Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 4 Mayıs 1876, Page 9

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 4 Mayıs 1876 Page 9
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a spring. ILMOI.M; Ko.» spring, $1.0*91.13; No. 1 Chicago spring. ta itore. $1.16: No, 9 Milwaukee, t\,1991.90: No. 1 and No. 9 spring mixed, afloat, <t,9o; white Western, $1.40, Bye quiet; guts, OOftOSo; Wasters, COORflo { Canada la bond, 000, Barley cralat and anchanged; malt dull ud unchanged. Corn unsettled; receipts, M.OOObn; mited, unraerebant ihle. Mo 5 do, no grade, 67969V0 J do steamer, 619 I axe: do graded, 03J*9Wo; now Weatern mixed, un laded. 63c. Data unchanged 1 receipts, 47,000 bn. Rat—Firm and anebanged. OnoomiM—OofTeo —Demand fair; market firm} prices unchanged. Sugar quiet and firm S fair (0 good refining steady,7*(97;<o ;prlme,Bo jroflnoa unchanged. jlnltMM qulot and unchanged* Nice quiet but steady, FjtrnoLKUM—Dull and hoary 5 crtido.B*<(4B#o; re fined, J3#o; owes, 17#931c; naphtha, nominal. Tallow—Heavy; 8 * 98 11-100. tfriuurxn lUan»—Quiet; $1,1591.80. Brums Tonprutran—Firmer; 35c. Kona— Henry; Weatern, 14#918c. Lxatuxb—lienry; Uemloek sola,Buenos Ayrat, and pin Grande, light and middle weight*, 919‘J40; Cali fornia and common do, 21993 c. Wool/—Dull; domestic fleece, 83967 c, pulled, 239 42c ; unwashed, I.I93O0; Tax**, 16930 c, • Provisions— Pork flnncr; new me**, $91,40991.80; jtay, $91.91! /one, $91.33991,50. Beef unchanged. Middle* dull and easier; long dear Western, I9*<c ; do city. Lard firmer: prime steam, $19.69149 19.r0; June. $12.30.419.60; July, $12.63913.1)3#, Birrmt— Unchanged. CHBfen—Quiet: 4*412c, Whisht— Firm: sl,ll#. UnAts—Manufactured copper qnlet and steady: Ingot lake doll and unchanged. lig-lron quiet and unchanged. Russia aheeting, 19c, In gold. Nalls quiet; cut, 53.7392.H3: clinch, $4.5093.23; horse- Iboo, No. 6,20996 c. BT. I/ODIS. Sr. Lours, Mo., May 3.—cotton—Steady and un changed. Floor—Dull and drooping; lower gradee hare de clined: superfine fall, $3.(X‘93,50 5 extra falLsLoo9 4.25; XX da, $4.6094*83; XXX, $3.0095.50. Grain—Wheat doll; options higher; cash steady; No. 3 red fall. $1.38)491.38# rash; $1.99, May; $1.35, June. Corn firmer; No, 9, 44!<9HKo cash; 44Jif<4 44Velfay; 44*J944#cJune. Osla firmer; No. 3, Wo cash; 38#93A0 bid for fresh and strictly fresh at tho close; 34c, June. Rye firmer; dull: 65c. Barley dull sod unchanged: No. 3 Canada, sl,lO, WiusxT—Quiet and unchanged, $1.06. Provisions— Pork dull; lower to sell; $91.95921.60. Lard—Nona offering. Bulk meats easier at the open ing, but closed firmer; shoulders, 7#@7j:c; clear nb, 107491 lot clear,ll#9ll7.c. Bacon, dull; shoul ders, B‘*9B#c: clear rm, l3o; dear, 12#913.j,'0. Rioeipts—Floor, 2,600 brla; wheat, 8,600 but earn, 79,000 b(£ oats, 4,0*10 bu. PHILADELPHIA. rittLAORLPniA, May 3.—Flour—Dull; extra, $4.95 as.oo; Wisconsin and Minnesota extra family, $3.60 <46*00; BUle, Ohio, and Indiana, $6.0090,73; high grades, $7.2396*75. Oiuin—'Wheat dun and nominal: Pennsylvania red,;amber. $1.63; white, $1.44(41*55; Western red, $1.0091.33, according to quality. Rye, 869870. Corn- Yellow, 60963 a; mixed, GOo; white, file. Oats quiet; white, 449480. Provisions— Moss pork, $39.60933.00. Lard, $13.75 914.93: Western bridal tI'LOO. Bred*— Clover, l6V@l7#c. Timothy, $3.139160. Flax. $1.4991.43. Petroleum—Crude, 10»,'910#c; refined, 13 44c. Bdttf.b—Mow York Btste and Bradford County extras. 52933 e: firsts. S09'llo: Weatern extras. 979 yjo; finis. 269370; Western rolls, extras, 939280: firsts. 339340. Cheese— New Xork Slate, 13Jf014c; Western Quo, £ao»—Western, freeh, H,V£(5150. NEW ORLEANS. New Orleans, May 3.—Flour—Steady; good do m*mU superfine, $i,76; XX, $1.25; XXX, $1,500 6.U); extra family. 10.2507.50. Grain—Com—Fair demand; higher; white West ern, 070680: yellow Western, Oats—Demand fair: market Arm ; 81, Louis, lie ; Onions, 13c. Cobk-Meal—s3.4o. Bar—Dull and nominal; prime, $17.00; choice, $21,000-13.00. Provisions—Pork (inlet and steady; $31.76033.00. Lord dull and unsettled; tierce, $13.60013,76; keg, $14.50. Balk meals quiet and weak; shoulders, BWO B*£e; clear rib, 13c; elear, 1214 c, Bacon—Market dull; a shade lover; shoulders, 0,140; clear rib, 13Vo; clear, 19Jf0l3c. Wuuxtr—Quiet: $1.1101.13. Gnoaram—Coffee quiet; 1110 cargoes, 16J40i9c. Molasses dull. Sugar—Pair to fully fair, 7?l08Vc; prime to choice, B&flOc. nice quiet; 4J4oOj*c. CINCINNATI. Cincinnati. 0., May 3.—Cotton—Dull. Flour—Quiet and unchanged. Grain—Wheat dull; $1.0501.35. Corn dull; hold At 48c.”OaU quiet but steady st 37043 c. Byo quiet and unchanged. Barley dull sod nominal. PnovMioNA—Pork quiet; $31.00. Lard firmer; steam, 12c<tl3JVo cosh, closing at tho outside; kettle, 13)(fl*19)fo. Bulk moats firm; shoulders. So; clear rib, Uo cash. llJie buyer June; clear, U,VOIWo. Paeon quiet but steady; Oo; 13c; 1324 c. tViusuT— Strong; $1.07. Buttes— Unsettled and lower; heavy receipts have depressed tbs market; Western Reserve selections, 15027 c 5 choice Central Ohio, 23024 c. Toledo, 0., May 9.—Flook—Steady. I Gbaik—Wheat quiet: No. 3 white Wabash, $1.37)4; No. 1 wblto Michigan. 11.2HJ4; extra white Mlcul gan, $1.38; amber Michigan, $1.23J4<A1.23; June, H,23xw1,24; No. 3 do. $1.0401.05; No. 2 red fall, $1.31; No, S rod, sl.ll j<. Corn Arm; high mixed, May, 81 Wo; Juno, 60c; low mixed, 60Vo; Kansas, 61c; No. 3 white, 61o; no grade, 47J404&C ; damaged Etc. Oats firmer; No. 2,34 c; Jane, 350; Michigan, 34V0 lie. Clover—s9.lo. It tc sifts —Flour, none; wheat, 12,000 bn: eorn, S 3 Vu; oats. 6.000 bn, Hinpjnurra—Floar, none: wheat, 6,000 bn; corn, 18,000 bu; oats, 18,000 bn. MILWAUKEE. Milwaukee, Wie., May 3.— Flour— Qnlot and un changed. Cairn—Wheel opened firm; a shade higher; dosed nuletand firm; No. 1 Milwaukee. $1.00; hard,sl.34; No. 3, Milwaukee, $1.01; Juno, $1,011;; July, sl.u;iV(; No. 3, 89>{o- Corn steady; fair demand; No. 3. 460. Oats firmer; No. 3 cash May, 31‘,'c; Jun0.,31j;033e. Ityo quiet and steady; No. 1, Cjc. Barley ffrmcr; fair demand; No. 9, 84Vo; No. 3, 600. I’ntionxs— Quiet ami unchanged; wheat to Buf falo, Ao. Kxojarro—Flour, 9,000 brls; wheat, 30.000 bu. BALTIMORE. Baltiuorb, Md,, May B.— Crain— Wheat dull and heavy; Pennsylvania red,51.4501.49. Corn—Western mixed, very active; 51*40. Oats —White Western, 44 gpHj; mixed Western, 400430.. Bye, W»oßsc. Bat—Steady; Pennsylvania and Maryland, $31,000 38.00. Provisions— Mess pork, (33.75. Lard dull and un changed. Butter—Quiet and unchanged. Petroleum— Nominal; crude. 7J4c; refined, 14c. Ooeere— Quiet and unchanged, Wiubkt—Qaiot; $1.13. BOSTON, Boston, May 3.—Flour-Western superfine, $4,000 125; common extras, $4.6005.00; Wisconsin and Minnesota extra family. $‘>.0007.00; winter wheat, Ohio. Indians, and Michigan, $5.0007.25; Illinois, $6.3508,60; St. Louts, $0.6000,00; fancy Minnesota *ml Wiai-onsin, $7,3509.60. OniiHr-Corn nulet; mixed snd yellow, 63085 c. Oats dull; mixed and No. 3 white. 490480 ; rejected. 43045 c ; No. 1 white, 630640. Buffalo. May 3.