Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 17 Mayıs 1876, Page 7

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 17 Mayıs 1876 Page 7
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City and allowed in settle on thq.boltoro,wh we. she. remained dur ing the idtiKK.. Aj ffiw i days, a«o. aha «m again nntnpcd ootandlokcnm tqw by.thfl.Prolectlon for Ihlsclty. .Tha"Groton u SOTcrol|! damaged, her elder being stpyoln.., however,kept-afloat py a steam-pump. As coon as she dm discharged her cargo a> eoarahp Will Im UV|n Ifatb dry-flock for ‘From the Captain of-tho Grtton II la. learned that tha achr Orbnada 1« atlll on the bottom •c Dttnena Olty. Khe. baa a cargo of stucco oh. Mara. She In said (o bo yetlnedod'tohdltlon. f lepaaro now being Ukotvto raise her and take her to Manitowoc. The Captain also Mate* that the PchrMlryE. Perow, which Is uhdro bn Chhbdygitn Point with a cargo of cool, has betfn examined by. Opt- Kirkland of the wrccklrtg-lng LoViatllin,; who thinks phocap be raised without much trouble. - gho la still ln‘ tb6 n&mo ooodlfldn’aa/aha Was last' fall. tout iruncru. Special Diepateh lo The TWftnna. ‘Port Huron, Midi., May 10,—Passed Ur— props Towhsetid andbsrgcs; Allcghanyortd barges; rchre 11. O. Pdttor. Reglns* 8; J. Tlldea, J; 0. f Thayer, William Crpsaibwallo, DaridVance. SwaK low, Golden Wcet>Uary Collins, TwoFabrilcß, J. 11, Noyes, Jlolen Pratt. . . ■ • , , pAßsxn.pnwN—Schrs Jane IfCteod anAßutle, Wind, southeast gentle; weather,"cloudy./ Pont Hunox, Mich., May 10.—10 p, .m.—Up—. PropejlslelghandConsort; schrsEllon SprYvDa vid A. Wells, Mury Toploy, Cataract,-' Moonlight, • gsvclnnd, Florida,.Samuel L. Mather. Dowti-HTrOrt Vanderbilt. WiNo, Bdathoost; froshj'wcflthor, cloddy. ■ ■ ; Tira cANAn. iWibORTOiiT, Chicago,'May 10. —AitttlTED—Nep tune, OlUwa, (B.’fidO bo dorn. Cleared—Danube, Ottawa, 73,007 ft Inmbor; prop Montauk, Lockport, 4,500 bu wheat; Eliza beth, Lockport, 05,707 ft lumber, 1,018 posts; prop : MonUmk Belle, Wilmington, 11,003 ft lum ber. 2,487 posts; J, Menard, Wilmington, 65 m lumber. - .. • I/AKE ETUI2. BRIE., Special THtpatch to TheTYibun*. Rnre,.Pa., May 10.—Departed,for Chicago, (ho ichr Caindcn. ' The prop fcfcott leaves for above to morrow. Workmcnnre busy putting up tho now jifo-statlon. It will bo a complete ono, and cm- Efoy a piiked crow of men. A large licet of vessels i hero from Buffalo loading coal (or Chicago. MAYOR HOME. Ho Bonds a Uoto to Colvin-Aaking Elm to Vacate. Form of the Information Which May Be'Filed. Hdralinl- Obodcll’s liCttcr...Comptrollcr Hayes—Paying Counsel. ' AltAlra around tho City-Hall yesterday wore , an appearance of unmitigated dullness. Tbo concurrence of tbo various municipal depart ment? In the resolution adopted by. tbo Council ordering the different heads to recognize Mr. Hoyno us tho legal and only Mayor of the city, bos. stripped tbo contest of tbo possibility of giving rise to any sensational developments, and business went on quietly and without tbo offlckmsncea of kind friends oh either side. Out side of tho short visits of a few Aldermen and a small number of politicians, there wore few callers, and tho most of these dropped la on lit tle matters of routine business. • MAYOR UOYNR was early on tho field. Ho was la the best of humor, as all the executive deportments bad given in their allegiance to him, except tho City Comptroller, and tbo position assumed by him is, for the time being, regarded'os satisfactory, though it Is probable that before the end of the week that official Will either tender his rcelgim tlon*or send in ills recognition full and complete of Mr. Hoyno as Mayor. . The first official act of the new Mayor yester day: was to appoint Mr. George Wheeler as his Private Secretary. Mr. Wheeler has had a long experience in public affaire, having administered tbo business of the County Clerk’s office from, the time of the decease of Mr. Glndclo to the election of’bls successor, Joseph Poliak. Of into ho.occnpicd a clerkship In tho ofllco of Austin Boyle, Clerk of tho Criminal Court. Tho following note was received early In tho forenoon from , , MARSHAL ooodell: Police Bbpahtjibiit ot tub City dr CmoAno, Orncß or tub Citt Ma usual, May IQ.— The Hon. . Thomas Uoyne, Mayor ; In reply to your com munication requesting a reply to ccrtoin resolu tions ortho City Council adopted on tbo Olh lust., I would respectfully soy that, without* presuming' to discuss, much less to decide, tbo legal ques tions Involved In tbo present controversy in rela tion to the Mayoralty, I fully recognize the au thority of t,be City Council, and propose to obey all' ordereomnnating from them directing tho conduct of, this department of tbo City Government. Very respectfully yours, It. is. Goodbll, City Marshal. A NOTH TO COLVIN. In tho afternoon, Mr. Hoyno, after consnl* (atlon with some members of the Connell Building Committee, determined to make n formal applies* lion on Pretender Colvin for possession of tho Mayor’s sanctum aud Its public contents. City* Attorney Tuthlll thereupon drew up the follow* Ing letter, which was signed by tho Mayor, and scut to Its destination: ' Citt or Chicago, May 10, 1875.—TAv lion. ■ IJanty D. Cofdn—Dkah.Siu: In porsnanco of’ 6cc. 6, Art. VI. of tho Charter of tho City of Chi cago, I hereby notify yon that 1 was, on the 18th day of April A. D., Ib7o, elected Mayor of tho raid city, as baa been officially declared by the City Council, after a canvass of tho vote cast at such election; and that I have taken and . subscribed to tho oath of office, and given tho bond required by law as such Mayor. 