Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 6, 1876, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 6, 1876 Page 8
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8 THE CITY. GENERAL NEWS. The Rev. A* Klttredge will conduct the Son-' day-Hohool Teachers’ meeting In Farwell Hall to*day. noon. Subjecti "The Power of Jesus' Name.” A meeting of the officers of the United Irish Societies la colled by President David Walsh, to lake place at 2 o’clock p. m. of the 21st, at Mae kell Hall. The annual meeting of the Illinois Humane Society, for the election of officers, will be held this Saturday afternoon at Parlor No. 1 Grand Pacific Hotel at 8 o’clock. Gov. P. d. Cheney, wife, and daughter, ox- Got. Strong, wife, and daughter, ex-Gov. E. A. Snow, and ox-Gov. Frederick Smyths, of New Hampshire, are at the Grand Pacific. The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Managers for the Erring Women’s Refuge will be held at the Institution, corner of Indiana avenue and Thirty-first street, at 2)4 o'clock p. m. to-day. • The Rot. Robert Collyor trill lecture in tbo Dime Coarse at the Fourth Unitarian Church, comer of Prairie avenue and Thirtieth street, Sunday evening. Subject: •• What Bofol Nebu chadnezzar.” A woman named Ellen Mansfield, residing at No. fits Third avenao, tumbled off her swill-cart about 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon at tho cor ner of Tan Baron street and Pacific avonoo, sad bad her right log broken badly above thu knee. Tho Spiritualists are soon to h&vo representa tive Journal of a somewhat protontons and select character, In tbo * A rgosi/, which craft is to bo launched upon tho noa of nowspapordom from the port of Chicago. It Is to be edited by H. N. F. Lewis and Jennie T. Hseon Lewis, and published weekly as a "Family Newspaper, Do voted to Choice Literature, General Informa tion, and tbo Spiritual Philosophy,—to Religions, Social, and Political Interests, Striving for tho Real and the Right.” It starts under favorable auspices, and certainly If thero are a tenth part &a many Spiritualists os the adherents claim, it cannot lack for subscribers. Tbo Northwestern Intor-Stato Collegiate As sociation bold an adjourned mootiog at the Grand Pacific Hotel yesterday morning. Atten tion was called to tho report of the oratorical contest which appeared in tho morning Tribune, In which it was stated that tbo Misses Chapman and Kent woro prompted during tbo delivery of tboir orations at tho oratorical contest on tbo evening of May 4. As tbo young ladies had not boon prompted in any way whilo speaking, it was tho Bonoo of tho mooting that Toe Tridunb bo requested to correct the state ment in J notice to thorn. Avoto of thanks to tbo press of Chicago for the encouragement and generous support given tho Association was unanimously passed by tho Convention ; also, to the proprietors of Grand Pacific Hotel, and to the judges and Chairman of the contest. UHAmjLTEHATED ODBBEDNEBS. Christian charity and aristocratic penurlous ncss nover could blond together, as was exem plified daring tho present weak in a cer tain shoddy aristocratic house on Michigan avenue. Tho occupants, previous to tho 11m of tho month, woro a very respect able family, and in preparing for moving-day they kindly surrendered tho lower portion of tbo house to their successors two weeks before the time was up. Theinmccessora wore of a typo of Christianity too often soon in these lator doys,—always snapping and snarling with neigh bors, and presided over by an old termagant with a hook nose, who is ably seconded by her lum-peckod husband. A sister of tho lady living up-stairs dies on tbo day tboy intended to move. Following comes tho undertaker, when tbo termagant essoys to prevent his entrance atiho front door, by mason of her shoddy aristocracy, and directs him to take it in over a shod and in at an upper window at tho roar. Of course tho undertaker did no such thing. Then on tbo day of tho fu neral when the hoarse and carriages are at tbe door, tho old termagant places an embargo upon all proceedings, and forbids them to tabo tbo corpso down tbe front way. In this emergency, tho unfortunate people find it necessary to call tho asiristaoco of the police to teach Mrs. Old Termagant what Christian charity and civilized burial means. THE LUMBER-SHOVERS. BKP OF TUB TBOODLZ. In tbo last issue of Tax Tribune wero given the details of th.e strike of a number of •* ehov era" employed m the lumber district. A morning contemporary stated that but twenty mon worn engaged in the trouble, and that tho cause of ihe strike was a proposed reduction of wages from $2 to $1.76 per day. Now the truth is that last year tho men woro reduced from $1.76 to fcl.CO per day, and tho latter rate bos been tho price to the present time, and (ho foci s os given in Tub Tbibunb woro cor rect in every detail. Tho lumbor season has really not jot com* moncod, and will not for a couple of wooks to come. Not toore tliao eight or too yards have boon receiving, and they only commenced Moo* day last, and the majority will not begin to take in stock until after the 15th lost. Daring you terday a Tnuums reporter took a stroll through tho lumoor district, and visited a number of yards. Everything was quiet, but here and them excited groups of Bohemians stood discussing tho situation. At Kelly, Wood tc Co.’s yard on Twenty-second street there wore probably forty idlers standing about, moat of ■whom wors sinkers. They wore quiet and orderly, but declined to have much to say to the reporter. One of the men etatod that if the wages were reduced to £1.25 be coaid not eoo bow they could Ilvo, for provisions and clothing wore not reduced proportionately. On (bo dock of D. T. droves A Co. not loss than 800 of tho strikers congregated dating the afternoon. They were not demonstrative, but quietly watched the unloading of a propeller without molesting any one. The reporter con versed with ONE OF THE MOST IHTELIJOEKT of the party, who said that he had a wife and fiv* children. This waa the firat day’s work be had had eluco the ISth of October last. Daring the winter he had to pay £1 a month root for a little hovel, which was increased to £5 since May 1. Hts work lasted about five months in tho vear. lie was in debt £2B for groceries; his children ..wore barefooted. At 01.50 a day he wontd make £8 a week, but tho work was not always steady. At £1.25 a day bo coaid not support his family, and be could not, at £1.50 a day for only five months in tho year, givo thorn anything else to eat than broad and beef. Last winter ho lived on corood beef and floor, with a few potatoes. He thought it very hard to reduce thorn at this time. Another man told a similar talc, and he had seven small children to support. *• 1 tell yon," said ho, "wo wore on (be verge of starvation last winter." AMONG TUB DRALBBB and manufacturers the feeling was generally against a reduction. Tbe operators claim that they have an ignorant elass to deal with, and that they have to bo shown bow to do everything they are Bet at. However, they think that a re daction of 26 ceutii on laborers' pay wonld not