Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 11, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 11, 1876 Page 3
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THE COURTS. glgdoa Remanded to Jail— XUe Houore Block Has a Receiver. Vrt Another Argument Concerning the Rockford & Rook Island Road. geeorcl of Judgment* and Ncrr Suits*- Bankruptcy Proceedings* Mr. Rlgdon’a attempt to ahorten Ida term In tail though Ingenious, was not quilo aucecsaful. The argument of Tuesday wcw continued yester day morning before Judge Gary, and Mr. Con itantlnc filed the amended return of tho Sheriff, •hawing all the facts of the case. Mr. Tuloy then continued hts argument? in listing that the amended return did not show {bat Judge Williams hod jurisdiction, and that Itoould not he presumed. Also, that no person could be committed without due process. On tho other hand, Mr. Constantine argued that Judge Williams would not have acted un less bo had jurisdiction; that the return referred to on order which showed that the parties were In court, the words “stand committed” being need, showing that the persons referred to were then before him. He also cited divers authori ties to show that n party could hF committed to jail, to tho custody of tho tilmrilf, without any held that In tho absence of proof he must presume that Judge Williams find ju risdiction. If such had not boon tho fact, an Issue should have been raised before and tried. Id regard to the process, it was very dear tlmt none was necessary, n* the order of Court was the warrant on winch tho Sheriff, who was an officer of Court, was to act. If tho question had been doubtful, the Judgo sold he would have been slow to interfere, but. us it seemed perfect ly plain to him, he fell obliged to remand Mr. lllmlon to jail to serve mil the uncrpltcd time of his sentence, which Is three days. fm nocuvono, noun island a st. louis RAILUOAD. Judge Drummond was occupied yesterday In hearing a motion to strike from tho flics the stip elemental bills of Misa Jessica E. Hooper and J. L Robinson filed a short time ago in the suit of the Union Trust Company of New York vs. Tho Rockford. Hock Island St. Louis Tlullnmd Com pany. In these bills, which were filed a few days Era, the complainant* charged Ostcrbcw, tho pur tharcr of the railroad, with fraud and duplicity In relation to them, and asked for thu appointment of a Receiver and an account. _ , „ , „ It was objected yesterday by Jiulgo Truinbnll Hint the complnlnnnl* In tho eupplcmcntnl bills were not parties to the original suit; that their bills had no relation to tho suit to foreclose; and llial there was no necem-ary connection between (he original and supplemental hills. His argu ment* occupied the greater part of the day, and tho motion was then continued until this morning. TIIR UONOUE IILOCK. In the case of the Connecticut Mutual I.lfc-In inronce Company vs. J. Young Hcamrnon and oth er*, Judge Drummond yesterday appointed Hamil ton H. Hogue Receiver, under bond for 550,000. The Receiver Is authorized to take possession of the Houore Htock mid the land on which It stands, being the premises in controversy in the suit, and to receive all Urn rents and Issues ixccpt the rent* payable by the United Stale* Gov immcnt. or the postmaster, for the part occupied n*ai'otd-0111co. Ha Is also to make an examina tion of the condition of tho building, the amount necessary to put It In good condition for tenting, mil the repair* which are necessary, and Is author bed to rent the building eitlmr to one party or in separate parcels, to collect nil rents and bold them inhject to tho order of the Court, und report monthly his doings and accounts. DIVORCES. Lucy Scbwarzbach flletl a bill yesterday agalnrt her husband, Martin Schwarabacb, asking for a «U --torce on account of hi* desertion ami drunkenness Jofforeon L. Sldvvell alto represent* (lint, al though be has In all respects* conducted himself to wrnlils wife Margaret ns he wns bound to do, she Suf forgotten her vow* no far as to break the bov talk commandment with one James Urcmcu, and Blilwell not unnaturally feels dlapimodto sccksom* ebaeter spouse. Judge Blodgett wasoccnpled nearly all day yes terday in hearing the cusc of John .M. Smith, a boy who was charged with passing counterfeit 00-cent factional currency notes. The evidence was. of Course, nearly nil circumstantial, and Smith made a rigorous defense, hut ho was found guilty. Tho jury, however, all signed a petition recommending him (0 the mercy of the Court on account of bis age, ho beluga dy about Id or 17 years old. Jung.! Unveil will tbls morning bear the motion for Lilunctlon In tho cose of M. F. Tuloy ignlnst (he Hoard of Health, to prevent the iwurd of tho contract for the scavenger rorkt Dunne & Scanlon, lie will then take up thoar nments In tho case of I.owonthal vs. the Chici 0. Danville As Vincennes Railroad. la tic case of Stanley IJ. Sexton th. Henry M. Curtis, Judge Fnrwell yesterday appointed Henry M. S.iorwood Receiver, under a oond for 515.000. in injuncthm wnu also issued to prevent Curtis from Interfering with the property of the firm of UcnrvM. Curtis, composed of himself and Sexton. An application was mude some time ago, but a Re ceiver was refused, and the hill was amended and mother application made, which was successful. UNITED STATES COURTS. M. Newbie began & suit fur SO,OOO against CliarlcK c, Buy. H. U. Jenkins, Assignee of Joseph Butler Ss Co., brouehUuil In trover against Theodore K. btncey mil E. S. Wadsworth to recover SI,OOO damages, and another for a like amount against C. F, Perlo- W» nANKHUI'TCY MATTERS. Andrew J. nnd William M. Hutery, of Atirorn, llcrt their voluntary petition yesterday. Tbolr un lecnrud debts arc $2, Bits. 01. The mucta consist of notes and open accounts to tho amount of about $2,200. William Hutery owes $1,700, and baa no uects. Andrew J. Mattery has secured and pre ferred debts to the amount of 5H.b2U.47, the real etoto securities being worth 312,7-10.10; also un ircureddcbts to the amount of SIfI.KJS. 10. Ills uiets consist of real estate valued nt $20,0:10. mortgaged f0r514,441.07; bills and notes, $0,000; a patent-right to nee Cowles* patent treadle-power for rowing-machine" In lowa, and opon accounts, 17. The petition was referred to Register John A. Ahrens and George H. Behrcn*, coal dealers In this city, were (he second llrm to go Into bankruptcy yesterday. Their debts, all unsecured, foot up SID,UM, 111, chiefly duo to coal merchants in Itulralo. Tho assets consist of 880 tons of hard Coal, worth s:t,o2f»! seven hnrecs, $050; eight coal wagons, $270; harness. $25; scales, SHO; twoofll cci, ham, anil sheds, $150; wood, $25; and open •tenants, s:io:i.i:i. Neither partner has any hull- Tmoal debts, nnd no assets beyond an equity of redemption (nu couple of lots, which aromort- Kfor nearly their full value, Referred to ler Hibbard. John P. Dickey, of Chicago, also Joined the un fortunates. Ills schedules show $2,10U of secured ocbls, andsß,44 t of unsecured HablUlles, but no assets. This case was referred to tho Register, as usual. linally, James M. Clow, of Crystal Luke, filed ms schedules, showing thuthu owed $11,151. 44, but had nothing with which to pay. Referred to Register Hlbhord. D. Howard Donovan was adjudicated bankrupt by confc&Hon, and a warrant Issued returnable Jane 10. . AiiAsilgnoo wIU be choecn thin morning for Axro B. Morgan. In tho matter of tho National Life Insurance Company, the Assignee, Kirk Hawes, filed a peti tion yesterday setting ont that ho, as Assignee, {md purchased the equity of redemption of cer tain laud mortgaged U> tho Company, so that It the legal, tRIe, That there WM due about 11,500 taiCß on the land which must bo paid, and, a» ho could not advance tho money, bo wished to have tho property sold. Tho following Is » de scription of It: Lots 8,0, 11 to 10, 22, and 2.1, In Block 24; Lot* 1. 4, fi. 8,0, 14. 18, 17, 18, m 20. 2L and 24, Block R.T; Lots 1,4, 24. the west 7.T-0-10 feet of Lots 2, r’ ,®i and the north 211 feet of Lot ft., H ,c l , ant i eant 123 0-10 r iU9 u , l « 4, and 8, and all of Lot* 2. 3,0, 7, n *°.r3 Inclusive, In Block Uu, all In original Jr- Subdivision, Jefferson Township. An •» «,fi u M ow ? t «d RttUiorixlng tho Aulguuc to sell >f Um ca d Ct i° n ’ ftiUjr s lvlu 4f uotlcu , aupßitioa court in brief. Xrui( 0n o . Be y, erln hegau a ault for SU.OOO igainst v l . A ' Kwlnjj, fort-iriLJ 1, ®niTCharles O. Warren bromjht salt wr against Joseph Kagun and Joseph Spies. _ ClltOUlT OOUUT. ttn?! P?,V ncct| ciU Mutual Life Insurance Company sSJ*Wllwilnil Cbarlwli. CliaaaaDd wllo. An- KSb. . n, “ n . J - L - orcenii, and Clean!" B. Baj, S ifi"'. 1 "* • fruit-Joed for |Ui, 000 on tbal part ih.wM 0 1110 Canal Trualcua’ BubdlvUlou of 17 1 ,!!•>)• andlUoW. HoltboN. E. Uot Sec, ikA Fir* acscHb-ctl ua followa; Commencing at no iomheast corner of Block 3, on Utmroo ctreet, grow running north on tbu west Hue of Ceil* £•"«»« m feet, thuucu west on a Hu® rl?] t l .Y' 111 * B °uih Hno of said block at l.l FK eo th parallel with the coat lino «.!