Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 6, 1876, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 6, 1876 Page 5
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twenty-three yean ago. Wo are Id favor of going back (o silver coinage until every frac tional ecrip and email note baa been taken ap. We have urged tbat silver bo purobasod and coined and paid ont In exchange for all email legal-tender notes; (bat email bank notes be prohibited ; and tbat sliver ae a legal-tender be advanced from $G to S2O, or even to a larger earn. We have no question tbat a silver coinage of from $200,000,000 to $300,000,000 would readily bo absorbed by tbd country, and tbat its value as a subsidiary coin to tbat amount could be maintained. We are opposed, however, to demonetizing gold, either by the substitution of tpanor or silver as (be general standard o Tables. OBITUARY. B. U. CORWINS. Tbe Cincinnati Gautte contains eoms inter •sting details of the Ufa of tbe late MaJ. It, 11. Ooewine, at one Urn* a prominent member of tbe Cincinnati Bar, who died recently In'Wash ington. He arrived in Cincinnati from Mlasis aippi in 1815, where bit first work was tbe prep aration of a digest of the Mississippi Reports. He formed bis first partnership with Oliver M. Spencer, and was afterwards associated with Gov. Hates, which partnership was dissolved in 1858, when Gov. Hates boenme City Solicitor. During the War, bo was Judge-Advocate of Gen. Fremont’s staff, and, during tbe Hirst Suit* raid, commanded tbo river defenses between Cincinnati and North Bend. During tbo latter part of President Lincoln’s Administration, he served as United States District Attorney v Since he left tbat office, ho has lived where be has transacted s verrylarge'law bust nose, principally before tbe /XJouri of Claims. He was a Republican in pdlitftcs, and was often ■poksn of in connection vlUh Congress, bat never obtained a nomination. | THOMAS DODWOB«n. Thomas Dodworto, who |bad attained a national reputation as tbe oiriglnator of the famous Dodworth’b Band, la New York, at the advanced age of 88, a few d»\vs ago. He or ganized tbo New York City Bapld In 1628, which afterward became the National Band, and was tbe first Independent military band of muslo In Now York. Ho was tbe business manager, and his sons, Allen and Harvbt 8., wielded the baton when they came to He re tired from business twenty-five years ago. OTUEB DEATHS. Among other deaths recently announced are thoao of Miouael a Tory eminent Irish chemist ami cultivator of physical science in Dublin; of Hsnut P. Hawen, who has for a long time been an ardent worker in the educa tional and religious interests of Connecticut, and who was defeated as the Republican candidate for Governor iu 1673 5 and of Dr. Augustus K. Oahonbb, a well-known physician and medical author of New York City. The programme arranged for the fourth Na tional Prison Congress, to open at New York on the 6th of June, contemplates a more practical discussion of the reforms needed than hue yet been bad. One of the leading topics for consid eration will bo as to a Penitentiary code. Practi cally the government of the penal institutions of this country is vested absolutely In the oflloials in charge, unrestricted bylaw, except in some of the States by statutes forbidding specified modes of barbarous punishment for violation of the prison rales. For the rest, the convict impris oned as punishment for a crime of which, upon trial and after full defense, be was proved guilty, is practically subject to punishment for infraction of tbo prison rules, or what tho officials in charge choose to consider such, as often and os severely os they please to Inflict it. There Is secured to him no trial, nor opportunity to present his defense, and bis ac cuser is as well his judge, from whloh there is no appeal,' and executioner. No man can be sent to Jail for a day until after trial and proof of his guilt to tbo satisfaction of an impartial jury. But without trial, without defense, and without the fact ever being mode known that it is done, a convict may be subjected to any of the barbarous tortures inflicted iu the prisons for nominal violation of some prison rule. A code is required that shall dolloo reasonable rules, provide for fair trial where a convict is charged with broach of these, and prescribe pre cisely tbo punlehment that shall follow convic tion. Tho Prison Congress cannot do better than to outline such a code, and use every exer tion to secure its adoption by the Legislatures of tbo several States. The Washington reporter for the Cincinnati in quirer says that the "Democratic Oongreismon of Indiana are bluer than Williams’ blue jeans over tho news of the election at Indianapolis. They don’t feel badly because there was a riot and eeveral killed, hat4,ooo Republican majority is a sod blow. Landbus is the only happy mao among thorn. Ho fools that he has been in a manner vindicated. Jimmy Williams has boon explaining it vigorously all day. Landsbs’ friends are censuring Holman os responsible for It a)L Some are denouncing the Democrats for gerrymandering the cityjast before the elec tion. One badiy-disoooraged Democrat says, •It boats h—ll If the Democrats had posses sion of Heavon they would make it Republican in two days.’ Borne think that Bam Txldem sent gold to Indianapolis to roll up a Republican ma jority for the purpose of depreciating Hen pmoxs’ Presidential stock. Indiana Repub licans are happy. They see Moqton’s Presi dential star beaming on tbo horizon. Tildeh Democrats aro happy because the election proves what tbey bavo claimed all along, vis. s that In diana and Ohio cannot bo depended 00, and, consequently, tbey ought not to bo takou into consideration in President manufacturing." It was undoubtedly a dreadful defeat of the " Sons of Liberty," and portends future disasters. The gentleman known as Geo. Übdbiok, who baa been implicated iotba testimony in tbs Gold* dbuo-Jonas whisky trial In Milwaukee, baa been engaged in printing a little one-horse newspaper to Ottumwa, la., and bis career as an editor baa been chiefly distinguished of late by criticisms of Tub Ouicaoo Tumour. Tub Tuiudkb baa not been run to bis liking. It baa not been a useful and subservient tool of the Wmaky King, nor a reliable part of any other machine for plunder* fog the pubho revenues; and hence Übdbiok baa not been able aufflciently to denounce it. Mow it appears that Ur. Übdbiok, while in tbe employ of the Government aa Supervisor of In* tcmal Revenue, need bia position to acquire