—Grain—Wheat doll; No. 1 Mil waukee. $1.21, Cora dull; 10 curs Western at 66067 a on track. (Jala—None bora. Bye—None here. Bar ley dull. Freiouts—Wheat, 8o; flour 360 per brl lower. MARINE. PORT OF CHICAGO, MAY 3. Arrivals—Prop N. K. Fair bank, Marino Oily, lum ber; atmr Corona, Ht, Joe, sundries; nUnr Chicago, lUnltowoc, sundries; schr Gen. V. B. Grant, Ahna (**, Ice; prop O. P, Heath, Saugatuck, sundries; MhrO. Shaw, South Uaveu, lumber; atmr Muskegon, Muskegon, sundries; sebr H. Moore, Bangatuck, tood; echr Bob Uoy, Bsugatuok, lumber; prop Oar lesClty, Cleveland, sundries; echr Minnie Corlett, Uukegon, railroad-ties ; schr I, A. Johnson, Bangs lock, lumber ; schr llobcrt B. King, Casco Pier, wood. Olkmurozs— BUnr Chicago, Manitowoc, UK bdlt K hides, ’ii brie oil, ana sundrloe; stror Corona, «, 0 brla |>ork, 3 brla oil; bark Acorn, Kingston, H 1.617 bu corn; schr J, P. Ely, Buffalo, 37,‘i6U bit wheatj prop 8. E. tiheldon, Buffalo, TJ,3li \m wheat; irbr Merchant, Foyulle, Mich., 1M bu oat*, 30 brls floor, ILW its butter, 135 D« lard, 3 brla beef, 8 brls Krk; schr Col. Ellsworth, Cleveland, R7< old iron J*H»s schr Perry Hannah, Jackson port, Id brla dour, 3 wla href, 1 brl pork, and sundries; schr It. G. Uraw* laid, OgouU Bay, a brls flour, a brla beof; prop. O. P. Uesib, Saugatuck, &K) groon hides, 30 brls ealt; schr b. bhaw, South Haven, sundries; ilmr Muskegon, unnd Haven, 'JO bu com, aa sacks seed, ( brla liquor, ** pkg» fish, snd sundries. LAKE FREIGHTS. OUIOAOO. There wsa more Inquiry for vessels for wheat, Bnf- Wo rate* being a shade easier than previously for ■fga boats, Tbescbr* J, D. Sawyer and .Etna take *bes((oDiuraloatSS(e<*ndth*£. Jonea wheat to do «t Private terms, The Uontauk goes to Kingston In °f the White Cloud, with wheat atTia'o. Tbo prcpJ.Pridgeon com through via Sarnia. In the utemocn the Ban Jacinto was chartered for IT, (too bu ■a«»l to buffalo ct 4c. Total capacity, 137,000 bu Zealand 40,otwbuooru. KLBBWUBBB. May X—Another dull day In the char wing htulneca. Shipper* offered 3>fo on wheat to huQiio, but this figure carriers refused J 4o was aaked. Jwk'lcm rtt« remain steady *l7*o. Tbescbrßt. hiuu* U ' “‘t.’Wed touku 37,000 bu of wheat to lobohto, May I.—Shipping matters are dull yet lu fatbor. Freights continue low, aud charters n 7k tt0 * •••dy made. The Olivo Drench la loading S-Mi.' fhei *i ,( or Kingston at 3c. The acbrs J. !fUaiqta*cleared yesterday for Montreal, •w? . l u g nobb, carrying collectively 46.3H6 bu 1 ?°> They are chartered by Messrs. Crane It Ri.rt ***° snipped but week over 100,000 bu of u. thi* I’ ur w The Bneedwell cleared with Iff I the Baltic, for Port Oolbome, with a etrao of the Irena, for Oewrgo, with a mixed parley, lumber, aud ahluglea. The freight £ on the Croud Trunk Hallway to Mon trains »■ redaeed to go, • v, ILLINOIS ft MICHIGAN CANAL. caiDoitouT, May X—Anmvtc —I’rup Whale, Oita :** 8,000 buoataj Georgia, Bcacca,fl,3uo bu cats; IS » 1,1 bu corn 5 Xilldore, LaSalle, VW bu corn j Cayuga, Lockport, 6,600 bu corn j R o£“°ht*uk. Lockport, 400 Uta flour. 1 Commerce, Juliet, 61.709 ft lumber I prop hroa, Kankakee Feeder/13,000 ft lumbar, U n lath; Montreal, Ottawa,6B,2Bo ft lumber; Brilliant, Morris. 75,913 ft lumbar, 3U m ahlnglea, 10 ra lath ! Uan. Buetmau, Morria, TO,BOO ft lumber; I.lly, Morris, 87 m lumber, 20,300 lath; Danube, Ottawa, 66,699 ft lomtar, 40,400 lath. VESSELS PASSED PORT HURON. Hrttittl DllpoUA $4 Th 4 CAlMpo Post llunoß, Mlcb., May 3.— Down—l’rojw flehnoor, A. A. Turner and barges, T. W. Snook, Op—Propa Huruo City, Bt. Joseph, Jenneas and bargee; aehra It. A. Rent, Daniel Lyont, Jennie Math* •wt, Pulaski, George M. Oaae, Naaaau, Trinidad, K. W, Batlilun, Wind—North, gentle: weather, floe. I'ort Huron, MlcU. r May 3—lo p. m.—Down—Prop Bradbury and barge*, prop Oscar Townsend aud con* sort Tip—Props Swallow, Ontonagon and barges; aehra Olonaboe, N. 0. West, Reindeer, Marco Polo, Nellie Bedlnglon, Jennie Graham, J. B. Kelchaa. Wind—South, gtutle; weather cloudy. MISCELLANEOUS. OUICAOO. Though the Strait* are open the marina at thli port •till remains aa dull as before. Tbotng*owneia are getting discouraged Tba tug Willie Brown b*s gone to Hammond, In d., a email town on the Calumet Hirer, to tow the ecaw Success to this port.....Tba aohr Blaokhawk, which left hare Tuesday craning, drifted aahhre near Lincoln Park owing to the lack of wind. The tag Van Dalion started to go to her aid, but when she arrived at the place the Yoesel bad already succeeded In working bonelf 0ff.... Cap!. Falcon, the direr, aided by the tags Harrison aud Burton succeeded in raising the steam-pump and holier which were on board of the unfortunate achr Faloon when the sank near tha crib, a few daye ago. Admiral Cox eupentoudended the Job. An effort will be made In a day ortwo to drag the vassal Into ahoa) water.... The eteam-bsrgo N. K. Falrbank arrived here yesterday from Lake Huron with a cargo of lumber. She pre sent* a much finer appearance (ban heretofore, bar ing bad her upper works raised forward and aft and a hurricane deck put on....Laat Monday night Oapt. McMillan left this city for the titralta to inspect the achr Groton,ashore at that point since last fall, and to prepare for raising If possible. When aho Is ready he will telegraph for the tug Protection, of the Vessel- Owners 1 Towing Company, to do the work. TUB OAUDEN CPTT, The stmr Garden,City of the Northern Transit Com pany, arrived here yesterday from Cleveland. Bhe left tha latter port Tuesday of last week. She Is tho first arrival at this pork from Lake Erie this sea son. Her Captain reports that the toe In the Straits extends from Cheboygan light to Wangoshance tight, a distance of 00 miles, and that It will be impossible for a sail vessel to get through for upwards of a week, unless It shonld turn decidedly warm. The weather is so cold there yet that It freezes nearly every night, and thaws but llttin during the day. Monday night it froxe so hard as to buret the steamer's pipes on dock. The Captain nev er saw so much If© In the Htralta and of sucti firmness ss this spring. Upwards of a dozen propellers and ■tram barges, witb their lows. Including tho Egyptian, Ketcbum, and Inter-Ocean, were passed In the ice at the eastern end of the Straits, some of them having been there for over a week. Tbe achr James Couch was seen fast In the Ice about C miles above Wango ehance, whilo a number of vessels wore standing off and on outside of the fields. TORONTO. Buoys have been placed ta-Jhe harbor as follows: Lighthouse Point— Buoys at iu«Votnt of the Island to mark oil tho bank that bos formed to tho 6. and 8. W. of the Lighthouse Point. One Iron buoy, painted all black, the point lighthouse bears from it N. by E. Another iron buoy, painted black, with white ball on the end, bearing from the first W. by N. # K., the lighthouse bears from UN. K. £. A spar buoy, painted black, sUndsontbo N. W. point of the bank, which bears from the Iron buoy with wblto ball on the end N, W. #N. The lighthouse bears E. N, E., and the cupola of the Central Prison N. W. by N. N. The two hell buoys are placed In 8 fathoms of water, and the spar buoys In Id foet. It is not nafo for ves sels to go Inside of them, as the bank rises very abruptly West Channel—The red buoy at the en trance stands in 11 feet of water on the west point of the bar. The black buoys were put down round the face of the bank in 9 feet 6 inches. There are 13 fmt of water in mld-chsunel .East Channel—Tbs buoys In the cast channel are placed as last year, viz.! Two red spar buoys on the oast or starboard side coming into tbs bay, and tiro black spar buoys on tho west or port (ride. There sro 7>4 foet of water mid-channel between the buoys. Landmarks coming Into the oaxt channel are tha cupola of the Bt. Lawrence Hall, and line with steeple of the Methodist Church with four spires on top on Church street. The course by compass coming in is N. W. by W.