Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 21, 1876, Page 11

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 21, 1876 Page 11
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CITE BEAU 'ESTATE; BOYD, ROOM 14,148 MADI r son-* I ';,. two 4-story ud basement, all modern V®° SmiLrs and lots. 4QXfO, to alley, south front, *os- 50 and 52. These are fine a splendid modern'M sad lot 50x125, east front, near Twcn (oon^d«"og,ooodown, balance lone time. This lot naans ‘H'.SlSdfd octagon atone front 2-stoty and dwafuig and lot, So. 537 Gala njet-»r* v-atr -’-story and basemcat stone-front dwell* Vo* j&45 i'ralrie-av.; easy payments. A Jjjjrgna l 0l » * ' handsomest octagcn-lront brick dwell tVMtside for the money. Lvcry modern Im ps on •*!, furnace In. marble mantets and wasb- neighborhood. Kp.168 Lincoln •“"feSS Vanburen and Jactaon. A bargain. liehrtg,.. two-srory and basement 10-ruem brick fift Mdlot- sonlb front, on Congrese-aL, between S»room brick dwelling and lot, south si^*> - W®Ki l „td. s ta, near Wcstern-uv. A bargain. fimu o °H u »!cndW 2-story aad basement dwelling » a^rA pl Shc*st corner of llurou and Frank- SOd l»er month, llesurctolook at it is\be Sort in the city, as the price It ihl? net, and 1 lot vacant. It Is cheap. rtTN front, on Cuwpbell-av.. No. 237. near jo: This Is handsome and .very cheap; look *Mfc rvwwFlne large IS-room brick basement dwell -145* on northeast corner Furk-av. and r y S fnimed dwelling, 10 rooms and sg,(U>^^ r ri urac \. av ., north of Tweaty-fourth-st. um-ooiu 2-story dwelling, lot. and Si£ Snh*n>nton HmicU-st,, and Wcntworth-av. lOrooa dwelling and lot 25x120, w<a2hcr-«t., near Jefferson, ho. pull|»?i micoSl 10-tonm 2-story modern dwelling, st- w 25x135 : b'o. 1423 Indiana-.V. r-,eliara ry dwelling and lot 20x100 on' and Groea-e-_ Ibis K le lrj.h,Sio, as the lot la worth the money. store and lot 75x133. on northwest «nd Ward-SL Loo(tat It; It Is clii'SP- - room cottaec nnd lot 24x135, on Pral- TblrtyrilftU and Thlrty-slxta-su. Le- d-room bay window cottage ef&tt “ l itont. So. tut Oakley-st,, near I ebon. n Thlrd-av.. lot 23x100, two fronts, on two cottages. Look at It and vim.rottaae and lot 23x125, No. 1630 Sonth *SSh» iSSiiJa? to buy can do no better, 10t23x125. No. 58Ucary-6t., one H Wue A bargain. a.. A 25XS0, south front on Jackson-st-, v' lQ audbuilding. corner Llucola-av. and Wclls-st Uncoln-av.nnd fraut 35X125, on Bnddan-st,, between f ix«^lend3’fob 1 ’35X110, on Erie-sL, between Hbutworth-av., between within one block of r School and di-IKlt at Ihglewood. msSSSxtai fronting south on the rlrer. bc- JeSJcilrkSdWarborn-sts. This Is one of the KS.jlmUie city for elevators. tnllla, lumber, coal, io fL—iris SSt. sad will be sold at a great, bargain; JJadlplymcmiiown; U newly docked, and In the very SodsronSOiXSOfccton Vemon-av., between aerraoe. raTsALE-A>T> ESCIIAGE-ISESIDENCES-50X V iWfoeiand 2-story and basement framehouse .ndharaoii Jadlana-av., e “ l DCar Tm ?!f eUl ' rUMtsaiSce; ainialM feet and 2-slory «ud Isise- bouseand brick barn, with cellar. onVer- Ccnire-av., decided bargain: Iffl rt acstory and liascmcnt brick, 10t20x120, all Improvements; also Unit-class residences In all SmSSeciiy and at Oakland, Kenwood, and Uydc IShlorSe cheap, or exchange for oilier property ’’tin UUtICU tBAEbIiS, Boom 3. 85 Washington. PROPERTY— M South Water-at.—Several very desirable blocks r>«nne 10 and 11 per cent rentals. ... ... Two-story and basement brick build he wlttW-loot lot, in good locality. Store below, rnwr part arranged for two families. Cottage In rear. in^fiwtedTSs'Ul be sold Cheap.- West jW»ob-«l—Block of stores and office*. Above TfilbcwldataboalhaifitsvsUue, . it Hive turst list, uoDcrtv. r ivhl' L- r•* iu. «s tu.. tasmess proper J 88 Washlngton-st. TVS SALE-3532 WABASH-AV., ATA DECIDED r banain. two-stoty and basement ocugon stouc t'oau llwoms, marble mantels, and all modem Im provements. mirrors, furnace, pas-fixtures, semens, tad awnings go with house; lot 36x183 feet; pood bam. ••■7 Ibiractb-sv, between-V»aba*h and Michigan* iva '•-stort frame, dining-room and kitchen on parlor Coop, all conveniences, and In good order; large lot; clllLetoldatasaorlfice, . , . We have a large list of residence property, to which & cQ _ $8 Wathlngi^a-st. F" NORTH LASALLE-ST., 83HX1C8, fine large brick residence; first-class neighbor hood; at decided bargain- „ , , Lui at Kenwood, near depot, at $45 per foot, on easy Icnas; very choice. ~ , . „ lionse. 2-story and basement brisk, at Oakland- for at (yp. ULRICH & BAHNES, . Room 3, 85 Washlngton-ct. T7OS SALE-BENT OR EXCHANGE-COTTAGE, L bams, 2D4 Walnni-eC, newly painted, 5 year** lease, {sos year. (No taxes.) isowest Monroe-st. FOR SALK-OK EXCHANGE—FOR HORSES. BUG pica. or harness, 4 town lots In El Paso, UU "Address 1L N. HARRIS, Dwight, Ul. OR SALK-ONE OF THE PRETTIEST HOMES west of Lincoln Park, large lot, trees, etc. Ad cress OWNER, care Carrier 10. T7OR SALE—SPLENDID BARGAIN FOB A FEW £ days—Two-atory hocse, with lot 500a.133, lake wa ter, beaotifol lawn, etc., s7,txxi; worth $12,000. E. C. WARE. 'M Washington-at. • FU SALE—ELEGANT CORNER NEAR UNION Fttfc Adapted for a block of bouses. V cold fur* itlA land and some money to Improve to responsible pjdffl. Address Z 44, Tribune office. TX)B NEW HOUSE ON SOUTH X side, one block from depot, lake water, famished X so. Tribune office, TX)B SALE—A FINE 4-STOBY STONE DWELLING. J a* Ow£«., cast of State. T. C. BOYD. Pinza. Ur, 147 fetaic-KU • v FB SALE-1 HAVE a FOUR-STORY AND BASE mtav stone-front building. one of the finest in Cm capo, now rented over 13 per cent oa what we ask; lot 1*401138; building covers the lot, a comer, on the best meettathe city; will sell for $55,000; rented S&CU) cow. If there are any parties In or our of the city who • ant a fine piece of property In the very heart of Chl cspa,lknow they will buy this as soon as they see it. Call and get particulars: nothing but money. T. B. BOID, Room 14,148 Madlson-st. . Fb sale—a decided bargain—centrally■ located business building, well rented; strictly first tiu£- This means business. X 41, Tribune office. For sale-house of nine rooms on twen ty-thlrxl-n.; price $1,800;.56u0 cash: balance to three years at 8 per cent. ISAAC CLAFLXN & CO., Marine Building. _ PR SALE-100 FEET OX FORREST AND 100 i EET onPndric-av.. atThirty-sixth-sc., all clear,, at a bargain; 2-story house and lot, 20 Blsmarck-court, un incumbered, cheap for ca«h, or will exchange for good equity; 2-siory and basement stone front, Forrest-ov., iouUi of Thiny-lhiPi-Bt.. for $7,000. __ M. C. BALDWIN & CO.. 86 LaSalle-fit., Room 23. . TOR SALE-AT A BARGAIN—LOT ON MADISON X cart of Throop, 26x120, on lone time, J. B. WILLIAMS, 12£MV«tcni-ar. 1?OR SALE-AT A BARGAIN—3-STORV BRICK boose, modern Improved: runted fora yean at SBOO per year. J. 6. GOULD, 68 East Madison-SL TOR SALE-FOB LESS THAN COST, A FINE X stone-froathoufieoaTVcfitSlde Just finished. 082, Tribune office. F" R SALE—I WILL SELL FOR $3,500 A HOUSE &DdlutonQarvard-st.,We£t Side; also a block Of Pwad, centrally located, at Dixon, XJL, for $2,500, or good city property. T, B. KING, l&Q «t;d I<B Lto: Waj-hmgTOU-bt. FR SALE— pj ItEAL-ESTATE— large or small properties; yaiStT wun be sold to close bankrupt estates, iuo.— 7 on Tribune office.. . FH SALE-SMALL FRAME HOUSE ON WAL lace, between Thirty-seventh and Thlrty-clghth «s., very low, by CHACE & ABELL, IS4 Dearborn-st. "DOR SALE—ELF.GANT NEW BRICK HOUSE, ALL X modern improvements, on Lcavltt-st., very" cheap. Bouse* to city and suburbs, all clear, at half-price. CiUaad get prices and terms. W. T. CUSHING, 125 Bsarbom-st. H SALE—SEVERAL GREAT BARGAINS FOR cash in elegant marble fronts on the avenues, iicfifie examine before porchu&tog. D. W. BTOKK&, biWashtogton-au Fa SALE-RENT. OR EXCHANGE-IMPROVED and vacant business and residence property, city, jfltmrtna,and country. K.L.C.VNFIELD,S9 Laballe-st. IX)U SALK-TWO 3-STORY HOUSES, 0 ROOMS X each, all improrcmt'nts. A great bargain to par lies. wanting a Lome. Part cash, part on longtime. Lome and gee pKnn at mill comer Illinois and Kings oury-aa. • "COB SALE-A 1-STOUT FIIASIE COTTAGE A£D A basement on FuUon-st,, near Union Park. BUI «U cheap, call or address owner, JP, No. 74 Dear bum-st.. basement. pOS BALE—OK EAST MONTHLY PAYMENTS, A a 5-room cottage and lot, 30x125, on Huron-st., near weecra-ar.. for ssoo, Go and see It at 3p. m. to-day. FE SALE—IIALSTED-ST., SOUTH OP THIRTY flntt; lot 25x125. west front; make an offer. It must 72 Hastlngs-flt.- .'LXIK SALE-AN ELEGANT THRF-E-STOBY AND A ossenicat stone-front residence on Park-ay.offered tor % ■ few days at a bargain. BOTH * WIbNEL, oi> ■ y c*rbom*et. pOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN, TWU-STORT BRICK A cottage, 12 rooms, and lot and bricl# bam, near Harrlboa'Sts., if sold immediately. J. H* FEELER. XC3 Clark-fit. _ -SALE-ON PRAIRIE-AV.. KOBTH OF THIR f cast front. 25x125, only $«0 per foot. ■ - a. Keeler. u» ciark-st. pOK SALE-ON WEST MONROE-ST.. A FINE -’"Story octagon-front brick house, 10 rooms, all P"- SMITH. 125 Clark-et., Koom 22. fOESALE-AT A GREAT BARGAIN-123 FEET r- front. conn and adjoining the residence of ilrs. £?