Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 7, 1876, Page 16

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 7, 1876 Page 16
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14 TO KENT —HOUSES. TIL) REXT-BY VfM. n. SAMPSON A CO.. REAL X Estate and Boning Agency, 144 LaSalle-st.: south division. 1166 Wabaah-ar., R rooms, and brick bum Flats on NVVhaih -tv., near Tab Bnron-st., 4 rooau Brooms 832 W.bMh-.T., JJ TOM. Cottage southeast cam or Tvrcsty-lifih-st. and Michl ran-av., Grooms. Marble-front houses, <37 to 445 Mlchigan-av* snr rhirtoenth-eU.Hroomseach. , , y Woodland Park. U rooms, largo lot. wilh barn, oppo rite Chicago University, . . .... Iso lodiasa-ar.. two-story and basement marble-front, £ rooms. 62 Lake-av., 14 rooms; three-story and basamant; low Large framehouse, loG Sonth Park-ar., 14 rooms, large ot, with brink berw. 101 Sontb Park-ar., two-atory and basement brisk. 10 do ms. sGotwr month. y 69 Wabash-av.* brick house, II rooms, and bam. 1500 aadli® fcalaoa-aT , H-rooms each. Ki Twentieth-sL, ihrse-storyJwne, 8 rooms, all in good irder. 1315 and 1313 ShttiHeff-ar.. cottage, 6 rooms each. WEST DIVISION. Tm-etory frame house, northwest corner of Aberdeen md Monroe-Sts., S’rooms, large ford; house newly paint kJ : only s4l) per month. Two-story and basement stoue*front houses, Nos. 6. 7. V nod U Carroll-svu U rooms each, only (ISper month. hd West Jackson-si.. two-story brick bonne. 9 rooms. The dost threetitory.and basement stone-front bosses, toner Uaibington-st. and Union Park, 12and 11rooms; sow rents to good tenant*. The newtbree-stcry and basement stone-front houses, northwest*- comer Adams-Ft- and Ashlsnd-ar., 13 rooms each; only two booses left in the block. NORTH DIVISION. . Thme-storrahd basement brick house. No. SOI North laSalle-«t.. IS rooms. Two-story brick bouse. 10 rooms, 207 Ohio-st. New throo-story and basement stone-trout booses. Nos. 542 to 346 North iASalle-et.. 14 rooms; only $75 per month. £l9 iUiaola-st., three-story brick home, 18 rooms. W. H. SAMPSON 4 CO.. 144 LaSaile-st. fPO'BENT—NO. 355 NORTH DEARBORN-ST. X F. C. TAYLOH, 184 Poarborn-st. rpORENT—TOE NICK RESIDENCE 291 CALUMET- X av.. with a largo, 3-story barn, containing 3 box stalls, and I?single stalls; and 78 feet of gnmnd. In quire of WM. M. DEK, Franklin and Adamrsts. TO RENT-NO. 74 HONORB-ST., NEAR ADAMS; 4- story brick, 12 rooms; 630 per month, and in good ordor. WiL D. PADMRR,. No. IBS SUte-st,, Palmer House. . rno RENT—HOUSES IN ALL PARTS OF THE X city. Fall list and particulars in “ Landlord.and Tenant” at our oflce. R. S.iW.G. McOORMXCK. 155 LaSalle-st. . RKNT-THK TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT X octacOn-front brick- building Noi 6si.Sedgwipk-Bt.. corner of Cehtri,obe block west from Lincoln Park; all cmUorn improvements, inolading furnace. For terms, sp;ilv4,o C. C. HOLTON: Noc £5 and 237 or 7os North WellsHS. ■ rpo RENT—THE STORY AND BASEMENT MAR- X fcle-fronfhoase. |louso in perfect repair; hasall'inoderu Improvements, fixrnace.etc.; rent tU) per month. C.H.AU.C. WAI.K, 13 Chamber of Commerce. | - ■ r| 'OTtiWT-ItL'EVKPKOOM HODS B.- WITH MOD- L era improvement*. 1057 Michigan* av. D. G. HAiT- I bTUN, Room 1. Iffiikrath Olark-sc. rpo ItKNT-NO. 20‘ BRYANT*'-AV. ( . PARTLY X furnished or unfurnished. ,Would I aka rent in board. TO KENT—ANEW OCTAGON STONE-FRONT,*I4 c(Kuas; wt(h. modern iraprovemea tt, fine lawn and ride lot, shade-trees brick bam, etc. Northeast corner Carroll-ar: sadShddon-sf. . , A I*d. No. .437 Carioll-av., ootagan sto no front, 13 rooms and improvements. Also, lu-room. brick houses, Lath,- n •ater-cloaets, etc.. Arbor-place, from ■giS to SM oer moati . .. . S.- a. HAYS, Nb. 7 Met ropolltan Block. •po ■ RKNT-I- HTT.r; REST TORY CHEAP THE X elegant residence 679 Vfaba*h4LV.: s .Iso tiie ihioo-s’ory and ba^rooni-brick-HS-Miehigaa-wv. H-. 8. EVER- Ii ART, Room 1. 84 WaShJagto(i-»i.‘ ■ RENT—THETEBY' DESIBXH'LE TWO-STORY X and basement biidk fa'ouscTSSb Fra' irio-srv. allow rent U. desirable ibnAriU FARRINGTON*.A HACKNEY, 1(15 ■ • p'6 RENT—ELEGANT; MARBLE FRONTS. TEN X rooms, all conrctdoocM, It*» 4 "bio* tks from Lincoln Park, near 2 lines'of car*: ccfghhbrbw >iT first-clas*; fair tomato good tenants: CHAhtN. UA'LE, 163 Randolph. TO EH.VT-sb’PHK JM.NTH. KC >. 8 av., 2-E?ori - antf'hrfct , i)a<c&'f*nf hp» 10 rooms, with bum., A. SPTfTVI;Ivt:, - r /U llfj rlu'rr-tt. riH) r.ENT—Ninr mocK house s, $35, s2<l sz. X I'cr tstn on," montnly ■ paymtat*. JOHN F. iJSER -lIARIV iff Clark*>t.v Itoota 3. , rp6 FRONT H(J-USES FRONTING X Union Park; Lakfe-<k.* Nqf. £6S*aa- 1.5G2,13 rooms -and bum.* AppiywrjORCAKFENTMI, 21 St, John’s-pUcc. rpo’ RENT 2-STORY BRICK,- WfTH CELLAR: X modM-lsrrwrOTltßtff: "SSr wr r month. SOUTH WOirni. Rocm^ w MdfiDoa- Block, domer Clark and MadiSntr-sts r rp»'o- ICgNT-tafl?AF=-D:t!CK HO USES T3S I3H X Ttidop-rTV, touac, ono ad farnisccrd. Inquire 'of ‘the own sr, MACLEOD, 130 'J Uruup-&t»‘ T7'o KENyLCUEAP-ADESIiIAJ JLE 2-STOBT AND X ba#cnrtfitbrlck*iiwfiiatl” Adams-rt.’ a: L.RuCKWNLU to, LaSaßo-st. HpUSB 165 i SOUTH MOf.GAN st., »o rooms,'gs»4ix*hpd<. «Üb-l«; pleasant location, near cars; ,1 nw icn,t- the* lorpar next soyth.. ri’O KKXIVSiAV- HOUSE; FRONT, 4 3-fitorgane b ’iock; from street ctr«, Irmitinc Campbell Park? gae: all e'fodcra improvements. GKO.- ir.-pRaNKT.RAOorta, W Clai ;k-*t. mo SU4NT-NOr»-ftacm«AN’.AV., HITHERFUR- X to re sjoniitlatdnaai. Call at boose <-ron G. A. LRLAND, ui Wsshiagiqp-eIL.. ■ , - fS'O.IUvXX-iROOiI- HOUSES, WEST OF LINCOLN X Patlv JIS ik-fenjobUr; aim, bo'usbk IA Country, with land.. O. C: WiiPPLE. ISiClari t-sU ■ n-oitf.jrr-cJffiKPTb'Gix®’ b, J 2rKfhrP&?l£’o6rSgdfi moderii Lmprove mcnta, sub-ccliors. Room 3 110000 > Block- H- LOWRY. *3 the north really worth fci'-: m h Clark-ft.. Boom 11. C OTTAGK OF 7 ROO3IS 1 just west' or IVcsicnUty.*. for. Sli per month; city w. t- f AffJTcvoryCif'is Apply to EL' O. STONE, Itu Madlsop-st.^ltoom-9-; _ . • , m 6 KENT-NEW4-ROOM BRIOKjCOTfAGE WITH 1 rlt>SKr£tfd*pa»lty; Tco r », cnnVsniont for bonsckoop -Ins: SlO Apply' 718 Weat Supcrior-st.. , rpo'KENT— NO.ISB-PriVißnt-AT'., NEAR THIR i lyXhlrd-st. ynowhouscu'li-modem .cciaTenlences, for* smcc, etc.; rent low. N. T. WEIGHT; 66 Washing ton-lit.* . . . , ' f I RENT—COTTAGJ J CONTAINING 7 ROOMS JL bevifW closet* with- *w cere ef ground and fruit, sit unU>d on Nortb-av., nea»-idilwaakcp-ar.; rent $lB. Ajv piv to Or UrJVLDENrgr’T jmffgfltcyat. : * rno UKNT-9cy INDIA-KA-AV., 17 ROOMS, MODERN X impruti'touaisr T'f W<Sst Ww moafn. Houses cheap 'MB over the city. J* B. GOULD, CS East Madison-et., K’ocri 12. . n’O liJJNT-an ,COT &BOYE;AV.. litlCK 2- X story and caserne at, modem ImproTcmoata; tesydo* suable; reasonable re-ftc. 1. A. MARTIN, 3tfi(Thirty iiret-et. . • RENT—WITH OR WITHOUT FURNITURE,..2- X story and tasemo itbrick house. No. 121 Twenty-nrst »i., near Michigan-: ,r. Inauife at the hodse. ' TO RENT—FUR KLSHIiD ASD EAoE meat brick boo **, ail modem imocotemcnls, pa War rou ar., spas Rely to.geptlemaa. v4-Wiw, wKhpnt cMldrch. KVipoi #iblo parties only nood apply. POT WIN A CORBY, H2Oearpura-et. ■ . ..•*.. rpo-UFKH-TO'A TRNAKT A COS; X nlotcandhr'sdsomfiiyfdmisticd bouse, or would sell luraiiure and ro ct faotise. ApplratSOgWabaßh-Ar. To- fiiBST-t-ft£" «Ttory brick hposb 479-Wcbsrf >sT:r<t#tocf ETdridge-cbcrt, foirmyriyoo capledbytho Chicago Ciab;2u mal. fomlihed tritu carppis, gas- emtHres, jqtoxrr, dinlng-wxnn famitaro. Agency, >44 LaS>Ue-ft... .. T nlO REN' /-LOWER FLOOR OF HOUSE 444 WEST X -Ifcies-» Xifi rOdini with closet*, water, for sl3 to a good tCTjoat. . TO BE NT—HOUSE -NO. 136 LOOMI34>T.; HAStALL mod emltoproVcmcnts. wad is in tint-class locanty. Carpet*, (as-good ai sew) for sale at A bargain. Apply on thopraniegg.- • _ . . ri'O RENT—BY hTCOY A. GASfiON, 1» SOUTH X TAark-et-j-Boom.a, *_ large,list of hunscsvfumishod aaiLtmulfoktiiod roomaan dll fwlrts df'thootty. - - • 1 . n V REKr-TOUB-ROCM O’^IOKN- X neat'Jcrorsdtu T, J. BOLEN33ER, Room 6M. K. Choreh SlocY, ... . j : . . . T'O NORTH S?DR-2FINRT>WELLI3<GB, rent Adboed to 85C per month, ocfagbu teorMe-frOat, but ami CAM water. andiomscr; rtwd nHghborfabod. R. h. A W. G. WdXWWICK, ISO Labulie-ot. • rpo RENT—GOTTAG'E, fi ROtSiSw .VERY PILiUS- X -ant; 4369 BnMrtrfioM-it., near Tweniyeerbxdh, Inquire oa tho ptefnises. ■ ' TO RENT—S3S PER MONTH VOTI -2-STORY AND basement brick boute, with hot and cold watte and bath*rutn&. sud brtok the cdntßffsft BisteV and Sophia-wts. CmiULES HxUhliNliß. *0 Ciyboura-av... . . . . O KENT—LOWER 1-LOOR OF 438 WEST ■aoDvfit.. 7roam*. XpplyonHdndaytoß. E. BULK* LEV. Room 4,125 LaSaile-st. rro P.tiNT-8-ROOM COTTAGE. SJS. p*E f, S3O; J. oao 5, felti; Srootns, gIQ. 'QS.vTfcst VaaDpren-st. rllQ E3iStiITEE“SMAIi 2-Sr3uyiSijlE HOUSE X on lot hoHbbast comer Archor-av. an* Joscpb-«t-, 6 ruofiie. laiga firfl, Water, etc. No other tcntno. A. SicDUNKALL. Kbon SI Rwtnfe Block. TO EEET—ELEGANTLY , FUIi.VISfIED HOUSE. &licb>san-ar., near Twentyniath-st. Toni tiij low to gsod pany. Addfoss F‘le, Tribune offict. rpo EEST-626 ttEST tVAsWJfG'roi'-S’T.. TtVO- X -sloryand baser*ert brick; bnekbam: 645. C. W. H RQW.S. ROtam 1 'll; E. Cborefr Bledc. rpy fast-- ll X rnumt. good order. repainted, large garden; ono or two families. J, A, 1 *s4ff pfc-cidntL i:. c. £ONG« J»RO.; 72 lngtop-pt...c .j... r~'i—. -' . ' ■■■j' -'j' •" ICLMUCT-4MTTMUI COT £&OOM£» JttLiiS SORTBi jC£rtit«cU-4SBs.ft <oaiy*paSs¥e»tl*ln*-«ti ..