Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 15, 1876, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 15, 1876 Page 6
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6 ' FINANCE AND TRADE, ■Growing Eoso in the Local Stock Market. Deposits Higher,' Discounts Reduced, Here Country Orders for Currency. The Produce Markets Irregular —Provisions Quiet and Finn. FINANCIAL. T6«rc was tittle change In the monotonous move- Went of local finances lost week, except toward tho end, when the slightly greater orders from tho country for currency, following tho rise In wheat, heralded larger receipts of country produce. Tho general features of business during the week were of little Interest. The banks could have accommo dated a much larger number of borrowers than ap peared. Board of Trudo business baa been quiet. Tbo general mercantile transactions of tho week wore light, and tho supplyof new paper was small. The banka have a surplus of loanable resources, and rates show n tendency to soften. Kates of discount arc B®lo per cent to regular customers. Inside rates &ro made to good, desira ble borrowers. On tbo street there Is a largo amount of unem ployed capital seeking Investment In good nego tiable paper. Rates arc OtffclH per cent. Nsv York exchange was firmer between the banks at 80®75c per SI,OOO premium. Tho clearings of tho Chicago banks for the week are reported as follows by Manager D. It. Hale, of tbo Cloariug-lionsc: Date. Monday Tuesday..., Wednesday. Thursday... Friday Saturday Cltarlrvt. fiatanct*. 1 t1,1153,71*1.(0 $ 3U3.853.n0 2,4*13.037.05 269,617.01 2,283,1119.(17 200,973.32 2,613,753.87 291,1155.54 2.290.8*3.67 2;W 400.93 2,0*0,349.63 200,548.38 Total 820.437,531.18 $3,034,040.68 TUB SAN FRANCISCO MINING-STOCK MARKET lethargic. Tho Snn Francisco AUa- California, In Its flnnn elal column of May 7, slates that the amount of business transacted in the mining-stock market for the week just closed was Insignificant, and that it was confined almost entirely to tho settlement of marginal accounts or to deals made for tho rake of commissions; Outsiders, It says, have not been tn tho field, they not having had sufilclcnt time to recover from tho blow dealt the previous week, nnd which tins placed them In that slate of uncer tainty of whether It Is best to go in nnd buy, now that they appear low, or will they still go lower. The fluctuations for (he week, while many were not very great, convoy tho Inference that the bot tom Is probably reached on this deal. The general fouling appears to bo that (he market for tho season Is about over; but why (his should bo tho supposi tion of a large class of operators is not known, other than the admission that in must of tho mines there have been extensive tarns, which, according to tho ascribed rule of Blocks, never come twice the yime season. BUSINESS ABIIOAD. Indications of a permanent revival of confidence and active trade are few and nnrctlnblc; the season Is also a backward one, nnd tho state of affairs in tho manufacturing districts is a* yet dull, consid ering tho time of year. Moreover, the small trade demand for money la contemporaneous with the absence of demand on the Stock Exchange. —Ao/i --ion Economist , April 20. UNITED STATES*IN LONDON. The London Economist reports that United Stales Government bonds have been uniformly in demand, nnd showed a groat rise fop the week end ing April SO. GOVERNMENT BONDS. Unit od fit ales ns of '9l United Htnlcso-UOBOf'a».. B-2ixi of 'o6—,January ami July. c-2f*of 07—Jnmiurynnd July. 5-20* of 'os—January ami July. lIMOB Uultcd States new 6S of '81..., United Slates currency cs, GOLD AND ORBCNDACKfI. Golil W 0« 112®112'/». Greenbacks were aot*©BoS coni* on the dollar In gold. CITY AND COUNTY BONDS. Chicago City 7 71 ct. bonds jorf* 1, Chicago City 7 Vet. sewerogo.... Kir,* jou* Chicago city 7 V cu water loan khi* Cook county 7 ♦* ct. bunds (short) jot* id',* Cook County 7* ct bonds (long) iosH* joou* McstPnrk? V ct. lionds m? Worth Chicago 7 V ct. bonds (Lincoln Pnrlt).,.. w * •And Interest. LOCAL STOCKS. City Railway, Rooth Ride Askta ' CUy Hallway, West Bide * City Hallway, West bldo, 8 v centeortl flcatca. . ify’U* if«* City Hallway, North Hide H-l** i>3 Tracer*’lnsurance Co 127 i-tn Chamber of Commerce ?u ClilcogoGas-Idglit ftC'uko Co no >. XJH)aitlull Block (old) 23 40 Exposition »tock (new) 23 33 Exposition stock (scrip) .... •And Interest. «v TisLisaitAPn. To the Water* Atsoefated Prut. Now Took, liny 13. Gold oiicnod nlll2Ji, ad* Vanced to 112tf, ami later reacted to 112 closing ai Hint price. Currying rotes 1, 1%, 3, anil 2 per cent. Loans were also made flat. Governments dull and steady. ItaUruad bonds quiet. Slate irands quiet at nominal prices. The stock market, which was weak at tho open ing, wna characterized by extreme dullness later, and closed dull and steady. In sumo of tho active slocks there was a fluctuation of 4 percent, but must of the list remained stationary. Throughout the afternoon, speculation seemed to have come to a complete holt, and there was n general Indisposi tion to operate. Home idea ofthu dulnnessmay bo obtained from the fact the total transactions fur 10-day reochcd’only CO,OOO shares, of Which 4.000 were Erie, 23,000 Lake Shore, 4,000 Pacific Mail 14,000 Western Union, and (1,000 Michigan Con trol. Money, 2 per cent on cal per. 4(S»0. Customs rece! Thu Assistant Treumir Clearings, SII),QUO,ODD. Sterling, dSaQMfcOJf. * IIOVniINMEf Coupons, ’HI 122 K | Coupons, ’«5 until Now uiuM Coupons, 'O7 122)5 ill. I‘rlrno incrcaullle ua- Iptfl, $177,000. rur disbursed $273,000. fKT BONDS. Nuwfls ]|7 1 10-40)1, reg 11794 ll)-4ns, COU|H)ll* lIBU I Currencies 137)2 New Jersey Central.. 01 Hock Island loMl St. Paul a«) 2 Hr. I’anl pfd U4Vi Wsbiuh 2?l Wabash pfd :t * Fort Wayne 10314 Terre Haute aw Terre Haute pfd 14 Chicago A Alton oh Chicago A Alton pfd..HHl< Ohio A Mississippi.... 17Is Del. A Lackawanna ..Uih£ A. A I'. Telegraph.... 17 Missouri Farltie IbW AUanile A I’acltlc pfd. 103)2 Imlinua LVniml 4(4 Chicago. 11. A 6 IV?U Iliuuilhsl AHt. J0e.... Il« Central I'arlila bunds. 107 Union I’hclllc iamdi. HHJ< H. I’uc. land-grunt... bu!Z u. I'oc. sinking-fund. Ul)s #T(I( Western Union fkfli gulcksllver I6M ulcksllvcr pfd 3d aclflc MulL. 3«*4 Mariposa iu7W Mariposa pfd Uffw Adorns Kxprcsa no Well*-Fargo HTtf American Kxprcsa.... 03 IT. B. Express 70 New York Central.... 110 M Kriepfd lu Harlem Harlem pfd 1:13 Michigan Central 4«H Panama iw union I’aclflc stock.- U 3 Lake Shore..., 34T4 lllluolaCentral o«(U, Cleveland A I'lttsburg o;i Northwestern 40W Northwestern pfd.... 6l>}4 C., C., 0. A J„ 48 _ BTATU TcnoeawD rtJ, old 4:1 IVoDcwooUi, new.... 41 Virginia (tt. old 31 Virginia, o*. new 31 Mluuurl a* ku!^ Tliu weekly bank statem decrease, $1,20(1,800; apt legal.tenders, Increase, $ creme. $2,201,900; slrc 1)00; reserve, Increase, $1 nentUos follows; Loans, leclc, ikcreuae, JO'ia.-UX): 93.401,5100; depoalw, do dilation. decrease. 85a, • >1,070,073. cisrci^ comm: The following were th the leading articles of p the; twenty-four hour* Saturday morning: ho receipt! produce In re ending and shipments of tUi* city'during at 7 o'clock on Flour. brU..... Wheat, bu.,.. Cum, bu Oau,' bu., Ify«> bu. Harley, bu <>. toed, Iba... F. *CO«l, lb* ... It. curu. Iba... C. tneuia Heel, .tea JlMfl Crla I’orb, b1a...... lutrd. Iba Fallow, 1ba.... Mutter. 1U.... te.Ei 0 ;:::: 11. wluca, brU. wool. )ba.....-, Motatoea, Lu.. pool,- uma..,,, liar. t0ua...... Lumber, m.... poultry, 1U... ruul try,coop* Ramc, tiki;*.., aaufe BiSC'ttfS'. (*>,4i:> 228.1*1 tfl.ttw 1HJ.455 78.U1J, 21,010 H,OI I 11U.1H5 I2H.U7U 2. I M 187,n02 1,301,400 712 657.346 14,720 U 7.427 11.4&2 21.35*, lb, Utlll 7,753; 171,020 127 403,551 3,33 b 231,645 180,734 862,27; 877.505 14.042 ~*”vi 2.WJ 1.19 ■Withdrawn from store on Friday for city con* sumption; 10,293 bu wheat, 051 bu oats, 438 bu barley. The following pain was Inspected Into store on Saturday morning: 0 can No. IN. W. wheat, 18 cart No. 2N. W. do, 1 car No. lapring, Scar* No. 2 do, 12 cart and 2,200 bu No. 3 do, 5 cart rejected do. 1 car no grade (50wheat); 27cart high mixed com, 80 enrtand 7,000 bu No. 2 do, 13 cars and 14,400 bu now mixed do. 43 cart re jected do (108 com) {0 can whlto onta, 7 cara No. 2 do. 1 car rejected do, 1 ear and 700 bn No. 2 do; 7 cart No. 2 barley, 8 cara No. 3 do. Total (240 cara), 123,000 bu. Impeded out; 118,333 bn wheat, 184,005 bn com. 16,60 S buoala, 1,880 bo rye, 801 bn barley. Tho following were tbo receipt* and shipment* of breadstuff! and live stock at this point during the past week, and for tho corresponding weeks ending as dated: Jfav 1 3, if.iv A, ifru 1 5, TfrtVfnfV— 1*79. 1870. 