Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 14, 1876, Page 11

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 14, 1876 Page 11
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CIX V lUBAk ESTATE. DOTD, ROOM U. 146 MADI* a - " ¥ §»•*: cniendld two-story and basement, ocUgon* tts lot 23X125. good bam. house ha* Ko. iw Llncola-st. Bar *JS «t' *-story and 1)086100111 - atone-front ©a Wabasb-av., betweea Thlr basement octagon stone Tot aaxida on Calumet-av., between g®jy. KC w« i and* tewment stone-front 10- »j^oo-A|j®^“j 0 t iacisft, on Prairlc-av., between J^.’S'aSf2- basement 20-room 3SE4{|s&fi3S?® fftSSKiSSK rents at SGO per month, ml In sli«a order. and lot 531125. out front, on Tblrty-tpird-sts. f§i»^ d 2lld C l?room, 2-story. frame?brtck base mSou, on Adams-su, Jus: west of SjM . cottoffe. end lot 25*180. east B “twcon Thirty-tost and T hlrty- i KO. 1 ’!S« SSS&i&£ Sa *® ** • giloo^A,f3^ ra ?3 rooms. lot 50*140, cast front, on Twcnty-fourth-at- Bargain. .Jjjsfljct-sv., do«" d o-story and basement stone front south front, on Jackson- - •, pla "joet, 30x145, onYernon-av., between Thlrty onVcrnon-aT., between Tblrty soutl* *K>nt, on Erle-rt-. oeer lot, f tontine aontb. on I“rtfifaSy docked (clcer). between Clark and rtvfrst-. Will sell low for clevatnm, boat to*®?>S?o?erSrlobfcet front on State-st. (clear), Normal School at VPSJPt&Tf£o to *Wi 525. S3O and SIOO ptfrgg’J&rf cast monthly payments. etT.g—nffS ffABASH’AV. t AT A DECIDED T?OB s vf x and basement octagon stone LWSfliffaSde mantels, and ail modern lm minora, furnace, pas fixtures, screens, prtiTementa, lot feet; pood barn. » d •’SfflffiK-S. between Wabash and MfcUgw dJnlnßr-room and tltchea on parlor JS.ySSnSS iHcl m good order; lore, lot; residenceprorertr, toirhlch JSSSS& 68 Wa&blngton*Bt. sv»r cit E—CALUMET- AV-, 4*SXOBT ELL Calumel-sv., octagon marble-front. f sasoo: EUIs-ar., 12-room frame l: ffiS P sSooo?BlSiv., octagon brick, 10 rooms, nMiffiSSf., 15-room octagon marble-rront, Kdlms-tv., elegant 15-room anfl cellar, gSHsSSa'w« apum-st. ■ -—,, fviß SALE— VERY CHEAP FOR CASH: ~ Fjsrl-av MaraullM-K-, Koce-Jroct residence. jiSSdiv sndFolwn-st., stone-front rcsUence. iffid-K: iod Via Eoren-st,, stone-Iront rcsl * wsMnt tnd OsUej-ns., 10-room frame. Dcsriwra sad Dirislon-sts., &orl4O lot, tSuKaoiMMneelty or suburban residences I can genome rare Mtystna, C AyFP:LD- 59 l^saie-st- svir sale-business blocks in central h i2?tnao. earring cood Interest on Investment, at de I, ss w*miDgton-»t. rV)R SALE-I WANT AN OFFER FOR FRAME i 1 boose and lot on Fonrth-av..near liarrison-sl; must tewldstoaoe. 13 Exchange Building. — 2 SALE— CHEAP—373 LAKE-STL. HOUSE AND lot. 25x181 to 20 feet ally, $5,000; SSOO cash, bai lee £SO per month. —B SALE—CHEAP—I2-ROOM HOI Ifl Ceatre-sv. TV>pg*TP-TTIAYE TWO FINE BUHLPING LOTS r onLangley-av. worth $3,500. Incumbrance Si.ixo; irfD lell equity for $750 cash. Address C S 3, Tribune tflee. 2 . IE EALE-BEFOBE BTJTTSG A HOME. TAKE' Mflvaukee-av. Humboldt Pork car to Wesdcrn-av. on Xorth-av., two-story brick houses 21x30. and lots prim to wide alley. Price of house and lot, $1,750. Ewytenns; monthly payments: school, cars, sever, tiv water, trees, sidewalk. Inquire at corner North gadWertera-ava, or at ay office, No. l Ogden Build bs. comer Dark and Lakc-sta. AUGUSTUS JACOB £OS'. Fib sale-house and lot no. era west Koaroe-st.; pared, choice neighborhood, at $35 per foot Apply to owner. 692 Madlson-st. SALE-CHEAP-A SPLENDID TWO-STORY base, with 6 rooms, 6 bed-rooms, 4 closets, and 4 pastries. Inquire in the rear, after? p. JH-, 1961 South bearborn-st. B SALE-AT A SACRIFICE, AND MUST BE •old: HotonTaylor-st.. near Ogdea-nv.; 1 lot on Tvekih-st. near Douglas Park; i lot on Hounh-av.. north of Harrlwn-et.; 80 acres land 50 mUi«-from city; 4-iscrei beautiful garden land near city; bargains will be prep. IL KENNEDY, 123 Dearbora-st., Room 10. FS SALE-OR EXCHANGE-MODERN 3-STOBT brick basement dwelling, west ot Lincolns Park, in pood order; light incumbrance: will exchange or sell on pocthlypaymenta. Room C, 12S LaSalle-su FR SALE-OR EXCHANGE—CHEAP—FIN S ROAD bouse on Vlenna-nv.; bouse 25x80; fine hall up min; tarn room for 20 horses; house Is new and well fciom. Inquire of FRANK. BIEDLE, northwest cor >gSute ana Thirdeth-sts. PR sale-a great bargain-on east terms, a good 7-room cottage and' lot corner of BsnbttMt and Clccro-conrt. Inquire otn thepn?mlsta. T7ORSALE—CHEAP—THREE LOTS ON WILCOX- X ir„ ircft of Wcstcm-av. Apply to AL J. liICH, 1090 Wes: Madlson-st. ' TX)B SALE—SI.3OO COTTAG E AND LOT ON T(JLK- X tt.. second boose west of Laflin-st. HARRISON & VERES, 179 JLaSflJie-st. FB SALE-117 FEET SOUTHEAST CORNER OF Ogden-av, and Harrison-st. HABIiISON & VISES, 170 LaSalle-st. ; F)R SALE-A TWO-STORY FRAME HO USE NO. aCTovnsend-st., with lot 25x108: prl»*, $2.50u; verr cheap. Apply to P. L HAWKINSOIL No. 4 loath Clark-st. PIRSALE— ON SEDGWICK-ST.—TWO LOTS WITH i three-story house; brings a good rent. Inquire at S 2 Sedgy ick-at. _ rOBBALE-OR EXCHANGE-HOUSE AND LOT. X Vest side, valued at $3,000; well rented; ft little ochand lands West will take it. J. C. CALDWELL* CO., m Dearbom-st., basement. i T?OBSALE-LOT 25X100, ON OHIO-ST.. NEAR MAR- Xket, for $1,700, half cash. J. iL EOFR, 14 Reaper Block. 93 Clark-st, ■DOR SALE-ONE OF THE FINEST BUILDING X sites on the South Side. 25x160. on Bryant-av., near Tlntetmes-av., with 15 feet permanently vacant on cachddg. sns. J. H. EOFF, 14 Reaper Blos Jc R SALE—2SXI3B FEET ON MONBOE-ST., NEAR Leavitt, SBS per foot POTWIN & CORBY, 142 hesrbom-st. pOR SALE-50 FEET EAST FRONT ON ASI3X.AND- A tv.. ncarHarrison-st., SIOO per foot. J. 1L iNJFF, H Reaper Block. PR SALE-VERY CHEAP-60 FEET ON WEST Madlson-st., near Paulina; GO feet on Park-tV., nrarßobey-tt. DAVISON A WELCH. Room 2,142 La rtiie-st. ■POR SALE—IOS THIRD-AV.. 2 COTTAGES, AND a lot33xiOQ, east front, fronts west on Dearbom-st. inis property is bound to be sold this week. Any one a bargain can look at this house and get one. T. B. BOYD, Room 14. 146 Madlson-st. PR SALE—IF THIS MEETS THE EYE OF A MAN who wants to buy a fine stone-front block 40x140, rented for over 10 per cent now. If he will call or ad s'*® me, I win offer a No. i bargain in property on. north cf Harrison. T. B. 30YD, Room 14, HSMadlson-st. ■pOB SALE-ON TWENTY-THIRD-grr.. 10-ROOM wtthlot; price $1, ISAACCLAF-. LIN & CO., Marine Building. «nrf l f «figtlc-sta. * F^wv^-^T 01 ? EXCHANGE-PROPERTY IM fi. Proved and unimproved la all sections of the city SLv,,*?i! urbß Vv. trult fa nn In St. Joe, Mich. We business blocks In the central part of 5150.000 to exchange for pood M?f er^/vnrr? U i “ CQmb rox>ce and pay some to. BOGUE <E HYDE. 166 Dearbom-st. --STOP.T BASEMENT with brick bam, on Lcavitt-st., and W^£°l^ Po1 * **** Ako cottage *S/ cet at Dowa.t’e Grove cheap exchange for house on South Side, gown is. 12S Dearbom-st. J. M. BILLINGS. . *P°R SALE-NEW BRICK BOUSE, ».ROOMS, MOD fetJsT I .,^®prov e menis. good location, lot 28x125,> dirt cheap. Address OWNER. 402 Dayton-st. WILL BUT A KEW 2-STORT «om«h:L££ four-room disepbrick and v? 11 *?' £ u modern, If sold at once. Near £Uls *f2v=i c Igtcrlew. Terms to suit purchaser. Ad y” L <<- Tribune office. I QT and cottage, four on*?t»vS?* doors, two closets, water In kitchen; gne-tnini cash, balance monthly, 287 PorMng-st. pOB SALE— CHOICE CENTRAL BUSINESS PROP- T*H StL 10 ®. OXI Wanrn-aT. west of Oakley-st.; on southeast comer Robey; Ohlo-st.. east comer of Yager- Also. lots in the GEO. M. HIGGIxseK, 114 Dearborn- BALt-HOUSE AXD LOT NO. 2a MII.T.ER lortt^sST,!? nie , r UK III * II anilMoa-pm-sts., mluible « hom? S 2 -*«• Ityon aver Intend to havo wmre, loog at this. Easy payments. AXD LOT. COTTAGE OF teinsiJS?i?i a Ji clos<;u; F lcc S 2.800: part cosli. rejt S™J-S. mj m cntE - AbaigalnT Address B 91, M>- h^T THE OWKER, A. SP3VEXDID LIT- GotUrtt. 4 5L 11 ® 8 from 1110 Court-House u Handsome bam, Macrogrossd. 40 shade feOOL««??^ : *&e neatest home n ear Chicago; wortJi 55.000. A 7S.‘.Tribune. SOUTH OV THIRTT mate an offer, it must -p-p VWSEB. 72 FSfiiS" 0 ?]? 83 WANTED IMMEDIATELY: east of Robey, l. 2, or 3 very choice lots.. . eomer Adam^-st.. 100x150. • near Jefferson Park. 25x125; vc»T choice. KttetsT**** near Jeekson-st., 60 foet, Iron ting two feet at a sacrifice of SZ‘OOO from directly across the street; has TtmSL^ r to the lake, trees, etc., etc. the above: and can say to any BTfimmoney they win get a bargain by acting at H. OSBORN & SON. 12S LaSalle-st TOUR OWH PKICE (MUST BE brick iwT.-52r'~ BuslDC8S property onßlne xaland-av.; h*rz*jri «ory sea basement.- witffi lot: great SSjJ, Impure of PETER J. BRUCE. 504 Blue EXCHANGE POU XMEBOVED n^Bssssater* 10 * oa pirK -”- a • west of Westera-wr.n price lifflSSSSr Appsy 10 ViL n- SAMPSON £ CO-, AUG AtN-LOT ,01100. ONOHIO-ST.. boL**s» 9 north front; price only $325 per to WM. H. BAMP§ON & CO., 14* L»- P°S SALE— OB IN EXCHANGE FOB OTHER the fine mldence. with lot jOQxl4ofecu iW* and Dlvereey-road- For particulars SCBBAP&B BEOS., 125 Etarbom-at., CITY BEAL ESTATE* FOR SALE-AND EXCHANGE - RESIDENCE property: 1179 wabash-av.,near Twenty*slxth*st.,2*story Man.