■ .< frasK^ssßics3sEyfiSc3BaSEs' 1 TSJtPtJincmr.atmvMfcfciD ,> ' " rpu -BENr—TRKRfcSTORX ,BAfIBMKKT 1 *octifcfm-'frmt brick hflrf?o ‘ HQ) Prairie at. B<o. HOLMKb & CO-.'TS and 74 Dcerbora-at. • TO RENT—I 472, 1475. 1476 WABABH-AV.—THREE story stone ironte; 16 Twenty-eighth^t., frame. J. I'. BONTIKLP, Times Building. rpO RENT—COTTAGK 7 ROOMS AND BARN. OR X Etcnemenl 6 rooms, sl6tos2o. Van Bttxea-rt..bolwoen lioyne and Leavitt. GEO. U. PRaSB. 23,97 CUrk-st- T— O RENT-NEW TWO-STORYBRICK RESIDENCE on Jrving-place, between Polk and Taylor-sta.; all modern eoovenieacleatprice s**per montbcood ten ant. LUMLEY INGLEDEW, « Waeilagtoa-at., Room 9. ■ - TO RENT-ONE BLOCK PROM• LINCOLN PARK, now brick house. 7 rooms and cellar, S3O. U. POR TER, 14 Grant-place. rpo~RENT-NO. 168 THBOOP-ST.. LOT 53X120 TO i alley, and good Setoryand bisemoat brick bopee, vn-.h furnace. water, and bus, sab-ccllar, aad in good or. ULRICH i BABsfcs, Boom J. 85 Waahtogton-at. rro RENT-COTTAGE. 7 ROOMS. S3O PER MONTH, X 78 North Ann-at. Apply at 98. mo RENT-COTTAGE, SB HOKORB-ST., 8 RpOig, i closet, pantry, water; $lO per month. Apply at 687 West Monrao-st. ■ - n'O RENT NICE 11-ROOM HOUSE ON IDALU- X met-av.. near Twenty-thrd-et. (No. 161). ,**"jor», dining-room, and kitchen a« on the mwn flc»r. IhuadrT. cellar, etc.. In basement- Ftirhaco. and all ®odert Im provement*. It u low being kit) a month to a small party. Cal! at uie houio, or ad- A. tt. MOULL Y, P. U. Ewx &s, city. TO RENT-HOUSES: TO .RENT—AT TUB GENERAL RENTING AGBN cy of GEORGK G. NEWBURY. Booms 8 and 9 Bryan Block, 1&4 LaSallo-st. G67£4 Michigan-av., two-story brick. 10 rooms S 40 1406 Waba*n.av., two-story and basement bouse Se 546 Sooth Park-av., two-story and basement house, with bam.. 85 803 Michigan-av., three-story and basement marble- 340 CklnmeV<aV.V*twi>VtotT and basement dwelling; tnra. n 253Calnmet-ar., two-story dwelling... - j* 1256 Indiaua-av,,iwo-Biorjdwelling £7l Michigan-av., tWtTstory and basement dwelling. 40 1615 Wabash-ar.. two-story frame dwelling. - 25 873 Michigan-av., two-sloty frame, brick basement. 12 rooms - 40 568 and 874 West Lakc-sU, two-story and basement „ marble fronts..: JJ? 459 Fullon-at., two-etoxy frame, |0 rooms -J 25 Silvor-sU. cottage. 6 rooms *• 490 North LaSalle-st., three-story and- basement brick...;....;;...’. - 2C3Clyboom-av., grooms, bath, closet, etc..,........ 418 t 0422 Slate-st,, tenements 6 rooms each, closets ASofH^ns^coraerNorth'clarkandKric-st*., neat family hotel, being thoroughly renovated Sleeping rooms 277 and 279t>outh Clark-5t............ Sleeping rooms 119 Clark-5t.,....: r RENT—TO A RESPONSIBLE PARTY ONLY, two-story and basement brick dwelling, 2SO w eat Wasfiinpton-rt;: every room newly painted, papered, and ealcimined. Not for a boarding-house. Inquire at 286 West Washlngton-st. fno' RENT-COTTAGE KO. 400 PARK-AV. IN- X quire on premises. . rro r RENT—A TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT X brick house, with barn, handy to the street-cars; all for $25. Also rooms, over drag stprew lOWWest Madison st„, corner Western-av. HASTING A MYEitS. fpO RENT—TWO-STORY FRAME COTTAGE AND X basement of 8 rooms and bath-room. O. W. PARK ER, 127 LaSallo-sL, basement. . TO RENT-CHEAP- TWO NEW 10-ROOM HOUSES, modem improvements, comer CAluraet-av; andTwon. ty-sixtb-st. CLARK BROTHERS, 6d WashTogton. TO REVT-DKSIRABLE COTTAGE, SIX ROOMS, gas, bath, bay-window, 169 South LincolzhSt., facing Adams-st. drive; rent. $33. Others cheaper. Call and seothem. Apply'at ll>3 Sooth Xlucola-et. • TO RENT-A NEAT COTTAGE, FIVE LARGE room*. No. 60 near oOrnar Paulina, on* block from Lako-st. can, and* two blocks from Union Park: good nfclrblwrhood; rent. (20 oer month. Apply to owner. No. 316 West Indiana-st. E. R. MOUSE. fpO RENT-TEN-ROOM HOUSE, AND BARN, ON X • Vernoa-av., near 'Twenty-ninth-it.; $35. Two-story and basement brick, 10 rooms, furnace, «tc.. No. Webitcr-av.; (40. W. M. TiluE. 114 Dearborn-sL rtio RENT— HOUSES IN VARIOUS PARTS OF THE X city: also-suites .of rooms. FARRINGTON A HACKNEY, 105 Washinctnn-sL mo RENT-THE THREK-STORY AND BASEMENT Xbrickbomte-No. ISElilrldgo-court; will be pat la good repair. FARRINGTON & HACKNEY, IDS Washington. rpD RENT-340 WARRE.V-AV.. TWO-STORY AND i b&*cmeat brick residence; 13 rooms; octagon front. Apply on premise*.* ‘ . . a'O RENT-HOUSE OP ELEVEN ROOMS, LARGE grounds, and hurt)* frorthwcstcoroerof Ooctago Grove , and (Jdion-avß. Rent low. C. CHERRY, JK., 36 Oak*£. wood-boulevard. • ;--r : TO RENT—FIVE-ROOM OQTTAQIJ ON THlßTY fourtb-at,, near Wabash-av. Splendid residence at V.'sukegan; • wffl bo rented low. B. 0; GARRA BHAANTt 186 Dearbom-et. rpo RKNT-THE NEAT AND; CONYENIENTLY- X located octagon-front brick dwelling, -with or without brick stable, Clark and Dearborn. rpO, KENT-OB FOB FURNITURE. X at'great'sacrifice, ' BT9 Wabash-ir. Al<o. be&ntifdl cottage 111 fhlrteeoth-st. Inqnirt at 879 Wabaah-av. r PO BENT—FURNISHED .8-ROOM COTTAGE. 818 X Calomci-aV., cheap to a good tenant. Call at 193 La- Salle-st. for particulars.- D. W. C. GOODING.- TO RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE, 8 ROOMS. Owner will taka board, for rent. 4(3 West Harri soa-st. * ■ - • rpo REKT-ON MICHIGAN-AV.. HOUSE-OP 16 X rooms, with modem improvements. ISAAC CLAF LIN A CLb, Marino Bonding. rno KENT-33 AND 55 FOREST-AY .-2-STORT AND X brick basements, all modem improvements: large vard and barn. Alsu brick cottage of 7 rooms, with wa ter and’gas. inquire at 1415 Waoaah-ar.,'corn® Thirty second-st, - . . . Tb'RDNT-HcmsE KO. 513 NORTH STATE-ST., c(mtainitiglOreom)>.wiifa all tbomodem ifipcovemeats; bas just boon,rchrted aad is in cumuleta order. Kent very cheap. ELLIOTT ANTHONY, 9j Dearbom-st. •pOTIENT—STONE FRONT 333 WEST RANDOLPH- X eh. 10 rooms, gas fixtures, range, furnace, etc.: large cellar undertno basement; cheap. H. D. EASTMAN, 472Handolnh-iU , TO RENT—FIRST-GLASS RESIDENCE BSI BUPE rior-sL, cboap. Apply TO. RENT-UPPER PART .OF HOUSE NO. 436 West Hamsoa-at.; is neat and clean; sl2. TO . RENT-NICE .HOUSES, LARGE YARDS, high ground,'from So to $25. Also for salb and ex change. D. L. PERRY, Room IX 123 Doarbom-st. To*rent-to rksponsibletenant a small cottage. Wed Side, fhraiShcd or ncfnrnishbd; good locality, conveyance: rent reasonable: option to uurebiso.-Call or address, with-full particulars, A. J, DRUSI3IQND. 4i2 iitate-st. . . . .. : TO RENT-419 IVARBEN-AV,, . TWO-STORY AND b'sEcraont ofctAßoa stonft-front house ksd brick barn, $56. Inquire on the. premised- or of O. A. DIBBLE, 97 Clirk-st., Room 64. . . . ' . .. T' ’b RENT—2-STORY JCjp BASEMENT HOUSE, 10 rooms, -modem eonvenlcvccs hot and cold water, wash bowls. >athrelos9t; gas fixtures, etc. Apply at 813 Tblr ty-first-st. J. A.’LaSHaR... fpO RENT-JL NICE 8-ROQM HOUSE. 195 WEST X Adams-st,. ats2spermonth. J. BRECKINRIDGE, Wett Adams-st., •■over grocery store. > rpo'RENT—A VERY NEAT CHEERFUL SUITE OF X room.*, sooth front, furnished or not; will make liber al terms with right party. 163 West Congress-st., near Greenish TO REST-FURNISHKD HOUSE IN GOOD LO cxlity,;Ncntb g ide... J UHN XING, 173 Madison-st.: fpo RENT-UPPER FLAT 203 NORTH CLARK-ST..■ X 6 rooms, $25; also over store 374 Clyboum-av., Slo; 6 roonfs. ~A. T. GALT. 85 Dearbdra-it..-iU>orH 23. • TO RRNT-sCOTTAGK AND .BASEMENT, SDC rooms aadisUny. eight rooms, Noe; 87 And 39 Wbstem-av. i£. B. PEASE, 97 Clirk-st.,Room 23. .. mo RENT—FURNISHED HOUSETNOTsS THIRTF JL eifehfh-sL Inquiieat U, 109 Dearborn-sr., 0r33,' 78 Menroo-at. , . : " rpo- RENT SOUTH SIDE, 14-RODM BRICK •JL dwclUngi location ntaurr|«Bod; 5. lirtne-?r»infc be Grit floor, cellar; two oath-rooms, furnace, gas-fixtures, 45-foot lot: homo entirely hew irntUd. 875 to proper party, Adamss, this week-only, G 28. Tribana office. TO BENT-1138 MICHLOAN-AV,, 16 ROOMS, FUR nace, etc. Will rent cheap. 216,-220, 222, £2l SaaSom-st.,’comer Aahlaad-aV., 10- roembrickliorues. SMpermontb. Two ten-rocm bouses on Warren-ar., near Western-ar. Will rent cheap. Fumixbod brick bocsaon Jliohigan-aT., near Twenty ihird-st. $75 iwrrnorfih. . , OAKPENTER A SHELDON, 133La3a!l6*t. rnECT~G -WIST JDilfcvST., 2STOIIV AND bliornfeht rtiicV Mnisowlth furnace and all modem Improvements,being put. In. ebapleto order; will rant reasonable to a gqpa tenant. Call at the boose from 10 a. m.nhtllcp.m., *t» W3S. Et. EAMPSON A CO.. U 4 UtSalle-et. rrio,RENT—NEW 9-STORY AND BASEMENT BhICK X bouses.9,rpoms.iacb, on Wood-«t.. near Polk; only $25 atfit/nth. . Applyto WM. H. SAMPSON & CO., Ul ■D-CjlUo-jt. . , . - ' FURNISHED HOUSE ■X lnoneofthftmtst.detirablelocations of tbe-Nurth Side. reaoTatsdthrragbont-.this spring; frill rent for six montllsoV A’Jfi'it-; ScltCks D 62, Tribune office. rpt* RENT—NEW HOUSE, 7 ROOMS, 815 MONTH . X lyirTeb blocks css&'frdm terminus of Milwaukee-Ar. strcqt-cam. KeyatM State-at. fpOtRKNT—B2S-HIDWAUKEE PREBSBD BRICK , X octagon front fc'obm house,,on Bowom- a?., nesrVin- Hot and raid' water on each floor and in two snairfbod rooms: *4tfiarbio mantels; side yardk;trods In front' H. J. PEET, Waabington-et,, Room 15.. .. TO RENT—IO32MICHIGAN-AY.