Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 16, 1876, Page 5

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 16, 1876 Page 5
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POLITICAL. Oistinglnguished Gathering of Liberals at New York Yesterday. A Conference 6f Interest and Importance ,to the Re publican Forty. Speeches by Carl Sohurz, Ex-President Wolsey, and Others. Col. Harlow and tho State Printing Steal—His Residence. Thomas B. Bryan Not a Candi date for Lieutenant-Gov ernor. Hie Eleventh Ward Republicans Solid Against Beveridge. NATIONAL POLITICS. THE LIBERALS. NATIONAL convention in nbw tore. New York, May IC.—About 800 prominent gentlemen from ' various parts of the country assembled at the Fifth Avenue Hotel to-day to attend a political conference called by William C. Bryant, Horace White, T. D. Woolscy, A- 11. Bullock, and Carl Sthurz. Secretary Lodge sailed the meeting to order, and read the call. ; The following were appointed permanent offl ijere: President, Theodore D. Woolscy; Vico i Presidents, G. G. Fogg, Now Hampshire; C. W. ] Willard, Vermont; 11. L. Pierce, Martin Brim -1 ley, Julius H. Seclyc, Mark Hopkins. James F. !Clark, Massachusetts; Leonard Bacon, Joseph :Cummlngs, Connecticut; U. Hazard, Wentworth Hlgglnson, Rhode Island; W. C. Bryant, John Jay, O. Otthndorfer, E. Solomon, Bradford R. Wood, Cyrus W. Field, Charles Bnllcr, and Sam tel Osgood, Now York; Thomas Batch, Henry tea, william Welsh, Pennsylvania: cx-Gov. Mill er, J. 1). Cox, Ohio; Cot. Martin, Indiana; John H. Bryant andßoborfCollycr, Illinois; J. Bavin.F. V, Horn. Wisconsin; Joan McNeil, James 8. Rol lins, Missouri. . . „ . Secretaries—lT. C. Lodge, Massachusetts; F. A. Walker, Connecticut; 11. A. Brown, Pennsylvania; A. Reccnno and Enos Clark, Missouri. PRESIDENT WOOLSCY said that for eight or ten years past the country was growing politically worse. Leading and strong men of the Republican party had made the country blush with shame, and now this meeting was called to decide what was best to he done to remedy mat ters. scnoiu’s speech. The Timet famishes the following abstract of. the speech of Carl Seburz at a political conference to-day: Mr. Scbnrz rose, and, waiting a moment for the applause to subside, said he had merely risen to submit a motion. As one of the.slgnera of the call ho Clanked the gentlemen present for the favor of their otlendaucc. The sice, and, If ho might say, the weight, of the mooting was far bo fond his anticipations. Ho had been some line in political life, and bad been most accustomed to meeting men who seemed ever on their guard to avoid the slightest appearance of having a will of their own-ln political matters. Ho was pleased to see what seemed to him the most happy evidence that the spirit of independence was rising and daily galnlngstrength. [Applause.] Continuing his remarks Mr. Schurzsald ho had not for some years acted with any political party, and he had been, called foolish and absurd for not doing do. Perhaps he was. We were told thill'the country mast bo governed by parties; that everything must be done by parties, and that parties must exist. This was true enough, but to bis Idea the first requisite a man should make of a party be was to act with was that It should bo good. [Applause.] Wo Independents do not want to camp out all our lives. We should bo glad of some roof to get under, but tbo stress of weather Is not so great as to make us ready to accept any party roof how ever dilapidated it may be. [Laughter. 1 They aay we Independents arc on the fence, but if we aro afraid to step down It Is because wo ace so much mud on either side of It. Referring to the issuance of the call, Ur. Sclmr* said they had sent out their invitations almost by chance. They had only inquired whether the gen tlemen they Invited wore patriotic men, or men who bad the good of tho country at heart.—men who were willing earnestly to work for Us good without being overridden by parly That was their only criterion. In response to this call, the present Conference hail assembled. It was not a packed Convention in favor of this or that candidate, but a conference of gentlemen who had met from an earnest desire to advance tho pnhilc good. They had come to see what could be done. There were two ways of doing this, one by the gentlemen present declaring the thoughts that were in their hearts; tho other, by adopting some definite plan of action. COMMITTEE ON PLATFORM. Parke Godwin, Judge S. 8. Foster, of Connecti cut, John W. Hoyt, of Wisconsin, Martin Rrlra met, of Massachusetts, and Carl Schurz, were ap pointed a Committee to draw up some definite plan of action, and to take such other measures as may bo doomed necessary, and report to the Conven tion. ' SPEECH OP DR. OSGOOD, Dr. Osgood spoke as follows: It Is every man’s dnty to bo a patriot, be he cleri cal or lay. Of late the Government has been sep arated from that high morality necessary, and sporting politicians have crept Into office, whoaro of a base and moat damnable class. Wo do not like tbo White Hoiieo. An unpleasant odor has arisen all around It, and while believing that the present Incumbent Is not a bad man, yet his asso ciates aro bad. He lias placed men in office who have made ui all hang our heads by their misdeeds. We want a man In that office Intelligent, honest, capable, high-toned, and fearless. [Applause.] OTHER SPEECHES. Franklin MneVcagh. of Chicago, said bo came on as ho was interested In Mr. Bristow, and thought the conference was also. He did not know what would be dune, but thought that tho composers of the conference were mere boys In‘politics, that they were too abstract and should get down to lomethlng personal and definite. duties .Francis Adams, Jr., said he would not fire off his cun like Mr. MncVeagh until ho first saw Ills bird. (Laughter.] He preferred waiting for the report of the Committee before presuming that nothing positive would be done. Henry A. Dowen, of Philadelphia, said a rigor ous course of politics in Philadelphia had excluded every man of respectability from office. Public honor was degraded. Office and emolment appeared to bo the atm of life. Money, money, was all the cry. Youth was corrupted and manhood put to shame. We desire to put a stop to these things and preserve oar Government from destruction. William C. Bryant begged to bo excused from speaking. Dr. Leonard Bacon said ho camo to hoar and learn. Tho Issue bofora tho country to-day la o moral one. Will we pay our dobtaT The Govern* dent baa acted In bad faith, and their notes are to* day living Men on their face. Oflicca arc sought solely (or profit, not for honor. Prof. Julius Beelye said he did notbcllovo we had (alien on degenerate times. Cases of corruption u-ero few considering tho number of persons In of* flee. We can reform nil those things by having a President who will think olllco a solemn trust, a self-forgetting man, courageous and above suspi cion, who will appoint men to olllco on merit and re move only fur cause. Col. Hlgginson, of Rhode Island, said tho party Was tottering from Its very strength, hut a little Stirring up would do it no harm, William Welsh, of Philadelphia, said It was a Question whether wo woro slaves or not. Hu thought not. The people woro In hands of wily office-seekers, and required to he shaken over tho bottomless pit before waking up. Wo want good pen in office to «nvo tho country, and must nave them, or we had heller apply fur annexation to brazil. - Mr. Behans announced that the Committee had irduous duties and could not report this evening, hn address was being drawn up to the people of the United States, hud was not ready yet; also Kune resolutions. The conference adjourned until to-morrow. INDIANAPOLIS. TUB INFLATIONISTS. Special jHipateJt to Tfu Triton*. Indianapolis, Ind. t May 15.