* sard and basement with addition, 19 rooms, and barn. IGB Throop-st.. near Van linren-st. cars, 2-story and basement brick house; lot. 23x125; will rent low, sell cheap, or exchange at a bargain for clear property; 645 West trie-st. con also* be sold or exchanged at a bar* gam; loosed for one year. 514 North LaSaUe*BC.,flne 3-ttory brick residence, with lot STHxiei and bam; can fie bought for half Its mine. House on West Side, clear, aud S:t,OU) cash, for good bouse on South Or North Side, worth $8.00). House and lOOfcet at Hyde Turk clear, aud $5,000 cash for bouse fast of North Clark-su and south of Chi* cago-av. House and 100 feet at Austin, clear, aud some cash,for good brick house tn city worth $15,000. ULRICH & BARNES, Uoom 3. 85 Wasblngtou-st. For sale-by Jacob c. magill, rt south ' Clark-st- BARGAINS. Mlchlgan-av., south of Thlriy-secoud-st., 50x145 feet, price $l4O. Washlngton-sU, northwest corner Home. 60x125 feet price $l4O. Park-av.. near Oakley, 24x100 feet price SBS. l*ark-av., near Leavltt-st,. 25x100 feet, price $35. Also brick, stone* and frame residences in all parts of the city, at bargains. .Ashland-ar., near Tork-ct,-50x135 feet clear, to trade for good farm In southwestern part of lowa, near railroad. Part cash. . Kllls-av., octagon brick house, 10 rooms, to trade for farm property. FOR SALE-BUSINESS PROPERTY- South Watcr-st.—Several very desirable blocks, paying lo per cent rentals. West Madlson-si.—Block of stores and offlefc. Above will be sold at a great sacrifice. Blue IWoad-av.—Two-story and basement brick build ing, with 48-foot lot In good locality. Store below. Upper part arranged for two families. Cottage In rear. All well rented, will be sold cheap. We have a large list and are ottering rare bargains In business property. FRED L. FAKE & CO.. FGB SALE-ON LEAVITT-ST,, CORNER JACK* son, six new brick 2-siory and basement houses, swell fronts, size 21x42 feet all modem improvements, very cheap: will take some trade In good lota. Apply to owner, on the premises. For sale-two good houses on ss-foot lot In good locality on West Side; easy terms. Ad* dress D 92, Tribune office. F)B SALE—II LOTS WORTH SIOO EACH FOR 3300 If taken Monday. SELDEN FISH, 46 and4B Clark* bu. Room 4. F)R SALE-NOW FOR A BARGAIN, MUST BE Huron's^ 00 buy a and lot, 1257 West Van F)R sale-or exchange-store, lot. and fall stock of groceries, for improved farm or busi ness property in or outside the city; or stock for sale antrsiorc to rent. Inquire Mllwaukee-av. TTOR SALE-OR EXCIIANGITOF STOCKS OR CITY X property—fine suburban lots, within stt mflea of Courthouse. 1L SCHLOESSER, 210 LaSalle-at. P)E SALE—MARBLE FRONT HOUSE, DIKING room and kltcbcn on parlor door, corner Sonth Park* av. and Twenty-tlfth-st. 800 Prairie av., two-atory and-basoment brick, lot 35x175. A. J. GALLOWAY & SON. southwest corner State and Madison. _ T'or’sale-vernon-av.>so FRET. FINELY LO- X. cated, at a price so low that 1 cannot In Justice to the surrounding property- make the price public. M WICKS PALMER, BflMSshlßgton>sU, Rooms. : For sale-$4,000 will buy anewtwo-story and basement octagon brick bouse, 0 rooms, east front on Stonum-av. $5,500 takes a tine octagon stone front, with furnace, on Calumet av. Some fine bar gtios on the West and North Side. M. WICKS PALM- B. 66 Waahlngton-st,, Room 2. 1' ?OR SALE—OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY OR SUB ; urban, a two-story frame house on Washiugton-st. near Llncoln-sU ; lot 82x132 ft. Address D 50. Tribune office. FOR SALE-HOUSE AND LOT—s2,2oo EQUITY IN property on Park-av.,atasacriflce; balance, 31,800, In three years. Owner at Room 6, 64 West Randolph. FOR SALE—S7S FORA HOUSE;4 TEARS LEASE of lot. 6GO Warrcn-av. For sale-a very great bargain-123 feet on Llncotn-av., commencing on Wells-st. ;S4O per foot. D. WILLIAMS. 125 Sonth Clark-at., poom U. For lots on laflin-st.,neap. Harrtson-sL; - lots on Fourth-sa.ncar Llncolo-eu, at hard-pan prices for cash; want an oiler. HENRY A. HILL, 142 Deartwrn-sL For sale-several hundred feet on South Park-av., between Thirty-fourth and Thlrty fifth-sts. This property ought to rent well If built up immediately. GARNETT a TUOMASSON, 125 Dear born-su. Room 13. For sale-ob exchange-five lots with factory on same. Also other vacant lots In good lo cation to sell or trade for country real estate, form land E referred. Total value, $25,000. Will assume incum rance. What have you to offer? Address D 26, Trib une office. 17OR SALE—CHICAGO IMPROVED AND VACANT ; business and residence property. I have some pieces that can be bought very cheap for cash. ' Have list of good exchanges. E. L. CANFIELD, 59 LaSalle-st. TTOR SALE —A TWO-STORY HOUSE OF SIX X rooms, lot 24x108, one block east of Blue Island-av. street-care, near Fourteenth-fit-; price, $1,400. Inquire at 789 Fulion-st. . * For sale-at a sacrifice-cottage, six rooms, water, gas, sewer, and paved, street on Pcoria-st.. near Randolph-st. Address owner. E 74, Tribune office. • Fir SALE-5 TO 15 ACRES, CORNER SXXTIETH st. and Ashland-av., dear. SSOO per acre. Address owner, J. BELL. 341 West Randolph-st. For sale—jackson-st., near hamilton av., a new two-story and basement octagon front brick house. 10 rooms, with all Improvements. Easy terms at $4,300. Also a Hue 7-room cottage and lot on Adams-st.. nearUnlon Park, at $3,000. JAMES W. SMITH, 125 South Clark-st, Boom 22. • T7OR SALE-RENT OR EXCHANGE-COTTAGE. X barns, 204 Walnut-st., newly painted, 5 years’ lease, SSO a ycnc. (No taxes.) 10G west Monroe-st. I?On SALE-A NEW 4-STORT STONE DWELLING. ; 256 Oblo-su. modern improvements. In sum-class neighborhood, 5 minutes’ walk from Palmer House. A good chance to get a good and convenient home. Will sell cheap. T. C. BOYD, Plumber, 147 State-st. For sale slaughtered at halp its Talue, 500 feet near MUwaukee-av. and city limits; b'alf cash, balance easy payments. L. O. TOMLINSON, 163 LaSalle-Et., Room 4. FOR SALE—3-STORT RUILDINO AND LOT, TWO stores, and two dwellings above. ouLake-st.. near Halstcd. $8,000; lone time; small house amflol In part pay. Owner. 707 Wabash-av. __ Fob sale—opTexchange—ioxioo on fourth ar., near Van Barca st., with large brick barn. P. O’NEILL, 182 State-st. ‘ FOP. sale-valuable eight tears* lease. with frame dwelling; business street, West Side, at a bargain. E sc, Tribune office. Fob sale—fob ssq a g-room cottage on Carpcntcr-sU ; can be moved. For S3OO a two-story 9-rooiu bouse now paying3B per cent over all expenses. TRUESDELL & CROWN. 103 Ftfth-av. P)R SALE-BASEMENT COTTAGE AND LARGE bam. four years’ lease, cheap, 221 Ewlop-st. Ad dress owner. C. B. MOKE, Union Stock-Yards. SUBURBAN RE.IL ESTATE. FOB SALE-MARKET GARDEN ERS—COTTAG E, 5 acres, SG2S, SIOO down, balance $8 monthly; office davs Saturday and Monday. J. G. EARLE. Room 37, 97'Clark-st, J7ORSALE. RENT, OB EXCHANGE-HOUSES AND ; lots at Hinsdale. Size of places, price, and teams to suit. 10 cents/are. O.j. SxOUGfl, 123 PearbOTn-st. Fob sale-at western springs, on easy monthly payments to suit, 2-story houses and 50- foot lots at SBOO, SI,OOO, and $1,250: near schools and depot; sidewalks, etc., all complete, ready to move In to; io-ccnt train morning su'd evening. T. C. HILL, 4 Lakeside Building. ' 170 R SALE-AT EVANSTON-HOUSES 'WITH MOD- J? cm improvements. Lots In any part of the village. Blocks or acres at North Evanston. Will build houses to suit customers. For rent, several first-class houses. TFPNRV3L KIDDER, 48 Clark-st. * FOR SALE-EXCELLENT HOUSES AT RAVENS wood and Summerdale on easy terms: lake water; frequent trains; low fares. A BENNETT, Agent, southeast corner Monroe and Markct-su. FOR SALE—HYDE PARK—VERY CHOICE LOT, 100 feet east front on Washington-av, near Cbcstnut st.; small payment down, and long time for balance. Inquire of owners, BALDWIN, WALKER & CO., Haw lex OB SALE-30 MINUTES’ REDE FROM CITY, fare 13 cents, a fine property of nearly 3 acres, 50 apple and 50 cherry trees In full bearing, besides pears. Plums, grapes, gooseberries, currants, and strawber ries In abundance. A fine new bam with cow-shcd at tached; water In barn for stock the year round. Good house containing 9 rooms, with closets, pantries, good cellar, soft water la kitchen, with splendid well of water at the door. For particulars apply to C. B. kfpt.Eß.sk Washlngton-st.. Room 18 Mason Building. Fob sale-ob trade-equity in io-boom bouse at Kenwood>pas and water; or same for rent. Address Box 217 Hyde Park P. O. COR SALE-OB EXCHANGE—IOO FECT AT X* Ravcnswood. on Aabland-av., near High School; also some lots near depot, Washington Heights. 