $3,050, to B, Hollo way, of Alexia, 111, Cunntcsi of Oxford *tb, Imported, >I,OOO, to Drown A Sous, of Berlin, 111. Ada flmh, imjwrUMl, >1,500, to J.CI. Rholby, of Shan nou. Hi. Caroline Cochrane, 12.100, to W. k W. Pickcrell, of Mechanlrehurg, 111. Caroline Mcktcll, >I,COI, same buyer, Caroline 3d, st-to. fame buyer. link fith, >;i3», to P. Stocky, of Harriatown, 111. Jink lath, >2lO, to A. Haber, of Newark, Mn. ITetty Jcmlua'id, to D. A. Bowen, of Newark. Mo. Butterfly of Llnvrood, >3OO, to W. K. Wills, of Bill*- field, HI. Matty Rlcbartbion, >I,OOO, to Potts k Son, of Jack sonville, 111. Minnie llleharJeon, >330, to A, Varlott, of Milton, lad. Knightly Hollo, Imported, >7,375, to D. O. Itowner, of Newark, Mo. Carnstton 3d, Imported, >I,OOO, to WilUem Pritchett, of Frankford, Mo. Autumn Queon, imported. >»75, E. lies. Laura 3d and bull-calf, >250, to D, Stocky, of Har rlatown, HI. Second, Louan of Llnwood, >1,650, to J. Potts k Bon, of Jacksonville. 111. Louan 6th, of I’oular Farm, >1,060, to Grigsby A Hampton, of Winchester, Ky, Casta With, >913, to J. Bolts k Son. Cases futh, |4M, to H. iTalher, of Springfield, 111. Cantaloupe, >‘3os, to 31 irlntt Milton, of Indiana, Redbud of Liuwood, |2t)s, to TV. A. Goddingtoa, of Nohruaka, Quoen Bnttnrfly, $2lO. same. Rosalin 3d, $330. to Spear* k Son. of Tallnla. Lady Booth. $303. to A. Maher of Newark. Mo. Lady Breastplate,>l4s, to J. 1). Walsh of Tallula. Anno Boloyn, ft 1)6, to J. U. Ityburn of Bloomington, I«. The total of the Bales of twenty-flvo females of this herd la >37,010, and Uia average per head >1,030. Second Marquis of Worcester, imported, >3,003, hi D. A. liowuer of Newark, Mo. Duke of Ulchmond, Imported, >2,250, to Potta k Bon. Grand Duke of Klrkllootgton 3d, Imported, >1,560, to W. Scott, of Wyoming, 111. Baron Branch, $iW, to Mr. KUIoU, of West Liberty, la. Jay, Imported, >500? to T. Botts, of Wellington, Mo. Grand Duke of Oonovo, SIOO, to CoL O’Malley, of Canada. MsJ. Bedford, >lB5, to J. P. Taylor, of Wolf Oroek, HI. TOTAIz ABSTINENCE. State Convention of Prohibitionists at Intlinnnpolts. Hid. Special Pinpotch (a J ht Chicago Tribune. Indianai-ous, InJ., May 3.—Tbo Htalo Tem perance Convention mot this afternoon. ami Is largely attended. Mrs. oi-Clor. Wallace, Presi dent. was detained at home by tbo death of a slater, and Mias Aarotta Hoyt was elected to preelde in her absence. Sira. Wallace appeared, and road her annual report, in which eho earnestly advocates woman suffrage os a cure for iutompotanco. Mrs. L. 0. Robinson, Mrs. Emma Malloy, Hie* Amanda Way, and thoofUcors of tbe Con vention wore appointed delegates to tbo Na tional Temperance Convention, to moot at Philadelphia Juno 12. Blatistics (or tho years 1974 and 1876 show tbo number of saloons in tiftr-tlvo counties to bo 1,325 in 1875 spalust T 44 in 1874. Tins is tho operation of tbe Democratic License law, aa compared with the Raster bill, in 1875, thoro wore 2,213 licensed saloons in tho entire BLato. A largo mooting was held to-night iu tho Grand Opera-House, at which addresses wore made by Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Malloy, and Luther Henson. Tlio Convention wilt continue throughout to morrow. OCEAN STEAMSHIP NEWS. * LaiiNe, May 3.—Htoamahlp State of Pennsyl vania, from Now York, arrived. Queenstown, May B.—Steamship Lord Olivo, from Philadelphia, arrived. New Your, May 3.—Arrived, stoamdr W. A. Scboitou, Rotterdam. charlotte cushman's will. Pboviuenok, R. L, May 3.— ln tho Probate Gourt at Newport yesterday tho will of tne late Charlotte Cushman was admitted to probate. Mr. J. Y. Bcammon was present and authen ticated his own signature. Diplomatic Accomplishments, Mr. Everett's accomplishments wore different from those of an American Minister who was once sent to the Court of France, and of whom an admiring attache remarked, with enthusiasm, that he could "smoke and chow perfectly at the same time.” Presumptively tho uamo gen tleman could play an excellent game at whist. Rut thin, os Mr. Everett said, was voiy much more than ho could do. According to the story, Mr. Everett was to present Ids credentials to the Queen on tho same day with the preauntation of the Italian Minister, and repaired at the proper hour, in thu costume of coromon*, to thu palace, where ho found his Italian colleague, also officially and uplondtdly arraycu, Tho presentation took piano in duo form, and tho Ministers, having been bidden to dinner, wore informed by tho PrimoMinlnlortbai theDuchoßs of Kent, tho Queen's mother, desired thorn to join her iu a game at whut. •' I am sorry for either of you who may be my partner," said tbo Prime Minister, smiling, as ho rose to load tho way to the Duchess, "for 1 know very little about tho game." As they passed along, Air. Kverett turned to bis diplomatic) companion, and aald, with lofty urbanity, " 1 also must entreat your Excellen cy's forbearance if yon should have the misfor tune to bo allotted to me as a partner, for I bavu very little practice iu (ba game.” Tho Italian Excellency bowed courteously, and gravely as sured the American Uiuister that tho necessity of forbearance was mutual, for he also had very : little acquaintance with the same. The Duchess received her guests with all ceremony, aud having indicated who was to ba her partner, (he three dignified personages who were not vary familiar with whist seated themselves, and tbe game was about to begin, when a lady of honor placed herself by the chair of the. Ducheso, who graciously remarked to her com panions : " Your Excellencies will excuse mo, but, to prevent embarrassment to you, I havo requested this lady lo prompt me, os, indeed. X am nut very familiar with tho game." The Ex cellencies bowed profoundly, and the ceremonial game of wbut proceeded. Ho nuHovero, a beu trovalo. Mr. Everett had a keen sense of humor, and he said that lu all bis official life he had aeon nothing more absurd than that game, lie woe au excellent story teller, aud the narrative lost nothing lu thu telling that Washington Irving was one of the amused listeners. The recent Congress ional debate upon dlplomatie appropriations revealed the fact that there is a great deal of this kind of dummy whist in diplomatic life, a groat deal of playing at playing at cards, solemnly and in tine clothes, it is perhaps no eonous disadvantage to uu American Minister that be is not an accomplished whist-player, nor ovsu au expert iu aimullaueous smoking and chewing.