Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 13 Mayıs 1876, Page 12

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 13 Mayıs 1876 Page 12
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12 hnaxge md trade. Quiet Day in Financial Circles—Dis- count Lines Decreasing. Country Orders for New York Ex change— Clearings, $3,300,000. The Produce Markets Gen erally Stronger, with Less Doing. && Important Advance in Wheat—The Trading Chiefly Speculative. FINANCIAL. There was nothing new or unusual in the trans actions of the day in financial circles. The rise in wheat added largely to the margins deposited with the banks, but their Board of Trade business in other respects was light. The amount of stall to be carried here is not large, bat, if the higher prices of produce arc maintained, will increase largely. The supply of commercial, manufacturing, and miscellaneous paper offered the banks is below tbeir ability to extend accommodations. The trade of the city is quiet, and little new paper is made in the regular course of business, bills receiva ble of the banks have diminished considerably since the first of the month, while deposits have grown. The loan market is overenpplied temporarily with f unds, and advances are readily obtained by dc eirable borrowers. Rates of discount nre S3lO per cent to regular customers, with concessions to first-class inde pendent borrowers. On the streets rates are 7@lß per cent, with an inadequate offering of good paper. New York exchange was offered at 50c premium for SI,OOO between banks. The-country orders for currency were a little heavier from the wheat districts. The clearings were $3,300,000. MIXTURE OF BANKING AND POLITICS. The Imperial Bank of Germany has omitted from the list of foreign Government securities on which it makes advances, those of the Austro- Hungarian Government, and the effect baa been to increase the depression shown in snch securi ties of late, which is not unnatural, looking at the extent of dealings on the German bourses in Aus trian and Hungarian securities. As a consequence, there has been a good deal of excitement in Vienna, where thcbewildennent is Increased by the difficulty of finding out the motives, totally unexplained, on which the Bank of Germany has acted. The fear of loss, it Is supposed, could hardly have operated, astheßankis, iu any case, restricted from making advances to the amount of more than 50 per cent of the value of such foreign securities, and of coarse it need not have advanced more than it thought quite safe at any time, so that it la difficult to imagine a good reason for absolute exclusion. Still, if the bank had been a private back, there would have been, necessarily, an end of the matter. Such a hank may decline any securi ties !t pleases, although intending borrowers may think it capricious,—a charge sometimes brought, wc may observe, against the Bank of England itself. But the Imperial Bank of Germany, as we explained last year, is inthestrictesteenica State Institution, absolutely controlled by the Imperial Chancellor, and it is on this account that the omis sion of Austro-Hungarian securities from the bank's list baa its significance. What is at first sight a mere banking regulation Is transmuted into a political act, and Prince Bismarck, It Is as sumed, must have had his reasons for treating Austro-Hungarian securities in this manner. Docs he foresee political complications which will greatly endanger such securities, or docs he wish, by dam aging Austro-Hungarian credit, to put a pressure upon the Government so as to make it couforzn to some policy favored by Germany, probably in the Eastern question ? wc are not disposed to think that there can be any such political reasons for the banking measure which Prince Bismarck is ccrtalnlv responsible for, though he may have had little to’do with it; but so long as the Foreign Min ister of a State manages its chief bank, the regula tions of the bank respecting loans on foreign se curities, if not on other subjects, especially when any abrupt change is made, must have a politi cal Interest. The States which are injured by the banking measure will be unable to make a distinc tion between the Foreign Minister as Minister and the same Minister us manager of the State Bank. — London Economift. GOVERNMENT BONDS. Bid. Asked. United States Cs of *Bl 122»< 122 ft United Slatess-20* of *65 114 ft 114 ft S-2Usof *6s—January and July 11SW ÜBJ® 5-20 sof *s7—January ami July 1205 k 121 . s-20s of *6B—January and July. 122*» 122»f JO-408 1IS)S 118)q UnltedStatesnewasof *Bl UCTfc 117 k United States currency Cs .127)* .... GOLD AND GREENBACKS. Gold was XU2tQII2&. 4 Greenbacks were S9'£(sß3J4 cents on the dollar In gold. FOREIGN EXCHANGE. Paris—franca. Germany Belgium Holland Switzerland 43^ cm asd cocsxr co:>ds. Sweden, etc. Austria Amsterdam. Bid. Asked. Chicago Cltv7 ? ct. bonds IMS* H’G* Chicago City 7 ? ct, sewerage left* 108* Chicago City 7 r* ct.crater loan 105* 100* Cook County 7? ct- bond* (short) H>4* IMS’ Cook County 7 ct, bonds (long) 105J£* lU>X* 'West Bark 7 B ct. bonds 87* Horth Chicago 7 V ct. bonds (Lincoln Park) «5* •And Interest. LOCAL STOCKS. City Hallway, South Side. Cltr Railway, Wcat Side City Railway, Wwt Side, B 9 cectccrtl fliau*..... ~ 10R* City Railway. North Side 121 12.*! Tnulcr*' Insurance Co 127 130 Chamber of Commerce 78 78 ChicsnroGas-LleUt&OoVe Co 130 Exposition stock (old) 35 AO Exposition stock (new) 25 35 Exposition stock (scrip) 25 .... •And Interest. BT TELEGRAPH. To the Western Associated rrest. Kbw York, May 12.—Gold was steady at U2?4 @ll2=*. Carrying rates were I(£3. Loans were also mode flat. Governments were steady. Railroad bonds were quiet and firm. State securities were doll. Tbe stock market presents hardly a feature for comment, having been dull all day, with its trans actions confined to the two or three specialties that have elicited the chief attention for more than a week. The exceptional points of interest are Delaware & Lackawanna, which advanced from 1062£ to 108V4, and Michigan Central, which ad vanced from 46ft to 48*4, reacting to 472£. The market closed with moderate firmness, but without important change. A considerable busi ness was done in Western Union on seller sixty days' options at Lake Shore was steadily upheld, and considerable strength was de veloped in St, Paul. The situation is devoid of interest. The transactions were about 100,000 shares, of which 8,000 were Pacific Mail, 27,000 Western Union, 8,000 St. Paul, 000 Erie,4o,ooo Lake Shore, and 11,000 Michigan Central. Silver rose to 3 percent premium to-day, and some of the California bankers were bnying. Money market easy at 3G4- Prime mercantile paper, 4. Customs receipt*. 000. The Assistant Treasurer disbursed $378,000. Dry goods imports for the week, $758,000. Clearings, $21,000,000. Sterling dull; 48S@4S9JL GOVERNMENT BONDS. New as 117 10-40 S, reg 117*| jo-4 Or, coupons. 116 ft Currencies 127 Coupons, ’81... 122 ft Coupons, *OS U4?J Sew. Ht>3 Coupons. *O7 I2t>ft Coupons, *63. I—* C„ C., C. &I 48 New Jersey Central.. Mft l.’ock Island 104 ft SU Paul 38 St, Paul pfd C4ft Wabash 3ft Wabash pfd 3 Fort Wayne 102 ft Terre Haute 3ft ! Terre Haute pfd is Chicago & Alton 98 Chicago A Alton pfd. .104 ft Ohio £ Mississippi.... 17 Del. & Lackawanna ..108ft A. «t P. Telegraph....lo7 w Missouri Pacific 13ft Atlantic & Pacific pfd. 102 ft Indiana Central 4ft Chicago. B. * Q 117 ft Central Pacific bonds.lo6H Union Pacific bonds. Jo4»s U. Pac. land-grant... 98ft U. Pac. sinking-fund. 81ft Western Union 6Cft Quicksilver 15ft Quicksilver pfd. 20 Pacific Moil 20ft Mariposa.. Mariposa pfd 107 ft Adams Wells-Farco H7ft American Express.... cs TJ. S. Express 704 New Yore. Central 1 lOJi Erie 15ft Erlepfd- 10 Harlem 137 Harlem pfd 233 Michigan Central 47ft Panama 2S Union Parlflc stock.. 62ft Lake Shore 54ft Illinois Central 96 Cleveland A Pittsburg 82ft Northwestern 40ft Northwestern pfd — 5346 Hannibal & St. J0e.... 14ft STATE BONDS. Tennessee fls. 01d..... 43 J Virginia 6s. new ai Tennessee 6a. new.... 41ft Missouri 6* PTrglnla &. Old. 31 1 MINING STOCKS. Sut Francisco, May 12.—The following arc the latest quotations at the Stock Exchange: gjggSs? 3$ rfiSfe 83 Confidence... ciSiSL ia Sierra Nevada. left Madcap*.7.*. ... Sift Exchequer. l»ft «* Orcnnaa..,.,;. Wft Beit & Belcher. MKlJuftlce.... Hal*) * Xorcroas 55*i I Caledonia. Gould & Curry 17*» I TOUEXOK. London, May 12. — Consols— Money and account, American Securities— os?, 104?<; 675, 109 U; 10-40?, 107&: new ss, 100*/»; New York Central, 08; Erie, 141-4 1 preferred, 22. Paris, May 12. Rentes, 105 f 22tfc. Frankfort, May 12.— United States Bonds— Sew ss, 10214. The following Instruments were filed for record Friday, May 12: rorT C 20XT125 Trcft d 1 siia®SlJ a**' n , 000 30x173 ft. with balMlnn, dated MW 8“,-.yn- *' ax> Oakley St, 142 ft aof X’olk tt. ef, -4xl_V4ii. 100 V of Jefferson sti n f, 33H*72 ,^0 Ohio li 'ss'tt e of Xisaiie'eC n i, isiioo i£ with buildings, dated <•<*» W SM“rdMcd^la n y C t5“.