help the trade to nny extent, and, considering that they only have work for about Qve months in tbe year, ®1.60 a day was low enough wages. They also hold that the demand for lumber and labor will control tho price above anything else. Tbs trouble of Thursday originated in 8. B.' Martin’s yard. There, without further ado. Mr. Martin told his men that ho would redneo them to $1.25 per day from that tlmu on. The men at once quit work, and, there being a largo number of idlers in the vicinity, they soon swelled their forcoa to 200. They then visited tho Kirby Carpenter Company yards, near by, and the man at this place wore forced out, which now made the array about 400. They wont to Kelly, Wood & Co.’s yard, where they compelled the men to quit. They then wont to other places, but ebortiy after tho police In part dispersed them, A gentleman stated to the re porter that nearly all of the Bohemians were members of the Communist Society, and, unless their demands were complied with, there would probably be Irouhle. This, how ever, is not feared. To-day tbe.lamber*men will hold a meeting, but what their action will bo remains to be seen. The moo who wore arrested Thursday had a bearing before Justice bouliy yesterday morning, and were fined £1 each, the fines being suspend ed open payment of costs, the men being poor, and promising to be orderly in the future. DOM PEDRO. sn BhiXtLUX UUFZBOB MAKES A rLTIHO TUT TUtOOOU TUB CITI, The Emperor of Brazil, or, as be calls hJm •elf, Does Pedro d'Alcantara, arrived in Chicago yesterday morning at 7:15 from Baa Francisco. Ale come over tha Chicago, Darlington A Quincy BMd, and, ia anticipation of hia arrival, a Aurital og Iv 9 el wriou Uon-feaat«i as lombled at (be depot. Opt. Ibo Imperial car nu iwltolied off at Canal street, where Chief* Engineer Obesbrough end Messrs. Jewett end Angell, of the Pullman Company, were In well* Ing. It bed been Intimated by telegraph that the Emperor desired to investigate the crib, eod eiteem tag wee Id readiness. Entering oar* lieges, the party drove repidlv through the drizzle end fog to Clerk .street bridge. The et«am*tug Mary MoLane lev bumping against the dock, and In a few mlnntoa the voyag ora bad embarked. There was nothing in'the excursion or the notion of the excursionists to indicate the presence of Royalty. Tho Emperor appeared more interested in what lay In eight than In any ezactlone of roapoot for bl« dig* nitv. The tug steamed down tbo river andander tho bridgoe. As she approached the first, Dom Pedro alternately eyed the emoke-staok and the bridge. Just as tbo boat went under, ho saw the ntnoke-elaok give wav. and his heart jumped. The next moment Ibo slack waa np again, ranch to the Imperial delight. The low-lying fog and tho cold, penetrating rain concealed tbo beauti ful landHcape along tho banks of the river, but Dom Pedro consoled himself that ho would have a good viow of Chicago after reaching the lake. As the steamer passed under tho frowning walls of an elevator, its uses wore explained to his Majostv, who expressed poignant regret that two accidents, which detavod him (a tho Wool, should have prevented a thorough examination of one of those institutions. Out of toe mouth of the river, and the Empe ror woe again at sea. The vapor lay thick and heavy, obliterating Chicago from tho majestic vision and leaving tho gentleman from Alcan tara to guess how it looked. Tbo lake was rough, but the Emperor seemed to havo bis Imperial soo-toga on, and though ho pitched around tbo wheel-house eotne. ho man aged to sustain a right royal perpendicular. The Eilot smiled os the Emperor topped over onco. ut tho pilot did not know ho had an Emperor to laogh at. In fact tho crew wore in democratic Ignorance of Rio presence of Royalty. From tho top of a high wave tho crib was visi ble close at hand. In a short time tbo boat woe beside it, aod after some Utile difficulty the party landed. Dom Pedro hod come to see tho water-works and he wont right at it. Thero was no delay. He walked rapidly from one point of interest to auothor, hurriedly asking questions and commenting liberally on what ho saw. Finally ho climbed to tbo top of the tower, hut there was nothing to be seen from thero, aod then, like another Emperor before him, he climbed down again. But a abort time wasspent at the crib. Prep arations had been made on the Fort Wayne Road at 9 o'clock, and Uia Majonly wan fearful that things wouldn't wait for him. Tho trip back was made in a short time, and the party landed a few minutes before 9. Mr. Sol Smith mot the Emperor at the dock, and banded over a wad of depreciated, tho amount called for by a draft forwarded a few days before. He of Brazil stuffed the negotiable in his clothes as eagerly as a reporter would bis salary, and those who saw tho operation realized that a King is but a man after all. Tbo special ear had boon charged to the muz zle with comestibles during tho tnp to the crib, and nos ready to go off an soon ns tbo party ar rived. Horn Pedro bade his hosts a fraternal adieu and entered bis car, followed bv Sonor Bom Beliro, Honor O’Kolli, of tho New York Ucraldo , and a few servants. Tbo train pulled ont at 0 o'clock, and the clouds wept that one man should possess tho power to “go through” Chicago in two hours. THE NEW COUNCIL. PREFAB ISO TO OUST TUB ÜBDBPEB. Tho bnsineaa-llho manner in which tbo now Council have begun operations on tho common enemy has created a visible effect already. The political hacks and shysters who oilng to tbo acting Mayor as tho last hopo of a continuance of the means of ill-gotten gains wore unusually busy yesterday. Colvin’s supporters kept close at his back and hold frequent consultations. Around tbo usurping Mayor’s Nest, in tho halts and corners, wore groups of tbo usurper's most active laborers in earnest and close con versation. They aro evidently troubled, and tboy know and fo&r that their dirty tricks and schemes are liable to weigh but little compared with tbo united and intelligent action of tho mon who compose tbo majority of the new Board of Aldormon. The Mayor has said that ho will preside over tbo mootiog next Monday night, and the disin terested ones look smilingly on and rub their bands at tbo prospect of tbo most public and at tbo same time the nloet hitter contest that has over taken place relative to city affairs. The evening la awaited with an earnest solicitude on tho part of tho friends of bummoriatn. Several of the newly-elected Aldermen hold a consultation, informal in its character, yesterday afternoon In the office of Mr. Thompson, in Helper Block, to talk over their plans of action In ousting tbo. usurper. Tboro wore present about a dozen. Mark Sheridan and Cullerton woro there. Of course tho reporters and alt outsiders were given tho cold shoulder. Tho resolution adopted at Thursday's meeting has been strictly sdbored to. No question can bring any response except “ I don t know,” or, with fingers to their lips, “Mum, is tbe word." One of tno number negatively allowed that all was going on oxsotly as was desired, and that nothing could exceed their convictions of a grand triumph lu vlow. It