Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 11, 1876, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 11, 1876 Page 6
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6 FINANCE AND TRADE. The Loanable Funds of ■ the Banks In creasing. New York Exchange Firm— Yesterday’s Clearings .$3,300,000. The Produce markets Irreg ular—Provisions Less Active, and Easier. BrcadstnfTs in Hotter Demand, and Stronger—Freights Dull and Weak. FIN AN Cl ATj • The demand for good negotiable paper Increases it the banka 01 their surplus of loanable funds grows, but tho supply 1* not large. Tho country banks, m many cases, need a renewal of the ac commodations previously extended. Tho farmers ire so busy In their farm work that but little of their stuff is forwarded to market. In tills city Snnnccs are comparatively easy, although slow col lections and dull trade are complained of. The ippllcntlons from the Board of Trade sources for loans are light Business on the whole Is quiet and nonotonous. Hates of discount at the banks are BQIO per tent with concessions todcslrablo outside borrow* trs. On the street rates ore 7QIB per cent svtlh good paper In demand. New York exchange was Arm, and sold between banks ut 50®75c per SI,OOO premium. Tbs currency movement was light la all direc tions. Tho clearings were $5,000,000. TUB CITY NATIONAL DARK. Dissatisfaction has been expressed by come of (be depositors In the City National that no dividend has yet been paid (hem. When the bank closed its doors it had cash on hand, besides a Urge imonntof available bills receivable, and Ihoprci nit is the third week since the suspension. The olUccrs of the bank state that they arc busily en gaged In adjusting accounts, ascertaining balances, etc., etc., and have not yet accumulated enough funds to make an large a dividend as they wish to declare. The prospect for a reorganization of the bank has not apparently made much progress. The proposition has been made by some of the depositors U> taka an amount of new stock equal to the extent of their claim against the bank. A suillclcnt num ber havonot yet accepted this offer to assure Us iucccss. Thera Is some doubt ns to whether the liquidation of the affairs of the bank will continue in the hands of Its officers as at present, or whether % Receiver will bo appointed. SILVER. Apparently the order to the Sub-Treaxnric* to pay checks against the Government In silver, when that Is acceptable to the holder of the cheek, has not traveled any further (hnn New York. The New York papers state that, owing to the operation of Ihisordor in Now York, the premium charged by brokers for silver bus fallen to 1 per cent. The banks there can obtain oil the coin they need for the supply of their customers. In Chicago, the Suh- Treasury will not pay silver upon checks on the Government except to make out the fractional parts of a dollar, and state that they have received no or ders to do so. NEW ENCH.AND MANUPACTDUINO STOCKS. There is very great apathy throughout the mar ket. and scarcely a hopeful feature. Atlantic Mills, which went tip to 50 last week, is again off to 47. and dull at that. Bates Is creeping up. and has further advanced from d"M to (joy. Great Tails at 08; Lyman, 01U, and Nashua, 000. aru unchanged. Manchester has gained from 115>i to 110. Nuumkeng firm ut 102, u short Unto b!im?o, has suddenly receded to lOOtf. lathis an Indica tion of “no dividend” in.lulyl Washington has fettled from 58 to 57, and New York advanced £ls per share to 1,225, ex-dlvldcnd s4o. Lotion Journal of Commerce , May 1. I.OSINO CONFIDENCE IN MJNINO STOCKS. After the terrible mid unexpected set-back which mining stocks received yesterday, it was natural that confidence would bo weakened, and a rally was therefore hardly In order this morning. Most kinds, If anything, wore a little weaker limn yesterday noon, Chollnr-I'otosi declining Bel cher, Californio, Consolidated Virginia, Hale & Norcroes and Overman each Si. Heft ,t Uelchcr und Bullion each rosesX. The variations In other kinds uru not worth noticing.—Nun J?randteo bulletin. May 1). OWNEHSHIP OP TUB KRW TOHK CENTRAL The attempt to break down the price of tho New Turk Central dock has elicited the fact that nearly »r quite one-half tho capital] of 1)00. OUO shares Is held by ttio Vanderbilts and their family cmincc lions: that the other half, lens 20,000 shares. is held fnr Investment otil of the street; and that {2,000,000 would take up nnd pay for every share now available for speculation In Wall street. OOVEKNMDNT LOND3. nlterf Bintc*?v-2nHot’ , o.‘i 6*aiw of Mr.-Junimry ami July... w of '«7—January and J txly... fi*2of of ’(W—January and July.., 10*40* United Klnlea new r>9 of ’til United BtaU’w currency a* goi.d and anuENßAcka Gold was niXftU2U. • Greenbacks wore BOtf ©SOU cents on the dollar li gold. VOUEIGN EXCHANGE. sixty ftrtjr, sight. tmi 'Vaiftj aiSt ParU-franca. flunnnuy Ilelutum Holland..*... Switzerland Sweden, etc. Austria’..,.. Amnlt'Hlum .... 43t4 CITY AND COUNTY HOND3. Chicago City 7 V ct. bond* lor. ‘fclnt. lOo^AUil. Chicago City 7 V cl. leworngo. lor» &|ut. joo Ainu ClilcogoCUyTVct.wulcrloun. 105 fcluuioo Alnt. Cook County 7 V ct. bunda (•lion) 104 &int. ios *lnt Cook county 7 * ct. bonds 1 (10na?....... 10r,H4int lon^&lnt « cut Park 7 Vct bonds 07 *inr iiortti Chicago 7 * cU bonds {Lincoln I‘tirk) City Railway, Smith Side Hu City Hallway, Weit Side H 3 City Hallway, Went Bide, 8 V cent certificates lt» Aim. City itallway, Korth Side lui juu Traders’ insurance Co IU7 HU) Chamber of Commerce 7tl 7H Clilcaku Gas-Light & Coko Co mo Exposition stock US 40 Kxi>o*i(loii nook (now) M US Exposition stock scrip us ... STOCKS, lIONDS, ETC. Nbw York, Huy 10.—Money easy at SQitfi primo mercantile paper, 4®o. Customs receipts, $250,000. Trooaiiry disbursements, (300,000. Gold clearings, $21,000,000, Sterling quiet, 48Sa4H0>f. Gold declined from 31'-JVi to IICJh, closing at tlio latter price. Carrying rates Ito 4. Loans were also mode flat. Governments wero a fraction lower, In sympathy with gold, hot active. ' Railroad bonds ware quiet. State securities were dull. The stock market opened firm, and advanced U, toll*, but subsequently became weak on ramnra that Commodore Vanderbilt was worse, and nearly ill the advance was lost. About 1 o'clock Uicru was a rally of Mto 3f. The greatest activity and widest fluctuations wore hi Luke Bhuru, Allcnlgun Central, and Western Union. The Granger shares were Ann. The market. In the lost hnur, wa« weak, and closing prlcca were generally the lowest of the day. The feature of the market woe the mdden break In the shores of the coal road*. Del, aware & Hudson Cuiml declined 2, and Delaware Lackawanna & Western and New Jersey Central Sti each. This was in a regular way, but roller 00, which were pressed on the market, were done at 105 down to 101 for Delaware, Lackawanna & West* era, and at U 2 down to 00 for New Jersey Central. The decline on coal stocks exercised a aenreNsing Influence on the general list, and prices declined M to 1554 from tho highest point of the day. with a marked pressure to sell In Lake Shore, Michigan Central. Western Union, and fit- Pan]. The rreutest decline was in Michigan Central, which tell olf to 40 against 40 early In the day. Next {Aloe Lake Shore, whlcUsuld down to Mi*i against M previously. Western Union followed with a IccUno from 07k UiOOJi- St. Paul common fell iff from SUM loS7i£, aud preferred from 05S to MM» Chios from 17m to IT's and Krle from IQ-u to »sk. New York Control told at 110}*, rcguTur, Dud 10HM seller 00. Transactions were 177, • 100 sharos, of which 48.000 were Western Union, ßt. Paul, 7.000 Erie. 78.000 Lakt Shore, UnUO,«Kmii!Llgan Contra). ' „ (10VKUNMK Coupons, *ui )23k Cun pons, •05.,,.it44 Cuuuuus, ‘07...,. iStUM rouhons, ’ea, t £32 w-ila, H7H Ms wore* lludaoa..iio i putern Uoiou MV4 iulcksjlvor..., ism Sulokillrer pm., so faetua Mall'. luK W Si l£ssp«,!* ’.I JU7U MT BONUS. Cunoucy Ba 127 Mow.. n*« Nuwb 117^1 IlMUi* coupvjn. DbH C..C. *1 19 Kcw Jcrioy Central.. M U)ui4 ~J(6 hi. I'liii 87W Wabuli pfd 3 Furt Wayuu jui I«j«UuuUj 4 . tmerlean Express..- na U. H. KxprcM 7n*f New Tort Central... .tin Tie ia ‘.rlepfit t» Inrlctn 137 iarlem pM IX! Urhljran Central 404 ’nnnmn la* litlon I’aelftc n.’M ,ake Shore 64!< Ulnol'Central I«i*4 Ili'vi’Tmiil A Pittsburg 0*!-4 iorltiwcflicra pfil.... BTATR Tennessee (is. old Tennessee as, new.... 404 Virginia 01, old :n MINING fUxFnANcisco, May 11 latest quotations at the fit ComoUiltd Virginia.. 734 California Hl»{ Fecregrstcd llclchcr. St otihlr. Chollar K 3 Fnvngft 174 Mexican 34 Imperial 44 I!cut ft Drleher Mi*Z (mold ft Curry 174 Dale ft Norcrou nr.* IIBAX, E The following Instrnmci Wednesday, May 10: BntterflcMaf, 142 2*lo ft* of Twenty* sixth st, of, tinted April 11 9 1,600 Dnnia nr. 2211 ft » of Thompson Bt, cf, 25x1208*10 ft. dntftrtMAjrß........... 