in* formation of value to the whisky thieves sod oommunlcate it to tbem. This la the indication of tbe evidence adduced. Wa are very glad, therefore, to recall the fact that Zlxdiuck baa been abusing Tub Tbiuonb, and we hope that it will always attract tba denunciation of just each men and Juit each newspapers aa they are In tbe habit of printing. Ur. Moody haring mads tbs remark In one of his New York mootings that ho would not like to have his wife go about the country preach ing, Mrs. Van Cott, tho revivalist, baa sot her self to work vigorously praying for Brother Uoodt, The latter, who is very chivalrous, will now probably reply In some equally vigorous praying for lbs Widow Yak Cott, and, as it is related In the Good Book that tbe prayer of the righteous man avalleth much, no reference being made to woman, the widow will evidently have the advantage in tbs answer. Modern scientific research, by which ore being exhumed from the ruins of tbe past facts to laks tho place of tbe traditionary fiction upon whteb history has been written, baa been re warded by another signal victory. This, in de ciphering an inscription found In the third or smallest pyramid at Qiseb, which has been dons by Osabas, the French savant. Tbe Inscription disclosed that tho pyramid was built by Mbk cobxs, and that tbe astrooomio event during his reign was the heliacal ruing of (he star tiotbis, now known as Sirius or the Dog-Star. By as tronomic computation it was easy to fix tba date M tktl Mnunan, nfclcb «M torn. ihoulu that It mail have occurred between 8007 and 8010 yean before Christ, which, m appears by tho Inscription, was the ninth year of tbe reign of Mknrrium. and carries us back to a period 1,770 yean earlier than tbe earliest before as certained In ancient' chronology. And at that age tbe Egyptians were possessed of a knowl edge of astronomy and mathematics tbat ar guet a high civilization. Tbo Bt. Louis Republican, with a good deal of alarm, confesses to the “inoretsiog popularity of (be Secretary of tbe Treasurr*" It says i The Osman Republicans of the West sad Entire beginning to dscUn for him: and tbe Liberal confer ence (o be held In New York, Gam. Kciiuaz'ktler, and the recent organization of a Reform Club In New York City, demanding a Presidential candidate “whose name alone will be a guarantee of official in tegrity, of wise and prudent administration. and of a fearleta enforcement of the law,”—these things clearly mean Dbibtow, and nothing clae; and they Indicate, also, an organized popular effort to secure his nomine don at Cincinnati. Still It bolioves tbat he will not be nominated by tho Republican National Convention, and re poses Its hopes In the hostility of the machine politicians who will control (be Convention. Dn Oiroaoo Tbibunb says tbe Democratic leaders of Illinois ars talking pretty atrongly of forcing Judge Dans. Republican as be Is, down tbe throats of the Kentucky Door bona. The Democratic leaders of Illi nois ere only wasting breath if (bey talk as Tn* Trio one taya they do. Their time would be quite si well ■pent if they were to utilize It In pulling down tbetr teals. Tbe next Presidential nominee of the party will be a Democrat, pure and undeflled. however much to the contrary certain people would order things.— £(. to uta Timet, If the Eastern Democracy fail in securing tbe nomination of Tildbk, there will be a desperate push made to nominate Judge Davis. And If he should be placed at the bead of tbo Dem.- Confed. ticket, (be 6t. Louis Bourbon eon am will spend the intervening time until tie election howling for him, notwithstanding be has been a Whig and Republican and an antrDemoorat sinoe he voted for Adams against Jackjon. Uark tbe prediction. D» (At CdUora/ Th* Chteaoo fVOu nt/ Will Thb Tbtbohb plsue state tbe cost of mauuitetuiing and putting In circulation $(00,000,000 of legaltender notes; alio the coat of making and Issuing ((00,000,000 of fractional currency 7 Enquirer. We have not tbo figures for tbe legal-tenders, but tbe Iractionals have cost something like a million aul a half a year to handle, including re deeming aid replacing tbo worn-out aerlp. PERSONAL. Mr. Baukoy*i songs hare beea published in Chinese. Charlotte Cushman’s will makes no altowanoes for tbo Cushman School in Boston or tbo Amer ican Dramatio fuad. The Signal-Ser.'tce operator at Oamp Grant, Arizona, was married Monday week by tele graph. The minister who performed the cere mony was at Ban Diego. Mr. John W. Garrett, the President of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company, has given $16,000 to the Peabody Institute Art Gallery in Baltimore to purchase casta of noted works iu statuary. The Fops said to a little girl who visited himt "Can you tell me what Is Romo?” Bh» an swered : " Rome ie the Capital of Italy." " No," responded His Holiness, ••Romo Is the Capital of the whole Catholic world." Joseph Jefferson, tbo actor, is making a name for himself as a painter. Be works steadily and rapidly. Borne of his pictures ore to bo exhibit ed at tbo Academy, and otbon have boon sought by connoisseurs at good prices. The New York TVorUl has tho following: "0. W. Tayloure, the dramatic autbeare and manogouro, writes to a Now Orleans news papeure to deny the charge that bis management of the Varieties Tbeateare has been of an ‘ Inju dicious and Illiberal ’ nateare." One of the clauses of the Cushman will la tho following I "To a friend, Emma Btebbins, $1,600 yearly." This Miss Btebbins was the constant traveling companion of Miss Cushman. She is laid to be a person of some literary at tainments; and it Is the general opinion of the friends of Miss Cushman that aho will under take to write a biography of the departed act ress. Mr. Merritt, who died in Westchester County, New York, the 80th ult. t was tbo heaviest stock holder In the Pacific National Bank, of New York City, and In the Pacific Insurance Com pany. Ho left a property estimated to be worth $2,600,000, and made no provision by will for its distribution. With all bis vast wealth, he was so penurious that be refused to buy a car pet for bis floor, and had scarcely sufficient covering for his bod. At the funeral of tbo wife of Louis Blanc, 200,000 Parisians tamed out to manifest their roepoot for the great Republican Reformer, aud gave vociferous cheers for the Ropuolio aud for amnesty. The incident reminds the Lowell courier of the early days of Ban Francisco, where, when a fireman died, the whole Depart ment used to attend the ftmeral, and at the con clusion of tbo ceremonies return to