—Up to date Uiere U uo Indication of a crowd at tho ap proaching National Independent Convention. Only two delegates Imvo put In an appearance— Oen. Blnglp ton, of Springfield, II)., and Anson .Wolcott, of this State, a candldatmfor Lieu* leneat-Oovcrnor. William Allen, of Ohio, la Mao named In connection with the nomination (or tho Presidency, but Butler and Booth seem *> grow In favor aa the ticket. , DEMOCRATIC DISSATISFACTION. ■ ’lt la rumored that the Democratic State Con* K*l Committee have been called to meet soon to Ukeaome measures by which Judge Busklrk can bo tot off the ticket as a candidate for Supreme Court fudge, and as to the advisability of inducing the Mber judicial candidates to go off with him—all on Account of the recent exposures of tho lavish and tasteful expenditure of money by the Court. _ HENDRICKS. 'Private advice* received here to-day from Wash- WCtoB state that Qov, Hendricks has withdrawn from the race for the Democratic nomination it St. Louis. Uo 1b not In the city, mil cannot be in* lorvlcrrcd. STATE rOUTICS. IXjT.INOIS. COL. BARLOW'S RB9IDBNCTL To Oi* Editor of Tho Tribune, SrnmnrißLD, m., May 13. As there Is consid erable discussion going on In tho papers, as well a* among the people, regarding the residence of Cot. George 11. Barlow, candidate forrcnomlnatton to the office of Secretary of State, before the Republi can Convention soon to assemble, permit me to offer, In solution and settlement of the msltor, the following Idler from Col. Ilnrtow, copied from the files of the Daily Journal of April 13, 1800, ac cepting tho nomination of the Republican party of this city for the office of Mayor. Since, to bo Mayor, one roust bo both a citizen and an elector, this letter would seem to put a quietus on the pre tensions of Tazewell County, regarding tho Col onel's residence: tJi'RUtnnau). April 12. IBCO.-G IT. ifaihtny, R*q., Chairman Republican Oily Oommttlte—Vtun Kin: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your favor of ibis date. Informing me that the Repub lican Centra) Committee has chosen too a* the standard bearer of the Republican party In the municipal elec tion to be hold to-morrow. This tender of the nomina tion for Mayor of tiio City of Bprlngflclrt la an honor un solicited and unexpected by mo: but. never having de clined to do my duty towards my country, or Die po litical party with which I have had Um honor of being connected for many years. 1 cannot now shrink from Its performance. Imposed, as It bas been, by the repre sentatives of tbe Republican party. L therefore, ac cept the nomination, well knowing tho great responsibility resting upon the executive of a city like ourt. If elected to tho onerous and responsi ble position of Mayor. It wilt bn my endeavor, to tbe best of rny knowledge and ability, to perform my du ties In such a manner aa will redound not only to the creditor the party nominating me,4>ut also to tho en tire satisfaction of nil our citizens. Irrespective of party. Reform In the management and retrenchment in the expenditures of the City Government will bo tny aim. 1 am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient ser vant, Ghorob 11. Harlow. At the time of’tho writing of the above Idler Col. Harlow was a clerk in too office of Secretary of State, under Hr. Hummed. Yours truly, • . Rotation. NOT A OANDIDATB. To thr Editor of The Tribune.- Chicago, May 10.—Permit toe to slate publicly, wbftt I havo repeatedly said aud written to friends (for whose suggestion of me I am grateful), that I am nof a candidate for nomination for the Llcutcn ant-Govcmorslilp by tbe forthcoming Convention. Respectfully, Thomas B. Brian. LA BALLB COUNTT. Special Dltpalch to The Tribune. LaSalle. HI.. May 10.—'The Republican dele gates from this city to attend the County Conven tion at Ottawa to-morrow and participate In the election of delegates to the Congressional and State Conventions are nntrammclcd by pledges or instructions. TUB OUTLOOK FROM SPRINGFIELD. Special Dispatch to The Tribune. Springfield, 111., May 16.—A1l Interest to-day centres In the political situation. The friends of Gov, Beveridge and Secretary Harlow are alarmed at the prospect of their defeat. News continues to come In favorable to the nomination of Cullom, and Sdroggs’ friends are very enthusiastic over his gallant race, and what Is regarded as the certainty of bis success. Ruiz Is here to-day from a thor ough canvass of the State, and reports bis prospects as very (tattering. Llppincott and Edsall are re ported as making a very active canvass, with every chance of success. Shuman appears to be the com ing man for Lieutenant-Governor. LIVINGSTON COUNTY. Pontiac. 111., May 16.—The Town of Pontiac, which sends ten delegates to the County Repub lican Convention, which meets hero next Wednes day, held their caucus in the Court-House Saturday aftemoou last. The meeting was quite harmoni ous, and the majority of the delegates, though un instructed, are thought to be for Cullom end Scruggs. A large attendance is expected at the Republican County Convention on Wednesday. GREENE COUNTY. Special DiipatcA to The Tribune. Springfield, 111., May 16.—The Greene County delegates appointed on Saturday stand three for Bldgway ana one for Beveridge. JOHNSON AND MABBAO. Special Dispatch to The Tribune. Springfield, .11)., May 16.—Advices from the Johnson County Conventions, held on Saturday, say both counties instructed their dele gates for Ridgeway for Governor. PIKE COUNTY, ILL. Special Dispatch to The Tribune. Pittsfield, HI., May 16.—The Republican County Convention held to-day was largely attend ed, and very harmonious. Seven delegates wore appointed to the State Convention. There were no instructions other than to vole as a unit A reso lution was enthusiastically adopted Indorsing A. C. Matthews for Governor. IIBNRV COUNTY. Special Ditpalch to The Tribune. Rock Island, 111., May IS.— I The Republicans of Henry County to-day nominated H. Patton for Circuit Clerk, William Vanlco for Sheriff, J. 11. Mllchrlst for State’s Attorney, and J. P. For for the General Assembly *Sta Oodgrcaalonal dele gates were instructed far Hondereon. The Utate delegates were loft frnn. - They ore regarded as for Cullom, Vinton, NccaijA Canfield, am Hallow. IOWA. THE DIfkCOGZUOC, Des Moines, la., Mag 15.