Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 5, 1876, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 5, 1876 Page 5
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rise. The editor of Ta* Tnimjmi received his irafc intimation of Mr. WAsnnunNß's intention alien tie ires shown tlie peremptory dispatch "declining absolutely tbo nomination for Gov* irnor.” Tbo roaeon for this declination la not fot known. Ho was morally certain of aooml* lation if ho had “atuck,” and to ejection by a reet majority. PBEBONAI*. Jefferson Davie will salt from New Orleans for Europe with bis family lo a few days. Friends of Grace Greenwood say that ohe will toon institute proceedings for a divoreo from her ■roilblosa husband. Ole Bull's wife lives in Madison, Wis., with her invalid mother, aud translates Norse novels, some of which aro about to be published. Mr. Benjamin Bowles, whoso death is report* Id this morning, was a brother of Bamuot Bowles, and until recently the publisher of the Springfield Jleptthlican. Mr. W. W, Groonough, who was olootod Presl tont of tho Boatou Public Library recently for )he tenth tlmo, had for his predecessors Edward Everett and George Tioknor. Tho Galena (111.) Oaxctle refers to Mr. White law Bold as “ tho agent of Jay Gould.” Tho Now York Jtmca and tho Now York Sun coll him ” a stool-pigeon." Is there any discrepancy kere ? Mlbsos Florence and Alice Tilton aro to nnito Willi tho Obarch of (ho Pilgrims noxt Sunday, on profession of faith. Miss Florence bad a let ter from Plymouth Church, which, she refused lo accept. . Mr. Wballoy, of tho British Parliament, has given notice to Dr. Konoally of an action for (images on account of an oss&nlt made upon Ibe former by a band of ruffians organized aud liroctod by tho latter. An article In tho last North American Ucviexo lets aside all the romance of Azteo civilization, repeated by modern authors aud Spanish authors, says Montezuma was only an ordinary Indian Chief, and that all stories of his grand anr, of his marble halls rand refined luxuries, aro lies and moonshine^ Mr. Moody said at bis fatnona inquiry mooting, In answer to tbo question, " Would yon encour age women preaching ?” “I should say it la a complicated point and wo wilt leave It. I don't care about my wife going around and preach ing.” Mrs. Van Cottle now 11 going around” and praying for Mr. Moody. Secretary Bristow does not belong to tho sen timental school of politicians ; bo will not coo lant to heap coals of Are upon his enemies’ bead. Lost wbok, as ho was leaving the room of tho Committee on Expenditures .in tho Treasury Department, Mr, Bright, the Chairman, stopped forward and offered his hand. « No, sir,” said tha Secretary, holly, “1 do not shako bands with yon. 1 will only have official relations with you.” Cardinal AntonolU has apprised Archbishop Wood, of Philadelphia, of tbo shipment for tho Centennial Exposition of somo works of art *' wrought in the only establishment that re mains to the Holy Father." They consist of two Madonnas In mosaic—one of Baphaei, tho other of Sasaoforroto; also, two vases of flow ers, likewise In mosaic, prepared In tho work shop of the 'Vatican establishment. In addition to thoso there will be a St, Agnes, virgin and martyr, In tapestry, which tho artist, Signor QontiUi, has been able to execute m the Vati can. owing to tho generous patrooago of His Holiness. Tbo intelligence brought by tho last steamer, that tho little Emperor of China, aged 6 years, la lying low with tho small-pox, naturally raises atlnniaes as to what would become of tho Em pire in easo of bis death. It is thought that tho present Imperial Commissioner of Foreign Af fairs, Bi Hang Chang, would succeed to tho throne. Ho is described os a pure-blooded Chinaman, a man of groat oxooutivo ability and talent, and while inheriting a dislike for for eigners, bis education has led him to encourage thorn and furnish them with facilities for intro ducing the features of a higher civilization into China. ' Ur. Eortright, bar Britannia Majesty's Consul fa Philadelphia, 1b a great swell, and represents bis Queen with all possible dignity. No one can see him without being Impressed by hla appear ance, Tbo story Is told ebat one day as ho was walking down Walnut street a stranger accosted him as follows: “Will you behind enough to toll me, sir, tho price of that house ?” pointing across tho road. " Sir 1" said tbo Consol, “do you take mo for a real estate agent ?” •• Oh no, Indeed, sir,** replied the other respectfully, “ but I supposed from your appearance that you owned it—that you owned the whole oily.” Obadlah Hopkins, who committed suicide at Hackensack, N. J M last Friday, was very rich and apparently bad everything about him to ‘inako life desirable. He amassod bis great for tune In tbo manufacture of 14 Hopkins* plea,” onco famous in Now York. The Hartford Couranl says : 14 It seems only too evident that ■pie gave him dyspepsia, and dyspepsia gave him (melancholy, and melancholy gavo him suicide. Tbo moral for plo-oaters and pie-makers, too, should not he lost” Tan TitmcNE offers os an mprovement to Prof. Swing's famous Uco-and- Wine aphorism the unqualified statement that pie has dethroned more Intellects, produced more domestio discords, and unsettled more Christian faiths than tbo fine-tooth comb and the hand-organ put together. Ur. Wirt Sykes, who bos been appointed Con sulto Florence, is tbo husband of “Olivo Lo gan,” a somewhat famous, newspaper correspond ent.* Ho succeeds a refined and scholarly gen tleman, Ur. J. Lorimor Qrabam. Tho Now York UHmea says In this connection: 44 We have hoard of some rather fnlsomu puffery of the society of tbo White House written by Mrs. Sykes to on 11- lustratod paper In this city. That might be a reason for giving tbo lady a place in or aronnd the Executive Mansion, bat it is hardly a good axonso for sending bor husband to misrepresent his country in ono of the most fastidious Capitals In Europe.” Mrs. Sykes’ first husband was a Fronobman, and obtained an office from tbo late Emperor through bor Influence. Mr. George Jones has signalized his advent to tbo editorial chair of tho Now York Times by a tutor attack upon Mr. Alexander Henderson, business-manager and half-owner u ot the Now York J?osn(n<7 i'os?. The J*ost has pursued a moat remarkable course with regard to Oov. Tildon’s candidacy for tho Presidency, one day supporting him, and another deserting him for a Republican candidate. With all tts prouten elons to morality and superseusualaoulture, envious rivals of the Vast assert that it is man aged from tho business office, and that Mr. Hen derson, whom the Times describes as “a person of disreputable antecedents,” ia not fit to be a teacher of pure and undelllod political philoso phy. The only appearance of a stain upon the character of William Cullen Bryant is derived from nls association with Ur. Alexander Hen derson. A. Bulpins, who formerly kept a drag-shop at No. 410 Walnut street, Cincinnati, and did a lit tle medical practice In bis back-room, boa re turned to bis old home in Germany. For twen ty-dye years bo bad drudged away in that little shop, and all tbe time bad boon a confirmed miser. His wealth was reckoned at the bank Just before bis departure. He bad $4,000 in sil ver and oyer SIO,OOO in gold, neixly all of which he bad carried through the War, uotempted by premiums or offers of Interest. Ac tbe dose of the War,when bis confidence in. tbe Government was restored, be consented to invest $16,000 of his coin In bonds, and these also bo bad with him at tbe bank. His greenbacks and gold notes, all mildewed and moldy, counted up 118,000. Borne of the coupons on bis bonds bad been undipped from tbe beginning, and In tbe lot was a large amonot tn MMOa on which inter est ceased In 1872. He bad bis money sent In parcels, by separate consignments, on different •teamen, and took only a small portion of it on. kit tin person. POLITICAL. The Reform Movement In Massa chusetts Gains Still More Strenglli. Maryland Republicans Send a Dele gation for Blaine. Bristow’s Strength at Homo—Press Comments on His Candida ture. Gov. Hendricks’ Version of tho Indian- apolis Election Riot. Tlio Antl-Ulnino “ Conplrncy ’’ Which Never Conspired. Reduced Railway Rates for tho Illinois Re publican Convention. Massachusetts. NINTH DISTBICT DELEGATES TO TBB CINCINNATI CONVENTION. Svcdal Dltvateh u Jhe Chieaao TYibune. Boston, May 4.