Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 16, 1876, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 16, 1876 Page 6
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FINANCE AND TRADE; Quiet Oponlnß of the Week hi Financial Circles; Hew -York Exchange Easy—Light Country Movement of Currency. The Product, Markets Gen erally Higher—Provis ions' Irregular. An Important Advance in the Price of Wheat. The XiAtcst Marino Intelligences--* Arrivals and Departures of Vessels, FIXANCXAXj. The transactions of the banks were not heavy, nor of more than ordinary Importance. Tboap plications for loans were limited almost entirely to the current requirements of the regular customers of the'banks. Tho absence of new enterprises among tho applications for accommodation is xnprked hero os elsewhere. There nro.very,few outside borrowers of n standing acceptable to tho banks.; Tbo supply of good paper is restricted. Tho wholesale business is quiet in all its brunches, and lltllo now paper Is mndo there. Tho banks have .a surplus of loanable resources that is at tho service of acceptable applicants, hut there arc not enough of these to give employment to their funds. Tho loan market is consequently iu a con dition of almost midsummer ease. Kates,°f discount at the banks nro B®lo per cent to rcgnlar customers, with concessions to desir able independent borrowers. On the street, rites arc G®lß per cent. Tho de mand for good paper is Ahead of tho supply. Now York exchange was sold between banks at 50c per SI,OOO premium. Tho orders from tho country for currency were light again. Tho clearings were $3,300,000. THB NEW CONSOLIDATED CANADIAN DANK The Toronto Globe, oftholllli Inal., states that the union of the City Ilnnk of Montreal nod tho lloyal Canadian of Toronto became a /ait ac compli on tho preceding day. Mr. J. B. Bonny and Mr. Tliotnas McCrakcn were appointed joint cashiers, one to reside in Montreal, tho other In Toronto. *' UNUSUAL EASE !H THE LONDON MONST-MAR- Since tho redaction in the Dank rate of discount last week to 2 per cent, the money-market has ns* named a still easier appearance, and, wore It possi ble, n still lower oflklal minimum might bo looked forward to. lint although tbo Back rate is at tho law figure* of 2 per cent, tho Dank la stilt underbid by tho open market, tbo best short-dated nnd three-months’ hills being taken at IfA percent. It ia even said that choice parcels of bills bare been discounted nt 7» per cent, while In the Stock Exchange it line been found impossible to lend money for short periods upon Government securi ty. Tho demand experienced for money is, In fact, upon a very restricted scale In all quar tern, and there appears to he no indications of a change from that unsatlafactory condltion of nlTnira. Tho enntion exercised In commercial circles causes the financial requirements of the mercan tile community to bo very limited, and with no prospect ofony Immediate improvement in trade, there is no hope that the supply of mercantile paper will increase. The serious failures of lust year have naturally bad an important influence in fostering a spirit of extreme caution, and there Is still great indisposition to depart from this policy. The effect, however, of tho cautions trading of the last few months ought to be beneficial. So many reckless firms have now been weeded out, whilst many firms prone to speculative operations have been compelled to trade within legitimate bounds, that a sounder condition of affairs roust certainly exist, and In this respect It will, be admitted that we axe in a unch heller position than we were at this period last year.— London . Uorretpondenee Financial Chronicle , May 13. PATINO OUT SILVER. In New York the Treasury has again changed Us orders .respecting silver payments. On Thursday last It stopped paying on currency checks nnd drafts; Friday It resumed, limiting llio amount ■which the holder of any check or draft can get to S4OO. This did not affect the premium on small change, which was as high ns 3 percent, nnd in placesaalow ns percent, closing'at 2@3 per cent. TUB AUTUMN MONET MAItKET. The' New York Dally JJullelin thinks thaUhero W;no reason to.expect anything except an easy money market.,until next autumn. Very much will then depend on whether tho legal-tender' notes deposited with the United StatesTreaanrerto retire Bank-note circulation (which tbo.bauks have given ii'i;) pro kept locked up In tho Treasury or uVo used aa' cash' hy the United States Treasurer. If they pro locked up, as properly they should bo, then we majr, expect, a stringent money market in tho ohtumn; otherwise, a comfortably easy market. GOVERNMENT BONDS. ■United Stale* Gs of *81... United stall* s.2th of ’«ls of Vb">—January and July 11k>« mu C-muof*C7—January-wid July.. juj ft-'JUiof’Ort—January ami July ...Jiwtf vf>u United Stales new mof •«! jjn« 1J71? united States currency os GOLD AND OHBB.VUACK9. Gold wa« iu»®iwh; Greenback* wero cetita on tUo dollar in gold. FOREIGN EXCHANGE/ • A'fg/vr/qy. Sight. fillW Wi \l mo 1 i fii.’dj ftl»H rarlo—francs. (iennatiy Kelglum Holland BwlucTlnnd,, tiwedon, etc.. Austria Amsterdam.. CITT AND COUNTY IJOND3. Chicago City 7 p ct Im’ndji Chicago City 7 V ct. sewerage loaU* um CblcagoClly? V ct. waterman luaU* iu*> CookOounlyT V cl. bonds (short) hm* iur,* CpokCounty 7¥ cl bonds (long) Joo>rf» ksiu* NSestVwliT tKMida i/j» 4 North Chicago 7 V ct. bonds (Lincoln l ark) 83* •And Interest, LOCAL STOCKS. CJtr.nallirir; South Slilo f.Ha City Railway, West Side city Railway, Wen Hide. * * ceut certl* - IS - Traders Insurance C« j:ki Clumber of Commerce 7U ia Claa»BoOas-LlKht&Coke Co l«o KxptMlUuu stuck t01d;.... >.x|>oi(tluu stuck (new).., Exposition stuck (scrip), •And Interest BY TELEGRAPH. jfh the ll’dtrm AtiocUuaf J*rett. Kew Yoke, May IS,—Gold opened and closed at IJ2W, with soles In the interim at 11SJ*. Carry ing rates I®3. Loans were also made to flat. . Governments firm and higher, with an active do- Aaand. Railroad bonds firm. State securities were dull. Slocks dull o«4 featureless, Prices were a lltllo «fl.' Transactions wore only 08,000 shares, of which 12,000 yvere Western Union, 14,000 Erie, ond 21,000 take Shore. Money"market*easy; 2Q3K. Prime mcrconlllo paper 4(^6. Custom receipts, $448,000. The Assistant Treasurer disbursed $210,000. Clearings, $10,000,000. Sterling, 4fißJ4©4Boai. OUVEUKMENT BONDS. mpons, *fli 122*4 Newas UTU mpoas, oft t}«K io-si*. re* mH ISK Curr “ ,:l “ ■» Western Union wi? PHS? $ Psciflo M»u.. ::: *** Hsxlpma. M Mariposa pfd.., to ftmertcantxprcss.... 7U p»w York Central.. piriepra:::::;:::;;;:::: IS •'em ion Harlem pfd .....IJ3 Michigan Central -ts Panama laflWs yokn Pacific stock., oma teteav"v."SS Cleveland * Puuborv km horthwettern pM,... c.,c.,a * Tennessee es, oH..*T43W j renneaseea*. new.... *| Virginia tu. ou at New Jersey Central.. MW Iluck Island Httw tit. Paul as fit. Paul pfd WH Wabash.: 2»J Wabash pfd s Fort Woyuo., ~IC2W Terre Haute a* Tcm llgme pfd la Chicago * A1t0n...... OS Chicago *AUonpfd.,lO(W Del. * Lackawanna ..107m f4‘artYicfa , ;i , . b ;;-: .‘IS Atlantic * Pad tie pfd. 2U <, Indiana Central 4|£ Central l‘ad&cbuiidj. 107)1 Union Pacific bonds. 106 U.Pao. land-grant... ouW U. Pac. sinking-fund. uiu SONUS. . Virginia os, new ai | Missouri os UiftU a ■ ’ MtHISO Ban FBA*cisco, May K ttest quuuUuas at the bt STOOES. 6,—The following are the locit Exchange: COTWiwfdviriinTiT. wfif Crown'roint/.i....... injT California..t.. Tro Yellow Jacket........ B3M : Ophlr »... t&l Aipn*.. mh Ch0UM................ PO llclehrp 30 Savage 18. Confidence... IPH Mnican aiK sierra Nevada JOH Imperial. ft H Exchequer Wi ncsV A Dtdcher BO* Overman «ftfj Hale A Norcros ai> Jusiioo.i. 27H Gould A Curry nH Caledonia 8« roncinw. ' London, May IS. —Conaolb—Money and ftCCOnnt, Sscumns's—’OSs, 104H,;’075, 10flV| 10-40*. 107 f»; new Tis, 300 HI New York Centra), 00: Erie, l:ig; preferred, 82. PaiusT May uh—Rentes, lOBf 20c. FnANKronr. May 10.—Unitbd States Bonds— New Os, 102 - . REAL ESTATE. The following Inetrrnncnta were filed for record Monday, May 10: 01TT mOPKETT. Rhode* av, M ft iof Thirty-third st, w f, 30x _ ■ inn ft. dated May 13 $ 3,000 Ashland av, H3K ft n of si, w f, 37?(xMSft, dated Feb. 7 800 Calumet av, aaoo-ioft s of Twenty-sixth »t, ef, imtPlHI ft. dated May a 2,crt) Fullerton av, ixi ft w of Leavitt si, s f, 4**loo ft. tinted Mur a Lnflln *L 14.1 ft ■ of Polk st, o f, 48i dated May l'J Jarkson at. 7r> ft wof Sacramento (t. n 12.*, ft, dated May 12 000 Stale ft. sn/tn of .Van Huron at. w t, flax 171 (Md fit nl*t), Third av, soft sof Jackson ft, e f, sox too ft, dated May 11 (Joel Kill* to Isaac M. Douuett) ISO,OOO Vernon av, 4.M ft sof Thirty-fifth st, w f, 44x IXI ft, dated May in 4.400 Kroner su 4cn ft n w of Bhcfllcid nv. n e f, un divided H <>t susiao ft, dated May is i.noo Portland nv. 2nd ft a of Twenty-seventh st, w f, 2Atl2.V< ft, dated May 4 1,27.1 Mnntetic st, l«o ft s w of Milwaukee av, n w f, 21X110 ft, dated April 21, !