1875. Flour, bits 50,905 U6.IW Wheat. bU t0U.185 328,390 533.205 oats, tIU... 347,535 248,810 120.150 Rye, bu 3.830 20,407 3.708 hurley, hu 38.440 50.R40 10,550 tlvellOgl.No 53,310 50.008 60,471 Cattle. So 28.330 33,634 18,403 NMpments— Flour, 50,015 04.091 57.800 Wheat, bu 533.801 791,455 413,031 corn, im 1,151.t00 i,niK.ool 835.277 647.3*0 207.540 360,707 Hyp, bu 7.935 44,103 1,475 IhvTlcy. Im 18.588 40,877 11,667 Llrrhons, No 24.985 so, 173 36.460 Cttlk', No 23,159 20,053 15.|:*0 The following were the exports from Nov York for the weeks ending as dated: Flour, brls. Wheat, hu. Coni, bu... Tho loading produce markets were again irregu lar Saturday, tho fccllngta wheat being vary varia ble, which was followed by some of tbo other grain markets, while provisions wore steadier than usual. Tho weather was fine, nnd tho war-nows was loss warlike than the previous day, other ihnr keta not Indicating that they were affected mate rially by tho rumors which hod caused such on Im portant advance here. Tlio principal feature of theday’s trading was, however, In wheat circles. A gentleman who has for several months past boon one of tho heaviest operators In wheat hero was short, for himself and others, to tbo extent of fully 1, GOO, 000 bu. 110 decided to fill in, nnd actually covered the whole quantity, some of it having been bought Friday afternoon, and somcln tho offices before the commencement of Saturday's trading. In most departments of tho dry goods market quietude prevailed. In bleached and brown cot ton.*, prints, and summer dress fabrics there were signs of activity, but tho general market was without animation. The groqcry market presented no now points of Interest. A fairly satisfactory demand existed, and tho tenor of prices, not only for the leading staples hut for side goods ns well, was firm. Tho tea trade still drags, and tho quoted prices are not very generally adhered to. Tobaccos show in creased strength. At the Hast there has been a considerable advance, and the market here Is real ly a shade higher though tho quotations remain as before. Batter was in good demand nnd was un changed. Cheese remains dull nnd unsettled, with now quoted ut HG.IOI4C. In tho bagging, leather, coal, and wood markets little change was ob servable, trade continuing very quiet at generally, weak prices. Oils were In moderate demand oml steady, excepting carbon, which was held a 34c higher. The wholesale lumber market was quiet Saturday, tho offerings being small and buyers scarce. Piece Bluff sold nt SB.OO, and other qualities were un changed. Tho yard trade continues light, hut deal ers look for mi improvement as soon us the farmers have finished planting. Iron was firm at the late advance, which now makes tho local rote $2.70 on common bar. Nalls were steady nt $3.10. Seeds were dull and easier, and hay steady under a mod erate inquiry. chiefly for tho buttorgrades, which were wanted for focal ate and shipment. Wool remains dull. Broom-corn Is selling fairly In a re tail way ut uniformly steady prices. Poultry nnd eggs were slow and cosier, with tbo offerings slightly Increased. Green fruits and vegetables were in request nnd firm. Potatoes were in demand ut former prices. Lake freights were more active and weak nt 2Jjc for wheat by sail to Buffalo. Halt cars were in fair demand; quoted at 2l)c to New York, 18cto Phila delphia, 174 c to Baltimore, and 25c to Boston, per 100 lbs, will) some UlnU at cutting under these figures. Through rates to Liverpool were quoted nt HOC via Boston or Philadelphia, mid o:ie via Now York, both In specie, per 100 Iha. The freight engagements include 150,000 bu wheat, and 210, • 000 bu com. Bid. Ast'd. -I33fe 133 Vi .114? IMS .llHfe llhfe .1291.1 12012 .123)2 122J1 il FOREIGN IMPORTATIONS. Chicago, 'May 111.—North Chicago UoUii CO tons Sniogtil Iron. Amount of duties ct 51.012.4 U. GRAIN IN SIGHT, r York Produce Exchange > jwing n« tho visible supply t iu stocks in granary al the | iimulrtlon at lake mid seaborn rail, on tho New York canals IH7*l: Tho “Now gives tho folio: comprising the f mints of nccu n transit by n lakes, May 0. Whtat, Com, bu. bll. 1,503.8211 172.000 s,B**) I.’I.UUI 4 (M,117d 2,811 1,1*13.171 1,200,713 1,ti11,333 18,044 1*17,773 428.000 324.004 J48.U37 no,bit) 123. US) 23,000 212,3(18 447,217 8,700 80,313 123 18),two GHO, 1130 SUI 428.301 20,123 223.000 340,000 2U.3lfi 30), 1)43 1,810,008 100,004 317.407 5.W.00U 400.1M4,7:11 400.000 I* 11,531,8213.734.074 11.544,711 3,180,1172 12,831,130 4,844,531 : 14.114,117 4.84:1.074 13,431,105 a, urn,or* m, OtU.TfEt 5,410,772 10,033,033 5.H17.HM 10,442,810 11, 101.822 10.013.711.8.380.801 In /lore at New Yor. Albany... Iluffalu... Chicago. Milwaukee Duluth Toledo Detroit. Oswego. BL Louts. Peoria.... Toronto. Montreal Philadelphia.. Hultlmoru Lake ulipt’s wk Do hut week Hall splp't wk. Ou N.V. dials Tot MayO. *7(l, Wk Apr. 20/7(1 WkApr. 22,'7fi WkApr. 15/711 wit Apr, 8/7*l WkApr. i,*7o WkMrh.23,’7*) WkMrh. Id, *7O WkMay, 8/73 PROVISION* HOO PUODUCTS—Were quiet and steadier, at a slight advance from tho Improvement In prices which occurred Friday afternoon. Hogs were firmer, with a moderate supply, but there was no material change re ported In provisions at other points. The June deals am believed to be mostly settled up la alt depart ments. Mass Poiik—Was very quiet, but Arm, at an adraoco of 2H<360 per brl> very UtUo belnjf offered, and not much wanted. Kales were limited to 70 lirU cash at tfil.un 1,1111 lirts seller June at S2O. w tfe2o.£»6s and 1,250 brts seller July at*2l. UkMI. IS. Total, 2,37(1 brK The market closed Arm at 1 20. urrfjUMO cash, accord* hut to wclKbtt (20.b3w.c2at>s seller Mart fuo.ns seller Juno; seller Jnlyi and nominally at tf3I.3OCJ 31.3 S seller. August. Seller the year was nominal at f IT.tiiW 17. D7Jli Prime muss pork was quoted at 510.75&2t>.00. and eitra prime at tfis.6oiist3.7s. Laiiu—Wm rather more active, and about 60 per 100 ®s Higher, under u fair demand, ttith moderate offer* Intra. Kales were reported .of l,7So(cs seller Juno at ?lu.4otffj.4St and 12,U60 tea seller July at tfl2.S24f-4 i2.n.V loud, u.OOO tea. Thu market closed Ann at £12.46 cash or seller Slay; tf 12.46m1U.47W seller Junes tf lu.uotf 12. 02J4seller July; and at t1X72&412.73 seller Anuust. MiiATB-.Wcre quirt and n shade firmer at former There was only a Itaiit demand oud that limited u> short ribs for future, but holders were strong In their views, lu sympathy wltu t>«tk aud Uni. Kales were 4 .0.000 ft* short ribs at tf iu.U64511.00 V 100 »s seller July. Thu following wm thu dosing range uf prices: Shout' ismj lihort rthort dtr*. clntr, rib. cMir. • •2H i"Vi uni 11 •?»>, I*'.'* II 1114 •2fl •••. lotf II •••• 1 i»l II Railed, loose. Iloxcd •May June .■iiijy.V.V.’.’.y.V.V.'V.’.V.V.’Tifc iT* Siu Uncon. ca.Mi i) .... u iyi7 Louie *ud abort clear* si Ilcconh, and tlVto tellur July, boxed; tweet pickled liatni, lolliesUmuburliuidi. lOtjitlOfc, nub or teller April; luug-cul Liana. uiti 13r, bused; Imcun linuia, 14<w130. (iliKABK—Wa* quiet at Cube. lUiKF PUOlillCTA—Wero tlendy and quiet at sio.W) Ain.73 fur mew, 511.6Uti.11.73 fur extra met*, and t J».3iK‘kUU.tKi fur llama. Tallow—\Vnn quoted ut for city, and 75i£80 for country lult. imKAUSTUFFS. Flouu-Wiu very quiet, buiquotodsirong at former prices, some lots being marked up 1 outline per brl, without Hading buyer*. (Shippers held olf. and local dealer* only took hold sparingly. Bale* were reported of aoo brls winters, partly at ®5.f10, and sou brl* iprlug cxtrosul Total, onubrla. We notstbat one Canadian buyer ha* taken 3A.UUU brl* within the pail few days. The market cloaod Heady at the fol* lowing range of price*? cbolca winter extra*. <7.80 4p7.udi common to good do, <-1.u0a7.10; shipping estrws <1.50a3.00; Kooddo, s3.uoaa.g3; choice do, $3.5ua3,73j patent* do, so.onau.ui; tllaucwta, <3.00 ted-Wi iprlug luperfluc*. ia.6uaJ.73i rya flour, «.U3 &4.&K T ' 7.870 IMSJ lU7, u:ati 22,707 '"i’.Hid 80,372 4rtt •jn,ooo 100,037 Ukas—Wti active amt weak, tha offering*'being rather large, on a moderate demand. Buie# were ro* portcdyfw)toni*t*l(J.aoya track, and 910.60d10.7S free oo liaard car*. BoiiiKNiaua-Baieawere lotona attu.ooontrack. Couh-Mkal—Sale. wero 400 brU (Caloric) at22.dO. Coanw waa nominal at *17.50 per ton on track. , WHKAT—Waa active, ami at Umea excited. but uan« erulljf weak after tbu firvt halt hour, Outing which a !“nte y*l® o( aluina were aa noted above. Tha market fur neat month ranged from J(o to iHc below the do*lug price of Friday. Vllb a c“rSdcrd‘l7»hMnk. two Vieliitf’ mil I*dl r . W a't UUl * tlj . a dlfft , f V UCo between the lao at ouu limit. Liverpool wu« un> changed, and Hew lurk waa ••dull, wllli Lover* in. 1,1. logoff. l from which It wo* Inferred that unerutor* hi lhu*u place* do not lake much atock lu the theory of higher price* a* due to dlinmiltle/ It «m4U“ SAffriV!, "'i.'