Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 10, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 10, 1876 Page 3
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THE COURTS. noports of a Couple of JRanroad Receivers. The Clobo Insurance Company Safely Disposed Of. Elgflon'i Habeas Corpus—lho Mort gage Company and Mr, Soam. mon. Record of Judgments and New 8u11a... Criminal Business. J. P. Whitehead, Auditor of (bo Rockford, Pock Island A Bt. Louts Railroad Company, filed bis report for (ho month of March. The following 1b an abstract t Famngor earnings Freight earnings,....... Kxpms earnings Mall earnings Miscellaneous earnings. Total Operating expenses for March, Net earnings. In addition to thee© eiiKnuca (hern tins been jiaul for track rental*, iron, tins, labor, etc,, which tho Auditor does not consider ordinary ezpcmea ,$1#,971 There Una alao boon paid for miscellaneous purposes since last November tho sum of 810,856.17, and tho further sum of $10,310.23 for interest. All pay-rolls and Lille for supplies for March have been paid, but there are yot some outstanding claims against the road for damages done by trains and balances duo to otbor roads. On the other band, there Is a'smalt amount due from other roads, and about $2,000 from tho United States for carrying the malls. Tho (report was referred to H. W. Bishop, tho Master m Chancery, for examination. TUF. PEORIA A ROCK ISLAND RAILWAY COMPART. The following is an abstract of the report of J. It. Hilliard, Receiver of the Peoria & Hock Island Hallway Company for the month of Match: m:oirn>TS. from local agents and conductors From foreign roads. Fromaumlrles Cash on hand, March 1 Paid fur building bridge ovoMtocfc River* Paid for right of way Paid for car-rent Paid for crun-ticfl. Paid fur advance charges on freight. i’uld for foreign roads,.... Paid for sundries, Paid for labor and pay-rolls Paid for supplies , Gash on hand. This report woa qlho referred to the Master aa tuual. 'rim OLOIIE INSURANCE COMPANY, Although the Olobo Insurance Company foiled In Us llttlo scheme to get a Receiver in tho Side Court. Ewan accommodated yesterday in the United States Circuit Court, where.lodge Blodgett appointed it. K. JcnUus Receiver under a bond of {Ki.iyjU. It m enu that on (he ltd of May llradnor. Smith k Co. filed a LIU In the State Court In tho nature of n creditor's hill against tho Company on an open oecouut. May 4, J. B. Hart lb Co. obtained a Judgment iu tho Federal Court against tho Insurance Company for £2,000, and tho uoxt day filed a creditor s LIU against It, The came day Bradncr, Smith & 00. and tho Immrauca Company came into tho State Court befuro Judge Far woU, and commuted to the appointment of E, It. Bowen is Receiver. Two creditors of the Company objected to this appointment, and the Judge refused tho motion, holding that a creditor’s bill could not bo hied on a simple account which had not been reduced to Judg ment. •Last Saturday J. S. Hart k Co,, by their attorney, Fred Ullman, entered a motion for Receiver in their suit iu the United Rtutca Court, which was postponed until yesterday to await Judge FarwclTs tilling. Hu having refused to appoint, it then came up ueforn Judge Blodgett, when tho objection was mndo that tbo State Court had Jurisdiction when a suit waa pond ing. Judge Blodgett. however, failed to ecu now a creditor’s bill could be filed unless a Judgment had been previously rendered in tho complainant's favor on which to base It, and granted tho motion by appointing Mr. Jenkins. Tho now Receiver Immediately took nossesslou of (ho Company's spacious olllces in (bo Union Building, but found very little to console him. Nearly every thing had been hypothecated or “spouted,*'or else had been seized for non-payment of reut. Ho careful ly closed tho door to tho empty vault, changed tho combination, secured tho back door, locked tho front one, and retired to hla more accustomed quarters iu the Republic Llfo Building. •AN UNFOUNDED CHAItnE. About a year ago, Louis nnd Max Glaser (lied a Ml! In tho Bui>crlor Court against Louis F. liCopold, Asher r. Leopold, and Juuim K. Holler, charging that tho complatuantn woto entitled luau interest In defend ant*' firm by virtue of a contract or partnership agreement, but that tho dclcndauta rrfusd to recog nize such contract or pay tho balance duo them, and bad falsified their books so that uo account could bs had. They therefore asked for an account and iojimctlou. The case was referred to tho Muster lu Chancery IQ duo time, testimony was taken, and he reported that there was nothing duo from tho defend ants to the complainants. Exceptions .wero taken to tills report. Tho questions wore argued before Judge Moore, and a fow days ago be gave his dochilon find ing In favor of the defendants on all tho points, He held that then was uo partnership shown to exist, that tho charges of fraud and the charges of fraudu lent conductTn obtaining certain papers of settlement charged hi tho bill wore not sustained by the evidence, and That tho complainants bad Uo oharu hi the proflla or losses of tho defendants' firm, thoa exonerating them from tho accusations made against them. Ho therefore ordered that tho bill should bo dismissed at complainants’ costs. John Wuodbrldgo appeared fur the complainant*, and Gardner & Schuyler for tho do fondants. ANOTHER SOAP CASE. In the case of Procter Si Gamble vs. Flac« & Co. » motion for Injunction was made before Judge Drummond to prevent tho defendants from Infringing complainants* trade-mark. Two soap boxes, one bear ing the original patent, and the other tho alleged In fringement, wore conspicuously placed on the Judge's table. The trade mark was "’Medal of Merit, Vienna, 187 J. The best la the cheapest. This Is the original Mottled German Soap, liny It, ad It Is the favorite brand of soap," which was stamped on the side of tho box In five parallel linen and surrounded by a peculiar border. Thd imitation changed the first lino by sub stituting tho wonts "Medal of Merit, Philadelphia, laid." and "Star "for "Mottled," but in lettering, border, and general appearance was a copy of tho orig inal. Tho cud label on the box, however, boro (ho nsmo of Place & Co., and It was claimed that this was a sufildout deviation from tho device of Procter & Gamble to prevent it from causing deception, or being an infringement. Judge Drum mond, however, thought that the defendant's stamp or brand was so close au Imitation of complainant's trade-mark as to show that they Intended to Infringe It, and was calculator! to mislead a casual purchaser. A preliminary injunction was therefore Issued, au asked. .Messrs. Goodwin, Ofilnld k Towle appeared for complainants, and W. U. King, Esq., for the de fendants. THAT BCAMMON CASE AGAIN. Tho United HUtcs Mortgage Company seems to bo determined to bnva J. Y. Beammou's affairs settled la bankruptcy If possible, It filed a petition against him some two years ago, which was subsequently dismissed by Judge Blodgett, on tho ground that tho necessary number of creditors had not Joined. A writ of error was there upon taken to Judge Drummond, but he held that 11 would not Uo. A petition for review was then filed a few days ago, and cams up yesterday morning before Judge Drummond for argument .It wun objected that s writ of error having been filed and dismissed, tho petitioner could not then lavs recourse to a petition for review, aud that too much tnno had elapsed olnco the filing of the original petition. No decision, how ever, was given, is the Judgo wished to consult some authorities which had been presented, niQuon’u uAHEAD CUUI'CS, Thft argument of Iho petition for hubcaa corpus of Obarlea w, Ulfldon cams up yesterday afternoon after .tiuch delay beforo Judge Uary, The counsel fortbu petitioner, Mr. 11. F. Tuloy, argued that as Ibu copy of the proceeding* ,uudar which Higdon was Incarcerated was defective la not having tha Clerk’s name, (hero waa ub warrant for bla detention, and ho mint bo act a( liberty. On Ibf other hand, O. W. Constantino, on behalf of tha Sheriff, urged (hat Jligdon was held on a bench warrant and tha cony of tha proceeding*, and that the former being regular, hi* detention was legal, The decision was postponed until this morning to al low the Judgd to exa'mme tha authorities, and to give Ur. Constantins tlma to amend tha Sheriff's'return. UIVOUCtU. Sarah J. Casper filed hur bill yesterday repreaent log thgt her huebaud, Winfield G, Casper, has been' guilty of tuch cruelty toward* her that alio cannot Uve longer with him, and asking fur a divorce. ITEMS. Judge Drummond will this morning hear (ho appH ntlou of Heytuann Osterberg for a final doed to tha Rockford, Hock Island ft St. Luuia Railroad. Judge Blodgett will bow any whleky caaos that may he ready to-day. in tha caae of Turner ft Seymour tn. Tha Chicago Curtain Fixture Company and other*, Bradford Han cock was appointed Receiver yaatorday under a bond for $3,000, Kx-Judge Wood, a member of the Bar, la by agree* tat at engaged in (tearing, iu Judge Moure's room, the case of John Uartve. Tue Lake Shore ft Michigan Southern Railroad Company, to recover damages for an accident by which he lust ono of his legs. % The motion for injunction in the caae