Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 21, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 21, 1876 Page 1
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VOLUME 30. AJfD CKDERTfEAB. 47 Distinct and separate lines of INDERWEAR, „rrrisine aU the desirable kinds s&^ssssr hosiery Tn ft neater variety of rich and ele iLteoods than was ever shown in West. Purchasing fine goods in direct of the manufacturers, in Cities equal to that of any three SStito£the bargains we offer cannot be equaled. umm.. 67 & 69 WasMngton-sh, CHICACX3. -mrftOPBBA HOUSE, CTKCIXTTATI. PIASOS. nSGUSWIEST “ OP THE CELEBBA.TED KNABE PIANOS PAVOBITB BAUER PIANOS At Low Pries and Easy Paymeiits. Mns Bauer« Co., Comer State and Monroe-sts., (PAXMEB house j PIAJSOSk^ot. f nA SptewM Upright, Square, and Grand J. V? v Kanos to rent, and rent deducted il pur •mged. LYON & HEALY, State and Monroe-sts, Chicago, General Attain tor Stetovray's Pianos. ONLY MAgTITFAC r«|z"LK fa EJotMGot! 1 * SQUARE ftlßßOsril PIANOS\ Who can lef ifituately place the name 4 ‘ DECKER •n their ware?, or who huve gained a wido-epread lepotariem, and rendered the same famow. BEWAHE OP IMITATIONS. CHICAGO PIANO DEALERS' ASSOCIATION, Northwest corner State and Adama-Pts. tV. K. Nixox. President HOTEL. NEW HOTEL. Hi HOUSE Clark and MicMgan-sts., isrOßTiac side. tWs elegant House, complete in all modern re flects; centrally located; having ono hundred and twenty rooms, will bo open to the public on Honduy, May 31. Terms, $2.00 per Day. FINNEY A CASE. Proprietors. BOOTS AND SHOES. IfflOMil & LAWSON, Boots & Shoes, 244 STATE-ST., cor. Jackson. We warrant every pair. CaU and eee our prices. Lowest in Chicago. No trouble to show goods. FOR SALE. Canada Salt. Are receiving 3,000 tons L. Rightmeyeris EX TRA Canada Salt, which la for sale by cargo or m tar lota, In bulk, or packed in new barrels. A. J. LATHAM. Agent, 50 South Water-at. ICE FOR SALE. Good Wisconsin ice. from 12 to 16 inches thick, in quantities to rert, from one ton to a car load (on K. w. R. E. track), from our wagons or at ice tooMe, cornet Sortb Halsted and Sophia-sto. MAGINNIS & 80l LB, 929 North Ralsted-et. FRESH CALIFORNIA SALMON Will arrive afternoon. Al&o some very fine CALIFORNIA CHERRIES A. BOOTH, comer Lake and State-Bts. POB S^-X.B- ecamd-hmd Marble Soda Apparatus used hut •oe season. Also several Copper and Iron r oun tatna. BIGSLOWFOUNTAIN CO.. 131 Lake-st. DETTISXRY. DR. M. E ASPINWALL, IDBdXITIST, OTNShS, Emoted from First National Bank Building to 50 Washington-sU, over Goesage's, having secured groat reduction in ren*, propofces to make great reduction in price?. Special Mtention to filling and preecrring the natural teeth. Dr. ENSIGN, Dentist, REMOVED TO Wo. 853 West Madison-st., Corner of Sangamon, over Drake's Store. TEETH IFDIi1 FDIi Dr. Cota’s 820 and 830 for $7. Gold Plates, $35 •o S4O. Gold fining TOTT low, and warranted. DE. W. H. H. CAIN. 112 Dcarborn-rt. JETTIKE. njfmims-;rs-3 ■ Hi, S B R Roi, cbildren'sehoeelhan oM luiliasas enftded to take aa bfexaarßafe. BflUtyCnggfc** Wat Pail® groceries. C.JEVNE SETiLS : A Standard A Sugar 10 Standard Granulated Sugar JOJ Patent Cut Loaf Sugar A 1 New TurkiEh Prunes ,07£ New Zante Currants .OS New Valencia Kaisins Dried Blackberries. Beit ;i-poand Caiis Tomato®, per doz... 1.60 Best S-pound cans Peaches, per doz 2J>O Proctor A Gamble German Mottled Soap. 4.20 Kirkk German Mottled Soap 4.05 W*c bam lowered the Prices on Fresh Boasted and Ground Codes from OKB to TWO CENTS per pound. — . We are fbe only Grocery House