Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 7, 1876, Page 12

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 7, 1876 Page 12
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10 r ANTED—MAEEJaEEE.— w. -tSOoU*e,9«l , 3' ClorflS.&O- . ... fn tSra-.C'SCXXD.'SATIAS DRUG ‘ CREEK. >Y Address BIS, Tribnaeoffice. ’ oB&BROI.ERK,. OSE.THOB- W nn g b> aipshenccd parcel _Addrofs,, gUting«fer. , m^ it tod salary eTpeetcd.F92.Tribnae ofSea. VfT £IRST-CLaSS paY-GOODB SALES* be * soother, neoflSpiiSjv- C*U *morales *t 718 South lUliied-su, •omeriishtaeath. . ‘ '_ . •irgTjL vtkD—DMJQ CLEIIK* OKS THAT OAK W A Tribal oftce.~ WA^ED^TIRS^CLa’PS EXPERIENCED SHIRT \V ealeman lo jK*el: D*-Or l»nt well-rccommendcd J^UeTl£d“p&. BUßSttAlfi * PADDOCK. I£3 &oatb C)irk-at- WANTEI>— AT JB7 BLUE. ISL4.ND-AV.--2 FEEST- Mleusea; aUo & non® tool WtU atpaneacod neod call; matt Also epe&k Go ram. antkd-you.vgalan with some expicbi. • enoeia bookkeeping; must bo generally useful; ragaesmall. Address, ceierence. and «Ages # Bf r Tribune office. WASTKD— TWO ORDER CLERKS IN THE OBp. . cety brmnt« s ; must bare long experience la the city ;n» other nes*d apply; West Side preferred. J. It., VAg BUSES. Ea£a*tL*ke-«t. Traoea* TTAZTOSD-A FIRST-CLASS carriage painter «I andunisber Immediately; stating wages and refer* euce;to agood baud a good yoo will be giroa. Address J.W. BR/WN, Polo. Xil. - ' TITANTIO—A GOOD MAN TO RUN A SHAPER. VV onawtounderstands his business: no buncl^nead apply, Sbenrood School Furniture Company, 199 and 201 Wabash-af, . TIfANTED—FIRST-CLASS CARRIAGE FAINTER tr at76otub763Michigan-ar. ; TirANTKD—A GOOD WAGON WOOD.WORXMAN, VV used to country shop work; good wanes. Cau for r .^m,i.r. tn S. P. KIMBARE, n 4 Micbigan-aw, rtf ANTED-A SHOEMAKER TO CUT. FIT. AND Vf bottom sewed boots, none but a good workman need appl*' 3SI - w a *CT£D—A LIMITED NUMBER OF GOOD VAR W . nlabembt oil finishers can find employment oa Idblnet wurk. either by tbs day or piece, by immediate application 1 so' the Indiana Manufacturing Company, Fern, ind. .. - _ rrraNTKD—SIX GOOD HOUSE PAINTERS. CALL VV on Monday morning ready for work at the corner of Fiftieth's*- and Hyde Park-ar.; no fshoamaker* or sail ers wanted. E.DuYLE. T^ANTED—CABINETMAKERS AND FINISHERS VT % .at. Lba aewiag-xnachine case factory at- Grand trotalag! . ■ ON PLATED SIL- W venrerp; steady work. 19 and 31 North Clinton. F. BREXISUBINDEH. ■ lirANTBD-A YOWG MAN ABOUT 16 YEARS YY old ambiUona to learn tho watchmakingtradjr. Ap ply at 1(XB WeatMaduoa-at. . ■ WAMTKD-A GOOD CUSTOM COAT AND PASTS maker to co to tbo' country. Apply at fcS Waba&b it„ op-Btalt»« petweea 9 and II a» m. to-day. W~ ' ANTKD-A CARRIAGE PAINTER. . INQUIRE at 1408 South Etato-st. Inm 9 to II o'clock ilonday poraing. TTrANTED-A FIR3T-OLASS. ‘ BLACKSMITH'S Vi -fiol*bcr*tcarriace»bos>4lß West Lake-tt.; steady employment. 0. feTUNE. . tVANTED-CAERIAGK * PAINTER, TRIMMER, ■¥l. and stitcher. -S3 West Lake-«t. • . . .. TIfANTKD—A BLACKSMITH TO DO LIGHT IV welding, or will bevsetof tool#, inclading portable forge and anvil. Address 814, Tribune office. T\r A NTED-PAINTERS AND OALCIMINERS. YV Highest wages paid for good men. InquirwatKoom -4S Major Block, corner Madison and LaSailo-sts., at 9 o'clotc Monday morning. - - TX7ANTED—A GOOD TAILOR TO MAKE AND 1 1 trhn rhin mod soft cheap for cash. State price, C 60. Tribune office. . , WAN TED-THREE GOOD PAINTERS,. CAIA, Monday morning' at Ittti West Madiaan-st. J. S. LINDSAY. - TITANTED—CARPENTERS. GENTLEMEN WITH Vv good references, to contract at Winoetka. MEALS I CO.. Reaper blocks corner Clark and >Va»hlngtoa-tfa. WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS JOINER TO MAKE picture-frames, at34B>s Stalest. • WANTED PAINTERS AND CALOUIINEUS. V* Call at shop 305 South Halsted-iL, Monday morning itl o'clock sharp. ROWE A PROSSER. IT7ANTED—SIX~GObo PAINTERS. APPLY-TO VV morrow morning at SB Tnenty-Sfth-st. T. U. XMITH. - CT7 - ANTED-PLASTER RRS, CORNICE HANDS, VV corner Irving and Jackson-sta. , fIfANTED—PAINTERS AND CALCIMZNCRS. S. VY o. M. CANTY, S 6 Wert Madison-#!. TTfANTED—GOOD CARVER DDT. APPLY AT W 153 Michigan-ar. KELLY A GRAHAM. ANTED—UPHOLSTERER, WANTED-S OR 4 PAINTERS AND CALCIMIN era. Inquire in chop rear 113 Bast Madiwo-st,, Mon -s»y rooming at 7 o'clock sharp. N. K, MART IN.; TSTANTED—AN ENGINEER; MUST BE A ITRST- Yi cldss man. Address, giving reference and salary sxpectod,- U si, Tribanp officc. . TTf ANTEDD—A SECOND HAND ON BREAD. 891 VY Stateau* * Want ed-Carriage painters at is. twen- ty-aixth-Et. ’ TIT PAINTERS AT 272 NORTH «T Clark-el. WfANTKD-PHONOORAPHRR, LADY j OB GHN- Yr tieman, irith saaß cspitaL Address JS Trlbone office' • V\T A >' TED -’’ —*NTY MEN THIS MORNING TO VV work on fence • 2ase-Ball Grounds, corner Tacnty- Ihlrd and Stato-sts. X\T ANTED-CARRIA OE BLACKSMITH’S FINISH «Y cr.-togointfaeeoontry. Call between9and 12 to day. 169 South Do»plaines-st. - TS7 ANTED—THREE TAILORS AT JANESVChLIt. VV Wis.; steady work7‘Apply to SONNEBORNE <t MAY, of Ibtj.aboro'plaoo, or GEO, TYSON, 19S West Msdihon-st., city. Coc-cbmon. XcamsTors. dCo- T\TANTED-A COACHMAN EMPLOYED ON WET3T ft Side-who bar a Itttlo leisure each day, and and er staads cbe care of a tirtt-clasa bone cud Cj tike cars of ooe near comer Van li area-at. ana Gcntre-iv. Call before 9 a, m. at Room 13,133 LaSalle-st. rrrAKTED-A FIRST-CLASS COACHMAN WITH t r city reference at 48 Calumct-aT. Call Son lay or Monday morning at 10 o’clock. £mpldvaest Asreneies.* TIT ANTED—IO FARM HANDS. 10 STONE QTTARRY » r men.s stw-mlll baud*, and 20 mi’road turn; free fare: 3ANDREW G. RING •WANTED-ftO RAILROAD LABORERS- FOB ft lowa and Illinois, 5u for quartywark, 2S furhnu. taw-mili*, etc. R. i\ CHRISTIAN. 141 South Maner-st. TITANTED—SOO LABORERS FOR IOWA; 100 VV fur Illinois. 50 quarry-men, 50 coal-mlarm, free fare: also farm hands, at S 3 west Randotpu--it. J. IL SPERBECK A Co„ successors to C, V. Snn’il .k Co. - ■ Miacollaneona- TTTANT ED—AGENTS TO SELL THE PATENT W - Flowing Mnrtlage Bottle. FRANKLIN MUCIL AGE CO., 336 Wabasb-av., nadcr Mattoaoo Ifc nse. WANTED-ANY HUMAN BRING WITH’ BRAINS can make *SOO a month selling our letter copying book. Any one that baa a letter to write will buy it. No press or water used. Send for circular. EXCELSIOR CO., 16 Tribnhe Bofldfag. T\T ANT ED—AGENTS IN EVERY TOWN IN THE V V West to sell our C. U. D. clocks on con onission: we slier then; at half their value, and good stlrr ing men can make, money handling them: every one warranted. Ad irw»or call for particulars, and 186 Sts toot. A. J. NUTTING, C. O. D. Ciothler. WAIfTED— A COMPETENT PART?’ THAT- IS thoroughly posted in sash, doors, lumlfer, etc., and Is well acquainted with the trade in this and adjoining States, to take charge o{ a store and offic ein thU city. To the right part; a good chance la offer*-d. Address, giving real name, references, experience, etc., OST.Trjh. one office. '-AlftEO-A r.STTK-T— - fftTAIftED-A LAT7.VDRY MAS OP GOOD AD. V V dress who understand! hi! basin ess. Call &t Zolino office; 121 latest. T»TAI«TKD-AN EXPERIENCED CANVASSER TO ir handle '/ana machinery, Jrom aWiicoaejncitj. Address, with reference, and mention salary expected, K 66, Tribune office. smart boy •to set- up ten if pins, atlglnndU3 Dearborn-st. . . \TTANTED-A FEW SALESMEN, TRAVELING ▼T' with : othfer coeds, to trko orders for a staple article, liberal commission* paid. - Call at 3M Doarbom-st. . . BOY 15 OR 16YEARS OLD. 366 CAE- TITANTED-A YOUNG MAN ABOUT 18 YEARS OF it age, must 'be a good penman; salary moderate. Address LP S, 69 State-st. . WANTfiD-EXPEREENCE SALESMEN, EITHER V* - gents or ladies, to solicit orders lor an entirely sew article:something indispensable in every household. Call at IftiWest Wsahuigton-st, • * T\TANTED-AN EXPERIENCED 'MAN TO WORK IT -,.4 or 5 acres of land on shares. Apply at the Granger Hotel, corner Milwaukee and Weatern-ava. TTTANTED—TWO FIRST-CLASS* SOLICITORS, n Apply at Room SO. Is 3 FUth-av. . . - *TJrrAXTED-TF.N GOOD MEN TO WORK OX ICE r »i *■«»*:*i?s , eincnprcforred. Call Monday 6 o'clock r. a. SWKIt A CROUCH, 'comer of' Grove and , Llaeteeth-nc. WANTED—FOUR FIKST-CLaSS BOOK- CAN. ■A' »O“Uj toloriM »la bo wU. S. E. AIIDKEWSf cit|* - » : Ty ANTED-CANVASSERS AND AGFATS gvwwy , Tf. .where to sell the star caster for sowine-machines: evils rapidlyacd pays well. STAR CASTER COMPANY. Jk>qo>a.iO Staten t. . , . , * ANXED-jAQENTS lOR.CITY AND SUBURBS: it Good thing. Call at Book Store of GEU. W. SILSBY A CO., ■■‘"jT; - TTAIiTED-A. FEW. GOOD LABORERS; CON: *T staot employment. Will payhaUcaab'andbalf In a lot for a bone. Inquire of W. I*. SAMPSON, near Aah laod*vraaffA»ty.diTnl«^__ TIT ANTED—CANVASSERS, JIAXJLAND FEMALE ¥f ■—to-eeUnoedles, chromos. stereoscopicTlewi-photo ■nphit transparencies, novelties, etc., etc. The largest •lockandJowsstprtcesiathe■country. CalFand see or •eod for catalogue. C. M, LtNINGXON. 