® u ,.'Ki n . aL“ r iM 60, QUO *27,670 U.2UU 4.0H8 211,2U0 MW 118,910 62 419,020 3,429 that due .to the clearing up rf an extensive shortagei hut the market, was partially sustained by a . continued fnlr demand tor shipment and the knowledge that our itocks In store have de creased to lew than (.non, WO bu of all grades under the liberal export morement of’lost week. Seller dune owned atfi.onm.wife. MOoffto advanced to .(»V*.a mb decl in tulto* I. w nt the e. 10.0, Seller duly sold f f.or*»i.nnJ<. closing at the Inside. Pollrr No. a spring, rangeil nominally attl.rafeai.os. closing at H.rafe. nil Hie sales having been made before the latest drrllne. There was intlo or no discrimination In favor of fresh receipts. Cash sales were reported of u.HWbu N„, a spring, nt tt.rafe w.otfe (chiefly w.s)Tum in,ombu So. a do atm-* (MfcNifec. Total, or.- . MijrjntsoTA TViraAT-Was qnlet, and sold higher than the preceding day, but weakened In sympathy with tho scncral5 cncral market. Sales were reported ofg,M«ilm No, at tl.opKftMfffe (closed at the Inside); ■UM Im by ■amplaat fM/ron traeki and 3,nn im do at $1,104 I. IE free on board cam. Total, rt.f*o l.ii. CORN—Was active and unsettled. declining about fee per bu. tn sympathy with wheat, though the situation otherwise contained tho elemeutsof strength. l.lvrr pool and Now York were only quoted Heady, hut there was really a good demand for shipment, both to New England points and direct to Europe, which wilt still further reduce our stocks—already dlmlihed to len than 600,0 U) bu of nil grades by the liberal outgo of tho past week. The weather was flue and the receipts moder ate. Advices were received from several points In the com belt to tho effect that a good deni of planting has been dono. and the rest Is expected to b« finished speedily, though some of tho land bus yet tn ho plowed. Tim present weather Is very favorable to planting, and an tncreaso In our receipts Is prob able within a few days, as n great deal has been sold for delivery In Juno. The corn comes forward In much better condition than was expected by most, grading up wot), and that fact, with low freight!, stimulates a butter demand for shipment. There wot a fair Inquiry from tho short Interest on Saturday. Seller June opened altufec, declined t0459(c, advanced lodOc, and closed at tafto. Heller duly sold at 4RH4A7Ve. closing at tho outside, and seller May sold aUiwiMOvir, closing ottnfec. Cosh lota for shipment commanded a slight premium over the month, closing at 4W<44OMc. iifgh mixed closed nominally at 47feo, there being an uncx- Esctcd widening of the premium under s sharp Inquiry, ash sales were reported of 4H,00a bu high mixed at 47J<'iM7fecr 5.890 bu new mixed at AhfefAliWot u IS n, bu do at 44feo afloat: M.flOObu No. 3 ntAnfealrc: bu do at 47Mc afloat; h.ora ha rejected at 43i*42fec; ia -400 bu by sample at 42k(£4nc on track: and 1.v.0u) bu do at 44M4hc free on l«janl core. Total, ihii, too tm. OATS—'Were moderately active. Mm trading being chiefly In cash which was wanted for shipment, and ruled a shade firmer, while futures were quirt, Juno bclngMclower. The receipts were light, and there ported shipments large. The shipments for the past week were nearly 53U.P00 bu, and ‘the stock of all grade* left (n store Is now not far from Jtc.ooObu. Now York was steady. Seller Juno opened at 31c and sold down to OOJfo, closing at May was steady at 30fee. Cash No. 3 sold at uo'h'*:s)>2e. sloelug at the Inside, which was the average price of the session. Rejected brought 20fee. Cash sates wore re ported of M.cxx) bn No. a BtautfaaoAsc, Chiefly at tho Intldos la,noohu rejected at 2nWo; 6,4«>bu by samolo at 3tt*36c on track, and 1,800 hu do at 37&3ac frce oil board. Total. OO.UXJ bu. Jfau 13, jr.iv ft, J/jvIS, 1870. 1870. 1873. 19,905 10.760 8,800 653,530 T8Q.139 117,600 887,755 1 la 270 353.435 UVL—Woaln talr demand and stronger. The offer ing! were small oml firmly held above buyers’ limit*, hcocofew sales were made. Cor iota of No. 3 sold at cufer, nnd mum! lots were quoted at 94e. Rejected was quoted at ooc. Cash talcs were reported of 400 bu No. 3 nto3fec. BAULKY—Wax again dull though there was more doing than on 1- rlday.ond the market ruled steadier at * a decline of about fee. Tho receipts were again fair, and the foci caused shorts and other operators to hold off, though early there woatomo trading In Marat 07U-.i OHc. the market cloning at the Inside. June was offered nt 68fec. and sold hi Mlllciaent at 6Hc~ Canh No. 3 sold nl«7(»08C. No. 3 was In better demand and cosier at 40041 c. Rejected was nominal at aortic. Sample* were quiet. Cash sales were reported of S.uobu No. a at (Me; 4(obu dont 67c; l.noo litt No. 3 nt 4lK*4lc; l,2U)bu by sample at 75c on track. Total, B,aJObu. ONE O'CLOCK CALL. The following sales were made on tho call: Wheat—lo.o(a) bu at *l.o»fe for Juno aodSl.OS® 1.06fe for July. Mess Pork—l,soo brls at $30,00 for June and sui. isfe for July. Lard—3,2so tes at 812.50 for June aod $13.00®12.62fe for July. Late Bntnrdny afternoon them was a good demand for lard, and In the ollleei sales were made of l.bootcsat $19.50 i-asli of Jnnc and sl3.62fefar July. Wheat was quoted at Sl.oife fur June. The tiles of tho new Stock and Grain Call Board last week amounted to $3.433,6iw. no. The sales of pro vision* for tho week were $875,303,75, and of grain $1,567,330.73. OHAIM IN CALITOHNU. flatter from Mission San Jose, California, dated Slay . The prospects la this rtetnUy are most flattering for a bountiful harvest. The amount of land under cultiva tion this season exceeds by far that of any previous year. Tho bulk of the land hero this season Is produc ing barley, and a large yield may with certainty bo de pended upon.. Tho cool weather lately prevailing had a very beneficial effect o» tho late town grain. Fanners are getting ready for mowing, nnd on tome of our ranches, especially lit tho hill land, tho machines are quite active already. Tho vineyards and orchards around here are very promising. RUTTER—There was fair acllvlty In Clio huttertradc, tlifl demand, however, being chiefly centered in Rood to choice grades. Prices were not quotnbly different from those current at the beginning of the week, nod at this moment the market has a compamth cly steady tone. There Is tome accumulation here, hut not enough to exert much Influence on market values. Wo repeat our list: Choice to fancy yellow, f376£33C! medium to good grades, 32325cj Inferior to common. M-/;2lc. CIIKESE—Prices continue weak and Irregular. The steady Increase In the supply makes holders anxious to realize, and there tsnioro or less cutting all around. There were sates at HftlOHe fur common to heat new. COAL—Them was an unsettled fooling iu thu market. Consumers are as far as practicable deferring orders in expectation of lower prices by and by, and sales arc light In the aggregate. (Jactations remain os before: Lackawanna, range nod nut, Sio.oo; do, egg. fl).50; caniiel, £7.U> ( t7.6oi Erie, £7.00; llloss tmrg, $7.()0&7.50: nocking Valley, so.m; Indiana block. f5.50j UaUlmoro & Ohio, Sj.uO; Illinois, *4.ou $44.50. KUOS—Were rather slow and easy at 11 He, with a few sales at lie. R 2 Mills, ollccted, OKOCkltlLb—Trade wag probably fully up to Roncrat expectations, orders from the country Ixdiig numerous, and In thu ngßrcßslo largo. All thu leading lines were held with Urinm-u and the minor articles also com* manded very full prices. No changes were made In tho (inotatlnos. Thu following is from thu Son Francisco Krening JlulUlin: “Tho tmrk Parmeulo arrived » few weeks ago with a full cargo of Japan rice, say t.uvu.ow ns. This Is the first cargo from Japan In several years, and only three or four cargoes have ever been InitKirted Into the United Btsles from that country. The rice has since Iwcn rccleancd at the local mill, and presents n handsome appearance, comparing favorably with thu Carolina rice received from the Eastern stales and thu Hawaiian crop from Carolina seed. The grain Is short, thick, and pearly white, importers have boon offering It at 4ko7e iu mats and hags, and have placed, smolf lots, among the trade. H Prices ranee os follows: I!Ay—Low grades were dull mid weak under larger receipts, widle No. l timothy and tho better grades of prairie were salable at former prices. No. 1 timothy Is wanted for shipment to the Southern cities, thu low rail freights having tempted dealers to send their orders here Instead of to New York and adjacent Staten, as they have been doing throughout the Mason. No. I timothy Is scarce, and sells free on board at SU.oo';» I t.