—Tho Ninth District Conven tion to-day added two more gentlemen of tho highest coaraclor of national reputation to tbo Massachusetts delegation to tho Cincinnati Convention. Ex-Qov. Alexander Q. Bullock and Congressman Georgs F. Hoar are well known supporters of tho better aims of tbo Bo publlcan party, and sure of exerting a healthy and powerful influence in the deliberations of tho Con vention. Got. Bullock is ono of tbo signers of tho call for (he New York conference on ' tho 16th trait. Gov. Bullock is popularly slippered U) favor tho nota iuatlon of Mr. Bristow, nud Mr. Hoar, while known io bo personally very friendly both to Mr. Blalno and Mr. Bristow, bos not publicly indicated his preference. Ho U currently reported to have a high opinion of tho qualifications for tho Fmidency of Congressman Wheeler, of Now York. BRISTOW. WHAT Tins TRUSS IS BATING ABOUT SUL i’AiteJefnAto Timet. Thoro is ono repntatioa in the Grant Admin istration as yot untainted, and it belongs to Geo. Benjamin n. Bristow. The Whisky Bing, which bo so utterly routed, has stormed against him, but ho stands their assaults unmoved, while thus far tho weapons hurlod at him h&vo recoiled, llko boomerangs, upon tbo heads of tho assailants. Babcock marshaled tbo Whito- Houso Bing io a series of covert attacks upon the plucky Secretary, in revenge for the discom fiture which bis prosecutions brought to it; but thoao efforts also failed of their purpose, while they reacted against thoox-Privato Secretary and his over-zealous friends. Bristow Is, in fact, tho target for ail sorts of shots from various quar ters. His fearless and uncompromising war upon corruption in tho Treasury Department having given him a national reputation, bo has become dangerous, not only to tho Bings, which live by plundering tho Government, but also to th«other Republican Presidential candidates with loss enviable reputations, and ovon to tho Democrats, who find in him a possible opponent of their nominee before the people, and ono who would bo so formidable that they aro turn ing aside from tbo exposure of manifest evils to faeton some stigma upon him. And that Bris tow, despite bla practical reforms, should have drawn the Are of the Democratic Investigating Committees, Is an anomalous phue of the present political situa tion. nnnmm’s pensoKir. aiteaiuncb. Wa«A(njt»n Corrwcniiertr* JSntlan Globe. At tha Secretary*B desk In the Treasury building may be neon, almost dally.a tali, thick-net man of !M or thereabout, with a massive bead, n full face, a scanty bead of dark-brown balr. a cloie-cat beard, dear eyes, and a determined-looking mouth. It la tbo figure of a good-looking, but not handsome man, whom one’s bead would turn toward Involuntarily to lookat a second time. Ills Indies wilt readi a good A foot, and yet bo is so tblck-eet that bo docs not look abovo tho average height. Tho striking points aro tbo massive bead, tbo clear eyes, and the flcm-Botmoutb. It laßriatow, tbo Reform Secretary of tha Treasury, and tbo *rmn toward whom the eyes of a good many Re publican and ludepondout voters aro looking. lie Is also a man whouo life, record, and character will boar a close Inspection. Bristow ts every Inch a Kentuckian, and every Inch an honest mao. Ilia father was an old Zlenry-Clay Whig, and. llko a good many of the Southern Clay Whigs, was also an emancipator: that Is, although born to tbo possession of slaves, be was opposed to tbo institution, gave bis own slaves to understand that they were free to go wbouovur they chose, and frcod them by Ids will. Bristow, sou, therefore exhibited anll-alavcry In bla blood, and gut a good deal more of It by education. THIS MARY MERRITT CASE. Jk'etf york Time*, The oceosntlons against Secretary Bristow, in con nection with tho release of the bark Mary Merritt from tbo custody of Federal officers, have been fully and conclusively disproved. The fact that Mr Bristow had, an » private citizen* urged upon Secretary lllchardson the Justice of releasing the vessel, and that she wsa released after Mr. Bristow bad assumed control of tbo Treasury Department, furnished a plausible enough foundation for tbo ncaiulcbmongcrH to work upon. Tho Investigation which was prompt ly demanded by Mr. Bristow has shown that the Secretary, instead. of using his ofUclal position to give ellcct to a decision which he had formerly advocated, though not even as a paid attor ney, was studiously careful to avoid auy personal con nection whatever with tho case In his official capacity. Tho Judges of tho Court which hsdillbelcd tho vessel decided that she was held for a purely technical viola tion of the Kereuuo lews, and tho forfeiture was remitted by Mr. Conant as Acting Secretary of tho Treasury, after tho Solicitor of tho Treasury had agreed with him as to tho justice of that course, Tho entire case fta sn Illustration of tho straits to which the enemies of Mr. Bristow are reduced In seeking matter with which to blacken his character. SLANDERING BRISTOW. Kt-OeollU (lean.) Chronicle, There Is a deliberate purpose on the part of a num ber of Democratic .members of tho House of Uenro senlativos to- smirch the good name of tho Hod. Benjamin 11. Bnstow, Secretary of the Treasury, and prominent candidate for President of tho united Blaleo on Use Kepubllcan ticket. Until Mr. Bristow waa spoken of lor tbe Presidency, no one over heard tv breath of scjtplclun against his personal integrity, and the manner In which these slanderers hurl their shaft* at him is otdy another proof thst the coming cam paign la to b v. to a large extent, a campaign of slander and villlflcajjou. 