45 'and 47 Jack* aoa-st., Chicago. . . . TO AKTBD-BOY THAT HAS WORKED AT THE tinner’s trade. Call Monday morning at 8 o’clock. .13 Jackson >«t. -•* • - - . -•- WANTEO-MAJC WITH-SMALL CAPITAL TO * i travel with a first-clas* enfcrtalamsct, summer Mason. Apply at once, R. M. BATES, 153 West Raa ttolph-st., Room 8. . . • WAKTEO-SAI.ESHRXHAVIXG HAD * EXPERT- V*. eac# on tbo rood, to sell ab article required bj all wholesale andiobblnx merchants, and monafseinrera; icoa city references re enured for lateirrity and business pulificatfon. f fit, Trffatmeofflce.- TITAJCTJCD-FIVE AGENTS FOR INDIANA. IOWA. MadWlaeoacm, tosell at wholesale, bait brtlcld In market; food salesmen who have ready cash, to Kd§l»ackS£ < co.“ ‘ Sort “ Ctalk -“- Th ° RICH - TyANTED—CANVASSERS TO SELL THE BEST TV Centennial article in Chicago lor the'comlng three pontha. . Call Monday and Tueiaay at Sls W abash-ar. TTTANTKD-A' MAN WITH Wtoi IN UGHT, RE TT spectacle -batintsts. . Address&Q. Tribune offloe. TWANTfiD-FOUS. CANVASSERS TO SELL THE Yf: PeerlenWrUceraad Star Hating Machine eo In y*»»meota.. Apply at <33 VTeas Madlson-at. . VTTANTED-2FIESTCLASSCANVASSKES. APPLY W to WILSON A SUTHERLAND, brick building, m rearoflS pa-court, Monday. WANTED— A - GOOD . MAN WHO, CAN LOAN bUaaplOT«rS<POi«4sofi. X wlli sire,a coodtlUia-'<l aattiTacUnagoataaterd. CaUaUiHbiaU-st. WANTED—MADE tt ,ILP. - MisceUaucons—Coati: 3 men. . , SUM 1 ITH SSCAt.!. VT capital for *' permanent, InciTtira, sad honorable boii&eu tbfcC ia iujlnff aamall »«n3r.ol.«»entat7oper w«ok. ; If we catmotprodnco the btatMiUe* erticlo ana convince live tnoa mat wo bart the boot pi* J a for tpaing % wo will forfeit SIOO for trouble o! incw-U» tlnr. *1 «*jn plet fro# tor trial to men who mean buaiooo*. Bax * . CO., CaicAtfO., DU -■ ■ _____ _ ■ W-AJiTED - COMMERCIAL. TRaYKLERS JW HO ?» Are selling good® oa th® road, to Ls xroduce aoino thin* now. Addreiß HS 3, Tnbt mu office. . " TV AKTED-i OR -I BOFS US E 0 TO FU uLIJfG HARO IT wood; at new buiidlag curve v Van Uuren-it. and m *‘‘' IT. _ MtohigxnjK ANTED MAN AND WIFE TC» WORK ON nUcdueudV. Be•*Pinlener, ibsu oook,w»ih- Itoom 2.0 R» jdclph-Bt- cr, and tamer. H 7 AM-LD—AN ACTIVE, INTELLKtKNT YOUNG VV man to act as outdoor salesman la ran established firm. Address L 48, Tribune office. WANTKD-A GENT TO ASSIST ME IS THE SALK W of .p.teat article, lor which I h«« . a cpace ln the Contenalal at Philadelphia; i ir I wlUapU the rlsht to Bell In the Centennial. Tner.cs hbe mtde a tertuno m the neat six month* to come. CtU or add-cets MABY A. BROWNK, Sal West Ms dison-st-. Room .11. Chicago. 111. fI'rAKTHD—EDITOB*>—POSITIONS JiRE OPEN ON VV a new first-claw woekSy newspapers must be good writers; one assistant otlitox, the othnr critic.: Adores* D 46. Tribune office. •_ ; • anted-a youno man ABOUT 18 years OLD to take care of bone and collect: state wages ex* posted. Winding board. Address JJ 77, Tribune office. TQ HELL CENTENNIAL NOYEL VV ty tool, perfnme shells. chrotnos. *o. American Novelty lat ,Madisoa-ai..Rooml9. . fUANTAD-CANVAtSEIW TO, OANVASS ST. Vr Loulsand Cincinnati. also nearly 1 lalfthe counties in Illinois V’sconsin, . Missouri, lowa -and Minnesota. Address, with stamps, N.WSON BROTHERS, 212 and 214 gffte-st., Chicago WANTED—TRAVELING SALESMEN, : RKPRE tV sentlog the drug pr hoot and shoe trade, to sell on commission: none but fi men a jjply 12 and 3 o’clock. OIIVBL HOLDEN 4 ICO., 187 and 189 Ea*t TITANTF-P—MRN~ GUT OF EMPLOYMENT CAN V| .toaksrsoney with the most nsesnl article out, must hive It In etrtj hone,*. Agent, ate doulgweU. JI’COY * G ANSON. »• Souu'Clwh-et. ' ’WTa.KTED—A ITBt’T-CLASS CANVASSER FOR Vf an established house; will; pay good r wmt come well recommended. Ad dress CARPET. Tribune office. ~ W r ANTED—THIS MORNING, 20 GOOD, earnest laboring me. *» to remora the brick of the fallen wall at the Osborna \> arohouse, ooper Moixan-at, and Bnrllagton Railroad. Ct prepared for work. W~ ‘ ANTED—CANVASSERS AND AGENTS TO SELL ererywhere a’new sewi ng-macolae attachment; bf* money in It, Samples sent ua receipt of sdcemu. Address or call on tho MANUFACTURING CO., 126 Dearborn-st. ' TV ANTED—ACTIVE, ENERGb'TIO MAN: SMALL \ 1 captt*l; rare cliinc* for ri#btp AddreaiJtlß4, "‘'naolßce. ■ Tritwmi ViriNTED-MALK, AKD kemaxa* agents .fob it tbeQC. It is wanted ia every laaw, hotel, s tore, etc. 175 South CUrk-*t., Room 11. TTf OB THREE INTELLIGENT! fKN YV of good address, to canvass the city fo>~ apArtic le in general use. Profits large to man of the right sort. Ad* firm C 44, .Tribnce office. - VirANTED—TO COMMUNICATE WITH iv traveling saletman io the United State I. Also, wonted, a good man to' job a new line in tbo city. Ad* dies# D 83, Tribune office. \IT ANTED—II YOUNG MEN TO LEARN ACTING, YY singing, and all kinds of dancing; Private lessons in boxing. Office hours. 9a.m. to 10 p. m, LYNCH A ■TARSUNS, Room IS, .164 East Raodolph-st. WANTEB—FEMALE HEEFe Domestics- WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS COOK. GERMAN IT preferred. 48Calumet-av.. corner Tvrentj-fitat-st. WANTED-A reliable svvedk seoond >r girl. Apply at G. A. SPRINGER'S, Prahie-av. and Talrty-nintb-st. WANTED-A GERMAN GIRL TO DO WASHING, ironing, and cooking in a small private family. 196 North Dearborn-st. \\T ANTED—A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL IV housework. Apply at 1166 Pralrie-av. T\fANTED-TWO GOOD. STEADY NORWEGIAN if or German girls to go to Evanston: oneforgenoral housework: must bo a good-washerandlroner: one to take cars of children, sew. and make herself useful. Ap ply at 4uand 43-Kiver-st., city. T\f ANTED—GOOD GIRL. MUST BE A GOOD 11 cook and laundress. 52 Sooth Pebrla-st. WANT COMPCTENT~STEjj>Y GIRL, FOR Vi general housework. < Most bo.a good cook, washer, and ironer. Apply at IC3O Mlchigan-ay. WANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL - FOR GKN era! housework, German or Norwegian. 763 West Monroc-et. AT 970 WABASH- WANTED-GOOD SWEDE GIRL TO COOK. TT wash, and Iron. Beat reference required. 1193 In dlaoa-av. WANTf.D-A GIRL TO COOK AND DO GENERAL I T housework at, 4i Oak-av., Cottage Grove. W/’ANTED—GIRL THOROUGHLY COMPETENT. IV willing to go into a suburban village; well recom mended. Apply Monday; 9to 16200 r 120 to 3, Room 1, 215 State-st, TXfANTED-A GOOD SWEDE, DANISH, OR GKR IT man girl to do general housework, 1 ‘ Inquire Sunday and Monday, 138 West Monroo-et. TXT ANT ED—A GERMAN OR SCANDINAVIAN TI cook; small f irmly. Apply Monday. 597 Michigan-av. WANTED-A GOOD SRRVANT~GIRL _ IN FAM ily of fonr. Call at 109 Sonth Leaviit-at-, sooth of Msdlson. WANTED-A IGIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE -11 work in a small family. Good reference required. Apply at once at 423 West Randolpb-sL XXTANTED-AN EXPERIENCED. GIRL TO DO TV general housework: must bo a good coot, washer. and ironer. Apply on Monday at 46 Sooth May-at.~ . GIRL TO DO HOUSE. V V* work in a small family; Swede or German preferred. Apply at 27U Warrea-av. T\T ANT EL»-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE tf work at 41 South Curiia-st.; must come with good - reference. WANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL WORK, Apply at 336 South Halsted-at., third T7TANTED—A COMPETENT GIRL FOR GENERAL « Y housework in a small family. 1474 Wabash-av., near Twenty-c Ightfa-Bt. WANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL FOR SECOND If work,p3aia •ewiny.aod cam of children. Refer enecs required. MRS. rOLLANSBEE, near northeast comer laai&na-ar. and Forty -hrst-gt. WANTED-A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT GIRL f f to do general housework: none other noed apply. Call Monday roomlnea* 303 Chostnut-ot.; between Clark and Dearborn, North Side. \IT ANTED—A COMPETENT GIRL FOR GENERAL V V housework. References required. Call on Monday. No Irish need apply. No. 729 West Adams-st. WANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE work. Apply on Sunday morning at No. 340 War ren-av. + XX7ANTED-COOK, WASHER, AND IRONER AT VV 121 SouthSaugamon-st. Also, girl 12 to 15years old to assist generally. WANTED -AT 6 CALUMET-AV., A FIRST-CLASS .-.laundress; one who is willing to assist In the kitchen. TATANTED-A GIRL FOB SECOND-WORK AND V V waiting on table; $2 per week. 499 Wabash-ar.* TWANTED-A" GOOD COOK, WASHER. AND TV ironer in a family of two: most have good references. Apply Monday 13S8 Pralrie-av. . . . TITANTED'—A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOTJSE i V . work in a family of fonr. Apply at 5Q Socley-av.. 