1 therefore respectfully.request 'that you deliver tome nil property, books, and. effect* of every description In your possession belonging to too City of Chicago, or appertaining .to the said otllcc of Mayor, and yield up to mujis Mayor of tho city the room in tho Clty*Hall building designated for tho use of tho Mayor. Ut/spcctfully, Thomas Hotnb, Mayor of Chicago. The Chicago Tlchborno was in thu Mayoral choir during tho most of the forenoon, and was sur*. rounded by n few satellites, with whom, as It were, he indulged In a banquet of funeral meats. Tho defection of the pultca and other depart ments was a subject of mournful conversa tion. About noon bo stepped out for lunch, and, liko thu Frenchman who said au revolt to bis wife when ho went out to light a cigar, forgot to return. This morning ho will have an opportunity to read Mayor Hoyno's demand fur tue official sanctum. Several oflho counsel engaged In preparing kho ease of Colvin versus Hoyno were In the united fctatca Court yesterday enjoying tho scones Inci dent to tho revelations of Jacob, who climbed down tho ladder ot mystery and gave up what ho •pew concerning tho whisky crookedness In this district. .Hence they did nothing of any moment concerning tho quo warranto matter. ■ TUB FOLLOWING INFORMATION will be filed In tho Criminal Court within two or three days:. of Illinois, County of Cook, ss.ln the . Criminal Court of Cook County, May Term: Charles H.lßccd, Btato’s Attorney for tho County Cook and titate of Illinois, upon tho (elation of Harvey D. Colvin, In tho name aud by tho authority of (bo people of tho Btalo of Illtuols. gives tho criminal Court of Cook County aforesaid to under stand ami be Informed that Thomas Hoyno, of tho said county,- for tho five days tost past has usurped •y<jJlntruded into tho olllco of Mayor of the City or Chicago in tho county aforesaid, and unlawfully ezecutea powers of and belonging to mild office, •i)d silll does unlawfully execute such powers, without right or title Uvsuld olfice, to tho prejudice ofiho people of tho State of Illinois. herafore, tho State’s Attorney aforesaid, for •on tn tho name of thu people aforesaid, uudby neautbority thereof, prays that a summons may p honed against tho said Thomas Hoyno requir ing him to appear and show cuuho, If any ho can, why heclaima tliu office of Mayor of the City or tulcaga (aforesaid, and tho right •to oxeroiso tho Powers thereof. . Charles H. Reed, State's Attorney. . . TUB COUNSEL will meet In Tuloy'a olfice this morning and on »Hver toagrceou tho facts to be presented to the Vh.?.f» n co,, hcctlon with the Information. Should bo wnublo to concur in a statement of the -tho respondent’s counsel will lire !i“* plea, giving ■ tho reasons why £[' DpTne claims ami, occupies the office. «i$L 0 « declared Ida Intention. of pro ht tho meeting of tho Connell to-morrow sf cW, u ’,, u was the t gouerai opinion around the yesterday that the I’retcndar will refrain ff?® waging any alterapl in that direction. Some th«i» mlo .b«l , P B radstatu (bat-he.wlii not file !,• *h ; fonnaUim for a quo warrantp, because. Mr. J®* 0 * 5 * t 0 »>pn the.treishrywarrants to pay counsonv llhout being authorized •k.T* ?° by ffio city Council. It Is needless to say they will do nothing of the kind. A NOISOME MATTER, Special Ditpaich to The Tribune, üßubai’ous, TmL, Msy JO.—The somewhat amons libel suit of Thomas Mclntyre, Boperln wodealof the 'Deaf'and' Daub Asylum, against Company and John B. Fawkner, waa yea terd&y In tbs Morgan County fi.iini W , ( * * Jury secured to-day. It was continued ■?». .* September term In pnlcx to allow defend |f»P°-r(ant wltnoasoa, vrltboot Whoa *•7 wIU be unable to proceed. CROPS. Bpedot DUpaich to p* TMSmu. t hawanton, Kan.* May 16.— I Tho country Around ••ippkjpgwell.• Grass,le luxuriant, Hhade-ircu* n't hi. lull. Jeal, anU flowers: are bihiiint .into op, and tbooMuda of acre's nave lost been mtut fiKcyUiUigptQatU6A*ittXil fibgty* i j ■ :-w&assem%' * Sweeping Recommendations Made by the Naval Investigators. They Think ; that All but Three .of the Yards Can Bo Abolished. - TVlint Is Thought of Tom Scott’s | , Testimony in llio Arknn . 80s Boiid Hatter. Astounding Corruption Un earthed 1 by the Louisiana Investigation. Tho, linpeUchmcut Court liiltcly to Votcin Favor - dfJurisdiction. ; Majority, and Minority Reports in tho | Case of Printer Clapp, ' he stavy. A CUTTING-DOWN process. Special DUpatch to The Tribune. J Washington, D. C., Mhy 10.—Hciry D. | Cooke testified before the Naval Committee 'duy In the matter of tho alleged use of money Iby which Jay. Cooke, McCulloch & Co., secured i the fiscal agency in London. Oooko testified |that rdllbp arrangements were made through jhlm In Washington; that ho hlrasclf visited the j President several times, and the Secretary of the [Navy, and completed tlitf arrangement, and tliAt ;nbt> single dollar was paid'to Mrs. Robeson or |to Mr. Robeson, or to any other person whatso-i cvd,r on account of tho transaction. riTznuou. Tbo Fitzlmgh Investigation began to-day. No decision was reached. 1 Meanwhile Fltzhugh's toco has grown shorter, and his smile more bland, 110. declares that be will stick. THE NAVY YARDS, Ur. Willis,' Chairman of the Sub-Committee, on Nary Yards, made a report this morning to the full Naval,Committee., This report was divided Into, twd parts, J and the first contained the following recommendations s'First, the closing of all Navy Yards except those at Brooklyn, Norfolk, and More Island. This recommendation is based upon tbo thobry-ihat the only use that the Government {now bos for Nnvy Yards Is for the repair of its ves sels and machinery. It proposes eventually, to icjoso -the Norfolk yard also, and to have all work performed at Brooklyn and Mare [island. The Brooklyn yard is now the most iro* I portant whlch the Government has. Ulscohvcn-- ,1001 to the sea, favorably situated, possesses un : rivaled facilities for obtaining cheap material and I labor, fs never blockaded by ice, nuu Is within con venient distance from the fresh water of the Hud son Klvcr, where the Iron-clad fleet can bo laid up [with pcrfcct’sufcty. OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS. • . . I Mr, Willis’ report , next, recommends, that no : naval station shall bo authorised or established ox jccptatone'of the yards which it Is proposed to close. Thu solo of the Charlestown and Washing ton Navy.Yords la»recommended, einco each is {situated within tbo limits of a largo city, which 1 makes the property very valuable. The retention ;of tho Kittcry and Pcneccbla yards is recommended, :so that work may ho resumed in thorn if made necessary by war or other exigencies. These 