800 State Bf, f>o ft n of Thlrty*firat at, wf, 24x11514 ft, dated April 21 2.800 Adams st, 110 ft o of Campbell av, sf, 24x12.1*4 ft, dated April 17 1,600 West Congress st, (1214 ftwof Marshfield st. « f. 2014x01 ft, dated May .’I Irvine place, 465 ft n of Taylor st, wf, AOxl&i ft, dated MnyH Aberdeen at, 5H£ ft n of Jackson st, e f, 2211x125 ft, dated April 28 Eighteenth at, * w corner of Wentworth ftv, n f, 7214x100 ft. tinted May 0 Lnflln Bt, 145 ft * of Polk st, e f, 00x123 ft, dated May 8 Lnllln st, 145 fi * of Polk st, c f, 48x125 ft, dated May l» 10,000 Western nr. n wear of Harvard et, c f, 24 2*0x112 ft. dated Jnn. 22 1,050 Coolldpe st. HO 11 ft e of Ashland nr. a f, 24x124 ft, with building*, dated April 18 1,800 West Lnkest (No. 042), I*o fteof Oak ley nr, s f. 24x148 ft, dated March 24. 2,500 Ashler st, 2.10 ft w of Lincoln st, n f, 24 xIOO ft, dated Mar 10 010 Wnlntil st, 50 1-10 It e of Kcilido nr, a f, 50r1h7‘4 ft, dated May 1 0,000 Wabash av, UK) ft a of Tblrtv-flrst at, w f, 20x102 ft, dated April 10 0,000 Van Horn st.s w cor of Itobey st, a f,24x 124 ft, dated May 1 800 Hoynn at, 52)4 ft nofCrystal at, cf, 50x 120*4 ft. dated May 8 1,800 Fnrmicr st, 15(1 ft w of Canal Bt, af, 25x Him ft, dated May 2 Vincennes nv, No. 128. w f, 2107-lOOx limV4 ft, dated Feb. 28 Itobey st, 100 ft n of Jackson st, « f, 25x 110 ft, dated May 0 4,200 NORTH 07 CITT LIMITS WITHIN A RADICS 09BBTBM Sheffield nv, 288 ft a of Nnhlc av, w f, 23 ft to alley, dated May '24 000 south op ctrr limits within a radius op bsvbn MILKS OF TIIB COURT HOUSE. On at 200 ft w of Stewart av, and 120 ft s of Fifty-first at, c f, .131-0x124 ft,. dated April IB 2,300 Nicholes uv, 25 Its of Tlfiy-niuth st, o f. lOxIOOK ft, dated Nor. 15, 1875... 830 Union at, 15l\ ft a of Sixteenth at, c f, 50x125 ft, dated May 0 1,200 WKHT OFCtTT LIMITS WITHIN A RADIUS OP BEVEN MILKS OP COURT-nOUHB. Twenty-fifth st, 3UO!* ft w of Butler av, n f, 25x125 ft, dated May 0 comm: The following were the receipts anil shipments of the lending articles of produce in this city during the twenty-four hours ending at 7 o’clock on Wednesday morning: Flour, brls Wheat, bu.... Corn,im Outs, Im Uye. bu Hurley, bu (>. seed, lbs... F. seed, lbs... 1). com. lbs... meals Beef, brls Pork, bis I.nnl, lbs Tallow, 1hj.... Hotter. 1hi.,,. 1., lings. N 0... Cnttiu, No Sheen, No-.... I lidos, It. wines, brls. Wool, lbs Potatoes, bu.. Coat, lons liny, tons I.umber, m..,. Shingles, m... Salt, brls Poultry, 11*... Poultry, coops, (luino, Hffß*, pirns.... Cheese, bore*, (■.apples, brls. Hi-ntis, bu 213 100,773 2011 2,371 00 4, S," 3 4,7-ii •TUO 4,825 U * V, 035 2,U(tti Withdrawn from store on Tuesday for city con* sumption; o,oßolm wheal, 704 bu corn, 1,80-11 m barley. l|ho following grain wan Inspected into store on Wednesday morning: 17 cars No. IN. W. wheat, 111 cars No. 2 N. W. do, 1 car No. 1 spring, 4 cars No. 2 do, 14 cars No. a do, 0 cars rejected do (73 wheat); 1 car No. loom, 12 cars high mixed do, 40 cars No. 2 do, 7 cars now mixed do, 34 cars rejected do (103 corn); 0 cars white oats, 0 cars No. 2 do, 0 cars and C,r>oo bu rejected do (24 ontu); 2 cars rejected rye, 2 cars No. 2 do, 1 car No. 3 do, 2 cars rejected do. Total (207 cars), 88,000 bu. Inspected out: 52,113 bu wheat, HP, 034 bu corn, 02,281 Imoats, 308 bu rye, 5,378 bu barley. Hid. Atkoil. '.mil mu .UHW HHtf .120*2 121 ;ISS| I!S{ ;Sb "3? The rinnllners of the Inspection Into atorc yester tiny, ns other daya, In not ultogcther duo to email dellvurlcH on the part of tbe farmers. It In a direct consequence of the fact that largo quantities of grain are dally hilled through Chicago and go around this city. A little while ago high rail-rates wore adduced as a mode of discriminating against Chicago. Kow low rate* arc used in the tmmu way. In their anxiety to obtain business tbe different railroad agents are reaching out U> the country tic* pot* and the farm, and raking In the grain to swell the volume of the trafllc over their respective roads. Now York rooms to bu making a desperate effort In this direction, and It is whispered that some of her merchants are willing to contribute to the railroads a portion of the profits tnado on handling the grain. Thera is perhaps no special objection to this, provided the mutter be not equal* Izcd In some other way, at the expense of the Weston: shipper. The communication which wo publish below points to some such compensatory arrangement oa being more than possible. A good deal has been said recently about the value of the New York grain Inspection. Whut appears to have been u fair test w as undo recently, but the result was far from satisfactory. A lot of HO car-loads of wheat was drawn off from tbe Central Elevator* two week# ago, and particularly exnmim-d as to uniformity of quality. It was believed to be n» nearly uniform as any such qnnn* tlty uf Wheat could bo. It arrived in New York last week uml wus theru Inspected Into lavo differ ent grades. A lot of yo car-loads of corn was drawn fromtliesaimulevatorsabout thosamo time, subjected to thu same examination, and pronounced to be uf tho sumo absolute value. On arrival In Now York It was divided by the Inspector there Into nut less than three dlffereut grade*. Tho ship pers of both these lota uf grain urn not slow to ox* press their disgust at the result , 41** 41 .stw mjjw OS dtlnt. “Alursand a-lock-a-day," Tho wheat kings who ruled In Milwaukee front Novemberlnto April tire said to Oder 10c on tho dollar down, Go at tbs end of six months, and 100 more at tho expiration of twelve laontbii. Bo mach for tho glory of the transaction. The wheat la understood to re vert to a prominent tlrm in New York. There must be something wrung In that quota tion of 30« per quarter on wheat from the East Indies, In England. Ordinary Calcutta wheat has been telling in London at 42s 6d, and the.latest re port received hero from Ueerbobm quotes a sale, April 27, ut 40s. TUu leading produce markets were moderately active yesterday, and t Armor lone was noticed in moat departments, notwithstanding the fact that the weather was floe, with a prospect of being moro settled. There was a good demand all round, though cbiuily for future delivery, The reported outward movement of breadstuff* was much larger than tiiu receipts, which Inspired oonlldouce ou the purl of holders, ruauy of whom are Inclined to think tiiat their property was worth mors money than It lias recently been quoted at. Trade was fair and nothing more. Tn prints tbero was a pretty free movement, tho attention of buyers being attracted by tho extreme low prices now prevalent, and in bleached and brown cuttous a good degree of activity was observable, but tu must other departments quietude prevailed. Gro ceries were reported fairly active, with prices of both staple and side goods ruling fairly firm. Teas were dull and easy. There was a good demand for domestic and foreign dried fruits, and most lines were tlrm. Raisins were firm and higher, layers advancing tu $2.1K)@3.00, and loose Muscatel to 13.1053.40. Turkish prunes were oil a >%c,—now quoted ut 7Q7. l *c. lu tho liilr market nothing new was developed. New l.ihu dsh uro arriving, and prices are unsettled- There was a quiet market for bagging at 20c for Stark, 2." c for Peerless, 24! »c for Lewiston, and 224 c for American and Amos keng. Price# of leather, eonl, wood, nml paints remain ns before. Oils were in moderate demand, with carlwn and tnrponttno selling tower. The lumber market was quiet and steady. The offerings at the dorks were small, and after the early hours very little was done, most of the buy era having dispersed. The yard dealers reporta rather quiet market. Drncs and chemicals were In gotfd demand and steady, Except opium, horax, and one or two other articles, which wore easier. The wool, hide, hnd seed mnrkels were quiet. Broom-corn was In fair request and steady.' Prnl* rle hay was in fair local demand and steady, the offerings being modernlo. Green fruits continue In request nt former prices, legions being firm, as the demand Is Increasing, and good deal of the (rnlt requires repacking. Poultry was scarce and firm nnder a good retail Inquiry, chiefly for turkeys and chickens. Terre Baum nfd.,..- I4K Chicago ft A110n...... 07 Chlenimft Alton pM..Un4 Oliloft Mississippi..., in’4 DO, ft l.nck»waTja....lit'M A. &T. Telegraph.... 17H Missouri rartfle Atlantic ft I’aelflcpfa. IW 1 * Indiana Central 44 Chicago. it. ft Q 1174 IlsnnUml ft St. J0e.,., 144 Central Pacific tocS Union Pacific UM4 U. pnc. Innd->tmnt... I*H U. I’no. sinking-fund. 01 nosns. Vlrstnla o*. new SI Missouri es 1054 STOCKS. ID. —The following are the ilnek Exchange: : crown Point tr.