|* ou AllchJgan-aT., between Twenty-second and , JJ'fitJ'tblrd-iia. • $250 per front foot, one-third cash, fears* time at low rate of Interest. AYllfc-S *«OAX* itoom 12 Jieaper Jllocfc. pOR SALE—S2,2OO—EQUITY XS FIKE 10*KOOM "WEand ofV&U at 523 ” rt * aT * Addreaa &o° m 64 pSR SALE-AT A GREAT BARGAIN-GO BT 17 °n W'aUash-av„ near Thirty-seventh-fit, A LEE, Real Restate Agents, Room* 3 and 4 southwest corner Dearborn and P°R SALE-FINE RESIDENCE LOT ON CALUMET near Twentfetb-st., at a great bargain; easy JACOB IVEXL, 144 Dearborn-st. 1?QB SALE-HOUSES OF EVERT DESCRIPTION * todprice; residence and business lots; terms easy; for stocks of goods. Van Buren-st, cor* ■erWcttem-ar. CAMPBELL BROS. pOBS ALE-757 WABASH -AV., MARBLE FUONT, jt lotM-teet front; a big bargain If taken this wc&Jc. (Canada) nropertv. free, to exchange for house JOEL BIGELOW, 376 State-si. pOR SALE^AT^TBAEOAIN'-bU *two-etory basement brick honscs; ail modem Ira #7«Tenicnu; southeast comer Jackson-st. and trying 'B BALE—CHEAP—SOUTHWEST COBXEKLAKE house and Lm M.UiJO. Lot •WOO fen. Leased years, SiOO pery»r. CITS' BEAL' ESTATE; T7OR SALE-FORCED SALE OP HOUSES ON X leaded Jots, for cash; * MO North Carpcntcr-st., 6 rooms, $75. 1310 Buitcrfleld'St.i nice cottapo, $250. 355 Titlrd-ava. 9 rooms (much better Inside than ... Five per cent off for a sale on Monday. TTe bare also 2 or 3 others at quarter value. TUUESDELL & DROWK, 108Flfth-av. FOR SALE-837 WEST INDIANA-ST., 2 STORIES, S rooms, and lot, water and sewer In, only $2,200. 0)0 West Jiarrlfton-st., 2 story, 0 rooms, and lot, wa ter la; only $.'1,730. WIU make lew price for SI,OOO cash and sale at once. TKUESDELL & BROWN. ICS Fllth-ay. EOIi BALE—BEFORE BUYING A HOME. TAKE Mllwaukec-av. Humboldt Park car to Westem-av. on North-av.,‘ two-story brick bouses 21x30, and lota 25X126 to wide alley. Price of bouse and lot, $1,750. Easy terms; monthly payments; school, cars, sewer, city water, trees, sidewalk. Inquire at corner North anaTVeslero-avs.,,oratmyotllcc, No. 1 Ogden Budd ing, eorßsr Clark aud Lake-sts. AUGUSTUS JACOB SON. • IT’OR SALE—IMPROVED CENTRAL BUSINESS X property paying 9 and 10 per cent net rents; good solid investments; §22,000, $75,000, SIOO,OOO. GEO. M. 111 G O ISSoN. No. 114 Dcarborn-bt;, Room 5. I?OK SALE-24 OU 48 FEET ON WARREN-AV.'AND ; Washlnglon-st., west of Oakley. GEO. M. HIG GINSON, No. 114 Dearbom-st., Rooms. 170 U SALE— SS MONTHLY PAYMENTS—LOTS, SSO .to SlOOcach. In Armstead Addition on the nortlf lake shore. ARMSTEAD fit CO.. Room 14, 145 South Clftrk-st. Oiilce hours, op. ro. IX)K SALE—IO-ROOM HOUSE AND TWO LOTS, . $2,000; small monthly payments; no cash down. Address S 88, Tribune oiilce. For sale—cheap—s9,ooo io-room house, well built (for removal), 387 Warrcn-av. KP.OFF <fcCO.. Room 14. X 45 LoSallc-st. . I?OB SALE—THE 12-ROOM HOUSE. WITH LOT 25x125. No. 1737 Shurtleff-av., near Thirty-fifth st., for $1,700; the property cost $3,400. M. C. RAt,D WIN & CO., 80 LaSallc-st., Room 23. For sale— 3-stouy building and lot. two stores, aud two dwellings above. onLakc-st., near Halsted. $8,000: longtime; small house and lot In part pay. OWN PR, 707 Wabash-av. 1?OR SALE-WABASH-AV., A DESIRABLE XM ? proved corner at a sacrifice. Easy terms. ESAIAS WARDEN, 100 Dearbom-st. I?OR SALE-OR RENT—A NICE HOUSE AND COT .• tage In Englewood; first-class neighborhood; near depots. Also, very line residence in south Evanston. TILLOTSON BROS., 82 W&ahlugton-st. FOR SALE-ON SEDG WICK-ST.—TWO LOTS WITH aihreo.-Btory house; brings a good tent. Inquire at 2y2Sed?wlck-tt. . 1?0U SALE-CHEAP-A SPLENDID TWO-STORY : house, wUUOrooms,’ o bed-rooms, 4closets, nnd4 pantries. Inquire In the rear, after 7p. in., 1961 South Dcarhorn-et. 1 _ F‘ "OR SALE-THREE LOTS ON CALIFORNIA-AV., cheap for cash or on time. Address X 47, Tribune office. TJOR SALE-ELEGANT MARBLE, SWELL-FRONT X dwelling No. 22 Laapley-av. Contains gas-fixtures, furnace, and all modern Improvcmcnwi -wIU be sold very low and on easy terms; might lake part in other city property. If clear. JOHN W. MARSH. 1H W’ash* Ingtou-sU IJOU SALE—A NICE CORNER IN RAVENSWOOD. , Lots 23 and 24 In Block 7, 82x163 feet to 2<J-foot al ley; price, SiSperfoot. AJbo.lOOfectonMlchlgan-av., near Thhty-nluih-st.iMso per foot; 100 feci on In dlana-av., near Thirty-Slnth-st., §Ssperfotft. B. F. GUYTON, Iffandffl Randolph-St. Foil SALE-ALDINE-SQUAKE, ON VINCENNES av., south of Thirty-sevenlll-st., line --story and 3-story and basement swell octagon and plain, fronts, facing on this beautiful square or park, with Its shaded walk, shrubbery. One trees, and lake; these houses will be sold on liberal terms; our sub-agent can be found on the property, and will be glad to show the houses, or Plans cau bo seen at our otucc. W. D. KEUFOOT, DO East Washlngton-st. FOR SALE—THE TWO-STORV AND BASEMENT bouse* 145. and 147 Throon-et.; will be sold much below their value. IV. D. KiIRFOOT A CO., UO East Waehingwn-st. I'OR SALE-ON LEAVITT-ST., CORNER JACK* 1 son-sL, six new brick bouses, first-doss. with all modern improvements. Size 21x42 feet. Take part trade In good lots. Apply to owner, on the premises, FOP. SALE—HOUSE AND LOT FOR $2,900.- NO. 20 MUlcr-st., near comer Harrison and Morgau-sts. Widow lady owner, and cannot see to renting, and will sell on monthly payments. BOK SALE-MUST BE SOLD AT ONCE, $3,000 will take business property on Blue Itland-ar,; brick building, three-story and basement, 22x72, with lot. P. J, BRUCK, 504 Blue Island-av, Fok sale—two lots on haubison-st.. near Home, for one-half their value. Make an oiler. GIVING & GILBERT. 7. Bryan_Bloek. F’ OR SALE-VERY CHEAP- TWO >STORY AND basement frame boose, and lot. no. 140 Aber deen-st. Inquire on the premises. _____ I TOR SALE—A NICE COTTAGE AND LOT, 500 . Twenty-ninth-st. FOR SALE-CHOICE INVESTMENT-TJRICK. RESI - with brick barn, near iladlfion-nt., case of llolvy,; rented for 10 per cent act on price ($5,4001. E. P. HOTCHKISS, 142 LaSalle-st., Room 3. 170 RSALE—-AT A GREAT BACUIFICE-ONE-HALF ' of the original cost— 2-gtory and basement brick house, hurd-wood finished. 15 rooms, pas all through: bam will hold 5 horses: lot 25x123 to alley. Will sell the furniture If desired. Call at 171 South Peorla-st, _ AND~ COTT folding-doors, water In kitchen; ooe-tlilnl cash, balance monthly payments. No. 257 Burling-st. I' 70iTsALE-IW»4O>KCT'’ON*THE"COBNER of ; HaUied-st. and Dlvcrscy road, together with a large and well-finished dwelling-house, and barn; this property will be sold cheap, and on easy terms; part of purchase money may be taken In other property. Ap ply to SCHRADER BROS., 223 Dcarhom-fit.. Room 12- F” OR~SALE-OR ENCUANGE-2-STORY BRICK store, Hubbard and Noblc-st*.; 2-story brick store, rolling-mill; 2-story frame store. South Halsted-et.; 2-story frame aud lease, Chlcogo-av. JOHN t. DUGAN, real-estate, loan, and Insurance agent, comer Mllwaokee-av. and Haiatcd-st. TOR SALE-GREAT BARGAINS—TWO-STORY J; frame bouse, cost SI,BOO, will take $350; two-story bouse, 5 years’lease, wont an titter; cottage ami lease cheap; two hbusts and lease on monthly payments; vacant lots, city. Dcsplalnca, Austlnvlllc, Evanston, etc. JOHN F. DUGAN,‘comer Ualstcd-st. and Mil wsekee-av. . F>b sale—under threatened FORECLOS ure, a cottage and lot on South Paulina-st., near Van Buren-Mt. cars; will be sold very cheap this week. T. S. FERGUSON, Room 33, 156 East Waalitogtoo-Bt. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. FOR SALE—AT GREAT BARGAIN —10 ACRES OP Beck's Park, lu one block of Normal School and depot at Englewood, 6 miles from Court-House In city; handsomely set with evergreens, rustic scenery, lakes, and fountains, driveways; etc.; this property is the finest In Cook County, and can be purchased so the haver will have a handsome profit in a short time; home. Eastern, or foreign capitalist*, call and examine It. and we will give you a big chance. T. B. BOTD, Room 14, 146 Madlson-st. TX)R SALE—I HAVE A FINE SUBURBAN PLACE,' X 30 minutes’ ride from the city, which I offer for sale at $3,500 caahj this Is not an overday offer, as this place is one of the nicest that can be had around Chi cago; house and ground in fine condition; abundance of fruit ol every land; is lying on one of the best resi dence streets and the best blocks to town, I offer this place for sale onlv on account of going to Europe. If anybody wishes such a place and have the money, nlase call at 43 East Klnxle-aL. Saturday. May 20. at 3 pm X will be In town and take you out to the place. )R SALE, KENT. OR EXCHANGE—HOUSES AND tots at Hinsdale. Sire of places, price, and terms to suit. 10 cents tare. O. J. SLOUGH, 123 Dearfaorn-st. TX)U SALE-AT WESTERN SPRINGS. ON EASY A monthly payments to suit, 2-Btory houses and 50- foot lots at ssoo, SI,OOO, and $1,250; near schools and depot; sidewalks, etc., all complete, ready to move In to: lu-cent train morning and evening. T- C. HILL, 4 Lakeside Building. For sale-at kvanston-iiouses withmod era Improvements. Lots in any part of the village. BlocksoracresatNonh Evanston. Will bnlld houses to suit customers. For rent, several firat-claaa houses. HENRY M. KIDDER. 