'VTTAKTED—A GIRL (SWEDE, NORWEGIAN, OR rr German preferred) to da cooking, washing, sad Iroatog.' Apply at 373 WoatMoproe-et. WANTED— AT 277 EAST INDIANA-ST., GIRL TO do chamber work and wash and Iron. Call after 10 a. m. and prepared to stay. TXTANTKD-SU MICHIGAN-AV.. A GOOD UIRL V T for general homework; German or Norwegian, ANTED—A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL VT housework- Apply at IWS.Moaroo-jt., just west of "Weatetn-aT.' WAKIED-A GOOD COOK FOR GENERAL »T housework at 51 A.-hlaod-aV. WANTED—A- GOOD PLAIN COOK FOB FIRST n class boardlng-honso: also a girl to assist in second work, with washing and ironing: come ready for work. 224 South Haltted-st. W ANTED—FIBST*CIiASS COOK AT *7l EAST MmdUon-st. - Yy ANTED-GIRL AT 51 NORTH OARPENTEB-ST. WANTED— A. GERMAN GIRL IN A SMALL family.' <29 Miehlgan-ar. TI7ANTED—GIRL- TO DO GENERAL HOUSE. it work in family of three. Call to-day. 83SMaduon> st. WANTED—A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE tt work lo a email family at No. 229 South Hoyne-st. \\T ANTED—S£3 INDIANA-AV.. A COMPETENT n fflrl fog second work. . • TITAX TED—A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL it bemtework in a small family. Apply at Ko. 593 Webrtcr-ar., one-half block wen of Lincoin-av. T\fANTEDi-A- GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE- I t work in a un&U family, at 182 North May-eU, down stairs. WA.VTED-GIRL TO DO SECOND-WORK. AND it wash; andiron, m3soMichigan aT.;goodwages, - WANTED— A' COOK. IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. 233 North LaSalle-st. • \yANTED—A GIRL TO DO .GENERAL HODSK- Vt work. In a family of font; no children. Apply at 953 West Adams-st. ANTED—A WOMAN TO COOK. WASH, AND Iron. Apply after 8 o’clock. at 905 Mfchfgaa-av. WANTED— AX EXPERIENCED COOK.WASHER, . and irooer, for small private family in lUveoswodd. twenty nunutea’ run (from welli-Bt. depot) by Northwest ern cars. Call at SI and 53 Laijalle-st>, la'basement. or addreaa D. P. BROWN, Rareoewood, ill. WANTED— A GOOD. SMART GIRL, TO DO GKN* eral housework at No. IIS Pralrie-aT, TSTANTED—A GIRL; ONE WHO IS A GOOD COOK. ,* ' ApfiU’ at 4SQ Fulton-st. TIfANTKD-A YOUNG GIRL IN A SMALLFAmTIy'- » neat and clean; references required. Ap ply at 3<a West Congrcss-st. Tir ANTED—A GOOD GIRL TO COOK AND DO fr general housework: good wages.. 1378 Pralrle-ar. wanted-geuman or swede SERVANT f> gui for general housework. Inqnlre at 419 Warren-ar. j? R GENERAL HOUSE- T» worts at SSt W Pit Randolph-st. WANTED-GOOD KITCHEN GIRL IN SMaI I rrcl • oc ° nd tfrifckapt. Inquire atluoi VITANTEP-A YOUNG WOMAN WITHOUT INCDM Tl branee to assist In boneeworktoid sewing; will receive some wages’and a rood borne, sad botrcaledlikßonVitt the family. Call at 859 West Polk-«t. oae »a ANTED—A GERMAN OB" SWEDISH GIRL TO eooV. rah, ud iron for f»mUjot three :SS« ire competent and hare references; wages, $3. igf Twenty! FIKST-ChASS COOK FOK FIRST : JT .lots bo^dlos-booi.; most thoronshlTnnaoreSml her business. - Apply, after 10 a. m., at 1009 Wa^—h-tr” 1 WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS' COOK. Washp»‘ aodironot; Streduh preferred. ApplVklßl cijo ,®’ (worth blot). • YVANT^D-A. GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL la a small family. Apply at ISS East THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE; SUNDAY. MAY 7, 1876-SIXTEEN PAGES. Domesticsr-Caiitizmcd. XJtfA \XTKD~AJPnoTes TAtfT Gltiu .AMERICA!?' VV m ajfudd pli\n cook, and Understands cuicalb « perto&neat par week wilfbe ei?ea. Call MOX atgg Fultoa-et., mead door letm Hood, nrixix w vuivatb Fa-milt to VV MSUt\ w^.*£° n “|7 ant l chamberwork. Wage?, JU. CellMoncUr and Taotday mow jags at 15 WUtoaplace. formerly WbK ■HfANTED-A GEI!MA.V, :fEJ;.\OH, OB SWEDISH, if girl todoat' o^**®^ aera!.hou«aworkia* farollj of/our, Afait bo* • cood coo r.JSo washing. Kc/crenco required. Call Mondayatllgpark.av. ■. ' TITANTED--AT a?' NOTif a A W fir*t-cla*a’ dlntoX-roc ta girl. Come prepared to u with refarv'oce. . . work. lAT ANTED-A 000? UTTCHEN OHO. WHO CAN Tr cook and irou wuil. No washing. None but» com petent* willing girl .need apply. Call at 713 West Mon roe-st. WANTED— A GtlOp GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework. App Vat 61 Iforest-av. - Tl/' ANTED—A GOOi> G77.iL TOR GENERAL TV housework. In a fan'Tly *of two.-743 Madlsoa-st. First floor flat. JRefereoec* required. WANTED— A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework. Apply Z foaday from 9 to 3, 774 West Monroe-st. TVT ANTED—AGOOD S ETJtVANT GIRL IN A SMALL Tr family. Referencoei squired. Call at IS3 Centre-ay. WANTED-TWO MO; 18. GOOD DINING-ROOM girls, and an expert? need cook, at Lakeside Hall. Evanston. Inquire at 100 Waahington-st., Monday at U o’clock a. m. _ . WANTED-A COUPE: ?I£NT GIRL FOR GENERAL 1 V housework in family .if two. Bring reference to 99 Flonmoy-st. %tTANTED—A GOOD S TKADY GIRL IN A SMALL T f family. Mast be a g sod cook, washer and inner. With reference- Apply at' 172 Egao-av., Monday. WANTED-AT 1482 P RAIRIE-AV.. GOOD GIRL for general housewori c ■ : ' • WANTED-AT 307 Tl IIRTY-SBVEKTH-ST. (WA pansob-at.), a comtx ttent girl; must bo a good cook, washer, and ironer. and at tvo good reference; good wages paid. Apply Monday and TnoaCay before noon. • - .. . W ANTED-A GIRL 110 DO GENERAL HOUSE, work in a small family; German preferred. Apply 1378 Indiana*?. wf ANTED-A GOOD. 1 iKSPECTABLE QIRLTO DO Vf general housework, who can give good references -603 West Wasbington-et. WANTED— A GIKL FOR HOUSEWORK. 19IBLUJ Island-aw. - ■ TTfANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL vf houseworlr fa ortnUe family; references required. Apply at £9l Calnmet-ar. - W ANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework. Inquire at 166 Thlrty-n inth-st. . WANTED-A GOCWD GIRL FOR GENERAL YY homework; smlllamfly. Inquire at 144 Egan-ar. WANTED— A GtfIUIAN. SWEDE, OR NOR wecianjctrltodOKeioeral hogsovrork; rood wages, pleasant home, etc. .kppEy Monday at 131 Wabash-a r. WANTED— AT DUCH ARSIE HOUSE, NO. 70 AND 72 Randolph*st., c*na kitchen girl and one scrub girl. Call at 10 a. m. this usy. 4 TITANTED—A FIRST-CLASS GIRL TO DO GEN* « V eral housework foe family of three; Gorman or Nor wegian preferred. Call Voaday at 318 west. Washington. WANTED-A GOOD **3IRL .TO. DO GENERAL housework in family of throe at 518 C&lumot-av., near Thirty-gecopd-su pros tee tan t preferred. -- , WANTED-A GOOD Glftl * FORGENERAL HOUSK work in a small family. Apply-oa Monday to MRS. WILLETS.' Forty-txntr-sC., between Stote-st. and Wa bash-sv. . \ArANT-EI>—FIRST-0 LASS. COOK: ALSO SECOND TT girl and young none girl. Apply at onco or Monday to 83 Calume(-av. "WANTED-A GOOD:GIRL FOR LIGHT HOU6E VY work at 619 West La’.e-at., ap-»taira. TU"ANT ITt)—GIRL TO DO GENERA)!, HOUSE: Vi work in a family of two. Call at No. 61CL third floor. North Clarkst. WANTED— A CAPABLE, TIDY CTRL TO DO general housework; must be- a good cook, washer, and ironcr; no children, and Louse with til modern con veniences. Apply at once at 75 Tbirty-thli.d-st; WANTED— GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK; family of two: Protestant pmforred. 568 Fnlton-st. I\T ANTED—A GIRL TO DO HOUSEWORK IN A TT small family, at 173 Walnnt-ttt. ... \ST ANTED—A • GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL YV housework In a small private family, near the city. Api ily at Room 6, 144 Dearborn-st. Tir.ANTRD-A GOOD- GIRL FOB GENERAL Yf .housework. Apply at 111 Walaut-st. WANTED— A GOOD GIRL TO COOK, WASH. AND ft on. Apply at 318 West Waahlngtc n-st. TITAN TED—AN EXPERIENCED DINING-ROOM >T gin - Apply immediately. 25 East Harrisbn-st; rrTANT* T *D-A COMPETENT GIRL FUR GENERAL Vv hons* work. References required. II Contre-av. TI7 ANTEfi—AT 385 WKbT RANDOLPH-ST. ONE VVfirst-cli as dining room girl; one than will stay. WANTED- -A CAPABLE GERMAN GIRL TO DO general h maework. Apply at 308 West Jackson-et. WANTED-A CO3JPKTENT GIRL TO COOK Y T wash, and ii •on- Rclereuce veguirei 1. 280 Ohlo-st. WANTF.D-A OOOD GIRL ATNOI H 4 ONTARIO st., NorthSU*o. .YOUNq t . PROTESTANT GIRL. tt good-tempored and willing to do general homework for a small family. A 457 Voroon-av., near Dong las-place. ’ WANTED-FIRST-C’LASS GERMAN COOK IN A family of two; only sneh need apply.' Good wages paid. Call at Boom U 9 *Jrand Paemc Hotel, from 9to lo or from 1 to 3. TirANTED-A GOOD Gh RMAN GIRL TO GO TO 11 Lawndale (6 miles) to care of children. Apply at once at 1455 Pralrie-av. • TTTA NTED—IMMEDI aTRLV' ONE GOOD LAUN TT dreta and cook at 1703 Wabath-av. N. B.—Nobouse cleaning to be done. WANTED —A SECOND GIRL TO 1)0 DINING* room and chamber work: German or Scandinavian • preferred., U South Carpontor-st; • WANTED A FIRST-CLASS LAUNDRY GTRLONR to help wait on table. Inquire at 1005 Wabash-av. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework at 166 West Harrisomet, Gallon Mon day. . VAf ANTED—A GOOD,'NEAT; TIDY GEftMaN OR ft Swedish girl in a small family. Apply ni IQ North XJncoln-it- YtTANTED—AT 472 BANDOLPH-ST. A FIRST- V t class cook, washer; and Ironer. None other need an ply. WANTED—A GOOD CHAMBERMAID AT THE tt Clinton House, 196 and 193 East W.iahipgton-rt; WANTED— TWO GIUIE. ONE TO COOK FOR A first-class private boardiog-honse, t be other as lann dresa. Apply at <a Wabash-av., corner- Eldridge-court. TXT ANT ED—A GIRL TO HELP IN THE KITCHEN. Tt at 157 Eastlndlana.Bt; , .. . WANTED— WOMEN AND GIRLS WILL KIND MR willing to aid them to positions if they call on me; all nationalities are welcome. NEXTA G. ROOD. £1 LaSalle-at. WANTED-A GOOD PLAIN COOK; ALSO SEC ondgirUno washing). Apply at STL, up. stairs. WANTED— GERMAN GIRL TO DO HOUSEWORK small family; apply Immediately. 1653 South Dear bom-st. TXT ANTED—A GIRL TO DO HOUSEWORK AND ' » starching in - a laundry; also a collar-ironer, at No. 80 South ‘ beßmstrestes. TTTANTED—A GOOD MACHINE. GIRL WHO CAN .«V run the Grover A Baker manning, and understands dresimaklng,. £o3 Wabaab-av. WAKTED-TWO SEAMSTRESSES TO DO PLAIN towing. Call Monday rooming atDB Thirty-fifth-st. \\TANTfiD—3 APPRENTICE GIRLS AT 333 WEST i V Van Borcn-st. WANTED—AX APPRENTICE AT DRESSMAKING t * Good home hod board Co the right party. Apply at 1386 State-et, WANTED —A NIUE, SMART GIRL TO LIVE with a dressmaker and learn the business. Address - with references, for 2 days. F 27. Tribune office. WANTED-DBESSMAKER SETTLE AT HlGH wood. E. ASHLEY MEAKS, Reaper Block, cor ner Clark and Washiogton-sta. . . T/lf ANTED—FOR.. A. FEW. WEEKS, A GIRL AS f i seamstress and to assist with* socond-work, Call Monday at 354 North L«Salle*st, WANTED— 100 -MORE GOOD-HANDS WITH SEW ing.machiowu. Steady rock.and good pay at 523 Booth State-st. Inquire in tb e store. WANTED-GOOD HANDS TO WORKON DBESS — making at No. 547 Mlchigan-av. TTTANTED^-A 1 GOOD-DRESSMAKER AS FORE TT DAUGHTER; 226 North Clark-st. - * • • - Xiaimdresses. WANTED-A GOOD,LAUNDRY GIRL. MUST t f come well recommended. Apply at 791 Wabash-ar. TITANTED—A FIRST-CLASS LAUNDRESS AT 869 if Snperior-tt., corner Pine. WANTEDt-A FIRSTCLASS STARCHEB AND I f shirt ironera at <SB wabaan-ar., French laundry. TAT ANTED—FIRST-CLASS IRONERS, ALSO A io!p to itircli. WILSON'S Laundry, comer State and Thirty-lEarth-rts. • : ~ SWEDISH GIRLS IN THE LAUN . L £*7* SOClyboorn-ar.. I want a fint-claa* shirt and ladies’ clothes Ironor. Call to-day. WAXTED-A GOOD STOUT BOY; ONE THAT Call this morning at 76 riTANTED—TWO GOOD- AND OXS *' washer at Metropolitan Hotel, comer State and Waamngton-ata.; none bat those who can come well recommended need Good wage* .. TtfANTED-AT HALLS LAUNDRY. $5 SOUTH ’ T iJoaplamßs-st., 6 shirt Ironorsjnoba Dttt flrat-class: aisoft woman for housework, widov.preJCerted; most bo good cook and^ne&t. W A l N «M?,j£ T .. S £ I HJ°pA LAUNDRY. 18S AKD te “ " a oM * Wrt TTTANTED—FOR A LAUNDRY, ONE GOOD SHIRT fc.^ 1 i <b !Ia an,l ir « n ?. t J 0r ‘ I#dieß,fine work. Stead/ work and good pa/. Call Monday, at 13 o’clock, at 20 jourth-av., up-BUtn. 1 W'^SwPz* 1 * 881 TAYLOR-ST. A YOUNG »' girl to care for a baby and help with housework. ***** i * WSP^ 1 *? 000 GIRL FROM TWELVE TO . Jn.v fcra l^il to , n a .^ car * a b »by, and help with berase- wl m»rk» Apply «t m Orenard-w. . nr ALSO - 3£oo - VX) giel, TyANTED—A FRENCHJJONNE. APPLY, WITH tr references, after Soiday;No. 198NorthDearbora-st. YOtJNG GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF • 1 baby. • Must come well recommended. 1029 ilichi gan-av. - WANTfip-A-TRCrSTWDBTHr GIRL TO TAKE * v_ c * re of ®blld 6 month* old. References required.- wt vvab&sh-ar. Housoßoenei's* TIT ANTED—HOUSEKEEPER; ONE THAT IS A VVANTED-AS WORKING HOUSEKEEPER FOR ’ ” . twogentlemen,.a reliable and neat woman, of Gor man or French descent; moat be a good platacook. Cltr references required. A widow, with one child, will hare a good borne.-|Addreas, ..stating gge, expoflshce, refer ence*. etc,, L13,-Tribune OfficsT * - w Aka'ijb—.'FEa ridis 5 TV ANTRD i-i TfflLlJN ER' 10 ’ C 0: W'OXtKVl'x; V* • Hl.a go<ri trimmeir cxi’. obtila a Ueslraolo' ettna tion by applying Co KEITEriJfWISr, YTTANTED—EXPERIK? ICEI**MECHLIN BONNET -11 frame 1 ma'iera. and J n competent forewoman- on frames; Aim gt«d braid »> ewers’ on bate at TURKING 'rONS, It'S aodlielVabashfaT. ■ XCrANTII.D—SETVERAjGOOD FIRST-CLASS MIL f * linera. Apply to GAG B BROTHERS 4 CO., bash-ar. and .Madfsou-su ■ WANTED— k^XPEHIENCUSD ARTIFICIAL-FLOW orbranchetV: constant employment. Inquire of J. OCX A CO., 166 and ISB Wa basa-ae: • XITA N TED— A ATIRSEfC IRL Itf TO 22 YEARS OF VV age. Call at 778 ‘’.Yabas fa-ae. TXrANTED-A GOO-D MILLLSER; .MUST BE A TV good saleslady, ait 257 W eat Madiaon-at Vf} ANTED-AN BXPERIIINCRD MILLINER. AP VT ply Monday, at aofi'Sootl t HaUted-st. £m-Dlo7titens Ac©nts- TXTANTED - GERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN ff girls for private famiTea. hotel*, and laundries, city and country, at Mrs. DU& Miscoi'Jft neon*.. TTTANTED—THREE LADY* AGENTS TO-BOLIOIT VV orders for Blair's Stun-trial Card. Kospoetable, - light, and profitable lemploimezit. Boom U, Island 18* Oiark-at.,.Chicago.... TV ANTED—A CHANoF iOR THE GIRLS—I 3 * i young ladles for the stage. Apply at the Academy of Marie Rar~ofsoq. . .• ANTED-A YOUNO,RESPE CTABLB LADYFOB a ooafeoticaary, 337 West St tdfson-et. - (VANTED-A LADY ASSI3TA NT BOOKKEEPER; TY Address L 5, Tribune office. "~ \X7ANTKD—GIRLS TO WORK ON FEATHERS. W Apply at 1173 State-st. WANTED— 30 GIRLS TO WORK ON EGG*GASB frames, ApplyMondayfooraih *®di .37 in diaua-av., north of Fourtocnlh-st, .BILLINGS, CO BURN 4 CO. WANTED—LADIES CAN FIND A PLEAS AIT V V , and profitable business at Room 83, > ;o Bast Mad! son-st, , ’ WANTED -A LADY TO DIRECT WRAPPERS ■ for a weekly paper at her own home. Address, Jn handwriting of applicant, REX, care Carricn*2.station A.. TXT ANTED- APPRENTICES FOR HA.IE-WORK. VV 439 West Madlson-at. XTU'ANTED—SALESLADY, ONE FAMILIAR TOTS! TV - dressmaking preferred. State' salary expected. Ad. dress H 3, Tribune W ANTED-LADIES TO SELL PERFUME. SHELLS. Vf polish, neodlo-bools, and chrotnos.- AMERICAN NOVELTY CO., 1M Eaat Madison*!., Room 19; ■ . WANTED-THREB LADIES TO OANVASS ’CHB Vf city; must be well recommended. Address Dll, Tribune office. ... • . . TIT ANTED—LADIES AND GENTLEMEN It) LEARN ■ vt telegraphy; tuition paid after situation is secured. Gardner House Telegraph College. ANTED TWO - LADY”CANVASSERS THAT speak German and English. References required; good pay. Addresa M 73, Tribune office. WANTED— 60 LADY AND CENT CANVASSERS. Big pay; no capital reaulrod. Apply at 69 South Canal-st., second door. Monday. 'ANTKD-A GOOD HOOPSKIRT-MAKEB. Call at 778 Wabash-ar. L NEWMAN. T\rANTED-GIKL JfJiOiL JTX> 16 TO AbM.ST J.V * T confectionery andliro with a family of threu. Address 175, Tribune office. - ANTED—TWO POWER-LOOM WEAVERS. A > V . G. GARFIELD & 00.. 69 and 61 West Washii*. tOD-St. WANTED— 14 LADIES TO LEARN ACTING, singing, and dandng; also 29 ballet ladles. UiKin, 9a. m. to lu p. m. LYNCH A PARSONS, Boon 15, 164 East Randolph-st. SITUATIONS WANTED— Bookkeepers. Glnrks. Etc* SITUATION WANTED-AS BOOKKEEPER DOR A O grain commission honeo; can furnish the best of city reference. Address D 19, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—UY A YOUNG MAN OF 28, j as bill, entry, or Shipping clerk la a wholesale houio; are some knowledge of bookkeeping. Best of references iven. Address Al, Tribnmi office. SITUATION WANTED-A COMPETENT BOOK, keeper an 1 correspondent wishes to employ his Jels." nre hours by taking charge of a set of books. Terms mod erate. best references given. Addssaa. O P, 6 South Clark-stl ~, SITUATION WANTSD-AS A DRUG CLERK, OF 11 years* experience, by a young married man: would' take charge of a store, and bare no objections to going into the country. Best of reference* furnished. Andress DM. Tribune office.- . S“ ITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNGIMAN (EN glisb) in an office, either assistant,, clerk, .or copyist. References given if required. Address' JW J, 333 Sonth Morgan-st. • SITUATION WANTED—AS ENTRY CLERK OR O. assistant bookkeeper by a yovna maa 19 yean -old. Salary no object. Address 8.92, Tribune office. . SITUATION WANTED—Iiy AN EXPERIENCED bookkeeper. Best of refaroace given. Address M 36, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—IfY A YOUNG MAN where ho can have the evading - for study.