tn Chicago who have a complete Steam Coffee and Spica Mill ou the premises, and who roast and grind all the BEST grades of COFFEES. Fine Moyune Teas Arriving daily, which are sold at wholesale prices in any desired quantity. Nos. 1 and 3 North Olark-st, (Ncztto Qte Bridge) And No. 16 South Halsted-st. WATCHES* AMEBIC AH WATCHES. "We offer a very large assortment of E. Howard & Co.’s "Waltham and Elgin Watches, including all of the New Movements, in the most Ele gant Cases yet shown. N. Matson & Go., State and Monroe-sta. TO REIVT. DtsinNis ices TO BENT UN" THE TOBUSE BUILDING. utqjjibe op WILLIAM C. DOW, Boom 10, Tribune Building. To Rent. Fire lots on the comer of Beach and Mathor-st?., with side-tracks, suitable for * n ?bgr, ~ Wood-yard. C. H. &G. C- W ALIvER, 13 Cham ber of Co mine re. To Rent Dock 130 feet front on South Branch, near Polk st. bridge. Apply to C. H. &G. C. WALKER, 13 Chamber ot Commerce. TO IE^IBIsPX*- her of Commerce. . To Rent. Stores2o2 and 204 Jacfc-on-st,, near Plfth-av... with or without power; SSO per month. C. B. « G. C. WALKER, 13 Chamber of Commerce. TO RENT! The store and large floors lately occupied by Stronff Furniture Co.. 206 and 26S Wabash-av., ■well adapted to any business requiring large amount nf rnnm WM. C. HOW. Tribune Lmldmg. PROPOSALS. "toTcontractobs. Sealed proposals will, be received hr theßoard rt Section of a to be “dSctooT- d m ,in said district. Bide will be re ceived for the different parte of the wnrß or for the building Complete- A good iu.d safflc.eot bond w.U be reauired to accompany each wo. njriri plans and specifications for tbp work at the office of J. L. Mariam and J. W. Ackerman, a rob Recta, Room 12, 189 East Jtadieon-et., Chl -sSfc. B &Vt« tr iheßo°ard\er!S^^c^H ß S SSsVuoge lo Th acc ß er,?lny, bide aa they may deem proper -S°?iraLPCLLNAN, (-Building Committee. P. W. SPRINGER, I Chicago. Wav 2L IST B - —— SIiJMEIt RESORTS. MENASHA. WIS. Srncfc’s Rational Bote!. For fishing, boating, drives, tional is one of the best hotels in tbejnterior^^ BANE BAIL. base ball. WATCH REPAIRS s“sra;,S' swas s?ssss SSStoh, bowh a 00., WATER CUKE. nnnNBR STATE AST -ffASHINOTOy-STS. KENOSHA^WATEH CUBE, -J^^ITCHTEP AIRING » SPECIALTY. THE BEST WOHKMEE. IjSW* Xe” om sfium For circa- A SPECIAL gHUEIjY} ecialAnnouncement the c^¥4n t ttV«ree^TrtLhfaS minutes of the the thousand «?od ikw e««Lvenlae. Vo other after- the Information. CHICAGO, SUNDAY. MAY 21, 1876—SIXTEEN PAGES. «e\ebal notices. ReilucUod id Rates. Tie AllaeUc & Feel & Mi TeleM Gupta. The redaction of tat* between prllMuiJ heretofore "wl. by tbs A. A P. & Franklin Teas* graph Companies has mot t cordial reeponacjfom Cbc public, as evidenced by increased patronage. Many petitions have boon received from points not yet included iiwmcii reductions, urging tbeir asms to lower rates. The Companies desire to extend the benefits of telegraphic competition as rapidly as practicable, and accordingly announce that-on and after MONDAY, May 22, a general redaction will bo made throughout their enure service east of the Missouri Elver, except between points wa rata have already noan reduced, as foeoesc All jibbeh rata tenraa JS«miss os.