Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 14, 1876, Page 13

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 14, 1876 Page 13
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REAL ESTATE. gome improvement in Loans, but Payments Less • Prompt. Sales of the Week Not Brisk —What Has Been Done. A Street Improvement that Chi cago Ought to Adopt. guilding Permits —New Subdivis ions —New York Beal Estate. LOAX MARKET. SOME IMPROVEMENT. The business of the past week has been veiy liir and some considerable loans have been placed at a good rate of interest. There was a slightly increased demand for money on the part of those who can produce acceptable collaterals. Borrowers do not seem to get the 7 per cent money which Is offered by our loan agents. Koneof the large loans negotiated the past week have been done at less than 8 per cent, -ren when the names and property have been unexceptionable. There is a slight shadow thrown on prompt payments, and we hear of Mine complalhts this week, but the trouble may be only temporary. eowrxniTtrs statosest ron the week ENnrsa MAT 13. . Tattrumenti. 1870. 1875. So, CnsidraVn So. C'nsidrat'n Trust-deeds 218 47 $ 571,006 86,908 220 40 $ 567,115 115,479 Aggregate Releases.... ~.. 265 210 $ 657,914 200 207 $ 682,594 COMPABATITE STATEMENT IT.OH MAT 1 TO MAT 13. InxtnanaUt. 1S76. . 1875. Xo \ C’nsiirat'n So 1 C'nsidrat'n Trust-deeds.... Mortgages Aggregate.... Releases 432!S1,16S 1 693 8oj 127,312 533 88 $1,289,759 239,997 517 442 $1,296,005 621 560 $1,529,756 LOANS. Ninety-fire lota Cornell and vicinity, SIO,OOO, for three years, at 8 per cent- Two hundred ana forty feet fronting south on Walnut street, between Kedzie avenue and Yager street, 824.000, for five years, at 9 per cent. Forty acres In Sec 3, 38. 13, $20,000, for five Tears, at 8 per cent. Yos. 87 and 89 Clark street and the Coliseum Building, $75,000, for 6 years, at 8 per cent. Ffftvby 105 feet northeast comer of Dearborn and Jackson streets, $33,000, for five years, at 8 per cent. Ko. 319 West Washington street, 50 feet front, JIO,OOO, for five years, at 8 per cent. One hundred and twenty-five feet fronting west tn Calumet avenue, 75 feet south of Thirty-sec tai street, SIB,OOO, for five years, at 9 per cent. THE MARKET. fmnrr. js LITTLE TO REPORT IN THE TRANSAC- TIONS of the last week in Chicago real estate. There have been a number of 'transfers, the most im portant of which are reported below. The in quiry for property has been limited, and the Holiness that usually descends upon the real-es tate market after the first week of May has tridently begun in good earnest. Building is noticeably less general this spring than last. The work done in this direction in previous lessens has nearly supplied the wants of the public for houses and stores. The only con siderable opening that etQl appears to exist is lor houses on the vacant districts near the centre of business, and west of State and south of Twenty-second streets. There is some inauiiy still among the house and store agents from tenants, but most of that business has been done for the vear. The number of vacant stores Is small, and those that e*? unoccupied are in almost all cases those that stand at outlying points, where they have been placed in too nasty anticipation of the development of busi ness. Nothing exists here like the arrav of empty houses and stores to be seen in New York. THE PRINCIPAL BALES if the week were as follows: J. G. Hnszagh has sold this week 50 by 123 feet at Jefferson, for $900; 177 by 126 feet at Irving Park, for $2,655; 25 by 125 feet near the comer of Wallace and Forty-third streets, at the Union Stock-Yards, for $700; boose and lot No. 110 Brown street, for $4,500. Ulrich & Barnes have sold to William Blair the business block Nos. 262 and 264 Wabash avenue, »n lot 40 by 172 feet, commencing 15814 feet sorth of Van Boren street, west front, f0r545,000. J. C. Caldwell & Co. have sold 300 feet at La Grange, cash and time, for $4,200. J. S. Gould has sold for Mrs. Hayes to Mr. Fisher two-story brick and basement house onDay ton street, betwen Sophia and Webster avenue for U. 000 cash. T. B. Boy€ has sold for Joel Ellis to Isaac M. Daggert, four-story and basement brick block, 80x * 145 feet, west front on State street, 76 feet north •f Van Suren, for $150,000, SIOO,OOO of this is cash and time; for Abraham Grow to John B. Hus ton, the Bishop Court Hotel, 95 feet front by 125 feet deep on Madison, between Bishop Court and Sheldon streets, for $100,000,—560,000 of which is cash and time; also for Mrs. I*. W. Beck, of Englewood, two and one-half acres on Madison street, west of Central Park, to Nicholson & Shields, for $6,000; house and lot at Galva.HL, $15,000; 1,000 acres of land in Kansas, for $lO,- 000; two-story and basement dwelling and lot on Wesson street, between Bobbie and Elm streets, for $2,500. C. C. Thayer has sold for Clark A. Boyd, of Providence, R. 1., to Mary F> Booth, 264x297 feet on Grand Boulevard, 400 feet south of Thirty aevenlh street, for $75,000. one-fourth cash. J. J. C. Gillispic has sold the new four-story brick business block erected by Nicholson & Shields, on the northeast comer of West Madison and Carpenter streets, for $70,000; also sold tri angular block fronting on Wood add Jackson streets, and Ogden avenue, for Hugo L. Busing to Mason & Davis, of Muskegon, Mich., for $42,500. O. W. Ballard sold house and lot on Park ave nue, one-half block west of Union Park, with 150 feet of ground at South Evanston, for $21,000. r E. Waterbary has sold 96 feet on Fulton street, } west .of Yaegcr street, to Jones & Small, for $25,000. , . , 1 Rising & Ward have sold to William Blair, hun ' eess block4o feet front, four stories and basement on Wabash avenue, north of Van Burcn street, west front, for $45,000. f LN. Arnold has sold 150x60 feet on Erie street, comer of Pine street, for SIB,OOO. William T. Doty has sold 125 feet on Leavitt street, north of Taylor street, for $27,500. B. M. Hough has sold the northwest quarter of 44, 41, 10, with other property, toll F. Elliott, lor $75,000. A. M. Jones has sold 240 feet on Walnut street, west of Yager street, for $12,500. » Thomas Bowling has sold two adjoining houses with lots on West Lake street, west of Sheldon street, for $13,400. . _ William Osborne has sold to John Cochrane, 60s 125 feet on Carpenter street, north of Randolph street, for SIO,OOO. William Kerr has sold to Otho S. A. Sprague, of the firm of Sprague, Warner & Co., 25 feet fronting south on West Washington street, 50 feet west of Ada street, with improvements, for $20,000, subject to a mortgage to the Gardiner Savings Institute, of Gardiner, He.« for SB,OOO. TESTERDAT’S TRANSFERS. The following Instruments were filed for record on Saturday, May 13: __ errr property. Wabash ay, 140 ft a of Thirty-first et, w f. . 20x192 ft, dated April 21 $ 10.000 Sedgwick st, 142 ft n of Wisconsin st, cf, 24x123 ft, dated May 13 1,000 Indiana av, 40410-12 ft s of Eighteenth st, e t 25x158 ft, dated May 6 5,125 Canalst, 29£ftsofPorqnerst, e f, 20x 190 ft; also Aberdeen at, 50 ft n of Elev enth st, ef, 40x107 ft, dated May 10.... 4,164 Calumet ay, 75 ft s of Thirty-second st, w f. 125x12514 ft, dated April 19 12,500 Oakley av, 568 ft frontage in block at n e comer of Moore st, dated April 25 16,300 *Wk av, 179 ft wof Ashland ay, af, 20x 147 ft, dated May 3 12,000 Oakley av (No. 397), 70 ft n of Polk at, e f, 24x1253* ft, dated Feb. 12 6,000 Hobawk st, 248 MO ft n of Centre at, w f, . 25x1239-10 ft, dated May 13 8,000 Aldine Square, 13114 ft wof Vincennes ay, s f, 22x125 ft, dated May 13 10,000 Brown st, 210 ft n of Maxwell at, w f, 25x _ 100 ft, dated May 12 4,500 Booth Dearborn st, 75 ft a of Thirty-eighth _w f, 50x110 ft, dated June 26. 1875.. 3,000 Bllenet, 234 ft wof Wood at, af, 25 ft to alley, dated March 15 3,000 Thirty-first st, n e cor of Eedzle av, un divided 1-20 of 20 acres, dated April 7.. 2,000 Indiana av Q 489), n e cor Thirty-third at, wf, 20x125*4ft, dated May 13 11,500 Thirty-third st, 10514 ft e of Rhodes ay, ■ f, 18HX108 ft, dated Dec. 22, 1875 2,600 Bremer st, 500 ft n of Chicago ay, e f, 22s 90 ft, dated May 11 900 SOUTH OP CITI LIMITS within a radius of 7 miles of the Court-House: Calumet ar. 299 ft n of Fifty-eighth at, w f* 160x178 7-10 ft, dated Hay 12 $ 8,000 Wabaah av, 192 V ft n of Forty-first at, • t 50x160 8-10 ft, dated Hay 10. 