Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 4, 1876, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 4, 1876 Page 7
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5 FINANCE AND TRADE. Dank Business Moderate, and flio Bonn Market Busier. New York Exchange Firm—-The Clearings $0,600,000. Provisions Stronger—Wheat and Corn Firmer, but Close Tame. Cite Prodneo Markets Steadier and Less Aollio—More Acllrltj In Grata Shipment. FINANCIAL. Thera were no bcw developments of Inte rest in local finances. The bank* generally report that the offer ings of paper are comparatively light, anil that la the Wt Jlbree or four daps tbo evident tendency to fleas dal drclea baa been to greater ease, tat the country bae not yot given any signs of activity, and still retains the large advances made . by the city boobs. While toe Urge amount of funds bald by tba former la still employed In carrying stuff, the eurplna of the banks cannot become burdensome. The principal activity of the banks tills week has been - fn accommodating Beard of Trade men who needed 'funds for their monthly settlements, to which cause also ware due the heavy dearinga of the last two or three days. Mercantile trade la dull, and the supply efnew business paper of alt kinds la restricted. Mi taring bills receivable arc In the majority of cases promptly met, and renewals are asked for mainly by country customers. Rates of discount an B®lo per cent at the banks. Loans are to be had at lower rates for call short loans on IndispuUble security. On the street good papar is In actlvs request. Rates aro In 7(818 per cent. New York exchange was sold between hanks at 60A IQo per 81,000 premium. The daarlngy wore 81,0)0,000, ers cLtmmo-nocBK and nut boaboitv os’ Less thin f 1,000,000 of fraction*! currency here been redooraed up to tblsUm*» out the low to Uio country ef email chans* been much greater. The silver omitted h»* only partially gone Into circulation,—(he fractional currency unredeemed is being hoanied in r**ry direction. The damage to business that Is - threatened by tbs Tislbly approaching famine of amall change is serious enough to attract the attention of onr bankers. Tbo Clearing-House should formally urge upon tbo Chicago representatives at Washington, or the Iloueo Hanking Committee, (be adoption of some speedy and oftlcacions plan for averting the plagne of milk tickets and postage stamps that la upon ns. It would be well lor the Clearing* House, if they have an practical suggestions to make on the subject, to offer them. Two plans nro pro* posed, and are now under consideration at Washing* lon. Ons is to isane silver for legal teudcrs, ana uaa tho latter to redeem fractional currency, which la thereupon to be destroyed. Another plan is to put in* to circulation some more fractional currency. Them Is fn the Treasury a large amount of unfinished frac tional currency, on wtiich a great deal of money has been spent. There are millions of dollars of it, and Its cost will all be wasted unices it is used in thta W ay. A small appropriation and a Joint resolution would put this currency into immediate circulation. FEARFUL DULLNESS IN CALIFORNIA. Business In California boot good. TLo AUa Cali* forma of April 27 says: Dullness to an unusual degree ha« pervaded trade circles during the wock under review. Scarcely a transection worthy of note baa come to the surface, and “dull, fearfully dull," Is heard on every band. The semimonthly mercantile collections will be made en Friday, and this fact exerts an appreciable lutlu •nee o« business. tending to further restrict its opera* tiona until the financial ordeal shall have been bridged ever. Tbs quietude of trade which baa becu ao strik ingly apparent may be largely duo to a general desire to keep within easy limits, merchants exercising can* lion at a period when Uiclr Interests most need care* fid watching. FINANCES IN NEW YORK. The disbursement* In Vow York on account of the May Interest will bo about t1'3,000,000. At the clout of buaineta on Tuesday about four* fifths of tho |O.COO,OCO Cold add on Thursday had been taken out of the Treasury and paid for. All the adjnatod daim* under the Genera award* end for the satisfaction of which (he Treasury recently sold bond*, will bo paid in checks on the United States Bub-Treasury at New York; tha amount ao to bs paid, the drafts drawn to day, is orar |C,500,000. The manner of paying (Loso fa described as follows by the Washington correspond ent of the New York tlaily DulUtin : 1-bey are all drawn on New York. They are dellrcred, when asked for here, to tho person bolding the last power of attorney. Altouthalf the amount la deliv ered over to the attornoya bore or In Now York. The drafta must go from tho attorney to the principal for Indorsement. Then they can bo cashed. Tho most of the claimants are in the Eastern Hutox, hut a larco number are resident of tho I'adrtc Coast, whose whaling vessels were destroyed br the " Shenandoah ’* Mtnr abe left Melbourne, Under the circumstances. It la believed that about half or more of tho money WIU be drawn this week, and that tho other drafts will come straggling In uno by ouo for a month orela weeks. The entire amount of the claims to be mid 1*10,040,000. J A DAIfO?HOCB COUNTERFEIT COIN, Some of the sklllfully-oxecutcd $5 gold-pieces, which have lately bson creating considerable excitement la New York have turned up in California. A few were refused several days slneo at the Bank of California anil tout to tbo Mint for assay. It was so good an Imitation that It was pronounced genuine by experts. The j-leco was somewhat lighter in color than the gold coined hero, hot this was supposed to ho accounted for by Its having been coined at the Philadelphia Mint, where for a number of yean the process of walking the metal gave It a light color without lu too slightest de gree detracting from its value. Tho counterfeit wan also carefully weighed tod found to come up to the standard. When cut in two the fraud was at once de tected. It waa platinum plated with gold, the former giving it the weight. In fact platinum, Is heavier than gold, and It waa necessary, therefore, to make these bogus pieces a trifle thinner than tbo genuine, in this instance no attempt waa mud jto mix the metals, lbs platinum being simply cuvtrul with gold. To •bat extent these spurious coins are circulated can not, of course, bo determined. uoysiiyuutT no.viia. United BUtea Cs of *«1 viJV in* Uoltca BUteu ft-20« of U> , JU)f of H»s—January and July U» ‘£ Hyi*, B»20a of ’tiJ—January and July... liO 1 , l*4iu (>2CM of ’Ca—January and July J 118 jf ii h* Uullsd Htatea new 6a of ’6l, United BUtea ourrvncy Ca... UOI.D AND UntamUACKU. Gold wai m<i<ail3’£. Greenback* were on the dollar in fold* rOUUIUN KXUUASOK. hlxlydayo. Bight. ...ftldV 613* ... 9A»* IW’, ...Sit] 1 ) 613* .. lU'. 41 ...Blti* 613* £‘aria—franca, Germany...., 11e1g1um....,, Holland Switzerland.. Pwcdeo, 010.. ftaatria.....,, CITY iLNJJ COUNTY HONU.S. Hid. Asked. Cbte*goOUy73ct,bgnda.... IDS & Int. Chicago City 7 V ti.we«tr»K«, Jui & lut. Chlcsg o City 7 V cuwnler lo*a 103 & luU Cook County 7 V ot. bonds (short) Cook County t t? ct, bond* (lung).... 105 &UiU lOflilnt, Want l*&rk 7 V ct. bomU Ul 4 tut. Morth Chicago 7 5 ct. bonds (Lincoln l‘*rk) 104 ft iut. 10ft ft lot. LOCH. BTOCKH. lint. City Hallway, Boutli u j City Hallway, W>*| ai()o lu City XUliwar, VrwU tilde, « V nsut rcrtlflcalca ♦ 103* fc int. lOSilat, Clly Hallway, NorlL Kida... . J3j ua fradeiViDaoraucuCo........ Jxt u; Cbaiflbfr of Commerce 70 7tl Chicago Oa*.