Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 14 Mayıs 1876, Page 14

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 14 Mayıs 1876 Page 14
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14 TO RENT—HOUSES. I'D RENT-BY WM. U. SAMPSON A CO.. HEAL Estate and Renting Agency. 144 LaSaiie-sU, Otis Block: SOUTH DIVISION. 287 South P«rk-aT., cottage of 7 rooms: rent S2O *79 Wabasb-ar., 2-story and basement brick bouse, with Mansard root, 15 rooms; In perfect order; fine barn 73 *45 Uicbigan-ar., 3-story and basement brick, 9 moms; modern Improvements..... 70 1841 lndlana-av., 2-story and basement brick bouse (new), 11 rooms; house In complete order 35 1293 ludiana-av., 2-story and basement octagon front brick bouse, 10 rooms, modem Improve ments. 55 £39 Wabash-nv., 2-siory frame, 12 rooms 40 437 to 445 Mlchlgan-av..3-story and basement stone fronts, 14 rooms each: swell fronts, black and French walnut finish; very desirable. 943 Mlchlgan-av., 2-story frame, 8 rooms; all mod em Improvements; In floe order CO WEST DIVISION. 855 Wen Adams-st., frame cottage, io rooms, hot and cold water, gas-flxturca, bath, etc. *35 834 West Washington-fit,, 2-story and basement brick, 10 rooms, modem Improvements 50 663 Adams-st.. 1-story frame, 8 rooms, css. water. an 4 and bath-room 35 SOS to 511 CarroU-av., 2-story and basement octagon stone front bouses, 10 rooms each, modemun provcmenis. 50 863 Jackson-fit., 2-story and basement brick house, 9 rooms and bath-room 35 537 West Monroe-st., 2-story frame, 9 rooms. Very large yard; house will be put In complete order... 40 Nonnwetc corner Asbland-av. and Adams-st., only three left of these elegant 3-story and basemens stone front houses, 12 rooms each, modem Im provements. we have a complete list of dwellings In all part* of the city; also stores, offices, lofts, etc., which we in vite all Interested to call and examine. # riX> RENT-BY F, C. VIEBLING, BOOM 18, 186 J. Dearboro-n., near Madison-n.: S) Thirtieth-it-, 7 rooms, $12.50. • 78 Twenty-slxth-st., brick of 10 rooms. 288 Twenty-flfth-st., house of 8 rooms. 392 and 594 State-st., suites of 5 rooms. 317 and 319 Webster-av., fine bricks of 11 w»M. 369 West Lake-fit., s nice rooms. 833 West Lake-n., 6 rooms cheap. S2O and 923 Dearborn-fit., small cottage*, less Dearbom-st., cottage of 7 rooms. 1493 Pralrle-av., 9 roombouse. Brown-stone front, comer Wabasb-ar. and Thlrty fcooad-st. rpO BENT—THE TWO-STORY ANT) BASEMENT -L ocucon-froat brick building No. 663 Scdgwick-sL, comer or Centre, one block west from Lincoln Park; nil modem Improvements, Including furnace. For terms apply to c. C. BOLTON, Noa. 225 and 227 State* it. or7oß North Weiu-st. fPO RENT—A FIRST-CLASS HOUSE, WITH 18 X rooms sod two bath-rooms, thrcc-story and base* oeat, Vermont marble front, so West Adams-sL, cor aer of Lafllu-rt. Inquire of CHAS. W. PARKER. 127 LaSalle-st., baaemeat. rpo RENT—I WILL RENT VERY CHEAP THE X elegant residence 879 Wabash-av.; also the 3-story and basement brick 845 Mlchlgan-av. H. 8. EVEB HART, Room L 64 Washlngton-S. rpO HUNT—TEE MS LOW TWO-STOBY AND X basement brick home, with all modern conven ience*, near Lincoln Park and Clark-st. cars. Apply on premises. No. 494 Belden*ar., or at Room 27 Mai or Block. 143 LaSalle-*!. LAWRENCE PROUDFOOTT rpO RENT-722 WEST CONGBESS-ST., CORNER X Wincncster-aT., two*story frame cottage and base ment of 8 room* and bath-room; C. W. PARKER. 127 LaSalle-su, basement. rpO REKT-THE KICK RESIUEKCE 291 CALUMET ar./wltb a large three-story bam, containing 3 box BtalUandi2 singleKalis; and 7S feet of ground. In quire of WM. M. DEE. Franklin and A«tams*irtg, rpO KEKT—HOUSE 213 KORTH STATE-ST., COK- X talnlpg ten rooms, with aD of the modem Improve ments; ht* recently been refitted and Is In complete or der; to mu cheap. ELLIOTT AKTHOKY, 05 Dear borp-lt. MX) RENT—PARTL Y FURNISHED HOUSE TO X family of adolta: location first-class; best reference required. ApJly at 258 West Waablngtoa-st. fpO RENT—3I4 FULTON-ST.—TWO-STORY HOUSE, Apply MX) RENT—TWO FINE 6-BOOM COTTAGES IN THE X prove at north city limits for sls, which are really worth $25. Apply at 125 Sonth Ciark-st., Boom 11. M'O RENT- NEAT 10-ROOM BRICK HOUSES IN X vlcinuyof Union Park, with bath, water-closets, etc.; if yon wish a nice house in first-class neighbor hood at a cheap rent call at 7 Metropolitan Blockr^ f PQ NkbT—FOR ONLY S2O per month, 2-story and X basement bnck residence on Oakley-st.. between At!am* and Monroe-sts., worth S4O. Apply to H. O. STONE, 146 East Madlson-st., Room 9. r |'*o RENT—2BO WEST WASHINGTON-ST-a-STORT X and basement brick dwelling. 10 rooms, every room newly papered and calclmlned, to a responsible hOMe . Apply Et 288 r IX) RENT-FURNISHED TENEMENT TO SMALL X family; boimhderired. J. L. WEBSTER, 918 Cot tage Grove-av,, near Thlrty-nlnth-st. r r°-J: c 2f r^BRICK - residence near Lincoln X Park, 10 rooms, in good order, all conveniences, rent low. C. S. WALLER, 41 Ciark-st., Room 11. MX) RENT—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT. OCTA- X gem-front, brick house, 684 West Monroe-st. Ap ply on the premises. * rPO BENT-NEW OCTAGON STONE-FRONT. TWO fttUc, and basement: H rooms, laundry, hot “* d ?J* 6r ' , bath » water-closets, etc.; bay window, ? n y»w n ’ lar S c double lot, with brickbaml tliesidfijealt, shade trees, etc. Northeast comer Car roii-av. and Sheldon-st. Bow rent to a sood tenant. Ingoiro at Boom 7 Metropolitan Block. * r PO RENT-A FIRST-CLASS RESIDENCE, WITH X all modern improvements, beautiful shade-trees, green yard, brick bam, can be had at No. 9 South iUr su. cheep. - J f P<? BENT-a-STOBr AND BASEMENT BRICK Bent very low. FARRING TON A HACKNEY, 105 Waablagton-sL r PO .BENT—DWELLING 03 NORTH SANGAMON* X n.,8 rooms, In good order, S3O. Inquire in drug store, corner hangamon and Ftuton-sts. r PO RENT—COTTAGE AND ROOMS ON SMITH- X st.; SB. sls, and S2O per month. Call on premises. No. 80, near Mood-st. r rOKEN-T-KETV s-STOKT BKICK HOUSES, SC- rPO RENT—HOUSE OF NINE ROOMS IX GOOD locality on Nortb Side. Would tate a piano or rutd-watcbas part or all pay.lnfluire atl67EastMadl tun-it., Koo ni ab EKNT-XO. 679 west MADISON-ST-. ten X rooms newly palmed. papered. aiidcaJci:nlnc<3.Fnlt o! tu>BK^aTyUM ma ' or OoordinE-houee. JNO. f I'Q REICT— D4raiLLI>*O HOUSE, 8 BOOMS, OJfLT •■•515 per month. Inquire at 418 Cottage Grove-av., corner tn. Thirty-nist-st. , r®A E . ! ’TTT wo fthst-class frame houses, X with brick barns, No. 331 Forrest-av. rpO RENT—-419 WARREN-AV.—SICE 2-STORY A aod basement octagon stone-front house* with hot aud. cold, water, and all modem Improvements. also nice yard and large brick bam, all lor SSO per month, inquire on the premises or of C. A- DIBBLE* 97 Clark- r pO RhNT-lO) HONORE-ST.. BETWEEN VAN X Boren and Congrcss-sts. Large 10-room brick, furnace, gaa, bath, etc., $35. Apply at 701 West Mon- riXi KENT—A MAN AND WIFE ARE OFFERED AT «.inLT- c ITi , . o v. WTcn^ xlfil ? t ' class house, 4 stories, con taining all the modern improvements,north of Twenty- Hr&t-su. on anddeslru to meet a similar j;imlly to occupy with them. Unquestionable refer ences will be given and required. Address L7a Trib une OIUCU. ') ■OREKT-A DESIRABLE HOUSE OX CALUMET- X av-, near Twenty-sixth -st.. verr chean. FAR kington & hackney, hb lyMhtnytcp-tt. ' I A SP U7G "ABASH-AV., Xj-Btorr stcaefrouta; is Twenty-atehth-st. frame! J. F. BONFIELD. Times Building. * r VO RENT—HOUaE NO. 460 WEST JACKSON-ST., room* with large yard, water, gos, Ac.. all In order, for $35 per month. Cali at 4<h West Jackson-st. r l' < ?n.sS?Jrs? ! !:. WORT ?. s7 °- elegant new x marble front houses; all conveniences. Including furnaces and sub-cellars; In “Langley Terrace." For lngtoSs?* tt ‘ andLan £ le y‘ ll V. eTX WEBB, 86 Wash- r l' c ',f ! ENT-lKi3 PBAIBIE-aT.. NEAR THIRTY x ihiro-st.; new house; all. modem conveniences: Waahingion^frt^ 0r fimaU T. WRIGJIT, 88 qX) RENT—A 10-JIOOM HOUSE IN PERFECT X order, contains all modern conveniences; if desired would rent each floor of 5 rooms separately, cheap to re sponsible panics. Apply on premies 701 North Frank* in-st, , rro RENT—32B TVABRBN-AV., BRICK HOUSE AND JL tarn: rent ioir. H. WHIPPLE, 10* Wwhlngton fit.. Boom 14. TO RENT-NEAR LINCOLN-AV. CARS AN EN gush basement brlck.Brooma. all conveniences; s«■ a e-room flat In brick building; s2a CHAR. N. HALE. ls3Rando|ph-at. . rpO BENT—COTTAGE OF 6 BOOMS, NEWLY CAL x clmined, papered, and repaired, one block from hone cara, <l6 Hubbard-fit,; sis per month. Apply on premises or 99 ciark-«t.. Roomg3. Tr h Wms?'sl4 G ? u 6^.EOOMS 0H PAEK-AV. J, B. GOULD, fld East Medlron-au r PO RENT—MABBLB FRONT HOUSE, MODERN x improvements, dining-room on parlor CooZrhlrty- Crst-st. and Lake-av.; only S4O per month, worth S6O. Inquire on premises. g. p. lakpßkwr * rpO REST—BY 11. C. MOREY, 95 CLARK-ST.; Basement 345 West Polk-st., 7 room* &c., Barn for 20 horse* 245 "West Polk-st. Cottage, 6 rooms, ewCarroU-or.. sl7, 3-story stone-front and ham, SSO. Calumet-av., 3-story and basement SSO. rpO REET—THE BISHOP-COURT HOTEL. o\T •r Park; best location In city for " d r r°JSMrlrts^s“ 10G2 ’ nv ?LCOX-AV., 2 BLOCKS v n ■ MadlAop-at. cars, nice 7-coom cottage and barn. Apply at i&aMarket-st. rpO EENT-227 THIRTIETH-ST.. BETWEEN WA -1 mce a-s££f fS£ wUh large lot: house has all modem conveniences, and Is pleasantly located: dining-room and kltchcnon parlor boor. FItED L. FAKE AGO.. 88 W^blngton-st: TX) RENT—COTTAGE 239 SOUTH PEOItIA-ST.. 7 0 " 6:5 monlh : J - =• rpo RENT-TWO 2-STORY AND BASEMENT HOUS- X es; pressed brick, stone trimmings; n rooms be aides basement; store-room, huth-rooms, and closets* gas and water on all floors, hot and cold water; only been occupied part of one year; located on Wehstcr-av.. sJi'r.SS I ,* °£.