Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 13, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 13, 1876 Page 3
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THE COURTS. Examination of Mr. Oster berg-, of the- Bock ford Road. Effort to Prevent the Spoiling of a Luna- ' tic’s Estate. Individuals Who Took Advantage of the Bankruptcy Law. gccord of Judgments and New Saits— Criminal Business. Ibe examination into Osterberg’s accounts in connection with his management of the Rockford, Bock Island & St, Louis Railroad was continued yesterday before U. W. Bishop, the Master in Chancery. Mr- Whitehead, the Auditor of the testified that Osterberg, on taking charge of the road, directed him to open an incidental account, to which was credited the inventory of applies and material, amounting to *36,560.81, *Uch bud been turned over to him by Mr. Fern* the former Receiver. Various sums, amounting in all to over *IO,OOO, which M been used by Ostcrberg, were algo by his direction charged to this account, aud nothing in connection with that account was reported to Court until after the filing of the Hooper and Robinson bills, which accused him oi misappropriation of funds. Mr. Whitehead also said that $2,000 which had been charged to salary account was, after his return from Frankfort a short time ago, changed and charged to telegraph expenses, etc. Several luge amounts which had been charged on ac eonnt of renewals of locomotives, rolling-stock, and ties ought properly to have been included among the operating expenses, which would materially hsvechanged the balances made every month seeming to show a profit. In regard to the item of *10,310.22 charged to interest, the witness said it was drawn by Oster herg, and for it only his individual voucher was given, and during the time Osterberg had been in possession of the road, it had actually run be hind $33,000, not including *24.000 due for taxes, Mr. Osterberg was then called on his own be half to explain the *IO,OOO interest item. He stated that he drew *10,310.22, in two drafts, in December last, aud sent it to his brother-in law, a shirt-maker in New York, and that it was to be forwarded to the Committee at Frankfort, to bp applied in paving interest to the bondholders on their assessments. It was not sent directly to Frank fort, because he had not decided whether to send it or not for that purpose, and he did not like to leave it in the bank at Rock Island or the two banks in New York, as be did not think it safe to leave it in the bank. He, however, admitted that he continued to do business with the same banks for some time afterward, and that this was the only outside deposit he made. Afterward, he said fie changed nis mind about sending the money, recalled it, and paid it with other funds into Court. No explanation, however, was qffered of the reason for sending this money away when the road could notpay its operating expenses and repairs. The explanations given do not seem to be entirely satisfactory as to some of the accounts, and the examination will be continued Tuesday. ; BILL POE INJUNCTION. Thomas Brenan filed a bill yesterday in the Circuit Court against James and Elizabeth Long, asking for an injunction. He states that last month he was appointed conservator of Patrick Egan, a lunatic. For several years past Egan has been insane, and has been until lost November cared for by nis sister, Bridget Fox. At the time above mentioned another sister, Elizabeth Long, and her husband, James Long, came here, and immediately took charge of Egan and took possession of his rooms. Since then they have endeavored to keep him entirely under their care aud seclude him from his friends as much as possible. On the 24th of November, learning of the inten tion of Mrs. Fox to apply for a guardian, Mrs. Long and her husband immediately caused a deed to be executed and signed with across, purporting to be that of Egan, by which there was conveyed to her the W H of Sub-lot 1, Lot 2, Block IS, in Fractional Sec. 15 addition, being Egan’s property on the southeast comer Df State street and Peck court, aud worth 150.000. The complainant, a short time ago, and after Us appointment as conservator, not knowing mythiug about this pretended deed, went to Mrs. Long aud received from her possession of the building on the property, including the laloou-firturcs and liquors, and she apparently recognized his right to them. Within a day or two afterward he states he learned of the deed from Egan, and she then refused to give him Eossession of the building, and immediately, as e alleges, began packing up and sending away some of the furniture in it, and also sent Egan away tor New York, out of the jurisdiction of the Court here. Complainant therefore asks for an injunction to prevent the defendants from Interfering with his management of Egan’s property, and to restrain them from carrying any of it away, or trying to cloud the title oi the real estate by conveyance, and also that the conveyance from'Egan to Airs. Long may be de clared voidl The injunction was granted divorces. The only applicant for divorce yesterday was Minnie L. Cummings, who slates that her hus band, J. Frank Cummings, has been addicted to the excessive use of intoxicating liquors for sev eral years last past, which has made him so quarrelsome and abusive that she has been obliged to leave him. ITEMS. Judge Drummond was occupied yesterday af ternoon in hearing a claim of Harrison Mark ham against the "Rockford, Bock Island & St. Louis Railroad Company for damages received while employe of that road. No order was made, hut tbe Judge recommended that the road should par Markham SSOO. Judges trary, Jameson, and Booth will hear motions to-day, Judge Rogers will hear mo tions for new trials Judge Farwell will go on with the case of Lowentual vs. The Chicago, Danville & Vincennes Railroad Company, and Judge Williams will hear set case No. 663, May be vs. Filkius. and try divorce cases. Judge McAllister wQI not be In court to-day. UNITED STATES COURTS. The Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Com pany filed a bill against the Marine Company of Chicago, George W. Boyne, Receiver of the Com pany, the First National Bank of Macomb, and Frederick Gaylord, to foreclose a mortgage for 160,000, made by J. Y. Scammon, on Lots 5 to o 7 inclusive in the Alacthean Addition to Chica go, being on the cornerof South Park avenue tad Thirty-third street- Edward A. Kitzmiller, Robert P. Duff and Mrs. Peter Dull, and the Union Manufacturing Company, of Toledo, 0., filed a bill against }he Sterling Pump Company, of Sterling, lU., to restrain it from infringing Westley Todd’s patent for an Improvement in wash boards, which patent is owned by complainants. BANKRUPTCY MATTERS. Thomas Moore and Nathaniel H. Isbell, team sters at No. 46 South Desplaines street, filed their voluntary petition yesterday to be ad indicated bankrupts. Their preferred and se tared debts amount to $439.50, and their unse- Cored to $12,454.83. The assets consist of some torses, trucks, etc., valued at at $554; and debts due on open accounts $333.26 which, however, are considered worthless. Moore individually owes $126.35, with no assets, and Isbell owes $51,25, and is likewise bankrupt. The petition Was referred to Register Hibbard. Jacob Weil, a real estate dealer at No. 145 Dearborn street, also went into voluntary bank niptcr. His secured liabilities amount to $47,- <70.62, the securities being valued at $41,000; the unsecured debts foot up $38,502.93. The assets consist of an undivided half of a wagon, and buggy, valued In all at $lO5, ghalf interest In some office furniture worth S3OO, the other half being owned by E. L. Shfir taan, and a half interest in a suit now pending Peter Page for $1,050. Reference to Register Hibbard. In the matter of John Durham, an order was entoed for the examination of the bankrupt. R. E. Jenkins was appointed Provisional As- Bgnee of Ransom J. Morse. In the case of Marcellus & Dyer, an order was entered for a composition meeting to be held lane 2, before Register Crain. Lcander Smith ffas appointed Provisional Assignee, with au thority to take possession of their assets. • A composition meeting will be held May 27, before Register Hibbard, in the case of D. How ard Donovan. Bradford Hancock was appointed Provisional Assignee of Pierce & Willis. Register Hibbard will this afternoon hold an CTnmlnation of L. A. Huntman and William Graham in the matter of T. W. Mills, a bank rupt in tte Western District of Missouri. Bradford Hancock was yesterday appointed Assignee of Barnett Charririt. An Assignee will be chosen thisTmorning lor John B. Corlies, SUPERIOR COURT IS BRIEF. Lorenzo. Stowell began a suit lor *4,000 against Charles Wheeler and Tracy D. Hulh CRIMINAL COURT. G. B. Williams pleaded guilty to larceny, and Vm given one year in the House ol Correction. Thomas Croak pleaded guilty to larceny, and goes to the Penitentiary lor two years. John Hahgan was tried lor larceny, lonnd guilty, and given two years In the Penitentiary. Samuel Stewart was tried for larceny, found guilty, and given one year In the Penitentiary. John Walker was tried lor larceny, lound guilty, and remanded lor sentence. TUB CALL, MONDAY. Judge Gary—373,374, 405 to 463, and 470 to 485 inclusive. Jcdob Jameson—No call. Jddoe Rogers—Set cases 2,700 and 2,383 Jcdge Booth—3l6, 818 to 330 inclusive, ex cept 823. Judge McAlustbb—Set case 5,001, 3,107, *?