|,lght k CukoCu. ... UU ItapoalUon atock W 40 STOCKS, BONUS, urc. NswYottX, May B. Quid dull, JI3JiOU3;;, Car rying ratsa, 103. Governments steady, Itallroad bond* quiet and Ann. Stale securities quiet. Stocks opened dull and Irregular. There were l&auy sales on sellers 1 options, capsdally In the case of Western Union and New York Central, the former at i 4 and the Utter at 303)g below (he regular price. During the last hour the market wu firm, with a re covery of 1*01)4 for the Utter. New Jersey Central, whhh openac* at 06, declined to M, and closed at 07>4. Delaware, Lackawanna k Western continued wesk. Among other Investment shares. New York Central wee quite actively traded In, broker* reiwrt salsa for ac count of toveators who have held tho stock for some lime. These sake have been Influenced by a recent rejiort about the Commodoro'a health, various ru mors about e railroad wer, and fluctuations In stock iha other day. In the late dealings theru were contin ued sake 01 Michigan Central end Western Union, seller sixty days, at a difference of about X. Trans action* segregated Kft.OoOshare*, of which oi.Ooo were Western Union, W,OoO Hi, Pauls, 8,000 Erls, W.uuu Luke Bbors, 9,000 New York Centra), and 6,000 Michigan Central. Money market stay; Prims mercantile paper, 4K»B. Custom receipts, $317,000. Assistant Treasurer disbursed $034,000. Clearings, |>»,000,000. Sterling firm} 4!»rtMßo,»f. eoTKKNMiufr notme- Coupon*, ’SI VJ3H | bow ft* Coupons, 'to IH* * 10-40*. WV,i New 11% I KMOs, coupons 11% Coupons, T,7 131 Currencies ~......,.126 Coupons, ’OB 1»X 1 Wcatarn Union 6« U | N. J. Central 67 Qitickailvcr 10X Rock IcliDil ...lOI# guickPilvfr jifd...... at st ran) ns WclfloAUil 30X Btraulpfd. Ci Mariposa AX’ Waoaab 3X MarlposapM.7 Wabaati pM...3 Adame Exproei IPBX FortVTayne 103 X Welle-Fargo „ Terra Haute 3^ American Express... 6l*£ Terre Haute pfd IS U. 8. Exprcae,. tW/f Chicago A Alton ®fl Haw York Central...ll3** Chicago A Alton pM.IW 8rie........ it’i Ohio A MleaUaippt... 10M 56" Do'iwawrsiu'irw.'ioa^ Harlem IMtf A. ft P. Tol 17*/ Harlem pfil... 133 MlMourtPßdflc..../. 13 MlchlfiinOeDtnu..,. 40,'» AtlanticAPacificpfd 9 Panama.. ImllamCcutral..... 41/ Union Pacific atock.. Chicago, B. Q....,118 Like Shore..... 83 Hannibal k Bt. Joe. 14X Illinois Central 9t>V Contra! Vac. bonds..lool/ Cleveland k IHlUburg 04 Union Pacificbonda.,loß Northweatem 4U U. roeiflel»nd*trant.lOOJ/ Norlbwontern pfd.. I'M u. P. sinking fund C„ C., O. 1» 1.*...... 40 bonds 51»; stats Downs. XennfMeofla, old ..43 | VlrslnU 6a, new S 3 Tennessee 6«. new... 40? f ; MissouriCa .....101# Virginia Os. old 31 I mtoino rroosa. Bah Fitanoiaco, May 3.-—The following are the lateat quotation* at tho Stock Exchange; Coneotldt'd Virginia.. 71V Crows Point., California 76V Yellow Jacket. Hcjrregratedßelehar.. 83 Alpha Oithlr 63V Belcher Ouollar 83V Confidence.... Satoro 15 V Sierra Nevada. Imperial IV Exchequer.,.. Mexican.......,,.,.. SOtf Overman. Gould A Curry 17V Juatice... Boat A Belcher 6d Caledonia Hale A Norccoe# 63. V REAL ESTATE, The following instruumuU were died for record Wednesday, May 3: CITT fBOVFBTT* Robey at, n e cor of Taylor at, w f, 168 4.10x12* ft, Kitb ill *-10x153 ft oo Taylor at saar the above. dated April 47 13,000 Taylor at, ft w of Lincoln at. n f, 48x110 ft. (fated April ‘.'7 3,500 Paulina at, 10 ft n of Taylor si, w f, Mills ft* dated April 07... 7,30© Orchard at. 340 ft a of Sophia at. w t, 35x134>i ft, dated Slay 3 3,400 Wabash ar, 50 ft n of Thirteenth at, v f, SOM* 1U ft, dated May 1 5,000 Prairie at, 100 It a of Twenty-fifth at, e f, 33x 108 ft* dated May 0 10,000 Same aa the above, dated Stay 3. 10,otO Tomhins at, 204 4*lo ft ■ of west Polk at, o f« 35x135 4*lo ft, with building, dated May 1,.. C.SOO Roboy at, 2UB ft n of Polk at, w f, 2UU3>i ft, dated April 28 3,000 Oakley at, 440 ft D of North ar, ef, 35x12431 ft, dated April 20...; 000 Ogdon ar, • w cor of Flournoy at, 00 ft to alloy, dated April 33 7.000 Went Eighteenth at, 48 ft w of Burlington at. a f, 24x100 ft, dated May 3.... no Burling at, between Ueldcn and Webster are, wf, 86**115 ft, with Improvements, dated April 22 i 8,009 Fourth ar, 217 ft a of Harrison at, • f, 35x100 ft, dated Hay 1 &000 Watoab ar, 433 ft aof Thirty-seventh at, w£, 35x161 4-10 ft, dated April 33 • 1,000 West Madlaon at, It ft w of Bobey at, a f, 23* xl2i ft, dated April 12 1135 Bobey at, between MttohoU and Fifteenth ate, w f, 8 acres, dated May 3 13,000 Walnut it, 1W ft e of KoOeja av, a f, 60x137W ft, dated April 31 .... 3*oo Genome ar, 220 ft n of Twonty-elxtb t *124 MO ft. dated May 1 Twenty-third at. 300 ft w of Wcntwi f, 23x48* ft, dated April 25 Western ar, a w cor of Mnuroo at, e f, jo 1-lOx JU3 ft* with Improvements, dated Stay 1.... 7,500 Prairie ar, neat Thirty-alxth at, wf, 30x133 ft, vriib building, dated May 3 7.500 Fotrwt ar, U2i* ft aof Thirty-fifth at,« f, 25* 135 ft, wltli buildings, dated May 1... ..... 7,600 Ororeland Park ar, 350 S-10 ft n of Thlrtr-flrrt at, w f, 20x041-10 ft, with buildings, dated Way 1 7,500 Forrest ar, 332* ft a of Thirty-fifth at 0 f, 2** 135 ft, with buildings, dated May 3 T. 500 xouth orciTZLixim within a haoicb or 7 or cocBT-nonsx. Paulina at, 93 ft a of Sutmyalde ar* wf. OQzIGS ft, dated April 33 $ t. 300 SOUTH or CITY LIMITS WITHIN A BASICS OF 7 un,« OF COUDT-HOCBE. Jcaaamlne at, 40 ft a of Fifty-ninth at* e f.2Sx 100 ft, dated Fob. 16 f 700 Same aa the above, dated May 3 „ 500 Wabash ar. nwcorof Forty-sixth at,ef,7fl* Ifil ft, with aubdlrlded .S' of 50x161 ft, om Slate street, same block, dated May 3 6.000 Duncan Puck drlva, 75 ft w of Missel! ar, a f, 35 ft to allay* dated Apnl 37 735 COMMERCIAL. The following were the receipts and shipments af the loading articles of produce to this olty daring the twenty-four hours ending at 7 o’clock on Wednoaday morning: Hour, hrla., Wheat, bu.., Corn, bu.... Oata, bu..... 11,1641 29,330 119,485 01,086) 7,330} 6,0201 64,574 9,010 14.000 830,620 Eye, bu... Earley, bu. Flax seed. Its., i Broom corn,ini] Cured (nests, lUI Beef, ten j Beef, brls Pork, brls j Lard, D* Tallow, 1t*..... Butter. Ibs Creased bogs., live nogs, No.. Cattle, No Sheep, No. Hides, ttfl lilabnlues,title Wool, 1U Potatoes, bu... Coat, tons Hay, tons Lumber, Ko.ft. Shingles, N 0... Salt, brls 161,818 111,660 1,103,000 700,00) 6 7,385 13 Poultry, lbs. •.. Poultry, coops, Came, pkgs.... 1-ggs, Choose, bas..., O. apples, brls. Bosuh, bu Withdrawn from atore ou Tusaday for eitf too munition! 781 bn wheat, 707 ba corn, 2,640 bo ™*y <2O bu rye, *Bl bu barley. Ilia following grain wax inspected into store on Wednesday morning; 20 earn So. 1 Northwestern wheat, 18 cars No. 2 Northwestern do, It can No. 2 spring, 10 car* No. 3 do, Hears rejected do (70 wheat): 1 car No. 1 com. 37 cars and 6,000 bu high mixed do, 100 cars and 6,000 ba No. 2 do, 3 ears new mixed do, 33 cars and 6,300 bu rejected do, and 3 care no grade (IKO com); It can white oats, 21 can and No. 2 do, c cam rejected do (41 Mta); 'J can No. 2 rye, Scare rojo:t«d do: 3 can Ho. 2 barley, 1 car No. 3 do. Total <3U) cun-), 160,000 bu. Inspected out; 78,774 ha wheat, H‘i,&7o bu corn, BS4 ba oats, Tdl bu rye, and 22,317 bu tarli-y. Tbe following table abovn tlio receipts of wheat in (hij city, and the average price p*r bu of No. 3 iprliig. for tlio Uat week In April of two yean, with the av« on««f of the Came wcoka iq former yean: U.t ..ok irrti, im attf' “m last week April, laTS iTi wjo Vw Average for B yean {*|3 Average tor 7 yean u* Average for 10 yean. I'/j’wu ua Tho Inspection of wheat on Wedueadiy, May 8, JBTfi was SM care; yesterday It wim oulj 1(1 can. ' The receipt* bore are email enough to encourage the expectation of better price#; but they are largo die. where. The lleorbonm figure* for laat week ehow re ceipt# of Hour, wheat, and corn, aggregating the equivalent of nearly 6,000,1XK) bu. That la a Urge quantity for a time eo near the tall end of a crop. The low rates of rail freights have atlmulated a large movement oceanward recently, but the volume ahlp. p«d may be reduced now by tho advance In ocean freight!,—they are now quoted at Bd> VS k tut. Asked. Lake freights were Dior* active and outer, at 3\t fur wheat to UulTulo, Kail freights were stronger, closing at about 33.140 per 100 lbs to Now York, with rumor* of engagements fur about 370,000 bu. The old-fashioned quotation from New York, •• buy* ere and aeUera apart,” lu relation (0 wheat, cam* over the wires yeskrday. Upon hearing U the irrepressi blu Jack remarked that they are ludssd very far apart —nearly 1,000 miles asunder. Ills belief was that the buyers are In Chicago and the sellers lu Now York. The leading produce markets were active yesterday, ami a great deal ateodur. There was rather a wide movement lu prices iu lovers! departments, but thia occurred i-arlv, and the fluctuations after 11 o’clock wereemill. This fact was cblerty a natural reaction from recent weakness, helped, i*«rbsia, slightly by (be prospect of lest settled weather. The sever* .tiling of previous days made many parties who were short anxious to cover, which they were eble to do in most coats at a good profit, and induced more willing-. Does to invest, drawing out some orders for shipment. Even tho moat inveterate boars, who pro fees to bolleve that price* are yet much 100 high, thought tt probably that tbs markets have gone about low enough for the present, and that an upward turn „ u,., UlO too. a, tfuta,. iu, ,ui« «m sw .. m .. 