Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 14, 1876, Page 10

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 14, 1876 Page 10
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10 \r. ■ primed. Addrea wltb reference* H 51, TriSmie oi lice. -ITT AKTKU-A J.-0-1 MAN TO FILL THE wgLxgjS \V of cashier; must fnrnlsb Rood reicrenw*.— ui, ud ISvTSUSOB ready money. Addrew J? .6, frlbnne office. ANTED—SCAN'DINAVLAJr DEUO CLECK. AD- Areas C 3, Tribune office. 120. CTrvx-TFn-A SCAN niy ATI AN CLERK IK A “ 372 "ctt ImUina-rt. TrTiVTFD— FXPKBIEKCED SIIIRT SALESMEN CTAIt" SllUtT CO.. 188Deybom-tt. TnrFlvraCrrbVNG lIAK WHO WHITES A GOOD some knowledge of bookkeeping to Tnske himself generally useful around abookWnderr. SuMtawlUlngto work: state wage* wanted, age, and reference. 11U4, Tribune office. OR TOUKGM XS 'WTTH SOiTE \V experience In Crop business; one residing on Korth Side preferred. Address I 3U, Tribune oillce. Trades. ■ W«2g^2s?£SE?t ourxS wiNCIIESTKII & PARTKIPCfc Manufac • taring Company, •Whitewater. TUs. TTTiVTRn— A \ri\' tq TAKE CDAEGE OF-A S W smSPraW door! aid Wind factory, best class of work is made; .must be a thoroucW mechanic. a live man. and iSeoffice 171 other need apply. Address h. 07. Tribune otacu. fn Su'inK 0 paper tor BrUndnr c *g; ply. Petition permanent- I.AMJ. a. ANTED—CAKE BAKEIE. JU’PLV ATBAKEB’ now tilting up 747 West Madlson-st. E i«S ; ■waukce>av. ’MP.AttR. 46 Beaper Block. TrriMTFn TTO CALCD|P^RS» W-gKSr cSat barnln rear U2Soatfararte-»v. TTTAKTED—'TEN SADDLB-MAKEES 03-TKaAS WyorfcTTabaEK & XiEITZ. Bloomington. ML Viraxted-a- cabpentep. of good address W mSSTordcr* for door and window screens. Ad dress E. MeD.. 350 Thlrty-flrst-st., In rear. VttavtED— A .110 USE-MOVER TO REMOVE A W emailframe building. ApplyLake* Kote and Engraving Company, comer Clark and Lake eta. 'ITT'ANTED-PAINTERS AT HIGIfWOOD, TO TAKE \V . cart real -estate and -part cosh; steady GCSTAF STROMEE. IHghwood TVOODaRD, carpenter and bcilder« 112-t M abagh-av. iirAKTBD^FEEDERS MONDAY MORNING AT irHEXlil' BENNETTS planing-mlil,Quiirry-st-aiid Archcr-av. ___— TTTANTZD-CARPENTERS. BRICKLAYERS, AND \\ building materials for cash and good^ear Teal es tate. JOUXr. 'EBEKHABT, 107 Clark-st.. Rooms. TSWANTED—I2 OIL-FINISHERS. , THIS W rooming, between 10 and 12 o’clock. H* 4: M. NEUBERGER& CO.. 167 Bandolph-st. * WANTED-CABBIAGE WOODWORKEP.BLACK- Mnlttu and helper. Comer Canal and Adama-sta. River-si. W ANTED-A GOOD FINISHER ON WOMEN’S sewed shoes at 579 Mllwaukce-ar. TIT - ANTED—TWO GOOD AMERICAN CARPEN- W ten at 126 Elpbtcenth-st. Call between 9 andlO to-day. NICELY BROTHERS. _ TTTANTED—GORDON PRESS FEEDER, TO-MOR VV row (Monday) morning, at Boom 81 Metropolitan Block, northwest corner Randolph and Labaue. WA N TED —CARPENTERS. TO CANVASS AN' take orders for window screens. 35 Ohio-st. TTTANTED —A FIRST-CLASS TRIMMER. AD VV dress M 26. Tribune onice. TTTANTED—GOOD HOUSE PAINTERS, AT 500 W Fulton-st. ; •yyANTED— PAINTERS. 116 SOUTH SANGAMON TTTANTED—PAINTER WHO CAN PAINT COMMON VY. signs. 350h10-st. • TTTANTED—WHITE COOK AND, COLORED HEAD VV waiter and dining-room boys at 36 Last Washing ton-Bt. . TrirANTED—THREE CARRIAGE PAINTERS. W HUNTER*COLWELL, STS Archer-av. • ; _ tiTANTED—PATER RULER AND A GORDON \ V ' feeder at 244 llllnols-st. • TITANIED-A CARRIAGE TRIMMER AT CAR- Tlage manufactory. 173 and 175 Weat Adams-st. TXTANTED-S OR 4 GOOD PAINTERS, >IONDAr W morning. Inquire-at Il3Eastßaadolph-6t. HAD ' BY ALLEN. -TTTANTED—A FIRST-CLASS CLOSE OR HAND ; 'W silver plater, who can drf all kinds of work. nrtmi Silver Plata and Sheet -Metal .Works, 151 South Halsted-st. TTyANTED—SHOEMAKERS TO MAKE TURNED VV cacks. also one heeler on machine work. HALL a Children**Ahoc Factory* lp?.Flfth-ar. .■ TXT ANTED—AN EXPERIENCED STRAW HAT AND W bonnet jJTcascr and blocker. Apply, Monday morn ing at IS2 State-st. ■it TAN TED A BLACKSMITH HELPER. 260 W • yorthTranlcnn-EL 4 IKTANTED—SIX LATHEES AT OXFORD HODSE, W Madison-EL aud Wabasb-av. Apply Monday. XHTANTED—A GOOD CARRIAGE W 400 West Madlaoa-st. TTTANTED—A DOT TO RUB IN FOR AGRAINEB; VV one broke In preferred- Apply at southwest cor octJefferson and ilonroe-fits., between 3 and 4 o clock to-day. employment Agencies* TTTANTED-SOO MEN ON GRADE AT 51.50 PER day: ward *3 per week. Abo, rte-nmkere. saw -2nlU bynrts. farm and section hands. E. G. HAIGiIT, South Water-sl. _ - - TITANTED—LABORERS FOE SAWMILLS, RAIL- W roads, and coalmines; free fare. A partner In a 'bostnesathat pays 100 percent- L. A. ANGEL L, -58 South Water-at. TTTAKTED-50 RAILROAD TEAMS. 50 L ABORERS, W 5 saw-mill and farm laborers, li. F. CHRISTIAN, 341 South Watcr-sL, Room l. miscellaneous* TITANTED-ANY HUMAN BEING WITH BRAINS W can make SSOO a month selling ourlettcr-copymg fcook. Anyone that has a letter to write will buy It. Nouresa or water used- Send for circular. Excelsior Company. 16 Tribune Building. -TIT’ANTED—HOMOEPATHIC PHTSICIA VV High wood; a first rate opportunity. >t gans, 46and 47ReaperBlock. TTTANTED—GENTLEMANLY CANVASSERS TO W travel through Michigan with Leeds Centen nial Engraving, which stands unrivalled for beauty, execution, andprice: exclusive territory given. J. «. TAYLOR. 177 East Madlsoa-st., Room I. : - TTTANTED—SEVERAL SALESMEN OF FIRST \V class experience; none others need apply. Also boyabont 16 years of age with best of references, at FARMINGTON'S. 101 fatete-st. - *IX7ANTED—A MAN WHO IS WILLING TO WORK VV for his board for a few weeksjwlll make him a present besides. Address B 34, Tribune office. TTTANTED—SALESMAN IN PRODUCE COMMIS - slon bouse. 31 ost be reliable and experienced, and dPpffldtTlOOforsecurity. Addresa C BS, Tribune office. TTTANTED—A YOUNG MAN TO ASSIST IN A W photograph gallery. Good opportunity to suitable person. Apply at photograph gallery. No. 129 «eat Sladlson-st. ' TTTANTED—TWO GOOD CITY CANVASSER ON VV commission to sell an A 1 article needed by all using steam >.»»»»*. Address, with references, A 89, rribune office. . TTT ANTED-A MAN WITH EXPERIENCE AS SO- W Uctor to Introduce our publications; talaryor commission: references required- Apply to BAKER, DAVIS & CO., 146 East Madlson-st., Room 16. TTTANTED—A STRONG BOY THAT CAN PLANE VV-»fr Bun and doors. 521 Sonth llalsted-su TTTANTED—A GOOD, STEADY HOTEL RUNNER, VY one who can, speak German and English, at 44 Sher jaan-at. • TITANTED—TRAVELING MEN TO TAKE ORDERS W for a staple article; ready sale ;casQy handled with other goods. Liberal commissions paid. Call at 88 Xtearhorn-su, ground floor.' - WASTED— A BOY TO STRIP TOBACCO FOR Cl car-makers: man be able to read and write Bi* Irtish and apeak German. A good chance to begin the trade. Apply Sunday at IIS North EUzabelh-eL, In the rcarr TTTANTED-A BOV WHO CAS FINISH IS SHEL II lac; must do good work. Call at 67 and 69 Sooth Canal-ft. UEi.LV * GRAHAM. TCTANTED-A RELIABLE YOUNG MAN FOB OF VI ficeworkandthecareof horse and oov. Apply at 79 Aberdccn-su • TXT ANTED—MEN; WE WANT TO GIVE 5,000 VV- trial packages, worth $1 each, to 5,000 men who wish to engage permanently In the best paying business in the United 'States. We guarantee live men S7O per week during the year. If unemployed, write to RAY A CO.. Chicago, HL TTTANTED—A STRICTLY TEMPERATE MAN TO • VV’- drtre an express wagon on shares.' Apply with references to 238 Hastlngs-st. WANTED-MAN TO OPEN A DROG AND DRY goods store at Hlghwood. E. ASHLEY MEANS, 43 Block, comer Clork and Waahlngton-sts. TT TANTED—MAN TO OPEN A FIRST-CLASS MAR VV ket at Hlghwood. E. ASHLEY MEANS, Room 46 jumper Block, corner Clark and Washlngtoa-sts. WANTED-FIRST-CLASS GRAIN SOLICITOR ON abates, by a good commission bouse who want to Inrr-fiP* business. Address A 42. Tribune office. • TTTANTED—YOUNG MAN WITH SMALL CAPI VV tal to travel with first-class company. Call Mon day. B. BATES. Rooms. 183.WestRandolph-fit. TTTANTED—AGENTS; ALSO A PARTNER WITH W gaoo. 175 Sonth Clark-st.. Boom 11. TTTANTED—A MAN OF FAMILY TO TAKE VV charge of a hoarding-house 15 miles from Chicago, where there are from 10 to 100 laboring men boarding. Housekeeping furniture -with bouse. Apply Monday, corner Nineteenth and Blackwell-sta. bTVETT & CROUCH. axted-citt and country salesmen-to rislt the retail grocery trade with tlus best-selling article in the market- Apply at 210 LaSalle-st., base ment office. __ TTTANTKD-A DESCRIPTIVE WRITER.. WITH W references to ability; s3oootssoo required; se curity given- Address D 43, Tribune office. TTTANTED-A FEW YOUNG MEN OF, GOOD AD VV' dress to solicit for a leading Centennial work. In Wisconsin and this State. Apply to MOONEY, Me- GRATU * SMART. Boom 13. 