Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 11, 1876, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 11, 1876 Page 7
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POLITICAL, Platform Adopted by tlie Michigan Republicans. Delegates to tho National Convention Unin structed. A Corporal’s Guard of Grocn buckcrs Meet at Mad ison, Wls. The; Build a Platform and Nominate Judge Davis for President. Dftrnnm tlio Democratic Nominee for Iho Connecticut Ncnatorslilp. THE IION. 0.13. EAirWBIiIi, AN XXX’LAKATOIIT I.HITCH FROM UIM. To the Editor of The Tribune: Chicago, May 6.—lnasmuch ns there Is some misapprehension, I desire to give you the facts and points in tho Into contested-election case wherein I was ono of Iho parlies: Lo Moyne claimed tho First Precinct of the Twentieth Ward should ho thrown out for fraud, and ho produced before the Notaries twenty-seven voters of this product who swore that they voted for him. And, in his first brief, ho showed by this process that ho was elected by eight majority. My attorney, In his brief, for tho sake of tho argument, and that none of Lo Moyne’s de mands should ho made a matter of dispute at oil, agreed to his statement of Ids cose os ho had made It out for himself. That left ono point only to ho nettled by the Committee, viz.: the Poor-House vote; and upon this vote, and tills vote only, was the case decided. Wo proved hy our own witnesses, and by Kimberly, tho Worden, Lo Moyne’s witness, that forty-three paupers, sent from tho city upon tho physician’s certilleato (so said Kimberly), who were not residents of Norwood Park, voted for Lo Moyne. Wo claimed that these paupers did not reside at Nonrood Bark. If they did reside, them they could elect all Hie olllecrs of that town, levy tlio taxes, and ixpond them. And we claimed that these votes ihould not bo counted. If they had not been taunted tho contestant would not have been Heeled. But the Confederate majority over ruled tho derision of our Supremo Court, tounted these paupers, and elected ho Moyne. The jcoplodWiwf elect him. Under the dreum- Itanccs, Is it not pertinent to Inquire wdicthcr or lot tho contestant did not agree, for this re markablo decision, to wear the Confederate col lar I I have written this note that my constituents nay know how they happen to be misrepresent 'd by a man whom they did not elect. 1 make so complaint for myself. I have been in Con gress for more than five years, and have tried to perform my duties faithfully to my constitu ents ; and 1 con truly say that I have no further icslro for ofllcc. Yet there is one thing that Is to be regretted, tmd that is that partisan spirit should, at this day and ago of our Republic, run so madly os to override both facts and law to subserve party ends. Might, to-day, Is right with tho Confed erates ; and I might add tout Democracy to-day means Confederate rule. Tho two parties may resolve, at Cincinnati and St. Louis, whatever they may choose; but the issue, nevertheless, is, snail those who for four years tried to destroy this Government, and to whom the Republican party gave tho po litical life which they had forfeited, govern the country; or shall those who saved the country govern it! Chicago’s three Representatives will vote to turn the Government over to Jeff Davis god Beu 11111. I will not. Your friend, C. B. Pjuiwxu* THE SOFTS. A PITIFUL SHOWING. Special Dispatch to The Tribune. Madison, Wls., May 10.— Tho mass conven tion of Independent voters In favor of a more honest and economical administration of tho Government, the Issue of nil currency by the Government, tho repeal of tho National Bank law, more legal-tenders, favoring the repeal of tho Specie Resumption act, etc., was called hero to-day by William Orlcdgo with a view of sending delegates to the Indianapolis National Convention, but the masses came not. Greatly to the disappointment of the-sanguine inflationists there wore only a dozen present at the opening of tho Convention at noon. Orlcdgo presided; 0. P. Bowe, of Pond du Lae, was See rotary. H. 8. Orton, of Dane; N. H. Wood, of Colum bia; C. 11. Benton, of Dodge, wero made n Committee onßesolutlons, ami fire others were appointed to name delegates to Indianapolis. This afternoon resolutions were repotted and unanimously curried declaring for TUB FOLLOWING PUIKCIPLES; First— An exclusive Government currency to be issued In volume to meet tho average demands of tho country. Second— Government paper currency shook! bo Interconvertible into Government bunds of long time and lowest Interest, at tbo will of tho holder, receivable for nil nubile dues, including customs. Third— Tho Redemption act of 1876 should be immediately repealed. Fourth— As soon as practicable. Government pa per currency should supersede tho circulation of National Hanks. Fifth— For the present there should be a wisely discriminating tariff for revenue only. Sixth—' Tho common schools should bo free, non partisan, and non-sectarian. Seventh— A genuine civil-service reform and honest administration of tbo Government. WOUB RESOLUTIONS. 8. D. Carpenter offered a long resolution eulogizing Judge David Davis, and naming him os Wisconsin’s cuudldato for tho Presidency, recommending him to the Indianapolis Couveu- N. n. Wood, an eccentric merchant of Por tage, offered additional resolutions upholding our paper currency, as based on tho credit of forty millions of people, which were adopted. Tfio little squad, which was swelled to twenty live or thirty this afternoon, went through the motions of nominating twenty delegates to Indianapolis, Iml., taking In vain names of per sons not here, and who will adhere to Um Repub lican and democratic parties as voters. Tho dclegatcs-at-lurgo are: Joseph IT. Os born, E. P; Allis. Harlow 8. Orton; William Orledgo. First District, Isaac Mills, 13. R. Illiiklcy; Second, N. H. Wood, 8. D. Carpenter; Third, G. C. Rouolph, 8. Woodhuuso; Fourth, L. 11. West, George Barham: Fifth, Otto Puld mau, 13. 11. Bouton: Sixth, 11. W. Freeze, Col. J. B. Vleit; Seventh, 0. W. Kruz, Dr. Bennett; Eighth, Geo. W. Calces. Electors at largo—W. Orledgo, Ooorgo W Leo; First District, George Esterly; Second, 11. W. Remington; Third, w. W. Field; Fourth, T.P.AUis; Fifth, U. D. Mlhills: Sixth, Ell Btilsou; Seventh, C. D. Parker; Eighth, E. S. Winer. There was CONSIDEIUnLB ORRENHACK SPEECHIFTING, bu'lmllng a dismal opening by Orledgo, speeches by Orton, Carpenter, Benton, Wood, and others. Borne wanted lo perfect Stale organization now, hut Judge Orton thought that If tho Demo cratic party should adopt a sound financial plat form and candidate, a third party would hu un necessary. and there won hope that tho Demo crats would so act. There is a poor show for an Independent party in this State. IOWA. Dbs Moines, la., May 10.—Tho Stato Green* back Convention met hero to-day. There M ere 85 delegates In attendance. Tho usual green back platform was adopted, and a delegation to the National Conventional Indianapolis elected. Resolutions were adopted directing the new State Committee to cull another State Conven tion nut later than the 15th of August, to nomi* note a State ticket. The meeting was made up of very respectable gentlemen, although none were men of grout prominence, and the proceedings were harmoni ous and dignified throughout. MICHIGAN HEPUBTjICANS. TUB BTATB CONVENTION. SfitciaJ XHtpatdi to Tht TWbuns, Giuku lUfios, Mlelu, May 10.