'yards, if sold, would bring bat a very snjall sum. , Another recommendation is that no further ap propriations bo made for tho League Island Navy {Yard. Willis estimates that the cost to complete this yard, and put It in good working condition, ■ will bo $00,000,000, and be tulokii that jit will be bolter for tbo Govern ment to loso tbo money already expended upon it than to pay.out so largo a sum as this; at I least, ho would postpone tho expenditure until a ’mureemphatic approval of tbo people is obtained. TUB LAST RECOMMENDATION [ln the firstparlof the report Is that proper provls- I ions bo made for guarding Government property at ; the navy yards 1 which It is proposed to close. This part of the report was.considcrcd by the fall Com mittee to-day, and a preliminary vote upon it wns 'taken. From this It is apparent that the Commit , too will bo more likely to recommend the cloning of 1 the Mare Island Yard than those at Charlestown and I Washington. I On the second part of the report no action was 1 taken. It provides for the I ABOLITION 07 TUB BUREAU BTBIBM in the navy*yards, and for vesting oil the power of appointment in tho Commandant of tho yard, glv* Ing him supervision over inspections, requisitions,’ and surveys, and holding him accountable therefor uhder penalty..of a court,martial. Tho bureau system la on outgrowth of tho War, and is believed to be no longer necessary to secure efilclcnt sen-ice in tho yard.- On the other hand It makes neces sary tho employment of flvoor six as many clerks ;os would otherwise bo needed, with ns many sopa .rote seta of books and' systems of bookkeeping, kaolins unncccseaty coipnllchtious and adlvtolon lof responsibility. Under tuo.prcsont system orders are given to tho heads of Bureaus In tho yards directly from tho Department at Washington, and [often without tho' approval of the Commandant of ‘the yard, who Ison the spot and familiar with (ho - necessities of tho service. ■ 1 A STRIKING INBtANCD •of this was recently given- by Commodore il’rcbio .In' bis testimony before the. Naval 'Committee. Ho said that a requisition was -sent to. him while, ho was In command .at Philadelphia hy the Assistant Naval Constructor 1 for 500 sblp-kncus to ho delivered at League Island. Hie scot fortho mao, and told Mm that he .did • not [know what use there could bo for the material to {quested, ahdVcfuscd to' approve the requisition, Jllo forwarded the requisition, however, to tho Bureau at Washington without approval, and with a statement of his reasons, for withholding them. It came hack with tho approval of the Chief of the {Bureau. Commodore Preble 'asked the Assistant iConstructor whut bo wanted with the knees, and ho [replied that ho did not know, bnt (bat he had ro* icclvod private instructions to purchase them. I Commodore Treble also testified that League Is* ;iand will not be In a condition to have any work ,thoro for two or throe yean,.oven with very liberal, 'appropriations. He waa opposed to the Bureau [system, opd said that If a merchant waa to manage his business la the wav a uavy*yurd is managed ho 'would fall la six months. i Willis neat recommends tho abolition and the discharge of walchmunln thu navy-yards, and tho [use of marines in their places. This change Is ap> iprovcd by a majority of tho naval officers who have {testified before tho Committee, IMnotlier recommendation Is to make It a criminal offense to , . SOLtGIT-MONBY FOR FOUTIOAL PURPOSES from employes of navy-yards'during htfUrs of 1 labor., WlllfstvouldnlflO have tho prices of labor and tho number of hours during which workmen In .tho navy-yards should'bo employed, governed by tho general practice In tho Immediate.vicinity. Another recommendation* tho wisdom ot which will be seen without Illustration, and argument, la .to make It a criminal offeuae for any. em ploye or otficorof the Government under the Navy Department to receive presents or pay for services front; contractors. It Is also proposed to forbid the doing of la navy-yards, either gratuitously or otherwise, and to etop the performance of any work or the furnishing of any material without specific appropriations, unless it Is provided for In. lira general estimate*. Thu trans ferring of appropriations from one Bureau to an other in the Navy Department,' thus tusking It Im possible for Congress or tho people to as certain tho coat of any particular bureau, Willis would also forbid. Finally, ho would abolish tho ofilca of Civil. Engineer In ail navy ?ards, leaving only omiofllco of that character In he Bureau of Yards aud Docks. Tbls part of Willis' report will probably-ho acted upon at tho next meeting of tho Committee. TOM SCOTT. HIS TBIKCELT OI7T VBOU TUB 0. P. Spiciai DiipatcA to TU4 Tribune, Wasiumoton, D. 0., May 10.—There la much comment upon tho testimony of. CoL Turn Scott, and tho action of tho Union Pacific Di- Vectora and tho Government Directors, oa dls dosed by the Blainu Investigation. Taking Scott's testimony exactly as ho gives it, it ep pears that, without having a contract of any sort with tho Union I'aclUo Road fur such com pensation, Scott, while President of tho road, inode an arrangement with the Executive Com injtieeby.fchlchho wm to be paid a gratuity for alleged valuable extra services of $04,000, and ibo Government Directors seem either U? have been rmwllUmr to Investigate (bis transaction or to have Kmalned in willing ignorance of It In any event, ore seems to havu been ( - mo Airniourrr or law, and do contract expressed, or implied which would warrant the Executive Commutes la paylog Tom pcpUsucbaenm of money, and It is verycridcml that the Government Directors have been grossly Poreljctlushelr doty, in that they have made no mcnMeft , of the extraordinary circumstance* at- l e Dd|ag twa ,affair in. tbelr enasai, vepprta ito inn- Secretary of character of the transaction, it U argued, would bo ursctlcallrtbo same, so far as■ ttw responsibility of tho Company jidaLilm. Awagak: BiKttar* A»<wa*; THE CHICAGO TKIBDNB: WEDNESDAY, MAY 17, 1870. corned,' bends were rain able or wdrlhleta, inasmuch as tha company had no .right to duke use of