Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 12, 1876, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 12, 1876 Page 6
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6 FEfMCE AND TRADE. Bore Activity in Discounts, but the Dean-Mar ket Easy. Sew York Exchange Weak er The Clearings §3,600,000. The Produce Markets Irregular— Provisions Active, and Close Pirm. Breadstuffs Strong Early, but Af- terwards Easier. The Wheat Movement, Here and in Europe. FIKAKCIAXi. The day waa a moderately active one at the )ahk& There was some additional demand for Itecount. Loans on the whole, however, have fallen considerably m the last fortnight. The inaoces of the country customers of our local ititutione have not changed, and a large propor tion of the paper made by them has been renewed. The loan market is easy. Good paper is readily taken, and the banks are able to take a much larger amount than is offered. At the same time bo disposition la shown to relax the sharp scruti ny of paper offered. An accommodating policy is •ponmed towards the regular customers of the banks, but outside applicants have to furnish the best of indorsements or security. Cook County borrowed SIOO,OOO yesterday at 7 per cent Rates of discount were B@lo per cent to regular custom ers. Concessions are made to desirable independ ent borrowers. On the street, business Is quiet. Rates arc 7(318 per cent. New York exchange was weaker and sold be tween bank at 25@50c premium per SL 000. The receipts of currency are about equal to the orders from the country. There was a slightly heavier movement to the wheat districts. The clearings were §3,600,000. SEW TOEK EXPOETS SILVER TO SAN FRANCISCO. A new trade has been developed by the Introduc tion of the subsidiary silver coins. Brokers in Kew York ape paying from J4CM per cent premium lor the silver in New York and shipping it to Cali- Tomia where they exchange it for gold, which they withdraw. This explanation of the traffic is given )y the New York Evening Pott: Brokers find a profit In shipping the new coins to California. There, gold only Is nsed for a dollar ana nnward. and the new silver coins are the fractional nerta of a gold dollar. Although silver la at a discount there, vet the scardtv of small change makes the new saver coins worth, wc arc told, about 05 gold. As they can be obtained here at par In greenbacks, or at SS?4. cold. !t will be seen that It Is possible to pay I per cent nromlam for them here, undyetmake a large profit by shinning them to San Francisco. TTe heard of soQ,<xx) «u shipped yesterday. Assuming that they cost, with premium paid. 90. or $45,000 gold, and could be sold Lx Son Frpndsco at 95. or at $47,500 gold, the profit would be $2,750 gold, less transportation charges. If they «mld be sold there at only 93, then the profit •would be $1,500. less charges. In due time this will regulate Itself, for enough subsidiary silver coin will be cent there to make the discount In Saa Francisco as heavy as here. It Is unfortunate that the tendency of ' tbe ** first step toward specie-payments" should be to level down tbe currency of the only section of the country that has maintained specie-payments through out all our currency troubles. About the same profit can be made in sending these coins W the West Indies and to South America. GOVERNMENT BONDS. TJtJJed States 68 ofßl H I—ji - UnitedSuitc»s-2Uiof *65 ll4Vs 11414 ft-20sof*R5—January and July itsfjj 519 s*2os of *R7—January and July. J2tif* Hiusof’tti-JanuaryaudJuly 122* 12234 United States new 5s of Si -lls** ILJ4 United States currency 6s 12C& —• GOLD AND GREENBACKS. Gold was lU3i©U2H- Greenbacks were 89£&89X cents on the dollar in gold. FOREIGN EXCHANGE. Sixty day. Sight. Paris—francs... Germany Belgium Holland Switzerland.... Sweden, etc.... Austria Am«ti»rriam CUT AND COUNTT BONDS. Bid. J tint. Chicago City 7 ct. bonds ...105* loc* Chicago City 7 * ct. sewerage 10£ , 106* t chlcagoOlty? —;.,!(«• IOC* Cook County 7 9 ct, bonds (short) 104* 105* Cook County 7¥» ct, bonds (long) lOSX* Jo6*4* - West Park 7 ?• ct. bonds S 7» North Chicago 7 V ct. bonds (Lincoln Park) —• 8-** •And Interest. LOCAL STOCKS. Bid. Asked. Cltytßallway, South Side.,— 142 .... City Railway, TVest Side .—145 .... inr.. City Railway. North Side 121 123 Traders’ Insurance Co 127 130 Chamber of Commerce 76 ■Chicago Gas-Light & Coke Co 130 Exposmoa stock <old) 35 40 Exposition stock (new) 2a So Exposition stock (scrip) (old)..: 25 .... •And Interest. STOCKS, BONDS, ETC. York, May XL—Gold steady at U2ii<& ’ closing at the lowest figure. Carrying rates, 1(&2. Loans were also made fiat. Governments were steady. Railroad bonds were quiet. State securities were dull, except Tcnncssecs, which arc better. . Stocks were dull ‘and treat at the opening, but subsequently became firm, closing at about the best prices of the day. The widest fluctuations were In Michigan Central, which opened at 405£, declined to 452£," and closed at’47 3 *. Transactions, -116,000 shares, of which 7.000 were Pacific'Mail, 28.000 Western Union. 9,000 St. Pauls, 4,000 Erie, 46.000 Lake Shore, and 9,000 Michigan Central. Honey martet easy at 3©4. Prime mercantile paper. 4@G. . Customs Receipt?, $291, ‘ The Assistant Treasurei Clearings, $27,000,000. Sterling dull, 4SS(Tc4H9 3 ... .. coveunsie; ’Coupon*,‘*Bl 122 U Coupons, *CS Coupons,' VT..... 120 J» Coupons, ’US l— hi li>*4o6, rcg...~—- STO( Western Union...— 6*i?4 Quicksilver 153* Quicksilver pfd- 21 Pacific Mall 2oW Mariposa 107}i Mariposa pfd P 1" ..Adams Express. 110 wclhrFaiyo 87 ' American Express..., 62 * u: S. Express TO New Torn Central .—.liof* Erie... 15J4 .Eriepfd................ !'.♦ - Harlem 137 Harlem pfd 133 Michigan Central 473* 1 Panama 124 I Uuinn Pacific. ft#* 1 Lake 5h0re............ 55 •■lllinois Centra] n:>H Cleveland is Pittsburg 92?* Northwestern 40* - Northwestern pfd— sh3* Hannibal & St. J0e.... IS STATE Tennessee ca, old 43 TenneaaecCa. new.... 41 Virginia Gs, old. 31 MINING STOCKS. . SanrnANCisco, May IL—The following arc the latest quotations at the Slock Exchange: Consolldfd Virginia.. 7lt<! Crown Point IB California. - *o3* Yellow Jacket. Segregated Belcher.. 81 I Alpha - 48 0phir...... &A}£ } Belcher. 19** Citollar..*. 84 Confidence 17}» Savace...~~ IT 3 * I Sierra Nevada. 16 - Mexican; ... 32f5 Exchequer... ; ih Imperial 4 1 *! Overman GJt* Best & Belcher—.. SS&I Justice.. 259* Hale & Norcross. 54 , Caledonia— BJ* Go old & Curry— 17KI FOREIGN. , London, May IL—Rate of discount fn open mar ket for three months bills, l?*c, being f» below the Bank of England rate. • • • Consols—Money and account, 06 9-16. . American Securities— 6os, 1043#; C<s. 10*409, 107 K: new ss, 1065*; Kcw York Central, ■-'-101; Erie ,1335; preferred,-21H. Paws, May IL— Rentes, 105 X 25c.. London. May IL—Specie in the Bank of France increaseti’ls; 308.000 franc®. Faaxkfoiit, May IL—United States Bonds— KewSa.lOSS. KEAXi ESTATE. V : The following instruments were filed for record *n Thursday, ilny 11: errr toopertt. ttlaricle'block.'houndcd byjackson and Wood su. and Ogden av, dated May 10 (Hugo L. Buslhg to Lyman G. Mason and Charles b. Davis).... .-..-5 s-i&iaJ West Indiana et. n e cor of Lincoln st, sf. 2lx Ec'dl-SJtit.'su; ft ii of Mixomin« (. 48i 125 ft, dated May 11- • 4,300 Jackson st, necor Morgan st, e r. 5,700 Tow^n““k 8 ' iIS Un of Chiaso - V;."w ‘ 12SH1C, ditoil Ma)-10. ‘• <uu fievraour Ft, 11 e cor Ivlnslem* w*. «stL—t- hf of lo*«. nawtne-ry, r.W. eated Apr! in Tinkhamst.22sftnof'WcstOhlost,wl. 75x124 A qqq n, dated Oct a, J 873 ”* Aldinc Square, KBK ft wof \ incenncs av, s f. 22x145ft. dated May 4 °' ■Washington at. GO I*6 ft c Of Fifth av. n f, 20* xSOft, dated May BCJanc Carl to Isaac M-Dag- a mo It, and other property, dated May Vdi Grant place. lOOft c of Larrabccet, a goo ft, and buildings, d ated May i n..... - • • • Ogden ar. 123 ft sw of Twelfth at, «e t, -> s , 120 ft, dated May V* oV 7 yrr-gs SOUTH OP uxr LIMITS, XVITHI>. * ®* DIl/S ° F ' OF THE COUr.T*HOI>SE. Btsplalnes st. 250 ft »ot Flfty-sevcoOi at, el. 000 ft, dated Aug. 11. 9 The following were the receipts »Wpmcnte of the leading articles of produce in this city dnrin the twenty-four hours ending at 7 o clock o Thursday morning: . ~ Xtcelpts. I mupmotls. 1876. 1375- IS? 6 - t ß7s ' . SS d?:si Wheat, hu.... snmo 204 204 153,571 Corn, hu «,0I» tu,402 17.478 Oats, bn 34,530 15.7 M) '7OO 400 ,™ 0 5 27 =.077 Barley, bu..... A 770 3,07 u - , 19 115.006 G. seed, 11)5... 