47 South Unlon-st., up-stairs. Fob sale-at south cuicago-25 acres near rolling mills, from 5 to 25 acres, clear ana perfect title- Apply at ill West Randolph-rt. )K SALE—« LOTS IN A BODY. 1« MILES NORTH of city limits, 500 feet from St. Paid Railroad. for SCSO; one-half cash. ASA W. CLARKE, 128 LaSalle st.. first floor. OB SALE—AT ENGLEWOOD—CORKER LOT IN ctovo only three blocks from depot. For terms and price apply to J>. E. TERRIERE. Englewood. , For sale— bargains in acres-b acres on c.. B. &Q. on 100-foot graveled street. Just right to subdivide; 7 acre* In centre of Englewood, with lake water on three rides, one block from depot.,will pay 100 per cent this season. Capitalists please call. £. C, WARE, 94 Washlogtoa-Et. . )R SALE-CHOICE TRIANGULAR LOT IK KEN wood. with 240/set frontage, $4,000, worth $7,000. E. C. VARK, 94 •Waahlcgtop-at. Fob sale-27 or 40 acres south of cm oh railroad: will Mil very low to a party td« wUlmiO dlrlde and pay half costot depot. J. TYLER, Rooms, 93 Washlngton-st. OR SALE—AT BARGAINS—LOTS IN I T 0 10* acre tracts at and college on Effhtr ierenth-Bt.. near Chicago & Danville Railroad. C- W. DEAN. 133 Clark-st. . . • OR SALE—A COZY HOME I ‘9, B^, S( l ilE < S O 2? very cheap at Lawndale; 8-room Gothic bouse, 50* footlot; lake water on first and second floor: bom cel lar, bath* etc.; all to good repair.- Price $3,208> Tennszo salt. Address 115. Tribune office. 1 ?OB SALE—TO LARGE OB SMALL INVESTORS— -4 I am authorized to sell 15. 50, or 100 lots In the city, tooth of Lawndale, at SBS each; will no* seU leas than 15 lots, and os this Is about quarter value, must bare ai least two-thirds cash; no trade. J. H. EOFF, Room I * Reaper Block. , B SALE-AT A GREAT SACRIFICE, 210 FEET at Hinsdale. 5 minutes* walk from depot. Apply t# O. T. FKANCHERE. 458 Ceatre-ar. i x>B SALE—OR RENT—A NICK HOUSE AND COT P taee In Englewood: first-class neighborhood; nea rtloot*r Also, very flue residence In south Evanston TH-rnTSON BROS., 92 Washlngton-rt. , T^OIT”SAXB—FIVE SOUTH CHICAGO LOTS IN P Alle#t Subdivision, Sec. 34. Town 37, Baafee M; only S3O each. Boom 24. i4sClark-Bt. _ Tnn'n SALE— LOTS AT CHICAGO LAWN. NEAR gs.isai'srjsarw 109 Dearoorn-st. „ V-»OR SALE— ACRE LOTS FOR GARDENS AND son-sL, Boom 7. *. ■* Ff»o c»i.v—a BARGAIN—AT LOMBARD; 40, 80, or ibo acres taper.or soil, near depot, only W mDcs from city limits. Inquire Room 2t* MettopoUtaa Block, w. & VOOHBUSY. THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE* For fare 12 cents, a fine property of nearly a acres apple and 50 cherry trees in full bearing, besides mums, crapes, gooseberries, currants, and strawberries m abundance. A flue new barn with cow-shed attach ®d * »*« at i er H bara for stock the year round. Good house containing 9 rooms, with closets, pantries, sood cellar •oft water In kitchen, with splendid well of water at l °rparticulars apply toe. B. KEELED. 94 wajbmgton-st.. Room id Mason Building. FOR SALE-FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS FOR only $2,300. the 40-ncrc farm fronting on Des* Pialiu* corporation line and on the N. \v. Ilf It., near S e ?i { r Qes f.^ lIoi, . ; for gardening, with one sand, suitable for poultry yard; all cultiratiou. with house and bam. E. S. DLL \ EH, 72 Pearborn-SL FOR SALE—CHEAP— ~ ; Lake Forest—Several acre tracts. Uydc-Housc, with 3 to 20 acres. Hicjdaie— House with 100 Co 300 feet. Englewood—House aud large lot, Austin—3oo feet, near depot. E. L. CANFIELD. 59 LaSalle-fit. SAf-E-HYDK PARK—ELEGANT DWELLING rooms, water, gas, sewer, and bam, at a panic office bCBt bargain offered this season. E' F°K. SALE-SSOO WILL BUY AN UNFINISHED d SC. SIOO down and $lO *** al ??.t alce cottage and one lot at same place, sqo down and slp monthly. 142 LaSnlle-st, Room-L FOR_SALE-f3OO CASH WILL SECURE A NEAT 6-room cottage and so feet two blocks from depot at south Englewood. TRDESDELL £ BROWN. 108 Hfth-av. )RSALE-AT KENOSHA. WIS., 60 MILKS FROM Chicago, handsome residence; comer lot;i4 rods square, opposite Kemper Hall Seminary; $2,000; small farms, 20svnd 20acres, good buildings, fine locations, ?!l 1 i, lnda . f . ru . l . t ’ Siuooand sa,ooo. J.BOFD, Room?, 188 East Madlsou*sC. FOR SALE—WASHINGTON HEIGHTS-40 ACRES adjoining Morgan Park; a rare chance for a subdt* vision. FRED. L.FAKE.&CO.. 88 Washlngton-st TDOR-GALE—NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO SECUBEr A a beautiful'home at Englewood, close to station and normal school: lake water; plenty of groundtonly, S2OO down. D. W. STORKS, 94 Washlngton-st. FOB SALE—AT SOUTH EVANSTON—A BEAUTI* ful new bouse, large lot and tine trees, $2,000. U. WHIPPLE, 104 Washington-st.. Room 14. II'OB SALE—A BIG BARGAIN-$2,000 FOR EQUI . ty, worth $3,500; meet beautiful suburban home on north lake shore; 45 minutes’ ride; large drawing and photographs at office In city. Address D 50, Tribune office. FOR SALE—ENGLEWOOD—THREE COTTAGES near depots; 30 trains each way dally; price very Jpvr; payments monthly. N. T. WEIGHT, 88 washlngton-st. COUNTRY BEAL ESTATE. FOB SALE—2OO-ACRfi FARM. dupagb co.. ill. dwelling, 14 rooms, double parlors, marble mantels, green blinds, etc.: bam (stone foundation) for 40 cattle: good orchard of ull kinds of fruit: lasting water; 20 acres timber, as good land as there Is lu the State; 180 etres under cultivation; 20 miles from Court-House in Chicago; 2J4 miles north of Lisle Station, on C., B. * Q, R. H., 3 miles south of Prospect Park, on N. W. R. R. WUI sell this farm for cash; down; $75 per acre. Here Is one of the best bargains ottered to a man who wants line dairy farm, T. 15. BOX’D, Room 24, 246 Madlson-st, FB SALE—RO 5tA NTIC AND DELIGHTFUL GEN- Uemon’s summer residence: Icc-honsc. barn, etc.; altnated on tbc banks of u beautiful lake, 40 miles from Chicago, amidst old oak trees, with elegant shore beach, mineral springs, pure water, delightful bathing, tine fishing and hunting all the season; very healthy; no sickness; steam-yacht. Club, and'small boats, with fishing outfits, sold with the place: price. $7,000. Opened os a resort, con lie cleared the first season. Ap ply or address COL. O. LIPPINCOTT, 81 Randolph-st. Fob sale-secube homes tviitle tou cas— For a few days only, some choice Improved farms4n Kansas at wild land prices and terms, to industrious married Germans who can give good references as to character and habits. These farms arc In thickly settled counties and arc In order for Immediate occupa tion; titles perfect. They are going fast, so apply at •nee to J. K. O. SHERWOOD, with W. J. Barney, No. 27 Tribune Building. T?OR SALE-GREAT BARGAINS—ILLINOIS FARM J? 160 acres, dwelling, stables, orchard, 45 miles northeast of St. Louis. $25 per acre; 105-scre farm, same locality, S2O per acre, terms easy. Improved farms In Southeastern Kansas $lO to sls per acre. Good farmsln Pettis and Boone Counties, Mo., finely Im proved, sls to $25 per acre. Splendid farm 3 miles fromSedalla (population luono), 400 acres very rich black loam soil, an elegant dwelling, very large barn, very cheap. J. D. SPEAR, Oils Block, Room 35. No exchange. TTOR SALE-TO close an estate-good farm X of 600 acres near Elgin, on N. W. It. IL, at $26 per acre, small payment down. B 54, Tribune office. T?OB SALE—A NO. 1 COAL PROPERTY LOCATED X in Indiana. Coal from said mine Is being delivered In this market dally. The coal Is said to be equal to the Pittsburg cool for steam and heating purposes. Everything about the mine is In splendid condition. A splendid bargain. For particulars apply to Room 11, 136 East Madlson-st.. Chicago. 111. For s.4*£-or exchange-a fine residence property at Marengo, 111., 1 acre ground, good house, barn, good well of water. Plenty of shrubbery, Ac.; unincumbered; will sell low for cash, or will trade for clear Western land. Address K 71, Tribune office. For sale—very cheap. 40 acres improved land about a miles east of Town of Momcnce, 111., on D. * V. Railroad., Apply to C. LE BEAU, 263 For qner-st. 3 TOR SALE-A NICE PIECE OP LAND RIPE FOR : subdivision in a pood town, with or without a large nursery stock. This is a fine investment. Address L 22, Tribune Offlcfe ! For sale-an elegant western farm (one of the finest in the country} at a shameful sac rifice for cash: must be closedla2 or 3 days; no traders. Address 529 Wabash-xv. • For sale—on trade-what will you give for 40 acres choice prairie land In Clark County, Wls.. 2 miles from county seat; perfect title. G 59, Tribune office. For sale-large improved farm 35 miles from Chicago; no trade. A. J. GALLOWAY* SON. southwest corner State and Madlson-sts. For salk-ob exchange—good two-story dwelling and 16 lots In Pueblo, CoL; unincumbered; $6,000. Roortf C, 128 LaSalle-st. F" OR SALE-OB exchange-large fruit farm of 135 acres, near Benton Harbor, Mich., 70 acres improved, two houses, large barn, etc. C2B, Tribune office. For sale—ob exchange—over soo farms/ located andlmproved to suit every one; full particu lars with J. G. UuSZAGB, 124 Dearbom-st., R00m 22. Fob sale-so acres on c., b. &q. railroad, ismllcsfromCourt-House. Unexcelledforaubdl vlsloru Only $350 per acre; H cash, balance tn seven equal annual payments, .with 6 per cent interest. Par ties meaning business, address F 89. Tribune office. For sale-i have some of the finest cran berry lands In Wisconsin, which 1 will sell cheap or exchange for part of It tn merchandise or good real es tate. McCOY «fc GORMAN, Room 3.199 South Clark-st. Fob salb-by mrs. t. f. shock, a large number of elegant farms, clear, for cash and ex change; also desirable city property. 