Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 19 Mayıs 1876, Page 6

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 19 Mayıs 1876 Page 6
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6 FINANCE- and trade. Mbderato Applications for Discount —Deposits Biting. MVM Eiehango Wink-—TIio Clear* iligs, $3,000,000. The Produce Marketsßteadior—Proris ions Suit:and Tome. Srtaiilnfli In.flood,bemud, nnd Slron(!«r—-UH ■oTMMiHf fitaln Hirings the City. iriKANCLAX* The ItfellMlloiu for accommodation at tS-Mnka Were jfiol numerous. Most of theac InatUutlona complained of groat dollncc# In bnilncaa. Tho ex ception! worn Urn,, that had anlda range of mla. Celtancous custofncrs, sod they had nothing bettor to report than a fair amount of now loans. Most of the applicant* for bank favors wore regulorcus torocra. New enterprises find no encouragement, and tho outside borrower Is scarce. A slight im provement In collections, together with, general promptness In meeting maturing paper has added considerably to tho loanable resources of the banks, while diminishing their discount linos, Rates of discount were 8® 10 per centre regular customers. Concessions are inadologoodoutaluo borrowers. . ... On tho street, rates are o®lß per cent with an unsatisfied domnhd for paper. Now York exchange was wcok at 50c per 81,000 premium.between banks. Tho country movement of.cnrrcncy was small. Tho clearings were $3,000,000. Tho Comptroller of the Currency has notified tho banks to prepare statements of tholr conditional tho close of bustnesa.Frldoy, May 12. By an accident no reference was made in tbeso Column* yesterday to the memorial resolutions passed by the Clcaring-Douso the preceding day In respect to the memory of tho lalo W. M. Bcnddcr, Cashier of the Hide and Leather Bank. The res olutions expressed the highest appreciation of tho qualities of Mr. Scnddcroaa.mnn ond a banker, and wore ordered to bo engrossed on tbo records of the Clcarlng-Uonso. ANOTHER REDUCTION IN TELEGRAPH RATES. It Is announced that the Atlantic «fc Pacific Tele* graph Company are about to make another general reduction In. telegraph rates. The Baltimore fiS Ohio Railroad on Tuesday last transferred all their business, Including that of the New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, and Baltimore offices, to the Atlantic & Pacific Telegraph Com pany, Heretofore they have used the wires and machinery of the Western Union Company. The reduction referred to will make the third that has tnhon place, averaging, say, aB-cont fall each time. WATBnnra mining stock. Tho San Francisco SatUlln, In announcing that tho capital stock of tho Florida Mining Company,, In accordance with tho prevailing fashion on tho Pacific coast, was about to bo increased from (6,000,000 to $10,000,000, says: Operators have found out that verdant buyers Will give as much for a share where a mine Is divid ed. Info 100,000 shares as they will If It do not bava but OO.OOOBhnres. and this difference of 100 per cent Is a great help to Impecunious stockholders who have oocn long waiting for a turn of somo kind to cheer them up. NEGOTIABILITT OF STOCK CERTIFICATES. Judge Donohuo directed a verdict In New York on Tuesday In favor of tho Sixth National Bank against tho Chicago & Alton Railroad Company for $10,013,1 on account of *the refusal of lha Company to recognise as valid a certificate for SIO,OOO of preferred stock In tho road, on which the baqk had modo a loan, wblcb was not paid. The plea of tho Company was that the certificate, while in blank (In which Condition it came to tho batik) had. been lost, and tho bolder who pledged It to the bank hod no title. WHEQB TUB LBOAL TBNDBRB FOR REDEEMING NATIONAL BANK NOTES 00. Treasurer Now and certain Now York bankers have lately been corresponding ns to the disposition made of the legal tenders deposited by National Hanks for redeeming circulation to be withdrawn. Treasurer * Now corrects the popular belief that when banks surrender tholrdrculatlcmlegal-tender notes are forwarded to Washington. Under the law. tho banks turn over the amount of their legal tender notes to the nearest Sub-Treasury ordeposll ory, and receive a ccrtlflcatoof deposit. This fact alone la reported here, andiholegal-tcudcrnotcs are -not forwarded, but arc chocked against from time to Hmo by the Treasury as National Dank notes are presented, or to meet other disbursements. Under tho existing law tho Government gets the benefit of tbQ difference In tho amount of legal tenders do iposited-forthe redemption of banknotes and the ’actual,omonnt of the latter surrendered. This loss of bank notes will, It Is bollovcd, bo very heavy. The amount of legal-tenders deposited for the re demption of National Dank circulation docs notap pear In tho. monthly debt statement, became the amount Is held by the Sab-Treasuries and dcatg natod depositories throughout the country. The amount of legal-tenders now In the Treasury la obonl $70,000,000; $33,005,000 for tho rodomp* tlbn of. certificates of deposit or Clearing-House certificates; $27,565,000 representing' tho surren dered. circulation of National Banks, and about $10,000,000 cash In tho bands of disbursing of ' fleers,. DULLNESS IN TUB NSW YOKE STOCK MAHKET. When tho Vice-President sounded bis gavel far (ho second call on tho New York Stock Board on Tuesday,, tho brokers, having no business on hand, loft.tho room on masse by a preconcerted move neat; and the call commenced with no one present hot- tho Vice-President. From this, somo idea can be formed of the prevailing dullness on tho Stuck Exchange. Tho Now York 'Journal of Comment, tor tho purpose of comparison, prints the fallowing table, showing‘the transactions by weeks at the stock '.market (or this year thus far and for the cocro Bpondingweeks last yoar Wetkaultd— Sales, 1970. Salts, urn. . 0U5.0V5 1,30H,733 . 871.444 1.444,uni . I):ir.3iu 1,075,173 . 000,031 1,U.1.210 . 00U.0M7 1,335,1*17 . 707,731 800,543 . (58, INKS H1M,771 . H04.4U8 U2t,3M| .1,359,473 l,4oH,ir.N| .1,170,547 1,334.517 1 2. *,,313 1,4*10,737 . 714*, Bit 1,737,3H5 . MU, 5417 1,783.343 . 791,750 l,2<f7,«W| . (<N1,441) 1,070.850 .; t,3nu,3io . H33.0W 1,35M1,9N7 . 030.4UJ IM 3.371) . 735,301 1,377,107 Jam . H. 15. Fob. 13. March 4*. n. April ~ii H. .S: City AND COUNT* BONDS. Did. Allot; CMeagoCltyT W et. bonds •Bti)4 *Btt Chicago city 7 W et. Mwotaxo ‘iruS *n« Chicago Cliy7 Wet. water loan ♦HUH *un CookCuunty7 W ot. biiuUs(iburt) *lO4 *u*s Cook County 7 V et. bonds (long) *103)4 *B*l IVfitrtrkT Wet. twuds «07 . North Chicago 7 V et bonds (Lincoln Park) *OS "•And Interest. LOCAL STOCKS. BUS, Atltd. City Railway, Booth Side 143 City Hallway, West hide U 3 .... : City Railway, . West bide, o W centccrtl . floates., *103)4 *IO> Chy Railway. North bide ui ijj Traders* insurance Co 137 i :*» Ctiombor of comniyrco..... 73 77 ChicauoGai'LlgntACoke Co jjo KxtHisUlou stock, (old). 33 40 V.xpoallUm stock (new) 35 33 NXPoslliuu stock (scrip) 35 .... ; •A&dlntercet. GOVERNMENT BONDS. United Slate* ca of 'bi Unlipd state* fr'jutuf 'tw.,... fi-aui of ’ti'>T-Jfccuwy atui July, 6-;Wiof'u7—January aodJutr* 6-au§ of 'u*—January and July. (iM0a...... loludState*new s*of ‘ai..., felted Blotca currency e*.,.;.. GOLD AND QaBSHBAOKS. OoltJwM 1121401125*, ' O/eenlacka- were 80HO885* coot* on the dollar Id gold. ■ _ fOBHIOS KXCHANOJf. iPvle—ftaat*. . iltdlud f>wUxuriaiul M Sweden, cM« ■ Austria....... imstardao’ ny telegraph. TciOt Wtttn » JtKKtaUd Prut, TJaw Youk, slsy IB..—Gold opened and closed at U2» withsales during thoday at U2K. Carrying , rates Ito 2. Loaua wem.slao made Hat. . Governments wore firm with an active demand. Soli road bonds were quiet aad dno. St^t«'securities were dull. > tflock*.‘opened heavy, and, in early dealings, . jtrlfee.decUafd lbg. latter New. Jersey followed byedtxllaaof if regular and 11} . teUer sixty, la Delaware, Lackawanna & Wevicrn. Ttfe ' renewed■ depression iu coal l roade-bod o weakening Influence on the general m;rket, nhlcli declined «to l«,thfi totter fHon rticlflc. Towards 1 o'clock aTimor feeling aai In, ahd there wM rising to 88*. Dotoware, Laekawaha & western to lOH. The recovery wa* assisted be a sharp onward movement la Pacific. Mall, which advanced from StoSeU. This moremont was caused by, bid* for proxies for the approaching annual elec tion, and various rumors in regain To the prohablo retnib After the second call Pacific Mali suddenly dropped from 24* to 23 fi, which weakened the whole market. Buhsofinontly Pacific Mall recov ered to 23023*. The great* feature dnrlng lire closing hour wao Iho activity, excitement, and wide fluctuations In tho last-named stock, which, under heavy present* to sell, broke down to lf»K, after opening at 2J* and selling op to 34*. Proxies to-day sold from * down to 3-lfl, and there was a difference of * between regular and seller*. At the final close there wns an upward reaction of * to. H In the general Mat, prices In many Instances being higher than at the opening, Union Pacific, Pacific Mall, and the cost shares were the weakest stocks. Transactions were about 1 80,000 ebarce, of which 03,000 were Western Union, 0,000 Brie, 30,000 take Shore, 2,000 Union Pacific, and 3,000 Michigan Central. Money market easy at 303*. Prime mercantile paper, 4©o. Custom receipts, 9288,000. The Assistant Treasurer disbursed 8021*000. Clearings, 123,000,000. Sterling steady at 488*0439*. i QOVBnMMSHT HONDA. nipoo*. 