110,0)1 =S.JH »*• oonss F. fecd.]lu... 21.600 -••••-;; ,0,310 SBO 147,300 ~! 6 .q **.*o Beef. tcs v 7 70 Beef, brls —-g* * u 6G3 GW forj.hls 547.410 =08,323 fe’|E "|1 “?S 11 ’SS 'fU *.*» *.»g vk% IMfSS.!?. 143.JU IS3,| 33.- ««jg tf --"-VS! ' 4 ai —Jo «.«.• Poultry, lbs... 10,440 17.274 Poultry, coops. 14 I-*.), Fairs. W».... =.431 1.-47, J” Cheese, hoses. 424 -4. G. hrls; 144 I-> 1 •"**** a Beaus, hu K7 1 1 - Withdrawn from store on Wednesday for city 'consumption: 9,142 ba wheat, 373 bo corn, 368 buryc, 2,035 bu barley. The following grain was Inspected into store on Thursday morning: 3 cars No. 1 N. W. wheat, G ejars No. 2 N. WT. do, 13 cars No. 2 spring, 15 cars No. 3 do, 3 cars rejected do (40 wheat); 15 cars high mixed com, 30 cars No. 2 do, 3 cars new mixed do, 29 cars rejected do, 1 car no grade (54 com); 3 cars white oats, 9 cars No.. 2 do, 12 ears rejected do, 1 car no grade <25 oats); 1 car No. ~ rye, 2 cars No. 2. barley, 0 cars No. 3 do, 2 care rejected do. Total -(160 cars), 60,000vt0l In spected out: 79,188 bu wheat, 123,040 bu com, 163,505 ba oats, 1,4G8 bu rye, and 2,242 bu barley. The wheat market continues to engage the most attention on ’Change, and the situation is just as much of an enigma is ever. A great many oper ators worked along in the darkness of. sat isfied that they would see daylight before the middle of ; bat either the light does not come, or they refuse to sec it. Onrown market continues active, but chiefly in the speculative way. The quantity of wheat coming here for sale is very small,—less than half that of a year ago,—and the smallness of our reccipisis so persistent that people ore 1 ooklnground to discover the cause. It was generally expected that when the spring planting was over we should see a hi" increase in our receipts, and many operators sold largely short on‘that hypothesis. Bnt t ?° wheat does not come, and even the 1,500,000 bn on the Upper Mississippi, which was counted on, moves hither but slowly. There is, however, reason to believe that the forward movement from the West has not been light as a whole this spring. More has gone directly through this city and around ds by rail than was thought possible near the open ing of navigation. The temptation to ship direct from country points to the East is so strong that many parties who nsed to send their grain hero now send it by on the other side, and no little grain has been purchased for that purpose by-parties here. This applies to com as well as to wheat In all the cereals the quantity sent here for sale this spring U remarkably small, and the present prospect is that our annual grain handling will foot up a small er total than in any previous year since the War. There is, however, a fair demand for grain here, to ship, and our stocks are rapidly lessening in consequence. TheUow rates of rail, freights have induced free buying by parties in the East and m Europe, and the result is a decided advance in ocean freights, partially due to the withdrawal of several vessels from the service. Two of the ocean lines withdrew half their vessels some days ago, and it was expected at latest advices that others would follow the lead. Some of our through (rail) lines have suffered severely in consequence. Large lots of grain were billed through from this point to Europe at rates based on 4d©4s4d from the sea board, and the carriers neglected to secure the ocean carriage till those rates had been nearly doubled. Bid. Asked. 43*4 40« 40* A good deal Is being said now about tho rather large movement of wheat to the Continent of Eu rope. The number of vessels passing the Darda nelles reported for the week ending the 20 th of April was 100 (which was possibly for the preceding three weeks). Most of those were des tined for Continental (>orts. Therthaa also been a free movement from"' the United States, both to ■ Great Britain and the Continent, Parties in the trade say that, though wheat is sometimes sent to England by the owners here, they never send it to tlmContincnt on their ownres ponsibility, but wait for it to be ordered (bought). The Continent fii-av the Black Sea wheat direct, and never looks elsewhere so long as that supply is suflicient- It is argued, therefore, that the present demand upon the United States proves that much more wheat is wanted inEurope than has been calculated on, and that present prices are considered low enough for baying freely. If freights should ad vance, that fact might be a reason tor a decline in prices here; but parties who are prominent in tho trade here say tho prospect is a good one for our surplus, though it may be interfered with by an upward movement due to a scare on the part of the eborU. . . - The leading produce markets were irregular yes* terdor, but with less extensive variation in prices than a few days ago. The principal fluctuations were in wheat, except in provision at the opening. The trading was active, and the pur chases for shipment moderate. The outward move ment of produce was again largely in excess of the current supply in the leading departments. . Jobbers of dry goods reported the market as with* oat specially new features, lousiness In most dc* paxtm cuts was quiet, orders, as heretofore, being restricted to such, quantities and articles as were needed for current trade. Groceries were or* dered with considerable freedom by local and coun try buyers, and were steadily bold. Teas remain quiet, with prices ruling easy. There was no no-, tiecablc change in the bagging, leather, coal, and wood-markets. Dried fruits continue in good de " mand, and, excepting prunes, the different lines were firmly held. Fish sold moderately at' former prices. Kew lake fish are arriving in a small way, and are held at full figures. The oil trade was re ported quiet, with carbon, turpentine, and linseed ruling slightly lower. Paints and colors remain dull. The wholesale lumber market was quiet and un changed. The offerings were small, and tfce few specially desirable cargoes were taken darly, at former prices. The yard business continues alack. Tinplates have declined 50c per box, otherwise tnerewereno important changes in metals and tinners’ stock. Kails were steady st $3.10. The wool market was again reported dull and weak. Broom-corn was in moderate desiand and steady. Hides were unchanged, exccptgrcen calf and dry flint, both of which were lower. Hay was steady under a; moderate, inquiry Seeds were quiet, timothy being so chiefly ca account of the light offerings, whioh were firmly held rather above the views of buyers. Lake freights were again dull and. easier. They were little better than nominal at 3c for com and 3J4c for wheat by sail to Buffalo, and some quoted them, even lower than that. Rail freights were more active, but uncertain. There were a good many cars offering, and a good deal of cutting un der was hinted ah Former rates were nominally adhered to, but it was understood that an impor tant rebate Was offered on ocean rates to induce rail business, J cfcpedallr to Boston. The nominal quotations were to Kew York, 18c id Philadelphia, 25c toßoston, per 100 fts. Through to Liverpool, via Philadelphia or Boston, was quot ed at 55c in-gold. The freight engagements in cluded 71,000 in wheat, and 150,000bucorn; but several engagements were probably made without being reported ' The dntiw collected at the Chicago Custom- House yesterday aggregated $2,692.0L disbursed $27,000. :>:r boots. . Currency Ca........ Xew Kew 55..... lU-4U&, coupons.... .127 .n«>4 .117 •11S« C., C.-, C. & I <7 t New Jersey Central.. 94U Rock Island 105 Ft. Paul 3774 St- Paul pfd 6374 , Wabash.... 2?* Wabash pfd 3 Fort Wavuc 102*^ Terre Haute 3Hi Terre Haute pfd 15 Chicago & Alton 97 Chicago Us Alton pfd.. 104 Ohio A: Mississippi.... 17*1 DeL &Lackawanna..lOf>ri A. &■ P. Telegraph.... 17J* Mtoourl Pacific.. Atlantic A Pad tic pfd. 1021* Indiana Central 471 Chicago. B. & Q 117* Central Pacific. lOGfi Union Pacific IW* U. Pac. land-grant... 