11 cornu It must, let It oomo, and wo will moot it ■■ tho case deserves. OAK BEAT ANY MAN OPPOSED TO DIM. J\{(«&«rv Dupalch, We have private advice* from Washington and else where, which load us to believe that,Mr. Bristow will In the next Republican nominee, in cose Mr. Qurt rauft cannot >w Dominated. As the public know, the flrst choice of tho l)\evateh, like that of almost all oth er unprejudiced Pennsylvania Journals of standings U llartrunfU tiuch proof has he given us of his exec utlve ability, honesty, coolness, and determination, that we esunnt believe otherwise than that. If put In the White Ho use, be would make an excellent Presi dent. Penut ylvanla }s, therefore, for Harlrauft first, lost, aud all the time, ao lung as there Is a glimmer of hope that hbi worth may bo recognized at Cincinnati. But It Is on equally undeniable fact that, contingent niton the failure to put llartnnft through, the fooling of too masses of tbe people of Penn sylvania in for Bristow. So widespread la this sentiment that tho same may be predicted of tho mass es of too people of every other State of the Union. There is an instinctive knowledge that Bristow on tho ItcpubUcan ticket can boat any man opposed to him ; and there Is a grave doubt in many mlado whether any other candidate nominated at Cincinnati could b« idcclcd. UAFIDhT OiISINQ BTHEHQTU. Jlevt/iMi stKitunMs, Unquestionably Bristow Is rapidly gaining strength, not only with the Bopublican masses, but the uewsp*- Eors. The Bristow cloud, once no larger than s man’s and, Is gradually darkening the horizon of his rivals for tbe Cincinnati nomination. Tbe success of Brls tow at Cincinnati would force tbe nomination at Bt. Louis of some one not only able and worthy, but wholly free from the fatal taint of Bourbonlsm, aud ,tbua secure to tbe country a President uot likely to ro- I {ird a public office In the light of a personal perqui stio. BENCEBB DEVOTION TO UONE3T PBINOIPUSB. MuyittlUlKy.) UipubUcan, Cob Bristow’s services fo tbe army, In tbe Senate, and in every pubbo position to wbicb be baa Iwen called, together with Uls ofl-repoatod views upon political issues, cannot fall to convince tbe reader of bis thorough and sincere devotion to honest prtncl pies. Tna Itepubilcan National Convention will honor tcelf in nominating him for the Chief Magistracy, and the people will elect him by such a majority as ins not been since McClellan was Waterlooed. n A PIiEHIUENTUh TEAM. WathinaUm alar, Blaine and Bristow, or Bristow and Blaine, make n team which cannot well bo driven either tandem or double m the Presidential race. An old farmer, writ ing to the Chicago Journal, is In a quandary bocauae he " don’t know which to bitch on the off side." He finally arranges it so that Bristow la to be President aud BUlne Secretary of Bute. It la very doubtful whether ibis compromise would bo satisfactory to al least one of tbe parties. bTANDINQ nnK. X€nia{U.} Ixjfchti h>. There Is no man who Is standing tbu fire of his cno ale* better than doc* BecroUry Bristow, lie come* outof it every time a stronger mao. Hie record aa a UspubUcam la Kentucky during and after tb« War Mural bias to U ttw olsftMuidadi ilnlgatforvord, THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: FRIDAY, MAY $, 1876. and courageous man that bli recent acts bar* munis* Ukabljr itamped him to he. dasuuulb busi'lcion or honestt. faithritl* CouHff'Journal. IfDriateTr’sfriftinlsaeciireforhlm the nomination at Cincinnati, limy will have a good deal of hard work to do. Unless limy can dlaahnae the minds of the leaders of his i«irly of that damnable suspicion of bon* e»ty which now threatens to oroih him, his every hope of the nomination Is a phantom and a fraud. ■ TtiK rising nniiTow tub. Av*'»t/Mif ()/«(,) rupnhUtnn, It Is M bejilnnlug to look decidedly Brlßtawtah*' to the I'iiilatelphle ivne*. 11 Then eaanot be a doubt that Connecticut prefers Bristow and Jewell to Blaine end all other candidates.** The rising Bristow tide in New Hampshire threatens to lubmerge at least one would-be senator, K. 11. Ilollioe, and that gentleman and bis friends are beginning to take In the unpleee* antucae of the situation. AT HIS HOME. Louirvillb, Ky., May*.—Primary mectlngii of tlie Republican party In this elir wore all largely attended. There wan a lively contest In some wards for the position of delegatee, bill ell raudldatcN were pro nounced Bristow men, and the city delegation la unanimous for Ida nomination nt Cincinnati. In tho meeting held for eouuty outride the clly there wan anmo disturbance created by a man by tho name of Ayers, whole conduct waa aomnly denounced by cx- Attorney-Uencral James Hpeod ae revolu tionary. The Ayers crowd, eompoaed of about thirty-five colored men. withdrew, and then the meeting proceeded to elect delegate*, A full Uat waa elected, beaded by tbo Hon. James flpecd. A rceolnllmi waa uuaniroonaly ptuud In favor of Bris tow as tbo Republican nominee for Presldeut. In all the wards of tho city resolutions favorable to Bristow WOTS pMßfld. GOV. HENDRICKS. THE INDIANAPOLIS ELECTION, Taking advantage of tbo presence in this city, of Gov. Hendricks, of Indiana, a Tribune re porter called on that gentleman yesterday after noon at his room in tho Grand Pacific, and won received by the Governor in his well-known easy and affable manner. Gov. Hendricks is looking remarkable well and hearty, and tbo political contingencies of tho noxt two mouths evidently worry him but vary little or make him lio awake o’ nights thinking over them. Tho first subject which tho reporter broached to Gov. Hondricks, after a pleasant chat on ordinary topics, was tho recent election in Indianapolis, with its attendant scenes of vio lence, Tho Governor -aajd it was one of thoeo things which aro.deeply to be regretted, and he could not bat disoountonando ail resort to violence. According to his statement there was a good deal of repeating that t day, es pecially among tho colored voters 6f tho city, about I,COO in number. They were driven around, ho sola, by the wagon-load, and after voting in one ward would go to another and cost their votes. In come cases, no ho had been Inform ed, having their affidavits already mado out, In cate of emergency. Even os early as 2 o’clock lu the after noon, on Ins return from dinner, thoro woro appre hensions of a riot, and two police officers asaed his opinion about the propriety of calling oat armed ns olaUneo to bo hold In readiness. He did not at this time think such a course necessary, and concluded the city would be safe In the bauds of its municipal po lice. About 0 o'clock tn the evening a largo number of colored voters left tbo Fourth Ward (or tho Sixth, for tbo reason, afterwards alleged, that they bad board that tho colored men In tbo latter ward were being im posed upon, and they proposed to have a band in 1U There was no foundation In fact for such a ru mor. Bomo left on foot and some lu n wagon, and ao for as could be learned they wero armed with nothing but clubs, although statement* had been mado that they carried pistols with them. There Is a largo Irish voto in tho Sixth Ward. Arriv ing at the polls they attempted to vole again and wars repulsed. All day long tbo trouble had been brewing, hut op to this time It had been like a deep, sullou murmuring, and bad not broken out In violence. The Ust attempt to voto UlcgeUy was the culminating point, and open warfare was the result. Tho state ment that the negroes wero attacked when they were going from tbo place of voting to their homes bad not oven a protenao of truth, Bald Got. Hendricks, because tbo Bisth Ward war not at all In tho direction or their homes. Tbeso men were really voters lu the Fourth Ward, which Hen to tho north of the voting place tn tho Hlitb, where tbo riot took place, and which is n considerable distance to tbo southeast of tho kourtb Word aud not in the direction of their homes. Oov. Hendricks was not far from tho Fifth Ward himself, and said ho saw the negroes running with clubs. As boou as possible bo ordered the BherlU to organize a poese of men to protect tho city from violence, aud authorised him to receive such arms as ho might And necessary for tbo purpose. It was previously supposed that the polico force was suffi cient, but it now seemed otherwise, and tbo Sheriff waa given (ho above instructions, which bo Implicitly obeyed, aud the