175 South Clark-st. Wr-ASTED—FOTJK YOUNG MBS' TVITU BKA-INS, ■ \V entrey. and slsocash.toroan«se onrbrancni Uiul taM« to Cincinnati. Su Louis. IndUnapolU and EslU- Sore.’ 575 a woet. acre. Room sn. Kmlianse JJulld tofccaroer.VaalitoEton and OarE-ata. Trr ANTED TRAVELING SALESMAN BT A ETOKrr house. Only those nert reply w Mntm) ■ navluu trade and cun fbos it t\ ill not S confidential. Address C. as, Trie uufl ohlc*. =iiT-*WTKI»-GOOD ENERGETIC MEN TO CALL tiling in me market w make <pnat TVANTED-fflAtE HELP. Illisccllaneo ns—Continued- WANTED— CANVASSERS TO SELL SEWlNG machine casters. novddea. photom>h£ transparencies, needles, needle-books, and all the selllogarUclesln the market. C. M- LININGTOJs and 47 Jackson-st., Chicago. ■- TTTANTED—MEN TO SELL CENTENNIAL£OV VV elty took perfame, Chromoa. and Ame Iran Novelty Co.. 113 East Msdlson-rt,, RoomJ9. TtTASTED-A FIftF.MANAT WOODROT^nOT^ \V Wnbash-av. and Twenty-flrst-st... «esny i the right man reference repaired. Call In hasemenu WASTED-A FEW Ah^LAD\ mission. Pilot office. isaLakc-st. T» tlomactlng, singing. J *». |j utirs ya.m to Sl7t l 9 f Em WasUlngum atULYNCH & PARSONS. . TtTiVTFB-A MAN WITH SSOO CASH. 1 WXLIj A SMRT Vrr ANTED-'H) YOUNG MEN TO GO TO THE CEN l&rs send cents to PEAI.CE, CLEiiEM a- cu., cm cago. * vrrANTKD—CANVASSERS FOR FURNITURE RE VV pairing at 184 South Grccn-st. ———— WASTED-FEMAIE HELP# oomcstic9« TtTAXTED— : FIRST-CLASS FAMILIES, HOTELS boardinghouses can be reliable cooto and housework Rlrls at m BAKEK S n n r u The helo that calls at my othces, it is true, want eood traces, but they are competent and deserve oS-dSfpTiSr Idea peat business, and every Rood servant knows It, and comes to me for a place. Help furnished to all parts of the city and call or address o 6 State-sL, In basement. « imAh.ttv. Condacted solely by me. Mlto. BARER, ANTED—AK ESPEKIEKCED GERMAN_OG Botmlanslrlfor Rcneral uouMwottto» mall family. Addlv at 333 Vernon-av. TTTANTEi)—A NEAT, COMPETENT COLORED W girl lor general housework. Apply at 234 Og* den-av. —— TTrANTED—A GENERAL SERVANT IN A SMALL VV fnmllv. Apply at 184 Tlnccnncs-av. TTTiVTcn-A GOOD GIRL TO DO' GENERAL W Apply at 441 West Van Burcn-st. ANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework. Apply at 61 Forrest-av. TTTANTEIN-A GOOD GIRL FOB • W homework in family of four. SS7 W&aah-av. _ Ti r ANTED—A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND W ironcrhTasmall family. German nr Norwegian girl preferred- Apply Monday morning between 10 and 12 at 218 South Morgan-su 1 11 T ANTED A GERMAN GIRL FOB LIGHT >V housework in small family at 104 Twenty-nlntb-si WANTED— GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK at 308 West Jackson-st. __ xtrANTED—A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE- WwortatSo. =9O Warren-ay.. Between Robey and Hoync-su. - TIEANTED-GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK; \V good washer and ironer. Appl> at 124 Fulton-st,, Immediately, ; _ *ITTANTED—GIBL FOB GENERAL HOUSEWORK W family. Call aC-ftret house from dummy road on Dempster place, three blocks north of terminus of Norm Clark-st. limits cars. XT TAN TED—A G IT. L W Apply Monday at 12 South Ctfttls-st. VfT ANTED—GIRL TO COOK, WASH, AND IRON. VV 497 NortbLaSalle-st. TTTANTED —AT 1774 SOUTH HALSTED-ST., A VV German, girl to do housework. . day at 305 Walnut-st. TTXAVTED—A GIRL WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER- U stands cooking, to go 16 miles Incounijr .mer .months; good wages. Apply at office 189 tasi Woshlngtoa-Bt.. Room 8. TTT ANTED—TWO GOOD AMERICAN GIRLS AS AV cook and second work In Uie country. Call at ne West Monroe-st. Good wages. TTTANTED—AT ’ 1063 MICHIGAN-AY., A THOR y\' ougUly competent German second-girl, with good references. _____ IXT ANTED—A FIRST-CLA4«S GIRL (NOT IRISH) \V can find a permanent place, for general house work In small family, hr applying at 498 M»rehfleld-av. TTTANTED—A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE NV work for family of two. Apply at house, Forty third-st.. southeast corner Drexel Boulevard. Wanted— a girl for general housework m private family. Must toe neat and capable. 27C ■ . W ANTED—A GIRL TO COOK. WASH, AND IRON, Apply at 4U7 West Moaroe-st. on Monday. i.T ANTK!>—ANORWEGIANGIP-'i TO DO SECOND W ™rb o 7 llEbt boaseffort. Addreaa 272 West Oblo-sc. . ■XI7ANTEI>—A GIRL TO DO FIRST-CLASS GEXER \V al housework Jo a family of sin German or Swede preferred. Apply Monday at >o. 278 Thlrty-flrst-st. -rrfANTFD-A COMPETENT IRISH GIRL TO DO W general housework; roust be a good cook and well recommended. Apply Immediately at 521 Venton-av., south of Douplaa-place. anted-a girl for general house work. one that understands her business. 563 Sooth Clark-Bt. TTTANTED —AT 584 WEST WASHINGTON-ST-. A VV first-class cook, washer, and Ironer, or general housework ; bring references. TITANTED—A COMPETENT ENGLISH' OR GER \V man girl for general housework; niust be good cook, washer, and ironer. Call Monday at 1024 Michi gan- TIT"ANTED—A GOOD GIRL TO COOK AND ASSIST Wln and ironing. Apply at 559 Hnbbard-st. TTTANTED—A GOOD GIRL To> DO GENERAL VV housework in a small family. Call at 259 South Wood-Et., near Van Boren. ANTED—A GIRL TO COOK, WASH. ANDIRON. Apply la morning only, at rear door. 1094 In dlana-av., nearTwcnty-fonrth-st. \\r ANTED—A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE VY work; only those who mean badness need apply, 195 Calumet-av. , E A. hand and machine sewing; steady employment, and 52.50 per week. Call at 623 Fulton-st., Monday. TTTANTED-A WOMAN TO GO TO WASHINGTON VV Heights to cook, wash, and Iron; none but compe tent German or Norwegian. Applyat Room 19 Major Block, southeast corner LaSalle and Madison-st., from 10 to 12 Monday morning. TTTANTED—A NEAT, TIDY GIRL TO DO HOUSE VV work; must be a good cook and laundress; no Irish need apply; at 186 East Bandolph-st., Room l. TTTANTED—COOK AND LAUNDRESS AT 702 VV Mooroe-st. Call only on Monday. •rxTANTED—A GOOD GIRL FOE GENERAL HOUSE VV work. .618 West Waahtngton-st. ANTED-A GOOD SECOND GIRL AT 271 EAST Indiana-fit. ASTED-TWO THOROUGHLY COMPETENT girts, one for dining room and one for second work; German or Swede preferred. Apply at 363 Mlchlgaa-av. TTTANTED—A GOOD COLORED COOK AT RES- W worant 14 Sinus.-St. Apply.hetween9andi2io- TTTANTED—GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK; VV German or Norwegian preferred. Call after 12 to-day at 593 Warren-av. TTTANTED—A GOOD GIRL FOB GENERAL VV housework. German or. Norwegian preferred. 48 South Cmtls-at. ; TTTANTED—A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE VV work. Call Monday with reference, 16 Depuys ter-st. TTTANTED—A GIRL FROM 15 TO 17 FOR GENERAL VV housework, at 205 West Polk-fit. . ANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL FOR GENE; ral housework to go to Evanston. Apply at 158 Clark-st. TTTANTED—A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE •VV work In a small family. 110 South Hoyne-st. TXT ANTED—A SCANDINAVIAN GIRL TO GO TO IV Lake View, competent to take charge of general housework In a family of three persons. F. U BISHOP, 106 Dearboni-at. WANTED-AT 1174 PRAIRIE-AV., A GOOD Norwegian, Swede, or German girl for second work, with references. TTTANTED—A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE* W work at 202 Lake-a v. TTTANTED—GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK. W Apply at a»Ogden-ar. TTTANTED—A YOUNG PROTESTANT GIRL FOR VV cenerai housework; can take music lessons If de sirable. Call Monday at H 54 Sonth Dcarborn-sL, near Twenty-ninth. TTTANTED—A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE* W work. Call Monday at 532 West Monroe-st. WANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL TO DO GENER* al housework In small family. References re quired. Call Monday at 1497 Indlana-ar. TTrANTED—A GOOD ENGLISH, GERMAN, OR V V Scandinavian girl to go to Evanston. If sbe la a good cook, washer, and Ironcr. has lived at least one year In a place, and can come well recommended, she can have a good homcand good wages In a place where girls bare staid from one. two. and three tosevenyears. Call at 106 Flftb-ar. from 3 to 5 o’clock Monday. WANTED-A GOOD GERMAN OB SWEDISH girl for general housework. Call this afternoon at 46 Warren-ar.. opposite Union Park. TTTANTED—DINING-ROOM GIRLS. APPLY AT VV 18 and 20 East Adami-pt. TTTANTED-A COOK CAPABLE OF COOKING FOR VV forty persons In a first class boarding-house; good wages given and reference required. Apply at 283 East Inmana-st. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE* work. Apply at 188 Bine Island-av. WANTED-GERMAN. NORWEGIAN. AND Swede girls for general housework, and women -with children wonting good homes In city or country may apply to the Good Samaritan Society, Room 14. 