°s. 506 to 510, 510J<, 510JL and 511 to 520 inclusive of Judge Rogers’ caleu- Judge Fiira-ntx—Set cases 1,031 and 1,101. Judos Williams—Drexel vs. Vail. JUDGMENTS. S I A £F s . CIRc i riT Count—Contbbsioks— w I ”cstcrnTransportation Company v«. TheiGlobe Insurance Company,s2,7o4. 83.—Samuel G. Brown re. Rdirerd Iverson, $2,472 21. Sutbiudr Court —Confessions—Rufus C. Hall vs. John Oubbins and Mary E. Gnbb!na,Sl42.oo Mary A. Lakeva. Saucy J. Wills, WaabluKtonM. Wills, and James Q. Wills, $14,128-Joku Oooblcr vs. George Vonßollen, $153.02.—N. L. James et airs. James G.Stephens, $542.19.-3. D. Klmbark re. same, $230.35. JudobQaby—Cable Flax Mills va. Rock Valley Paper Company, *lO4. -F. IV. Schmidt ct. al. t*. H. Hoff, S-.o>.3o.—John P. Gectingvs. Dennis J. Hogan. s2s.—John Klein vs. Mary C. Clark, *.iUß.7s.—Patrick O’ilara vs, James G. Miller and Maria Boggs, *133.33. Circuit Coukt^-Conpbbsions— Alfred S. Trade vs. George Von Ilollen, SJUB23.—J. M. Way vs. Frederick C. Swain, *2,832. —E. J. Chapin et al. v«. George Vcrrcault, *864.50. Judck Boom—John A. Moody vs, Albert H. Bodman, judgment for $2X2.05; restored.—Henry Ragner vs. Same, *278.78; restored.—Avery Moore v«. Same, $532.32; restored.—J. K. Barry ys. Same, $185.89; restored. —Mattie J. Pratt vs. Same, $170.07; restored.—C. R. Haggerty vs. Same, $203.45; restored. Judgk McAllister—Edward Lee vs, George S. Wells, $75.73.—A. L. Weaver vs, M. A. Dahl, $43- DAMAGES CLAIMED. Special Dispatch to The Tribune. Bloomington, HI., May 12. — A suit was en tered to-day against the Chicago & Alton Rail road by Mrs. Thomas Crawford, of Normal, for *5,000 damages for the dcuth of her hus band killed on Saturday night last by the cars on that road. She claims that the engine-bell was not rung at the place where the ringing was required. BAILOAD BOND DECISION. Special Dispatch to The Tribune. Spring field, 111., May 13.—The suit of the Rockingham Ten Cent Savings Bank vs. Moul trie County was one of importance, tried here in June, 1574, in the United States Circuit Court, and the decision was adverse to the County. An appeal was taken to the United States Supremo Court, and tha decision recently rendered con firms that of the lower Court, so Moultrie County will have to pay the SBO,OOO bonds issued to the'Decatur, Sullivan & Mattoon Railroad. IOWA ITEMS. Des Moines, la., May 13.—1 n the United States Circuit Court, E. E. Vary vs. the Chicago Railroad Company,actionforper sonoi Injuries is still on trial. The Singer Manu facturing Company vs. W. T. Nicholson & Co., default against defendant. E, C. Litchfield vs. Daniel Chapman, ejectment, default against defendant. A juror appeared In the Court-room drunk, when Judge Dillon discharged him. Judge Love, of the United States District Court, delivered the annual address before the State Bar Association to-night. A DAKOTA BOND CASE, Yankton, D. T., May 12.—The Supreme Court of this Territory to-day decided an im ?)rtant case relating to the bonds issnod by ankton County to the Dakota Southern Bail road, amounting to *200,000. A called session of the Territorial Legislature in 1871, authorized counties to vote aid to railroads, and under this act Yankton County voted the amount above stated. The Legislature having previously held its regular session of forty days, the right of the Governor to convene a special session was questioned, and Congress at its next session passed an act affirming the law and legalizing the votes under it. The bonds were issued in 1872, and two years* interest has been paid, tax-payers having brought suit to enjoin the collection of taxes, Associate Justices Barnes and Bennett, being a majority of the Court, sustain the injunction on the ground that the act of the called session was void, and could not be legalized by Con gress, Justice Barnes going so far as to deny that Congress can cither directly or through Territorial legislative authorize the people of the Territory to vote aid to rail roads under any circumstances. Chief-Justice Shannon, in a very able dissenting opinion based chiefly on decisions of ttie Supreme Court of the United States, holds that Congress has the exclusive power over the Territories, limited only by the Constitution of the United States, and could have either authorized local aid to railroads by a prior act, or cured defects in Legislative authority. Suits ore now pending Involving the rights of the innocent holders of bonds, and the question will go to the Supreme Court of the United States for final decision. LETTERS FEO3I THE PEOPLE. HARD TIMES. To the Editor of The Tribune. Chicago, Nay 13.—As the subject ol “Hard Times ” seems to excite considerable discussion among tbe readers ol jour enterprising journal, and having noticed the variety of causes to which our hard times are attributed by your correspondents, I would respectfully beg leave to oiler my view of the situation. The law of supply and demand necesssarUy controls all production and distribution. But this law is also controlled by other powerful and inexorable laws which most po litical economists are in the habit of slighting. In analyzing the law of sup ply and demand we find that the sup ply is regulated by tbe demand. Now, the de mand which encourages production emanates from and is only manifested by those who have the means wherewith to buy what is produced. To obtain these means it is necessary to furnish an equivalent either in labor or its results, but this labor or its result must be in demand, or they will purchase nothing. Through tbe intro duction of labor-saving machinery, all the natural and most of the artificial wants of men are supplied with far less labor than would be required without this machinery. It is in supplying the wonts of mankind that we find employment. But since the wants of mankind are limited, while the reduction of the chances for employment by introduction of labor-saving machines is not limited proportionally, the only way to preserve a balance is to reduce the hours of labor, and employ more laborers to do the work. If our necessities increased in exact pro portion to the vastly-increased means of supply ing these necessities through machinery, there would then be employment lor all. But there Is no such equilibrium. It would be impossible and unnatural. Furthermore, the “competition system un der which we struggle for existence compels the laboring men to wd against one anotherfor the reduced chances of employment. In order to underbid each other they are obliged to starve all wants and educated tastes that are above the average standard of life of their fellow-workers, and thus the rate of wages is always regulated by the standard of living of the most ignorant and selfish workers in each trade or branch of employment. It is through this false economy that production is kept down, and progress hindered. The working-classes are seven-tenths of the entire population, and if, through the competition system, they can obtain, even when all are employed, no more than the bare necessi ties of life, naturally production to supply the wants and tastes of a higher standard of living is subject to the demand of only the other three tenths. composed of tbe middlemen and the em ployers, and the very selfishness which made them wealthy, keeps most of them from extrav agance. and even from a cultivated and pleasant life; so that there is a still further drag on pro gress. But the main cause of the present dis satisfaction among the producing classes is, strange to say, the result of education. So long as the working classes were ignorant and en slaved, as a result of living under despotic governments, they were accustomed to look upon their situation as perfectly natural and un avoidable. But in a free countiy, where men are taught their rights and duties, and where education creates a desire for a truer and nobler manhood, the real producers must and will de mand a larger share of what they produce than barely one-sixth, as shown by the latest United Stales statistics. If supply and demand are to reeulatetho wages under the competition system, then either alllie pauperized labor of the world, indndimr tbe four hundred million Chinese, must bo soou educated up to the style of life to which our American workingmen are accus tomed and their education demands or else the Infamous competition system must and will, Sve way to the only just and reasonable manner of production imd _ 1.0161 MONTI. To the Editor of The Tribune. Chicaoo, May 11.