—lO-ROUM BRICE in.good-order; bam; -SSO. E. P, SMITH,-621 W»- bya-uT.*- . FTO JUiNI—BY JOHN W. iIXRSS. 94 WASHING i ington-st,; Tro-stary nnd htick No. 7! Tw«nty-s«com-*t., near Praide-av., Two-story 'm3 odagonbnek house. 10 rooms, fi«w brick. tu Lcavitt«L, iouth of Polk, $25; key in next house sooth. ' . , ai'o_RKNT—Sfl PER MONTH, THE NEW DE- X- tacac3J-Ro7 and basement oetagon-frdat bride resi dence 373 Piik-fr. ; contains 10 ro7avs, lam»co, aUnuid em cbhvAhTt'Dcis* this boose. C. T. KISS,~I WestVvasbiugtou-st v or N. DYE. SKS Park-ar. fporEEM-fT UKION PAni-ttllS TWO-STOBY <X And.bsscnAni. hvok, SI fit, John I *- placd, rSryFhAtp fo'gooa ton&nC: contains 10 rooms, for nacc, all mode»-c -'ivooionoes.-in perfect ord«-, and rat proof. C,-T. , uuI , CtIRIBS ? S3I woet Wksblngfoa-st, MX) RENT-A COMSIODIOUS’ HOUSE OF 8 ROOMS. X ball, funry, and china-closet, etc., in resnectable lodality, ncar*treet cars, ohdrbh«tfad M&PodlA. Apply to J. CAIRNS, >SO Fulton-st. __ nx>:BEKr-JUNK a. brick houses «so andtq ,1. Ohio-st., aenr Stktaj’coftifDrCable. substantial. dhcao. CaJlzt-Rootd&, 177 Clsrh-st. ~ TO-BEXT-FURNISUKD HOUBR CTLAIXIN-ST. TO asmall&znily. Apply. on-ths pfoaii»Morats9ahd Gila bo at; » pO.RENT-aHB SJTJG BKIOK HOUSE)IO ROOMS. ~X -Ji0.832 A'cst, beiweoa Horne, and Lost- Rtf abdrib Vofitdaicntto busi ness. . Seo omor, No. 7 The Times B addin s', nio .X Tirtt:n? to rejiU famtijdf i&aHi, A Duly toE;-E..PBiTlvn>»«i.sii . .. TO •HUNT-A FItCST-OLASS RESIDENCE, WITH All, 'Jnoem- fmptpV^gfebOC^btiuli/nT s&ade-treos, gre«rT*Ta, »ricrb*m» can benaa'dt’No. 9 SoliflT ifliy «t., cheap.. . . --- -- ttd&£ TO POOBU Inhume cgfhflr J lWfeT,y-fh»H-»t. *pi\ Inflow*. To RHT-SIOK TWO-STORY .houses of 7 room I 1M“ add 115 fc-ouili GsQiy-su, for fia nor -month; ordokandotar ctrif&can. App&tolL O. STOJt, Room 9,146 MadtsQp-st. TO RET-TO-A RESPONSIBLE PARTY ONLY- Cottflf 73 Walnot-st., rooms, bath-room, Tdoseta. donee la perfect order. mo RNT—3-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK X hunsoirWabxsir-av., aadaframo cottage on-West Side. SA. RACE; 106 Dearhom-at; TO KNT-BY G. S. CO.. 639 HURL bnM.: Several das* houses nearTuscola Park,. cot tages. ft* of six rooms each,'house famished . c ample*. rpO BiNT--TWO-STORY AND- BASEMENT OCTA- X gozftohe-front,’ 1465 Pralria-av., corner Thlrty-sec oad‘6t.' containing ortry improyement, in fine conol tion: vfj cheap to desirable'parties; M.C. BALDWIN A CO. A and £§ LaSalle-ett., Room S 3. TO RNT-TWO-STOBY FRAME HOUSE. EVERY Oceanian co. southeast corner Twoaly-ilxth-st. and Cilona-av., very cheap to good party. M. O. RAT.n. WIN $30., SSLaSaUe-rt., Room S 3. TO JENT—CHEAP—THE BEAUTIFUL COTTAGE lC£»Prairie>av., all In good-repair. A. E. GUILD, JR., | and H Dearborn-at. TO IE NT—SPLENDID JIDDERN'KOUSES. SOUTH, Noth, and 'V est Side. 10 to IS rooms,. S3O to ssu per month bandy tote! or boarenc-honse, centre of city. f.Q. SXUJpj? IMadlson-sL, Boom 7. THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: SUNDAY. MAY 7, 1876-SIXTEEN PAGES TO RENT—HOUSES. TO RENT-BY WM. D. KEItFOOT 4 CO.. 90 EAST WaaMnctan-«t HOUSES. Indiana-av..between Sixteenth and F.iKhteen(h-sU..two 2-story and basement bouses; pood barns. » ill be put in Unit-class orricraad routed sear lowjo responsible partial-. Ila»b-st,. northwest comer Indiana, block of 3-ito.ry. and basement marble-front bouses, with modern Improve ment*. Will rent at $69 per month each. Dearborn-si., near'Chestnut, and overlooking wash burton square, three new 3-stonraod basement marble front bouses, with furnaces and all modern improvements. Walnnt-st., just west of Ashiand-av., 2-story,basement, and mansard roof house,l3 rooms. 940 per mouth. Bnrl ng-bt., comfortable 2-story brick house, 8 rooms,. nearWonster-av., $25 ppr mouth, one block from Clark * Vremont-st.. near Sophia, 3-stOiy brick -houses, 8 rooms each. $25 per month. Wabasb-av., near Soventeenth-st., 3-story and base ment brick house. 375jper month. ' West Lake-st., near Robey, desirable tenements of 8 and 4 rooms in Barclay’s marble-front block at from $lO to $lB pertuootheach.- ; * . - - Cbestnnt-st., between Wells and LaSalle-sts., 2-story and basement brick boose, .S3O per month. No. 232 South Park-av., 3.story frame; will rent cheap .to good tenant. - ; TO RENT-891 OALUMET-AV., NICK HOUSE IN No. Impair, large lot, and good barn; want reason able offer. 19 Lako-av.—Two-story frame with large lot, (GO. 18 Lavo- av.—Two-story frame, near station and street oars, |36. • , ‘SO Twenty-eighth-st.—Two-story, basepreotjand man sard roof, brick, between Michigan and Wabaah-avs., (50. - . •- „ ■ 630 Cottage Grove-av., south of Thirty-fifth-at.—East front, and largo lot, 825. - Indiana-ar., Nos. 1351 and 125134— Three-story and basement brown stone fronts, modern conveniences, Barn, etc., (65. FRED L. FAKE A CO., 88 Washlngton-st, TO BENT—BY F. C. VIERLING, ROOM 18, 126 Dcarbom-st., near Madison: 50 Tbirtieth-st., 6 rooms. 76 Twonty-sixth-st,. 11-room brick, all improvements. 164 and 156 Burnaida-s;., cottages. 227 Morgan-sLi cottage of 6 rooms. 7238 Twenty-lilth-st-, house of 8 rooms, nice. 369 West Lako-st., 5 large rooms. 392 and 394 Stato-st., flats of S rooms* 319 Wobster-ar., 12-room brick. 734 Jackson-st., 9-room cottage. 1440 South Doarboru-st.. house of It rooms. South Dearborn-tU, cottage of 7.rooms. . *IBOS South Dcarborn-st., cottage of 6 room*. TO RENT-HOUSES BY EDMUND A. CUMMINGS, 119andl21LaSallost.: * *lO Vinceunos-place, 2-atocy snd basement bnok, $25. 14 Viuounnes-placc. 2-stocy and basomont brick. (20. ' 1851 Stuto-st-, near Fortieth, cottage, 6 room. (14. 21 Seminaiy-av., 2-story frame, crick basemont, 11 rooms, barn, $25. „ 81 North Adaat, S story and basement brick, SBS. 73 Honore-sL, 3-story and basomont brick, $35. fpO KEN T—A FIRST-CLASH HOUSE. WITH 18 X rooms and two bath-rooms. threo-storyand basement, Vermont marble front, 509 West Adams-at.. corner of Lafiin-st. Inquire of CHAR. W. PARKER, 137 LaSalle *t., basement. rpO RENT—THREE. HOUSES ON TIURTY-SEV- X ontb-st., between Klliii and Lakc-ava., 13 rooms each* all in £no order: rent from 82b to $35 per month; are ar ranged for two small families; It will pa; to call and aoo them. Inquire of D. D. GARLAND, 43 Thirty-sevonth-Bt. rp6~RKNT— 171 VEUNON-AV., CHEAP: GOODRE- I pair. H. 0. MCNEILL, 128 and 130 Ctark-st.. Room 3 fpO RENT—TO MAN AND WIFE OR TWO LADIES, X prepared to keep house in with a family of two. Cot tage nicely famished: low rent and a good homo to too right party. 219 Shuth Hoyne-at. . a\6 BENT-117 SOUTH PARK-AV..FURNISHED: . cheap to good tenant. H. C. McNEILL, Nos. Lio and 130 Clark-st., Room 3. . ' TO BRNT—&STOBY .HOUSE. 890 FULTON-ST., 8 large rooms,, water on each floor, largo yard in front and rear; horse bam, coal shod, etc.; price, S3O. In quire on premises, or of W. S. WaTROUB, 1 Mlchl gan-av. • • • ' TO RENT-TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK house 7t& West Wa&hlngton-st.; hasfamaoo, hot and cold water, bath, etc.: lota 75x125feet; rich-garden: rent. 5(3 per month. Inquire of Dr. £■ HoU&INGKR, 818 Park-av. ’ • rnO "RENT—ONE MARBLE-FRONT HOUSE, 1180 I Wabasb-av.. In firet-chue order; rent low to a good tenant. Inquire of W. K. HALL, 1244 Indian a-av. r* RENT THREE STORY ' AND BASESIENT brick house; -modem conveniences; furnace and gas fixtures; brick bam and sub-cellar: hoabO grained;-pot in drst-class order; on avenue near Twenty-fourth-st.; S6O permonth. Gl6, Tribune otfaco. ; r BENT-NO. €ll FULTON-ST., SEX ROOMS NEAT and clean for 815 per month to right party, by J. 'FRAKE,Roomay.It>3 naodolph-st. rpO RKNT—COTI’AGE N0.€54 FULTON-ST., KEAR- X lynew-aodin jrood repair. Inqoireof .0.11.-HUW ARD,'at Empire riro Insurance Company’s office, 157 and 169 JASaile-st., between 12 and 1 o’clock. TO RENT—XWO-STOHY AND BASEMENT :OOTA gon brick houao, stono trimmings,-No. 19 Honorc-st., 10-rootn s , wim famaco and gas fixtures, and good brick bam: rent cheap to a good tenant. JNO. G. KUGKRS, City HalL . . ' . ; rpO RENT-NO. C 79 WEST MADISON-ST.. TEN X rooms newh painted, papered, and calciminod, suit able for ono or two families, or boarding house. JNO. G. RQGriltS, City HalL • •. TO RENT—HOUSE WITH SEVEN ROOMS; BEAU tiful grounds with sbobbery. stablo, etc., mllos from conft-non&o, near dummy road, Lake View. Inquire of E. RUMfiIKL, 31 Dearbom-st.' 110 RENT-NO. SOj’THLRTY-FIRST-ST., NEARWA- Losb-av., 11 rooms and cellar; No. 831 Cottage Grovo av„ ncarTwenty-niath-at.. 10 rooms and cellar. . ri>o RENT-PARTIES. .WANTING TO RENT X bouses in too city, Englewood, or Irving Park, call on 8.-KHWiIAV. 173 KaatAladtaon-st. . n*6 ‘RUNT—:FURNISHED OOTTAGE. 7 ROOMS, X .and-bom, 84 South Songamon-st., near Madison, Low rent to gUod tenant. rpo RENT—SI6,;OR SALE, $25; HANDSOME AND ■X comiuodhms 5-room coftago bouses, with lots, in nics ucighboraood, 479 and 4»0 West llnron-st., oast'of Rubcy. .Indiana-at. cars. S.,T. KINO, 85 Washing um-st.' ~ 1 •* 1 '' mo RCNT-AN ELEGANT RESIDENCE ON WEST X furnished ortmfumlshed. Apply atßoons 44.15t:Washlagtoa-tt. . : * s TO RENT-DWELLING <8 ROOMS), 69 NORTH Sangamon-«t,, $22.'