— ft iflWffla All viesEU rates istwees a) da. M sl..tdc leancOra. All JIBStEI HISS Mlffiß $1.05 mi fl-20. Isc itteffißL All pißsent tales betweta sl.RS«]ursLS>. sac raQtcQoa. The AOlnrtl. * PacTOc & Fran Kite Telegraph Companies therefore soheft the farther potixmegu and rapport o( the pnblic, that tholr eflorte to giro Hmebenetlto* '**%™gg£S£***- PresiucaA NOTICE. CITY TAX DBCOUHTS. toe safest INVESTMENT FOB YOUR MONEY IS IN YOUK OWN TAXES, especially when you get a HANDSOiffi DISCOUNT. Tbo CUr «rf Chicago will at any time before May 23, 1876, borrow from person* owing CHy Real Estate Taxes for the year 1875 the amount of such taxes, allowing two (2) per cent discount, and win hw*c vouchers themfor which may bo used at once, or held until the owner to prefaced to pay his other of the Mayor and Finance Oormrrittoe, Apply .« U a * aß k^tgsia. NOTICE. The romneof the Chicago Wholesale Drag Ex change, 85 will ** business from 11 to 12 a o. on MONDAY, Mny 22. Dealers in Lead, Paints, Oils, Glass, Bniflhe*, Chemicals, and all articled pertaining to thews branches of trade, are tnritcd to bo present. THOMAS LOUD, Prca*t. MSS MOTH your Fore snd pre serve through Uio smoniea J. & BAKSES £ CO. Barriers. 70 gqOlaon-st. T ■ A \A/ IST - !IVEO \A/ -irilEtS Cutlery, and Tools ground and Kpalrca to the be*t style. CHARLES EL PATCHEL, 6 Calhoun-place, basement, rear of Adams 1 Lx pret*a Office. FXNANCIAIn 121 & 123 l>earbom-sIL, Chicago. Loramrorotratcd wito dispatch on Roof Estate to Chicago, and improved wnbarhs, at lowest torrent rates. S. CORSISG JUDD, President. E. P. HOLLISTER, Oral Manager. HKKBT J. GOODRICH. Secretory. iDinycEj SAMS Ji| BANK, CSaiM 67 Bn StaE cl IlilMß. Exclusively a Savings Banlt 105 Clark-st, Methodist Church Stock. Receives Savings Deposits nponluteresL subject to the rules, and negotiates mortgage loans for others. IffIIHRICAS BMR or CHICAGO. Office, 172 East ‘Washington-st. BRANCH OFFICE, 59 NORTH CLARK-ST. JUSTUS KIDIAN, President. "W J. HALLER, Cashier. 7 PER CENT. sa«<SiEr 107-100 Dcfuborn-st. LAUNDRY. ~ laundry. reduction in prices. Shirts reduced from 16c to 10c Drawers reduced fr0m.,..10c to sc TJ. Shirts reduced from — 10c to 8c If. Shirts reduced from — 10c to Sc Bdkfs. reduced from 6c to 4C Vests reduced from... 2oc to 80c OFFICES AT 126 DearHora-sL 46 No. CM-sU gSB WaHast-ay. CARPET CLEANING. CARPET CLEANING sksss ss?«a sssr OLD EELUDLE EXCELSIOR OAEPEI-CLEAS isq and renovating co. Carpets Cleaned andßepovated; all 9pv*a, Stein*, raid Bisects removed. Carpets sent thorooghly renovated when dcrfrei wittwnt re ssfuLSsa li. cQ.i Baaeiaent 112 near Madison- CARPET CLEANING. Bostffl stum W-flams Worts. g. BOTH CHILE & CO., Fropdetota, Office ondWorks, 44 A4O W. Adams-eL I Chicago. Branch Office. 103 Tvvepty-second-et. ( : . awnings. Awnings! Awnings! foe DWELLING HOTSES, offices, aodSto*®* of any desired pattern, stylo, o» qual»Cy. American Flags, and Tents, Of an description*, for lavras, eampiiMt -270 and 272 South Water-rt. _ WATCH BEPAIBINO. furniture. SPIEGEL&CAHN 251 & SS3 Wabash-av., i; TO offbr dmtegtMs week 80 EliE».‘ 811-CASI SETS Ao*Sbojf*w6lT worth SSO> decidedly cheap. Out SWEEPING EEDUCTIDN Jneludo9 j uvury article in stock, and %ve can safely say that we guarantee a SAVING of MONEY to purohas ©rs oi Fumitorev Wakefield Batten Chairs, Sofas, Bookers, Et&, inffIEIACTDEEBS' PBlffi. 251 & 253WaMsh-av. Si ThonET * Brothers ■ 'NTTETNIfA, AUSTRIA, saKuracnnsEES ot tub PttrnMarra <if nil kinds for Parlors, Bed tod J)inln«vrooms. Libraries, BUllarf. and Smoking-rooms, Eestaanmta, Oafea, oon- C PUEWI- I'l i urn is world-renowned for Its unsur passed solidity and eleeanoe of fom. com bined wttheuporlpi lightness and elasticity. BHAHCH EOOSB til79 STATIST.,PIIUCTHanss. FnitK tip. ATTENTION! •We are dntemrined tb sell out otrr entire stocfc' of Parlor, Ch Ember, and Dining-room Sets AT COST. Learn prices before baying else where, and save