*f I yellow Jacket 2*K Alpha [ Belcher Confidence [ Sierra Nevada., Exchequer 1854 ! Overman M Justice VO4 Caledonia B>i Freights were quiet, and easier. Lake freights were decidedly drill, shippers being more and more disinclined to patronize the water route. Hates were (I‘ic on corn to Kingston, and aj-jc for wheal and like for corn to Buffalo. Halt rates were weak, with more liberal offerings of cars. Quo tations were 20c per 100 lbs asked to New York, 18 fi'.’Oc to Philadelphia end Baltimore, and 2754 c tn Boston and other New England points. Lake and rail rates wore little better than nominal at lie to Philadelphia, 12c lo New York, and 14‘icto Bos* ton. The engagements were for 05,000 bn wheat und 88,000 bn corn. ISTATE. juts wero tiled for record ronnioM importations received at Chicago Customs May 0. 1870: Tol man A King, Rqr. pipes brandy; Burley ATyrcll, 40 pkgs earthenware; Greiner A Bchurlc, 1,000 hu barley; D. W. Irwin A Co., 000 bu barley. Amount of dues collected, $5,211.03. 4,800 1,000 8,000 NBW YOIIK CHAIN-DEALERS. To the Kdllor of The Chicago Tribune: 8,000 Chicago, May 10.—I And the following language In a New York letter, dated the Bth lust s “Stor age men hero have combined and Increased tho rale of storage, and made, fur the moment anyway, a close combination." 5,700 This Is the tone of letters-we generally receive from Now York whenever there Is a largo quantity of grain headed that way, New-Yorkers complain that the grain trade Is going away from them, and wonder why it Is so. To mo It Is a wonder that any sane man wilt consign a bushel of grain to that city until ho has made contracts for all the charges that are liable to bo placed upon bis properly. A few weeks slnco some entcrprlalngNow York Com missioner prevailed npon the New York Central Railroad Co give very low rates of freight from here and Buffalo to New York, to induce largo ship ments, At these low rates they used the argu ment, “If prices do nut suit you on orrlval we can get you lower rates of storage than can lie ob tained at ony other point.” on tho principle that it is belter to have half a loaf of bread than no bread at all. 1 should think Now York commission men would hcc to it that the elevator men and warehousemen, should nut bunko their Western correspondents. Suippeh. 1, ISO 0,000 1100 PRODUCTS—Were less active In the Aggregate, and averaged higher, opening strong, though hogs were quoted easier. Little was dune fur shipment, but a few orders to buy for future were received from parties who thought the recent steadier tunc was probably the precursor of an upward turn. Hut the offerings were fully equal to the demand, in pork and lard, chiefly be cause the bog supply, was fair, sad operators Judged that the receipts of hogs will bo ample for summer jiocklug. Jlets Pork—V>’ as mther qalet nnd firm early, advanc ing 'JOc per brl under light offering*. but eased oft after* wards to about 5c above the latest figures of the previous day. Kales were reported of 170 brls cash at $20.55; 2,noobrts seller June At s2o.,vx*; brls seller duly at Total 5,06» brls. Thu mar* krt closed dull at 820.401*20.50 cosh, according to weight*, *20.4U520.42K seller Mays $2U.47J\i«20.00 seller Juiini $20.U5,*20.i17ha sellorJuly; uudnoiuluully ui f2o.W>itf2o.i)s seller August. Keller the year was uomlimlni sl7. WV* 17.75. I'rlme meaobork was quoted nt and extra prime sold too brls) at J 15.75. itmi—Was moderately active, and advanced toe per us) as In the curly (wire of the session, but fell back nearly to ibc prices of the preceding evening after Liverpool was quoted (U per 112 &» lower. Kales were reported of ics seller Juno at $12.17J-a , tfl- , .25; uml 1U.51U U-a seller July at *!2.37t4<.#12.4u. Total. i:i.sUl tin, The market closed quiet at sl2. I.W 12.20 ciii-li or seller Jlityt f 12.2uwU.22tj seller June: lir. ;r_*s-u O.U..V* seller July; and uuialualiy at $12.47>u<tc12.50 seller August. Jfeuf«—\V«ro In moderate request for future deliv ery. wlilt no demand for cash lots, except one nr two oilers at prices considerably below tlio market, and (luuiatluiut were n shade tinner ou middles, In sympa thy with other articles. Hales were reported of 2.'iU,ouO &■ shoulders at 7*£o seller June, ami 7?(c seller July; and 750, ouj as short ribs at mibefor June, BU),u7VbiJ 10.70 per lou as for July,' and «iu.o2tj for August, Tito following wuu thu closing runge of priccit Shout- Long Short Short den. clear. rib. clear. Salted, loose 7*q 10J4 loM loji lloxed 7H JOS* lidi. lIW May 7 H ... luW lutf June li« iojJ July 7?jJ low ll Uuuuu, cosh 8)» lljs 12H [EIICIAIj. —I 1875. | y.ttto 4.%, MIA iiki,7«;i 57,004 7,400 57,0'.l ia\7iio 1” 4iej 573 2.442 50,440 4,222 02, "44 no.iin so. i no 271.040 40.000 328 M.2SO 21.(VK) 145.1 W moon 30,774 2.010 1,788 I 150,440 24H 82, .MM) Kong and abort clean at 1076 c oath, anil Me seller June, boxed; green (nuns sweet pickled cio, cuinlierlamli. cash or teller Abrllt lung-out bums, Ui'aKlo, boxed; bacon tiams. Uuinc. 0.3 M; 2,a.vr r.,43) 12,2-1!) HU :cj 2.4 M 1,274 mhl U HE ASK—Was quid ftt 030 C. IIEKIMMUIUUCTS-Wero Heady and quiet at *lo.flo QIU.7U lur mend, £pr extra mess, aud s22.w*i; for harm. VU/huo-Wa* quoted at BG9)(c fur city, and 7H<3#4 forcuuutry luta. GENERAL MARKETS. ALCOHOL—Was steady at $2.14. UHUOM COUN—Was Heady under a fair Inquiry from Eastern parties. Chulcu hurl, Suit hi\ No. 3 hurl, 7(*8o; choice medium, 7<»7)jci «uud medium brush, OCOhJc} fair Inside and covers, ausiViic; Inferior, 4(*k4)4c; crook* ed, Uftcc. HUTTEK—Prices remain about u before. The do* mond, though restricted to meeting current needs, bos thus far nearly equaled tho supply, aud the oecumula* tlon Usmall. Shippers keopstradllr at work, and tho Imlkuf the dally arrivals goes Eastward. (Quotations ure as follow*: Choice lu fancy yellow, 27(<;i2cj medium to (food ffrmles, 23&22u; Inferior to commun, 14U21C. HAUOING—The market had no unusual features. There U a gradually Improving demand. ami the annex ed prices are steadily held; Stark A, 2d«: PecrlcasA A, 25c; Lewiston, 2H&I Montatip, 25c: Ontario, 25e; American A, 22Htc< Amoikcng. 32h,c; Otter Cm-H; 22ktCi burlap bags. 4 bu, da, 5 bn, LVftlUc; gunnies. single, I4j*rtlsc; do, duublo, 23(4210. CHEESE—fheruwajino marked cliunpcu lit any fea ture of tbe cheese market. Trade remain* dull, and will probably so remain until the quality of the supply Is better adapted to the wanta orbuyers. Wo Quota jKtor to best now factory at bit lie. COAL—Only a limited business wax doing la the coal market, buyer* holding off In cipeclallun uf lower prices. Values remalu uomlnally uuenanged: Lacka wanna, rangu andmit, s|o.ou; do. egk, $0.50; cumiel, *7.«U7.f>o; Eric, fT.ui; Ulo.-sbiirg, #7.dOt[.7.riO: Hock ing Valley, ifo.coi Indians block, $5.50; UaUlmoro * Olio, SiUX); Illinois. Sl.uxi.riO. UltlUlS AM) CHEMlCALS—Merchants report a good demand for tbe articles mentioned at unchanged prices, with few exceptions. Thu changes aru In borax, chloroform, opium, and potuswt chlor., all of which are easier, partly In consequence of u decline East: Aeld, ulirio, ft, gl.uvsl. jot acid tartaric, powdered. ft, &s<*.Vjcs ammonia, earn, 22a25c; axlu Crease, doc.. £|.iAk*l.2s; borax, ref., ft, UiMi.seKh;; luc vitriol, ft, im-alie; cream tartar, pure, ft, 4iL* 4Hc; cochineal, Hoiid., ft. TWtwte; chloroform, ft, tgl.iwcl. lu i glycerine, hulk, ft, 176«25c ; gum arable, picked, fioot7. r >c i gum arable, sorts, avutic ; gum cum* phur. ft. aacegwo t gum opium, ft, sd.2.u«].6(i t gum shellac, ft, AVoODc; lodine, ft, &).75'<«4.(a> t morphia, aulpb., 02, *4.Uk(v4.25 ; oil, wutor, NlcssUCUpergsl; do, lemon, (4.25U4.50: iiotowa, ciitiir,, ft, uOutfoc; potassium, lo*l., ft, f2.,Wi2.<v) ; quinine, sulpli., or, 52.25'v2.30t rodpreelplt, ft, 81.i**g1.25; root Ipecac, powd,, ft, f i root rhel, K. 1* powd., ft, il,Wx«l,sU| salt, Epsom, ft, 2*Vitso i sliver eryst., uc.. (I.UMI.UM soap. Castile, gen.. ft. lU&giUu ; snlpbur, ft. 4?{(tt«)e ; sassafras bark, UHjlSc. K(,ns—Were selling freely at 12c. Vlsll—Lake fl«h were dull and unsettled. Saltwater descriptions remain steady, Quotations are as follows: No. I whltoflsh, Hi-brl, flofkaJ.KJ: No. 2 do. *4.WSi» 4.00; No. I trout, (UU; So. 1 shore mucKcn-l, ft brl. «ta.Wk^ld.OO: No. I boy, iiMAAaii.i'i; No. 2 mackerel, J-tf-brl, f3.nvt8.25 s family nmekerel, H-br), { 1 No. I shore kits. Urge. s2.u> t No. I bay kits, I.ho; large family klu. ft.2ot bank codllih. ♦l.wx* 4.15 | lleofge’s codllsh, f9.a0u5.75 ; lotbrsdor herring, split, brls. s7.7s<*H.<»»} dihru’brl, f4.Ukg4.25: Lab rudur burring, round, brls, tG..v>i3.75 ; do, Mj-brl, *:i.ft(Xln.7s t scaled herring, per box. <oc: No. l her ring, :t:ic : Columbia 111ver salmon. «vbrl, FllUlTb AND NUTH—IUUIn* were stronger, prices of layer* and louse Muscatels advancing 5e per box. Prunes were weak and Me lower In sympathy with New York. Currants, apples, peaches, tod other line* comparatively were steady. We quota: tk-tnUef flgx, luyv*. IVlISc: tigs, drums, llotU’et Turkish prunes, 7«7Jfc! French primes, kegs and boxes,(Ftl4c: raisins, layers, 82. uv* 3.ui;loo»e>lu*calel, #u.