— Globe, BUFFALO. Tho Courier has the following in regard to tho loe in tho harbor of Buffalo: “Yesterday morning the tug Compound, with a number of Interested individuals on board, made an excursion out a short distance beyond the mouth of the harbor, where further progress was prevented by immense quantities of clamp Ice, solid and Impenetrable. It appeared to rest on the bottom, and extended above the water some inches. This was caused by tho southwest wlud and high water. The ico bad been blown from the north shore, leaving a channel through which It was thought a propeller might work her way, if she oould force a lumge through the barrier la tho foreground. No propellers undertook the task, however, nor will they leave until there is a certainty of getting through without much difficulty.” GENERAL NOTES, The prop Montgomery suffered very little Inluryst the Straits. She left Norlhport Tuesday for Chicago, tho damages she received not being suffldeot to pre vent her going through to her dos jnatiou.... During tho gale of Sunday on Lake Huron quite a large num ber of vessels ran Into tho harbor of refugo at Band Beach, Among them were tho barge Hchnoor, two tugs, two propellers, and several barges. Several schooners wore compelled to run lack to tbe river for shelter; some of them had reached well up towards tbe head of Lake Huron.... Tho barge Ainu-come cleared from Toledo Tuesday morning for Chicago,— tbo lint cloarauoa from that port through the Straits.... The Ahnapce Record atatoa that, dur ing the past week, sixteen vessels have taken refuge in that harbor from storms and sdverso winds. Ik‘la the general opinion among mariners tint the location of Abnapee, midway between Mani towoc and Bayley’s Harbor, makca It tbe imperative duty of the Government to complete a harbor for refuge thero at tho earliest possllde moment. ...Since April 1, there have cleared from Grand Xlavon 33 propellers, 23 steamer*, 61 ■ohoom.-n, and IB barges, conveying 7,600,000 feet of lumber, 20,000 ties, cords of wood, 8,000,000 shingles, quantities of bark, and a large amount of merchandise ; arrived, 23 pro peller*, 21 itoamors, 63 schooners, and H bargee, bring ing 76.000 brls of floor. 600,000 bu of wheat, and a largo quantity of sundries... Bays tbe Detroit Pott .-“Dry-dock and teasel-supply men at various lake parts ere looking forward to hold ing in Detroit a convention for their mutual interests. They say that to view of the gloomy prospects for freights the coming aeason they feet that it may be well for all parties engaged in repairing end supplying vessels to have some concert of action in regard to tho manner in which they ahull do business hereafter. They Justly think it a dangerous operation to trust a vessel which is working at a loss to Its owner, and that os soon as owners know they cannot get trusted (hoy will coase taking non-paying freight.' l KItUS, FA. Sptcial Ditpaleh (o Tin CAfooa* TWOu«(. Earn, Ps., May ll.—Departed, the echr George Bloan for Chicago with coal. Heveral soil-vessels passed the outer lighthouse bound forßoffalo. A large fleet of steam and soil vessels Is lying anchored off tho lea fields, whbdi extend 15 miles from Buffalo, The pro pellers tried to force passage this morning, bat failed. Attempts will bo mads to-morrow. The ice is still 3 feet thick, and solid. REAL-ESTATE TRANSACTIONS. Speeiat DUoateh to Tho Chicago Tribune. Joust, 111., May 3.—An important real-estate transaction occurred jealordav at Coal City, a little mining-town in Qruudy County, on the lino of tho Illinois Hirer Railroad, about 2D miles aontbwent of this place. Mosers. 0. 11, Oould, of Morris, and 11. L. Thayer, of this city, bought, at a Trustees' sale, of tbo Ooal-Fiald Mining Company, of Chicago, OC2 acres of land, which Included all the unsold real oetate in tbo village, a 10,000 hotel, and oth er buildings, and a coal-shaft, for $73,000. The abaft hi leased to the Star Coal Company, aud tbo owners receive a royalty of 16 cents per ton on all tbo coal mined. Messrs. Qoold aud Thayer bad a claim against the par ties who made the sale, amounting to $39,000, for which they held a trust deed, and there wore also other incumbrances on the property, which they assumed whan they bid it in at the figures mentioned above. The Company that Is now operating the mine have just put in a patent apparatus for taking out coal, which will reduce tho cost of mining, aud, consequently, result in a corresponding reduction in the price of their coal. Hoveral hoary roal-eatate tranafora havo taken place In thlu city latolr. 11. K. Btovoua gold tho property at No. 35 Jefferson street, occupied by O. li. Moaoy an a bUliaul-haU. to Dennis Metre, thia forenoon, for *3,000. Tho purchaser will occupy tho boihiiog as a hardware utoro. Tho old Btevoufl' farm am] homestead, east of tho city, containing 117 acres, was aold laat Monday for $ 135 per acre, Thu property wan mortgaged to Chicago parties for 910,000, and waa sold for considerable less than its actual value. A SHARP DODGE. New Tout, May B.—lu view of tho largo anp ply of corn in thla city awaiting tranaportatiou to Europe, tbo atearuabip eompauioa havo doubled their charges for freight. They know that tbo New York Central Jload baa agreed owner* of this gralmto Uaoeooct it to Liverpool, and they Dave tho road in their power. THE CONNECTICUT LEGISLATURE. niMToun, Conn., May 3.—00 v. IngemoU waa inaugurated to-day, and Uta LeglaUtura oca- Yooad. THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: THURSDAY, MAY 4, 1876. THE COURTS. TIIO Usefulness of tho IlHuols A Michigan Cnnnl Endan gered, Tho Commiuionen Want Kodren Agaimt tho Town of Cicero. Folly of Flying In tho Face of a Federal Judge. That Fox & Uowonl disc—Sole of C. C. P. Holden’s Assets. Eocord of Judgments and Bow Suita—Mia- oellaaeous Business. THE CANAL COJIMISBIONRRB WANT SOME LEGAL FAVORS. The Canal Oommianionors of the Illinois k Michigan Canal filed a bill yontord&y in the Cir cuit Court against Pioraon D. and Adam Smith to restrain the building of a portion of tho Chi cago & Southern lUilrosd. Tho comblaloante eot out that in March, 1872, they gavo tho Hmitbs tha right to take all tho clay thrown out on both tides of tho canal from tho south end of tho old look at Bridgeport to a distance of 25,- UOO feet southwest, for tho purpose of using it for making Lriok. Tho defendants wore also to bar* the privilege of using the 00-foot atrip on . either aide of tho canal owned by the Commissionera, sad wore to pay $658 for such clay. Under thin arrangement they bavo removed tho clay from about I}4 miles of the land, bat have failed to pay tho pro xaU due for each portion bo re moved. Tho Bmllhfl htvo made eoiae arrangement with the Chicago <t Southern Railroad Company by which they are to bmld a track from tho main road to Bridgeport to eomo smelting works in which they have an interest. They hare, without any authority, entered on the 08-foot strip belonging to the canal, and are now lay ing a track thereon near the margin of tho canal, and they threaten to run the rood 8 miles on tho canal land. The complainant* charge that tho canal needs repairs and dredging yearly; that the defend* an in are throwing dirt, stone, and other debris into the canal, which must be oleauod out again at great expense ; and that the track will ooca* canion great damage, as the dirt taken from the hod of the canal is distributed along tho strip of land on each Ride, and tho presence of tho rail* road-track will be • continued nuisance, and will interfere seriously with tho annual repairs and improTomonts that aro nocoanary. They have notified tho dofondanla to stop work, but without avail, and they now ask for an Injunction to prevent any farther work on tbs road within the limits of the 90 foot atrip belonging to the Utate. The Mine Canal Commissioners also filed a bill •glid'd John McCilTery, Timothy B. Blackstone, and the Town of Cioaro, to stop tbs building or digging of divers drain*. They set out that In 1571 the Illi nois ft Michigan Canal was enlarged and deepened from Bridgeport to Lockport, eo that the avenge width wu 60 foot, and the minimum depth 6V foet, It now affords an onilet to (be Chicago lUvor, and flows at the rote of a mile an hour. Any atomilng up or diminution in the size of the canal would maUrixlly interfere with thla drainage, iml cause great damage. The tnrface water from a large pert of Chicago and of Cicero baa, since the deepening of the canal, run Into It, stuaing con siderable damage. In April last McCaffcry and Blaokstone, two of the defendants, projected e petition to complainants to bo allowed to dig a ditch Into the canal, but, with* out complying