156 Washington* st.. Room 38. T?OR SALE—I WILL SELL FOR CASH, OR WILL JJ exchange (not for real estate) 50x170 feet In the City of New Albany, ImL; valued at $250 to S3OO. D 90, Tribune office. * Fob sale-ob f.xchange—a desirable and attractive residence on the sea shore, wltbla one hour’s ride of New York City, on the New York & New Haven Railroad, about 3 miles from Stamford; first-class improvements.beautiful grounds, fine house, barn, lodge house, bath house, boat house, with boats, Ac.. Ac.; good fishing and bathing: will sell or ex change for Chicago city property, Apply to or address a C. THAYER, 96 Dearborn-st. REAL ESTATE WASTED. WANTED-A FARM OR RESIDENCE NEAR Minneapolis, Minn.. In exchange for a stone-front residence with all modem Improvements on Prairie-av. Address C 27. Tribune office. TXTANTED-A PRETTY BUILDING LOT CHEAP. V V near Hyde Park Station; no attention paid to let ters which do not give location and price. Address M 62, Tribune office. TTTANTED—CLEAR OR LIGHTLY INCUMBERED VV city or country property for equity In choice 50 xiSO/eet near Tblrty-first-su OWNER, l43oPralrio-sv. ANTED—FOR CASH. A WELL IMPROVED farm near this city. 150 to 300 acres. J. D. HYEUS, 32 Times Building. TIFANTED-REAL ESTATE—NO FOOLISHNESS; VV 40 or 50 feet, good depth; east of Wabash and south of Thlrty-flrst-st.,—os far south as Thlrtyseventh-st., —on any of the avenues, except Indiana: must be very cheap; wanted Immediately- don’t ask big prices If you want to sell. S. W. CONGER. Union Stock-Yards. WANTED-HOUBE AND LOT ONMICHIQAN-AV., north of Twenty-second-st.; will pay In clear city property and cash. GEORGE IL LAWTON. & CO., 137 East Madlson-st., Room 25. Wanted— from 1,000 to 3,000 acres land/ suitable for a stock farm. In exchange forclty property. N. F. MERRILL 3 Otis Block. Y\rANTED SOUTH WATER-ST. PROREBTT, VV worth $60. 000. for choice clear city and cash, or avenue. E. C. WARE, 94 Waablo gton-st. TXTAKTED—OKE OH TWO LOTS IK VTCtKITT OP W Chicago, Bock Island & Pacific Railroad shops, south of city, In exchange for 80 acres of lowa land; trill pay some cash. Address A J P, SHO Wentworth av.. Chicago. IIL tttaktkd-to lease-some lots south op W Thlrty-slxth-st. and east of State-st. Two wag ons for sale; s3sand $35. Address P 86. Tribane office. ’TTTANTEE-A HOUSE AND LOT OK MONTHLY W payments; S2OO down and $25 per month; must be In North Division south of Lincoln Park and cast of Wclls-st.. and contain six or eight rooms. Address K 41, Tribune office. ■ TXT ANTED —CHICAGO PROPERTY, §20.000 TO W §50.009 worth, and will assume light Incum brance; want to buy with country property, productive and clear. Address PS 3. Tribune office. Tf?* ANT ED—CLEAR BRICK OR STONE FRONT; VV will pay some cash and give beautiful block of ground on railroad, near limits, clear. D. W. STORES. 94 Washlngton-st. ___ TtrANTED-A COTTAGE AND DOT; ALSO A 10- \ V room bricfc wanted for cash customer; will as sume. E. F. ADAMS ± DRAKE. 112 Flfth-av. nrANTED—TO BUY-A BUSINESS BLOCKT VY worth about $50,000 or $75,000, and a boose In good locality on South Side, for which 1 will paycash or assume, and prairie lands In one of the best Western States. Address, In strict confidence. C 78, Tribune Office. * ; _■ WT ANTED—EVANSTON' RESIDENCE, WORTH VV SIO,OOO, in exchange for city house of same value. North Shore residence, SIO,OOO, in ezebanse for city of greater value. . _ City house, well located, SB,OOO. Beal estate owners, wishing- to sen, to give me price. E- L. CANFIELD. 59 LaSalle-at, inTANTED—A LOT WITHIN 7 fHBEE BLOCKS OF VY Hyde Parkdepotor South Park. Wlllxnakeasmall Davment down, and will put $2,000 of improvements tnhodavs. No frauds or tax titles wanted. Address Hyde Pwk Port-Office Box 112- E. DOYLE. TTT ANTED—HAVE CUSTOMER FOR TWO-STORT W and basement brick or stone-front house. South Bide, north of Tbirty-lhlrd-st. Wlllpay all cash. Also want lot on Wert Side, cast of Westcrn-av. H. E. WEAVER & CO., 169LaSalle-rt. Vitanted-a comfortable house and lot. VV worth about SI,OOO, for which 1 will give clear city property, aod assume some Incumbrance. Address I ag. Tribune office. v THTT ANTED—FOR CASH-20. 40. OB 80 ACRES'OP W i«ti j for Immediate. snbdJvlilon, within 15 miles of the Court-House and within half a mile of gome good depot; wlllnotpay more than from SIOO to *3ooper ncK * description, so that I can locate oh the mS;£dKitetMlowest price. Addresi M 63, Trlb une office, . _ TTTANTED FOR A CUSTOMER, A GOOD RESI* VV dpnee on one of the avenues, north of Twenty* tlVth-i. worth about SIO.UOU. B. W. THOMAS & ca, 133 lASsUe-6t. RE.iL ESTATE "WANTED. WANTED— TO NEAR Vlncenocs-ar. and ThJrty-teveatti-ats. Address 704 Cottage Crave-av.. old number. BOARDING AND EODGIiVG. . West Side. 3 NORTH PAGE-ST.-TWO GENTLEMEN CAN Ire accommodated uitk board. - . D SOOTH SHF.LDON-ST.-SUITE OF FURNISHED rooms, with board, lor gentleman and wife. NORTH MAY^ST.—TO RENT wYtHROARD. two nicely furnished suites; und single rooms, in new brick bouse,, with all modern-improvements. U SOUTH GREEN-ST., BETWEEN RANDOLPH and Washington—Pleasant rooms, with or with out board. ' ! . • 1 O SOUTH SANGAMON-ST.—NICE FURNISHED liJu rooms, with board.' for two; also room for single gentleman. Terms moderate. __ TC PARK-AV., FOUR DOORS WEST OF UNION It/ Park—With board, a delightful, large room; hot and cold water, bath, etc,; house new. 1)0 ABRRDEBN-&T.—ROOMSTO RENT IN SUITES uJ* lor single, .with board. In an American family.' — ONE MORE LADY £iO boarder. Mpiebce-st;; half block prom blue island-aw. cars—Two furnl'hcd front rooms, with or without board; day-board, 54. 04 SOUTirSANGAMON-ET.—TO RENT. A GOOD room, hot and cold water, saleable for two gents or man and wife. Those taking a morning paper (ex cluding the Times) preferred. ■ OQ ABERDEEN-ST.-PLEASANT rooms, with ZiO board. Table- boarders accommodated. Terms reasonable. ■ Q£t ST. JOHN’S-PLACE-ROOMS FURNISHED OU2 or unfurnished to rent with board. All modem Improvements. • JO SOUTH CURTIS-ST. —TO RENT. WITH *±£j board, front room, all modem Improvements; hot and cold water, gas. &c.. unfurnished except carpet. A A SOUTH ANK-ST., WEST SIDE-TWO FUR tirx ntsbed rooms with board. A A LAFLIN-ST.—WITH BOARD. A DELIGHT ttx ful suite of rooms, nicely furnished; location de slrsblc, near Union Park. A A SOUTH MAY-ST. —TWO PLEASANT FRONT XT rooms with closets; modem conveniences; board. A K SOUTH HALSTED-ST., NEAR MADISON. Tt) Frodt rooms with board. Applyto-day. A £ PARK-AV., NEAR UNION PARK-NICK suite of large front rooms to rent, with board: all modem Improvements. "Ah SOUTH ASHLAND-AV., FRONTING UNION 1 Park—Board and nice rooms; hub and cold water, Ac.; all flrst-elass. JQ SOUTH MORGAN-ST.-FURNISHED OR UN zO furnished rooms to rent; private family. A Q SOUTH’ ANN-ST:—ONE' LARGE ROOM TtO handsomely furnished, with first-class board for gent and wife or two gentlemen. y(Q PEABCE-ST.-AT PRICES TO SUIT THE ‘xt/ times—furnished rooms, with or without board; street-cars and omnibuses on three sides, half block of door. ri ASHLAND*AV., FRONTING PARK-ROOMS OJL to rent, with board, famished or unfurnished. ;r*l SEELEY-AV.. NEAR MADISON-ST.—NICELY UX furnished rooms, en suite or single, with board, In private family; large yard and croquet grounds* CQ SOUTH CAHPENTEU-5T.-FIRST-CLASS FUR OO nlshed rooms with board. M NORTH ASELAND-AV.—PLEASANT ROOMS and board for throe or four In small private fami ly, In new stone swell-front block, one block from Union Park and Randolpb-st. cars.; references ex changed. - ~CA THROOP-ST.-LARGE ELEGANT ALCOVE -t rooms, fronting Jefferson Park, nicely furnished, modem Improvements, with board, for gentleman and wife, or single gentlemen; terms reasonable. Cfr LANGLEY-AV.—A COUPLE OF GENTLEMEN OO boarders and a few table boarders can be accom modated. CC LANGLEY-AV.—BOARD CAN BE OBTAINED OO' by gentleman and lady requiring front room and alcove, second door, In new brick house with all modern improvements. , C 7 PIERCE-ST.—2 PLEASANT ROOMS. GOOD O i board, in private family, with use of bath, near Halstead and Van Buren-sts. £Q WEST LAKK-ST.-TO RENT—FURNISHED UO or unfumlsbcd rooms, with board, at reasonable prices (newly opened). 7Q SOUTH SANGAMON-BT.—A FURNISHED I O room to rent, with or without board. 7Q WEST VAN BUREN-ST. - WANTED-DAT • O boarders at $3 per week; also, front room to rent cheap. QC SOUTH MORGAN-ST.—AN EAST FRONT OO alcove,newly furnished and carpeted, with board; prlvatefamUy;have Just taken the house. QC SEELEY-AV.-PRIVATE FAMILY, GOOD VO table; two pleasant bed-rooms, suitable for mar ried couple and single gentleman, or three gentlemen, with use of parlor. Apply personally or by letter. QQ SOUTH GREEN-ST*. CORNER MONROE— t/O Pleasant furnished rooms to rent wither with out board, cheap. m CENTRE-AV.-BOARDING BY THE DAY OB week. Also furnished rooms, Terms reasona ble. __ _ I*| 7 WALNUT-ST. FURNISHED OR UNFUR XXI nlshed.rooms, with board. In private family, 3 blocks from Union Park, iblockfromatreetrcara; terms reasonable. IT Q NORTH SIIELDON-ST.—PLEASANT FRONT XXO room with board In private family for two gen tlemen, two ladles, or man and wife; terms reasonable. m SOUTH SANGAMON-ST.