the bouse and havo tho brass band serenade the widow. Prof. Huxley will sail for America In August, for a short visit. It in said that he will spend more time in examining oar scientific treasures thau in lecturing. Recently, after he had de scribed iu a lecture tbo probable conformation of an extinct saurian, Prof. Huxley said that only one or two bones of the saurian had ever been discovered 5 bat bo learned soon after that there are no fewer than thirteen perfect foesll skeletons of the animal la question in the Yale Collage Museum. The wodding-presoDta of Nellie Grant were exhibited in London to a select circle soon after her arrival la England. The Englisn wore sur prised at tbs quantity of silver given her. It Is not customary there to choose silver for wed dmg-gifts, it being generally supposed that all well-to-do families havo enough silver os heir looms, or have purchased enough to aoewer every purpose. The question was more than once asked of those who bad the presents 00 exhibitions "Why did they give her so much silver; did her friends think the family into which ahe married had uoao ?” An appeal for subscriptions to the Tom Paine bait appears in the papers of Bt. Lonis and Bouton. A. W. Kelsey, Benton Place, tit. Louie, and Mrs. O. B. KiJgoro. No. 005 Walnut street, Philadelphia, mil receive subscriptions and make acknowledgments through the index, pub lished at Boston. The boat is intended to be a memorial of Faina as a friend and defender of liberty to Axnoriea and Prance, and those who have no sympathy with bia religious Ilfs may yet afford to recognise his disinterested sod effi cient labors as a lover of bis fsllow-mso. Judge Poster, of Connecticut, recently com promised e quarrel of fifteen years' standing be tween two brothers. One of them had brought a slander salt against the other for 92,(500 dam ages. The evidence was all in, and the lawyers wers about to “ sum up," when tbs Judgs called the plaintiff and defendant aside, end after a consultation, daring which the three mingled their tears, it wss agreed that the matter should bs referred to the lawyers end the Judge. Both brothers finally signed an agreement to end the salt where it was, and also to drop other auits that wore pending between them, and to lira u brothers should. Mr. W. J. Florence’ has written a violent and ruffianly letter to the editor of the Boston Qiob* in regard to a communication published in that paper, which bo interprets as a reflection on the character of tba late Barney Williams, his brolher-io-law. Kie writer of the communica tion bad said that Ur. Williams was particularly ungenerous to his countrymen, inasmuch as he always represented the worst type of Irish life \ end that the only excuse he bad to offer for this conduct was that it paid. Florence retorts with an expression of “ contempt for the craven ■wretch who could pen each false end ungenerous words " { esys bs does not envy the aplrit that lives-in tbs small aoul of such a bruts," and concludes thusi M lt ware well for its author that 1 did not tea the article before leaving Boston, not should the anonymous character of THI? CHICAGO TRIBUNE: SATURDAY. MAY 6, IB7G-TWELVE PAGES. the falsehood have prevented me from aeeklog ont and kicking tbs cowardly onr wno penned tbe lying words.* There is “a female Enoch Arden ease" in Newport, IL I..which is exciting much local atten tion. Some weeks ago a woman appeared at tba residence of Ur. George Weaver, a married man and highly respectable citizen, and claimed to be his first wife, married forty years ago. He re pndlatod bor. but tbe shamo and disgrace of tbe adventure were so great tbat bie second wife fell fit and bae since died, Tba first Mrs. Weaver then loft tbo town. Bbe has since returned, and nelsla upon her. rights, showing hor marriage certificate and other proofs of bor relationabip to Wcavor. He. on tbo other hand, asserts that she has boon married three times daring tbetr separation, and has bad children by each hat band. Both persona admit tbat they have never been divorced. % Tbo Emperor of Brazil met his match on tbe outward tnp to San Francisco in tbe person of Natchez, an untutored Piute Chief, who was per mitted to ride on tbe train from Winnemueoa to Humboldt. Tho Chief addressed tbe Emperor as “Capoten," said be was "Capeton" blmsolf, and made friendly overtures. Tbo Emperor be gan to obaff bis aavage contemporary; inquired tbo namo and number of bis tribe, bow many children bo had, and what they ate. Finally tbo Emperor Id a loader voice asked: "Natcboz, bow many squaw you got?" Tbe Indian Chief distended hla eyes, and, throwing up bis arms with a ringing laugh, remarked to tbo bory of bystanders. “ Oh, he Capoten, he bad man ; be talkee squaw; be heap bad man." Tbe Emperor returned into the privacy of hie car amidst a roar of laughter, above which tbe melodious roar of Natchez was readily distinguishable. " Artomua Ward and tbe Humorists of Amsri ea ’’ is tbe title of an article in tbo Jfeto Quarterly Maganne, an English periodical scarcely three yean old, but of considerable pretensions. Tbe writer that “Artemus Ward will surely bold a place with posterity to tbe famous line which begins with Rabelais and ends with Dickens,” and gives tbe astonishing information that, in England, Ward was a constant source of delight, even to the philosophers, for bis freshness and originality; M Mr. Carlyle himself has been heard to speak of him emphatically as •lbs divine AxlemUß’" I The article ends with a criticism of Uark Twain, who is called "a Jester and little more." Of Bret Harto tbe writer has no better opinion, pronouncing him “ a versifier . . . who once or twice reaches to real pathos." English criticisms of Ameri can humorists are generally remarkable for tbe profound ignorance df tbe subject which they reveal, but probably this one In tbe JTcto Quar terly surpasses all others In comprehensive want of information and good tasto. Palmer 27ou*f—£. P. Dow. Boston; a. 11. Nairt, Dot Moldm: B. A. Bowman, Springfield; Capt. J. U. Par •och, Dwight, 11L; J, F. McCartney, Omaha; A. P. llolallng, Baa Francisco; U. P. Ried, Bloomington; U. Bachtacb, Dallaa, Tex.; Ephraim Beach, Newark; D. W. Blanchard, Auitralia.... Grand Pattne— Alphonse Le Due, New Orleans: J. B, Niles, La Porte; 11. O. Sparks, New York; William Yullc, Montreal; E, E. Johnson, Milwaukee; W. M. Thompson, Toronto; O. O. Wallace, San Francisco; B. N. Soymea, Hartford; Sidney Oook, Maine; O, Roue, Cleveland; K. W. Pact, 81. Louts; John Q. Daggett, Boston fretnorU