is said that Lawyer Jewett has handed in a rough abstract of his opinion on tho power of tbo Council to clear out tho miserable Blog that makes the City-Hall a mu nicipal disgrace, and that the document will be, when completed, able, lengthy, and exactly suited to tho views of ail fair-minded men. Judge Dent’s opinion has not yet appeared, bat is expected to-day at the general meeting or caucus of tbe new City Fathers. Tbo Aldor mon-oloctwlth|whomaTmuDNß reporter con versed on yesterday’s meeting eaid that all they wanted was to be lot entirely alone by tho press and public, as no interference could lend aid in any particular. They woro at work, and in the right way. They were get ting along swimmingly. In foot, tho batteries were almost ready to open on tho Coivin Ship of State, which, to uso an oft-repeated phrase, would soon be “knocked into a cooked hat.” They wero working quietly, but steadily. In yesterday's talk It was agreed to ask tbs leading papers in particular, and all capers in f;oneral, to remain silent on tho doings and lo cations of tbe now Council, for roasons known boat to tbsmsoivos. OBITUARY. THE LATE COL. SAMUEL OTOUB. Another aotivft, busy life of usefulness and honor has closed; another voice is bushed in death. Col Samuel Btono died Thursday night at tbo Grand Pacific, where ho had been living for some time. At the time of his death Col. Stone bad attained to an ago even beyond tbo limit wbioh the Psalmist set on human lifo, and bad soon 77 years of contact with the world. For tho the past few years his friends have no ticed hia growing feebleness, bat wore aopre- Eared to see him poos away. On last Saturday e was attacked with inflammation of tho blad der, and, in spite of all that medical skill could do, ho grew worse. and on Thursday night breathed ont his hto, surrounded by members of bis family and friends. Col. Stone was born at Chesterfield, Mass., where bis early life was passed. Leaving Massa chusetts in 1817 bo moved to Rochester, N. V. where bo remained some time, removing to De troit about 1843. While in Detroit Ur. Stone was engaged in the Btate Department for several years, and also hold a position in tho Board of Internal Improvements. Ho took a prominent part in tho building of the Michigan Central Railroad. and waa eelcctod as one of us first of ficers. Leaving Detroit, Ur. Htono spent a abort time in Milwaukee, hat, not liking the city, came to Chlcego along with such men as Cob 0. O. Hammond, A. T. Hall, and others, in 1852. and has resided hero over since. Mr. Btono made some very fortunate purchases of land in the region known as Brighton. This property appreciated so rap idly in value that after tho War he was enabled to dispose of it at a figure which left him a hand sumo profit on his investment, and has kept him in very easy circumstances ever since. Natural ly endowed with literary tastes, Ur. Stone de voted a large share of bis time nod money to tbo encouragement of literary, historical, and scientific societies. He was a prominent mem ber of the Academy of Bciooco, and of the Historical Bociety, occupying the office of Curator In the latter organization before the FUe, and earning the name of an efficient, hard-working member. To the Academy of Bci once bo was an Invaluable member, and contrib uted quite liberally on several occasions to its support. Ur. Btone was instrumental in secur ing the bast of Cob Foster, contributing £SOO towards that undertaking. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge to which Morgan, whose disappearance caused tho great aaii-Masonio excitement in Now York about forty yeara ago, belonged. Mr. Stone was also connected in a responsible way with the Western Union Tele graph Company. All who knew Col. Btone remarked upon hie generous, genial, so dal disposition, and it may be truly said that be hod troops of friends. He waa strictly honest and true in all his business transactions, and yet generously ebaritable to Un auflenog pool u& Btoue vos % great t THE CHICAGO TBIBUWCh SATURDAY. MAY 6, 1876—TWELVE PAGES. reader, end bad the happy faculty of remem bering what be read. Hit practical benevolence did not cease with hie abllitv to bestow it in Screen, hut be hae ramembefsd in bis will the Id People’s Home, the Foundlings’ Home, the Newsboys’ Home, besides those two organiza tions over which be vatobed with a peculiar ears—tho Academy of Sciences and the His* torical Society, The funeral will take place this afternoon at 8 o'clock from the Grand Pacific, the Rsr. Robert Oollyor officiating. CRECIER. BIS REMOVAL SBMOOMCSS ST TBS IKftTBAKCB The Inanranoe men in Ibis city are greatly agl* tated lest the romorsl of Hr. Oregier as an* gloeer of the Water-Works, and the appoint ment m bis place of a man of whom but little is known might, grcatly.lmpair the water supply, and In case of fire prove disastrons to the city in general and their interests m particular. It was thought by thorn to be necessary to take some action In regard to this matter and to show Mayor Colvin and the Board of Public Works that a man was wanted in such a position who understood bis business and not a {taxable tool of a few trickv politicians. Therefore the Chi cago Board of Underwriters held an indigna tion mooting at their rooms, No. 127 LaSalle street, yesterday afternoon, when the matter was fully dleciwsod. The roforenooo mode to Mayor Colvin and bis administration were any thing bat complimentary, and many believed that if there woe not a change soon the rates of insurance would have to bo raised again, or else tho bettor class of insurance companies would have to withdraw from tbo city. The unwar ranted removal of Mr. Crogler was stigmatized as an outrage and a crime against the best In terests of the city. After a lengthy discussion, tbo following gentlemen were appointed a com mittee to investigate tho matter and find out whether tbo now appointee wan qualified for the position: Thomas Goodman, C. H. Case. George 0. Clarke, and Robert Critchell. As soon ns tho Committee boo completed its investiga tion it will call another meeting and submit a report in regard to tho matter, on which action will bo taken by tbo Board. CITY-HALL CHIPS. Water-rents yesterday wore $2,820, and re ceipts from tbo City Collector $067, Tbo Comptroller yesterday took in $6,000 from tbo sale of tax-ealo certificates. Tho Board of Publio Works nay-rolls for the month of April amount to $03,000. The boys sty that they would be satisfied should the pay bo as regular os tbo pay-roll. Dr. Deo Miller and some others of tbo Board of Health, or interested therein, were around tho City-Hall yesterday explaining votes on the award of tho recent contract for scavenger work. Tbe Board of Public Works will receive a call to-day from somo of tho county authorities who desire an expression from tbo Board on Court- House matters, and somo arrangements for driv ing tho piles for tho dome. The Board of Public Works opened bids yes terday for the construction of a pipe sewer on West Monroe street, from Oakley street west. There wore eleven bidders. Tbo lowest was Mr. W. 11. lliff. No contracts havo yet