riot was stopped. As before stated, the Governor regretted this unfortunate huuo of tho day, and said be tried to do all In bis power to preserve tbo peace. The illegal voting was not confined to thoeo wards already mentioned, but was detected In others, notably the Third and Thir teenth, where some excitement prevailed, but no such violence os that detailed in the Sixth. la response to tho reporter's Inquiries a* to Prcal. deutlal prospects, Gov. Hendricks said be bad oomo to Chicago to devote himself to tbo young collegiate ora tors, end that for tbo time being bo wanted to forgot that tboro wan sucb a subject os politics. Hs prefer red not to glvo auy opinion whatever as to tbo pros pects of tho several candidates on either aids. In answer to tbo reporter's question as to whether be would bare less objection to spooking about Bepub- Ilcan than Democratic candidates, Inasmuch as be hlmsolf might ba one of tbo latter, ha said that made no difference, and modestly referred to bli own pros pects in a rather derogatory way. Gov. Hendricks will return to Indianapolis this morning. _ THAT CONSPIRACY,” HALSTEAD AND UICTTAIID BUITU ON THE ” CON SPIRACY" story. Several score ol tbo machine class of news papers, edited by office-holders, or controlled by some Congressman or ollquo of nog politicians, continue publishing falsehoods of this pattern : A Washington correspondent defends Senator Mor ton against tho charge that It was bo who Inspired the charge against Blame in the matter of tho union I*iv citlo llollroud. Ho says—and (bo statement Ih more than probable—that It was a part of tho plot organized by Joseph McdlU, Illctiurd Smith, and Murat Hal stead, first to give tho charge to the nubile, and next to create the Impression that it was tho work of Mor ton. Of course, tho effect ot this would be tolnocnso Blaine’s friends bitterly against Morton, and thus they hoped to stir nil a light that would result in each of thoso candidates killing off the other. Halatoad, of tho Cincinnati, Commercial, reply ing to this and several other versions of the same falsehood, says: Wo have several times stated that tho charge that there wain 44 plot” of tho nature Insinuated above was untrue. There never was any plot or arrange ment. Tho flint that wo hoard of tho $04,000 story against Blaine, it cazuo from Indianapolis, tho place where U broke out. Than It was communicated from Indlmupolw to Chicago, and there discredited until representations were msdoto MediU, of Tun Tniu uns, accompanied by details so troublesome, that be wrote to Blaine to ask what tho explanation was. Mr. Medlll. as all wuU-lnformed politicians know, was favorable to Blaine for tho Presidency, and he was In such relations with Blaine that It would have boon an unfriendly act If he hail heard an injurious story about him snd had not uotlUcd him of It, Mr. Boyn ton, we presume, bad early Informsllon about the SA4,OCO story. Ho is a pretty early bird. Hut tm Jiret heard the ttory from huliaiuiualU. It came from ono of the most laborious and warm of Morton's friends and admirers,—from a man who U liable to brain fever the moment ho sons that Morton ts not destined to bo the noxt President of the United States. [.The gentleman here referred to brought tbo $C4,000-hond story to this city, and related It to more than one person to our positive knowl edge.—Ed. Tuidcne.] Ur. MedlU did Dot meet Halstead and Smith Id cod. solution with Boynton lu tills city. Wo uro luformud liial lie met Boynton, and compared note* with him, and that Bmlth «w present. mislead did uot Mm Boynton during bis visit to the city. He saw MedlU for a tow minutes, aud beard that there were aotue troublesome matter* about Blaine, the truth or falsity of which It woe Important to ascertain, and that Id* nuiry of Bislue wan to bo made, and be proposed that the Imslucsa way would bo to hand the documents over to the Cincinnati Commercial for Immediate pub* llcatioo,—-the most effective method of developing the truth, The facilities thus tendered were not accepted, and that is all thero was of the conspiracy. We did, however, hear in Washington, the day after the Jiloiue |(H,OCO story broke out In the Indianapolis ffrn (ttwl, that ous of the proprietors of the Cincinnati Timti, who has been behoved to have a longing for Uortou for President, was at nelns to take the .'tcnfincl article and shove it through the Associated Press. The limes can tell whether this la true. If Uls untrue, It onght to bo corrected, for it bed the effect to excite the animosity of Blaine's friends toward the Morton man* agers. Mot to be mysterious, we add the specification that Blaine's friends had it "pat aud apat on the brain" that Alexander Bands had been the agent of diffusion of the Indianapolis tale by tbe Associated Press. We hope Alexander will be able to correct all misapprehensions that may disturb tbe harmony of tbe Itopubhcna party. The Cincinnati Timft (Morton organ) gives this absurd version of tbe case i The points of she charges first spread out io the Indianapolis iVnffnrl wore known lu this city long previous to tbetr publication. They were froely talked over la Ibis,office, and the story as It camo tons, be fore the AVtU liui publication, and from wbat wo be lieve uoQUesttonablo authority, was aa follows j Tbe Cincinnati Commercial, Tub Oiuoaoo Tatuuxx, the Cincinnati GarrUa, and the New York 7'r\bun* were long since pledged to tho support of Mr. Blaine. [Who pledged them?) Tbe fascinating idea of making a President of Mr. Bristow having taken possession of the fancy of two of them (the Commercial and QaulU), measures were sought for relieving them and the other two from that committal. Mr. 11, V. Boynton, tbe manufacturer and manager oi Bristow, was to fur nish tbe material for the excuse, and produced the SM,OJO story which bsd first cropped outlulH72. The New York I'nbun* carefully held off on tbe outer edge, hut Mr. MedlU, of Tux Outoaao Teutons, was drawn Into the game, and met Mr. Ualstead and Itlchsrd Smith, lu consultation with li. V. Boynton, in this city. Correspondence, of wboso nature we could give a pretty exact sketch, passed between Mr. Smith. and Mr. Blaine: and while tbe tatter* explanation was aa foil end conclusive then as now, IbaCbmmaretaland .GomU/j daoiious of Jumping Um, isfcstfip MM£t U and Tni Omaaoo Talents waa drawn Into the same game. Replying to tho above, Mr. Richard Smith, of tho Cincinnati Gazette , wye: Thera are a Brest many Ilea crowded into (ha aboro, Jmt an many aa the editor could conveniently Invent for the occasion. In Hie first pUco, the (,'aiftte w»i never pledged lo the support of nay man for tho Presidency. In the next place, Mr. Boynton did not invent the 164,000 report. .... Mr. Medlll, Mr. smith, and Mr. Boynton met to coo* suit about charges against Mr. Blaine, of vhiek fAe |£l,ooo thru trae not one, Uf the result of Uiat confer* ence Mr. Blaine vraa fully advised br Mr. Smith, but Air. Blaine’s explanation vraa not full and conclusive. In fact bo did not explain at all, nor tua bo to thla day attempted to explain the transaction then under con* •(deration, except to work upon the surface, as ho did with reference to the $64,000 operation. The truth Is, Mr. Blaine did not answer the letter soot to him with reference to that conference. Furthermore, the first publication with reference to the Cincinnati confer ence wan In a dispatch from Washington to tho Chica go InUr-Uctan, am! that information must