the money for any such par poses | hot the bonds were of little value; they ’.were nbl on the market, os the bond* of uufintsiieu roads are hot put on the ntartew Thcfr pros pective Value wAs, and hhs proved to be. ■ KHtIAELt CtfMtlHOSlfT AHft SPBCtbATIVB. Tom BcoU swore that he pMdBO cents in cash for .them eighteen months before be told them. He dicUnSOtO give any Information's! to their proba .l)lo value at the time thay were purchased. The Government and the officers of the rdftd ' all drcllncd to give an opinion as to the value of IMaC bonds, bat front other sources It Is learned tbnt their value was entirely nominal. A New York broker who Is hero ready to be sworn, declares (hat at that time Chile bonds were not wortb more toan 7 cents on the nor-h An. There can bo llttlo doubt that tho Judiciary Com mutes will severely criticise (be action otlfieCom pany for having purchased those bonds or having loaned tbo money to Hcotl. Janies F. Wilson, Indeed, maintains that (ho position of , the Company towards these • bonds la that they are merely a.collateral bn a Ipso to Scott, and are one item In an nnftdJnstcdaCcauot. Treasurer Rollins, however, has testified tuaUho Company, has prac (liqally assumed tha ownership of those bond*, and At any rate has exchanged; them for othec bonds of the same Company of recent date, tbo nominal' face value of which is but $20,000, instead of 504.000. It Is certain' that tho bonds are practl ‘cqlly worthless now. It wos-gcncrally given out that Tom Scott's, election to tho Presidency was simply.for the,purpose of giving tbo Pennsylvania Central, j ACONNECTIbH WITH THE PACIFIC COAST, and that hoWns lo be contented with a salary by, the Pcnnsylvopla Central and with tiiatof tho four teen or flftcen other roads of which he was Pioil .dent,.hu> It. appears that the Company, which was I too poor to bay Tom Scott 18,000 a rear, was rich, enough to .bestow upon him $04,000 for these, i bonds u n testimony of his valuable services. • Mr. Iloillnb Is thd subject of extremely unfavora ble comment, from the fact of having himself Ad mlttcd that he Is tbo sole originator and early pro prietor of the slander against Blaine. Ho,has not ;!bo remotest notion, of tho source from which he' .loaned tnatßlalno might bo Involved in tills trans action. Every onc.adnmi if Mr. Rollins told the truth, that his lapse of memory Is probably tbo ;mo«t remarkable In the history of Congressional Investigations. impeachment. THE JURISDICTION DBRATB. . . Special DtgpatcA. 10. He Tribune. AVasqikgtok, D. Ci May 10.—Tho debate on tho question of Jurisdiction In tbo Belknap case was continued Jn secret session of. tho Scnatc to-day, the session lasting nearly live hours. Mr. Edmunds occupied the entire made what Is spoken of as one of tbo strongest , arguments of his life. Ho took tho ground that tho Senate had jurisdiction. The dbscussion will probably last the entire week. Ono of tho rules adoptcd'by th« Coart was that speeches shoald bo limited to slsty-flvc minutes, and no Senator allowed to speak, more than once, but by. unanimous consent Edmunds was given all the time ho wanted, and the speeches hereafter will not bo limited as to time, TUB SPEECH OP BUSHMAN yesterday In.favor of Jurisdiction Is also spoken of In high terms of praise. Frclluchnysen and Morton spoke yesterday againtt jurisdiction, and Sherman in favor. There is great -Interest manifested in. the case. Edmunds Iwna listened to with marked respect . and attention. Ho was frequently Interrupted with I questions asked br Howo, indicating that be was ‘opposed to Jurisdiction. It.wns suggested that the i discussion should close to-morrow, giving thoio I who bad no time to speak oh opportunity to file and I print their opinions, but no arrangement was 1 agreed upon. [ .The Injunction of secrecy will. probably bo ro < moved, and all tho speeches printed. There seems itobcnodonbttbatlho volc of tbo Senate will be I largely In favor of Us Jurisdiction in tho case. CX/APP. , TUB ROUSH OVERHAULDm. .Special Dlepate A to The Tribune, ; Washikoton, D. C., May 10.—Tho House [spent most of tho day In discussing the report jrolatlvoto the Government Printer. The speech iby Vance, tbo Cbolrrhan, consisted of a rdtera | lion of tho main points of the report. Vance made the partisan and'unfounded declaration ! that ho did not call, tho workingmen, because If jtbey had been called they would havo lost their ’places. Ballou, of Rhode Island, the only Re publican, represented tho minority views In a report and speech. Tho purport of his speech was that the House had no jurisdiction, as the. Congressional Printer Is an offi cer of tho Senate, and that tho jConstitution gives' each House power only over Its [own affairs. Ho dissented from the views of the {majority report, aa for a* any,censorious criticism [was concerned, lie denied that (boro was proof that tbo Government bas been defrauded a dollar. lAs to extravagance In the purchase of material, he {maintained that that was a question as to whlch there could be. • A LBarraiATß DIF7BRBNCB OP OPINION. ; Ho boldly charged that the object of thu majority ;of the Committee .was to give the profitable print ing of the Obnyreiilonal Jfrrord to Franklin lilves, .elan advanced price, andwlthouteompotltlon. Of I this, charge the majority of the Committee were relievo-itself. The Committee 'may bo cntlrcly-innoccnt, bnt there was an air of [jobbery all throngh the report. This fact attracted -much attention, and excited a great deal of private |comment«YOQ upon the Dcmocratlcsldo. So much 'was this the fact that Morrison, leader of the 'House, at one time moved to i TAHtE TUB WHOLB SUBJECT, land Randall indicated an opposition to It. • Mr. Ballou maintained that the charge of Incotn [potency was disproved hy the. character of the •wbrk fit the frmtJng-ofHcc. Ho. took up each .charge made by the majority, replied to It, and .denied that any'absolute fraud had been proved. Ballou, ns,Congressman,- and aa'a practical printer, {declared It to he his opinion aa the result of the In* .vestigution that Government Printer Clapp is an 'honest and upright nubile servant. . The House agreed to the resolution directing the 'Speaker to transmit the evidence to tho Criminal [Court for an Indictment, by yeas, 137 { qays. 74 a strict party vote, except tno, Ainsworth, of .lowa, and Potter, of Michigan, who voted no. The resolution directing the JndlolnryCommlttee to inquire whether an ofllccr of the Senate impeached was adopted. - Tho resolution Instruct* Ingtbo Appropriations- Committee to arrange to. give tho printing to Franklin Rives ENOOUNTERBD CONSIDERABLE OPPOSITION, 'and the whole subject was finally recommitted to the Printing Committee. It was evident .from the temper of the House that tho JUves Job ia de feated. CORRUPTION. CAnrET-BAO, RULE IN LOUISIANA. Special DUpatch (e The Tribune. Washington, D. C., May'lo.