Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 20, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 20, 1876 Page 3
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THE COURTS. The Adelphi Leased to Milton ■ 1 Qoorgo.for $1,200 a Month. gacord of Judgments and Now Saits —Bankruptcy Oases*. An application was made yesterday before Judge Williams for leave to louso for tho next glx months the Adelphi Theatre, which Is now In tho hands of Capt. Gray as 'Receiver, to Mil* ton George, Esq., a gentleman who has for some time been actively connected with the ir«/rr» Jlurnl The application was granted, and Mr. George Immediately filed a bond, with Ocorgo and Lycurgus Laflln us sureties, to Recure tho payment of the rent, which Is $1,200 a month. Ho then went to Mr. Gray and received hi* lease, and will take possession of the theatre Monday. divorces. Caroline ElHnger filed her hill against her ■husband, Henry Elllngcr. charging that bo Ik a habitual drunkard, and that for six years past he has boon In the habit of pounding lies, and hit-king, and knocking her around the bouse, to her great discomfort. Finally, a few days ago, ho drove her out of the house mid threatened to kill her if she ever returned. And her only with (s to ho allowed to live away from him, though she hopes the Court will compel him to support her In a manner becoming a carpenter’s Warner commenced a suit. In trespass against the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Rail road Company, laying damages at $20,000. ITEMS. Judge Drummond will hear a motion to dis solve flic Injunction In the railroad-tax cascato- L. Bearre, the Supervisor of the Town of Walnut, who was fined S4OO lately for disobey ing a dccrcco of Court, came in paid his lino yesterday. Judges Gary and Jameson will hear motion* to*day, Judges Williams and Harwell will hear divorces, and Judge Rogers will hear submitted eases. Judges Booth and MuAlHster will not hold any court. UNITED STATES COURTS. U.IUUi/ HlAi WWU.d* Jolm B. Young began a suit In trespass against tbe Marseille* Land & Water Power, C. A. Young,and 11. 11. Thrapp, laying damages at $2,000. Tho Mechanics’ Savings Bunk of Providence, R. L, filed a bill against Bidden F. unci Julia B. Culver, James B. Smith, Alexander Patterson, 8. W. Rnw*on, A. D. Tltaworlb, and the Nassau Bank of New York, to foreclose a trust deed for $9,000 on Lot* 51, 53, (11, and 03 In Culver's Addition In the E. H °> Gio N. W. uof Sec. 38, 40, 14: another against B. F. nnd Julia D. Culver, Axel F. Hatch, James S. Nor ton, and tho Nassau Bank of New York, to foreclose a mortgage for SU,OOO on Lots 2,13,4, 5, 0, and 7of Baker’s Subdivision of tho E. K of tho N. W. Hof Sec. 28, 40, 11; and a third against Timothy and Cornelia 11. Wright, Julian 8. Rumsey, Treasurer, etc., George S. Pepper, George 8. Norris, Joseph and Edwin Sniff, Sarah C. Robinson, and Ann E. Webster, to foreclose a mortgage for $35,000 on Lot 0, Block 3, In the Original Town of Chicago. BANKRUPTCr MATTERS. Uoracr P. Wattle*, a hardware dealer of Earlvillo, filed a voluntary petition In bank? ruptey yesterday. His debts, all unsecured, amount to $0,101.75. Tlio assets consist of rent estate valued at $l,lOO, of which SI,OOO worth Is claimed ns a homestead exemption; also a slock of hardware worth &.500, book accounts, $1,200, and one share of stock in the Earlvillo Manu facturing Company valued at $25, Rcfnrpjieo to Register Grant. The second and third creditors’ meetings In the case of Richard Hansom will he held Juno 8 before Register Hibbard, and similar meetings will bo held June U in the ease of Cohen and Jacobs, and June 7ln the sate of Middleton &, liisbcc. George W. Campbell was appointed Assignee of John E. Gardner. 801’JMUOlt COCHT IK BltlEP. J. R. Thompson, for the use of Azro Chase, began a suit for {3,000 against Martha A. Van Veebten. George R. Snarr commenced a suit by attach ment against Zcphanlah Spun* to recover $4,- 005. T. C. Williams, for the use of the Now York, Chicago & Han Francisco Insurance Company, sued James G. Dwen for $5,000. * John S. Newman filed a bill against Lawson A. and Altlia Gilbert, J. O. and Currie W. Cald well, O. R. Brouftc, Trustee; Omar Newman, George N. Sisson, Abigail M. and John 11. ‘VoourulT, Angelina M. and George W. Ham mond, Susan E. Carter, Vlrgfnlns A. Turpin, as Receiver of tho Atlantic & Pacific Insurance Company, and Frank Baker, to foreclose a trust deed for $7,800 on Lots 8 to 15, inclusive, 10 and 20, In Ulock 8; Lots 40 to OC, and 70 to 75. all in clusive. Blocks, In Colo & Corey’s Subdivision, of Lot 0, In tbo Assessor’s Subdivision of the W. of See. 83, 88,14, and port of the 8. E. Xof See. 83j 88, & CIRCUIT COURT. Dennis & Ingham begun a suit for $12,000 against Charles T. Weston and Weston, Burtners as C. T. Weston & Co. Thomas rown also sued the eamo parties for $15,000. James H. Crooker began un action in trespass against the City of Chicago to recover SIO,OOO damages sustained by fulling through tho side walk on the west side of Wabash avenue, be tween Adams and Jackson streets, on the 27th of October last. The Komau Catholic Total .Abstinence and Benevolent Society filed a bill against John H. Doultn to prevent him from foreclosing a trust deed for $5,300 on Tcmpcrancu Hull, Nos. 211 and 218 Harrison street, given Dee. 7,1874, by complainant to defendant. COUNTY COURT. In tho estate of Alexander Primrose a grant of administration was made to John Primrose, under bond for SB,OOO. CRIMINAL COURT. George Woods, Daniel Flynn, and Miclmcl Connell pleaded guilty to larceny, ami were re manded for sentence. George Thompson and James Watson were found guilty of larceny, and given six months In the House of Correction. TUB CALL MONDAY. »MO fc Judge Gary—4oß, 470, 48-1 to 491, and 491 to 803, all inclusive. Judob Jameson— Nos. 53,050, City vs. Harder, and 57,834, City vs. Looney. Judob uoobus— s32auusSfltofloo, Inclusive. Judob Booth— B24, 883 to 845, Inclusive, ex cept 858 and 841. Judge McAllister— Set case 8,175, and 545 to 659 inclusive, except 545, 552, ami 551 of Judge llogcra’ calendar. Judob Parwell— No cal). Judob Williams —No call announced. JUDGMENTS. fluFßnion Cotmr—Confession*—The Homo Na t qnai B4nk of Chicago vs. tho Highland Park Building Company. $5,408.41. Fritz Sliul vs. Henry Dottmann. SOO4. Judos Oaiiy— Charles C. F. Harder etal.vs. Mo mi Jones, $433.76. Peter J. Singer ct al. vs. Thomas It. and Bdmund 1). Hannah, $4,803.38, JcdoS Jameson—City vs. Stone; verdict for de fendants for sltl. 760, as damaged for opening Cal umet avenue from Twentieth tofiighteenth streets. Ciucuit Count—JuuuK Uoobus—U. J>. 11.I 1 . Hois <r ts. August Hrnsln, SBO. Junes ilUMTU—Hamuol Hale ot si. vs. Dewitt ftckler, $2,080.07.—J. L. (iorbnrrial. vs. Albert **- hodman; Judgment for $(111.05 and $7.45 costs restored.—Chicago A’lwihi// Mail Company 'vs. ■sue: Judgment for $1(15.60 and $4.76 cost* re stored.—9. I), Jiiiubark v*. Hewitt C. Cregler, W,7k).03. Tb« Richest Man In, Germany, Tho Urcmer JJandtUUalt has lately given to Jht world a most interesting piece or Informu oun. Who Is tho richest man in flermimyl Most person* would say in reply—Uothscldld, w Bomu longwlesecmlwl German iiuron. In «Hh eases the aoarcher for truth would bo wrong. Tha richest nmn in Prussia Is neither Danger nor nobjc, but plain Krupp, tho maker ,i cannons. Krupp, the gunmuknr, nays more income tax Hum any man in Prussia. Ife pays nearly 110,009 marks, which represents a yearly ■fwa of profits exceeding 5,000,000 marks, W » wut $1,850,000. UUtruo tlittltUwliliH « im *!