—The select few who were privileged, to hear the lecture on Aifierl, the THE CHICAGO "TRIBUJJE-r SATURDAY, MAY 13, 1876-TWELYE PAGES. Italian poet-patriot, delivered in the parlors ol No. 389 Erie street this afternoon, enjoyed a rare entertainment. Signor Luigi Monti, him self a patriot and exile, and for years Instructor In the Italian language at Harvard University, Is a gentleman eminently calculated to do justice to the subject -which be has chosen to illustrate in this course of six lectures, namely: the influence of modern Italian literature on the regeneration o! Italy. Alfleri, the subject of the lecturer, was warmly interested, both in the American aud the french Revolution, and, even in those days of political excitement and fanaticism, was sagacious enough to discern the difference between the character ol the one and the other. Born a nobleman and wealthy, the slavery to which even the nobility ol Italy were subject at that ® rna^e it Impossible lor him to promulgate his liberal aud patriotic views while he retained iusjaak and privileges. He, therefore, in his cany manhood, while the pleasures of life were still sweet to him, renounced both title and hereditary estates, and the hall ol his income, in favor of his sister and her children, in order that he might be free to give full expression to ms.ardent abhorence of tyranny and love ol freedom. The lecture was a great assistance, at least to some hearers, in the hitherto diffi cult work ol tracing the spring from which has flowed the recent political uprisings in Italy, and the picture which it drew of the state ot society and of education in Italy a hundred years ago was, at least to an American mind, appalling. This lecture was the second in a course ol six now being delivered on alternate days at 27 Indiana avenue, South Side, aud 269 Erie street, North Side, each lecture being delivered at both places. The public arc cordially invited, and the great interest of the lecture and the reasona bleness of the fee (50 cents per lecture or $3 for season tickets) ought to secure for them much larger audiences ‘than have as yet attended them. The greater loss is certainly not on the side of the lecturer, but on the part of those who neglect so rare an opportunity of being made acquainted with tbd literary and political aspects of the recent remarkable changes la Italian affairs. Saturday’s lecture will be deliv ered at 4 p. m. at 269 Erie street. C. THE BETHEL HOME AND THE ELECTION. To the Editor of The Tribune. Chicago, May 12.—1 n your report of the late municipal election, in connection with the elec tioneering services of one Carroll, you alluded to him as though he was connected with tbo work of the Bethel. At the time wo supposed the character of our establishment was so well understood that a refutation was unnecessary. But In the report of the proceedings of the Grand Jury in your paper of Wednesday I find the statement reiterated, and he is spoken of as “connected with the Bethel Home as a prayer, preacher, and singer.” Now Carroll has not, and never has had, any connection with our institution in any capacity. He came to our house with au order for board and lodging from tbe Relief and Aid Society; subsequently was Indorsed in the same way by the zoung 3len’s Christian Association, and after these orders ran out paid his board like any of the pay-hoarders in our house. He never attended our meetings, except as a member of our congregation, never took part, except occasionally at tbo dose of our meetings, when, as is our custom, we invite free speaking by any one present. So tar as Fknow no one connected with our work in any capacity took any interest intbc election ? except in 'the exercise of their rights as individual citizens, over which, of course, we have no control. As the statement is being used to our Injury, you will greatly oblige by inserting this correction. B.Tbakkland, Chaplain and General Superintendent Bethel Home. MEDICINE. HOMEOPATHS VS. ALLOPATHS. Special Dispatch to The Tribuna. Ann Arbor, Mich., May 12.—T he closing ses sion of the State Medical Society was held to day. The meeting was a stormy one, and was finally broken up in the midst of confusion, ad journment being made to cut off some unpleas ant prospects. Dr. Frothlngham, one of the Professors of the Medical Department of the University, tendered his resignation os a mem ber of the Society, because, as he said, the Soci ety declares a purely commerdal-policy as Us guide, repudiates the ethical principle of the American medical code, which makes our pro fession a sclf-sacrifldng, benevolent, and hu mane calling, and has virtually declared medicine an unworthy position among the sci ences; also, a principle which carried out would prevent the Slate from taking the proper care of the health and lives of citizens; would abol ish public medical care of the sick and insane, and carry our civilization in this respect back to the condition of the dark ages. A resolution was adopted to the effect that when the proper authorities shall restore the regular branch of the Medical Department to precisely the samo position which it occupied before the establishment of the Homeopathic College; when they shall relieve the present medical faculty from complicity in teaching Homeopathic students, the Medical Department shall be restored to the full confidence and favor of the Society. Dr, Rynd, Regent of the University, presented bis resignation as a member of the Society, He denounced the proceedings of the present ses sion in the bitterest terms. He said they had been marked by narrowness, bigotry, injustice, and were disgraceful to an honorable learned profession. Without exercising the courage to array Itself directly against the University, the Society has become the agent of a private school to accomplish its virtual dismembership. Ho said, further, that they had been aided and sup ported by all the prejudice, bigotry, and super stition of a post age, preferring personal liberty to despotism, their ideas having their origin with the burning of witches and other humane acts of a similar nature. Choesing rather to exercise his per sonal independence than remain under the des potism of an Association which represents noth ing but itself; believing tluit trim science is not the exclusive property of the Association; that its interests axe not promoted by Illiberal codes; hence he would withdraw from the Association. Every effort was made to prevent the reading of Rynd’a resignation, but they failed. Dr. Jerome moved that Rynd be expelled from the Society. This did not succeed in being brought before the house. The resignation was finally accepted, and the letter tabled. Those who have succeeded In condemning the Medical Department and Professors think they have made a great Bt°p in advance, as they say it is dependent upon them, and must be led by them: whereas the almost universal opinion outside is that allopathy is on its last legs. Homeopathy has obtained a wonderful foot hold, and will probably supplant the old school in the University soon. The next meeting will be held at Battle Creek. THE WISCONSIN INVESTIGATION. Sprdot Dispatch t» The Tribune, Jlaiuson, Wis., May 13.