61 :SB :;!?» . . aav Harding, Cray A Dewey, of Boston, write aa fol lows i The market for wool remains in tho same doll state previously noticed* The number of buyers Is quite limited sad holders And It impossible to placeanv con siderable amount of wool eicopt at very low and un satisfactory prices. Prices are atill settling down, further concessions haring been mode on all kinds, and there it no prospect of any Improvement. Tho arrivals of new California have as yet been, small, but oonaidsreuk supplies are on the way. and next week we look for largo receipts. The sales of now spring clip, tbo post week, have been prindinUJy hi the range of Some choice lota of new and otu nprlng have been sold at S7@S9c, but these ore very extreme prices, and not over per /> M likely la be realised for the most desirable lots of spring wool expected. The sales of the week have been ‘iS'J.uOO lbs at l&aifte for spring and Kfraocfur fell. Okl stocks are now sold up close, but manufacturers are so Indif ferent about supplies that recelots of new aro expected to move slowly unices at low prices. Tbs prevent cur rent rates arc from fifllc per tb loner than at tbU Hmo last year. ■t, wf, 25 forth »v, a 1874, 18*3. 1970. Mans, of woolf $1,313,694 $1,1J7.71S $079,8W Msnfa. of cotton 1.320,666 1,393,466 OIU.ViO Manfa. of silk 2,0.36,534 l.flfS.OuO L3U1.813 Mausf. of flax 371,338 761,174 647,103 allied. drygoods..,., (34,614 016,373 630,343 1874. li:s. 1370. Manfs. of wool sl,l:il.‘*4 $709,332 $.iJt,4S6 Manfs, of cotton 518,761 40J.014 433,463 Manaf, of silk 394.XU, 010,338 478,833 Usnfa. of flax SbS,KK 636,400 487,035 AUsccl.dry g00d5..,. 205,338 217,884 163,(311 Total 42.778.HK9 $3,467,108 $2,844,463 Add enU for con 6,3*8,840 6,523,8:29 4.039,072 2871, 1876. 1870. Hint*. Of wool t 608,903 $ 707,W. | 019,409 Uaofs. of cotton 417,011 80S,PJ1 IWI.G- S Utnfa. of Bilk 340,907 380,974 410, Msnfs. of tisx 400,323 6*2.218 411,4*9 MlsoeL dry goods 268,469 201,211 133,181 Total $9,110,606 $1,978,803 $2,085,635 Add ankforcon...... 0,388,846 6,630,638 4,069,973 luxurrs. I aniSMunta. 1870. 1876. 10,910 8.530 41,028 12U.969 99,290 107,603 89,414 13,196 3,731 820 7,624, 7,168 83,871) 611,762 31,740; 730 81,412. 30,000 986,744 563,030 » 81) 41 6*7U 823 202.136) 84,230 17,013' 30,000 34,670| 14,190 13,577, 03,400 113,050 27,080 1100 PRODUCTS—Were rather lees active la the aggregate, and stronger all round. The receipts of bogs wore again largo, and prices lower, which caused product to be weak early under free o tier In pa. hut a good many buying orders were received, chiefly for pork and lard, which stiffened quotations. The out side aborts thought Its good time to dll. Hit was thought that the preceding day Indicated signs of » reaction, and a rather sharp upward turn followed, though the feeling was not so strong towards tbo close, the orders having been all filled. Local dealers mads few new trades. 1.600) 160,363 33,000 247,248 ‘iiuwl 21,153 53,779 10 16,998 11,0481 9,000 674 144,700 297 11,600 4.613 0,431 1,708 563 48.(110 310 20,431 1,470 MaaPona—Was fairly active for tbo season, and ranged from 10c per brl below to 37)g0 above tbo latest prices of Tuesday, dosing 25c higher. Tho market waa weak early, and stronger afterward* un der a better demand. Hales were reported of 600 brls cad> at tX)M»jO.6W, 2,000 brls seller May at $90.23 920.46 ; 0,260 brla seller Juno at $20.25(330.72^; 8,600 brls seller July at $30.60000.90; and I,too brls seller August at $21.00. Total, 10,860 brU. The market closed firm at 520.60020.09 cash, according to weight: $20.43Kv520.40 sellar May; s2t).6oisvf>.C2ltf seller Juno; s2O.WJ4o2.t.B»*eU*r JnJy; and nominally at $21,060 21.10 seller August. 94,395 TV'JOI 1,933,4041 091,000 1.211 11,361,833 1,200.000 9,094 1,030,000. 144,000 SOU; 22,223 1* w£3l 8111 160 0711 Prime mese pork wae quoted at $19.60(320.10, and extra prims at $15.76^16.00. Lion—Was moderately active and genorally firmer, averaging about the same a« at Wednesday's tost trail ing. and cloelng 6o |<er 100 Ibe higher. The market declined lOe early, then advanced 20u under a hotter demand, and coaed off slightly afterward. Liverpool was unchanged. Halos were reported of 400 tea cash at $11.95012.06 : 753 Ice toiler May at $13.06012,17 ’• : 9,36otesseller June at $12.1*012.35: and 13,750 tea seller July at $12.30013.65. Total, 21,150 tec, Tho market closed steady at $13.1Tj431X20 cash or seller May; $1X80013.83* seller June; 912.470t2.47M srtltr July; and nominally at 11X6001X32* seller August. Mist*—Worn rather quk-t, but stronger, middles being quoted ,So*o higher, with a fair demand. Tho rouuut decline brought out a few shlppiug orders, and there was IllUa offered In car lots, is most of tho win ter meats now here are mossed Into round blocks for delivery on aslce for future. The reported transac tions Included 30,000 Ibe shoulders st 7*o; 23 ton* do stlMo, 70,000 ll)t short clean at 13*u; ■»»! 4ou,uiXi Ibe short nbs at lUfidtllc seller July. HhoiU- Long SJiort 'Short ders, clear. rib. clear. Halted, loose 7* lu\ ly* l(i>i Boxed 7 Si 13* lo* u May 7!* .... 10* lo* June. 7 H .... 13* 11 July Vi .... u U* Bacon, cash 8* .... 12),* Jo* Long and short ciesra at 10*ocaah. and lie eullur June, boxed; green bams, 11*0120] sweet pickled d0,12j.,'(413a; OumberUnde, lO*olu*c, cash or arti er April; long-ont bams, 11012 c. boxed: bacon hams. 14016 c. * Oasaac—Waa quiet at 6XG$9c. NKET PiIODUUTH—Were eteady and quiet at SIO.SO (JIIU.TS for tueaa, $11.60u£11.76 for extra meaa. and $i'J.5<)0923,00 for name. Tallow—Waa quoted at BhSStfo for dty, and TV 090 for country lota. YWUIl—Was quiet and unchanged. The local trad* took bold sparingly at former prlcw, and slilppent bald off for concessions, but bolder* were Arm lu tbolr view*, ami the finer grades were held at a alight ad* vanco la lomi caies. Relos went rej>ori*d of 60 brl» winter* at $0.75 5 660 brto spring extra*, pertly at $5.60; and too brU 17# flour ou private Urm*. Total, 800 brU. The market doted steady at tlio following raugu of prices: Choice wilder euros, $7 .3007.03 5 comroou to good do, $5.8007.10; shipping extras, ft.3os 4.605 kO°<l do, ft.HaQS.IO; choice do, $1.1005,00; peleufs do, $0,0003.00; Minnesota, $5.0000.60; spring superfine*, s3.Q«o3.lftj rye flour,s4.dsoi.u7y, BKAN—Was quiet and steady. Hales were 30 tons at $13.00 on track, and $13.00013.60 free on board flaw. COKN-UEALr—Halo was made of 10 tons coarse at $17,60 oa track. WHEAT—Was rather leas active and averaged a lit tle lower, dosing >4O below the laUwt figures of Turn day, but was much steadier after tho first hour. Mark lauo was reported fiat, and New York was dull sad lower, but ths receipts beru were again email, the skies threatened rain, and there were rumors of engage ments of freight room for large quantuiea of whut to bo moved out both by lake and rail. This stuadlud the market, by bringing out more buyer* from among the class wuo thought It prudent to take a good jirwlU on short sales mauu previously, rather than nut the risk of losing It by holding out fur a bigger pile. A good many slid talked as If they looked fur lower figure**, but they were not anxious to sell short, and some of them covered at least a portion of their outstanding deals. Toere was not much buying for shipment; Iho wheal being sent forward la mostly wheal that has THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: THURSDAY, MAY 4, 1876. from bring •neonraglng to holder*. Other market* atarted downward* In company with enn, and emiM not chock at tha same tnomant u oumolve*. Their reaction will occur later. Dry good* were quoted active, wrltb prices ruling steady, ntloM alone being