'St litWi utpons. 'cs IMH ow\. now lupous, 'or unit japous, ’ns t3*vt BTO< Western Union 0-$ Quicksilver is Quicksilver pfd 5W Pacific Ma 11.... 30* Mariposa... 0 Mariposa pfd n* Adams Express 108 'Wells-Fargo 08* American Express..,, 03 United atom Express (O . Now York Central....llo. Erie is Erioprd re Harlura ire* Harlem pfd 133 Michigan Central 47 Panama i:w* Union Pacino stock.. 50'< Lake Shore 63* Illinois Central 00 Cleveland ft Pittsburg O'Jli Northwestern 3»* Northwestern pfd.... so-h C.. C., C. 4 1.. 40* fITAT* 1 Tennessee os, old 43* I Tennessccw. n0w.... 43 Virginia Os, old 31 1 MINIJtO f Sax Pniwctaco, May 1h latest qautations at tho Bti Consolidt'd Virginia.. 73 California 7I»H Segregated Jlclchcr.. 7.1 Onhir r»fi?£ Ctiollnr. 03* Snvtgo 10j4 Imperial M Mexican 3IM Uoutdft Curry 17* Deal ft Belcher 07* I London, May 18.—The bullion' In the Banker England Increased £237,000 during the past week. The proportion of the hank's reserve to its liability is 40‘4 per cent. The amount of bullion that has gone into the bank on balance to-day Is £140,000. Consols; money, and account, no 7-10. United State* Jlomts—'asu, 10414: We. 109? Y; 10-408, 107-H!; new 6s, 100h*« Now York Central, 00; Eric, 105 i» preferred, 21V4- Berlin, May 18.—The rate of discount at the Imperial Bank of Germany line been reduced to 3J4 percent. Pants, May 18.— lieflte*— lo3f 26c. The specie In tho Bank of Franco Increased 18,140,000 francs. Frankfort, May 18.— United State* JJond*-~ Now 6a, 102 - RKA.Ii ESTATE. The following Instruments were filed for record Thursday, May 18: cirr rnopRRTT. Sacramento at, 141 ft aof Jockoun at, w• f, 23x laeMft, dited May 17 $ 730 Cornelia ft, 73 ft 0 of Noble at, sf, 25x127 ft with buildings, dated May 17 1,030 Michigan er.ncarTnirtyulgbtb St, wf, zoxius ft..dated April 24. 8,600 Ogden tvs w corner of Ileunoy av, entire Hlk 4 with other property, dated May 4 20,000 CcatraU'ark av. 210 ft n of Twcnty-aecond at, e f, undivided of 200x123 ft with other property, dated May 20,000 Aidlno Square. ■ w comer of Vlaconnea av.n f, 3dx123 it with bulldlnxu, dated Jau'y 8 12,000 Calumet av.2UH fts of Twenty-sixth at, ef, 23x iwifL dated May t 8 2,500 Went Klnxlc at, 330 ft oof Leavitt at, a f, 33x.. 12U ft. dated April 19 600 Wmi Twenty-tint at, n e cor Lincoln at, a f, 23 1125 ft. dated May3l. 1H73..... 600 'West Indians ft, 27s ft e of Leavitt rt, n f. 22x tar, ft. dated May 10 1.150 NORTH OF CITT LIMITS WITHIN A.RADIUS OF SEVEN MILRB OFTIJB COURT UOUSB. HMitsdct, ISO ft a of Wrlghtwood av, w f, S3z U 3 ft, dated May I f 3,900 SOUTH OF CITT LIMITS WITHIN A RADIUS OP SEVEN mi.CB or o^^nr-nocsa. fiUwk*T*rtDummy,nollM*d, 144« e of Bis* sell at, uf. 50x134 ft, tlsLcd April 24 9 2,300 COMMERCIAL T£e following were the receipts and ompmcnta of the leading articles of produce In this city during Iho twenty-four hours ending at 7 o'clock on Thursday morning: Flour. br15..... ■Wheat. Corn, Ixt, Oats, bu Itye. bu Harley, bn..... O. seed, U»... V. teed, 11)4 ... It. cum, Iba... C. meats, lbs-. Beef, tea Hcef. brli Fork, bis Lard, lbs fallow, 1ba.,.. Hotter, 1b5.,.. D. hogs, K 0... I, bogs, No.;. Cattle, N 0...,, Hheep, N 0..... Hides, lbs 11. wines, brts. Wool, 11i5...... Potatoes, bu.. Coal, t0n5,.... Hay, tons. Lumber, in ft. Shingles, m... Halt, brls Poultry, Hit,.. Poultry, coops, Uame, rkga... Kggs, pltgs.... Cheese, luxes. (!.apples, brls. Ileans, bu 13.203 33.820 vu.utn 38,793 1,780 8,400 84,H83 63.000 40.500 St,our i 51,235 68,037 17 14.383 JOu) 777 80,flit 00 3,801,000 530,000 Withdrawn from store on Wednesday for city con* sumption: 11, U23bu wheat, 2,005 bucorn, 2,088 bn oats. Thi following grain was inspected into store on Thursday, rooming: dears. No. SN. W. wheat, 19 cars No. 2 spring, 14 ran No. n do, IB cars re jected, 2 cars no grade (51 wheat); 10 cars high, mixed corn, 83 care and 0,000 bu No. 2 do, IS cars and 0,800 hu new mixed do, SO can rejected do, 3 ears no grade (180 com); 0 Cara white oats, 10 cere No. 2 do, 2 cars rejected do; UcareNo. S rye, 3care rejected do; 3cars No. 2 barley, dears No. 3 do. Total (227 cars), 103,000 bu. Inspected oat: 01,802 bu wheat, 30,032 hucora, 12,331 bu oats, 201 bu rye, 877 bn barley. The above noted receipts of 51 car-loads of wheat compare unfavorably with tho 150 car-loads in spected into store In this city tho corresponding day last yosr. Wo note, too, that only 17 care of tho 51 arc No. 2, end- that 31‘care arc below that grade. An attempt has recently been made to obtain a statement of the stocks of lard at the principal points In tho United plates, but to no ovall. 81, touts and Indianapolis arc tho only cities from which ovenspproxlmnto figures could bo obtained outside of Chicago. U seems Impossible to find out how much Now York and Cincinnati Imvo on , hand, though a careful count of pork Is made at the close of each month in New York, and telegraphed to Chicago. Why them should bu any mystery about lard U hard to toll, but a good (or bad) res, son evidently exists for keeping mum on tbs sub ject, in spite of • tho-rcsolatlons raudo in regard thereto by tho National. Association of Packers in solemn convention assembled, with the Jug empty, perhaps tho last named fact furnishes tho reason why tho resolution was not adopted with sufficient enthusiasm to secure Its observance. Under date of May 0, Do La Cdndamlao & John-' ! (ton, of London (Hng.), write as follows to A. M. ‘ Wright & Co., of this city: There Is little change to note In our wheat market. Wo keep still very depressed, andthero la no homo demand whatever. Our coast cargoes hava been moving off slowly, and have chlplly been taken by tlm Continent: but for this we should have genu lower. No. lAillwaukoe. llnuquariUy. Unominal ly worth, off coast, about 45»ff{ir>a 0(1; No. 2 do. 43Q4-1b; No. 1 Chicago, 43s (JdsM4s llu, and No. 2 do. 41s. For sldpment there are no buyera except at very low figures, hellers on your side uivu way, but we do not respond hero. Millers buy from , stocks sufficient for their Immediate requirements, and there Is no margin for- speculation. Flno-No. 1 Milwaukee Is worth 445; No. 2 do, 425. From New York we; were offered No. 2 Milwaukee on i very good sample at 4|sUdclf orders,.and could not sell,.to Inanimate Is our trade, Malao Uvwy 'nuletattho decline. Thwvaro sellers at 20a4d 26a Ud, with buyers at about 25a Od elf orders. Hid. Asked. 1.-2 >4 13-251 .114$ 114$ . iih){ iiufa in , I3is .13354 132$ .IIKH I IKjl . 117 117$ .130« ..." Sixty day, ;:::: s SS 4$ —'SB. “IT i\M 8161$ I!’.! 4»4| .... 40j< 40*1 OUU QIUIN TJUDJS. ■ The charges oo grain consigned to elevator In tbUdty, aa affecting tbo volume of put trade lq hrvadilqffs, was rather oitensl»ely, i <UjH:u»scd oq 'Chungu yesterday. A good many operators ox^ : pressed thu opinion that the magnitude ofthosq charges, drive a great deal of grain owayfroiq 'this uuxkvlt bat not allUlowns said |o support#! tbo view that those • charges are far from being the - only cause of (kodecadcocofiioargraia trade. It was urged ttust the rules of' tbu' Board' of• Trade,' , fniuud with tbo vine of pycvdwtiugcomeraluprodt .nee. uauMiinro in do W|tu It Hum the warehouse ctiargqa. It t* claimed by -many, men wboiuivu , given their adnlt lives to the trade that those rules encourage short selling to on extent which permn* ncntly depresses our market to a point which Is not attractive to holders of grain In the country, keeping prices 2® 3c per bn. below tho point they would average if people who sell abort did so with the full knowledge, that they would bo obliged to deliver the property, A cose In point was died where very recently two or three par ties "held" between them about 0,500,000 ho of wheat for May, there not being more than one third of that quantity in store. The short* mode a raid on ft, ond tho parties above noted ns long wore obliged either to let go or slandnpand take 10, • 000,000 bit or tnore In addition, offered by parlies Who calculated upon New York going down In sympathy with Chicago, so that they could settle without loss on tho basis of a shipping margin to . New York. A nearly similar condition la exhibited In corn now. The orders for corn for shipment have been so numerous ns to ennso a marked ad vancc In tho price of cosh lots, but tho offerings for future, mostly made by men who do not own a bushel of corn ond never expect to own ono for more than five minutes at a time, have Imcn so largo ns to depress the price for Juno and Jnly to l*®2c per hu below the quotation for spot, and this Is what Is called “ making a market.” It does make a market, bat that market Is not one to attract men who have grain to sell,—they can make more by sending It elsewhere. And so the grain goca around ns, tho bearing of prices abolish ing tho Inducements to sell. Just ns tho chronic biilltngof prices under tho old corner regime dimin ished the Inducement to bay hero for consumption. There appears to be littlo room for doubt that both that and this wore extremes, each of which contain ed Injurious elements. Is It not possible to Invent some rules for trading which tend to encourage the producer to send his grain here In tho expectation of realising tho