^ A I.MO Tell court. Ml ite of Sedgwick at, s f, 40x78 Vine 430 - lOfti of' \VVliow st, ef, 20X193 4-10 ft, with building, dated May 12.. 1,000 Prairie av, its 7* 10 ft a of Twenty-ninth sc, e f. 25x178 ft, dated April 29. ...... 7,000 Larrabcc st, 52 ft n of Hobble st, w f, 26x100 ft, SMTIfwCItT LIMITS, WITHIN' A RADIUS OF 7 MILS 3 oftiie court-house. Wolfram st. 446 ft w of Hoisted at, s f. 50x12* ft. datedMav2 $ I,«XJ Montana st, between Sheffield and Lincoln ova, nf. Lot 44, dated April _ LOOO south of cxrr limits. within a badius o? 7 miles OF Til* COURT-HOUSE, Calumet av. 99 ft n of Flfry-fourth st, e f, 98r 17 QH ft, dated May n... 5.100 Lot on st 594 ft e of \\ oodlawn av and 31 < J-s ft a of Forty-ninth st, ef, 50x297 ft, dated May 3. 3,000 The following were the receipts and shipments of the leading articles of produce In this city daring the twenty-four hours ending at 7 o’clock on Friday morning: Flour, br15,.... Wheat, bu.... Coro, bu Oats, bu Bye. bu Barley, bu G. seed. lbs... F. seed. U«... B. corn, lbs... C. meals...,. '. Beef, tes Beef, brls Port, bis Lard, lbs Tallow, 1b5..,.. Butter, 1b5.... L. hogs, N 0... Cattle, Ko Sheep, No Hides, lbs H. wines, brls. Wool, lbs Potatoes, bu.. Coal, tons Hay. tons Lumber, m.... Shingle*, in... Sail, brls Poultry, lbs... Poultry', coops. Game, Epjri, pKgs Cheese, boxes.: G. apples, brls. Beans, bu Withdrawn from store on Thursday for city con sumption: 9,458 bu wheat, 1,991 bu com, 725 ha oats, 724 bu rye, 405 ha barley. The following grain was inspected Into store on Friday morning; 25 cars No. 1 N. W. wheat, 28 cars No. 2N. W. do, 0 cars No. 2 spring, 15 cars No. 3 do, 17 cars rejected do (94 wheat); 15 cors high mixed com, 70 cars No. 2 do, 2 care and 5.500 hu new mixed iKT) 32 cars and 6,000 bu re jected do (119 com); 6 mrs white oats, 14 cars and 7.500 bn No. 2 do, 7 care rejected do, 1 car no grade do (28 oats); 2 cars No. 2 rye, 2 cars reject ed do, 9 cars No. 2 barley, 9 cars No. 3 do, 1 car rejected do. Total (264 cars), 124,000 bu. In spected out; 10,339 bn wheat, 81,217 bu com, 31,768 bn oats, 1,801 bu barley. For the four weeks ending April 27, 142 vessels laden with wheat passed the Dardanelles (some call them 1 * the darning-needles ”), of which only 28 were destined for British ports. This number is rather large, but the quantity of wheat thus moved is far from being so great ns many people suppose. Not a few of the vessels that carry wheat from the Black Sea are very small—not much larger than fishing smacks; and none of them are like the vessels which carry grain across the Atlantic from the United States. The leading produce markets were generally firmer yesterday,—there were a few exceptions to the rule,—and rather less active in the aggregate. The weather was fine, and more settled in appear ance, and there was little in the Western situation to give additional strength. The turning point seemed to be the news from Europe that Turkey was in trouble and the rumor that the war vessels of several European nations being in motion to ward the month of the Hellespont. It was remem bered that a similar movement began the Crimean war, nearly a quarter of a century ago, and feared that a general war will be the result now. Of course it was not expected that Turkey could moke a stand against the combined power of Enrope, but it was reasoned that the movement may result in a partition of that Empire, which very probably would not be accomplished without a protracted straggle between the victors. In any event, it was reasoned that higher prices may be looked for. A short struggle would involve a temporary stoppage of grain supplies from the Black Sea region, and a protracted contest would mean not only an increased consumption and much waste, but a decreased production. Hence there was a better demand for grain here, and at least the expectation of it on the seaboard and in the British markets. Eastern buyers are slower than those of the West, but holders there were not alow to perceive that the situation favored an advance much more with present low prices than on those of a few years ago. The feeling ex tended to provisions, but not so markedly, caprices of hog product are relatively so high as to materi ally diminish their consumption. Wheat and com are so low that an important decline is not possi ble, and they are comparatively safe to hold for a rise. The present crop prospects are not sufficient ly brilliant to induce heavy short selling, even if the world were at peace, while there is no donbt that with the first note of war onr visible supplies would be absorbed so rapidly as to make the recent talk of winter plethora stem like the visions of a dream. Sixty day. Slpht. ewf 513« .510?-* sia>i . 40 H 41 ..SIGH Sl3# Bid. Asked. ..142 ...145 Dry goods were quoted quiet. Orders were mostly for moderate quantities, and did not make a Tery large aggregate. In the grocery market there was considerable animation. Not many buyers were present, but the mails brought inn large nomJ>cr of orders, and a very satisfactory business was ac complished. Prices were steady, firm, and un changed. Bnttcr and cheese were dealt in rather sparingly, the prospect of lower prices a little far ther along in the season leading buyers to restrict their orders to supplying current needs. Dried fruits were ordered freely by tbe local and country trade, and both domestic and foreign descriptions showed firmness. The fish market was quoted quiet, with prices ranging as before. Coal and wood were dull and unchanged. There was no change in the leather, bagging, tea, paint, and oil markets. Tobacco was in better demand, and was more firmly held, the increased strength being due to reports from the South of damage to the plant. The lumber market was rather quiet. The offer- logs at the docks were email, and at the yards trade continues steady. Metals and nails were steady and In moderate request Bnildln? materi als were dull and generally lower. The wool market remains doll and weak. The Western manufacturers are ordering small lots to keep their mills in operation until the new season opens, otherwise there Is little inquiry, and sellers usu ally are inclined to make concessions rather than miss a sale. The inquiry for broom-corn, hides. and hay continues moderate. Seeds were dull and weak, except timothy, which was scarce and in few bands. The poultry market was firmer, the offer ings being insufficient to meet the wants of the city trade. Eggs were unchanged. Green fruits sold freely at former prices.. The advance in grain caused fonr failures, which were announced in the afternoon. None of them were for large amounts. They were chiciiy con cerned in wheat. Lake freights were doll and nominal at about 2i£c for com, and 3c for wheat, to Buffalo; some quoting them even lower. Hail rates were quoted at 30c to Now York, ISc to Philadelphia, 17ftc to Baltimore, and 25c to Boston, per 100 lbs, with some limits at cutting under those figures. Through rates to Liverpool were quoted ot GOc via Boston or Philadelphia, and 03c via New York, both in specie, per 100 lbs. received at Chicago yesterday: Louis C. Hack, 2, 500 ba barley; Field, Letter & Co., 2 cases dry goods; G. S. Haskell, 30 bags peas. Duties col lected, $3,832.11. Tbc Sau Francisco Weelly Pott gives the follow ing report of the April wheat fleet from that port, which is the lightest of any month in the present fiscal year; Vessels. Destination. Ctls. Value, Candida Cork 19.120 $37,283 Golden Gate .Liverpool 30,585 59,eis Mai1210n.~.......-~.XdrcrpQOl 14,833 29,399 BEAL ESTATE. COMMERCIAIi. Shipments. Receipts. 1873. 1876. , 1575. 6,973 91,916, 188,663! 141,2871 1,210' 11,090 106.300 76,545 28,470 10,083 22,522 70,552 62,320 1.190 654 8,430 48,502 2,285 4,3941 76.:H0] 28,444 e,«io: 784,240 8,1)10 147,170 59,500 58,783' 100,580 145 690.370 40,000 63,060 3,954 IGO 34,760' 34,013 10,146 4,101 19,510 25.430 67,673 12,163 0,652 3,446 100 249,600 261; 14S, 137. 861 144*330 235 233 194,340 373 014 20 2,232 1,745 1,080 341,504 5,290, 278,417 735 2,033 115* 5,390- 3,690 3,827, 1,060 100 9,833 TU> 3,316 102 20 1,740 1,508 160 355. 1,631 FOREIGN IMPORTATIONS WHEAT FROM CALIFORNIA. THE CHICAGO xiClutmC; fejATtlliiiAifc 13, 18?6—TWELVE PAGE a. ...Liverpool. 54,407 SSmfri:::....... UrerfSol >£■'>» Undaunted Llv-rpool oj.eia 75.120 Mnldas a total for April of 214.414 ctls. valued at M uciiy There arc now five vessels In port enuop*<l fn caiTT wheat, four of which are on the oertb. won one ha* completed her canto and la In lh*i stream. The ntlceifor shipping wheat Rare now reached ruch a low m.tnt rint wo mar see an Increased export during the snomh of May. that Is, If tonnage can be secured at reasonable figures. w COMMERCE WITH JAPAN. The same authority gives the following as the the record of traflic between San Francisco and Japan for two years: Import!- $4,068,378 $0,401,368 Sarvw::::: *4.453 2,306.000 Silk, manufactured ■••• is,bCb Brimstone. 