48 Clark-sU , I 'Toii SALE-OR TRADE-ONE LOT AT WASHING -1 ion Heights, and two lots at Evergreen Park; will cell cheap for cash, or will trade for furuit ore or homes or buggies. A. M. Sif ARLES, ISO Lafce-st. TX)B SALE—I4OXIB4 FEET IN ENGLEWOOD, COR lot In grove; three blocks Iron* -t-nut: ssou to S7OO iff j{__ Address Box 4«. Englcvvobo. 1?OB SALE—ONE OK UNIMPROVED LOTS ; f aah and part oa time. Address OWNER, 2GB Walnut-st. OR SALE-ENGLEWOOD-COTTAGES, LARGE lots, very cheap and on monthly payments; most convenient suburb: 30 trams each way dally. N. 1. WRIGHT, 86WafihiDpton*»t, FOR SAU3-30 MINUTES’ RIDE FROM CITY, fare 13 cents, a fine property of nearly 3 acres, 50 apple and 50 cherry trees In full bearing, besides pears, plums, grapes, gooseberries, currants, and strawber ries in abundance. Afinenewbtrn with cow-shed at tached; water In bam for stock Ue year round. Good house containing 9 rooms, with civets, pantries, good cellar, soft water to kitchen, with splendid well of water at the door. For particular apply to C. B. • Yt’aahiPgton-gt., Room I bMasonßuilding. on s AL&^sinfnicine ago-lots and blocks —The great iron and steel nulls ucaiiy ready to be* Kin work; everybody should go and seethe Improve ments made In the year past In Iron-Workers’ Addition, adjacent to these mills. We arc selling lots rcry cheap. Abstract to each purchaser. A large numbei of houses now building. Persons seeking lota taken doxn every day ot noon free. Call at our office for tickets, Room 53. 126 Washlngton-st. [ . i?OR SALE-KO FEET EAST FRONT. Df SAV* X cnswood, at $12.50 per foot. CHACE & ABhLL, V'A Uearhorn-st.- ill SALE-BARGAINS" is HYDE PARK LOTS BY CHASE A ABELL, iSiDcarhorn-st. - ™>irsALE-rDJE LOTS AT KENWOOD. fITDE r park, anilTVooiUawn. Small pajmems; easy terms-, 1876 valuation. ISAAC H. PRICE, JSB, Room 7- - __ TKIR SALE—ONLY S2OO DOWN SECUIIES A BEAU- X' tlful home at Englewood with modern Improve menu and large grounds. ’ Don t fall to see It, iloatb |y payment*. D. W. STORES, 04 tVasblngton-st. TXIU SAKE-WASHINGTON HEIGHTS-40 ACRES X adjoining Morgan Park-' A rare chance for a ant dlrfflop. FRED£• FAKE AGO.. 88 Washlngtoa-Bt. TpOR SALE-ACRE LOTS FOP. GARDENS, AND X beautiful homes, SI2SW $400; cottages and lots, S4OO to $2,200 on monthly payments. EDMUND u. STILES, 99Madlson-st., Room?. • Viol! SALE-Sonxu SHOUE RESIDENCE PROP j; arty, improved and vacant, at ad pointsJjetweea Chlcaco and ‘Waukegan. Also at Austin, Hinsdale, Riverside, Clyde, Englewood, and at other points. Have some rare bargains for cash, and*a list of good exchange! E- L/CANFIELD. r>9 LaSalie-sU tShTsale-h clear LOTS,. 3 MILES from 1: llcmboltPark, worth Suocach, fors3oo; fares fcnta* SELDEN FISH, 48 Clark-st. J' 70R SALE ONE OR TWO BLOCKS IN HAW -4 thornc. 1 mile from limits, SI,OOO per acre: also. 12 or is lots on Northwestern railroad, near Central park and car-shops, at half* value. Address W 31. Trlb uae office. _ 1- -, OR «ALB-CHEAP HOMES FORTHE PEOPLE AT * Grove. on the C., B. & Q. Railroad; 10- cont train; new subdivision adjoining depotgrounds business part of town (nearly halt natural grovel; 832 and 230 feet, equal to from three to five iWinS totaMWlces. $175 m» S3W; terns, $25 tosso cash and lstosU> per mouth. Aid in .building to par*- tles who dilre ft. This Is the cheapest mdmoet desir able nronertr for homes or Int etiment within op miles of the cny. O. C, GIBBS. 130 Dearborn-st.. Room?, oacc hours in the city from 10 a. m. to 1 p. m.j T'OI: SAI.E - ciiaiciTmrnovED farms aJd suoftet; will be completed Inafewdays, t-jto block* of the depot- vau give a Dargalo, JOtLa T.. FiKNEY. bl Clark-at,, Kuuin SJ. THE CHICAGO TREBUNEi SUNDAY. MAY 21, 187&-SEXTEEN PAGES. SUBURBAN BEAU ESTATE. IJOR SALE-A NICE PIECE OP ACRE PROPER -• , t s'*. r, P e ,Qr subdivision, with or without lance Block of fruit trees. Big bargain. P 91, Tribune ofiice. Fir bale-or eschange-a good-sized house and lot In a pleasant suburb.about 30 minutes' ride from city. 'WTU be sold very cheap and on easy term*, or exchanged for a small Improved farm. Ad dress J. SINCLAIR, 20 Oak-av. *pOB SALE--OR EXCHANGE FOB CITY IM- J- proved or K eaicrn, lands, 40 acres subdivided and veil located at Washington Heights.' .1. It. WHEELED, 128 Clark-st. ?ORS ALE—AT TOUR OWNPRICE-OWNERTOOK . them for a debt and bos no use for them, neat six room cottage and 50 feet, two blocks from depot at South Englewood. Also seven-room 2-story house and 50 feet {corner) at Clyde, close to depot. They muse he sold at some price. TRUESDELL & BROIVN, No. 108 Fifth-av. Forsale-at park ridge—a cottage and two lota, $400; only sloo down, andsismonthly for balance; also cottage and one lot,' $300; only SIOO down, and $lO monthly. IRA BROWN. HULaSulk-st. COI;NX«Y REAL KSTATB- For sale-i want to sell one of the best farms in Dupage County. 111.. 200 acres; dwell ing of 14 rooms, green blinds, double parlors, marble mantels, etc.; good frame bam, stone toundatlon, lor 40 cattle; good orchards, lasting water, 20 acres timber, good poet fences, etc.; 20 jndea from Court-House in hicago; 2 miles north from Lisle Station on C.. B. & Q. U. U.; 3 miles south of Prospect Park on N. W. U. B.; 1C Is as good Ipnd as there Ulu the West, and will be sold at a bargain: to a man who wauls a line farm at a low llgurc, here Is a chance. Part cash down; balance sto lb years. T. B. BOVD, liaom 14, WO Madlson-sL I7OR SALE—OR EX CH AN CE—2OO ACRES OF cranberry ond blueberry laud that will pay $5.0u0 a year If attended to. DUFFY, Maplewood, Cook County, 111. . 170 R SALE—FARMS—FARMS—FARMS—W*E CAN X offer all chose wishing to purchase farms In Illi nois great bargains. We make farms aud farmlands a specialty, and can sell improved farms as low as wild lands; can be had in most Western States. If you wish a farm write us for particulars. GRIFFIN & LEWIS, Room 8 Major Block. • T?OR SALE-FARM OF 80 ACRES OF GOOD X i prairie land, with new 7-room house, burn, etc., located In Effingham County. HI.; al?o one of same size in Umber-laud near above. Either will be sold for the small price of $i,300; part cosh, balance on time; both lu good neighborhoods and very cheap. GRIFFIN & LEWIS, UoomO Major Block. TV)R SALE—A FINE FARM OF 160 ACRES, 0 X . miles from Chicago, well improved, 300 maple and 150 apple trees; gbod fruit; well watered; is in a high state.uf cultivation; comfortable buildings; is In all re spects u first-class farm, with crops; easy terms. R. C. ANTHONY J; CO.. 233 Michigan-qv. J?0B SALE-ONE OF THE FINEST FARMS IN THE ; Western country at about half Its value If closed at once. Notradta._AddressQ7, Tribune office. For sale-or ange-2-.story _ dwell and 18 lots In Pueblo, CoL, unincumbered. Room C, l2BLrtSalle-st. FOR SALE-OR EXCHANGE—OVER 300 FARMS, located and Improved to suit every one; full partlcu laravnth J. G. BuSZAGII, 124 Dcarborn-st.. R00m22. REAL ESTATE WANTED, WANTED-A GOOD RESIDENCE, CLEAR OR only slightly incumbered, on South or North Side, for which I will give good ujdncumbereU Detroit, Chicago, or suburban property, and pay difference, if any. In cash. State particulars to V 33, Tribune office. WANTED —1 OK r. ACHES, SMALL HOUSE, NEAK depot about 50 miles from city, for Improved Blue Island-av. property. £43, Tribune olden. ANTED—IMPROVED PJIOPEUTVNEAU UNION Park; will pay cash and lota at Morgan Pork. Ad dre«aZßl, Tribune adlce. •WANTEd-real estate in city or coun > > try, for o lucrative business la Philadelphia; also same la Boston and St. Louis; reason for selling, own er’s loss of health; liostonbraneh has cleared over $.5,000 la one year. Room 18, t>£J pearbom-et. WANT KD—FRUIT FARM, SO,OOO TO $7,000. Residence lot east of State-st. •• South Side residence for WcstNlde. ■ -w --' Lots well located for residence blocks. Good city residence, $15,000 to $20,000. In exchange for suburban of leas value. £. L. CANFIELD, 59 LaSalle-st. WANTED— A GOOD COTTAGE AND LOT OR A building lot for which wc will trade 1,200 acres good farming land In Texas. PERU!’ & HUNT, 85 wabhlngton-st. . WANTED-GOOD DWELLING NOT FAR FROM business for $3,000 to $5,000, all cash for a cus tomer, money in baud. GEO. H. HESS «k CO., 106 Dearbom-st, WAKTED-REAL ESTATE FOR THE EQUITY IN that large aud One residence No. IIBU Inuiana-av.; IS rooms; lot 50x170 feet. The best chance of the season to make money or get a good home. B. IV. THOMAS &CO.. 132LaSalle-st. • • WANTED— FOB ALL CASH, GOOD BUILDING LOT at half of so-called value. Address X GO. Tribune office. 