of S. F. Tu ipy against the Board of Health and others to prevent iho award ol the scavenger contract (0 Dunne ft ofiaalon la sol for to-morrow before Judge Farwelh UKITKU BTATKH COUUTU. The Tbroop Graiu-Cleaner Company filed a bin sgilnsi the Eureka Manufacturing Company and John u, Qajt to restrain them from tufriugiug Throop'g patent fur on Imuroveuiout in grata-cleaning mo* thine*, which vu iasued Feb. li, J67J, and reissued bept. 7, IbTft, HANIUUPTOY MATTSBH. Virginia* A. Turplu, a member of (he Foard of Trade aud Receiver of the Atlantic ft pacific Insurance Company, filed a voluntary petition In bankruptcy yesterday, llln preferred and secured dehtn amount to|u;«.l:i, ami Ihotinsociired. principally due to Cllil cagn trader*, arc f11,u:.8.7n. The assets comprise an undivided half-lnlrrral In Ibe aesoti of tho firm of Turpin, Cottrell Jr Cn., formerly of Faribault, Minn. Three assets consist of notes anti accounts to Uio amount of but are not considered worth much, an the firm aas dlasolred In 1H7;I, Alan atomic In tho Wirl Oil Company nf lha par value of (10,000, nod ono share in ttm Rockford, Rork Island H fll. I/nula Uallroatl Company, par value, JfiOO. Thrrs In ■lao eoine furniture and clothing, claimed In Iw ox* ompt, Tho petition wan referred to Ilcglilcr Ulb bard. Georg* If. Watson, a hardware dealer at No. .TO Wmt Madlaon etreet, alao wont Into voluntary bank* ruptcy. Mlie necured debt* are $1,8.1(1, tho encuritloa being worth $5,000, and the unsecured are $7,7:10.22. No asset*. Watarm made an assignment about a year ago, amt ho alleges that he U cow driven into bank* ruplry through having allowed Hnyder k Leo to nee hIH name, lioferonco to Register Jilbhord. A discharge wan burned to William J. tiblck. It. E. jeukiua was appointed Aaaiguce of Uarcuy a Voorhicß. floremoa court nt nmrr. Johmron, Goodman k Co. Itegnii a atilt yctlerday against Jacob Johnson, claiming 11.200. Urldgct liruco cotntncuccd a suit lu trespass agalnat Mntlhew Murphy, laying damages at 35,U00. Thomas Ilconey also l*gau a like auit ogaluat John Blnclc, claiming f.'i.OfVJ damage*. . . .1. U. Ortnsby and Froderlo Death toed John A. Druggor furl),soo. , . _ , . Iloluflrh Ullrich brought suit for $3,000 against CUacioa lUdtho. .Sio.oca . an,fiß9 . i,r/9 . 1.444 circuit court. 0, E. Cnlrcr and George N. Culver began ft aolt for $1,300 against Ingersoil h Co. ~ .. Bolomon If. Tliunison fllrd a bill against Luther L, Otoenlwif ami wife. Archibald Wiune, John Barron, Charles 11. Morse, and J. D. Harvey, to foreclose ft mortgage for $(1,:»7(t.60. ou Lot 48 Block 3 In Mcßeyu olds’Addition to Chicago, . , The Cook County Having* Bank commenced a unit ngftlust Carl P. Mason, W. D. fllaler, P. 0. Paylor, ftnd John M. Wright, to recover SI3A,OUO. CRIMINAL COURT. VT. r. Williams was tried for conspiracy, found guil ty, and fine I *IOO and coala. ... W. H. Brown pleaded guilty to burglary, and was re minded for sentence. . , James Blodgett waft found guilty of burglary, and aoutenced to the Reform Bohool for ouo year. Jouu Iluwnou was found guilty of burglary, and ' given one yenr In tbo House of Correction. Andrew Oiler was found guilty of attempted bur glary, and given two year* In the Penitentiary. Walter Canary was found guilty of burglary, and given two years In the Reform Bcbool, Charles Williams was found guilty of larceny, and given one year In tbo Itoform School. John Foster was lound guilty of larceny, and given one year la tbe House of Correction. John Orosk pleaded guilty to larceny, and was re manded for sentence. Alfred Jones, Ilobert Paine, and Harris Levi were tried for larceny and acijultlod. William Miirsihywas found guilty of larceny, and bis term was bred at two years in tbe Penitentiary, Tits CALL. Jddoe CART—T 73, 374, 448, 450, 451, 459,455,457 to 4CB, 4*o, 471 and 473, inclusive. Judge Jamesor—No cali. Judge Rogers—'3el car,o 2,769. . , Judos Boom—:j07, and :«w to 820, inclusive. Jtmoii McAU-uttu—(4l to 405, inclusive on, Judge Rogers’ calendar. . ...... Jutinu FArwell—Nos,l,o3l and 1,101. Junes Williams—Non. 410, 7,181, and 7,163, JODUtILNTH. Hotted States Cinouir Court—Judge Blodgett —Caroline A. Blaynm vs. Town of Big Grove, $72(1.18. Bui*i:mon Counr— Cootxfsionb—F. O. Schumann vs. Edward Semple, sß2.7B.—Bacon Wheeler v». M. D. Buchanan, sl,47u.—Anna JUcLinou, Trustee, vs. KJI Bush, s7o.—Anton Tempo! vs. Louis Waskow ami Mary VTavkow, $370.01.—J. 13. Llgluger cl al. vs. John J. Llglnger and George J. Phillips, Su,W)LH7. JuikiuUauv —O. E. Thickslnn k Co, vs, John and Benedict Cox. $309.74.—A. J. Bnow vs. John IU Hkld more, so3s.—Field, Lcller k Co. vb. Abraham Open ntoln, <(Vi2.r,o,-C. C. Thompson et nl. vs. John IT. Don- Jan, stU».o7.—William K. Cook vs, Horace A. llurlburt,—Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Administratrix, vs. John Wick, SJAU.— Sf, A. Donahue ct al. vs, C. A. Wall and Charles 11, Tuttle, ssou,atf,—Elvira 8. Burroughs va. Thomae C. Boyd and James J. Buftou, $107.38. Judge Jamfhou—City of Chicago vs. riims ct al.; coudcinuauou 1 verdict for $4,200, for opening Kiuzie direct. _ Cihcltt Counr— Judge Booem—J. T. wollensak vo. Robert A, Payne, $(13.«53. _.. . . judge McAlluiku—James Feltor ct ah vs. Simon Flack, tmvft. .tflo.ras . 48,cud .$13,728 .$16,1540 . 19,008 19,7 iO .(£0,072 I,M$ 13,049 4,113 10,118 .$55,072 A OAHDLBn DEFEATED. Omaha, May 9.—11 m suit brought by Thurston, tho gambler, against tho Union Paclfin Railroad Company for ejectment from tho curs uy employes on account of hla known profession, went to tho jury last night. It to-day rendered a verdict for $1.47, the amount paid fur tho ticket, which had never been refunded to him. The result of this ease, tried in a United HUten Court, la to tho effect that railroad companies, for tho protec tion of their passsuger*, have a right to eject three card mouto men. THE INDIANS. Omaha, Neb., May o.—Ocn. Crook loft for Red Cloud amt Spoitod Tall Agencies to become ac quainted personally with tho feeling of tho ludiaus there, which will In a measure determine hla action during the coming campaign. If ho finds tho Sioux favorably dialysed and can trust them, ho will organ ize n body of 300 soouta. If not, bis Intention is to raise them from the Snakes or Crows. Tho Gen eral will not return hero until after his expedition is over. lie expects to start In tho course of three wocko thereon. Preparations aro going rapidly forward. Tbo force sent out to pursue tuo Indians who lulled Mr. Hnnlon tit Chug Water and stole sixty of bis hornet followed thu trail until it waa destroyed by n severe Blonu. Tho trails Ird lu thu direction of the Agencies, and were undoubtedly driven there. Sitting BulTo village ls.reportcd to bo ou tho Yellowstone at tbo mouth of Powder River, All the Indiana from Crazy Homo's band, who escaped, h&vo Joined him. nud very many from Ktaudlng Rook Agency, It is known that half-breed* are purchasing largo quantities of ammu nition and trading far guns, etc., which doubtless aro transferred to tho hostile Indian camp. BRITISH COLUMBIA. Saii Francisco, Cal., May O.—A dispatch from Vic toria says that In tho House yerterday Premier Elliott announced the Intention of the Government, at as early a dsy as business will admit, to move the House into Committee of the Whole for tho purpose of further considering the position of matters at issue between the Provincial and Dominion Governments la relation to the nonfulfillment of tho railway obligation toward British Columbia. TO EXCHANGE. I.IXOIIANOB-A 203 AGUE FARM, SPLENDID IM- Xh provements, with crops in; horses, cows, pigs, and fionlux agricultural Implements, etc. j alio, an eu-aoro arm with improvements, and homes and cows. Unplo luonts. etc., Wisconsin. THOMAS & UO., 1M Clark-st. T?OU EXCHANGE—IO ACRES AT HINSDALE. X' ilightlr IncumbeiL'd; will oichaugo for equity in houses or other properly. Roonf 4 lltmurs Block. rjnTR e’XCHAN(I E~A LARGE TRACT OF OIIOIOH X' Wisconsin land* In wetl-icuted country, for cltyim proved property, or for good ml)), steam elevator, or man ufacturlug bubinos*. Address IJ7, Tribune olnco. rPO KXCHANQK-I'JO.OM ACRES OF CHOICE X Selected farming and grazing Uuds, situat'd neat railroads, in various pnrtool Toxai.including tovorol well, improved (am*. Ircu mud clear, for ozebango lor general merchandise, tanohtnory. wines, llquorj, cigars. or to bacco, or clear property. Wo liavonlata oi tbcsolandi and abstracts nf title. Call between HI a. in. and 1 p. m, D. V. KEENEY A CO., rflaroffloe, UO East Warning ton-sL TO EXCHANGE-NICE 7-ROOM COTTAGE, AND lot .CtOsKIB tolear), sast front, on Cotiago Grove av. .rtgiitatTUlriy-lirst-it. Will pay fiiOOJ cash. Want a gi>ou hauso and lot on West hide near .foiforscn or Union Vatic, worth 4B,«0 or QI'J.WO. T. U. BOYD, Roam 14, 148 MadUou-st. rpb icxciianuk—u.n west adamh-ht., umoic X liouso valued at 85,000, for lowa land. ISAAC 01,ATI,IN A OG., Marine Building. fPO EXCHANGE—FOR A COTTAGE, CLEAR, 83.6 W X equity ia home and lot, Vfoti bldo, B;<,nuo in a (arm. Ain, fur productive property, 4U acres In llydo Parkou railroad, 5 miles from Brown's Iron-Works- J. TYLKH, Room d, to Waiblogtua-st. WANTF.D-nOOD' REAL ESTATE, CITY OR country, In exchange for lucrative businesa la au Eastern city. Room 13, ou Dsarburn-et. WANTED— TO TRADE, IOU ACRES INDIANA land, or house, lot, and mopny for good second hand furniture for two houses. Address A. 77, Tribuna oibeo. MUSIOAJU* IN HANOS^ oond &o toisoo. R. T. MARTIN. Ut Btste-eU H —u 'V VON liItVKRHOFF, WHO WlliltKH TO make Clilcago bis permanent residence, desire* to connect hlmscK will) a church as organist (Episcopal Church preferred). Ho may be addressed through Host- Office Hot 67. Dr. Vun MoyerhnU oomoa recommended by the bo»t musicians lu this country. tAIKHOANT 71.' OGTAVii RONRWOOD PIANO, ili lories lu splendid order; eijual to now; 411 U. It. T. MARTIN. 