|u*a.4o; Valencia, lIHmuKo: ZanwcurrsnU.7i(uHe! citron, 2U'*24c. Jhmtstlo— AUun apples, lHu.2>)et .Michigan apple*, common, lAf'tlOeichoice, halves lUM'tldlifii do, pared, I7'>«lCk-; blackberries IlMi<sl2ut raspbenTss. ri3<42Jlci pilled cherries 2tk*2ta, ,Vuf*—Fllnurts llullMtCtilmomls Terroguna, Saplea walnuts Itkitlc; French walnuts, new, llt*)2e; (irunoblu walnuts 14(,v15c; HruilU, tKvuUc; pecans Texas lU4'gl2o; Wllmlngloti iKiiumls Temiessee I'eiinuts, auqe; African peanuts, drtd.Wc, HUKKN FIIUITh—Were la fair request and steady. The oiTurlngauf strawberries were larger, and Included a small Pit from Villa Midge, 111. It u said that the crop promises to be Immense. Gooseberries were quiet ul2o,i2je: Kirawhcrrli*. 20.£30:; good to choice ap ples, fl.uvt.vo) (HTbrlt Messina oranges f3.2.Vj5.73 yev fi l«ixj^lemon» l (a.AXad.VO I>cr box; plue-uyples t;ut»L:i:itll;&-Tb<i market »u fairly active, tuul pri ces ruled tirm. y<>|luv.’lng ore the quuiath.iiN: A’fcs-Hanguon, Carolina, 7H .te>iC! Louis lajm. uMtiihtc. C"Jee*-i). O. Javs, sfv'i3lc; Javs Ko. 2. 57G2Hc; clmlecto fancy UP>. ; go.xl to prime do. 22 22t40i common to fair. ftOt'.tdlcj rouatluu, 2V22ttc; Costa ftlea, 2dl2aMic; Mara ,s'ui/(jr»—Patent cut loaf, lIH'UIKoi crushdL lIHO UUet powilercil, granulated. Udf<«lle:A, C No. 2. ft-tPHo: eholee brown, BH'urtQ. i ( B (r to prime do. cotuuion do. clmke muWea sugar, common to good do, 7M(itH}ies New Urleaus 7«fc*WC. .... .Slrer-t-i'ullfornlaauKßr-loaf drl]«, ttsve; diamond drli-s, fl.orxtsi. 10; silver Urlp-s extra tin-. ivkoL'm-i kihhl •ugsr-houseslrum WWWe; extra do, Newur jeans muUwes etiolce, fis>'ujHe; do prime, sV4r>He; do, common to good, 4H-{50o; I’orto Uleo molasses, azotic t common molasses aHiskoc: black-strap. 2ik,«:hV:. tiplc/t— Allspice, l7M7tiei clove*, SUa.5Je; cauls 3H>(Mioe: pepper, nutmegs, fl.)&«.i.2U] Calcutta ginger. I44ulshie. True Illue, ii'fe! Herman klottled, <jVi<47c; White Lily, iksuUe; Wiiltu Hose. txaQQei lloyol .Savon, tWcutc: Bavon Imperial, ft!4c; fSoldcn West, 5t4^.',4(u. .MiirfA—Eteclslur, laundry, do, glows oc; do. corn, OuiOHui Klngsford. pure, 7ne{ do, allter gb‘M. OlArWle; do, corn. lUutl(>Hu. //up—Prairie was In rcqucil and steady. Ko. 1 timo thy was linn, being lu demand to Ull outside order*. There were no changes |u quoiatiuns: No. I timothy. ShftAhiU.iu; No. 2 do. fn.UKAl2.ui; mixeddu. * 10. W Csll.ui; ui.laml prairie,; No. 1 do. •tough. su.WkV7.i*k iUOUWINfcft— Were lu fair demand and Him at, Urn THE-CHICAGO TRIBUNE; THURSDAY, MAY 11, 1870. PROVISIONS. recent prlee, Rales were 2W> brlsnt ft.o7 per gallon. itoMiira uni Incllnttit to look upward, In sympathy with cotn. HlDKß—'Were In moderato request. Healers report n smaller Eastern demand, which makes them less anxious to buy. hut the olterhiKs nvn moderate nml mica* rnlo uniformly Mainly: Green city butch*™* green cured light nml heavy, 7n damaged. %ci part cured. OkS«o*(cj preen salted kip, 7ci green country, 3'uC! tireon c-nlr, lact Pint hide*, itryklp mid calf. lie; dry salted hides, Itoi deneon skins, •i.'wnoc. OlLS—Carbon wm lower, mid turpentine whs offered nl ic decline, l.urd, linseed. whale.nmt other oils wrrn held with a fair degreu of iimtu-ss nl funner qootnlloaa. Tim following I* the revived list t Caelum, 11% deg. test, ia*|c: dii Illinois legal test, trwi deg., i:n(d Rnow While, iw test, ttitfct do headlight, 17% deg., 17c; extra winter lard oil, sl.(i>*l. u%; No. I, no o»i>2e; No. U, 7%ci linseed, raw. r.o.uKVt boiled. Of t n*.c; whale. winter-bleached. "tKIWe; sperm. #2. ivs a.2%i m-ntafoot oil, strictly pure, sl. do extra. iMe; do No. |, avi Imnkoll. %%c; strati*. no: plumbum) oil. «»'-'.7Acj turpentine, 4K.t43c; naphtha. deodorUed. fl;i gravity, West Virginia oin, natural, an deg., T.’.-aio; natural, su deg., a7«CR*o; reduced, aa deg.. 2ti<i'JJc. I‘OULTUV—'Was In Rood request and firm, tlie supply being larger, but scarcely adequate. Turkeys were qunlcd at kimhc, and chickens nl f'l.noutfl.tio per dot. POTATOES—\yero selling slowly from store At Hoc perbu. SEEDS—Wore rather quiet, hut steadier, timothy conllnulnir nrni At f3.4%M'J.7.t, And elorer nl $7,736* O.i*'. Ihingnmn and millet were quiet at stonne. RAI,T—Was steady under a fair Inquiry, since tho opening of tho tttraltaof Mackinaw about HVOivMirls of Saylnnw sail have lieen received here. The heavy re* celpis did not cause weakness, as the stock of obi was well reduced, And there has been a good demand fur new since li began to nrrlve. Quotations: Paginate and Onondaga, flue, ordinary course, $1,705 dntry. without bags, fi.7%: dairy, with bags, s;i.r>os Ashton dairy, per suck, $4.30. Tl:As—Trade Is by no means n* ncllve as could hode* sired, and, low as prices now arc, the market shows n lack of tirmuess. This Is notably the rase with Japs, as the new crop will soon be In the market. Thcfol* towing quotations are more or leas freely shnded: ffun/wn/er— Common, :«M4ivi good do, 4tv.r4.%e1 medium, 4f»w%tKj| wood do. mkcwci Hue, n.Viuic: tin* est. txs-ur.ej choice, 7tXA7%ci choicest. ln>lUjc| fancy Si.avui.n. Inifitrittl— Coimnon, SWTflScfcgood do, iwvioc; me dium. -KXMSei good do, fV/.Vic: line, %0v,*%3c \ finest, fhV.imwt choice, u%c*7oe; choicest. TiMT.'r. Common, wsiiawt good common, aiaiwe; medium, 4tv>t-i‘2(!t good meiltmn, 4%t'.4Ni:; flue, . r ,ia*soei flncM, fl%eldoo; choice. («mu%ci choicest, 73 .*7fle. Oohoi'/s-Common, sesaiiae: good eomtuon, tuv-jrwcj medium. 4«v;>-12ci good medium, -i:n<*43ci line, qaasoci nrifCWet choice, uoturjci choicest. “.Vshoc. WOOD—Was ngnln quoted weak at $4.00 for maple, s7.(nforbeceh, andfs.uiforalabs, delivered. VKAlc— Was salable at 4'4Hc. lit liberal supply sud easier, especially spinach, the offerings of which were larger limn usual! Cucumbers, .vXyi*oc per dozen; green peas, e3.riO per box; siring beans, t3.2.Vy.3.n0 per box; asparagus. 73c«f 1.00 <icr dozen; lotture, 30*3.10 per dozen; radishes, UliUoo per dozen; spinach, ikhxou pcrlmx; plo-plaut, ixatc; llcrmuda tomatoes, t*>*7oo per Iwx, WOOL—Continues dull and weak. Small orders nro reining forward and receive prompt Attention. Imttbo demand Is light, and holders generally aru anxious to foil out: Tub-washed, prime, 4l*'<(socsdo, poor to good, 44M4HCJ wished Hcece. Hue. good conditioned, 3.Vg37c; wndieil. medium do, 4<*(42cs unwashed. Unu heavy to light, '-THiWCc; do, medium, 25»2«ci pulled, 30*1370. IHIEAWSTUFFS, FLOim-WM In butter demand for shipment, and lome dealers received orders for more flour than they had on hand. Tlio local trade toolc a few lot*. Prices were well sustained, a slight advance being asked In s<nno Instances. Sales were reported of 185 brls whiten on private terms; 1,975 brls spring extras, chiefly nt ft.750t5.37H: 235 brls spring superfine* at $3.5t>j9.75; and isobrls rye flour on private terms. Total 1,095br15. The market closed steady at the following range of prices: Choke winter extras, $7,a0w7.80; common to good do, $5.80&7.10( shipping extras, $1.91X44.80; good do, s4.KV|£.loi choice do, $5.10(75.(10; patents do, ?().o(M*U.C*); Minnesota, $5.00,10.00; spring tuperflnes, $3,35&).75; rye flour, $1.0034.35. Itritn—Vi'aa more active, nnd 50c per ton lower, being In largo supply. Sales were ROtonsat $10.60311. OOon track, and $1 l.on free on board care. Corn- J/edf-Coorso was nominal at $17.50318.00 per ton un track. WiIKAT Was active and stronger, advancing is(c from the latest quotation of Tuesday, and closing te higher, the Inter reeling not belngqultc so llrm. Thera was no special strength In Liverpool Indicated In the advices from that point, but New Vork was timer, with quietness, and our receipts were again siuull, only 79 cardinals being Inspected Into siorc.agahist 211 the cor* responding day lan year. The weather was also flue, which fuct in these days of comincrctal shrewducre generally operates tn a contrary' direction from what It iiMdtooo. Agoodiunnybuylagorders wore received from parties who expected that prices would recede In the sunshine, and these orders were so numerous ns to determine the course of the market upward. There was only a moderate Inquiry for shipment, the trading being chiefly for future delivery, but cash lots were relatively linn, most of the No. 2 now here being held against June or July sales, and tho current receipts were too small to make much difference In the market. The purchasing was mostly done by tho short Interest, butafcwtooknatdouthc long side, arguing that the wheat-raising districts of the world have already sold their surplus so freely that there must Inevitably be u relative scarcity towards luvrveM-tJino, In spite of big stocks -hi sight now. Seller June opened at sold up to Sl.oiH. receded to st.(»H> advanced to $1.03, declined to SI.OIH. and closed nt 81.0IH- boiler July ranged nominally at st.()l*(Al.o9, eluting at SI.U2& Seller lust half uf June sola utsl.(U; seller the niuutli, or reg ular No. 2 spring, ranged nt SI.UA4I.tA>H< closing nt $1.1*44 with only a shade of preference fur gilt-edged receipts. Cash sales were reported of .’(l.uoohu No. a spring at sl.