-LARGE FRONT room, with board; modem conveniences. *i'qq~south green-st.-pleasant room. XOt7 nicely furnished, with board, at reasonable terms. mWEST ADAMS-ST.—NICELT FURNISHED rooms, with board, en suite or single, conven ient to cars; bath, hot and cold water. i 70 WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—PLEASANT FUR- X t £1 ulshed rooms with board. 17Q PARK-AV. —TO RENT, WITH BOARD, JiiV pleasant south front rooms, single or on suite. OA-1 EAST WASHINGTON-ST. FIRST-CLASS Ux board, with room. £5 per week; table-board, $3.50; also, room for lady boarders. • HOME: *UO rooms and board SS per week, without board only $2 per week. J. DAVIS. Proprietor. . mi WEST WASHINGTON-ST., BETWEEN JjJ.X Green and Peoria—Furnished or unfurnished rooms to rent, with or without board; day-boarders can be accommodated. . . ■ oYq park-av.-unfurnished front AL- ZiXOcove suite, with board; hot and cold water; Uouso all modern Improvements; private family. cy\ pr NORTH SANGAMON-ST.—WOULD LIKE A JjLO few qulot raen as boarders In a private family; terms moderate; up-stalrs. 000 WEST MONROB-ST.—LARGE PARLOR TO rent, with board, for gent and wife, argents; also, single room. . C>OA WEST MONROE-ST.—LARGE FRONT ROOM, ZrOU with first-class board, forgentlcman and wife, or two gentlemen. Cy nO' WEST RANDOLPH-ST. -TO RENT. WITH JLi \j& board, in a private family, a furnished room for one gentleman. 07a. 'WEST WASHINGTON-ST. BOARDING. Some rerypleaaant rooms wen furnished, with first-class board. Gentlemen and their wives or single gentlemen. Very flue location, convenient to business. Terms reasonable. A few table boarders can be ac. commodatcd. ■ ■ - 077 WEST JACKSON-ST.—BOARD, WITH NICE jLii I famished rooms, single or en suite, OQH WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—TO-RENT WITH jUfjyJ board, one large and small room on second floor, north front; also I large room back, on frame floor; also back parlor end hall-room. OQ A WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—UNFURNISHED ZjaJ't: suite and furnished rooms with board. Day boarders taken. • ■ orW2 -WEST ADAMS-ST.—TO RENT, FURNISHED OUU or unfurnished, two suites and one single room wlthboard. : _____ Q/V7 WEST JACKSON-ST.-PLEASANT FRONT OU I rooms, furnished or unfumlshedf and good board; good neighborhood, and reasonable terms; ref creates given and required. WEST MONROE-ST.—VERT PLEASANT o\Ji parlor suite to rent; gas and'both-room, hot and cold water; with or without board. Very reason able. _ QT & WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-UANDSOMELY OXLJ furnished frost rooms with board, single oven suite; 6:30 o'clock dinner; table boarders acconunodat* ed; reference required. QOQ 330, 332. AND 334 WEST WASHINGTON-ST.— 040 Famished rooms to rent, with board, suitable for families or single gentlemen. • QQQ WEST AD AMS-ST.—PLEASANT ROOMS, 000 with board, for gent and wife, or two gentle Oft/ WEST RANDOLPH S?.-LADIES OB GEN -01/Xllemen can secure pleasant rooms and good home table fare at $5 to £5.50; one single room, $5. QQ X WEST RAKDOLPH-ST.-ONE LARGE NICE OOU ly-fumlshcd room to rent, with board. AAI WEST MONROE-ST.—VERY DESIRABLE XI/X front rooms, single or en suite, furnished or unfurnished, with board. Reference. A fIQ WEST MONROE-ST.-PLEASANT SUITE XI JO front rooms -(alcove), furnished, with board; also back room; family private, loacatlon first-class, terms reasonable, cheerful home. AHQ VTEST JACKSON-ST. A NICELY FUR tUO nlshed room, with board, for gentleman and wife, or two single gentlemen, in a private family. Call Monday. /OQ WEST WASHINGTON-ST. - PLEASANT suite of rooms, with hoard; modem conveni ences; references required. /OQ WEST MONROE-ST.—PLEASANT LOCATION X 4O nearly opposite Jefferson Park—Furnished or unfurnished rooms to rent, with first-class board, for single gentlemen or gentlemen and tbclr wives. A A A WEST ADAMS-ST.-ONE OR TWO BEATT XXX tlfnl suites or single rooms, with all modern conveniences, in a private family, and opposite Jeffer son Park; one of the finest houses and localities on the West Side. . A 7Q WASHINGTON-ST., NEAR UNION PABK- Tl U Rooms furnished and unfurnished, with or with out board. House new; marble front. Terms reason able. XQ7 CARROLL-AV.—FURNISHED OB UNFUR OOI nlshed rooms to rent, with board. ft! ft WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—FURNISHED OXU room, gas and bath. A few day boarders want ed at $4 per week. fiQO WEST ADAMS-ST.—RRTCK HOUSE. .ALL UOm modem conveniences, newly calclimned • and painted—Rooms furnished or unfurnished, with board; references exchanged. ftQft -WEST MONROE-ST.-A NICELY FUR OOU nfshed front alcove room with all modem conveniences and first-class board. . » . ft fro WEST MONROE-ST.-A SUITE OF FUR QUO nUhed and a suite of unfurnished rooms, with board; also a few day boarders can be accommodated; house Vltb all modem improvements; finest location on West Side. F ■ 7Aft WEST MONROE-ST.-FRONT AND BACK IUO parlors to vent together, furnished or unfur nished; also, suite on second floor, with board. 7f ft WEST MONROE-ST.-TO BENT, WITH I XI/ board, two front rooms, modem Improvements, fnmlsbed or unfurnished. References unchanged. 7-7 WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-A FEW FIBST- It/1 class boarders wanted. A PLEASANT SUITE OF SOUTH FRONT BOOMS two blocks east of Union Park, with first-class table board for two, with a family of refinement. Terms reasonable. Address C 38, Tribune office. BOARDING AND LODGING. West Side—Continued. A DESIRABLE FRONT KOOM, WITH GOOD -iV. board. to gentleman and wife or two gentlemen, la private family, at sl4 per week; also two day-board ere wanted. Two blocks from Hoisted and iladlson-sts. Address K 48, Tribune office. pENT AND WIFE CAN OBTAIN" GOOD BOARD VJ with use of parlor, and bath-room. In small fam ily, where there are no other boarders; bouse la brick, .well finished. Is located on DcpuystdSst;. between Hal sted and Dcspltilnes: terras sl2 per week for two. Ad dress G 9, Tribune office. ■VrOXROE-ST., NEAR LINCOLN.-TO KENT, WITH Ifi. board, toswo gentlemen or gent and wife, a largo front parlor, handsomely furnished, modern Improve ments. References exchanged. Address IS 3, Tribnnc office. •\TEAR UNION • PARK—A LARGE. PLEASANT -L> room, with ixisrd, for two gentlemen,, la a private family. Address F 88,Tribune office. , Near ashland-a'v. -extra pleasant front room or rooms, with, good board: private family; for gent and wife or two gents. Address E 48, Tribune office. ON THE WEST SIDE-BOARD WITH-TWO UN furnished front rooms (except carpets); table, loca tion, and surroundings first-class. F G. Tribune office.). T) ARTIES DESIRING- REALLY EXCELLENT X board and choice of fine rooms, should call at once at nil and 3*3 West Uandolph-st.; board at lowest price possible; rooms newly furnished and unfurnished; ele gant parlors. Also, parlors to rent rnwb LARGE FURNISHED ROOMS TO RENT. WITH X board, on Washlngton-st,. east of Park; house has every convenience; family small: for permanent peo ple only. Address L 65, Tribune office. • Three blocks’west of union park—board for a gentleman In a private family v no other board ers; large front room, furnished; hot and cold water, and gas; location very desirable; references required; terms. $lO per week. Address B 84, Tribune office. South Side* 9HUBBAKD-COURT-TO RENT, SUITE ROOMS, closets, hot and cold water, sooth front, furnished or unfurnished, with-board. in ELDRIDGE-COURT LARGE PLEASANT JLt/ rooms cicely furnished to rent, with board. Ref erences given ana required. M ELDRIDGE-COURT—TO RENT WITH BOARD, two desirable rooms, with hot and cold water; house first-class. 1 Q AND 20 ADAMS-ST.. BETWEEN WABASH JLO and Mlchlgan-avs.— Also rooms furnished or ua furnlshedJn same building. 6a HARRISON-ST.-FURNISHED ROOMS WITH board for gentlemen only. QQ PECK COURT-ROOMS TO RENT WITH Ov board for gentleman and wife, or single gentle- A Q UNIVERSITY PLACE.-A PLEASANT SUITE of front rooms to rent with board; One location. MEAST II AllUl SON• ST. —2 SINGLE ROOMS TO rent, with board; day-board. Cf\ DOUGLAS-AV.—TO BENT, WITH BOARD. A t_)U suite of pleasant front rooms. In a private family. Modem Improvements. Location between Falrvlew Station and Cottage Grovc-av. Best of references given and required. Also, family rooms to rent, without board. Dav-board next door. TWENTY-FOUBTH-ST*,.CORNER OF GALO OT met-av.—Front alcove room, wltb board* suita ble for two young men or a marriedcouple, at sl4 per week. Also table board-84 per weefc. . - nfc VAN BURF.N-ST., NEAR STATE-BOARD FOR 1U ladles or gentlemen; 54 to $5 per week, with uso of piano. . mFRANKLIN-ST*. BETWEEN MADISON AND Washington—Single and double rooms; with board and use of bath-room. $s to SS per week. mAND 123 CALUMET-AV. -FURNISHED OB unfurnished rooms, with board, can be bad at the above; specially desirable location; references re quired. T ,\ Q EAST MADISON-ST.—NEWLY FITTED-UP ItcO and furnished front and back rooms, single or Apply at Room 21. third floor. en suite. 