—The Legislative In vestigating Committee, after last evening dis cussing the testimony taken relating to accounts in the office of the Governor and Superintend ent of Public Property, decided that a report should be written in accordance with the facts as developed in the testimony, and that the Committee should assemble to consider the re port on July 1L The name of the member ap pointed to write the report is kept private. It has been alleged by some Democratic organs that the cost of the investigation would be $15,- 000 or $20,000. Instead of that it is only about $2,300. and would bavc been much Ices but lor its entirely uncalled-for examination of the account of Washburn’s ad ministration, as to which there were no charges, but which was provided for fn the resolution on which the Committee acted, and the going back of vouchers, but for which there would have been hardly any questions to ask. Dean says if he had been allowed to have Ills way yesterday he would have told that Gov. Taylor, after ask ing him to resign from the Superintendency be cause of an alleged deficiency, then proposed to him to take another office with a commission in which there was money to be made, intimating he would like to be a silent partner; but they never made any bargain. Posthumous Practice. A Baltimore woman boldly advertises “ Med ical attendance by Dr. Benjamin Rush,” who died several years ago. She is a professional spiritual medium, acting as the earthly spokes man for the dead physician; and she collects the pay, too. SEWING JLICHIiVES. Mat sewing jnacfclnce of all fim-claas makers, bran npw and warranted Uiret years; tuck-manttr and all !S5 “menu with each "machine; price *34 each. TIIQS. H. MABTIX. 360 Wabash-ar. /-lUEAP-r SEW SBS WHEELER * WILSON FOB ( J new S7O Howe for *35; mew *7O Weed for nearly new, for Sit- Satisfaction Buaran wSi DAYtIJ C. COOli. 46 Madlson-Bt. nnjQER OFFICE OP A. J. MELCHEBT. 208 WEST O MaJlscra-et. Machines sold oq monthly payments, rented, and exchanged. Open till Bp. m- IffACIIINEBY. TiOR SALE—OB WILL TBADE FOB BUGGT ANl> power boiler and engine In good running order, engine as 128 MlchLgu-a. CITV BEAL ESTATJBi PH? SALK—AND KXCTIANGK-1.1T3 WABASH av.,ncflrTvvc»iy-fUih-st.,c-story Mucjsartland base ment with addition, 19 rooms, and bam; lflß Throop fit., near Van Buren-aL-cars. 2-story and basement brick boose; lot, 25x125.: 645 Erie-st., lot, 25x120, and cottage; <415 North La Salle-aU, 3-storrbrick; lot, 170, and barn; great bargain; house W«t side, clear, and $3,000 cash, for pood house oa South or North Side; house and 100 feel at Hyde Park clear, and $S.Ono ewb for house east of N orth State and south of Chlcago av. ULRICH & DARNES. Room 3. 85 Washlngton-st. FOB SALE—SONISO ON oak-ay., near staun ton. one of the best lota in that vicinity. 31x125 on Calumet-av., Jus: south of Thlrty-thlrd-fiL. teat front. . sox 125 on West Adams-st.. east of Califomla-av. Either of above can be had on very easy term®. No payment down to parties who will build. MEAD & COE. 155 LaSalle-st, For sale-lots on Ashland-ay., corner of Douglos-plnce, very cheap. No payment required of parties who will build at once. Herds a fine chance for a good builder to make some money, Co and ex amine the property. MEAD & COE, issLaSalle-st. 170 R SALE-260 FEET FRONT ON WEST ADAMS . it., between Winchester and Robey. We would call attention of bunders to this property, as It is one of the most desirable locations In town for a block of buildings. Terms easy. MEAD & COE. 155 LaSalle. I7OR SALE-TO BUILDERS-90X200, ON VIN . cennes-av., northeast corner of Prospect-place. This choice piece of property can be had on very favor able terms. Go and examine and make an offer. MEAD & COE, 155LaSalle-st. T?OR SALE-GREAT SACRIFICE BUSINESS S. block—Stores and offices on a prominent corner. Will be sold for one-halt the amount offered three years Heights, forty acres adjoining Morgan Park: Sflfih por acre. A rare chance for a eubdl vlelon. FRED L. LAKE & CO.. 88 Washington-fit. FOR SALE-150 FEET. CORNER OP KENWOOD court and Forty-elghth-st.; 74x174, comer W»* bash-av. and Thlrty-sevcnth-et. No cash pavmcnt re quired of parties making Improvements. WING it FARLIN, as East Wastilngton-st.. Room 4. Far sale-large cottage and 48-foot lot northeast corner Van Burcn-at. J and Winchester av., cheap. Inquire at house. For sale-choice central business prop* orty paying 9 and 10 per cent, nett rents. $25.0n0, 575,000, and 5100,000. GEORGE M. XUCGINSON, No. mDcarbom-st., Boom No, s. I7OR BALE—BUSINESS BLOCKS IN CENTRAL . location, paying pood Interest on Investment, at de cided bargains for cash. ULRICH & BARNES, Room 3. 85 Washington-fit. 1?OR SALE-242 SOUTH LEAVITT-ST.. CORNER . Van Huron. a fine 2-story brick house, 12 rooms (no basement), ta perfect order; large lot, 100x120, filled to prude and set with trees and shrubbery; will sell at bot tom prices, or would sell house and 50 feet. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE* I? OR SALE-MARKET GARDENERS-COTTAGE, ’ 5 acres. $025. SIOO down, balance S 3 monthly; office days Saturday and Monday. J. G. EARLE, Room 37, 07CUrk*st. For sale, rent, or exchange-houses and lots nt Hinsdale. Size of places, price, and terms to suit. 10 cents fare.- O. J. STOUGH, 123 Dearborn-et. TTOR SALE-AT WESTERN SPRINGS, ON EASY JD monthly payments to suit, 2-etory house* and 50- foot lots at SSOO, SI,OOO, end $1,250; near schools and depot; sidewalks, etc.; all complete, ready to move in to: 10-oent train morning and evening. T. C. HILL, 4 Lakeside Building. _____ FOP. SALE—ENGLEWOOD—MY RESIDENCE AND largo lot. 100x170, Wabash-av.. near depot; best bargain at Englewood. XL A. iiULBURI), 208 La- Salle-st. IJOR SALE—LOTS AT MAPLItWOOD, FOUR MILES . from court-house, accessible by steam cars; com mutation fare, 6H cent- I '. Price of lots $475 to SOOO. No cash payment required of panics making Improve ments. WING ± FARLIN 85 East Washingion-st., Room 4. FOP. sale—or exchange-nice HOUSE IN Glencoe; two-story house, well, cellar, cistern, etc. Corner lot. 100x150. near church, tschool. store, and de pot; $2,500, MORTON CULVER, JC3 Bandolph-st., Room 4. 17>OU SALE-AT EVANSTON-HOUSES WITH MOD ; ern Improvements. Lots in any of the village. Blocks or acres nt North Evanston. Will build houses to suit customers. For rent. f*crural tlrst-claas booses. HENRY U. KIDDER. 48 Clark-gt.. For sale-excellent houses at ravens wood and Summerdflle on easy terms; lake water; frequent trains; low fares. A. BENNETT, Agent, southeast corner Monroe and Market-sts. COim'TEV BEAL ESTATE. FOR SALK—SECURE HOMES WHILE YOU CAK- For a few days only, rome choice improved farms In Kansas at wild land prices and terms, to Industrious married Germans who can giro good references as to character and habits. The*** farms are in thickly settled counties and are In orderfur Immediate occupa tion; titles perfect. They an; going fast, so apply at once to J. K- O. SHERWOOD, with W. J. Barney, No. 27 Tribone Building. : For sale-desirable residence with all nece*«ir7 conveniences, choice fruit, etc. Win sell or trade for land or stock of goods. Address RICH ARD CARROLL, Sheldon. 111. FINANCIAL, Advances made on watches, jewelry, diamonds, revolvers, «pera-cln.»*ea. books, fur?. Instruments, etc., etc., at GOLDSMID’S Loan and Bullion Office, 99 East Madlson-st. Cash paid for old gold and sliver, gold dust, silver bars, precious stones, and valuables of every description. Unredeemed pledges for sole. Advances made on diamonds, watches, bonds, etc., at LAUNDERS’ private office. I2ol?an rtoiph-st., near Clark, Rooms 5 and Q. Established 1854. For salk-fibst-rate secured note of $l,lOO, due In October, 187 a 10 per cent interest. Wanted— $2.0002. 3, ors years on land In Will County, 111, valued at over ?io,OOO. Principals only apply. A. P. DOWNS a CO.. No. 102 Washington-et.. itoomlS. Money to loan on real estate in cm* capo and vicinity; tstproved preferred. MEAD & COE. 155 LaSalle-ft. ■\fONEY TO LOAN ON IMPROVED CITY PROP -ITJL «rty, in sums of si,uooand upwards, at 8 to 10 per cent. Inquire at Union Trnst Co., 135 South Clark-st. Money to loan-in sums of aw,, $1,500, $2,000. etc., on Chicago teal estate. I want none but the best securities, and will make In terest and expenses correspondingly low. SAMUEL GHER, Mortgage Loans. rpo LOAN-MONEY AT LOW RATE, IN ANY X amount, on both city and farming property; also, building loans. W. E. WEBB. 109 Dearborn-st. rpo LOAN-PERSONS HAYING A SURPLUS OF JL merchandise or other goods, and need money for short time, can make advantageous arrangemeuu for funds with THOMAS A. HILL. 123 Dearborn-st. To loan-money on furniture, pianos, warehouse receipts, and other pood collaterals. JAS. B. STOREY. Private Banger. fttLaSallc-st.. Boom 25. TirANTED—SMALL LOAN ON S LOTS AT LAWN VV dale, or would sell low. Address J. K. ANDER SON, 86 Dearborn-st. 8 PER CENT FUNDS TO LOAN ON CHICAGO real estate; money here; low commission. TCTJ NER & BOND. Kcl Wnsmngton-Bt. 8 PER CENT AND 9 PER CENT—MONEY TO LOAN In snow of S4.ooord(l upwards on Chicago real es tate. H, W. HYMAN, JR.. A CO., Room 11. 