«J. Prairie was steady. Quotations: No. 1 timo thy, No. ado, sn.MKitiiMjDi mixed do, *iu.soill.ti)j upland prairie, Bio.uJ4lo.Wj No. tdo. £B.uoi slough. sd.ftOM7.uo ... HUJIIWXnKS—Were In folrdcmand, with nn change Bales were reported of l&ubrlsat «l.o7pcr OlLS—There was a stronger feeling. In tho mar ket for carlton. and thu quotations were advanced He. No alterations In the quotations of other alls were noted, tho general toau of the market be ing one of steadiness. Carbon, 113 ucg. test. 1241 «ci3c;du Illinois legal test, ISO deg., 13H'4l3M(i: Bnow White, 150 test, inHcj do headlight, ITS deg., I7uj extra winter lard oil, £1.00*1.051 No. |, wk* 02cj No. 3, 7505 linseed, raw. r»s«oocj boiled, ii3o« 0.V.: whale. Vinter-bleached, sperm, £<’« 2.25 j nuatafoot oil, strictly pure, £*L2uj do extra, 05c 1 do No. ], 83c j bank oil, 55cj straits, go: plumbago oil, OU473CJ turpentine, 4(L»42c; naphtha, deodorized. 0:1 gravity, iaH<4UHct West Vl-gtnluoils, natural, 20 deg,, 32ti33c; natural, hi) deg., 27<*300t reduced, 2d deg.. SUM22O. POTATOBS— I There waasotno Inquiry on tho street for car lots, the stock In store being quite low, but prices were unchanged. Peaehblows were quoted at 20 w23c per hu. No other variety was wanted. Peach blows were retailed from storu at 90u.i3c. i>.,tr, ,*,.v -i-i,,. ~.1..,. . Weekly” of grain, principal ml ports, Is and Iho Jtartey, bu. 437.337 33,301 1X1,500 1,630 123,231 118,030 a*rt.av> 140,030 12,400 0.820 35,(Ml su.tnm 4.1:10 7,mn 30,011 10.5(r2 10,000 943.308 ill.ltt):) 20,000 131,7*17 88, ww 117,327 8,803 21,352 23.000 88.200 320,128 403.418 120,000 43,357 514.370 677, GO4 680,273 1)90.522 1,245,7*11 1,344,000 1,470,1*17 1,014.077 174,1)80 2,034,228 2,830,113 2.717.171 2.747,801 3.W» P S*S3 3.131.730 3,21)0,280 3,301,283 2.070,720 I'OULlUY—'the offerings «f chickens unchanged, and there was less Inquiry, and scllurs, being nnxlons to close out. ottered to make concessions. Chickens were auuled at gt.fHXaS.U), tho outside liclng on extrvuiu guru. Turkeys sold at 13<d)Uc. Pigeons were quiet at 00c for feathered or dressed, and 73u80c for live bird*. SFKDS—Were dull find caster. Timothy eold at $3.4Uw3.70, ;>rlrao closing at fU.AVifJ.To. Hungarian nml millet wore dull ul 4U4430 fur good to prime. The lower tirade* were plentiful and slow. Clover waa nom- Infllly lower, being offered at <h. 7ft, with <BSO the la-at hid. Flax wu quiet at for pour uv prime. BALT—Waa steady under a fair Inquiry! Saginaw will Onondaga, fine. 91.40: ordinary cuanu, *1.70: dairy, without bag*. 93.73; dairy, with bans, 9a.30; Ashton dairy, wirsack, <4.60. VEAL—Was slow at 3517 c, with on occasional solo of fine stock at 714 c. VLOKTAHLEB—'The receipt* were mailer and prices stronger fur must varieties. Cucumber*, 7304<1.uu per uozonj groen peas. <*3.Ui pur host strlntc hean*. *X(X)igJ.33 perboxt asparagus, 75«*81.0u per So too i lettuce. DOttJAo per dozen: radishes, 3.VIDOC per ozen: spinach, 93.u>per brl: pie-plant, Her* muda tomatoes, nrseTOc per box. WOOL—The market waa attain quoted dull and weak. Email order* arc received oecaMimully from Western manufacturers, but there la uu disposition to buy be yond supplying current want*, as the new clip Is near at hand, and prices will probably decline after It begins to arrive. Following are the quotations: Tub-washed, Srimc, do. poor to good, 4(W43e; washed coco, Unu, good condition, S.v*;i7o| washed, medium do, 40*430] unwashed. (Ino heavy to light, ItUjide: do, medium, 33e#38c: pulled, JiOiiaTe. LIVE STOCK, cmcaoo. Hecclpta— omit, mo*. Shttp. Monday 4,1/77 H.U34 173 Tueaday, B.m 7,313 3n.*> Wcdnciday..., .. 0,4:13 1u.413 1.1)17 Ttiunduy u,itfci 12,1*1 wi Friday 4,mi 71 r. balurduy 1,710 <j,<kxi 3.10 Tolaj 24,310 M.D77 3.01*7 lA«l week •-■1.070 tui, 1144 1,717 Wtivk before iiwi 22,27.7 no,Too n.uirj Week vutliutf April 22 27,xw 4o,uu«t «.h?o Total weeks game period la itfls. blilpineuu— Monday Tuesday.... Wednesday. Thursday... Friday...... T° ln l in. l la a0,«75l I.iou CATTLH—The receipts during the put week made a grandtotalof iW,slilhcad. against ai.wro for the pro* vlous week, aad in.oau for the corresponding week last year. The arrivals exceeded bysomu head tlu»»o of any previous week, and exceeded by fully ft,oui Load Uiu legitimate trade requirements. There was a larger attendant* of ouwlde buyers, nearly uvury Hasten) mar. ket of soy prominence being represented, aud the do* maad from thu city aud suburban trade also was quite up to the average, but the enormous supply of stock <m •ale wade It unnecessary for buyers to compete, and, as a matter of course, lower prices prevailed. Thu demand (rout tUo Hasten) trade was chlelly centered In light and medium weights: consequently tlto depredation In that claaa comparatively was small, but ISftgSc will no more Ilian cover the shrinkage In values of cholco grades, and common rough half-fauenod lots. Thu quality of the offerings was uncxcvplluiially good. While the pro* Fortluuuf "extra** was nut as prumlaunt as In sumo ormcr seasons, the number of Inferior aud common cattle wm noticeably small, unit m ilia bulk of thu re ceipts wcro of fair toprliuv grades, weighing from i.ofto to (v-uxUhs, Ugavuusa better average quality than Is ofteu seen In our market. We note that the larger part of the week"* business was accomplished at £l.asts 4.7.5.. Thera were sales of scalawags ut giSOtta.uC ami of extra grades at t>.ao*s.&u. Thu purchases of fusdera went principally at td.7stti.Vs, and of local butchers at lX JtXAt.oa Veals wera In demand at SV.OO (45.00 V 100 lbs, and milch eowa at 123. uousid. uo V head. baturdoy's market was quiet, and price* wera weak, and, m some Instances, lower. A good many cattle THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE; MONDAY. MAY 15, 1878. GENERAL MARKETS. .102,5111 231.070 IH. t2MI . h 5,507 241,247 30,000 4.WAI 6,405 785 3.440 3.1t.'.4 1181 O.OOd 0,4.70 11> I were loft la tbo yards unsold, ana the marks! closed heavy. QUOTATION*. Choice Beeves—Fine. fat, well-formed ft year to S year old steers. wclghlag 1.300 to 1.550 Its 7. 14.735M.3ft Good Breves—Well-fattened steers, weigh ing 1,200 tot.4m ns 4.a0'34.03 Medium Orndcs-steors la fair flush, weigh ing I.UV) to 1. 200 M 4.2.V54.7S Butchers' Stork-Poor to fair Meed*, and common lo choke cows, for city slaughter, weighing nooto t.iuons ft.ROtfM.OO. Stock caitle-Oommon cattle, weighing «uo . lo J.tWV.M 3.5034.00 Inferior-Light and thin cows, heifer* slogs, hull*, and scalawag steers s. 110(18—'Tiro light receipt* of Sunday and Monday en abled holders to establish slightly higher Prices at the beginning of the week. Monday's trading being done at wnoc advance over the price* current st the close of the previous wcclci hut the Improvement was not stis mined. From Monday until Friday there was a steady Increnio In the arrivals. and prices as steadily eased oft In buyers" favor, the redaction at the close of business on Thursday amonntlnK lo l.wue per tin Ihs. On Fri day there was n reaction, prices under lighter receipts and a more urgent demand moving up aefeioc. Sntur day witnessed a further slight Improvement, so that at" the end of the week thorn was n difference— as compar ed with the closing quotation* of the previous week—of scarcely more than sc, A larger percentage of the re ceipts wore forwarded Host than for the week before, nearly one-half of the supply going Into the hands of the shippers. Saturday witnessed an active market at prices aver aging fully sc higher than Friday, common to prime light selling at (7. uv.|7, la, and Inferior louxtra heavy at M. ( Moat of the transfers wero at S7.UXS 7,30. wjirnr—The supply of sheep, though morn than twlco ns large as for the preceding week, was light even for this season, and with a fair local and shipping de mand (o meet sellers wero enabled to obtain better prices, (food (n choice wonlod sheep were wanted at Bft.nuitn.fto, and lower grades si s-J..v>ic.*i.oo. (morn sheep (of which (here were suverai droves) sold at 83.UJ54a5.50/or poor to choice. bUMBKIt. The wholesale market wu again qnleL Only about half a dozen cargoes were at the flocks, and there was very tlttio Inquiry, the attendance of buyers being un usually light. Two cargoes of Manistee JuUU and scantling wero sold nt s«.(*). Inch stuff was easy at and lath at CI.U7H- Shingles were nom inal nt f2.tXXftl.23. * Following are tlie Inmher freights: Menominee and Manistee, $1.50: Muskegon and Grand River, 11.25; Ludlngton and white Lake, 81.0714. At t lie yards trade Is slack, but shows some signs nf re viving. belters and orders arc coining in. and It Is thought the demand will bo good as soon as the fanners ran take a respite from their held labors. The Inside price for clear siding Is 817.UX and the outside for dry fencing 813.00; otherwise there were no changes In prices. BY TEBEGEArA. FOREIGN. fipeetnl Dlepaleh to Vie Tribune. Lnrnroou May 13—11:30 a. m.