Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 10, 1876, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 10, 1876 Page 6
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6 FINANCE AND TRADE. A Slowly-Moving Currant of Batin ess at the Banks. no Produce Markets Active And Img ulAr«a.Prorlslons TVeak»P»GralD Stronger. TOnfimukl Activity in Bail Shipments— lake Freights Doll—Grain in Store. FINANCIAL. (fcthlßß faU occurred to change Ui* regular [but father slowly-moving current of business at the banks. Loan* an only la moderate request, as the wants and cash means of euslcmsrs teem pretty evenly balanced. This state of things is not likely to continue, as the low rates of freights to the seaboard cities will be apt to bring forward farm products largely for shipment. Ths quarrel among the trunk railway linos, If contin ued, must put largo extra profit* Into the pockets of tho fanners. Cook County Is in the market for the loan of SIOO,OOO on five months time. As this Is Just the kind of a loon the packers need, maturing In October, wo hear that it is likely to be taken at very low figures. Borne mentioned 7 per cent; and a rate down towards 6 was hinted at by some parties. Two or throo weeks later It doubtless could be placed even below that figure. Tho accumulations of the packers for the past few yean have placed them far aboveboard. It ia their money that for several summers past has kept rates eo low In this market. Between spring and fall they have on hand probably more ready each than any other class of our business men. lute* of discount atlbo banks remain at 8019 per cent, .with occasional concessions on largo “gilt edge " loans by some of (ho banks. Street rates nominal at 7@13 per cent. New York exchange no xtcady it about KOo pre mium per sl,ooo,—by mistake given In yesterday's Urns at a ditcount. A few sales wore reported it a ■null friction below Uie uiuil figure. The bank clearings were $3,000,000. NATIONAL FINANCES. The New York Buiitiin't money article, dated tut Saturday, the Clh, hu tho following summary state* menu: Washington dbpatchw report tint the Treasury holds $315,900,000 United Stated bonds to secure 500,000 National Bank circulation, of vrblcli $3,100,000 arc gold notes,and $18,600,000 to secure palille deposits; that the Internal meuuo receipts to-day were SuO.OCO ; for the weok, $3,130.000, and for the fiscal year to date, $97,900,000; that too custom receipt* to-day were $310,000; for the weak. $9,230,000, and for the fiscal year to data, $197,600,000: that f'oo,ooo National Dank notes were received for redemption to-day, making n total for the week of $3.740,0c0, The following wero the balances in tho Treasury at the doge of business to-day : Currency. |7.U(>,ouo ; coin, $76,000,000; Ices eatn certificates, $27,200,030. aOYEIhViIE.IT BONES. United States Cs of *SI Unilea BUtcs 0-90 s of ’CO l-liOs of *6s—January and July. 6-20 a of ’67—January and July. (•90s of HJtf—January ami July. 10-408 United States now Ca of *81..., United States currency 6s GOLD AND OREENBACEa. Gold WM 112(3112#. Greenback* wore 83;,'®30Vc on the dollar la gold. FOREIGN EXCHANGE. Bixfyday*. Blcht. ...516V 613*; ~ C3/.f tiojj ..616V »13>. .. 40*; 41 Baris—franca. Germany 8e1gium...... Holland Switzerland., Sweden, etc.. Austria....... CITY AND COUNTY BONDS. Bid. Asked. Chicago City 7(3 cl. bonds.. 105 tint. 106 tint. Chicago City 7 y ct. cower- 105 tint. ICS t lot. «ge Chicago City 7 y ct, w.tcr 10an... Cook County 7 y ct. bonds 105 fe let. 10S tint. (short) Cook County bonds (long) (Voat Park 7 V ct. bonds..., North Chicago 7 y ct. bonds (Lincoln Park] 101 tint. 103 tint. 105# tint, IOC# tint. . ... U 7 tint. LOCAL BTOCIUL Bid, 113 115 City Rattray, EonlU Bide, City Hallway, West Side,. City Hallway, West Bide, 8 y cout certificates 103# b Ist. 103 b lot. Olty Railway, Northßido... . VS) 123 Traders’ Intiurance Co 127 130 Ohambcrof Commerce...,... 76 78 Chicago das-Llght h Coke Co. ... 190 Exposition Block (old) US 40 Exposition stock (new) 25 35 Exposition stock (scrip) 35 STOCKS, BONDS, ETC. Ktw Tons, May o.—Gold weak, opgoing oj 113# tad closing at 112#. Carrying ralu 1(39. OoTcrzunctits were itaady. Railroad bonds were firm. State securities were quiet. Blocks opened weak and lower. At the day adranc fidthey became firm, hat alter mid-day there wan a reaction. • At Uto do«o the market was active and strong at about the beat prices oflhe day. The most •ctlvo Blocks were Lake Shore, Western Union, Mich* Igan Central, fit. Paul, and Erie. Transactions were 140.000 shares, of which 7,000 were Pacific Mall, 27,000 Western Union, 4,000 Northwestern, 15,000 fat. Paul, 34.000 Erie, 60,000 Lake Shore, and 10,000 Michigan Central. Money market easy at 3Qt Prim# mercantile pa. per, 4#®3- Cnatoms receipts, J 379,000. The Assistant Treasurer disbursed $607,000. Exports of produce, $5,065,000. Clearings, $18,000,000. BUrllng firm at ooTjrßNßrjrr somt, ConjKma, TO i Coupons, >tt IH>; 1 flew ns;,* i New 10*i0>i reg utfi HMO«, eoajwai Hfi»; CuQpotu, *67 121” i Coupon*, ’63 183# | Cuntocjla. rrootfl. Western Uni0n..,.,, 0., 0„ 0. 40 QuickaUvu H* N. J. Central quicksilver pld. 20 I took Island los ' FactfloMail ~..11) % St I’tul * 'hv AUriposa 107 tit, I’jitil rfd Ct<- ■artiKwapfd lo7*f WttDatb a»* Adams Kiprau 11(1 Wabash prd 0 * Walla-Fargo „87 Fort Wayne 103 teoerlcan Express... Vi Temllauto \\\.< U. 8. Ex pro* 7iti* Tcrro JXaulo p/<! 1* Kow i«k Chicago ft Alton wyt Ettopia..,,.,. 19 Ohio U illßßisslripl,., 17*7 HArioax Delaware, 1: L. it W.117*? A. b hTfll Missouri I'arlJlc •/% Atlantic* I'acifiapfj <>.' Irullaua Central 78 Chicago, H, h Q Ill# I & at. Joo. fl«.' I Central I’ac. IwnJs..JOi' I Unloo Pttrliicboodi..!oo 1 U. J*aclflcUn'J-snuit. UIU 10*08. Vlntinl* Ci, new..... 31 Uiuoorl 6a...... M .,103y llu-kmpfd iaj Ulchlffau Cctitni,... 71V Pumua 2’i “Colon tiock.. CS lAkofibura 1,5*4 HUooU Ceutrsl...... 'jOJ^ CJarcUiDdfcllmbarß »4>* Hortbwartorn 40*i Korthviateru pfd.. &.•*,* _ rr*TK D' T«ibmi«©», aM,,.. m TensrttMe b>, uov... 41 I Vtteiala Oa. old. ai | real estate. The following Instruments were fdad for nctrt on Tuesday, Maytt: oiTT rnoi'taTT, fltsrr tL lot ft eof Nedgwlck et, s f, 21xD8*f ft, dated May 6 ’« 3 600 fc*ns aa lb® abort, dated May fl 9 aWr Wdo at. S 3 ft •of North 1-aSall. si, a f. 35x100 ' ft, with bulldloffl, dated April 21 a tCfl Vewt Madison at, 160 ft wof Hheldon an st. * •6x121* ft, with Imlldlngi Nu. sot! aod 611, 61a, and 616, dated May 1 (Abraham drew to John 11. lloaton) im omi Houston at. 2CO ft nof West Division ui. t, f IW,WW 94x128 ft, dated Aprtl 8 cr o Fifteenth at, a w cor Paulina st, n f, 72x124 ft. with 21x124 ft In adjoluing Llxk, dated April 14 r soo Daysesi court, iu* ft u of Lyman st. t f, sax ft, dated Mar 3 B rart bt, 178 ft wof Leavitt et, uf, 30x124 ft, ’ dated May». ’ « 37 . Vahrut it, 65 4-10 ft wof Yager st, • f, 240* 107* It. dated April 15 12.600 Sodvu os cm Liams, wiTutu a •auras os 7 uxioj onus couaMious*. Baeramenta sr, 9U) ft n of Forty eerentb st, • t, 96X124* ft. dated Kor. 14. 1874. .7...;,: Alton ar, a • cor of BiitlOh at, w t, 581x134 fL diUS UirrJi M . ’ COMMERCIAL ThefoQsrlnc wer* th® receipts and shipments of b® lading srueks of proauco in this city during (he fortj-«ight hums ending at 7 o’clock on Tuesday Biozuing: IUCUI*I«. lg-g. IW6. im. j W 75. Vloar. brta II,«l 11,009,1 ttfeMt. 55.6M1 9J*TJO I IT! aw* 15a «5 feS*.*®* *w,m loo.'iM j -Jj.tjie uo.i-fj R^&?—lfl.MO'i Utf.fca M.JCI y*f ***?