99 U. Pac. sinking-fund. 01 boots. . I Virginia Co. new 31 Missouri 6a... lUSH nOG'?KODUCT6—Were more octllveln the aggre gate, and steadier, with a firm feeling towards the closo though hogs were In good supply and caster. The chief business done was, however. In transfer of lots fr#m one month to another, though there were Indlca tttns of a little more disposition to take hold for ship ment. jfess Port:— Was in moderate demand,- and rather weak early, but advanced about 20c , per brl from the latest price* of Wednesday, with a very stcadytoue la the latter part of the session. Sales were reported of COllilEEdlAli. TUB MAP.KET3. PROVISIONS. the CHICAGO TRIBUNE: FRIDAY, MAY 12 1570 350hrls cash at $20.T0; 4,750 brls aon <r_»V; 12,500 brls seller July at s2o.uT>j@Jo.So, and 1,000 brls seller August at $2a85&20.«x “Total, laWObrls. The market closed firm at (50^20. g 5 according to weight: $20.00 seller May; wSlnally at scUer August, beller the at 519.505C0.00. and “iSrf-«'M U motemul l ySvfcana declined about 15c inn b-s early, In sympathy with a further drop of od n LlSrpooU but recovered rftenrarda. under a fair demand, to.nearly the latest prices of V, ednesdsy. Cash lots wero at a slight premium, under a moderate In oulry for shipment. Sales were reported °* «r» 22W; 2,250 tea seller Juno atsl2.i7h:W 0 250 tea scliefjuly at $12.30?.12.40; and l,suo t£ wlfcr AUBMt lat ISIIiTKSiasSW. Total, 14,000 tcs. The market closed quiet at 512.25 cash <>r seller mJV; sl2.2s©i2.27«seUcr Juno; seller seller August. J j/eots—Were quictpwlth no noteworthy change In nrlces. There was little demand for wlutcr-curcd lota, niost shippers preferring summer cuts, because they average a less number of as to the piece. A \ery' mod eraiebuslaess was transacted for future. Sales were reported of 40 boxes shoulders at $7,561* per sa 000 bb do seller Juno at 7&c; 500,006 ns short ribs at fojfic cash and seller Juno, and S w .7o®ib.TJ>a ftsscller July; 50 tcs swcet-plcklcd hams (L» #■•) Bt SLcT The following was the closing range of prices ‘ Shout- Long fchort abort tiers. clear. rib., dear. s&eeeei e 4 $ Long clears at cash, and Ecircr July, boxed; sweet pickled bams, 12<£13c, Cumberlands, 10»iaU%c, cash or seller April; long-cut hams, 124 ft 13c. boxed: bacon hams. 14(a.15c. BEl^VkoS3ctS—AVcrcstcadyand quiet at SlO.r/l @10.75 for mesa, SH.SOSSII.7S fur extra mm, and for city, mid 7«®Bc for country lots. . _ BREADSTUFFS. FLOUH—"Was In better demand, but not particularly active, as the stocks In the hands of dealers were too small to permit large sales. -Winters were not much called for, hut springs were, and a slight advance was effected la some cases. Rye dour was active and h eld higher at the close. Salts were reported of 100 brls winters, partly at SG.IS; 100 brls supcrflnes s4.B7><; 1,200 brls spring extras, chiefly at 55.0055.50; 30 brls spring supcrflnes at 53.75; and 455 brls rye flour, partly at $4.2004.25. Total, 1.885 brls. The market closed steady at the following range of prices; Choice winter extras, $7.axi7.60; common to cood do, S5.8O07.1O; shipping extras, $4.5005.00; rood do, $5.0005.25; choice do, 55.5005.75; patents do, $6.0009.00; Minnesota, $5.0006.60; spring superflaea, $3.5003.75; rye flour, $4.2504.50. jjg A in moderate demand and a shade firmer, the offerings being less than those of Wednesday. Sales were reported of 40 tons at $ll.OO on track and ‘'sSSfanso “Sics were <OO bo at SB.OO on track. Cors-Msal—Sales were 20 tons coarse at j? 17.50 free active and very Irregular, advancing ic from the latest quotation of the preLLUlng after noon, and closing KoJ£e higher; tiiarlcex 102 c above that of Wednesday. The advlcca from Liverpool were conflicting, some quoting It dull and «tiiere firm, while New York was firm but quiut. The market hero was, however, chiefly Influenced by the factof very light receipts, combined with fair ship ments, 70.188 bu being Inspected out of store against So care inspected In, of which only 13 cars were No. 2. Even that small number Included Gear loads of No. - received Into tbe house, which Is used as a receptacle for cleaned wheat. This Induced a good demand from the slibrt Interest, many of whom scat In paying orders, stimulated by the advance of the pre\lous afternoon. Rut the rise In prices brought out numer ous sellers. Several parties who had carried wheat up froma£Ssl.oolmJtinedw close out, uud umw otSerawcre received to “ecII nl $1.03 or urcr" that not half of them could be tilled before tbe marke broko Inflow the limit, after which ruled firmer. There was a fair demand for shipment to Interior points, direct to millers, but ship new to tlio seaboard were less Inclined to operate, the S“jKeSrryW the market out of their reach; and when this fact became apparent the short Mllen weni more confident, and several went la, though not hcaU iv ns they feared the consequences of continued small recants and liberal shipments. The extent of the movement this spring has disappointed nearly e\er>- iffilhus far; there were very few who did not look for farce receipts after tbe work of planting was ended. Sellcxuune was the principal deal; It opened irregular ic with simultaneous sales at oi.U3, audsi.o3K« Kid Sto w 51.02& advanced to Sl.O3J*. wcededto 51.0214. Improved to sl.o2>£. and dosed Seller July sold at Sl.o3jdLti.WJi, closlagat Seller the mouth, or regular No. -. spring, sold at SI Ulsiol.O2Jc, closing at Si.o2, with little preference for cUged rccetptd. Cash sales were reported of 49 3 tio at 03093J5c; 6,oud bn rejected do at and 80U hu do by sample at 60095 c. Total, b_Bu)ba. __ MixnsSOTa "Wifeat —tVas In pood demand and l®|JiC higher.. Sales were reported of 12. WU bu No. - at SI wj4 for short receipts and Sl.Oo forfresh; and 3,b(X) ha bylamplo at sl.Cß<*l.lß free on board caw. CORN—was moderately active, and avLrafeod H£c pc. hn higher, though closing only J£c above the late** quotations of Wednesday. Liverpool was steady and New York was quoted firm, while continued lU,ut re ceipts and large shipments with cloudy weather In deed but the offerings were larger than the demand at the Improvement, and prices receded to the Inside of the range. There was a fair demand for shipment, and the short Interest filled In freely*!being Incited thereto by the continued decrease of overstocks Id store, which are now small enough to be cleaned out with » week of active work. The further vKskness In freights also tended to strength, weakness difference the selling Prices of corn here and at the East. The offerings to sell for future delivery seemed to be chiefly on local account, tho country nut oelng free sellers, ex 4G&C. advanced to 4G?6c, and declined to 4Sc at the K seller Jnly sold at closing at 47c, and seller the month, or regular, at 46j$04<c, at thelnsldc, GUt-cdged receipts were slightly, pre ferred to regular, andnlgb mixed sold c» 4c premium over No 2<(Jask sales were reported of lG.6oObu high S?ed at 47®47*c; 110,600 bu No. 2 at 46H047c; 2,0u0 fflnew 4SJ4c; 5,600 bn rejected at 42c; 400 bu earaat46J<c; 11,6U0bu by sample at 440i8c on track; and 2»,t>»o budo at44Jao4i)c, free on board cars, the eSSlcr at the close, ruling steady tiurinc the early part of the session. Ihn receipts u-ere small and Xcw York was qnotinl dull, under lante arrlTols. end tho reported shipments from tlOlpoStwerc stain liberal. showlim that tho stock la store Is heinc rapidly moved out. were quiet. ThJre was iGtle InciinaHon to buy. and were not nresslnn property on the market, which rnlcd steady untn tomirrfs the close of the session,.whenpricesire- mded ii-a Sic. Seller May sold MWWc. and ciosedat Sc Jmm sold at 31« o early, taken at 31c, and closed at VlMl't-lilc. Cash rantted the same as seller the montin closing at 30e- Rejected was quiet at 20 V*27c. Samples; especially choice whit®, ware In kMdreqnest. Cash sales were reported of 21. -00 bu No. ~ at 3Ov3oMc, a goo bu by sample at 3i>jv34c for mixed, and 33v».30c xor white on track, aud 7,800 bu do at 3103*c delivered. RYfeSvils ln U light request _and steady at 63c for No. 2. Cash sales Include 400 bu No. 2at 63c, and 800 bu by Ba^ULEY^Was I fa'lrly active early and quletduring the im half of the session. The receipts were larger, hut consisted chiefly of low grades, which were Inactive. Cash N'O. 2 and seller the month were steady at the clos ing prices of the previous evening. There was a good demand early from tbe shorts and longs, the latter tak ing a share of the offerings, while the shorts appeared less- anxious to -take hold,- though it generally conceded that the market is cornered, and Is now being manipulated by the parties In power. Seller May sold at , Ic, andcasliNo. '2 nt 71071J4c, F both closing at7ic, June was 9c below May, being Inactive at 62c>62JiiC. No. 3 was slow at 44 ©4sc. and* ejected st 35038 c. Samples were In light request. Cash sales were reported of 10.000 bni at 71® 7i&c; 2.400 Uu do at 7lc: 80) bu by sample (rack* and4oobunt4Bc free on board. Total, 13,600 bu. TTTZST CALI.. TVlicatwns fairlyactive. Sales, IB3.oTObu at SI.OIH for May, Ol.lreiail-OiO-i for .1 urn*, and for July. Coni was quictT Sales, 10,000 liu at 40c for June, and 4 'yf^ 0 po l r'kf Kales. 