Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 9, 1876, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 9, 1876 Page 6
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6 FINANCE AND TRADE. niscomits Ititnnliiff Mp;Ut, and UoposiLs nislior. ticht Currency Movement—Tho Cloar ingß £4,000,000. Tho Prodnoo Markets More Adlrc—fork Weak—Lard and Meats Easier. fireadstuffs Generally Plrm—A Fair Out ward Movement—Wheat Prospects. FINANCIAL The lean market continue* easy. City paper la paid promptly, notwithstanding tho continuing difficulty of collections* At there ara comparatively fow applt cations for new advances, ami tho supply of mercan tile and tnlacellaneoua paper la light, lha hanks find their resources growing. The country banka have not yet repaid tho major part of tho fund* advanced thorn from time to tima to carry produce am! cattle. Tho ■mall orders from the country for currency show that thceo are still withheld from market. The counter transactions of the banks were active yesterday, hut the business of tho day failed to disclose any now features of Interest for comment. The banks hare an abundance of loanable resourced for the accommoda tion of all tholr regular customers and of tho fow In* dependent borrowers who appear. Holes of discount at tho banks wero 8010 per cent. Concessions ar# made to first-class independent bor rowers. On the street, rates are 7018 per cent. New fork exchange was sold between banka at Mo per 11,000 discount. The clearings were (4,000,000. msriuntmoK op hilveiu Tho following facta concerning the Issue of stiver tolo wero obtained at the Treasury Department, May f. by the Washington correspondent of lb* Now York Journal t>f Commerce ; The arerago issue outside of Washington is now tbunt $175,c00 per day. In addition to this, Ihero Is »n averope of about f'fl.noo paid out in drafts for su rer coin drown on Suit-Treasuries and depositories, yesterday tbo amount by draft was over $82.00j, dis tributed as follows In round numbers: Now York, 130,000; Boston, $5,300: Philadelphia, $3,000; New Orleans,sl:o; 8t Louis, $1,400; Cincinnati, $10,too; Chicago, s2,li 0. Without reckoning tbo amount Issued by chocks. (tie average disbursements per day since (be beginning of the issue bare been ns follows in round numbers : Washington, $20,0 X); New York, $20.000; Boston, f 13,- K»: Philadelphia, $20,000; Baltimore. s7,oms; Charles lon, $2,600; Chicago, $12,000; Cincinnati, $12,090; Bt. Louis, $1(1,000: Buffalo, $<.000; Pittsburg, $5,000; New Orleans, SIO,OOO. Total, $107,503. Including jester lay’s business, tbo total Usue of allrer thus far is $2.- 1(0,000. It Is estimated by Treasury officials tint a-itbiu a week or ten days the dally disbursements will Incruwo to something like $.'23,000. GOVERNMENT BONOS. Bid. AafctA. Dntod State* «b of ’fll 122* 1 Dulled Stales of 'C.S 114 V IH*« b-SUsof *6»—Jauu.iry and July 115* llrf* KiOnof *67—>January and Ju1y.......,V20* Vil t-UOs ur 'C»—January and July 12*J* 122* KMOd v ... ll 8 * I W. United Slated new 6a of *»!. United HUleo currency Cs... GOT.D AND GREENBACKS. Gold wte 113,V(aiia«*'. Greenbacks were on the dollar In gold. TOREION EXCHANGE. Blxtydny*. Eicht. ... t'Ctf t'SJU’ ...Slfl'i «!;«*, ...40»; 41 Parts—francs. Germany Zielgium Holland Switzerland. Sweden, etc, Austria CITY AND COCKTT BONDS, ' Asked. Chicago Cily 7 ?3ct. bonds.... 105 A Inf Chicago City 7 I' l2 AiuU . ClUci.goCity7 Vct.W4tcrloan 103 feint. Cook County 1 y ct, bonds (short) 101 feint. 103 & Int. Cook Comity 7 W ct. bond* (long) 103 fe Int. IOC & Int. West Park 7 Vet. bond? U 7 fe lut. Vorlh Chicago 7 y ct, bonds (Lincoln Park) LOCAL BTOCKH. Bid. Asked. , 112 143 City Railway. South Side, City lUiiway, sVcat Hide., city Hallway, Mist Bide, 8 V cent ceitlllcatrs City Rallvviy, North Side... . 12i V:3 Traders’ Insurance Co. Chatubec of Commerce. Chicago Can-Light & Coke Co. Exposition stock ExjHJbl'iou stuck (uew). Exposition stock script. STOCKS. BONDS, ETC. New Yobs, liar t.—Gold opened and closed at 112**. with Bales In tbo interim at 113?*. Carrying rates, 1© 3. Loans were also made fiat. Governments were firm and in good demand. Railroad bonds were strong, with Michigan Centra le, Northwestern consolidated, and Union Pacific isti higher. State securities were quiet. Ohio 0s of ISBC brought Stocks opened strong, and prices advanced ,\f®l, with Michigan Central. Western Union, and Lake Shore as tho features. The market was somewhat weaker at the close, and prices reacted from tho hlgesl point of the day. Tho long scllern* options to-day were chiefly In Western Union, seller sixty days in this stock having been offered freely at a difference of Transactions wore 132,0C0 shares, of which 7,000 were Pacific Mail. 40,000 Western Union, 4,000 Rock Island, 15,000 Bt. Paul. 43,000 Lake Chore, 4,000 Obion, and 11,000 Michigan Central. Money market easy; 3®4, Prime mercantile paper, Custom receipts, $281,000. Tbo Assistant Treasurer disbursed $23,000. Clearings, $23,000,000. Sterling quiet, 4!U)f(<t4B9’X. Coupons, *Bl Iklljf ; New 6n ~,,.117] Coupons, ’C5,.114*, 110-41)9, reg Il7j New 1!0?» | UMOs, coupons,,.• • .118,' Coupons, *O7 ..131 | Currency bs, Coupons, ’68,..,....12i*i I Dock 151and,.,,,..,.101# «t Paul 06 Bt. Paul pfd.,.., .... Cl WuDosb 3# Wabash pfd a Fort Wayne 103# Terre Haute... 0# Tcrro Haute pfd 13 Chicago li Alton lid# Chicago A Alton pfd. Ill* Ohio k Mississippi... 17# Delaware, & L. It W.107# Western Colon M# \ Quicksilver.... 10 I Quicksilver pfd 30 j Pacific Mail 19# s Mariposa. W t Mari]>oHapfd 107# I Adams Express......lo9# j Woils-Fargo 61), American Express,.. C 3 U. B. Express 70# Now York Oontif.l...l]o‘ l Erie...., 15 llriojjfd. 19 Jlurlera 130 Jtf Harlem jifj 133 Mlchlaau Central,... 17 loanna..., 2d A. ti V. Tel IVi MlEßoitriraclfle,,*... 13. V Atlantic & I'nct&o pftllOJJtf Indiana Central Ail \ Chicago, U. h Q Jib Union Pacino utoci.. J Hannibal At 81, Joe. 14# Illinois O.'nlral im Central Pac. bomIi..UXI,V Clovclaivifc Pittsburg ul# Union Parillc bomlf..l(J4*« Northw»*tera 40 U. Pacific land-gpant.loo# Nari'jtf.cjUra pfd.. 6K# u. 11,I 1 , linking fund C„ 0„ U. i 1 048 bonds 91# N.J,Centra1......... wi# TvoneaeeeCa,old.,,, id j Vltvlnla 6e, new 33 TetmcflsouCa, new... 411, J Missouri 6* lOSjg’ Virginia Ca. 01d...... 31 | Han Francisco. May b,—’ilio following tie tbk j latest quotations at Uie block Lxchaugu: Goniiolldt'd Virginia.. Crown l-0tnt........ 15 California 7tt Vtf Yellow Jacket JSV; Bcgregratotl Belcher.. 6« Alpha 4(1*2 Optiir * JWV IkkLep ISMtf Uuollar tOtf Conildeuce |H>tf Bavagu..„ lfl»« Hierra Nevada.. 13'* 1mperia1,........... <>4 Mexican sax Ileal & Uelctior filjg Halo ti Norcrosa 6) Bould k Curry 17 1 H*j* Fiukoihco. April B.< Ids Company docureU ft dil tbift ttaalOUi mat. Kxchequor, Overman... Juatlco.... Caledonia. .—Hie Bin Frinclico Min- Itldead of $2.00 to-<Uy, p»y. REAL ESTATE. The following Instruments were filed (or record on Monday, May 6 :j • Leavitt et, 101 ft aof lUUUou •», «f, 30x193 ft, . dated April 28. I 4,100 . Catharine at, 176 ft wof Oooai at, •f, 24x68 ft, > dated May 2. 050 Calumet av, % w cor Thirty-first »t, e f, 53J4X t m ft, dated March 0 16,000 ! West Lake at, 100 ft wof Hheldoo at, ot, 40 ft . to alloy, with two bulldingi, dated March 2J. 19,400 ; Jackson at, 213 00*100 ft e of bi crimen to et, a ; f, 25xl£> It, dated Mayfl 876 Fry at, 38J 2in ft« of Mucker at, uf, 34z123j{ ft. dated May 6. .V. 600 ' Ilobbard it, 27S ft eof Leavitt at, ef, 25x196 ft, dated April 16. 9.000 , notated at, 823 ft n Of ttopbia at. «f. 24x20 ft, JsUxlMsyO. 900 ; Butterfield at, 4VJ ft a of Thiriy.flflhwt, ef, 3734*67 ft, dated May 8 119 : av, vs it u cl Thirty-second at, e S, 33 l xlOuJi It. with building, dated May 6 13,000 i Ogduu av.VO 2-10 ft q e cf Taylor at, n w f, 34 It rumurjg • e and a to Taylur at, dated April I 45 ; ! : . 1,300 Bburtloff av. 24 ft aof Thirtieth at, e f, atux 125>4 ft, dated July 6, 1e75... 9,300 i eoura orom uum wiima a tunica or I'niue Or OOCBT-UOL'SK. Jeffenmo av,910 ft s of flfiy-aecond «t,w (, 90 Xiao ft, dated Usy 1 f 6,Q00 Verty-eeveuth at, ■ a cor of Egandsle av, n f, tUUII ft, dated May 8.. 7.W0 4*WAB*lU(U<d nmetbsi, «f, 60x160ft, dale<l April ft. .. 8.000 ntty-lourthtt.