«74 COO MOUTH 01* CITT LIMITS WITHIN A IUDIUS OP SEVEN MILES OPTHE COUtIT HOUSE. Unbelts at, 222 ft c of llacino av, n f. 25x*i24»f fl. dated May 13 # Don SOUTH OP CUT LIMITS WITHIN A UADIUB OP SEVEN miles op counr-nousE. Bflllevlew av. notes of Forty-third*!, ef. 29*4 xm ft, dated Mnyo Dcltevlcw av; 25r7H! ftsnf Forty-third at, of, AbHxISQH ft. dated March 1 Urcxcl av boulevard, a e cor of Urook at, w f, 22x100 ft, dated March Droxcl av houlovard. stWft n of Forty-first it, ’ uf, 25x100 ft, dated Feb. 2 comm: The following were th the leading article* of p the forty-eight hours Mundnymorning: 13.047 0,1,510 130,1*15 41,730 1,130 5.310 130,370 145.2 H) 20,000 250,025 Flour, brls Wheat, 1m.... Corn, bu Oats, bu ’lye. bu Burley, bu O. seed. lbs... F. seed, lbs... B. com. lbs... c. meals Beef, tea Beef, brls Fork, bis Lard, lbs Tallow, 1b5.... Butter, 1b5.... L. bogs. N 0... Cattle, No Sheep, No Hides, lbs 11. wines, brls. Wool, lbs Potatoes, bu.. Coal, tons Hay, tons I.ijinlier. m.... Shingles, in... Halt, brls Poultry, lbs... Poultry, coops, (lame, likes... Kggs. pirns.... Cheese, boxes, (hopples, brls. Beans, bu 81,500 5.520 50.5:11) <1,153 1,558 5!»3 173,175 211) 180,1)13 127 3,527 GO 3.RW 3.574 4.707 Withdrawn from store on Saturday for city con sumption: 7,050 bu wheat, 2,013 bu com, 2,700 bn oats, (175 lm rye, 401 bu barley. The following grain was Inspected into store yesterday morning: 10 cars No. 1 N. W. wheat, 27 cars No. 2N. W. do, 1 car No. 1 spring, 14 cars No. 2do (including-1 In Neely’s), in cars No. 3 do, 8 cars rejected do, 1 car no grade (80 wheat); 02 ears and (1,000 bu high mixed corn, 01 cars and 18.000 bn No. 2 do, 7 cars now mixed do, 40 cars rejected do, 2 cars no grade (181 corn); 0 care white oats, 10 cars No. 2 do, 4 cars rejected do, 1 car no grade (27 oats); -I cars No. 2 rye; 8 curs No. 2 barley, 8 cars No. 3 do. Total (314 core), 140.000 bu. Inspected out: 135,357 bu wheat, 130,835 bu com, 41,316 bu oats, 345 bu rye, 320 bu barley. The following tabic shows tbo distribution of the breadstuffs shipped from this city during last week: £A(p;wd. flour. By mil By canal To Buffalo To Erie ToOrdenuburg To Huron ,TootherU. B. ports.. To Kingston , To Colllngwood To other Cand'n ports Totals.. Tnlomfor city. Also 7,035 bu ryo and 18,030 bu barley shipped by rail. Tho leading produce markets were generally stronger yesterday, with fair activity. Tlielcad was taken by wheat, which was excited, chiefly as a consequence of foreign news, and the other mar kets followed suit. The fears of a wap on Turkey seem to be stimulating European buyers to lay In Bup’Ajc*, ?o ns to bo ready for the higher prices which would Inevitably follow' such a war if that war were of any but the briefest duration. Eastern buyers took the same view of the situation, and Western dealers were affected In n similar way. Some doubt was expressed In regard to the truth of (hu quotations of a higher Liverpool, the reason advanced being that Monday Js not a market day there. But it is scarcely onen to doubt that En glish wheat-buyers advanced their limits to corre spondents on this side of the Atlantic,, giving per mission to buy at an advance of about per bn from Saturday’s prices.' They have held off a long lime, viewing the rather largo accumulations at principal points as very good reason for not being in a hurry to buy. But it is not Im probable that oven without a war In Europe or Asia this assumed plethora of stocks would have been found to bo only aril flclnlly, as France, from which country Oroat Brit ain expected to obtain considerable quantities, Is now buying for the supply of her own needs, and uit/i a war, the apparent surplus would be ab sorbed os rapidly, as leu evaporates under a July sun. Meanwhile our receipts of all kinds of grain continue to bo unusually light, especially if we leave oiit of the accounttho grain that is only billed through here, and our stocks are rapidly decreasing. The discussion of tho question of storage and transfer charges at this point, As affecting tho vol mnuofthe breadstuffs movement In this city, was dropped some four months ago, but bids fair to bo resumed at an early day. Tho discrimination against this city is oven greater now than It was when rail freights were not far from double tho present figures, which shows that railroad rates have not so much to do with the difficulty as was formerly supposed. There must be u change In Chicago or we will lose our trade. Did. Ankfil. • isKM IJ-J94 Ij4g INK .... 43^ 40W 40$ Jobber# of dry goods were only fairly busy, the Inquiry being chiefly tn the shape of email orders for roaesortimmL I'rlces showed little change from former quotation#, ruling.steady. Groceries were ordered on a generous scale, and the market again presented a Arm and healthy tone. The but ter market was liberally supplied, and under a slack demand values were depressed.. Cheese also was doll and lower, declining a >jc. In the Ash market there was nothing new. Dried frultfe continue In fairly active de mand, and aro held flrmly, stocks of most kinds being reduced to very moderate dimensions. Thu coal and wood tnulo was Inactive, with prices weak and unsettled, llagglng was quiet and steady. There was a fair business doing in paints and oils at well sustained prices.'- Carbon was Jsc higher; otherwise tho quotations were unchanged. To bacco was firm. Teas were quiet and easy. W -10 « U 5 Tim wholesale lumber market wui active and steady. Tlic yard trade continues moderate. Tl;o demand for building materials continues light,. and prices arc easy, common brick being down to £1.50 Ctri. 00 per m. Lime and client were unchanged. The wool market continues dull, and prices aro Ir regular, there being little demand for woo), and sumo on hand which holders are anxious to close out, hence prices aro sometimes shaded. Broom corn was steady and In fair request, both on East ern and Western account. Hides wero steady. Seeds weru dull all round and tower. Poul try was salable at receut prices, and eggs were dull and easier. Green fruits wero In good re quest and steady, strawberries being stronger. Largo receipts of strawberries aro expected this week. Luke freights were quiet and unchanged at SSjc for wheat by sail to Buffalo. Hall curs wore In fair (lemaoil; quoted at SUoto New York, Kioto Phil adelphia, 17Vic to DuUimore, and Me to Boston, per 100 tbs, (he business being limited by the scar city, of ocean freight room. Engagements were made for 70,000 bu wheat and 1173,000 bu corn. FOHBIQN IMI’OIITATIONS. Hccclved at Chicago Customs May 15,1870: Bar num Bros. ,2 cases water-colors; Block A Arnstclm, (leases looking-glass plates; North Chicago Holt log-Mill Company, 103 2181-2340 Spiegel Iron; B. L. Brand, lease steel plates; William Flakier & NanlxTcr * 10 eiista clpftra; Brlpgi Jfc Bro., 10 aackßacefl; George W. Sheldon, 2 hhda, 1 caak nine, 1 care medicine i J: W. Doanc&Co., 058 huge pepper; Field, Bailor A Co., 3 cnees dry-goods. Amount Unties collect ed, $3,067.80. EXPORTS PROM TITB SEAIIOnO. The following were the exports from the four leading cities of the Atlantic seaboard fort ho dales named: D>ek ending TtvaA-ending DVeb end'd _ . . May in, '7O. J/di/(V'7n. Maytr,. jy. Floor, brls.. at,(no rta,pirt «i,4m Wheat bu ftw».oon iiw.7io Corn. nn...,. i.jjw.mi 701,12 ft Data, bvi .... n,77i> Rye, bu to, bob .... • ••• HOO rnODUCTS-Wero more active, and averaged higher, but the speculative article* were very Irregu lor, the .early advance bringing out largo oJTcrlngs, which Induced a reaction. Title wu partially tine to the porting of a report (hat the summer packing (ilnca March t) In this city foots up 3iw,asrt head of hog*. Stock*—The following are ihe rctnrna of packer* and warehousemen of (he stuck* of tho various descriptions of hog product on hand In this city on the dates named, ns reported to the Secretary of the Pork-Packers’ Asso ciation: EI2S ft, f, 25 r. X’>v 1.1, April IS, Jfili/XS, )H7d. Im7H. 1b75. Clour pork.t>rl« am m*4 in Mca* pork, brl* 74.754 101,120 103,401 M. o. jwrlc. hrU . . 2l» p. mew pork. brls... Fam.m(*s pork.lirts. M« 1,173 4.4 Kx.prJmppork.hrl*. KM sail 5.004 Lartl. itenincd, lea... 53.2111 07.070 57.547 8. I*, hams, lO.WU 25,104 20,092 8. r. ham*, brls 4.524 Karon linmi, pc# 70,450 52.(*fl 101,0)1 1., cut ham*, as 75,u0 8. I’, shoulders, tc*.« HOI 1,725 4«3 1). s. Humidor*. as.. s, dim, pit 4,00h,kw 0,01.5,00 Cumberland#, it* r.ic.,4:n nau.oo uo.P2n L. clear side*. A 5.... 144.850 452,545 1,550,215 H. clear Silica. A*.... 1.454.130 2,fttßM*V» 4,512,141) 8. fib tide*, AS 13,070,813 14,328.047 6,887,2!W Stretford* as 20,1*11 Yorkshires, a 5....... ........ as.uo ........ Irish cuts. Fi.. 10,1(0 Kellies, A* ■ 140.1*0 375, OU) 110,000 urease, pks 573 100 3.H3 The stock* of mcnla In Jobbers* hand*nro Included. Lard lu manufacturers' band# also Included. Mess Poak—Was active and Irregularly higher. Tho market advanced floe per brl lieforo noon, and then fell back 30c, closing 17H(4700 above Saturday's latest prices. Bales were reported ul 25n brls cash ot $21,503 3. 000 brl* seller Juno at f20.0.Vii31.40; and 10,200 brlsicllcr July nif2l.2oift2l.rem. Total, 15,500 brls. Tho market closed steady at s2l. 10*21. 23 casb, according to weight: $21.10321.13)4 seller May; $21.1U331.15 seller Juno; $21.30031.52>4 seller July; and nominally MfSt.tnX't 21.53 seller August. Seller the year was nominal at $ t7.75(%1H,00. [ERCIAIi. ie receipts and shipments of irmlncc in this city during i ending at 7 o’clock on Prime mcas pork was quoted at $10.75030.00, and ex tra at fia.AOftia.oo. Laud—Was active and Irregular, advancing 2fX525c per 100 lbs, la sympathy with a reported rise of in In Liverpool, but. weakened afterwards to SMSSe above the closing prices of Saturday. Sales were reported of 780 tes cash st tlS.GtKtlii.OS; S.U« tea seller June fll fI!LMXiU3.r.IM: 13.750 tea seller July ot $!2.«2M*» IS.Bflsjand2sntcßScllerAugu*tatßl3.Hs. Total, 10,7*0 tea. The market closed dull at $12.50 cash or seller May: $12.00 seller June: $12.02M'£12.«5 seller July; and at $13.75 seller August. Meats—Were quiet and firmer. The only transac tions reported wore :ma,rv*i as short ribs at f i(>.KJ»ellor June, and fll.(T> seller July. Thcrowas a little ol Iter demand forahlptncnt, but at lower prices than holders were willing to accept. Shoulders were quoted dull. The following was the closing range of prices: NAort/- Long Short Short den. clear. rib. clem'. Salted, loose 7M lOM 10?4 II Boxed 7 H K« II lIM May.; 7M .... ll*»( 11 June 7M .... U>.u II •Inly 7Ji .... ll llf Bacon, cash u .... id lull Long and short clean at lie cosh, and HHc seller July, boxed i sweet pickled hams. l3*U!c: Cumberland*, lOM&lOttc, cash-or seller April; long-cut hams, 12at 13c, boxed: hsconhomi, UftiSc. Orkass—Was quiet at o«t‘c. BKKFPKODUCTS-Werc steady nnd quiet at $10.50 (rt 10.75 for mess, fll.MKttl.73 for extra mesa, nnd 823.50ft23.00 for hams. Tallow—Was quoted at 83S‘{c for city, and 7MGBO for country lots. 10,151 41,528 50,995 11,100 10.741) 187,015 175.4120 50.822 10,243 SH.tKOi t*7,!(«)' 35,735' “a, Von! 51»,a05[ ‘3K.31V1 40,405! 3.035 100,247 11,031 347,317 50,100 40, tOO 003,035 2H,7ttl t.t(JU,IH4 410 007,51*0 ll«,:«jo 124,705 2,083 4,714 4tr? 225.700 138,330 40,300 (),(■() 4,135 414 20,3131 33,028, 4,0471 505 05 135,705 101 38S,n:W 5,370 4G8.03U ■ 2,043 305,730 3,350; 11,0371 “J 1.753 1,501 148 440 l FLOUB—Was In better demand for nil grades of spring extras, nnd most holders Insisted on nn advance of about 12M0 per brh which was obtained in some eases. The stocks arc light, and Dour had been marked but slightly during the past three weeks. Sales were reported of 200 brls winters, partly at 8*1.05: 1,775 brls spring extras, partly at $4.5U£5.50; and too brls spring supcrtlncs at s4.i<o. Total. 2,075 brh. Tho market closed steady st (ho following range of prices: Choice winter extras, 87.37M<5>7.87M{ common to good do, 85.H7MC17.25; shipping extras, S4.S(XiS.(X); good do. 85.00®5.37M5 choice do. 85.50*5.87Ms patents do. 8o.ooao.oo: Minnesota, 83.uxi0.75; spring superfines, 83.50&4.U): ryo dour, $4.25*34.50, Bran—Was setivo and again easier, being In largo supply. Soles were 00 tons, at 810.50 on track, and free on board cars. Coon-Meal—Coajjo was nominal at5i7.50218.00 per ton on track. WHEAT—Was active and excited, averaging 1 Me# IMe higher than Saturday’s range, and closed fully 30 higher, tbo bottom figures of Saturday being reached near the close of (hat day. The Beerbohm dispatch quoted wheat stronger In London and Liverpool. Tho Inter advices to other parties conilrmea tho news, which had been donbted by some nt first, and Now Fork was reported 2c higher, with an active demand for ex port, and a scarcity of ocean freight room. In addition to till* was tbo fact that our receipts were again Unlit, only HH car loads being Inspected In. of which but to cars of straight No. 2 were received from uutslilu the city. Jl was alwi Wlloved that several direct shipping orders wen* received hero from Europe. The purchaser* on that account were more liberal than heretofore, but they w**o not very largo, the trading being ohleilylii deliveries for next month. The »ltum filled In rather freelKJvhcre they could do so, and some who tilled at n loss sdnght to make amends by taking (be other tack, tho general opinion being decidedly (n favor of a further advance. Tho reports from (he seaboard daring lust week exhibit ft falling 01T to tho extent of nearly 50 per cent, but that U believed to lx* chjclty due to tho scarcity of ocean freight-room, no more steamer-room being avnllnhlo nt tho moment. Tho Turkish dlfilculty Is warming up buyers, and de veloping a good demand oirtho Continent of Europe os well an in Great Britain. There were, however, a good many operators willing to sell on tho chances of a re action from vesumlays excitement.. Seller Juno open ed nt 81.05*f, rosctoßl.uvN. fell buck to 8i.oo)<, ad vanced to 81.07 M. declined tu I.OOM, and Improved to 81.07 M at tho close. Seller July Holdat fi.uiwt !.<««. closing at sl.uh, Seller tho month, or regular No. 2 spring, ranged nominally at 8i,05M'41.07M> sold at sl.ookl.ot, and closed at $1.07, for round lots, with a slight discrimination against car lots. Cash sales were reported of 1211,400 ImNo. 2sprlngnt Bl.ciGGtl.o7; pi,. 40ubE No. 3do since: 4i)obu da, in Hock Island ele vator, at 07c; 3, 400 bu rejected do at hoc; and suo bu by sample at 05Gi070. Total 15<>,400bu. Minnesota Wiikat-Wos quiet and firm at about Ic advance, there not being much demand, as buyer* held off. Tho Minnesota wheat la now moving forward more freely from points on the river, but a good deal of It Is billed directly to the Hast, bales wore reported of I.OOOhuNo. (atßl.lH{ 4UJ bu No. 2at Bl.oH| 400 bu by sample at sl.icon track: and J.ouo bu do at 81. IS free on board cars. Total, 2,noy bu. ill’/ir at. Corn. 1 Oats. 1210,550 840,155 552.131 , 23.4(E) ) u .m,470 101.007 100.350 81,r.(W "* r*ibolmo 1 I,«W 27,020, 201 14.074 5.4.W1 GO 015 555,801 1 44,501 ,547,380 ! 3.0*0 1,151,400, n.avv nvr un uwiii tivuie. iuini| iiUi ClOltS—Waa active and stronger, (hough tbo more deferred deliveries were only a shade higher. Tiiero was a very good demand for shipment, under which cash lots advanced selling at one time very nearly up to the current n notation for July. Liverpool was quoted hr«, hut without un advance, and Now York waa quiet, hut the market hero sympathized with wheat, mid responded to the statement that corn Is ho lme exported to Europe at»lively rate, amt being sent from Chicago much more rapidly than It comes In. Our stocks are now reduced u» IcwthanduXuvi l*ii, and will he further diminished by the large quanti ties for which freight room was taken yesterday. The Kuropcan demand was accompanied hy a butter Inquiry from New Kngland points, which makes the May shorts anxious to Oil. under fear of a relative scarcity at the close of this month, while the expectation of larger re ceipts from the country on Juno deliveries prevents a corresponding increase in the Juno quotation, holler the muntli. or regular No. 2. opened at 4«#{c, advanced tu47J{c, and closed firm at47Kc, wfthnharepreference for cur lots of fresh receipts. High mixed was In urgent demand, and closed strung at 4MU. tiellerJmiosoldat 40c early. Now advanced to mid closed at 4fl)to. heller July sold at 4timul7!fc, rtoslngat47c. Cush sales were reported of l3.2tiubu high mixed at 4St-c4Hkc: HOO I>U new do nl4sh(C; 71,210 bn No. 2 ut4M(i-<47Uu: n.itinbu afloat; 2.2 DU bit rejected at 42« c d,uo bn do at 43*c alloat; l,2rxi bu ears nUTtt.'.o! I), iso bit by snmjilu ut •jS'd-tdHc on track; amis, uo bu do at 441£a(47c free oo board can. Total, M.stjn bu. OATS—Were rather quiet, but ifftKe higher, in sym pathy with other grain, and under u fair inquiry fur cash, probably for shipment. Now York was quoted dull under llberntrccclpts/and the local receipts were fair, but exceeded by the shipments, and the Mock in store Is rapidly moving out. The trading was principal ly In cosh, which opened with small sales at au>(c, then sold at 3W*:gi?(c. and closed Uejeclcd sold at 2>iXo. heller may ranged from 30tyftiojfc. and closed at30%'4309fc; Juno opened sold tonic, and closed at auJt'U'Jlc. July was quiet, selling at ;üb!c. Cash sales were reported of .11, wo hu No. 2 at aoi?