173 gastKandolph-st. - ■ TTTANTED—A COMPETENT GIRL FOR GENERAL VV housework; German preferred.' Apply at 1376 Indlana-av. t^TASEED— A SWEDE OB NORWEGIAN GIRL TO VV do general housework. First-class girt only need apply, for good •wagey at 11S4 Pralrte-av. . WANTED— A GOOD GIRL (MUST BE A GOOD cook and laundress) at No. 52 South reoria-Bt, WANTED— A GIRL IK A SMALL FAMILY OF S. Callat24Mlller*«t. ' FIRST-CLASS SECOND GIRL, ONE >V that is reliable sod understand* her *work thor* oochlr.- Call after 10 o’clock Mondaf- mnrnfng an. Mlchl«aa*»7.' Htzst hare food reference. THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: SUNDAY. MAY 14, 1876—SIXTEEN PAGE& WAFTED-1 ’ . Domestics—Continued* Wanted— at 134 rush-st., competent wom tndocookfm: washing. and Ironing in a fam ily of Is kept, can Wday at front door. •aTTAVTED—FIRST-CLASS CHAMBERMAID WHO W^waTton table, attha Nevada Hotel, 150 Wa bash-ar.. near Monroe-st. HOTEL, corner state and \V Sixteenth -fits., wants dtalnE-room BlrU, Cham ber-raalds, dish-waahers. and kltcaen-nelp. TTTAVTED—A GOOD. NEAT GIRL. IN SMALL VV family for general housework* Call Monday at 606 TTeat Madtoon-st. TirAXTED —A ‘WOMAN COOK FOR RESTATJ- W rant: must have good references. Apply, be tween 2 and 3 o’clock Sunday, at southeast corner Lake and darkest., basement: ; ITT*ANTED—A GIRL tOR GENERAL HOUSE VY work; a good place for a good girl. Apply at 244 •West Congresß-st. TXTANTEb-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE- W -work. Apply for iwo days at 385 Daytoa-Bt., be tween Webster-av. and Sop Ula-st. WAKTED-A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE work; German or Scandinavian preferred. Ap ply for two days at 628 West Copgrcas-et-. near wood. _ A GOOD SMART GIRL TO DO GEN YV era! housework, at 1123 Pralrle-av. WANTED— A GOOD COOK, WASHER. AND ironcr at SHAW'S, 148 State-sU- ■ TIT ANTED—AT REVERE HOUSE, CORNER CLARK VV ami Mlcblgan-su., two good d!nlng*room girls and two scrub glria. WASTED— A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL bouscworK. German or Norwegian preferred. 311 Mlcblgan-av. • ’’ ■ WASTED— GIRL FOB HOUSEWORK* GERMAN or Scandinavian. Come to stay. 358 cat Ban* dolpb-EL TXT"ANTED—A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE- W work la a small family. Apply at No. 85 Vtut Madlson-st. TCT ANTED—A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE* >\ work for a small family. 1357 lndlana«av. TT7*ANTED—A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE YV work. Apply at 210 Oak-at. TX/ANTED—A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE* W work; sln family; good wages. Apply at l-i 33 Indlana-av. ' WTJISTKD— a COMPETENT GIRL TO COOK. VV wash, andiron for a private family. Apply at 399 Orcbard-sc Take Llncola»av. cars. North Side. TfrXNTED—IiIMEDIATELY, GIRL FOR GEJf- V? eral housework with reference. 649 Fulton-81. aoted-a good girl to do kitchen ■work at 597 West Monroe-st. TXrANTED—AT 1114 MICHIGAN-AV. A SWEDE VY girl for general housework. Apply Monday be fore 12 m. TTTANTED-A GOOD GERMAN', BOHEMIAN’, OR U Scandinavian girl for general housework In a pri vate faintly. Apply with references on Monday morn itfg at ID North Ada-st., West Side. TIT - ANTED—A GOOD GIRL TO COOK AND DO VV general housework; good wages. 1378 Pralne-av. ANTED—ONE GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work and one to take care of children, at 44 Oak* av». Cottage Grove. ; WANTED— GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, at 47 North Sheldoa-st. TTTANTED—A GOOD SWEDE, NORWEGIAN, GER VV man, or American girl for general housework. Inquire at 405 West Adams-st. WANTED— aTGIRL TO DO SECOND WORK IN A boarding-house uWS7 Indiana-st- WANTED— AT 282 MICHIGAN-AV.—TWO GOOD girls, for kitchen and dining-room. Call for three days. TTTANTED—A MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN FOR GEN* VV oral housework. Call early Sunday morning. 891 State*st. ; TTTANTED—A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE- W work la a small family. Apply Monday at 1165 Wabaah-av. * WANTED— A GIRL TO DO HOUSE work, at 19 Grangcr*st. ” ANTED-A YOUNG GERMAN GIRL TO As sist In housework. Call at 71 Ashland-av. ITT ANTED—A GOOD GIRL. CALL 9 A. M. AT VV 109 South Hat&ted-st. TTTANTED - A COMPETENT MIDDLE-AGED V V woman to do the washing and general work for a small family. Inquire Monday morning at 54 North Curtis-st. TTTANTED—A COMPETENT GIRL FOR CHAM VV her work and waiting In quiet private family; must bring good city references. Inquire Monday and Tuesday mornings at 355 North LaSalle-st. TTTANTED-A FIRST-CLASS PASTRYCOOK; AL VV so chambermaid, paint cleaner, and dining-room girls at the Ogden House. ITTANTED-A SEAT GIRL TO DO GENERAL >V housework. Apply at once at 223 Ogdcn-av. GOOD RELIABLE GIRL FOR GEN* W eral housework at S 5 South Peorta-st.; no Irish need apply. _ _ Seamstresses* TTTANTED—TWO DRESSMAKERS; ALSO TWO AP. \V prentices at 281 Thlrtyflrst-st. Call Sunday or Monday, ■ TTTANTED—A YOUNG LADY, A GOOD SEWER V V preferred, who Is alone, can find a good home by addressing D 3, Tribune ofllce. TTTANTED—A NICE, GOOD DRESSMAKER AT W High wood; a good chance. E. A- MEARS, 46 Reaper Slock. __ ; TIT ANTE D-ONE FIRST-CLASS TRIAIMER AND VV two apprentice girls; none but good sewers need apply. Call at 247 West Madlson-st. TTTANTED—THREE RESPECTABLE GIRLS AS VV apprentices to learn dressmaking; must toe neat sewers. 700 Wabash-av., near Sliteenth-st. Wanted— a goodbdtton-hole makee at 300 Hubbard-st. . TfrAKTED-100 MACHINE HANDS AT STRAUSZ, W sCHLESINGER * CO.’S, No. DWcst Bandolph gt„ np»stairß, to Inquire Monday morning* . TTTANTED-A GIRL TO LEARN VEST-MAKING VV at 244 Market-fit.. In rear. WANTED— A SEAMSTRESS WHO CAN COT AND fit and run a Wbeclcr 4;'Wilson machine. Apply •with references at 215 East Lake-st.. up stairs.. . TTTANTED—HANDS ON LADIES’ UNDERWEAR, VV and to take their pay in first-class sewing ma chlnea. IRA D. OWENjTcO., 212 East Madlson-at. TTT ANTED—A RELIABLE GIRL, WHO . THOR- W oughly understands using the Wheeler & Wilson machine, to sew and have the care of a child. Call Mon day. 834Pralrie-av. TXT ANTED—3 GIRLS BY MACHINE AND 6 BY W hand on shop coats. YUNGH, No. 59 West Flf teenth-st- TTTAKTED—A NEAT GIRL TO LEARN DRESS VV malting at 185 East Washlngton-st., second floor. Room 1. TTTANTED—TWO FIRST-CLASS OVERALL-MAK VV ers with machines. Steady work. 507 West Fourteenth-st. WANTED-A YOUNG GIRL TO I.EARN DRESS making for her board at 121 Sonth Desplalnes-st. Apply Monday. WANT ED-SEVERAL FIRST-CLASS DRESS makers; also one apprentice. Apply to Mme, RAPP, 109 Statc-st. WANTED— SHIRT-MAKERS; NONE BUT FlßST clnss hands need apply; steady employment insur ed. DODD’S Shirt Factory. If arses* Wanted— a german girl to take care op a small child; one that Is willing to travel; a young girl preferred. Can at 838 Wabash-av. WANTED-A NURSE GIRL BETWEEN 14 AND 16 years. Apply at 1235 Indlana-av. TTTANTED—WET-NURSE FOR CHILD OF FOUR VV months. Apply Monday, 3t05 p. m., office of 13. & 0. Railroad, 83 Clark-st. TTTANTED—A LITTLE GIRL TO AMUSE CEIL VV dren In daytime; one who can go borne nights preferred. Call Monday at 532 West Monroc-st. TITANTED-A WET-NURSE FOR A CHILD 2 VV months Old. Apply to DR. ELD RIDGE,7OS Mlchl gan-av. WANTED— A NURSE AND HELP WITH SECOND work; bring references. Apply at 053 Indl ana-av. TTTANTED—GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF CHILDREN VV and to assist In sewing. 425 West Monroe-ft. WANTED-A RELIABLE PERSON AS CHILD’S nurse and seamstress; must come well recom mended; Protestant preferred. Apply on Monday at 470 Washington-fit. WANTED-STEADT RELIABLE GIRL TO TAKE care of lady nearly recovered from long Illness, to take ebarge of child 2 years old, and make herself gen erally useful. Call at 733 West Washington-fit. WANTED-A GIRL TO TEND BABY AND LIGHT hoasework. ifriJEastMadlaon-st., up-staprs. Laundresses* TTTANTED FIRST-CLASS COLLAR-IRONER. v r shirt-Ironers, and washers, at O K Laundry, 420 Wabash-av. TTTANTED—TWO FIRST-CLASS SHIRT AND LA VV dies’ clothes Ironers. 458 Wohasbr&r., French aundry. • TTTANTED—WASHERWOMEN, AT HENRY <t CO.'S VV Eureka Laundry. X59J4 West Madlsoa-gt. Call Monday morning, 7 to 9. WANTED-ONE OB TWO WASHERWOMEN. AT 95 Slxteenth-st. No. 1 Laundry, M. MULVI - proprietor. TTTANTED—A GOOD LAUNDRESS. APPLY AT VV 1072Pralric-av., Monday, between 10and 12. WANTED-A GOOD IBONER. 60 SOUTH DEAR born-st.. In laundry. TTTANTED—MONDAY MORNING, AT THE BAL TV timorc Laundry, two good washwomen. Swede; come ready for work. 10 South Cllnton-sL ‘ milliners* WANTED-A GOOD MILLINER. APPLY AT 240 H Milirnnkee-ar, TTT ANTED—A * MILLINER; MUST HELP IN THE VV store. SIMON’S, 530 State-st. TTTANTED-A FIRST-CLASS MILLINER; A Tv Swede or German preferred. Inquire at D. B. FlSK’S—call for Mr. Nonnar. TTTANTED—IO FIRST-CLASS TRIMMERS; NONE v t but those accustomed to finest city trade need ap ply to Mr. COOK,at Mandel Bros., 121 and 123 State-st. TTTANTED—SIX GOOD TRIMMERS AND EXPE RT ricnced salesladies; none others need apply, at MKYEirS, 133 State-st. WANTED - STRAW - SEWERsI APPLY TO Stein’s Hat and Bonnet Bleachery. 