‘aua«o'f Wallace at,nf. W* IMfltdaUdHayH I*aw 1 * aw COMMERCIAL. Th# follnwln. were Hi. rci'cliif. ami .hlpmant. of (he leading article• of produce In (his city during iho forty-eight boura ending at 7 o'clock on Monday morning: 187(1. | 1873. || lain. ; njrii n,:ui,; ia,mii io.4fiO 1 2(1913 10.320, 107,0*7 113,079 117,1 1 i 136.412 179.317 xvi-.m)' ai.onuij na,»j ; 8»,645 40o| 1,0 till 4.3 »C 4,H9jl l.ilK) 1,14*10 3,60 S 1U.3M1 i3,*W,li 135,703 1U2.186 4, (*OO 94,803 43.338 14.00(1' 14,300 *O,W' 20,000 483.395 513,300 U,008,0(4 1,131,881 ' I JW i am 133 70 I 1,863 090 48,82(1 1,331,972 118,437 37,683 8.33'11 90,000 69,77(1 53,lbC|| 67,091 31,440 4,339 ‘“'V.VmI ""s.wi 1,4 JO 089, 3,039 2,297 162 818 MO 157,303 03,773 167,740 197,690 180 11') 88 HI 1,0>() 86,Kit 202,650 8,630 1,147 1,987 366 604 I 6,433 671 I 130 1101 6 34 9.437.000 3,778,000, 7,406,041 3.201,1'6 4.032.000 3,7.0,000 11.333,000 663,000 34.353 ..... '.'.TUI 704 3,015 18,030 20,000 ,| UC3| 2,12!*1| Flour, brla. Ji.trlty, Im Orni *ecd f lb«.' j'Ux floe<lt tt>fl..{ xJroom* ‘dnioat»,lli ... J , tr* Ikpf, brls pork, brls.. lard, lbs... lallow, Hid. Uniter, tbs.... pressed hoes, lire nets*, Mo. Cattle, No Sheep, No llllfimlnes.htlfl Wool, lbs Potatoes, bn... Coat, tons Hay, tons Lumber, No.ft. Shingles, N 0... Hall, Poultry, 1La.... l*ouUry, coope. Came, pkgt.... Eggs. pkgs Cheese, bis.... Or. apples, brls Loans, bn...... Withdrawn from store on Saturday for city con sumption: 0,478 bo wheat. 737 bu corn, I,WO bu oats, I,oßßlm ryo, 1,031 bu barley. Tho following grain was inspected Into store on Monday morning s 3 cars No. 1 Northwestern wheal, 37 cars No. 2 Northwestern do, 13 cars No. 2 spring. 23 cars No, 3 do. 8 cars rejected do (88 wheat); 23 cars and C,OOO in high mixed coni, 02 cars and 6,800 bu No. 3 do, 4 cars new mixed do, 22 car* rejected do, 1 car no grade (112 corn); 9 cars white oats, 0 cars No. 2 do, 2 cars rejected do (10 oats); 1 car No -2 barley, 3 cars No. 3 do. 1 car rejected do. Total (213 cars), 07,000 bu. Inspected out: 08,338 bu wheat, 53.C82 bu corn, 47,290 bu oats, 384 bu rye, 853 bu barley. Tbs following (side shows the distribution of the breadstuff# shipped from this city during tut week: ’shipped— I Flour., Wheat,■ Corn, i Data. By rail.. By caual. To Buffalo 3,004 To Erie ! 700 To Ogdcnaburg I 1«0 To Huron .....I 1,22 s To other D. S. ports.) 12ri To Montreal | 2,514 ToCothorao I To Kingston I, Other Canada ports..) Totals.... Taken for city AlsoU.JCsburyoanaiO.H77 bu barley shipped by rail, and UO.OOU bu rye by sail to Buffalo. Kofraln of the barloy crowd: Of nil tlm sad word* of tongue and pea, Tbu saddest of these Is—" I'm short again." ivi»s .MBX Tbo calculation woe tuado yesterday that at sl.lß per ba in New York, with 8d ocean freighto, wheat would cost £a lid per cental sold In Liverpool. As tli« quo. iattnn In the latter-named place van 8a Cd, there it not offered to shippers under present condi tlons. The storm of Saturday wrought sad havoc among (ho boys on 'Change. Ons suffered a broken lec, sor cral own partially demolished buggies, and there Is a rumor that ono of the " light weights ” was actually blown over the Ceulral Elevators, hut that lacks veri fication. Happily, nono of them wore bUutfd In repu taiion, though nomo wars eevorely handled “ be- .file;,' Ci.l', ! V,V, hx tween wind and water.’* Lolio freights were dull and easier, at about 3\'c for wheat, and 3,H9 3 K0 for rorn by Ball to Buf falo. Bail freights word moderately active and ■toady, at 20a iht 10.) Iba to New York and Daltliuoro; 22c to Philadelphia; and 23c to Boston. Lake and rail rates were 130 per bu on wheal to Now York, and 150 on corn to Bouton. The freight engagements includ ed M.3JO bn wheat, 110,000-bu corn, and 60,000 bu oat*, mure than half of which win by rail. The leading produce markets were rather more act ive yesterday, anil again steady in tho aggregate, though some exhibited moderate lluctustlons in prices. The weather was unsettled and uncertain, Itdidool 99 & int. rain, but threatened to do so, and tho fear of a damp spring on previously wet land gave rise to (he expres sion of some doubt in regard to tbo next crop, but did not stimulate prices, as the groat majority are very dubious In regard to profit from bujlng on bad wcatber. The grain movement was quiet tor tbo sea- jn. and rather dull. Tho demand for dry goods continue* fair, »nd price* ire uniformly steady. Otoccrit* were reported steady under a fair inquiry from the couutry and city trade. Teas were unchanged. Dealer* report a good demand fur dried fruits, and a disposition to adhere to recent quotations, the only change noted being a slight do* dine in prune*. Dried apple* wero Arm. The fish market traa Arm under a continued good Inquiry and moderate supplies. A decline is noted in carbon oil and turpentine. Cheese remains quiet, and butter met with a fair inquiry at former price*, the only signs of weakness, if tbera do any, being in (ho lower grades, the supply of which appears to be Increasing. The coal and wood markets wore quiet and un changed. llie offerings at the ealo docks ware large yesterday, and the market ruled lalrly active, both local aud country buyer* tilting hold with moderate freedom. The striko at some of the yards deterred several local buyers from'taking hold. Tbo demand for hardware. Iron, and nails was again fair at steady prices. Wool was dull and weak, Broom-corn was moro active and steady, some of (ho grades of hurl being scarce and firm. Hay, hides, and hops were unchanged. Seeds were quiet and steady, clover sad timothy bo log firm, owing to inadequate offerings, poultry and eggs wero In request aud strong, especially the for mer, ths offerings of which wero very light. Tbo receipts of salt st Chicago this season, includ ing May 0. iß’d, are 67.613 brls from Bay City, 3,300 brls and 1,130 tons from Erie. The coal roceuts by lake, including Usy 0,1670, sro 3,500 tons soft coal from Cleveland. FOUEXOX niroETATioxs. Received at Chicago Customs, May S, 1670, O. IU Osborn A Co„ 1 case printed label*; K. Douglas Is Sun, 4 bates seeds; Lyman Blair, 1 case statuary; Field, Letter k Co., 13 packages dry goods ; D. W. Irwin k Co., 3 cars barley; Ocm, Lumbsrd k Co., 3 casks bristles. Amount of duties collected, $918.(3, Tin: WHEAT StHTLY, Mr. R, 11. Lawdcr, of Whitby, Ontario, Canada, in bla latest clicular, brills'* forward the flgureu of rola (ire movement of wheal and Hour into the United Kingdom, moat of vrhkh havu been already published, uad present* tho following u hla conclusion* there* from: J, Thai tho excess of stock* st scaboprd [torts in Great Ilrilnlu oa 29th ivbrtury over itmo date last year will bo balanced by (ho deficiency lu hnnio-growo deliveries during the six mouths, Ist ilarcli to 3lst August next. 3. Tli*l Hie execs*ln ** visible supply" In that part of North America tributary to Atlantic ports at same date was balanced by tho deficiency lu quantity afloat and to go from fadfio State*. 3. That the probabilities are that there waa aloes 2 uantlty of wheat lu farmer*’bands In the Western tales at same date. 4. That If cuuaumptloD in great Britain during last alx months of present harvest year should be as largo as in find alx months, tba United Kingdom will re aiiiru to Import in tbesu months about tho same quau* ty of wheat as In 18»6. And believing that the wheat crop of 1875 in Russia. Hungary, and franco waa a very Inferior one, It would apiHJsr (bat there Is no sure basis for tho very confident opinion eo generally entertained (hat there Is an abundant supply for England and other impart* lug countries at present, or lower prices. The general depression in all klnda of trade has no doubt tended to piroduce a very dull feeling in tho corn trade. However, the wheat market U a most sensitive one, and as the season advances this very confident feeling as to abundant supplies may bo dis pelled, snd this, or perhaps a few nays or weeks of unfavorable weather, may product uneasiness. In this case, the present heavy stocks will prove a Blender barrier against advancing prices. Tho following is an extract from a 11 elf oat (Ireland) letter dated April 23 : “ The facta we know are that we have a ortal con sumption of wheat and Indian corn, tho latter sums* 'lug, owing to the high prices the farmer la getting fbr eggs, butler, baron, and uoef, lulu which be converts it. If this consumption can bo supplied at present rates from Europe, be sure we shall take it, but If not, America has the chauca of making a trtfie, which I imagine she will know how to profit by." The following figures alto near upon this point: The inspection of wheat Into store In Chicago yesterday waa 83 car-loads, sgslnst 360 cars the same date in 1619. The total number Inspected into store last May was 6,014 cars. Tha number for this month will be scarcely 3,000, unless a speedy Inemse occur la the volume of our receipts. noa PRODUCTS—Were more active la the aggre gate, and averaged nosier, though hogs were quoted firmer. The offerings