hare pro ceeded from Mr. Blaine. In that dispatch tbo Cincin nati emiferenro was epolmn of as a Bristow conspir acy against Mr. Blaine, when, in fact, Bristow knew nothing whatever about It, while Blaine knew all about it. Besides, it is not usual for conspir&tota to advUe the person against whom they conspire of ill they do. Air, Blaine knew perfectly well It was not a con spiracy against him, or In the interest of anybody, but a conference of Republicans who intend to support tbo noiulnoo of the Cincinnati Convention to ascertain whether, In view of tbe charges against Mr. BUlne, It would l>o nafe to nominate him as the Republican can didate for tho Presidency. That was tbe object of the conference, and It wos so staled to Air. Blaine, and tho letters written to him on tbo subject beta at full liberty to publish at any time, or in nuy place. Those letters will show not only the points which Ur. Blaine has not ycl explained, tho questions he has not an swered, but also thu names of the persons present, their object, and tho motives by which they wore moved, This Is all that need bo raid upon tho subject. THE STATE CONVENTION. BATES Of FARE. 17 EADQDARTERB REPUBLICAN STATE CENTRAL Committee, Chicago, April 25,1870.—Delegated attending (ho Republican State Convention at Springfield, May 24, will obtain reduction la faro aa follows : Chicago & Alton Railroad, Illinois Central Railroad, and Oilman, Clinton & Sprlnglloid Railroad, fall fare going, and one-fifth fare re turning, on certificate of Secretary. Ohio & Mississippi Railroad, Including Spring field Division, formerly Springfield and Southeastern, round-trip tickets for one and one-fifth fare. Peoria k Rock Island; Peoria, Pekin k Jacksonville, and SprlngUold h Northwestern Railroads will ruu through trains from Rock Island through Peoria and Pekin to Springfield, and soil round-trip tickets for ono and one-fifth faro. Rockford. Hock Island & Bt. Louis Railroad will run through (rains from Hock Island to Hprlugfleld, and leauo round-trip tickets to Bpringflold ovor cou* nectlnq lines from all points on tlis road for oao and ouo*(U(b laro. _ _ Daniel Shepard, Secretary Republican Btale Central Committee. LOCAL POLITICS. MINOB MEETINGS. An adjournad meeting of the Executive Com mittee of (be Cook Count? Republican Cen tral Committee was bold last evening at Bo publican Headquarters. In the absence of the presiding ofllcor, Mr. Julian 8. Ram sey called (bo meeting to order, and on bis motion Ur. John 11, Uueblke vru called upon to preside. On the Secretary's proceeding to call the roll it was dis covered Hut no quorum was present, and after some very Informal discussion of the subject of township organization, the meeting adjourned. The Bixth Ward Uepubhcati Club held a meeting at No. 63.1 South’ Halstod street, hut evlnlng. Henry Volk, tho I‘rocldout. conducted the proceedings, ami J. Vtnderpool acted as Secretary. After acme discus* ■lon regarding tho disbursement of $75 for election purposes, the Clubjdeclded to postpone tho election of olUoera until next Wednesday evening, and adjourned. MISCELLANEOUS. OTTAWA COUNTY. MICK. Special Ditpateh to The Chicago Tribune. Giund Haven, Mich., May 4.—Tho Ilopubli can County Couvcntiou to-day elected eight del egates to the St&to Convention,— Cornelius Vanloo, D. B. 1L Van HaaUe, M. Hoogoaegor, A. E. Bolt, John Spoon, E. P. Tony, and John A. Loggat. Tho drat live are for bard money. Blaine Booma tho first choice, but several think Bristow tho stronger candidate. No favorable exprosoioas concerning Morton or Conklin? from anybody. WABYLASD nrPUDUCANB. FncDSniOK, Md., May 4.—Tbs State Convention mot to-day, Ww Tuck presiding. 0. 0. Fulton and John of UaUlmoro; Joseph Pugb, of Cecil; Walker, of Kent, were elected delegates ' Cincinnati ConTomlnn. Ilesolntlona adopted express gratitude that «U in vaatlgatlons have tailed to touch tbu honor and integ rity of President Grunt, whoa* administration tiao been wise, patriotic, and prudent in the reduction of the public debt and adoption of mount** looking to the early resumption of apecle payments. They pledge tbo vote of- Maryland to Blaine as i-audl dale for President, uud commend Bristow for bis ef forts to expose and prevent corruption. The dele gates aro directed to vote for Blaine, as there ia rea sonable hope for his nomination. M'nENnY COUNTY, ILL. Aisctai IK match to Tha Chicago TV then*. Harvabd, 111.. May 4. At the caucus held In Har vard, McLaughlin’s home, to-day eml-Bcverldge men wore selected to attend the County OonveutJou, and so Instructed. The best men In the town wore appointed. OREGON REPUBLICANS. Saw Pbanoisco, May 4.—The Republican State Con ventttio of Oregon yesterday elected J. O. Tolman, W. 1). Van Houton, J. U. Punter, J. B. David. 11. K. Ulncs, and J. w, S:olt as delegates to the National Convention. It declared Blaine tbo choice of the Con vention fur President, hut did not pass the usual reso lution Indorsing tho Administration, The proxies of delegates are to bo held by tho delegates only. ALLEN roll PRESIDENT. Toledo, 0.. May 4.—The Democratic Convention In the Fifth Congressional District was held at Defi ance, 0., to-day. Gar: A. V. Blue, of Putnam County, was nominated far Itoprosentstivo by acclamation. The resolutions favor the unconditional repeal of the UoßumpUou set, gradual withdrawal of National Bank paper, and favor oz-Gov, William Allen for the Presi dency. SOUTH CAROLINA DEMOCRACY. Columbia, 8. 0., May 4.—The Democrat!' Convention met thU evening. D. W. Aiken, Mastui of Stato Orange, was chosen temporary President, and J. li. Kershaw permanent President. Resolutions were Introduced to confine the business of the Con vention to the election of delegates to the National Convention and members of the State Uxocutlvo Com mittee. Tho Convention ia still In session. The delegates will be unpledged, KANBAN INFLATIONISTS. Topeka, Kan., May 4.—ln the Utato Greenback Con vention to-day twelve counties were represented by thirty-five delegates. Judge Boat woa ctioecu Presi dent, and delegates wore elected to tho Indianapolis Convention on tho 17tb InsL A State Bzocutlvo Com mittee was appointed, and they decided to organize county and township clubs. An effort was mtdo to bring the Convention over to the Domocratlo party, but It did not succeed. WILLIAMS ACCEPTS. Evansville, Ind., May 4.— Tho Ifon. Thomas B. Cobb’s letter notifying the lion. Janies D. Williams of his nomination as candidate for Governor in In dians, and tbo letter of acceptance by the nominee, will bo published by the Courier of this city tomor row. The letter of Cobb, la dated April 30, and that of Williams April 29. Both are letters short and explicit. THE V/EATHER. Washington, D. 0., May s— la. m.— lntboLako region and Upper Mississippi Valley, rising, fol lowed by falling barometer, Increasing easterly touortborly winds, slight changes in tempera ture, cloudy and rainy weather. LOCAL OBSEUVATIONB. umoaoo, May a. “ Time. |lUr.jThr Hu.| *fcMa,m,l39.'Jl <0 Oil 11:18 a. m, 39.1K11 41 C 5 3:W) p. ta«.30.40j 41 Tl| 9:13 p. m.,29.911 41 Oil B:OOp. 40 62 10:18| 40 83 IN,, fresh 01] In. E., fresh | |n.B., fresh I iN. 8., fresh.. .03 IN. K., froth |N. th. fresh.. .Oil Maximum thermometer, 67, Minimum, 40. GENERAL OUBBItVATIONS. Ciiiosoo, Msy 4—Midnight, Station. Har.jThr Wind. Uain Weather, Cheyenne 30,131 86 9, B. t freah.. ..... Fair. lllemarck 30.83 43 8., frsah Ll.snow. llrecklnrldge,. 30.03 40 N., fresh Cloudy. Davenport.... 