** hi>Moi I.HU) bu rejected at 2dK>*2<<lic: 2.4UU bu by sample at 2Wi(3lc fur mixed, and Ituu fur wbiiu ou track, and 3,400 budoata2u4oc, free ou board. Total, 42,4(1) hll. UYK— U«ln moderate request and firmer, tbo of fering* being small and firmly ln-l\ and tbo advance of wheat imparted a firm tune to the market. No. 2 sold at use. Cosh sales Include 40U bu No. 2at OSc, and 4uu bu by sample atooo on track. . UAHLJSV—Was very quiet. There wA tome Inquiry foriiny, butthooffertng*were very small, and prices advanced Ktolo without calling out seilen, though a tale was reported just at the close. Them was more pressure to sell June, os It was thought that the parties engineering the corner would throw thu cash barley ou. the market after the May deals wero provided tor, and thus break it down. And It Is not expected (hat consumer! will want much more barley this season, especially ns insnv are amply supplied already, and the warm weather will soon put a stop to malting. The receipts also continue liberal, from which fact it is Inferred that considerable barley hoi been held hack In the country for bulge lit prlcci. Unit be offerings of cash yenurday were intall, and probably most of thu arrivals applied on previous sales, 4r were In-Id on by the shorta. * tidier May was udered early atone, and subsequently that price was bid. and at the very close a sale was made atone. June sold ul .MiV4c. and July was nominal at 67«. Caah No. 2 woa nominal at «7<i4m»c. No. a waa lu light request at 4uc, and rejected was nominal at aoc. humpies were mum freely offered, and there was a little more trading In them at 4>kt»73c, Cash sales were reported of l.auubu Tout 4 a * Moobub y w*«pi« lUkdlAc, «a track. _ „ . FIIIST CALL. K “•'•imiAl.oJKfMJuM. Meai Pork-Sties 1.330 brU seller July at $21.23® Lnrd-Salcs 850 les at fn.AV3ia.oo. LATEST. ileas perk was In only fair demand and toe lower, closing atl2l.uiM2l.tift for June, and f2i.j0«>21.23f0r brls, for June, and (m aa?lr Juhr ° Wer ’ Wlth ,01e1 °* 2,750lc * ttt * ,2 -5214 tihort ribs were easier. Bales 200,uu lbs seller July at tVhcot was fairly actlro and weak early, declining then advancing ty-sWc, and closing strong. Bcll>-r June sold at sl.oHml.u7m, closing at fi.oyw. July sold at f l.7J4ai.OT>i and closed at f I. uj*t, May sold Com was In moderate demand and stronger, seillog at 40J<M4«jio for June, and 4«1*«470 fur July, both clot lug at the outside. May soldal47Uc. Oats were quiet at ao yia fur J une. CALL OOAIIU. Mess pork was quiet, dosing fully mo below the price 5U VS 1 , closed at 120.(0021.UL and July at |2I.IJHu2I.IS. and seller the year at f 17.u0u18.U1. Bales: 750 Iris at *21.1214(221.15 for July. lor/ims ud THiii r IHICA«U 'Aitumjx Jb: TUESDAY, PROVISIONS. BIIEADSTUITS. ' moiu >fr« oiuf«r. FM?ir rAOOO lb* Miort riM tl fia.iiUi 60, mu lbs •houlilor* it7?io. GISNUIIAJj MARKETS* ALCOHOL—Wa* Armor at $3.1.1. HUOOM-COllN—Dealer* report a fair Inquiry at uni formly steady prices. Quotation*! Choice hurl, W»Oo; No. 3 hurl, 7(-taci choice medium, 7(47Hc; good me dium brush, O'uOHfcj fair Inside aud cover*, O'dSHc; Inferior, crooked, n&ue. HUTTED—The supply of hotter I* now Increasing quite rapidly, end (ho market yesterday dorcloped a de cidedly weaker tone. Thedumaod waaef a lomewltat restricted character, and holder* found It Impossible to effect latcanttho yrlc6* current last weak. Common and medium (trade* Buffered most, ns the receipt* large ly consisted of those description*, hut all grade* were sensibly lower, a* will ho seen from the annexed quota tions: Choice to fancy yellow. 30«3tct medium to good grade*, 30c-t240; inferior to common. iSfttßo. HAGUINO— I There was Just a fair movement In grain bags. and a limited demand forother goods In the list. Drive* were unchanged, ruling about steady, ns follows: Stark A. 3de: Peerless AA, 3.*>et Lewiston. 34J$c: Mon tnup, «.')01 Ontario, 25rs American A. 33>*c: Amos kemr. iri'sd Otter cn-ek. 334 c: hurlap hags, 4 lm, do, ft lm. IfWOUc; gunnies, single, i44'9 Were dull ami generally wnik, common lirlrk tiPlmr down to $L5(x-is.(xi. The strike lm* Interrupted work at the brick-yards, (ml tho supply of brick ts ample, and the demand I* light com pared to the trade a year ago. Cement* are quoted at former price*, hul concession* would probably pc mode for a large order. AVe quote: Common brick. 94.80C-* a.i«i per ni; pressed do, 913.1XM15.uu per m; lime In hulk. 70c per orl: do In bns, sl.(Xi: Louisville cement. 93.0); Utica, HnlTalo, and Akron cement, 91.75: Port land cement. 95.5tx.j.d.<U: slugvo. $3.35(5.3.f>0t Now York do, $3.50: plastcrlng-halr. rt-lm bales, 93.00. CIIKKSL—Was offered at lower figure*, the reduc tion amounting to a full ,4c. (load to prime newfs now quoted aiueiiuc, and poorer grades The mprly h Increasing, while the domaud remain* without noticeable Improvement. COAL—Domain* very dull, and an early decline In tho price of anthracite may lw expected. Soft descriptions eomparatively are steady. Wo quotet Lackawanna, range and nut, $10.00; do. egg, 9U.5U; cnnael, $7. (XX.* 7.wt Erie, s7.Uis Ulossburg. 97.00',a.hdt Hocking Vnlloy, ftLOtjt Indiana bluckrfS.OO; Haltimoro&Ohlo, 90.UU] Illinois. 94.wKvi.r<o t COOPKDAcie—There wcfolieilc demand for mann factored work of any description. Pork barrels aro ; noted at uoe, lard tierce* nl, whisky barrel* nt 1.35, and Hour barrel* a KUOB—Wore dull at itW(,il3c, anR sale* were made quietly nt 1 le. The offerings were liberal. FlSH—There was nothing new In tho flab market. Holiness continues fair for tho season, nud, under re duced stock*, tho market maintain* a comparatively Arm lone, wo quote: No. I wtiDcflah, 4*hrl. 95.(XM S. HU No. 2 do. 9-l.HX44.tx>; No. I trout. fI.W); No. 1 shore mackerel, 4-hrl, flS.WtlJ.ou: No. I bay, fu.oo (ivb.3s: No. 3 mackerel. Hi-brl, 98.txyiH.35; family mack erel. J4-hrl. fo.ntit No. 1 shore kits, large. $3.00; No. t bay kit*. *1.50; large family kits, 91.30; bank eodllsb. 94.WXM4.75i George’s codfish, 95.5tt.45.75; l.ahrudor herring, split, brl*. 97.7. r xuH.OO t do, 4-hrl, .$4.t5X;v4.35 j Labrador herring, round, hrls. 9u.50j tt.75 : do, 4-hrl, fs.rgx.ia.7s t scaled herring, ner box, :tg'..4()c: No. 1 herring. 3tta33o ; Columbia lilvcr salmon. 4-hrl, fd.ou. FltUlTo AND NUTS—Tho market was without lm- f orient new features, Hath in domestic and foreign mils tho movement was fairly satisfactory, and prices were uniformly well sustained. Quotations were oa fol- We/yn-Uate*, (VTO4c: fiß*. layer*, tttftlSci flg*. drums. H'-vlSos Turkish' prunes. 7fl7Hc; French prune*, kegs and huxe* ,ix.ll4c; raisins, layers, 93.000* a,uo: Muscatel, fa.ltx.<a.4oi Valencia, ll>f(4ii4c; Znniecurrants,7J*«Bc; citron. 23«d34e. y><miwffo— Alden apples, IWt30o: Michigan apples, common, b-DwiOc: choice, l()H«li>)4C! peaches, halves. l3H<><l3!«c:d<a pared. i7Mll»c; blackberries, llHai3c; ra'phernc*. aaaa4c: pitted cherries, 3iM34c. AMf-t-Fllltcrl*. iKiillWcsalmonds, Terrnuona, \oH<* 20c: Naples walnuts, KkilTc; French walnuts, new, lUcl2c( (ircnoblo walnuts. i4(sisct brazils, {XiUiQc pecans, Texas, HHr.iil3r: AMlmlnglon peanut*. maHc, Tcnncfseo peanuts. &i.>oc; African peanuts, GDKKN FDUITB—Were sternly under a fair inquiry, especially for seoKinable varieties. Apple* were- dull, hut choice fruit was held nt recent prices. Strawbcr rlc* wore In demand and firmer. Tho crop of strawber ries, both In this Stale and Michigan, promise* to bo Immense, in this vicinity cherries will probably bo abundant. The outlook for other small fruit la also Haltering. Thu Michigan peach-orchards are looking well, ana promise a good yield of fruit. The fol lowing arc tin: quotations: btrnwbcrrle*. awiMoc; gooseberries. 15ft30e; good to choice apples, 94.(XM 4.W) per brlt Messina orange*. 95.35au).0U per box; lemons. 95.50r4ru.0u per Ih»x; Pineapples, 93.5U34.ttJ per d*»zs bananas, S;i.(XM4.SO a bunch. (iIiUCKIUKB—Thu week open* favorably. Fop a Monday there was a more than ordinarily liberal volume of soles, and former prices were, with scarcely aa ex ception. firmly sustained. AVumake no change la our quotations, ns follow*: IHce— Kangoon, UJpt7c; Carolina, 7Hfißcj Louisi ana. uiv4i.7Mic. • * * C'ojfen-u. 0. -Tava, rjrx-VUc; Java, No. 3, 27«2fi0; choice to fancy Itlo, 33'.<3::>{et good tu prime do, 321(c; common to fair. 3U. 1 4 , -'.3tcj roasting. Singapore .Into, 3SV3dc; Costa Hlca, Mura* Nu'/nrs—Patent cut loaf, crushed, llQc! powdered, tltCvllHc: granulated, luAphlllo: A, standard. luKo: doKo. 3. lues 1), tfiic; extra C, D4(e; C No. 3, yellow C No. I, Ofiy&Xos do C No. 8, tv-fHHc; choice brown. fair to prime do, tdi>axt«e: common do. 7H* r <fi-8c: choice mujaasea sugar, 84((HZ<c; common to good do, TJJOiBHej New Orleans. T-^f-vwc. ,S'/r«/'S—California sugar-loaf drip*. diamond drips,«l,JUisllvcrdrlpa. extra fine, fX**osei good •ugar-bonsoslniv, fi»)H55«; extra do, fw-ioue; New Or leans molasses, choice, do prime, f>su«sßci do, common to good, 4*45001 Porto Iflco molasses. 48Ct50c; common molasses, iM.cSoe: tdack-strap, 3ix4noc. o/hert— Allspice, I7.<l7!*ej cloves, Siy.ldo: caasla, 38<i:«h:; pepper, 17JiKldMC( nutmegs, Calcutta ginger, ,s’«wi/**—Trim blue, owe; (Icrtnnn Mottled, AA'hllu Lily, (K'Ufifo; AVhllo Itosc, Koyal bavuil, Savon Imperial. s?fic; Golden AVest, 5.