unsettled. Jobber* nf grocerlea were fairly buiy, and tha mvrVct again pro* rented a firm and healthy tone. ColToca allowed a alight upward tendency, and loft white and yellow sugar* wera quoted stronger, flplre* wore dull, and a reduction far the quotation* of nntnipg*, doves, and caaala la noted. The butter ami cheese markets remain In an unsettled condition, the tendency la both of then staple* helng a downward. In the dried fruit and flab markets there' war* no changes requiring mention. Coal and wood wera doll and weak, nagging was In moderate oe mend at steady figures. Tho feature of tho oil matter war tha marked decline In lard oil, the prior of extra receding to ll.oOoU.Ofi, and of Mo, 1 to 00>*03c,—a re* Auction of Bc. Carbon, linseed, and whalo wore firm. Turpentine was weak and nominally lower. At the lumber-yards a moderate laelnos* was trana acted at the recently reduced prices. The offering* at tha aale docks were small, consequently the day passed quietly. Drugs wore In fair request and steady. Toe wool market waa quoted dull and unsettled aa regard* pnere, which are frequently shaded by Milan who are anxious to unload the old wool before tho new ia ready to handle. The outlook for wool Ibis season la far from being brilliant. Many predict a dragging market and low prices, tha mult of tho depression among Eastern manufacturer*. Uroom-oorn sold usually In small loin at current prices. Beads ware generally quiet and easy. Poultry and egga wore more plenty and week, buyers being laaa willing to pay recent price*. FOBBIQH IXPOnTITIOXS received at Chicago Cuitoras Hay a. Itt'Oj n. Wood k Co., 1 ease lithographs; A. A. Monger, 1 cim paint lug*; J. Engberg, 1 cam printed matter; Carson, Plrle, Scott kCo 7 cases dry goods: Block k Arni tein, 8 case* looking glass plates; 0. W. Webster, 2 brts old gin; Welts, Fargo k Co., 1 cast oil paintings: Best k Bussell, 3 cases cigars; W. F. Demis h Co., 4 eases cigars; L. O. I’anleo, a eases (tgara • F. Belppol, 19 oasss champagne. Amoanl at duties collected, Tho Silk Association of America report* the follow* Ing M tb« movement of silk during April, 1870. The figures represent tha foreign coat la gold, freight and duty not being includsd: Total ralue lauded at New York in April $1,569,071 Total value entered for warehouse s in,S3i* Balanea entered for consumption $1,159,5rd Total ralue withdrawn from warehouse 47S,kw Total value thrown upon market., Difference in warehouse account., Total value landed.. IMPORTS OF DRY GOODS. The Journal of Commerce gives tho following as the Imports of foreign dry goods at New York for the month of April: Total $0,333,846 $6,336,820 $1,030,072 witunnaww rnou wxnxnooM. Total thrown on tho .49,144.022 67, M, 037 (6,404,436 xuaxkat. Total cot. it p0rt.58,505,351 $7,604,691 $6,116,607 PROVISIONS. BHEADSTUFF3. liomi held hero for tome time put by the parties who arenow moving Real on low freight raise. Hence tho fort restored confidence rather by the pznspect of a dlmlntfheil supply than by Involving an Increased tie manr! for ceeli wheat. The Inquiry wae chiefly for next month. (n which a liberal business wm transacted. our remarks In yaalerday’fl TnintlN* la regard to tbo condition of the wheat In More called out a good deal of inquiry, and the reenll wm that parlies who ought to be well pooled isy that the wheat wae now In holler ahape for keeping, Even the low grades are In very good order. Soma of the war*, housemen wore afraid of trouble during the winter, and arranged (heir itocka no (hat they coaid be turned over If orcanlou required. Hut they aay there haa been no necessity for touching 11, and that they enterUln no fears in regard to It, The laat crop of wheat hae graded low, but rather with reference to the quantity of flour contained In the berries and the dirt among them than becanae of unsoundneee. Bailor June o|>oned at 90c, declined to 08'tc, rose to oH»<c, fell back to l'BV;c, and advanced to IXl’fo at (he close. Keller the month, or regular So. 3 spring. Bold at tK>C<9 W\c, clo'tng at SCtjo, with scarcely preference for glti>eUgcd receipts. Seller July Bold at SI.OUf4I.OOX, cloahig at (LOOtf, Cash Mica were reported of 4.1,000 bu .No. a spring at afitto; 800 on rejected do at 78c; and 800 bu by a ample at 89ft92a on track. Total, 61,(100 bu. Minki*ota Wjikat—Waa quiet and unchanged. No. 2 waa nominal at about (I.W. Salea were limited to 800 bu No. lat (1,14: 3.800 bu by sample at fl.Otft 1.15 on track! and 800 bu do at sl.l3ftl.3ofrooua board can. Total, 6,400 bu. COHN—Was active and Irregular, averaging about Ilia same as at the close of Tuesday's trading. The market declined X® early, and then steadily advanced to M 4 Xc above the latest prices ot the preceding day, Liverpool wu reported firmer, and tbo later Now York advices quoted corn bettor, the earlier dispatches having indicated weakness. Our receipts •'•to con siderauly larger, which was probably tho chief causo of the initial decline, aa May fell off much more than the deferred optloua. Rut the offerings were not largo, and were readily taken .up, tbo prospo.t of a change In lhr> weather tmluclnfra better demand from the short Interest. The shlpidng Inquiry was fair, and there scorns to bo a decided disposition to move corn out at present prices. The more favorable weather of tho post few weeks has, however, eo much improved tho condition of the corn In the country aa to moke more of It equal to No, 3 than WMoxpeoed, auil It Is offered more freely for future delivery. Country owner* have hitherto been rather chary about Selling No. 2 ahead, becauao they were not sure tbattholr corn would be marked up Into that grade, and a good deal of the short selling hu been done by ** home talent," —some of it under tho Impression that it would bo impossible to Insist on delivery. Hence tbo recent weakness has boon to a largo extent arti ficial, Ssller May, or regular No. 2, opened at 41Xe, declined to ito, advanced to 45c, and closed at 41JIO. Seller Juno sold at 44X(<143Xc, closing at 46c. Heller July sold at 4.VXoMO»;c, closing nt 40c. Cash sales were reported of :ta,6W bu high mixed at 44V(445W0; 6.00 J bu do »t 40q afloat; 123,000 bit No. 2 at 41(4 46*1 c; 8.(,00 bu do at 45Xc afloat; B.OJO bn rejected at 40c; 800 bn o*ra at 44ft 16c ; B,Bro Im by sample at 400 44c on track ; and fi/juti bu do at 46ft 16c, fro* on board cars. Total, 100,400 bu. OATS—Were moderately active, averaging a boat #o lower. Tho market opened dull and weak nndcr a pressure to sell far Immediate delivery, but subse quently a few from Inert operators stepped Into the crowd, and bid prices up to the opening figures from which they again recoded under free offerings, and the market closed weak. Other grain was also lower, and the receipts were fair, while too demand for cash wan mod era Uv. Tbo deliveries have been fair, and the cash la going the rounds In settlement of May deala. TUo liberal receipts and shipments of tho past few daysare thought to include a good deal of grain lug through on lie way to other points. Seller Jnne was more active and strong at doting at ao/,r. ftloy opened at itO’iC, declined to rallied to OU.'i'c, and closed at ?JXe. July sold early at 31Xc, and dosed at iiO>J(3bOLo. Cash No. 3 sold at StlXftnoc, dosing at the Inaldo. Tho dew znand was mostly for car lota. Rejected oat* were quid at .‘do. Samples wore adivo at lower prices. Cash salt* were reported of 13,800 bu No. 3 at 23X (< * 30c; 9,GCobubyßamplflat3oft63ofor mixed and ih’ft 3Se for white, all on track; 8,400 bn at 33Xfti7o free on board. Total, 30.800 bu. .