with tho restrictions Imposed, vent on and dug It from the south lino of Kfnkald struct, la the Town of Cicero, to the canal, claiming to have same authority from tho town. The complainants, however, deny that they bare over given the town any leave to dig drains loading to tho canal. The Town of Cicero also, in 1872, opened a drain on the Hoe of Johnston avenue Into the canal, another along the line of Western ovenne, and Is now engaged in cutting a third ditch about 700 feet east of Klnkald street to the otnal. All these ditches con nect with a large number of others, thus draining a largo amount of territory. They also run through a fine loam, which Is easily carried along by tho water, end which has formed bars acruHS Uie canal, and causing groat expense In re moving them. The complainants stats that they would be willing to allow tho Town of Cioero to drain its surface water Into the canal If it would give bonds to pay any dam ages that may be occasioned ; but, as It pays no atten tion to their remonstrances, they ask for an injunc tion to prevent It from further using the dilcbcw already begun, and to restrain McCaffcry and Black slono from completing the one they have begun. A RECALCITRANT TOWN RUPEUVIBOR. Tho contoaU to com]>ol reluctant towns la this BUt« to psy the bauds iMuea by them during ttao past few years In aid of diver* mushroom railroad* have been very revere snd Ion? contested lo the United Slatre Courts, and resistance baa been made as long as It was possible. Tbe method rendered necessary by the re fusal of tho varioue towns to pay baa been to first cover Judgment for the amount due, whether the principal or interest, or both, and then have the Judgment presented to the Town Hoard of tbo town, and • demand made that It be audited and a tat levied for lb) payment, aa no execution can be Issued against a municipality. In case this should bo refused an alternative man damus <■ asked and leaned to compel the Town Board to allow the claim. Thu Is osuslfy sufficient, though occasionally a peremptory writ is necessity. lu the ease of J. 11. McKenzie vs. The Town of Walnut, however, the Town Supervisor O. I* Uearre undertook to brave the order of the Court, and make a martyr of himself, but bo found to bis sorrow yes. terday that it was not a paying undertaking. A Judgment waa obtained In I87i» forsJ,ooo against the Town of Walnut, sad a demand made on the Town Board to allow it, which was refused. An alternative and then a peremptory writ of mandamus was subsequently Issued to ootnpol the auditing, to the pressure of which all the mem bers of the Town Boird, but Hupervlaor Bears* suc cumbed. A rule was thereupon Issued against him to show pause why be should not be punished for con tempt in disobeying the first writ. Au alias manda mus was also issued, and bo yielded, aud allowed tbs claim to be audited. The dignity of the Court, how ever, was not yet uphold and satisfied, and Beans was called ou to purge himself of his contempt. lie failed to do to satisfactorily yesterday, and Judge Blodgett sentenced him to pay a fine of S4OO, and stand committed until U was discharged. It la not likely that there are many others desiring to be martyr* at such an espense, and other similar creditor* will probably find it much esalce lo the future to collect their in ter eat or bonds. Tne Interminable controversy over the properly of Fox A Howard cropped out again yesterday morn ing before Judge Drummond. It will be remembered that Judge Blodgett some time ago confirmed a sale of certain personal property of Fox A Howard to Ooiiro A Gorkins for SIO,OOO. Judge Drummond eel this sale aside a few wreks ago on petition for re view. Yesterday an application was made to ascer tain whether (ho bond which had been given when the casu was taken np to the Circuit Court did not act aa a supersedeas, and also for au appeal. The Judge held that the bond did not operate aa a supersedeas, and, moreover, decided that under the second section of the Bankrupt law no appeal would lie from bis de cision to the Supreme Court. He however Intimated that Judge Davis would be here next week, aud that an application could be made to him to get ula views In the premises. A MAIL-nOUDER SENTENCED. John Kennedy, who was tried com* time *aa Id (ha United States District Court, and found guilty of rob bing the inslU while acting s* carrier, was yeaterday neuteuccd to one year in the iwmtoutiary and to pay a flue of 11. Ho will l>e removed to Joliet within the next tea days. ItANEBOPTOY MATT BUS, FennJtnoro E. Marcellua and John Dyer, doing bust • neas at Fulton, Wbltealde County, under the uamo of Marcellua H Dyer, died a wol unlary petition Tuesday to be declared bank rupt*. Thoir dabtc, all unsecured, amount to t6.4Ui.40. The aaaata oouiprisu a stock of roer cbiudUe valued at 98,440.00; open accounts, |3,9U0: are Inaurtaco polidva, U.OuO; and oiber personal property, sU4,li. Marcellas owes 13,180,1)8, and baa 11,'iUOof real estate aud psrsonal projwrty, including some open accouuta to the amount of 1073.G0. Dyer baa no debts, but ownea bomeatead worth f«00, and some personal property valued at 9r.*6.65. The peti tion was referred to iUgtator Crsua, at Freeport. A first dividend meeting will be held May 30, la tbo matter of Alexander Delian. Discharges from bankruptcy were laauod to Den- Jamiu Lombard aud to Qrelg aud Bkinner, of tbo firm of llakor, Orelg k Bkinner, Luther 11, Fierce was elected Assignee of Joseph E, Young, and George W. Campbell was appointed As - ■iguee of Feeny k UarkharJt. In tbs matter of O. O. F. Holden, the Assignee filed a report yesterday, setting out that be bad aold all the assets ol the bankrupt lu hU possession j that hla lu terost In certain lota aold forf37l.cO, and (bat a large number of noire, accounts, and Judgments, of the face value of 937,337.01, brought f M.W. Fifty shares of the bankrupt National Life Insurance company also aold for 11.60, The Assignee thought the assete sold for all they wore worth, aud a rule waa accord ingly Issued on all persons interested to show causa why tho ails should not be confirmed. HUPBUIOit COUUT IS BUIEf. Muaer Druthers began a suit by attachment against Walter U. Shay and F. F. French, claiming |l,Tdo. J. Irving Pearce commenced a suit lo replevin against Frauds Agnew and Patrick U, Xlsrney to re cover thirty-eight places of cloth, valued at 93,000. CtUCtTT UOUBT. Matthew Murphy began an action in trespass against John Druce. laying damages at 93,'XW. Asael L. Gould commenced a suit lu trespass against John S. Wallace to recover fd',ooo alleged damages. TBB CALL. Jena* Gait—379, 674.117, 411, 418, 4U to 416, sad 437 to 460, Inclusive. Judox Jiisuoti—No, 87,035, Oily vs. Boaston si al, for ascertaining for widening W*et Msdleoa •ire el from Gillfornta avenue to western city llmlU. Jnnoa UuoßßM—aw to 408, inclusive. Jiroor. Hoorn— CW7, 300 to 370, India*! we. Jaoot McALtiiiaa—*7B to 3eo, iocluiire on Judge Rogers’calendar. Jimna Fabwhll—No call. No. 873 Mill on trial. Jooox Williams—Met caaa No, 1.003. JtnMMRKTS. TTNrrKn Btatbs Cmccrr Court— . Tenor. Or.onarTT —Champion Fire Extinguisher Company vs. Town of Monmouth, *3,535.41. flurrmnn ConnT—Coxrrsaioifa—C. fl. Crane va. Rolwrt E. McKay. *39s.7s.—Branford Hock Works ra. 8. li. Haggard, |Bs.—'W, O. OalUlof V*. Edwin C. Wal ler. |l4 fi05,07. Junor. Oaiit—F, W. Donnie at al. ra. Cal Newman, 1371.88.—Miami Powder Company ra. Chicago A Pa cific lUilruid Company, lilC.—J. J. lloia v*. IPithotd D. Mueller, *2,150.—W. D. fllaaon t*. I). Am* broae Davis, *405.50—N. K. Falrbmx ft ai. ti. Francis 7. Cole, Jllif.M.—Union Brass Manufacturing Company va. James H. De Paine, *318.13,-8. Ilaneon ra. Blmpson J, Wtxxl* bury, *75.78.—M. W. Powell et al. v*. John C. McCord, *378.33.—W. IJbby va. August Umberg. *976.(15.—T. W. llallumot »U vs. Rudolph A. Hlomar, *4OO.