15 938 ••*AVai'. Fancy good* • • ••• v££ .. Treasure 11,305 83,01*7 Miscellaneous 489,395 45Q» (HO ::: Totals $4.650.003 $9,470.043 Export *— 1374. q 18^. 5 - Barley $1,038 *>BCH Oats.' : . 1,334 6,9*4 Flour*..! 46.305 48.087 Iron manufactures «1,003 82.71.} Leather 130.5 H bl,37i> Provisions 50,861 G 7.832 Quicksilver 49,065 45,695 Potatoes 631 86 Other commodities 2*9.807 557.52* Total, £721.854 £641,002 It will be seen that the exports of barley, leather, Iron manufactures, and potatoes have decreased, while those of flour, quicksilver, provisions, and miscellane ous articles have Increased. The Imports ami exports for the last five years have been as follows: Imports SCSI'S* Exports 4,056,092 Excess of Imports over exports $21.005,5-l,i Chicago, St, Louis, New York, and many other East ern cities, are responsible for at least sl2,<xio,ooo of this excess, on account of the teas and silks imported via the Central Pacific Ballroad. PROVISIONS. HOG PRODUCTS—Were stronger, with less doing. Hogs were In fair supply, but firmer, and there was a stronger tone In the provision market at other points, which made holders here firmer In their views without materially Increasing the demand. The feeling was steadier all round, there being much less of fluctuation than usual. Mess Pork—Was In fair demand, and advanced 20ft 25c per 100 ks. with a steady feeling throughout, but was a shade cosier at the close. Sales were reported of 4.250 brls seller June at *20.602.20.77*8. and 8,750 brls seller July at $20.77*£ *c!o.97*£. Total. 13.000 brls. The market closed firm at $20.70220.85 cash, accord ing to weight; seller May; $20.72X10 20775 seller June; $20.y2W L t 20.95 seller July; and nom inally at s2l. H* seller August, Seller the year was nominal at $17.62**?«17.75. _ _ , Prime mess pork was quoted at $19.75020.00, and extra prime st sls. 75<£ld.iKj. . , . . Laud— Was raudcruteJy active, and advanced l.»c per KVi a» In sympathy with a rise of 6J perl 12 tt* In Liv erpool, but fell back later to only 5c above the closing prices of Thursday. Sales were reported of 3,0j0 tea seller June at $12.32*4^12.1«. 8.750 tes seller July at sl2. and 750 tes seller August at sl2.S7*£o 12.0 a Total. 12,500 tea. The market closed quiet at 512.32*»w<12.35ca5h or seller May; 512.52&3. 12.35 seller June; $12.45^-12.47J> seller July; and ut $12.57*8012.- 60 seller August. . . Meats— were In better demand for future, and H® Me higher, the advance demanded by holders checking me Inquiry, so that the market was not active. For present delivery the market was strong, but qnlet. Sales were reported of TOO boxes long and short clears (Thursday evening) at lie; and 600,000 as short-ribs at seller July. The following was the clos ing range of prices; . . Shoal* Lons Short Short ders. clear. rib. dear. Salted, loose .7M 10« lo« 11 Boxed U« II 11K May «!a 10? i It June 7g .... July r>, .... 11 11< Bacon, cash 9 •••♦._ »-'4 Long and short clears at lie cash, and 11*|C seller July.boxed; sweet pickled hams, 12013 c; Cumberlands, 10**ia!oHc, cash or seller April; long-cut hams, 12cs 13c, boxed; bacon hams, l-k^lSc. Grease— Was quiet at 65.9 c, , BEEF PKODCOTS—Were steady and quiet at $10.50 010.75 for mess, for extra mesa, and $22,505.2:1.00 for hams. . , _, Taixow—Wa. quoted «t for city. »nd 714560 for country lots. Sole was made of 500 brls city as d*gc. 8,363 26,484 110,117 42,204 1,650 65,898 3,000 i.2i3.5yy 662 83,220 20,300 20,120 5,651 1.016 177 146,797 310 403, GOO 1.350 1,074 937 920 BREADSTUFF'S. FLOUR— Was very quiet, and very strong. The further rise In wheat, the easier feeling la freights, and the fact of light stocks, made holders firmer In their views, and most of them were disposed to ask an advance, but shippers held off at the bore intimation of It, leaving the buying to be done by the local trade. Sales were reported of 405 brls winters at 55.50&C.00; 718 brls spring extras, chiefly at $5.0C&5.75; 100 brls low spring sapcriiacs at $2.87)6; and 100 bris rye flour at $1.25. Total, 1,323 brls. The mar ket closed steady at the following range of prices: Choice winter extras, 57.3»>k7.80; common to good do, 55.50»i7.10; shipping extras, $4.50(55.00; good do, $5.0035.25; choice do, $3.5035.75; patents do, IC.OOQO.OO; Minnesota, $3.C056.G0; spring superfine*, $3.50&3.75; rye flour, $4.2524.50. Beak— Was In less demand, and a shade coaler In con sequence. Salts were reported of 40 tons at $10,502 , 11.00 on track, and $ll.OO free on board cars. Fern—Sales were 10 tons at $18.75 free on board care. Cook-Meal— Sales were 20 tons coarse at $17.50 on track. WHEAT—Was active and very Irregular, advanc ing yiic from the closing prices of the preceding after noon, and averaging fullv higher than on Wednes day The market was excited early by a telegram from New Turk to the effect that buyers there were taking all the wheat they ceuld find, the motive being a fear that the Dardanelles will be speedily closed by Turkish complications with the Christian Powers of Euroue. Subsequently the regular dispatch quoted wheat as held 225 c higher In New York, but with **ao business. M and the Liverpool advices were conflicting, some quot ing firmness mere and others aa easier feeling at the close. These contradictious caused some decided changes In tone here, hut the general feeling waa a very strong one, tne competition among buyers oelag often a sharp one. The purchasing was chiefly for tnture, the upturn of the market eoirying It above the ability of shippers to take No. 2 without risking too much on the possibilities of an advance while the properly is In transit. The lower grades were stronger under a good demand Ju proportion to the supply. The buying for future was largely oa local account, but a good many orders were received from the country and a few from operators la the East. The receipts continue small, only s 0 car-loads of the speculative grade being In spected into store yesterday, and the reported outgo, though not a large one, indicated a fnrtuer reduction lu stocks here at a rate which would leave very Utile to be delivered round on the sales made for next month's delivery. Seller June opened at 51.02*6. ad vanced irregularly to sl.Ut)s. fell back to sl.u<& and Improved to JI.OSHi. closing at Seller July sold at sl.oo**'<cl.ud, closing at $l.or»& Seller trie month, or regular No. 2 spring, was nearly nominal at sl.«2yfl.Ot, closing at the outside, with scarcely any preference for gilt-edged receipts. All the current ar rivals were sold belore the last advance. Cosh sales were reported of 54,600 bu No. 2 spring at 1.03,4; 4,»«>buNo. hdo atiM»ASMJ(c; 2,400 bu rejected doatS3(<tS*l2c; and l,»00 bu by sample at 86*&w)ac on track. Total, 83.60 U bu. Minnesota Wheat—Was quiet, but l)£J2c higher. In sympathy with the general market; and holders did not offer their property very freely at that advance. Sales were reported «f 2,000 bu No. 2 at $1.00)6; and 800 bu by sample at sl. itxivl. id free on board care. To tal. 2,8 m) bu. CORN—Was In good demand, and J£s?fc higher than at Thursday’s close, tne market following very closely the lead of wheat all through the session, being gov erned by the same Influences. Liverpool was quoted 3d per 480 ms higher, and New York was stronger, while our receipt* were again light, with moderately large shipments, while freights were again easier. There was also the expectation that, irrespective of the war news, tiie cola weather reported in the British Isles will induce a mure spirited demand for com for feeding puriw-vs. to take the place of tiie tardy graF»cs. lucre was a fair demand for ship ment yesterday, though sample lots were not much stronger, and the local shorts evinced a decided disposi tion to till lu, deeming the prospect favorable for still higher prices. The demand for cash com has brought Mav up to very near the price for July. Seller Juno opened at 46c, sold at 40Ho, declined to 48)*c, and ad vanced to 46>Je at the close. Seller July sold at 46Uri* 47,Sjc, closing at 47t£c. Seller the month, or regular No. 2, sold at 4*i,Uy,'*7c, closing at 46)67, with only a shade of preference tor gllt-eugcd receipts. High mixed was m good demand ut a premium of about pic over No. 2. Cash sales were reported of 32,6U0bahlgn mixed at47£>47Hc; l.oooimnew do at 45c; 1,600 on new mixed a: 43>60; 02.1XXJ bu No. 2 at4G)jj'<vl7c; S,OCX) Im do (special bin) Ht47)'c; 3,000 bu rejected at 42(£ h,2mo mi by sample at 4&«4Ce on track; and 6,800 budoat44)6<i,i7c free on board care. Total, 154,400 bu. OATS—Were dull and weak, being about H-c lower thau on Thursday until Just at the close, when a prom inent operator stepped Into the market and bid prices up He. The receipts were larger and the reported shipments heavy, and It was understood that freight room had been engaged for about 40,0CX) bn. New York was quoted stronger and corn closed tirm, which facts tended to strengthen the local market at the close. Seiler June was tuc principal deal, and opened at 30-jje, ruse to 31c, then receded to 30%c, and closed at 3ic. May or