$1,di11.071 , 69,000 .11,569,071 KYK-Wsa dull and easy at a decline of jtfc, under more liberal receipts, N 0.2 sold at 61V0628, cloning at tho Inside, Sales 800 bu Ho. 2at OlJ<ofi3c, and 400 bu by sample at CJo free on board. Total, l,;oo bu. UAULKY—'Was quiet and stronger, closing Mots higher than on thu preceding evening. Thera was soma inquiry for option*, but lh« offerings were Mnull and firmly held. Tho receipts wore light, and the shipments uuutlnue liberal, another largo lot having been withdrawn from store yesterday for ship* ment, and ihlppom wore taking the cash Ho. 3 of fered do ilia market. The firmness yesterday was attributed to this liberal outward movement, which is fast reducing the stock In store. Seller May sold nt aSAft'.’he, and Hoard al tho ouUlde. Jooewaa aaMlcr at Me, and J uly w&a quoted at 67c. No. 2 sold at C2J<(aC2>(e. Tho lower grades wore alow, at 40047 c for No. 3, and 30022 c for rejected. Bamploi remain quiet. Cash sales were reported of fiO.DQU bu Ho. 2at C2,'*o; 4UO bu by sample at isu on track. Total, 6,400 bu. Wheat was fairly active, with sales of 73.000 bant 96; ,041)0 for Juno, aud 61.00JT for July. Corn—lo,oo2 bu at 46.' k o fur July. LATOVT. In tho afternoon mesa pork was quiet and steady, with sale* of 76U brls si 63U.C0 eollcr Juno, and t seller July. Lard wib ostler. Bales: 4.000 tea at 612.17 V «ak. sl2.27fcti 12.30 for June, and 612.40012.45 fur July. Wheat was rather quiet and about }io lower. May sold at 9C@S6.lfo, closing at the outside. June sold early at and booh weakened, cloning at 08Wc. Bailer July sold at lI.OOOI.OUJf, and closed at (l.OOjif soJloru. Cora wqb quiet and ho lower. May sold at 44J<® 44*,c, and closed with sellers at tha Itulde. June closed at 44>g044j£c, and July at 45%c, Oats were quiet and easier fur June, which sold at 80 l i(£3o. 1 .iO, aud May sold at TO'Jc. A small veaaul «u engaged for wheat to Buffalo at 4e. CALL BOARD. Blew pork was rather quiet and firmer, doting at fur Juue, and 120.57 M for July. Bales; 1.500 brls at 62U.87jf02U.U0 idler July, and 617.60 sellar tho year. Lord was In fbir demand and steady at tbe early de cline. dosing at |l2.27j*@EUo for June, and $12.45 lor July. Bhouldera were firmer, with aalaa of 800,000 Ibe sellar Juue at TJtfc. GENERAL MARKETS. ALCOHOL—'ffu steady at $2.11. BROOM COHN*—Continue* in modr.rat« demand and tolerably steady, tbo weainfja, If any, being Ja tbo lower grade*, which aro more abundant than other qualities: Ghoica burl, )tf9o; Nu, a hurl, 7$8o; choieo rnedtuxo, iQltfc ; good medium brush, ; foirlnildn and covers, s<g6;tfo; Inferior, ’ 4<§4.}tfo; crooked, 3<&Cc. lIUXTKU—Tha market remains dull and drooping. The melpU do not greatly exceed tbo demand, but there la a universal desire to sreveot an accumulation of stock and to this end there la a pretty general will* Ingnena to meet the views of buyers. We quote: Choice to fancy yellow, 28(4340; medium to good grades, SJiftUOo; inferior to common, l4(33lo. DAUOINU—Was In fair roq licit at nominally steady prices, W* repeat our list: Stark A, 26c j Feerieas AA, Lewiston, 30c; Montaup, 360; Ontario, 25c; American A, 3i)*o; Amoakesg, 230; Otter Creek, 23c; burlap bags, 4 bu, 14J*(4tSJfo: do, 6 bu, 15(4 IGo; ({uunles, single, 14>*(.U50; do double, 21(434c, CHELSK—The market wu loactlvo, and values Were nominally unchanged. The few orders received were filled on a busla of 0(4llc for poor to best new. ■ COAL—Trade was lifeless at previous prices. Wo quote: Lackawanna, range and nut, $10.00; do; cannel. $7,006*7.50; Erie, $7.00; Bloaaburg. ST.ixW.SO; Hooking V-Uoy, $d.W); Indiana block, s3.r»o; Baltimore L Ohio, $8ao; llllnoi*. $4.00(44.61). DI4UUB AND CHEALiOALS—Merchants report a fair dumaud. and a steady market, the only change* being a decline In Undue and gum shellac, IfuU lowing are the quotations: Acid, citric, lb. SI.OO <4l.lojocidtartaric, powderoa, tb, 56w4380; ammonia, c«rb,2Ac42so;axle*greaae, doa., borax, ref, lb, blue vitriol, tb, lllt«Uo; cream Urtar, pure, tb, 4Ui»4ftc; cochineal, Hoad., lb, 73*g800; clilorofuim, lb, 4l.oi(j»l,l5; glycerine, bulk, lb, 17(4 23c; gum arable, picked, sU«s7;c; gum srattlo, aorta. 2X*B3e; guta camphor, tb, 3.K42H0; gum opium, lb. $6.36:40.30; gum shellac, u>, lodlua lb, $3,76 * 4.00; morphia, aulph., ot, tL1U.44.25; oil, cas* tor, 8flc(«tlL00 per gal; do, lemon, s4.X>(<*l,so; potuu. chlur., lb, 36.440 c; potsoalum, lod., lb, SJ.Su&i.RO; quinine, sulph., oz, $3.2X43.30: rod predpt, tb, $1.20,4 1.23; root itwcac. powd., tb,*sl.3lMLCo: root thel. K. L. puwd.. tb, |t.Xi(4l.jO; salt, epsum, tb, nil. ver cryel., or., tI.Mn4I.IU; soap, Ciutllo, gsu., tb, low (£l4c; sulphur, lb, tq'iafic; sassafras bark, 1x419c. EOOB—Were lues active aud easy at luc. The do* clluu Eut has checked shipments md the supply con tinues liberal and rather in excess of tbo wants of the local retailors, hues the weakness. Halos were made at ll>fi<4l3c. Flhif— None of the features of the market showed any Important chiuga, trade continuing fair at about steady rates. A fyv» acatteriug lota of Daw wblteflsb aro arriving, but not enough to perceptibly Influ ence the market. We slid quote : Ho. 1 wmteftah, H’hrl, sLoG<; No. 3 do, |l.«K<4.W>; No. 1 trout $4.00; No. 1 allure mackerel, Jf-brl, t13.80c413.00; No. 1 bay, t3.otircft3.37; No. 3, mackerel, U-orl, $8.00(49.23; family mackerel, ,V-bri, ffi.W; No. 1 shore kits, large, 13.00; No. 1 bay kits, $1.50; large family klta,sl.3u ; bank codfish. $4.77(43.110; Ucorga's codfish. t-'V.XM 8.75; labrador burring, split, tirls, $7,75(49.00; do. J4*brl, $100044.23; labrador hsrruut, round, brls, |0.5l) | <(t>,7S: do, $11,30(^.1.78; araled herring, per lux, 40o; So. 1 herring, 33c; Columbia Ulvcr aalmou. X-br),s«.oo. fNUITH ASD Nl7Tß—Trade was reported active, with priors firm aud unchanged. We make no change iu our list, as tallows: Fimswa—Dalea, 6y*CJ<c; flgn,uyen, H@l6o; fig*, drumi, ili»12o; Turkleh pruuee. Jruiuiß, Lege ana boita, Kk^lSe; ralalna, layara, Jjii-.j J.OU; loooe AluacateJ, |d.osy»a.4i»; Valencia, Ujg /until currauta, 7>«u<Hu: citron. 'JJ s2lc. Domestic—Alika appka, tlea, common. U*|(4l0o; choke, alvea, li^l'JJec; do, pared, IV luo; LUckberrke, raapU-rrlea, &K£3tc: pitted cherriee, 2J64 24c. Nut*— Filberts, IKgUMot almond*. Temeona, lOvf tJ'Jtic: Naples walnuts, I 03170: French waluuta, new, 11i412c; Oreuobia walnuti, IPalSe; Brailk, o>.« W‘’i pecans, Toxw, Wilmington poanuta. Yenutwaoo poanuta, b^llo: African uuumU, o.*rt)*c, OllVttN FRUITS—Apple* are very dull, and are in comparatively good aupply, I’ricoe are Irregular, varying according to the uuudlUuu of the fruit. For elgn frulu wcio unchanged. Htrawberrlea from the South were quoted at t»o«76u per quart. The berriot were la lair condition; Quod to choice apple*, lum yS-Oeper brl; Urwlua onutgue. |3.«h*fi.7ft per bon: lemons, A3.SOaO.bO per box. OUOCtlUKH—Coffee* were beU more firmly, but were without advance. Of late tuyere have been taking hold with considerable freedom lu anticipation of a (ii«, and at the moment the tendency teems to bo slightly lu that direction. And* from »• A'a”, then win a firm market lor angora. Fricea of alrupe mobtaai*! and rice wen also thoroughly sustained. Bpleea wen quiet, and (n oterea, eatafx, and nutmeg*, wo not* a reduction. Following are tha quotatlona: lliow—Haufoou, 6Xft7o; Carolina, TXft*X«! Lou- UUoa, flXftfxe. CorrxM—O. O. Java, MftSle; Java, No, 3,07 oh Mo; eboloa to fancy llto, 3*423X6? good to prime do, 33ft23Xoj common to fair, 20Xft2lo| routing, 19xftl9*<o; Singapore Java, 33ft3ta; Ooata Rica. 21 ftMXI Maraoalbo,23X«34e. flooiaa— Patent out io»f,llXdllX6; crushed, ttV • lIKCi powdered. UXftUXoj granulated. lOXft Ho: A. standard. lO.SftluWc; do No. 3, lOftlO&e; D,9X0lOo; extrao, UVdOXo; O No. 3, »Xft6Xo; veilowti No. doU No. a,«fti*»c; cholc® brown, 6X09X01 **lf topilrae do, 8Xfl|8Vo; »>ra* man do, IXC<s**» cholc* molaaaet sugar. 6X09X6; common to good do, 7Xo*J<o» New Orleans, 7XO BXO. Hinore—California eugardoaf drlpe, CSftTOc ; <lla> mond drips, (1.0H4M0; silver drips, extra One, 600 ftVo ; good suifar-hotue sfrup, 60ft860; extra do, 53i4 Coo; Saw Orleans molaasce, choice. WftOflo; do prime, 66ft&8o;do, common to good, 48ft3Uo; Porto Rico mo* lessee, 480600; commou raolaaaoa, MftlOo; black* ■trap, T.'qUOc, Hnoßa—Allsnlee, 17017X6, doves, 61ft5Jc; cassia, 9*ft3>)o; peppar, 17X0. 8*0; nutmegs, (1.1601.20; Calcutta glugcr, 14Xfti3xc. Soap*— I Tmaliloe,fl«4«; Q*natn Mottled, 1X076S Whllo Idly, 60OXcs White Rose, CftXo; Royal Sa von, 6X060 : bavon Imperial, BXe; Golden West, 6X® 6X C < SfAnon—ExcoUlor, laundry, CXO7o; do, gloss, ®X ftUc; do, corn, 909X0; Klngalonl, pure, fxc ; do, ■liver gloss, Vb ®9 •,«: do cum, iOftiOXc. HAY—Waa In moderate request mid steady. Several sale* of Uuothy were mada, the hay to be forwarded Rail from country flatloiie. The receipts are email and couaial chiefly of pralrlo: No. 1 timothy, $13.5Ui4 H.uo; No. a do, $13.00; mixed do. $10.50011,00; iiplaud prairie, S1O.SO011.OO; No. I do, s&ooftß.7S; slough, $f1,60>47.00. UIOHWTNEB—Were la fair demand and mote act ive at the quotation of the paat ten days. Bales wore reported of *iOQ brla at Si.o7 per gallon, and tha market cloird Arm at that figure. 