of product were ioeiceeaof (ha demand, some prominent holder* being evidently anxious to rcdi/c, arid prlcra Ragged, (hnngli nur idocka am diminishing r.tthcp rapidly nude? free alilj*- tnent*. It was Intimated, however, that a Rood of tho pork and lord shipped out trm only cent to Dm! a market elsewhere, and (hat woo assigned ns a reason for weakness nn tho soalward. Tho heavy emi* dltloti ivr.a childly fell In pork, ns lard ms partially i-tniiio't by greater strength In Idrerpool. Mi 8» I’ihik—'NV.i’i moderately active f»p th* sea«on, ml unsettled, declining 2tf*re per bp|, with c. very ul! feeling In tho tatter part of the fi>«*)on, hi aymp.i* jy with an caulcr tonoln New Yin it. Kilts were re orted of this htlft caib (early) at f 31.0 (H 31.05; 7.10 brla ( 1972. aollrrMftyat s2o.l*stfJ2o.l«j 2,250 hrla seller June at $20.53(.»91,in; 12,750 brla seller July at |2l.o3tf'il.:is ; mill 800 brie Belief tbn year ntfl7.7soit7.Hi,, I‘V4M brU TUo market closed weak at 20.00 r-ihb, nrcordlnu to weight; seller May; *2o.MKa2».Kftacllrr Jnnr;>»(«<2U'sseller July; and nominally at |J1.23f.721.80 idler August. Boiler tbs year was bold nt $17.75. „„„„ Prlmn mess vora wan quoted at 119.70.5a0.CK), and eitr»prlnieatfls.7soslC.w). Lari*—'Was moderately attire, but Irrtßui&T, art tanclUß 10c per 100 lira early, falling back 20c, and then Incnuilug slightly firmer at the close, which was Be below Saturday'* latest quotations. Liverpool was quoted leCd per 1121b* higher. Bales were reported of ‘Ait) tea cash At |l2.A3><, 3.250 tea seller Juno at $12.35(-vl2.. r i2, , tf, and 13,000 tea seller July at $12.45«4 l2.ti7V>. TiU.d, 10,500 tcs. The market closed quiet at $12.33V<512.35 rush or teller May; |12.97X(ai9.10 teller June ;SI V. 47 o 12.50 tellor July; and nominally at i13.«KA12.05 seller Auaust. Mkatb—Were quiet and a shade coaler on sides for future delivery, while cash lots were steadily hold at former prices under a light demand. Sales were lim ited to 700.T00 lbs short ribs at seller June; $10.95011.00 seller July t and sll/20 per 100 lbs seller August; and this wasprobahy mostly in trans fer from one month to another. The following was tho closing range prices: ehoiit- Long Short Short Palled, loose. )• C6O i( 45 July Uaeon,cash. Lung and short clears at lOTjo rash, ami 110 seller June, boxed; preen hams. sweet pickled do, V.VAliljc; Cnmberiandt, iov.olv>?ic, cash or sell er April: long-cut bams, 13013 c, boxed; baron hams, 14 41'e, QncAsr—Was quiet at OJtftfJOc. DEEP I’UUDEOl’S—Were steady and qnlet at $10.60 010.73 for mess, for extra mesa, and (22.30i423.00 for hams. , Tallow— Was quoted at for city, and 7# 080 for country lota. FTXJtTR—'Was quiet and unchanged. The local trade took hold rather sparingly at former prices, while shippers were nut db»i>o#cd to operate except at con cessions, which holders would not grant, too stocks being still light. Hales were reported of 100 brls win ters on private terms; 760 brls spring extras, partly at $3.00(43.50, and 3313r1s rye flour on private terms. Total, B<s brls. The market closed steady at the following range of prices : Choice winter extras, $7.30(37.80; common Co good do, $3.80(47,10; shipping extras, $1,30.44.80; good do, $l.B-1(43.10; choice do. s*>,loo 5.C0; patents do, $d.00£0.00; Minnesota, $3.00(90.00; spring superfluf*, $<.2303.73; rye flour, $1.0004.33. Biun—Was more active, and easier, under a largo ■upply, with only a moderate demand. Sales were 70 tons at $11.00011.50 on truck, apd $11.60 fret on board cart. C2O,OO(J| 203,CC3 I 331,243] 5 i",i;s'. I 341,588 » 22.1851 ' QC,322 S 125,507| 39,000 ........ 1f1.802 77.500 IS.COCj 3,878 22,5191 I, 107,229 . .j 10,397]. 50,741, Bhoiits—Sales wcro 10 tons, frcs on board car, Bcnnr:*if*GS —Sales wcra 'iO tone at $ll.OO free on board. ■llOlß,OOll 1!67,!’*48 11,7X11 8,<07 7QMV. iH.ftiOl fit,CM Cony>uxAt/—Balo was made of 10 tone coarse at ll* .60 on track, WHEAT—Wa« more active than on Saturday, though leas so than the recent average, and was rather weak, averaging about S'c lower, but closed Arm. Liverpool was reported quiet on stocks In store, and very dull on cargoes off coast. New York wan dull and “ lower to soli,” with a further eti(Teulng In ocean freight*. The now* caused a depressed feeling here, in spits of bod weather, rather small receipt*, and fair shipments, ond them was an evident disposition to boar the mar ket, several operators putting out frodt linos of shorts in nntlcipatlon of u funner decline. The offerings were all takou up, but chiefly in odd dvos, by opera tor* who were batisAed to All partially. No extensive buviugw'OH indulged Jo, but the fear of continuous bad weather prevented a ecrions drop, though the market at one time was #r<?. jjo lower than Saturday'* clo-ltig. Seeding in well la progress, but Uiere are Urge sections which have not yet been sown, and a week more of etormy weather would leave the ground In su< h condition that then would bo little chunco to tow in time for a crop in those placed. Hence farm ers are not free seders at present prices, which bio considerably below tbo recent average of quota- Hons in tbo second week of May. There wua a moderate Inquiry fur cash jots yesterday, and tao Juno premium was further dimin ished to IfioUJtfc. The reported diminution of 1,310,000 bu In the stocks In sight during tho week be fore last la greater than the fai& which difference is owing to the omission to report wheat lying in vessels that had not sailed, but hid taken out clearance pa pers. Seller June opened at 09c, declined unsteadily to ufl’jc, rose to9o‘ic, fell back to Od.S'c, and advanced to 90 Vc, closing at tr.H;c, Keller July sold at sl.oo®;, doting at SI.OO< M Seller the month, or regular No. v spring, sold at 07997*fc, closing at the outside, and glit-edgcd receipts of do commanded about ife premium. Cash sales were reported of 5H,00.) bu No. •J spring at di@l>'dc; 3,400 bu No. 3do at 80c; 1,809 bu do (K. W. nud Central) at 90c j 1,400 bu rejected do at 80c; 1,400 buby sample Total, 60,000 htt, Minnesota Wheat—Wus iu good demand, but easier at lbs nominal decline noted oa Saturday. Sales wore reported of 3 OH) bu No. lat $1.13® 1.14; 11,600 bu No. 2at *l.00‘,91.0lt»; and 1,400 bu by sample at 11.08® 1.17, free uu board cars. COUN—Was modoratlvcly active, and firmer early, ; advancing J,c, but eased oil later to !,o above tbs clos ing quotations of Saturday. Liverpool was quoted steady, hut Now York was dull and easier, while our inspection wan less, but the Board of Trado record of receipts was about equal to tbo shipments. There wore a few buying orders in from the country, and some demand on Eastern account, but these were soon filled, and there was not much Inquiry, but holders wore generally firm In their views, on account of tho weather, (ho storm having been much worse for corn than for wheat. A good deal of corn laud is yet un plautcd, and more wet means more time required to dry out before tho land le fit to boar the feet of horses. In fact, nut a few operators are inclined to expect a small corn crop in 1876, but remembering tbo yield of last year tinder unfavorable conditions they do net core to commit themselves too deeply to the theory. The demand for freight room per rail continues good, cars being scarce, which indicates that more com would bo bought for aliipmeut if it could be seat forward speedily V but there is u growing disinclination to assume the risks of long transportation. Keller Juno opened at 4 social 45*,c, receded to 45c, and advanced to 45 closing at 4> l jO. Keller July sold at 4ft3lo’;c, closing at 16 .(.ffOM’c. Seller tho month, or regular No. 2, sold at 45<-,(3ISX, closing at tSjtfc, with little discrim ination in favor of gilt-edged receipts. High mixed commanded u premium of .'.©V over No. 2. Cash sales were reported of 7,800 bu high mixed at 43*;® UJio ; 154,200 bu No. 2at iS.'.fi'f 43,\c; 5,800 bu do at 40;,o alloat; 2.890 bu rejected at 40jlo; 800 bu cara at 4S>'47c; 8,809 bu by sample at 41©450 on track; and ft.C-’Obu do at 42J<®15,Vc, free on board cara. Total, 185,800 bu. DATs—Were fairly active ami firmer. The receipt* were small, with a prospect of their continuing so for a fsw days, as the weather again threatened to ho atornir, uud other grain was stronger. Then there were mors bnyiug orders in, the shorts wera In the markut, end ths offerings were not so numerous. and generally firmly held. The demand fell off during the last hour, when prices receded i.c. Heller the month opened ut 301« e. sold to 30#e, and closed at 30#(<$3U#. Holler June sold at 31c, down to 3J#c, then up to 3l#c, and closed quiet at hl(£ 3I, l «c. July sold at 31., J <(s3l#e, and doted at 3l#c. No. 3 cash sold at 3u#93o#c. closing at the inside. Itojecied was quiet at 3fl#w37c. Cash sales* were reported of Mi,(oo 1m No. 3at 30<;(£30#a; 3.