—Hie Repub lican State Convention assembled In this city ut 10 o’clock tMa forenoon pursuant to cull. Neur y every county In the Statu was represented by ull delegations, over 400 delegates being pres* cnU The lion. 8. D. Uhigluun, of Ingham County, Chairman of the State Central Committee, called tho Convention to order, and tho lion. Sumner Howard, of Genessco. was chosen temporary Chairman,.l IL Stone, of St. Clair, being temporary Sot ro Ury. D. 0. Uemluruou, of Allegan, was Ajiu NttjCtotnnnitof the CwnlUyu on Credentials Gen. 0.1- Spanldlng, of Clinton, of tho Com mittee, on Pcnnnm>nt Organization. and iho Hon. C. W. Cllshcc, «f Cass, of tho Committed on Besolultons. I'EUMANRNT ORGANIZATION. The Convention was formally organized with the following olllcers s Print,, Hon. W. Livings ton, of Wayne; Vico Prcsls., (one from each Con gressional district). Newell Avon’, of Waynes W. S. Wilcox, of Uowunec: Jianlel Striker, of Hum’; C. A. Harrison, of Van Bnren; M. H. Crosby, of Kents I*. Dow, Falkland; It W. Jenks, of St. Clair; E. Aiken, of Saginaw; nml 0. W. Ilnlllrt of Manistee; Secretaries, J, If. Stone, of 8U Clair; J. JJ. Moore, of I.aplerz; D. L. Grossman, of Ingham; ami Frank S. Skids, of Brunch. ’ DELEGATES. ..The Convention elected as Delegates nt Largo H. P, Baldwin, of Winnie; W. A. Howard, of Kent; D. L, Flier, of Musun; and J. J. Wood muu, of Vnn Huron. Alternates nt J.nrge—E. J. Pennlmnn, of Wayne; J. P. Hoyl, of Tuscola: W. J. Baxter, of Hillsdale, and C. T. Holland, of Houghton. Delegates from Districts—W. G. Thompson and Herman Keefer, of Wayne; It A. Beal, of Washautnw; Charles Uyml, of Lmqiweo; w.H. Wellington, of Jackson; E. 8. Lacey, of Eaton: N. A. Hamilton, of Berrien; George Haimlis, of Van Bnren: A. B. Watson, of Kent; B. D. Pritchard, of Allegan } W. L. Smith, of Genesee: W. 8. George, of Ingham; J. C. Wnterhury, of Banllac; 8. J. Tomlinson, of Laplcr; T. F. Sheppard, of Bay; H, U. Hoyt, of Saginaw; W. H. C. Mitchell, of Grand. Haven, and Edward Bruluug, of Marquette. ALTERNATES. «ui cij.ii i\ ibn* A. Bussell and Otto Klrehncr, of Wnync; Harry A. Connul, of Monroe; J, 11. Armstrong, of Hillsdale; 8. V. Irwin, of Calhoun; A. El liot, of Brandi; It It Pettier. of St. Joseph; J. C.Clmpln.of Kalamazoo; J.W. Webber, of lonia; Chimney Davis, of Muskegon: Josiah Turner of ShlawassoiE. P. Dow, of Oakland; Townsend North, of Tuscola; J. Jenks, of Huron; If. H. Hinds, of Montcalm; B. F. Smith, of Iosco; W. Duuham, of Manistee; A. Malison, of Maeklnc. CBNTItAL COMMITTER. Tho Hon. 8. £). Bingham, of Ingham, was re elected Chairman of the State Central Commit tee with the followlhg members from each Con gressional district In order: George W. Hough nrtil ,T. McMillan, of Wayne; Charles T. Melehcll, of Hllfsdnlu; Gen. o.Spaulding, of Monroe; S. J. Burpee, of Calhoun; W. T. Seaton, of Jackson; F. Wells,of SU Joseph; D. W. Clemcr,of Cass; H. C. Sessions, of lonl; L. W. Heath,of Kent; M. 8. Brewer, of Oakland; O. L. Spaulding, of Clinton; It wlnsor, of Huron; T. C. Phillips, of Hay; W. Chandler, of Sheboygan; W. I. Lnhinen, of Mecosta; C. Y. Osburn, of Mar quette; F. L. Wells, of St. Clair. IT.ATFORM. Tlio Convention adopted tho following resolu tions: Wo, tho Republican* of Michigan, In convention assembled, In tills centennial year of the nation’s life, reiterate unr (Irm ami abiding faith in tho principles of the Republican party an enunciated in former national platforms. While we point with prldo to the party’s glorious record of grand achievements In behalf of freedom, equal rights, anil good government, and exult In the reflection that from tho day of tho party's organi zation within tho borders of Ibis Htate to tho present time, dispeople of Michigan have attested their steadfast fealty to the party’s true alms and purposes by an unbroken lino of Repub lican victories, wo recognize the fact that no past achievements ordcclaratlonu of principles, however just and patriotic, will deserve or can alone secure success without candidates of known ability, In tegrity. aud stability of character: therefore, JUtohed, That the delegates chosen to repre sent us In the forthcoming National Convention be requested to act In tho Convention with har mony, 1 and ns much In uuity among themselves us possible; (lint they extend all proper courtesy to other delegations, and treat with deference the opinions of those representing Slates less reliably Republican than our own—but, under no possible circumstances, to yield anything of Republican principles. While wo are willing to waive personal preferences, our delegates must never consent to commit Republican principles to any standard-bearer of doubtful position, or who docs not In his own character niTord assurance of the practice of economy, honesty, and purity In all matters of administration. It also adopted the following amendment to apply to all future State Conventions, the vote or the preceding Gubernatorial election to be the base for representation: Jietolceil, That tho basis of apportionment for the coming State Convention be flxed at one delegate for each 800 of tho total volo cast iu Michigan for Governor in 1874, and that each fraction of fIOO or over In a county eluiil entitle it to an additional delegate; provided, (hat each organized county having no representative shall bo entitled to one delegate. A ringing, earnest speech was made by TUB IKJM. W. a. HOWARD, who declared that, having been In Washington for somo months where ho could watch tho smntriullls of tho Confederate House of Repre sentatives In Congress, uot one of them hud been able to Injure In tho slightest the character of Blaluc, Bristow. Mot ion, Conkllng, or any other of tho gentlemen named us possible candidates of the Republican party for President; that the Republican party is homogeneous and united, and Is certain to triumph with any candidate yet mentioned,—es pecially If Congress but continues lu session two months longer. He atllrmcd that, should It do so, and tho House continued in its present atti tude, the Republican nominee might count With certainty on every Northern State. • HUNTIMUNTS. Tho Convention was entirely harmonious. Its bias was nut expressed, and national dele gates expressed none, at least not openly. The ifiinrcsslon prevails that It will favor Blaine or Bristow, either being about equally strong with AT CINCINNATI. Michigan’s headquarters at Cincinnati will bo at the Burnet House. MISCELLANEOUS. WINNEBAGO COUNTV, ILL. Special Dispatch to The Tribune. Hockfohd, 111, May 10.