1599 Arnold-st. TTTANTED —FIRST-CLASS MILLINERS (ONLY y ho BX6 thoroughly competent). W. J. MILLS. 694 State-st. Housekeepers* TTTANTED—A PRACTICAL HOUSEKEEPER, ONE Jr V with some furniture preferred. Address C 98. Tribune office | Employment Agencies* WANTED GERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN girls for private families, hotels, and laundries, city and country, at Mrs. pUSKE’S. 80 M>lwaukcc-av. TITANTED-GIRLS OP ALL NATIONALITIES FOB j v prlrote families, laundries, boarding-houses. Ac. Rare pood situations. Call at 419 East DlTlslon-st., and 120 Flf th-av. miscellaneous* TtT'ANTED—A GIRL TO TEND BAR AND RES* *» tannmt, and loot to my Interest ttlicd 1 am out. 563 Sooth Clark* su ‘TXTAKTHD—6 GOOD LOOKING YOUNG i.AmRR. * V Call Monday at tfaq Ac&demy of Mode; TTT-ANTED-A. GIRL TO JVDRK IN A. RMAT.T. «» caflcc-lwnae. iS9£astEartlsoa-n, ' WANTED FEMALE HELP. JE HELP. miscellaneous—Continued. WANTED— TWO LADIES OB GENTLEMKT TO act as agents and canvass; extra Inducements. Address B 76, Tribune office, three dais. . TITANTED-A lady, ok salary OB commis- VV Sion, to solicit orders tor n new Illmtrated wore. Apply to BAKER, DAVIS i CO., MB East MatUson-st., Room 16. WANTED— A COMPETENT WOMAN TO TAKE care of a residence In town •£>“ the family tlie coming snmmcr. Mn-t at MG and have good city references. Apply Monday at wu Mlchlgan-ov. WANTED— A TOUNG LADY WHO MAKE herself agreeable and entertaining a pleasant borne la offered by a lady living alone In a good location. Address D IB,_Tnbune ofllce. c - WANTED— TWO POWER LOOM- WEAVERS. 'A. G.GARFIELD & CO.. 59 West Wasblngttm-at. NOVELTY CO., 113 Hast Modlson-st-. Room 19. 147 and 14a Flfth-av. TIT ANTED - EXPERIENCED, B I 9PR^? L Pco S ’ W Inquire of CULVER. PAGE, IIA\NE, A CO., lißandia)Monroc-st.. fifthfloor. secured. Gardner House Telegraph College. WANTED-A COMPETENT LADYSMMptMDST *V be Oret-class seamstress; gnlddle- wa penwn- Inquire at Grand PacfQc Hotel, Koom 119, between 9 ana 10 and l and 3 o’clock. TTTANTED-A WORKING GIRL TO ASSIST IN W bakery and coffee-house; must have:gome«*; pcrlcnce In the business and come German preferred. Address G 07, Trlbuiicofllce. TXTANTED—A YOUNG LADY AS COMPANION BY VV a lady, and have a few furnished rooms to rent, at39GState-Bt., up-stalrs. . WANTED— APPRENTICES FOR HAIR "WORK AT 489 West Madison-st. ' WANTED— 22 LADIES TO LEARN ELOCUTION, action, singing, clog. Jig. fancy dancing. Hours, oa. m. to 11 p. m. Call at our new rooms, IJ3 East Washtngtoo-st. LYNCH a PARSONS. n&CO., 138 Weal Ranilolph-St. SITUATIONS WANTED—iffAL,E. Bookkeepers* Clerks* etc* SITUATION ',VANTED—BY A YODSO.MAN CAPA bIe and willing to take any position from porter to bookkeeper. Address F 4, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—AS BOOKKEEPER OR COR rcspondlng clerk In a wholesale house or Insurance office, by a married man 42: years old. Has been nine years In present position. Address E 97, Tribune office. SITUATION' WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN IN AN office or warehouse; Is a,good penman, ana has bad experience; salary no object at present. Address U Jl, Tribune office. ' QITDATION WA.NTED-DY A YOTOO MAN 17 O years of ape who speaks German and well acquainted with the grocery business. Call at or ad* dress 130 North Mime. SITUATION WANTED—EMPLOYMENT AFTER 7 d. m. by a flrat-class accountant, and one classically educated os well. Address L 4, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY AN EXPERT Ac countant as bookkeeper, entry derk, or In TOine office, cither in or out of this city, Salary moderate. References flrst-class. Address office. CITUATION WANTED—BY A MAN OF LARGE O business experience In flrst-class mercantile or man ufacturing house, with view of partnership. Address COl, Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED—A FIRST-CLASS DOUBLE -15 entry bookkeeper of is years’ experience would like three orfoursets of books to write up daily: would call at employers’ places of business each day at stated hours. Will oo the work very cheap. First-class references given. Address 1113, Tribjne office. ■ CITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN AS O assistant bookkeeper, clerk, or In any respectable business; Isa good penman and will work cheap; best city references. Address B 55, Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED—SIOO FOR A PERMANENT & situation—By a bard working and energetic busi ness man. who can glvebestof reference and recom mendation for his honegty. abnity.aml character; re sponsible parties only required. GI, Box 10j P. O. CITUATION WANTED—BY AN EXPERIENCED O bookkeeper. Best of references given. Address h 78, Tribune office. . SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OF good family and experience, position os collector of some wholesale house or large retail firm. Dest of ref erences given, aud bonds If necessary. Address A 30, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—A YOUNG MAN AT FRES ent a bookkeeper In a National Bank of this city, to, whom he refers, desires a situation-iu a wholesale house. Salary not >o much of an object as prospect. Or would take a small set of books which would occupy about three or four hours’ lime per day. Address F Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED—IN ANY GOOD BUSINESS 0 house, by a young man of 20, to learn the business. Can/urnlsh flrst-class reference, and will work cheap. 1 wlll-glvc $25 to any one securing me a permanent situ ation. Address E 23, Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED-IF SUITABLE, AT $6 PER >5 week, by a gentleman, good scholar, knowing sev eral ancient and modern languages, in any office orstorc where writing, copying, bookkeeping, etc.. Is to be done. Strictly temperate. Security given as to hon esty. Please call within three days, or address with details, at West EwlDg-5t.,244, downstairs, M. Wenzel. SITUATION WANTED—HAVING HAD TEARS OF business experience. I would like to engage wjtU some responsible business house to tr«wcl; references can be furnished. Please address Dl, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY ATOUNG MAN, GOOD address, instore or office; not afraid to work: best city reference; work for $7 per week. AddrcssM, 117 South Jcffcrson-st. OITUATION WANTED—IN A WHOLESALE GRO- O eery house. If possible as city agent; can give best references as to character and ability; can speak Eng lish or German. Please answer for 3 days CC 7, Tribune office. OITUATION WANTED—I UNDERSTAND THE O grocery, pro vision, and fruit business; good penman and first-class salesman, and can loan employer some money. Address GWA, 50 East Hnron-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN 17 years old for office work or collector. Highest city references. Address 83, Tribune office. • OITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN LIV io ing with bis parents, as assistant in an office, to learn some wholesale business. References A No. 1. E 55. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN WELL acquainted with the grocers, to sell goods to the same on salary or commission; is a good salesman and collector; can furnish good reference, also horse and buggy. Address C 62, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS salesman; willing to do anything; will work for the lowest wages. Address E 77, Tribone office. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED clerk, by night. Address G 25. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-AS CHECK OR SHIPPING clerk; will give use of delivery rig. Address E 66, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY GRADUATE OF PHAR* macy; speaks German and English; good reference. Address ARGENTUM, Tribune office. OITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OF EX- Operlcncc. as clerk; references unexceptionable. Ad dress DONE, Tribune office. OITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN OF 18 O who has had experience as an assistant bookkeeper, In any position In a good mercantile house where he can learn the business; can loan employer S3OO If necessary; best of references. Address E 03, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN 19 years of age; has bad some experience in groceries, drugs, and stationery; understands bookkeeping; will woriTcheap; object to learn the business; best of refer ence given. Address E 75. Tribune ofllce. SITUATION WANTED-AS ASSISTANT BOOK keeper or correspondent; or would travel for boot and shoe house: had several years experience; West ern trade. Address 180, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—SIOO TO SSOO REWARD to party obtaining me soluble position in bank or wholesale house. First-class experience and references. Address -B 88. Tribone office. OITUATION WANTED-AS CASHIER, BOOK- O keeper, or correspondent, city or country; best of reference. Address C 79. Tribune office. OITUATION WANTED-AS BOOKKEEPER OR O any kind of office business; long experience; ref erences A I; member of Board of Trade. Address L 31, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-AS CLERK OR OTHER wisc; thoroughly understands men’s furnishings; best references. WIDGINQTON, 418 West Madlson-st. Trades* , OITUATION WANTED-BY A NO. 1 SCROLL-SAW- D yer. Address JA, Box 438, Connernllle, Ind. SITUATION WANTED—AS ENGINEER; 21 DEARS’ experience; furnish tools, do my own repairing; No. 1 letters and icltyreferences; a total abstinence man; set yoor own price. Address B 19, Tribune office.' SITUATION WANTED—IN THE COUNTRY, BY A O first-class carpenter; can work on stairs; good ref* crences. Address for one week, A. G., 422 Larrabee st., city. ; SITUATION WANTED—BY A COiIPETENT EN- O ginccr and practical machinist to run an engine; docs hbCown repairing; 20 years' experience. Adores M 56, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A PRACTICAL MA cblnlst as engineer to run, fire un,and keep to re pair machinery of any kind; best of references. Ad m 82, Tribune office. ■ CITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN O (baker) In a Qrst-class bakery or restaurant. Work cheap If steady place. Address, for two days, B 80, Tribune office- • CITUATION WANTED PRINTING OFFICE— O ftm-elasa presman. city or country; married. Ad dress QAS. Tribipe office. Situation' wanted-by a first-class car rlage-trimmer, on heavy or light work: Is compe tent to take foreman's situation, with best of refer ences from Eastern firms. Address H 14, Tribune office, for one week. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD HARNESS makcr. Apply or address EDWARD L, 313 Ruah-sU, near Oak-av. - SITUATION WANTED-AS ENGINEER, MASTER O mechanic, or foreman to some good machine-shop. Good reference given to the three above applications. Address D 67, Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN IN A O barber-shop: has hod some experience. Address L 44, Tribune office. Coachmen, Teamsters, etc* CITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN (DANE) O as coachman: understands Cbo care of horses and carriages, and is willing to make himself useful. Strictly temperate. Address B 42, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A MIDDLE-AGED man (Swede) as coachman In a private family: 8 years’ experience os coachman and riding horses; In structor for officer; recommendation as quite a sober man and punctual; well acquainted to city; no objec tion to the country or another town- Address A 09, Tribune office- SITUATION WANTED-BY A DANE AS A FIRST - doss coachman In a first-class private family; thor oughly understands his business, with references from last employer; Please address A 38. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A NO. 1 COACHMAN, who desires another position to some private family; Is good and careful driver and expert horseman; is sober and can famish No. i references from the lost and for mer employers. Address L 11. Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN AS O coachman In a private family: no objection to gar den work. Reference given. Address H 69, Tribune office. ’ CITUATION WANTED—BY A MAN (DANE) AS O coachman or to do any work; is a strong and steady plan, ftrirtreyMr KNTmf!P,onFfg-ffa SITUATIONS WAXTE»"-^ ai,E * "^CoaclimenTTireamst^s—Conti^a^* OTTDATION AVANTED—BT A ,225?? aV eMd O (Swede) as coachman In a private family, nave na Tyears’ experience In the city: cm fura'sn “rat-ciass city references. Address K SO, Trlbnneoiflce. lections to the country. Any one In want of such can addressDG.PO Boa 110. Chicago. TTITATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN "W HO 1 understands the care antics willing to make himself useful. G. JEFFERSON. North Ada-st. o ITTTATTOK WANTED —BY A FIRST-CL ASS S coachman, married. wHUng toboart derstands the care of horses and carriage, willing to no chores about the house; worked th^.yea Jf u car barn. Best of reference If required. Call for tnree days at 106 Aroold-st. [ _ SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN (Dane) as coachman, and understands to take care of fine horses ond carriage, and maAe hlm_ self useful; best of city references. AddrcssXM, Tnu une office. SITUATION "WANTED —BY AN INDDSTB!OUS yungtnan (Norwegian) to take car ®£f. horse *A,^ Te * etc?; willing to work. Address E <6. Tribune onlce. Situation wanted— by a no. i private (German) or to drlTc unquestionable reference. P. KLNZGEB, care of «5 South ClarK-st., basement. ITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAX AS coachman In a private family; first-class reference. A 79. Tribune office. , S' ITUATION WASTED—AS COACHMAN BY A youngman (Swede) of soberand steady I”* l *®#* good experience; very best of reference. A 6U, Trio une office. 1— 6 ITUATION WANTED—BY A GERMAN IN PIU* Ovate family as coachman. L 89, Tribune_ office. OTtUATION”WANTED—BY A COMPETENT*YOUNG O Swede, as coachman in a.pri™** :of several years’ experience, and understands the care or fine horses and carriages; beat of city references given. Address LS 3, Tribune office. . ' . _ CITUATION WANTED—BY A SWEDE (MARRIED) O as coachman or gardener; wife can no objections to country. Good references. Address li 5, Tribune office. ' . ITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE vonne man as coachman In a private family, per fectly understands the care of horses; well acquainted with the city; undeniable references. Address it <l, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN BY A sober, competent Englishman; city reference, will make himself useful; town or county. Address £«• GLISUMAN, care of S. Taylor ACo., 71 Dearborn-st. SITUATION WANTED—BY AN ENGLISH GROOM and coachman, and. Is also a good gardener; single, and very steady. Address WC. rear 376 abash-av. Miscellaneous# CITUATIONS WANTED-BY man and wife O without children (Danish); wife a and housekeeper; man to late care of horses and cows. 1141, Tribune office. . CITUATION WANTED—AS JANITOR BY A YOUNG D marriedman (no children); understands tht, busi ness; best of references given. Inquire at Boom 60, No. 110 East Washlugton-st. ’ CITUATION WANTED—LUMBERMEN—I WANT A & place where 1 am be of use as manager or salesman; I have had 15 years’ experience Jn lumber and sash and door trade, most of the time In Chicago; am well posted In the mule In this andadjoining State*; am well posted In all office aud detail work. Address C 51, Tribune office. . CITUATION WANTED—SISO WILL BE PAID TO O any oue procuring me a respectable situation. B 64, Tribune office. . CITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MARRIED Oman, at which be can make a living; good refer ences. Address A 20, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-AS _ NIGHT OR DAY watchman or work in some wholesale or retail store; would loan 5500; best of city reference. Address Ml 7, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY AN EXPERIENCED commercial salesman to travel for a grocery, tea, or provision house, or so solicit consignments’for commis sion business. Address L 30. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—B Y A YOUNG MAN AS porter instore, and willing to make himself useful at anything; can give goud reference, and lrom last employer. Please address Q <6, Tribune office. rpo RENT-A WQpD-TURNER’S LATHE, CHEAP. I with power and tools;Tocated In the centre oftUn city. F 40. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG MAN TO attend horse, and do chores In the mornlug and evening, for his board ; __Addrggg_E^4 ; _Trlbune_ofllce^ M SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE. Domestics. CITUATION WANTED—BY A GOOD SWEDE GIRL O to do general housework or second work- Call at No. 190 Sedgwick-st._ ; CITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL TO DO SEC- O ond work; reference given. Address or call at No. 270 Soul h Park-av. SITUATION WANTED—BY A SCOTCH GIRL IN A small family. Call Monday at S 3 Loomla-st., down stairs. ' SITUATION WANTED-BY COMPETENT GIRL TO do second work and sew; good reference. Address D 40, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY- A GERMAN GIRL TO do second work or sewing. Address 57 Dyihlcl-st. CITUATION - WANTED—BY A WELL-EXPERI- D cnccdsecond girl; 3 years’reference; would go to the country. Apply at COState-st., In basement. CITUATION^WAN'TED—BY A GOOD GIRL TO O cook, wash, and iron. In private family; best city references.. 