— KdUor't J£ary Chair in Harder'o Magazine for May. HIE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: THURSDAY, MAY 4, 1870. TOWNSHIP ORGANIZATION. Effects of Its Abolition in Cook County Additional Powers which Would Bo Conferred on tho County Commissioners, Statutory nml Constitutional Provisions on tho Subject* n th» Editor <\f Tht Chieaoo Ti ttutm Chicago, May a.—At tho request of tho Execu tive Committee of tho Grand Council I have pre pared anil submit herewith a statement of tho law involved by a change from township organi zation to tho other kind of county government. It is for the information of all whoMiave not the time or facilities for hunting it up. I bavo ex pressed no opinion tw to the policy or tho change, but have, however, called attention to tho point that, ns I understand -the Constitu tion and tho decisions, the Legislature may cor rect by the general law any evils which may grow out of either system by reason of a largo population or ocher causes. Voure, etc., James I*. Root. rowans or copktt boards and orrt- CKlIh IN COL’NTUa Nor CKDKR TOWNSHIP OAOANI - “General supervision of all highways, roads, and bridges In the county, Including Htato roads.’’—lt. 8. 510, Hoc. 47. Powers and duties nndor Uie Road law.—lt. S. 935. 1, open new roads and appoint •* viewers." X To vacate roads. 3. To appoint I toad Supervisors. The Supervisor Is required to keep the roads In repair to the extent of the labor of the persona bound to labor on the roads, tho balance to be paid out of the County Treasury, when no ordered by the County Board. 4. The County Board may divide the county Into road districts and appoint tho Road Supervisors there for. S. Id addition to road labor tbo Hoard may annnalljr assess & road-tax of not more Hun JO cents on SHH. Hut no requisition in labor or money shall be made la my incorporated city or town where the charter pro* .idee for taking euro of road*. C. The law provides all the necessary machinery for road purposes nud the collection of the tax. 7. lu counties where road labor U not required tbo County Hoard may nsacsi 10 oonU ou |ICO. 8. Sheriffs, etc., to be paid out of the County Trcas tiry In all road matters. 9. An In Cook County, the county officers receive salaries, and tbo fee* are to bo paid Into the Trcas ury, the county generally will have to pay the ex* peuftcs of officers under the Hoad law, and there are no Ices provided for to offset the eamo. REVENUE LAW. Sec. (17. The books for the assessment of property In counties not under township organization shall bo made up by Congrcesloual townships, but parts or fractional townsblj'S Icm than full townships may bo added to full townships, at the discretion of the Coim ty Hoard, It will lliu* be seen that no district can bo loss than C miles square, and the same may include more. Thu same rccllon provides an follows : •• Separate books shall be made for the assssmont of property and the collection of all taxes and special assessment# thereon, within the corporate bruits of cities, towns, nud vil lages, If ordered by the County Hoard.” It will be seen that the power of the Hoard is pretty broad. Six. 72. Until provision la made by law for the elec tion of tbs County Assessor In counties not under township organization, the County Hoard In said coun ties shall annually appoint soma suitable ami compe tent iwraou os Cuuuty Assessor, and thu person so ap pointed shall hold his office one year. HEO. 73. If any Assessor, fur any cause whatever, ahull be unable to jierform the dutiud required of him within the time designated by law, ho may, by and with the adneo ami consent of the Chairman of tho Comity Hoard, appoint one or moro suitable jrtsous to set an deputies to assist him la making the assessment, and may designate the district or portion of tbo township, county, city, vil lage, or town, In which such deputy or deputies are authorized to list or assess projierty. Much Deputy Assessors shall make return to the Ahaessor. Mo pro vision Is made by law for renewing the assessment, as lu cue of the Town Board lu tho other class of coun ties. tiro. 91. The pay of Assessors and Deputy Assessors shall, from time to tunc, lu counties nut under town ship organization, bo determined and fixed by the County Hoard, and lu counties under township or ganisation bv the Town Hoard of Auditors. Of coureo In counties not tindor township organiza tion tho salaries will bo paid out of the County Treas ury—ln tho other claes, out of the Town Treasury, Hoe. 97 provides that the donuty Hoard shall equalize «■ botwoou districts the same as It duos now btdwoui tho towns. It also corrects errors tho same os now. tho practical difference being that all persons must attend the County Hoard to have correction made. The District Asecssor* do not meet as the Town Ho nda do now lo review the assessment. TU« districts catabUnheii by the County Board as afuronolil uro to bo recognized u colleoilon districts, and thu books made up accordingly. Six. 140. Each county In tbo Slate not under town ship organization shall bo a collrctiuu district for the purpose of thin act, and tbo BhrrliT of such county shall bo rcinvctlrcly t’x-olfido District Collector of sueh oollecUou district. Sko, 16’i. Authorizes the Sheriff to appoint dcpuUos. From thia point tho proceeding in the *mmo as now, except tbo Sheriff is subsiituted for tho County Trees* urcr. Tbo Election law provides, flee, 22. that " In counties not uuder township organization there iball bo elected on Tuesday next after the first Monday of November, iu the year of our Lord 18IH, and every two years thereafter, a County Treasurer, who shall t* ui-ofilcio tbe County Assessor, and who shall receive all foes ns Treasurer and Anacenor as In pro vided by law, and who shall hold bis office for two years, and until hh amcccesor Is eluded and qualified. This obviates thu nuccslty of ap]>otn(meQt by the County Board, as provided ante. The [towers of the County Board, the Sheriff, and (ho County Treasurer are the name In l>otli classes of counties, except as herein otherwise spudded. aic. S of Art. X. is os follows; Kco.'A, Aut. X. The General Aevorobly shall pro vide by gunerul law for tuwuahlp organize lion, uuder which auy county may orgaulzu whenever a majority of the legal voters of such county, voting at auy gen