^3-Hc. , MiijrA—Kxeclslur, laundry, U?(i'«7o: do, gloss, 8M« Oc; do, corn, iK-vhlfc; Klngnonl, pure, 7mc; do, silver gloss, uifi UMfei do, coni, KUinlic. HAV—Timothy wa* In inudurato request, the lower grades being easier. Prairie was unchanged. Quota tions: No. 1 timothy, flil.sCXiM.OO; No. 3 do. fn.ou Mll.Wi: mixed do. fiataiiupland prairie, SiU.txX(; No. I do. 98.nrx<.8..v>; slough. 9d.50w7.uu. II lull WINKS—Were In fair demand at Jdc advance on the latest quotations, though them la reason tu hollevu that the advance actually occurred on Saturday, but was kept quint. Sales were reported of 150 brl* at 91.07!$ per Ballou, lIIUKS—Were In fair request and steady. Orcen city butchers*, fWt.AHv. green cured light and heavy, 7c; damaged, two-thirds prices to no; part cured, oji'qt cAfe; green salted kip, 7c; green country, fiWc; green calf, lie: flint hides, I3t«l3«c; dry kip and calf; 134* 13!$c; dry wilted hides, lie; deacon skins. 45(450c. . LK ATliKlt—Tho market had no new feature*. There was a moderate local and country dcurnud at nominally steady prices. AVestlllquotc: UKMI.OCK. Calf, No. I *1.«*»1,15 Line 9 35(& 87 ('n)f, N<>. 2 Bt*s D 5 BuiTnlu idiuiuh- Veals, No. 1.... 7S;«.l.*w terrain (best) 88C6 30 KlpS 4*>4o 70 44 It. A.” HOIO.. 20M 31 Upper. No. 1... 2Ufi 2* 44 n. A. O. D." Upper, No. 3... 105 a2O sole 256# 07 Harness 81<ia 81 Insole 25 OAK. 00A1.30 1 Harness.. cum uo Soto IBM 2-11 rilENCll STOCK. Calf... Kip.... Upper. Calf 1.50502.001 Kip 1.0001.50 OlLS—Carbon was again very Arm anil the - quota* (tons of 115 ami ISU test wore advanced another Wc. Linseed and turpentlno were easy, the ouuide iig ures )>clnp obtained on small orders only. Wo now quote: Carbon, IIS acg. test, iaMl3Wci do Illinois legal tost, Isu deg., tost, do headlight, 175 dog., 17c; extra win* ter lard oil, (l.()Uu»l.Us| No. L lAXTufttc; No. 2,75 c; linseed, raw, ftBMOOc; boiled, ku-mmci whale, win* ter-bleacbcd, 7(tttßUc; sperm. *2.15<u2.25; ncalsfoot oil. strictly pure, 3M56*1. 20 ; do extra, o»c; do No.l, hscj bank oil. 55c; strnlls, (toe; plumbago oil. <KX‘s75Ci turpentine, 4<><942c: naphtha, deodorized, <ci gravity. IfitfM i4V4c; West Virginia oils, natural, 20 ueg., mi'-tlMec; natural, 30 deg., 27(3 80c; reduced, 1W deg., 2i)y22c. . rOULTKV—Fresh chickens worn salable at *4.500 5.00. borings wore dull at *4.00, ilia ulforlngs being too small for market. Turkeys sold at likixHc; other poultry was seldom Inquired for. tfgcoui were slow Ht 4,V>isse, POTATOES—The local demand for small lots con* tlnurs fair at unchanged prices. Feachblowa sold at BUftßso per Im In a remit way. . KKKDH—Wore dull and lower. Timothy declined 150 per bu, mid a few orders were flUcd afterwards, but the demand bas dropped oil owing to (he lateness of the season. Sales were made at *2.056*2.05, prime closing at *2.(10, Clover was almost unsalable. Two very small lots brought *tMix*H,2s; Prime was quoted at f-H.ouuH.2s, thu outside befog the asking price. Hun garian was lower at 856«4<ic, me outside for prime. Millet was dull, except prime, which was wanted st 45c. SALT—Continues In fair demand and steady: flag- Inawnml Onondaga, flnu, *1.40; ordinary coarse, *l.7<>; dairy, without bags, *2.75; dairy, with bags, *8.50: Ashton dairy, per sack, *4.5(1. TKA6—l'rloos of Janswero weak, tho fact thattho new crop will soon bo In market being the cause of the weakness, other teas worn held with some show of firmness, we make nochaiißo In our list, os follows: ffunpotfiter—common. 3(U40o: good do, 40M450i inedloin. 45a50c: good do. fiOwssc; fine, 85ftooc; flu e»t, Ho"iose; choice, 7Uii>7sc; choicest, uOmuAc; fancy *l. (XVU 1.15. Imjjniul— Common, 3U».TSc; good do, s&hoc: me dium, 4(X/t4sc; good do, 4 V<soc: line. hOqtaaci finest. 55'4U0c; choice, U56«70c; choice*!, 7Uc*7sc. lAipoM—Common, 80*850 1 good common, 35038 ct medium, 4Ua42c; good medium, 45M4H0; line. sujssc! niu-st, 5-Vuduc; choice. cucoHAc; choicest, 70>«75c. Oolongs—Common, hotttttu; good common, 85(2380; medium, 4(x-042e: good medium, 48igt5ct due, 4*isi>j{ finest, 5545Hci choice, ooufiVe; choicest, 75(-tk>c. WOOL—Dealers re|Mirt continued quiet, and talk of a reduction In prices. For maple *«.on, and for beech. *7.(i\ arc still the prices surrent. Hlabssell at ffi.uu. VKAlj—'Wosralherscarce and steady at 4(uHc, tho average raiiua WUut from 5M7c. VEuKTAIILKB—Were in light supply and stranger, the Inquiry being fair. Mu quote: Cuoumbors, ft.coper dozen; green peas, *X7s<>c3.U) per box; string beaus, *B.uucß.so perlwxt asparagus, f t.ou per dozen; let* tucc, 256*850 per dozen 1 radishes, isXrvhoo per dozen; spinach. * w)r brl; pie-pluat, lH(*2V4crß«nuud» tomuloes, QOOZ7(k; per box. . W«oL-Oontlnucs dull and weak, and It Islmpooslblo tn quotations. The new season promises to open slowly and at lower prices than those of lost May. Eastern manufseturers will probably enter tho market If t hay can get the wool at very low figures. No new wool has yet been received. The annexed prtcca are fur old wool; Tub-washed,prime, tiKa.vjotdo.poor to Rood, 40t*450j washed fleece, fine, good cobdluon, 85(a87ci washed, medium do, 4UTC4JC; unwashed, fine to light,' 23m2U0; do. medium, 256t230; pulled, lilVli STOCK. CHICAGO. CATTLE—deceived during Sunday and Monday, 3,hut head. Tho otllclsl receipts for last week were 3H,:t74. Tho largest number reported (or any previous week was 37,aw,—week ending April. Trade yesler* day was excessively dull. Tho receipts were leu than expected, (alllug below 4,000, but New York was roportud U<*Kc lower, and advices (rum other points were discouraging, so that there was little la* duccmont tor shippers to Invest. A few of the most do* •slrnblu lots wore worked oft at tolerably full prices, but holders of common aud medium grades found It impos* slblo to “clou out," except (rum a considerable reduo* lion from lost week. few common cattle sold, and sales at prices below $4.40 were limited to scattering lots to tho homo trade. Shippers paid (or good to extra steers, welshing from 1,050 to 1,007 ks. Little more t|ian onvhaif the offerlugs wore taken, and the market closed bad. • CATTLB Ko. Ay. Price. 14 l.rstf f.'adU It i.wd 6.15 Id 1,281 07 1,277 4.05 32 1.404 4.00 15 1.212 4.N0 IS 4.... 1.550 4.K3 38 1.821 4.NU 17 1,310 4.7 S M I, 170 4.73 «3 1248 4.73 Id 1.254 4.73 17 1,054 18 1, list 4.00 32 1,220 4.03 33 1,301 4.03 38 1,135 4.80 IV 1.030 4.60 SALKS. No. Av. Price. 30 ), 150 $4.53 17 075 4.U) 13 1,133 4.30 IH 1,031 4.A0 3H I,(170 4.A0 17 1,070 4.35 10 1,003 4.00 111 1,130 4.43 31 1,1*3 4.43 13 oxen 1,030 4.43 ISuxen 1,003 4.53 11 WJO 4.37 K 23 feeders.... WM 4.30 U 1,023 4.15 33 1,003 4.00 31 CU8'5...,... 063 3.75 13 1,813 3.73 UCOW4 Ml 8.79 1870. MAT.,.16, itltTrtnr Bnnfl*r*a a fairly active local iparaifveiy aWailyn ii prime light weight > choice heavy at ft l'lota nnenulr aoii iorte«l Philadelphia* in Mfew initaiicca. within the narrow tatcady feeling at U non BALR9. Kc». At. . Price, n? a« > *7.a> • hew.. There «u« maml, and * oom| tenccil, common to 07. in. and poor to porn ami acalawa* while for extra amc W 7.00 i»ae paid Ir hualnea* wu duns • 7.20. There waar tffl. Ar. Prleo. .38 173 ! *7.15. , M.auo ,7.fa .4ft? I*l • 7.1.1; 43. IW>i 7.15- 40 177 1 7.19' :+4, JiVj, 7.15 ...„ sa 170. 7.15 81 VOH 7.19 83 ini' 7.05- 47 inrt 7.19 33 800 - 7.00 " “ •' 3.1 383 7.00 Nn.' At. Price, si > , *7.00 ai.aui' t.iki m ata 7. no 40 701 ■ 7.4 U M 2»W 7. IS Ml TOO 7.05 81 704 7. (XI 88 251- 7.18 81. 180 . 7.15 M 221 * 7.18 84 WO * 7. IS 82.200 7.15 o>l AVt iao ait 7.i0 80 227 7.10 84 107 7.15 H 5 240 7.15 2.8 £M. 7. IS 83 108 7.10 40 217 7.10 81) Till 7.28 2H 214 7.121 4ii 3ti 7. jail 275 7.25 22 208 7*35 70 278 7.10 131 BUS 7.30 60 170 7.131 40 243 7.15 «i 277 7. is 34 23(1. 7.15- 60 18.1 7.13 60 190 7.131 60 179 7.10 33 237 ’ 7.13 63 310 7.1314 41 34* 7. U) 41 207 7.10 u;i un .7. is 33 2(0 *7.13 21 313 7.13 63 314 ?! 10 20 203 7.13 40 207 ?i2» 70 231 7.20 60 213 7.10. 34 203 7.10 9HKKV—Hcoolved 501 linrul. Prli s.6.(wm«.bo for ordinary to choice wc wa.uo for shorn. i. i>n, iuih\. . NfwTonk. Mar 13.—llt*T«*-Hecelptfi. 5,740, mak* Ing IWRV) for the week, agalnsto.jnoimitweckt supply largely In excessa of demands market especially weak,. At a further decllno from Friday equal to Ko« all Chi*. capo and Bt, Louie cattle (one money for owner*, aim prime lota nearly ae muoh m freights best oar-load, net to prime atcen, 014 ft lUMet ordinary to Bn«ar itceelpta. 4,ano, making 13, 100 for tho week, agaltut 15,000 laet week; market Tory firm, at sellers'own flerureas ordinary to fair unshorn, BUHWcj very poor to good clipped, OfeTMoj spring lanu*,. fl>4w3>6c, Including Kentucky. Virginia and Hiato lanilxs recelpu, 7,otx>, making 18,960 for thu week, against 34. 000 laet weeks none on tale *llvo. BAST LIDBUTT. Kabt Llnsnir, May is.