—The Democratic State Convention meets hero Wednesday morn ing. Quito a number of prominent Democrats are already here, among them Ed Campbell, Chairman of the State Central Committee. The prospects are better than usual for a large attend ance. Tho feeling is strongly against any instruc tions on the Presidency, but there are strong Hen dricks Indications among all nowhere, leaders and followers. MISCEIiIiANEOUS. SMELLS or corruption. Terra Haute, Ind M May I.—The Journal of this city to-morrow calls upon tho State Demo cratic Control Committee to investigate tlie charges of corruption against Supreme Judges who are on tlie ticket for ro-clectlon, and urges that they be forced to step dawn and out If the charges arc established. Tho Journal is Dem ocratic. LOCAL POLITICS. EIiBVENTII WARD. no snow pon dbveridoe. A meeting of the Eleventh Ward Republican Club was held nt Martino's Hall last evening, President Hammond in the chair, and William Kerr Secretary. Tbo flrst order of business was to arrange some financial matters, oud this being completed, Mr. Fcrrlcr moved that the Clubjirocced to the nomination of delegates to the County Conven tion, to he voted for at the primary election. George Sherwood amended the motion so that tho First, Second, and Third Precincts should bo entitled to three delegates cadi, and the Fourth Precinct to two delegates. Tho amendment was accepted by tho mover of the original motion, and the motion was reduced to writing. FIRST PRECINCT. Tho motion was adopted, and it was deter mined that the nominations should be made by Sredncts, when W. Emerson, A. F. Miner, 8. C. lover, and IL ti. Alvin were nominated for the First Precinct. It was agreed to elect the nominees by a vivo voce vote, when some one urged tbo name of A. F. Miner for adoption. Mr. Carter said he wanted to know how Mr. Minor stood on tho Gubernatorial question before his name was presented—whether no wua far or against Rovundgu. Hu believed It would bo sui cidal to nominate Beveridge, and ho wanted each candidate for delegate to the County Convention to pul himself on record before he was selected. F. A. Kiddle introduced tho following resolu tion: JUtolvtd, That this Club la opposed to the nomi nation of John L. lloverldgo (or tho Governor of Illinois. Willard Woodard was opposed to the resolution. He was not In favor of any of the candidates for Governor that had been named, and believed that a now man would bo sprung In tho next week. Mr. TulblU was in favor of the resolution, be lieving as ho did that It expressed tho sentiment of tho ward. Ho was In favor of Instructing tho delegatee that might bo chosen, for in no other way could thejr represent tho sentiment of those op* ?r«vious question was called. In answer to calls or Mr. Miner, ho said that If he was chosen as a delegate he would go unpledged. Ho had resided in tho ward some time, and bad a standing In tho party, and would not submit to having hls rights as u delegate infringed on In any way. The motion to nominate A. V. Miner as a dele* gate was then put and carried by a unanimous vote. The name of William Emerson as a delegate was next brought forward, but owing to bis absence, and the uncertainty of his position, hls nomination was defeated by u large vole. On motion, 11. 8. Albln and 8. C. Blorcr were chosen the other two delegates from tho Pint Pro duct with but little opposition. SECOND PRECINCT. The following nominations were made for tho Second Precinct, and unanimously adopted: W. Woodard. W. 11. Wells, and Munroo Heath. THIRD PRECINCT. In the Third Precinct tho nominations wore ex tensive, and the following were selected: D. J. Avery, 11. W. Carter, and C. N. Holden. FOURTH PRBCINCT. In tho Fourth Precinct the following were chosen oa delegates; A. W. Edwards and F, A. Kiddle. Tho Club then adjourned till the first Monday after the Cincinnati Convention. ... The delegates selected are anti-Beveridge to a man. Between Cullom and Beveridge they uru for the former, but their preference wilt be for a new man. George Bcroggs, one of the candidates for Secre tary of State, dropped into the meeting dating the evening, and was very favorably received. MINOR MEETINGS. TWELFTH WARD. Tho Republican Club of the Twelfth Ward held a largo meeting at Owley’e Hall, corner of Madison and Robey streets, Reuben Cleveland, HIE CHICAGO TRIBUNE; TUESDAY. MAY 16, 1876. Vlco-Prcsldcnt, occupied tho chair, and R. 8. Critchcll acted aa Secretary. A motion to elect new ofllccrs was tabled. A committee of live was eckctcd to funilsli a. list of fifteen gentlemen to act aa delegates to tho County Convention, auhjcct to the decision of tho voters at tho primary election on the 18lh Inst. The names of J. C. Policy, John Will* lams, A. M. Wright, L. 11. Brisbcc, E. B. Bold* win, R. E. Jenkins, G. D. Buckley, Martin How ard, J. L. Campbell, C. 11. Crain, Jacob Gross, J. Silversmith, William M. Laagblln. C. C. Kohl aaat, and Avery Moore, were reported. A vote wasUknnononch of the names, and K, L. Hough was selected In place of Mrt Gross, who .withdrew. Tho others were approved. It. U. Jenkins offered a resolution condemning the course of cz-Mayor Colvin and endorsing that of Aid. Rawiclghand McCrco, and It was unani mously adopted. On motion, Messrs. Baldwin, Langhlln, and Case were appointed a committee to attend to the reor ganization of the Club, and report at oa meeting next Tuesday night. StXTRRNTH WARD. The Republicans of tbo Sixteenth Ward met last night for the purpose of nominating delegates to be submitted to thu primaries Thursday. Tho meeting was advertised for Sven Hall, but the proprietor claimed to have misunder stood the date, and refused to open until another place was found, and then bis overtures were promptly rejected. Tho meeting was finally held In the rear of Horn’s beer-hall, 107 Clyhonm avenue. Mr. Valentine Ruh presided, ana called the meeting to order at about 6:43, lie explained that It had been called by tho Executive Committee for the nomination of delegates, and that all good Republicans were entitled, a voice In tho selec tion. On motion, the Chair appointed tho following namod gentlemen a Committee on Nominations: Messrs. L. Brcnlnno, L. J. Ksdlsh, Hugh Ritchie, Henry Mongol, and John Hettinger. Aftdr a lengthy deliberation tho Committee re ported the following nnmon: diaries I’robst, Leo pold Radish, Hugh Ritchie, William Vockfc, John Locbe, Anthony llottlnger, and Jacob Lcngacher; and as alternates tho following: Jumcsß. Hugiiin, George V. Varbock, Fritz Frlllmnn, Valentino Rnh, John TUicimvald, and Fred Witte. Tbo report of tbo Committee was taken up, and the names were taken up seriatim. All thu dele gates named by tbe Committee were adopted ex cept Anthony Ilottingcr, where Fritz FrlUtnann was substituted. Considerable difficulty Arose as to who should ac cept tho ofllce of aUenmtes, which resulted In the following lint: Jacob Valkmann. Valentino Huh. John Rhelnwald. Henry Mongol, William Schnabel, Adam Hill, and James Kelley. The meeting then Adjourned. Only four of the delegates were