£*J rt 0 1! very cheap. Apply to DR. CLEVELAND. 102 State-st., over First National Bank. rpOdIENT—DWELLING 145 TWENTT-FIRST-ST.: A baa Brooms besides bath-room, storage, basement. £c.; parlor* dining-room. Utcbcn, to., on lint floor; hot and cold water, cm fixtures; Ugbl pleasant rooms. Call and see 1U riiSsaasssF *■ cdumngs »:’S a 81 2-ttoryand basement brick, $35. rPO RENT-163 NORTH BALSTED-St7TkOOM& X second ctoir. water, Ac. EDMUND i rm?. MINOS, 119 and 121 Lafealle»st. **• LUM fro- BENT-108 THIRD-A.T., 5 vkli'v pleasant X rooms for housekeeping, first floor, clicas et>. AIPNP A. CPMMJyGS, iilandlfll LaMe-tt. P> rpo RENT—3.O. 23 PIXE-ST., NORTH SIDE, KT.E- X ml 16-rupm bouse, is closets, 5 tumble mautels. •U modHptaprocemeutt, Tenus to suit Rood tenant Inqoirc-of BURNS A EOLlfrE, Room 50, y? Clark-st. rpO-RENT—S2S PER MOKTH. OR SARK OJT LOXG -L time, or monthly. payments, fire bouses on Bow* en-ar., comer Cottage QroVe-ar. Apply at Boom i& 170 Madison-at:, . Tjbekt-xsbick bouse OF il booms, on Wea Adamant, swr Tisittpd- Q-.n ~-h^P 4 witiawiimißMti TO RENT-HOUSES. r IX) RENT-A BRICK DWELLING OP 7 ROOMS, X, all lu Rood order, near street-cars: cheap rent. In quire at 224 South Grcen-sL, near West Congress. RENT-BASEMENT OP HOUSE KoTcTB WEST . J£°w ro £* Bt ~’ 4 rooms, closet, and water; sa, Apply at 692 Madison-gt. * ** * Tp'REVr - 2-STORY ANT) BASEMENT STONE front. 10 rooms. No. 383 Wcstßandolph-sLirangc, pas-fixtures, furnace, etc., cheap. F. L. EASTMAN, 290 South Canal-at. rpo RENT-A 2-STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK X house for $25; a good neighborhood, and near the street-cars. Inquire of Dr. HATUEWAV, at drug store, HXtiMadlfion-st., comer Westem-av. rpO RENT—S2S—MILWAUKEE BRICK "OCTAGON X front 10-room house on Bowen-ov., near Vin cennes; hot and cold water on each floor and In two main bed-rooms? 4 marble mantels; encased blinds; sldeyards; trees In front. 103 Washipgton-st., Room 15. I'O RENT—CHEAP—JUNE 1, BRICK HOUSES, 260 . and 262 Ohlo-«u, near State. Call at Boom 10, 177 Clark-fit. T> RENT—SIO PER MONTH, COTTAGE 20 HON ore-sh; three rooms, closets, water. Apply at 687 Monroe-st. rpo RENT-COTTAGE, 7 ROOMS: HOUSE AND X rooms. Inquire corner Tweaty-lhlrd-st. and Jn disna-sr. , TO RENT-THAT BEAUTIFUL front residence corner of Ada and Fulton-sts., fur nished and In complete order. Call after Wednesday next. rpo RENT-A NICE GOTHIC HOUSE, BAY AND X Dormer windows, and large garden. In Maywood, 10 miles from city. 3 blocks from depot, plank sidewalk. Price sls per month. Inquire at 197 State-st. T) RENT—NO. 32 DUNNING-ST., EIGHT-ROOM bouse and bam; ho* high ceilings, plenty closets, etc., all In fine order; $25; will reduce If all of bam is not wonted. Inquire next door, or of owner. 8011- linols-st. RENT—IN’THE VICINITY OF UNION PARK, one block from cars, bouse of ten rooms, portly fur nished. bam and garden; owner (gentleman) will board with family. This is a good chance for some party: possession at once. 148 Walnut-st., comer Lincoln. .bath-room, hot and cold water, gas fixtures. S-40* ItSQlndlana-av., 2-story and basement bricknouse, 10 rooms, modern Improvements; $35. LORD & WALLER, 84d Stato-st. fJX) REVT— ON" wpc•> - -jtKT-OS WEST SIDE, ONE 7-liOOM HOUSE ana Uree lot ana one 2-Btory and basement octagon* front 10-room bouse and lot. if. F. mekrtt.t., 3 oils Block. BENT—CHEAP, OCTAGON-FRONT BRICK X house nearly new, 30 rooms, bath-room, and all modem Improvement, llg7 West Mnnroe-at., near TjMtem-av.. Apply » J. TVKST, BJ7 WeM Monroe fit., near Leavitt. r pO BENT-CHEAP-FOB $25. NEW S-STOBT AND X basement brick bouse, octagon front, on Leavitt* cast ftont c. t. la- THROE, at Keith Bros., 250 and 252 Madlson-at, TO RENT—GO 3 -WEST MONROE-ST., 194 ASH -4Ss«',Kij* ,l 2 < L® lo VftQ Buren-sU HARRISON & «eEKS, ITSLaSoHe-st. TO RENT—IOS SOUTH PARK-AV., NEAR TWEN- X ty-fourih-st., 2*siory, basement, and Mansard roof; furnace and gaa nature*; bam and sub-cellar. rjTO BEST-VERT CHEAP. A NEW 2-STOBT AND X basement brlcft house. 534 West Washlngton-st.. 10 rooms, &U modem Improvements. A good 6- room cot* uct on Robey, near Ogden-ar,, sl4. Y. A. WEAGE, 95 Washlngton-st., Room a. :rr TO RENT—W 2 FORREST- AV.-STOKE-FROKT dwelling la good order. D. J. LAKE, 57 LaSalle. qV) KEKT—TO RELIABLE PARTIES, 2-STORT X and basement brick, with furniture, 321 Twenty* flm-st., near Mlchlgaa-av. Inquire at the house. T O . BENT-CHEAP, 2RB CALUMET-AV. RESI- X dence, with double frame barn and large lot, on in tjetween Forty-eighth and-Forty-nlnth-sts. ALFRED W. r |X> RENT-AT LOWEST RATES—NICE HOUSE ON X Mlchlgan-ar. j houses at Highland Parte. Wiunetka. High wood, and Karioia. HEARS, 46 Reaper Block. OX) RENT-FOB SIX MONTHS, OITIONGEIC - A X clean, fornlshed house, with all modem convenien ces. Owner would board If desirable. No. 66 Twentv fourth-st. ' nX) RENT-AT UNION PARK, VERY CHEAP, X that very desirable east-frontbrick, 27 St. Johns place; contains 10 rooms, furnace, all modem con veniences, and is rat-proof. Examine It. T° BEJfT-TWO NEW 9-ROOM HOUSES. CALU- X met-av. and Twcntj-sixtb-st.; modem Improve ments; rent reasonable, CLARK BROTHERS, 66 W ashlngton-st. TX) RENT-NEW MARBLE 2-STOBY AND BASB- X meat dwelling, all modem conveniences. 703 Mon roe-st., very cheap. byM. K. COLE. 171 Washlngton-st fpo RENT-A BEAUTIFUL 2-STORY AND BASK- X ment house, 314 Warren-ay.; n rooms, all in first class repair. Rent low. Apply on the premises. /rOMNI-COTTAGEpF 7 ROOMS. NO 43NORTH X Curtls-st., $25. Apply at 827 WeatLake-st. T° KENT-VERY DESIRABLE cottage, cor- A uer Thlrtietli-6t. ami Cottage Grove-av.; also 35 Cottage-mace, near Rlsdon property; each with all modern Improvements; both near steam and street* cara; price £3O. M. W. &F. LESTER, 57 Lake-stT 'J'O.RE: MODERN HOUSES. SOUTH. J> orth, and West Sides, 10 to is rooms, sao to sso gr jmontli. EDMUND G. STILES, 09 MuSsS-st, r f , Q SIDE—I4-ROOM TWO-STORY X brick bouse. 5 living rooms on first floor, 2 bath rooms, gas-flxtares, furnace. 45-foot lot. stone and iron steps, etc.. $75; location very best. Address with ref erence, L 64, Tribune office. T 0 BENT-FURNISHED DOUSES ON SOUTH X Side, east of Statc-st., S4O. West and North Sides. s3jtoS6s. EDMUND Q. STILES, 99 Easr Madison bu, itoom 7. TORENT-TWO-STOUT AND BASEMENT BRICK ** Washington-st. Apply to WM. COCHRAN and 44 Randolpk-st. * w *** ri'O RENT-7 ROOMS, CLOSETS, PANTRY, BARN, X etc., on the dm floor of 220 Sedgwick-st., In a very pleasant location near street-cars and’bus. &nt cheap to a good, reliable party. v T° SIDE ’ 343 EAST IXDIAXA-ST., . fr ?V- ™ m Mtn closet: also an un- Sa°i' ; 601 ** “W«tcr. gas, rpo RENT-ROOMS, VERY CHEAP; ALSO OVE one with 14 rooms, both °0 Thlrty-seventh-st.. be -4y a -sL' aTS ' ntlUlre ° f GABLA.ND, r*~ T° P.E.ST-CHKiP-148 SOOTH TTOOD-ST., KEAE En B ,lah basement. In nice order. Second Eton* 82 South la M*dl*on»st., four rooms and three closets r PO RENT—SEVEN-ROOM COTTAGE. IN GOOD X order, at sis per month. Apply at 2S Pratt-p lace, jjj* jwn Jackson and Van Boren-staT, Hoyno andXeav- r RENT-145 TWEXTY-ITRST-ST., NEAR WA hMh-ay.. modern Improrements, parlor, dfolrur- f r**-J ? £ 3 £ r *“?w SToE L AND BASEMENT STONE Thirteenth andFourteenth-sta., with 2-story brickbarn ortcr - Aw,f “ BMm > *■ f pO RENT— 12-ROOM COTTAGE, 14 SOUTH GREKN- X st.. In nlce.coadltloa, ssa In Norton Block flats. rr 4 first floor and 234. Small cottage, good barn, at 245 North Ashland-av., $5. Flats 3so and 353 Lake-st.. 6 rooms wlthcloscts, water, coal-house, and yard. Store with OTlte of rooms for dwelling. .No. 350, suitable for shoe-store. Apply to N. NORTON. 