bent possible price therefor with out endowing tho capitalist with all tho powers and prerogatives of a Spanish Inquisitor t Ono thing Is certain: This ought to bo a pro ducers' market; ono to which tho farmer conld look as offering him the opportunity of seeding for what his produce Is actually worth to ship, with tho minimum of fair charges for handling. With such a market thoro need bo no fear of Chicago losing her grain trade, as this city is the natural focus of commerce for tho Groat West. It Is worth our while to try hard to quit artificialities, and got back to that condition os soon os possible. If our warehouse charges bo too high for that, they should bo abated, though tho change should In volve the necessity of turning half our warehouses into churches or schools. If commissions are too high, they should bo cut down. If our obnoxious State Inspection stand In the way, that should bo abolished, and If our Board of Trade rales bo un fitted to the fostering of the trade In real grain, Instead of mere wind, lot them bo summarily and radically cltangcd. Thoro la not ono man in a hundred who will compare tho volume of our grain reccipta now with those of former years, but will agree that there has ocon a-grievous decadence, and that this could not liuro occurred witboutaomo adequate cause or causes. There are few who will not agree that It la highly desirable to discover and remove those causes if possible. New as 117* 10-409,. reu m* umos, coupons iihh Currencies 137 New Jersey Central.. «7 Hock Island im* Bt. Paul 37 8U Paul pfd tw* Wabash.. ‘M Wabash pfd a ?ort Wayne tw, erro Haute 3* Terre Haute pfd t 4 Chicago A A110a...... W Chicago ftAlton pfd-.luo ’ O. ff 1.,... JO* Del. A Lackawanna ..mV* A. ft P. Telegraph.... IVH Missouri Pacific 13m At! snllQit paclfiopfd. 2M Imllona Central 4* Chicago. 11, A Q 117 Hannlnaifttit. J0e.... 14* Central l aclfiobonrts.inHW Union Paclllc bonds. lot* U. J’sc. land-grant..* ho U. Pac.elnklau-fuuo. bp* Virginia cs, new. 31 Missouri Us ms STOCKS. i.—The following arc tbo uckExchange: Hole ft Norcroas ca* Crown Point in?l Yellow Jacket........ 30* Alpha Ol* Ilelchcr 21* Confidence 3lji Kxchciiucr aW Overman hoU Justice 20* I Caledonia 8* FOREIGN. The leading produce markets were irregular yes terday, with rather Icm doing In the aggregate, bat with an upward tendency In grain, and dull ness In provisions. The weather was stormy, but that did not materially affect the markets,—not half so much as tho little gleam of sunshine about 1 o'clock, which caused a downward turn of about He in wheat. The forwarding movement was dull. Jobbers of dry goods had a rather qnlet day of It. Comparatively few buyers were to bo seen, and, although a fair number of orders were received through tlio mails, tho aggregate distribution was light for the season. Groceries weto fairly active, ami prices, both for staple and sido articles, were uniformly well sustained, Although the tendency In coffees, seemed to bo downward. Butter was in good •' demand •* at • tho V lately redneed prices, or at 13030 c for Inferior to fancy grades. There was not much trading in (ho cheese market, buyers boingindlncil to bold off for lower prices, which aro likely to prevail a little farther along In tho season. Prices of flsb, dried fruits, and canned goods remain os before. Coal and wood ‘wore unchanged. Tho leather trade was quoted quiet at easy prices. Bagging was weak at 26c for Stark, S4Kc for Lewiston, and 220 for American, Oils were quiet. Carbon advanced another lie. *»* Tho.lomber market was qolotond cosy. Several ■ales woro made at tho docks, but tho offerings were small, and only curtain grades of common stuff were wonted. •# Tho yard dealers. still complain of dullness, though trade appears to be Improving, tho - call -t being prin cipally for common Qualities. Metals and nails were In moderate demand. Pig tin, lead, and sheet rinc woro lower, otherwise there woro no changes. Wool continues dull and weak. •• Broom-corn, was steady, and somo of the grades of bnrl woro firm, the enpply of such having been ranch reduced lately, and It cauhot bo replaced, as tho com yet to arrive is chiefly of tho common sort. { Seeds were- dull and weak, somo descriptions being lower. Poultry ond eggs were unchanged. Lake freights were dull and unchanged, at. Slip for wheat by sail to Buffalo. Rail freights woro qnlet and easy at former flgnrcs, with a good many cars offering. They were quoted'at 200 to New * York* 18c to Philadelphia, 1714 c to Baltimore, and 2214026 c to Boston, per 100 lbs. Engagements woro made for 21,000 bu wheat, 62,000. bu corn, and 24,000 bu barley. Iterdplx. 0,771 71. t.V) 75.UJ7 47,111 5,000 23.378 C 8.158 50,056 8,185 31,407 133,333 38,134 H 25 1,387 at. TU 33,800 . 1)1,(WO 771,385 00 8 401 004.433 78,003 33,000 ”3,330 04,047 8,(Wt)l C3,5t>5 37,100 41,600 *1.300 401,488 1,580 86,075 30.330 37,101 33 10,787 3,714 445 131,835 13 340.013 4,050 received at Chicago Cuttoms May 18, 1670 : IS. n. Sargent, 2 cases drug sundries; Burley A Tyrcll, 4 packages Parian wore. Amount of duties col* Icctcd, 53,339. 70. _____ 1.378 257,000 173 108,010 00.037 333,070 091 800 PRODUCTa—Weru more than usually qnlcr, with little change In prices, hut a dull feeling in conso quoncoof a full supply of hogs, with an easier tone at the Btock*Yard*. The export-movement of lard and meats was fair for the season, but mesa pork-Is alow, ood the whole deal was chiefly local yesterday, very fow ouuldo order* being received, either to buy or to sell. Miss Point—Was moderately active, ami averaged and closed about the same as the previous day, with a range of 20c on tho July deal,, which was the one most traded In.' Bales wore reported of 70 brlt cash at (20.73; 4,230 brls seller Juno at (20.35020.03; . 5,250 brls seller July at (20.03M020. 82*4; and l.soobrli seller the year at ( Total. ll.UTObrli. Tho market -cloud nut* et at (j0.53tfJ0.70 cash, according to weight; I3O.WG* 30. (W seller Mays (20.55U1t0.0U seller Juno;. $30,750* ' 30.77)4 seller July; and nominally at (3n.05031;u0 sell er August. Seller tho year closed at $17.50fji7.60. . PrlinomeMporkwasquotcdatdO.Tsqpuiui, andex traat(ls.sUtfls.73. L*m>—Won.dull and dragging on everything except July, - In which there ws» a moderate trading at about tho closing prices of Wednesday, onu or two lots chang ing hands at a slight advance. Llverpoolwasquatcd stendrat tho recent, decline. Sales wnro retwrtoduf 6,500 tes seller Jnly at (U.37)4'013.43)4. and 350 tea seller September at- (13.07)4. Total, 5,750 u.x Tho market closed tamo at (13.35 cosh or seller May; (13.35 G«12.27W seller June; $ 12.33f,e 13.37)4 seller July; and at (13.5U312.59H1 seller August. , Mbats—Wore dull and nominally easier for future de livery. with vcryilttlodoqulry. und Mltlo change on cosh lots. Soles wero reported of 30,000 ftt shoulders Bl7)|ci 300,000 fcs short rIU at (10.41)4 seller Juno, aud (16.03 K seller July; 350 bxs short clean on private term*: and 40 bxs (winter) long clean at KiWe. Tho followlngwaslhecloilngraugeofprices; . Shout- i.nng Snort Mori (Urn. clear. rib. dear. Salted, loose .714 iu>4 KW .Boxed 7M ll>H llAm 11$ 'May 7« .... •«« Hflj June 7$ .... 10$ lb»£ July TH .... 1W B/H August H .... BAs. >ls jlncon, cmli .... 13 li)4 Long and short clears nt lie cash. soil nWc seller July,boxed;sweet pickled hams, l-j^i'JciCumberland*. 10KGM05(c, cash or seller April; long.cut barns, I3i( 13c, boxed; bacon hams, ISCtl&c. ■ tIREAHK—Was qultit Ul dC'SUC, BiiKH PRODUCTS—Were steady and quiet at (10.75 Gill,to for muss, (1t.75tt13.00 for'extra msss, and ■(».wxirta.Ci> forhams. Tallow—Was quoted at SttStfc forclty, and 7)4096 for country lots. 2,102,180 3,035,000 35 i;3JSO.OU)| 330,000 1.874.971 005,000 19*55fl 3Ui! 3H( 2.490 1,075 150 PLOUN—Wailn good demand In proportion to offer* <01(1,1110 stock being light, especially of shipping grades, aud former prices were nrmly adhered to. There was a moderate demand froid the wlntor*wheal region of Ohio and Indiana, where stocks of wheat aro sold tohf .nearly exhausted. Sales were-reported of 100 hrls .winter*, and subrls rye flour, both on privatu teriosj . aiul2.iSUhrl* spring extras partly at (4.7fl<itfl'6o. Tot tai, 2,000 bria. Thu market closed steady at the /oh lowlngrwjguof ptleos: Choice winter extras, (T.37H £7.87X1 common to good do, shipping extras, fS.Soi3B.ot»i good do, fS.orXit9.37Hl choice do, fS.WXM.B7H! patents do. ta.axs9.on; Minnesota.) 