(XXa.l.uAf: liujoubu No. 9 do at IHHtMHci KXthu do (Central) ut l)lHo(H3os 3.000 1m rejected do nt rtlHci and 800 bu by sample at tUtitOlu. Total, 79,- 2uilm. iHnnmnta Wheat— Was quiet, but firmer, In sym «wlth Urn general market, the Inquiry being only Ipinenl to Interior points, bales were reported uf T.Hvtlm No. a at sJ.ojp>«l.«JM: uoo bu by (.ample at fl.omt.oi on track: and l.(*wbudo at sl,loo*l. it) free un Iwurd cars. Total, bu. CUKN—Was fairly active, and strong during tho greater part of the session, advancing fully Me, but weakened Inter, and closed nearly He lower than on Tuesoay afternoon. Liverpool w»u quoted firm, and the New Vork quotation showed a slight Improvement, while our receipts were very light for tho setuou, and tho shipments comparatively large. Vhcrcdnctlouofour Mocks In store has been rather rapid recently, and a little while at the same rate would >x* auttlelent to clean them out. This consideration Induced rather freo buy ing from tho shorts, but there was only a moderate de mand fur shipment, and when that was satisfied buyers for future held back, thinking It potwlhle that that (act, with tho weakness In freights, ludlcntcd that tho pres sure uf the forwarding movement Is about over. Tho reduction In rad freights undoubtedly caused many parties to order coru shipped to them, they being under tho Impression that the cutting would soon bu over, and they would uol continue to buyeoru nttho same rate If the tariff should remain down per manently. Sellar June opened nt 45j(c, advanced to me, and declined to 45140 at tho dole. Seller July sold at MVi'UMe, and seller the month, or regular, nt 4(b-44«H. both closing ratfl-JBJlrm nt the In side. (Jilt-edged receipts of No. 2 wnsqat a slight pre mium over regular, and high-mixed closed nominally ut 4U!6h4(>Hc. Lash sales were reported of in, mm) bn high mixed ut 4ii>lH4<i>hCs 7.<soobu now doat!l9-<t49He: M.-tuo bu No. 2ot4oin4i»4es (1,800 bu rejected at 41#ot KOObu can nt47c; U. jui bu by sample at 43:447c, on track,and 9.000 hu do at 45i*40Hc tree uu board can. Total, 441,2 U) bu. OATS—Were rather quiet and cosier. The receipts were a little larger, una tho reported shipments liberal. There was some trading In options In u quiet way. Some of tho shorts were operating ami there were more buying orders in. but sellers were more numerous, and tbu market weakened Inconsequence. New York also was quoted dull, ami the flue weather led many to expect larger receipts soon. The market closed quiet and weak. Seller May sold nt Juno sold at SIHt&JiHc, ana closed at 9tc. July was salable at 9lHo. Cash No. 3 sold at 3t»Hc, and car lots at 3tiHC(9>‘>4c. Itojected was nomliial ut 20Hh27c. Cash soles were reported of 39,- (««» bu No. 2ut 9uH(33*>Hc; 40.20) bu by sample nt 27<8990 for mixed, and 9-Vu-970 for white un truck; CO) bu white at 370 freo on board. Total, 74.400 bu. UU WrnUMt.dtVJIUIUII UU.IU. AVtUI, fl.tlA/IIU, ItVli—Was to better demand and stronger at (uHftftio for No. 3. the offerings of which were moderate and In fewiiuntiiL Kales, s,uiulmNa. 2ntG2Hci aud 400 bu do at iuc. Total, a, 4UO bu. lIAUI.ET— Was moderately active at Irregularly high er prices. Tho demand was chiefly for cash or May, which advanced IH'iu.’Hc under axi urgent demand from tho shorts, many of whom were anxious to settle, it Is geni'rally thought that (bo market la cornered for (his mouth. Thu receipts continue very light, midmost of the cash Is In tho hands of a few parties, who arc ship ping It nut slowly, and apparently have control uf the market, ut least for this month. The lino uf aborts out Is probably not very large. A good many dents were set tled yesterday, Heller May opened utmtHu, aoldluTle, nml cloned at 72c sellers, belief June sold utftJc, mid closed at OaliftdUc. July wnu nalot nt due. Cash No. a sola at 71u72e, and car-loads u> arlvoalTUe, closing at 720. The lower grades were quiet at AValtio for No. :i, and 33Ait(c for rejected, western samples were reported quiet. Kales of Canada wore made, to arrive. nt#l.(W. Cash sales were reported of 17, w<Jbu No. 2 atTOjtTJe; 400 bu No. 3 at-Tie; 4,uuobu Canada, to arrive, at sl.uu Total. UU.'joobu, Wheat was very active, anil higher, with sales of 323,(1X1 bu nt 6i-olH' ( il.uiH for June, sl.oifotSUy, mm 51.024i«1.ujß fur July. Cum was steady. Kales: 300,000 bu seller June at pork-Saless 1,700 bris at $20.70 for July, Mens pork was firmer, aules being made of 2M bris at fuu.Titxeller July. Lard was stronger, with sales of 2,000 Ccs at $12. 40 far July. U heat was active and tc higher. wiling at $1,019(0 l.tOifor June, and closing at Si.triH. July was quiet at f l.ulH. and May cloned at Sl.iilH- Corn was aedve and firm, closing nearly Ho higher. Knllnr May sold it -UDfc ittOH' - , ami clwwd m 4(tHo. Juno vuld nt 4%Mvi4itn, clualngut CJiiatuci nml July at 4iVV44«iHu, cloning at Um uuinlde. pales: HKl.ixx) hu seller July at4«J4*47c, and 40,000 bu boiler July at < '^)at« t wc're nulet and firmer, closing at SIH&SIUo for Jims, and 3oU« for May. Barley was firm at Tie for May and 02He for June, CALL DOAUU. Very Itt tlo was doing on the lan call. Mess pork wnsqula at $2U.57H(A20.«0 for Jane, and 12U.77H fur July. hard was In moderate request and stronger, with sales of j,6UO least SIX33H for June, and $»i,42H fur July. XiUMIIEU. The cargo market was rather quiet yesterday. Early several sales were mado which left the market nearly hare, and buyer* soou retired t then about half a dozen cargoes arrived, but nearly all of them were carried over. Juliu util scantling sold at 1-8.00, and Inch-stuff vu quotod at tu.SUUII.OQ. bhlngles were slow at f3.2«»2.40, and Utb quiet at tl-OTti First, second, and third clean have sold at fKT.U), and stock boards at Cl3.ouad4.uj. Common flouring ranges from lU.uj UU4.UJ. Cedar posts, round, a Incites uud over, aro quoted at ttlfcc, and under 8 Incites si ttc. luuueu rumours. Following are the rates of freight at tha principal ports on this lake. The offering* of vessels am large, iiml ilia demand limited, none of the commission houses having yet pul no their usual number of beau: Mania tvs, f l.ufxsl.bUt LudlngUm and White l.aliu, 11.2541 1.571*; Muskegon, ft. 25; Menominee, <l.37W;Ocoulo, *f?ie yard dealers complain of dullness, though the shipment* continue fair, and a good portion of the lum ber moving out Is thought to bu from the yard*, a* un til within a day or to few Interior merchants have Ixiughl cargoes afloat. Prices remain os follows i First and second clear Third clear, I Inch Third clear, thick Sl.diwua.u) Clear (hawing. first and second, rough 3u.uj4is2.uj Clear siding, tint and second l7.sUwirt.oo Vim common siding Is.oujui.uu Flooring, tint common, dressed 28. 0 u j Flouring, second common, dressed 32.UM24.UU Iwix boards. A M.Uij liuxlroards. lb.. 39.ux* A si*k Wards. 1u and >2 la 30.uju.33.uj 11 stuck boar>U ; 23.Uju35.ix) Cstock board* JS.ixXkIT.UJ teuclug : txrinrnonlumber, Id ft and under 2 In lo.Ukjll.u) (2JHIIUUU Inch ll.iXJUt2.uj .lolsu and scantling. 3UU> 24 ft 13.Ux.516.UJ l-at h. »,7.Vj I.UU A shingles 3.54 JCS 3. lx) bmnglci uu track B.BUJ 3.50 The following I* taken from tha trade report of the last .\ )fUiiet>tern Luinbtruum: bales arc slowly Increasing with tbo advance of the season, and ucaicis, as a general tula, are vonudeut uf n line summer and fall trade, Tim growing demand (lirmiuh Humps and Hrlfatn, oeeAsionlng c.vlenalvn i-nIU fur ( Aimdlan And Kusiem lumlMT. hits had n ten dency to strptiglheii tills tn’llef; liesldes, imrlles who tiavo been pro-recllng somewhnt extensively In and bo ymid the Mississippi Valley statu Hint the demands from the farming sections will ha very considerable, as soon ns (hey am able to attend to It. fllnee Inst full tho condition of the weather has been such as to prevent buyers from having easy access in the market, either for dlipoMimof or pnrelisstiig products of a bulky na ture, unit just now theynru nil too busy with their apt lug work (0 give their attention to (inlldtng pro ject* . 1,1 VK STOCK. CHICAGO, Cattlo. Hags. Bheop. 4. «r 77 (U'%4 171* f>, 121 7.1113 2«% 0.4:t% 1.037 lleeelpU— Moiiiluv Tuesday Wednesday.. 3,21 a 7,1 m 13,301 41.113 1.314 13.3.1 a 2,030 Total Panin time last week. Week before 1a5t..... Hhlpmenu— Monday Tuesday Total 4,fWfl B,tW3 CATTLE—Trade opened dull nt slightly tuner figures, llnycrs were ns numoroui m on either of the preceding days of (ho week, hut Increased receipt*, and (ho fact that telegrams from tho East were of a character to make shipper* more cautious caused n general weaken* I nit of prices. Later, at ftfMOo reduction from Tues* day* quotations, there was a somewhat freer more* inent, though ntno time during the day was there any* thing resembling activity, and the market closed weak with scarcely more than one-half tho cattle sold. Tho (juallty of tho offerings was such ns to give little cause for complaint, the bulk answering to the description of •* good to choice." The range of prices paid was or, but there was little trading übovu SI,OO or be low f:t,.vi. Shippers received most of their stork at fl.aVi.