60 State-st., jn basement.. SITUATION WANTED-BY A SWEDISH GIRL AS cook in a prlvasc family. Apply Monday or Tues day at 273 North Market-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT GIRL Oto do second work or general housework. Apply at 705 Fallen-st., basement. . OTTUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL q to do cooking, washing, and Ironing, or laundress. In n private family. or address 85 Oncario-sU for two days. OITUATION W-ANTED—BY A VERY RESPECTA- O bic woman with a little girt 8 years old. to do house work or housekeeping tor some respectable family. In city or country. Please call or address 60 State-su, la basement. ' SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED meat and pastry cook. References. Address 606 North Aabland-av., for three days.B OITUATION WANTED—BY A MIDDLE-AGED EN- O gllsh woman us cook or to do general housework. Apply at 246 West Randolph-at. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL 17 years of age to do general housework In a small family. Inquire at No. 171 West Indlana-su, third floor. OITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS GIRL O to do general housework In a nice small family; the best or references given; South Side preferred. Ad dress L 54, Tribune office. OITUATION WANTED-BY RESPECTABLE GIRL O to do second work or housework; Iswllllng. please call at 950 Buuorilcld-st. for two days, near Eighteenth. S~frUATION' WANTED—FOR SECOND WORK OR general housework: no objection to the country; city reference. Call Monday at 2 Vcrnon-av. SITUATION WANTED—FOR GENERAL HOUSE work or for cooking, washing, and Ironing; good references given. Inquire fortwo days at 305 Wamut-Bt. OITUATION WANTED—BY RESPECTABLE GIRL O to do second work or general housework In a small family. Please call at 334 What Twelfth-sc. SITUATION WANTED—FOB • KITCHEN OR GEN oral housework In a small family. Call for two days: West Side preferred. Twelfth-sc., first house west of Paulina. SITUATION WANTED—A RELIABLE COOK, MEAT or pastry, hotel or boarding-house. Address 136, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL TO DO general housework In a small family. Call or address 1797 South Statc-st.. pear Thirty-ninth. SITUATION WANTED-BY A NORWEGIAN GIRL to do general housework in a small family. Cali at 434 Peoria-st. OITUATION WANTED —BY A RESPECTABLE OSwedish girl to do second or general housework in a small family. Apply at 134 Oak-st. SITUATIOKWANTED— BY A FIRST-CLASS CANA* diangirl to do general housework, or second work In a private family. Best of reference given. Address E 54, Tribone office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A GOOD SWEDE GIRL to do general housework In asmoil family. Good cook, washer and Ironcr. inquire at SOI South Park av.. In Che rear.. Call Monday. . ITUATION WANTED—BY A GOOD GIRL TO cook, wash and Iron In a private family. Reference given. Please call at 149 Eighteentb-st., In the rear. SITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE girl as cook In a private family, or general house work In a small family. First-class city reference. Call Monday and Tuesday,at I2Bl2wlng*Bt., near Jeffer son. CITUATIONS WANTED LADIES, WE HAVE O great numbers of competent girls now waiting for Places. All nations, well recommended. Please call before advertising. 12 Arcade-court. T. M. C. A Building- Situations wanted-good german, scan dlnavlan. and American girls, coll at our rooms, 13 Arcade-court, Monday. 1 have good places and wages. No charge. . CITUATION WANTED—HY A GIRL, TO DO GENER IC ai housework to a small family or take care of chil dren- Call at or address No. 257 Slxteeoth-st. CITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG GIRL TO & do second work or light work, or take care of a baby. Call at 1492 State-fit. on Monday morning. Can get reference. , SITUATION WANTED-BY A SMART. GIRL FOR general housework; the beet of references. Please call °fnnday at No. 242 North Halstcd-st. SITUATION WANTED—TO COOK, WASH, AND Iron in a small private family: the best of refer ences. Call or address 166 West Aoams-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN to do general housework In a small private family. Please call Monday at 813 Slatc-at, CITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE O girl In asmoll family; the best of references given if required. Please call at 717 Emcrald-av., comer of Thlfueth-st. ' SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT GIRL os cook and laundress In a private family where a second girl U kept. Reference. Address 77 Pour teenth-st.. comer State. SITUATION WANTED-AS SECOND GIRL. BY A Swede, with good recommendation- No objection to suburbs. Apply at 50 Hauover-su. South Side. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GIKL IN A PRIVATE family, to do general housework. Please call for two days at 95 Huron-st., up stain. SITUATION WANTED—BY A COMPETENT GIRL to do cooking, washing, and Ironing. Best of refer ence given. Inquire at-606 Stete-st., up stairs. SITUATION WANTED —BY .A- FIRST-CLASS second girl in a private family. Reference given If required. Call Monday at 707 Btatb-et, near Pour leenth. * CITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL 14 YEARS O old to do second-work to a private family. 165 Twenty•eeventh-st. ■ ' . . SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL TO DO general housework. Apply at 57 Twenty east of Cottage Grovc-av. please call Monday morn ing. ; ; ; • CITUATION WANTED—BT A, TOONO GIRL TO O do second work to a private family. Address 154 Townsend-st. - . SITUATION WANTED-BT A GOOD GIRL TO DO general housework In a private family; good refer ences if required; South a tie preferred, please call at 406 Wabash-ay. Monday xzlonung. SITUATIONS WANTED—fEJIALE. Domestic*—Continued. /-ITT7TATIOX wa\'TED—BY A GOOD GIRL TO DO S wc™work «n a private family; references. please call at4l2 Mlcblgan«av. t Monday. „ , riiTTTATIOV "WANTED —BT A COMPETENT S glrl to take In family washing and would S willing to po out to wash and Iron. Call at 247 Calumct-av,, for two days. A GOOD GIRL TO DO housework; good reference. Please call for two days at 471 West Fourtccnth-st. T^rVr WAVTKD BY A GOOD RELIABLE mei*av. x ttttattqV WANTKD-BY A COMPETENT TOON U 2>do sworn! work a mall family, virat-claa reference. 782 State-st. rnTTTATION WANTED—BT A YOUNG GIRL TO S do housework In a sl i ia^ i pr^ A‘ DD ]v' o iiondey tlon to a short distance In the country. Apply aionouy at 300 South Morgah-st. . - ri TTTTATTOV WANTED—’BT A COMPETENT COOK S Jecondpm In a private family In tbe city or suburbs; good references. Call or address for two days at 25 Alexandcr-st. TTTTATIOV WANTED —BY A FIRST-CLASS GIRL S (Swede) forSeneral bouseworJc In private family. 276 East Dlvialoa’St.. up-stairs. OTTTTATIOV Wanted—bt a COMPETENT Gtl*» S man plrl to do general housework In a email private family. Call at 174 West Adams-st. fiITITATION WANTED—BT A FIRST-CLASS S cook In a private family; beat of city reference. Call at 71 Cottage-av. SrffTATION WANTED—BT A SCOTCH WOMAN. S who understands her business, to do general house work In small family, eosatate-st.. up-stalrs. SITUATION TVANTKD—BY A GIRL TO DO SEC work or housework In a small family. Call fory two days at 05 Parkcr*flt. Good references. TTHATIOV “WANTED—AS JANITOR BT A MAN who understands bis business, first-class refer- AnplrSmEastMadlsoa-st., Room*?. CtITTIATIONS WANTED —BY A GOOD GIRL FOR S general housework In a small farallyjalso by a young girl to assist In general housework. Call at IjW Arnold'SC. sWo°^irraviS T y? Dearborn* el-. near Fourteenth. SITUATION WAVTED—B Y A GIRL TO DO SEC ODd work In a private family. Best of reference. Aiidre M 5Ol WestTwelflh-Bt.. up-Btair3. •CITUATION WANTED-BT A PROTESTANT GIRL O to do second work In a private family, If required. Apply Monday and Tuesday at. 1150 Went wortn-av., south of Twenty-thlrd-st., ap-stalrs. _ CITUATION WANTED —BY A GIRL TO DO GEN- O era! housework In a small family. Good reference, ga Rcbecca-et. ; OITDATION WAKTED-BT A COMPETENT GIRL & to do general housework In a small family, rlease call at 112 Ellzabeth-st. Monday. SITUATIONS WANTED—IN PRIVATE FAMILIES fe by two colored girls, one as cook, other to travel. Cal! Monday at 237 LaSaile-st., underQrand Pacific. SITUATIONS WANTED—NURSES. ttOSUEKEEP era. and domestics of all nationalities and working - women to fill all positions will befouud by making ap plication to the Good Samaritan Society, Room 14,173 East Randolphs ; S' ITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL to do second work. CallatTSOTaylor-st. SITUATION WANTED—BY ARESPECTABLEGIRL O as cook or laundress In a