'f9.00u0.79s spring superflnes, fa.aoaLOOj rye flour, 1 fi/uaiso. Uiun—Was leu active, hut a shade firmer, not being In such largo supply as tho Previous day. Kales worn reported of CO (mis at (10.23U10.50 on track, amt fill. SO free oa hoard cars. COta*ws*o—Bale was reported of toobrl* caloric at Iga.M. Coarsewasoou)lnalattt7.3u>«iaciupor ton on. Was Irregular and nervous, within nar- 1 rower limits, averaging Hojower thou on Wednesday.. ' but closing oboufljfc higher than tho market of that, day. Thu market was rather weak soon after thu open ing, and then ruled firm till I o'clock, when a ray of sunlight shining through the windows woke up that hears Into new life. Liverpool was quoted firm, some, calling that market Id per eenui higher, and one cuhlo. message- referred to grave npprshsaslons of crvp’fslP use In . Great Urftala owing to vury.uniavprablu .weather, wis-also firm atfl.auwi.iiflfor fair sjuing, and out receipts werw again small, mud ex* cccdedhy theshlpuicols. Thu weather was had here, .which Icadud to flnnaeas, and thu strength was most •shown by a good Invcstinsnl dumniul for July, the pro* mlatuuo that option.widening Id consequence. ino junoishortsiiujcd la moderately, and there-was soma inquiry for Uns month, with .very lltUii offering, tba shipment exrangsd , for hulas effected by cnang*: • tag over wheat already held .uy lhn ship* tier. Th° lower' grades were- In' |Wr ■ Naoa«,i amt a trifle tinner. Belter June opened at, : gl.ooif, rose to fll.coH. sold flown to g|,o*M. and ad-i to declining to C.LUCM, juidewwdot' iUv,H. Keller July sold at fi.OdH4i.U7H. closUls st Ji.uiw. bellerthc 'month, a spring, rouged at ll.ui}j£Looi doling at fi,Wi With only ■ THE MAUKBT3. FOnmON IMPOHTXTION3 PROVISIONS. HREAPBTUFFB. shade of preference for gilt-edged receipts. Cash Mice were reported of QJ,m'OfiuNn.a«rrJn?fti»l.f»M«l.oaj 4,uiohu No. u do At ojWssOajj'H nti'J central) ot odet s.amba rejected do at H.v<ci»We 1 and l,ui*»bul)jr»mplo»tßfWDOc. Into). Bl.irv> bn. Mirkiaota wnRAT-WM quiet, with lightoffering*, and firm, In sympathy with trio grrimU market. Bales weroa,4or»buNo. a at si.oTWtxtaitinhTMmploat ft.i!K41.13 on trackt and i.nm (nio!dalfl.lOijl.i3 tree on board car*. Total. S,WI bu. . COUN—Wae active and unsettled, but was general* tr strong. and about Me higher, the market being Tory firm for cosh lota, with a moderate demand, and •ome foarsof a comer for May. The receipt# were fair, u compared with former clays of tnta season. lull really small when ganged Sgalnst those of former year*. Liverpool wo* unchanged and New York Arm* er, while tlm weather here was stormy, while wheat was stronger. The early symptoms were rather wcuK, notwithstanding, but a prominent operator entered the market and took all the May earn offered, Including two or three large blocks, and a reaction ensued, the short Interest inking hold freely, while several baying orders were received from outside. Tho shipping movement was somewhat Interfered with by tho facto! tho press* tire for May. Tho premium on this month over June was 3o per mi at ono time, and shippers naturally held o(T, er bought for delivery a couple of woehs hence, the premium on wsUlnalwlngat the raloof fully a per cent per week. There were uo special advices from the country In regard to planting, but It la known that a good deol of corn has been putln, ihnughthe ground has lieen too wot In very many placet to permit It yet. Belter the month opened at 47K0, advanced toStWo, and declined to 4M*t the close. Seller Juno sold atttffct-WMc, closing nl4oWo. Belief .Inly sold at tWe lOHc, closing nk4(fKe. Cash No. a closed nominal at 4HMc, and high mixed st 4tw& Cash sales were reported of B,um bit high mixed at 4MKfl4H?tC|«a.«oolm NO. aat 4H'44HMet I,l*oo bll nc\V mixed ai 4lt>« 2,Huulm rejected do at 43c; hoolmi cars at 424*44ctH,uw bu by sample at 30«47Mc on track; and 4,400 bti do at 44&470 free ou board car*. Total, 105,- OATB-Wcre quiet hut firm, «t an advance of HftHo from the eloslng dgnros of tho previous evening, Tho offerings were very light, ami the other markets wers stronger, hence the il nun ess. Tho demand was nrln* olpslly for cash, which was sparingly offered, and the receipts were small. Bales of No. 3 were mado at w>K<4BUtto, closing at . «oM«3lc. May was firm ot aDMIOi/Me. Juno ruled steady, opening at SOKc, and dosing at 30j4n* July wosuiiloiat ItejocMd oats were quiet at Su!#* i 27c. Bamplcs mot with a fair Inquiry. Cosh sales were reported of 11,200 bu No. a ataWwtWo; 5.000 bn No. 2 (roe on board at ailie. and Law ou white free on hoard at 3-V.tJWc; n,i*w bu by sample at 334637 c, uO track. Total, 21,000 bu. . HYC—wasuulot, but firm, st2c advance, there being a demand from shippers fur round lots, with none on the market. The receipts wore larger, 12 cars being in* sncctcd In, but the market ruled firm at 07c for No. a. - gales: Btwbu No. aat 07eia.uoo bu by aotnpio attu<J OHc. on track. Total. 2, ww hu. 11AULBY—Was more activel and firm, closing 2«#rw higher Uian on "Wednesday. The advance was due to the comer. Home of the May atiurtavnlcredthemar* kot early, and the parties controlling the deal run prices tin on them to 78c. Tho receipts wore very small, ami Uto bulk or the sales of cash No. 2 were made to arrive at 71&78C, and tho samples which would Inspect Into store ns No. 2 were bought up at tho same figures, and held lo apply on contracts. The lino of aborts out for Mar is thought to bo considerable yet. There is no con* sumptlve demand for No. 2, and present high prices are due entirely to tho artificial state of the market. The cornering.parties are free sellers of Joue at 50c. and It is thought probable that after they, have finished up for this mouth they will throw their, cash property on tho market and break It down or dispose of It else* where. Freight room was reported taken for 24,ui0 Ini. Holler May sold nod closed at 780. Cosh sold early at 71c and closed at 7»c. Juuo sold at OBfofluc, .closing ot tho outside- The lower grades were dull at 4oc for No. a and 30c for rejected, cosh sales include 5,400 bu No. ant71(1.7201 aoobuNo. unttoci V.ooobubyawn* pie at (Htt&usc oatraek. Tout, 7,200 bu. FIHBT call. Whcai-e Uc» 70, ooubu oi*i.oaX/orJaceafldei.OO?i brU seller Jnly at *20.75. LanJ-JiX) tea seller July m *12.40. Mens pork vu la moderate request and steady, with nalrs of 1.790 brls at *20.01 for June, 120.75 for July, and *21.00 for August. , Lard was quiet, with sales of 500 tea wller July at were cosier. Sales: 200,000 lbs at 810.57 X Oio.tCXforJuly. . WhcafWM active and nearly Ic higher, owing partly to reports of largo sales for export at Hew York and to warlike rumors from Knropo. Holler June sold at $1.( gl.uott, and closed at *l.ouMj)»l.OJ7t July sold at and closed at »1.W6. Cum was quiet and stronger, telling at.48®48).(c for May. for June, ana 4flH&loWa for Jnly, closing with sellers at outside price*. OawwcrequlctuodcMyotlwJftwoMc for Juno, and 81c for July. Harley was Inactive. fi , A steamer was taken fbr 25,000 bn wheat to Buffalo. OALL'DOttU). Mew pork was very quiet-tad steady nt *20,57)43 20.0216 for June, *20.75 for July, and si).os(<i2l.oofcjr 'August. Bales: 250 tea at sSD.7ufOr July. Ijvrd was nominal at Bixu7V6«ii-u> for July, Bliurtrll>s were cosier, with soles uf ha for , Juaaat*tU3U. . QENEUAIi MABSETS. ALCOHOL—Was firm at £3.15. DUOOM-COHN-Wasinfalrdemaod, andtba upper i grade* wet© firm, tho stocks having been well reduced during the past fortnight Common com- vu 'Woody. Sales: 1 car Infbrtor at do; to bales common medium to good hurl at 4M4iSc; 6 bolcs-fairmedlnmAtso; IT , bftlcsgood hurl at 7)438)4e- Quotations: Choice burl, ’ft£Oc; No. 3 hnrl, 7«Wc; choice medlnm, 7®7)4c; good medium brush. o«0J4o: fair thsJda and covers, c&sKet Inferior. 4&4k&s crooked, sawc, HUTTEU—There vu ruthcr moro life In the butter . trado yesterday, but Inotticr roapacU- the market was without noticeable change. Wo quo to as follows: Oholco to‘fancy yellow,. 399d00; medium-to good grades, I9fc33e; Inforlortocommon, tafitlTo. BAGGING—Tho demand'Wft* moderate, and- prices wero easy. On am nil orders'the annexed quotations were obtained, but large buyers were anppllcd at H 9 «c off: Stark A, 28)40t I'torlMAA, asop Lowleton, aiMc; Montaun, 35c; Ontario, 25e; American: A. 33c; Arooskeag, 32)4ci Otter Creek, 23 >4O; burlsobag* ,4 bu, MkSdtl&Mu; do, 5 bu, l&calfic; gunnies, single, 14)$tl5c: do. double. 33«24c. , CilliESß—Tbo receipts continue to increase, mid the ’market remains in a weak and unsettled' slate. Soma f-rlmo goods ato now being shown, botMorulutho of* orian are of undesirable quality, and consequently buyersarolaklng hold very sparingly. Quotation* aru tKcIOQ for good to choke, and o£Hc fur poorer grades. COAL— There was a light demand at the quotations, r “The quantity shipped from all the regions for the year was; Anthracite, 4.000.188 Urns; bituminous, 1,. 612,33 i tons: total,, 0,C0a;459 tons, agalnit -H.OM.OOti tons anthracite and 077.7U5 tons bliatnlnous-toul,..v* 0ai.739 tons—for the corresponding period of last yenrj Increase of anthracite,'oiu.l3B tons: Increase of bU tiimliious, (H.&uotnns. Total Increase, 080,731 itana.'* I'Mimlle Mlntrf juvrnal. Following, oro tbo prices current: Lockawsana.: range ami nut. £10.00; do, egg. fo.rvo t canucL 87.00 6*7.80; Erie, £7.00; Dlossbufg, £7.00^7.50 1 llock* tag VaHey, £3.50; Indiana block, £5.60; Baltimore it Ohio,’ «a;Mt6(0.oo: Illinois. £4.(WJ4.m. _ . ■ Elins-Were selling at llMUHo; The offeringswero liberal and tlui Inquiry chlctlygrum the city retailers.' FlSH—Trade vroa-only moderately active. Lower prlccsJorlako flab are lookcdlor, and buyers seem lm dined to defer orders until tbo nowcatch comes forward.) Salt water fish rule steady. We quote: No. l whltcflsh, 1 W-br1,*5.0095. 10: No.'ido, £4.800)4.00; No. t trout. '£4.00; No. I shore mackerel, M*bri l £l2.&oaiu.OO; No. L bay. t0.uxk0.35; No. a mackerel. M-hrl. 58.U0W8.35; family mackerel, V4-hrtr£o.sO: No. 1 short) kIU, large,, £3.00: No. i bar kits, tl.oo; large family kits. £1.30; hankcodfisli.£4.3o«4.73; Oeorge T soodnsh. f5.5Uia.73; Labrador herring, spill, brls, £7.7.Vrfa.00 ; do, <H*brl.i »4.