5,000 Bttaeyit, 385ftvof Stewart a?, at, 69 1121 ft, dated Jan. 18 Lot on st 284 ft n of Thirty-ninth si, and 336 ft e of, Spaulding av, nf, 24x124 ft, dated Hay 4 500 The following is the total amount of city and suburban transfers within a radius of 7 miles of the Court-House, filed for record during the weekending Saturday, May 13: City sales, 84; consideration, $505,543; north of city limits, sales, 3; consideration, $3,200; south of dty limits, soles, 16; consideration, $56,650; west of city limits, sales, 1; consideration, $450. Total sales, 104. Total consideration, $625,343. MISCELLANEOUS. SOMETHING FOR CHICAGO ENTERPRISE TO HEX- The American Architect of Mjiy 6 has an in teresting article on the “Arcade,” a means of avoiding the annoyance of stopping in the streets in dirty weather. The introduction of the genuine “Arcade” into Chicago would bt a great public benefit, and would richly reward the capitalists who built it. There is no dty in the country whfere people suffer more than in Chicago from bad weather In the winter and spring and impassable streets. The Architect says: I Travelers in Italy notice with admiration the famous Gallera Vittorio Emanuele, at Milan, the glorification, as it were, of a Paris passage. It is really a street under roof, or, rather, two streets at right angles; one of them an eighth of a mile long, 47 feet wide, hot without a carriageway, covered by a glass roof 80 feet above the pavement, and lined with the handsomest shops m the city. The Parisian passages arc none of them so mag nificent as this, which is the most fashionable shopping quarter of Milan; bat they are extremely nserol means of utilizing the interiors of blocks in cities, where land ought to be very valuable, yet is for most public uses inaccessible, we have often ' thought that such passages would be of value in our cities, es pecially in the Northern ones, where shopping In the winter weather is a matter of great discomfort and exposure. There seems to be no reason why even streets with carriageways should not be roofed over with glass; though it might not be desirable that they should be thoroughfares for traffic. There are many places in Philadelphia where such pas sages would be serviceable. We should hardly know where to choose the positions for them in New York; but in Boston, if for instance, when Temple Place was thrown open, and the buildings on it remodeled, it conld have been built to a uni form height, and glazed over, we believe that the women of the city would have blessed the device that gave them a chance to step from a horse-car and visit three or four scores of shops in the best part of the town, without draggling In the mire, or exposing them selves to rain or snow or drip. In Cincinnati, which seems at present to be outdoing oar other cities in the number and novelty of its devices for public Improvement, the thing has just been done, or is doing. A passage, or * r arcade, ”asit is call ed by the designer, Mr. Henry Bevfs, Is to be run through from Vine street to Race street, between Fourth and Fifth. It will be four hundred feet long, and have thirty-five shops on each side, above which will be offices for professional men. Two stories will be included under the roof, which will be of hammered glass. The only other “ar cades’* of this kind in the country, it is said, are two: one at Providence, R. L, and one at Roches ter, N. T. NEW SUBDIVISIONS. The following new subdivisions are reported 1. Eesnbdivision of Lota 43 and 43, Block 4, Ho nored Subdivision ofß locks 1 to 5 and west H of Block 6, Tieman’s Addition, northeast comer of o"den avenue and West Tavlor street. 2. Plat of Lots 19 and 20. Block 7, Russell's Sub division of the northwest H northeast H see 18, 36.15. • 3. Fairbanks Resubdivision of Lots 5 and 6of Lots 7 and 10 Block fractional sec 15 addition, comprising 50 feet fronting south on Monroe street, between Wabash avenue and State street. 4. The following divisions have been filed for record by George Muirhead. Assessor of the Town of Lake, situate In Skinner & Judd’s Subdivision of the northeast H of S 21, * 36, 14. viz.: Lots 5 and 6, Block 10: Lots 4. 5, andO, Block 8;Block 3: Lots 7 and 8, Block 14; Lots 3 and 4, Block 13; Lotsl, 2,5, 6,7, and 8, Block 12; Lots 1* 2, and 8. Blocks; Lots, Block 11; Lota 6,7, and 8, Block 15; Block 4. Also Lots 1, 2. 3, and 4, Block 20, Linden Grove; part of Blocks, Asses sor’s division of Lots 17 to 21, Sec. 16, 3&_ 14; Lot 1, Block 2, Assessor’s division of Lots 17 to 21, School Trustee's subdivision 16, 38, 14; Lot 9, Block 3, same subdivision. All these new subdivisions in the Town of Lake are between Fifty-ninth and Sixty-seventh streets, and lie contiguous to the Chicago, Bock Island & Pacific Railroad. BUILDING PERMITS. The following building permits have been is sued since Saturday, May 6; John C. Newell, four-story brick building, 364 Ontario street. _ £. D. Powell, one brick basement, 20 Pearce street. . , , , ... James C. Neumann, one-story brick dwelling, 32 Webster avenue. , . ««« « Samuel Mean, one-story basement, 230 South Park avenue. , P. Leary, two-story brick dwelling, 610 union C. Cadermmi, three-story and basement brick dwelling and stores, 404 and 408 Archer avenne. H. Martin, one-story shop, comer of Fourteenth and Paulina streets. „ ~ R. D. Sheppard, Xour-atory brick store, Madison Samuel Johnson, two-story and basement brick dwelling, 406 East Division street. T. L. Bond, one-story basement, 111 South Peoria street. • * , J. Gerstetter, three-story dwelling, 245 Kmzie street. . ' _ William Hartnett, three-story brick dwelling, Halsted and Thirty-fonrth streets. William Rawson, one-story brick store, Madison M. N. Paddock, two-story brick bam, Ashland a> enue. near Adams street. • L. Silverman, one-story brick store, Wabash avenue and Harmon court. B. Potwin, two-story and basement dwelling, West Monroe street, near Oakley. NEW TOBK REAL ESTATE. The following is from the s'un of May 8 At no time since 1837 has there been so great and sharp a decline in real-estate values as baa been witnessed in this city during the last two years. The period of fictitious prosperity which marked the close of the War and the years immediately following, up to about 1872, gave rise to a swarm of real-estate speculators, who bought and sold houses and lots on a constantly-rising market. Land passed from hand to hand like cotton. Ev erybody made money. Not a few realized large fortunes. With some thousands of dollars cash, a man would purchase SIOO,OOO worth of property, leavlngsßo,ooo, oftens9o,ooo, on mortgage. Real estate operations came to be very nluch like stock speculations, with this exception, that everybody operated for a rise; no one sold or thought of selling houses and lots short. Finally, in the fall of 1873, came the grand crash. Those who were carrying heavy loads of incumbered real estate struggled bard against declining values, but they struggled in vain. Unable to meet their interest account, with constantly accumulating taxes and assessments Dressing upon them, their equity was soon absorbed by shrinkage. To be sure they held the fee, hut the fee was utterly worthless. In face of the large mortgages against it. Out of this situa tion there was but one issue—a foreclosure sale. One by one the bold operators of the past ten years were swept away. Men who were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars have been ntterly stripped by these foreclosures. The property has reverted to the mortgagees, and real values in choice up town localities have receded from 40 to 50 per cent. . P. S. Garrity has removed his candy factory from 100 Vao Buren street to 200 Clark street, where he will continue to sell candy at whole sale and retail 10 to 25 per cent cheaper then it can he bought elsewhere in the city. S. N. FOWLER L CO. have established a new auction .and commission house at Nos. 274 and 276 Madison street, where to-morrow they will have a sale of elegant household goods, boots and shoes, &c. A Cure for Colds In the Head* London Spectator. It would seem as If the cure for those worst of QTnnii nuisances, colds in the head, which Dr. Perrier, of King’s College, suggested in the Lancet, might prove to be a remedy of very great value. It Is a snuff—a white powder composed of the following ingredients; Hydro chlorate of morphia, two grains; acada powder, two drachms; trisnitrate of bismuth, six drachms—the whole making up a quantity of powder of which from one-quarter to one-half may be safely taken, if necessary, in the course of twenty-four hours. . Dr. Perrier says that with this snuff he has twice cured himself of very violent colds, once, indeed, by taking trisnitrate of bismuth alone, which is a very powerful remedy for catarrh of the mucuous membrane, and is the most im portant ingredient in this snuff. Dr. Perrier mentions two other persons who were cured of violent colds by the same snuff, and to these instances we may add that of the present writer, who, having