eral election, shall so determine, aud, whenever any county shall adopt township organization, so much of this Constitution so provides for the rnuungetnont of the fiscal coucoms of tho said enuuty by thu Board of County Commustouon may bo dlspunsed with, aud tbo affairs of said county may be transacted lu such manner as the General Assembly may provide, Aud lu any county that shall have adopted a township or ganization, thu question of continuing thu saino may be submitted to a vote of tho doctors of such county at a general eloction, lu the mauuur that now la or may bu provided by law, and, If a majority of all tho votes cast upon that question ahsll bo against town ship organization, men such organization shall cease in said county, aud all Jaws In force In rciallou to counties not having township organization shall immediately take effect and bo in force m such county. No two town* shllia shall havothe same name, aud tbe day of hold ing the annual tow**Bl>meeting flksl) bo uniform throughout the Htato. Hko. rt. At the first election of County Judges under IhH Const Union there ehall bn elected in cadi of the counties iu this Hlate, not under township organiza tion, three officers, who shall lie styled “ Tho Board of County Commissioner t * who shall hold sessions for thu transaction of county business as shall be pruvld e<l lo'law. One of fold Contmlssinners shall hold his office lor uno year, cue for two year., and one for three years, to bo determined by lot; and every year thereafter, one eucli officer shall be elected lu each of said counties for the term of three years. Bno. 7. Tho county affairs of Cook County shall ba managed by a Board of Commissioners of fifteen per sons,‘ten of whom shall bo elected from the Cityof Chi cago, and five from towns outshlu of laid city, iu auch manner hi may ho provided by law. Her. XI of Art. IV, ii os follows : *• The General Assembly shall not (mu local or special laws lu nuy of the following enumerated canes (among others) : llcgulallug county oud township attain. i-aylng out, onc-nlng, altering, and working roads or highways, vacating roads, towu.plats, streets, alleys, sod public grounds. 1 * it does not follow from this that the General Assem bly cannot by a general law relating lu IhecuuutU-s under township organisation, or to the other class, legislate to meet the wauls of all the counties lu the Hlate. Nor Is it to be presumed that Hardm and Cook Couulit-s must be governed exactly alike. Thu Constitution evidently intends that one law shall be passed, and that must be u general law, but if If Hardin, with Ita few thousand people, and Cook, with its half of a million, are to be sipiee/eil into uno mold, then wo arc unfortunate Indeed, As has been already seen, the Uoad law provides that the County Hoard shall not have control of the roans to incorporated towns and cities. And whichever system of County Government Is In force tn Cook County, It Is competent by a general law to provide for all the oxlgendus that muy arise by reason of su imususa population, or by reason of physical differences, Whatever there Is In the town sblo system ssvorliigor evil, or in ihe other system, may bo corroded by legislation. Tito law now is that the County Hoard ascertains the amount of the town tax in Chicago, taking the imwer away from ths Town Hoard, and this h»s boon sus tained hy ell of the Judaea of the Circuit Court, al though thu law may not have any application in other Sunnites, for the reason that they contain no cities similarly situated. The law, however, Is general, and applies to a particular stale of things existing at pre*- ant here, or that may exist elsewhere. This doctrine was practically sustained In the Lin coln Hark caao. Wo have in Cook '’oiuity a system not altogether " township " nor altogdbor not town ship. Ths hupreroe Court has decided that township organisation Is not abolished, yet it Is m part, bocuuso we have a County Hoard nut composed of th» buper visors. We have a efato of things somewhat dilfereut from any other county, and tho Legislature has thu undoubted right to provide for any exigency growing out of the peculiarity of tha case. Hence, as has al ready been sold, any evil Incident to tha situation may be corrected, whether It is to amend the general Uw concerning one or the other clans of oouutlM. THE SL'J-UIIUK COL’UT ULCn-lON, The Court he’d lu a argued at the September term, 1076, Slid deeded lu Jauuary, at folbwa; . "A further objection is made, that tho County Treasurer as Collector hod no power to act lu this matter, ana to apply fur Judgment, as tho County of Cook Is not under township organisation. Not being ho, the Sheriff or tl>« notmty (n as officio tba Colleger, mil Uit application for Judgment should lure bttn made by him, “That Cook County Isnndsr lownshlp>organlx«lloo t reference!* made to Clauses 6 and 7 of Art. X. of the Constitution. “By ft fair Implication from the languageused in these flections, the County of Cook la not taken out of the clan of emiatlni under township organization, that being the condition of tba county before Iba adoption of the Constitution. And thlfl la strength* ened by reference to Heo. It, Oh. .14, title * Counties.* So much of that section m in applicable la as follows: “ * The powers of Uia county aa ft oodr corporate or politic flhftll be exercised by a County Board, to-wit: In counties under township organisation (except the Comity of Cooh), by a Board of Superriioni, etc. ; In tho County of Cook, by » Board of County Commis sioners, clc. j in counties not under township organ* tzatlon, by the Board of County Commissioner*.’ (I*sgo »M.) And also by Claus* It of Art. 11 of Chap, RtO, title ‘Township Organization': ‘Tba Super* vlscra of towns in Cook County shall perform tho same duties as Supervisor* of towns in other counties under township organisation, except that they snail not Ixi members rf the County Board, or exercise any of tho power* thereof.’ (Page I,o'Uh) We think It a fair Inference from all these provisions that the County of Cock must bo considered a* under town* •hip organization, and Consequently tho Treasurer of the County waa Ibe proper persoa to make this appli cation for Judgment." AMUSEMENTS. THE VON BUELOW CONCERT. The fir»t of tho brief aeries of Vonltahlow concerts was given last evening at McCormick’i) Halt, with an audience in attendance which com pensated in quality what it Jacked in quantity. If Von Buolow desired an attentive, appreciative, ami realty critical audience, he must have boon gratified, for bo held every person present to the end of an unusually long programme, em bracing thirteen liwtruuoutal and four vocal numbers, and there is very little doubt that they would have listened to thirteen more num bers. Thoro is very little doubt, also, But if ho had been so disposed ho might have granted this favor, for although his programme ended with tho heavy nud trying Polonaise Heroique of Liszt, after an unusually exacting array of selections, ho was is fresh and vigorous ns whoa ho struak tho opening chords of tho “ Wiener Fasohiug” of Schumann. Tbo programme was a thing of beauty in Itself. It was put together from tho music of Schumann, Schubert, .Mendelssohn, and Liszt,—composers who may almost bo dossed as contemporaneous so far as musical years are concerned,—and was arranged in a sequence of tho roost natural and appropriate kina, so that tbo listener passed from ono number to auothor without any Jar or shock. It was in reality a lighter programme than Ton Beulow has over Elaycd horo.Blthuugbitwcs very oxacting so for as nihancy of technique was concerned. Tho so* lections, however, wore so varied—embracing the Opus 20 of Schumann, which is a succession of tone pictures ; the graceful Allegro. On. 38, No. 2, tho dainty Bcliorzo from Op. 7 (which was oucared), the Variations, Op. 82, and tho Capriocto, Op. 6 of Mendelssohn ; tho Elegy, Capricclo in F minor, tho melodious Impromptu, Op. 142, No. 2. and tho fascinating Vaise Caprice in E major (Liszt's transcription;, of Bchubort: and Liszt’s •• In the Woods,” and weird '• Gnomes’ Dance (concert sketches), tho Mazur ka Brillianto, and Polonaise Ilcrolquo— that they afforded on opportunity of. hearing Von Buolow in various stylos and in numbers which wore os diverse in color and shades of expression as could ho imagined. Notwithstanding tho small audience, thn player appeared to be in one of bis happiest moods, and gave them not only a mag nificent display of his cultured and finely-trained power, but also of Ins remarkable delicacy as well os of bis astonishing technique. His play ing of those thirteen numbers was tike a suc cession of beautiful pictures. Ho has given us nothing moro fascinating in color or more plo taroequo than his performance of those selections from four masters who nat urally group tberotolvoa together. It makes a most pleasing and graceful introduction to tho serious work of Friday evenlog, when bo will do vote himself exclusively to Beethoven. Wo have already, during his first season, expressed our impressions ofhls stylo of playing so fully that wo need not repeat thorn now, or say more than that bis playing lost evening of tho miscellane ous programme more than confirms what wo said then, ilisa Cronyo sang her first two numbers from •‘DarFroiscbnotz" and “William Tell” admirably, notwithstanding a somewhat timid and vacillating accompaniment by a young lady. Her last two numbers wore sung, however, to Von Buolow’s accompaniment, and horn It was her turn to grow nervous, but sbo succeeded ex cellently, nevertheless, especially in Meyerbeer’s “ Fisher Maiden.” Tho second concert will bo given to-morrow evening, with the following an- Serb programme, all the selections being from oothoveu : 1. Sonata—Opus 3), No. 3 In D minor. n ((<0 KiiUftle—Opus 77. A ' \(fc) Hondo Caprlccloeo—Opus IS9, 3. I’onlieaco Bong. Mim Lizzie Crooyn, 4. Semite—Opua 2fl In A flat. 6, "la Vila i'ollcu.” Mian Lizzie Crcrayn, 0. Sonata In A major—Opun 101. - (La i’arteuza, '• (L'Ainauto impazieoto. Miss Llzile Oronyn. 8. XV. Verlatlons. Fugue and Andante finale on a theme of the Hiufoula crolca in K flat. Opus 35. ANNOUNCEMENTS. This evening theElchings-Boraard troupe will give one of lie costume concerts at the Union Park Congregational Church uudor the auspices of J. L. Brake Lodge, I. 0. of O. T., with an excellent programme, principally made up of the lighter musio of tho English composers. Friday evening tho First Regiment give their grand concert ami military exhibition at (ho Exposition Building. One of tho moat attractive concerto of tho oeaaon is to bo given Monday ovomug at Mc- Cormick Hall for tho benefit of Miss Kate Porcy Douglas, of this city, a promising ospiront for tho highest musical honors, who has won tho favorable notice of Miss Clara Louise Kellogg, tbo Chlckerings, Carl Wolfsobu, and other oou noisours. Tiilo will bo Miss Douglas' only ap pearance boforo hor departuro to pursue her rttudlas abroad. She will lie assisted by our finest vocal and instrumental artists, and the programme will be a most agreeable one. CASUALTIES. THE IOWA CITY ACCIDENT. Spicutl Uilualch to The Chicago Tribune, lowa City, la., May 3.—To-dav tho body of tbo son of Prof. Parkor, of tho State University, was found only a four hundred foot from whsro ho was drowned on tho 26th of April. Prof* Howe's boy first discovered the head above the surface of tbo water, when others m search came and secured it. It is very little Injured or disfigured. It will bo kept iu ice, if possible, until the hod; of bla suiter, 13 years old, who was drowned with him, Is found. Every effort is constantly being made to find it. HIT ON THE HEAD. Np#p ial Duvaleh to The Chicago Tribune* Joliet, HI., May B.—A man named Richard Hodgson, employed at tbo Rolling-Mills, was en gaged iu chipping rails yesterday evening, when a follow-workman struck him on the head— whether accidentally or intoatlonallv is un known—with a sledge, inflicting a severe in jury, which may result seriously. Hodgson is reported to bo in a precarious condition. A RAILROAD MISHAP. Soeeial DltvaUh to The Chicago Tribune, Ht. Paul. Mian., May B.—Conductor Bibley’s train tor Chicago, on tbe Ulver Division of the Chicago 4 Bt. Paul Road, ran off tbe track at au open switch near Hastings this morning. The damage was confined to track, car-trucks, and delay of tbo trains. MICHIGAN FIREMEN. fitwcWf DwpufeA to The CAieaoo mbur*. Coldwatku, Mich., May 3.