- Inquire .in tho drug-stare, 66 North. Sangamon-str, comer Fulton, - ■ , . ■ T' *0 RENT-8-RO*OM COMFORTABLE COTTAGE for reasonable root at 1276 Dearborn *iu, noar Twenty* fifth. ,i. ■ - . . • rpo BENT—RARE CHANCE FOB A DELIGHTFUL JL humoor -boarding-honeo. Tho .house and beautiful grounds kbqfrh as (ho “ S targes place, 11 on Nortn Clark* n., near Div Pray, at ttidclty lithiis, 3 acres', grocn hontus, bams; beautiful trace; dnvos. .etc. ;.hor*e-card- every 12 minutes. -Houaopartially furnished. EDO. 184 Dear •borh-st.. BobmS. ( fTtO KENT—I-STORY BRICK RESIDENCE m WA- X bash-ar.. only 's6?, it token soon. D. HARRY HAMMER, iSSAladison-St. ■ ♦ TO BENT—CHEAPEST IN CHTCAOO-2-STORY and basement boose 35 Oottsge-place. between Thir ty-first and Tnirty-secoudAta., one mlauto’»wolk to steam or horse cars; lurnaeo,'grate, gss, water, -Sewerage, bath-rooms, water-closet, etc., .all in perfect order; Ddoe. S3O. Inquire on premises or at 374 Oottage -Grovo av., OTrOf JgF.LHSTEK, 57 Lako%t. • • mO RENT—TO AND 731 NORTH WELLS-ST., B- X story aad basement, oppoaitoXlncola. Park, $35:462 North*Wclls-st.. near Udctne, '840; S rooms on aonth* west comer of liushand Chcstnut-sts., $13;.4 rooms in 38 North CUrk-st., good for physician, dentist, orpri- ; rate, $25 per month. E. 8. DREYicit, 72 Dearborn-at. rllO RENT—9-KOOM HOUSE NO. m'WEdY JACK- X son-et,, nllin gocd repair; nmt, s4oper month.’ Goii at4s4 West Jackson-et. A" GENTS WANTED-TO INTRODUCE A NEW article, Applyto E. J.'CHASEA CO., North Cl&rk-st. mcTRENT— FURNISHED AND UNFUR - X Ulthed; chelp, near Lincoln Pair; sent of one taken in board.’ Address 117, Tribune office. tro RENT-FURNISHED EAST OF STATE- X Bt~, north of Twonty-tfiath. (S4O. 7SDMUND G. STILES, WMadlsoa-et., KoosnT. , TO;EENT-TWO PLEASANT T-BIOOH COTTAGES, ,Bl6pcr month. Apply at 23 between Hoynrf And Jacluon and Vaaßoren-sts. mo :BENT-2-STOEY FRAME DWELLINGTON X Oakloy-st., second house from North-av.. low to a good tenant. BAIRD A BRADLEY, 90 LoSallo-st. fpo ERNT—A HOUSE AND FROil 2U IO « X acres of firoll calUvatcd gioond to some good, steady mas, or will let the gronso bn shares, aiia - whl cire employment a portion of the ~tlmo to tne tenant. CaU from 2 to S o’hlock on 0.55,-^BRQWNE. lOSFlfth-ay. r RENT—3-STORY BRICK DWELLING, WITH all. niodeta Tmpnriomena and'stable, drsap. in qalro in ioauoffice, 374 BUte-sU, near Harrison- - - mO 67SOARR O LL-AV., NEAR X comer of Ashl&nd-av. and 2 blocks n rth Union Park, 2-itory frame house, ' good'sVablb. Rent low to right parti oa -Hoixnhiall rooms,* no arrauend Tor •two famUtos, 5 below.and 4 above, :£. ROGlcKa,. 177 Ease, Room 9- .... TO REKT-BY COLE, NEWELL A , MOSHER, House, Renting Agents, 188 West Madison-et. Houses,' largo dad while BIT over the Wdst Division. Please call and look orerour hafc. - Prices mado to salt the times. ‘ ■ TO BENT-COTTAGE 1468 PEAiniFr-AV. ALSO mirble front two-atory and basemedvlSS Wabaah »t. ; Tary low to good Uaaat. L. J. CLAKKE ft CO. , Iflrf flcarborn-st. . rpO RXNT-CONTA6B AND BARN. TWO LOTS, 214 X WestTihixteeoib-i*;, nesr •Asblana.av'., very. low. to good tenant. InqaireatSSaad £7 South. (Janal-st. , . r |'o . RENT &66 • FULTON-Sr.-, BURNISHED X twostory boosts 10 rooibi, bath, and water cJoist: <a!- eimmodond painted tbnnxghoat; owner wants board .for Btmtolf. and vile, Referred required. To between - wa bash and .Miehhpui’ave., nice two-story frame, with large lot; hopse has all modem eonrcnlencoa and is .pleasantly located. FRbD L. FaKK k CO.. ffl Wash* ington-'&t; ~ ' _j StiTSrttEimn. COTTAQR” at HINSDALE •JL itWO-pepmouthi large grbonds. new barn,-all kid is of irtm. pleasant lawn'.otct . IdqaitabßS. Q. SMAIUN; • g. Fftfeliis, Bat, A xo^ciirk’and . - • ■ ■* T O J?r, CT-TW ?' 9ro! F r ' J i V , 3 K ' S ROOMS ± with large eardoa.*sc Lombard; dasir tha atacfcn SS gr menth. ISAAC CLAFMN A CO., MarSo°Bwlid- T? . i - RAV . E * N ?> VOOD -A beautiful J. homestead with lirge. bandeouJO grounds, near droot. RMvafc*? 4 school. inquire of W. H BUY AN, depot, Ravenawood. r PO RBNr—/uHSISHBD HOUSE 'OP ia I at Highland Park, with furaaco and all lmp«;«? **»,»manta in*d,«nc.. S. 8. CALKINS, Room 69 Metropolitan'Block. omce mli * I* ol ®-®*** cheap. Address QIQI, Tribune TO REST-AT KENWOOD. TWO BLOCKS FROST tii?lihlH° n fc“il? koShore,,,riok hou,e - '“rniihudor- TSteSp offic'e. "" * mmoor “ Atldreu B Do. T ( t^/“2'-?5 SIRABLE c. HOUSE AT BAYESS rkv^Wp2®; " boQloa at Sammerdale, S2O each. A. A * enl * •octbeaat corner. Monroe and in tr — OK) RBST-AT LAKB FOREST. NEW HOUSE: AL a to a completely famished boose, ready for occonancT* alsoMmQ_cnaplacejforsale.S. uS^fflSSSlSlP 9 SALE—;KENWOOD—NEW SWELL. BlJgreiSS-a ® to * : nut .Uto. T^t7^rsT7 A L^ EJ ' V r ° OD_AJ<KLEGAXT house, T J i'w^ l, or ßd *..T? th exteneivo gronnda. £. g. WILL. I A«b, Circuit Court Roem, Clty-Hali. TO RSNT--HOUSE3. Snlioxliaxi..CoiitOuW!(i- To bent-housbs. Ravcnstfood—B-room frame. Rogers' Park—B and Ifl-rooni honsc*. " Kvaustoo—Several bouAee.wcll lucticd. -Glchcud—GoQdhon»c. oleasaatlocation. . , ■ - Late iotiagc convomoyt to depot; also a large bouao and pleasant ground. ’ _ „ . . E. H CANFIELD. 59 . r RENT—BY H. C. JfIOHEY. 95 CL AitK-ST. —COT tage and 5 acres at Englewood, corner of hifty-sixin and two blocks from depot corner boule vard and fbrt Wayne-Rillroad; fare, 9c; trill take part of rant la work on the place. TO BENT-rKOQMh. KENT—HANDSO34KWT -FURNISHED SOOTH froot room,. J4o. innuli-ar.. cora.r Mooroo-it. TO rUBNISHKD BOOMS FOB ladies at 63 Tbird-ar. • T~ O RENT-FOUR OR FIVE FORATSHED ROOMS for honsekeeping. 84 South Morgan-st. TO' K*TfT-AT 423 WEST MADISON-BT., THE pleasantost front rooms, famished, in the city, lor geotlemep add hona'ekqeplng, cheap to first-class parties. TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS-433 WABASH av„ four doors north ot Pock-court. Q 10 RENT-TWO FINE EURMBUED FRONT . roonts. 254 OntarlosL . mo RENT-A SUITE OF FRONT ROOMS, FUR- X nlihod, .toa party of gentlemen, single or together, ata26Stato-st., sue and floor. . • T‘ O RENT -UNFURNISHED, LARGE BACK PAR lor (room off), basement, dining-room, sad kitchen, with robin ptf; .kilchenhas 'cook-stove'with water-aiiach meats; lower and upper hall and plain carpeted. 89 Lin coln-av. "' ■ : ■ • ' • ' ' • fpO -RENT—AT 65 SOUTH CURTIS-ST., BPLKNDID- X ly fundahed roomy to gentlemen oaly’. . rno RENT-VERY -PLEASANT ROOMS. SINGLE X and on suite, fronting south and oast, newly famish ed, painted, ana calcinihiod, at 253 West Madlson-st., cor ner of tjangamon. ’ . fno KENT—DESIRABLE FURNISHED BOOMS EN X suite, oraingl?, with maam heat, in JUowe Building, 243Btate-at., corner Jackson., Room £9, rro RENT-NICIiLY,FURNISHED FRONT ROOJIS. X single or en suite. Apply at 200 West MadUou-st,, third Uoor, Jtoonl H.- •• : TO RENT-6 ROOMS UP-STaIRS AT 205 ABER deco-tit.' InquiCo to-day, ‘ ' rro RENT—A NEATLY-FURNISHED PARLOR; X also, several other rooms, furnished or unfurnished, at 309 Waahingtoa-st. • TO RENT— FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED room* at 10and I2,Ea*t Madlson-st., nicely furnished, and commanding a hue view of lake, with or without board. ' Inquire at’Room 13. • rRENT FIVE VERY DESIRABLE. • UN famished poodjb oo first floor, over store. Immedi ate 37e Weat Madison-sC TO RENT-ROOMS IN SUITE OR SINGLE, FUR nlshed or unfamished: first-class board: new marble front building Id and he Aaams-st., between Wabash and Michigan-avs. ‘ TO RENT—NICELY FURNTSHKD.FRONT ROOMS, only-812permonch. U9Mftdison-at., Room 19. 110 RIOT-FLATS ' FOR ITOUSKKI!h?PING. ALL improvements,'at 297 and S43Wabash-»v.; low rant to good tonanis. .F. A. STEVENS. • . TO RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH OR WITH oqt board ;*ontlemea preferred. 165 South Clark-st., Room 11. m 6 RENT—I 37 MICEUOAN-ST.-PLEASANT FUR- X nishod rooms, with or without board; rooms $2 and $3 per week. mo RENT-122 SOUTH SANGAMON ST.-KICBLY- X famished front rooms, with modem Improvements. ' MILLER Block. 793 West Madlson-st.; also a ifino flat comer Van Boren and State«u. - Apply at grocery store, 793 WeatMadlson-st; TO REN T—FRO NT ROOMS FOR HOUSEKEEPING, and also famished rfront room for gentleman, at 863 Weat’Madlaoh-Bt. • - TlO RENT-NICELY FURNISHED AND UNFUR nishod rooms at 876 West Madisou-st.. third floor. n-0 UENt-KICELY-rnRSISIIKD ROOMS IN A X private family; brick house, all modem improvements. 13 Honor»»-B6. -■ ’ . ’ . .. - . rro RENT-ROOM, OR TWO BOARDERS TAKEN X in private family. No children. West Side. E 63, Tribuneoffice,. ■ , TO .RENT-ROOMSr-VGBY NICE AND VERY cheap, wither without board: ono elegant unfur nished room; new brick comer Randolph and Hoisted* sta. SL Cloud. - ■ 1 fno RENT—NICELY -FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH X or without board at SIS Mlcalg&n-av. TO RENT—GENTLEMEN WISHING COMFORT abIe and neatly-furnished moms, convenient .to the business centre, shonld c<di ana examine. .Also, a few unfurnished If desired. LMNurthState-st. ' T" 6 RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, BY THE DAY, week orniooth, biogto or en suite, withorwithoot board. Two elegant front smites. ■ Rooms from 76. cents to 82 per day, *lO to £SO por month, with -gas, etc. • Transients accommodated. 