*. kl° c k* 111 feet to tho north lino of Monro® at* Cflß * °n tho north Hue of Muuroo »n el I, K t 0 th o place of bednuinff. Stvlnw Inetltutlou fllcd a bill iSn M « Valentin® Hlnater and wife, and Will* &nAn °J 4n t. to foreclose a mortgage fur ft., i , oa feet in width from the north *«•( side of Lot 14-1 la Butterfield's Addition to WUc# B°i (routiugdSH feet on Clybouru avenue. T _ TUB CALU oAnr-Q7;i ( :m, Ifil, 453, 466. 457 to 470 to 474 Inclusive. JupuaJaMi.og-No calL jH DOI Wooub—Motloua at 3n. m, dtn«j» llouxna—Set ease 3.7it0. i» tK ‘* WooTn-4iia to 335 InclosWe. WcAlusivu—lCG to 456 luclulva of ■°“B® liogcra’ calendar. Juoux PsuwtiL-No call. **«np Btatm Coost—Jvsu Bm»* ntrp—Tlohnrt I.jiin- ct ill. v.. I'rocc.ii. of ml. ot barque Parana; decree, 835- t _ , Vi ,. M jjwsi A 1 i’ll now' ff*n r—ll iln oi * Trust undSaTlne* Dank v*. Hammd J. Walker. *S.O.W-2p“< eorgft U. Grosaet a). vs. John F. Whiling, 83flfi.H. CiiiufiT Mini- ImH v*. Ucnlnlph U Falk ami Otto W. ftchol*, SIG 7-60. - ACADEMY OE SCIENCES. Tlta Botanical Garden— The I*nte Col. Ham* uql Blnnn. The Academy of Kclcncca held their regular monthly meeting at their room* Tuo*dny evening, Hie Vice-President, Prof. Habcock, In the chair. After the usual routine business, Prof. Kdtmmd Andrew* gave an Interesting statement of a recent visit to the cool mines of Ilraccvlllc, exhibiting specimens, etc. He nlso described a number of fo«sll* from Indln, received from Prof. McChcsney. They will make a valuable addition to tho couec* Hons of the Academy. Prof. Hnbcock then rend an Interesting paper on tho present condition and prospects of tho CHICAGO lIOTANICAL HARDEN. The following is the paper: I desire to call tin- attention of the Academy to the fact of the existence of the Lhlcagn Uolanlcal Garden, and to soy something of Its organization, - aarfrn Imd l(»ng been considered by the South Parle totnnil*- stoners, and especially by tho Chairman of the Horticultural Committee of tho Hoard, and in the ni,tumn of 1874 lliey decided to undertake the enterprise from tho following considerations: The faiS tlis Increased allonlbm given a botany, theoretically end practical}*, especially hii the direction of horticulture amltgrlcullure: IhnUhere Is Iw tiie United Slates but «no botanical garden worthvthe appellation: tlmt many valuable plants, Tiati sea of this country, have already been destroyed In thrtlr original location, and can now be obta ned only from European gardens where they have long been cultivated * and are highly prized; that such n garden would be of great value to Hie people sci entifically and aesthetically, * unique and attract live feature of the parks, and on object of Interest to visitors from all parts of tho country; moreover, that it -would furnish In time a great variety of ma terial mat attainable from ordinary sources, for the adornment of the parks themselves; that Chicago, from Us central location and wide rcpntallon for enterprise, was a very suitable place for such a garden: and finally because the garden, as a feat ure of tlm park system, could bo established and malutnli.M-d at n comparatively small expense, tak ing in vlirw Us probable value to the park, tho city, the pcopto aud region of which Chicago is the con tfln December, 1874. the Commissioner* requested five citizens of Chicago and Hyde Park—members of this Acmlcmy—to undertake the management and direction of the Warden, subject to the ap proval of the Commission. The Committee Imme diately orgmlzcd, and In January, 1875. issued a circular to tho principal gardener* of the world, giving an outline of tho plan proposed, and solicit ing contrlbitlons. Perhaps a brief allusion to other gardens may not be out of place. A list of tho Ilolanlcaf Qardcns of tho world published In Itelclum In A 874 Includes 130 In Europe. 10 n Asia, 10 lit Africa, $ In North America, 7 in South America, 3 In the West Indies, and Bln Australia. Immediately after onr circular was Issued, the Di rector of tho Cambridge Carden wrote: * I have fell too deeply the necessity of, other botanical gordens in this country not to rejoice at the es tablishment of one at Chicago, and shall consider myself most fortunate If In any war I can be of service to you.” Letters of similar tono and full of encouragement were received from England, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, South America, and Australia. Mince the 10th of April, 1875. there have been received 7.578 packets of seeds and hdcclca of living plants from Merlin, Lelpslc, Heidelberg. Erlangen, Wurzburg, Halle, Grc|f«- wald aud Darmstadt, In Germany; Puns and Mont pellier, In France: Pisa and Palermo, In Italy; Vienna and Prague, in Austria; KolozHvar,' Hungary; Enrich, Switzerland; Am* Hterdam. Holland; Kew. England; St. Petersburg, Tliimlu: Calcutta. Hrltisblndia; Unitcnzorg, Java; Santiago, Chill; Melbourne, Australia; Cambridge, Muss., and twenty-four Individuals and Institu tion!* in North America, Asia, and Africa...... Four propagating bouses were erected last fall and have Iwcn completely fitted. There are 3,000 species ready to place In the ground so soon as the weather will permit, and before the close of the season there will ho growing in tho ground and un der glass over 5,000 species and varieties. The In terest manifested in the success of tho Garden In all parts of the world greatly surpasses onr expec tation. It may be said that the enterprise Is fairly inaugurated, and with a good prospect of ultimate ■success, if only snfilclcnt local Interest Is developed to warrant the Commissioners in Us continuance. COL. SAMUEL STONE. William Hro8« then offered the following tribute to the late Col. Samuel Stone, and ll watt unani mously adopted: * ‘This Academy Is again called totnonm the lon of ime of Ita most valuable members, In the death of Col. Samuel Stone. For several years ho has beuti one of Ita most liberal supporters, contribute Inc freely of his money to sustain It, and present* lag to Its collections one of Us most costly and Im portant fossil specimens. If possible always pres ent t»t Its meetings, his wise counsels and apt sug gestions added clllclcnlly to tho Interest and the nrociwa of this Institution; therefore, •• Jfrto/rtd. Thnttho Academy gratefully recog nize L*>3 services of Col. Stone, and that the Sec retary be directed to spread tbla tribute to bis memory upon the records of the Academy. mEsc’i:iXAM:oi)s. "TIivFUTISERS desiring to reach country /V readers can do so In the cheapest and best manner hv using onu or mort! teellmi* of Kellogu's Great Newspaper List* and state Divisions. F«p Illustrated cntidnguu and map addresi A. N. UELI.OUO, 7d Jack* son-st. A LI, ROOD CAST-OFF CLOTHING AKI) CARPETS A. hoagldalthc highest price by JOS Art A. Dili- RLSMA, 30U south Clark'St. Notice by mall attended “i'LL CAKW PAID FOR CAHT-OFF CLOTHING. J\_ carpets, furniture, andmlicelluneonsKooiliof any kind by aendln it a letter to JONAS OELDKH. »H State. /•tOCKHOACIIKS. BED-BUGS. AND MOTIIH. EX terminates! by contract (warrnntmD.Artlne solo, Information free. ARTHUR OAKLET, ISO hast Wuihlngton-aU, Room ft. T ADIKSRXPBCTiSO COKFIXEMKKT WII.I. FIJI) Jj nice, quiet rooms, excellent board and skillful treatment, lu the private resldrncn of an experienced lady physician in this city, by addressing I us. Tribune mike. Notice-la usury-all parties wishing to btve iroivl work done will plensesend In their order*, or call at tbu new Stockholm Laundry. EM North Clark-at. New shirts and ladles' clothing done In ftrst-clasa stytn. XTOTICB-TIIR FOLLOWING PRICER PAID FOR i> ladles* and genu* ra»t-oIT clothing; Drosses, from 85 to son. Coats, from S 3 to f!5. Pants, from $1 to 85. Address JV, 385 Htato-st. ______ rpiin'TRIAL OF”JOHN BURKE AND THOMAS 1 KERWIK to-day In the Criminal Court on the charge of having robbed a man named John M. Smith, tho evidence established their entire Innocence, and overwhelmingly otid cuiicUislvcly that before ball of the witnesses fertile defendants wero Introduced. the .Didst. Bute's Attorney, and Jury unanimously declared that there was no case at all against them, and they were must honorably discharged, and there was nu one In the room but thatJclt that they had been must un justly charged. Tlmy may well be proud of the chartc tor they Established. WANTED—SECOND-HAND FRONT BTKPB FOR VV cottage houw; about nlnofccthigh; u( once. 701 West Van Ttiircn-st. TOEXCILVNG K. riLPAR COTTAOK AND LOT WORTH ABOUT fs.ux), to trrwlofor cqultyln larger house, or for house on leased lot. Address C Ki. Tribune olUce. riM> EXCHANGE-FUR HOIJBB OK COTTAOK. BTO J l‘i rooms, between Halitcd-st. and Bcsiern-tr., Madison and Van Burtwsw., 150x10) feel, clear, cor ner Mozart-sU and Napsnso-av., opposite Hurobolt Park, sud terminus of street cars, will astinio. aud give a bargain for a cosy place. 