161 bl*lesl._ nb TO TIIK ORGAN FACTORY FOIITHK CIIRAI’. C.T eit Urst-olasa organ la Chicago. Wholesale and ro (all. Monthly payments or caau. Nicholson Organ Company, 63 Inrtlana-st. OridAKa-DY OEf.KIIRATKD MAKERS; S P “®sftWiliTi o rAoa KKWYOBK. , 0 rmi l £l r £owE.l jgfft. BfiaSSa. WANTED—TO RENT* WANTED— TO HKNT-UY A TKAOHKIL TWO vV rooms, ono (umishod. rent not to exceed »IJ, must bo rtrst-claas, AddtossU 33, tribune office. \ij ANTED—TO RENT—IIVJAMES 11. filMy REAL \V Estate and Renting Agent, bousoeof 10 to 13 rooms on Houth Hid*. ranging lu price from 8M U» *P« r “oath for customers, tfuuses lult with in# to rent wtil melsa Kotnpt aUvullon and liberal advsttlalng. JAMilo it. ILL. W UustUirn-sl., itoouA WANTED— TO RENT—BEFtHtK JULY I, MOIIERS lu to 14-roam bauae, > to ft soars' loano, liuillr \ aiimi rou, Carroll, UariMinUir, and Leavltt-sU.; rent (D to gJo. Iteterosco AI. Box lull. WANTKD-TO UENT-KURNIHIIKU OR PARTLY so. three room* near Tweuly lhlrd or fhlrly-tmh ata. and car* 1 room* must be. oared for: rent uot to ex coed gift; best refureueoa aud prompt pay. Addreaa 1C VI. Tribune uttco. •iifANTKD-TO RKNTZJ HOUSE AND BARN vv good roiialr. on itieNmßi Hide In a good uolghbi hood, for wbleb will gi*• Ural mortgage notes dn lug lu percent iuterest; roesn >t to exceed dftMpar y«j fur three days, D •*!» Tribue office. THE "CHICAGO TRIBUNE: WEDNESDAY, MAY 10, IB7fc OITV REAL ESTATE. 1/10)1 HAI.U MXUO 0.1 OAKAV., NEAR HTAUN- A.' ton. one of Uto boat lufa In (hat vlnnliy. flliliSlon Calmnot-av., just south ol Thlrty-thlrd-i*., oast front. . toil as cm Adams-st., east of Callfornla-av. Either of ahovn can Im had on very easy terms. No payment down to parlies who will hnIM. MKAD A COE, 155 EaJlallo at. HAI.K-I.OTN ON OHIO ANi>"'AHill,l',V-NT.C X* near IPihny. ffo payment down, arid mnucy advanced to canto* who will build. MKAD A (JO IC, IU i,nHalle-*t. AHIILANU-AV., GORNKR 1' nf Douglu-placo, very cheap. No payment required nf parties wlio will hnlld at once. Hero (a a line chance for a good Imlldnr to make aomo money. On and examine tho property. >II»AU A COK, iL I'pOll HAUC- RKAh-KHTATIC HAUGAINH- AM. 1 who are seeking lor bariralna in gixwl properly am re* sneolfullly invited lo call upon EHAIAH WARREN, 100 Ijnartarn-at.. comer Washington. i)H)R H AI.B-ON NOKTIiHIDU-Kr,Kt) ANTOniCK X 1, near tirxilluj; lot S7MiICJ; rood ham. Will fell at groat bargain. ULRICH A TtAUNKH, Room 3, W Wailungton at. T,ioir”H CENTRAU IMPROV* X' ed hnifnnia properly, paying 0 to loiter rent net rente; ftS-'t.ODO, 87fi.0ud.and 9UUU.UUO. GKO. M. HIGUINHUN, 111 Doarhorn-et., Room 6. iron GREAT lIAUOAIN—MA tlll.K- J; front house ol 10 rooms and lot on Catumut-sr.. near Ihlriy-ieconrt-si. BNYDKIt A LEE, Itral-Kitate Aeonti, liomns V and 4 Kendall Ilulldlnc, southwest cor ner of Dearborn ami Wsshlncton-tte. [/tOU MAI.R-8 LOTS'ON I.AFMN-KT., NEAR UAH- i’ rlsnu; 3 lot* on Twenty*lifth-«t-, corner Portlsnd-av.: Mats on Tirsntyihird-st., near calutnat-sv. Will psy some builder looklac fur bsruslns. HENRY L. HILL, IU I leatbota-at. GUIR'HALE-NEW TWO-STORY BRICK DWF.LI^ ■ Inc, 3IU Frnmont-it.; cm. water, sower, oollsr. bay- Indow; monthlyDsrmentaoiiuiTalnnt to rent; S4,UU. IK.NKY I*. QItUKUK, loti l llth-av. _ BOR :SALiL-()it KXCIUNGE-6W FEET, FORTY? ■ tifth-st., near Lake-av,, boaurifnity located: ft bar »ln. HICNRY I*. GEOROK, iwnflh-ftv. 1,1011 SAI.K-SO6 FKKT PUUNTON WEST ADAMS* L’ tt., between Win-hoMeranrt Itobsy, Wo would call attention of builders to tbl* property, as It Is one nl tho mult deilrabla locations in town for ft block of building*. Term* et»y, MEAD A COR, 1&5 Lftßallo.sU i?Ol~ BA.LK-TO HUII.DKiW-WXire, ON V IN- I' rennet-av., norlheaat earner of rraipeet-plnce. 'ldle choice piece of properly can bo bad on very Isvornblo term*, (to and nomine It, ood make on oiler. MEAD A COB, 1M LaSalle-M. F" OItBAI.E—ON WAURBN-A V..WBKTOFOAKJ.KY, 84, 30, or <8 feet by 131. GRO. M. liIGGI.NSON, 114 Uearbom-tt., Ituom 6. IpOIIBAI.Ii-83/W), A SPLENDID fbltOUM COrTAOB ’ and lal 85* 133. enitfront, on Doarborn-at., between Tbirty-Bceuod and Tlilrty-thlm. Till* 1* one of tho band* sotn«*t Hills house* la tho city nad a decided bargain. T. 11. noYD. Room 14. 143 Madlsoo it. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. FOR HALE—3O MINUTES* RIDE FROM CITY' faro 13 conl*. a fine properly pf nearly 3 acres W apple and 60 cherry tree* In (nil bearing, besides pear*, plums grapes, eooseberrlea, currant*, and strawberries In abundance. a lino now barn with cowshed attached; >r*(er in barn for stuck tho year round. Good hnuae con* talning Srooms, with doaots. pantries, Rood collar, soft sealer In kitchen, with splendid well of water at the door. For part lonian apply (o (J. 11. KKKLRIt, IR Mashing ton st., Rohm 1H Mason Building. TAOII SALK—RENT—tiII EXCHANGE-HOUSES i.' and lota at llluadalo. Blz.o of places, price, and term* loeult. lOcentafare. O. .1. STOUOH, 123 l)o,uborii-tt. F' oii HAtiK-AT WESTERN HPRTuGS, O.f EASY monthly payments to aiiit,3*atury houses and ft) ft. lota «I.WW. and SLUM); near schools and depot: side svaUp, etc., all cnmploto ready to move Into t H) cent.train looming and evening. T. C. HILL, 4 Lakeside Building. 1' iIORMAITK—MOIIti/rNPAItK^HOUSKS ANPI/jfS : on monthly payments. Only a small cosh payment re quired. llouse ui C ruoma and lot 60i150. $1,30: monthly pnymente, fl I. (Vi. House of 0 room* and lot IW* 160,41,701: lunmhly payments, 41U.17. House of H room* nud lot 73* 160, $2,1.0; monthly payments, i>27.i»i. House* costing double these prices, double tha monthly payments. Uall* road fair, I<J cents. Inquire of GKO. It. CLARK.K, Agent, No. 11 Chamber of Commerce. IAOU SALK—OiI THADK—KOUITY IN 10-RUOM i’ tinuso at Kenwnorl; gasand water; or same for rent. Address Mo* 817 Hyde Farit I*. U. In Oil BALK—ItNCLF.WOUn—WAIIAKH-AV., NEAR 1 depot, 3-story brick bn*onient. lot MilToibett bar gain at Englewood. HULHUItDA CO., got I<aHnllo-sU T?o“RBXui-sroolluYfrVoir()VK lot’kxko in i 1 Glencoe, nr In Evanston SAsUl);terms, sls.down ft Qc! $6 monthly. MORTON CULVER. 101 Randolph* at-. Hoom4. Acm HA Mi—7 AUUHS AT AUHUIUV. COK. BKVKN ■ tv-nlntli-nt. niul Oontro-iv.; cholco lor 6ulnmiilon. IATHQN HI Mi, 97 Wa»hlnKUm«»t. 7AOK BALE—EXCELLENT HOUSES AT RAVENS* 1? wood and Bumiuordalo cm o»*y forms: inks water; frequent trains; low farce. A. MItNNETT, agent, south east conne .Monro" and Msrket-sts^^^ m REAtESTATE. ■son' BAt ( IS-?'6.UC3 WORTH OF~COiTntUV UEAI. 1 estate for uiiposal by sale or In part exchanger for Chi igo property. An opniruinUy ta maVo s26.lootrlUUti co yoars uuirantonrt. Plciue doerlhe property and place I Interview, OIM, Tribune olilce. _____ POU RALK-UKHIUAHLU residence with all " nrccMary convenience*, cholcu fruit, etc. Vr’lll*?ll r tradn for faml or stock of goods. Address RICHARD A HULL. Hhcldou.Jll. (AOIIBALR—A VERY CHOICE FARM ADJOINING J? Wilcalnstnn, Deb For full description send for circular to EVa^SPKNNIXOTDX. Wilmington. Del... BEAL WANTEXI. WANTED— TO PURCHASiI A BRICK*BUILDING, M feel front by IDO to Ift) loot deep, well llgiil'ot, foi mAnnfarluriiir purposes; with atoam-pouur preferred. A. J. AVMlllsLl* 1-7 Dearborn-et., Utxim C. WA NTED-ST ATK-ST. PROPERTY BETWEEN Madison nud Ada«ni-«t*., for pail ca*h and nnln. cnmbornd South ClarL-sl. property. MNYDhlld LU'., Send t.ltoudnll Building,southwest corner Doarbarn and Washliiffton-it*. ixr ANTEU-FOR CASH.—ID Oil W AOREHOI LAND V» for ImraortHto subdivision, within 15 mile* of tho Conrt-Houso and vrtlbln half a mile of vomo good dopot; \rlll nut Day more than from 8100 to SSOUpor acre; glvo lull dc<-crinUou, to mat I can locale on the map, and auto t (xr lowest prior. Addresa G CO. Tribune oflico. X.ODGXW6; Scnth iiiatc*- MELOTHDOR-CODHT-m MARBLE DWELLING, n lar*o nicely iurulshed room, hut and cold water lu roum. wllu board. Alio, single room. rry* VAN lIURKN-ST.,NEAR STATE—BOARD FOR |U ladlosorsoutlomca;£4to36perwook, with uso ol pIMIO. iTi FRANKLIN-Sl’., BETWEEN MADISON AM) LJ 1 Washincum-HStudo and double rooms, with board ml mo of bMii-roora, ifotof) per week. 0(11 HAST JACHKON-ST.—MGIUiY FURNISHED jLitJL rooms, with board, at $1.50 por week; day boird. SJ.MperwMk. oifh MICHIGAN• AV. —TO HUNT WITH 110*110, Oil) two large rooms, furnished or untarnished; hat and cold water. OfM WEST RAN DOLI’H-ST.—LADIES URGES »jUt tlemcn can secure pleasant rooms and good table faro at very moderate rams. Day board sl. 7wXU~WAiiAbII-AV.-.AN EASTERN LADY HAV UUu Ing rented 609 Wabashar. Ins nicely (umlsbed room, with board, for gentleman and wife or single son* tlemnn. ... nd(\ MrciliaA~N-AV.