money. Call early and select from a complete stoclc of first-class goods. A, iMJBIBEB & 880, , 78 & 80 near State. HEAL ESTATE. SIOO LOTS t SOHS2fcctat Dover's Gtoro, end, A AQ- R. a., SK)«oti, balance monthly. Ko interest Also Terr choice lota adjoining chore, STgond SXft; same terms. All high, rich, rolUn” land, near de pot literal terms Satan cash. Abstracts free. A TtAKR OHMOE FOB A HOME. TEN CENT TRAINS I! iromtiircmd evening, daOy Sunday charchtratns. Evening wnasemcul trains. This beautiful suburb bus already about 1,000 inhaWtfwts, churches, schools, cto. We have set oat about *OO trees this spring, are haying walka, etc,, etc. Lois are soll im: rupioWi and prices advancing with Improvc mente. If poo buy now you are certain of a large tvoOL Hon’l ffcfl to see this propotty before par ebasing elscwheto. 74 East Washington-et 12 PER GIB ITT Wq offer for sale a brick business buUdinff, rent ed to 1880 for $3,500 a year, on terms which will nC SCnsßrEni l fi lOiTLeorbom-Bt. $75 LOTS atBOWHEB’S GHOVE. Convenient to Station. 10 Dally Trains. lOCents Fare; Monthly Payments; shown Free. 8. A. HOLCOMB, Boom 0 Hawley Building, ' Oorncr Madison aod Dearborn - frts. Cheap Homes for tlie People At Downcr*a Qroeo. See auburban column. O. C. GIBBS, ■WANTED. A Situation is Offered to « man to this city who has good fair httfteesa ed ncntiont one acquainted aa Bookkeeper, Salesman, or Bnyer hi grocery trade profeired, mostJJf'J® hsbs WANTED. Aloan of 8200,000 for five years at? par cent in terest. Will soenwj with best bosioesa property tn the city. Address W TO, Trihnno office. ~W A. 3ST T IHj X). I Wiß pay cash for a choice baranin in proved and located property in ims cHy good net rental, or ifin porchoec equity. Address W 51, Tribune ofllco. situatiom WAN . T ? I ?;„. Aa Bookitcepcr, by a thoroughly competent and re liable man of ten yearf bnatoqjs experienw m Chicago. References first-class. Address W ui. Tribune offlen. —■ f IISOI CHANGES. BissoEuxion. The copartnership heretofore easting between (he undersigned under the arm mmo ofßrewster & Reed is this day dissolved by m u tnal coi«-nt. Edward L. Drowsier will contlnnc tbe b^Mn « sn™ at the ““^t^RKWSTm 8 toa ** ALBERT C. REED. Crrrowno, gray IP. IfiTß. ——— VTEinC ASTD CI.EA’VI.’VO. SHAWLS Of every description cleaned!" «t short notice. AUG.SOTWAKa^^ jfiOSo. C3^lMlßteala^Dd2BoW.M&al«B«a. CLOTHING, Etc* Was gal name 101 l had a lam, Fleas all samee white sno, Eily place 101 l gal wankee, Ba, ha, hoppee long too. wm ■ SQUARE DELING HAIL CLOTHE. New Departments. WATS AND CAPS Boots&Shoes. FULL OF NEW GOODS! POSITIVELY NO GOODS WHOLESALED AT RETAIL PRICES. COBNEB ElaMliES Flߣ ESCAPE* 87-Lives Lost A.T T-t±J3 BURNING or T-trT FI Oraiid Atlantic Hotel last is what wo shall ere tongreadlf some EFFICIENT FiRE ESCAPE Ta not soon in boo. Cow to aavofbcae Uow to save goods on upper lofts. Dow to redacts in sanmce rates. Cow to place fctnnea vriU Iww ra Any floor, can be seen by attending a nzeeshtoi- Son of Babcock A betf-AdJusflng Flro Escape at tbc Pacific Hotel Tuesday, l£ay £3* at 13 m. prompt, rain orj»hing^__^_^ — thbe screens* WIRE SCREENS, IS to 23 cents per square foot. NETTING, 75c, per Window. I make the best or cheapest. CT. S. BJAST, 268 & 270 North Ciark-sS. WIRE SCREENS, KELLEY'S PAT. COKSEB—For style, finish, and durability unsurpassed. The heat !s KELLEx BROS., 88 Modtoon-st., Tribune Build ing. Oldest house in the business. WINDOW SCREENS. Best Walnut Screen In the market. Price, 15 to 2 °Snsh! a^Undt Jt and Screens can be closed without removlnc