a very violent cold coming on, with the sensation of weight in the temples and the usual disagreeable feeling in the throat, as well as ordinary catarrh, made trial of Dr. Perrier’s remedy one evening, And got up on the follow ing morning completely free from cold, which has not since recurred. The snuff, instead of increasing the tendency to sneeze, almost im mediately begins to diminish it. The British Occupation of Socotra. London Spectator, Lord Salisbury has ordered the reoccupation of Socotra, an island of about 1,000 square miles, at the entrance of the Gulf of Aden, in habited by Arabs. The Island was purchased In 1834 from the Imam of Muscat by Lord W. Ben tinck, and although it was abandoned as un healthy, the Europeans living on the coast, in stead of on the high land in the Interior, it was never surrendered- Lord Salisbury haa ordered it to be reoccapled. and it may turn oat valuable SUMMARY. TATE. REMOVAL. THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: SUNDAY. MAY 14, 1876—SIXTEEN PAGES. either as a penal settlement for Bombay or as a station wmcb it is necessary for the safety of Aden to keep in our own hands. It will be gov erned, we presume, as a dependency of Aden, and would not make a bad settling ground for rescued slaves. The island, however, needs ex ploration first of all, if only to ascertain wheth er it produces any source of wealth beyond the aloe. There may be sulphur there. “PIQUE.” Matinee at Brand's Kew Studios. Custom alone has set apart Wednesday and Saturdays as matinee days, but it only remains for a man like Mr. Brand, the artist, to inau gurate in this, as in all things pertaining to his business, the initiatory move in order to popu larize something new. His introduction of tbo beautiful French “Souvenir,” superb “An tique,” and inimitable “Bass-relief” photo graphs, contributed largely toward establishing the prestige be enjoys in the higher order of photographic portraiture, and which Daly’s famous Fifth Avenue theatrical company found themselves unable to resist. A Tribune reporter looked In at his elegant nc\v art salon , at 210 and 212 Wabash avenue, one day last week, and, though the time and place would both preclude the Idea of a matinee, he found a number of the leading members of the above-named company there assembled, and, upon Inquiry, learned the gathering was solely for Mr. E. L. Brand’s benefit. Ten nega tives of Miss Jeffreys Lewis were obtained, all differing in lighting, pose, and effect, which it is Mr. B.*s intention to reproduce as studies for those who wish them. The gentle manly business manager, Mr. Charles Burnham, and the entire company here assembled pro nounced their proofs par excellence. The facili ties for securing children’s pictures under the new light arc unequaled. The play of light and shadow in his new style of crayon portraits ap proximate more closely the desirable blending of a fine steel engraving than anything hereto fore produced; while one glance at the exquisite tints in the water-colored miniatures satisfies the, most skeptical that the place is all its ap pearance indicates. HOUSEHOLD ART. Within the last few years an unusual interest has been taken in all matters which relate to the comfort and adornment of our homes. Books, essays, and criticisms have been written on house furnishing and decoration, and they have been valuable contributions to the wants of the time. Pictures and 'statuary, it was found, were not the only things in which r ft feel ing for Art eould obtain expression, but the common utensils of daily use often showed the skill of some clever artist whose name was never known outside of his workshop. Numerous as the opportunities are for house hold decoration, the fairest and the widest field for its display is offered in the covering of walls. Here the eye naturally rests, and here is the place of all others best adapted for effective or namentation. To paint interiors acceptably in volves a far higher order of talent than the frescoers of to-day possess, and an expenditure of money by no means agreeable to provide. In wall-paper, "however, there exists not only posi tive artistic merit, but by their use a better effect can be obtained, at less expense, than is possible by any other means. In Europe, os is well known, where the best specimens of interior decorations ore found, toe almost universal custom is to paper the walls. Beautiful designs and exquisite color ings are produced, adapted to the requirements of any room. Writers like Charles Eastlake, William Morris, Dr. Dresser, and Prof. Stork, have revolutionized English taste in this re spect, and the last three gentlemen have achieved quite as much celebrity for their de signs In wail papers as Mr. Eastlake has for his shapely and substantial furniture. I nave procured, by direct importation, a large stock of the Morris & Dresser papers, being the only examples of these' designs to be found in this countrv, executed under the immediate su pervision ot these “ art specialists,” and far ex celling in purity of drawing and beauty of color ing anything heretofore presented to the dis ciples of artistic truths, I cordially commend them to the notice of all who are desirous of escaping from the thralldom of ill-conceived and badly executed designs in wall dressing. John J. McGrath, 174 and 176 State street. VALUABLE AMERICAN AND FOREIGN PAINTINGS. One of the most demonstrative collections of paintings, by American and foreign artists, which has been open for exhibition in an auction room in this city for some time, is now on view at Messrs. Elison, Pomeroy & Co. ’s salesroom, Nos. 84 and 80 Randolph street, and Is to be sold to morrow afternoon at 2:30 o’clock, and Tuesday morning at 10:30 o’clock and afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. The exhibition is remarkable from the fact that It contains many of the best pictures of the several artists represented in the collection. We feel sure, however, that a critical examination of the paintings will cause many to purchase. Let all who can, therefore, visit the exhibition before the sale, and determine for themselves the different standards of excellence attained by each of the dif ferent schools which constitute this collection. DOWN, DOWN, DOWN. Thirty dollars, $32.50, $35, and S3B for business suits; SB, $lO, and sl2 for pantaloons, and S3O for a good spring overcoat, are the prices we are now naming for gentlemen's clothing. We are selling for only, and give these low figures in order to raise money to meet large bills now ma turing. Ordway & Newland, Merchant Tailors, 209 West Madison-st GREASE AND OTHER SPOTS REMOVED. The French dry-cleaning process used by Cook & McLain removes all spots from ladies’ and gents’ garments. Ton need not remove trimming, ladies, or rip garments. No. 80 Dearborn street, and Noa. 93 and 261 West Madison street. A HOME RUINS. What a scene I Husbands and wives who would avoid such a scene should seek to make their home happy. A good piano or organ from Felton & Pomeroy’s, No. 231 State street, at a small cost, may save you disaster. LARGEST STOCK—LOWEST PRICES. We invite comparison of prices, and manner of doing work, with any wall-paper or house-deco rating establishment in this city. Hilger, Jenkins’ & Faxon, No. 229 and 231 State street. Let us estimate for you. « r MEDICAL Mrs. B. G. Cook, M. D. (recently of Buffalo, N. Y.), will be at the Palmer House, Chicago, on Friday and Saturday of each week, from XI a. in to 2p, m. Inquire of the parlor usher. JAS. P. DALTON, STOVE-DEALER, at 192 and 194 State street, has been in this busi ness here twenty-four years. His new “Empress Range” is the best range be ever sold. It is per fection. All kinds of kitchen goods. GENTILE’S PHOTOS AT THE CENTENNIAL Gentile has already received letters from Phila delphia complimenting him for Wfl beautiful pho tographs which are among the fin eat in the tion. Stadias 103 State street. IT WILL PAY TO READ THIS if you will remember it, and when you want any furniture step in and get oar cash prices. We are glad to estimate any way. Holton & Hildreth, Nos. 225 and 227 State street. ESTABLISHED 1875. Onr goods are new, our prices the lowest. Visit ors to Chicago will effect a saving by inspecting oar stock before purchasing—wall-paper, window shades. L. F. Stone & Co., No. 213 State street, near Adams. __ LADIES’ PHAETONS, BUGGIES, ETC. The best place to bay a stylish phaeton, baggy, or carriage is at G. L. Bradley's Carriage Reposi tory, No. 218 Wabash avenue. Hr. B. keeps a fall stock of all the varieties. WOHL’S RESTAURANT has been removed to No. 170 Madison street, and fitted up In a most elegant and commodious