present, Probst, Kadlsh. Ultchlc, and Frlllman. Probst nays he is nlin undetermined wlmjn ho will nupport for Gov ernor. Hltchlonnd Kaillsh say they are for Bev orldge. Frillmann at first stated that ho In for Cullom, but over u glass of beer the other three consulted with him. and ho then announced him* self ns a Beveridge man. It is said the whole dele* cation will support Beveridge's claims, much to the disgust of the Club, who now propose putting another ticket In the field. Tint fifth ward. • The Fifth Ward Republican Club passed a resolu tion at Its Inst meeting that the Judges of election and H. WoIIT, the Secretary of the Club, should be the Registry Committee, whose duty it is to sit from 7:110 to 9 o’clock Saturday, May 111, at 1010 South Halstcd; Monday evening, May 10. nt Olden burg’s Hall, corner of Twenty-first and Wentworth avenue; and Wednesday evening, Mpy 17, at Mcr gcnthnlcr’s Halt, comer ofU’wenty-scvenlb street andWcntworlh avenue, to receive the names of all Republican voters in the ward, in order to prevent illegal voting and ballot-box stufilug at the coming primary for the election of delegates to the Cook County Convention, to bo held May 20. None but registered citizens will be entitled to vote. FIFTEENTH WAUD. A meeting of the Fifteenth Ward Republican Club was held last night at the church, corner of Sophia and Mohawk streets, Mr. George £. Adams presiding over a very large attendance. Mr. C. T. Adams, the Chairman of the Commit tee on Constitution and By-Laws, reported for the Committee In a constitution. Before action by the meeting had been taken, Cnpt. P. M. Ryan ottered an addition. The amendment met with opposition fromC. T. Adams and the Hon. John C. Barker, who moved to lay It upon tbo table, and the motion was car ried. Upon motion of Mr. Barker, the Constitution was acted upon by sections. A brief discussion took place upon tho section on membership, It be ing at length decided by the adoption of the clause that, any resident of Dio Ward, against whom there was no reasonable objection, was eligible. The constitution was adopted as read, and the by laws were taken up, considered, and adopted by sections os written. Cant. Ryan's amendment provided that the Club should, In case It was proved against any candidate in the primary election that be bad used unfair means, or introduced any outside or illegal voters to secure his nomination, declare such nom ination void. Tho clansu was voted down. It bong hold that tho only wuytd secure a fair Re publican primary lay in tho Judges of election, who should throw aaldo or refuse to rccclvu doubt ful votes. The other clause provided that the Club should “support the regular nominees of the Republican party, whether made by delegates la convention assembled, or at a primary election when so or* dered by the Republican Central Committee." This clause was also defeated by an overwhelming majority. The constitution and by-laws were then adopted us n whole. The question of tho election of officers coming up, Cant. Ryan moved that tho Club proceed to ballot for President. Tho motion raised tho question of who was entitled to vote. After various opinions, the rolls of tho Cluh were opened for signers, and other business was deferred UU the next meeting. . A WAR OF RACES. Horrible News from tho Unhappy Felicianos in Louisiana—Conflicting Dispatches. Put ting tho Deaths at from Three to Sixty. New Orleans, May 15.—Thu New Orleans THmet' special dated Summit, Ml ns., May 15, says; Information was received hero last night of a row between negroes and whites at Laurel till], West Feliciana Parish, ncor tho Mississippi lino. On Friday night, about thirty negroes went to tho store of a white man In that vicinity, called him to tho door and riddled him with bullets, A posse of Uauyou Sara wont put Saturday for tbo body. Tho negroes would not give It up. A light ensued and TIIRRR NEGROES WERE KILLED. Two white men are missing. Thu negroes aro gathered. Eleven hundred tiro said to be under arms. Tho whites aro going down from the neighboring counties In Mississippi. A serious fight Is expected. A special to tho Republican from Rayoa tiara, La., May 15, Is what I consider as reliable os to the result of Saturday night’s doings. “EIGHT COLORED MEN HAVE KEEN SHOT DEAD and hangc<L About twenty were wounded. No whiten killed. Persons Just from the scene report sixty blacks killed, but this statement I consider ns exaggerated. Twenty colored men are reported held ns hostages. Their fate Is uncertain, but the supposition Is THI£ WILL RE KILLED; also, that tbo number of negroes killed will never be known, preparations having boon taken to re move tho dead secretly. Thu number of ‘Regu lators* andor arms Is said to be 500, from East Raton Rouge, and East and West Feliciana, and Wilkinson County, Miss. Tho colored people aro said to bo arming In self-defense. Saturday and Sunday nights numbers of colored men crossed to Point Coupee to escape those who arc bunting thorn." [SECOND DISPATCH.] “Ratou Sana, May 15.—There has been a regnlar engagement at Laurel Hill, between white and colored men THREE WHITES ARE REPORTED KILLED. God only knows where this will end. Tho country Is ablaze with excitement. All whites are armed and saddled.” Acting-Gov. Antoine received the following dis patch from Dr. Kaufman, Sheriff of Bast Follclana Parish, dated Bayon Bara, to-day: * ‘ In reply to your telegram 1 have to say that BBVBNTBBH COLORED MEN ARB KILLED and many wounded on the lino of Misiiifwipld and Louisiana; a large number of armed white men are approaching this town. I cannot summon and secure a posse comitntus for tho support of the civil authority, tho suppression of riots, and tho prevention of farther bloodshed. NOTHING BUT MILITARY AUTHORITY will keep peace, therefore I respectfully request that military aid bo placed at my disposal." » RED TAPE. These dispatches have been laid before Geo. Au ger, commanding tho Department, who bos refer red them to Washington. TELEGRAPHIC NOTES. Special Dtipulch to The Tribune. Grand lUftus, Mich., May 15.—Perry Bros., dealers In hats, caps, and furs, In this city, made an assignment to-day. Tho figures of their liabili ties ana assets are not reported, but the former are rumored at 925,000. T, J. O'Brien is their as signee. Special Dispatch to 71 Is TVi&ufU. Dununnu. Is., May 16.—J. itobut. merchant tailor and dealer In roody-madc cloihing, of this city, has failed, and made an- assignment to-duy. This Is the second failure ho baa made wllhla a short time. Manchestbo, N. H., May IS.—Tho Manchester print mills shut down on Saturday for an indefinite time, owing to tho low price of calicoes. Five hundred hands are thrown out of work. tiPhiNarißLU, Mass., May 15.—The Berkshire Woolen Company, of Great Barrington, has (ailed for 8100,000* SUICIDE. Special ptepateti to The THbuna Detroit, May 15.—The wife of Joseph Hayden •hot herself at Springport yesterday. She boa been but recently married. Special Ditpatch to The Tribune. Mendota. HI., Muy 15.