•• l.iwl WJ •wiry. 1n..... c,i>M !.f<cu a.Oh&l |nMMMI. IU. iJO.tOh 6AO« |at /.;o 130.710 flW>«e>A»Cii.. 42,i00 II 2* t'r\ V 130 mtmmnjm i*t»4 i2,wo|| sw,wo| ss)w3 111.090 ‘ 400 Oared meats, R»» Beef, Beef, brls I’ork, hr1t...... lard, tie Tallow, Re Butter, Ihs Dressed hotn.. lire Does, No.. Catt1e,N0...... Hhoep, No HiJca, Iba Illgbwlnc»,hrls Wool, B»a Potatoes, b 0... Coat, t0n5...... Hay, tone Lumber, No.fU Hblnglcs, N 0... Halt, urls Poultry, 1M.... Poultry, coopa. (lame, pkgs.... Kffga, pkg Cheese, hxs.... dr. applet, brie Deans, bn 11,101 ct 6.209.000 1.500.000 0,009 4,370 83 Withdrawn from store, on Monday for city con* sumption: 2,511 hu wheat, 653hubarley. Tho following grain was inspected into store on Tuesday morning: 13 caw No. 2 Northwestern wheat, 1 ear No. 1 spring, 8 cars No. 2 do, 13 cars No. 3 do, 4 cars rejected do, 1 car no grade (39 wheat); o curs and 6,000 bu high mixed corn, 31 cars and 0.163 lm No. 2 do, 11 cars rejected do (11 corn); 5 rars while oats, C ears No. 3 do, 4 can rejected do (16 oats); 2 cm No, 2 barley, 3 can No. 3 do. Total (10.7 cars) 55,000 bu. Inspected out: 50,205 lu wheat, 299.210 tra corn, 37,G02 hu oats, 701 bu rye, end 4,303 bu barley. Clary h Taylor yesterday exhibited a line sample of new* wheat cars from near Dallas, Tex.,—tho lint of tho season. A letter received in this dly last Monday from En. gland states that tho writer la now buying for ueo in bis mill wheat from India at 3Cs per quarter, which is equal to about 87c per Inhere. The writer also ■tales that that wheat is equal in quality to Milwaukee No. 1. If so, the Untied States is Ukely to meet with a formidable competitor in the East Indies at no die* taut day. Tho duttrs collected yesterday at the Chicago Custom Uotipc weref3.763.2t. No foreign goods were received. The leading produce markets were irregular yester day, grain being generally stronger, and provisions weaker. Tho weather was again lowering, without actual rain, but a good many expect further outpour. Inga, and some prognosticated a wet summer. The receipts of grain were email all round, with fair ship ments, and the weekly exhibit showed o satisfactory reduction of our stocks In store. Lake freights were dull and unchanged, at about 3*{c for corn and 3#@3,\'o for wheat by toll to Buffa lo. Hall freights were settvo at former rates, at 200 per 100 Iha to Now York and Baltimore, 220 to Phila delphia, and 30a to Boston. Tito freight engagements include 13,000 bn wheat, 930,000 bn corn, and 15,000 bn oats. In addition to 3,000 pkgs lard and bacon taken through to Liverpool via New York at 60c spo do per 100 It>a. Grain from Chicago to Cork for or ders was quoted at 47c, and to Liverpool at 4Cc, specie. In dry-goods circles there was llltlo that was new to note. No great activity was apparent in any depart ment, but in a quiet .way a pretty largo quantity of goods was distributed, and Jobbers allowed little in clination to complain. Prices were nominally steady. The demand far groceries continues liberal, and tho tons of (bo market is healthy and firm. In tho bnttsr and chccee markets there was a dull and unsettled feeling, but prices underwent no important change. Dried fruits were in good request, both on local and country account, and, aside from prunes, tho prevalent feeling was fairly firm. Fish wero without quotable change, though an early decline In lake fish is among the probabilities. Bagging was quiet, and tho quotations of Lewiston, Otter Creek, and Amos keag wero reduced a *u'c. Coal and wood continue doll and unsettled. There wen no Important changes in paints and oils. Tho yard dealers In lumber report o moderate busi ness at unchanged prices. Tho wholesale market was active nearly to the extent of the offerings and steady. Metals, nails, and hardware were in moderate demand at former quotations. Tho wool market was dull and weak. Tho offerings were small, but there was lllUo inquiry, and Rollers were disposed to shade quotations whenever It became necessary. Hides wero in mod onto request and steady. Timothy hay continues firm, being acarco and in request, while other grades and pralrto wero rather quiet, beeds were quiet, clo ver being lower, and timothy firm. Poultry and eggs were in moderate supply and firm. Bid. Asked. .1921/ 129# .114*/ 114# .114*; 119 ,190’f 121# .129*2 199 V .lIB.V 118’.' -ii7j» m# .133 ..... .616 V 611?; 43# CS (tint. OllAlN 1M BTODB. Tbo following arc tbo footings of the ofßcltl report of grain in store in this dty on the evening of Sator day taut, ami at corresponding dates: May G, April 23, May R, 1870. IH7C. JBTC. 2,313 2.313 3,b'7 • I*7o 370 4.730 4,600 4,103 1,1-1 1,400 5,170 CG.7G4 1,000,31(1 1,833,042 3,817,430 171,201 200,310 120,7('2 27,077 20,3»S 10.781 lut *;r. 307 89.603 20,414 100,303 Sul, 031 873,033 301, ICO Aikcd. •Wheat- No. a r0d...*..,..,, No, 2 wiuler Rejected winter.... No, t n|)riujj No. 2 BiirinQ No. S (prliitf Itejoctcd aprlnß No grade spring.... No. X N. W. spring.. No. 2 K, W. spring, Total Corn— No. 1 1,950 9,734 13.807 No. Sm 874,780 878,497 1.791,408 llojected ... it,373 31,521 374.30) No grade 1,447 707 04) HfpU mixed*. 201,837 310,701 00t,V49 New do 11,3)9 39,434 134,379 Yellow 874 761 33,103 While 3,491 New rejected 343 ill'J 14,4>>8 Now No. 3 51,501 61,561 3(0,199 How mixed...........* 43,800 35,018 Total. Oilß Rejected..., No prada... No. 2 white, Totals, Hvo- No. 1...... liujftctod, Total... TUrlej— No. a Bcjccted. Total 123,251 157,050 <3,020 Total of all Usds la store, 4.039,000 bit. These figures show a decrease during last week of 639,338 ba wheat, ue,CSO bu com, 43,201 bu oat*. 61,406 bubarley; aud an Increase of l,Bt>o ba rye. Total decrease, 763,- bco bu. Included lu the above named quantities of Northwestern wheat are 37,C33bn h’o. 1 MlLXfcsota, and 121,331 bu No. 2 do. exfouTH pnoa toe seaboard. The fellowlntf wore the exports from the four lead* lag cities of the Atlantic seaboard for the dates named; Week ona'g Week eua’q Wk cad’g liny C. TO, April 2b. '7O, ilay«.T.. Plow.brta «ii,ato a 5,013 Wheat, hu l.Qm.uft) M3.70.J Ibi.CIO com, tm km mi UaU, by 0,77'J sa.iii iojJj Barley, im oiwo Pork, brla 4,010 'J'/ii h*rd, lia 2,307,416 ixr/j.iua Wo!7ia Uicou. 1ba..... 6.100.753 3.003 b->5 Nut Included In the above ate boo tea lard thinned BatuxOay. * IIOQ PRODUCTS—Were again moderately active, and lower, under a continued presmra to sell and little real demand, tho buying being chiefly dona to fill shorts, or lu changing over from cao month to another. The lead vus taken In pork, which Is la rather larger supply than seems to be wanted at present, and that dragged down the rest. Uogt were quoted easier, and that fact tended to weaken product. Mu'S Puna—Was bctlve aud weak, declining 1604 20s per hrl Ijclout the cloelng pneos of Monday, chiefly on account of weakness la tho pork market at other points. Hales were reported of 100 brla cash at $20.60; ‘iVi brli seller May at t*>.37*; 4,600 brls seller June at $20.40«»20,-53; H.OOO brls toller July at $20.57*(4 20.H0; aud l,ouo brls seller the year at f 17.60, Total, 19.H50 brls. The market closed quiet at 100.35020.50 cash, according to weight; sr*.ll7*f*4AUo seller Stay; |co.t3'<t»M7!< seller June; |20.ti7k(*2U.70 seller July; and nominally at $20.9J«21,00 sellar August. Boiler th*- year was quiet at f 17,60, iTUne mess pork was quoted at U9£OQtO.VO, and extra prime at tlS.7C(sl't.oO. Linn—Wns fairly acllvo, but 10(J12*c per 100 It.# lower, aud neutrally weak under fre® oiTartugs, though Uvcnwol wai again rej-orted Is pcrl!2lU higher, and a local operator had secured tho contract lo supply with lard oil all the light-hoiiM* m Iho I nlted hiatea ••xa-pt thoxe ou th® Pacing cou*l. Hales were rejortod of 6,c00 tea wlb-r June at ft2.£M P/.yjM; and 19,00*i tea seller July at fi2.3i*iapi.6o. Jotal, cO.ouo bw, Th® market dosed dull at $14.20 «••»>«/ May: wa.2hK4l2.k6#ell e r Juno; %I\.WA WihJoaoUr July; and nominally at H2.45'*J2.6U klKATk—Wkr* rather more active, end »i/a)u weilr beltifr quoted K® «<o )*r jt, lower, the limtiupm t. in* Bfcatwi In ilim rib lalddli*. which wr» freely «tfm4 ior future. [I luro van a wodmta Immiry fur meal, and i.roUhly idiu« traiuacUouH *ub roaa The rej-orted a a lot liHude tfu.OoO p.« abort riha at lO'.c cub. and for July; «*i boioVd-i ou tVrl. vautemt; lOO.UW Ua ahon deurv, »tllur July at lie* and £X) bout long slid ehurl cleura ou iirlvtlo terme' I'ho foUomug vu tha cluing range of i.mcu; ' tlifrtil- J-on*. Khun fiiiort utra, clear, Di, t ! L . ar ...*>« lU'i !■■>; io»i >oj« 10* * iT* tmmKHIB. Hilticl, looie. U'jieii sjjy.T.'.'i'.'.i.'.'i'.jiijrf eniPMEVTB, Azosirn. 1875.9 1975. 1870. 