keen awarded. J. T. MoAnloy, of tho First Ward, James A. Kirk, of tho Eighteenth, and D. K. Piersons, of tbe First Ward, wore qualified yesterday for tbo oflico of Aldermen. Oaspar Butz was also sworn in ns City Clerk, but ho will not assume the con trol of tho oQIco till Mouday. Tho Building Inspectors yesterday tore down a small coal-house on Thirty-ninth street and notified the Trustees of tho ulich estate that the old and dilapidated structure on tbe corner of State and Twenty-second streets, known as tho Ulich Hotel, must comedown. The citizens of tho vicinity are pleased. Tbo new city certificates havo bean printed, and aro being prepared for issue. They are of different design from tbe old ones, and are not as good in point of appearance or point of work manship, being printed on an inferior quality of paper. But, as they will answer all purposes, those defects aro not regarded oa objectionable. Tbo Comptroller has not yet made up his mind when he will go East. There ie some busi ness to oe straightened out here first. The cer tificates must bo prepared for Issue, and, if pos sible, somo one must be found to take them. Mr. Hayes’ work in New York will consist cblefir in negotiating a loan or gathering money to meet the $1,800,000 that falls duo about the let of Juno. Tim Sullivan, a permit-clerk in tbe Water De partment, hoe received notice that bla services will no longer be required after tho present month has expired. Tbe reason for his dismissal is said to be that ho collected a water-tax of $8 and signed the name of Webster, one of tho Collectors of the Department, to tho receipt. Sullivan claims that be hod authority to sign Webster’s name, but this Is donlod by Webster. Moreover it is said tbtt Sullivan failed to turn ovor tbo money that ho bad collected. Many of the employes la tho various Depart ments are looking (or the “grand bounce," especially those of the Board of Public Works and tho Building sod Sidewalk Inspectors Do- Eartmente. In the number of employes of the oard another reduction is looked for, and the Inspectors are la trepidation lest the now Council might determine tbat their work conld os well bo done by some other branch of tbs city minions. The change In tbo heads of somo offices may bring changes. It was said that City-Clerk Butz would change bia assistants. Mr. Moody baa already boon retained, and Mr. McQurren will make room for somo ooe else. It was said that Ur. Edgar would also be removed, but it is doubted whether Ur. Butz will decide to remove him on account of the faithfulness and ability ho has displayed in tbe discharge of his duties. Besides, ho is thoroughly acquainted with the work, and is a favorite and a gonial, pleasant companion. Mr, Butz could ill afford to change him for a stranger. It baa been said that the only body that could successfully *• buck M against a corporation waa a railroad: bat Andre Mattosoo, of the Times, having fought and vanquished tho valiant Mika Evans, has concluded to boo bow the thing works In hia case with a cltr. Ho therefore re fused to pay bis water-assessments from November, 1875. to May, 1876. Dur ing last month, on the 20tb, 23d, and 21th days, the water was shat off from bis house. Nothing daunted,ho has turned it on again, and enjoyed tho convenience just as though be waa nob a tax-fighter. Everylime (he water has been tamed off it has cost £1.50. Total, £-1.50. Hoeing that Andro was as obsti nate ss over, tho authorities have decided to tear up tho street and shut off the street tap. Tbla will cost something like £lO or £ls, all of which Mr. Matteson will have to pay in connection with his assessments and the £1.60 extras be fore the clear and sparkling liquid will bubble from tbo faucet at his wish. Meanwhile he oau have the satisfaction of lapping a fire-plug, bor rowing from tho neighbors, or classing tumaolf with tbo thirsty and Oroat Unwashed. A morning paper gave circulation yesterday to a rumor stating that City-Attorney Tiitblll had made the appointment of Mr. Lalor as Assistant City-Attoruey at the dictation of Mr. Joseph Hedill, and that some malcontents bad persuaded tho Mayor to order Ur. Ivor's name stricken from the nay-rml. In regard to the appointment, Ur. Tuthiil says that not only Mr. Modlll, bat Qen. Smith, John M. Jewett, 0, T. Adams, E. A. Otis, and other gentlemen had so highly recommended Mr. Lalor that ho was obliged to acknowledge the recommendations. The appointment was dictated by no one. In regard to tbo statement that Mr. Lalor would bo obliged to work for nothing if he accepted the situation, there is not the slightest truth. In the lint place, the Mayor never directed (he Comptroller to take the name from tho pay-roll, Mr. Haves stated yesterday afternoon (bat tho Mayor would not dictate to him pa matters pertaining to his (Hayes’) official business, nor would the Mayor attempt to say whom Ur. Tuthiil should appoint, as it was en tirely out of his jurisdiction, and he would have no power to order the name takeu from tho pay roll if the appointment had been regularly made. The whole rumor waa a canard of the worst de scription. THE COUNTY BUILDING. George Lauerbier, of the Town of Worth, scut in hia resignation yesterday is Constable. Mike Evans, Architect Armstrong, ex-Com mlssioaer Crawford, ana sundry other important individuals, sauntered through the county offices yesterday. The Hheriff did not succeed yesterday In gath ering in any more of of his runaway boarders. He is relaxing no effort, however, and expects in a few days to have the most of them back. A bill of Farmer Harms, amounting to £11,600, for the Court-House foundation, was audited and ordered paid by the proper Committee yes terday. Following this, the Architect gave the old ganlunan an oierhauUm eboul bis oonenl# work, which will be brought to a focus to-day, provided an audience can be had with several dealers In oement. Joseph Conley, one of the repeaters convicted and sent to tbo Qonse of Correction far one year, came Into the Criminal Court yesterday, and succeeded In geltinghts sentence changed to t&reo month! 