—W. Chwatal va, Martin and Anna flack, *476.15.—0. 11. I<ee v*. Cedar River Lumber Company, */7.0'd1.—0. A. Tick ham ra. Gregory and Chariot Cooke, 1344.U7. J. 8. Moado et al. th. Cbarlea SfcOraw. *6UI.U3.—A. Weed et al. r». Gordon 8. Huhhard, (C03.58.—F1. D, Ktmhtll et ah, dm of W. A. Blihrlrtan as Receiver, ye. Washington Van Horn, *36l.7s.—William Johnson v*. William I', Hewitt. *.74o.6o.—Josephus Roberta et a), v*. Lewie F. Hathaway, 1446,17.—The Eureka Coal Company v*. Patrick J. Eustace, *339.55.—J. u. Trier, Tniatoe, ve, Bamuel K. Blaladell, J. W. flehenk et al. ra. Patrick HefTron, *B7O.—W. R. Crllly vs, Mrs. 15. Maekway. Oouage et aL va. James U. Drown, *46J.hC.—W. 11, Gifford et al. va. Maximilian T. J. Gunther. (557.20.—National Bank of Commerce r«. DeWHt C. Cregler, Thomas C. Clarke, and William 21. Purdy, JJ,lsJJ:(.—Aneon Hkow-Poterson ot al. ra. tbe Chicago ic Pacific Hail* road Company. *1,043.48. Cibouit Court—Conrrasioini—Anthony Rohmer va. Joseph flcliott and Antotu Hchott, tl.'X'tl.BO. Judob Rouxaa—J'eter McLean vs. John Uramcrt; verdict,ll33, end motion for new trial.—Christian An derson vs. Blmon Haas I verdict, *,—Joaeph Hcblernltraaer va. Conrad flchmcll; verdict, *lOu, and melloa for uew trial. WHISKY. Examination of tho Morris I>is- tillers' Before Iloync, With One Exception, They Are Held Oror for the Grand Jury. THE MORRIS DISTILLERY. EXAUUi.TION BEFORE COUUIStIIOEEU lIOTXR. Oommissiouer Iloyno wan bnally engaged all day yeeterday ia bearing the canes of auroral dintingaiebed denizens of Morris, 111., who were yanked before him on the charge of Having violated the Internal Bovouuo laws, io connec tion with tbo distillery at Au Hablo, a crooked concern some C miles from Morris. Tbo de fendants were H. M. Conklin, Thomas McCabe, J. 0. llathburu, William liolloy, It. B. ur&voe, TUom&a QoelUn, and OUaxlea Woodcock. Two otbor implicated partioe were absent—C. 11. Conklin, on account of sickness, and Peter Grant, who had skipped out between two days. Assistant District-Attorney Burke appeared for the Government. Tiio defendants wore repre sented by Judge Hopkins ami Georgs C. Camp bell. The flm wituoas called was JOUN J. OALLAOIIEn, a laboring man, who testified that ho had boon an employe at the distillery from the spring of 1874 till the summer of 1873. lie worked in the fermenting room. Thomas Gostliu bad charge of the distillery. 11. M. Conklin seemed to do a good deal of bouinees around tbo place. Obarloe £l. Conklin woe clerk and bookkeeper. Thomas McCabe worked in the wino-roum. James Bathcuru was a Gauger at the house iu lilarch, 1874 ; William Bolloy was Storekeeper during the day, and Peter Grant at night. Charles Woodcock worked on the toauh-llour. When tbo witness drat wont to work at the dis tillery there were four mashes per day. He thought that everything was straight until about the let of May, wnou the distillery shut down, lu the following August it started up. Then U. U. Conklin told witness that if ho saw any thing wrong not to say anything about it. When the house started up m August it ran three mashes a day for* about a month. Then thoy changed off to two taashvyt a day for aomo time, and then U fell back to two mashc* j*r day. Some of the tuba were scaled when two mashes a day were being run. While we were running three mas lien per day them wan a rumor that the Government of been were coming to look after them. They then changed from a seventy-two to a forty-clgln-hcmr mash, and ran extra mashes. While making tut) foriy dgbt-bour masb. ouo tub was run off while Collector Wicka was visiting the distillery. Oonkilu told wit ness not to allow any person to go into the fermenting room. At one time when Carr, the Deputy Collector, was visiting the distillery. Gostlin told witness to lake the key of the fannaitiog-room, lock it up, and keen away until Carr bad departed. Carr was tola that be (witnow) at that time bad gone out to the country to buy bones, and fur that reason bo could not be loond, so that Carr woe uninio to gnt into the fecmeuUng-room. There was a ditch outside the dis tillery. It was used for draining tbe water from un der the fernuiullUß-tub to a creek near by. Tbla ditch wae extended, so that tbe beer could be run into the creek. The meal was not always weighed by the Btoro keepor. Holley was not there all tbo time. This was after August, 1H74. Bevenl (turn when Sollty waa tbero the meal was not walgheti. Cross-examined: Tbe crooked bnsluurs was com menced In August. Grave* w»s the Gauger. Uatu buru bad been Die Ganger previoitniy. Halley was Hlorclteoiwr up to the lime ibedlailUery cloved down. Witness bad been Interviewed by Judge MUler, who told him that 1/ be (witness) would not wiiio forward tud testify, bo would have lo tpjM'jr a* a dcft-admit. Had told counted for defeami that witness (lisllnghcr) could make it lighter for tbe boy*. Had boon tout by «nm« outside parly that It would bo (mu or (dub lu bis pocket to come up and testify. To. Mr. iluike-—Outne hero unwillingly, If wltuces could bare obtJlued money enough to go away on, be would not bare appeared. VfACIACU BUiUVIi waa tbe next wHueae. 11 o testified that be had worked at tho Au Bable distillery In HITS, ’74, ami ’76. He waa first employed as helper, then as übhinl ant to tbe wilier, and finally in tbu beer-room. Of hla own kvowlodgu fto knew nothing of extra maabua, though be bud board rumor# Uni euch were being made. On cue occasion Peter Grant told him (witness) to let some beer out of tbs tub# iuiu tbe receiver as quickly as possible. Wiiumi Uiongbt this was la 187 J, though bo couid not be particular os to tile date, ilu thought tbut twelve tub# wore goiug ou tbo aevcniy-two-nour mub plan. One tub wus then empty. He had made four mashes per day. OoukUn audQoaUln told witness to say, if be worn asked bow many musbos w»ro m»do jut day, taut front one to fifty were made—to say any. thing bo pleased. On ouu occasion Boliuy laid wituess lo draw off fifteen buruU of bigbwau-s and prime up a lot of other barrel* ready for ehi]uueut. ileUiburu waa Gauger at (he time. Wituess saw the btorekeoper weigh tbe grain coming in; eoux-ttmes ■aw tbe clerk do so. He heard Goslltu lull Uallsgbxr to loch up the fermeatiug-routu and go away, as Cur, the Deputy-Collector, was coming. Tbo goods ecru usually etamped in tbe bonded warehouse, iis asvr Graves, tbo Gauger, stamp them. Tuo a lamp* wt-ro warehouse aud tax-p ud annul*. Witness mvir uv any stamps that had been used a ac.wtml time. urose-examuiod: The Comity surveyor offered to pay wlutuaa’ board while be woe in Chicago. Home tltues the beor-puiupa would get out of order, and thsu they bad to burry. A reeves was here taken until 3:90 o’clock. On tbo re assembling of tbs Court. JOHN MMXLIH, who made the complaint, charging the defendants with having conspired to defraud the Oovermncul out of the ui uu eoiue 20.DLW gaboua uf hlghwines, name ou the stand, tud tcslthod that ha used to uvru the dls cillery. During laid aud 1h74 bo woo frequently aruuud the premlaas. la March, 1H74, James Doug came Ui and asked If there wore any hlgUwmcs lu the odlce. Young Uohkliu told Thomas McCabe to go lulu the wlae-room end get e bottle of hlgawme# aud givu 11 to Long ao ho could put euino camphor mil. Long wauted It tudlalofect a alck-roora. About* mouth afterwards the witness wet ilodey aud Grant about a njUea from the distillery, which wu thou iu full oi>era ti nn. Wllneaa told them they ahould not ba away from their duties. Oroea-exomlued: la complainant id thla caae; did not know anything about the truth of the coutente of tUeatlldarU which ha made, except by way uf tumor. Wllneaa knew uolhlug uf any frauds. JAMES WILSON 'wu the next wllneaa, Ho tudllled that be wn» a coop or. aud hud made barrels fur the Aa Haute distillery lu ISI3-M4. Had rejialrod aevurtl old barrels, which had hocu toluruod to him for repair*. Had