-PKONf~AI.OOVK ROOM. UOU unfurnished (except carpel*); idso.furnUhed room on ennui door, with tlrst-clasa board. References. >m\*7 "VvAHAtiH-AV.-A ttUll'B OP lUSDSGMi OJ| rooms with board. Reference required. iTTcT^WAiiAHVUAV.— DESIRABLE ROOM 8X)I J ixO rent with board, for gentleman and wife or sir gla gentleman. West Sltlo -1 O SOUTH SANGAMON-ST.—NICELY FURNISH- rd room, with board, for two; alto single room with board for gentlemen. , ir PaRK-AV,, 4iMU)HB WEST OP UNION PARK XO —With board, delightful furnUhod rooms, single or cu ealtoi liou-io new; location unsurparted. W’KHT" ADAMB-BT. - PLEASANT FURNISHED room and board for two, {Botch; private family. Address KH Tribune olSce. Ncrtlx Stdo. f O lIUBII-ST., NEAR INDIANA—DESIRABLE 4 \'£ rooms in stone-front house with boarding. riC~NOUTII HOARD WITH tlaJ single and double rooms, cheap. Call and sou. Y7vr.” NORTir'I>EARII()'UN-ST.-A SUITE OF XUsJ room* on tho first fioorwllh hoard. Also room fur young men. I b 1 AND 138 MIOIIIOAN-HT.. HT. CI.AIK ItoUSE XO*X' —Boarders ean gotsood ulilo, hot aud cold baths, largo, well ventilated, umvlyaud neatly furabhod rooms, at From $0 to 87 per week. nryf EAHT INDIANA-ST.-TWO LARUE ROOild £ j X suitable fyr two gentlomsiii with botsd. Oonntrv. 7JOOMS wmi BOARD AT RIVERSIDE FOR Jl> gentlemen and their w(«ea at reasonable rate*. Ad dress (ln» ag Itlvortldn. HI. ' I3OARD WAN' BOAUD-NOT OVER A MONTH. FOR TWO gentlemen, South Hide private family preferred. A *j, Tribune office. 7TIMUO—NICK ROOM WITH HOOD HOARD RY A .13 young gunlloinan in a private family between 1 hlrty lint and Thlriy.lilth-»t.. near State. Addrese, atatiug term*, LlM.Tnbnno uffioe. _____ B' OAlib AND ROOM, HY AN AMERICAN ouunte. whorothcwlfo can take caro of children or act aa housekeeper 46. Tribune office, 17 UAR if- FORGE NT LEMAN, WIFE, AND LITTLE .13 glrl3yearsohl;awol) furnished miloof rooms. with tirst-elaas board, In pleasant aclgbluwbood. not over lid luluulo*' from Lake st. I’rlvato family preferred. Ad* ,1 ...a u f)i fill 1 ham U M. Tribune nfl4i*A. ’ MISCELLANEODS, ADVERTISERS DRHIRING TO URAOtI COUNTRY reader* can do tain the cheapest and beat manner by using one or more sodium of KcUogg's Great Newspaper Mila and Ktate Dlvlsloni. For illustrated catalogue and map address A. N. KELLOGG. Vl*«l»ckaoß*at. AI.Ii 000DOAST-OFFUI.OTIUNG AND CARPETS bought at the highest prioo by JONAH A. URIKLffi- MA, 337 South Clarksl. Notice by mall attended to. T'lCcahiTV’aTd for oast-off clotTiing, A. carnet*, furniture, and miscellaneous goods.of any kind by sending a letter to JON AH(JKI.I)P.K,(iuI Stalest. I)OAT WANTED - EITHER, HOHOONKR' oTI I) a’oopwtgL’ul. Wor (Meet keel, for which cash will be paid If sold cheap. Fleam state price, and whore the owner and boat may bn. soon. Address A. J. JOHN SON, Uuike's European llotul. xToriok—laundry—all parties wishing iN to have good work donu will please soml lu their or der*. or call to the uaw Stuokh 'iui Uundry. N*>rlh IHara-it. Nowsbirte aud ladies’ clothing dooo tu Ur*t> class sty lm WANTED— A 10 FOOT COUNTER AND BAR. AND ■mall Ice box, at 613 Collage tlrovo ar. for oash-onk counter V> about 1* fset loug, with baratticbed: also. *■ barrel ice-box. Addrrse t*. Slll CHUI.L, Union Hiock Yards. . partners wanted* : nlltfNKu' WANT!'D- In'uNE O V TItK REST RE- X tail clger stores In Ibis city; also to take full charge of same. 11* East Randolph it. w. IIAUTNER WANTED— WITH MONEY . AND i bralus to assist the Jarootor in bringing Udoro tbo i.ublloihu "Atherton Moat UroUer.' 1 investigate at {Oft Weal Madtaonst. ijARTNKIt WANTED-A GENTLEMAN WIHI 1 canßal to join aemart woman in a big paying B*’Utoul business. Uoly those Uist mean buslueca used ouswvr. ftdiirvft B lift Tribune office. BUSINESS CHATIOES. A RARE CIIANCK-WITH A ROUT 91.0T0 VOW can get into a good paring boot and shoe business, lotijt established and ft good, excellent run For particu lar* Inquire ftt 'U Hoalli Green-tL for H_M 11. X : r'A”RA(:itinr;K-nm haul fink haloon J\ in rrvxl location, firs'-elas* (Inure*, billiard and table, Ho. FUKD OROSHMANN, 1M Washington, at., In tsieiuent. " 4 * GOOD CASH HIJHINF.KK FOR SALK Oil KX' y\ rliaai;»: 31,(00; *lll lake clear inside property. Kll, Tribune office, A’ fifKADV MAN WITH HMALITCAHH CAPITAL can socure half Interest la nice, profitable baatneea. RAYSaat Randolph.*t., 1 loom JO. A’ "NY PARTY LOOkrNO FMR RUStNRSS, AND opportuoity for safe and handamno paying Invest ment in from 91,000 to $30,000, where they can bar* financial control, will do well to address P. O, Hex MS, stating previous hnslnose and amount at hand. A~ ~r Vbi;irow~N — pr'iob, in a lump, a small rtof a atnre, eto.. 010.. in a good location. Address, forSdays, NKORHHI TV. Tribuneoffice. A*~ (IKNKRAL COUNTRY STORK. DOING A strictly easb business. fur tale. To a part j desiring In engage in the aboro, this la a chase* aoldom offered. Address C 63, Tribune office. liAkKRY AND UONFKCTIfJNRRY DOING A JJ splendid bnalnora, worth |3SO; will tell for fISS. THOMAS A CO., 19l01ark-at. • AUHF.It SHOP FOR SALK AT 69 WI'HT MAUI » for 91. V). Good location and good trade. • UKINKtIH TNTKRBSTR BOLD. PART NERHHIPR I negotiated: 6HO atom and stocks of every description r rale or exchange. THOMAS AGO., 191 Clark-st. i>iLMAim AND SAMPLE ROOM lUIITuKNT AND J J about 93&U worth of fixture* for sale at Bt. Csrolloo’s Court Hotel, corner Washington and Kllxabolb-sU. Maao tncurod fur one year from Ist of May. riOAL-YARD FOU*"BAI,R AT A BARGAIN: CNK Vj ol tlm best location* in the city, Addross FU, Trib* innohicn, rtnijiLKToui: for half in a nick town of J ) 1,3« l Inhabitants, surrounded by the finest coonlrr in Northern Nebraska, and thickly eottlcd, Established abont flveyoata. Sloroweß stocked. Price 93,00). Sat isfactory romans i»|*on lor selling. Address L. KKV OKU, We*t Polut, Neb. MY GREAT'a.mbrioan kKUTIMZRU-I HAVK sold the right for Philadelphia and the District of Columbia. Tbo sale for Pbiladolphia was conditional. It li worth 5100,0)0 for tbo 17 years, llosloois tnoa golug to the Centennial would do well to call at the I’rne N artery, 43 Last Uandulph-st., aud examine this vmtidsrful loroa thin. The right for the City of Cbicago Is now for sale. K.JI.JJU.MMINOS. . CALOUNS-ItVH MAVIS- FOUR OF TUB UF.ST IN O this city, with 15 ball pool tables, for sale or trade, TIIU.MAb A CU., UR Uark st. rpnif uili■:at "ajiki tican muith.izi'k-hun- L dreds are aeklng for a full dncriptlon of a fertiliser (n a ton-lined advertisement that has taken me thirty years to eronto. Printers’ Ink Is expensive. Como and see It in operation, at the " Tree Nursery,” No. IS Hast Randolph s!. The proof of the pudding U the eating., I propose to fertilize the parka of the United Htatca, and 1 propoio to do It at ono-sixieenth part the exponso It now costs, and at the aatno time completely annihilate all former systems. 15. 11. OUM.MIXOH. WANTED— A MANIVM'Ii AIIUtJT CASH IN a sate, nmfilable office business. .For particulars call at No. 177 Kar.t Atadlaon-st., Room 14. C.'OfWT WIMrsnCUUK own OF thk best go>'U chance* for making money In the cltjr. Trad* already established. Address F 3.'i, '1 rlbuno uflico. o*o nnn buys half-interest in an old •PO.UUU established cavb business parlor (10.000 yearly; rales last rear. *2uo,o<o. If you bare tbo monoy. call or address 70 Lnsalle-at., Hoorn 14. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. UCrfoN - TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS. AND Saturdays—Horses, carriages, and harness a spe ciality, at WKATON A CO.’H. No*. Wand m KaM Wash, ington-it. Ample time given to teat all nurni told under a warrantee. Mock on hand at urlvAlo sale. \ UOTION’bXIKS OP HOUSES, BUGGIES, OAU- J\ rlagcs, br.rneas, etc., Mondays. Wednesdays. and Fridnjs, commencing at ID a. in. WREN A CO., LUand 11*1 Wailrtngtonat. AT NOS. ID AND 12 PAST WASHINGTON'S’!’.. A large stock of carriages and buggies, now and second band, at cost. It, B. HILL. *'V "du WMIASII.AV., CARRIAGES. BUGGIES, il nnd pluiolon* In all tbs new stylos, and at ?ery low pr!co*._G. L. BRADLEY. 'BOTTOM PJIIOKS. NEW AND ion kalk-at second-hand carriages, one oaloniion-top carriage, nearly new; rncltaway*. side soots; one second-hand ba»- ket phaeton, with top, nearly notr;all kirdsot new phae tons, lop side bars, top oml spring burgles, sld.i spring*, with topi fl od open, made by Com A lon Brncko, Henry Willett. Hall A KarlbU; also ail kinds nf nmvanrt see mid-liandlurnta., double farm harness: will toll on mouth. Ij payments or exchange; alt grocery wagons, with tops; rapreas wagons; nlso hors?*, grocery wagons, express wagons to lot by the day or w-ok. Money advanced on hor.-c’, huggi-r, and harnon. Don't fail income and,aea tunlfyou moan buMneve, at 11. C. WALKER'S Carnage Depository, 1167 Stato-st. rOR SALE—AT 3W BLUE ISLAND-AV.. b HEAVY ' work hone*, weight Irom l.iinu t» I.J'D pounds: aho. ml(ldl9-*l,*ml tinrsoj nnd one ulco buggy-horse and bug. r. Must bo sold cheap lor cash, as the owner Is obliged ’ sell. ITOR BALV—TES BOUND. TRUE. BKRVIUABI.E I’ ij.iMns. Yonrt hoicoof three fur fH). Onen>an for sl6u; other* lower priced, anuablo fur delivery, express, or bnalnoi* wagons. A satisfactory trial given of each. Nnruatonablo cash oiler roftuod. Call LMiay at 43 liar muii-court. IJIOU SALE-VERY CHEAP FOR CASH-A BEAU- X' tlltil locking young contla marc, a child can drive her; trial given; aim. three larg.'