71 East Monroe-st.. Room IS. TO RENT—SEVERAL WELLFURNISHED BOOMS, gas and bath, to gentlemen; private family. Intiulre at 2ilSaperior-et. ' ■ ■ rpO "RENT-TWO FRONT ROOMS, FURNISHED. X without board. Suite 13 Porter Block, comer Clark and Adams-sts. ' - TORENT-A LARGE ROOM. FURNISHED OR uufurnuhod. Day boardem wanted: also a firet-claas colored malo waiter to servw at' dinner, at- No. 233 Ohio-»t. 1 ' • T*o RENT—ROOMS TO SINGLE GENTLEMEN, without board, : also boo handsome unfurnished room; ail modam conveniences. -47Qand-4»2 Wabasb-ar. TO RENT-LARGE EAST-FRONT ROOM ON FIRST floor, newly and -bandsocnoly furnished, 63 Booth May si.; between Madison and Washington. ’ TO RENT-PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOM IN private family. <B9 Wabash-av., cheap. T" O HEXT-TWO I'niUnsHED BOOMS, cojiplktk for housekeeping; also fuur rooms on rate,■also two small furalflbed rooms. Apply at No. 601 Statist.,Dross making store. , . . • TO RENT—FURNISHER) ROOMS. , WITH BATH, In now .trick building 151'Soath Halsbud-sh. T" O RENT—THE BASEMENI* STOKY ,OF BRICK house tSSoathPooria-st.; new and lit food order, 7 roams/ water, closets, etc. T“o RENT-FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, 3 alcoves and other desirable rocrmi In prlVatofamiiy to A No. I partis*. First-class day board can be bad next door. Call Monday at 393 Michigan-av. TO RENT-BASEMENT, 4 ROOMS, <sß. WATER la kitchen. 81 North.Pooria-gt. . TO R£NT~BLE(MNTLY-FURNISHVID. AND .UN-, furnished rooms: splendid location; fivi minuiea’wolk from Post-Office. 217 IllinoH-st. TO RENT—PLEASANT ROOMS. SIOTO S2O MONTH- Iy. 1(77 Baet Madiaon-8t.,-Room 23. ’ TO RENT-FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS SUITA, ble for light housekeeping or slMpinir-rootcs; all mod ern imprOTbiaoatß.'and within 3 minatos*-walk of State 'and Madison-sta. {private family, Addiess GIB, Tribune office. • . mo RFNT—A . PLEASANT FURNISHED FRONT X chaniberand closet 'at 535 West Madleon-et.. next Bishop-ooagt.. \ ■ -- 1 . . f|VO RENT—THE ENTIRE UPPER FLOOR IN NEW X swell-front disuse;-also front pariur. Apply At W 1 Vest Adame-at. - TO .RENT—BY COLE, NEWELL >« -MOSHER, House Heating Agents. 18b West.Modi jon»st, flats of 4t06 rooms, ahd’suitea of S to 4; al«>,‘Bj.ngloToomsua furnished in good locations., ‘Cheap rental . ■ • TO RENT-LODGING ROOMS FURKHSHED, PRl vato family, :snd. all modem oonvenii aces. 822 Wa-, bash-av. ■ , . TO BEN3WTWO, LARGE FRONT ROOMS. EVERY thing complete for houaokeoplng. Loan ire at 224 North Olark-st. ' " . • ' , • 0 'RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT housekeeping. Apply-at Ssl Huron-«it.,ncar North Dearborn. . ...... • . , > TpO RENT-FRONT SUITE AND OTHER NICELY X furnished roomi cbdap; location goodj iiSl-Wosf Mon xoe-iL TO BENT—IOS6. WABASH-AV-, A . PLEASANT, smte cl rooms famished or ntifaznisbeiL with use of bam If desired.' ■■ ■ ■ TO RENT-ATI3B SOUTH DESFL AXNES-ST..NEAR Adams,-A pleasant front rooifi funnshed to two young men with or without board. . . ■ • • , ; TO RENT—NEWLY FURNIBHBD ROOMS'SINGLY or an auite. , pall to-day on lie. ti , S. BOOTH, Boom 16,157 Wcat - rf»o RENT-FURNISHED FRONTfROOM. AT 233 X Wpst Wythluglon-st.. near Saqgaiaon. ' TO RENT—ELEGANTLY FURNISHED.BOOMS TO gentlemen knd thdir wives. Board' far lady only. 'Ad dress M 74.* IVibupe-omeo. - • • TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMSimONTINO THE lako,>*itb private family. ■ No.-25 Indlana-iLV., comer.Thirteonth-tft. . , , T" d rent-jmcely furnished jpront. ;room, cheap to right parties. Apply at 96 Booth Peoria-et. rpo RKNT-i-FURNISHKD ROOM. LARGF CLOSET, X bath* .and gas. - Board if di.slrod. 616 Wait Wash* ington-st. * T7IdRBENT-JiEWASDJEU:GANII/SrSimNISHED J} robins, with or rmhout ‘ b oard. 196 su'd l9B'-£ast Washfogtoh-ct* • • T* O~RENT— POUR NICE BOOMS AND CLOSETS. 471 West Fiftcenth-st,' oejmer finomls, near Bias . Island-ftr. . ; rpo RENT—LARGE FRON T ROOM AND LARGE JL backroom, furnished; private family; references. 1006 Ind iana-av. ’ rpo RENT-FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED X- rooms, suitable for nftnLfomcn or ladies, in Bryant .Block, corner of Dearborn .ancL.Bandolph-st*. Apply Room 55. , . , rpd RENT-THREE .ROOMS BN/SUTTK. UNFU R . A nished, on tint Hoorn ” gui,* hot, And .cOJp/Water. all -juodern con ten ioncesrlrnSr^eillW'order ;*dgy boat'd next • door. Also, »iutodMttrVflafaba-rodftb«;^Btfdlh~Aiia-6t. V rpa — A •'barnor State and Harris howta. '■* ~ "!r./7. ’/pG KENT— ROOMS, •*»J. .:lhg House. 127 Foartb-aw:,^<^^t^fl^ldsia.'|*()af^OSco. O RKNT-CHEAP-SNIOBROOMS DOWN STAIRS. 713 Fnlton-st.. wltli -barn. Also four alco nxmia, 833 Congrcss-bt. GEO. J. TIxUS, IntOr-DCcan olScn■ T'O RENT-ON THREE. DESIRABLE flats, cheap to good tenants; also store with .long rooms in rear, snltabtA for shns store: good stand. No. 346. Two-story cottac*s, Nos. 1-4 and 12 Sooth Green-«t., £ tod locality. One <f wire Wo flat in Norton- Block. Wash gton-st., not yet taken. N. NORTON, 361 Washiagtoa-st. TO RENT—SUITE OF FRONT ROOMS; ALSO SlN gle'rooia. -811 'Wait Moaroe-et. TO RENT-ENTIRE FLOOR, FIVE BOOMS, NEW brick- bouse* 14 Twenty-eighth between State and Wabash-ar. TO RENT-SUITES OF FOUR ROOMS?, PANTRY, and closets for light housekeeping. In .marble front 958 and 165 West Lake-st. Apply to P. WORKMAN, 955 West Lake-at. ' TO RENT—B GOOD BOOMS. WITH BARN, FOR S3O per mouth. Inquire of O. H. CARP ENTER. 2Q3 Lake-st. TO BENT—FOR ONE OR TWO GEN'CLEMEN, A large furnished or unfurnished sloeplna*-room. with use of sitting-room; second floor, down towco. Address H 20. Tribune office. TO RENT - PLEASANT fTJRNISHRD FRONT rooms with modem ieiproTcmenU. 4lu-Soper.or-et. mo RENT-FOUR ROOMS AND FIVE ROOMd, 19 X and 315, at 225 Thirdr-ar. J. H. SOFfT, Room 14. b 5 Clark-st. TO RENT—NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS FOR housekeeping, largetront room and eUeet;slso oth er* for housekeeping complete; half a block from the oars on Indlica-iU 181 Scrth Coru'e-aU ; wIU rent cheap. TO RENT—ROOMS. mo RENT-t-ROOMS, FURNISHED OR UNFUR .I. nishrjd, atSU WestJacksnn-st- rpo EENT-3 ROOMS FURNISHED FOR HOUSE- X keeping. 522 North 1 rpO RtfNT—TWO N*ICE FRONT .'ROOMS; ALSO ONE X back room: Ifuralahod ortmittrnlahed, wlfh or with out bpard. at 191 Vlaoenaes-av. m6-RKNT-461 MICHIGAN-AV.. FURNISHED AND X unfurnished front room*. ; ,rr O .RRNT-NICELT FURNISHED ROOM IN A X private residence* Bast location. 87 Lincoln-av., next to Lincoln Pa^k.' . fpO RENT-A PLEASANT SMALL ROOM FOR ONE X gentleman; gas ' and bath; at No. 46 Nortb Mayst. : rpo RENT—439 STATE-ST., NICELY-LIGHTED, EL- X egantly-fnrnished rooms lo ladle* or gentleman. l Ap ply at Room 5, eeooad iloor. rpo RENT—NICE FURNISHED, LARGE ROOMS X for housekeeping; cook-store*, closets, water, and conveniences. Involre at 219 West Adams-st. rnO RENT-A FURNISHED-OR UNFURNISHED X room; rent low. 73 Aberdeen-at. rpO RENT-ROOMS, 8570-SIS FURNISHED OR X unfurnished, st 317 Adams-st.,-near Aberdeen, within two blocks of two lines of street can. i rpO RENT-4 PLEASANT ROOMS CHEAP TO THE X right parties, in flpt-olas* neighborhood, on atroet carlinc. 1273lndlana-fev- • • rpb RENT—6 TO .7 ROOMS ARRANGED FOR A X ■rpflll family, all in line order, between Elba and Lake- BVB., on Thirty-sovonlh-Bt. Inquire of D. D- GARLAND, 48 Thtrty-sevonth-st. Rent from CBtoSl2 pet month. mO RENT-6 LARGE ROOMS, 4W SOUTH WOOD- X at.,, just so nth ofPolk-st.; good location; cent, sl6. T" 6 REST-FURNISHED OR ' UNFURNISHED rooms. 5G Wahash-av. ■ i . .• mO RIiNT-KITCHKN, DINIKtt-KOOM, AND PAR- X lor; rent, sl6;, [being :X63hontoLin ooln-at. .' . ■ TO RENT—FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS;-.SMALL rooms cheap, with privilege of bath, at 123. South Hal etod-st. • '' " ’ | TO RENT-FRONT AND BACK SUITE OF ROOMS, fornishod.ifirst floor. 238 South Stato-et. •' TO RENT-FOUR ROOMS AND STORE, 1480 Bntterfleid-sc., near Twenty-niatfa-at. __ rpO RENT-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS AND ONE X untarnished, with alcove; good table-board next door. 2*)Uhio*»t. TO RENT-TWO CHOICE FRONT ROOMS, GOBI ]y tarnished, single.or cn.suite, in now swell front house, having mbdem conveniences. Sooth end Lincoln av facing Lincoln Park. References. Address B’9, Tribune ottioe. - *. ■ . • • mo UENT-FARLOB WITH ALCOVE, KAST OF X North CJark-at. and south of Chioogo-av., famished or anlurnlshed. Address D 42. Tribune office. rpo’RENT-A LARGE FURNISHED FRONT ROOM X for gentlemen, in a private family; modern Improvo ntonts; cheap. Address 199 We»tlndiana-at. rno RENT—TO-QKNTCKMAN AND WIPE, FOUR X pleasant rooms. il& per month. Second floor, 26 St. Johna-plaoo, one block from Union Pork. . TO BKNT-FUBM3HED AND UNFURNISHED rooms, on North Side; handy to business: first-class locality: low prices. Address M 34. Tribnne office. M’O RENT—ROOMS—TWO OR MORE. .VERY DE- X eirablo, fnrnlihed -or unfurnished. 