cosh sold early at 30c, and closed ataoMcbld. July was quiet at 31c, and August at 2»Hc. Rejected was cosier at 26c. Samples continue la demand, choice white having the preference. Cash sales were reported of 30,200 bu No. 2at3oic3i)i<c; 1,200 bu rejected at2(»c; 4,200 bu by tain pic ut 3l< for mixed, and 36tt37c ror while, all on track; 2.400 hu do at 32(&35c, free on board. Total, 47,000 im. UYK—Vi’as quiet nnd c-tcadv at G3c for No. 2. A few orders were lu which were unfilled, as the prices asked were above buyers'limits. No 2 was quoted at 03c. Rejected lu s;>ecl<U l>iti sold at 6uc. The receipts were small, but larger than for several davspast. Sales, BUO rejected at UOc; 4U> bu by sample atoocon track. Total, l,2uu >m. BARLEY—Was dull and very weak at a decline of 3c. The receipts were unexpectedly large, 19 cars, of which 9 were No. 11, bclug in, and the fact caused buyers to hold otf. and the concessions made failed to induce any ouc u> take hold, except toward the close, but the market throughout was little bet ter than nominal. There Is no consumptive demand for barley. and the lower grades arc uosalablc. It is said that the stock of molt is heavy, and sufficient to supply all ordinary demands fur some time, possibly until next falj. No. 2 cash was oflered early at 70c, i hen at due. and sold at last at 68c. No. 3 was dull and weak at42'«t43c, sellers, and rejected at 30532 c. The offerings of low grades were compara tively liberal, but mere was no demand from any source. Samples also were dull, except very choice offerings, winch were scarce. Seller May opened with sellers at 70c. afterwards at 09c. and closed at GBC. June was quiet at 00c. closing at Sir*COc, Cash sales were reported of 800 bu No. 3 at 08c; 4uo bu by sample at 80c, ou track. Total. i,2oubu. Wheat was active and higher, sales being made of 490,000 bu at Si.oift&i.oriftc, seller June, closing at the outside. Corn was firmer, with sales of ;so,ooo bu seller June at 46ft'a>40ftc, ami seller July a: 4T7sc. Mess pork was sjUoj higher. Sales: 2,250 brla at s2o.Bofor June and 520.97fty2i.02ft for July. Lard was also stronger, bales: 1,500 tes seller June at $12.35 and $12.50 seller July. Mess pork was In moderate demand and stronger, closing at 520.8052u.65 for June and 521.00521.05 for July. Sales: 1.750 brls at 520.8U52U.85 for June and $21.00&21.05f0r July. Lard was quiet and stronger at 512.37ft5i2.45 for Juue and $12.50 for July. Sales: 750tcs«i 12.52 ft for July. Wheat was active and Irregular, closing ftc higher. Seller May was quiet at Si.o3ft3i.o4ft. closing at 51.04 ft. June sold at sl.osft uuwn to Sl.oift. ad vanced to sl.osft, and closed at 51.05 ft. July sold at sl.osft®i.ooft and closed at Sl.OGft. Com was In fair demand and stronger, closing at 4ffftc for May cad 46ftS46ftc for June, which rouged from 46ftfe40ftc. July sold at 47@47ftc and closed at 47ftc. Oats were quiet at 31c for June. Barley was nominal at 66c for May, and Juno was freely offered at S9c without sales. Measpcrk was fairly active, closing about 15c perbrl higher than on’Change at 52U.90 for June and 1.12 ft <£21.15 for July, bales: 4,000 brls at $20.85(220.90 seller Jane, ands2l.B!ft® seller July. Lard was quiet and ttnntt, closing as $12.55 for July, first CALL. LATEST. CALL DOARD. and $12.47*4 for June.' Sales: 1,500 tes at $12.55 for July. GENjERAjL markets. ALCOHOL—Was quoted firm at $2.14. BUOOM-COP.N—Was la fair rciuest and steady: Choice hurl. 030 c; No. 3 hurl. 738 c; choice medium. 7S7H£; good medium brush, 6'.3o><c; fair Inside ana covers, 53514 c: Inferior, 4s4Hc*» crooked, 330 c. BUTTER—The market had no new features. The do mend, though by no means active, nearly equaled the supply, and consequently holders did not And much difficulty lu maintaining former prices. Most of the choice butter Is taken by local consumer*. Quotations, remain as follows: Choice to fancy yellow, 27332 c, medium to good grades, 23d35c; Inferior to common, 14331 C. . . BAGGING—Jobber* report no important changa in the position of this market. Trade was quiet at steady prices, the annexed Quotations being very gener ally adhered to: Stark A. 26c; Peerless AA 25cS Lewiston, 24 Kc; Montanp, 28c: untaTio, 25c. Amerl* can A 22*c; AmoskeagV 22*ic; Otter Creek. burlap bags. 4 bu, do, 5 bo, 15«16c, gunnies, single. 14)fii5c; do, tumble, -33-4 c. CHEESE-Ooly a limited business was doing. Orders, as heretofore, were for small quantities, and the aggre gate distribution was comparatively small, ine sup ply Is Increasing both la quantity and quality,, and val ues remain lu a somewhat unsettled state. Quotations are SftlOWc for common to best new. _ COAL—The market was Inactive. There was a lim ited Inquiry at the following quotatloo*. Lacka wanna, raugo and nut, $10.00; £o, so.oo, canncl, $7.0037.50; Erie, $7.00; Blossburg. $7.0007.50; Hocking Valley, $0.00; Indiana block. $5.50; Balti more & Ohio* $6.00; Ulluols. $4.0034.50. EGGS—Were selling to the city trade at 12c. The of ferings were*emaller. but ample, andlari»e lots were closed out at about 1154 c. , _ . w- FlSH—Prices of fish remain the same as at the be* gluing of the week, where at the moment they tdiovr a fair degree of steadiness. "Wo repeat onr list; No. I whltcflsh, H*brl, 85.00ft»*.l0; No. - do $4.8034.00; No. 1 trout. $4.00; No. * inu|c* crcl, 54-brl, 512.50213.00; No. I bay, -$9.0030.-5. No. 2 mackerel. K-brl. $8.0038.25; family mack erel, 54-brl, $6.50; No. 1 shore kiw. large. $2.00; No. 1 bay kits, $1.50 ; large family kits. SI.JO: bank codfish. $4.5034.75: George’s codfish. bs.s(x«t.7u t Labrador herring, split, bris. $4.0034.25 ; Labrador herring, round, brls, $6,603 G. 75 ; do, H-brl. $3.5033.75 ; scaled herring, per box, 40c ; No. i herring, 33c ; Columbia River salmon, Ja kpiUHTS AND NUTS—Trade was reported reasonably active at steady and firm rates. The stocks of domestic dried are reduced to small dimensions, and the supply of foreign varieties also Is rather less than usual, ana the present strength of the market Is mainly due to that fact. Orders were filled at the following quota- U 3Srdfl»—Date*, 63654 c; figs, layers, 13315 c; figs, drums, ll@i2c; Turkish prunes. <@7Uc; trench prunes, kegs and boxes.o3l4c;raisins, layers, $-.003 3.00; loose Muscatel, $3. 10®3.40; Valencia, UK&llMc; Zaniecurrants,7ifiiflc;cltron. 23@24c. J)ome*tfc— Alden apples, I8&20c; Michigan apples, common. ;>!W&l0c; choice, halves, pared, 17®19c; blackberries. Ujfs?l2c; raspberries. 33>354c; pitted cherries. 23;<t24c. Av/js—Filberts, il&ll«c; almonds, Terragona. 195#J 20c; Naples walnuts, 10317 c; French walnuts, new. llOlfic; Grenoble walnuts. I4d*l. e »c; Brazils, iftSHc pecans, Texas, 1154ft!2c; Wilmington peanuts. A*Brfc; Tennessee peanuts. 5&0c: African peanuts. GREEN FRUlTS—Foreign fruits were In fair request and steady. Apples were slow and easy, the season being about over, and the new fruit now offered la preferred by consumers. Porto Rico pineapples (large) were offered nt sl3.uu<itls.ooj>erdoz. Strawbcrrloswero In fair request and steady at 25c for good fruit, rhe ar rivals were not In first-class condition. Strawberries, gooseberries, 15320 c: good to choice apples, $4,003-4.50 per brl sMesslna oranges, $5.a^.7.v perbox; lemons. $5. S 0« U.tx> per bux; pineapples, S3„kXSS4.OO per doz: bananas. $3.00&4.5*)a bunch. .... . GROCERIES—LittIe change was observable m any of the features of this market. Our Jobbers are having a falrlv satisfactory If not a specially active trade, and a feeling of cheerfulness Is noticeable on all aides. Prices were firm and steady, as given below: KUx— Rangoon, d&<37c; Carolina, 7tf<sß&C{ Louis la G. Jnva. 30831 c: Jars, No. 2. 37335 C; choice to fancy Rio. 2332354 c; good to prime do. --3 22« c; common to fair, roastlnft Wj<®lßsfc; Singapore Java, 25£26c; Cosu Rica, Mara- Ca .Snaars—i*atcnt cut loaf. crushed. IWS llj/c; powdered. ll&sllMe; granulated, 10ft«llc; A, standard. 10>fic; do No. 2,10 c; B. 9Jic; extra C, OK* o>fc; C No. 2, o>f'«9?Sc; yellow C No. I. do ONo. 2. tx2o!4c; choice brown, BH**B3<c, fair to prime do. 85i'5£54c; common do. choice molasses sugar-loaf drips, 68@70c; diamond, drips $1. 05y.l.l0;sllvcr drips extra fine, 60665c;g00d sugar-house sirup, »>355e; extra do, 58(ti60c; New Or leans molasses, caoke, 65«65c; do prime, do, common to good, 4SSWOa; Porto Rico molasses, 48350 c; common midaMcs 3%ii4oc; black-strap. 2D;330c. Spicf*- AUsplee. 17«17Mc; cloves, 51(*52c; cassia, fiS-Taoc; pepper, i7s#elßHc; nutmegs, $1.I5«1.30; Calcutta ginger. 1454'.$ t^c. True Blue, 6Mc; German Mottled, 054(370; White Lily, «-36Hc; White Rose, 6&6*c; Royal,Savon, s?4<jdc; Savon Imperial. sX£c; Golden Hc*L oJ4i&*Hc- Siarch— Excelsior, laundry, 6M<»7c; do. gloss, BM-3 9c; do, corn. tf«BKc; Kingston!, pure, 7?{c; do, stiver gloss. 954vv9?ic; do, corn, U W—No. 1 timothy was lu request and firm, while other grades and prairie were slow and easy, upland being lower. Sales of upland were reported at $10.90 as the outride figure, wc quote: No. 1 timothy. SlkoO <S!4.