Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 6, 1876, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 6, 1876 Page 7
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FOREIGN. Bfc©lnl)'ef(tor ? s i Story of tlio Koccnfc Troablcsin Samoa. Gonial Foster's Ootidftot Disapproved* and' that Official Dismissed. Tolls tho Pope that Spain Can Do Catholic and Yet lie Tolerant* English IdbOttdß Console Disraeli's Oooxao in tbo Titles Bill Debate. GREAT DRITAIN. TUB MUTINEERS. London, May C.—Four of tho crow of the ship Lonnie, who woro charged . with mutiny and murder, have boon fondd guilty and sentenced to bo banged. IN parliament. In tho Honso of Lords, Lord Derby, replying lo a question of Earl Granville fu regard to tho ITiaalaw. cuo, said that' tho Gotornmoot bad lent a dispatch to the United Slates Govern ment, which could hardly have reached Wash ington yet, and until tho result of the ponding 'negotiations were known, it would be liicoo lenient to put all tho papers before tho House. In tbo House of Commons, Sir Henry James' (Liberal) gave notice that be would movo a roS ilution to tbo offoct that tbo Royal Titles proo amatlon does not fulfill tho pledges given by (ho Government during tho dobato on tbo bill, md tborofore tho voto on tbo bill was taken jndor a misconception. Disraeli accepted the notion aa a vote of censure, and not of a want of lonfldonoo, and fixes tho discussion for Tluirs lay next. This action of Disraeli was responded p oy cbo6rs and counter-cheers. Sir Henry Drummond Wolff (Conservative) innouncod that Lo would ask tho Undor-Bocre ttry of Foreign Department whether the United Ratos Government had given notico of tho jbrogatlon of ths extradition olaaso of tbo Ash burton treaty. . Mr, Lowe mode a full and comprohaoslvo ipotogy for tbo statement in his speech at a Liberal mooting, at Salford, that tno Queen tskod two previous Premiers to Introduce a bill (banging the Royal title. TUZ COLLEGE BOATMEN. London. May Tbo Standard says tho chol fengo of tho Schuylkill Navy to tho University rowing clubs to take part in the Centennial togatta has ogain boon considered by tho Carh krldgo boatmen. No definite reply was agreed ipon, hut Mr. Close trill try to organize a ropro-' tentative crow. DOUOICADLT AND THE FXNIAN PBISONEItS. London Timtt, April 10. There were yesterday displayed in tho win- - lows of many shops in the metropolis printed kill, surrounded by a block ormonrntug border, ind bearing the following heading, descriptive k( tho contents: “In tho memory of tho [risk political prisoners condemned for life, ind about to suffer tho tenth year of penal servitude to English and Australian gaols.” The hill is signed V Dion Boiicicault,” ind it Is stated that “ the following list has keen obtained from tbs official Return of the British Government, furnished in 1671, in reply to a motion in tho Houso of Commons lomanding tho names of tho politi lal prisoners, the offense with which they were charged, and tho sen tences inflicted. “Then follow tho names of kightoon prisoners, tho majority being soldiers, ind (bo chief offenses charged agamfc them be ing *• not giving information to commanding iflicors,” “broach of tho articles of war,” “mutinousconduct and desertion, ’! and “treason. Felony in trying to depose the Queen.” Among tile civilian prisoners enumerated in tho list of lightoen are Edward Shore and Patrick Melody, vho were convicted of being accessories to tho nurdor of Police-Sergeant Brett at Manchester in 18C7. Immediately above the printed signa ture, “Dion Boucicault,” is tho following an nouncement : *• Tho object m publishing this of ficial return la to keep before tbo minds of tho English people tho true nature of tho offonsCH jf tho Irish political prisoners, and to afford iustiflcatioD to those who advocate the mitiga tion of a penalty they feel excessive.” It should bo elated that some of tho sentences are not "for life,” but for periods of from twelve to twenty years. _■ SAMOA. STEiNDEnacn's btort. Ban Francisco, May 6.—Tbo Zolodia, the first if tbo British steamers to run on tbo mail lino to Australia, arrived to-day, having among her passengers A. W. Coe, former American Com mercial Agent at Samoa, and fltoluborgor’s brother. Thoy state tint after the dethrone-, nont of Malotoa by the natives on account of bis deposing Steinbergor as Premier, Capt. Btovena, commanding the British sloani ir Baraconta, landed with a fordo 5f marines and wont to thb Counoi! House, where the Legislature was assembled with intent to ontbrono Malctoa. Iho chiefs ordered tbo native guard to take a position in tbo vicinity of the Council-House. Elevens ordered his marines to diaarm the na tives. The guard retested, a fight ensued, and four marines wore killed and eight mortally wounded. Throe native* were killed and live (lightly wounded. Thooatiros wereia sufficient force to have exterminated tbo marines had thoy wished, but wero restrained by the chiefs, who told Stevens thoy had no desire to light, bat would Sotond their rights. Stevens took Iho wounded on board the Baraconta, lauded with artillery, threw up breastworks, and kept guard behind ihom fourteen days, but no further domonstrar Uooa wore made by the natives. They then re lumed to tho Baraconta, taking throe chiefs as hostages. Meantime tho British stoamer Sapphire ar rived, tho ohlofe weto tiau&torrod to her. and thb Baraconta sailed for tho Fiji Islands taking Steinbergor. Ids brother, and Coo, who was carried away simply for bis loyalty to the native Government. The prisoners were landed it the FiJUi. Tho Baraconta waa ordered to Aukland, presumably for tho purpose of having tho aots of her Captain investigated. Stem borgor wont also, and confronted him, and de manded satisfaction for the outrage perpetrated on him. _ At tho time of leaving Samot tbo Tuscarora would be duo in teu days. Foster, the American Consul, acted through out tho trouble in harmony with iho British. Coo and Steinbergor also reiterate tho state ment that tbo main trouble tnsos from tho machination of. English missionaries, whoso profits wore impaired by tho rogilscious Intro duced by Steinbergor, also by the opposition of tho beach-combers, Sydney ducks, etc., who dis liked his interference with their liquor-soiling and other pursuits. CONSUL rOSTEB REMOVE). Ban Fbabcisco, May 6.—Dlspatohja have boon received hero from Washington displacing Foo ter, American Consul at Bamoa, ano appointing In his place James M. Coe, who arrliod boro to day by the steamer Zealander from Jiji, having boon taken there from Samoa a priscour ou the British war-voßflol Datcaocmtft. The dlspatobos arrived in tune to go ou tho scboouoi Ada May, which sailed a few days ago. but. owiag to some misunderstanding eho left without them. A tug was aout out with them, but failed ti overtake LhesohooDor. They will go by tho mxt vosdol. FRANCE. mNIXCTOAM. GUANOES, Paris. May 6.—Farther Prefootoral changes will be gazetted on Monday pext. These Include lbs compulsory retirement of seven Prefects and the dismissal of forty sub-Prefecta and Secre- Uxiea-Qcnoral. rpocßEDiNas against a. toomm, laOHdon, May 6.—A dispatch from Paris saya It is stated that the Government, yielding to representations of many Bonalora and Depu ties, will ask tho Chambers fdo leave to prose rate M. Bouhor for his letter to the electors ol Ajaccio. TOE UNTVEHBAL BXUIOirWK or 1878. iJitpateh to Pie hoiuioa Times. Pams, April 18.