«tt*4.33; Labrador herring, round, hrla, £o.6o<a 0.73 ; do, W-brl. £3.50665.70 ; sealed- herring, per box,, 3H6t4ue t No. I herring, 3Uiv33c; Coluiubla lllvcr, salmon. t4*brl. £B.OO. , FUUICS AND NUTS—Hut alight change waaobserv-’ Able In anyfcalura of thedrled-frnlt market There vu a well-sustained demand fur both durueatln and Im ported varieties, and most kinds wero held firmly. Wot g £br<fffn-Dates, 0®0«c: figs, layers, IsaioJtel fl ff»-- drums. I3)4(ai:»)4cj Turkish prunes. 7H7HO: Frenchi rnmee. kegs-end.boxes ,u*l4ot raisins.- s.uu; loose Jluscatel, £3. HX£3.4oi Valencia, Itante currauu, 7H<aßos citron, 33{-i34e. . apples, ihc»3oc; Michigan apples, 1 common, OW&lOc; choice, 10M«l0)4c: pared poaches, 1 17&el0c: blackberries, 1D46613C1 raapburrlas, 83w34c;, pitted cherries, 3366340. . . _ fTxfs-Ftlbcns, iifcilMcselmonds, Tcrratona, 10)46>, 30c; Naples walnuts,. HJkflTcj French walnuts, now,. 116613 c: Grenoble walrtuoi (4(6150; Brazils, Wtl)!<o ?' -cans. Toxm, llH<.tl3c; Wilmington peanuts, MW>4c{| onaessco peanuts. &(<«0c: African peanuts. W;0)4o. UUKKN FUUITB Foreign varieties continue Arm. I Strawberries were more Plenty and caalur. Apples are • nearly out of market and aru seldom called fur: (straw berries. 3S&4MS gooseberries, IftOsSuo; good to choice 1 apples, £4.UX4r4;50 pur brl; Mes*lna oranges,-fthUM, 7.u) per box; lemons.' £5.60(40.00 per box; pine apples, 93.0ui53.60 per dox; bananas, ai bu ncli. OltOCElflEß—There was a trifle less (Irmnesa In the; • -cogcc market, tntnoappreciableduullno. Niuntrswurui tlrm, uud rice, sirups, molasses, and must other lines, ' were also held At very full figures. Trade was fair. We repeat our quotations of Wednesday; fries—ltancoon, «M«7cj Carolina, 7)4®Bc; Lonlst-. ; inn. 014667 WC. * 1 VoJJttt-iT 0. Java. 30«31c; Java, No. 2,276638 c; I 'choice to- fancy 1110, 35'423.40: good to primedo. 22 3uHct coinmuiitu’falr. 20k<tt3los ruasilng. iWfttl&lKui. BbigapuruJava,336t3uc; Costa luca, 336633)ic; Mura calhu. KlHbtfto. • A'nnors-i'au-utcutloaf. HH6tUt6o: crushed. IlMOi lIMc: powdered, tIW-ailMc: granulated,-JOHtinoi A. standard. loHoi do No.. 3. 10c; U. U 360; flztra (X MfciUNo. 3, yellowUNu. t, OMmHct do ONo, 3, (HkOHoi clintco brown. BK<kß%i fair to prime do. 8Mg(8l4oi common do, chotcu moitwsrs sugar. tihiftM c; common to good do, 7MttßJ4c; New Orleaus. 7m6;Cc. ■ tfirwiw—CullfomlaengaMoaf drips, OflATOe; dlamonc drips, 9L63661.1U; silver drips, aztraQne, uutuisot good! •ugur-housc sirup, sutsSu; vxtra do, Miduios New Or-; leans inoluMi-s, enolce, (iOvttluui do prime, &f&sßci do, cuiuuiQU to good, 4HiU3Ou; i’urlo lUcu utolaAaca,4B6fc6Uc; common molasses. 3>V44oc! hlack-strsp. ktkilhoc. unless—AJUpleo, 176v17)6ci cloves, nu-sMoi cassia, ! 38(i;3Uo; pepper. 17)44»18o; nutmegs, f 1.16661.50; Cal- • 'cuttagUutor, 14)4^616)40. riaeps—True lilue, u><Ci German Mottled. 6)4<S7o| . White LHy, 06IUMc; White Huso, UueQc: lioral Savon, ftMuQci hayua Imperial, 3Hc; Golden Went. 9)4(it6Uc, AhiroA—KxcoUlor,- laundry: do. glow, W4'rf »c; do. corn, uutdio; Klngsford. pure, 7>fc| do, silver gloat, uMLWIo; du. corn. IMaUMu. IIAV-lVu qulot but slcsdlor, owing to smallernf ferloga. Wuquote; No. I ilmoUiy, £13.606614.U0:N(». 3 do. 1 11. toa 11.60; mixed do. fO.UKiu.soj uplondjiral- He, 910.U)66ia60t No. 1 do, C 7.6 I J6tB.UO: slough, £6.50 60. 80. IliOlTWlNKa—Warn quiet and flrmaa the tveonind vance, with a moderate demand and a very UgUt»uo tUy. BtlMworu 100brl**t«l.07Mpcrgallun. IIIDKS—'Were lu moderate demand otnl steady, A few eastern order* nru coining in, but tbedemand I* : mM (o iw chiefly from the northern *nd auiilhorn 1 manufacturing points. (juntutlon* i Oroen city butch* er*V, 601 green -cured .light and heavy, 7c; dam* aged, twn-thlrda price* lu Sc; part cured, (UtfeoUc; green tailed kip. ,7c\ greencountry. GJ<«i green calf, -Ttui flint hide*, UftiaMot dry kip and calf, IM»l3Mct ><tir*alt«d blde*.lloi deacon akin*, 45&50C. . MK'lAbfi ANU'nNNNKd’B'i’OUK—Plgtln, pig load, aud shout aims h«vod«eilaod.plgtln bulug Sc luwer. Tin plate* arc reported Arm lu New kurk. and It Uuotun> likely that price* will udvaueo won. lu which event pig tnotal will pndiaoly follow luU. Trade la only fain Jttt/M/a-IC. Itata, gU.U); do, IX, 10X14, gn.OOl roohna, uaat, 10, M.BO. , ttyTm-Larco, atoj small, 250 t bar, arc. SnUtr-Xu. I, ale; No. k.lbe. , Zrnd-Plir. 7«c; bar. b«c: lead pipe, IW. f.vmwr— Bottom*. Mo; sheathing copper, sse. Hhetl gl*e—Full cask*, loo; slaw. W4u. «A«lir»n-No. 34. 4ur*tv«;l(uaslatron r Ko*. OtolS, 16c: du, No. I, stained, Iflo; American Haul* A lac; 11,.1ie; galvanised Iron, Ku. ilc, 14c; discount, 35 pur tiVrr—No*. 1 toe. Oo; fi,.. too, Joe; ioto ii, net 10, llltc; id and U. life; 15 and 1«,14f1t 17. Isct is. Irto; 10. toe; au, ooc: fence wire, flue: do, swau lota. &M*. (iftjtl^riciwo t ( Mr2»oa weili o*strongand 0 *strongand Mo blghor. In response to a further advance In Clovujana. Turpeu, tine w*» weak and unsettled. Linseed, whale, fam, and other kinds, comparatively were steady. Fol* iowlnj»»re tbo quotations: Carbon, llfliirg. Mil, 13H6 ■Mci do Illtnol* legal tost, 130 d«ff., k 14H61M; Know , While. l&O tcsU do headlight, 47Q deg., 17617HU( aitra winter oil,. SJ.UUul.osi no. •I, wxaric: No. 3.75ci Unwed!raw. &7&5e0; boiled, ea ;ttS3uiwbale. wlntvr-blvaehed, wWOot epemi, »ilB MJ.aat nuatafootoU, strlctlypow, f1.1M51.30; doax* .trs,. Mot du No* 1,85 c: bank oU.. A9ct straits, ouo; Plumbago oil, 006750; turpentine, 40643 a; uapblha, deodorised, tii gravity. IMtuuMc: West Virginia oil*, ..natural, so deg.,' ail 34«; natural, no deg., 37680 c; - fl FOULi'lfir—%o oscrin«wero amtlP and the market aulctMW.wac4.Wfcr cblckaaa, and IAW63.W fur S^MATi^g^lSmKvu^ springy according to sUo. Turkeys were quoted fit 1 J (u»TATOKB-Chol<o Penchblows were steady under a fair Inquiry from dealers, who ore nearly out of slock,' but tho receipts are very light, and probably will con tinue so os long as oiMots bring only We. as that pncfl barely pays tho freight. The stock stored here last fall Is getting low, and some parties sro entirely out. .FeacMlows sell from store at WkkAVi. PltHDH—There was a little more doing lo timothy, but the market was very weak. The order trade has nnarljr ceased, owing to the lateness of thosoason. and the. fresh, receipts sell slowly and chiefly to local dealers, who Intend lo carry the stuff till fall, rrlmo s.ild at *2.40. sud was quoted afterwards at rJ.a'KiO 2.40. Common brought *2.13, clover was dull and lower, with small sales at *VT2V47.N). Hungarian amt millet were slow and weak at 35»45c. > lax was steady SALT—A fair demand was reported at unchanged .prices, bat little Canada iaU Jnuyetnirlvndi Saginaw and Onondaga,, fine, »1.40 t ordinary coarse. *1..0t dairy, without hag*. *X7fti dairy, with bags, *J.MJ| Ashtondalry. perwclr, *4.50. . % ... TKAH—Japans were unsettled and weak, and tho low And medium grades of green and black teas also showed a want of firmness. No changes wero made In tho quotation*, however, a*follows: . Gunpowder— common, 3uot4oet good do, 4(VR4.'ic; medium. 45&MJQI good do, 50*53C( fine, b.v*ooci fin* cat, nucvAMi choice. ToaTsci choicest, DOmUio; fancy * /ffipsrenf-CommoQ. sodnset good do, iwMOci mo* dlum, 40R45ei pood do, 4.VA5001 fine, 60rt33c; finest, " "OCt choice, MtSTOct choicest, TOtfTflc. 2)fm-oommon, wvicsflai good common. Oitfliwct um, 4cv*42ci goodmedlmn, 4M*4Ho; fine, MJjtMic; finest, GlUtooct choice, nrwnftot choicest, 7(5475c. Oelnngf-Common. 30<i#330t good common, medium, 4u*42c; good medium, 43A4Ac; fln«v4B(esoci finest. aAtaafto; choice. on&OJo; choicest, TMIaOc. WOOH-Was In fair demand, and was firm at *7.50 for maple, * for boech, and *3.00 for slabs—do* Uvercd. VKAL—Was dull and week ot 31«5.7c. Tlifl offerings were fair, end the weather very hml for tho stock. VEOKTAULKH—Were abundant, slow, and lower, excepting cucumbers: Cucumbers. fl.Mrtt.7s pordox* 1 cn; green peas, *2.Mpor box; slneg Ihssus, »3.Wih 8.00 per box; asparagus, aOMOOo perdotoni lettuce. per doren; radishes, wi&e perdoxent «pl* uadi. «l.!V><a2.(Oper hrl: plo-plant, iXtWkio; bonnu* da tomatoes. OiX4>7M per box. ... , WOOL—OId wool is selling slowly ot Irregular prices. The stock to bo carried over will probably bo larger than that of last season. Holden are anxious to close out,, aud make concessions when necessary. A venrlllllo new wool has been received. Dealer* refrain from ex* pressing any opinion In regard to prices for new wool. If the niarkctopcnaot low flgarcs. m many, think It will, the wool will probably be held hack by the farm* era. below nre the asking prices for old wool : Tub*washcd. prime, 4fK3soci do, poor; to good. 40 «45c; washed fleece, fine, good condition. avcS7cs washed, medium do. 40ft43c? unwashed, fine henry* to light, 234(200 do. medium. 254s2dC|.pulled, BU4SI ■ inc* LIVE STOCK. OUICAOO. OnWe. SI, BUT Rfeelp f*— Monday Tuesday..... Wednesday. Thursday... Total Same tlmo last week. .Shipment*— Monday Tuesday Wednesday Total ’ 12,731 2.202 CATTLE—The general situation was unimproved. Diiomirnßliiß advices from thu East, taken In conjunc tion with the heavy rocclpj*. caused a dull, heavy feel* Intt, and prices. If not quotahly lower, tended strongly In that direction. The number of buyer** prwontwaa fully up to the averse*, hut then there was nothing re sembling activity In the demand from nay source, and only a small percentage of tho offerings were disposed . ' of. Bales were at t3.7T.t90.20 for Inferior to extra, the , liullc st t3.nmt4.00 for hutchora' staff and stockers, and I at t4.23&c4.0» for good to prime shipping beeves. Tim market closed dull and weak, with a largo amount of stock left over. CATTLI JV r o. Ar. /Vfr«. Ida good it'rs. 1531 *4.