(00 bu No 3 white ut 31 *;«32o: (,600 bu by sample at 3l(£3Gc, oti track; uud li,(oi> bu do at 31#Q370, free on hoard. Total, 6,000 hu. KYK—Was quiet and firmer. None was received, and there were a buying order on tlio floor for No. 3. which Induced sellers to ask an advance, and caused several buyer* to hold over their orders. The do mind was lor No. 3, which sold ((03 bu) at C2o. BARLEY—Was active early, advancing I(<J2c, and dosing quid uud firm. Home of the shorts rushed into the market early, and, under (he presauro to buy, price* rapidly advanced, and the market closed firm at the lop figures, though little was douu in the Inst hull hour. The receipts were small, tud there was lit tle inquiry for cash from consumer* or shippers, ths demtiud neing, it is said, chlefiy from shorts ftir this mouth, some of whom fear a squeeze is forthcoming. Boiler May opened at Cs#c, sold to C7c,. uud closed at the outside. Juno sold at tiioifi'ic, and July at both elosiug at the outside. Cash sold at Co#<2i37r, ami closed at 00>;yJTc. No. 3 was scarce aud a shade firmer, selling at (do in A. V. k Go's. Rejected and samples were quiet. Dash sales were reported of 13,b0J bu No. 3st G6#ft67o; bOO bu No. 3, A. D. it Co., sick; (00 buby sampi* at CU#c, on truck. Total, 11,000 bu. PROVISIONS. THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: TUESDAY, MAY S), 1870. dere. clear. rib, clear. ..7 'i 10»; luv 11 ..7'4 lo»i U 11V ..V4 .... ...7.»,' .... 10*f ll ...Vi .... ll nv .... 12V 19V BfIEADSTUrFS. FIRST CALL. Wheat and proristoua were traded m to a light ox* tent, The following were* the sales: Wheat, buNu. 2, n for June. Mess park, 3110 hrts seller July at|2l.ut). Lord, 1,000 tea. at $12.25 tell or June, ana sri.V?>4 seller July. LATLBT. Mess pork wa» dub, and about 100 lower, with sales of 1,7&0 brie, at $.0.70420.73 fur June, and 120.90. J 20.0 i for July. Lard vroa rather quiet and eaiier. Hales, 1,500 tes, at 112.95 for Juuu, ana sl2.tsiAlv.S7« for July. Bhort-rlha were easier. with ailet of luU.UOO lha for July at lOJic. Wheat won in fair demand and easier early, but afterward* recovered, closing the same os ou 'Ctuugu. June sold at 98£t@9'JU’c, and closed at O'.'c. July sold Msycioaed at WJ.c. Com was steady at 451t0 for Juno, 40>fo for July, and 4&Wc for May. OsU wera quiet at 90>fc cash, 910 Jana, and 31 Wo July. Harley sold at 670 for Uay, and 63a for June and July. CALL BOARD. Mess pork was inactive sod nominal at $30.C5<3 20.70 seller June, and |‘2O.b3WiVJO 63 seller July. Alter the call 600 brls item sold fur July at |30.60 a decline of 2t)(sl'23 Vi o per Lrl. Lard was quiet et 912.83W@13.8S for June, and for Jul*. After the call sales were muds of 600 tea at $12,3314 for June, and 12.4JJJ for July. GENERAL MARKETS. ALCOHOL—Was atcvdy at |I.U. BROOM-CORN—Dealers report an Improved Inquiry, the low freights to the East bating induced manufao* turns to lend liberal or dart Wash The market la quo. led steady. Wa quote! Cliolcehurl, B'iifV: No.'Jhurl, -*o; cliolco medium, 7iA7,';e: good medium bru-di, fair Inside and cover* inferior, 4 (.4 4,V • cro >kod. 11-tdc. nUT'rnU-Cinitmuci In modersle demand fit nn chan.ted prl.*c«: Tim common grades am quoted weak under Increasing oiforlng*, but thftother write* bring recent prices; Choice to film/ ycdmv, Un< i;ic; me. <l!nm to wood grados, ; inferior to common, II t^lc. HAUGING—Was steady under o lair inquiry; Stark A. 2ftc{ Peerless AA, 2.V: Lewiston, 2*c; Montanp, Tie; Ontario, 25c? American A, Amoskeag, 2dc{ Otter Creek, Xlc; burlap Iwrs, i bn* H.'ti(j4l6M«l do, fi bn, IStflSo; gunnies, single, I.V; Uo double. TK^'llc, OHKEaH—Was in moderate rcqueil «t for poor to choke new grade*. COAL—Coulluuc* quiet. Following are Iho quola- Hons: I-ackawtima, range and nut, $10.00: do Oj’p, S'J.PO; cannd, $7.00a:.50; Krle, $7.01; Ulossburj, $7.00 *»7.PO; Hocking V.illoy, $0.00; Imtlana block, $5.60; Baltimore ft Onto, ift.mj Illinois. fU)M4 60. HUGS—Wore in fair roqueat and steady at lljfft Floll—The demand continues fair and tbo general market i« llrm. Following are thn quotations: No. 1 whlteflsh, «4*brl, W.OO -rP.IO; No. 2do. S».HO .<'4.00; No. 1 trout, $4.00; No. 1 iliorp mackerel, #-hrl, $12.60 (; No. 1 bay, so.wgSi).Q‘>; No. 2 mackerel, is-brl, family mackerel, trf-brl, $8.69; No, 1 ebure kits, large, S2.UOj No. 1 bay kite. )1.60; largo family kits, $1.29; bank codfish, 11.5*4 4,u*; Ueotgo’a codfish, |s.sU\<iG.76; labrador herring, spilt, brls, 17.75C.4A00; do. tf-brl, S4.O,Hi}L26; Ijb rador herring, round, brls, fC.50.A0.75; do, u-hrl, $3.50(?:<.75; aealed herring, per bo«, kOu: No. 1 her ring, ':Mo; Columbia River aalmou, W-brl, 5^.00. FRUITS ANP NUTS—Tbo demand for dried frtilla eojitiniicn good, and prices are unchanged cicept for pnmcp, which arc quoted lower. Apples are Unu. Quotation*; Coating—Dates, IV.TO.Vc! flga, layers, 14@lCc; figs, drnniP, 11 .U2o; Turkish prunes, 7;io<-,7?;o : French imitien, kegs and boxes, t)(iVHo; raisins, layers. 2.RVS2.M; loose Muscatel, Valencia, lI.V yllcjc; Zanto curtanls, 7,'*.08a; citron. 23.421c* Doubhtio—Alden applet, Michigan ap ples, common, 9Vw4loos choice, lO.VfSIO.V O * peaches, halvce, UVWJ-’J^o; do, pared, I’ntiuc; blackberries, ll>9(ifl2c; raspberries, pitted cherries, WSt 21c. Nets—Filberts, llf*lljtfc; almonds. Terragona, 19>; 20c; Naples walnuts. ICfttTc: French walnuts, new, 11(^120; Grenoble walnuts, I4i*lsc; Brazils, OVc; pecan*, Wilmington BnSHo; Tenaesseo peanuts, 6®fto; African peanuts, Oiiiß'ic. GREEN FRUlTS—Orange anil lemons wcro both In good demand and firm. Tbo roeoirls sro fair, but nmcli of Uia slock requires repacking, bence ttio firm ness. blrawberrlcs wero more plentiful and lower. Apples wcro Belting slowly and at Irregular prices, as holders aro anxloui* to unload before now fruits become plentiful: Hlrowberries, IKSOo; good to choice ajv ples, $1,0005.00 per brl; Messina oranges, $5.2505.75 per box: lemons, $3.5006.00 per box; piue-applua, $l. r *«(s4.oo per doz. GROCERIES—There were no changes of impor tance. The week opens with n fair business, the orders from tbo country being about as numerous and liberal as usual, and the local Inquiry is up to the recent aver age. Prices for all staples were unchanged, as fol- ice—Rangoon, C’£<§7o; Carolina, Lou- Islaua, n,Hi(q>7>;c. Coffees—O. O. Jars, 30(511 c; Java, No. 3, 37(5 38o; choice to fancy Rio, 33023J*c; good to prims do, 22®22, , 5e; common to fatr, 22.'*(!*21c; roasting, 19?*0l9’fc; Singapore Java, 25026 c; Cost* Rica, 33 (31231; .Maracaibo, 33(321c, Buiiahm— Patent cat loaf. ll*i®ll.<*o; crushed. (Sin.'c; powdered, ll. l t©ll>ic; granulated, Ho; A, standard, do No. 3. 10c: H, O'i'c; extra C, 9*;©9Ji£o; O No. 2, VJtf(<f9‘jo; yellow C No. 1, 9*<(au»»cs do (J No. 3, 9©9>;c; choice brown, Bj*(<*BVc; fair to prime do, H';(93j*o; com mon do, 7J408-;; choice molasses sugar, tU*<isß’ic i common to good do, 7**®4»fo; New Orleans, 7*40 «.Vc. Sirups— California sugar-loaf drips, 69(9703; dia mond drips, $1.03(31.10; silver.drips, extra fine, co© C'c ; good Mutwr-huuso sirup, oOi>t!isc; extra do, 680 60c; Now Orleans molasses, choice. 05(jlG8c; do prime, fifi(n.S3o;do, common to good, 4s®7oc; Porto Rico mo lasrcs, 480500; common molasses, 380400; black- strap, 2j(sJoc. Spices—Allspice, 17017j*c; cloves, 51©.7.c; csbsls, ShgJoc; pepper, 173 < (5i8, l <c; nutmegs, $1.1501.20; Calcutta ginger, 14<<016>JC. Koaph— True blue, tiUe; German Mottled, C!*o7c; White Idly. Coi3.Vc; While Rose. C®i4fc; Royal Ba vou, 6’406c; Baton Imperial, Golden West, SJ*O C’fc. tmuow—Excelsior, laundry, do, gloss, B«f ; do, corn, 9091*0; Kingsfonl, pure, T*ie 5 do, sliver gloss, 9>j®3 a,c; do coni. 10®t0>*c. HAY—Tho better grades of timuiay were In request and Arm. under very light oUorinas, whi.o other grades and prairie wore alow and oasy: No. 1 timothy, si:t.Qi'(a 11.00; No. 2dn, $11.60012.00; mixed do. $10.50011.00; uplitid prairie, $10.09011.00; No. i do, $8.00; slough, |0.50(a.7.00. HIUHWINES—Were morn active, and steady at the figure which has been u standing quotation for fully two weeks past. Sales wore 3>o hrlu at sl.u7 per gal. F. O. Royd It Co., of Now York, write m follows ; ** The production la (ho West will be somewhat re duced this month, which will certainly prevent any further decline In priced, ami may cause better prices to rule during the summer months. Tho Revenue hills uow before the Ways and. Means Committee seem to * hang fire,' yet some changes, which may bo of much importance to tho trade, ore looked for before the adjournment of Con grp»s.” HIRES—Wore steady under a fair inquiry from local dealers s Green city butchers’, s(£7,>*e; or eu cured light ami heavy, 7c; damaged, 5c ; part cured. CK<>£6?