* Omi dtr anything, bat would prefer* drug-store or physician's of fice. Wages no object. Address W P, Drawer' S 3, Dowagiao, Mich. . . QITUATION WANTED-AS BOOKKEEPER; CAN O invest 3200 and some real estate. Grain commission house preferred. Address F il;lTribnna office. Salary no- ; objoct.. ' • . . QITUATION WANTED—RY A YOUNG MAN WHO O hasbad'eoosldorableejxxjrleneein bookkeeping and tho dreg business and can come well'recommended, in any respectable business. AddreasK&L Tribuno,office. QITUATION WANTED—BY AN ACCOUNTANT O who neither drinks, ehtws, nor smokos, havtngeoveral years* experience, would prefer to have nothing to do with single entry. Good references; ‘ Address 1 ‘H, Trib nne office. QITUATION WANTED-AS SHORT-HAND Ail AN* O uensis by ft young mao: best of reforancos uto char acter, Capability, etc. Adetow SHORT-HAND, S 3 South Peoria-st., Chicago, IQ. . * QITUATION WANTED-BY A BUSINESS MAN; O w2th good references, u bookkeeper, assistant book keener, collector, or any position of-trust atalow salary. Address S P B, Tribune oflee. • SITUATION WANTED—WILL PAY $35 FOR A. position as invoice dark, cashier, shipping clerk, or any office work. Will give bonds as Urhonesty. . City ref ereacoa. Address A 54. Triaune office. SITUATION WANTSD-AS CLERK*. IN A STA . tioaoTT and book store. Can give good reference. Ad dress 631 West Indiana-st. QITUATION WANTED-iS CLERK IN LAW OF- O uco. Cost references gbrea. Address A’ 87, Trib-" une office. - ~ . . QITUATION. WANTED-AS ENTRY OR. BILL O clerk) or in retail grocery store.-by a worthy, steady* young man of experience, bom as entry-clerk and conn ter-baud; unexceptionable references. Address A 9. Tribune office. Trades: QITUATION WANTED-BY 1 - A YOUNG MAN K-) whose circumstance* are such that he must- find something. Is a stool-worker by trade, and has worked at. carpenter work. Is sober and industrious. Please address L 29, Tribune office. QITUATION WANTED—BY A. THOROUGH COM- O petont rnsn to fak- charge on bread, cakes; or pies; Address 836 West Van Buron-st. - . SITUATION WANTED—BY A NO, I 6CRoLL sswyor. Address JA, Box 138. Coanerevllle, Xnd. CITUATtON WANTED-BT A WOOD-OAHVKE. O AddressE 35, Tribune office. • Situation wanted—to bookbinders—by a young man who has .some experience in ruling aud forwarding, who wishes to learn the remalnderofhis trade: city, or country not particular. Address D 72,- Tribnae office. SITUATION WANTED-AS FOREMAN BLaCK smith in a first-class railroad shop by a man of experi ence. Good reference from competent master' mechan ics. Address Al 5, Tribune office.* QITUATION WANTED-BY A SOAP-MAKER OP O many years’experience in Eaatem.factories; knows all modem improvements; could lend employer some moans, or take corresponding interest in the business.' References required. Address, for one Week, Al 7, Trlb* nno office. QITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS EN- O giueer of IB years' standing: best of reference; per fectly sober; will work chomp. Inquire of T. GLENNON. National Boiler Works. 60 Fulton-st. • QITUATION WANTED-HAVE SET UP AND RUN O pl&nlng-mUls sud-sash factories; want business; could furnish some capita] as soon as can ora property. Ad dress E SO. Tribune office. QITUATION WANTED—TO PRINTERS—BY A O young man who has had several years’experience at the printing business. Can work cither at the cate or at press-work. Good references furnished. No objections to going, into the country. Address B. B. DOYLE, 23 Hermon-oaurt. QITUATION WANTED—AS A FIRST-CLASS CUT- O ter in city ot country. Satisfaction guaranteed. No gatlif&ctfon no pay. Address M 94; Tribone office. ■ Coachmen, leamsren. Aq. SITUATION ■ WANTED—By A YOUNG MAN (Dane); understand* the caro of horses, and U willing tomakehlruMlf generally useful. Reference if reouired. Addreis B 62, Trtbaqe office. SITUATION WANTED —BY A FIRST-CLASS O coachman; a No. 1 groom and driver.' with the beat of :lty reference. - Address 112, Tribune office. SITUATION .WANTED-BY A COACHMAN WITH O good city references. 43 Caltzmet-av.. corner Twenty, first-sf QITUATION WANTED—ANY GENTLEMAN IN O want of a good man to take care of bones, act as coachman, teamster, plain gardener; and make himself generally usafol in any capacity* may address A, 84 Trib une office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN (Dane) as coachman taking ear* ol horses, carriage, and harness, and willing to make him sel/jtenardlly useful. Boatof city references. Address I 10, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN: CAN milk and make himself useful otner ways; will keen everything neat and tidy; good references. Address G 21,.Tribune office. SITUATIONS WANTEO-BY A MARRIED MAN, Swede, as coachman in a private family: thoroughly understands the care of horses and carriages; tho wife is willing to do general housework: best of references siren. Address E 2S, Tribnne office. SITUATION TVA-NTED—BY A NO. 1 COACHMAN. Swede, with long experience, fully competent in every respect; willing to make myself * generally useful about a iJoco. Address G 5, Tribune office. SITUATION , WANTED—AS COACHMAN: THOR oughly anaortU'nd my basiaosa; I wdnt work, and ~ 'll loraUh best of city references. . Address O SA Trlb to office. S' ITUATION WANTED-BY A TOI7XG MAN (Strode) ae cokcßman • thoronghiy understands his business. H 33. Tribaae office. SITUATION WANTED—A 3 COACHMAN OR TBAM tter; where I can board out preferred: no objections to the country; can come well recommended. Ploase ad dross A ED.5*5 Calumet-av., for oqe week. Situation wanted —as teamster os coachman by an Englishman well acquainted In city, and atricfly temperate. Address £ W, No. 719 West Madison-at. • . SITUATION WANTED-BY A SINGLE MAN (NOR wegtan) aa coachman; .thoroughly understands the careof nones and carriages; beat or references given. Addresi FO, Tribune office. * . SITUATION' WANTED—AS COACHMAN BY A O married man without any Incumbrance, who under* stands his bosine«a thoroughly la rakfryg hat-class care of yoad horses; la a good c&rofuldriver: has no objection to Bojo* «. Uttlo w«r la tho comitrj; dnt-oUM reJKtnca. Adtires* Won OoofieM-rt. ]Cor\r>A7non. VouTuopra, : Qtll’ATiON' WX^^TED-AB'’COACHMAK^ , BYii'AN'l :Sr °We*periom:4«l-drl«e!vwko p(irfaotlyi‘UQdos*taadsi’ tne treatment and caro of horses aud carriagev, < tith'.tJ3a 4 , best ‘’t Aay«D»4n w«btoi'.anvu-caQ.address G it, P.-O. iiQx.II3. CAxaxo, * T QITUATION WANTED-BY A- YOUNGr-MAN A&. O ia a-mivate family; reforencas.given.. PleaseaddresiCTO,.Tribuneoffice. ’ . ‘ ' *' CITU ATION3 Wa NI SD-AS AFIUST-OLA66 OPER : k? B-or on any machine (gpt Wheeler A Wilson machinal, or «*ff*L®*<reMln yrivato-feinjlr; also, a, dressmaker, .would JlLo'tQ got buar'dwhere can pay all or par« In sew foa;; boarding-house preferred. Address'O ft), Tribune office. QIXUATION WASTED—BY'. A RESPECfTABLE ,ki. • young man as coachman In a private family; j>©rfectly .understands the care of horses:' a careful driver; welt ao-’ OMtDled*ith'(h»dtr; undeniable references Addrou A~7O, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTKD-AS ‘ CARRIAGE-MOVER in private or llverr; steady man. as reference will show. ; RVAS laM i>oet^sr * 681 Stato-st,, coal-offioe. «JA-M£3r CITUATIOy WiNTED-BY A SrNGLB : MAN IN A' O * private family as coachman. Understands his. busi. Inees well and give good rA.yimmffnduriim*- jj Tribunal office.' • <■ •QITDATION WANTED-AS' COACHMAN BY A* .O young man,-Snede, sobers and steady •habits;.have had loo?experience; very neat of references.-. Address I SO. Tribune office. Mf n <* n II ixrus ons. CnTTATXON WANTED—BY A SOBER, STEADY, O. reliable man as bar-tender; not afraid of hard work. - Ffrst-claJSTCforeocoa. Address or apply to C, £54-West Fourteenth-st-, cornar Loomis." • QTTUATION WANTED—BY A STRONG, ACTIVE O man, one who is willing to work, la some wholesale store, or fn any other capacity, to make himself generally. useful; wonld accept night watchman, FinPclass -refer ences; Address or: apply to J 0, 507 Fourteenth). . . • . QtTUATION "VrANTED—BY- A STEADY YOUNG;, O - man. tawork 1 (n commission house ; understands-fruit, and vegetable -bmdness or driving, team. Bast. of refer., onees. Address H 60, Trifanne office. QTTUATION' W 2 .NTKD-BY A YOUNG MAN WHO; O understands th 0 fruit and vegetable and rostanmnt hnsiness: canioan^ampJoyeraozao.moasy. Address S.IA Tribune office. QITUATIbN WANTED-BY A STEADY YOUNG. O. man: no bad habits; la willing to. work and nudte himself useful at anj'thing in tbu? city or out; give good references. Address F ,0,~ Tribune office.