1 in, Tribune oUlce. rno RXCIJANOK—LAROH AMOUNTS OF CITY X and suburban property; several fine tracts of Urn her and mineral land*! will moke trade* from #2,000 to 8 IUO.UU) for good cijuiUo*. lb KENNEDY, UJ 1)W --buru'st.. Room 10. rivo KXCHANUE-fftO.wo IN TOWNSHIP BONDS X Issued byonn of th«» best counties of a Western State for dry goods, ls>otaanil stmaa or other pantoaal properly. Address J ANUARY, Tribune offlee. rpo EXCHANGE—2tWX) ACRES CHOICE FARMING X land In Eastern Nebraska and cash for Improved city property. _ A- PATTERSON, 10U WtuhlagUm-ib, Room to. * rno EXCnANOU-J-TiW CHOICE LOT'S AT BOOTH X Englewood for new ptmo, but U must be a good one. Atldrnts K bo. Tribune office. f IX) KXCHANOB—FOR CITY PROPERTY. A VIR- X clnls f«nn within 37 mIW sof Washington City, with npnfeaqd peach orchard*,, 11ml vlnoyard aud valuable brown stone quarry. Address A. NICOL, IS South Pcorlu-st. FIvTEXCHANGE—NICK MtOOH COTTAGE. AND 1 lot .'iiixlgA (clear), east front, on Cuttugu Grove nv., right at Thlrty-Oral-st. Wlll pny (g.uD cash. Want a good house uad lot on West SlUo near Jefferson or Union Park, worth fs.ttAioriia.iUi. J. B. BOYD, ilount 14, Ufl Hadlson-al. rnd and lot atwinnkt* J. ka. unlacumhered, for rwddinic® on South or >S sat Bhlot wllUasuniefroin to 63,cm If necessary. GEORGE V. BYRD. 1M lASallo-st.. Doom IJ, rty} KXCiiANaK-nnAiib in a fiust-claha ou south Side for a horse that a lady caa «jrl»e. Inquire at llvory-ilablc, corner Wacash-av. and TLlrtmith-st. _ Doarlmrn-st.. Boom d. "laOST AM BTHAVED COW AT IW LOW*AV. THE OWN cr can hove her by paring all espcnsca. T OST—WILL THK GENTLEMAN WHO H)UM) Jj uanenlosl by me please acrid mo his address and oblige; GEO. W. DEXTEIL Ittvcfst. T LUST— COMING FUOiX THE HANK, YESTKItIIAY afternoon, fid) curreui-y. amt draft on Mere luma' National Bank, New York, for Itm. vu whlclipayineutlsstoiiped. \v\l lllio finder please i ?Tluru the money to mo at « I.ako-»t., mid l>«' snhabhr re* warded, as I cannot afford to loae It. H. WILLAND. IOHT-ON UATUIIDAY AFTEHNGON LAST, COM* 4 lug out of Me Ticker's Theatre, a mink boa. The finder win b« suitably rewarded by calling at No. 6 North CTark-aL LOST-OH BTATE-BT., A POCHKT-BOOK CON* Ulntng money, cerllrfcaioof deposit, and railroad iiosms. Krturobovk with couumu, and keep money, tnd recslio reward. lU»uui 44 Bryaui Block, Bear* orn and Itandolph-sU. I OST—GOLD !UNO, BET WITH OPAL BTONR; i lost near comer Btata and Washlngton-sU. (ft re wvd by leaving at Tribune uttlcu. d»r; IUJWAUI) W|I.I.IIK PAID FOU TIIK ItETUHN rpfj ur my rwl IHkli setter t>np lu uca t’ralrtU'SV.. or JtU«n 1, W 7 Wuhlutfton-kt. Uui ou uurulu*t uf Usy iu, lA7O- U ittim 4 months oil tad taiwus to tbs THIS CHICAGO TRIBUNE! THURSDAY, MAY 11, 187 C, crrv dstati: 1/011 HALE-rs»N't.7» ON OAK-AV., NK.AII hTAI/A* 1 ton, one of Hilt In*«t lot* in that vb-lnliv- Slim on Calumet-ar., Jim*<>inli nf Thirty •Hurd-H., east front. Cll.l I . 1 1III■ ryitizi on We«t Adami-at.. east of Catlfornla-nv. Either of above nan ho lino on very eii*y term*. No payment down to imrtle* who will imlhl. . 1/OU SALE-LOTION fHIIO - ASD‘ASIII.i:V-RTH.. near Itohey, No pavnnmt down, mid money ad vanced to partira who will luillJ. MEAD ACO hi, IM«p*-«t. 1/Oft BALE-LOTd ON ASHLAND.AV., CONNER 1 ofOouclM-Plnce, very cheap. No imyini.’iil required of partle* who will bnlld at wire. Here I*a dor. ehance fur a good builder to make mni" money. fio and ex amine the property. MEAD A COE. irr» LnSnlle-ft. bidk-klkoast HHICK J 1 mldcncenn LnH:illr-al.. nrarOoMtinj lotrmjjrPUi good Darn. Will aeU at event bargain. ULUVCII * iIAIINER, Room .1. M Washington-*:. I'/OU SALK—.VLOTH ON I.AFIJN-.HT.. NKAH HAH . rlcon: S lotsnn Twentr-nfth-»t.. eorner Portland sv.s akiuon TwentY-llilni-st., nt-arCahimei-sv. Will nsysnme bnllrtt-r Junking for bargains. JIF.NHV L* Hff.L, 14* Desrtioriost. I/OU BALK-NKW TWO-HTOHV lUIICK DIVKIJ.- 1 |ne. 2l» Pnmnnt-*:.: gas. water, sewer, cellar. Imy-wfudiMvi nvmilily payments I'ljnlvnlfal to ivntj 14.W10. HKNjtV r. OEOJHJK. mo rifth-ftv. 1/6h flAiiK-OTfl Ffik’f PH?)NT ON WEST ADAMM- J' at,, Ixtlwren Wlnchcater ami Itolx!)-. We woiiM rail attention of imthten to till* prujierty. as tt l» one of the moat UealraMe location* In town for a Mock of liulMfnK*- Term* easy. MEAD & t.'Olk I.V>LaSal|e. 1/ou sAI.Tt-fo'mru.DEns-noxsm. on vin- J’ cennes-nv.. n«ri»iea*t comer of Proapeot-place. This choice piece of property enn t«* lm<l on very favor able term*. Uu nnd eiamlno and make an offer. MKAD A COE. IM I.uSntlc-M. l/OR RALR-fiCtaio. A fiPLKNIHD H-P.OOM POT i' tage, and lot 3'xiur,, east front, on Denrhorn-fl., between Thlrljr-seermd and Thirty-third. Till* I* one of the handaoniMt little hoit»ea In the city amt a deda nl imrgntn. T. 11, IIOVD, Hoorn t 4, H» Mwdl*on-at. FEET OS DKAIt- I* ItornextciiHlon. near Polk-tt., runnlna ftirongh to Kmirth-nv, hlaku ai> offer. J, M, PKBTANA, ICJ Deart>oru'*t. T/OU RALE—V'AI.HAIHiR HK.RI’DF.NCH ON LAKE .1 itiore near Twentieth-*!, s furiil'lnd or ntlicralsci, great bargain, H, LAXCASTF.It. I4f) Monme-a., I/OU SALK—ON NOinil LAHAM.K AND NDRI tl Clnrk-sts. near firhlltcr-st. in feet fronts tiv I.VJ deep to alley. On longtime and eaar term*. D. WILL IAMS, luaClark-it., or owner, laa Vlneennea-nr. I* /OR RAI.E-SKVr.ItAL ItATHf OHANCKR FOR IN veitment. Those de*lr(ng to hny or sell at price* mlled to ttie time* arc respectfully Invited tnenifupoa EBAIAB WARREN, 100 Dearborn-al. corner Washing ton-iL, hiueincnt. . 1/OU RALE—TWO OP THE REST fiTOHES ON . Madlsoa-at., near Franklin, 4<)yih:) eaeli: will nay inprrrentnct on price a*kcd. JAR. W. BCOVILLE, No. UP Weat WaMilnthon-at. sufnrunA.'v himi/kstati:. I?ou bale-o'k~enctianof:-in glencoe nood tw«-«iory bon»« with law corner lot, tiffin, Neat new cottage, marble msoteL hay window. ic., ta.ftoo. lionse, new two-rtory, II room*, well built. acre lot, *3,000. MORTON CULVER, Boom < Metropolitan Jllock. F)U RALE—REST SOUTH ENGLEWOOD LOTS, Sl7r> each, payable S 3 per mouth. MATSON HILL, »7 Wftshlnston-au For ralk-maukrt saerrs, SU33, Sion down, balance ts nionthlr; office day* Saturday and hlondny. J. U. EARLE. Room 37, OTClark-st. I/OU SALK—\T2RY CHEAP-TWO NEW FlßST clna* residence! at Ittdireland, n rooms each. JA3. W. BCOVILJ.K, IJO West WaaJitngtnn-at. TOOK SALK—RENT—OR EXCHANGE—HOUSER X uid lot* at Hinsdale. Size of place*. price, and term* to salt. 10 Conti fare. O. j. STOUOU, 123 ne.ftrborn-st. TOOR SALK—AT WESTERN SPRINGS. ON EASY 1. monthly payments to suit, 2-etory home* and no footlotsnts«si. *j,«w, and ft/; near school* and depot; eldewslks, ele.. nil complete, rcadr to move In* to; m-rent train morulncand evening. f. C. HILL, 4 Lakeside Building, I’ /OK SALK—EXCELLENT HOUSES AT RAVENS wood and Rumiaentale on easy term*: lake water; frequent train*: low fare*. A. RENNKTT, Agent, muthcaat corner Monroe and Market-**. COLM'KY RRAL ESTATE, IJM>U RALE-V . Kenosha. AVI*.; rood buildings; Urge orchard, nil kinds of fritltt good neighborhood: a yen - desirable homestead: Immediate powesiilou. J. ROND. Room 7, 183 FastMadlarin-Bt. FOR BALE —GREAT BARGAINS ILLINOIS farms, rich land*. dwellings, orchards, etc., at *ju In ffau ner acre; no exchange; possession Blvcn. I. D. SPEAU. Hoomaaotuwocte. TOOK SALK-DEBIRAIILE RESIDENCE WITH ALL X neri>fl*ary conveniences. choice fruit, etc. V.’IU fell nr trade for land or stock of cuuda. Address RICH* Attl) CARROLL. Bbeldon. 1)1. ItHAL ESTATE WANTED. TirANTED-MT! RAVE CASH CUSTOMERS FOR A ri More on State's!., between Twelfth and Four teenth. paying good Interest on Investment. Also, for hrlck house and barn on .Jackson. Adams, or Mon* roe*»t«., east of Ashland-av., (mm frr.noo to *7.000. Comer preferred. FRED. L. FAKE A CO.. TirANTF.D—TWO IMPROVED fIUSINEBH OR OF V> flccbulldlngsln central locution. South Side, fron fino.nvifo ft.vt.oon rnrh. Will give Rood exchange hoG }LKJil l ™ l y 180 Dcarlwim-st. TITANTED—FOR CARII—4O 011 80 ACRES OF LAND »t for Immediate subdivision. within la tulles of the Court-Ronie md within Half a mile of some good de pot; will not pay more than from Kirin to *:tro per acre 5 give full description, so that I can locale or the map, and Hale the lowest price. Address C on, Tribune oftJcc. FINANCIAL A A -MONEYTO LOAN IN BUMS TO BRITON liV, Improved real estate In Chicago or ou Illinois farms, li. L. PEASE., Reaper block. Advances madr on watches, jewelry dlnmondJ. revolvers, opera-glares, tanks. furs Instruments, etc., cto.. at OOLUHMID'B Loan am RulHon orlh’e. a.» Ea*t MadDou-st. Cash pnM for oh cold and silver, gold dint, silver bars, precious sionci and valuables of every description. Unredecmc pledges for sale. ADVANCES MADE ON’ DIAMONDS. WATCHER, bonds, cle..M LAUNDERS’ private nJllO'*. iuo Ran dolpb-st., urarClark. Roomsr> ami il. Established IHM. TVIOKKV to loan «s’ — heAM^'AfE‘lN ciTT ill cairo and vicinity; Improved preferred. MEAD A COE, 15ft LaSnUc-rt. ■ Money to"loan tn furniture. pianoh. diamonds, bnii>i‘R, on lenscd lots nnd other cood sermltlcs. K. WINNK, No. innDcarboru-st. "W/'ANTED—f USE OF WHICH IVIM, »» give #l2 per month, to apply on (Irst-i-lass full board at Kiperweek; principal run bo bonutcd out ni paid In ru»li na preferred; location, Monroe and Centre avs. Address K 47, Tribune olllec. ■\\rANTKn-»!worFbnaooHni» days; will hive it #fto Internal In advaneu anil security of $2.U»i on good brick household. Address E ho, Tribune nfllce. TTTAXTED-S7OO. FOR THREE MONTHS DU LESS; Vt Brst-cius security. Answer at once. 31 so, Tribune ofllce. SankVper CKNT-MONKY in rums ok s.