«o: gro;n sailed kip, 7c: green country, *«*c; green calf, 12o; flint hides dry kip and oalf, lie; dry salted hides, llisc; deacon skins. 46(4'.0c. OlLS—Carbon is about o lower and turpentine Jc oIT, otherwise there was 110 change in quotations. Trade is fair. Following aro the prices current: Car bun,ll6 deg. test, 12,’iMllc; do Illinois legal lest, 150 deg., 13V0l4o; Know White, 150 tost. IGUc; do head light, 176 fleg., 17c; extra winter lard oil, $l.Oi)0 1.05; No. 1, 9Oo‘J2c; No. 3,76 c; linseed, raw, S9®6uc; boiled. Cl fa 05c; whale, winter bleached, 7r > (990 c; suenn, $3.1703.25: noaUfoot oil, strictly pure, 1J.13-U.20; do extra, 95c; do No. l,85o; hank oil, 55c; straits, 00c; plumbago oil, CO©7sc; turpentine, 42c; naphtha, deodorized, 63 gravity, 13j*($14.Mc: West Virginia nils, natural. 29 deg., 32 <#3‘ic; natural, 30 deg., 27® 30c; reduced, 28 deg., 20022 c. POULTRY—Chickens and turkeys were B-'arco and Ann. Tbo former sold at $1.50515.00, and tho latter at UkU4c. Pigeons wore plentiful and weak at «o@7oc, POTATOES—Wore quiet at 25;,«e:iOc per bu for peachblows from store. Some dealers report a moder ate inquiry for largo or car lots. HEEDS—Wore quiet, timothy and clover being ao because (ho oiToriugs wore too small (0 enable dealers to All their orders. Timothy was firm at for good to prime, snd lower grades wcro quiet at $2.1002.60. Prime clover sold at $9.00, Hungarian and millet wero In moderate request at 35030 c. FUz was quiet ot ll.aofll.M, HALT—Wan in fair request at the annexed prices Baglnaw and Onondaga, fine, $1.40; Canada; ordinary coarse, f 1.70« dairy, without lings, J3.7fi; dairy, with bags, (3.50; Ashton, dairy, per sack, $1.50. TUAH—Continue lu fair demand at unaltered pnero: Gunpowder— l Common, good do, 40<4l*c; medium, 4V<#6oo; good do, GOt35Jo; fine. Av« GOo; tin* chl. r>H(46-'c; choice, 70(4* 5c ; choicest, 00&95O; fancy $1.05(41.15. Imperial—Common, 3055133 c; good do, medium, 40@450; good do, 45050 c; fine, 6x4550; finest, fiSofoW ; choice, 0.b<4700; choicest, 70 475 c. Japan—Common, UOTtOio; good commou. 35;4330: medium, 40042 c; good medium, 45®t80; fine, 5fH3 sr.c;5 r .c; fluent, C3(itCoo; choice, wjacsc; choicest, 73(4 75e. ooloso a—Common, SOftXlc; pood common, 350 38c; medium, 40*430 J good medium, 4 >x4sc; flue. 4»(46U0; Uucst,ososßo; choice, 6u0O3o; choicest, 750 60c. . VEGETABLES—Wore In fair request at tho following price*: Cucumbers, <Sc(4sl,oo per dozen; green peas, per box; string bo itu, $3.30(41.00 per box; asparagus. $1.00*1.60 pur doz; lettuce, 30333 c per dor.; radishes, 35340 c per doz; spinach, (1.50 per box; ple-plsut, 334 c; Bermuda tomatoes, 55.<i750 jicrjbox. WOOD—Was quiet at s*.oo (or maple; $7,00 for beech, and for slabs, delivered. WOOL—Was dull and easy. Tho Han Francisco ftH'UUn has tho following relative to the coming clip and the condition of tho market at tho present Unto: ■•Tho clip will probably bo oa largo as last year, but the condition la not os good. Tho heavy rains In tho Southern counties produced sn unusual quantity of mud, ami tbn fleocca aro largely filled with tho same. Tho market for spring wools opened about tho Ist Instant ot 170100 for freo grades. Probably from 1,500,000 to 3,000,000 Its bos been sold this month to tbs present writing, sll the way from 13c to luc for burry to choice clean lung staple. A very good grade of wool Is being sold aa low ta IVICc. Prices are unsatisfactory." The UuVtUn also states lhat thus fur 3,330 bales of wool have tieen purchased In tho Australian markets for America, sgilust 30,300 bales for tho samo lluio last year. The shipments from Australia to Kan Francisco to April 13 were 03,000 bales against W.luo bales for tho same period In 16T4-’S. Wo again quote: Tub-wanhcd, prime, 40(4 6Uo; do, poor to good, 440180; washed fleece, fin*, good conditioned, 35337 c; washed, medium do, 4054 43e: uuWAshod, fine heavy to light, 33025 c; do, medium, 23(d380; pulled, 303 37c, LIVE STOCK. CIUCAUO. Thereceipts to-day woreas follows} Cattle, 4.000; bogs, 0,000; sbeep, 340. Official receipts last week : Cattle, 21.070; bogs, 60,9*4. Bblpments: Cattle, 20,- 793; bogs, 27,873. CATTLE—The early market was quiet, buyers bold* tog back aud Dot showing much disposition to trade with any freedom, Subsequently, howercr, there was a change in the condition of affairs, the favorable advice* from the East bringing out more shippers, aud inducing them to take bold with mors freedom, and the market ruled fairly active aud steady. New York and Albany shippers wore the principal buyers, pay* lug from $1.25 for commoo to $5.50 for choice, the hulk of the sales being at $4.00(<43.35. The outaldo price was paid for 32 steers, averaging 1,430 lUi, sold by Craves liras. The demand for stock cattle was out ecltve to-day. aud prices were but llttlu better thxu nominal at former quotations. City butchers were bu>lug quits freely, aud taking a belter class of stock, bales lu (heir favor wera made at $3.60y4.f13 for fair to choice butchers’ steers. Cows sold at $3.5u.(j.J0 for common L» choice. The market dosed quiet but steady, M follows t QUOTATION*. Choice Boevca-A'lne, I*l, well-formed 3 year to 5 year old liter*, weighing 1,830 to 1,6601 M f1.90Q5.85 Oootl Uc«vee—Wcll-fstlaaod ateera, weigh ing 1,300 to 1,400 tie 4.30Q4.63 Medium Grade*—Steen In fair Beet), weigh* lug 1,100 to 1,300 1U 4.00Q4.35 DuUbure’ Block—Poor to fair ateere, and common to choice cowe, lor city slaughter, weighing 600 to 1,150 IU 8.MQ1.00 Block Oaltlo—Common cel tie. wsighing 800 lo 1,060 fce .....TT... 9.60Q4.00 In ft rlor—bight and tlatn n>w«, lu lferf. at gs,b ills, and scalawag st’cirs J.UVMft.on CVtTLK MACK). i’> choice ■terra, at choice sterr*. Pi) t’hol •»< steer*. 22 i-liMi'u stvors. butchers’ stork, bitlrhere' pto k, ■nit. hem* «t»ck. :H)goM slrcrs. W good at er*. HO ;;ood atcoro, 2 1 good steers. IP i{l>l)d Dtvctß, 15 Wood steers, I - good steers. 15 good blcjim, 10 good steers. JO rows 14 cows n-kem Ichors’ cattlo, 20 sloe 25 butt I‘iicrn 1 Block 301 ml. HOGS—The receipts were lighter than had boon tx pi'cted, and tbo demand wna ipilto active, packers and shippers buying qnlto frraly. The piovslling feeling Was one of firmness, and value* favored seller*, an mlvance of s<«loe per 100 lbs being estab lished. Tba extreme range of prices paid was $0.75 for scalawags to |7.00 fop asnortod Philadelphia, with but few sales below $7.10 or atwno $7.3;', the hulk of iho transactions being at $7.Kk<A7.23. Hlilppera were the principal buyers, the prices they paid being rather lilgli for packers, and rather forcing thorn to restrict their purchases. The market closed steady and firm, with ad sold. noa l um. No. At. Frlco.lKo. At Prlco.lNo. Ar. Price. J7.V5 id....2’/ s7.'.o| 23....1W s7,vo U»J....2U3 7.25 82....2/J 7.20 M....2U 7.20 54.. 7.201 63.... HM 7.20| C0....230 7.15 :W....2i0 7.20 44....257 7.20 71....23.1 7.25 14.. 6.051 82....253 7.251 21. ...299 7AO 03.. 7.161 81....J73 7.25 | 34....215 7.20 43.. U»l 7.16 31,...283 7.C0 8J....251 7.2 ft 41.. 7,20 C0...,U4 7.20 22....200 7.20 01.. .192 7.23 78....101 7.20 88.,..211 7.1* C0....107 7.2.5 12t....HU 7.20 99....252 7.15 64.. 7.'.tl 47....187 7.20 63....221 7.16 101.. 7.25 23,...188 7.20 40.. .212 7.15 100.. .223 7,25 85....108 7.20 45....255 7.16 13.. .278 7,4<' C0....177 7.15 63....231 7,15 63. ..274 7,35 118....1i5t) 7.20 42....205 7.20 42.. 7,30 20....169 7.151 55.. .P'S 7.2) fi0....U50 7.35 65....270 7.35| 35....217 7.20 C0..,.218 7,21 22,...263 7.36 65....250 7.16 52.. ..247 7.23 35....207 7.15 51....1W 7.15 101.. 7,15 75....200 7.20 8ft....230 7.20 61.. 7.16 28....207 7.20 f11.,.,203 7.15 fit. ...220 T.2U, | SHEW’—'The light receipts alt week bare prevented any activity, and the market was again quiet to-d*y, owing to tho scarcity of stock. Values about nominal at 53.u0(57.(>0 for common to extra wooiod lots. Two sales to tbo local trade, vis.: 106, averaged HU tba, at |0.00; 70, average 103 U>s, at $3.70. NEW YORK, New York, Ways.—Beeves—Receipts yesterday snd to-day ».13J, nuking 9,130 for the week, against 8,809 last week: quality mainly fair to good; 30 caw attllors among the uifcrtngs; demand better than for some days past: trade fairly active at an advance of rather more than h{c since Monday; finest steers In the mar ket sold at 120 ; ordinary to strictly prime steers, OVO 11 c; stlll-fcd bulls, fl.tUvjSl.73 per 100, tbs live weight. Sweep—'Receipts 3,7(10, making 15,050 for the week, agalnat 13,9.10 last week; market steady and Arm; O’X (« C’fc for ordinary to prime clipped; for or .diuary to extra unshorn, a car-load of spring lambs from Kentucky. Hons—Receipts 9,090, making 34,900 for (he week, against 20,13 d last week: a car-load of Ohio hogs, 1W lie, alive, at $7.79 per 100 tbs. east unETvrr. East Lwenrt, Pa„ May B.