—Tuo Bnb-Commmeo appoint ed to consider the question'of tho Universal Exhibition of 1878 has framed its report, which will bo presented to the General Cqhimlueo Fri day. The site recommended covers a. surface of 270,000 metres, 10,000. mure than wore occupied in 18U7, mduauiK fpacos of .the Champ do Mars »iid of tbo Trocauero, ou either side tho Boino | the building will bo of iron filial in with brick masonry, and roofed with glass, and in the imortflta Of economy the form of comeruction recommended is suoh that the iron mattrial will be saleable at the close of tho Exhibition. Ihe central building, flanked 1 wiifi [irn gardens, la to he dhpooOd ,-zi. tho (unit of what U known in aritbuoUcSl phraseology as ft Table of Pythagoras-each aisle, longitudinally followed, presootmg,amnios of tomihu ptqddcta, while roach separate uktioo-oxhlUilns-is paused In nyiew. A rectangular spacoin tho immediate «m»n wl|l pe*e9potviouod-to tho Fine Arts. 'FrOntho iM« of llio odificn facing tlio Bolno ft gallerr will ran* acropfl tlm river,. connecting Iho Ufgo'r" portl6n of tho building with tho Trocadoro. Thti • flnllorr hr Iff bo « kilometre nfafl a half In ietigtli' and ftbont SO molron wide. There will be altaim on ollUcr sido Of it, and It Is expocUS to proa6ut from'either, end a vorjr effective coup riVrif, Tho Trocadoro divw lon of Iho Exhibition will bo devoted to agrichlthral products and engineering Indoßtry, whllo the higher portion,of tlio hill' crowned by a vaat boll, in which the ofll olal ceremonies and gatherings for concirte, eld,, Incidental to tho occasion will bo bold. It is probable that subdivisions of tbie h»U will bo sot apart for various pnrposes, such as comthiU too, lecture,■ and rcooptiou rooms. RUSSIA. NAVAL FORCE IN TUB SLACK BRA. Berlin; April 18.—-The Russian Government have ordered the equipment In tho Black Boa of thirty-one mon-of-war, among them two circular abips of tbo design invented by the lato Mr. John Elder, of Glasgow, called " Popoffkea M In Russian. Those thirly-ono ships, all constructed or sent south since tho abolition of the Bloc k Boa stipulation In 1870, have 811 officers and 8,200 men. mrnsiA eves renalA longingly. Tbo announcement of (he Czar's intention to retire temporarily from tbo cares and duties of office appears to havo changed the whole tone of the Russian press. A Berlin correspondent of tho London Times writes: , u Tno maintenance of tho stains quo in the East, and of the throe Emperors' alliance la the centra of Europe, is no longer the keynote of loading articles in the Russian Capital. Very different ideas are being suddenly aired pretty Irooly. Tbo inability of tho Turkish Govern ment tocarry out tho reform programme; tho right of tho Horzogovlucso to ask for tangible guarantees; tho possibility of aggrandizing Montenegro at tbo expense of the Porto—those and similar topics, tabooed but a ehort.timo ago, aro unexpectedly on the tapis. Tbo ad vantage of keeping on good terms with Austria is no rooro alluded to, ana tho Turk, yesterday tho cherished ward of the Russ, Is suddenly treated as a reprobate and given up to fate. In and out of Austria, tho National Sclavonic party were in ocstacics at tbo nows of iho Czar'a con templating a long holiday, during which (bo Ozorowitch, a reputed Slavophil, would hold tbo reins. Now that the denial has come, they aro trying to console themselves with tho rumur that somo sort of Constitution will bo intro duced Into Russia which will allow of Slavophil eeullmonta being broached unreservedly. Since tho annexation of Kbokaod, Russian letters in the Gorman press aro frequently con ceived in a more lively spirit. An a sample of tho now stylo adopted, 1 extract tho following correspondence, dated at Bt. Petersburg, March 25, from tho Ma&burg Zeilung: Central Asia ami tbo Impending conflict between England and Rmsla are the sUneiog them* of Rm alan leading articles. Ycaterday'a G’oloahad a contra dictory word to say to the English, who were invited to Join Russia In keeping the Mohsmcdaos down. The proposition is tempting enough, but hardly ac ceptable. Excepting by the Spa of Ocholik, Asiatic .Russia has no connection with the ocean. It is, there fore, clear that to develop Siberia, turn Its natural re sourced to acoonnt, and enrich its Inhabitants, tho frontiers of tho Russian territory require to bo ad vanced to tho Persian Gulf. If England Is- prepared to allow this, there Is no reason for a conflict between her and'Russia; In the other event, England must take tho consequences. There are ’ many pcoplo In this country woo blame the Government for not prof iting by the Herzegovinian trouble to occupy tbo' Euphrates Valley, and thus acquire access (o tbo aes. Tho party who raise this reproach—a party including among others tbo Grand Duke, successor to tho throne—assort that, If Russia had acted with Spirit and determination, neither Turkey nor England, taken unawares, would Inyo gone to war in tho pres ent unprepared atato. Moat likely this is so. Who knows what would have happened sir months ago but for the pacific ecntlmoots of tho Emperor? Regret at having missed this capital opportunity for the aggrandizement of the realm and painful ovonU which have occurred In his family have made Iho Emperor-wish to withdraw from his Imperial duties. Ho will Oral go to Etna, and protably proceed to Italy, in which rase' tho Grand Duke Czarevitch will ho Intrualcd with tbo direction of affairs. Abdication le unlikely, unless war with England or Turkey were coming on. Tho sentiment* attributed in tho above to tho moro enterprising members of young Russia ac count, perhaps, for tho’uncomraon vigor.with which tbo purchase of tho Suez Canal shares was represented as the beginning of tho dismember ment of Turkey. THE PACIFIC OCEAN. AUSTRALIA, Sak Francisco; Stay s.—By ataamor Zoalandla, from Australia, tho latest accounts state that rain has fallen in various parts of tho country* and that tbo drought seems to bavo boon broken up. bat in other localities dry weather utlll pro* TAila. The drought In Caatloragh is said to bo worse than’tbat of 1868. Considerable agitation la going on lu Sydney over tlio stfojoct of admitting tbo Diblo Into tbo public 'schools. Mootings for tbo purpose of securing that result are being bold. An earthquake was felt on the 20tb of March in several parts of South Australia. It tvaa very severe, Romo buildings were considerably damaged. new zeAlanp. Severe earthquake shocks wore felt through out Row Zealand on iho lUh of April. No damage of consequence was reported. Education is tho main topic of tho Lenten pastorals of tho Roman Catholic Bishops; Tho clergy' havo sot themselves dead against .the prevailing system of public education. These pastorals are tilled with denunciations against secular ed ucation. Tho Wellington Educational Board, no deterred by those anathemas, has just determin ed to abandon tho mixed system of education, which has heretofore been adopted, la favor of pure secularism. HAWAII. Some parts of tho group have been favored with abundant rains this winter and . spring. Other localities are complaining of dry times. At Kohala, Hawaii, plantations are seriously crippled by wont of rains. MEXICO* mUTABY MOVEMENTS. Galveston. Tox„ May s.—Tho JV'cws* special from San Antonio, Clh, says Col. Quintana, with 200 Fedorals, ooonpy Mhova • Lardo. Col. Fol mayor, with 800 Revolutionists, aro outaldo pre paring (or an attack. There is considerable excitement at Plegrns Nosras. Thoßevolutfonints, with 800 men, aro waiting outside for reinforcements before at tacking the place; Mdst of tho Federal Custom- Uouso officials aro in Eaglo Pass, Tex., for safety. SPAfN. THE tfKW CONSTITUTION. Madrid, May A.