400,489 1,140,755 1 224,700 63,540 40,800 4,480 625,210 1,500 38,093 SB.OCO 23,218 31,325 81,4(5 0 6,954 4,077 170 110,733 201 210,410 1,013 *,632 2,116 2,093 06,116 20H 151,3.10 1,607 0,097 4,313 1,417 133,899 817 371,337 6,180 j 189,190 Sl6 153,950 60 1,109,000 SSO.O-XI 3,113 1,117,682 027,000 680 4.103.000 2.170.000 520 0,073 139 WHEAT—Was fairly active, the aggregate of trading liclng larger than tba recent average, and stronger, the market advancing irregularly to l*fo above the closing prlcei of Monday. The exports from the sea* board last week wore unusually largo, exceeding 1,000,009 bn, the reedpts hero were very small, with fair shipment*, our weekly posting showed a reduc tion of tho stocks in store at this point to 1,045,Du0 bu, tho weather boro was precarious, and (hero was a rumor to tho effect that Liverpool was stronger on rainy weather. Tills, with n fair shipping inquiry, incited speculative buyers, and they took hold freely, one prominent short filling in a big lino. Later the “ticker” quoted wheat hi lower in Liverpool, and (he early firmness in New York was checked by a further advance li» ocean freights, with an appreciation In (bo value of currency a* compared with gold. Tho market wavered under (his news, but soon recovered (one, and the fooling at the close was rather strong, though a mate rial Increase In tho receipts was expected for to-day. The trading was cblelly for Jnnn, which opened at 990, mid up to sl.oo'*, receded to 09‘(e, advanced to Ft.OOJf, and closed at i1.00.V. Boiler .Inly sold at SI,OU.V@L9I?t, closing at sl.Ol Holler May, nr regu lar No. 3 spring, aold moderately at clou log at OOJyC, with little preference for gilt-edged to vends, Cash sale* were reported of 11a,400 hu No. 2 spring at 08X(.?'J9.Vo; 6.800 bu No. 3do at 90(,e9iH<c; 1,001) lm do (Central) at Ole; 1,009 bu rejected do at novo: and 800 bu by sample at 93c®51.0? on track. To tal, 128,099 bu. Minnesota Wheat—Was qulcj, but firmer, In sym pathy with (be general market, and as a consequence of light offerings'. Cash sales were reported of 1,-09 bu No. lat $1.14 ; 409 bn No. 2do at tl.o2tf; 400 bu liy aamplo at $1.07 on track; and l.lOObu do at $1.0601.16 free on board care. Total, 4,000 bu. CORN—Was moderately .active, and advanced #o per bn. being quite strong spring tho greater part of (ho BcsalOQ, though easier near the close. There (ran a better demand from all classes of buyers, while hold ers were generally willing to sell at tho improvement. Tho receipts hero wore quite small, and tho shipments fair, while tho stocks in store are diminished to about 1,990,000 bu of all grades, and tho exports from tho t oaboard during last week wero unusually large. Cash lot* worn tu good request, and samples were relatively strong, being In light supply. Tho chief feature of tho market was, however, a belter demand from tho May shorts, some of whom bccamo alarmed at tho prospect of a little com having to go n great wjy round during tho next three weeks. This Induced more trading for the longer futures, July being fairly active. There was no special change in tho character of tho advices from other points. Seller May, or regular No, 2, opened at •Is#c, advanced to 40?*c* declined to 46c, amt closed at (O'.'c. Seller Jnno sold nt43‘ e (?l46c, closing Seller July sold nt closing ot 4 ( l#c. Strict ly fresh receipts were slightly preferred to regular, and high-mixed commanded premium. Cash rales were reported of 7,C00 bu high-mixed at 4rtf.a 4fl*sc; UM.GOObu No. 2 nt 46jd(340*,0; SOU bu now mixed st 43c; 1,900 bn rejected nt 41 HfaUljtfo; 1,200 bu no grade ot 38u sfloat; 400 bu No. Int 46*;c 5 6,'iou tm by sample at 41<34ia afloat: 2,000 bu do nt44!4rs 47cfroo on board can; 400 tm yellow nt 47#0 tree on board; and 4DJ hu for seed at 48c. Total, 133,600 bn. OATB—IVcro moderately active and stronger, clon ing *>ti above alouday’ii closing prices, and nvuragtng about tho samo an on that day. The rocolpts were small, only 18 cars being Insiwctod in, and tho other markets wero stronger, and both nhorto and shippers were In the market early,when the advance took place. The firmness was alto intensified by (bo announce ment that freight room had l»en engaged for about 93,000 bu, and the posting of the weekly statement showing « decrease of about 49,uw bu in the' stock tn store during tho past week, Tho market closed quiet and easier, Heller May opened at 30>{c, sold to 3o#c, and closed at3U#e. Juno sold at 3lo(o39#o, then rose to 31 Vo, and dosed at 31 Vo. July sold at 31#tf.31#e, and closed at tho inside. Cash No. 9 sold at 3UWo to 30#e, and closed at 3U#e. Rejected waa nominal at 35® 27c. Samples were In fnlr request. Cash sales were reported of 43,000 bu No. 9 at 9,400 bu by sample at 39!{®330 for mixed, and 33'£3So for whltoon track, a0d3,020 bu at 33fii38ofroo on board. Total, 4(4,400. HYL—'Was In moderate request nt an advance of #c. None was received, and a few orders for No. 9 wero Oiled at 69 Vc. Bales: 1.200 bu No. 2at C2#c. BAllUJl—Was again iu good demand, oj-cnlng firm and advancing 9#c for cash or tbo month, and closing quiet and Xo below the outside. Tho advance wad duo chiefly to the tact that some of the shorts for tho cur rent mouth entered Iho market and commenced lilliuc In, and found it necessary to Idd up prices in order to draw out sellers. Tho receipts were small, and it wan re ported that the shipments were foiling off, Now York being dull, and the local market possibly Ju a condi tion which will mako It more profitable to hold the grain here. Seller May opened at 64c, sold lo 70c,land closed at 69c. June was steady and quiet at C2c, and July sold at fil#c. Gantt No, 9 sold at 63 460 *4O, closing at 6!)®o9#c. No, 3 sold ot 45c, and rejected was nominal at OlQiric. Cash sales were reported cf 15,800 bu No. 9 at i.-QMVc; 400 bu No. 3 at 45c: and 400 bu rejected at 3lu; tW) bu by sample at CQACSo 00 track. Total, 17,0u0 bu. IyJMS.iT! 2,477,803 4,617,233 3,230,715 1.437, J7l 9,185,037 Wheat was acllre and firmer, with Hales of 290,000 bn No. 2 seller June at fl.WtV'ftl.lW-'f. Com—Sales 6,000 Lu toiler July nt 4«#c. Lard—Bales, COO tea seller July at 11L35. LATEST. 601,019 690,000 621,123 21,400 21,424 11,532 721 006 23,749 23,782 84,611 ... 603,553 640,210 Mean pork ww rather uuiot and easier. Rales, 1,r>09 brls at $20.42# for Juno and $20.0'2J<(320.75 for July, Lird was fairly active ami lowit, closing at $12,16 for June, $12.27# for July, and $12.40 for August, with ••!«> of 0.0-.0 tut at $12.«2#012.17# ecllorJuoo $12.25012.85 sdlor July, and $12.40012.60 seller Aug ust. 620,101 *vai w.wr aj.osc 6CI SWS C7.&83 03,723 Hhort riba were actlrs and Maler, with salt* of 400, 000 ll* aeller July at;lo.7U. ... W. 955 131,80.1 29,438 13. (40 13,260 8,022 ... 10,250 10,W3 ACC Wheat wan moderately active and Armor early, but afterwards weakened, cloning %a lower than on 'Change. June sold at $1,00*201.01. and closed at thn Inside. July dosed at sl.ol#, May aold at 09*:@ IW.S'c, and cluend at 09»;c. ' Corn was a shade firmer, dosing at 40 Vo for May, 45.5° for June, aud 40>jo for July. Other groin and lake freights were quiet. CALL UOARf), Mess pork ra qnlot and shady, closing at ’120.43 V 020.45 for June, and s‘.'O.o.v<2o.«T‘< for July. Halos * 1,000 brls at rW.I J;*020.15 for Juno, end 120.G3 for July. Lard was quiet,closlngtl3,37,Vflll2.3o for Ju1y,512.15 f?I‘J.I7 H for June, and $12.37)4012.40 for Atißunt. Halos: 1.000 tea at f 12.15 for Jane, 112.27JJ for July, and $12.40 for Augurt, ’ ALCOQOIr—TVaB quoted firm at |2.U, UUOOM-COIIN—Thu iblpuMiU continue fair and In esccM of tbo receipts, and former prlcca for mod grade* are adhered to: Choicehurl,*(aiOo; Mo. a hurl, 73Sc; choice medium, 7f«|7;fos nood medium brush, fair Inside and cover*, &35>tfcj Inferior, i& 4! crookod, tirgXi c. IJUTTEII—The market for thin itapl® presented tho simo general characteristics os noted for some dtya l»*t. There la a steady increase in tho receipts, but, at Iho lower price® lately established, the also has Improved, and stocks aro not accumulating to any marked extent. A good local and shipping inquiry ex- Utod at the rungo of prices following; Choice to fancy yellow, 27f4’i20; medium to good grade®, U3/y$ 250; inferior to common, 14(j21c. DAGOlS'd—Otter Crock and Amrskeig have been reduced to 22*0, and Lewiston to 24*c, but otherwise the quotations remain as before. Trade continue* alowly to improve, and at Iho annexed prices tho mar ket U steady: Btark A, 2Cc; Peerless AA, 250; Lewis ton, 24*c; Muntaup, 25c; Ontario, 25c; American A, 22*c; Amoskeag/J j*c 5 Oiler Creek,|32*c; burlap bags. 4bu, 1 '•<JOJ^o; do, 0 hu, gunnlun Klnglo, do double. CHLI'.HL—In the chceie market them were no im portant new fealuree.JTrade is very quiet, as la usually tho caao at this stage of Uie union, hut the supply con- UnuoH light, ana thus huMtn are enabled to malulaiu prices. Wo quote; poor to beat now at u (*j 11c. COArz-Thcro was a light demand fop hard and aoft coal al (hu jificce following; |.acluwtnus, rangu fhd fi-fhA lu.oa. do egg, 40.63; cauucl. t7.00«7.50; l.rle, $7,01; IJJoMbiirif. *7.D0(<47.R0; Hocking Valley. Indiana (dock, $3.60; Ualtlmoru H Ohio, Id eO• Illinois. PROVISIONS; LUGS—Worn In fair requeit and alendy at Ur with aomu partlc® asking l2*o, Tim receipts wore til-eral uud tho ihipna-nta couUuuo fair, FlSH—llusineM# remains rather quiet, but abont as much is dolugss lu psatsousous at u Ilk® iwri xi, and jobbers uro u<>l dis |H>sedtu complslu. In prli-oi tber® were no dungeH, though there was an unsullied fuel ing la tlio market for lak® flsh, Wequoto: Nn l whlteflsh, *>bri« *3.