JlfUte—Oea. E. Q. Green, Kentuckys William Myers, San Francisco; the Hun. W. I* Bancroft, Port Huron ; James A. Graham, Manitoba* the Uoq. j, 0. Bradley, Boston : Col. W. W. Lyman. Hew York; in. Hon. J. H. Oberley, Cairo; Maj. W. w. Canning, California* the Hon. J. T. Kratx- Inger, Galesburg; W. It. Bowers, Michigan City; D. J. Chase, Detroit,....STimnon anmoro'a Band. New York; J. M. Davies, HI. Lonls, <heHon. J. H. Reynolds, Ltfayalte; Col. Joseph Chapman, Du buaue; E. H, Foster, Boston; th« lion. E. G. Bow doln, Washington; 8. O. Knight, Champaign: L. B. Blake. Bin Francisco; Gen. T. E, flolUvan, Albion, N. Y.; F. 0. Cummings, Baltimore. SIiAP, BANG, BIFI An Extraordinary stupid Spnrrlng fflalch at the Adelphl* The announcement that Barney Aaron, the champion light-weight of the world, and A 1 Hammer, a mixer of cocktails at tbo Clifton House and an amateur boxer of some local note, would engage in a blackened glove assault at arms at the Adolphi last evening aorvod to pack that establishment with a miscel laneous crowd. Many attended through cu riosity. and it was such that wont away unsatisfied. Others attended as tho friends and admirers of.tho contestants, but it was not these that applauded tho “Flying Dutchman" or encored the third-rate artists who coatrinutod to tho unusually insipid olio. The former wore allured throughout by tho shifting scenes which presented now faces, little dreaming that they wore the victims of a premeditated fraud ; the latter knew full well that the con testants bod paid S4OO for tbo bouse, and that from a few minutes’ exercise they were to make a handsome sum, and enough to afford a wine tapper fora fow of the "boys” later la the evening; honoo they were satlnUed, The novel performance was h&s.jued by tho dissatisfaction of tho audience at the ridiculous presentation which bad beea anoooauood to pre codejib—in fact, the “FlyingDatchmon "andhis phantom ship were engulfed In a aoaof hisses. At 10:20 the exhibition commenced by tbo cur tain rising and exposing to view tbo ontlro com pany of tbo theatre In a meaningless hubbub. Aaron appeared upon the loft of tho stage, while Hammer took position upon tho right. After a formal greeting, the two wore ready for the "grand assault." which proved to be Utllo more than a teat of their comparative capacity to soil each other’s face with their blackened gloves, a contest not unlike, la interest and true merit, au ordinary bootblack melee on a street comer. From the first Aaron seemed to possess a natural advantage, gained from bU experi ence in the " ring," and bis confidence and self possession In the face of an audience. On tho other hand Hammer was stolid and inactive. Ho took tbo defensive from the start, and while comparatively cool and dehborate at first, ho soon lost control of himself,—an advantage which was not lost eight of by his opponent,and which multiplied his faco-washiogs to an annoy ing extent. The first blade face was gained by Aaron tapping bis antagonist squarely on the forehead, to wnich Hammer promptly respond ed by leaving tho mark of hie glove on' Aaron’s right cheek. Their faces were sponged and wiped, and thereafter Hammer managed in the twenty-five minute contest to blacken Aaron’s face twelve times, and found occasion to wash his own thirty-one times. In foot, this face washing was the most amusing part of tl\o farce up to the time the "wind up" woe announced, when some work having the appoarauoo.of earnestneess was pat in. The result was finally thirty-two bite for Aaron and thirteen for Hammer, and when the curtain lowered no one stopped to inquire about its raising, and even the bo.vs in the upper circle forgot their custom of calling for an en core to everyihlug presented. THE WEATHER. WisntNOTOir, D. 0.. May C—l a. m.—ln (he Upper Lake region, rising followed by falling barometer, northerly winds, veering to easterly, aligbtlv wanner, partly eloady weather, and pos sibly followed by rain areas. LOCAL OUaXBTATIONB. Ohioaqo, May 5. Time. (CAf.iTbr Uu. Wind. lUlajWe’tkor 6*3*. m.|39,T1, 17 83 fresh, 11:18 a. m. 29.051 S 3 ICO S. W., (Mb Foggy. 2:00 p. m. 30.081 07 Si W., freak Cloudy. 8:63 n, in.i29.7S' 05, 80 W„ freak 03 Cloudy. »tOO p. m. 139.95 All 100 N., freak Foggy. 10:19 p. tP.139.iTl eel IDOCshn Cloudy. Unimnm iksnnomster, 68. Minimum, SO. OOMKUiL OBSUVATIOKS. OuioiQQ, May 6—Midnight. BUUob. tiar.]TUr Wind. Ilala Weather, Obayeons 29.70 iBl E., fresh Cloudy. Bismarck 39.89, 46 E., light Cloudy. Breckinridge.. 39.93 49 E., freak Cloudy. Davenport.... 29.09 49 N.freak..' Cloudy. Dearer 39.70 41:N.. fresh.....! .19 U. rein. Duluth 80.07 IWOalm Cloudy. Dscauaba' 29.95 87 W., treah .31iCloudy. Keokuk 29.98 4B N. E., light.. .00 U. rein. LaCrosse... .. 39.96 40;E., light... Cloudy. Leavenworth.. 29.74 61;N. H* freak. i .05 Lt. rain. Milwaukee.... 30.981 44 N. W„ freak. Cloudy. Omaha 22.85 871N.E., freak.. Cloudy. Haite ‘29.44 4*l Calm Cloudy. Bt. Paul 39.44 47'N.E., freak.. Cloudy. Balt Lake 49.85; 43.N.K.. freak..! 'Cloudy. H. W. B. New Your, May 6,—The Brooklyn Academy of Music was crowded in every part last night by an eotbuaiastio audience gathered to hear the Bev. Uenry Ward Beecher lecture for the bene fit of tbe proposed Boldiore’ Home of this State. At the beginning and close of bis lecture there wse iongrfootluaed applause and waving of bate and / handkerchief!. Tbe demonstrations ex ceeded. if possible, when Mr. Beecher stepped forward and subscribed |fioo for the Home. WHISKY. Continuation of tlio Trial of Jonas, Golclbcrir, and Crosby, at Milwaukee. Tho Roadincsi of Certain Parties to "Do Away with McKin ney,’* Etc. More Tlmo Granted to Conrlcled Con- spirators at St. bouts. MILWAUKEE. TOE TRIAL OF JORA3 . CO. (metal Ditpaieh to The Chicago Tribune. Milwaukee, May s.