—Fursuant to tho call of the Republican County Central Committee, tho Itcpubllcaus of Winnebago County met in County Convention at Rockford to-day for tho purpose of electing delegates to represent said county lu tho State Republican Convention, to ho ‘ held ut Springfield May £M, and there was an effort made by defunct Postmaster aud others to change tho course of tho tide, but It rolled over and left them with a sad minority. Tho following delegates to tho State Conven tion wero elected: A. Bfuham, E. Smith, Chairman: 11. F. Lea, N. C. Thomp son, D. J. Stewart, Jns. 8. Cowait, H. P. Cotes, Evans Blake, 0. C. Town. R. P. Lawo, and w. F. Ackcrly. Though not pledged to any one, It Is fully understood that they nru for Harlow, mid that, on Governor, they stand eight for Beveridge and two fur Oultum. The Central Convention for tho ensuing year was also elected, and consisted of the following E arsons: D. J. Stewart, Durand Giles, and 0. [urd, of Guilford; G. 11. Hollister, of Itoek town; Irvla French, of Pecatoulea: A. Bruham K. Smith, Thomas Q. Lawler, unu James Fer guson, of Rockford. .At a meeting held afterwards, A. Dralinm E. Smith, fur two years Chairman, resigned aud Jns. Fergusou was appointed In his stead. This Committee also agreed to cull the County Con vention for the nomination of county officers Saturday, Juno 17. The Cimvetitlon to-doy woa an unusually good one. ihe delegates appointed were composed of our best and most buuurcd citizens. INDIANAPOLIS. Special Dispatch to The Tribune. Isdujutous, May 10,—Tim Republicans opened tho campaign hero to-night by a largo meeting at tho Academy of Music, addressed by tho Hon. Jonathan W. Gordon, candidate for Attorney General. Ills speech was on able, lengthy discussion of tho differences between tho two parties, and tho issues involved In tho pending canvass. It will bo circulated as a cam paign document by tho State Central Com mittee. WIIITB9IDB COUNTY, ILL. MonmaoN, 111., May 10.—The Whiteside County Republican Convention mot to-day. No instructions or resolutions were passed. Tho cutlru delegation is anti-Beveridge for Governor. CONNECTICUT SENATOUSim*. Hahtvoud, Conn.. May 10.—Tho vote for Senator to-night in the Democratic Legislative caucus was: Ilanmm, 100; English, 74; Inger soli, L Barman was nominated by ucdiuau* tiou. i BI'KINOVIELD, ILL. Special lUtpahJi to The Tribune. SpniNOVißLi), 111., May 10.—Tho latest polit dal nows received here, and especially from the southern part of tho State. U regarded as very favorable to Mr. Cullom. though Rldgwoy has recently developed considerable strength. For Lieutenant-Governor opinion seems to bo very much divided between the lion. A. Shuman, of Chicago, and tiro Hon. A. M. Jones, of Jo Daviess. Both havo very warm friends here. Geo. Scruggs, of Champaign, seems to be pulling in so far ahead for Secretary of State as to decidedly alarm tho su|>- porters oi Mr. Harlow, the present In cumbent, who has been very ronlidcnt of success up to tho lost few weeks, and it wuuld not bo surprising IL after all, Col. Harlow should be os Badly beaten as when ho rau for Mayor of Springticld In lb(*U. Gen. Llpplncott, it Is conceded, Is most likely to . successor, unless tho other candidates should develop unexpected strength within the next two weeks. Attorney-General Edsall’s chances fur renomlnatlou are also considered good. Between JtiUutouiger and Buta tor -Tim CHICAGO TRIBUTE; THURSDAY. MAY 11, 1876 J Treasurer It la hard to tell who In tho foremost now. The other Mpiranta aro far behind thcao two. IJBISTOW FURLING IN MASSACHUSETTS. Spertal pteputch to The Tribune. WASHINGTON, D. C., May 10.—A private dis patch from Huston, received at the Boston Her ald olllco hero to-night- says s “ As each District* Convention comes off in Massachusetts the con tinued growth of Bristow sentiment In this State become# more marked. At tho Second Congressional District to-dny Hen ry D. Hyde, Vico President of tho Boston Bristow Club, and John F. Osgood, u pronounced Bristow man, were fleeted delegates jo Cincinnati. The Third District Includes over half of Boston and Brookline. ALLEN’S FRIENDS. O f it I I. .1 l/il. Datton, 0., liny 10.—The Fourth Dlrtrlct unanimously Indorsed Allen and adopted green back resolutions to-day. Allen delegates were elected to the State and National Conventions. I'IIKSIDENTIAI, GOSSIP. OBNRItAL OUANT ANXIOUS TO LBAVB TUB WIIITH IIOUBK—WHO WILL SUCCEED HIM?—THE CHANCES Of TUB VAIttOUS CANDIDATES POU TUB CINCINNATI NOMINATION—DEMOCRATIC PA VOIIITRR—HOSTILE ÜBADQUAHTEUS—INVES- TIOATION-iiRI’OUTS. Special Correspondence of Tht Chicago Tr\buu». Washington, D. C., May 7.—“ In less than ten 100111118,’* said President Grant to a Senator yesterday, “ my term of ofllco will expire, and I shall again ho a private citizen. I count tho Intervening days with tho same pleasure that I used, when in tho graduating class at West Point, to count tho days Hut must pose before I would receive my diploma and leave the Academy.” Hla Admin istration, which had suchaglorloushcglnnlng, Is certainly not ending very pleasantly to him; and It Is not strange that ho Is anxious to be rid of the responsibilities and vexatious attendant on Ufo at tho White House, or that bo regrets having yielded to tho solicitations of Bepuhllcnn friends, who persuaded him to leave his proud position at the head of the army, where ho was idolized by tho people, and where ho could have, reposed on his laurels until summoned to “ Fame’s eternal camping-grounds.” WHO IS THE RISING SUN ? As tlio rod of Aaron swallowed all llio other rods, so docs the Presidential question absorb all other questions hero Just now. It lies be neath all legislation; It Is the prompter of ull speeches; It Is tho leading topic of conversa tion at dinner-tables and In drawing-rooms; and It Is even alluded to by preachers In our pulpits. Tho Republicans, smarting under their defeats of ’74, and Incensed by tho bad behavior of some of those who have fastened themselves on tho Administration, leech-like, to deplete the Treasury for their own benefit, appear animated by a desire to retrieve past losses, and to restore their party to Us original purity. Put who Is to bo tho standard-bearer selected at Cincinnati to lead tho hosts to victory In November? Many think that he has not yet been prominently named, but will remain as “the Great Unknown” until the ot»- portuue moment arrives, when fruitless bullot- Ings have convinced tho friends of others that they have no chances of success. Influential men, who come hero from various sections, represent Bristow us gaining ground every where In popular estimation; T>ut the poli ticians are almost all against him. Only a few days since, In the Essex District of Mussdm cctts, the office-holders, who controlled the District Convention, elected as their delegate to Cincinnati Unit political wcather-cocknntfolficc seeker, George B. Lorlng, in place of that ster ling old Republican, the poet Whittier. Lorlng Is a Blaine man, and Whittier Is, of course, fur Bristow. BLAINE IS ANXIOUS, now that ho cannot go Into the Convention with the Now England vole, us he had expected, and his friends arc Industriously picking up stray Southern delegates. But u considerable portion of bis strength In tho Convention will come from the Territories, which cannot give a vote ut the election, aud from States which are hope lessly Democratic. Tho question will then naturally arise: “What Stales can Jltafn carry at the polls in November f" On this there will be much ciphering, and already elaborate calculations have been made; but none of them Insure him success unless ho can cany the State of New York. Cun ho carry Now York I Tho Republicans from that State answer emphatically aud positively, No I This seems to block Mr. Blaine’s chances for receiv ing tho nomination; and his henchmen arc now working like beavers, trying to gobble up voles Ticro and there in sum-lent numbers to demonstrate that they can carry the fall election without tho vote of the Empire State. And, as they know that they cannot get tho Conkllng or Morton strength, they are doing their prettiest to form an alliance with Bristow, In which they will gain bis prestige without making any return. MU. CONKLING ]9 BEHENB and apparently Indifferent us to the result, but his