1 imprisonment and to pay a Quo cf S2OO. A few of the Commissioners propose to take a trip to Ullwsnkee Wednesday in search of stone for the new OourUUonse. Any undue interest they may take In visiting quarries around the country at this lime will scarcely be considered in tho interest of tho publio treasury. After the adjournment of the Criminal Court yesterdav, workmen seized upon the Job of al tering the internal arrangements of the court room very materially. Tho extent of tho altera tions is not yet known positively, but it Is calcu lated that the work will be ooraptoted to-day. and that when finished the improvement will be marked. Bergt. Kauffman, of the Signal Service, In this city, who has been ordered to report at Washington, is among tbs most efficient em f lojs of tho County Clerk's office. He loaves or Washington to-day, and takes with him let ters of introduction to our Barney and Carter. Ho dislikes the Idea of being called from Chica go, and thinks that through the Influence of these gentlemen ho will return la a few davs. If ho cannot remain boro, then It la likely bo will quit tbo service. The coll was unexpected to him, and he fails to understand what it means. toe couRT-notruß aoanf. Tbo Joint Committee on Publio Buildings add Service mot yesterdav afternoon to farther dis cuss the matter of advertising for the cat-stone and material for the now Court-House. Archi tect Egan waa pronont,oudmade some important suggestions and exhibited com 2 amendments to tbo original specifications for tho work, to cover the contingency of accenting bids for material in tbo rough. Tho Committee agreed to adver tise for bids for the work in the principal papers of tbo city for tho space of four days, commencing to-morrow, and to meet this afternoon to prepare tho advertisement. The question of pllicg for the city's half of the dome tor tiie building was also discussed, but no action was taken, pending a further conference with tho Boatd of Publio Works, it wan agreed that tho bids would bo opened Juno 1, for which a special mooting of tbo Board would bo hold. The Grand Jury yesterday bad before it the usual quantity of regular Jail coses, added to which wore florae petty complaints. The docket was practically cleared, an achievement never before made in tbe same length of time. All manner of rumors prevalloi in reference to the future oonrso of the jury as affecting investiga tions Into tho conduct of ofllcials, It was said that after today tho invootigatlons would be taken up. and then again it was said the Jury was anxious to get through, nnd would positive ly adjourn Tuesday. Andingatn, It was said tbe Investigations would bo limited to the recent Jall-osoapo nnd tho management of the Insane Asylum and Poor-House, and that a committee of tbe jury would visit Jefferson to-day. Tboso reports, or rumors, are given for what they aro worth, for whllo a reporter is ordinarily able to gather what has boon done, ho is not always com petent to road tbo minds of an oath-bouud body which ho is not privileged to boo. and who have been so partlcularlv guarded by tbo Court against tbo importunities of tbo friends of the ureas. Tho foatnro of tbo proceedings yester day was tbo refusal of a Ur. Huse to testify io a case of mayhem until ho had boon paid bis witness foes io advance. 110 was naturally marched into tho presence of tbo Judge, whore bo gained an entirely different idea of his duties as a citizen, Uo then condescended to toll what Uo know, which was very little, Tbe feature of to-day will bo tho apnoarauco of several mem bers of tho County Hoard in tho bopo of getting an indictment for perjury agaiuet tbo man Bmitb. who tcHtiflcd bolero tbo last Jury io ref erence to putting up SSOO for tho uao of tbe County Board In awarding a contract for light ning rods. CRIMINAL A lap robe, a baggy, and two sets of barnees aro awaiting Idontillcation at tbe West Hadigon Street Station. Charles Smith and J. D. Yalhgnetto, vagrants of tbo upper class, wore yesterday sent by Jus tice Bummorflold to tbo Houso of Correction for thirty days each. A. A. Stone bos complained to Justice Foote that George Turner has committed larceny as bailee in falling to turn over the collections made for Lomax, the pop manufacturer. George will bo arrested. A young man named J. D. Steiger, a local drummer in tbo emoloy of O. L. American A Co., dry-goods dealers at No. 126 Franklin street, was yesterday held by Justice Poliak In SI,OOO bail co the 13th lust., charged with defrauding his employers and their customers to tho extent of SSOO. Tho case for malicious mischief against Mike Corcoran, Tim Casey, and John Corcoran, charged by Mrs. Scott, who koupu a dive on North Wells street, with throwing a beer-keg through her windows, was to have come up be fore Justice Kuufmaun yesterday, but the prose cution did not appear and tho Justice dismissed the case, rogardlug it as one of malicious prose cution. A lumber thief and river pirate named John Sulllvun, who was recently captured in one of his predatory excursions, was yesterday brought io trial boforo Justice Summsriloid. For plun dering the yard of L. A. Hartman, he was hold inSSuObaillo tho Criminal Court: for that of Kirby, Carpenter A Co., in S3OO bail; and in a similar amount for that of Adams A Lord, and as a climax to tho whole, in 9300 bail for steal ing shingles from Harlan Pago. you uodbino the maiia Joseph H. Hall was before Commissioner Hoyno yesterday morning co await a bearing on the charge of complicity with Levi B. Miller, tho crooked assistant postal clerk, of Woodstock, who recently appropriated 9200 from a registered loiter, and who has been languishing in tho Cook County Jail for some days In that account. Special-Agent Hawley ascertained that tboro was another man engaged iu tho case, and took pains to work It up. The resalt was Hall's arrest. In tho uxam iuation yesterday Miller squealed on Hall, and told the whole story. He related how he had taken tho 9200 from tho registered letter, how he and Hall had come to Chicago, and he bad given Hall 950 on the way noro, and how they afterwards went to Genova Lake, where bo gave Hall more money, and where both of them succeeded without any dilfioaltv iu gambling away the remainder of their pile in a few brief hours. Iu consequence of this revelation, aad the failure ou the part of the defease to success fully set up a different state of facts, Commis sioner Uoyoe hold Hall iu $1,500 ball. E. E. Ihchards, of Woodstock, appearing aa his se curity. AKOTHER MPBDEB. At 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon a young man named Nicholas Pfreng, aged 10 years, residing with bia parents at No. Od West Nineteenth street, died from tbe effects of a wound re* coived by him on the bead at a wedding party given at a saloon on the last day of la*t month at the saloon of Henry and Chris Hoegerkauser, No. 370 West Seventeenth street. As nearly as can Do ascertained, young Pfruug was himself to blame. All the participants were locked np In the West Twelfth Street Station by Officers Kelley, Itiploy, and Pat O'iirion. A third participant. George Lampe, was arrested for not, but principally as o witness of the af fray. It is claimed also that ho incited the dis turbance by striking a brother of tbe deceased. Tbe facts as related by tbo Doegorhauaer are to the effect that young Pfreng and bia com panions uamu to tboir lionee on the night of the wedding and demanded admittance, which, being denied, they began a riot, during whmh Nick Pfreng was Injured in some way unknown to them. The companions of the deceased say that, although they demanded admittance and were refused, they created no disturbance whatever until as saulted by Lampe ami tbo JJoogerhausera. They claim that Chris Boogerhausar did the slabbing witb a small jack-knife. Tno Coroner will hold the inquest to-day. A OAMTAX, SHOT. Some sage has said somothiug about patting a beggar on horseback and lotting him ride to a very hot place indeed, but it remains fur mod ern sages to make a paiodigm about putting a revolver in tbe hands of a Yokefellow and let ting him kill himself. That is precisely west a very exemplary voung man