-sU'd marcs, a little sore, tit for a fanner, and three good hor»o« tit for dcllv* cry wagon, and a nice pony, gentle to ride nr drive, and lop phaeton. Tbo above must bo disposed oi at 371 vtcjl FlHccnth-st., one block cast of Blue Island av. fjIORHALU-AFINK PARK ITIA KIUN. HUKW.Hi’KR L' make: also, a nice Victoria phaeton and eoveral new utd second-hand and top. ?.’!! and 71Q Mate I, H, U. 11AYDE, ancecsior to Hayde .t O’Brlon. ___ LlOll HALE-A ITiwV.CLA.SS TURNOUT, - G()N- X 1 living of a arst-clnu sidebar top-buggy, rubber trimmed uarneti, and homo can travel mucu bettor than H minutes, warranted round and fearless of nothing, 0 year* of age. Hold for no fault only tbo owner has no usa tor it. Apply at 613 Wabsibjiv. TAOR~SAI,K—A nOO'n HORSE AND SIMILE V truck cheap for cash. Inquire of O. UNDIIOLM. Cl Markut-sL f,Yolt .SALE-KXPUESS-W.UION. COAN 4 TEN i> Hrooko make, with harness; price $ tout In good or der. Apply at store. No.Jd Rsudolpb-it, ___ Irt“oif set gold-plated light ' narnoM; costAluo; will sell foe 4W. COLE, NEW KLI. 4 MOSHER, Ihß West Madison-st. ijtoii SALE—A OKAY MARE 6 YEARS OLD. A Jl j-ooil rvisrtntor and stylish. Impure of CHAPIN e OORE, "it and 75 Monroa st. |AOR SALK-AN ELEGANT SINGLE BIG FOR A I gentleman; linrso, harness, and. side-bar buggy, w Horen, harness, aud very handsome phaeton. Address 11 63, Tribune oihce. Til OR 8 A LE—F A MIL Y CARRIAGE. EXTENSION L’ top, for one or two horses; also stable to rent. Ap ply at 617 West Waablugton-st. UTANTED-A GOOD HOUSE IN PART PAYMENT \Y for platio. Addrc-s I to, Tribune office. W" ANTEO-AGOOD TWOS*EATF.D BUGGY OH (lomncrat wagon for family use. Apply at CO West Msdlson-sl. *i\’fANTKD—HORSES, SOUND AND HEAVY. IN >Y exchange for oihco or library furniture, at 313 na lissti-aT. FINANCIAL. 1 DVANOES MADE ON WATCHES. JEWELRY, iV diamonds, revolvers. onora-Rlss»ei. books, furs, In struments, otc., 001-DSMlDSLoanandl llullion office, to East Madison-st. Cash paid for old gold and sil ver, gold dost, silver barm, precious stones, and ramsules of every description# Unredeemed pledges lur sale. Advances made on diamonds, watches, bunds, etc., at LAUNDERS'prlrato office, 120 Ran dotph-st., near Clark, Rooms 6 ana 6. Established It-d. T WANT ~f6*'TITADK'FOR A FEW CLAIMS X against the tarings department of Iho .Hank of Chi cago. Anplr from 13 to I. W. 1). COOPER, Room 13 Tribune Building. . Money to'loan on real estate in chi cago and vicinity; Improved preferred, MEAD A CoE, IMLaSallo-st. % Morse, kemballa co., . * lUNKEUS. IB MSW.ST,, NKA* YORK. Members Now York stock and Gold Exchange. Trans ect general hanking and brokerage business. AT LOWEST RATES TO J prompt parties with satisfactory security. ESAIAS WARUEN, liw DoarbiirtHit.. basement. TO LOAN—MERCHANTri AND OTHERS WHO luvo asunilus of marobandlso or household goods, and aru In uojd of n'onoy for short lime, can.mako very advantagnous nrrangmneuU for funds with 1 lIOMAS A. HILL. 133 W' GOOD REAL ESTATE ME curlly; will pay 10 per cent and t’S commission. Ah strict complete. Mould prufur to dual with principal Address O «.'i. Tribune office. _________ tif ANTED-SCCO FOR 20, CU. OR W DAYS ON GOOD VY leasehold worth $3,600; will pay |M Inlorosl IQ ad vaane. Address KM, Vrlbuua oß\c«j o AND t* PER OKM'-MONKY IN HUMS OF 6MO to O AJU.OtO to hmi on cit j rcaloitaia sad (ami in tola vicinity. W. M. WILLNjIU, 12*- o Pim”cENT XaJ.Nu:< TO LOAN ON qittOAnO O rualvitatn: money hero; lowoommluloui. TUUNLU A IIO.NL). 10J Waililiigtouat. . O FEU CENT AND V PUU CKNT-MONKV TO LOAN O in tunn of * and upward* on Lhleasn Beal EstaUi. it. W. HYMAN, jn., A CO., Boom H. lb LaWalle-at. T.i ANO».«fb IA/A N FOli A TEEM OF •M.UUU Toam. .SNYDER A I.Eh, foal wUM ami laiui aiionti, Rooms S and I Kendall Building, wuiliwtil cuntor of Dearborn and WashingtoU-H*. . (L*b (l/Vn TO THUKBTO FIVE YKAHH. oZ.IMJU «n city real estate; loani made on good wUaUsrats. \V. QIT A WAV. U? HwmjM. to nnn-* , i l^' ) 50ff ' and other *u!t, io Joan at current rttof. TURNER A iIoND, 10l Waiblngtomtt. ?,/» r/Vf\ CASH WANTED FOR A PKRMA thO.t)UU nont and paying Investment. TOU ilocfc Em paid Jlvidendud about M par coot |«t annum, on an average. for the |<a«t four ioara. I roof poiUWo gW®n that U will pay much hotter In tlm (uture. Address IN* VEATMKNI’. Tribttna otßue. PERSONAE. TnFOKSIATION WASTED-OF JAMES, ItItOTIIUU J. nf Ailhur.Johnaon; formerly lived in Waukt-gaii. la*i board of m Chicago: gardener by occupation : wUI hear of amuolhlog to his advantage by addretilug It 7, tribune oillco. _ INFORMATION WANTED—IK CHA UCtll IJEIT* 1 tain Noedbaiu, wUowsilu Lnglaud lu l»l, audla aup* poiod tohavu aflorwarJa gono to America, will apnly to Mr. W.O. Hall,Solicitor, 10 buntbampton-al., Iloltbom, London, England, or to Mr. Aliuirr, don, England, ha trill hear of something to bU advau. tage. IJEUSONAI.’- UPPINCOTT UATTEItY - LAST X Sunday’s Trlbona couialned a ooiiiiuunkatlon wtllien by euiuu powder-monkey, ekuiklng behind lb« »lguaturo of an otllcor. Ham Mtxldl aaya hv la no coward, if bo will ble name, and f 1 fail to provo him a coward* h, lying. fahlUing repulatlon-aiualer, ami a man wllhunt uiaollDt'M, Uutb.andof conduct unbecoming an oßfcor and Boiitlcman. 1 agree never to tiro another gun lu Chi* wgif Col. O. Lin’lNtlOinV DIVORCES^ inoomVathhlity of tf.m. per, Ac.; ;>orlJoUy legal i no scandal or publicity j residcucii uuneoetakry. Foo altor ucctoo. Dot U4d Chi cago, 111. tvivokckjTlbhally OBTAINED FOU incom. J / iwiibility, etc.; rvtl lonco uor personal pruaoncu uut renulrod;ulAaavlla lUlUulaut prool; 100 at tor decree. Ad droaeO. It. HVMS, hi Wsahlngum*»t., Chicago. HI. iiIVoTtokHLEOALLY AND OUIKI'LV OIiI’ANHD U In every titata of the Union (or iacompallblUty, oto. Ihiildeueouanvceesary. Foo after decree. Twelve yoare vav*fhmeo, Addnu i’oit'OUee ilex 1337, Cbloage, LI. TO RENT—HOUSES* It KNT--1 IOUHKR IN AM. PARTS OP TUB ally. Full Itst and particular* la "Landlord and nt*’ at oar office. 11. Mff.U. MeCOHMIOK, ittslle-st. 'l'°., nto’UKßt-fllß TWO-HfORY AND RAHKMKNT 1 netflffun front brick hnlldlnir Bn. 9M comer ot Centro.ona block wmt from Lincoln Park; all modem improvements, Including fnmsce. For terms, apply (»G. 0. HOLTON. No*. SOS and 5U7 SUi«-it., or 7fl* North Wells-*l. rnO HKST-IIOUhK NO. 813 NORTH HTATK-ST., X cmitalnlngHh rooms, with all the modern improvements t Ino lust been refitted and Is In complain order. Kent very cheap. K LUO FT ANTHONY, M Dratbom-lU iro KF.NT-A FIRST-CLASH HOUHK. WITH 19 1 rooms and taro bath-room*, three-story and basement. Vermont marble frost, *O9 Woat Ademe al., corner of Ullm-st. Inquire of cIIAH. W. PARKER, IJ7 LaSalle at., basement. rpo RKNT-THB 5-HTORV AND UAHKMIiNT MAIL X bte front honee. 31 Twasty-BfUt-si. Honae In perfect repair; baa all modern Improvement*, faroaoe, etc.; rent |w per mouth. U. if. AG. O. WALKIiR, 13 Chamber ot Omimerec. rpo HfCNTICHKAP-lIRICK liOUSB-S 133 AND 130 1 Tbrc>»'p-et., with stable: lo rooms in each bouse. one all furnished. Inuulre ol lb* owner. MAOLBUU, U 9 Throop *L TO RENT—IIRICK IJOUSK IU SOUTH UOROAK tt,. 10 rooms, gaa fixtures, stable*, pleasant location, near can: low rent. Apply nn the corner next south. r"p6 RENT-I WI.LIT'uP.NT" VERY CHEAP THR X elegant residence 579 Wsbssbsv.: also the thtsostory and baioment brick *l6 Michlgan-ar. 11. S. KVKH* HART, Ilnom 1, M Wa»hln«tou-*i, rpo RKNT-10 ROOM PRICK HOUHK NEAR LIN- X coin Park, In rood order, all conveniences; root low. U. 8. WALLF.U. al, lUy»m U. fpb UKNT-TH K a-STORY" MAIUH.ii FRONTS NO. X 314 and 3ffl Vernnn-n».. ell mMern ImproretnontJ, audbarni. TIJUNF.U A lltlNl), UrJ Wathlngton-at. rp6 RIINT-AS-RTbRY OCTAGON MARRI.Ii FRONT, I p.ear.lefforson Patlc, lOroomi, all modern Improve meota. TURNKRA ROND, IdU VVa«hingi<m-il._' fpO RKNT—IIOUHK NO. fWI WaRAHILaV. \ TF.N 1 firtnfti res fixture* end hut and cotd water. Apply to U. J. WALnHK, MuVlokor'aJhealre Hulldlng. rpo" RENT-COTTAGF. NO. 76 FORRKI.T-AV., X norlh of Thlrty-thlrd-st.: ftroomr, bslbrfwm, Bcloa its, and pantry. Apply at cottage, or to MKYURUAL- I.IN, *24 Soutn Halsted-at. ntO HUNT—UI’PF.U FLAT 3C3 NORTH CLARK-ST,, X 9 rooms, C3S: alto over store 574 Clybunrn-av., $10; l> room*. A. T. OALT, 95 Daarborn st., Room 33. fllO RISNT—IIRICK - iIOUHR OF 8 RUOMS. NO. HWI X Pratrio-av., parlor, dining-room, and kitchen on first lloor, %;»ljK-r month. Also basement of same bouse will bo runtoa separata. CIIAUK A ADAMb, 80 Dry an lilock. rriQ RKNT—CO'ITAOK DWELLING NO. 9* TWKN- X ty slxtb-st. Inuulre at the house aftcrkftjjn. a’ rb'RK.Vr-m WEST WAHHINGTON-ST., 3-KTORV . and basemontbrlck, recently repainted, ptpered, and calclmtuud throughout; only AUa month; key at 161. rpO~RKNT-TWO-STORY 9-RODM HOUSE ON* X Twonty-first-st, between Wabasb ar, and Btate-st., 9(0 per month. LORD AWA LLKu, U 49 Htate-sU TO RBNT-TO' A ' RESPONSIBLE PARTY TILL Oct. 1, wolbfumUli'd home on Mlohtgao-av. (or the board of tbreo ailulta fnm the middle of *lsy till the Ist nt August. Address K 70,1 ribunn office. fl'O RENT—TERMS LOW - TWO-hTORV AND X basement line* h>u«e. with all modern convenience*, near l.lncoln Park and Clark-at. car*. Apply onpremise*, No. 41*4 BcUicu av., or at Room 27 Major Block. 