'ITT; ANTED—A DWELLING HOUSE WORTH $5,000 VV, tosß.o«X>, well located; will assume or make first payment with choice Soothcm lands. Call soon. LAT SIIAW, Barnes House. TT J. ANTF.D—A HOUSE AND LOT IN GOOD LOCAL- V» . ity; must be good building; price about Sr»,U)O, to be paid cash down. 1 should prefer to deal with owner, direct. Expect a decided bargain. Address,gtvlng de scription of property, which will be kept confidential, XB2. Trlhuneoflfcc. _____ . "IT r ANT ED—OWNERS OF WILD LAND OR IM VV proved farms desiring to sell for cosh to address Z 12, Tribune oifice. XTrANTED—LOT ON NORTH SIDE, EAST OFLA >T Salle, for which will give now buggies, pood hope, gentlemen's furnishing goods,etc. Address \Y G6,Trib unc ottiee. kiusigal, A COMPETENT LADY TEACHER DF-SIRKS PU pID In vocal culture; also piano and gulinr. Tcmw moderate. Lessons given atpuplTa resilience If desir ed. Best of references furnished- Address W 25 Tribune olflee. - A MUSIC TEACHER WILL GIVE LESSON’S AND use of piano lu exchange for board. Address K. 30, Tribune office. _ A SIX-STOP PRINCE & CO. PARLOR ORGAN, nearly new. and in first-class condition, for. sale, or will exchange for jewelry, books, or clothing; Ad dress W 40 Tribune office. A GENTLEMAN TEACHER WOULD LIKE A PEW more pupils for piano at sls per term at puptTs res idence. Best of references. Address Q 3i, Tribune office. ‘ A COMPETENT LADY TEACHER IS DESIROUS of procuring pupils In vocal culture In small plaoe, not to exceed r>o miles from city; best reference given. Address W 15 Tribune office. ~A T~ RETAIL AT THE ORGAN FACTORY, THE J\_ cheapest and best cabinet organ in Chicago. S3O and upward, monthly payments or cash, or for rent. Nicholson Organ Company, 63 East Indlana-st. A N ELEGANT DECKER BROS. PIANO TO RENT • for $7, and an organ for $2 per month. 300 War ten-av. __ . A CHANCE TO GET A HALLET. DAVIS & CO. • piano, best In the marker, for new or nearly new top buggy- Difference can bo paid In Installments. Andress O 23, Tribune office. • TJARGAINS IN PIANOS-WE ARE CONSTANTLY 1) receiving direct from New York elegant Uvw pianos of various flm-class makes, which we can offer at astonishingly low prices. Our cash purchases give ns great advantages, and as we employ no agents, buy ers will consult their own Interests by dealing directly with us. prices always the lowest. Every Instrument fully warranted for five years. R. T. MARTIN, 154 State-fit- • ; T7LEGANT NEW 7H OCTAVE, AGRAFFE. PIANfI J?j forte, with all latest Improvements, only $225. ■Warranted for five years. It. T. MARTIN, 154 Stale-Pt. For sale-five terms of music at gold beck’s Conservatory. *SIO per terra. Apply or ad dress A B, 278 Mlchlpui-av, I?OB SALE-ONE'OP THE BEST HAINES BRO.’S ' pianos; mustgbc sold for cash. Coin* and see It and make an offer fit 100 Dearborn-st. K. WlNNff. TOR SALK —TO DEALERS—A JOB LOff OF BAN .T jos at super cent discount! at Statc-st., corner Jackson. 170 R SALE-OR RENT. CHEAP-ELEGANT, NEAR ? w new piano. Will sell on monthly payments. Ad dress H 88, Tribune office. F)B SALE—A FIRST-CLASS PIANO AT LESS than half value. Room 9, 343 State-st. „ GOOX» SECOND-HAND PIANOS FOR SALE CHEAP otC. A. GEROLD'S Piano Factory, 188 and 11*0 Clark-wt., near Monroe. Tuning and repairing prompt ly attended to. 5 N, PI ANOFORTE \ r EMENTR. i>xNt QUALITY Ot lurr.. »?t ur. \NT TV FINISH— ESTABLISHED 3S YEARS. hUAi V THE CHEAPEST FIRST-CLASS FOR SALE ONLV BY R. T. MARTIN, 154 STATE-ST. FTOU WANT TO RENT A PI ANO. GO TO PROS SER’S. He makes renting a specialty. 215 Statc-st. I WILL GIVE 20 LESSONS IN SHORT-HAND. PRl vate or by mall, for $lO. Address X 23, Tribune office. /YRQANS—BY VARIOUS MAKERS—ALL LATEST VX and bestlmprovomcnss, at SSO, SBS, SIOO, $123. B. T. .MAIiTIN, 154 State-st. . PIANOS FOB SALE AND TO KENT* REPAIRING and tuning, at the Chicago Plano Factory, 240 South Statc-st./hyO. FRKSTON & SONS. T>lA>’ds-3rHW AND SECOND-HAND-PRICKS SSO X to $350, All folly warranted. R. T. MARTIN, 154 State-st. * O&VERAL BEAUTIFUL PARLOR ORGANS, WITH O excellent stop,comblnatloc, cheap and on easy terms: also a fine square piano. Sec It and make an of*' fcr. 15 North Cllnton*st, OITUATIOK WANTED—POSI*nON ASMUSIC O teacher In a jcrnlmry in of near Chicago, by a young lady who la now tilling tac position in an Eastern instl-, tutlon. References AI. Address c D, Glenwood In stitute, Matawan, N. J., or X 74, Tribune olfice._ QlTUATlON~wantkd-an "excellent and O qualified organist acquainted with classical church music wishes a situation In f-omc church. Address UOTTESLEBEN, 44 XTTANTED-PC’rU.S UPON PIANO BY AN EX IT pcrlenced teacher; $6 per term. Address W 79, Tribune office. • Wasted— a young lady to travel with a ffret-class concert troupe about to start for Call* fomla. Toonewhocan play piano or organ,’and come wen recommended, this Is a lino opportunity to visit the'FnrWeat. Address W 57, Tribune office. TirAXTED-A GOOD SECOND-lIAKD ORGAN, YV ~mnatbe very cheap. Address, giving lowest cgsftprice, Ac.. TuO. Tribuneoffice. TirAKTED-BV A YOUNG LADT. A FEW SCITOL \V mln music. Terms reasonable. For particulars address O 47, Tribune office. TiriSTED—TO BUY CHEAP FOR CASH, A GOOD W piano. Address V 35, Tribune offlce. . ANTED—POSITION *IN CHOIR AS SECOND VV soprano. Address W Tribune ofllcc. 2 FINE PIANOS FOR SALE CHEAP BT T. E. i STACY, Honors Block. 188 Dearborn-st.; If not Sold Ihnday will be sold byauction Tuesday, May 23, : at 10a. m-. at same place. Call and see.. icinn WILL BUT A HOOD SECOND-HAND «DJ.L/u plaio forte la perfect order. 1L T, MAP.* riK, 154 State-si. __ url fCA IVIIL BUT 1 A HANDSOME ROSEWOOD nP-LC/U 7-octave pianoforte, with overstrung baas. French action, etc.; carved legs and lyre; m good order.- R. T. MARTIN. 154 Statc-st. . STORAGE. OTOHAGt—FtTRStTiniE. BUGGIES. AND iTKR- O cbondUt stored Id fire-proof warehouse, 160 Vest Monroe-st.' Lowest chars oa- Money advanced on easy terms. ? • • ____ CTOBAGEOX EAfifT VASHISGTOK-ST._MOyET O odvancedat very low rales. THOS. A. BILL 123 Ucarbora-it. BOARDING XYD LODGING* West Side. 9 AND 11 PARK-AV.-FURNISHED AND UNFUR nlshed rooms to rent with board; newly fitted up. ~POnfirsIIErDON-ST.--SUIT OF FURNISH ed rooms, with hoard, for gentleman and wife or two single gents. n NORTH MAT-ST.-BOABD AND NICELY FUR nlshed back parlor and sleeplug-room In new house: hot aud cold water; all modern Improvements; sultablcfoc gent aod wife or two single gents. TOSOBTI! SANG AMON-ST.—PLEASANTLY FUR- J.£ nlshed room for two wfthboard. Terms moderate. 1 O_PARIC-AY.-NICELV0 _ PARIC-AY.-NICELV FURNISHED ROOMS* J.O single or en suite, to rent, with board; house new, and the finest location In the city. M NORTH SHELDON-ST.—FURNISHED OR UN furnished rooms, with boanl.ln private family; one block from Union Park one-halt block from Ran dnlpU-st. cars. Terms reasonable. Inquire at 299}$ West Randolph or 14 North Sheldon-st. ' M NORTH SANOAMON-ST.—VERY PLEASANT front room. All modern improvement*. Gent and wife or gents. Cheap. LOOM IS-ST.—PLEASANT, WELL-FURNISHED room, good board. ■ 1 Q OGDEN-AV.-OPPOSITE UNION PARK—(NEW XO marble block), 4th house south of Uanfiolph-at., 2 fnrnlshed front rooms, or 2 rear rooms, os may bo desired, with all the modem conveniences and comforts of home. This Is one of the most desirable ajid delight ful locations in the city, commanding a fine view of the park, and Is very accessible to business. Terms reason able; references exchanged. ' Ol UONOHE-aT.—TO RENT. WITH BOARD, UX, large front room, octagon alcove off; also hack room. Private family. 99 ABERDEEN-ST.—PLEASANT ROOMS AND good board. Reasonable rotes. 001 WALNUT-ST., ONE BLOCK FROM UNION UJuZ Park—Rooms suitable for young men; con ac commodate a few day boarders; terms low. O j SOUTH SANGAMON-ST. A GOOD ROOM ill with substontlftl board, suitable for man and wife or two single gentlemen; bath, hut and cold water, etc. r^~^BERDEEN-ST7—TWO ROOMS. EN SUITE JhO orHiugle. Table-boarders accommodated. Terms reasonable. ‘J. ' . OQ OGDEN-AV.—HANDSOME P.OOMS, NEWLY juO furnished, in marble front building overlooking Union Park, with first-class table-board. Q£M ST. JOUNS-PLACE-TO RENT, ONE BLOCK OOp from Union Park, cost antl borth. well furnished rooms with board; hot and cold water In rooms; good hath rooms, &c.; Afi SOUTH CURTIS-ST., BETWEEN MADISON trU mid Washington.—Board with largo furnLbed or unfunihwd room; modern Improvements. Vo SOUTH CURTIS-ST. —TO RENT, WITH ztS l • board, a large front room, all modern Improve ments, unfurnished except carpet. '*.{ LAFLIN-ST.-WEST SIDE-GOOD SUITE OP T X rooms la desirable location. . SOUTH HALSTED-ST.—FRONT ROOM. WITH hoard, for ludyand gent, tn two gentlemen. Aft WALKUT-ST.. one block from union .t I Park—A few mechanics as boarders can bo ac commodated. . A 7 SOUTH CURTIS-ST.—TO RENT NICELY FUR tL 1 nlshed rooms, single or cn suite, with or without board. ___ An’ SOUTH ASITL AND-AV.-FRONTING UNION it 4 Ptffk—Board, with pleasant room_9, all first-claa. < 6 SOUtH~ANN-ST. A LARGE ROOM. HAND ttO somcly furnished, with fir»c-cla* hoard, for gen tleman and wife or two gentlemen, _ , A Q NORTH MAY'ST.-PLEASANT ROOM. WITH XO good lionrd, use of hath, aud the comforts of home, only $5 per weefc A Q SOUTH CARPENTER-ST.? NEAR MADISON— X£/ One large and nloely'furuished room with board for two; private family; reasonable prices. . fTI ASHL AND-AV.—FRONTING PARK. ALCOVE UX room to rent, with board; also, unfurnished rooms. __ XQ SOUTH CARPENTER-ST.—FURNISHED ROO3fS OO with board. Tcnns reasonable. NORTH ASHLAND-AV SPLENDID ROOMS OX and board can be had with private family In new stone-front block near Union Park ami Rundolph-st, cam. References exchanged. XQ JUDD-ST.—TWO GENTLEMEN BOARDERS, O O In private, plain family, where there arc no other boarders; 6: ao o’clock dinners. PO CENTRE-AV., CORNER ADAMS-ST.-A DE \JZt llghtfu: front room, nicely furnished, with supe rior tabic; private family. Barn to runt. References required. £»Q west monroe-st.