* QtTUATION WANT ‘BT-BY A STEADY AND ENEB- Ogotlo young man wh« > has tome money to Invest, as fore* mao in lumbar trade,ol r any good paying business. Would take pari norahfp if acn ■’cable. None but sqmre-deaHog men need answer. liigllest references,-if required. Ad-. dresslST.tTribuDeoflleS'. QITUATION , W ANTI'D—BY AN EXPERIENCED k? bookkeeper with ben' references,- who is leaving pret erit employer July 1. dealt es a situation in a respectable bouse. ■ Address H 29,'Trt buno office. crrDATroN wa.vtei»-Br. an experienced O salesman, who has a good trade established with Western jobbers on one Ifni o f staple goods* .wishes, on.. account of traveling ezpens «, to make arrangements selling some manufactured or imported staple article'to besoldezeldsively to tbojol 'trfng trade. Almost bis cn tire time could be given to tl is new fine. The advertiser travels to *tbe -Pacific Coast. Address G 33, Tribune of fice. QITUATION WANTED—B\T A BOY IS YEARS OLD O In an office or wholosulethmse: resides at homo and writes a good band; best of references. Address K. 74,. Tribnue office. SITUATION WANTED-A Y OUNG MARRIED MAN ? O whothoroughlyanderstandn tbs. hotel basins**, and has an extensive acquaintance, would like a situation as * dork or manager, cither in country hotel; best ot reference giyen. Address D 82. -Tribuno office. SITUATIONS WANiXED-ESMAIiE, Domostttm* QrTOAYIONS WANTED—CHICAGO CITY INVEL t.y licence offices—Girls of. all nationalities ia ct*yand country. No. CO Stato-st,, corner liandniph, in barement. and 126 Wabash-ar. Solely condoeted by Mrs. B AfCER, QITUATION WANTED-BY A WOMAN V/TTH- A O child 2 yean old: is a good cook and very trustworthy.' ’No objections to the country. Applyat pleasant place, l 2321 Indlana-ar.- -orruAfiON wanted—by■ a kkspectablb O girl, todo general honseworkor second work la a pri vate raroQyj Applyst-63 Napolqoa-plaoe. iQITUATiON WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE O girl to. do second work or genera! honaewnrk fora ; small family. Flrst-claas ruferemse. Gallon Monday at ! 273 Cottage G rove-av. icmraiiow wanted-to r*o general house .O work, Unqulro at 119 Lancley-av. Tuesday after noon. QfrUATIOW WANTED-BT A SWEDE GIRL WELL O used to a*oking and general housework. Apply at 286 South Park-wr. QiTUATKW WANTED-TO DO GENERAL HOUSE ,O work or tt cond work and sewing la a private family, ;bya thomogWycompotentgirl. Call at liPtno-st. QITUATION WANTED—BY A SWEDISH GIRL. O Call at SSihTwoatymlnth-st., basement. SITUATION . WANTED—AS COOK IN A FIRST cla&s private ■ family; Sonth or North Sides preferred. .CaU oradtkessA? Wailer-st., West Side. SITUATION W 'ANTED—BY A GOOD GIRL TO DO general house* vork: best references from lost place* ; AddretaJLO India na-ar. i(SITUATION W,ANTED—BY A GIRL TO DO GEN ' O era! housework. • Call Monday at 340 West Polfc-st. as cookand laoi idres* in a private family; firsUcUas references.. 1535 So nth Doarbora-st- QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL 15 k) years‘old to do some work or take care of children. Call within 2 days. G ood reference. 95 Forquer-st. QfrUATiON WAN.TF.D-A GIRL WOULD LIKE TO O get a nice place a* second girL Good city relerencos. Addresa 76 Domen-tt. SITUATIONS WAITED—BY TWO NORWEGIAN girls, one to do seccn id work or housework In* small' family,'ihootaer to do sowing. Call or address MISS JaNoEN, £ll North Can >eator-Bt. * • OriUATZONS -WANT! •£>—BY TWO COMPETENT O English girls to cook, wash, and iron in a flrat-clas* private family. Call for $ days rearß63>a Staie-sU . SITUATION WANTED- -TO DO HOUSEWORK IN a smallprtvatofamily a competent girl; beat refer ences given.. Address A4l office. Q ITU AT ION WANTEePI • Y AFIBSTrCLASS COOK; O In a hotel, board Ing-bt'use, or restaurant, either cityorcoontry. Address 246 Wcstßondolph-st. ' SITUATION’ WANTED-B Y GOOD RELIABLE; Ctrl to cook. wash, and Ira o, city or country; refer enoes given. Please call in rca rot 149 Elgbtocata-st. QITUATION WANTED—AS - COOK OR GENERAL O housework in afiret-clasr.'amlly; no otbocnoedap ply. Call at 381 Fulton-et. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT GIRL .to do general housework or kitchen work. Apply at 550 South Morgao-tt. _ . QITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL FOR GRNRR- O . al housework or second work., in a small family; refv orences. 1 Call at 14 Mlller-«t. QITirATION’WANTED-BY A COMPF.TETT COOK; O .washer, and ironer, in a privat e’family. Please ad dress II Cottage Groro-av, SITUATION WANTED—BY A SCOTCH WOMAN as meat and pastry cook in hotel : or restaurant; city or country. 60 Statc-st., in basemei it. S' ITUATION WANTED -BY A FIRST-CLASS Swede girl, to do general housowi irk in a small private family; good reference given ii re guirod. Pleaae calk Monday at 150 LytleeU ITUATION WANTED-BY A S DOTCH GIRL, AS second girl is a private family: objection to children. Address KATIK; Tribone <u£Soe, Monday. SITUATION WANTED—TO DO LIGHT HOUSE ' work; by a steady young woman*:'with good recom mendations. Address L 61. Tribune.ofUoe. Situations wanted-together. by two Swede girls; Christian family prefiwrcd; bestef ref. orences. Apply at ICO Burlbut-su SITUATION WANTED-BY A THOROUGH COOK aod laundress, in private family wbtere' second girl is kept; city references* 115 West Adannt-st. QITUATION WANTED-BY A GIKU TO DO GEN- O oral housework in private family. Please call (for two days) at 331 Twenty-second-gt. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GEE.MAN GIRL, TO do house or obamberwork. Call at 1219 West Adatns at. Sooth hide or country preferred. SITUATION WANTED—HOUSE-CLJ SANINO BY AN experienced booso-doanor. Call or*addreaa 113 bard-st, - SITUATION WANTED —BY A GIRL TO DO second work or general boosowocl- Apply at 109 Butterfield-st. SITUATION WANTED—BY- A SWEDISH GIRL IN a private family as cook. Apply for giro days at 231 McGregor-»t. SITUATION WANTED —BY A RESPECTABLE girl tq do general housework in a private family/ Q*u Monday and Tuesday at 313 Blind is-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS GIRL as cook or to do general housework in a. private fam jy: the best of city reference given. In roar of ITS South Jefforeon-st. SITUATION WANTRD-BY A, GOOD GIRL TO cook* wash, and iron, or do general housework, Ref. erences. Please call atlo7o Buttcrfleld-st. Situations wantkd-b y an English girl is years old to do light housework or second work." Also, a little girl 13 to take care a baby. Please call or address 290 Aberdaea-st. QITUATION WANTED-BY- A, NORWEGIAN GIRL O to do second work or to tako care of children. Apply at 367 Foltoa-at., at her present place. QITUATIONWANTED-BY A GIRL FOR, GSNER- O al housework in a small family. O&U at 136 Four* toenth-st. Situation wanted—by a Norwegian girl to do general housework in a small family; American |referred. CailacfiJ Bumark-court, in roar. Carpenter Situation wanted—by a. competent girl to cook In a privateifstnUy; no objection to the sob. urbs of the city- Cali at 233 Caiumefav. • • S' ITUATiONS WANTED—BY A COMPETENT COOK and second' girl in tho. same family: can giro good references. Gall at 332 East Indiana-sU; North hide nre- 1 fetred., . . - • •“ : SITUATION WaNTED-AS- FIRST-CLASS MEAT! and pastry cook; references. Caller address 19 Hodo. st., between Harrison and Polk* off of Bine lalahdtav. f SITUATION WANTED-BY- A RESPECTABLE, woman for general housework la, a nice ■»«» where no second girl is kept. Please call at 147 John-' soa-st. SITUATION ‘WANTED—BY GIRL TO DO GENSIU homework; reforeaoea. AUdre«SJ5 Caiamot-ar booth Sid 9. •• i SITUATION WANTED—AS COOK IN A. PRIVATE family, where a second girl ia kept, by a Qm-clXu girl best of references. Call -Monday and Tuasdiyat izi Leavitts*., comer Adame. C ITUATION WANTED-BY a YOUNG (DANISH) O ffirl to do general housework in a email, private family South Side prcforryd. . Address E&O, Tribune office. ’ CITUATION WANTED—BY A NEAT AND COM. O peteot girl to do second work or general housework la aam all family. Please call at 13M Statist., up-stalra. CITUATION3 WANTED—BY TWO RESPECTABLE O young girls, one to do second work and the other to do cooking; or would do general Louwwock In a family of t*o or taree persons. Ploase call for two days at it) West Twenty*secoud -st. CITUATION WANTED—AS A FiEST-CLABS COOK O m private boa;<Uns*hoose or restaurant, or aa houaet keeper in a mechanic's family. Inquire or Mn. E m C., a#l Statelet. * QmiATION WANTED-BY A SWEDISH GISL AS O cook, orforgrneral huneevork in an American fam ily. Addrcsi LuUISA. S7tS Eut Dirtsloa st. SITUATION WANTED— Hi! A RESPECTABLE O -widow woman in a private frmfiy * or . u , n i CrJfr work. No. « North - house- SITUATIONS WAKX3D—FEMALE ... . iniiaortliss-'-Goiittaaed:" ~ ~ QUjUATIO 1 WAJWIfiO -}BB •A- YOD*VGi ESOBIBHi O ■ wldav, nlth ou« ehild<l>py)« to Ippk after children otv>m' l 9V7ork: county not, objected to, - Ad dwrc IC' Thirtloih'it’, bbttrfeaVshartrcffttnd Went \rurtb-ar». . crrK-ij.'o.v.TyAxrjvD-Br A ebon gibi.tq bo, O ;*ah*Tjl work In a prlrate.faml!y. Pleaso call Monday atw -Hino fs!aad»ay. No objection to go In tl»eoanlry.' ClrtUTlOiV WAXTED-BY A.SWEDISH,GIRL TO O' 1 coct, vriish, and, Iran la * private family. Call; cr addcers 'SI Scdgnicbat, • Situation waxted-by a girl- as a res. O’-JaiYraat coo'c. ' Xacjtiiro at. 171/T S<strtd Dearb&rn-fiC;,' np-it^ira. situations wanted-bytwo girls.