— ln Congress to-day Seuor Romero OrthT mbvbd’an amendment to‘Art; 11 of the Constitution, in favor of an extension of tolQiatlon. ' Alt objections and attemou to alter the article, .hojToyor. aro fruitless, and it will pass exactly as it stands, notwithstanding tho vagueness qf tho wording. On a division tho amendment waa snpjwrtod' by Bouor Alvarez, hut was defeated; forty-four Deputies abstained from voting, aud'flfty-ornb wohrababut. ROME. ALPUONRO TO TQB POPE. Home, May s.— King Alphonso bos written an other letter assuring the Pope that Bpam is Catholic, and consequently Catholics nood appre hend nothing from tbs the clause in the now Constitution upon religions liberty, Moreover tbo clause in question does not con travene tbo spirit of tbo concordat of 18511 FRUIT-CULTURE IN FLORIDA. Special Cotreevomiau'4 of The Chicago Tribune. . Newßmtbna, Fla., April 20.—1 lately beard of a bdy in St. LoUla wbd wished to have a winter tome hero, bo she purchased 2 acres of laud, all cleared and ready for planting, for 970. The imeo coal bor'slo. A man oontracthtoaotout 100 wild orange’ trees' for 9100, and* will'hud them for 910. A well ou the place, to water tho trees ffom, wil) cost £3O. Total coet dfthd young grove', which, with good care, will begin to bear in four ybars, and in seven' years tbo tree* will bo bearing from BUO to 1,000 or aagea each. With iutareat ou cost and taxes fur lour Years, say 9100, cost o{ grove, $350. After four years ic will begin to pay Ud way. ami will Increas? its, yl<jld. from 1,000 to 2.0.10 or amieS a year to bach tree, They aro now worth, at the groves, IJJ ceutn each.—sl6 to a-trees but, if'tbe increased, production, should, reduce the - price .10 1 .coot, there would, bo an lu cerne of $lO per tree ; or, for 200 trees. 92.000. The principal difficulty .in oraugo-pulcuro. so far, has beau ibe want of rapid trans portation to thi» Northern cities; but. bo soon as the great numbers of youmr groves nowromingfornard in all parts of Florida shall/*roda«lh(Mft crt>P«,lh*hr *lll bo fast' vubstla and steamer! coming boro for, freights, l and, Instead of Bjelft orange;* ’ Burt lemons, (hd •HortMr/r Htates wil bosnppflaqwHh 1 orndgid from Florida,—ft flybtotoadaj’B,' in-' THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: SATURDAY MAY t), TBW-TWELVE PAGES. stead uf tweutv-flrß to forty. Oh thd Voyage from Sicily, SO* per cent of tho fruit perishes, mid, to get any of it in good order, It must bo pocked In an tuiflpo state t whereas the Florida orango. from the shortness of tho orange, may bo ripe ; bonce ite superior quality. I havo looked Into this question of fruit-cut turo in Florida, and gathered all tho information 1 could. In various parts of the Staid, from on* snceestafnl as wall as successful fruitgrowers ; and I 1 believe that a large profit can bo made from a small Investment in this business, Ilian in anv other that 1 know of. Oranges, lemons, figs, poaches, grapes, and melons. 1 think, can all bo raised for Northern markets with profit, as soon as steamers run twice or thrice a week from Jacksonville to Now York. On the lot of 2 acres which I have described, a house suitable for a family of six persona can bo built for from fliooo to $1,200, B, 0.0. CLEANINp OUT THE ABORIGINES. To fat Editor of TH CMeagd Tribune ' Chicago, Moy C.—Matiy of your readers wore Interested no doubt in reading tbo full catalogue (published In Tub Tribune a week or two ago) of plants belonging to the Banunculus order, which flourish or have flourished about tho sab* urbs of Chicago. Buch catalogues aro full of interest' not only to tbo'tyro but tho veteran botanist. But It rflotildbe remembered that the localities of many annuals, or even perennials, which nrO hot woody Id structure, change with theirvarying environment. Especially Is this tb6 ease with the Baminculacoae. As tbo ety mology of the word uigtiilius, they are inoatly such plants ■aa aro found in marshy places, the haunts of frogs. A aewor. an open ditch, or a turnpike, which drains tbo ground, puts, to flight such plants as aro paladlnous In their habits. Tho writer well remembers when throe cornered rushes, purple gorardias, parnassia, Iris, hypoxia, and of least two varieties of lo belia grow on tho Long John tract, bounded by. Thirty-second ami Thlrty-flftb streets, and by Btato street and Indiana avenue. Tho Douglas place sower, with other street Improvements, which rendered tho land dry, put an instant end to their growth In that locality. To him who.' in tbo lovo of Nature, holds communion with her visible forms, and especial ly tbo. wonderfully regular forms of tho plant world; to him. who floes irom tbo dusty city for a few hoars 1 respite, to seek thoso objects, such catalogues as Tub Tribune published aro of groat value. But if from tlmo to tiroo Tns Triuune would publish not merely tho localities, but the times of bloom ing of plants accessible to'the Chicago plant hunter, it woulddo a good 'service to many a budding naturalist, who goes forth with tho box and manual to hunt down tho floral donlzons of ravino, grovo, and' pratrio to mako them his prizes. Eleven years ago there was no place in tho Immediate vicinity of Chicago so rich In the va riety of its native vegetal growth as a grovo sit uated north of tbo North Branch and west of tho Milwaukee <t Chicago Itaiiroad. At that timo there flourished there in tbo months of May and June two or throe varieties of phlox, the squill almost at fine as a hluo hyacinth, several representatives of tho cress family, at least throb species of triilium, the loci:, and other representatives of tho omon tribe, tho orythrouium and some other species of lilies, several orchids, including tho yellow lady-slipper' and its aristocratic ami splendid relative, tbo cyprlpodiam' spoctablld. Thoso plants aro probably all gono now. Tho slulco-ways of distilleries have either poisoned them; or tbo advance of real estate Improvo mouts in that vicinity have changed tho condi tions which caused them to flourish; or they havo been obliterated by paths and by-w&ys ami innumerable footsteps, as Time tramples into oblivion tbo events of this world. Prof. Babcock has placed on record, by publi cation some yours ago in the Lena, a very full and valuable catalogue of tho indigenous plants which flourish in the vicinity of Chicago. But, for reasons above mentioned, amtog others, tho localities of these plants are constantly chang ing, and new ones are constantly making tbcir appearance, transported by .(he railroads, some of which' become persistent and troublesome woods. Leakdeii TELEGRAPHIC NOTES, Ban Francisco, May 6.—A dispatch from Camp Lowell, Arizona, says no further trouble Is anticipated from the Chirirouhua Indiana. Tho late outbreak was undoubtedly caused by (ho outrageous and dishonest practices of whites upon Indiana. Sneetal DUvateh to Tho Chicago TViOtmc. Sioux Cin, la.. May s.—Two handrod Mon nonltos wont West hv the Dakota Southern Railway td-day. Thoy will settle in Turner County. Dak., where a largo colony of Russians la now located. Austin, Tex., May s.—dor. Richard Coko was elected United States Senator to-day. TURPENTINE. Wilmington, May 6.