3,750 Kris at ,530.60030.65 for Juue. and $30.77)4*fc30.80 for July. Lard was stronger* Sales, 2,*£*o tes seller July at $13.43)4. LATEST. TTheat was fairly active and weak, owlnc to reports of a lower Liverpool. The market declined-fc. June sold at $1.02*6 down tosl.olK closing with sellers at 51.0175. July sold at $1.02^1.03&, and closed at the iU Comwas quiet and easier, closing at 46*$c, for May, 45*fc for June, and 4G&o for July. Larly June sold at qufet and earlier at for June. Nothing was done in other grain or Jake freights. Mess pork was’qnlet at ?20. GO&2o.G2tf for June, and sold (250 brls.) at £20.75 for July. . . _ Lard was quiet rtnd'casler, with sales of 750 tes at 512.25<5i12.-10 for June. . CALL BOAUD. . Mess pork waj in moderate request and easier, closing at 520-75 for July, and $20.55.i0r June. Sales, 1,500 for June, $20.72>5(&20.73 for July, aud closing at $12.25ft12.27H for June, andSl2.37,4(3*l2.4ofurJ uly. Sales, uaotesat t]*> 25' seller June Short ribs were steady, with sales of 50,000 as at SiO.esforJuly. _ GEKERAIi 3SIAKKETS. ALCOHOL—Was quiet at $2.14. BROOM-CORN—The retail trade continues fair at uniformly steady prices. The stock of corn Is being reduced, and Is already smaller that at this time lost season.' There is yet'some com In the country! and some of the growers are anxious to sell. In order to pre pare for the new season, bat the stock In the “West probably docs not exceed 2,000 tons, which Is ' consid erably less than the quantity carried last year. We quote: Choice hurl, B©9c; No. 2‘hurt! 7©Sc; choice medium, 767j£c; good medium brush, 6®6Hc; fair Inside and covers, 'SC##; inferior, 4©4Hc; crooked. 3®6c. BUTTER—The market was destitute of new features. Asteadlly fair demand both from the local and shipping trade exists, and each day's receipts arc well taken up at fairly sustained prices, but there is a lack of confi dehce In the stability of present values and any marked Increase lathe supply would very likely cause a decline. We quote: Choice to fancy yellow, 27©32c; Inferior to good grades, 23525 c; inferior to common, J4©2lc. BAGGING—There was an absence of large orders, .bot a good many small ones were placed, and in the aggre gate a pretty fair business was accomplished. Brices were steady asfollows: • Stark A, 28c; Peerless A A, 25c; Lewiston, 24h>c; Monlanp, 25c; -Ontario, J 2sc; American A, 224« t Amoskeag, Otter Crcca(; burlap hags, 4bu, 14&©15Hjc;do, Sbu, I5©10c; gunnlesCsingle, 145<®15c;do, double, 23324 c. . CHEESE—The past few days have witnessed no very marked change In the position of the cheese market. Business remains very quiet, the demand belngstrictly la accordance with current requirements, and under increasing supplies values arc still la nn unsettled state. Common to bust-new Is Jobbing - at 8310^0. COAL—Trade showed no improvement. The few or ders received were fllled ‘at the annexed quotations: Lackawanna, range and n0t..510.00; do, egg. $9.50; c&nne), 57.U037.5U: Erie, 57.00; Ulossburg. 57.U037.50; ’Hocking Valley,' SC.OO; Indiana block, 55.50; Bald ■ more a Ohio. 86.00; Illinois, 54.U0A4.50. EGGS—Were In request at iiHaixc, The receipts were liberal and the feeling less nrm, there being little else than a local Inquiry. - FlSH—Business was quiet at unchanged figures. We continue to quote: No. 1 whiteftsh, K-brl, 55.0035.10: No. 2do, 54.8034.90 ; No. 1-trout,- 54.00*: No. 1 shore mackerel. Ji-bri. 512.50313.00; No. 1 bay, 59.00© 0.25; No. 2 mackerel, : f£-brl,-$8.0038.25; family mackerel. M-bri. 5*1.50 ; No. 1 shore kits, large, S2.U); No. l bay kit*. 51.50; large famlly-klts, 51.20: bank codfish. $4.5034.75: George’s codfish, 55.5035.75; Labrador herring, split, brls, 57.7535.00; do, M-brl. 54.0034.25; Labrador herring, round, brls, $6.50© 6.75; do, 14-brL 53.5033.75 ; scaled herring, per box, 40c ; No. 1 herring, 33c ; Columbia River salmon, H* bri.sß.oo. FRUITS AND NUTS—There was a firm market, for raisins. > apples, peaches, and blackberries, and in fact full prices were being realized for about everything In the list.. Trade holds up well, and there Is a good feel ing among Jobbers. We quote: /bret^n—Dates, 6©sHc; figs, layers, 15©15c; figs. drams. mi2cs Turkish f’fliw prunes, kegs und boxes • u< ‘ ? -!, 4 S,: i r v.f&iV > nfyal’Att :j.W; loose MusojUcU s3.ic'>is3.-io;V«cncia, 11 - 4^14r2 • t apples, Domestic— Aldcn apples, halves, common. 9sl(t£loc: choice, -% pared, I7«l9c; blacibcrrjes, tusttuc, raspberries, 33(5a4c; pitted cherries, jcm® Ants—Filberts, ll®ll«c; almond*. iw* 20c; Naples walnuts, 16517 c; -Rr-iins aWic llftl2c; Grenoble Hf 7 - 1 pecans, Texas, ll.tfoldc: Wnminßtou peanum R 848,.<., Tennessee peanuts. Sft.6u: African Dccu ut -* «ndstendr. GREEN FRUITS—Were. In fair request and Rtf najj. Strawberries were plentiful and easier, an.l Slraw . fruit was offered. OraugM were.^ted Mraw^ berries, 201125 c; gooseberries, g * changes ln a'lo^™3o°* sufficiently Important to require “5*%- market bers are doing a steadily good Md tbu retains tlic Arm. healthy tone that for some time past has characterized It- Quotations remain as m Louis* tffee—Rangoon, t>J£S7c; Carolina. 7K<24K4c, Java. Java. No pva^oj choice to fancy Rio. 23fc23Kc: 22?ic; common to fair, 20HjZ21c; -.4 * Singapore Java, 25<*20c; Costa Idea, —wtto, uarA ISS^SSStcntloat. ,«»£ HHc; powdered, ll&»llttct standard. lOKc; do No. 2. 10c; B. ««« Me; C No. 2. yellowC No. 1. me C No. 2. itfiOKc; choice mo\Sa do, BH<WX c: common do. uioicc sugar, BH f w»?<c; common to good do, JlCwic, * “sf^^fornlaanaar-loafdri^^^tamond drips, Sl.OKtl. 10; silver drip*, extra sugar-house sirup, 50&5oc; extra.. <jo leans molasses. choice. Qs((bße; do Prjnjfc* common to good, 4SASOc; l common molasses, 3*s4oc; black-strap. * -35*1 a, .Spices—Allspice, 17<&l7Mc; 1 S&usuc; popper, nutmegs, » Calcutta ginger. 1 r.uW7e- No«ps—True Blue, 6!ic: G ermnn Mott lea, White Lily. »S6!4cs Whltcl^ MffiiGc: Savon Imperial, Golden limited to &o brla at $1.07 per very lirm In their views, but the demand Y „▼ HIDES—Were In the usual demand and steady, ex „ onr ....if cirina which have declined, ttic comparative* 10 be forwarded tills way, severed orders ha\ mg been mied in New York alune. Following arc the quota tions* Green city butchers’, S&SHIC; green cured light gssa;s#eisH» t*iAn»iirv united hide - , lie; deacon skins, 4.K3-»0e. ®MKT\ildSl) TIsVEtS’ STOCK—Tin plain* have dSd .“o‘K 1 loi om-tii *»«e* bar. 22c. holder I—>o. 1 —>0. i, jjc, r»o. —, T-.,’ />,»</—i*i«» 8e; bar, 8&c; lead pipe, 9c. &>p7>cr— 2C. 14c; discount, 25 per cent. nr^.Noilloti,Ju, .i, tn n joe- to to 11. lie; 10. llfct, uandl-ui-e. f 5 ond & He; 17, itti 18. /pc; 10. toe; 20. 2oc; fence wire. sJsc; do, small lots, o}*c. fiSdequotatloM of carbon, linseed, and tur- PMtinTwcrc lowered a trifle, with which exceptions 110 changes were apparent. Business was only fair: Uarbon, iihdecr. test, I2&<j;i2 s ic; do IlllnolaJegal test, L’jodtg., 13K'il3&; Snow Wmtc, ISO test,, lC«c; doheaiUlght. 175deg.. 17c; extrawluterlardoil, ItJ/v No. i 75c; linseed, raw. s**t3oe; boiled, me* whale, winter-bleached, TSftaoc; sperm. “a; Sufoot oil. strictly pure, SI. HWI.; W do ««re. use do hi'u. 1,85 c; hank oil, 55c; straits, W. plumkaco 011 CuS.7. r .c; iurpenttne. <OS«c; uapUtha, dewier zed. iri’mvltV West Virginia oils, natural, nn natiire£ so deg., urffisoc! reduced, ns ■ dt i>oULTUV-The romewliat laracr, and prices a shade easier at for iil4c for turkeys. Flgeous were quoted at s(Xa.i»c. Were quiet at 30e per hu-from store. SEEDS— Timothy was In fair request, and Arm under licht offerings at for common to prime. "furor wSfqulct oi js.7s*o.w tor vndjff Prime- Mammoth sold ut ?S. <.*. lluiigarlan and millet wux dull at Flax was quiet at sl.2i^l.J-». SALT—Continues in fair request: Saginaw and On ondaga, flue. SU4O; ordinary coarse. sl.