* hoif-olhclal circle* that Krupp, tho gun ■«miL has a partner why shares hU gains and utfcwlse contributes his quota toward the puy jnent of ineamo tax. This mysterious Individ ual is known unto men as the German Govern- Inpanaiutwl liy Prtiiai lityuank ana jnv fcnjperor William, Jhu rich man may, third iwrc, not he as wealthy as ho appears uc. Zeal In Mohammedanism* si*. . i»‘« jfui( ameUf. -5,* c ttnr from Alexandria says thatncyerljiw • Pilgrimage to Mecca und Medina been so nu meroualy attended as the ono which was con cluded at t|io beginning of tho present year, * kwq Is uopr at Alucca ft celebrated proavhor jenutotlap extended thrqngh Urn wqpla pf Arabia. Ho is regarded us ft aufiit and •prophet, aqd pcoplu fronj Turkey, Northern Amca, tho fioudan, Arabia, and India assembled crowds to jistea to him. Among tho pilgrims ffl * ft* tho upclo of tho ,/ che pilgrims, and even tho Shah’s unele, who *f a man advanced in years, mitered Mecca with tnlK ? doth WUiirtW* Imlms An old man, feel l"»W*«Ad;apl)raftvhlug. trfvelwl «U tho way JjKH,KurjidiM \q hear the celebrated prophet, pX (lecaa fthorfly after his arrival. * The correapondent nl*o described some aermona which were niWremul to Uie a**cml>led pilgrims, ap parently with considerable effect. In one the prifeoher urged his hearer* to Imre aa little In* tcrcoiirue an posaihln with Christians, and to abstain entirely from drinking wine, and Ida words produced ho much romome In aomo of the pilgrim* that tut ho rode awav they threw them* selves under hi* hofso's hoofs. Another nrldlct od that within the next ten yenra the wnolc of Europe would ho under the rtdo of the crescent and that the Sultan of Constantinople would conquer the custom portion of the continent, Including Home. AMUSEMENTS. WEST CHICAGO CHORAL UNION, Thu Choral Union of Wust Chicago Is to bo • congratulated upon the success attending Its first appearance before the public, which took place lust evening at the Union Park Congrega tional Church. The choir of Centenary Meth odist Church, consisting of seventy voices, assisted hy some thirty picked voices, under tho direction of Mr. Orlando Blackman, gave two performances of “The Messiah ” last December, which were so successful that the Idea was con* eclvcd of forming a Choral Society on the West Side, which was to ho tho local pride of all West-Sldcrs. A society was organised under the name of tho “ West Chicago Choral Union,* 1 with Mr. Blackman ns conductor, and tho first rehearsal took place nhont Feb. 18. Tho Chorus, ns at present organized, consists of some ninety voices, distributed on follows: 25 sopranos, 2r> altos, SO bassos, and 20 tenors. There are few, If any, lending voices, but all are quite fresh and self-reliant, the altos being especially fine, and the tenors much above the average. Thu programme lust evening was composed of selections from Handel’s “Sam son,” and Mendelssohn's “Elijah.” The choruses from the .former were, “Then Shall Thqy Know,” “O, First Created Bonin;” “Let Their Celestial Concerts,” and “Then Round About His Starry Throne.” The choruses from tho latter were “He Watching Over Israel,” ami “He That Shall Euduru.” Tho society deserves credit for bringing out 'the choruses from “Samson,” which are almost unknown here. That the chorus did not bring out all the grand effects of Handel’s grand old music and the almost dramatic effects of Men delssohn’s music should be no discouragement to them, for a chorus that tins practiced but three months cannot be supposed to do the work of older societies. Tho “Samson” choruses were for the most part weakly sung for so many voices, while tho “Elijah” choruses lacked the requisite light and shade. Neither the “Ho, Watching Over Israel,” or “He That Shall Endure” choruses were sung with tho rich and mire, but subdued and pianissimo quality of lone that they require, while the for mer dragged heavily, the piano accompaniment to It being poor. If the chorus did not succeed In giving the correct coloring to Its work, It cer tainly deserves credit for knowing Its music so well, for precision In attacking Its work, for keeping In tunc most of the time, and fur tho confident manner of singing, besides keeping an eye on the conductor throughout. The solos, which almost outnumbered the choruses, were not up to tho standard of the choral work, and consisted of It Is Enough,” by Mr. L. B. Starkweather, and “0 Best In tho Lord.” hy Miss M. Rommel**, both from “Elijah”; “Total Eclipse,” “Slnco Light so Necessary is to Life,” from “Samson,” *ung respectively hy Mr. Holbrook and Sirs. F. N. Smith, while all the solo voices were agree able, none of them are suited for oratorios, so that the solos were all rather weak aud fiat. The beautiful trio “Lift Thine Eyes,” sung by Mcsdamos Jackson and Smith and Miss M. Rom mclss, was sung with poor effect, and for the greater part out of tune. The ol|ran accompaniments were played by A. J. Crcswold, and the piano accompaniments by Mrs. M. £. Cole. The umjlcuco was enthusiastic, appre ciative. and large, filling the entire hall to Its utmost. There was altogether too much speech-making before tho concert and between tiie two parts of it to be agreeable to a musical audience in warm weather. TITE CHOPIN RECITALS. The programme for Carl Wolfsolm’s Chopin recital at Standard IToll this afternoon Is as fol lows: Polonaises bi C sharp minor, and E flat minor, op. 50, Nos. 1 and 3; Mazurkas, P sharp minor, O major, G minor, and B minor; Taren- Icllo A .lint major, op. 43; and Fantasia In P minor, op. 40, Miss Emma 51. Shaw will sing thefollowlngsongsof Mendelssohn; “Znlclka," “Sun of tho Sleepless,”. “Cradle Song,” and “Spring Song.” The recital will begin at 8:80 o’clock. THE BLACK HILLS. Military Movements Arrival in Civilised Mounds of Returning Minors—Gov. Thayer, of Wyoming. Special Dispatch to The Tribune. Sioux Cm*, Itu, May 19.—A returned miner from Dcodwood Mines, Black Hills, named Charles Holland, arrived hero today with SCOO In gold-dust which ho lias dug himself within less than six weeks. lie camo out after provis ions, and wilt start bade immediately. lie re ports that miners are making $lO to sl4 per day there now, and arc not troubled by Indians. Tho only drawback la tho scarcity ol provisions* A largo quantity will ho shipped to them tho first of next week. Three other miners camo with Air. Holland, bringing about SI,BOO In gold. Cheyenne, Wy., May 19.—Tho last two com-. panics ot tho Second Cavalry for Crook’s expe dition left Fort Bussell at 1 this morning, and will cross tho river at Laramie, marching up tho north side to Fetterman, to bo Joined by troops which leave the railroad nt Medicine 'Dow, tho whole force reaching Fetterman about Wednesday morning, when Col. Hoyall, of tho Third Cavalry, will take command, under Crook, of tho entire force. At the first halting-place. Inst night, five desertions occurred, the men taking their horses and equip ments. The latest news arrived from the Flack Hills to-day.. Eldcrman Neal on and J. D. Mav, of this city, report meeting Kaymond's outfit on Indian Creek. Two of them hud engaged in a hot light with Indians. The Indians had succeeded in captur ing thirty-five head of stock when they wore driven oil. They met about 400 men with eighty wagons northward-bound at Hot Creek, wJierQ Capt. Kgau’s command had also halted, Leav ing Hot Creek, they rode Into Fort Laramie un molested. Those gentlemen are reliable authority, and state that, on White wood and DciulwooU Creeks, tho claims urn being successfully worked, yielding slo‘tO S2O to tho man, but beyond this district the hos tility and oft-repeated attacks ofMmllnns on prospectors havo almost paralyzed tho efforts of miners. Gov. Thayer departed eastward to-day to secure, If possible, additional troopsto protect tills frontier during the absence of pirrlson forces In the Big Horn country, or, failing In tills, at least to procuVo arms and ammunition fur a militia organization. DIVORCE IN OLD AOE. An Old Man Apprehensive of Losing Oou a Frol of Hl* Property. Special Dispatch to Tr»e Tribune. Pontiac, 111., May 19.—Franklin Oliver, now 89 years old, probably tho oldest resident of this county, If not tho State, filed a bill of di vorce in the Circuit Court of Livingston Cpuu |y against A. Oliver, his wife, Mr. Oliver be ing a innii'of largo property and most eccentric habits, tho nwo has elicited much comment. Mrs. Oliver filed u cross-bill, at which stage of the proceedings Mr. Oliver filed a cross-bill. Mr. Oliver then made overtures to his wife to return. 1 Thu ease camo up this morning on iKdmlf of Mrs. Oliver, who now applies for alimony and money to prosecuto her cuhu. Mr. Oliver appeared in court, with Ids white locks falling down his back, and, (n a sharp voice, begged the Court not to Impose any barrier between himself and wife. Judge Pills bury awarded Mrs. Oliver sio u month of turn* pomry alimony, with tho advice that, if poml hie, they make an amicable adjustment of the Unfortunate ditllcnlty. Mr. Oliver also stated that steps were being taken to deprive him of tim control of Ids large property und place It in the hands of Trustees. The estate Is valued at f 15U,(XX), and in port consist* of 11,900 acres of hind in this county, known a* Oliver’s Gruvo. The Ifon. L. K- I’ayaon appears for Mrs. Oliver, pud Messrs. Dubnr and Torrance for Mr. Oliver A btuwurt Monument, Mrs. A. T. Blowtrt and Judge Hilton havo ar* ranged to build u splendid Episcopalian meuuh riuLcburuh to Mr. fltowurl in Iho finest quarter of Garden City, Long Island, tho church toltf )>olh a tomb or mausoleum for Air. Htewart'sro piolns, and u monument to his memory. Tha etnmturo is to he a church for tho parish, and to bo used as such by all who wish to attend It, iho remains of Mr, Stewart will be removed to pi and burled in a vault connected with li. The ifojldlng will bo surrounded by grounds some 7U) foot square, which will bo ormmwuted with tree* shrubbery, onu flowers, and would bo so attractive ft* nalunt apd art can make them. A (jto&' 0 l * I™U» THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: SATURDAY, MARINE. CHICAGO, AnntTALfl—'Schr It. n.. Ilnhhard, Mnakegon, lumber; nehr !