11IDKB—Were steady under a fair Inquiry from locil dealers. The offerings were fair: Green city butchers', fiftJXo; green cured, light and heavy, 7c; damaged, Sc { part cured, nxftßXe« gwen salted kip, To; green country, Que; green calf, 13o; fltnt hides dry kip and calf, 143: dry aaltod hides, HXo; deacon aktnfl. 4sq«Boe. HOPS—Remain dull at SftMo, and the aupply, es pecially of ordinary hops, la plentiful. MAI’LK SUGAR—Bales SCO the prime new light an garatl3opcrn>. Dark sugar U moat plentiful, and Blow of sale at BftlOe. 01 tJt—There was a big decline in lard oil, extra re ceding to sl.oKai.o3—s drop of 80, The decline waa the result of tha reduction In tho cost of the raw mate rial. Turpentine also was weik, with a declining ten dency. Carbon, linseed, whale, and other oils were fairly firm. We revtne our list as follows: Carbon, Its deg. test, 13o; do Illinois legal teat. 160 deg., 14c; Snow White, ISO teat, 17o; do headlight, 175 acg., ITXo; extra winter lard oil, (1.00(41.03; No. 1, OOftltte; No. 3,76 e; UuHecd, raw, 600'too; boiled, fllft 65c; whale,winter bleached, TrftßOo; noerra, $3.1503.26; nmtafuot oil. etrlctly pure, (1.1641.2 U; do extra, 05c; d0N0.1,560; bank off. Wo; stralta,6oe; piambago oil, 60ft70c; lurjicnllne, 440; naphtha, deodorized, C 3 gravity, West Virginia oils, natural, 20 deg., 32ut3.*>o; natural, 30 dog., 27ft300; reduced. 38 dog., 300330. ’ POULTRY—Chickens were in larger supply, rather slow, and easy at $6.7604.60 per doz, Turkeya were quoted at 13013X6. ligeona were in smaller supply, and Armor at 6Uft6os per doz. POTATOES—IV’cre quiet at 25033 c per bu In encks from atoro. HKEDS—Timothy vm quiet, but held at recent priced, the offerings being •mall. Prime was quoted it 62.70. and lower grades at 62.4002.00. Clover was dull and weak at $2.00 for prime medium. Hungarian was a little more active at 45080 c. Millet was quiet at 40r<A£CK% and flax at 61.2U01.33 for fair to prime. BALT—Wat la moderate demand. Several cargos* era expected la from Bagiuaw, whore Ons Bait la now ouoted at $1.20 per brl: Saginaw and Onondaga, fine, 61.40. Canada do, $1.15; ordinary couree, $1.70; dairy, without bags. S'i.76; dairy, wito bag*, $3.50; Ashton, dairy, per sack, 61.50. TliAH—Doslncaa was not all that could be desired, but, as (be demand now ataowa steady Imiirovumant, there la a more cheerful and firmer feeling among Jobbers. Following are (ho prices current: Ourrowpim— Common, .m.MOo; good do, 4O01So; medium, 45060 c 5 good do, 50055 c; fine, 6.V4600; fin* eat. 660650; choice, 706415 c; choicest, 00£4930; fancy $1.0»@1.16. ’ In poum—Common, 30035 c; good do, 38040 a; medium. 40015 c; good do. 45050 c; line. 600530; fined, 55.3600 ; choice, 030700; choicest, 70073 c. Jai’AX—Common, 30033 c ; good common, 850350.; modi am, 41W420; good medium, 43043 c; fine, 600 63c; finest, 660COo; choice, 600C3e; choicest, 7J(va 76r. OoLoaaw—Common, 300'lSo; good common, 350 38c; madiutn. 40042 c; good medium, 48i.»45c; One. 4805Oo; finest, 560580; choice, 600620; choicest, 750 60c. WOOD—-Remains dull and weak at 6*4.00 for maple, 67.00 for beech, and for alalia—delivered, VEGETABLES—Were in light supply and alow at the annexed prices: encumbers. 61.00 par dozen; green peas, 61.260L&U pec box; string beans, 64.UU04.M per box; asparagus, 78C061.00 per doz; lettuce, 400 ]>er dux; radishes, 83060 per dox: spinach, $1.30 per box; Bermuda tomatoes, 760000 per box. WOOL—la dull and weak, and concession* would be mads rather than let a large order pasu. The Boston itullitm reviews that market, as follows: “Tho wool market abowa mors activity In the number and in tho aum total of sales, which bva been secured by conces sions In prices. The market may bo quoted weak with few buyers andplcuty of wool. The slocks on hand under ordinary circumstances would ba considered light, but, with mills constantly abutting down and reducing their force, tbs flannel mills doing lit tle or nothing, what Utils wool there is In sight begins to look aa though it would bo in the wav when tbe new clips begin arriving next month. Ohio X and XX rungs from 41042 a, and very fine long-stapled XXX would hardly bring mors than 43140. Michigan wools sell at 35036 c, and oven a fraction lower. In pulled woola nUoug depression exists. Sapors, which were held a fortnight ago at 370 without business. are moving slowly at 33c. Kxtra pulled average; about Sic. and are very alow at that, in California wools a little more bunutws li doing, but at prices which wilt tempt buyer* to close out all the old lot* here. Of the new clip about 2,000 bales are now due. which will sell at from 500230 cur rency,” Tub-washed, prime, 4O06Oo; do, poor to good, 41@4t)0; washed ilcece, fine, good conditioned, 331437 c; washed, medium do, 400420 ; unwashed, fine heavy to light, 23026 c; do, medium. 23028 o; palled, 80037 c, LIVE STOCK. CHICAGO. Receipts— Cattle. ITogs. sheep. Monday :i,9tH 11,1.10 IBT Tuesday 13,098 404 Wednesday 4,900 14,800 COO ToU! 13,743 41,<37 1,393 Ssmetlme Isstweek...., 13,361 91,182 2,6.18 Week before last 18,34* 33,189 6,133 Shipment*— Monday Tuesday 3,642 3.58 J 170 Total 4,030 7,013 333 CATTLE—Tharo wu more animation la the oatHo trade yeaturday than characterised It on the two pro* ceding day*, and a comowbat Armor feeling wu do* veioped; bat there wu no appreciable advance, the large receipts operating against an upward more* ment. The Improved state of the market wu doe to reports from the Hast of tighter supplies and in* creued firmness there. Shippers, of whom the si* tendance wu large, took hold generously, and u there wu also a good demand from the home trado aud from feeders, nearly all the offerings were dU* posed of, aud the market closed firm. Bairs woro made at $2.60^3.56,—the bulk at 5U.00v%3.73 for butchers' stuff, at $.1,00(44.00 for stock era, and at fur fair to prims shipping atoora. Now Av. PrlM. Gregory, Cooley & Co. to Keefer. 17 1,3.73 $5.00 To Koofor W 1,354 5.30* To Bartlett its 1,118 4.53 W To Morrill A W 97 1.194 A 55 To MorrU A W 30 1,301 4.00 To MorrU A W 30 1,307 4.85 To MorrU AW 17 1,317 AGO To Green 1H MU 4.31 To Ailorloo 10 I,;W 4,90 ToAliertoo HI 1,120 4.10 ToAUertoa 10 1,1j3 4.00 To Clifford li 1,073 4.15 To MorrU A VT.. 34 1.21 H 4.65 ToAliertoo ..... 61 I,'iU) 4.80 ToAUvtoa is 1,301 4.70 To WUUrd 30 1,0*4 4.53 To MorrU A W It 1,306 4.D0 Onma Broe. to Swift Ail 10 1,230 4.871tf loirwmun Brut, to Doud 30 1.303 4.75 To Henb B. A Co 33 1,130 4.70 To lUnh M. A Co 10 1,145 4.75 To Herah M. A C 0...... 14 1,333 4.70 To llemb M. A Co 17 I,l'aO 4.M To Dewey 10 1,231 4.65 ToDawvy IS 1,313 4.00 To Dewey ,I.IH 1,1(11 4.70 To Nut A K 36 I,ll| 4.55 To <l.ll. A Co 10 1,341 4,00 To BfotUar It 1,113 4.40 Uarpole A Lott to Hwlfl A U.... 49 1,354 0.00 ToUqttUAW, McDonald, U. k Co. to Morris It Co 91 1,337 4.00 To Ksbn k V 9ft 1,100 4.«ltf To lilckuun (stacker*)........ Ift 7tjj 9.74 To Ulckmsn (stockere) 61 6ftJ 3,75 Nicoles k Addetus to Dum1...... til 1.0U4 4.35 To Eastman Ift 1,30 ft 4.87J4 To Kaatrosn IS 1,670 6.31jf To Morris &Co Ift 1,349 6.00 Rosenbaum k 8. toUsrUhorn... 17 J.Ojfl 4,36 To Morris kCo aft l,l;n 4.06 Martin Bros, to Beck kU 13 I,ojs 4.66 11. Or ecu 4 Co. to Wstftiu (slock* srs) 11 670 3.13 W To Armstrong 11 1,114 4USU To King 14 * I,llft 446 ToUuUlord 17 I,‘iftj 4^13 To I'm (ilockeri) 10 6fto 1.80 To Cassell (stockcrs) 20 H 37 3,70 To KtiougU k U 13 01:1 4.50 ToDoud 16 0»0 4.49 Jsiue* JsckauutoEsstmso...... 4ft 1,170 6,16 Brown, Thompson 4 Co. to Uam* ouuul 18 1.314 4.00 To Dewey 13 1,180 4,50 To Usimnoad... 9 1,41 ft 4.M J. U, BoLinson tu Morris k W., 17 l.mi 4.«>0 ..To Mortis ft W. Uader 4 Ueotl to Moore IB 1,(73 4.50 Binder. W, k Il« to Uatmaoaj. id 1,774 4.70 To Allertou 11 1,376 0.20 Wood Urua.t0XMf0r............ 33 I,3‘jy 0.10 TuKctfur by 1,2*0 6.00 To K««(cr 14 1.014 0.64 To llurrif * W 04 I,3'Ji 4.T0 To AllortOO 30 I,‘iuO 4.06 To Oomwell 10 OHU 4.10 To Sweeny 10 Oil 4.03 Bealloy, J. fc Co. to Keefer 31 l.fcM 4.13 11»1L I'lOcraoa A Co. lo Uuu* m0ad....... 10 1,38] 4.13 ToUaouuoud.