%m to SlU.(lOUtoloan(iur.ltv real mate Olid farms In this vicinity. W. M. WILLNER, 12a Laßallc-st., Room I. 8 PER CENT FUNDS TO LOAN ON CHICAGO real estate; money here; low commission. .(TUR NER 4 BOND, DW WnahlngtonjU. * 8' '“PER* CENtANPO PER CKNT-MONE V TO LOAN lnsmnsors4.(vsisnd upwards on Chicago real es tate. It W. HYMAN, JR., ft CO., Room 11, (55 La- Ralle-it. <4l tawki, to loan on tmj ,UU<» elty real estitnat n percent; money on band. ,1. RBNUYF.orP,J4lWftp»>r_lMmdt. tttClnrk-st. dso nnn to »:Mmn TO INVEST IN A oboii Cl )£» UUU live business, urwouhl loan above out and work on a salary, by a live young btndnesa man; shysters need not answer. F 70. Tribune olllee. and other shmh to suit, to loan at current rates. TURNER AT BOND, IQJ Wftehlngtun-st. O/i KC\n CASH 'wanted for a perma nenl and paying Investment. ITS* slock has paid dividends of about id percent pur annum, un an average, for the past four years. I'ruof positive giv en that It will pay much better In the future. Address INVKBTMKNT. Tribune oirica. nVNINENIt CHANUKN. An interest in a PRACTICAL CAR rtTARTER for sale, which is fully aecured by lettora patent. Llbend nrmngemcnU will be mudu with parties bavhm means ond Influence. A working model exhibited. Cull or addrno. staling whore an interview can be bald, J. CLAUSE, 31 Smith Canal-st.. Chicago. A TWO-THIRDS INfl'llKST IS ONE OF the oldest wtabllabsd machine shops In the cltyfor »alr. ou rosy terms or eschamm for imlnromhercd real estate. Addrcae, lof thrcodays. K. XI. Tilbutie oitton. LADYUAViNG A UOOP IHhUNEHK WIHUKrt to meet a gentlemen with assist herj good security. Call at ikw Mouth floor BTKADYMAN WITH HM ALL CASH CAPITAL can secure half Interest hi nice, proDtable business. ItW But lUndolph-st-. ItoomJU. C~’ HEAP FOR CAHH-FOU SALE, RESTAURANT and saloon. Callat 174 West Madlson-su Pen lo cation on Wrat Bids. Call for three days. Cioal-yaild'fok hajJj at a bargain: one i of the Itcsi locations In tho city. Address V. OA Tribune olUce. DIIUO STOKE von HALE—DOING A GOOD CASH business. Good reason furwlllnc: will take half In Improved real estate. Inquire at nuuMadlson-st. LATUAKKLT EUR HALE CH EAP, ON THE WEST Bide, with horw*. wagon, an<l futures, doing a itood cash trade. Addresa A 47. Tribune olllco. DAUTIKB WIbIIINUTO ENGAGE' IS HUUSTAN- X Usl manufacturing will he given the equivalent of |o,oan. Plane, lunrtliin m-ur Chicago i shop tmlltsml machinery In. YOUNG & RoWLET, ing Hcajboni-»t. OF MERCHANDISE IN ANY TV lloet will pay cosh and run) osmiv. Addru** con fidentially or call at Hoorn a, Methodist Church Block, M.U.MOUUIS. noons. A lIKIHCAN HTUD HOOK, BY IHIUCK. f.'.; MILL ix on Political kcunmuy, U voU., ttvo., new, tl; HU* toryof Knglaud, hcuullfully lljnstraicd. half-moroccu, fftt Wahster's Dictionary,old edition. f.’i.AO; latestedl* Hen, :i.(is> iUnitrallons, so: innocents Ahroiul, new, fit! Olblxm’a Rome, o voli,, new, |A| History of tho Uefemutiuo, by D'Aublgne. ft voli., It. At hit HouiU Clatk-at.. betweenKandmphandLake. A. T. CHAPIN. CinAMBEIIB* CVCLPKDIA, fW| IMCTUHKSgUB i America. |lh| Prehutoriu Tluifs. l>> Lnh* boek. $3; Hill's Manual. *t; spcm cFa HUmry of United Slates, 4 Tols., |tl. Bend for colaloeuo. MiLLKUti Cheep Book-store tbflsciiiciH), HU aiuJlv>n-*l. nASif j’AID FOB BOOKB, MAdAXINFfI. MIMIfH (j »1 paid fur Wotwler's Dictionary. CHAPIN bOtljrl* nal Ola Book Store, in Madl®ou-sL, opp. Tribune Build- Ina* amvirvfiMAtiiirvtiN. FAMILY BI.MIKU 6KJI T\mfc ; rißAf^yp'KKW FAMUji n,.,. U one llowo (cood ai iu*w) f.u *Ui one Willem k (llbbi tor lili; one «u» U, Howe end Wumi (i7o»iylc>i, brand new, «l fi»s one **-> vraud tusw vVuuclor uid WlUou, tor WU« one IM Orover A Sftktrfur Money refunded If. after irUlAua clilneido nut auU imitiiMacn. DAVID t. COOK, W MtUl*ou-»U, up-eUin. I?LKOAST tSBWISO .M L *TASI>- trd inukt*. warnati'd Hir* o year* pcffocllu mfjr iianinular. with tucker and oil altaclunent*. fAaeacb. VJ. 'iiioa. u. maUVw. aw WauuU-»V. !30KHi;s ASD (!AIIHIA«KK< Auction -lueshavr. tiiurhdavs, asd S.uurdnva and bftrt.eaa ft ape rt iliy, at Wf:sToN ft CO.'H. Ni». 100 and UN Ki«t MdMlllttlnll-Kf, Atfljilo 11 MU’ Klvrn u» Il'Ktall IHlf'lft Kohl nnd> rit warrantee. Ht«rk on hand nl private aale. k UCTION RALEfT OK HORHE*,' BUGGIES, CAR; J\ rlnuf*'. barnew. nr., Monday*- Uedner.daya, and FrWirO;iniinnnr.ln»»lloi». m. WREN * CO.. ItM and Ret WanJiliißlnn-i't. . I t iwf WERT*'' MADISOS'HT.. FOR SALK. A J\ flm-clam delivery wiinn, with panel-buck, Ser vant patent wheel*. mnri Concord atles; At nos.”io ANDTaTBASt'wAfITns«TOS-sf.. a large Monk of canta*** ami bußXlea, new ami aeo und-bnnd, at co«t. 11.11. BILL. *A ’ I.OU’. 'dII:NKV DRAUGHT HORSE. VOUNO. J\ lound. caplin] ilngle or double; good hinfncM or deiiverv wagon. horae, phaeton, or nflvlnij tnaie. perfect beauty and proßiUlogttepper. .lObLIH I.A\nij_t';*i Mh lilgnn-av. 1/AST HOTTER FOR HACK. CONSIKTINO OF ONE J’ hay priding 7 yrara old. blood hay, black nolntf, heavy mmip and tall, kino and genlle; can pull a bi'Kjrf In half brother to I.lHla Longfellow, the moat iirOTtilMog hone In 111 Inola. AI»o. o f«t pnjrlnt? marc, cheatuut color, rlehl-lmnd ten white and atripe In face, 6 ynura old. a perfect beauty; tan beat any hor»c lu Chicago. pacer or trotter, barring the pacer Jeff Davl", that I* n«rd and driven by Doc Olio, and ho H for into rHo, anil .luff l« the bo<* of the world on the road*. Alto, t big coacbcr, tfi haftda UlgU. aorroU heavy iiinuo nnd mil; olotitf uiih avrernl other ateppora. Apply to TIIILIT COM.IN, La.Snlle, 111. |?6u RALE—A FINK TARK T’iIAKTON.IIREWHTER I’ make; al*o. a nleo Victoria pha' ton. and acveral new and Kvi:und-h.ind buyelet. oj>cn*nd ton. 7.11 and 7tn sute-ftt. E. c. HAYUE, auccewor to Ilajde & O'llrten. TAOR BAI.K—A SECOND-HAND, THREE SI'UINH ” phaeton. nti'l hanx-M, nil In eoridUlon, r J' r •alt* e.benn. inquire u. tbe liable* o( Mr. Fred Malt, 702 MUhlcnn-HV. i.'oii sale-hood. honest. ruhiness on road .1 horacsnn trot Inifr.w; little tore In fronts Hand anywhere without hitching: dirt clicapt or Rinnaiiße for top hnccy. iw Wwt Honr»e*«t. Vink" okntlkman’s duivinu r How. (lav—h year* old-pcrfecllr reliable, and reryfaitand c vIInIi. No trade wanted. JAMES 11. Hint, n-t Dearborn**t., between ll and 12a. m. i/oifs a'le-a H-year* old'horse. pound and J’ kind! a lady can drlvu? light road wocon and bar* n"M. 3'«uCarroll*av. 1/uR PAu:-niKAf-oNn pair v.-oiik houses. J 1 harneaa, and wagon, one heavy draft lior*e;on(i two'lmrif coal-box wagon, aud two coal carta. 177 F.ail Madtumat.. Room «. T.xhi'hai.e-a FIRST-CLASH TURNOUT. COS* r *l*llng of a lim-elrw* fldc-bar top-buggy, rubber* trlmmcd harnra*. aod hnr»« can travel much belter than n minute*, warranted pound and (carle** of noth* Inc. 8 rear* of ace. Hold for no fault, only tbe owner hiu no in** for It. Applyftt MS lVolin*li*av. T7O» SALK—AN A' I MOROCCoi-KATHEI! TOI 1 - I 1 Uuuejr, nearly new; ci»il 83. V); will sell cheap for Mill. J. J. SULLIVAN, Hrcat Central Hotel. i/dukale-'at*asackifice b y a~hkntlkman J: Irtvirtu tlm city, a, nearly new; nl*o a phaeton; milut be void. Addnu* No. 2j, Opden House. T7OR 8A LE--AT A VERY OUKAT BARGAIN. A 1; Urst-ctasi tou-lmcpv made liy Coin (t Ten Uroekc. AiliUcm 0 no, Tribune (/nice*. i;OK SALK-V finAV MARE 0 YEARS OLD. A J’ pood roadster and stylish. Inquire of CllAl'lN & GORE, 73 and ■fX»R S r ALK-AN'T:i.K(SANT SINGLE RIO FOR A X petillctnin; horse, liartiess. and ilde-bar buttcy. or horse, harness, and.very handsome phaeton. Audmi It 55. Tribune offlee. Must he rold-leathf.r-top buoov. good driving horse, extra stepper, safe for Indy to drives nl*o, elude hnmrM, Call on Mlchlpau-av., locond house south of TillrtyntnUi-st. WANTED-A CHEAP HOUSE FOR I)KI.I VKItV. (Mute price and where can be seen. No. 57 North Hulsted-n. AND LODUINU. * Soiifli Hide, fjn VAN BURRN-RT.. NEAR STATE-BOARD FOR I O ladles or Kentlcmen; £4 to f 5 per week, with uto of piano. ill FRANKLIN-ST.. BF.TWKEN MADISON AND i. IJ. Wat-hlnptun—Slnptc nnd double rooms, with board nnd u»o of bath-room- >•*> to ffl per week. 0<)1 - EAST JACKSON-ST.-NICELY FURNISHED 44L roomi with hoard, at $4..w per week; day board, «3.r>o per week. OH MICHIGAN AV., FRD.NTINO PARK AND Oil lake-All modern Improvements; newly-fur nished room* at moderate prices to permanent parlies; da; board. A ?*Q MICRHIAN-AV,—ELEOANT FURNISIIKD y-OO front room with alcove, for (rent and wife, with Iward. pfl7 VVABASR-AV.-A SUITE OF HANDSOME O'M room* with board. Reference* reiiulrcd. 7CfT^lKnift)AN-AV.—PLEASANT FURNISHED i O'.f rooms, with board ffttnlly,near Twenty ty-sccoud-st. Qh7l WAHASH-AV.—ROOMS WITH HOARD AT fn nnd $7 per week. Will HU th<* rooms and open the dlnlnP-rooma the Ikt of June. Will preserve a tlrfl-el.vs table. inno WAIUSH-AV. - VERT DESIRABLE | rooms, with board, either furuUbcd or un undshed. iri’QQ WABASH-AV.