«0 25 good Bl'rs.l3oo 4.70 utu'cii's'st'ni iui 4.40 18 steers 1145 Irt steer* 1117 at steers!!!..ll44 lacb’ca iL'rs.KVt sii feeders.... 070 iccucia.... u.w 54 COWS 020 41 1170 0 COWS 022 17 1123 17 1280 iJMb’ls&dU. UW 8.40 111 ISIO3 4.H5 , HOOS-TrA'te vm reasonably actln i not tmtalncd. A further Increase more than 1,000 head weakened the and the demands of buyors/or furtho readily-acceded to. Ihjbt volffbu re 7. 10, and common to choice heavy to bulk of tbe tales were at *7.0037 closed steady ut the above Bgurca. 800 SAtBH. Ho. At*. Price. 60....200*7. to W....UK) 7.lf> I 24....H11. 7.10; G0....1K9 7.10 1 72....1W> 7.10 tH.... 170* 7.10 HK....250-7.00 4k....1(0 7.10 G0....109 7.10 No, At. Prict. 151....187 £7-10 40.. 185 7.13){ 30.. ..313 7.10 Q8....1H4 1.10 85.. .170 7.10 34. . 7.12)4 133.. -.310 7.U) 05.. 180 7.10 34.. 7.10 a0....3»W 7.00. 111.. 7.12)4 40.. .158 7.10 34.. .107 7.10 M.... 201 7.10 2V...313 7.10 37.. ..730 7.00 43.. ..313 7.10 35.. 7.10 00....717 7.10 40....200 7.00 0H....103 0.00 81....8M 7.10 J5H....103 7.10 ‘ 74.. ..173 7.13 silt...sno-7.i0 31.. 7.20 0n....214.7.00 42.. ..HU 7.10 32.. 200 7.13. aiIEKP-Tho mi ply would Admit' 0 sustained. 11. On at $7.73, hut tho common to choice 43.",'.500 7.50 00....215' 7.13 Sj’.V.'.l9l 7.10 nrkctwsaM active i of,' and Urn recent ■uen A Co. add a Do ruling flgutea woi NBTV TOPS. NxwYung, May la-fffrws—Receipts, 480. making;> for three days. against 3.210 at too aatne time hist i week: quality of offerings about fairs market alow at l yesterday's price*. Hterp—Receipts. 4.400, maklQKll,l3ofor three days. aaaln*t5 < 3Uont the tame time last week: the arrivals i Included common to prime unshorn, fair to prime clip* ped, ami common to choleo spring lambs; demand mod* ■ ' crate: prices easier; alow aaiettr 7<fcflWc for unshorn; ■ oWwTMn for falrto extra clipped; lofeiso for ordinary! to .^ln<y^ofpu m o l uiy oto, making 7.370 for three; days, agalnit&37Usstos Umo last week: none offered : alive, CAST LlPßlirr. East LraanTT, May 18.— Qi/riv— Receipts to-day, 255 i head of through. stocks .total for three, days, 2,75 t ;; everything sold onfor shipped on 5 no business done for I wantof huyera, sonoquotnllons. y/atf»—Receipts to-dny, 3,Bioheadt total for three: days; s,3ix>, Yorkers, (7.23 to 97.40: Phlladclphlaa, 97.QU to 97.80. ffAssp—Receipts, to-day, 1,000 head; total for three 1 ■days, 14.20); sellingat«4.ooto9o.oo. nuri'Ai.o. Burra to, May IB.— Cattit— Receipts, 000; total for the week. 11,077: sales only bears: unchanged rates: balance shipped out. _ SHeep and Lambs-Recclpta, 1,000: total for the week. 8,000; market active, and week; prices WCWc oil: sales only 7 cart. . . //ops—Receipts, 3.400; total for the week, 13,400: market dull and slow: Yorkers, 97.23fc7.5aj heavy, 97.4a a« f nrtra ST. 1.0018. * St. Louts. Wsy, is.—//ops—Steady, with a fair de mand! Yorkers. 90.WM0.75: bacon. 90.0CM7.U1; butchers*. 96.73W7.00. . . , . ~ amis-Demand 'active and strong:-plenty of buyers: good U> choice native steers. 94.avi5.12Wl medium to fair, 94.(0(*4.50j pony steers, 9d.87WW4.335, cows, 93. , f5<*4.00; slockcrs, 93.25W4.37Xl feeders, 9<>S7W. CINCINNATI, Cincinnati, May IB.— Jfnat— Fair demand nndeaslorj common to good light, 96.3307.00; fair to good heavy, 97.i0cd7.23i receipts, 1,268: shipments, i,uia. LUMBER. The offerings .of lumber were again small, honco a quiet market. Five or six cargoes were sold early, loav tug three or four at tho docks. There woro country orders on tho market for common stuff, chiefly Inch, but nunobf the grade specified In the orders was offered, Tho market was weak but not qaotably lower. Place •tuff brought 98.00, but the demand for it was net at all urgent, luchrtngcd froints.ooc9U.6o. Shingles wore s!owat92.l2W<U‘fl.3h, and lath at 91.35. Lumber freights were quoted st9i.23for Muskegon and Grand Haven, 91,37 W for Ludlngton and Menomi nee. 91.87W5i.50 for Manistee and 91.&0A1.7S for Ooouto. ' . Thu yard trade wasonly fair, tho call belngprinctpaUy for UlO common qualities. The shipments appear fair, hut they Include the lumber bought on vessels, heuco du nut form an Index of the volume of business trans acted dally in tho yards. Following ore tho yard quota tions: .Pint and second clear 930.00938.00 Third dear. I inch.....*. Third clear, thick. h3.oikuU3.UU Clcsr flooring, first and second, rough 80.00w3J.(o (ficsrsldlng, first and second 17.00k1f1.10 Vlrstcommoo siding Flooring, first common, dre55ed............. saMttqsw.uo Flooring, second common, dressed. 2J.UWJ4.00 |lox boards, A IVox boards, U 23.UUjsJT.tu A slock boards, 10 and 13 1a..... 2f1.uV4J3.00 n slock boards 3T.fiM37.00 Oiiotk boards. 19.UM17.00 Poncing . Cuminun lumber, id ft and under 3 la. Common heard*. iolau aud acuitllng. 30 to 34 ft Aablnglcit BY TELEGRAPH. FOREIGN. Sptdat lUipat cA to The TW&us*. tITXBPOon, May 18-11 a. m.—Floim*—No. i, 34*t No. 2. Xl*. Groin—Wheat—Winter, No. 1. OelOd; No. 2, oeodt spring, No. 1, bead; No. 3. tu 3d; white, No. 1, 0* IOd; No. A D*«di club. No. I, lo*4d; No. A&■ lOd. Com— Ho. i. SO* ad; No. a, 20*. iVoriiloHa-Fork, 83>0d. L«rd,M*Bd. Livxnroot, May in-Latcst.— Omon-Qolcl. hot eteodyt *alc» B,on bales. Including 1,000 forapceulattlon and export, and 6.800 balm American. Zlrjudiig/r*—California wblta wheat, average, M ud4i 0* IOd; do club, Or lOddlO* 4d; red Weitero spring. No. 3toNo. 1, O*Bddß*od; dowlntar, OsOdOOslOd. Flour —Western canal, 33634*. Corn—Western mixed. 3065 30* 3d. Oat*-American, Sfensdd. Harley-Do, naOd. PcUvConadlao. 80690* tfd. CVorer.£<*<!—American, 55680 a. iYoriilon*— Mcm pork. Baa «d. Prime racu beef, 87*. Lard-Aoierlcan, 56* ad. Cheeso—Floo American, 50*. Uacon- Long clear, stt; abort do, 53*. Tallow— Fine American, 41*. jttroltum— tiptriu,7*Bd67*odi refined, llisd, UnMtdOit-’JSt. JUtin— Common, fis; pale, 13615*. Spirit! Turpenttn»-U3t. LovDov. May id.—ikirolattiTv-neflned, lOaodOlu. * tod. Neiln-Commou, sa. AkTVknp, May la.—Alro/eum— 3Ba. PRODUCE. TOUU. Sptdat Dttpatch to Tht Trthunt. KktrTonk, May ig.—Croli*—Wbeat-Mirkel fiolct W ye*wrday'« price*; ouotatloust H«, aiGblcMO, M; load*<Ud»»s!.«; N0..3 Milwaukee, dt.Sfl; No. i-Mla- Quota, 11.83; Bhcboygaa beldufl.Sdi red Wutcrn InrtoraheMWll.flfJt amber afioal nominal at ft. 43; market clews quiet Malt-Market without activity! Canada nominal at ILlodil.sOi four-rowed State,ft.oo 01.10; do nominally one. Rye qnlel with small offerings; Western, BOcj Canada In bond, 090 to arrive; State and Pennsylvania, flfic. Com steady; fair demand; steamer mixed, onwtoiet no grade sates at SAC) unmerchantable, AM; mixed Wcttcm. «2e; white SonthemnomlnalalTOcj May, oiMo; Jnne, flic. Oats dull and towori No. 2 Chicago, sales at 4tc; Ho. 9 Hew York, rejected, U9o; mixed State, 430; white State, 4f1»93c. TU/fetp-Flrm, wllhs'nles ofSO.OOOIb.«, alfiHc. ffroctrltf— Tcaa more active at lower price*: ITyioti, common to fair, gmaaac; extra to choicest, 4ftaß3o; young Hyson, oommoa to fair, 9nc»ooo; extra to choicest, ehteTno; gunpowder, common to falr.afloaset extra to choicest, 00ca<1.20; Twankoy, common to fair, 93034 C; fine to finest, 2&33flci uncolorod Japan, common to fair, 28ft9;tci finest, 7sc; Oolong, common to fair, SBCi33ci extra. 6&370e. irAfiFy-Dull; hlghwlncs, <1.13 oskodt alcohol com- Inal at 83.13. #W/pA/r—Flrfn,with fair demand for tonnages to Liv erpool. no room offering; provision*, 7J4&8; to Lon don. grain. ftHftO; to Glasgow, grain. flj*l to the Con tinent, grain, &s od®o* sdi to Cork, for order*, MOd QU*. . 7b (Ae Watem Attodatett Prtu. Hkw Tobic. May w.—ctorron-strady; iia-lMJiahJe; futures •toady ;May, 13 June. la'jfets o-a'ic; July, 13 7-KVfoi3 i»-a3<:s August, iu o-io4iu jd-aao; Sep tember, 13 io-a36»i2Wo; October, 13 is-mo; November, 12K013 ifHWej January, 13 17-»3aiao-l(lc. Flour—Very moderate export and homo trade de mand; receipts. s,ux) hr Hi No. a, O.iofta.oo; super Bute Western. W.HKit-l.o); common to good extra, good to choice, <3.4Ur.ftf,.73; white wheat extra, 83.800)7.?n; extra Ohio, 85.03**7.001 fit. Louis, fa.uuao.un Minnesota patent process, < lyo (lour unclwngcd. Corn j/tnl Unchanged. « ram-Wheat scarce and Arm; Western closed with a k export demand! receipt*, J0B,ou» Imi merchantable, oottfluc; do mixed, 81.140tt.33; So. 1 spring. *I.3OUI.Mt No. a Chicago spring. *1.2001.31 s Ho- 3 do, <l.UK£|.|3; No, I Milwaukee, 81.33; No. 3 do, $1.94(11.33; NO. 3 do. 8t.10U1.17i white Michi gan, 81.43. Kyo scarce and firm; Western. H3J4*«B3c; Canada In bond, Oio. Harley quiet; Canada. 81.00; .malt dull and unchanged. Corn—Active export and homo trade demand; receipts, ics.noo hu; mixed un merchantable, 37c; do no grade, aullftOoc; do steamer, amtilftordu graded. 