— Floor—No. 1, 24 a 5 No. 2, 22*. Grain—Wheal—Winter, No. 1, Os 10d;No. 2, Os} spring, No. I.oa 4d; No. 2, Ha: white, No. 1, »s (id;No. 2, OsOd;club, No. I.loa2d;No. 2,0 a lOd. Com, No. 1,20 a (Id; No. 2. 20a 3d. Provisions—Pork, B 2« Od. Lard, f»7a Gd. Liverpool, May 13—Evening.—Breadstuffs— California white wheat, average, Os odoOs Od; do club, Da 10d©10s2d; red Western spring, Nos. 2 to 1,8*14(30*44; do winter, 0* (sdof»s lOd. Flour—Western canal. 22(32 In. Com—Western mixed, 20s 3d020* (hi. Oats. 3so3s 04. Bariev Os Od. Pons—Canadian, Od. Clovbu-Bkei»—American, O3OUOs. Provisions—Prime mess pork, 82s Od. Prime mess beef, H7s. Lard,s7sotL Bacon—Long clear, 60s Od; short clear, 60s. Tallow—lla. Petroleum—Spirit*. Bs®BUs; refined, lla 3d. LINHERD Oil/—23s Od. Besik—Common, 4a Od; pale, 10s, Wpuuts opTuni'EyriNn—2os Od. London, May 13.—Consols—For money and ac count, 00 5-10. AsiciucAN Securities—fl.V, 101*4: C7a, 109-K; 30-40*. 107 ?4; nmr fm, 100(5; New York Central, 00; Eric, 1455; preferred, 22. Hpiiuth Turpentine—2ls Od®22*. , Paris, May 13.— Jlcnles, lOiif 12‘5c. Frankfort, May 13.—New Os, 102!fi. Antwerp, Moy 13.—Petroleum, 27a O<L PRODUCE. NEW YOUR, Special Dispatch to The Tribune, New York, May 13.—Grain—Wheat—Market quiet, without material clmngo In prices, The Continental demand la less active; sales 48,000 bu at $1.0501.00 for rejected spring; 51.0701.1 l for ungraded spring; $1.0001.12 for No. 3 Chi cago; $1,1201.18 for No. 3 Milwaukee; 31.20® 1.23 for No. 2 Chicago; $1.21©1.23 for No. 2 Northwestern; 81.2301.25 for No. 2 Milwaukee; $1.2001.32 for No. 1 spring; $1.1301.33 for winter red Western; 31.2001.40 for amber do.; and $1.3501.45 for white Western. Byo steady; sales 5,500 bus Western, to arrive all May, nt 705-jc. Barley quiet and unchanged. Corn without decided change; sale* 45),000 bu at 57c for no grade mixed; 6054 c for steamer mixed; 0200254 c for graded mixed; 58004 c for ungraded new Western mixed; (He fur white Maryland; and 710 for fancy white North Carolina, Oat* steady; sales 41,000 bu nt 30040 c for mixed Westenf and State, and 450 52Hc for white Western and State, Including No. 2 Chicago a(4(Js*c. Provisions—Middles quiet at 1154012 c for long clear. Lardllrmur; solos 200 tierces at $12.80 for prime (Ream. At the first cull, for May, 812.75 old and $12.00 asked; for June, £12.80 bid nnd Si2.HO asked; for July, $12.05 bid and 813.00 nuked; for August. 200 tierce* sold ut $13.10; and for September, $13.15 bid nmlSl3.32}J asked. Whisky—Market a shade firmer; sales 100 hrls at $1.111101.12 per gallon, Groceries—Sugar—Market firm with fair de mand; fair to good refining quoted at 7^0715-lUC; prime ut He; white Havana uU)s4olOsic. Coffee— The market continues quiet and firm: 1110 quoted nt 15?j|c0185ic iu gold, and Maracaibo, 10010 c, Tallow— Rules quiet and unchanged; prime city quoted at KIMUOS?jc. < To tha Western AnociatecJ Press, New Yoiik, Slay Id.— Flouii— Receipts, 0,000 hrU; lc«i» active; holders more disposed to realize; No, 3, 83.0003.50; superfine State ami Western, 81.1004.50: common lu good extra, $5.0005.30; good to choice, 85.3505.75; white wheat extra, 85.8007.75; extra Ohio, 85.0007.00; St. Louis, $5.3000.00; SthmcHota patent process, 80.350 U. SO. Rye itour quiet at SI, 7505. 10. . . Cotw-SIBAL— Unchanged. Gjiais—Wheat—Market dull In buyers’ favors re ceipt*. 00,000 bu: No. 1 spring,; un graded do, $1.1101.23; No. 3 Minnesota spring. $1.33; winter red Western. 81.3401.35; No. 3 Chicago spring. $1.3001.33; No. a do,© 1.13; No. 3 Milwaukee, 81.34; No. ado, nomin al, at $1.1201.10. Ityo steady; Western, 7U}',o HOc. Hurley quiet and unchanged; malt dull and unchanged. Cura—Demand active for export and the humo trade; receipts, 87,000 bu; mixed no grade, 58c; low-mixed, graded, Co'/,u; steamer mixed, (IOK©UO»fc; do graded, 03003Hc; new Western mixed, ungraded, old West ern mixed in store, 03c. Oats— Kucelpta, 88,000 ■bu; more steady; mixed Western and State, 300 47c; white Western do, 45053 c. Hat—Firm and unchanged. Ilona—Firm and unchanged. UuocKnnss—Coffee quiet, but scarcely so firm; Wo, cargoes, 15K016tfcli\ gold; jobbing, 1&R0 lOiyc In gold. Sugar quiet but Arm; fair to good refining, 7?407Xc; prime, 8c; Porto lllco, fjfo; refined firm at 7JtOIOJ»c, Molasses qnlct auu unchanged. Rice dull and unclianged. I'KTnoLßUM—Market dnll; crude, BJiOBRc: re fined, 14c; cases, 18«4031c. Tallow—Steady at b^oß>ic. ' Btiiained Resin—Steady and unchanged. Si'iuiTß Timi’csrtHK—lleovy ttt3soUsKc. Eons—Firm; Western, 13014 c. LvATiten—lrregular; hemlock sole, Bnonoa Ayres, and Rio Grande light, middle and heavy weights, 3OKO33K c t California and common do, 3054031 c. Wool— Market dull; domestic ficeco, 3O058o; pulled, 35040 c; Texas, 15037 c: unwashed. 1315035 c. Puovisioks— Pork firmer, decidedly so; now meat 331.15031.30; June, 53L05031.35. Beef quiet and unchanged. Pickled hams, 813.00012.35 jloiig clear middles, Western, llVic; do city, 13c. Lard excited and higher; prime steam, $13,050 13.00; June, 812.8O0i3.UO; closing at 513.000 13.03V4 July. 813.U5013.1& for August Burran—Unchanged, Che bsb— Quiet; 3011l(c. WuisKY— Firmer at,sL 115J01.13. Metals—Manufactures copper quiet; new sheath ing, 31c. Ingot lake dull and heavy at 21*{033e. Iron—Scotch pig quiet and unchanged: American dull and heavy at 517.00033.00: Russia sheeting. 13c In gold. Nails—Steady; cut, tS.7f>®2.Bsj clinch,B4.3o© C. 26; horseshoe, No. 8, SOdt'JOc, PUILAiJBLI’IIIA. fniLADBLruiA, May 13.—Uutteu—Now York State uud Hradford County extras, 2tiGi3oc; firsts, S(l®27c; Western, 26®*J7o! firsts, 21gfi260: rolls, Westorn,2-lfiWdc; Urals, 20G£23c. Cueesk— Now York, lUQUc: Western. Hue, imaiilVic, Eaas—Rather weak; Western, fresh, 1501510- ParnoLßUM—Firm; crude, ix;«cl refined, 13fcO 14 c. Seeps—Clover, $10.00017.00; timothy, $3,050 2.70; fiax, $1.45. ' Fwjun—Hull and drooping; extra, 81.0005.00; Wisconsin and Miunesota extra family, $6-750 0.3714; Statu, Ohio, nnd Indiana, $0.0000.76: high grades, $7.3508.50. Gkain—Wheat dull and lower; Pennsylvania red, $1.43; amber, $1.5001.53; while, 81.5001.00. Rye, 850tidc. Com In fair .demand: yellow, 000 03c; mixed, 58000 c. Oats unsettled; while West ern, choice, 45048 c: mixed. 3Uc. PnovtsioMs—lnactive; mess pork, $33,500 23.75. Beef horns, $35.00030.M1; smoked do, 8l5.oO0io.OO: pickled do, $13.00013.50. Lard. 130U^e. Wuisttv—Heldatsl.l3 for Western. BT. LOUIS. Sr. I,ouis, Hay 111.—Flouu—Steady, wltli good doiutmd fur medium grades; prices un changed. _ (Jiiain— Wheat—Market dull; No.i 2 rod winter, (1.4011 bid, caati: No. 0 do, asked. Corn dull and tending downward; No. 2 mixed, 46‘io cueit; -i.Vtoi&ltu May: 46ftc Juno; 4Ui»©4U?ic ■lnly, u,iu—Market dull ut Sttifc. Ryu dull and unchanged. Uarley dull and unchanged. Wmsuv—Steady and unchanged; SI.OB. Pnovieiofts—Pork dull and unchanged at $31.36 CWl.fio. I.urtl—No market. Uulk meats quiet and unchanged, liacon nulut and unchanged. UEcKinra—Flour, J. 600 brU; wheat. 12,000 ba; corn, 37.000lu; oats. 21,000 bu;ryo, 1,000 bu; barley, 3,000; Logs. fiM. UILWAOKEB. Milwaukee, Wla., M*yl3. —Ftoun—tiuiel aud entirely nominal, Qiuin—Wheat opened unsettled, 1c higher, closed unswtUodiNo. 1 Milwaukee, sl.l3M«uard, 11.22;N0. 2 Milwaukee, $1.0."U; Jane. s!.Ofiy; July, J 1.0754; No. .'I, IKJc. Com scarce ami Arm* crjNo. 2,48 c. OaU firmer and In good demand; No. S frealt and' Mar, 3254 c; Juno, Jl2Sc. live scarce and higher; no. 3. 705171 c. Barley quiet and lower; No. 2,85 c; No. 3, file. FiißinuTa—Qnlctand (Ready; wheat lo Buffalo, 3c: do Oswego. 054 c. Receipts—Flour, 8,000 brls; wheat, 02,000 tm. Smi'uxNta—Flour, 8,.*00 brio: wheat, 100,000 bu. CINCINNATI. CiNciKNAtf, May 13. Flour— Easier and not quotnbly lower. Oiiaik—Wheat steady, with fair demand at 81.15® 1.30. Com very firm; holders asking high er prices; small sales. 53c. Oala dull; 3fi®43c. Jtyo dull ami unchanged. Barley dull and nom inal. PnomtOKS—Fork quiet: $21.00. Bard alrong and higher; steam sold at812.2f>®12.30, closing at Ihooutsldo bl j; kottlo, 13®13Mc. Bulk meals— Firmer: ahonldcrs, 744 c; clear rib sold at 810.55 cash; lie bid buyer Juno; clear, lIHOUHc. Ba con quiet and unchanged. Wiiisrt—ln good demand at full prices; $1.07. Buttbu— Dull and unchanged. TOLEDO. Toledo. 0., May 13.—Fi.oun—Sternly. „ Oua'n— Wheat firm: No. 2 while Wabash, 81.-lOW; No. 1 white Michigan, $1.32: extra white Michigan, 81.402£S amber Michigan. 