private family. Cali for two days at 242 North State-st. CITUATION WANTED—BY A COJIPETENT O Swedish girl to do general family: a good home desired; North or West Side pre ferred. Address, at once, C 40, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—BY A GIRL OF 16 IN A & private family; Is a good worker; can come well recommended. Can be seen at 659 Jcffeyson-st. ITUATION WANTED—BY A , RESPECTABLE girl to do second-work. Please call at 74 Four teenth-at., op-stalra. Reference given If required. SITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE girl to do second-work or general housework In a small private family; good reterenco if required. Please call in the rear of 959 Dearbom-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A HIGHLY RECOM mended girl to do second-work. Address L 46, Tribune office, for 2 days. CETUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GERMAN O girl to do general hoosewurk; best of reference. Please address H 73. Tribune office,Sanday and Monday. CItOATIOS WANTED—BT A SWEDISH GIRL. TO O do general housework In a small family. Call Mon day at 142EastChicago-ov., up-stalra. SITUATION WANTED—BY A GOOD, INDUS trious girl as cook or to do general housework in a prfrate family. Apply at 135 Omario-st. Situations wanted-by two competent girls, sisters, to do the work of private family; city or country; best of references. Call Monday at 416 Wabash-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL TO DO general housework or cooking; can go recommend ed. 28* Wt*t Twelfth-st. •ITUATION WANTED—BY A GIRL WHO CAN DO O first-class washing and ironing: wish to do house work In a small family without children. Please in quire at 83 George-st.. corner Grove. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL TO DO any kind of general housework. Call at 55 West Qnldcy-st. 2 SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl to do kitchen-work or general housework. Best of references. Call at 740 State-st. CjITUATION WANTED—BY A’ NO. 1 PRIVATE O family cook. Best of references. Call at 416 Wa bash-ar. on Monday. ~ C ITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG GIRL TO DO O general housework or second work In a private family. References given. Please call at 67 North Market-fit. . SITUATION WANTED—BY A COMPETENT GIRL to do second work or general housework In a small family. Call at GSO State-st. SITUATION'S WANTED—BYTTWO GIRLS, ONE TO do second work and make herself useful, the other to do housework. Please call for two days at 562 Dcs plalnes-st. OITUATION WANTED—BY A GIRL TO DO HOUSE o work or second work In a private family. Call Mon day and Tuesday at 446 West rlftcentfa-st. SITUATIONS WANTED-FORTWO RESPECTABLE girls, one to cook, wash* and Iron; the other to do second work. The best of references given. If re quired. Please call at 231 Twentleth-st., in the rear. OITUATION A GERMAN GIRL TO O do second work. Best of references, If required. Address G T. 194 Mlchlgaa-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL OF 17 ito do light housework. Good references given. Ad dress for two days C 17, Tribune office. OITUATION WANTED-TO DO GENERAL HOUSE- O work In small private family by a flrst-class cook; no objections to country. Address 200 Sonth Park-ay. SITUATION WANTED—BY A SWEDISH GIRL 18 years old to do second work or take care of children. Please call at 143 East Chlcago-av., up-stairs. SITUATION WANTED-TO COOK, WASH, AND Iron In a private family. Reference if required. Call or address 100 Butterfleld-st. OITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD GIRL IN A O email private faintly where she can feci at home. Call at ISO West Elghteeuth-sf. Can give good refer ences. f OITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS MEAT O and pastry cook Id hotel or restaurant. In city or country. Apply 194 West Adama-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT NOR weglan girl to do second work In a private family. Apply 494 West Adams-st. SITUATION WANTED-AS COOK. APPLY 116 West Randolph-et. for two days. CITUATIOK WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS COOK O (Swedish plrl) in a private family on the North Side. Cal* at 163 Wcsson-st. Seamstresses* SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST-CLASS dressmaker with referenced; terms, $1.50 per day. Address F 24, Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—AS A FlflfcT-CLASS OPER i«uir od the Wheeler & 'Wilson sewing-machine; got machine; ora seamstress tn a private family; also a dressmaker would like to find a place where she can pay for board in sewing; boarding-boose preferred. Address C 90. Tribune office. SITUATION WANTED—AN AMERICAN LADT OP experience wishes a situation os seamstress or house keeper hi a private family; references given. Address It, 169 Wnlnnt-st. SITUATION WANTED —BT A FIRST-CLASS dressmaker In private families by day or week; best of references given. Call on or* address B, 233 West Uadlson-st., third floor. SITUATION WANTED-BT AN EXPERIENCED Q .Canadian girl to do plain sewing and take care of children. Please call at 1379 South Dearborn-st, Mon day and Tocsday. Good city references. SITUATION WANTED—A LADY WISHES TO SEW la private family; understands dressmaking and family sewing; $5 a week, or Si a day. Address F 90. Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED—A YOUNG LADY DESIRES O to learn dressmaking. Address SEAMSTRESS. 141 North Curtla-st, CITUATION WANTED—A YOUNG GIRL WITH O some experience would like to learn the dressmak ing trade: would expect small wages; would prefer to be with a ladj where she could make It her home. Ad dress SEAMbTKESS. 141 North Curtls-st. SITUATION WANTED—WASHINGTaND IRONING for private families at $2 per week. Work well cone. Address S9OO Butterfield-st., -corner’ Tlilrty tuntb*6t. CITUATION WANTED—BY AN EXPERIENCED O scamscressrln private families by ilar or week. Please ■aill or address MISS £NGH« 229 Mllwaukce-av.. third floor. SITUATION WANTED—BY A TOUSG GIRL TO O learn dressmaking; most leam to cat and fit. Call at 742 Indlana-av. , SITUATION’ W ANTED—BT AN EXPERIENCED O dressmaker; would like a few more families to work forty the day; best city references. Cali or address EMMA. 1402 South Dearborn-at. •CpjlTATiqjf WANTED-Bi* A FIRST-CLASS O dressmaker using the Taylor system; can accommo date a few more families. Address 125, Tribune office. SITUATION 1 WANTED 'WITH FIRST-CLASS dressmaker by a lady vbo thoroughly understands me business, or fn families; best of reference given. Address K SO, Tribune otUce, “ “* OITO AXIOM WANT ED—BY A THOItOCGHtr competent drcaamakcr. late of New Tort city: will £ out by the day or week: la a perfect fitter anil a au in all 11a branches. AddreasJl 23. Trlbune'olllce SITUATION WAKTED-CY a liESPECTATU p' O tfrtasieamstrcss In private iy or week wagea low. Call at 885 BntterCeia-si 9 ; u ’ OITUATIO?.’ ’WAITED—BY AN EXPERIENCED Nor£p|?rlMt ,o,rorlC 111 per day-81 WA3«lKl>—bt an experienced SElSsfi?^ r s. j i'9B Ewgj&t.” ““ >p - Plefl “ W ANTE Dr _BY a RESPONSIBLE O young wotnah at sewing or second work: wouki SEME rdSS*"'- «M»or.M«.K t AtS£ S™;S? a lielereucc*given. AddS. S^wnnanenY^ttSlon®n ttwSn 1 / be wkmS?a- SS^.Sp^^uSSSSi-dsiS dress 1240 Pralrlc-av. of reference. 1 or M a-sassrsasaf s&IHS 51 IM fioaUiXfes&Ulaefejsr 4 fci ’ caj ***“• Rttou&ie. WANTED—EE3IAI.E, IONS QITUATION WANTED—BT GIRL AS SEAVSTRrr* O In jirivate family by thertay: ran furnish® 3 Bcwlng'raachiae. Inquire at IM East Erle-st. S r ITUATIONMVANTED-A YOUNG LADYHWrv* evenings ami mornings unoccupied, woald'nv. . do either sewing or housework in exchange for vl? Address F 62, Tribune office. or Down. SITUATION "WANTED—BT A go out by SITUATION WANTED -AN EXPETUEVrrS dressmaker'desires a few more entraeempnr. Tr the day In families; fitting a specialty;flm-eS?JS reference given. Address MPA iL A. vKI pil South Ualsted-st. llt£ ’ *** SITUATION WANTED —BY A PIRST-cfleS dressmaker: good cutter and fitter, latelr-fSf? "New York, by the day or week; best references. *? dress F 2, Tribune office. **• SITUATION WANTED-BY ACOMPETENT DRES? O maker to sew In families. ’Calf or address 508 w; bash-av. . '•* SITUATION WANTED—TO IK) DKESSJCARKr and plain sewing at home. Call at 311 Wester SOH'St. Nurses. • ' SITUATION WANTED—BT A TOFNGNORWKffr anglrl as nurse. Tleaae call Monday at ijj "wSf son-st. - » • ; CITOATION' WAITED—TO TAKE CARE 0? rm O or two children by nsteady, middle-aged girt: «nu do light second-wort: Is fond or children: nooblS? tloM to travel; good reference. C 63. Tribune oaS.' S' ITUATION trA>TED-BT A TRAJXEITMEDicIt and surgical nurse. Address 144. Tribune paler 1 SITUATION* WANTED-BT A RELIABLE 'WoSS to co with some family to California as ao™»« children. Address B 22, Tribane office. M CITUATIOX WAKTEU-BV AN EXPERIENCED O nunc; attends ladles and gentlemen. KQS, Trtb unc office. SITUATION WAKTED—A COM I'KTEXT, RELIII hie person wishes to take charge of two or tJu?, children. Good references given. Address £B, lug uue office. ; • - - SITUATION' WANTED—AX INVALID LADT DS slrlnK a nurse can. hear ofoncwho canfurnlih tb best of references by addressing? 