/. A. Simpson, Ludlnidon, lumber; sebr Kitty Grant, Saugnluck, lumber; prop Japan, Buffalo, sundries: sebr Cossack, Oswego, salt; propc, Rletz, Manistee, lumber; echr John Marks, Manistee, lumber; schr Clara, Manistee, lumber; SchrU. 8. Grant, Lake Traverse, wood; scow 1). It. Holt, Taylor's lier. wood; icUr B. ElHnwood, While River, lumber; schr Liberty. Muskegon, lumber; propG. I*. Heath, Saugiitiick, sundries; schr Japan, Ludlngton. lumber; prop Tempest, White Lake, sumirlei; * schr Margaret Ball, Ludlngton, lumber; schr Dolphin, Wblto Lake, lumber; echr It. Simmons, Muskegon, lumber; scow White Oak, Ludlngton, lumber; slmr Corona, Bt. Joe, sundries; slmr Sheboygan, Manitowoc, sundries; schr C. Luling. MnnWcr-, lumber; sehrO, It. Jobnsun, White Lake, lumber; schr L. Grant. Muskegon, lumber; stmr Muskegon, Muskegon, sundries; schr Havana, Oswego, coal; schr lUclnc, Ludlngton, lumber: schr Rob Hoy, Ludlngton, lumber; schr Ottawa, Muskegon, him* ber; prop Favorite, Menominee, sundries; schr Planet, Menominee, lumber; schr Hernr.liol, Mo* nominee. lumber; schr Sonora. Menominee, lum ber; schr N. 11. Ferry, White Lake, lum* ber; schr M. Thompson White l,ako, lum* ber; schr Eclipse, White Lake, lumber; scow Mermaid, Grand Haven. lumber; schr L. Bates, White Lake, lumber; schr Jason Parker, Mnskcgon. wood; schrC. H. Hackley. Muskegon, lumber; schr Huy Spring, White Luke, lumber; schrOrantlmm, Goderich, salt; prop Montgomery, Buffalo, salt; schr Llxaic Honk. Bt. Joe. lumber; Lumberman, Ponllco, lumber; prop Now Fro, Grand Haven, towing: schr city of Grand Haven, Muskegon, lumber; sebr City of Grand Rapids, Muskegon, lumber; schr Golden Harvest, Mus kegon. lumber; sebr Apprentice Boy. Muskegon, lumber: schr Wolverine, Grand Haven, lumber; scow Mary Helen. White Luke, railroad ties. Clearance*— Schr Delaware. Buffalo, 4ft,701 bn oats; schr George H, Slosnc, Buffalo. 211,000 bu com; slmr Sheboygan, Manitowoc, 280 dry hides, 12 brla oil, aundrfes; slmr Corona, St. Joe, anti' driuspstmr Commodore, Buffalo, 10,000 bu corn; prop Tempest, Montague, 00 hit corn, sundries; schrWallln, Holland, 300 bu corn: prop Charles BulU, MnnUtco, 800 bu oats, sundries: prop G. P. Heath. Saugatuck. 40 bu com, 1100 dry hides; Htmr Muskegon, Muskegon. 25 hrl« pork and sun* dries; prop St Albans, Ogdensbarg, B.KOO bu corn, 25 brls flour, 20 bahts dry hide", .".0 pkgs lard, and enndrics; prop K. H. Caldwell. Port Huron, 18,774 bu com, 2.CHI brls flour, 530 pkge coni*meal, 2.' brls oat-meal, 15 tes lard, anil sundries; scow U. B. Campbell. Pike's Pier, 30 curds stone; prop Trader, Manintui-, 07pkgs mdse; prop Commodore, Buffalo, 10,000 ba corn. LANK FREIGHTS. ' • CHICAGO. Vessel freight* were dull at 214 c for corn and Cljc for wheat to. Buffalo. The achrs St. Lawrence ond J. T. Mott were taken for wheat through via Buffa lo, and tho prons Toledo and Ht. Albans take corn through vln Opdcnrbarg. Total capacity taken was about 32,000 bu wheat and 25,000 bu corn. ELSEWHERE. Milwaukee, May 18.—The chartering basinets wo* excessively dull 10-dny. Vessel* could have been obtained at 2’-»c on wheat to Buffalo, hut even thl* beggarly rate nhlppcrs refused to give. Oswego and Kingston rates arc entirely nominal, Buffalo, May 17.—Freight* continue Arm. with an upward tendency. There aro still but few ves sels In port, and all owners continue to demand 50c to Chicago, refusing to take lea* under any con- Hlderatlon. George W. Bone report* cliarter of schr 11. C. Richards, coal to Chicago, 25c. Other charters are the schr* K. Fitxgumld. coal (a Chi- Cairo, 35c. free; the Higgle & Jones, Alpcnu to Chicago, lumber. $1.50 norm on rail: the Metro politan, coal to Up RapliK 50c, and pig Iron from Up Rapids to Chicago, 75c. DRTiiotT. May 17.—C. K. Dlson report* tho schr Provost, chartered with hoops from Wcnona to Oswego, at 70c per 1,00(1: schr Mary Hattie, lumber, Alpena to Monroe. $1.50 per 1,00(1 on mil. B. Whitaker A Cn. report the schr Wllllc Holler chartered for barroUiluHter from Alabaster to Milwaukee and Chlcagirnt 10c nor brl. 8. W. Thompson. Jr., reports tho scar Journeyman chartered with pipe and barrel slavca, Detroit to Buffalo, ou p. t. LAKE MICHIGAN. cmcAoo. Only two cargoes of lumber were at the market lastoTcnltig.. ..Orders were given yesterday to re move the schr Falcon still further out in the Inke, as there Is some danger yet in her present position of running afoul of her....A new steam yacht is In the coarse of construction at Dates'ship-yard. The yacht promises la he one of tho finest ami fleetest /ever built at tills port. ...Tho tug Mosher, of Dun ham’s Line, becoming weary of lying intUc harbor, started out yesterday morning in search of some thing to do, and before she got to Milwaukee she succeeded In picking up four vessels, which she towed triumphantly Into this harbor, much to tho envy of the other tugs In the river, which arc waiting fur flomvthlng to turn up. After this it will probably become a common matter for lugs to go os far ns Milwaukee In search of town. There {a nothing liku enterprise.... The BChrOfC. KJnnoy Ih being rebuilt at ono of the docks of tho Cidcagu Dry-Dock Company. She will huvu un entirely now deck, plunk shear, stanchions, nnd rail. When eho cornea out she will be as good os now. WOODKN BOTTOMS VS. IKON ONUS. The prop Japan of the Anchor Line, which ar rived hero yesterday, received a wooden bottom over the Iron one nt Buffalo during the winter. Though much hue and cry was made ot first about the superiority of tho iron steamers, yet it has boon found that woodcu-boltomcd ones are better able to weather severe gales. Besides, If an Iron-hut-* turned steamer strikes a rack, os In tho case of the Merchant which foundered on Itnclnc reef Inst season, tt is n difficult matter to get tier off niram. ■ In striking bottom the wood gives and is not as liable to be stove through as Iron, which, if It comes In contact with a rock, is ho broken that nine times out of ten tho vessel founders. Tho new improvement on the Japan has been made ua on experiment, and if tt proves to he of Itoneflt to the vessel all the other Iron boats of the Anchor Lino will have their bottoms lined with wood. The work on the Japan coat the owners nearly £IO,OOO. TDK ALIIATROHS. The Albatross is the name of a now fishing-tug which John Gregory, the eminent shipbuilder, has constructed nt Doolittle iOlcotl's ship-yard, near Van Baron street bridge, and which will be launch ed in a few days. 'She I* of a beautiful model, and excellently adapted for tho business in which she is to embark. Her owners nro Messrs. Schultz Stahl, of Hits city. Tho following are b n r dimen sions: 50 feet keel, 11 foci beam, UJJ feet hold. laici: kiiib. imPPALO. Special Dispatch to The. Tribune. Buffalo. May ID.— Sebrs Hutchinson, Bobbin!, Flint, Maitcn, Sugo, Lottie, Wolfe, City of thi Strolls, J{. JnnoH, Vnnvnlkenbcrg, Mary Lyon, Ban Diego, and J. Couch tuivo (Uncharged their crows and tied up, waiting better freights. They oru asking Bflo on coal fo Chicago, The arrivals to-day were prop fltarucca; schr Butcher Boy, Well* Hurt, Newsboy. Corsican, Barrett, Hois, City of the Strait*. John Miner, City of Green Bay, .and barges Intcr-Occan and Argonaut. BRIE. Special Dispatch to The Tribune. Fuib, Par., May ID.