155 La- SaJle-st. nn-$m sgoo to loan on houses on oXI/U leaeedlots or any other security; short time. IRUESDELL & DROWN, 103 Flfth*av. (&O TO «3.000 TO INVEST IN A GOOD live business, or would loan above out and work on a salary, bya live yoongbuslness man; shysters need not answer. F 70, Tribune office. nnn-SI.OOO, SPOO. AND OTHER SUMS TO L/i/U suit, to loan at current rates. TURNER ' BOND, 102 Washlngton-st. Al A Ann SUMS TO LOAN ON productive OXU.UUU city real estate at 8 per cent Interest and 1J« per cent commission. WILLIAM LINDSLEI, Room 14 Methodist Chnrcb Block. BUSINESS CHANCES. AN INTEREST IN A PRACTICAL CAR STARTER for sale, which Is fully secured by letters patent. Liberal arrangcmenlawlllDcmade with parties having means and Influence. A working model exhibited- Call or address, stating where an Interview can be had, J. CLAUSE, 31 South Can&l-st.. Chicago. ■ A DRUG STOKE FOR SALE, IN A THRIVING town of 1,200 Inhabitant*, about 90 miles from Chicago, on the line of a leading railroad; will be sold at a bargain. Apply to LORD, SMITH & CO., Chi capo. __ A STEADY MAN WITH SMALL CASH CAPITAL can secure half Interest In nice, profitable busl ncss. 106 East Randolph-sL, Room 20. A RARE CHANCE FOR AN ACTIVE BUSINESS man who Is capable of earning from $2,000 to $5,000 per year. Address, with reference, stating fully business experience, C 77. Tribune office. Drug store for salb-in one of the most prosperous and growing cities of 10.000 popula tion In Rllnole; the slock Is complete: store has mod ern conveniences, and has been established fifteen years; does the leading business In the city; long Mease at low rent; price, slo,oooca>b. Addrc&M DRUGGIST, care Lord. Smith & Co., Chicago. PUBLIC HOUSE ON THE CORNER OF DEARBORN and Jackson-tw., opposite the new Custom-House, for sale, la doing a good transient business. __ TO TRAVELING SALESMEN WHO ARE Asso ciated wit h the grocery trade, to buy half Interest In a useful and rapid-selling Implement used by grocers. Apply basement 210 LaSallo-st., or I*. O. BoxSai. WANTED-A MAN WITH SMO CASH. I VKL offer a splendid chance to make money. Basinets legitimate and big profits. Address A 81, Tribune of flee. HOVSEHOtB GOODS* Bargains in chamber suits- Walnut suit—bedstead, dressing-bureau, and bedstead $ 30 Marble-top chamber suit, three pieces. 45 Handsome dressing-case, bedstead, and wasntand, latest style • * 65 Elegant suits, three pieces, with dressing-case, large mirror and fine marble Splendid walnut suit, three pieces....... 100 R. T. MARTIN, 154 State-st. Elegant sas parlor suits-we have a few very rich and elegant parlor suits, covered In finest quality gllk brocade, brown and gold, crimson and gold, or green, made In the best manner, and fully equal to any tn the market. Price s2.w per suit of seven pieces; well worth donble the money. B. T. MARTIN. 154 State -st. Handsome parlor suits of walnut, with French walnut panels and coverings of wool terry, English terry, ratio, haircloth, silk. etc., at 535, SSO. 505. 575. £IOO. li. T. MARTIN. 154 Statc-st. OUR WOVEN WIRE MATTRESSES AND PEER less cabinet beds are the best in the market. Ask for them. WHITTLESEY & PETERS, 131 East Mad iso n-st. _ Parlor suits- IN ENDLESS VARIETY. LATEST STYLES. BEST QUALITY, SILK BROCADE, SILK BROCA.TELLE, SILK PLUSH, TERRY. sat hXir-cloth. PHICES, STORAGE. CTOBAGE—FURNITURE AND MERCHANDISE O stored on East Washlngton-st.; chargesjery low. Money advanced on goods. THOMAS A- HILL, 123 De&rbom-st, OTOBAGE—FURNITURE, BUGGIES. AND MER- O chan disc stored la fire-proof warehouse. 160 West Mooroe-st. Lowest charges. Money advanced on easy terms. TO KENT-HOUSES. rrto BENT— THE TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT X octagon-front brick No. fl<K* Sedgwlck-st., corner of Centre, one block wen from Lincoln Pork; all modern Improvements, Including furnace. For term* apply toe. C. HOLTON, Nos. 225 and 227 State et., or 708 North Wella-st. npO RENT-A FIRST-CLASS HOUSE. WITH 18 X rooms and two bath-rooms, three-story and base ment, Vermont marble front. 509 West Adama-st., cor ner of Laflln-st. Inqnlreof CUAS. W. PARKER. 127 LaSuilc-et., basement. rpO REST—THE 3-STOUY AND BASEMENT MAU- X Me-front houre, 3' Twcntr-f.fth-sf. House In per* feet repair: has cell modern improvements, furnace, etc.: rent SOO per month. C. U. & G. C. WALKER, 19 Chamber of Commerce. OX) UENT-1 WILL RENT VERY CHEAP THE X elegant residence 879 Wabash-av.; also the 9-story and basement brick 845 Mlchlgan-av. H. S. EVER HART, Itoom l, 84 WaaMngtoa-st. rPO RENT-TERMS LOW TWO-STORY AND X basement brick bouse, with all modern conven iences, near Lincoln Park and Clark-st. cars. Apply on premises. No. 404 Belden-av.. or at Room 27 Major Block. 143 LcSalle-at. LAWRENCE PROUDFOOT. TO RENT-722 WEST CONGRESS-ST.. CORNER Wlncucster-av.. two-story frame cottage and base ment of 8 rooms and bath-room. C. W. PARKER, 127 LaSalle-at., basement. rpO RENT-NO. 855 NORTH DEARBORN-ST. F X C. TAYLOR, 184!Dcarbom-st. rpo RENT—THE NICE RESIDENCE 291 CAH7MET - 1 three-story barn, containing 3 box stalls and 12 single stalls: and 78 feet of ground. In quire of WM. M. DEE. Franklin and Adams-su. TO RENT—HOUSE 213 NORTH STATE-ST.. COST talnlng ten rooms, with all of the modern Improve ments; has recently been rcfltted and la In complete or der; to rent cheap. ELLIOTT ANTHONY, 05 Dear born-st. rpO RENT-PARTLY FURNISHED HOUSE TO X family of adults: location first-closa; bc*t reference required. Apdly at 258 West Washlngton-st. rpo RENT-314 FULTON-ST.-TWO-STORY HOUSE, X 8 rooms, in good order; rent $25 per month. Aonlr to JOHN DAVIS. 210 West Lake-st. rpO RENT—TWO FINEO-UOOM COTTAGES IN THE X grove at north cltyllmltsforsip, which arc really worth $23. Apply at 125 South ciarK-st.. Room 11. TO RENT— NEAT 10-BOOM BRICK HOUSES IN vicinity of Union Park, with bath, water-closets, etc.; if you wish a nice house In flrst-clasa neighbor hood at a cheap rent call at? Metropolitan Block. rpO RENT—FOR ONLY S2O per month, 2-storj' and X basement brick residence on Oaklcy-st., between Adams and Monroe-sta., worth s*lo. Apply to H. O. STONE, 140 East Mndtson-st., Room 8. rpO RENT—2BO WEST WASIIINGION-5T.,2-STORT X and basement brick dwelling. 10 room?, every room newly papered and calclmJned, to a responsible party only; notfor a hoarding house. Apply at 286 West Washington-st. 1 rpo RENT-FURNISHED TENEMENT TO SMALL X family; board desired. J. L. WEBSTER, 013 Cot tage Grove-av.. neorThlrty-nlnth-et. rpO RENT-BRICK RESIDENCE NEAR LINCOLN X Park, 10 rooms, (n good order, all conveniences, rent low. C. S. WALLER, 41 Clark-fit., Room H. r|X) BENT—NICK HOUSE, JI2O MICHIGAN-AV., X andfttWlnnetka,nichwood,HlghlaiidPark; seven trains dully. MEAUS, 4tl Reaper Block. rpO RENT-TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT. OCTA- X pon-fmnt, brick house, 654 West ilonroe-st. Ap ply on the premises. rpo RENT-NEW OCTAGON BTONK-FRONT. TWO- X story, attic, and basement: 14 rooms, laundry, hot and cold water, bath, water-closets, etc.; bay window, beautiful front lawn, large double lot, with brick barn, tile sidewalk, shade trees, etc. Northeast corner Car* roll-av. and Sheldon-st. Lor/ rent to a good tenant. Inquire at Uoom 7 Metropolitan Block. rpo KENT-A FIRST-CLASS RESIDENCE. WITH X all modem Improvements, beautiful shade-trees, preen yard, brick bam, can be had at Ko. 9 South May st.. cheap. rpO RENT—2-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK X house. 1350 Pralrle-av. Rent very low. PARKING* TON & HACKNEY. 105 Washington-fit. TO BENT-IG2 FORREST-AV. D. J. LAKE, Suburban* TO RENT—IN NORTH OR WEST EVANSTON, houses of from & to 8 rooms, at one-third the ordi nary price; good houses of 7 rooms, near church, school, and depot, at $8 por month; also good cottages of 5 rooms for ?'» per month, to parties who will pay yearly In advance. These houses formerly rented for $lO and $25 per month. Douses in good order, and pood garden with each one. C. E, BROWNE, 100 Ftfth*ay. _____ rpO RENT—DESIRABLUSE HOE AT RAVESS- X wood. $25; 2 houses at Summerdale. S2O each. A. BENNETT, Agent, southeast corner of Monroe and Market-sts. rpo RENT-AT HINSDALE. DESIRABLE HOUSE X with extcDi-lvo grounds, etc.; $25 per month, half mine. S. G. SEATON. American Express ogee. v TO KF.NT-KOO.HB. TO RENT—FRONT ROOMS SUITALE FOR LADIES or gentlemen at 10 SUerman-st., between Jackson and Van Buren-fits., near Rock Island depot. Tran* sjenu taken. rpO RENT—WELL-FURNISHED. WARMED ROOMS, X $3.50 to $7 a week. Reiiglo-Phllosophlcal Publish* log House. 127 Fourth-ay. two blocks south Foat-Odlce. rpo RENT—IO OR 20 WELL-LIGHTED ROOMS M adapted for renting famished rooms. Iftakenwlth store would make a snug hotel. Apply In store, 370 State-at. rpO RENT-WELL FURNISHED AND DESIRABLE X rooms for gentlemen. In a atone house on Michigan* &▼., near Thirteenths. Good table board In adjoining house. Address D sc, Tribune olllce. TO RENT-NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM with closet; suitable for 2 gents; bath-room on Bame iloor. Call at 215 IlUnois-st,, near Dearborn. rpo RENT—FRONT ROOM WELL FURNISHED IN X private family to man and wife or 2 gentlemen; first-class. 