*one as. O cork and best of reference- Call it 740 btato-«t.; up-stairs. • I Srn/ATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG, ENGLISH C,,' tor second Sforlc'or Kcnersl bonscvorlc in a small I taUtf-Anidyat 85 North ilaritnt-at: GIXUATI&NS, Waeted-bx two girls, as M . cook and the ethtr as second girl;, so objections. to' ttiff country.* ' Galt at 135 Ontario-st., ap-stalrs. , ’ SITUATION WANTED—AS KITCHEN. GIRLTN-A' Q private fatally. Call at II Rny-ar., no&r South. Park* (JITCIATIOK. WANTED BY. A RESPECTABLE; . fi 5 * oookios, v,-3 : ahiag,.and ieaaiae in a private- Call at 233 Thiid-av. * J Q ifUATIONB WANTED—BY TWO COMPETENT. (O-girlatodo tto work.of a private* family or boarding* iiSSS SSflt'«6‘wlKSKSv? 10 be “°“* ro ' ,ru “ a OITUATiON WANTED—TO DO GENERAL HOUSE }~p. jrorkor ? ft widow with - daughter 14 year* old. Address 271 East ladiana-at; orruATioN wanted-hy a respectable. girl Ibwoaa) to do second or general housework la a ,small fatally. J Address 89, Tribnno office. • ■--* 1 cituation wanteo-to do general house.* work In a small family. Apply Mbdday at 178 Seda- flrafc floor. ! OITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE ; O woman- to do general housework in family. Plsaeeoali at 119-Weat Pslk-st. . ICITUATiqN. WANTED-BY A GOOD. STRONG ' KJ'jpri lor geaonl hoove work; willing to work. Cali at S7-Prstt-it-, nearhlilwaakeo-av. ICITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO GIRLS IN ONE •O'family together. At 431 North fa the ■rear.- ICITUATION WANTED—BY A GOOD. STEADY: ■ij girl in private family: no objection to-a boarding |house. Applyat No. 103-East Indlana-sU Monday. {c ITUATIONa WANTED-B Y’ TWO COMPETENT ,0 girls as cook and second girl, or would take’gonoral {housework-: bost-pf city reference, if required, uatt at flTOSoutb’Dearboru-st., between Sixteenth and Seven iteeuth-sUj CITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT SEO ond-girlina private family. Addross-B 8, Trtbuno 'office. jQITUATIONS WANTED PARTIES DESIRING jO : iefneitlcs can bo more carefully served by giring & if**'day* for selection. Without. claiming to insure 'hmmaa-natara,-r-c»peclaUy.Tf<)inan, natpro.— I will give all itaabeuent of my experience and judgment. Business conducted honorably. NETTA.G.. ROOD. sl“LaSallb at, Relief'Block. * QtTUATION WANTEDt-BY A. GOOD GERMAN V-gicl. Call atl37Third-aT„ basement door. Call Sun day aud-Mooday. [CITUATION WANTED-BY A-EIRST-CLASS GEB [O man girl, as cook or housekeeper; understands all (kinds ot housework. Call at 137 Were Lake-st-, up-stalra. | QHUATION WaNTED-TO DO GENERAL HOUSE !M- work.. Call at 127 South Cacal-sl, QITUATION- W-ANTED- BY A COMPETENT O Swsdlshgiri, to do general housework in a small fam ily, , A good home desired. North or West Sides, prefer r*4» Address L 41, Tribune offfce. SITUATION) .. .WANTED—AS . COOK OS LA UN. O dress. Very best of city references; given- Address 1» Michigan-st, ' SITUATION -WANTED—TO DO SECOND WORK ina family where there are, no small children, bya oqtppfltaat Swedish girl- Address L 35* Tribone office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A. O te do general housework or cook.’ Apply for two days , at&Jo.Wo*t Fuurieeath-st. Seamstresses* ‘ QITUATION WAN TED—BY A YOUNG GERMAN ; tD Chi who understands dressmaking and milliner work; ; Isis ne*L good trimmer; will sow In family or shop. Ap ; ply at SOI South Jefietspo*st., near Twelfth, or by mail. SITUATION WANTED-BY A VERyItESPECT*- able girl as seamstress; is a good sewer by band. and on-machine: will sew la store or ia family, and-can give reference*!/ Call or address J Y,* 271 Portland, av.. near Twaaty.niuth-st. QITUATION WANTED—A THOROUGHLY COMPE. O. dressmaker, lata of New York City. wUI go out by day or week. Is Ancrfectlittcranda superior design, cr, and trimmer. Understands the business fa all its branches. Address COMPETENT, Tribuna office. QXTtfATION. WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED Odressmaksr and cotter;, by the day in families. Ad dress MS, S&3 West Waahingtoo-st. Call Monday; CfrUAXXON WANTED- AS DRESSMAKER OR Osoamstress, or to keen housp. or sew* for* - familywho go to. Centennial or out of city tor summer: fully compe tent. D 23, Tribune office. QITUATION WANTED -BY A FIRTS-CLASS O drcsiciaker in a,private family, by the day or week. Plosto call ag 436 Weal Harrison-at; cituatSon. wanted-an experienced new iJ York dressmaker wishes to work. for families by the day: referencesgirea; terms reasonable: latest summer fash Ions; plaiting done at 4 cent* per yard.*. Ifi3 South Devplsiooa-st. ' QimATIO.Y WANTRD-AS SBAMSTRKSS AND TO O do second work by a first-class girl; best references given. Address F 57, Tribune offioe. SITUATION WANTED—BY A PERSON OF EX ■ perience as seamstress or H. 19, Trib nnaotSoa'. OITUATIpN WANTED-A LADY EXPERIENCED ij- to dressmaking; all family so wine-will; receive work at boas; or will go oat. Address At Gontra-av. SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS O tiiloreu; rood- references. Address JlO9. Tribune otßoa. SITUATION WANTED-A DRESSMAKER would .. JXJ2 £° oat In famllie* by the day dr week, - Address K-BV-Trlpnne'QiLQg, or <8 Dnaoost. • • SITUATION,, DRESS- O . maker wdnjd like a few more familkn to sew in; boat of references fornishecL- ■ J 60. Tribane office. SITUATION WANTED—TO DO DRESSMAKING OWajamilies. or respectable hotels; warrant good fitting and neat,work; will also do plain-sewing: reference u repaired. - Addtets D3J, Tribane office. QITUATION WANTED—AS SEASISTRESS IN A O private family; desire to board with family. Wages, f I per day*. Address C 46, Tribans office. CrrUATIONWANTED.—BY ACOMPETRNT DRESS p , maker, to sew in families. Call or address. £OB Wa fa ash-ar. OITUATION WaNTJSD-JIY A FIRST-CLASS SEAM- Kf stress, to do dressmaking and plain sewing/ ia * pri vafe family; references furnished as to ability, etc. Ad dress AS. 191 West Jacfcson-et. _ u Situation wanted-by an. experienced ' dre?*maker, fitter, and trimmer to go ont by the day. Call or addressM F» sfoThirty-first-at. ■ OrrUATION WANTED-BY A SEAMSTRESS IN kj famlile*. by, the day or woefc, dressmaking or plain sewing. Address ST3M State-st. ' SErtTATIOtf WASTED _BT A FIRST-CLASS ar«*ain.kar with references- Terms 51.60 per dor Addmi. A 21, Tribune office. , DIIUATION , WANTED-TO DO DRESSMAKING KJ or plain, aswme. orwould go into a store as clerk. Call or address Miss SMITH - . 1536 Weatw6rth-av. SITUATION WANTED —BY A FIRST-CLASS P dressmaker lataly from New York by the day or week, lest of references. Address B 67. Tribono office. eiTUATION WANTED—DRESSMAKING—A LADY ky from the country, who has a sowing-machine, wants tol»Arn.dre»stnakiag; wage* too - oßjoct. AddressGM iTioune office/' . ■ > ■ qrrtjATIOE WASTED - A, GOOD "taILORESS . IBbd.of .enlo, on How. michtau ,t hor boom. 1980.t00-ar. (Price nSce.) , HansoKeanera- QTTUATION WANTED—BY. A YOUNG WIDOW O wiaoweporb&clxolor preferred. Adaywpgr, inbunaoffice. • -- SITUATION - WANTED-By A BESPBOTaBIP • vMiwuhou.knper. Add««.lß3ToiuSw CSS® KTi» QPJIt&M« iTi , CrTUAIIOS WAKTRD-BY A LADY 80 YEARS OF }?*v.* 4r f‘^ J . ilOQl^? per: J^ cst o£ reference, no objection' U CaUpr addreaaM. I*,, 252 ijUwankoe^T. ! SITUATION-WANTED—A YOUNG WIDOW, JUST O. amtedlh tbo cltr. wonld like to keep boos* lot i widoiterorbaobdor.AddteMjiai, Tribune office. i CITUATION WANTED-SY A YOUNG AMERICAN 55t! ' A w!l »">I on Mondaj.t <C33 gocterflald-at.; widower preferred. , , i CirtjA'nON "WA^TELD—SY AN RNOL7SH WOMAN wkouaokeepor tn l a reapactablo family; mechanic 1 family preferred; object a come more than waxes* inst froaJowa. Inquire of MRS. M. E. H.. 991.StItoSt.* J • SITUATION WANTED—BT a'wjdOW with «' little*id. (n a gentleman's familgaa Soosek^Mr * if??" more high "NO ohjJctSffw üßr&fc&P■ ° r **“«•».«««» BrootVh w , A *7 rE £-HOUSEKEEPER Ih- Ss: Add ™»: OITUATIQX WASTED _Br A COMPETFVT ’t^j^^S^S^-SIS^iSSSSI •QiXUA.TIQ.V "WANTED—BY A. YOUNG WIDOW. AS St.S.? a^®!e £*n a * B family, whsmoso servant dc*d-bo*U nood rosly.- Add«J 'ITU AT ION WANTED-AS HOUSEKEEPER FOli I fimSf or«m«IIhotel. Addrara la3.Tribana offien UK OITUATION WANTED—BT AN EJCPeSYenOKD sa; 1 zttTXAs'™* Rtitsp*- QirnATION .WAITTEb-BY A RELIABLE PRO. W*t*pt(jlrlto&B*i«tiatba cAroof children'tod sew* mEUU-i.T 3 ' 0 S tS r A ?»