—Arrived from Milwaukee— Prop Purest City and consort; barge Brown. Departures—For Chicago, prop Annie Young; aclir Schuylkil. Charter—Schr Baldwin, coni to Chicago ot 40c. TUB WELLAND CANAL, Jliulato CutmntrcluJ, Jluu to. t The attempt of tho laborers on tho Welland Ca pal to force the contractors to pay higher wages, |>y quitting work In a Body, Isfllkely to result us nearly all the strikes this yuar have ended, The latest report is to Uio effect tlml (|iu men are slowly going back (o their work. Imllcnlinne point to a general resumption this week. Koine of the con tractors will probably concede a small advance,and the others will secure all the meu they require at tlis former prices. Tho strike bos seriously retarded canal-work. Thu Dominion authorities expect to have the new channel ready for navigation by next April, Hut at tbfl present rale U will bo nearer 187 b than 1877 before It Is completed. There arc to bo twenty four locks on tho M nuw cut." Of these, two arc completed, and seven more are |u process of con atrucihm, while the others have not been touched. Th« atnno has not even been got out for them. Jf a sufficient force of cutters and masons were kept employed tho locks might pnml bly bo completed by (he time specified, lint U begins to look us if the Dominion Uoveriuucnt Is not anxious to open the new canal during the pres cut depression. It would make a much hotter showing the tint season (which Is «ccci»«ry for the •access of the other cuiibM If tho opening should bo delayed until business revives somewhat. If it were nut fur this, the contractors would doubtless be more anxious than they are to keep their men at work. THE CANAL. niUDosponr, May 10.— AnutvsiwCuyuga, lb meo, 7,500 h« osts. Cf-lAUSO—Plauulx, Lockport, 80,024 ft lumber; First National, Joliet, 70,i**4 ft lumber,soojiu*t» t lift m lath, 100 bria suit;, Keneca. 7H,O'Vrt ft lumber; Umilm, Morris, 77. K*l ft (umber, too w shingles; IJaplo Leaf, Lockport, 5,900 bu wJicaU TOUT HURON* Speeiuf Diipolch to The I'rfbuns. Pout Uuuon, Mich., Ms/ ID.—UowN-Props Colorado, Maine, Mary Mills, Cunlslco, Aariaoua, Ohio sud barges. Vi*—Props Garden City, City of Concord, Thom as A. Hcott, llradbury ami barge; acbrs J. V. Marsh, llattlo Wells, Fleetwhig, Annie Vougjit, Timothy Maker, fled White and Ulaa, Dells Milch* ell. John O’Neill, WlllUiu Kliupe. Wtsiu— South, v’cntlu; wi-atburduo. Uperinl le n* Tribune- Pout UuftOM, Mich., Way lU—lO p. m.— JJown —Props Roanoke, Pa* a ale, Dean Richmond, Motamorn and barer*, Wnstfonl and barge*. LT*—Props J. JtorUcby. Porter, Gliamhcrlaln, Toscmlto and contort. Mary Prlncle and barges; achra If, fl, Hyde. Tempest, Marco Polo. Wind—South, light; wcathorfino. MIHCELLANT.OU9. RRRB AND THERE. AH of the Northern Transit Company's boats will hereafter call at DimcAQ City, old Mackinaw, and Cheboygan while cn route for Milwaukee.... The Government ofllclal* are making arrangements to Unlhl two llght-honic* at tho mouth of Saginaw River, and have Hie old light dlHConlhiucd. The new Bahts wilt also bo used a* range*.. ..The tug Crnaadcr, finding 111110 to do at Oswego, baa gone west In search of a hi# bonanza. The tug lias gone to Duncan city, where It will bo stationed during the present eeftson....Say* the Detroit Poll: “It was reported at Towns City on Tuesday morning that a verse! was seen about 10 mile* distant from Hint place, at 4 o'clock that morn ing, on Are. Nothing further was learned of the affair until the arrival of the slmr Benton from Bay City, In tho afternoon. The olllcor* of that vessel reported passing several mattres*cs. blank et* andredar post*, with a bottle attached. The sea was so heavy that she could not stop and pick the bottle up,"..,, (.'apt John Horn, who has been encaged forsotne time In getting to gether and loading tho cargoes of grain which were saved from the schr Bridgewater and brig Paltnlco, when they went ashore In the Htralts hut fall, passed Fort Huron Monday morning on thejstnir Marine City, having unccessfnlly com pleted his job and loaded the srhr Green Bsy, The amount of grain saved was about 11,000 bush els from the Bridgewater and 3.100 from the Palmlco Bays the Buffalo (Joutmer ti<il AdrrrlUtr of the tfith: “Tho prop Tlogn. which left Cleveland for Bng lOaw Monday noon with seven barge* In tow, wa* struck hv n sudden squall when sonic 7 miles out, mid the'harreswcre scattered Jn alldir«4tlons. When Inal seen they were all under full sail, and had not been picked up hy the steamer.... Thu schr Mediterranean, which sunk In Nispim River, was pumped out by the tug Dayton and towed to Pratt ACo.’s dock, Black Rock, where she discharged In-r cargo nf hanie tlmlwr. She was towed tip yes terday and taken tip to the Union Dry-Dock for re pairs. .Yesterday afternoon some seven firemen In the employ of the Tug Association struck for higher wages, demanding $35 per month. Instead of S3O and hoard, which they were receiving. Their demands were not acceded to nnd In u short time their place* were temporarily tilled with oilier men. This morning all the strikers, with hut one exception, relumed and were set to work at the old price. FINANCIAL Rpftfnt Di*]>ntch to The Tribune. Fort Wayne, ind.—'The failure of Henry B. Avers, a druggist, was announced to-day. Liabilities about $5,000; assets not stated. CITY HEAL ESTATE. l?OU SALK-U'tt FEET FRONT ON WEST ADAMS, X between Winchester and Itobey-sts.; price low; term* to suit. Till*bone of the best pieces fur im provement now In the market, MEAD 4c COB, 1M _ 7;bu SAf'.n-bOXim ON OAK, 1 AV., NEAR CORNER J -iif Staunton; ninth front. aixiaa on cntmnet. opposite tho«e new marble front*, smith of Tlilrty-lhlrd-it. No uuh payment required. MKAi) At COH, I.W I.Q.Sallo-sl. l?OH SALE—RENT OU'r.NCHANGK-COTTAO'IC J Imrns. 'JO4 Walnut-st., newly palmed, a years' leue, SOOn ysar. , (No dues.) HXI West M.mroc-it. SAI.k-oh KXCHANOK—FOH HOr.SKP. HUG -1 glcs. or harness, 4 lou-n loU In £ll‘uo, 111. Address H. N. HARItIS, Dwlglil, HI. ____ SALE—SEVERAL EXTRAORDINARY BAR gnlns both within or wiuiout Uie city limits. EbAl- AB WARRRN. IdODearUmi-si. ■|JOR BALE—ONB OF THK PBETTIKST HOMKS J w<'ft of Lincoln J’nrk. large lot, trees, etc. AU- Urcs* OWNKR, earn Carrier l». PALE—A PIECE OF CENTRAL HUSINKHS T projwrir paying id percent net. « bargain fora few day*. Address vm, Trlbinc olllre. i/oTt sAi.ti—BPi.ivNiiiii haikiaTn FOR A FEW 1 days—'Two-story liouml wlihlut Inke wa ter, bciuitlfullawn. etc., S7.UU, worth sl2,two. E. C, WARE. IM WaihliiL’ton-rl. I.’OK SALE-ELEGANT CORNER NEAR UNION I Park, odapted for n Mock of houses. Wmi!>l fur* nlsh laud and some money to Imnrovo to rvsiKmiiblo p;»ritea.__Addrew' 7. H. Tribune iitilcc. SALE-STYLISH NEW ROUSE ON SOUTH X Side, one block from depot. lake water, furnished Immplete. f.'i.DG. lutiiuj.luo. Go ami sec It. Address X ku. TrUinnc oißci’. SVUUUIIAW 1C I’A It ESTAfE. FOR BALE—I HAVE A fink sururiian place. JOiulmiUts* ride from the city, which I offer for sale nt s;i,SU)cush: this U not an everdoy olTer, ns this place Is one of the nicest that ran be hud nroutid Chi cago; house and ground In tine condition: nbuudonno of fruit of every kind! Is lying on one of the best real* deuce streets and the beat blocks tu town. 1 offer ibis place for sale only on Account of going to Europe. If anybody wlsbca such a place and have the money, pliotc call at 43 East Klnzle-sl.. Saturday, Mny2o. a(3 p. in. i will be In town and take you out to the place. AND * tut* at Hinsdale. Site of blares, price, and tonus to suit. Hi cents fare. O. .1. STOUOII, 123 Dcarltorn-iL rj»OU BALB-AT WESTERN SPRINGS, ON HAST 1; .monthly payments to milt, L'-story house* and .'/>• foot lota and fl.g'iO; near schools and depot: sidewalks, etc., ail complete, ready to move In to; 10-ccnt train morning and craning. T. C. KILL, 4 Lakeside llnlldlng. . 1" JOK'sALK—AT EVANBTON—HOUSES WITH MUD cm Improvcrne lit*. Lot* in any part of the village. Blocks or terns at North Kvamtun. Will build bouses to atilt customer*, for rent, several nm-chu* bouses, HENRY M. KIDDER. 4HClark-st. TT'On SALE-KXC KI.LENT HOUSES AT KAVENH- X wood and Buwmerdale on easy tenni: lake water: frequent trains: low fares. A. BENNETT, Agent, southeast comer Monroe and Markct-»ts. I? OH SALE - bnnntln—LarKe'J'HtorywliliWrlckbaicment. lot nil xl7<). near station; desirable Lome- HULDURD, 2ua LaHalle-nt. ixm BALK—OU KX C HANGE— IN GLENCOE, KICK X' new t’-story bouse, t£Jx44; ll rooms, witli uu acre lot. f:i,uua MORTON '-lULVER, 103 Randolph-st., Hooni4. rtl r I?liU SALE—TO MARKET GARDENERS, 5 ACHES, X cottage, SAtt. ftUOdown, balnuee fn monthly, of flee days. Saturday, Monday. J. U. EAULE. Room 87. OTClanc-st. • lAOU fiALF.—P7S I.OTS AT DOWNF.R’fI GUOVK ON J. iiionttily payments, convenient to .-uilou: 10 dally train*! in rent fare. Call and go tmrt ser them free. S. A. HOLCO-MII, Uoomu Hawley Building, corner Mail* son and D«‘arb»rn-id*. UEAI. ESTA'J'i: WA.MED. Wasted-will fay cash fok a choice bargain In well-improved and located property tn thl* idly having a good net rental, or will purchase fQiilty. AddreM W M. Tribune nlHee. FOK SALE. TTOU SALE—TEN THOUSAND PAIRS BOOTS AND X shoes at nlxnii half-price, at the Bankrupt Shoe Store. ITUWcttMttdUotfL. near HnbUed. 