— ln tbo United Slates Court to-day, la tbo caso of tbe United States against J. Jonas, Philip Goldberg, and A- 11. Crosby, for conspiracy to steal and destroy tbe records of tbo whisky cases, William Bergen that’s testimony was resumed. He said (bat the whisky men were told, as an inducement to subscribe tbe money wanted bpr tbo Chicago men, tbat McKlnnoy would, if other means failed and it became necessary, bs made away with, and tbo Federal building blown up. Witness, being closely questioned on this point, was quits clear and decided as to tbo Chicago parties engaging full? to get possession of tbe whole of tbo papers in those cases, by eome moans or other, and tboirdeclaring that nothing should atop tboir doing so. oven if it camo to “ DOING AWAY’’ WITH D’KINNEI." or blowing up tbe public buildings or nstng firo. No particular method, to far as ho knew, was defined, but tba general understanding was that those papers should be obtained by some means or other,—no matter at what cost. Witness was given to understand (bat tbo papers wore of such a character tbat thair absence would com pel tho abandonment of Uio prosecution, and place tbe Government in snob a condition tbat tbe cases could not be renewed without each an expenditure of time and money as would not bo likely to bo incurred. LEOPOLD WtATS. was recalled by tbo defense sod cross-examined at cooßidorablo length by Ur. N. 8, Murphoy as to the alleged interviews between himself nod tbo dofODdante or no; of them. Ur. Wirtb re counted much that ho bad already staled in bis examination in chief. He did not remember what room the parties occupied in the Sbctman House, bat believed it was a private room. Ho remembered very littlo of anything that Mr. Murphov desired light upon, and oven contra dicted bis previous evidence as to a promised compromise of the whisky cases, until eon fronted with tbo Abort-hand reporter's notca. Mr. McKinney then took the witness and ex amined him as in his various interviews with tbo defendants, and aa to his previous statements respecting a compromise of tho whisky suits, both civil and criminal, but witness was either CONFCHID DV THE QUESfIOKINO, or unable to decide in his own mind what an swers bo ought to make. Finally tho Conrt questioned tbo wituoes as to the Interviews in Chicago with the defendants, and bo said at the llret interview hornet Jonas, in company with Louis Rlodskopf and Babort Kiewert, at tho Sherman House, aud at that interview they talked over the responsibility of the parties offering to steal tho papers, and Jonas said the men would carry out their agreement, and bo would bold tho monov in behalf of the Milwau kee moo until they bad performed their con tract. and not pay them until such contract was satisfactorily through with. Ho dia not uodor ntand m that interview piectscly what the terms of that contract wore. Mr. Shipman was pres ent at another interview that day or the next, he could not remember nbicb. JOHN A. MOODT, of Chicago, was sworn, and examined as to the handwriting of J. Jonas. He was of opinion that the letters dated Ang. 2 and Aug. 12 were signed by defendant Jonas, and that the body of the latter but not of tho former was in bis handwriting. In •cross-examination by Mr. Murphoy ho said ho was not a member of the firm of Moody and .3ankoy, and not an expert. Could not bo sure al«ut the signatures to the dis patches. - Secretary of the Mayor of Chicago, sworn: Had eoen Jonas* handwriting ; bad seen him write bin signature, and had known Jonas for nine years. Idea tided tho signatures to the loU tors dated Aug. 2 aud Ang. 12 as these of Jonas. The signatures to tho dispatches of Aug. 3 and Bept. 1 appeared to be his, but bo was not euro. CroBS-oxamintfld : Had not had considerable experience in examining signatures. Tho signa ture to the dispatch of Bept. 1 he could not swear to, but the other signatures certainly resembled those of Mr. Jonas. Answer to question by the Coart: His opinion as to the signature to the dispatch of Bept. 1 could not bo of much value, but if insisted on bo supposed it might be in Jouas* writing. EMIL VIEWERT, A DISTILLER, was next called : Knows Ooldborgor. Saw him m July last in this city. Crosby was also pres ent. Louis Hindskopf introduced Crosby and Qoldberger as parties who could clear all the indicted parsons la this district. They com menced talking about tho price, first asking 4)100.000 and tbon coming down to $50,000. For this money tboy wore to furnish otob parly tho evidence against him. Borne wanted the Gaug er’s forms, and others form 52. others the different piipora recorded against them. It was said Mr. Crosby was a brother-in-law of Hedrick, and could got the papers through Mr. Hodrick.. He was in somo way not explained, fur an agreed stun of money, to furnish all the pepors. First two or throe talked together, thou the Chicago parties agreed to furnish each party the evidence against him. If they could not got the papers m that way they proposed "in a good way.” they would got thorn some other way. Crosby was to go to Chicago and get tho papers bore aud at tho Kowhall House and Custora-Hooao. Tho parties could not agree as to tho prico, and the mooting ad journed. Answers to questions by tho Court—Crosby said bo would got the papers. His words wore pretty strong. Ha would try to got tho papers iu a good way, but bo would agree to furnish them. He did not explain himself as the parlies were at the time atraugors. Cross-examined—Wanted, of course, to see his brother clear; and understood tho Govern ment had In their nossoaalon sufficient proof to conricb his brother. The Court then took a recess till 2 o'clock. AfTKRSOOM. John B. Miller, of Dea Moines, la., testified to tho papers kont in tbe office of Supervisor Hedrick, and their acoecslbllitr. John E. Fitzgerald, an es-Gauger, was called to identify certain forms deposited in the office of Supervisor Hedrick. In tbo course of bis examination he was closely questioned by coun sel for tbe defeoue so to bis agreement, if any, with McKinney for withdrawing proceedings against him in coasideratlou of his giving evi dence against whisky-men,' and stated that be agreed to testify on McKinney's withdrawing from prosecuting tho charge of conspiracy, ana proceeding with tho charge of bribery. Collector Bean and Deputy Fred Payne testi fied as to tbe papers deposited in tbo basement of the building and Collector’s office. Louis Itindskopf was here called, but tbe boar being up Court adjourned till 10 to-morrow morning. Special Ditvatch to Tho Chvaqo TVibuM. Milwaukee. May 6.