toe orsend postal card. CHICAGO 6CEEBH MAMLPACTLB -ING Ca, 35 Ohio-st. WIRE SCREENS At E. PETERSON A CO. *S, 1480 Steto-fll, 88 cheap m the clieapcnt. Good work gu&ntfrteeiL Sendorder by postal card. . ■W’IBB SCREEN’S, For Windows and Doors, the cheapest and beat, at WIRE WORKS, IW&filte-b-t. .opposite Field, Letter A Co.'a. (Orderesriybeforeiberoajal CVSITBAItCE. A. FRISBIE, Who bus been for the past fifteen years with tho Massachusetts Mound ufe insurance Company, is now General Agent for tho Bertaiure Life Insnr an« Company, of Pittsfield, Was*. This !e an old, reliable company. All pohcsca issued Jlaesachaacttß non-forfeUuro low give the narared two years’ insurance for one payment, life rate*. A. PRISDIB, General Agent, 172 La baUo-pt^^ ZOLINE. ZOLINE. LADIES, have yon called on Mr- WOOD, at 836 Wabaah-nv., under the Matteaon Houaai? He will show yon howto use ZO r.i iMTi. and you can do as good work aa any laondry. . ■ passports. PASSPORTS OBTAINED. PERSONS.'going ABROAD ran now «cn« W at<2>la«9,llt.- PASTIMES. Tha St. Louisans Defeated by the White Stockings, 6 to 8. Full Programme of the Eastern Tonr of Western Clubs. The Eecord of die Ohfoagoa Up to Date—The Championship Contest. The Bostons Defeat the Mu tuals, and the l<ouls vllllans the Cincin natians. Guyon Comes Out Winner in tha Pedestrian. Tour nament. Ssreral Notes &r the BDHard Hen, Horse-Fauciera, and Other Sports. BASE BAlil*. * CHICAGO VS. BT. LOOTS. Tile eternal fltoeas of tilings has Been vertflefl fa the second game between the Chicago and St- Louis Clubs, wfakh was played yesterday. The gentlemen from beyond the Bridge (with a big B) have won two games from the WWlo Stockings. Such practice as the CHcagos will get on their Eastern trip will fit them tocaptnro. all—or nearly—the other sts games of the series for the Western championship. The game yesterday was certainly one d the most Interesting of the season, and was ex pected to be so by folly 8,000 people who en dured the rain and sun, and stretched their throats and swung their bats in encouragement at 3)45, the Whites went to bat, and Baines led off with a hit to Baffin, which was badly thrown to first, and the runner was safe. Anson followed With a lino hit which seemed hound over Mack’a head, hut which that player neatlT took, and, by sending tt to Dchknan, completed a fine °Tho e nragettlna was begun In the eeomd taring, ■writ Tor eometmnß within reach, which save Jta St erihl WkHMlfit Geary, and took an out, whUc Spalding got to second. TVhtU appreciated to stogeaWtai a fine drive to riahvrentre, which took hto to second and Spalding to third. J’etere hit one near the foul line, and made flrehwheathe bases were fan. Glenn gtrt siMCkon to wi *Qf a driving hit to- left held, and brought In Spalding and White, WMIe too fatter wOTnmnlnghome CathlKrtfleMnd mm, and, nntackOy for hla side, Ut to rrrmer, iwCTrSn the bon went away Into Urn field, whuratera. who had been watching and as well. started for the ccore and Clapp toe to° balk Tho totter got to wanderer. < poor a throw to Bradley at heme-plate ■cored amid the nproanons shooting ol to crowd. tWa potaTa little rain Ml, and to pane wne in Imtntarat danger of being easpended. hot it fcSn^at^cleared<abefore to he rainato laM a clear lead, to aacceodinffinniDgß neither ride scoreda ran. fa to stathfmlng. Arson KoVev came In, and drova a sharp one atMocK, wSTwH fielded te Dehtaao, hntbadly SSled byhlm, white the crowd shooted hi Mm MoVor at oneo stele second in safety, and Htaee g«0 iflm a ran by a very Clever two-baaer