1/011 BALK—HAFE—DIEIIOI.U A KIKNZLE'B, ONLY V Str.j cost 8110. ESAIAS WARREN, Hi I Dear born-st. T/OR SALK—A NEW NO. 5 HALL’S RAKE. CUMIH i nation loek, Ac.; very cheap. GKO. W. REED, HO I.aSulle-st. • i/or“halk— a lot ok pikes at half prick. i iiianlllu. briar-root, and Imitation ineerchuum, »t KENDALi/H. U 42 fiinte-nt.. roruiT Jai-k»on. MUSICAL. A T RETAIL AT THE ORGAN FACTORY. THE JV cheaport and beat ealdout organ In Chicago, fraj end upward, tnuntlily payments or ea»h. or for rent. Nicholson Organ Company, <u East Indlann-st. BAIUIAIKK IK PIANOS'-WE ARE CONSTANTLY receiving direct from Now York elegant new plants of various drst-elaM makes, which we ran offer ul astonishingly low prices. l Our cash purchases give ns great advantages, and aa we employ no agents, bur era will consult their own Interests by dealing dlayctiy wlihns. ITleesalwayatho lowest. Every In.lnmient fully warranted fur Uvo yean. 1L T. MARTIN, IM btatc-st. nAKDMAN PIANOFORTE HAH ALL TUB LATEST IMPROVEMENTS. FINK QUALITY OK TONE—ELKUANT IN’ FINISII- F.fiTAIILIHIIED YEARS. * THE CHEAPEST FIRST-CLASS PIANO. FOK HALF ONLY RY 1L T.'IIARTTN, 1M STATK-BT. PIAXOS-KEW AND SEtTINO-HAND-PmCES |MJ U>*jm K. T. MARUN. I.M Stale-d. ClTrATlflW >VANTKI>—AK EXCELLENT AND O qualified orgaulit acquainted with rlaoidca] church imiafo wixhr* a aßnatlon In »omo church. Adiirva* UOn'HSLEUKN, 41 Hheruuu-ft. suflVcn WILI7mfY~A li7VNi»HOMK ROSEWOOD *T>I«)U 7-nctara pianoforte. with ovrratrutiic baas, French action. etc. s carted lega and Irros to good order. R. T. MARTIN, 1M filau-at. ’’ OUNUi |,ONT AMI, TWUNir-OK THURSDAY ON INUIANA-AV. A i 1 buggy-whip. Apply at 10South Clar»-»|. WF.HT ftASDOLPJ|.HT. YESTERDAY J a morning a roll eonlAtnlug three (ire Insurance poll ili ■ ainl tlx amall Insurance idanka. A suitable reward will bts given fur their tvMirn Us Mr. HARMS, 14 North Iday-al., a few ■loom north of Rand.>l|di-»t. vjh REWARD-LOST. VK.sTkUDAV. AT TUB •TDtJ Woodruff House. “Jack." a am-dl brown Scotch- Esquimaux dog. Return him to D. 11. ARRAHaM, 07 bomb llalsicd-st. 1 NKOItMATION WANT BOOK MRS. MANY I.O'*- i.ell, inaldi'uname Mury.lcnulnk’*; atii'ii ta»t heard from wii* lu llli-limoixl, Tux. Ib r »Ut<r. lillialcili NuwbolJ. la at nil Wutnua-av., t'blcaco, 111., and U wry ansluua to heof frutu her. Teaw purer* j'kuao FDIJCATIOKAL. DUI'ILS WANTLD-IN FUKNCH, UIIAWINO. 1 water-color palwtnir. and the KiiglUhfemuchea. 20 U-Miooa for |o. Addruw W &0, Tribune olfleu. «hb iiss Haven. lUum. Send for circular. » INSTUIIOTIUN, eiTHATION WANTED-UY A LADY (UUADI'ATK ‘» of Cornyll UulveraUy) experlcuced lu wachlug, for next (jII: »i>fcl»liy. Urvck; boat rvferencea. Ad drew It .Vi. Tribune ulilcc. j KTOIIAOF. QTOKAUK—FUUNITL'UK, UUOOIBH, AND MHII- O ebaiidlMsatured lu Urts-pruof warvhouie, iao Weal Mouroe-at. Lowed chargea. Muncy advanced on cur terms. ‘ * TO LkASU/ TO IIF/BT-I(OUSF,S. fl’o RRST-RY JAMBA U. HILL, DRARBORN i *t.< Room 4: * Basement cottage on Langley-av., sl3. 7-*it>ty brick on Thlrty-nlntfi-at.. $33. a-stor/ frame. Calurocl-av., near Twcotyclxlh-sb, a-story house comer Pralrlc-ar. and Twcnty*alxlb* St.. fW). a-itory brick on Loomta-it., fin. •j-nUity brick on Artanii-st.. S3O. Pint'dMi fumlsbcd*houae on Mlchlcuutr., near Twcnty*»ercn<b»t.. fur fix months. Al*o furnished house on Calumet-ar., near Twenty* slxthst., at si.ouj per annum. f I TTIIK S f-C Ii K A i*r* KW * IXI) IA SA • A*. . NEAR 1 Elghteenth-at., two-story brick basement bou«e ami barn. Inquire of MOSS & I’’H MANUFAC* TIJISIMI to., Flak and Twenty •sewmd'au. ri’O RRST-tili IO.ROOM OCTAItoN FROST >ll!** 1 waukie brick lioiiteann llowen-ar., near Vincennes* nv. t hot and cold water on each floor and In two main bedroom*: four marble mantel*, tide yards, trees In front. M/2 WashlnKton-at., Room 15, r|V) HKKT—STOXK-FROST HOUfIK. 14 ROOMH, I brb k barn, nR modern Improvement*, In rood order, splendid situation. fur ffld a month. Apply on tile puutUci, 377 fcoutb I’arK-av, rpo'RF.NT-CHKAF To'OOOI)' PARTIES, MM 1 Fralrle-av., inarblu front, 14 room*. Apply at 44 and Go,IV aba»li-ar. t'rb RENT—TO~ A RKSI’OSSim.K PARTY ONLY, 1 not for aboardlng-hoiM*—Two-itory and basement brick dwelling. IWO \Vt»t Wtublngton-MU s evrry room newly palmed, papered, and caklmlned. Apply at SM Well VVa»b[nglun*si. R'o'RKST-TrMJSH NO. fett WARASH-AV. CON* i tatm to room*, but and cold water, gas tlstnre*. cuj. Apply to R. J. VVA LSI! B. Me Vlcker's Theatre Building. t|’6 UKNT-TifF. SICK RESIDENCE S;u7fArUMPrr7 I av.. with a large Ibren-story barn, containing 3 bo* Halls and 13 alnjclt* stalls: and 74 feet of ground. in* quire of \ViR_M. DEB, Franklin and Adanm-ita. f j'O RKSf-THB k-STOUY*MARHLK~FRUSTA NO.' 1 All and UMI Vermm*ar. t all modern Improvements, and boma. JTCUHER A BOND. Ktl Wa»hlngton*U. _ tivj REST—CUBA F-TWO-BTORYA SDH AMKMKST 1 houic, iv,' 7 MlcliUanoiv., with all modern con* vcnleocm. I). 0. HAMILTON, Rid Clark*«t. rPO RF.ST-ONK BLOCK FROM'’ MNCOI.N"i»ARK- I new marble front, niodcru conveniences, lulf (dock from street can; also, new brick and none, very nice, four block* from the Park: from fioup: neigh borhood CIIAS. N. BALK, 133 Randolph**!. M’O ÜBNT-POirFOUirijONTIIS f>tt "()NB YKAIC 1 a bouse In Minneapolis, Minn., with to rooms, welt furnished, having water, gas. and all modern con-f rciilfiice*. Address P. O, Iloxgdt, Minneapolis, Minn. fI’ORKNT—ABOUT JUN'e 1-a-STORY AND liASI“ X mrtit brick bouses, Oblo-sl., west of Klaus. Room Mb 177 Clark'St. fPO RENT-TWO BRICK HOPSES ON WKRSTER- I av.. near Llncoln-place. W. K. FURNESS, 30 Borland Block. rpTr»KSt-Ft'IISI!SjrK!)IJOUSK.MAI!nf<E FRONT. I 3-story and basement, tr. room*. No. l(«l Wabash* av„ newly put In order. Low rent u> a good tenant. Can nr aeon by calling at adjoining house. No. HM, Inquire of or address D. F. CIIAbE, 2k and 2d Van Huren-*t, * 'PORF-NT-FURNISHED-ISO THROOP-KT. s AL*O 1 adjoining, several rooms, furnished orunfurnlsh* ctl, fll for housekeeping or sleeping. HO Throop-*i. IV) rrnt-rrick hotthe, all' modkiinTvd nrovementK, North side, for one for sao. BOUTHWORTIi, Room 3 Morrison IMock. f IV) RENT-NEW imiCK lIoUSB NEAR BTUKKT i and sM-ain ears, fir., fjrj. For sale on monthly liar* menu. JOHN F. rjIKimART, W Clark-it. riV) RENT-MICIIIOAN-AV.-A COMPLETELY i and elegantly fumlaited house on Mlchlgaa-av., to a private fioully only. Address 1) SR, Tribune office. HLOCiTTnd a'YiaTf 07 1 Madlson-n. cars, a two*story and basement hriek honse. very cheap fo good tenant; make an offer. Abo 7-room cottage at fit) per month. Apply to li, O. HTONK, 14»5 Madlson-st. Nnlinrlmn. rpo rent nKsniAni.K house at ravens* 1 wood.Xil; 2 house* at Mminu-rdale. 320 each. .A. RENNETT, Agent, southeast corner of Monroe and Market-sta. rpOUKNT-AT OAK I'ARK AND RIDGELAND -1 Pleasantest home* nUiiit Chicago, from fto to $23, A. T, UK.MI.SCWAV, boom 3/1. Hu LaSnlle-st, fpO KENT-FINE DWELLING. j’LK.VSANTLV BIT* 1 nated, on the lake shore In Hyde park. one Mock from Fortytblid-st. railroad depot, with largo lot and liarn; also, brick dwelling, with large lot. near Hyde i'ark station..’ Apply at tut LaHulle-st., In basement, rpo’RKNT^UOUrjK"Of 'Y ROOMS. STABLE. AND 1 beautiful ground*, -tu, mite* from Court-House, Lake View. E. KIiMMKL, U 1 DearUirn-sL, basement, rpo RKNT-AT NORTH'KVANBTON, WITHIN'3 X blocks of the depot—Good houses of from fitoH rooms nt from fd to »» per month, which la only one* third of the former price: i»lm. a good house of }i rooms In Glencoe at less than half price. C. K. BROWNE, km Flfth-av. TO UJG\T—IIGOJIS. fpO RENT—WELL-FURNISHED. WARMEDROOMS, X ?2.30 to $7 a week, Itcllclo-l'hllorphtral Fuldlsh lug House, am Dearbom-st.. a blocks south Post-Office. r'pO~RENT— FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED X rooms. In suites of two or single: Davy th* west corner of Green and MsdI»oo-su. Item low to permanent tenants. Inquire at Room All. rpO RENT—HVJ EAST WASniMsfoN-KT-PLF.AS .I ant and veU-furtdahed rooms to responsible par* tie*. rpO RENT—NICELY-FURNISHED ROOM?, WITH i or without board. Kingsbury block, Randolph-*!. nearCtnrkj Apply ot Room 30. 1“ V) RENT-NICE FLATS'. 