—Judge Cate will bo here early next week. He sent for a statement of facts Justifying tbe Congressional Investigation into tbe Wisconsin whisky oases, which has been forwarded, and it is understood his visit ts partly to acquaint himself with the grounds for applying for a committee. CHICAGO. THE WALSH CROOKEDNESS. Junes Walsh, the Lake street liquor-dealer whose piece wss seized by Cspt. Somerville, m recounted in yesterday's Tbiddmk, «u arrested yesterday morning. He gave bond for 95,000 and was brought before Commissioner Uoyne yesterday afternoon to answer to the charge of violating the Internal Revenue taw. The Gov eminent was represented by Assistant-District* Attorney Boats, while the defendant was repro aented by bis counsel, Capt. Pat Feeney. Deputy-Oolleotor Bomervills testified that he found in the store of the defendant a cask con taining 13>£ wine gallons on which the stamp bad not been effaced. Hie books showed that the cask, which had contained whisky, bad been •old last February. The barrel waa empty. Witness also found several packages which were not stamped. They contained Bourbon and gin. Thor ought to have been stamped. Form 5s " contained no record of sales made sioc* April 25. and of purchases since tbs 11th of the same month. The blotter showed teles since Apni 25, Joseph Sohofleld, a clerk in toe employ of the defendant, testified that he was In the habit of erasing stamp* from barrels which be picked op from saloon-keepers who had failed to do ao. The defendant bad been away a grant deal from tbo store during tbe pant ten days. Jacob Pleas wan engaged in a lawsuit during tbe ptei tan day* with ilia defendant. Witness wan anable to attend to bin own busmens during the time, and was satisfied that the defendant non in tbo name pioklo. George Johnson, a hoy about 1G year* of ago. testified that he bad got one empty barrel from a saloon on (tainted street, at the corner of W right, whom he identified as James Neary. George A.' Diokerman testified that bo in k Gauger assigned to tbe Fifth District, In which defendant's etore la situated. Tbe last gauging be did there was on April 28. Tba Commissioner then announced that, aa there seemed to be evidence at least of careless* dchs on tbe defendant’s part, making at least n case of technical violation of tbe law. bo would bold him. but would reduce the ball from 66,0 X) to 62.000. New bond was then given m that amount, with ex-Ald. Ackhoff as security. James Nearv, a liquor-dealer at tbe corner of Ilalsted and Fourteenth streets, was arrested yesterday and brought before Commissioner lloyne on a warrant sworn out br Cant. Bomcr- Title, Chief Divlsion-Denuty. The charge was that of returning to James Walsh, the Lake street dealer, certain barrels on which tbo stamps boJ not boeu canceled. Neary was held in 9600 hail to await a further bearing, James Walsh and Francis Brennan appearing as hie securities. ST- LOUIS. TUB WAITING CONVICTS. Bt. Lorn, May s.—ln the United Slates Die* trict Court, this morning, District-Attorney Dyer moved that sentence be passed on several Gaugers and Storekeepers who bad pleaded guilty, bat their attorneys desired tbe privilege of presenting statements of facts in mitigation of their offenses, and tbe Court grauted until to-morrow morning to prepare afiido viie to that affect. Tbe Govern ment counsel interposed no objection to this, but. on tbe contrary, expressed a desire that de fendants should have every reasonable oppor tunity to present sneb matters as would place tbe Court in possession of all tbe facts in tboir cases. It was announced that no action would bo. at present, taken in tbe case of Fitzroy, Thorp, and McFallaa. The Government wished to use thorn as witnesses tor tbe present Grand Jury, and also in some civil cases non pending. CRIME, THE LAWRENCE SMUGGLING CASE. Special inipcfch to The Chicago Tribune. New York, May 6.—The famous Lawrence smuggling cane, which has been in tho courts here for aome time past, is creating renewed in terest because of the fact that Lawrence baa made a full confession, implicating very promi nent officials in the Custom-House. This con fession is In the hands of Qcn. Butler, one of Lawrence's counsel, sod is being used by B. G. Jayne, formerly Special Agent of tho Treasury, to compel the abandonment of the charges against Lawrence. There is no question that Lawrence, if tried for smuggling, would bo con victed, as his confederate, Dcs Anges, was, and the only possible defense be has is hr threatening the exposure of others who are too prominent and too powerful to permit of their exposure. Tho fact that there has been a question of ex tradition in the Lawrence case is used to com plicate and avoid his triaL Lawrence was extra dited from England on a charge of forgerv. It is claimed that be cannot be tried on any other charge, and In tho end it is claimed that this will he conceded, and, as he cannot be convicted of forgery, be will thas escape all punishment, and those who ara dndeavoriug to bring about this end will escape exposure. Lawrence's con fession is said to bo of a very* extraordinary character, and shows uo completely tho cor ruption prevailing in tho Custom-House In this city. THE LOUISIANA KU-KLUX. New Orleans, May s.—Acting Gov. Antoine has offered $5,000 reward for the arrest of the Cousbatta assassin. Advices received at tbo State-House report that Senator Twitcholl is still living, bat in a precarious condition. His left arm has been amputated, and his right arm is so badly shat tered that tho doctors propose to take it oft also. Communications received this morning from 'West Feliciana Parish state that 'Weber, State Senator, Dnlo, Parish Judge, aud momber of tbo House of Bopreuentativcs. have been driven out of the parish by tho Begu lat'ors. and compelled to take to the woods. Tbalr fate is not known. HORRIBLE SUSPICION. BtxeUu to SL Louis JUvubtUen, OAnmimu, 111.. May 4.— The wife of Thomas Tracy, who and bis little daughter were tho victims of a moot horrible murder some days since, was art«qted to-dar on the charge of murder, and In default of bail was committed to jail to await a preliminary exam ination. Her conduct since the murder has been such as to excite suspicion, as she would not give any version of the matter. Her examina tion will take place next week. THE RIOTOUS MINERS. Cleveland, 0., May s.