—A German named Wsguer was discovered yesterday in Arlington Grove hanging from a tree. He had been missing since Thursday, when he left tho house after hav ing been plowing all day. It la supposed he com* mated suicide while laboring under a fit of tempora ry Insanity, WASHINGTON. That $10,000,000 Silver Resolu tion Defeated in the House. Tho Negative Vote Composed Largely of Southern Democrats. A Resolution Complimentary to Secretary Bristow Offered In the House. Opening Testimony in the Louisiana Investigation. Rumor that Mr. Jewell la About to Leave tho Cabinet. SILVER CHANGE. TUB $10,000,000 RESOLUTION DEFEATED. Special Diipatch to Tho Tribune. Washington, D. C., May 15.—1 n the House thin morning the Fcost resolution authorizing the Issue of $10,000,000 of silver In exchange for greenbacks, the latter to be reissued upon receipt of a like amount of fractional cur rency, was rejected—yets, 135; nays, 73; two thirds not voting. This was the resolution designed to relive the stringency In small change. The negative vote upon tills resolution was composed, with one or two exceptions, of members from the South and West, mostly Demo crats. The following is the vote in detail: TEAS. Adams, Ilcnklo, Pratt, Dauby, Hewitt (Mo.), Balncy. Hat'ley, J, 11, Hewitt (Ala.), Bondall, Ballou, 11111, Bengali, Banks, Hoar. Bcilly, John, Banning, Hoskins, Bobbins (Pa.) Beebe, .looks. Bobu (N. J.), Bell, Joyce, Busk, Binir, Kchr, Sampson, Bradley, Ketrhnm. Scales, Brown (ICon.), Landers (Conn.), Schleicher, Buckner, Lapham, Schumakcr, Burchnnl (lll.),Leavenworth, Hmalls, Burchard(WLa.), I.cMoyue, Smith (Pa.) Burleigh, Levy, Strait, Candler, Lewis, Stowell, Cannon, Lord, Tarbox, Caswell, Lynch, Tteec, Caulfield, Lyndu, Thompson, Clymer, Mackey (3. C.), Throckmorton, Cochrane, Mackey (Penn.), Townsend (Pa.), Conger, Marsh, Tufts. Cowun, MocDougall, Von Vorhcs, Crnpo. McCrary, Waddell, Culler, McDlll. Walt, Dunford, Metcalfe, Walker (N. Y.), Dennison, Miller, Wallace (S. C.), Davy, Mills, Wallace (Pa.), Durand, Money, Wool, Ellis. Monroe, Warren. Felton, Slorcy, Wells (Md.), Poster, » Morrison, Wells (Miss.), Freeman, Mutchlcr, Wheeler, Frost Norton, White, Garfield, O'Brien, Wicglnton, Oause, Odell. Willard, Goode, O'Neill, Williams, A. 8. Hole, Page, Williams (Wis), Hamilton (N.J.) Parsons, 'Williams (Aln.J, Hancock, Payne, Williams, W. B. Ilardcnbcrgh, Philips (Mo.) Willis, Harris (Mass.),Piper, Wilson (la.), Ilartridge, Plulstcd, Wood (Pa.), Huymond, Pottery Woodbum. Hcndcc, Powell, Young—l3s. NATS. Ainsworth, Egbert, Phillips (Kan.), Anderson, Evans. Popplcton, Atkins, Faulkner, •Bea, Baker (Ind.), Finley. Bice, Bland, Franklin, Biddle, Blount Fuller, Bobbins (N.C.), Boone, Glover, Shenkley, Bright, Gunter, Smith (ua.), Brown (Ry.), Hamilton (Tnd.),Southard, Cabell, Harris (fla.), Shanks, Caldwell (Ala.),Harris (Yu.), Springer, Caldwell (Tcnn.)llartzcll, Stone, Campbell, Hatcher, Terry, Cason, Ilulmnn, ' Tucker. Cable, Hooker, Tumey, Cook, Hopkins, Vance (O.), Culberson, House, Vance (N.C.), Davis. Hunter, . Walker (Va.), DcUolt, Hyman. Walsh, Dlbrcll, Jones (Ry,), Whittborne, Dobbins, Landers (Ina.), Williams (Ind.), Douglas, McMahon, Wilshire, Bunnell, MllUUcn, Wood (N. Y.), Durham, Morgan, Yates—73, Eden, NEW ORLEANS. THE HOUSE INVESTIGATION* Sfitdat Dlrpuleh to The Tribune. Washington, D. C., May 15.—Representative Morey, a Boston boy, who tuu represented the Fifth District of Louisiana since ISGO, has been to-day the mark against which the Louisiana Investigating Committee of the House Ims brought a well-charged witness to bear testimony. Tho name of this witness is Scolyc. lie Is a dis charged special agent of the Post-Ofilce De partment, and he also acted ns n Deputy United States Marshal In Louisiana in 1874. Since his discharge from odlco he has concocted an In genious statement concerning Louisiana politics, with Just enough truth about it to glvo apparent credence to a great deal of falsehood. Tilts he has tried to dispose of to Republicans and to Democrats, and he has used It to extort money from Morey during the recent contest for his scat. UNABLE TO CONTINUE TIIS BLACKMAILING OPE RATIONS, he came here last week, and made nn ar rangement to unload before the Louisiana In vestigating Committee, after the preparation of n c-ureful lino of questions calculated to elicit tho testimony which ho declined to give. The first portion of this testimony was about fraudulent United States pay-rolls in Louisiana, to which Imj could, only allude to in • general terms, as he did not desire to criminate himself. He then pro ceeded to shovy how Mr. Morey carried his election to Congress in 1874, by having a military force subject to his (Moray's) orders and by the issue of Illegal warrants for the arrest of leading Democrats, who were Imprisoned until after election. On ono occasion ho testified that Moray made arrangements witli him to take a troublesome negro opponent In to the woods and shoot him, which bo reported to Morey had been done. Morvy’H friends declare that they will produce witnesses of tho highest respectability and ability, who will prove that Soelyo is an infamous charac ter, unworthy of belief, and that hU testimony is absolutely untrue. To tta Wettem Auodated Free*. SHBLYB’S TAItN. Washington, D. C., May 15.— Tho Special Committee to investigate the Federal ofllees in Louisiana to-day examined MaJ. Seelyc. Ho re fused to testify in regard to tho pay-rolls In the Custom-House at New Orleans on tho ground that he would criminate himself by so doing, and tho Chairman of the Committee was directed to apply to tho Attorney-General for tho necessary papers grunting him immunity. As to other matters, wit ness testified (hat there was of SOB,OOO in the Now Orleans Post-Office during Lowell's administration. Lowell, with bis Deputy and cashier, wero arrested, and held to hall in tho sum of SIO,OOO each, hut were not prosecuted. Lowell turned over to his bondsmen about $30,000 worth of property, which was afterwards returned to him. Thu defalcation was finally compromised for $7,000. Ho further testified that Congressman Mo ray told him (w itness) that tho easiest way to settle the matter waa to steal tho bond, and requested witness to do ao. There were ten bondsmen who wero assessed aomo $3,000 each to secure tho com promise. Seclyoolso testified that Jewett, then Commis sioner of Uiv Circuit Court, gave him a warrant against twenty men in Morey's district. Morey erased tho names of ail but four, whom bo in structed Soeiyo to take to Monroe, and kept them in Jail till after tho election. A warrant was also given to him for Isaac Newton Glover, whom, by Morey’s ver bal instructions given Seclye in the presence of Jewett, bo was to Take into the woods and kill. Glover was nut arrested because a writ of habeas carpus required Beelye to remain with other pris- Seeiye said he did not intend to kill Glover, but left Morey under the Impression that he would do It. The United Stales Infantry and cavalry in the District were moved by Morey's directions. Ho furnished a list of his appointments, aud ordered the troops