0 ROOMS EACH. EVERT . convenience for housekeeping, in Miller's new mar* ble block. West Madlson-st. Also aI)At of 4 rooms, marble building, near corner of Mate and Vanburen* sts.: nrlccs reasonable. .IOIIN MILLER, 304 West Waabuigton-at., or 32 Bryan block. fIV) REST—A N ICKL Y •FURNISHED ROOM IN X. private roldenw uu oblo-st,, near North Dear* born: will rent cheap to a quiet Kcatlcmaa, Address A* 31. Tribune office. fro rent-wit n on without board-a very L cbotecroom Ui a tint-e]a>* private family: no other boarders i near Thirteenth-si. Addreva (j -15, Tribune office. MH) RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, CONVENIENT I for housekeeping; (ward If de.>lml. J. 1,. \\'EU BTKIk 018 Cottage Grovc-ar., near Thlrty-ldnth-oU rixTRENT-PLEASANT”ANDWEI.L FURNISHED J room* In a private bouse on Mlehlgan-av., near llilrtccntli-at., for gentlemen. Excellent tabic board In vicinity. Address D :tu. Tribune office. fPO RENT—FRONT I.OOMS* SUITABLE FOB LA* X dies or gentlemen at lo Shcrman-st., between .lack* •on and Van llurcu, near Rock Island depot; transient* taken. • TO KENT-STORKS, OFFICES, ETC. Store*. fpO RENT-STORK AVI) BASEMENT. NO. ICO X Btute-st., wit h elevator to same: atu making novel ItuproveiiienUttmt will draw trade. Some one will get It cheap. 11. O. STOKE, lid Mndl>>on-i>i. f|H> 11KNT—STOKE UJM MADIbON*sT.: LOCATION I Apply to J. H. ANDREWS. No. 114 CUrk-st., Romo S. Office*, fPO BENT—CHEAP, AT RM SOUTH CLAUK-FT., 3 1 large offices, lUxiU F. D. HAMILTON, llooin I, I M Clurk-at. miscellannoiuii fpO RENT-AT SOUTH CHICAGO, ILL.. A SHOP, 1 ll»>xT.'foet, twiostorie*. IH-lneh eonereto walls, engine. Ihill.t. shafting, etc.: lanme store lioux, sax Ui. t! eumfurtnlde dwelling*. and btut'kMnllh's simp. all on lot ttrlx 150 feet, opposite principal depot la the eon ireof the town. U time.- laitith of Chicago. Advon tages fonnsutifncturlwr imequaled by any town In the West. Five trunk rallrnmU and lake navigation. Larg est liitnber market known at this putul. More ground adjoining ran be leav'd If wanted. AddreM WM. 11. IirU.I.NOHAM. Louisville, Ky., owner. orE. 11. BAR RENT. 7H.’i Wnbmih-nv. * riHJ RENT-A GOOD-SIZED ROOM WITH VAULT 1. and good l light, suitable for light mauufaeturlng rur|Kt*e>: uiaocorner uiQai with tuirtb light, suitable foran nrrift, and both on fourth tloor, Hawley Build ing. Ap|Uy to lIKNUV U. HILL. UU Dearlturu-Ft. WANTED- I TO KENT REST-A SMALL COTTAGE OK t > suite of rooms for liglit botuckoeplug. c-onv enlcnt (o Mndlsun-it. ears. Innnlm tills tuortihig at C 5 boutb Canal -st. iirANTKD-TO RKKT-COTTAOE SOUTH OP if Ttdrty-flfih-st. and east of boulevard, cheap. Ad dress, staling term*. J. C. LONG. 1710 Matc-st. iilsim;ss ciiaaces. An interest in a PRACTICAL street-car ►tarter for rule, whieh I* fullv secured by letters patent. Liberal arrangements will Ih- made with par ties having means mid tuiliieDce. A working model e*- Idblted. (.sllur uddn-os, suiting wlure au Interview eon be had. J. CLAUSF, 3t South Canal-»t.. Chlrago. A MILLINERY STORK FOR BALE, ON ACCOUNT of death. lUri CRtaiufu-av., coiner Ondiard-iU Sale as reasonable as posilble. k HARK CIIANOK—A SPLENDID PAYING AKI> j\. newly established mmuifuciurlus bualnca* for aul fortliumalt aum of Net nub ►look. rewclpta. cle., Included In amount. Prownt proprietor having to return to England ul' hum delay u> claim property, etc., lately willed to him. Addruai C W (I, <lj kllclU* gao-at.. Chicago. * STEADY max with small cash capital J\. can secure half InWrcM In nice, proilUolo Lualuoaa. l«ui East Ibmdulpb-lt., Itoomuu. ’X'~NK\V AND SECOND-HAND FURNITURE JV afore, with hone and waguu, for uu. Inqalryat I S()U HA IK—AT A OKKAT SACRIFICE-TUR Vim* I I nitons and Wateofouc of tins hast hotels In the cliy, imrooma, rent, ♦ l«>. furniture nearly new. Must be smlil. A bargain to die right man. Inquire of K. W. LuWKLL. names Umue, conusr lUndulph and C*ul at*., Chicago. • l.MllbT-CLASS SALOON AND HK3TAITRAKT; 1 good location. naif block from depot. established in 1 mtZ tor »ale cheap for cult. Inquire at 287 South '.'lnk at., luthe grocery. r will&ell to'a'casu uu shout time huv -1 er my ausck of ttoota and alioea, domestic dry goods, oud groceries lu a live lowu, doing a good hualiusMs «i<M-k S4.IVH, clean and Dew. Adarvae 11. K. lIAUUIH. Hwltibt* 111. JJALUON FOK SALK AT A SACUIFICB. DOINiTa k ; kood liu»liu»a, with two jmoLtiiMce usd one billiard Uhle. with MdouA furolturv tmiSploU, at AKbvr* NI(it]ELMNKUII9. ALL OAHU PAID FOII CASTOKK CLOTIIINU. /V eariwu. furniture, turd lolaeullanfoui good* of any klud by aendlng letter to JONAS OKLDBlt.t>ft« State-at. A LL apOD CAST-OFF CI.OTHISO ANDCAUKKTB {\ Iwuuht at thei hUheat price by JONAS A. URIELS MA. 3J7 South Clark-it. Notice by mall atlcndcd to. /•tocKiicVAcTuis. nkn-iiiiOP, and ViVriiiO:)^ Vvicruilualed by coojru-t (warranted); ariK'lu told; In formation free/ A.“OAKLEY, ItO But Waablogtou •l., Kooma» T lOUT CASTINGS MADE TO OUDKU. NICE lajianm-d caatluga a apcclalty. MOKIUS IKON WOIUvS. MurrU. JUT V\y AN T K D-It do K S - TIV 'j’ 0 H T," "At C OUN l'S7ll if wrtllugof any klud. by a competent, faithful ntamAddma V SJ. TrUkuie utUco. UIVOIUTUI. IMVOUCKS LEGALLY AND QUIETLY OUTAISKD U for ImmwyatlbllUy, cte.i ra-#ld<*uca i*vr peraunal presence nut ucoesaary; aftldavlta sulllclou prouft fee iJurdtKree.__U. U I sJMS. a 7 Aablnudkluck, Cbjcafio.' llcaldencv uuneecmry. Fee after decree. Twel)/» icart'MPvrUfiM. AUtSmi F. 0- ibja lUJ7, 1U- TVANTED-fflAI/B IIGI.Pi Itoolclccej>er«« Clerk*, eic. \VANTRI»-IIT A WHOI.ESALB BTOVR IIOT7FR, t? «n eapcrlcnccd inleeman to travel tn tllinotit Mate where Aridmt Won, Tribune office. \\f ANTRn—A itOukkXRFBRi MHBTIIB AK v » hill clerk, one who corrcipondi in perfect (wrmfln m well m Kmtllati preferred. Addrcn. with tTfcrcnceftmlMUryeipeotcd. W4*. Tribune offico._ WANTEH-HOOKKKKPER AND CASHIER - JIT maniiMrmrtnn concerni ratuthave about !3.rjno to loan employer: Rood iccorttr. Reference* given tad rtqqlrnd. Ofi Tribune office. Trnf!«!»« APPLY AT 254 FODRTR* RrHHHibM WEAVER. A. 0. OAK* MKU). 50 Meat Withlngton-tl. WANTKD-A KntST-(JI-A8V~M ARREII FOR HAT jirday and Sunday. Wage* $5. Apply at fltwK himth (Hatc-at. ~ WANTED-A PRACTICAL GRINDER AND POL- Uher on cutlery and tool*; al«o a good Oler nnd niilalier. Apply at No.,n Calhoun placa, baacmeot, roar of Adam* Kxprew olllcc. WANTED— A ' COMPETENT NON-UNION JOB printer to take a permane nt situation In an ci tablirhed prlntlnz otfco In the city. AddreM. Mating oußllricatfon* and w»me» expected. V<h. Tribune oillce. ■\\rANTEO—PAIKTKIIB AM) CALCIMINEUsT VV Call early to-day at 244 HuperioMU. ■\\TANTEI)—WOOD CARVER "\T ClirßClfcoiT » » ncrchlcago-av. and Laruile-it. 11. DAMME. WANTED— COLORED HOVH EOR WAITERS AT :id WauhlngUnj-it. Call thin nmmlng. TVrANTEh—A HORSESHOED FOR GENERAL >V country work. Apply at Wheeling Moure. Weal Lnkeut., ixtwcuti Cllntuu and JclTcnoo, about 0 o'clock to-day. Bltaccllnneona, TIT ANTED—ANY HUMAN RHINO WITH RRAINB V V can make svv>a month our letter-copying Im,uk. Any one that ha* a letter to write will buy it. No pren or water iucd. Send for circular. Executor Company. IS Tribune Building. iyANTED-A NO. I CANVASSERS FOR EVERT IT town and county In the country to »dl Crainlal'i An; ciitaguliti'T, tpnnkh-r. and waaher. Good meu can nuke #ls daily. K. STUROES & CO., (ole mnuu fai-turcre. 72, 74. aadTSLiko-il., Chicago. XITANTED—MEN TO SELL (JKNfBNNIALPHOTO IV holder, and new faxt-*Mtlng good*. AMERICAN NOVELTY CO., 113 East Madlaon-M.. Room lU. \\r ANTK 1) - MEN -1 in ME BTK AiJ LAND AND *1 plenty of rallrmi'l work* In Manitoba. Canada. Urn acre* ci'lendld farming and UmU'-reri Uud given frei* toeneli »< tilrr. 1 cau employ l.ww hand* at the railroad! In Manitoba. Hleady work and coodw-novr: Applyut once to N^IiaLVORSEN, Canada (lovernmcnl Apent, Hotel Danmark, band II Mllwau kt-u-av. Wasted-agkntsfoua magnificent work hi high character. New, novel, and attractive. It bring* large return* monte. A. C. ROWE, SlOSubcrl* or-n, Cleveland. Ohio. T\rASTF.D-A FKW SALESMEN, THOSE NOT »» afraid to work. Call ami *ee /or yourselves at Boom* 1-’ and 13, l.v. WuhlngUm-aL otO o. m. C. H. DECAMP. WANTED— CITY CANVASKHIk*: AGENTS AHE now making big wagv«; oitice open only from 1 U> Ap. m. 76 Knt Vim Bureii-tl.. Room JO. WANTED— MEN; \VK WANT TO GIVE n.ttfl trial, package*, worth ft each. to S.OjO m*n who w|«h to entrant* permanently In the beat paying buMnm In the United State*. We guarantee live ment7oper week during the year. If unemployed, write to ItAV A CO.. Chicago. Ilf. r \\f ANTED—A PHYSICIAN To TAKE CHAHGK OF > > a hranch olQce. Apply to DU. LITTLE. 