—Tho testimony .taken to-day In the Louisiana, investigation has a 'bad look for Mr. Morey and the general run of .carpet-bag adventurers, The testimony yesterday of tho witness Scclyo bore In Itself intrinsic evi dence came from a man whose credibility ,was indoubt, other testimony. The testimony yesterday would not have gone for much, hut Scolyo'a statement to-day shows that, oven If he. is-vyhat Morey and his friends claim him,—a blackmailer, a rascal, a renegade of tho vilest sort,—he nevertheless bus told tho truth. . The: testluiony to-day showed, by tho production of (he letters -of Morey, and by. a vast amount of detail.' that tne [operations of the. carpet-baggers to elect them selves are os bad as they can he; that their majori ties were in a great'measure bsyonet majorities, and that their sinews of war wore the plunders of the people. The testimony. In Us details, throws much light upon tho secret history of carpet-bag ism, and helps to explain the reason why a comdd .arable portion of the white population in tho 'Southern. States lias been forced, lu solf*defense, to remain in opposition to the Republican party. . BBBLVU'a TESTIMONY. . - . 7b (As. Wtttm Atteciaitd JVsia , Washington, D. C«, Maylo.—Mr. ticolye con tinued bis testimony, before the Louisiana Commit ,ll*o this afternoon.. As of Louis- Jana, be ar tea led people on Morey’s warrants, who .were Democrats. -He came toNew York with doc* mutants to expose,Moray* but Morey promised him ,$l5O cash; and gaveh|pifive note*,for SIOO each .toglyo pp thftpapsrs. This ho did. but retulnud icopioa, and ot Morey has not paid him, bo felt at liberty expose him. ■ i Witness further testified tbatrColloctor Casey ob tained for 1 him a place in tho New York Custom- Houss on the 24 of this month, and that he was ,stm employed .there-. When U was ascertained >ths( the Sergeant-at-Arms of the House was lu New York for the purpose of subpoenaing witness, Mr. Boaer, a member of tbe Legislature from Lou isiana, wished to see him-at tbe Fifth Avenue Hotel In New York- He met him, and Soucr told ,Idm he bad better go to Canada, and showed him a dispatch from Morey to Casey* asking Cusey to go to the Custom-Rouse and get him leave of abscncu. . Witness continued: Casey did go, and asked Sharp If bo would rataln my .place for me, and al low my pay to continue while I wont to Canada. Boaer said Ira would, give me $l5O cash to go with, and sl6oper month while 1 was away. Sharp said he could not give leave of absence, but would give mo tho place when 1 returned, I did not agree to go. .1 s«ld .$l6O waa a very small sum to leave the country with.. I said If they would bay Moray's qotsa amounting- to S3OO, aud give SSOO rupro, 1 would go away to MuutrcaL They were willing to try to obtain (be SSOO for me, but would not pay (he notes* and Souer kept trying to bluff me. saying If 1 testified. I would getipto (h* Venltopuaty, and I finally would not have any thing mote to do with him. BRISTOW. THE. LiST OO VUDIRATB SLUKCBS. Special Dispatch to. ZXa TWSuns. , WAanpipToyy.p, c^,,h|ox XOtrrTha Demo crats ore £o hud ,out,.t^t!the resolu tion which was ‘passed' yesterday callhig * upon Secretary Bristow for all cortespondenco about ,£ha.vhlfilqr nulUttwaajrfiohUtoa.oljjarUA^ inentary precedent*, and ft groat political Hun* fler. The House giro* tho Secretary no dlecre tlon, and It ho* no means of enforcing this reso lution. ' If, however, tbo correspondence Should bo published, It will give the country a new Insight Into the difficulties which Secretary Bristow encountered In conducting his Contest with the 81. Lonla Whisky King, and will lend In no small degree to make him the nominee Of the Republican party for President. This Is an end whjch the Democrats do not wish to assist, *eo that In any event tho resolution which, they passed Is apolitical blander, while It is open to the sus plclon of having been adopted in pursuance of a very much more than political motive. TflOStl BBORO TROOI’S. Western papers continue to assert that Gen. Drlatow resigned from the army on account of the determination of the Government to employ colored troops. An examination of tho official record shows that ho remained with his regiment nntll It was mustered out on account of the expiration of Its term of service. This term expired Hunt. 2.'!, IHR3. Before it ended. Bristow was elected to the State Senate, bn I did not take his sent until his .term In the field bad expired, and he had been mustered out with his regiment. NOTES AND NEWS. MINISTER ORTH. Special Dl»patch to The Tribune. Washington, D.C., May 10.— Minister Ortli la engaged In settling Ida acconnta at the Stale and Treasury Departments. He will complete this In about a weekdr ten days, and will then resign a* Minlatcrand leave lor Indiana. Among the candidates for Ids place are Col. Cowman, of Kentucky, and P. S. Post, of Illinois, at present And for seven years past Consul-General at Vienna. TAFT AND SHERMAN. Officers of Sherman’s stall say that the rela tions between Gen. Sherman and Secretary Toft are of tho moat friendly character, and that (hero Is every reason to believe that tbo actions of the General of the Array and the Secretary of War will be entirely hanuonloos. TUB POSTAL BILL. . Debate In. the House upon tho Foat-Office Ap propriation Bill indicated that the fast-mail train is doomed, allhongh the subject was not concluded. The Post-Office Department has maintained that (he service cannot be continued unless the demands Of the railroads for H mills per linear foot fur tho entire full width of the car-space per mile run la compiled with. Tho amendment Soscd by Carter Harrison, to give 0 mills for accommodations when the rate of speed be .