36lWashington -stf fTO RENT-FOUR BRICK COTTAGES OH ARTE- X dan-0V.,, near Western-av. and Tnrff«ma»ftF Anniv on tlie premises. rpORENT-FURNJSHED COTTAGE OP 8 ROOMS, x No. 348CaiumeC-av. f very cheap to good tenant: owner may board with tenant if desired. Call oa D. W. C. GOODING, at 193 LaSalie-st. rpb RENT-532 WAREEN-AV., 2-STORY AND X basement brick house, 10 rooms, all modem Ira- JSbora-S. *“ PCr monUl - A PP>J »J- B. HALL, 130 rp° RENT-FOR THE. SUMMER-FURNISHED (3 aforieSj prcMed brlck and brown stone), northwest comer State and Division-fits. Apply on premises, or at lie Lake-st. Appiy 43 EOAN-AV., TWO-STORY BRICK \- E S^?L b £ u ? c ’ ’9rooms; price, $35 per month. ■fJtS: il°‘ Wabash-ar., two-story and basement stone front house, 12 rooms: large lotf Apply to . C- C. THAYER, DflDearbora-st. r T°, KENT-AT HUMBOLDT PARK-HOUSE OF x 10 rooms, very cheap, to a careful tenant- ears pass the bouse. W. w. X^PORifSce r PO TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT A *9Llncola-ar., for the summer or longer, five rooms; lower and upper halts carpeted. * r r° EE A RESPONSIBLE TENANT A C0M .71, handsoraely.furnßhed house, or would sell furnltnre and rent honse. Apply at 508Wab*sh-av. r PO RENT—COTTAGE NO. 1468-15 NOW READY bomSf * tonement * uJ - CLARKE A T o^^^ 0 *^ 15 J OirS’SOX*ST.—COTTAGE OP X fi% c rooms and barn, ail In good order. Inquire la No. 5s Bostoo-ar.« near corner Halatcd and Van Boren-sts. . TO COTTAGE. S2O, OB 5 BOOMS sls; 3 rooms $9. CI9 West Van Bur^-t, BLOCK ,FROM LINCOLN PARK X® l aT °} e front, ip rooms, all conveniences; $45. Very s(£e blocks from thpPark; £«*•»? Js°?i two blocks from Lincoln-av. cars. CHAS. N. HALE, 153 RandcHph-st. T) RENT-LOWER PART. 5 ROOMS, SOUTHWEST coraerßufiLandChestnnt-sts, sißper month: 723, 535 each; 402 North Wells-st., s4oper month; 61 Blue Island-av., 6 rooms, sl6 per month. E. S. URETER. 72 JJearbom-Bt. rpo RENT-TO A SMALL FAMILY, A FURNISHED ± Mick house, modem Improvements, .on avenue new Tblny-flrst-sL Full particulars by addfeclng pa. 'PC RENT—COTTAGE NO. 75 FORREST-AV.. X north of Thirty-third-?t., 5 rooms, bathroom. 3 or wubS:r rpO RSNT—TWO-STORY HOUSE. EIGHT BOOMS, X “'a wndaent, e rooms. Noa. 37andS9 Western-av. AUo both floors of 618 W est Madison-su £. B. PEASB, 3TO Park-av., or97Clark-Bt., Room 23. r T° BKNMOR A MONTH. TO A SMALL. JL neat xamlly (no other need apply), a first-rate 10- T2?P 8 Caiumet-aT.,nearTwanty-thlrd-st. (No. ten. The parlors. dining-room, and kitchen are on the main floor. Furnace, gas fixtures, and all modem Im- The house Is now being renovated and put Id splendid order from cellar to garret. It will be ready lor occupancy In 10 daya. Apply at the bouse, op address A. & MORLET, P. b. Box aa. city. rp° T " ' EEKT-A 10*ROOM BOtTSE, ALL MODERN ■ «^i> n,alice *‘ A w‘3 r » t3ll TWrty-anl-st j. a. rpO REXT-A BRICK BOUSE, 9 ROOMS. MODERN’ X Improvements, newly papered, painted, and calc!* mined* JSOLooinif'SU Rent ebeaptoa good tenant. Inquire at 434 Wen Congreta-sL ieDanu q’O RENT-BRICK BOCSE OP 7 BOOMS SEAR X Lincoln Park, gJO. M. POBTERJ4 GrMtpSS. 'r o rS , T^P , °' ST0I ?, TA ? I) basement brick. - 1572 Indiaim-av., all modern Improverneuta. Also DA - vlFi * ba£ * r POREKT-REST OK THAT FINE 9-ROOM HOUSE, brick basement. No. 970 Van Buren-st.. lalowerci to sa> per month. ISAAC IL PRICE. im kilson™ 'PO BKKI-nODSE 06 CALIFORNIA-AvTcORNEE or 3 rooms at same Pisco for C. A. DIBBLE, 97 Clark-st., Boom m, ** rpo RENT-GOOD 2-STORT BRICE BASEMENT westPj Llbcoln Part, In fine orilcrTialte vater, S2S per month. Room C, lag EaSalle-w, r l’°»JiS?l^£ < i rT -' GK 3HTH GOOD BARN' OB two s-room tenements. Sis to S2il Van uiippn-Bf J?g*g. a tSSta- THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE; SUNDAY. MAT 14, 1876-SIXTEEN PAGES. TO RENT-HORSES. rrO REST-871 AND H 75 MICHIGAN-AV., TWO* X story and basement house, with Improvements. 540 1406 Wubash-av., 2-story and basement house 90 353 Calumet-av., 2-story frame 2A 1513 Wabash*av., near Thlrty-fourth-su, 2-story frame 25 l2sQlndlana-av,, 2-story frame: large lot, Ac 50 418 and 420 State-st.. second and third doors, six rooms each floor. 240 Calumet-av., 2-story and basement dwelling, barn 35 568 and 574 West Lakc-st., 2-story ami basement marble-fronts, with all Improvements. 50 4SO North LaSallc-st., 3-story and basement dwell ing 50 Inquire of GEO. G. NEWBURY. Rooms 8 and 9 Bryan Block, 164 La-Salle-rt. rpo RENT-291 CALUMET-AV., NICE HOUSE, IN X No. 1 repair, large lot and good bam; wont reason able offer. - isLake-ar., two-story frame, near station and street cars: $35 per month. 50 Tweoty-elghih-st.,two-story, basement, and man sard-roof brick, between'Wabash and Mlchigan-avs.; SSO. 630 Cottage Grove-av., south of Thlrty-flfth-st, east front, and large lot. 19 Lake-av., two-story frame, withlargalot. Indlana-av., Nos. 1251 and 1251& three-story and basement brown-stone front: modern conveniences, barn, etc.; $65. FRED L. FAKE A CO., rpO RENT-BY JACOB C. MAGILL. 77 CLARK-ST: X Furnished house In good location on West Side, within walking distance of Court-House; ssopermouth. Furnished four-story and b asement, good location on West Side; cheap. 703 Washington-sL, 10-room brick, large lot; SSO. saoPark-av., marble-front, 10 rooms; SSO to good tenant. rpo RENT-NO. 355 NORTH DEARBORN-ST., 3- X story and basement marble-front; first-class In every respect. F. C. TAYLOR, 184 Dearbom-st. rpo RENT-RARE CHANCE FOR A DELIGHTFUL X home or boarding-house. The house and beautiful grounds known as the Sturgea Place, on North Clark st., near Dlvereey, at the city limits, three acres, greenhouses, bams, beautiful trees, drives, etc.; horse cars every twelve minutes; bouso partially furnished. EDCi 184Dearbom-st.. Rooms. rpo RENT—FOB 5 OR 6 MONTHS, FURNISHED X house at Kenwood, on lake shore; rent low to good tenant. M. L. PEARCE, i23Dcorbora*BL rpO RENT-BRICK HOUSE 185 SOUTH MORGAN, X st., lorooma, gas fixtures, stable; pleasant location, near care; low rent. Apply on the corner next south. riX) BENT-290 CALUMET-AV., HOUSE OP 12 X rooms, famished or uafuralshed. for a term of y can; rent cheap; also, house 1200 Prairie-av. I'O RENT-ONE LEFT-525 FOR TWO-STORY . and basement house, modem Improvements, fourth boose south of Twcnty-nlntli-st., on Calumct-nv.; also,' store and nine rooms 539 state-st., only S4O. Call on premises or 13 Major Block. rro RENT—TWO GOOD TENEMENTS IN BRICK X building Nos. 264 and 260 West Lake-st.; also, one first-class residence No. 223 Fark-av.; rent moderate. Inquire at 42 and 44 North Sangamon-st. TO RENT-59 WARBEN-AV.. NICE COSY COT* tage, large lot. abntbbery, etc.; location splendid; price ?20 per month. TO RENT—TWO-STORY FRAME HOUSE WITH JL brick basement, 12 rooms, la one of tbo best neigh borhoods on Mlchlgan-av; furnace and gas-Cxturea and bouse newly repaired throughout; largo yard and good bam; has heretofore rented for $1,200; will rent for $65 per month; also two 2-story and basement brick bouses. 9 rooms each, newly painted throughout, cor ner Tmrty-thlrd-st. and Prairie-av.; comer house, $45; Inside bouse, S4O per mouth. Apply to the owner, JOSS Mlchlgftn-av., who will be pleased to show houses. T ‘O CJENT-TEN-ROOM HOUSE ON TVABASII-AV. _ will accept real estate In payment of rent. Address A 82. Tribune oldcc. rpO RENT-ANEW TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT X brick boose, just finished In excellent shape. No. IS4I Indiana*av., between Thirty-eighth arid Thirty nlnth-sta. Low rent. JOHN HUTCHINSON, SODear bom-st. T°. RENT-COTTAGE 7 ROOMS, $lB. 78 KORTR X Ann-st.; 3 rooms, $4. Apply at 98 North Ann-et. IX) KENT-FURNISHED HOUSE ON MICUIGAN . av., south of Fourtceuth-st., 3-atoryand basement, stone front, 3 rooms deep, very cheap during the sum mer months to a first-class tenant, with small family, who will be careful of furniture. Address till Wednes day L 2G. Tribune office. rpO RENT—FURNISHED HOUSE 82 TWENTY-SEC- X ond-sc., double front, 2 stories, 14 rooms, with all modem Improvements. Apply on premises, or of F. W. SPRINGER, 123 Dearbora-rt. T) RENT-BY G. S. BUTLER & CO., 53D IIURL bnt-st,, a few fine houses, cottages, and flats left opposite the park, one elegantly furnished, a bargain, we want ten good dwellings for customers. rpO RENT-LINCOLN-ST.. NEAR MADISON-ST-. X Cottage, 6 rooms, SIS; also high basement, 5 rooms, $lO. B. T. BACK it CO., 106 Madlson-st. rpO RENT-COTTAGE OF SIX ROOMS. 165 SOUTH X LincolD-BL, fronting Adams-st. drive, central, pleasant, and In good repair, gas and fixtures com plete, marble basin, bow-window, only S3O per month. Others for $25. Apply at 163 Lfncoln-st., rro RENT—CHEAP FQR 3 MONTHS, BT A FAMILY X Tearing the city, to a gentleman and wife without small children, a full furnished small house, horses and carriage tf desired,' in one of the best localities on the South Side near Twcnty-flrst-st. AddressHSG, Tribune office. TO KENT—RESIDENCE 88 YINCENNES-AY., X 3-story and basement, marble-front, 13 rooms. In complete order, modem Improvements, furnace, etc.. S4O per month. Apply to HILTON BROS., les’Twen ty-second-st. rpC, RENT-NEW BRICK DOUSE, ,452 IRVING- X place, between Polk and llarrlson-su. Hot and cold water, marble mantels, bath-room, &c. Price S2O per month. LUMLEY INGLEDEW, 95 Washing ton-st., Room 9. ■ rpo RENT—THE VERT DESIRABE STONE FRONT, X situate 136 Loomls-st,; has all modem improve ments (Including gas-flxturcs); is In first-class locality, and close to street-cars. Carpets, etc., for sale at a bargain. Apply on the premises. HX> RENT—FOR FOUR MONTHS OR ONE YEAR, X a house in Minneapolis, Minn., with ten rooms, well furnished, having water, gas, and all modem con veniences. AddressP.