style. Regular dinner from 12 to 2 o'clock. Prices mod erate. _ 10NE PUCE, the new resort for ladies and gentlemen driving oat on the Grand boulevard. Extensive grounds, and all in spring bloom and beanty. Jere Buna, pro prietor. GLEN FLORA, THE GREAT DIURETIC WATER, by glass or gallon, at Buck &Rayner*a drag-store. FEBSOXAJL. r^TORMATI 6N WANTED—OF iIINNTE ATKINS; last heard of was working at 550 Weat Hobhard-at. Address PHILIP RANDALL, J 43 McGregor-at.. corner Btewart-av. - "DERSOKAIz—A YOUNG GENTLEMAN OF 30, JT from Uic East, trltiiout Incumbrance and plenty of means, would Hte to correspond with mm; young lady orwidow from 18 to a) yean of age.. To one an agreeable time Ja promised. *dd~w » *B. PERSONAL. PERSONAL— A YOUNG WIDOW LADY 22 YEARS old (an entire stranger In ihc city) desires to form the acoualntance of some gentleman of means to assist FANNY THORNE. Post-Office, city. PERSONAL-A LADY IS DESIROUS OF MEETING a gentleman of means who will assist her in business. Address F 67, Tribune office. PERSONAL-INFORMATION WANTED OF A CER taln woman who became possessor of a set of coral lewclry last week,as It was obtained fraudulently. Ad dress 11. HAAS. Twentysecond-sl PERSONAL-A YOUNG MAN WISHES ACQUAINT ance with a working girl of small stature or middle aged lady. K 52, Tribune office. T>ERSONAL-A YOUNG AND RESPECTABLE J. lady wishes to make the acquaintance of a respecta ble gentleman not under 35, and of some means. Ad dress M 46, Tribune office. PERSONAL— A. T. M.; MEET ME AT THE USUAL place to-night, sure. FM. PERSONAL— A YOUNG WIDOW LADY WISHES to form the acquaintance of a gentleman of means. No Irish need apply. Object matrimony*. Address I 33, Tribune office. PERSONAL-STREET CAR SATURDAY AFTER noon: You read the note, but did not raise the glove. When and where can I see you? Address B 37, Tribune. PERSONAL-A - GENTLEMAN"(RESIIfeNT’OF A distant city) who frequently visits Chicago would like to form the acquaintance of an Intelligent, stylish, and good-looking young lady. Address Ml 6, Tribune office. PERSONAL-LADY WHO ASKED HOW TO USE Zoline will receive Instructions by calling at retail depot 236 Wabash-ar. F. M. WOOD. PERSONAL— A GENTLEMAN OF 33 AND GOOD address, now residing In the city for a few weeks, would like the acquaintance of a prepossessing young lady. Address PEDRO, Tribune office. P“ ERSONAL—HATTIE, YOUR NOTE RECEIVED. On Ada, near Madlson-st.. at 3p. m. G. Personal—two young gentlemen from JL the East desire the acquaintance of two respecta ble young ladles. Object: a pleasant time. Address M 60. Tribune office. PERSONAL-SATURDAYEVE.. MAY 6, AFTER the storm; Cottage Grove car to Lake-st. and back toTwenty-flfth-st. Will the lady In black silk dress and mink cloak be kind enough to confer a favor on the fentleman who conversed with her, by addressing Fl 5, rlbune office. : BUSINESS CHANCES. As A s2s TO SSO PER WEEK CAN • A. A. easily be made by a sober, in dustrious man who purchases licenses and Issues advertising register books for hotels In Ohio, Indiana. Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas, or Colorado, under protection of the patent I own. An nual license for single hotel issued for $5 to $23, ac coralug to business done. Hotel-keepers board you free for the books while you solicit; and aid you much In getting advertisements. If hotels In your vicinity wifi soon need registers, apply to JAMES T. HAH,, owner of patent. Room 18. eoDearborn-st.. Chicago. N ACTIVE MAN WITH SSOO CASH. WILLING to go In tho country, can make a few thousand dol lars in as many months In a legitimate business, with salary and expenses. Address L 19, Tribune office. AN ESTABLISHED TOY AND STATIONERY business for sale cheap. Rent, sls. Near Scam mon and High School. Call at 115 Halatcd-st. A STOVE AND HARDWARE BUSINESS ON WEST Madlson-st. for sale or exchange; want house and lot, clear, about $3,000. D 38, Tribune office. Anew york manufacturing company’s agency for an article in the grocery line of daHy consumption; good cause for selling. Address F 08 Tribune office. • A FIRST-CLASS MEAT MARKET FOR SALE OR exchange: will sell at a sacrifice for cash, or will exchange fur real estate. Owner wonts to leave the city. Address K 71. Tribune office. A HOTEL IN A GOOD RUNNING ORDER. ONLY 4 miles from city limits, on good road, and best rail road accommodations, for sale or exchange for city or country. Small cash payment. The finest country view near the city. Address HM. Tribnne office. A SODA WATER MANUFACTORY FOR SALE, consisting of generator, fountain, wagons, etc. G 3. Tribune office. _____ Avery valuable patent for sale at a bargain; under competent management can be made topay Urge profits; capital required to manufacture small; good country or city real estate taken as pay ment. Address B 13, Tribune office. At a SACRIFICE-STOCK OF groceries and fixtures, ice-box. also a covered buggy and barn ess, for SSO. CaH at 796 North Wood-st., just north of MU waukce-av. _ A FINE NEWS-DEPOT, BAKERY, AND CONFEC tlonery store for sale, cheap for cash; good loca tion, good trade; must sell out, as I am going to leave the city. Address D 85,..Tribune office. A DRUG-STORE IN A GOOD LOCATION AND doing a good business for sale; will sell very cheap; a splendid opening for a young drugglss. Address F 63, Tribune office. A GOOD CANDY AND CIGAR STORE FOR SALE, with three living rooms. Rent sl6. 388 West Twclfth-st., near Blue Island-av. AN INTEREST IN A PRACTICAL CAR STARTER for sale, which Is fully secured by letters patent. Liberal arrangements will 6c made with parties having means and Influence. A working model exhibited. Call or address, stating where an Interview can be had, J. CLAUSE, 31 South Canal-st.. Chicago. A GENTLEMAN ABOUT LEAVING THE CITY vould like to dispose of the agency for Chicago of two New York houses (clothiers* buttons, trimmings, and laces). Responsible parties may Inquire for E. J. MARTIN before U a. m, Monday at Hotchkln, Palmer A Co.’s. A FINE WELL FURNISHED AND WELL FILLED hoarding-house for sale; sickness cause for selling. Address B 45. Tribune office. A WELL FURNISHED DINING ROOM, WITH all requisites to run It. in a cash location, for sale reasonable; particulars to first party only. Address C 72, Tribune office. A WELL-ESTABLISHED TEA AND COFFEE store forsale; satisfactory reason given for sell ing. Inquire at No. 611 South Canal-st. - Any' party who has money wishing to go Into the saloon business that has a first-class trade, can find such for part cash, balance on time, by ad* dressing L 79, Tribune office. A FIRST-CLASS LAUNDRY FOR SALE, HAVING a well established trade and good reputation. For particulars address H 10. Tribune office. A LARGE ROOM SUITABLE FOR BEER AND BIL- Uard hall, with use of tables, chairs, bar-fixtures, piano, and billiard-table, for rent, at S4O per month. 120 South Halated-st. _ A FIRST-CLASS MANUFACTURING BUSINESS, protected by patents, and paying large profits, will be sold at a bargain, for cash only: capital about $5,000; for selling. Address L 68, Tribune office. . ~ AN ESTABLISHED GENTEEL BUSINESS FOB sale, paying $5,000 yearly; $3,000 cash. Address H6l, Tribune office. A PARTY WITH CAPITAL OF S6OO OR S7OO CAN purchase a legitimate, well-established, and pay ing business; to be sold on account of bad health of present owner. Address H 68, Tribune office. A NICE-CREAM SALOON FOB SALE FOB HALF A price of cost. Inquire at 254 South State-st. O’BRIEN. A LADY HAVING A GOOD BUSINESS WISHES to meet a gentleman with S3OO to assist her; good security. Call at 368 South State-st., third floor. A BRICK CARPENTER SHOP. DOING A GOOD business, for sale: can be bought cheap, in Arcade court, between LaSalle-st. and Flfth-av. A GOOD-PAYING NEWSPAPER ROUTE, To gether with news-depot and cigar and tobacco busi ness, for sole. Address F 9. Tribune office. A FORTUNE FOR THE RIGHT NAN—ONE SAM ple-room and ten famished rooms In one of the best locations in tbe city, with long lease, for sale. In quire for three days at No, 678 South State-st. A DRUG STORE FOR SALE. IN A THRIVING town of 1,200 Inhabitants, about 90 miles from Chicago, on the line of a leading railroad; will be sold at a bargain. Apply to LORD, SMITH & CO., Chi cago. A LADY FROM ENGLAND WANTS A GENTLE man with some capital to Join her In business; baa got a store in a first-class location. Call at 359 South State-st., Room?. A GENTLEMAN WITH $l5O WOULD LIKE TO Join a respectable person in a small bos hi ess where energy and honesty are required- B 74, Tribune office. A CIGAR-STORE FOR SALE CHEAP FOE CASH. 73 West KJnzle-st. _ A STEADY MAN. WITH SSOO CASH. CAN FIND a rare opportunity for business Investment; safe and profitable even In these hard times. 