-1.H3. while local butchers and feeders operated chiefly at ftt.vwi.nn. Hulls were plenty at f2.&(v* a. 75 for p<ior to prime, bales of springers were at f'JS.noc-d.i.uiprrhcaitandof calves at f2.7.*w<.V(i>, ao cording to quality. The prospects for the remainder of tho week are not specially cheering. 3.017 n. 014 I,7HH 3,m0 CATTLE SALEH. No. Ar. Trice. No. Av. Price. 10 1,334 $4.70 iu feeders.... iwi fn.H.i 31 1,201 5.01 44 1.3X3 4.K1 :i4 1.100 4.70 :it 1,373 4.H0 33 1,3.11 4.K» meows hu 11.10 17 1.310 r..u» :i7 i.mxi n.iit 17 .•.,..1,150 4.80 it 1,331 4.M7M 1H 1.233 4.7.1 20 1.370 ft.*** 10 l.aul 4.7.1 17 1,307 4.70 10 ..... 1,301 5.00 13 1,31*7 4. HO 15 1,130 4.05 40 1.31*0 5.121$ 04 1,133 4.00 II 1.337 4.75 10 I,ll*o 4.H0 14 1,340 5.30 32 I,(HO 4.70 17 1,3X0 4.H0 33 1,174 4.00 10 I.IXO 4.H7X 1,1 1,300 4.H0 1.3'*7 4.1*1 10 1,100 4.35 17 1.210 4.H5 lOfCLMlera.... 050 4.35 10 1,013 4.03 HOfeuders....l.lo4 4.H0 10 1,103* 4.05 28 1,134 4.02 W lUms—The supply wm larger than fortho two pre* coding day*, Amouutlngto 13,3X5 head, nml ns a result there wu a further slxrtnknpo In values. isles showing n decline from Tuesday uf S'alOu. There was a quiet trndu from the opening of business to the close, but during the day most of the supply was worked olf. And the feeling at the clo«o was comparatively stondy. Hales were At $(1.«va0.75 for scalawags. for poor to prime light, and at to. 00167.25 for common to choice heavy. Most of the hogs sold at, lion sales. No. Av. I'rlce. No. Av. Price. 70 11)3 7.0*. 55 210 7.05 45 218 7.10 38 lift) 7.10 03 UIO 7.10 28 103 7.10 05 277 7.00 30 271 7.10 Jin 200 7.10 43 18(1 7.10 40 101 7.10 33 184 7.10 4(1 177 7.15 48 293 7.00 40 210 7.(0 (T 7 2«M 7.05 04 2.YJ 7.<SI 41 1(10 7.15 31 218 7.00 93 200 7. t() 5(1 215 7.15 44 214 7.11) 59 173 7.00 09 210 7.10 No. Av. Price. 33* 211 $7.10 40 278 7.1>0 43 280 7.00 f. 7 277 7.00 44 293 7.00 CM 2115 7.00 :w IW> 7.13 2d 133 fl.fiO 85 288 7.20 2t 22!) (I.U> 99 201 7.13 24 218 7.10 •10 200 7.10 54 204 7.10 :w 313 7.00 109 tK4 7.10 <ll IIS) 7.05 50 313 7.(0 05 2(XI 7.00 (VI ID!) 7.(0 29 228 7.(») (U 299 7.00 .55 227 7.«) 111) Tdl) 70S) 49 209 7.(W) 30 215 7.10 BIIKKP—Wore In good demand, and tho mipply was taken, between shippers and tho homo trade, at $.>.004 7.00 for fair to extra woolod sheep. NUW TOUK. NbwYouk, May 10.—JIbeves—Receipts 2,r>80, against a, 110 at the same time Inst week; quality very fair. Including a few car-loads of fat sllllors; demand light; market dull; closed weak at a re duction front Monday of He; a fow very line sold at UU'&llHci really prime wont at lOHe; common to very good OftKmc, including tiOlllluolssteors, average 1.450 B>s, olive, atlO?la;U7do, 1,800 tbs, at 10c; 110 do. 1,220 OJfc. SitßEP—llecolpts yesterduy and to-day 1,000, against -1,080 same tlmu last week: market fair; small volume business; a fow unshorn at UH® K l /tc; several car-loads clipped oH@ol*c, mainly U?«c; ull fair to good stock. Swine—Kccolptu, 8,200; making 0,000 for two days, against 7,050 same time lust week. Car load fair Ohio bogs, 100 lbs ullvo, $7.73 per 100 lbs. EAST LtllßßTl'. East liinEtnr, Pa., May 10.—Cattle—Tie celpts to-day, 1,800 head, of which 07 cars were through stock and 13 for salt) hero: total for two days, 2.1W7 head; tho supply Is light and likely to be so; trade very dull nnd many are being shipped In first hands; sales however, have been firm at lust week’s figures; best S-'.DOfIfiO.OO; medium to good, $5.0005.40; common to fair, $4.00® 4.75; buIU scarce, $8.00®4.2C; stackers scarce and In demand, 53.C0C24.50. lions—Receipts to-day 1.820 hcaa; total for two days 1,815; Yorkers, $7.25®7.40: PhlladulpUlaa, $7.00®7.75. Sheep—Receipts to-day, 3,300 head; total for twoUajs, 6,600; selling, $1,005.75, BALTIMORE. Baltimore, Md., May 10.—Cattle—Market (ln)l nmt prices He lower: very best, SH®OHc; first quality, 4y(i&r»HC« medium or good fair quail ty. ordinary thin Rtccrß,ozcn, and cowh, 3?n©sc; must solos 4H®BHc; receipts, 1,570; sales, 1,344. Hons—Dull and heavy: prices He lower; range, OHftlOHo: receipts, 6.021, Sheri*—Fair demand and firm; range, 4(ffcoc; receipts, 3, 065. Lambs In good demand ut 3®sc. BUFFALO. Buffalo, N. Y.. May 10,—Cattle—Receipt*, 3,110; total for tho week, 0,107; market slow; prices a shade weaker; sales of 30 cars. Sheep and Lambs—ltecclpts, 3,300; total for tho week, 4, HOC); only 10 curs on sale, which sold readily at strong opening prices of tho week. Itoos—Receipt*. 3,300: total for tho week, 0.K00; market active for tho few offerings; 3 cars Yorkers, $7.00®7.40; heavy, 87.B0O7.06: all sold. BT. LOUIS. Sr. Loots. May 10.—lloos—Dali: tending down ward: light shipping at $(L(»0®0.35; Yorkers, 5U.40a0.75; bucon, $0.7507.00; butchers’, §7.10&7.30. Cattle—Market easier, fair demand; good to choice native steers, s4.7fi®s. 37H5 pony steers, caws, $3.7504.35; stackers, $3.35 <a4.37Ji. CINCINNATI. Cincinnati, May 10.—IIoos—Fair and firm; common to good light, $(1.50fl)7.31): fair to good, heavy, $7.36®7.40; receipts, 1,300: shipments, 040. BY TISI/KGRAPII. VOREIGN. Special Dispatch to The Tribunt, Liverpool, May 10—11 a. m.— Flour—No. 1, 345; No. 3, S3*. Qiiaix—Wheat—Winter No. 10a lOd; No. 2 Os Od; spring No. 1, os4d;No. 3, flu; white No. 1, Ds □d; No. 3, Os Od; club No. I,los 3d; No. 2,0 s lOd. Corn—3o*o3o4 Od. Provisions— Pork—B2* Od. Lard—6Bs. Liverpool, May 10—1 p. m.—Laud—s7s Od. Liverpool, May 10—Latest—Cotton—Market quiet and unchanged; middling uplands, 03-lGc; middling Orleans, Oftc; sales H, 000 bales, Includ ing 1,000 fur speculation and export; receipts, 0,300, of which 8,300 were Amurlcau; futurcsdnll and unchanged; of tho sales to-day 5,700 bales were American. Provisions—Bacon—Short clear dull at 535; long clear, 51s. Lord—Prime Western dull at 575. Tallow—Prime city dull; 40s. • Cheese—American choice dull at 60s. Wubat—Spring No. 1 firmer; 0a 2d; No. Slow er; 8< Hd. London, May 10.— Amount of bullion gone into the Bank of England on balanco to-day, i. 7,000. Consols—oo 7-10, both money and account Amxrioax tiacuniTLEa—United Status bonds,new ss, 100V4; Erie shares, 14S; preferred, 31J&. Briiiim or Turpentine—3S« odO22aod. Refined Petroleum—loU©loH. Tallow—l7s Od. Antwerp, May 10.—Petroleum—275<f for floe palo American. Paris, May 10.— Five per cent rentes, 105 f 22Hc. Fiunktout, May 10.— United States Dojtd»— New Du, 1021*. PUODUCE, NEW YOUK. Special iXspafcA to Tht THbunc. New Yoiik, May 10.— Qiuin—Wheat—Market firm; Inactlvo; opened strong; fair demand, wlilclt wua not sustained; closed apparently quiet; No. 2 Milwaukee, sales at 11.20 instore; No. S Milwau kee prime, about, aoldatsl,2l;No. 1 choice Min* ucsota, to arrive, sold at $1.28; No. 1 Mlnne sou, Uloadx, at $1.25; No, 3 Minnesota, load, at $1.13; old No. 2 Chicago, 2 loads, at |LIU in. atoro; no grade, Bales ut $1.03; Inferior, sales at 81.02®1.01. Darlcy dull; malt in fair demand; Canada, $1.25(31.40; four-rowed State, 00c@ $1.00; two-rowed do, 85305 c. Ityo In fair demand for export; Western, b1(383c; Canada, 00301 c; State and Pennsylvania, 00303 c. Corn strong; In fulrdcmand; steamer mixed, 00c; no grade, asked, fiflobld; mixed Western, OUic; Jersey yel low, G4©osc. May, UU*o bid; Jnnu, 0054 c bid. Oats—Market dull; buyers and sellers slightly apart; No. QChlcago, 41c; No. 2 New York, 40c; U.OOObu sold; rejected, 30?*c bid; mixed Statu, 43c bid; white State, 53c asked. I'noviiioga—Lard opened about 8c lower than yesterday, with wore speculative activity; dotes weak and somewhat demoralized; **lo# at first call for June, 500 tea at $12.45; 750 tes for July at 812.55; 750 tea for August at 812.87!* > si-c<md call, 250 tes for July al |I2.G2V4i liist call. May, $12.3754 bid, '512,50 asked; .Tune. $12.4254 Mil, SIS.-tAaxkrcl; .Inly. $12.4754 Md, 812.5754 naked; August, $12,0754 bill, sl2.7oaskcd; September, $12.7054 bill, 812.80 asked; second call, Mny, $12.3:154 bid, $12.3754 naked; Jane. $12.40 bid, $12.45 naked: July, $12.50 bid, $12.55 naked; August, $12.(1254 bid, $12.0714 asked; September, $12.05 bid, $t!l.00 naked. Tallow*— Dull nt S’ic for clly; oul-oMown lota, B>{p. Wmsitr—fltrongon ndvnnclngprlcca; hlghwlncs, 5Oc0$l.ll; nlrobol hold lit $2.14 bid. PitßtniiTd—Stronger; to Liverpool, grain, fld; to London, snll, grAln, 7!id; flour, 2s; to (Has gow, corn, H!4d; wheat, Hd; to the Con. tlnent. sloum, grain, (UUd; sail, 5«Ud; to Cork, for orders, (Is. To the WtUtrn Amneinttd Prtst. Nbwloiik, Mny 10.-Cotton—Weak; 1-lOede* dine; 12?« c for middling upland; futures barely steady; sales May 1254012 d-.'tac; Juno, m»io 1217-:i2c; July. 12 23.32012*0; August 12?,0 122H*32c; September, 1274012 20-32 c; October, 12&012 25-320; November, 12 21-32012 11-18 c: December, 12 21-32012 11-lllc.