51.20; June, 51.27; July, 81.27 H; No. S amber Michigan, $1.0754* No. 1 red winter, $1.44; No. Bred, $1.15 ; do, Dayton £ Michigan Elevator, 81.11: rejected, 01c. Com easier; high grades, spot ami May, held at 5154 c; July, held at 52c, DIMc of fered; low mixed, 52c. Oats dull; No. 2canal, 35c; Michigan. tUSc. Receipts—Flour, none; wheat, 1,000 bu; com, 10,000 bu; oats, 3,000 bu. SiurtiaNTfl—Flour, 450 brls; wbcal, 31,000 bu; corn, 28,000bujoal*. 12,000 bn. BALTIMORE. BAt.TiHonE, Mil., May 13. Flour—Quiet, un changed ami firm. aiuiK—Wheat market dull; No. 2 Western red, sl.3o®l,4o:l*eimaylvanlAdo. $1.40®1.51. Com —Firmer and fairly active: Western mixed, 0354 c. Oats—dull and uuchungcd. llyo—'72®7sc. Provisions— Dull and unclumged. Mess pork, $22.00. Lard—Quiet and weak; refined, $13.50. UtrrTKn—(inlet and unchanged. Petroleum— Excited and higher; crude, BJ4© BJ4; refined, 140. coffee— steady and firm; Bio cargoes, 1554® 18!4c; Jobbing, KlfalßW. Wiiihkt—Market dull at $1.1154. LOUIJVILLB. Louisville, May 'lß.— Flour— Quiet and un changed Urain— 'Wheat quiet and dull at 81.15®!. 30. Com quiet at 40®48c. Data active at 37©42c. llyo dull and nominal. pjtoviatoNs—Stronger, with a better feeling; pork, 622.50. Bulk meats. 8c; clear rib, 107«© lie; - clear, Il!40Ll?jc. Bacon, Oc; clear rib, ll,V®l2c; clour, Haras—Sugar cured, 1101455 c. Lard—Tierce, 814.00; keg, 314.70. Wmsicr—Firm at 81.07. RO3TOH. Boston. Mass., May 13.—Flour—In moderate demand; Western superfine, $4.0004.25; common extras, $4.5005.00: Wisconsin and Minnesota extra family, $5,0007.00; winter wheat Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. $0.0007.25; Illinois, SO. 00 08.25; St. Louis,80.5000.00; fancy Minnesota and Wisconsin, 87.2500.00. Grain—Corn steady; mixed and yellow, 0255© QQo. Oats—Mixed and No. 2 while, 40050 c; re jected, 43040 c; No. 1 white. 50052 c. BUFFALO. Buffalo, N. Y., May 13. Breadstufps— Wheat— (inlet and firm: sales, 3.500 bu; $1.40 for white Michigan; sl.lO for No. 2.Milwaukee. Corn quiet and easy; sales, 0,000 bn; 52053 c for West ern sample; 55c fur No. 2 mixed. Oats neglected. Bye neglected. Barley neglected. • Canal Freights—Lower; on wheat, Oyc to New York; com, tic;oats, 454cd0. NEW ORLEANS. . New Orleans, May 13.—Corn—Moderately act ive and higher; Western mixed, 02c; white West ern, 05c; yellow Western. 72c. Corn-Meal—lndumand and prices higher; 8— 75 02.85. Copfeb—Bull and lower; Itlo, cargoes, 100 18-uc. WOOL. Boston, May 13.—Domestic wool In fair demand. Prices low and unsatisfactory. No prospect of a favorable change. Ohio and Pennsylvania lleeces, 305J®42c for X; 415404254 c for XX. Michigan and New Hampshire fieoccs, 35c. This Is nil that can now ho realied for good average Michigan. Comb ing wool dull; washed, ‘15051c; very choice Ken tucky, 40c, with Bkirts and tags cut; unwashed Western, 32036 c. Pulled wools In moderate re quest; choice lots of Maine and Eastern super, 43 045 c; the principal sales of super and X wore at 34 040 c, DRV GOODS. New York, May 13.—The general market Is slugglfsh with agents, Jobbers, and Importers. Cotton goods arc steady nt unchanged prices. Fine bleached shirtings closely sold tip. Shirting prints in fair demand, but fancied quiet. Knickerbocker three-quarter percales will bo reduced half a cent Monday. ,Tho Jiultelln says 350 cases of Johnson ginghams will be peremptorily sold at auction on Thursday next. PETROLEUM. CLEVELAND. Cleveland, 0., Slay 13.—Petroleum strong and quiet; standard white, 110 test, 1054 c; prime white, 150 test, 1154 c In car-lots cash. PiTTsßuno, Pa., May 12. Petroleum quiet and steady; crude, $2.1502.1754 nt Parker’s; refined, 133014 c, Philadelphia delivery. MAIUXE. CHICAGO. AnmVALg—StmrMuskegon, Mnakogon, anndrlca; schr Aialnnto, Little Sturgeon, lumber; achrJ. W. Brown, Muskegon, lumber; schr Joe Vilas, Ford Ilivcr, cedar posts; schr B. Bcovlllc, Muskegon, lumber; prop Tempest, Wldto Lake, sundries; prop Cleveland, Milwaukee, light; schr A. C. Keat ing, Milwaukee, tight; schr Jason Parker, Muske gon, lumber; prop Arizona, Erie, sundries; pmp St, Albans, Ogdcnsbtirg, nnmlrles; schr Petrel, Muskegon, lumber; schr Tri-Color, Ilollaml, lum ber; schr Grace Greenwood, Gscanuba, Iron ore; schr W. 11. Willard, Whitehall, lumber; scow Magdalena, Paul's Pier, wood; schr St. Law rence, Ahnapoo, tics; prop Idaho, Buffalo, sundries; scow Sea Bird, Saugatnck, wood; schr Myrtle, Muskegon, lumber; schr A. Freder ick, Saugatuck, wood; prop Glasgow, Boy City, lumber; schr Albanu, Bay City, lumber; schr Eureka, Bay City, lumber; schr India, Bay City, lumber; schr L. 0. Coates, Muskegon, lumber; schr J. A. Holmes, Ludington. lumber; sebr Cecelia, Ludington, lumber; schr P.lXoydcn, White Lake, lumber; schr Della WalbrUlgo, Sturgeon Bay, cedar posts; schr Beloit, Ludington, lumber; near Kate Olllet, Green Bay, cedar posts; schr Melvina, Muskegon, lumber; schr Z. O. Simmons, Haven, lambcr; schr Frank Crawford, Muskegon, lumber: schr Peoria, Manistee, lumber; schr Ot tawa, Grand Haven, lumber; schr A. Rust, Muskegon, lumber; schr Gcslnc, Ludington, lumber; schr Wolverine, Ludington, lumber; schr North Star, Muskegon, lumber; schr Amos kong, Horn's Pier, wood; schr B. F. Wade, White Lake, lumber; stmr Coruna, St. Joe. sundries; prop Messenger, Benton Harbor, sundries; stmr Sheboygan, Manitowoc, sundries; prop Arabia, Buffalo, sundries: stmr Muskegon. Muskegon, sun dries; sebr Mystic, Muskegon, lumber; schr L. Seaton, Cleveland, coal; prop Trader, Ludington, lumber; schr Belt. Ludington, lumber: prop Sky lark. Holland, wood; stmr Alpena, Manitowoc, sundries; schr C. Hibbard, Wblta Lake, lumber; schr Louie A. Burton, Muskegon, lumber; schr Lincoln Dali, Muskegon, lumber; prop Roanoke, Buffalo, salt; prop Ira H. Owen, Gscnnaba, pig Iron; schr Jessie Lina, Gscanaba, iron ore; schr 11. Band, Kewaunee, bark; prop New Era, Muske fon. towing; sebr Golden Harvest, Muskegon, umber; schr City of Cedar Itapfds, Muskegon, lumber; schr Apprentice Boy. Muskegon, lumber; schr Transfer. Muskegon,lumber; schrC.F. Allen, Grand Haven, lumber; scow Mary E. Packard, Union Pier, lumber; schr Magnolia, Grand Haven, lumber: schr Uobort B. King. Ogden Pier, bark; schr Kitty Grant, Saugatnck, lumber; schr MaJ. N. 11. Ferry, White Lake, lumber; schr Mary Helen, While Lake, lumber; scow j. fit. Hill, H|. Joseph. light; schr W. H. Hawkins, Horn's Pier, wood; Schr Willie Loutth, Ludington, lumber; prop Colorado, Buffalo, sundries; schivLambcr man, Black Crock, lumber; scow Laurel, Buck Lake, wood. Uluauanobs—Stmr Oconto, Green Bay, 05 brie oil, 31 brls bvof, aibrls pork, 10 tons loud; prop Messenger, Benton Harbor, 10 brls oil, 75 tegs beer, and sundries: prop City of Owen Sound, Portland, viaHarnta, 14,303 bu com, 300brl«fUmr; Sarnia, 5,000 bu corn, I,H7(J brls Uoar.adOpkn comment; prop Russia, Buffalo, 47,313 bu wheat, 1.300 brie flour,;TJs bags seed, and sundries; prop Montana. Buffalo, 400 brls (lour, 1,738 bg» seed, 30 bis broomcorn; atmr Alpena, Muskegon, 4 brls oil, 9 brls whisky and sundries; stmr Corona, St Joe, 3 brls whisky, 9 brls oil, and 20 kegs beer; stmr Sheboygan, Manitowoc, 10 brls oil, 31 pkgs liquor, ITlbdhi bides; prop Arabia, Buffalo, 3d brls beans, 130 sks cement, and sundries; prop 0, P. Heath, Ssngutuck, 380 bugs flax seed; scar William Joints. Michigan City, sundries; schr P. S. Marsh. Buffalo, 33,057 bu wheat; prop Scotia. Buffalo, 16.000 bu wheat, 35,000 bu corn, 400 brls Hour, 1,350 ska oil cake, 60 brls oat-mcal; prop Cormorant Buffalo. 45,000 bu wheat: scbrJ. M. HID. SUJoe, BO cords stone, schr Graham Brothers. Green Bay. 30 brls Hour, H brls pork, S pkgs liquor. 30 brls adit 10 brls onions, 10 kegs butter, and sundries. LAKE VUSZUUTS. CUIOAOO, Freights were more active, most of th< grata be. log taken by propellers on through rule. Sail rates were lower, at 2Uc for wheat toUuHalo. Charters: To Ituffolo—hchr P. 6. Marsh, wheat at 2*£c; prop Dean Richmond, wheat and corn; prop Idaho, corn, and props Montana and Arabia, wheat, all ou through rule. To Banda—Prop City of Owen Sound, mixed cargo, and barge hi. Coyne, corn. To Ugdensburg—Prop Maine, corn through. Ca pacity, about 160, OOU ou wheat aud 00, 000 ou corn. BLaBWUUHB, Milwaukee, May IS.—Thu freight business woe excessively dull to-day, aud rated aru lower, flu being all that was offered on wheal »o lluflalo and CMC to Kingston, Tbo charter* yesterday Into wore’: To Toledo—Schr Danfort!, 18,000 On wheat nlflc. To Oswego— Schr Guiding Star, 18,000 hu wheat on owner'* account. Buffalo, May 12. Schr Donaldson, coni, Clove* Intul to Duluth on nt., nml wheat Dnlnth to Buffalo ntdc; schr Marin Martin, coni, Duffalo to Duluth nt 00c, and wheat back nt-tc. Dui-notr, May 18.