—At 2:30 o’clock this afternoon tbe State Firemen's Convention commenced its annual session m Fireman's Hall. The Convention was called to order by James B&tllo, Chief Engineer of Detroit. Addresses of welcome were delivered by 8. H. Cutter, the Mayor, and Oon. J. U. Parhhorat, and responded to bv F. H. Seymour, of Detroit. Tho Convention adopted a ruport adversely to holding State tournaments. The officers elected for tho coming year are: President, Jamas Bat tle, of Detroit; Vice-Presidents, li. Dickinson, of Coldwater; E. Lusk, of Jackson; B. A. Plummer, of Wonoua; 0. V. It. Pond, of Qolnoy; and J. H. Wicks, of Lowell; Secre tary, B. D. Pond, of Allegan; Corresponding Secretary, Qoorgo E. Backus, of Qrecnvillo; Financial Secretary, J. B. Johnson, of Char lotte: Treasurer. Clark Cornwell, of YpaUauit j BtatisiUiau, F. 11. Seymour, of Detroit. The Convention adjourned till to-morrow morning. MORE TEN-CENT WATER. •Special Uiovaleh to The Chicago Tribune, flriuMoritU), ill., Stay 3.—Application for a license to organise tho Coles County Mineral Springs Company was tiled to-day in the office of the Secretary of State. THE SCAVENGER CONTRACT. Illegal Action on (lie Part of Uio • llimrd of Ilf’iiUli tjbgnlar Prcforonoo Shown in Favor of tho Highest Bidder. Why tho Lowest Bid Would Not Bo an Bnprofliablo Guo. ■ Every peraon holding any public office (whether city, county, or municipal), trust, or employment, who shall bo guilty, directly or Indirectly, of the ex penditure of a greater sum or amount of money than may have been, at tho time of making the contracts, appropriated or act apart by law, oraulhorlzcd by taw, to be contracted for or expended U]>on thn subject mat* terof the contracts, shall be Coed not exceeding (10, 000, and may be removed from his office, trust, or cm* ployraent. Tho abovo trill bo found in Paragraph 203 of tho Criminal Code of tUls State. Whether ita proviaions apply to four of tho metabent of tbo Board of Health may bo learttod from tho fol lowing statement of facts : Tho City Council recently appropriated $17,000 for scavenger work for tho muo months ending Jan. 1, 1877. At Its mooting Tuesday afternoon, the Board of IToallb, by a vote of 4 to 2, lot to Messrs. Dunn A Scaulan the contract for doing .tills work at $87,000 por year. After tbo Board bad assem bled, a little routine business was transacted, and then tho Finance Committee mado a report. Thoro was a contract to be awarded for remov ing the ashes and garbage from our streets. Tbo bidden) were as follows: Fred. Hanker, $‘28,000« year: this was rejected because no bond accompanied as required by law; George Aomin, $29,785: Louis mas. $29,088; O. Drake, $84,420: Edwin Burns, $2H,170t John Dahoney, $39,075. and $76 por day for all Sunday work on South Side; M. Scaulatt, $34.430; Fred. W. Dunn A J. P. Bosnian, $87,403,50, and $75 for Boutb Ride Sunday work: N. Wcilsteln ft Co,, for North Ride, $5,002.71); Bolder, lander k Paine, for North Division, $4,784.70; Qorbardt k Vr’ondw, do, $3,917; Joseph Hettinger, do, 15,034 j J. Mahoney, do, $8,144.74; Adolph Muller, do, ; Thuroae Hassell, entire city, $37,217; Jacob Barnett, $30,30.1; Peter Downey, $14,000, or would furnish loams at $1 per clay; .lohu Murphy wouhl take tho three divisions at sllß por day. or furnish team* at (J. 30 per day for each; Nick Eokhardl, for West Division only, (8,138; William Lancy, da, f 7,775, TflK COMMITTEE ItEPORHI) In favor of awarding the contract to Duwnoy, who was the lowest and a responsible bidder. Tufa scorned to have struck certain members with indignation, for Dr. Maobelmer, regardloa* of the fact that the appropria tion made was but $17,000 for nine months, moved “ That the contract lor ibe removal of garbngo and ashes be awarded toK. W. Dunn and J. 4*. Scanlon; that Utolr bid was (23.10 per day for the North Divis ion; $53.50 for tho West Division: $43.50 for the Houth Division; and (75 per day for Sunday work in tbo Houth Division, when It may bo required by tbo Board.” This is tbo motion as copied from the Secretary's record. The following la a record of the vote on tho question: JVea—Moore, Oolger, Manholtner, and McDermott, Nai/i— McVlckar and Miller, In view of tho feel that thin city in bard-pushed for money Just now, it dow seem strange (hat men are found in public life who will brave the censure of (ho people by their rookleae action. A prudent man does business in a prudent way; he docn not overstep his credit, neither docn he contract a dobt of *17,401 on n pruliablo incoino of $17,000. Tins ]■ exactly what the quartette of the Hoard of HoaitU have done. They hare acted with out regard to public interests or docont economical principles. There wore one or two higher bidders, barring their recklessness, however, and disregard for tho popular Olainor of ccouoiny in our public af fairs, they have overstepped their authority In letting a contract for MOILS MOSEY THAH IB AmtOPItIATED FOB THE WORK. Tt is assuming to overrule tho City Council, Ik it a clear violation of law. It is true that a sort of a half-and-half protecting clause Is to bo inserted in tho contract, to read* “ That the Hoard have the power to terminate the contract when the appropriation la exhausted.” This clause Is a moru hliua; It amounts to nothing. When the contract Is made for a year, it bolds ths city responsible fur that time, and tho uubUo will be com pelled tn •* pony up ” tho deficiency. The difference between (ho accepted bid and Dow ney’s (the lowest) la |2J,IOJ. in other words, four men take tho liberty of arrogating to themselves the power of giving away $i!3,403 of tho public money. Whether (hero was an undue Influence brought to bear in this matter Is not Known, but certain It is that tho two men to wham tho contract was awarded came early yesterday morning and accented Its provisions. It is true Downey, tho old contractor, has not done his work well, but that Is as much the fault of the Hoard of Health as his. Uo received $ I0,(XK) fur this work lost year. lie has his teams; ho is wealthy and has good and sufficient sureties to compel him to do the work right. The Hoard tied no right to take any one but (ho lowest bidder which could famish ample bonds for tho faithful performance of the work, which Downey olTcrcd to do. Ila is personally responsible, and the Hoard could easily compel him to live up to his contract. Ttio bid* of parties who bM on enlj one Division were rejodod because they did nut want to bother wUti three contractors, tliouoh in that way thousands of dollars coaid bare bven spared. And again: Olhar bids were rejected on a pretense that they didn’t mention Sunday work, which U not required by law, tbo opinion