to the tatoiSSch taring to White, took to aeoapte Mt to Bradley, who threw to third In time to catch White. Batttn, deslrooo of a doable play* P*®® e £ , across toßehhnanto hounded oni of to band. a. a toy Era. to .Ud v> third and glctbi to toconL Bfijoo hit hard to Batttn sod be hot Mock saved it hi time to pot 00l Glenn at third. Anaoo made a beautiful cC.hi. and string Barnes third, fa returning too oau, Cuthhect throw to McGearv W the receiver not being abfejo hoW Banjo* skipped home and scored tiw second run of tho fa- Browns were left to fotlonmcsswlQioot ft <un until the sore nth timing, when McOeerv, com ing to bat whim two men were oat, bit hard to* Anson, and go< his second hoeftow too big Son erf Anak choea to tryto got a man cut when ho was cafe. POob too safe hit to eight brought the no homo. la the eighth toning Blong lod off with oj*afo hfl, and Dehlman made a stroke which looked Bke—and undoubtedly was—foul, hut wWch made hothmea gate Another lorar baao hit let Blong in, with the tort tatert-mj oa rth. topTw», bun an excuse lor mufilng, and on which the runner took second. Bftttm followed Stha too hit which let the score home, end gave the lost ran of the game, tho noxt two mon going out on dice to QJecn, and the game ended, with the following Chicago. vucago. * ~ ~ Bames, Sb ® J } ! ? 5 Anson, 3 b 5 Si n iq \ o t |l , | || 01en0,1.l Total 3» 0 8 9* 13 3 St. Lox An. - . CtePh, 0 ?’ L 5 S 1 8 0 1 mcSs.£."sv* % l l » Pike, c. f. - * ® 1 % i S &:\ 5 g J J J 111 Total-—• lotTI. l(TO~r BCTO SCORED. _ „ •-M.o I | » t § 8 I g g_* gtg3?;-::“Tr.;5 olo.Snw Inning. 8 0 7 8 9 ra.wm .0 8000010 0-8 ...-0 o«o oo o i o-i S 9: St, Boftcs on errors—MoVcy, S; Barnes, 1; Spalfl ft on bases—acVei.fc Glenn, 1; Hines, 1. Atvoq. 1: Spalding. 1; wTdte, 1, —Chicago, 6. Bloue. 1; Plke,l; CiUhbcn, 1; Glenn, 1; Ms ok, 1. v Time of game—Two hours. Umpire—J. Simmons, St. Lotus. notes. Yesterday’s game was one of the most ciljoyablo of the season in the general air of business, of •‘chic,” of “clan,” of *‘blf,”and of several other French words of like signification, which were present on the ground. It was creditable to tbo homo club—even more than a victory on a score of base hits would hove been—because It took nerve, wort; running, play, courage, and hang-on to play It. Before too season is closed the people of this city are going to see many a game won to tho same way—by taking the chances and running tbo bases sharply. Tills sort of thing has sometimes been called * f Boston lack, ” bat that w only a nick-name, Nerve is as much a part of the game as accuracy, and to win a game on less batting than your opponents ts often a creditable thing. The Louisville game Tuesday was one example of this, and yesterday was another. Both were won by nerve and sharp running whh Intent to ‘rattle the apposing chib, and in these two print* the Chi cago Club can wtn over any other to the country. As a fielding game yesterday’s was a beauty,— ft fitting ending to a series of six brilliant arateato with only one defeat The boys leave for the Bart to-night with an excellent record aaa'maay good wishes. _ . . Walt and see what they bring boffl. THB SU3OHSG-UP. -STfcn fTMiratyne h*TiS£ QOV Clajcdtahh* PRICE FIVE CERTS. or mere than one-eiztb of fto season's work, 9d proper to see what their record hns been, m pored with tbeir opponents. To begin wtih, they have made 79 race, ovewsoft ‘ 6 to a y>TT>#» t n against 35, or Ira than 3 too j game. They have made 58 fleldtng-enofs, or abooM t» a game, and their opponents boos made US, ev nearly 10 on the average. „ The Individual scores of hotting are as fOSowwt Timet Mass Perceixt- Carr* t. «t bat . mu. one. Error* Borneo 13 58 13 .58 5 Anaon 12 57 12 .21 8 3lcVey 9 01. 