—OaTm*—Receipts since Friday, 1.199 head, or 25 cars through stock, and 63 cars for sale here; total for the wvek ending this day, 4,773 head, against 7.343 boat week; supply of yard stock fair, but no business doing to-day, except at re tail to local butchers at strong last week’s price*. Uooa—Receipts, 4,345 head, total for tba week, 16, ;iSO, against 1,377 last week; Yorkers, $7.2307.00; Phlladclphlus, $7.00,?7.60. Sweep—Receipts, i,suo bead; total for tho week, 13.0UU, against 13,200 the week before; none selling. ST. LOUTS. Sr. Louis, MO., May B.—Hoos—Higher; light ship ping. Yorkers, $6.4006.75; bacon, $6.05 06.99; butchers’, $0.70 < Cattle—Strong aud higher; good to choice natives, $4,7505.375*; medium to fair. $1.23®i.0J!.;; pony steers. fl.Oa .r|.so; fair to cliulco cows, $3.7504.25 ; etockors, €1.2504.373*; feelers, $1.230L02j*. CINCINNATI. CiNcntNATf, 0,, May «.—lloas—Scarce : fair to good light. $:.i0a7."0 : no others ottered; receipts, 535 head; shipments, 665 head. LUMBER. Tho cargo market was fairly active yesterday, and steady. The offerings were Urge, about forty cargoes being on eale, and buyers took hold freely, leaving about twenty unsold at the cioee. Tho country wae better represented than heretofore, and a good many dty men wcro present, hnt a number were obliged to desist from buying owing to the strike of the shavers at the yards. Piece stuff was in fair supply and sold readily nt SB.OO. and Inch-lumber, of which tho fleet was chiefly composed, sold at $8.50 for common to $ll.OO for good. Shingles ware quiet. Sales: Cargo barge Trader, from Lndington, 120,000 Joliu snd scantling at |1C0; sebr J. Phillips, from Manistee, 135,000 Joists and scantling at $3.00, Trade was only fair at tbo yards. At several yards business was interrupted by the strike. Following ore the quotations: First and second clear si«> Third clear, 1 Inch 33.(KK43 ‘."O Third clear, thick 3.1.0J(4 5.00 Oio r flooring, first and Becond, rough.... 30.00,«33.00 Clear elding, first and eecond 17. ji'fdlK.OO First common elding 15.0U(J10.00 Flooring, first common. drcs«ed •J’MKM Flooring, second common, dressed 2LM) 424.00 Box bosrds, A 35.00 it Box boards, B 25,0(.va A stock boirdn, 10 and 12 in 30.ilo(43:l.00 B stock hoards. Ostock boards, Fencing 11.00(419.50 Common lumber, 18 ft and under'J Inch.. lU.ooggii.oo Common Inch 11.0H410.00 Joists and scantling, 20 to 24 ft. Lath A shingles Shingles on track, TEI.ECRAPHIC MARKET REPORTS. FOREIGN MARKETS. Sptti al pltualth In Th* Chitnqo fWGtuti*. Liverpool, Hay B—ll *. m.—FLotm—No, 21a; No. 2,225. Grain—Wheat—Winter, No, 1, Os 10d; No. 9, Os fid! spring, tls&'Ja 4d; white, No. l.OalOd; no. 2,9» Cd f club, No, 1, lOsUd: No. 2, OalOd. Corn, 2Cs@2Cs Od; Provisions—Pork, 82s Ad. Lard, 6Cs Cd. Liverpool, May 6—1:30 p. in.—Lard, 675. Liverpool, May 6—Latest.—Cotton—Quiet bud unchanged; 6 sales, 8,000 bales, Including 1,000 for speculation and export, and 4,400 American. Bueadstuivs—Wheat—California white wheat, av erage, On TdijOs 10d; do club, Da lUdifllOs 3d; ml West ern spring, No. 3to No. 1,8 s ligtH 4d; winter red Western do, Os 6d(3l»s 10<1. Flour—Western caual, 333 21s, Corn—Now Western mixed, 3Cs(32Ca (Id. Oats— American, 3s<33* Cd, Barley—American, 3a fid. Pcas— Canadian, 3(1(333 3d. Glover-Bkeo—American. C3hoC2i. Provisions—Prime mess pork, 82s Cd. Prims mess beef, 87s. Lard—American, 675. Ghees*—Fine Ameri can, 63a. Bacon—Long clear, 61a 8d; abort clear, ; 635. Tallow— Flno American, 41s 3d. Spirits or Turpentine—BsSßi Bd, Petroleum— lteflned, 11s 3d. Linseed Oil—33s Cd, Hkhin— Common, 4* Od; palodo, ICI. Kpinrrs os* Turpentine—33s 3d. London, May B.—Consols, W 6-18 for money and account. United States Honda—’C3s, 104>* ; 'o7s, 103?*; lfi-lu». 7U7Jf J new fives, WQX, American securities— Naw Fork Central, 201 ; Erie, 13*{ ; prrferre<l, 21. Linseed Cake—l Cs. Paiih, Slay 6.— ltcutes, 103 f 300. Fbankvoiit, May 6.—United Statu Bonds— New fives, IDljf. Antwerp, Usy B.—Petroleum—27s. SOUTHERN COTTON MARKETS. New Oulkano, May B.—Cotton—Steady, with a fslr demand {sales, 3,C00 bales; quotation* unchanged; receipt, nut, 3,700 ; gross, 4,941; do exports; ilock, l<KVJix>. Oai.vkstok, May 9. —Colton quiet and weak; middlings, 11 T(o; not receipts. 601 balsa; gross, 6G4; exports coastwise, 704; tales, I t 10v>« Havanham, May B,—Cotton dull sod lower; nomi nally middlings, ll\*o; not receipts, 23d bales ; gross, 330 ; exports coastwise, 315; sales, 237. Uouilk, May B.—cotton—Middlings, IXKQUKe; net receipts, 202 bales; gross, 2o2; exports coastwise, 168; ealcs. 600, CmuntsTOst, May B.—Cotton easy; middlings, 12o;net u-colpU.asd bales; gross,93d; export* coast wise, 102; saU«a, 200, _ CLEVELAND PETROLEUM MARKET. Cleveland, 0,, May *B.—Petroleum steady; we quota i bUmlard white (110 teat), IDJgo; prime white (t6O test), IIA4O, a decline of Jjo since the last quota tions, ________ PITTSBURG OIL MARKET. Pirtsouno, i£*y b.—Pbiuolsum’—Quiet bat firm crude, |l.*J)>tfQa.oo*t i > uker , «i refined, 13)(&IWc Pbllsdolpbls delivery. ______ NEW YORK DRV OOOOS MARKET. Hkw Yobs, Msy B.—UuiloeM continues quiet with commission houses tad Importer*. The Jabbing tred* 1$ rstber more sctlve. CoUou goods sre ia moderate demsud *t current rites. Prints rule quiet. Simp' sons, Albion, Gloucester, mournings, end Edoyston* fsocKs bsve boeo reduced Ho, Woolen* er* quiet. A Urge Jobbing bouse viU offer Qerusr finales At 8K«, Amcikfng fancies at Sc, am) WamsutU fancies tod robcj al 4\o. _____ THE PROOUCE PAAHKETft NKW Y«) 112. Swill nitrah ft M n* rhltiton Trthtinr. A-r. Trim, fv.oo .1,2 0 4.'-o .1.114 B.Ot) KkwYork, Slay GtuiN—Wheal market slightly i buyer.)* favor; very iiimlerato export am! liome J.«;H BAH , tl.’O I.(I) ,1,111)0 4/.i 4,63 ,ItPJ 4.01 to demand: iml-c of W),0;»0 hit at SI.tHJ for Nos. 1 3 spring mixed. for rejected spring, 11.0 l jM.I t for ungraded spring, fI.TO(JtI.IO for No. 3 Chicago. tI.UK’M.II for No. 2 Milwaukee, IMBfll.lO for Ko. 2 Chioagu, $1.10,(51,19 for No. 3 Northwestern, Sl.lPffll.'il for No. 3. Milwaukee, $1.37f31,:i2 for No. I spring. sl.l'>;<sl.n2 for winter rod Western, $1,39(9 1.40 for amber do, f1.0J.it1.45 for while Western, and ft.SO for No 2 Canada spring In bond to arrive soon. Itye quiet and steady S kC(jt9Jo for Western, OOtftOSo for Hlale, and COyiPlo for Canada In bund. Harley dull and unchanged* Corn n shade lower; active; sales of 75,000 bu at for no grade mixed, C7(9020 for steamer mtsod, end 57(9030 for ungraded now Western mixed. Oats—About steady; moderate business; salts of 3t4,000 bn at ?!8($4&ofor mixed Western and titato, and for white Western and State. Pkovuiosb—Middles quiet, at lt7j(4l3>fe for long dear. I.ard firmer; sales of 100 tes at $12.86(912.H74 for prlmo steam; at tbo first call for May $13.70 was hid and $13,00 ailccd; for June, $12,824 was bid and f 13.00 asked; for Jnly, $12,074 was bid and $13.00 asked; for August, $13,074 wu bid and $13.15 asked; and for September, $13.134 was bid and $13.35 asked. Whisht—Market steady; salcs.of 00 brla ot $1,114 per gal. Orocebtxs—Sugar—Market firm; fair demand; fair to good refining quoted at 7,H97*f0; prime at 8c; Nos, 10 and 12 Havana at 7’4@34c. Coffee—Market quiet and firm, lilo quoted at gold, and Mara caibo at IC®l9O gold. Tea—Market quiet anil heavy. •' Tallow— Rules quiet ami unchanged 5 quoted at fM'Cfor prime. , 1 .u:t • 4.71! .1.247 4.'.‘0 .1.1. U 4.75 .1,152 4.70 .1 .VIS 4.75 .1.228 4.. k 0 ,I,'llM 4.5 U 1.15.) 4.75 ,I,o*l 4.50 . m 4.21 7U9 4.12«tf 804 11.73 050 4.39 DOO 4.00 1)20 4.10 [To thf'AnoeMnt IVm».) New Tonx, May B.