put lu new ■taws. Ou one occasion ho had noticed the gauging marked ou tho buug-alaves. Thought li woa wruug. ami had measured tuoir capacity, Hofouuuiliat one barrel contained (wo galloue mure than the Gauger had marked, aud another held a gallon aud uus-half mure. Ou crcws-exatnloaUou the wlliiees could not eweor that the gallou measure which housed actually cou tained a gallon. nstnxD. Here the countel for the Uumumenl rested their case, aud Mr. burke, whtu asked if hoihad any re mark! U> make to the Court, replied lu tno nrgatitu. TUo counsel for thedefeudanu held a nmiulutlou, alter which oueof them addressed the Court, uud in sisted that the defeudeuU be discharged, as uu evi dence had been brought against them. Judge Hopkins followed lu * similar strain. Aasisuut Distrlct-Altor uey burko followed, taking adUtcnnv •* shule, " ami iusUtlug that the testimony was suihclenUy strong lu hold the defendants to toe Grand Jury. The Court look tho mailer under advlsomrul for a few uduutca, during which It was burled iu deep thought, finally the Honorable Commissioner do elded to dismiss the cose aa far as Uathburu was ton cerned, and hold the other defeudauta to ewalt tho action uf the Grand Jury. H. M. Conklin, the chluf conspirator, had waived examination before the same comiueuced. UU bail woe Dud ul 1 10,000, and lu Ue faultrCuuiUilssluuer fluyue made out a minimus con sighing the subject thereof to tho Cunuty Jail. Hol ley's boll was pruuouuoed aatisfai t >ry, tut ho had given ItwUhluepolalblllty that UU caao might go to tho Grand Jury. The other defendant* wont over to Aguewfc Hotel in default o( bail. Tl'he Government oiUciaia claim ttat Coakba ran crooked for several month* In 1874, and that Tartar 11. llMon “fenced " tbe pool*. Holler, tb« Btore keeper, declined to go Into the crooked iniineas him* toif, but took |750 and resigned, ao that a more pliable tool coiilil occupy hi* place. It la *No claimed that tbo then HQporviaor, Wick*, atood In with the ileal for a consideration, and that stamps wore used twloawlth disgusting regularity. All these facta tbe Govern meat official* claim to bo able to prora when (be caao cornea to trial. MILWAUKEE. joka«. Nnacfot vUwiteh to The Chicago Trfbwm. Milwaukee, May B.—lo th« Jonae cbbo to* day, r jury «m impaneled ud tbe trial ootn manood. Leopold Wirtta, t distiller, waaßworn, and lostiQed to being coraixaot of rd offer by Crosby, Jonas, and Goldberg. lo xieal and destroy (he records in the wbinky prosecution* for f 100,- 000, which enm was afterward* reduced to tlWe. The distillers refused to give more than *75,000. He understood Hedrick, then acting fluper- Tiaor, waa to gut one-fourth of tbe proceed*. ST. LOUIS. fIUS-TEKCm. St. Loota. May B.—Col. Braadhcad, special conntol for tbe Government, gave notice (a the Uni tod Staton District Court to-day that bo would to-morrow more to consolidate all ponding in* tlicUneuta or oounle lo indictments against dn fendanta in wlilaky caeca with those to which they had pleaded guilty, ao that one Judgment would dispose of all saaee. and clear the record. It maybe expected, therefore, that sentencing will begin to-morrow. MISCELLANEOUS THAT SUQPLCB. The case of tbo United Bute* vs. J. W. Jef freys and twenty-three barrels of proof spirits, tbo accumulation of tbo rectlfying-bouso oper ated by tbo defendant, is still io abeyance. Jeffreys ears if (lie Government will not give a (put claim to tbo geode It can keep them, who wfl not pay a lawyer to look after them. TIIX BBCXIFTS of internal revenue yeaterday were *15,781.80. eon slilluglnpartof *10,150.30 from wbUky and *11,345 from licenicA. Asiletant Dlitric’-Attorney Burke received private information two ago that George I‘. rreynlugcr, a crooked distiller of Rode Island, who. with Fred A. fleaverus, a comtnlMlrm merchant of this city bad been convicted of defrauding tbe Government of tbe tax on oomnroua thousand* of gallon* of distilled spirit*, had Cod (o Canada. Several days ago Frey singer'* father-in-law died, and in view of tbe bereavement, application waa made to the authorities here to suspend action on the ludictmeut found lyalnat “old man* I reyalugcr and hi* two eons. Goorge I', anil Ben, at the loot session of tbo Grand Jury, until the con clusion of the futionl services. Judge Bangs, tbe Dis trict Attorney, and Judge Hiller, tbe Revenue Agent, cordially aaeeuUxl to tbe request. Tbe funeral baked meat* bad not become cold when George P. and Ren were traveling at the rate of 40 mile" an hour to the Gamuts border. They aro now In Toronto. George I'. Frcyalngix was under bonds of *16,600 to api>ear for sentence. A motion for a new trial entered by Fred A. Hcaverns, for tbe benefit of himself and Freyslogor, in {tending adjudication by Judge Blod gett. __ OCEAN yAVIGAXIOW. OKLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. The General Transatlantic Compear'* Mail Steamers bslaesufiew York and llavrs, calling at Ptymoutti (G. ji.)iurtuo ia.diuKo. p«,a«iiuon. Tbs splendid teasel* on till* lavorlte route for the Continent (being more southerly than ear other), will sail trotn I’iar No. {?, AorUi hirer, a* lollovit _ l.AimADuit, Tuesday, April 4 AMUiIIUUK, four-ill, .Tuoaday, April!* Pit» •*'« B. TrndrH- Tu *oa». Minixa PRICK Ob- HABSAOtC IN GOLD (Including wm*j. First cabin, illOaod felSO. according to accommodation: second cabin. «7llsthird. AM. Return ticket* atreduo>td raio«. BUwrago <2fi. vlthaupenor accommodations. In cluding w.u , t.O'Uiiu, ntid u I‘iiiSils without extra ebaree. hicam« f e marked thus* do ant carry sxoerago passengers. tOULS Ur.HKBUN, Agent, tt Broadway, It.Y. W. P. WHITE, No, 67 Ciara-st., oar. Raadolpn, Agent for Chicago. NORTH GERMAN LLOTD. Tbe steamers of this Company wiU sail every Satur day from Bremen Pier, foot of Third-rt., Ilobohm. Rates of passage—From New York to bouthampton, Loudon, Havre, and Bremen, first cabin, $100; aecond cabin,sW>, gold; steerage, SJO, currency. Per freight or pacugt) apply to OIiLIUCUB A CO„ 3 Bowling Green, New York. National Line of Steamships. NEW YORK TO QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. KOYPT. May 131 ENGLAND Jnn*3 TUKQUKItN May 271 SPAIN June 10 yoa LONDON nmECT. DENMARK Mar 6. at ip. m. Cabin pos»a«s, (IU and ftfO. currency. Uoturn ticket* atredaccd mica. Stoorega ticket*. 81U currency. Draft* lor ill and apwardson Groat Britain. . Ajplyto P. B. LARSON. ' 4 Booth QUrk »U AMERICAN LINE. REDUCED RATES To and from UYEIiroOU QUEENSTOWN, and port* in Great Britain and the Continent. J. H. MILNE, Western Agent. IT) Loßullo-st., comer sladlso‘ Groat Western Steamship Life. From New York to Urlttol (England) direct. ARAGON. Symons Saturday.***)’* CORNWALL, Bumper Saturday .H*)* 9 Cabin Paa-age, f7C: Intermediate, $43; Sieera?,** 9 * Excursion Uokots. tl£0; Prepaid bteerage «er*noata*. Apply to *a. f . Will Lii, t‘ Clark-st., /iculgaa Ooutxal Railroad. White Star Mail line. To and from Europe end America. Batesaa low ta by auy other flret-olaaa Hue. Office. JTJ East Ban liotpb-bL. Chicago. ALTJUB) LAQtItGIiEN, Goner*! Witiloru Au'eut. Drafla on Great priutc and IrclMQ. CTJNARD MAIL LINE. Bailing three times a week to and frem Drltf’h Porta. Lowest Prices. _ . __ . Apply si Company’# Ofllce, DorthwHt oorosr Clark ana Uandofph-sta.. (Jbicaso. _ . V. H.fru VKttXP.T. Oroml W»stern Asent. MEDICAL CARDS- DR. JAMES, Loci Hospital cor. MlJEton k Franklln-ste. jrs'i-W-sa:.?'. ohron?c. >nd urinary diseases id oil thrir complicated twin* 16 At i# well known tost DB. JAMKb hassmodat UiV iicidof thojiro-Mlcn tor tbs past ai year#. Ageand eiinrvnc* are albituportani. teeniinnl \l taKnesii ivanl t<i*s*w br dreams, pimples «>o tns fsos.toat man hu?s. cao positively lw cured Ladle < wanting the most UoLcate attention. call or write. Pleaaanl home (or Pa* twou. A book tor tbo mUllus, Mamue Ouiae, which tails you all about thaw dlseasee-w ho anoula marry-why net—lOcents to pay postaro. Ur. Jamotbas 30 rooms and union.