«Aj,5.10: No. lido, f1.h0..v4.V0; No. 1 trout, Ji.'O; No. 1 shore mackerel, *-brl, tpj.rg) HIH.OO; No. 1 bay, 42.U0faD.25; No. 2 mackerel. *-nrl, Bloui<}N.2i; family mackerel, M-brl, fd.AO; No. 1 stiur® kits, Urge, $2.00; No. I tray iltj. fl.fiil; largo family klt.q $1.20; bank codfish, » 4.7-'»; <ieui,[c‘a rouflsh, Ji.fv>.i6.7s; Labrador herring, split, trU, sf.73a-i.OO: do, *-bri, *1.0JU4.23; Ij!.- radar berrjng, tound, btls, |/I.W>'dd.76; do, M-brl, l.i.ft'K'Aoa; t- aJe«l herrißg, per tjox, 4flo: N’u. i her ring. :tic; Columbia River salmon, **bri, istw. I'Ul'llß ANL) NUTo— Prunes were again quoted easy, but any further materia) decline te nut looked (or, u ih« supply is becoming sumavhxl reduced* »ii lw THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE j WEDNESDAY. MAY 10. 1876, Jnly ~ Vi .... iftv it Bacon,cash .... J 2 yj*{ Long and short clears at Ifl’fo cash, am! 11c Heller Jnuc, boxed; green hama, llv«j|UVc; sweet pickled dc, Cumberland*, lovjoUiVo, cashorsoll er April: long-cul hams. 120130, bored; bacou hams, Hallo, dnRASK—Waa qnlel at fiwaOo. BEEF PRODUCTS—Were steady and quiet at $10.50 (R 110.75 for mens, $11.90011.75 for extra meta, and *23.50023.00 for hams. Tallow—Wm quoted at es9«fo for city, and 7M ©Bo for country lot*. BRGAD9TUFFB. FLOUR—Was quiet, with little change In price*. There was a fair local demand for pood Minnesotan, but aUlpper* hold off. Bcllcm, however, were firm in their views, in sympathy with wheat, and former quo tations werewell auttalned. ’ Sale* were reported of 350 brls winters at 0.0007.00:1,000 brls spring extras, chiefly at f0.C005.605 and 400 brls rya flour on private terms. Total 1,590 brls. The market closed • toady at tho following range of prices: Choice winter extras, $7.30© 7.80; common to poorfdo, $9.8007.10; shipping extras, $1.3004.80; good do, $1.8509.10: choice do, $5.10© 5.C0; patonl* do, $0.0009.00; Minnesota, $5.00(30.00J spring superfine*, $3.3903.73; rye hour, $1.0004.33. Bran—Was less active and sold at Monday’s prices, but was generally quoted easier. Sato* wero reported of notousatsil.COolLsOontrsck. MmoLtnos—Sales were 10 tons ot $12.90 free on l<oant ear. HrtoßTfl—Bale was made of 20 tone at $11.50, deliv ered. Cork-Meal—Coarse was nominal at $17.60(317,73 on (rack. MUST CALL. GENERAL MARKETS. Other foreign fmlta and most kinds of domoslka re* tnaln steady and linn. j'onuoM—Dale*, (M6,Voj flc*» layers, figs, drum", Turkish prunes, i‘»(47»*o ; French prunes, kegs and boxes. MHo; raisins, layers, loose Muscatel, Valencia, iitf ftmte currault, itdo: citron, Xl.fJlc. l’o»ir.srte—Aldim apples, 18^.■wo: MUhigau ap ple*, common. 03(tfl0o 5 choice, U"««lO,Sic; i*aohes, halves. ; do, pared, 1 Ji<tuo; blackberries, ll.S'tduoi raspberries, ikieidlo; plllod cherries, ‘idtd air. Noth—filberts, j ahnoude. Terragona, 19# Naples walnuts. Italics French walnuts, new, Uffliao; Oreuoblo walnuts, lhalOo; Brazils, 0,4 OVc; pecans, Texas, Wilmington peanuts, Hi*B#c; Tennessee peanuts, SfjC.c; African peanuts, C^O.Wc. OUEEH FRUlTfl—Forrlffn varieties worn In fair supply and request at unchanged prices. Strawberries worn scarce and timer : BtrnwbfJries, 2.Vn:USo; good to chnlco apples, (l,00(H.S.00 i«r brl; Meeirtus orange?, J5.23f!J.\73 per Iwxj lemons, $3.50(30.00 per boxj l>tne-nnples.|:«.6o(3i.Oo \m doz. OROOERIES—A Rood business was In progress, and the market had a healthy tone. Both staple ami side goods were dealt in freely, and in the aggregate a Urge amount of goods was distributed. Prices range as follows: nice—Rangoon, fl#o7cj Carolina, 7#oß#c| Lou* lalann, 6#(*7#c. Coithm—O. O. .Tara, 80031 c; Java. No. 3, 27(3 29c; eholco lo fancy Uni, 2J- -.2n#c; good to prime do, 32<<i22\c; common to fair, 20 roasting, 19#rdli)#o; Hlngaporo Java, 2iiS2oo: Ooeta lUca.23 023#; Maracaibo, 32#wato. Huoaiu—Tntcnt cut louf, crushed, ll# Oll‘,'o; powdered, IlV(4Ulnc; granulated, 10*,'(4 lie; A, standard. 10i/ftlt> ,‘c; do No. 2, lOo; It, P#c; extra O, nVioitltto; C No. 2, V#(d.9#o; yellow O No. 1, OHWJ'ic; di»UNo.2.t)( ( *o'io; choke brown, B#(pUt\o; fair to prime \lu, H#oß#c; coin mou do, 7#(.f-8c; choice tnolacscs sugar, B#oH#r: roraraou to good du, 7,V@B#c; New Orleans, 7#® B**c. Ninurs—California sugar-lcnf drips CC(37Oc; dia mond drips, $!.O.i0LlO; sllror drips, ultra line, fio® 650; good sugar-house simp, 9O069o; extra do, Riga 60o; New Orleans molasecs, choice. li.Vsoßc; do prime, R9058o; do. common to Reed, 4K(330u; l*orto Itico mo lasies, 4fV*soo; common molasses, 38040 c; black strap, 2*3(331)®. arict*—Allspice, 17® 17#c; cloves. Bl@52o; cassia, 29<j30c; popper, 17?;r4l8#o; nutmegs, fl.lC0l.2O; Calcutta Ringer, 14#0i9>;c. Boaps—True lllur, German Molded, 6#o7c; While Lily, €®R#o; White Hose. 60'l#o; Royal Sa von. SJ*OCc; Ha von Imperial, 6*»o; Uuldou West, C#o C#c. Htauch—ExccWor, latmdry, 6#®7o; do, gloss, 8# (39c; do, com, O09#o; Klngaford, mire, 7**'c ; do, Kilvcr Rlaflß,i'>j@9qo: do corn, lOolO#c. HAY—No. 1 timothy was In request and firm, lielng scarce. Holes were mado id Uie onbddo quotation, free on board cars. Tralrlo was in niodcrato local re quest. No. I timothy, si:i l .WaU.iK); No. 2 do, $11.50® l'J.00; mixed do, SM.SOOII.CO} upland pralrlo, SIO.OO 011.00: No. l do, $3.00; Slouch, 50.00(^7.00, HiGUWINEB—Were lu fair demand and steady at Uio storeotyiwd quotation—sl,o7; at which price 150 brl* changed hand*. HIDES—Wore In moderate demand and steady. Some dealer* report a light Kaslom demand and a ►light accumulation of Block here, but these fact* do not appear to yet alTcct the local market. We quote : Green city butchers’, fiQStfc; green curort light and heavy, 7c; damaged, Co ; port cured, fitf(rfrt?io; green failed Jdp, 7c; green country, Otfc; green calf, lao; Hint hides, dry kip and oilf, 14a; dry salted hides, lUtfc; deacon akin*. 43(d*0c. METALS AND TINNERS’ STOCK-Trade is only fair, hut prices ruled steady, and dealers look for an increased demand n* booh a* the farmers have flu* Inhed their work In tho Holds. Following ate tho qaotatloQs: TtsPlate—lC, 10x14,59.51); do, lX.lOx 14, (12.00: rootling. 14520, 10, fv.oO. Put Tin—Largp, 27c; email, 2«c; bar, 20c. Boldcu—No. I, 20c; N 0.2, 18c. Lfjid—Pig, 7tfc; bar.HVo; lead pipe, he, Corrun —bottoms, Ulc; sheathing copper, 311 c, buret Ztno— Full casks, lOtfc; dabs, H*(c* Kucrt Iron— No. 21, 4e rates; Ilttsda Iron, No. 0 to 13. 16c; do. No. J, stained 15c; American Russia A. irVo; jj. i«j; ga|. vanlzed iron, N0.26,14c; discount, 23 percent. Wins —Nos. Ito fl, flo; », 7, to t>, 10c; to to it, llo; lu, iltfo; in and 14.12 c; 15 and 10,14 c; 17,16 o; H.iOc; IV, 1'Jo; 20, 21)3; fence wire, 3«fo; do, small lots, 3 Me. NAILS—Were Arm at (J.lo rates. The demand Is fair. OlLS—Tnrpcntlne Is lower at tho source* of sitply, nml la weaker hero In sympathy. Carbon shows more steadiness. Lard, linseed, whale, and oth er ells remain ns before. Wo quota : Oirbon. 115 dog, tost, IStfftl le; do Illinois legal tori. 150 deg., PDfQUo; Know While, 150 tent, lfl«c; do head light, 176 deg,, 17o; extra winter lard oil, $1,0X4 1.03; No. 1, ow«f/.»Sc; No. 3,76 c; linseed, raw, 69(&C0o; tmllud, OlfflCSu; whale, winter bleached,7r'oSOo; sperm, $2.15Q2.53; noatafoot oil, strictly pure, i1.16in1.20; do extra, U6c; do No. 1,86 c; .bank oil, QCo; straits, f.oc; plmnlngn oil, CO076o; turpentine, 4‘Jo; naphtha, deodorized, till gravity, IfitfQHtfc; Weal Virgin!