-O. 80x254, Minneapolis, Minn. OX) BENT-FOB THE SUMMER OB A TEAK. X marble-front house corner of Mlchlran-ar. and Thirttcth-st. Partly furnished. Parties to board oc cupant. TO RENT—SIO PER MONTH-NICE S-ROOM COT ta«e No. 2 Ruckur-st.. comer Kluzle-k*.- inquire No. 30 Ruoker-st.. or PETERSON & BAY. 168 Randolph. rPO RENT—UPPER FLAT 203 NORTH CLARK-ST., X Q rooms, also over store 374CIyboum-ar..&iO: G rooms. A. T. GALT. 95 Dcarbom-at., Itoom 23. r pO KENT—A COTTAGE HOUSE WITH 9 ROOMS X and 7 closets, 25i Warren-av., S3O per month. Ap ply to the owner. 121 West Randolph-fit., or 225 underl ay., comer of Wood-sL r PO RENT—TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT SWELL X rtone-front house. 1463 Pralrle-ay. M. C. BALD WIN A CO., 84 LoSalle-st.. Room 23. r PO RENT—6I4 AND 620 WEST WASHINGTON- X st., brick, all Improvements, 54a aW. BROWN. Room IM. E. Charon Block. r pO RENT—SIS, S2O, OB FOR SALE ON MONTHLY X payments of $25 and s3o—Nice and substantial cot tage houses, with large lots. In choice neighborhood. West Huron and West Superlor-sta., between Lincoln and Kobcy-Bta.; Indlana-st. cars. S. T. KING. 85 Washlngton-st. TO RENT-NEW HOUSE, 8 ROOMS. ON A LINE with North Side Rolling-MUIa, two blocks from MR waukee-av. cars. Inquire at 94 Statc-st. r PO RENT—AT LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICKS. 5 X houses, marble-fronts, an modern improvements, frontingVßioa Park and Washington-fit. DUNSTAN & CO., Rooms, ISODearbom-st. rpO RENT—DWELLING HOUSE 247 INDIANA-ST., X 3 story and basement, containing 14 rooms, bath room, furnace, and gas; will be cleaned and put In good repair this week. Apply to KNAUEE & BROTHERS, corner Mnzle and Clark-sta. rpoRENT-FURNISHED HOUSE, NEAR LINCOLN X Park; might take rent In board. Address AB6. Tribune olllcc. T° RENT—2-STORY AND BASEMENT STONE- X front, 10 rooms, fine location, 676 Adams-st., S4O per month; also one floor In tottage 68 Honore, near £ £ r^ ni S c J?^ s ’ 51-per month. HIRAM IIADLLT, 63 and 65 Washlngton-st. Suburban* north or west evanston. boose* of from 5 to 8 rooms, at one-thlrd the ordi nary price; good, houses of 7 rooms, near church, school, and depot, at $8 per month; also good cottages of 5 rooms for $5 per month, to parties who will pay yearly In advance. These houses formerly rented for sl6 and $25 per month. Houses In good order, and fifth 84rden witb 04011 ono * c * BROWNE, 106 f PO RENT—DESIRABLE HOUSE AT RAVENS- Summenlale, S2O each. A. BENNETT, Agent, southeast comer of Monroe and Morket-sts. KENT-A CONVENIENT HOUSE CORNER OF *urr Oak and Western* av,. Blue Island, 3 min* walk from the Rock Island train, 10 minutes* from the nanville Railroad, very cheap, inquire » C.HAMES, Tribune office. r ro 1 Bi tJtCS’ walk' of M. TO BEKT-ATIRVIXG PARK. SEVERAL GOOD houses. sl2 to $25 per month; nice grounds, hydrant water, near depot, 20 minutes’from city. 7cfare: >for sale, easy terms. R t. RACE & CO. . 100 Dearborn. rpO RENT-LAKE VIEW, 4# MILES FROMCOURT- X Boose, house with 7 rooms, beautiful grounds, sta ble, etc. Inquire of K BUMMKL, 81 Dearbdm-st.. basement. * TO BENT-PLEASANT HOUSE OF 8 ROOMS, 2 acres Of garden, SlOper month; Is convenient to the oiaiton at Lombard. ISAAC CLAFLIN A CO., Marine ■Bonding. TO RENT-FINE DWELLING, PLEASANTLY SlT oated, on the lake shore In Hyde Park, one block 2™® denot. with large lot and brick: dwelling; with Urge lot, near Hyde Park station. Apply at 109 LaSalle-st., In basement. TLff^ A . LOVELY HOMESTEAD. WITH M badedp . arl & bear depot, schools, churches.- at first station north of city, $25. See wT6. BRYA2L Kavenswood depot. T° RENT—LAKE FOREST—A GOOD COTTAGE Jt near depot. Highland Park—Several horecs; good location. Geneva-Pleasant house. SXvanston—Several houses; good location, Js-nglewood—Large house; good location E. L. CANFIELD, 59 LaSalle-st TO RENT—FOB SALS—OR EXCHANGE FOB EM proved city property—A good 2-story boose, barn, and garden, with treat fruit, <tc„ nt Genera. Kano County, 1!L InquireofE.L.CANFlfeLD,s9 LaSalle-st. To bekt-i 1-boom house, hard and Soft A bam, plenty of fruit; near depot in largo euburb. only S2O per monte, HOLMES <t CO.. 72 and »■* Dearbom-au >TO RENT—AT HINSDALE. GOOD HODSES.LARGE J. gronnds, from £6 to S2S, one place for boaxtUntr owner; aUo properly for sale and exchange, perry! Room 14, l23l>earborn»st. Evanston. TILLOTSQN BROS., 92 Washington**!;, T° BENT-s-STOBT HOUSE AT HTHE PAJtK, X Him gM and water. enltoWe lor aamjde-rootn or rertaurant, near entrance of Rate Shore PartcoraS Flfty-aerenth-at. and Hyde Parle-ot. m, BURNES. T> KENT—AT EVANSTON—B AND 10-ROOM houses In good locations; rent verrlov, H. WBIP- JcOiE,_lOiWaahlngtoa*st., Room rKSffSSM ' plen ' lld - A, Kenwood, two blocks from station, brick boose on Mtene°o r |l 0r Bmma 01 AddreSTin? T°t,J2. i 'l.T, S2O “ A .T BARRINGTON, NINE-ROOM ~Lj* fP*®* Ij4r i cistern,barn, and three acxesof and shade trees; also 7-roomThoufle. cel !v& scoarenieatto<!e- rro RENT—AND FOR SALE, CHEAP, GOOD X houses with I to 3-acre tracts, fruit, etc.. In the pleasant Village of Palatine. GEO. C, WHIPPLE, 133 Clark-et. rro RENT-ROOMS, FURNISHED OR UNFURNISH- X ed. with or without hoard, In a small family with out children. 370 South Park-av. rro RENT—NICELY FURNISHED, PLEASANT X rooms for gentlemen la residence on Ohlo-sl.. near North Dearborn; good day board next door. Address F 68, Tribune ofllce. T” 6 BENT-AN ELEGANT FRONT ROOM. OR suite of rooms, very cheap. In the upper fiat of No. 408 North Wclls-st. rro RENT-A PLEASANT ROOM. FURNISHED. X for two gentlemen; also a single furnished room. 2SOOhIo-st. TO RENT-IN A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY, two nicely furnished rooms on Mlchlgan-av., north of Slxteenth-st, to gentleman only. Address C 83, Tribune office. TO RENT-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. A FUR nlshed rooTikto a lady who Is employed out during tne day. Address C 68, Tribune oflice. 88 Waahlogton-st. rro RENT-NICE FURNISHED LARGE FRONT AND X and other rooms for housekeeping; cook-stoves, closets, water, and conveniences, inquire at 219 West Adams-st, rro RENT-NEW AND WELL LIGHTED SLEEPING- X room on second fioor, furnished or unfurnished, cheap, at 47 West Randolph-fit. TO RENT-ROOMS, AT 10S6 WABASH-AV., FUR nlshed or unfurnished, with or without board. TO RENT-TWO LARGE PARLORS. NEATLY FUR X nlshed, on Mlchlgan-av., north of Fourtecnth-st., suitable for man and wife or two single gentlemen. Address, with reference, A SO, Tribune oflice. rpo RENT—TWO ROOMS AT 20* WEST MADISON- X st., on first floor. Inquire In dry-goods store. rpo RENT—FIVE ROOMS EN SUITE, WITH BATH X room and closet, In a new brick house, 83 South Green-st., near Madison. rpo RENT-FLATS OP 4, 5. OB 9 ROOMS, WITH A modem Improvements, corner Mlchlgan-av., and Tmrty-firat-st.; new cottage on Pralrie-av.. near Thir ty-ninth-st., gas and water, barn, one block from horse cars. F. W. SPRINGER, 152 Dearbom-st., Room a. 'I’O REXT-A very pleasant xeatlt-pur x nlshed front room, suitable for one or two persons, sts! " a “ afi^*av ** between Sixteenth and Eighteenth- fPO RENT-SEVEN LARGE FURXISHED ROOMS, X second floor, pantries and closets; cheap rent. In quire at 321 Orchard-fit. A. OLLMEKT. rpo RENT—PLEASANT FURNISHED BOOMS IX X private family. 480 WabaiH.nv TO RENT-A LARGE FRONT ALCOVE ROOM, handsomely furnished; best of references reuuired. no* West Monroc-at. r PO RENT-PORNISUED ROOMS, WITH OR WITH- X out board, to gentlemen, or gentleman and wife. 114 South Green-st. rpO RENT—PLEASANT ROOMS ON SECOND JL floor, with or without board, at 609 Wabash -av. 'PO RENT-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A NICELY- X furnished suite of front rooms, to gentleman and wife, or single gents; also a good bam. Apply at 112 Pork-ar. TO RENT-ROOMS, SINGLE OR EN SUITE, FUB msned or unfurnished, all modem Improvements in house, at 1460)4 Pralrie-av. - .. rpO RENT-ALARGEFRONTROOM, FURNISHED: X modern improvements. Cheap for gentlemen. In* quire at 100 West Indiaaa-st. f|"K) BENT—TWO NICE FURNISHED ROOMS. 43 X hldrldge court. rro RENT-1015 WEST MADISON-ST.—PLEASANT X furnished rooms cheap for the summer, from $5 to sl2 per month. Street cars pass the doors every few minutes; only 35 minutes' time from Randolph and State-ets. * r PO RENT—UNFURNISHED FRONT PARLOR AND X bed-room off first floor, in quiet private family. 