—Cotton—Market quiet, but steady; 127,0; futures dosed steady: May, 13 7-16(9 13 13*330 5 June, 13 21*82$W !M6c; July, 13?f® 13 22-330; August, 131-3.1,413 l*10c; September, 13-9 13 1*320! October, 13 37-3Ji.913?;0; November, 13 25-32®12 13-lAo ; December, 13 35*3*913 is-IBc. Floub—Heavy; receipts,ll,ooo brls; super Slate anfi Western, $4.00(94.40; common to goal extra, $4.33(9 0.35; good to choice, $5.25(95.70; white wheat extra, $5.73(317.75; extra 0hi0,54.80(97.00: 81. Louts, $5.15(4 9.00; Minnesota patent process, jfl.2Va 0.50; No. 3, $J.75@:i.40. Ryo (lour quiet, but steady; $1.76®6,16. Oohn-Mkal—Quiet! Western, $2.75(9:1.33. Grain—Wheat—Market dull; slightly in buyers* favor; ungraded spring. $1.10; No. 1 spring, $1.25(9 1.30 ; Nos. I and 3 spring, mixed, sl.3’); No. 2 Cntcogo spring nominal at $1.16(91.20: No, 3 do, sl.o9i*al.hi; No. 2 Northwestern choice, delivered, $1.30; No. 3 Mil waukee, | (41. H; white Michigan, $1.44; No. 2 Canada spring in bond, $1.30. Itye quiet but steady; State, 00(903o; Western, MMBJO; Canada in bond, 90 Corn—Demand active; receipts, 148,000 nu; mixed, no grade, 604ft570; low mixed, graded, Co>tfc; mixed steamer, GOjVc; do graded, now Western mixed, ungraded, 67(9C3c. Oats heavy; re* cilpU, 70,000 bu; mixed Western and Slate, il& 48c; white do, 44(^53c. Hat—Firm and unchanged. Gaocenira—Coffeo—Demand fair; market firm; Rio cargow, jobbing at 15>f(9l9’fe In gold. Sugar quiet but steady; fair lo good re fining, 7H(s7?fc; prime, 8o; refined firm at 10« o. Molasses-Domanu fair and market firm; Porto Rico, 4&.?,48c; New Orleans, 45(9C0c. Rice- Market dull; Carolina, S*fo7o; Louisius, 6@6>fo: Itangoon, fl(4oyc, Hor.v—Steady; Eastern and Western, 10($lCo; New York State, 12(4180: Callfonila, IS^lHc. FirruoLKOM—Dull ami nominal; crude &JJ8)fo; re* fined, I3?jc; in coses, 17)i(330K0. Tallow—Steady at B.^(,{B‘in. Strained IlnaiN—Unchanged at 3dj^®37c. Eoos—Unchanged. Pnovision.')—Pork dull and lower; new mens, $31,37)f (?21.c0 cash; $31.20(421.70 May; $21.25(<fi1.43 Juno; $21.3-5i921.75 Jnly. Beef quiet. Cut meals—Western quiet; long clear middles. Western, 11J*c; do city, 124 c. Lard—Prime steam, |12.70®12.bS cosh; $12,074(9:2.90 Juno. BuTTtn—Unchanged. Ciu.c'iK—Qulct at 4(<xl2c. Whukx—Steady at $1,114. NEW OULRAKB. New Oblkass, May B.—Flour—Dull; ftperflne, $1,115; XX, s4 .r>; XXX, $UU)0U)O; choice, and extra family, $6.2507.50. Ouaiu— Com steady: fair demand; 670690. Oats dull aud drooping; 41013 c. Corm-Miui.—Unsettled and tower; $3.4003.46. Hat— Steady and firm: prime, $20.00; choice, $23.00 0 hI.OO. PnovjntOßft—Pork quiet but firm; mess, $22.00, Hard dull; tierce, keg, 14c. Bulk moats dull and unchanged; shoulders, clear rib, 12e; clear. 124 c. Bacon dud; shoulders, 9V°5 clear rib. lai/c; clear, 12,'0c; sugar-cured hams, 13^014^c. Whhxv—Steady; J1.1101.J3, GnooMiis>i —Cotfoe dull; Rio, Sugar quiet but steady; common, 7>go7j*te; fair to fully fulr, 7?i«oß>jc; prime, BJtfcs choice, oc. Molano* quiet, but steady; prime to strictly fermenting, 430 4.*>c. Rice quiet, and .unchanged; common to prims Louisiana. t'vS'lXf. Duan— Dull and nominal; Bite. riULADbLPin.V. Philadelphia, May B.—Flood—Market dull; extra, $1.2 01.<6; Wisconsin and Minnesota extra family, C. 30 j Btnte, Ohio, and Indiana, SB,OOO 0.75; high grade*. $7.2*08.26. Quaw— Wheat Inactive; Pennsylvania red, $1.50; amber. 11.*001.51>j5 white, lUflfi; .Ohio sprouted,, com firmer: yellow, €10O2o: »teamor, mkd'Bo: sail, mixed, (10c. Oatt -naclivo; white Illinois. 470; do. lowa, 42^500; do Ohio, 420; do, stained, 40c. Wiiihxt— Quiet; $1.12 fnr Western. Petroleum—Refined, 13, s ,'c; crude. 10>f. Burrcii—New York Stale and Bradford County, Pa., extras, 280'-9c: Ante, 26027 c: Western extras,26o27c; firsts, 24026 a; Western rolls, 24024 c. OiiKESK—Now York Stele, 123401*05 Western fine, rwiajjc. Wiusxr—Quiet, Kuos—PcDusylvsala, Now York, and Delaware, frveb, 16016 c; Western, fresh, U^oilCc. UT. LOUIS. Hr. l.onu, Mo., May ts.—Cotiok—Ealle*; not quotably lower. Flour—(Julot and unchanged. Oiiain—Wheat firmer; No. 'i ml fall, $1.89 bid cash and May ; 1.37>f(i41.98«1une; *1.25 July. Corn higher; No. 'J, 40a uisli; bid,at the close; 4&4 ■HUfcMny; June; July. OaU dull: No.'l, Slcc&ah; U.lVfo bid far May end June. Uyedull an,l unchanged. Barley quiet; choice Northern, |IJW tfl.lo. \Vmast—Steady at $1.03. Provisions—l’ork dull and unchanged ; Jobbing, •r3.iKH425.0U IS.OJO4IT.OJ 13.00 *15.00 1.7.V4 l.'.K) 2.5<’« 9.95 2.3026 3.50 JJ1.60, Lird—No market. Bulk meita dull and nomi nal;>houldm, «)4os deorilb. loxwllo; clear, 11 Vc- Bacon dull: shoulder#, 8)408)40; dear rib, tio\ clear, Vl?i<«4l2Xc, UKcniTfl—l lour, 3,300 brU; wheat, 7,600 bu 5 corn. 57,000 bu; oate, 35,000 bu; tyo, 1,500 bu; barley, 3,000 bu. BALTIMORE. Baltimore. Md.. Way h.—Floor—Steady; Weifem upcrfluo, $1.50; extra, f I.OGtrt.I.M); fatally, J5.MJ07.00. Oium—Wheel dull ami heavy: No. 3 Woatcru red, (1.40; Pennsylvania rot), sl.4<(isl.4S, Corn—Western nixed, 63‘,'c. Oats—White Western, 42014 c; mixed Western. ti.Hatlc. Uje, 70(<VI5c. Hay—Pennsylvania and Maryland, tQI.OOiASS.OO. Provision#—Dull and heavy; moil pork, $03.25. Bulk meats nominally unchanged. Bacon—Shoulders, 0)(o; dear rib, I3*jc, I'KTJiot-Ktu—Market dull; erode, 7)i®7)4; reflood, Hl.auMc. Oorrnu—Bloody and Him; Wo cargoes, 15J4(j18J40; Jobbing, KM luxe llurraa—Quiet but steady; Western, 33020 c, TOLEDO. Toledo, 0., May B.—Flod«—Quiet. Qiuin-Wheat dull; a shade lower: No. 3 white Wa> bash,sl.2l; No. 1 white Michigan.ll.QHJl; No.ado, $1,21 u; amber Allchigan,sl.Qj ; Junr,sl.24JJ; No.artd, |1.31)}; May, $1.30; No. ,1 rod. $1.13. Corn Arm; mlxod held at 6JS(o; offered, jnoo, July, 51>gc; low mixed, elo; June, no grade, tß\e. Oats firmer; No. 3. tuo; May, W?lc; Michigan, 35c. Cl-OYKU Hkei*— Beoupts—Flonr, coubrla; wheat, 8,003 bo; con 32.000 bu; Oats, 30U bu. Bhipuknts—Flour, 400 bile; wheat, 80,000 bu; eon 40.000 bu; oat#, 2,000 bu. CiKCiSHATf, Slay B.—Carlow—Dull and lower; 11 *{o. Flouii— uotquotably lower. OnaiK—Wheat ateudy, with fair demand, at $1,15(4 1.37. Com quid at 48C, OaU steady and firm at 37t# 49e. Bye steady at IC(4l3<*« Barley dull and uomlual. I'aoTJßloss—Pork atoady and m fair demand at SH.2S. Lard fairly active;# shade higher; steam, fj l 'o cs*b;l2»,o buyer Juno; kettle, ISUQW/,0. Bulk meaU quiet but nrmjßc; llo; Bacon In falrderoand; 2o: Wiiiagr— Hleady at f 1,07. liDifEß Ea*ler; cboluo Western Beaerve, 24035# 5 choice Central Ohio, ‘AX^.'lc, Milwaoxr, Wii., May B.—Flodb—Dull and un- changed* GiuiN—YVheat opened woak; a shade lower; closed dull; No. 1 Milwaukee, lI.WW! h*rd, $1.31; No. 3, $1,01);; June, fl.Oi; July. |l.d3; No.a, 00)4#. Corn unebauued; No. 3, is)fc. Oats firmer; good demand; No. 3, 3i*c. Bye steady; No. I, CBO. Barley Ann; No. 3 ilay, 88o; No. 3. Blc. FitEtoiira—Dull and weak; wheat to Buffalo, 4o; to Oswego. 7XO. * Bkcuits—Flour, 8,000 brl* 5 wheat, 81,000 bn. BuiruiNTS—Flour, 11,000 brls; wheat, #O,OOO bu. Boston, May B,—Flour—Western superfine, $4.00$ 4.31; eummou extras, $4.8tK4tr,.00; Wisconsin and Minnesota extra family. winter wheat Üblo, liiclUna, and Michigan, HUtiois, $0.X1i48.6u: BU Louis, fancy Minnesota aud Wisconsin, $7.35<<40.W. _ 4 . ÜBilN—Corn—Mlxod and yellow, 83(3«Jc, Oatl— Fair demand: mixed and No, 3 white,tttfflOo; reject ed, 43>^460; NO. I White, 630g,640. * BUFFALO. BurriLO, May 8,-OiuiN—Wheat active and In mill ing demand 5 9 care No. 3 MUwaukeu elab. W.W 7 I «w Sheboygan, fl.'Xi: gear* while Michigan. SW!C4LM. Corn quiet and aearcej #»lea of S care on track at 64<J frio. Oats neglected. Bye ntgleclsd. Barley no 6l^uJ(i«T«—Lower; tollsindldtd. Freights were rather quiet. Boom wu engaged for 43,C00 bu wheat and 45,UK) bu com on through rate. Buffalo rates were quoted easier it $3403)4* for com »Bd6)4otoforwhaaU The engagements mad# were prop NMfcM, coitt U Ogdtaaburgt iks Uig* Cor> m«r?nl, wheal through. via Buffalo; tail Ui« fichuyl* kill, corn through, via Krle. HurrAt.o, May n,—Mr. lilram H. Smith reports I til charter of tlicarhr Walloons, with coal from Hamlin* kjr (o Uraml Haven, at 7#o per ton, free 0/ handling’ Poar Hrr.oft, Mich, Msyß.—Passed Down—T*rnv Marino City, Lincoln with consort, and Mocking Bird, Hhcldon and consort; sclirs J. W, Doane, B, It, Turner, Margaret A. Muir, Kate t*. Union, Ontario, Up—Pro;* Maine, Wcslford and consort, Clinton amt barges, Alpena and barges; schrs Duncan City, O. M. Pond. Selkirk, Maggie Mcßoa, Elgin, Grace, Aurelia, Princess, Alexandria. Wind—Houlhwcsl, brink. Weather cloudy. The scbrl’ctokoo collided with the tug John Owen, on Lake Huron yesterday morning. In a fog. carrying away the Otveu'o smoko-stack ami damaging her oppei works. The I’cnokoo lost her Jlbbooiu in the on* counter. The schr O. hi. Pond lost Iter Jlhbootn and bowsprit on bake Erlo Thursday by breaking ber bobstuyo. Both vessels arc repairing tiers. Ponr Huron, Mich., liny fl— ll p. m.