friends claim that he will go Into the Con vention with the vote of the State of New York to sturt from, ami that other large delegations will speedily wheel Into his column. Ills following at Cincinnati will comprise adroit politicians, trained by Seward and Weed; merchants and bankers to iullucnco the proper ty element in the Convention; genial, good fel lows who will seek to capture distant delegates by hospitalities, with a sprinkling of tho bMmys to drink at bars, to talk In hotel corridors, and cheer in the galleries of the Convention when Conkling’* name Is mentioned. Tho Conkling organization la perfect, with “ a place for every man and every man in his place,” n wcll-illled military chest, and—beyond a doubt —the support of the Administration. I speak whereof I know when I assert that Rescue Conkling is tho favorite cuudldato of Ulysses S. Grant. OOV. OLIVER T. MORTON stands next in the estimation of the President, who has not done anything to prevent his get ting all the delegates that no could. But it Is already evident that Gov. Morton* stands no chance of success, and ho will, in all probability, transfer his votes at Cincinnati to Mr. Conkling, if one cun Judge from present Indications. And it is also very clear that nei ther tho Coukllng men nor the Morion men will, under any circumstances, form an ulUuuec with Blaine. TUB “ VAVOUITB SONS ” OV STATES— Jewell, of Connecticut; llartrunft, of Pennsyl vania; and Hayes, of Ohio.—do not, either of them, appear to stand mucu chance of a nomi nation lor President, although the name of Hayes is mentioned by the Blaine men as desirable for tho second place on thdr ticket,—n bait which they also throw out to Ferry, of Michigan; Ingalls, of Kansas; and Sargent, of Californio. Secretary Chandler would undoubtedly like to have Ferry nomi nated and elected Vice-President, and he could then return into tho Senate and fill the vocuut chair. Tills will give Ferry a great help at Cin cinnati. TUB DBUOCnUTIO WIHB-rOTJ.BHS arc by no means Idle, and tho more Impecunious among them arc stimulated by a report, said to bo well authenticated, that Tflden, who Is a rich muu without helm, Is ready to spend one million of dollars In case he can obtain the Democratic nomination. This Is more than Judge Davis will pledge; but it is evident that his whole heart is in the contest, ami, like Horace Greeley, ho Is ready and will ing to spend large sums in securing his nomi nation aud election. Speaker Kerr and Morrison have been and arc at work for Hendrieks, but Thurman appears to head him lu Democratic estimation, llaneock’s friends are bringing him forward again, although ho w’us In command when Mrs. Surratt was hung; and then there Is Seymour in the background, ready and willing to take Uu field. TIH» HOSTILE IIEADQUAIITBRS arc on V street. Judge Edmunds, our cllv Postmaster ami Zach Chandler’s rightMianil man, presides over tho Republican rooms, with Cul. Dick Hinton as his executive oilicer: while the Democratic head-man Is CoL A* D. Bunlts, originally of Virginia, now of Mississippi. Koch party lias commenced the publication of campaign-documents, ami, Immeillatcly after tho respective Conventions, tlio country will be Hooded with them. Already rcadt scribes havo written campaign-lives of all the prominent candidates, and, should others bo nominated, tho materials con bo easily adopted with slight changes. Tho Democrats arc counting on tho jtßi'onn ov tub house invbstuiatjoks oa valuable campaign-documents, ami they hope to have the work continued after an adjourn meat of Congress In July: but the liemibtican BeimU) will block lids little game, it will never answer to have u score or more of these scandal-dredging machines at work, casting drag-nets in every direction, and hauling up fUtu of every description, to cast broadcast over the land, without contra diction. do, if the Representatives want to ud- Journ, they must first cull oil their dogs, accept final reports 'from the Committee*, and dis charge them from the further duty of Invcstig'* tlun. 1 hen the fiouulo will (( concur ”Inan • journmeut. lUco-Niay WARD MEETINGS. TUB RBVBNTII. ... A meeting of tho Seventh Ward )* , V Club was held last night ut No. 8817“ ~“1 Q avenue. Jlr. A Qraham presklc*> "1,, CfUrjca-oclcdfifl Buqmtajy, *M«aww. bo a division of icntlment In the Club. A largo number of those present were not pleased with the organisation clle ted last week, and wished to elect other ofllLcrs for the Club. Upward* of two hours was spent In unseemly wrangling on thin point. The result was that the old offi cers were retained. About thirty new members wore admitted, and the meeting adjourned. Rimirn wakd. A meeting of the Executive Committee of tho Ilcpubllrnn Club of the Eighth Ward was held nt No. W Zlluo Island uvenno lost evening, Philip A. Uovno lu the chair, and Mr. Barrett Hecretary. The object of the meeting was to take the preliminary steps for nominating dele* gales to the County Convention, and to secure a full vole at the primary election. Messrs. Mnddock, Caulfield, and Mamcr were nplHdntcd a committee to suggest fifteen names from w hich eight should be chosen a week lienee <u a delegate ticket. Messrs. Barrett, Shannon, and Bell were no pointed to take the necessary steps to have the place for holding the primary changed to the engirio-houßO. lire Treasurer of tho Ward Club reported that he had an unexpended balance of $S In his hands, which was authorized to he expended In giving publicity to tiro primary election, print- Ingtickcts, cte. The Committee tojournod for one week, when It will meet in conjunction with the Ward club. PORT LIST, AnmTAr.s—Prop J. L. Hurd, Milwaukee, light} schrO, Shaw, South Haven, lumber; scow M. N. Dunham, Union J’lcr, wood; ichr A. Plugger, Grand Haven, lumber; atmr Corona, St. Joe, sun dries; echr S. 0. Andrews, Little Traverse, wood; ■chr It. U. King, White Luke, wood; etmr Chica go, Manitowoc, sundries; scow .Magdalen*, Lud wig’s Pier, wood; schr Cheney Ames, Cleveland, coal; schr Nellie Ilcdlngton, Cleveland, coal; schr Mnj. N. H. Ferry, White Lake, lumber; prop Mis souri, Ontonagon, sundries s scow Silver Cloud, Horn’s Pier, wood; stmr Muskegon, Muske gon, sundries; tchrTrl Color, Holland, staves; schr Lumberman, Block Creek, lumber; schr WoJ lln, Holland, lumber; schr Joses, Holland, wood; KcowMlltou, While Like, lumber; schrMury. Hol land. woods schr Clark, Manistee, lumber; schr William Jones, Kellogg, light; schr Coral, White Lake, lumber; schr Christiana, Kenosha, gravel; prop G. P. Heath, Saugatuck, sundries; echr George 0. Finney, Oswego, Balt; schr Q. 11. Pen- Held, Farmington, lumber; schr Westchester, Muskegon, lumber; scar Bob Boy, Lmlington, lumber; schr C. J. Wells, Goderich, sail; schr Frank Crawford. Muske gon, lumber, ichr Game Cock, Muske gon, lumber; schr A. Bust. Muskegon, lumber; schr Adriatic, Muskegon, lumber, schr L. 11. Coates, Muskegon, lumber; schr Julia B. Merrill, Pcnsaukec, lumber: schr Japan, Ludington, luni-. her; schr J. S, Ulcnsrds, Eric, coal; schr Char lotte Baah, Little Traverse, wood; schr C. («. Melsel, Alpena, lumber; schr Grade M. Flier, Ludington, lumber; ichr Madison, Grand Haven, lumber; schr Norman, Menominee, lumber; schr Colllngwood. Grand Traverse, wood: prop Cawc gatehlc, Ogdcnshurg,sundries: schr Perry Hannah, Jncksonpurt, cedar posts: schr C. L. Johnston, Frankfort, lumber; schr Fashion. Manistee, lum