\o«ac«»o aao but the Doctor. l»r. Jam#« Is Bli’viesrsi.fasv. GoasoliaUou always Irueand Invited. Office boors. »a. m. to 7i>. m.. Snadaye, 10 to 13 a. m All business stnctly confidential. DR. CLARKE. Established 1361. You are advised to conaiilt the celebrated Dr. Clarke, 1M Smith Ctork-at., in any Chnmic. Private, Difficult, or Delicate Case. Ladies consult on all Irregularities and Diseases, with lie**- Hurauoe of ajwody relief. Celebrated Foutala Jills, SUM (uxir* strong |6j i«r box. M Peaaarle Prevent!! etamp for "Safeguard of Health. 1 ' Sj»” Victims of tklf-Abu»o send two atami* for work on Nervous and Hoxual IMaeawe. Patients treated successfully by letter, sod Medicine# aeut evorywheru secure from observation, Home board and Nurse for Patients, Call or write. Jlooh Ymirßilent Friend '.’ft cents, by mall. Address letters Dr. F. D, CLARKE, 180 Bouth Clark-et., Chicago. Medinuot nw>no nieronryt loeser located aud liaatha largest prartice ol any sprcudlst la in® «nrU»we*i. aud. aa au Intelligent mat will pru«*, I* the ONLY real sriretHa S}uri*ilitt la rtiioago. Consultation true, and sarredly mnfldentUl. I’rWato board when desired. ESjQI H nni AAP Aa Illustrated work. 27# kMHKS Auc sssßi«!)"tB. ='.°,v Mllimlk leru ; fated discoveries to rvpro- H>BnHD>lh duotioo; how to be happy la mar- Gsulllh |U <*' nude aud leuaU. The IhMIIIiKUUUKUuu* la the world. l*rlM M mbl*. A book (X pages, for twojUiap*. free at oQioe olDr. OUa.__ DR, C. BIGELOW; 83 WEST MADISON-ST.) CHICAGO, ILL., Can be consulted personally, (roe of charge, on all Chronic. Huxua), and Nervous Diseases. Pamphlet. Jtrt IHigre, ou above dlaoaeea eeut to Any address tor two So ataimii. Itoame ae pa rate for ladies and gentlemen. MAUUIAGE GUIDE. OU BEXUAL PATHOLOGY, 200 page*, urge sice, containing all that la worth knowing, and mm-h that U not published in any other work. Trie, 40 nuti. ______ ____ Dr. Kean, 175 Souib cini-ti, cciuer cl Huioe, caum ktsy boeoneulted, personally or by null, free of ebam, eaallchrouioor uo4»ou»ihseaae*. Du. J KtAN'istos enl) physlcUatuthscUy who warranu euro* or no pay. Onoelwura. ilo. iu. la Ip. m.; BoadaisfresnSloU. NEitVUUB EXUaUHTIO.S-A Mi.UIcVl EcviaY, coaninsinga series «f lectures delivered *t Kahn's Museum of Anatomy, New York, on tlu cause and can of premature decline, showing Indisputably be* liat health may be regained, atfordiag a dtsr synapsis uf the luiueduueula to uiatrlage, and the treatment of usrrous aud phjsical dcbUity, boloj the reiullufkUyears' sips rleoce. I “rice cents. Address the author, i)K. J. K.AIIN, ofiioe sod residence M Keel Tenth-si., New York ritKSCmi'TION FREE for the speedy cure uf Seminal Weaknene,Loet Man hood, aud ail dJaardsre brought ou by tndUoretioa* or excess. Any druggist haa the iugredieitU Address DAVIDSON h 00., Dux 2,'jad, Mow York, AMUSEMENTS. EXPOSITION BUILDING-, Friday Right, Saturday Matinee, and Salardiy Night. Hay 8 and 6, 1870, FIRST GRAND CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION XJNT AMUnICA, UNDSU THE AUHWCKB OF THE FIRST REGIMENT, I. S. G. T'WOrtanlMMon wUlgirn TIIKRK OIUND CENTEN NIAL I‘KOMhhADK CUSOKHTS with GILMORE'S MWS BAUD Including Titty Eminent Musicians. TWO PRIUA DONNAS IN TDK FIELD, MAD. EUGENIE PAPPENHEIM, KegryatoitPrima Donna Is America, frntn th« Sira. Mb llaliaa Opera* Uor flret appearance lo Ohitago. MISS EMMA C. THURSBY, The FamtU American Baprano. .88: pare*. ilia whole under the direction of Mr. I*. H.OIL MOBB. bit last appearance before opening the Oeatea* Btal Kzsorttloa at Philadelphia. ou VQe 11th of Mar. 'I be Keglmeot will appear la a Kall-Dreee Parade. The Conoert will he uaagnraUd by the flrfngof cannon. The raUroadi cm Urine in the city will all offer reduced raui. SEC PUR TOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE. ADMISSION W GENTS. TickeU for eale at Lyon A Plnaley**. Ifl Stale-at.. Weat Ride Library, W. ILMeea, Cooke A Co.. 113 HUUi-aU; Jolla* Doner. earner State and Monroe-* to.; Culver, Pa«e, llnyse A Co., 118 and 19u Mann>e-<t.: Jlryan A Col line, corner Harmon cotut and Wabash er. j hherp'a Drue htnre, Tweniy-eecond-et. and Wabaab-av. : North Hide, at MedaaKe’e Drag Hi ore, comer North Clark and Michigan ■(recto; Janaea. Medlar* A Co., lit Nute-ct. Partin* attending from other cliln* dost ring Information, eboald addniM HEauQUAUTKIW FIRST REGIMENT I. B. Q.. Chicago. 111. M’CORMIOK’S MUSIC HALL, o«p<J Concert (Complimentary) U> MISS KATE P, DOUGLAS, with the aaatrtanoe of Sira. (Jlleer K. Jobn epo. Mr. Carl Wnlfaniui Mr. William Lewie, Mr. Chae. T. riaraoa. Mr. W. J. ralrtnan. Mr. SI. Klclielm, Signor Oorrotil. Monday Kenning. May 8. at B o’clock. A Pro gram me cl nntuaa) attraeUvenevv. L TKIO—O Minor (i’Una, Violin, and'Collo. . . . _ _ Alendelnobn .. Andante Eip re* <ri»o—Final*. . Sir. Lowl*. .Mr. Elebwtra. S. MY QUEEN Ulumnlbal 8. OHIO Donizetti . ..... - Mlaa Douglas. A AND ANTE—From the Concerto for Violin. _, . . „ . MendeUeobn * Lewli, Mr. Weltaobo. 5. BIZ EnblneUlo e Fa bllnkt dor Thao. I Wlo aloe Lereta. J r°er l AStI' a “” s " l “ ta11 - 111. J.huon. t Du bl«t *l« cloo Blusw. ,Dio Waldbezo. 6. DI/ET—Mlgnoo Thomai SlUi Douglas, Sir. Fatrinsa. 7. PIANO FORTE, fc «. BAROABOLB-.?..V.^® , .^. n .‘. Schubert Mite Daniila*. 9. VlOLONCELLO—fionvonlr d’ltalU ~..BtrTali . Mr. Klcbelm. Id QUARTETTE— * Keen quel Flora litaate, H ....C0a1a tin Dougina, Sira. Johnson. Sir. Ilarnns. Mr. Falnnan. ADELPHI THEATBE. waiesHr. fiar 3. ah sew Faces ms WeeK, The Great JOLLY JOHN NASH. EMERSON & CLARK, Grotesque Aerobatic Koug and Dance, Mias HLLADAVlS,tbeSeauttfalßi > rio-Cumir Vocalist. Mian HATTIE ELLIS, the Dashing Comedienne. De IVTJ’T OCJOKI Champion Athlete, Mias DOLLY EMERSON, Qnecti it Dance. Re-engagcment of the Favuntee, HUEEUkN * JONES. OEO. k CUA9. REYNOLDS, and tbsAdelphl Dramatic Company. The Legendary Drama.the FLYING DUTCHMAN, or the PHAN TOM BFXI*. New and Magnificent Scenery, by Htrong. Ma tinea Wednesday and Saturday. Ladlea' Nights Tundayand Thursday. The lowest prices la the aty, Friday Benefit of BARNEY AARON. JBOOLEY'S THEATRE, MAOOIriB A IIAVKUI.Y Imnw. •Wllii E. CHAPUAK Manager! OSK WZEK ONLY. COMMESCIKO Monday, May 1, Salsbury’s TROUBADOURS V»°»lH »_PP«»r In theJr encccaiful Extravagant, on. lUwl I’ATOHWOUK. To cammcucc with tiio iictlta «mody. TUATCAPTAIJTS UMFOUM. SlATlKEES—Wednoaday and Saturday* Kelt week—Daly'a Fifth Avenue Theatre Company, M'dQBMiOK HALT,. Frirtaj. May 5, at 8, FAIIEWEUi EVENING of “VO3ST BULOW. fIIIAND BEETHOVEN HOI It EE. BirorJty, it 2 o’clock, GRAND CHOPIN MATINEE. I'Mltlroly laat appearance of VON* DtXOVT. Adi»hwlon—ONE DOLLAR, Secured Scott. 82.03; at Eoo. ft boa*. HoYIOKEE’S THEATER TirUBBDAY— LAST TIME OP BDWnsr BOOTH tohig masterly personation of SIAIwIXiET, Friday—EßWlN DOOIn AS BENEDICT. Saturday Alaita*,_oTkPl.tO Saturday In two character*. MoDday-UAGOIJMITOaxLa* FANCHON, nap. ported by her own lompatiy, 1 TEL 00] Erffllunt Attractions. Third appc*ranc»na inumsua success of BLANCHE BELWTN, UHNHLPonD, Th® (treat mualcalOoon. Jn d «nrat Bhow in tlie city. taudlnc TtW3l m only? Cwai HEW OHIOAO THMTEE, R. M. UOOIXV ..Manager. BOOLEY’S MSTREIS, The entire Company recctvl with aochuatlou _» delimit. Thu Double Quintette and Jnr Firat Perl Scene *. Glorious Hucceaa. First Family Matinee this (Wnesdsy) Afternoon at 2 o’clock. ADELPHI THIATEE. FQIDAY, May 5, Grand ULACfcjJED GLOVE A*- sault-aLArraa iH'twn BABNBY MBO IST AL IIAaiJRB. The Great ItorccsUtre Vroatlen, kovasd. Champloua of the World, will appear if the occasion. SUNDAY LEOTDKE SOIETY. Hon. John Wenx^orth will dote Ibft Sunday Leciure Course fo this aeasou with » nww sad very entertaining lectnihrepared lor Una occasion, entitled “ Wliai I Know of tdcaffo." McCormick Hall, Sunday. May 7. ap«. Ticket! ftt tit* door, end at Jansen, MrCiurg k Co.. ADMISSION, TUN