*.,.. 39 1.831 4jU To Mararaon.l,.*, 10 I.IM 4.68 To UtrthM 34 1,168 4.65 Bouthworth ft B, to Bender ig i,m 4.40 Qeo, Adams h K. to Dyekmaa (ca1ve5).,............ ..... 30 JOO 3.55 J. 0. Hone to Cheeney ID - 1,333 3.T0 BUGS—At the closing price* of Tuesday the market omned actlre and steady. The supply, including the stale etock. w»« Urge, but at the low figures prevailing Tuesday afternoon (bore were eager buyers, and Mice were quick at $1.0007.10 for eortmon to prime light weights, and at SB-0007.35 for pour to choice bear/. Inferior grade* told at tfl.7K4o.fiO, and • few extra ■ortcd Philadelphia* at *7.4007.90. The market cloaed firm. 800 ULSa. „.. Ko. At. Price, nail, Patterson A 00. to Schwartz. 71 5:14 $7.10 To Tabor 53 3JI 7.00 To Tabor 53 319 7.00 To Ricker 343 7.00 To 1Ucker.,,.,,,,....,..,.. 34 3»3 7,00 To Ricker 43 300 7.00 To Ricker 43 301 7.00 To Thallon 37 JCT 7.03 Toßoaeftßro. .. cj 310 7.00 ToAl.erlon ~43 337 7,10 To Allerlou 30 733 7.10 11. Iv. Henry to Latcbam,... flt 190 7.00 Eliott k Muagruve to Armour 33 370 0.00 To Armstrong ACo 49 373 7.18 11. R. Henry to Stabloacker,...... OH 2:)0 7.00 ‘To Btahtueeker. 64 313 7.00 Elicit ft Uuagrove to Btahtueeker. 57 330 7.00 To Btohlnecker 43 307 7.10 J, Aodoreua loAJlerton... 30 103 0.00 J. M. Roblneou to Th0)10a........105 181 7.00 To Tliallon 43 189 7.00 Toßolsford 133 361 *7.05 Toßotsford CO 040 7.05 To Tllden 64 300 7.05 To Btahhioeker...... 03 914 7.1(1 To Belknap 30 3H5 7.25 Rader ft Reed t00ran0..... 34 314 7.03 To William Smith' 74 318 7.00 To Wlili.ira Bmilb. 00 JTJ3 7.00 TuAUortoo 63 200 7.U0 ToAllerton. 48 3-4 7.00 To Allerlon M 338 T.OO To Allerlon 89 30) 7XO To AUerton 54 3J9 7.00 Binder, Wadsworth ft 11. to Ricker 56 106 7.00 ToUoydftGo.... 83 ICO 6.00 To Belknap 67 369 7.30 TO ThdtOQ 68 170 7.10 To Thallon 8!) 109 7,10 To Fowler 36 181 7.00 To Orvls 40 363 7.CU To Armour a* 805 7.03 Wood Bros. toDoud 67 183 7.06 ToDund ...30 314 7.09 ToDoud 33 310 7.05 ToDoud 107 197 7.00 To Msher. 37 149 6.11 To Arm0ur....... 63 36J 7.00 To Armour 61 361 7.00 To Armour 5d 331 7,00 To Armour .61 341 7.00 To Armour HI 330 7.00 To Armour . 09 239 7.C0 To Armour 60 915 7.00 To Armour 64 Til 7.00 To Armour..... 6-t 310 7.00 To Amour 61 299 7.10 To Armour at MO 7.00 Bentley, J. & Co. to Tabor 131 177 7.00 To Tabor 43 150 7.00 To Tabor ‘Mf iW3 7.00 To Tabor 28 2JO 7.00 To Tabor,... 37 130 7.00 To Armour.... 40 377 7.U0 To Armour 33 UM 7.00 To Arm0ur............. S 3 379 7.C0 B. Orron it Co. to Armour 01 *JM 7.00 To Armour 43 TU 7.03 To Tab0r....... 40 305 7.00 Joaao Ailaotl to Noah.... 31 * 170 7.00 To Nuh 43 173 7.00 To Ricker 01 903 7.00 Jamoa Jackson to Orrta... . ftl 3VO 7.19 To Rotafonl (0 333 7.10 To Rotaford 66 319 7.10 ToDolaford 57 31.1 7.10 To Fowler 40 S) 7 7.00 To Fowler 67 331 7.00 To Annonr ;. 9* US9 6.7$ Brown. Thompson h Co. to Tabor.UiO 104 7.00 ToßoTdJcCo 44 145 0.60 Taoor To TaW 40 241 7.00 Ororw Bros, to Botefonl GO 2>l 7.10 TuDoml 21 2:9 7.69 To Botsford 54 347 7.03 To Bottford 68 249 7.03 To BuUford 68 244 T. 03 ToOiJtett « IHB 7.00 ToUlUett 44 210 7.00 To Amour 24 3HI 7.10 To Anuour 2T 270 7.1* To biablnecber 21 223 7.00 To Thalloo 51 H 4 7.0.7 To AUertoo 21 944 7.00 To Boyd ft Co 33 Kid 7.00 Injfwerson Bros, to Amour 30 212 7.00 To Armour 25 2tf 7.C0 Dlckjon A Byer» to JUclMf 53 215 7.00 Toßostford 65 237 7.05 To BoUford 64 234 7.10 Toßoud 68 270 7.25 To Van Wlnklo 58 303 7.10 To Dunk ft F lift 28.1 7.10 Harpole ft Lott to Nash 63 168 7.W1 McDonald, SI. ft Co. to Allertou... 43 224 7.00 Tn Allerton ffl 1 ifl 7.W ToAUerton.... C* 219 7.19 Nlcolen ft Adeems to Armour...... 67- 277 7.00 To 8.-hwartz 63 307 7.05 It. Btrabom ft Co. to Kicker 66 383 7.00 To Kicker 64 120 7.UU To Kicker 60 '.'3l 7.00 To Kicker 43 Itfi 7.U0 To Armour 132 200 7.18 To Armour 44. 278 T.OO To Armour 04 964 7.00 To Armour ......... 33 3-fl 7.00 To Armour 31 239 7JK) To Armour..... 31 912 7.00 To Armour 30 260 7,00 To White 109 186 7.10 To White 03 183 7.00 ToLalcbam . 38 204 7.00 To Plant 31 280 7.U6 To Maher 31 169 6.60 Alexander. C. ft Co. to 34 2.0 7.00 To Fowler 61 29(1 7.00 To Schwarts 24 182 7.00 To Scbvrarta 64 KM 7.00 To Schwartz 41 193 7.00 llOHimbaum ft B. to Amour. 33 267 7.00 To Armour.. 64 237 u. 90 To Amour 66 243 (J.OO To Armour 113 240 c. 90 To Armour 63 260 0.90 To Armour. 78 274 0.90 TolloeeftP ...24’ 208 7.00 Gregory, Cooley ft Co. to Amour.. 63 211 7.10 To Armour 60 213 7.00 To Armour, «i 243 7.00 To Armour 69 2C4 7.00 To Armour... 33 288 7.00 To Armour 68 218 6.90 To Armour 61 290 7.00 . ToGUlelt 29 208 7.00 ToGtllett 00 2ijo 7.00 To Schwarts 121 200 7.10 To Grime 60 170 7.00 To Allerton 36 ivu 7.15 ToAUarlou 24 007 7,10 To Allerton.. 34 201 7.15 To Fowler 64 183 7.00 To McCarthy 23 2HU 0.74 To McCarthy 64 276 7.05 To McCarthy... 69 223 0.80 Te Amour 63 301 6.00 To Armour ,20 307 7.00 To Htahlneckcr .41 218 7.V0 To JlaUtcud... 69 304 7.00 To Doud 38 202 7.27 Martin Bros. to Orvla „49 348 7.13 2o Orris Sd 241 7.00 To Orvla 26 2*3 7,00 To Orvla 37 270 7.00 ToLalcbam 27 UM 7.03 To Latvbam at 204 7.05 ToTbahou ...37 188 7.04 To Schwarts 30 209 7.05 Toilutaford 69 238 7.00 To Botaford 94 223- 7.00 To Spring ft 11 73 210 7.95 Georgo Adame ft Co. to Tabor 58 213 73)0 To Amour .25 263 7.00 To Armour 76 248 7.00 To Armour .......103 211 7.00 Drown, Clark ft Co. to B. ft U 63 109 700 To Tabor 28 190 7.00 Holmes ft P, to Armour .33 261 7.00 To Armour 46 • 248 7.00 To Tabor.... 68 102 0.93 Conover ft Hall to Armour.. ..... 05 220 7,00 To Armour .. ...67 '2lB 7.C0 'To Fowler 139 204 7.00 To Crane 19a T.OO To Amour 68 233 7.00 To Armour 68 240 7.00 To Amour. 65 229 7.D0 To Armour 61 219 7.00 Shearer ft Wobb to Armour 66 . 213 7.00 To Armour C 8 916 7.00 ToAmour 63 37ti 7.00 Bbaunou P. ft Co. to bios 68 255 7,00 To Willard 47 333 7.00 Shearer ft Wvbh to Am0ur........ 69 3.1 a fl.« BunkerftOo. toGooglna 2 1 270 7.10 ToCooglns 32 2&1 y.jg To Armour 69 239 7.00 To Armour...... ~29 ‘224 7.00 Hohnoo ft U. to Orvla ....65 274 7.10 To Uotaford 03 217 7.03 SllliiJlwThere wax a light supply and a moderate demand, at f1.00(36.26 for poor to choice. A flock of extra fetched sB.Bu. Tho following were noted: aiixtr uus, „_ „ A „ ... No. at. Price. IT. It. Henry to Hollis ,ioi b 3 sd.oo Wood Wot, to O'Brien ... si s/a To O’Brien. JJ* 63 4.60 Jamea Jackson to Hollis ~13 113 0.80 To Condon 81 63 5,37# JohuaUrttoO’Briea (5h0rn)....,.300 103 6.40 VZW YOU!. Nkw Vona, May 3.—DxKVKa-Ueceliits yesterday and to-day were 3,100. against 3,360 at the sumo time List week. Prices fell oil nearly Vo. TUa market etoaed bcary at B#(««llc, car-loads of fat Cherokee cuttle, and 9V car-loads of prims Illinois, I,4'JJB*. at lie. SiiEicr—Receipts, 4,370, making 4,960 for two days, against 3,400 at tba same Uma tast£wouk: the market was rather slow; a abada easier; tfXt&Ulsefor ortho*- 3’ to choice unshorn; 6V96V0 for ordinary to prims Ipped. with a car-load of thin Colorado aheap; a few •pnng lambs at 11916 c. Bwikb—Receipts, 4,060, making 1,060 for two days, against 0,300 at ths tame Urns last week; a car-load of fair oorn-fed Ohio, 170 fts,attre,at $6.00 par 100IU; ao sthsra offered. BurraLo. BurrsLo, K.Y., May B.—Carr l»—Receipts, 1,063; total for the weak, 1,616; prices a abada atrangar: tales of 30 cats Western atcera at $1.8096.60. Buxkt and Lasts*—Receipts, 3,200; total for the week, 6,300; market fiat; stuck on hand will be shipped Hoos—Receipts. 3,900 5 total for the week, 10.600: market dull and alow; Yorkers bolding at $7,60(217.66: heavy sou at $7.6091.16 5 1 car extra, S4OO. 1 BaLTIUOIUL BaaaiMoeß, M4m May firmer; W*b«v; vwrrbe*», 6*o; medium or rood fj. quality, 4*o3e; ordinary thin steers, oxen and onwl K4«»4o} moatealMalAClfle: receipts, |JB; sales, lieu*—Hors active; a shad* higher; range.'flvrd Jin; recalls. 4.W1. " * *"“»■* »\(it— Firmer; a shade higher; range, 495*0. , few extra at 605 receipts, 1,939. • KAOT MhBBTT. . Eaw Linmir*, May I.