4 .09 5 Bines 12 35 14 .B> £ Spalding.l3 33 13 .94 S Addy 11 47 P MO £ White 12 SO 13 .38 11 Peters 13 49 14 .£3 0 Glenn IS 48 14 .E 9 7 BlefeaH 4 17 0 0 2 This shows White with a vrry good lead, and Berne*. Pbtere, and Glenn not far off. In all (here figures tt mast, however, be remembered that tho base bite are a fallacy when a man strike* to mate | a res. Anson has probably dons this more time* t tt>an any other White Stocking ttefa year,—because \ he bos tw*d more chances, —aim therefore Ms score , of base hits shows hr no mean* a fair exhibit of hla | batting strength. Tua same la true of several otbot members of the nine. . , Dot. after all, whet does ira Bk flganag mamas to? Bans are what ore wanted to win games, and I base bits are by no means the only way* to get theca. THE SASTBBSTKIP. ThefWWte Stockings leave for Hertford Oris evening over the Michigan Central lira- Attho same time the 3t. Locfcv Cmrfmaiti, and Clubs leave for New York, Boston, and Phila delphia, all to open at the points named Tuesday. 1* order that the Chicago people may have a complete and accurate calendar, of oa Ora, SSf^JmrwLJioamS’VnflwrfitedlTbeentmat and j saved by persons interested in the progress of tbo Weotein dobs <m their Eastern ptlgrmmgc. U should be understood that unjj tbe maa. of tbo ‘ Eastern clnb Is glren ineacbcaae, tt being settled' that each of them stays at borne for foot weeks, ■while the Western men bore to do tbo tnmcßna around. Followin* is the eehcnulo vdlh dateso Mat 23.—Chi cage-Hartford, Cineitmaa-Eostrov LoaiartOo-Athletic, St. Loaia-Jlataol. Mat 25. —Chicago-Hartford, LonjsriUo-Athletic, St- Loois-Mntnal. Mat 27.—Cblcago-Hartford, ClncinnaOsßoEtojv Looisrillo-Athlctic, St. Lon»-Mntoal. Mat 3d—Chicago-Boston, Cincinnaa-Baranm,. Lonisrißo-Mntoal. St. Lonia-Athletic. _ _ . Jra* 1. —Chicago-Boston, CSnehmaU-Hareottlr Lonlsvfllo-HntnaC St. Lonts-Athletic. _ . . Jctb 3.—Chicago-Boston, Cindnnafl-HamoEO, Loatirrtlle-Mataal, St. Loo le-Athletic. .. , . ' Jose a—Chicago-Athletic, LootsciOo-Boston;St. Lonis-Hartford. .. . . Juke B.—Chicago-Athletic, Cmctonaa-Mntnsl ionterffle-Boston, St Lode-Hartford. Jo*i 10.— Chicago-Athletic, dnctnnatfl-Jsnnifflt LontaTille-Boeton, St Looio-Hartford. JtOT 13.—CWcago-Matnal, Cincinnati-Aanea&- LonisTille-Hartford, St Lotoa-Boston. , JraE 15. —Chicago-Mtttaal, Cindnaau-Aihict-lv LouisviUe-Hartford, St. Loiris-Boston. Jinnc 17. — CincinnatiAihletav LoaisviDe-Hartford, St. Loms-Bostou. Following these last games, which tateplSter Satuvdayrthwwhote League of eight clubs West together, and* open simultaneouslylnthar foot Western cfOca. Tuesday. June 20, plajlna Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday of each of thm following four weeks, ending the first com-1 ulcte League, tour inly L 5. Tbe order In’wind* the Eastern clubs win playln the Western cities has not yet been determined. It wOl probably be sub- \ mined to a drawing, on the aame plan which de cided tho order of tbe Western clubs in the East* Beside tbo League games named above, lira Chicago Club <and_probably most of tbe others) wiQpiay in New Haven and some smaller places. The CMcagos win May in New Haven Wednesday and Friday, May 2a and 26, and In Providence*, Monday, May 29. They will also be likely toplay games In towns near Boston an the off days of the from May SO to Jane 8L t3TB CHAMHC7SSHIP. v TbcfoDowtog!s the record up to data. Tbo White Stockings are still at £be top, followed closely bytSeHsrtfordfl, with. St Loniai lu tbo field among tbe second-class cloba. Tub wees will tell a story for either tho Hartford or Chicago Club: __ gdcago artiord.