342 Warren-av. Good.board near. ■ ■ • TO KENT-A PLEASANT; LARGE ROOM, NlOE ,ly.ffiTotahgd,.snUablqfor three, at 745 Wabaah-ar. TO KENT-FURNISHED FRONT ROOM AT NO. 115 West Van Bnrea-st. TO RENT-BACK PARLOR, LIBRARY AND chamber room. All modem improvements. Wither without board. Inquire at 66 Parker. TO RENT-TWO SUITES ROOMS, FURNISHED or nnlamlshed, with all modern improvements. .Call or address 173 Park-av- ' ' rpO RENT-IN THOMPSON’S BLOCK ON WEST X Madlson-st. a suito of 6 rooms.' modem Improve ments, snitablo for housekeeping. WM. H. THOMP SON, 229 Wot Madisonrst. TO RENT-PLEAS ANT BOOMS.' FURNISHED OB nnfumished, without-board. Apply at 469 Aiicht gnn-ar. __________. TO RENT-FOUR NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS for housekeeping; rent low. . Apply at 31 Comclia st., noar'MUwankoe-av. care.' • TO RENT-NEW BUILDING. SOUTHWEST OOR ner Scare and Jackcon-sts., unfurnished saito; also 3- roemsuito for light housekeeping. TO RENT-lWfi. WABASII-AV., SINGLE OR EN suite, two.nicely famished rooms on sooond-floor. First-class taßle-boardat hand. m KEST-OJiLY $2 TO $2 A MONTH PER ROOM. X fine suites 1 to 9-front rooms for housekeeping, in now brick building, northirest comer Lako-st and -Weitem-ov npO RENT-NEWLY FURNISHED ROOM, BATH X and. gayatSaTWest Washington*!. _■ TO RENT—ROOMS, FURNISHED OR UNPUR nUhed.up one flighvinhandsome French flat;; light, neat, clean; modem eonvoniences -First-class board or meals can bo had In building; two, blocks north of South Wator*at. 10 Rush-st. TO RENT-ROOMS, FURNISHED OR UNFUR nlshed, in a private family; maVblo Trent houso on Mlchigaa-av., noar Tnicteenth-st.; to single igentlemen. Address D 36, Tribune office. rRENT— A NIOELY FURNISHED FRONT room for man and wife or two geutlemou; .also slnglo rooms. 43 South Halrtod-at. ' rpO RENT-VERY DESIRABLE FURNISHED X rooms, with closets: alsoAlcoro room with two clos ets; terms reasonable. to* South Oorpenter-st., sear Mad ison. . . .. mo,rent—Pleasant furnished booms in X aOUlotlocationtofirst-^lsssmarticifqranylength of time. Address GIOO, Tribune omco. : • • rpO RENT—NICELY, FURNISHED RQOM TO XSEN- X tlcmon. without board, in private family on Notth Dearborn-st.. oast'of Clark, south of Chlcogo-av. -Ad dress F 65. Tribune office., , . . . , TO RENT—ROOMS, SINGLE OR KN SUITE, in Opora-Hona».Building, corner-, Hals todand Har jriaon-Sts. J. H. KEELER. .163 Clack-at. r RENT-EXCELLENT SUITES OF ROOMS, from $7 to Sib*.'ln largo trick house, two blocks from Lincoln Park, 80 Jleaommee-Bt- ‘ Room 3.177 M»disoa-- et. GEO. PaYZANT. ' , TO RENT—SIX ROOMS IN A NEW-BRICK building at 7W West Van Buren-st., pleasantly locat ed,; with all modem improvements. Inquire on tha prom ises. • ; r RENT-A FINE FURNISHED FRONT *ROOM withelcovb for one or two -gentlemen. ‘SOU Twenty* fifth-st., near Wabash-av,..: ; 1 • TO RENT—SOB WABASH-AV.. EERGANTLY -FUR nished rooms; raforonoeswwialrod. r TcT 161 CKNTRE-AV.. 5 ROOMS, 221 Lirtcolu-Bh, ' . , TO OF ROOMS FOR. HOUSE keeping or lodging. ApplyntrSM-Weabßandolph-st. rrto RENT—?A LARGE .FRONTi 'ROOM-NICELY X famished, inUabls, for .two.gontlemen; sploadld 10-. cation. 235 West opposite 'Canon,'Plrio'A Co.’s. Rent cheap. “ •" 1 :: ' • - rRKNT-UPPKR PART te WEST EAKE-ST..' 6 rooms,.Sls; : 3 rooms.’ , -416?d West Manroeist,, over looking Jefferson Pa»k,rsß,‘-;O..rA. DIBBLE,r97 Clark •st.. R00m64. . ■ TO. RENT—CHEAP-HA 'NICELY ; FURNISHED sloeping-room. 1178 Stato-it, .. , TO RENT—FRONT ROOM. WITH 08. WITHOUT .board. Inquire after Sunday at £Ol West. MapUoa-at. References.- .■- ■ - . . ■ ■ - ■• - 1 TO ' REST-*' OR 3 ROOMS; DESIRABLE FOR hoasekoboing, famished 1 t*r not. J.' 918 Cottage Grom-av.,, near Thlrty*ninth*t. • v . ' TO RENT-NEAT! ROOMS FOR’HOUSEKEEPING; irent reasonable ; house new ’and ’convenient. -66 Gar ponter-st., near Madison. , •rro RENT—UNFURNISHED, ROOMS RN,-SUITE, X' for housekeeping, frornUß to $25 per, faioath. .Apply. at l32Thttiop-st. • - TO OR TWO FURBISHED ROOMS.'. ; 358 West Mpnroo-st. • I TO “‘RENT—FINELY-FURNISHED ROOMS: ;LO- ; ication’very dwtablo.- Moderate -terms. ’References required. 964 ( Wabaah-av», 'between Twenty-first add Twcnty-second-ata. . . . . . . .. , Tpo RENT-THREE NICE ROOMS HOUSE-. ■X keeping, and also one furnished room for two gentlo imon at 167 fcoria-st. ~ TO RENT-A LARGE FRONT 'ROOM FURNISHED at 471 West Adams-at., , opposite Jelfszaoa - Park. Terms reasonable. . TO RENT-VERY NICE FURNISHED ROOMS, i newly fitted up, -Bultdbl»fdr'gontleiilQß, : atireaaoßabla -rates. 106WestMadison-at. r . . TO RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS BY THE DAY. , week nr'month. "TraUßlehtß ’aeeommbdated. *lß3' Weat-Walhlngtonfst. TO RENT-ONE • SUITE: OF 1 BOOMS. tAT North State-st. t OKRST—SUITES BOCiMS'EACE, IN ‘ the brick'btfildlmr "45 r and 47 Tblrdtav., ‘- > $10-to'i sl6. * EDMUND A. CUMMINGS, 119 and.lit LaSaUo-at. TO RENT-SUITES OF TWO f TO FOUR ROOMS, IN 'nbwbrick;>4ll ‘antMlS Stato-st., at $9 to $23. “ED. MOND A. CUMMINGS, HQandjlil LaSallo-st. TO RENT—234 LA SALL&-ST. (OPPOSITE GRAND ; Pacific), four rooms, all conroaiaace*; *lßends2o. EDMUND A. OUMAHNGS.II9aAi IgpfcaSdllg-at. TO ICENT-1 07FITTH-AT. —LARGE, PRONTROOM, third/Boor, -well lighted. ‘cheap. -EDMUND ‘A. CUMMINGS. 119aodil2l LaSallovat. •. . ' > . rpO OF FRONT ROOMS, JL with closet,: only 910 iper month- •’ 164M' WestJack •soa-st. . . . - TO RENT-THREE OB FOUR. £L3ASANTi for' housekeeping;' pmato family: references. 336 Michigan-ar. fn(TRRNT-tSO 'NORTH OLARICST.i 1 OR t 8 l iaaK i rooms, for honsokeeptag, uwwly ;T6ateualfled fand : grained. . ~: i. TO HEiNT-RLBASANT BOOMS i n^bpMding r ,4pß^olJl4ylig^<t. ( , r .* J t rpO -EENT-AJj A ; fnrals4sdip^v<^ap. l foxy* snfl?pna T . r , reals. Room 40, 105 West Kandolph.sU Tb RENT-THREE LA ft GR J P£6fiLS ANT .ROOMS ’ 26 Lexiagtou-av,, hetjrqeplHoyacrttad»LeayHt-eta. -■ - rpO BENT-AT NO. a QOLD-ST.. 4 'NICE -ROOMS A eaitablo for-housekeeping. Apply to P, MoHUGH, Room 32, No. 17S LaSalle'st. TO EENT-A COMPLETELY AND NEATLY EUR-' nishoo 8-room mgdnrn brick bbnso to a yoong'cOupls who will boird family -of two adulte and one chiiJ. Address D S 6, Tribune office. . TO RENT—FURNISHKD‘ ROOM/5 AT 824 SOUTH Clark-sU, opposite the new Custom-House. Inquire at Room 18. . TO RENT—A VERY NEAT, CECEERFUL SUITE OF rooms; south front, furnished or oot; will make favor-' able terms rrlta right pony. X 54 V»’est Congress-st. near Gre;«*su ! TO RENT-SUITE OF ELEGANTLY FURNISHED rooms to gentlemen, alto sirigle rooms. . Northeast comer Wabaap-ay. and Hubbard -opart. ' TO BUNT-TWO FURNLSHKD FRONT BOOMS forllghthoosckeeplng. 97 T Wes» Vanßursa-«t. TO RENT—VERY CHEAP—TWO GOOD OFFICES, each 19x36. in building 126 O laik-st. Inquire at Boom 1, on premises. TO RENT—THREE PLBAJSANT FRONT ROOMS; water-sink and closets; rov.t, $10; at 638 West Lake-st. Apply to M. 51A UGILVN, 31 .’Reaper Block. TO RENT-CHEAP-GOOD BRICK ENGLISH basement, 11 rooms, furciLOd, modem improrements. l4BSooih Wood-st-near Monroe; also, second story 83 Sonih Paalioa-st., near Madb»>n, 4 rooms and closets. T“0 REN f—TWO FURNISHED ROOMS ’ FOR IN straction on piano. C 95, Tribune office. TO RENT-SUITE OFTWOROOMS, FIRST FLOOR, Apply at 304 West MahlaoiSat., in dry-goedestem. Xa BENT—ROOMS. mo > ON)S X flat, 1 block from car*. S2O: I fiet, sl6; both new bdck~houses; ~ f?FT* io3 Handoltihftt. mcpRENT— A CAR-G-B, WELLKUKKISH KD SUITK JL ’of front rooms: pas and bath. Also a large double bam. 1 Apply aAildr’arkjaVf - ■•*■ - - rro R ENT—FRONT ROOMS -SUITABLE .FOR X ladies or gentlemen at IC SUennan-sL, btweon son and Van jjpren, near Rock bland Depot. Transients taken. " .'• ' ~ '' ■ '■ ■ ’ ' _ TORKNT— FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED suites and slnplo rooms: contra! location. Sal Wabasn ,ot., Buruu.-st. ■ Reference required. mO RENT-MO WABASH-AV-, CORNER JACKSON- X st...plQaeant xaoms, furnished or,unfurnished ;xefcr enco tequirod. Appty-ln the drugstore.' TO RENT-6 NICK BOOMS. 791 WEST MADISON- Bt.'j toßsht.'* 6 rooms, IKKllver-et. ;s3e. B. KENNEDY. mDeatbecn>at.. Boom 10. - - TO -RENT-TWO OB THREE UNFURNISHED front rooms at 933 pfastWasbmgton-st. ait) RENT—A LARGE FURNISHED FRONT PARs lorfor one or two gents. ApplyatSS Afaar<jeeniet. • fpO RBNT-PL«iI6ANT ROOMS, UNFURNISHED!, X eioopt carpets, at 62a Mlchigan-av. - TO KENT-SIX PLEASANT ROOMS, FIRST story of house CS9 West Mcnroo-»t.. corner Honore; gas, water, newly painted and caloimined; sl6 -per -month to good parties.- Apply at 682 Mouro^et. mO RKNTAJirOELY ROOMS TO . X ladies and gentleman in adeairabU} location; always ▼cry quiet. Address j 41. Tribune office. rpO RENT-FIVE ROOMS jHN SWw, W* I'lf ILsTH* X room and, closet, at 83 South Qreen-st., near Madison, mo RENT-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO X .gentlemen, wishing a large furnished front alcovo roptn, marble-front house, every convenience, with or without board; sear street cars. .To persona leaking for comfort and desirable location this is unsurpassed; loca tion, ■Alicblgan-a?., near Eigbtoenth-st. Address Dl7, Tribune office. - • mb RENT-UNFURNISHED FRONT ROOM WITH X alcove, at 62 South Morgan-aL, near Monroe, with* outboard. .. > ■ - * T' O RENT-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, FURNISH edor unfurnished rooms, with orwithoot board. 20 rrO~RENT-IN PRIVATE' FAMILY, ROOMS FOR X apaTtycTf6ormore,'withorwithoatooard.'ninush odor unfurnished ;all the rooms are largo with closets,, hot and cold water. 857# Wabash-av<- ■<. mb RENT-LARGE . FURNISHED ROOM. WITH J nap of parlor, second floor. 231 West Madiaon-st- TO KENT—€O OAKWOOD BOULEVARD, ONE liege mnm alcove, and two cood sizcd bed-rooms, all modern’lmprovomente; first-class day board mlm mediatu vicinity. •' - TO’ RENT - FURNISHED - TWO BEAUTIFUL rooms, with or without board. Haase has all modern conveniences. Terms reasonable. 854 East Chif-ago-g?