ber; schr Pardluia, Empire Pier, wood: schr Khcnczer, Muskegon, wood; schr John Bean, Michigan City,light; achr Magdalen, Grand Haven, lumber. Cleaiukceh—Stmr Corona, St, Joe, 50 kegs beer imd sundries; etmr Chicago, Manitowoc, bo bundles green hides and sundries; echr Schuylkill, Erie, 32,000 bu corn: schr North Cape, Buffalo, 25,H321m onto: sebrTwo Charlies, Grand Haven, 30sksfccd; echr 9. J. Luff, Ford Klvor, 30 tons feed; scow Milton, White Lake, 100 bu outs, 5 brls pork, 1 ton bran: barge Commerce, Menomo nee, sundries; schr John Marks, Manistee, sundries; echr T. 9. Skinner, Cedar Kiver, 1 tc lard, 5 brls pork, and 5 brls beef; schr Twin Sisters, Cleveland, 13,000 bu wheal; prop N. K. Fnlrbank, Buffalo, 74,410 bu oat*; KO. P, Heath, Sangntuck, sundries; schr O. r, South Haven, 8 brls salt and sundries; stmr Muskegon, Muskegon, 30 brls pork, 10 brls oil. and sundries; prop J. L. Hurd. Hancock, 2,11(1 1m corn, 500 bn outs, 50 brls Hour, 02 pkgs lard, •17 brls pork, 20 brls whisky; stmr Annie Voting, Krlc, 1.500 brls flour, 500 pkgs eggs, 210 pkgs fish, 100 brls vinegar; Jschr Trl-Colbr, Holland, sundries; scow C. Crawford, CasevlMo, 1.203 Im com, 20 brls pork, 2 brls beef, 2 tes lard; prop Favorite, Menomonee, 900 lbs bums, 15 eases lard. Kfw Much Butter tVo Make and Consume. AVi o York Groctr. Statistics originally compiled hero some two years since, and first published by tho Butter ami Cheese Exchange, place tho number of milch cows In the Unitcsl Slates at 13,OCX).000, and credit them with a product of. In round numbers, 1,400,000,- 000 pounds of butler. They were arrived nt first by an estimate made by an old and very intelligent butter merchant of this city, who lias given much thought and study to tho subject, and whose inves tigations led to tho following calculation: That of our population, 5.000,000 would consume one pound of butter each per week; 10.000,000 would consume three-quarters of n pound each; 10,000, • 000 would consume one-linlf u pound each, ond 10,000,000 would consume one-quarter of n pound, makingn total consumption of 1,010.000.- (JOU by 35,000.000 people. This, it is calculated, Is for table use alone, and onu-tlilrd Is added for culinary purposes, giving an aggregate consump tion of nearly 1,400,000,1)00 pounds, the difference being mado up by the exports. Dress in 1770, Fashions chanced & hundred years ago n« they do now, und perhaps it would be Impossible to give an exact picture of the eosttmes of different classes at one given time. Hut, Ir. general, it mnv be said that gentlemen wore stmll clothes, knee-buckles, and buckled shoes; cents broad-shlrted, wide* culled, and lace-ruffed, mil of brown, grav, claret, or other colors; long waistcoats,' with broad Haps over (he pockets; cocked bats, nnp, in many eases, wigs and powdered hair. The small sword was a common article of full drees, while scarlet cloth and gold mid silver lace, with showy buttons, were resorted to by patricians on Important occasions. The ladles made up their silks, and satins, and brocades Into sacnucs mid petticoats, hooped And trailed, set off with runlet, and variously patterned and bedecked, according » the style of the hour. They spent much time upm their hair, and the ar rangement of tha head-anas for the great parlv or grand hall was a very counllcatcd operation.—'JJd tcardMboWt “Itcvolulbnary Timet,” Joseph GuUxrd's Grave* [Montreal Tttneta,] A visit was, a few days afo, paid to the grave of the late Joseph (lalhord byu m7n//s reporter. It was with difficulty that tho grave could ho picked out from tho surrounding nil, for Instead of form ing a mound, as Is usuull; tint case, it wan de pressed several Inches bclov th« surface, ns though the earth bad settled after the cxrovation had boon filled in. Ko headstone or monument marks the spot, and It wears a general air of neglect. Near by weru tho pieces of Madtmu CJulbunl’s cross— splintered, muddy, and well whittled up by curios ity hunters. It is now propped to murk out the boundaries of (iulbotd's lot, ind seok subscriptions In order to defruy Urn cost tf a now mid durable monument to bo placed over ;ho grave of the de ceased prlnUr. How to Eat Oranges Stylishly* The ornngu Is 1« bo held In fie left hand in a very small and very pretty fringed napkin, used csclu* {dvdy for thin purpose. With t pearl-handled knife In (ho right bond un incision I* mode in the orange ut the point where the fruit to detached from tun atom, and the heart lo entirely removed, leaving an opening large enough to introduce a small gold spoon. Willi this spoon 1m taken out from the orange its delicious Juice and pulp, which la thus held and eaten in Its own ptcl. The delicacy und skill required lu this operation are considered marks or duo breeding. Capital und Labor, Jfonotck JtulteHn. A large man. who eat on the wharf fishing yesterday, guvu hid opinion with regard to the hard times. Ho said the trouble was that capi tal was opposed to labor, and, no matter limy anxious a man was to work, capital would maki no concessions. He wanted work himself, hi said, and once ho thought of giving up, hut mi ids wife was aide to take in washing and.' would never yield, lie intended to say uai but he was obliged to go off to atteud r mutch. Hydrophobia. jmphlol Mr. Corvln, of London, In bis Tallin)’' of Dr. on hytlrophubin, endorses the llyry vulgar Thompson, according to which it Is *«oQ. They I error that patients in hydrophobia/ f us madness J are not mud; there is no such K|<ks of Jlit li- | connected with the disease. 'jTjd of Canada, moud, who, while Governor pilfered from the was bitten by a rabid fox, ip ended In death, most violent paroxyslsms, y , c°idfol In the in had sulllclcnt fortitude midfccHons for the con tcrvuls to give all tieressipho settlement of his duel of public business/ own private affairs. /^ 1 •/ Johnson's Blooey, Up tnAtaUtncht, j/ildent Johnson have succeed- The heirs of cyuddueof the money belonging ed in oulleeilng**it at the National Hunk ut lo hi... >ll.l oa. C..1C.T11 cojlnmit « cooiilo Washington mr recoihction is, that (he original of years uggtfout StM),iUU. and that before his amount wrmsim obUUeildO nr W) per cent, death Moned the haul was the greater portion The suutgs of a llfelinu of economy, of the • ■■ A Cuiittmrfal Night. tllailflphlH CurrttpntUnce Jlotiort Journal. tw this ufienion, on horse-car on Chestnut .... 0 curious medley >f nationalities. There •re two delli'uto bpaiards, wrapped in lung louks mch us one sees i Madrid and Valencia. i’lieseKpanUh exotics we» ranged on either side jf u blonde and burly (naan, who refuses to understand their hints tohahge his seat and allow them to sit together. Onhe same side of the cur were two young bwodes, reseed in abort friozo coals with green collars, licit the Germans and (Scandinavians so unlverjiy adopt when they go abroad. These ro»y and ollliy sons of the North talked in loud voices, aa so did the Spaniard*, and were, ualurally, the nerved of all observer*. ■ ilevoud the Hwcdcs sat aupglieh youth, of downy chin, faultless unbrclh and sixteen shlllln trauma. laUircfowMW darkoy, railing hi raying eyes, and opening Ms thick tips with wonder as ha heard the ilahel chorus; an opposite him ant an old Irish woman with a market basket. Hits, adde d to the Americans crowding the remainder of the real* and the aisle, made a cond varletv, which 1 have not exaggerated In the slightest particular. A Thunderbolt Through n Wild Goose. Af. 1/ntrn (Jh.) lltrnVt. During the thunder storm yesterday a dock of wild geese were seen flying nothward. They whirled and changed their course many times, but turned to thu north after ench change. When over the corner of Tenth and Felix streets a streak of lightning was seen to strike downward from a large ciead. and one of the geese dropped a« if shot. shserver ran to the spot where the goose was fcr'.'u to fall, expecting, nodonbt, wild goo*e for dinner, Upon arriving on the snot ho found what, without a question, was oiio ortho most carious freaks that that most lubtlc of fluids over played. 