tried to do yester day. Ho armed himself and marched eagerly to tbo fray, and when the proper moment came he neither knew walch was tho handle of the weapon nor whether to point it right, left, or perpendicularly to maka It shoot straight ahead. Tbe name of this religious Nimrod is 0. W. Cushing, a young man of 25 summers, and a partner in the printing firm of Cushing, Thomas d Co., located at No. 150 Clark street. Last December tne firm fonnd it necessary to dis charge tbe foreman of the office, a mao named Charles Parsons. Biuoa that time Parsons has feigned to be infatuated with two of Mr. Cush ing's sisters, employed in tbe same office, and because they have chosen to thwart all hit advance* towards them, be blamed tbe brother, and bmU ndoaa Uuesta against bis fife. At tba tin* of hit discharge, Parsons, It I« Mid. draw a knifa and a mallal open bli am* ployer and threatened to send him Into "king dom oome,” and tbia assault, weather with tba subsequent threats, baa prayed heavily npon Cuahlng’a mind. Faraona oontlnned to aend tbe young ladiea amatory eptstlaa, which woreaome timaa answered in indignant tanna by tba brother, who, in tarn, received tnaalting fatten from Faraona. To nettle the matter, Ibe two of them met yeaterday morning at Banda' llotel, on Waabfoglon street, near State. After a abort dispute in the reading-room, OnablogoaltedPar aone a liar, aud Faraona retaliated by calling both Cnabing and bis alatera by tlio eatno epltbot. C’usbiog replied with a blow, and Far aona brought down a billy of wood on Cnablng'a sboutdera, Tba byatanden aklpped out, and jnatln the nick of time, too, for Cnabing drew a revolver and fired away alt around the room, into tbo atove, celling, and floor, and every place olae that no damage could ensue. Ilia first abot was the only effective one. ahd that took effect in hia own left arm. Both ware arrested and bold In 9300 ball to tba 9th loai. Faraona was bold in additional bonds of 91,000 to keep tbo peace for one year. ANNOUNCEMENTS. Tba strangers and working-women's meeting will be beld at the rooms of the Oood Samaritan Society, 173 Randolph street, on Friday, atdp. m. Mrs. Rbea, formerly missionary to Persia, will lead the temperance meeting of the Woman's O. T. Union in Lower Farweii Hall tbia after noon at 8 o'clock. A Tonng People's Temperance Association was formed at tbo Ualsted Street M. E. Church, near Twentieth street, on Thursday evening. Mra. M. B. Holyoke and Mr* McConnell making addressee. '•The New City Government of Chicago, and What In Expected of It,” will be the subject of Dr. Ryder's discourse in bis church on Sunday evening. The members of the new Connell are particularly invited to attend. The temperature yeaterday, as observed by Manasae, optician, No. 83 Madieon attest (Tmn unk Building), was as follows: Ba. m., 40; 10 a. m.. 63 1 12 m.. 57; 8 p. m., 60 j 8 p. m., 47; barometer, 8 a. m., 28.70 ; 8 p. m., 39.1, The non. John Wentworth will giro his ro mimeceucos of Chicago men and manners next Sunday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, at McCormick's tlall. Tbla nlll bo the last lecture of the course. Tickets at the door and at Jansen, McOlarg i Co.'s, Admission 10 coots. Mrs. Elizabeth Bovnton Herbert, of Evan ston, lata President of tbo lowa Woman's Suf frage Association, will apeak on temperance at' tbo 3 o’clock mooting to-morrow under the auspices of tbe Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, at tbo First M. E. Ohurob, corner of Clark and Washington streets. Tbs following ladles are appointed to lead tbo daily temperance meetings of tbo Woman's Temperance Union to Lower Farwoll Halt next week: Monday, Miss Hattio Murpbr; Tues day, Miss A. H. Groenleaf; Wednesday, Mrs. W. G. Powers ; Tbarsdaa, Mrs. A. P. Kelley: Friday, Mrs. SI. B. Willard; Saturday, Mrs. J. W. Barker. CANADIAN NEWS. Deary “IXasinoss Embarrassment”-. Labor and Capital-Other matters. A’tJfcial DUpateh to Tho Chicago yyiftuna. Montaeal, May 5.—A writ of attachment has been issued against tbe property of Messrs. A. & E. Ames, wholesale dealers tn leather, who bavo failed to moot tbe terms of a composition of GO cents on tbo dollar made with their credit ors last fall. Tboir liabilities are very large. August E. Amos, resident partner, is said to be Insane, and tho other partner is in France, Tbo Irish Catholic citizens are endeavoring to Organize a corps of volunteers, and communi cations with a view to this bavo been bad with tbo Militia Department at Ottawa. Tbo cos tume is to bo that of tbo zoaavo. Tbe lumber trade to tbe Itivor Plata Is great ly depressed, oaing to tbo unsettled state of things in Uruguay and tbe Argentine Itooublio. Three years ago at this lime fifty vessels bad boon chattered for this trade, and this year not ono. Tbo prospect now is that a few may be taken in midsummer at a low rate. The Capo Bouzo ice-bridge at Quebec com menced to move this morning, but again became fast. It will probably go off with the next tide. A licet of fifty vessels is said to be detained by tho Ico In tho Gulf. Special Uupateh to The Chicago Tribune. Ottawa, May 6.—Contractors have formed an Association for the protection of their interests. Tho action of the bricklayers and masons in de manding an increase of wages to 83 per day is condemned, and $2.25 per day fixed as tho standard rate for April. All (ho Ch&ndloro saw-mills are now in full operation, except two, and those will commence Monday noxt. The Hon. Malcolm Cameron is again Tory ill. Little hope is entertained of his recovery. evenal DitnaUh to Th» Chicago Irtbune. Tobohto, May s.—Tho Toronto Presbytery mot again to-day. The McDonnell heresy o&so was put through Its final stages and is now fully relegated to the General Assembly, which moots in June. A Committee of the Board of Works loft for toe States this morning to inspect the sidewalks and roadways of the principal cities with a view to introducing (he boat systems to this city. They will make Chicago their first calling-place. Tho Han. George Brown returned from Eng land to-day. It is understood that be has dis posed of tbo magnificent farm called Bow Park, near Brantford, to an English Company for $375,000. Tho intention of the Company is to cultivate tbo breeding of short-horns on an ex tensive scale. SHOUT-HORNS. Oloso el tbo Sale at Springfield. Special Dupauh to Tho Chicago Trtbuno, Bpbinofield, 111., May 6,—The series of sales of short-born cattle closed at tho County Fair Grounds to-day with tbo sale of tho herd of O. M. Niccols, of Henry, McLean County, in all 57 head, which brought m the aggregate 920,000. The buyers were mostly leading breeders In lowa and Nebraska. Mazurk of Elkhill, rod roan, Oct. IS, 1807, by Second Duke of Geneva, brought the highest figure, 92,000. Bho was bought by A. Marlott, of Milton, Iml. Susan 17th wonttoW.O.Kent,of Chicago, for 9060, the next highest price paid. She is red. May 17, 1873, by tho Htb Duke of Tborndalo. Elliott, of West Liberty, la., purchased ten cows and heifer at on average of 9102 each. Cbaeo A Sons, of the eame place bought four teen head, average 9251. Jonu Kelsey, of Bbiptnan, Hi., bought