-EIiEOANT PARLOR ROOMS XUOO with board; nl»o front aleore atid roomi on iceond floor. Excellent table; term» reasonable. Veil Sitlo. 1 O SOUTH SANOAMON-RT.-NICELY FURNISR* cd front room for two with board. Family imull; few boarders. 1 7 LOOHIS-ST.—PLEASANT NEWLY FURNISH- Xl ed front room with tlrst-claM boattl. £T,f NORTH ASHLAND-AV. —THREE OR FOUR <J , lr Ixiardera wanted in a small private family. In anew stone swell front Mock, one block from street can and Union I'ark. Terms moderate; referencei excbniiped. ro arerdeen-st., near adam^-neatly iO furnished roomi, with orwlthout hoards terms moderate. XiO SOUTH MOUGAN-ST.-F U UNIS U K D ( \:£i room’to rent, with or without Itoanl, clthor ladles or gentlemen, or gentlemen ntul wive*. ‘Jf*'V'VFST'*UANIinUi|.ST.-LAUli;s OR GEN OD‘c tinmen cm secure pleasant rooms and good table fare at very moderate rate*. liny hoard. $4. *7l A TOST MONROK-ST.-HOMK EXCEEDINGLY i J,\/ pleasant rooms with excellent (ward. Modern Improvements. References exchanged. North suits Af? north clark-st.-good hoard. with ft O single aud douhlc rooms, cheap. Call and sec. ISolchi XTF.VADA HOTEL. l« AND 150 WARASII-AV. between Malison and Monroe-*:*.-1 lmt*eln«i board with room, si.soios3perday, fdtofa per week; liny board $4. f/» per week. Country* •DOOMS WITH HOARD AT RIVERSIDE FOR J V gentlemen and their wives at rates. Ad drer* Rot n* Riverside. 111. HOARD WAM’FD. OARD-RVAGKNTLKMAKIN QUIET. I’RIVATK family. In the vicinity of Twenty-sixth or Thirtieth* stH. Am. Tribune office. iJOARD—A YOUNG GENTLEMAN DESIUKH Jl board and room In i» nr vale fmnllr on North or South Side. Address t. 8. Trllnmo effler. IIOUSKI&OLD UOODSi ALL LOOK! LOOK I AT OUR sls MARIII.E-TOP Chamber Suits before buyings our s:ts Chamber Hulls! our $75 Marble.(op Chainuer Hullssurpa** all; ourStO, SSO. s<tt, and $75 Pm lor suits are unequuled. Marble-Top Tables, $7. #«. sn. sto. sl4. llnlr Mattress, Ih-u lick. (14. French All-Wool Terry Lounges, sl2 to sls. Sew Spring styles of Ingrain, Two-ply, Three-nly, Tapestry, and Uruv-els carpet*, 40c Wo, 75c. ft, $1.25 per yard; superior quality, lowest price*. ook-Stovrs and Ranges, warranted Am-claa*. sl4. fin. S2O. s2l. S2H. *:n. Headquarters for all goods lu the liouse-fumßhlng line, namely: Furniture, carnets, stoves, crockery, shade*, cumins, cornice*, bedding, etc., on InstiillmenlH, or for cash, at prices lower ihnii the lowest. Kxamlue our stock; It will pay you. Easy term* and square dealing. Houses furnished through out. The celebrated Kiuplre Parlor UedMeiul, In seven styles and new design* for 1(70, saves room, save* rent, saves money. The Empress Lounge.—an adjustable louucc, combining ease, comfort, luiury.— either right or left and the climax as an Invalid's rest. Bee It, and vou will buy no other. Head for Illustrated catalogue. FMPIRK PARLOR RKDBTKAIJ COMPANY. M 3 West Madl»un-H. A JOR LOT OF FINE PLATED CASTERS. FIVE bottles, revolving, selling thorn off at $1 each. Call and see them at 242 State-st., corner Jackson. IyLEGANT CIIAM'RER SUITS. OF VARIOUH J'j in te* and qualities, at price* ranging from $35 u> (llo._ K._T. MARTIN,_l/i4 Statu-st. I,MNK OUAUTV’hILK’PAULOIT-BITITR. JUST RE- I' eelved. at uno-hutf their value. Latest style* and best quality. 1L T. MARTIN. 154 StuU»-st. Wli BAI.K-TIII: KIMtNITUKF. OF A NINE-ROOM X' ItouMc. well adapted for ■ buardlntt-houne. located ou the south side; purtcaah ami time. 343 SUle-at., Doom u. i.Voll HALE-A FINEy.AUOK COOKJNO KANUkT I’ nlmi>«t miw; al«o reaunrant Uxlurc*. Apply U> Room u. IM DeaMinni-st. /AimSvovKN wnm .mattuessks and veer- U tea cabinet brdt are tho bent in the market. A»k for them. WHITTLESEY* I’ETKRS, 134 East Mod bton-»t, DTECIAL WAUOAIKrt IK PARLOR SUITS, O KAimS'H. IMHTATK-ST. PRICES IIKLOW c*6sr of manufacture. . We buy uml sell only for cub. ami can odor bargain* not to bo had eliowherc. flult walnut and terry parlor furniture, 7 pea $ W Hull walnut and terry parlor furniture, 7 twa M Parlor ault walnut and holr-rlolh, 7Pca ik> Kleisantault, brown, wlthcrlnmm pimdinuinuea... 73 Very line Kreen util; ault, with rich plum putlliur*. r medallion putteru •■•••••• J™ Elegant parlor milt, 7w*< terry and pluah 100 k * K. T. MAUI IN. |M SUte-at. i>«voicc'i;s. TvIVOHCKS FOK IKCOMIVnniI.jTV OF TKM .U per, Ac.} Perfectly livalt uo auamlal nr publicity! ivalilcurc uuncccutiry. ico after decree. uci >fW to. 111. CtileniK TtIVOKUES I.KUALLY OIITAINFO FOR INtOM; JJ imill llliy. ctc.s resldenco nor i'rosrni. oi rcnnlredi afllaavlts •uiiirient .proofs fco B!trr de(-r(Je. Address 0. U. SIJIH, Ki S(MbtnKtuU'»t., Uilcatfo, 111. _ niVOHCKS I,KQATI,v"ANI) OI'IFTI-V J>JVr,A? N lll D IJ In evory Slate of sue Union forlna>mpaUUlllty. eto. Itcildonee unnecessary. bet l after decree. I wdju yeurs’cxporloiicc. Address I'ott-Oillcu Hox JUI7. till* CttUO, 111. FAUTMJIIN MANTIiII. DAUTNKU A FKW IJUNimKU 1 dollars. In a well ensMbhcd and pay ua■ |»w It \rlll |iny to Investigate. Knqulre of O. C. *VHII I LE, I'M CUtk-sU „ . I>AUTNKU WANIKIt—WITH »lHtm TO TAKB 1 half Interest In i.nonere* lnipr>»vcd land. paylijif ten per cent-! ami resl c*tnl« bu*lneas that h»# pula SKuVmasi four year*. I'urtymukt hacnerucuo Ana temperate. Address Drawer 7. lloopostoii, 111. | roil sack; l?OU SALK-CHEAP-ONE FINK FOOL HALL X’ billiard table. with balls, cues, mid racks ami one iluo billiard table with balls and cue*. 177 Fast Madlum-sL, Room t). |?OU 'SALB-RLACK MILLS OUTFITS. , OAMI* 1: equipage, tents, blankets, Are-arms, saddles, Imr neu, do., si Qovcrumctil Hoods Depot, No. VI lUu* dolpb-_»t. __ l?OU SAI.E-OH EXCHANGE—AN EXCURSION I 1 steamboat aud baicu. Ltutultu uc AddtCsS owutr, lUDcwbora-ii., Room a. TO KKST-IKMJSr*;, t|’o~r ent-the Vivo haoEmunt 1 octagon-front hflrtc building No. r/w Redrwlr k-Kf.. coni'T of Centre, one blncl; from Lincoln Tark; Ml modern Improvement", Including furnace, lor t*nn* apply to V„ c. HOLTON, Kov »r» and tn fiUW at., or.iHNorth Wella-M. f|'o“tti;Nf-A riltsT-cuAf’fl rouse. with j» I room* and two bath-room*. tbrec-atory and bate* motif, Vermont marble front. vn We*l A'lim*-*!., ror tp-r of Raftln-at. Inquire of CUAH. W. TAUKER, lit l.ufitlli-tl., baectnctit. ________ Vi l!KVT—Tiff; S-RTORV AND BASEMENT MAR* ble-lronl hotter*, .11 Twentyflfth-st. Honan In per il repair: ha* all modern Improvement*.. furnace, c.; rent fon per month. C. 11. AD, C. nALKER, i Chamber of Commerce. n’RKvf-i wii.’t* rent VERY cheat THE elegant ret Idence *7O W«baMi-tv. t al-w the 8-atory I l.a-en.'-iii hrh'k «4-*i Mlchlifan-av. 11. «. EVER* ART. U'Him J. hi WftKlitnaion-Kt. HI RENT-THE J-HTOUV si AIUH.K..FRONTS NO. . tit I ood;ii'T Vmion-av.. nil modern Improvement* d liartif. TURNER & lIONH. IW Wa*hlturlun-tt. f|VI ‘ RENT—A a-STORV 'OCTAGON HARULE* i front near .leflefon Turk, lorooina, all inmlurn tin* provomcnla. TURNF.R & BOND. RG Wathlngton-n. fl’G RENT—ftoi.SE NO. yri WABARII-AV.} TEN I room*; na* ntlure* and hot and eolj water. Apply U*R. .1. WALSIIK. McVli ker'« Theatre lUilldlng. fl’O REST—URIC K HOUR EOF h itOOMH, NO. 1401 I*\/ ur... 1—i11,,..!•I —i 11,,..!• *.r n i?... p *". Tralflo-av.; parlor, dtnlng rooin, and kitchen on Prat floor; $:!<» f»cr month. Al«o imacment of rnme |iou»e will be rented leparatv. t.RASE it ADAMS, kU Bryan Block. 'f)‘ HKNT—TKHMS LOW - TUO-hTOKy ANU hnti»»'. wllli nil modern convcn* irm. near Lincoln Park and Cl»rk-«t. car*. Apply jimnl*'-*. No. 4t>l iletdon-nr., or at isoom u? Major Otk, un HtornFOOT. '({ .HKST-fi'i \VK*T r. : f»NpI{KSP-ST IMF nr»*l*Ui n n.-' i iiir,’' mil *7 ■•. imfii.mi.ii UTnelie*ler*av., two-ilnry frame eottac** anti base ment of « room* and bath-room. C. W. I’ARKER, 127 LaPalle-it., baemnent. rno RENT-NEAR LINCOLN PARK AND LINCOLN* J nv. car*, elegant marble front. lOro'im*. all «*on venlencea: fln>t<cl«M tielwfjl-orDnoO: two nine hrlek boii.c. |25 aud f»0. CIIAH. N. HALE. U.:i Ran ll«l|>||.*t. rno REST-NO. .rw NORTH DKAUUORN-ST. iT J __C. TAYLOR. ’ ‘ ‘ rno RENT—THI iEF•PT OR Y AND RAPKMENT i alone from mldence, Hmlb Wilt**, three floor* (nr* ntHicd: owner will take board for rent. L 34, Tribune olHce. rno UKNT-THK NICK RESIDENCE s»l CALUMET* I «T..wltli a large thrce**torv barn, containing 3 box ■talUaod IdairiL'leftnUi; and 7fl font of ground. In* quire of WM. M. DEE. Hanklln and Adatn*«*t*. 1H) RENT—HOUSE an NORTIfsTATK-HT.. CON talniiig ten room*. with all nf the modern Improru menus ha* rercntly been refitted and t« In romnlct* or der: to rent cheap. ELLIOTT ANTHONY. 