1 Qft AND 184 SOUTH STATE-ST,—FURNISHED XOO rooms to rent, wltb board, single or en suite; suitable for families. . OAA TWENTY-FIFTH-ST., NEARWABASH-AV. Zi uU —To rent, a One furnished front room with alcove for one or two gentlemen. - • OOT EAST JACKSON-ST.—FIRST-CLASS BOARD ££l. with room, from $4.50 to $6 per week. Day boarders $3.50 per week. • OA-r MICRIGAN-AV.-FRONT ALCOVE ROOM, £\jO furnished or unfurnished. Reasonable terms to permanent parties. Table-boarders accommodated. OAQ SOUTH STATE-ST., SOUTH OF .TACKSON— jL/OO Nlocly furnished rooms to rent with flrst-claea board and use of bath-room; hot and cold water; terms $4 to $5 per week; house newly opened. 07Q MICHIGAN-AV.—BOOMS TO RENT WITH £(V board. All modern Improvements. House has changed hands. non MICHIGAN-AV. —TO RENT, ELEGANT ZiOAf rooms, with first-class board; references ex changed. ' • ()nr MICHIGAN-A V.—LARGE NICELY FUR -400 nlshed front room to rent with board. Also, pleasant accommodations for one or two gentlemen at moderate rates. ' OQO MICHIGAN-AV.—LARGE FRONT ROOM, ZjOO and single- room, furnished, private family; references required* OAA SOUTH STATK-ST. —PLEASANT ROOMS, OUU with board, at low figures. Q 1 A MICHIGAN-AV.—TO-RENT, WITH BOARD, OXU an upper front room, furnished ornnfumiahed. m MICHIGAN AV.. FRONTING PARK AND lake—Rooms, newly-furnished: all modern Improvements; to'pennanent parties low prices, with table board. OOA MICHIGAN-AV.-PBIVATE FAMILY, WILL ODV farnlfib a pleasant home to man and wife or two gentlemen at reasonable price. Reference required. QCt) thibxy-third-st:—a widow lady is Otdesirous of obtaining a few boarders: can be accommodated with table board or board wltb rooms, either' furnished or unfurnished* 352 Thlrty-thlrd-st. QQO MICHIGAN-AV.—ELEGANTLY FURNISHED €)OJj front and back rooms; also back parlor ami 11' brary, with board; house In thorough repair; all mod* ern conveniences. * QQ/I CALUMET-AV.—A DESIRABLE FRONT OOtt alcove room, with modem Improvements, fur nished or unfurnished, with or without board; also sin gle rooms; references exchanged. A IQ WABASH-AV.—FURNISHED FRONT ROOM “ttXO on second floor, wlthboard. A OO~M^JLAVi—TTWNT SUITE UNFUR nlabed (except carpets) to rent with board. Also one back room. A'CiO MIGHIGAN-AV. ELEGANT FURNISHED JiUOfront room, with alcove, for gent and wife, with board. • . ,( npr MICHIGAN-AV.—FURNISHED OB UNFUR *xOO nlshcd rooms torrent on first and second floors, with board. House changed hands, • AQI WABASH-AV.-2 BOOMS, WITH BOARD, tkOX for famine*, with modern Improvements; also single room for one gentleman; day-boarders taken. AQ7 MICHIGAN-AV.—TO RENT, ROOMS FUR xO •> nlshcd or unfurnished, with or without board; private family; terms moderate. » A A| WABASH-AV.—TWO FURNISHED OB TWO Xt/*x unfurnished rooms to rent with or without board. Terms reasonable. XCICt WABASH-AV.—A NICELY FURNISHED QUO suite of front rooms to rent, suitable for lady and gentleman; also day-boarders accommodated. FRONT ROOM AND OXO bed-room off; also, two single rooms, desirable for gentlemen. ; rnn WABASH-AV.—TO BENT. WITH BOARD. O£U one large front room, furnished or unfurnished; also back room famished. CTQQ WABASH-AV.. NICELY - FURNISHED 004 rooms for rent cheap, wither without board; references exchanged. r \ Q MICHIGAN-AV.—'WOULD LIKE TO BOARD Oxt/*- five young gents; have two large alcoves and I parlor bed-room, nicely-furnished; or would take mar rled couples. . WABASH-AV.—TO BENT. WITH BOARD, OOU large front chamber, elegantly furnished, £3O; also, one third-floor front room, sl6; tabic first class. prdQ MICHIGAN-AV.—ONE SUITE- OP BOOMS 000 on flret floor; also one parlor on first floor with library, furnished or unfurnished, with board. £*Xl WABASH-AV.-2 CHOICE FRONT ROOMS OvXconnected, unfurnished, with or without board. P7Q WABASH-AV.—A LARGE. ELEGANT, SEC OIO ond-story front room, handsomely furnished, with board. Reterences exchanged. /*QA MICHIGAN -AV .—FRONT ALCOVE ROOM, DOU-and other rooms; modem conveniences; first class board- • ; rjxn MICHIGAN-AV.-NICELY FURNISHED IOU rooms, with board; day-boarders accommo dated. .• ; rrxi AND 753 WABASH-AV.-TWO FRONT 4 OX rooms, en eulle orelngle. also two other rooms, with board; references exchanged. 7QO WABASH-AV.. - NEAR SIXTEENTH-ST.- i rJtJ Desirable rooms, ea suite or single, with first class board. qa,| "WABASH-AV. —TO KENT, WITH BOARD, QUX pleasant rooms, ea suite or single. . QA7 WABASH-AV.—PLEASANT BACK PARLOR 01/1 at $lO per week for two, with board. QOO WABASH-AV.—PLEASANT ROOMS. WITH O^j Zi board; for gentlemen who desire more home comfort than style. QQO MICHIGAN-AV.—ONE OR TWO- PLEASANT OOii rooms with board. . ' qqq WABA-6H-AV. —NICELY FURNISHED OOt) front rooms, with or without board. Good.table and prices very low. QX'Tt WABASH-AV.—ROOMS TO BENT WITH OO • 2 or without board, farniahed or unfurnished; also a suite of parlors; private family; rent cheap. QOft WABASH-AV.—TO RENT, SINGLE OB EN O«7osalte, furnished rooms with board; day-board ers wanted; no objection to children. Hf)7 WABASH-AV., BETWEEN TWENTIETH I and Twenty-flrst-sts.—To rent, suite of rooms handsomely furnished, parlor and bedroom, with or without board; also single rooms and day board. n*77 INDIAN A-AV., CORNER TWENTY-FIRST y M IL—Fine solte of rooms, first and second fioor, famished, with board. . . . i nnn wabash-av,—a handsomelt-fur iUUv nlshcd extension-room, hot and cold water, large closet, Ac., with board. Also single room for gentleman. TAI7 WABASH-AV.-TO RENT. HANDSOME XUi 4 suites of rooms for families and single gentle men, with board. ~t nQO WABASH-AV. ELEGANT PARLOR XUOO floor with front alcove- rooms to rent; also two unfurnished rooms; excellent board; moderate prices; beautiful marble' block comer of Twenty fourth-st. _ ] ' 1 DQft INDIANA-AV.-GOOD BOARD WITH JLUOO pleasant rooms and use of piano. • YnQQ INDIANA-AV. WITH BOARD, • TWO XXjOU rooms. References required. _ 11A Q WABASH-AV.-BOARD, AND NICELY XXxO furnished room for gentleman and wife or single gentlemen; terms reasonable. - 11 XI WABASH-AV.-FRONT ROOM.. WITH XiOl board, for two. In a house with all modem Iroprovementslnflnelocatlon; satisfactory rates.. I T 7ft WABASH-AV.-A FINE SUITE OF BOOMS, xJ.4D and room for gentleman, with board. -to/ft PRAIRIE-AV. ELEGANT SUITE OF Xe/xO front rooms and large back parlor, very rea sonable; good references required. - ■ Michigan-av.. near . eightoenth-st^a private family will rent a pleasant-front an! tc, with breakfast and late dinner, for two, at Sft-50 per week; TWO COUPLES CAT FIND HANDSOME SUITES of rooms with hoard; hoßsemodcrn; fine location near lake, at Cottage Grove. 87, Tribune office. BOARDING AND LODGING* Soatb Side—. Continued. T7OP.TT-SECOND-ST. ANDXANGLET-AV.-BOARD JC and room for gentleman and wife or two ladles, tn a private family from New England; price low. Call or address Pa. Tribune office. ONE SINGLE AND ONE DOUBLE BOOM IN FBI* vatc family, vicinity Sixteenth on Mlchlprm,*ov.; to fentlemcn at $5 per week; references. Address E 47, rlbune office. . . . “ ON MICHIGAN-AV., NEAR TWENTY-SECOND* Bt.—Two suites pleasant front rooms; also pleasant rooms forcentleruen. with first-class board at reasona ble prices. Refer to C.Jui_Clark-st. TirARRRN-AV.. BAST OF 808 KY-ST. —TI IB EE VV unfurnished rooms; would accommodate two gentlemen and wives; where there would bo no other boarders; very pleasant location. Address C 20, Trll>- uneoffice. TTfABASU AV.. SOUTH OF SHTTEENTH-ST.— VV Large east front room with board, hot and cold water, closets and bath-room connecting; first-class la everj* Particular; references given and. required. Ad dress B 36, Tribune otllce. North Side* ' TA RUSH-ST. -HANDSOME ROOMS. FURNISHED XI/ or not, to first-class parties. Board In building. \ *IO RUSH-ST.. THIRD FLOOR-A FEW GOOD XAr boarders wanted; first-class qoyd at $4 per week. DA RUSH-ST.—FIRST-CLASS BOARD. WITH OU nicely-furnished rooms,.for gentleman and wife only, in strictly private family; RUSH-ST.. SECOND DOOR FROM INDIANA— OU Desirable rooms; furnished or unfurnished: bouse new, with or without board. QK NORTH CLARK-ST.-GOOD BOARD WITH UO single and double rooms, cheap. Call and see. T f\n NORTH DBABBORN-ST.—A FINE SUITE XI JO of furnished rooms to rent, with board, on the first floor; every convenience; also room for two young men. 1 f|Q NORTH DEARBOBK-ST.-FRONT SUITE I.\JO unfurnished, and furnished rooms, with board to private family; terms very reasonable. ITO NORTH CLARK-ST.-FURNISHED ROOMS to rent with board. IQX AND 13Q MICHIGAN-ST. (ST. CLAIR lux House) —Boarders can get large, well-furnisbed rooms, good tabic, bath, hot and cold water, from $5 to $7 per week. - 917 INDIANA-ST.-COUPLES WISHING ROOMS, singly or en suite, with board, can have choice of same Wednesday. 991 ONTABIO-ST.. JUST EAST OP NORTH A£tl. Clark—Pleasant rooms, well furnished or un furnished, with good table. In now brown stone front bouse la thorough repair, with modern conveniences, suitable for gentlemen and wives or stogie gentlemen: references exchanged. ■ 9XI EAST INDIANA-ST.-7BOAKD AND fleas atxX ant single or double rooms; all modern con ventences; references. OA Q INDIANA-6T., NEAR DEARBORN-VERY £jfx.