41 Carpcnter-st., near Washington. rrO RENT-FURNISHED BOOMS AT NOS. 155 AND X 157 Fifthly. TO OFFICES, JBTC. Stores. TO REST—STORES 202 AKD 20t JACKSON-ST., near Fl/th*ar., wither without power. SSO per month. C. H- &O. C. WALKER, 13 Chamber of Com* mcrcc. M\) REST—STORE 208 3IADISONST. LOCATION' X first-class. Apply to J. H. ANDREWS, 134 Clark st., Room 5. fPO REST—3IS PER MONTH WILL RENT LARGE X brick store comer of Ogden-av. and Taylor-st. In* quire on premises. Offices. TO RENT—CHEAP. AT 126 SOUTH CLARK-BT., 3 law offices, 13x28. P. D. HAMILTON, liooml. 126 Ciurk'se. rpo UENT-BY 11. C. MOKET, 95 CLARK*ST.,THE X fine double office,northwest corner Clark and Mad* Ison*»ts., formerly occupied by Justice Wallace; other offices In some block. rpO RENT—FINEST AND CHEAPEST DESK-ROOM X In Chicago, with fine folding desk, for 86 per month. Apply to E. E. RYAN A CO., 210 LaSalle-st., comer Adams. miscellaneous. TO RENT- FIVE LOTS ON THE CORNER OF Reach and Mather-sta., with side-track, suitable for lumber, coal, or wood-yard. C. H. AG. C. WALKER, 13 Chamber of Commerce. rpO RENT-DOCK-150 FEET FRONT ON SOUTH X Branch, near Polk-st bridge. Apply to C. D. *G. C. Walker, 13 Chamber of Commerce. TO RENT-TUE LARGE LIGHT BASEMENT COB* ocr of Wabsh*ar. and Adams-st. 40x70 feet. A splendid location for lager beer saloon: Immediately opposite the central entrance of Exposition Building. Apply to GEO. G. NEWBERRY, Rooms 8 and 0 Bryan Block. rpo RENT-THE ADELPHI THEATRE IS OFFER* X ed for rent for three or k!x months from date, with scenery and properties complete. Seating capacity, 3,350. Parties desiring of leasing will please addre*« Immediately to W. P. GBA\, Receiver, Adelphl Theatre. WANTED—TO BENT. Wanted— to bent—by james h. hill, real Estate and Renting Agent, houses of 10 to 12 rooms on South Side, ranging In price from 820 to seo per month, for customers. Houses left with me to rent will receive pr.,rapt attention and liberal advertising. JAMES H -HILL. 94 Dearborn st.. Room 4. WANTED— TO KENT—3 OR 4 ROOMS SUITABLE for gentleman and wife for housekeeping, between Fulton and Jackson, and Green and Throop. K ioo, Tribune office. WANTED— TO RENT—A GOOD HOUSE IN DE* sirs Wo location. Will not pjy over 850 per month: state location, number of rooms, etc. Address MOR RIS. coreF. L. Fake*Co.. 88Wafihington-st. music ax* A CHANCE TO BUT A FINE PIANO AT A LOW PRICE. OUB RECENT PURCHASES FOR CASH ENABLE US TO OFFER ELEGANT NEW PIANOS— HALF REGULAR PRICES. . R. T. MARTIN. 154 STATIST., BETWEEN MADISON A MONROE, x** iYeadquartkrs FOR BARGAINS IN PIANOFORTES. KO AGENTS, COMMISSIo:f a NO MISREPRESENTATION. ONE LOW CASH PRICE, ABSOLUTE SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. AN IMMENSE STOCK. ELEGANT NEW PIANOS i BY VARIOUS CELEBRATED MAKERS? ? yj. NEWEST LMPHO YEMENI'S: TEARS GUARANTEE WITH EACH. PACKING AND SHIPPING ATTENDED TO. R. T. M ARTIA, _ ___ A PROFESSOR OF MUSIC RESPECTFULLY So licits a position as organist. Best of reference*. Address C li. 02 Twenty-nlnth-st. T>ARGAIN3 IN ORGANS-SEVKRAL NEW OB- I'S cans by Smith American Co., X- spang, Black Or gan Co., SHS. 5100. $125. R. T. MARTIN. 154 State-sL miifi HARDSLAK . X HAS ALL NEW IMPROVEMENTS. CHEAPEST FIRST-CLASS PIANO FOR SALE ONLY BY _ „„ R. T. MARTIN. 154 9TATE-ST. WILL BUY A GOOD SECOND-HAND OiUU piano-forte In perfect order, with stool and civer. R. T. MARTIN. 154 State-st. _ fttxcyj A WILL BUY A FINE TONE ROSEWOOD 7H octave piano-forte, with agraffe, over hfrunebsss. French action, elegant carrcd legs and lyre- R. T. MARTIN. IS4 Statc-st. FOR SALE* T7OR SALE-SAFE-HERRING’S BEST CHAMPION X S3OO at SIOO cash; la the ball at 102 Eastßan For sale-black hills outfits, camp equipage, tents, blankets. Are-arms, saddles, har ness. etc., at Government Goods Depot, No. 81 Lan dolph-st. , _ For salb-oe excsange-an excursion steamboat and barge. Inquire or address owner. 132 Dearboro-sc.. Room 0. AGENTS WASTED. Agents wanted-for the fac-simile en ctqtlds of the Declaration of Independence In the band writing of Thomas Jefferson: a great curiosity which everybody will buy. Come and see IL Boom 56, 183 Raadolph-sc. GENTS WANTED-TO TAKE AGENT'S GUIDE on Mai s months 3 cents; circulation over 10,000; In 3d voL JAMES P. SCOTT, 69 Dearborn •«. TCANTED-IRALE HELP. Bookkeepers, Clerks, etc. Tt^ANTED—A FIRST-CLAPS SALESMAN’ AND IT traveler. One acquainted with tho glue business S referred. Address with reference# 1151, Tribune of ce. WANTED-AN EXPERT IX FOREIGN CAGES. Bilks, velvets, etc.; to one knowing their busi ness. lady or gentleman, liberal inducements wiu be of fered either commission or part Interest. Address C 73, Tribune office. TfrAXTED—A FIRST-CLASS SALESMAN FOR A Vv retail clothing-store In an Interior city. Apply atKL 12, and 14 lake-*—, until na. m. to-day. WAN TED-A BOOKKEEPER TO TEACH A YOUNG man at his home In the evening. Address, with references, experience, terms, Ac., C 63, Tribune office. TIT ANTED—CLERK, SSO PEP. MONTH, TO A Vv youngroan: answor in own handwriting. Address M 21, Tribune office. Trades* TSTANTED—BLACKSMITHS—TWO GOOD CAR- Vv riage ironers can find permanent employment at our shop. "WINCHESTER* PARTRIDGE Maaufac turing Company, "Whitewater, TV is. XIIT ANTED—A MAS TO TAKE CHARGE OF A VV small sash, door, and blind factory, where the best class of work Is made; mutt be a thorough, good mechanic, a live man. and understand machinery; none other need apply. Address K 97. Tribone office. ■firANTED-A THOROUGHLY EXPERIENCED PA v v pcr-cutter: none but such as have had long ex perience in cutting paper for cylinder presses need an ply. Position permanent. HAND. McNALLY & CO. TCTANIED-TWO GOOD HOUSE TRIMMERS VV Apply to RUSSEL & SMITH. Builders, 03 Wash- Ington-st. _ TfTANTED—ANT HUMAN BRING WITH BRAINS v t can make SSOO a month selling onr letter-copying book. Any one that bos a letter to write will buy it. No press or water used. Send for circular. Excelsior Company, 16 Tribune Building. Tf/’ A >*’ T E l >- JI EN to sell centennial NOVEL vv ty tool, chromos, needles. and jewelry. Amcr lean Novelty Company, 113 EastMadlson-st., Room 19. 'V\T ANTED—2S ENERGETIC MEN WITH $lO CAP vv Ital to clear $5 a day for 00 days; no humbug. Apply at once at 354 and sao Carroll-av. TIT ANTED—COLORED HEAD TYA ITER AND DIN v» Weshlngton-st. TVTANTED—A NO. I CANVASSERS FOR EVERY vv town and county in the country to sell Crandal’a fire extinguisher, sprinkler, and washer. Good men can make sls daily, F. STONGES «t CO., sole maaa factnrcra, 72, 74, and 70 Lake-st., Chicago. WANTED— MEiN OF GOOD ADDRESS, FROM 30 to 45 years of ace, to go to Michigan to solicit or ders for our large medical work. To men of ability, who, after a few mouths’ experience, can take entire charge cf territory, and employ men, we will pay a liberal salary; must bring first-class references. Ad dress, stating age and experience. W. j, HOLLAND A CO.. Chicago. WANTED— MEN; WE WANT TO GIVE 5.000 trial package*, worth £2 each, to .1,000 men who wish to tn the heat paying business In the United States. We guarantee lire men 870 per week during the year. If unemployed, write to KAY &CO-. Chicago, 111. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN THAT UNDER* stands making ice cream, and make himself use ful. An Italian preferred. References required. MUL LENjte SEVERN. Lockport. 111. \\T ANTED—A LIVE YOUNG MAN WHO MEANS U business, and positively has $l5O cash, to manage our branch business In Cincinnati. Room S 3 Exchange Building, comer Washington and Clark**!*. ■\\TANTED—AN ENERGETIC MAN WITH A FEW Tf hundred dollars cash. A good opportunity; par* tlculars. Adams House, Harrison and Clark, office. WANTED—AN OFFICE BOY WHO WHITES A i» fair hand, resides with parents, U honest, and willing to work for small salary. Address, stating age. Kfifl. Trlbane office. W.OTED-FE3IALE HELP, TV/"ANTED—FIRST-CLASS FAMILIES. HOTELS it and boarding-houses can be suited at once with reliable cooks and housework girls at MRS. BAKER’S offices. The help that calls at ray offices. It Is true, want good wages, but they are competent and deserve first-class places. Ido a great business, and every good servant Snows It, and comes to me for a place. Help furnished to all ports of the city and country. Please call or address a) State-fit., In casement, or 4if> Wa bash-av. Conducted solely by me. MRS. BAKER. WANTED- AN EXPERIENCED GERMAN OR Bohemian girl for general housework In a small family. Apply at 333 Vernoo-a r, TAT - ANTED—A GERMAN. SWEDE, OR NOUWE iV gfan girl for general housework. References re quired. Inquire at 315 FuJton-st. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO* GENERAL HOUSE work at R irvlng-plaec, first street west o£Leavltt st.. and running sonth from Monroe-at. ■\Tf ANTED—GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK. VV Also, small nurse-girl. Germans or Swedes. At 378 West Monroe-fit. "Wf ANTED—A NEAT. COMPETENT COLORED TV girl for general housework. Apply at 23* Os* den-av. WANTED-AT EVANSTON-A COMPETENT GIRL for general housework. Applyat J 33 Clark-st., second floor. WANTED— A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work, and a girl to take core of children, at 44 Oak-av., Cottage Grove. WANTED-A GOOD GENERAL HOUSE SERVANT atflOflLake-av., nearEgan-ar. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE work, Scandinavian or German: must be a good cook and laundress; reference* required. Call at 1172 Indlona-av. from 10 to 12 Saturday morning. Vf WANTED—A GOOD GERMAN OR SWEDE GIRL VV to assist at laundry work. Call for three days at I73Elghtecntb-pt.. fronting on Butterfield. TXT ANTED-A GENERAL SERVANT IN A SMALL i Y family. Apply ac 1«4 Vlnceanca-av. WANTED-A THOROUGHLY-COMPKTENT GER man second girl at 1063 Mlchlgan-av.; best city references required. . . ■\TTANTEI>—A FIRST-CLASS COOK, AND LAUN vv dress; one folly competent will Oml a goodhome In family of three persona. Call at 3SB Oblo-st. T|TANTED—AT 221 SOUTH SANOAMON-ST., A Tt first-class second glrL Permanent place*, good wages. - TXrANTED-UNE BONNE CUISINIEP.E SACHANT t I laver ct repasser et unc fine de chambre sachnnt comire- lea deux Frahcalsw. pour one familla prlro de trots personnes. S’adresscr, avec references* 359 Oblo-st. lOiscellnneoQß. - TXTANTED-IMMEDIATELT-FIRST-CLASS MIL \ V Ilnery saleswoman; must have city experience and Influence; others need not apply. CAKaON, PIRiE d: CO.. Madison and Peoria-sta. HORSES AM) CARRIAGES* Auction sale of livery stable and the livery stock formerly contained lu the stable 210 Blue Island-av. at Wren it Co.’s. 1&2 and 104 SVaah- Ington-BL. whore the stock can be wen nntll rtav of sale. Monday, May 22, atio a. m. The stock consists of 12 horses, l clarence, 2 close coaches, 1 open bar ouche, 1 six-seated park phaeton. 8 top and 5 open buggies, I express wagon, 1 two-seated open wagon, 2 sets of carriage harness, 2 sets of light double and 12 ecu of single harness, robes* blankets, hay-cutter, office furniture, etc., also an Imported Irish Jaunting cor. with harness to match, also the stable building on .eased Tot next dajvTuesday. May 23, at ll a. m., at 210 Blue Uland-av. WHEN it CO., Auctioneers, 193 and 104 Waahlngton-st. : Auction —Tuesdays. Thursdays, and Saturdays—Horses, carriages, and harness a spe cialty. ot WESTON & CO.’S. Nos. 19C and IDS East Wosmajrton-rt. Ample time given to test all horaei gold under o warrantee. Stock on hand at private sale. Auction sales of horses, buggies, cab liases, harness, etc,. Monday?. Wednesdays, and Fridays, commencing at XO a. m. WEEK & CO., 183 and It* Washiopton-et. A FANCY PLATFORM SPRING WAGON SUITA* ble for cigars, candle? and notions. Will soli cheap. Inquire at 271 East Madtaon-st. IPAST HOUSES FOR.SALE, CONSISTING OF ONE X 1 bay gelding 7 years old, blood bay, black points, heavy mane and tall, kind and gentle: can poll a buggy In 2:30; half brother to Little Longfellow, tbe most promising horse In Illinois. Also, a fast pacing mare, chestnut color, right-band leg white and stripe in face, 6 years old, a perfect beauty; can beat any horse lu Chicago, pacer or trotter, barring the pacer Jeff Davis, that is used and driven by Doc Olio, and be is for sale also, and Jeff Is tbe boss of the world on the roads. Also. a big concher, 16 bands high, sorrel, henry mane and tall; along with several other steppers. Apply to PHILIP CQNLTN, LaSalle, 111. FOR SALE-SIXTEEN HEAVY DRAFT HORSES from the pineries; also twenty country horses, at S. F. WRIGHT’S Livery and Sale Stable, at 250 Kinzle. For sale-chraf-truck. and neably-new double harness at 925 South Halstcd-at. ■ For sale—a first-class turnout, con filstlnpof a Qret-class aide-bar top-buggy, rubber trimmed harness, and horse, can travel much better than 3 minutes, warranted sound and fearless cf noth ing, 6 years of age. Sold for no fault, only the owner has no use for it. Apply at sis Wabash-ar. I7INBST STOCK OF EXPRESS AND DELIVERY 1 wagonglutowa cheap; will trade for plastering. Please call and examine: all seasoned stock. MAR TIN’S carriage shop* 47 wella-st* For sale-a pike gentlemans driving Horse. Bay— B year* old—perfectly reliable, and very fast and stylish. No trade wanted. JAMES H. HILL, 94Dccrboro8t., between 11 and 12 a. m. T Ail OFFERING MY STOCK OF CARRIAGES X and bougies at a sacrifice to close up my business. Noe. 10 and 12 EaetWaablngton-st.. H. B. HILL. ■MATCHED BLACK HORSES AT AUCTION, ill Saturday, May 13, at ii* o'clock, we will tell la rear of our auction house a pair of lanre and styllub black carriage horses, loos tails. They will drive single; well broke, and are not afraid of anything. At same time a black horse with buggy ami harness. W. A. BUTTERS 4 CO.. US and 120 Wabasb-av. PASTURAGE— 300 ACRES HORSE PASTURAGE In Lake View, I mile north of city limits and one fourth of a mile vest of Gracelond road, by JOHN LAGEMAN. X 54 STATE* ST. TirANTED—A TV*ORK AND DRIVING HORSE, VV about 1.100 pounds, la exchange for lumber wagon or merchandise. 6tt West Monroe-st. to-day. &aa WILL BUY A HORSE. WAGON, AND HAR -S&OU ness, with express-license. If taken to-day. at riASH PAID FOR BOOKS. MAGAZINES, MUSIC; O ss paid for Webster's Dictionary. CHAPIN’S Origi nal Ola Book Store, 91 Madlsoa-st.,opp. Tribune Build ing. TTILL’S MANUAL. $4; PICTURESQUE AMERICA, XX sl3: Portrait Gallery, 60 numbers, $5; Prehistoric Times. $3; Benton. 30 years, 2 vola., $3.50; Chambers* Cyclopedia. £23. Cosh paid for old book*. MILLER'S Cheap Book Store, 103 Madlson-st. TinXSON 4 BONAPARTE AMERICAN ORNITHOL- Vv ogy. 3 yols., quarto colored Plates, s4o:Braltb* walte’a Retrospect, 54 vola., S4O: Medical and Surgical History of tbe Rebellion, 2 vola., S2O: afine collection of choice English books at very reasonable prices. W. T. KEENER, 93 Dearbom-st. OR SOUTH CLARK-ST., BETWEEN RANDOLPH Ol) and Lake—Cash paid for libraries or small lou of books; $5 for Webstera Dictionary, CHAPIN. PARTNERS WANTED. ■DARTNER WANTED—LADY OR GENTLEMAN, XT with about 5200 capital: tbe business will pay at least 3.-.0 per cent on capital Invested; abome can be given to a lady if desired. Call 371 North Frankiln-st. PARTNER WASTED-WITH $3,000 TO ,63,000 cash to a manufacturing business, Pronu 100 per cent. Machinery and engine In pood mnnlnaorder, best references, larse trade established; need more capital. Address A B, 193 West Madlson-tt., front room, third door. ISlscellaneoaf. Domestics, BOOKS. NrmTIONS WAXTED-JULE. Bookkeepers, Clerks* etc* QITUATION WANT ED-A YOUNG MAN' 07 20 1-1 O desirous of learning some wholesale boslaesi: will work cheap for a permanent situation. Good refer* encca. Address E 23. Tribune office. SITUATION "WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN CAPA bIe and willing to take any position from porter to bookkeeper. Address F 4, Tribune office. qituation wanted-as BOOKKEEPER OB COR- O responding clerk la a wholesale house or Insurance otfiev, by a married man 43 yean old. Has been nlca years In present position. Address E 97. Tribune office. Coachmen, Teamsters, etc* QITUATION WANTKD-BY A YOUNG MAN (DASB> O as coachman; understands the care of horses and carriages, and la willing to make himself useful. Strictly temperate. Address B 42; Tribane office. miscellaneous. SITUATIONS WANTED—BY MAN AND WT7K p without chlldrea (Danish); wife n good cook and housekeeper; roan to take care of horses and cows. Hal. Tribune office. SITUATION WAKTED-BT AN EXPERtEKCED reporter n. Chicago correspondent for one or two “”jacsS!S Wera - Adilrea, REPORTER. Boom 8, O married man (no children); understands the bust ncM;P«t of reference, (rlren. Xnoalns nt Room OS. No. 116 East Mashlngtoq-st. SITUATIONS VTA.\TED-FE!fL\LE. Bomesilcs* SITUATION WANTED—BY A CTRL WHO 13 steady and reliable, to do general housework la a private family; none need answer who have not a per manent place, or who hare new girls every few months; good city reference. Address until Saturday evening I* 60, Tribune office. QITUATION WANTED-AS COOK IN A NICE PRI- O rate family. Pleaao call at 333 Founb-av., near Fourtecnth-su Housekeepers* QITUATION WANTED-BY AN EDUCATED LADT O to take full charge of a house where there is a ser vant kept, and where there iv a child preferred, oraa companion. Best of reference given and required. Address B 52, Tribune office. Employment Agencies. QITUATIOXS WANTED—FAMILIES IN WANT 07 O good Scandinavian and German female help can bo supplied at Mrs. DUSKE’S office. 