* olid, natural, 21) deg., ;iSi«.i‘io ; natural, 30 deg.. 27(4 SOo reduced, 28 dog., 2i) 422 c. PAINTS AND COLOUR—Trade 1* not what It should lie at this reason of tho year, neither Ihu local nor country demand* being at all active. Prices, however, remain firm. We still quote: While lead, strictly pure. tlO.Ou; do, fancy brand*, f8.00r.4V.50; zlno, American, $11.50; do, French, $13.30; Ma-mry’a rail road color*. sxr»o; palace-car colors, $9.00 'rf.Ri.3i). POULTRY—Wo* nrarco amt Urm at i:t®l4u perlo for turkeys and $1.3006.00 per doz for chickens. Pigeons worn quiet at CO .5100 per doz. POTATOEH—Continue In moderate request and steady *t 23(4350 per bn from store. BEEDR—Timothy wan quiet, owing to light offer ing*, and firm at $2.4002,73, the outride for prime. Clover was dull aud lower. Hide* of prime being re ported at $8.7309.00. Huugnriaa wmm lu moderate re<|iiest at lUQSOa. and millet was slow at 40(430o fur good to choice. Flax wo* quiet at $1.2031,35, BALT—Woo In request and steady: Haginaw and Onondaga, fine, |1.40; ordinary coarso, $1.70; dairy, without bags. $2.73; dairy, with bags, $3.60; Ashton dairy, per sack, $1.30. TUDACOU—This market presents no peculiar foa tnrea. Trade both In loaf and manufactured goods re main* quiet, and prices are miming along about steady. Wo continue to quote us follows: WnfITTJiN Lkav—Fair crop, fltf®7o; fair to fine, IK.alVo; extra finowranceru, 2ik<i)26c» MaMUraoximEu— Fine Cut— Choice to extra, 63075 c; medltiui to good, 53f4C0u; common, 45030 c. Ptucj— Natural loaf, soft pressed, choice to extra, 70030 c ; do hard pressed, 630700; half-bright, choice, 63060 c; do medium, 300350; standard black, good to extra, 453 330: common black, 41013 c. .Vruetm?—Good to choice, G4037u ; medium, 31333 c; common, 1100310; California, choice, 40060 c; do extra, 60c(4|1.00. TEAS—There wa* not much oulmalton In tho tea trade, and Uio tone of the market was not specially firm, though pretty full prices wore being realized, os a ruin. We quote: Guni*owukjs—Common, JWffllOo; good do, 40Q4jc; medium, 4">(^60o; good do, 60053 c; fine, 6W00o; fin est. fiOQttfo; choice, 70076 a; choicest, 90093 c ; fancy $1.6501.13. iMronuL—Common, nOftVJc; pond do, 33®400; medium, 400t45<i; good do. 45ia500; Otm, fluent, 55<8 KDo; choice, (15f<67U0; choicest, 70ft75c. Jakam—Common, 30ft35c ; «ood common, 35ft 390; medium, UVaVJo; Rood medium, iSftlSo: Hue, 6n<a 550; llueit. 35ftC0o; choke, Olft&So; choicest, 7'Jft UoLOKon— Common, 30ftino j pood common, 33ft 38c; medium. 4(M420; good medium, 4:t.»4 >o; flue. •IKftOOo; fluent, 55u*5dc; choice, cuftdko; choicest, 75ft WOOD—Won quoted weak at ffl.CO fop maple; £7,00 for Ifcuch; and t>.IX) for Blabs—delivered. VEAL—Was iu fair request ut 4WBc. VEGETABLES—Were abundant and easier, the do main! Im'.lur moderate: Cucumbers, 50:ftJl.U0 per doz en ; green j«oj!, fJ.00ta3.50 per Imz; string beans, £i. 23 M 3.50 per box; asparagus, 75cft|l.0() per doz; lettuce, 30ft35cperdoz; radJaheH. :i3i.jloo per doz; sumach, SI.IO per box; pie-plant, 3ftlo; Bermuda tomatoes, OS ft7so per box. WOOL— I The market la dull and unsettled. Holders urn awklng quoted prices, but would probably make oouecaaloiiH rather lhau lone a ctihtnmer. The stock la small, but somewhat larger than at tlila (lino a year ago. There is no improvement in Urn outlook fur now waul. Following sre tho nominal quotations: Tub washed, prime, 40ft5Uc; tin. poor to good, 4l®lßet washed fleoce, flno, good conditioned, 33 >t37c; washed, medium do, 4»ft120; unwashed, flno heavy to light, 23ft200; do, medium, 23ft23u; pulled, iWft37c, LIVE STOCK. CUICAUO. HocclpU Monday,,,,, Tuesday Cattle, Hogs. Sheep. r.4,U77 0,0(4 i'u ..f»,SW 8.300 250 .0,577 15,4'>t 420 .6.813 21,137 0-3 .6,073 21,322 2,140 Bamo Uiuo laid week. Week before last.. Hhipmmla— M0nday......... O.MT g.ou CATTLK—Tho market was active' and unchanged. There wu a pretty largo supply of stock on sate, but telegrams frem tbe East'were of s character to call out a free shipping demand, and tbe major part of tbo offerings were taken at full sustained prices. Tbo average quality of the cattle was good. There wero numerous rough, mixed lots, Lot (ho hulk of there, celpls woru of well-fattened cattle, weighing from 1,160 to 1,400 lbs, for which the ruling prices were |4,'J5 (j»5.00. inferior sold at ti.oo f.n.w, utd extra at (3.50 QB.M. The market closed steady. CATTLE (ALU. ■;No. At. Price, 107 1,3113 JA.jy It* 1,034 4.;r) 12 1,102 4.47 V 13 (bull*).. J,4<-7 a.w 17 (itUiuru). 017 JI.IO *< 1,:«9 4.62 V J 7 1,087 4.73 10 082 4.45 13 I,IUJ 4.Hi 13 i,;i.*o 6.10 2:> 4>3 •>1 1,2f1t 4.8-) 1H 1,430 f..? 0 H MU A. no HI 1,221 4.MT, 10 1,0,0 4.37 17 048 4.40 11 1,136 4.00 18 1,270 4.H.3 17 l,lul e.tu 10 1,080 4.10 H 1,923 4.75 19 ~1,024 4.63 ill 1,164 4.M) 2d I,l*o 4.73 16 1,278 4.70 2J I,:iu7 fl.iK) 17 I,U r . 3 4.07 V s*o I.iUJ 6.12 V 18 1,0-4 4.6.3 11 1,124 4^5 20 1 ,*nwl 4.30 12 I,all 6.01) II I,'JOl 4.83 14 1,612 6.30 02 1.032 ft.n-j 01 „I,IW if,3 17 078 4.25 128 ....1,056 6.20 a M.tiv 6^9 No. Av. ill I,U£ 10 1,11-1 10 1,303 13 1,337 lo ...1.001 ai I,*.*® 10 yflj tl) 1.471 17 1,24* 16 1,410 15 I,:u:i 10 l,:i/J 13 I,4<^ 14 1,450 JW l,i 33 111 1,200 lo 1,03 d 1J 1,0)1 10 1)78 22 1,970 17 i,an ai i,m 22 1,0:0 10 ...1,171 10 1,076 21 1,097 14 „i,ltl 14 „1,144 10 „ 930 lo 917 lu 1,047 17 „!,1W oj 12 I,l'id 28 1,-it* 14 1,488 10 1,<07 4' 1,434 13 1,413 17 1,22# 20 1,012 AO (Texas),.l,oso IIOCIH—Tha n» firm view* of bolt not appear to t*i buyer* would not t ••off,*'a radnetlot Toward noon lb* i vlrcjd a little, but I llis do«e the fccllni dine, Tndltui wa bivvy, and (7,1001 eloKiiift at so.tKKs.i7 for tha tatter. cedlnßly dull, thn milieus, There did it order* her*, am! rcopt et aomelhlnß nr Insisted upon, nade and trade rc* were taken, and at le for a further de fer peor to choice to choke lUht— oud at (7,0^7,1S arket opened oic< Idora chocking tin o any tact urgent take the liogA «xi m of bdn ponoraAion ini ni not all Iho lingo v ig aremed favorable m at KIWf.M ti 7.25 fop common ,25 for ttio former 1100 R.tLr.S. No, At, Trice; 25.. ..188 $7.15 28.. 7.15 25.. 7.15 23.. ..200 7.15 60.. 7.13 60.. ..223 7.13 n0....211 7.13 23.. 7.10 M.... 230 7.20 05.. ..103 7,13# 63.. ..‘372 7.20 67. ...180 7.10 1M....211 7.13 162.. 7.13 I 51.. 7.25 I 25.. 7.00 21.. 7.10 No. At. Price. M.... 193 (7.10 M.... 239 7.10 49.. .233 7.10'o 7.10 H7....1W) 7.10 63.. 7.10 :■«....i5:) 7.10 :u.„.v;a 7.7.'* :» , 2....in0 7.25 oT***2lo 7.75 60.. fi-oo 25.. 6.00 ;!«....267 6.90 0R....210 7.15 n0....218 7.16 n0....107 7.15 20.. .212 7.12# 21.. 7.10 flHKKl’—The sti mutton sheep ho quote poor to cievc IN®, At. Trice. R0....U16 $7.25 102....273 7.30 60.. .105 7,33 38.. 7.. W 40.. 7.25 HO. ...10(1 7.13 33.. .250 7.20 58.. 7.00 27.. 7.20 37.. .208 7.10 43.. 7.20 230.. 375 7.25 33.. 7.10 1133.. ..2(55 7.13 21.. 7.00 20.. ..161 7.10 67.. 313 7.35 npply wan small, and for desirable ddera obtained belter prices. Wo cr woolcd sheep at S4.SO@C.CU. lirFKALO, DttFFAi.O, N. Y., May o,——Receipts, 1.037; total for the week, 7,025; market dull and dragging; only 40 can on Bale; prices hotter; quality fair lo good; Western superflnns, $1.03#05.75, accord ing lo quality; stackers, |4.12#01.C0. Hiikki* and Lamps—No arrivals to-day: receipts Huudayand Monday, 2,630; market dull and slow; prices KM.S'o higher, owing to the scarcity of stock; with good supply priced would not be sustained; yards bare of stock. Hoos—Receipt*, COO; total for the week,7,Coo; mar ket yesterday slow at $7.R(WA7,70; heavy selected sing ers, $7.50; Yorkers, (T.35<.r'*7.4f»; lodiy Yorkers, lyu $7.45: thoeo unsold holding at $7.40: demand light. WATERTOWN. WATmrroww, May o.—OATtnu—Tlccelplir, 1,830; re ceipts largely from the West; prices unaltered; good feeling for cattle: sales of choice at SB.7R; extra, $3.01) (•*8.50; Aral quality, Jd,7507.73; second, $3.7605.50: third, $1.79(ff9.80. Hiikf.p anii Lamrs—Receipts, 1,152; mostly sheared; selling at 4WR#o per lb; prices steady; all rrulobalm lu lots, $2,0003,50 each; extra, $1,0000.60; or from 4#c to B<?pur lb. east rjnnmr. East Ltnr.nTT, Ta.. May 9.—Cattle—Receipts to day, BQ7 head; supply light and few buyers, except local butchers at retail; vury Utils business doing; not sulHclcnt to establish prloos further than they aro; about the same as lost week. lions—Receipts to-day, 405 bead: Yorkers, $7.3C® 7.50; Philadelphia, $7.(V>,rf,7.00. Sussr—Receipt* today, 6,200; selling at $1.00@0.23. BT. LOUIS. Sr. Lotns, May 9.—Hons—Higher; light shipping, f 6.0050.25; Yorkers, |6.4u@o.Wi ; bacon, $6.750.7,00; butchers, $7.1007.40. OATitK—Good demand; foil price* ; good to choice native*. $4,7.5«5 1 37tf; medium to fair, ?4.3304.f.Jtf \ pony Rtcors, (4.00,^4.60; cows, $3.76(34.25; stockcrs, $3.23@4.37tf ; feeders, 54.23Q4.62tf, Cincinnati. May©.