CKNTS. NEWSBOYS’ HOME. A Moilcsl aud Literary EnU'rtalnmeut foibt bene fit of the Newsboy* will be Held st their bow, US sxul 11* Quiuoy-el., Thursday evening, May tiotuo of the boat srliau of the dty have ginu thtur\erTU'e*. Ticket* fur sale si Culili** Uoukxtore and at thjt.xir. STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETINGS Dice CUc® Rock IstaM S MTU Co,, April Idrt. The Annual Meeting of the Sttvikholdi'PH uf'.be Chi cago, Uock Inland A I'aotflc It. it Co. tor the »■> rll n ot Director*, |iuniu4Dt to law, *ud t!n> \t eurb other hostoeM u may coive before them, vitt l i held at the oftU'* of the Cmupaiy In th» Oily if Chi tiuo. on Wedneeday, Uie Ub »jr of June next, at U o’clock i. m. JoH>’ r. TUACY. l*rwidiut. T. 11. TO VS, Secretary. CHICAGO k HORTHWSSTERH RAILWAY CO. Aprt 2tth. ISt TKR ANNUAL MKKTISQ OF THK btoOK bolder* Mid bondholder* of thla company. (or tha elevtloaof director*. panuant Ui U», ana f»r the Uanwo uou of other buiiuot*. w»U ho bwd at the uraiu ul the company. In Chicago. onThureday, the lit of Juiwbiil, %lfmll*ioldere will autheotiaato the* Hsbt to rati by I'toieniia* their fottnc bonfe «t th* oihce of theom iiany. No? O WoM-al., New York* lor MgUlrailou, ul or K , Wdunt . M. L. SYKXS. if., SrcriKTT LEG Ala. ~ tubaburV depathmevt. OrrtOK or Com*t»ou-»w or tuk VwuiLxrr.t WAtfUlMlirON, Jab. L Is'd. ( All rwr*an»b*»lu* eUima**:*uut iba tuum .Nuloutl BaukoJCnU*«u, ill., *n» beiubj DoUQed y» iNMut iiH MiM, *«d to nikb* Iu«kI pnwl Umcw( tbwa U, tu Ctoulat U. KhamuA XUualfW. at Uti gibe* v uld took in li» 01U ol i;Uc **j'6 ji'f, J,r KNOt . Ouaplrulltr el tbo Cumae/, WHISKY. IM'IIY • FAVORITE! THE MI StBULiIT. Tin finest ffllsly Kin SOLID BY J.KVANDUZEE ISS LAKE-ST., CORNER CLARK. MILLINERY. UE7! French Chips, Eng. Milans, Shades, Trimmed ilats, Ac. ■ STATE- ST WEBSTEBS’. Oar usual rorUT.AR PRICES. SODA WATER APPARATUS. SODA WATER APPARATUS, For the tnaanfocturing of Bod* Water, (Hager Ale, Wine*, Mineral Waters, Mend, Root Dw, etc, Alto Mottling Machines, for corking and filling; Marble Dispensing Apparatus for lb a Counter, on new princi ples. Bend for Catalogue with reports of Jnd«a on Apparatus. WILLIAM GEE, Oor. Elm and Franklin-eta., Ki-w York. FINANCIAL. SIOO $1,700 during (he past few months, under oar improved system of operating in Blocks. Illaks reduced to nominal aurna and prude Increased. Rook containing full Information sent on application. TUMLUIDGE k CO„ Bankers and Brokers, "i Wall-aU. New York. RAILROAD TIME TABLE. ARRIVAL AM DEPAHTfTRK OF TRAINS RrruuJinoK or Kr.rrßKscn Manta.-t Batnrdar s» eepted. * hander exeeptod. iMonday axaaotaj. i At. tire bunder at 8:00 a. to. ( D*Ur. * CHICAGO & NORTHWESTER* RAILWAY. TUM Ofiett, C 3 ChirLJt. (SSm nan ITtnti), ati Ji it., turner MaJUonil,, and at tla Utpoll, Tut Un-5 MO:SU *. ». • 3:40 tv m. anuba<]uo Unr l£*. rt» Clinton.. Mrij.Hu, m. • 3:40 p, m. aPubiMae Night Kx. ri* Clinton. nirfOp.m. oOmafjsNlghl Kiprp** ilhOOp.m. t 6:30a. bu at-ivcportA i>ubn<|iM Ktprois,. • ?.IG a. m. • 4:15 u. m. A naLiii.ion Kxprcwi.. *10:00p. m. *7fl>o».n». till .Mall (dally)... S 7s»a. m. » 4:f»p, m. f*JU»»ufceo Kipmi MO:W a. ni. • 7SW o. m, rr. r w S M A* >MB « w * tflWp. m. *lU;2»a, in. RMilwauko'Paaaeaxnr (dally)... fU:BOp. m. 5 ft.mia. m, IGreonJlaj Ktoreaa 1 t»:3o*. m. * 7:onp.m. «* ri l*s. Kxpreca *ll;i'oa. m. • 4:oop. m. {fit. Paul ft Wlmna Kxpr*<s t ‘ 7:f«a. m. fcManjuotl/? Kxprtm *lO:wip. m. 1 * 6:30a, m. • Oonera U%o finirMi • 4:ui|.. m. 1»10545a. m. tvenora Uke Kxpmt 4:4 - -p. m. * 7aWp. m. f-n«poTcomtrnj WcllHwi — n*potcorrwoj Uflixsioornerof C&a»land MICHIGAN CENTRAL RAILROAD. i>rr»nf. foot of «rvf Joo( of rrfin«#.*»?o»4^U Hit, 7S«~ """ * Mall (m Mala and Air Line) I>«j Kipreet.. Kalamazoo Aoatmmodauoa.. Ailantio Kzpreu (dallr* Nlchi KxprvM UIiAND JUPIDfI AND ML’BKCUUS. Monitor Kxi>r«n .Nlaht KxprcM t Saturday Bx. * SandarlCi." - J Monday Ki! $ Daily. • Brin a. m. * 7;3np. m. I* Pkw a. jji. • a.tiup. n, IMmop. tn. *li»ao a. m. Crclßp.m. ! Nti« i. in. jt'OJXJp. m. :*6JO a. a. :• a. m.|' t VrtWu, mJ 1 CHICAGO, ALTON & ST. LOUIS find CHICAGO, KANSAS CITT & DENVER SHORT LINES. Cttfon Drpnl, H>«( {iiHt, nmr Ua'H** «.*. kri.lof, Ti*Jc*t 1-rriTt. I Arnvt, K.naa. City and Draw Faat E*. p. m>~2r4n 0 . m? Su Looj»and ftprinpttald Lx • Pan a, m.r 7;Wp. u. •'t Eoni*. Sprlnirtleld A Texai... 8 P:i«l n.m- 5 7slua. u». I eftria Hay KiprcM..,., • h:iHa m. 'tiiin m Keokuk * Hnrlineton.... • «-«ip, m. • (.hlcuro A Paducah UallrfHicl Ki. • f:(iOa. m.'* TjWn.ra. StTnawr, Uet/n, WaaiilOßton n*. •12;5i p. m.i« 2:«i»,rn. tleueta Uwtcm Accommodation, * H;uip. «.'* 9 in a. n. UKE SHADE i MICHIGAN SOUTHERN. Mall, liaaala line bpeolat N. Y. Expr»*w.. Atlantic ItaorM*. hall/. Accommodation......,., Wight Hxpfoai a. m. fl:10 p, m. P sin a, m. R:OOp. m. ft sift p. m. tfatia. u. B:tup. m. 11:10 a. to. [ t IQalop.m. 4 A’.ao a. m. CHICAGO. MILWAUKEE 4ST. Pnienjttrol, terntr Uadiien ami (H.SoMh CiarM~4l,, oppittiltShtrat PAUL RAILROAD. Tic Jut OgUt, a»il» tut, mtk4at D<pmt. tww itrhM, * 8:0 ». m. 1 •10:00 ». a. •5:05 p. m. *11:00*. a. 't 9:<lp. m. 17 JO*.ro. Mlltrankoe Uxprett \V|»c<iDfinA Mtnowou Tlmtoitb Hay Biiireu Wl*conilu« lowt, and Sllnoarju Kitirn* Wl'pomtn A Mluiwaoi* Through I malit hi|irf i r,, ° ?U Mn»*nkM TioVnta for Ht. Pag| and f"2 d »»* Hadhan *ndPratrie4a Lnten, or rla Watartown, UCrotto, and Winooa, ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. D*pot,S»ot Qf Lolnl, audfitotii/ r*t*ls/-ncn%tivt, n*kM Offitt , 131 m*ar Clark, wm ’ i«oe«. Arrtt, Cairui*,*" l . 1 Hi’S m. I 7*Ti, tu. Omiio Ss* Orleans L * * «Mu a. m. •£}:«p. vu hiningnßia., l * l *** vkvw * h m. • v:SD a. m. Keokuk • 8:40 a. m, *BUk)d. as. Pwomaud kVi 1 J***ori-a» BJtt p. id. I JiUa. m. Uuhuqaa A 6loi£'! t ,. li M > . rM '- * B P. ro. * 7M a. m. nnbuouhA t * 9d«a. in. * 4trio, aw GUmau IV*»eur«r..'/ hapresa., • B.iay. m • 7*4 a. a. "■ - . ■* 6m. * Vta&a. m. uuiwcrn*iLßu«i. Util uj ICxprv**,.. UUAtttud tuxatuu .. "■■■■ Ptclue tm ijuu, ir tH* ktUtM UIU. I<ati’witwurl u *;--' ciiuuuASt, Jomjpu lixuA** Aurort «'«taoiiker ,-..|*l«:00» m. * 4 00 d. n. Uturtott.UUtwtA&lKtVnrPd) S;IS q, * t m< Aurort I’tuc-iuer *> p. in. * t. m. AUlUlt I'tOi’flKOr (HUQiItJ) HI. **l«* ■), llul’uuua A biimsUUr Kxp. ... “Wp. ui, )o:K, «. m. I'tcfPo MclU Kxo. lorliuitUa.. HU p. rn. M:uo*. ra KturwClu. l/e»Tonwirih, AP o. in. 1 7:10 &. m. ctilttnAliu Hip H0:(V Howurr i (iro»« Accuuiuii) liuou ’11:00 in. i iluwuur'tlirufe AoootiimoUUna ’ J:4ip.-, • Oowoi'r’fUrofe Aooumui xUU i *6.3 u. il* lexttßipreu • "‘.i.Hi. nr *bA.6uailt). tICc. tUturatr. IU. ' ’». in. m. *lU;wos. m. :ki. Me IQ9 UN&. .*r U,u,,t. eom*r M< ERIE ANDCHICAI Tithtl Qfltu, oJ CUtrk-tl.t un<i et Otnof, l£l i Pul* /turn >.’at>(Miitun ituitUmj. Day Ki]ira«»—i'ullnio l)n>> inK-K'Hnt Mcjolng Cat*, to fci»w York vliliaul ohatura B:.V>a, m. 8:10 a. n. Aliautlo K(i)i«u-I'oiltnaa Pal art* Cra»luff-lli»)m hiuciitm? Caraaud HuiolCar* 6jM iw m.( H'Un. wt. i)ul> I ini' tuimlii.' tlia 0 >’>'l can PITISBUR(i.FT, muyneTc • to Now Vorl ;rfICAQ3 fUll U; Ujdiom l.tlirnu 1. Cv, * HHV*. n.iMsAOp. ». ) S:ia U: in », n. } »•- «»»>.Ta.'WiJOft, w, 11 lit :fftt u OiJuft. ui. * i mi ft. in.!* &;05 p. m. •SUllllfc, | lUll/, t Nond»7 Hooitt . , Baltimore a ohiq rjulroao. 7mm /r„ T tKir or' r.rpoOUa* UuilUU wi fait 0/ Utnol oormor MmJiiam-M. »*i W Clitit-tl,, tarmtr 0/ t &*tonUjr ue*i»(«d4 AccoiimiKUiloo, Hu> 'Uilly,6uofli»ieuepted. CHICAGO, BOCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAILROAD. iMHirnf Fan Atorwa* 4 * TrtUa. a.l* 6:tDp.ia. { >adp. m.1*8.11) p. a. Vaqaa, { 4fT<M, •lot**. m.j* p. so. Uotba, La*T«n«'(bA AtohUaa fit PauAotoai»od«U«A. M ., blfllbllMiMMU 7 "AJp. ra. 6:30 a. m. /mw. »s3u p. n. •<;00p. ou 7:<U 0. ta 7:«Up. ax, 3:4) p. nj. <acp.n. T;tQ s. ou '3:«ip. a. »P. a. * 45 s. a. .'3~-<0 r. a. rnj / r», <4rrK«, ILWAr. 4rWt«,

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