143 La Hallest. LaWHENGE PKOUDFOOT. H'O RENT—THE BEAUTIFUL UKSIDKSOR NO. 70 X Warren av. • hrcc l it. cordon, bars, etc.; open daily. K. 11, CUMMINGS. 691 Fnltoo-tl. ntu RKNr- COTTACJB* ED SOUTH PKORIA-ST., C X or 7 r loms, n-*sr Cungroks-st.. SiV per moatli to a srdall family, d. H. KEELER, 165 rr6 KENT—NICE HOUSE, 1120 .MICHIGAN.AV. 1 atorca, Wnnnn ri'i-vs.; houses, Highland Park, Win m tla, and Hlgliwood. MI.Alt-S. <8 Reaper Block. rpO RENT-T-T WEST CONCUR,SS-ST.V" CORNER X- WlncbcHcr-ar., twn-rtory frame cottas,*’ and ba»"- tssntol Brooms bath-room. O. W. PARKER, 137 LaSalle.X.■ baionunt. rpo RENT-TCI WEST MONROE-ST., TWO LOWER X stories of modem bouse: family of three occupying upper atory would take board with the right parties. rpiT~R R NT—N! CL Y VURNIsiIRD ROOMS TO X Indio* or gcmlamcn, In privateßumUy. CJState-ai.. accent] floor; 110 RENT—NICKEY FURNISHED, PI.KASANT i. room* for gentlemen, ci monlaui to business. Inquire it 85 South Clark st., Room fi. fPO UK.VI—NKAR'mnX’OI.N PARK AND LINCOLN- X av. cars, elegant msrble-ircnt, In r>omi, all ennve monees, first-class neighborhood, two nice brick houses. iftls and iW. GRAB. N, HALE, 1M Handotpli-st. f'Iio“RENT-Tint' BRICK DWELLING *299 WF.KT 1 Van B»ren>st.. east of Tliroop. Rent S6O per month. MEAD A COE, K.'. l-oSallo-st. T* o'rF.NT FINK"COTi’AGK, SIX ROOMS, IN good repair, facing Adams it. drlre: ch'-apr.-it root In tbo city; call and ice. Apply at Kd Sonto SnhnroaD. TO RENT-DESIRABLE HOUSE AT RAVENS -1 wood. ftls; 2 houses at Smumerdalo. S2O each. A. BENNETT', Agent, coutboaal corner kionruo and ilar ket-sta. mo RENT-A HOUSE WITH 6 ROOMS IN FIRST -1 class order, at Austiu: SIU par month. Address lid Ukc*:., Übtcage. rro RENT—AT I,AKE FOREST. NEW HOUSE: AL* X so a completely furnished house, ready for occupancy: al*e smun line places for sale. S. I.TND. Id lj> _ TO S.ENT—ROOMS*. rro RENT—FURNIsitKD noOMS TO GF.NTI.EMKN X or ltdios at as per week, at 376 South buto-st. Inquire third tlonr, Kojiu 111. Tfanslcnli taken. ROOMS, X 43.60 to s7pur week. Rollglo.l'PilDSopbiual Publish ing House. 127 I'uurib-av., two block* south Posi-Ortu-c. ri'6lTeNt-WELL FURNISHF,D AND PLEASANT X ruoiuain a private house on Mlchigan-ar, near Tnlr* l-cnthai.: goon board H> adjululug bouse if desired. Ad drcia D St), Trtbnm otflee. rpo REN T—S KV K N NICE COMMODIOUS ROOMS i. only one Monk from cars, on lint lloor of cottage at aii) M rrii RENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED HAST X ami vvo« front rooms, host location iu the cliy, from ff 10, jus, 818. and 920 a month. at 161 South Clsvk-st., Room U. •pO RENT FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED JL rooms suitable tor gentlemen or ladles, lo Br/ant Block. corner uf Dearborn and Randolpb-sta. Apply at Room 66, rpo RENT-A nick second floor to a small X family atß2ipor month, at £36 Huron-it* between Clark and Dearborn. rro RUNT—"three UNFURNISHED ROOMS FOR X hou« < ’keeplug; also nicely furnished rooms, at 78 hast Van Buren-st. __ T' O RENT—UNFUItNISMED ROOMS. SINGLE OR cn suite, t-d West Aladlson-st. TO RENT-TWO OH 'THREE UNFURNISHED rooms, tint floor of No. 1 lluhbard oourt, Unexcep tionable reference utven and reuulrvd. rro RENT-NEAR LINCOLN PARK. A MCE SIN- I room fist, 3-story, pantry, closets, etc., at CHAS. N. HaLE. 163 rno RENT—ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS. X Thompson House, 103 South Clark-et. Transients taken. Office E. rpo RENT-FIRST FLOOR, SIX ROOMS. FRESHLY 1 painted and oalcimined, 916. House nearly new. 1359 llutt«rt!cld-et., near corner Twenty-towntu. rpO RENT-914 PER MONTH, FOUR PLEASANT X rooms, olodcu. water; being lower lloor of house (kO West Monroe-at., earnerot Hunore. Apply 6-7 Monroc-st. rpO RENT—PLEASANT ROOMS. NICELY VOK- I nlshed, eonvealeat to business; low rent. Address 66SWsbs»h-ar. frORF.ST—NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS IN X new brick building; tonus reasonable. 66 Carpenter et., near .Madison. Fro RENT—FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED X suites and single rooms: central location. Sv3 Wabash ar., southeast comer Vsn Hurea-su References required. 'Olt"W ROOM'S, WELL LIGHTED adiptcd for renting furnished rooms. If taken with store would make snug hntol._Apply In stare, ffldSiate-at. fpO KENT—HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS Xto lady or gent, with or without board. N 0.13 Nuria Morgao-st. TO RENT—NEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH or without board, by the day, week or mouth at tin Clinton House. 1W and 1M East Waihtngton-st. fPOKENt-A FINK FUUNLSIIkD ROOM-CHEAP, X tor two parsons. 61 West Erlo-at., up-sulrs. corner rrO HENT-A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE A SUITE i of front rooms, or ons large front room, on seeond tlont laoctagnu front bouse, with all modora Improve* nuuiUstont reasonable and go«Kl day-board near; roler eneos oxchangod. <1 Oak-aT.,_acar_blhsJ*ark._ mo ■rENT-TN ELEGANT SUITE OF 4 ROOMS, i Also 3 rooms In Ely’s Hlock, corner Monroo-st. and IVabash-ar. Inquire at omen of M.» A t>». _ TO RENT—STORES- orPICJBS. &o » Sterns. Til RENT—ENTIRE lIUILDINO IS! RASP LAKE •t;j «oro» lTdi;W apd3RtiouthCUrk..l..| basements **•’ and *26 hotnh Clark it*l ortice roonif In iailSail.atJ. and a:! South llurk-st.: al»>> •toiiplus room* and lor housekeeping m •''’jJdU’C a.'l and Kentucky Block. Ifts for «*IJ ou Soutb Clark and Mlirmian aU. Apply at Itwora I, 2JI South M. McNKILL. rro RENT-STORK AND BASEMENT AT NO. 4 I I'ait Wa»hlagl.m-at. .Vary ebnan to a good parly, laalsoghwd (oniorago. Itmutrool ELY AGO., corner Wabaau-av. ami Mnnroc-st. . mo' rent-stores yna and wt jaokhon- I ... nnar Fiflb-av.. with or without iwwor, 9SO pe month. O. 11. AU. U. WALKER, 13 Chamber of Com rpo lIF-NT—S’l ORES WA.NDIM RIVER-Sl'., UXIOO, X Ailoorr. with elevator and dock. Apply to UKA A COATS. M ypo KENT—A i'lNli STORE Ulitß SUITABLE FOR 1 retail hu,lnina. Van; very cheap. JOHN U. AVERY. rro RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT, m MIOHI X gau-ai.. built for wlioiesalc»lluuor builnoaa, twojmli ukV walk from Criminal Court. Hunt cheap. Oinoea. rpO HUNT—CHEAP. AT I2H SOUTH OI.ARK.HT, 1 larco otlteci. I’Jnd. P. D. HAMILTON, Room lAI CUrk-al. fPO UENT -LAUCiE, NIOKLY-UOUTED OFFICES, I ■*coud and third tloora IW lUttdolph-al., S3OO lu 6*JO. Inqulto in tho building. rPIi UK NT—F IN El’ UIV AT U OFFICE. .1. H. JOHN- X ETON, Architect, lluomsik) and Jl No. Mt Dearborn at., Hawley Itulldlng. fPO UENT —FINE FOLDING DESK AND DESK I room (or sii nor month, with light and fuel. Apply to 11. li. (CYAN, 31g La.Sallb-at., comer Adama. niO lIENf-V'UUNISHF.D DENTAL OFFICE WIITI X chair, oto. Apply lu Dr. DALE, m Wabsah-kv. HtsOdUaueonw. rno BKNT-PIVB LOTS ON TUK COUNER OF I Roach and Slathor-aU., with tide track, suitable lor lumber, coal, or wood yard. O. 11. A U. O. WALKEU, 13 CUamberof Commerce. fllO UENT—DUCK—IU FEET I*HUNT ON SOUTH X Branch, near Polkat. budge. Apply to O. H, AO. O. WaLKKU. 1:1 Cbanitier of Commerce. STORAGE. OTpItAUK—FOUNITUHB. RUtKIIES. AND MKR* O cuaodUtf stared in ttro*Prvxi( warchouio. 160 >1 eat Mod* JewettcliarKut. Moaey adyaoeod ou eaiy tanaa DTJIL.DIN TTtOR ii WELL I* eleanod and lu good;uoodtUeu, Apply at U aud 13 bouih Jedenou-iU WANTED—MAIiE HELP. rioolrlcooDor*. Clorlia. 4fco* T\rANTi;i>—A YOUNG MAN WITH A YEAR OR ”1 mire experience In ajewelry atoro, living with pa rent*. Apply at 2(J6 Will Madison at. WANTI'.M— A BOY FROM IB TO 10YKAU8 OLD bi wnrk In a grocery; tnnst bn correct at figure, and well reenrmnen ted; ono whoapeak* German prefer* ml. .(AMI.* O'CONNELL A CO., cornar Thirteenth and Throop-st*. WANTKD-A GROCERY CLERK; ONK THAT IS __ willing to make himself generally melol. BM State. W'ANrRD-PRI'HCJtnT'ION UUUO OLBUKI MOST lx well polled, stogie, and of food habits* Apply at onea at 611 otate-st. Trnaosi TTANTRD-A LIMITED NUMBER OF GOOD VAR • " nlsberior oil hnuh*n can find employment on cabinet work, either by the day or place, by immediate application U the Indians Manufacturing Company* I'om.lnd. WANTED UPHOLSTERER—A YOUNG MAN L> thal can work. WM. V. URBENROOD, Ul Ktgbteenlh-at., rear. WANTED TRN I'ffIHTCLAHB OALCIMINKRB this morning. Apply at No. loi hlxtaantb-et.; wage*, 83.75 per day. WANTED-TWO GOOD BAUBKHH TO GO TO lonia, Mich, ; good wagea guaranteed. Call at No. H HUte-n. WANTED— Tills MORNING. ’CORNER POLK and Uakloy-*tf.. an bricklayer* and SO laborers: come with tool*; wage*, gl.ftianil 83.3-*. WANTED— A CIOOD'Ba'UOBR'ATI4WKST MADI* lon-Ft, ; constant work. WANTED— A FIREMAN IN Holts KHUOIYnG ■hop: none but llrst-clana and alesdy workman need apnlyt steady work for a good mao. Ml and4UWait JXKO'it. WANTED— CABIN KT-SfAKKHH AT 20 EAST*TaV" lor-tt, WANTED— A CAKHIAG E GEARING PAINTKH AT once. Addreta J. D. FOSTER, Boxßl. Uosbeo, •UrANTED-tO ITRHT-CUAHH CARUIAOK-PAINT. W era. Apply to 8T U 1 »KB A KHR BROTHER.? Mann, faeturlng CoJnpany,_Houlh Rend. Ind. WANTKD-A GOOD IJAJIBKH AT NO. SOUTH _Hlxtli'Bl.,flpringftold, 111. ADAM KRU.KII. __ WANTED— ONE FIRST-CLASS CALCIMIKRU, ready to work. 803 Heat lodlana-st. WANLED-TIII3 MORNING-AT UATHBONE’3 Btove Warohonae, North I’ler, 8 men to blacken ■ tores; wages* 81.30 per dgp. RATUIIUNE, SARD A ■\VANTED—A GOOD BUTOnKIt, AT7MMADISON if st„ one that undoriLaoda hla business, Ulogleman preferred. • W’antkd-a blacksmith to work at a Coal mine; nemn but a steady Industrious man oood apply. In'iolru at coal office, 143 LaSalls-it. \\rANTED—TWO (iOOD UAItPKNTKRH- APPLY TT atOAMPBKLLA CO.'S carpsQler.abop,or at 3< WeatMadlina-st. Emplormrmt Agencies* TIT A NTF. P-&1 MEN 101 l SAW-MILL, 20 FARM if hand*. 