80Milwaukce-av. QITUATIONS WANTED—LADIES IN WANT 07 O good servants can save themselves time and money by calling on Mnu LATUISE, 3Ai West Madlson-st. QITUATIONS WANTED—LADIES DESIRING COM -0 petenl female servants of any nationality remember 1 now have facilities for the benefit of families residing on the North, South, and West Sides, where 1 will-bo thankful to receive oil who will favor me. Call at 449 Ease Dlvlslon-st.. North Side, and branch IdOFLfth-av., Miss CUNNINGHAM’S Employment Offices. BOABDIi'KG AXD LODGING. sontn side* r?n VAN BURF.N-ST.. NEAR STATE—BOARD FOR IQ ladle* or gentlemen; $4 to $5 per week, with us* of piano. mFUANKLIN-ST.. BETWEEN >L\DISON AND Washington—Single and double rooms, with board and use of bath-room. £5 to £6 per week. COO WABASH-AV.. NICELY - FURNISHED OOJj rooms tor rent cheap, with or without board j references exchanged. OA7 WABASH-AV.-PLEASANT BACK PARLOR OQI at £lO per week for two with board: also, room for £9 per week. QQf* WABASII-AV.-TO KENT. SINGLE OR E>T Ut/U suite, furnished rooms with board; day-board era wanted; no objection to children. West Side* CO SOUTH CARPENTEP.-ST.—FIRST-CLASS FCB« UO nlshed room* with board. OAQ WEST LAKE-ST.—COMFORTABLE HOME; AjUO room* and board SS per week, without board only $2 per week. J. DAVIS. Proprietor. onn WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—TO RENT WITH mVKJ board, one large and small room on second Hour, north front; also I largo room back, on sama floor; also back parlor and hall-room. Xorth Side* nr: north clark-st.-good board wits VO single and double rooms, cheap. Call and see. Hotels. TVTEVADA .HOTEL, US AND 150 WADASH-AV. Xi between Madison and Monroe-sts. -First-claw board with room, £1.50 to £2 per day. $6 to $S per week? day board £4.50 per week. rXXFORD ROUSE, MADISON-ST. AND WABASH \J av.— New house, elegant new fnmlture; house will be kept respectable; table all that can be desired; En glish cooking; terms very reasonable; day-board, £4.SO. Country. T> ARTIES VISITINQ THE EAST THIS STBDfEB, JL will find large, airy rooms, and superior table at 42 West TMrty-sivth-st., New Tort City; house an«f appointments first-class; term*, $3-60 per day; highest reierencea. T>OOMS WITH BOARD AT RIVERSIDE FOR JX gentlemen and their wives at reasonable rates. Ad dressßox 38 Riverside. HI. BOARD WANTED. Board-in a first-class private family bygentlcman and wife: desirable front rooms on second floor, the comforts of a home, and references given and required. Address A 92. Tribune office. LOST AND FOUND, IF THE PERSON WHO STOLE MT OVERSACK on the llth from Room fi, 82 Dcarborn-st., will re turn. contracts and paper In the pocket* no question* will be asked. M. 11. HALL. Room 6. tcDearbom-at. T OST-ON WEDNESDAY IN THE VICINITY OF J_i Wobash-ar. or Vanßtrren-rt., a oocketbook diary, valuable only to tbe owner, who will liberally reward finder If returned to 202 Mlchlgan-av. Lost pockktbook containing sk in* money and check on First National Bank for $lB3, payable to the order of S- P. Wilson, .and other valu able papers, among which is the manifest of the sco?p S. F. W llsoo. The finder can keep the money If thef will return the papers to the Tribune office. Capt. j. ANDERSON* T OST-OLD LADY WITH A BLACK DOG. SEND ±j word to Wabash-nv., Room 2. LOST— $5 REWARD-ON FRIDAY MORNING BE* tween Caiumet-av.. Field. Letter it Co.’*, Goss age's, the Pacific Hotel. Tremont Douse, and tna Tribune office, a Roman coin slccre button, set In gold. A reward of $5 will be paid for its return to tbe Tribune counting-room. LOST-ON 3IAT 11. A BULL DOG; YELLOWISH! white: any Information will be suitably rewarded at City Savings Bank, 178 East Washlagton-st. 13 EWARD—STRAYED FROM BARN 950 PRAIRIE- Xv bt.. last night, a bay marc about ISK bands high, four white feet and star In forehead, tail banged. X suitable reward will be paid for information or return to WILLIAM CHISHOLM, northeast corner Madison and Dearbom-st*. CTRATED-OR STOLEN-FROM 804 MICHIGAN- O ay.. Thursday morning. May 20, a red and white cow with a rope twisted around her boros. Any one re turning said cow or can give any Information where she can be found will be suitably rewarded. CTHATED-FROM THE OWNER. AT NOON TO- O day, near W'eils-st. bridge, a medium-size coach dog, nearly white, with a few black spots, bob-tall, small dark ears, black nose, and a light leather strap buckled around tbe neck. A liberal reward will be> paid for any information at office No. 1 East Klnzle-st. <fi£nn REWARD WILL BE PAID FOB THE AP-i tjptJUU prehension ol De La Santa, who it Is sup-: nosed left the city some time since for parts unknown. The above reward will be paid by the proper authori ties. they being Informed that be la the party who or dered tbe walls and fences about tbe city disfigured by painting upon tbe same, “Tolletlne for the Com plexion," In violation of the law protecting natural scenery. The public will, by lending lu assistance la this ease, aid largely In bringing to Justice the chief of-, fender, who doubtless Is executing similar plans la, other elder, and thus make an example for his tmi-( tators. CITY COMMISSIONERS. J niSC£IIAN£OI79« AUCTION-AT 141 SOUTH HALSTED-ST.. AT 71 o’clock p. m- Clearing out sale of balance of stock} of chromes, engravings, etc.; will he sold at public auction without reserve, as we must vacate thehelW-j tng by Monday, May IS. J. L. DEED ± CO*, Auction-1 eers. 4 Advertisers DEsinrso to eejch cocetbtl readers can do ao In the cheapest and best manner; by using one or more sections of Kellogg’s Great Newspaper Lists and State Divisions. For catalogue and map address A. N. KELLOGG, 7U J&ck son-st. Cockroaches, bed-bugs, and moths, ex-5 terminated by contract (warranted). Artislo sold.? information free. ARTHUR OAKLEY, 188 £u« Waahlngton-st., Boom 5. 1 Driving gloves fob gentlemen, of fink 1 and heavy akin*. plain aod fancy styles, on band or; to order. GOETZ, SUte-st. i T IGHT CASTINGS MADE TO ORDER. NICK. Xj japanned castings a specialty. MORRIS IRON; WORKS. Morris, HI. * { TVT OTICE—LAUNDRY—ALL PARTIES WISHING IN to bare good work done will please send la tbclr: orders, or caU at tbe new Stockholm Laundry, js»* North Clark-st, New shirts and ladle*’ clothing la flr»t-claae style. r TIT ANTED—TO PURCHASE— 6-ROOM HOUSE TO‘ VV move off, on West Side. JAMES H- > nT T-, Dearborn-st.. Room 4. f TITAN TED—TO PURCHASE A SOLID GOLD VEST VV chain of from 10 to 14 pennyweights, with charm.< Address, stating price and where It can be seen. Fl 4. , Tribune office. I TITANTED—A BUILDER TO BUILD 4 HOUSES IN V V tbe Quest part of South Side, and take one of the booses In part payment. Extra inducements will b« given to responsible parties. WING A PARLIN, 85 East WaShlngton-st., Room 4. ‘ TIT ANTED—I WOULD LIKE TO FIND THE OWN vv «r or agent for a house on Sbemua-tL, No. IC2. AddrcaaG 10. Tribune office. . TO EXCHANGE. rpO EXCHANGE-NO. I m FOURTH-AV., 2-STORY X frame bouse with brick basement, free of incum brance, for unimproved property, WING A FAKLIN, 85 East Wasblagton-flt.. Room 4. TO EXCHANGE—S2O,OOO IN TOWNSHIP BONDS Issued by one of the beat counties of a Western Slate for dry goods, boota'and shoes, or other personal property. Address JANUARY, Tribune office. rnO EXCHANGE—A STONE-FRONT HOUSE WITH X all modern Improvement* on Pralrie-av., for any good property. Address C 27. Tribune office. WANTED— A FARM OR RESIDENCE NEAfS Minneapolis, Mina.. In exchange for a stone-front residence with ail modern Improvement* on Pralric-av. Address C 27. Tribune office. DIVORCES. Divorces fob incompatibility op tem per, etc.; perfectly legal; no scandal or publicity; residence unnecessary: fee after decree. Box 348 Cbl cago, HI. IVORCES LEGALLY OBTAINED FOB INCGM patlbUJtv. etc.; residence nor personal presence not required: affidavit* sufficient proof; fee after iSectec. Address G. R. SIMS. 85 Wa»blngton-tt.. Chicago. 111. TVVORCES LEGALLY AND QUIETLY OBTAINED Xs In every State of tbe Union for Incompatibility, etc. Residence unnecessary. Fee after decree, years* experience. Address Post-Office Box 1007, Cbl caco. 111. _ EDWCATIOSAI- TIrEST END INSTITUTE. FAMILY SCHOOL FOB W yioSs ladles? 1 Mrs. 3. L. CADY. Principal, K«* Harea, Conn, Send for circular. 3

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