a floe herd for 9500, and F. Mollardy, of Kansas, and otnor prominent breeders, purchased largely. The four days'sales have aggregated, Includ ing that disposed of at private sale, nearly 9100,000. Foolhardiness and Paralysis* Indutnavetia Jeumat. An enthusiastic young Democrat named Will iam Eaton, living on English auenuo, boasted that he could stand nearer tbe cannon's month than any man who was present while the sal uto was being fired to honor the nomination of Will - lams. He stood only 10 feel in advance of and but 9 feet to one aide of tbe gun. During tbe following night his head began to feel quite sin gular. and gradually his entire body was more or less affected. Tbe strange feeling increased, until one-half of the body became paralvzed. The attending physician is of the opinion that it will remain so while be lives, as the paralysis originated from a concussion of tbo brain. In tbe Golden Age of Girlhood preserve the beauty of tbe teeth with Bosodoot, and then, when tbe hair Is silvered and tbe eyoa dimmed with years, tbs mouth will still rsreal two gUUsnng rows of unsullied Ivory. Pianos, Organs, aheet-Muslo, mode-books, violins, guitars, brass and German-silver band Instrumsnts, flutes, cUrlonsts, banjos, tambour ines, drums, accordions, concertinas, dulcimers, etc., at tbs Hoot k Hons Miulo Oo.’e, No, 1M State street. Great Musical Concerts should remind parents that their children should learn something of tbe art of muelc, wbleb can be doaa at a ■mall expense by buying a plane or organ of Pellcn k Pomeroy, 331 Bute street. Good Furniture. la baying furniture it peys to get prices at Holton k Hlldretb'e, 33S and 337 Bute street. They sell good goods lower then any bouse in the city. It will psy to look there. OONFEOTIONERT. at aa ama M OELEDBATBO throughout ft fl imif the Union—expressed io all « M II V pwta. 1 ft sod upward at vilnlll SPENCERIAN STEEL PENS, For tho aonvenionoo of tboso who may wish to try them, a SAMPLE CARD, Containing ono each of tho FIFTEEN NUMBERS of tboso Fens ( wl sent by mall on receipt of TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. IVISON, ULAKEMAN, TAYLOR & CO., 1«8 & 140 Groml-at.. New Yorfr. MARRIAGES. STOKES—KIDDER—>Uy 4, mg, It tba f.mUr ml denes, Chicago, by the Bar. Sr. McMullen, Gen. James U. Stoke* ami Mias Mary Kidder. DEATHS. BRENNAN—On Friday, Mar 8, Frankla Brennan, second eldest ton of M, L. and MargaretA. Brennan. Funeral on Sunday at 1 p. m. from the residence of bla parents, No. 607 Wabaah*aT.« by carriages to Calvary. tWOlndnnaU papers please copy, MCCLELLAND—Edwin J. McClelland, only ion of J, and E, McClelland, of choler* Infantum, ago 9 months and 13 day*. Funeral services at their residence, 1035 TTeat Uon* roe-nt.. Saturday, May 0, at 1 o'clock p. m, Wiiew Fork papers plaaso copy. MULLINS—At tho realdenoe of her husband. P. Mnlllne, 300 lliiron-Bt., May 4. Sarah Jana Mullins, aged 41 years 0 months and 14 days. Funeral on Sunday, May 7, at tha bonte, at 1 o'clock - Fi. m,, thence to the Church of the Holy Name, and rom there by carriage to Calvary. MILL— In Upper Falla, Vermont. May A, 1870. Col vin Hill, formerly of this city. IWflheboygan, Wla,, papers please copy. STONE—Too funeral of CoL Samuel Stone will tako place at the parlor* of the Orand Pacific Hotel at 4 o'clock thla afternoon, after which the remains will be taken to llochesler, N. Y. POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENTS, FBBT WARD REPUBLICANS. Tbe First Ward Consolidated Republican Olnb Trill meet at the Sherman Uouae Olnb Rooms this evening at 7:30 o'clock, sharp. The reorganization of tbs Club, election of officers for the ensuing year, and other Im portant buainefl* relative to the fall campaign will come before tbe meeting. A full attendance li earn* oatlr requested. By order of tbe Club, SIMEON W. KINO, Secretary pro tern. THIRD WARD REPUBLICANS. Tbe Third Ward Republicans aoet this evening at SCO Waboab-av. FIFTH WARD REPUBLICANS. Thera Trill be a meeting o£Uie Fifth Ward Repnblle an Club at John Doorr'a Hall, 421 Twco ty-slxtb street, for the tnnasctlon of Important buid neas. Dy order of tbe Execntlve Committee. THIRTEENTH WARD REPUBLICANS. Tbe Republican Club of the Thirteenth Ward w ill hold Ita regular meeting tbla evening at Benz's Hall, at 8 p. m. FIFTEENTH WARD REPUBLICANS. A meeting of the Fifteenth Ward Republican Club wilt be held at the comer of Sophia and Mohawk streets to-morrow evening at 8 o’clock, sharp. All Re publican voters are Invited to attend. FIFTEENTH WARD. A meeting of tbe Fifteenth Ward Republican dtf b will be held this evening at 8 o'clock, southwest cor ner of Sophia and Mohawk streets. A full attendance Is requested, os business of importance Trill be tram* acted. SIXTEENTH WARD. A meeting of tbe Executive Committee of the BlT teentb Ward Republican Club will be held at Moyerti’. corner Blgel and Bodgwlck streets this evening at 8 o'clock. VAL HUH, Prcaldent. SEVENTEENTH WARD REPUBLICANS. The Beventeenth Ward Republican Club will meet this evening at Henry Welland's, No. 537 North Mar ket'll. A full attendance ts requested. By order of the Executive Committee. THOMAS TURNEY. Chairman. AUCTION SALES. By G. P. GOKJB & CO., C 8 and 70 Wabasb-tv. On SATURDAY. May 0. at 9 o’clock, 10 crates W. G. OROOKERT. At 10:30 o’clock, a very largo sole HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Parlor and Chamber Bets, Wardrobes, Marble-Toy Tables, What Not*, Easy Chain, Extension Tables, Walnut Chain and Rocken, Mirrors, Bookcase*, Wal nut Bedstead* and Bureaus. Mattresses, Spring*, Par. lor and Office Books, Showcases, Carpets, Oil Cloth, ho. GEO. P. GORE k CO., GREAT AUCTION TRADE SALE STAPLE AND FANCY* DDK/Y OOOIDS I White Goods, Spring end Sommer Dress Good*. Light-Weight Undtrwear, Floe Table Linen*, n«n^- Two hundred piece* rich Black Alpacas. Elegant custom-made Clothing for Men. Bora, and Youth*. Beautiful line of Saab Ribbons; full Hn* of Hinj burg*. Splendid line of all Wool and Broehe Shawls, Large and varied lines of Mens', Boy*’, and Youth*’ Ualsand Cape. Including Linen and Straw Ooodi. Fancy Caaslmeros, OoUonadea, Jeans, Striped. Check*, Ac. In Carpets, a full line of Colton, Hemp, and Venn* tlan Ooodi. Miscellaneous—Notions, Kid Glove*, Pocket and Table Cutlery, Silverware. Toilet Soaps, Satchel* and Bags, Snspondcrs, Overektrle, Drees Shirts, Hosiery, Flowers, Brushes, Ruffllnga, Ties, Collars, Ao. Sale at V:3O a. u. t TUESDAY. May 9. GEO. P. GORE A CO., Auctioneers, AT ODE AUCTION SALE Of WEDNESDAY, May 10, we shall offer several laras lines of the nest stylos and makes Boots,SUSliprs and 200 LOTS Assorted Goods, to close a BANKRUPT ESTATE. GEO. P. GORB A CO., 68 and 7u Wabtmh-ar. By J2USON, POMKUOST & COl Auctioneers. 