— Down— Propi J. llMtfcby, J, Prldgcon, Dubuque and barges, Lady Franklin and larges, Tecamseh and consort; schrs Helvetia, ». J. Tlhlcn. Marengo, Nlagars, James 1. Care, Angus Smith. Champion, J. IL Bentley, Thistle, O. G. Houghton, Itasca, Cambria, Southampton, F, J. King, Chester, Jones. Tip—Props Montana, Vanderbilt, Vienna and con sort ; schrs Eva Belle, Mary Merritt, Fellowcraft, Wind—Southwest, gontle ; weather cloudy. Eighty sail of vessels, txmnd down, passed Cbsboy gun to-day from the Straits. Tug Oritfader la working to rcteus vessels saham tn tbs Straits. ILLINOIS & MICHIGAN CANAL. PiunOF.poivr, May Asmvxd—Gold Hunter, L*- Sailc,fi.WKUm corn; Orion, Marseilles, 5,800 bu corn; prop Montaug, Lockport, 520 brls dour; Uablo Lean, Lockport, 073 brls fiour. Glxarkd—Tempest. NL Txml*, 110,754 ft lumber) Monitor, Morris. 27,767 ft lumber; prop Mohawk Belle, Wilmington, 50 m lumbar; J, Menard, WU mtngton, 40 m lumber. CHICAGO. The striking lrnnber-shovcrs did not mats tbolf «pi peannee In the lower portion of the city. At the lower yards lumber was being unloaded at the regular wages of $1.50, and no one wu disturbed. Owing to the excesses committed by the strikers In tho lumber districts but few sates wero mode at .the lumber* docks yesterday, buyers preferring to wait until tbs troublo la over.. .It Is now » settled fact thstths fearful hurricane which passed over this section Sat urday evening did not roach fsr out In the lake. All tbo vessels which have arrived thus far arolngood condition, sad none of them experienced any unusual b10w.... The bridge at Fuller street which waa precipitated in tbo river by (bo gate Saturday evening was pulled out of the channel yesterday by tbo tng Ward.... Tho steam-barge Intor-Oceauhas gone Into ono of the docks of tbo Chicago Dry-Dock Company to repair her brackot,...Tho schr J. V. Jones lost ber jlbboou In the river yesterday.... Tho tchr G. fl, Wrcnn collided with tbo tug lUbel In the river yester day, and the Utter had her smoke-stack knocked off. BUFFALO. 1 At list, navigation la open at this port. The Union Steamboat Company's prop Waverly, CapU JamM Pratt, from Chicago, entered Buffalo Hirer about half* past 0 o’clock teat evening. Tho largo tug U. 13. Mar tin, of Cleveland, reached tho harbor at half-past 11 o’clock in tho forenoon, haring worked her way along tho north shore and around by the month of Niagara River. This route would bare been taken advantage of before if those vessels In the ice drew leas water. Tho prop Portage, alao of the Union Line, left Chicago about tho name timo the Warerly did. and both kept well together throughout tbe trip.... An Immense licet ofbotb steam and sail vcevela are working their way through the ice Holds. Among those in sight aro tho prop* BL Paul, Oscar Townsend and consort, Ualclgh and consort, Dalton* tiuo&ud consort, Superior and consort, Turner and consort, Bradbury and consort, Charles J. Kershaw, Chamberlain and consort, Prinderlllo and consort, bo aides a large number of sail craft.—Courier, Six large tugs of tbe association aro in tbe straits awaiting tho advent of the large fleet of grain vessels bound down.... Tho barges Haunaford and Cash, ashore at Long Point, will have to bo pumpod out be fore they can bo released. They lie in easy positions, and can bo got off without much trouble,...The wrecking steamer Magnet is again ready for business, and only awaits something to do to bo off and at work. Every since she was laid up, lost fall, more or Ices work bas been done upon her. end now sbo is as strong and in as good ihupo as over. She will bo commanded, an heretofore, by Oapt. Gotham.... The prop Benton got Into Goderich harbor Thursday morning, being the first boat ont:ring the port this season. Tho Denton worked through 10 mile? of ico. The barge Robinson, with tho nchr Reindeer, managed to get in shortly after tbs Den ton. ...The Detroit Tribune says: “An effort Is be- ing made at Port Huron to raise tbe cargo of railroad iron in the achr Saltillo, which sunk in tho rapids here nearly twenty-three years ago. Work upon the same was begun last fall, but was suspended by rea son of the severe weather. Tho Dome parties will en gage In raising tho cargo of iron ore on board the ■ehr City of Buffalo, which sank near Bind Re ich harbor of refuge last fall, after which an effort will bo mado to r&iss too vessel if abo la not too badly brokan up.” Special Dltpalch to The Chicago IViltin*. Enic, >a., May B.—Arrivals from Chicago, pro Arizona and flclir Allegheny, with cargoes of wheat. Fifty thousand bushels of grain vrero shipped east* ward by rail today. Charter, schr Allegheny, cosl t« Chicago at 60c. A large fleet of propellers from Bulla* lo passed up the lake during tho day. Ole dago, Eoct Islai & Peel R. I Co,, April 24. 1870. The Annual Slfctlmf of tbo Stockholder* of (bo Chi cago, Uock Island & I'aciflc U. 11. Co. for (be elcollou of Directors, pursuant to law, and tbo transaction of aucb other business ns moy como before them, will U beM at Ibn ofllco of tbo Company In tbe City of Cbl* caro, on Wednesday, Uiollh day of Juno next, at U o'clock a. m, CHICAGO k HOHTHWESTEEN RAILWAY Cd ■ April 24th. 1876. Till? ANNUAL MURTINO. OP TUB bI’OCIC. holder* ami homlholdurs of this company, for the vlncUoa of directors, pursuant to Uw. and tor Uio ttatwao (loo of other limlneas, will be bold at tho offleo of tbi company. in Chicago, on Tbursdayptbe let of Juno next, will authenticate tholr rhrht to vote bj nroiooUmt their ruling bond* at lh* olhco 0! the com* iiany, No. 52 Wall-et., Now York, for registration, uu as Ufomlh o,vvo A X|ma. RT keb . M. L. BYKKN. Jr.. Secretary. MEDICAL CARDS. _ DR JAlffiS.- Loft nosmtal, cor. Waslilngtoii k FraftlMs. Oliartored hr the State of Illinois for the express pur» t>oso of giving mimedi*lo relief la allcMesoi private, chrome, and urinary dliouoein a| ih-dr oompllcAted terms. U kswell known mat Bit. JAMKB baaaiundat tho nead of the urofeMiun lor ihe past ft) year*. Agoaud experience are all-important. Hpuiinjii \\oaknes»i nlgnt lotset by dream*, pimples oaths face,lost m*»* bi*Hl, can positively be cured. Ladle• wanting the w«Jt dahealo atumtlon. call or write. Pleasant boms for pa* tteots. A hook for the. million, Marriage Uulao, which tells inn all about theaodlioaao*-wno «houla marry-wby nut—lU cents to pay postage. Ur. James baa on rooms and parlors. Yon see no one but the Doctor. Ur. Jam## W slvryysarsofage. Ca.juliailon "Iway* I^,® Office hours, Ua. m. to 7 j». ra. Sunday*. 10 to 1> »• *»• All btutnuss etnolly cooltdoutisl. DR. CLARKE. EatabUshed 1861. You » w o * d TL^,,* o fc^ M, A , . l . t ?! celebrated Br. Clarke, 1M South Otork-su, In any Chronic. Private, Bllbcnlt, or Delicate Base. Ladies commit on all Irregularities and Disease#, with the as surance of apeody relief. Celebrated Female Wlla. $1.60 (extra strong $5) per box. 1 sastrie i revcbtlf atamp for “ Bafognard of Health.’’ ri/*victlma of Hslf-Abniu send two atamp# for work on Karvoo# and Hexoal Disease#. Patients trusted ■nceessfully by letter, and Medicine# «cnt everywhere ■eeurofrom observation. Home Board and Murao foi sSlenU. Call or write. Hook “ Your Silent Friend • 35 cents, by mall. Addres* loiter* Df. F. D. OIARKB, Jflfl South Clark-et.. Chicago. DR. C. BIGELOW, 82 WEST MADISON-BT., OHIOAQO, ILL, Can bo consulted personally, free of charge, on all Chronln, Sexual, and Nervous Disease*. Pamphlet. 34 pages, on above diseases sent to any address for two go stamp*. Booms sciuirate for ladle# and gentlemen. MAUUIAGE GUIDE. Oil BUXUAL PATHOLOGY, 304 nsgos, urge size, containing all that la worth knowing, and much that Is not published In .any other work. Drier, 60 cent*. SoPAYii Dr. Kean, 175 Sauth ClarK-st, corner of Home, Cklcazo. May bs consulted, personally or by msU, free of •nailebruuieutnurvunsdlsaatos. Bit. J KnANUtbe only physician la the city who warrants cum or bo pay. Bibos hours, ga. an to 8 p. a. { Sundays fruiaUtuU. IfuVOUa EXHAUhIION-A MUDIOA L*K»AY t cuoiprlsutga aeries of lectures deUvsred at Kahn* Muasuu of Anatomy, New York, on tbs cause aud curs of premature deolius, abitwing Indisputably bow lust health may be Ttgalned, affording a clot* uaopjjs of tne Impediment# to marriage. and. tbs treatment ol nervous and pbydcal dobJUly, being tho result of 2Uy«ara expo rlonos. Price 25 cents. AddroM the author, BU. J> KAHN, ottos and resilience 61 East Teotb-st., New York ■ fIUCSCHLPTION FIIEK Tor Ihs speedy cureuf Seminal Weakness, Lost Man* 1 hood, and all disorders Ldougbt on by ludlscreUoua or 1 excess; Any druggist baa the ingredient* idArs— • PAViDSON h CO M Box ‘i.W, New York. CINCINNATI. UILWADKEB. BOUTON. MARINE. LAKE FREIGHTS, CUICAUO. fti.tnwitv.nit. MARINE NEWS AT POTT HURON. .Vj'iriai IlfinaitA (<s TlUCA(<*<t«« tV4tMH». Sptriat /UiavlaA lit Tftt Chterw Trihum, MISCELLANEOUS. UERC AND THEBE. CD IE, PA. STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETINGS. JOHN P. TRACT, President. P. 11. TOWS, Secretary.

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