166 East Ban dolph-st., Boom 20. T>AR, BILLIARD TABLE, POOL-TABLE, TABLES J 3 and chairs, for sale atD. C. GEARY’S Loan office, 54 Flfth-av. Business interests sold, partnerships negotiated; 500 stores and stocks of every descrip tion for sale or exchange. THOMAS & CO.. 194 Clark-st CORNER GROCERY FOR SALE. FULL STOCK, good stand; am going to retire from business: will sell cheap and rent low. L. H. FRIEBEBGEB, Boom 4. 116 wasblngton-st. COAL YARD. WITH FAIRBANKS 7-TON SCALES, office, etc.; cost S4OO. will be sold for $l5O - A CO., 194 Clarfc-fIU /CORNER GROCERY, STOCK. FIXTURES. HORSE, \y wagon, house, and four years'lease for sals cheap. 214 Abcrdeen-st. /COFFEE ROOMS ON BEST CORNER IN CHICAGO U for sale; good reasons for sailing. Address CtflS, Tribune office. /XANAL-BOAT IN GOOD RUNNING ORDER FOR V sole or exchange. For particulars apply on the boat, lying at Pittsburg & Fort wayne dock. Cheap-grocery stork with good trade, being established seven yean. Good reasons given for selling. Apply to GEO. B. TIARD3, 188 west Randolpb-st. /~\HOICE LITTLE STOCK OF GROCERIES. FOR V; sale, well located for a cash trade; can keep the store or move oat; will take some real estate. 138, Tribune office. Drug store for sale-in one of the most prosperous and growing cities of 10,000 popula tion In Illinois; the stock Is complete; store has mod ern conveniences, and has been established fifteen years; docs the leading business In the city: lona ileage at low rent: price, SIO,OOO cash. Address DRUGGIST, care Lord, Smith & Co., Chicago. Drug store, old and established, doing a good business, for sale cheap. Address £ so. Tribune office. DRUGSTORE ON WEST SIDE, DOING GOOD business, for sale. Apply to H. A. HURLBUT « CO., wholesale druggists. . Drug store for sale-doing a good cash business. Good reason for selling: will take ball In Improved real estate. Inquire at 690 Madlson-st. Drug store for sale-doing a feofita b!e business; price $3,500. X7O. Trlbone office. Fob sale-a first-class theatre bar. Inquire at 149 Randolpb-st. Eight furnished booms, four freerent, four s7per month. Splendid chance; S2OO cash. Inquire Room 24, 132 and 134 East Erie-st, Free suburban with SI,OOO cash to invest for on Interest la an business. ait Tribune office. . Fine restaurant foe sale, with Tin: bar; cheap rent, and good location; doing a gpop ness; must be sold on account of sickness. Cali at aw State-st. „ For sale-coal-tard fixtures complete, nicely located; a bargain for cash. Address C7i, Tribune office. GROCERY FOR SALE. ESTABLISHED 22 TEARS, doing over $30,000 a year. In an Improving nelgnn borhood, principally cash customers. Apply to ai<- FRED SANDERSON. 93 Sooth Water-st. Hotel of 32 rooms, two good barns, well, etc., for sale or exchange at a bargain, one-half cash, balance, time to suit purchaser; wUI rent to responsible parties. Address N. £. BABaaoi PzosrietOEi Marengo. HL BUSINESS CHANCES. TTALF ISTEBEBt7k UOTKI. DIXISO-ROOM TO XI a good party with small capital; a floe chance is offered. Addruss A 2, Tribune office. _____ Hotel sample-loom fob sale—addbess E 84, Tribune office. T XQUOK AND ICE-CREAM BESTAUBANT. WELL 1 j stocked, for sale; first-class and fine location, near Madlson-st.; mtut be sold on account of sickness. In quire at 7S South Halsted-st, IV/fEAT MARKET, WITH IIORSR AND WAGON. Ji«x doing a good cash trade: will sell cheap If sold this week. THOMAS & CO., 1»4 darkest. Meat-market for sale, doing good Busi ness; In good location. Address RUSSELL, 529 Mlchlgan-av.. or call soon. Nice little established business for sale or exchange; part cash and real estate or land. L. WING & CO., 57 Dearbora-st, ONE'OF THEFfNEST SALOONS ON THE SOUTH Side for sale: will take part cash, balance ea time. Address A 39, Tribune office. PATENT FOR SALE-VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD patent; must sell. Room 6, 64 Westßandolph-at. PATENTS-WE HAVE OVER $5,000,000 WORTH of patents, the finest Inventions of the age, to trade for anything. Patents procured, sold, or exchanged. THOMAS & CO.. 10* Clark-st., Chicago. PUBLIC HOUSE ON THE CORNER OF DEARBORN and Jackson-sts., opposite the new Custom-House, for sale. Is doing a good transient business. T> ESTAURANT AND SALOON FOR SALE CHEAP. XV> Best location on West Side. Call at 174 West Modi soo-st. Call three days. SALOON AND RESTAURANT FOB SALE, DOING a good business. Call at 224 State-st., corner of Quincy. t_ SALOON AND FIXTURES FOR SALE, CHEAP. No. 130 East Van Burcn-st.; good location for a lager-hecr boll. Inquire on premises. SALOONS-WE HAVE FOUR OF THE BEST IN this city, with 15-ball pool-tables, for sale or trade. THOMAS it CO., 104 Clark-st. CALOON FOB RENT-THE BUSINESS IN RUN -13 nlng order for sale; will be sold at low figure for cash. London House, southwest comer of Thlrtv serenth and State-sts. Retiring on account of sick ness. SALOON FOR SALE—AN OLD ESTABLISHED business, including stock and fixtures, and a No. 1 15-ball pool table. Apply at 355 South Halsted-st.. cor ner of Ewing. , STOCK AND FIXTURES OF THE OLD ESTAB llshed Uncle John cigar store, 74 Halsted-sc., for sale cheap. Inquire of LEWIS DODGE on the prem ises, from a to 8 p. m. SALOON FOB SALE CHEAP. OR WILL SELL FlX tures; are find-class. Inquire at 10 Polk-st. The half or whole op a safe and prof- Itable office business for sale; or will trade for de sirable real estate: business suitable for lady or gentle man. Address G 78, Tribune office. The stock and fixtures of the little store on the southeast corner of Adams and Green ats. for sale cheap. TXT - ANTED—A GOOD MAN "WITH S3OO TO SSOO TO >V go with me to St. Louis In a good business, es tablished here, and paying veil. No competition. H 34, Tribune office; Tlf ANTKD-A MAN WITH SIOO TO GO INTO A \V business with me that pnys 100 per cent. Ad dress for 5 days, L 2, Tribune office. TXT'ANTED—A PARTY WITH MEANS TO INVEST VV in a big paying business. Address P. O. Box 189, Chicago. XI7ILL TAKE A -PARTNER OR SELL ONE-HALF VV Interest In a flrtt-class leather manufacturing business In Northwestern Michigan. Call on or address G E C,I2Q and 28 South Water-st. TTTILL SELL MY STORE, DOING A LEGITIMATE VV cash business In the best line of trade going this year, on a leading street In business centre on South Side; low rent; invoice nears2,ooo; a bargain for cash; no real estate wanted. Address L 14. Tribune office. 4kOO£ WILL BUY A RESTAURANT AND COF fee business, paying $5 to $8 per day; fixtures alone worth S3UO. To investigate address 149, Tribune office. dIM OH WILL SECURE HALF INTEREST OF A tip'xUU nice cash business that pays at present g!75 per month, and can be increased with more .capital Trade established three years. Address H 39, Tribune office. dfeb AAA WILL BUT ONE QUARTER INTEREST «7pO* UvU lo one of the best paying business in Chi cago. None but persons meaning business and having money need answer. Reasons for selling, sickness. Address F 52, Tribune office. An AAA-general stock of goods and ut>o,Uv/U* store for sale, with good cash business, mfi rib-class manufacturing toWu, must have cash and pccurcd paper. Splendid opportunity to make money. Business can be largely Increased. Address A 52. Trib une office. ~ FOB SALE. For sale—the fishing boatemma. a nice, pleasure boat. Apply at 56 Mllwaukee-ar. CHAR LEY LARSON. For sale—or exchange—an excursion steamboat aud barge. Inquire or address owner, 132Dearboro-st., Room 9. For sale —marsh health-lift machine, used two months; cost $75; price, S4O. Call at 272 West Randolph-fit. ‘ . T7OR SALE—A YOUNG NEWFOUNDLAND DOG 4 J? months old. Address M 75, Tribune office. For sale-a lot of wine and whisky barrels. 252 South Canal-st. F' OR SALE-A LOT OF EBONY-HANDLE NlCKEL cased table knives and forks, worth $7, for $2.50. A, W. WHEELER, HI Lake-sc.. up-stalra.