of the Board notwithstanding, Tho only bid that waa rejected ujwa good, legal grounds wu that of P. Hanker, width waa not accompanied by a bond, aa required by law. Tho fact of men i>elng placed on the record for haring roled away l.’lM'id of the iieople’a money do mauds a thorough explanation and Investigation. Tho Hoard of Health has dono many queer things, but this la tho queerest of all, and it la not likely that Dunne Ac Bouillon will get their lutntract before it la ascertained whether the Hoard of Health ran ore mile the Common Couucil, and aay bow much money shall Im spent for certain purposes. And now, while Downay’a figures may scorn low since last year tho work of collecting ashes and garb* ago bas been gmtlr ourUtlod, In view* or (be fact that the appropriation had been cut down. Ou the North Bide the district has been drawn la as far south as Division street; and on tbo Weat and Bouth Bides the territory lute also been curtailed greatly. And, while the contract la for the collection of ashes end garbage, as a matter of fact, In many instances, the contractor will not collect the ashes unions a smalt amount is paid or a fuss Is made, but hu takes tho garbage because he cau sell or use It. If the real facts were known It would be found that Downey made money ou hie contract last year, and that the sale of garbage alone allowed him to ootno out oven. ur iißamo to Tint unuNo of teams, Dr. MUUr hUUkI yesterday Uut be did not know how mauy teams Downey employed, but he was lu favor of advertising for tho hiring of (earns by the day to do ths work. This would coat mere than Downey otters to perform the labor for. ami more than eat up the appropriation, but they could hire the teams till the appropriation was exhiiunted. He tailored that the Board had no right to award a contract except within limit of tho amount appropriated for thu purpose by the Council. LETTERS FROM THE PEOPLE, TUK new oounoil and tub MATOO. To the Jidtlor of The Chicago maims; Cuicauo, May 3.— ln your issue of yesterday yon havo nobly advocated tbo cause of the op pressed and plundered citizens of Chicago, as against the ruinous rule of Mr. Harvey D. Col vin and his marauding gong. It seems to mo that It is the peculiar province of an honest proas, especially at such a critical period as (bis, to exorcise its Influence and power iu the bold est and most unmistakable manner, to the end that the official doapottsm which has brought so much disgrace and worked so much injury on Chicago may be immediately crushed and dissipated; and 1 am clod to see that Tim Tiuuunb at least has boon faithful to this trust both before and since the mighty .voice of universal Chicago thundered forth from the hall of tho Exposition Building iu grand resolve to wipe out tho corruption of our pronout local administration by substituting in its stead an upright Mayor and an honest Coun cil. Tbe satisfactory, eolation of this all-im portant quealiou is dear to those who have the welfare and prosperity of Chicago at heart. The credit and honor of tbo city are in peril, and it remains for tho people to say whether or not they will, by Indifference and apathy, allow os to drift into hopeless bankruptcy, or bv imme diate and decisive action restore oar fallen for tune and olovato our local institutions to that dignity, solvency, and grandeur which Colvin and bis heuebmon have robbed thorn of. Now Is tho time snd now is tbe boar for action, it must be prompt, practical, and do tormmod. The situation of all airs will not ad mit of any “ milk-and-water " proceedings. The people timet make a bold and united stand, and in the effort they rise or fall. First and above all, Colvin must bo removed. If decency and publio opinion cannot induce him to •* step down and out," then ho should bo “ bounced" without any ceremony whatever. There is no question that Ida Adiuln istiatiou has been a curse to the pros perity of Chicago, and therefore tbe best thing that can bo done ia to lot him *• go hi a way iu peace," but place him beyond tbe power of politically sinning any more. lie bas proved bimseli in a thousand ways unfitted fur tho high position to which he was called; ho al lowed bimsair, time and again, to be the willing tool of kuaves. blacklegs, and gamblers, and altogether his Administration bas been such that oven those who hitherto kept entirely aloof from politics now loin in tbo general ory, and fer vently pray deliverance fiom himself and the abominable ring of bummers and scalawags by whom ho is surrounded. With an honest and Independent Common Council, such nn Chicago will Monday evening install in oilice, I have little fear (hat the throats of Mr. Colvin to *• hold on ’’ for anotlior year will nmonnt to Anything. Those aro not the men to btooh his shallow defiance. for they bare character and reputation at Blake, and will nob soil It for tho bland smile of the usurper, or the doubtful political influence of Ills ofUco-sooking satellites, llotb be am) bis ° rag-lag ’’ support ers must bo (aught Monday nlgbt that Chicago moans what ber assembled thousands declared at the Exposition Uuildmg. and that tbe sooner bo vacates tbe Mayor's chair in favor of tho chosen of all creeds, parties, and classes, the bettor it will bo for tbo city's good and bis own peaoo of mind. With tho lion, Thomas Iloyns at (be holm, aided and supported by tba oewly-eicctod Coun cil, 1 have no misgivings as to the city's safety and progreen. The Administration will be a credit ami a blessing to tbo city, for wisdom will guide Its deliberations, and prudence and econ omy will characterize its oflicial labors. Tbo merchant, tho business-man. tbe proper ly* owner, the mechanic—in fact, all who have anv interest in tbo woll-belDg of Chicago—fa vor this anxlonsly-lookod-for return to good government, aud no true friend of law, order, or progress should raise or seek to rales any obstacle to its happy aud mnob-nooded consum mation. Lot Tnx Tmnnttß, then, contlnaa its praise worthy efforts to bring about this gratifying re sult; lot tbo now'Connell remember Monday evening that tho citizens expect “ every mao of tbom will do their dutyend, If they do, local ontorpneo will receive a fresh impulse, business and industry will again flourish, healthy confl donoe will once more inspire the people, and Ghlcngo will be encouraged anew to rise su perior to hor every disaster, not tne least of which wse tbo baneful, disgraceful, and extrav agant administration of Harvey D. aud his un scrupulous colleagues. An Indignant Omm. A PITIFUL STOUT. TTo the Editor <\f The Chicago Tribune'. Cuioauo, May 3.