*lO mile* per hour, and? mill* for speed above :io tnllcs an hoar waa rejected in Committee of tho Whole. THU INDIAN BUREAU. The proposition to transfer tho Indian Durean to the War Department will bo attached to tho In dian appropriation bill against which a point of order, ft is said will not He. If this proves so, tho transfer proposition will undoubtedly pose tho House. To (As Wirtem Attodaleri Prtts. WAR DBL’ARTMBNT ESTIMATE#. Washington, D. C., May 10.—Tho Secretary of War bos transmitted to the House of ReproseuU live* a reporter reductions from the estimates con tained in tho Book of Estimates for the fiscal year ending. June 30, 1877. In the estimates for re cruiting, for contingencies of tho Adjutant Gener al's olficc, for signal service, for pay and traveling and several expenses of tho army, and many other items, no reduction is recommended. In tho Quartermaster's Deportment and In (hat of ordnance, tho reductions are large, and la the Engineer's Department consid erable. There In a reduction of $1,000,000 In the estimate for clothing and eqnipage, and $1,000,000 In estimates for the armament of forti fications. The estimates for tho Hock Island and Benicia Arsenals, an reduced, will equal the de mand for tho present uses, while large additional structures for prospotivo uses, which must here after bo made, may be safely postponed to a future occasion. The reductions In tho estimates far the regular enpplicsof the Quartermaster's Department for tho incidental expenses of horses for cavalry and artillery, for army transportation, and for other items, will require retrenchment ami economy in tho service, but the Secretary thinks not greater than will he found practicable. Thu entire redaction from the book of estimates to which tho resolution of the House refers Is $3. 007, • 005. Tho Secretary soys it seems important that the estimates for building for the State, War, and Navy Departments should not bo reduced. It will require tup full amount to furnish so much of a building as to afford a safe shelter for the valuable records of tho War Department, which are now badly scattered and In unsafe buildings. Tim pro posed reductions donot apply to the Fortification and River and Harbor bills, which have passed tho House. TIIB KESTUCKT CENTRAL CASE. Before tho Committee on Expenditures In tho Wor Department to-dnv in the matter of the Ken tucky Central Railroad claim, Gen. W. 11. Dun. Judgc-Advocutc-Gonoral of tho Army, testified that during tho years INTO and 1871, while Assist. mit-Jmlge-Advocate-Gencral, ho was on duty as law officer of tho War Department, and In the fall of 1870, oftet tho 'examination of the claim, ha was dearly satisfied it was Inst, and therefore ho made a favorable report, which, being approved, tho money was paid. Ho wua influenced by no one in making his decision, and still considered the claim a Just one. Tho Secretary of War requested him when ho received the report of the Quarter master-General on tho subject, to forward u copy to Pendleton, who forwarded an argument in re ply. Pendleton never tried to influence him, ex cept by one brief and oral statement and-* written argument. The matter was then loft n»%ko its course. Tho Secretary of War never taught to inlinenco his judgment. lie did ask him when ho would be ready to report, as Pendle ton was anxious to go to Europe. This claim came up under the regular course of business, and re ceived more consideration than others because of tho magnitude of tho amount involved. NOMINATION. • The President has nominated John J. Reddick Associate Justice of the Supremo Court sf New Mexico. FOREIGN. TURKEY. TUB ASSASSINS. London, Slay 10.— Advices from Salonica soy that the total number of arrests in connection with the outrage there hoe been fifty-four, A prelim inary inquiry has commenced, and the excitement In town is gradually subsiding. AN AMQHItiAN WAR-VESSEL SENT TO SALONICA. Nice, May 10.—Thu American man-of-war Franklin sailed for Salonica to-day, with Rear- AdmiralWordcn. LATEST. London, May 17—6 a. fn.— A Berlin dispatch to tho Dally jVVir* says it is rumored that n Council of Ambassadors at Constantinople has agreed to rec ommend that aU_tho ladies of tho Foreign Lega tions ho sent on hoard tho mou-of-war in readiness to leave in ease danger continues. Tho AVirs publishes a dispatch from Constanti nople, which was delayed since Friday, showing that Inc Ambassadors and others believed an out break was then imminent. Tho Ambassadors made a joint arrangement for the protection of their countrymen. Alt tho Legations had men under arms. The French landed sailors for tho pro tection of* tho steamers of the messager ics Mara times; the Russians armed g,UOO Montenegrins, and Austrians armed 1,600 Croats, and tho crews of tho Austrian Lloyd's steamers. Tho British licet was telegraphed fur to come to Besslca Bay. Tho Tlmra’ Berlin dispatch says tho result of (ho conference is a resolution of tho three Powers to ask tho Sultan for additional guarantees for tho execution of tho reforms. These guarantees are adapted to the Insurgent programme, ami Involve the confir mation by tho Sultan of a superintending commis sion appointed Inr tho powers. Thu scheme, If ap proved oy tho Western powers, will be recommend ed by tho Porto in a note. If thu Porte wishes tho desired concessions tho scheme will not be submit ted to tho insurgents, who will bo requested to lay down their arms. An attempt to conclude an armistice will precede these negotiations. , If the above project fulls through In any of Us successive shapes, a conference of all tho powers will possibly bo proposed. - FRANCE. NEW MUfISTEK OF THE INTBHIOJI. Paris, May 10,—Do Marcere's appointment ns Minister ofi the Interior has boon gazetted. Qavlni, a llonaparUnt, ban been elected to tba Chamber of Deputies from Corto, Corsica. TUIJ AMNESTY BILL. Versauxxs, May 10.