-rooms for two gen- Ov7 tlcmen, or two ladles, with board; small family'. rrQ~WKST MONKOE-ST.—WANTED—DAY-BO AUD IO grs; $3 per week. ■ rf7*~ IIONOUE-ST.—TWO LADIES OR TWO GEN- I Utlcmen can have a pleasant front room, with board. at Super week; o o’clock dinner; one person, S 3. rrV SODTH MOKGAN-ST.. nXar MADISON-TO l I rent, two pleasant, well-furnished front rooms, with first-class board, suitable for gentlemen. no aberdeen-st., near ADAMS-NICELT iO furnished rooms, with orwlthoat board; terms moderate. no SOUTH GREEN-ST., CORNER MONROE- IfO Plcasant-fumbhH rooms to'reut, with or with out board, cheap; also three rooms for housekeeping. mWALNUT-ST.— BOARD FOB SINGLE LA dies or gentlemen, also two large unfurnished rooms; private family, _ ________ A o*l SOUTH PEORIA-ST.—ANY YOUNG MAN XoX looking for a home. I. e.; comfort and frugality, without style, and at a reasonable price, epa find It by applying to-day or Monday. % WEST ADAMS-ST.—FURNISHED ROOMS, EN suite or single, with board; convenient Co care; gas, bath, hot and cold-water. . InX SOUTH JEFFERSON-ST.—A FEW BOARD- X * Oers wanted; week board, $51054.50; day, $3.50, o*l O iuXO nlshcd front alcove suite, with board. In pri vate family; terms reasonable. _ OTP WEST LAKE-ST.—FURNISHED ROOMS IN Jjt O private family, with or without board. s3.sou> $5 per week. ' T Ol SOUTH SANGAMON-ST.—DESIRALE FRONT x£X. rooms, with board; modem conveniences. iopr -WEST JACKSON-ST^—HANDSOMELY FUR JL£O nlshcd front, rooms. suitable forgeutlemon and wife or single gentlemen; can board with the family If desired; come and see the rpoms; centre of city. 7 J O SOUTH MOKGAN-ST.—BOARDERS WANT' cd—Pleasant rooms and good board $5 per week. 7TA WEST AD AMS-ST. —TWO GENTLEMEN CAN XIU be accommodated with board and single room. 7 AQ WEST"WASinNGTON-ST.—TO RENT—FUR- Xe/O ntshed or unfurnished front rooms ! _wl th board. 07 *1 WEST SVASUINGTON-ST., BETWEEN j£XX- Green and Peoria—Furnished or unfurnished rooms to rent, with or without board. Day boarders faj> be accommodated. n/»(V FULTON-ST. VERT CHOICE ROOMS, single and double, with flrst-class board; mod em Improvements. Terms moderate. OTP WEST WASH INGTON-ST.—TWO OR THREE Jj%Xy large pleasant rooms, well famished, for gen tlemen and their wives, or single gentlemen, with ex cellent board, location very desirable; terms moderate. Can accommodate two or uircc table boarders. Refer paces required. 0071 F ULTON-ST.—FURNISHED FRONT ROOM. i£Ol2 with board. . OOA WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-TO RENT WITH board, large front and back room on second floor, and ball room, single or ca suite; also bacl#arlor and hall room. : 4)0 1 WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—BACK PARLOR JjO-j: suite; also, upper rooms, furnished and un- 1 furnished, with ilm-closs board. OflQ WEST LAKE-ST.-ONE OH TWO QUIET OlyO boarders can And nice rooms and good board at $5 per week. * mAND 313 WEST RANDOLPH-ST.-A VERY pleasant part of the street, nearly opposite Car penter's place, beautiful rooms, elegantly furnished and unfurnished, with or without hoard; hot and cold wa ter, and ail modem Improvements; elegant parlors; board, with room, 54.50 to §7; nothing so nice for the money In the city. 07 P WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—NICELY FUR -OXO ulshed front room for gentleman and wife or single gentlemen; also single room. First-class refer ence given and required. Also barn to rent- . QQ*J WEST KOOMSi OOP with board. OQ l WEST WAS IHNGTON-ST .—FRONT ROOM, OOtc also single room, with board. oor SOUTH HALSTED-ST.—TH AT LARGE, COM OOU modious bouse Is newly palmed, calcunmcd, and elegantly furnished, aud Is all ready to accoramo date a few permanent boarders. Please call. Terms reasonable. POLK-ST.—TO RENT TO MAN AND UOA/wlie, nTY n i^ Aiiai ,t and nicely furnished rooms at S 5 per week, lights aua • ua i Included, or would board them for $lO per week. . . QQQ WEST WASIIINGTON-ST.-FURNISHED OR 000 unfurnished rooms, with flrst-class board. Ref erences required. WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—TWO LARGE, Otfc-J well furnished front rooms, one aa alcove room, .with lirst-class board. Moderate toms to perma nent panics. Q,f /» WEST WASHINGTON-ST.—WITH BOARD, A OxU large front room nicely furnished. References required. , oo i WEST RANDOLPH-ST.—FRONT AND BACK OUT rooms, with balcony and closets; next and clean; no style hut plenty of comfort; $5 to 55.50. Ql\X VARISRS-AV., NEAR LEAVITT-BT.- OUtl Rooms to rent with board. One very pleasant stogie room for one gentleman, and one room far two. O(* iX FULTON-ST. PLEASANT, WELL-FUU OUU wished front’or back parlor to rent, with board; first-class table; pleasant house and location; few day boarders acecoinmodated. AC\(K jackson-st.-a pleasant home JUU for Price moderate. A n.Q WEST MONKOE-ST.-HANDSOME SUITE OF UO front rooms (alcove), furnished, with board; family private; location, table, etc., lim-claaa; terms reasonable. . , A OCi FULTON-ST.—'TO RENT, WITH BOARD. A TT-uU south-front alcove room, with closet, marble mantel; also, large room suitable jor two gentlemen, with use of hath; terms reasonable to good parties. J OQ WEST <MONROE-ST.-FOUR OR FIVE PER s:£t*J sons can he accommodated with pleasant rooms and good board. Northeast corner of Jefferson Park. A A i WEST ADA3IS-ST.-ONE OR TWO BEAU XIX tlful suites or single rooms, with llm-claas ]>oard. In a good private family and an elegant house, fronting directly upon Jefferson“rark; every modern accommodation and moderate prices; a call and examl nation will pay those wishing a home. AA T LAKE-ST., NEAR UNION PARK—A PLEAS xrx# ant furnished south room or suite, with flrst class table board .for two. References exchanged. Terms reasonable. 170 WASHINGTON-ST., NEAR UNION PARK “x IU- New rnarWe-frotit house, furnished or unfur nished rooms, with or without board. reason able. A QQ-west WASHINGTON-ST,—TWO ELEGANT* ttOO ly furnished suites of rooms with hoard. Ref erences required. ■ w rQ7 CARROLL-AV.,TWO BLOCKS FROM UNION clO I Park—Furnished or unfurnished rooms to rent, with board. : WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-P L £ A £ A N T UXG room, closet, gas, and bathroom. * /‘l7 WEST MONROE-ST., NEAR ASHLAND- Ui f av.—Handsome suite of rooms and alcove roota. modern Improvements, unfurnished; also famished room for two gentlemen, with board. ftQ Z WEST MADISON-ST., NEAR UNION PARK \JUO —Nicely furnishedJrooms. with bos.d. Bath room and oil conveniences. Can pan the door every twomlante* UOARI>I*G AAJO 10DG15G, West Side—Continued* CQfi WEST MONROE-ST.-A NICELY FUR* OOCJ nlsbed front alcove room, with modern con* vcnlenccs and first-class board. nno WEST MONROE-ST.—VERY DESIRABLE o**o rooms, with first-class table board. In s house with all modem Improvements; also, a few d*y board ers desired. r~r\ n WEST MONROE-ST.—TO RENT WITH BOARD 4 U D & desirable front suite, furnished or unfurnished. Terms reasonable. _ IT! O WEST MONROE-ST.-DESIRABLE ROOMSTO i LSi rent, with board; modem Improvements; ref erences exchanged- 7 r fT7 WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-WANTED FOUR 404 gcotboarders. ■ srftQ WEST MONROE-ST.—A FEW PERSONS WILL 4 DO be accommodated with good, first-class day board, by private family, at reasonable price. QCA WEST JACKSON-ST.—STRICTLY PRIVATE Ot)t/ family—south octagon-front alcove room, fur nished or unfurnished, with or without board, to per manent exchanged. WEST JACKSON-ST., NEAR LEAVITT—TWO fjiJtJ gentlemen or man and wife can be accommo dated with a large room and hoard (a a private family. Terms, SSO per month. • VAf)7 ad ams-st.-pleasant rooms, good home, not a boarding-house. Also day-board. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE WISHING BOARD and a very attractive suite of front rooms having every convenience, In one of the most substan tial residences on West Washington-si., may address N 72, Tribune office. • Agent and wife or two gents who DE- Bire extra pleasant front alcove room or rooms; excellent location. Private family, can find same by addressing T 83, Tribune office. A NICE ROOM. WITH BOARD, FOB TWO, AND ouc room wlibont board; house with all modem Improvements; private family: Morgan-at,, near Mon roe. Address V t>, Tribune office. An eastern lady having a large, ele gant house facing Union Park, will give choice of rooms to families or gents; terms satisfactory. Address T 70, Tribune office. Boarding-parties wishing it, can have separate rooms and board for $5.00, and two room ing together. $-4.50 per week. • 0. UASMOSSON, No. 132 North Halsted-st. . riORNEU PARK-AV. AND PAULINA-ST.