* _ For sale-a very few left of those fine clothes wringers at $5.50 each. A. W. WHEELER, 141 Lake-sL, up-stalra. F" OR SALE-A LOT OP WIRE PICTURE CORD and picture nails cheap. A. W. WHEELER, 141 Lake-aL, op-stalrs. For sale-a large lot of pressed dish pans, wash-dishes, kettles, pans, and dippers at less than factory prices. A- W.. WHEELER, 141 Lake-st., up-stairs. ■ TXfB SALE-A LARGE LOT OF ELEGANTCABV i? Ing knives and forks very cheap. A. W. WHEEL* ER, Hi Lake-st., up-stairs. FOB SALE—BUTCHER KNIVES,. WORTH 53.50 per dozen, for 51.50; nickel-plated cheese knives 00 cents each. A W. WHEELER, 2-11 Lake-it,, up stairs. ■ For sale—a large ice-box, in good order, suitable for a saloon or grocery store; also an awning, used one rear: both aheap; have no use for them. Call on J. W. PRINDIVILLE, 434 Sooth Halsted-at., up stairs, Sonday p. m. _ T7OR BALE—A LOT OF CROQUET SETS. 8 BALLS, A; sl.sCVperset; hard wood balls. A. W. WHEELER, 141 Lake-st., up-stairs. ' For sale—a lot of toilet sets, slop jar., water carrier, and foot tub, at $2.75 and $8 per set; great bargains. A V. WHEELER, lil Lake-fit., up stairs. F)R SALE-A LOT OF PLATED TEASPOONS, tablespoons, and forks: good goods, very cheap. A W. WHEELER, 141 Lake-st., ap-stalra. TPOR SALE—A LOT OF NICKEL 5-BOTTLE TABLE _C castors at $1 each. AW. WHEELER, 141 Lake st., up-atalrs. ' Fob sale—One cauldron kettle, no gal lons, one upright office show-case, one office desk, glass rail,lo feet long. COT; 42 and 44 Mlchlgan-av. FOR SALE-85 SECOND-HAND RAILROAD SCEAP crs and fore plows; or will take an interest In some work and furnish tools; scrapers can be seen la rear of 163 South Halsted-sc.; entrance on Jackson-st, FOB SALE—TWENTY LIGHT BRAHMAS; HENS now laying; S2O for lot. 472 West Taylor-st. FCB SALE-TWO-BABREL ICE-BOX, CHEAP; IN good order. 724 West Indlana-st. FOR SALE-CHEAP-ICE-BOX AND COUNTER, at 235 Portland-av., comer Twenty-elghth-st. T7OR SALE—AN ILLINOIS INSURANCE CHARTER, X with valuable loaning {privileges. Inquire at Boom 5, No. 38 Clark-st., Chicago. FOB SALE-FIRST-CLASS SAFE 3j*x4FEET. AND four walnut tables 3 feet by 9. Inquire at 197 State. FOR SALE-A BABY CARRIAGE AT 128 THROOP st. FOR SALE—STORE FIXTURES, including shelving, tables, show-cases, mirror, etc., at 153 Twenty-eecond-et. __ Fob sale—a new ball's safe, no. 5, combi notion lock, etc., cheap. Address D 63, Tribune office. __ *COB SALE—SO TONS LARGE OR SMALL EGG A. Lackawanna coal very cheap. Address D 60, Trib une office. For sale—a good watch dog. full-blood 8L Bernard, for sole cheap, at 112-East Twelfth st,, between State and Third-ay. Fob sale—a splendid large safe, 45x94. doable inside and double outside doors, iron cash box, &c. Half price. mutes ALMY, TSWashlngton-st, T?OR SALE-A LOT OP SOLID-HANDLE PLATED JC knives S 3 per dozen: extra heavy nickel-plated for $4 per dozen/ A- W. vfHEELEE, 141 Lake-st.. up stairs. I For sale-a so-foot bar counter. with plumbing; round-cornered cigar, and cash stand. Room 9. 243 Statc-st. Fm SAT.F—SOLID AND REACTIONARY HEALTH- Lifts. Price $25 and $35 each. F. HAINSWORTH & SON, 212 and 214 East Monroe-eC. FOR SALE-GOOD 2-STORY FRAME, 10 ROOMS, to be moved, 69 Hoaore-st. HIRAM HADLEY, C 3 and G 5 Washlngton-st. T7OR SALE-ELEGANT SILVER-PLATED SODA- Ju fountain, complete, worth $35; sell for sls. 219 East Van Buren-st. _ _ XX)R SALE—a COMPLETE SODA-WATER OUT- X fit. comprising marble draught apparatus, gener ator, nro fountains, counter-slab, tumblers andhold ers. all In good order; used but little. Eor particulars address W7H. HAMMERS LET, Geneva Lake, Wls. FOR SALE-BOARD OF TRADE MEMBERSHIP. Inquire of UNDERWOOD & CO., 170 Washlngton st. or on ’Change. FOR 3ALE—NEW AWNING. WITH IRONS. POCK et knives, are-works, and gas-fixtures; cheap. U 6 Washlngton-st., Rooms. OR SALE-A GREAT SEVERAL printing presses and binding machinery. Call at Room 24, 156 Washlngton-st. Fob sale tents* camping outfits, woolen and rubber blankets, firearms, military stores of all kinds. Government Goods Depot, re moved to Si Bandolph-st. i?OB BALE BEAUTIFUL LITTLE FAMILY r steamboat; will carry about 15 persons; covered deck; modern trimmed In ash and walnut; first-class in every respect. Apply at 81 Randolpb-st, OR SALE—DIAMONDS—A NECESSI tated to dispose of ber (souvenir) 18-stone cluster ear-rings, pure white, new and perfect beauties, pur chased to Paris, offers them for a few days at a sacri fice. G 49, Tribune office. ■ F~~qr 6HT.i-nVB OUTSIDE SHOW-CASE. ONE show-case. Singer machine, small stock of notices, cheap. MISS BOWEN, 45 Bucteer-st. __ T7OR SALE-A READY’S PATENT ELEVATOR, 1 _p vear In use; will be sold for balf price. Inquire of £ LOUIS A CO, ill and 113 Wabash-av. iR SALE—A BLACK AND TAN (FEMALE) AND male young pup; also a Skye terrier; no better rat- *nd breed. Address 149, Tribune office. ttor BALE—TWO AWNINGS. INQUIRE OF MRS. p poRE, dressmaker and mlUlner, 58 West Uadi* son-st. OR SALE-CHEAP-GO-FOOT 16-INCH DOUBLE* nlv leather driving-belt; used three weeks. SCAN* LANVThe OU Man, 234 East Chicago-ar. F’ OB SALE-TWO SECOND-HAND IN GOOD order. Inquire of B. F. GRISWOLD, L*3 Mich gan-av. : T7OB SALE-OB EXCHANGE-BUILDING TO BE Jb removed soon, store and dwelling-house f and, bam for sale cheap for cash, or wIU exchange erty- Inquire of A. P. DOWNS * CO»» 180 Watting (oMt.SooaU. FOR SALE* For sale-a fine bred new milch cow, with calf, at a bargain. Apply comer Seminary andWrlgbtwood-avs., Lake View Fob sale—at a baruain—a medium-sized safe, good as near. Price, SIOO. Address EL F. MULLEN, 50 Lake-st. ■pOB SALE—AT A GREAT SACRIFICE—I6-BALL JC pool-table, balls, etc. tmust be sold to pay charges. No. 190 Dearbom-st. K. WINNS. T7OB SALE-MEAL-TICKETS AT A DISCOUNT JP for cash; restaurant centrally located. Addresa K 63, Tribune office. For sale-a grocer’s counter scale, with weights, almost new; cheap. Inquire 68 State-at. For sale-an army hospital” microscope. In flrst-claiw order: powers from 50 to 1,200 diam eters ; cheap. ■ L 98. Tribune office. , POR SALE-SOME NEARLY NEW GAS FIXTURES, I? some with globes; would exchange for bureau or book-case. 101 North Dearbom-st , For sale-one office desk and one show case for window, very low. 163 East Madtson-st POR SALE-THREE GAS CHANDELIERS CHEAP. X Apply at Fifth National Loan Office, 186 South Clark-»t. _ For sale-paragon range, with copper trimmings, and other kitchen furajtore, with sew ing-machine, very cheap for wsh. Address C 33, Trlb uno office. - Fir. sale-a fine billiard table, will sell at purchaser’s own price. Call Monday at NO. o Calhoun-place, between Clark and Dcarbora-sts. POR SALE—TWO BEAUTIFUL GARDEN FOUN- J: tains cheap. Apply at 330 South Clark-st. FOR SALE-SEVERAL 10-FOOT PLATE GLASS show-Cases in good order, with tables. Addresa JOHN G. AS HL EM AN. wholesale Jeweler. 136 State. For sale-a lillie safe as good as new, cheap for cash. Address J. 6. AbHLEMAN, 138 State *st. * For sale-one circle end walnut and aah bar-counter, two half-circle plated show-casea, 5 feet; one grocery wagon cheap. 344 Dlvlslon-st. FOR SALE-A good carom billiard-table for 535, bar-back sls. good style and make open buggy, nearly new, for £SO. 120 South Halsted-st. For sale-desks, rotary chairs, railing, partitions: also a large stock of cylinder desks, at low prices. Work and material warranted. At factory corner Lake and Jeflerson-sts. E. D. MILLER. For sale-awning and counter, with marble slab for soda-water fountain. Apply at 623 West Indlana-st. Fob sale-or ’exchange-good copper plate press for Singer or Howe sewing-machine, new or bat little used. LS 3, Tribune office. ITOR SALE-BLACK WALNUT CASES, SUITABLE J c for millinery orjewclers, very cheap, at 085 State st.. or apply at 210 Wabaah-av. For sale—three counters and three store tables cheap. 239 West Madlaon-st., base* menu Inquire In store. For sale-one trio partridge cochin chicks, at 15K North State-su __ For sale-a fine mirror, suitable, fob store;costs3oo. AddressJOUH 6. ASHTiEMAN, Wholesale Jeweler. 130 State-su For sale-a bargain for ant one want* Ing a soda apparatus. Address H 89. Tribune office. For sale-game fowls, warranted thob* oughbred game. WHITTLESEY. 721 Warren-av. miSGEIXAN COVS« ABE YOU TROUBLED WITH CATARRH ? I WAS for nearly twenty-five years, and, after spending over si, 200 In vain, cured myself by my own remedy, of which I will give free trial to all who will brine this notice to my office. 169 East Madlson-st. Dr. 0. B. SYKES. Open week days from 8 a. m. to 6:30 p. m. Sunday2tlli4. By mall, send LO cents for lull Informa tion. Cut this out. .. AGENT FROM THE EAST DESIRES AN Ac quaintance with a lady or widow not under 25 years who Is a native of the Eastern States; object stated afterwards. Address B 57, Tribune office. ADVERTISERS DESIRING TO BEACH COUNTRY readers cjtp do so in the cheapest and best manner by using one or more sections of Kellogsfs Great Newspaper Lists and State Divisions. Forlßostrated catalogue and map address A. N. KELLOGG, 76 Jack* son-sU AS EXPERT IN ACCOUNTS AND BOOKKEEPING wants the adjustment of complicated accounts, opening, writing up, and closing of books, settling dis puted accounts between partners, etc.; best of city references. Address E 44, Tribane office. A LARGE CLEARING SALE OF GAS-FIXTURES, glass. gQu end bronze chandeliers and brackets, globes of au kinds. Call and see ns before you bay. and see the great difference tn prices from what you all have been paying. WILSON, naTwenty-second-su A~ CCOUNTANT—WORK REQUIRING AN EXPERT solicited by WEBB, BOLaSalle-st., Room 7. ANY PERSON WANTING REPAIRS OF ANY kind for clothes-wringera, stoves, or children s carriages, will receive prompt attention by sending postal-card to H. S. THAYER, 116 Moaroe-st. AJ. RYDBERG-BUILDINGS MOVED ON • springs. Houses, roofs, etc., raised scientifically. 