- r" RENT—FRONT PARLOR BEDROOM,TO ONE or two single coots or gentleman and wile. Call, at 114 South Greoa*st.. . : __ T" O RENT—AT 3S OASSST., . COESEB OF XlXl nois, nicely-furnished' rooms, with aao of bath room; hoi and cold water. • mo • RENT—!O -OR -80 ROOMS X adapted for renting iumiabadrooaa: If taken, with atom would make, a,.snug hotel. Apply in store.S7b Suto-et. " rpo RENT-SPLENDID SUITE OF 4OR 6 FRONT X rooms for housekeeping. 342 West Congrpas-st. • TO KENT— FURNISHED IRONT.RARLOR; CHEAP to right party. .297- West Vau Bnren-st. 'mo RKNT—A LADY RESIDING NEAR BUSINESS 7 X centre wishes to let rooms in, or part of'hothouse; unfurnished with board; references exeqangod.-; Address D 16, Tribune office. ■ • TO RENT-BOOMS IN THE STONE-FRONT. 19. South Moma-st., f omlahed or unlamished. xjith or without board; table board first-class, 64 per week;-rooms at low-prices. - ■■ rpo RENT-ONE very PLEASANT NIOKLYFUB- : X fished front-mom •.•also aannfnmiahed frost parlor. ) ■at llpo Pmirie-av. • ■ - TO RENT-FIVE OR SEC BOOMS WITH MODERN Improvements. Inquire at premises, 35Sbouth Rark- TO RENT-1434 .PBATEIE-AV./ BASEMENT COT taga of 7 rooms and bath-room. Apply at 231 Thirty* first-st. ' ' ' npO RENT-NIOETiT-FURKISHBD -BOOlia, AT «Sl6 X State-st., first floor to the left. .. ' TO RENT-TO OENTEE3tA*N-=NICELY-FURNISH ed room with widow lady.' Address K 53, Tribune of- TO RENT—FURNISHED SINGLE ROOMS: ALSO, untarnished rooms forligbt housekeeping, abesp. at 78 East Van Uoren-st. ■ , ; ' TO RKNT—LOWER PART OF -HOUSE 38 OAMP bell Perk, 6 rooms, closets and pantries, rent 612. Furniture forsaloata.Bacrlfice. • Apply ;<m premises,! or to L. F. DALY, UN Dearbom-st. ... O RENT—FURNISHED . ROOM, WITHOUT board, gd'illinota-at., eaat pf'Hnah-yt. To-rent— furnished, BuiTE.:FKONT rooms, or single room, private family.- -28 indiana«ar. TO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS. THOMPSON House, *163 Suntb Clark-st. Transients taken. Of fice B. • • ' . TO RENT-TWO* FURNISHED 'ROOMS FOR housekeeping; Biot and water In. kitchen. Apply at •224 North‘olark-st..‘ second floor in ‘rear. ; TO RENT—TWO ; OR THREE «FRONT <KOOMS, witboutboard, to maorand wife,<or four Usgo rooms, with closets, on fifttßuor, for homakoeplng; jjarklyfar hished,3f dosltudtona btookfrom Cottage Ainns cars and two blocks from Hyde Park trains. 132 EiUs-av. rito RENT-4-.ORA ROOMS. FURNISHED COM-, Xlpfetely for honsekioping, a fow doors from-Van Buren-- at. Lti-SouthPeorianit- - ■ ■ • -- • ■ • ■ TO RENT-TO GENTLEMEN ONLY, A; SUITE OF tcx7 pleasant fdmUhdd rooms; at No. 433 Wert Madl •aoa-rt.' ; ! r . ■•‘ r: ■ ‘ . ; ' ': - • xo kepj offices, ito. ; . fstore*- » ■ • TO RENT-CHOICE STORE ON THK NORTHWEST dbrner of-West %!adben and-Ourtls-ws.,,suitable for "mon>andboys , ;cloihiQgor Jawokj hastnqu. • Beat Inca-, 'tine on'the West Side. Rent moderate to *g6od tenant, appIytoNY3LiH..SAMPfiON &.CO., HA£&3dnwt: , ; I-'DRETn’-ffEORE <1» : MADISOSOT.; (FOIJiIHR 1 . ly occuplod-by-ns ;jlocatloaricat»claM. -.lncjuire of J. H. ANDREWS, owner; or'Kt *llß‘add *l2O ‘TVabasir-av. ■WM.A. f • I mO'RENf^32U;PHtt MONTSiWXLL ,-BENT-VERY -JL 1 fino brick store,on Ogden-av,..south of Tayloc-it.. In* quire on - ■ • TO'BKNT— STORE A GOOD *LOCAL! - afire t-class barber shop or other- business, at£4B Got . Lano flrove'-aT. ' ' ' ' ' * mo .RENT—STORE 2mH STATK-ST,, NORTH OF‘ ;JL] Harrison, por month rexceUont open bur'for • barbershop.' O.6.>WALDKK/4LClark-et.; RoemLU : TO ‘REST-FIN ARBfiEiFROST STORE U-ffißll Groff’*. Opera-Halt r runs reason able. ;lnqrdrQ*at-&3l Mddiaoo-st. CUnion Pork Hotel). <N. ; S; GROW.. • TO BBNT-tFINH STORE-ROOM ATVNO.pW;WEST Madisoa-st.: Tory.good. aUad for a .retail business; rentrs3s. ‘R. ‘KENNEDY, Boom 10. ' i • • .. TO *RENT—3I*E.ESDII> STOKK. -WITH-FECTOHES; three rooms and bssemohc. C 4.150 cornon basement;- rent cljQap.,-Inquire atldfS.tftato-st., riX) RENT-STORE AND DWELLING—A DF-SIRA oi. -ble tocatloo*«}onyazuant.tePiUsbarg*Jrort-Wayno.A- MictigXo Southern l R;' U.' Depbts. • 'lnqulro J of ‘M. • DOYLE. Sooth Dhicago. ’■ * TO'RENT-STORES NOS:* 10 AND 18 NORTH'OA naH»t.#sßtSta teat./ 86x150. (ft.; want party with power. SIDNEY W. SEA, lAO. .Fifth-av. .>. . ..... .. . . ... , rpORENT—STORES AND CB-RIVER-ST., .4UQCQ,. X 6'floori,“wlth 'olOVator and 'dock. ‘Apply 'A COA > K>,'95 > Waghlagtbh-bt.- , • 1 ■' ■»■•' 1 tpo REST-TTEA'B 'LIStiOEN FARK -AND WO ; *X lines of bars,' bustuesabldch: < ’<wantohrstrdasaoceahaat. -.OHABUSIN^vijAI.E*■ ioS • Randolphat. , mO-BENT-STORE jISO WITH BASE . X meht, third, and lou'rlb Boon.. together dr separate; also tear bofldloo*flult*ble £ for steam-machinery -Apply dnpetmliesto'A. H. BURLEY. ; TpO'TRBNT-i'BY H. l 0. *MORBY, ! 65‘Oi;AKKSOTV elegant storoinWashbigtealan Hame,-fi6a W«scAl*di son-»£. .Choice location.for hardware, r hoot:.aad.shoo atore,‘ctc. ’ ‘ “ T*(T RENT—2M EAST . KINZIE-St... i-STOKY. AND* 'double basomont; steam ulevator. to‘May,-18TL cßdo. Also, 213 <&etacy- and - basenlenc* steam poworif required. - • VW.-H.-SAMPSON;4 UO.. .144 La^alle-st. TO.RKNT— STORE,6SLAKE-ST., WITH,SECOND and third floors 6^"ancL'6S‘Lgko-»t. ' Applv td W:S- OO.. I W4 laSalle*st. TO RRNT-’CTIOICt:-,BTOlte WSTATE-ST.. BE tfcoen'Washinfctori aad Madiaon, the beat retail loca tion In the city; 'Apply to ;W. U. • SAMPSON» A ■RoarE3Uto.and.RenUqc Agency* 144 LaSoIIo-gt.. ' " T O-RENT—THE NBW -STORES .JUST COMPLEX ecC»O. SW. 256 Tifth*av, ■ ‘ Slz r00n18,'44zd9,-splondid'-basoment, 'Hghted on-all 1 . sides.vsuitabla .for heavy manufacturing, isteam-power famished in any and all porta of ■ .the block. Wholesale ; merchants and maimfacturtrs call and ace." W. H. SAMPSON A UO., LaSslfe-fct. rpo RENT-STORES, BASEMENTS, BANKING- Jl -office®. 1 offices,* aloopthc'-rooms. 'flats, lofts.'dtttaing 'houses, etc.* tho citr. -Also, •xroocds -to- Icase on longtime. .-Anpl| J.Ja. MakShat.t., '537* Sooth Cl&rk-st.Room li). i - TOJKHKT-feY ‘COLE, KEWELL .i MIOSirER, Hoase-Hcrittng'Aifetits.'iaa 'NVeif-Mailsoa-st.j stares oh the besthusiiuesaereetsofr the . .'WcstDJsisioti; lour prices. ■ , . . X lloa*e),uiev» stono-fronf baildmc, good.raalt* and.aU. conveniences. 'e]th«r'’wfth' ornrltbont basement; ‘iSD- - 'll UNT> A.CU lIHTNG ST,Ilf and 131 LkSsllost.' rpO’KEKT—STORE'.'AfND BABRHBXT -BUILT BOR ttmurerjiabtap. ;<iaj Mi«hi. •gan-gt. , i..;. •; «■ <■ f n • ■. jafiHUWPOUA. tTIRSTiGXABS iDRBBS] : ' J . 1 _.. . . t Ollicev. urjiv; IJC mtjmfrtKeviims&rziiiL jfci-i teMroAm 4Hbr%9iX& c MvfffogWj -Aim s>altf Lr.JfTi.ifi.j-j r.lil-Jo por month. - A.ppix j to K. cK.ItV-AJj A GO.,'aiV £*S»Ue >L, corner Adaiqi. TO RENT—PBSK-BOOM IN' .ONK OF THE MOST pleasant offices in Otii Block; party and basinets mast bo respectable and associations • good. L 961 Trib une office. LARGE TOGNT OFFICE IN REPUB- TxWlrU* suitable for corporation, very cheap- JOHN B< AVbHi £ CO,, US LiSslle-it > TO BBNT-ONE-HALF OF, A FRONT OFFICE OS ®°° r » Maglo’s Bnilding, corner la&alloand Kaodolpb-sts Apply at Room 5, 70 - TX) RKST-OFITCES AND ROOMS IN SATCHEL f "» er.,. so ntbe as t corner Clark and Randolph sta. JOES W, MASRH, 94 Washlngton-st. TnO RBNT OFFICES, ± second and third floor* 153 Randolpb-st., .83»t<rf«o0. Inquire in ttte.bonding- TO BENT-DESK ROOM FOR YOUNG LAATYER in fine light office, for writing and oibar scrricea. Address C 34, Tribtraa office. TO KENT DESK ROOM IN AN OFFICE OF fint-cla«s location. Price lew. Apply at 99 Madison- It, Room 4. TO HENT-TWO OR THREE OFFICES 'NEWLY Sued ao; elevator in the building; la Bryant Block, comer Dearborn and Randolpb-aU. Apply at Hoorn 55. rpO RENT-OFFICES IN SECOND STORY 133 X Waa&iogUn-tt.. sinale or ea suite, with vaults and basins; vary low rent, and well adapted let cetxunlsalea hqriaaifc Apply teoiwr, Boon 13« IS T^Selle-el. TO BENT--STORES. OFFICES. « 0 Officos-Continaodr^^^ TO RENT—NICK LIGHT OFFICES ON SBCONB ' floor of IIS Madisoh-st., tinglcr ea suite: sultabli for any office business; cbeapto good parties; coma and look at them. Apply to HTO. STONE, Koom 9,145 i*on-st... J ' ‘ • Miscoiianeons. ~ " rpo RENT—A NEAT, SMALL HOTEL IN QUINOT X 111.. SO rooms;'central, and ready by June ], 1975’ none should apply unable to furnish andrunaaoteli water and pas. t’KAN 1C McCANN, Agent, Quincy, m. m"0 • "RENT—WITH GOOD POWERS WCTjZ X lighted rootas, cheap. 1 105SouthCaaaltst. C rpO RENT—WITH POWER, CHEAP. SOME OP 1 the best rooms in the city. Call without delay at m Fulton-st - - - RENT-DOCK. NEAR SOUTH END OP SOUTH Canal-et., 120x200. with railroad traok; alssdock on east side of river, adjoining Pittsburg k Ft. Wayne Rail, road bridge, 170x120.* Apply to O, E.HOLMES, 69 South Cliston-st. rpo RENT—ONE HIGH BASLaiKNT, 25X60, AND X offices on second and third floors, with vaults, come* LaSalln and Adama-sta. B. SOHLOESSSR., fllO KENT-FIRST-CLASS PHOTOGRAPH GAL X lery, with living rooms In connection. Apply on the promises. 95 Chlcago-av. T“ O BENT-DOCK. OFFICE. AND SCALES, SOIL able for coal men. ' Apply at i Ws«t Lgk»et. TO RENT—SCROLL-SAW, . BEVELSAW. ETC. Room and-power.' No. 80 South CanaLst.. . TO RENT—WELL-LIGHTED, LARGE BASEMENT' corner W*bash-av- and Hamsoa-st— vary cheats. FARRINGTON A HACKNEY. IK Wasulngtoo-st. TO RENT—FIRST-CLASS BRICK STABLE. ONE box and four open stalls; everything complete. a> ply at 382 Micbigan-av. TO RENT-BARN IN REAR OP 17 JOHNSON pIace; price $4 a month. ' 0. RBNT-TWO 2.STORY BRICK STABLEa~IS rear of WO and M 2 West Lake-at., each well sewered, and with water, gas. harness-mom, man’s room, inter closet, sink. Ate. Apply at SWWpst Lake-aL, ozaddree L. G.FAIRBANK, 357W»tt Randolph-st. *'*•*'**** TO BEST-FIEST-CIASS MEAT ASD VEGETA bIa shop it dU West Lake-rt.. corner Sheldon; Apply at <2 North Sheldunrat.