1 he goose had a scarred ond burned hole extending from the bark lown throughjihc body, there being no question the electric holt passed through the flying bird. Tho feather* were somcwhUshig ed, though not bo much aa might have been expect ed. Thu bird was shown to several persons us a curiosity, our reporter among the number, oil agreeing as to the manner of its death. Uoyv to Drive Off Vermin. If mosquitoes or other blood-suckers Infest onr slciuplng rooms at night, we uncork a bottle of the oil of pennyroyal, and they leave In great haste, nor will they return bo long ns the air In Urn room s impregnated with tho fume# of (hat aromatic herb. If rata enter the cellar, a little powered potash thrown In tboir holes, or mixed with meal and scattered In their runways, never falls to drive them away. Cayenne pepper will keep tho buttery and storeroom free from ants cockroaches. If* mouse makes an entrance into any part of your dwelling, saturate a rue w ith cayenne lu eolation, and stuff It info the hole, which can be repaired with cither wood or mortar. No rat or mouse will ever oat that rag for the purpose of opening com munication with a depot of supplies. A Surprised Itostaorntenr. 7Vtrt« Corretp'/nrtenc* AVw Orlfint Jlmi/unt. Brelmnl. tho well-known reaiauratcur. bought just before the siege of Paris commenced nn Im mense quantity of tunny-fishes pickled in olb IBs customers, tired of nonc-flcsh, asked him: •‘Can't yon manage to give us something else?” B rebant buried his head in his hands and thought. Presently ho said: “To-morrow I will give you veal." Sure enough the next day there was veal on every table, and the restaurant rang with loud huxaut. When pence was restored, the first visitor from abroad who entered Brebunl's doors was tire commercial traveler who had sold him the tunny fishes, and who asked: “Well, were you satisfied with roar purchase from met" Proliant replied: “I should say 1 was. Ask my customers I They were delighted, fur Isold your tunny for veal. “Brebunt, 'twas not tunny, 'two* veal!" “Uclb? Mhatf The deuce 1" Sleeping in Ills Coffin. _ J.'itirlon TMtllu ,Ve<r*. Thoßcv. G. W. Manning, of SI. Pctrock Manor, near Padstnw, died suddenly on Saturday night. When the Owston Ferry tombstone ca«c was de cided, declaring that dissenting ministers hud as good a right to style themselves ‘ ‘Hev." as clergy men of the Hdtabllehsd Church, Mr. Manning ad vertised that he should answer no letters addressed to him with the “ now desecrated tills of Hnv, and requesting hl§ correspondents to place after his name tho Initials of parish priest. latterly Mr. Manning lias exhibited many eccentricities. For some time tin slept In his collln under his bed, omj for the last fortnight took bis night's ren In ths coflui, which a few days ago Us had enlarged to make It mure comfortable. A Strange 3Lurrlugo Law. Baltimore Gatfllf. In tho Supreme Court a day or two ago. an nctlor was Instituted under a law of this State by which a husband is made liable for debts contracted by his wife previous to her marriage. The husband, who Is hut recently married. Is called on to pay a hill of 8147.3 d for dry goods, etc., purchased by the lady before her marriage from a large dealer uu Euluw street. Mr. Swinburne was lately expelled from the Arts Club In London. Ills offense was the piling together of twenty or thirty bats of members, and the dancing of an Indian war-measure on the top of the heap, lie wa* drunk at the time, of course; indeed, it Is u matter of common notoriety that his habits are most unfortunate. Kosbclli used to lie his Intimate friend, and, after tholr estrangement, a Indy Inquired how he could bear to give up his beloved Pythias. *• Alas 1 madatne," Itossetti re plied, “one grows weary of carrying even one’s best friend up-stairs every night." Another lady expressed her regret that Mr. Swinburne’s habits were such that she was unable to Invite him to her house; Kossettl aroused her joyful sympathy by Informing her that the poet had quite reformed, hut only to add, when she had congratulated him upon on event so unlocked for and desirable; “ He docs not now get drunk more than five days out of the week." I)r. Ise, editor of the Cincinnati TtrnttUe, an nounces his own marriage In the form of a mock advertisement of a life-copartnership. Tho agreement Is. that tho firm shall be dis solved three days after dentji; that the Doc tor shall deliver all the public sermons, ond the lady all the private ones; Hut profits or losses shall be shared coually; and that no papers Mini’ bo accented or Indorsed, especially no love-letter* except by mnttiol knowledge and express consent MILUMIUV HI French Chips, Enr. Miens, Shades, Trimmed Hat, Ac. 124 STATIST WEBSTER’S. Our nsns TOPPLAR PRICES. ffOSALS. *.„iUiilMlonmof Cookt'cMotr. llllnoK win n*cel»«. at the offlcv of tin Clerk of tho Hoard, >* ihe Lrltinal Court Uulldlug, Michigan u., Chicago, .I.*, , until Thursday. Ji, no l, IKW, at 17 o rloclc ra., for tlie fur nishing of the micrlalij, hd<or, ktoac-cuttlng, and iluno-settlng reared in cut-(tone work of tin new Cook County Cun-House, in tlioCityof Chlcaio aluryfald. lu uccorsnce wltti Uio plane, drawings, *nd ipcnticatlonaof trsjvme on file ta tho oitlcoof jiiuc-s J. ligati, Archltrc-No. HFouth Clarkßtrvct,ChC-a«o. Proposals will b«7‘calvcd as follows: iil For matcrlitn tho rough, delivered on ate dock at Chicago. . At. ForalMabo\*"H>e.ciiltluff. and sione-cttlng. ail. Fur nniterl* «tbue, luma-cutting, and sumo* emlng complete-,., , . Hidden may si® ll PhJpoeals for one o more of the shove Hems, at”, r any sad all kinds o» stone. Hidden *haP™“ | wltlUUolr prooflaU bonds In the Bum uf wi&iwo or more ap. ».»?* wl» n accept tilo contract if Uj»> tbey will enter Into a furtherV,«,m ®®®‘halMho amiout of their proposal Willi twcVnrn^..* ppn !. Tt ‘^ finarunteelnStho proper 0 l»c n «l!«i c,, .» H* ft n(rsot. Ksch bond and propound • ‘ proposal!? out duties, InJuned la mlh and nun ! u «"* address of t»copy of this advertlsem'™ Vl' Vtl's wUnvelopcsimilarly Indorsed snii.i . ' t pu* form* of proposal „nd bond. « v luf.nmatlcm with rospeet Ui pft^J* ‘‘ L•“ tfotiu* rtCaUwUs ' VIU ,n! *«ntUcd by the ' IHddrrs will obtain accent to the plans and speelriu.. lions only In the order of their spplicutlou at the office. J»° pn-jKisal will bo rceoh ed a/urr the tlmu auvlfletlt wid_MJ proposals that are uot prujwrly tilled out wUJ Uu right to reject soy or #U bids U reserved. Hidden will mulrntund Hist tho con tract with the successful bidder will exclude the employment of con. rim labor upon any material furnished the county. Hiddeni and their securities will bo reoulred to for. nlsh tin' Joint CoininKlcc satisfactory ovldenco of tiioir responsibility bu/urv contract Is entered Into. THOMAS I.ONFItOAX K. (1. bIMIMILT. JOHN CONI.V, THKUIJOU (iUNTUEn. A. H. JOHNSON. h pathick cAimbr.u JOHN McCAFPIIKY, Joint Committee on Public i»ubllo Scr , ])mnosA!,s FOU IUIIOKB FOHTIIKU. a cusT *nd PosUMßce at Chicago. HI ° Lua UiUcu 'it superintendent U. S. Custont-l/uiue anil > Post-Ottioe, Ctilcuu. 