8< and 80 Bandolpb-st. SPECIAL SALE FINE WATCHES -A.T A. H. MILLER’S GREAT CLEARING SALES, oi WAanmoTOH-ST., . This Horning at 10 o’clock, This Afternoon at 2:30 o’olook, AM Grand Eyening Sale al 7:30 o’clock When will be offered WATCHES of tha following makers: .Jules Jargons on's celebrated Watches, FULL OnBOWOMET-88, O EBO NO - OEAPH, Split Second, FLY BAOK, Qusr> tor Second. Also, other Quarter and Fifth Second, In Stem and Key. Winders. Full line Chapter's and OaUel's celebrated Watches, and full line of American Watches. ALSO. Rich Jewelry, Silver anfl Platefl Ware, Elc., Elt. The wbole being the stock of one of tb« leading houses of the city. ELISOH, POMEROY A 00., Auctioneers. Mr. J. 1L FRENCH will conduct tha sals. By S. N. FOWtKR & CO., Auctioneers, 274 sod 278 Keel Medlaon-et, THIS DAY. »t 9:30 o'clock, sn unosuellr Urge sad eUrecllrs eeU of new end end second-bead FURNITURE, OontUUng of Oberaber ud Perlor’ Bets. Loanees, Obelrs. TebUe, Crockery. OUes, B. P, end Kitchen Were, being the belenee of tbs nonUals of the Parlner Jclouae Bemeinlng unsold. AT U O'CLOCK we shell offer e wy Urge Ine of OAKPETS. Brussels, Ingrain. 8-Ply. sad KldmiaiUrs. At 11 * fIJM CUBXotf-IUDE BUfIOT. Hew York bolld, win be sold. ICO aof »«« «• ■« choice breads sX tun *** nt " “* B “ w STEEL PENS. 808 SALE BY AliXj DEALERS IK STATIONERY. AUCTION SALES. BUTTEIIS Xco.'SBATODAyTaXiS ' Saturday, May 8,9:30 o'clock, a. to., at thetr salesrooms 118 and 130 Wabaah-ar,, T’TTH.ETIT'UnB, Carpets, Pianos, Itonseliolil Good*, And OENEKAL MEUPnANDIBE. The Entire Furniture DWELLING 430 SIIOHIGAN-AY, AT AUOTIOM', Monday Morning, May 8, at 10 o'olooV. w»t. a. nuTTEua a 00.. AociiocA largo Special Odcrlngof 10,000 Pieces HAMBURG EDGINGS AND INSERTINGS HOmNOHAM LACE CURTAIHB, “ HOITINOEAU OUETADf LACE. „ A FINE LINK OF tfansooka, Victoria Lawns, Plmiao, Dron Linens, Linen Ornah Towols, Table Llnon, Hnndkorohloft, io. A PULL LINE OF Straw Goods in Hats, Shades, &0., ftp Mon'a Boys’, Ladles’, and Alisa os’ WoarT TUI3BDAX MOBNINO, Ma.y O, atOtf o’ol’fc At our Spacious Auction House, Nos. 118 U l2O w*. baab>av., N. E, cor. WM. a. BUTTEItS A CO.. Auctioneers. BUTTERS 4 CO.’S IWGULAB SALE, Wednesflay Morning, May 10, at 9:30 o'cloclc. At 118 and 120 Wabssh-av., N. B. cor. Madison at, ASSORTED GLASSWARE, WHITE GRANITE WARE. ’ In Package, nnd Open, 'lot.. Vella* and Ilcikln,. liam Ware, Plau TaWe Cutlery, oto.; Phaetona, Bug gies, and Harneas. 1 * BUTTERS 4 CO.’S REGULAR TRABB SALE, THURSDAY MORNI/fO, MAY 11, at 9:30 o'clock, at their AncUon Ro-jmn, 119 and 120 Wat»ah-an STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS, MERCHANT BAILOR'S STOCK. 1 OLOTFiINQ, OASSIMERBS. .BURNISHING GOODS. BOOTS. SHOES, &o. By JAS. I’’. McNAyiAISA As CO -117 Wabarfb-av., N. W. corner Madlaon-st, GRAND TRADE SALE OP &;000 OASES BOOTS AND SHOES AT AUCTION. Tuesday Morning, May 9, at 0:30 o'clock, Wo will aull an EXTRA BARGE STOCK of PRIME. BEASO 4 ABLE GOOD 3. c a hu^^rfshoo?, i ffZcoLon3. :LINES ol X,fflM?g ?^oTn , SrTc , 0 U .. K0t , 88017 - JAH. P. MoNamARA _& CO.. Anoiloneers. By J. 1.. ItEKB & CO., Auctioneer, 177 East Msdisoa-et., Room 1, Auction Sale on SATURDAY, Slay ft, at 7 o'clock n. m., at Nca 111 SOUTH lIALBT£D*BT,, w 3 bo sold a large lot of Chromes, Bteol Engravings, French and German Plato BOrrors. The above goods ere of the ttneat and beat selected stock that has ever been offered. In this cjty. A raro opportanlly Is now °??. r *V° Pities desiring to select a choice collection of the finest Chromes, Htecl Engravhigi, and Mirrors for their homes at a very low figure, »s these good* must and will bo sold wllhont reserve for the next few days. J.L. REED k CO.. Anctlonrcra, 177 Madlaon-st. NEW PUBLICATIONS. MUSIC BOOKS. Centennial ColMlon of National Songs, In hoard*, BOcts.j in paper, 40 cts. A truly elegant and attractive collection of the Patriotic Bong* of ah nations, amuned for 8010 or Chorus Binging, and especially fitted to Hie celebrations of thla year. Living Waters, . W eta. By D. F, Hodge*. No better book of thl kind has over appeared. For Conferences, Praise. Meetings, Prayer-Meetings, Oamp-MooUngs, etc Hynma and moslo all In perfect tssto, and of ahJgh Dictionary of Musical Information. $1.25. The only Musical Dictionary, and a meet convenient book of reference. Shining Eiver. 88 cts. This charming Sabbath-School Song-Book H received with groat favor, and Is worthy of universal adoption. High School Choir, _.®*« a 1? ttse in Academics, Seminaries, and nigh Schools, Muilo In two, three, ond four porta. The People’s Chorus Book, 11. Boob glee or chorus Is a gem, and as a coltectiei •pi glees la quite equal to anything of tho kind that las appeared. Any book sent, post-paid, for retail price. 'OLIVER DITSON & 00., Boston. LYON & HUtT.y, Ohlongo. PROPOSALS. Proposals for u. a. oui tom>llouta and I’oat-Uftioo at Chicago, Illinois. Office of (Superintendent U. M, Caitoni*lionte md> _ , rVit-Urtlc*. Chicago, Illinuls, 4Uyi. 1878. f Sealed Pnipo#*!* will he received at this oface until U m. of the l&lh day of May, 1876, for furolihing and do* llToringatitie alio of tbu Dulled (Halo* Uualom.Uoiua and Poal'Offico, Chicago. Illinois, one million, more ot I®* l * hard-burned brtpki*, sound ami free from llmenon". of (be boat auallty lakon from tho heart of the kiln, N« aaluion, eoft. o: defective brick* of any kind will 'j on >l celved, and a sample of brick must be submitted with oaoh uroootal. **"*“ Dellfery must be made at auob time*, and In such gnanUtloi, as may be deemed ueeoasary by it# Super* All bids xauit be made on the printed forgo to bo ob. tallied on application at, this office, and unA beaoeotn* -pealed by a wool bond of two rotponalble la tfa* sum of two tniwaand (S3.OW) dollar*. that Vno bidder will accept aud pirfurm Uu contract 11 awarded him. or In the Unlied Mates should to dotir/i will execute « contract In accordance, with the term* ul tbit advertlro *“*> bla p:opoaal, and lire auen security for the faithful parfirmanoo thereof as ahall be deemed aativ factory to the Untied States, the auffirieney of the aeouiL jf. *5 W? n“2 *2 ho certified to t/y thoU. 8, Judge. otihe U. 8. Court, ortbeDl/ariot Attorney of mi District In which the bidder rmldea, ' be made monthly, dedusting ten per coal ■ntii the final completion of the contract, 1,10 rl ' h ‘. *« ‘•elect any or all »lda, tl Übederemod in tbe lnie-ieatof tho Government to W obtain the brick*, required from more than •one bidder. Proposal! moat beenolpjed lm sealed envelopes. e»> ■doraed. ‘•Proyoeali for Brick* Tor the United hutov SMiT “ d P “ t</m “4n L » B l) l fflo.*“ < ‘ Superintendent. Coustructloii of LMrloj station Booses. IS7' L for tha conotruptlon of Lifesaving Station Houaoa al tbe, J. , one at a ulaeeaorta uljee weet of Vermillion J *olnl, one at Two Heart Hirer. • r AS O * P U KJ 1 IS?• fit to tha But* of Michigan. Bids will bo receive/, for one, several. ur allot the a aove-aseoUooed hona«|. and bidders mutt atato tho nuia - 11 ‘‘■■wA'tfJkK 4 u» taunts. Si,/will ‘“U*. 8.c,.Ur,011b.T..u. 4 I .’ n4 O t LITOLKI. .1 IT, .1 i, •* ln 1 0d at tho office* of tno Collooloca Port Huron, Orandllavea. end I L, and Milwaukee, Wia., also upon applLj Don to tula Department. ellblda, or to waive defect*. U U twwtmdT letemaUof the Government lode to. J?* BRISTOW, Secretary., _y»®**- u *yP*partment, Waahlngtoo. D. 0.. Aprilan,l"TA TO BENT. Dtsini Oitti TO KENT I IN THH TftIBDNE BUILDING. I njQoißß or /WILLIAM 0. DOW, 10. Tribune Building.

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