03Mtwc; new Western mixed, un graded. mxwjc. Oat*— Fair demand; rreelpu, 7U,(»x) but Western mixed and state, 89tt43c; Western while State, 40M30C. y/dp-steadys shipping, B(XM3C. j/aps—Firm and unchanged. Oroctrieo— Coffee quiet; Hlo cargoes, I.aKQIBMe fn gold; jobbing, Jo’i«lW4o In gohL Sugar quiet, but steady; fair to good refining, 7 H-HV.0713-inc; prime, &ZSHc\ refined, steady; Muscovado, 79*0. Mo lasses quiet but firm; I'urto Ulco, 35033 c. luce quiet, but steady. /virefrum—Quiet, but Arm; crude. ejjseXc; refined. Firmer; eWtßlt-lOc. . NtratnedNeMn-Ajulut; SI.TOCM.SO. Npfrtf* Turpentine— Heavy; 33c. /?£fpa-Flrra; Westeru, I4'{tlsc. y>ror(<!fon*—Port dull and heavy; new tncM pork. 530.83Ci31.f0, closing at 830.H0fJ30.8.3; Slay, <30.73; une, 830.89; July, 831.c0. Beef quiet and heavy, pickled hams, t'Jisiakc, Ixmg clear middles Westeru, lIMo; city, 13c. Lam dull and heavy; prime steam, 813.03, cioslngntpiidoi June, <12.70; July, <l3.Toil 13.73; August, <13.80: September. <13.00. /7u<rer—steady for choice; others heavy; Western, 10 «2rtC. , Unchanged, Uftfxty—Firm; <I.IX JTog». Shetp. 0.813 6d7 11.877 BH2 14,332 1,553 15. MO .20.470 01,054 P.dOL .23,203 37,403 2.UH3 1,839 2.043 013. 2,001 4, (I PI ,772 4,072 0,114 1,273 PiuLAnsLPniAt ifay la—AVour—Better grades firm: others neglected; extra, *4.aVi4.75i Wluconaln mid Minnesota extra family, m.;j7X0i«1.40; state, Ohio, and Indiana, high erodes aod patent, *7.33 Groin—Wheat quiet and weak; Pennsylvania red, 41.47; amber, cum; white, *l.r*ort|l.«o; western rod, good, 41.33; do sprouted. Ouc?ysi.ia Uye. B»Ktß7c. Com firm; yellow, flifocsc; mixed, ooc; white, ooc* sail, oiJiSc; steamer, 57c. Oats domoraiUcd; white, 4C 944 ft, ll'Alit-p—Western, 41.13. iviro/eum—Finns crude, lie; refined. 14(314X0. AVeda—Timothy, Flax, «i.4S. Ttfcrtyra-Wheot, 4,aoobu; com, 31,000 bu. shipintnu— Wheat, 32.000 bu; com. ini.ooobu. Mutter— New York and Bradford County, pa., extra*. 37flWbov firsts, 239:20c: Western extras, 34Q20C; firsts, 23<«34u. Western rolls, 24920 c; firsts, soaMc. Chttut— Quiet; Mow York State, KXaiac; Western fine, untie. AVP*-Weaker; Powundvanla, New York, and Dela ware fttah, 2401sXc; western fresh. 13914 c. A'o. Ap. Priet. iu hoteliers. nu 4 **.oo 15 1154 4.(15 01 14111 5.00 tail 4.43 it nna 4.45 21 calves 124 a.fiO (I calves 11l 0.25 55 1223 4.70 5U 1100 4.70 20 DO I 4.5756 1 55 1247 4.05 22 COWS 705 5.40 IU 1280 4.70 •m 1117 4.40 17 1280 4.75 18 1145’ 4.50 DAt-mioas, May 18.— Flour— Btoady, firm, and un changed. Groin—Wheat very firmaud quiet; No. 3 Western red, 47c; Pennsylvania red, 40948 c. Cora active ond firm; WesternmUwMpHo. Ontaqulotondfinn; West era while, 42944 c; Western mixed, 38941 c. I lye dull and steady; TthsTSc. Jfay—Dull and unchanged. /Vurtwow—Dull and Fieavy. Pork, *23.00. Hulk meats—Btauuldert,Bu; clear rib, lOKtflielooM. Bacon— Shoulders. OHdUAioi clear rib. li&asuXc; hams. 159 10c. Lard quiet; refilled, JUXo. flutter—steady and nnchanaed. /Virufrunv— UujctUod and nominal; crude, BX®os<Cs refined. 14e. re. bnt price* were i la the receipt* of e rlewa of bolder* or eoneenlona wero ocedlng U> JT.oud* 3j0.wCt7.15. Tho 7.i0. The'market iVd. Ar>. Price. 110.. •««....214 7.00 . 42....10T 7.10 40.. ..270 7.00 30.. ..217 7.10 00....10S 7.10 25.. 7.20 cone— Dull aad lower; lllu, cargoes, tSXdISXc; JobliTnr, IMfCMOXc, tiectipu— Wheat 33,0u0 ba; corn 03. COD bn. tiMpmente— lVhcot bu; corn ia,ux> bu. Bt. Lons, May 48.— Cotton— Quiet and unchanged. Flour- Dull; unchanged. Grain—Wheat dull and lower; No. 3 red winter, fl.SSbld; cash sale*. 41.07 Juno; No. ado, 41.37J4 bid. Corn quiet, but steady; No. 3 mixed. 4fl<.#4oMic cosh and May; 44%e June; 434 c July. Onls dull and drooping; mixed, by Mimpio, s-i493;ie. Bye dull nud lower; Ho. 3. ooc. Barley dml and unchangca. ll'AlsAv—Steady and unchanged; 5).0R. iYotdnoßj—Pork—Market dull; jobbing, 431.009 31.30. Lard dull and nominal. Bulk meat*-Market easier; shoulders, clcarrib, lOVyuiloXc; clear, lie. Bacon—Market easier; shoulders, 8Xo; clear rib. tlJfiUWc; clear, 15c. liecetptt— Flour, isnobrts; wheat, «o,ooobu; com, 71,000 bu; oats. aa,oU)bu; rye, noue; barley, none. 53.. ..103 7.10 40.. ..330 7.U) 42.. .177 7.10 i as the limited sap* ; advance was full/, 04k’ of extra sheep; see (a. u) lor I TOLEDO. Toledo. May is.— Flmtr— tilcody. Oraln— Wheat steady; good demand: No. S white Wabash, 91.40 H: Mo. 1 white Michigan, sti33; No. 3 do, «v.a4t amber Utehtaaa, C 1.8014-. June, 9t.2U; July, 91.28)4: Mo. ado, ami winter, 91.31; No. SreJ, «1.1&H: doDaytou and Michigan, 91.13. Corn Arm: high mixed May, sitfc; July, C2hc; low mixed. C2koj No. 3 white, Mo: no grade, co*o. Osu steady and Qnn: Mo. 3 May, Usc: white, 40Me: Michigan, soo. /fcwljMS—Flour, none 5 wheat, ll.ouobuscoru, 13,0u0 but oatA, i.aouhii. 7.UCO bu-, oats, -5,000 bu. Milwaukee. May la.— /7our—Qalet and unchanged. Grain—Wheat opened unsettled; Mu higher ( closed flm: Mo. \ Milwaukee, 9M4«:nard, 91.23; No. 3. jl.lDMt June. «t.o*Ml July, 91.UTH: No. X OTMc. Cora scarce: No. a, 02c. Oats active: ibadu flnnert Mo. 3 cash: May, and Jane. 32Hc. Uye enreo and higher: No. 1, 71)4c. Barter steady; falrdcmands No. 3 spring. 83c: No. a, do, 80c. jWpAI»-13ull and weak; wheat to Buffalo, 3)4cs do tl Oswego, dHc. Receipts—Flour, 8,000brls: wheatofl,ooobu. ’ NWpmsnts—Flour, o.soobrls: wheat, tH.aubu. ciscikkati. Cincinnati. May 18.—cvmtm—Dnili 1156 c. ’ A7o«r—Hosier, but not qnotahly lower. Groin—Wheat steady tad In fair demand, at sl. ISA l.uo. Com dull and unsettled, at f11«32c. Oats un settled, at 99QH3C. Bye dull and unchanged. iVonrtons—Fork doll and nominal: 921.00. Lard dull and unsettled: sales: steam. 913.20: kettle quiet, 3mi3Mo. Bulk moats dull and unchanged: nulhlug doing. Bacon quiet: 856 c. II(6c, igue, Bulirr— Hosier; choice Western llcserve, 31(2 22c; prime to choice Central Ohio, 17030 c, ROSTOV. Boston, May 18.—F7our—Quiet bat steady: Western superfine, 94.00(14.23; common extras, 91.30013.00; Wisconsin end Minnesota extra family, *3.00047.00; Illinois, 9d.UK(8.23: St. Louis. 90.25atu.00t fancy Min* ncsota and Wisconsin, 97.33^0.60. Groin—Corn quiet: mixed ami yellow, cs&Qnnc. Oats quiet; mixed ana No. 3 whim, 44(£480 rejected, No. 1 white, Q2U)310. Boeealo, May la—Grain—Wheat dull, heavy, and unsettled. Corn (Inactive and nominally unchanged. Oats none. Ilya none. Barley dull; 1 cor Canada ft Cb/tai Shipment*— Wheat, legfe. Nnv Orleans. May iB.-//iiy—Scarce and Until prime, $31.00; choice, 934.00: others unchanged. New Orleans, La., May ta— Cotton—Fair demand; tales, 3,430 bates; quotations unchanged; receipts, net, 4,231; gross. 1,020; exports to Liverpool, 3,KW; stock, 37.077. Morile, Ala., May 18,—Cotton—Unchanged: mid dling*, lIHGUHc; not receipts, 100 bales; gross, 203: experts, eoastklsc, 78; sales, 800. Galveston, Tex., May i«.—Cotton—Quiet: mid dlings, 10601 net receipts, 103 bales; gross, 303; ex port, coastwise, 218; sales, 203. Savannah, Ga., May is.—Colton—Quiet; middlings, llHd not receipts, lOfl: sales, 107. CitAQLHsxoN, B. C., May is.—Cotton—Steadier; mid dlings, llHot net receipts, aia bales; exports, coast* wise, 13d*. sales, aou. Ktw Tone, May 18.—Business was anlct with com mission houses, except heavy cmulmorcs and worsted coatings, which were rather more active. ' Cotton goods were nominally unchanged In first hands, but dull, owing to a Urge public sole to beheld Tuesday next. Taney prints wore quiet. Throe hundred and twenty oasca of Johnson ginghams sold at auction, and brought fair prices. . .. 11.001513.U0 .. 10.lXfell.00 .. 11.01fe13.00 .. 13.1Xfe13.00 .. l.lXfe 1.73 .. 3.404 3.80 Cleveland, 0., May la.— Petroleum— Firm and un changed: standard, no test, lie; prime white, 130 test, 12c, In cor lots. AnniVAtft—Prop commodore, Buffalo, sundries; «hr Four Brothers, Holland, railroad tics; prop Now Era, Grand Haven. lowing; achr C. O. D., Grand Haven, lumber; echr Mary Amanda, Grand Haven, lumber; schr Ataunto, Masksgon, lumber; •chr City of Grand Haven, Muskegon, lumber; itmrCorona, 8U Joe, sundries; prop Messenger, Benton Harbor, sundries; ecbr Honest John, Grand Haven, lumber; prop M. Groh, MauUtoe, lumber; echr J, A A. Slronacb, Manistee, lumber; ichrWindsor, Man* Istee, lumber; aeow Milton. White Lake, lumber; •chr Light Guard, Alpeaa, lumber; achr Madison, Grand Haven, lumber; stmr Chicago, Manitowoc, ■undriea: achr Adriatic, While Lake, lumber; achr Pauline, Muskegon, lumber; sebr Mary, Musko* gon, lumber; slmr Alpena, Muskegon, sundries; ■cow Magdalena, Ludwig's Pier, wood: ecbr J. 13. Nowland, Manistee, lumber; achr Heed Case, Trenton, lumber: prop JamesPlsk, Jr., Buffalo, sundries; achr hlloa Day. White River, lumber; •chr Clayton Belle. Caaovllle, lumber; schr Wal* Un, Holland, Umber, prop Lawrence, Ogdcnsburg, ,0 Corona, SL Joe, 10 brja pork and sundries; stmr Chicago. Manitowoc, 120 green bides, 80bales broom-corn, and sundries: •chrO. O. Trowbridge, Cheboygan, 500 bu oats. 7A brladoor, A ions feed: scow Milton, White Lake, 3 brls pork; achr John Bean. Jr., Mienigaa City, 86 eds atone t prop Messenger, Ben* ton Harbor, 20 brU Hoar, 6 mis oil, aua sundries; propM. Orob, Manistee, sundries; stmr Alpena, Muskegon. lObrw pork. 8 brie oil, and sundries; ■chr Four Brothers, Holland. 