73ynrTrhs£ n gamon-at.. Chicago. 18. A LADY LIVING ALONE WOULD LIKE A YOUNG lady to board, or who would come as a companion occasionally. Address B 94, Tribune office. BOY NAMED HENRY SCHULTZ WAS DROWNED In the south branch, at McCormick’s Dock, last ursday, between 5 and 6 o’clock, and his body has not been recovered. A suitable reward will be paid any one recovering the same, by ERNST SCHULTZ, McCor mick's Dock. AGENTS WANTED-TO KNOW THAT THE MAY No. of the Agents* Guide Is out: 25 cents a year; circulation 10,000. JAMES P. SCOTT. 69 Dearborn-st. A LL KINDS OF JOBBING IN MASONRY DONE A. on short notice: men and material always on hand ready for work. 13 Fonrth-av. Any lady wishing a nice quiet place during confinement can hear of the same by calling at or addressing No. 300 West Huron-st. Accountant books examined, adjusted, and posted. All kinds of copying,at reasonable E rices, by one perfectly competent. Andrea C 41, Tri une office. ALL CASH PAID FOR LADIES* AND GENTS* cast-off clothing. carpets, furniture, etc. Ladles and nuts bavins such to dispose of will do wen by »d --dressing Mr. orAra. M. G., North Clark-st. All kinds op ladies* underwear :made to order for 25 cents apiece. Work called for and returned. Address G 55. Tribune office. A LL CASH PAID FOR CAST-OFF CLOTHING, ix carpets, furniture, and miscellaneous goods of any kind by sending letter to JONAS GELDSR, 604 State-st. A SURE CURB FOR BILIOUSNESS IN ITS DEf ferent forms. Call at Room 7, 169 East Madison st., and test the “New England LtverTenicandßUiQue Annihiiator.** The Ingredients are given. BOS 76 CITY P. O.—LADIES* AND CHILDREN’S patent sboe-botton fasteners sent to any address; 20 cents dozen, ascents 2 dozen; good for life-time; ao ools required: a child can place them. Agents wanted. C. HANCHETT. /lARPBT CLEANING—THE SCOTTISH PROCESS V of cleaning and renewing tbe color of carnets; all crease spots effectually removed; carpets lifted, clean ed. and relald for 10 cents a yard; carpets cleaned on tbe floor If desired. J. THR SIFT.AND, fur works, 70 West Van Buren-st. /TALCIMBUKG 50C PER SQUARE; TINTING A Vj specialty; paper-hanging 15c per roll. House and sign panting, jL M. GLASGOW, 488 Westlndlaaa-st. Cockroaches, bed-bugs, and moths, f.x- terminated by contract (warranted). Article sold. Information free. ARTHUR OJgKLKY, 180 East Washlogion-st., Room 5. COTTAGE AND BARNS, 204 WALNUT-ST., FOR SSOO. one-quarter cash, balance monthly; five yeecs’ lease; SSO per year (no taxes), 160 West Monroe-st. ipiALCIMINING DONE FOR 50 CENTS PER L/ square or by the Job, and first-class work. Bend orders to 136 East Hazrison-at., close to Police Station. W. M. STONE. riORSETS MADE TO ORDER; MEASURE TAKEN; perfect fit made. H, 525 North Wells-st. Driving gloves for gentlemen, op fine and heavy skins, plain and fancy styles, on band or toordea GOETZ, 04 State-st. Diamonds ap.e not safe in old wobnout settings. Secure their safety by having them prop erly set by A. LADDERSACK, manufacturer o£ dia mond Jew-elry, tOMadlson-et., corner of State. Booms 28 ana 27. EMERSON’S BINDER FOR MUSIC AND PERIODI caIs; Emerson’s clip and file for office papers. Also, the Library Binder, few libraries and private Individ uals. JOHN K. BARRETT 4 CO., bookbloden and sole proprietors, 150 State-st. Chicago. FD. SENIOR * CO. WISH TO INFORM TfIEPUB . i(c and their friends that they have started busi ness at 167 South Clark-st., and would be very happy to attend to those who may require any engraving on wood, as they are prcpare&to execute (ba very beat of work at reduced prices. Fit.i.TKG. SODDING, AND TREE-PLANTING done at low sates and short notice. Any amount of sod for sale. F. H. DONOHUE, 869 State-st. FA\fTT.res LEAVING THE CITY FOR THE SUM mer and wanting a good and responsible party to take charge of their bouse, will pleeae address a 46, Tribune office. T7AKILY WASHING AND IRONING DONE AT i? reasonable prieea. Can at 818 CoctapeGrors-av., between Thirty-seventh and Tbirty-eignth-eta Shut washing and ironing a specialty. FIR ADOPTION—A FINE LITTLE GIRLS MONTHS old. AAiryjm A 40. Tribune office. TTIGHE9T PRICK PAID FOR LADIES AND GENTS t~| cast-off clothing; dreaaea from $5 to SSO; coata from Cf fn yifi; pairtflft?n f 1 fr* T 7 Address JV. *BS State-it. ' T hate a money-making, legitimate 1 business, nice for a lady; win exchange for furni ture, clothing. watch and chain, horse and buggy, or anythinff Mrs. SHOCK* 158 Weehingtoif’tL* Boom 38. . I HAVE REMOVED TO 622 'WEST LA KB-ST., where I still continue to make ibe beat Berlin card photographs for $1.50 per dos. WHITING'S ART STUDIO. Ladies not wishing to crimp their own hair, we Invite you one and an to call and examine ouruew '‘Patent Invisible Parting Pieces," made with springs and Invisible fastenings, and adjusted without the aid of hairpins, and instantly make old and young beautiful. Manufactured and sold only at CAMP BELL'S. 148 State-fit. T ATEST AND BEST THING YETI WHICH ANY 1 1 one promenading Wabash-av. can see In the show windows of A. H. ANDREWS At CO.. 213—New office desks, combined standing and sitting, their own Inven tion, duplicate of one sent to Centennial Show. Long experience and largest faculties enable them to give good work at the price of poor. T AUNDBiY—GOOD SAMARITAN—FAMILY WASH -11 lug and Ironing la dose for 75 cents a dozen. Ad dress orders to Boom 14,173 Randolph-st. Ladies having houses to rent will do well to call on me; I give special attention to ladles. Mrs. SHOCK, 158 Washu>gton-st tf Boom 38. Money can be made by any canvasser orsewlug-znachlna agent selling our newly-pa tented sowing-machine attachment. Samples sent for 50 cents. Address or can. The Variety Manufacturing Co., 126 Dearborn-st. ATONEY ADVANCED ON WATCHES. JEWELRY, iU merchandise, etc., at less than brokers* rates. Mrs. SHOCK, 156 Washlngton-st., Boom3B, third floor. "MERCHANDISE WANTED—STOCK OF HARD IU ware, $6,000 to SB,OOO for cash. I IS. Tribune office. XTOTICE-LAUNDRT-ALL PARTIES WISHING Xv to baye good work done will please send In their orders, or call at the new Stockholm Laundry, 251 North Clark-st. New shirts and ladles* clothing done in flrst-clasa style. I\TEW EMBP.OEDEBY STORE-THE FINEST STOCK J.T of embroidery, zephyr wools and fancy goods, In Chicago, Just opened at 113 North Clark-st XTKW YORK UNIVERSITY AND CANCER PLANT XT Medicines remorid to 318 Sooth Btitti-f Ps, £• MISCELLANEOUS. OUR FEE TO PROCURE A PATENT IS SlOf caveat $5. Boom 48. 156 East Washlngton-st. PAINTING. CALCIMINING, GRAINING, AC. AT lowest cash dgurea; or will take part trade; baraea# wanted. Address K 31, Tribune office. PAINTING. PAPERING. CALCDUNINQ—ABOVH work done at very lowest rates. Part pay la cloth* lag, boots and shoes, painters' stock, ate. Address ® 50, Tribune office. f ’PAINTERS* AND PLASTERERS* OVERALLS. JT cheap, good, and plenty of them, at SAM DAVEN* PORTS, 187 East Van Boreu-st. PEPAIRS FOR STOVES MADE AT TROT. AL* It bany. Rochester, Cleveland. Detroit St Loots. Milwaukee. Quincy. and elsewhere, at W. C. METZ* NER’S, 137 west Kandolph-st PEMOVAL-MRS. J. W. WELLS, FORMERLY 883 XV State-st., has removed to the new millinery parlors R 53 Wabash-ar., corner of Elgbteenth-st., where she will be happy to see her old customers and make the acquaintance of new ones. PEPAIRS FOR STOVES MADE IN CLEVELAND, IV St. Lonls. Quincy, Peoria. Salem. Pittsburg; ke# York, and elsewhere, at 208 West Twelfth-st STATE-ST. INTELLIGENCE OFFICE—GOOD HELP _ supplied Immediately at Mrs. COOK’S, 991 State-ah> The trial of john burke and thomaJ KERWIN to-day In the Criminal Court on the charge of having robbed a man named Johnß. Smith, the evidence established Uictr entire innocence. a.v( overwhelmingly and conclusively that before half -f the witnesses for the defendants were Introduced. U-* Judge. State's Attorney, and jnry unanimously declared that there was no case at all against them, and they were roost honorably discharged, and there was no on* in the room but that felt that they had been most un justly charged. They may well be proud of (ha ter tney* established. rpUE OLD ORIGINAL STAR INTELLIGENCE OF* J. flee. 134 West Monroe-st., will reopen Monday, May 15. Every attention will be pafil to furnish Qr*t-claat help. Hoping to receive patronage, respectfully, un, WARD. . nm the ladies—madame eulEr has opened X her dressmaking establishment at 313 State-tt., where she hopes to meet her former patrvas. RE PLACE EVERY LADY 13 LOOKING FOB IS the new stamping parlors, where ti»*y caaflnd the largest selection of patterns La the city and prices less than one-half the usual rates, at 343 State-st, entrance on Jackson, Room 4. PHE MAGIC PLEATER PLEATS A YARD OF L goods a minute. 