—Spirits of turpentine firm at 30 cents. A nig Motoorio Mono, Tbo Philadelphia iVcsa has a letter from Chihuahua, Mexico, which says : "Mr. Muller, a prominent citizen and banker of tide city, tho proprietor of one of tbo largest and wealthiest estates In Chihuahua, has shipped to tbo Centen nial an aerolite of about 1 tou weight. In 1855 Mr. Muller, then living on a largo estate in thb • northeastern part of Chihuahua, directed aom6 of his men to dig Into tho old Aztoo ruins in search of specimens of their earthenware, of which thoy revealed some qnito curious and beautiful. * Casas Grande ’ was a famous old village of tho Aztecs, and one of tbo throo im* ponaot towns which they built, and where they lived along time in their gradual invasion of Mexico and their advance to tho City of Mexico. In excavating the ruins of tbo largest buildings In the old village thoy found tbo walls plastered with a tine clay, smooth and well colored, and in there ruins, after finding beautiful specimens of pottery, thoy met this moss of motoorio iron, wrapped in tho remains of a heavy cloth,-JO or IS feet deep. The Impression of cioth is still visible. It waa probably bright when so carefully clothed. It is fair to presume that the meteor, rushing through tho heavens with a groat noise, in an igbltod state, omitting intense heat and dazzling light, was received by the ignorant superstitious of tbo natives as a divine agent or manifostatiou, ami was, when their foam and amazement had sufficiently subsided, carefully placed in their temple, or they erected a tomplo on the spot whore it fell to contain it and preserve it for their worship. This seems more probable from the fact that in tbo ruins, except this motoorio iron and tho earthenware, nothing was found bat a turtle, skill fully and beautifully mode of copper, believed to huvo boon ono of their demos. There nro several other remarkable aerolites in Mexico, perhaps os many as five, within a range of CO or 70 miles', but tho largest, and perhaps tho largest known in tho world, is m tho State of Chi huahua, in thodcsort near to Parral, of immense size, and weigh hot Idas, It is supposed,.than 50 tons. Mr. Muller hod alicense from tbo Mexi can Government to take cither of those from tho country to the Centennial. If tho largo one could have been removed tbo public spirit of Sir. Muller and his desire to add to tbo interest of tho Centennial would have induced him to send it on." Tho yioUabiirv Out-Off, o<Vi<-innah CommernaU The rouoh-talkod-of'out-off that tore through tho narrow strip of the Mississippi' Blvor oppo bite Vicksburg last Wednesday la one of the shortest ever known to bavo ocourrod in the val ley of the river. Tho distance around the bund or newly-formed lake la about 0 miles, and the newly-made channel flows across so as to strike the eastern shore nearly opposite, but a Utile be low tbo southern part of the city. It is likely tuat the only effect of this freak of tbo river on Vicksburg will bo to'change the lauding for steamboats to a point somewhat lower than it is now ; that is, if tbo lake over tills up with sand bars, so as to make the water too sboal for them to ascend to the present landing-point. Tho area'of the'nowlV-formbd island opposite the city is load than 8,000 acres. Last Ahgust, when atrarvov was tnado, tho distance across too nar row nook of the peninsula-was 061 feet. Tbo engineers then calculated that tbo out would make tbrough-and Vicksburg would bo loft on tbo margin of tbo newly-formed lake some tJmo about January last. They woro, of course, slightly mistaken as to tbo time. Juvenilu Crime in France. "1 do not know," says the Paris' correspond ent of. the London A’lomiard, “whether ills owing to the warm weather or to tho influence of tbopo peculiarly progressive Ideas which the Jlopubllcan regimu is suppose to inculcate, but an epidemic of juvenile criiflo appears to bo pass-' ing over Franco, and wharo it vylli stop there is .really up tilling. 1 baXo already Utu cano of tho boy at I'oiitolae, who murdered his father's loivant, a woman-of 23. To-day two more specimens of the French rUdiig'gonuraliau are brought before the public. The Arab is a boy of 18, llrtbß with his parents iu the Tomplo quarter. Having received a lecture from his father fo( misconduct, tho youngster swore ho would lovbtigd hlmrolf oil hie famllv. am! he did so a fqw. hours chor by throwing himself • into the canal; A bargeman IrtfetX* IP save him,'bat • failed, gud ho was drowned. The icopdfl ooeo'ld roponod froth thb cumniuno of Izleiu, iu tho do-' partment of the Loire. A band of childreri'wero’ playing togsthm. when two bovs, ono agoiia ami tlio other 10, quarreled. The elder boy, suddenly loft his playmates, wont homo, ami took down tils lather's gun, and returning lo the spot shot his little opponent in the head ; death was intanlaoeoun. The precocious assas sin then declared * his honor satisfied.' Ono of iho comic papers propones that these prom ising boy's slionld bn sent to tlio Exhibition of IS7B as the latest specimens of Froheh program and civilization.” maulne* POnrOF CHICAGO, may 6. tafttTAtA—Bchr’ Mary McVea, Jackaon port, lum ber; scbrZ. O. Blmmoua, Muskegon, lumber; schr Siva, Holland, railroad ties; ectir Idiot,• Muskegon, lumber; achr £. I*. Iloyce, Back B»y, cedar posts* prop a. □nrlbat, Saginaw; utt; achr Shawnee, Bay City, lumber; acbr Wm. McGregor, Hay City, lumber * acbr J. Y. Taylor, Manistee, lumber jschr H. fllmmoda, Moiifffon. lumber; ecbr Frank Crawford, Slnskcgau, lumber; acbr Lucerne, Cleveland, coal; sehr Coral, White Lake, cedar posts; schr D. K. Bailey, Cleveland, coal • schr Clipper City, White Trtko, lutn ber; amr Bololt, Ludlogtou, lumber; achr George L. Roarer, Muskegon, lumbar: achr Lumberman, Black Creek, railroad tlos; achr L. Vao Valkenburg, Trav ersa Hay, wood; acbr Obarlio Hibbard, Muskegon, lumber; prop Annie Young, Erie, sundries; acow Mlllon, White Lake, railroad tics; schr Driver, Lad luglon, bark; ecbr Ella EJlonwood, White Lake, lum ber; prop city of Owens Hound, Owens Hound, sun dries; ache Tuscola, WhltaLake, lumber; schr Edipae, Muskegon, lumber; strar Corona, Rt. Joe, sundries; sttur Chicago, Manitowoc, sundries; prop Henry • Howard, Ahnapoo, cedar notls; acow Moees Gage, Ahnapee, cedar post*; prop Nashua, Ogdenaburg. anndrlra; stmr Biunkegaii, Muskegon, sntmrlee ; scow M. N, Dunham, Hike's Tier, wood; prop O. P. Uoatb, Bingatock, sundries; prop Cormorant, Saginaw, I tim ber; achr Charles Wall, Saginaw, lumber; prop Charles Wets, Manistee, lumber; achr Florence Les ter. Manistee, lumber; acow Magdalena, Pant's I’lor, wood; schr Mary Ludwig, South Haven, lumber; achr 0. rHhaw, Bomb Haven, lumber; schr Kitty Grant, Rangatuck,lumber; sehr Leri Grant,Muskegon,lumber, achr John V. Jones, Muskegon, lumber; schr Minerva, Muskegon, lumber; prop Thomas A. Hcotl, Erie, salt; prop New Era, Grand Haven, towing: achrO. O. H„ Grand Haven, lumber; schr Golden Harvest, Grand Haven, lumber; sebr May Amanda, Grand Haven, lumber: schr Ida, Muskegon, lumber, prop Ohio, Bay City, salt; sehr John T. Johnson, Bay City, lumber; achr Charles M. Ryan, Bay City, lumber; schr A. Rust, Muskegon, lumber: schr Rea Gem, Manitowoc, lumber; schr Bky Lnrk, Nortbport, wood; bark Star light, Moa|stii|uo, lumber; sehrMaJ. N. H. Ferry, Black Lake, lumber; schr L. B. Coates, Muskegon, lumber. CtXAtusCKS—Bchr Elizabeth Jones, Buffalo, GO,OOO bu|whest; prop Cuyahoga, Bayfield, TJbrls flour, 1.500 pkgs feed, 77 bales hay, n brla pork, and sundries; stmt Chicago, Sheboygan, .100 gr hfdce, 10 bates broom corn, 40 coils lead; stmr Corona, St, Joe, too kegs beer and sundries; prop Bf, Groh, Manistee, sundries; schr Ida Keith, Buffalo, 33.112 bu wheat; schr Ells Etleawuod, White Lake. 300 bu oats; prop 0. Hlclr, ManJslea, ISO |>kgs groceries; schr San Jacinto, Buffalo, bu wheat; prop J. I’xldgcon, Jr.. Port Huron; 49.6'K) bu corn. I,U2S bris flour, :ir> brla oat-moa], 310 brls corn-meat, uw ska corn-meal; schr Amaranth, Buffalo, 17,000 bu wheal; propO. P. Heath, Baugotuck, 6 brls pork, and aun urics; stmr Oconto, Green Bay, Cd hdis hides. 