—Hons—Hiosdy and Arm? com mon to good light, $0.50 rirf.lG; fair to good heavy, $7.2007,40; receipts, 1,213; shipments, none. LUMBER. Tlio market wan again BCtlro and steady at (3.00 for Joists and ecantUng, and $9.30Q10.5u for coarso to good boards and strips. Tho supply was nearly ex hausted by night, ten to fifteen cargoes having been sold during the day. Several cargoes were taken to ship direct to the Interior, and there was a fair In quiry from tho local dealers. Shingles wore quiet at f and lath at $1.50. Kales: Heine George L. Beaver, Muskegon, 150 m good common boards and strip* at $10.23; Lovl Grant, Muskegon, 200 m good common boards and strips at (10,23 ; Ottawa, Grand Haven, 176 in good boards and strip* at $12.30; E. G. Rlmmou*, Grand Hirer, 140 m common strip* and l*oards at (0.00 • Drown, Mus kegon, 160 m common boards at (V.nO; Willard,Wldto 1-ako, V 5 m coarse 1-Inch at $2,23 ; 2-Inch, $3.23 ; Ver mont, Uuskogou, 80 in boards and strips at SIU.CU. Tho retail demand continual moderate at unaltered prices. Orcou common Is lu request and still sesreo. much of tho stuff now arriving being the product of I ist seasons’ logs. Wo qnoto: First ana second clear. $33.00040.00 Third dear, 1 luch 3 J.00Q3 MX) Third clear, thick 33.000^.00 (Jloir flooring, first and second, rough.... 150.0i),n.:ii00 Clear sitting, first and second 17.5(‘@1h.00 First common siding 13.00010.00 Flooring, first common. drcs«cd 23.00(4 Flooring, second common, dressed 22.00-a54.00 Hex board*, A 33.00'rf Hox boards, It 25.020 A stock board*, 10 and 12 In, lio.cmffliw.oo B stock Imarda....*. .. 23.Wfrf23.00 U slock boards lO.OOQiT.OO Fencing Common Inmlwr, 18 ft and nndorU Inch.. 10.00(411,03 Common Inch 11.0HA12.00 JolPt* aud scantling, 20 to SI ft 12.00(410.00 Lath l.7s<rt I.VO A shingles 2.30® U.9J lihiugleson trade... 2.300 3.60 DRY GOODS. Tlie weather during the past week was unfavorable for tho promotion of an active movement in eprlug and summer fabric*, and tho uale* accomplished show a somewhat smaller aggregate than for tho week before. Tho number of enters received through tho malls was not sensibly diminished, but there wo* a noticeable falling off lu tho attendance of buyers lu person, and the Interior of car Jobbing-houses wore on air of quiet. Collections aro In the main satisfac tory. From a few sections remittances aro coming forward rather tardily, but iw a rule country mer chants are paying up promptly. Oiuco our previous report several price-change* navo been made, and, with one or two exception*, tho change* were to tho advantage of buyer*. Th« more Important were a reduction of 1c in Defiance, Hlark, uni lioston duck*, tf@lo in Ammkeag, Uncanvillo, and Hamilton stripes, and tfQtfo lu Atlantic, Indian Head, Btark. aud Lawrence brown cotton. Hamilton prints have been reduced to Cc, and Wamautta to Ttf c. TELEGRAPHIC MARKET REPORTS. FOREIGN MARKETS. Special J)i»valth to rAe Chteai/o TrPtun*. LrvcnfooL, Usy O—U a. m,—Flouu—No, I, 245; No. 2, 225. Giunr—'Wheat—'Winter, No. 1,2 a lOd; No, 2, Ob C<l; spring, Baft9s4d; white, No. 1, Os 10d| No. 2, Os Cd; dub, No,'l, 10» 3d; No, 2, On 10J. Corn—No. I,2Cs Cd; No. 2,26 a. l*iio visions—Pork, 62a Cd. Lard, CTs. Weather fair, LivcnrooL, May o—3 p, m.—UuKADßTnrrfl—Steady. Wheat—While, No. 1, OsOd; No. 3, Oa Cd; club, No. 1, 10b 2d; No. 2, OslOd. Liven pool. May o—Latest.—Cotton—Qnlot and unchanged; 0 3-lCftO>;d; sale.*, 0,000 baled, Including 1,000 for speculation and export, ami 4,200 American. Yarns and fabrics at Manchester quiet and no* changed. liUE.iDßTDFrß—Steady; receipts of wheat for tho past three days, 48,000 quarters, Including 114,000 American: California white, average, OsOdftlNiOd; doclub,osl(klftlos3d; No. 2 to No. 1 red Western spring, 8s IftDs 4d; No. 3to No. 1 winter red Wad era, 0s CdftOslOd. Flour—Western canal, 32ft 21i Coni—Wootern raised, 26wg20s Cd. Oats—American, Cd. Harley—American, Ss Cd. Peas—Canadian, 3raft3Cs Cd. OMVEn-BesD—COsftQOs. PnovmoHs—Prime mess pork, 63s Cd. Prime mess beef, 67a. Lard—American, B3s. Cheese—Fine Ameri can, CSa. liacou—Long dear, Cls 8d; short clear, 53a 3d. Tallow—Fine American, 41b. PtmioLEUu—Spirits, Soft Si 3d; refined, Uj 3d, J.insrku oil—2oa tkl. Itnsiu—Common, 4s Od; pale do, ICs, Hpihitxop TottPKjmnc—i'isCd. London, May o.—Hate of discount in open market for three months bills, IX", being X below the Bans of England rate. Amount of bullion gone into the Bank of England ou balauco to-day, £13,000, Coatouß Money, ooMt; account, 00 7-lrt. United States Bonds—M3i, KHUa, lU7H» now five*, 100»;, Amkiuoan Hkcl’iutiea—New York Central, 101; Erie, 13»f ; preferred, 21, Tallow—47a M@47a 04. Bpkbm 0i1—92(g23«. Common BoaiN—ls Od, Spibits Tobpehtine—23a 34, I'aiim, M*y o.—uentes—tear ive, rnaNKroBT, May 9.— United Statu Down#— New fives, 102 T, Antweup, May 9.—Petholkcm—27#*. SOUTHERN COTTON MARKETS. New Chilean*, May Cotton—Quiet and weak; aalca, 1,000 halt*; good ordinary, oj;Q9*«o 5 low mid dling*, lOVtfllo; middling, U#<-el2o; good mid dling, lOfilOVo 1 receipts, net, 60 1 bale* ; grots, 1,110; export* to Liverpool, fi,o7fl; coastwise, 2,600; ■lock, 153,812. Ualvestun, May 9.—Cotton—Quiet; middling!, UTic; net receipts, 609 bales; gro*i, 686; aalea, 220. CiiAHLorroM, May 9.—Colton quiet; middlings, 12o; net receipt*, 191 bale*; sale*, 400. Mobile, May 9.—Cotton quiet; middling!, 11 Voj net receipt*, 800 balca; export* coastwise, 41; •alt*. 1,000, Savannah, May Colton quiet and dull; mid dling*, 111-lCo; net receipt*, MU bales 5 gtou, 471; Hits, 212. PHILADELPHIA WOOL MARKET. Pin t.A Delphi a, May 9.—Wool—Dull and neglected; anpply light; Ohio, Pennsylvania, aud Wot Virginia XX and above, 42(4420; X, 410444 c; medium, 4:ks46e; coarse, New York, Michigan, Indiana, aud Western fine, 55(9 3Sc; medium, 42(4 460; coarec, 40QA 41o; combing, washed, 85£360; combing, unwashed, 40Ai20; fine washed, 22(£33«] eoarea and medium unwashed, 98033 o; tub-wished, 40<3430; extra and merino culled, 1U03JO; No. I and sup«r pulled, 33<d 370, NEW YORK DRY-GOODS MARKET, Nr.w Yum:, May o.—lllinium was Unlit In all ds I'artmenla, owing to tho roln-slonn, which lasted all day. Cotton Roods were quiet and unchanged in first hands. I'rlnta moved alowly except Job lets, which wore taken In fair lota. Hamilton fancy prlnta wore reduced to Cc. Wpolon goods were quiet, Prill goods were dulL Foreign goods wore quiet. CLEVELAND PETROLEUM MARKET. Clkti-xaud, 0., May 9.— Petroleum Tory quid; w» quota a reduction of &o all around; standard, 110 tost, lOo; prime white, ISO lest, lloj car-lots, cash. PITTSBURG OIL MARKET. Pmiacßo, May o.—Petroleum quiet but firm; crude, |o.o7>tf it Parker's; refined, 13’fe,Philadel phia delivery. WILMINGTON TURPENTINE MARKET. N. 0„ May 9.—Spirits luxpeaUne firm; THE PRODUCE MARKETS. NEW YORK. Sneetnl DitpaUS lo FAs Chicago TWftune. New York, May 9.—Grain— Wheat, market quid; price* generally without decided change; salon 40,000 hu at $1.1)201,(K1 for rejected spring, $1.0401.13 for ungraded spring, $1.0001,10 for No. 3 Chicago, *l,lOO 1.11 for No. !l Milwaukee, $1.1601.19 for No. a Chica go, f 1.1001.20 for No. U Northwestern, $1.1901.21 for No, 9 Milwaukee, $1.37(31.31 for Ho. I spring, $1.12(4 1.82 for winter ml Western, $1,2031.40 for amber do, $1.32(31.45 for white Western, and $1.30 for Canada spring In bond, llyo firm; two boat-loads of Canada ore rumored sold to arrive in bond at Die. Barley quiet and unchasgod. Corn steady; modcratu export and homo trade demand; sales of 08,000 bu at 60 fop no grade mixed, for steamer mixed, Clo for graded mixed, and KGo for nnmerchantablo; also, 6,000 bu graded mixed for Juno at OOJtfo. Oats dull and declining; sales of 32,000 bn at 37040 c for mixed Western and State, and 41@52c for white Western and State, including rejected at 37X0380. Provisions— Middles dull at llXol9tfo for long clear. Lard heavy; sales of 100 tea at $1X70012.75 for prime steam; at the first call for May $12.60 was bid and $12.75 asked for Junot sales of 600 tes at SIXOS for July, &X77X bid, sod $12.80 asked; tor Au gust SIXOO was bid and $12.03 asked; for September $13.00 was bid and $19.10 naked. Wiimrt—Market* shade lower; soloe of 60 brla at |l.ll per ffal. Orocrriku—Sugar—Market firm; qniot; fair to good refining quoted at prime et T/fc; white Havana at l»«<®10#c. OolTcft—Market firm; modcrato Jobbing inquiry; lUo quoted at ICtfQIBXo gold; Maralcabo at lOftUto In gold. Taixow—llulua quirt and unchanged; country and city quoted at B^Cdßtfo, [ 7t» Iht A *i»efnled I’rm, 1 Nmr York, May o.