—R, Whitaker As Co. report the schr N. O. West chartered with wood from Nine-Mile Point lo Detroit nt |l.f»o on rnii. C. K. Dixon report* the schr Delos tie Wolf with lumber from Alpcua to Chicago nt 81- GO on rail. LATTE MICIIIGAK. CniCAOO. , About fifteen cargoes of lumber arrived nt tho docks yesterday.... Tho snnd-fluckcr Cashier, which sank during the galo n week ago near Kush* street bridge, was raised after considerable labor Saturday evening. Tho tug Van Schalck pumped her out yesterday and towed her to Eyetcr’s boxes in tho North Branch. She la In a very dilapidated condition, and will cost about a* much lo repair ad she will he worth ...The schrß. P. Waite lost part of her rigging and suffered some other damage by collision In tho river yesterday.... The schr Bibo u. undergoing repairs at aim of tho docks-of the- Chlcngo Dry-uock. was rumored around tho dock* yesterday that tho brig Pamlico, now being overhauled at one of tho docks of tho Chicago Dry-Dock Company, has been chartered to lake a cargo of barley to Cork, Ireland, at 82c. Judging by her reputation at n fast sailer, she Is expected to bo back again short* ly before the next Centennial. DULL TIME 3. Never before baa marine business been bo dull at this port at this season of tbo year as It I* at pros* cut As already stated, a majority of tbo grain vessels and a largo number of lumbor*carriori arc still in ordinary, while some of those that have al ready come out mean to lay up again. Owing Ic the low rates made by tho railroads, nearly every thing Is being shipped through hy rail, and,a* there is no prospect of a cessation of hostilities by the Eastern railroads, vessels may no well como to the conclusion now that they will have no chance tills season to retrieve their losses of tho last two summers. Of course tho tug-owners nt thin port suffer sevoroly from this state of affairs, and the little tugs are burning their cool In vain. A moot- Ing of tho owners of the tugs la the river will be held In u day or two to see whether an organization cannot be effected by which half of tho tugs now nut can bo laid up, ns there Is not work enough for them all. llalf of them aro more than sufficient to da all tho (owing required at present. TUB ALVSNA. Thosldo-whccl alcamor Alpena, of Goodrich’* Tranaportatlon Company, orrived hero Satur day morning for the first lime since eho has been rebuilt at Manitowoc. She presents a very fine appearance, ond Is In every respect as Rood ah now. Hho Is now one of the finest and best In the lino, which bos none but first-class boats. Her dimensions are: 200 feet over all, 28 toet beam, and 12 feet hold. Her cabins are ICO feet in length, and contain 02 first-class staterooms. Her furniture and appointments are not excelled by any steamer running oat of this port. She Is nldy commanded by Cape. Thomas Walsh. She will run hereafter alternately with the steamer Muskegon between this port and Grand Haven and Muskegon. She loft oir her first trip Saturday even ing, with a good cargo of freight and passengers. KHIE. Special Dispatch to The Tribune. Erik, Pa., May 14. Arrived from Upper Lake ports, the prop Thomas A. ticott, from Chicago; prop Gordon Campbell, from Milwaukee; and the bark Two Fannies, from Milwaukee. was the first passenger boat of tho Anchor Lino to leuvo for Chicago tbls season. Her register shows a good list of passengers. She has a small cargo of coal for ballast. • 4 MISCELLANEOUS. BCIIAPINU9. Mr. N. K. Folrbank, of Chicago, has tho con tract to furnish nil tho lighthouses on tho lakes and tho Atlantic coast with lard-011..., At Detroit marine business Is hut little better thpn it Is nt Chicago, as will ho seen by tho following Item from tho Detroit Tribune: So few vessels have been placed In commission this spring that the Tug As sociation find they havo more tugs In commission than the trade demands, ond It In proposed to re tire nulto a number of them from service Imme diately. until there Is a demand fur thorn. At least three or four, and probably a half dozen, will bo laid np....Wednesday night, ns the prop Gordon Campbell, of the Anchor Line, was coming down Lake Huron, and while oil Thun der Hay light, she collided with tho sebr Juno Bell, loaded with lumber, causing her to leak. The Camp bell towed the schooner Into Port Huron, where she will go intoduck for repairs. The propeller passed on her way but slightly damaged.... Tho Detroit Free Prtt ssays: Should Congress scuflt to pass an ample appropriation to meet the expenses of the lake survey for the coming season, the steam ship Ada will be lilted out; If, on tho contrary, economy is practiced In this Item of expenses, siio will remain ns now.nnldloaud expensive ornament at the Government duck. The United Elates steam ship Warrington will leuro tor Saginaw next Tues day, where CapL L. Lcderliu will superintend tho constructing of two lighthouses, which aro-to bo bullion tho Saginaw Itlver theprceenlseasoii.... Says the Detroit Fo»t of Saturday: ’’Thosclir Arctic, of Chicago, arrived down yesterday taking in water hadly. Thu Arctic sprung a leak while coming through the straits, aud mado water so fast she was compelled tu gut assistance. Thu tug Le viathan was engaged, and, with tho help of pumps, succeeded In bringing the Arctic to this port. The cargo of the Arctic consists of 10,600 bn of corn, from Chicago Tor Edwardsbnrg, onlhoSL Lawrence lllvor. Tho grain Is seriously damaged, and will probably be taken out nt this port. Tho vessel bus gone into Clark’s dry-dock for repair®. M NDW DEVICE FOU SOUNDING THE SEA. Ad Ingenious Instrument baa been recently In vented In England by Mr. C. William Siemens for determining tho depth of tho sea without the use at a sounding Uuc. Hung np in tlio cabin uf a ship, It will at any moment Indicate what la tho depth of tho water belotr. In on illustrated description of tho Instrument In Jfature tho principle of construc tion la shown to depend on the variations In gravity which mult from the interposition at ecnof water, which has less attractive force than earth for a body on its surface. Thu attraction of gravity la deter mined by tho density of tho earth, which may bo roughly estimated os about the average of surface rook, ami about GH times that of sen water. Conscnuenlly. If a ship could be weighed In u spring oalunco. It would bo found lightest when on tfio deepest water. In Air. Diemen’s device a column of mercury Is bung In a spring balance, and very delicate contrivances indicate tlio exceed ingly slight dltlorencus in weight. It will give a notion of the delicacy of tho instrument to men tion that tho record it gives for change of latitude Is fur greater than for sea depths, and baa tu bu allowed forln calculation; of courses this should bu tlio case, since tho earth Is twenty-six and one- Imlf miles thicker at the equator than at the poles. Tested by the noundlnga of the Challenger, the readings of the Instrument have proved remarkably accurate. When tho contour of the ocean bed la butter ascertained, the muons will thus bo afforded lo tlio mariner for ascertaining bis position by studying the Indications of this Index to tho depth uf water beneath idm when the sky Is too much clouded fur observation. CAUniAOES, CARRIAGES. We nro selling nt greatly re duced prices, LAJ3DAUS, LANDAULET3, OLAEEHOE3, OOAOHEB, OOOPEB, and OOtJPEIiETS, Our Patent Countorbnlanood Front FIVE-UGHT LANDAUS SPALL ING PHONT BERLIN COACHES are the loading Carriagoa of tho day, and, far boauty of design, simplic ity, and thoroughness of construc tion, oro unsurpassed. - The Palling Pronto to bath' aro niooiy counter balanced by a Spring (which ar rangement la Patented*), and oan with oaoh bo lowered and raised with tho Unger. We guarantee our work to bo FIRST-CLASS, and to please in every particular. •No inl'riugeaienlof oar rights under tho above patent, will bo allowed. H. KXLLAM & CO., 39 Chestnut-st., Now Haven, Conn. C. Q. THX BROgKB l» otir Agent In Chicago. Pllliilo£Ll*UiA ADVEUTISEIII'TS. pll ILADEiPIIIA EXIIIUITIOS; QUOHOB Si UJ.ACIt WJtEL’O pUUE tICkLLUH lu Malt VJaogar. jpcil HAUOlttMur FUli, U«al, and GarnOt pOTTEO RfßATtf uml Vl£ll» Q EQUINE MUttTAUU, _ ' gtl'liUlOll UtAXoT VINIiUAUf JrOlH, JELLIEB, 31AIUIALAOE8, and otiHr n'AMUI lIEIdUUCIKM AHB ,I>IHPI-A Ytl; X l(i llio AKrlculiural Hull. wlktb loiMctlim U l3< vlled. unJ utiulil by all Uualera lu am*c)o»l trnHxrlcg In Oie u tilled biau« md <,i. Every ttunulnu wrtlclu In labeled. ho{fo LQN'DO W. 'po IN PItILAUEI-' , W U. 8., HAItnOAD VIHfB TABI.D, ARRI7AL MMEM®MOFIRA®a Xrplommn of ntfntritt j/urt*.