30 brls whisky, 37 bris pork, and sundries; stmr Muikogon, Muakcgoii. 100 btis vinegar, 10 brla liquor, 15 sks seed, and sundries: schr O, Bbaw, South Haven, sun dries; stmr Champlain, Ogdonslmrg, 8,:i3l Im corn, JW) brla flour, 50 laics broom-corn. UH bdls green hides, i bdls dry hides, M> bris pork, and sundries. LAKE FREIGHTS. CHICAGO. Freights were quiet. Them was some Inquiry, but shippers and carriers were about apart on rales, and little was done. Tho rate for email vessels was 4c. The scht Ltcrio Law was engaged (or 63,000 bu com to Buffalo at and the Wells and Burt on the previous evening for 30,000 bu com to same port at 3tfe. The sttur Champlain was engaged for about IS.Uuo bu com through via Ogdcusburg. A small vee ael was also reported fur wheat to Buffalo at 4c. ELSEWHEUB- Demon*, May 3.—Freights are quiet and rates nom inally unchanged, Wheat—To Oswego, liable ; to Ogdensburg, Cc; to Buffalo, 3c; to Cleveland. J?+e, free of elevation. Milwaukee, May 4.—No charters were reported to day. Agents were demanding 4c to Buffalo and Eric, 7«clo Kingston, for wheat. ; Tbo sclir Myoaotls was chartered Lite yesterday afternoon to take wheat to Oswego at 7,#c. Buffalo. May B.—No local charters reported. Capt. Osorio W. Bono. reports tho following: Bchr J. 0. Thayer, coal. Ashtabula to Sheboygan. ftdc per ton, free; uebr Thomas Bartons, coal, Cleveland to Mil waukee, &oc per ton, free. The first canal-freightage of tbo season was taken yesterday by WTIUsm Petrie k Co., of William Mead ows, consisting of a cargo of 30,C00 bu wheal, which laid in store hero during the winter. It goes to Jfow York, and tbo rate agreed upon Is 8c per bu. Canal bait Clancy k Mattie was tho first to loed. and tho CjptAln said he should clear List evening, and would probably pass Locknort this morning. Tho following iKiats were to take Ilia balance of the cargo: A. 11. King, Jacob BCnn, 1 George W, Daniels, and E, How ard. The canal opened last year May 18. nud tho aliening rtlo waa 8&c on wheat, end 7>lo on corn to Mow York.— Uujfulo JZxjircsa. VESSELS PASSED PORT HURON. A'»>>(•(«! JUwteli to The CMraqa Tribune Pout UcnON, Mich., May s.— Down— Props Milwau kee, Sanilac and barges. Ur—Prod Bertsehy; sebrs George Worthington, Emerald; liizlo Parsons, D. 0. Williams, Genesee Clilcf, Ahlli L. Andrews, Triumph, It. Dlxou, Louisa, 12. M. Canngton. Wind—Southwest fresh. weather cloudy. Thoschr James Couch, the first vessel llirongb the BtrUts alone, passed down to-night. ILLINOIS & MICHIGAN CANAL. DifinnErnirr, IU., Stay 6.—AluitVED—Monitor, Mor ris, 0,000 1m corn; Ciiynga, Lockport, 7,500 bu oats; Prop Mmitauk, Loclqxjrt, 030 brls flour. Clkaued— Sunbeam, OhlUloolh'c, 91,130 ft lumber; Morulog Light, Ottawa, 43,500 ft lumber, 100 m shin gles; prop B. a. KlmbcU, turnout, 135msbiu({lcs,9,l97 poets. * * MISCELLANEOUS. emoAOO. A large number of tho 7»wcr Lako fleet arrived yes* tet-day, and tho bridges Were kept revolving all day. ....The prop Thomas A. Scott of the Anchor Lino nr* riml yesterday aflehioon. This )■ tho first vessel of this lino which arrived at this port' from tho Lower Lake* this season. ...Ibo nowaof the opening of tho harbor of Duffalp which was received hero yesterday afU'raoou created counidorablo sallmactloo among vessel men, as It was feared that tho fleet before that port might ho kept Ice hound for some time, v .Tho prop Owen Hound from Sarnia. arrived yesterday. Bho looks ss nobby as ever....Tne forerunners of tho lumber fleet have began to arrive, Thu wind has beau very favorable all week and they ato beck foster than usual. Tho Levy Uranl, Ida, and Btluurva, which arrived with cargoes of lumber yesterday from Muskegon, only left hero last Monday night.... The crihman was honored yesterday morning with a visit from bis Imperial Majesty Com l*rdro. Tho Royal visitor took the Ing Mary MoLane for the trip, ana was accominoled by Mr. Chcabrounh, tho City Kiigh deer. Tho gooata vrero entertained by tho ertbman i‘ real royal fashion, and the diitiugulahed gucit was a highly gratified that bo intends, u noon as ho mturr : homo, to bond for tho cribman and mako him Been j ury of Manna. uehß Ajfo TUKttc. There la much sympathy In marine circles for the families of (bo men lost from the Gilbert • Knapp, Cupt. Davies was well known, and had hosts of friends. ....The whr Emerald lust her uiuctuxust by a ooU Union at Port Colborno on Balurday last.... IThosteam barge Henry. Ward Doechor, which sunk in Opting hake lm Monday, bos been raised with but little damage to the craft.... The Detroit free Prtu saya: “ Tho present spring Is pronounced by old navigators and boatmen aa without a paral lel in former years. During the viator the weather was' not sufficiently cold to form much ice, and at one time it was regarded as quite certain that the opening of navigation would bo among thu earliest ever known. It now looks as though it might bo tho latest. Although the boats have passed the mralts. it ts quite certain that they are again cloned, and that there will need to twa second open ing before vessels can freely pass up or down. There are now probsldy not less tuiai forty or fifty craft at or In the vicinity of Mackinac, which an kept back by ths Ice, and they may bo thua hindered for several days. It may, well be said that upon this, thu lid day of May, navigation is not'yol open. SpiHat Dirpaitk to Tk* Ckicagt JW6wm. Ebie, Pa,, May B.—'The Oral arrival from Chicago tbls aeaaon voa the prop AJpena, which came in this morning with whMt and floor. The eehr Uarrlaoa Uft for Chicago this afternoon with, coel-mos 60c. The attnr Oily of Dninth, of Ward's lake But«rlor Lino, la here loading cost lor Duluth, term* private. A monitor propeller paeeed down today with auroral other vcaeels. Tho proapocte are that (he leu blockade will I>e broken at buffalo, to-night, Two propeller* were nearly through at 0 o'clock. Dur/ato uAflnon ora, Apteial IHtpaUh ta Chiitxjo rWiun., Derrato, K. Y„ May s.—Prop* Wa'verly and Port* ago got through the Ice aiid'toto port at t} thla evening. Jlurrato, N. Y„ Mar B,—Th'a prop Waver)/ haa »r. rived from Chicago. Navigation la open. An Tlducullouulliaporimonl. Mas in Pfit'iith phia Austin. Jlarnea, tlio Bcboolmaetor m a imbui'ban town; road m the A'ducafwmul MoiJhii/ that ho>« could be taupht hUtprv better tbautuauy other way bv letting eauli toy iu the vlut represent historical character, apd relate the acta of that elmr&oter as if ho had dime tuocp himself This ■struck Daruca aa a mighty good idea, ami he ro» solved to try jtoii. Tli^evh oo ! had then progressed no far iu its study of the hla;ory of llpmo aa (ha I'unio wrara, and Mr. Jlarnwt iuimndtately divided the boy* into two parties, one Komms and tpo other CatthagQtilanv, ami. curtain of .the bo>B wore nauied afUf the iuadofa upon hpth.aidesi All tbs though* i.t \ya*» and BaiDCh uoliccd'Utat Uiey uexo oo nuxloua to got toHiO history lesson that they conld tiardly nay their other lossobs properly. When the tltne came Harties ranged tho Ho mans upon ono side of tho mom ana the Cartha geulans on the other. The recitation was very spirited, each party telling about Its deeds with exlißortllnary unction. After a while llarnoe naked a Homan to describe the battle of Cation;; whereupon the Homans heaved copies of '•* Vl'aylaftd's Moral 8010000” at Ihe-’cnomy. Then the Csiibigelifatis made a battering-ram out of a bench and jammed it among the Homans. who retaliated with a volley of books, elates, ahd chewed paper-balls. Harbcs concluded