05 Dear bom-at. ___ fro IIKNT—COTTA O K AND ROOMS ON SMITH -1 it.; **». f 1.',. and fJO per inontli. Call on premliei. No. w. near Wr*od-st. FAMILY LEAVING TUB rITV J would rent their furnished house for three month* rbeap, to a final! family; one of the best locations on South Side, near Twenty*flret-st. Address U ufl, Trlb one offlee. n'6 RENT—TWO PLEASANT 7-ROOM COTTAGES, fio per month. Apply at 2a Pratt-plan**. between Horne and l.carltt. Jackson and Van Buren-sts. RBSf-riffiAT-KOIt fi\ NEW 2-STORY AND 1. basement brick boms. urincon front, on Leavitt* •I . between Taylorand Polk; end front. C. T. LA TIIHOP. at Keith Hr»m.. qviand aw Madluon-wt. rp6 REST—TWO KINK n-ROOM ('OTTAOEK IS THE J prove at north city limits forSth. w hich are really worth f z'». Apply *J IZ' South Clark-*;., Itoom 11. pi) rest—newbrick houses. ftr.To fi;.v for I sale on monthly payment*. JOHN F. EBERIIART, (f} Clarlfit., Uootn 3. TO RENT-CHKAP-BIHCK HOUSES 122 AND 130 J Tbroop-st.. with ataldc: 10 room* In enrh hou«e; arc all furnished. Ituiulre of the owner. MACLEOD, 130 Thn>op-n. fl’d" PENT—PARTLY FURNISIIEI) HOUSE TO J family of adult*: location fli-it-rlasis he*t reference required. Apdly at 258 West Washlnpton-H. .Suburban, TO RENT DKSIRAni.UPE ROE AT RAVENS -1 wood, f 25; 2housesatKumtncrdale. t'Jnearb, A. BENNETT. Agent, southeast corner of Monroe nnd Mnrkewt*. PO RKNT-AT HINSDALE. DESIRABLE HOUSE I with extensive trrcuimK etc.: f 2 > per month, half nine. ». H. SEATON. American Ktprei« niflee. n 6 KEST-AT OAK PARK AND RIDOKLAND, I several pood house* nt low rent*: fib to f 25. A-l. iEMINQWAY. Ituomjwi. ho LnSalle-tt. fPO RENT-A HOUSE WITH d ROOMS IN FIRST* J cln«toriler, at Austin; fly per month. Address 103 T.nke-ft.. Chh-ngo. TO IIEVJ'-KOOBN. fpO REST—WELL-FURNISHED. WARMED ROOMS. 1 to $7 a week. Rellklo-Phlloiophleal Publish lup House. 127 Fourlh-av. two block* aouth Post-oillce. TO HENT—Nf?AR”LINUOI7N PARK. A NICR~SIX" room tint, 2-atory. pnatry. closcu, etc., at iJO CIIAS. N. HALE. U.n Rmidniph-st. TO RENT—FURNISHED AND UNFURMSIIED X aulte* and sluple rooms, mural location. -jh:i Wn* bnsh-ar., soutlicant corner Van Buren-st. Referencei rerjulred. fpt) RENT—AN ET.EUANT SUITE OF 4 ROOMS. I Al*o 3 room* In Klv> Block, eonirr nf Mnnroe-st. and Wubwh-av. Inquire at oitlce of ELY * CO. TO RENT-FURNISHED OR* IINFURNISIIKD. 1 with or wltlmut board, two larpe front rooms. 3frJ B*e«t Rniidolldi-H. TO KENT-VERY LARUE, EAST-FRONT, HAND- X somely-funilahed room on flm floor. 53 South TO RENT-FOUR OR FIVE FURNISHED ROOMS .1. for bonsekceplnp. at S 4 Boutb Morvin-st; cheap to imnll family. rpo RENT-ONF, OR TWO UNFURNISHED ROOM*. L ea« fronts very quiet. very cheap. 227 South Bungamon-st.. one block from Van lluren-st. cars. rn’o ItENT-FOUR NICELY-FURNPHir.D ROOMS J forhousekecplnci also unfurnhhed to respectable parties. 145 South HnlMcd-tt. f|V) RENT-IO OU 20 ROOMS, WELL LIGHTED. 1 adapted for renting furnished rooms. If taken with store would make a snug hotel. Apply In store, 070 SUte-«. f|~V) RENT—MICHIGAN AV.-THREE PLEASANT J. and well-furnished rooms In a private home near Thirteenth-*!. Good hoard In vicinity tf desired. Ad dress I) M. Tribune office. rpo" REST—PLEASANT ALCOVE FRONT ROOM. 1 furnDhort, all modem conveniences; also, smstlei furnished room*. a'« Centre-av. IVI RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS WITH PHIVATK family; all convenience*. Northwest corner Thlr tecnlh-st. and IndMna-ar. • IV) RKNT-KI.KOANTI.V FURNISHED ROOM . with amallprlrute family on North Dcarboriwt. to a gentleman that desire* a quiet home. References required. Address 11405, Tribune office. MICH UfAS-A V7— ROOMS, FUR- J ntslied nr unfurnished: ronvenlcnt to business; line view oflaku. Terms reasonable. rtV) HENT-HANDbOMELV-FUi7nISHKD FRONT A room*, single or en suite: best location In the city: from Sluto 120 u mouth; at ifll South Clark-st., Room 11. fro RFKT-.IUST OPENED-NEW AND ELEGANT- L ly*funitsbed rooms; sls to $25; genu only. t»f« Dearborn-*!., Room 2.V f|V) RUNT-IN CORWITH’S NEW miII,DING X. southwest comer State aud Jackson-sts.. uu 3-ronm suite; two room suite; second Coor, comer; ur furnished. Fiib RENT—A FLAT OP FIVE ROOMS. WITH 1 every ronvenienrp, for $18: brick building on Stalest. Inquire at Room 43. P 7 UUrk-st. rim RENT—SIX-ROOM FLATS, KKW AND NEAT- J. Irtlnlshed. nt3tßaud322 Htate-n. W. WALLER, 41 Clark-st.. Room 11. fPO RENT-PLEASANT AND NICELY FURNISHED i rooms for gentlemen: convenient to business. In qulru At K 5 South Clark-«t.. Room 5. f|V) RENT-TWO" NR'lI-i LUillT ROOMS. NEWLY i painted and 2»rJ North dark-st. fiV) RENT—tIY THE (UO-Kll, AT HUMROLDT I Park, a house of to room* with 125 feet of ground. Rent low to a good tenant. Car* pass the door. 2>H WabiMh-ar. W. W. AI.LPORT. f|V> RENT-FRONT ItimMs'sUlTAl.E FOR LADIES J. nr gentlemen at 10 Shennan-»f.. between Jaekoon and Van Rureu-sts., Dear Rock Island depot. Tran sient* taken. f|V) RENT—HANDSOMELLY FURNISHED ROOMS. 1 single ur ell suite; bstha and eh>ihe*-pre»*e«. Rent $lO to $25 per month, lint East Washingtim-st. f|V) RENT-NEW AND L rooms, single or cn sulie: tlnest location in the city. Northeast corner Wanash-ar. and Hubharfl court. TO IIIIXT—STOHUN, DFFUi.S, ETF. Ntori’w. fIV) RENT-STORK AND RASEMKNT AT NO. 4 i Hast Wn*hlngton-*l. Vcrv cheap to a g«aid party. I* also good for storage. Inquire of ELY A CO., cortu r Wahosh-av. and Munroe-it. MV) KENT—STORES 2i« AM> an JACKSOVST. .1 near Flflh*«v., with or without jnhut. #'<■» 1« month. C. H. 40. C. WALKER, 13 chamber of Con; Du? rev. __ HV) RENT—STORK Hft SOUTH IIAI.STED-ST. .L Rood place for rtry-aoorl* More. __ HV) RKNT-LAROK STORK AND IIASKMKM A 1 nominal rent, together or aepuiatoj matc-at. 1« quire at Room <3. I*7 Clark-at. _ OffICTH. nv) KKKT—rriKAr. at iwi south clark-rt., s i biruo ollleco, lua3d. I’. D. HAMILTON, lotoid 1, lai UJarIML fitn HFVT—FINE FOLDINO DESK AND DESK X room for fit per month, with llklit and fuel. Apply toF Flt VAN'. AMOI-nSnlle-at.. comer Admna. f|VniFNT-DEHK AND OFFICE ROOM, WITH 1 furniture, for *d Per month. Call at once on fc, E. RYAN 4 CO.! iMOUSaIIe-m., corner Adama. niKi'PllaiK'unwt fIV) RENT- FIVK LOTd «N’ TIIK COHNKU OF L llcaeli and Mulli«r-sia., with »lilc-trftck. lumlH-r. I'tml, or wood-yard. C. 11. 4G. C. WALKhII, Hi chamber of Comment). riyj HENT-POCK-ian KI'.KT FRONT ON SOUTH L Hnineh, near Folk**! bridge. Apply to U. H. 4U. C, Waiter, lb Chamber of Commerce. rivo RKNT-TIIITIARUK LIGHT HABKMKNT COR -1 ner vf Wabsli-av. and Adstus-st. 40x7t> feel. A ■idcndld location for later beer saloon; Immediately ontmalto the central entrance of Kipostiloii llulMln*. Apply to UFO. O. NFWiIKItUY, Rooms Hand U Uryou llfycK. f|X) UF.NT-I , IIOTOOUAI , II OALLKHV, OVER THK i. Ilona KomtU-i store, at laud b North CUrlt-*l.t also a woU-Uuhted room, 42x43. suitable for JUht mam ufscltiHa* purposes. Inquire at Room I, In the build* WAN TKIUTO lilLYI*. WANTKD-TORKST-HY JAiIKS 11. HILL. REAL Estate BndltcntfnK Aiftnt, homes of into I'i rooms on Houth Side, ranging In price from *2O to #UI per immlh. for customers. Houses left with me to rent will receive prompt attention and liberal advertising. JAMES (I lULL.JM IK-Atbnru »t.. Room 4. WANTKD-TO RKST—HAdF.MENTi'CKNTRALLY IV located, adapted for saloon and wUiB-roums, with or wltlioul_tlKturcs. Addfeasjv a7,_Tribuue otllcc. WANTKl'wro'fikNT-io to ffi~R(>oMS. FUR nlnUcd or unfurnished, South Side. For two days Addie** K ‘.ta. Tribune oRUe. FCUSONALi rKltiioSAL'-VAl* HUREN-StT'cAR HUlNtl WEST lIMS Tuesday cvetilnß. Lady In corner, gray iM'd Gentleman opposite desires acquluUncu U sgieeaws. Address U IU, Tribune office. izcr.r Trader WANTFD-A MMITKD VUMIIEH OF GOOD VAH nMmr* or otMlnlalicti can find employment on cabinet « r,ric, either by Uie d»y or plorc. hy innnu'llito application to the Indiana Mamuncturlnjj Company, r< ru, In l. it/ASTKD - A‘ciAitniAOIMiKA»ISO PAINT Kit »» ntoncn. A<l>lrnMj. 11. POSTEH. Uo*Ol, Gwlicn, WANTF.n-V) hUST.'u.A.SS CARRIAGE-FAINT >> cn. AppIyioSTUDKIiAKKR RROTHKRfl.Manu facturing Company. South Rend. ind. \V'ANTI-:D-A''MAN to MAKB fcKWKD. AND » f pf ffffrt I root*. ni«o am»a w do repairing. Imme diately, at 17 North KtiUn-H. WANTED— TINNKRs, Foil TUB COUNTRY. Coll nt 4!t l.ake-st., of i o'clock p. m. WANTKD-RIHCKLAYFItS AND RTONKMARONB, corner Dearborn and fcliteuitti-i!*., to-morrow. HOFFMAN. WANTKD-A MAN WHO CAN DO REPAIRING, and Ik wIIIIhb to intiko himself im-inl, In » boot and shoe store, MB.VO) per week. Address LM, Trib une office. WANTED— A GOOD KARRKR Foil SOUTH CHl enuo. Apply at 3H KoulU-llalned-it., Chicago. J()S. M. ST. ./OIIN. * . WANTED PAINTERS. ATTKNTDiN-.IGli IN ymu line; materials furnished; pay t-mper-onM froperty, bilunco each. Apply after v, linn meat ioh 'lflli-av. WANTED -A MOLDING STICKER ACUJS iomed to picture frame moldlncs. Call hot*ecu I u and 1 to-day. MecouMICK. i:i:i stwte-M. WANTED— THREE GOOD COAT MAKERS T'» *i'» in the country ks» miles from bent. Apply at ?.'• and 77_Waba*h; nr. at in a. m. ,f. HIRSH. WANTKD-A HARDER: AN AMERICAN I'lllf ferred. Inquire at uma West Lake-it. WANTED— AM AN'COOIv AT 90*1 SOUTH HAL alcd-st. ’corner ■\irANTRD-A FIRST-CLASS HARIIKII. APPLY It at No. 1.17 Vau Uurcu-st. None but a fin A-clans man need npply. ■\\rAKTKU—A FIRST-CLASS CARRIAGE TRIM >\ mer. I'E.NNOVER * CO., aw and 3A» Wa ha-h-at. WANTKI>— A GOOD GARI'KNTKR AND JOINKII Imhop rear of Wi9 West MadUon-st., this morn- WANTED— SIX GIL FIKIBIIKUS ON UARINhT t.