—SUITE of large front rooms to rent, unfurnished, with board, all modem Improvements. - Beautiful rooms, new and first-class; . meals If desired. Address X 78, Tribune office. ONROE-ST., NEAR LINCOLN—A SUITE OF front rooms; also, a large front parlor, handsome ly furnished; modern couveuleoces; table exponent. References exchanged. Address W 2G, Trlbone office. • ONE OR TWO ELEGANT ROOMS FRONTING UN lon Park, with first-class table. In. a -quiet and re fined family. References required and given- Address V 7, Tribune office. PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH BOARD. IN A PRl vate family on Adoma-st., near Asbland-av. new marble front; references exchanged. Address b **s, Tribune office. , rnwOGENTLE>IEN OR MAN’AND WIFHTCANOB- X tain good rooms and hoard with private family. In splendid location, one block, from union Park. Ad' dress V 72, Tribune office. r rtVTO'SUITES OF ROOMS, FURNISHED .OR Of- X'famished, to rent with first-class board, lu a pri vate family, near Jefferson Park. Address S 63, Trih one office. , , TT7EST ADAMS-ST., NEAR JEFFERSON PARK— VV Large unfurnished front room and board for two; private family. Address V 22, Tribune office. South Side* r- "■ ■ If\ RLDRIDGE COURT-BOARD AND NICELY XU furnltdied room for gentleman and wife or two or more gentlemen. ; _ MELDUIPOE-COUUT-IN THE MARBLE FRONT private dwelling, splendidly furnished rooms.sln glc or cn suite, hot and cold water, bath room. $lO to §25 per month. - 1 X TWENTY-SF.COND-ST.—TO BENT, m WITH lO board, front room with alcove, furnished or un furnished. Would take first-class furniture In exchange for board. ' ___ OH BRYANT-AV.-TWO GENTLEMEN, OP- GEN ZA) tleman and wife, can procure good board; pleas ant location, one block south of Douglas House. Ref erences required. * on HAST JIARRISON-ST.-FURNISHED BOOMS, ZAJ with board, for gcntlemeu only. Ol FORKEST-AV., NEAR THTRTT-FIRST-ST. Zi\. Pleasant unfufnbhed rooms, single or eu suite, ■with board In private family for those willing to pay a good price for good accommodations. “ 7yx tmiaV”tuiud-st. —a few day-board- ZtxJ ere can be accommodated. . on pECK*COUItT—PARLOR AND BED-BOOM, O U single or cn suite, with board. A A EAST HARIHSON-ST.-A PLEASANT ROOM XX for two gents; one single room, nicely furnished, wlthboard; hotaadcold water; use of bath-tub; dny hoard. __ rri TWENTY- SIXTH! - ST., NEAR PRAIIHE-AV.— ( X one furnished and one unfurnished room, with board, . ' rr,\ TWENTT-SECOND-ST.-PLEASANT ROOM, |X with board, suitable for one or tw#; term* mod erate; a few day boarders wanted. . nn VAN BUREN-BT., NEAR STATE-BOARD FOR ID ladlca or gentlemen; $4 to $3 per week, with use of plauo. ■ ■ __ mFRANKLIN-ST.. BETWEEN MADISON AND Washington—Nicely furnished rooms and board. ?5.u0 per week; day board, §3.50; best and cheapest house In the city. mAND 123 CALUMET-AV.—PLEASANT ropma, with board, can now be had at the above; specially igeagant location; references required. i A I * FOiiEST-AY.-ONB OUTIVO SINGLE GEN XXO Uemen. or a gentleman and wife,can be accom modated with desirable rooms and board In a private family. ' __ . 7,1/7 TWENTY-FIRST-ST.—NICELYFURNISHED X“xl rooms to rent, with or without board. 1 i ir 7 NORTH DEAiIBON-ST.—PLEASANT SINGLE XOl room with or without board. CALUMET-AY., CORNER TWENTY fourth-st.—To rent, with board, June 1, front room on second floor. Also, single room, v on < EAST 'WASHINGTON-ST .—GOOD BOARD, with,room, at $5 per week; day-board, 53.50; also room for two lady boarders. Of* X MICHIGAN-AV.-PLEASANT ROOMS, SUIT- ZiOD able for gentlemen or Rent and wife; terms reasonable to permanent parties. Table boarders ac commodated- OTA MICHIGAN-AY.—PLEASANT ROOMS TO ZiiV yent with board. AU modern conveniences. OQC MICIIIGAN-AV.-TWCrOR THREE PERSONS /QO* can be accommodated wltb pleasant fumlsbed >oyin3 aou board, , at moderate price; references re quired. • OOP MICmO.VN-AV.-FURNISHED ROOMS TO ZOO rent In private family, with or without board. Oi A MICHIGAN-AY. - GENTLEMEN WISHING OXU good accommodations In the best location in the city at low figures will do well to address to above ntimber. 07 A MICHIGAN-AV.—FURNISHED ROOMS TO Oil/ rent with board. •OVI MICHIGAN-AV., FRONTING LAKE PARK OXX Ncwly-f nrolshcd rooms to rent, with or without board. Terms reasonable; day-board 5* per week. • OOA MICHIGAN-AV. —WE HAVE BEAUTIFUL OOU saloon parlor, bay-front, locking out. on park; pleasant for gentleman and wife; can accommodate two gentlemen; prlcea very reasonable. orA MICHIGAN-AV.-SECOND STORY FRONT OOU room with alcove and a large room overlooking lake and avenue with board. Day boarders accommo dated. ~ OXI 353, AND 355 STATE-ST., BETWEEN VAN OOX Buren and Harrison—Rooms, newly furnished an cool; bath rooms for use of boarders. „ Q£TO THIRTY-THIBD-ST.-FURNISHED PARLOR OOA for two gents or gent and lady. Rooms neatly furnished for $5 and 57 per week. OAQ MICHIGAN-AV.-A FEW DAY-BOARDERS ODO wanted. _ OTI MICHIGAN-A V. A FEW GENTLEMEN OIX boarders will be taken at very low rates. Refer enecs required. QTQ SOUTH. PARK-AV.—ROOMS WITH BOARD o*l/ suitable for gentleman and wife or small family, lu a private family; no children; no other boarders. OQ{) MICHIGAN-AV.-LARGE FRONT BOOM, 004 suitable for four gentlemen, also other desira ble rooms, with board. 00,1 CALUMET-AV., BETWEEN TWENTY OOX*nIn(h-st. aqd Ray-ay.—Froat suite of furnished or unfurnished rooms; also single rooms; alt modem Improvements. • ■ OOR MICHIGAN-AV.—A LARGE FURNISHED oyo trout room with board. References exchanged.' A OQ MICHIGAN-AV.—FRONT AND BACKPAR ttjjQ lors; also, front room second floor, torentfur plabcd, with or without board. AOX WABASK-AV.—TO RENT WITH BOARD. 6bOtJ furnished rooms. TT‘> WABASH-AV.—PLEASANT ROOMS. WITH drxw board- ■ A MICHIGAN-AV.—BOARD AND PLEASANT rooms- . . . «/>Q WABASU-AV.-FURNISUKD oh unfur- nished rooms, with board; bouse Ims recently changed hands. Also, day-boarders accommodated- XQ7 MICniGANXv. —Tp lIKNT—FURSISIIED OR £±Oi unfurnished rooms,»with or without board; private family; terms very moderate; Xm MIC I IIOAN-AV.—A LARGE ALCOVE BED rtVJL room, furnished, to rent by the Ist of June. Tabic boarders accommodated- An I wabas'Xav. -rooms to rent with Tby*x board. furnished ar unfurnished. References exchanged. Use of barn Iforanted. $ •cr-1 “ J,aSgB~FBOI<T ROOM OIU and bedroom off; also two single ones, desirable for gentlemen, with good board. . •«> ■ irOQ WABASH-AV.-ONE FRONT'ROOM, WITH, o,£it/or without board, and one back room- * > Vfr'~W AB ASIKAV—T O~ BENfTVrfII BOARD, pleasant looms, furnished pr unfurnished. . AfiX WABAsXAV.-TWb PLEASANT ROOMS OUtf for four gentlemen for $G each; also, one large and pleasant front room on second floor. sls <for two; ; large front room on tblrd floor sl3; drat-class table. rr*Q«MICHIGAN-AV:—ONE SUITE OF FUR tJOO Dished rooms on first floor, one single, with board. ~~i~ MICHIGAN-AV—FURNISHED ROOM OVER Of i back parlor to rent with board. AGO WAC AS H - AV. -ONE FURNISHED AND ONE OtJv -unfurnished front room to rent with board. One or two day boarders accommodated. ■ Pf\Q WABASH-AV.—NICE ROOMS TO RENT. UUO furnished or unfurnished with board at mod erate prices, _ __ pno WABASH-AV,—PLEASANT BOOMS, WITH OJjO board; terms reasonable. - /MO MICHIGAN,AV. —A PLEASANT FRONT 0“J:0 suite to rent with or without board. Refer ences exchanged. , » £iXl WABASH-AV.—FRONT ROOMS, UKFU3I - nUhcd, with board; private family. • T.rft WABASH-AV—LARGE FRONT ROOM ELE- Olx: gantly furnished, to rent with flm-clasa board. Best of references. Also single rooms. aon MICUIGAN-AV.-ELEGANT FRONT AL OOU cove room with board; also room for two gen- Ucmeo- >7Xf\ MICHIGAN - AV. HANDSOMELY FUR- I O \J nlshed suite of rooms, with board. Private family.' . • » _ rcl AXD 753 TVABASn-AV.-PLEASA>TFCT!- tOi n liked rooms, wltb Unt-olasi boon!. Refer ences esckaaßeil. • BOARDING AND LODGING* South Sid©—Continued. 7 MTqiIGAN-AV.-NICELT FURNISHED iuU second-floor alcove room. Also large pleasant rooms for gentlemen at reasonable prices. Bc/er cncca exchanged. Qf\£* WABASH-AV.—TO KENT, WITH BOARD OUo two nice parlors; also pleasant front room on second floor. 007 WABASH-AY.-PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS, 01/I with board. QOA WABASH*AY.—TO RENT, SINGLE OR EN Ot/vl suite, furnished rooms with board; day boarders wanted; no objection to children. Q 77 INDIANA-AY-FINE SUITE FURNISHED Vi i rooms, with board; also single rooms. 1 HAG WABASH-AV-NEWFOLLANSBEE BLOCK iUUi/-To rent. with, board, two nicely-furnished rooms, for gentlemen; hot and cold water, etc; refer* encea required. , inAC WABASH*AV.—TO BENT. A LARGE iUUt; well-fnml«hed room, with board, suitable for gentleman and wife or two gentlemen. 1m 7 wABASH-AV.—TO RENT HANDSOME .LUX I suites of rooms, furnished or unfurnished; also day board. « 1 AQQ VABASH-AV.—ROOMS FURNISHED OR iuOO unfurnished, with hot and cold water, to rent with excellent board at moderate prices. 1 7JQ WAB ASH* AV.—BOARD AND NICELY iiTO furnished room for gentleman and wife or gentlemen, at reasonable price. il £TI WABASH-AV. A VERT PLEASANT XXtJX wcll-furnlshcd sccond-dorj front suite, with board. In house of modem improvements; satisfactory rates. 11 CiC\ SOUTHWEST CORKER OF TWESTT XX 01/ Hfth and Buttcrfield-sts.—A few gentlemen boarders can be accommodated la a private family; two who would room together preferred. 1 Q/l_£ PR AIIUE-AV.—LARGE BACK PARLOR, XOXzU nicely furnished; also large room, suitable for two or three gentlemen, very reasonable; good refer ences required. IJI A IKDIAKA-AV. - NICELY - FURNISHED XttXl/ front room to rent. A ’WELL-FURNISHED ROOM, WITH BOARD, in a drst-class modem hou*o (private family) to one or two gentlemen; South Side, near Twelfth**!. Address li 35, Tribune office. A PLEASANT, UNFURNISHED FRONT ROOM, with board; also day*board, South May-st. BoardaniT room for tjemen, 551 Mlchfgnn-av; small family;r efcrencea. fYRKXEL BOULEVARD, SIXTH HOUSE SOUTH XJ of Forty-llrst-st.