47 South Ann-st., 2d cottage from Madison. rpO RENT—ROOMS AT 36 CASS-ST., CORNER OP JL Illinois, nicely famished, with use of bath-room, hot and cold water. TO RENT-NICELY FURNISHED FLOOR OR SEP orate rooms. Apply at 253 Erle-sL, comer North .Dearborn. fi’O GENT-FOI! poms MONTHS. TO GENTEEL x family without children, a fine suite of nicely fur nished rooms (entire floor) In swell-front house, south of Superior and east of Clark-sts. first-class table hoard near; rent low to desirable party; references re qulrcd. Address 1 00, Tribune office. ' f PO RENT—NICELY FURNISHED FRONT BOOM X with or without board, at 299 South Ualstcd-SL r pO RENT—SUITES OP 2 AND 4 ROOMS EACH IN X marble-front, 953 and 955 West Lake-st., suitable for light housekeeping. Apply to F. WORKMAN. 955 West Lakc-st. rro RENT—PLEASANT ROOMS BY THE DAY, week, or month, at 167 East Madlson-st., Room rpO RENT-NICELY FURNISHED AND UNFUR JL nlshcd rooms in flrst-class location, handy to busi ness, yet retired; prices low. Address F 83, Tribune. TO RENT—ONE DOUBLEAND ONE SINGLE FUR nlshcd front bed-room, cheap to good tenants. Inquire at 301 West Lakc-st. rpO RENT—TWO FLOORS BRICK HOUSE NEAR X park. Inquire at 007 North Wolla-sc. rpo RENT-ONE FURNISHED AND FOUR UNFUR- X nlshcd rooms. 173 Twcnty-thlrd-et., east of State. rpO RENT—THE UPPER FLOOR OF A 2-STORY X house, four rooms, with water, etc., newly cold mined and papered. Apply gt 822 Adamant. T'OJIEXf-~TJIE SECOND FLOOR OP NO. 217 Fifth-av., containing 6 rooms, with all modern im provements. Inquire In basement or on third floor. rpo RENT—UPPER PART OP 833 WEST LAKE-ST. . X 6 rooms sls. Inquire of DR. WINTER, 410 War ren-av.. prof C. A. DIBBLE, 97 Clark-au, R00m64. rpo RENT-16 ELDRIDGE-COUKT. ELEGANTLY X furnished and unfurnished rooms; house all newly' repaired and fmulshed new throughout; all modern improvements, rpo BEST-FINE SUITES OP BOOMS FOR HOUSE- X keeping at tOS West Lake-st., and 1 15 North Clark-st. J, D. WEBER, 1 20 Bandolph-st. rpo BENT-NEAR UNION PARK, A FRONT X suite of rooms newly furnished; bathroom, etc., on same floor; terms 525 per month. I 29, Tribune office. rpo RENT-A NICE FURNISHED BOOM AT 837 X V» est Randolph-at. riX) RKNT-PLL*vSANT FURNISHED ROOMS AT X 19 Eldridge-conrt. rpo RKNT-WELL-FUHNISHED. WARMED BOOMS, X $2.50 to 57 a week. Rellglo-Pbllosphlcal Publbh !ng House. 394 Dearbom-st.. ablocks south Post-Office. rpO RENT—THE PLEASANTEST FURNISHED X Rooms on the West Side at 253 West Madlson-st corner of Sangamon. rpO RENT —DESIRABLE FURNISHED ROOMS, X front parlor, at 123 South Halsted-st,, also at 1 15 South PcsplQlnes-st. C. L. WARNER. f I'D RENT-FRONT SLEEPING-ROOM WITH PRIVI- X ledge of parlor, per month, -at 148 Aberdecn-st- Meals K desired. rPO RBNT-XICELT-FURXIsnED SLEEPING- X room at SIQ W abash-av.; Gentlemen only. OX) EEXT-l-HREK OB FOUR XICE BOOMS, TVITH X hot and cold water, with hath, furnished or nnf ur nlshed, to a good party. Coll and sec them. 1008 Wa oash-av. rpo RENT—NEWLY FURISHED DESIRABLE X rooms for one or two gentlemen; terms moderate. No. 3 Ilubbard-court. rpo KENT-NICELT-FUKNISHKD ROOMS. WITH 147 Twcnty-nm-tt., between Wahash-av. and State-st. r pO RENT—THREE BOOMS AND CLOSETS, SUlT met av lC it>r 110UBelcee P Ill s; rcnt.siO. No. 356 Calu- rpo RENT—6O OAKWOOD BOULEVARD, CORNER X Langley-av., large alcove front room;- also* 2 bed rooms; modem conveniences; private family. rpo RENT—PLKASAXT FURNISHED ROOMS IX A X desirable location by a lady living alone- alu-nra quiet. Address F 28. Tribune office. ’ rpo BENT—FURNISHED BOOMS. 11l LEAVITT- X at., near Madison. 111 rpo KENT—TWO LIGHT, AIRY ROOMS NEWLY X pointed and furnished, within ten minutes’ walk from Tribune office, suitable for two or four gentlemen, cheap to right party. Address L 43, Tribune office. rpo RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS”FOR~GENTT,R. X men. 165 West Madlson-st., up-sta!?*^ rpo BENT-3 LARGE UNFURNISHED BOOMS. bafilF^v* south and west front. 596 Wa- T O^SN^ B ? LEI P n)SUI ? E OF 6 FRONT ROOMS 8004 Bn* etc. rpo RENT—FRONT ROOMS, NICELY FURNISHED; x also, unfurnished rooms for light housekeeping cheap, at 78 East Van Buren-st. T o^m N o T- ;. L 9 WEK PART of HOUSE NO. 36 CAMP- X bell Park, o rooms, closets, and pantries; rent sl2. Apply on premises or to L. F. DALY, 12: PeMbora-at T°«i^ E ? T ,r I W MS I furnished or unpur ioo J}| first-class boarding-house In same block. 489 Aiicnigan-av. T° RESTr-PLEABAST FURNISHED BOOMS TO TYlbuim oSce*** f ° r any 01 time. Address ElB, T° RENT-WELL-FUHNISHED east front X room suitable for two; bath and modem Improve ments In bouse. 155 South Green-sc., between and Jackson. T° R .?^l- 74 TWENTT-SECOND-ST., a large iwo *ooth front room with water and closet, suitable for T° FKT-52 SODTII, ANN-ST., ROOMS FOB- A nlancd or unfurnished; all modem conveniences. TO RENT-FRONT S UITE OF FINELY FURNISHED X rooms. Best day-board in town next door. Terms reasonable. Inquire at 164 Park-av. T ( ISS KT f"i FU ? NISU£D ~ P 3 unfurnished X pleasant front room and bedroom, at 239 North State-st., near Washington Park, very cheap. TO RENT-FOUR ROOMS AND CLOSETS, 471 islander FRtceatll ‘ st -* corner of Loomis, near Blue r P 0 #^ NT - I ®.} raLL * FU,WIS HED ROOMS; THE X for®er proprietress having vacated building the Ist of May the rooms have been thoroughly renovated andareforrenttogentlemenonly. Apply at 168 East Washlngton-st.. Room 59. 3 wa " r VO RENT—FURNISHED ROOM TO ONE OB TWO X gentlemen. 88 South Sangamon-st. TO REST-TOE FURNISHED ROOMS AT LOW X rates. Call at 573 State-st., third floor. T° RE-'fJ-KEATLr AND COMFORT ABLY-FTJB- X nUbed rooms convenient to the business centre: : s fi tnre.”£ t “ rnl ‘ tlßl <ro “ 100,11 “ •*. T° -87 SODTH CLARK-ST.—FUR nisoed roomsfor ladies or gentlemen, over Collse rpo rejt-frokt suite furnished rooms, X without board. In Porter Block, corner. Clark and Adams-sts., Room 12. O RENT—ELEGANTLY FURNISHED BOOMS. Apply at Rooms, 155 and 157 Ftfth-av. T 3 »JSFr F F ENI S HE P front rooms all complete for bonseteeplng; modem Improvements; private fstnlly; central psrt of bnsmess; on tbc He. af street-cars. Address C 42. Tribune office. r PO RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT at 251 Huron-st. near North Dear- ) RENT—TWO FURNISHED ROOMS COMPLETE for housekeeping, got State-st. r PO RENT—A HANDSOME-FRONT ROOM, NICELY ’ X for two gentlemen or gentleman and wife; pleasant locality, 235 West near Rem reasonable. • .» TO RENT.ROUSES. Suburban-Continued. TO RENT—ROOIUS* TO RENX.BQOB& rpo RENT —A SUITE OF FURNISHED FRONT X rooms. 301 West Randolph-st., third door. rro RENT—A FINE ROOM. FURNISHED OR NOT; X all conveniences, 1101 Indlana-av., corner Twen ty-fourth-st. rro RENT—FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED. EX- X ccpt carpets, a pleasant suite of three rooms, sepa rate or together, south front and side view; convenient location. 154 West Congress-at., near Green. rno RENT—THREE FRONT ROOMS. UNFURNISH- X . ed or furnished, located three blocks north of bridge, two blocks east of Statc-st.; to gentlemen only, Address K 27. Tribune office. rro RENT-AT 53 SOUTH CURTIS-ST., DESIRA-. X ble front room; has marble basins, hot and cold crater; newly furnished. rpo RENT-UPPER PART OP A NEW COTTAGE; X pantry, water, and closets. Inquire at 697 West ladlana-sc. TO RENT-UPPER PART OF NEW SWELL-FRONI house 841 West Adums-su; with or without board. rpo RENT-ROOMS EN SUITE OB SINGLE. FUR- X nlshed or unfurnished, first-class dining-room in the building, everything new and tint-class. 18 and 20 Adams-SL. between Wabash and Mlchlgaa-avs. rro KENT-5 FURNISHED ROOMS FOR IIOUSE- X keeping. 84 South Morgan-st. Owner will board with party renting. rro RENT—NEW AND ELEGANTLY FURNISHED X rooms, single or eu suite, northeast corner Wabash av. and Hubbard-court. rpo RENT-3 UNFURNISHED ROOMS, MODERN X improvements, to gentleman and wife only, at 630 West \vasblugton-«t. rpo KENT-A PLEASANT SUITE ,0R SINGLE X room cheap to gentlemen with references, at 429 State-st., third floor. rpo RENT-THREE PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS; X water-sink and closets; rent $10; at 628 West Lake st. Apply to M. MAUGHAN, 21 Reaper Block. riX) RENT-FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS FOB X housekeeping at 222 North Clark-sL, second floor. rpo RENT-A PARLOR TO GENT AND WIFE,WITH X widow lady. Privilege of cooking. $3 per week. 7J North Ann-fit. rpo RENT-PLEASANT. NEWLY-FURNISHED X rooms; also, one unfurnished. Kent low. 19? West Washtngton-st: . rpo RENT-A PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOM IN X private family lor gentleman at 489 Wabosh-av. rpO RENT-8 OR 10 ROOMS. ALL OP 15-ROOM X house 1555 Indlona-av., front and back stairway, all modern Improvements. Inquire oa premises.' rpO RENT-5 ROOMS. THE UPPER PART OP 492 X West Madlaon-st. Inquire at 614 West Van Burcn st. Mrs. S. C. COFFEY. rpo RENT-2 OR 3 ROOMS SUITABLE FOR HOUSE- X keeping, or would rent for lodging. 