177 Kail Madlion-aL \\rANTED-flo PER DAV-LTVK MEN TO CAN »» vjwu and tell to the trade tu jtvery Slate a new Invention. EtplukJvc territory rive#? Sample hy mall, noc. Call or oddreaa 73 Earn Maauou.'Roum &4. Take elevator. T\rANTEn—IMMEDIATELY—LANDSCAPE ART >» I»u In oil f»r permanent bu>hic»*. *ntriplet of work to-day at Boom F, corner MadUan-tt. ■nd Waluwb-av. • \\rANLEI>—2O YOUNG MEN OF GOOD ADDRESS, it who can furnish horse* and wagon*. to iro to Michigan io Hell our wwlng machine and other good*. Inquire at 1 r,n Weal Waahlngtun-tU S. b. M. CU., A. U. unitE, iTetldeuL. WASTED—A RELIABLE MAN. OWNING HORsE >» and buggy, to whom a pixel ehanee to make money will be riven, in ference* requited. Apply bit ween 11 and IA Saturday or Monday, to L. COS* AST. RuumlM Aatiload ItJoelc. WASTED— A FEW ; ACTIVE MEN TO KELL THE lateM thing out. Kells at night. Liberal Induce menu, to the right partita. Big money. Cal] from 10 to lgaud g to 4 nt 317 Room ft. U AMLU-FEMALE HELP. Domestic*. WANTEft-FIRST-CLASS FAMILIES. HOTELS, »> andltoardlng home* furnished with first-class fc* mule help of any nationality tv all part* at *hort notice, fnjtn 4lfl AVabaah-av. and OdStote-at. In bosemert by lira. BAKER. \\rANTED—A RESPECTABLE NURSE GIUL, ALSO »> a German kitchen girl and a competent accond girl. Mlclilgun-or. \\F ANTED—AT S:vi WF„ST ADAMS-HT., A GOOD » cook, washer, and Ironer. \t fANT El >—A GOOD’. STRONG, COMPETENT it girl to do genera] huuiutwnrk In a nrlvau* family at Oak Park, 111. ; a Pruletlaot preferred. Apply at 41 Biver-ot. WASTKD-A GOOD OIUL TO COOK. WASH. AND •» Iron; hrtnj; reference* toha«erneut, 71 Kart Wash' lncton-«i. between loan*! J 2 o'clock. XtrASTEIZ-A GOoKfiTIiOSG OlllL TODOCKIT »i ernl housework in a private family. Apuly tu :M0 Cliurctfit. WASTKIJ-A GOOD OIUL TO Dll OJiNEiIAL hmn»'work: one who understands her business; Call at 40 KUls-av. WASTED—IN A PRIVATE FAMILY AT HYDE Vi Furk, a competent rerun 10 coult, wash, and Iron. Apply at Room a Ashland block. WANTED— A GOODOKRMAN OR~?WEDE011! L VI toUo general housework. al 3H Wi *i Monroe-st. \\r'ANTKr>-TW()Fif:sT-cxAs?cnAMm:V:M aids' V v Apply Immediately at thn Gardner Route. W~as g i kl>oTui¥k at ltd:! West Jacksou-su T \TA ST V. 1 K 11 OLLYTRKKINN TEMPER- Vl ance ColTce-liouse. 185Muuroe-st..sgood woman to cook and make herself gem-rally useful. WANTF.D—IM MEDIATELY -IN A** PRIVATE boarding Loom, a strictly hrvt-clfu#cf«jk; refer* rncra required. Apply Iwforo 12 in. at irt Ashluml-av., comer Monroe-su Alilllnunt, TirANTED-IMMEDIATELY-TUREH FIRST-CLASS >V ilowcr brnnehem. Apply to DALY, HKNROTIN A CO.. 144 nod Utl Wsb.Vli-uv. ' HOUSES AND CAUKIAGIX 4 UCTJON SALE OF LIVERY STAPLE AND THE -'V livery Mock formerly contained nt livery •Jin Blue Island-uv., will take plan- at Wren A Cu.'s Auc tion Haute. lU2 and 194 Washington-#)., where the stock cun be seen until day of sale, Monday. May '.7. at in a. in., sharp. The Mock c'iniM»t»of 12 horses, I Clarence carriage, 2 close car- Hunts I open barouche, i alx-ocat park phaeton, 8 top ami 5 open biig.-les, I express wug»n, 1 two-fcatvrt o[m'u wagon, 2aet* of carriage harness. 2 seta of light double, and 12 sets of single harness, rube*, blanket*, olHce furniture, etc.; also nn Imported Irish Jaunting cur. with harmss to match. Also the livery atable building and? yearn'lease of the lot on tin* next day, Tueiulay, Mayen. at 11 a. m. Terms of sale fur livery Slock. r««h; on building, half cnsli; bnhucc 1 uiul 2 year*. WHEN * CO.. Auctioneers, 102 tad I<M AVaih- Ington-M. 4 POTION-TUESDAYS. THURSDAYS. .VXD J\ Saturday#—Horns, carriage*, mid hurucu a siki ctolty. at WESTON A CO.'h. No*. Jml and is-* Kid Wusblngton-st. Ample lime given to te.-l all horfos sold under u warrmitoc._SU>ck on hand m private sale. A' UCTIftN SALES OEHORSE's.VmjfES. HAR- Uea?, etc., .Moudays. Wcdncjkla)-)!. and Fridays at to a. in.; a large stock un hand ut private talc. VItEX & CO., lagamfliM tVmlilngUm-rt. * FINK ASSORTMJi.VP OF LIGHT CARRIAGES, J\ side spring*.jihai'bins. top and open bugglus. man ufactured by I. < A BUO., 105 South Cltnloa. * T 10 AND !-/KA»T V V stuck of new and second-hand carriages and bug gies at very low prices. 11. |l. UILL. |.V)R SALK—AT ROTTOM U-1 hand fxiciirinn-uip carriage, cost Pkv>, as iruod aa new, will sail f«>r tarsi; four new ami four second-hand ftldc-M-ats: ten phaetons, uewandsccuod-hand: tweruj top buggies, new and st-conil-hund; ten stde-hars, with or without tons: two second-hand rockawan, aa good a* news two i'allfonila wagons; two sulkies, otwniade by Vsmluseti a VanduamiberK. Xpw York; (on eruoury wagons; express wagons, farm voguns; carriage bur ness, buggy homes*, farm hamm.buaharu«*e,newand seeutid-huml. Ten horses for sale, one week's trial riven. Money ailvancadon hunea, buggies, utd harm's*, nurses, buggtes, grocery wngmis. exptuas wagons, and harness in let by U* day or- week.* will sell on meuliily uaymenu. Don’t fall to come and seo am be fore you boy. 11, C. WALKER. 257 Stute-st. X'OU BALK-TWO GOOD KOAD. OU 1 huiJncMhem*; cither of them weigh* Urtwceo I.(IX) ami I, Kim color. Wack and Urs « years of age; wiirtuntro sound acid Kind, and afraid of uotliLiu: a reasonable trial given of them: parted for no fault, only tU* owner ba#i» further mo forthm; villi* sold at a lacriDro. Inquire at SlsWabaali-av. I?OnSALK-2 FAMILY CADIHAOK.S, I POO-fAHT. - and worn* pew rood and xeuUeiucu'sbtuKhi* of nir o»n make. K. C. HAYIfK, successor to iiaydo i O'iirUn, rJI aadrasute-it. I?IKKST~ BTOCK, " DELIVERY AND UUSIXKBS L wagon*in lowu! all M-aaoued stock: will trade f»r Dunbar and plastering. Please call and examine. MAR TINS Carriage Shop, <7 Wclls-st. TN)R BALK-THK HANDSOMEST COUPE HOUSE IN 4. the oily, or will cicli*uge him for patratuoU car yUßuhorscs. CoU In rvar of IXkl Pratrlc-av. WTA'XT’e'D ROCKAWAV,’ JUMP-SKAT. OB H pbaetoola cichange (or sold watch. Address N UP, TrltiUDß Olilcc. WANTED— HORSE AND lIIUJOV. OU LIGHT delivery wagon, for good, clear real astute, well located. Colforaddress. ttiKoat Madison »!.. uoonr-t. UUOKN. A UUAUAM LINCOLN—LIFKOF—UV LAMON. f 3; J V by Raymond. s.r»; by J. X. Aruold, Sp.mi. Taft's Dentistry, *s.6o; Idle and Binoche* of Henry CUy. i voU-. #J; W. 11. Seward * works. 5 vul*., f 3; Curruu's b|>rcclu», $(.&•>; Chambers' Cyclopedia. s£.': (ilMm'ii*' Dome, *3: Worcester Dictionary, gtL MILLED'!* Cheap HooleSlorv, HU Madt»ou-st. CX LOSING OUT—SsTuo COl’lEB NEW Fll»U MIS j uUajwou* books at any price to taaku room fur large stock of Jewelry and watchua; book* for 5. 10, 31, bk 76, audou cunt* worth f I to gnv*t horgalua In Urge family Ulplca KENDALL'S, *i.i iHatc-jt.. corner Jackaoh. • t /AASII PAID KOU HOOKS. MAGAZINES. MUSIC; O f 6 paid for Webster's Dictionary. t'UAl'lK’S Oriel ual Olu UvokMore, VI M*di*ou-»t. ( opp. ‘Tribune UuiTj lu«. •_>/ * SOUTH CLAKK-ST.r IIKI WEKS HASDOLPII t)t) aud Lake—Just received, lot of PaciUo lUtltorl* at #I.OO KT sol. Mitchell'* Atlas, fA.ii). Gray's, ft.UL JohuaJOa l(,uO. Wehstur’a Dlotouary, si.oa Barb* I.'UT Narrative, 3 >uU-, abccu only set Us the vdy, fd.Uk A. T. LUiAi'lX. *♦ ** 7 11 I'lllTSiaiS MAVCKU. IJAUTXEU WANTED-WITB CAPITAL TO DUN I the business, uot over f .VXk aud Umu* of (Lax<, la maimfacturlug «u article wmch U pateutud. and can 1* put luiogcucrsl u«*. The party 1* a rc»i>un*lMv* bu»(- uc*s uuui, b> budimss oow. but vaouol aUcud to thU for the prc*,‘hl- AddJcas Z*L ITlbuue oilics. IVADTXBU WANTED - WITH »3.uV) TO X ca*h In a nuuvfaOprlng bualuc**. PruOt, 100 pc* cent. Machinery aud cturTuu Mn cmid ruunlng order, AITI7ATIONS WAFrTJBD-»ITtAJbB« Itooklcocporiy Clerks.' etc* B T £& T {£2 2?AK? d “ ,f Spirim,*. ATM PKB 15biVn Jfii/.VFm i5 ra,o i' •cboUr,’ IrSowinf *er» ••OROMfea, la Mf oflee or rtorO wlierti vrltlnß- copyln*. bookxeeplDir. etc., U to be Si*.-*' .^ lr,rit *T eeniprMie. _ Pccnrltr tfrca u to hoa» eetf. I Icwo cell vithln three dtni or iddrcuvlth dmm, «t wm,.