>J Mondv Md-ISSSIt WAXTKD—BT-A SCOTCH GIRL AS O, children a> aorae or as aocond prl and seamstress \a Please e&XoaSvSvFmchZ : 0 * “ 4 ****** OITUATJOS \fAXTEU-BTiIA widow to CARE cWldreo and do* plain ievto;. K 39, Tribona CITUaTZON WAITED—BY A CAREFUL S2I S* ??5 0t f bl 910 tr4vel » family to JConnw mAn” l f c Wldr«a:-*peak« Kn«Uib, V 7 W(Ht n *lTOnMS\t^ ommend * iaoa ' rTgy T^j QITUATION WANTED—BY-A GERMAN nn>r, a a O OITUATrpX TVASTED—AS NURSE, TO TARB Uf< an laraljd "or a lady ih confinement; would Uka car# of ayoaatr baby; am wilMa* to mate mneif K 2f T ®**fol; do objections to ths country or to trsTeL jS«nwo.?J o,erCaCeiS gl ™* lCaUorftddr «“ U 3 SoSh OWOATION wanted-as wet O iomi»*3d healthy American mam: no lacimh Helmacea Urequired. Addraa G 70, Oribtmo SITUATION WAHTEO-Zs WET MI/HSk —rvTTT aunah. oall SITUATIONS WANTED-r^g CITUATION' VUItCBDv-AS- MhS» „„ . O epcc!»blobo*ltbjm>Qua with. a3&n*h*Z ßg. * baautUulchild imanUa.old* m *ll vngirw SS c ®s&* homa. Good references. Address Tri^ bat * dr »“- .No objections to travelmrTK^t'^.'** 0 '!! and regnlrad. Apply Moad» ? üB3 ThiA, !i— “y 1m S rtimmsgsr SITUATION WA-NTKU-||« A MuWulv of long experience. Very beat orMdnm .WfeiK. SJ SITUATION elrl for cbSdJS. A^ g WcB ”«*■ Add reM .fortw^^fi lQ^ r gg^^ Call at 1908 B **£ SITUATION WANTED—BY~~A — woman, plain family; washing at 75 or will go oat house-cloanlng'or washing ply at 32$ North Market-at.. op-euSSf* "•* o “ 6 fcis OrrUATIOS WANTED _BY “a — H ‘W°. 0 - rl “ fc.tajada. • “USS^S S lr i™Ju?by S?sXJf Bstolon&iuit Aeeneifia. situations i^’^vt. O good servants can save themselves time and W calling on Mrs. LaPRISIL. 354 WesrMShou.stf 08 ** snppTkd at ilea DUSKE.’S oakeTso SITUATION O competent servants. and hotels, rest* biJz. 1 boarding houses, aod. aecqrul. girU Many. Side, andhtaoChl2anfth^v.;rnot»MftHi«ft tt y t *«tt crruynoNs wanted— pamilies, eStru O rostaurams. and help fbraUkfnds, work for country, office fee. 531 for two months. ApplywSr mg Girls* Home, 194 WbarAdahuat. Girls beared Mxsoelianooas. CITUATIO?* WANTED-BY A YOUNGLAn* „ O; assistant bookkeeper* caahlex, or.saleswcmLL F objections to leaving.the city.' Addreii'Ta^Tj^^ QITUATION-WANTED—TO SCRUB OB Vitßtn o_Jheday._Callat 149We«t Harrisons, errti ation* wanted-eyakengush^^ Q . butler, aged 21; total abstainer; good city nUaa£ 11, Tribune office. ****** CITUATION; WANTED^-IN AN O young lady-competent to do any kind ol wn*.} *>Cs*36,per week. ‘C2S. Tribune office. • SITUATIONS TWO YOUSG IADS O as clerks, or.any other light employment. AdSiiri 55, Tribune office. ' StMSL M i£» une office, ■**.*?* S' ITUATION WANTED—BY A LADY O* m spectabilit*, culture. and refinement, as orhoosokoeper In asmau family. Address D TnjJ~J SITUATION WANTED—AS GOVEBNESaTTI O lady of good edaea.ion and the Call or address Inal Indiana-av. • SITUATION WANTED- BY A YOUNG KSGUSS O lady, as nursery governess, or would Uk* Z&, charge of children: is a good seamstress: would bfl fed very useful to assist a mother wham she would betn*2 as one of the family. No objection to travel Addmi B, Post-Office, 914 Cottage Grove-ar., Chicago. • ■ CITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WIDOWS k/” companioa for a lady; salary no object; goodjde enco wanted and given. Address B 73. Tribune eflet SITUATION- WANTED—BY A COMPETESTB glisb person to travel with alsdj. ortakecbaudi young-child in agood family; none but such tteedoi Address or call Monday at presont employet’a Q/B Rosh-st. SITUATION W ANTED—BY A YOUNG LADT Qjf some experience as saleslady in the milltaetrw'fia h gooda business. Address M AO, Tribnoo office, - 3 FOR bßLxn "OOR; SALE-OS EXCHANGE-AN EXCUBSJ3I JU, steamboat and barge. Inquire or address ovsa. li Doarbomfst., Room 9. .UtOR BILLIARD TABLE. ONE POOL A? nearly new. Call at Club House. G 9 WsbuS-p.) •"CtOR SALE—fi. CHANDELIERS, 4-LIGHT SiO; I Hist the. thing for front or back parlor: SOnd »' CHAh. MATTHEWS, ?5 Dearborn-et. i f?OR SALE-EAGLE CORNICE BRAKE AND HB ,t« m-S 1 * I ,*** *** “ 44 now. J. BiCYAJU CO. U 3 Thirtl-av. ;'CIORSA£K-ASMAI.LDREBOU>*KIESZLBSin IV cheap. In<jahr of HSAIAS born-at., corner Washington, baMment.: , - - T?QR sale-grocery; FncTtmes "at a'sack 11 fice ■ at* IS? W ost Twelfib*st. Inquire tKer* s t BASH & POTTER, Room 8 Otis Bloch. - £•{ Tf Of SAtK-vA fARGE PLA.XFORSI SUAt?. (IB W ‘ A sao. cost S9O last January- Also a good 5-snrijf »-H press wagon, •ttearir’aewv Caß'at ZOO d »?- .-I SALE—A HALL’S SAFE, ABOVE- vmn condition- NICHOLS, BKAGO i ; •CO.. US PearbOrn-it. • • • - £ POR l aEALTH-UPT auCHDD at. SMaqd $55 arSlSLake-st., second floor. FOtt SALE—AT. A B VUG AIN, A LABOR TK?- dais safe, 4£bet wide and 4>J feethirA - Infra Koom 4t,'U3 LagsUe-at. • • •• ■ < • •• */ pOR SALE—OB TRADE FOR LUMBER ORSETCJ JU.. cabinetmaker* tools, a brick shop in Aiesds<oc; ■next to House of Parid. ‘ - ■ -»• ■■' . pOR SALE-AT.. A BARGAIN, TWO TUESIK .A., lathes, with feat for spinning metal, with belttafd ****l pOR SALK-FOUR EXCELLENT SETS OP ViUU I pOR SAXE—STORE FIXTURES. EfCICDDOt ■A* shelving, tables; show-cases, oto., end-at.' ' ' g tpOR, SALE-CHEAP, 30 FEET OP I’ walnut office glass, etc-'" F. A 1 FISHER 400, S-i boothOlinton-st. ' •' * -■■■" $ pOR SALE—OHRAP, COUNTER, ICE-BOX 433! A’ show-ease, with iron stand. InaurdstSHfaitfiiX dolph-at. - '• ; For sale-500 .toss of ice bt tuz cil, load. ActJjXo HOWE BROS.. 37 East Kiod»d. jIIOR SALE-SOME FIN'S .TKWKLEF. BS£fR; A- and fancy articles at vary low prices; wouldexchup V; ■B 96. Tribune office. • pOR SALE—FIRST'CLASS MAGIC US®'.*. A 1 (London make}, with sixty fine slides. BUfiflßX* .Canalrst. * ■ pOR SALE-DIAMOND STUD, I** KARAT: DU, j ’A» mohd ring, gold watch, SBOO notes ajuTaottgags; *3 I sL-QQ noloaancftnortcago, orwooldeiciiangs; wsaJl* ; me. MAiiua HulfeE.oaFißb...-- ' ; Fob sale—a splendid watch-dim o* i® and .hepherd breed. ocl/3lrin c InquiroolßAKli.R.iiMn'ttAOO.. . EOR SALE-DESKS AJfDOFFICE CHA CBS, EiE; Ids. blargo rtock orcjlißdtfteuJJ* iwpncea. AVdrltaalxx»*t«iialwarr«qt«Q. byb.P*» i ‘% liEB. Factory comer Lake abd J«ffer*on-«tfc i^OR^ALE^AJOBLOT~OF — CCBRT COSUB IJJn i dmt-coUani cheap. A. W. WHBELSB, W I“-R sL^np-et&ini.- 1 - ’ -f« portSaib—aiotaipbead PXjEia„sCfflE| each; O Gplaaea, BL7sperdorea. aTW.WHwH' ER» lULake-st., op-stairs. - - ■—j T?OB SACK-TWO CYLINDER OFFICa^^ S - choapJor cAab, At <C3 SoqUJ ilorg*fl-4V • i For s'ale-a lot of elegant x5H2rS5| ■ • slop-Jaf-foot-tab. and water-carriorv wortfl 9* , ( 52.70. A. W. Wai£KLBH» KllAtoot., 6 For sate—a lot of pkesseu kettlst, eanee-paas. milk-paa*, *oddfpp«J Price. A.ff. WHKKfiRR, miate-Bt., n^Uia-^f. riOR SALE-A LOT OF : PI(7TUBB*NAM^g|. ; JJ wire picture-cord, very cheap. A. W. Wllftn lilM% s*i 141 tUfrlL, Up-fltAilS. ‘ ' ~ "■‘ ' ' * TTOHBALB-A LOT OP HOES. fiOC P 30c- and 4Qa each: stoel «a<wl* t!ShL2f»fe forks, ?scoach. • A; W, WRBBLBH, Ml ataia. • - • ’^r;f 1?OR BALB-A LOT OP CROQUET X*. • mapl<swood balls. aC SKSQperset,. you want them. aT\F. WHBELEB. Ml I****** w : stoics. , • EOR SALE-GOOD SAND AT-COBSHS 0* W j SaUo-»c.andiiortii-arv ' * •"' ** 1?OB HALE-A TEHY JL* loach coonterf *t & tary low'pnce» : c° • w Boom, g. 243 Strata > >- TCIOR SALEWA LOT OP SOCKET * 'la setftju). $4 e4ch? adia- «y*-b*n»"£Jf - each. .A»WT. VrHgBLKR. UlLakfrtt.* °P' I?OR SALK—A LOT O? LAKGB STEAKSJgB i? worth et.Le for £0 cent»;. centateSSceaU. A - Vf. TVHKELBB. ****** J?OR SALE-a LOT OF A*' gSner dozen; extrabaarypUted* X. W. WHEmCEB. Ml UMt-mHMW' ■POR S AEE-A LOT OP SvEOTE-BAi<£“ worth S3.M each 'for - 8* t . WTIKiiLEH, Ul Lakeret., qp-etaif«—' * T?OR SALE-A WI OF 'BOTCHER ■I? lrom-8l to ?3 perdotan, arWcentsoa^T^ A ‘ W * WHKSLgH,- Ul L*k«-et..uP*tf¥^ For. sale-cheap-a medium Addrcia G 87, Trlbaaa office; TT'OR SALE—A POOL TABLE AS GOODiJ*^' 1? wycbc4p. InquireNo.s23—£ 1?0R SALESROOM HOUSfI uO MOV* TfOR SATE—CHEAP-SOME ’ JP Clack ground on the £iorth SldA--® .. ~ aon»>t.« • - - - - . ; 3 ' TPOH SALE-ONE ELEGANT BUCK i and ash bar counter, circle half-cirelffanow-caaes. TkOilAS EiTCEtB-** loD-ew -- ■- • - . LjLgft FOR SALE—GENUINE COCKBOAC% £Sg(* t and moth exteitninator, wbote»«t»: **»■ tgfyg ranted); con trade- taken.. aBTBOE 0*777; Baet Waahington-et.*- Kaom i. ' '■p'jfi Fo’r sale-a" first-class coosr^jjjwß thelrlae. I«n«th 20 foot; «»t; oecu In ase about 6 months. Call oa pr BOWW, Hoorn 35 Great Central Howl. and VVasnlngton-ste.. • Fob sale-5 cows am> calves at „i* gag-at. . piOR SALK-A SMALL TUBULAB r h£at water for laundry or bath. Apolf » ® #n ".. $ cocaar.Wat»a«u-aT. and Xwantj'-»ecoau-»t» ' ■POR SALE—AX J and cult. Inquire 01.W.U. .HUDSON, T7IOR SALE-LARGE COBAL BEADS. J JJ cult,AddraaßAldbaMOfflefc; • p iSzSTS^j

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