167 South Pcorla-st. rpo RENT—3OS WARREN-AV., ONE SINGLE A room and one largo enough to accommodate two, pleasantly located. . rpo RENT—FURNISHED ROOM AT 171 AND 173 JL Kandolph-st. Inquire at Room 35. rpO KENT-FURNISHED ROOMS BY MONTH. ■X week, or day; transient accommodation. IBS West Washing ton-st. rpo RENT-TO TWO FIRST-CLASS GENTLEMEN, X a furnished sleeping and sitting-room, down town. Address 1f27, Tribune office. rro RENT-A PEW NICE 'PLEASANT BOOMS X con be got by gentleman wishing to furnish their own room. 85 aadß7 Dcarbom-st.; apply at Room 34. rpO RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, JUST OPENED, X all light, largo rooms. 85 and 87 South Dearborn sl Apply at Room 34. rpO BENT— IGI- MICIIIGAN-AV., TWO SUITES X rooms, fumished or unfurnished. rro RENT-A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT X room, with use of parlor,suitable forgenllemanand wife, with or without board. 167 Walnut-st. Terms moderate. Locality first-class. rpO RENT-SUITES OP THREE ROOMS EACH, EN X the brick building 45 and 47 Third-av., sl6 to $25. EDMUND A. CUMMINGS, 119 and 121 La Salle-st. rpO RENT-SUITES OF TWO TO FOUR ROOMS IN X new brick, 41 1 and 413 State-sc., at $9 to $23. EDMUND A. CUMMINGS. 116 and 121 La Salle-st. a'O RENT-231 LA SALLE-ST. (OPPOSITE GRAND . Pacific) four rooms, all conveniences; $lB and S2O. EDMUND A CUMMINGS. 119 and 121 La Salle-st. rpO RENT—A FURNISHED FRONT BOOM. WITH X closet, gas, hot and cold water. 101 North Dear born-su rpO RENT—FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED X rooms and houses. We have a large list of them to rent. 199 South Clurk-st.. Rooms. McCOY & GOR MAN. rpO RENT-FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS. BATH- X room on same floor, with or without board: no ob jection to respectable ladles. References required- C6l South Stato-st. TO RENT-ROOMS EN SUITE OR SINGLE; GOOD board next door, 246 Bast Indiana-st. TO RENT-FURNISHED FRONT ROOM; GENTLE men preferred. 80S West Madlson-st. • rpO RENT-AT 382 WEST JIADiSON-ST., 3 NICE X front rooms for housekeeping, and also one fur nished front room for gentlemen. , rpo RENT-NICELY-FUBNISHED FRONT ALCOVE X or side room, cheap. Apply at 89 South Dcsplalncs 6U, Room 4, third Boor. rpo BENT—TWO LARGE UNFURNISHED FRONT X rooms, suitable for business; one furnished room, with closet, newly calcimlned. ioi West Madlson-st., Room 11. rpO RENT —683 WABASH-AV., NICELY FUR- X nlshcd rooms. Terms reasonable. rpO RENT-IN A NEW MARBLE FRONT, FIRST- X class house, situated east of Clark and south of Divl sloa-sts.. a suite of rooms, or one entire floor, wither without board, to parties only desiring to furnish and will be permanent. Address G 63, Tribune office. rpo*BENT—A NICELY-FURNISHED FRONT ROOM X for man and wife or two gentlemen. Also single room. 165 West Waahlugton-st. rpo BEST-ROOM FOR GENTLEMAN AM) WIFE; X board for lady; single rooms only $8 per month, 320 State-st., second floor, rpo BEST—24O WABASH-AV., CORKER JACK- X son-sL—Very desirable rooms, furnished or unfur nlshed. Apply in the drog-storo. ' rpo RENT-HANDSOMELY-FURNISHED BOOMS, X 196 EaskWashlafflon-st., Room 21. rpo RENT—A NICELY-FURNISHED FRONT ROOM X at lot and 102 North Clark-st.; entrance on In dlana-st. TO BENT-TWO TO FOUR DESIRABLE UNFUR nlshed rooms, with every convenience and In beat neighborhood. 842 Worren-av. rpo RENT—NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS, IN A X private family: brick boose, all modern Improve ments. 13 Honorc-st, rpO RENT—WITH OB WITHOUT BOARD, NICELY X furnished front rooms, single or en suite; gas and bath-ream, hot and cold water. Terms moderate, 234 South Halated-st. rpo RENT—NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS, X only sl2 per month. 149 Madlson-st., R00m24. rpo KENT-FURNISHED ROOMS AT 10 AND 12 X East Madtson-Et.; finely furnished, commanding fine view of lake: at cheap rates, and by the day, week, or month. Inquire of L. S. THOMPSON, Room 13. rpo RENT-AT 10 AND 13 EAST MADISON-ST., UN- X furnished rooms on second floor suitable for offices or light business. Apply on promisee to L. S. THOMP SON. Room ia. . rpd RENT-THREE OB FOUR UNFURNISHED X rooms, pleasantly situated. No. 353 Mlchlgan-av., private family; rent low. rpo RENT—NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS FOR X housekeeping: one large front room with buttery; also other rooms, half a block from the cars,on Indiana sc. No. 181 North Curtls-sb. rpo RENT-ONE SUITE OF 4 BOOMS AT 15tf X North State-st. rpo RENT-7 NICE. COMMODIOUS ROOMS ON 1. first floor, one block from street cars; good location. Apply SlO-West Coagreas-sk rpo RENT—FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED X rooms, in elegant order, and rent reasonable: Bry ant block, northeast comer .Dearborn and Randolph sts.; elevator and all modem conveniences. Apply to Janitor, Room 55. fpO RENT-SUITE OP ROOMS, FURNISHED, ON X first floor, with or without board, at 652Wabaah-ar. TO RENT-ROOMS. SINGLE OR EN SUITE, FUR nlsbcd or unfurnished, at reasonable prices. 276 West Randolph-fit. rpo RENT— IO OB 20 WELL LIGHTED ROOMS, X adapted for letting furnished rooms; if taken with store would make a snug hoteL Apply at 37Q State-st. rpO RENT-WANTED-A FIRST-CLASS TENANT X for basement story of 55 Sooth Peoria-fit.; 7 rooms, closets, etc. ’0 .RENT—FURNISHED FRONT BOOM, FIRST floor. No. 9 South Green-st. rpo RENT-PLEASANT LODGING ROOMS FUR- X nlshed or not, single or en suite. Modem conven iences. low rates, and thoroughly respectable. Boom 40. 105 West Randolph-st. ■ 'O RENT-PLEASANT SINGLE ROOMS OR . saltca; new marble front. 40a South Clark-s C.. rpO RENT-DELIGHTFUL COOLIROOMS IN COR- X wlth’s new bonding, State-st., southwest corner Jackson; unfurnished; cn suite or single. rpO RENT—WELL-FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS ON X third, fourth, and fifth floors, northeast comer of State amt Moaroo-sta. Inquire Room ie. Transients token. ) RENT—FURNISHED BOOMS, EN SUITE OR single. In Howe Building, 243 Statc-st., Room 29. TO RENT-98 SOUTH GREEN-ST., CORNER MOZ X roe—3 pleasant rooms for light housekeeping. TO RENT—NICELY FURNISHED FRONT BOOMS. X with or without board. 313.Mlchlgan-ar. rpO RENT-NICELT-FUBNISHED FRONT BOOMS. X_ single or en suite, very centrally located. Annlr at Room 6. 134 Clark-st., near Madison. yy 1 rpo RENT-FOUR ROOMS. FURNISHED OR UN- X furnished, for housekeeping. 36 West Harrison sc.; new brick. TO BENTf-TWO NICE FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH two bed-rooms, with all Improvements, for single gentlemen. 378 East Chlcago-av., comer Rush. rpO RENT-TWO FLATS OF FIVE ROOMS EACH; X brick building with every convenience; State-st.: glB. S2O. Inquire Room 43, 87 Clark-st. r r°._ I^ENT— HANDSOMELY-FURNISHED SOUTH- X front rooms. No. niFHth-av., comer Monroe. rpO RENT-FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED X rooms In private family to first-class parties; flrab class day-board next door. 392 Mlchlgap-av. TO RENT-UPPER FLOOR COTTAGE 6 ROOMS! 199 Vi lnchestcr-ar. T<> BENT—VERY CHEAP TO A GOOD TENANT— X Bouse No. 1029 Mlcblgan-av. ah necessary re pstrs made. Apply on premises. rno rent-522 calumet-av., 2-story stone- X front, 10-room house and brick barn: rent, $45. Also. No. 538 Carroll-av., io-room stone-front; all modem conveniences. Also, 531 Caxroll-ar., 14-room marbleXront and brick bam; rent, S4O. By M. HAUGHAN, Room 21 Reaper Block, 97 Clark-st. rro RENT-TWO-STORY AND BASEMENT OC- X taaroa brick bouse, first brick on Leavitt-st., south of Polk; water, eas, marble manteL etc.; S2O. JOHN W. MARSH. 94 Washlngton-sL, * rpo RENT—FIRST FLOOR OF 4 ROOMS IN BRICE X house 185 West Washtngton-st. • * * T<> RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS, SINGLE GREW X mite, by the day. week, or month; $lO to 950 per month, 75 cents to $a per day. 71 Bast Monroe-stA Boom 18. TO RENT-LARGE, FURNISHED ROOM TO ONB or two gentlemen. Apply at 244 North Clark-tX TJ BENT-HANDSOME FURNISHED SUITES OF rooms; also desirable unfurnished, to unexceptiona ble parties only. 282 Wabash-av., RoOm I. TO RENT-SIX ROOMS AND CLOSETS. WATER up stairs, SS; store andbsnh sl2: together. $29. Comer OakWyaad Hubbard-atA -2L S. RHODES, 40 Washingtou-feU, liyoxn 15. TO SEXX—XZOO3IS. rpO KENT-WELL FURNISHED AND DESIRABLE JL rooms for gentlemen, in u stone house on Michigan* av,, near Thlnccnth’St. Goodtable board In adjoining bouse. Address I) 3U. Tribune oflice. TO RENT —ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOM with small private family on North Dearbora-st. to a gentleman l/mt desires a quiet home. References required. Address H 409. Tribune office. rpo RENT—NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROO>t X with closet: suitable.for 2 gents; bath-room on same floor. Call at -15 llllnols-st., near Dearborn. rpO KENT—FRONT KOOlt WELL FURNISHED IN X private family to mail and wife or 2 gentlemen; first-clasa. -n Carpenter-si, pear Washington. rpO RENT—FUiINXSUED BOOMS AT NOS. 155 AND X 157 Flfth-av. • fTO RENT—I6I X 231 Llncoln-st., near HafVlson. fFO RENT A PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOM, X with all conveniences, with or without board, at 412 Oalc-SL TO RENT-A SUITE OP UNFURNISHED FRONT rooms; also, one backroom, atG3B West Washing* tOO'SC. rpO RENT-FURNISHED SINGLE BOOM, RE) X $8; also, unfurnished rooms. 