to bo at such points tho day before be •poke, us he was afraid to go without such guard. Scelyu sold to Morey orders and telegrams re reived from him (Morey) for S3OO cash and five notes of SIOO each, two of which wore paid, two arc over due, aud ouo has not yet matured. Seeiye retained copies. , , Witness claimed that he ban a memoranda by which ho could give the times, places, names, and all details. Judge Wilson appeared as counsel for Morey, who wss also present, and requested that thoap- Plication for immunity from tho Attorney-General a postponed until after the cross-examination of witness. - Moray stated that this evidence given showed that bo or Seolye should go to tbo Penitentiary, and tho case should bo decided by the courts. If Immunity should be granted to seolye. bo could not bo prosecuted, and ho (Morey) would bo with* out means of proving him infamous. More? will be heard tc*marrow, Tho Committee rescinded a resolution recently passed to leave for Now Orleans to*morrow. Major Beelye was formerly bpecial Agent of the Post-Office Department at Kew Orleans, and after wards United Btntes Deputy Marshal in Louisiana, NOTES AND NEWS. CLAIMS. fipedai TXtpotch to Tfi* Tribune. Washington, D. C. f May 15.—Tho business of the House was comparatively unimportant There was Uio Introduction of bills usual on Mondays, mostly for pensions and private claims. As the session advances the number of those bills diminish. more INQUmiES. The House adopted n resolution asking tho Secretary of the Treasury to give his views upon the absorption of tho Bureau of Internal Revenue by tho Customs Bureau, also a resolution requesting the President to trans mit the correspondence relative to the dis missal of Henderson as prosecuting attorney in the Bt. Louis whisky cases; also, another resolution, of which three of the kind have already been adopted, calling for a list of all defaulters of the Government under Grant's Ad ministration. nimrow. George F. Hoar offered a somewhat nnusnal resolution to suspend the rules and pass a resolu tion declaring that the House has entire confidence in the wisdom, integrity, and efficiency of Secretary Bristow in the prosecution of the whisky frauds, and that the House desire him to make public no Information that In bis Judgment would prevent a further successful prosecution of those frauds. Pending the vote upon tills resolution, the hour arrived when the District of Colombia Committee was entitled to the floor, and the Speaker assigned it to them without concluding the vote. Secretory Bristow says that the published state ment that there Is a letter in St. Louis written hy him In which ho sets forth that lie resigned his Colonelcy In. the army because negroes were enlisted Is unqualifiedly false. He never resigned at alt, hut did change from one regiment to another. Farther than that bo says (hat the question whether negroes should be employed in tnc army or not was for tho Government to solve. HU duty was to obey orders, and be did so. It is romored late this evening that Gov. Jewell will retire from the Cabinet before the close of the r resent month, and a Pennsylvanian he appointed ostmasler-Gencrnl In his place. The Pennsyl vanian's name is not given, hut he is said to be a friend of Mr. Conklfng. IMPEACHMENT. The Senate In secret session heard a number of arguments upon the question of Jurisdiction In the Jklknap case. The drift of the opinion was In favorof Jurisdiction. In the secret consultation. Mr. Thurman made a strong argument In favor of asserting Jurisdiction, and Morton and Frellnghuysen against it. Senator Edmunds has the floor to-morrow, and It Is said he will argue for Jurisdiction. It Is believed Hint Sen ator Sherman’s speech to-day was on tills side, but this was not definitely ascertained. The impres sion Is strong to-night that the Senate will vote in favor of taking Jurisdiction. TO tht Weitem Anocialtd Prtu. NOMINATIONS. Washington, H. C.. May in.— The President has nominated Nathan Goff, United States Attor ney for the Dls- trlct of West Virginia; Hcdgeman Slack, United States Marshal for the same District; James McLean, Itceclver of Public Moneys, for Chllllcothc, 0., and Joseph It. Wlnchcll, Postmas ter at Hannibal, Mo. THE RECORD. SENATE. Washington, D. C., May 15.-— Mr. West, from the Committee on Appropriations, reported favorably the House bill appropriating $90,000 to pay the expenses of the Select Committee appointed to Investigate Federal odices in Louisiana. Passed. Mr. Boutwell, from the Spcdal Committee to Inquire Into the Several Executive Departments of the Civil Sendee of the Government, report ed a bill to proride for a more speedy adjust ment of the accounts of the Treasurer of the United States. Calendar. Mr. Wright, from the Committee on Claims, reported adversely on a bill to amend the De ficiency Appropriation bill, Mav 18,1872, and to extend the time for the presentation of claims for cotton seized after the noth of June, 1805, and it was indefinitely postponed. Mr. Paddock culled up the House bill to amend the act of March 13,18,4. to cucoumge the growth of timber on Western prairies. Passed. Mr. Wlndom called up the House bill to extend the time to pre-cinptors on public lands. The amendments of tho Committee were agreed to, and the bill passed. Mr. Oglesby, from tho Committee on Public Lands, reported favorably on the House bill ex tending tbe time within which homestead entries upon certain lauds lu Michigan may be made. Calendar. Adjourned. BOUSE. Bills were Introduced and referred: By Mr. Durand (at the request of Mr. Goodin)— To establish a new tmundary line between the States of Missouri and Kansas, south of the Mis* sotirl Diver. By Mr. Jones (Ky.)— Chartering a passenger and freight railroad from tho Southeast Atlantic sea* hoard to Lnkfc Michigan. By Mr. White (Ky.)—To apportion Federal ap* poinltnentfl among the several Congressional dis tricts. Dy Mr. Willis—To provide for the repealaof all taxes on bank capital ami detwslts. Several resolutions were adopted calling for rev ports and correspondence as to the Whlskv Ring prosecutions ami tho dismissal of John B. Render son as special counsel for the Government; the propriety of turning over the duties in the Internal Revenue Bureau to the Commissioner of Customs, and fora list of the Government defaulters since March, 18*15. The vole on the resolution calling for corre spondence relative to the whisky prosecutions In the West was—yeas. 141; nays, GO—a party vote. Mr. Boyne's bill to authorize the Issue of sliver coin to the amount of $10,000,000 In exchange for legal-tenders, which arc only to be reissued after the destruction of an equal amount of fractional currency, was called up, and soon after o votsywos taken. The vote resulted; Yeas, IfW; nays, 70. There not being two-thirds In tho oUlrmalivc, the bill was defeated. Mr. Morrison moved to suspend the rules and pass the Senate hill to allow Mrs. Minnie Sherman Fitch to receive, free of duties, a wedding present from the Khedive of Egypt- The motion was agreed to without