that the bkUHfor Candle had been ffunicbrntlyllliuiirtUd, and ho tried to atop 11 : but tho warriors con* etdered it too good a tiling to let drop.' and ac cordingly the Carthagonians sailed over to tho Homans with another batteiing-ram and thuxdp cd a couple of them in tho stomach. Then tbo Humans turned in and tho fight bo* camo gohoral. A Catlhagenlan would grasp ft Homan by tho hair and huntlo nira around over tho desks lu a manuor that was simply frightful to behold, and a Homan wonld give a fiendish whom) and knock a Carihageulan over the head with Groenieafs Anthmotlo. Hannibal got tho head of Scipio Afncauus under his arm, ahd Bciplo, in his efforts to break away, stumbled, and the two generals foil and had a rough-ami tumble fight under the blackboard. Cams Gracchnn tackled ilamilcar with a ruler, and tbo latter in bis struggles to get loose foil against tbo stove and knocked down about <lO foot of atovo-pipe. Thereupon the Homans made a groat rally, and lu live minutes they ran the entire’ Garlbagculaa army out of tho school-room and Barnes along with it, and then they lucked tbo door aud began to hunt up tho apples and lunch in the desks of the oucuy. After consuming tho supplies they went to tho windows and mado disagreeable remarks to tho Carthagcniaus who were standing in tbo yard, and dared old DarnoSto bring tho foe once raoro Into battle array. Tbon Barnes went for a policeman, and when ho knocked at the door it was opened, and all tho Homans wero found busy studying their lessons. When Homes came In with tho defeated troops bo went lor Bcipio Afrioanuß, and pulling him out of his seat by tbo ear. ho thrashed that great military genius with a rattan until Hcipio began to cry, whereupon Barnes dropped him and began to paddlo Cains Gracchus. Then things settled down in the old way, and next morning Barbee announced that history in tho future would bo studied os it al- way» dad boon ; and bo wrote a note to tbe Ed ticntional Monthly to cay that in bta opinion tho man wbo suggested tbo now ayatom ought to bo lod out am) shot. Tbo boys do nut now take an much interest in Horoau history as they did on that dky. ISow They Iflautr n iHaii in China* Ci’iruti&n at Work, I observed ono mode of Cbineao capital pun ishment’ known as “tbo csße." Tbo “cago” used was between 2- and 3 {sot square, and over C foot high. Near tbo bottom was a dose floor of plank. Tbo four sides wore open work of plank palings. Tbo planks composing tbo cover were made to fit around a man's neck, cloao enough to hauc him, but not close enough to strangle him. Tbo condemned man Was put into tills cage, bis bead projecting above, tbo cover filling around bis neck, and under bis foot’ a number of bncka, one above tbo other, Just, enough to enable him to stand on tiptoe. When this position, from weariness, became unendura ble. his only relief was to bang by hie neck. Tbo design Is to make a man suffer as much as possible,'but not to kill him too quicklr. Usu ally, after a criminal has been standing thus for a day or so, one of tbo bricks is removed, and then another, until bo hangs by Ins deck olio* golbtr. It is said that a strong man ordinarily will endure this torturo several days before life becomes extinct. On the present occasion death was hastened more quickly. Tbu man was pat into the cage on Huuday afternoon. 1 believe, about 1 o'clock. 1 beard of it on Monday morning, and wont over to Amov about 2 o’clock in tbo afternoon to see him. He bad then been dead somo time. Tbo guard said (bat bo died Just before daylight; that ho waa conscious of baringcommittod great* crimes, and had hastened his own death by kick ing tho bricks from under bis feeL Hat the people said (privately) that the guard wished to get rid of their charge that they might prepare io keep Mow Year's day (tbo Chinese Mow Year was near at baudj, and therefore bad taken the bricks from under his feet during tbo night, This probably was the fact. A Curious Japanese tmii>.Hylb, At a recent meeting of the Anthropological Institute, iu Lomiou, Mr. E. D. Tylor read a paper ou Japanese Mythology, of which-the Atheiutum gives tbo following abstract: “The legends current io Japan are derived from throe tjourcca. part belonging to imported Buddhism, part are taken from Utnuoso invth ology, and tho remainder, to tbo ethnological lutcrcet of which tbo present paper called attou tiou, is of native Japanese origin. It contains nature-mi the of remarkable clearness, but dis ; tmet Iu their features from those of India, : Greece, etc. Thus the episode of the land-form iug god. who springs from tbo asU or flog which' binds together tho new-found marsbv coast laud of Japan, bolongs'to what is Ik fact geology ex pressed m mythic language. Again, the birth of tbo Sun goddesn, and her transference to tho sky as ruler of Heaven; is followed by a graphic story of the visit paid to her by her brother, wbo is no doubt the poisonlflod Wind or Tempest, as he ibdofccribed as mild and gentle when unprovok ed, and always with tears in his eyes (1, f. rain); but when provoked ho bursts Into nncontrollablo fury, uprooting trees and devastating the world. Ho, frightened with bis violence, bis sister, tbo Suu-goadoss, retires into a cave in the sky, closing the entrance with a rook, and leaving tho world in darkness. Bv the odvico of tho god of Thoogbt, a tiro is kindled and dances performed outside, and the sacred mirror and pieces of cut paper (gohio) which still form Iho furniture of a Biu-to templa arc dlaplaved. The sun peeps forth and is then polled out altogether, and tho cave closed. The whale opieodo is evidently a myebio picture of tho sun hidden in tempest in the clouds as in a cavern, till sbo comes forth again to enlighten the world." Jokes in Chlutta- Oriental travelers say that a Chinese gentle man thinks it beneath his dignify to manufac ture his own witticisms. Ho appreciates wit, amt ho io fond of tea; but bo would ao soon grow his own tea as make his own jokes. When ho goes into society, ho carries in his pocket a package of prepared witticisms and ropartooa, which ho has purchased at the nearest Joke shop.. When convcrsatiou flags, ami he per coivos fjQ opportunity for saying something brilliant, ho draws a hamorons remark from thu tup of bis package, and gravely hands it to his' neighbor. The latter aa gravely roads It, and, selecting from his buodlo of ropartoos tho ono which to appropriate, returns it, with a bow, to' tho original Joker. Tho two then solemnly amllo in a courteous and undemonatrativo war, and rosumo thoir conversation, footing that they havo acquitted themsotves with conspicuous brilliancy. Tho Quality* of the lllood* Upon tho quality of the blood depends, in a great measure, the vigor and health of the body. If tho blood U wanting in nutritious properties, tho muscle* are sure to he weak and tlabby, the limb deficient ia quantity, the fdilu Bellow and dry. tho cheeks hollow, ami the eyes lustreless. To improve tho quality of tho blood, stimulate digestion and assimilation with Hostetler's BlomacU Hitlers. Under the iulluonco ot tins strength-creating cordial tbo body is oftlciontljr nourished, and tho flesh grows, in consequence, more abundant, tho muscles become more com pact, tbo ebook ia tinged with a healthful color, ami tbo eye regains its brightness. Tho Hitters also free the blood from impurities by stimulat ing the klano.vs ami bowels to thoroughly per form their duty of carrying off tho refuse of the system, which, if not entirely got rid of, poisons the vital current. whisky: THE PPBEST STIMMT. Ti FliSl ffMsICF Eton SOLID 33*y J.KVAWmT2E:& ISS LAKE-ST. a COUKtUt CUBK. FOR Lratter Coras ftrsl Situ 80 per cenl'afldifufr ■ then af UTKIN'S JiOli LA it KWUB, tti#‘Kiel Maiiautt-et. AMUSEMENTS, M’OOBMIOK’S MDSIO HALL. Grand Concert’ (Oompllmonlm) to MISS KATIt P. DOUGLAS, Monday Kfenlmr. Alar &.M I o'clock. A I'rorramme of unniuil aliraerireneM.. „ I.I'IUO—O Minor (Plano, Violin, nfid'Ctlle. . ■ . MoodeHaeba AndantoßioroialTO-Plßaie, Mr. WoUwlifl, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Rlehebn, . 