549 Wabash-ov. rrq RENT—TWO SUITES OP PLEASANT EAST J. front rooms, unfurnished, three en suite, gas. bath* room, breakfast, tea, and Sunday board If desired; Ap ply at lea South Lincola-at. fpo REST-3 PLEASANT BOGUS NEU'LV FUR- X nisbed for light housekeeping, no ocber tenants, on second floor front. 725 Lake-st. fpO RENT—A LARGE FURNISHED ROOM FOR X two gentlemen, and a small room for one, pleas* aatly located and reasonable. 41 South Curtls-st, fro BENT-NEAR LINCOLN PARK, A SUITE OP X five rooms, with bath-room, closets, etc. Apply 685 North Franklln-st. fro RENT-AT 221 SOUTH HOYNE-ST., FOUR X rooms, with closets, water, and sink, for light housekeeping. $lO. fpO RENT-AT THE ST. MARK, NO. 164 MADISON* X st., large, handsome, and newly-furnished rooms, by the day, week, or month. fpO RENT-FOUR PLEASANT CHAMBERS, WITH X bath-room, etc., for sl9. Board next door If dc* sired. Pleasant.locality. 17 Vincennes-place. T’ O RENT-A PLEASANT SUITE OP ROOMS, furnished or unfurnished, with or without board, with social private family; home comforts, bouse mod* era, handsome grounds, oa one of the avenues near Thlrty-firet-at. Suitable for two gentlemen. Also, a' young lady room-mate wanted. References. Address F 58, Tribune olllce. fpO RENT-A YOUNG'LADY EMPLOYED DURINI X tbe day can And a nicely furnished room, with ptivl lege of kitchen; private family. 222 North Clark-st. fpO RENT-78 ABERDEEN'S!.. NEAR ADAMS, X furnished or unf urned rooms, single or cn suite, to gentleman and wife. In a private family, with or with out board. Terms moderate. rPO RENT—A NEATLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM X for one or two gentlemen. Kent low. 175 North Dearbonf-at. rpo RENT-FOUR NICE ROOMS FOR HOUSE* X keeping; newly grained and calclmined. Apply at IMP North Clark-sc., up-stairs. rpo RENT—A FRONT SUITE OF ROOMS, FOR- X nlshed or unfurnished, or furnished house for sum* mer. 846 Michigan-av. rpo RENT-705 SOUTH STATE-ST., IN PRIVATE X house, newly-furnished rooms to lady and gent, with or without board, or boardforisdy. rpO RENT-FOUR LARGE ROOMS, CLOTHES-CLOS- X ecaud pantry. water, and all other conveniences, handsomely laid out, for $lO per month. Apply at 589 West Saperlor-at., between Paulina and Woou-srs. rpo RENT-284 MICHIGAN-AV., SPLENDID SUITE X of front rooms convenient to business, tine view of lake; terms reasonable. rpO RENT-THREE ROOMS ON NORTH SIDE, NEAR X Lincoln Pork, to a young couple without children. Inquire at 35S Church-st. rpo RENT-SUITES OF ROOMS EOR HOUSEKEEP- X Ing in Mendel Block, northeast corner Faclflc-ar. and Van Burea-gt. Inquire at 156 Flfth-av., up-stalrs. rpO KENT—TO MAN AND WIFE OR TWO LADIES, X furnished rooms for housekeeping, or two young men can have rooms and board If wanted; low rent to the right party. 319 South Hoyne-av. TO KENT—TWO FRONT ROOMS FURNISHE DOR unfurnished, 233 West Madison-st, rpo RENT—VERY PLEASANT WELL FURNHISH- X cd rooms, up one flight. In the bestdocatioo on the West Side; price teAßoauble. Apply at No, 438 West Madison-st,, entrance on Throop-at. rpo RENT—FURNISHED ROOM CHEAP AT 45 X Fiercest, rpo RENT—FOUR ROOMS FOR $D AT 325 THIRD* near 'TweLftli-s«. t win be not in good repair. * J. IL EOhi*. 14 Reaper Block, 05 Clark-st" TO RENT—FURNISHED ROOM FOR ONE OB TWO gentlemen. 311 West Monroe-st. rpo RENT-ONE SUITE OP SIX ROOMS IN X Thompson’s Block, ca West Madlsoa-au, suitable for housekeeping. , Modem improvements. By WJL 11. THOMPSON, 229 West Madlson-st. rpo RENT-1133 MICHIGAN-AV.-FOUB ROOMS, X parlor; flat; day-board convenient, or for light housekeeping, to a small family. Bent $25. rpo RENT-VERY LOW-A FEW SUITES 1 TO 9 X front rooms. Must be rented Monday. Brick build* Ing. northwest comer Lake-st. and Weatem-av. ’O RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS FOR ANY length of time. Address C 02, Tribune office. rpo RENT-ROOMS IN THE STONE FRONT. 79 X South Morgan-at., furnished or unfurnished, with or without board; flrst-clans table board'*! per week. Prices low. T°ISnSS»' r li“'v;S,°?- T basejiext beick <■» ®* Canal st., now occupied by i other L°isl2K? 00n lm4 dweUln B 5 will rent for saloon or Also store and basement, 37 TVest Xake-st. A stood location for a frnlt store or commlselon business Inquire Monday forenoon. May 15. of — * ll* H. MASSEY. Room 33TIm*»« ■RnnaiTi^ rpo RENT-TWO NICE LIGHT ROOMS. NEWLT rpQ RENT~W~ JL palmed and furnished, suitable for twoorfour tnia* I x 1 tiemcn. 20Q North C'lark-st.. third floor. - - rpO RENT—Ef THE HOUSE OF A PRIVATE FAX- A IJy, two larsc front rooms, furuialiccl, or uTifar. nlshcu, at 392 West Rantiolph-st. rpp RENT—TO A GESTLEMAX-ORLADV, WITH A or without board, u pleasant furnished front room: location uußPriagwl as rpO KENT—A NEWLY AND HANDSOMELY-FUR x mshed, very large, east frontroom, to couple with out chlldren.or two gentlemen; house and location ex tremely pleasant. &a~B&ntttjtfay-Bt. rPO RENT-WEST JACKSON-ST.; PRIVATE PAM- Xlly; have pleasant alcove anile, second floor.octagon front, with or without board; permanent peopteonly desired; reference* exchanged. Address I 100. Trib une office. • rpO RENT-THB FIRST FLOOR OP BRICK HOUSE JL. No. 14 Twenty-elghth-st fro RENT—NICELY FURNISHED SUITES OF A front rooms, or one largo room; second story of 2- story and basement brick house; both rooms on same floor. Call at 41 Oak-av.. near Douglas House. TO REST-A WELL nJKCIEHED IUOXT ROOM. Cali to-day at 157 West Msdlson-st., Room 20. J TajKoSMIo-!?™° F31!00113 ' P-SCHLOESSEB, fPT RENT-FOUR ROOMS WITH PANTRY AND JL closet, and water; rent $6. No. 76 Nebraaka-st. rPO RENT—TWO FRONT ROOMS FACING LINCOLN x Park; nicely furnished and tidily cared for: hotand s°ld with use of bath; table board near. Ad drea 188, Tribune office; rrO RENT-UPPER PART OF HOUSE (4 BOOMS) JL Inqnlre on premises 235 Morgan-st. J fPO BENT—6-R OOM BRICK BASEMENT. 427 OAK- X ley-st., Sl2. Apply at drug store, comer "West em-av. and Van Dnrcu-?t * “ fpO RENT—A "WELL-FURNISHED ALCOVE ROOM. l°x Utll I ront * sot$ ot cold water; also, small room; good board next door. 6VI Monroe-st. r r° < .S?^Tr OJ * E tT OR TWO ROOMS SWELL FRONT; modem Improvements; between *• •ad iso a and Monroe ■sis.; bam room for horse and buggy. Address H 53, Tribune office. BEAUTIFUL ROOMS FOR P*P fronting on Modtson-st., with water, and every necessary convenience, Sisner month. Inquire at Mg 3fadlson-gt. * tol>cr T^J^ , .lt F 0 ¥ r k ?CELY furnished ROOMS iJ& bO J!!S. k S e * ,1 J l & als ° unfurnished, to respectable parties. Call Sunday ari4s South Halsted-st. FURNISHED ROOM ?Vl ™ UI “ d P “ UT ’ U To I ; l i x J“ liaos,s a *p 21 eldridgk-court, kujT fOTsmoH C roiml^“ lnrillSllCdi 3150 ° ac floor - wowd d ° from $6 to gas per month. Apply at 132 Throop-Et. w^;a^ iT rßotiT BOOM T^^^ T^ F V R> ’ ISa:EI ? ROOMS IK A PRIVATE -L family, single or en suite, where the comforts of a Jprae can be obtained; urms reasoSble. 223 Dea* rfference r^av. ajgla B ™ Uenlen ° r TO KENT—A vn.i;r DESIRABLE SUITE np Seated oacSSSooSSSirnw or steam cars; unfurnished; good board near* references. Address L 13. Tribune ogfceT TOaranear » T°!;pT-vp.Y DESIEABLE I’.OOJIs'IX PLEAS tccnts-st.o<aU ty ’ “ rms modc tato- No. as!su- TO nENT-SICELT-FURSTSHED ROOMS AT ra and 157 East WaaMagtoa-st..ltooffaT* AT 155 'PnS?STS°or ?oSr „ "SSL' r r°TT KENT— FURNISHED ROOMS. TTTmtPsnv offl C 163 SouUl cirt-it^gauSsS^lSgi 8 ELEGANTLY-FUR- L required. DO BENT—STORES, OFFICES, ETC. Stores* T 0^ K Tr STO . RE . 109 MADISON-ST. location Apply to J- H. ANDREWS, 194 Clark- TO KENT-iiS PER MONTH WILL RENT LARGE qulre onVremter ner or °F<lm-av. and Tuylor-at ln near Kulton, S2O each, In quire In. drug-store, corner Sangamon and Fultop-ats T O «Si~ S uK t! ? S 38 AKU 38BIVBB-5T.,48X100. A CQATEt S wteluSton.^. 11 A W>>7 “ REA IHSSss STiSSSStTSS^ 1° city ror commlralon trade. TO HEXT—iy KEW BRICfc AT uss p.ast KlNZlE _u|ap.tWo atorea » ' riitx basements; suite of rooms; very T° nKK Mc^ p iL£ e S aT^,. clark '‘ t - Awl3r 10 “■ TO REST-TOGETHER’ OR SEPARATE. TWO new marble front stores No*. 87 and 88 South Trank ovnCT on wholesale or commlMlon. Apply to ROOMS AND BARN, IN No. S 3 Blue Island-ar. Possession Immediately, 109 STATE-ST.. IN* t>eßt in the city; make me an Q M«gl uod pmy - Amty *•=• TO BENT-SXORESr OFFICES *c. StorewCon tlnuVd, TO RENT-THE STORE 145 SOUTH HAT cirn Inqolre of oTruer up-stalra* front door. fTO RENT-TWO STORES; GOOD X dry goods or hardware stores, &c!; Drtli°£.- POS torn-st. ApplytoJOmJ «Ol{Sa BoSrfg^jggPg 'TO RENT-STORE AND BASEMENT is. iT?s- X st., between Clark and LaSalle. ‘ A * 142 CAKE. Single stores, with basements, on Clark-st. her*.. Madison and Monroe. * st *> °ctweeij Kent low to good tenant*. Apply to BAIRD & Bit AO LET. gjT..a„u.