—tStturds* ohioaoo & koethwestebu mnwAT. T, ckc: °m c c% t\2 Clark-it. (Sherman iiouto) and 1 Cnml-street., comer Mndtson-st., and *ttlie dsnsa Leave. nPselflc Past tine hmsoa. m. npubnqo* Day Kx. via Clinton *10:80*. m. rtjjibuiiuo nlblii Ex. vlacrton 111 :n> p, m. oOmsha Nfjxue Express ..ftit-.oon. m. Express • 0:18*. ra. 2«. f? e l >o y * Dnbiiniin Express • 0:50 p. m. Ml wsukee Post Mall (dally) } 7:80*. m. t*M wankeo RxproM *10:00*. tn. Wl IwaukeoPaasengep • 8:00 p. m. bMllwankee ivusonger (dally) «ll:oop. ra. (•Green Hay Express... ♦ o:3o£ m. ftBU Paul A Minneapolis Ex... *10:00 *. m. jvinon* Express., f 0:45 p. m. Mlarqiictte Express M0:00p, m. aCenav* Lake Express • 4:00 p. m. OUencvnLnka Express *4;43p. m. o-Depot corner of Wells and Klnxle-sta. u-Dcpot comer of Canal and Klnslc-it*. _ , MIOEIQAIT OBHTBAL BAItROAl). Dwt. foot of Lake •«.. sad foot of TwentrsenjDibit Tiekct'omcc, 07 ciark-M., southeast coroerof itS dolph, and at Palmer House, "■ I*«TO. MMI (rl* Main and Atrtlnc)... • l Pay Expreaf • Kniamueo Accommodation... * Ajinmic Uxpm*(diijir> t a.isp NlKlit Kxprciw......... ru.uub.. f7/untt fi/ipUli ana Jluttegon, Morniner Eitprcw i • ft.poiv m. Hlght ttf.OOp. in. O.onu. m. ‘TiTOmk. «.oon. m. • Bsnop. m ’4.nop.m. *lo:3oa.n* i O.lSp. m. 9 H:ooa. m. ••y.twp. m. 1*0:30*. tn. •7530p.r0. •0:30 a. m. t Saturday e*T • Sumlojr K*. * Monday Bxi "| Dali* OHIOAOO, AMOT & SrLOUIS m 3 OHIOAOa KANSAS OUT & DENVER BUORT LIMB. Union Depot. West Blile, nenr Marilson-it brtdte Ticket oniccfl! At Depot, and 133 Randolph**;* 6 Leave. K«mm City * neater Pont Rx. St. Loula * Hprlnfflold Rx 8t- Lout*. Bprtftßfleia&Texni. rcorla D«r Bxproffl I’corla, Keokuk* llnrltnihon. CJilcoko* I’aducah U. u. KX..I Btrealor. Laron, Waah'Um Kx. Joliet* Dwight Accotnmdat'nl •13:90p.m. • 3:40p. m. • 0:00a, m. • 7:50n. to. I o:nop. m. 17:40a.m. 1 »:lWa. m. • 7:00 p.m. • o:«Jp»ra. • 7:40a. m. • o:ooa. m. • 7:sop. m. •13:30 p.m. * auup.m. • a;oop. m. . 9;aoa. m. LAKE SHORE & MICHIGAN SOUTHERN. Leave. Mall, via Main Lino 6:405. m. Stoop, m. Rncclnt N..Y, Express 0:00a. m. fltOOp. m. At sntleExpress, dally 0:15p.m. B:ooii.m. ColchourAccommodation.... 3:40p. m. 11:10 s. m. Mght Express tiomop. m. ft 3:40 s. m. onioiao, miWADKEE & BT. PAUL saheoad. Union Depot, corner Madison and Csnat-sU. Ticket Office, ou South Clark-st., opposite Sherman lioum, and at Depot. Leave. Milwaukee Express . • 6:23 a. m. • Wisconsin A Minnesota Thro* Day Express *10:000. m. Wisconsin, lowa, and Minne sota Express • 5:03 n. m. *1 Wisconsin* Minnesota Thro 1 Might Express t »:4?5 p. ra. It All trains run via Milwaukee? Tickets fop Bt. Paul and Minneapolis aro good either via Madison and Prairie' du Cblen, or via Watertown, La Crosse, and Winona. ILUNOIB CENTRAL RAILROAD. Depot, footof Lako-st. and foot of Tweniy-nccond-st. Ticket Office, 121 llnndolplwt.. near Clark. Leave. Bt. Louis Kxpmss Bt. Louis Fast Lino Cairo * New Orleans Ex Cairo Night Ex Kprlngflcld, I’eurla * Keokuk HprlngAetd Night Express..... I'eurln and Keokuk Express .. Dubuque & Sioux City Ex..... Dubuque * Biour City Ex..... (jllumu Pawengor BMOft. m. H:3sp. m. HMD 0. ID. H:3.t p. m. H.4U n. m. 8:33 p. m. 8:85 p. m. o::i(ia. m. i>:23 p. m. g;tap. in. CHICAGO, BURLINGTON & Depots, footer Lako-at., India st.. and Canal and Sixteenth- Clark-st., aud at depots. Qumcnr railroad idb-aYm and Sixteenth •its. Ticket Offices, os Leave. Mall and Express • Ottawa and streatar Passoon'r' llockford, Dubuque * tiluux Cliy • Paclilc Fast Ltoo, far Omaha. • Kansas City, Leavenworth, Atchison * St. Joseph Exp. 1 Aurora Passenger ' Mcmlota, Ottawa * Streator Pusengor • AorornPaaicngor < Aurora Passenger (Sunday)... Dubuque & Hloiix City Exp..,. * Paelftu NUsht Exp. fur Omaha 1 Kansas City, Leavenworth, Atchison *flt. Joseph Exp.. 1 Downer's Grove Accumniod'n ' Downer’s Grove Accummud’n * Downer’s Grovo Accomtnod'n * Texas Express • • 7:30 a. m. • 71 SO a. m. • f):00 n. m. •hwxj a. m. •lo:<x>a. m. * B:ia p. tu. • 4:20 p. m. • 6:30 p. m. „ IsbOp. m. • 0:2fl p. m. UO-.oup. m. tiosoo p. nr. •llinoi. m. • 1:43 p. in. • 0:23 p, rn. *I0;W p. m. * Ex. Sunday. t Ex. Saturday. % Ex. Mouday. ERIE AND ChToAQO LINE. Ticket Offices, S 3 Clork-st., Palmer Home. Graalf PoclQa, aud at depot, 12J Mlohluan-ar., earner \fiy||. son. Trains leave from Exposition Pudding. Leave. Arrivt. 1 Day Express—PUltman Draw ' Inc-Heum Sleeping Cars. to , New York without change.. 8!C0o.m. 'Bsloo. m. Atlantic Express Pullman > PnlscoDniwlng-HoomSlecp* ♦ lug Cars and Ifutcl Car I' S;mp.m. B:lop.m.' Ouly lino running tho hotel can to Now York. rmsEDHO. rr, WAxini& omoAao bahwat. Leave. Arrive, Day Express ... • omon. tiT *7:oop. m. Pacino Express.. ft 5:13 p. to. t Ci3>»». m. Local Pomcu gcr—Fast Mali.... ft Q:Oi)p. in. ft (imo,*. uu Fast Lino tto:oop. m. Ih:OOr. m. Malt * 8:00 a. m. * flioap. to t Monday excepted 0 * 1 * * Dal,y *' t Saturday exceptf* BALTIMORE RAILROAD. Trains leave from rear of Exposition UiilldinganfltoOt uf rweoty-suciuad-it. Depot corner tad Mtchlcau-av. City office, 83 Clark-st., coraox o 2 Washington. * Leave. Arrive. Accommodation • 7:40o. m. • stiop. tu. Day Express • 8:63a. m. 9 «itOa: m. Fast Express ft a:CBp. in. » 8:lop. m. {Dally. 'Daily, Sundays excepted. OHIOAQO, ROOK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAILROAD. Depot, corner of Van Uuren and' Shuman-sts.. Ticket oltlcu, Ofand Pacific Hotel. Leave. .Arrive. Omaha.Leavcnw’th*Atch Ex *lo;noiv m. * 4lOO*n. in* Peru Accuuimodallou • 8:00 u. mi • UißQb. m. Night Express "... ftiomnp. m. tQ:33a. m. MEDICAL OAUD9. loa Hospital, cor. WasMiutra & Fraitlli-sts, Chartered by (he State of Illinois for-tho express par* peso of glrhiK immedlato relief In all casta of private* chronic, tuidurluary diseases-In all their complicated forms. It Is well known thavDK. JAMES has stood sf tliu header tho profession for tho past 3U yearn. Ago and experience are nu-lmpor(aut v Houilnal Weakness* night losses hy dreams, plmrlbson thbloco-,lost man hood, cun nositlrvly Iw cured. Ladles warning the most delicate allouUoa,caU or write. Plcotant home for pa tients, A book for tho million. Marriage Guide, wlilclf tells you all about these dlsonacs—who should marry— why not— tuccnu to pay postage. Dr. James has 94 rooms and parlors. You see uuono but the Doctor. Dr. James Is sixty veara of s«e. cniunltallons always fret uud lavlicd. Offivuhours. Da. in. to 7p. m. HuotUyf* 10 to 13 a. m. All business strictly confidential. » e gj»du*(s'o l |'V£* t |l»i?urm school of Medicine i uitsoonercuryt lunger locsUd amt Jiss th*Urf*ttprsclieeofsi>yspvchll*tltilhs Northwest, ami, ss •» InWiligenl tut will profs, la Uis ONLY ret] Soientlllo Bp*> olallstin Chicago. Contullslion tt<*i am (acridly tuiUUfß* flat. Frlfsteboardwhcndcslrad. MARRIAGE mSSiS immimnM«a ( || lw , (I | (( j n re prtxiuciH>ai fiinnP UUBWM K lls »hs world. Pries M ccuw. A book OffleTo. Dr. OUM. ° la * w. lg,x «■ tt. dr. c. mmm, 83 WESTUADISON-BT.! OHIOAQO, ILL, Can be consulted personally, free of charge, on all Chronic, tiexual. and Nervous Diseases, i’amphlet, UU pages, on nbovu diseases, sent to any nddte*4 for two Ue stamps. Uuoms separata for ladies and gentlemen- M-AHRIAGU GUIDE, OB BEXUAfc PATHOLOGY, 2(H) )>ages, largo slxo, eontalolui all that Is worth knuwliiK. and much that is uw published In auy other work. Price, 60 cunts. Itollfoad and worklngnteu prescribed for free. Dr. Stono, 171 Madison-at., dblcago, HI., pormaueuUy cures all chronic, Sexual, uudl’rlvatt Fenude Diseases. Bemlual Weakness, tissual . Ihjblllly, etc. Cares guaranteed or money refundnL > Overfif.niu cases cured. Charges reasonable.. Medh clues wot everywhere. Consultation fieri and couifc deutlal, personally or by mall. A (took for bulb Mxtsa Illustrated, and circulars of oilier things ssnl sosUd f« , two sumps. N. IL—A test will prove that Dr. Blone U the only specialist la Chicago who Is a regular gradual* In medicine. ■ isra Dr. Kean, 17S Santa ciatt-st, earner C Boira, ciuan' . May be consulted, personalty or by mall, rn» of vbsnm •on all ebnmiuur nervous dhcoses. DU. J. IsJfAU IsLW ouly physician In tho city who warrants cures or ns pay. Office hours, oa. in. toap. iu.l faundaysfrom tf ta IJ. 11 comprising aserlcs of lectures delivered at E»Lu i Museumof- Anatomy, New York. oulhacajMt aadejfM of prwuiaiuro dudma, sliowme ludisputably how msj health may be regained, aftordlngaclesrsynopeisof UN impedlmsnuuj marriage, and theinsatmenl otW vow .and physics! debility. Ulog thSresullof jWyo*rr aspw Arrived • 2; J 2 p - n • 8:40 n. m |«:i«'£nv t*. m, : 3ißop. ro! !;!“>£& i m, m. t ,0.00 a. nu JfWa to. • 7:ujp. Arrlvcu Arrive. Arrlrc, Arrive. 7:30 p. m. 1 4:00 p. m. ■11:00 a.m. 7:00 0. m. Arrive. •8:45p. m. 4 7::»a. m. * «:«P. tu. ft 7:30 n. in. * fliaop. m. 5 7:30a! ra. * 7.00 a. m. * 4:30p. ra. * 7:oon. m. * 0:23 a. m, Arrive. 7:40 p. m. 7:40 p. in. 3:40 p. nv 4:00 p. to. 4:00p. m 7:55 a. m • oms a. m •ouxjo. m. lo:ion. m • 7:i«b. m 17:toa. m 1 7:10 a. m • 2:1X5 p. m • r.:23p. tu, • 0:43a. to, t 7:40 p. n*

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