«JU; No. 2 do, mixed do, $lO-503 11.00; upland prairie, $10.00310.50; No. I do, $8.00; slough. 56.50 J. 7. Ou. . ... HIGHWINES—Were In moderate demand, and steady at the price of the whole of this month, thus far. Sales were ihObrN at $1.07 pergallon. _ HlDES—Continue In fair request. Dry flint, kip and calf, are quoted lower, andgreeu calf are selling at lie. Damaged stock brings two-thirds price, and on the street sc. the difference being due partly to locM com petition. Qnottlons: Green city outchcr*. green cured light and heavy. 7c: damaged, two-thirds prices to Oc; part cured, 633&d?ic; green salted kip, 7c; green country, s>«c; green calf, lie; dint miles, I2»i2«c: dry kip and calf, i23l2Jsc; dry salted hides, lie; deacon skins, 4.Visoc. . „ LEATHER—Business was dull all around, and the market was not specially firm, there being more or less cutting among the trade. Following were the prices current: HEMLOCK. Calf. Xo. 1 5i.00«1.15 Line............S 35® 37 Calf. Xo. 3 t»i« 05 llnllftlo slaugb- Veals So. 1.... 7'>-<I.OO tersole(best) S3® 38 Kips 40® ‘‘ B. A.’’ sole.. 39® 31 Upper. No. 1... 2l<j4 24 B. A. G. D. Upper, So. 2... l OA 20 sole 2J Harness 31® 34 Insole 20® 2j Harness. Sole 90®1.30| 60® yo 18® 231 trench Calf... Kip... Upper. STOCK. Calf 1.50&2.00J Kip 1.00®1.50 METALS AND TINNERS* STOCK.—The demand continues moderate at unchanged prices. Tinplates are steady at the recent decline, but dull, with large stocks on hand In the East and abroad. Wenuote: _ Tin Piute— IC, 10x14, $0.00; do. IX, lOx 14, $11.50; rooting. 14x20, IC, 58.50. Pin Y/n—Large. 27c; small, 29c; bar, 29c. Solder—So. 1,20 c; No. 2,18 c. j>urf-Plg. 8c; bar. Sfcic; lead pipe, 9c. Copper— Bottoms, 34c; sheathing copper. 83c. Sheet 7Ann— Full casks, lOHe; slabs, Sheet Iron—So. 24, 4c rates; Russia Iron. Nos. 9 to 12, I6c; do. So. l. stained. ir*c; American Russia A. 13c; B, He; galvanized iron, No. 2c, 14c; discount, 25 per Nos. Ito 0. Oc; 5,t0 9,10 c; 10 to 11, lie; 10, jlj4c; 13 and 14, 12c; 15 and IC. 14c; 17. 15c: 18, 10c; 19.'i9c; 20. 20c; fence wire, s‘qc; do. small lots. s>sc. KAlLS—Continue in moderate demand and steady at fairly Unu except for turpentine. We quote: Carbon, lir»ueg. test, iatf®l2*(c; do Illinois legal test, 150 deg., ISW-tififtc; Snow While, 150 test, dohcodUgnt, 175'deg., 17c; extra winter lardoll, 51.D0.-tI.US; No. l. 90 (fcy2c; No. 2,75 c; linseed, raw. 38®60e; boiled, 63® Csc; whale, winter-bleached. 78<3£0c; sperm. $2.15® "2.25; neat&foot oil, strictly pure, $1.15®1.20; do extra, 9.%c; do No. i, 85c; bank oil. 55c; straits, CO: plumbago oil, oU®7sc; turpentine, 4<M42c; naphtha, deodorized. 63 gravity. ISJ&tHjiSc; West Virginia ohs, natural. 29 deg.. 32fe35c; natural. 30 deg., 27(*30c; reduced, 23 deg., 2LVu.22C« I'OULTRi’—Was salable at higher prices, at $4-75® 5.23 tor chickens, and 14&15C lor turkeys. The re ceipts continue very small, and are barely sufficient to meet the wants of the city trade. , . , POTATOES—DeaIers report a fair Inquiry for choice pcachblows, with the offerings reduced and few lots arriving to take their place. Hence the feeling Is tlrmcr. Car lots were quoted at 25c. _ SEEDS—Timothy was quiet but firm at S2.GO®2. <o, the outside for prime. The offerings were small and were tlnnly held. Clover was dull and weak at $8.75® p. 50 for medium. Mammoth sold at $8.85. Millet and Hungarian were dull at 35&30C. Frax was nominal at 5 SALT—'Continues steady under a moderate Inquiry. Saginaw and Onondaga, fine, si.4u; ordinary coarse, $1.70; dairy, without bags. $2,73; dairy, with bags, $3.50; Ashton dairy, per sack, $4.50. TE AS— Business remains quiet at easy prices: Gunpowder— Common, 3o&40c; good do, 40545 c; medium, 45®50c; good do, 50655 c; fine, SStfOOc: fin es-1, Coir6sc; choice, 70®75c; choicest, IXX&OSc; fancy Common, 30®35c; good do, SS®4oc; me dium, 4UiM5c; good do, 4ik>(soc; fine, 50®35c; finest, 53<<00c; choice, 63®70c; choicest, 7i>i7sc. jupiin— Common, 30®33c: good common, 35®33c; medium, 40642 c; good medium, 45®48c; line, 50055 c; finest, choice, 00665 c; choicest, 7o>ic73c. Qjlon'/s— Common, 30.<33c; good common, 35®38c; medium. 40®42c; good medium, 43®45c; fine, 48®30c; finest, 55658 c; choice. 6U>®62c; choicest. 75-jttOc. WOOD—Sales were chicfiv* at SB.(XJ for maple and $7.00 for beech, but It was understood that the above prices wore being shaded In some quarter*. Slabs were selling at $5.00. , . . „ . VEAL—Was In heavy supply and dull at SS-c, the outside hclng for choice calves. . . VEGETABLES—Were In moderate demand and caster, except spinach and cucumbers, both of which Quotations: Cucum bers, 60690 c per dozen; green peas, $2.50®3.00 per box; -string bcaas,s3.uu®3.2s perbox; asparagus. 75a {&s!.Coder dozen; lettuce, So®3sc per dozen; radishes, 20&05e per dozen: spinach, $2.50 per brl; pic-plant, 3®4c: Bermuda tomatoes, OXa-TOc per box. WOOL—Continues dull aud weak. The Boston Jlnl letin says : ••The actual consumption of wool seems to be incredibly small, and, if there Is any reliance to be placed upon che opinion of manufacturers, likely to re- until the Western clip Is started aud some definite Idea of the future of wool obtained. It is use less to go ou producing goods In the face of a wool mar ket such cs has ruled steadily for two years. Prices hare dropped continually; temporary advances have been Obtained, It Is true, but the reaction has been greater than the gain, and ou the whole a steady shrink age In raw materials has sent goods towards the close of a season Into the most disgusting plights. Michigan wools sell at at 35c to 36c. and even a fraction lower. California wools arc very much unsettled. The reports from the Pacific report considerable activity at the same prices that prevailed a mouth ago, but here there Is a paucity to trade discouraging to those who expect to get their money back on their purchases there.” Below arc the prices: Tub-washed, prime, 4lX®soc; do, poor to good. 40®43c; washed tlccce, due. good con dition, 35(iC37c; washed, medium do, 40642 c; un washed, fine heavy to light, 23®26c; do, medium, 25® 28c: pulled, 30®37c. LIVE STOCK. CHICAGO. Receipts— Monday Tuesday Wednesday. Thursday... Friday ... 27,065 48,111.1 3, 837 .. 22,630 62,603 1,585 .. 21.701 50,726 3.684 Total. Same time last week. Week before last Sulpraeats— Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Total ...... 13,037 CATTLE—Ia choice heavy cattle there was & further depreciation yesterday of s<£loc, but for other grades buyers appeared willing to pay about Thursday’s prices. That the decline was not general and more marked is to be Wondered at, in view of the heavy supply of stock In the yards and the fact that at the East dullness and depression prevail. As on the preceding days of the week, so was It the case yesterday that the demand was chiefly centered in light and medium weights,—droves averaging from 1,000 to 1,200 as,— and such commanded relatively the highest prices; for example, while choice iteen weighing from 1,3503 1.500 tts were no; wanted at over W.75(M.0a sinoolh, Dony-bullt steers weighing from i.ttWM.-flO tts were readily salable at 84.50*4.70. Stocks* met wltb some attention, and there were sales at S3.*o(f Local butchers secured the bulk of their S.-J.75, for bulls, stags, oxen, and old cows. There «ero saiea of choice cows at \eals wcw i.i nuired for at for poor to choice. The mar* ket closed quiet and weak. QUOTATIONS- Choice Beeves—Fine, fat, well-fonneda p" “ j > ear old we18h1 ” 1t .. 1 ;. 3U ?.“*..75«=.« G 4.30*4.63 Medium Grades—Steers In fair flesh, weigh mg 1,050 to 1.200 »■ ; 4.2304.73 Butchers' Stock-Poor to fair steers. «nd common to choice cows, for city slaughter, weighing 800 to 1,050 ns.. 8.5004.00 Stock Cattle—Common cattle, weighing 800 to 1,060 lbs Inferior-Light and thin cows, heifers stags. bulls, and scalawag steers 3.5«i53.a0 CATTLE No. Av. Price, i 17 1,080 54-50 ! 44 1.128 4.50 i 44... 1,317 4.85 13 1,158 4.50 30 1,307 5.00 53 1,558 5.00 83 1,'39 4.05 17 1,441 4.05 14 970 4.23 65 1,140 4.50 25 1,403 4.95 17 1.193 4.70 13 1,381 5.05 120 1.328 4.85 38 1,345 4.05 18 1,244 4.70 32 COWS 034 3.60 23 COWS 018 3.15 16 COWS ....1,072 4.20 16 cows 022 3.50 18 COWS 1,048 4.25 23 C0W5..... 604 3.50 15 1,500 5.30 40 1.191 4.65 43 1,511 5.10 J 54 1,145 4.65 lighter supply and “ ‘SKSI'SiMf; mand the bog market was more active and decidedly tinner. Opening a.Mes tUd not IndlMte any changiefrom the closing urices of the day before, hut the actltc competition between the local and L* 0 ?? carried up prices where *he> re inained lira to the close, sales were at The pro aHlin,, figure?, however, wcres7.oost7.lofor light, andS,.OJ 4^7. 