-ork to-day. Il.Ml’lltK I'ARLOU HKDaTKAD C(J.. Iki West M.rllaon-sU Mniploj'tnont Afffnclc*. WANTED— ut SAW-MILL HANDS. LKAVT? To day: vj railroad laborcn. It- F. CHRISTIAN, HI Smith Watcr-it., Room I. _________ WANTED -T\VKNTV SAWMILL HANDS TO GO out i»-'lav; free rare; bfty for railroad; ten coal miner*. H. A. ANGKI.L. v'S Hoiiih Water-sr. ■\\f ANT K D—VI FT V TIB -MA K F RS, TO I.KAVKTHIS >* niorntny: aDo four sawmill and sect!oo bands. 2tf).South Water-st. K, G. HAIGHT. • IHinrHlnttcoil'i* TirANTTD ADEVTS to sell the patent st Mowing Mucthvii Bottle. Franklin .Mucilage Company, ‘SIH WahaMi-av.. un«bT Mattmwjn WTANTED—AN V HUMAN IIKIND WITH BRAINS s » con make fwi u monsb *m<hitut <»nr letter-copying l«m»k. Any one that ha* a Mtcrtg writ* l will buy U. No pres* or water u»ud. Se.nd for circular. KxccUlor Company. 16 Tribune ntillcllritf. WANTED—CANVASSERS, MM.K AND FEMALE. » toncll needle*. chronica, etereojcoplc views. pho tograph*. transparencies. noveltle-4 etc.. etc. The largest atock ami lowen price* In the country. Call and MT or send for catalogue. C. M. LININGTON. •i.'i and 47 Jack*ou-»t. Chicago. WrAKTKD—MEN TO HULL CUNTENNIA I. NOVEL iV ty tool, cliromo*. needle*. mid Jewelry. Ami r* lean Novelty Company, Hh Ka»t Ma<Hson-*t.. Room Iti, TIT ANTED—A YOUNG MAN TO SELL PLANTS. » also a canvasser. 462 North Dearlxarn-gt. TATANfED—AN A NO. I MAN TO SOLICIT FRUIT W In Soutlieni llllnol*. Apply to IJ. o. BOYNTON & CO.. |P7 South Watcr-tt. WANTED— MEN OF (JOOIj ADDRESS. KHoM :«i to4’> yean of ace. to go to Michigan to tollclt nr* den for our large medical work. To rum of ability, who after a few month*’ experience, can take entire charge of territory, and employ tin'll, we will pay a liberal ralary; tnurt brine ilrswla** reference*. Ad* on **. Hating age and experience, W. .1. 1101. LASH & CO., Chicago. "WT ANTED—2.I ENEROETIC MEN WITH flO CAP* >1 Hallo clear f.l a dar lor no day*; no humbug. Apply at once at 354 and tied Camdl-av. TTTANTED-TO SOLICIT CONMU.NMENT4 or \\ butter, egg*. hide*. etc., a amart, tellable, atul capable man, who can puaraaice cooil remit*: party from tbo country preferred. Addreu L b 7. Tribune cfllce, MAN AT IW SOUTH CLARK WANTED-A SALESMAN IN A PRoDI'CK COM ml«‘lon house, one who thoroughly undcroatid the btiMnes* ami can come well recommended. Addrea EPS. Tribuneulllce. "tirANTED—FIRST-CLASS MEN AVfTII SMALL >t capital for a permanetiL Iticrntlrr, and lumomble bu<lnc*« that I* paying 0 small army of ncmt*J7*» per week. If we cannot produce the beat selling article and convince live men that we h ive the h-i: plan for arlljntf. we will forfeit fim for trouble of Inveetikntlnc. fl sample* free for trial to mutt who mean builaci*. KAV ft CO.. Chicago. 111. WANTED-A FllfsT-ULASS CANVASSER ON » Hilary for the country town*. Apply at Room 1, lP7Klnrle-»t.. after id m. WANTED-A HOV THAT HAS WORKED IN A etore* not under 12 rear*; that llvo* with his parent**, wage* $4. ll n. Tribune office. •WANTED-A MAN AS NIDIIT ITMITKR. MUST S> be of temperate habit* and come well recommend ed. Call at Burke'* Hotel. 14»nnd M 2 M«dNon-»t, TTfANTED-A OOOD MAN THAT CAN KEEP IT U,oke and collect; young man preferreds Heady emrlnvment; atate *alarr expected. Address, with ref erence. M 5. tribune office. ANTED—A HEAD-WAITER TO TAKE CHARGE > > of a dining-room. and five competent dininc-ruoni girt*. Artdrcn M 88. Tribune oAke. XXT A JCfFD)—ENERGETIC SALESMEN WITH HOME »V mean* to take evelti«ln* control of the sale of our goods In all rum of the country, paying large prom*. Lllterol arrangement* made with right parties. 111.03* bOM. LYUEcKEU it CO.* U 7 Ueadc-at., New York. WASTKD-FEMALR HELP. Domestic** xxtavted-a oood girl rnn general Y \ housework. Apply at tfcm lndltu\a-av. YYTANTED—A NEAT. CAPADLE SCANDINAVIAN \| drl for general housework at RPH Mlehlgan-av. ’jirANTEI)—A~OOOI). STRONG. TIDY GIRL TO 11 a«-l«t In housework and woehlng. Apply at 71 A»hland-ar. VirANTED—AT f 127 PRAIRTE-AV.. NEAR SlX >\ teenth-st.. a good Gentian or Swede girl. Mutt be a good cook and laundress. WANTED— AT 42ft WEST MONROK-ST.. A Gtli to work In dlnlng-r<>om nr at other housework 1 required. Conic ready for work. •Xlf ANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO CIEN. 1> erul housework at« South Irvlng-plaee (Hnt-at.j. weat of Leavitt, between Monroe and Adams. XX T ANTF.D —GOOD SECOND GIRL. ONE WHO \V understands her business, and can come well rec ommended. German preferred. Cull atTSJMlchlgan-nv. •\XrANTRD”-A~OU!L; GERMAN. SWEDISH. OR 11 Norwegian Preferred, to do general housework m a email family. Apply to-day, at !f>7 West .luelc-mn-Nt. XXrANTKD—A GERMAN GiltL TO DO GENERAL >1 work In a small fauilly. Apply at once, at rw West Uonroe-at. XIfANTED-A GIRL TO COOK. WASH. AND IRON >Y In private faniUy. lUM 1 ndlaiia-av. XXTANTED—COMPETENT AND HELIADI.K COoli » and second girl, at iHftJTalrle-nv. R. ferenn s. X\rANTKI>—A STOUT" coVfPKTENT GIRL FOR >\ general housework: no wadihig. A permanent plnre to one who sulu. 270 Thlrty-tlr»i-st., near Mleh- Igan-uv. ___ XVXnTED-A COMPETENT I-AJJ V'< M A ID; MUST \\ Im- tlrst-elma sesttcire.-is. Middle-aged ptrson preferred. Cull at U'i East Elghteenlh-it.. between in and 12. * - _ XtrANTEU—GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK >1 at I7;i Wulnut-jt. Ilf AVTrn-iIV FAMILY OF TWI) GIRL AIIOUT fifieiMi to help ainml tba home; 11XJ8 Weil Con* reo-st, near campiiell-ny. WANTFD-GIRL IMMEDIATELY AT SiG HUi bard-»t., up-ilnlrs. XIfANTED-GIRL FOR, GENERAL HOESEWOUI \ I References required; l*>Warren-av. YxV wrED-FDIST-CLAFS FAMILIES. lIOTEI.S \\ ’ ind I’.ianllng-bousee ran bo suited at once with reliable ro-iksundliomework girls at MRS. IIAKKR'S 1,,”. ~* The help that calls at my offlees. It Is (run, want good wages, but they are competent and deserve flist-elass plm es. Ido a great biistne**. and every good servant knows it. andemiicwto mu for a place. Help furnished to all pari* of the city and country. Please c-nll or addresn i«J Stste-st., In uaai-ment, or 41(1 Ms hudi-av. Conducted aolclybymo. MRS. DAKKR. \\T\ NTKD-A GOOD GERMAN OK SCASDISA >> vlan rtrl for general housework, 18 btunton-av., u<iir Tlurly-flfth-st. WASTHD-A COOP COMPETENT GERMAN woman fur chamtar work. Apply Thursday morning at wi South Sangamon-et. WASTED— A GOOD (illtl.. TO do WASIUNU and rooking at IfkiEaet Eighteen th-st. \\f ANTKIWA GOOD SECOND OUU- l«il LUSISti 1V room at 3.%2 Fast Indlanu-st. (North Hide). W~ANTKI) STRONG SWEDE OR SOU weglon girl lu do general housework. Apply Im mediately ut 771 West .lackson-st. WANTED— GOOD COOK. WASHED. ASP IKON ur. References required. Apply at 4i» West Monroc-al. WANTKD-A COMPETENT DINING-ROOM GIRL > V to go In thu country imuedlately to work lit rail road hotel: rood wares. Inquire at U Hubbard-court before 12 o'clock to-day. WASTED— A GOOD GIRL TO COOK, WAdl and Iron. «t_l I Amth Curpi-nter-st. DISHWASHER » and purler. at the Jlarns Home, comer Ran dolph and rannl-tU. way ANTED—<DKT- TO DO GENERAL HOUSE \\ work at SHAWLS. USStatu-st. _ WAS TEI>-X"(10Oil t• I HI.. FOR SECOND WORK must be gotxi table-waiters come prepared t< •lay. Apply at tun Walutshav. TXrASTED-OEKMAS OK SWEDE OIKI.S. ONE AH \> cook, the other aa around girl. Immediately, at M South Ashlaad-av. Ncntu»iro«k«iM WANTKP-TO lIUKSSMAKKIW-A BPPEmOI» lianJ m irlDimuri nmil be tburwitfbiy ajuitwtcot. ■ vii-av.. iieaf Bl>itciuh »t. 7iui WiibV VVfAN TEI»— IIANI*S TO WOK 1C AT DUKsSMAK \> ju* North Clartrat. CMTItATIOS' WASTIiI)-iiV A 00011 NOKWEUjA.V O Klr> M»pani»iK«wia wu»>c. I’Uue call at i!li) Mr*. JOIISbUM. ■\ITANTKI>—iiOOI» OI’BUATOUS OK SKWIKG;MA* \Y I'tatnc*: iuu*t bring their uwu inarhlno*. Apply at once at Mllt>. UOrfE‘3, an 'Veil U*iUmu-»t. ■\T r AKTKD—A MinPl.B AUKI). K1SI». CAI’AHLB >\ woman aa nur»e to an Invalid- 3.’it> I*ayt«‘n-»t. WAKTEI»-A VIIIINU tIKHMAK. KOIIWEtiIAK \V or SwidUh girl about IS year* old to aaalit lu Un) raw of children. Apply at la Imllaim av. between Twelfth aud lUlrteeutu*at«. l.uunilroitva* WASTEU— A BlliM -L'L-ViidUlO.SJm AT TUBKCU launOry/.u! iyunh-a/. NITUATIOYS WANTCD.ItIALB« ItooUkccpcra, ClVrlc *,o Ic. Cm/ATIO.V WANTHD—BY A YOUKO MA*OF»\ . ®,f fair education, In wholruln houui undDmandt tlnnhle-nntry »-ookkecplntt. nail c«o sire (food refer ence. R 3.». Trßmne once. * Situation clothing •’— ~/ATIOS WASIiU>-A»”PAI,KHMA* FOIt A -j rlottilnx lionet i>y a tnnn with Inuß experiences ow rom<* wfll rttfomincnded; »jK*alfi Herman an* (M tafmillnavian inncnatr*'; Mlnry no oliject. Plcu« ad* drew II ni, Trltiuno offlr<*. CrtDAtioVWASllill-BrT&*!» -M YBAIU ol oare (Swede) who hm many years' experience la hardware huilnea*. Wholesale preferred. Salarymod eratc. Addrna JOHN, No. 13 Drcnier-it., tc-dar at to-morrow. 