11l ss&its:& is Stts.r** * ■"“* »“w ® wi sSS ja r“ e “"»® ! Tt\ eiuft n!« frnols P7 l * l, l° coatntiil If awarded him. or '"HIIs,®V?LV2 1 s ,®V?LV2 “ altl ‘ ? houJ d so desire will execute a . « C ii l ,i n (,^°J?r* tlce i with the terms of this adverilsc. and Hive such security for the n.VAVv »V.Vh« r i?« a i‘ c, J H ,ereuf *» shall ho deemed satis* !-uA , ns^.1 otll ? UD fctlbuic ** Htesuiaclency of the so* 10 l>o ccrtll'cd lu by the Tnlled on!??'•'sh®* ,er *°' Jh ' I'chvJ r.ite# Court, or tlie ] JJJfWW Attorney uitne dutrlct in which the Udder re* t Fayineiila will be aado monthly, deducting ten per * emit, until tho dual ompletlou vl lho ooutxac* ¥ _ 1 HoLteowriusssot rnerves the right to reject any or all bids. If H bo decindlotho lutcrcstof the Ouu-m* nifui toilo ao, or to ibialn tho bricks rcuulred from mure than one bidder, Proposals imiH Iw huosed In srolcd cnveloiws, an* domed, ■ ••I*ftijHv;ds fu Hrlchs fur the United htauw Custom-Uousy aud PostgiUco. Chlcano, niHiots." and adiniMKltV tiIWA*buUULI.MI, M J AOTUMK.nK.XT*. HOOLEY'S THEATEE, 5W. O .MI <E * HAVMILY T.fMcc* lljli t. CHAPMAN Manager SUNDAY EVENING, MAY t 4, PAPPENHEIM. cum iiruii (iiu Mimr. Manager Gran ha* the honor to announce an en» C? /'l n W t H A ,h MMB. KUOKNIB PAPPENHEIM, d .. by MU| f;lara Zeijtler, Miss Alberti. Meaira! Jtetz, I reunac, and Frunotich, of the WacbM Oranil Oj»«;ra. The performance* will con Mat of the £'*'*l* Act of IL THUVATOKK, Tlilrrt Act of f auht, *, ni l t ou r tb of i-hh huguenots, Scenic Effects, and Cob turning. 1 rlcca. |l.i>o, |I, and ftOc. The rale of reserved Mats will commence at n a. m. Frlflar. at tyof l V ,:n . y “ ♦' lualc ktoro and at ttie Uox Office of the Theatre. ADELFHI THEATBE. LADIES’ NICrIXTI CONTINUED BDOOEB3. MAZEPPA; OK THE WILD HOUSE OF TAUfIUf The thoroughbred llorre FAI.COS. Mine KATK ItAYMONI) os Marcppa, strapped nn Uio buck of the WILD UOII.SE, wllfm-ccn-i from the footlights to lb* extreme height of the «ugc. Lfc\AN)ON IlitOH., accomplishing their won* ,u alr j *»«ver before attempted. JOLLY NAMI, the Grout London Cotuinue. DcWltt Cook, Emerson & Clark, ami Great Artel* phi Company. Matinees Wednesday ami Saturday. Evening performances at H o’clock. ITlcea. lf». i»f>, ;tr., ftp. on«!7r.c. THE COLISEUM. This Jfondaj Evening, ll* j- 8, and during Ihe week MUEPHY AND MACK, The inimitable Irish Comedian*. MSS BELLE CELESTE AND FRANK iIONROE, Ttio Aerial Gymnasta. Plolds and Hooy, the Musical Coons. HLANCHE SEIAVVN and DEN GILFOIL. J. 11. LARKIN uad CARRIE ARMSTRONG In tutlr Dutch Characters; and all the favorites of lanweck. A Monster Company. Crowded Houses Nightly. AdmlnMonl* usual. NEW OHIOAGO THEATEE, H. M. IIOOLEY Manager. UNI’AKALELLED SUCCESS. b » HOOLEY’B MINSTRELS. A PERFECT OVATION ACCORDED NJf JIITI.V. AN ENTIRE CHANGE THIS WEEK. ’ frif/.ri.i ic*l? y ,f!? l i D J , . ar ho iJfin,sr,lo i anJ Hrockivoy. TROCHEES 01- A MoliT—Little Mac. IHlhltke and Lamont. HANJO SULOS-E. M. Hall! Double Jy—Murphy and Morton. Fneclattius— JocAlaek. The great RERNARDO. TV. conclude 9 rWrml Sketch. WHO WROTE bIIAKbPEAKK. Clmractcrs by the Entire Cum puny. Matinees Wcdnc-day and Saturday. Mutl nee Price*. 25 and 50 cents. MoTIOKER’3 THEATRE. Tins evening, MAGGIE MITCHELL iu the cbormlng domestic drama, PEARL OF SAVOY. the Pearl of Savoj-, MAGGIE MITCHELL. mip,orted by Mr. WM. llAßHlSuml her own Cum- MUcliell Matinee. Next w tt k~Mtyylo Mitchell a# I.orlc and Jane Eyre. HOOLET’S THEATRE, wii°le“,u» 1 p i :U’S" ly Lc ''" »ILL L. OJAPM.LN ■SSSSSf E '™- S ' G ' s '^ 8 ' DALI'S HFSH-A7. THEATRE COMPAHI, in the hit of the i>eu.«on, PIQUEI Hor Fhcct open six days j n advance. Matinee Wudncßdoy inabatnrda.v. cntnmeticliiir nt It ii. m, bunday 1/enlng. i‘Ai‘PENHL 1M in dPKtVv OCL. WOOD’S MUSEUM. TtETtllN of the Inimitable Comedian, T.OBATIANBIGOS, forTlmndaj. Friday, ami Saturday Night., ami fcaturda; Matinee, May 11. 12. and 111. in Wm™ loral dnma entitled the HUSH DETECTIVE, Mr It tfwumlng eeven dlitliict cUuructera. •S'/OCKtCOLDKHv JIELI’IMJS, Offles CMca^iMlMii'OTci „ . . , April 24, 1870. Tho Annual Meeting of the Stockholder! of the Chicago, JCock Island d; Paciflc R. I{. Co., for the election of Director*, pursuant to law, and »hn transaction ct mch other basinet's as mar come be* fnThl. olk- )'r n ? huld * l ll «“ ° mc * of Company s «!fre'c& w 11 ' d I r d “ y ’ u, “ ?i " _F. 11. TOWS, **SSS,r- *«*«*. CHICAGO k NORTHWESTERN RAILWAY CO. ll Th . ft . Animal Mooting of the Ilondholdcrs of this Company, for the election ol Directors, pursuant to law, and for the transaction of other business, will bu held at the olllcc of tin; nexi P atVp C ,J catfo ’ on Ylmraday, thu Dd of June Ilondholdcrs will authenticate their right to vote by presenting their Toting bonds at the oltlce of the Company, No. ft, Wall-et.. New York, for regia tratlou, on or before the Ist of May proximo. AhBEHT KEEP, President. M. L. SYKES, Ju., Secretary. MKUItIAL CUIUS. DR JAMES, Loti FssWlal, cor. Muslim i Fraaßli-sls. Chartered hy the Pint* of IlHnnla fur (he express nur* jkhm*o/ giving Immediate relief in all c»«-« of private, clrooiu, and urinary disease* in uil i.'idr cutup lenten ?h!?i l .«^ ,1 . , !. irrU ,h4t I)ft fans aloud nt .ne liead of me pniretulnn fur the post.'c.tyennt. Ace and ence ‘^ r,J hemhiol Urnknca*, uißtit lowi by druutis. pimple* no the face, ju*i mini* hoifd, can positively bo cuntL Ladles wanting tlxn limit dellruio attention,call or write. I’lrannt homu fur |*u> tlcni*. A book for uie million. Marriage Guide, which UJU jou all about ihmo tflsvaaca— wlio alimili] marry— why oot-io cent* b> pay pontag«. Ur. James has no rouinisod parlor*. lou »co u<> one but thu Doctor. Dr ■lames I* »lxty jritr* of age. Consultations always frt-u and Invited. ofllcc hours. oa. m. ui 7 ti. m. hundava 1° to 1-* a. m. All Putineoa strictly contlduntlal. DR. CLARKE. Kstobiblicd In 185 L You ore advlncd to eon suit tbo Celebrated Dr. Clarke. IBU South Clork st., lu any Chronic, Private, Difficult, or Delicate Cttsc> commit on all Irregularities and DU. coses, with the assurance of speedy relief rvi... .rated I cmale Dills, Jl.fio (extra strong $5) per ho *i-'' 1 Pwwnllf " 810 each. B * } P f2£ft^ Lun P foe; “ Safeguard of Health." _M' > Ictlms of Solf.Abtuiu send two stamps for work on Nervous and Sexual Dlscnws. I*ailentß hy 1 ? tlcr * Medicines aunt Sml y N ,?- trout übßurvoUou. Homo Board "'v£ t c S. , f J llll i n Call or write. Book Your Silent Friend" CTi cento, by malL \d. ;r“c^”. Dr - U- 187 Washlngton-st, Chi- MARRIAGE^SrSf GUIDE ,.**7f ■■•■■ best MAUIIUGK GUIDE iu t 5 world. 1 rlco so cents. A hook ih pimcoi fur two stam;«, freo at oiHcb of Dr. Olln. »*■**»• *°r »wo DR. G. BIGELOW, 83 WEST MADIEOH-ST.I dHOAQO, ILL., Can bo consulted personally, free of charge, on all Chronic, Sexual, and Nervous Diseases, Pamphlet. JU pages, on above diseases, scut to any address for two 3o stamps. Rooms separate for ladles and iii ,i » i p ,^ cs > larva sire, eoutalnlm sll ihsi Is worth knowing, and much that is n 4 published lu any other work. Price, 60 cents. Railroad and workingmen prescribed for tree. Dr. Kean, 175 snttlM-st, comer ol Monroe, CMcssa May be consulted, personally or by mail, free of disne. on all chronic or nervous diseases. Dll. J, KEAN Is ilia only physlelau In lbs tily whowarrsaUcuresornopay. Ultleu hours, us.rn.ump.rn.; buuOsys from a to lu. ■V-KKVOIJS KXIIAUbTjON-A MKDIUAL EBBAV. 