—Receipts, 5,(1(17; more active; about yesterday's prices; No. 2. $2.11003.40; snperllno WcstcrnanrtSlntc,sl.ooo4.4o; extra Western nnd Stale. g1.H505.50; good to choice. $5.2505.70; white wheat Western extra, $5,7507.00; fancy, $7.0007.75; extra Ohio, $4.8507.00; extra SI. Louis, 85.1500,00; patent Minnesota, extra good to prime, $0.2507.30; choice to double extra, $7.3500,50. Ityo flour steady; $4.7505.10 for superfine. Cous-Mbal—Unchanged; Wcslorn, Jersey, nnd Pennsylvania, 52.7503.30. llrnn firmer; 83.05. Chain—Wheat—Receipts, 107,252 bn; nmrcnct* Ivc: opening a shade firmer; closing nt fully yen* (erdars figures; active export demand; 81.12 for No. 2and No. 3spring mixed; 81.025401.14 for ungraded spring; 81.1001.13 for No. 3 spring; $1.20 for Nns. land 2 spring, mixed; 81.10 for choice old No. 2 Chicago in store; $1.1701.22 for No. 2Mllwnnken; $1.25 for ungraded Mlnnesoln spring; 81.2001.30 for No. lapring; $1.30 for Canada spring, spot; $1.20 to arrive, all In May; SI.OO for extra cbolcu old white Michigan; $1.20 for No. 2 Minnesota afloat. Rye firm, 7t»oHlc: Western, 00002 c; State, 00c; Western, 80c. Parley unchanged; mall unchanged. Corn—Receipts. 73,070 bn; opened active and firm; closed with holders a little more disposed to realize; 555405054 c for no grade mixed, closing at Inside price; 0000054 c for steamer mixed; 0154 c for graded mixed; 500 02c for ungraded new Western mixed; 02c for old Western mixed fresh receipts via canal; 00c for choice Western yellow. Oats—Receipts, 74,208 bn; a shade easier; 37045 c for mixed Western nnd Mate; 44052 c for whlto do, Including rejected nt HOHCWUfccsNo. 2 mixed, Now York Inspection, 40c; No. 2 Chicago, 40Me, afloat. Hat—Finn; 75080 c for shipping. Hops—Firm; 10010 c for Knstern nnd Western; 12018 c for Now York Statu; 15018 c nominally for Colorado. Onooßmp.a—Coffee—Hloquiet nnd firm: 15‘4® 18I(c In sold, cargoes; 15-UOIOC In gold, job lots. Sugar quiet and unchanged; 774 c for fair to good reflnlns; Bcforprlmo; no Bales of any magnitude reported: refined Arm. Molasses ateady; fair.ln quiry. - Hlco unchanged. I’ETnoLEUM—Higher; crude, BHc; refined, 111*4 ®i:iyc; esses, 18021 c. Tallow—tjnlel; Hftc. Besik— Steady; $1.7001.80, Sthained Tuiu’ektisk—Heavy; 00c. Enos—Heavy; 1-HJc for Stale and Pennsylvania; 1301-lc for Western. Leatubu— Heavy; hemlock nolo, Buenos, nnd Bio Grande, light, middle, and heavy weights. 2O’/4020J4c, California, 20022 c; common, 200 22c. Wool—Quiet nnd nominal; domestic fleece, 50 058 c; pulled, 25042 c; unwashed, 12000 c; Texas, 10027 c.—Pork lower; new mesa, $20,000 21.20; June, $20.70020.80; July, $20.00021.00; August, $01.20021.20; September, $21.40. Beef unchanged; hams dull; llcrco quiet. Cut Meals— Western quiet; middles quiet and heavy nt 11340 lllic; Western long clear, 12!«c for city. Lard lower, closing firmer; prime steam, $12,400 12.00; June, $12..'m5012.02'/,; July. $12,450 1200; August, Sl2.OO012.O71i; September. $12.80012.82*4. Butteh— Steady nt 10020 c for new Western; 22000 c for State. Cheese— Quiet; 4012 c for old commontoprime. Wuiskt— Steady; sl,ll. Metalb— Manufactured copper quiet and steady; Ingot firm; lake. 22022‘ic. Pig Iron—Scotch quiet and steady at 28001 c; American dull and heavy nt 18020 c; hnr quiet; English and American unchanged; sheet quoted nt 12c In gold for Hus. slan; nails quiet at $2,7002.80 for cut; SI.COO 5.25 for clinch; 20020 c for horse-shoe No. 8. NEW OKI,BANS. New Om.EAJfs, May 10.—Fi.oun—Market dull; snjicrfiuo §B.7o;,double, $1.25; treble, $4.50© Grunt—Com (inlet but steady: white mixed, 58 05H* / 4c; whlto Western, 5Uc; yellow mixed, Usc. Oats, market dull; ordinary, ;wc; choice, 42c. Couk-Mbal—Demand fair and prices higher; Hat—Dull and nominal; prime, 818.00020.00; choice arriving. $25.00, Puovihjonh— Pork quiet bntfirm; $22.00. Lnrd —Market dull; llorco, Sl.’l. 15018.50; keg, $14.00. Bulk meats quiet. Bulk shoulders, BHOBJSc; clear rib, 12c; clear sides, 12Mc. Bacon quiet but firm; alumldors, clear rib, 12Jic; bulk clear aides, 1274 c; bams, augur cured, SIB,OOO 11.50. WniiKT— Quiet but Ann; $1.1131.33. Comm—Steady and Arm; UIo cargoes, 10Q® 10c. Sugar dull and unchanged; fair to fully fair, R®8(»c; prime, SSfc; cliolco, He. Molasses quiet and unchanged; common rebelled, 32@33c; prime to strictly prime fomenting, 43®45c. Blco—Com mon to prime Louisiana. 4(4®0(4c. Bran—Quiet hut steady; soc. BT. I.OOTR. St. Loots, May 10.—Cotton—Ball and lower; low middling, lOftc; good ordinary, 0«c. Flour—Quiet and unchanged; only local and small ardor demand. Grain— Wheat unsettled and lower; No. 3 red fall, Sl.4obid, cash; sales 8l.30.Iuno; No. Bred full, $1,31, cash. Outa unsettled; No. 3, 33(4c asked, llyo dull and lower to sell; 04c bid. Bar lay—Only cholco grades wanted; Minnesota and Wisconsin wonld bring 81.00®1.11. Whisht—Steady and nnchanged; SI.OB. Provisions— Pork—Market dull; $31.C0. Bulk meats nominally lower: shoulders; 7Hc; sides, 10?i@ll‘fic. Bacon dull and lower; shoulders, HV4c; sides, llft®l2*4o. Lard dull; current rales, 13c asked. Bkcei its— Flour, 2,000 brls; wheat, 7,000 bu; corn, GU,OOO bu; oats, 12,000 bu. RALTIMORB. Baltimore, May 10.—Cotton—Dull and heavy: middling, Iti&o. 4 * Fl.oUH—Dull, heavy, nml nnchanged. Drain—Wheat dull; amber, $L.C0®1.52; other grades unchanged. Corn—Western mixed, (12*4® u2*«c. Oats dull and heavy; Western white, 42c; Western mixed, 37®40c. Byo dull; 70®75c. ■Hat—Unchanged. Provisions—Quiet and nnchanged. Pork, $22.25. Lard qniot; rotined, 1414 c. Butter— Steady and Arm; Western prime to line Invoices, 24®2Kc. Petroleum—Unchanged. Coffee—Nominally unchanged. Wwbrt—Dull; $1.12. BOSTON. Boston, Maim., May 10.— Flour— Qnlot? West ern euperdne, $4.00®1.25; common extra, 84.C0 (35.00; Wisconsin extras $5.00(30.00; Minne sota extras. $8.50(37.00; winter wheat Ohio, In diana, and Michigan, $0.00(37.25; Illinois, $d.25®8.60 5 St, Lous, $(1.51X30.00; fancy Minne sota ami Wisconsin, $7.2530.25. UiuiK—Corn steady: 023«WJe for mixed and yellow. Oats quiet; mixed and white No. 2, 45® 50; rejected, 42®40c; white No. 1, G2®C4c. Bye. 00302 c. • ItEcxiETs—Flour, 4,401 brls; com, 80,8001 m; oats, 4,000 bu; barley, 1,400 bu. Wool—Markot dull. TOLEDO. Toledo, 0., May 10.— Flour— Steady. Grain—Wheat—Good demand; a shads higher; No. 1 white Michigan, $1.20*4; No, 2 do, 81.22; extra white Michigan, 81.30; ntnhur Michigan, 81.24; June, 81.25 Q; July, 81.2 UH; No. 2 am ber Michigan, $1.05(4: No. 2rud wiutor, SL3O(4; May, $1.30; rejected lake shorn rod, 80c. Corn Arm; high mixed held atC4c; 531fc offered; May, Cliyc; June, 51c; Jnly, 52c; low mixed held nt 52c, Gls£c offered; no grade, 40(4c. Oats steady; No. 8,35 c; white, 40>4c; Michigan, 35',Jc. BRCEnTs—Flour, none; wheat, 0,000 bu; corn, C.OIIO bn; oats, 0,000 bu. Biiivmknts— Flour, 200 brls; wheat. 10.000 bu; corn, 20,000 bu; oats, 7,000 Im. CINCINNATI. Cincinnati. May JO.— Cotton—'Weak; UVc. Fooun—Dull; family, 55.10©6.H5. (Jiuin—Wheat quiet; 9L16©1.30. Coni fair and higher; -IH@SOc, closlngnt thu outaldo. Data quletaiultlrm; :i7@l3c. live dull ami nominal. PnovisioNs—Pork dull; |21.0y©21.26. |<ard dull; oleum, 12©13Hc. Bulkmeats dull and uiiHettiud: flhonldeni, 7*{e; clear rib, 10J£c. cash or buyer May; clear acarco; llHftllUc. Bacon dull; Hj,c; UXc; l«H©l2«ic. Wuibky—Fair and Arm; $1.07. Buttek—Dull uud drooping; heavy receipts; Depressed market; cholcu Ceutral Ohio, 20©—c; do, Wcetcrn Reserve, C-I@26c. MILWAUKEE. Milwaukee, Wla., May 10.—Plodu—Quiet, but firmer. Chain—Wheat opened firm; about He higher; closed strong: Mu. 1 Milwaukee, 91.11 H: iiard, 51.22; No. ii Milwaukee, 91.0114: June, SLO4Mi July, $1.051i; Mo. 3, OlHc. Corn scarce and wanted; Mo. 2,40 c. Oats firm; Mo. 2, May, !I2Uc: June, 32Hc. Rye quiet and unchanged; No. 1,08 c. Barley unsettled; Mo. 2,80 c; Mo. 3, flBHc. Fiibioiits—Quiet and steady. Receipts—Flour, 7,ooobrls; wheat, 35,0001 m. tiuti'MENTs— Flour, 0,600 brls; wheat, JW.OUObu. DRY-GOODS. New Your, May 10.— Business was light with manufacturers’ agents and importers. Colton goods were lu steady but moderate demand, at un changed prices. Prints moved elowly, but shirt ings were In fair request Southbrldge prints were reduced to 6Uo, and Knickerbocker cambrics are He lower. Heavy woolens were in fair demand by clothiers, but light weights remained quiet. COTTON* Mew Orleans, May 10.—Cotton in fair demand, but at lower rates. Hales 3,760 bales; good ordi nary, OHttOtfc; low middlings 10}»©10Xc; mid dlingUSOUJi'Ci good middlings, 13©13Hc; re ceipts, net, I.U7J bales; gross, 1,007; exports to Havre, 3,4*1 bales; coastwise, 1,668; slock 108,706. Mobile, M?y 10.— Cotton weak; mlijdliug HJJq net reenlpts 247 baled; exports, B; iblcb, 100] coastwise, HO. (IHAUI.BBTO3T, May 10.—Colton dull nnd nominal; middling, 11S012C; netrocelpls, 104 boles; sales, 150. Harveston, May 10.—Colton Irregular; mid* dllng, 11?»c; net receipts, 871 bates; exports const* Wisp, 110(1; silica, 407. Savannah, Mny 10.—Cotton qnlct; middlings, ll?»c; not receipts, 303 halos; gross, 581; export* constwisc, 772; sales, 381. PKTUOLKUM, PiTtsnnno, 1»«., Mny 10.