- Bent cheap. . . . r RENT--THE LARGE AND WBLf-LIGETEJ) basement, 40rSO, under brick boil ding. 148 and North -HsJstod-af. viaduct, sui table, furhoatoess cor man ufacturing. * fro RENT-A NICK STABLE IN RE AH OP NO. 520 X Wabaah-ar. Apply to D.H. DENTON, No. 10 Cham. of Commerce. . . . - .. ... TO RENT-ROOM IN BUILDING 63 AND 6S South CmuU-sv.. with steam power, cheap. P. Q. ; WELCH. Room 3.l43Ls£alle-«t; TO RKNT—FINK BASEMENT NORTHWEST COE* ner Halsted and Harrison-sts.: also, largo store. 2U Halated-at. J. IL KEELER. 1(3 Clatk-rt. o*o RENT*-FOB MANUFACTURING. ibSTORY X stone pußdlng with engine and boiler, dwelling «rvl ■storehouse withlaodi near depot at South Chicago. An* ply to E. H-SARGENT. 785 Wabash-ar. *_ TO RENT-THIRD FLOOR, 123 AND 130 SOUTH Frankhn-st., 64x80 feet, 23 feet north of Madison*st., water elevator. etc. POT WIN A CORBY, US W born-st.. rpo BENT—BEAUTIFUL, LIGHT. AIRY BASE. JL ment in new narhlo front, with all modern coaren* iences, in .finest location on South Side, cheap to the right party* Inquire of DAVIS. 42 East Madison-st. O RENT—2 FLOORS, 20X90, FOR WHOLESALE tmsinpss,-, 155 Fiftb-at. .near Madison-it.; also £• room nonso near Hyde Park Cbnrch: price, sso. Delight* fol lake front summer residence of 11 roomst cheap. IS LaSalle-at., Rqoa 43. - ■ TO RENT—A FARMHOUSE, FURNISHED OB UN. famished, with one or more seres of land. 60 miles oat: S# miles from qtadoa. Mrs. BISHOP, ITT Calaisat-a?« TO RENT—B A&BMENT ’ 45X50. LIGHT AND DRY. suitable for light manufacturing business, cheap u a good-paying tenant. Apply to "F. WCRKMAiL 965 nest Xake-st. -- . ; ] TO RENT—A LARGE -ERICK BARN. ACCOMMCW datlon for Chorees. Apply at 363 West Washingtoaat. TO RENT—FARM, 80 ACRES, 60 MILES FROM CHI* cago. Coil or xddraii Room 44. 123 CUrk-st. TO- RANT— HOTEL COMPLETELY FURNISHED m a city of 15,001, baying street cars, three railroads, manufactories, Ac., at very low rent. Address Q 40, Tribune office, , - TO BENT—THE MOST DESIRABLE BOOM IN 'Chicago for business. No. Iff State-st., comer South Watar. - r • mb BENT—THE BEST CONSTRUCTED BUILDING i. on Stale-st., for restaurant and icxiging-eooma, salt* ablofor doing a large business in that one. Men who amierntand That b&Bineta mil investigate sarly. Call at 89 Room 9. mORKNT-THE BISHOP COURT EOTBL. APPLY lx on the premisas, fiiP.West Madison-st. mO RENT—WITH STEAM POWER-FIRST AND X seejaad floors, 44x50 feet. Tbeso reoma are well lighted ■and "suitable for toy kind of mxnnfscturing purposes. The Boon will be rsotod together er separate, with power ‘toßult; sleam elevator in building. Pbr further portion* tecs inquire on the premises. SAVAGE BEOS., 42 and 44 Michigan-st. TO RENT—BASEMENT ON THE NORTHWEST corner of LaSalle and South Water-sfs. with all con veniences: suitable for restaurant or a lam> dgr; eixe4axso, well lighgq. and ready for business. WAJfTEB—TO HENI. ATT ANTED-—TO RENT-BY A PROMPT-PAYING TT ‘youngcouplowithoao child, upper or lowerpartof house,’Bio? rooms, in a good locality: South er North Side. Apply at 846 hast Lake-et., np-etatra. AI7ANTKD-TO RENT-A SMALL HODSB OF * "tv . or.Brooms, including kitchen; good .location; nos WANTED— TO RENT—A BARN, OR ACCOMMO darions fora tmelq'rig; nqt too far from comer 'BanfsonAnd State-sxe.; give location and rent. D 70, Tribma sffioe.:' : : lir ANTED—TO -BUNT—A LAETY • T .atepirbed. room, in e pleasant location, .within teablocks »f Post-Office, at- modtratpratee; *mS eronceantchangoc. 1>75,' Tribano office. \\J ANTED—TO KENT—A.. FURNISHED RODSB -AV ' 'ofgorW nxmw, • for six moßtha* or'tC year, on tbtf North or Bteat Side, nens. Pork. Addraa* At S 3, Tribune 'office. , ■ • ■ ■_ >_ ~ ' XtrANTEDWC9 RENT - BURNISH SD 410 USE; ■-V T with all mo don improvements* north ofEighteenth -and east o“ Stato-tt.: renfmdstbo lo*. G(k Tribune - -offied.' - - - ‘ * •. • J A\7a?.TED-TO BOOM OS -Vr - arjaitp'br stzate gwtlamiukr State price. Ad* jna i> rS» Tribtuwofti^et RENT'-SUIT it Off ROOMS UN* (TT . famished, exctot-wUhearpetej in private residence onNorthStde/eastofClark-pt., ordn Soa'h Side,,eaat,of : Sute^et., : within two ißilee ef buriueaa eentrerwtthat vOondoace.-h«t gad oold water and hath,. without ;be«rd* hytwo.aicglijgnnucmeo. - Address K, 23, Tnbane edioe. '•T]ST ANTED—SCO RENT—4. SMALL FLOOR. OF tOB If jLtoojpi for housekeeping for gent and true- North •Side.'ewtofOUrkand sooth of Chicago- »r. AddreuD :&'rihimerflire> ' TT-ANTtD-TO RBST-BITHEE TWO OB IT i ;fDor -xafonnabed room* orC South Side, without i board. .Attire** K 88* Tribune oSoa , /T4TANT-NO- -TO RENT—TWO FUSKiaKKD OR UN j> fdmhhed rooma ani table for light housekeeping; must be in inlet locality Address G 64. Tribune ouTCo, WANTED-TO RENT-BY A SMALL FAMILY wlthom children, a nicely fhrnbhod modemhoass or iton or tvshe .mm; - ptirilegu to take- • ftew boardb'a; goodeefessoes. * AodacesN. HOUSE. First-ar.* sQattK east edriiferFourth 1 (g. D-7, Indianapolis*. Ind. iTTTANTED-TO BENT-TWO GENTLEMEN WANT Tv 'ple&smt furnished room, with or without board, •withprivshfatnlly, cost oi Btwte-«c., between Twentieth and Twentyfirat. Addrees Hd. Tribune office. TTTAKJED—TO- RENT—A NOTH DP WELL-PUR iVr nlabid rooma for gentleman and wife, on the .Wert .‘Side* In, tbj Eighth Waad- Addxees:LSs, Tri buna office. •X\TANTED-TO RENT—(BY ISfH OP MAY) TWO ‘Yv ‘orthrcoroomi, by a small family without children. •Piece adorers Lf 8» Tnboda office-.- ' ' \\T ANTED—TO RENT—A SMALL FURNISHED .iVY 'Thorne or part at hoosa, rtady for fcousekeepmg; Tentpot ovar sa& per month. 4 <^< ht a T C 36* Tribune- . WANTED— TO RENT—.TELEESP LARGS SoDMS, • with closets, one furnished* for slMphur joptaes, Bent ndf tc bxeced sl3 per month. Address Room 41* 33 AVest Maduon-sl. ~ RF.!rr_POUR OR FIVE BOOIIS iff "‘salableforhooeekeeping, second Boer preferted.- : twenty minutes -from State aeid Aladisca-stai AddresA .with hwesttarxM and fall description, D "J, Tribune- . IVvLNTKD-TO RBST-FAMH.V OH. iDOHS v» ‘want iooae' and board owner, privilege of pthcu board err. or care of home for family going abroad.* Bate 'references.. Addraea BtA Tribune office. TXrANTKD-TO RKNT-A LADY WISHES TO RBOTP ■*YY -lor-SrooDm for light hpoieaceping. ofacsUbadi .between Poitou and Van Buroa, Peoria and XeeririrSm Reference* given and promptpay. Address haioediatau -116 Wainut-bt. • ’ _J ■ *V\f ANTED—TO RKNT—3' OR 4 ROOMS OX, iTi 3 floor. Btritabls for housekeoping. Real mist be iow> .AddresePH* TribaoeoUics. ■ :. ■' , WLANTED— TO RENT-A GOOD-SIZED SOO* well fuml»hed, in a private family on the Wertt bidri by a tingle gentleman, will take with *M famfyir agreeable.- AddrmasD64, Tribuneoifiee. WANTED-TO RENT—BY A. LADY. TWO OB three tmfarabbed rooms, west of Hslstcd-st; m* -erecoes; rent sot to exceed 613 per month, prom pay * advance. Address CW, Tribnao office. _ ANTED—TO RENT-BY A JARST-CRASS T£j- V» ant.~a hide. aosirably-locatod cottase on West Side. •Address ZlO, Tribune othes. XVT ANTED—TO REST—A FURBISHED UOUS-j tt at • moderate rent for six months «h*a C*® references given. Addreea to-store, - arjKT’AKTED—TO RENT-THREE OR roUKBOOW jW /forUtchthottsolseei^eit^Normorhoathaiafc. .notmore thsnten blocks from Conri-Houso bqoaro. u BJ, Tribune ofeefr. ' ' . -j 7\,VANTED-TO.RENT-3 OR i FURNISHED ROOSII J VV ior-honseMepinc. in chad neighborhood; no# *“•* v •'W'AHTBJJA-TO. aBWIU-BY ' JMOKDiy : WOIHV , b»t *cfekfeTOe,®rwma<jdAm«tiini ; ‘>4o ; - fr7X \ - • n - INSTJUIfiXieM^ i'J\ ix r&ads M mviosi te»Ccam«Bt» sti W Tiert****** ipapifa .ruridenca. Altaic facniibfd lor bolls. p»ru»*» etc., cto. ALKUY WISHES TO GIVE ISSTBI'CTKW « Ea«Ush, French, «nd dtnrin* in priraxa ******* -Kefarcnee*. ' Addrese O Cl, Trltmne office. - A LADYTEACHER WHO GIVES PRIVATE LM •one is the German language wishes a « 1f ®°** tcbolan. Addreaa DW, Tribnno office A MUSICAL COMPOSER AND NOTED TEACHES inatrncta at pupil’a rotidaaco; artistic piano vocal caltaro, TScenUeactLAddress M 4, Tribnnpogca ,«N ARTIST WISHES TO GIVE LESSONS IS -A drawing. oil-paintin'*. and pastel. Also, classes » ’French and drawing. AaareaaC6l. Tribrma office* _ A WELL EDUCATED LADY CAN HAVE "BOOhi board, and German reasons in exchange tor r*** 1 *" and piano leaaons. - Address G 47, Tribune omoe. TNSTRUCTTON GIVEN - OS - THB PIANO BY A X Udj; 12 leuoos for sl. 117 W<at AlldNiia-,!., Mconi floor. ' - T HSTRUCTIOS OS THB PIANOFOBTB BY J- English lady. 133 West Indian a-st. Lessons in Latin, french. Italian. sPAjJ; i«h, and Portngnesa. Term* rea»ot»ble, and ■***' thing utiifactory. Koference: Ch, 11. Herli*. artorow* tt>lur; Ktv. Dr. of Oak Park. etc. Ad*!**** A. AJJRIGO.VL 45 Otis Block. La SaUe-sL .•VTEIL GRAY. TEACHER OP THE BASJ liN South Cllnton-at., comer Adams. lossmcww •gif ea for the dramatic and rarity stage. OKETCdLNG FROM if ATUBK TAUGHT l^Oin O loa oq for $5 at roldooca. 0. JlLYitfi**' MMtdllOMl

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