7 CITUATiON WANTin)-DT“A YOUNG MAN. Al O j;!crJc. Rest of reference glren. Addrna rt n, Tribune office. * CITUATION WANTKD-AS ROOKKKkMuWcGfD O responding clerk In a wholesale house. op Insnranco office. by a flurried man 43year* nM, Km born 9 icapi In preaent poMtton. Can (fire satisfactory reference*. Address kn 7. Tribune office. S' ITUATION tVANTF.D—RTA COMPETENT HOOK. keeper and accountant, book* to open, balance or adluit. tt onld take a permanent position at moderate aalary._ R-*it of reference!. Address MI. thla office. CITATION"WANTKft-nr A YOUNG MAjTwnO IT ha* clerked inn book and ftnitmiery store In the Knst. I*anxious toHTiire employment. Small salary. Reference*. Addn-'sl) tci. Tribune ofllcr. SITUATION WASTKD-nr X YOUNG MAN WHO speak* both German and EnifUsh, a* irarclinir a*ent. bookkeeper, or clerk. A permanent situation more of an object than salary. Address o 77,Tribune office. Re-tuf references tflvon. CITUATION WANTKU-nV A IIARNKSSMAKERs 17. V'-vs‘rxperlrneejn e|iy and country. Addreea HARSKssM AKER, 2513 Nortb-av. ITUATION WANTRD-AS ENGINEER OH MILLER In flourorspico (roods. or drrsMnr and.balancing 111-stone, Address R. S. SQUIRES. Girard House, No. Mli-hliran-nv. CtTCATUiN WANTUD-HV A GOOD TtNNKU IN ;j tlm i-rmTifrv: <me who nnucrstnnda Ihr »fono and hardware hu.|ne«*. Address A. C. KNIGHT, 107 1 wenty-se,-,,tnl-»t.. Chleairo. (’oacliineit, TcnmstorN< «ic, CITUATION tV ANTED—HV A YOUNG MAN. >T Dune, as enacrimnn. Understands the rare of horses and rarrlain-". and Is wllllnc to mako himself use* fnl. Rest of city ref>-renee*. K 79, Trlhnne nfflee. CITUATION tVANTKD-HY A YOUNG MAN WHO »T Umrnuztdv tinderttan<lsilm CArenf trottlna horse*; nr In a private family as coachman. No objection to the country: ifit«|ranc;r In the my. Strictly temper* ate. Ad’lreas R 7.;. Tribune nfflee. CITUATION WANTED-nV AN EYPURIKNCKD O man. W»"|! cmi-ls on cmnml»d(in; can jrlve beat of reference. Address H mo. Trlhnn* ofllee. CIT DATION 'W A XTK D- nr“X“YOUS'G MAN 'AS O porter In 1 wholesale h-n-e. r , r «-r>uld drlre Koto: yrneery preferreil. Hai. Trlli-me mnm, SITIyATIO.VS yAXTKD-tTi^ALE. SITUATION WANTEDr-UV A OOOD COMPETENT girl to rook. wo«M. anil Iron In a prlvuf<• family. good reference* If reotilreds West side preferred. p]en»« cnll or address 02a West Lnkc-st. QitnAfio’N*’wXNfK!v^Tir“\'noon cook, was?T O er, and Ironrr wbo win glre satWacßon. Pirate call at 10 Wert Ha*Unc*-*t.. near Cetitre-nv. CITCATION WANTED—IIV A FIRST-CLASS GIRL O for*ccond*work. or to lake care of children; ref* erem i« given. Inquire at 4 »7 Lake-»t. CITCATIONW ANT KD-0V A fWIIL To 'llO GEN* O cml housework or second-work. Plow call at 1450 Arnold-st. CITCATION WASTED—PV A RESPECTABLE O irirl to do kitchen work or general housework: ref* erf nee* given. Coll at 154 Wert Eighteenth-*!. QITCAftOS^WASTKD-nVTWoTIVinXoSEVOII » > general housework. and one for s*cnM work am! care of children; heat of reference*. Mill nutterflcld. CITCATION WANTED—IiV A~COnTcKTENT~<;fRL k » todosecond work; good reference* (riven. Call at MM South Drarlxirii-Kt., up-*talr*. SITUATION IVANTED—TO IK 1 SECOND WORK OR >' lake care of children; no objection to the country. Plcmecnll at4is South Morgan-iL. up-*tatr«. CITCATION'WANTED-UV A GOOD. CAPAJILK o *rlrl for second work or to care for children; can ghe Pood reference. Call at 14'C Arnnld-it., between Twenty-seventh and Twcn»y-iiliifh-*t«. CITCATION AVANTED-HV A COMPETENT 01UT. to do trcncral bouaewurk In n nitnll fainilv or second vork. ricwccallat 200 South Park-av. Oood refer* •ncra. CITCATION WANTKD-lIV A NEAT MIOOLE* O need trlrl, to dn general hmuetrork In a small fami ly; referen'f given. Pleav» call at vu* Ccntrc-ar. CITCAT 16N*s WANTED—IIV TWO CUMCE I ENT O plrl«r one s« cook, the other a« second ptrl; city nr au’itirb': would like to star rorethcr; h»*t of reference* Clven If re'jnlrcd; Imi nice at South Iloynenv. iITUATD>\i WANTED—HV TWO (.111 I.S Too iUK Ownilu and Iron, or do general housework: one would prefer to do «ecnnd work, and the other general house work. fH Klghtuenllwt.. up-«tnlr*. CITUATinN WANTED-IIV A RKSPECTAIU.K OIRL O to do general housework; llrit-clx** reference If re* diilred. Please cnll at 2'M South Park-av. CITIIATTON WANTED— HV A MORE THAN DODD H'llieinlan girl, for general hoinework In a nice fam ily; can give good reference. Call at Mt Twentieth-*!. SITUATIONS WANTEIi-nv'TWoTtKSPEIT'An’Ltt o girl*, one ai rook and the other a* acvond girl; ref erences given. Call at nr, Ontario-ft., ttp-Mnlrs. CITUATION IV ANT f'D—TO” O bv 11 eompeinut Dennati; l*cst of rcfcicace. Ad* drcM for two diiv* K 41, Tribune office. CITCATION WANTED-AS SECOND OlitL OR TO O do light general homework In a private family. Ap ply at MS Haul DlvMotl-ot., fortwndnys. QITUATION WANTED-IIV A GIRL TO DO 3FC o . nn<l work In n private boarding-house. Call at iPM May-tt., near HarrDon. down stairs. CMTUATION WANTED-DV A YOUNG MAN AS rr eoachman; good rcfereuces. Please addreaa 1 7R. Tribune ntflce. CITUATION* WANTED-DV A OOOD SWEDISH O girl a* cook and laiindreM. or homework girl; ref* erenee* required. <!oJstnle*st.. In bavinent. CITUATIOITwASTr.D-DY A FIUBT-CLABS (URL for general houseworks want to lire on the North Side. Apply for two days to 401 ("Irb-mm-av. CITUATIONS WANTED—DV TWO RE-M'KCTAm.E i ’ girl*. I’in! for kitchen and the oilier fur second work: North nr South Side preferred. Please call or address 43 Hnpe-st. for two day*. bITITATION WANTED- HY A RESPELTADLK o German girl to rook nr do general hmi*ewurk. Please f-all for two days at TS7 Dlack Jlnwk-st., near Mllwaukec-ov. SITUATION WANTED-DV A YOUNG GIRT. PleaM fall nt 252 West Ohlo-st. CMTUATION WANTED -DV A RKSPECTAHLB o girl to do second work and sew In a private family. Call at It’d Che*lnul-tt. CimvriON WANTED—AS MAID i'Ult SECOND work, or to take care of children, inquire at I!»3 Cottage Grove-ar. SITUATIONS WANTKD-HY TWO COMPETENT O girls n* eook anl •“eoni elrl. together or ■"paratej eltv nr country. Apply at 4ld Wabash-nv. Rest city reference. SITUATION WANTED—DV A COMPETENT GIRL to do o-coiifl work, nr would do kitchen work In n small family- Pleau- er.R at 33s Calumet-av. Uuet of references given If required. bITUATJOS* WAS'TED-HY A GIRL TO DO SEP i> mill worknrgeiierul housework la a small family. Call at l“l Elghfeenlh-sG, fronting on nnttertleld. CMTUATION WANTED—IIV A FIRST-CLASS GIRL 010 doH’cond work. City references given. 88* Ar* liold-st. OITCATRIV WANTKD-HY A YOUNG ItKSPKCTA- O Mi-girl to do second work or light housework In smalt family: ran do plain sewing. Addrea* JHO Angus la st., West Side, near Mllwankee-av. CMTUATION W.VNTKD-HV A GIRL TO DO SECOND O work or help at iumsework. Please enll for two day* at 170 Klghlcenth-aU Reference If required. CMTUATION WANTKD-HV A PCtJTCII GIRL TO DO D and sewing. Pk-aao call at 1524 Rut terfleld-sL CMTUATION WANTED—TO COOK. WASH, AND iron In » respectable family. Call op address H 3 East Indlana-it. SITUATION WANTKD-DT COMPETENT GIRL TO tin general huti*ework In a small prtratc family. «no Dial imderatanils cooking, washing, and Ironing; lu-st of city reference elves, rlcoie cull at 09 North Markel-sL Nnrsrs. CITUATION WANTED—DV A YOUNG GIRL AS o nurse aud seam*tre«s. Inquire for two days at fwa Aruuld-si. City reference. l.niiutlreHMiHi* CITUATION WANTED-UV A RF.SPECTADI.B O ymmg woman to do washing and Ironing at her home for a few private families. Address IIBU. Tribune otlh'e. XBuuNokeoponi. CMTUATinN WANTED-AS HOUSF.KF.EPEK 11V A O tetuicdlady: object. agood homo ami good wages. Inquire ut •■rwcalumet-nv. CMTUATIOX WASTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER, OK t 5 wllltukc care of building for the •iimmer month*; Biccllent reference. Cull or addret* <m >V ahash-uv. CITITATIOS WASTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER FOR J 5 a single gentleman. Inquire at icotteu Indiana st., up-»talr*. OITUATIONS WASTED—FA MIMES IK WANT OP ?> good Scandinavian and German female help can he supplied at Mr*. JiUaKE'Solllce. wi Hllwaukec-av. OITUATIONS WASTED-LADIES IS WANT OP 15 rood servants ran save themselves time and money by calling on Mrs. I.AITtISE. tkM West Madlaon-st. OITITATIOS WASTKD-RV A YOUNO LAP! IS A H telegraph office U assistant operator; no salary e*. ported for the Ur«t two mouth*. Addrcs* h JU. Trib une office. CITUATIOS WASTED—HV A LADY AH KKSI. »5 dcnlgotcrnesa or companion: tau teueb IvnrlUU, French, ami music; reference* given. Addrca* A 87, Tribune oftke. TJAIIOAIK3 IX I'IANOS-\VK AUK CONSTANTLY .I) receiving direct from Sew iork elegant iii'r plilioaof yattau* ttrsl-efaaa makes, which we can orter at astonishingly low price*. Our cash purchases etto u*«pat av«nf«M«. Udaa we employ no agent*. Cujr. era will consult tnclr own Interests by dealing directly fully warranted for Dr* year*. II- T« MARTIN, li4 11 I.KuXNT 7»i OCTAVK IUMEWOOU J’IANO JV flirt* * iu »i>leuiUU u filer; Aqua! W novi it T. MAUTIN. lfl»SMte-»t -tOl IM SUU it f*l HUY A IIAKUBOME IMWKWOOU •bIUU 7-ut.uvu pianoforte* with oymtrung Uws fr ench Art on. ete.» carved leg* and lyre; Ci good order. H. T. MAKTIX. I&i SUU-»t. Niirwua. OTtmAOK-ruuKiTUuic. iiutioiKs. mkh t>Vlwudl»«»turcd lu Uro-prtwf warehotue, JflO \Vc*l Mimn?c*»l. Lowellcharge*. Moneyadvancedon *Uf term*. UIIILPINU iIATLIIIALi li btCONO'iIAKD DUIL’K, ITWA I* JleaTieduuTlugooa condition. Apply aiU **J» doutti JtfUvnvu-at. 3 tfrmlca. m«irr||niicnuM. DoincatiCM. I'iupioymom Aaondi'i. niUrulliuiuoiiM. MISUAI,. hTOUAtit.

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