—Petroleum qnleti nothing doing; crude quoted at 82.0714 nt Parker’s; refined, 13Hc, Philadelphia delivery. Ci.gvblanu, 0., Mny 10.—Petroleum qalel nnd unchanged; standard, 110 test, 10c; prime white, 150 test, lie; car lots, cash. Wilminoton, N. C., May 10 Spirits turpan* Inc firm; 30c. MAKING. LAKE mniGHTS. CHICAGO. Thn local market was again very qnlct. The rata for anil vessel, for corn to Hutrulo was nominally 3Uc, for oats 2‘4c, nnd for wheat 3HQ3Hc. A charter was made Tuesday evening for com to Kingston ntOHo, Charters: ToDiiffalo-Propolter, ni)t named, wheat nnd corn, through; schr Charles ). {*hl, wheal, on private terms. To Kingston— HchrWayne, corn, at (JHc. Capacity, 05,000 bu whcntaml2o,ooobucnrn. • RL9RWHEH*. Milwaukee, May 0. —There was but very lltllfl demand for vessels to-day, nnd rates are He lower, being considered nominal at 354 c on wheat to Dnf* fnlo, nnd fl**c to Kingston. The steam barge 11. H. Drown was engaged to carry 52,000 bo of wheal to hrle nt3s4c. Toleho, May H.— drain freights were unchanged nnd dull. W Ith the opening of llnffolo It Is ex pected there will bo an Immediate revival. Tbo harbor Is full of vchscls awaiting business. An drews « Southard report tbo charter of the schr Mary Copuly, coal from Cleveland to Chicago, 50c, free. * Ci.btrlaki), MayO.—The charters reported yes- J cr d< , y wore the schr Constitution, coal, Ashtabula to Chicago, 60c; sclir John KelderhonßU, coal, Cleveland to Chicago. 50c; schr Col. Cook, flux milestone, Islands to Portage, nnd return cargo nf Iron ore from L’Anso to Toledo, n. t Coal Is still scarce, and large cargoes are hard to got. DitTnpiT, Mays.—The market Is dull, but prices are unchanged. Charters Include; Schrs Surprise and Mount Rlanc, posts, Alpena to Chicago al 51.50 per 1,000 feet on their lumber capacity; sclii Almeda, lumber, An Sable to Detroit at $1.3754 on rail; these engagementa were reported by Wlilt* taker & Co. , TIIIC CAXAIi. BmooKrouT, Way 10.— Amuv«D— Whale, Otta wa, 5,500 buoato; propMontauk, Lockport, 1,007 brln flour. Clkaubd—Onondago, Morris, 80,400 ft lumber? J. D. Leonard, Pent, 88 ra lumber; North Star, LaSalle, 8.7 m lumber; Gold-lluntor, LaSalle, 80,870 ft lumber; Nautilus, LaSalle, 107,800 (I lumber; Illldoro, LaSalle, 110.702 ft lumber; prop City of Henry, Henry, 40,889 ft lumber; <3. L. Bootb. Ottawa, 78, 05» ft lumber. 100 m shingles, 50 m lath; Commerco, Punt, 70,081 ft lumberi Lily, Morris, 80,200 ft lumber, 82,200 lath. POUTIIUIION. flptclal IXipnlch to 77 ie TXftune. Pont Hunan, Mich., May 10.—11 p. m.-< Bowk— Props Swallow, City of Trcmont, N, Mills, nnd barges ;scbrsH. W. Sage, Two Fannies, C. A. King, Kingfisher, 11. Brisael. Col. Ellsworth. S. L. Watson, ,T. Bigler, Arabia, H. C. Hichams, American, Lono Star, Thomas C. Street, J. 0. McGrath, Lady Duf ferln, D. A. Vnnvnlkenburg, J. 8. Miner, City of Manitowoc, Wcnona. Up-PronflKcwuonaw, lionnoko. D. M. Wilson, with Brightlc, Fran Pcrccw, Mary Jauchi aiiu barges. Havana and barges. Wind northeast, gentle; weather Quo. MISCELLANEOUS, CHICAGO. A large nnmbcr of vessels nro still la ordinary at this port, nnd do not mean to come out until busi ness Improves and bettor rates can be obtained. Tberols, however, butllttlo prospect of a change for the better until the war between tho Eastern trunk lines comes to an end. As tong u the rail roads take grain at from 16 to 20 cento per hundred from Chicago to New. York, vessels will have no show whatever, ns they cannot carry freight so low ns that. It business continues ns <lull and unro munemtlve ns It la at present, oven some of tho Lower Lake vessels that have already como out will bo laid up again. ...Tho Chandler J. Wells, which was transformed during the past winter at Port Huron from a hark Into a three-aud-after, ar rived yesterday. She presents n much liner ap pearance than she did. CupL Patrick Langdon commands her... Tho schr Falcon, which sunk near the crib about a week ago, has been dragged to tho mouth of the river by tho tugs, where shu now lies. Another effort will bo made to-day to get her Into shoal wafer, so that she cun bo raised without much difficulty or expense. GENERAL NOTES. Wheat ratci from Buffalo to Now York arc re* ported at 7Hc, tolls Included....ln IHOC tho sfchr Gcrrltt Smith carried wheat from Chicago to Oswe go at 31c per hu, and even then her owner growled because tho agent did not hold her for !Uc, that rate being realized a few days later. Now the rnto IsaboutOc....The Detroit Tribune says: “Nav igation Is not yet fully open, but already vessels which have started out arc beginning to fay up for hettortlmos. TlioflchrThomaa W. Kerry goes from Cleveland to Eseunaba to lay up until times aro better, ami tho schrs Englo wing and Supe rior, It is stated, have been brought to this city for the same purpose.”....private dispatches report the lee still thick at thoSnult. Suvorullugswere sent down tho river n few day* ago to test the strength of tho Ico. They report 11 rotting very fast, and navigation Is expected to open In aduy or two....An effort will made with out delay to get nt the cargo of railroad Iron In tho sehr Saltillo, which sunk In the rapids nt Port Huron twenty-three years ago. Capta. Irwin Du gan and M. Quigley, ofßt. Louis, aro maklugthclp preparations. Tho work wan begun last year, but owing to thy severe weather which prevailed dur ing tho fall, no satisfactory progress whs made. These gentlemen ore prepared with batteries to blow the Saltillo decks off, when the cargo In her hold can be reached with little trouble by means of a diving-bell, as tho cur rent Is too strong to permit divers to de scend In armor. Tho same parties will engage In raising tho cargo of Iron ore onboard the sehr City of Buffalo, which sunk near Sand Beach har bor of refugo lust full, after which an effort will b« ninile to raise tho vessel If she Is not too much broken up.... Advices from Meaford nmlcrdatoof the 7th Inst, state: “Cnpt A. McKee, of the three-masted sehr Belle McKee, of Owen Sound arrived there this forenoon with the crew In a small boat. He reports that his vessel was caught tn an ice-shove about 1 o’clock this morning, 8 miles southwest of Colllngwood light-house, which stove In some of her planks forward, reclining her over on her beam ends aud currying away her masts and fore rigging. She then sank In CO fathoms of water, scarcely leaving time for the crew to take to the boats. They arrived hero almost frozen. She was owned by Mr. A. McKee. Rr., Owen Sound; valued at $10,000; Insured for SO,OOO, aud loaded with 10,000 bu of wheat from Hosa Bro,, Leith, In sured.” iron orb traffic. Tho prospects for a fair shipment of oro from this port this season arc beginning to lookallttlo more favorable. The Milwaukee Iron Company and North Chicago Bolling Mill Company have ■ contract with tho owners of tho props Baldwla and Owen aud their barges to transport 100,000 tons of ore to these two Companies. The South Chicago Bolling Mill has three vessels under s season's contract to transport ore for them. The Cleveland Bolling Mill Company are unite court dent that limy will ship at least 30,000 tons by this route. Besides these, tho Bangor fumaco al St. Joseph, tho Lcland, too Frankfort, and Abe Green Bay and Dopero furnaces, will need a largo amount of Iron. The Inactivity among fur nace-men throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio, of course, will affect tho shipments during the early part of thu season, and wo can only hope lhal there may bo a revival of business In lust section in tho course of a few mouths. —iUcunaba Tribunt. BUFFALO. Special Dispatch la Th* 7>l6un«. Ruttalo, N. Y., May 10.—Vessels arc gottlnt through the Ico freely to-day. The arrivals are, props llalontlno and Nebraska, schrs Moonlight, Camden, J. W. Doane, James Couch, Columbian, Mary Lyons, LaPetlto, Annlo if. Peterson, ant Mockingbird. The departures wore the echr Davit Vance, props Philadelphia and Alaska. The Vanc« was the first sail out. Tbu barge llackett and sclu Moore, of the first fleet, arc still fast In the icu. Hovers! lumber-tows are also In (he Ice. Cana! freight* oU@7c for wheat aud 4Hc for oat* to Mew York. Kltlß, PA. Jfptclal Ditpatch la Thi TVfftuns. Entß, Pa., May 10.—Tho departures for thi Qppor lakes to-day wore the stmra Winslow, foi Houghton; the schrs Dan Mace and Herbert Dud ley, for Chicago, The prop Fred Kollcy and sebt Warner, of Erie, oro laid up at Buffalo. Her Cap tain says freights aro "100 thin.” The vessels uss their freight money, ntjd more too, before tho trig is finished. Perry's flag-ship, the Lawrence, wai raised to-day, and will bo shipped to the Centen nial, where visitors can ace it ut 26 cent* a head. AlltbeNcwlorkpapcrs bold that Anna Dickin son made a double-failure at tho Boston (Hobo Theatre Monday night,— os an actress and as a dra matic author. JUWLLIIV. All liJS llOfClllK JEWELRY Of tho season al BTEUM’S Doftai Store. 100 Stall MiUUsoa-iu

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