—Receipt* to. day, 1,507 head, or 43 eat* of through and 35 eara nt yard eiock; total foe two day*, 1,785 head; supnu light and price* advanced fully .Vo over Uet weak* quality fair to good; beat. *LOo0e.oO; medium i« good, $-'.00(39.60; common to fair, $4.76; etoeken! scarce; good demand at $3.6004X0 ; bulls. $3 33a 4,3-7, “ llooa—Receipt* to-day, 3,130 head• total for r*« HitKKP—Raeelpta to-day, 6,500 bead; total fop two days, 5,300; eelUng at $1,3300.55. ” BT. LOUTH. Bt. Louis, May a.— llooa—lnactive and lower; li«si shipping, %6AS(M. M; Yorkers, $0.37*08.87* : iam! IjnKhcr,', «7.0 aI.3S. Oattlr—Firm and unchanged; good demand* good 1» choice native alters, *1.79(45.33} medium to fair. $1.2304.f2*; pony iteen. $4.0004.37*; f n i r E choice cows, $3.74064.39; Stocker*,'s3.oo34,33: era, $4.3304.60. CINCINNATI. OiHomwAti, May3.—Hons— Easier; common to *ood light, $1.7607.00: fair to good heavy, $7.10(37.30! n. colpta, 10,000; ahipmeote, 1,675. LUMBER. TheofferlngsatUiecargomarkeL were very l( R h yesterday, and no sale* were made public. The Orel cargo from Like Huron, consisting of SlOfl af tby. stuff, was offered at the docks, and remained tinicld at the close. Piece-stuff was quoted at $3.00, and com mon to good Inch at $8.60011.00. The Commercial Ihttitfm reports a more actlre lumber market at Boston, (he good weather and cheap, ness of labor and materiids having prompted builders to begin work, and the receipts have been larger, which enabled yardmen to make tan necessary ad ditions to thetr stocks. The low freights appear to hare induced liberal shipments from the West, The Uuiletin adds: Oars from Chicago carrying 13,000 ft hare been delivered In Ilodun for S7O, with two er three special contracts for a train at $65. This is likely to affect the Canada shipments, which are now costing from S4O to |49, and mint deter Eastern ship, pers unices they can gat lower cargo rates. A* it is. the market is receiving about twenty care Weatera a day, which la about all that la coming In, and la hardly enough to eqnplytbo wants. At the turn tier yards a moderate business wi* report, ed at the given prices. First ana second dear Mfi.Oontto 00 Thin! clear, 1 Inch 83.00aat.(« Third clear, thick 8X000.5.0) flooring, hrst and second, rough.... 9U.O'J.« 3100 Clear siding, first sod second 17.5cdiiA.oo First confmon siding Jft.OUfSliUU Flooring, first common, drtaaed 38.000... Floorlhg, second common, dressed 3i.(r0.a3100 Ho* boards, A 35.00* Box boards, 8..... 35.0Ua. *** A stock boards, 10 and 13 in 30.UU03V66 B stock boards 38.'*0(*39 0i) O stock boards. 15.0uai7'oj Fencing........ JJ.uogi2.69 Common lumber, 18 ft and under 3 Inch., io.nuott.o9 Common 10ch... 11.0i(ii3B0 Jolsie and scantling, 30 to 24 ft lOXO^lsioj U6f4 I.l* A shingles 9.9‘.>a 19J Bblugleaon track..... 3.000 2,36 TELEGRAPHIC MARKET REPORTS. FOREIGN MARKETS. Skwtal ZMaroleA (a Th* Chteiua TWfruna. LTTxnpoot* VUy 3—Jl a. m.—Flock—No. L 34b; No. 2,32 a 3d. Obajs— Wheat—Wlotar, No. I, to 10d; No. 2, fo m ; •prln*f, Ba@9a6d; white, No. I,oa lid; ho. 2,9 a 7d; dub, Mo. I,loa sd: No. 3, Da ICd. Com, 3Cu<32Ga W, PnovutOKß—Pork, 82a Cd. Lard, 67a. Livhiu-001, May 3—3:30 p. in.—Labd—Wsa GCa Od. Liverpool, May 3—Latent.—Cotton—Steady and unchanged; C 3-l&30?id. Salon of 13,000 baton, la eluding 3,000 for speculation and export, and 9,700 American. DarADstur/s—Wheat—California white wheat, it arage, On Td.491 Ud; do clnb, On lUd^lOn; No. 3to No. 1 red Western spring, Sa£9e Cd; No. 3to No. 1 white Woatora, 9a Qdfejfta |od. Flour—Weatern canal, 23s 6d(?24n. Corn—New Western mixed, 2C3Q2CsCd; old Western mixed, 20s. Oats—American, 3s<33s Od. Barley—American, 3n Cd. Peas—Canadian, 30a Cd. Cloveh-Seed—American. 03e®6»s. rnoTtaiONe—Prime mess pork, 82* Cd. Prime mess beef, 87a. Lard—American, 86a<$5d« <jd. Bacon—Long clear, 61* 6d; abort clear, 9in. Onuw»—Ptoo American, 63a. Tallow—Fine American, 41a. Petroleum—Spirits, BaQßsSd; refined, Uafidt IlsCd. Linseed Oil—23a Cd. Resin—Common, 4s 9d: palo da, 16a. Brnursop Tubpektuib—24a. London, May 3.—Consols—Money and account 97 7-10. AusitiOAK SECmrnioi—*639, 103\: ’67s, 109#; 15- 40s, 10T.V; new 6s, : New" Turk Central, 101; Eric, Erie preferred, 21. Couuom Resin—la sm^ss. Pabis, May 3.—Rentes—lOlf 06c. FRANsroax, May s.—United States Bo*d»-N«» 6a, 102. antwebp, Hay 3.—Petroleum—27 Vs. SOUTHERN COTTON MARKETS. Savannah, May 3.—Cotton quiet; middlings, I2ci net receipts, 491 bales ; gross, 606; exports eoaatvl**, 663; sales, 300. Ouaulbston, May 3.—Cotton quiet; tn».niin|fo 12«4Q12#0; net receipts, 271 bales; axles, 3su. Galveston, May 3.—Cotton qnlet; middlings, lljjc; net receipts, 701 bales; exports coastwise,' 93; salts, fill. Mobile, Mays.—Colton, weak and irregular; mid* dltugv, liXOUXo; net receipts, 160 balsa; exports coastwise, 103; sales, WX). DOSTON WOOL MARKET. Boston, May 3.—W00l dull; manufacturer* hoylni only to meet present wants; prices have now Umchel lower points than for many years, but this affords a* Inducement to operate, and all grades feel the de pression; X Ohio and Pennsylvania, 400420; XL 15 <9440; XXX, 40gfi430; medium No. 1 fleeces dull; combing fleeces, very little Inquiry; Michigan sod Wisconsin fleeces, SSft3Bc; pulled plenty and dull; super and X mostly at 37(A42e. NEW YORK ORY-QOODS MARKET. New Yous, May 9.—Domistlo goods wore quiet b first bauds, Foreign fabrics wore dull. Heavy wool ens were In rather hotter demand by clothiers. Prints quiet. Uartels* fancies were reduced to oc, Orient*! and Washington fancies to 6#c. Ginghams were ll steady request. Dross goods were in moderate de mand. CLEVELAND PETROLEUM MARKET. Cleveland, May 9.—Petroleum firm and quiet *1 10#e for standard 111) test; 11 #0 for prims wblti 160 test, la car lots. PITTSBURG PETROLEUM MARKET. PrrrsnUßo, Pa., May s.—Petrolanm dull; end*, |3.00<33.(Wtf at Parker’s; refined, 13#c, PbtlodilpM* duU vary. THE PRODUCE MARKETS. NSW IOHK. S»tel*t Dtnaltk U Ttn CAtawe TVlbuee. New Yoav, May 3.—Chain—’Wheat— Market heavy; folly le lower; sales 81,000 bo at $1.04<31.00 for reject ed spring, sl.M<aUl3 for ungraded spring, for No. 3 Chicago, |U9@U2 /or No. 3 Milwaukee, for No. 3 Chicago, *1.17(31.10 for No. J Northwestern, $1.18611.21 for No. 3 Milwaukee, 9>.U9 1.29 for No. 1 spring, $1.10(31.82 for winter red West ern, tl.ltkAl.4o for amber do, and (1.:12®L45 for will* Western, Including 36,000 No. I Milwaukee Is store*! $1.20, and 8,000 tm No. 3 Chicago In store at |U& Kye quiet at 80(9830 for Western, 9wis96ofor State, aoi 90c for Canada In bond. Barley quiet and unchanged! ■ales of I,MO bu Lake Shore at SI.OO, Corn IrreguW and unsettled; IQ3o better; ealoe of 60,000 bust 610 6H140 for no grada mixed, and QKAGie f° r ateamer mixed; none offered at 601/c, Oats steady 5 .■ole* d 28,000 bu at 370460 for mixed Western and Btate, tM 46<3690 (or white Western and Slate. Pbotuioki—Middle* hoary at 13®13#c (or loot clear. Lard firm and hoary; aaloe of 100 tierces»• $13.15 for prime steam; at the Aral call for May 111* 1 waa bid anil $12.76 asked; for Jana 7M tiercel sold 4 1 $13.65913.10; for July isles of SUO tierces at sllWi for August $13.67# was hid and C2.W7 asked; September $13.90 waa bid and 113.16 ukad; fur 0> tober $13.00 waa lid and $13.16 aakad 5 for led"’* option to Deo. 1 $ll.OO wu hid and $llOO asked; ssf for tho remainder of the year $ll.OO waa bid andfll-l* aiked. Wuuxt—Market a shads firmer; sales of 176 hr!*** sl,ll# per gallon, Qnootmia—Sugar—Market fair demand; fair M good refining quoted at 7 9-109? I'J-lCo; prims H 1 16-lfto, and white Harass at »#9lo#r. Ooffee- Market firm; moderate inquiry; Bio la quoted at 13# 918#o in gold: Maracaibo at 16#ai9#o In gold. Yaunw—Rules quiet and unchanged; quowdai $J*« for prime. [nuuiHMWW ivmi.j ... • Nkw Tons, May a.—Oottom—D»ll; l2Js@l2 19-tfcj futures closed quiet and steady; May, 13 31-03*15 J^ 12 39-33913 l£ltlo; July, 13 18.|69»#a« AutH«*» 15#916 Odflo; Beptsuber, 13 T-339 Wife ! l October, 13 M 6919 9-33 c; Novamber and December, 1W 13 1- 33 * * ai.ii Pious—Dull; receipts, 6.U00 brlsl superfine BWJ and Western, $4.1094.60; oommoo to good eatra, luPHa ft.3o; *ood to cbolua, $5.3496.70; wane wheel axif»j ts.ls9T.lft; extra Ohio, &3099.00;Unt0. $A* 99.00; Mluosaots patent process. SAW'S®-*°jNo* A $3,0099.69. Bye dour quiet and aUadyt CoKK-klSSL—Dull; $3.1699-3$- . Oa*w—Wheat—Heavy; moderate export IM«U7> yaoslpti, 17,000 ba; ungraded spang, |1.979U10» No.

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