9. MTQUURN Ultunenlhal Mr. Biism. _ . 3. OMIO FERNANDO DonteWtl Mlm Pnnetas. i- ANDANTB-From thaCoutena for VloUtv. Meodetoiba . Lewis, Mr. Wolfiohn, _.. . . I. BIX BONOS Rubins tola a KablloktaerTbaa. b W(* clno I/rcb. 5 "“W l ** ll - Mn, JohMoo. e I>o blit w'la clao Blame. OJo WtMbeso. J • C. DUET—Minion «,.TbomM Min DotifU*. Mr. Falnnea, 7 PIANO FORTH J? Noclorne. .Wolfaoho 7. piawu FUltiif. Caprice.,,.. ..Schnbert Mr, Woifsobn. i. BARCAROLE-.,.,,.... Schubert illsi Dotnclai. 9. VIOLONCELLO—Snurenir d’ltalla Servala Mr. Kicbolm. ID. QUATITKTTR—“ Keenrjurl Piero I«*inti»,",...Co«La Mias UoDflas, Mrs. Joboaon, Air. Karnes, Mr. Falmuuj. a.x>mxssio3st, si_ EXPOSITION BOILDINQ. Grand 1 Success Last Wight! Tnsrroasi CLOSING OP TUB FIRST GRAND CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION IN AMERICA, under the autplcca of the FIRST REGIMEIsTTI, S. G. Saturday Matinee ami Saturday Kltfht, May 0. Tbta Oriranlaatlon wIU rl.a TWO MORE OHAND CRNTRn/liaL PifOMENADR CONCKRTS with UILMOUK*S FAMOUS BAND, Inelodlu* Fitly Kml- MAD. KUGENIK PAPPENIIRIM, the rrc» teat Prime Donna In America, from the Btrakc»cli Italian Opera. Ml.samiMAO. TiIUKSHY, Us3*l'*rorUe American jRk? J. LEVY. the creates! Comel-Pla/erlWnc. AIR. M. ARUUCKLK, the treat American Comet. wicuiiE Yorn tickets in auvancu. ADMJBSION M CENTS. Ticket# for sale at Lyon A Healy’s,' IQ Statist.. West Bide Library, M. U. Keen. Cooke * Co.. 113 Sutc-*t.; Julius Rausr, corner State and Monrpo-sts.; Culver, Page, Horne k Co.. 118 and Hr Monroe-sU; Hryan t Co), lint. coroorJUrwon court and W*ha»h-av, J Hharp*# pnr Store, Ti>oorj-fteeot>d-et. and Wabaab-av.: North Bide, at Medcalfr 1 # Drug Store, comer North Clark and Michigan streets; Jsnspn, McGinn? k Co., 114 HUte-it. ttoe advertisement on eU«t Page. ■ ADELPHI THEATBE. EXTRA CAlin.—Especial rleasnre la taken la an nouncing the Benelit of LEONARD GROVER, this Sunday evening, May ", itflr,, Rit full Companies. In cluding orer IW Volunteers, each ououf accepted ex cellence, will appear. ADELPfffJEBEATBE. Wednesiar. ■ Mar 3. ill Htw rates Tils weet The Great JOLLY JOHN NASH. EMERSON ,& CLARK, Orotcsque Acrobatic Hong and Dance. Miss RLLA DAVIS, the HeanUfulSerto-Cotnte VocaUat. MU* HATTIE KLLIB, the Dashing Comedienne. De WITT COOKE. Champion Athlete. Miss DOLLY EMERSON, Oilocn of'Pance. IW-cngagetnent of the Favorite#, SHEEHAN k JONES. UEO. k CIIAS. REYNOLDS, and the Adelphl Dramatic Company. The legendary Drama, the PLYING - DUTCHMAN, or the PHAN TOM SHIP. New and Magnificent Bconery, by Strong. Matinee# Wednesday and Saturday, Ladles' Night# Tuesday and Thursday. The lowest prices In the city. Friday, Benefit of HARNEY AARON. . NEW emOAGO THEATRE. It, SI. HOOLEY .1.... Manager. GRAND FAMILY MATINEE TO-DAY at 1 o’clock. GLORIOUS SUCCESS. Tho moft varied. artistic entertainment over presented to the Chicago Public. HOOLEY’S iINSTEELS. A perfect ovation accorded nightly to this unparal leled combination. The Double Quintette and Find Part Bccno acknowledged to czuel anything over at tempted in ciicetrclsy. ’ HOOLEY'S; THEATBE. MAOUntK Jt IUVKHLY/ liwoer. ■WILL E. CHAPMAN Manager. ONE WEEK ONLY^'COMMENCING Monday, May I, SolsbUry’s TROUBADOURS Who will appear lu their successful Extravaganza, en titled PATCHWORK. To commence with the petite Comedy. THAT CAPTAIN’S UNIFORM. MATlNEES—Wednesdty and Saturday. Next week—Daly’s Fiith Avenue Theatre Company. LIoYIOKES/S TEE A.TBE. FAREWELL rKKPORBf OF EDWIIiT BOOTJg. MAITMiE AT 1:W, OTHELLO. EDWIN BOOTH M..LIRO. I k\ B. War do M.. Othello. Saturday Night, Edwin Booth in two duractura, OAEDISAI WOLSBY ui PEIBDCIUO. Two Shakaperean Obaroctcn, Monday—MAOOLH Mll'OiiKLL u i’ANCHON, with her own TEE COLISEUM. Srllliazit Aitraotione. Tilled appearance and inmenaa aocceaa o< BLANCHE BELTTTK. BETf OILPOBD, KIBIiBB, ANT) TJOKY, The (treat tmudcal 13000". and tho Klotmtor Company, rjncatahowlntfiocity. Standing room only; Cotm early. SOTDAY LEOTDEE SOCIETY. Hon. John Wentworth will clone the Sunday Lecture Course for this ftcarou wltii a now wnl very entertaining locturo prepared for till* occasion, entitled “ What 1 Juiow of Chito^ti." McOonnlrlr Halt, Sunday. May 7. 3p. in. Tickets at tbn door, and at Jnusrn, McClurtf s Co.'B. ADMISSION, TBNOENT;?. • IfCOBMIOK HALL. THU Saturday, at 1 o’clock, "VOItT BULOW. GUAND CHOPIN .MATINEE, nod positively lit last appearance in Chicago. AdmWion—ONE DOLLAR. Secured So*ls, |5.00; at Kodr A Sails* Music Store. OCEAN NAVIGATION ONLY DIRECT LINE-TOFRANCB, TOa General TranMllantie Company’s Mall Uuuinora between N«i» York and ilarro. calling al I'iyiuuutu tO. U.)iorU*» la»dim;ui The iplondidveraels oa Uila favorite mate for the Continent ibeltur more •outberly than any otlior), will tall irom I'ler No. -U', Nona Ui*«r, as tallows: . , ~ . LaUiiADoll. Tu:ad*y, April 4, AMBHIUUK. I'ousols Tuesday,- April-) Ftiast.jL .in wai, April ta’ PRICK Or I’AMAOK IN GOLD’ (Including wine). Pint cabin. ftlluand »130, according to Moouimtidalloo: second cabin, : Uitnl. * to. KoUiro tickets M rvduotd rates. Uiaerago Sal. with superior Aoootntnonatums. in* clndtaH w.n -, OudUinr. wh! utenalis without extra eoaftfo. Steam° r * marki-d liitis *do not carry steerasu pasantniPr*. LomaDßhkUlAN. Agent, bft Broadway, N.V. W. P. NVllli li, No. tiiClark-sU, our. lUudolpa, Agent for Cb I catro. NORTH .GERMAN LLOYD, Tliu aluamora of tbla Oomi«ur mil bul every batur day from Bremen I’icr, foot of Thlrd-ct., Hoboken, Katie of paasage—Frotq New York to bouibimptoa, X/mdon, llarre, and Hrcrarn, first cabin, JIOO; rocytul ' cabin, Iw. goldjatbcrage, S3O; currency. For frelgut or puuag* apply M OELUIOIia ii 00., 9 Dowling Green, New York. National Line of Steamships, ITKWYOtUtTO QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. • R0VPT.,,..,, May IS I HNOLAND JunttS THE gOUdH May >7l HI’AIN Joou 111 you u>MDua OIUOT. HOLLAND MarD. aUlivvro Oobto passage, |£flan<l S7O. currency. Return iloki’U' at reduced rata*. HteerarMiebeU, tijoorraucy, Urifti lor A’l and upward* on Ureal UriMja. „ u „ v IjnWln V. H, LAUHDJI. . * 9 J 4 Smith Ulark it. AMERICAN LINE. 3R7BI3’CraB3D BATES To and from LIVERPOOL, QOERNBTOWN,Ud all porta in Great Britain and tbe Continent. J. H. UILNB, Wwteru Agent. lUS LaSabO‘H»., ooruor_iladl«oo. Grcnt Wcstorli Steamsliip' la. Prom Yffik lo iliogUafl) dirtM. AWAOOtf. Rjmoiw OOKNWaIu ailurd4jr.lj»» Vi L'tblai’MMtf. aiO luumeduto. »U| BUmah*, *W. Kxow*wo uitU. iIWUW-U£OUojwo MrUftoAW*. fc’. wUilJi.di Cl»ik-el., Ulaiugm FINANOLAI* SIOO fS'Aftf $1,700 during the jn*f toyr month*, under our unproved »y*tru of operating In titocka, Ulaka reduced to uoniloal auma and profit! lucrcaavd. liook containing fall information aunt on application. . tUMDItIOOEkCO., Bankart and Brokura, a Man Text. SSO. SIOO. $200.-' ssooi SI,OOO. MotfUxiUA ftWfciwtt- wWcV(r^qiuauy 1 w liw'l'm' JpwwaU UixuiUu au4 iwaUr ttfiufaUMß An* SEEDS, ritTlißS. FOR THEWJsIVIIIMI BMAXiL.Jmvi.TS, JbXOM liHIMJ AUD OKKA9IEN TAI, SIiRVUS. VA3ESmUSTIC WORK, Sfioffl' TttAN 40,000 IJSE! BEST, CSEAPEITLIGHTEST, HcMDUSASIS, 14-incll-?20.(H)jl 10-trtcll, 923.00. 1T.8.