15/or heavy. Skippers and inferior heavy sold at 86.0056.75, and extra Philadelphia grades at 57.20« 7 40. The market closed linn with about all sold. HOG SALE 9. _ Ifo. At. Price.l No. Av. Price. No, Av. Price. -- -> jo., i 1M 57.10 43 266 57.10 58 2M *3.20 no 237 • 7.30 25 283 7.20 30 270 7.20 32 255 7.20 41 245 7.20 49 229 7.15 37 270 7.15 55 272 7.15 53 250 7.15 50 233 7.15 27 280 7.15 28 257 7.15 54 226 7.15 37 200 7.15 08 288 7.12*4 103 222 7.12*4 30 186 7.12J® 30 203 7.10 54 191 7.10 SO 290 7.10 31 279 7.10 60 203 27 210 7.10 44 213 7.10 28 344 7.10 44 228 7.10 68 262 7.10 i 57 212 7.10 1 51 259 7.20 I SHEEP—Were In scanty supply, bat the demand was net urgent. anil previous prices were no more than sus tained. Among the sales was 202 head °J eep, averaging 88 as. at $5.37*1,—501d by R. btrahorn &. Co. The range of sales was $a.62j5®6.50 for common to choice wooled. EAST LIBERTY—WEEKLY REPORT. Special Dispatch to The Tribune, East Liberty, Pa., May 12. — Cattle— Recelptafor the week ending May 11, 248 cars of through and 00 of yard stock, or In all 6,231 bead, against 311 cars and bO, or 6.647, head last week: supply light and In excess of demand; market exceedingly slow and dull for want of buyers; prices oK fully quality generally com mon to medium, with very few good t® extra; test, 1,40010 1.500. #5.5035.75; fair to good. to l, 300. 55.2535.50; fair to good, 1.000 to 1.100, common, 9UO to 1,000, $4.0034.30; bulls scarce at 53.25 (*4.00; stockers scare at $3.2534.80; sales for the week, 1,161, against 1 003 bead last week. w . . Hoas—Receipts 11,395 head, against 17,2151a5t week; supply light; market dull all the week; Philadelphlaa, $7.6(a£7.70; Yorkers, $7.2037.40; roughs, s6.oOuu-C£. SirEEP— Receipts iI.COO. against 13,000 head last week; supply light all the week, with an average demand; prices stronger. c; cllppedhlgher than any time this season; extra clipped, i'Jotol2u, 55.2j38.50; good to prime. 8U to 95. $5.50i6.00; common to fair. <0 to 75, $3.2535.23; medium as to quality, $4.0035.50. ALB ANT—WEEKLY REPORT. special Dispatch to The Tribune. Albany. >. T., May 12.—IIeutes—With the supply numbering Ml cars. 72 in excess of last week, the market has teen fAlrly active, and has ruled steady and strong, fully up to the prices current last wee»L Now iori buyers were more numerous, but yet, combined, they dia not take as manr as was sold last week for their market. Eastern and local dealers, however. Increased their purchases to such an extent as to make sales ag gregate about4.6oO bead forthe week—full as many as for last week. The highest price was 60 for 1.335 to 1.450 TS steers, and for medium weights, the market closing dull with a rain-storm and few Buyers. Shkkp and Lambs— Receipts, 40 cars—same as last week; sheep higher, with a light demand, and the market closing dullwith two loads unsold, in the peas; sales of shorn at SSBH&. and unshorn at 55v*7Hc. com mon to good; a few fait lambs taken at 9>io; spring at Aleajtt. May 12.— Cattle— Receipts, 561 can, against 503 last week: market dull; ao Improvement. Sueei— Receipts, 3d cars; market dull; He lower, at following quotations: f»c for oommon; 6!-stf7c for fair to good Pooled; r»4c for common; 6fc»®7>*c for fair to good; for extras. NEW TOUR. New York. Mar 12. Breves— Receipts. 1,730, mat* tng4.96oforfour days, ngulust 4.850 at the name time last week. The market was dull and weak, with a downward tendency. Good to prime steers were about Uc lower than Wednesday or yesterday- light. medium, and fair steers barely held their own; choice selections, ll&n&c: medium to prime suxre, &H®lotfc; ordinary steers and rough oxen. be. , Sheep—Receipts 970, making 6,360 for four days, against 9.960 same time last week; sellers made their own prices; market uncommonly firm at 7(*B>»s for poor to prime unshorn; 6®7c lor common to good clipped; spring lambs steady at 9c. Swuns—Arrivals 2, HO, making 10,400 for four days, against 12,550 at the same time last week; none offered alive. *s® 40 36® 43 Buftalo, May 12.—Cattle— Receipts, 2,4X4 bead; total f«rr the week, 12,«3C head; no market to-day; fresh arrivals through consignments. , . _, , „ Sheep and Lamhs—Receipts, 2.400 bead; total for the week. 8.40 J head; market fairly active; sales of 5 cars at less than the opening prices of the week: balance of receipts shipped out, leaving yards bare of Hogs—Receipts, 2,800 head: total for the week. 14.300 head; market dull and slow; 2 oars of medium heavy at $7.30457.40; 1 car stock pigs, small lots, at $7.6008.00; 1 car Yorkers at $7.23: 6 care Yorkers un sold, holding at 57.2527.35. best offer $7.20. CINCINNATI. Cincinnati, May 12.—Hoes— Steady and firm; com mon to good light. fair to good heavy, 57.30ut7.50. Receipts. 915; shipments, 530. ST. LOUIS. St. Lon% May 12.— Hogs— Dull and unchanged. Cattle— Quiet, weak, and unchanged. The cargo market was again quiet, the offerings be* lag email and undesirable, though four or five small sales were made early. About a dozen cargoes were on the market. There was no change In prices. Joists and scantling were quoted at $3.00, and boards and strips at $3.50313.00, the outside being only for choice offerings. Lath were quiet at $1.37& and shingles dull at $2.25(32.50. The mills generally arc atll! sawing old logs, which the manufacturers wish to get out of the way before beginning on the new crop. The new logs are coming down the streams, though slowly at some points, but there Is no complaint of a scarcity of water, nor any that millions of feet are hopelessly hung up for the season. Lumber freights were quiet at former quotations. Menominee and Manistee, $1.50; Muskegon and Grand Elver, $1.23; Ludlngtonund White Lake, The demand for lumber continues moderate, and prices are easy, but not qnotahly lower, SIO.OO being the tnsMe price for common green stuff. Following are the quotations: First ana second clear $38.00340.00 Third clear, i Inch £ r ».o%c33.U£. Third clear, thick. Clear flooring, ttatcand seconi rough 30.00^32.0<» Clcarsldinc, ilret and second 17.90i4!H.00 First common siding 15.00® 10.00 Flooring, flm common, dressed . 28.00® Flooring, second common, dressed 22.00:T'.24.00 Box boards, A 39.005# Bos boards, B 25.00® A stock boards* 16‘and’ 12 in 30.00&33.00 B stock boards 23.0CK329.00 C stock boards •• is.oo®i7.oi> Fencing 11.003M2.90 Common lumber. 18 ft and under 2 In io.ockjiU.oo Common Inch ii.tXK.fl2.oo JoUts and scantling, 20 to 24 ft I2.UK-5in.00 Lath 1.75® I*9o A shingles V 2.50'-« 2.00 Shingles on track 2.25® 2.50 Liverpool, May 12—11 a. m.— Flour— No. 1, 245; No. 2, 225. Qraix— lVhcat—‘Winter, No. 1. Os lOd; No. 2, Os 6d; spring, No. 1, Os 4d; No. 2,8 s; white. No. 1, Os 9d;No. 2,9 s Gd; club, No. 1,1052 d; No. 2,0 a 10(1. Corn, 20s@2Gs Gd. Provisions—Pork, 82s Qd. Lard, 575. Liverpool, ilay 12—2 p. m. — Bxxeadstcpps— Steady. Corn, 2Gb 3d®2oa Gd. Lard—s7s Gd. Rest unchanged. Liverpool, Hay 12— Latest.— Cotton— Quiet and unchanged; 6H®3 5-10 d; sales 10,000 bales, including 1,000 for speculation and export, and 6,400 American; sales of the week, 47,000, in cluding 3,000 for export, 4,000 for speculation, ando2,OOOAmcr!can: receipts, 40,000, including 24,000 American; actual export, 10,000; amount alloat, 344,000, including 153,000 American; for warded direct from ship’s side to spinner’s, 10,000. Cattle. Hogs. Sheep. 4,077 6.U54 173 5,121 7,313 283 6.433 10.443 1.637 6,032 12,183 881 4,600 11,000 873 Yams and fabrics atHanchcster dull and tending downward. Breadstutps— Wheat—Receipts for three days, 32,000 quarters, including 15,000 quarters Ameri can; California white wheat, average. Os Cd&Os 9d; do club, 9s 10d®10s2d; red Western spring, No. 2to 1,8 s ld(t£9ti 4d; do winter, Os 6d@9s lOd. pjour—Western canal, 22@245. Corn—Western mixed, 26s3d@20s Cd. Oats—Anferican, 3s®3s 6d. Barley—Do, 3s 6d. Peas—Canadian, SOeCfc 36s 6d- Clover-seed—American, 63®G9s. 2,937 3,014 1.784 2.0*9 4,806 5.405 783 3,440 3,934 100 14,423 Provisions—Prime mess pork, 82s 6d. Prime mess beef, 87s. Lard—American, 57* 6d. Cheese Arm; do, 565. Bacon—Long clear, 51s; abort do, 53r. Tallow—Fine American, 41s. Petroleum—Spirits, Sa&Ss 3d; refined, Us 3d. Linseed Oil—23s Cd. Rosin—Common, 4S£s; pale, 16s. Spiiuts op Turpentine—23a 6d. _ a , London. Hay 12.— Spiiuts Petsoliuu—7 o 9d ®7aod. SALES. No. Av. Price. 17 1,329 $5.00 . 20 1,033 4.65 30 1,440 4.00 50 1,279 4.80 14 074 4.40 50 1,107 4.75 17. i 1,168 4.73 12 1,103 4.40 15 1,005 4.60 17 1,170 4. GO 32 1,210 4.C5 ty 33 1,318 4.87 H 33 1,325 4.00 14 1,250 4.50 17 1,108 4.00 19 960 4.20 54 1,140 4.70 64 1,235 4.80 14 814 4.20 15 COWS.... 093 3.80 18 1,344 4.75 10 1.018 4.50 17 ..1,225 4.85 8 837 H.SM fil 51 211 G 2 193 v' 7.10 7.10 7.10 50 223 7.10 38 270 7.00 53 231 7.00 35 160 35 195 51 172 33 293 58 219 7.00 82 207 7.10 43 2fil 7 00 35 2.58 7.00 53 244 58 2«J4 52 255 -u JJJ 22 231 7.00 20 283 7.00 30 282 7.00 58 247 7.05 60 104 7.03 58 251 7.00 36 219 7.00 85 138 7.00 54 184 7.00 98 194 7.0.'* 58 211 7.05 30 282 7.03 55) 190 7.05 49 203 7.03 •• UK) 7.10 27 302 7.00 38 281 8.90 40 225 0.00 25 175 6.80 88 274 0.70 1 33 280 0^75 80 195 i 4 155 26 275 6.00 32 279 6.80 8 1 18'J 48 2* 81 200 20 133 6.35 35 196 26 163 24 142 6.00 22 257 20? 22 147 0.00 DAILT SBPOP.T. To the Western Associated Prat. BCTTALO. liUMBER. SLUttbSS. 