*o; dairy, without bagf. 52.73-: dairy, with bags. $3.50; Ashton '\\^uxquoted quiet and easy. The weakness was more apparent In .laps than In other grades, as the new crop Japans will soon be la the market. AVo QU 30®40c: good do, 4034 M; medium. 45&50C; good do, siXj;ssc; flue, tin cst, GO-'vCsc; chofce, 7iK!>7sc; choicest, yOvtf.t*oc; fancy Common, 303330: good do 3M.40C: me dlnm, 4(A'’4oc; good do, H.KtSOc; flr.e. flnest, 55(iiC0c; choice, CS&7OC; choicest, TOdtioc. _ Qp> Jitpnn— Common, 30-*3sc; good common, r»oinßc, medium,-40(irt2c; good medium, 4.»r*4Bc, fluest, choice, GOfeCSc; choicest, 40^..jC. Onu/njs Common, 30C>33c; good common, 3%>038c. medium 40&42c; good medium, line, 4«evoOc; ttnesu SS&SBC; choice. ootlfUc; choicest, AVOOD—Soles were effected at SB.OO for maple, $7.00 for beech, and SS.OJ for slabs—delivered. The receipts continue liberal, and the market is weak. VEGETABLES—Were In fair supply and moderate re i quest at the following prices: Cucumbcr?. sDicßoc rer • dozen* green peas, $3.00,t3.2j per box, string beans, • Sfu&S) purtwi-ruspanuras, TScftSi-O) derdurau: 1 lettuce. 30&35C per dozen; rudishea, 85(«40c per dozen, I spinach,«i2.uupcrbrl; pie-plant, 3i.4c; Bermuda Dealers report a small demand, chiefly from Western mills, which are nearly out of supplies and . buy only to cary them Into the new clip. I rices are r weak; Tub-washed, prime, 41Kl&50c; do. poor to^good, ■ 40u45c; washed fleece, tine, good condition, d-.d.jJ7c, ; medium do, 40f142c; unwashed to light, 23ii26c; do, medium. 25fc2&c; pulled, UVE STOCK. CHICAGO. Cattle. Hogo. Sheep. ................ 4,077 6,054 173 *** ' 6.435 10.445 1,<’37 Receipts— Monday Tuesday ■Wednesday. Thursday... Total Same time last week. Week before last.... Shipments— Monday. Tuesday "Wednesday Total 9,011 10.4G8 785 CATTLE—Tho receipts excelled all expectations, reaching, as they did, fully 0,800 head. This (with an exception) was a larger nmnhcrthan ever previously reported, and, as was to be expected, there was a further weakening of values, yot only was the market depressed by excessive supplies, but the news from the East was calculated to check the shipping demand, and lead that class of buyers to Insist upon something “off" from previous prices. These demand for concessions were acceded to so far as good to choice heavy cattle were concerned, but In light and medium weights there was no appreciable decline, the demand being chiefly centered In the latter. It was a dragging and un satisfactory trade from tho opening to the close, and of the 8. 000 henu In tho yards scarcely more than 3,000 changed owners, and the market closed hard. Sales wereat£ts.So—thcbulkat s3.r»o£s for Stockers' and butchers’ stuff, and at $4.2&e4.V0 for good to , primoshlpping steers. Cows sold principally at $3.20® 3.75, andbuUs at§3G3.O2W. , qUOT.vTIOXS. Choice Beeves—Fine, fat. well-formed 3 year to 5 yaar old steers, weighing 1.250 to 1,550 §4.0035.-5 Good Beeves—Well-fattened steers, weigh lug 1,200 to 1,400 1t5....... ..... 4.3034.60 Medium Grndcs-Steers In fair flesh, weigh- _ Ing 1,050 to 1.250 Tbs 4.0034.50 Butchers' Stock-Poor to fair steers, and common to choice cows,for city slaughter, welching SCO to 1,500 ; 3.50@4.00 Stock Cattle-Common cattle, weighing 800 I to 1 050 1 Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifers stags, ■ bulla, and scalawag steers 2.5033.50 CATTLE SALES, , yo. AV. Price. Ko. Av Price. I- jV, 1,320 §5.00 1" 022 $4.3.* ! Jo ....1,218 4.50 19 1.018 4.25 10*** 1 147 4.60 4U 1,172 4-80 I 32 hulls .....1,150 3.CS 13.............1,005 4.30 SiSert I 815 4.25 18 1.190 4.65 o 4 5() J 7 iwo 4.40 10***’* ....1,190 4.55 15 1.380 6.00 ?C I I 1 410 4. 8 U 45 1,131 4.62« Jo ...1062 4.40 14. 1,130 4.50 .„ *.i 125 4.50 15....* 1,356 4.95 I 1H1....L345 4.70 85 1.103 4.70 Tl* ....1 053 4.50 17 930 4.25 ; *...1.101 4.50 20 917 4.37« 10, ....1,203 4-75 16 calves 142 5.25 «. 4 . ..1.278 6.15 19 113 4.65 4B ....1,326 4.80 15 1,363 5.20 14 cows 1,320 3.80 14 1,121 4.50 lico ...1.214 4:60 1G... 1,168 4.70 1 1*79 5.15 CO 1,170 4.70 J£“ ** 1,110 4.40 18 COWS 956 3.45 4,1 1,«59 4.45 37 1,118 4.<55 J 4 ....IWB 4.55 10 909 4.15 in" ..1.322 5.00 IGstOCkers...l,oß7 S.|s zr, IHlllituo 4.«0 so 1,127 4.c0 00**" 1,342 4.70 15 1,315 4.55 V* ll* ..11299 4.80 10 .1.328 4.55 of- ...1.203 4.70 10 1, »iV 7 5.00 V4'“ ..I 043 4.40 18 1,099 4.45 io 11... .1 243 4.70 14* 1,135 4.50 ICIIIIIII 1.180 4.70 17 1.308 4.05 HOGS—There was a pertty active market for this class of stock but prices were not sustained. A further considerable Increase in the receipts was reported, and that fact Jed holders to accept the slightly lower bids of borers. At 5c “off" from Wednesday's. quotations tpatliuz was fairly animated, and at the close few lots remained unsold, bales were at 56.85fv7.10 for poor to choice light weights, and at $0.G5®9.15 for Inferior to choice heavy,—the bulk at $G.90Ci7.05. The market closed steady. QOO SALES. 's»o. Av. Price'TTo. Av. Price. 25 163 7.05 40 ISO 7.00 i 54 273 7.00 59 234 7.00 (4* 240 7.00,53 219 7.99 43 180 7.00 77 291 7.00 !54 243 7.00 34 228 7.00 iSB 176 7.00 48 226 7.00 41 183 7.00:0 265 7.00 37 181 7.00 32 209 6.90 C 7 179 7.00 22 315 6.90 39 223 7*00:50 . 303 C. 85 22 200 7.00,40 222 6.90 29 312 7.0029 245 6.80 36 230 7.00147 221 6.90 05 219 7.00152 104 6.85 33 181 . 7.00:21 253 6.90- S 3 230 7.00.57 275 6.90 62 231 7.00 90 269 6.90 30 218 7.00 25 267 C. 90 32 182 7.00;24 321 6.75 52 180 7.00135 190 0.12 89 188 7.00131 210 0.25 45 170 7.00,21 309 6.C5 101 211 7.00 30 285 6.65 26 218 7.00 27 155 6.00 No. Av. Price. 20 265 7.50 58 214 7.15' 28 291 7*l?l 55 274 7.15 i 57 ’ - J*T»O 7.10; 23 298 7.101 55 208 7.10 i 35 197 7.10 20 190 7.10 22 285 7.10 25 273 7.10 40 259 , 7.10 49 231 7.05 S 3 2<« 7.05 55 178 7.05 48 218 7.05 °4 227 7.05 51 203 7.05 t 4 227 7.05 103 250 7.05 42 200 7.05 S 3 2U5 .7.05 35 200 7,05 52 214 7.05 29 215 7.05 „ ' SHEEP—'Tbere was.® good demand, and s firm mar* ket, poor to prime shorn selling at S3.C2Hi®l-75. and poraroon to extra wooled at 54.75&7.00. The following sales were noted: _ SHEEP S No. Av. Price. 47..... 73 $4.75 ioo (shorn)... 85 j*.S!l4 IDO 100 <-00 73 73 4.Jf> KEW TORE. New TonK.'May ll.—Beeves—Receipts, 630. making 3 °lOfor three davs.'against 3,700 at the game time last ■week; qualltvof fresh offerings fair; 4 car-loads Chero kee cattle and some very rough Texas and Tennessee oxen; demand light; market extremely dull at reduced prices noted yesterday; ordinary to prime steers, 2(_)U> ; a car-load rough oxen, 8c; not all sold. Sheep aa*d Lambs—Receipts. Including 8 car-loads to arrive, 3.490, making 5.290 for three days, against B.2ooatthe same time last week; sheep scarce, firm, high figures;.7(jißHc for unshorn; sHcCn~c for clipped; apriug lambs active at 969J<c, with 4 car loAls Virginia lambs at 9tfU2c; a car-load Jersey, I2tfcl4c. Swise—Receipts, 1.360, making 8,260 for three days, atnlnst a*BSO at the same lime last wcet; none offered alive. sSsiyilgflijSi &5«y13& ‘isss-s ES^saM*** ,or 16100 ST. Lons. .. . St. Louts, Mar n.—Uoos-DnU and lower; ®J*W®gi $0.0030.03; Yorkers. sU.3{h*; bacon, 50.303d.6a. b cl^Lß t receipts bare depressed tbc mar ket, some sales lower: good to;®[s|f^^ V nSnTrj^^ »kSJ»ffi4.7Si c°miaoriwf air tUroil.ll Texans, 52.7533.25; good to choice, 53.0CKit4.00. •DUPPALO. , . . TtrrPAto. Mar 11. —Cattle —Tvccctpts, 420; total for the week. 9.022; no market to-day; fresh arrivals tL ™r?ip C AKD K L n or"“-TiPCClpa. 1,200; total for the weekl 6,000; market dull and dropping; sales ualm* ooruint. Offers at off, with no takers. Pf y.. market slow; 1 car Yorkers at 57.40; 3 cars heavy In small lots at 57.5037.55. • cisccnfatx; . ~ „ CrvctyvATi. May il.—'Hoos—Fair and firm; com* montogood, light, $0.4037.25: fair w good., beat j, $7.30371507 Receipts, 1,100; slilpmcnta, U I*>6. The cargo market va» again quiet, the offerings being small. Early several loads were sold to the city trade, leaving four or five cargoes on hand, which were carried over. Piece s tuff was steady at SB.OO, andlnch inmiM'r at «s *XvSJI.OO. Lath were quiet at g«3 ( Sjsaja^’WM»a ®a«&==^ Third clear, thick •.••••••••,: w eras* «> Clear flooring, first and second, rongh #2SjS‘oo Clear siding, first and second iq 2oai£l» Firstcommon siding...... •• Flooring, first common, dressed.... Flooring, second common, dressed Box boards, A now Box hoards, B -n ’no A slock boards, 10andl3ln *>*i*oOivl* , Voo Bstock boards. T?