the yeas and noya, although Mr. Faulkner demanded them. Mr. Hoar moved to suspend the rules and adopt a resolution declaring that the House has entire con fidence In the wisdom, integrity, and ctllclency with which the Secretary of the Treasury has prosecuted and Is prosecuting that class of ogpndcrs against tho Internal Revenue laws known as the Whisky Ring, and docs not desire him to make public any Information in relation thereto which in his Judg ment might impair tho elUciency of such prosecu tions. Mr. Randall—That resolution Just reverses what tho House has already dono. 1 move to lay it on the table, rending action on that motion, tho Honso pro ceeded to business of the District of Columbia. The charges of Albert Grunt against Judge Wylie, of the District of Columbia, were referred to the following select committee; Messrs. Warren, Fin ley. LeMuyne, Williams (Ala.), Cutter, Crouuse, and Leavenworth. . . Adjourned. RAILROADS. THE CHICAGO Jb PACIFIC* There have been rumors in circulation for some time past tliat tho Chicago A Pacific Railroad was financially embarrassed, and that a strike among tho laborers of the road was imminent, because they had not been paid for some time past. The managers of the road deny that such Is tho case, and claim to be financially os sound as ever. The finances of (he road have not been in a very satis factory condition since the panic, hut (he Company has earned enough to pay Us way. Thu road runs now to Byron, and Is In good condition. Efforts have lately been made to bring about a union with the Rockford, Rock Island A St. Louis, In which event It would make a most excellent through line to the Mississippi. Mr. Osterborg went to Europe some time ago to lay the proposi tion before the German bondholders of his road, but whether ho has received their consent or not has nut been learned. As it Is. tho Chicago A Pacific has no Western terminus of any importance, nor has the Rockford, Rock Island A ht. Louis a proper Eastern terminus. The two lines combined would undoubtedly be qnlte successful, but If they ru main divided the end will probably bo that they both will bo gobbled un by tho Chicago, Burlington A Quincy, Chicago, Rock Island «s Pacific, and Chicago A Northwestern Railroads. These lines run parallel with the others, and are anxious to get turn out of tho way if possible. THE ILLINOIS LAW, • Social DitpatcK to The Tribune, DBCiTCn,lU.,Mayls.—Ouoof the celebrated Stale railroad cases is entered upon to-day,— Commis sioners John A. Pearson and David Drown (for the People) against the Toledo, Wabash A Western Itailroad. The you. John SI. Palmer Is here fur tbo Commissioners, and lleury 8. Green for tho railroad. A jury has been called. Thu fol lowing are impaneled: Willis Johnson, Hugh Travis, Charles Kepler, .1. 11. Travis, U. P. Thatcher, V. Huntley. William Drown* leo, J. It, Wheeler, William Tucker, j. K. Hardy, D. F. Wheeler, and William Towllng. Counsel nave announced that the trial will consume tbo entire week. Gov. Palmer occupied marly two hours in opening the case for the people, and Judge Green Is now speaking. They bulb go into the history of railroads and luo law, and discuss it in all Us bearings. ITEMS. Mr. Thomas D. Messier has been elected Vice* President of the Pennsylvania Company and also assistant to the President of tho Pittsburg, Cincin nati & Bt. Louis Dailroad. Ho will continue to act as Comptroller of both roads In addition to bis other duties. His oOlce will be ut Pittsburg, Pa. It is rumored that the Illinois Central Jtallroad Company is considering the advisability of organi zing a new Duo to Omaha via Sioux City* Aa the General Manager of tbs road la oat of town, he coaid not bo Interviewed In regard to this matter. CENTUAIi PACIFIC. Bax Fiiaxciico, May 16. In tbecaeeof A. A. Cohen vs. the Contra! Pacific. B. □. Palter, Sec* retory of the Central, was examined to-day regard* Ing the relations between the railroad and the Con tract and Finance Company. He professed to have forgotten almost everything In that connection, In* eluding the tiamee of the members of the Contract and Finance Company, but admitted that the latter Company took contarcts for building the road, and that the Central stock was Issnod to them In pay* ments. He said the hooks of the Railroad Company would explain all matter* In which his memory was at fa ili. The hooka will bo placed In evidence Wednesday next. OMAHA’S DEFEAT. Cocxcit Bluffs, in., May 15.—The Union Pa* clflc ran tie first through train over the Missouri River bridge to-day to Us eastern terminus nt Council BlaUs, In obedience to the writ of mads* nun ordered by the Supreme Court of the United Stairs. Several hundred cltlrens visited the trans fer to witness the incoming train, which consisted of eleven cars. Great enthusiasm was manifested over this authoritative and practical setliemeutof this long-mooted question. ST. PAUL As DAKOTA. Special Dhixilcfi to 7?.< Tribune. St. Paul, Minn., May 15.—Ground was broke to-day ou the grading of the St. Paul & Dakota Railway, vyhlch will be completed from Worthing ton. on the Sioux City line, to Lnverne, In Rock County, by Aug. 1, and the rails laid by the mid* die of October. • FIRES. AT KII.ES, O. CtRVRtASD, 0., May 15. —A Leader special from Niles, 0., say* tbo most disastrous flru that ever occurred in that city was discovered at 11 o’clock last night, flupposed to haw originated In Waldeck liras. ’ bakery, which, together with tho following property, was totally destroyed: E. Hartscll, three rooms, occupied as meat-market and sa loon; Thomas' clothing-store; A. Dlcn*U store; room occupied by A. 11. Mason, as u bookstore and news-depot; James Bowdon, bool and shoe store, ami building owned bv Isaac Halford, all of which were wooden buildings. The only brick hulJding destroyed was a large storeroom owned by James Crundon. Loss, over 140.000. Very small insurance. The heaviest loser* are A. IL Mason and Isaac Halford. AT EEXIKGTON, KY. Cixcixxati. 0. , May 15.— Afire at Lexington, Ky., this morning, consumed n stable containing six horse* and wagons belonging to the Remington Sewing Machine Company. James Y. Brlckey, the agent of the Company, was seen going into tho hay-raow with a lighted cigar, and hu Is nnpposcd to have fallen asleep, and the bar caught fire from hi* cigar, Brlckey was consumed in the flames. Another fire at 1 cllmanlown. a suburb of hexing* Ington, destroyed eight houses owned by negroes. The total loss Is $15,000; insurance, $12,000. AT IIRADDOCK’S FIELD. PtTTBDtmo, Pa., May 15.—A special from Brad dock's Field to the Associated Press of this city gives particulars of a premature explosion of some chemicals In the drug-store of Dr. J. D. Dooley <t Sons, which shattered the building to pieces, se verely Injuring two employes. The ruins took lire ond, with the adjoining unllding, were reduced toasties. Probable lona, $18,000; Insurancollght. IN CHICAGO. The alarm from Box 072, lost evening, was caused by the explosion of a lamp Id the show-win dow of Charles Dempsey's butcher-shop, No. 021 West Erie street. The building Is owned by M. McEwen. whose loss Is $25, fully covered by a policy for SI,OOO In the Western Insurance Com pany of Toronto. AT ALMA, MICH. Special Dispatch to The Tribune. DEinorr, Mich., May 15.