—t...- St. Louts - Athletic..— Boston .Mutual —— Cincinnati Lotdsrillfc.———•••• • gttaea.hwW-.—♦ Bemblod on the Union gronnde to-day to witnej* the fourth game between the Mutuals and the Bos ton Club. The day wee flue, toco the same the Boston* were slightly the favor ites. Hicks and Mathews, pitcher and catcher for the Mutuals, did not play. The Bostons outplayed ther opponent* at every point, and won the gam© by the following sooro: Mutual. I- 51 ' B Holdsworth, C - Start, lb Treaty, L t - —••• TTftlUrum. 5. Crater, Sb - - Larkin, - Booth, t. ••• •* Klchols, Sb —•• Talcnttoe, c.,.- •••« Total Boston. Wright, a. a—...... • —• Leonard, S b O'Rouxhe, o. I —• Homan, 1b........~+>* Schafer, Bb.. •••• Manning, r. f Morrill, —•— ••• Whitney, L f Josephs, p —•— . Total ~ * 1234 56789 MntMhT - 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 I—4 Umpire—Hr. Martin. B _ . . Time of game—Two boors and 57 minutes. First base by errors—Mutual, 3; Boston, & Bonfl earned—Mutual 1; Boston, 0. Special Dispatch to The Tribvna, LOUISVILLS TB. CCfCCtKITI. Lournmus, May loutej^ warmed up the Ctodnnatfa in one of the prettiest games ever played here. The Ohio Elds conHdo nothing against Deslln» pitch ine. making only two clean hits. In the flew they played a beautiful game, haring only four errors ESnrt Are for Louisville. The features were tooth and Gould’s play, end more especially that The score is aa follows: Jt B F A LouUvilU. Bastings, c. S Hague, 8 b Devlin, P—» - Gerhardt, 1 Somerville, 2 b Fulmer, s. s.. Chapman, s. Ryan, L t Snyder, —— T0ta1.... ClftctoAon. Gould, lb Booth, a. a Jones, c. t Pearson, Snyder, L f Clacx, 3 b.... ....... Kessler, r. I Fricy. 3 b Fisher, Total, //minor— Louisville .. Cincinnati. Umpire—Harry Dean, of Indianapolis. Time of game—Two boors. First base hr errors—Cincinnati, 3. Kims earned—Lonisrillo, 1. Lett on bases—Looisrille, 1; Cinnnnan, it. Total base hits—Louisville, 12, Cincinnati, Passed balls—Pearson, 2. Struck oat—Jones, 1. . _. ~ Doablejdays— Hastings and Oerhartt, 1, Booth Called balls—On Berlin, 12: on Fisher, 13. Called strikes —On Berlin, 23; on Fisher, 17. EABTTORDS-HSW HA.VRII3. New Hatbj, 31ay 20.— Baee-balU Hartfcnß, 0; Now Hawns, 5. THE CKfCDWATIS. Tbo Cincinnati Gazette speaks hi the following irreverent manner of the Reds of that city, taking for Its text their defeat by the Sk l£ui«: _ *■ there, Joslah, no balm in “Gilead ?” Fetch them boys home, and let them serve out the remainder of their contracts in the pork-house.” The key to this la of course that •* Jomao I* Keek, the largest stockholder in the nine, owns a large packing-house where .some of the employes W of the lEth says that the znvnt propose to put Pearson In to pitch and Foicy to catch for him, while Fisher goes to right-field. scraps. . „ . Following are extracts from a base-hall letter srastssf n'Piill |i?| I?; q|i| Him. ’ \4{4 3 4. 2j 1 2 3 ..13 3 .. 3 tik 8:318 5 75 8 809T0K9 TS. MUTUALS. B F\ A 00 0 0 2 110 2 00 2 0 12 0 0 0 12 3 00 0 2 110 0 0 15 2 00 2 0 1 627 IS 2 1 sl 7 0 16 3 3 10 0 1 110 0 10 3 3 0 2 10 0 14 1 00 0 0 0 111 ’t] sistlis e 27 0 o : 1 i o o o i o o o o o o o « o o Tl 2 123458789 .0 1001091 o—3 .0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 o—l

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