—The motion for amnesty, was discussed by the Chamber of Deputies to-day. MM. Clcmeneauand Lockray, Kadleals, advocated amnesty. Tbo Moderate Kcpabjlcaus opposed It. They pointed out how necessary it was fur Itepub ilcans to show by their first measures that they had nothing lu common with the Commune. Thu de bate will be resumed to-morrow. . London, May TO.—A special to the i’af/O/ni* Gautt* from Versailles says tbo debate on tho Amnesty question drew a great attendance at tbo Chamber of Deputies. It Is well known before hand that the proposal will bo rejected. There is a rumor that before the discussion la closed I'rhico Napoleon, whose election nt Ajaccio has caused so much excitement in liauaparlist ranks, will speak in favor of amnesty. AFRICA. tub blatb Titans. , London, .May IQ.— I Tbo British Resident at Zan zlharbaa negotiated a treaty with tbo Sultan pro viding for the entlte abolition of the slave trade, under stringent rub*. CHEAT BRITAIN. TUB UIPLXXBN. . \ Dcblin, May 10.—In the preliminary oompetl* tlonatDpndalk .for tbo selection of the IrUhCca- Umm rt4,.(w. . uclfut marksmen 61 points, Johnson, who took part hi tbo International match of JUSI6 at JV>Uypingnt r making thA hlgheat The Anal - competition ocean the;, last week In .Tuna, at which time places la Blcho Challenge Shield team and In the team to contest for the cup presented by Col. Oilderslaaveof the American team of 1875, will also bo competed for. Johnson, Wilson, Trail, Pollock, and Miller will probably gain places in the team to go to America. GERMANY. mlnrjtbrial resignation. London, May 17—C:30 a. m. —The fclan<kmTt dispatch from Berlin reports that ITcrr Camphau son, Vice-President of the Prussian Ministry ana Minister of Finance, will tender his resignation in a few days on account of differences with Uls m&rck. VON AESIH. The same dispatch Bays ex-Prcaldent Thiers has declared bis icadincsa to appear as a witness In favor of Count von Arnim If bla- health permits him to make the Berlin. AUSTRIA. A FATAL DUEL. London, May 10.—Thu Post,s lataa (hat Prince Anonrpclg died from a wound which he received In the duel at Prague with Count Kalawrat. Tbo Ut ter has been arrested and court-martialed. RROADBWOBD3. ' London, May in.— A dud has taken place In Vienna between the Marquis of Pallavlclni and Count Kalnoky, weapons broadswords. Count Kalnoky was acrionsly wounded In the aknll. CASUALTIES. THE CANADIAN FLOODS. 1 Special Thepolch to The Triton*. Ottawa, May 10. —To-day the mlll-owncraare more hopeful, and feel that their mills, If not their lumber, ore out of danger. Since last night the riao in the water has been scarcely perceptible, and reports from different points on tho main river to day convey tho welcome intelligence that the water baa commenced to subside. The information baa Infused new life into the lumber kings. The total number of bouses carried down the river from Gatineau Point Village, opposite this city. Is twenty. Most of them wore the homes of poor people, and (heir owners fee) the loss most Keenly. Tho total destruction of property occa sioned by (he freshet Is estimated at 6100,000. Special /Htnatch to The Tribune. MoNTnEAL. May lu.—Tho water in the river is at a standstill to-day, Reports from other point* Indicate (hat It is receding. DROWNED. Cincinnati, 0., May 10. —Last Sunday about 10 o'clock, eight children, whose ages range from 10 years down lo'B, got Into an old, leaky skiff in the Ohio River, a short distance from Vcvay, Ind., and started out for a ride. When in the middle of the river they discovered that the skill was rap* idly tilling with water, and they immediately fit* (emitted to reach tho shore, shrieking for aid. The skill soon went down. A gentleman on the Ken tucky shore Jumped into a small boat, and at tempted Co rescue tho children, but before be reached them fire of them, all children of diaries. Irwin, were drowned. One of the rescued was so badly frightened that fears are .entertained that he will not recover. SHIPWRECKED, St. John#, N. Jl., May 10.—Three men of the ship Calcutta, which was wrecked on Grindstone Island, Magdalen, hare arrived here. Of those on board only fire have reached (ho land, and they were obliged to remain six mouths before being taken off. A MIXER KIDDED. Special Dlfpalch to The Tribune. ProniA, May 10.— William L. Howell, a coal miner, was Instantly killed font night by a prema ture explosion at Aiken's mines. XOBODY KIDDED. Richmond, Vo., May 10.— Nobody was kilted, or even dangerously injured, by tho accident to Clio military excursion train on the Petersburg Road lust evening. POWDER EXPDOSIOX. Madison. N. J., May 10.—Tho Giant powder workn at Drokeevlilc exploded to-day, killing two persons ami causing a loss of $12,000. OCEAN STEAMSHIP NEWS, New Yonn, May 10.—Arrived—Steamships Frisia, from Hamburg; Bothnia, from Liverpool; and Kenilworth, from Antwerp. London, May It).— Steamships Pcrclro, 1 Baltic, and Anchoria, from New York, have arrived out. Movtixc, May 10.— Steamship State of Virginia, from New York, has arrived. San Francisco, May 10.—The sailing of the Pa cific Mail steamer Montana for Panama la indefi nitely postponed. Thu Oriental and Occidental Company’s steamer Bclglc sailed today for China and Japan. The British slimmer Qnang So has arrived from Hong Kong via Yokohama with nearly 1,000 coolies. PROFESSIONAL. THE INDIAN DOCTOR KEMOVBD TO 8. K. COIL CLARK AND MADISON-STS. DU. FRITZ has removed to the largo ami elegant onicc, corner Clark ami Martlson-sts. 