00.61 43 8., brisk. 6'ijUy, rain. Denver 39.88 I‘OiN. 8., fresh.. ,03. Lt. rain. Ft. Q1ba0n....133.61 C 3 5.8., fresh.. .06 Lt. rain. Keokuk , 33.71 43j8., fresh 87 Lt. rain. LaCrOMe... ~'39.68 61 9. E., freah Cloudy, Lotvenworih..,39.69 17. N., fresh.... ,63|Lt, ralou Milwaukee....l3o.9o S 3 N. E.,fresh, .01|Lt.raln. Omaha 33.60| 411 N., fresh 03 Lt. rain. Platte 3-9.60 OOla. 8., light (Fair, Balt Lake.,,., 39.6V| lO Calra WiFalr, HanU Fe 39.60 6t I N. W,,cunUo Fair. Ft. Bully 33.66 43. N. 8.. genii Cloudy. HEAVY FAILURE, SPBiNariKLO. Mass., May 4.—Tbo heaviest mill failure that Western Massachusetts baa vet seen is that of Ilarvey, Arnold & C0.,0f tbe North Adams print-works, shutting up their mills, that of Gallop, Houghton A Smith, aod £. U. Arnold 4 Co., at Koitb Adams; the Williams town Manufacturing Company at William*town, tbe North i’onnoi Manufacturing Company at Pownal, Vt„ and tho Aruoldavillo mill at Sooth Adams, a total of six mills, with aggregate lia bilities probably over $1,000,000, ami assets, mnstly unsalable property, mounting to $1,600,- 000. Tbe nulla ran In all over 1,000 looma on print good/, tad 800 people are thrown oal of employment* SPORTING NEWS. Tbs Elements Stop tho Chlcago-St. touts Game at an Early Stage. ■ Cincinnati Captures tho Louis- ville in a Close Quine. Third Day's Events at tho Nashville As sociation Hooting. Qamo for tho Billiard-Championship in Louisiana, BASE-BALL. THU GAME at or. LOUIS stopped bt bait. ItpttM Itur*Ufk la Th« CMeuta fHAune. St. Ix3ins, May 4.—The first championship game be tween tho fit. Louts and Chicago Club* waa announced for to-day in this city, and, when tho umpire called play, about 4,000 jxwplo witnessed and applauded tho garaa. Tbo Browns led off with a whitewash, Me. Oeary alone making a bit, and he being run out at aeo ond by White's fine throw to Barnes. After two men wero out, Hines opened business for tbo Whiten with a fine tvo-baaer, and was sent home by Spalding's line bit to ccntro-lleld. In tho second Inning, after two men were out, and, while Dlong was on first base, Bradley bit a sharp Bounder to Anson, which waa well gathered, hut thrown like a balloon into the seats, allowing both runners to score. Before tbe third in ning could be fairly completed, the ralu came down with such force and persistency aa to drive tbe men off the field and make a drawn game. Tbo aarne clubs will play to-morrow. Betting hero is rather brisk, thongb the backers of tho home club demand long odds—genorolly two or tores to one. A considerable number of Chicagoans came down to make an honest dollar, and a liquor dsalerfrom near The Tbibdn* office has some $1,500 on tbe game. He wanted to got back some of the ready cash dropped here last year. TUB ATHLETICS DEFEAT THE MUTAIfI AT PBILA- DELPIIU. f'pteial Ditralth to T3.t Chteaoo Trftun* PmutbEt-rniA, Pa., Jfty 4.—The weather was warm ami pleasant. The Athletics earned four out of alx nma In the sixth. One thousand persona were pres ent. arttLETics. nul l’ A K[] hctcalb. T Perce, a. a.. 2] ll 3! 0 Cl 0 Orator, 0.,.. G Kfffier, 0. f. 6 el* I tf; O'iTreaor, 1./.,.6 Malar, 1 b... 61 0, o il 0! 0. Hurl, S Me»erlo,3»». 1 I 2!i 31 S.illamnan.a.a 6 Sutton, r. f.. 6 1 2! .1 li 1; Hbaudley.c.l. t Hall, 1. G li S 4 fi 3.'Booth, r.f... 4 pouter, 3b.. a 0: l| 21 3 0 llloldahb.3 b. 4 KnUrbt. p... t| 5 : I li u| Bl|Mathews.t>.. 4 Klltoraon. 0. tills 3 l|jl 4 Total cn!><SlU ! Hiil T0ta1.... li Innlnc*- 19 3 4ft Mutuals 1 0 0 10 Athletic* i) o 1 0 V Uuotoirafrii—Mutual, Is AtbloUc.4. TolAl baiotoa liH-i-Mnlual, It; Athletic. 93, First bate by error;—Mutual, 6 thaws Athletic, 3 Umea. Umpire—Cleorgo flonbel. Tima—Two hour*. DEFEAT OV TUE LOUIHVILLE CLUB DT THE BED SpfHal Dlml£>i to r»« Ch\eaco IW6ui*». Cikcikjuti, 0„ Msy 4.— Tue game to-day between the Cincinnati and Louisville Clubs resulted In the former's winning by a score of 3to 1U The Louisville men proved more formidable than was expected of them, and but for their batting Fisher’s delivery min the nlr to bo captured by the excellent outllclders of the Kcd Blockings, the game might have ended dlllcr cntly. Files caught by Ited Blockings, IB; Louisville Club, 0. Innings— Red Blockings Louisville 1 a 3 4 ft C o o o a o o 0 0 0 2 0 0 A CENTCNMAX. OAME. Xn*nnt Diwilfh to THt Chieaio fWftvno. Grand Uavf.n, Mich., Alay 4.—The lawyers, doc* tors, and editors of Ihls city nave challeugixi the bust* ness-men to a friendly Centennial game of baae-bill, to lake plrno on Monclty, ni tbs Court-House grounds. Tbo “ professional *’ nine Is composed as follows: Lawyer*—-C. li. B'Oiile, J. C. Post, and MUo Boynton. Doctors—J. N. Iluynolcs, C. W. Styles. and J, li, Me* Nett. IMllore—l.U. MltchcU, Aries ; John O. Lee. Jotrnal; and C. U. Dußois, Herald. Tbo builnus nine arc : D. O. BofTord and B. J. Harris, dry goods: J. Vnuderbeon and J. W. Hutty, drags: J. B. Kamusu, look*; D. Miller, naUumut; J. C. Avery. Jewelry: Daniel Q»le. groceries; and Frank Yates, agent of ins Goodrich steamers and crack oarsman of tbo United States. The liev. G. W. Cooke and P. P. Kclsoy (lum ber) will bo scorers; ted T. Etswart White (navigation and shipbuilding}, umpire. A large crowd will be In attendance, and a lively time Is expected.' OT. LOCIS—MEMI'UIS. Mempdib, Tcnn., Mar 4.—Baie-Ball: 84. Louis Red Box, 18 ; Memphis, 14. Republican isbioglou H. n Thomas, Jr.. I; and Kdirurd tl large to the THE TURF. TOE NAfIUVILLE BACKS., Todd.. May 4.—The third day of the KaihTlUe mooting drew tbo best attendance of the week. The weather was delightful. The track was fast. The first race, mile heats, for a purso of $1,600, with thirty-four nominations, Six bonee started. Tbo tint heat wan won by Plenty, beating Bombay, Creodmoro, Ualmyatic, Woodland, and Herzog la the - order named. The next two heats wore won by Creed more, Bombay flolibcd second In every beat. Time, 1:46>(, 1:45, l;4o>tf. Before the first heat Creedmore bro'jgot lies la a pool of SIOO. After the first beat Creodmoro SIOO. Plenty S4O, Swlgert S3O, field SSO. After tbo second heat, Oreedmoro U to 1 against the field. The second race, mile and an eighth, was won easi ly by Vanderbilt, beating Marla Barnes, Larry Hart, Volunteer, Aleck Phillips, and Black Bill In the order named. Time, 3:00; sold at $2lO to SB3 against the field. The third race, mile and a half dash, wte won by Gray titeel, boating Lolta Moon, Fauuy Malono, Sue Wynne, Jack Hhoppard, and Gamargo lathe, order named, hue Wynne was a big favorite before the start. The winner sold la a field of three bortos at S3O to $233 ogoiust the others. Time, 3:43. SALE OK OHIO TROTITINO HOUSES. Cincinnati, Msy 4.—ln tho stock sate at the Kail farm, London, 0.. yesterday, the stallion Mambrino Thorn, 8 years old, was Hold to Charles 11. Neal, of Columbus. 0., for $3,000. The trotter London Belle, 11 years old, was sold to Burchor Brothers, of Sandus ky, for $1,600. Granger Jack, of no pedigree, but who lias trotted In 2:36, was sold to 8. M. McCann, of Plain City, for $2,600. GRAND HAVEN RACES. StuHa i DhinteA la TA« Chieavv TrCtum, Grand Havkn. Mich., May 4.—The July races will be held on tbo 351 h, Mlh, and 77th, Immediately pre ceding! those at Muikegon and Pcatwater. The $2,000 to be awarded In premiums is divided as follows: First day, premiums, $600; (20d purse for 3:16 class. Second day, premiums, $730; S3OO for 3 and S3OO for 3:31 classes, and $l6O fur Ottawa County 4-ye«r-olds and under. Third day, premiums, $160; S3OO for 3:47 class, $l6O for pacers, end S3OO for race free to all. A large number of summer-visitors aro expected here hr that time, who will add to tho Interest and success of the races. Cleveland. May 4.