—Cotton—Market doll; 13 7-1 C CM3tfc; futures closed firm: May, 13 7-320(312 tMflc; June, 12 3.V33y«a?i'o; July, 13 ;u-32«13o; August, 13Vdi:ifKi2o; Hcptombor, 10.',@13 6-33 c; October. 1M413 I-02c; Kovember and Becemtar, 13 39-320. FLotm—Receipts, 10,000 brla; slightly In buyers’ favor; very limited business fop export and homo trade use; super Stale and Western, $4.(W(».4.40i com mon to good extra, $1.80(33.20; good to choice, $5.35 (40.70; wulto wheat extra, $5.75(47.76; extra Ohio, $4.h6(57.0u; HI, Louis, $3.15,i,0,00; Minnesota patent process, $0.36(40.50; Mo, 3, (2.7633.10, Ityo flour quiet, but shady; $1.76<j6.16. CouJi-Miun—Dull and unchanged. Grain—Wheal—Receipts, 05,000 bu; mixed spring. $1.10; ungraded do, sl,ortfc@l.lo; Mo. 3 spring. $1,07 <41.11; No. 1 spring. tUigUM; Canada spring In »<ond, (1.30; No. 3 Chicago spring nominal, $1,163 1.20: No. 3 Milwaukee, choice store. $1.30; while Western, $1.43(31.4-1. Uyo heavy; Western, 70o; Cana da In bond, 01c. Harley quiet and unchanged. Corn —ltocclpta,:110,000 Im; mixed, demand fair and mar bet firm; others In buycra’laror; moderate business; unmcrcbiutablo, no grade, 01*300Vo; do slcntncr, CCgCOKo; do graded, OlQOlJtfo; oft! West ern mixed, afloat, (SJajDle, Oats—Receipts, 23,000 bn • market heavy; mixed Western nnd Htftte, 370 400* while Western do, 440620. Kay—Unchanged, Hoi**—Quiet and unchanged, anocnniKs—Coffee quiet and firm; TUo cargoes. 16Mr?Jl8>40 In gold; Jobbing at 10* 4 '@l'J>fcln gold. Molasses In moderate demand and unchanged. Hies steady with fair dmniud. I’KTnouxii—Quiet; crude, B>tfo; refined, 13V<3 13.HCJ lu cases, I7>j@2o«*o; naphtha nominal. Tam/iW— Ktiiainri) Rkhin—Rteady;sl.7s(sl.Bo. Hrnirw Tunt-EHTINK—Heavy; JWfdJdVfc. Eons—Easier but not quolably lower; heavy West ern, Kkdlie, Phovwionb— New mew pork, $31.13(321.50; May, June, $20.90(421.23. Beef heavy ; re eelpta have dopn-ssod the market; plain and extra ia«H. 12(413c. Out moats—'Wontcrn mlct; lonaJciotr middles, Western, 11’(n; do city, 12i,'<ai3Vc. lard —Prime steam, $12.60(313,70; June, $12.43X012.03; $12.(10 413.80. Butter—Unchanged, Cnrium—Quiet; 4(4lJc. WlliaKY—sl,ll. CT. LOUIS. Bt. Lottw, Mo., May o.—Cotton—Easier. tut not qnolably lower. * Fuion-Quiet and unchanged. c Vi.V.^“^ Vb J ! , at ., H ! ?l ,or! . N<) - a fall, $1.40 cash nml„Juuo, $1.41 bid canh at tho close; No. 3 rod winter, $1.23 bid. Com unsettled ana lower: No. 2, <5 4 b c cast; 4**;c?4s\o May; 45’fOino Juno; 4d«@ 4fi?ln July. OaU dull; white, 33c. Hyo and barley— Nothing done, * Wnuttr—Scarce and wanted at $1.09, Provisions—Pork dull and unchanged. Lard dull j current prices. itMc, Hulk moats nominally uh changed; nothing doing. Bocou dull and unchanged. Uecbiptb—Flour, 2,51>0 bfh»; wheat, 0,000 bu ; corn. 24,000 bu; oats, 3,tWO bn; rye. 1,000 bu; barley, 1,000 PHILADELPHIA. Pmr.ADr.i.prnA. May o.—Petroleum ltcflncd, 13 6-liic; crude, 10’,'e. Floou—Dull and nominal. GitiiN—Wheat—Pennsylvania red, $1.60: amber. $1.51; white, $1.60. Hyo, «5(f1b70. Corn dull and weak; yellow, mixed, Oats ne«- lected; while, 4fle; 4flo for Illinois and Indiana: 410 for Ohio: 4tic for Pennsylvania stained. rt’imxT—f 1.13 for Western Iron-bound. Butthr—ljulct; Now York and Bradford County extras, MteHOc; firsts, 2CC%270; Western oxlras.23wt2;o: fimts, 04(a37r5; Western rolls, 24®2Cc; firsts, thKa'iSo, CiiKtax—Firm ; New Yorklancy, West ern fine, lirtl2Ho. Eaas—UnebungsO. DAi.nMonn. B\LTi:fonn, Mil.. May 9.—Ft-oun—Unchanged, Gn.tiK—Wheat dull: No. 3 Western rod, $1.33; Pennsylvania red, $1.4001.43. Com easier; demand moderate; WNitorn|mlxed,|'l‘.'c. Oats dull; Western white, 4Jo; W’cstorn mixed, 30010 c, Hyo dull; 700750. Hat—Dull; Peunsylrauta and Maryland, $20,000 X’novTsrowi—Bull and weak. Pork, $22.25. Bulk meats nominal; shoulders, clear rib, llHo loose. Bacon—Shoulders, Otfo; clear rib, 121(0. Hams, lie. Lord, unchanged. llDrrr.n—Dull and heavy ; Western choice, 29030c* lUTßonci'it—Dull and uurhangeU* CorKKK—Steady and unchanged. WiiisKi—(julol; $1.13. TOT,EDO. Toimo, 0.. MayO.—Fwon—Steady. Giuih—Wheat steady: No. 3 whltu Wabash, $1.33; No. 1 white Mlchhran, extra whllo Michigan, $1.!«Y; amlwr Michigan,sl,23# j June, $1.24 I *'; No. i under Michigan, $1.01; No, 3 red, SI.BOV, Com firm; high mixed nominally S4e May; 0;l*(o Juue; GO I ,a uirerrd; low mixed spot May held at 62c; no grade, dam»gcd,44o. Oatssieady; No. ahold at Rsc; Michigan, 35,Mc; May, Ofitfc. Hkckii'ts—Flour, 230 brla; wheat, 8,000 bu; corn. 3,9000 u; oats.3.6Wi bu. Him*sirj<TH—Flour, 600 brla • wheat, 13,000 bu j corn. 3,800 bu: oats, (1,000 bu. ’ MILWAUKEE. Milwaukee, Wls., JLiy O.—Floue—Quiet and on. changed. Gu-un—Wheal opened firm;iiahado higher: closed quiet and Ann: No. 1, sl.l4J<; bard, (1.31; No. 3, >l.o3*{: May,; Juno, fl.oty; No. xoic. Corn hrmcr and higher; No. 3,40 c. Oats cooler; No. 3, 330. Hyo nominally imcbnniiud; No. 1, Wc. Harley higher: fair deniaiidi No. 3 May, fllto; No. 3,03 c. FnKnmTa—Dullondeaalcr; Buffalo, 3Vo; Oswego, 7 Vc, llKcnm—Flnnr, 7,00« briar wheal, <3.ooobn. CINCINNATI. Cincinnati, UayD,—Ooxwoh—Dull; live, Flour—Dull and unchanged. Giuin—Wheat fair and firm: (1.1631.30. Corn quiet; 47i*tHc. OMa qulot; 37(<«13n. Ityo Unsettledi 7t(373k>, Barley dull ami nominal. Provision*— Pork quiet and unchanged; (31.003 21,33, Uhl la fair demand; iloaru, i3»fo; kettle, IXAiatfc, Bulk moat* doll and unsettled; T.’iMNo; 10’f<3tujio; Bacon quiet and unchanged. Whisky—Good demand; full prices; st« 07, Buttxu—Dull and drooping. Boston. May O.—PLoun—Dull; Wcalem superfine, ft.U034.33: common extras, f 1,6030.00; Wisconsin ox* trua, li*r wheat Ohio. Indiana, and Michigan, (6.0037,33; Illinois, (0,3530.60: Bt. Louis, (0.60(30.00; fancy Minnesota, SI.33<X'.'.HJ. uiain—Corn firm; MQCOo for mixed and yellow, fhu-t.viooc for mixed and No. 3 while; 63£6(0 for Nu. 1 vrhlU. NEW ODLEANB. New Orleans, May o. —Grain—Com—Good do* maud; tinner: whltu and white mixed, 680; yellow mixed, Wo; yellow, C7#e. OaU lower; ordinary, U4o| bt. Loula,too: Galena, 41(d420, Others unchanged. MARINE. PORT OF CHICAGO. MAY 0. Antirti>—fltmr Corona, SU Joe, lumtrlM 5 pfop Messenger, Beaton Harbor, aundrlc*; itmr flhshoy. gan, Manitowoc, aundrlet; achr Cornelia, Menominee, cedar poela; achr Joseph Dresden, Naugatuck, lum* bor; achr B. B. Campbell, Baugatnck, lumber; achr O. Elian, BilTer Lake, railroad tlea; prop New Era, Grand Haven, towing; achr C. F, Allen, Grand Baton, turn* ber: achr City of Grand llaplds, Muskegon, lumber; schr Apprentice Boy. Muskegon, lumber; achr Tran*, fer, Muskegon, lumber; schr J. P, Decondrea, Grand Hivit, wood; schr Jnvluda, bouth Chicago, tight] achr E. U. i'ortch, Grand Traversa, wood; achr Four Brothers, Manistee, lumber; prop Annie Laurie, De Pore, pig Iron; achr Bolio Brown, UUia Traverse, I ! yaai l' Wnaknrnn, lumber; schr A. Jillrtffeni, Eseanaha, Iron ore; schr Sophia J. I.uff lord Hirer, cedar post*; prop Charles Biots, Man’ litre, lumber; sehr John Marks, Manistee, lumber • Clfauxo—Htmr Nashua, Ogosnabiirg. 12 033 hu ebrn, Cpga lard;stmr Nashua, Brockvtlle. 270 hrii I«irk; aimr Nashua, Oawrg-i, no hrls pork; atm* Corona, M. Joe, 62 kegs beer and sundries : stmr ton* Imygan, Manitowoc, 3H bdla pelts and sundries: sehs Vermont, Muskegon, 40 pkgn groceries; schrHoutmjlp. I’nntwater, 600 bu oils, is tons feed, and aonrtrlM. prop Henry Howard, Alpena, 1,187 hu oom, 2.1 M ».« oata 42 hrls pork, 20 hags send: schr Helen Wood! Muskegon, 2 tons feed and sundries; sehr D. B. Hoir Holland, yocdsstono; prop Mesaenger, Bt. Joe. co kegs !»cP, B brls pork, and sundries; prop T, A. Boots. Erie, WO brls floor, 2,300 pks eggs, oo hrls vinegar* propG. J. TruesdolJ, Groan Bay, 29 hrls pork, O Lrla nieal,aodsumln M ; schr senator, Cleveland, 618 tonn old railroad Iron; aahr Botcher Boy, Buffalo, axtnn bu wheal; schr Utils A. Law. Buffalo. 82,17* bn com; schr Margaret Dill, Ludluglon, 05 oda itona, LAKE FREIGHTS. ♦ omcaao, The local market was quiet yesterday, and easy, at about BX«forcorn to Buffalo, The barge N. K. Fair, bank was taken for 80,009 bu oats to Buffalo on prU vita terms, and the schr Twin Slaters for 19,000 bu wheal to Cleveland at 3»fc, The rates by lake and rail lo Now York arc 12c for corn and 130 for wheat To Philadelphia, lo less. Etrawnrnß. Bottaio, May o.