—1 have Just come from tho bedside of a man on the verge Of delirium tremens, Ho haa a wife and two children. Tbo wife sat close by tho hoad of the bod, now hold ing hor husband’s • hands, now caressing his hair, and now offering a low-spoken word of cheer, but always crying quietly. The younger child, 6 yonre of ago. nestled its hoad on tho mother's lap; iho elder, senior by two years, loaned against hor shoulder. They only knew that “ papa” was sick, hut that was enough. They forgot to prattle and to play—they wore uad. The father is a man of great Intellectual power nud very superior attainments. Ho is, or rathorwas, an educated Irish gentleman; to-day ho is a poor, miserable sot. Kent for tho family’s scanty furniture is un paid, and tbo owner may appear at any day and take away hie property. Kent for their poor apartments le unpaid, and tho landlord may at any day claim and take possession of bla own. Tho larder is empty ; pawnablo apparel thoro is none. Two days of futurity for this family cannot bo safely predicted. Tbe indications are, privation, hunger, and beggary. Why do I write this to you, whom I only know as tbo editor of a widely-circulating, reputable journal ? To solicit aid ? No, To awaken un availing sympathy ? No. I write it because I know of an organization whoso great aim is to mitigate throughout tbo United States suffering such as I have so tamely in stanced. An organization that strives in a practical, as well aa in a theoretical, way to chock tbe evil of intemperance, and do away with tho misery that (shadows it, I refer to the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, and I write this in order to advertise, If yon will per mit, their 9 o’clock Sunday afternoon mootings. Those are hold in the Clark Street Methodist Episcopal Church. Tboir purpose is, os 1 have Intimated, to spread tho doctrine of temperance and Induce tho practice of total abstinence. It hardly admits of question that It would be a good tiling were those mootings well attended. You can do much toward this end if you will,— something, perhaps, by publishing this letter. My individual excuse for writing it id that I was in as Lad a condition ns that of the hus band named, yot, through tho kind instru mentality of tho Union, am now in good health and comfortable circumstances. Their work merits generous public support. Uun't you think so ? Gratitude. OUST TUB COUNTt BOARD. To Ihe Editor of Tht Chteam Tribune. Chicago, May 3.—lf over there woa a body of officials which could nol bg trusted it is the Board of Cook Couuty Commissioners. Erory act pm*- formed by them for tho lost year or two baa boon tinged and tainted with (rand whoso enormity could only bo measured by the amount of money involved. I’robably each one of tho eight corrupt Com missioners makes oq an average out of fraudu lent contractu from SIO,OOO to $20,000 a year. No wonder they are willing and eager, for the email legal salary allowed, to give all of their tune sud services to county affairs. Entering ofllco poor, several of tho Commissioners have become wealthy, and support ooetly establish ments. liow long is this corruption to go on ? Mast the people wait till fall before It can be stopped, and tbe corrupt members ousted? The offer of rewards for evidence or immunity to any of the contractors to turn state's evidence might oauso tho Ring to break, and reveal the corruptionists for punishment. Something should bs speedily done to stop the stealing and punish tbs steal ers. A meeting should bo bold denouncing the Board, and calling, in tbe name of honesty and economy, for thoir resignations. Tho County Board should be enjoined, on ac count of tbeir corruption, from transacting any further businous, aud the admiuUtratiou of thoir Affairs placed in the bands of a Receiver appointed by tbo County Court upon the peti tion of 10,000 citizens of Cook County. When a partner distrusts tbe honesty of bis co-partner bo asks for tho appointment* of a Receiver. When a clerk steals, tno merchant does not wait until tbo clerk’s year is out before ho discharges him. Tbe County Board steal—oast tbo Oouu ty Board. E. liATTVY THE ELECTION OP UOmH. To tho Kdthtro/ Tho Chicago 2 nbun« ; Chicago, May 3.— Unless tbe new Council prefer to elect one of their own number Mayor, tbov can cut (bo Gordian knot without further ado by couutlng aud declaring tbe vote, and then passing an ordinance ratifying tbo vote. Tbo ordinance should briefly recite—as a mat ter of record—wby the vole is ratified and de clared a legal election, among which may be named tbe willful neglect of the Council to In* dado that of Mayor In the election call; tbe fact that 35.000 out of 40,000 voters, by voting for Thomas Boyne for Mayor, corrected tbe mistake mode by tho Common Council-in re fusing or neglecting to call an election for Mayor at a time when such election was aud should have been bald; and tbs inexiMJibeiioy on tbe score of economy to sail a special election for Mayor, wbea the people have already ex pressed by a large majority voto, east at the proper time and in tbe proper way, tbeir prefer ences for Mayor. If, os Attorney Jamieson says, a special elec tion wore necessary, that has been bad, and one election so emphatic and overpowering ought to bo enough, so that all tbo Council need do. oven according to Jamieson, is to count and declare tbe vote, ratify tbo election, and declare Thomas Uoyus Mayor-elect of Chicago. B. O. SUICIDE. FaiLiDEM'Oii, May B.—Peter E. Abel, wall known here as an amusement manager, elo., la supposed to hare committed suicide last eight by Jumping off the Girard ayouuo brldgo and drowning himaelf. Ills body has not been found, nor was be eeen to jump oft the bridge, but bin hat and coat were found on the bridge, and Id his hat was a note, In which Ur. Abel Held he was unable to pay hie dobta, and con cluded that he was of oo more uae upon tble world, eo he committed bla body to whom It might concern. He also wrote a note to hia brother yesterday tolling him that when the note was received the writer would he no more. He i« aaid to have been in straitened ciroumntauoob. lie was 60 year* old, and leaves a wile and a grown-up son. PRISON-REFORM. A'wctal DieyxifeA to i'k* Ckiea§* THbtMA BmnaniPD, 111., Uey B.