—A large room, east front, water. £c., bath-room adjoining, with board. ■ TITi'CUIGAN-AV.. NEAR TWELFTH-ST.—PLB AS -IYX ant home, good board and rooms; 6 o’clock dinner. So per week. Address S 33, Tribune office. ON INDIAKA-AV., SOUTH OF THIRTY-FlFTH flfth-st.—Large front room, with piano; would rent to two gentlemen, with board; private family. Address P 38, Tribune office. WABASH-AV., NEAR SITTRENTU-ST.—LARGE cast front roonvbot and cold water, closets, bath room, etc., with first-class table; ccntlcmaa and wife, or two single gentlemen; room large, pleasant, and well furnished. References exchanged. Address Z 66, Tribune office. Worth Side* 1A RUSH*ST.— HANDSOMELY FURNISHED XV rooms; board In building; hot and cold water, near to business. ■ Ln Busn-ST., SECOND FLOOR-A FEW DAT u ana dinner boarders can be accommodated by ap plying; very low rates. • QA RUSn-ST.-nnST-CLASS BOOMS. WITH O v.board. In a private family, forgcotleman and wife ouly. t ' ,jO RUSH-ST.—LARGE FRONT ROOM, WITH jz£j board. In stone front house; also accommoda tions for a lady; references exchanged- A A RUSH-ST.—SUITES OP ROOMS TO RENT, xi with board, in marble, octagon house. Terms reasonable. - . hf* BUSII-ST., SECOND DOOR FROM INDIANA— vU Front alcove room, unfurnished, with or with out board. no NORTH- ICLABK-ST.—FURNISHED ROOMS, 4 O with board- ■ Q~ NORTH CLARK-ST.—TO RENT, ROOMS," tJO with first-class board, at Morgan House. lAr NORTH DEARBOCN-ST.-A SUITE OP J.UI/ nicely furnished rooms on the first door; also, room for two young men; references. *1 AQ NORTH DEARBON-ST.—SOME NICE BOOMS XVi t 7 to rent with or without board in a quiet private family. . ■ . ; 1 O A north DEARBORN-ST.-GOOD BOOMS TO rent, with board.* mAND 136 MICHIGAN-ST., NEAR CLABK-ST. —Gentleman and wife, and single gentlemen can get board very low; nice rooms, good table; bath, hot and cold water; $5 to $7 per week. . mMICHIGAN-ST.. NORTH SIDE-PLEASANT furnished rooms, with or without board. BOOM, WITH ijx.o first-claw board. - Ol *7 EAST TNDIANA-ST.—NEW AND PLEASANT X i furnished rooms, with board; between Dear born and Clark-sta. 00l ONTARIO-ST., BETWEEN NORTH DEAR £r£i, born and Clark-sts.—Fine location, dose to cars and lake. Two or three rooms newly furnished or unfurnished, with good table, for gentlemen and wives. House a new brown-stone front, with modern improve ments and newly furnished throughout. A couple of table-boarders wanted. OQO ILLINOIS-ST.-GENTLEMEN CAN BE AC- ZiO« i commodated with board and room, fflir ONTARIO-ST. NICELY-FURNISHED ZLLiO rooms, suitable for gentleman and wife or ain gle gentlemen, with board. *O,l -I EAST INDIANA- ST.—BOARD AND FLEAS- ZfttJ. ant rooms; also, second floor alcove room. O/IQKfDIAKA-ST.—FURNISHED AND UNFUR nlshcd rooms to rent with board; also day boarders- OXCi INDIANA-ST. —ROOMS, WITH BOARD; ZuJU reference. 'ey rr r indiana-st.-to rest, furnished or Z<tXximfunilflhed rooms, with or without board, Also a few table boarders. nrp ONTARIO-ST.-A LARGE ALCOVE'ROOM; 40 Q also other rooms, furnished or unfurnished, with board, suitable for gentlemen and their wires or single gentlemen; a few day boarders accommodated; references required. ej(*Z INDIANA-FT., CORNER STATE—TO RENT, 400 with board, large furnished front room; also single room; all modem conveniences. . 007 ILLINOIS-ST.—A LARGE FRONT ROOM TO 404 rent with board. OfiQ ILLINOIS-ST.. CORNER OP RUSH-NICE 400 large front room, large closet, floe house, table excellent; few select boarders; references required; terms moderate. OTn EAST INDIANA-ST.—ONE LARGE FRONT 44 X room suitable for two gentlemen; also, a room* mate for a gentleman. _ 077 INDIANA-ST., NEAR STATE-FURNISHED 44 4 south front roojna with or without board; also day bpanL _ t Q f\t* EAST INDIANA-ST.-A LARGE- PARLOR OU O room; nicely furnished; also, a room for single gentlemen; family small. Qi Q EAST INDIAN A-ST.-LARGE FRONT ROOM, OXO furnished, also an unfurnished alcove room, with hot and cold water, bath, gas, Ac., with or with* out board. Q A A NORTH LASELLE-ST-FIBST-CLASSBOARD o"±jc and lodging for one or two gentlemen; new res* ftlence and private family. Furnished rooms, with board, in a nick locality, near Lincoln Park, for one or two nice gentlemen, with use of bathroom, piano, and family parlors. Address W 14, Tribune office. Hotels* Clarence house, 351.353, and sns state* sr., between Van Burcn and Harrison—Rooms large and well ventilated. Bath-rooms foruae of boarders. Elmore hotel— l2o and 122 south halsted* st. Rooms, all on first floor, furnished with best spring beds and hair mattresses. Fifty cents per day; $2 to Sa.per week; meals. 2Sc; board, $3.50 per week. •VTEVADA HOTEL, 143 AND 150 WABASH-AV. Xi between Madison and Monroe-st*., $1.50 to $3 per day, $8 to $8 per week; day boards4.sQ. ST. GEORGE HOTEL, 178 STATE-ST., OPPOSITE the Palmer House, is ready to accommodate regu lar or transient boarders, at reasonable rates. rpHE ST. DENIS—KKWLY OPENED AND RE- X fitted. Nos. 107, 100. and 111 West Madlson-st. A first-class family hotel. We have some splendid* rooms which are rapidly being taken. Country* At kenwood-on lake shore, five minutes walk from the depot; modern house with all the Iroproveipenta and conveniences; rooms large and airy; nice lawn well shaded. Address T 6c, Tribune office. Board and accommodations for gentlf.* man and wife. or two couples; no other boarders; hi a pleasant suburb, 12 miles out; access. References exchanged. Address Y 54, TriWine office. {can accommodate a family with a cot tage and board for the summer, at Waakeeon: also, have some single rooms. - MRS. 13, O. DICKINSON, Waukegan, 111. TN SOUTH EVANSTON FOR TWO COU* 1 nlc In a private family; shady grove, cool retreat, near the depot; terms moderate. Address C, Sooth Evanston. . ■ ■ Large pleasant rooms with board in a beautiful location at Hinsdale; prices reasonable and references exchanged. Address J. G. RAITE. t>oomßto rent at riverside, with board. XV for the summer; hot and cold water, gas, and all the comforts of the city, a* well as tbc pleasure of be ing In tbc country, at prices to suit the times. Address Box 38, Riverside, 111. CUMMER BOARD IN OUU MAIN BUILDING OR O borne cottages, with gas, lake water: charming grounds. Lakeside Rail Company, Evanston. rpWO GENTLEMEN WITH THEIR WIVES’ CAN JL And good board and splendid rooms on reasonable terms, at West Hinsdale. Address £L A, Clarendon lulls. iriisccllancoa*. T?LEG ANTLT-FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH BOARD. J\ in house baring all modem* Improvements. east front, and near the lake; prices reasonable and refer ences featured. Address v 3, Tribune office. Ladies who are in prospect will be con fined and taken care of In private rooms and free of all expense by applying at the Academy of Midwifery, 204 North-av., near corner *f Orchard-sL, Chicago. Apply dally toC. P. HEIL, M. D., Professor and Pria clpal Academy of Midwifery. * rpWO YOUNG LADIES CAN FIND A COMFORTA- X blc home In a private Xamlly; no children. W St, Tribune office. . XVTE WANT TO BOARD TWO TONNG MEN; T V will give large, nicely furnished room in private family. Address A 46. Tribune office. BOARD WANTED, Board-on the north side fob self and wife, south of Cblcago-av. and cast of Clark-st., frontalcove or suite unfurnished, except carpets. Ref erences exchanged. Address stating terms, etc., Q 49, Tribune office. __ TIOARD-A gentleman and wife will want X> two rooms, nicely furnlshed,about July 1, with good board, la a pleasant location, and where there are no other boarders. References. Address R 33, Tribune office. • TjOARD-LADT WITH A NEW SEWING-MACHINE JL> wants co nay her board by sewing mornings and evenings. Address A 70, Tribune office. TkOABD—BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE AND A XT suite of rooms unfurnished, in «Jme private family. South side. A good price for nice quarters. Address W Ki Tribune c£icu. BOARD WANTED. Board-with single room bt a middle aged. unmarried sober working-man. between Green and Franklin, and Lake and Van Buren-sts., (■ a pri vate family, hotel, or boarding-boose, where access or egress can be bad until 12 p. m. Breakfast most ba ready at 6 o'clock sharp. S tato your terms, name, num ber. and street. Board will be paid In advance. Recom mendations shown- No fancy price* paid. O 31, Trlb gne office. TJOARD—AND ROOM. NEAR THIRXT-JTFTII-ST. -O and Vlncenncs-av. Please state particulars and terms. W 73, Tribune office- . . ... ■ 'DOARD-FOR LADY AND GENTLEMAN INAPRI AJ vale family where there are no other boarders. Board for lady only. South Side preferred. Y 48, Tri bune office. •nOARD-BT TWO YOUNG GENTLEMEN. EAST OF Reference# exchanged. Address T 95, Tribune office. EXCHANGE FOR FIRST-CLASS DEN* > talvrork. Address ZT2. Tribune office. Board-™ Tim country, from .tuns ist, ki»v. flv ?i p ? rsons *» t^F?. ofwl:,oaj *^ e children. Most otOiecUy. pOAHD—INPBIVATK FAMILY B7V4Y •gTVFT 4/ and *mall