—Cam,*—Receipts since Friday, 141 can of through stock- and Si cam for the market, oaln all, 3,0(3 hcadstotal for-woekendingUila day, 7.2C«tic»d, against 4.077 Iwt week. The supply for yard aalo* la very light; moat of tbU 11 yet on bands' only local butchers were buying at retails no other bull* >icm doing; prices about the earae as lost week at tbU time. , lino*—Receipts, 5,290 heads total for the week,0.770, against IB 360 last weeks Yorkers, $7,3X37.401 I'lilla* dclpliloa. $7,006(7.00. BntKp—itccclpta, 4.000 heads total for the week, Low, agalnit I,3oolaet weeks selling at $4,60ft3.03. nr. toots. St. Loms, May 15. Iloas—Ulgheri Yorkers, sn.soft n.73s bacon, 80.un«7.00s butcher's, C0.76ft7.u0s heavy ahlpplng, C7.0UT4.7.13. Cattle—steady t some tales a shade tower, but gen eral quotations cannot bo cltangeds good to choice Steen. $4.796<5.33t medium to fair. <4.13)<ft4.0214t pony steers, C4.UKi4.fiOj c0w0.C3.70ft4.00s atockers, «3.73ft4.3714i feeder*. C4.3714ft4.75i common to Choice through Tetans, $3.75ft4.00. CtKCURtATt. ♦ CiKoiKSTATi, Mayis.—lloas—Fair and firms common to good tight, ffl.SukT.SSs fair to modlutn heavy, $7.30 ft. 7.40. Receipts, 870} ijilpracnta, 113. LUMBER. The cargo market was active and steady. A larger fleet arrived at the solo docks, and during tho day about 20 cargoes were disposed of, leaving aa many triore at the docks at tho-ctosu. Several tcsscls with Lake Huron lumber woro on the market. Tho yard dealers, were tho principal buyers. Common Inch sold at CB.S(Xso.oa and medium to good InchatCiaoOftll.flO. 'Manistee Jolrta and scantUnn were steady at SB.OO. Lath were quoted at C 1.3714. Bhlnglea continue slow at *2. 0032.3714. • The retail market was rather quiet at former prices. Country orders nip arriving forcommen stnß, but tho local trade Is light and bltfe fair to continue so for some time. Following are the quotations-. First and second dear. $33.00340.00 Third clear, Hnch ; 33.00ft33.u0 Third clear, thick 03.00(436.00 Clear Quoting, first and second, rough 30.0*033.00 Clear siding, first and second 17.00c41H.00 First common siding ifi.ooftiu.uo Flooring, first common, dressed zy.uoft Flooring, second common, dressed 33.00ft34.U) llox boards, A 36,00 ft Kox boards, it 35.0*4 A stock Itoorda, 10 and 13 In 30.U0ft33.U0 II stock boards < 33. owns*. (X) 0 stock boards i3.oor>t7.uo Fencing 11.0WH3.n0 Common lumber, 18 ft and undcr3 In 10.ux9il.0O' Common inch u.oOAVJ.OO dolstt and scantling, so to 34 ft 13.ooftl».oo Lath 1, 73 ft l.uo A shingles 3,f.f)ft 3.00 Shingles on track 3.25 ft 2.50 BY TELEGRAPH. FOREIGN*. (Special Dhpatch to The Tribune, Liteupool, May 15—11 a. m.—FLoun—No. 1, 24b{No. 2, 225. OnAiN—Wheat—Winter, No. 1, Os lOd; No. 2, Os Oil; spring, No. I,os 4d; No. 2,8 s; while, No. 1, Os Od; No. 2, OaCd; club, No. I,los 2d; No. 2,0 s lOd, Cora, 20a :idffi2os Od. Provisions—Pork, 82s Od. Lard, G7s Od. LrvßitPoot, May 15—1,00 p. ra.~Lard—sßs Od. itest unchanged. Livbui'ool, May If*.—Cotton—Market doll; easier; 1,000 for speculation and export and 5,800 Atncri* can. Bubadstufps—California white wheat, average, do club, Oa lOdOlOsCd; rod West* •efn upring, Nob. 2 to 1, Bs@ofl-ld; do winter. Os OdtfftOfl lOd. Flour—Western canal, 22(&245. Com—'Western mixed, 2Ca 3d®2os Od. Oats— American, 3s®3aod. Barley, 3s Od. Poos—Can adian, 20b03()3 Od. d.ovun*SsEi>—American, G3@o3«. Provisions—Prime mesa pork, 83a Od. Prime moss beef, 87b. Lard—American, &8s Od. Cliccse —Fine, GOs. Bacon-Long clear, 60b Od; short dear, G3s. Tattow—Fine American, 41b. Petroleum— Spirits, Ba®Bi*B; reflned, lie 3d. Linseed Oil—23b Od. Bkbin—Common, in Od; pale, 10s. Spirits op Turpentine—23s Od. London, May IC.—Repined Petrolbuii—lOs OdOHOs Od. LtNBBSD Om—22b. Spirits Turpentine—22s. Antwerp, May 15. —Petroleum—27B 6d. a*k» 40 BCM 48 PRODUCE.. NBW TOUK. Special Diipalch to The Tribune. Nbw York, May 15.—Grain— Wheat l®2o better, with a good export demand; sales of 150,* OOObuat $1.00®1.00 for rejected spring, SI.OH® 1.20 for ungraded spring, $1.11®!, 13 for No. 0 Chicago, sl.lS@l,lß for No. 3 Milwaukee, sl.lO @1.23 for No. 2 Chicago, $1,81@1.23 for No. 3 Northwestern, Si. 24® 1.20 for No. 2 Milwaukee, $1.20@1.31 for. No. 1 spring, $1.1401.33 for winter rod Western, $1.2001.40 for amber do, $1.3501.45 for white Western, and $1.30 for white Canadian In bond. Rye firm; with Canada In good demand for export at 01c In bond. Barley qnlol and unchanged. Com Irregular and unchanged; sates of 60,000 bu at 680 for no grade mixed, and 030 for old Western mixed afloat. Oats wore ta fair request; sates of 89,000 bu at 37047 c fop mixed Western and State,-and 45@53c for white Western and St^o. Provisions— Middles quiet at llU®l2c for long clear. Lard Armor; sales of 300 tes at $13.00® 13.05 for prime steam; at the fleet call, for May $18.15 was bid and $13.20 was asked; for Jane, sales of 750 tea at 513.1754@13.22V5; for July $13.25 was bid, sl3.3saskcd; for August 250 tes sold at 513.42V5; for September $13.40 was bid and $13.55 askmi; and for October 250 tea were bought at $13.55. Whisht— Market doll wlthsl.HV4 bid and $1.12 asked. Gnocenres—Sugar—Sfarket Arm; fair Inquiry; fair to good rcflnlng qaotsd at 7K@7 15-lflc; primo, 8c; and white Havana, Q,*i@lOV4c. Coffee —Market continues quiet and uncliangcd; RJo, 15Ji@18V4o in gold, and Maracaibo, 16@10c In gold. Teas—Market heavy with moderate Inquiry. Tallow—Rules etcady and in fair demand; quoted at B*<cforfprlmodty. To t/u Return .Auodatrd Prria. Kbtt t'ons. May 18.— Corros—Firm; 101-10 ®ia«ic: futures dra:. Stay, ISKOiatfcj Jaoc, 12 0-32®126-10c; July, 13tfoi August, 12*io; September, 12S'c; October, 12 18-a2@l2Ha{ No vember, 12«fc; December, 12tfc. Flour— Higher; belter demand; receipts, 12.* OOObrUjNo. 2. 53.20®3.60; superfine stale and Western, |t.l&®4.oo| eoimnoa to-good ultra, $i).05®5.a6; good to choice, $8.40®5.T6; white wheat extra, i3.80®7.7f»; extra Ohio, sß.oß® 7.00; fit. Louie, $6.30®0.00; Minnesota patent groceea, SU.GO®O.6O. Kyo floor quiet at $4.76® ConK-MBAL—Qaiot and unchanged. - Chain— Wheat Id fair demand for export; re ceipts, 157,000buj No. 2 Chicago, $1;20(3H.21; No. ado. 91.1001.12 i No. 2 Milwaukee, sl. 2a m.20;N0. 3do, |1.1»01.18; No. 1 (£1.32: white Canadian In bond, $1.35; choice old ambcrßtate, $1.46; white Western, $1,5101.02: No. 3 Minnesota spring, $1.23(31,20. Uyoflrm: fairly active; Western, 70J4; Canada In bond, Ulc. Hurley quiet and unchanged; malt more active; two-rowedNStalo, $1.00; Canada, $1.23: do four and six, for malt, $1.30<31.40. Corn lr» regular and unsettled, closing steady and in good demand for export; fair demand for homo trade; receipts, IBS,OOO bn: mixed no grade, 57W@ 58c; now Western mixed, ungraded, 60®02Wc: old Western mixed alloat, 03c, Oats heavy; de clining: mixed Western and State. 30©47c; white Western and State, 4548&3C Hat— Unchanged, Ilona—Finn and nnchanged. Ouocbuibs— Sugar quiet but steady: fair to good refining, - 7 11-1007 18-luc; prime, B(jjßHc; refined firm. Molasses. 7c; centrifugal, BJ4c. Hico dull aad unchanged. Coffee—Hlg, cargoes, 15140 IBHcia gold; Jobbing, la gold, Pbtuolbuk— Firmer, but quiet; crude, BKO Sue; casea, 18U@21c. Tallow—Steady at ti^o. Stuainiu Uiaifl— Quiet: $1.7001.80. SnuiTs TouriNtiNi-EaslCr at IH&aitto. Kuua—Firm; Western, lUK^fclic. I’UQVisiona— Pork opened higher, closed heavy: nevrmeas, $21.60; July, $21.50; August, $21.70 (£21.80, Ueof unchanged; long clear . WeslsrOi llHc; city. 12c. Lard firmer: opened and closed heavy and lower; prime steam, $12.071i(£1U.00; Ahr msL $13.15(513.45, closing at $13.16. ndttun-TlTithfirtftcA/ CnEXßß—Unchanged. Whisky—Morket dull at SI. 11)4(211. 12. larißmac&'-'t'STS: i *n<| iblpptn* '!«•. itiArrbfc WMOKMr* iu ■ellliutfll faon«7,sj. Wclp. iid «t ioTonon.Ts, A M high M QT.fiu i. Tho balk of tbs v rang# of S7.UK* IhOCIoM. Bt, Lome, May 15.—Cotton—Dull and on* changed. « Kumm—Quiet and unchanged,. Grain—Wheat—Mrlrkbtdnilt No. 2 red winter salable atSl-40 cash;JJ.39)4’Jnno; No. 3 do, $1,20)4 July. Corn-hlghorj Western mixed, 45)4 QtCktc. Way. Outs—Market coaler; mixed .by sample, mafrtiy on track, 20@32C, live and bar* 14r—Nothing none. Wit Art—steady and firm; $1.06.’ Provisions—Pork higher; $21.50021.75. Lard —Market dull; current make, 12c asked—prices which buyers would not giro. Bulk meats—(lood moulry, and holders advanced, which buyers would 1 inot give; nominal prices at tho close wore, shonl idere, 74(c; clear rib. llCbllXc. Bacon—Hhoul [dors, Bh|(ftßUo: clear, rib. 12«4c; clear 1255. 'l2J(c. llacoo—Sbouldoraeoldat BJfc, buyers tho rfirst half of the month. 74 313' 7. 0 70 313 7.13)4 63 1 103 • 7.10 40 231 '* 7.10 43 300 0.1)3 04 294 0.00 33 314 7.10 60 HU O.US -47 141 O.PO 61 303 7.(1) M IM 7.03 38 304 7.U) 60 300 7.