*(sv?T7 OO citockjwards..... ::::::::::::::: Common iumber.’is ft ami under 3ln JV'rlKtl* I ’* W Common Inch IV n\t UiW Jolsu and scantling, 30 to 34 ft h*7S« l L*o Lath.... ‘•’'jO.'Ta g. 90 A shingles . 7,'Vlv •» so Shingles on track —— FOUEIGN. Special Dispatch to The Tribune. Liveupool, May 11—U a- m. Flouh—No. 1, 245; No. 2,22 a. . . • „ Giiaik—Wheat-Winter, No. 1, 9sloiT;No. 2, Os 0d; spring, No. 1, os4d; No. 2, Ss; white. No. 1, Os 9d; No. 2, Gs 6d; club, No. I,los 2d; No. 2,9 a 10a. Com, Od. Provisions —Pork —82sCd- Lard, s»soa. Liverpool; May 11-1:30 p. m.—Lard-STs. Liverpool, May 11-Latest -CoxTON-Markct dull and unchanged; GHOO 5-10 d; sales 8,000 hales, including 1,000 for speculation and ci port, and 5,500 American. Breadstupps— Market steady; California white wheat, average, 9sCd@9s9d; do club, 9a Id© 10s 2d; red Western spring, 2to 1, 8 a ld©9s 4d ; do winter, 9a od©9s 100- Floitr—Western canal, 22©245. Corn —Western mixed, 2Ca©2Ga Cd. Oats—American, 3s©3s 6d. Barley— American, 3a 0«L Peas— Canadian, 30s©30s Cd. Clover-Seed—American, 63©C9s. Provisions—Prime mess pork, 85a 6d. Prime mess beef, 87a. Lard—American, 57a. Choose— Fine American, 50a. Bacon —Long clear, 51s; short do, 535. Tallow— Firm; American, 41s. Petroleum—Spirits, refined, US£d. Linseed Oil—23s 6d. Bosik—Common, 4s 9d; pale, 16a. Spirits or Turpentine—Ss. Linseed Oil —225@22a 3d. Spirits Turentine—22s 3d©2£a Cd. Bepined Petroleum—los 9d- Antwerp, May U. —Petroleum— 2Sf. PRODUCE. SEW YORK. Special Dispatch to The Tribune. New Tore, May 11. —Grain—Wheat market firm and quiet; sales, 95,000 bu at $1.04©1~ OS for re jected spring; Si. oo@l. lo for ungraded spring, S!L 10@1.11 for No. 3 Chicago; sl. 10GL 13 for No. 3 Milwaukee; sl-1001.20 for No. 2Chicago;sl-IV 01.20 for No. 2 Northwestern; $1.2001.22 for No. 2 Milwaukee; $1.2001.30 for No. 1 spring; SLI3 01.32 for winter red Western; $1.2031.40 for amber do; and SI. 3201.43 for white Western; in cluded in the sales were 1,000 bu white Canada and 0,000 hn Canada spring, both to arrive about the 20th of May, at $1.33, in bond. Bye quiet and firm at 70©81c for Western; flo@D2c for State; and 00c for Canada in bond. Barley quiet and unchanged. Com firm; fair export and home trade demand; sales of 84,000 bn at 5005614 c for no grade mixed; 60c for steamer mixed; 0114 c for graded mixed; 60c for ungraded new West ern mixed on track; 03c for new Western yellow; end 02c for old Western mixed. Oats in buyers' favor; sales of 30,000 bn at 3704514 c for mixed Western and State, and 44032 c for white Western and State. 22,433 30,812 2.801 18,170 54,360 1.454 19,013 49, CoS 3.500 2,937 3.014 1,788 2.0-19 4,860 5.403 7S Provisions— Middles quiet at 115*®12Hlc for long clear. Lard firmer; sales of 100 tes at $12.40 @12.42Vi for prime steam; at the first call, for May, 512.37V4 was bid and 512.42 Vi asked; for June, $12.40 wasbidand $12.37*4 asked; for July, $12.52*4 was bid and $12.00 asked; for August, SDL6S was bid and sl2.7o.asked; and for'Septein ber 500 tea sold at $12.75®12. • < *4. Whisky—Market quiet at sl.ll per gallon. •Groceries—Sugar market continues firm and quiet; fair to good refining quoted at 7*4®77£c; prime at Sc; Nos 10 and 12 Havana at 7*4®S*4c. Coffee market quiet and steady; Rio quoted at 152$ @ISV4c in gold; Maracaibo at 10® 10c in gold. Tea Market continues dull and heavy. Tallow—Rules quictand unchanged; quoted at 8 9-10@S?bC for prime. New York, May 11.— Cotton— Easy, 12V$® 12 7-l6c; futures barely steady; May, 12®12 5.32 c; June, 12&c; July, 12 19-32 c; August, 12?lc; September, 12 23-32 c; October, 1219-32® 12f*c; November, 12Vic; December, 12V-C. Flour— Less active: receipts, 10,000 brls; No. 2 $2.00®3.40; superfine State and Western, $4.00 @4.40; common to good extra, $4.90®5.25; good to choice, $3.30®5.70; white wheat extra, $3.70 ®7.75; extra Ohio, $4.90®7.00; St. Louis, $5.15 @O.OO. Rye flour steady; $4.75@3.10. ConN-MEAL-Quiet and unchanged. Grain— Wheat firmer,- which checked the export demand; receipts, 134,000 buiNo. 2 Milwaukee in store, $1.21; No. 3 do, $1.10®1.13; No. 3 Chicago spring, SLO9®l.lO; No. 1 spring in store, $1.26®!. 27; rejected do, $1.05; winter red Western in store, Sl.22V'*; white Western, 5i.42; white Canada in bond, $1.40. Rye in buyers’ favor; Western, 80c; State. 88c; Canada in bond, 88*,*c. Barley quiet and unchanged; malt dull and unchanged. Com—Demand fair and market firm; receipts, 04,000 bu; mixed no grade, SG®3CV4c; do steamer, 00®00*4c; do, graded, 61*/4c; new Western mixed, ungraded, 58®G3c; old Western mixed, 62gc; yellow Western, 03® G3VSC. Oats—Demand active; receipts, 228,000 bu; mixed Western and State, 37®45V4c; white do. 44@52c. Hat—Firm; shipping, 80c. . Hops— Steady and unchanged. Groceries— Coffee firm; moderate demand; Rio, cargoes; 15V4®18*/*c in gold; jobbing. 15s£®I9*Uc in gold. Sugar quiet and unchanged. Molasses steady, with a fair demand. Rice quiet and un changed. I^tp.oleun— Quiet; erode, B*£c; refined, 14c; cases, 18Vi®21c; naphtha nominal. Tallow— Heavy; BV4®B?*c. Strained Resin—Dull; SL7O®L 80. Spirits Turpentine— Dull: 36c. Egos— Heavy: Western, 12® 14c. Provisions— Pork firmer; new mess, $20.73; May, $20.55; June, $20.75@2L00. Beef un changed. Pickled hams, 22VSc; long clear middles, Western, UV4c; do city, 12c, Lard—Prime steam, active and firmer; $12.40®12.50; June, $12.45 ®12.4?V4; July, $12.55®12.G7V4; August, $12.05 12.77V4. Butter— Steady; new Western, 16®20c. Cheese— Unchanged. Whisky—Quiet and nominal; sl.ll. ' ST. LOUIS. St. Louis. May 11.—Cotton—Dull and lower; middling, U?ic; low do, 10V4c; good ordinary, "Flour—ln fair demand’for medium grades; double extra’fall, : $4.50®4.85. Grain— Wheat steady with a good demand for sample lots; inspected unsettled; No. 2 red fall, $1.38 bid cash; sl.4o‘hid May; sales, $l.2OVi; July No. 3 do, $L 29 bid May. Com quiet and un changed; No. 2 mixed, 45®45*£c cash; 45?*c June. Oats—Market dull; 33VJc bidcash and May; sales rejected at 30c. Rye—Market dull; prime in sacks, 05c. Barley dull, but unchanged; fancy Minnesota, ,$L 12. . Whisky— Quiet and unchanged, SI.OB. a Provisions —Fork dull and unchanged; $21.50 delivered. Lard doll and nominal. Bulkraeata dull and lower; shoulders, 7*/Jc; clear rib, lOfj® •11c. Bacon—Shoulders, BV4c; clear rib, U2£® 1254 c. Receipts— Flour, 1,900 bis; rye, none; wheat, 0,000; barley, 1,000; com, 22, 000; oats, 7,000. ‘ALES. No. Av. Price. SO DO $6.25 80 73 G.2S 94 (shorn)..; 83 4.00 23 (shorn)... 94 4.73 Philadelphia, ilayll.—Flour— lnactive; Wis consin. and Minnesota, extra family, $5.70®6.40; Stale, Ohio, and Indiana, $6.00®6.75; hijfc grades, g7.25(&8.50. . , __ Grais— Wheat quiet; Pennsylvania red, Sl.nO; amber, 51.57; white,' Corn,yellow, 62c; mixed, COc. Oats alow; white Western, 44(& 48c, Whisky—Steady; Western. $1.12. Petroleum— Steady; crude, 10 5-4 c; refined, 13 a 'c. Butter—Quiet; New York State, and Bradford Co., Pa., extra, 29&30c; firsts, 2C@27c; Western extras, 25@29c; firsts, 24®25c; Western rolls, 24 O20c; firsts. 20(^23c. Cheese— Unchanged. LUMBER. BY TELEGRAPH. To the Western Associated Press. PHILADELPHIA. Pens—Steady; Pennsylvania, Sew Pelavvare, fresh, Inside; Western, fresh. In© 15HC. BALTIMORE. BALTraoEE, Md., May U.-Fiotnt-Firm and unchanged; more active. _ . GRAts—Wheat dull and unchanged Cora firm, 62« c, Oats dull and heavy: white Western, i-c, mixed Western, 30®Me. Eye market dull, 70® 75c. mat—Dali and unchanged. ~ . , PnovisioN'S—Mesa pork, $22.00. ®ulk ebonl dera, B@SKc: clear rib, 10K@llc, Shoulders, OliffiOi-ic; clear haras, ISOlflc. Lard dull and lower, re unco, "'coffee—Steady and Arm; Kio, cargoes, 1514® 1814 c; jobbing, 16®l£H4c. Wuiskt—Dull and lower; 51-11/4* TOLEDO. Toledo, 0., Mot 11.—Flood— Steady. Gnats—Wheat firmer; No. 2 SI 10; No. 3do, 51.27«; No. 1 white Michigan, «1.30i5; No. 2 do, to arrive, Sl-22H: Michigan, SI. 2454: June, $1.20; No- t Michigan, $1.06; No. 2 red winter, Sl-31H, tow rive: No. 3 red, 81-15. Corn firm; high mixed, 54V4c; May, -54 e: Jane, Sic; Jnly, s'_jic. low miiod, 32Kc; No. 2 white. Me: no grade, 50c, damaged, 45c. Oats quiet; Michigan, lea Receipts—Flour, 700 brls; wheat, 2.000 bn, corn 4,000 bo; oats, 2,000 bn, _ . C SiirrMEKTS—Flour, 1,000 brla; wheat, 7,000 bn, corn, 1,000 ba; oats, 1,500 bu. CINCINNATI. CnrccncATT, May 11.