«.,M < , ( dirA~Ms(iSi£ CITUATION tVANTKb—nr A COMPKTKNT MAKr ")V WANfrn--* - .iiATIOK WANfkn-IJT a hktail coal of' .) flctij five vcar* oipiTicnce: can command rnoeld* crrl>i« mall trade. Call or juiilrcu TAc, S 7 Klijr-ilr. CTTUATIOK WAKTRII-A O *oini>cirwrli , ncP In the rtrnitbtiftiocm wluhci a ettita* tlon when-tiemrj porferi Mmnolf In Use Knnifihlaa* Kiinae. Adilreii II an. Tribune office. ‘ " “ CMTUATJOH WANTKD-roiINTRT IMIEPTimm P , JT " rtonblß entry bookkeeper l unclcmand* banl tflr U m Addr<*a IIUOKKEET lilt. H<»* 173. Cloodland, Newum County, fnd. CITRATION .WANTKD-nr’A'TOTJKO' VAITTj} £ bualneans hu Had over lr. year*' experlcncoj can Kite late employer and nl»o other nm-cliMcttv reference!. Addrru for ftv« ilafi li ip. Tribune olQc«. SITUATION WANTED-BV A* STEADY" VOUNQ O man who withe* to learn the retail drug bmlneMi Mlary nooliJecL flood reference*. AdJre/u I’B, Xrlb uuo oOlcc. Tr|tde«* CtTTTATION WANTED-RY AK A f COTTER AND Otallor: nmacon-i »nir»inijn. and will niake'mwlf nirfiil in the "lore af <*r working hour* If dealred. Reit <\f rrtm-iu-p bj to ability and cliurncwr. PJcoae addreu 110X233, Llgonler, Ihd. J Concilium, TnnuiMm, efc* ' SITUATION WANTED-UV A VOUSO MAH Afl O coachman. one that undeMtand! the rare of nonea andearrlagesjjvllllngtowork. AddrCM W4d.Trlbnno. SITUATION WANTED—IIV A YOUNOriIRALfrivT l - andrtrongman (Scandinavian). Anpllcantundnr- Maml* rare of lionul and can drive team. Call at 101 Mllwmißcc-av. JTliac«?llancona« SITUATION WAHTED-AS TRAVELING SALES* k 7 'Man in a reliable wholesale grocery home hy a mnn of Mala yeara'experience In the retail grocery tradot will ai «:. pi »nlary conditioned itnon an l proportioned to Mmcc,, 15.-m nf reference; efren. Addreu for one wi ek. .1, J-ORREI, Elkhart, Ind. SITUATION WASTED—BY A LADY TO WORK IN E» a plioioL-rapti-L'allcryj haa aotue knowledge of the V’v* 11 "I!* fl . ir "nallpay. Addrca PIIUTOO- It A I’ll Ell. I k;i W,»«t .Urk«(ili-«(. Ki rrATIOVS M ANTED-FEraALE. I) (iniPNticN* CITtTATION WANTKB-KOR A CAPABLE BWED- Sii «2il CITILVTUIN WAS'TKn-IJV'A YOifNO'oimrto no O accoml work or general homework. Inquire for two dnyaot 103 Brown-m. * 'i‘' M LI»-UV A GOOD. COMPETENT p Danish girl, fof general housework In nice private fAniUys cau give good references. Call at 144 Xwcn* tlclh-at. CifnATinN wasted-iiv A Gim, TffcoorC p wash, and Iron. or do general hoiuework, In private family, no Eighteenth-!!. Kniplormom Agendo*. CITfTATIONH WASTED-FAMILIES IN WANT OF O good Scandinavian and German female help ran be ■uppllrd at onioe^W)Mllwaiikoe-av. SITUATION WANTED—LADIES is WANT - OP O flr»t-clae* female help can mve lime and money by calling no Mr*. LAPRISE. 3*4 Weal Mndl*oa-it. eiTUATIONR WANTED—LADIES DESIRING COM~ o petenl female servant* ran 1»* Bulled with care and prottijdm-a.* at MISS CUNNINGHAM’S ofllrc, 440 Foil DlvUlon-t.t.. North Side, and 12UFlfUi-ar. UlliircllfuieouN* CITUATION WANTED-HY A LADY. TO BO COPY- O lug at otfico ur at her home. Addrea* Z m, Tribune otOee. FINANCIAL. Advances made on watches, jewelry. diamond*, revolver*. opem-glaMe*. itookx. fur*. Instruments, etc., etc., at GULDSMIIVH Loan and Bullion Ottiee, or* Eau Madlauo-at. Co*h paid for old kohl and allver, gold dm:. tllvcr hara. precious atones, and valuable* of every description. Unredeemed pledget for tale. , 4 DVANCES“SI3fH.' T»K "Til A.viu.N «a lon m! /V bonds. etc.,at LAUNDERS’ private omce. ISO Han* dnlphot.. near Clark. RootnaS and C. Established 1H54. Money to loan-in sums of *.vn, si.oooT FI.MO. F3.IXX). etc,, on Chicago real estate. I want none hut the best securities, and will make la* tcruat and expanses comaiKimliiigly low. bAMUELOFHR. Mortgage Loans. , H4Denrbom-aL "MONEY TO LOAN-ON REAL ESTATE IN Oil I* Irl engo and virlnlfy: Improved prcivrrod. Fitodf In band. MEAD A COf-i. ISd LoSalle-at. Money to loan in sums of in,an and up* wards, upon Improved cltv property. H per ccut: principal* only nex-d apply. LYMAN A JACKSON. 33 Portland Block. fpo i.nAN-Mnvr.v iv any amount and low i rule. Will make building and farm loaua. W. K. WEBB. 100 Dearlnini-tt. W r AN’Tl!D—?fl.nm TOU TIITtEK OU SIX MONTHS > I bjr flrst-cl»« pirtr at jo per cunt. Abundant col lateral. I’rlnrlpali ndilruw T 11, Tribune office. W .\sTlfo—:uni"FOi:*Flvfs” VfcAIIS~AT S PER »* cent Interest nn Improved city property worth SU.OCO.$ U .OCO. Addrew Q 22, Tribune office. ■yyrAVTVj''" •. Wnlicvr, nounrn. .1. Y. Kcumnum. orltcoj. Lombard. AdjruHit X .'>o, Tribune ulllcc. Q PER CENT MONKY TO LOAN ON UNIMPUOV- O ert property to (food partita. JOHN C. LONG, 71 wathlngton-st. CQ I * OAV ‘ IN * BUMS T 0 RUIT ‘ Chicago nr Cook County real estate. IIUTCHIKSON A LUFF, 20Jrlbune Uulldlng. C:QA nhrfTo lend, at b per cent, 07 •TnOU, •/I nf ftrst-cla«* city improved real ostabi. W. h. FLUNKS'S. a>» Portland Block. <STin nVin TO I.OAV is'SUMS to suit at O XU.UUU ypcrccDlon good city property and Mortgage notca bought. W. if. WILLNER, 1> LaPsUe-st. ItOAlt DI.TC AM) LODKINGi Wutl Side, Q ft (WEST RANDOLPH-ST.-PLEASANT ROOMS. Olrr with jtikml Ixnr-l. One nice single room. f 5; one large bark room, with closet, for two. *9. 'pwo large rooms. FT7tNTsnKirT»u'Tj^KuT?r I nldied. to rent with board. on West WaiWiurton ft., east of the park: large «-lo>cts. hot and cold voter; house lias every convenience nnd family ainall. Address F 7, Trlhanc otHcc. South Side, r ft VANRUREN-ST.. NEAR STATE-ROARD FOR ■ U ladles or gentlemen; Mto <3 per week, with as* of plauoj rxa Minin; an- av.-nicely furnished I till accond-llxor alcove room. Also large pleasant room# for gentlemen ut reasonable prices. Refer ence# exchanged. North Side, in HUFR-ST. - HANDSOMP.It furnished XU rooms; l»ardln building; but and cold water, licsrto llUnlllCW. NliscolinnmiiM. TVARTIKS VISITING THE EAST THIS SUMMER. X win find large, airy rooms, and superior table at <1 Wes'Thirty slxth-st., New York City; house and pnoo<n>iociiu flnt-claiai terms, £2.00 per day; highest reference*. « T 9 EXCHANGE. FARM OR COUNTRY BESI j deuce, six brick Ikiiocs near Union IVirL clear. Address L. H. HOl'aK. 41 jlryau Ulock. f|X) EACHAKUHr—f3O,OOO IN TOWNSHIP RONDS L Iwucd by one of the best cnuntica of a Western Plate for dry good*. l>o*>uanrl shoes, or other peoyoal prvi»erty. Address JANUARY, Tribune oUlce. rPO F.XCHANnE-FOR GOOD WESTERN LAND! L carriage, road-wagun. ami cou.l roadster, aoualf and khid. Cull after op. m. 'A) Itryant-av. riH) KXF HAN (i E—l NT E R EST IN LEAD MINE X valued at clear; pay*f'XUM per tnuntU, for city property or good farm. J. C. CAIiIWKLLi CO., Ul l>cari>om-st.. bascmcßt. 'IN) EXCHANiJE—ATM) ACRES LAND (<OO,OO X worth) In Illinois, partly Improved, for Unprwved Chicago pupurty: will assume tncumbraaeca. A. FATT>:RsON l k« Waslilngtun-sU 'IV) KXCIIAN(;i-f->avrtV)' CLKAIL ‘ IMPROVTIir 1 paying pmiwityin a tluariablng town la Ccntriu Illtnot#; will take unimproved or partly Improved city property, ajidpuyeash or assume some Incumbrance. A. I'ATTEIInON. lUI Washiugun-st.. Room LU. TIT ANTED—A 11 ESID E N IT! WIT 1 fT"□ 1 1 lb ACRES »» of land near a vUhutc In Michigan, In exchatiwa fur paying elty pnitierty fn-e from lucunibraoca. IUA J. ■\VASTEI>-A PIECE OK IMPUOVKD PHOPKRTT vv paving 10 percent Interest In ejelunge for real* linnet; lot worth OXm and *4, MV) cash. DAVISON * WELCH. 113 LaSalle >U. Doom*. UOUBEIIOLO GOODS. 1?0U SALK—A LOT OK FINK BiLVERPLATEO I 1 ivuiorr. s buttle. revolving, at si tub, at KEN DALL'S, 31J Btate-st., corner Jackson. if you have household goods to sell. 1 (cud them to mrm:us A LX).. ILt and 130 Wa)>a*b-av., the oldest and iimat reliable auction hou»a Int.htcago. Their URUULAU SATURDAY SALE, i-sUblDhrd twenty year* ago, U now one of the lustily tlonaof Chicago. OPECIAL BARGAINS IN PARLOR SUITS, O MAiri‘ni*3, 1M STAFK-ST. PRICES UKI.OW COST OF MANUFACTURE. We buy and K'll only for cash. and can oiler bargain* not to be had elsewhere. Pull waliuit and terry t<arlor furniture, 7 pc*. | 55 Full walnut and terry parlor furniture. 7 pc* 55 Parlor ault walnut aud hair-cloth. 7 pc*. tt> EUgsulsuiU brown, with crlttwoo plush paAnga... 75 Aery Hue silk suit. medallion paturu, 7 pcs UO Fluc*t qualify sllfc and plush suit* SIOO to $175 A. GUTTERS A On. W AUCTIONEERS. IH VXD 130 WAUASH-AV. REGULAR SATUIJHAY SALKS household noons, pianos, carpets K.VKUVSVIt'imLVMOKVINO. * SIIWIMi M-KiIINKN. ANT SKVHMI ■ M 7vC II fx TEST^TiD i* piuyumcuU. brand new. Ona-cla** la every par* licufir, w-arrunuil three years; luck-taarfcen, rtuficr, and all auachuiuou uliu each. WUeclcrVvuUonl lluwe or IVcd. retail, *73: price, *io. Victor and .+;tna, retail. #75; price, fAV Singer No. J aud Uowv *l*auU ( - - turiog, i«C«U, sßoi I.MK SALK—KKVEUAL LATE ImVkuVKD' MA- I* chlueo, cmbraclugaU kind* lu the market, lo bo sold wry cheap to i«va.lranccl. Mousy loaned ouiaaobluc*. J’rtvat«Loa&bmce. I*3CUik-st., Koom A up-stairs -I?IUSY-CLASS SEWINa'MACUIiIBa -FOB SALIL I’ pay aide lu u-wlug done at home. UtA D, o\> EX # co.'aiat*.iM**U4ou-st. ■ tIVO 6JIOtiIAtHLJ-A UOftlNQ . aHWIKO Ui 1 chme, good a* ucw, f d aalu cheap, 4pvl| (o EEL* LY. UIKSCII ALX>.. UMtrkai-aL * AGgyi'a wanted. ’A ENTSWASTED^TO 1 BELL STA T UK ODODd IN /V cvuutrv Wwqt to Uienbants. l*U *4s attUl r 3

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