— Everything continues quiet at Masailon, and there Is no present pros pect of trouble. A militia company of fo’ly moo arrived tbore this evening from Steuben ville, TWO MURDERS WHICH ARC AGITATING EN GLAND. London 'Jimn, April 30. TbcM Easter holydays have been signalized by a combination of horrors. It is rarely that anything so frlgblfnl has been discovered as tho murder of Emily Holland, at Blackburn, and there seems good reason to believe that a very cold-blooded murder has Just boon committed in Cbolaoa. The Blackburn affair, by whomever committed, is ono of those atrocities which transcend all the ordinary depravity of human nature. Ports of the body of a little girl of about 7 years old wore discov ered in the neighborhood of Blackburn. They were identified as belonging to a child named Emily Holland, who was missing, and an exami nation of them left no doubt that boforo tbo murder aud mutilation of the remains a criminal outrage bad been committed upon the child. A crime of this character could not bat arouse intense excitement and Indigna tion in the neighborhood i suspicion was keenly stimulated, and several persona were successive ly arrested. Tbs child was last soon to oome out of a tobacconist's shop, to take a small packet to a man who was standing in the street, and to go away with bun; but attempts to identify this man proved un satisfactory. The police at length had recourse to a method of detection which recalls past times. They called the sagacity of the dog to their aid, and endeavored to put a bloodhound on the scent. They took the animal In the firm instance to the spot where the limbs of the child already recovered bad been found, iu order, if Bossible, to discover tbo rest. In this, however, joy were unsuccessful, and they then roaolvoil to 'take the dog to two bouses, against tbo occupiers of which suspicion was entertained. In the first of those the dog betrayed no excite ment } bat it bad no sooner entered tbe second than It began to give evidence of Its detection of some scent. It led tbe police at length to tho fireplace of an upper room, and there, cou coaled In the chimney, were discovered (be bead and several bones jof the child, with portions of clothing. Tbe occupier, a barber named Fish, was at once arrested, and has since made a confession of the crime. He ao kuowlegos baring sent the girl for bolt an ouuoe of touacco, and on her return baring de coyed her op-stairs. Ho Is 26 years of age, U married to an Industrious womau, aud has four children ; but be is said to bare lived an immoral life. It is stated that be used to atteod Sunday-schools, aud since bis marriage bo joined tbe religious sect of bis wife, who is a Primitive Methodist. If, according to bis own confession, he committed the crime, U will be one of the most extraordinary Instances on record of a violent outburst of depravity. It is sus pected. however, that another inau was concerned, if not in the outrage, at least in tbe subsequent disposal of the body, and another bloodhound is said to be a silent witness in tbo case. Tbe discovery of the head, however, in Fish's bouse affords a clew which will doubtless lead to tbe detection of tbe guilty parlies, aud it would be premature to attach much credit to Fish's declaration that he was alone concerned in tbe atrocity. Tbe circumstances of tbe other alleged crime are mors obscure ; but it also suggests a shock ing revelation of selfish and cunning cruelty. A woman who went by the name of Mrs. Porter, but whose real name was Chapman, was found dead iu her bed at Chelae*. Her husband is under detection at Constantinople for soma of fense, and she has been in tbo habit of taking in lodgers, though she teemed to have soma pe cuniary resources, aud was, at all events, tho possessor of eome valuable Jewelry. About two months ago, two people, named Ur. aud Mrs. Wallace, took lodgings with her. but are said not to have paid her soy rent. She died last Thursday, altar a brief indisposition, and either it Us ß very timo aha was dying or immediately after her death Mr. and Kira. Wallace loft Ibo house in a cab for Charing Cross Station. They hare not Msce boso heard of. and it has been ascertained that they took the train to Uiussols, ana (hat the jewelry of the deceased woman has alHApjioarod. Those circumstances ora In them* solves suspicious, hut thOT are at onco aggra voted and complicated by tbo evidence given at tho inquest respecting Mrs. Chapman's lllnois. and bv tbo result of the |.o,t mortem examination. During her brief ill* netm. she was partially attended by Sire. Wallace, who took her on one occasion some broad and milk, and after eating it ebe complained of feel* ing sick: sr.d during the last tew hours that the Wallaces wore in the bouse Mrs. Wallace was constantly In tho room. The general sort, ant of me household deposed that towards evening she was sent out by Mrs, Chapman her self to procure an evening paper, and when she came back Mr. Wallace, who was on the landing, Informed her that her mistress bad bad another lit; and, In reply to her inquiry, told her not to come up-stairs. Mrs. Wallace went to (etch a cab, and the two drove off to Ch&nng Cross Station. They missed Uuu evening's malt-tram to Brussels, but wont on the next morning. The servant It seems, did not goto her mistress till between h and 10 o'clock, and then found her dying. She called tho other servant; but when they wout un-stairs, their mistress was dead. The doctor, after a post mortem ex minalioo, Is of opinion that death was caused hr suffocation, probably by chloroform, and the cervanl states that a smell like that of chloro form was discernible tr. the room at tba time of death. Tho doctor Judges partly by some marks on the nose and mouth, which look os If some such violence had been used as would bo indict ed la forcible suffocation. He is also not sure that soma irritant poison bad not pre viously been administered, and the contents of tbs stomach aie to be examined. At tho same time, he states thst bo never saw so weak t heart as that of tho deceased woman, that it was a wonder she had lived so long, and that the least shock or fright would have been sufficient to pul an end to bor life; while she is said to have boon liable to fainting tits. These facts could hardly constitute a case of material suspicion wore it not for the accompanying circumstances of the sud den departure of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace and the disappearance of the Jewelry, even to the rings on the fingers of the deceased woman. Mrs. Wallace, moreover, la said, on leaving, to havo E reloaded that she wat only going to see her osband off. and that she was coming back. If the servant's evidence is to bo relied on. she and her husband certainly acted so as to expose themselves to the gravest suspicion of having put an end to tho feeble life of the un fortunate woman for the Bake of possessing themselves of her money or Jewelry, and to hare then at onco made off with their spoils, .there are personal characteristics about them which will probably insure tneir being discov ered. and they mast certainly be called upon to explain the appearances against them. LATE LOCAL ITEMS. A llttla 9-ycac old bo; named Eddy Brennao was accidentally run over about 2 o'clock yes terday afternoon on the lllinoia Central Hall road at tbo foot of Hamaon street. Hie left leg was covered at the hip. hie right leg at tbe ankle, his left arm badly broken, and his body terribly mangled. He lingered to