100, Tribane ogee. SITUATION WANTED-BT A GIRL 15 YEAB3 old to take care of children. Inquire for two dan at 95 Forqacr-st.. In rear. Good references. ' CITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE GE& O man girt with a family-going to Germany; wtnis* to take care of children: can apeak Engliah and Ger. man. AddrcaaMlSSß. PAASCH, 63 George-st. SITUATION WAKTED-BY AN LAPKkJkSCB) nurse to take care of a baby; best of city refcrcaco. Call at 553 MlcMgan-av.. Monday. • SITUATION WANTED—BY A GIRL TO TRAVEL or go Into the country, to take of cblHrea. Ad dress 181. Tribune office, for three days. SITUATION WANTED—BY A GIRL TO TAKE care of children, or do light second work; referents if repaired. Call at 138 Fonrteenth-st. S' ITUATION WANTED—BY A YOUNG GUO, TO take earc of children and sew. or would do second work. Apply Monday at 110 South Peoria-st. SITUATION WAKTED-BY A COMPETENT AND experienced woman as nmsefpra baby or lanHd lady; best city references; would travel Cdr« 258 Calumet-av. _ • SITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY AS WET nurse In a respectable family. Apply as 149 Du. DOIS-St. C ITUATION WANTED—BY A NURSE OP EX- O perlence to attend ladles daring conflnementybei; of reference; price to suit the times. Addressing, MB. JSPark-av. « SITUATION WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN PROT estant girl as nurse and to do plain sewing; best of reference. Apply at 410 Wabash-av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant girl to lake care of a child and sew, oru do second work; bos no objection to travel Address? A J, 15 South Halsted-st- SITUATION WANTED-AS NURSE GIRL IN AN American family: North Side preferred. Call at SS Walton-place, corner Bush-st. SITUATION WANTED-AS WET NURSE IN A respectable family. Call for two days at 284 Third* av. . ; CITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE O girl to take care of children or do light second work. Please call at or address for two days, in Fni ton-st. ' SITUATION WANTED-BY A MONTHLY NURSE of long experience. Very best city references. Call or address 145 South Clark-st., Boom 55. CITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE O girl as nurse or second girl; best of reference. 03 at 556 West Twelfth-st. • ~ SITUATION WANTED—BY A COMPETENT WOM an of experience as nurse; canglvebcstof recom mendations. Call at 163 Ashland-av. Housekeepers. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EDUCATED LADY to take full charge of a house where therelssse vantkept, and where there Is a child preferred, era companion. Best "of reference given and required, Address B 52, Tribune otllce. ; • ■ SITUATION WANTED-AS HOUSEKEEPER BTA young English lady. CS, 14l3Pralrie-av. C ITUATION WANTED—BY AN AMERICAN LADT O who Is thoroughly experienced and competent,n. housekeeper, or would accept a position as govemea. Unexceptional references furnished. Address F 90, Tribune office. • SITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY JUST, FBOX the East, as bousekeeper or seamstress in a graft man’s family. Call on Monday afternoon, or aodrea Miss H L, 343 Hubbard-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A' THOROUGHLY competent person as working housekeeper. Com references. Address F 46, Tribune office. ' » CTITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLEGE& O man widow with one child 4 years of age, as book keeper, or to do general housework in city or comby. Call at 279 West Iluron-st. __ SITUATION WANTED-AS HOUSEKEEPER TO2 some one Intending to spend the summer mocia away from the city. Best of references circa. Ad dress M. E. ANDREWS. 234 Llncoln-av. OITUATION WANTED-AS HOUSEKEEPER BTA O middle-aged lady, wlthallttle girl; noobjectfffiua the country; object, a goM home; good reference* Address or can at 239 Tblrty-drst-at. . , SITTATION WANTED —BY AN AMERICAS woman with a baby, aa housekeeper to go la tfcs country, or would like to go with a family that Is gesf West. Call or address FRANK, 72 South Wood-tt. SITUATION WANTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER IN A respectable family where one or more servant* c* kept. Reference. G 73, Trihnne office. QinjATTOy ■n-A'NTED—AS HOUSEKEEPER BTi O refined and Intelligent lady; one that has seen better days, and one that would know how to take care of • a good home. Object, a good homo and good waget Call at 208 Calomet-av. SITUATION WANTED—A WIDOW. NORWEGJ4J by birth, so year* of age. perfectly competeott keep house for Americans, wishes to take the ww»* charge of a house for a small family. Adores* r A Tribune office. . SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WH>o* lady, as housekeeper; widower or bachelor pre ferred. Address B 72, Tribune office. _ SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WIDOW ii housekeeper In ft widower’s family, where one «• vantls kept. No trifier* or dead-beats needjgPo* Good references given. Address E 38. Tribune office. OITUATION TV ANTED—BY A LADY ASGOVEB* O ness, or housekeeper where there arc children , u» good needlewoman: has excellent referencesrno ow®£ tlon to country. Address MRS. A. FERRIS, Evsa*- ton, HI. - SITUATIOy WAXTED-AS IIOC3EEEEPEE. BTi middle-aged lady, in a family or small Ject, home more tnaa wages. Ko objection to go»* out of the city. Address if e. Tribune office. CITTJATION WANTED—BY A KEFKED TOBSG O lady as housekeeper for a widower of Means, dress, stating where Interview can he had, r an lllir une office. __ SITUATION WANTED-BT_ A COMPETfig O hooK-kceper. Call or address HOUSEKEEPER, Milwaukce-av., third door. ; - QITTIATIOX "WASTED—BY A TOUSG AMEEHjW O widow lady as housekeeper. Addrea A—,Tnooas office. - Laundresses. * SITUATION WANTED—TO DO WASHCTU families or gents. Address Mrs. BRENT. *7*^ tage Grove-av. ; SITUATION wanted-by a gibl To m O laundry work or to gtfto the country. Apply ■* 3 695Indlona-av. - OrrUATIOS "WANTED—BY A NO. 1 O to do washing and Ironing by or would do light house-cleaning. Call Sunday, betweo and 6. at 998 Butterfleld-sL —■ milliners* SITUATION WANTED-BT O the millinery trade. Address I 90- Tribune on** Employment Agencies. emiATIOSS WAITED—FAMILIES O good Scandinavian and German female help supplied at Mrs. DUSKED office, MiiwaMßfr**^. SITUATIONS TV ANTED—LADIES TS O good servants can save themselves time ana ® by calling on Mrs. LATRISE. 354 Wert Madison. «■ (SITUATION'S WANTED—LADIES 0 pcteat female senranta of any naupnaUty retu-g, 1 now have facilities for the benefltof famines cm the North. Sooth, and West Sides, where thankful to receive all who will favor me. East Divisional.. North Side, and brand} taJiw* Miss CDNNINGHA.&TS Employment Office** Situations wanted-in a fibst-€LASSWJ|; flyby two competent Swedish girt*. }°S. andsccond-work; best references. Call M at., employment otilce for women, Monday^ QITUATIONS WAX TED-TAMn.IKSIK 0? O help will save money and trouble i by •PWySanOlt Working Girls’ Home; help furnished city sad cosnw; fee Si fur two months; glrU^boanietl. OTTUATTONS WANTED - FAMILIES O competent help can always be promw‘7 dated. Apply at MRS. ~WEIMEI» i** Twenue Miscellaneous* QITUATION’ WANTED—BT AN nfTl3g££ T . O young Indy as business correspondent copywngjj, erness Tor vountr child, or companion. yjii r«n t Call or address Miss MORRIS, Forty*flrrt*«* *“ a Jey-ar. CITtJATION' WASTED-BT A O, tngat borne; satisfaction guaranteen. w 3 * references given. Andress K. 30. Trlbune opc^^g oituatiox A O young lad/ to wait In a confectioners or would go out and do plain sewing, State-at., up-sialra. fur 3 days. OmiATION WASTED—BY O competent lady as governess, who is weu a to fill the posltloq. Address K. 15. Tribune office^ Citdatioxs wanteb-bt'two yoiwo iaW|| O can speak taro languages, as cle f£* (W 5 respectable employment. Cull oraddnasiortnicc-^ aoli-ay : ===^S^OB CITUATIOy -WAKTED-AS, GOVCTjg**! O lady's companion: 'would do plain . herself generally useful. D&s, Tribune om<*: CITUATION -V7ANTED-BT u mu meat cook in a hotel or restaurant Tribune office. CITUATION WANTED—AS CASHIKI! OB O woman; can glTe good city tion to tUe country. "VALERIA MILLS. - CQ *v^--^' QITUATIOK TVAKTED-AS O housekeeper* nurse, or In sonw good reference. Address A 17, Tribune office CITDATION WASTED-AN O AnedladrirlsliraaposSUonor tone*S£:£r2i» >*■**• Eini ted, Iti ivx<

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