00 BY TELEGRAPH. < FOREIGN. Special Dispatch to The Tribune. Linseed Oil— 22a@22a 3d. Cake, £k' lOdSya I s ' l - „ Sperm Oil—9ls. _ Common Rosin'—4a Odoss. Spirits Turentike—22so22« 3d. WEEKLY HEPOUT. , London, Mar 12.— The grain trade "mama-• orcaaed, and prices tending downward, standing the unpropitlons weather neasof the crops. Yesterday’s provincial market* did not, ns a rule, quote wheat at the actual de* dine bat buyers claimed a redaction of a shillings The suonlies of English wheat last week were 457291 quartera, for 150 market towns. Com; nared with the April deliveries, this was a large quantity, although conslderablyunder the average §f the ten preceding years. Tta avenge price, were: Wheat, 45s 2d; barley, 34»4d. oata, In London the average pneos were. Wheal, vm 10 Tha b wheat-flSds 2 in the Eastern c ° n . , ? tle j’ “™ ported looking yellow and poor, and the hay crop fa likely to suffer from unfavorable weather. In Mark Lane to-day English wheat was in small re quest, but samples were held at previous quotations. Foreign wheat steady. Barley, oats, and maize unchaneed. Flonr neglected. . ... Ln-nm-ooL, May 12.—Transactions in wheat for the Continent are of daily occurrence. Prices there ate several shillings above oars. _ There fa no change In eny of our interior mar.ieta. It heat here io-day was stronger, and a faar quality or while sold for consumption and export to tnc Con tinent at extreme rates. Red was in tolerably good request, and sellers were demanding a sligtii advance? Floor steady. Com fairly nctive, and a shads higher. _ PRODUCE. NEW YORK. Special Dispatch to The Tribune* New York, May 12.—Grain— Wheat—Market a shade firmer; moderate export demand; sales 7is - 000 ba at SI. 05®!. 09 for rejected spring, SI. 070 1.16 for ungraded spring, $1.0901.11 for No. 3 Chicago, $1.1001.13 for No. 3 Milwaukee, SI.RS @1.20 for No. 2 Chicago, $1.1701.20 for No. fi- Northwestern, $1.21@1.22 for No. 2 Milwaukee, $1 2601.30 for No. 1 spring, $1.1201.32 for winter red Woilern, $1.2001.40 for amber do, and 5L3201.45 for white Western. Rye steady; sales of 7,000 bu Western at 79&C. Barley quiet and unchanged. Cora 1c better; fair export and home trade inquiry; sales of 55,000 bn at 56540- 57tfc for no grade mixed, 62c for graded mixed, 60062 c for ungraded new Western mixed, and 02Jfc for old Western mixed, afloat. Oats rule about steady; sales of 38,000 ha at 37@45tfc for mixed Western and State, and 44052 c for white Western and Stale. Provisions— Middles quiet; 11H012C for long: clear. Lard firm; sales 200 tea at $12.500512.55 for prime steam; at first call for May, 512.57& was bid and $12.62H asked; for June, 500 tcs. brought sl2. GO; for July, $12.75 was bid, $17.77J£ asked; for August, 200 tcs sold at $12.90; aadfor September, $12.97*4 was bid and $13.02*4 asked. Whiskbt— Market a shade firmer; sales of 50 bbls at sl. U l /* per gallon. Groceries— Sugar—Market continues firm and quite; fair to good refinibg quoted at 7«o7Xct prime at Bc, and white Havana at 9&01OHC Cof fee Market firm and quiet; Kio quoted at 15540 in gold; Moraicalbo 16019 c, gold. Tallow— Roles quiet and heavy; prime and choice quoted at B*,4®B?«c. To the Western Associated Frees. 13 C. 85 New Tons, May 12.— Cotton—Market dull and easier; 12U®12 7-lCc; futures barely steady; May, 12V4®12 5-32 c; June. 12 5-lQc: July, 1217-32 c; August, 12 31-32®12 11-16 c; September, 12$t® 12 31-32 c; October, 12 17-32®12 31-32 c; No ▼cmber, 12 13 32®12 7-lCc; December, 1213-32 ©l2 7-lGc; net receipts at the United States ports durTng the week, 3,969,000 bales; total receipts aL the United Stales ports to the same date last year, 3 348,000; exports from all United States porta for the week, 20.000; exports from united States ports for the same time last year, 22,000; tcUl exporr* from all Unite- States ports to dale, 2,860,000, total export.'* wvmi ail United States ports to same date last year, 2,42 7,000; stock at all United States norts, 403,000; stock at all United States ports at the same time last year, 436,000; stock at all in terior towns. 64,000; stock at all interior towns at the same time lost year, 52,000; stock at Liver pool, 1,005,000; stock at Liverpool at the same time last year, 061,000; stock of American afloat for Great Britain, 156,000; stock of American afloat for Great Britain at the same time last year, 130,000. * _ Flour —In fair demand for export and home trade; receipts, 11,000 brla; No. 2, §2.80®3.40; superfine State and Western, $4.00® 4.40; common to good extra, $4.D0©5.25; good to choice, *5.30 ©5.70; while wheat extra, $5.75@7.70; extra Ohio, $4.00®7.00; St- Louis, 55. lo®9.00; Min nesota patent process, $6.25®9.50. Eye flour quiet and unchanged. Coon-Meal—Steady. Grain—Wheat in cood demand; receipts, 63,000 bu; No. 1 spring, $1.25®1.32; No. 3 uo, sl.lo® X. 19; No. 2 Northwestern choice, 51.2 a; No. 2 Milwaukee, $1.22® 1.25: winter red Western in store, $1.30; white Western, $1.44; Chicago mixed, 51.12®1.16; 'spring ungraded, sLlo® 1.20; No. 3 Minnesota. $1.15; No. 2 Chicago soring, 51. IS® 1.23, Rye steady; Western. 79® 80c. Barley quiet and unchanged; malt dull and. unchanged. Com ouiet: receipts, 121,000 bu; mixed no grade, 56V*®57&c; do steamer, 60h® QOitc; do graded, 62c; new Western mixed, un graded. 57®62« Western mixed, unmerchantable, 03®55c. Oats steady; fairly active; receipts, 59. - 000 bu; Western mixed and Stale, 39®47c; white Western, 45®52*4c. Hat—Quiet and unchanged. Hops—Steady and unchanged. Groceries—Coffee qaiet but firm; Eio, cargoes, 15V»®16f»*c in gold; jobbing, 15?i@19Jic in gold. Sugar quiet; fair to good refining, 75i®<?»c; Erime, 8c; Muscovado, 7**c; refined firm. Mo uses steodr. race quiet but steady. Petroleum —Quiet but firm; crude, S3£c; re fined, 14c; cases, 18&®21c, Tallow—Unchanged. Strained JL'ssin—Steady; $1.75®!. 80. Spirits Turpentine—Steady; 38c. Eoos—Western, 12H®14c. Provisions—Pork firm; new mess, $21.00; August, $21.33®21. 50. Mess beef, plnin and extra, 12®13c for Western; long clear middles, do city, 12c. Lard firmer: prime steam, SI2?C2VtGI2.;3U; June, 512.60©12.724; July, $12.72*4® 12.90; August, $12.82Ji®13.00. Butter— Unchanged. Cheese—3®llHc. Whisht —Fin-ier; SLim. PHILADELPHIA. Philadelphia, May 12.—Floub—QnI«Jt and weak; Wisconsin and Minnesota extra family, $5.75(30.50; State, Ohio, and Indiana, I£o.oo®. 0.75; high grades, $7.25©8.30. Grain—Wheat inactive; Pennsylvania red, $1.50; amber, $1.51©1.53; white, $1.55. Eye, 80c. Coni, yellow, 60©62c; steamer, mixed, 58©50c; sail, 60&c, Oats unsettled; white West ern, 44©48c; do Ohio, 40c; mixed, 30c. Whisky—Sdeudy; Western, $1.12. Seeds— Clover, $16.00©17.50. Timothy, $2,60 ©2.65. Flax, 51.43&1.45. Petroleum— -Firmer; ernde, UHc; refined, 13©13 o-16c. Butter—Finn; New York State and Bradford Conntv, Pa., fxtra, 28©30c; firsts, 26®27c; Western extras, 15©27c; firsts, 24©25c; Western rolls, 24©26c; finals, 20©23c. Cheese —Uncharged. Eggs—Unsettled;.; Pennsylvania, Isew York, and Delaware, frdsh, 15©16c; Western, fresh, 15©15VaC. St. Loins, Slay 12.—Cottox—Dull and un changed. Flour—Medium grades opened dull, bnt closed active; double extra lull, $1.50©4.85; treble do, t>5.00©5.50. Grain—Whcatfirm and* unsettled; No. 2 red fall, $1.41 bid. May; sales at $1.40; June No. 3 do, 51.30. Corn firmer and inactive; No. 2 mixed, 4r>iic cash; 45ficMay; 45Xic June. Oats—Market dull; 33fcc bid. Rye dull and unchanged. Barley dull and unchanged. Whisky—Steady and unchanged, sl. OS. Provisions—Pork inactive and, lower; $21.25© 21.50. Lard dull and nominal Bnlkmcats firm, but not quotably higher; 7H©7?ic for shoulders; clear rib, 10->»©lo*£c.; clear llH@l2c Bacon— gmicr, but not quottbly higher; shoulders, B%c; clear rib, clear, 12Hc. Receipts—Flour, 500 brla; wheat, 15,000 bu; com, 28,000 bu; oats, 10,000-bu; rye none;barley, 1,000. Kbw Orleans, May 12.—Sugar—Market flail; common, 7*4c; fair to fully fair, 808#c; prime, Bj!tC. Molasses—Quiet; common recoiled, 30c; prime to strictly prime fermenting, 43t545c. Floor—Market dull; commo.i, $2.75; fine to superfine, $3.0003.75; double $-1.25; treble, $4.50; choice ahdfamily, $5.5007.50. Grain—Corn firm and anchangeiu Oats steady; 41c. Bran—Market dull; sales at TTWc. Hat—Light supply; ordinary, $14.25. Corn-Meal—ln good demand: £2. (.1502.75. Puovisioxs— Pork quiet but extra heavy mesa, $21.75. Bulk meats quiet; shoulders, B*4o 8&c, loose; clear rib, nominally 12c; clear, 12?*c. Bacon firm; shoulders, l?‘4c; clear rlh* aides, lii&c; clear sides, 12l£c. llama—Sugar'-cured, la© 14HC. Lard—Tierce, 13c; refined, 13J4c; keg, $13.75014.00; bucket, $14.25© 14. CO. Coffee—Quiet; ordinary to prime, 3.614.010 c. Whukt-Bull; $1.1101.15. BALTIMORE. Baltimore, Md., May 12.—Flour—Firmer, more active, and unchanged. Grain—Wheat dnll and heavy; No. 2 Western red, $1.3501.40; Pennsylvania do, £>1.4001.45. Corn in fair demand: Western mixed. 