(0 -20 3SS 0.50' at ioo o.ou » wore .firm nl jlcdt ood at W. so BECRim—Flour, 4,400 brls; wheat, B.BOOhti; .com, 78.000hu; oats, 1,800 bn: ryo, 2,500 ha; barley, 2,000 bu. * PitiLADZt.rniA, May 15. Fi.otm—Qnlot: extra, $1.25(54.75: Wisconsin and Minnesota extra fam lly. $Ti,3CW&0,37)4; Slate. Ohio, and. Indiana, $0.00(57.00; high grades. $7.25(318.25. Grain—Wheat—Prime steady; otbersdall; Penn* sylvanla red. $1.47(51.48; amber, $1.50(51.51} .while, $1.50(51. no. Hye, 85c. Com-Yellaw, 01 (502 c; mixed, G0(500)(c. Oats—White Western, 42(5470; mixed and stained, 30(540c. Wiiisict—lron*bonnd. $1.12. Pktrolbuh—Crude, Tl*4cj refined, 13^(5140. SxEog-Clorcr, 910.00(517.00; timothy, $2.00® 2.05; flax, sl.4tS/ Butter—New York SUla and Bradford County, Pennsylvania, extras, 26(530c; firsts, 2fl®B7c; Western extras, 25(527c; firsts, 24(5250; Western rolls, extras, 24(t2uc; firsts, 20®2*ic. Creese—Unsettled; Now York State, 12®13)4c; (Western, 12)4c. Eoos-rStcady; Pennsylvania, Now York, and ■Delaware frosu, I5(5l0c; Western-fresh, 14)4(5 15Hc. KEW Ont/BANfI. ■ KKw Om.«AKa, May Ifi.—Etoun—Quiet Imt weak: superfine, $3.70{ doable. M.fio; treble suticniu. $4.50(30.00. i OitAm—Com quiet'hut steady; mixed, C2c; iwhile, 05c. oats ntondy and'unchanged; choice jUalcnn, 42d • , ConN*MßAn—Rtronganflhigher; holdnts3.oo. Hat—Quiet but Arm; prime winter, SIO.OO. J I’kotibiokb—Pork dnfl and nominal; $21,603 *21.76. Lard qnlct'bnt Bloody; tierce, $13,003 ;13.2&! keg, $13.76314.00. Bulk monte qalet; .Hhoulaera, B?<ic; dear rib, 12cj clear, 1214 c. 'Bacon dull and .nominal;’shoulders, Okie; clear Irib. 12>4c; dear, 13Mc. I WmsKT—(iuiet but steady; rectified, sl.ll© il.lO, ! Onooßmis—Coffeo- steady; Rio, cargoes IC® 18&c. Sugarquietbut Htcocly; fair to fatly fair,' 8084 c; prime, .Bye, Molasses—Demand active; Iprlmo rcbolled, 45c. Rico quiet and unchanged; common to prime, 4Vi®Q4c. I Bran—Steady, wUhn fair demand; 7dc. 1 UAT.TIMORH. I Baltihor*. Md., : May 15.—Ptoun—Qalet, but> 'steady; Western superfine, $3.2504.50; extra, !$4.50®5.50: faintly, $6.5007.00. ! Grain—'Wheat Armen, butqutotj-No. 2 Western red, $1.8501.40; Pennsylvania do, 51,45. Cora Arm'and fairly active: Western mixed, 03f*c- Oats—Demand active and prices advanced: white Western, 41045 c; Western mixed, 80042 c. Rye —Market dnll; 72076 c. Hav—'Dnllnndheavy; Pennsylvania and Mary land, $30,00025.00. Provisions—Firmer; quiet. Mess pork, $23.00. •Hams, 15010 c. Lord firmer; $13.50018.75; shoulders, 8c; clear rib, He loose, llacun—Shoul ders, 04004 c; clear rib, 1240135(c. Butter— Quiet hut steady; Western, 22027 c. Petroleum—Market dull but steady; crude, BHie; rsflnod, 14c. Coppbb—Quiet' but firm; Rio cargoes, 1640 164 c; Jobbing, 100104. Wuiskt— Market dull at $1.114. Cincinnati, May 15.— Cotton— Quiet and stead ier; HJic. Flour—Quiet; family, $5.0505.86. Grain—Wheat steady; $1.1501.30. Corn firm; held at 52053 c. Oats Inactive; 30043 c. Rye dull; 70073 c. Barley dull and nominal. Provisions— Pork firm; $31.25021.50. Lard firm; steam held at 124 c, 12?»c bid; 124 c bid Jnno; 12*£c asked; kettle, 13013Hc. Bulk meats strong and higher; shoulders, 77» 08c cash; 84c imyer June; clcar-Hb sold early at-lOft® loyc, closing with the latter bid; He asked; clear, 11 Uc. Bacon quiet but firm; Oc; UXol3ftc; 124 c. wmsirr—ln good demand; fall prices; $1.07. Butter—Steady; prime to choice Western Re serve, 23021 c; do Central Ohio, 20022 c. Milwaukee, Wls., May 18.—Flour—Quiet and unchanged. Grain— Wheat opened unsettled, about ife high er. closed weaker; No. IMllwnukce, fil. 144,; hard, $1,224; No. 2Milwaukee. $1.0H4; June, $1,084; duly. $1.082£ 5 No. 3,074 c. Com scarce and firm; No. 2,48 c. Outs steady; falrdomand; No. 2 cash ami May, 324 c. Rye firm; good demand; No. 1, 70c. Barley—Good demand, tending upward; No. 2,85 c; No. 3,61 c. Freights— Quiet; wheat to Buffalo, 3c; do to Oswego, 04c: ' Receipts— Flour, 7,ooobrls: wheat, 52,000bn. 1 SmruENTS— Flour,. 8,000 brls; wheat, 305,050 bu. Totxno, 0., Mny 15.— Flour— Steady. Grain—Wheat flrm; advanced. Wabash, $1,414; No. 1 while Michigan, $1,524; No. S do, $1.24; amber Michigan, $1.27; Juno, 81.2 HMS July, 51.28 W; No. 2 amber Michigan. $1.08; No. 2 red, 81,.Ti Corn firm; nigh mixed, 544 c; July hold at 53c: low mixed,' 524 c. no erode, 504 c; damaged, 404 c. Oats dull; No. 2,05 c offered; do canal, Uso; white, 404 c; Mich* ipnn, HOc. Receipts— Flonr, none;-wheal, 17,000bn; corn, 0,000 bu; oats, 8,000 Im. Shipments— Plo"ur, 200 brig; wheat, 11,000 bn; com, 00,000 bujoats, 26.000 on. boston. Boston, Moss., Mnyir».—Flour— Qnlet; ‘West ern suporflno, $4.00®4.25: common extras, $4.50 ®5.00; Wisconsin and Minnesota extra family. 85.00&7.00; winter wheat Ohio, Indiana, ana Michigan, $0,00®7.00; Illinois, $0.0008.25; St. L0ui5,56.25®0.00; fancy Minnesota and Wiscon sin, $7.23®0.5Q. Grain—Corn quiet: mixed andycllow,. 02®00c. Oats—Fnlrderaand; mxedond No. 2 white, 40® 40c; rejected, 42046 c; No, 1 white. 51©52c. BUFFALO. Buffalo, N. Y., Mar 15.— Grain— Wheat- In good demand: sales, 40,500 bu; $1.25 for No. IMilwaukue; $1.15 for No. 2 do; andsl.2sfor Green Day. Corn In fair demand and easy: sales, 10,000 bu; 62c for Toledo and Western; 55c for mixed Western. Oats—Wanted; none here for sale. Ryu—None here. Burley scarce; no de mand. Canal Freights— Wheat, 04c; com, Go; oats, 44c to New York. Savannah, May 15,—Colton—Qnlet; middlings, 114 c; net receipts, 424 bales; exports, coastwise, 001 bales; sales, 211halcs. MoniLß, May 15.—Cotton—Weak; middlings, 114 c; not receipts, 650 bales; exports, coastwise, 576 bales; sales, 1,000 bales. Charleston, May 16.—Cotton—Quiet; mid dlings, 114 c; net receipts, 411 bales; exports, coastwise, 415 bales; sales, 200 bales. Galveston, May 15. —Cotton—Weak; middlings, 114 c; net receipts, 541 bales; exports, coastwise, ’BB7bales; sales, 728 bales. DBY aoctos. New York, May 15.—Business was qnlet with commission houses and Importers, and tho Jobbing trado was light Best makes of brown and bleached cottons were In steady demand and un changed. Colored cottons wore dull. Low-priced shirting-prints were tn goud request, «bat fancies were quiet. Dress goods weru sluggish. Heavy fancy casajmorcs were Injdcmand by clothiers, but light-weights were quiet. PETUOLEITM. Clctsland, o.,*Mnyls.—rotroJonm strong; do* manil good; standard white, 110 teat, lOVic; prime white, ISO test, lltfc car-lots cash. PiTTSBuno, Pa., May 16.—Petroleum aalct; crude, $2.17)S at Parker's; refined, 13)«GlHc nt Philadelphia. ARtnvita—ficbr Q. Ellen, White Lake, lumber; •ebr C.,Nortb, Muskegon, wood;schr Westchester, Muskegon, lumber; sebrT. T. Avery, Fetosky, lumber; prop Chas Reitz, Manistee, lumber; sebr P, Lester, Manistee, lumber; sebr Coral, White Lake, lumber; achr R. U. Campbell, Muskegon, car wheels; scow M. N. Dunham, *Plko’s Pier, wood; schr Gypsy, Muskegon, lumber; scow Coaster, Muskegon, lumber; sebr Florence, Mua kegon, lumber; schrEl Tempo, White Lake, lum* ber; schr R, G. Skidmore, Footwater, lumber; Sebr Two Charlies, Ludlngton, lumber; stmr Cor ona, St. Joe, sundries; sebr Rob Roy, Saugatuck, lumber: schr Jessie Phillips, Manistee, lum ber; sebr Andrew Jackson, Manistee, lumber; schf Industry, Manitowoc, lumber; schr 0. C. Trowbridge, Cheboygan, cedar posts; stmr Chica go, Manitowoc, sundries; sebr Millard Fillmore, Oconto, lumber; scow Alaska, Muskegon,' lumber; prop Annie Leurle. Green Bay, pig Iron: schr Dan Newhall, Ludlngton, wood; schr John Marks, Manistee, lumber; schr Winnie Wing, Pcntwatcr, lumber: sebr C. Mlcbaelson, Ludinuton. lumber; sebr Mary Nan, Snonlco, lumber; achrp. Forger, son, Peosimkoe, lumber; schr Mary H. Ann, South Haven, lumber; prop 0. P. Heath, Saugatuck, eundriea; schr Joseph Dresden, Saugatuck, sun dries; propO. J. Trucsdell, Green Buy, sundries; schr Minnie CorUt. Ludlngton, lumber ; schr K. R. Rlake, Manistee, lumber; schr A. J. Moury, Lin coln, lumber; schr Jtumi Leighton. Ludlngton, lumbers schr Lillie, Parsons, Detroit, cedar posts; schr A- P. .Nichols, Traverse Bay, wood; schr Topsev, Manistee, lumber; sebr Arendal, Manistee, lumber; achr Live Oak, Manistee, shingles; prop John Prldgeou, Bay city, salt; prop clematis, Vcabtlgo, towing; achr Advance, Pesbtl go, lumber: schr Noauebay. Pesbtigo, lumber; schr Elva, Re Pere, railroad tics: schr Pilot, Mor gan’s Pier, lumber: schr Ketcnam, Masoavllle, cedar posts; schr Trio, iloaksgoc, lam Uri schr 6T. 1.0U19. PHILADELPHIA. Duppalo, May 13.—Copt. Gcorgo W. Bono re ports: Schr Gnldo Pflstor, coal Cleveland to MU wankfc, 35d per ton, free; bark, .William iL'Van derbitt and schr Levi llawson, pig; Iron, Estnunba to Chicago, Oficpor ton, free; PchrZaclrChnndlcr. coal, Eric to Chicago,- 40c, free; schr W. II Bnumls, coal, Cleveland to Chicago, sflc per (on; schrC. D. Jones, dry lumber, Owasca Bay to Ton avranda. $2. BO per m U. Cnpt. Tom Collins ro putts; schr Lake Forest, coal, hence to Green Bay, • n. t.; schr William Hunter, cement, 1 hence to W Indsor, 5c per brl; bark Praz Slgcl, paving-stone, | bonce (o Cleveland, ou contract. Mr. J. m 1 I Laughlln reports: Schr La Petite, cement, beneo to [Cleveland, Oc'per brl. Other charters: Prop Ne braska, 2, COO brls salt hence to Chicago,* p t, s lschr Savoland, 000 tons coal hence to Mmvnuko. p. t. • • ’ ; Milwaukee. May 13. Lake freights continue ■very doll and, to say tho least, very discouraging for vessel owners. Wheat rates to Buffalo to-day ,wcro nominal at 3c; Kingston and Oswego rates, O'Ac. Charters late yesterday afternoon wore: | Prop Cuba and schrs Goshawk and Sunuyslde, 112, • 1000 bu wheat at 3e; prop Intcr-Occan,-; 75,000 bai joatsatlJic. 