— The Board of Appeals for tho National Trotting Association to-dfy heard all cases niton Its docket that wore represented by parties or their attorneys. The most Important rose was that of Goldsmith Maid against the Ohio Fair Association, which waa decided against the Mold, the Board holding that hot ting for a purse for exhibition speed doos not consti tute a race. On the application of the Jackson, Mich., Trotting Club to prevent ‘’pulling” of such bones as have been previously declared “not to win.” the Jackson Association were told that the true spirit, as wall as (ho letter of the rules, was against them; that tbs racing ‘law required the best bone to win. Tbo Board will probably finish its basin ass to-mor row. ATHLETIC. DOINGS AND INTENTIONS Of TUB FOOTBALL CLUB. The adjourned moeUac of the Chicago Football Club waa hold teat evening at the Sherman lloua«. Fourteen member* were present, Ur. W. D. Curtla in the chair. The ordinary business being finished, alx new member* wore elected. 21 la proposed to get up a dratnallo entertainment for tho benefit of the club funds, and several member* of tbe profoealon have tendered their service*. The olQee* of Bocretary and Captain having been separated, an election waa held, resultingln Mr. Hornsby bolng retained as Captain, aod Mr. It. D. Cleveland waa eelocted u Bocretary. The first athletic meeting of the club will bo held at Dex ter Park on tho 30th of this mouth, if the uso of the park can be bad fur that day. The entriea for tbe ■ports are numerous, and much Interest Is being taken In this tho first venture of tho club In that direction. A race for atrangcra is on the programme, and will be open to all qualified amateurs, the winner receiving a handsome prize. [Weather ioiear. Icioudj, |Lt.rj»ln, Lt,raln, Threat. iLUraln. BILLIARDS. ABQAMB DBFBATS MAQOIOLA. N«w OBLEiMi, May 4,—Dllllsrds—Three-ball cham pionship of tbe BUte—Abrams, 800; Maggiola, 333 J winner’s average, 6 and 6J, - . TELEGRAPHIC NOTES. New Yohb, May 4.—Thomas Estrada ba*been Inaugurated President of the Republic of Cuba. livceiat Duvatch to Tho Chieao « TVißuni, Oahdonoale, 111.. May 4.—The lion. George R. Wendllug, of Bbelbyvillo, 111., delivered bis celebrated lecture on ‘Odd-Fellowship, entitled •'The Stone Kzel." in the M. E. Cbnrcb here to-ulghL Tbe cbnrcb was crowded with tbe moat intelligent audience ever assembled in our place. fitvcul IXtoaleh la Tho Chxeaao TVlßuns. East Bioinaw, Mleb., May 4.—Tbe Board of ’Trade organization was perfected this evening with a membership of 116. The oflloen elected are as follows tIL W. How, President; O. W. Wells and U. Jeffere, Vico-Preaidenti; John Welch, Treasurer. Ban Fbancisoo. May 4.—Tbe Fryer Reduction Works at Grass Valley began operations to-day. Many mining meri aod capitalists were present from various parts of tbs Paolbo Coast. They eonsidsred that that process, If U prove capable of performing what la claimed for It, will bars an Important nearing on the mining Interests of tho country. Tbs works are reported to hare operated satisfactorily at a trial to-day. Bt. Louis. Mo., Mar 4.—The Camndolet Ma rino railroad and dock add to-day under a dead of trust for €32,000, subject to acme incum brances. Cape. John I’. Kciser, Superintendent of tbe Memphis Backet Company, waa the pur ebaacr. Lawrence, Kan., May 4.— Got. Person 0. Cheney and ex-Govs. E. A. Straw, Frederick Smytho, and Cuato Stearns, with a party, all of Now Hampshire, passed through boro yesterday en route for Colorado and the mountains. New Oklcans. May 4.—Con. Cromwell has or *V? r pilot at the passes to bring the steam ■hip Knickerbocker, on route from Now York, drawing 16 foot, through the'South Faso Jetty Channel. Tbe Jolly otiiclala claim 17 foot in tho channel. Cleveland, Slay 4.—The election in this city to-dsv on the question of issuing bonds for tho building of a viaduct resulted In favorof issuing bonds and against collecting toll on the bridge. THE KOCKFOIU3 MiStSL. Some of the Unhappy fruit of storey’s first Disobedience tit ro Marly. BVtntxl DiiraUh (o The Chttaan Tribune. Jlocrfoqd, Hi., May 4.—Louis A. Maniove, one of thoeditorsof the late Rockford Times,who waa reindicted by the Grand Jury of Winnebago County last week for accusing Edward 11. Griggs of writing the Ttmes-Early scandal-letters, came before Judge Drown to-day, pleaded guilty to tho charge, and throw himself upon tho mercy of tho Court. With bis plea he files a confession for tbe purpose of mitigating bia sentence. In this document the penitent editor declares that bo wroto tbe articles at the in stance of Storov’s detective, Patrick Flynn, and by a lawyer who was also employed by Mr. Wilkin. Tho document also avers that Fred C. Dayton was engaged to write tbe articles for the Chicago Courier accusing Gngga of tho crime, and bs (Maniove) to writo those that aopearod in tbe Itockford Timet, This confession, which is now In the hands of tho Court, declares that Fiyun said they could prove Griggs guilty b oyond a doubt, and promised to provide counsel and fight their case if Origgu dared to bring It to trial. But now that the matter has come to trial. Flynn and Htoroy's lawyer both bock out and refuse to have any thing to do with the business, and have loft Dayton and Maniove to fight their own case. This is the substance of the contente of the document, tba filing of which has caused quite a sensation hero. •i-l-i-l-l >i o ii t a > so a o >ll i i I >: 3 8 0 3 i u; o a, o I 0 3 10 100 3 8 I 0 0 Ho i o| i' a; o THE INDIANS. itl~5(~5«: THE TERRY EXPEDITION. Rpteiat iMnateh to 'the Cbitano Jr Hunt, 6 7 1 i 3 u o-r. d 0 0 0-7 6t. Paul, Minn., May 4.—The Fort Lincoln colnmo for the Big Horn expedition will con sist of the Seventh Regiment of Cavalry, three companies of infantry, and a Gatling battery in charge of a detachment of tho Twentieth In fantry. Many officers of tho Seventh Cavalry being on detached service, tho afsigument with those of the regiment is not completed. Tin infantry line-officers will bo as follows : Com pany C, Seventeenth—Captain, Malcom Mc- Arthur ; First Lieutenant, F, D. Qarrotty ; Sec ond Lieutenant, J, I). Nickerson; Company 0, Seventeenth—Captain, L t , 11. Hander; Find Lieutenant, Jonah Chance-; Second Lieutenant, H. I*. Walker; Company M, Sixth—Captain, Stephen Baker; First Lieutenant, John Gai laod; Gatling Gun Detachment—Second Lieu tenant, \Y. U. Low, Jr.; Second Lieutenant, I*. X. Kmzio. 7 8 9 1 0 0-3 00 0 3 Besides the marching colnmo, throe com panies of the Sixth Infantry, commanded by Maj. O. H. Moore, will go with boats from Fori Buford to Elizabeth, a depot of on tho Yellowstone. Too line-officers are; Company C, Cnpt. J. W. Powell, Jr.; Second-Lieut. 11. A. Bv/no; Companv D, Capt. D. U. Murdock ; First-Lieut. F. W, Ttaihauct; Company I, See ond-Ltont. G. B. Walker. Gen. Terry expects to leave here for Fort Lincoln on Thursday next. Tho marching col umn will move out immediately after bis ar rival. Sufficient ouppliea will be taken by wagon to prevent tho failure of tho expedition if low water should stop tho supply-boata. CHIME. LYNCHING IN KENTUCKY. Cincinnati, Mar A.