6 coal miners, CO railroad band*- Northwest corner South Water and Cilark nU. Cl. 11. MITCHELL. W* ANTKD-aw RAILKOAIf LWIOIVkRS F'OR WlH cousin and lova, ii> uuarry band*; lu farm, otc. It. F. CKISITAN, Ml SouthAVater at., Uoom 1. VVANTED-RALkSMAjN. tGMPriNGCLKRK, POR if ter. coachman. Call at I*7 East Madisan-st., Room 41._Appilcsntaby mail Inclose two stamp*. •\\rANTED-a»'i.AllC , RUßS.‘“lf*l'"oN FARMS, 60 >T for saw-mills, end no section lianda; free faro. 2CU South Water-sU K.G. HAIGHT. Mlscutlnnoon*. WfANTED-AGENTrt FUR THU FAC fIIMII.R OF >r the original Declaration of Independence in the handwriting of Tlmmaa Jotforrin. A Centennial curios ity that cveryleulj want*. Union Rook Concern. 66 Met ropolitan Block, Chicago. WANTED— FIRST-CLASS MEN WITH SMALL capital fur a permanent, lucrative, and honorable Imvlneas ihatia paying a amall army of agent* B*o per week. Hwo cannot produce the heat felling article and c >:ivfne« live men that wo have tho boat plan lor felling, wi will forfeit dlUl lur trouble o( lovcMlgatlng. 81 vam plea tree for trial to men who moan buuuess. UAY A CO., Chicago, ill. TV'ANTED—4 'GOOD ENERGETIC UANVAHHEHH \V with from £lO to f£T, capital to sell too beat selling articlo over uflunid In tiie city; none bm good, reliable men n-.ed apply. Call at Iwum 27 WOOD'S HOTEL, between U a. m. p. in. \\T ANTED-I'AIIM HAND. STRONG BOV, OR >1 man on farm. Wage*. f!3 to <314 per month with board. 11. 4.*jS;atc-«t, ANThli Y uU N G ~A 1A NT 6 _ IU) N ELEVATOR; salary nt'Klorale; beat of references required. Ad* dress G td, Tribune otfiw, Ur AKTED-HFTV‘LABORERS TO CARRY BRICK and mortar at run* Cook County HbspiltvL comer Wood and Harrison-s t«. Come early tbia morning, with shovels. P. >l. BKX'iMN, Contractor. \\fA NT R D—AG ENTS TO SELL TUB PATENT > ) Flowing MncUago Bottle. FRANKLIN M COIL AGE CO., Sk* Wahanli-ar., under Mattoson House. WANTEO-ANViIUMAN BEING WITH BRAINS can makasj.*i a month soiling our letter copying iKxik, Any one that hits a letter to write will bttrlt. No rr>mnrwaP'r nse<l. Send for circular. EXCELSIOR CO., 16 Tribune Building. Tt/ ANTKO-CANVASSEI’.H, MALE AND FEMALK tf (o sell needle*, chronics, stereoscopic views, pboln graphs, trunfi arcnrles, novclurs, etc., vtc. Tho largest stock and lowest prices In country. Call and see or send (nr ratah'guo. C. M, UNINGION, li and 47 Jack*it.. Chicago. WANTKD—A FEW EXPEBIKNCED TUAVF.UNO salesmen to mil soda apparatus. Bigelow Fountain Co., lat Lako-su \f ANTED—A YOUNG MAN OF GOOD APPEAR -11 anco. (rum 1 U ti 2d years of age. Call at 107 Clark* Rooms. EINSTEIN A WANGRKSHUIM. LVANTED-A SMART. INTELLIGENT BOY; T 1 quick to h'srn, a lair penman, who rwi'h-s with pa enta. Call after ba, m. I loom W Ashland Block. fUANIIID—BY A WHOLESALE HOUSE AN KNEH- I f KCtfc young man who can (urnitb a hono and buggy ntiko orders from the country trade. Good references equlred. Address M (e*, Tribune ottice. \\7A.VTKD-KIVK YOUNG MEN, EACH CAPAIU.IS If ofharingontlrochargoofaoortlcu. Mustliaro the host of rotrrencen. and bo able to raise SIOO cub. Call or address C. 1). PaiNE, 1M Ashland Pluck. WANTKD-TWO OUTIIRKE MORKCANVASSKRN for tho Weed ■oninc-machino. Call at S&andttd Wabash-cr. IV'ANfKU-JIF.K TO SELL CENTENNIAL NOV. IT city tool, oliromm. necdlos, amljewslry. Ameri can Noyolty_Cn.. 113 East MsdlmnU.. Itootn 19. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domestics- Tt7ANTED-A GOOD. RF.I.IAIILR OIRI.TOCOOK, if wash, and general housework; must be well rueom. mended. Inquire at 133 blaio»t,l» the a tore. WANTED-A GOOD COOK. APPLY IMMEDIATE, ly at 1~6 Aiblaod-ar. AVaNTED-A GOOD GIRL foil GENERAL If housework. Apply at ICU Indlana-ar. WAN! ed-immk.diatei.v-a GOOD. WILLING girl in private family ;muat bo first class wanber and ironer. Call at 61 North LaarlU-aU; come prepared to stay; reference required, WANTIvD-A GOOD GERMAN OK SOANDINA- If rlan girl for general housework. Apply at i'nl tootl. between lu and 12. \vANTED-A GOOD KITCHEN (HUB; I'RIVATB II boardlng.bouio. to 3 Ku( Indlana-it.. North tilde. ANTED-A NEAT, OAI’AHhK^cTNDINAVi^N etrl lor gonvsl homework stlill Aiicblgan-ar. WANTED-ACOMPETKNTGIBL FOB GENERAL IT housework. Iriib need not apply. Call at P 76 Mich igsn«ar. WANTED-A OOOD mill. TO DO GENERAL 11 honrework at IA!7 Imllaua-ar. WAXTED-A GIRL FOB* SECOND WORK, GEU utan or Norwegian pro/orred,_at 43 Bn«h-»t. W’ *ANTED—A GIRL TO COOK AND lit) GENERAL hnotowork: pay *1 per week; moat be wall recoin* mended. Applrat l? 5 lojmli-n., «min lutolß WANTED-A YOUNG WOMAN ASSIST IN HOUSE IT werk and tewiiix: «ooJ home and iodo wages. 4JS Warrenar.. down stair*. WANTED—IN A SMALL PHI VATU FAMILY H>B IV onncral homework, a girl; well rvcommomlod. 17 Wamlltnnav. WANTED-A SMART OIBL FOR SECOND WORK IT and aerial with (lu* Ironing, at SCI Indiana. DINING-ROOM GIRL. IT L'laivnco Houw.-. m South S tat out. *ANTKD—CUMI’It'I kNT ililUL TO COOK, WASH, and iron; retorunoe rcdulrud. Apply at bM Michi gansa. WANTBD-OIRLTODOUUNIHIAMIOUSKWOIIKI IT only two In family. Apply at 4* Marshfleld-av., ;omer of faylor-at. \\r ANTIt I > —A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL Ti hou-rwork In a small prlrate family. Imjuire of MRS. SMITH. PM South Stato-w., third hour Iront. \\T ANTKD-GOUD SCANDINAVIAN GIRL TO GO >i lo Laporte, lad.;4 lafatnily;s4perweek. Insult* atOO State-at., baaumwnt. Also a good cook wanted. MiUlnnra. WASTED— MILLINERS—TURKU OR POUR GOOD trimmer*. aueuatomed to nlr* city work, by a first class establishment. Address, with references, salary, etc., U 18, Tribune office. W“ ”aNTKD-A IT RST-CLASS MH.MNUU. CAM,AT 627 Dlfl»lou-st., corner of Sedgwick. U. b'.NUEL HKN. IVurana, Tllf ANTED—WOMAN TO TAKR GilAllGK OP IN. » V fant and »aw. Address 118. Tribune oClue. _ TstV7d~A STRUNG, HEALTHY YOUNG woman aa nurse fur child over 1 year old. Apply at 25T*ainy-lifilt-»i. WANTED-A OIUL TO NULSK AND 11KLP TT with second w,,rk; bring good references from last plaeo. Apply ttM Indiaua-av. Employment Jicenc*- Wanted-girls ton oiry. country, and Vi huait, In private aud boarding houtus. Inquire at 139 Past Van Unroti-st-, ncarClark-aL MRH, IlKIftS. BOOKS, /■MUMRKRh’ INFORMATION FOR TUB PEOPLE, \J 2 Toll.. leather. (I: Irving’* Works, lit vols. iltt; Kane’s Arctic Eaploratlons, 3 veil. U: Vreicotl’* Con* quest of MesU’u. liuli, dt; Llpplucotl’a tiazetleerof the World, revised edition, I*3; one sit olPocia fall memo, co. kiil edge. in vols., die. at I-tj South Clark-su, between luikw and Randolph'iis. A. T. CHAPIN. /lAHH PAID Ptm'UOOKS. MAGA/.INKS. MIIS1U: \J£j paid lor Webster's ftli liuimry. CHAPIN hOvlfilnal Old lluukStore, VI Madlsou-su, Tribune ilulldlag. _ VOUBALH-CHKAV- NUSB MAP OFNRWYORK 1' iTiraud vidiniy. Apply at Uuoma 9 and 4 Keudall liulldlu;, aouthwest corner Dearborn and Washington. __ rt EOLOHIOAL SURVEY ILL.. B VOUL. ,*lSj WA. \1 verly Novels. IJy»U. (now). »l»: Blckpoll’e Villago llollder <ncw), |fl; llaydou’s i eulOKleal burtey of me Taultorlc*. 4 sols.. Id: lelt’a Domiitry. 99. Lt: Chain* bora* Cyclopodla, <2J; Mauauloy'a England. *2.W. Send fur catalogue, MllUiU'tt Cheap lioolutore (baa«. tueut), Idi Aladlsun st. LOST AND FOUND. liUJUNP-ON WAUAHU-AV., A POOKETUUOK 1' containing a mall amount of money and some paper*. Ttis uh uur cau U»** tUa tame by calUutr at'J AnhUmdae. L' OST-S-VIUIIDAY BVKNiSIi, ON MA IHSO.V-SV. carer Ann*»t., apooketboo*. It wai all aoamttreu bad. Pluaaervturu te U South Ana-at. and recall* w- tL»lh nUWAiIU WU.L UK I'.MD.FOUTIIK lilt olU turn la Uuom tt 1-aVetlda iiulullutf of Uio pack •a* taken from ttie Uroioort lloua* wittci Alay e, about 4itt)p, ut. NonueaUouaaaiod. SITUATIONS WANTED—MALE, Bookkoopors. Clerks* Et<v QITUATION WANTRO-AJ YOUNG CANADIAN O who bln Mrrnla f«ll apprenticeship M * dispensing clerk, understand* hte business, and holds a diploma of the Ontario College of Pharmacy, dertre* * illoatton as drug clerk: bn*t of reference* furnished. Addrow U. BRUCE NOMMO, 613 West Adamext. CYfUATION WANTKD-DY AYODNO MAN WHO kJ I* capable of filling the posltlong of Militant book* keeper, entry nr shipping clerk. B»stof references for* nlihid. Address U4J, Tribune office. Trades t OITUATION WANTED—BY A TTATINESSMARRRI O ten yeara* experience In city and sountnr. AddrtM lIARNBHBMAKKB* BuaNorth-av. SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIKBT-OI.ARS SHOD* O eiitter; la capable of taking charge of the business; cun girstbs beat of reCortnoea* Address 0 M. Tribune OITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASH MAN* O cook In a flrat-olssa hotel or reitaarant ila capable of taking charge or managing a kitchen; hu good reference. Address K V 3, Tribune oSce. Coachmen. Tearastera. dZo* SITUATION WANTED - BY A FIRST-CLASH cosebman, hu aeroral year*’experience, willing and agreeable, Is well acquainted la the city; ha* tlrit-olat s elty reference,. Addreta K 17, Trlbnno office. Mlaoellaneona- SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOONO MAN « rears old, In any employment where bo can make him* aelf oaefnl. Wagea nn nbjeet. OH. Trlbnne office. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE Uomostlpa* CrTUATIONSWAKTED-riRST-OLASS FAMILIES, O hotel*, and bosrdlng-liou*i** can be united, at oneo wilb reliable cook* and housework girls at Bin. BAKER'S offices. The help that call* at ray office* It I* true want good wage*, but tboy are competent and deserve lint* class place*. |do a great business, and every good ear* vant knows it. and edmes to me for place. Help furnished to all parts of the elty and country. I’lesse call or addreag No. O) HUle-st., In baaemenU or, 411 Wabasb-ar. Con ducted solely by mo. MIUI. DAKKIt. . tiITUATIUN~'WANTKb-BY A TRUSTWORTHY. O reliable person to do second work or towing or (ak« care of a child or Invalid; Is thoroughly competent. Ad dress C, 1W Hremor st. ' SITUATION WANTKD-BY A YOUNG GIRL TO O do general housework In a small family, rleaae oall at 331 Twentieth*!., in front. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO RKLIAiILH girls, one to en-tk, wash, and Iron, the other to do general wotk;releroneogtTan. PJoaso call at 74 poor* leenth-st. SITUATioN WANTED-UY A WOMAN AS MEAT or pastry cook In hotel or boardlog*bbaso* Call at IS Charles place, in the rear. . SITUATION WANTED—BY A GIRL LIVING WITH her parent*, age 10, to assist In a small family* Plata* apply at 71 WestUhlost. S' ITUATION WANTKO-UY A OOOD, HEAT yonog women u oook; good washer and Irooor. Call at Si West Krte-st. . SITUATION VfANTKD-BY A OIRLTO DO RKO* ond work, nr would take care n( children, la a roapoct ablo family. Inquire at in Archor-av., up-stalrs, between B and 3 o’clock. . SITUATION \VANTKD-BV A (JOOD CHUIKTIAN Ctrl to do homework In a private (801117, oreeooml work. Pleaso apply at 167 WeatTaylor-at., latherear. SITUATION WANTED—TO DO GENERAL HOUBK- O work in private family. Call for throe days at 90l Ewingst.. Weat Ride prolarred. _ STfuXfToN WANTKD-fil COOK, WAHH, AND* Iruo in a first-class private family. Ilelerunee if en quired. Call or addres* e7l Fulton at. uVfUATION WANTED—Art NECONDOIHL IN X O private family. Call at 121 Uhlo-at. _ SITUATION WANTKD-BV A GOOD GIRL TO DO lO general bousowork In a private family. Call at Hu Fourteenth-it, Hood rolcrence. _____ S' ITUATION WANTKD-BV COMPETENT PKIU •on to cook or do general housework in private fami ly, Good references given. 1170 Utato-at. Call In the basement. SITUATION WANTED—BV A YOUNG GIRL TO do second work and sowing. Call for two days at 57 North Pcorla-st. . ITUATION WANTKU-TO DO KITCHEN WORK,. ) 393 Tbtrtoenih-place. (Situation wanted—by a competent girl lj to cook, wtah, and Iron In a private family, or laun dry. Homo call at or adilrcx No. 6 Wait Meymogr-ar. < SITUATION WANTEU-FOR "KITOHHN OR OKN- O eral housework In a imall family; rsfcrsoce* given II required. Pleaio call for tbrvo daya at lint houae 00 'i wvtfib-st. wusl of Paulina. SITUATION WANTED - BY A GOOD GERMAN 000 k in private family. Apply at 690 Btate-it., third lluer. SITUATION WANTED-BV A YOUNG RESPECT bioglrllndngeneral housework in a email family. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL TO DG O second work, or would tako care of a child and tow* Apply at 119 Peorla st. _ SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED O cook. wa«her, and Ironcr. Good roforonce. Call lor two daya a 1320 South Park-ur. S—ITUA'tVoNS WANTED-BY TWO GOOD GIRLS, one to dogenerai housework the other second work. In a private family. Call at 1M West Taylor-st., comer of Lincoln. . SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS COOK, O washer, and Ironsr tn city or country. Beat o( rolor enccs. Call at MCStato-at.. up atalra. SITUATION WANTED-BY COM POTENT WOMAN O aa cook in a tlnt-elaaa family. Please call or address IM2 North Ridgcvllle-rtiad. O ITUATION WANTED—BY A RKrtPKCTABUt O young woman to do second work or light housework. Plcato call (or two daya at 181 ButWlluM-at. SbamstcosHOs. SITUATION WANTED-AS SEAMSTRESS; # CAN cm and fU; do all kinda of sowing; pur week In per manent place. City ntforence given. Address miss A. E. MORGAN, Block-Yards P. G.. City. cjITUATION'WANrKIJ-HV A COMPETENT GIRL O m seamatrosa In a family, or with dreasmtker; under* stands all kind* of sewing; mo fir* Ihobeat of refaninca. Call oraddrosa 1313 Pralno-ar. CITUATION WANTED A DRESSMAKER AND O seamitie«s wishes to tako aewlng borne, or so out vf the day. Addrcta tXCoroclbst. Situations wanted-oy two girls, onbto do family sewing, the otbar to do second works boto apeak UoYman and English. Call at 87 Waloot-«t. SITUATION WANTED—RY A GIRL OF 2 TEARS* O experience In a drrumaker'a ahop; can furnlsha Wheeled WlUanmachine; aa seamstressld ablo private family. Address or call on Mlaa *1 AUXIN, »f West Madlson-st., Inr 3 days. . SITUATION WANTED—AS OPERATOR IN ROME kJ ahop, or will do aewtug and llsbt bonsawork. uestol rafariinco. Plaaao call tbla morning at U South Saaga. rann-at. SITUATION WANTKD-UV A STEADY, RKHPEOT- D able person, at some llarht work; to uiiatlndreaM making or houaowork. Aildross 0 81, Tribune olllce. | •ITUATION WANTKD-UY A COMPETENT BKAM ) stress and drentnaker. by the day or week. IleaM ill at t»l Weal Jack»on-«t. . SITUATION WAKTKU—BY A YOUNG OIUL, A D ■tr*nceriath#flUj. tn»«w »o *priT»to famliy. ofd* Mcood mitt. Addraia W, Tribune office, or 4i EJdrldgo court. - Nnneii- SITUATION WANTED-UY A REBPKOT ABI.B i 3 woman si mine to a woman in accouchement, ln»»l!cl, or children. No objection to oonntnr. Bo.t ot refer snceaglrea. Call ai or addrot* ICO booth llaUUid-it.. up-*tau«. Honnckoepora. CmiATIOM WANTED-AS COMPANION OR O botmkoeper; widower'* family preferred. Andrew M to. Tribune office. „ SITUATION WANTED—BY A. RESPECTAIILH widow lady a* hoaaokcenor 5 no ob]ectioa to a widow er’a family. Call at Boom ‘J, 6W LMTUAIIUN WANTED—AS UOUSEKKEPKU, BY vj a rehaed lady. whose object laanice Lame rather uiaa high wages: no objections to old people. Calloraddreu L. LEB.liaThlrty-thlrd-at. EmDlovment Atronoi®»._ situations wanted—families in want op O good Scandinavian and German (ointU help can bo •applied at Mr». PUSHK'S office. W Mllwaokcq.aT. Situations wanted—l*die« in want of wood soryauts can wx»e themselves timo and money of calling 00 Mrs- LAPHIsE. Wmt MadUoa-at. . cituations WANTED-FAMILIKS IN WANT OH O help canttndeomowho are ri sfi rhS compotont by applying to Hr*. WHITTAKER* 2CsLhP cago-av. HQPSEHOL P GOODS, A JOE LtTf6FVimri*LATBU OASTEBH. FXVU A bottle*, revolving. selling them off at«l eaoa. Call and mm them at iU State at., corner Jackson. I?LKOANT SUira PAUUIU KURNITUUB, Jus BILK., PLU&U, HAIR-CLOTH, UUOOATEHB, M',ll TO «XA). 11. T. MARTIN. M bTATK-ST. |,'U:r..KT uiIAMIIKK SUITS, I.ATjisr STYr, I !S, I*l litlcilll{UU)fiiii It. T •'JUAK MN, Ul BUU)-»t. I?XTUA CjUAI.iTV'KIM: AND I'LUMI PAJILOU and library mil#, just received, at half their Talus. U. T. MARTIN. IH State-al. . 1?UR _ H A 1.K.-WALNUT UF.UKVEAD AND IUIU JJ mattreis. 4 rTcmii rep obalre.l green rep bod iounan, 10 walnut cane-mat chair*, I wavblo-iop bureau. I mar bo- Urnwasbstaud. I walnut wash-stand. 1 carduhlo, 1 eooh atuvo. 1 parlor-slote, and about BO rani* llnisaola carpet, I ice-chcst. and 3 ia* itora*. Will soil on weakly pay* meats at low price, ft the lot ia purctiaaod by cue party. Ul»Llt. NEWELL A MOSHER, iSa Wust Idadlson-st. ijOUHALR-THK KURNIfURK OP A MNE-TtOUM r Ujoi*. welt-adapted lor a hoarding house, Voa*t*d un tho S. bide: pari cash andjiun. 2U btate-»t.. Ucom tf. 1 NOU BALK-OARPKTH. CURTAIN, AND KNTUIB X* furniture of Room 10, w De.vboru-at. | T WANT U> TO~tH» YARDS ENGLISH UUDY DRUB* 1 eels carpet, cheap for cash. Address, filing prfoa, OS,Tribune oflice. - Martins iw state-st. . , iWI A brand now fW parlor snit, T pieces. $33. A brand new lint parlor suit. 7 pjocei, |W. A brand now sldl par or suit. 7 p eces. ?«. A brand now il&i parlor suit, 7 Pieces. HNS. r\UU WOVEN WIRKMATTiIKSSES AND PEER. O 100 cabinet beds aru the best in thei market. Ask fur thorn. WUtn’LKaEY A PETERS. 131 East MadUou-st. Foil SALE. T?UR RALK-bMAM7sAKIV DESK. AND OKFICB talde, atbaUPrlL'insUostillakeulniMwllatoly. In quire of Ed A IAS WAURLN.IAI Uoarborn-sU.baacmaut. R(On BAUS-OHBAj*-A'NKW HALIM BAPBWmi 1* oombhuUon lock, feet. GUO. IV. HEED, 146 LaSallest. . A|j{-AT A lIAIUIAIN. I HKUONIMUNO A' n.niai’t iilanornul 1 ttrtt-«la*»uwti-mn»fr, all |««r iact. bAAIMUnb. CiLAUK Jt CO.. Uf buutb Obab-D. liioTTHTui-m-ACK. hills outfits, uami* 1' UnU, blank*)*, llr?*nn», *a<JUia*. bar* nau. «ic. ( at Gururumont Uixxia OoDut. b*i. *1 H*a dulpn-kt rioit HAI.K-OR KXCIUWCIK-AN BXCIUIUJION X* •uauibo«t«a(U)irio, ianulro or tuaroM otmat. Ul Uflirt>ota-it., Uqoiu 9. SEWING MAOHiNfisT l5tK« AhVkBWINO MAOIIINEa AT AN IMAIBNBB Pi dlicoanl for oaiUi warranted throe year* stuckmarkor and all attachment, wltt) each maehiuo. »liwr«, *«l retail, <ik. Wheeler A Wllma'a. flalf cabinet ewe.ittt, TotalleA AaS. (iiotur* Ualtorand Omttle. Uow*. nM, victor fc.l6 each: retail at 575. Singer No. A Hove • nlr ion Manufacturing Company, <■£: ranted nrat-claaa Tu oiary VaJUsalar. XUOS. tt. MAtte •UN, itt) Wabaah-ar, 3

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