tbo greatest Buffering until S o’clock, when death relieved him. Hie parents keep a grocery at tbo comer of Eldridgo court and Stale street, androallo at No. CO7 Wabash avenue. While waking tbe town to tbo news that Gilmore’s Baud was in town, by firing off can non on tbo lake front last evening, Arcbio Mc- Leod. a member of Ltppuicott’s Battery, bad bia right band shattered by tho premature dis charge of tbe weapon. Bo wna removed to tbo residence of Col. LippmcoU, No. 1118 Michigan avenue. About 10 o’clock hat evening tbo body of an unknown woman waa found upon tbo beach at tbe loot of Elm street. She was about 35 or 40 tears of age, dark complexion, rather atout, and bad on a atnpod droes, black cloth sack, rod un dershirt, and rod etnood stockings. She w*aß Been about half an hour previously walking along tbe be&ob by Henry Nieaen, residing w» No. 63 Codar stroot. THE NORTH ADAMS DISASTER. Springfield. Mass., May s. —Tho failure of Harvey, Arnold A Co., of tbo North Adams I’alut Works, la ovon more disastrous tbau at lirat ap peared. Tbo liabilities it is thought will rise over rather than fall below $1,250,000, aud not less than 12.000 mou, women, aud children in tbo six mills aro thrown out of work. BUSINESS NOTICES. A Vnlnnhle Dlncovcry-Dr. C. W. Ben son, a practicing physician, it 100 North Eutaw street, Baltimore, Md. (who has juid much attention to uerv ous diseases), has discovered thst (Struct of celery and chamomile combined, in & certain proportion, in* variably euros headache, either btlions. dyspeptic, nervous, or sick; neuralgia and nervousness. This Is a triumph in medical chemistry, and sufferers all over the country are ordering by matt He prepares 4t in pills at M ccala t*v bor. The Doctor ia largely known end highly respected in Baltimore.— t'p\ieox>ai Mtihodut, Sold by Van Scuaack. Stevenson k Held, No. «a Lake street, corner Dearborn, and all druggiata LlTlug Death I—The mortal agony of consumptive invalids u often more Urnblo than death. Their complainings mahe overylody unhapiiy around them, while their lives are premature.; j«,*t to themselves, unless thoroughly cured by wtshati’a tine Tree Tar Cordial, the safest remedy uvsr koovu, and one that never falls. Burnett’© Cocoain©—A perfect dress ing for the hair. The cocoalne holds in a liquid form a Urge proportion of deodorized coooanut oil, pre pared expressly fur this purpose. Cough© and Cold©.—Those who are suffering from coughs, colds, hoarseness, boos throat, etc., should try “ Brown’s Bronchial Troches." FAMILY SUPPLIES. ROSKWOOD BEOS., ESTABLISHED 1603. We offer from ono of the largest and finest stocks of TEAS In (be Northwest: Moynne Gunpowders, Formosa Oolongs, UoynneYonng Hysons, Foo Chow Ooolonga, Moyune Imperials, Finest Japans, Bouchona (English Brcaklast). IN COFFEES, Arabian Mocha (genuine), Finest 0. G. Java, Pea Derry Mocha, Fine 0. G. Java, Plantation Ceylon, Fine Rios, Santos, White,Rio. Roasting and Grinding only the Finest Cof fees, wo Warrant them Pore. The above goods at the LOWEST CASU PRICES. ROGKWOODBROS., 102 & 104 North Clark-st, Cor. North Clark ind Indiana, EXTST YOUR Teas, Cofts, ant Groceries HERE, getung THE BEST AT LOWEST CASH PRICES. All goods guaranteed u reprcacoted. Importers of UcC*na’» Imb Oatmeal. Importers of lloblwonk Scotch OatmaaL 11uo*t brands Talent Winter Wheat sad Spring Wheat Flour. A Sugar 10 Standard A Sugar.. 101 Standard Granulated Sugar 11 Yellow C Granulated Sugar 9 Proctor & Gamble's German Mottled 80ap.54.35 Kirk's German Mottled Soap 4.20 Kirk's Plain German Soap 3.00 Kiugsford'b Silver Gloss Starch. 6-lb box. .00 Duryeaa' Satin Gloss Starch, 6-lb box... .60 Tomatoes. 3-lb tins, per dozen 1.60 H-lb tiiES Baltimore Peaches, per dozen.. 2.50 Sugar Corn. Elgin, per dozen 2.00 New Dried Dlackberries, ver lb 121 New Dried Peaches, per in 121 New Dried Apples, per 1b... 10 New Zauta Currants, per lb 8 Rev Yoltadi lUliano, per !!)•••»«••*••• dxt PRY OOOD3, Field\ Letter Co, STATE & WASHINGTON-STS., Arc offering Great Bargains in following lines of goods; DAMASSE MD BLACK BILKS in Navy Blue, Seal Brown, andt other fashionable shades. FANCY SILKS in Checks, Stripes, and Plaids. 'Wool and Silk Damasse, Strlpci and Plaids, Camel’s Hair, Wool, Worsted I>rcss Goods, full lines low-priccd goods, at 12 1-2, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45c per yard; great reduction from former prices. Percales 10 and 12 l-2c. English and French Prints and Foulard Cambrics at 25c and up ward. HOUSEKEEPERS’GOODS Shirtings, Table Linens, Nap kins, Quilts, Toweliugs, Crashes, «&c. t &c. Many Special Bargains ~Laccs, Embroideries, Sets, ana UutQings, L. C. Bdkl’s., Ribbons, mid Parasols, Fringes, aud No* tious, Geuts’ Furnishing Goods, &c. f &c. SECOND FLOOR Shawls, Suits, Sucqucs, Ladies* Furnishings, Berlin Embroideries, Zephyrs, Worsteds, aud newest importations in Black Goods, Cnssimcrcs, Clothe Suitings, &c., all at tho very lowest prices. Strangers visiting the city are cordially invited to call and ox* amine. N. B.—Their assortments of g&epbts in UPHOLSTERY will bo found very attractive, both in designs and prices. TEIMMIKGa Chm* Gossage 4r Cb. Trimmings! Colored Fringes and Marabou! Trimmings to match, in all shades oi Plum, Navy Blue, Dark Grpen, Brown, and Born 1 Worsted Fringes in new designs and new mixtures 1 Granite, Basket, Brocade, and Sergo Trimming Eibhons, all widths 1 Now Sashes 1 TUo cheapest uml most attractive stock in tho city. STATE-ST. —WASHINGTON-ST. CHINA, arc- OVINGTOBS' BARGAINS Daforo REMOVAL to New Store. WHITE FRENCH CHINA! Dinner Sets, 125 pieces $25.00 Tea Sets. 50 pieces 7*50 Tea Sits. 44 pieces 0*25 Tea Sets, Gilt, 4-1 pieces 9.00 Porcelain Dinner Sets. 158 pieces 28.00 Granite Dinner Seta, 150 pieces 20.00 Chamber (White) Sets, 11 pieces 3.50 Chamber (Col'd) Seta, 11 pieces 5.75 Goblets, CUT, dozen 1*25 GoWcts, I’rcased, jlozeu. Cuspidors, each \’l*3. pair Cologne Seta, 3 pieces..... China, Glass, and Fancy Goods AT GREAT REDUCTIONS. 122 STATE-ST. SPECTACLES PCEUS! [sight] BRAZILIAN FERULE HFECTAOLES Suited to all eight* by lunpecUon at MAN AHH EH, Opts, flin, Bfl Madlaon-at. (Tribune Building). ' __ LEGAL. TREASURY DEPATBMEUT, omen or Oouwimnuto or tuk cc&wmot.) urricn vr vrannwnwMi. Fab. S. UM. I in unoubailor clain.saraliul the Fourth NaUonal Bank ol Chicago. 111., or* her«bi aolldid ta pmaottM itoto, and to uake legal proof thereof wltoto thr* nootki. tu Oharlua 0. Ktiemaa, Uecelier, at toe oAm 4 ““ ua. Ciu Cl ““rfil Ji, KNOX. w*Ovr««ft 5

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