-Cottos—Steady; H«c. Flooii— Steady and unchanged. „ 189 Ghais—lVirnAT— Steady; fair demand, Sl.ib'9 I.HO. Corn quiet bnt Attn; 50®r>lc. Oats dull, 3C@l3c. Ityc quiet and unchanged. Bailey dull Pork dull and nominal'; MSO"IC- Lard active bnt lower; steam, 12c, closing urtn: kettle quiet; 13©13!ic. Bulk meats unsettled and lower; THc; 101£c; He. Bacon dnll, Sic, Whisky—Rood demand; fall prices; SI. 07. UuTTEn— Dull and lower; choice Western He serve, 22©£4c; choice Central Ohio, 20@21c. MILWAUKEE. _ Milwaukee, VTis., May 11.-FLOcr.-Qmet and fiI Q«Anf—‘Wheat opened firm; advanced : closed weak* No. 1 Milwaukee, $1.13; hard, $1.22V4; So. 2 Milwaukee, SLO4&; June, SLO4U; July, Si or»*i; No. 3, 91 c. Com scarce; nominally higher; No. 2,47 c. .Oats'quict but firm; No. l, 32. Rve unchanged; No. 1, OSc. Barley unset tled anil lower; No. 2, 85!4@8Gc; No. 3, J4c. FQKionrs—Quiet and nominal; wheat to liuna lo. 314 c; do to Oswego, 7c. ~ ..... Receipts—Flour, 6,500 brls; wheat, al,oop bn. Shipments—Flour, 5,500 brls; wheat 84,000 bu. BOSTON. Boston, Mot 11.— Flolt.—Moderate demand; Western irapcr'flnc, 54.0004.25; common cstras, 5ia033.00; Wisconsin and Minnesota eitra lam ily 53.00®7.00: Winter wheat Ohio. Indiana, Michigan, $0.00®7.P3; Iliinois, $0, 2 3®8.n0; 3t. Bonis. SO. 50®0.00; fancy Minnesota and Wiscon- Si firm; miied Oats firm; mixed and No. 2 white, 4C®i*oc; re jected, 43@40c{ No. 1 white, 52@54c. ' BUFFAiO. . Bcttalo, N. T., May 11.— Giuis-Wheat- Holders anticipating higher rates do not realize any ex’ :it. No. 2 Milwaukee club, 51-Im itates really -:.drcly nominal. Com quiet; .To ledo, 51c; No. 2 mixed Western, 50c. Oats neg lected. Kye neglected. Barley neglected. Canal Freights—Active; 7c wheat; 6c com, 4&c oats to New York. , SEW ORLEANS. New Orleans, May 11.—< active, ami prices have advanced to $2. no®2. ou. Cons—Good demand at full prices; yellow west ern scarce and wanted at 70c. Others unchanged. COTTON. , New Orleans, La., May 11. —Cotton—Fairde- ; mand, but at lower rates; sales, 3,650 bales; good ordinary, 9X©9 J /aC; low middlings, 10?s®10?ic; middlings, Utf®ll»£c; good middlings, 12js© 13c; receipts, net, 429; gross, 772; stock, 153,- G 39. Galveston, May 31.—Cotton dull and easy. Middlings, ll?ic; net receipts, 675 bales; exports, coastwise, 2,510; sales, 223. Savannah, May U.—Cotton dull; middlings, net receipts, 401 bales; gross, 403; exports coastwise, 1,240; sales, 100. Mobile, May 11.— Cotton irregular; mixed, H?» 011*sc; net receipts 190 bales; exports, coast wise, 42; sales, 420. Charleston, May 11.—Cotton dull and heavy; mixed, UJ£c; net receipts, 140 bales; exports to France, 1,012; coastwise, CS; sales, ,250. DBY GOODS. New York, May 11.— The trade movement was generally slow in all departments. Cotton goods ruled quiet, but was fairly steady in price. Prints were In limited demand in first hands, job lots doing well. Heavy fancy cassimercs and suitings were in fair demand- The Daily Bulletin says nearly 1,300 cases of Bates’quilts sold at auction to-dayat fair prices. PETROLEUM. Cixtelasd. May 11.—Petroleum very quiet and unchanged; standard white, 110 test, 10c; prime white, 150 teat, lie in car-lots. _ . PiTTsncno, Pa., May 11.—Petroleum Tory Arm, crude, $2.20 at Parker's; refined, 13X©14c Phila delphia delivery. - TUTIPENTINE. ~wttvTvr.mTr. May it.—Spirits tnrpenfjno firm at SOc. ITAKINE. T.ATTB EKEIGIITS. CHICAGO. The demand for vessels continues light, and the lion’s share of the grain moving oat is taken by mil, the. remarkably low freights and the quick time making the all-rail route superior to that by vratcr. Freights were lower yesterday, arid little bettor than nominal, at 22£®3c f o r com, and about 3V*c for wheat to Buffalo. The schr Ganges was taken for com to Kingston, and the barges Ohio, Ryan, and Johnson for wheat and com. All were reported on private terms. Capacity, 110,000 bu com and 25,000 bn wheat. ELSEWHERE. Detroit, May 9. —Freights are quiet. Wheat to Oswego, sc; to Buffalo, 3c; to Cleveland, liic, free of elevation. Buffalo, May 9.—Hiram H. Smith reports echr Maria Martin, coal to Duluth, 60c per' ton, and wheat back to this port at 4c per bu; schrSasco, lumber, Tawas to Chicago, $2.00 per mon rail. Milwaukee, May 10.—Another quiet day in the freight business, and rates weak at on wheat to Buffalo, and at 7c to Kingston. Engagements were: to Eric, prop Forest City, 33,000 bu wheat at S&c. Cleveland, May 9.—Rates remain the same as heretofore quoted to Chicago, while to Milwaukee some charters have been ma'de at 35c, and to De troit SOc has been offered, but vessels refuse to ac cept. The charters reported yesterday were the schr Hammond, coal to Milwaukee, private terms; echr Polly Rogers, coal tc^hicago., PORT nW OX. Special Dispatch to The Tribune. Port Heron, Mich., May 11.—Passed Bowk— Props L. Schickelnna, Wcnona, and Elmira; barge Graves and tow; schrs G. C. Hazard, William I, Preston, Hattie Howard, Northwest, L, Hanna, F, L. Banforth, Golden Fleece, Redwing, Louisa, James B. Sawyer, E. A. Nicholson, San Jancinto, and George Murray. Up—Prop Colorado, Nahant, H. C. Schnoore, City of Bnlnth, Marion City, Isaac May and barges; Wales and consort; schrMlneral Stale. Wnro—Northeast, gentle; weather fine. PortHeros, Mich., May 11. —lop. in.—Bowk Props Benton, Wcstford Belle, Cross and barges, Mary Pringle and barges, Berckhead and barges; schrs St. Andrew, Ida Keith, iEtaa, Tempest, Magellan, Brooklyn, Gcmficr, Metropolis, Amar anth. Up—'Props Arizona,' Idaho. St. Albans, Sover eign, J. Bertschy, Porter, Chamberlin, Antelope aiid barges. Wcm—Northeast, gentle; weather rainy. ERIE. Special Dispatch to The Tribune, Erie, Pa. , May Hi—Arrivals prose Below- Props Alaska, Philadelphia, and Colin Campbcl schr’Willle Keller. Departures por Upper Lake Ports— Prop Philadelphia, with two schooners in tow; prop Alaska and sebr n. Dudley, for Chicago; prop Campbell, for Milwaukee. Schr David Vance, the first sail vessel thronch from Buffalo, came in thla morning; and is loading cool for Chicago. THE CAXAXi. Bridgeport, May 11.—CLZARED-Barge So. 4, La Salle, 72,030 fl lumber; prop Montaak, Lock port, <4OO bu wheat; Admiral, Pern, 81 m lum ber; W, J. Roebuck Pern, 81,16-1 ft lumber, 32,7501ath; L. Kyburn, LaSalle, 85mlumber. MISCELLANEOUS* CHICAGO. Only two cargoes of lumber remained at the docks last evening. The schrs A. East and iiadison collided in the river near Twenty-second street yesterday. Both were slightly disabled The schr Falcon, which was dragged to the month of the river a day or two ago, righted, yesterday afternoon hut afterwards was blown over on her side, and now lies quite near the channel, endangering the vessels coming into this port. She should be Immediately removed to some less dan gerous locality Jimmy McGinn, formerly in command of one of the tngs in this river, bat now in command of the tug Hagcrman, of Mil waukee, - arrived in port with his vessel Wednes day. The boys were so glad to sec him again that they had a grand jollification, and pre sented him with a %*aluablo meerschaum. The Cap tain was almost moved to tears by this exhibition of the friendship of his former comrades.... Tie tug Bismarck, which arrived with her tow yester- day, has made the first round trip Iwtwcen this port and Menomonee....The brig Pamlico, which was ashore at Little Traverse all winter, bnt was lately relieved by the tug Tom Brown, will go into one of the docks of the Chicago Dry-Dock Com pany to-day, and receive an overhauling.... A prj. vate dispatch received here yesterday from Boflalc states that abont twenty-five vessels had arrived at that port, and no tnort trouble on account of the !ce need bt expected.... Capt. James S. Higgle, Presidcu! of the Vessel-Owners’ Towing Company, was try ing, yesterday, to get rid of his old horse, because be had heard accidentally that the city is tryin»ti get rid of its old marc. He wants to give someoss a chance to get a good kicking team. ODDS AND ENDS. Tho navvies on the Thorold Canal struck for 8f advance from $1.25 to SLS7K per day, and bu& cecded in getting the advance. ...The Sanlt River i clear of ice, but no definite news has hen received from Mud Lake. There is yet consider* able ice at Marquette and atWbitefish Point.... The Evening Wisconsin elates that the schr Ahnanet which has been recently rebuilt at Milwaukee