—-AJlre at Alma yester day burned Wright & Dawson's warehouse. The loss is reported at nearly 830,000, with about one quarter Insurance.* BULL AGAINST A HOSPITAL. Montreal. Ont., May 15.—Bishop Bamagrl publishes a pastoral on the Montreal General Hos pital, invclglug against the treatment accorded to priests, and generally condemning the institution' as being run by Protestants, and consequently prejudicial to the eternal welfare of Catholics at tending It. He advises the faithful to go to their own hospital during times of Illness. THE OFFSPRING OF DYSPEPSIA, No class of Invalids arc more to be commis erated than the dvspeptlc, since the malady from which they Buffer Is the parent of a more numerous offspring of tormenting symtoms than any other disease. On the other hand, they are to be congratulated that there Is a po tent, safe, and agreeable botanic remedy for all the torture tbcy'undergo. Hostetler's Stomach Bitters powerfully Invigorates the cellular tis sue of toe stomach, thus promoting an ade quate secretion and (low of the digestive juices, vitalizes the shrunken and debilitated lining of the stomach, directs the bile into Its true chan nel, and stimulates the Inactive bowels and dor mant liver. These radical effects arc accom panied with the restoration of appetite, flesh, and sound repose, and the removal of flatu lence, heart-bum, nausea, palpitations of the heart, vertigo, high-colored ana scalding urine, water-brush, headache, and many other harass ing symptoms of dyspepsia. BUSINESS NOTICES.’ Fall of Danner!—Neter Ltagh at n Cold in tlic Head, Sure Throat, or Pain in the Lunge. Jnsl eucb “little ailments" arc premonitory of CouMiuiptlon nnd Death, and Wiahail's Pine Tree Tar Cordial is the only Remedy that can thoroughly Cure all Pulmonary Complaints by purifylug the Blood I Burnett's Flavoring Extract*-~TI»o superi ority of thceo extract* consists In their perfect funly and great strength. They aro warranted reo from the poisonous oils and acids which enter Into the composition of many of the factitious fruit flavors now in the market. QUILTS SPECIAL SALE OF QUILTS. Field, Letter & Co. STATE & WASHINGTON-STS., Will open tills day a large invoice oj Crochet fits, at 75c, SI,OO, and $1.25, OUR ENTIRE LINE OE MARSEILLES QUILTS at a Great Reduction, 11~4 at SI,BO, $2.00, $2,25, $2,00, and GREAT BARGAINS at SB, $3,50, and upwards, 7flu also call attention to SPECIAL BARGAINS in It LEACHED and DRO WN TABLE DAMASK, NAP KINS, TO f FEEING S, Ac, PRICES JUST REDUCED. WALL PAPER. WALL PAPER, Window Shades and Fixtures, Tassels, Cord, Picture Moulding, Ac. GEO. V. DRAKE, West Mulisoa anil Baucarngu-sta. DRESS GOODS. 1 IT. PAYS TO, TRADE ON THE WEST SIDE’, MOST ATTRACTIVE BARGAINS DRESS GOODS AT THE West-End Dry Goods Douse, Madison and Peoria-sts. CARSON, PIRIE & CO. OFFER tho following among many othor bargains bought in tho pros* ont depressed state of tho market at serious loss to tho importers, and novor before offered so cheap : AT 12 1-2 CTS.—IO cases finest Printed Percales, regular 250 quality. At 20 CTS.—Twilled Serge Dobegcs, Poplins, aud Plaids $ worth 85 cts. AT 20 CTS.—Silk-mlxcd Motmlrs, PPdfl and Stripes to match ; worth 40 cts. AT 25 CTS.—Plain Colored Mohairs, Dl< agonais, Serge Stripes, etc., formerly 40 els. AT 80 CTS.—Finest Camel’s hair Suit* Ings, light shades, previously sold foi GO cts. AT 80 CTS.—Handsome diagonal Costume cloths, twilled D’bcccs, and Arabesque Mohairs ; cost 45 cis to import. AT 87 1-2 CTS.—Extra fine all-wool IPhcges. regular 50c quality elsewhere* AT 50 CTS.—Superfine Merino, Wool, Sergo D’heges: previously sold for 65c, AT 50 CTS.—Elegant quality all-wool French Batistes, choice shades : former* ly 75 cts. AT6O CTS.—French Cashmeres, llamas scs, Camel’s hair effects in stripes and plaids s worth 65 cts. Al'Sl—G-4 Camel’s hair suitings; regu lar $1.50 goods. Elegant linos of all tho latest and choice dross goods fabrics in tha most fashionable shades. Special Bargains in Black Cash* mores and Drap d’ Etos. Our sclo of Colored Lyons Groa Grains at astonishing bargains con* tinuos as previously advertised. OAIKPCTS. CAEPETS Field, Leiter & Co. STATE & WASHINGTON-STS., Open to-daij a new line of Tapestry Brussels at $1 per yard, which is a most decided BARGAIN. Will also offer other kinds at equally LOW prices, as their stock is vet']/ large and attract ive, including all the Great Novelties, many of which were designed to their special order, and are particularly choice in style, both in Foreign and Do mestic manufactured Goods, All our Foreign Carpets come to ns direct, so that we are able to retail these goods AT LOWEST PRICES. PROPOSALS. ASSIGNEE’S SALE CONTINENTAL BOLT WORKS. The undersigned, assignee of Cregicr, Clarke A> Co., oilers for sale all the property of the above named Arm. known u the Continental Bolt Works, located on the corner of Market and liaron-sta., Chicago, consisting of the Building, Lease of Ground, Engine, Boilers. Headers, Tappers*. Threaders, and ail the Machinery and Tools neces sary foraflrst’Class Bolt Manufactory. A complete invoice of the same maybeeeenattbo works. The property must be sold for ea&h. Scaled proposals will he received for the entlm plant up to 111 o'clock,noon-of May 82,ISTtL Right' to reject any and all bias reserved. Address UAHitV DUVALL, Assignee, 201 Bouth CUntOQ-st, ■PROPOSALS KOK WROUGHT AND CAST IROtf i. Work—United States Cnstum*lloase ondPost-Of-' lice. Chicago, ill. Otllce of Supervising Architect* Treasury DciuuUncnl. Woshli.gton. D. C., May m. IMTU.-hcaJcd proposals will be received at IhUofllc# until tu m. of the soth day of May, unu, for famish-' In*', delivering, Online and putting la place the* wrought ami custdrou work, comprising columns, pi lasters, etc.. of second and third stories, and tolled-lroth beams. etc., In third and attic floors, all as exhibited on (lie drawings, described In the specification, and called for in the schedule. Copies of the drawings, specific** tlous, schedule, and form of proposal, and any addi tional information may bo hadon application to the Hu* perlntcmlent of the building or at IhU office. WM. A> POTT Kit, biiiiervlslnn Architect. ' FINANCIAL* ’ IWRfHI (INCORPORATED.) 121 & 123 Deurboru-at., Chicago* Loam negotiated with dispatch on Real Estate la Chicago, aud improved suburbs, at lowest correal rates. S. CORNING JUDD, President* HENRY J. GOODRICH, Secretary. E. P. HOLLISTER, OcnM Manager. NI9IIITS* Our* Styles Of Fancy SMtUdes are now Coiplele. IHARRIB dcrOOBB, 171 SOOTH OLAHK-ST. INDIGO BLUE. BARLOW’S INDIGO BLUE. Its merits as a Wash Blub have been fully tested and Indorsed by thousands of housekeepers. Your grocer ought to huvo it on sale. Ask him for It* D. S. WILTDEKGEIt, Proprietor, No. 223 NoUhSccoad’St., PblUdslphle. 5 9

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