63c. Oats— market easier; white Western, 42c; Western mixed, 250390. Bye—Market dull; 73075c~ Hat—Dull and unchanged. Provisions—Dnll and heavy. Mess pork, $22.00. Bulk shoulders. So; clear rib, 11c, lo ose. Bacon- Shoulders, 9Uo9‘ic; clear rib, 12fc©12*c; hams, 15016 c. Lard—Market dull; refined, $13.50. Botter—Quiet; Western grass, 22027 c. Coffee—Quiet, hut firm and unchanged. Petroleum—Unsettled; Impossible toglvs tCSO rate quotations. Wiuskt—Market dnll at SLUH. Cincinnati, May 12.—Cotton- -Dnll and droop ing; Uftc. Flour—Steady and unchanged. Grain—Wheat quiet, but firm; red, SLISO 1.30. Com fair and firm; light offerings at 50c. Oats dull; 35043 c. Bye doll and unchanged. Bar ley dull and nominal. Provisions—Pork quiet; 21?*c. Lard active; sales of steam at!2ol2Hc, cokh; 12*4c buyer Mav; kettle, 1301314 c. Bulk meats—Steady; fair de mand; the aiders, 7£o; lOfto cash and BT. LOUIS. NEW ORLEANS, buyer May; clour, lie. Bacon (piict and u,. chan only order trade. La Warner—Active; not qnotahlyhigher- Si i- Uctter—DaU and drooping. • o-li. TOLEDO. Toledo, 0., May 1-2.—Flore—Steady Gbaci—Wheat steady ami arm: No. 2 white tr. bash, $1.41; No. 3 do, *t.S4V4: SI. 32; No. 2 do, $1.23: extra Michigan, si mfe amber Michigan. 51.2514: June, Sl.aa‘4effort' July. 8L27 offered; No. 2 amber Mlchigin. *LSI No. 2 red, 8L3154; No. 3 red hcldatsi.ifi ci if offered; do, Dayton & Michigan Elevator SiTii Com firm; high mixed, 53c; May, 34Kc 52Hc; low mixed, Sll'/tc; June, Soc;No -’’whi l' 33)4c; no grade, SOciic. Oats steady; Hieing^ Receipts—Floor, none; wheat, 22,000bn -5,000 bu; oats, 2,000 bu. "n.cont Stnpjtßxra—Flonr, 100 brla; wheat, LOnnh— com, 4,100 bn; oats. 1,000 bn. MILWAUKEE. Milwaukee, Wi*.. May 12.—Plocb—Flnahn Gbais— Wheat opened Inn; advanced- No s closed excited and unsettled; No. 1 Milwant.. SI. 14; hard, SI-24; No. 2 Milwankee, $L®. Jane, 81.06 M; July, 51.07J4; No. :l, r.carce and higher; No. 2, 4»c. Oats firmer* \v 2in good demand; cash and May, 324c* Jon? 32*ic. Rye nominally steady; No. jjJg; quiet and steady; No. 1, S5Hc; No. 3,52 c. 1 Freights—Dull and lower. Grain— Wheat to Buffalo, 3c; do to Orresra. 654 c. Receipts— Flour, 9,500br1a; wheat, 38,000bn SmwcßKTS—Flonr, 13,000 brla; wheat, XOOOQa bo- * . BOSTON. Boston, Mass.,May 12.— Flour— Qulet;We«ter* i raperflne. $4.0004.25; common extras, sLsoa . 5.00; Wisconsin and Minnesota extra facfiif : 15.0007.00; winter wheat Ohio. Indiana, liicK?’ ; ran, $6.0007.00; Illinois, $5.0008.25; Sl iff ; 56.2500.00. Grain— Cora quiet; mixed and yellow, 62086 c. < )ats—Mixed and No. 2 white, 46049 c: rejected, t 12048 c; No. 1 white, 50052 c. BUFFALO. Buffalo, N. Y., May 12,—Grain—Wheat— -3 ?irm and quiet; No. 1 white winter at $1.40: Jf<x 1 hard Milwaukee at $1.26. Corn dull, and easy* ' Toledo lots 53c; Western, on track 56c. oitl* j jone here. Rye, none here. Barley dull. Canal Freights— Nominally; 7c wheat; 6ccom: • iVic oats to New York. COTTON. Savannah, May 12.—Cotton quiet; mJddUnjj, :□. 9-16 c; stock, 17,027 bales; weekly net re* . joipts, 2,162; gross, 2,463; exports, coastwfce, : 1,237; sales, 2,711. Mobile, May 12.—Cotton weak; middlings, • £U?6c; stock, 51,578 bales? weekly net receipt!* : 1,538; exports, coastwise, 3f>7; sales, 8,400. Galveston, May 32. —Cotton dull and nominal; : niddlings, ll?#c; stock, —k367 bales; weekly net i receipts, 3.828 bales; gross receipts, 3,831; ex* 1 >orts, coastwise, 3, C*S7; sales, 2,040. Charleston, May 12.—Cotton quiet; middlings* :U2£c; stock, 14,745 bales; weekly net receipts, *L6O2 bales; exports to Great Britain, 1.800; to l?runcc, 1,012; coastwise, 7SO; sales, 1,800. YVOOIi. Philadelphia, 3f.ay 12.—W00l dull; prices i icmlnal; supply li-ght; Ohio, Pennsylvania, and ‘ {Vest Virginia XX and above, 41® 42 c; X, 40® • Uc; medium, 44tf£46c; coarse, 40®42c; Sew ' Pork, Michigan, nnd Indiana Western line, 35© tJ7c; medinxn, 43£>43c; coarse. 3CG4Ic: combing, washed, 55®60c; combing, unwashed, 40c; Can : ida combing, 60c; fine unwashed, 24®2Gc; coarse i nedium unwashed, 2S@32c: tab-washed. 40®45c; ultra and merino pulled, 33®35c; No. 1 mpet ■palled, 32©35c. _ CRT GOODS. New York, May 12. Business moderate with f domestic commission nooses, and light with job liers. Cotton goods were in steady request foi i cnall lots. Prices were unchanged. Fancy prints ■ ruled quiet. Shirtings were fairly active with . igenia. Sprague’s shirting print? were reduced t» . s*4c. Heavy woolens were in fair request. F«r . tign goods were dull. PETROLEUM. Cleveland, 0., May 12.—Petroleum stronfer; demand good. Wo quote standard white, 110 tes:, :it lOlrjc; prime white, 150 test, lllsc in car-lotv PiTTSBtrRR, Pa., May 12.—Petroleum quiet ml rtcady; crude, $2.20 at Parker's; refined, 13£® .14c Phllr-delphia delivery. IRON. PmsstTHo, Pa., May 12.—Pig-Iron firm; priesa r unchanged.; standard mill irons quoted at S22.OC© rt 2.50, four months. STOCKHOLDERS* MEETINGS. 'Office Cificago, Rock Mali & Pacific- B. I Thu Annual Electing of the Stockholders of th* Cbicr.go, Rock L-land & Pacific It, R. Uo.. fur fit election of Directors, pursuant Co law. nnd lha transaction of such otherbnsinsss as may come He fore them, will be held at the ofllcc of the Company in the City of Chicago, on Wednesday, the 7th day of June next, a: 11 o'clock a. m. join; F. TRACY, President F, H. TOWS, Secretary. CHICAGO k NORTHWESTER!! RAILWAY GO. April 24. 1878. The Annual Meeting of the Stockholders and Bondholders of this Company, for the election of Directors, pursuant to law, and for the transaction ■)f other business, will be held at the office cf the Company in Chicago, on Thursday, the Ist of Jane next, at 1 p. ia- Bondhoiders will authenticate their right to vote by presenting their voting bonds at the oflice of ths Company, No. 52 Wall-st., New York, for regis tration, cn or before the Ist of Mayproximo. ALBERT KEEP, President M. L. SYKES. Jr.. Secretary. MEDICAL C.IRZIS* loci: Icsjital, cor. WasMmtoa k PranMiii-sts. Chartered by the State of Illinois for the erpre#* p®* pose of giving Immediate relief la all ca-es of private, chronic, and urinary diseases la all their complicate* forms. It la well known that DR- JAMKS has flood it the hcadof the prufcsslonforthepiathOieors. Ageaafl experience arc all-Iraportant. sscoiinal WcaSne**! sight losses by dreams, pimples on the face, lort oaa* hood, can positively he cured. Ladles wanting the mens delicate attention,call or write. Pleasant home for pa tients. A book for the million. Marriage Guide, which tells you all about these diseases—who should marry— why not—lO cents to pay postage. Dr. James a* s ** rooms and parlors. You see no one but the Doctor, tnv James Is sixty years of age. Consultations always tree and Invited. Office hours, 9a» 7p. in. &tmdajA 10 to 12 a. m. All business strictlv confidential. . DE. CLAEKE. Established in 1851. You are advised to coa suit the Celebrated Dr. Clarke, IS6 South CUK st, in any Chronic, Private, Difficult or ® e .“S, Case. Ladies consult on all Irregularities ana• D«* eases, with the assurance of speedy relief, ceic* brated Female Pills, $1.50 {extra strongJj)P“ box. “ Pes-arie Prevcntif " $lO each 637*Send‘stamp for “ Safeguard of Health. of Self-Abuse send two stamp*!* work on Nervous and Sexual Diseascs % Fauenta treated successfully by letter, and Mc&cinesK*** everywhere secure from observation. Homo dm™ and Nurse for Patients. Call or write, boat * 4 Your Silent Friend" 25 cents, by ma|L ao dress letters Dr. F, D. CLARKE, 186 South Clark at, Chicago. , J3T “Washington **, ChJalJ permanently cmaf WJ* chrome. »«nal, aco *1 . esset of vesknei* and I a graduateol tn* RJg ■chool of Medicine; uimco mercury; longer Tjd.u tti* largest practice o fa or specialist in the an intelligent trsl-wi ;l prorejs the G3IA real ctaliatin Chicago, Consultation tree, and sacredly cn ' l n«J. Prime botnl when ileaircd. . . , , ,y. rtgw URRIMEggM 0 SB I US |IS E&S •» the world. Price a> -TT," ufW pages, lor two stamp*, fit* aaaaatt Office of Ur. OLLV, 82 WEST KiBEOK-ST., CmCAM. D.V - Can be consulted personally, free of , Chronic, Sexual, czulNervonsDiseasos. 30 pages, on abo'#e diseases, sent to for two 3c stamp?.. Rooms separate for lafliw gentlemen. MARRIAGE GUIDE, OB PATHOLOGY. £OO pages, large size, all that Is worth, knowing. ana much that» « published in any other work. Price, 50 ceuw- Railroad and workingmen proscribed for »*** nSpay" J)r. KGB/I1) ■ 175 souii comer cf Monroe, W May be consulted, personally or** on all chronic or nen ous disease*. DB. J* only pliyslclan in the city Office hours, 9a. m, to Bp. m.; Sundays trow 9 PRESCRIPTION FREE Fop the speedy cure of Seminal IV cakness, Manhood, and an disorders brought on by cretions or excess. Any druggist has the ents. Address DAVIDSON & CO., Box -*** New York. —- XTESVOnS EXHA.CTSTIOX-A MEDICAi •ii comprising a series of lecture* delivered Museum of Anatom/, New York, ou the jots of premature decline, showing tmilapunsuiiy health may be rejoined. a.7ordmgacle3rsyDOl»" ty 08 / impediment* to marriage, and theircaLrueai ana physical debility, being the result of 20 / e «S i/3- rieace. Price 25 ce at*. Addrcs* the author, £AHN. office and re sideacc 5i April 24. 187 G.

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