-Bswßro of worthies* Imitations. KIN6&SAVfi6E,7? PHILADELPHIA ADVEKTISEM’TS HOTEL AUBRY, WALNUT-ST., From Tlilrty-tblrd to Thirty-fourUi-ata. ON THE EUROPEAN PLAN, WILL OPEN APRIL 15,1870. Dlafant only 1,500 foot from PENNSYLVANIA RAIL Road depot. PwacßCor cars for Centennial 0 round* put doo orery few tnlnuios. lUntaunot unsettled In quality. Billiard Room wub nine Colloadw Table*. Accommodation* unaurpuaed. Addreas JAMES T. STOVER. Manager. CENTENNIAL. Hoarding-House, Chester. Pa TUcrq epttclouK tmUdlnn of Pennsylvania MUltor* Academy, occupying an derated Rite and commandlnj an eztenfllvo view of the Delaware iUvor and surround Ing country,will bo opened during (be summer vacalloi ‘ commenting Jtmc2o for the aremnotodation of vislton to the Exposition. Hourly (rains direct to the Centen nial Buildings, 40 mlnntm’ ride. Circular* on appß. cation. HYATT k CARTER, Manager*. CESTESBUI BOiRMG ASB LODGHG MRB. J. HAMILTON THOMAS, {Formerly bookseller and publisher). Terms 13 per day, 1!I4« CHESTNDT-ST.. PHILADELPHIA. Csxb to the Exhibition paw the door. (IBNTBNNIAL LODGING ROO MS-ACCOM MOD A -1 Uoo fur gentlomea lodger* in newly flltod-nn prlvats rooms. Apply at A. LUi’E’.H furniture warorooroi, 121 South Eleventh-*!., Philadelphia. SODA WATER APPARATUS. SODA WATER APPARATUS, For Ibo manufacturing of Soda Water, Ginger Ale, Win«v Mineral Water*, Mead. Root Door, etc. Alro Bottling Machines, for corking and Oiling; McrliU Dispensing Apparatus for the Counter, on new prlncj. ploe. Send for Catalogue with reports of judge* oi Apparatus. WILIJAM GEE. Cor. I’lro and New York. RAILROAD TtM2 TABLE. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF IRAKIS Bzrt.ANA’nnw or Rryr.nnwcß Mines.—f Sitnrdsy as. evpted. ■Sua'tnrezsnAtoil. (Monday esodptai. (At* rl?stiond#y ftißMWa. to. I Dailr. CHICAGO 4 NORTHWESTER’! RAILWAY. Tttitl OJitet, di CtrtrA--jf. (SArnnan Houu). <i#f 7j OtntU it., corner Ma titvn tl,, and at iht i<*3clDc Fad Lino. nl)ubu-iuu May Kz. via Clinton.. -iDubuquo N-uhl tlx. vis Ollntua aOmabs Night Kzpresi at-kveport A DUbuquu Exprosi.. aFrr«port A Duhit'iua Express.. *Mll»sukco Fast Alatl (dally}... AMHwawiw* Express. LMlinaokco Passenger. h.-tllwaukoa Paa-etiaor (dally)... t-Grccn Ray Rxi>rc»s fcs». V’#i,i A'M'nneai’Olts HxpreM ISu Paul & Wlnnoa Kxproia tMsrqiirtln Kxpra## arinneva tjikn ICtpreM •—P*potcorncrn( Wollsaod Kii t>—Deuotocraorof Canal and Etc MICHIGAN CENTRAL Drpft, foot pf, an<l So Tirl-tUofirr. <T] lou&ecti anti tsi l*thner llont*. /.'•nr, j Arr Ur. Afall (ris Main am) Air Lino).... * r>u<) a. si. I* T:S)|i. m. Dir Kitircj* • 9;PO a. m. I* m. KnUmftjoo AgoornnifKlatlon ‘ p. m. I'lOrJl a. m, Atlantic Ksproia (dallr> .. f in..} 9:’t) a. m. Ml«bt Kxprtut 't'9-OOp. nl.;t*6i3U a. in. OUAjTU UAI'JUS Ah'D MCbUCUON. i Moraine Ki|nr*n • a. ra. * 7:Tip, in. NIrM l-apmsf i W.-iVI». >».& a. ra. t tJatarday Sx. ’ Sunday m. CHICAGO. ALTON & ST. LOUIS and CHICAGO. KANSAS CITT4 DENVER SHOOT LINES. Union ir<>( .Hf U, *u><»r Oiteti: <ll uwl 1;15 KiiitLiliih-i!, KnnwsCUj MJtUVwcrFMt Rs. ‘Vi;?*p. TO. *2: Sr. anfl Nprin.rHntil K« • i*:ma. m. * 7; M, J«ul«. B|n’)nui)ol<l A Tmu... { ftrillo.lo. } 7: I’nurU J*sy Kii’rrs* * U:w*. m. * 7; I’oorln, KcnVuli A Hurt(nct'’H.... * Prff*p. in. * Ti Chlcnsn t I’aflncuh FUllrtMd Rt. • fl.-wr a. to, * 7; Su?,»tor, I jcnu,\Vft«lilnirti>n Kj, m, * 2- JollotA Dwight Accommodation. * 6,ifJp. m. * LAKE SHORE i MICHIGAN SOIUHEIIH. U-irs, Amir. Mall, via main tine in. fltl'lp.m. Upcclal N. V. Kiptnrs 9:.n)a. in. Hicup. m. Allaiulb Katnvna, dally tu. Aeco'i,mn<tWton..... Slid l>. tu. tl:IOa. m. Mclit i;n>rrti T 10;8>lp. tn. 1 5:40 a. m. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEEiS?. PAUL RAILROAD, min* lUrot, tom*r Daditum and Canal-rlr, n«*sl Ofltt, nhuA Clntk-ei., limit, andal Utptl. Lett v* Arrlci, Milwaukee rxpma*. • B:Cfi a. m. * 7JO p. m, WlvsmslnA Minnesota rhroußh DayKxpniM ' NtOOp.m. Wisconsin, lima, and AUunnauw Kip-tra* •U;OOa*b». Wisconsin A Minnesota Through Night iixprcM It m. 17:00 a. in. All trains ran via Milwaukee. Tickets for Sill Paul And Ml/iDeapollaam kixx) ottbor via Madlmn and Prairie dn Chian, or vIA Watertown, I-aDrusso, and Winona. ILLINOIS'CENTRAL RAILROAD,' Depot, foot ft rt. ft*** UfieeAUilandolph-ei. Clark. ■ ’ Ituii. Am»e, W,Loots Ksprese • H;<oa. n. * 8:«p. m. St.Unitsbaat Linu... 17:30a. tn. CalroiNewOilcansKi.. ’ BHJ«, in. •.uifip. in. Cairo K* I A;3tn. m. J fjttia. m. hpnnaOcla, Pooria.aad Keokuk 4 Hilda, in. *StM|i. in. horinunoirt Night Kiorctht. } 8:35 p. ra, I m. I’conaand Ho.ikuK Uxur-’st m. *I;UOA.m. DubuqueASMniOltyßx * Bu*Sla f in, *4 TUP. m. Dubuque .1 Hluux (lily Kn>ru»i., • »:l3p. ni. • 7:00 A. ta. fillinau Paaaenaer...... • fin tin. m.l* l»:ioa. in. CHICAGO, BURLINQTON4 VUINO» HAILGOAa pepals, font of /(iA«*ri.. /ad<AJw;n»« ca*! anU Knot and SLeUeniitit. Tuhit Of*u, s>Wark Afiduiiispulf _ Mall and Kxpntt, Ottawa till Htreatur l*m»iuror. K.,t).i«rJ.liubauae AHloox City VacUw beat Xauu> fur OuiaUal.. Rauaaa OUf. Leavaaworui, At* enuoa A Hi. Joseph bin Aurora rbwiutr ilondot*. UU*wa* Htroaior raa* Aurora l’»»»cuner,.. Aurora I'a-wcmror (Honday) Uobadua .1 BlnuaOltf J?»p. ... I’aouia Niabt-Etn.; lor omatia.. Kausos Olti, Leaienwortti, At chisoajbt* Joseph Exp..,,,. Gownere Drove Acooiuraotaiion Howuer'ajlroTß AMomiaodatlnc iiowucr’stirovo Aooommodstlu Tnu Kipmi ~*lix.Handaj. |Ex. flatwrday. ERIE AND CKICA( rirket OjUu. tS Clark-tC, iulmi sad <U Orftpt. IXfihtMjwap,, . Uur* fro hi Awpoiitioa jmiUiaj. Day Hxpresa^-Pullman Draw. . inyritopm Hlospia* Oan, to i . New .Vurk without oban«e 1 Atlantic Kinross—Pal|oi*n I'al . *m l>ra.wl&*«lto(>ta - bleeping Cara and Goto! U»r» Only Una running the uotal care U> N**r York. PirtßßUßa.Fr. w/irfiT»cme<na Rjut-vifAY. Mnc, Pay BntMi • 9:»j«1-io. rautfla Eapruu ) 6>Up. in. li,c»i t'a*»uQ|itfr-i *4l AJ»U i Hiiju, m. F«*tl4n*. rfo.-wum. Miu.w * Mti. m. *HumUy erooplod. t Drily, t Saturday t Monday exoeptecl. ■ BBlUkltißE » OHIO IMILBOID. . IVahM l«aw yrei rutr of OtvofUtua Mulf-ltuf an | foot it/ UUAw ait«e. Cilui/lu, Qj Clork-il., lumtr of I fulu iufion. AMooßoditfoa... !)•*■ Kxprau EiptC11....... 'lthaij."tiucuu/i exeepledT ChIMCO. ROCK ISLAND 4 PACIPICBUILUpAD, 1 D*p*L warn?/ ro*«*ir«aU*<»aJwmW,«li: TUbtajtH I . ' Ur*n4 .. MtAOCta. |] >«! * Sxup. n. • t w », >4. I': t(»«J * S:lf)p, »n. * !t:4dp. m. i U;lU)a. m. t <::»». m. * 4:15 p. m. * 7:ioa. m. 4 4:oup. m. * SrMp; m. *Dl:lsa; in. 9 6.twa, m. J 7:Mp. m. ' 4:(»1p. m. 1 7:ioal in. * 6:3-1 a. m. •10:15a. ni. * 7:00p. m. 'lnj»»a. m. •1-1:11 a m. w. 111:00 p. in. • I'. I» a. m. M8:-«p. lu. 9 m. •Rixua. m. • .Strop, m. !tl:9 tp. m. • m. m. f o:tSp. m. •lorodn. in* • 4:iOp. m. • 4;4-.p. m. intto-sia, losle-au. RAILROAD. ''ont (\f rircnly-t*r&*4-it, u( corner »f /fo*tfaTpA, { Monday Px. 9 Pally. ;U I>;nu ;UI p, m. ;to a, m. ;U\ Ji. m, !*()•»; m. 7:M|i. m. .<• 2;<oti, m, ,!• 9£fla. m .Irrtvs, IfiiU. * J HO d; in * IjtO p, m * S 5« p. ra, * 4.1X10.00. * 4:00 o. u, * 7;M a. la. * TiSdiil in. * 7jjfl a, in, * o:Uda. la, *lO tea a. ra. Mdtcaa ni. * 3;lip. m. * r .-2d p. re. ' t;4op, m. l:IWp. m, * »:2i p. tn. IIOtMp. ts. 119,-00 pi to, •Umda. in. * imp. ro. * 6:U >I». m. ‘ »i>;oop. In. •«:» a.'ta! *9rxJ a m. a. m. • 7 mu ». rn. 17:10 a. m. 17:10a. a. * 3m* p. m. * AiSlp. ro. • dm a. in. t 7:40 p. to. , jits. Mbaday* 100 UNE. i*r //<>urr.-r7p«aif prieif*, . *era«p JfeJGe*. ITolnr Itau, Arritt. 8:60a.m. 8:19a.m. >.•08 p. n. 8:10 p. au Jrrmf. 1 7:00 p.ra. «:»)•; m. in. H :v»i> ft. Id. b:U6 p. m. Iniv*. | Jrrin, a; • 6;Up.'ia. ~ * B;is ». m.t 8:10 ». iu. *l * * :uß V» ■»■!* 8-U p. 18.

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