^ rpo KENT-SIX-STOKT AND BASKMEv-r 1 bmidlnff. 36 anti 33 Rlver-st"lately Felix, Warner & Blair, willow-ware; rent°!mS% d by tenant; size, 48x100. Fine rci a^P 0 ? 1 WM. H, SAMPSON & CO.. 144 A PPlytc ffO RENT-STORE 331 MIL IV AUktE* KY • mo X been occupied for tbe last nine years by a hAmivil shoe Ann; best stand for that business on rent low. Apply on premises. ™ «««; rro RENT-STORE 22X50. bou iHEA ST CORVcS X of State and Twvatleth-stt. Apply oapremhffx Eg rpO RENT-STORE AND 8 ROOMS ABOVE. HKKS 1 location; South Side, only sls. Adic» 5°2? Tribune olScc. w ■“ Mfc rro RENT-VERT CHEAP—STORE AND tTHF' X ment comer State and llarrlaon-sts. p n’vv>rr 182 State-st,. ->tILL, T° REXT-Two-BToiti, jilticK BtnLDi.vcTnrn X store and burn northeast corner of Tblrtran.>M! and Buttcrllcld-sts. Good location for xarSlrl JB}} Apply to FRANK StMONX 1378 Sonth SUW-AT tore - TO RENT—STORE AND ROOMS 542 SOUTH tp? ferson-st. fpORENT—AFINE CORNER STORE, WITH mr\t X tere and fancy fixtures, for anrocery store: *t *5 South Jelferson-st.; rent low. For nartlcnlare J. W. PItiNDIVILLE, 4M South Sunday aficmoop. Offices** * TO RENT-CHEAP. AT SOUTH CLARE-ST * *«*SS-2?“ ~lB3ia8 ’ * HAMILTON, R&n'i fpO RENT-TWO SUITES OF FRONT OFFICES M X second floor, for S3O a suite, at 4ff and 48 Snm* Clark-sc., Room s. UUI TO RENT-FURNISHED DENTAL ROOMS. TV eluding chair, etc. Business established for th* last four years. Cause of leaving; sickness. 523 WabMh-ar. Dr. DALE. Wljr * TO RENT-FOB OFFICES AND STORES—2 FRONT rooms second story, 2 front rooms third storr a basements, at fcc and yo Washington-st. Incm™.. Room 14, No. 8G Waahington-st. “ wure TO RENT—DESK-ROOM IN AN OFFICE CENTRA? Iy located. Call at 99 Ease Madison-st.. Rooma J. W. HEDENBEUG. * m * rf»o RENT — CHEAP DESK-ROOM X.V L\RGB X front office, second floor, near corner Madison umi Cjark-su. Apply lo G. W. KXOX, Kooml, MigjSS rpo RENT-OFFICES AT A LOW RENT —P* X SCHLOESSER, aiQLaSalle-at. * ** rpO RENT-CIIEAP-DESK-ROOM AND OFFICE,' X room In first-class building. J. s. JOuNSTOV architect. Rooms 20 and 21 Dearborn-st. rpo RENT-PART OF OFFICE. SUITABLE FOB X lawyer, commission firm, or real estate office, or good desk-room; well lighted, and.usc of vaulk-mtin. oor. id and uaLaSaUe-st. Inquire of IL S. Tn?« FANT & CO. * iX * .rpq RENT—OFFICES AND ROOMS IN TUB , X building 187 South Clark-st., cheap to good nartlM. ' BOYD & WI9NER, 50 Dearborn-st. - rp° RENT-TWO SUITES OF ELEGANT OFFICES.* X newly fitted up, on second or third floor, Bryant Block, northeast corner of Dearborn and Randolph sts.: • rent- reasonable; elevator and all modem cos. venlcnces. Apply to Janitor, Room 53. TO RENT—A YOUNG LAWYER CAN GET OFFICE, room and desk, free, and half fees. In my. Address A Gi, Tribune office, , 3 rpO RENT-DESS-ROOM.DESK, SAFE; AND CHAIR.' X all at your own price, in one of the most Pleasant first floor offices in city. THUESDELL BROWnTios irnscellaneotrs. TO RENT-TIIE LARGE LIGHT BASEMENT COB nerof Wabnh-av. and Adama-st. 40x70 feet. A splendid location for lager beer saloon; Immediately opposite the central entrance of Exposition Building. Ap£ly to GEO. G. NEWBERRY, Rooms 8 and 9 Bi ryvi ’O RENT - PHOTOGRAPH-GALLERY 6. NO. 78 Blue Island-av. TO RENT—BARN IN REAR OB 695 MJCHIGAN av.; stalls fop five horses and carriage-room sena rated by partition. Apply to as Lake-st. orOOGSHch igaa-ar. rpq RENT-NICE -BRICK BARN. 11l SOUTH X Leavltt-st., near Madlson-at. TO RENT-FIRST-CLASS STORE. WITH DWELL ing attached, at Washington Heights. Very low rent. ISAAC R. HITT & JGIiO., Room 19, 115 La- Salle-si. rpO RENT—STORE, . WITH ROOMS BACK, ON X Lakc-st., between Lcavltc and Oakley*sts; sls. In. quire at 410 Warren-av.. or of C. a. TirnnrV gj Clarfc-at.. Room G 4. v * rro RENT-FIRST-CLASS BRICK STABLER ONE eveJTliUn g cornet. O RENT—FARM, 80 ACRES. GO MILES FROM Chicago. Call Monday at R00m.44, 127 Clark-st. -—i —WITH STEAM POWER,LOFT IX BUILD* 142 L^aUe-st 1 . CjmaJ ' fit ** cheaf. F. Q. WELCH, 'T O A , THE SOUTH BRANCH, -I. Apply at 920 South Halated-at.. . , KEAB OF 401 WEST MON! ton£ ta%nt ' E “' 11111 ““P'cw- m<i>Ure «t TO RENT-—THE LARGE AND "WELL-LIGHTED basement, 40x50, under brick building 148 and 150 aSSg: sal “ 1,lB for bMin “ 3 « r P9, HP £ T /T cOR ,^ P “ BASEMENT UNDER HAL .«rj;H:teEriVc^”.ntl°wwaaood,en - for wholesale. 20 t best of onier. 150 Flfth-av., near Field, a ßFarweU ’ 3 wholesalebaftdtags.cheaS oomber of houses very low. Come and sec. J W. FREE, i42LaSalle-st., near Madison, Room 43. X°CT3-ar~ LARGE BAES - AEM-T AT 279 MICH. T O JiP&-UiS. BAi: - v ’ 10 STAU * IOO2 T° T— °si_ F 0 K SALE—FARM. TWO HOURS' *?PP r Chicago, onG. "W. road. Fruit of an to Breat abundance, elegant house, cottagea, barns, etc., to rent fully furnished or wlthant, on a?— count of death In family. Possession given immediate une oi?e y ° QCe ’ name » and address F 61, iSP OFFICE, AND SCALES, SUIT- able for coal men. Applyat4-West Lake-st. TO RENT—A BRICE BARN CHEAP—ON FOUR tcenth-st. near Mlchlgan-av. Apply at the corner, T^S^TT 711 . w THEATRE IS OFFERED e^Jo£re n V0 r three or six months from date, with scenery and properties complete. Seating capacity, 3. AX). Parties desiring of leasing will please address ThSre? tely 10 W * GRAr » Adaiphl PO RENT—ROOM, CHEAP, "WITH POWER. AP* *- Ply to J. P. Dofa, 32 West Quincy-stT WANTED-TO "BEST# ii ra^» e location. Will not pay over SSO per month; state location, number of rooms, etc. Address MOB LIS, care F. L. Fake & Co.. 63 Washlngton-st. TA7AVTEDvrO EEST-BY A. GEOTLEMAX AJTD two K three rooms, furnished, for Ugiil Trlbun S; West Slde Preferred. Address A 55, REST-BT a small family J>L wmu)lu children, a nicely famished modem house or ten or twelve rooms; privilege to take a few board ££;*£££ refe «nces. Address S. HOUSE, Flm-a?.. southwest comer Fourth (E. D.), Minneapolis. Minn. WAM’ED-TO REST—ON 1 THE SOUTH SIDE; Bt n»J £y°¥ n ? couple, an unfurnished upper floor, with* „ ai^LJ n , a ? triul, 7 Private family. References given and required. Address E 63, Tribune olflce. WASTED-TO RE3TT—A FURBISHED ROOitBT S “ tc P ri “- *=• Addr».S« TV ASTJiO-TO REST—4 OB 5 CNFTTEN ISHKj) » T room, on the South or North Side, within 15 or a) WA*TEI>_TO REXT-ONB OB TWO KEATLT . * urol gbed quiet rooms where there are .no other a5S5T®* a .s t *. wh< ; re P®°Ple attend to theirowirbusiness. Address, giving location and price, C 47, Tribune olflce. W TO KENT—A MEDIUM-SIZED FOBS r t Ished house on South Side tor B*n*n family. Ad* dress A 59. Tribune office. TyAXTED—TO RENT—BY A PROMPT-PATIXO . cT/. 4 or 5 rooms, or small cottage oa West feme. State lowest price. Address E 80, Trihnne office. . TXT'ANTEp-TO RENT—3 OR 4 ROOMSFOR LIGHT one oZT^ 8 ' Address, wlrb tennsi K- 38 ' Trih* kent-a FURNISHED ROOSfc c ;. r - waitable fop two genu, without,board.on North uaeo-ffice/ I'* 1 '** 10 famUy P« f erred. Address H 58*Trih* \VAKTEIt—TO KENT—BY A JIAIIBIED COUPIE .I.v-i n ° cnßdrcnE a cottage or suite of 3 or-malar ntshcd rooms, within fonr mocks of Thlrtj-flrst-su, her J*Sf“ Si ute-su and P. &P. W. B. B. track. Address, BtaUng terms, M 35, Tribune office. •_ "WANTBD-TO RENT-ROOMS COMPLETELY for Jlsht housekeeping, by without children, on North or South Side, east of State* st. l 46, Trlimne office. __ ♦..ILi t .* Ij J T F e alcore or bed-roora and parlor, well rU I 2Lii *** e lt«eroa Michigan or Wabash-av., betwea tjUridpc-court and Jactoon-st. Permanent aid lb® w e l en £S exchanged. Private family prefentd. Address M, 72, Tribune olSce. _ TyAXTEI>—TO RENT—A NEATLY-FURNISHED •II ei*? 001 for sent and wife in vicinity of Pralrie-ar. and Sixteen th-st. Address E 23, Tribune office. 'W'*J ; TED-TO rest-fob a private fash _* a furnished house on the North Side, with 13 25J tJP° m S9? or east of LaSalle-st. and south of iMvlston. Address H., County. Building. North Side- Vy'ANTED-TO RENT—ROOiIS—THREE TO FIVA «II ro ? 1 or COor. unfurnished, parlor or second ®od cold water, for family of three,, to gpcKl Ioc&tftoo. on South Side, cast of State, sooth o* iwcifth-st. Beat reference given and repaired. Ad- Tribune office. RENT—JUKE I. OBSOOJTER. 501, y T 6-room- cottage in good neighborhood; must have s*£®®to and water-closet, and in good repair, and-chert with, full description. A- J- DRO& Mpyp, 429 State-at., third floor/ - TOASTED—TO RENT—BY SIAN AND WIFE. 2Off “» 3 rooms, with*’ water, etc,, for housekeeping, nearatreet-cars. State terms. Address K. a Tribune v office. WANTED— TO RENT—BOOM, 'WITH OB VTIT3* out board, on one of the avenue* near Twenty* secondrst. Slate terms and location. r 73,. •Tribune office. \TT ANTED—TO BENT—BY A 71 working at home, a good sized, comfortably fu£ nlsbedroom, with or without board, In some goodloca tlfra. Address C l 4 Tribune office; . tstanted-to rest-fbrsisheb boom, bt a ■ Vv genileihan. where use of piano. Win pay renw , AAlres* x, aos-n-racßsnioipa-n;

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