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Sold Wholmte and for Exportation by the Proprietors, • LEA A PERRINS, Worcester, Knglaodt and Retail by Healers in Sauces generally throughout the world. ’ Ask forLoa & Porrina’ Sauoo. At the.BREAKFAST TABLE It Imparts the most exquisite rcllih and xc/t to Hoc or Cold Meat, Fowl, Fish, Broiled Kidney, Ac, At the DINNER TABLE, In Soup, with Fish, Hot Joints, Game, and In all Gravies, it gives a delightful' flavor. At the LUNCHEON AND SCPPF.R TABLES II ll deemed Imltspensable by those (smtlUrwßU Its tettma* Lie qualities. (From the New York Times.] , There Is no relish in the world which is so unlvcrsaJty tlkcd as Lea A Perrins' famous Worcestershire Sauce. The excellence of this SAUCE hiving caused numer* oua Imitations, the NEW LABEL bean a /ac «f the proprietor's signature, as which Is placed upon each bottle. JOHIT DtTHOAITB SOUS,' NEW YORK. WUITEtTSIC. ~ ONE DOLLAR Buys one 15-potmd y Kit of Whitehall At HICKSON’S. 113 Raid Madlson-st. OCEAN STEAIUSiaiI’S. ONLY DI HE 0 fUATtm The General Transatlantic Company's Mail Steamers between New York and Havre, culllntc at Plymouth (G. It. I for I lie binding uf p.vssenrons. The splendid ve»«cls on this farorite mule (or the Continent (being tnoro southerly than any other) will sail (rum Pier No, 42, North River. &s follows : LABRADOR, hangller FalnrJsy, M«y2o. 3p. m. AMF.RIOUK. Pnumlz Knturdoy, May 27. Os. in. •£ AIN'T LAURKNTJ.acheimez.Saturday. June 3. PRICE OF PASSAGE IN GOLD (Including wine); First cabin, fltn to fpjo. according t« accommoda tion; second cabin, $72: third, S4O. Return tin Vets at reduced rates, steerage, s2d. with superior accornnio. dntlons. Including wine, bedding, and utensils, without extra charge. Steamers marked thus • do not carry steerage passengers. LOUISDeHEIITAN. Agent. .V. Brosdwnr. K. T. W. F. WRITE. No. G 7 Clark-st, corner Raudoltto, Agent for Chicago. ALLAN LINE OCEAN MAIL STEAMERS. VIA QUEUED and VIA DALTIMOHC. Passage, all classes, between principal points In Ka. tow iina Amsria. CABIN und bALOON ACCOMNO RATIONS UNEXCELLED. Shortest Sea Route. Superior Ships. Expertenoed Ottlccrs. nisclpllucd Crews. SAFETY THE GOVERN ING RULE. Three weekly sailings each way. EMIGRANT AND STEERAGE PASSAGE, the very best in alt respects, at lowest rates. Apply to ALLAN A CO.. 72 and 74 LaSalle-st., Chicago. STATE LINE. NEW YORK TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL. DUBLIN. BELFAST. AND LONDONDERRY. These flrst-cIAM (ull-powcred steamers will sail from Pier No. 42, North River, fool of Canal-st., New York: £ . KTATK OP INDIANA..??. '..Thursday, May IS STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA Thursday, June 1 KTATK UF VIRGINIA Thursday, June 15 And every alternate Thursday thereafter. First cahln, $*H and $«», according to accommodation. Return tickets. $123. Second cabin, S3O; return Uckstii, ton, Btceragn at lowest rales.. Apply toj. WARRACK. No. M Ctark-su. Chicago. STAR BALL LINE. UNITED STATES A BRAZI L MAIL STEAMSHIPS. Nailing monthly from Wauxm's Wharf. Brooklyn, N*. Y. For Taro; Pernambuco, Bahia, and Rtu Janeiro, calling at St. John's. Porto Rleo. JOHN RRAMALL, z.vmtons Saturday, May 37 .1. 11. WALKEU. 2.7 CU inns Thursday, Juno NELLIE MAitTIE. tons Saturday, July— Passenger accommodations arat-clai*. For freight and paaaage. at reduced rates, apply to J. b. TUCKER 6i CO.. Agents, 34 Plne-sl., New York. Anchor Line United Ntnlrs .Itnil Htcnncrs. New \ork and Glasgow; F.THIOPA. May so. 2 p. in. I BOLIVIA, June 3, 3 p. m. VICTORIA, May 27,an. m. 1 ALHATIA, June 10,3p.m. New York to London; UTOPIA. May 27. oa. m. I AUSTRALIA.Je.K».3r.m New York to Glasgow, Liverpool, London. Belfast, or Londonderry: Cabins, sft3 to fiu, currency, accord ing to accommodations. Excursion tickets at re duced rates. Intcrmedlntc, $33; steerage, S2B. Drafts Usued fur any ainount at current rates. UKNDEUBON DRUTHERS, Agents. o>i Wasnlnglon-it. North German Lloyd. ' The steamers uf. this Company will sail every Satur day from Bremen Pier, font of Thlrd-st.. Hoboken. Rates of passage—From New York to Southampton,. London. Havre, and Bremen. Aral cabin. SHD;. second cabin, fivi, gold: steerage, 830 currency. For freight or passogu apply to OKLUICR9 A CO.. 4 3 Bowling Urco it, New York. Great Western Steamship Line. From New York to Bristol (England) direct. CORNWALL, Stamper Saturday, May3o, • bOMEUSET, Western Wednesday, Juno 7. Cahin passage, *7O; Intermediate, $45; Steerage,s3o. Excursion tickets, fiuu: Prepaid Steerage ccrttflealea. S2B Apply to WM. F. WHITE, C 7 Clark-st.,Michigan Central Railroad. BVGA». ONE DOLLAR Buys 10 pounds Standard A Sugar At HICKSOH% 113 East Madlson-st, PKILVDELPHU APVEn'riSEM'TS* “HOTEL AUBRT, ■WALNTJT-ST., From Thirty.third to Thirty-fourth.ita., OS THE EUROPEAN PLAN, WILL OPEN APRIL 16, 1870. Distant only 1,500 feet from PENNSYLVANIA IUILUOAD DEPOT. I'lwsenimr cunt for Centennial Ground* pus door every few minute*. Itotmmuit unexcelled In quality. Billiard Boom with nine Colleuilcr Tables. Accommodations unsurpassed. Address JAMES T.'STOVEU, Manager, CENTENNIAL. ' Doordlnir*irnase, Chester, Pa. These ipaclrrai bofld* lints of I’cnusylvanta Military Academy, occupying an elevated situ and comauadtog an extrusive view of tba Delaware Klver oudsurruundlng country, will boopenod during the summer vacation, commencing Juno 30, fur the imcomuioduiK>n of visitors lothe Exposition. Hour ly trains direct to tho CVmenclo] buildings, 40 minutes* ride. Circulars on application. H V ATT & CAKTKK. Manager* KTOCKIIOLUKUS* fIIDCTINfiS. icclic^ April 24, 1870. The Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of tho Chlcngo, Hock Island & Pacific It. It Co., for tho election of Directors, pursuant to law, and tho transaction of such other business as may come bo> fore them, will bu held at tin) oillce of tbu Company In tho City of Chicago, on Wednesday, tho 7th day of Juno next, at 11 o’clock a. m. JOHN I'. TUACV, President P. U. TOWS, Secretary. CHICAGO k MOHTHWESTEHK RAILWAY CO. April 21, 1870. The Annual Meeting of the Stockholders and Bondholders of this Company, for the electioa'Of Directors, pursuant to law, and for tho transaction of other business, will ho huldqt tbooUlceof the Company la Chicago, on Thursday, tho Ist of June next, at 1 p. m. , Bondholders will authenticate their right,to rota by presenting their voting bonds ut the ottlce of the Company, No. 63 Wall-si., New York, for regis tration. oa or before tlm Ist of May proximo. ALBERT KEEP, President. . M, L. SYKES, Jm. t Secretary* HIOG, ONE D OLL AR BUYS FM’EM LBB. CAROLINA lUCB 7

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