1 v comprising a series of lectures delivered at Kahu's M useum of Anatomy, bewYork. on the cause suJiurs of premature dccJlue. showing Indisputably how Jo*l l!»?i un, lu iil! 0 ,« t '*“’“l n • rtor ‘lh‘K*‘clcjr synopsis of (tie «AU,nOAP TIIBB TABLE. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTDEE OF TRAINS. rive Eudi r ISloiir. n(Ujr «“«**««• lAn TickWn A c?? 92 5?5557 7 S™ n B l F ,WAr h L corner Learo, oPMlflo Fait Llo«. IT, « {u mqu« Day Kr.rU tllatoo * Qllllllltijlld MttlltEX TfftCl't/m *1 ??! Jwuukce I’wuvnxer • hv»’ {I* u ! ® "Hnneipoif* fex!!*j»i muilim. 1 i* 'yinona Exprcsg.. f oMaiyjui-ticKrpri'M...... *, oaeneva Ukc Kxprw!",.,! 1 frOcncTftLaKn Kipran..- *JO:3o a. in. 10:30 a. m. [ lltoop. m. ' 0:30 p, m. 7:30 a.m. l 10;00i. m. ; 8:IJ» p. m. |ll:«0 p. m. ' 9:30b m. [10:00 a. m. f 8:4.1 p. in. *10:00 n. m. I* 4:00 p.m. I* 4:45 p. m.; o-lJepol comer of Wcli«ui] R?ii*ie.«tA. fr—Ucpotcornuror CuialSS Kln/le-jiif WOniQAir CEHTEAL EAUROAD. n ffi«t“mcl I »7 n«v“. a foot Twent^Bccona^t Leftro. 0.00 m. * o.u»«, m, • in. »| n.isp. m,* •ft.oop. in.iv 3 atl (via Main and Air Line)... V {t*r KsprcM * a. .I**'!? Accommodation..! • S*V‘. lI .S KiprcM (clallrj » •/.Hit iriprc.M.......... Kxprewi * •VHd Krpreiw t iatunlay Kx. •' . • o.oo*. m. . t o.wp. m. *turu * Sunday K«. t Monday KrTTPajiV. # 4 BT * 1X51113 »«d CHIOAM °S T 4 DEH VEE BHOBT LINES. Leave. •iSiaop.m. • •0!00*.m. • t Oiuop. m. f * n:oo*. m. * * 0:oop. ui.t* * 9:00*. in, f* 12:»op. tn. • 1 5:00 p. m. I> LAS! SHORE & MIQHIQAH SOUTHERN. Leave. | Arrive, ,n * 8:00 'r- ml Atlantic Karew »•*«»• m. 8;W)p. in a <f™- s CHICAGO. tLWAUKEE 4 BT. PAUL BAZLBOAB L omccfffith Clark .T 1140 " aD , a miu ut Depc Uh Uark '* l,> °PP«*iw Sherman Houses | Leave. .I* tRMaTim Milwaukee Eircw W t? ,, S l .’ l J “ Tiiri’l MP ’ n. - !, U —..... It nils p. to. lj Yioo >10:00 a. ta.l* 4:00 p. m. rLente. [_ Airlre. ~ * R:<oa. m.!« H^r/pTra! »«• » T::io £. i 2 s*• in - > f>- in, 5 N:JT> P . m. <4 7:30 u. m. i* H.4(»a, m. • »;:top. JJi * in.|* 7.30 a. m, L OiJOt. m. • 4:30p, m, * Ji»P. m. • 7:oo a. in. I* •‘Siltip. m.|* g:ar. a. m. St. Louis Expr« S«. I.oulu Fo*t \e Cairo A New UtttuEx.. *‘"i Cairo Nljjlil Kx.......*! Springfield, I’em a* iCrotuk 1 Hl-rtnpnrM Ni P JKr P rtv..“ .1 IWU «nd Kcuk h*rrm... Dubuque A hluut ltr Fr Dubuque A Sloucity k» *'* Gllinnii Piwwniß 'j 4 QD»OT KAHEOAU BSS?*S Leave. Mall and Rxprea I* - OtiaHn aud Mrvir Uubuu ii HlSux' [><■•^c Fast LimoV Omaha!i• i' ivcnworth, Atchison i St.tsojih Kxu *i( Aurora v Vi Mcmlota. must Ktreaion ‘ I'iutcitk'cr .. | Aurora I‘aMcnirc; , Aurora I’iu*cnKr~unilaj-). ..1 Uuhuiiue ti Mou.tly Fachlu Xluht Exfor Omaha tit/. lM:nworth,l Atchison « bt. ictth Rio I IJownrr;* Grove u.,rmno,Vn| liowncr s Grove comnioO’u Howni rs (trove luuuuoU'u foiu. hxprcaa, 1 7:30 a. m. 7;30 a. m. a. a, 10:00#. m. 10:00 a. m, 3:13 p. in. '• 4:'.*o p. m. I* %■•*> P. m. > !«K» i*. m. i* P:25 p. m. tlO;oup. ni. 110:00 p. m. •11 *. ro a. in. • I:4A p, in. • fI:SS p. ni. *10:00 pjii. •Kx. Sunday. Ix. Satitrrtt ay. i Ex, .Moi ’AGO LINE. Palmer Hot ‘iluildh EEIIND OHIC Ticket Offices. Clark-«| X'ncllle, ami at xu. n-j %|{ ( fcon. Trains Icifrom Eij* Day Eiprr*»~rfian Draw* InSflloom&lceß Carr, to Jjew l «rk whit change.. Atlantic Kxpro— Pullman I'atneenrnwltunom bleep. __lngCars anil HI Corn Only line nmnithe butcfca PITTBBUEG. FWATNE& 8:50a.m. B:ioa, m. fi!o6p. m. 8:10 p. tn. ira to New York. CHICAGO BAILWAY. Leave. Day Eiureu.... u.,,,. m • I’aellfe Express- { ft;IS p. m. I Loco) PoKsemrerastMall.... 1 tcuop. m. t east Line rioaxip. m. } Mali * S;OA a. m. * •Hominy cxcfiL {Dally. {Saturday ; Monday oici'pi BALTOBE &OETO EAILEOAD, Train* leave fnrcnr of KajHMltlon Dulldlnc and foot of Twi'iuy*w<il*»t. Depot corner ModUon*iU oml Mlvlifcnn-av. ,Hy office, to Clark-al., corner of IVa»filnytiin. • Leave. AecominoddlJot. Day i:»tiri a*..;. haM KiprcM... * 7:40 o. m. • 5:10 n. m. * 8:52 a. m. 4 »: io a. m. } s:oa p. m. * Mtiup. m. {Dally. • Da, Sunday* eicaplod. CHICAGO, B 0( KLANFt PACIFIC EAILBOAD, Depot, corner A'ou Utircn and Sherman-tts. Ticket «pc, Proud Pacific Hotel. . I Leave. | Arrive. Otnaha.Leavefth* AtchKx M0:00a, tn. • 4:00p. nu I’cru Acuommailou t* 5:0op, m. * H:3oa, m. MtflH Kiprcx ....Hiomop. ni.U 6:55a. m. TO HUNT Dostallt Offices TO RENT I2NJ TUB TRMSE BUILDING, nffGUIBB OS* WILIAM C. DOW, Roon 10. Tribune Building. LAW HOOKS. NSW LAW BOOKS. LITTLE, BROWN & CO. . IIAVI WOW MKADTt WASjtftTRN OH REAL PROPERTY 1 . Nonna Bdpuil. 3voU, Bro. $lB. bios the publication of the lost edition of this work stiiuu two thousand eases bearing ua 1U sub. toetbave been decided by Clio courts, nod these uvibuen embodied in the present edition. Among thimew mutter will bo found the following!topic*: lloocstcad Exemption; When and how fur Tenant* imf Deny their Landlords' Titles; What Force a landlord may Apply in Expelling a Tenant; How fa Tenants are Liable to Others for Injury Arising fiuu thu Condition of the Premises In their Oc ctpanry, etc., etc. , . . Us main panwee bus ken to bring tho work np to the present time, and o rundurlt as accurate and complete aa could bo done by personal effort and attention. REDFIELD ON TDK LAW ON WILLS, VoL L Fourth Edition. Bro. sd. The addition# to the present edition hare been mors Important in character, perhaps, (ban in ex* tout. For, while thero baa been no change In the structure of (he work, with tbs exception of the ad dition of a single chapter on (ho Effects of Modern BplrltualUm upon Testamentary Capacity, there has been very essential advancement, which wo have noted, lu tbo results of tbs decisions upon numerous points of tho moot cardinal character discussed lu this volume: I. The exact definition of testamentary capacity baa been largely advanced and simplified. 11. The mode of riving testlwooT modified. HI. In accomp.lulling the chief purpose of all rules of construction, the attainment of thu real purpose of tho testator In spits of defect* and obscurities In the language. IV. The extension at the proviuce of Courts or Equity, so as to embrace a far greater number end variety, of easm of testa mentary or administrative trusts. In the nature of bills of Interpleader , . . This edition vUI bo found to cmbrscu every loiportautEnghsh decision, and all tho American coses for widen space opula he found, and which have occurred in Uu latMral between the two cdiUoua. m WAfiimiCiwa^cotw.' 7 Arrive. *i 40 p.m. ‘ 8:40 B. m f«:3otto 2=22 *• “»■ ' 8:80 p. m. | o:lsft. {a 11:00 p. to 1.3/2° p< m -10:23 *.m. | S:con. m. \ 7:oo p. m. *4:no p. m. i 7;oo*. m. •0:30 ft. to •10:45 a. rv • 7:00 p. ia Afrlro. • 7:ao p. m, ’ 8:00 p. ut *10:30 a. m. 1*0:30 ft. m. 7:30 p. m Q:oua. m Arrive. 2:lop. ni 7:&o p. m 7:10 a. in 7:f*op. m 7:40 a. m 7;so p. m 2:40 p. in 8:20>. m Arrive. I* 7:30 p. m. Arrive. 7:40 p. ni. 7:40p. m. 3:40 p. tn. 4:00p. m. 4:00p. m. 7:55 a, m. * 0:55 a. m. •0:«) a. ni. lot 10 ft. m. * 7:00 ft. m. J dilOft. tu. t 7:10 a. m * u; O3 p. m 1* p. in i* 0:45 a. m It 7:40 p. ip, unlay. in*e, Omni jOrncr Mad* Arrive. Arrive. mz m li:00i\. m Siixta. m fl:Q3p. m excepted. Arrive.

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