80 cd* atone; achr IL-K. Bailey, Buffalo, 45,000 bu wheat; echr Trio, Holland,. CO edit stone; sthv WUTfna jane*hwh tom CUt, 4ft cds a tone; ccbr Ketrtmm, klaxon vlllo, ft Lrla pork, to brls beer, and sundries; schr Advance. Michigan City. 4fi oris Mono; aohr Man UoVea, Jacluonpoft, 7u aka feed, 4 toad bay. Tho local market wm qnlet at far Wheat try tail to Dnffalo. Hoorn wax engaged for 60,000 Bn wheat, 80, 000 bn corn, and 84,000 bn barley, To Buffalo—Tho prep Jaolea Plait, wheat, at 2H«; prop Commodore, part cargo corn, through: achr O. U. Sloan, com, and achr not named, barley, on prlvnte tome, Later the atmr Portago waa taken up for wheat. Darnorr, May 10. —O. K. Dixon reports tho ieh% Ann Marin chartered with lumber from Aa Bauble to Toledo at 8L 00; achr Basco with lumber from Alpena to Chicago at 81. BO; acow C. L. Pick, lum ber, AlpenatoMonroe, atBI.SO. i MiLWAOKES. May 17.—There wax appafcntlyno demand for soil grain vassolx to-dor, and rates are nominal at 2Uc on wheat to Daffaio, and Okc to Oxweco and Kingston. Theprop Ncwburg was en caged to carry BB.OOObn of wheat to Unft&lb on through rate to New York. DtTpraf.o, May 10.—Very quid, with no material change for tbo better. The Aect of grain vessels have nearly all gone; those remaining refusing to load coal for less than 50c—that rate or nothing. The current freight on cool to Chicago Is 25c; but two charters were reported at ftOe made by other than regular shippers. Cnpt, Tom Collins reports: Schr George Murray, coal hence to Chicago, 2ftc; schr D. Sawyer do (It wax understood outside that she got BOc). Capt. a. W. Rone report*; Bchte Northwest ami Hcdwlng. coal, Ashtabula to Chi cago, 36c; xchr Gulden Fleoec, coal be&co to Chi cago, p. t. _ nm.ADitt.pnTA. NEW ORLEANS. COTTON. BUY GOODS. PETROLEUM, MAKtNB. CHICAGO. T.AJTR FHEIGItT9. CHICAGO. iLßUTmanu. LAKE MICinflAK. CHICAGO. Sailor wages at this port are from |I.OO to 81.2 ft, ami plenty sailors to bo had at that.... Nothing la bettor calculated to prove the unusual dnllncas in marine business at this port than that some of tbo largest carriers arc compelled to clear from this port Tight, not being able to get cargoes at remu nerative rates. The props Nebraska and Pbtlaikl rhla, two of the lorgest steamers on the lakes, lea his port light yesterday. They will try to get car goes at Milwaukee.... The new schr A- J. Dewey arrived from Cleveland yesterday with a cargo.of coal. This 1s her first appearance at this harbor. She Is a full-slzvu canal schoon er. and complete In all respects.... Tho K Favorite and barges, which were detained at jnioneo for nearly a week on account of tbo unusually high water, left for this port yesterday with cargoes of lumber. TERMINAL CtlAlUlP-S, Tho vessel-owners At this port are greatly la* cciiflcd against the clovntoraai this city for main* 1 lalnlng their high charges fot elevating'and trim ming. It I# tho general opinion that If a redaction was made, tie advocated by Tits Tiwetrsa all along, tho vessels would be able to compete with tho railroads even at tho prevailing low nice. The elevators themselves are paltering from their own greediness, bat not to sneli an extent as tho verse) owners. No other lake port has such high termi nal charges as Chicago, and reduction ahould bo made without delay. JjAKB ERIE. buffalo. Special Ditpatch to Tht THiun*, Dutpalo, N. V., May 18.— I Tho props Russia, Scotia, Vanderbilt, City of Fremont, George L. King; schrs Lottie Wolfe, Llxzlo Law, Fanulo Kiel, C. L. Toting and E. Jonca arrived to-day. Tho depression in marine circles was fairly Ulna* trnted hero to-day In tho action of a vessel-owner, Itock Cardinolt, who jumped from tho dock Intol tho water on a wager of S7OO made with Capta. L. I Dlmmlck and George Dorriman. Capt. Cardlnew remarked that ho was wilting to do most anythin® to aoru a little money. BRIE. Special Ditpatch to The TrlburiA Enn?, Pa., May 18.—Arrived from Chicago., prop Annto Young, schr Schuylkill, with cargoes of grain aggregating 00,000 ba. The Revenno* cutter Perry left on a short trip this morning. Tho schr Schuylkill was chartered to-day for coal to Chicago at 40 cents. PORT HURON. Special DUpatch to The THbtntA Pout UunoM, Mich., May 18.—Down—Props Dentpn, Java, Wouona, and eonaort; eehraHary June, Mary Merritt. Ur—Props Marine City, Fountain City, William Cowrie, Bello Cross and barges, Turner and barges, Tioga and barges, Tempest and barge*; schra Camden. Stampede, Joseph C. King, Hears, Lady McDonald. Wind—North, gentle. Wbatiibk—Fine. - An effort will bo made at ones to raise the schooner Mary E. Perew, which was sunk In tho Straits. The new tug Andrew J. Smith, with steam pumps, will make the effort to raise her. PonrHtmoN, Mich., May 18—10 p. ra.—Down- Props Arabia, Cofflnberyond barges, Ontario and bnrgofl. Up— Props Portage, Sallna and barges, Colin Campbell and consort; schr# Allto i). Norris, Thomas Parsons, 11. M. Score!, Willie Keller. Wind—Northeast, gentle; weather lino. THE CANAL* Bridgeport, May 18.— Arrived— Cataract, Salle, C.BOO bu com; T. Ilybum, Marseilles, G,BOO bu corn; prop Montauk, Lockport, 650 brls flour; Maple Leaf, Lockport, 000 brls flour; llldgle, Ottawa, 6, GT>O bu com; prop King Bros., Knnkakeo and feeder, 2,000 bn com. Cleared—Prop Atlantic, St. Louis, 20,010 ft lumber: Messenger. St. Louis, 00 m lumber; Ilia* walha, BL Lon Is, 70, 2-11) ft lumber; prop MonUuk, Lockport, 4, COO bu wheat. , MISCELLANEOUS. THIS AND THAT. A new tug called the Slsktwlt was launched at Buffalo Wednesday afternoon.... Monday night tho schr Lewis Wells, loaded with coal, while en route from Cleveland to Wyandotte, went hard on Just below Momaguda light. She wilt have to bo lightered before nho can bogotoff....The Detroit Pott states Umt the schr Quaylo, which'grounded on the head af Bello Isle, fa still there, nothing as yet baring been done to release her. She U bound up and deeply loaded with c0a1.... Says tbo Cleve land Leader: “The Northern Transit Comp&ny has Just completed arrangements, so that the boat leaving Chicago on Monday* of «ach week will run through to Montreal, but will not touch at Lake Erie ports. Cleveland parties having freight to shin by the line to that city must ship It on some other boat, so that it can be transferred at some place on the Welland Canal or at Ogdunsburg- All Westward-bound boats will touch here, how* ever.’*.... Tho Port Huron Tlmis says: *‘ Pott Huron bids fair to have her complement of dry* docks, os tbe Port Huron Dry-Dock Company's property tuui been leaded by Messrs. Dunford & Alverson, who propose to get this dock In shape; forlho accommodation of vessels. Wo will then' harodry dock accommodations comparing favorably, with Detroit, and will bo oblo to lake care of the largest vessels on (bo lakes.’’....The Detroit Free Preit of the 17th has the following special dispatch from Kelley’s Island: •‘Seven barges broke loose from tho prop Tioga yesterday, when about live miles Ibis side of Cleveland. Tho BurcM ard and Indlanola passed hero, bound up Lake Lrle. this morning. Tlie Evening Star, Empire State,,' William Case, and Isabella arc bore safe. The Tioga is here also. MONDAY’S OALD ON LAKE BQIB. The gate Monday afternoon did eome damage oil tbo lake, although It was harmless at our harbor. Tho prop Tioga, of tho Union Steamboat Company, which left hero Sunday with seven barges In tow, and cleared from Cleveland for Saginaw a short time after noon, was struck by tho sqnal) when 8 or 0 miles out Her tow was scattered, and when last soon wore all under sail, It haanol boon ascertained whether any of tho vessels were Injured, In the afternoon tue prop D. W, Bust, bound from Du- Inth lo this port with grata, attempted to enter Cleveland harbor for foul, when near tbo mouth of the river, 0 heavy sea struck her and sent her over near the west pier. Capt. Pringle ordered the engineer to pat on a foil head of steam. Tbo engineer misunderstood tho signal and reversed tho engine, causing Urn vessel for a moment to tome to a full slop? Just then a huge wave struck her and sent her against tbe pier with such force M to tear off some lOfooi of tho wale streak on tho starboard sldo aft. She struck twice afterwards, but no farther damage was caused. : Tho schr Pathfinder, while also endeavoring to enter tbo harbor at Cleveland, In low of a lug, waa driven upon the pier with «ucb force as locrushalorgo hole In her starboard side forward, just above the llaht water-line, Several planka were broken, and, it la said, one of the frames also.— Jiajfale Courier. YOUNG CHICKENS, jb (As Editor of The Tribunt. Oats Coontt, 111., May 17.—Young chicken* frequently go blind In ono or both eyes. Glycerins Is a sure remedy. Ono small drop applied to each eye will aoon cause the eyes to open, or so soften the edges of the lids as to admit of being easily opened with the point of a penknife. One or two applications will rarely fall to effect a core. Your* truly, UiKKIfIT. A Sympathetic Doff* A carpenter on IdaliTll, wllo has the mlsforton to bo permanently lame from an accident la the prosecution of hla trade some I® #r> ®*?',~s* a dog which Is hla almost instant companion. Thla deg. although perfectly sound In w limb. Invariably limps when In bls master, but at all other tlmca la aa nimble ana frisky aa a colt. . Whether It Is a case of pngW —fellow feeling tor a fullow-bylnß—or not, we not state, but auumlt tau c,, 9.. scientists, assuringthem that the story is strictly true. —— F CACHES* ONE DOLLAR Bays sovon 8-ponnd tans Pie Ptadics At UfCKSOS'S* U 8 Ewt IMIMWW ■\ tl

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