— At Wornaw, Ky,, between 11 and 12 o'clock last night, Bon French and wife, who wore Incarcerated in the County Jail for poisoning an old and wealthy colored mao named Jacob Jones, were taken from the Jail by a mob of masked men and haog to the limb of & tree about 2 miles from the town. The Fronds had invited Jones to tea. and while eating bs was seized with symptoms of arsenic poison, and died shortly after. Their object is suppose j to have boon to got possession of some property. Tbo Froucbs were regarded as bad characters, and probably tmjtepa will betaken to discover the participants in tbo hanging. OUS STRIKERS. Cleveland. 0., May 4.— Some weeks ago the molders in tbo co-operative stove-works of this city struck, and tholr places wore filled by non-union men. Tbs strikers threat ened tbo new men, but beyond one or two personal encounters nothing serious occurred until this evening, when, twelve work ing molders going homo were attacked by fifteen or twenty strikers with clubs and bricks. Sev eral shots wore fired, and one non-union man, named 11. It. Fuller, was shot and seriously in jured. No arrests mode yet. MASSILON, O. Masbilon, May 2.—-AJI is quiet at Maaallon to day. Tbe now minora are working steadily la tbe Warrington mines under protection of .tbs military. TO BE BROUGHT RACK. Ban Francisco, May 4.—John Ilaltkrau, ar rested a few days ago for tbo murder of John Russell, of Brooklyn N. Y., will bo soot Fast fur trial to-morrow. CASUALTIES. BURNED TO DEATH. Soeeiat Vuvatch to The Chicago Tribune, Biodx City, la., May 4.—Two Indiana were burned to death and another badly burned last night, nearßloao, Jo. Tbo shanty they occupied took fire during tbo night from some unknown cause with the above result. Tbe Indlaue were from tbe Winnebago Agency. UNION PACIFIC ACCIDENTS. Salt Lake, Utah, May 4.— Tbo Union Faclfle train east from Ogdon this morning was de tained by a wash-out in tbo Weber canon. Tbo Central Paclfio train this morning ran off tbo track near Promontory, killing tbe engineer ami fireman. POISONED. Oruui, May 4,—On Sunday lost four children of Patrick Doohon, living 7 miles west of Borib oer, Nob., were poisoned by eating the berries of woody-nlgbtshado. The oldest, Maggie, died, and the others are seriously ill. SUICIDE. Bvtoial DitvaUh to Ttu Chuaoo Tributu, - Lincoln, 111., May 4.—The body of William Dancker, who committed suicide by Jumping into Balt Creek the latter part of March, was re covered to-day about 6 miles below the city. The Coroner's Jury returned a verdict of auieido. Dancker waa Assessor for West Lincoln Town ship last year, and was found guilty of default ing to the amount of HO. He was a widower with a daughter about 7 years old, to whom be loft a letter stating bis intention of committing suicide and tha( be misunderstood the law re garding Assessor's clerk-fees. It is generally believed the old gentleman meant to Uo what was right. tiptcial Ditvateh to Tin Chicago TVihuru. EaiE, Pa., May 4.—James Sanford, a sailor on the propeller PriudlviUo, suicided by taking poison early this morning. Family troubles were the cause. Sixm< Duoaten to Tin Chicago TViturw. IsniANAPOus, May 4—Last Sunday week Will iam Graham drove his wife from home. To-day her body was found Hotting in the nver, she haring evidently committed suicide. James Proctor shot himself in the head to day, dying instantly. Fmanclal troubles acd tit-health prompted the act. Ho leaves a wife. Temple 0. Harrison, a well-known lawyer of this city, died to-day from an overdose of laudanum, to the uso of which he was greatly addicted. At one time be was in prosperous cir cumstances, bat, since the panic, has been going down physically and financially. OBITUARY. .BpsaarattA Mass., May 4.—A dispatch from Parle, France, announces ths death, trace Boman fever, of Benjamin F. Bonles. of tfta firm of Samuel Bowles * Co., tba pnbUautrs off the lirpuhlican. He was 43 rears old. k'ptaal IHtpalcti to The Chl:«c* Tribune, LArAErrr, Ind., May I.—Ex-County Oct> mlsstouor Henry Burldiatior, aged 71* died tbta morning, He baa bean a roalJout of this OOUA ty aince 2832. FIUES. AT SOMERSET, PA. Pmsncno, Pa., May 4—A' special from Somerset, Pa., to the Associated Tress of Ibla city eaye n (Ire broke out in the pattern shop of Somerset Foundry about 1 p. m., and, spreading very rapidly, was attended with disastrous re sults. Tho entire block, Including fifteen Of twenty large houses, two hotels, and five stores, was entirely destroyed. The total loss is esti mated at nearly 9200,000, with insurance of prob ably $75,000. Tho principal losses are Somerset Foundry, slo,ooos Somerset House, $2,000$ P. Wolmer, blacksmith, $6,000; Holden, Cowou A Co., dry goods, $20,000 ; H. L. Baer, $16,000 { Oconto Parker, drv goods, $10,000; Botbaor, farrier, SIO,OOO ; H. A. Flick, grocer, $7,000; Valentino Hoy, attorney, $7,000; John Uhl, attorney, SIO,OOO ; Dr. Brubaker, $6,000 ; Bar net House, $15,000; and Hot's Block, SIO,OOO. Tho fire originated by sparks from the forge entering the pattern-shop and coming in contact with dry shavings and other Inllammablo ma terial. AT CLEVELAND. O. Cleveland, 0., May 4. —'The Ohio Woodem ware Company's five-story brick building, cor ner of Centro and Main streets, was burned this evening. A largo amount of stock on hand was also destroyed. Lose estimated at from $160,003 ta $200,000; insured for $70,000. Tbe names of tbe insurance companies cannot bo ascertained to-night. Tbe property was owned by D. Clark, J. B. White, and J. M. Gorham, of this city. Tbs Lyman Manufacturing Company occupied pari of two floors of the building, and lost slock and machinery. Less not ascertained. One hun dred and eovonty-ilvo employee are thrown out of work. Tho fire originated in the saving room from a heated journal. AT DETROIT, MICH. Detroit, Mich., May 4,—The foundry owned by Fox & Watkins burned to-day. Loss, $6,000; insured partially. BUSINESS NOTICES. Asthma—Thousands ot tbe wont. case* of asthma have been relieved by tulag Jests Whitcomb** Remedy. la no case of purely oathmiUo character bee It failed to giro relief. DRESS GOODS, ftp. Field, Leiter & Co. STATE & WASHINGTON-STS., Ara offering GREAT BAR GAINS in tlie following line of Goods: Navy Blue, Seal Brown, and many other Fashionable shades. FANCY SILKS, Checks, Stripes, ami Plaids. WOOLS; SILK DAMASSE, Stripes and Plaids. Camel's Hair, Wool, and Worsted Dress Goods. FULL lines low-priced GOODS at 12 1-2,15, 20, 25, 30, &r», 40, and 45c per yard, largely reduced from former prices. Percales, 10c and 12 l-2c. English and French Prints and Foulard Cambrics at 25c and up wards. HOUSEKEEPERS 1 GOODS. Shirtings, Table Linen, Napkins, Quilts, «£c.; Towclings and Crash es MANY SPECIAL BAR GAINS: Laces, Embroideries, Sots, and Ruttllngs; L. C. Hdkfs., Ribbons, and Parasols; Gouts* Furnishing Goods, Fringes, and Notions. AND ON SECOND FLOOB, Sliawls, Sis, am Sams, Ladies' Furnishing, BERLIN EMBROIDERIES AND ZEPHYRS; Worsteds, Skirts, and Skirtings, And newest importations in Black Goods, Cloths, Cassimeros and Suitings aro at uniformly lower prices than ever boloro offered. Strangers visiting the city are cordially invited to call and ex amine. N. B.—Their assortments of Carpets, Upholstery, Wilt bo found very attractive, both In designs and prices* GENERAL NOTICE. BEFORE TOD START FOB THE CENTENNIAL OR ANYWHERE ELSE, Get a Yearly Accident Policy la the TRAVELERS LITE Mil) ACCIDENT DHL CO, OF HABTFOBD, CONN. "Oldest, Largest, and Best.) J. H. NOLAN, Qonsnl Afitnt, No, 84 laSillwt, Chlaigt, m Agent* Everywhere. „ 5

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