hai been measured by Deputy Collector S. J. Hooker and shows a tonnage of a little over 118 tons. Hei measurement previous to her overhauling was 8( tons. She is now a three-and-after, and coaaid. ered a stanch vcsscL She is owned by E. Fehren* kamp, of Milwaukee.... About 1 o’clock Sunday morning lest the schr Belle McFcewas caught li the ice about 8 miles northeast of Collingwood Light-House, was stove in and sunk in 50 fathonu or water. The crew barely escaped in the small boat, and arrived at Mcaford nearly frozen. Thi schooner was owned by Mr. A. McFee. Sr., Owen Sound, valued at $10,000; insured for 5C, 000. Shs was loaded with 10,000 bn wheat from Rosa Bros., Leith; insured. BUFFALO. The weather was dearer yesterday than it by been for some time, and a good view of the Uka could be obtained from an elevated point. Beyond the ice-field and working in it could be seen quite « fleet of both sail and steam craft In the forenoon the tug Dayton brought in the steam barge Saginaw and tow. and the prop Raleigh and schrKate Wins, low, Which hdd been ice-bound for -several days, effected an entrance into the harbor about 2p. a. These two boats were the ones mentioned in yes terday morning’s Issue as having reached the north end ofthe new pier, and supposed to be the Prind- Iville and tow. The tugs Bryant Orient and Day. ton worked at the steam barge Townsend and Kd. "Kelly and Empire State until late In the afternoon, when they got them started, and reached the har bor about 6 p. m. The steam barm Ilackettre mained ice-bound off the north end of the new pi«p, and the Ballontlne 'and tow off the other end, with the Colin Campbell between the latter crafl and the breakwater. ! She is bound np.—Courier. Special Dispatch to Tte Tribune. Buffalo, N. Y., May 11.—Vessels are pssshf freely through the ice. Thirty grain-vessels, bring ins 1,000.000 bo. arrived to-day. The Hackett and Moore got m last night „ The schrs Moonlight and Camden have discharge •and cleared port this afternoon. * The Dangers of Civilization* Lr rulcm Globe. It is no new thing for foreigners of wealth aa< distinction to send their eons to England for a real or two's study. But to judge by the resultsct such a system of education as exhibited reccnDjn Tunis, ft is not likely that many of the inhabitant! will repeat the experiment, Mr., or Monsieur, ben Taieb—for the story comes to us through Paris,—was a native of El Amrl, hi the south of Tunis, one of the richest landowners of the dis trict, and celebrated for numberless pilgrimage* and other acts of piety, which had gained for him almost the reputation of a saint. Ec had seat Ws third son Amar to England to study, and the youth only a short time ago returned to his Fatherland and to the ancestral mansion, imbued, as itwaa hoped, with the enlightened civilization of the West, The result seems ;to prove that the young man’s studies had been directed chiefly to a perusal of the police reports, so that, instead of Wellington or Marlborough, his favorite heroes were of the Fish and Walnwright type. At any rate, one of his first acts on being restored to his family circle was to cut the throats of his father and his two brothers. The deed was quietly a> complished one evening last week, and the follow ing morning the bodies, after having been hacked to'pieces bv the assassin, were hastily burieiin the sandy soil near the public watering-places.. Here, • after two -days, they were naturally enough discov ered. The horse of an official who was visiting the place, while accidentally pawing the ground, brought to light an arm of one of the victims, and on search being made the rest of the remains were quickly unearthed. The murderer was, of course, seized, but on being interrogated gave another proof of his English education in refusing to crim inate himself by taking any answer. This rather discouraging product of our modem educational efforts is 17 years old. His motive was simple,—H was nothing more than a desire to possess tin whole, instead of only a part, of the patrimonial estate. MEDICAL CARDS. M Hospital, cor. Wmztoa k PraMi-sS. Chartered bv the State of Illinois for the express par* pose of clvih:; Immediate relief iu all cases of pnvssa chronic, nad'urinary diseases in all their complicated forms. It is well known that Pit. JAMKS has stoodd the bead of the profession fur the pastao venrs. Agsasd experience arc all-important- Seminal \> caknea* nlchtlo-scs by dreams, pimples on the face, lost man hood. can positively be cured. Ladles wanting the mod delicate or write. Pleasant home for m tlents. A book for the million. Marriage Guide, whlci tells yon all about these oiserjos—who should marry why not—to cents to pay postage. Dr. James dm a rooms and parlors. You see no one but the Doctor. K*. James is sixty years of age. Consultations always fret and Invited. Office hours, oa. m. to 7n. m. Sundays, lu to 12 a, tn. All business strictly confidential. DR. GLARES. Established in 185 L Ton are advised to cm suit the Celebrated Dr. Clarke, 180 South Ctarx et., in any Chronic, Private, Difficult, or DelicsU Case. Ladies consult on all Irregularities and Dis eases. with the assurance of speedy relief. Cele brated Female Pills, $1.50 (extra fitrorigSo) p* box. ** Peasaric Prevcntif ” $lO each. 63?*Sendl»tamp for “Safeguard of Health. , Bgg*Victima of Self-Abuse send two stamps fol work on Nervous and Sexual Patient* treated successfully by letter, and Medicines sea everywhere secure from observation. Home Boot and Nurse for Patients. Call or write. 800 l “Tour Silent Friend” 35 cents, by mail Ad dress letters Dr. F. D. CLARKE, IS6 South Clark' st., Chicago. - JB7 'WasWngton-rt., CM* cago. permanently can private, chronic, ««£ and all diseases of {» males, seminal «ww aud impotcncy; is a graduate of the Refora Medicine; nsea no mercury; looser located MoMaj" largest practice of aav specialist In tlie Nonnwest os an . intelligent test will prove, U tbe scientific Specialist la Chicago. Consultation free, «-• Kicredly confidential. Private board when dwireo. wpsi iOSOiSlasS®g| world. Price 50 cents. A hook 04 psgcs* stamps, free at office of Dr. Olln. iswim DR G. BIGELOW. 82 WESTMABEOIf-ST., CHICAGO, lU»i Can Lc consulted personally, free of dujg. ““ Chronic, Sexual, andNervousßiscascs. ftopmj* 3G pages, on above diseases, sent toanj for two 3c sumps. Rooms separate crTTAIi gentlemen. MARRIAGE GUIDE. OE SEIL^ Pathology, 200 pages, urge all that is worth knowing, and macbtwj. published in any other work. Price, ou Railroad and workingmen prescribed for inrc -^ SSSS'iI Dr. Kean, 175 ami ciaft-st, coim cl fionro, C®®" May be consulted. personally or by mall, free on all chronic or nenrous dteasea. J-“^ op j,. only physician In the city who 9tali Office boura, oa. m. to Bp. m.; Sunday* tro Dr. Stone, 171 Madison-st., Ciicsso. II!.. permanently cures all chronic, se*»l Dlficnnea, Female Diseases. Seminal Debility, etc. Cures guaranteed or money n» Overai.OOO cases cured. CharKM clncs tent everywhere. Conaultatlou tree 9eS^ t dcntlal, personally or by mall. A sealed f°» Illustrated, and circulars of other w- TjrTswo* u two sumps. Jf. 8.-Atest win.prove f^J-grsdosM theonlyapeclalUtlnChlcasowholsareguiars* in medicine. ■VTEIiVOUS EXHAUSTION—A M E i 9Js r^j a t E KiS JN comprising a series of I Susesad cor* Museum of Anatomy. Newport “•JStTjio* *?• of premature decline. ahowlng^^pu^-'Jlj o ftM health may be regained, n Impediments to marriage, and the treacmen tfpf and physical debility, being the rauliof u J. rlence. Price 25 cents. Address the aoth^ XewYo tf. K office and residence 51 EastTePtnj^— stockeoldebs’ ’ ■ April 9V IS* The Annual Meeting of the Stockholder* f ° r(M Chicago, Rock Island & Paaic R- »■ y*’ 4 on election of Directors, pursuant to transaction of such other business M in J S" m piDf fore them, will be heldat the olbce of tne ou in the City of Chicago, on ft ednesday, of Jnnc nest, at President P. R. TOiTS, Secretary. CHICAGO & MTHWESM®^^ The Annual Meetingof the st^. b p I wtioo Bondholders of this Company, for the Directors, porsnantto law, and for th the of other business, will he held at the w Jon® Company in Chicago, on Thursday, th next, at Tp. m. .. . .v,.;,.T?pht to^® Bondholders will authenticate the !L 0 f lb«, an or SI. L. SVKES. Jn., Secret"' th

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