%J pleasant rooms, single or en suite. furnished or unfurnished, with or without board. Reference. OATCEASTINDIANA-ST., NEAR DEARBORN—A ZitJO few table boarders accommodated with first class board. OfTft ONTARIO-ST. A DESIRABLE AI.COVE LifJyJ and single rooms. with board; also, a few day boarders can be accommodated. 9 aX INDIANA. CORNER STATE-ONE SOUTH 4\J O front room with board; one or two day board ers accommodated* 9£7'ILLINOIS-ST.-A LARGE ALCOVE BOOM AiUl to rent, with board. 9£Q ILLINOIS’S!., CORNER OF BUSH-NICE. ±j\)U large room. In a fine bouse: a few select boarders; tabic excellent; terms moderate; references required. 977 INDIAN A-ST.. NEAR STATE-DOUBLE i and single furnished south-front rooms, with or without board; also north room. OD C INDIANA-ST.—TO RENT. WITH BOARD. A AkDU sccond-story back room, furnished, hot and cold water. QOQ NORTH STATE-ST.-A NICE ROOM AND OOP good board for two gentlemen. OP: A EAST CHICAGO-AV.—TO RENT. WITH OR Oux without board, two nicely furnished rooms; terms reasonable. QQ/f ORCHARD-ST., NEAR LINCOLN PARK— O trt Board for gentleman and wife or 3 single gentle* men. No other boarders. All modem fmprovements. A LARGE HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT alcove room to rent with board; North Side; private family; for one or two gentlemen; delightful location; one bloclrfroTO stages. Dl3. Tribnaeofflce. T?AST OP CLARK-ST., SOUTH OF CHICAGO-AV. Xj Rooms to rent with board In marble octagou house. North Side. Address H 97. Tribune office. T ARGE ALCOVEROOM. TO RENT. WITH BOARD. JU to gentleman and wife: also desirable rooms for three or four gentlemen; delightfully located on the North Side. Address B 71. Tribune office. ' Nicely-furnished rooms, with board, in private family. North Side, east of Clark and on On tarfo-st., within 7 minutes walk of Court-House. Ad dress C 96. Tribune office. WANTED— A. GIRL 15 TO 17. GOING TO SCHOOL or employed during the day, can have a com fortable home for small pay or help with a young mar ried couple; company more an object than her money. Apply at 182 East Oblo-aL. lower floor. Hotels* DROWNS HOTEL, 274 AND 27R STATE-ST., NEW- Jj ly furnished rooms with board; single, $6; two In a room, $5 each; day board $4 per week; lodging. 50 cents. CtLARENCB HOUSE-A NEW HOTEL LOCATED f at Nos. 351. 353. and 355 Statc-st., between Van Boren and Harrison-sts. .House fitted up with modem improvements, including bath room for use of boarders. Elmore hotel, 120AND122 south halsted sfi.—Best furnished hotel in the city for the price; spring beds and hair mattresses. Rooms SO cents per day. $2 to $3 per week. Meals to order, 25 cents; board per week, $4.50 to $6. Fifth avenue hotel, corner fifth-ay. and Adams-st.—Rooms for gentlemen $8 to sl2 per month; transient, so cents to 75 cent* per, day. . 'V'BVADA HOTEL, 148 AND 150 WABASH-AV. li between Madison and Monroe-sts., $1.50 to s2per day, s6tosßperweck; day board $4.50. Oxford house—Madison and wab a sh, new house, elegant and new furniture, table excellent, English style; day board $4,50. OGDEN HOUSE—FIRST-CLASS BOARD WITH room.< $7 to $lO per. week; day board ss.r>o per week: transient, $3 to $2,50 per day. BARBER & FOKREY, Proprietors, rpHE FAVORITE OF CHICAGO—THE MERCHANTS* X Hotel—Room and board, price according to location of room. Table board reduced to $5 per week. TTXIOX PARK HOTEL, 521 WEST MADIFON-ST.. U newly renovated throughout, just reopened, south front suites, furnished or unfurnished; ako single rooms, ■ • Country, Boarding ix the suburbs for the sum mcr, with two pleasant rooms, for genUemaaand wife; convenient to steam can; SSO per month. Address Hl7. Tribune office. CHARMING ROOMS IN ONE OP OUK HOME COT tages, with board, gas, lake water, and first-claai table. Lakeside Hall Company, Evanston: Four gentlemen can obtain board at Hyde Park; pleasant rooms and good board; two blocks only from steam cars or dummy: references ex changed. Address LEVERETTE, Trioone office. HINSDALE-PLEASANT BOOMS WITH BOARD, for families and single persons; terms reasonable; references exchanged. Address J. G> RAPPEE. PERSONS WISHING TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS for board during the summer, or by the year, can find pleasant accommodation at Kenwood, In a modern bouse situated on the lake shore, live minutes* walk from the depot; ample grounds and shade trees. Ad dress H 64, Tribune office. miscellaneous* A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY ON WEST SIDE have a large pleasant room with closet to rent, with board, atsU perweek for two; house and snr roundings very desirable. Address J) 68, Tribune. AN EASTERN LADY SOLICITS CORBESPGN dence with families and single gents, in view of opening a first-class boarding-house. South or West Side. Address B 33, Tribune office. Board in avertdesirable location will be given in exchange for household goods; dry goods, Ac. Address IS 3. Tribune office. TTTEHAVE ONE OF THE FINEST SUBURBAN V V homes In the vicinity of Chicago; would like two gentlemen with their wives or four young men to board for the summer. Evenrthlng first-class. Stable room if required. Address K 86. Tribune office. BOARD WANTED*. TIOARD—IN WEST DIVISION, NEAR JEFFERSON Jj or Union Park, for gentleman, wife, and little girl 6 years old; two good-sized well-furnished rooms with first-class table-board, where there are few. If any. oth ,er boarders; references exchanged; payment always prompt; please state location, accommodations, low est terms. and other particulars. Address? 80, Trib une office. Board— by a young couple, with fur nlsbed or unfurnished room, in a private famlly.cast ofCentre-av. and south of Madison-st.; state terms and location. Address H3L Tribune office. T3OARD—BY GENT. WIFE, AND GROWN-DAUGH JD ter, and two furnished rooms, price ootto exceed SOO per month. E 58, Tribune office. TJOARD—IN A PRIVATE FAMILY ON THE WEST JD Side by a young man. Address, with terms, etc., B 53. Tribune office. TJOAKD—AND LARGE UNFURNISHED ROOM OR ft suite for gentleman and wife; permanent place de sired; prise not over SSO per month. Address E 87, Tribune office. BOAKD-BY GENTLEMAN, AND WIFE, AND large, well furnished room or suite of rooms. Ad dress, with fall particulars, price, etc., C 4J, Tribune office. ; BOARD-AND UNFURNISHED ALCOVE ROOM IN a small private family by gentleman and wife, south of Tblrty-first-su preferred. Address, giving location, terms, etc., K 91, Tribune office. TDOARD-I WANT A NICE LARGE PLEASANT n room where there are no other boarders; south of Tblrty-flrst-st. and east of State. Address, with terms, toCEW, 34 Indlana-ar. TDOARD—FURNISHED SETTING ROOM AND BED-* Ij room by gentleman and wife; board for lady only. State terms. South Side preferred. £ 93, Tribune office. BOAED-TN a FIRST-CLASS PRIVATE FAMILY by gentleman and wife, where no ocher boarders are kept. A central position preferred. References given and required. Address F 56, Tribune office. BOARD-BT A MUSIC TEACHER IN EXCHANGE for lessons. Address H 67,, Tribune office. *DOABD—BY A PROFESSOR OF MUSIO IN EX- X> change for music-lessons, near business centre. Ad dress 120, Tribune office. • BOARD-FOR single gentleman, or A GOOD room; must be cheap, centrally located, and pri vate preferred.- Address L 86. Tribune office. Board— at $4.50 per week, by a lady en- M-lf^fritraoeoScS* 1,717510 family preferred. Board-first-class, with boom, fob gen tlemanand wife, on West Side, private family pre ferred; terms not to exceed 350 per month; good ref erences given. Address F 48, Tribune office. BOARD— BY A GENTLEMAN IN THE VICINITY of Trinity Episcopal Church. B 96. Tribune office. ■DOARD—FIRST-CLASS BOARD! WITH ROOMS D for 5 gentlemen, ou South Side, north of Eldridge court: terms reasonable; best of references given. Ad dress K 79, Tribune office. BOARD-BY a YOUNG MAN IN A PRIVATE family In the neighborhood of Union or Jefferson Parka; would prefer a place where few. If any. other boarders are accommodated. Address B 83. Tribune office. TDOARD—FURNISHED BOOM FOR TWO GENTLE JO men, where there are few or. no boarders. > But* terms ana location to F7R Tribune office. financial. AAA TP at current A**£2Si 4SSPS& gold and silver, gold dust, silver* ban. precious stones. “eVc-forSe. 01 d “ cri helmed A pVANCES MADE ON DIAMONDS. WATCHES.' -Abends, etc.,al LAUNDERS" private office. luOßaa* dolph-st.. near Clark. Uoomsfrandß. Established ism. A LOAN OF SeuO WANTED FOE 30, 0U« days on brick leasehold worth $2,500; will pay tea interest in advance. Address B 44. Tribnae offlcZ A LADY WOULD LIKE A GENTLEMAN 05 means to assist her In business; none bat gentle .^i 1 °IX^ Decd *PPiy- Address B 32, Trib une office. A P i > i, I « CAT^' S FOR LOANS OF 95.000 AND UP i r?r esme, wanted by EDMUND A. CUMMINGS, lluandiai La Salle-sL Bonds and stocksbought and sold; com merc al paper and mortgage loans negotiated; Texas land-scrip for sale; mutilated money* and revenue stamped bank-checks bought. FERRY ft HUNT. 8S Washington-st. * <,< * HASH PAID TOR SECOND-HAND FURNITURE, v large or small lota. Fumltu>e of private residence* purchased. 