10,'54. j There hr a eood'tl/wl lumber fleet' In'port. Business, howetcr, lsvorydnU....ThosclirW. 11. (Willard Is receiving an overhauling at one of tbo idocks of the Chicago Dry-Dock Company....Tho‘ ) tug Harrison' brought In yesterday the spars and' rigging of tho wrecked schr Falcon...,The tug’ i Shields got’out of order yesterday;-and had to go ■ Into tho bonoyard....Tho barge William McGregor, of tho Northern Transportation Company, left for •Escanaba yesterday in tow of tho stoohl-bargo Owen. The Jess Linn was In the snmo tow. They will bring back-cargoes of-Iron 0re....Th0 tug- Shields collided with tho tng. Higgle near‘Stale street bridge yesterday. Thoformcr was slightly damaged.... Tho water In tho river was 24 feet , higher yesterday afternoon than usual. The oldest rivennon do not remember having seen tho water higher when there was a southwest wind blowing. ;The phenomenon Is explained by the- dispatches received during the afternoon from Escnnnba , and ’ Marquette announcing that a furious north- 1 caster was prevailing in that section. Tho gale is evidently coming this way and forcing tho water southward.... Tho »tmV Peerless, of Leopold & I Austrian’s Lako Superior Lino, arrived at Mar ; queltu on the 12th, The hay Is reported full of lee, which is held there by continuous northerly •winds. CINCINNATI. MILWAUKBB. TOLEDO. COTTON. MARINE. CniCAGO. j CLBAnAmms-StmrConmfL Bt. Jde. 2-half lirt« flonna.umlrlo.i BchrM. B. l’«ck«%. p.ckard'! .Pltr, .0 pin* merch.ndlm(.clip 11. Itaml jKownnnco, s£ hrl. rail [ «chr*E. I* Cnrne'“ i.n™ .H,' W l'’ I’ 1 . 1 corn ! ichr I.nccmo/Huttad, (48,000.1 m. wheat} prop, Jay*,: Buffalo no oonVTA ’cofn, (H.OSObu oats, Sjo hmflon” ft 4°f tojwpcrnn •Jron, sapkgr aqftrtrtei: yttnrTompesL- Montage? ~100 bit co£n, 20 btls salt, and' sundries* iechf Alert, Pcsht«KO.'l4 brls pot* and sundrk"; I stior Muskegon, Muskegon,■ 64 Im oats, 35 htU I pork, 10 brls salt 41 ska feed; prop o. p. Hcmi !Bangntuck.lo bn com,*-50 bn wits, 6i»o green hliirV* ; sob Tri-Color, Holland, 400 Im corm sundK K Maine, Ogddnsburg, 12,010 hncorri, GO brls , 203 green hides, and sundries; prop Dean :JUchmond, Buffalo; 30,000 bit wheat. 20,000 bu corn, 000 brls floor; prop Arizona,- Erie, 28,f»oo .bn corn, 700 brls floor, 300 pkgi eggs • Buffalo ■sundries; prop City of Traverse, Traverse CHv’ 200 tons stone, 50 brls beef; schr Mary Helen ; Whllo Lake, 50 bo corn, - 0 tons feed, 3 brls pork* schr' L. A. Burton, Ludlngton, 0 brls pork ami sundMea. • uu JjAICe ntEionTSi onioAoo. j Freights wore In light request nt 2J(c fop com and 2-Uc for wheat to Buffalo, Most of the grain is ! moving out by rail. Charters: To Buffalo-Bchr QeorgeH. Coa<vcorn at 2)4c; prop AfJjiona'and steamer, com, and prop Bonnoko, wheat nnd'corn on through rata; schr Lucerne, wheat on p. t Capacity—7o,ooo bu wheat and DO, 000 1m corn. Tho schr Montpelier goes to Sheboygan for wheat. ELSEWHERE. IiAKE MICHIGAN. CniOAOD. LAKK KIHE. ERIE. Special Dispatch to The Tribune. Enni, Pa., May 15.—Arrival from Chicago, the ecbr St. Andrew, with wheat. Chartered, bark Erastns, Corning, pcUtb Niagara, Annie VougUt, and Helvetia, coal to Chicago, at 40c, free. The lake was very rough to-day, waves running moun tains high. Several vessels were caught la the storm. No casualties to report. TIH3 CANAXj. Bridgeport, May 15.—Arrived—Industry,. ,Morris, 5,000 bn com; Elizabeth, Lockporl, 1,500_ ,bu comVpiop Montauk, Lockport, 700 brls flour, ’. *237 brls meal: Montreal, Ottawa, 5,000 imcornt 1 First National, Bird’s Bridge, 0,000 bu corn. Cleared—Gen. RoscncrotiE, Morris, 50 m lath; Cayuga, Lockport, 7,808 ft lumber, OOm shingles 70 m lath. POUT lIITROX. Special fN*jxrtcA to Hie Tribune. | Pour Huron; Mich., May 15.—Down—Props : Marino City, J. BerUchy, Aborcorn, Oswegatcblo; 1 schrs Tliroo Bells, Antelope, J. H. Drcck, Den mirk, Butcher Bor. Pride of America, Montauk, Lizzie A. Law, wells, Burt, Madrid, City of the Straits, Elizabeth Jones, Newsboy, Sweeps takes, Goo. U. Vaod, City of Green Bay, John MlnoV. Up—Props Lawrence, Mary Mill, Mi Swain and consort, Superior and consort, Hast Saginaw and barges; sohr Alice Richards, wind—Northwest. brisk; weather clear. The sclir City of tho Straits passed down minus her Jlbboom. Tho cargoes of grain taken from the Bridgewater and Pamlico, last fall,’ In tho Straits, amounting to 10,000 bo, have boon shipped on tho City of Green Bay. PontHtmoK, Mich., May 15.—10 n. nt— Down —Props Clinton and consort, Annie Young and consort. George King and barges; sebrsD. Pro vest, Otonabcc, Schuylkill. Up—Props James Fisk, Jr., Woslford, Japan. James Davidson and consort, Granite Statu and consort; flChm Momruagon, Minnie Slawson. Wan—Bast, gen tie; weather cloudy. MI SCEIiL AJTE OITS. ODDS AND BNDS. The river at Cleveland Is being dredged to a depth sufficient to allow any vessel that floats on tho lakes to eater freely without grounding.,..The work of lightering tho cargo from the schr Medit erranean, sank in Niagara River, won begun Fri day. As soon as possible an effort will bo made to raise her, stcam-pumpa having been engaged for tho Job already....A war on freight rates is raging between Benton Harbor and Chicago. Passenger rotes hqvo dropped to 50c, andthoro is a Ilttlu hupd of seeing tho passenger tariff abollshcdaUogelher„» and tho companies offering a premium 1 for passengers. Tho strum- Corona ami < Messenger ara tho competing boats.... ' Perry’s flagship, tho Lawrence, was raised from tho waters of our bay on Tuesday,by Us own ers, Messrs. Vlers & Dunlap, and Is to bo cut up, Into sections and transported to Philadelphia, 1 where they will be united and placed on exhibition in a prominent part of the city. The vessel as raised is about 108 feet long and 18 feet wide at tho broadest point—rather a tiny croft compared with those of the present day. Tho owners expect to do a large business la tho sale of canes made from the wood of tbo Lawrence, and the probabilities are that but a small proportion, U any, otlho famous old ship will bo brought back. Tho Niaga ra,. Perry’s other vessel, still lies sunk lo tbo waters of Misery Bay, tn a northeasterly direction from tho place until Tuesday occupied by tho Law ronco.— Erie Obtervtr, 11th. OCBAN STEAJISBOIVS. Om DIRECT LIKE TO FRAME. The General Transatlantic Company’s Mail Steamers between New York and Havre, calling at Plymouth (Q. D.) fur tbo landing of passenger*. The splendid vessel* on this favorite route for uio Continent (being mora southerly than any other) will sail from Pier Ko. 43, North Hirer, as follows t LAHHAUOIt, Hangltcr Hatarday, May2o, 3p. m. AMKItfuUE. Pounds (Saturday. May 37. Oft. Ui. •BAiNTLAUHFNT,l.Ache(nbe.Baturday,J unos, 3 p.m. I‘IIICB OF PASaXan IN GOLD (Including wine) 1 First cabin, flio to 8130, according to accommoda tion! second cabin, *wj third, 840. Return ticket*at reduced rate*. Steerage. 820, with superior accommo dations, including wine, bedding, and utcniU*. without extra charge. Steamers marked thua * do not carry * lcer |?Oiyiß f)"SKHTAN» Agebt. 63 Broadway. K. f. W. P. WHITE, No. OTClark-st., corner llandolpO* 1 Agent for Chicago. ' Worth German Lloyd. The steamers of this Company will latl every Batur* day from Bremen i*lur, root of ThlrU-»t.. Hoboken, lutea of naanago—From Hew York to Southampton. London. Havre, and Bremen, Dm cabin, gUOt teeumi cabin, 100, jfoldj aUicragc, f3O currency. For freight orpawage apply to OELIUCIIB it CO.. a Bowling Urecn. howiorlt SPECIAL NOTICE- • The otllce of the State Line Steamship Company hay been removed to No. 51 Clark-et. (Sherman House Block), and tbo General Western Agency will be bereofter conducted by JAMES WARKACAt Esq., to whom applications for Saloon and Steer age Passage can ho made. AUSTIN, BALDWIN & CO., General Agents, Now York. „ . N. B.—The favorite Steamer Stalo of Indiana sails forßelfaitand Glasgow on Saturday, Ibth iiuU . - OUNABD MAIL LINE. Sailing Utrce times a week to and from British Porta, Lowest Prices. . Apply at Company’s OlTlco, northwest corner Clark and Raudolph-sts., Chicago. . , P- H. UU VBHNKT. General Western Agent._ White Star Mail Line. To and from Korops and America. Ratw m}®'* as by any other Drst-cJais Line. Ofllce, Ranuolph-sh, Chicago. ALFRED LAGEBOnEN. General WeaUru Agent. Drafts on Groat Britam and Ireland. • -1 Great Western Steamship From New York to Bristol (England) dWc t.

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