—Chariot*: Bark Constitution, coal Ashtabula lo Chicago, 60c free; another not named, ooal Ashtabula to Milwaukee, 40o; an early smgagement nut heretofore reported Is the schr Wat* corns, coal Sandusky to Grand Haven, 75c. Milwaoke*, May B.—Thera was nothing done la freights to-day. A few vowels wore wanted to load with wheat at Badno and 4o offered, but carriers re fased to accept this offer. Kingston and Buffalo rates remain nominal at 7)£e to the former on wheat and at 40 lo the lattorport Engagements worn, to Kingston, schr Madeira, 22,00(1 bn of wheat at 7Vc. Detroit, May o.— Coarse freights ara offered Prettv freely, but at such low rales as to afford no sallifad tion to carriers. Grain freights ara very dnlL upon a haai* of 6o pop bu for wheat to Oswego. Whittaker H Co. report the schr Wateriown, posts, Alpena to Chi cago, at her lumber capacity atsl.6o per 1,000 ft.; schr Mineral BUto, lumber, An Hable to Chicago, on private terms, o, K. Dixon reports scow aaundcra. lumber. Last Tawos to Toledo at $1.50 per 1,000 ft, VESSELS PASSED PORT HURON* Sjxcxal JJiipaich to Tht CMcapn Tribune Bout Huron, Mich. May 9.—Passed down—Pro i* Argylo, V. Swain and consort; schrs Beil, While, and Blue, Fred A. Mooro, Nclaon, Now Hampshire. Up—lToi* Arctic, Bealls, Slamaecn, onbar Java. Prludlvillo and barges; schrs Mlchlsan. Jamas a. Harrison. Wind southwest, gentle; weather cloudy. Spertai Ditixilth to tho CMcnno mb tin*. Port Huron, Ailetu, May O—ll p, m.-Doww— Poops Comnbcrry and barges; Jonncas and barges: schrs Melvin fl. Bacon, R. Winslow, Atlco Richards, a K. Nlms, Flying Mist, Hartford, Sophia, Minch, J, B, Mcrlll, Swallow, Savoland, David A. Wells, Mcars. Pcibllgo, Yankee Blade, H. O. Cleveland, A. Moafier, Handlego, H. J. Webb, L, W. Perry, J. 11. Austin, HarJ veet Queen, J. U. Mead, Hlgnlo & Jones, J. Qi Hasten, Guido Pllaler, Golden West, Christina Nilsson. Lake Forest, * Ur—Props Arabia, Canoaler, Doan Richmond, On tario ; schrs Queen City, -Monterey,. Montreal, an**, Blano. • Wind— South, gentle; weather cloudy, with rain. ILLINOIS & MICHIGAN CANAL. Bridgeport, May 9,—Arrived— Prop Atlantic, Henry, 2,300 bu corn; Messenger, Henry, 6,800 bu corn, CtninrrD—Frederick, Chflllcothe, 87,038 ft lumber; prop Montauk, Lockport, 4,150 btz wheat; Mini* Loaf, Lockport, B,ouu bu wheat. MISCELLANEOUS. cmcAao. Bnriooaa at tho doeks was unusually quiet yaWrtsy, Only a few cargoes of lumber were at the market No attempt was made yesterday by the striking lumber* flhovora to commit acts of vlolenoo. Moat of tho yards wore working at the old wages, $1.60 per day, and they were not molested. It Is believed that there yvitl be no further trouble... .The schr J. V. Jones, which lost her Jlbboom tost Saturday, has been repaired, and left port yesterday.... The schr E. R. Bioko loft port yea tetday for the first time this season.... So dull is busi ness at present at this port that several tugs aro con tinually coursing around tho neighborhood of Oroßso Point looking out for tow*..,.The tugs Drake, Dole, Johnson, and Barton, made au effort yesterday to pull the schr Falcon, sunk near the crib, Into shoal wafer. At a late hour last evening they had not succeeded In their twk*..-..Tho schr* Hkldmoro and Presto, the prop Favorite, and tbobargo • T. J. Brown, aro all undergoing repairs at the nht™^ Dry-Dock Company^ - flock. lumper rated. Lumber rates wero quoted yesterday as follow*) From Muskegon awl Grand Raven lo Chicago, $2.60 per m: Jrom Ludlngton, $1.75; froth aianlstee, $9.00 j from Bed River and Menomonee, $1.78; from Oconto, $3.60; from Grand Travone, wood SI.BO to $1.76 nor cord. * ODDS AND ENDS. Tho United Ctatte'stmr Fessenden to to bo fitted out for aorvlco la eximetod that Sanlt River will be open for navigation Insdayior tw0.... The ecovr Bt. Charles, ashore on Mlddlo Mand, can bo easily gotten 0ff.... The prop Furtage was anhoro at last accounts outside of the lighthouse pier at Buffalo.... The water at Cleveland, Is reported about 18 Inches higher than it usually id at Gifs ttido of the season. ...The present light at. Bay City Is to be dis continued, and two lights substituted which will an* swer for a range m well as chfmnfio' lights. ...Tho dredges Enterprise and Col. Harwood are busily em ployed by the Government contractors la dredging a portion of tho channel. Tho new lighthouse lit Ashtabula har bor Is a fine structure fur the purpose,' and Is far mere satisfactory lu every respect than the old one,...The Bay City 'lYibunt adyS: "The attention of the Secretary of War baring boon called to tho fact Out tho channel at tho mouth of tho river has tilled to an extent that may ho annoying should the water' go below 111 ordi nary stage, Cion. Wcltzol will bo ordered to make an examination and report. Tho order from Qeu. Wolt zel to Cant. Hothwoll to make the examination has al ready been received and the order car ried out. Oapt, Both well reports no filling of any kind lu the channel, hot 13 . feet U Inches of.water on the bar. the usual Says tho Cleveland leader of Monday: "Yesterday tho first beats of tho season from Buffalo put tu an appearance, they being the Western Transportation boils Vanderbilt, Montano, and Arabia. The former arrived at 10 o'clock lu the morning, the Montana at ton minutes after 10, and tho Arabia at 10:38, The Ciptalu of the Arabia estimates that be passed through about 15 miles of Ice after leaving Buffalo, and that It extends as far west on tho north shore os Port Col bourne, and about 13 miles on the south shore.. Ue Is of the opinion that most of it lo anchored ou (he bot tom, ana (hat It will be a week yet before the port is fairly opened." commerce op Milwaukee. The following statement shows tho commerce ef Milwaukee for the month of April: AUniVALS. No. Tonnage. BJen, Steamers cu 43,763 1,64.7 Propellers S 3 44,773 I.IAO Schooners 262 32,763 1,013 Total IIC4 111,279 3,713 cleared. Steamers, C 8 47,933 1,721 Propolltfro... ; fit Bi,n:y i,soi Schooners CG7 43,300 1,763 Total 400 142,401 '4,760 BUFFALO. Ppielal Pitnaleh Ut TAi Chicago Trihuni: Bdffalo, N. Y,, May o.—Tue stmr Ilalelgb, echo Rato Winslow, stmrs Oscar Townsend and consorts, Ed Kelley, and Empire State from Chicago, and stmr East Saginaw and barge Lathrop/rom Bay City, »u> reeded in gutting through tho tee and Into port to-day. The Ballentino and Moure bavo been fast in (be Ice a week. It Is thought they will gat dree to-morrow morning. Thirty vessels aro now ou Baku Erie bound hero, and Some lea are In the lee. Canal freights are 7 tfo for wheat, for corn, sod 4#o for oats, to New York. BUIE. Aptclal HUpaleh to Th 4 Chleeiio Tritium, Erie, !■«., May o.—Arrived, the stmr Winslow, froiW Bulfalo. Her Captain reports heavy fields of Ice about the entrance to Buffalo harbor, and experienced dllll cully In gelling (nrougtu The Japan will be tho first iiauengor boat of tho Anchor 1-lno to leave tbit scasoa. )bo wilt probably leave Buffalo tomorrow. Departed for Chicago to-day, prop Arizona with merchandise, and tho sehnt Aume Sherwood and Allegheny with coal. ~STO 6KH Q j/D £ Rib M £ ETI NQSj Office wm Book Island & Facie E E Ca, April 24. 1870. The Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of tho Chi cago. Hock Island k Padfio It. It. 00. for the election of Directors, pursuant to law, and the tninaction of such other business as may coma before them, will be held at (bo olliwi of tho Company lu the City of Chi cago, on Wednesday, the 7th day of Jane next, at 11 o'clock a. m. JOHN r. TIIAOy, President, y. H. TOWS, Secretary. * CHICAGO & MTIMESTEEH RAILWAY a April 54th, ISIS THK ANNUAL MBKTINO OP TUB. BXOOtf holders and bondholder* of this oorupin/, tor toe election of director#. portuanl to law, and fur thalnmao (Jon of other builmwa, will bu bald at the office of tli* company, la Chicago, on Thursday. the Ist of June ouW lluiidhuliiers will authenticate their right to vote by preiuatlng tbelr voting bonds at th* office ofthacoio* pauy, No. 63 Wml}-«t., New York, for regUtraUon, on or belore Ihs Ut el May proximo. _ . ALHKItT KEEP, President. . M,.le BYHUH. Jf„ Secretary. ~ ~T£egaL. ~ TRE ABOII^DEPATIIMENT, Otrtc-B or CoUrmoLixo or xuu Cuuaivcr.7 • WaauiNOTOW, Fob. 3,1874. I , All poruoa having alaloi# asaum Uie Fourth National Baakui Chicago. 10., or# hereby notified to Miue, sud to make h>sal proof thereof within th»a touolui, to Chstlns L). blmrmsu, ll#c#l»cr, at ibe oflWeo •*“ bukla U. UUr »I JA y KNOX OompuOlax of the Garrett*

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