elUld. on Wabash or north of Twcifth-st. Address, terms, s 12, Tribana office B' »OARD—A. FURNISHED ROOM ITITH BOARD —► wanted In a strictly private family by an unmarried gentleman; South Side preferred: must be convenient to business centre. Addreaa TV 83, Tribune office. ■nOARD-BT A MUSIC TEACHER WHERE VOCAL X> sad Instrumental lesions will apply on board. Ref erence* given. XbA Tribune office. B’ OARD—WITH A YOUNG, TIDT HOUSEKEEPER, by two bachelors who. would furnish la part or whole If necessary. Address O 33. Tribune office. dinner; state particulars. Address O 13, Tribune office. Board-with room, ok the north side, bt a young mechanic. In a private family. German preferred where he van have the comforts of a home; am willing to pay a reasonable price for good sccommo-. datlons. and will be permanent If suited. Address, stating location, S 44. Tribune offlee. . Board- and first-class room, ok south- Slde, by single gentleman. Address Q as. Tribune office/ ...... m ... . TJOARD-A HOME WANTED BY A BACHELOR, X) on the North Side, ins private family: must be bear Lincoln Park, and have an outlook npoa the Park or lake; north end of Park preferable. MORTIMER, Room 33, 8d LaSulle-st. • ___ Board-large alcoveroom, large square room adjoining, both fruntlnsßouth. and cold water; Adams-at.. near Jefferson Park; to a family, or party of four adults; with all home comforts. No other boarders- References required. Permanent if suited. Address P 78, Tribune office. FINANCIAL. AAA IAM PREP ABED TO NEGOTIATE .il.iV. loans from ssooto SIO,OOO at current rates. Funds {a city. ISAAC 1L PRICE, ISS Madlvn* bt.. Boom?. A PARTY WITH $5,000 TO SIO,OOO DESIRES TO secure an active Interest In some established legit imate business promising a fair return- Address w 74, Tribune office. Applications for loans op saw and up ward, on Chicago real estate, wanted by EDMUND* A. CUMMINGS. 119 and 121 ’* DVANCES MADE ON DIAMONDS. WATCHES, .fAbonds, LAUNDERS* private office. 120 Ran dolph-st.. near Clark. Rooms 5 aad G. Established 1854. A YOUNG LADY OP MEANS WISHES TO BOB j\. row SSOO on second mortgage; liberal commissions and Interest.- Address V 65. Tribune office, 4 T7IGHT (8) PER CENT-MONEY TO LOAN ONIM- Xh proved and unimproved property. JOHN C. LONG. TSWashlngtoa-st. ■ f?OR SALE—S3,OOO PURCHASE MONEY MOBY P pages, bearing 10 per cent Interest; SI,OOO each, I* 2. and a years. Nl3, Tribune office. • I WANT TO BORROW JDOO FOB GO DAYS; WILL pay 5 per cent per month, and give security on good leasnold worth s2.fioo. AddrwA icy Tribnne office. T WANT SI,OOO. SECURITY FIRST-CLASS REAL- X estate paper worth $lO, COO. Address P 29, Tribune office. • . . I HAVE $2,000 TO LOAN ON GOOD REAL ESTATE security, at 10 per cent, and no commission. Ad dress Vso. Tribune office. » - Loans made on good collaterals; $2,000 to loan 3to 5 years on city real estate. W. OTTA WAY. 127 South Clark-et., Room <4. Money to loan on first-class Chicago real estate at current rotes. O. B. GLOVER, 67 Dearborn -at. • Money to loan on furniture, ware bouse receipts, pianos, and other collaterals. C. TV. PERKINS, 164 LaSalle-rt., Room 41 Bryan Bfock^ Money' to*loan-in” sums of SSOO. SI,OOO, §1,500, $2,000. etc., ob Chicago real estate. 1 want none but the best securities, and will make In terest and expense* correspondingly low. sAM URL 6EHB, h Mortgage Loans. 114 Dearborn-si. TLfONEY TO LOAN ON FURNITURE, HOUSES, ivi pianos, and other good chattels and collateral se curity. E, ROGERS. 177 EastMadfsoo-st.. Room a. TVTONEY TO LOAN—SI,OOO, $5,000. AND StOkOOO. 111. on city Teal estate, iL MAUGHAN, Room 21 Reaper Block, 97 Clark-61, Monet' to' loan on furniture, pianos, houses, on leased lots, diamonds, ami other good collateral TVtONEY TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS. WATCHES. JLYI pianos. Singer machines, and other collaterals at private Loan Office, 125 Clatk-st,. Boom 2, up-stalrs. TITONEYTO LOAN IN SUMS OF $5,000 AND UP JLYX wards, upon Improved city property, Sjper cent; principals only need apply. LYMAN £ JACKSON, 33 Portland Block. TvYoNET TO LOAN AT 8 AND. 9 PER CENT ON J.YJL Improved real estate and at 10 per cent on unim proved real estate In city and vicinity. A.LOEB « MC. BALDWIN & CO., 84 AND 88 LASALLK • -st.. Room 23. make loans In large and small sums on real estate at lowest rates: one sum of SB3O st 8 per cent; good notes and mortgages wanted. Money to loan in sums or $5,000 and up wards at 8 per cent Interest and lowest rmte.of commissions. Must have good dry or country real estate, with large margins, as security. GARNETT & THQMASSON. lasPearbora-st., Room 13. T4/TONEY TO ADVANCE ON ALL KINDS OF ill household goods, personal property, and goods of value. Large storage capacity and safety vaults. 177 Madlsoa-st. J. L. REED & CO. TVTONE.T TO LOAN-ON FURNITURE. «tC v WITH - ifX out removal. PARRY, Room 8, 91 Edit Wash xlcgton-et. M ItTONEY TO LOAN AT LOWEST RATES ON CITY iVi real estate. 3 or 5 years. J. HENRY EOFF, 14 Reaper Block, 95 Clark-st. . XTONEY TO LOAN IN SMALL BUMS. ON GOOD ill security (collaterals preferred). Address O 78, Tribune office. ‘ HTONEY TO LOAN ON CITY REAL ESTATE AND iTI improved Illinois farms. In large or small amounts. LUMLEY INGLEDEW, 95 Washtogton-st., Room 8. Tt TONEY TO LOAN ON CITY OR SUBURBAN IM itlrprnved property In sums of $2,000 eo sklooo. Ap2 Ply to WILLIS G. JACKSON, 160 Washlngtoff-st. Money to loan in sums to suit from S3OO upwards at 8 and 8 per cent. Dr. S. PLACE, 109 Dearbpm-st., basement. rpO LOAN—SI,OOO, Sl.sno, AND S 2.000; LARGER X sums at current rates on unimproved. H. C. MOREY, 05 Clark-st. TO LOAN-IN SUMS OF SSOO OR MORE, UPON Improved city real estate, to and 10 per cent. G. I>. PEASE. Room 33, 97 Clark-st. TO LOAN—BY JUNE 1—512,000, ON FIRST*CLASS Inside property, to good parlies from lint hands. TSB, Tribune office. . TO LOAN-ON MERCHANDISE OR HOUSEHOLD goods la store— per»os needlngmoncy In this way forvhort time can make very advantageous arrange ments for the funds with THOMAS A- HILL, 123 Dear boru-U. * _ TV7 ANTED—TO LOAN-SI.OOO FOB SIX MONTHS VV on first-class commercial paper. Will pay lOJ4, and 2J6 commission. Address X 2c, Tribune office. WANTED— $7,OOfLEOB FIVE TEARS, $4,000 FOR five years, on Improved property on Madlson-st. Address X 6, Tribune office. „ WANTED-s2.r>o6 TO $3,000 FOR FIVE YEARS at 10 per c*nt on improved suburban: good party: ample- security. Inquire of PERRY, Boom 14, 123 Dearbom-st. ■IT fANTED GENTLEMAN WHO WILL LOAN \\ lady small amount Co assist In business. Address S 47, Tribune office. ' TT/ANTED—FOR CU3TOMSRS-SI,OOO ONE YEARS \V s2,W>ands2,fiC»»fotibrtctoave years; securi ty good real estate. Principals address JOHN F. DU GAN. Real Estate. Loan, and Insurance, comer Hal ated-et. aadMHwaokce-ar. . . W— ANTED—S2,SOO FOR THREE YEARS; WILL pay 10 per cent interest (no commissions); and. give first mortgage on house and large lot In Oak Park, worth $8,500. Address Box 27, Oak Park, Cook County, ill. • TlfllAT FIRST OR SECOND MORTGAGES, JUDO \ V menu, tax-titles etc., hare you to trade for un incumbered lands and lots? Address S 82, Trlbnao office. . •_ • - W'ANTED-SLOOOON good city and subur ban unimproved property; principle, apply to Y 4, Tribune office. , . • . . WANTED— $0,000 FOB THREE OB SIX MONTHS by fim-classpartv at toper cent. Abundant col lateral, principals address TH, Tribune office. "VIT ANTED—S2S,Ouo, ON • FARM PROPERTY; PRE«. VV fer todcnVwitb owner of the money; the loan would be first-class. AddressN 41, Tribune office. WANT'fO BORROWSS,OOO ON A FARM NEAR Chicago worth si2.nrio tor two or three years. Address V 71, Tj-ibuncolflce. - WANTKD-3,000 FOB FIVE‘YEARS AT 8 PER cent Interest on Improved city property worth $3,000. Address Q 22, Tribune office. ' SAND 0 PER CENT-MONEY TO LOAN IN SUMS of £I.OOO and upwards* oo Cook County property* . It, w. HYMAN, Jr., &CO., Boom 11. I 5& LaSalle-st. nfirANTi $1,300 TO LOAN-ON CHICAGO JbIUU real estate. ’A. CARTER. Boom U, 137 Clark-st- Co nnn $2,000, sicca or $3.0c0: suii.i «Jh L.Xm JUon-band to loan at 9 per cent. J. HENRY eOfF, 14 Reaper Block. 03 Clark-st. d?*i nnn $560, $2,500, and larger amounts <2)L.UUt/ to loan-on city property or- farms: 8, a, • and 10 per cent. PETERSON A ffiY, ICB Randolph. Al qhn TO LOAN' OSf~KLGLEW(Ufo*’tM- proved. Call on Eaglewood, 111., or 42 Flflb-av.; city. - v C* T XC\f\ TO LOAN—IO PER CENT; WANT TM <3)X,OU'X_proved city oracresinanbarba. D. W. STORES, frt Waahlngton-rt. • . - ' G? 1 TO LOAN, 4 TO 5 YEARS. AT 10 PER OJ-, OUL/ cent, no commission. Address X US, •*rtbune office. 2*o AAA TO LOAN-ON REAL ESTATE SE [pJj. UUU curlty—city. Inquire at Room 12 Reaper Stock. •' ’ . utfQ raA to loan, in to sun*, on <DO»ty\/U Chicago or Cook County real estate. HUTCHINSON ± LUFF, 20 Tribune BulMlag. fcr AAA TO LOAN ON GOOD COLLATEBAL3. DO.UUU for *tx months at current rates- OLIVES rksLT, l23Dearborn-st., Room IQ. » &QA AAA TO LEND, AT 8 PER CENT, «Ssol/.UUU first-class city Improved real estate. W. E. FURNESS, 38 Portlandßlock. A AAA TO LOAN IN SUMS TO SUIT AT l-±U.UUU r>od citv ring. Mortgage notes bought W, it wlLiJfEfc 123 LaSaUc-it. 11

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