—'The following dele gates to the PrUoo-Ueform Oongreaa, which la to moot Id New York City, have been Appointed by Gov. Beveridge : Robert Collyer, 0. Q. Ham mood, 6. W. Perkins, 8. Myen*. and K. Hoyt, of Chicagoi John M. Southwortb, of Woodstock; Dr. John U. Sweeney, cf Normal. There will aUo be pieaout from this Stale the Rev. F. 11. Wiuob, of the Htate Hoard of Public Charities j MaJ, UcLaugbry, Warden of tbeHiate Peniten tiary j Dr. Boonller, of the Reform Bobool; and 0. 12. Felton, of the Chicago Bridewell. RADWAVS REMEDIES. ti non OP TEN TEARS’ GROWTH CORED El DB, MWAY’S Mills, „ „ _ Ana ADRon, Dw, r. ini On. JUDWAT) That othon tuajr be banafltea, 1 nuke tblaautnmaatt * I bars bad an Ovarian Tamar hi the Ovarire and bcwela foruayaara. 1 tried tba b«atphraleUaao/tblarla«eaad Jtwa*srowln»atinch rapid- ItJ that I could not hava llrad nnoli loncar. A friend of mIDB Induced ma to try Uadwiu'a lUrowie*, I had not much faith In than, bat Anally, after much dohbaralioa. lined (ham. I Durcha*cd all bottle of tho Haaolvont, two boiM of IhaPilla, and two bnttlae of tba ftaliaf. 1 mod there with. Outanyapparentbeooflt. tdetamlned to uanavare. 1 uaad twalva more bottle* of tbs RaaolvenU two of tba Ra. lot. and two boaea of PlUa. JVuora they vara gooa 2 had lo«l tweoty-flta pound*. 1 contlouad to «*a Uia nadlelna until I waa aura that I waa entirely cured. 1 took the tnadiolna about flvo tnonlha. and during that tlmo loit forlr-tire pauuda. I* all J tookthrea doKjo bottle* of tha Baaolraat, riz bou ties Relief, and aix bnzM of tha Plifa. I feal perfectly wall, and ray heart la full of gratitude to God for Ihl* help la ray deep atUlpiton. Toyou. Sir, and your wonderful medicine, ffeoi dreplyladabtod, and ray prayarla that It may ha aa ranch of a hleailng tn of here aa Übaabaentoma. (blguod) MRS. b. O. IHBDINH, am. Rtbblna, wboraakea tha ah.Tva eartlfleato, la the Se non.for whom iTeoueitad yon to load raadlotns to tins, (STB. The modloinna above etatad wara bought (4 mi, with tbaeirepllnoofwhntwaa rent to bar by nn. DroggUtaodOhomlai. Ana Arbor, Mioh. .Thl* may Mrttfv that Mra. Rlbblna. who make* tha above certificate, U and haa boon lor many years well known to us, ane tba faoU tbenln stated am undoubtedly and andenlably correct. Any ane who knows Mra. Rib. bins will boilers her statement. SSSoSW'- K«S/d OHD - DU JftADWAT»S Sarsagailllian teolmt, THE GREAT BLOOD PDRIFIEB, For the Cnro of all Chronic Diseases, Sore Mart Syphilitic, Hereditary or Contagions, bo it Seated in the Icings or Stomach, Skin or Hones, Flesh or Nerves. Corrupt ing the Solids and Vitiating the Fluids. Cbrenle Rheumatism, BorofnU, Glandular Bweßtnin, Hacking Dry Cough, Canooroua Atfflullons, fiyphlullo OompUunU. nieoding of the Lung*, Dripopsla. Water Uriah. TloDolorfla*, While SwaUlng*. Turnon, Ulcers. Skla and Ulp Uitaaaaa, Mercurial Disease*, Female Con* niilnta, Gout, Prepay, Rickets, WaU Ithnora, RrooctUUs, Consumption. Kidney, Ulatltlor, Liver Complaints. d FRICK, «l PSli Uoh LK. v ’ ** Bold by Urojnttits. ( DE. EADWAY dt 00., 33 Warron-ct, E, 2 IR- IR-. ZR„ EaiwafsEeafly Relief CUBES THE WOE3T PAINS Id from Oie (o Twenty Minnies. NOT ONE HOUR After reading Ibis Advertisement need anyone raficr with pain. Radway’s Ready Relief IS A CURE FOR ETERI PAIH. Itwu th« Hist sol is tht Only Pain Remedy Thai toitantlr itopa the wen exorneUtlng pains, a]Un lolUmtnatioae. and carat congealiona, whether of tna Lunya, Stomach, Ueirela, or outer giauda or orcawb uy use application. In from One to Twenty Minutes, No matter bow rlrtWt or etontelatlnjr the pain, the liboumallo. Red-riddon, Infirm, Crippled, Nervous, Nco* ' raisis, or prostrated with disaacc isy sutler Radway’s Ready Relief WILL AFFORD INSTANT EASE, Inflammation of the Kidneys, Inflammation of tbe Bladder, Inflammation of the Bow els, Mumps, Congestion of th* Bungs, Boro Throat. DiffiouJ* Breathing, Palpitation of the Heart. Hysterics, Croup, Diphtheria, Ca tarrh, xnfluenaa, Headache, Toothache, Neuralgia, BbeumaOtm# Cold Chills, Ague Chll ■, Chtlblaius, Proet Bltos. The application of tbs Heady Relief to the petS ov parUwUurn the paia or difficulty oiUla will afford eaae amt comfort. twenty drop* la half a(nrablcf,uf water will, la a fev minute*, oureOrampt, Bpralni, ojur Htomaoli, heart burn, Kick Haadaelip, Diarrhea, pyeantory, Uhollo, Wind in tbe Hawaii, ud all latorual pain*. , _ _ Traveleraehould alwayi carry a bottle of RADWAY’fI HEADY HEI.IBK wlUi them. A few (Irani In wator wtU Erorent ilckneu or ralm from etaango of water, la. alter than French Uraniir or lUtlera aaa stimulant. FEVER AND AGUE. Fever sod Ague cured for fifty pent#. There taools remedial agent to tbe nond tbat will cure fever and area, end all other nulartooa, bUlona, ecarlet, typhoid, ratio*, and other (evere (aided br Hadway'a Illli) eaqulukea Itadway’e Head/ Relief. fclfty eeaUpcr botllA held br UrugtfUts. DR. RAD WAY’S Regulating Pills perfectl/ U*Ul*m, elegantly coated with iweel gon, tuuae, regulate, purity, eleame, and strengthen. ilau wajre t'tiia, lur tue cure ol all ultorUir* ut the Btomacb, Infer, iiunela, Kidneys, bladder. Nervous Dueeeo*. Headache, CouUpaliou, CoeUvene**, ludlgetUun, Ur*- iwi<»U,ii>(luuiaeie, UlUetu fever, inflammation ol We Uowele, i'lloe, audaU Derangement* ol L»e Internal Vie coia. Warrentedto eSeata pueltlva ear*. purely »<•«• •table, containing no mercury mineral# or UoUtonoue lAT* Observe the following roeultiag fraut Dleordeiaol the Digestive Orgene. _ ... CoßaUcatloo, Inward PUee, tfullneM o( lb* Cloud |e Iba Bead. Acidity d tbe Stouiaeb. Naueo#, Heartburn, Dt* ■matol JfoodTKullnee#ol Welgbtla tbe blumaob. Sour Snutipn*. blaklog or t letterings >« the l u uT the Stoa)- acV awbumlnf ol ibe Hoad. UuriUd and Dlflluiiil bn*UiißA.Vlotte<ißiaat thoUe»ft. CJboUngorbuOucal leeßeneaUon whan walking Posture, PUdoom of Vi* Joa-DoJ* oi yfebe. before the eight, Fprer and Poll Pal# ta dja Iliad. Defloleoey ol rerewiratlan. VoUuwaMe ol tbebkin and Ejm. Palo In tba Bide, (Jbeet. J-Unba. and wddeoVluiheebf Hert, huruinglnjbe Klieb, Al“ laUW’AY’S fhlA from ah the above-named disorders. PHee W coat# per boa. BoldbydruggUla. Read “Fal«e and True,” Hand one letleretamu to IIADWAV A 00., He. W Wamadt, Mew YsU. InlonnsUea iutb luuudl will be eenl yea.

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