177 Madlson-st. J. L. PREp&CQ. For sale-first-rate secured note of SI.IOU. due. In October, 1378, inner cent. Interest. Wanted—s2.ooo3, 3i orSyear&onlnndto Will County. 111, valued at over SIO,OOO. Principals only oodlvTa!' P. DOWNS A CO., No. 162 Washington-at., laoonrlu. FOR SALE-DUE BILL.ON A FIRST-CLASS WOOD engraving and lithographing Ann, $32. Room C, 12a LaSulle-st. pOOD SECURITY CAN-BE HAD- ON $6,000 FOR VX one or two years, and a permanent situation to tho party loaning tho amount, if raulred. Address AS 3, Tribune L‘~OANSINSUMSOF $5,000 TO $75,000 ON PRO ‘ductlve city property, or suburban •crea'witb large margins, will be made with promptness and at lowest current rates. GARNETTft THOMASSON. 125 Dear born-st.. Room 13. Loans on pianos; furniture, houses on . leased lots, etc., at low rales. Address P 68, Trib une office. - _ ATON'EY TOX.OANON SECOND MORTOAOESO) I>X short time. 125 Clark-et.. Room &L Money to loan-in sums of m si.oooc $1,500, s2,ouu, etc-, on Chicago real estate. 1 want none but the best securities, and will make in terest and expense* correspondingly low. ■ SAMUEL GEHB, Mortgage Loans. / 114 Dearborn-st. TVTONKT TO LOAN AT 8 AND 0 PER CENT 01 M Chicago property. JOHN H. AVERT. Chicago. 159-taSalle-sC. ATONEY TO LOAN IN SUMS AS WANTED ON' iu long or sliort time on real estate or collateral secu rity. B. W. THOMAS & CO.» 122 LaSolle-at. ATONEY TO LOAN ON‘cITT'REAL ESTATE AND ill Improved Illinois farms at low rates. LUMLEY INGLEDEW. OSWashington-st., Rooms. ATONEY TO LOAN ON IMPROVED CITY PROP* IU eny, in sums of sl,coo And upwards, at Bto to pef cent, inqnlreat Union Trust Co., 185 South Clarfc-sc. ATONEY TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, ill pianos. Singer machines, and other collaterals at Private Loon office, 125 Clark-st., Room 2, up-stairs. OP PBR lu. sonal. property, furniture, watches, diamond* jewelry, etc. 177 Madlson-st. J. L. REED A CO. AfONEY~TO LOAN ON HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, ill warehouse receipts, pianos, and other collaterals. G. W. PERKINS, ISiLaSalle-st., BoonUL ’ATONEY TO LOAN-SI,OOO. $5,000. AND SIO,OOO. ill on city real estate. M. MAU6HAN, Room 21 Reaper Block, 87 Qark-st. ■ ATONETTO LOAN ON REAL ESTATE IN CHICA iYX go and vicinity at from Bto 10 per cent Interest and the lowest rate of commission. [SCHRADER BROS., 123Deartom-st., Room. 12. , AfONET TO LOAN ON FURNITURE, ETC,. WITH - IVI out removal. PARKY, Room 8, No. 01 Wash- Ington-st. ■ ATONEY TO LOAN ON FURNITURE. PIANOS, ill bouses, and other good chattel and collateral secu rity. E. ROGERS, 177 East Madlson-st., Room 9. ATONEY TO LOAN ON FURNITURE, DIAMONDS, ill houses, on leased lots and other good securities. K. WINNE. No. 190 Dearborn-st. , rixTIOAN—PERSONS HAVING A SURPLUS OP 1 merchandise or other goods, and need money for short time, con make advantageous arrangements for funds with THOMAS A. HILL, mDearborn-st. TO LOAN—MONEY ON FURNITURE, PIANOS, warehouse recelpts, anci other good collaterals. JAS. v B. STOREY, Private Banker, &4 LaSalle-st,, Room 25. rpo LOAN—S2,OOO AND AT 10 PER CENT; x $5,000 and larger sums 8 per cent. B. C. MORBY, 95 Clark-st. fpo LOAN-IN SUMS OP SSOO OR MORE UPONIM- X proved city real estate, or unimproved, at low valuation, current rates. <3. D. PEASE, Boom 23. 97 Clark-sl. rpo LO&N-IN SUMS AS NEEDED ON REALBS- X talc, short and long time; also on stocks, bonds, mortgages, commercial paper, collaterals, etc. DON* STANfrCO., Rooms; Dearborn-st. rpO LOAN— $2,000 ON INSIDE PROPERTY; ALSO, X other large sums for a term of years. J. U. KEELER. 163 Clark-st, ■ TO IN SUMS OF J 2.500 TO ,10.000 on good real estate security at 0 per cent. WILLIS- G. JACKSON, isaWaihlngton-st. rpO LOAN—MONEY IN LARGE OR SMALL SUMS, X on city real estate. Office of EL A * PARKER, 156 Washington-st. TITANTED—SIOO;,WILL GIVE SECURITY AND sl2 VV per month for use of it; to apply on first-class full board at $6 per week. Location, Centrew,- and: Mon* roe-st. Address FS. Tribune office. - TirANTED—TO BORROW SSOO ON FIRST-CLASS VV chattel mortgage. Valuation of property $3,000. Address V 50, Tribune office. FOR A TERM OF YEARS OH VV good improved city property. Apply to- C. C. THAYER, 06 Dearborn-st. TIT’ANTED—SI.SOO FOB TWO TEARS OX HEAL ES VV tate worth $5,000; will pay 10 per cent and 2J$ commission: abstract complete: also building loan, $0,000.10 per cent. Address A 62, Tribune office. TIfAXTED-TO BORROW—S2,OOO ON EVAXSTON W property worth $6, OQa Address A 02. Tribune office. . TTrAXTED—SI.OOO ON GOOD REAL ESTATE VV security. Interest 10 per cent, no commission. In quire of W. H. ROBINSON, Boom 20 Times Building. YTTAXTSD-SMaLL LOAN ON 5 LOTS AT EAWN- W dale, or would sell low. Address J. B, ANDER SON, 86 Dearborn-st. ~ TirAXTED-A LOAN OP SI,OOO ON GOOD SUB VV urban acres. Owners please reply. AddressßJ, Tribune office. - YTTAXTED—SIO,OOO.IN A SAFE AND WBLL-ES VV tabllshed business; good personal or collateral se curity given and i per cent per month, paid monthly. Address E 43, Tribune office. TfTANTED—TO BORROW SBOO FOB SIX MONTHS. W Ample security given. Address A 11, Tribune office. • , TXTANTED—S3,OOO OS GOOD COLLATERAL. AD VV dress A 85. Tribune office. ' TTTANTED—A RESPONSIBLE PARTY DESIRES VV to borrow from $4,000 to SO.OOO on abundant real estate security at 8 per cent without commissions. Ad dress Q 36, Tribune office. TIT ANTED—A LOAN OF $5,000 FOR FIVE YEARS VV on Chicago improved business property at a per cent, without commission. Address F 97, Tribune office. ’ 8 PER CENT AND 9 PER CENT—MONEY TO LOAN In sums of $4,000 and upwards on Chicago real es tate. B. W. HYMAN, JK.r’&CO., Room 11, 166 La- Salle-st. . £*l AA—s3oo, SSOO TO LOAN ON HOUSES ON leased lots or any other security; abort time, IRUESDELL & BROWN, 106 Ftfth-av. CM HA AND SI,3OO—TO LOAN ON CHICAGO nhtUl/rcal estate. A. CARTER, Boom ll* 157 Clark-st, h*l AAA—SI,SOO, $2,000, AND $3,000 SUMS ON tDi.UuU baud to loan 3 or 5 years at lowest rates on good- real estate- security. J. HENRY EOPF, 14 Reaper Block. »s Clark-st. SAAA $2,000, $3,000, $5,000, AND OTHER •UUU Buma to loan at 8. o, and IB per cent. N C. 1/>KG, 73 East Woshlngton-rt. Cl*l AAA SSOO, $2,500, AND LARGER AMOUNTS t&i.UUU to loan on <dty property or farms; B,9,and lOperccnt PETERSON & BAY, 188 Baodolph-9g. iso nnn TO LOAN. 3 TO 5 yeais. on citt real estate. Loans made on good collat erals. W. OtTAWAY, 127 South Clark-st.. Room 44. *dho AAA TO $3,000 TO INVEST IN A GOOD tJUU live business, orwonld loan above out and work on a salary, bra live young business man; shyrter* need not answer. F 79, Tribune office. <2>o crnA 32. 000 r si,soa and other sums ra tjJ.UUI/. loan at current mtea on good city real estate. H. W. HUNT. SM. B. Church Block. &1A AAA TO LOAN IN SUMS TO SUIT IAT 8 per cent on clty’proporty and farms la this vicinity. Mortgage-notes bought. w. M. WXLLNS 12S La Salle-st- AAA TO LOAN IN SUMS TO BUTT AT 8 tSDO.UUU and 9 per cent. KELLEY A Me* KNIGHT. 161 La SaUe-st.. Room A iIUCHLTEKY. Fob sale-an elegant pair of * little double engines, reversible motion, on single frame, ’ very compact and powerful, with new upright tubular 73-due boiler, from which can be developed from 10 u> 20-horae power, as may be desired, with pipes, valves, gauges, etc., complete for a small pleasure yacht; a screw and shaft only needed: cost nearly $1,200, ana for sale at $400; warranted In every particular; now set up and In running order; I* belled to a circular saw. and can be put at heaviest cordwood sawing In 20 min utes' time. Address STEAM, Drawer 299. Hydo Park Post-Office, Cook County, IU., for one week. T?OR SALE-OBEXCHANGE-COMPLETE WRECK- A? ing machinery with patents, the beat In ezlstwice; also pump-scow, 6 compartments; also second-hand marine boilers and engine. Western Submarine and Wrecking Company. 243 LaSaße-st. .. _ For to .foub-horsa power engine and boiler. Apply at 213 and 215 Kin zle-au ~ FOB SALE-VERY CHEAP. ONE TIRE-BOX TUBU lar boiler, about 15-horse power; one horizontal su tlonarv engine, about 12-horse power; one engne lathef It B. FRENCH. 1107 West Wsafiag toa st., Chicago. _ • _ ’OB SALE-A 24-INCH FRENCH BURR STOSS min cheap. 259 South galsced-st. F" OR SALE-OR WILL TRADE FOB BUGGY AND cash—One 8-hone power boiler and engine Is good running order; engine at 128 Michlgan-st, Fob salb-cheap-one tubular boiler, eo hone-power, I 28 horse-power and 2Qhone-power, all second-hand. JOHN DAvlSfcCO., 75 Mlchlgaa.*Bt» t?0B SALE—DOUBLE ENGINE FOB YACHT, SXO - mch cylinder, with link motion, at 42 and 49 Soottx Jefferson-et. JAMES MARTIN. T7OB SALE—MACHINERY—BY C. MASON A CO., X 100 North Clinton-it.. 1 good second-handboller, 52-Inch by 15-foot, good a* new; l 19 by 18 upright en gine. new. BUUiBIKG aUTERIAL* ■nOR SALE—I,BOO DOZEN LOCKS. KNOBS AND- Ju butts at leas than factory cost. A- W. WHEELER, 141 Latent., up-stairs. . EOR SALK—A LOT OF AXLE PULLEYS AT WJ per dozen. Bash conis cheap- iSVBfiUBfc UlLaie-tt., up-stairs. 11

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