4SoWabaah-av. npnE CENTENNIAL AND LADIES' FRIEND, X knife aide and box pleaters are the only reliable pleaters on the market. We wish to say to the ladle* that the pleater Is no attachment to any machine. Tea cost Is only £3.50 and £3. Full Instructions given wlt» each pleater. *W. COSLER, 90 Madlson-st., Booms. WANTED— TO PURCHASE HOUSES TO MOVE 02# South Side. State location and prices F 25, Tri bune office, _ XXT ANTED—LADIES WHO ARE IK PROSPECT \V will be confined In private rooms or without charge by applying at the Chicago Academy of ,Mlu* wlfery, 204 North-av..corner Orchard-sU Apply dally. ANTED—TO BUY A GOOD SECOND-HANIi lawn-mower for cash. Address 11 19, Tribun* office. _ WANTED— TO TAKE IN "WASHING; CHARGES moderate, and satisfaction given. Please apply si 183 Bremer-sU. near Division, house In rear. WANTED-TO BUY PELTZER’S MAPS. P] state price. Address L 76. Tribane office. TT7ILL GTVESIOO PER MONTH TO PARTY WHO VV will take charge of business and invest $1,500, npon which 400 per cunt can be realized. Address B 35, Tribune office. WANTED-TO BUY A GOOD CIGAR STORK FOl cash. Address 2 39, Tribune office. WANTED— A LARGE-SIZED HOTEL PAS’ oven (portable) at 52 Flfth-av. WOULD CORRESPOND WITH A RELIABLE RE* tail druggist. C 55, this office. *IX7"ANTED—GENTLEMAN AND WIFE TO KEEP Vv house with a widow and two daughters on West Side; house comfortably furnished. Good references Required. Address K 26, Tribune office. -nranted—a large double sitting desk W good order. Address B 63, Tribune office. TTrANTED - GAS-FIXTURES FOB A - 12-ROOM VV boose; must be cheap. Call at 39 Rlvey-sU TIfTANTED—AN ESTABLISHED BOARD ING-STA- W ble In a good location, with from Bto 20 board* era. Address E 60. Tribune office. XXTANTED—TO PURCHASE A SOLID GOLD VEST VV chain of from 10 to 14 pennyweights, with chiurm. Address, stating price and where It can be seen, Fl 4, Tribune office. ' t XXTANTED—TO BUY—SALOON AND FIXTURES* VY also one 15-ball pool table. Call to-day at Elmera Hotel, South Hatetcd-st., Room 23. XXT ANTED—PARTIES TO FIGURE ON BUILDING VY a brick barn In the city Immediately. IRA BROWN. 143 LaSalle-st., Room A. TXT ANTED—PROPOSALS FOR A JOB OF. FANCY VV wood-carving. Call at sash factory, coroar «* Twenty-second and Throop-sts. XXT ANTED—I WILL PAY CASH FOR A LANS’* VV »L" desk of MUlerinmake, If a bargain. Address El 4, Tribune office. TTTANTED-A YOUNG MAN BOARDING NEA2S VV Wabaih-av. and Twenty-second-st., desires » room-mate; refercncaa given and required. 1 43, Tribune office; XXT ANTED—A GOOD SECOND-HAND SQUARE* VV front silver plated show-case. 0 feet long- Ad dress, stating prtqc, A. KUSSHANN, 778 Sooth Hai sted-st. WANTED— ALL MEN OF THE FUBNJTURS Workers’ Union to attend the general meeting ah the new Globe Hall. 54 to 58 South Desplalnea-ft.. ai Zj p. m. Business of Importance. Bring your cards oft membership wlthgoo. New membera will be enrolled. WANTED— 2 SHOW CASES AND 1 PAIR SCALES* Bakery 747 West Madlson-st. XXT ANT ED—TO PURCHASE FOB CASH, A LOT OP VV new or second-hand gunnies; state quantity azua price. Address K 40, Tribune office. VTTANTED—TWO TRAMS COTTAGES ON WEST. W Side for cash, to move. HARRISON 4 179 LaSalle, st. TXT’ANTED—A FIRST-CLASS SET OF TAPS AND VV dies. Applyv to CHARLES A. MACDONALD, comer Cllntoa ana Monioe-sts. TfT’ANTED—MAN WITH 8200 IN LIGHT. PROFITA* 1 VV ble office business. Andreas M 79, Tribune office. TTTANTED—A SMOKE-STACK ABOUT 25 FEET VV long and Bor 10 Jeet In dloznetex. Apply at a» West Inilana-SA TTTANTED—ONE BASTARD-FILE-CUTTER. AND W one boy to keen trade. Apply a* EOo Work* » West Qnlncy-st. Wanted— a man and sb wife to oojopt and take care of a residence la town daring to*, absence of tbe family In the country. Addrea* Wit* reference and particulars. E 57, Tribuae office. TTYANTED—PERAMBULATOR FOR AN INVALID- W lady, suitable for tbe boose. Address & K.* BLKTNS, 41 Lake-st. ,? 'ANTED-A LADY ROOM-MATE. ADDRESS MISS ELLA GATES, Tribune office. TTTANTED—A SMART BUSINESS WOMAN OR W young widow, to famish elegant suburban real* denee andaoard owner. Z. <4. BALDWIN, Attorney, Chicago. TTTANTED—A MARCT SCIOPTICON: MUST BE DT W good condition and cheap; state where U may ho seen. KI. Tribune office. BOOKS. AT CHAPIN’S ORIGINAL OLD BOOK STORE. »1 Madlson-st.. opposite Tribune building; American Law Register. 6 vols., new. morocco, published at $25.00. $7.00; Dickens, 30 vols.. morocco, Illustrated; byDarley, $30.00; Dickens, la vols., new, Illustrated by Crulckshank, $17.00; Stratford Gallery, new. mo rocco. published at $15.00, $7.50; History of tbe World, 4 vols., new, morocco, published at $40.00, $17.00; Taylor’s Holy Living, new, taorocco, published a* $20.00, 3 vols., London. 1857, sß.oot Chambers’ Encyclopedia, new, sheep, complete latest edition, only 524; LaFountaJa Fables (Illustrated), by Dore. published at $25. $7; Schiller's Lav of the Bell, sew, published at S7TSO, $2.50: Home’s England, sheep, ; new. 6 vols., $7; Gibbon’s Roma, e vols.. new, $5;; Dick’s works, 2 vols., $2.50; Gunn’s Family Physician, • new. published at SB, $5: Liddell 4 Scott’s Greek and \ English Lexicon. $2.50; Harper’s, AtUntfcs, Qraimms. ; Godeya. Ac., finely bound, only $1 a volnmo; HUT* , Manual from $3 to $5. . Among many other fins books, we offer ; the following bargains; Tatne's English Literature, 2 vols., $5; Tredgold’s Principles of Carpentry. 57.50, cost $18; Sloan’s Architecture, colored Plates, 56» Ford’s History of Illinois. splendid copy. 57.50; elegant Catholic Bible, new, worth $lB, for $6; Worcester's Dictionary, $8; Kent’s Commentaries, 4 volt.rj, Washbnrne on Real Property, s7*sCt etc, GILBERT, 159 Waahlngton-at. i UCIENT AND MODERN UNIVERSAL HISTORY, A GOvoto.. balf-calf. $&.:». Pacific Railroad Surrey, 13 vols.. SIB.OO. Squler’a Ancient Monuments of Ml*- alsrippl Valley, half-mo.. $30.00 (4n« clean copy, ex* tremely scarce). Jefferson’s Complete Works, dvoU., $15.00. Fine volume of Cmikshanlrtana, $13.50, Ford’s History at Illinois. Brown’s do.. Edwards’ do., and many other rare andatandard works, at reasooaore prices. Call and them. W. T. KEEN3B, 83 Dearborn-st. HASH PAID FOB BOOKS, MA<UgS»MJ«IC« b SS paid for Webster's Dictionary. nal Ola Book Store. 91 Madl*on-at.,opp. Inc. Fie sale-a set op appletoNs* cyclopedia (new, revised edition) press. Address 6 69, Tribune office. * . STATIONERY-NOTE PAPER 19c. QUIRE. 40c. • quires. Envelopes Sc. pack. 40c. box of 250, Let ter paper tse. quire, 10 quires $1.50. Mucilage 10c. • bottle, retailed elsewhere at 25c. Blank boo is at one half regular price. GILBERT, 159 Washtngloo-st. ItfHY PAT sll PER VOLUME FOE THE ENGLISH VV edition of the Encyclopedia Brttannlca (the most authoritative and only comprehensive Encyclopedia published) when you can get the American reprint, equally good, for half the money. JOHN CABTtnJ.L, Agent, ITS South darkest., Chicago. , WANTED —SECOND-HAND COPY OF DUS saane’s book on manufacturing of soap. Slate price, and addreas F 49. Tribune office. . Q d SOUTH CLARK-ST., BETWEEN STATE AND OD Randolph, the highest price paid for libraries; some choice books Just received from Eastern sale* lor sale low. A. T. CHAPIN. . 1 f\ nnn volumes sew and old books— iU.UUU Plctaresaue America. sl3; HDto (new), $4; Sherman'sMemolrx $4; heal s History of ssa^ja^v^ass^Eas^ tSore, 102 Madlson-st. MEDICAL* Dt> g. A- BISHOP. MAGNETIC HEALER, 458 West Randolph-st., Chicago. Neuralgia and rheumatism cured without drugs. Disease of tits lungs, kidneys, and liver treated with unvarying suo eaZr Profuse perspiration produced by manipulations alone. Immediate relief given in the wont cases of female weakness, from whatever cause or however longstanding, and permanent core made where all otherxneanaSave failed. Correct diagnoses made of the most obscure diseases. Consultation free. Office homa 10 to 4. TifRS. LANDTO, SKILLFUL LADY PHYSICIAN, ill. mats all female diseases and difficulties. Special attention paid during confinement. Patients accommo dated with rooms and board at HOWeatVan Baren-st • TVfM. WM. BULLEP.MAK, LADIES' PHYSICIAN, iu 163 Weat Van Burcn-rt., treats leucorrboca suc cessfully; can guarantee; patients can obtain boars end treatment. • TITHT SUTTEE •WITH BBEmtAnSII WHZ!f D 3. Vf McCarthy guarantees to cure you In three dSJ* «* do pay? Office 65 Blue Island-av. EDCCATIOAAI- T7DUCATIOKAL—PABEITTS DESIBOCB O7 BOAED- Jj Ingtheir children during the Centennial, cum board, instruction, and motherly care, at tea stMV 140SoW&H&C* 13

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